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The Paystreak Jan 21, 1899

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��� __ ���-���
Influenza is prevalent   in Sandon.
Father Ferlaiul Will hold services
The Payne lard off 15 men yesterday morning.
Frank C. Sewell is making a few
friendly mils colleeting licenses.
Horns' birthday will be celebrated
Nt tin* Balmoral with a grand-hall.
llaiullton livers left; Nelson v��a:
tertlay tu visit his old bom.* rri Nova
George Mel) maid of tire Noble
Five is spsndlng a week' visiting in
Th- K. A S Iras a bridge gang
working between McCriigan arrd the
Payne bluiT.
Nelson will send a aenlor and jan
ior hoekey team and   live   rinks  ol
eurler* to Russiand.
A. I J. Simpson put in a tew shifts
lor the Bank of H. t'. this week, dur
irrg the managers illness.
Alf Cool ridge, ope tit the heaviest
owner* in the KaraMer-Cariboo paid
the property a visit thh week.      *
W. W. Fallows lias been laid up
with influenza for the past tew days,
but is able to be about again.
The Brass Hand carnival which
was to have been held In tbe rink
last ntgbt had to be ponfroned on ae-
e.mrrt of the soft weather.
lee is being shipped in from Bear
l<ake for tht* local ice houses. It
seems to be from a strong formation
and looks quite chilly.   -
The Williame packing oullH in
McGuigan basin was seixed under
mortgagn to Jas. Brown. Wi Hams
will suit in business again.
The K. ��*i S. is havingconsid ruble
nimble keeping tire track own on
account ot Uie heavy snowfall. The
rotary is kept busy every day.
Tbe bandon Miners' Fnion is tin*
lirst labor Union to receive n charter
from the Provincial ^government.
Special Isgislaiion waa required before the Inion could be incorporated.
The placer mining hill No. lour,
excluding aliens from the privilege
of locating placer ground In ll C,
passed its third reading in the house
at Victoria on Wednesday afternoon.
Not a single member of the house
voted against it.
A meeting of tlte Sandon Miners'
Union will he held in Crawford's hall
this evening at 8 o'clock. All miners and mine laborers are requested
to attend as the meeting is for the
purpose of dually organizing. Another meeting will be held next
Saturday evening.
Tire first copy of the Review, pul>-
lisherl in Upper .lirand Forks, or
Columbia as tho town is now known,
came to hand yesterday. It is pub
lished by Nesbitt A Suudcrs, former*
ly tVf the Cascade Maple l_'af. The
plant has started live \m\*ov* in two
I' tirr hotels and ����ne saloon closed
their doors this week, being unable
or unwilling to produce the f2.r��0 required tor a renewal for six months.
Tbe Bryan, Atlas and Thistle, it is
understood, are closed permanently.
The Vancouver and Klondike will
probably renew their licenses.
One of the drawing cards at tbe
Rseahttid carnival will be tlie ski
performance* of a Norwegian who
claims to hold the championship ot
Norway. lie-will come down Red
mountain, and will give an exhibition of a long jump by going over
koine freight ears standing on a side
traekof tin*, Red Mountain railway.
The Washington has fllteen men at
Six men are working at the Great
Western ami pre takiug out a little
L. C I dine has 2d head of mules
on the Wakefield trail, working on
an HJU-ion contract.
The Antoine has been closed down
entirely and the gang ail laid off.
M. R. W. KathUmrri made a trip to
tlie propsrty '1 hursday.
The Whitewater is making some
heavy shipments agaiu. The shipments fur the week were vO tons.
The Jackson sent down 15 tons.
The recent strike made iu tlie
Dardcnelles continues to improve and
the mine fs making some heavy
shipments. Five cars have been
shipped this month.
A deal is pending for the Sunrise
claim, adjoiuiug die Maacott, on the
Ruth ledge. Tim Roth company is
buying the property from Mike K��r-
lin.    The price is stated at *1.��,000.
Tom U**ier, foreman at the Rambler, had his hand Injured last week
and is in Kaslo, lakl up for repairs
Dick Shcy is acting as boss during
his absence, and keeps the trail hot
Irr regular Irish style.
Dave Black, who ia intered in the
Ns and Priuce properties on the
North Fork of Carpenter Creek, has
returned from Dawson and Is now in
Nelson. He intends to do some work
on his properties shortly.
It is rumored in Three Forks that
Mi-jor Furlong has sold a four-Hfths
interest in the Black G rouse claim on
tire North Fork of Carpenter creek
for 1-0,000, retaining a one fifth in-
it rest. A wagon road is spoken of
from Three Forks up as far as the
Dolly Varden.
A Toton Without a Council.
A very peculiar condition of affairs
exists at kamloops. D, II. Campbell
has been elected mayor, but tltere
arc no aldermen to represent wards
one and two. Nobody, apparently,
had sufficient interest in tire citv. to
be nominated in these wards. Ward
8 is represented by D. II. McLaren,
while No. 4 hasG. Monro as alderman. The city will thus be run by
three men. The matter may Ire
iirought to the attention of tho provincial government.
A Mistake Made in the Wording.
Victoria, Jan. 19,���Mr. Justice
Martin this morning gave judgment
quashing tlie Sandon By-Law providing tor tbe raising of 915,000 for
Hunting and making improvements
in tbe channel of Carpenter Creek so
as to protect the City of Sandon from
floods. Section 145, of tlie Municipal
Clauses Act provides for the council
borrowing money for such work as
"Preventing tire obstructing or foul-
trig of streams, water courses and
drains." The Judge held that the
wording of tbe bylaw in question
does not come within the terms of
Section 146, and therefore it must be
quashed with costs.
Citii Council.
