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The Paystreak 1898

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Array /Vt?
i attended.   About torty children took I
-  ! part In the exercises which consisted 1
Alex Smith, of Kaslo, waa in town \ of recitations, dialogues, calesthenics,
yesterday, longing, eto*
A. F. & A M.
u��*��. |
t   Munro spent Christmas in j   Sandon curlers are enjoying their
���mi-water. j game to the limit these  days.   Sev
V L Cbrtftt* returned from the M impromptu gsrru* haw> been
r  u   ,317 plaved between local links and visit
.  nttyeaterua}. , ing Kaslo curlers.   Dave  Moore, G.
lbiryTattrie Is visiting lib old 0-Boehanan, Alex Smith and J. H.
home tn tsoYA Scotia. Whtuicr have enjoyed the hospital-
Han McLeod b-ft on Thursday for i U.v of Uie Sandon  club during the
Uadvtlto. Colorado.
Sheriff UubimhB of Nelson spent
\\, dncaday in town.
A joint installation of officers of the
A. F. A A. M. was heid in Nelson on
St. John's day, Tuesday, 27th   inst. I prom Sandon.
Kaslo sent 20   members,   Rossland1
The shipments of ore from July
1st, 1898 to date.
past low days.
Mrs. a M. Wileun returned this
nioniing from Spokane
Kobt, Cunning sp*nt the early par.
0f uie week in aivlsog^"^"^"^"���
32 and nine from Sandon were
present. After the installation of
officers fur the Nelson, Kaslo and
Rossisnd lodges, a banquet was
spread in the Hume Hotel, at which
115 members partook. A. C. McArthur, M. L. Grimmett, Alex Crawford, Col Piersnn, S. A. Mighton,
Kobt Cunning, Hugh Cameron, Robt
McTaggart and Ike Benard were the
Sandon members present.
A lodge of the A. K. A A. M. will
be instituted in Sandon on Thursday
evening next.
Slocan Star,
Last Chance,
I Coin
Wonderful Bird
C M Wilson
Treasure Vault
Miller Creek
Blue Bird
Noble Five
Some Political Interrogations.
Prom Concentrator Siding
Queen Bess,
Prom Nets Dencer.
The Washington has a foot of ore.
The men at rhe Last Chance took
three day's lay oft at Christmas.
,, " ,"""   . _, ���,   ,  !    The \Vakene.d on Four Mile has
tt. O. Buchanan wss up from Kaslo |ait1 otT l5 nietl    The mwhkto trail
$* r a tew clays thia wet k. w UiA pamsbte.
A. W   McCune  will   he   i�� tow,.      An extension tA time b being asked
slxiiit tlte uirddle of January. fltr on  lht.  <irVHl   Weateru.   CM.
There is another movement on fou Ac*w �����* ln�� opb*-*
toorK��n��eahockeytoawiuNiridon.j    fbe SU-can  Star  has been com
This Is tlie  New  Years edition A I****** l" ��,ak��' ���  urn|s��rarv  lav off
the I'atsmuUR.    Keep it as a suu   of 80 man, hall it* force.   The flume
reulr. burst and the iu��U is short of  water.
Fred Irving,   of  Kelson, spent a     Tbe owners of the Monitor mine at     way is ne Known ����� .c���� *..��.������.... JireiMnm
few  days  hi  town  this week, the Three Fork*, pay 13 50 a day tor all per cent. A the people he represents Whitewater Deep
Uurst ot K. K. Atherton. (claaies of work airout their property,  in Canada's House of Lords.
.   - gg -��__ :/.-., _    ��,.      Write them among those who love     Why has  the  member for Yale- From McGuigan.
A. J. llcA teky m in u��wn aial will lnv|r |Cu���w nUMI I~_ _�� it% tlm ,-,,,,���-������_
\' liuralottkiatiiigirtliisuidcaiinciiv ..     ,,   _ L.
st the K. Oft*, ball. Then* is cnnsklera ble danger from
* . -sm-wxlidcsin the   Idaho Iwsin and
Trtm����a��,|��h<itographer, left lhc ^m^  >od  raw-hklcrs an
""*"*    "e putting in  an   anxious  lime these
miimhiny days.
The Antoine, Dardanelles and
Osrlbno-Rambler will be heaw ship-
pen after New Year. II. p. Power*
has a four horse MM on the Antoine
rand.   Another team will be put on
Who represents this district in the |
Why does he only spend 30 days!
of each year at Ottawa ? I ^^^^
Why docs he not post himself on  Bosun
the lead question ? California
Why does he not live in the Kootenay instead of being sequestered in rr��m Whitewater,
the distant regions of Quesnelle ?        Whitewater
Why is he known to less than one I Jackson
on Thursday  Ibr'Vatwmter.
will return In about six weeks.
K ol P Ball
Christuiaa borer cud Kris Kringle
baa taken a lay off. lie will be back
iu busineat again al the okl stand
next year.
There waa a dance at the White
waier llotrl Wednesday evening,
which was attended by quite a nurn
ber of Sandon people. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
i hrisuna* week pawred without a     Th<j K ^ p. ball on Monday even
single case tn the pelkiecpttrt   Ban- ^ promlsBl to hs a great event,
d ��ndeserves iu well earned reputa   0?^ 800 Invitations are out amino
tion as a law abiding tow.,. (,���nbt therv ��ill Ik* a large Asm*
The  Uoasland  carnal   ��i"��*-* lags of thoo*r^oftteWTP^
meat are advenitlog ii *��� Uwhandon
and Kaalo hockey  teao��  will play
in their town during carr.i v al ����**���
Persy Oodenrath. tin ��>*��niaif
Review a Irretrreaaibli r, piv* rru-'ive,
tutmiafow days airout iheauicsu
mines in the early part of ih aree*. j
Alex Ucaa, Cooasrvative organla
erforac,  nnd Jack   Ucaa **c
retary, returned  on  ChiiaUiias iu>
fmm Torentu.   They ait- ix*s;dingm
From   Whitewater:
15, Jackson 15.
t  till* MTVWtBu, �����w .. - ,
������an. Nothing hss be*'n overlooked
by theeommltleesand the program
iiiilieate* that lime will not lag with
t!i.e*e   who
���rand man-h will   be
Saiahai Brass Hand.
The  opening
rendered   by
MtraOGSsT Cm mn :���
\ir\. A M Banl-rd, B. A., Partor.
Kegular mrvlen to-morrow at 11
in. aud 7:30 |��. m.   Subject of ser
a ni
:���!���--"What has 18* uught
FviM.lng-,tWI'��lwin m Wng
k_��      * **X       ....������       . -
J. D. Ulegorich, Murray Bvers.
JohnttalyrW. r\ Kewefl, W HI��
Sherluand others are re^ru^l to
have been snow bound lu Kaslo for
two daya. Tbe excitemcn lis mid to us
have been Intense. ^^^^^
^sa.'rarSivrx 17-SaW-B "f
 "Z2L___ t- _i_arinir   awa\ '-injji Hall at <:J*-,^'��� *������
"i> liy   UBS   un-   aiowm     	
Kootenay in the Commons not made D-mwiL
a public appearaucc in the Slocan for A,Zi,\J
over two vears? m-I:    _�����      �� ��
Why ishe nut more thoroughly in NallVe blWer Bel1
touch with the people he is supposed
to rvpi rxMit ?
Why, it he n'presents thia district,
does he not make a study of the lead
tariff, and not have to admit ignorance when approached on  the sub
Why has Hugh Sutherland bought
the Nelson Miner?
Why did he hire an editor who is
a   recognized    henchman  of   Van
Why does the miner decry the in
vestment ol foreign  capital in Canadian railways?
Why does not the Miner come ou
, flat-footed and say that it is opposed
to a Corbin, Hill, Heinze or any
���ther charter into the Boundary from
l". S. Why does not the Miner state
that it is opposed to any lowering of
the tariffs on lead ore because it
would be detrimental to the interests
f the Trail smelter and the Crow's
Nest Coal Co. Why does Mr. Bostock
not take a tumble off the fence on
this lead business and let us know
just where he is at ? Why is Senator
Held kept so quiet? W hy do not
lire silver lead miners of Slocan send
a good sharp constitutional lawyer to
tktawa to lobby their business if they
cannot get representation otherwise?
17,1971 tons
Total,       :   ^^___^_^_^__
Shipments over the K, & S. for the
week: Payne 50, Last Chance 80.
Hall Mines to Mortgage.
The directors of the Hall Mines,
Limited, have decided to issue first
mortgage debentures to the extent of
��50,000 (3250,000) bearing interest at
the rate of 6 per cent. This is felt to
be necessary in order to carry out a
policy suggested to the company by
John E. Hardman. President of the
Canadian Mining Institute, who has
made a special report on the property. The debentures are to be secured by a mortgage upon the company's property and are to be paid
off at 105 not later than 10 years
Kaslo Municipal Contest
rotary succeeded In Hearlim
__ *w*y
nriai"j aw mum ���  �����*  ���.��������---��� -.
tlie snow al dot and tha train arrived
Tuesday owning. ���
The   SunW  Sob"0- Olsuima
ing was vorjt .utorcatlug ������a lu,^>
irinia ���*<-'-_^^^h
Seland. Minister;
Mornirrg  services
Glooe Contest
The Wilkinson-Haley mill in Spen-
warm number  from> �������      d the
%^x*m^m��* of mm
l^imm*** kind to looked
forward to.
Kaslo has a hot municipal campaign on.   Dr. Hartin and Lawyer
McAnn are tho candidates, and each
is accused by the exponents of the
other of pilfering tbe public funds.
Hartin, who is a member of the present council, is said to have put up a
Tammany deal in connection with
the city hall.   McAnn, who Is mayor
and city solicitor, is accused of the
grossest kind of duplicity In conniving in the movement to vote himself
1600 as a yearly allowance. For real
ugliness and meanness the methods
of the rival factions In the Kaslo contest would not be out of place with a
band of Filipino patriots.
___ *
The Lead   Ore  Question ia Being
Meddled With.
