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The Paystreak May 13, 1899

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 frnrTTv^**^^ i/U6***%t^
���U~,,I, _..._. .jR_..'V
���Hi. -tir.i ehuwh baU in the Slocan will call
����int and sinner to worship nt New Denver to-morrow."-New* itain.
' I never quit a camp nntll I hear tbe flrst
ehttrob bell."���Jim Ward, prvipector,
philosopher and New Denver ptoiurr.
Say Hill whSI waa tbat chimin* sound
1 beard aS^Ua ag����?
It .ouuded like ��� chnrch ball,
A*ringin' soli and low,
���ul .tirriu* Hp old meinorhw
With Kb tahoe., don't yon ktsow .*���
��� *      �� ���   ���
H-- was diggtsg on the mountain
Silver -uSgtain   when a bell
vnt up rrotri far belww him.
Soft a* any fttnattat knell,
! t. tlr��t Imploring mamV*
And it bonal htm tn a spelt.
A nd, mnaiav, down t be ��*ook��4 trail -~
Hat io hani-to where   Old 11(11"
p <xike4 Use bannock* and ih* baron
In tbeir etMSp beside a rill,
Walked t be i*?��*vt��*r alter ItiNtanr**,
Pioneer ��t-ilv��r hilt.
V not her time, a chut*..h. a bride,
hi be soma old. fortrotten sung.
Vlsmoty bwgght baek to the eeareb.-r.
A* hn Stamps us strode along.
Another time, a ehnreh, a bier.
Cams vit% memory's rushing t brong
��� *     ���     *
Them Bill, itssiartln' In agaiu.
Ringin' Haft and riogin' low.
Vonsnakuntta hi lira ver,
The naw ebttrthl-ell t BUI y��o know
ThU *U camp U almost done for
And it* Unto for us to go."
***ndo��, a C , May Uth. '*
SANDON, MAY 13 1899.
'''   ;' ��� **-���-
Herman C. Clever, the prominent
isowDenver mining man Washer*
Dudley Blackwood spent a few
days In town this week, leaving yes
terday for Kaslo.
Tbe Nelson Knights of Pvthlasand
the Trail football team will be in
Kaslo on the 24th. ^~<^.. H
The |��n��lamation regarding the
eight hour day was published In the
B. C. Gazette yesterday.     - . 5.
Tbe city Is putting some Improve
meats to the cribbing on Hie creek
I behind the Haystr f.a k .   . jg***^
Mrs. Burton returned from' 'Kamloops on Mor.dav accompanied by her
little niece Cecilia Smith. 9,
The argons ut days are ended in
the Slocan. A church bell will ring
\k New Denver tomorrow.       ^
Joe Stockham. presided* of the
Sandon Miners' Union, is a delegate
to the Salt Lake convention.
The Episcopal church in New Don
ver will be opened tomorrow. Several Sandon people will attend.
Dan Murphy and Chsrite Anson
manager. George Macpherson has
bought Charlie's Interest in the trans
fer business.
Frank Wright, of Seattle, is here
to visit his brother, A. W. Wright, of
Ajax fame. Mr. Wright recently
sold large fishing interests on Puget
There must be some of the pages
out 61 Cliffe's dictionary. He produces a menu that haa" "spinage,
���lettucce'* and '"macroni. 'PK-
would be hard to digest.
snr     w
W. J. Tiethewey is on tlie coast.
Jack  Marat  returned
I rom Minneapolis.
E. M. SsndilsiuU Is spending
���lays In Sfmkano.
^are practicing for the driUiug contest in Silverton on the 24th of May.
Tbe Sandon Miners'Union hat ac-
ceipted the Invitstion ot the Silverton
committee and will go to that town
to celebrate.
II. *\. Scott, general, and Geo.
Tunstafl, local agent of the Hamilton -Powder Co., were In Sandon
A slide on the Cody branch near
the big bridge shut the people of the
terminal metropolis out ot ihe world
on Thursday.
Mr.   Deane,   rnpertntrndent, and
|Dt W.   Moore,   ore  buyer,  of the
Trail smelter,  *|Hiit a lew days in
town this week.
Chief  Doolan   is   enforcing  the
There waa wo Meeting of the city ' health regulation.   Backyards and
council thia week. j other places must be cleared of all
Saw Ginttbnrger Is nurse in Uie j ******* raattcr-
AtllnCHylrOspttal. G. O.  Bticlrantrr's mill at Kaslo
M     _.II , ,     ; was slight!** d*tni;.i*vd by flrewSafur-
I ^M��y _ rolurn,,tl   >�������*"����>"  tlsv morning. The escape from total
A woman who travelled wider the
soubriquette   ��** "Little'May" com*
I mitted suicide in Grand Forks.   She
! was unknown in Sandon.
The compressor plsnt belonging to
the James Cooper Co. which has lain
in the CT. K yard tor some time
was loaded yesterday for Ainsworth.
If the state ot the weather does not
very quickly improve and bring dry
from ttie Boundary.
Mrs* J. 0. Main went to Vancouver
M<mdty lft visit relatives.
ft. J.Birv, manager of the Noble
Hve, has gone to Victoria.
Ira Black haa closed np his hotel at
Keptibllc and la now at Cascade.
There was no   police   court  this
week.   Sandon Is getting moral.
Alton Bane and Johnnv McDon
ald arc reopening the  Whitehonso. streets It Is not probable that the hose
, ���T .    , r*l team wllUoavetown on the 21th.
A mnd tilde near Arrowhead stopped Thursday* mall via the C. P. R.
George Clark made a short visit
*(��� KcvelHokc In tho early part of the
Mr. and Mia. Wm. Sndrow arc
enjoying life in the salubrious climate
of tbe Pacific coast.
A Whealler the Kaalo barrister has
returned after spending eight months
���n   Merry F^giVnd."
U. 6. Buchanan, Geo. Alexander.
John Keen, Arthur C. Browne and
other Kasloltea attended the mine
owners meeting on Monday evening.
John Monro left yesterday for the
Boundary where he will spend couple
of months prospecting. Ho will stop
in Ainsworth for a few days on the
Charlie Walmslev has purchased
the Kootenay hotel and will act as
The eight hour law will go into effect a month from yesterday. If it is
a good law it will remaira on the
statute books. If it is a poor law its
enforcement will lead to its repeal.
Fred Kelly sold three lots In
Brown's addition, Spokane, to Peter
Larson, tbe Montana millionaire for
$6,100. Fred had almost forgotten
that he owned them when he received tlie offer.
Wm. Thompson and Wm Lawson
left for Vancouver bland on Monday
where tbey will spend tbe summer
prospecting. Mrs. Lawson and
family wilt spend the summer in
The residents of Cody Ave want
some money expended on sidewalks
aod street improvements. It is about
time for this part ot the town should
get the attention It deserves from the
city fathers.
Association football on tbe concentrates near the C. P. Ii track is now
tbe program. A team will go to Silverton tomorrow and tbe boys of the
lake country wilt have to do some
rapid work to escape defeat
Work will bu started next week on
a trail up the South Fork of Kaslo
creek. The work will be done by
the Excelsior Mining Company. The
representations of the Kaslo Board
of Trade did not secure an appropriation.
Jas. Sayers. a Scotch mining ex
pert, spent a conple of days in the
Slocan this week. Mr. Sayers is on
his way home from Australia and is
onlv taking a cursory look al British
Columbia. He is much pleased with
the countrv and says this is not to
be his Isst'vtsit.
A meeting of the Sandon Miners'
Union was held on Thursday evening
to appoint delegates to the convention
which will be held in Nelson tomorrow. Nelson, Rissland, Ymir
and Sandon will be represented.
Grant Cox and J. D. Martin are the
Sandon delegates.
Revelstoke is at present the busiest
town in Kootenay. The C. P. R. Is
moving all its engine and machine
shops from Donald and buildings to
accomodate the division headquarters
are being erected. Every sidetrack
In the yard is blocked with railroad
stock and a large gang of men are at
work.   Donald Is off the map.
Jim Cameron, who started the
Silverton and has started papers all
over from the Rto Grande to the
Yukon, recently tried to corner the
newspaper business of Whitman and
Palousc counties, disappeared from
Tekoa last week, leaving no indication of his whereabouts.   Jim's his
tory would make a good yellow-back
novel. ��
Hon. J. Fred Hume, Minister of
Mines, is reported as saying that he
does not think any trouble would
result from the eight hour legislation, that the law only applied to
men working for wages', and thst a
man working his own prospect could
j work as many hours as he wished.
Mr. Home gave it as his opinion that
men working for so much a foot
would not be affected by the new
law, but that that was a purely legal
question, and one for lawyers to decide,
The Antoine mine will ship ore
this summer.
The wire cable for the Ruth tramway arrived yesterday.
The force at the Trade Dollar was
laid off early in the week. Work
will be resumed In 30 days.
B. C. Riblet will build an ariel
tram at the St Eugune, mine Moyea,
this summer. Pete LaMuir will have
charge ot the work.
Manager Raminclmeyer of the
Emily Edith had to come to Sandon
for miners this week *s none were to
be had in Silverton.
Verv little ore will be shipped
trom Whitewater for the next three
weeks. The Whitewater mine is
having considerable trouble with
At an extraordinary general meeting held in Edinburg, April 18th, tbe
stock of tbe Scottish Colonial Gold
Fields was increased from ��100,000
to ��125,000 by tbe issuance of 25,000
8 per cent, preference shares.
The Star mill was started up on
Tuesday and fit now working on ore
that has been taken out during Uie
winters'development. Every pocket
is full and ore is piled up in the tunnels everywhere Tbe force will be
increased aa soon as thia ore can be
got out of the way.
Only the Payne and Last Chance
shipped ore from Sandon this week.
