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The Paystreak Jul 8, 1899

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Array p.
A. Hatter has gone to Duncan City
to open a hotel.
Work has been commenced oo the
new Presbyterian church.
LoweaA Harrington opened their
Duncan City hotel on Dominion Day.
i dear White Is around again, none
tin- worn; for his accident ol a week
Frank C. Bewail city clerk, re
turned Thursday from the Pacific
Waiter Adams ha* returned fee
Sandon snd will reside in town for
th,- summer
The K, A 8, i�� after the squatters
again and threatens to move all who
refuse 10 pa.i* rent,
Mr. oiiftv ims not yet commenced
ii defamation of character suit.   Be
probably is negotiating for a character.
N J, rsvnnaugli and Jan. Dim
ink will go to the Lirdeau to-
,bv u. do assessment work   cm tome
��� their claims.
A money order office of the Great
Northern express company baa been
i. oed at the K. A S, depot.     J. 8,
i ampbell Im* the agency.
"Dutch Jake" Kelsen in mending
��It-w days in the vicinity <*f Slocan
Uke, l*��klng over some mining
;   \�� ny he owns there.
h it rated on reliable authority
tlwt the Cody Avenue sidewalk has
not been completed. No asphalt will
I*l��.| on tl��� avenue this year.
TV New Denver f��*>t ball club has
rrfuscd u> play Sainton ��� return
frame. There are no real spurts in
the Nan Denver foot ball team.
Sandon had a visit this week Irom
i team ..f titled ariatocrats. Lord
and Ladv Ratbdonndl arere the
parttaa. They come (rem the Finer-
dd bia,
A school win iw* opened  In Cody
iboni the 15th (4 next month. The
ir.vlncial government is furnishing
the teacher, while the citizens  will
- asked to supply the building.
N. 0, Matheunn of the Silvertonian
and Meaara Milloy, Brandon, Mo-
Klnnoa and others from the lake
rygton mem Wednesday and Than
����y m Sandon getting a touch of
metropolitan life.
Tha court of revision for the pur-
Ppse of hearing protest! against the
city assessment, and the license c.uii-
'"i-sionersof the oitv ol Sandon will
��it In the city clerk's office on Hon
wy, nxh init- at iOa. n.
1 D, Porter and Chas. Itnrrlnor,
who bare tpeni several days In the
ewnp examining the Star and Other
properties, left on Thursdav lor Nel
���Ml, from whence thev will proceed
l'! Moyea, Fort Steele, and other
������Jist kootenay points.
Root. McTaggart returned this
week fmu, cascade Citv. "Boh"
*y�� he has Uhmi helping Foley Bit*,
��� WW to build the railroad but
** ne had some  mining  matters to
SANDON, JULY 8 1899.
attend to in the Slocan he leit
tlnish it themselves.
The Lyceum Company played in
Spencers hall on Thursday evening
to a house that was not crowded.
I he Lyceum is not by anv means as
eooJ as when they last played San-
Dr. A. Mill.
others, is about to let a contract to
drive a 1,000-foot tnnnel to tap several ledges that are known to exist
on the property, and among which is
the   well-known  Slocan Star  lode,
which traverses the Lone Star claim.
This property is situated immediate
ly between the Slocan Star and Ruth
, mines, both ot which  are big pro-
OY will move to   Koss-i ducers,   A power plant will be erect-
land where he will take up the dental ed  shortlv  if air cannot betaken
is remade
practise ol   Dr. Find av,
tiring.     "Doe,"  Millov
many friends in Sandon during his
two  years'    residence,    who    will
always wish him success.
The police court has 1 teen hit hard
The   Echoea   of  the  Old    Toton
Atcahened By the Boys from
Sandon and Silcerton.
from the plant of some one of the adjoining properties.���Kosaland Miner.
A Slocan Citu Deal.
There is a deal on for the Railroad
by the depression and "Judge" Lilly j {Troup ot four claims on Lemon creek,
is enjoying a sinecure these days. I Trese properties have had consider-
Etysept tor Mr. Cliffe's case, the local able work done on them and at pres-
justice shop ha> not done any busi- ent Allan Stubbs has two men
ness since the 1st of. June. No better i running a tunnel. The showing is
certificate of character could be had j dry ore giving high assays in gold.
f<>r the men who are idle in town j The owners are A. W. Stubbs and
awaiting the day when they can get Wm. Stubbs of Sandon, Sarah E.
for their labor what thev believe it is Bennet ot Slocan City and Thomas
.?. W. Walker, editor of the Free-
inan'a Labor Joftrnal and organizer
Of the Wealers Labor Union, spoke
in Bpenotir'a hall on Wednesday*
evening on the labor troubles of the
Coeur d' Aienes. The house was
crowded to the doors by those who
wanted to hear what Mr, Walker
had to say.    His version ot the liis-
Dunn   of Vancouver.     New  York
capitalists are after the claims.
Mete Mining Companies.
Victoria, July 6.���This week's
Official Gazette gives notice of the
incorporation of the Big Four Consolidated Mining Company, capital
82.tO.000, to purchase the Big Four
gr<��up in the Trail Creek division ;
Detroit & Lardeau Gold Mining Co.,
torv of the Bunker Hill & Sullivan. , , . . ->,,,,,vv, ,, 4.
trouble and the subsvuuent extrava- Rossland, capitall 3450.000: Keferen-
gunces of martial law and the permit dnm Hee tiold Mining and Milling
system ar�� widely diffeivnt f��x>m the (Co., Rossland, capital *WO,000 to
"news" that has been found in the purchase the Referendum and other
Spokesman Review and such papers   claims  on   Iorty-nine  creek,
The Sandon Brass Band Is making
arrangements to run a Sunday excursion (rem Sandon to Argenta and
return. The excursion would leave
hereabout 7 o'clock In the morning
and going to Kaslo, take tne boat
there and reach -Argenta in time to
have dinner in the beautiful woods
that surround the head Kootenay
lake, returning to Sandon early in
the evening.   It is a delightful trip,
and it is to U- hoped the baud will
succeed in making their arrangements. The excursion will probably
toke plana OO the L'.'hd.
Nelson ; F.ast Kootenay Copper Mining 0a, Windermere, capital c_5Q,-
0U0; Santo Rosa Gold and Copper
Mines, Rossland, capital ��1,500,000;
India Consolidated Silver Mining
Co.. Whitewater, capital $100,000.
The Political Situation.
The Waketield mine, on Four
Mile, will resume operations in a tew
day with 10J men on the payroll.
The Wonderful shipped 20 tons of
ore this  week.
The political situation in British
Columbia just at present is decidedly
Interesting. Joe Martin seems to
have lo>t onstage and is asked to
resign. Martin says Semlin is a tool
in the hands of the Victoria party,
and refuses to trait, accusing Cotton
and Higgins of being in a eonspiricy
to oust him. Higgins says Martin
tells lies. Helmken has been asked
into the government by one party
and refused admission by others.
Cotton is maintaining the golden
silence of the Greek, but is still in
the game stropg.   Hibbert Tupper is
The largest crowd that has ever
been in Three Forks since the railroad was extended up the gnlch to
Sandon, gathered there Tuesday to
see Silverton, Three Forks and Sandon kickers worry a bag of wind
around a four acre lot, and incidentally to celebrate United States'
national sarcasm, Independence Day.
The weather was the regular
Fourth of July article���pouring
rain��� and when the band, foot ball
players and many women and children loaded the train down at Sandon,
patriotic Americans could hardly
realize that they were not again in
the land of freedom, permits and
martial law. At Three Forks tbe
crowd alighed in a torrent of rain,
and the oldest inhabitant was de
tailed to take the census before the
visitors escaped.
The game between Sandon and
Three Foks was brought off first.
It was wild and woolley from the
start and the referee did not check
the ardor of the players with esthetic
distinctions about fouls or offside.
The gronnd,  which has recently
been cleared by a liberal application
of "(30 per cent", reminded some of
the boysof the "clearin' back home;"
and there were spots in it so soft that
suowshocs  would   be  required  for
rapid travelling.   The Three Forks
boys played a hard game���that is.
the hardest they knew how��� but it
was  against  them,    and  Sandon's
seconds got  the glory  along with
their soaking by 2 to 1.
Silverton and Sandon No. 1 then
went into it. This match was for
keeps. Sandon boys believed that
they should beat Si verton, and they
went at it to win. For the first few
minutes they rushed the soggy
leather sphere around the lot like a
steer through a cornfield, but when
Silverton got down to work it was
nip and tuck both ways. After two
half hours of the most vigorous work
that men could do, the game was
decided a draw, 1 to 1, and both too
tired to continue it.
Throughout the game Sandon was
ably supported by a capable detach-
the  only   shipment on the scene and rumor more or less ment of "rooters" under the
(luring the time.       ' reliable has it that he will be asked cv 0f "Uncle Joe" Thatcher
from the Slocan..... ��� - -��� ..,,-.-      .    ��� ,.
to accept the leadership ot a straight
Corv ft Allen are Malting another Conservative party with Cotton, Hig-
tunnel on the Silverite ledge that will; ~jnSi Helmken anil others as a cabi-
give 400 feet greater depth than in nett
their present workings.
British Columbia is sadly
in need
ti... i ,i .*-��   im, miii,> has r> men of good men and  a  stable govern-
on t lie I
ing under gronnd
&50 is the Way the Lucky
The I/me Star and Blue Grouse
Consolidated Mining Company, whose
head olriice is in Rossland, the president being Jas. D. Sword; Thos.
Anderson, secretary-treasurer \ the
principal stockholders being Montreal capitalists, associated with Mr.
Byron White of the Slocan Starjund
Kight hours and this province when .party torn is intro
1 im does dnced into its politics.   The mcapa
; bilitv and rascality of partizan governments   in   the other provinces
should be a  sufficient  warning  to
At their residence, Sunnyside, on
Thursday, othinst., to Mr, and Mrs.