As will be remembered bv the
Sandon mine owners, the Kaslo
Board of Trade has done some very
effective work in bringing the question of leid tariff before the inter
national conference at Quebec
Up to date' the Slocan mine owners
have beeu rather lax with regard to
this most important question and did
not take up Uie case with Hie vim
warranted. It appears now as though
the parties interested in the C. P. R.
smelter and the Crow's Nest Pass
Coal Co. had stolen a march on the
stiver-lead miners and are quietly
using every* influence in their power
to block any movement looking to
ward the lowering of the U. S. duties
on lead ores.
Hearing that a gentleman who had
taken an active part in the proceedings of the Kaslo Board ot Trade was
in town a representative of tbe Pat-
strrak hunted him up to enquire
as to tbe latest developments.   He
"The understanding now is that
the Conference will reassemble on
January 5th and that the session will
be short and final. Until lately I
am confident that lead in ore has
stood as one of the articles likely to
be made free. At present I am not
so certain that this is the case.
"During the recent excursion over
tbe Crow's Nest Pass Railway, an J
since I bave met a number of gentlemen, resident of Nelson, Rossland
and Trail who are beginning to take
a keen interest in tbe outcome of the
"To these gentlemen tlie prospect
of an arrangement whereby lead
ores will go tree or on any terms
more favorable than at present, Into
tbe United Scares, is regarded with
great disfavor.
"Vou are aware that in the early
stages of the movement we have been
making f<4* tariff eonce**sksns in favor
of lead products we have had practically the solid support of all the
mining camps.
"'Mr. J. B. Me Arthur who appeared before the conference while it was
sitting in Quebec, was instructed by
our Board of Trade to ask fjr free
trade in h-ad to the largest extent.
These instructions were endorsed by
memorals from the miners snd
business men of Sandon and Ainsworth and by the West Kootenay
Mine Owners Association. The Provincial Government rf E C. also
forwarded the same to the Canadian
"The ground thst the Kaslo Board
ot Trade has taken is that a better
price to tbe miner for his lead is the
first consideration.
"It is true that a few high grade
mines of tbe Slocan camp, the Payne,
the Last Chance, tbe Reco, the
Whitewater and a few others can
continue to ship ore under circumstances more onerous thsn tbe present. But where there is one snch
mine there are a dozen others barely
able to make ends meet, and a multitude in all stages of development
that are idle, and can not sun aatil
their product cau be marketed to
bettor advantage.
"These facta are so evident that
their first representation secured
unanimous support for the concluaions
thst we based upon them, and so far
as the silver lead ore producing dis
tricts sre concerned   there Is   no
change uf views.
'The Mining Divisions of Ainsworth, Slocan, Slocan City. Trout
Lake, Illrciliwaet, Moves and Fort
Steele will regard the total removal
of, or a substantial reduction in, the
dutv upon lead in ore, aa a concern
ion that will give a sharp Impetus to
the industry upon which they are
directly dependent, and that without
injury to any established business.
'The opposition which has developed to this proposition comes from
those who directly or indirectly are
interested in the establishment of
smelting works in E C.
"The Canadian Pacific Railway
Co., which ia preparing to treat ore
on a large scale at Trail, and which
is rapidly bringing the various branches of its system into connection
with that point; The Hall Mines,
which has a lead stack only otscasion-
Iv in operation at Nelson; Tbe
Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co., which
invested largely for the production
of coke, and the citizens of Nelson,
Trail, and to some extent Rossland,
who would profit from tbeir contigu
ity to tbe smelting plants, are the
parties whin, through their organs,
and, I have reason to believe, by
direct communication with the Canadian government, are Itringing
pressure to bear to have any concern
ion in favor of lead products refused
unless the same will enure to the
benefit of a pnasible smelting indus
try, and not to tbe ore producer.
"Indeed, from, the exprrsatons
found in the Kossland aud Nelson
papers, I gather that there is a dis
pusitkm to pat farther restrictions
upon the shipment of ore by way of
an export duty.
"The establishment of sny indus-
trv in Canada is desirable in the estimation of all ot us. I shall favor
any poliey calculated to promote the
treatment of our ore at home, short
of one that would throw additional
burdens npon the producer of the
raw material.
"Propositions calculated to have
that effect are so obviously selfish
and unjust that in tire interests of
our owu country and of the surrounding mining camp* oar board of trade
must strenmaisly oppose them.
"If thereb now a production of
ore, the treatment aud transportation
of which offers opportunities for
profits, the miner is lire man whose
enterprise and labor lias brought it to
"In South Kootenay we ha%*e been
looking forward to direct connect km
with Canadian railways and to the
advent of Canadian capital into the
country as wt-nta highly desirable
and to be warmly welcomed.
"Now that these events are accomplished facts are we to be losers
by them? Has the Canadian Pacific
Railway Ot., the Crow's Nest Coal
Co., or sny other corporation or in
dividual, because they have made
investments in this country, the
right to ask that we should be debarred from advantageous market*
and be forced to turn our products
into channels where it will be tributary to them ?
"1 bave confidence that in any
contest of this kind we have the sap-
port of the Dominion administration,
and that a policy of artificial restriction and arbitrary interference wiib
an established industry will not com
mend itself to iheir favor.
"But I think that at this particular
time all of our local papers, our
business and representative men. and
our mine owners who have so much
directly st stake, should be hard at
work to counteract the Injurious*
effect of the adverse influences that
are being used against us, and In
event of rarther adjournment of the
international conference are must be
prepared for a fight to the finish before the Canadian commissioners,
and probably before the parliament
uf Canada.
Financial Statement to Not.
30th, 1898.
Pouea Oanrr, Fine* and tVaaltfmt
Onartcr Kndta* March Met I l*�� *��
S matter tUtdtaa Jane Wall Atm to
Vuarter Radiita Sep*   *** ��**-**
October   ami November *&a��
ftoait TAX. Collect loaa
Quarter Eniin* Ma KhStat      U*(O
tto      do      JurieSxh Mill
e 1*4 19
Tat rata end I,*|t***a !.h "*:***OsUe*<tl**r
Oaarter fctdi���� March "lie*     Im *��
tto     do     JxixwAnb       U rise
l*��     do     Sea*. SB*      #�����*��
October etHl XovcmW aAi.it
B%s�� or n C
Loan Xot* tsosas
Ch >*rsa swkx r Oa %srr
Pot i'tmmk Improvement* hnSB
Baa- of B ���!.
Payment af Loan inton��
Creek Improvea��*nU ��?>.��>
Street' Improvement*
Grodina Sero, Moras Htar.
aad leaaaoe ettoeta   H^reer*
la�� eooeentamtee. bttttdlaf aad
repeirina sidewalk*, etc        ISIS <y
Deetitate peruana a*ui
Water aad Llakl am*,
Ber vice to CM. list
Beat of Hydrant* and Street
Kabila* nmm
Cnotlaaeut neot
Bafewrtptiaa to Atom Band      Sow
mi n
mm i
Total Ofwsa Kaneadltoi* tit ��> N
Oeeh oa Hand. So* 9mb     l,UAH
TwtiM Ofaaa Berolyt-i
tl*,��V im
jC __���# h0AmJt sn_*_o_ML_La
\Ajyry,gWmWag VM1IJW1*-
Auditor Tr**��nr*r
peaks c m will.
City Clerk
*mmxvt*mmm>mr*vr.vtm Wm
SomsUmwahy gttmn that at the etpir*
iUm A thirty Aaym frota date hereof��k* **%.*,,
*la*aed erlW appty to th* Mrotm* (Vnamt* ���-
mamtthtVt&mt Saadoa foe a Iswmee u> ���������
$4eoehy retail at their hotel asaara as "
���*Tkl#*le��* aHaattal   aa Boeo Atonae In  th*
.������*��% ofJhsodoo.
' KetMWA ImWtrtw
tmo4an,t**mmlwti1%\, lam.
Baa- Karat* aod Iara��.;fs*as*��t Ta*.
CoHeetkme, <>oarter Rodin*
October aad Xovcta
l**�� Tai
ass i��
A* ft*
ti*.jrt*m wiAMtam
to CAJ4H
PlAA Imft ��i*��rka*wl Aspurata* swet.
Parches  .��' Pit* Beit. Horn
and txtbmt urn*."���������*��   Momtry
.nftptU* ao*f rmpolrm
(JhuMTter Kadina Matrh tt��t t 1 In
iw. d�� J*��r>e ttah It* n
tto     d��     ��erf tth        ��ltt��
Otitotwrr and SoimmWt
* tnat
Piaa .***** Mainteaance a*c*.
Waee. aod !*alarie��. *a�� ��d
Hedrant*    tarlua *����� I eleaa.
int bo^>.T��r��*����u. ��te.
Qaerter En-his Uarr'i *dst t ����
th,       do       Ju*w*i*l! l*et
l*o      d<��      Sept ��*k Pin
rw>iol>er end Sotmmtor %a m
Cbmt* *w,iort. * snoe at , 14      VAm
mtthrom ot Brifade Ai.m
Rini|Moent. Snttttllee, Pnml.
hWWr,' keea, ����ola��le�� vAm .
Oaarler E��dla�� Uar.h Stet        IN S)
!�����     do     Janoiah US.
tm      do      S��u��.��eh U*
<k t��l*r aod X����en��r*rr V>t��
Umlmrim*. ot f*kW id  Pol.
ir*>. C��r.�������������.��� and Poliro
Oaarter K*>dia* March fl��t tm n��
I)o      do      Jatiefmh l��l>
Sm       do      Hept S#1h *�� ti
ilctoher aad X*>*����nr*r t ��l SI
Onraa Praairtaa
Parchaw ot de��k and St-
lares, booke. type writer etc     fl�� t��
Br,*,*. Ptt'oatrt
Parchaee of ira��it.r��e�� of
'ndire on l*au)io�� ����r����l
tanprvvemebt.lt: Yin *��*��tlon la'tt)
Alteratious and repeir* to
t% a
Psia-as a~*t
Klection Kepcri��*��
liKortMtretlon etpeases
ttvletratloa to Victoria
Print lu��
TeIeaiawis.Poataay. Etr>re����
oiicry and Otti<*e eiippOes   aij��
���m mttngiog \',% Ml
Iniere.i on nrerdrafl and loan *l ***<
Work nn I_n.l��U I. t* m
OlSce Heat Wr\m
(Wtstrv <>!*<��� e, VI Iorla I* �����
P. O. B<,�� rent n &i
DotTaa* ��m
\.-ewti>cnl record: .Kado oSice �������
-Sundry itoot* as.ss
Herk, AsaMiesor, Aatltor,
Treasurer, Holicifit loltc tor.ltUT.'t
Application for  Renewal of
Liquor^ License.