Payne, 300; Last Chance, 60 tone.
The Jackson shipped 17 tons from
Whitewater. Tlie Star will be on
the list again next week. Shipments
will be light throughout the camp
for some time now until the roads
There were six cases in tbe Miners
Hospital this week: Chas. Hanson ia
recovering from pneumonia: Wm.
Hird, who had an abcess of tbe
Internal ear, win leave in a day or
two; D. D. Dodd, who was undergoing an operation, is making a
favorable recovery; Wm. Gaine,
from the Payne, with cellulitas, and
John Shaver and Bob Rickard, also
from the Payne, fever patients, will
be discharged to morrow. Duncan
Dewar, who had an operation on
account of a frost bite, haa been discharged and will return to Slocan
City to-morrow.
*- i
<f,   T��
fvi The Paystreak.
Horn Alex McDonald ia Floating hia
Companu In Glasgow.
Alex McDonald, who la now so
well known in the old country aa the
bonanza king of the Klondike, and
who gained such unenviable notoriety and ao much gold by '-standing
Ur with the mounted police in Daw
son, Is now before the public of Great
Britain with hia Klondike "concession" in the shape of a stoek company.
Alex McDonald was never accused
of being dull, and his system in this
flotation is an additional tribute to his
genius. An advertisment in the
Glasgow Herald gives a few particulars. The company is stocked
for ��350,000 in ��1 shares, 55,000 of
which are priority shares and the
balance ordinary stock. Of the 350,-
000 shares, 25,000 priority shares
and 50,000 ordinary shares are for
working capital. The remaining
275,000 shares belong to the promoters. The priority stock, 55,000
shares, (which includes the 25,000
priority shares set aside for working
capital) is now offered for sale. Tbe
. terms upon which thia stock is offered
are unique. The prospectus says.
"The priority shares are preferential
as to capital and dividends until 100
per cent has been paid on them,"
after which all stocks rank alike.
Thia is tbe old Comstock game over
again. The owners of priority shares
must receive the money back, that
they pay in. The general public
can then have the promoters' stock
at whatever speculative value the
people of Glaagow care to attach to
the stock of a company which hat
already paid 100 per cent on its pre-
terenee shares.
Tlie prospectus farther recites that
the company has 2} miles of Hunker
creek on which tbey have a sure
thing of A 600,000; but the British
public can have tt for ��350,000. The
gold brick man will probably be in
Glaagow next summer.
The Klondike Output.
The largest estimate of, the Klondike gold yield thia season ranges
from twelve to twenty millions. The
Klondike Nugget aaya:
"The output haa been more than
doubled ao that it la now probable
that the royalty will this year be
paid on more than eight millions.
Exemptions and evasions will give
about double that amount as the pro
duction of the territory for the year
ending in the rammer of 1899. The
primitive methods used in working
the claims make it very unlikely that
the wash-up will give more' than
from twelve to fifteen millions on the
As compiled by the Midnight Sun
this season's yield will be nearly
twenty millions, distributed among
the various creeks, including the
branches, as follows:--"Eldorado,
���5,500,000; Bonansa, 15,000,000;
Hunker, 13,000,000; Dominion, ��3,
900,000; Gold Run, 1300,000; Sulphur, 1500,000; Quarts, 1250,000;
Eureka, 1250,000. All other creeks
including -towards, over ���1,000,000.
Atlin to Ooer rated.
A letter received this week trom
Fred C. Adlcr, who Is now in the
Atlin Lake district, gives some inter-
eating information about that conn-
very hard trip into the country,
having to travel 34 miles over the
ice with a foot of water on it. The
Fantalt route, which la about 70 miles
long, Is generally considered the
beat but waa a very hard trail aa he
found it.
It it estimated that there are now
five or six thousand people in the
Atlin district, with little or no work
for anyone. Prices jrcnerally arc
very high, meals costing 11 each.
Flour is sold at #17 a hundred and
hay at 1250 a ton, while rough lumber eannot be had for ices than $125
a thousand feet. There are no lest
than 33 saloons running in the town,
retailing a bad quality of whiskey at
25 cents a glass. Auction sales held
by men who are anxious to get ont
are of daily occurence. ���
Mr. Adler's advice to hit friends In
Kootenay is to stay a long way away
from Atlin. The summer, he aaya,
may bring many changes tor the
better but he has yet teen nothing to
warrant the rush that has already
taken place.
A Lardo Syndicate Being Promoted
In Toronto.
r.   Adler writes that he had a
Toronto, May 6.-An important
mining deal was made in Toronto
yesterday when tbe Gold Hills Exploration and Development Company
of Toronto parted with a large pan
of its stock to capitalists ot Toronto,
Montreal and Winnipeg. The Gold
Hills property is situated In the
Lardo-Doncan district and haa property at Fairview and Lake of the
The Lardeau district holdings in
elude the Gertrude group of mines,
the Jubilee and Gold Hills group, the
Chicora, and Corona, the Piarmigon,
Clara and Trilby groups. In Fair-
view the company has the Golden
Crown and the Crown Point. There
arc tome promising locations In the
Lake of the Woods. It la understood
that development work will be begun
extensively in the Lardeau district aa
toon at the enow disappears.
And the Supptti caa not Keep pace
with the Increasing Demand.
Leonard Lewisohn, of Lewisobn
Bros., the leading metal dealers ef
the world, aayt: "We and an/body
else aie powerless to stop the advance
in copper. We have told more copper the last week than In the six
weeks preceeding; and while we may
regret a cot .per market at 20 cents or
ibovc, we must face the situation aa
It it. The electrical companies In
America are using 40 per cent more
copper than a year ago, and the
foreign demand continues. I do not
know where tbe supplies arc to come
from. The only mine that can Increase supplies to any extent thia
year It the Utah, which will toon
begin production on a considerable
scale, but trom no other district can
the supplies this year be materially
Increased over those of last year."
"May I call you mine ?" he naked.
"Yon may call me a mine, If yoa
please, George," the replied; "but I
doubt it you'll ever strike any pay.
Ing ore. * *~?
" atked the
"What wet the cause,
tuperlntendant,  "of the
plague ?"
. wniey didn't boil the water," ventured a little girl In the infant class.
E. R. Atherton Co., Ltd,
Every Miner
Have a Pair
of our
Fifty Ceut
���pil "oo uoijoinv "H '3 THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B. C, MAY. 18,  1899.
CIosIp.ii Prepnrsttlwes We��ll to ***** by
the New I��M����r -wmanltta*.
A meeting ol ths cttlsens of New Denver ��w held Isst Saturday night, in tbe
K .of P. hall, ti�� bear the report of the
executive coruinittee having in charge
the celebration of tht 24th of May.. Ths
meeting was wall attended, and a great
(leal of enthusiasm was engendered into
it by the excellent report of the commit-
tee, showing the unprecedented success
it had met with in ���scoring for that day
all the hi ir sporting events thst ar* to be
held in Kootenay.
Communications and agrssments were
read (rom tbe Nelson and Rossland hose
reel teams, the Nelson and Sandon baseball teams, snd the Nelson lacrosse and
football teams, showing that tbe committee had positively secured all of these
un i-orient ���port-making segregations,
and proving beyond the shadow of a
doubt that New Denver will bars tbe
onlv big sporting events of tbe dsy.
fhe difficulty thst the committee met
with iu securing the co-operation of Nelson. Kossland and Sandon re generally
wrli known, and tbe marked aoccess
���hat haa been accorded the efforts si tbs
several (committeemen is something of
which they msy justly pride themeelvea.
N.ver haa a committee met with more
..! jwpsition���and this from s sou res tbst,
tn view of past circumstances, ought to
have given at least their good will. But
tlte ommitteemen were more than able
to �����[*��� with tbe malcontents, with the
result, aa before stated, that they have
se< tired for New Denver more than at
first they deemed possible, snd enough
to make tbe Slocan Lake Jubilee one
loot* lo 'be remembered with pride by
the citiaens snd glory to the name of
New lK>nvt*r. The committee haa not
been rath in making ststements. I.i
���!���*��� >t, ii waa nor known what ths rom-
unticrmen were doing untM it bad been
���lone, aud as S reeult of tbeir businesslike method of doing things tbey hsve
nut hapl to retract any statement made
and have never taken a backward step.
The report of the secretarv of the exe-
cniiee i-omimttee ehuwed that they had
ippdi4iged to secure for May 24th all the
main at tractions of the Kootenays. First
the bos* reel race wss sssored, snd the
committee presented the following rules
which are lo govern tbe race, snd which
��'f signed by tlie captains of tbe Nelson
ami tumdand lesma:
" Purse, |300, first prise Watawf.
200 tarda. Harh competing team ahali
consist of not mors than 12 men ami s
captain. All cart* must be of the same
��eight. Either ropes or hsraess may
ba used. Competing teams to start by
mstol ahot, with hubs of carta on starting
line. The first cart over finish bus shall
be declared winner. Tlie starter and
jmlgee of tbe race absll be selected by s
committee of one from esch competing
The assurance was also given of tbe
match game ol baseball between tbe
bandon and Nelson team*. Also of a
lacrosse match between New Denver and
Nelson, and a football gsme between
< he crack teams of these cities. These
lour events were given ss tbe main
drawing cards, and It -waa promised by
the committee tbst other field snd
H<|uatic sports would be srranged thst
* "nip! lie fast enough to satisfy the swift*
ei*t. Also a single or double-handed
drilling contest will be pulled oft. Hood
1'nrsea are out up lor each and every
event���good enousb to sngsge tlie stten-
tion of tlte best sporting teams against
all loud-mouthed opposition.
The committee reported that more
funds were needed to meet the demands
<>f the celebration, snd more thsn hall of
the Additional Sum was raised on the
���pot, ami the day following the subscriptions exceeded tbe amount asked for.
whatever sum tbe committee finds is
iincessary will lie forthcoming to make
tlie Slocan Lake Jubilee the greatest
event in the historv of the Sloesn.
