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The Paystreak Apr 15, 1899

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 f^rymyytj*-^,^^ ^Ot^Vl
SANDON, APRIL 15 1899.
Dr. Milloy will spend a month In
the Boundary, leaving on  the 25th.
The Sandon Fire Brigade will give
a ball during the first week of May.
Jan. Weir returned Wednesday
Irom a three month's visit to the
Mrs. C. K. Bade returned  yester
day from an extended visit tn Portland, Ore.
Mr* Funk, late of the Bartlett
Iiipusc restaurant, haa taken over the
Ha i moral Cafe.
II. HyersACo have built an extension to their warehouae, to be used
: r coring pipe.
McGuigan, Sprolea* and South
Fork have decided not to hold celebrations on the 24th of May
.Mrs Stirrett, having sold her real-
(lence to Chaa. McLaughlin, will re-
-iple irr Greenwood In future.
Dave King made a flying trip to
kaslo and Nelson thia week to see
tiiat everything was ail right.
Krnie King was in town Sunday
im pptialing ton the hose reel team
for rhe Kaslo tyueerr _ Birthday celt*
There wilt te no Sunday shaves on
mj> ts>morrrrw. After this every
shop ih the city will be closed on
There is only one patient left in
the Miners' hospital. AH the rest
liave been dismissed, completely re-
I-. J Donaldson will occupy hia
new Mora bv tlie 1st of the monrh.
It ih being handsomely fitted up for
the purpose.
Herb Irving and Miss MeLeod of
Nelson spent a couple ol days in roan
this week, visiting with Mr. and Mrs.
Jas Williamson.
over 20,003 shares of Fontenoy
shick have? lieen bought by Sandon
[wrties. Tlie property tujoina the
1 ariboo, Camp McKinney.
Dr. Young will give up hi* prac
rise in Sainton and leave on tin* Ut
of the month for Vancouver where
lie will follow his profession.
Phil D. Carboy retained on Wed
i��p-.��*dsy from Seattle, where  Ire  has
Ixvrr for several niontha accompany-
mg Mrs. Carberryk who is seri����u**iv
J. T. Foley and a gentleman from
the sunny climes of Italy paid the
city |ft arid costs on Tuesday for the
noise they made while working oil* a
Mrs. K. J. Broddy returned from
spokane Sunday and was among the
l-assengtra vis the K. A S. who had
to take the overland route from the
Jas. Moneypennv, who  has   been
�����>��<l up at the Sandon  hotvl fur sev
nil months with  a   broken leg. is
���ut again and will soon be making
h-dostriau tours. (
Tha Lucky Jim  slide  blockaded
!i��ftic on the K. A S. Sunday morn
">��f and the passengers had to uke a'
ie  pass  into   Sandon. , Monday's
train arrived on time.
Kd Hattrup, who made more
friends in leas time than any other
boy in the camp, left on Monday for
Kossland. He will still be with the
same Arm, Hunter Bros., in their
Kossland store.
K. J. Matthews, Braden Bros, representative, has been spenoing the
last few days about Sandon.
George Lloyd was in town Friday
from Slocan City, He has been putting in the winter at the Evening
Star mine, and* reports everything
very smooth down there.
W. P. Hoops, bookkeeper foe II.
Byera, received word in the early
part of tin; week that his father was
dying. He left immediately for his
home in Montana.
Tlie Chief of Police has a force at
work on the flume, repair in breaks
and putting in new cribbing wherever necessary. Most of the work is
being done above the K. A S. track,
where the greatest danger is feared.
The lateness of the season, the
abundance of snow and the immedi
ate#probat>il��ty of very warm weather
combine to make the danger of floods
very great. Kaslo may have a repetition <if her experience of six year's
The city clerk is out again looking
for that two dollars road tax. Con
��idering tlrat the road is still separated from the pedestrian by three
feet of the beautiful (badly damaged), the ituiic seem* a ruissappli
Silverton, New Denver and Kashp
nre all determined to celchrare the
(jneen's Birthday. Bach is trying
to out-do the other and have irs own
the greatest event, let the expense
In* what it may. Such proceeding is
usually taken as demiting force ot
character in men aud stubbornness
in mules.
I) K Young wants to publish a
photoenj!ravnrc of the Paystrkak
printing palace irr the annual of the
Kootenay Mining Standard, which
come* out next July. We always
ladievcfl that "Windy" had a great
eye for architecture. The copyright
is Tor sale at $1,000,000.
James McGregor, inspector of
mines, is still in town "awaiting iu
structiona. Up to the time of gp>ing
to press there is nothing to dispell
the general impression that the minister of mines is also awaiting instructions The mine owners will
not feel on easy Street until Joe Martin speaks.
The Bachelors' Ball.
The bachelors of Sandon have
finally decided that it is up to them,
and will entertain their friends at
Virginia hall on Tuesday evening
next, 18th. Two hundred * invitations were sent out yesterday and
more are to follow. All the elite
west of the Great Lakes and north of
the Rio Grand will be invited. It is
tbe intention of the bachelors to
make thb the moat brilliant event in
Sandon's galaxy ot  social successes.
Coohinq School.
Considerable interest is being
taken in Miss Livingston's cooking
lessons, tbe attendance so far being
about 20. Tbe fixtures of a model
kitchen have been fitted up in the
class room in the Crawford block,
where the cooking demonstrations
are given before the school. Tne
product of each days cooking is sold
to anyone who cares to buy, and the
class is beginning to realize that it is
worth speaking for.
Dan liongard has a small force on
the Wisconsin doing development.
Brinsley Walton has three men on
the Ajax Fraction. The snow is still
ton deep to make much headway.
The Noble Five mill will start to
grind on the 1st of May, and will
make a much longer run than was
expected a few weeks ago. The up-
rais-s from No. 8 tunnel Is showing
an enormous body of ore.
A New Departure in Plumbing.
During tire excessively cold weath
er of a tew weeks ajjo a large nurn
ber of private water pipes and some
of the street mairrs were frozen up
solid. The problem of how to thaw
these pipes our was a difficult one,
and the prospect of having to dig
them all up was not cheerful to the
To avoid such a serious task E. C.
Bade, who is a past grand master in
the art of plumbing, determined to
try a process which has recently
been adotpted in such centres as New
York, St. Petersburg and Minneapolis.
A current of electricity was switched from the light wires and connected
with the street main by the hydrant
at the Reco hotel. Fifty feet further
along a hole was dug and another
wire attached, making a complete
circuit via the water main under
ground. The dynamo was then
turned on to its full capacity and a
current registering 300 ampers, 80
volts sent through. The result was
all that could be desired for tbe
water was soon flowing freely. Section after section the p'.pe was thaw
ed tut in this way and the system is
now in perfect order.
In one instance a half-inch pipe
that was covered for 80 feet wss
treated for three minutes with 280
ampere, 50 volts. The temperature
was raised in that time from somewhere below freezing to 80 degrees.
Still Badltj Mixed.
t o New Denver. Silverton is ad
vertising a lacrosse game between
Nelson and Sandon. Sandon has no
lacrosse team; and New Denver
claims to have a game arranged with
Nelson for the championship of the
Regarding the base ball game, the
following is from the Nelson Tribune
of Thursday:
"Tbe management of the Nelson
base bail team has not decided yet
where the team will p ay on the 24th
of May. New Denver offers the
largest purse for both the base ball
game and the hose team race, but
the Sandon ball team and hose team,
which are required for the contest,
have announced that they will visit
Silverton and not New "Denver. If
the Nelson boys can induce the Sandon teams to meet them in New Denver,,the local boys will go to New
Denver, but otherwise they will be
obliged to ao to Silverton and com
pete for smaller parses."
The Sandon ball team held a meeting on Monday evening at which it
was decided that the ball team would
go to Silverton on the 24th of May to
play the Nelson team. Tbe following officers were elected : Wm.
Walmslcy, Manager ; P. H. Murphy,
Captain *, Fred W. Bailey. Secretary.
Last nigl��t the ball team received
assurance from Silverton that the
Nelson ball team and hose reel team
would be in Silverton on the 24th to
compete with the Sandon teams.
In the meantime Kaslo is offering
$125 and expenses for the ball game
and 1150 for the hose race, with no
prospect of being accepted. Kaslo
ites are hostile about Sandon's action
in going to Silverton, and point out
that on the 5th of September last
when Sandon celebrated Labor Day
Kaslo moved over in a body, while
the Sandon celebration committee
had to make good part of the 160
guaranteed to the C. P. R. for an excursion from Slocan lake points.
It is still some time until the 24th
of may and the struggle between the
three rival towns promises to become
The celebration jackpot is still in
a tangle. Sandon has declared for
8ilverton and Nelson still wants to go
Luchu Jim Mine Sold.
(Nelson Tribune.)
A. R. Browne, the mining man
who has been in Kaslo for some
months past representing the English capitalists who control tbe chemical process for extracting zinc from
ore, has purchased the Lucky Jim
mine from the Braden Brothers of
Helena, Montana, represented by
E. J. Matthews of Nelson. The purchase price is not given, but ft is
likely a good round sum. Tne property includes a good working tramway and compressor, and haa
considerable work done on it. E. C.
Ward, formerly of the Whitewater,
has been placed in charge and is now
engaging a force of men to start
work at once. Mr. Browne evident
ly Intends to take hold of the property in earnest and thoroughly develop it.   It. is a zinc proposition.
�� i
fc. The Paystreak.
They Decide to Follow the Band and
Base Ball Team.
The regular meeting of the Fire
Brigade was held in the hall Tuesday evening. After the preliminaries, C- E. Bade was elected Foreman, vice "'Rich" Dean who is now a
resident of Boston.
The question of giving a ball was
brought up and Messrs.. Gusty, Bade,
Lawson and Nash were appointed a
committee to review the situation
and to name a date that would not
clash with the Bachelors' ball, which
will be held in Virginia hill on
Tuesday next, the 18th. It is probable that the Firemen's ball will
take place during the first week in
The qu'-stion of celebrating the
Queen's birthday was next brought
up and a lively discussion ensued.