XOPHT ie feefohf ��h��a that at the espir��
tha* of thtrtv .let. frosa date or srfii ape
the tekooeo   t'������w��oiU��i��t>ef�� ��f the   t <*-
bandon for a reocoat ef  ow ll>*t.�� lot ���
1*mUmrm   H��*tett eltaote oo  B��wo Arenocin     ���>
OUT ��f rtaodoo.
WAMMuava BA*jirri
Kaadoa. Iiec*snhe�� l*th.
'     LICENSE.
XtrriOR Uhftfvfcy ��l����tt   that at IK.     <
piratuni ut iaittt -ter* from the fir.i  p
atlno hereof th* ��t��dee.��ero*-l ���****   app
the iM*,mm Vmmtmtmmkmmt* ��4 Ihe i'v \ ���-'***���.-
dOO   for    a   ih*t>��e   to wrii  I t��|!w.>r I > f-'
��k��tr peeest��ee idtoote mm Am*** Avenue I
rttjr of fttad.,-*..
Ta**�����"*�� l*r.. ��
thu^lon. thwesnl-er .*rd. W*��.
Xtrrtca im brnmhy anew that applioation e i "
'���etoadatto iha f^etrMatleo AjM��o��h.jr ol iU.
Pr-vttico of Brtti��h(:or��ial U at Its i-tl *e
ioa by the BriUdi t-lomkia T��tepo.-.i- ���. I.i��-
*�����*-*���   ia fJMapSn** i����*orpwra^l   lit  r -��l��*. i
aadet theC����a��po��le�� Acta tow to l*-S, t��wi- ���
ml) hereiaaftor nailed **the cotnpenv     ���
��ald tmmpaay," for aa out am0awxtaa *������
tmfmtttag  wp����o   U   the  p����*r��  of  tkeaeii
*>.M|��env ae the eaase appear in ">��� w
eadam of h���** imimm   l-i��.*'.I >n Baa
with theBe��h>tror��fi��dui PAmtk. Cotapai
aod  titins    the   o��M   coi*��|��ar.j    pewmt
eeqoire,  ********   aod leae  aVW  Sil   *>���'-
powers, pri��ite#e*. Ir��n.hi**< and ��������' ���
'jrtae"Xco W��*t����>n>.ler h r.��rr��r I ll   ����� �����
.'phono Oatapaajr, Umiu��d" and "Tt.r N
t  NelMHt Tfdtphom t>mmm*r" ���*'"' "
-be ear**in the ��aid ctoapont ao��r lo s
ttw llMrdtitlo* entoted Into l-r the alu'��
ompwnie* aii'l foe the coaferri��><   <;
aid i<oatpaajr tlio power*  to porch ����*.
eke over or  othorwlao  a**j��ire ' hs  i
jriellee**. fraoohi-so. powere and  aro
��ay cotopaajtn any part of the  rro**
BHtlah tJidasaldo hatiof eiaOlar ���
haeoatpoar ,aod to anmlnao.*'* *>' ���
ttbm coaipawy ar e��anpanie>> sad  i��- ��i*'
.te  aad carry *��  ��ha hw��li>e*.<>' '�����
ohl compat'tj* or cowipanle* so  ��#,��������"*"'< '
i��he ac^ntied; aad for the ssafcirt' t
he said company of all ��och p��>*��' ��� ��
m tmtmtmry to folly and asBTfUtolj    **���"
���a aod operate tho works aforesaH. ��� '  -  '
d them, aad of a4haep������er��
tlatad this ��ah day of Sw��Wf, A n '-"
M<l*aiiMtek wu.tua-
Sotkitore tot App'*' ��"t THE PAVSTBKAK, SANDON, B.C., DECEMBER 31. 1898.
MABV��M>tIS   ��MC�����MO
������.���. MlaoOtrtaaS ������*e North.
On w��ln��slsy of laat
fldMisl meeting ol tbe shareholdera of
J* Sorthwrtrt Minin* Syndicate, new
fisting the Besaa mine near New
l*fiv*r. ��*�� to have been h��M io Loo*
, r m , '.articulars of which ate not
JT arsiUhle. It Is known, however,
\%\\ il* ciiipaay it la a position to dav
' <_it t handred per CS��t. dividsod OpOQ
���,Bnarmt-i>i in the Uoson, ss the torsi
-jjhjjer, W. 11. Saodilord, has ssnt
bun ft cheque covering the Mil amount.
g,*aV*u��* tltere sfseecwteh foods in
_t treasury to develop the property.
\i it* |.rcte.m time tbe Hosua Is oocany ���
lM ����� en viable noMtioo in the Lfjooon
JJrtet, but stl efforts to e**��are stock ia
���I* n��dwata sre unavailing, as the
���taiehaldere realise thev hsve too food
i.ih't.ft.iirtsju. Several of tlie directors
,ai he here in the aprinf to have a kr~k
Nomine in thia or In any other portion
p tht Prim r*ce has made the twEsord that
b# Man ha*, and its eneosMfnl devet-
tymoi ���* nothing short of the marvel-
,& h ss a Ave months* propoaitioo,
mil ha* a i*AO��*ed from being s pottfcm
its nodi to the proud position of an
���mk*I 4u H$#n��l*psvinf mine. In that
mm space A time the property has not
��tH Wei ><^eloped, bat saMcient ore
few teen ukrti oat to make the par-
dm. 501 ia* all ex pease, and tarn a
t*",h.* providing fnr a 10Qr per cent
frvtad There is no soch other reocmi
at* tow s m the camp.
To v��   Iviiver. the advent of the
v���aim*', Mining Hyrolieate haa meant
rwrrthmg as it is the principal hacking
to the too a this winter    To  it the
m~ra* urna Ova ereruon of the beautiful
<*pka h��*uep su iutiaemlolly opem>>) laat
IWaiar. as it was the potrttaae money
��'!!���' rV��*'.��n that provided Mr. Harris
���itfc the funds to build the Institution
Mi sanditonl, the manager, since his
*-���->���.��� here, has  tdenttftod htmsell
���     evert movement caktdsted to adit- ����� th* iniereett ol the  town.   His
��*��!��l��v*-�� are. for the most part, donn
oW )n Nc�� denser, and their monthly
new f i s long way towarda makine, up
U* earn, roceipta of the vsrioua mercan
The U��-.m hss shipped nearly IX) ions
of ore to date, im the management
start* the tm* ytmr with a clenit slate
axA aw*** it, the trsssnry. Tbey pur
r~* antkirtt tbeir property ettensivvly
totag the next twelve months, snd ss
**>���"** f<sm oa and larger and richer t
M*�� <h ,,r�� are met with, em|>loymonr
*��H 1�� fives to mors men and regular
diteirnila a ill result.���The I^edge
W. H. Will ia spending tbe holidays
In Winnipeg.
It is stated the Miners' Union pur -
poses erecting a hospital in New Denver.
Rev. Mr. MeKee, Presbyterian divine
at Slocan City, wan ordained in Nelson
on Sunday.
Allan Brett, ���even years of age, died
m Slocan < Hy on Christinas Eve and
wa* buried Monday.
Bert Yates carne down from Bevel*
Moke in time to share rn the Christmas
festivities with his parents.
Mayor Andrews, o( Winnipeg, has
been re -elected hy 1,800 majority He
i* a brother of F. S. Andrews, barrister,
Sloesn City.
Tbe heaviest snowstorm of yesrs pre-
vsiled during Curistinss, about 18 inches
of snow falling. Several telephone lines
were broken.
M A Wilson, now of Rossland, Is
sromding the holidays with bis family.
He ��avs Wilson Bros will erect a busier** block here next spring.
J. II M ill ward, manager, states that
the Rowan ball Is now open to engagement* Loral talent 'will be given th<*
hall for ���:> an evening, exclusive of
Paddy Stratford, who was injured at
the Enterprise mine, is nut of the Slocan
hospital, though it will tie sometime
before b��* can use his left hand again.
Ho ssvs his treatment at the hospital i<
beyond all praise, and that it is au ideal
spot for a mioer.	
Service   Cot
at the Grand Central hotel, Cascade.
He bsd been working for some time st
his trade of s carpenter for Irs Black.
��� Early the dsy previous he was stricken
j down in the rear of Blacks hotel, snd
was st once cared for, receiving every
possible attention, but could not survive the shock. He was well known in
New Denver, Kaslo and elsewhere.
Summer Time Card effective June 10, UBS
Subject to change without notice.
For the half year ending December
81, the total Slocan shipments will total
fullv 18,000 tons, valued at about 12,000,-
South Bound
Bead down.
North Bound
Bead op.
Train lvs Daily, 1.00 pm  Train ar daO** 1DJ0 am
" ar ������ 9.45 pm Tram hr " 8.00 am
CBoat lv 3.S0 am ���Kaslo��� Boat ar 8 JO pm a
_ ������ ISO am Ainsworth " 7S0pml
Z     ���>    5.00 am   Pilot Bsy "     6.45 pm|
o>      "    5 JO am     Balfour -     SlOpm��
gBoatare.40 am, Five Mile Pt '* 5.0 pmS
���     "    715 am     Nelson "lv 4.45 pm*
fi'TralnarlO.oSsm Northport TrainlvlASpmK
�� " 1180am Rossland " HSj-3
*     *      310pm   Spokane        "     8J01
Read down. Bead ap.
Daily train lv Tuoo pm      Daily train ar 10 JO am
"        ar 3.45 pm "       lv 8.00 am
*   Boat tv S.00 pm MotT Boat ar 1.00 pm
T*j     '*  6J0pm Ainsworth Boat ar 11.40 pm-
g_      "  7.00pm Pilot Bsy       "     1100wn��
C        " 10.00 pm Knskonook     '*      8.00 pmff
" _t.Oipm Goat River     "      SOOpm^
A        "   l.00am Boundary      "       5.00pmj
�����   " ar 8.00 am Bonner's F'ry 4   It 2.00 pan,
Train ar 1.15 pm
lv 7J0i
llTratolvlliioam"'"   "'
*      "    ar 1.45 pm Spokane
Commencing; June SO, 1898.