The several committees have been ap
pointed by tbe executive committee and
all the work attaching to the celebration
now -n_*��� ProPer hands. Following
sre ths chairmen of the committees.wbo
sre empowered to call others to tbeir as
aiatanre:���Transportation, A. Sproat;
baseball, 0. Lone ��� lacrosse, H.J. Robie:
football, W. H. Gibbs; program and advertising, H. M. Walker; grounds and
%m)**ai *}*nd' A' McGHlivraj; finance,
H C. Oswald, a director of tbe Northwest Mining Syndicate, Ltd., accompanied by Mrs. Oswald, srrived in town
on Monday evening, on a visit to Mr.
and Mrs. W H. Sandiford. Mr.Oswald
visited snd Inspected the Bosun mine
on Tuesdsy, snd warmly congratulated
Mr. Sandiford on the condition of tbe
mine, the results thst bave alreadv
been obtained, and the prospects for the
future. Both Mr. end Mrs. Oswald are
delighted with New Denver, and are
pleased tbst the headquarters of the
companv are located in such a convenient and pretty place. We wish in the
name of the *own and district to extend
to them a hearty welcome. Their stay
here will extend to several weeks.
Consultations will be held between
manager snd director, planaIsld for the
future working of the company, the
operations of which will no doubt oe ex
tended in the district, which haa already derived ao much benefit from the
working of the Bosun.   Mr. Oswald tea
Eirtner in the old and respected firm of
eatlev - Co , London, doing business
all over tbe world, and this Is by no
means the first time he has inspected
mines msnsged by Mr. Sandiford tn
other and distant parts of the globe ���
Ledge. s	
Custom Hone* Betnr-aa.
The following are tbe returns of tbe
Nelson snd Kossland custom hop��� for
the month of April, a* given in the Nelson "Tribune. The returns from tbe
outports of Waneta and Rykert's are included In those of Nelson; and the returns from tbe outpoHs of Trail snd
Sheen Creek sre included of those of
Imisrta- Value
Dutiable ,    ��� *s.T4*
Prm        tm
Tutsi  tayrsi
Duty enOsewa 19.743 74
Extsiru " ' Value
Th< mine-cuke. Tt tons    I     *��
ore.SSltoos       IM**
Total. Uk" mine    S l*A��
The forest  A*
Animal* snd their produce	
Aerk-ullural (Pitpdurta  ���
Uaaafarturrs  ���    *.*w*
Total exports    HISS
Imnorts-- Value
XSbie  *�����**
Prm   m      ***
Total      ���_*��_������_
Duty roth* te��l �����/*����
"%���*- tsK
Other rich properties are the Ivanhoe,
which since 1896 has crushed 57,800
tons, averaging $88 a ton. and the As-
socistion. whose shares, with a par
value of ��l, sre now standing at ��6.
The mines of the district turn out 100X100
ounces a month.
What might be termed (he gold colony
comprises sbout 975,000 square miles.
All are owned by English capitalists,
with their headquarters in London, and
all are turning out immense quantities
of gold. The great trouble in some of
the districts is tbe lack of water, and a
project is on foot to pump water from
the coast to the gold fields, a distance of
over 800 miles, through pipes two and
a half feet through. This will probably
be finished in about two years and will
cost ��8,000,000.
But with all the enormous gold output Australia is no place for tne poor
roan, and the benefits derived from the
output is simply the working-men's
wsges, the dividends going to the British capitalists and syndicates in London
who control most of the mines in the
Coming to Canada.
���__���___�� *
British Board of Trade emigration
returns for the first three months of the
current year are very flattering to the
Dominion. The number of people leaving the United Kingdoms ports for
Canada show an increase of 24 per cent,
over the corresponding period of 1898.
while emigration returns to the United
States for the same periou show a decrease of 15 per cent.; sad that of other
British colonies, including South Africa,
has practically remained stationary or
shows a slight falling off.
Australian Mining.
Tlie Calgoorlie mines sre the property
of a very smsll syndicste at Adelslde,
capitalised at ��150, and today all the
properties In thst district sre en the
market st ��900,000. snd since 1H98 have
paid ��3,000,000 in dividends. The first
property to be floated was the Grant
Boulder, which was discovered by Mr.
Ilannan in June, 1898, snd floated In
April, 1895. Since then it has turned
out over eight tons of gold snd WAN)
tons o�� quarts bss been crushed. The
average value Is about $52 wr ton
The reason thst crushing has been so
slow is thst these oroperlies aro about
BOO miles from the coast and there If no
waterway over which transports mtgnt
go. Another property ia the Lakeview
which has a lode 36 feet wide and averages very rich,
Metmly a fJ-rter Suafce.
It was a bitter cold night and the fur
nsce fire burned slow, but there wss a
warm time for a few seconds at least in
the home of an op-town politician. He
had been attending one of those breesy
kind of meetings, and retired somewhat
late in a shivery snd somewhat confused
sort of feeling, says Uie Cleveland* Plain-
Of one thing be was certain, his feet
were cold, very cold. In a tentative
sort of a way he thrust them towards
tbs warmer side of the bed, where his
wife was calmly sleeping. An instant
later there wss a terrified yell���then
another, then another.
������Julia, wake up!" gasped the politician; ''there's something in tbe bed!
Strike a light, quick!"
His wife was on her feet at once, striking bsndfuls of matches, while the hero
ot a dozen political battles writhed and
gasped in sn agony ol terror.
"It's a worm���a scorpion���a coldblooded viper!" he said. ''Hurry, I'm
holding it! Gee! But it squirms! There
it goes!" snd ss the gss flared up and
the clothes were turned back, hs deftly
tossed out s slim, shinv, tremulous object which wriggled downward to the
floor, where it slowly shaped itself into
a glistening coil.
It was a metallic garter, one of tbe
spiral, ventilated sort.
The wife of the h�� ro is afflicted with
cold feet herself snd on that night had
waited attout d... obing the afflicted
members until suejrly settled in bed.
But she thinks the joke a little too good
to keep. ���
The majority of men believe in advertising, and advertise.
A part of the minority of men believe
in advertising and do not advertise.
The balance of the minority either do
rot believe in advertising at all. or else
believe in it sufficiently to advertise
only intermittentls.
This serai-intelligent business man
finds that a decent sised advertisement
in a decent publication costs say from
ten to fifty dollars s time.
He attacks the mathematical problem
to discover that it is necessary to sell
four refrigerators, two overcoats, twenty-five rolls of wall paper, forty-two
pairs of stockings, or half a dosen rocking chairs to realise sufficient profit to
meet tbe advertising cost of a single insertion.
Hs is one of thoss men who invest
their money with s string to it, when
the money rolls round the corner in
search of fertile ground to grow in he
jerks it back to himself. They are a
sort of "sufficient unto the day** sort of
people, who do not believe in casting
their bread upon the waters.
The more honesty s msn has the less
he affects the air of a saint. -Lavater.
and Electric rlVS I Mlft
Bella aad Light in every room....
Large and well lighted Sample Booms
Hourly Street Car between hotel and
Station. Pree has meets all trains.....
Reasonable Ratea.
Bummer Time Card effective June SB, USS.
Subject to change without notice.
Broth Boand North Bound
Bead down. Bead up.
Train We Dally, L00 pm Train ar datty lOjo am
"    S��pm3w
"It 4.45 pm*
-   ar     ���*     &45pm  Train It  "     800
BBoatlTS-Oam   -Kaalo-   Boat ar ISO
8.     '*    4J0am   Ainsworth        "     7-0pm'
Cf     **    5.ooam   PUot Bay "    -45 pm,
���      " ,530am     Balfour '      ---��-���
gBoat ar ��.s�� am. Flee Mile Pt
"    715am     Nelson ....,.,.��_-
jPjTralnar 10<S am Northport Train It IAS pm*.
3      "     US)am Rossland "    1105 pm_
*7     ������      Siopm   Spokane        "    8.*)__5
Band down. Bead up.
Daily train hr 1.00 pm       Dally train ar 10J0 am
ar 1.45 pm '*       It 8.00 am
4   Boat It .1.00 pm MoST Boat ar L00 pro
"      ���'  SJOpm Ainsworth Boat ar 11.401
7.00 pm PUot Bay
" M.00pm Koakooook "
" If.Ortpm Goat River "
1.00 am Boundary- "
ar 8.00 am Bonner's F*ry '   It t.OO
0.00 pr__
500 pm7
gxTralnrv 11.40 am     "
*** art.45pm Spokane
Train ar
hr 7.ao
Commencing June SO, MS.
On Monday .Thursday aad Friday m Alberta
 Vtnsworth, Pilot Bay,
wUI leave Kaslo 5 p, m.'for At      	
and Nelson.   Leaving Nelson at S a. m.. Too*.
day, Friday and Saturday, tmlUag at PUot Bay,
Ainsworth aad Kaalo, nnd all way points.
P. O. Boa Mt, Kaalo. B.C. ^
Taking effect 1.00 o'clock a. m
Jan. 3, 1899, Pacific or 120th Meridian time.
Subject to change withoat notice
Lsave S 00 A.M.  Kaalo
���*  SS*    "     South Fork
���* S SO   "
*���    m 45      "
������   B 56    *'
.. io If    *��
- io as   u
���* 10 ��5 *"
Arr. 10 40
Bear Laka
Oody Junction
Arrive, a sa p.m
IS    ������
IS  *
t to   ���*
too ���*
1 45 ������
1 S4    M
-��3o_ "Leave 1 15    �����
Leave, 11.00 a.m ��� Sandon ��� Arrive, n.50a.m
ArrlTe,ll_5 -   - Oody  -        ���*   ujfta.m
For eneap railroad aad atoamshtn tickets to
and from all points, apply lo
& CAMPBELL,        Agent, Sandon.
i ���'������' *M  I
1   _
i (���'"
p' -J i
^    ���
: I
I" I
The   Paystreak
Is Issued STery Saturday in Sandon, tn the heart
of the greatest White Metal camp on earth.
