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The Paystreak Dec 17, 1898

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; Ing palace that th. wood has to be
Sloped on the port side to keep the
nog chain* from leaking.
5___! ?f**iBr* urgantaer  for ihe
Teddy lkrr-tt la time keeping
in   town
tbe Payne.
lieo.  Alexander
t%harley Bell went to work.
Andy .triefion la trance milium
��t Un flub. K niffhtri iif Labor arfWeitereUbor
tl Union nml ediuir of thi*   Freeman's
Labor Journal is in Sandon on busi
m-*��� iu eooaeetioa with his paper.
i .,-*. l^vett'e .njuocikitr cast* c��m>c*
op in Victoria to-day. common -ens?, and a paid spieler io
The Monitor mime at Thi-w Korke ralae a boiler   f-��r  him.   We can't
tt on the shipping list again. P��' *��P the whole thing.
Mr*.   Dwver  left on Tttaraday for _ Jack Caddrn. engineer on tbe N.
Walla Walla toafajcd ClirMinae
TheKoigfeteef Fytlila*,  l*viud<��n
tod^e, will give a daoorj on January
Tht*. papor is booming CllrTe for
Mayor, bus it can't do it all alone
lb*   need*  property   qualification
tiroes* White and bride arrived in
\. ts-.il thia week where  ihry   will
I: s��4*a*tboo*b .Sandon i��
going lo bave  a hockey team
A ;��!_�����' of the Maaonlr order
be ��-tat*kabed In Sandon lu ihe near
Dudley Blackwood ia Mvnd.ug a
couple uf weeka in lire lloundarv
Murray Byera will mod Christ
ma* m Kaalo if the  walking la  n*4
tm crowded.
T��e Noble five oooeentrai**r r*
main*author, ron oo rork ukm
��*t in dr-rdkifHoeol.
Anoiber alarm ol fire waa - nt iu
ftxm* Ham mood a oo Monday. No
*> nous damage waa done.
Main Itroa. lotend lo lake tbe "Dry
<iwd��.Store*'iten down from above
'treiroooranWllew Years
Tlie ladles of the Meto
held an art Nik* and ���
Virginia Block on Tbumla>
A S . ha* bought the Kootenay Hotel
(Van Swiuer A McCluskey.' Mrs.
Manuel formerly of Burton City, will
run the dining room The hoe pro-
prlomri will  leave immediately for
tht Coast.
An agriculturalist from Pontine.
Mich . got loose in Spokane last week
n<* lad got buncoed tor HlOO before be
Uits got   three   block*.      Arran?i*rnonts
*.ught io be made with Mr. Blffcon to
amd an emigration agent to Micht
gan ami  r��ring  a  carload  of these
people io 8sboob.   Weeoold sssore
them a Merry Christmas and a bright
N\w Vear.
Presbyterianchore- No morning
���rrefcre. Kvening in Virginia hall
at 7:30 p. ni.    Hev J, A. Cleland.
MrOiiwiisl Chnrc'i ���Regular service* to-morrow ��' It a. m. and 7:30
p m.   Rev  A. M. S-nford, A. B.
\ct* Poatal Regulation.
No parcel r**at will be acceded for
livery In 1 nited States by Canadi
thev   are  ac
delivery ^^^^^^
an \**X oftiee* except
������    , companied bv a Cubans declaration
i<.1 i*l ( hurcb ^.uj'nir f<.-,h the nature and value of
upper in he |fciCJl8nta. Persons aaodlag Christ*
!*d*> 'mmM hummni to their American oaa*
R. r\ QresmJM. P. I\ ami Maurio ins can get thetrrsM jjB ��tfSSv
ukewrrelo town Wednesday in .t the oost olBoe.. W-Oawtocomphi
cumin lion With tlie
M;i-t .���*  organ!
Sine tinhorn*  who** work   ����*
very eoarae were given an argent
���riviution to leave town o:r Tuead*>
Tbty left
Ales McMillan leave* on ibis mom
log strain for Ul*ng*rr\   u* spend
''loiHinaa with   the  old I -Ik* once
Sandon'��� Amktant |Wnn*ter will
follow on the neat. He Iw* be*"
going Ui go oo tlie next train for tire
I*-* *\x weeks,
rhe Sentloo llram Hand made
iu detail at the skating rink Thin *
<���*>* evening. No casualties have
�����** repurted.
Hat Hums was in town this week
ln*|*ectlaf tbe work done on the
Minne ha-ra. Seven men were put
<o work yesterday.
With this regulation   will   land
package In Uie dead ietu*r office.
Too Honest to Lice.
\ K�� nfivw odllor le*tifieti at   the
Ronton iri.i! that he couhl open anv
three or ��<'tir wheel eombinatiofl safe
lia*k iii lifuvn minute*. Or in other
OOfdo, he QNtHd make as much nmney
in tiftei-ii minutes hy opening some-
I-.Iv else* sale as he could in seven
Ihoosand years running a news
Honesty is a great fad with
tome people hut this man is too honest
lo hs allowed to run loose. He
I be placed in a glass ease and
Alter an illness of soine'five weeks,
a sufferer from pneumonia, Albert
Stirrett died at his residence on Cody
Avenue at 10:30 o'clock on Thursday
Deceased was a native of Forest,
Ontario, and for several years resided in Calgary, later living in the
state of Washington, from whence
he came to Sandon some 18 months
Mr. Stirrett was a member of the
hide* Kin lent Order of Oddfellowship,
the A. 0. tJ. W. and the L. 0. L.,
and during his residence in this city
won the respect and esteem of ail
who knew him. He leaves a wife
and twochiUren to mourn his sad
demise, to whom the sympathy of
the whole community is extended in
their snd bereavement.
The funeral will take place on
Sunday to the New Denver cemetery under the auspices of the Oddfellows society of this city. Joseph
Stirrett, Gold Commissioner, oi Don-
aid and Archie Stirrett. of Vancouver, brothers of the deceased, will
be present at the last sad rites.
Drrj Ore in the Madison.
xhihited along with the  monstrost-
iea of the Pliocene age in the British
Weattcard Bound.
Says  the   FiederictOU   Herald ol
the 6th Insl:
"Miss Maggie llatt. who took her
yesterday  afternoon  for
The North against tho South side 	
�����f Reco Ave. played hockey at the ,d rture V^lf���"\;T''Vnarr^i
���Jnklaat Booday. The game was ^ m,,uv,r, it. c. is to hsioarnao
^���ral a dmw and all fcntdwlarrd |t (ha place about the ��*����
Tbelciolea are m thick on ��f S^fa
���'���rUaird sidecf tho rAyMreak print  at the t
Ou the Argents claim of the Madison group, alamt a mile from Sandon,
W. W. Warner recently made a
strike of some very high" grade dry
ore. This property, consisting of
three claims, the Madison, Argenta
and lireat Eastern, belongs to J. C.
Katun and is under bond to the Coin
Mining Co. The work formerly done
was on the Madison ledge, where a
good body of concentrating ore has
been shown up. The Coin Company
ran a crosscut on the Argenta and
tapped the ledge at about 50 feet
depth, showing three inches of high
grade dry ore in 18 inches of quartz.
This class ot ore is novel to this dis
trict and the assays, which showed
1660 ounces silver and $4 gold with
practically no lead, were surprising
to the tinders who did not think that
the ore earned any great values.
Another crosscut will be run to tap
the ledge lower down.
Cold Weather in Coeur d'Alene.
Wallace, Deo. 12.-The temperature was down to zero this morning,
the lowest it has been this winter.
The continued cold weather has been
(rearing the South Fork rapidly, the
ice forming on the riffles, where it
freezes to the bottom, while the
eater thus forced to run over keeps
rising. Should such weather continue a tew weeks the town would
be Hooded bv the river bed being
built up in this way. For a week
there has been no thaw, even in the
most sheltered and sunny spots.
The mining companies have been
compelled tt) shut down their concentrators, tbe water freezing too
much in the Humes, and the water in
ihe river is now almost clear.
John L. Ketallack is recovering
from his long siege of typhoid lever
in Spokane.
The shipments of ore  from July
1st, 1898 to date.
Prom Sandon.   *
:   8,080 ton a
:    1,719
Slocan Star,
:     1,?57
Last Chance,
:.-     410
Wonderful Bird
80 i
;          8
C M Wilson
:           2
Treasure Vault
Miller Creek
Blue Bird
:    .   45
Prom Concentrator Siding
:     2155
Queen Bess,
:         20
Prom Net�� Denoer.
:       2441
Prom Whitewater.
:          50
Whitewater Deep
From McGuiflan.
Rambler                  i
Native Silver Bell
Total, : 16,31*3 tons
Shipments over the K, & S. for the
week: Payne 10TJ, Rnth 71, Blue
Bird 15, Reco 20.