On Monday,Thursday and Friday ss Alberta
wUI leave Kaslo 5 p. m. for Ainsworth, Pilot Bay,
and Nelson.  Leaving Nelson at 8 a. m.,Tuea-
mm. -        ._'""'������_     , 'andNelson.   Leaving Nelson at 8 a. m.,T
StOre lOr   the beSt I day, Friday and Saturday, calling at PUot Bay
I Ainsworth and Kaslo, and all way points.
obtainable in the �����%����- nrnv-nvn n��nM _~
toealy   CeMsrt   M*alal����v-
II041. JiMepk  Martin   has   written
parttee in town rwgarvli.ig tlie eeuWish*
��eiu ul a county eoart refistrmrship in
sew-1 w>n ver. ss promised several months
fro   lie has given assuraneea thatt����M
tomniisaioner Sproat will he sppotnie*!
to ihe ..Hire and ihst his seal of authority
���'H  arrive shortly.    The Lieutenant
Ikneroor some time since, wilh s view
to etie**liting court    f^rooeedinga.  ap-
ponite<l a number of deputy'registrars
throutflimit  the district.   It haa since
nwn isiimed out to the authoritiee that
Has ��as an error. To remedy tills, Hon.
Mr   \Lrtin will hava all the et.point-
���wsu tuaile  full  registrars   ami have
them 0, gasetted. Mr. ftpnait'selevaUon
">H centre the legs! business of the Moan at N��w Denver. _    n
>�� furtherance of this the w. i*.
parrette of last weak contained the
following! To be reglatrars of the
county court of Kootenay: Edwsrd I.
5- ^impklna, Nalson: Herbert T.
Townsend, viaa E4%vard Schofleld, lU>s��*
Uti.l   ���        ���   ~      ��� "       	
Service on the Crow's Keat Psss line
will commence at once. The steamer
Movie will leave Kelson Monday, Wed-1
needav and Friday, at 1 a.m for Koot-1
enav tjuidtng erhere the train leaves at
12 o riock for the east Cranbrook a ill
he reached at night and through pa***.*
engers will have to spend tbe night
there, proceetting east on Tuesdays.
Thuradays and Sarunlays. So nisrht
|iaaei*nger trains will run o%*er tbe line
thia winter Tbe servire vwl will ht��
on attentate days with that east, arriving at Nelaon on Tuesdays, Thursdays,
andevalurtlays at 900 p.m. The passenger ratea will l��e on tbe basis of live
rents a mile
l<tefc��   Mtnos   IMvldeorl.
iteorgv* *Ingl��*s was in town on Tuesday for rhe purpose of paying another
dividend N behalf uf the Idaho Mines,
thi* tune amounting tatttjBDO Threc-
���inart��*rs of ibis amount he cabbil to the
hcottisb Colonial GroUUMdS, Limited,
Edinburgh, Si*otland. that couifiany
oamlns* ihit interest in the property.
while Mr  llughr*s owns tbe remaining
Tin* Idaho Mini** have |��niu
dividend**, inclusive of the
the   vast   total  of
I., dale in
nreaent   I^Xd!; idend will give the
additional   interest   in the
tho Slocan
diver mine* oi
Thr   Ohio   Imp-**!"**
00 Hi
R   I   KirkwixMl and   Frank   Wells,
* ��� ��� |���. Ohio claim, mmtm *���
���r.,n \lile   are sp����nding
���atanrtoa, na *PjJJ^wS Sate the
heholnln."   J ^"ovi,i; The run-
Ohio ll ��"f>"Z{"*)v rimherinl.
Haberdasher line.
Our stock of...
Gents' Furnishing
Goods is not behind that of the
big city stores...
Ladies' Footwear
as dainty as the
daintiest and as
serviceable as the
best.  Mail orders.
E. R. Atherton Co., Ltd.
If you are���
Call at the
Hotel Ivanhoe.
P.O. Box MS, Kaslo.B.C.
Taking effect 1.00 o'clock a. m.
Sept. 1, 1898, Pacidc or 120th Meridian time.
Subject to change without notice
Uave S SO A.M.
������  A So "
������9 45 -
" 10 00 "
������ 10 08 "
�� 10 JO "
* 10 94
Arr. 10 45
Kaslo Arrive, S 30 P.M
Sooth Fork      "     3 06 "
Sproule s ���*     > 10 "
Whitewater     "     *00 "
BearLaks        "     1 60 '
McGuigan >'      1 38 '*
Cody Junction "      1 M "
Sandon Leave 1 16 ".
^^^^^    CODY   LIKE.
Leave, 11.00 a.m ��� Sandon ��� Arrive, 11.59 a.m
11.10  " Cody Junction Leave, 11.50 a.m
Arrive, U_5 u    -  Cody   ���        "    11.35 a.m
Traffle MngT.
For eneap railroad and steamship, tickets to
and from all points, apply to
a CAMPBELL,       Agent. Sandon.
������ Manufsturers of all
Syphons, Ginger Ale,
Barsaparilla, Etc, Etc.
ScLiidLon, B. O.
Patronize home industry
when you want the best
rh,. vein is ^rX^beS struck,
^^^r^ilV^ATto �� rhute
��*'Hi��Uatlons and anpolnltnenta take
*"Wt ��n January 10.
,__        will return in a few days
and continue working till spring.
of   Henry   Oaton.
The owners
I Seal a
ji_i v-atiirdnv morning,
Dealer irj MEATS
 : AT:
\ ������-
The Paystrbak.
Is Issues every Saturday In Sandon, ts tha heart
of the greatest White Metal cameoasvth.
Subacriptkm     ��� ftflOayser
Strictly In adranee.
Address: Thb PA***rrea_K, Sandon, B.C.
�����*��� i"��.i**-**" * '
influx Of CJFITAL.
One cannot but feel hopeful for
brighter and better days thiraghout
tbe ailver camps by reason of tbe
marked interest being sbovmintbe
coontry by foreign capitalists, whose
emissaries and agents are quietly
and slowly, bat nevertheless sorely,
investigating and securing control of
the best properties. Those who have
a penchant for eoinoidences state that
every decade ending with the figure
nine witnesses some great mining
excitement, and tha evidences are
forthcoming that 1899 will be no ex
ception to the rale. Moreover, facts
multiply to a certainty that it ia
British Colombia that will be tbe seat
of the next big upheaval. It so happens that Australia is laboring under
a weighty depression, caused by
over-capitalisation, non-occnrrlng
dividends, and lack of confidence.
This has obtained for the past
eighteen months. In Sooth Africa,
Own Psnl ia as seatone aa ever In his
efforts to cripple tbe mineral development of the Transvaal because of the
obnoxious Cltlander. Other foreign
fields of investment present local
troubles peculiar to themselves, mod
all calulated to alarm tbe investing
public in Europe. So that, after a
careful survey J the situation, the
impression amounts almost to a reality
that British Columbia must and does
afford the desired opening for profit-
bearing and dividend-paying invest
Europe to peculiar, in that it Is tbe
chief scene for the mobilization of tbe
forces of capital, and there is no por
tkm ot that continent that sways so
mighty a power in tbe world's fin
anoes as does that right little, tight
little Island home of the
British Columbia and Hs
have taken a tremendous hold upon
tbe British public, snd leas difficulty
Is experienced now m floating a bona
fide mining venture than waa experienced some months since. Perhapa
tbe marvelous success of the British
American Corporation, LondotidbR
C. OoldfleWs, White water Mines, and
a number of other worthy concerns
have had mueb to do with this. Thb
columns of tbe financial Journals, the
great dallies, and the influential
weekly organs teem with laudatory
articles upon this favored Province,
and the result is essy to conjecture.
Money Is reported plentiful In London, Paris and Berlin, and renewed
enquiries are being made for British
Colombia stocks. i
While tbe great copper and goldj
deposits of Bos_tand and the* Boundary, though low grade and costly to
develop, do maintain -their ascend
ancy in the money marts at present,
there Is no denying that the silver-
bearing - ledges of the Slocan are
claiming an Increasing amount of
favorable attention. It is noticeable
that many of the leading properties
are now In the hands of Britishers,
I such as the Whitewater, Slocan Boy,
Ruth,  Idaho,  Queen   Bess,  Bosun,
Brttlafc    eotaaahta   Js  en
Miff  Things.
the   Kee ef
Wakefield, Comstock, Vancouver,
Emily Edith, and several others, and
these are developing to tbe satisfaction of their owners, No costly machinery is required in the Slocan, and
the considerably higher grade ores
can be handled much more cheaply
by means of the less expensive and
popular tunnel. Tire enormous dlvld*
ends paid by tbe Payne, f-gocan Star,
Whitewater, Ruth, Bosun, etc- etc*
are having the desired effect, aad it
is morally certain the influx of capital
thia next season will be great
Several large deals are even now on
the tapis, snd once the ball gets rolling it will not cease for many years.
Wet ores and dry ores, so long as
they embrace tbe factor for paying
dividends, are alike agreeable ts the
capitalist, and the Slocan haa enough
of each to make it the banner district
of the Province.
.. *.
bar grain;
aesinter set amam
Sad Amtmaa SmTem
Her si��*Id*S States.
of ftr-iie lata* bare
la strong d-dala
���    pmcefnl way.
Than each to other aMttatwd: ��Vow. at am.
Her striewdoershellIbaoafS, andwe stoUsLke
Oaree-r.  She is pillowed oa bsr Past.
Aad wlU not waaV*7^    �����--_���,
lieafflhans bis Uaibe aad crisp ids maae, She
Thm shook oat sil her street*!*, and.
"Where arc my foas r"
fra"fcBl *"*tmm 1*���*nmtmm\ ������o-alsd
AsM^ommaeli ths anett. thia the Ifre.
- Wsn frlasel with art.
Daasd sad dtaaayed, they refled their fetlls
���  vow;
Some tain weald bshsr friend, and arauewoeld
__ _ narss ^^
Their hate till tbey eoald corb the might, that
They could bet earse.
1M^%*hommk *"��* wh*" Ihsewtwtad
Wu?Jf_!L.,bM,,B,v,w�� ��*ood ���*** tt��dr��lth
are great,
84,4'torn    *1"1 ***** WhMl ****** wW* kw
her  undrawn
j While, raxinf, worldward, on
WeU'olaae leaned.