Subscription  . ., ���     ���     StOOayear
StricUy In advance.
Address: Tas Paysts*__, Sandon, B.C.
Wm. MacAi>_U8.
SANDON. B.C., MAY 13, 1899.
The annual report of the Minister of
Mines has just been issued. In point
of appearances it is much handsomer
than the report of Mr. Carlyle, hut
viewed from the point of completeness
and detail, it is hardly to be compared
with that of two years ago.
The official returns of our province s
mineral output for last year are, aa regards the metal yield in general, some*
what disappointing, when merely cursorily notedat a'���first fiance," for the
aggregate yield of gold, silver, lead and
copper shows a decline of nearly $865,-
000 from the like results of the operations of 1897. Thus while the metal
yield of British Columbia amounted ia
value to $7,567,551 in 1897, the corresponding worth of last vear stood at
Speaking of this decline the News-
Advertiser very tritely says: "If the
figures are scratinised in detail there is
less ground for temporary disappointment and much in favor of the large
hopes which we sil entertain of the
SCi��t mining- future of British Columbia.
������Thos more than the whole of the net
decline in the value of the province's
metal output ie due to temporary slackening of operations In the silver-lead
districts of West Kootenay, more particularly in Ainsworth���-where the ore
though abundant is low grade���and the
Slocan. Thus the output of Ainsworth
fell from a value of f Uo\M5 to tlfiMOl.
and that of the Slocan from 18,290,686 to
12,619,852. The Nelson district also
showed a temporary decline in output
value of about 194,000, and East Kootenay a decline of rather over |30,000
However, already there are hopeful
signs of a change for the better as regards the sil ver-lead yield of our province, despite the fell and the fluctua
tions in the price of silver which in part
caused the decline of last year, though
that decline was then also aggravated
no doubt by tbe Yukon boom, which
may be regarded now as either past or
"On the other hand, the largely increased gold and copper production of
British Columbia Airing the past year
gave good cause for congratulation, as
auguring a brilliant early future for oar
province in regard to the mining of the
two most important metals, each of
which is, unlike silver, steadily growing in demand value.
"Thus the did gold fields of Cariboo
increased last year tbeir output from
1825,000 in value to 1389,960,and admittedly in Cariboo the new era of scientific gold getting is only just beginning,
and the present output is consequently
smsll indeed in comparison to what we
may reasonably ex pert from the district
in s very short time.
' Caaaisr again showed largely aa a
result of tbe Atlin discoveries made
late in the season, a eonsiderable increase of yield, the output rising from
$37,060 to $107,800, the latter figures
doubtless representing only a small portion of what we may reasonably expect
tbe Atlin yield alone to prove tont before the expiration of the present Vear.
"The famous copper-gold district of
Trail creek also showed, under the circumstances, a satisfactory gain in out
put. the value of which rose from $2.-
097,280 to $2,470,811; whilst in Osoyoos,
wherein is situated amongst other pro-
S!rtre��U_3famous0-rihoomiiw of Camp
cKinney, the metal yield���principally
golden���rose from $142,982 to $B48,112
output certain to advance immensely
in the early future, aud as certain to
show a very considerable further gam
of value even in the course of the present year. , ,
"then, too, there is every certainty
of a very big advance indeed this year
of the copper, gold aud silver output of
claims which are gradually becoming
mines on the coast and adjacent islands,
Including Vancouver Island    The out-
ftut of these mines wss slender indeed
n 1898, amouuting iu value only to
$19,487, though even this showed double
the worth of the previous year. But in
1899 we may expect relatively large
results from the various mines, for a
single one of the coast mines slone���the
Dorothv Morton-has already yielded
since tbe beginning of the year a silver-
gold value (hat surpasses the results of
the whole of the grouped districts for
'"Hence we msv confidently snttei*
pate that the general results of our Provinces metal mining in 1899 will tar exceed those of 1898. for whilst we may
reasonably expect that the output of
Uie silver-lead districts will sgatn rise
in value to something like the returns
of 1987 despite silver.depredation, we
may on the other hand count with
practical certainty on a very targe aggregate increase of the gold, silver and
copper yields of Trail creek. t fcoyoos,
Yale, and the Coast snd the Island districts of the province, whilst there are
Certain to ensue verv large gains of
gold output with still larger possibilities
in Atlin.
"We msy reckon, too, with full assurance on a verv considerable increase of
the gold yields of the hydraulic mines
of Cariboo. We therefore anticipate
that, though the advance of <vor metal
mining in general during the present
year will not be phenomenal, nor cause
the long-deferred 'boom' of British Col-
umbls in the great London market, It
will nevertheless prove sufficiently substantial to justify the continued holding
of good and even brilliant hopes in regard to the future of mining for precious
metals, and their associate products of
copper snd lead, throughout British
"We must not forget in conclusion to
chronicle the fact that the coal and coke
production of British Columbia last year
���together valued at $$4182,505���was by
fsr the largest on provincial record .and
thus msde the aggregate mineral viekt
of British Columbia���metallic and'non-
metallic���the best in tbs historv of the
" * Black diamonds in fact more thsn
made up ror the temporary decline in
our silver-lead yield and raised the general mineral output of British Columbia
from $10. jr��/2r)8 in 1897 to the aggregate
of $10,908,811, which was shown as the
result of last years work.
"Thus our mineral output of the U*4
year was, taken as a whole, by far the
greatest and moat valuable on provincial record, and as the metal output is
certain to show a big gain this year and
that of coal and coke���thanks largely to
Pernio���will reveal at least as greet s
proportionate advance, we may assuredly expect that the present will prove
another record year for mining all
round in Canada's coming and greatest
the wonmr that mills.
"Worry kills," says a great specialist
on brain troubles, "as surely as ever s
gun or dagger did." Thia, It is claimed,
has been established beyond doubt by
the investigations of neueologists. We
all know that worry embitters life to
such an extent aa to render the final
blow more often merciful, but few men
and women know how much it lies
within themselves to keep down and
vanquish this foe to life and lasting
I never hear a woman declare that
she worries constantly���and how often
II hear it!���without a desire to exhort
jroiueu���nmrainn- *i*��_,-m *u �����**-,��� i�� m near u;���wunout a oceire to e\\
Yet the production alike of Osoyoos and I her to get rid of a dangerous and vicl-
Trail creek represent sn almost Initial I oushshit st once.   For worry, be
excuse what you will, Is largely a mental habit which can be controlled very
materially by the exercise of constant
vigilance and strong ^" l��Wwhen
one hss learned how to fight this hidden
but deadly enemy. .
"But some must worry," said the
careful Martha, when I said something
like this to her the other day. "If you
don't woi rv some one else will worry
ror vou ft is the same as the people
who toil not nor spin. Some one Baa to
toil or spiu or is toiling and spinning for
them now."
"No," I argued, "it is not the same
ss work this worrying. There is noth
ing so good m work in ait the world.fnr
men aud for women, and 1 pity I hoar
who hsve it sil done for them, but there
ia no excuse for worry."
Bv worry I do not mean���no one
meaas-tliought and care lor ones own
affairs and the good and well being of
others. There ia a time, though, when
such thoughts degenerate into worry,
When vou bave given undivided attention to tin- business and care which he-
longs to vou for a reasonable time;
when vou' have turned a matter over
and baikcd at it on all aides, and your
mind la decided or undecided what to
think or d<>. and when the aame suggea-
ttoua ami thoughts and images constant! v reappear, without any new light
or inert*--"! understanding, worry has
begun, and then and there must he put
down with a strong hand.
The maddening thing about worry ia
tbst ir can as easily torment one over a
small thing as a great Women fret
miituiuaiiy over small things���matters
ofdrena, household management, the
ohortewntnf-t of servant*, the common
faults A children jind a thousand things
too small to be worth a moment's
thought Upon minds not blessed by
education snd natural depth with re
source* beyond the passing moment,
ami not provided with activrtie* which
can engage the attention, the worry
habit buttons itsell and make* very aad
Bnt, curiously enough.people of great
mental cultivation and atrertgth are almost equally with the less fortunate
victim* of worry That they are not
entirely so Is tint* to tbeir < han*e* of
tbmtght and activitye��their cu* �����*ov��r
of literature, art, muair. nature, and alf
Ihe things that go to make life worth
Uia Involuntary with such people.
however, this warding off of tht* enemy
in most cast** When some nevere
atrabi come* the moat well balanced man
or woman often yield* to it th ���roughly,
the mind fixe* itself upon one single
and painful thought, and ia spite of tbe
efforts of friend*, counselor*, phvsitiana
iu spite or travel and change, the poor
brain I* literally worn out by the eon*
slant beating upon it of one maddening
thought .Succor must come in all such
ease* from within The mind mu*t heal
Worry csn be warded ot when one
know* hew to do It, simply by peraia
tent mental activity in a direction imposed to the cause of worry, supple
merited by plenty of outside exercise
Tbe first resource of people who find
Eleasureia reading is that of course
low manv live*, I wonder, baa Charles
Dickens, has Mark Twsin.saved within
the bin flftv years* The authors who
chain the attention and cheer the heart
at tbe same time, what ministers lo a
mind diseased are they! I believe 1
could ward off abstraction with Sir
Walter Scott's novels, and laugh at
Bedlam so long aa I had on mv book-
shelves the tales of Steven son! the essay* of Kmerson and Carlvle. with a
dog-eared old copy or two of poetry be
side them!