New Denver, Silverton and Kaslo
had all beeu heard from, each making a good offer. Kaslo, from the
fact that they have always been very
liberal in patronizing Sandon's celebrations, expected to get the Sandon
team for the 24th. But a division
showed that Kaslo had only one
supporter. New Denver was still
worse off as it had no support whatever. The brigade therefore decided
to go to Silverton to meet Nelson.
A certitii d cln*ck for the amount of
the prize money and expenses will
be requested of the Silverton committee, with an additional guarantee
that irt case of iro contest the money
shall go to the team that appeal's.
Nelson is exrected to provide the
appartus as S; union cannot take its
hose reel out of town wirhout in
enrring a great risk to the city.
It is hard to comprehend the logic
which impells the Fire Brigade to
break faith with their old friends the
Kasoboya aud to go instead ton
town that has no water works, no
streets lit to race on .and not even a
bucket brigade to i*ive a return race.
Considering that they are gotn_
there to meet Nelson, which town
has never sent a team to Sandon, it
is a lino; t as unreasonable as the base
ball team's action iu accepting a
lower offer from a town that has not
even an excuse for athletic grounds ;
or of the band, which accepted 50 per
cent less than could have been obtained for their services by wit holding
i heir offer for one day out of 54.
However, logic does not count in
such transactions, and the band and
base ball club feel perfectly satisfied
in making arrangements which cannot but influence the action of the fire
brigade, the principal attraction on
such occasions, without consulting
this body or considering ��� the future
When Sandon invites Kaslo to par
ticipate in a celebration In this city
a still, small voice will be heard to
murmur "Not on your life!"
The regular meeting of the city
council was held on Monday evening.
Mayor Pitts in the chair ; present,
Aldermen Crawford, Thompson and
The city clerk was requested to
call for tenders for the supplying of
logs required for cribbing the creek.
The board of works committee was
authorized to spend $700 on creek
improvements. The chief nf police
was given charge of rhe work.
The following estimate for the year
1899 was furnished by the city clerk.
Trades Licenses ��7500 00
R����d and Dog Tax    250 00
Police Court  1500 00
Sundries      MO 00
R. E p&Imp't Tax  4544.00
Water and Light SW0O-W
PIreDept Apparatus       800OO
Fire Depf Maintenance tln-
cluding Chiefs Salary.)..   8*00
Salaries  2*W.OO
Police and Gaol Maintenance
(Including Chief's Salary)   2500.00
Creek Improvements  1000.00
Interest and Sinking Fund 18QO00
Printing and General
Expense  1600.00
Repairs to Proiierty and...
Other Sundries     500.00
A Mine-otonera Association
As an outgrowth of the threatened
trouble'on account of the eight -hour
law and other legislation at the re
cent session at Victoria a movement
is on foot ro organize an aasuciatlon
of the silver-lead   mine  owners of
As an initiative a meeting was
held in the Reco hotel on Tuesday
evening at which an executive committee was appointed and empowered
to proceed with the work of organization A shatter will be applied
for and it is the Intention to have
represented all the silver lead interests of not only the Slocan but of
Nelson, of the Fast Kootenay camps
and, iu fact, all the districts in B U.
producing litis class of ore.
The objects of tbe association are,
it is presumed,what its name would
imply ���an association of mine owners
for the advancement and protection
of their interests.
As the silver-lead industry In Canada has interests peculiar to itself it
is not the intention to include other
branches of mining in this organ iza-
tion. "The Kootenay Miners Protective Association" which at one
time was calculated to represent the
interests of the mine owners, is now
thoroughly deceased, and hut indifferently performed its objects during its existence. So far as Slocan
mines were concerned its machinations were a disadvantage as some of
its most prominent members identi
fyed themselves and the association
with the movement to have an ex-
pott duty imposed by the Dominion
government on lead ore going into
the United States. h
Buqing Copper Properties
in  the
Knoxville, Tenn., April" J. park
Canning aud Randolph Adams of
New York, representing Lcwlsohn
Bros., the copper kings, are in this
city on route to Ducktown, Tex.,
where the Lewisohnj have recently
purchased extensive copper inter-
ests. Today is announced the purchase oi the London Mining A Manufacturing Company's property in the
same locality by Lewisohn Bros for
$110,000 cash.
5 Letterheads,
#       XotclieaclM,
�� ItilllieaclH,
�� Statements
X Envelope*
w      Footers,
X Placards,
*& Payrolls,
6 Invoices
*j* Labor llecelpt*.
Jim      Time Checks,
*$ Vouchers,
1 Etc., Etc.,
j Etc., Etc
i��miiHi>������iiii f:
moktkk Miaa vou.
Sorter tnlns */'��tt, ��s tbe spring
Ml**-* l>trrl- thnt pis.- t" slug.'
As Ihe gi��niena. Attrr sinus
Mi-* lilt' *!-'ttvra tli.it U*fi*ard '������in so.
\o lax* ��iglt hss drowned lh�� sons;���
Sorter miss yoa all dny long !
S<rt��-r miss jn hi���pine to tm
That dxtir fuce Ood moor far ate;
Qta*l find nothlti* In the mam
Haifa* t>rtw* ���ii vour bright '>'"���
lion't know A It's rljdit *��r wrong--
Mortar ��p��iss jmpu sil dny long!
Sorter miss vou 1   Don't yon W-i���>��
It*�� Mh-itu*.' "I lov�� ym **���
That In mrrli. or he��\wn above,
N'othln'a swet-tar thsn your love f
I Irani-, slghln V drowned tha song:
Sorter miss you sil dny long!
���Frank Stanton
vur.  iikavk*  or  I.OVK.
I rose st midnight snd beheld _M sky
Sown thick wltt) Mars, like gram* of goldsn
Which Ood had sralteml bam-ty from Hlshsnd
Upon the fl.Mirwsys xf Ills house ��m high;
Aip'1 straight 1 pictured to my spirit's eye
i If  slant  worlds, tin Ir count*  hy   wisdom
'Ii*.   pr.��ry   wwrtcis. the gulfs no sight hath
And ��lull* m time for ever {mssing hy
Thru tilled wltti wonder snd a ��rrr*t dread.
I crept io p��hrr���� m* child lay last MhWf*,
Wnh r����nlpby nrm t��i��>ntb Ms teddeu head.
Whnt carnl I ih< n f ��� r all tin; st��rs*l��ivt *
I'm' IM���S fmt-*' shut otn ��tw l*ii di. .* <!.. o,
iHir UtU. h�� art rev��*sl��-d the h��-a*/��-i�� of mat
���FrwVrlrk Awnja Scott
*k*i old sea-captain atfirma that he bad
hu skoiring experience tl years ago on
one of th* smaller islands in the Philippine group. During a voyage from San
Prsadsco to Hong Kong, rvia>rt* a cor
respondeat of the Ht. -otii**il����ipe-I>emo-
eratt his crew mutined. They gave htm
mas food and water, a fUB and a li ��i��k
nf powder, aud, putting him into a small
boar, set hint adrift.
After thirty eight, hour* on thaeesaa
the captain reached an bland ami was
promptly *��'itt*il hy savages. *�����<�� eon
ilneted him inland Bxeept thnt he s\n*
forhi<ld*rtt In go t'p the waterside, he ha��i
th��* freadoar of the inland sad wag well
treated. Hut alter he had besn eight
m<iiith�� with the natives, he learned,
natnratlf ro his dismay, that tbey had
planned to do him rhe honor of t��acrifle ���
In ��� Him to their go-1 al their next great
9 I'roU^tationa were nueleta He had
|n*t ooe chance for his life, nnd al night
he maple several necret visit* to the
gitsally Ipot on the nifimtainside when*
���acrlftsss a ere made. AS his "turn"
plri-w m*ar, he iried to tell hlscaptors
that he hail communed with inferior
���piritS, ami he had discovered that their
god forbade '>������. death. Hut although
the navagitp HS*SBsd reajavlful'y, pre-
parationa for the ceremony were never
' topped.
Oa the morning ot rhe fatal day he
wan aroused at an early hour hy two
attendants of the medicine-man. and
honied  toward  the   sacred   mountain.
Ths sun waa well up when the saosnt
Inyan, and the captain dratrged ijoog
ns slowly a* ponsjhlo, often glancinc al
rhe ton, which was heating on the mountainside.
At* he came insight of the altar he
'Timed hi* neck, and observed the sen-
light stealing toward   the store     Torn
ing, he  wanted the  priests  rhat divine
wrath  would  h-   hurled  on   them  and
their altar if rhey attempted t-i proessd,
hut their only answer was lo pOlh
steatlilv onward. Below him. gnxim*
upward, were the villaifers. BOOM watch-
i��g  the  prOOSsdlltfl  with  anxirty.   fot
thev more than heltbslieved what he
Thev had arrived  at the stone nllar.
r��i��d the oaptaln had tornsd ^rsin to
nppesl to rhe priest, when there was a
load explosion, ami ths altar wai hnrlfd
heavenward with a deafening noise.while
ths priests fell on their faOf-S. When tin-
'moke rolled away, the crowd on ths
hillside could l��e seen prostrating them*
���elves snd laming towards the captain.
Hs was escorted hack to rite village ami
treated aa a god. Nothing was too good
for him. He was allowed' the liherty of
the island, ami two months afterward
succeeded in fitting out his hoat, and one
night shoved off in the direction of
Manila, where he arrived after a two
days' sail.