-Alfred Aastln, In I^oadon Tlmss.
The London Outlook, in its Anandal
article, says:
Those who are chary of superlatives
tell as that British Colunbia Is on the
eve of big things. .We have heard that
prediction before, and we have seen It
followed by a season of persistent flat-
nets. Not that the mineral wealth of
the Province has ever been la doubt,but
rather that the moment of a worldwide
awakening to its realities has always
been Inferred by some cause or other.
What, then is the new feature Iu the
British Colombia outlook* The accession of the famous Le -sol mine to tbe
London market.
The paper then goes ou to deal with
the events that leu up to the securing
of the minority shares of the Le Roi
Company by the British America Corporation, and adds:
Let the Le Roi get its proper footing
in the minds of the investing public
here and the district generally wUI
come into Its own. One thing, however, the Le Roi proprietors should da.
The dividends which have been paid
have, we doubt not. been fully justified,
bat in conservative hands and with a
view to tbe future the mine should be
shutdown for six
But Rssslani Is, as a study ol sny
British Columbia saining man will show,
only one corner of a rich auriferous lb ii
ish province. Rossland Is easiest of
arenas and comes first t the rest will fob
row If British Columbians and their
friends here do not spoil their future
hy making toe great haste to be rich.
In addition to ths mines *�� the immediate neighborhood of IWUn.l.
there are same ��0or 70 miles to the west
with Immense deposits of low grade ore
and copper In what is known as the
Boundary country. There is a great
future before that region also. As it is,
the Canadian Pacific Railway Istappinr
Its wealth by a line ot railway to be in
Tration next aarnmn���an extension
the Columbia A Western Railway
from Robssu to Peuticton on Okanajrn'n
lake. And where the Canadian Pacific
railway company goes the public soon
A tlsfa youth started to take his best
girl to Philadelphia oaa evening last
The Couple boarded s street car.
and when the conductor came ia for the
the venue man dived down in his
thia pocket was ebtotutaly empty.
Lookioc op at timennduAtor, he binned
Tve changed my_ peats and ielt
ont:   'Tveehaafsd my urn
my money at home.'*  Then be looted
*[auastloniwjly at the girl. Jhe shook her
_.��,��� __, ,���_ ,.����� .head, and morteowd*    no nave I.
JS!^!_1^2_i   ���JThe Soaductov   grinned,   the  maiden
put no as asaas Kreatlv restricted. tor Maehedaud the leant maa ngnslled to
permit of thorough and proper develop-1IZLT^ r�����*A ��������� ������������
put be at least greatly restricted, to
proper develop-, -lament.   This done, aad the future of the'WWF'
mMitimntmm,.***>ttm ��� ��� ���
mine and the Rowland district would
seem to be assured
Fort Stasia.
is on loot lo incorporate
Hunter Bros.
Are selling the choicest
Staple ft Fancy Groceries
that can be obtained anywhere. Mail your orders
ifyontro't visit oargtore.
~ Palace Gafc,
Eastern Oysters, Tender
Chickens  snd   evervthlng
the Market affords In the
way of delicious and.
palatable food can be found
mrtm Palace
Strangers and others are
requested to call on ns whan
hanger torments their Inter
nal anatomy.   If John Is not
on shift yon are sure to find
Is the.
. t Bcst-cqalpped
���. Restaurant
. ��� in the Slocan
It never Closes
and the proprietors aim
to please their patrons
in every way possible.
i ii   ii ��� i iniii   ii-
MltLAiRD &< Thompson.
Thi* Chsplaeu la looking unusually
��,.,, At present.
A ...owslrde ou Four Mile, Monday,
can;'"! off two pack mules.
Sew ore bins and ore bouse gre being
envied st the Emily Edith.
Knur hundred and seventy tons of ore
vent nut from Sandon last week.
A bijf strike la reported about six
miio (kIow tiloeea City, on one of the
rlrcr ,*����perties.
Inwards of 1,000 tone of ore has been
ihsj<:��'<i from the Peer Mile propenlea
duniu: ihe year.
Th.- Wakeueld has eammeuced its
***.<> ������ ^Momenta, by ssnding out ijo
less".' fiiith grade one.
G II Hswson Is Still working tbe
Edinburgh rronp en tear MlleT The
am an* getting Into good mineral.
Geo Hitirhw danlas tha rumor thai
he K our of the Idaho er that there is
car deal an for theMountain Ctuef
Matt ������( the piopettles futhenehthbrir-
ImoJ bs te shut down lor the tMhdev*,
bat mil resonw erurk sgsin east week.
Thr hardancttes reports a floe strike
ef ore .<' : hi eighth level* 8**J feet from
ssHsr*    Tweety-flve men are employ
TV Marlon men returned to work
Tsesdst after the SCmas bofidavs
TWi usua np starve!* to dig out ihe
S\n meaars working al the Idaho
U't\*H <.rr>at diSVuHy tsestat-mored
m hsodhng snppttea and ore, oaring to
IS* be ! f Mids,
Tav. even srs working on the ll��>w��ch.
rh* other side of the MounUln Chief.
Tbet h*v p* (n through tlte wash srel
ber* ro hare mineral shortly.
thsrlrv MrN.rfc-fl alalSSS to have a
r��.-i U^nattsa in theOma group, oa the
iitmma  term     Aadsfdh ia gained the
Mine  m, tmaes    I*. 0  Brcjr, ofSpo*
Uae. i* Miiereited with Wm
II I K.eaer.nMl M. Wills and C. C.
nonlhcaiae wltt immediately ineorpo sie
tbe vu,- titonm OoM Mines. Limited
rhe ,'. .- tit e| the Mae Grouse Vir��e��.
knot*! ��ill consist of the Millie Uses
tad Trmmrjh claims, located on Woe
iirom*.    tmiain, Oariboocreek camp.
Neat.  Iswklsed, and parteers, all
<* u��."uver, have comme4vor��t work
on the Nome five claim, adjoining
\bf Motile Hughes. There are two
'r -<"���_ - on tha marry, nee of which
�� m :*��� !m, with two feat of we'I Bin
rr*hr.,j juarts In the breast, from
��h)cb high assays have been obtained
A. Tunks snd J. Pllon, owners of the
,*bm claim, adjetotng the Pluto on
'���������st mountain, haved^ considerable
jwk .,��� the property. They have nm
"a nan, tier of open CtttS arrow Ihe
J��n and have started a shaft following
wjrn thr mineral There Is a good
���wng A luarts.conUinlngsuUMT very
���*���**> grade ore.
uopni�� vbb aim.
_��_.__!_,a * ���***���** tui  assisunt
Wh,����| !PacJMjr<        *       "*
���wwsy se**ommoeatkuaj.
VT���� Italians  have .-_-.
���^'���sara for a stabbing fracas
.Mn U Keavis,thewri|.knownlonm.
���aa, bai ��Urltd t ^^ t| H^fiT
U.Tr,,'.,l K,*__?V M.,nm*r Standard Is to
s.J;''; *re������ree candidates In the
*��<��� '��r ihemayoraRy of Grand Forks.
i^nchrJ4!!!*?' .���* *****w|M����*n *
earn,,   ��f ^ ^w*- ���* ��* Boundary
Th" Rr^**man k Kerr Milling Co,, of
Victoria, are esublishing a branch at
G. C. Ilose has been given charge of
tbe customs house st Cascade, which is
now a aubport.
There is more bufldrag aoi**ff ��n st
Brespht in Qrsnd Forks than iu all the
ioundary towns coinbimil.
A miners' aesoriaiion haa been organised al Windermere, with W. B. Abel as
president snd O. A. Brown, secretary.
Thi*Ihtminion(iovi>rnmi*nt an* spending 15,000 fassrovisg the Kooteaay
river hsIUUSU roll Steeleand WardniT.
Xigbt Watchman Kenn^ly. who shot
Hollivan, an eacaping prisoner, at Cascade, aome time since, baa been exonerated
Nels Hanson, a workman on the K. _
P. Kailwar, at Cascade, bail his bead
blown off by a premature Mast on
The outporis of Wardner and Fort
Steele, which are now allai hvd to New
Westminister, have been placed under
The Great Northern Railway has two
outfits surveying south of Tobacco
Plains for a line to the Crows Nest Pass
coal fields.
In a row near Niagara, on Sunday,
John t_wb*r Stabbed �� <��reen several
times with a nucket kuile. inflicting dangerous woonds The former was arretted sod taken to Grand Forks.
The Goodcrhain-Hlarkatock syndicate
have formed a company to engage in
thr* mercanrilc business at Kossland
J I. Pierce, formerly of Kaslo. will he
the manajrer. and he will have $P��0,(M��
to back him up
Advice* just to band from the Salmo
(V>nsolidat��*din-*icate IncreSsed activity
now rhar tbe hoisting plant is in nm*.
oiaj; order Sinking is being poshed
with all possible dispatch, and important developments are looked for anv
time now. a- tbe showing Is decidedly
interesting. A crown gram will short
J. be ivoicni.
Andrew |',-|.<r*��.,n. a miner Wnrhlug
at the property ol the Salmo CVrasoli*
daii-i eouqwuy, wi* klllerl sa Moods,)
by Iwing struck by the pale of a horse
whim     Fhe horse us-*d mi watklag the
whim broke hMH and ran awav  while
the burker   *ss partly  raised    The
man in charge of Ihe htnM set the brake
and started  iu paiSUJI   si rhe animal
Prierson rami* np, and   for seme BU*
hnwrrra reasnu sN the beaks loose   The
Weighr of the bucket swung the pole
around. Which. Striking him. kilted him
almost Instantly.
The f��r*.t cleanup of rhe Porto Kico
proved even more suceeasfal than WSI
aipected   Although a number of lu*
evttsble delays atlended the first trial
of the new mill, due to short wafer
supply, yet in rOdSyS the works band]
oil over 14" tons of ore. Definite values
have not yet been learm*d. but it is
evident that the on* has an approximate
value of NO |*er ton I'mo of the pleasing features of the cleanup i*i the dis
coven that the mill h.is saved ��l j.er
cent of tho assav values Most of the
goi<A is rstevereo ou the plates Aboul
5��ton* of concentrates was saved. The
Porto Use is worklmr about K) men at
tbe mine aud mill. Four machine drills
are ar work in Ihe tunnels and slopes.
snd enough ���**��� '* ���Ireadv in sight to
o|��erale the mill at a capncity of 88 rons
dailv for rhe next rdghl months IV-
veldpmeni work will be actively pushed.