But then there sre the time* when
one mu*t try to sleep, or must walk or
ride In the street cars, or work at mechanical pursuits: whst then t
Why, then my special prescription
cornea in.
Yen can feel the cloud of worrv coming, cant you t If you are where you
can flng, say at hmne.abontyonr work,
slutfsll the old hymn*, and line i*,*���>(r
ing songs that you know. Hmg them
word for word, verse after verse, care
fully fixing your mind ou oa, i, Word
bustling about your task a* v,.u *,���_*
The worry cant come. It w,u &
off while yon chant and sing and bum
There was something in that Ad tv
presaton about whistling tu keep Vtm
courage up. But If you cant sing *M
reason* of your own or out ot re-card lot
somebody ela^-save the mark -never
rtelec'. aome restful poem ami lea** it
bv heart. When the black #m?, ^
worry begin to loom over yon rvpeet to
yourself your poem, fixing t��uruim|
on it as yon go. Kepeal it ..v.r and
over again. By and by the *->m will
begone. It will get so afif-r awhile
that Involuntarily, juat by ae*-nation.
the two will go together, hut aa toe
antidote growa in nature near the poe
���seats plant, and you sill find *,>_��.
time, having noeonackwaly let the worry
get al yonr mind, your poem going skmjr
them too, quietly aad perei*t**piiv. nnui
vour attention takes held A u. and tnta
you are saved again for I hat time Xad
don't target the kmg walk evert da- m
the eat-eC-de? play el sum* kind, ao
matter what tbe weather ts.
Worry must be ieugbi with co��it*����,
urine*-* and de*s miner ton \vt�����.
ever It eames Hasset find amneihm* eh*
in the place it seeks to held While %***.
are among cheery ��� friend* or ' ... at
work it stays away. Let it find nwt
mind mbsoped with healthful ihoflgbti
or cuMpsilieg'eeeupeltona ��ban v,��, are
atone. Let .there- he no eomproouap
with the enemy day or night, sod roa
will eee It leave yen at last, a dtsnuuraj.
ed old lagged failure of a worrv
AdaC Swurr
>i syswsi ni'isnHimniMswiiipiii imammmmmma****m
Don 1 lock the stable door after the
horse is stolen Puswibtv the thb < mav
repent and bring it berk.	
��<~--.*mm**m*m**<-  ���-  ���������������-;.-��� psMi . J  mil m*a*ta**xmm**t>.*��>���**���.������������* ��� ������������������
Ie now prepared m isr> all
Also all classes ol metalluri-ical pro
ducts. Prompt settlement msde oa
dsy ot arrlvsl at ihe sampler.
Lowest rates regarding treatment
Tbt carrrfnl attention given to ths
largest Consignments will be extended
totheamatleatahlrjper. Oommantov
tions will receive prompt stt<*ntwn.
Address-P. a Drawer D.
a M. Rosendale, Parohasiui; A**
N. W. ��A��. Ptepes^*
��� MaasrfstMTST ot a-���-I
Syphons, Uingei Ale,
anranpnrilla, 1-6., Etc.
Bancfton, BO
Patronize; home imlnstry
when you want the be*i THE PAYSTRKAI-, SANQON, B.C., MAY   18,  1899.
OCAW   Willllt   rtOAT.
There is evsry prospect of a boom on
hen Mile this season.
.   Ta-omsn are at present working ou
|tlll. Mnnou, Ten Mile. *
j. c. Bysn, formerly of the Antoine,is
|in" i-���u*t Ssginaw, Mich.
,   *>me of tbe Payne ore is now being
[,1,,,,,^ to Great Falla.
New hoisting machinery is to be ia
hulled on ths Arlington.
The Mollis Hughes will chip a carload
Iof ore to ths Nekwn sampler.
pin. si ore is being brought into town
I from claims on Goat meantaia.
An English company is negotiating
f(.r the Bondholder group, on Ten Mile
The Knterpriae will  not commence
iipferations until the eight hour question
lis settled.
The Arlington will atari np with ten
mm. and their number will be gradually
mr rested.
W. C. _. Koeh haa the contract for
mauling supplies to the Knterpriae under
[the new managsmeot.
Tom Collins Is on the rood to fortune.
[lie ����ns several nickel mines in Nelson,
and theeigbt-bottr law doss not affect
i them,
There is two tsetof snow yet on the
Springer creek trail, preventing supplies
rcoing up to ths Arlington, Ohio, and
o��l>er claims.
W. F. lUiltois, the new manager at ths
.Ailmgton, waa In town thbrWeek.   Be
asvs operation* will commence in two
�����-.���*.*���. aosoon as the snow gets off tlte
Ait m-h of clean ore came into tbe
breast ul ths Neglsefted tunnel Tneaday.
It runs from t*p to betiom and gives
ie\erv indication ef  permeaemv, with
; the hkelineod of widening-
lip- owners of tho Capsilagro<i|s6oat
mountain, sre ajnahtng work on the Tur-
ri��. ont A tlie claim*, and are taking out
<>re of immense value, which is being
��� ���Us it co.nes from the ledge. Lets
j sampling asaeys average 373 ounce* ia
Tom M Up bell haa gen* to Wefdner to
p-p��ip(er with the manager of tlte Bunker
Hill snd Sullivan in regard to rebuilding
ttie mill recently destroyed by striker*
<����tii Ivuamite He will return in a few
plays lo < ommence work oo tbe Ruth mill
Some eieellent galena ore i* shown in
'��� -v* n from s strike mads Tuesday on-ths
t^ueen Krai-iion.a Galena Farm property
| ���>�� i>ed hy David Matheeon, J. Und and
<   K. Strickland.   Tlte strike wae made
to \
tn a small open out, oa whet is believed
���e tlie Noonday   	
*KW   DKNVBIt   n-OAT.
w. s. Dreary has ratnrned from the
A tinsmith would And a good stand in
New I-en ver.
T. J. -sodium, haa returned from bis
jsiputhem tour.
There is an opening here for a promising young lawyer.
Tl<e general advertising is out for the
Ubieen's birthday celebration.
*"<p. Aylwin is making arrangements
<" rp-p>|s*n his hotel at Aylwin.
1 '���"�����i.ierahl*...daUu�� has fallen in en
I tho * :iKou road to Three Forka.
I I Atherton came down from Sandon
1<>'| Monday to see wbst summer looks
I like.
Several carloads of bay and feed have
[��������; Mved  in town during the past few
plays. ���
A smaii appropriation has been re-
"'I'-ed frnm the government to put the
fwa-rve in presenubki condition, snd s
"""HI army of men commenced tbe Job
Tuesdsy. Several teams of horses are
employed.and It is the intention to clean
the grounds of stumps, stones anddebus
snd then plow snd barrow it sod plant
it with gnus seed.
There will be several new dining rooms
opened on the 24th to accommodate the
big crowds.
Constable Forbes has been moved from
Three Forks to Saw Denver, This is ss
it should lie.
J. A. Macdonald, formerly of tbe California mine, hss opened an ice cream
parlor in Nelson.
C. F. Nelson left oa Sunday to attend
the grand lodge meeting of the Knights
of Pythias, at Victoria.
Major Allen has again taken charge
of the ticker at the C.P.R. office, after
several weeks' absence in Itobson.
An effort is being msde to have a post-
office established at Enterprise, the coming town at tbe mouth of Ten Mile.
The lawn tennis club met on Friday
night sod re-orgsniaed for the season.
Tbe court hss been put into good condition.
R. M. Covington was in town en Monday. Bob is anxious tors boat rasa on
tbe 24th of May, either for glory or
that portion of tbe government reserve fronting fhe St. James Hotel has
been plowed op and levelled off, presenting a  neat appearance.
Strik* ������ Ska H��as* Umax.
An important strike was msde on the
Home Run group last Friday, by James
Morsnand Chss. Greenley, the owners.
In running, sn open cut to apply on the
annual amassment work, a strong quarts
ledge was uncovered, from 10 to 12 feet
acre**, carrying eight and ten inch
stringers of grey copper ere, thggrop*
piagsfoom which aaamved If* and 172
n. silver*
The Heme Run group embraces three
cUims, They sre located east ef the
Mountain Chief, snd of snout the Ssme
sltitude. Last spring ami summer several weeks work waa put upon the properties in sluicing for the toad, but all
this work arcoutpliabed nothing.
Since the suite *hes been made, it is
the inrjuuoo of the owners to posh
work steadily with as large a force of
wen ss can he ooaveoieotly worked.
Stope-dons Sams Waked In Wambling.
Tbt Taraar Dtamlaaavl Apmlm.
An Ottawa deepsteh sUtes there will
likely be s revival of tbe incidents connected with the dismissal of the Turner
government by Ueut.-Qev. Mclnnes.
Col. Prior hss secured tbe passage ef an
order ol the house, calling for copies of
sil correspondence in connection with
tbe dismissal of the late government, as
well as the petition of the members ef
the Turner administration praying for
the appointment of a OMnruisstoUOf enquiry. Tlie general impression at Ottawa is that W. VV. Mclnnes is pretty well
mixed up in tlie matter through interviews with sa emissary ol the late government, which took plsce at Duncan
station. __
Will Start Vp Within a Moat-.
The Sloesn Ore Purchasing Company
of Nelson is now mak ins good progress
with the erection ot its buildings for ore
sampling Nearly all the lumber is on
tbe ground and tne work of laying tbe
floor ha* commenced. The contractor
announces thst the building will be completed snd ths machinery installed and
ready tor crushing on June June 5th-
So soon as the company is prepared to
accept delivery of ore it will commence
operations, there being ore sufficient
awaiting shipment to keep the sampler
going for several weeks.
.   The man who procrastinates struggles
, with ruin.���Hosiod.