Over the C.  P. R. for the week
Payne 120, Star 60.
Total for the week from Sandon :
386 tons.
From Three Forks for the week :
Idaho 1G5, Queen Bess 133, Monitor
20,   Total 318.
The Mightq Dollar.
Preparations are under way for
the launching* of the battleship Irresistible. The Duchess of Marl
borough, formerly Miss Vanderbilt,
will christen the vessel, and tbe
American flag will fly on the official
stand with the Union Jack.
R. II. Troeman's present visit will
conclude on Wednesday, 28th Inst.
Dont be too late in making an appointment.
There will be a terrible racket on
Christmas morning if the little dear
does not get that beautiful toy from
the Post Office Store.
Cabinet Photo's at Sinclair's Studio
Sunnyside, ��3 50 per doc., during
Christmas week only.
We are on the last carload of toys
at the Post Office Store. Don't come
late and then kick because you can't
get what yon want.
There will be a special rate of 60
cents return fare to'Denver Canyon
siding on Sunday for those who wish
to attend the funeral.
Captain Lean Exonerated.
Nelson, B. C, Dec. 12 ���The board
of trade committee which has been
investigating the circumstances attending the loss of the steamer Ainsworth at Crawford bay, November
28th, reported at a special meeting
Evidence taken in writing by surviving passengers condemned the
captain for leaving the wreck in the
first boat and remaining by a Are
before returning to tbe craft for survivors Captain Lean, three of tbe
crew and three passengers left the
steamer in a lifeboat.
The captain pleaded that he left
first so ss to manage the lifeboat,
and that the steamer was staunch
and not overloaded. After hearing
the report the board adopted the
following resolution:
"Having investigated the accident
the board can not reasonably attach
the blame to any person concerned.
The cause of foundering still remains
a mystery. We believe that the captain used his best judgment in rescuing passengers. The board is of the
opinion that accidents of this kind,
involving loss ot life, should be investigated by the government."
Canada's Mine rale.
pood the Yukon bill in tbe interests
of the miners. A recent despatch
from Vancouver states that Mr.
Slavin "haa secured the exclusive
right to cut the timber for five mile*
up the Klondike river, beginning ai
its mouth." The Yukon delegation
protested strongly against these large
timber grants, pointing out that the
miners were obliged to buy wood to
burn in thawing out the earth before
digging, and were also compelled to
boy timber for sluices for use in waah
ing ont the gravel. But Mr. Slavin
has secured his monopoly.
Duty oa Nickel.
The nickel interests at Sault See.
Marie are actively agitating the lay
ing of a prohibitive duty oo nickel
ores, to prevent their export Into Ununited States, snd to encourage thetf
manufacture in Canada. The cap!
tallsts engaged in nickel manufacture
here will make representations be
fore the Canadian conimi-skHiers at
Washington for the protection of
their interests.
The Copper Mines of Bruce.
Professor A. B. Wilmot's book on
tbe mineral resources of Canada haa
been fully reviewed in London, especially in financial journals, and
the information be gives to British
readers should surely quicken their
interest in the nearest colony and
make them realize the enormous
possibilities of a country which, as he
says, surpasses all Europe in extent
and variety of its mineral wealth���
waiting for men and money to develop it. It is bewildering to con*
template the great future of this
country which may yet have an output of coal and iron greater than that
ot Britain to-day, aod an oo'put of
petroleum greater than that or Resale and nt gold and silver and cooper
greater than any that has yet been
fonnd in other parts of the world.
Mr. Wilmot estimate* the total value
of the mineral output, in Canada for
the year 1896 at 23ft million dollars.
Coal represented eight million dollars, gold, three million; nickel,
copper and petroleum one million
each; silver two million.
Lord Douglas of Hawick, who
took hold of the desuetudinoos cop
Iper property at Bruce Mines and
made a success of it, has written a
glowing letter to the Financial Times
of London, England, on the prospects
of the copper fields of Northwestern
The Standard's Work-
That great trust, the Standard Oil
Co,, has acquired the oil fields at
Petrolea, and to facilitate distribu
tion thev have erected oil tanks at
certain points along the Canadian
Pacific and Grand Trunk Railways.
Tu retain this large business the railways have made a slight concession
in rates, which gave rise to the
rumor that the railways were pro
tecting the Standard Oil Co., at the
expense of local interests. The railway authorities deny the imputation
indignantly, and say that the con
cession is only what any other big
ahipper would get.
The Political Situation.
"An Old Reformer" writes to the
Toronto Star:
Let me give vou the latest before
the World gets it It Is that the
Mail and World are to he Invited to
run aa the organ of tlie Reform party,
with Tupper Junior and Hugh .loon
Macdonald as editors; the it lobe to
be the Tory organ with Bifton and
Tarte editors; W. F. Maclean general organiser and J. Rmo Robertson
commander-ln chief; Tupper Senior
and Lord Aberdeen to be i.dnt high
commissioners to England; Mulock
and Laurier to be sent to the Klondike for ten years; Jalfrav, Cox and
Williaon to'he banished In a coal
mine in British Colombia. There ia
more in consideration.
A Pugilist's Monopoly.
��� ...
During the last session of parliament, Mr. Frank Slavin, who is well
known In the prize ring, was seen a
{rood deal around the parliamentary
obbtes. He claimed to have personal
knowledge of the Yukon, and did his
beat to discredit the statements of the
delegates from the Klondike who
appeared before the senate and op*
Whrj Not?
"You will observe," said fb��* ntxt
feasor, ' that the higher tl c altitude
attained the colder tire temperature
"But Isn't it warmer up in the
mountain*?" asked the youth at the
foot of the class wh��wo father waa In
the hardware line.
"Certainly not," replied fhe professor. "Why do vou think it woold
be warmer there?"
"I thought the atmosphere was
heated by the mountain ranges," replied the youngster.
Tbe new imperialism of the United
States finds no echo In the soul of
drover Cleveland, whosavs: ��� Without going at all into details, I wish
to say that 1 am ardently opposed to
every feature af this annexation and
expansion policy. Tlie rnbtic ought
to knew pretty well whit my con
vl-tions are. faom tire Hawitan question during my administration. I
bave not changed my mind, and remain opposed to all thia annexation,
from Hawaii to the Philippines."
A Team ol Special Mare.
Here la a atnrv told of Patrick
VMara, a private In Ihe Ninth Regulars. Not kmg ago he went to the
Jolonel. who was a severe disciplinarian, for a two weeks leave of ab��
������Welt," said the Colonel, "what
io vou want a two weeks' furlough
Patrick answered:
"Mv wolfe Is very sick, and the
children are not well, and If ye didn't
mind, she wmld like to have me
home for a few weeks to give her a
bit of assistance."
The Colonel eyed htm f�� a few
minute* and said:
"Patrick. I might grant yoa your
request, but 1 got a l��r*r from vour
wife this morning saving that she
didn't want yoe home; that y*m
were a noalance and raised tbe d��v||
whenever you were there, rthe
hopes I won't let you have any more
. "That settles it.   I sappowr I can't
ret the fnrlooirh. then ?  said Pat.
"No; I'm*lr*id not. Patrick, ft
woold not be well for me to do so
under the circumstances."
It was Patrick's turn now to eve
the Colonel aa he started for the
door.   Stopping suddenly, he eakl.
"Colonel, can I say something to
"Certainly. Patrick; what is it?'
"Yon won't gel mad, Colonel, if I
say It r
1-Certainly not Patrick ; what U
"I want to say that there are two
splendid liars in this room, and I'm
���ne of them. I was never married
11 my loife."
The Canadian. British Columbia
and Dawson Telegraph (Jbmpaat
wilt rame Its pnwprctos ia Uatdoit
very anon, and It is sal J that .Sir
James Oram. Sir Adolphe Caron and
Hon Mr. Turner are on the ho**rd.
���.*** *
Are among the Moat Valuable
and Beautiful of Christmas
I have the Largest and Beat
Assorted Stock In the Slocan.
My Present Large Stock of
SILVERWARE will be added to
in a lew Days.
Be Sure and See It.
Boenj Article of the Best
Jeweller and Optician.
Application for  Renewal of
liquor License,
NOTICKt- bmmmrmimon ik-t *t u.. .,Dil,
%-_��# i_.-ara__f___.,rf __? �����""���"<��� ih
J.��. Km it-to....,
UwMkMi.lfQvwMWtma. ta��.
S&ta^S-,et--^_-_->t_f"' ��
�����!����������������������� torn maamttmAttktmt  ts|||   ��.,.,,,   .
tboUommmlommt-U-s-.roul lit.t;nJof*.*
Ion tor  a \kwam towll ll��iort.y V-un ������
*hmb pttmLmt miAamia out Us** A*��i..��� jn it,.
i*tjr ot tis��4civ
TWr.-i m.% |l_. .