Jas. Variance, a daughter.
ana Abe
Leggett.   Some of the  work  done
would make Barnum's speilers green
with envy.
After the football came a few impromptu Caledonian events,including
a women's wheel barrow race, a
woman's jumping contest, and other
interesting features. George Petty,
the duke of Three Ferks, presided as
master ot sports.
The day wound np with a dance
under the auspices of the Sandon
Brass Band, and as the boys straggled up the gulch "by the struggling
moon beams misty light," wet inside
and ont, thev were wont to murmur
in accents low and sweet: "They
��� call this sport."
R \
The Paystreak.
God Sace Canada.
(Toronto Telegram]
Shaughnessy boss of the Senate
which hastens to bleed the country
through its property, the Intercolonial
Railway, for the benefit of the
C. P. R.
Sifton, boss of a government which
is readv to refuse inquiry into specific charges solemnly preferred on the
responsibility of a member of Parliament.
Ontario in the hands of a Govern
inent which goes to sleep in the presence of a  eonspiricy against  public
libertv conducted by its friends and
for its' benefit.
The Senate, acting as bell boy
with Mr. Shaughnessy in the star
part of hotel clerk, Sir Wilfred Laur-
ier violating the highest traditions of
public life to shield the rascality ot
Mr. Sifton's officials in the Yukon,
the Ontario government lost and
dead to the enormity ot crime in
West Elgin ! These three triumphs
of the party system are not the
materials which can be moulded
into the noblest sort of Dominion Day
Canada has rich fisheries, vast
mineral wealth, wide tracts of fertile
field and untilled prairie. Canada is
blessed above all lands with the
beauty of mountain and plain.
Canada owes her blessings to the
wisdom and kindness of the Lord,
and her curses to the weakness and
folly of her own people. If the Lord
had not b^.en better to Canada than
Canada has been to herself, this
year's harvest would be principally
tares and thistles, like the political
crop which is grown from the seed ot
a blind and bitter partyism.
Gold and Pocertq in Klondike and
Vancouver has an assay office, and
some of the party had consequently
made their arrangements to  take
their dust through with them.   The
Dawson people   came out by  the
steamer Bonanza King.    They left
the metropolis on June 17th.   Many
of the river steamer were seen to be
in trouble  on the  way up, but  no
more serious wrecks have occurred.
The people from Atlin roport little
change for the  heeler in  the condi
tions there.   Judge Irving has tried
several  cases   and has seemed to
settle them in a way not alone just,
but according to the popu'ar sentiment and the general usage in mining camps.   Many of the suits have
been  dropped on   account   of the
necessity of the payment of $25 as
fees before the cases will be taken up
by the courts; nearly everyone coming out of the country  is as near
broke as possible.    A good deal ot
danger is being experienced in making the trips from the lakes down to
Ben net.     On  the   steamer  which
brought many of the Tees passengers
up the lake came the news that eight
lives were lost about 20 miles from
Bennett.   In a storm a boat eapslzed
and the water was too rough for any
rescue  to  be   made,  although   the
drowning people were in view of the
steamer.   None  of the eight   were
saved, and no one who came down
knows either where they belonged or
who they were.   Other* accidents of
the same kind were occurring every
day or so.    There were people in
Atlin,   too,    who   have   aosolutely
nothing to live  on, and are  going
from day to day living on the people
who are next to them and are better
off.   One man, a carpenter, left his
wife aud child at Atlin  and came
out to Bennett to get work as Jhere
was none in Atlin.    He said  he had
to leave his family  without enough
food for the  next  meal,   and  they
could only get through the best way
they could.
With about 125 passengers, half
from Atlin and the others from Daw-
son, the steamer Tees arrived at
Vancouver from Skagway on Monday. Nearly all the people out from
Dawson brought money, and according to Captain Gosse's estimate there
was nearly a million dollars worth
ot gold from the northern mining
regions. Eight packages of gold
dust, varying in weight from 100 to
140 pounds apiece, were carried off
the steamer as she lay at Evans,
Coleman & Evans' wharf, and most
ot them were taken to the Hotel
Vancouver, where their owners
stayed for the night.
Among the largest owners ot dust
in the prrty was Wallace Hey wood,
formerly sergeant ot the police force
in Vancouver, who has been in business and mining in the north for the
last two years. He had two sacks of
gold, each weighing in the vicinity
of 140 pounds. Quite a crowd gathered around the steamer when the gold
was being taken off, and it required
two strong men to carry off the packages that were landed.
Among other well-known Yukon
people in the party were Donald
McDonald, the brother of the Bonanza King ; A. F. George, of the Daw
son Nugget Express and T. Suttea,
F. Benchore, L. dePoinere, of Montreal j E. W. Kenyon, O. J. Tedlock,
and W. W. Mackay. All had more
or less gold dust, aud a good deal of
it was taken to Seattle. It is not
well known in the north  yet that
Buying Canadian Iron Lands.
The Michipicoton mining division
of Ontario, which has become so well
known as a gold field, is likely to
become even more noted on account
ot the deposits of other metals. A
deal has just gone through between
the Ely Company of Hurley, Wisconsin and several prospectors nnd
claim owners of Michipicoton, of
whom W.J. Gates was the heaviest
owner and Thomas Brooks, Thomas
Smart and others pooled their interests with his. The figures paid by
the Ely Company aggregate 160.000,
of which Gates get $35,000 and the
others smaller amounts.
The iron lands that hive changed
hands are situated from one to two
miles north of Wawa lake, in the
second range. These will have to be
connected with deep water by a tram
or railway. It is understood that a
large force of men will be put at
work to develop the property with as
little delay as jiossible.
This transaction has given an impetus to prospecting, and white men
and Indians are all scurrying through
the woods, eagerly searching for the
red stains of hematite ore.
In looking around for a new cabinet minister we trust the British
Columbia government will not overlook the claims of the ossified man
for the position.
"She has a complexion like a tint-
led china cup."
"Yes, its a beautiful mug."
mm to
*C��   m
��-hz rn
*o��H(/j   2
2_H "Tl ��
���<-m<rn m
1^"ni_JP'VL"*d Z*9** Ui* I~*'��"U " of Uli.lixr BBS Meiallurtv -t    Ml
fldogMlMwam Uadoa7bf J. i>. kVndaii. m Im? mm. *-*
K xtrsru from a
Speaking of the quality of the ore
of the Slocan mines, J D Kendall, in a
recent paper aays: Moist silver lead
ore* are ho associated with ganguc, or
with the ores of sine, cop|>er, and iron,
that it is not economically possible to
���hip them in a state of purity, but in a
dintrict like the Slocan, which it far-
removed from smelters, and where,
comteqaently, high freight rates have
to he paid, It Is imperative to aim at a
high tenor. In the early days���I. e , in
iH^i -when the ore had to be "packed"
out to the lakes, only the best ore in a
mine could stand the cost of shipping,
so that then the ore had to be sorted
most carefully This will \m- illustrated
by * lew figures relating t<< tbe output
of the Dardenellea mine, one of the first
xhippers. Three hundred and fourteen
tons of ore shipped from that mine in
iwo years ending December, WM, gave
'23 7 per rent, lead and MB 9 oa silver
pal ton, but the first lo ton*, (tacked out
���luring the (all of IMW. yielded BM per
tent, of lead and 4*0 '2 ox mlver per ton.
In most of the Slocan mines some
viTV hiirb-grade ore can be found, if
only *mall samples be taken, but that.
it seed he stated here, is not the way to
jutlx'e of the product of a mine The
yield of large quantities ������hipped in the
ordinary coume of hu*ine��* i* the only
Hiahle guide. The following assay
re>nlt* are averages derived from smel-
in retvaa relating t��< the quarlities
eaaa>ia�� eppeeHa the aasaes af thn diff-
fffiit mine* named in the table:
shii��n<-vit*    silver
'���'    ���''���!      ��-'l��l����
��� artMMMMw
M-* ,-.ii stmt
< ��x   iff X Hi
4H  |
T ��������
..; *-
1 wit \\t *
i ;*�� i��*
I v'Jt ���
l..��\l ITT
I�����mm.w ������** ���
!.������� -A
This table ��hows better than many
word* the highly argentiferous charac
ter of the Slocan ores. It includes prob
ably the highest and tbe lowest grade
yet (mind.    When we compare theee re
suits with those obtained from the ore*
of other important silver lead area*, the
greater richness of the Slocan ores is at
once evident.
When toasted, the ores are mainly
Mat to one or other of the Cnited States
smelters.   A little ore has been sent to
the Hall smelter at Nelson.     Recently
the Canadian Pacific Hallway Company
��� reeled a smelter at Trail for the pur
po*e of dealing with the Slocan ores,
but it has not got  fairly to work yet
The heavy freight to 0, S. smelters-
ranging from $11 to 119 o��r ton-has
hitherto been a serious item   of cost
Local smelting will greatly reduce this
charge, but it will not obviate the payment of duty unless a market can be
found for lead outside the I'nited States
If such market were found,  the base
bullion could be sent to the States (In
bond) for refining until such time as a
refinery be built in British Columbia
The present duty on lead In Slocan ores
entering the United States is 1.5 cents
per pound, and on the lead  in base
bullion 2.5 cents per pound.   The average lead contents of the ore shipped
from the Slocan has been about 60 per
cent. The duty on ore of this grade,
at present rate, is 115 per ton. On a ton
of base bullion it is $50 per ton. It take*
over two tons of average Slocan ore to
make a ton of lead. The duty on that
ore is about 181.80, against ��50 if the
same weight of lead be shipped as base
bullion Take the freight on ore at
$17 25 per ton (of ore) and tho cost per
ton of lead must be $86.57. Let us see
now how matters appear from the standpoint o�� C. P. R Co , even with the U.