New York Sun:���A profit to the bank
of more than 15,000,000 in two months
ts the stupendous record of the Monte
Carlo gambling establishment during
the season ending a week ago. It is
safe to say, that tha history of gambling |
In any and all countries cannot furnish
a parallel to these figures. It should be
borne In mind that the bank's profits
only amount to three per cent, upon the
sums stsked, so that these gigantic winnings represent more than 1166,000,000
actually risked by the players, or about
���2,600,000 per day placed upon tbe table*. This does not mean that punters
and plungers actually carried a capital
aggregating $2,600,000 per day to the 1
gambling rooms and staked it on tbe
turn of a wheel or the deal ot a card,for
of course much of the money was risked
over! and over again
There are no stories of really phenomenal luck in the years record. A
North of England ship-owner won 890,-
nOQ in two hours one day last month.
Tbe most sensational coupof the season
was thst of a Russian Count, who carried awav $70,000 aa the result of one
nights play. He won this stun in tbe
new semi-private gaming rooms, where
the heaviest play nas taken place. This
new feature of Monte Carlo accounts
fer tbe unprecedented receipts of the
season. Tbe rooms are en the first
ffoor of the Casino. Only men are admitted and membership in a reputable
club Is a necessarr qualification for
admittance. The stakes' are nothing
lass than gold or bank notes, and the
rooms are kept open till 2 or 8 a.m., the
8rincipal gaming rooms on the ground,
oor closing at midnight.
A Yorkshire colliery owner carried
away 876,000 after three weeks' play,,
but there have been no other big winnings worth noting. On the otherhand,
the most startling instance of heavy
loss is that of the wife of an English
peer, who lost one night 180,000 and the
next1100,600. Her husband found it
necessary to warn her that even his
vast wealth could not stand such, a big
WUI See The
Messrs Mackenzie and Mann have
been in Ottawa for several days. They
have a number of projects in band, hut
It la said their chief business is to form-
ulste their clsim against the Government for expenditure incurred in connection with the unfortunate Yukon
railway deal of last year. It is said by
those that know that the amount of the
damages to be claimed by them will not
be far short, of 8250,000. The amount of
the recent decisions against them in the
courts of 870,000, due the Alberta Bail-
way and Coal Company lor rails supplied, will be one of the items of the bill
of particulars which the government
will be asked to pay.
������Oh, dear 1" said a young Bostonian,
struggling with her arithmetic. 'What
is it, my child?" said her father. "I
wish I were sn Australian rabbit/' "An
Australian rabbit 1 Why, my child?"
''Because they multiply so.rapidly."
These are all New Stock, New Patterns nnd New Primes.
Hunter Bros.
The pip���eer hopise of the City
First-Class in every particular
R. Cunning, proprietor.   Sandon
ii* '.is
The following ia a complete list of the
mining transactions recorded during tbe
week m the several mining divisions of
the Slocan. Those of New Denve- were
as follows:���
Ann. I7-Sprir*_me, Poor Mik, by J E Barrett.
Aran. 88-NalUe FraeUon. relocation of CUn
ton claim, Carpenter creek, Wm Nlven.
Mart-Alice Marphy, SUver mounUln, A J
Boole j, same. Hash Behne.
Mav 3-Nottle Fractional, Carpenter creek, C
H Brindle.
Mat S-Deoeption, relocation of Mollie, Four
*Kobi,Jorthfork Carpenter creek,relocationot
Ellis, B Thompson.
World. Carpenter, same.
of sale In escrow,
Aran. ss-Elk, two yean; Speculator, same;
Virginia, same.
Aran. I7-Keewatln, Emma Fraction.
april SS-Ooocord.
April 19��� Wren.
Mat l-Torpedo, Jubilee, Creole.
Mat >���Angelo.
Mat 8-Belt FraeUon, Bear Fraction. Fen-
church Fraction.
Mat 6-Dewey. Spike, Bepubtlcan, Thtotle.
Mat ft-Oolden Chariot, Morway, Stockholm,
Alma, Charlotte.
Mat S-Roval Five, Jennie, Lakeview.
Mat l-Starvle w, Empire, Rlchinood.
Aran. 17���Fit* |, J M Hays to John Booah, on
MayJS.HBS.   . -~-"-^__^______i
Fits I, same to same, hill
tflSO, doe May *8, MO, a��n_7]	
Cuba |, CR Lawson to J McKarnan, February
RDFracoont, ST Walker to ND McMillan,
March ST.
A pea t��-Rockland. E Camming-- to W W
Sptnks, April IS.
Northern Pacific alL Red Cross all, Soho |, M
B W Bathboarne to J C Ryan, January 4
Same,, tn each, J C Ryan to Chas H Green, oa
April T.
Mat 1-EdlthJ, James Campbell to D D Me
Pherson, April tf.
Hartney and Sylvantte,. in each, E. Shannon
to same, aame.
Letters of admlniatration granted, March IS, to
Catherine Stirrett of the estate of A H Stirrett.
Mays���Random Shot, Wm Braden to Edwin
Same. E Wallace to tbe Ajax Mining and Development Co , ltd, July ��, IMS.
Cubal-6,CHLoenaonto BM Walton,Aorta,
June Bog, Cuba I, -ksbee Fraction, A C Behne
to W C Yaw key, ApriTte.
Cuba IS, B M Walton to P M Rickey, April SS.
Mat S-Caba.aU interest. J Mc-ieman toPJ
Hlckey, April SS.
Marie 8 Fraetton 1, C S R_thdall to George W
Haghes.SMO, April to.
Samei.auue to Scotttoh Colonial GoW-Wds,
hd., ssoo, same.
GrandStendi,EL Beer toCWGmealey.on
Feb S, IS.
MAYji^Hpme Ban J, Wm Glynn to A E Fao-
Hermlna I. J M Somprey to P DiweU
Red Sur J, C H Cameron to _ Raima.
AFBU.IS-C0I Sellars. W �� Bqse, ***)*���
Teller. R P Bland and Wabash J, A A W ebb to
John Tinting. AUflAX
Ark |, G Walker to W G Stvyar.
Apbil Itf-OUT |. H Glegerlch to V A Johnson
April 81-Ark ��,Q W��lkcr, W BUacateid
and W G Srvyer to J W Ru<td>
Boss-D Tuomey to 0 T Stone.
Apbil It-Monterey. San Joan and Humming
Bird, Sheriff Tuck to W C McLean, MO.
Aran. S4-*Corlnthtaii i. CM Field to B D
R A L |. L Field to same.
Bom and St John \, O T Stems to D Tuomey.
Apbil So-The Bear ��, J Hattl to M Totonen.
Aran. IS-Colomdo. Andrew Jav, Utfca.and
Rocky Boulder, P McCua and Bridget MeCne to
I�� Peyton, to ran for two years.
Treadwell and John A, C Plowman to J A
At Somerville, Texas, a plsce on the
Gulf, Colorado and Santa Ps railway,
about 140 miles west of Galveston, an
interesting, mysterious, gigantic, and
evidently profitable enterprise has just
besn inaugurated. Drawing our conclusions from the big factory, the colossal vats, endless piles of timber, long
trains of tram cars, the army of laborers
and the terrible odor that pervades tbe
town and county for miles, there certainly must be enough creosote manufactured here to cure all the aching
teeth in the world. These people, however, sre not engaged in producing this
peculiar liquid to be put in little vials
and to be sold over the prescription
counter by the drop. It pours from tbe
factory in great dark streams, and they
own rivers and lakes of the stuff, aad
use it sil right here,
The officials on the ground are apparently men of very limited colloquial
powers, snd few of them recognise the
presence of strangers further thsn bv
a glance and a nod of tbe head or a jerk
of the thumb towards a sign which savs
"No Admittance." The air of mystery
that pervades the piece led us to'mak e
some investigations, which developed
the fact that Uie stuff which is produced
and used here is manufactured by s
secret process, only known to the
���hetnists in tbe employ of tbe companv
Everybody calls it creosote, but nobodv
on the outside knows what it is. The
company has been in existence a little
more than a year, and, judging from
the big buildings they are continually
constructing the constant arrival of
men and cnatiy machinery,the ceaseless
augmentation of their force of laborers
and skilled m*-chanics and the error
qamu*Jt^ iVw v-mi.- u*r w ���_**- r.ha 1motu growth of the business, it ma* be
^wtekiCEFfeldlngtoCMGethmg.Febfl,I      vwy profluWe   en^-pHee.     |t   is
Mowich,CMOething to A B Fauquier. April I known aa the Texas Lumber, Tie and
1 Timber Preservation Co., but they do
Apbil 19���Boas, near Kaalo. DTuomev
St John, aame, 0 T Stone.      ^^^H
Apbil SO���Sevora, In Hendry x
Johnson. ���I
Atlaatte, sooth fork. J D Moore.
Mayflower, wast of Kaslo, M Jardinc.
Gibraltar, sane. same.
Aran, tl���Nelson. Hendryx camp, H M Btev
camp, by A
Padic, sciatb fork, D D Kane   ^^^^^^
Apbil O���Playback, Hendryx camp, William
Aran. M-Undaonted, Bear Lake, R Williams
and B Mitchell ^^^^^^^^^
Apbil W- Zoa.
Apbil lS-Goiden Bole, SSnaet, Last Ghaace,
Old Eagland, Matilda, Government, Valparaiso,
Apbil Sl-Jeanta,  Star. Homestake,   Great
Wasters, Mver King, Stiver Queen.
Ann. IS���Boy, Dewey.
Apbil M-Clrcle.
Apbil la-Plato.
csBTincATS or lar-ovRMBvrs.
Apbil la���Pandora and Dryore.on behalf of W
J H Holmes.
