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The Paystreak Dec 24, 1898

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Array ^r>^rirt*^<>t^^ o6t^cW**y
j.rk Mural It running Uie Palace
p J Jlkkv is spending Christmas
Jbhnnv Millard ewnt in Cascade
Oty Tor��d��y.
Wood b sgsln moving freely in
jamMi��after dark.
ttollev Blackwood returned from
i,���ra*tid Thursday.
I*   i, mm   rviurned   *r��**i�� San
Ft_ftct^> on Thursday,
There will he a dapee in &j*euo*jr'*
bit ��� n Morulay evening. ****Ji.
Mr and Mrs Bruce While vitlfed
SataVm for a fear days this week,
KA Duval,  formerly  of Sakoap,
K_�� taken II. II, l.Wk*a plac* aa es
term sgsnl st the Sandon depot.
V 1. (lug*, of Anaconda, ha*
taair-1 t��-J to Ihe Method!** church
a go ids an! reducing the debt
IWni h*lie*tkm# are tbul the
K of!' ball in r^caeera on January
tmi it I- Iw lite greatesl SMCial event
tt the naeoSi
T-nrwtav was the sbortcm day in
Uv year. alUmagb. In tile mind* A a
gmt many, tomorrow will no doubt
are�� very brief.
Thr \Mhodl* Sunday School
tstrruinrnent will be held io the
tbm,xh tii MotUy evening. About
my ��cir iars will take part   In the
Jim Williamson has a gram ��ph.*n��-
t-at pndaere aueh rejUWile mask
���~*t Um* uninitiated ate emuiuuati)
kefcirig ��Im*it the h %wtl lo Caleb a
r)��m^ t4 Dun <��ama arSoaaa*
TV Sandon Dress Hand will give
t tfAwl Hull and popular cake w*lk
Is Virginia hall. Monday evening
Every <��ue welcome; mu*ie by th**
Sandon Orchestra \ cake walk win
eaw A} More sapper,
Aeeorilingio their u*nsl -a��iom.
Vacdxnald Bros, will c�� iibrntc Item'*
annivrriary, Januarx ..Nth, with ��
���H and tuMsr. 'rhe li��*w/iu��lm
ejiended hy the gmb%\ proprievir*
�����l��*> Balmoral is mo wHl known to
lenelre comment acre.
The d,r|atmasdecoeair��vtt*iiff.vi.-.l
*1 nmu of Sandon's mvpchaiH* mr
���nmic aud uateful. OlugericiVs
��������l>ii*ltment has an exhibition ol
pa! u��t�� in window dreeing ih*r
�� *��uid lie bard to Mir-pat* Pal
���wrn�� r| ,m| decoration, aro Modeled
���iWrtheaivitofa ruse bed in Ihe
,l*rtcn of Eden.
The V |*\ R, hm^ gmMHuu*e��i that
"wad trip tickets el single fare rate
**������ be uiki between sil Kaotena>
Mm* nouiho(aiid ��ncludlng,Naku<p
Joa the 20th to the 2wh ln*t Mas
�������� Such tickets are good for re
we until Janaarv i Round trip
"cketa w||| nhm fa, ^d ttlMt,,r the
���tmeconditlunetmllrc. 30 ami Si.
���M Jan, ^ wJltell w|��� Aj^be good
���* return until January 4.
The owners nf the Kaalo Continue
**��� *eneaa-ad tbeir Intention of
cloning that Joint on the 15th of next
month. It i�� a\H) ni��u*d that tlie
sandon dive �� it I bg clowd on the
same date, On tbe theory that virtue
b iu own reward, and vice verse, it
��� reasonable to preWttM that tinan
elal dUtrew-ihe vajreatd iniqtihy-
han ovenakeu tin* owners of these
Han v * ,��.k, wlio has held down
the VtAWm At(Xpreei agent at tin'
C. 1' B defCN for nearlv w vear. has
received in*irneiion to {)i-uceed to
Bevtistofce to uke a iun as express
memnger on the main line, lisrry
will lie much miased among the citi
xen�� a*v beaidea being a m<*\A agent,
he has bet?n SCllVf in the organiza
tine. >.f the band aod the w��irk ol
��e%*ersl wiieieties in the city. Mr.
Qpok*! family will remain in Sandon
unril t*rrangem<i��i* an? made lor a
ntwkleoce iu Hevebtoke.
The lbftun Ofiera House at New
Dsavcr wa* opened on Thursday
evening with a conceit and Iwil. A
nuiutier A rery guml selections by
local talent were reivdertd to a large
audience ami speeclws were made hy
Me*.m Spruat and TluHUlinsoo.
A'*<ut tmt* hundred cotiplea were on
th** loor (or ihe grsml march. I^uiu*
a nmwlier of Stlverttmiaiis were present l*ut Sandon wa* unrepresented.
Sew iK-neer youtlis displayed re
markat'i�� agilitv in tilling out the
New lii over ia4ie- programmes,
mueh m MM dr����ro!iiStore of the Silverton genui. A hot pace was maintained unutl break of da| In the
k��goM night in the year.
The Local Political Situation.
Tlseoflkiai nomination of candi
tlatm ft<r the ottlres ����f Mayor and
Alderman will take piece in the City
Oert'sofBee on Mondav. Jan. ihh.
U*tween the h >ur*> of 10 s. rn. and _
The civic elections will Uke place
oetbeTfearsday i����iii>~ing. Jan IS,
aim In the city ��>h1ce*.
It i* umlerstiwd that a public meet*
i��k�� wiil I*' h�� M OQ Monday or Tues*
dav Jaa tad Of ot\\. at which the
Blrfe tnaaore and mher mnnicipsi
Bt^wer. will Ui i^ubJUly dlseaawi
It i�� thi iateint ui uf tho inemUTsot
theutv OWnell U> have prepared a
omapleV unanclal ���tstemeot tor tho
wtrliyJanuary 1st WW
timt the mstter of pnsrible oandl*
lain aill  bs W.Hight upanddis
A Dissertation on Municipsl Affairs
bti A. Dscid.
The name of one of the present
council is mentioned hs our next
Mayor. It Is well to take a retro-
spective glance at the council's past
We remember Mr. Grimmett first
advocating incorporation, his chief
desire apparently being an extra-
ordinary zeal for the benefit it would
be for the merchants that they should
be protected.
His idea being the revenues of the
lown would meet the expenses. Ata
meeting in Harris' Hall several
spoke and their views were to go
slow the first >ear, then on the sec
ond year, if the town was prosperous,
n sewerage system would be put in.
(Note: Not a word concerning a
flume )
Mr. Grimmett selected his council
from the business lights of the town.
We will examine the business acts of
this extraordinary business body,
elected in an extraordinary manner,
and we discover some other motive
in it than the protection of the merchant*.
Did this business body keep the
expenses within the revenue?. No.
They had hotel licenses, teamsters'
licenses, gambling games, poll tax,
road tax, dug tax, business tax;
even the ladies of the demi-monde
have contributed a monthly line,
Comique tax, all kinds of tax; and
then they had to tax tlie property
hoidors tlt.ii) per thousand to meet
the current expenses.   This shows
81.50 for water to a famil v under four
persons he charges 12 50; (and if yoa
don't pay I will turn off the water.)
It is imperative that the present
Attorney be removed, as he can not
be expected to look after Mr. Harris's
interest and after the citizens as he
A. David.
Citq Council.
MsraoonrT CautCRi i
Uak��8nbba-to Wwj
the morning at U -''-lock
M Sanford will address
fcveatag Service at
X 'B-SS mibic.
will l*o leudcretlr
At the regular meeting on Monday
evening tbe following communications were read;
FromM. L. Grimmett regarding
a letter of A. David.
Messrs. Harris & Kelly regarding
Thos. Marks of Port Arthur regarding sidewalk.
Ruth Mines regarding exemption
from taxation.
The communications of M. L.
Grimmett, Harris & Kelly snd Thos.
Marks were received and fyled.
The clerk was instructed to reply
to the communication from the Ruth
Mines to the effect that the proposal
oi the company had received the favorable consideration of the council,
but owing to the short time remaining to the present council in office,
they would be compelled to lay the
matter over for consideration by tbe
incoming council, with a recommendation in favor of granting the
exemptions asked for by tbe Bath
Mines Co. fn their letter.
A resolution was adopted appointing E. M. Sandilauds returning
officer for the forthcoming elections
of Mayor and Aldermen and appointing the City Clerk's office as the
that the council spent twice as much , place of nomination and polling.
as estimated and it certainly appear* j 	
a** wish ing that business men would j .  I. 0. P. Officers.
lie so unbusinoss-like,  considering j 	
that the improvement made consisted | The initiation of members to the
principal:." of grading up and filling! I. 0. F. was the exceedingly inter-
ui Harris A Sproat's and the Mayor's S esting program which the members
property until it is worth one-third j enjoyed at their regular monthly
ntore, M ihe expense of the citizens, meeting on Thursday evening.