*MMHMM. IswSJSWssrf SIM, lbM.
 , ,	
Certlfleate of Improvement*.
oooti day onus a i. claim
*��������(��� I* lt�� SlWott Mlnin�� Ihm.i i. ���f \v*,��
kmmmay  Di.trt-1    Wb*n  \ocmt*ml    tht
Pafma M<Hmt��*n
'TaSS amAhm tb��t IAS Farsrsll. amllma �����
tgaml tot John mmmttk,  Prmm Miner's IVnitl
*������!��� N* IlltO, lnWr.4. stsljr tlmy* (mm <!���<���
wrmot, toappty I* Uw> Mir.t~_ mmtxrimt t,, ���
tiatAiAcalm ot tmpmmmmmtm, tot ib. pmrpom
���A or>i��00-�� ��� 0������  OnsM  ot  IWiUh
Ah4 tmrtbm iohm notmtm that _tn�����  ut ��.��
���cffttsni At.  s_ns*  ha m<omm*ntm4  ���-'..��� o*
UsW-Hws. mt wi**b CbctlSs-t* ol lapwias  ���.
tmAa4tMmmtAhmmjrot *��*���*'����-1   .**
A.M l-'sssn i
ws^f mw��
Oertt-tante of Improvement*.
iooopay nucrio* mixkrai. claim
Utaata  Ut   *h*  AAmma  Mlnli* IXMs-sr ��f
Wis*! Ammtmnmp 4Mtssi.    Wbrnr*   ������ ������< !
On Payam Msssitit
T-aa���11���tS���� LA S Vbr*��ll. mmting st
mm* tm imam mmarm, Pim Mtmmf �����Vit ��*v �����-
fin IIIMa. I*t����4. sHtjr Aajtm tmm amtm >-.,.
-f. ���������I^lf ta||�� MltiiM Amof-��r  Is*  si si
'itmrmtmmttmtmmtmwmmla. tot tits r~��*i-"* "'
>lit��i��liMl ��� CWwfi (Insl nt th�� sr-.�� tcUi-
An4 Isrtksl t��k* wMHw  <ImI sr��i..r.  ur ��*���
-wlion tt, mmmA bm mtmtmmoemA   ����l.>r�� lbs
|s��st-i>r�� ot mamhOs��tiaw>t�� mt ln.pro*wm*r.:��
lsst��4 thi* ana ��_tjr A mammhrnt, ma
A. ����� Vss-n i
Sftwa is hmrmby aitamtbot sm-ksii     *
Umt-lils th* l^ftsislis*  A��#mM,r ot th-
rtmiotoml artt.shCohtmt'M ���! '����� ���>���'��������������
mm by tha Ortll J�� 4'��lu.��t>u T*Ut��i��"''* ���  ' ��� ������
it*!'  ,a Cds-p-rh towssuwrB's*! >���� R��-s>l
muAmr HMC-SMV-t.l��s Arts IAAI to IS J   Impsn-
sli S#����li>�� lot ta.M ������ifc#s*s,n,|ssi>�� "���'   '���
mUtmmpm,*?"  tm ����� mt aahAtmlma si I
onlmtriaa u��w�� �� Um *��****, i>r  rk.Mil
otmtmmy o* \ba mmm ��M*-' ���" ",# "'
stMlaM of *s_-��lloo   <Ul** ils.1 in  B����lss I
-lllnWltr<t.i|��r-IJ.l..�� ���*�����-��� Oampm*
ARst  ��Or����    tb*   **M    votnom^t   ��"""
���rinlrs. asMai->  �����������! ������*��� ������������� -"  "���  "
po��sr.. |��l��IU/��.. Im* lii����* ���*> ��� ������������'' hwii
bytbm"S*m W��stmln��ti,r A Putrmt-l l��r��l Tri
mtmmamlltnoifamy. U����U��<r aad -l_��V.n
a iisiswi tsi^a..t.t. is����n_iri��:' ��������������� ������������'�����
trMs��M��lnlb* mbl ��wn*i.vst..l '�� ��������*���"���
ib�� luMilii*. si.i.rs-l im- b$ tha sf. ���
t*oin|MW-M am\ tm  !_��� e��riUrrli>��  .��'���"'��� "'���
mUtlfrmptay tAmpowof i�� i��.iwhs^  ��������������������
t��k����>v��ror  ��ib*r��i�� mmtimtn lb*  "*
prl��il������s. fntMbls-s. |����sr�� mn4 -sst��-
*_*���������...-*.-.-������*rissrt ol  Ih. rrovlni-s .-I
OrttUh CsilMHilii- MvlNT slmllsr obk* '
U-i��o-it-inr .-nl t���� ��M-lai����-,****>,>1 ���"'
oAhat tmrnprnoy *r ��ii_i*oiUs ...1  <" ''-
*%a aatt tarty mm ��h�� bitsl����s����. 'h- ��� "r
-iM votopmnyot tompmnw* m ���."..��>'���<
toU ��r.|-lrwl; b-4 for ih# ��o.,fsrrt..* ����-'
Ih* ��-M ��omi����r A -II so. I. |����.r. ���* �����
-��� nmmmary r�� fail/ �������* ���otnplstsi' <mtt?
on.n.l -t��r��l�� Ifca ��orks atormmhl, or s
ot lh��in, ��nS of ������kw *o��*rs.
tmmt rklstMba-jr A Noir#mUr. A I1 I
Solicitors for AwH"-"" mm
LU Alhcrlon Co-
Post Office Store
AH  mi. Is  of
toys, Tea Sets,
Dull Furniture
Air Guns
j-/ Granite Sots
I ^ Games       ,
Iron Trains
Month Organs
Toy inatalJi
Mimic Boxes
Magic Lanterns
Plajr-, American
��**<1 Canadian M
I PQQ���^���^r���
Ornaments Efle8
of all sizes.
ma rmrmtaX AMr��
Made especially for Christmas Trade.
Call tn and examine our stock of
Shoes & Slippers
The completeness of our
Qjjfr NXtents' Furnishing Depart-
< a\ ment has created for us
r>^  \.   the name of the only
>t/tm >v first-class   Haber-
���0   N.     dashers in the
A** \     Slocan.
The very latest
in Christmas Neckwear direct from
New York.
ER. Atherton Co. utd
Dealer in Gent's Furnish ii
Clothing, Hats and Caps,
Dealer in Gent's Furnishings, Ready Made
ffi_li��lr w_2 and Caps, Soots and Shoes.
Ia laaaai urerj Saturday In Sandon, la the heart
of the greatest While Metal camp on earth.
Subarripttwi ...     tuooayear
Strictly In advance.
AddretK Thb Paystsk-k, Sandon, B.C.
After eonsiderable lobbying and
agitation spread over a number of
years, the American Govemmeot re-
roses to reduce the duty upon land
ores going into that country* Bean
the representations of the Canadian
members of the Anglo-American conference, now concluding their labors
at Washington, tailed utterly In tbeir
appeals, however strongly the ties of
Kinship may have beta advanced.
There has been hot one aspect only of
tbe question, aa a rule, advanced in
all discussions upon thb topic in tbe
past, and that, the hardship the heavy
duty worked upon the Kootenay mine
owner. However, much good may
yet result from the situation and the
Canadian miner led to bless the hand
that haa smitten him, inasmuch aa
the feeling and conviction Is growing
that our ores must and will be smelted at honke.
Many American financiers have
eonteased that tbe action of their legis
lators in the past in raising the duties
wss a short-sighted policy. As aa
evidence of this, they point to the
present flourishing condition of the
mining and atoeltUg industry lo
Mexico. Betore the duty was imposed, Mexican mine-owners were content to ship carefully sorted ores to
the Ameiioaa smelters at a small profit, and the latter worka were only too
pleased to beadle the product, for, aa
fluxes, they were mostdesirable. So
soon aa the Impost was made, the importation of Mexwan ores practically
ceased, and then It waa that mining
was placed upon a souod basis in the
pro-Spanish republic American eep-
iulists saw their opportunity and, de>
setting their own land, tamed their
attention to tbe south, Shelters and
refineries were erected al numerons
places, old mines were opened upon
a larger scale, new districts developed, neglected dumps resorted aod reduced* and, where onoe semi-poverty
and idleness existed may now ,be
witnessed wealth and activity. These
home works enabled vast bodies of
low grade ores to be handled at a
profit, and what waa undoubtedly
American lorn has proven to be Mexican gain.