During his captivity the American had
employed his time mining the altar with
the powder from the flask lie had preserved. A fuse was made with a piece
of reeil staffed full of powder, and Are
was furnished by the crystals of his
chronometer, which he had fastened
together and filled with water to form a
The progress of mining development
in Canada is now so rapid that when
the official reports come to hand they
are found to deal with past conditions
and to present statistics having an historical rather than a commercial interest.    The Geological Survey  report
just issued brings the record of Canadian
mineral production down to the close of
the calendar vear 1897, and for that
rear the Canadian geld output headed
the list ipf metallic mineral, with a total
of #��i>27,<r>l This was completely
������clipsed last year, when the Yukon
district alone'produced 110,000.000 in
gold, and it is relegated to history bv
the eattmatea (or tin-current year which
place the Yukon field at three times
that figure. The total gold production
of the Dominion last year was fis.Too,-
***. which gives Canada fifth place
aiiippitjr tin' gold -producing countries,
with a fair chance of rapidly advancing
toward the heed of thp' list. Silver was
second in value among the metals in
I��*7, with a total yield of 83,323,395
I'lmt shows a continuous advance from
*.VU,-pI'Mn U-4, SI.030,299 in 1����*>. and
j*2.1l!��,"p<tt iu W96. The expanding
output of theSloean district in British
Columbia insures a continuation of this
record The Payne mine alone from
ihe Mis <pf ir> silver -lead ores has paid
1175,000 la dividends from April, 1898,
ro March. 1808. topper. |��<nd.ind nickel
are alt above rhe million dollar mark
for the year, but the net profits from
lead am �������� by nreductarejntwyieduced
by the American duty The total output of metallic and _OH*frtetatlk minerals for rhe last vear p��f rhe report i*
I38,(^il.4311. ami rhat has increased in
one vear te $, a net gain of
nearlv 32 per cent ���Toronto Globe
The first payment of $7,000 has beei.
made <m the Saowsboe bond, which �������.
rerentlv acquired from Messrs Wood,
tvn/ler and McDonnell by Mr l W
Astiev.a representative of a syndicate
of capitalist*. The Snow shoe as is well
kniiwn le located in Greenwood cum
ami ar once the parties holding tbe bond
will commence further development of
thp- property.
Mr .'nmes Dale hat just completed
an RMcammn on the Combination claim
!n Smith's camp. Thi- Combination is
located <>it the name lead as the Hi*
nblh, and from the appearance of the
rire thp* ��� l.tui is destined to becoma on<>
��� ���I ranch value.   The ore carries ;r����I<i
nnd silver, asss? values ranging1 from
16to fift to Um ton,  nut!  as the vein
llllng is quarts, th** 'in1 should ro|*re
p'tit a splendid oonrentratlng prepoal
The Fourth of Inly am! the Montana,
two ppf a group nf five claims owneutby
\!(��sni< Snlllvan, VVardellendMclfynu,
situated pm Canyon creek, p>n the main
Kp-tth* river, are Rhowlngup extremely
well as a result of recent work done rtn
the claims, On tin* Fourth pd July .���'
1 foit vein of fine looking ore has heen
nncppvered anil tesleil with a shaft, the
ore being ane of arsenical iron,carrying
gold and copper in sumeiont Quantities
to class it among tha shipping dros.
whileoti the Montana *a 5-fool vein of
iippn and gnlena ore ts lu-tinr developed,
which from appearance should run well
in silver ami gold, snd will carry a
small percentage of copper. These
properties bid fair to offer tonnage to a
railway as soon as it reaches their ri-
As a result of the passage of the Alien
Exclusion Act a number of Chinese and
Japanese claim-holders and miners in
Cariboo have, we are informed, recently
made application to the Gold Commissioner of that district for naturalization
rights. When this bill was passed it
may be safely assumed that such an
effect was not contemplated; and whatever may be said for and against the
employment of Mongolian cheap labor
by industrialists in this country, few,
we   imagine,   would be  prepared  to
{ro to the extreme of welcoming
ow-caste Orientals as fellow-citizens,
and as such entitled to all the privileges
���including the franchise��� enjoyed t>v
native-born British subjects in British
Columbia. Yet, under our present
laws, it is quite within tbe bounds of
possibility that ere long a Mongolian
vote will*have to be considered in all
political contests. It is true that at
the recent Provincial general election,
naturalized Chinese who appeared at
the polls were refused permission to
register their votes by the officials, but
it is questionable whether this action
would have been sustained had the
matter been taken on appeal to the
courts. The question of allowing Mongolians to become naturalizud British
subjects is a very serious one, which,
unless steps are taken to prevent it, will
at no distant date assume, much more
formidable proportions.���B. C Mining
Whenever the postooffice department
is asked to better the postal facilities in
Kootenay, the invariable reply is that
the revenue is so much less than the
expenditure that increased expenditure
cannot be thought of The report of
the postmaster-general for the year
ending June 8*>th, 1893, shows clearly
that any such c intention is not based
on facts The revenue from the accounting postoffice** in Bant and West Koot*
enav exceeds tin- total expenditures for
salaries, rent of ofiici'-s and transportation of mails by several thousand dollars. The total revenue was ��19.883 08
anil the tpttal expenditure *l<'.142.t2
Th i mil-��wing statement shows the
accounting offices in East and W,.st
Kooteuay, the gross revenues tor the
'vear, salary and other expenses :
|k.;:,>H       ..
Fort Stela	
K !���<���!���>    	
X   l-O'P
\  w IVtiwr
��*ll t llsv	
W. v��'l.��.t<>:,.-stitl>.n
It.ifr-rs' Prts<   	
Hkiean Oiiv
T'iov H-tV*
Ti -ui . ^M
BaMltaM   liH'roMsIni*.   Cw|,Hi'tty.
A Tacoms despatch^ dated April Rth,
says: The Work of quadrupling the
size of ihe Tacmns smelter is progress
Ing rapidly. The new stacks arc nearly
finished and work has commenced on
m-w roasters    Heretofore the smelter
has handled BO tons of ore daily     With
its new facilities its capacity wil! be* in
creased to 000 tons daily      Manager
Uust Is buying ore throughout the nor rh-
west*-��from Alaska and British ("olum
hia to Colorado
A NorthraMH reportsays, utwier date
of April titlt:   After n shut-down of over
Fu 1 mil
Salary    1
Ul thi
>���      To    lil
a.  mo oo a
IS *:
mr *��
*'pii 110
;s ss
;���*;, it
l*p 1��
t,*ie w
3#p lf��
1ST ��4
S.l ���! IPS
470 00
4�� 5S
1�� ��
5.5HI pU
l.)*<i> 00
9V> IS
M8J +p
sen on
ti S.-.
mt n
1,174 47
4'1 P to
M�� St
,t.-a :��
!���>> HO
m MS
SMx !'7
1*1 PN1
^.'wi 74
^..vp4 :a
��.">' MP
tlh 17
ii> 00
ii 7!P
ll.Vss 11
.1.' 00 (in
isai ss
SHI 1) i
411 !M
:-ls ;i
*.i> re
1 (Pf.
siS7 l��
.t ��p 00
3_- 87
W  17
:�����'.;> 1) 1
:��� K|
S.4SS tt
�������i no
17s 7
7*1 7!��
IM ��7
m i"
*��'! SS.",  ,tf
W.OM ir7 ��.
tpm ..?
two months the big p'ant of the Le Roi
Mining and Smelting company has resumed work. The long shut-down has
worked considerable hardship on the
big force of men ordinarilly employed in
and about tbe works. A new blast furnace is in course of construction, and
when completed tbe plant will have a
daily out put of about 600 tons of ore.
Daiiy shipments from the Le Boi mine
at Rossland to the smelter are being
made, and when ore is shipped from the
Columbia and Kootenay mine, it is believed that not less than from 600
to 800 tons of ore will be treated
daily. The plant, when in full operation, employs from 900 to 400 men, and
disburses in salaries from $15,000 to
>20,000 monthly.
He cannot talk, he cannot speak.
S'-thini* he knows of books or men;
Hr is tli�� weakest of the weak.
And has not strength to hold a pen.
He has no pocket and no pane,
Nor ever yet ha* owned a penny;
He lias more riches than his nurse.
Because he want* not any.
He rules his parents by a cry
And h<>lds them captive by a smile���
A d spot strong through infancy,
A king through lack of guile.
He lies upon his back and crows,
Or looks with grave eyes on his mother.
What can he mean ?   Bnt I suppose
They understand each other.
Indoors or out, early or late.
There Is no limit to his sway.
For, wrapped in Iwlpy clothes of state.
He governs night and day.
Kisses he tak* as rightful due,
And Turk-like has his slaves to dress h'm;
Hi? subjects bend before him, too���
I'ni oue of them, God bless him!
The   Worth   or   m   Man.
Dollars and cents cannot measure the
worth of a man. We ask, "How much
is So-and-So worth ?"���meaning, how
many hundred or thousand or 'million
dollars Perhaps, in a higher civilization, the answer will, be given in terms
of service; in what a man can give to
society, not in the amount of money he
has received from it. "So-and-So," we
shall then answer, when questioned, "is
worth a great deal to society: be is a
skilful surgeon, and relieves suffering;
or a great teacher, and inculcates wisdom; or a good blacksmith and does
honest work." The clumsy measure of
wealth will lie laid aside with the clumsy
order that it fitted.
Total shipped July 1 to Dec. 81,1898,
17.PA1 tons. January 1st, 1899, to
April 7th:
From Sand-'!'. Week.    Total.
Payne  SO         3,*il
Lastt���_w*e  140        i,7pjo
SI"C.m star  So             SO
S ip,.hin'  IS
Coin    U
Ajvs    40
Sovereign  20
Reco  ISO
Ivanhoe  15>           11H
Treasure Vsulf  11*
Tp-(ipI�� t> 'Uar  IS
From Three Forks
Id.ili > Mines  K40
Queen Bess  25��5         l.iso
wild Oooss  is
Monitor  loo
Front Whitewater.
Whitewater  PM            71.*i
.l.pcksoii    .... 33              *i8
Bell  au
Wellington  n
Kiviip Meliuigan.
Aiitt'lne  V>
R:\ mbler  1^6
Dardanelles  mt
anal W_Swu  4s
From Npw iK-nver.
It ��un      *o Xlo
Marion  A)
Frum Silverton.
Fidelity.  3
Vuneirtiver  Siti
Wakefield  too
Emily Edith  ai
Omit'i**  HKp
Total tons     8iu      lit fiat)
Cory ��� Allen have again struck a
gooil thing after all winter's development work on the Sil verity They have
exposed what is believed to be the
Queen Bess tedsreon their property. It
is situated mi Silver mountain, east of
New Denver,and adjoins the Palmito.
?! The   Paystreak.
Is Issued every Saturday in Sandon, In the heart
of the greatest White Metal camp on earth.
Subscription     , ���     ���     *��.0O��year
Strictly In advance.
Address: Wm. MacAdamp, Sandon, B.C.
SANDON. B.C.. APRIL 15, 1809.
The old plan of trying- to develop
mines by sales of treasury stock has
practically been abandoned in this
section. It was productive ot too
manv failures, and, as was the case
particularly in the Kossland camp,
where this method was worked to
death, ���oo many "dead corporations."'