S. A as a market.
Smelting Slocan ores in the United
Frrhcht at WJtptf ton of ore IBM!
thjt> at l.S r�� nti n-r |*>und of lead In ore .. 81-W
Smelting Slocan ores at Trail���
Frrtjrtit on wrr and tmtlkm, ��ay #18.00
I u'y al t-'. c��uU i��-r It of lead In base
bullion  sdj*
The difference is slightly in favor of
smelting at Trail, even if the base bullion be sold in the I nited States. If it
were sold elsewhere and simply refined
in the States (in bond) the benefit to B.
C would be very great indeed. But
this is only so long as Um operation is
in the hands of the C. P R. Co. The
$18 per ton charged for freijjht in the
second of the above statements is a
figure which can, of course, be regulated fee suit themselves. If they were
hauling base bullion, for others, doubt-
leas they would demand _ much higher
rate than for haulm? ore. hut for them-
*elve.s they need not do so. They will
in smelling hi Trail, lose the long haul
of the ore. but as much of the total ore
product now goes over other railway
systems they would probably not be
any losers ultimately, for they would
get the carriage of the whole of the
bullion, which would probably much
exceed in quantity the ore now hauled
by them Apart from that, they would
create a great industry which must
benefit their system greatly in many
other ways No o��.e else (unless given
special railway rates) can deal so satisfactorily with tnis problem at present
as the C P 11. Co.. and it is to be honed
their endeavors to develop the resources
of the country In this way will meet
with complete success.
Thanks to the efforts of the politicians
and labor agitato** there is a growing
belief among the working classes thst
their own incomes would be materially
increased if a larger portion of their employer's income were taken from him
and forcibly divided among themselves.
It is this belief which has led to the recent epidemic of strikes. The moment
that tne working men saw that things
were improving and there was a prospect
of the employers getting more money
they insisted upon having at once their
"fair share" of his increased earnings.
In other words, they started in to die-
count his prospective prosperity   before
it reached him, f
Now the question is���what is labor s
fair share of the increase in the produc
tion of wealth?   How are we to determine it?   Everyone knows  that labor
has profited largely by the  increase of
wealth which has resulted from the present organization of industry,   The increase of wages has been going on for 50
years throughout the commercial world.
The increased comfort of the wageearner
has increased in a still greater ratio, for
his dollar, or shilling, or hia mark,  will
buy very much more of almost everything, except shelter, now than it did 50
years ago.   It is far untrue (in  America
at least) that labor is finding it difficult
to get employment, that the number oi
persons engaged in mining and mechanical industries on the continent  has increased 65 per cent during the  past decade, while the whole population   only
increased 25 per cent.   And  yet  wages
have grown more rapidly than tbe number   of employees,  and much   fewer
children are employed now  than  then.
But there are many reasons outside of
mere socialistic theorisation  why    this
distorted view of the labor question  haa
become so prominent. Immense as have
been the strides of material progress  in
this century,  and  wonderful aa   have
encourages the spread of the feeliug
that���in some vague and unexplained
way���labor is being "robbed." As a
matter of fact laboi receives to-day a
larger proportion of the earnings of capital than ever before in the history of the
world. And the workingman stands
upon a basis of liberty and equality with
his employer that would have been considered an Utopian dream in the days of
his grandfather.���Trade Review.
"If I had a mine in the Slocan, I
would pay $8.50 a day, and by doing so
I would get the pick of the best miners
on the Pacific slope," is the way a mining man of long and varied experience,
now a resident of Nelson, put it. Ha
had recently been through the Slocan
country, and by observation and inquiries found that the best miners had
left the country. He maintains that it
is always economy to employ skilled
workers in a mine, and that a skilled
worker is cheaper at $8.50 a day than
an unskilled one at $8. The payment
of $8.50 for an eight-hour day would
bring to British Columbia the best
been the additions to human knowledge \m\mrt fa America. The payment of
and to human power over nature,  it is jg ^j not oniy drive the good men
doubtful if any other change of the century is more marked than the increase
of sympathy between man and man.
Poverty and suffering are aa old aa the
race. But acute and widespread sympathy with them is recent, and hat been
so far expanded that conditions are now
regarded as pitiful which a century ago
would not have been supposed io involve
even hardship. Poverty has been relatively if not absolutely decreased, and yet
there is so much more sympathy with
poverty, and with conditions that are
far removed from poverty, but seem like
poverty in contrast with great wealth,
that one might easily get the impression
that poverty was increasing. Thus tho'
it is utterly without excuse, tbe statement that the poor are growing poorer
is really believed by persons who have
tbe means of knowing better.
For this reason many men talking on
the relations of labor and capital take
counsel from their own kindly emotions
and are not sufficiently xealous in enquiring into the facts of the case. Their
openly expressed  sympathy  naturally
away, but keep other good men from
coming here, says the Nelson Tribune.
These facts are indisputable.   The
fact that all other isolated camps like
the Slocan are paying $8.50 the good
men go elsewhere and obtain employment readily at that figure.    Further,
the scale of wages in all the old camps is
$8, and this sum there will go farther
than $4 here, therefore the men will not
work for that here when they can go
elsewhere and do so much better.   If
the $8 scale is ever adopted in the Slocan it will mean the importation of unskilled men.
The lowest form of life yet found is
tha man who will take a paper for
years without paying for it, and'then
have the postmaster send it back,
marked, "Nut Called For.* Hell is
ao toll of thia class that respectable
applicants from Nelson, Vancouver
and other points have been refused
admittance until the premises can be
The pioneer house of the City
First-Class in every particular
II. Cunning, proprietor.    Sandon
'lit. ���
The   Paystreak
Is issued every Saturday in Sandon, in the heart
of tha greatest White Metal camp on earth.
Subscription     * ...     H.OOayear
StrlcUy In advance.
Address: Tax P-ystbear, Sandon, B.C.
Wm. M_cAi>_ms.
SANDON. B.C., JULY 8, 1899.
Talking of scabs an English lawyer defines a scab as follows: "A
scab is to his trade what a traitor is
to his country, and though both may
be useful in troublesome times they
are detested when peace returns by
all; so when help is needed a scab is
the last to contribute assistance, and
the first to grasp a benefit he never
labored to procure. He cares only
for himself; he sees not beyond tbe
extent of a day, and for a monetary
approbation he would betray his
friends, family and country; in short
he is a traitor on a small scale, who
first sells the journeyman and is himself afterwards sold in his turn by his
employer, nntil at last he is despised
and detested by all. He is an enemy
to himself, to the present age and to
prosperity." Scabs are also to be
found in business circles.   There are
some trying to ran newspapers. As
a ruL they have no brains, and die
of excessive conceit,   or starvation.
Appendicitis is an old complaint
under a new name. A doctor in New
York has a new cure tor it. The
first patient operated an was a woman
20 years ot age. It is muscular manipulation. The treatment of Dr. Hel-
mer was said to be instantaneous in
its effects, and so simple and harmless in its application that some physicians are inclined to wonder why it
was not discovered and made use of
before. To one looking on the operation seems only to apply one band to
the point midway between the top of
the right leg and a point above the
stomach; then bend up tbe right leg
of the patient at the knee joint and
give the leg a slight twist by means
of a quick motion, repeated two or
three times, and the operation Is at an
end, the appendix having been relieved of its obstruction by muscular
Nelson may yet rival Sandon, or
Monte Carlo. During the recent celebration permits were given to gamblers to ran games of chance in order,
no doubt, that the rural sucker would
go broke before he killed himself
drinking red lemonade. The sneak
thieves and road agents did not get
any permits to do business. This
most have been an oversight upon
the part ot tbe authorities. Tbete
fellows may not have many vote*,
bat they are winners when it comes
to cleaning out a crowd. The gams
are simply not in it If a permit had
been granted the footpadists visitors
would have had more time to view
the 8ightsof a great city,   especially
the beautiful pictures and livirg
statuary found in endless profusion
along the piano end ef Baker street
Nothing advertises a town or dis
trict better than a handsome paper.
People at a district judge a country
by ite press, and invest their money
accordingly. II they pick up a little
abortion of journalism, printed like
a nightmare, and spattered all over
with local jealousy, they throw it
down in disgust, without flinding out
the name ot the damphool who thinks
he is an editor. Jackleg papers ire
a nuisance anywhere, and should
only be used under carpets in a moderate way. Used to excess the gas in
them is liable to explode and poison
tbe family.
This is an age ot wonderful discoveries. We read a short time ago
that scientists had at last got on option
upon appendicitis, consumption, ty
phoid and kindred diseases. Only
yesterday we read that liquid air
will core leprosy and all endemic
complaints. If this keeps up disease
will soon become nothing but memory
and life will be one long sipot honey
ed sweetness, unalloyed by the microbes that have cursed the earth
since Adam went astray and lost his
trait farm.
Several thousand dollars have
been expended in cleaning out Due-
can river ao that ��t would be navi
gable. Railway contractors are this
summer busy dumping trees Into the
stream, impeding navigation, and
causing damage to small st atners.
The proper authorities should step in
and stop this; also the importation of
alien labor to work on the railways
in Lardo.	
From reports, Atlin seems to be a
dead failure. Many of the prod Ural*
np there are anxious to get back to the
Slocan. Come on, prods, we are a
little shy on cream ai d honey, but
have plentv of bear meat and potato
es. Never mind your clothes, get
back in time tor the boom. It will
be here just as soon aa we have the
eight hour law properly digested.
When the Bunker Hill mill was
blown np in Idaho the management
stated that the loss was $250,000. Before the explosion the value given to
the man who collects taxes was only
$65,000. This property rose quickly
bat the price has evidently ascended
still quicker.
A Man in one of the eastern provinces was given ten days for killing
a man. This is the lowest rate we
hare ever heard of In tbe murder industry, and should came quite a
boom at that price.
I A Man by the name of Millions has
| started a paper near Ottawa. This
is the first time we have heard of
Millions in the newspaper basilicas,
and we hope Millions will always be
in it
���M lou Woald   Better Try *a a emallee
Mm Thaa Yourself.