Twelve men are now eorklna on the
Winni|��eg. over I .��.aK> feet ol development
bsviin; BSSU tlone.
OuMhe Morrison mine the shaft is
now down 70 feet, all in ore, and samples
run hem ����� to |SSS in fold.
Over 100 tons of on' are awaiting shipment on tbe dump of tho Mother LOOS,
and work is being steadily continued.
A bond for $15,000, of which five per
cent, is cash, has been given on tbe Ruby
to Alex. Dick. It is located in tbe Skylark camp and has s 50-foot shaft. It is
a gold-copper proposition.
Manager Harrison says there sre
20,000 tons of high grade ore in light on
the B. C. claim in Summit camp. Thia
is the property recently bonded to B. G.
Edwards Leckie, for the Montreal Gold-
fields Syndicate.
The Lexington, in White's camp, bss
lieen bonded to Jsy P. Graves, of Spokane, at S40,j''n). It baa a good showing
of copper ore, aud is located close to tbe
international boundary* line. The venders are < ieorye Rumberger snd Joe
Taylor, of Greenwood, ana Marcos Op-1
penheimer, of Marcus, Waab. It adjoin'* j
the City of Paris. j
Smelters   Want   Better   Kates.
A party of smelter men who operate
tn this section have pone to St. Paul for
a conference with Darius Miller, second
vice president aud general traffic manager of the Great Northern Railway.
What the conference is about is a
mystery. Among those who have gone
from here are Manager Aldrich, of the
Trail smelter; David Moore, ore buyer
of the same concern: J. E Jackson, ore
buyer for the Everett smelter. The
exodus of the smelter men to St Paul
followed a series of meetings that have
bees held in Spokane among themselves. Gne explanation given of the
meetinirs aud trip is that the smelter
men are arranging the matter of division of territorv and that of transportation rates for the year to come, contracts
being made on the first of each year.
It is also Asserted by knowing ones that
Ihe railroads have recently made some
Inequalities In rater- which seriously
affect the smelters and make s division
of business upon an equitable basis
extremely difficult. It is said that the
sinelter men have gone to St Paul to
lav the facts in the case before the
powers rhat be. and to urge that matter- l>e arranged more to the advantage
of their respective smelting corpora-
ti mis	
Ilealh   in   < hllkoot   Pasa.
realized that the trip was a dsngeroos
one, in view of the recent storms, the
party set ont with light outfits. It wss
storming very hard when tbey crossed
the summit, but they succeeded in
ranching Crater lake, where the Uisssrd
forced them to camp, although it was
but seven miles to tbeir destination.
While encamped there, tons of ice and
snow, mixed with rockt snd timber,
swept- over them, evidently without
werning and went on down tbe valley,
leaving them buried under several feet of
hard snow.
Take-  at   Her   Word.
Thev bad been fitting nt opposite ends
of the sofa for s long time in silence.
He loved her msdly.
But be feared to "put it to tbe touch to
Win or lose it all."
Be hsd come with the intention of
learning the worst.
Or the best.
But her manner wss cool.reserved preoccupied.
Woold It not be better to go swsy now
snd swsit a more propitious time rather
than to hazard all on too precipitous
sction now ?
No I   Now ot never 1
With one dexterous slide he wss closely by ber aide; his srm slid round her
willowy wsist.
"Stay!" she cried.
"Thank you, I will,"' the youth replied, snd the other srm slid round the
other wsy.
News has just been received of s slide
on the Cbilkoot Pass in which six people
were killed. Five bodies hsve been recovered, as follows: Mrs. Darling and
two sons, of Lake Linderman; Bert
Johns, of Juneau; Harry Shaw, of Skagway. Tlie slide occurred December 8th
t ontrary to the advice of old-timers,who
Beporters*   Patron   Saint.
An Anglican clergyman, of London,
suggests the formation of sn order of
journalists, says sn exchange, with St.
Paul for its patron saint.
St. Psul, he says, v.ss "the nest reporter of ancient times," snd, therefore,
"the best medistor for iournsliete between heaven nnd earth.'' '
Hia plan includes sn annual reunion
in St. Paul's cathedral, with sn address
by s bishop nnd prayer for the benefit of
the newspaper fraternity in general.
Doubtless the great spostie to the Gentiles wss a good reporter. But so, also
was the msn who wrote the book of the
Acts, generally supposed to be St Luke,
His "stories'' of tbe riot in Ephesus snd
of the shipwreck of St. Psul sre admirable pieces of work from the newspaper
point of view.
From now on sil Canadian newspapers
must pay postage on tbeir issues, sent
through the mails, st the rate of one-
quarter of s cent, per pound. Formerly
tbey were carried free. On July 1, the
rate will be increased to half a cent par
D. E.Gellat ly * Sons
Farm Produce, Fruits,
���f Vegetables. ��asg_s-
For tbe convenience of tho trade a stock is always kept on hand in the
Jellsnd Building, SANDON. Mines supplied at wholesale rates. Oars
loaded with Produce, Fruits and Vegetables are run into the Slocan e\ err
TEN DAYS, and orders can be delivered en route.
The Newmarket Hotel,
Provides ample and pleasant accommodation for the traveling public
Telegrams for rooms promptly attended to.
0TSQK IAVISON,  Proprietors.
i. s<
it >
'fhe following is s complete list of the
mining transactions recorded during the
week in the several mining divisions of
the Slocan. Those of New Denver* were
as follows :���
���Dec il-May .Oatena Farm. Mrs i Clement
cBBTincATs or uu-nvsmnns
-Quebec* to Wm Harrison.
Dnc��M3oBOer,8locaaBeJI, Iron Mask, BaltJ.
more PmctJou. wr
Dac SS-SUiiight rractlon.
TBAKsraas. ttw,
Dec SO-Hemloek J. C faasto W B WUI, Jane
I, urn.
Dacsl-8li��o Fractkm J, WDMltchaU to W
Onpeila, Newer-, Tarrts and Wallace |, Asms
Thompsou to same, Oct 14. Bsf
Dawa Centre J, O A McLean to D A McDoa
aid. Septa.
Dsc SO-Extenak-, Alex Grant; Tiller Fraettoa, W Hoaser.
Dec 16-Marry Creek.
Dnc tS-Canadlso Chief. Paris 1^00.
Dnc lS-8Bver Wreath }. Albert Und.
Maaaaaete, J Stinsoo to 8 H Leany, G Walker.
Dnc 17-Col Seller*, Senator TeUsr. W J
Bryan, B P Bland; H Brady to C Brady.
Dnc lfr-Egalete Fraettoa \, B C TomUaam to
Bl-asrd, release of action, J A Tomer to the
Kootenai Air Supply Oo.
D��c*>-Harrison, Bttver Ball 1/5 JL J MeAtte lo
GL* Maine.
Glen BUea tJ5, C F Ooogh to aame, PS.
Kg Bob |, BF MasMt to J W Gallagher.
One M-Fraetkm Fraettoa |, A Assslia to J
Harmenla \, J Mai floaaprey to W S Mervan.
Dnc ��-Iron Band |, Johu BasUe to A L
HerawaU ), J M Somptey to P DaaaU.
FiBaT mnuuMioifa.
Jallaa Dnrhaaa DeaetiWa Her Trip Into
tha Sloeaa Over the K. A a.
Mrs. C. Henshawe, of Vancouver, the
talented suthoress of "Hypnotism/1 and
known in literary circles ss Julian Durham, thus describes a trip made by her
from Nelson to Sandon over the K. k
8. Railway:
The trip down Kootenay lake from
Nelson to Kaslo is superb, such a
change of scenery after the rugged,
ragged loftiness of the Arrow lake surroundings, tor here tbe conifers give
place to the alder, the birch, and the
hemlock, and gently sloping banks,
email villages nestling on level
stretches of grass-grown fields, and the
Snersl air of cultivation hsve changed
9 whole aspect of the country, reducing it from the magnificent to tne beaut-
The ss. Kokanee, a smaller edition
of the C. P. R. steamers thst ply on
the Arrow lakes, is sn exceedingly
comfortable vessel, and aboard her we
ran past numerous settlement*, stopping only at a few of them, such ss
Balfour, where two stores, one house
and a church grsoe the landscape, and
the tents of anglers sdorn the shore
The most intense curiosity possessed me
S J6*"! JW m*nf P60*3'6 Kmerslly
attended divine service in this isolated
little church, but the record was not
forthcoming, snd all tbe information 1
could gather respecting the history of
the building wss thst sn elderly maiden
lady in England bad bequeathed tbe
money for its erection. What the ulterior motive of this worthy old dame's
generosity in so doing may hsve been,
who can tell, but doubtless the inhabit*
ants of the one house snd the two stores
profit by tbe unusual luxury of hsvimr a
private chapel! *
At Pilot Bay smelter all was quies-
cent. and the other stopping places
���Toni the lake, though picturesque in
tbeir   wsy,  were  not particularly
SreWUyond *J$**J m
camstance,  which   first attracted   my
attention on Oksnsgsn lake, was here
re-called to memory by the actions of
the  Kokanee on her arnvsl at each
succeeding smsll   vilisge.   Js*ed ��J
rounding  up  beside s whsrf built out
into the deep current, the ���trainer wss
simply beached beside some planks, trial
is to ssy, drawing very few feer of water,
the captain ran her bow foremost into
the ssndv shore wherever s bslt was to
be made! snd when he wished to start
sgain the big steruwheel back watered
furiouslv, snd hey presto! the Kokanee
wss   once   more   gaily  afloat.    This
method struck me ss being unique, but
it worked sil right.