Apbil lft-Scrantem |, W B Conroy to J Henry
APBO. 17-War Eagle |,D F StrobacktoO E
Jeanette, G W Roche to W S McCra*.
the whole train into convulsions of up*
roarious laughter bv his humorous description of Somervtlle and tbe Alligator branch In ueep, tragic tone* he
would roar, "The next station is the
world-renowned city of Somerville,
founded by DadNuid Billdad���popubt-
tion 49,480���one voke of oxen���Hli%sard
Pete���a crippled negro and a veliow
Kwerful engine and pumped tb* �����,.-
un this lake to their factory throngs
an eight-Inch pipe. ^"
Not all of the Ingredients A thelmmj
used In preserving timber are manuV
rured here.   Tram loads ul ��vi8 n_i
looks like glue is transported to u,u
place from aome unknown quarter of
-��..     ��_.__  r_^it*he globe.   They claim, and scientific
ars for Allan farm, Jer- jtiv��rti-aujrs who have thnnmghlv *\.
derabad. Hongkong.Kar   mm|lM)d thf* ^j^ my% ihm. Ibi.v ����
l} and Navasola wood more durable than ir ti   lUiIr.ad
oold listen to this ,irt_ mnt*   hrirf^- timt_*r.  i..... x._.:
hov-change cars for Allan Farm, *m*
w-,        _,���.in.��"-~��.*'l Hrt����*��knnir.Kar.!
usalem, N?ctint
sway ini* pip ���->.���. ������� ����������� ��������rw ���-. , I,   ���....
office, doubtless supposing that the big
dtv was just round tbe curve
Everything has been changed as If by
magic. The creosote people came, and
thev at once began to dig vats and put
up nouses    (t did not take them long
There every pertiele of sap. moistan
and every ether foreign element u n.
traded from the wood Aft.r this tbe
ties are treated with the chemical >,<>.
uid. which smells ao like creosote, sad
S>P_et their big factory In operation,? when ejruinbtottghi onOo* track their
andthen they furnished employmeni te value *��fJ^4Wlk ��ncre*;��t Tks
an armv of mechanics and btborera. | peoeAf ronjdenllv bellev,. thai forii
Three hundred dwelling house* sprang timbers will la*t for thousand* A wan
Into existence in a few months. Long] They have six of then* great vat*, lft)
railroad switches aud innumerable j fee*Jn length, In constant operation
tram lines were constructed into the j fhe company i* just now pl.��tj^an
foreats. Thev paid good wages and of- p-jiy increasing buarnews with the re-
fered liberal inducement* for pet-pie to j p,,^ -j Upxteo They ar** *hiWt^
settle in the town.   They were clever, | *,nta qusntlties of their ttm��^r�� ,. Ur
���lllllll*,lllllllllllli��� *^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^       ^^^^^^^^___________^_____t   wa ��_��_a_^__________^_________^-_--i
not seem to cere whether the world
knows anything shout them or not
Onemsn whose tongue we succeeded
in loosening {tut a little bit, said in a
whisper, after very cautiously looking
about him: ������Well, they are making
barrels of money anyway. They cannot All one-half of the orders that they
are receiving, and they are awfully
afraid that some slick person will get
on to their little secret and set up soother fsctory."
Two years ago there was nothing
here but a telegraph office and two or
three box houses. A short railway,
known as the Alligator branch, started
at this point and ran through tbe Brazos
bottom to Navasota. This was a lasy,
slow, creeping thing The cannon ball
would stop to take on or let off a fisherman or hunter at any point in the
woods. Whenever* deer or a fleck of
turkeys crossed the track tbe engineer
reached for his Winchester and the fireman stopped tbe train under the shade
of the first tree. Conductor and passengers joined in tbe sport* which frequently ended tn the slaughter of a fat
Commercial travelers and others always spoke of the Alligator branch and
Somerville in a vein, of humor. A well-
known negro porter on the (i.C.4 8,
F. express, who called the names of the
stations, often threw the passengers of
warn se�� a *-*m*jr       w *ww "as - ��*������ - -��-s *
but tbey felt their flesh quiver when
thev read, po-Ued up on the tree* such
notices as  "Fools who ask queationa., mmf
will be shot," "Theremains of scientific; ��4jj4
investigators who have taxied or bathed I
in the liquid will not hold together for'
���shipment." "l-abor for all, but tramp*
are kindly advised not to bit tbe sun go
down on them in Somerville "
Big lake, a magnificent sheet of wa
ter. was located about four miles away
The enterprising creosote people wanted the water of the lake, and thev erec
weatastbe Faeiflc c����asl �����! Mexk*,ts
be used in the construction of wharvsj
aud  lighthouse* and   pi��r* sod us
ted a tower 150 feet high, purrbaaed a ( ���nd*.
MafeMP ��� g-sseeefli J*** **t it.
A reeeni i*��ne of the Snperior, Wh.
Oiiaen contain* the following ehorvk
irotlee-���**>iext Jiunday th��- tn.��mio|
service will be held telbe K-��*t Knd-tal
the aftern>M>n aervke* at the Wea
Knd    Cbtblrett will be bapt ���   t st ht*b
...Am *��� __���
Slocan Lake
After some weeks of arduous prepnratloM the citlaensof* Sew IVn ver are
in a position to offer, thruugb their executive oomaittee,  ������� ('�����
citizens of Sandon and neighboring eampa,  the greatest
���porting evenu that nave over been   brought
together in   a   Kootenay celebration.
may 24ib, ainw Denver,
Will be a record making day forthe Silvery Slocan.*   Allegpecuti ..n* h%n
be n exceeded, and trotter sports,  better parses,  bettor music better
entertainment of every description, are the results of the heartv
cooperation of tbe citizens of Sandon,  Nebun nnd Rosslani
Some of the Sporting Events
I06EREEL RACK (bub-andhub) Nelson and Romland team entcred-
J        The swiftest In Kootenay -Open to 8n don, Tmll and Ka��^
BASEBALL MATCH-Sandon va* Ncltmi-Thc only organlicd boll w����
In these cities,
LACROSSE MATCH-Nelton vs. New Denver.
FtX)TBALL MATCH-Nelson vt. New Denver
AQUATIC and FIELD SPURTS fbf all.   Band concert and Bill In rvenln*
Ample hotel aecomruodatlona. JOHN WILLIAMS, 8e rei^y.
Special train and boat service being arranged. The Paystreak.
Zinc in Ontario.
(Toronto mm.)
A report has been made of the
IVniiderfUl zinc mine near Scbriber.
.���his mine waa purchased by IL B.
ieemer of Ottawa last yeeffbr 130,-
,��i)    During last season Mr. Beetner
Ksred f 15.OU0 out of the property.
|n Missouri the best ore runs 14 per
tent while this mine has38to 65 per
ent_lnc   There Ian trace of gold
,ui no silver in it.   The property Is
-10 aeres in extent.   The lode is 1,000
fleet in length* 20 feet wide and has
ibcen proved to a depth of 200 feet. It
lis easy to mine,   The product Is shipped to Belgium and sold st $15 per
lion.   The freight is 9* a ton.
Witt Vsn Resign.
Sew York. May 8th.���The Mall
and Kxpress seys; The annual meeting ol the Canadian Pacific occurs
this week and It was rumored today
,u Wall street thst President William
t Van Home will retire from the
unice which he now holds in favor of
r K. Sbaughnessy, who Is now vice
Toe change, tt Is understood, is at
incident Van Home's suggestion.
He wishes to maintain his identity
with tbe road In Uie capacity of
.���iMirinan uf the board of directors.
He Net His Match.
The Russian marshal I, Suvorofl,
**** famona as a Jester and waa fond
! c-musing tire men ander his command bv asking them unexpected
nml ab*urd questions. But occasion*
ally he met hia natch. Thos, one
hitter January night, such aa only
K-i-sia can produce, be rode np to a
sentrv and demanded:
How many stare are tlmre In the
Wait a little and Ml tell yoa,"
Mid he deliberately commenced to
count, "One. two, three," ete.
VYhcn be had reached 100, Sever
off, who was halt frown, thought it
high lime, to ride off, not, however,
without eirdulring tbe name of the
ready reckoner. Next day tin* latter
buntl himself promoted
A Short Coneeraetion.
r.iigllsliman Psnloii me, sir, but
where do yoa come from ?
Strsnjrer���FVoni Coantv Oork.
Knglishmnit���Then that accounts
t"f vour brogue.
Stranger���May I ax where you
come from ?
Knglishnutn(proudly) -From Wor
i < -ter.
Stranger -Then that account* for
lie knew what tbey always ��ay.
so he thought he Would forestall ber
"I suppose you've never heen
kissed by a man beforeT be. ssid.
"Do I look as homely as. that?"
"lie demanded, haughtily.
What is a patent lawyer ?"
lies a lawyer who get** pe*��pl��< in
jail for inventing tilings."
with him.
Wink-Not at all. The trouble is
one's always afraid to do it.
���'Do you like popular songs?"
No, ' answered the perfectly candid man; "not when anybody e_-
cept myself slugs or whistles them."
The Truro Searchlight reports that
men are working in that city on
civic contract work for 75 cents a
day, and that tbe supply exceeds tbe
demand at that price.
Maiv. l��aw the baker kit* you
--day. I think I shall go down and
inke the bread In future."
"Twouldn't be no use,  ma'am.
Uf wouldn't kits you 'cos he promts
"1 he'd never kiss anybody else bat
I.link   The trouble with a bore Is
' hat one never knows what to do
An Published Millinery business
in Sandon, furnishings and fittings
complete. Tbe only millinery business in the city. Best of reasons for
wishing to sell.
Apply to
Miss Wilhok.
P. O. Box 117.
Methodist Church :���
Kev. A. M. Sanford, B. A., Pastor.
Regular services to-morrow at 11
a. m. and 7:30. p m.