The Spokesman-Review sizes the
matter up correctly in a recent issue.
Under the old method a group of promoters would organize a mining
company, divide the promoter's
shares among themselves, set aside a
part of the stock for the treasury, and
invite the speculating public to pat
up the funds required for develop
ment. If tbe public failed to respond,
as was usually the case, thecompan\
came to an end of its resources, work
was suspended, all interests lost hope,
and the company "winked out" of
existence. In many instances debts
were contracted and tbe companies
lost tbeir property. The assessment
plan has been found much more satisfactory, and a combination method
of treasury stock and assessable
shares is also meeting with favor.
Under the assessment plan, each
stockholder must contribute his share
of the funds required for development.
If he refuse, sufficient of his stock
will be sold to meet the assessment.
But it will be well to remember
that tbe assessment plan can be made
to lend itself to gross abuses. In the
hands of an unscrupulous management, it can be made an effective
means ot persistent plunder. Invest*
ore should be suspicious of a management which may show a secretive
disposition and try to withhold information concerning the expenditure
of tire company funds and the results
of development. The trick of concealing the true condition of a valuable mine, while the stockholders
are discouraged by persistent assessments, in order that tbe management
may depress the stock and buy it in
at sacrifice prices, is as old as corporation mining. Only one means of
circumventing the dishonest mine
official has ever been or ever will be
invented, namely, don't trust your
money to his manipulation.
rHKPAYSTttKAK^SAMH'N- B, C. APRIL tt, im.     ^
IUIKM   Of   A   1J1T1K   oitti..
Victoria Colonist thinks, is suliicient
to swell oar total contribution to three
millions, which is equal to $20 per
head for 150,000 people. At that
rate the people of the whole Dominion
ought to contribute upwards of h
hundred millions to the revenue, or
more than two and a half limes their
actual contribution. Those who do
not care to accept these figures may
vary them as they please, except the
amount first named, which is official,
and the result will be that the people
are paying far and away beyond
their share of the taxes of Canada,
from the per capita point of view.
This is not to suggest that some special means should be drvised to
lighten the taxation of British Colombia, for that would be both absurd
and impossible. The ides, is that the
province shou'd receive something
like a relative share of the public
expenditure. Not that there ought
to be expended in this province two
and a half times as much per capita
as in the other provinces. What
ought to impressed upon the public
mind is that the province is more
than paying its share ot the cost ot
keeping the Dominion going, that
every dollar expended irr opening
the province and bringing in nopula-
tion means a direct return to tbe
revenue two and a half times as
great as money spent for similar pur
poses elsewhere, that the province
has in a sense a vast sum to its credit
in the shape of a surplus of its con
tributions over all tbe expenditures
ever made on its behalf, and therefore
that, when demands are made for
consideration in the future, they are
entitled to respect not only on the
score of fair play but on good business principles.
In the year ending June 30, Wm,
British Colombia contributed to the
revenueof tbe Dominion the enormous
sum of $2,319,963, not including the
large amount paid in the shape of
duties and excise on goods purchased
in the eastern provinces for consumption here,  which later amount, the
nitre's m -������* lsr run on papers, since w�����'_inl
Out you was ill:
An' you miirht l��e In a or*pl_l; th��- larr \,\* is
Ho Still,
We 'hvi- all lieen tnurlity anxious. Sine.- we V��rtl
it ..ii Mirs'l*-;
An' weaint n�� cow��nl��, ne thrr, but I own w��
was .-ifraid
An' we pr-iycd 'snl aad <��riu��t;
���till. CKwpI,don't t.ik.. 'im tr.-i I
Just let 'tin stop nml Vip n*
An' want, lest w��- fortM'���''
The tcno-nt Hui'l:   >"E won't ir-tt round
*tho�� mauds blank' tor Im !
'E won't write no in>r��- stories!'     And our 'opes
was M-.iihn'<lim
But you 'ad always Vl|��-d T. Atkins, an' tnou*h
thin*** did look blue -
Well! wp: ain't much 'amis at prayln', l.ui we did
our beirt for you.
"  K mustn't dU-; Wfl want Im !
O.Oawd,don't Uki- htm ret;
Spare Im a little I mjrer I
'K wrote 'Is-at we tatgat!"
Wf'eardthat you was tight In "anl   just aa we
knew >< u would ;
liutwr 'artlly 'oped you'd turn 'Is Sauk; th. y
snld v .ii 'nrdly emild;
But the  news 'sa come this nioniln', an' I'm
wrltln' >n- to say.
Thorn'sno British son more'appy than yp��ur old
friend Thomas A.
"O, tiiwil, Wafrt ail so grateful
You avr Ml'Im with u, v.'t,
To'old ua in, nml  nil us,"
l^'M we, tear we foriret:"
-J. O. C, In London ttinns
Tin- work of rawhidlng the Beatrice
ore down tn Pfenruaon in not propee**
ing aa favorably an ft might, but it
it* expected that when Hugh ttcPbereon
puta-on his freah relay of hormtsat tho
upper end, tlte work will proceed more
MI lin>lher Wil! b*' tts��-*l t*�� ***
' The nicest klixl of irirl.
lie wore u UiUp* pit***- ">��' u��
And h"i t��w h.��ir liivurl
\V��> phxyaai with pI<-II* snd Um sets tliea,
\i'nl ��-vrrv kind A to) \
Hut all ��!��<*������ #**! tin*** an ftM.
����ill tunuM uitoa ta>y.
Maaiaw haa laaii htm little ��*d*��.
\\ Kh t��-��'k. !����� In hi* i����i��*��.
Aud mt .<IT nil his vi-llow curls
And *-i>�� tt��etn to mv sunt..
Ami W IH iw was so |i���Mtld, 1 hel-vs.
He aim ��t 'onii* d *tttp >���) .
lint I itiu*�� own I dliiii't llM
WUIturnsdlMaa ����>
And MMI It* phut* isith hiprrld tops
1 .1   it knots I> m v> Msta, ��
\i .1 ���trttlas th���� 1 iry io glgTt,
But atvmt hi* or win,
Anil l< aplTOB- I ��������" �� givt s lamb
like i Iwrlt-v   Frank of M">
or��, nooi.e knows b����w i��d r Mil
��.u,c, Wil h*�� turm>*l a ap) :
I have t.< wttsr (r*ek�� Ju��t lh��- maow,
\, d now Otr, 'r�� HMMttj white,
I h<v.. to ��lt nod Just ba fond
WSistr Will can HlmbMil tight.
But I hhp*i map tn* mmam atm
And asaf t>- ��� hair sn ��-url;
And trotm -ob. motMtmt thlntfol ���>!
1 have k��*tay ��� srlfi:
III*   Mnthor's   N��m.
"Mj nitre Mary ra-j** always a well-
Bteaning girl, but *he would *ay tbe
wrong thh^t alm����*t trrtyty Una��MMJd
one old gentleman !���� anotheVi "attpl
the'g got a li"p> that* going to be ho
very counterpart.
Tbe old geuileiuwn'i. avi*�� tvrlnky
and hit* ugty, food-naturcii fac* !L\
puckered with enjttymeut ��. h,,;,^
fr,,tn hi* pfH-ket tMM>k a sni ill su,n ^
**l *��e��t Hal a toy moukiv iiaj ^
all kinds? of pranks when u\ *���,���:!
im^ mild he. chuckling, mmu t* \t
htm for dtfftftntaa \nw dovnulistM
m tbt* letter ef thanks I ,* -tiromj,,^
t��Mlav     He*. jtiHt r��ighr \vnr+ old;
" fb��ur iiuU* N��**l:' I tm a .;.,���j
wit i \h* mutikev, th-tit \ mi ||��. m,tw
ma rriink of yon ferj often \ (.i mnr%.
,-rer mamma winds him uj ami heb*.
gtn* to jump. mamut*t ami I feelMy
we were back al Vottf ho ��ben>|]j
thnea toy* are. and mannn. �� ; look ��
the inunkey ami my. ! .ii. xo*a
Uitcii Se*i all ever."
M*0QM*bve from
rr>- y\
mm Bomn
M. W. ttAf. l��ropr��rt��r.
:.u.  ������:��������� M ���-'    -
������l|.������l*ttttPi�� ��-��  > |
Kinds ot CA8B0KAT11> '.'KINKS
Byt^mnn, Olngei \ ���
*srm\nr.l\n* Bfc, Vm.
Sancton, B O.
Fafmnizr* homr- iiuhistry
when vuu wunt t\o U\st
To the Ladies of
Sandon and
aRBETING>-   WVImvr- on hand
aluint I'Hi pairs of !*afliW ami UhiWrw***
shoes which wi* m��* r*�� dttflfxme of at a
saerifloe in order to make room in our
Hali'MiHttn for new BtoCK n����w on \\w r����.r'i.
The .strak in<ltnlr*>t a Hne line of Tie,
Snap anrt Bookto .Clippers in Tan ami
Hlark I���i<lit\H' bUM ami button shoe**
latt st Htyles.
Quilted Satin ami Frit Slipper*.
Children's Spring & Hijrh-her-l slu- >
A Bpecuri line of Uoy�� ��Sehcx*l Sln��s.
E* R* ATHERTON ca, Ltd,
pttsr oFtrct. store.
__J_��l_t     MI I
mttm.   t
Ca rpets
Thmra arc til New Stock, New l��at^rn�� end New Meer��
Hunter Bros.
/ w
TitoII    LAKE   PIIOI'KltriK*,.
Hilly Schmotdk is doing- work on<tbe
Maggie May, a claim situated about
three and one-half miles from Trout
Lake City, on Trout creek.
Numerous enquiries are being made
n'irarding the tonnage, past, present
and future of this district and a vastly
increased Internal shown in the mining
development of this section
It is very probable that work will he
commenced on the Pree Coinage i�� tin-
course of ft few weeks This property
adjoint the Silver Cup ou the uprie'r
end aud is a property of great promise*
Bv the time the snow is off the ground
it is expeettd that work nlll be com
menccd on the Black Diamond at the
Imadofthe North Fork and the Little
Robert and West fall groups locaied in
Hip- same vicinity.