Most people think themselves very cl*v*r
If they are able to devta* tome catch or
practical joke, but the Individual who In-
vented the latest trick which Is catching
on Is Aurtaioly entitled to rwganl himself
aa a genius In his way This Is how you
Ask a friend the time, and when be
lakes out his watch say:
"That seems a nice little ticker Ut's
have a look at It "
With an air of pride be takes It off his
ebalu and hands It tu you Just as you
are about Jo examine It, It silpe out of
your hand and smaathee on the tloor The
glass break*, tbe cam ooiuus off and tbe
works part company
You are awfully upset about It. you era,
really, and so staggered that you ran do
nothing but put your bauds helplessly Inta
your jacket pockets and stammer your
apologia*. But you aoon recover your*-If.
and. stooping down, you scoop up tha
pierce with your two bandaand offer them
to your friend You might just ���mile
gently It rather Improve* tbe favor of
the joke
You are able at this point to sample your
friend's language and to get him to give
an exhibition of all bis angelic qualities
Very likely be w ill take tbe opportunity of
telling you what his true opinion of you
has been alt along When you have beard
enough, you take his wateh out of your
jacket pocket and give it to nun safe and
For, of course, yon haven't really drop
ped bis watch, but a broken one which
you happen lo be In powmalon of. and
which M-rves on mom than on* acc**loo
It require* a little tlcigbt of hand, but
your victim, wbo su*pect* nothing. 1*
easily deceived
If this Joke doesn t beromepopular.lt
will be because W*JF few people have silver
watches to piny with Dot there is a danger, aa was lliufttmi- d in the c����* of a >-k -
1st wbo tried this un a very hot tempered
man and irot such a "pasting' before be
could explain the true state of affair* that
he bad to kwp in l��^l for a week, where b*
pa��*ed hi* time In trylugto think out who
bad the beat of tbe joke ���l'��araon's Weekly	
���ow a Man la**4 tile Ufa ay Mas Sating
A dish of miithnxiiui waa served to a
party of politicians In one of tbe leading
restaurant* the other night, and th* re
fu*��l of one of the diner* to pa rink* of
tbem becauee hewn not exjert enough to
determine for hln.eelf whttr*-r they wore
of tbe edible or Ihepoiionou* variety l< ! to
a aomewhat animated dl*cua��k>n In which
th* objector foely held hia own ' In nx*t
restaurant*.' aaid he. "the test applied by
th* cook is that of Inserting a ailver ��poon
Into the vessel of boiling fungi If the
spoon turns black, the fungi are regarded
a* dangerous, but If It remain* onoolored
they are supposed to be edible Dr Henry
O Plffard, the myoolngl��u declare* that
this test is a fallacy Ho also contend* that
certain markings are not sure signs in de
torintnlng   th* edibility of mushrooms
Th* only sort method when ther*���-.���
doubt Is by comparison with eiaU.rau.M
carefully prepared colored p|*t,.�� *
"Now I have neither the tlm*gorti_
Inclination to go to all thtt tooobk nT
do I feel Ilk* taking any ritk for JJjfcl
of a dish of which I ntn van foh_7,'
which la not at all m����**ry to my ���,/
���oca ll aaay Interest you to know ,k_,
Dr. Plffard aaya that the mushroom _
more Ilk* animal than vegetal.)* mattn
and la consequently tinbl<> to rapid pur*
Scilon A great many csm* ���f i��t\m,m
���van wb*n th* tuu*hroum�� nr* jj. r u .,
bav* been traced to this cum* ffc tw4
Of the politician* ate the imi��hn��.i,���4B4
w*r�� all right Tb* other mm khaHa*
and be waa all right too - PkUofalphfa
Aa lavtsiaie Clew.
"Tbere waa one time In my bagnhoa
lag career.' sold tbe lady Mho h��<J ui
th* experience, "when 1 thought ih��r��
wa* no use of locking ieorg, fortfcWvw
would break through anything
"We were sluing at  dinner -MMjfci
when 1 beard a noise that auindrd ���,;
���omeon* waa walking around In ajj rows
I went up Immediately to ace   No aag �����
there, but every drawer   In th* r   ���< *M
open and all my  jewelry and **iu, |,-����� of
���very description that 1 k�� pa in my r.,��*_
were goo*     It look five or alt key. u�� pt
at them all. ����� I h*u been very perttO-bi
about keeping them locked np    I h*u t>u
been out of the mum  unity than ii rata
ute*. and how any on* not  tamtiiar ��ufc
���very loch uf the house could ban MM*.
plUbed *och a  piece of   ��mk *���� ���
tent    There was one thing I  not Red \.    :������
entering th* room and that *s�� ��� pmalui
odor    It waa Ufa a iwlsuin of eha*BM
fume     I bail n��W> sm*>ibd anything U*
It before
"We notified the police and th��>y worM
oa the ea��* for wwk*. but could &�����**
nothing out of It
"On* day when I wa* {siMttg  thr-
Ihe laundry I   duihw!  ti.l *,!:;,�� ��!t.. ;i
" 'Mary, shit ��� tbst you are In.runs'
said I. f< r It �������.-������ <! ms U tee otiur ���--..���
from tbe lr��.titng U- .0
" 'It * MNg ��f my brother ��� hsmiUr
Chief*,   will ��be
"W* tii tcstlgated. and of  MOTH '
that Ihe t NNlMr v��*�� tbe  ttlsf    -tMtv.l
free 1'rvas
gwald smiI III* l-rsyer.
IB th* new polychrome   111! lo Ihe WD
ol the IMty Is gl" ��� as Jh��h  t   i
leva form being a*   ruer   tin;-  or.wiiial B*
brew a* the Ir.'nglUb alpha'* t �����<>��ij rra
It  Thia reminds a writer in the Koeh��*H
Post Kipn-w* of a at��ry told ��� I Uw tai
German  professor.   K��ald. who OMl
���srted a parenthetical taOMMMM * I' ",f
Kwaid waa In the the k of a tight (SW ll M
���cbolar* wage  the one  with  the ol
with th* eminent   Hebrel*t tle*enlu�� e h. c
ha area* lo pray In h��* closer.--in    And b*
began thus In alow, solemn voice    U _M
gnwW   omrnsl. nl.   liiUnlte   Jah.       *^
then  added,   half  to  MttUctf,     ��wt   Je
hovah,' a* that foOl tieernlu* ��oys "
Tbe tittle Mie.inv*r ldabo hwl lis ���'''* ,f>
Ump DVMM ru��r la*t we��-k th* 09W
Ca r pets
Tbeae arc til New Sttgjk, New Pattern* and New Prices.
Hunter Bros.
===-- _=___rROSSLAND
________��� \
-~-~IHJI_ISTREAK> SANDON, B. C, JULY 8,   1899.
(ieo. Aylwin has re-opened the Enterprise hotel at Aylwin.
The wagon road to the Enterprise has
been put into good shape.
Snow has fallen almost daily (or the
past two weeks on the higher altitudes.
A black l>esr attempted to force its
way into the Mabou cabin the other
It i* understood that the Enterprise
mil mart up shortly under the contract
McMillan's pack train from Hlocan
1'ity mil operate on the creek during tbe
balance of the season.
A promising ledge was uncovered last
week on ihe Orillia, east ol the K.nter-
priss, by ground sluicing.
Work i* being recommenced on the
Ohio this week. The Enterprise vein is
to be traced from the Malxnt.
The lH��lhousi�� group is being agair
worked by its owners It is expected a
pay chute will Ite tapped ahortly.
\V. Muffatt, representing Toronto
nemey. inspected the Neepawa last week.
This >* the mecoud inspection made within the fortnight,
Two men are working on tli* Mineral
Mountain, adjoining ihe -|>e*uUlor, on
thetuminit. Tire Arlington lead runs
through the ground.
Arrangement are being  made for the
iianndiiia opening ol E. I'arn* ��% Co '��
-   ������     It mil i��e n great oonrenianaB to
< Is Hi holder* no  tht* creek.
A tramway ���� Iwing built Iron the So��
'.' * ��� -1.i��_-����� ol the KnU��rpri*e to   the wa
pn ����������!, *r> j��a to get out  tbe OW in the
chnmfor shipment.    Murdnck' alcLaau
��� ' i^iintending lbs joh.
The v i�� ulttMil &k> tOttl ol oro to bS
inofwl tnuii the BstorpHaoi W, <". E.
k��   having the contract.    He bad a
(our i ,i -. tesim sent down from New
Denver this week  to commence opera��
"u the Mah>u tb�� recent strike is be-
lagf\teti��nelv il"vel.?|��eil. Several more
t*nr�� have Herri made, showing the ledge
in place.   A shall is being  ���*!����� on the
Vein, and in the foot   are   two streak* ol
high-grade ore, with every indication of
it increasing In width, the Malam wilt
make soother banana*,
HI.im AX    MIXKNtt.    FLOAT.
���I. C. Eaton is investing In California
The Soverign  is to l��e further devel-
oped by the driving ol "no feet more of
The Whitewater shipped MM lO-i foU
*eek, the only shipment from the BiOOBO
for the week.
Thompson <fc Mitchell havccommenced
*ork on the World, a claim weal of the
Monnuin Chief.
Work is going ahead favorably1 on the
QUeen Fraction. Sixteen inches of ore
i" showing in th* breast of the tunnel.
C. I>. Porter and Chas. Marriner have
heso inspecting the Kloean Star and
Other properties during the past week.
The shipment of ore from tbe Enter-
PriSB some weeks ago amounted to two
tons, not 4<K) as was stated at the time.
Twenty tons of sine ore was shipped
Uili week Irom the Hoaun.   Another car
load of galena ore  will  go out before
Work will lie resumed on tbe Chieftan
next week. The property is on Cariboo
creek and is principally owned by Pat
Burns and Wm. Mackenzie.