Tne Citv Attorney being Harris's j   The following officers were elected
solicitor, bom can a citizen exped for the ensuing year:
Mr,   Urhnmett   to   work   against j Albert David, Court Deputy
Harris's interest?   And as   Harris Or Wm E Goram, Chief Ranger
Jas Williamson, Vice Chief Ranger
W De R Rose, Past Chief Ranger
prscticallv owns the town,
justice on' his  part  passes
any rn-
'ho flume outrage was placed on
the people by the present council.
Rev J A Cleland, Chaplain
Jas A Griffith, Financial Secretary
J. Richmond Dean, Recording Sec.
services in
.   Rev. A.
the  school.
t:.MX   Special
will   hold
For Photo ��
trv Trueman
that will pl��'** >'0U
Remember that oar
will only be
rowoSieC. P.fc*P*
tint i
Harris spoke'of building the flume ] M. L. Grimmett, Treasurer
two years before incorporation, but, 1 Harry Nash, Senior WoodwarcL
assisted by Mr. Grimmett, the coun-! Otto Johnston, Junior Woodwaru
oil built it and we are asked to pay \ Arthur Peel, Senior Beadle
for Improvement which is local and | Norman McLennan, Junior Beadle
which increases the value of Harris's I Dr W E Gomm, Court Physician
MuoertV bv one-hall.   Property im- John Rockney, Marshall
,i-oved should Ik* paid for by those' M L Grimmett and C. J. Smith,
Interested.   After incorporation Mr. Trustees.
Grimmett looses that interest In Ihe
business people and allows Harris to
the flume as a sewer, contrary to |
Card of Thanks.
Provincial Health regulations, and
Harris charges two prices lor his
water contrary to law, and by circulating a petition and forwarding it to
he Atwrnev General I think his
charter might be cancelled. Harris
eies from, the neighboring republic
h ul imagines he Is above afl law.
He has boasted that money does
wonders. He ignores the British law
which he is under.
Legislature of ll. t.
laws of B.C. says
He ignores the
; and where the
he shall charge
The members of the I. 0. O. F.,
ray friends and neighbors will please
accept this acknowledgement of the
many kindnesses which I have received at their hands, during the illness and alter the death of my late
dear husband.
The genuine sympathy and marked attention extended to me has done
much to lighten the affliction in this
sad hour of my bereavement.
Katk Stirrett.
Sandon, B. C, Dec 19th 1898. THE PAYSTREAK,   SANDON, B. C, DECEMBER 24, 1898.
Railroads Galore.
The British Colombia government
will feel lonesome, and many a legislator will be driven to drink and bad
cigars when all the available routes
for railways are granted. We have
more beautiful and ethereal schemes
for opening up and developing our
birthright iu this province than ean
be said of any other corner of the
Dominion. Just look at this for a
list of paper railroads taken from last
week's Gazette. Commencing with
Kootenay's contribution.
From a point at or near Revelstoke,
thence northerly by the most feasible
roam through the valley of the Columbia, Canoe and Parsnip rivers to
a point at or near the Kiard river or
westerly to Atlin Lake.
From Cranbrook to Golden by the
most feasible route.
Then there is a line to commence
at a point near the outlet of Kamloops to penetrate by devious ways
to Atlin Lake, with a branch���if they
like the job-to Teslin Lake.
Another starts at Crater Lake in
the Cassia r, and penetrates to Lake
Bennett It aims, too, to attach all
the decorations, such as side-tracks,
turnouts, wharves, ferries, coal bunk-
ers, etc.
And yet another, to have its origin
in the dim uncertainty of Quesnelle
Forks, to an equally ambiguous point
near Hazel ton.
Again have we a supplication,
couched in the tenderest of legal
English, for power to erect, build,
maintain (and keep forever in a
pigeon hole) a line from Kitimsat Inlet north to Copper River, and east to
Telegraph trail, south and east to
the south end of Babine lake, thence
north and east to Germanson creek,
at or near its confluence with the
Omineca river.
Cassiar at the bat again with a proposition to equip and embellish a line
from Taku Ann aloug the valley of
of the Atlin too river to a convenient
point near where the said Atlin too
flows from Atlin lake.
Then Lytton is shot from Ihe trap
and lands smiling with a proposal to
build a line from a point at or near
the C. P. R. near Lytton, up the
Fraser river to a point at or near the
mouth of the Quesnelle river.
At this point Fort Simpson forges
bravely up with a request to be al
lowed to construct a railway, either
standard or narrow gauge, trom a
point at or near Fort Simpson by the
briefest and most feasible route to a
print at or near Glenora or Telegraph creek.
Then the British Columbia-Yukon
Railway company applies for leave
tea change tta mind regarding Its
charter and desires inereased powers
in order to construct, acquire, equip
and maintain a branch from a point
on the line ot tbe British Columbia
Yukon to a point on the Taku Arm
of Tagiah lake or Lake Bennett
And lastly the most pretentions of
them all, under the name of the Nor
thern-c Yukon Ry. Co., wishes to
get up in the morning and from a
point at or near Vancouver, penetrate
to the norther n boundary of British
Columbia, taking in, by the way,
Seymour creek, Squamish valley,
Pemberton Meadows, Lilloet, Ques
nelle and Hazelton. If the process
is agreeable then branch lines to Fort
St. John and Howe Sound.
at the forthcoming sension of Parliament for a charter empowering them
to build a line of railway from a
point near Cranbrook or Fort Steele,
on the line of the Crow's Nest Pass
Railway, northerly along the Koote
nay and Columbia rivers, to a point
at or near Golden, on the company's
main line; likewise with power to
operate branch Unas of railway extending from the proposed new line a
distance of not more than 90 miles.
It has been known for some time
that the management of tbe C. P. R
realized Ihe importance of what it
known as the Upper Columbia and
the Kootenay river valley, naming
through such important places as
Grohman, Canal Flats, Fairmont
Springs, Windermere, Galena and
Spillimacheene River, in which there
are known to be very promising pros-
peels, as well as large areas of good
agricultural land, sil of which require but a line of railroad, or other
transportation facilities, to make
them of great value, not m their owners but to the whole Province. W itli
this line in, operation, East Kootenay
will be thoroughly well served with
railways It will have the main line
of Ihe C. P. R. in Ihe north, a road
extending southward from Golden to
to Cranbrook, and the Crow's Nest
Pass Railway extending from east to
west. So that in the matter of transportation every facility will be
afforded for the rapid development
of that section of the country.
the controlling interest in ihe Ymir
and Whitewater, as well as several
other promising properties in the
course of development. J. Roderick
Robertson Is the company's manager
in this province.���Tribune, Nelson.
A Lucku Bet
The "Firs* Reilweu'   Deserted.
The first railroad upon which a
locomotive ever ran in the United
States is to be abandoutd, after
seventy years of service. This Is
the old "Gravity Road," belonging
to the Deleware A Hudson, extending
from Carbondale to Honesdale, in
northeastern Pennsylvania, and
crossing tlte Moosic mountains between those places by a scries of
twenty inclined planes. When the
road was completed in 1828 the owners imported trom England an engine
called the ���'Stourbridge Lion," built
by Robert Stephenson. But it was
founJ on the first trip that the engine
could not climb the elevations, and
since then the road has been operated by stationery engines.
Yukon Claims to be Auctioned.
In March of 1896, when J. A. Mc*
Vickv was interested in Ihe Sandon
rink,'Nelson and Sandon hockyhts
met at tbe latter place to do battle
with the peek. Local and Nelson
monev was freely pitted on the game
and after one goal had been scored
by Nelson one of their supporters
sought Mc Vichy, who had previously offered to back Ihe home team,
and wanted to place flOon the result.
McVlck v refused to consider so small
a bet, offering to take 180. The Nelson supporter hastily bethought himself of some wild cat mining shares
which he held in the Kettle River
Mining A Milling Company, and
worth about two cents a snare, so he
bet MeV'rckv 2000 shares and 910
sgainstthe letter's 160. A resent
strike on the properly, which is alia-
attd in the Boundary Creek country,
coupled with the building <f the rail
road advanced the price of shares so
that at present they are worih 83
cent*, and lucky Mes realization on
the bet Is tlfrfX).���Kootenaian.
Another C. P. R. Branch.
The Canadian   Pacific Railway
Company intend making application
Major Walsh hss made a statement
to the effect that he haa advised the
government to sell by public auction
in Dawson all claims and fractions of
claims which he bad reserved while
in the Yukon.
A Successful Compeny.