Tbe new city council held its first
meeting in the council chambers on
Monday evening, Hith intt. Mayor
Pitta was in the chair and Aldermen
Atherton, Macdonald, Thompson,
Hunter and Crawford   were present.
Certificates of declarsrron of office
msde bv the aldermen were presented, signed by W H. Lilly, Police
Magistrate, and were received and
Tlie minutes of the previous meet-
ing were read and adopted.
A communication from M. L.
Grimmett, City Solicitor, regarding
"Creek Improvements Bvhtw, No.
11,1898." was received and Hied.
An application made by J. D.
Holland for a theatre license for the
Central Music Hall waa considered.
Ou motion of Aid. Macdonald, seconded by Aid. Thompson, it was decided not to grant the license.  .
Tbe following committees   were
Aid. Hunter, Chairmen ; Macdonald, Buckley.
Puhmc Works:
Aid. Atherton, Chairman; Crawford, Thompson.
Tbos. Brown was recommended as
License Comissiouer.
The present officers with the ex
oeption of the night-watchmen were
The Townsite Caee.
William H.Houghton, acting as
bailiff for John Morgan Harris, on
Monday last seized the goods and
chattels of G. M. Spencer for failing
to pay ground rent for the premises
which he occupies. The goods were
taken to tlie Virginia block where
they were placed in one of tbe vacant
stores, and are advertised for sale on
the 25th dav of Januarv, Inst., under
the hand of the bailHT, William H.
E. A. MacDonald, a Nelson attorney, has been employed by J. M.
Harris, and spent the early part of
the week in notifying these whom
Harris claims owe bim ground rent
that they were expected to pay np or
evacuate. Nic Parlorcia is keeping
bis establishment closed from sunrise
to sunset to escape the serving of a
distress warrant. Immediate proceedings are threatened against a
number of others who refuse to pay
ground rent.
In the meantime the question of
title to tbe townsite is being contested In four different law suits, on none
of which judgment has been rendered. There is rumor also of a bill to
be introduced in tbe local house at
Victoria, to make the claim of Harris
and others valkl and to settle tbe
question of title. Tbe townsite case
promises some interesting developments.
For the Roeeland Camiosl
The Comique Closed.
After a full year of unmitigated
iniquity the Comique has been forced
to close. As was expected, the new
council refused to grant a theatre
license for the dive and the short-
frocked fairies hr.ve been forced to
desist  or  move  to  other  parts in
tarch of pastures new and suckers
The Comique has been a standing
reproach to the city and it is only to
be regretted that it was allowed to
run so long. The city loses ff> a day
license fees, but gains immeasure-
ablv in respectability.
'fhe. proprietors ot the Comique
have opened a Ave cent beer hall in
the premises. This, however, is no
indication that they have turned
The Sandon curling club will send
two rinks to the Rossland carnival,
as follows:
Wm. Karr, D. J. McLachlan, Wm.
Wilson, Wm. Hood skip.
A. M. Sanford, Isaac Crawford,
Alex Crawford, M. L. Grirameu
The curlers will leave on Tuesday,
the 24th, and will be accompanied
by quite a party ot pleasure seekers,
including tire wives of the members.
The junior hockey team will leave
on the same day under the care ef
Andy Grierson, who will uke charge
ot the expedition. The hoys are in
good practise and stand a very good
chance of capturing the honors. The
dance held in Virginia hall on Tuesday evening realized 965, which will
go toward paying expenses. If the
Rossland boys teat this team it is
because they are good players: W.
Cliffe, captain; R. Hood, Walter
Cliffe. C. Carney, J. Crawford. E.
Crawford, F. McKlnnon.
Roeeland Programme.
The following is the programme of
the hockey matches to be played at
the Kossland carnival: On the evening of the 26th the Rossland and
Revelstoke teams will compete In
the senior championship; on the
evening af the 27th the Nelson tesm
and the Victorias of Kossland will
compete ; tbe final game between the
winners of these two games  will be
Slaved on Saturday evening, the
3th. In the junior competitions,
the Sandon team will play Kossland
on Friday morning, the 27th, and
the winners will play the Nelson
juniors on Saturday for the champion
ship of all Kootenay. Thb Paystreak.
A Chemical Punic.
Experts in gold mining agree that
pretty much the bottom fact now
known about such metal is, briefly,
that all original pyhrites of small
grain texture contain gold to a
greater or less extent���this, of course,
not covering such secondary large
crystal pyritous deposits derived trom
. veins. It is not yet known, however,
whether the gold in these pyrites is
in chemical combination with the
sulphide of gold or whether each
minute particle of gold is simply
covered with a coating of sulphide of
iron���or. finally, whether such particles are in the metallic state, but
alloyed with silver and other metal,
which combines more rapidly with
sulphur than gold does, and, conse-
Suently, forms a coat of sulphide of
Iver over the gold. Tlie particles
of gold are so minute, and the combinations follow so rapidly during
the splitting up ot these pyrites that
the finest instruments and tests
known to chemistry have as yet been
unable to settle this part of the question to the satisfaction of all concerned���this fact showing how easy it is
to pnt in a mill that will not save the
The Standard Buying Copper Mines.
The New York Herald says that
negotiations looking to the consolidation of the copper mining interests
of the United States have been in progress in that city tor a week. With
the reputed backing of no less powerful a company than the Standard Oil,
the copper mining company, in Its
combination of six plants, expects to
revolutionize the copper mining in
dnstry ef the world. The Boston A
Montana and the Butte A Boston mining companies, the Old Dominion
conitNtny of Arizona, and the Arcadian, Tamarac and Osceola mining com|��nies of Michigan are
named as the component parts of the
new organization.