A contract was let on tbe 1st of July
for more work to be pushed on the Bosun. Four men are taking out ore. Six
men are working underground.
Thirty men are employed about the
Noonday. Three feet of clean ore is in
tbe face of the workings, and huge pieces
ol native silver are taken out daily.
Eighteen inches of clean galena have
been struck in the No. 4 tunnel of the
Madison. With depth on this property
the ore is changing from dry to galena.
The Slocan Prospecting Syndicate,
with a capital of t'iN.OOO has been formed
in London to adopt an agreement with
L. Alexander to acquire certain proper-
lies in tbe Slocan.
The shaft lieing sunk on the Arlington is now in the ledge, aud on Saturday
* good body of galena was struck. This
mine, as welt as all the other properties
lieing worked in this division, is paying
f3..V) for the eight-hour shift.
Work has hsaa started on ttie Bertha
on the second north fork of l>emon creek,
and on the Colonel Sellers group, near
the Alexandria. The work that has
bean steadily going on at the Alexandria
has been tem|H>rarily stopped on account
of aurfaee water.
The Payne hunk house wilt he finished
and tarnished with bedding for 180 men
by the 15th in*t. Superintendent Hand
has uken special {tains to have the ac-
������omruodniions for the men at the mine
grat-dasC in every particular. The mine
la employing abont 60 men at present.
Nit the fact that mattresses for 150 men
bam bash ordered, to ha ready by the
loth. Indicates that a large increase in
the force is contemplated.
Joe Payne has leased his hotel to T. J.
Ba|| for six months. Mr. Payne left
Saturday morning for Kamloops, where
he will look nfter Pat Horns' large cattle
intesests for the next four months.
The first ore to be packed down to this
point this season was last Wednesday.
When McMillan |*ck train started to
bring down a car load from the Tani-
arac on Springer creek. Owing to the
repairs to the wagon road not being completed this ore has to be peeked all the
way to town, causing an extra tax oi
several dollars per ton. A car load of
ore is also ready to be packed down from
the Black Prince, and bids are now asked
for the contract.
The conditions upon which the Chap-
leau has ����een bonded to J. M. Williams
are very favorable.   The consideration is
180,000 and the payment! extend over
ton months. Three thousand dollars has
boOO paid into the hank as first payment.
The bead calls for ROOD worth of work
to l>e dona, work to commence at once.
Considerable work has already been done
00 the property by the owners-Frank
Pick, C. E. (iwillim, Ben Koberteon snd
J. Tattersall���who have taken out enough ore in the course of development
to pay themselves good wages over and
above all expenses. The ore is very nth
in gold and silver values.
Col. Uobt' Irving, of Kaslo, is serious
Iv ill in Portland.
An effort is being made by the Provincial Mineralogist to prepare for exhibition at the Paris exposition a collection of ores from the mines of Kootenay that will be a credit to the Province.   The space that has been allotted
for the exhibit is large and well chosen,
and ample funds are provided to make
the undertaking highly successful, if
the mine and prospect owpers of Kootenay will devote a little time and attention to assisting in the collection of the
best samples of ore.   Most complete arrangements have been  made for the
care and handling of the samples, and
all that is necessary for the contributor
of samples to do is to deliver the same
to any C. P. R. or Great Northern Railway agent, together with as complete
a summary of the ore's contents, value.
etc , who will take and forward, free of
all cost, to the proper officers at Nelson.
The samples will be held there until a
later date, and then forwarded to Victoria.
This collection should be made a very
creditable one.     Canada  has been al-
loted one-eighth of the  total space allowed the British Empire at Paris, and
Mr. Robertson has been assured by Dr.
Daw son, who has virtual control of this
department, that British Columbia shall
have half the space set apart for the dominion mining exhibit, providing this
province sends a collection worthy ol
such prominence.    Specimens must be
eijrhi inches cube, though exceptionally
fine individual samples of larger size
will be accepted.
Yes, I've got a little brother,
Never asked for him from mother,
Bot he's here;
But I s'pose thev went and bought htm,
For last week the doctor brought him;
Alnt It queer?
When I heard the news from Molly,
Why, I thought at first 'twas lolly;
I Just Imatdned I could get him,
And our dear mamma would let him
Play with me.
But when once I had looked at him
I cried out, "Oh, dear!  Is that him?
Just that mite?
They said, 'Yes. and you may Uu him!'
Wen, I'm sure I'd never miss him,
He's such a fright!"
He's so small it's lust amaiim
And you'd think be wi
He'* so red;
And his nose is like a berry,
Aad he's bald as Uncle Jerry
On his head.
He's no kind of good whatever.
And he cries as if be'd never,
Never stop;
Won't sit up���you can't arrange him,
Oh, why don't father change aim
At the shop?
Now we've got to dress and feed him,
And we really didn't need him,
Little frog!
And I cannot think wbv father
Should have bought him when I'd rather
Have a dog*.
���London Mail.
Operating Kaslo A Slocan Railway,
International Navigation A
Trading Company.
W_r H��� Cat Um Wins.
Tbe person wbo wrote that eleetrletty
was one of tbe "mighty agents of nature
encbained by tbe ingenuity of man" can
scarcely have contemplated In bis wildest
dreams tbe full extent of that ingenuity.
For Instance, be is scarcely likely to have
prophesied that a sick man, tar from tbe
habitations of civilization, would have out
a telegraph wire In order to obtain aarist-
anov     And yet such has really occurred,
according to a London contemporary. Tbe
whole of tbe vast continent of Australia
was practically cut off   from European
news for nearly 84 hours in tbe middle of
September. 18U7, in consequence of an Interruption on  the line between Adelaide
and I'ort Darwin    Inquiries were made,
snd It was found that tbe wire bad been
cut by a cyclist wbo was taken ill while
on a journey across tbe continent.    It la
not related bow be set about it, but he bad
the satisfaction at any rate of getting
what be warned.  It is not desired to establish this as a precedent of summoning help
under inconvenient oirouiustanoes.���Kleo-
trical Review.
Schedule of Time.    Pacific Standard
Passenger train for Sandon   and
way stations leaves Kaslo at 8:00 a
m. daily,  returning, leaves Sandon
at 1:15 p. m.,  arriving at Kaslo at
3:55 p. ni.
& TRADING CO., operating on
Kootenay Lake and River.
Leaves Kaslo for Nelson at 6:00 a.
in., daily except Sunday. Returning
leaves Nelson at 4:30 p. in., calling
at Balfour, Pilot Bay, Ainsworth and
all way points.
Connections with S. F, A N. train
to and from Spokane at Five Mile
Point; also with str. Alberta and to
from Bonner's Ferry, Idaho.
The Beeret of Sac esse.
"I have never forgotten," said Mr. Nog-
gleby, "the wise remark tbata young man
once made to me, years ago It was this,
'One thing leads to another.' This was
apropos of a further advantage that I had
brought Into view by a step I bad just
taken. The moral of this Is���It bas been
set forth often (1 may bave mentioned it
myself), but it will bear endless repetition
���that If we would succeed wa must keep
stirring I"���Now York Sun.
Bia Deelsloa.
A Missouri josttoe of tbe peaoe at the
close of a case announced with great dignity, "I will bold this case uuder advisement until next Monday morning, at
which time I will render judgment for the
plaintiff. "���Case and Comment
The Japanese begin building their
bouses at tbe top. Tbe roof Is first built
and elevated on a skeleton frame. Then
It affords shelter to the workmen from
s tonne
Leaves Nelson for Bonner's Ferry,
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays
at 7 a. in., connecting with steamer
International from Kaslo at Pilot Bay.
Returoing leaves Bonner's Ferry at
7:00 a. m., Wednesdays, Fridays
and Sundays, connecting with str.
International tor Kaslo, Lardo and
Argenta. Direct connections made at
Bonner's Ferry with Great Northern
Railway for all points east and west
Steamer International leaves Kaslo
for Lardo and Argenta at 8:45 p. m.
Wednesdays and Fridays. Steamer
Alberta leaves Kaslo for Lardo and
Argenta at 8 p.m. Sunday a
Steamers call at principal landings
in both directions, and at other points
when signalled.
Tickets sold to all points in Ca ada
and the United Statas. To ascertain
rates and full information, address���
Robert Irving, Manager.
H. P. Brown, Kaslo, B. f.
Freight and Ticket Agt.,  Sandor.. THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B.C., JULY 8, 1899.
'Ihe following is a complete list of the
raining transactions recorded daring the
week _ the several mining divisions of
the Slocan. Those of New Denve- were
aa follows:������
June 21���Milton Fr, no fk Carpenter
ck, Robt McPherson. Lake View,
Payne Hill, R Strangway.
22-DartFr, Lee mt, F H Wilson.
Rutland Fr, nr Alamo, W S Drewrv.
Rugby Fr, nr Alamo, P D Ahier. St
James, Silver mt, A Jacobson. Roy Fr,
Carpenter cr, J M Donnelly. Bee, nr
Cody, Annie Winters.
28���Maclver Fr, Houson ck, A Owens.
SUver Wedge Fr, Four Mile ck, Q H
24-We Two, Red mt, J W Kyte.
Protection, nr Sandon, J T Foley.
Ballersen Fr, Four MUe cr, F J O'Reilly
26��� Mountain Goat, Goat mt, T Avi
son. Snow Cap, Four Mile cr, W S
Clark. June Bird, Four MUe cr, RW
27-Little Dick, Four Mile cr, W J
Kvte and Annie Horton. Lucky 8,
Carpenter cr, G H Murhard
28���Theresa, Carpenter cr, C W Har
rington. Black Horse Fr, Hinckley cr,
W H Adams. Sinfi, nr Apex, A
hhompson. St James, Goat mt, W D
29���Buffalo Hump, Clifton cr, A Mc-
Kinnon. Sterling, Glacier cr, Geo T
Evens. Avalanche, Glacier cr, L G
Curry and L D Wolfred.