At the town of Ksslo we entered the
Kst silver mining district of the Slocno.
re at the dock everything runs into
the lake, even the express carts that
come down to meet the steamers go out
sxle-deep into the water, ss if in Hat
taring imitation of the railway cars that
st Arrowhead and Robson run down on
s partially submerged track to meet tbe
The roots from the lake shore to
Sandon over the Kaslo A slocan Railway runs through some of the most
enchanting scenery imaginable, or ibat
can be met with anywhere in British
Columbia, for here the mountains begin
to appear more thickly timbered all the
way up to their summits, whilst in the
valleys the obeisance of tbe rich hunch
grass to each subtle breese disclose* half-
hidden amongst the roots the unturned
faces of flowers upon whose petals still
lies the kisses of morning dew. When
you enter farther into the woodlands,
enveloped st dswn in s luminous haw,
it is to find tbe ground necked intermittently with patches of bright-hued
blossoms snd flowering shrubs, forming
a color scene thst st once cstcbes the
eye by reason of its strong contrast to
the grey-green aspect so prevalent in
other parts of Kootenay, where flowers
sre more rare, though scarcely Urea exquisite in the lew localities thst give
them birth.
To tbe botanist each season Is marked
in this sourthern portion of the Province
by the predominant color in nature.
every succeeding month bringing with it
s new series of shades of one psrticular
hue. First in early spring upland and
dale are decked with snowy bkiesoms tbe
syringe, spires, lily-of-the-valley, and
ox-eye daisy, blending with palest yellow violets, evening primroses and
aconites; which in their turn sre replaced in June by summer's rosier flowers,
the wildfire, gentian, salmon berry, coxcomb, wild toss, snd poppy, all running
the gamut from palest pink to dark
magenta. And then August, what lovely mauve tints follow fast upon the
heels of the glow of tbe hot sun���
Michaelmas    daisies    snd    heliotrope
Cnsies, velvety iris and delicate blue
lis. Finally September comes, and all
the tnsjesty of sutumnsl decaving
splendor overspreads tbe Unit���golden
browns snd russets reds, Vandyke
shadows snd purpling tones���it is tbe
approach of winter, it is tbe end of tbe
flower queen's reign.
With unswerving devotion the railway line follows the course of the river
for some distance sfter leaving Ksslo,
now mounting up high upon the hillsides sbove tbe foaming torrent tbst
swirls along in its narrow, rocky bed
now dropping to tbe bottom of tbe dense
ravine, until Whitewater is past and a
wilder panorama opens up. Then tbe
track commences to rise rapidly over a
3>* per cent, grade and tbe crags over-
hang the line, whilst round tbe verge of
disxy heights the little narrow-gauge
creeps and curls, here over trestles that
span the gullies, there pest gigantic
boulders that jut out over the stream
dsshing slong hundreds of feet below.
Thus weapproach thecelebrated rsyne
Bluff where the train follows sn acute
sngle across alternate rockspurs snd
restles over 1,000 feet up in the sir, snd
the traveller steading out on tbe rear
platform of the esr msy look straight
down the sbsolutely sheer precipice tbst
drop..way Irom the railway iTe^tattj
river's edge. It���� * **tfht unparaneieu
toTrtCere*i�� the grid, lot durir*
The moments that it takes to ���n*X
point, the cars with their buman freight
iro lireralh suspended ���*-_"*�����}/
hornet's comn Ifl a�� �������, OU *&***
ing pinned to th* luro * the J syne
Bluff itself at the giddy altitude of 1.080
\lm< st before you can realise the
awful chasm that yawns heiteaih ywur
(eel, Uie sickening senaatom re past, ami
in a abort while the train steams into
Sandon, Urn gulch town in the heart A
the Slocan silver mining district. In
common parlance, and with a certain
amount of truthful foundation, the roo*
,-anhas been called the "poor men's
country," as there s miner with small
means'will probably And more opening*
than in Uie Trail district.
Sandon itself is a truly marvellous
settlement, silusted at Ihe bottom uf a
ravine between two ranges of tretnend*
ouslv higti monnteius, and so narrow ��
the iowmute that there is only room tor
one street to run along it with houses oo
eiUier side, the lech premies* of
which Steps up against tbe hillside*, the
actual level ground in the valley covering *�� urea carcely 30 fw*t in width.
Should you chance to take a drive afctog
this main street ol Sandon, you cannot
turn your i ig until you have gone the
total length thereof, aod reached the
send ami gravel beds at the fsrtheaf end.
over which the river run* in a dosen
in terser-ting stream* only a few incises
deep; or if you happen to meet with
another carriage en route serious dm
i-ussion will assuredly arise aa to who
has rhe right-of-way! ' Behind tht* row
of houses that borders the street *, planes
remember the accent of the "thw"; then*
are numerous dwellings scattered ever
the mountain*, to the right hand, and to
Uie left, looking in their pen loo* *,**��*���
tion* like tarda of prey perch*** tn
downward flight. Vet to thi* certoo*
elongated town there ts a reumrkatdy
good hotel. Uie ((ecu, eo named after the
well-known Keco mine. <*f course yon |
must not aspect to enjoy too many <
luxuries in s U)r*e��yror-oJd place. Par
instance Uie bmter may be a Utile ��id-
fashioned, or the meat a trifle advances!,
or again having gone to>h*can p*����c*p*d
ly in order to secure rest aod chai.ge, ytm
may find that the hotel keepers get ywur
change snd Uie esprees driver* ell the
rest-still the traveller who ts not ultra
pernicketty generally teres very wall tn
spite of such minor drawback*. '
I ��unng the space of three month* the
sun shine* not at all in Ssmdon, tor so
low-huned la Uie town bwtwtat the enormous surrounding hill* that in w inter
no warm ray* csn penetrate into tie
depihs. Aitogetiier it is rather s dreary
place, yetao unique withal that tt ex
erases s certain curious, if depressing,
fascination entirety it* own over the
minds of visitors. At times the scenery
waxes almost oppressive, so closely are
the mountain* bamled together, so -lark
the fir trees, and ao dense ihe foliage;
for even where the rock* break through
Uie bust and ewearped peak* jag the
line of the horixuu. they bear more
Uie appearance of bone* protruding
Ui rough the sot I-covering than an actual
resemblance to the stony cliff* of Uie
Kootenay. Here tbe tragedy of looeli-
nes* might fitly be enactml.
Sandon ha* been rightly nam*I, tor it
is built upon Uie sand of the dry n*s*r
bed, and those, who on first arrival
marvel st its extraordinary location anon
find wit ihe why ami wherefore of the
establishment of this eccentric settlement in a spot so foraaken hy (tod that
it would be a lersdise of safety tor tiod*
foraaken men, for ail around it are the
wonderfully rich silver mines thst in the
year law attracted oonsiderahkf alien-
two as the money-making poMibilitiee of
very high-grade silvi-r-iead veins became
T"�� ������J_*r*"t*    Hie increase*! output
bLl1.1 I 1��?!.   'l0f,ni. IIWI   ���****���   *��
risen, whilst the record* ot some of tlie
t__T.fi[ia_. **.1 *mr ir* �����**M����l.
l_S iRMvmn\ i**}un ct-*ract*riaing
gold is the lavoriia. and silver baa fewer
friends, neve al of the larger snd develop.
��l  propertle*  bave  pnnsed nwmr ^
control of Krttleb capital, whilst other*
are now being eaamlned with a view -���,
purchase.** the puhlie oommenre* in
reelimthat thia hlch^rad* Slocan..iv,r
land ore is eeeuediufly profitaM.
Withlu ae UwrediWy short i|*re (i\
time a boom began, and town* ��pr*tit
no la every direction throogtn��ut *:,���
district, hut aawmgw them all Sandon
siilt holds Its own.
dose by are the Inseau Star, pavtie
Hoth, Keen, Idaho, Noble Fiv�� ��,,!
���jhtesn Uses mine*. At tha Sbaari star,
which was dleoovuted In laui, ami y,mt
(leclared d��riaetv^�� snisfnting *.!.��:���.*���.
up to date* the eseoaeirator t* kept
busy .the lower tunnel having stroc k v.*
or* chute, whlsir so mr prove* to im con ���
cr-ntrniing sttti. a
A visit to th* Puiae mine is very >���>.
teesatlug. Tbeea the three-rail���i gta*.
ty tramway need Iw tratwporung ih*
or* to both the Kaslo it Stoma and t*.��
Cnnadtea Pncsjk railwny* m the lor��r*n
one ever compertea le the work!. ';*..<
Ajm tent ia langth, with a vertMal dr^n
of MdO km. tea ere cat* which have a
enpecitv of eve ssea�� sasae the ��u**r*rti
in an seerawt tisna ef eight minuie*,
snd whoa ua t*a*etl*r come* tVfi&f
down slin^rtaf to ua* of th**e irw t * ��� <-
hair talrle ate mis ee end. Iwsmrefa*.
wardhewMUMi tobssjgaalng *tow ...
la Sandon these aro ao Ciune��>*. m<
ilewd thee* aro taagf km UmmAvmm ��n
the Sfcmsa at all, aad shouVt * itmh
C%in*maa date to invade the krcai.tr
he would be peomprly ho^stad mi A
town, and rhnt, Dim. with rw- ��**>-���. v-
patnrd Vet It wa* hero that ! i*4\ ...
with wriShsnuesuHptilttan trnswtbng ��*��-
paehaa than aeywlwro else in h'���.*<>
Columbia. Of ronro* tfes�� were n-m
aedttaary osfitaMui, pwm��mm��* and ��****���
*r, bat Uma owe row ����� manv o#w
varietiro ot tb*e* rtamma, aa well ss
namenme other toerlate, thai die prot-
ed vastly eotortnlning *'*** ie*t***��
tbe mining expert i* * sort A m* i
apart from the real A rrwaiMw tomii*
>t w.Mihi be snoM emsul srvro ���**-������ ���'���'-������
veroad ia seek mailer* to ��*oni��n<*��- Ms t
twain"* rlsialtlae ef a *m��m��' aa i sa
"iaroetm?,** aesi wvttn a dlrtt~r**rv A
Kooteeme; sseSh iutotwettag ink��fma-
Uoe might thee he peomubmi**'! to* tm
heoafit af "taarteiliar " It would i�� m
irteiroetlu* tan. Bet let m give tfc*
devil his da�� mining men do m*t *��� a
rule annirmsaiily don ororwli* *���-,; t
.tse* n�� fr*quaatly a* rotwh*** do Omt
rtdtng*t��ga aed *fmro*-wh*n tb* t go *>f
��o the city uf Vasmneror,
It was in iaedee that I fim envwt-
���rod the esees MreMe)tw*rk." Kr*i ""*
needavas le what a certain man on*
doing ui the aeiglibwhwal A**^ ih*
laconic     roefHMM***       " H^blwr-.'- i ������<
round." It took ma a hum nm* ��� nmi
(mtiheuaett dednluoo of thw ���.-���om**
Phraa*, aed whee I did It was *difym<
Another lestaims uf the pnAk ��**
*wd lahor-esvlaf devte*. ��� Kootrossn
���wcytiopedia woeld he!