The same factors are working for
Canadian independence and ultimate
profit. In practically prohibiting
Mexican lead ores, the American)
Senate provided also a smart laah
for the then infantile mineral development of thia country. Yet, aa said
before, food may result. British and
Canadian capitalists are beginning to
see that a profit can be made out of
smelting and refining our own ores
and are interesting themselves ao
eordlngly. The Canadian Pacific
Railroad Company are leading in this
movement, by making extensive pre-
parationafor handling Slocan ores at
Trail. The Hall Mines smelter at
Nelson is also arranging to redoes
more largely our wet ores, while the
idle works at Pilot Bay and Golden
give signs ot renewed life aad ambi-
tioo. Tbe success of these works will
result In others being established, and
an honeat aibrt will be made to top-
ply the borne market and compete for
a share in the undeveloped demand
in the Orient. Canadians are not
wanting in self-respect, but they lack
confidence and enterprise at times;
and this is one of tbe opportunities to
be seised aud made much ot. American smelters profess not to want
j Kootenay i wet ores, but the fact must
be noted that tbeir refineries are not
averse to receiving all the lead bnl
lion that can be sent them Grits,
fluxes, and assorted minerals are now,
available in ever-taereaafnff quantities in Kootenay, only awaiting the
reduction w�� rks and refineries to use
Tax Edmontoo Bulletin contains
the following as a new advertieemeat*
"British Columbia restaurant, Oh
Sing A Wong Sing proprietor* Open
day and night. Meals at all hours;
first clam cook. Regular meals, 25c/
British Colombia haa had to stand a
good deal In the past, but this ts the
unkindest eat of all The aborigines
oi the tar north should be dlsabosed of
the idea that Ibis Province is aa appendage of tha Mongolian Empire, the
statemeotacC 'Chinaae" Martin to tha
��orftrary, notwithstanding.
. .Mill'in
Oa January 5th the Local Legitia
lure will assemble In tin gargBoat
architectural pile across James Bey,
Victoria. Moth interest It being
evinced, greater Indeed than on any
former occasion, aa the fate of two
bcthas matt he decided. Hon. Mr.
8emltn says he haa nothing to fear
as leader of the Qovernment, while
Bon. Mr. Turner, aa bead man ot the
Opposition, professes confidence.
There will be numerous sharp pas
sages at arms and some natty things
are likely to be said. The odda are
oo the Semlin combination.
It Is a noticeable fact that the foremost place among the ameirdmente
advanced to the Mineral Act Is given
to the delinquent co-owner in assets*
ment work. His baneful Influence
bas been felt In all parts of the Province and he matt be glean scant
justice. All agree that the mode of
procedure matt be expeditious and;
inexpensive, to that the prospector
may have a remedy for one of tbe
many ills Inflicted upon him.
CowiCHAM'a lafe member In the
Provincial House, Mr. Robertson, who
vacated hit seat for a similar offence
to Mr. Neill, has two opponents to bit
re-election. Tbey are Dr. L. Hal I, of
Victoria, and Mr. 8word, who waa
defeated In Dewdney at the general
election. The Tumerlte candidate
says be will win.
A movemxxt, originated by
Rossland Record, laon foot to organise the representatives of the British
Columbia prom into an association for
mutual protection aod advancement
It It a commendable step, for If there
la coe Individual who requires pro*
feetloo above bit fellows, it It thai 2
hmg suffering editor; who, In tbe
pass, haa been the victim of the mer*
eiless spring poet; to any naught of
the political Jobber and the delinquent
subscriber.   Protection by all mean*
00*0 amo atxvK* in rnma.
I The return* of the trade ol British
India for the five mouths from April 1st
to August SIM show that a period of
eery that �� period of very eonsiderable
prosperity has succeeded the famine
period of two years ago. As It always
the case, this e-rospertty haa been fot*
of tne precious metais. Toe excess af
exports of produce over Imports sf merchandise tbi* rear has beoo more than
^grw^mtmv^mr^txwwmmwm   mtwmxw^m'    "f mmmmm    w^^mw���w   ^mrwmmwmwm    mpptW0fm m*     mmmtmmmm
twice that ot a year ago, so thai the
purchasing power of the fnUttlry It
much greater. We find that the value
of Ihe Imports aad exports ef mrfd and
silver for the five months has been as
follows, In rnpeesi the exchange value
of the rapee has varied daring that
period between 2H aod aa cents, being
moat of the time above to coats:
���O-ML���     ���
freely only when it falls below a cor
tain point In comparison with silver
In part also it waa probably dun to the
aiipretvenalon of a sweeplrur currency
_����W51_kouf���� very little attention I,**
neretofore been paid to thi* i*fluru ..(
the government to encourage goUi (,n
porta aad diaoourage those of *ii v.r
A still wider differeaee appuara when
. Ml___ll,Porl�� *** compared.   The
value of the pld retained more than
doubled, while that ol the *U-er (hi ���ff
about 80 per cent. Large e-portt of
silver were made to the Strait* Mile
menta and China, while aome of the
metal wool to Persia and Arabia.
In the statement above value- Are
givee, hot tha  returns report at*>
_ of silver, which were ** (ol-
lows lor the Ave months, for three vear_
��'mi. hi
tl .'���"*;���.,
It Is worth noting that even in rh��
year of greatest distrait, In spite "f the
fatalae, Indie exported much lews silver
than was imported   Thou**
af heavily,tbe selling
likewise, and a eaosWersbli
ing fell mt heavily,the sellir
iirowiss, ana a ssustoees
�������� ^U���e w^^u^moow^^uo rn^mi o^w^r vwivt s
the buy-
e  balance
Baimii vKAAAjmmAjmjm misuserustta*
Tha very conrnderahla laerease fa
gold imported, while tha silver remain-
id nearly stationary, was due in pert to
the somewhat higher range of silver
valaee, since tha natives wtll hoy geld
i' ���m\mmmmmmmmmmm��m*m*mm0Wiaaigamemmt^^
Oe aad aftsr tha first of the ns�� -ear,
through traffic from tha main line of tb*
C.P.R. to Nelaon. Trail and Rowland
will torn sis r at Nakusp for connection
with tha aeelh via the Slocan take mot*.
This it to he done so ss to e*o*d all
danger from a Us-up this winter of th*
bit steamers la the Narrows b*l<>��
Sakuap. One boat will look slier the
Lower Arrow Lake baaineos, but tb*
Othsm wUI B*v between Nauasp snd
Anno bsa il. las train ssrrks os tb*
N. AS. trill hs improved to meet lbs
iaemasad demand apoe the mad. ��htl*
the new tug ** Itoeebery will aasist in
thstsks traffic. This araaffsmsnt will
sfisei the espfom, mail, snd f might *a
wall aa pssssnosrs. This arranf*m*nt
should greatly benefit Nsw Iientsr *$
It will fire aa importunity for advertiss-
ment pever before esisttna. An effort
should ha asade to make practical tus A
lbs adrantsfs.���Tbe Ledge.
fjtetshalog shipped from theBlae-
bird. 80 tons going eat last w����k.
Hunter Bros.
Christmas Trade
- Plum Puddings
����������������������������������������������^������^���M������^���IM���S������S^M��SSMSIM��pM������S��������SSS���iM���~��������������'   "
Farm Produce, Fruits,
"���Vegetables. �������_���>
rVtheamvenletweofthetradeatoxk It always kept oo head In the
Jelland BelMpg. SANDON. Mlnet supplied at wholesale rales. *>*
loaded with Produee, Fruits aad Vegetable! art ran into the Slocan ev try
TEN DATA, aad orders can he delivered en matt. THE I'AVSTKKAK, rUNDON, B.
glOCA*   StlWtMUJ-   FtOAT.
Ka��hrdirtg has ���WMMaaaaid from the
Tbi tone on the ChsnOioca has been
Tb** idsho mines shipped 900 loos of
Uor** men bare been pot to work on
u^tthtir water.
rr*-��rtlsofa-Otsoa et ore has been
mppaxi trom .Sllvertea this year.
Th* Ktueen Bass oi ported are ears of
ptt toting ii* weak, ar I�� etas ia all
A ^ail ��Mpa>i��ill^iam^4^
tk V(Vh by the fMgtr ��a-deo to ihe
H_ii Mine* sinelter, Heleee.
Stlarday night the tannej on the
Amto-toion was la 44 last, wiih miner*] increasing la tie ertetf,
tv ne�� cuiaiisottainr at tha White
���sur to i�� rana-af ���**���*���_,***��* I""1
ri iu- |.i*nt r.viag setlefse-loa.
AbJ.t��'u4 Brady are hauling ore
jr^i^OnastochtsiWvertoa Sever
,1 igiAttA uhaa will heesferlad,
jt ss f>ti'sm-(e4 the ��wesiocfc ��encee
intai -rin u started early la January
T-f fOam tiss a capacity of�� tons per
in, fr*��*s rhe WahiSwH Is being haul
A to  SiltertoO  few  ahlaonel   l��*er
tmum* an exported ie be fahipp-d
Morr -uptJis* were aeot a�� te the
j|.s��u-e,. o��n��4 by rioch, Qalhtng and
iWt. *���*! sitstsled about-4 utiles east
��4S*w Denver,   The profwrty will be
���srkcrf sil stater.
t\, DECEMBER 17, is**.
jorriaos rooai wwirawarsn
Mr P.sfflf. managerefthe Whitewster
IWf none, spent a latr da��a la N��**>e
Ur iv*��stor has geoe east to speed
itu-sm-* with his family in Owwi
Inert, Oat
B�� ' um>. o��r fsepeeterl barber.