It is understood that the American
company will reach into Canada and
absorb important copper mines there,
thus making the combination international, but the Calumet A Hecla
company, the largest producer in the
Lake Superior region, has so far declined to enter the combination. Interested observers of the tra natctions
of mining stocks in 189*1 declare that
a small coterie of men have added
$50,000,000 to their wealth through
this channel. The combination
springs trom the recent upheval in
copper, and the prices have soared to
the higeest figures known, in face of
unprecedented production. The increased employment of electrical
energy has caused an enormous demand'for copper. European countries
alone laat year need 466,7ti9,7ti0
pounds, and Jt is considered that the
American mines supply most of the
foreign requirements In addition to
home demands, The possibilities of
tbe copper situation become apparent.
Ancient Mines In Greece.
Tbe mines of Larium, Greece, now
worked for zinc, lead and iron, are
the same mines from which Themis-
tocles drew the silvery supply to fit
ont bis fleet and drive back the Persian invader at Salamis (490480
B. C.) and so lay the foundations of
the Athenian hegemony. It is
thought that tbe Phoenicians delved
there before the Greeks came: so
that tbe mining industry at Larium
may boast an antiquity as remote as
thirty centuries back, while in foil
blast to-day. In walking through the
French company's great mine at
Cameresa. in the heart of Larium
region, one traverses a gallery in
active exploitation for zinc and lead
close by another one worked by the
old Greeks two or three thousand
years ago. For such a "transient
industry," mining seems to evince
some permanent characteristics.
Prospecting for Oil In Michipicoton-
Manitonlin Expositor.���Mr. Booze*
of Warren, Ohio, representing the
Standard Oil Company, Mr. John
H. Fraser, of Petrolea, Ont., driller,
and four men passed through here
last Saturday on their way home.
They will return in the spring to
Msnitowaning to continue exploring
for petroleum.
Wells Farp,o Statement
John J. Valentine, president of the
Wells-Fargo A Company's Express,
has issued the usual annual statement of the production of precious
metal in the states and territories
west of the Missouri river, including
British Columbia and the Northwest
Territories, for the year 1898. The
���CTTregate values are shown as follows:
Gold. |78,4fil.202 ; stiver. 139,010.-
564; copper, Wfi.200.��48; lead, 113.
314251 ; total, fl 19,022,64$. The
commercial value at which the several metals named have been estimated are: Silver 58 cent; per ounce,
eoppar 12 cents per pound, lead 13.65
per cwt.
The gold production ot British Col
umbia and the Northwest Territories
is given  as  811,975,000,    and  the
value of the other mineral products
at 817,663,200.
Johannesburg is Silent
Cape Town. Jan 15th.���No news
has been received from Johannesburg since yestcrdsy afternoon,
when word was received that a public meeting ot British residents convened with the object of protesting
against the grievances of the Uitland-
era had broken np n a free-for-all
tight, involving Boers, Afrikanders
and Britons. Telegraphic communication is closed down, and there is
much uneasiness here.
Another U. S. Trust
The Chicago Post says: "Official
announcement has been made of the
completion of a deal which will give
the American Steel & WJre Co. ���>
practical monopoly of the wire business of the United States. Already
controlling 14 large plants, it has
concluded negotiations for the pur*
chase ot 12 more.
"The agreement provides for the
reorganization of the American Steel
A Wire Co., with a capital stock ot
190,000.000. The present capital is
124,000,000. Of the new stock $40,-
000,000 will be culmlnative preferred
and $50,000,000 common."
A rate war from New York to
Hong Kong seems probable. A Montreal C. P. R. official charges the
Great Northern with cutting rates by
Victoria Is to bave another dailv
by February 1st, to be known as the
Daily Globe. C. A. Gregg, formerly of the Victoria Times will be
managing editor.
n. l. GRinriETT
Notary Public,
B0NGAR0 4 PICCKART, Proprietors.
The first Class
Hotel of Cody.
Kates:   *s.��s> p*r ttoy.
Special Bute* by ths Week
Now K U hereby given thnt st thv etplrn-
tioo of thirty day* from dnte baraottht under
.l_ii��l will apply to th* Licence (Vmwiwin
���r�� of th* CI y ot Sandon for ��� licence to ssll
liquor by retell nt their hotel known u�� Us*
TUUtle" idtuated on Bene Aveuu* la tbt
elty ofSandon.
If<-!.��> >tt* Thowi-os
Sandon. December l.t'i, ISM.
Application for  Renewal oi
Liquor License.
NOTICE 1* hereby given thnt st tb* ��<ipira
tion of thirty Amy* from dat* ��������* will apply **>
th* Lit**** Commls��h>n*rs of th* City ��f
���tendon for n r*n*wal of our rk-ent* for th*
Palace H��t*>. sltuat* on Beeo Avenue in Ih*
City of Sandon.
v W.��i.��si_v* Bkukkit.
Snndon.tWenilwr 17th. IM.
JfnTM-K i*> hereby given that apptlrat bin will
h* and* to tb* UgUUf iv* A*��*mbly of thm
Province of BrOW* Columbia at it* nmtt mm
Ion hy th* Brit i.h Columbia T*t*pfaon*s. Idas-
lt*d" (a Company incorporated iu Knglund
nnd*r theCompanie* Acts IM to vas, Imperi-
nt) hereinafter eallod **lb* company" or "th*
aaid company." for an not confirming nnd
conferring upon it tb* power* of the mi id
company ns tb* snm* appear in tb* Memorandum of Asportation depodtol in Knniand
with th*K*gi*trar of Joint Stock Coaipenle*:
nnd giving th* said company pow��r to
acquire, ���serais* and Ink* over nil right*
powers, privileew*, rmnchUes and ammtm held
by th***Ncw Westminster a Barmrd Inlet Tel'
���phone Compnny. Idmitcd" nnd "Th* Vernon
A Nelson Telephone Company." nnd testing
th* samein th* said company nnd to aseum*
th* lialdliti*. entered Into by tb* afore mid
companies and for tbe conferring apen th*
said Compnny th* powers to parch***. le***
tok* ov*r or otherwise acquire th* rfathts,
privileges, franchises, powers nnd *��*���*��� of
any compeny In nny part ef tb* Province of
British Columbia bavin** similar objects to
th* compnny, nnd to amalgamate with snch
other compnny or companies and to operate nnd entry on the business of th* afore*
��nld company or companies so acquired, or
to be acquired; and for tb* conferring upon
th* Mid compnny of nil such powaisasmuy
It* n*ce*sury to fully and completely entry
on nnd opernt* the works aforesaid, or nny
of them, nnd of other powers.
tinted this SJth dny of November, A. t>. IMS.