A cable received in tire city this
Week announces that the London A
British Columbia Gob-fields has declared a cash dividend of 20per cent,
and also divided 20,000 shares In the
Ymir Mines Compsny, the par value
of which arc ��1. As the lxmdon A
a C. Goldflelds Is capitalized for
only ��2001000. one half of which has
been called up, a dividend of $100,-
000 in cash and 1100.000 in Ymir
stock is something handsome tor the
shareholders. It is doubtful if there
Is a more carefully managed mining
company in this province than the
London & B. C, tn something like
two years operations It has, with a
compantlvely small capital, secured
some of the most valuable properties
In West Kootenay. It has paid Its
shareholders about SO per cent, In
cash dividends, and holds as assets
Gold Chains,
Gold Spectacles,
Gold Stick Pins,
Cold Watches,
Gold Studs
Gold Brooches,
Gold Chain Bracelets,
Gold Cuff Buttons,
Gold Thimbles,
Gold Rings.
Beautiful Stock of
Just to Hand.
Jeweller and Optician.
NoTICR U harahy glv-n that At tht avpirn
tion of thirty Amy* Irt.m dat* htraot tb* -tutor
*I*n*d will apply to the I.U<*itt'*Cofiimi��-l��h;
���r* of tb* Ci y of Hondoti for a rtrtanc* toaali
liquor by null nt their hotel known na th*
"Ttilatl*" ��<tuat*d on Rocto Av*nn* in th*
vity oIKn-don.
ttui.lon.Dt-tniUrmii, 1MM.
Application for  Renewal of
Liquor License.
NOTICR la baraby ��iran thnt nt th* aiplr*
lion of thirty dnya from <i,Uw.��ui_,,,,iv ,���
th* tdoonao Comntiaalooat* of tb* City or
rtnndoafor a r*n*wnl of our ik*na* forth*
Valam Hot*!, aitunl* on RkoAmnit* ln ,n���
Oily of Sandon.
Wa_k��_kt* Bt.ns.tr
Sandon, DwonUr nth. lam.
KOTICK U hotoby gUran thnt nt lb* ,.��
piration of thirty do/a from tht ftr��t pul.it.
ntion homof Aha n��4*r*brn*d will apply t..
tha Lioaoo* Oommtaaiooaro ol th* City of Sa n
4on for n U-ottaa toavll 11.* nor ����> r*uw _<
th*lr pmmimm aitnnt* on ttmo A van a* in t u
City of Sandon.
TnoNrno* n_<*
_-_. __,���___     w ��� ��� ... -.���. n. _.���   f*i ��� 1      -������-���������
nana on. *.<�����. *iiihoi mm, wm.
Certificate af Improvements.
Hltnototn tboHlosno Mlninn IttvUion ��f W��-.t
Kaatonny W��trfct    What*  l��cnt*4    On
Pajma Mountain-
T**�� not ten that t A H rorwatl. metu.g ..
-a*��nt for John Bough. Prm Wn��r*�� CwUS-
tot* Ho, IHMa. Intend. _t��ty doy* rrumdato
horaof, to appty tm tha Mlninn Hot��H* r { r *
CartiSrata-f tmp*ov*m*nt��, f or lb* ptsrv ���������
of ohtntntne n Crown Ornnt  ot tbnubo*.*
Aud forth** toko not ma that notion. ond*r
wai ion  *J.  mom*  tw aommoor***!  Imtort ��� ��� ...
tmnon*** ot math CortMknt* ol lmpr*tam*tYt.
1*1*4 Ibunnn day ��f *rpt#-tb*r. ��**
A. A ��ma*ui
Certlflrnte of Improvement*.
StCnut*   In   tb*  Htornn  Mlninn W*W��n    f
W**t Kootanny dUtrfrt    Wb*r- !>-*����-!
On Payn* Mwnntmln.
TaKK notk-that 1,1 H Famall. mrtmg a*
a**nt torJonn tbm��b. Prm Mlnar><>ritfi<*'-
Ho. Htlt��. iot*n��l. ���Uty day* from A*i* b*r��~
ot. lo apply lo th* Minion Rwrordtr l..r a i >��.
tiSeatouf ltnp*o***m*nl��. for th* pm.---'  "'
obtaining n IV~wn (Irani of th* a' .����� * rlatm
And fort bar tab* notion that nation, nn-*i
���action SI. n��n��t ho tommrnnrv-i   hmtotm ��b*
i->nao��* of mmtm CortlSr-ot* of Imprut��m< nu
l*t*d thU Snb day of *��p**mb*r. W*
Art. r'A-nn '
seOna �����*
Hon* K U hmtmhy attorn that ar*^�����������,*,''>^, *ia
l>*nt*4*lo tb* kaclalnttv* A**#oil��Jy of ibr
Pro*fln��** of BrittabColumbia nt !������ um%t **���������
ton by tit* BriiUh Colutnbin T����*ph.>��><- ���  !��������<
it��*r <n C-awpnor Inrore-mlo-r  In K..<:��   l
nn.l*rth*('on��|-inl*�� Act.1*0���� IAS, I-m-"
nil hor*Innft*r r*il*4*'th*row.��ia<.��   -'       *
*nMcompany,**  lor nn nat ronftnMi"* ���'��'
ronforrlnn npon ll  lb* p����**f* of ���l��- ���*�����'
romt-iny n�� tb* ��nm* npfwnr In H���� Mrn.-r
arxlmn ot Aa-m-4nti��n  dapo.il*-! ��n Knt��*��'<
with tb*R*��l*lnir of Joint Stoak IVmi-���� �����<
and civinn   tb* anM   n>mpnn*   po��*t    '
arquir*. tatrelm  nnd Ink* o\mr nil  rbtM.
pawar*. pri��llo��*��.Inin.dii��a.auI a��*-��* b��l-l
by th*-N>w WMlmlnatara Horrard InUl r
���pben* Compnny. IJmii*d" nnd ���Tb* V*i
a N*l*on Totopbon* <V>mpnny." nnd ������.��'
Ih* anmadn th* anld componjr and m ����<"'���
tb* ItnblUtl** *nl*r��d into by lh�� nfon  ��� <
��� ompont** and for lb* roiifarriim   upon th.
mM Compnny tha powar* Innnrebn**. I****
ink* o**r or  otb*rwU*  nrquir* lb*  n,
privllaco*. frnMblM*, powaw *������� ���*��**���'' l"
nnyoompnnytnnnypnrt of th*  i*i��*i< '
BrltUb lulumbln h*��ln�� -tn��ll��f ��'K'* '��'
tho��nmpnny ,nnd to nninltnina'* ��"l> *'" lv
othar rompnny or compnnl** �����>'�� *�� "'" "
nt* nnd onrry on th* boaiii*������f"" *���'"'���
mU *or��ipnnyor companl** *o ��<<i��lr��i ��������
toll* arnulrad. nnd for tb* rt.nf*rrii.�� ��i '
lb* anhl oompnny of nil a��*b v"��<"* ������"",'
ba n*r****ry to fully nnd *ompU*��*iv - �����"��
on nnd oporatt th* work. _for~*M, "f ���""
of lh*m, And of oth*rpow*ra.
DnlalthUaMhday of X..��*m��v*r. A l�� l��"
Mi Pmii.i.H"* Win.!**'
SolUilroi- r��r Al��l��l*'��"'* THK   KICM   SI.IKAN.
Mrttlab ln��*��tora Strongly Crgi-d to Hu>
(ialfiin  proprrtf**.
Appended it an article, taken from
ihe B.0. Mining Review, ol London,
Eiig, that will meet with beart.v com-
uiendaticiii from every man in the
dtstrk-t, because of iu undoubted v��t
aelty and directing* At tin- *ame Uma
it cannot (nil <0 impress the British
investor with ihe magnificent profit-
making opportunities awaiting capital
in the Slocan :
We have continually drawn the atlin
tion of inventors to the great dividend-
earning potentiaiiiioaof the silver mint**
of the Slocan. am\ again we ah* forced
to reeapittilate tht* advantages which
then* unique mineral deposits offer for
the profitable employment of capital
The unusual richue**. and extent of the
silver lead ore bodies found in this portion of Weil Koofenay arc audi that it
rations be long before their merit i*.