Is* Oi.' j- <od dtstimikMt of being eull-d
!��s>.* t * Sim* twf arming ihe other
4*t. J25s
Am<*n* ibam oettefd la town la��r
amkm t*e Mr ��.errard, manager ot the
Bsa- ����� 11 N A. at Kaslo. aadOeo
Ata��i��4er, ji raids* of the Jackson
TU merchants are dtselaytag their
ttrwtna. warm to good Meaatagesnd
���awn** the heat we could oat help but
wfcsihe frne display af tors, Xmo
Mrii* and optice) gaud* made by our
���"aging dntggtat, Jaa. M  PaUenwn
of the tumid, which will be continued
clear to th** surface, a distance ol about
40 feet.
Work on the Big Chid is rapidly pro-
grnMing Two bugs houses have been
completed, abrn a blacksmith shop
r ire tons of rich ore has been packed
from ihe nio ��� to Port Steele, which will
bi'sliipfred to Vancouver for treatment
At the mine two shifts are at work.
Work on the Sailor has been temporally MomN-d itending the arrival of a
hoist and pump.
Tbe Mother I>ode mine, in Dcadwood
ramp. Is thr? fir���* mining propertv in
this duarh t to adopt lighting by electricity.
The work of developing the Hecla
claim in "ro Kino camp, opposite to
Rock Creek, was resumed during tbe
past week.
The shaft on tbe Waterloo is down (��)
feet and it is the> intention of the man
agement to make connection with the
old shaft by dri.ting on tbe ore body.
A compsnv known as The Rich Cariboo Gold Mining Company bss been
formed in Spokane to purchase and develop the Annie L Fractional mineral
The Peotenov ha* been sold, the first
Gvment having been deo***i.ed in the
tnk of Montreal, QietQWOOl The
property has been purchased for Butte
On Wednesdav ihe Urge machinery
plant rerenrlv installed on the Lincoln
aod ��. itv of rarti properties. ;u Central
oatO, ��u *larr**d up, and everything
worked smoothly.
Sinking in the main working shaft
of tbe Minnehaha mine, in camp Mc*
Ktnnet ��a�� resumed on Monday It is
the inientiou of tbe management lo
deepen the shaft U�� feet snd then to
agsm drift to ratch and crosscut
ar, intends giving a Christmas tree for
the children on Saturday, Dec. 17th.
A goodly number of the youth and
beauty of'this town attended a ball at
Burton City last Friday night. They
report having had a splendid time.
______ Zero.
Oroua-  to   b��>   Floated.
Black Grouse group is to be
floated in London by Major Furlong.
During the week, W. H. Sandiford,
manager of the Northwest Mining
Syndicate, inspected the property, and
cabled a satisfactory report, to be followed by written details. Ths Black
Grouse will be taken up on the basis of
a prospect, with first-class showings.
The projierty conttpues to improve with
development. Great things will result
from the introduction of this new British
capital, as the company buying is very
The resignation of Dr. Brouse, of this
town, as coroner for the Slocan, has
been accepted by tbe Provincial Government.
Smelter for  -Uraadai���.
Manager Whyte, of the Canadian
Pacific Railway, who haa returned to
Winnipeg from Montreal, ssye that the
company has decided to erect a 1,000-ton
smeiter in the Boundary Creek country
in advanse of railway construction, thos
meeting the wishes of many mine owners
in that region. Tbe point at which tbe
smelter will be located haa not yet bean
decided on.
_��� i 1���
Boson   Ship-teat-.
Spokane parties have acquired a con
Mliag iniereMla theHecse Shoe group
otflvc claims.   There is e good show
tag of ore
between i.ttO aad MOO teas of dean
we it now on the dump of Ihe Si
f-sgene mine which wtH be asuled do�� n
W *hi; :in��nl
*!"������"'* snd Thompsoo are running ��
'wnel in the hopes of tadtng sn old
taanaei on Parry erreeh. Ths Tunnel i��
*o* in some JU feat.
As wmtn aa theOsaadian Pacific lUil
���ay iompan�� glees the miae owner* of
���_*������ a ���idetrarh, at least tee car
J*ds ��i ore will tare that place daily
at the sinelter.
The iUnks Bros have reatmed work
*_��* I����rtlaimlleselaliaoa Wild Horse
5Jok. Thev hate aa Incline sliaft of
����feet on the rein and have now com-
jjjoced another tunnel WO few* from
There are now between sis sad eight
2��,n*ds of nre (a the hia at the Lake
"���** mine, uad the owners are uking
I'n,f��i the rate of eight tons lo t����'
Zr- J**T *** aew making sn up*
*������* *��>miii! loo f^ |n (mm -he mouth
tlevel��pmenlson Ihe Hi chequer Gold
Mmmg in # peepertr,  rhrss to the
Atliabaera, are disc-losing a fine hoily of
ore     In the   shaft the ledge shows' M
feel wide, gtvm? letaraS of |B0 in gold
T��ad mountain is b��*coming the main
stav of Ibis city.
Tbe jthabaaca mine is proving a
veritable bonaiiia and the lste?4 St*
ample of its ri< hu<*s* ha* l>een brought
do* n from th*" mine tu the tkape of a
^^^^^^ - ���' The com
^^^^ om
the eunaan*
Bvea ��irh
is ai present
.  [Vfl't
ing ami developing it    There are now
������..���si ions A ore on lbs dump
gold brul i alued at 114)00 The coi
psati is clearing ahset Us-OOa day fn
the plati*s aod thev  have *w* -----
tratei hew the taUiagt left
Ihest return*, theoompsty i�� ��t nrnsn
only milling the "re taken in blorkit
our rhe ore hedj nnd further proapW
, win.
The I .stamp mill on the Porto Rico
la working without a hiirh
i V-hB has kSSS instalUii on rhe
B^ngSta- and rhe dev.lopment of
P' ^r.Tispr.H-eeding rapfiHy.
Duedsc eealluuei tolta*
.vein value. The eooeenUatoc plaxtl
btdag lartallet
Ihe pfO|
Ore on the
I   ------------
lung B-BpS mAtt}
The new  building*4
in run
ami  will hi'
in the new year.
nt the   rsmarsc
Water   in the
.���  ala.ul.r.unplrted.^^^     ^
shaft  Interfered   with
Ihis under
NAaesr DOlW-t
in to keep
l^hed ahoat Christmas.
A   Bell, sn pM �������?
n\g aaaaectlon
la��t w^__^__^__^__^__^
Cl Miular ichtel leach
-^ brahemaa
last west
here, severe
with the
Everything at the Bosun is in first-
class shape and Ihe ore showings are
most satisfactory. Two car loads of ore
bave been shipped during the week and
more will go out by Saturday. Returns
have been received from the Aurora
and Selby smelters on two car loads of
ore, giving net profits of 11,464 per car.
J. L. Retaliack will winter hi California for the benefit of his health. He
has been 10 weeks in, bed, suffering
from a complication of diseases.
,'..'  ' ..,_'���,, " ' .v..1" .��� i1',.1 i.,:e
T- Palace Gafe,
m sandon
Kaatern Oysters,  Tender
Chkkens   and   everything
tbe  Market affords in the
way of delicious and.
- telstable food can be found
J"The Palace
Sosnger. and other, are
Is the.
in tbe Slocan
It never Closes
requested to call on ns when
0 hanger torments their Inter-
-_. ______M_ ^ ^��nn i_ _5_
on shift you are sore to find
and the proprietors aim
to please their patrons
in every way possible.
Millard & Thompson.
Provides ample and pleasant acesmmodatlon for the traveling public.
I rovKies OT|5^55 for -a,--,, promptly attended to.
smiEtAVisoN,  P^Oi>^teto^^���
Dealer ir| MEATS
MINING    RE_0ORDS Ithedefendwtvend-Ueplam^^^
I pealed,   Tbe two points on which tbe
plaintiffs  relied and contended for were
The following ia a complete list of the
-lining transactions recorded during the
week in the several mining divisions of
the Slocan. Those of New Dears* were
as follows:���
Duo 7-BoWn.
D_c It-Cube Lode, Chicago No 9.
that (i) tbe Order-in-Council was valid
and intra vires and in accordance with
tbe Act, and (a) that they are entitled to
the benefit of Section jj of the Act, which
provides that no free miner shall suffer
for the act of any Government official.