Il< Phillips a Williams.
Solicitor* for Applicant
��� ro ro ro ro ro ro sr* ��o ro <o ro t
Labor Receipts.
Time Checks,
Etc., Etc.,
Etc., Etc.
A foot of ore is showing on the Convention.
Boms work Is being put upon ths R.
D. Fraction, situated close to town.
Rumor hss it tbst another deal is
about to be consomsted on the Mollie
Hughes properties.
0. H. Dawson has purchased tbe
Fidelity Fraction, adjoining the Fidelity. It has tbe best timber in tbe
Messrs Hicks snd Welsh, of Slocan
City, are developing the Mary Durham,
adjoining the Mollie Hughes group.
Tbey report a good snowing.
The Wakefield and Vancouver, the
big shipping mines of Fodr Mile, together shipped five car loads of ore last
week. The late heavy fall of snow has
put tbe roads in excellent condition for
ore hauling.
Tbe deal that has been pending In
London for tbe Blsek Grouse property,
owned by Msjor Furlong, eitusted on tbe
north Fork of Carpenter creek, is off
The negotiation* were being conducted
by London sgents.
A carload of ore will this week be on
the wharf from tbe Msrion to be shipped to the Trail smelter. This ore runs
114 oss. silver and 00 .per cent lead to
tbe ton, and the owners hope tn realise
a neat sum out of tbe shipment.
The result of the smelting operations
at the Hall Mines smelter for tbe four
weeks ending December 80th, 1998, are
as follows; During the il days and 18
hours of actual smelting 2,676 tons of
ore were treated, yielding 48 tons ot
copper, and 42,780 ounces of silver.
Last Saturday, at Nelson, Sheriff
Robertson sold by public auction the interest of (taudkw Besudoln in the following mineral claims: Gigantic and Grant
on Wild Horse creek; York, in Hall
creek; Yellowstone, Bearer Hill, Derby, Golden Grove snd Golden Slope, on
Murphy creek, in the Trail mining division. TV properties were sold under a
writ of execution issued at the suit of
Nuyine Simon sgsrnstGsudsis Bnaudorn.
The price paid for the claims wss $260,
the purchsser being Jos. Sturgeon.
W. If Sandiford has purchased from
Geo. H. Dawson tbe Fidelity Fraction
for the Northwest Mining Syndicate.
There is on this ground tbe best timber
for mining purposes tbst csn be secured,
snd (the acquisition of the property is
evidence thst Mr. Sandiford is looking
ahead to the day when tbe Bosun mine
will he operated upon s very Urge scale
Col. 8. W. Ray, of Port Arthur, spent
a few days in town this week in the
interest of the company that he represents. While in the Slocan he arranged
for extensive operations to be pushed on
the Mollie Gibson and other properties
be is interested in, and incidentally
made an effort to get hold of Silver
mountain properties. An effort is being
msde to form s syndicate to operate all
tbe properties on this mountain.
The B. A. C.  hsve obtsined crown
f rants for sil their property on tbe North
A huge tunnel scheme is talked of to
cut the immense ore bodies discovered
four years ago on Donadson mountain,
The Second Relief has doubled itsore
hauling force and the road is in fine
condition for quick trips and heavy
Kane Bros, hsve disposed of their
Craigtown business to R. E. McGanghey
and have concentrated sil their business
st Erie.
The Ontario, on Donadson mountain,
has been working steadily all winter,
and the shaft is down 40 feet on a tine
ore body, three*feet wide.
The Belle Singlehnrst will resume
work on the 1st of February. This property lies to ths north o* tlie Relief, snd
is a valuable gold proposition.
Tbe Arlington, three miles above Erie,
continues to ship stesdily. The new
machinery works smoothly snd stoping
will soon be commenced on the 300 foot
Another permanent shipper has been
added to the North Fork, by tbe recent
developments in tbe Waffer claim,which
adjoins tbe Second Releif on the east.
Tbe energetic president and manager
of tbe Lucky Boy Mining k Development Co., S. L. Myers, Las been concentrating most of his efforts on this
property for a year and is to be congratulated on bis success. A new
tunnel is to be started immediately
below the present workings which will
cut tbe ore body at a depth of 400 feet,
thos affording ample stoping ground.
Its close proximity to the wagon rosd
ensures cheap transportation.
A despatch from Seattle says; Grown
despondent because of bis belief that be
would lose a 826,000 suit, which be had
Instituted against Sir Charles Ross for
yrofessional services rendered, Robert
amieson, the noted mining engineer
snd expert of Vancouver, took bis own
Room 208 of the Rainier-Grand Hotel
one of tbe first-class hostelries of
Seattle, was the scene of tragedy. Lying upon his back in bed and with his
head and shoulders slightly elevated
by tbe prop of a pillow on either side,
tbe deceased pressed the muzzle of a
Smith and Wesson revolver against his
temple and sent a 88 calibre bullet
through tbe brain. Mr. Jamieson was
a man prominently known in mining
circles throughout tbe Province.