Recently Dave Cowan secured the
contract of running an >*�� fool tunnel nn
the Silver Queen, a very ,>romi*inv
property situate*! on Great Northern
monntarn and recentfy bond***! to James
Dixon, of Vancouver.
In Ibe Beatriceltrnneland sbftft there
i* a j !-ip*udid showing of ore. Krom the
very ^rass roots this properly has paid,
and ���.'*����*ii Ittnpttei are packed Upend
tin- m��0 get to work, tire wil* .ie made
rapidly with th** pre*enr Imdy
The American and Mfornfog Star will
In ������de* 'eloped am *oou as the season i*
stirDriently advance*! and rhe John L.
(ironp, near the former claim will re-
ieivoa/rent deal of attention doting
tii.�� coming summer Tlte American
Horning Star are hooded t<p Rote*
land parties.
On the Lucky 4, a claim located on
!' i. d��*r creek, ebont five miles from
' hontStttt'f I.adding and within a short
distance of the main way*m road, the
��� i p's are excellent fer the commence '
ment ot a ISOdoot runnel during the
early part of June This property which
is owned by Messrs Cowan MM Hick-
man. i�� trnder liond ro Mr Bbeforr, pd
l.iptuhin. Kng,
The Nettie L. never looked better
than it d ���**��at present A foe* day* ego
iSe richaatore ver struck <mj_i.enenun-
t r<*d in the di it It Es heavily chained
with '_ray topjier and. will run over
i 0 ��> (mines to the ton in silver. This
ewhWh 1* a'- ed   three  inches n>
ihh ii.i ws \m embedded In the other ore
wlrh which the bn��a��.l nt rhe tunnel
fti'lv ir1i*ion��4 Billy Glenn is busy
r.iu bidding Ihe ore' down from tin-
property and is making excellent head-
wav Aeveml tons of sbippinir ore ftfe
IIOW lying on the dump bealdos a ^roal
quantity of ennrentratinir material.
HI.OIANf    HIM Kit %I.    ri.O��T.
Ore Is Wing ltauh*il m rhe Silverton
wharf from the Noonday. A carload
shipment will lie made.
The working force on the Bosun ha*
I'ppit increased lo 05 men. Further
additions arc contemplated.
A contract has been let for one hnn
dred f����t*r of development work tn h*
put upon the Sarah Jane claim, adjoin
inv the Bosun to the northeast
Tlii> shaft on the R I) Pmctfon, sd
joining the town site,  near  the Bosun.
is ij. wn in t.,,.,  ^\| ,mv, depth the l��*.l_��-
Im- l<��i��ii crnvm nt mid is pin veil  strppttir
from wall to wall.
Th��* Queen City ha* been <*rentlv improved in appearance with the wink
put on It lately hy Messr-. Thornpaort
et al A slrunir led'ie p arrvimr I good
i upper gold silver ore i�� showing
I >ue hundred feet of tunnel wort is tube
driven on the NptrleJ ted. work "it which
���vill he started this week       This  prop
orty lies between the IJ  1>   Flection
and tho Bosun ami has a verv promising
Five hundred dollars worth  ppf  work
Is to ho started on  theTuni*, flost
mountain, in a few davs' time     This
property haa the Goat mountain ledge
showing upon it. High assavs have
been returned from ore taken from it.
Work on the March Bird, adjoining
the Mollie Hughes group, Goat mountain, has demons! i ated a 4-foot ledge,
carrying stringers of high grade ore
Work has been suspended for the pros
ent, but will be resumed when the
danger from slides is over.
The Comstock mine, Four Mile, has
boeo closed down temporarillv, and
Superintendent Thomas and * farailv
have left for Vancouver The mine
will probably be closed down UO or 90
days, when all dispute in connection
with the lately erected concentrator
will have been settled.
There is a scarcity of egsrf in Kootenay
at present. During a year hundreds of
thousands of dozens oi eggs are shipped
to Kootenay from Ontario, Manitoba,
ami the North West. Dealers have even
to draw on Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, and
Oregon, and one of the leading wholesale
balers is now rounding up all tbe eggs
in Cub.���Nelson Miner.
Kossland aud Nelson are running
ueek-and-neck for hrst place as cities in
the interior of British ( olumbia. I^ast
mouth Kossland sold one more two-cent
postage stamp than Nelson, but Nelson
cashed in two money orders more than
RoMf-ftd. Both towns have the same
number ppf r��dephonet�����lf,2---and have
the tame number of the same kind of
An early winding up of the affairs of
the unfortunate Golden Cache Mining
Compeny, Limited, it now expected, as
I ristilt of l)r Carroll'ssucceasfuI action
against the company for compensation
in ri*s|M*et of services rendered as
trustee. There are, it is understood, mi
mounts available to u��i*et the jttdsrment,
am! tee mine property *IK* appliances
will, it is anticipated."lie sold to meet
(his and some other cash liabilititM.
The Bank of Hontreel yesterday
shipped otit by the Dominion express a
irold brick from tin* Athabasca mill
which was valued at tH'XH It was
consigned to the United States essay
ifliee at Helena The value of rhe brick
ahowsthat the March run at the Arha-
hasea mill yielded tench better return!
rhau that ;of rhe previous month, as
the value of the February -run wa*
entered at ��� >.t>io.���-Nelson Tribune,
HtmoiJiMi orb nmPMKMTa.
The shipments of ore from Rossland
for the week ending April 8th, were as
follows: Le Koi mine to North porr,
2.87ft; Wa' Kagle, to Trail, 4<W; Iron
Mask. tp�� trail, 108; lotal. 8.982 tons.
The ratal Ihr the year P> April 8th was
28.088 tons. The War Ragle has not
been able !o commence shipping in earnest. There are over 1,<J0Q lona of broken
ore in tbe wnrkinm yer, ami it will lie
another week before rhe War Ka_le is
in a posit pm to run alomt with the Le
The labvay switch into tbe Centre
St*��r   coupI    over   the   big   trestle if
loniph'ed,eehrthe tramway from the
w.tr lab* hoisting pwnl w the ship*
ping 1-vl. The new eteotrical com*
preranr machinery   of the War   Eagle
(���as hen running light all the week,
off ami on. and it will be tome considerable tinip' before it aemen n>tpp at*.
One sidi- of the Mg hois! is woikint*. and
I he ore is befog Ittken out al tltp' JoO foot
Water Ih Canting more or less trouble
in sil pioi a ties, end in some InetanoN
the mines have l��een obliged to close
down for the prp'sent.
Mr. w. A. r'ailvip'.uenintl manager of
ihe Mritish America Corporation, whoto
severelv injnreil his knee cap some^OVe
weeks ai**>. Itaa rt-covensl sutliiietitlv to
tfet tilsipit a little, and will Ih�� back at his
ilosk in a few days.
A numlier of well-known mining ex-
ports have arrived in tho camp m eon-
nection with the great Inw-sntt of the
lion Musk tgeimtj tneOentre Star,which
will OOBtn ont-e on April 18th.
Sesle or C'harxes for  Licenses Good tor
Less Than m Tear.
The current issue of the British Columbia Gazette among other matters
contains the following announcement:
"In react to amend the Mineral and
Placer Mining Acta, 1899, made by tbe
Minister of Mines."
The following table will shi? the
scale of fees to be charged for fvee miners' certificates covering only a portion
of the year:
Certificates issued between 1st June
and 18th June, $5,
Between 19th June and6th July,*'.75.
Between 7th July and 24th July, 14 50.
Between 25th July and 11th August,
Between 12th August and 30th August, |4.
Between 3lst August and 18th September, 13.97.
Between 19th Septembe- and 7th
October. |3.50.
Between 8th October and 26th October,
Between 27th October and 14th November, $3.
Between 15th November and 2nd December, |2.50.
Between 21st Deeembei and 7th January, |2 25.
"Between 8th January and 25th Jan-
uarv, 82.
Between 2ftth January and 12th February, fl.75.
Between 13th February and 2nd
March, ft.SO.
Ber ween 3rd March and 20th March,
Between 21st March and 7th April, tl
Between 8th April and 25th April, 75
Between 26th April and 13th May, 50
Between 14th May and 31st May, 25
These dates are in all cases inclusive
and the practical result is that the
licenses will be 25 cents for evary IS or
li* days.	
Halaii Ti lemon 8at�����
Sometime ago tho Victory-Triumpn
property. Kossland. was dosed do��vn,
and the"cause was nor understood until
a few days ago. when word reached
Kossland that explains the reason of the
temporary suspension. This property
has Wen Void to a company known a?
the Trail Creek Mining Company,
which has a capital of ��80,0��X) sterling.
As soon as details of organization have
been completed it is understood work
will be actively resumed, and this is a
question of but a short time. It is believed that ithe Victory-Triumph will
prove a most valuable property and be
a big shipper. Its showings of ore at
present are large.
During the month of March Moyie
shipped 20 cur loads of ore to the smelter
at Trail. This is in the neighborhood
of 412 tons of a gross value of 832,960,
and a net profit to the mine owners of
nearly 816,000. The St. Eugene shioped
370 to ��s and the Lake Shore made up
the b, .lai^ce of 12 tons. Since the first
of February, 1899, Moyie has shipped
822. tons of ore of a total value of over
135,000. As there were 28 days in
February and 31 days in March, 59 days
in all, it "will be seen that Movie's ore
shipments have averaged considerably
over 81,000 per dn; for that time.
The Kaslo & Slocan 'rain encountered
the Lucky Jim slide on Saturday and
was delayed four hours, and again on
Sunday, and had to return to Kaslo for
the rotary which went up and opened
the road. Tbe train did not get through
to Sandon until Monday morning, and
arrived in Kaslo almost on time.
The local lacrosse t^ tm ts getting in
shape for a return match with the Nelson
team. Tbe boys are not aanpuine of
success but are ready to give tlie Nelson
Soys all rhe fun they watu.���Ledge.
.11 )HN V. PERKS, Prop.     "       \
i.iiPl   Btaett*  rIVwM   Mln
Ht-ll.< ��uid Light lii every room....
Large and we1, '.urhrv.i Sample Rooms
Hourly Street Oar )--t ween hotel and
Station.  Free bus meets all trains	
Reasonable Rates.