The trial Judge held that under Section
24 the Act provides that if the smssnjtnt
work is not done in each and every year
(the claim shall  be deemed vacant and
abandoned, any rule of equity to the contrary notwithstanding.   As many claim
���  holders bave relied on extension-- under
the aame Order-in-Council the judgment
of the Pull Court will be of great interest
A day and a half were taken up with the
argument and the Court, as stated, allow-
ed the appeal with costs.   B. V. Bodwcll
.. QrXBP \jwtj, mm-
T-omiao-tof* W
and Capital J,
 i, Dae 7.
Dace-Enst-ad ,, A 8 Bfindle to C H Brindle
Dsc s-WlntoB, B McGregor. 0 Harris sad W
11 -tartfai to tht Silver Band Mlnln�� Oo, Nov 1,
c-ariricATB or ufraov*ufurta|
D-CS-Neoena,by B C G-ld Trust.
Dbo 7-Kado. Oro and Alma, by D B -prague
aad J S Parker.
D-c S-Hope So S, by R Cooper aad HSberan.
Dec l-Motaawk. A R -laedonald and W H
Morrfeon; Kipimliig, T R Morrow: Antbeoa. A
R MaedonaldrRed Ctond. J S Hk-lu: MeXab. A
C V-nmoerkerke.
and L. P. Duff appeared for appellants
and Messrs. Cassidy aad Arthur Davey for
Nov SO-Weddir.^ BaU, Joke,?
Mrtlakatfa. __^___^__H
D-cl-Edbh -
Dae f���Lack/ Odd, Pairrkw. Basvar, Coraoa,
Lacky Edd fraction sad Toronto, t years.
Dbc V-NapoH and Blamark.
Dec S-WabMb, J s Merartane to . BBraad
A A Webb an* John TinUn*.
Dbo .-Roys!, Jobs Mkldleton to A C Van-
Gold Bank. Harris. Silver Quean and Tskon,
Par-eU to WmHarrls.
��� J**-' ��-Affre_me_t between
CPkr         -*
:_,������_-.���.-_-. BMeParUnea-d
 n to extend npcioa on Iobaa.sUO.
Agreement between tfcrawforrt ead CIPlow.
Sunset aad Mayflower J, F Setaoa
���_ ���
in-n to eitend option on Treadwell.
Sunset aad MayS
Llunard. -i���
Suitaet and MaySower 4, B Job
Llnnard and C �� Caldwell.
ti OM
to Emily J
allowed tbue appmal.
During the past week the statement
has found publication in almost every
paper in British Columbia tbst petroleum haa been " discovered" in the
Crow's Nest Paas.   This ia obviously
incorrect, inasmuch aa petroleum has
been known to exist in the Crow's Nest
Pass, and about the upper waters of ths
Flathead river, for many years.   As far
back aa \m>\ Joe Grant, a practical oil
man, from Oil Springs, Ontario, organised a company of Sarnie and Petrolea
oil people to prospect that country for
petroleum, which, it waa reported, was
gathered for medicinal purposes from
the surface of the running streams by
the Flathead Indiana.
Equipped with drilling apparatus end
pumping plant, and accompanied by a
staff of practical oil operators. Grant
started for the headwaters of the Flathead river, via the Crows Neat Pass
Leaving McLeod and going in hy
Pfncher Creek. Grant succeeded   in
distant, the oil fever died out.   There
has never been any doubt, however,
that petroleum existed In that district,
and the quality of theeamples produced
have been equalled only in certain districts of the Volga oil Holds in Russia.
The oulv point which was in contention
waa regarding the quantity, and on thia
the Standard Oil Company esperta are
said to have reported adversely.   Thia
report can hardly be considered a criterion, aa tbe Standard Oil Company
has the habit of so reporting.   In certain districts in Virginia, tbe Standard
so discouraged development that the?
were finally enabled to buy the oil field*
foranoug, and have aince kept valuable holes   plugged,   awaiting their
pleasure���which ia taken to mean the
petering out of the Ohio and Pewnsyl-
vania oil fields.   As this time, accord*
lag to tbe present indications, is new
Unt tar off, and aa the Standard ia practically in control, of the Canadian oil
Industry, it ia only reasonable to suppose that the Crow's Nest will be pretty
thoroughly prospected.
From the nature of the country, it is
pretty safe to presume .that toe cap*
abilities of thia district are limited and,
even should it become a regular producer, must eventually drop into
inrignificance compared with the vast
petroleum deposits of the Marfcenxie
river district, which, bevond a doubt,
will some day be "the" Light of the
World " In view of the fact thai the
early discovery of petroleum in the
Crow's Neat waa so generally known at
the time, and that It has beeu made the
subject of several government reports,
and also that every geological survey
map of British Columbia for the peal
ten years haa had "petroleum'* iu large
letters, indicating the whereabouts of
rhe discover-, It does seem strange that
tbe recent finds should be hailed on
every hand aa "discoveries "
te*day.   It haa been deridfd t* ��
2S.���_��� "j���~-Uy iS-X&'SJ
Wlac & Liaoor Merchants
Garry the fine* Stock of Liquors in
tha Kootenay Country.
(Were by mall or wire promptly
LK   tUH   rtOATID.
Tbe long-looked for La Hoi mine far at
last before British investors The London aad Globe Corporation aad  the
Vail   Vomrl
Seatfc   rem  mi
Sestloe, a
PeaiMtf j*
The Pull Court sitting in Victoria on
Wednesday allowed the appeal in Peters
vs. Sampson ;from the* judgment of the
Chief Justice.   A mineral claim called the
Gold.Cure, owned by the plaintiff, was
located on  Sooth  Pork of Kaslo,  00
August lath and recorded August -3rd,
1895.   The assessment for the first year
was done within tbe time but was not
recorded  until  the -6th of the month.
The Bismarck, owned by the defendants,
was located on  October 7th, 1896,  in
ignorance of the Gold Cure claim.   The
ground common to both claims waa the
subject of the action.   By aa Order-in-
Council of J aly and, 1896, after reciting
that owing to the lateness of the season
the depth of snow in the mountains prohibited many of the holders of claims
from performing the assessment work required by the Mineral Act during each
year, it was in pursuance of Section 143
of the Act which provided:   "It shall be
lawful    for    the
!?���__i,,*.1Poi-t fn ���*��� eUm* naigbbor. I British America 0_r_*r__tk*_> ���_u_.M.
S���mr Time Card m0a*tit** Jam *\ nam
^^^^^^^^rta��l__Mpi ��rt__et tw*4��e.
gottb tm*%*<i
_ . a-su>
eriea. but found it impossible le proceed
further with his outfit; but finding a
likely piece, he determined to put down
a test hole. Surface indications were
plentiful and, peculiarly enough, most
abundant on the tops of the rocky
knolls, where tbe color of oil could be
found wherever a little water lay.
Grant put his bole down some 800 feet,
and, It is stated, found oil in small
quantities, but before he had completed
his operations tbe drilling plant was
bunted by s prsirie fire. Grant, however, made a trip into the Flathead
country and brought out several vials
of samples of a very peculiar quality of
oil. It waa yellow in color, of about
tbe consistency of sweet oil, and would
burn in an ordinary lamp without refining. When these samples were
exhibited to Petrolea oil men they were
incredulous aud refused to invest any.
more money in the scheme.   Samples |
shares of ��5 each. In Lt Koi Company,
Limited.   The purchase prior iagOBO,.
000, payable in oaah or fully*paid shares,
leaving ��60,000 for working capital. The
Directoes are tbe Marquis of iHtfferin.
Lord Loch, Wbitaker Wright aad H.
Andrewe. of Sheffield, the three first
named being directors of  ihe British
America Corporation    Great things are
hoped in the way of a British Columbia
mining boom in London.   The Le Roi is
well placed on tbe British market.   Almost the entire capitalisation of the Le
Roi waa underwritten beforehand.   The
purchase of this mine by l<ord Defforin
and bis associates and the successful
notation of the property at each a high
figure as the shove should prove a great
advertisement to Roasland, and, in fact,
lo all Canada, in the world's metropolis.
Gradually English capital  allied  with
Canadian is securing possession of the
valuable  British  Colombia   properties
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ l*je asn
sf     ���*     siAfsa Tram I-   ���     ism
tv s to am       K_m��      Be-f a? * '������ i��*>
���Sf     -    Am mm    Pilot Bay ~    *.��������*�� |
0 * Am mm Bmttom ��� *��s|*~7
fBnalsratoam.pl** art* Pi ** s-ipmi
��� " 114 ��m 9l<rto<�� -|vt*>j��-
fTralaarl''��aam NorilMmrt Tr*l��i I* 1 m t ���  ;
1 ���* lltoam R-mlaml ** ir<��(�����*<;
?    "     Stopaa   ttatmam "    ���� ����_
Daily U_l�� |v l/mpm^     i*%Py trmin mt HJt .m
irlUM "        ��-  mm mm
14 lv Am hb MoST Itoal at J ��> i> -
*���  AJ��t*m Ataammrth H-.taril*'i-n..