W. H. Aldridge, manager of the
smelter at Trail, has been to Cascade
and completed arrangements for building the new C. P. R. smelter for tbe
Boundary camp at that point.   Surveys
have been made and the site chosen.
The cost of building the smelter will
exceed $500,000. and will give steady
employment to upwards of 600 men
when completed. Tbe stack alone will
require 800,000 brick and the buildings
in connection in proportion. The
works will have a capacity of 1,000 tons
per day. It is the plan to have extensive refineries and factories in connection therewith.
Paddy Stratford and Eric Ferguson
have been let the contract to push work
on the Enterprise.   The No. 1 tunnel,
now in 25 feet with ore in the face, will
be pushed 200 feet further, and the
main raise between the intermediate
and No 4 tunnels will be continued to
connect these openings. The work pro*
tiosed and now under contract, will not
be finished until late In May. Eight
men will be employed.
���      Enterprise Deal  Is  OF.
The Britishers who have been dickering for tho big Errterprise mine, on Ten
Mile, have come to a full stop and the
deal is off. The reason for this is not
known here. So far as the assays and
reports were concerned, everything was
distinctly favorable. This is only one
of several attempts made to secure the
property, but the would-be purchasers
always dunk at the critical moment.
Tbe owners of the Enterprise will work
the mine themselves, though with a
small force Operations will be confined to tho No. 1 tunnel and the raise
(rom No. 8, and these will be extended
under contract. Much had besn expected of the present negotiations, the
successful termination of which would
have set the whole creek and vicinity
in motion.
G. H. Dawson left on Saturday for
tbe coast.
Arthur Dick passed through here on
Friday on his way to the Atlin country.
Many New Den verites are suffering
from the annual visitation of la grippe
Tbe steamer Slocan is making nightly
trips from Rosebery to Slocan City to
handle the freight barge.
Capt. J. Troup came up from Nelson
to superintend the launching of the new
tog host Sandon at Rosebery Saturday.
H. H. Knox has gone to the Boundary
country, taking a portion of his jewelry
stock with him. He will be away some
The new C. P. R. boat Sandon msde
her initial trip on the lake Wednesdsy.
The finishing touches are yet to be put
upon hsr.
Word* has been received from Los
Angeles stating that Harry Pyraan is
much improved in health, but he must
remain under the doctor's care for some
time yet.
W, H. Aldridge, manager of the Trait
smelter, was married last week at Rossland to Miss Tnttle. The affair was
the most brilliant function ever held in
By tbe present route of travel over
Slocan lake, passengers to the coast
save 12 hours over tbe old route via
Robson. Pressure is being brought to
bear to keep to the Slocan route in the
The union church services, held Sunday in Bosun hall, by Revs. Clelland
and Powell, were largely attended and
greatly appreciated. Rev. Cleland presided in the morning and Rev. Powell
in the evening.
Fred Fraser, J.P. of Revelstoke, wss
in town on Friday. He is going to join
J. D. Graham, in Atlin City, early in
March. Politically. Revelstoke is in a
bad muddle, and be says J. M Killie's
seeing his last session at Victoria, as he
will be asked to resign by his friends.
The incorporation question is making
bad matters worse.
The  New  Festal   Bete.
The new two-cent rate of Canadian
postage is available to the countries
mentioned in this list: Letters addressed to places in Canada and United
States, 2 cents per ounce or fraction
thereof: United Kingdom of Great
Britain and Ireland, British India.New-
foundland, British East Africa, Uganda,
Jamaica, Bahama Islands. Zanzibar,
British Central Africa, the Niger Coast
Protectorate and Niger Company's Territory, 2 cento per half ounce All
other foreign countries 5 cents per half
Get There  Rll   Working.
W. Harrington, of Sandon, passed
through here on Friday, having been
down to the Get There Eli group, on
Twelve Mile. This property has been
leased from Mr. Harrington by P.
Noonan snd N. Sylvester. Supplies are
being packed in and four men will work
the property all winter. As much ore
as possible* will be shipped and the
lessees expect to mske money.     ��
Another Construction  Fatality.
Peter Gaetano, an Italian employed
on the R. A P. railway construction, was
instantly killed in his cabin Thursday
morning, by a piece of flying rock from
a blast, some 600 feet distant. He was
employed by A.Scarpelli, who bad a
piece of work near McKae's Landing.
The remains were taken to Cascade for
burial. ___________
Hiram Walker, Canada's princely
whiskey man, died last week st Detroit,
Wine & Liquor Merchants
 of SANDON.	
Carry the finest Stock of Liquors in
the Kootenay Country.
it if i*
Orders by mail or wire promptly
 attended to.
Sanuner Tim* Card effective June to, una
Subject to chance without notice.
Scot- Bound Forth Bound
Bead down. Bead up.
Trsin Ivs DaMy, 1.00pm Train ar dally H_�� t
���*  ar     �����     3.45 pm  Train It  "     S.OOi
CBoatlv3.St)am    -Ksslo���   Boat ar 8.30 j
S.     -    4 JO am   Ainswortb        "    TJOi
5     *    50O*m   Pilot Bsy "    Ampm*
-      "    SAO am     Bar/our -    8.10 pm*
,  5.33 pinS
rum a
"Boat ar��.*> am, five Mile Pt
���     "    US am     Nelson 	
gTralnariaiSam Northpart Train rrlA��pm_,
-      ������    1130am Rossland        ������   U_6pnr9
310 pm   Spokane
Bead down. Read up.
Daily train lv LOO pro      Daily train arlOAO am
"       ar 3.43 pm
Boat It 3.00 pm
Iv 8.00am
MoST Boater 1.00pm
0M      ��*v-i- ��� *���  -*.w Bwmmm mrnvmrn*    *-_-������ ana  a.aw uw
._     " SJ0pm Ainsworth Boater 1L40now
fa?      "   7.00 pm  Pilot Bsy UOOpmS
H " looopm Kuskonook     "      8.00 pox*
" H.Ortpm Goat River ���' 8.00 pm*
A " ioo am Boundary ����� 300 pm?,
���9S " ar 8.00 am Bonner's Fry ��� It 3.00 pm*?