felly raognixed in tin* (��ndon market,
but when that time comes price* u-ili
be inflated, *��� that it t�� well in earefuiiv
considw trxlay what return the Slucaii
can offer o****mom*v Jodkhmslv expend*
ed    Tbe formation ol thia district i��
exceptionally favorable  for ecoaomlt
development.   The ore is ol (ugh and
eonstant value, a general average show -
ilt|T ��3Wgr��w�� and ��10 net to the mine
owner    The rntnerai i* easv ro extract,
oaring to the suit  character of the sur-
r��-ndmg rock    Nearly all Ihe claim*
(ran be developed   by  runnel*),   thu
avoiding the expense of ��iukiug deep
shafts    The vein* ��r*' rrue fissure, ami
haveh-nen  tested  i�� a depth *>f over
1.*Oj feel; ami in addition to Utfat, ll In
iHtivernally    sefcrmwiedged   thai   tbe
ittajrirttt of min��*�� could Im* profitably
Wfiiketf n ilh  ailver nt  1*  per ot.   A*
both *ilt er aud lead have U*en apprevt-
ably higher ��l laie, the outl>iok at pre
new I* even mnrr promising than n��.unl
I he only dranlutik  i*�� rhe <jtuMiou of
trr-art ictti     Mure   t-oucrutratnrs   are
waiired in rhe  virinitj   <-f ihe mines,
h-ad Mneiter* -hmiid Ih* tweeted tn rln-
u��*urhhorti��N>ih aim! a thoroughly equip
p��*dj refiner*. i�� ail enweutial it the maxi
mum of the profits!* to be obtained from
these galena "n**    I rider the present
c unliti��.n* practically all the ore goes to
Ame*icaii Muellers, and rhe heavy dart
A 1} ecu* per inmnd finds its nay Iota
the eofier* <d Brother Jortalban    It*��et*
tbe lonelier* at Trail and Nelson are
making arrangements to treat thi* class
ot ore, mil there t�� Mill an urgent net A
tor redtiction works in the Slocan itself,
and here an exceptionalh good opening
prenr-nu iiM'lf r�� British capital     I he
rreat merit of these valuable galcim
depoaiU haa been m��at forcililt brought
to our notice im reading a report made
by Mr. K. I* llathbone. the well-known
mining engineer, on a Slocan mrne r.-
eently acquired by a l.*>n��l.m company
f'onceruing rhe nature ��>l the vein and
Ilaeonfinniiv with depth, !>����� mv*:   "It
la ihll* evident Ihal rhe lis-mrc i- one ol
deep neaied  origin, and will In- prob-
ably found   to  extend lo a depth ��� >(
several tbousaml feet      Further on he
Mate* that.   "From calenhrtiona made,
I Hud Ihal. on a moderate and comrerva
tivebaaia.  assuming snoulpol oi 10U
ton* dallv. vour mine should have '\
life of from 1*5 ro _o years."
This muat Ih* acknowledged by all to
be a "moderate and conservative estl
mate of oatput; and yet, estimating on
a concentrating baslt ����f fix to one. thin
output will show ��80,0110 net profit per
annum, and such a retain for only l:.
vorra isdescrvimr ot rhe most serious
co laiderarion Mr. Rathhone, even on
Ihe lower scale, anticipates profitn A
��75.000 to ��90,000, which, after allowing
for all costs and placing a sutwtarrtral
amount lo reserve capital, will, In his
������pinion, |Kinnlt dividend* lo be paid ni
the rate of ��80,000 \*rr annum I nt*1
mine ia bv no meant the largeal In the
theSlocaii. and ia atill In I la Infancy;
and yet the Indication* are of so permanent a character and the ore of such
good value that un engineer of eminence
can unhesitatingly give the shareholders assnrsacei of large profits.
American mining men have long- ago
realised the value of the Slocan; and
Mich mines a* the Pavne, Slocan Star,
Reco, and othe.ru, are Yielding sufficiently great to cause the fortunate
owners to refuse everv offer vet made
for the r properties The actual dividend* are not alwavs made public, asthe
mine* are owned by a few individuals;
���nil the Payne alone is credited with
having returned upwards of ��100,000,
and to lie now enriching its owners to
the extent of from ��12,000 to ��15,000
monthly It is said that no mine in
that district has yet proved a failure;
but however that may be, it is beyond
dispute that some of the best mine-
have heen developed absolutely without
capital in rhe initial stages. The surface
ore was sufficiently rich to pay all expense* in spite of'the heavy expendi
lure for freight and treatment. From
the foregoing remarks it must not be
Imsgined that investors are advised to
indiscriminately invest in all Slocan
mines Small investors will do well to
judiciously Select the best-managed con-
cents, hut for large investors there are
still better opportunities. As we have
already stated, the capital necessary to
open up aud prove a galena vein in the
Sfoean is not very great. A few investors making a small syndicate with.
say, ��90,000 of working capital, mav
own in a few years' time a mine which
will pay Ihem flOO percent in dividends
yearly. Workinjr bonds can be obtained for a few thousand dollars on many a
highly promising claim, and under
careful and competent management a
-indicate such as we have suggested
Would tiud itself in the course of a
twelvemonth in possession of a mine in
embryo, and at least ��-0,000 with which
to devewp ir
There is no other district in British
t olumhia al present known where such
a syndicate would have so good a
chance of success. The Trail Creek
mines require the expenditure of much
capita! to'put, $em on a pro fit-pay ing
basis, as, owing to the nature of the
r��ck. development is both costly and
tedious: aad.moreover, the net profit
per Ion being small, a larger output is
necamary, and this, we refieat, entails a
large initial expenditure In the Slocan
mvera) mines now being opened up
under working bonds are more than
repaying all rnrpense incurred by the
profit obtained on the ore taken out
during development To those who are
njble to priv.nielv form small indicates
and go quietly to work, we heartily
recommend the "wet ere" beH of the
gforan, being folly convinced thst then
operations will result la profit to them*
*elv_tairdadv��ntafr- to rhe Province.
THi:   MOsI N    HAIL.
t oiiikI
In   Kootenay.
to   bf
New IVnvcr, thanks to the libf-V-laml
prouresnive spirit of J. 0. Harris, late
owner of the Boson mine, is now |��oases��-
��d of the neatest and most complete
Spare house, to bs known as the Bosun
Hall, io Ih* found in Kootenay, or
for that matter in the interior of
British Columbia. Though small in
comparison with city institutions, it is
ample for this vicinity for some time to
come, and its completeness on that
account is the more marked. J. II.
Mill ward, leader of the New Denver
Concert Baud, was mainly instrumental
iu |��ei>u.i.lm>* Mr. Harris to so invest his
money.and the investment has even now
reached the dividend stage. Mr. Mill-
ward's ideas of the house were enlarged
upon ami remodelled by A. Wallace,
under whose supervision the work has
been carried to a successful finish. As
it stands complete in all its details and
lis lures, the Bosun opera bouse has cost
It is located on the east side of Belle-
vue avenue, immediately fronting the
iiovernment    reserve.     The    building
measures 82 feet in length over all bj 30
feet in width. It ia a wooden frame
upon a stone foundation. Inside the
wiling is slightly arched, 23 feet from
the floor. The main ball is 44x30 feet;
dress circle, 12_30 feet; stage 14x30 feet;
gents' cloak and smoke room, 12x20feet;
and the ladies' room 12x10 feet.; The
main entrance is through double doors,
opening outwards, whim there ia a rear
entrance into the smoking uom. On
either side of the main entrance there is
a natty little shop, the one occupied by
K. Angrignon, barber, and the other by
C. M. Netoitt, who carries an elegant
line of to.iaccoa. fruit and confections,
and who will also provide cold lunches.
To the right, as one enters, is the stairway leading to the dress circle, the seats
being on the pyramid system and cosily
and tastefully upholstered. Tho main
hall is seated with chairs, which can be
easily removed for a dance.
Ihe stage is a beauty and provided
with all the latest improvements. It is
replete with four full sets of scenery and
a drop curtain, being specially made by
Sosman A Landis, the well-known scenic
painters of Chicago. There is an abundance of room, and any play can be put
on from 0 three-man farce to a Verdi
grand opera. (
Tlie whole interior of the building has
been finished in British Columbia cedar,
oiled and varnished. There is s four-
foot wainscot round the main ball, and
the construction and finish of the balcony
adds mightly to tbe general effects.
Special attention was paid to ventilation,
while every precaution haa been taken
in the event of fire. For acoustic properties rhere is no better public building
anywhere and performers will be able to
give full scope to their abilities. Incandescent lamps are used for lighting, the
footlights for the stage being of the most
approved pattern. The main hall will
seat 275 people and the balcony 80. The
band boys are domiciled in the main
cloak room, which is also available for
club purposes.
In the erection of the hall home talent
nlone baa been employed, A. Wallace
having the woodwork; J. Barker, stone
and brick work and plastering; J. H.
Mill ward, painting and glaxmg; P.
Angrignon, electric lighting; and Walker
A Baker, upholstering and seats. Mr.
Millward will have the management of
the hall and will book all engagements.
-The Ledge.	
Two hundred and twenty tons of ore
were shipped from the Payne this week,
divided among both railways.
A  Proapnrooa* Coneem.
The report of the Dominion Mining,
Development & Agency Co., a British
corporation, has just been issued, and
show, that since tbe company's operation to June 30th there has been a profit
of 1137,000 earned. In Julv last the
company declared a dividend of 50 pegi
cent, in fully paid shares in the Queen
Bess Proprietary Company. As tt
capital of tbe company is but ��58,S.._.
the showing is very satisfactory. Tha
affairs of the Dominion and Development Company; are managed by C. KJ
Mil bourne, of Nelson. The chief vsn**'-
tore of tbe company waa tbe acquiring
of the Queen Bess group of claims in
the Slocan. which was afterwards successfully floated and started with a
working capital of ��15,000, and * the
directors expect to be in receipt of
dividends by tbe first quarter of the
New Year. The Pyramid Copper
Syndicate is the name of another venture floated by the company for the
purpose of developing several claims in
East Kootenay.