���   t4Wpm InCl Oaf ���      ll-aimS
���* isanpm KmSMmMofe " Aro j.n-t
_ *��� ftei{to Oast BtvMr " s-.et*~��
*_     **  %mamwma4mry ����������*��*
fl ������ sr Am am Amnet'm Try ��� 1* t*>pmv
���ZttTtmht rv 1140 am " Train ar 11% tm %
9      ���'    m.Mpmapaamnm     -    Iv IMmmr.
��� ���wm "���- iMwne ontian t.ommr��is prop*
were sent to tbe department at Ottawa opened up by American enterpriss.
and Dr. Selwyn, of the Geological Sur- M,<MI,....._ .!.--��_<���.
vey, made a trip into the district from BNOooaAOiNO BKFOWTe
Jennings, Mont., snd proved beyond a
doubt the authenticity of tbe discovery
Selwyn's report canned somewhat of
an excitement about Mcleod and Leth-
k_i_���_ ---�� - ��� ���
.. ._--, M mi excitement anout Mcl^eod and Leth*
__.    ���   gold   commissioners bridge, and manv claims were staked
throughout the Province to extend the by enthusiastic prospectors    It is stat-
timc for a period of 60 days, to date from ed also that experts of tbe Standard Oil
17th day of July, 1896, for the completion Company made a pretty tl
of the assessment mr. *~�� ������-���*��� ��� '������������
of the assessment work on snch mineral
claims as the gold commissioners have
good cause to believe are st this time inaccessible in consequence of the depth of
snow that covers tne said claims." In
August, 1896, the Gold Commissioner of
the district, acting under the Order-in-
Council on the plaintiff's application, extended the time for doing the assessment
which had not been completed to September 17th, 1896. The work was actually
finished in time to have been recorded
within the year, and the only reason given
for tbe delay waa that the plaintiffs relied
upon the extension. The Gold Cure
people advened and began sction, which
was tried in Nelson before tbe Chief
Jastice, who gave judgment in favor of
Company made a pretty thorough examination of the possibilities previous
to 18��). Even at this early date the
Crow's Nest road waa considered a lively and immediate possibility and claims
were held high, even though they were
far from railway communication and
London ad vitas etate that encouraging
reports have been received in England
Coalmandb�� Jon* a*, ram.
tpa M"*4ey. Tbsratoy and frbtmt m
am jmvw Asm _em r<* ar*��*.*t-. I'm
aaiJCttarm.   Umvina !*.����w> at ��� m  w   ,-~
4ay, PrkUy and Hmtrntam*. ��elS��* al ni���� limy.
Amsworib aad Kaalo, and aU way H��>u
OgoaOR  AtKXA!��I>r.K,0��B-lM.-
P. O. Bos Mt. Kaslo. BC
from the Provirtceconcerning the Adama
B.C.Company. Little has been heard
of them for aome months poet, although
steady development work was going on
sil the summer on the Mount Adams
group in the Slocan. The company owns
msny claims 'n different parts of tbe
Province, und It would suiot that on the
Cordiek claima.in Summit (^smp. Boundary Creek,tbe prospects are encouraging
Their engineer reports that a ledge of
  j  iiuBiamon ana Their engineer reports that a ledaeof
their development for tbe present a considerable width has been disclosed
practical impossibility. Fred Nlven, carrying gold values of shoot 118 to ths
now keeping store in Whitewater, was ton. ^-_^HBBBB_i
ainong the first to be on tbe ground and
located a quarter section, which he
bonded for iBu.uOO to Pennsylvania people, notwithstanding that no hole had
been put down and nothing-proven.
After tbe federal elections of 1861, the
row'. W���* ��-�������� -��     * *
_ Taking efTcci |,00 o'clock a. ro
8ept 1, 189-L Pacific or 1-Uh Merid
Ian time.
Sobjeet lo change without notice
Leave ��� �� A.M
������  IM    ������
������  IS
*��� 10 ��    "
.. WM    .,
Arr. 1* ��   "
"      Nwrmir*
_      WbKewa_��r
Arrive, I to I'
105 '
1 rs *
ton ���
1 to
I M '
_        I r�� ���
Lmve I IS *
.. _ .... 1 ��� 11���������^���earn
Ofwm Utoaaa Opaataff.
J. If. Mill ward, manager of the Bosun
Opera House, Tuesday received word
that the scenery and stage fixtures had 1
  ��. ...ped from the I arrived at the customs house, Nelson,
political issues of the day, and, the from Chicago.   Tbe duty haa been for-r
1 becomlusr'warded ��������! tb_. ���-*-	
-___���   m������****"".*-�� -���������������iwiw 01 levi.ine
Snti ** ?T      7M droi>ped tfom tn*
l^mmmtV^^ hes heenlor 'mtfa^sYpaB-T.^ aT"^ "��� '
ponauon oetoming warded and the goods are expected a CAKPBELU        Agent, 8endon
oonr liub.
I Lasvs, nan s.m - Sandcm - Arrive. 11 flsa.m
__** 11.1* ���* tiedy J��net|nn Usee, ll to am
Arrive n.M *��� Ootty  -        ��    liJSaro
TnrtBc Mnar,
far rnmmp raprtmt sod stssinablp rirlteu 10
aad from ag pontta, ��|^|y s�� m
Oo'j Dredfling in Cariboo.
*���*,.��.   \imum  and  CarrUai Mlnea,
iin,;.^!  ha�� been iocorporaM wiih
:^.;ltt of iioaoop, divided i.*.
!a,ii) - *n*s ot HO ee-h. The reg.
' r,,< nice of tbe arm pa n v will k*
yfl... uvir. Tho eouipari> ha*
lrtn ,'.��� i-Usbed w�� acquire by pur*
,bs*v i ����Cbaa. II. Siiuihcr t��f Ikm
too M �� - tW0 H*e*we* d��u**l tin- :iu*b
j'v^t Luiuary, l***&; irranwd i.
j5rfrc�� Hirrdl and William Poll. v,
bitji i..��*es ����r Ihrooeca t���� aniuirv
��t4 wi: precfooi metals I vim* under
Math ���.(<���< waters of Uoranelh* river.
two <��� (>- 1*0 a itistanceof Hvr
Blfc, .��,*! being for 0*rm* of 20
fygrs, i the prkf of HKI.8-0 In
fullv |wi��l u|��slmnotf��br coniian)"
fi���. ,<t i ns Ida elaiiwa have hum
mv i roughly prt#|**ei*��l Uurlnj;
iat m*i ���rssua W Hr -to-mJier, ami
tr%{,:-. it eane omrv��*f<��iialv rich
fmvd    Fifty five botes w��*r��* sunk
frwtu   I or   lo   US   t<*a*t ih)   depth, in
txufU cases to the httlrirk <<r
ri*a lb- ����ttpei Irian the** sb.if'��
��*��-*�� *�� 1 ��i��dlheNHripli*s freight d
..>A��*-holti of W**e n��il��*. Is
es m* iu rnllee helnw Uwr Junctkii
. ��� �� . *> uih and X*��nli rorks si
iWks vWage, aeeragwl
fl_rij�� ruble yard l��u**r titan >ii��
ieaer al***e. or fl 'HI per >and, Thl��
bi��r: ' result.��f ha*tv ealcttlahH?
hattb' . *"��uli of eareful prt����j��Ttii g
i f 0m.    * -���.�� IW l_or rauitifca    Tt���� i e
te,ri.   ivnm>*n   why    th****   pn��|j*��rli��S
siaoaj'. i prove t�� be great produc
tn six) with earefViI managrmeni
sad ib i i,bt kind of drrad-fin^ macli
itwrs, Ukm   aill   be   great dival* i��i
��vm Ih��dging la a great ruming
latin and in no pert of t?<*< makl
*tv �������. mc* rwuta tdteml f����r ii n��
is ibrrirers And atreauta ef British
C��.4ooit ���
_2��WWTO*I, SASIJOS, ,,,,, DB0EMBBB 17|
Atlantic Steamship  Tickets.
SS? froT ^'^l^n points via Can-
dJ';i'f    ,Ame���*.* ��**.   Applv
^��J%dstes, rates, tickets and
lull infoi
Nation to   any   C.   P.   Ry
TVf' * �� *i*trv told t*f a travelJ<-f
is ihe rr.pk*al forwMk who, ihimu:-
Mrs ��� aantr frooi ����nie nee *��r
th*. u\.\*A, tnertait, unwlitingiv. a
mbu ��� irlagatom. Mialng �� lit
IV runs *�� ��ih the liquid l��c qat*nclie.l
MstbvK ikiIt to die a f��*w hours
later. *i��h rolrbrf bsntl* dogging
r^rrv ��� menl in   lib  laah      The
rmnia'.d victim of this traveller'*
Uie Bui* hu rounterpart in actus!