*Zx>Train It 11.40 am " Train ar l_5pn��9
>     **    sr 3.45 pm Spokane    **   It 7A0am��
.   Cfcmniencing June 30,1888.
On Monday, Thursday and Friday m Alberta
will leave Kaslo 5 p. m. for Atnswortt, Pilot Bay,
and Nelson. Leaving- Nelson at 8 a. m., Tota*
day, Friday and Saturday, colling- at PUot Bar.
Ainsworth aud Kaalo, and all way points.
P. O. Box MS. Kaslo, B.C
Taking effect 1.00 o'clock a. m.
Sept 1, 18981 Pacific or 120th Meridian time.
Subject to change without notice
Lsev* 8 so A.M. Kaalo Arrive, S 30 P.M
'��� 8 55 ������ South Fork *��� 3 05 -
������  ��� 45    "     Sprooto's "     3 W    ������
" io oo ������ Whftswatar " s oo �����
'���10 0S " BearLaks " 1 60 ������
���' 10 80 '* MrGulgan " 1 38 ������
���* 10 34    "     Oudy Junction "     l fS    ������
Arr. 10 45   "     Snndoa Leave 1 15   ������
Leave, ll.ooa.aa ��� Sandon - Arrive, ll.a����.m
"     11.10 " Cody Junction Leave, 11.50 a.m
Arrive. ll.*5 "    - Cody  -        ��    ll.tts.m
Traflfe Mnjr.
Por caeap railroad and steamship tickets to
and from all points, apply to
a CAMPBELL,       Agent, Sandon.
R. S. Gallop reports the Duncan river
free of obstructions for a distance of 15
miles, and small steamers can ascend
from Kootenay lake for eight months
in the year. This is the result of Government work for tbe past three years. THE PAYSTREAK, SAhlPON, B. C>, fANUABY_21_Jgjg^
The Paystreak.
Is Issued every Saturday In Sandon, In the heart
of the greatest White Metal campou earth.
Subscription     ��� -     ���     StOOayear
' SMcUy in advance.
Address: The P_T*mi*uJU Sandon, B.C.
SANDON. B.C., JANUARY 21, 1899
Nelson Dinoley, the framer of the
Dingley tariff bill, and Republican
leader in the House of Representatives, died in Washington last
Friday, after a lingering illness following * pneumonia attack.
Fighting Joe Martin succeeded in
getting his Election Petitions Bill
through tiie House by a comfortable
majority, and Messrs. Deane and
Prentice are safe in their seats for a
short season. The. Opposition did
Messrs. Hall and Ttedall. members
of the local legislature for victoria
and Vancouver respectively, have
resigned, because of selling supplies
to the Government. Mr. Hall is an
Opposition man and Tisdall, Government. This sort of business is becoming tiresome.
-������������_���  m my
It Is proposed by some prominent
Canadians to make Canada "a Link
of Love" between Great Britain and
the United States. No serious objection can be raised to this proposition,
but if Canada is to be the link then
Canadians ought to have something
to say abrxit how that link is to be
welded, and what this country Is to
get out of the love match.
Victoria got excited last week and
held an indignation meeting to protest against tbe passage of the Election Petitions Bill. It was a huge
affair, but it remained for MrrSpeak
er Foster to utterly squelch the whole
business, and, incidental (y, the torchlight procession. Indignation is a
cheap commodity in the Province,
and attempted coercion of tne House
wont work;
The revenue of the Dominion for
thesis months ending.Dee*21 waa
$22,113,378, compared with $17,083,-
974 for the aame time in 1897, an
increase of overH000.0CO. The en-
penditure increase^ trom $13,488,000
to $14,811,044 an Increase of $1,323,-
000, so that the exact betterment of
revenue, taking into account the expenditure, was $2,r36o,000. . The
expenditure on capital account was
$6,214,829 for 1898 as compared with
���2,362,255 for. 1897, an increase of
Another member of the Legislature hru resigned his seat and will
stand for re-election. This time it is
A. E. McPhillips, fourth member for
Vlotorin, and he gave up bis seat because his law partner, earned a fee
for personally arguing a ease in court
for the Crown. If Joe Martin's mother-in-law raised hens and sold eggs
to the Attorney-Generals secretary's
wife, brother-in-law
the Attorney-General
give np his seat and
election, or would the
the eggs be killed?
stand tor re-
hen that laid
The Toronto Telegram looks with
halt-hearted approval upon the action
of the B. a Legislature In puch-ng
through the bill to shut aliens out of
the benefits of the placer gold fields.
It says: "If the proposal ot tbe British Colombia Government to shut
aliens out of the benefits of the min
ing districts makes it harder for the
Dominion Government to secure a
treaty with the United States, the
country generally will not regret the
assurance that the Semlin-Martin
ministry hasassfe msjority. This
boldinining policy of the coast Government is timely. It comes at a
moment when it has federal as well
as provincial interest and significance.
It is a hint to the Washington Government that Canada is not 'easy,*
that a bold national spirit is spreading over Canada, that we believe we
can live, and thrive without the grace
of the republic, and that we mean to
go right along in tbe way of prosperity. Canada for the Canadians, no
matter what Uncle Sim thinks or
does. It is plain notice to the United
States that Canada Is not on Us knees
to, an unneighborly neighbor.
we wonder If Asiatics are not wanted here, and
would have to should the Federal authorities permit
sentimental reasons and mutterings
of unwise missionaries prevail to the
detriment of the rights and feelings
of the people of the Pacific coast, they
will be working to the moral undoing
and curse of this fair Province. British Colombia should be permitted the
same scope as In the several provinces of Australia. They are nearer
the source at Immigration and have
had ripe experience In tbe matter.