The pioneer house of the City
First-Class in. -very particular
R. Cunning* proprietor.    Sandon
IS   .v.:
1 :
The following is a complete list of tlie
mining transactions recorded during the
week in the several mining divisions of
the. Slocan. Those of New Denve* were
aa follows :���
APKiL'l-BuffaloHumii, P.mr Mil.'. John Tln-
April S^-Vulture Fraction, C.".riK��nu>r. O W
CEBCif icatk of satisfaction'.
Mak tt-Work pu the Iron Mask to apply on
Sultana and Condor.
Aran. 1���Snow Flake, March Bird, Eagle, Ke
limice, Gentle Annie.
April i���l>ls.Anny, two years. ..
Al-IL .V-Treasure Vault, Fraction.
April ir���Mohawk, Queen Fraction. Old Dominion Fraction, Monltor.Vietor rive j ���.���fts, Lone
Bachelor live years, Isls t**o years.
Aphl 8���Superior.
April lft���O K No S, Spray. Cascade. Younc
Dominion Fraction, Queen Ctty, Capital, Rockingham, May Queen Fraction, May Queen
Aeril ll���Betlview, Paymaster, Tecumsch.
Mar **>--_a���o. Alma andOro, to Daniel li-
Sprague and John S Parker.
April 5���Shoe Strap, to Patrick S Byrne.
April 7���Baltimore FractJou.Condor.Sultana,
Iron Mask, Imo Musk Fractiopt, to Xorth***t**t
Mining Syndicate. Ltd. ChasS Rashdall, Edward
Stewart and Edward Pitt.
MAR ftp-Brunswick *, 4 A McKlnnon to Wm
H Rolxrtaon, March 38. *��Ki.
Mar SO���Nanev Lee aud Stanley No 8, �� in
each. Norman McMillan to James Wlwrlngton.
April 4���Capital!, Amos Thompson, to ff_
Taylor, Nor 3.
Ann v ,. Geo Monson to August O Ostby, April
s���i, =4tX)
Stockholm i. Alena i. Charlett J. and Norway
.. A O Dstbr to Joseph Rush. April 3.
Sligo Fraction J, WD Mitchell to N F Mc-
Naught. Nor 4.
Wallace L Amos Thompson to same. Nor l*.
Dewry i.Turris \ and Cai> Ito |, David Bnim
ner to N F McNsu<;ht. Jan 8
April 6��� Freddie Lee Fraction, W S Gurner to
A W McCune. Nov 7. $5,000.
Little Joint, Chas G Griffith to A W McdRie.
t5,OO0i. "^
April7���BIk Timber J. Frederick Steele-to
Wm B Steele, June 17. IS!*-'.
Palmita, E KC Clarkson to Albert Robinson.
Oct 8.
April ������-Bower ol attorney revoked, Jackson
Radciiff from Chas McNich .11. Aprils.
' April 10-Torperfo j, Kenneth  Morrison lo
E<lwar>i Stewart, Nov 14.
APRIL 11���Power of attorney, Albert Taylor to
Jas Ryan, April 17.
THK PAVSTKKAK, SANIM��N. �� ��   * ���"'""' 1V
burnln_of the steamboat Henry Hay
1   .     fi   *-   Ton lu v ��7ih, mi] when serviceable,
SSffi **Tm\m.m\ ri.i*|**mam
ping Ip'IIowh :
Keep good company or none
Never be idle
If your hands caiiim! be BtefaH'l em
Aecording to the News-Advertiser last
week was sntficiantly important from a
share market point of view. The daily
publication of the Toronto quoUtiont, I    ��' vm" 'm"V:,7���"":,���;_.,   ���   I-
ui    & *   i- s���_i L ��� ._,_   phntnl. attend t<> the cultivation ol y
while curtailing space that watt before < K^H|-^^^^^^^-_^_-^^^H_l
not sufficient to cope with all the neat
of the mines offering, yet has many advantages for the investing public, and
That of the Ontario  and Mloeaii Mliu-��
Development Co.
We are in receipt of a copy of the
prospectus just issued  hy the Ontario
and Slocan  Mines Development Co.,
Ltd., ou the Cau.idiau group, situated
on the divide between Carpenter aud
Four   Mile creeks, two  and  one-half
miles from Sandon and six miles I rom
Silverton.   Five claims are embraced
iu the group,  the   Adams,   Brandon,
Katie f)., Sarah B., and Hill Top Fraction    The claims were located in Ulfti,
and development by means of tunnels
has proved the existence of large and
valuable  veins     One  thousand   two
hundred feel of runnel  work has been
done on the properties, and two shipments of ore  have  been  made, iu all
about four tons, which netted the owners, after paying all freight and smelter
charges,  105.50 per   t<m      Within   a
radius of two miles are situate*) the big
shippers of Sandon and Three Forks,
and  the  showing*  on  the   Canadian
group are quite as promising as those
were of any of the lug mine*..   The
officers of the company  are   George
Sleeman, president; (j B Ryan, vice-
president; W. E. Buckingham, secretary-treasurer, all of Guelph, Ont, the
director are C   Kloepper, M.P ; .1   ('.
Keleher,.). A Hardy, Prof .fan. Mills.
Geo. Newton,   of   Guelph;   Geo   H
Cowan, T W. Holland, I) If  Wilson,
i R. Seymour, of Vancouver, B. C : T
P.  Coffee,  Toronto;   D. .1. Brandon,
Silverton, and Wm    H    Brandon, of
. Brandon, B.C.   The bead office of Uie
company is at Silverton, and the On-
, tario office at Guelph, Out.
too, be it sai.l, for the brokers Locally
the market has not been inactive. During the week the Jumbo (liosslamlt lias
been placed on �� !>u*i:se*'-dealing basis,
and the Iron Colt, in the same camp, has
bad $260,000 provided for the development of the mine. At present there is
over 1,600 feet of work done on that
property ami the directors announce that
the available tnonev will lie used in de
veloning the lower levels.
Slocan stocks have been in demand,
plespite the eight-hour agitation. A
Sandon report says any eomptfoetMM
which have been expected to arise as
an outcome of the recent eight-hour
enactment will probably be obviated
by a mutual agreement between the own-
em and working miners to allow tbi*
matter to go hy default As the act
provides that uo prosecurion can b<*
undertaken except by Uie Inspector
of Mines, Or by the order of the Minister of Mines/the Slocan district may
still remain a "$3.50" camp, if such an
arrangement can be satisfactorily con
There has been some demand recently
for Wonderful stock, and 54 cents are
bid. The stock of the St. Keverne, another Slocan property which is supposed
to contain an extension of the 1 'aytie
ledge, is being bought n$ at from 2*4 to
;t'-<5 cents.
On Saturday the Toronto Miaing F.x-
change hehl its usual weekly session,
when the following sales took place:
Tin Horn. BOO at Bj Smuggler, 500 at
5V; Hardanelles, 500; 200; 50U; 5.000;
1,000; 1,000 at 10; Monte Critto, l.uOOat
9; Northern Belle. 5U) at 3; St. Kloo.
5,0>*J at H\ ; Vicrorv-Triumph, 60O; 500;
5*MX) at 8*4 ; War Eagle, J00 at W.0*; Ka-
publtc, 500 at :t��iS-
Aecording to the Nelson Miner the
navigation compjinies plying on Root-
i-nay lake have announced an increase
in rates. Enquiry at the local C P. R
of-eei revealed the fact that the Inter
nation-]   Steamship   and   Navigation
Company approached the C. P. R and
suggested that both ppf the. companies
^'.lise the paMeuger rate to four cents a
mile. The C-P.it bgreed. ami How the
ortlers from headqttart<>rs are that ail
limited tickets on fvioten/tv lake in*
cancelled, ami that no reoncton bn
tppuiipI triji tickets he given It Hhotild
be said that the. regular paaaenger rates
of the C. P. it are five, cents a mile
on laud, four cent! fur water travel
The full rate has boon charged right
along on Slocan lake and the (olnmiiia
1 iver. The rate* now to the moat important places on Kipot>*nay tak��- are as
follows: To Kaslo SI m Instead of
11.60; to Ainsworth ILJOi instead ot si;
Pilot Bay $1: Kokanee Creek BO 1 i-nts,
instead of BO cents The reU-d fare to
these and all other points will be twice
the aptiotint of the single fan* The
mileage from here ipi Kootenay Lending
has been chati'Til from 63 to :��"��� mill-*..
which brings tin* fare up the t_'._i��
The following newspaper clipping,
says the New York Times, was found
in the porkdtboo^ of Stephen Allen
formerly a mayor of New York, ami
who was a victim of the Henry Clay
disaster The clipping, after serving
the needs of Mr Allen, has been carried
in the pocket of this merchant evW
since he was a hoy, and he savs he has
always found its counsels good, aad
tried his best tp) follow them :
The  tlisaster referred  to   was   the
boxe* of the engines, hut tt WiW m
serviceable, m 1 had it ��cau,.reij *��*
^^^^^^ vtny." The raMnpi 3
the ���onelter $1MI�� a ton lor th,��
THK   tMMKKK   101:11.
tn i "d ._^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^___
\lwavs s{��v��k the truth.
Make to* p"""'**��*���
Live up to your engagements
Keep your own secrets, if you have
When vou speak to a person, look him
ill the faOQ , , .  ���
Qood loutiKitiyami g*>mi run ver sa'pp��n
are the verv miic**>>< virrue.
Qood characrer is ���MW all things
'   Youreh-ratter cannot be es��enrlally
ttiiurp*<l except hv vour own act*.
h anv one speaks evil  of yem. r��i
font life Im* such that none will believe
him. , ,.
- Drink no kindnf intoxnattng lejuor-
; Kverltve<mialot!tune*.eXcej��te��l with*
hi vottr incppinc     ,
* When vou rerire to bed, think over
>-bat you have been doing .luring the
* Make no ba***! to be rich it you wouW
* Small and steady gains give cot��|��prt
encv, with tranquility of mind,
Never plav at any game ef chance
Av.pipI temptation; through fVar you
tntv not with-raml ir
Farii monev iw'fore yon spend it
Never run into debt unless yott *e<t a
wav tti get out again
Sever  borrow   if you can |**��*obly
iiv-.ipi il
Do nor marry until you are able to
support a wife*
Never *peak evil of any one
Be jus* before VWU an* gWAfMH
Ket��p yourself ��nu**cem if yon would
be happv
Save when vim are young to sps*nd
when Vfitt are old
'lo A ov.-r rhe above maxims at lm*l
once a >��fek. ��
n%��i  r*rr�� ron ���������tali %%*��i��.**
Rail*���>���<! H-sm's Ml*t*a^   In   Hi   .1    it| �����
<:��r at Cr.i*H��><l ����r��.