80���Agnes, Carpenter cr, J Potter, J
Knight. Silver Watch, Wilson cr, E
July 8���Moscow, Carpenter cr, A
Erickson. Luno, nr Moscow, A C Van
Moerkerke Golden, next Oregon, H
H Pitts. Ground Squirrel, adj Billy D,
AC Allan.
80-Los Vegas, 12O_00, Los Vegas
Mining Co to John Tinllng, June 30.
Los Vegas, 871-500, Same to same,
June 80.     _____	
June 18���Constellation, Summit ck.
E V Bodwell. Canopy, Lemon ck, E V
BodweU. 14���Liberal, Lemon ck, Ed
Yenny. 15���Joe Martin, Twelve Mile
ck. T M Clement. Hampton, Springer
ck. A A Webb. Ethel K, Springer ck,
JAMcKinnon. 16-Millcets, Arlington Baain, Ben Robertson. 17���High
view, 1st n fk Lemon ck, Jno Riley
Fredericton, Ten Mile, Robt Sloan
19���Alphonso XIII, 1st n fk Lemon ck,
Jas Livingston. 20���Diamond, bet
Springer A Twelve Mile cks, J M Far
reU. Four Friends, bet Springer and
Lemon, W E Bole. Somtnersetth, same,
J D Dorian. Pearl, 2nd n fk Lemon,
R E Allen. Grav Copper, Springer ck,
Thos Lake. I A U, Cameronian ck, W
H Beamish and Jaa Anderson 21���Ben
Nevis, 1st n fk Lemon ck. Jno A Frader.
22���Florence, Springer ck, Mrs Tbos
Sloan. Queen Citv, Lemon ck, A H
Gracer. Norwood:. 1st n fk Lemon, H
L Fife*. Weatwooa, same; H L Fife
24���Leon, same J M McGregor. Blake,
Slocan Lake, Henrv Tait. Olympia,
aame, J C O'Connor' Starlight, Tiger
ck, Andrew Brodman.
June 20r-Candore, Cortess Fr. June ?l--Black (hood.
21-Codv Star, Reeerve, Cody Star Fr, I*11*' Black Eagl;
Mountain Chief No. 8. Sarnia, Big Timber, Big Fraction. 22���Prentice Boy,
Kite, Return, Frances. Black Tar. Linnet. 28��� Freddy, Pinacle, Emblem,
Phoenix. 24���Frisco, Ferry No. 2.
26���Stanhope. 27���Camden, Harlem,
Congo No 2. Mountain Queen. 28���
Grand Stand, Ontario. 29���Hobson,
Cuba, Iroquois, Glen wood, Admiral,
Gvp*ey Queen, Canadian. 80���Helena
Ff, Mowitch, Kitchener, Admiral Nelson. July 8���Glengarry, Cuba. New
Springfield, Sampson. Wonderful Fr,
Freddie Lee Fr, Lillie Joint, Key West,
Denmark No 2, Mary Durham, Shogo,
Alice, Billy D, SUver Ridge, Sllverite.
June 21���Prospecting Agreement bet
J 8 Reed, Wm Donohueand H E Rogers,
22��� Alberta, R Strangeway to Chas
Kumlin, June 21.
24���Legal Fr, C A Freeman to J
Wilson, \, to L W Toms, |, June 22.
Legal Fr���W D Mackay and C A
Freeman declare they are owners.
26-Gold Crown, 9-10, N F McNaught
to B F McNaught, Nov 18, *6,15.
Mary Durham, f, J Welsh to Fred
Clement, June 18.
Diana, R Peak to W Eccles, June 21.
27���Protection, J, J T Foley to Alex
Conrod, June 27.
Protection, 1, J T Foley to A Conrod,
June 26.
Iron Clad, Eagle, Eagle Fr, Emily
Edith Fr,2-5, HE Rammelmyer toC E
Hope, June 26.
Bristol, Congo No 2, Commander, 1-6,
F L Byron to Mary E Rammelmyer,
June 27.
28���Protection, I. J T Foley to A
Conrad June 27, 850.
St Charles, \, A Chisholm to W Sud
row, June 80, w.
St Charles, ft, W C McDonald to W
Sudrow, Sept 20, W.
24���Snow Bird, %, F L Byron to M
1, Nicholson, June 25.
June 12���Cascade. Bonanaa. 18���
Centre Star. Hidden Ledge. 14���Daisv
No. 5, Kimberly. Mountain Lilly, Alpine Fraction.* Mountain Chief. IS���
Margery, Iowa, Olympia, Emery, G H,
Dawson, Boomerang, Boomer, Summit
Fraction, Empress Fraction. It*���Wil-
no, Hard Nut, Eagle 17-Wide Awake,
Lucky Jack. 19��� Last Hope, Monument* No. 8. Sunshine, White Swan.
20-Evening Star No. 8, Eclipse No. 2,
Unknown Group, Somerset, Silver
Crown. Columbia No. 5, Look Out No
18, Cut Foot, Great Britain, Mvstic Bells,
��� - - " Wtndover* 28���Mo-
..le. Lucky Bov, lieze-
dent Fraction, First Lake, Johanna.
Skavendoah. 24���Sligo, Cameronian
csanriCATR or mraovaaiurrs
June 17���Dayton.
June 12���Black Hussar and Queen of
the Hills, } in each, Chaa Newhaus to
F Provost
Same; ft in each, J Radcliffe to F Provost.
Highland Light, ft, Dan McKenrie to
Sam Lauder back
Chapleau Fraction No. 2, 1-6. D Ar
not to J E Rogers.
14���Daisy, ft, W Sands to A Crawfor 1.
15-G H, H,Geo Hambly to Dunean
Morris, ft, Albert Owens to Thos Mul-
Morris, 1-6, Thos Mulvev to Robt
MeCaromon. 180.
16��� Monument Fraction, ft, F G Mar-
coux to K S Sinkan.
17���Marmion and Marvland, 1-10, R
R Bruce to Thos G Proctor.
Eclipse No. 2, ft, Jaa Anderson to
Hngh Sutherland
19���AlphonsoXIII, ft, J Livingston
to V C RadcliS.
Colonel Sellers, Madonna, Teller.
Leadville and Kathleen, all Interest, J
A Baker and Geo Blanc to E A Baker
All interest in aame, E A Baker to J
A Cleland, ft, $2,000.
Power of Attorney, J A Baker to E A
Louise Fraction, f, Ben Robertson to
W S Johnston.
Rose, 4-5. Frank Dick to WS Johnson.
Louise Fraction, ft. Rose, 8-5. W S
Johnson to Andrew S Johnson, 1500.
June 7���Grouse, Copper ck, J Rvan.
Argentine, Cooper ck, W S Harris.
Two Aces, Cooper ck, F  A   Harris.
Good  Enough, Cooper ck, J MeCue;
Helen Maude, Clara ck, J Anderson.
8-Charlie B, Kate M, Hot Springs. A
D Westbv.   John F, Nora, Hot Springs.
J B Towhsend     Minnie, Ainsworth I)
B O'Brien.    9- Dismah. Bear ck, J ohn
Koski.   Dary, Bearck,J Emans     Silver Thread, south fork.  H Klapach
10-J A C, Howser lake, C H Chapman
Blue Grouse (r, Bear lake, A Sehueler
and R Williams.    12���Lady M, Lock-
hart ck, J McLellan.    Lost, Kaslo ck.
A B Walker    Balticke, south fork, L
Martin.      Bertaakeba,   R  T  Martin.
1H-Ha*el, Dunn ck, Jeff Davis   Jam
track. Kemp ck, 0 Matheaon.    Kitchener. Mllford ck, E R Mclnnes    14���
Columbia, Lardo. J D Moore, D Gra
ham.    15���Enterprise, lrt mile ck. J W
Buddy.    Desperate, Duncan river. G
0 Buchanan.   Circumstance*, Duncan
r, C Wheten    17���Black Hawk, Camp
bell ck, H Scholev.    19���Ore or No Go,
Goat ck, G Schuler.   Howard Fr,  Hot
Springs, F E Perrv.     Rauen Fr. Hot
Spring*. D S Cafriel.     Jay Fr,   Hot
Springs, W B Druinmond     Jim Hill,
Fish Lake, T  G   Proctor     Argenta.
Whitewater, A McC Banting     Moldy
Fr, Bear lake, A C Vanmoerkerke <Md
Mock,   Murray   ck,   Andy  Erickson.
���jjO���Dewev, I edarck, F Hansen    21���
Catherine* Wheel. Roman Candle, Bear
ck. J Wilson     Caribu. Kaslo mtn. A
Cheviter.   Applebv. Powder ck, R Kr
win and J A Dunbar    _2-Rubv Stiver
Kr. Kokaneeck, R Sloan.    F.ffte, Mil
ford ck. D Rice.   Oro, *w Kaslo. 8 H
Green.   Last Dollar. Kaslo mtn, I Milium*.     Kitchener   Fr,    Duncan.    H
Cbristensen      Lakeview,    Duncan.   I
Kraff.   28-Copper Hill, Sunrise mtn.
A Goettge.    Blue Bird, same, Carl F
Brown.     24��� Last   End,   Duncan,   H
Son tag    26���Forest Stream Fr. Whitewater, H M Ritner.    Williamette Fr,
Lyleck. DO McLachlan    May Belle,
Canyon ck, Theo Adams.   Arctic, Kaalo river. J D Moore      Oregon.  Crawford  ck,  S   Milkmaid.      Calsdntiian.
same. John   Mi-I��end.      IjmIv   Zetta.
MUM,  M   McDonald.     Milfnrd. **mt*.
A L Mcl'hee.   27-Rex Fr, Aiusworth.
Alex McLeod.
June 7��� Ottawa. St Lotti*. New Or
leans. Delta, Hopeful, Suowliali. Wbi*t
U*r Scotland. Empire Ireland. America.