Jack   O'Lear-   Killed.
Jack OT_eary, one of the best known
and most genial of railway contractors
in the west, w_s killed on Friday, near
Shield's Landing, about eight miles
from Brooklyn, on the R. A P. road.
Deceased Was superintending the lowering of a large rock, when a guv rope
broke and the huge derrick fell upon
him He only lived 20 minutes after.
Tbe remains were sent to Nelson for.
burial Jack was born in Maine 48
years ago, and bis manhood has been
spent in the west. He had a contract
on the N. & S. railway.
Slocan   City   Chnngoa.
The following changes are noted in
Slocan City business circles: A. York,
butcher, has opened a branch in the
Boundary country; A. Skojeski will
remove to Boundary; Slocan News Co.
closed out; H. Robertson, tinsmith,
branch at Sandon; J. D. O'Neil A Co.,
hardware, closed out; McLennan A
Co., flour and feed, sold out; J. L.White,
drugs, a branch in Boundary.
Tbe force on the Comstock has been
slightly increased.
Ti�� Palace Gafe,
***atern Oysters,  Tender
Chickens   and   everything
the  Market affords In the
way of J'dicious and.
palatable food can he found
"The Palace
Strangers and others are
requested to call on as when
hanger torments their inter-
nal anatomy.   If John is not
on shift yoa are sure to And
Is the
in the Slocan
It never Closes
and the proprietors aim
to please their patrons
in every way possible,    t
Millard & Thompson.    J
d��Jha a
has ._eo����l
.moonotJ   ��ijot*ci��oi*1   A
08 v<i
ynrml osboow j;
sill oljien]   ._*>!���?
���onraiMjroiriinroXI yd
uo')d 1����l_ui
-~* S'A'NlM,
Kfliil J- MajW-ffar-WlUsplaV^ -Things are
Is band every Saturday ja^n-Trm, In ftm Iht-t At -rorfc on the  uTriiiehaha, .  m a J j^l^ngi.matte
������"  ' '*' ;i " mi in^tyv&ifffh 1 TlffirKrJto^a.-*.;:
I^irim-WHS- ��ee-.sei��I ��Vl#ME
.M��o s'^aqino- e�� MNl)(rfEffi_a ^{^etonl-tal
M| '        ' ���l_-_-_-JLJi>li!ffl ,Rjy_o\ni��-Hp-    |..Mt-!-i:;V'�� -,"1     '
^,tSSa lud si vnaqn
Lit    v-iol'iu^Uf* v;c��-.
od'r .vwn
^oisveCI baa noimni<*i *
i 3 Xd b^nunu, f?^f, ..^up:
oi ��i��5
grate**.: test
y their pees
l|fbTO44%<ied|*drrtrWg%-^ up many
'li*4^rwmeW!,  ^?^J$miW^ *'itn ���w
>*@PA' 4r����V��W*s*es��*^ V
/Depihff" M<tt\oW
,ty^ Willi's time
j -Mv^^fToWfiBi, a much esteemed
Jft^'fe$��wthis morning to vit.it ber
poronlH '.ffr'Tancouver. Her ahsonee
will IwoiVtch fell in church and social
'|tev. Mr.Williamson delivered a very
appropriate add re*.* in ^uite a large
number on Sunday evening. Ills remarks were ably delivered and much
The rKossland Typographical 1'iiion
held their second annual banquet last
on a principle ana lH9acuon Iwwrjey&
endorsed by the electorate0"-^Itf-
creased majority given him isslso
an indication that the new Government is popular with the masses and
that their efforts to conserve tlie interests of the Province to the people
rather than to charter-mongers, are
gaining for them new friends and
supporters. Mr. Semlin has been fortunate in having this opportunity of
vindicating his policy presented so
early in his official career, and the
success achieved will give him and
his colleagues more zest in tbe ad
ministration of the affairs of this great
Chief Jitstice Archer has dismiss
ed tbe preliminary objections in the
Lillooet election case of Prentice vs.
Stoddart, with costs against plaintiff.
The case will now be tried on its
Canada continues on the high road
to prosperity, as the trade figures prepared by tbe customs department
shows the aggregate trade for the five
months ending November 30 last to
be $l_0,2iiri,000, as compared with
$137,169,000 for the same time last
year, an increase of over $13,000,000.
The duty increased over two million
for the same period of 1897.
Dr. Hall has retired from the con
^stin Cowichsn, leaving the fight
between Mr. Robertson, Opposition,
and Mr. Sword, Government   The
former Is seeking re election upon the
same footing as djd Mr. Neill in Al
bernr. and the principle of his reslg
nation should  be   endorsed.    The
Government's contest of the seat is
actuated by the Opposition's tactics in
_ji   Tllid   *'" '   '  i
^iwiplMsbippfert ��ty tons of ore in
*       CueeJiny. divided between
fg,! Vancouver and  Fisher
jour, dtoy.a.ttru   ��y. divided between
Liukual stock in the poli'lcal mart
is just now at a premium. In all the
eastern bye-elections, whether pro
vincial or federal, the Conservatives
have been on the loning side, North
Simcoe alone going independent.
Hardy is now safely entrenched in
Ontario and Laurier rules with a.
high  hand at Ottawa.   Another SirI   t-,- , i   .
John A Macdonald is aadlt- notJoA*. Two trains daily are to be run be
hn 5_fnS!_^i!L" ��Bd,y nftededitwe��n Nelson and Rossland by theC
i-'WWV'rlfe rearular transportation of
earSj the C.P It. sadlv needs another
rtsrtM to accommodate the increasing
tsrw traffic on the lake.
W. W. Warner has struck a fine lead
of dry ore on the Argenta, one of the
Madison group, near Sandon. It run*
1,600 oa. silver and $4 gold.
(reorge Hughes has gone to Kelson,
and it is stated, tbe purpose of bis visit
is to turn over the Mountain Chief mine,
close to this town, to a large English
A special sreneral meeting of the Gibson Mining A Milling Co   will be held
iu McAun A McKay's office. Kaslo, on
January K for the disposal of the com
pany s assets.
The owners of the An#!o-Saxon have
laid off for the holidays Thev bave the
tunnel in 51 feet and the ledge is improving in mineral. Copper appears to
be increasing.
Saturday night tbe tunnel of the
Hartney, "on Silvor mountain, was in
���V> feet .'with a three-foot ledge in the
breast. The owners expect to break
into a big chamber of ore shortly.
On tbe Convention, adjoining the
Marion, a tunnel has been driven upwards of 25 feet beyond the face of the
open cut. Some fine ore is being broken
down, earning carbonates aud a little
In the list of minerals found in the
Slocan, published in Tim Lkdob a few
weeks ago, fluorite 'fluor-spar} was
omitted. This spar has been found at
several points in this camp. It does not
however appear to be of common occurrence here	
A strike of 10 feet of concentrating
ore is reported on the Nettie. L.
Fifteen men nre employed on the
Kthel An assav on the ore recently
gave 8,800 o*. in silver.
The contract for a 150-foot tunnel on
the Nettie L has been completed, and a
further contract of 40 feet has been
An excellent Strike of rich ore has
been made on rhe Towner, at the end of
the lu'inel now being driven, on the
property. The strike is from six to
eight inches of clean ore, similar to thar
on the Silver (up and Sunshine,, which
pro***rties it joins.
A new strike has just been made on
the Silver Cup. which is three feet in
width It contains grey copjier, black
Kiilphurets and native silver, and
galena, and ran as high l.raroos in
silver with a good gold value. There
are several hundred feet of drifts, which
throughout their entire extent contain
ore, which ranges all the wav from six
inches to three feet in thickness, and
which will average 1168 to the ton in
silver and gold
KM Still
kkovi vrrtrTictvArfr'rt.
ther iinMUoce#Uar.r��
Thi- H ll-nalfy rhe
uf rhe year*
maiN Bt?os.
Wine & Liquor Merchants
......01 BUs m% lAJtlt......
Carry the finest Slock of Liquors In
the Kootenay Country.
if if if >
Orders by mail or wire promptly
 attended to......
by the Conservatives.
IP. It.
Mi/.<.r-:rtAM> a DAT. Prapa.
 Mmtmtmiutrt* t*t -11���-
Svphons, (ringer Ale,
Sarsoj-triflji, fStc, Fm.
Sandon. 23.0.
Patronizi* hoim* iridusti y
when von want the best
If you are-
^ Sfxty men are working on th,. Cari.