J. Marino ha* gone to sunn�� Itelj t*
eo>��y the nroreed* of ihe ralif��r����a
deal    He will bu back ia Apr
WIdc & Liquor Merchants
 .of SANDON	
Carry the Hum* Stock of Uqtwf-ln
tho Kuutertay Country.
Orders by null or wire protn|'t��y
.....attendeJto	 THE PAYSTREAK.
A Herd Luck Storu.
..... > 	
Talk about   hard-luck  stories''
a reformed   Western   gambler,
think I csn discount anything you
heard in that line. It was in tbe
fly days of Ijeadville, just about
"time of year,   nnd  I  tell vou it
gut cold  up hi the bills along
trot now.
"Well, 1 was broke, didn't bave a
p)per,   and  had   strolled    into a
I'mblini; house, to get a warm-up.
sre were several games going on,
when I had thawed out a little 1
tlkod over* to the faro layout where
fhad gone broke tbe night  before.
I said, it was a very cold night,
I, feeling a great draught at my
it, I happened to glance down at
floor to see where it came from,
there by  the side of my right
was lying what i thought to be
"I bad lx*en watching the  game
lora-lv; making  Imaginary  plays.
I'll play two bits open on the ace,' I
ill to the dealer, and in a moment
lore it wen.
The dialer  handed  mc a white
lehlp.   1  played again, and  again
Iwon, and before th*- end of the deal I
I at a nice stack of chips.   It seemed
ito me I couldn't lose a  deal, and In
half an hour 1 had a couple of bund*
| red dollar's worth ol chips More me.
"I concluded Ui cash in, and sized
up my stacks, pushing them toward
the dealer.   lie counted   them, and
looking at  me. said : 'Where's that
two bits you made the first bet on V
1 bad forgotten all about it.   I look
ed on  the  floor; the quarter  was
gone.   Then I lit a match, and stw
what I had supposed to la* a quarter
was simply a wet spot. It was originally  a  bit of ice, but the warmth
from my  boot  had  melted It.   Of
course the dealer promptly   refused
tocush the chips."
Atlantic Steamship   Tickets.
to and from European points via Can
adian and American lines.   Apply-
for sailing dates, rates, tickets and
full information to any C.  P. Ry
agent or
C. P. R. Agent, Sandon.
WM. STITT, Gen. S. S. Agt.,
"Soapu/* Smith's Gang.
Tbe last  of tbe
gang iu Alaska has come
"Soapy" Smith
tu grief;
in fact the last three members of it
are on the way W the penitentiary,
having been convicted at Juneau of
grand larceny.
These three men are Van Triplet*,
"Doc" Powers and Foster, who rob-
lied .1. D. Stewart, a Klondiker, uf
��2,700 in gold dust last summer at
Skagway. It reguiml just eight
minutes for a jury at Juneau to lind
them guilty.
This was tbe case over which
"Soapy" Smith, the m**t notorious
confidence man of the West, lost his
HIV and which was the cause, too, of
the death of Engineer Held, ol Skagway. J. D. Stewart, as already re
ported, lias got bis money back.
Kootenay Riccr Improoomenta.
After three years of patient waiting on the part of the people ol East
Kootenav, the Dominion authorities
have at last commenced work on the
permanent Improvement of Kootenay
river. James R, Roy, Dominion resident engineer for the Province, is
in Fort Steele and has completed
arrangements for tho immediate expenditure ol an appropriation of
15000 for the improvements between
Fort Steele and Wardner. The work
mainly consists of removing the
worst bars, thereby leiitlieiiing the
season of navigation,
Chicago Is about to build a Coll
scum that will accommodate 10,000
���43rT_*F*icMSr^*��I^^^'C^,*iJt 'tkmih' rES"
Dr. A. MILL0Y,
. k. 8. MARSHALL
e. o,
Will be at the Hotel Balmoral
once a month.
Notary Public,
i. c.
Hrmlfiuarteraror Miners.
Well stocked bar in connection.
Fir��tcliiMi�� accommodations.   Board l>y the
lav or week.
B0NGARD k PIECKART, Proprietors.
The First Class
Hotel of Cody.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Notary Public.
The Crow's West Pass
Coal Co.
You cannot find
any better goods
than toe can show
you. Remember
this tohen you
want a good suit
of clothes.
J. R. & D. Cameron.
Hatom:  W.on per day.
Special Rates by the Week.
Canadian Pacific Ry.
Soo-Pacific Line.
The Paat aad Superior Service Ronte
To Eastern &
European Points.
To Pacific Coast, Alaska,
China, Japan and Australian
Baggage Checked to Destination
and Through Tickets Issued.
Tourist Cars
Pass Revelstoke:
Daily .to St. Paul.
Daily Except Wednesday to Eastern Canadian and U. S. Point*.
Daily to Points reached via Nakusp.
Daily excepting Sunday to Points, reach
ed via Rosebery and Slocan City.
Daily Train.
7:45 k    lve. SANDON ar.     16:55 k
Ascertain RATES and full information by
addressing nearest local agent, or
Agent, Sandon.
I��ist. Pass. A*ct., Trav. Pass. A*t
Vancouver, Nelson.
Be sure  that your ticket reads via the
Is now prepared to receive orders
$6.00 per ton.
$11.00 per ton.
Terms: Cash with Order.
Orders will be received by
H. Byera & Co.
Charles St. Barbe,
General Agent.
Miners and Prospectors.
If you want to save your
money leave your order
Sleighs, Cutters, Teams and
Saddle Horses for Hire.
Mrs. Clara Johnston.
Plain and Fancy Sew lag of all Kinds.
Tailor-Made Suits to Order.
Cody Ave.   '   '   SANDON*
Sewing and Mending
of all kinds.
Gentlemens' Clothing
Carefully Repaired.
Over KOOTENAY TAILORS'. ~~   _mm~imm, \ *�����n i-Tn""ss7a 'i ni'. " '���'_���     "��� mx'*^^t^m^^m
* ���
Bosineai: To4fareiua4be civic sd-
mmfirstfow and decide, upon caodi*
dates for mayor and aldNfrtn*       ��
AU Interested In the cUy!^��re
e respectfully reouested fcU prea*
ent not
. ..      a
Tbe members of Alta Lodge A. F.
ft A. Ml will meet on Thursday, Jan.
6th, 1896, at 8 o'clock sharp,** per*
manent organtartion. Sojourning
brethern cordially invited.
W. H. Lhjut.
I have Just received another
lot of
Which I can confidently
reeMbmcnd to intenSInf V*r~
Geo. B. Knotoles,
Pioneer Jeweler of the Slocan.
Large Import Order
���'��� i
Two Doors Below  VIRGINIA  bleak.
Jewel Boxes,
Toilet Seta, !
Pboto Holders
Ladies* Purses,
Bisque Jewel Closes,
���Odor Cases*
China Souvenirs
Rogers & Gallet,
Imported French
_l -fc A s_*. Hi ���*-*��� s- im\m .lift a. mjt* m
Bringing  these   Goods
Direct we   are   able
A Deluge.   A fkwb Ihpouring
% -
*X* .^w*.'im}.i#..
TWO THOUSAND, CASES (a train load} of aloe, clean, fresh
packedgrooerlei received darinf the past two week.; besides, several
parioedasflleefreahreif^bi^ not only a cataract beta
perfect avalanche _-_^ BritishColumbia,
of goods from all   _U__f _3*     _dm>��*-��**w/'*,_r    Wc have ao many
* __toZ^^aR_^_w^_BHh_h_^_Bi_H_fe_^_^_i_^L_H_h._^_^
m ���   a _     eV ���WS*> ^^^^_M_BB^_P^^S__ff^^"^_a__H_^_Bl_P
parte of tbe world   --^ it^^t^PiHl-irl Mw ����Veliies
pooringdownapon   j^ll3L^J ^j09%g2     A.    u> cat and drnk
Wm^m07m\m\ *m mWa*. * ������ar * ff^^WPBS���
the food people of Bz^Jflff WrfN^I/frVka.    ~**til Wuttk��  ro*
thia Model City.      Mf_R_f Qj/_r!i%v iw9     f_L <*a*re    *    whulr
And why not ? flp|  ^Wff   |V/r_H_M       newspaper i-aroe tu
when we bave the SUB^^VlQ.^/S deerrt-sB them alt
beat'  Mines,    the ffl|R^jfy?JM//_/-M��!   So we Invite  von
best Miners and tbe 'fjOf / f-fflnlfr-^E^fl ���*    tH to eoroe ���wl * e
beat People in all *yH*m   r���     the new jrrxej., to
inapect our warehouses and cellars.   Bring your ."sisters, cou*in�� sn
aunta."  All will be welcome.
H. Giegerich, Sandon, B. C.
Gold .Chains,
Gold Spectacles,
Gold Stick Pins,
Cold Watches,
, Gold Studs
Gold Brooches,
Gold Chain Bracelets,
Gold Cuff Buttons,
Gold Thimbles,
Gold Rings.
y^mw ^mw       T-*-*        ^www        ^mamr        ^mmw       ^^m0w_
Beautiful Stock ot
Just to Hand:
r **** a,- -j
I ��(
Jeweller and Optician.
Best Values
The least
First Glass.
���     ��
P. J. Donaldson.
Seasonable   Goods.
We are now showing a line of HOCKEY SKATES
the strongest and best.
SPRING SKATES, various styles and patterns.
SLBIQH BELLS, nickel and gilt bells on straps
���Also the celebrated JONES ALL STEEL SNOW
A   full line of LAMPS and  LANTERNS in stock
H. BYERS & Co.
"Smoke all you like in this world,
but don't smoke in the next."
Quotation By
bob Ingersoll
AdvertJsment By


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