Jubilee. Canada, Montana. Iali��in��ii,
Comstork. Golden, Do-jpaa. Kdxar.
���������Sleepy Eve. Di*adwood, Blutard,
Mouctou, w Stewart. 9���Standard.
Lakeview, Hardie. tbtisy. U��� Jo*e
pbine, Dewey, Kewall, Clearwater, Con*
gresa, Sunset. Carbonate No 2, Cumberland, Sunrise 12��� Yuba Dam, Sil
ver Queen. Susie B. Athol. Hand Boy.
Dunvegaii,Silver Plume. Lydia A, Re-
assurance. Yankee Kid. * 18���l���ke
view. No. 8| Hlvervlew, Big Jam. Ko-
kanee U���X Rav, Virginia. Bullion.
l.Y-Northern Light. St Miirv*. St
Joseph. L<��*t Mountain. l��W-Mog��l.
17���Phamix. Virginia. Contact,Maud I.
Mountain Fr. 19���Excelsior, Truro.
Maggie Peters, Sevnua. ',*>���Oregon.
Scranton, Dewev, Sampaon Fr. 21���
Bird. 20-Security, I^n4 I_ad, Ked
Star, Hattie, Emma. Imra. Grand Republic, Hobson Fr. Ixwt Chance. 28-
Salem, San Antonio. Red Ochre, Deer
Park, Big Four. 24���Ust Chance.
Ivanboe.Teddy S. Helen Maud. Marion.
Little Annie, Butterfly. North Star.
Ruro, Tryumph, Luckv Bob. Sultan
26��� McNabb, Jubilee. Nowater. I���et
Mountain. Flo, Black Bear, Raven,
Morning Rose.   27���Kootenay.
June 7���Sil ver Glance, Summit Queen
ft in each: C F Russell to J F B Rojrers
and D McPhail.
8-Llttle Giant, %. Wm Brennan to
Mary Henneasy.
Silver King, ft, D M Bongard to F D
9-Danlel Fr, ft. Chas Moore to T
10-Virginia Dare, Gold Klnir, %t
Owen McElroy to T 6 Procter    "9 *'
12-Tams Fr.ft, Albert l���nd to V A
Big Horn, ft, M V Adam* to D W
Moore, 8250.
18���Resurgam, Lydla A. Dtinvegan,
Island Boy, Alhol, Silver Six, Yink_.
Kid, Silver Plume, ft in wcl ����
Cameron to I W BrinSham. U A
14��� Deer Park, all interest, J a _��
Crea to Geo Herrin, Hot). ���*
15��� Roy. all, H Roy to London On*
solidated Gold Felds Expl & MiniS*&
16���Three Friends, a'l, (i Kdk__
to A O Rebel. mi
Iron Cap, all, D Tuomey to 1> CosjrriS.
Tom  Thum,  ail,   Copperhead   v
Secret, Wonder, ft each, J W taldwrli
to A J Watson.
~ &___ K\ UU,t��P�� I. A (i Johnson to
C F Caldwell.
19-Oaledonia, S, Robt Miuhell to
Robt William*.
20���Golden King and Qraatte, TA
Nelson to II P Johnson.
Welaka and Indiana. D W Moon and
D J Mumm to G I Martin
21-Handv and Argosy, l-fl, A Curnt
to N Murchlson.
Ijtkeaide, TilUe C, Towuaend. sur
Beam, Barrie T, Kellv Fr. Edith M Kr
and Willard J Fr. J �� Westbv to j B
Billy G. D II Nelli* to J B Townsend.
Dan F Fr, and lUsely. L Brant to j B
Joaepbine H Fr, Kate M and <liarta
B, A D Weatby to J B Townxntd.
22���Eagle Fr, E D Duma* to M St��v
IWtv View, I X L, ami Silvor In, IU
St ruber k to D F Strobeck.
2��;~Makv. ft. C RjrrkneM to Th~.
rlgrenami All iire��-n.
Circutnstam-.-*. C Wheten lo G 0 Bo
Welcome. C Noel to O Duboi*
No. LO Dubois to C N.^l.
la now ixrpnred to Iki> all
Also all claaset ol metallurgical pro
docts. Prompt settlement made on
day ot arrival al the mmfmt>
Ix>weat rate* regarding treatment.
The careful attention given lo lbs
largwt consignments will be extended
to the small eat shipper. Commtinica
tiona will receive prompt attention
o. m. Mcdowell
Address   P. O. Drawer D.
a M. Rowndale, Purchasing Agt
M. W. DAT. PrapH*t*r.
 Manufaturrr of �������I fl
Svphona, Glngci Ale,
Sanaparllla, Etc, Etc
Satncton, so
Patronize home Industry
when you want tho best The Paystreak.
The Gibaon Rood.
Wlson, -lulv 6.-The Molly Gib-
: Mining Company will today
jounencetna work of building a
MgOfl n
ad from  Kokanee creek.
Undinff on the river twelve miles
-ve Nelson, to the Mollle Oibmn.
r'he distance has not been measured,
ui it i�� e.-thnaUHl at between ten
nd twelve miles.     The  road will
joK about ��1,000 a mile. The mines
(he  highest  In  Kootenay.    A
runway h to Ik? built from the nine
tbe wtfOO  road,   a  distance of
A ratine Mountain Deal.
Se-oo, July ti.���1). W. Moore.
\gt buyer for the Trail smelter, >�������������
today ��W a half interval in the
jDcean mineral claim, un Pavne
W'Untaln, to A. K. Hand, of Sew
[WefUninster ft>r 110,000, with a cash
L.tvim-nt of tOQQi the balance U> be
Y. lid in equal Inslatlineiita in one,
hhree ��n*i six  months.     Mr.  Hand
foedthi other half interest, and
kill place a f����rc�� of fortv men at
Uric on development. The prop-
Lrty U situated about one Uiou&aiPl
bet fn>!ii the Payne mine and has
I isiimln-d feet of tunnelling done
1 ,\ Aseaye from the lead give
Led valin-* iu silver niid lead.
_ill Increase Tax on Chinese
v.. .lulv 5.--U i�� "Ui.d lure
j* probable thai the ffuveruiiMMil
ill undertake U) m����'t llie vi��w ol
tie racine nonet fur an increrse ef
r. |* i! ux ����u the Chlneoe u�� tfajo.
T^ announcement will come a* a
.rjf'.M' u> those who expected thai
a tea of the protest martin by China
lattice lifctile legblati o BO ad-
v��dc i ukl be made in the present
The Toronto Telegram says:
"Jadgtng by the NwtOQ Tribune's
innoBncemefU la*t wwk that 'work
��� Kollie tiibson mine will be
reauned :i�� iuhiii as the an��iw gue*
of.' thos are n����t having a particu-
larly eartv spring lothe Koofeenajri
I'     ' Veil."
W�� iire not.   Hut fur the benefit of
BUck .lack*' Bobertnon and other
ntoniant   it   uiurlit  be  worth
Bhrntinning that Hie  Mollle (iiljson is
irRthooaand feet  nearer the stars
llie mod Hat where Utile York
*aa built s and their N iOOW enough
1 tne kokanee glacier all year
��� c.vn ii���.jr whole f>uiity deeper
ilisnihe ruins ��,fPoui|aMi.
"Francea," said that little girl*
mamma, who was entertaining call*
er* in the parlor, "you ntnie down
��alrssn noWly thai you oooW be
|'��!d ,��|| ,,ver the limine. V����u know
������w to do It better than that Now
^��back and MM down the stairs
likes lady/'
iiium* retired, and after the lapse
';' l f< �� ' niWuiu* ie entered the i*r-
"*.   l>id v��u bear  me come down
ttsjrj this time mamma V"
��0, hear. 1 Min glad vou came
''"w�� quietly, Now, don't let me
w*r have to toll you aga n not to
corned nvn milsliv, for I ��ee that vou
<*n come down quetly it you will.
���V)W tell these lad ea how you man-
W to runic down the second time,
JMl�� you made ao much noise the
The lust time I slid down the
"H'inisteiv explained France*.
A,v,��,tUi In th5 Paystreak.
The pupils of Mrs. Yates piano
Unas met on Monday afternoon of
this week for a contest.   They had
EuT,ral Week8 ln StatoJ
hands.  Angers, arms and bodies $>
keep the correct position at the instrument and the one who succeeded
best in doing this was awarded a
prize. Master Joe Dilley was the
fortunate one. At the next contest it
is planned to have the parents and
mends of the pupib present.
' 'Here's another one ot those shoot
mg cast* in the negro district."
"Gracious! Have thev caught the
' There were tour of them. Thev
were shying crat,*, you know."
Methodist Church : ���
Hev. A. M. Banted, B. A., Pastor.
Regular service* to-morrow at 11
a. til. and 7:1)0. p m.
Divine ���enrloe will U* held in Virginia Hail at 7:30 p. m. Hev. J. A.
I bland, Minister.
Application for Liquor Licence.
Xmt��i U b*r*li.T f hen th*t ��t th* expiration o�� thirty ��l��v�� from ��t*t���� h����r*of th* umtar
-i_-i.*-1 win nj.j.iv t<> th��- Uenaa Oaaualwioa
��� r. of tin- Ci > of Sandon for a lic��uv�� to m��1I
liquor liy r��t_tUt th�� Hrv��n hot��l sitti*t��-.i
��n R��-���>�� Av.nu*  in th�� rity of Sn&.lon.
.I.<��ii: ll tilUIAoll.
Ma&don. .Inn, \nh. \����.
Certificate of Improvement*.