Tbe shaft on thi
Waterloo i> ....., _, j
The steam drill on thi
breaking ground very'raptih!l,',i"!m U
R, Harris, of Kokand, has \m���iM
the Ruby, owned hv t, ) <M��k aiul
ners, for ���I'i.OsJO, with  five i.,
down. '
_tiin��r r Tim* Cnrvl ����� *T.<<< t i��,
tm #Mm I    ��� .
Huh**?l to tfbmngm trithotU
:   r.
mnOt Htximl
Bn_k_L_s ni_Mlt
rwi^p^ss s^#^w sSt*
Kerth HmM
m  ,       , Msnos p-
Ttnln l��* IMIIjf, USB pm  Tr��Jn ��r ,m;�� y ���,-, mm
"   *r     ������     AMym  Tmlr. tv .,��,,_
e��kMtiva*i��rn    Jfasln-    ii-  :
��     "    **t*m   A*f����w..*ir��        ������   ";��S3
H      "    SOiSttl    l*H����Ifay
���      **    imam     Hit H<>ur
3 Hunt *i # ������ am. Sirs HU�� l*i
r'i'       r.I*_"1      J<��*��*�� "Ilriu..��2
r��ln����l*H*A.rr�� .V��rihi.n Tr��t��h ,
"     Itaism  HtmlLtl j.
..     *���     si-tm.  iH-*��u-      ��  8;.,^
��*****N��I��- _     , R.*do.
PMIy train lv t.��s im #     l*mUy lr*i�� ��r ����� *. im
.T     ^y*4*!1*1**        ��� !r *
m   B--I 1% A ������ ,.,��� M.^AT n.>!
.��      ** ampm Atom.m^h n*xi��i \.,<*jL
If     " tmpm l*rr*>i rt��r
|�� ������ l**t��*|mi bomm,m,*,m .       ,5
*' 1. �����*|��l Oont kttmt
A "   % mum tA.*t'-��.Ut, ���   o>*
ft A   ** arSo��*��> n-tiHrr'* f> :���
^��Trstnl*1l.n**ai tr��i�� *r  :
9      "    mr t ��& |��i�� Jty.tlOO.- i
Hi*nn%i. K��s*Tr..v*v i,*ki <*kkiii k
OnuBwrirtlw* Jou- -;    j. r<
(��n tA^oitAy.Tbotmlmr *��>-! K*. '������   <*  \   ���   i
��� ntll Iim*w S*��i> A o m E'* A *u����
��� mmi' SAn n    t-Mwvlnir >����-l*ii���� ill i
:���**-. FHfi��*" m%\4 N-.*luf��l-*>. **_��!  .
Alr��*n*x��t- ����il K*���!�����. ami mil m *.
OK* MOV.  AUX is--   N M,
;      I* ��*,'tfc*t m. K��*lo  IM
Taking effect 1 00 o'clock s. m
Hept I, im*, l*aci��c or UMh Merid
fan time.
Sabjoct to change witltout notice
Call at the
Un t ft) A.M.
* i ��� "
" ���    ��� 4*> '*
" |0 rt�� "
** \o m ���*��
���*  |*> fft o
" n* si "
Ait. W ��* ������
I- Si
Hotel Ivanhoe.
liMitti fnrk
mat !-��:��*
C��rl*f Juiw-U--*
mmitm m*mftm
CSODV  r.rxi:
' Umttg. rrjOn.ni ��� aa����*fc����i   ��� trrtT*
"      Uf " t>��1�� Jianrlinn !>-��<
Arrtv*. llja **    -  C**l/
TrnMr Atngr
am f.copemnp.
Pot vomnp rariMAil ����*l tAmmthlv
��i����l fr m **ll i*.|iiU, *il,|.�� b*
a CAMPBELL        Agent. Bandon.
Dealer irj MEATS
 1 AT:
.8LOCAN  riTV si
��R. Aiherion c<l
w-^ _^_ Limited.
Post Office Store
a**-"**** overcoats,
Received MHs-
Fancy Vests
Made especially for Christmas Trade.
All   writs   <>!
toys. Tea Seta,
T��k��K Tups and
Ma.sk s
**v   Air Onus
Oranite S
Iron Trains
Hut tie-
Mouth Organs
Toy Pistols
Music I tuxes
If agk bin terns
Flaps, American
ami Canadian
will rri*t>l%* ��ur |��r~
Cal in and examine our stock of
^   Ladies'
Shoes & Slippers
The completeness of our
Op  \Gents' Furnishing: Depart-
^A\-ient has created for us
^- ^    the name of the only
first-class   Haberdashers in the
__     Slocan.
The   verv latest
in Christmas Neckwear direct turn
New York.
Atherton Go.i-td
a* in (Jent's Furnishings, Ready Made
Clothing, Huts and Caps, Boots and Shoes.
���   :
The following is s complete list of the
mining transections recorded during the
week in the several mining divisions of
the Slocan. Those of New Denve ��� were
as follows :���
Dec IS-National.   Payne
mounUln,   S A
i oodstock, aame, ArU Trueman.
Kitchener, Carpenter. W D Mttclwll,
Dec 17-Alpha Fraction, Silver moantaln, 1 W
cunricATi or mraov-MKirr*.
Dkc 15-Rilver Bell No * to Native Silver Bell
Mining WM
Due 1*-Dump Fraction to same.
Dec 19���Beasie.
Dkc IS���Bristol. Congo No S and Commander,
W each, F L Byron to Mary K Rammelmcgrer,
Dkc 14-Central l,'it, R George Remknon io
John A Finch. Dec 10.
Bed Fox and Red Fox Fraction ,.C_ Gethlng
to aame, Dec lo.
Torpedo 1, Ai Morrison to P Clone, Nov XI.
Dec l.V-Pt*rralg��n ,, D Coegrtff to H Dohenv.
Dec IS.
Dkc 17���Ktngaley J, F Harrison to E D Hunter,
Dec IS.
Dsc 19-Red Fox, Red Fox Fractional ft aad
Central 1/6, A Robinson to J K Clark, sadafac
lion of mortgage for ��1,000, Dec 5.
Dae 9���Thehna, Geo Halbeaon.
Dsc S-Copper Queen,  Handy Andy, First
Lurk, Bobbie Burt.
Dec 9���Morning Star.
cnrrtricAT- or iaraov___**Ts
D��c It-Lock Strike and Wisconsin, to C A
Fleming, S S Bailey and J M Martin.
Dae 7���Snmet and MaySower). Emily Lin
nard to D M Linnard.
J C McLettan cancels document recorded June
yob against the Lucky Jim.
Lot ky lun 4, E J Matbem to Price McDonald.
Lucky Inn }, aame to J C McLennan.
XKayl. Indication 1/*. Arabella Coy to Steve
Indication. Dave Clark. Elmer Coy, D W Good
and Steve Brooks to Henry Roy. James Alexander McDonald aad Joseph GusaeUu.
Albion \, Walter E Heap and Francis A Heap
to J _ Mo >r-, ��._50. ^
Dac 8-Albion f. Oa* W Roche to Albion Mla-
tug Company. PM
Die It-W J White grants power of attorney
to J D 8w-rd, on   Laura. Geneva, Rjverview.
May.  Porcupine,   Standard,   Lost	
Nowatcr, Pasadena, Bokoabl, WaBe Bear,
Black Bod. ~
Jaa A Sword to John E Hardmaa, setting over
all right and title tn option oa claim* aiasU-iisrt
above, W J White to J Haidman, same.
Dac IS���Bell, Abraham Haoatwrjo John War-
miBril.��SMU. /
 ������I������ ������
Annual Meeting ef tbe CeaapMV- Op*Bat-
Ing tha Idaho Group.
The annual meeting of tbe Scottish
Colonial Goldfielda, Ltd., which has
acquired the controlling: Interest In the
Idaho group of mines, between here
and Three Forks, was held some time
since in Edinburgh, Scotland. A. Johnston Douglas, chairman, presided and
there was a good attendance of shareholders. The directors' report Mated
that tbe period covered by tne accounts
was 20 months, the date of the incor-
B��ration of the company being 12th
arch. l��r i. It was intended That the
annual meeting should have been bald
on an earlier date, but this was found
to be impossible, in consequence of the
difficulties and delay in connection with
the completion of the purchase of the
Idaho and St. John, and other properties. Regarding westeru Australia, It
was pointed out thst the severe depression In the mining market during the
Slsi 18 months bad prevented the
rectors from realizing to any extent
on tbe interests held by the company in
various undertakings iu this Colony;
and, for the same reason, it had been
deemed advisable to delay Ihe public
issue of the shares of the Lake Way
Gold Mine, Limited.