They found a simple but effectual
remedy for the evil in high taxation.
If the unwelcome Asiatics can not be
exclusively debarred, then lei them
be taxed to tbe fullest exteut, and
this system will soon work to the redemption of the situation. Tne Slocan
may be a despised silver camp but It
hss no Chinese.
THE   CBlKKSa   QUESTION.    .      .
The Dominion authorities have
written the Lieutenant-Governor of
the Province, upon the representation
of the Mikado of Japan, asking for
the repeal of all legislation restricting the employment of the Japanese
in British Columbia. In addition to
this tbe Federal Government would
also like to see the Chinese similarly
treated. As if in direct opposition ro
this request and as an intimation to
the Laurier Goverment to mind their
own business and permit British Columbia to run its own affairs, the
Legislature adopted the following
resolution unanimously, oo motion of
Messrs. Helmcken and Dunsmuir:
"That an humble address be present*
edby this bouse to the lieutenant-
governor, praying him to move the
Dominion Government to take Into
consideration the desirability of Increasing the per capita tax on Chinese
coming Into the Dominion, snd urging that In the opinion of this House
three-fourths of sil moneys received
in British Columbia ports from the
present tax, or (If such tax be increased) tbree-ftartnsof such revenue
so Increased should be paid to this
Province, as the chief injury from the
presence of the Chinese Is sustained
by the Province, and not by the Dominion."
There is no doubting the feeling of
tbe people of this Province on* the
Question of Asiatic, lahotveod the
legislators are but voicing the sentiments of their constituent* As
citizens   and   follow laborers, the
A sur ones sought lo shed upon the eight *
feeble ray, .      .  .
But, peeplogour, she soon was lost tn heavens
pathless may.
Vet on she went, illumlutn* the clouds which
the darkest nunc���alas! she could n<4 thsn
shrne thronirh;
Perplexed, she hid her faee and wept behind hss-
sable veil,
To think, her mission scarce begun, was destined
A tittle stream did onward wend Pa Journey lo
the em.
Aadtmbbhag'addtf th* pebbled sands sang all
It brushed ths ferns, and gUdad round the curvse
upon as way,
Uallla boulder rock It tutt, and then It went
Tot urginsfitlll tta troublous enures to pleas*
Uarteeaead marsh' twas swallowed np snd sank
A hawthorn bud entered to b
pa*rrim*s war.
AndttmUly dtsehmd Itsrtf
But unsre assumed to rhe fhx
ed In vein.
A hawthorn bud catered to broom and cheer Ihe
on* Bleak inld-wTn-
frosts its haves unfurl
PorhUahtod In'ihe morn, si art It folded up
And aa tt closed IU weary eyes nnd bowed it��
drooping heed.
Swset Hope, the emblem of IU ills, fovevermorr
was deed.
Thus, like tbe star ebnsa Srst bright rev dbtpere-
edth* lesser rtoud, -#���-_
TO, too amldtlotts Its elm, 'twas wrsppsd In
Ssspmt shroud;
Or Has the stream whom eager Sow to reach tbr
mighty am.
Thos b_*fe*M��l Us tod. tmimi ear* Inioetsrolty:
Or Hke the bud whom swset Intent to cheer snd
Bat Quickened Its too early birth on lonsweet
So life oft proves Its chsrlsbsd alms tt* sorest, aed
We wake    und our hopes have been hat dreams
within a night;
Bat when at last amUtlonecaaasd,
TtouahonAto earth we ne'er amy know whom
Messina end rspoe*
Beyond aU tears then is n Ood who notasour
gonq Intent,
And not alone Uie good we've done, hut, too. the
good we meant.
-lira Cornelius Hardy.
David Bremner, who resigned the
msnsgeinent of ths Wakefield nine, will
lesve shortly for the Atlin lake.
*���"-    l - llll    IIUII���SISW���������������_���
Economy is to be preached In advertising. Economy is to be preached in
everything. Advertising need not hsve
all tbe economy.
The only business maxim, that "thst
which is worth doing is worth doing
well," spplies In its full strength to ad-
vertising. Better not advertise at all
than to ttrtch it Ho sensible merchant
would think of crowding 40 cubic feet uf
mods in 30 feet guide feet of storsfs, yet
the sums merchant oftun attempts to
draw trade into his |50^ business with
advertising spses a 15,000 man woold be
ashamed of.
One may advertise too little and lose
money. One msy sdvertiss too much
and loss money. Advertising expenditure should he followed and resrulat-
ed and every advertising experiment
tested snd re-tested. Every dollar pot
oet in advertising should be watched
from the time it got* out until It begins
to eesss In swain.
Let your advertising space be ss large
ss your business. No more think of
crowding your advertising space thsn of
crowding your salesroom space. Customers sre much more important than
spacious warerooroe. Better have plenty
of wareroom spues snd plenty of advertising.
The sneceesfal advertiser invamhly has
plenty of space, and usee few words in
it; and what ia more, be never cuts his
advertising seriously during theslkgetl
dull thane. Ek|*erirnce has taught him
that about the best time to advertise ia
all the time. _____,,__,_,__
CANADIAN  raim arm  in  isss.