Presbyterian Church :���
Divine service will be held in Virginia Hall at 7:30 p. m.    Rev. J. A.
Cleland, Minister.
NOTICE U bsrvl.y (tv��n that J. RobUlard
and It. McDonald do not bold then-el voe
liable ror any hills contracted by Cot Una ft
-arikon, now working on tho Sean property.
i. Robtllard.
I�� M> Ik��ua��d.
Certificate of Improvements.
Situato In   tbt Slocan   Mininc   Division  ol
West Kootenay tM*triet.   Where located s
On tbe East Pork of C��rpent��r Creek,  ad-
jmninc tbe Wo*o*B��Tt. Minrral Claim on
i be north.
Task Nonr* that   I.  Joseph  Frvderiek
Ritchie, actina as a��*nt for J. O. C. Pnuer. ol
Rowland. B. C. Fw��e Miner's Certificate No.
;s.*ip. Intend Aiders from  tbe date hereof to
apply t�� ths Miniiia Recorder for a Certificate
of Improveniens for the above claim.
And further Uke notice that action, under
���rrtion S7, must  lie commenced before tbe
i��-uatirt> of socb Certificate ol Improvemenns
Dated this 11th day of June, HOT
ROOM 1.        0? STAIRS
r�� tottm**
A. F. A A. M.
Regular Coinmanlcation of ALTA
LODGE, U. D., held first Thursday
In each Month, in Masonic Hall,
Sandon, at 8 P. m. Sojourning breth-
ern cordially Invited.
W. II. Lilly,
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Pnblio, Etc.
B. C.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Notary Public.
Sleighs, Gutters, Teams and
kaslo, a. e,
Saddle Horses for Hire.
Miners and Prospectors.
Will ba at tha Hotel Balmoral
once m month.
a. miioy, l. n. s.
If yon want to eave yonr
money leave yonr order
Sandon, B. C.
MAY 24th, 1899.
$1,700 ift PRIZES $1,700
Vree For All      1st Prize *200.00
,.    ��    ��       2nd Prize IfXlOO
Slocan Horses    1st Prize 75.00
2nd Prize 25.00
Ut Prize 5tt00
2nd Prize 25.00
Pony Kace
$800    IN PRIZES    $500
Bast All Reaatf AtMata
Matok Oaa-a af Basa Batt
Fbr Further Partienlara Apply To
R. O. MATHESON,  Secretary
Atlantic Steamship  Tickets.
to and from European points via Canadian and American lines. Apply
for sailing dates, rates, tickets and
full information to any C. P. Ry
agent, or
C. P. R. Agent, Sandon.
WM. STITT, Gen. 8. 8. Agt.,
Canadian Pac'fic Railway
Soo-Pacific Line.
The Past aad Seperior Sertke Aonto
To Eastern Si
European Points,
To   Pacific   Coast,   Alaska,
China,   Japan   and   Australian
Baggage Cheeked to Destination
and Through Tickets Iasued.
Tourist Cars
Pass Revelstoke:
Daily to St. Paul,
Tuesday and Saturday for Toronto.
Thursday for Montreal and Boston.
Daily to Points reached via Nakusp.
Daily excepting Sunday to Points, reach
ed via Rosebery and Slocan City.
Daily Train.
7:45 k    Ive. SANDON ar.     1&66-
AHo Three Forks 1��:15
A.AA Denver Biding 15:80
IMS Rosebery 1540
w-M             New Denver
10:15                 Silverton
Vt-SA              Bloo-a City
9*00             NELSON              14:20
13:50            NAKUSP             11:15
Ascertain RATES an* foil Information by
addreeain* nearest local agent, er
Agent, Sandon.
K. J.OOYLR. W. P AHDER80.*!.
Dial. Pasa. A*t., Tr*v. Paaa, A��t
Vanoouver. Keleon.
Ba sure  that yonr titkak reeds via tha
\ ,
��� i
' & %
������I -
>��� ii
'1 The Paystreak.
The C. P. R. Balked.
The C. P. R. i8 trying again with
very indifferent success its bulldozing
policy as applied to the K. A S. Ry.,
now the Kootenay Railway A Navigation Co., owners of the Kaslo A
Lardo Duncan Ry. Co. charter. The
little road has a faculty of always
being flrst in the field. Under their
charter they last fall surveyed and
recorded their right-of way through
Duncan Pasa, but a few days ago
when their workmen began grading
operations here thev found the new
stakes of the C. P. R. on their right-
of-way and a gang of C. P. R. graders shortly made its sppearance.
The latter would not quit the disputed ground and the little road has
called upon the courts to protect its
rights against the porcene proclivities of the C. P. R., in tlte meantime
going right ahead with its operations. Judge Forin has issued a
temporary injunction against the
0. P. R. '
Unscrupulous Stock Boomers.
The Stevensons, father and son,
should be lynched on their return to
Kootenay. Thev own some mining
property and a small concentrator st
Ainsworth. The lies they are tell-
in. the gullible public through the
Philadelphia papers would turn old
Baron Maunchausen green with
envy. The Black Diamond. Little
Phil and Mamie, a group of 1p��w
grade propositions that have turned
grey the heads of two or three managers and broken the hearts and
financial backs of former owners, is
hung before the dazed public as the
greatest and richest mines the world
has ever heard of. Their mill,
equipped with a "coffee mill" crusher, two jigs and one Free vanner,
they claim to be the largest plant in
the Pacific Northwest. Among the
more truthful statements in an inter-
written of young Maxwell Stevenson
is one to the effect that the "great
Black Diamond mines" are in direct
line with the Payne, only 14 miles
distant, and that the Payne is 'just
be.p��w the lie Roi mine." Ii is need
less to say the preci"Os Stevenson
pair is engaged in selling stock in
their "great mines."
Mine Owners' Meeting.
A meeting of the mine owners of
Slocan was held in the Virgin hi Hall
on Tuesday evening. Several representatives from Nelson and Kaslo
were present and all the mines, with
one or��two exceptions, were represented
The meeting was held with great
secrecy, the doors being double-
guarded to prevent gny outsiders
from gaining admittance, consequently the proceedings are unknown. It is also uncertain as to
whether the meeting was unanimous
in favor of the (3 scale for au eight-
hour shift. It is currently reported
that three of the largest' properties
refuse to close down. B. J. Perry, of
the Noble Five, left for Victoria on
Wednesday morning and it is understood that bis mission is in connection
with the movements of the mine
owners association. Resolutions
drawn up which will probably receive publication next week. The
constitutionality of the eight-hour
law will be contested immediately
upon its enforcement.
Advertise in tlie Paystreak.
Hamilton   Watches
Are the best for Hard !*Vrrli*e. t*������a.
the favorite Railroad Watch of North
America, lanrely taklna* the |ptace pp!
other watches whore accurate time is
required. The Jewels in these Wstchee
are Jewels, not imitation, *ud set in
Gold. The Highft CHradSs have Sap.
phire I'nJlet*. Evep-v*lpi��gthatin��esto
make the finest TjUnekeerisr is t���� ��>e
found in these Wst. hr..
Sevent^n Jewel Ontdaa Uata ttsto
*v. Twenty-one Jewals fromi '*���*** *'
Call ami see them
Iabo handle the famous Hampden
Watch. I state tmty fasts and can
liack npi'verv aa��eitiliHl made.
-i-a-&��r-_�� _*-��?~o- ���& 32*A&
Has the Finest
In tne 5ioc_n
Everything New, Complete and
Up-to-date The Comfort and
Convenience of Patrons wiB receive
the most Careful attention Cftr
and see us at the New Stand.
Two Doors Shove  the Po.f   iMRee.
[>������}--��$ ��3ptJBHp6r���3 <2?.
Jacob Ketsen
��� * ��� * ���
Carries the Largest Stock of
Pipes in the Slocan. They must
be sold. A Reward of $1,000
is offered for t'e discovery of
any dealer who is selling this
class of goods cheaper.
Fine Seasonablegroceries
H��!N<lqtiurters (or Miners.
Well stocked bar in connection.
First class accommodations.   Hoard by the
���lay or week.
Table Novelties.
Unequalled for Variety and Purity.
Hotels. Mines ami Families will find it to their*
vantage to see these new foods In all lines helm
purchasing elsewhere. Mailorders will receive *
usual our prompt attention and forwarded a-metfe*
Sandon, B.C.
The output of the SLOCAN
in '98 was nearly S3,000,OW.
Ninety   per   cent   of thb
wealth    was    handled with
ter recommendation could be had.
H. BYERS k Co.
Wc have just received a   full car of CANTON
STEEL,  all  sizes, for  hand  kftd  power  drills
\   J. R. & D. CAMERON, *
J 0000000000000000000000000000
| Kootenay Tailors.
J| 0000000000000000
J Gerry tbe ftneH Hoe of Canadian and Im
5 purled clotiis to be found In K<a*�� t;���**���
J loapoet tht* latest aridiiama to oar  atock
��� tA  ipri-g  aaiilng*.   Prrfvcf  HatWTartkm J
% (ittarametd. \
* 000000000000000000000000000000 !
In the Hew Store You Will Find
Om at tbt l���vwt  Stock* ot Dru���� t. th* Sloe**.
i.   ii i���li.i sjs mmti\ ���*���*���    - inMi.il. ii      ��� - - ���---..���-i-      -   11 _ sisiiii im " t-i���'���*���
DRUGGIST   SUNDRIES.  Perfume* Soap*, ill Twlat R��j�� *��'
Try  Donaldaon'i   Rheumatic  Curt.   It  Never tails   to Cut.
Perscriptioai a Specialty.   We im oaly the bait Madkiaai V>��<
can he Obtained.
Jas. Williamson
Sail* the Beat    and        la tha Camp
mart aaM.


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