As to British Columbia, the share*
holders were reminded that as stated in
a circular, dated July 8 last, the direc
tors had entered into a contract for the
purchase of a large group of mining
claims in this Province. After protract
ed negotiations,the purchase was finally
completed in the month of September,
and the directors had pleasure in intimating that the properties were now
being profitably worked.    Two companies had been formed for treating the
mineral derived from the mines.   At
present the output was exclusively from
the Idaho and St. John claims,  but
development  work on several of the
others was being vigorously carried on.
Regarding the other options in British
Columbia, development work was being
carried out on the Sir Walter and W.
Y. O. D claims, of which the company
owned  one-third,  with the right   to
acquit a a further interest. The remaining options had either been allowed to
lapse, or were meantime held in obey*
ance, the attention of tbe company's
officials in   British   Columbia   being
necessarily directed to the more im��
portent properties comprised  in the
Idaho group.     In  reference   to   the
accounts, it was observed that the profit
and loss account showed a small credit
balance of ��6(0, IDs. 6d, which had
been arrived at without taking any
credit for the 26,000 bonus shares, which
might meantime be regarded as a reserve to cover any possible depreciation
in the value of the company's investments.   While the directors were not at
present in a position to declare a divid
end.they fully expected that the returns
from  the  Idaho   mine   alone   would
enable them to do so early in the eusu-
The chairman, in moving the adoption of the report, gave a~ account of
the operations of the company since its
institution.   Last autumn, be said, he
bad visited  British  Columbia, and be
should never regret bis journey.   In
rejrard to the countrv, he could not conceive a more favorable one for the en*
joyment of life and the pleasurable
occupation of making money.   .' ritish
Columbia was one of those gents in the
Empire which must datsle their eyes
for many years to come.   All that was
required was capital and now that the
British public was awaking to that fact,
British Columbia would get It    Booms
were all very well In their way, but
when they were manufactured by artificial means, they were a hindrance
instead of a blessinir   (Hear,  hear.)
During his stay he was enabled to lay
tbe foundations for placing their prop-
erty on a satisfactory administrative
basis, and  he felt assured that before
another year tbey should, with a fair
share of luck, have made their concern
Into one of the most profitable in the
whole colony.  The property embraced
an area of over 400 acres, all hlghlv
mineralised.    He regretted that  the
directors ware unable to recommend a
dividend on the transactions, but thev
bad the best possible ground for anticipating that during next year's operations the shareholders would be amply
rewarded far their forbearance and
patience,   Summing up, he Mid that tn
Western Australia, during the earlier
months of their existence, everything
looked rosy, and they anticipated an
immediate interim dividend    During
the time which had since elapsed, they
had suffered, with others, trom s pro
longed period of depression     As to
British    Columbia    they   might,   he
thought, fairly congratulate themselves
on having acquired such a larpa and
controlling   mining   interest.    Their
property there, be was of opinion, would
prove of the utmost value, and that be-
ftro r*ry long.   (Applause I   Mr. W.
W Slater seconded, and the report was
adopted unanimously.   Mr. A   II. P.
Btoneham   afterwards   addressed  the
meeting, and some formal busineas was
had been killed in a snowsUde in tho
Cariboo creek camp aud asking him to
hold an inquest.   Tbe Doctor replied
that he had resigned his coroner-ship,
consequently could not go.   These first
victims of the snowstide fiend for this
season were named A. L. McDonald
and A. Malcolm, of  Ko&dand    Tbey
were employed on the property of the
Silver Queen Mining Company, situst
ed on Snow creek, in the Cariboo creek
The two men were among the best
miners at work st the 811 ver Queen
Tbey were iu the blacksmith shop at
the time, and the bodies were found
side hv side, badly bruised and disfigured. , The two men left Kossland on
the 17th of last month to work at the
Sil~er Queen, Just before leaving
Malcolm expressed a dread of going in
the Cariboo creek district, as lie feared
slides, bu��, he overcame hia temerity
and left on the trip that cost Mm brs
life. His family, including a wife and
a daughter, lives In Rossland Mrs.
Malcolm Is at present ill Miss Malcolm is employed In the Model bakery
on Washington street. The family
also number* three boys, Mr. McDonald was former! v employed at the
Sunset No a. * Me has a son at Phlllhv
burg, and two daughters with his sister
in Montana.
Both the dead men were Masons Mr
Malcolm was a member of the blue
lodge at Idaho Springs, Colo. Mr. McDonald was a member of Ruby lodge. In
Phillipsburg, Mont., and was'one ef the
charier members of the Rowland chapter of the Royal Arch Masons. The
bodies were taken to Rosaland for
burial. This is tbe first fatality to
occur in the Cariboo creek camp.
For tbe half year coding Dtteexnher
SI. the total Slocan shipment* will total
fully 18.000 tons, valued at about flu,.**).*
Rat Portage is wild with exeitem
TJ f ���:��,0�� ���*���* ��ade i���
Mikado gold mine. The marvelous*
i��4ocatedlnthostope between the
���mlI 200-foot level. The stor** i, Wfi
high. The vein ai ihsi wi.^ '/''���'
down to Sfc feet. In uHld *
��opc the wonderful orcis \tKMv
��� so rich that the manaa mint is b*
mg it up in barrels, au.l <]. not, ' ,
put it through tha mm, .,," l"ten'1
being to sand it direct
er.   The entire sIojib is filial Ullh lY
T^JtT^ot ll **" ***����� >"'"*!
to town and conservative ������<l Mi
mining men estimated that the ore.
five per cent, pure icoM. or mcr t+u
At a low estimate there is now �� 1|IWrll
of a mill. >n dollar* ����� s.ght.   | \J \l\
advices ssy the vein is wideninii with
decrease  in  value.   The   u*n_th
depth of tbe ora body
I t
to mint or sum)
i��*nj.-in   mtt
MM yi iJeuj
Kvenlag   Star   Looking
Hugh Sutherland ha* -tru. k * |*,
ansa in the Evening Star gn.i,,.. ,
Dayton creek   Bo bonded the��� r��r��-.i    1
from  George Petty and partner* * J
tio.ddO. and has paid ��IV"     In. H
m*irtrier cornea due c*riv in IVhruar
and the payment will ba'timmpth
a* there is more ore in sight now tn*
will pay Ihe entire h<>n��l     i en men arf
wiirltliig, tonkin-? aahtft. vhirh i.<) >��i
now Itl0teetrari(f pre'tftrniiaos ir-lMii-;
uia��te for drifting ��>n  lh��* vein     \     I
foot of the shaft, there n a nui^tiifi��ei|
showing, the leifge belli- rhn-e [������
width, with II imbes>i solhl ore        \
wall aud 10 laches ��<n tli���� ��*.I*---    I >rj
ore l�� verv high gr.i��h\ hi *��>��!�� _ >t<I *r><
..liver     >Jo shipment" wiH �������� uadntik
aumcietit dead work  lw�� r^-.-n -| n- t-i
warrant dividend* iolhiwiu.
Hunter Bros.
ARit RKCE1VINO AND HAVK IN STtM'K  (iU'HKUDS SI I l\\ll      r ��
Christmas Trade
"Plum Puddings
Farm Produce, Fruits,
- Vegetables, ^as,
For the convenience of the trade a stock It alwavs kept on hand in the
Jelland Building, SANDON. Mines tuptdled at wholesale rates < -����
loaded with Produce, Fralta and Vegeublaa aro ran Into the Sh-vtn . u ry
TEN DAYS^ and orders nan bo delivered en route.
I uke,
fta-walM��w   this   S������an
Cariboo   Crmmk.
Last week Dr. Brouse received a
telegram from Jos. Darraugh, of
Nakusp, informing him thnt two men
Provldea amplo and pleasant accommodation for the traveling publie.
Telegrams for runns promptly attended u��.
8TB0E ft AVISON,  Proprietor* THE PAY
Soda Lakes of Cariboo.
James Utf-n, of Clinton, informs
the Ardicroft Journal that about _7&
ions of the waahing cum pound,
nfltural soda, or whatever it may be
fur half A doseti analysis differ i, hat
t��. n cut and taken out of the lake, it
U'ing handled precisely as Is ice.
Tin- blocks average nine inches in
thickmm sn? If* x.8inches and each
weigh SD pounds, Mr. McLaren W
ii, the cast conipletirrg arrarigcmenu
ir putting the compound on the
It ist* carious fact that no two
(lii'iniati teem to t��iitiivly agree on
ihe ��*<nn|*ssUU>n of the material. A
\. *��� Vurk analysis give* if* ;��*r cent
1 t����� ; a Montreal chemist, irom the
viT.f sample, gives 16 jier cent.
i..mx. W. jPelk'W*Harvey returned
_i ,cr cent, borax from the samph
wiit Ii m An Ottawa nnalvsi* eou-
tsinvd only a trace ot borax. Be it
what It may, it  far protrouru^ed   by
rtta ekeepert as being fir artdaa'ay
ahead of l\**rllim f��r washing, and
in snals by Mack*��iUh* and others
having hands cowtfd with Mack
snd grdHRr, It b a fact that nothing
in ihe way of amp will compare
with ihis native euarpound. The
Amount in one only of tlw**��* lak<*,
in .re than 20.0GI1 teats, sliows ro what
unjxrftunce tills trade mav reach It
it la decided to grind snd pur up the
�� in j "���nml In A*licn ii, It wiii add a
snug mdusiry to the town.