The average railroadnfhri il.from rhe
president down to ihe section b#e**��, t*
thoroughly conversant with the work
thai eeOMM in hi* dejiartment, Init Ihe
following incident <*Im.w* that even the
higher ofBcinU make mi��raki*a
Bhrftwltentui ago a Kansas Citv,
Mp��., eoapeny >Hmgbt a car load of
Brushed ore tii Mexico. Advice* were
duly received rhat the ore had been
shipped-^90 t .ns of ii W...-L - *mi��s.i1
and the ore did tn��T come, llo* ��op��-i*
inxc��nnr��nnv jiolit.lv a��ked the l.eai
agent ol the railroad companv whmt the
ore would arrive The local igenl said
he hapl never heard of It, The IfndttPjf
louipanv then a|ppeah*d to the IMMirw
agenr of the road The general ageui
gave it up     Along the line the  ques
Hon wa* pa_nid until it ranched an of
lieial who started out a traci*r for lite
tar! >*td of nre A traoot hi a d... 1...1.���*,.
on which every a���ent, train OOOdttcW.
ami every Other pertOfl whpp has (tad
anything ro do with the shii>m<-nt must
sav whenee he tiwk it and Vh-T* be
laid it down     From the mitfin Matlc 1
the i-ar of ore wrtstriteed ffo*n junction
polnl ro itim-rion |viinr. nntil ir emawell
within the railroad eompsnv's I.maI
yard*, at Kau��a*.t'itv. and thence to a
sidetrack b\ the ronndhouai end Into
the possesion of the ma��der moehanle.
A p irlond ppf <-riched srohl ore looks
like a lot of coarse vellnw sand, and this
partiiul.lr carl.mil had 1 been knoeked
about and dhtOMMocted as a car of eom
mmi ruiud should be. When the oQciaU
wet������. iiPitilled thnt rhe tracer bud . based
the car onto the master mechanics
track they sent him a note askingahotil
the disposition p��f the i*ar, irivinn \i<*
number. The master mechanic turned
the note over ami endorsed it on the
hack: "The < ar con-wlm a had'qnalltv
ppf land    Some of it I lined in ��he saed
Therm is an �������<**���� rot<l ih%> 11   ���.
TfcM* waori* *jrbfm tt.*tUl l>��vs)kr -
ThMaifh ttfti hunutti au n wtn4*s
"f to* Ptsiss WJ/sfcR-riijf.* jrtl^t
It Uti���salt rsrr* soil sit ls<��l.
Tt��e*Krf*"*n tbwtr sj-n .%& 4t-ij.
A*����! 4pp*II�� ���!���-�������> ut<tin> U.. ��� tmhI
WhlK-h G 4 WfitMr iss kit tt��|
tl<!<sr*.����r hnsntiiW l��< turn K.
|( .SO*Vt pm.it bmtt4x* *tr mi. tmg\
T**a ���**��������� ���! think m t><>< U I   ugin
Hat ��U tts�� **'*M u larti
WeUmxrt* tH'uml*- >U��o   * ma*
ft tMivIri loxti i*Vt*t%, ��,���,!, Jail.
A mtmhkjt* afsssl* alt���itt lb* cA
ra��i invss Mw **��** w<���� ua��tT.
Vr*ur amiki��<4 th����it��fhi < w mrtfob 4*4
I* Ml in t*rtJ����'��i ptmj 1
Tl��#r�� mt* m�� m 4.laptop *h^n- *n**4
A dt W��m�� tmtx bl-V ttsrli : *r~.
Tlpwr**!* ����i s��>|i*r*��r i;>..   rt* f__���,
Too nfttitlff. ��-.*��� *��ttt ssrfi >:
l'ItltPTP. Itt *Ii ��!���.��! tti��   'Ami-.,
-KlU UWt.tViti.
It Is very evident rh.- > ��� ., n* ct^hrA.
Don will he the warm.-.! thai hat em
twen held in Briti*h * ..honhi*. \\t
iuitidles are already pUyuttf tm ��-
{���ortani |��art in aotne lot ibtim kssrtag
tin* nrrur out of over-enthup Mtk ���>
*mmm*t TtSM t'*r4 Hl��<n�� ism ss wa
*kmht--<t to. {-i,m>- ,���������  .
t  Ah n ses*!
tU n\ Amu
r��m*i lir i *   	
���      |S��*in      V
,      ���    issaa*     M   ���
*\bmt */����5 MR  *'.- ������ Ml* i
'���    rtA#**��     - **
jnT* so- *;��� t ��'*������������   **
? si- ��w    ��..��� ���
Smrtb ��*4
a*:-. -
:. ���>- mi  f r*i��mtt%m
K,-b.,| MM
luili ie��|pfil* |s��|rt*>
lt.itr.KT *
*r A *A i.*m
Z?     - ******* 4li��*s��.*irs 11
IJ     ��� i����irt* riM tu, " __!>
fmj "   I*. .�����;����   Ku��*
" If <���>���������� ��*'��*�� N c'*
a ������   itte*w I��*tr^r> :
?��   *��� wMIim n*��: ' 8*��
{2r*��iBi*ii> a* ^11
mt l * f*tn "*������*���*.<���
fsmrtAt. KtajTPx \y 1 ^K >��� '***,1 *
vmm**me*y**j mom        ���*
ttn m��oU*  rhar��|ss   *- '  >    ���      -  V"r .
���Ul l��>t* fii>4 . s. - m '��*���
��i 1 StAmaxT UautUxt S' ���-������ ' ' ��� \K
tsy. Pti4*t ��.;.| *i*sp����*l*�� '.'���
l.n*sitli��>"lKiPM ����4sll��       ������*���*
01 ��Wi.K   AU IsMHH Cttmim
P n !��>�� le.Ks*!- IM'.
Tnking etTeci  1 ���� v *��� !J
.Ian n, W*\ Hmttt or liOth ����������
ian time. .
Hnbjes't t4�� change vritlxot Mil*
Issrt s om> A M
������   S u '���
..   ., w ..
*���    ����� 4* "
���     * IS "
������ in tf ������
���*!*>�� **
\*r   |o ��pp ���'
Ks.t-.     ���	
���i-Mitti r'lrk \ Z   ��
��������.*��� .1!. '��� r   "
rV>��.' I ax* 10   *
M><lptltran . ,,
ll.il. ���� .          .
 Kund'Pf* tmm I ��*
ttinv i.fSK
!������- truant ** **��p>-l.. J ,���
������     11 i��     r~l. J.    ���
tm** StJH   ��� <%l.
Trsin.^ Mippt'
*   ���
IBS r. enroja
For er��p��so. raUi-oad .pel sr- o��*J',i'"
��ti<i ft .hi sir imfots. ��,|piy r
Agent, The Paystreak.
lining Exchange Opened in Mont-
(Nelson Trlbaaa.)
Montreal, April U.���The Montreal raining eielianfle has opened
for business.   There wet trading in
It he following Slocan stocks: Bran-
Ion,  Golden Crown,   Noble Five,
I Rambler and Payne. There was
also trading in Burtey, Bullion and
ItaccaJnOntario; Big Three, California, Canadian Gold Fields, Even*
1 ing Star, Iron Mask, Montreal Gold-
j Helds,  Monte Ortato,   Novelty, St.
i Klmo, Virginb, and War KegU\ In
Itossland; Cariboo Hydraulic in
Cariboo; City of Perte, Knob Hill,
Montreal A London, Old Ironside*,
ami Morrison, tn Boundary : Republic and Summit, In Republic; and
Virtue, in the state of Oregon.
To Smelt Nickel.
���_. .���
A deputation from tbe Canada Copier Company waited on the Provincial government it Toronto last
week snd offered to negotiate regarding the smelting of nickel and
copper, tbe product of the Sudbury
mines, In Ontario. The ore la at
present smelt* d In New Jersey.
The Interview waa a private one,
and neither pany will divulge the
nature tif it. It'Is stated, however,
���n authority that can be relied upon,
that tlte cont|>aiiy agreed to construct a smelter and do menething
I pig at a boons ��4 ft! cents a tun,
which tin*, government has agreed to
give rhe iron -inciters at Mulls ml
and Iteseronto.
Allen Labor in Victoria.
Victoria, B. <5., April 11 I la
Victoria trad.** and labor cmim-il
(tassed a resolution drawing rhe at
tent ion of the minister of inu*ri����r i��
the published r* \ort of tin* import*
tion A '-JO men from IMiuhurg. Pa.,
to work on the constr uctuai *d a
steamer at'Lake Benin tt. Tliis tin
'pumil holds 11 be. an iiifriii|>em< nt
��� ���f tht* alien labor lawa. TIh* miui*is*i
will he asked to aj��|siint an a.-etit in
Victoria to assist in tin* ei.|.evement
to the law.
Wmj She> Wdnt Holler
A young lady f.tnii the count!*)
was  suing   liei*    <*XwV����vtln*art   for
'���reach of pnauis**, ami the law mi
were, aa usual, making all mrte ul
iuquialtlve ilHpliiiea
'You say," rvinarkcd   om\    thar
ti��e defendant ant verv case* u* \��ai?"
"Yessir?" was tlii* iv|lv, with ��
hectic flush.
'Cloae enough *>'* nam chair wa
all the room We iHt**|��-l "
'And   you  sav   Ire   ,tut   hi- m in
iround vou?"
"No, 1 didn.t."
W list did you sav, t Ian ?
I said he  ink both  arms ��round
Then what r
He hugged mc.'
"Very hard ?"
"Yes, he did; ao hard I cum
l��irtv near hollerin" out."
"Why didn't ytAiMleiV'
Cause ���
"That's nn reason, He explicit.
1 'ceause why ?"