We hi i \>w Jersev man who went
amend with a UiitWr nibl-er |*-il-v-
���bach l����> ste ro prevent another ruin
fnei iu j iKKlaing him with atreirk
��v ll;�� Am waa lie ��skl. that be
���oraM thus insulate* his mind" mc
Adtertlae in the Puystrenk.
-_^-__-_^-__ II    ^sa-n
You cannot find
any better goods
than toe can show
ijou. Remember
this tchen ljou
tcant a good suit
of clothes.
j. R. & D. Cameron.
Canadian Pacific Ry.
Soo-Pacific Line.
Tfe*  fairf   *��J  Nar*��'H��r VfT��* Rc-t��
To E-stcm &
European Points.
To   Pacil:c    Coast.   Alaska,
Chsru.    bpan    *md    Australian
Baggage Checked teDeetlnatlea
nml Tliriui-li Tirker*. Issaseli
A, ( . MeARTHlR,
0. P. R. Agent, Sandon.
WM. HTITT, Gen. S. 8, Agt.,
_   Winnipeg.
1       Dr. A. MILLOY,
j* ROOMS   i,  _   U,   VIRGINIA   BLOCK.
kaslo, a. c,
Will !����� hi tli<f Hotel Bnlmornl   ���
'"��   ' > ��r��t��jr cfviMi tfcst ��t  U��# ��*|4i*
M><m. ������...���Wwp-lrfir^wn.lf*
W<) In (W l^r��ur�� loin _>>..>  >
p ���*���** ��� i t A sooJma tm o li.<*t��o* t�� ���*������'
tv"*K   ""*" *' %k*i' h">**' ���*���*"'*,��� ** ,h"
Oini).      lS��HaUwl   ���� MUmw A***����i#   ����   IS*
-*-   I
Iw^r-Mwiitii, Mwa
���cation for  Renewal of
Liquor License.
���"'Hi I  |,   \,mtwhy tjtfmm ,1^, fc, |hw ����plM
r" * '��� * Uv, I rom Oat* am ������ ��W" U)
��l... ��.,rriwilwa���>����(K. -I th# ��,!�� <'f
K-_T   " * r*n*��w��* ���* **** itmum r��r th��
rt,       ""'������'���. ���naalean IW��*�� Av-n��.-��.. il,t��
l"f "' **��    !..���
WAUtMjrt a -ttomrrr
"������"i-t., iiwHfci^ u,4% in*.
n. l ORinnETT
L L B.
Notary Public,
SANDON,        -        -       B.C.
Tourist Cars
pMI Rr rdKoke i
!>,        Sr  i'.iui.
|t..,;\ Ex�� |' vTedaesdas '" Easl
era I ;U"1 r 9  '' ll,x
0i , -      ,.  m rtisu. trsch
Hm.iqi-.nrter-for Miner-.
Will .tacked bar la oon_eetloa.
Kir.i olam M-oranodatloiis.  Iltmnl l>v the
!,i\ ->r v.t-.-k.
. .ir��d Slocr ( I)
Haltj Train.
7t45k    Ive. BANDON sr.    i-  AW
\m rtatm RATRSi u.i (nil iaf-H  ��� |
tmtmUt >**->< local *t��r��''i'. "i
A  C  Mr \KI'1U K
\.,;,. Sandon,
i',.   ��.|*aan_--__^^^^^|
BONGARO - PIECKART, Proprietors.
Tlte Flr*t Class
Hotel of Cody.
��i,HMirtl RalM bythawata.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Notary Public.
The Crow's Most Pass
Coal Co
ls now prepared to receive orders
$6.00 per ton.
$11.00 per ton.
Terms: Cash with Order.
Order* trill be received by
H. Byers & Co.
Charles St. Barbe, *
General Agent.
Miners and Prospectors.
If you want to save your
money leave your  order
Sleighs, Gutters, Teams and
Saddle Horses For Hire.
Mrs. Clar& Johnston.
Plain and Fancy Sev ing of all Kinds.
Tailor-Made Suits to Order.
Cody  Ave.   '   -   SANDON*
Setting and Mending
of all kinds.
Gentlemens' Clothing
Carefully Repaired.
���r  ft-.
.-. !<jjS
."'*: I
Jacb Halpin Killed.
A dispatch from Port Townsend,
Wash., says:
On December 2nd Charles Watson,
John McGubbin and John Halpin
lost their lives by a premature explosion of a blast. They were working on the grade in the White Pass
A Yukon railway between camps 9
and 10 and were charging a hole
when the explosion occured. The
bodies were horribly mangled.
John Halpin mentioned in the dispatch was well known in this district. He was one of the 22 original
Slocan pioneers who camped on the
townsite of New Denver, in the winter of '91-'92, and in the early days
located some valuable property.
About 18 months ago he and "Red
Paddy*' sold their interests in the
Red Fox claim for a good sum and
Halpin afterward became proprietor
of the Central Hotel in New Denver,
popularly known as the "Pig and
Whistle/' "Rattlesnake Jack's" car
eer as a landlord was brief but decidedly interesting. Last spring he
joined the stampede to the gold fields
but went broke in Skagway experimenting with stud poker games.
Halpin was a native of Wisconsin,
a soldier in tne American war and a
well-known pioneer in construction
days along tbe C. P. R. and Northern
Pacific. His only relatives are now
residing in South Dakota.
Notice to Voters.
Attention is drawn to tbe fact that
the voters' list for the election of
Mayor and Aldermen for the ensuing
year closes on Monday next. All
qualified persons whose names have
not already been placed on the
voters' list roust apply to the Citv
Clerk on or before ' the 19th Inst,
otherwise they will not be entitled to
All necessary information and registration forms will be furnished on
application at the City offices.
Frank C. Sewell.
City Clerk.
Fred J. Donaldson has t<K> much
stock on hand and as some one most
use tbe goods be has decided to give
away some handsome presents.
Anyone can draw for these; no one
barred. The only qualification is
tbe purchase of one cash dollar's
worth of goods. ,
1 have Just received another
lot of
Which I can confidently
recommend to Intending purchasers.
Geo. B. Knotoles,
Pioneer Jeweler of the Slocan.
Two -Kxm* B��lo��r   VIRGINIA   Mock
RECO AVE.   -    -   -   SANDON
Large Import Order
Christmas Goods
Jewel Boxes,
Toilet Sets-
Photo Holders,
Ladies' Purses,
Bisque Jewel Cases,
Ci#ar Cases,
Odor Cases9
China Souvenirs
Rogers & Gallet,
M. Millat
Imported French
Bringing   these   Goods
Direct we   are   able to
Best Values
The least   ;
First Class.
F. J. Donaldson.
A Deluge.   A Great Inpouring
TWO THOt'SAND CASES [a train l*��d) of nkc,  dean,  fresh
j packed groceries received during the p*4 two weeks* besides, several
carloads of ane (rein vegetables, representing not only
perfect  avalanche
of goods from all
parts of the world
pouring down upon
the good people of
this Modi I Miy.
And  whv not?
when we haw the
best   Mines,    tin
best Miners and the
best People in all
ioipec$our w��rclr.4i**saiKl col hue.   Bring
aunts.**   All will le welcome.
a cntaraet  hut .
BrWsh ColamMa
We haves un!in\
nice new noveitta
ur eat and drnk
that it  w -u> I   re
quire     a     whole
new*rpap*r Issue t��
deecri'ie them nil
8o we invite   y(.<i
all to come and ae
the new gt*tU, *..
v*��ur   "elitem, <*��u-iu* im��l
H. Giegerich, Sandon, B. C
Seasonable  Goods.
We are now showing a line of HOCKEY 5KA7E5
the strongert and b^st.
SPRING SKATES, various styles and pattern*.
SLEIGH BELLS, nickel and gilt bells on strap;
e��^!??.ihecelebrjltcd JONES ALL STEEL SNOW
A   full line of LAMPS and LANTERNS in stock
H. BYERS & Co.
Mi.*! ii.rrit.nr-rrr' tw you ji���> * w*.i vj
Hr/I lh#- Pitta m Nimii Cigmr* mm -U ^k
ri��ht ami )�����! what l<m* nm m lot of In mr ����*
-���toll***    Ool ��� gootl *U|^I�� t    II*.-���
S��>o��l; ron'll hmr trom m# lot mt on
.torn -
Tovorn rxLLow ai:v
tarty unit mmkm ro���r ��� wnlwflon
full ����o.k uf
Pfttltiv+ljr Nnit^l for tho


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