"jtimt* io th. Slm*n    Minn*   lUvUion   of
Wnl    Kootvtmy   lu.tnrt     Wlur.- lorat-
*ti-   In th* Rni.y BlTM ll��*in, JuininR th*
Silv.r O.nl on th* North E_��t
Tah.noti^* that I. W J. Holm��*��. artint Si
i��*pnt for Wm    J.  Twth.way.   ��rm Min��r'��
ONtttltta   N��'    '.'Tni  an��t   Jamr* Sicholson
Kf*. Minrr'��C*rtiflr'at# N*... 1-tOTV, inUmd ��i��-
tv-lay. fnitn th* <iat* h*r*of. to apply to tht
Itlaiaf Raaaidat for a C#rtiti��-at* of bapra��a>
moot., for th* pnrpoiw of oMainint a Crown
tirant ��.f th* al��>T��. oUim
An.l fnrtlwr takonoticr that a--tion. un.Wr
������-ii..n SJ. mn.t I* BO���Uatt���Wd Wfore th*
lM_MMH �����' ��u��htVrtirtr*t* of luiproTvmentft
W   J. liuUMK*. |\ L  S..
Hat*l tht. ����th day of Uiy. Ui*.
Applleiitlon for Liquor  Ucense.
N'oTH'K UhMatV ff*��B that at t!u> e��
ptiaHoa of thirty .lay- from th* tlr^t pttblie
allnnhtfaf Ika wn*8*r*isii*d will apply to
th* l,i< ������!>��� ���* 0uilllllwl'W��n of th* City of San
.ion   f��r   a   llpSBI   to m>U liquor ��>y rvtail at
Barrister. Solicitor.
Notary Public. Etc.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Notan Public.
A. Milloy. L. D. S.
Sandon, B. C.
Headquarter* for Miners.
Well utocked bar in connection.
First clans accommodations.   Board by the
day or week.
Established IStf.
Slocan Mines.
Mining Stock, bought and Sold. General
Agent for Slocan Properties. Promising
Protpect* For Sale.
Miners and Prospectors.
If yon want to save your
money leave your  order
Sleighs, Gutters, Teams and
Atlantic Steamship  Tickets.
to and irom European points via Canadian and American lines. Apply
for sailing dates, rates, tickets and
full information to any C. P. Ry
agent, or
C. P. R. Agent, Sandon.
WM. STITT, Gen. S. S. Agt.,
Saddle Horses for Hire.
Member*. *1 0t> per month.   Private
Patients   niw per day. exclusive'
of expense of physician or surgeon
and drugs.
U    W.  I   lb*MM. Attendant Physician.
MisxS. M. OH���0_-i Matron.
OmvrO'X. \V�� Ik'XAiiiK. J. V. Martin,
\V*i Oarhiti* and P. H. Mirihv. Management Committee.
A. F. & A. II.
hi.  prenii**.  situate on IU*o Avenue in tin-
tiiv -���( Sa��i>b is I
Jxooa Km.sks
Sandon. JunelTlh W.
Certiflcate of Improvements.
Situate In   the Slogan   Mining   I'ivUion  ot
We-t KoOtWRjf In.trnt.    Wh.n- located :
On tlu. rj��*�� Fork ��>f OupaatW Creek,  ad-
joining the WottNHUt Mineral Claim on
the north.
Takk MOTtCk that   I.  Jo��ej>h   Frederick
Ritt-hie, acting a* agent for.l.U   C. FraM>r, of
H...,laml.ll C, Fr*e Miner*  Certitioate No,
;��ui intend <��'day��  fn>m   the date hereof to
fcppl, ,��� the Mining R~onl��r for a Certificate
of lu.|.roven>en��for the ahove claim.
And further take notice that action, under
���Mtlon   MT.muxt   In��   commenced   before  the
laaORRM >��f W0- CertShYate of lmprovemenaH
|iltt,.d thl�� llth day of June,   W"
I l.".V.
Regular Communication of ALTA
LODGE, U. D., held first Thursday
tin each Month, in Masonic Hall,
Sandon, at 8 v. M. Sojourning breth-
ern coixlially invited.
W. II. Lilly,
Optional Routes East From The
First Clas Sleepers on all Trains from
Tourist Cars pass Revelstoke,
Daily for St. Paul.   Thursdays for
Montreal and Boston.   Tuesdays and Saturdays for Toronto
TORONTO 94 hrs
1* hrs.
SI hrs.
ft) hrs
Plain sewinQ
j  Dress-hakinG
ROOM 1.        UP STAIRS
. ���-*>    ���> �� . WW��� - �� ��
������r. . tt-tt~~~
Daily to Points Reached via.
Daily except Sunday to Points
reached via Rosebery and Slocan City.
13:30 k
Lv. sandon Arr.
13:00 k
Tickets Issued Through and Bag-
Rage Checked to   Destination.
Agent, Sandon.
Dint. Pass. A��t.,
Trav. Pass. Agt
Be sure  that your ticket read, via the
i: a
I *
?   J
m The Paystreak.
Macdonald'8 Report.
Following is the  synopsis of Mr.
Bernard MacdonnId's report of  the
Property, Area, Title.���The mining property of the Company consists
of the Payne, Maid of Erin, Mountain Chief, Two Jacks, Telephone
and Thursday Fraction, which cover
an area of 79 acres. The title to the
first four vests in the Company, by
Crown grant from the Government,
and the Telephone and Thursday
Fraction under the provistens of tbe
mining laws without dispute.
Geography���This group of claims
lies in tne'New Denver district of the
Slocan Mining division of West
Kootenay, British Columbia.
Ore Shipments.���December. 189C,
to Mav 1st, 1899, 3,03ti,107 oz of silver, 29,825,209 lbs. of lead. Net
smelter proceeds, $1,730,170 33.
Ore shipments for May, about
1,170 tons. Net smelter proceeds,
about $55,949.
Ore Reserves-
Blocks 1 to 4, inclusive, and
old slopes ���    12,835 tons
Blocks A, B, C, inclusive,
andoldstopes 13,667 tons
26,502 tons
26,502 tons- -net smelter value
Net value over and above
all expenses.* 906,297.64
Tbe conviction has come to Mr.
Macdonald after an extended and
careful study of the Payne mine, in
reviewing its past history, and considering its present condition aud
future prospects, that it will continue
to maintain its position ��ni<>ng the
great dividend paying mines."
For Sale.
A six hola range with cooking utennib, in
first class condition.    A  bargain  for  cash
Apply to the
Ivamiok Horn.
Paid for their Licea.
The C. P. R. has given $1500 to
the family of each of the two young
men from Nova Scotia, who worked
as laborers on the Crow's Nest Pass
railway, and who died through
neglect. This is an act of generosity, but it should not prevent the
punishment of those through whose
culpable negligence these two lives
were sacrificed.
Mr. Clergue, of tbe famous Sault
Ste Marie Nickel works, has made
the important statement that he has
just completed a contract under
which his company would supply
Krupp, the German gun maker with
nickel steel for a period of Ave years,
By a new process he had turned out
in Sault Ste Marie nickel steel at a
cost of 815 a ton, though the United
States navy paid $400 a ton for a
similar article. Algoma nickel is to
be used to till she Krupp contracts
and the Soo may won boast of one of
the largest metallurgical reduction
works in the world.
Wednesday next will be 12th ol
July, the anniversary of the Battle
of the Boyne, which took place in
Ireland Some years back.
Tenders Wanted.
Tenders wanted for seven hundred
(700) feet of tunnelling on the Slocan
Soverign mine.
Specifications may be seen at the
office of Mr. M. L. Grimmett, solicitor.:
Tenders must be sent to the under
signed not later than July 8th, 189!>,
work to commence not later than
Julv 15th. 1899.
'the lowest or any tender not
necessairly accepted.
Slocan Sovehiox Mixes Co., Ltd.
W. W. Fallows,
Hamilton  Watches
Arc new in the Slocan.
The besttcatch ener offered
for the monetj. Gall in and
I trill be pleased to shot��
them to you. Sold under
strict guarantee.
Jeweller and Optician.
Cigars, Tobaccos, Pipes.
Smokers' Sundries.
Cards jnd Chips.
K. K. Truetnan of Vancouver will
be in Sandon until Monday evening,
July 10th. Groups and views ot
every description. Work finished in
Platinotype a specialty. Satisfaction
guaranteed. Prices moderate. The
last visit until November.
l    CHARLES GALES     \
Has the Finest
(,)      BARBER SHOP
U and
In tne Slocan. J[
Everything  New, Complete and I
Up.to.date.      The   Comlort   and   f
Convenience ol Patrons will receive  (
the  most Carelul  attention.   Cal* ''
and see us at the New Stand.
Two Doom Above the Poit Ofli.,.
a     RECO AVE
Fine Seasonable Groceries
Table Novelties.
Unequalled for Variety and Purity.
Hotels, Mines and  Families  will find it to their ad
vantage to see these new  foods in all lines before
purchasing elsewhere.   Mall Orders will receive a>
usual our prompt attention and forwarded a* desired
Sandon, B.C.
H. BYERS & Co.
Builders and  Heavy Hardware.
Prospectors Outfits, Picks, Shovels and
Steel, Camp Stoves, Camp Cooking
Utensils.      Powder, Caps and   Fuse.
Kootenay Tailors.
Carry the finest line ot Canadian and Inv
j ported  clot ha U> \*c  found in Kootenay.
Inspect the latent addition* 10 our  atoclt
of  nprinff   wWwjfff    Perfect   Satiafaction
In the Xew Store You Will Find
One of  the   Larjreat  Mock* of Drug* In the Mocan.
DRUGGIST SUNDRIES. Perfume* Soaps, all Toilet Requisites.
Try Donaldson's Rheumatic Cure. It Never fails to Cure.
Perscriptions a Specialty. We use only the best Medicines that
can be Obtained.
Folliott & McMillan.
Contractors and Builders.
Coolers In DrMMi and Rough Lumber.
_  ^ _, 000000000000
Oaen, Ooara. 0lla4��, ate.. Ma* to Offer at Uwaet tHaalbl* *���*������������
���Im aaal OlmanalM TImImt always la Start.     Flan*, fatlmatat an*
OpMtnaatlMa furalaha* tor all Olaaaaa ef OnlWlag.


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