' J'ause I was afeered he'd at-pp.'
Ihe court fell off the   bench and
hud to bo carried out ami pm under
'he pump for tin* purpose nf reauscim
A prospector huidin* m irroup ol
toot claims, three nn the North K.irk
side Mid on*, on the Payne side of
Payue MounUln, wont. ����pital for
development. Hi sty leet of Ofomift
tonuel has been run to t*p the M��e
which should lie r*a��-he��| at li*�� feet
The outcrop ot) the surface ��how��
tood grade ot Ks-leim mattwr-l t-hroitaip
a very -.frone ���|iu��rt/ vein.
Owner i-. p�� illiiis to *-ha a ��ulp*tnip-
tUI inten>��t in the properties to kii>
partie�� p��ho will lurtii.h money to
open np these eta���a*, mid any n-o-ni-
able offer will Im entertained.
The��e proper! ie-. |��i��itively ��te not
for pt_le ��s tbe owner i-nn.i.ler�� theisi
U*o protaUin* to part with in an me
���levelojset ��tate None bnt * Ih��iip�� A*!**
offer or workinc capital will lie eiitcr-
tain* I    <or*>.|ioii.h-Pi'-r Milh-ifel.
IHaasslntlon af Partnership.
NrmC��� U hereby ��iv^�� tIm11 he i��Kiier��hip
heretofore exUtin.% Imtweeu the uii<lrr-.i*ned
uip.lv* the the Sraa name ������. Pitjaerald A Kay
ha* been dUaolved l.y aintaal consent. All
mutila* *iot tax the Srm a ill he collected by M
W.ltay All account* a*n in ��t the Srt.ii wil
be mWmt by M. W. Hay.
Pai i. Pwntntsbw.
M   W. |i_v
r%ndon. Harrh ISth.'M*.
CertMeato of ItuprovenK'Ntn.
fituate lu   the  **l��_a��.   Miniiwt   IHvldwn  a
West Kootanay M*t*r���*.   Whrit la mtmt
On the Rest Pork ��l t arp��-ii����r O. g -,  *<i
loiniiic the WiPXlPtCl't'i. Mil eral t'lsiiu op
the north
TaaK KoTtrti that   1.  J..-*|>li   Fr.deri��-��
Kit. hie aetinca.ace.it lor J.O   V Pra er..
&ne��land,B.('    Pree Miner*. tVititi.-*'*-  N<
itU��s*. iutenil pi ������ley* Iron*   rb* d*te hervo-1
apply by the Minim: lt-.-or.ler (ore t*atMeC*
or lo��pro��i-n.en*. tor the s��������>������� rlaiin.
Ami inrtlwr take not ire t bet aetlaa. nn-��,
��ei-tlou SJ, mn��t Im aaaiaMMHM Irmi* th
l��o��ii'i of �������h tVrtilt. ��*e ol Imi|wi>*iip�� nx
l��si.-l thi- I.ih -lay .��. Jutpe,   I" T
M' t��
Plain sewinQ
and |
K()t)M I. i:i�� SIAIKS
Over KfHnKXAYTAt!/>KH'
1 I
A. F. ft A. M.
Uegular Communication of ALT A
LODGE, U. l>., held first Thursday
in each Month, in Masonic Hell.
Sandon, at 8 p. m. Sojourning broth*
era cordially invited.
W, H. Lilly,
. ���
We can supply yoa with
sprim mrnim
Waterproofed by the
Rigby Process, at tbe same
price as unproofed goods.
Rigby Porous Waterproof goods look and feel
tbe same as unproofed
goods���tbey admit tbe air
but keep out tbe rain and
allow tbe free respiration
of tbe skin.
Tbey are all tailor made
and up to date.
A Shorev's Guarantee
Card is in the pocket of
each garment which
The E. R. Atherton Co.
Atlantic Steamship  Tickets
to and from European point* via Can
adian ami American lines.   A|>|>h
for sailing date*, rates,  ticket* ami
rail infonuatHMi to any  C   V.   K>
a^errt  uf
C. P. R. Age**, Sniidon
WM. STITT, Gen. 8. 8. A-jt.,
Will l-e at tbe Hotel llelnpural
uiice a pipontli.
miners and Prospectors.
It yon want to save your
money leave yonr  order
Canadian Pacific Ry.
Soo-Pacific Line.
The Faat aad Superior Seixks Ravte
To Eastern &
European Points.
To   Pacific    Coast,    Alaska,
China,   Japan   and   Australian
Jttggnge Cheeked tolKtatluatis ii
nnd Tlirougli Tlekvta laautti.
Tourist Cars
Pass Ki'velstoke:
Daily to 8t. Paul.
Tuesday and Saturday err Toronto.
Thursday for Montreal and Do��t*>n.
Osily to Points reached vis Nakusp.
Daily excepting Sunday to Points, reach
ed via Rosebery and Slocan City.
Dally Train.
9:00 k     Ive. SANDON ar.     14*6 k
(I'ntil Further Notice
Ascertaiu RATES mim14o.II inturniatiuii by
acMraaslac uearest local aacnt, or
Agent, Sandon.
IM,t. Pass. Act., Trav. Pass. Ant
VaiMMiuver, Nelsoa.
Be snra   (hat yoai   ticket  reads  via th.
I  :;
'tfM -i
W: 1   I
��� tt-i The Paystreak.
Two Young Hen off New Dencer go
Down in its Tredheroua
On Sunday evening* last F. B. Jeffrey and J. O. Todd of New Denver
took tbe steamer Slocan for Ten
Mile, intending to relocate aome
claims that had run out. They took
with them a canoe and grub pott two
meals, intending to return next day.
As they did not arrive on time
friends became uneasy, but thinking
they might have gone to Slocan City
no move was made until Thursday
when word was received that they
had not been ��een there.
On Thursday morning' a search
partv started out, one boat under
P. J. Linqulst taking the west shore
and another under the captaincy of
Ed Shannon tbe east. The Shannon
party discovered the canoe on the
beach north of Four 'Mile point,
where it bad been washed ashore,
bottom-side up. JeffreyTa coat had
been found by a Silverfon *oman,
south of the point. The >two. boats
prospected along the east snore and
found Todd's hat and overcoat and
one of the paddles.
Prof. J. Mill ward, weo was painting in Silverton, reports that he saw
a boat with a small, dirty sail opposite the town about 10 o'clock on
Monday morning. This undoubtedly was the boit as the description
answers. The ill-fated craft must
haue capsiaed shortly after being
seen as the Slocan made her regular
trip a little later without tbe crew
noticing anything unusu-tl.
The catastrophe had cast a *gloom
over New Denver. Todd, whose
home Wits in Ontario was a relative
of Mrs. Shannon of New Denver
Last year he prospected orr Ten Mile
and was well known about Slocan
lake. Fred Jeffrey belonged to Na-
naimo and has been in Silverton and
New Denver for two years, having a
tinsrnithing establishment in the let
ter place.
Both have many friends in Sandon
to whom the news will come as a
terrible shock.
Greenwood is Jumped.
'  (Spot���^man-Review.;
Greenwood, RC, April 10. -There
is great, excitement here over the
discovery of placer gold on a portion
of the townsite north oi the business
centre, caused by the opening ot the
new channel for Boundary Creek
that has been constructed jointly by
the townsite owners and the Columbia A Western railway. Dozens ot
claims have been located for several
miles up and down the creek, and
the owners of. the townsite are threatening proceeding at law against the
locators, who say they will work the
ground if they have to do so with tbe
aid of shotguns.
Tbe discovery-was made by three
American,'formerly residents of Montana aira Washington. Work is
being done wttiV nans and rockers
all aloutf ttte creek, and the kodak
fiend is out k>f����r#e taking snaps st
tbe placer diggings. In earlv davs
away back in the'70s, considerable
placer gold was taken from Boundary creek, but the results were not
as a whole satisfactory. Todav 's ex
citement has recalled stories told by
the old timers of the rich finds of
former davs in this locality.
250 tons.
From Sandon.
Over the*fc * S. for the week end-
ng April la-
Last Chance
Slocan Star
From Whitewater.
For the week ending April 7
Jackson ���$
Whitewater 1��
From Three Forks.
For the week over the C. P. R.
Idaho '    160
Monitor 20
XOTU*K U herobruiven that J IWdrlard
and D. McDonald do not hold themselves
liable for an- Mils contracted hy Collins*
Barihoa. row worfcin* on the Snap property
3. UohiUard.
D lleDoaaM.
A  fifle 125 Washburn  Gultar���
a I most new.   Call at once at
Mrs. Yates*
Will occupv hit new Barber
Shop, near to Donaldson's Drag
Store within ten day* The premises will be handsomely furnished
and the comfort and convenience
of patrons considered in every
detail. The bath rooms viU be
the finest in the Slocan Cad and
get **n._t."
'4M9 ��3*��--fe����*^���NSp*P^��*
Fine Seasonable Groceries
��� tlm-mr ������-���         '     ""'
Table Novelties.
Unequalled for Variety and Purity.
Hotels. Mines and Families will find It to their ad-
vantage to aee these new goods In all lines before
purchasing elsewhere. Mall Orders will receive a*
usual our prompt attention nnd forwarded as aViired
KASlk),  ���
Sandon, B. C.
The output of the SLOCAN
in '9S was nearly $3,000,000.
Ninety per cent of this
wealth waa handled with
ter recommendation could be had.
H. BYERS & Co.
We have just received a   full car of CANTON
STEEL, all  sixes, for hand and power  drills
\   J. R. & D. CAMERON,   !
Kootenay Tailors.
Cam the tlnret line ot Canadian and Im
ported  clot ha to be  found in Kootenay.
Inspect the latent atulittont to ottr  110011
of spring tmiiinc*    Perfect Satisfaction
JL MlUoy. L. D. 8.
Sandon, B. C.
WrmW;   q   HOTEL
j     Solicitor,
Notary Public,
Sleighs, Cutters, Teams and
I   Saddle Horses for Hire.
H��e<l<iaariers lot Miner.
Well stoefcad liar In e��nns<t:
First elaaa ae��aaimo4all����rp.
may neweak
���mH if *������
Barrister, Solicitor.
Noun Public
11. c
* ���
A 4'


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