Rich Ora at Rat Portage
**vyr���fcVM��'��w ����� hwm****
Winnipeg Dec. I&���Rat l"brtage
is wild with excitement over a mar
vih.us strike made   In   ihe  Mikado
g����hl mine.   The ore fills a #i**i��e tour
leel high and iwt, and  one third feet
vniie, and the ricbr**t ore t* worth oi
a ��Mii*ervative estimate frvin fcJTMsTO
i  ?:C��.ul,i a t*��n in trvcutUIIng gold
The ore is U-ing \mt In  larrvl*�� and
**cfc��> and wen are guarding it    The
mine i�� owned by the Engleduesyn
dirate, an English i**��ri*onttk��n.   At
a h��w estimate titer* Is rmw a tjunrter
����fa inrllhai dollars  In  sight.   The
latent advice* from miner* coming *n
sav the vein Is now II feet wide,
with no decrease In value The
length and depth of the ore body Is
ika yet determined.
DWr," Kry, the pioneer of Koote*
nay lake, died at Rathilrum. Idaho.
���nThunalayot last week "Dick
��� ry *.,�� trapping and trading with
the K.-.iensi Indians before any of
tlie towns In Northern Idaho or In
Southern  British   Columbia   wen
The Chicago Tribune kee|* a can
ft'l n-cord A the Ivnching* thst take
I'i'ice in the Doited Btakns, and finds
���hat during the eleven months ol
the year l��rw there have been 113. ol
which seven occurred in the Nor��h
��nd Ha> in tho South. It would l��c
���rrU'ifsting to know how many in
"""���nt persons were among the
* iptims.
Free miners will do well to liear
1 HHtantly In mind that the order in
'���������uncll of last year, providing relief
���'gairiat forfeiture owing to lapse of
| '"����������� miner's certificate, has recently
'���eou rescinded. The free miner who
'���lows hiscertificate K�� expire before
'fininga new one must  take the
i)!wi|uences,  and  thev   are often
"Our neighbors aro very shiftless."
How do yon know?*'
"When I go over to borrow any-
������'���������g they never have It."
Atlantic Steamship  Tickets.
to and from European points via Canadian and American lines. Applv
for sai ing dates, rates, tickets and
lull information to any C. P. Ry
agent or
C. P. R. Agent, Sandon.
WM. STITT, Gen. S. S. Agt.,
You cannot find
any better goods
than toe can shoto
you. Remember
this when you
want a good suit
of clothes.
J. R. & D. Camsron.
Canadian Pacific Ry.
Soo-Pacific Line.
Th* Paat and Superior Sert.ca Roar*
To Eastern Si
European Points.
To Pacific Coast, Alaska,
China, Japan and Australian
Hntrirnge Cheeked to Destination
and Through Tickets laancd.
Tourist Cars
Pass Kcvelstoke :
Daily ro St. Paul.
p.iily Except Wednesday to Krwt-
,rn Canadian and t\ S. Point*.
Daily to Points reached via Nakusp.
Daily excepting Sunday to Points, reach
ed via Rosebery and Slocan City.
Dully Train.
7:4;��k    Ive. SAMXIN sr.     &56k
jjUpftitT RAM <*��<��full inrormatlon by
tMMailatasunsi !����������> ����*"������'"���
Agent, Sandon.
m , ooYIfl,        W- F AWWWWti
Wrt.FSSS.Ai4., TrnvlWAs.
VMSsevsr, M*��"    ,
mgm .hi. you, llskst **,��* **
HE*v4_-CS-fe4s43r _~_J-E��_~ _Mr
ROOMS   ��  &   ��. VIRGINIA   BLOCK
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Notary Public.
The Crow's Nasi Pass
Goal Go.
Will W nt the Hotel Balmoral
once a month.
n. l. GRinnETT
���     LLB.
Is now prepared to receive orders
$6.00 per ton.
$11.00 per ton.
Terms: Cash with Order.
Orders will be received by
H. Byers & Co.   '
Charles St. Bar be,
General Agent.
Miners and Prospectors.
If you want to save your
-��� A mm   . ..     money leave your order
Notary Public,     for
nsatQIISltSH fee Miners.
Well stocked hnr in connection.
First rla��* accommodation*.   Board by the
���Uv or week.
B0N6ARD A PIECKART, Proprietors.
Sleighs, Gutters, Teams and
Saddle Horses for Hire.
Mrs. Clara Johnston.
Plain ami Fsncy Sewing of all Kinds.
Tailor-Made Suits to Order.
Cody  Ave.   ?   <   SANDON*
The First Class
Hotel of Cody.
listen:   fKl'iperday.
Special Bates by the Week.
Setoing and Mending
of all kinds.
Gentlemens' Clothing
Carefully Repaired.
The shipments of ore from Joly
1st, 1898 to date.
Proa. Sandon.
Slocan Star,
Last Chance,
CM Wilson
Treasure Vault
Miller Creek
Blue Bird
Noble Five
8,410 tons.
Prom Concentrator Siding
From Umm Dancer.
Prom Whitewater.
Whitewater Deep
Prom McGuigan.
Native Silver Bell
Total,      :
Shipments over the K. & S. for the
week: Payne ISO, Slocan Star ISO,
Ruth 20. Last Chance 20, Reco 20,
Over the C. P. R. for the week
Payne 180.
Total tor the week from Sandon:
470 tons.
From Three Forks for the week :
Idaho 160, Queen Bess 90. Total 250.
17,0374 tons
Good Ore at the Dardanelles.
��� '���<     n_m������������ ���*
Large Import Order
"^p* ^-SS'S-CfS 3TF^ J^s^^sT ^r-^** V1^^ rf^**** -T!^- ���r^��� <^�� -^F-
Jewel Boxes,
Toilet Sets*
Photo Holders,
Ladies* Purses,
Bisque Jewel Cases,
Cigar Cases,,
Odor Cases
China Souvenirs
of Sandon.
Rogers & Gallet,
Imported French
Bringing  these   Obods
Direct we   are   able to
A Deluge.   A Great Inpouring
TWO THOUSAND CASKS (a train load) of nice, dean, fresh-
packed groceries received during the pa* two weeks; beside* several
carloads of line fresh vegetables, representing toot only a cataract huts
perfect avalanche
of goods from all
parte of the world
pouring down upon
the good people of
thia Model (ity.
And whv not?
whew we have tht*
heat' Mince, tht
best Miners and the
test People In all
inspect our warehonsva arid cellar*,
aunts.���   All will be wetaane.
>ig  y����ar
BriUsh Columbia.
We have s i msny
nice new noycltles
to eat and drnk
that It would re*
quire a whole
newspaper Issue u.
dearrl m them all.
So we Invite yon
all to come and * c
tlie new goods, to
sinters, cousins and
H. Giegerich, Sandon, B. C
Word cornea from the Dardanelles
of a recent strike of rich ore in the
dru\ in the eighth level, at 500 feet
depth. This drift is now being pushed ahead as rapidly as men and air
can drive it. Sinking will be resumed in the shaft as soon as more
caJble arrives. About 25 men are
now employed.
I have Just received Another
lot of
Which    I   can    confidently
recommend to Intending par*
Geo. B. Rnotoles,
Pioneer Jeweler of the Slocan.
Twa Door*-slow VIBGDtlA block.
RECO AVE.   -   -   -   SANDON
Best Values
The least
First Class.
Seasonable  iJoods.
We are now showing a line ol HOCKEY SKATES
Uie strongest and best.
SPRINQ SKATES, various styles and patterns.
SLEIOH BELLS, nickel and gilt bells on straps
Also the celebrated JONES ALL STEEL SNOW
A   full line of LAMPS and  LANTERNS In stock
H. BYERS & Co.
���   - " j    "' >\     * m
F. J. Donaldson.
laalaa-Klaoioaiaalaalaataaioaia ��t_��i*��!&
i% m^wiSJiKtjkwft 4WmmAfm\a\\ of? ��RW5�� ev��
Istaa��tberil.B_aT* Tkat yoa Jim t Wait ��&
my! tbtm Futa i�� Mi aria Ocas* aro all *SjJ
riakt aa4 hut waat I tarn mi Im 4 is mv ��,&
kaala���a. Gal a food aapply �� Knew! Thai'. ��*.��
garni * jroa'll boar fraas sno later aa.   Rlns �����*
TO VOI'U rw.ix) W URN
Horn a fat
Owe earlv and wake your eale*��lo*��
4 stock ul
snoKuts* srirrusa
roattiveljr Balled for Ike


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