R. G. Den k Co.�� Financial Renew
sure* that Canadian failures io im
hsve been 1,305, or tt per cent, (ewer
in number than iu 1007, or in either of
the three previous tears.   The amount
of liaMlitiee was ���4.S30.000, or 81 per
cent, less than in 1007, or in either of
tlie three previous years. The decrease
of Hsbilitiee was about 4* per cent in
Ontario, and �� per cent,, but little Iras
than the average decrease, io Ouelnv,
while in Bhmv Brunswick aud British
Columbia some inervase appears. The
deceases iu manufacturing failures is
oonstderabie iu number, but far more
striking io amount, being 00 per cent,
compared with last year. 01 per cent,
compsred with 1000, snd Ot per cent
compared with 1005 er HUM The
dscrises in trading failures is relatively
smaller, ss might he espected, In amoent
of liabilities 25 per cent, compared with
last year, 35 per cent, compared with
10M or 1004, and 24 per cent, compared
with 10W.
la the Pioneer House of the City
'���-U 111. HP     UHSHi   IU!'M
Hunter Bros.
Are selling the choicest
Staple & Fancy Groceries
that can be obtained anywhere.   Mail your orders
v. if you can't visit our store.
<*. M  llll II
_����� THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B, C., JANUARY 21, 1899.
He Advneatee Absolute Free Trade In
the  Article.
D. D. Mann, the welt-known railway
contractor, was in Toronto recently,
and in the course of an interview with
a Globe representative, expressed himself thus: ''Canada Is in a flowing tide
of commercial and Industrial prosperity.
New districts are being opened up, and
extensive areas are being developed,
and railroad facilities are increasing
rapidly. Of course British Columbia
take* the lead tn mining, but there are
big developments going on in the Rainy
River district, and the future there is
of the brightest promise. Idonotssy
that* it will prove a Klondike or a Kootenay district. That is too much to
expect, for southern British Columbia
stands alone in the mining world. It
is not only rich tn gold, but it Is equally
rich in coal, in copper, in silver and in
lead Up to this time the want of railroads snd transportation facilities prevent tbe copper mines of British Co
luinbia from becoming known, bnt that
country will soon take its place as one
of the great copper-prwiucing countries.
Its vast copper deposits will do just At
much to enrich British Columbia as her
gold mines. %
Ami her lead mines are almost equally
valuable, and white 1 am referring to
British Columbia lead mines 1 would
like to call the attention of the public
to the manner in which tbe lead mining
industry is being hampered and crip-
Eled bv the tariff legislation of the
tales. Canadian rrnne-owners are
compelled to ship thjir lead ores to
American smelters fur reduction and
refining. A crushing tax of lft cents a
pound Is levied, and this lft cents a
pound is charged on all tbe lead,thougb
the smelter only pays for 00 per cent,
on the lead. The duty really amounts
to 100 a ton on the lead in tbe ores of
Canadian mines
In 1007 000,000 was paid by British
Columbia miners to Americans for the
privilege of having its ores admitted to
the United State* for treatment. Be
tween ���OOU.uou and t0_VK�� will be paid
bv the mine-owners this year for a like
{privilege. This Immense revenue ex
rat-tod from Canadian industry does
not find its way to the treasury of the
United States, for the duty of lft cents a
Kund is remitted, or rather never col
leu, when tbe lead, is re-exported
from American smelters to either Canada er England. By this system tht*
Canadian mine-owner is forced to sell
his product for about 090 a ton for the
lead contained in the ore. It is then
taken over to the United States, affords
big profits to the American transports
tion and smelting companies, snd large
and profitable employment to American
lalior.. And when that 1s done the Canadian consumer buys back nearly all
this lead and pays from 100 to ISO a
ton for It. This tremendous crushing
tax of 100 a ton should be abrogated
It is crippling the mining industry woefully.
The silver lead mining Industry oi
Canada if properly fostered will give
more employment, pay bigger wages
and enrich more people than the lumber, fishing snd sealing industries of
the Dominion combined. It Is a far
more urgent and important subject for
reciprocity arrangement between Canada and tne States thsn any other subject now under discussion before the
Joint High Commission. 1 cannot help
noticing now completely this most vital
question is being ignored by the news*
papers, while they devote column after
column and page after page to the discussion of subjects that are small and
paltry beside this.
There never was exacted a more perfect contrivance for fleecing industry
than this teed tariff, and it Is all done
to benefit not the American customs
but ths American lead smelters. They
take It all. Surely it Is time that Canadian statesmen should take a hand in
the game and obtain or make a remedy
for so great an evil. America permits
copper ore to enter free of duty. She
must let our lead ores also enter free of
duty, or else the Canadian Government
must put up the barriersagainit American lead, and by bounties and other
favors contrive the building of Canadian smelters and Canadian refineries
for lead ores.
I am in favor of absolute free trade in
lead and lead products between Canada
and the United States. Canada produces more lead than she consumes,
while tbe United States is a large im-
porter of lead. Canadian export trade
tn galena ores amounts now to fully
07,000,000 yearly. It is a growing and
expanding trade, snd it would be
enenSous if a reciprocity arrangement
were made with the States, by which
our ores would go in free of duty, and
we would admit their lead products also
free. I fear the people of Ontario and
Quebec don't understand tbe magnitude snd importance of this silver-lead
Industry. But if not hampered and
crippled hy injudicious tariffs and by
cold nv-gloct on the part of Canadian
statesmen it will rank among the greatest and richest Industries of the Domin
of the Whole confederation, as is fairly
possible, for nowhere else in Canada are
rhe natural resources and capabilities of
the farm, forest, fisheries and mine so
well combined, and generously, not to
say lavishly, disposed. Loyalty to our
country should also operate, to incline
the people of the Province to trade the
one part with the other., in preference
to buying in other countries what can be
supplied as well by our feHow-citisens.
It is well-known, however, that patriotism cuts very little, figure when dollars
and cents are under consideration, so
thst in the esse of extending trade between the coast cities and the towns of
the interior, the competition of trade
centres across the border most be met."
Severe! I --portent Week Kootenny Cnees
Disposed ef.
At tbe regular sittings of the Full
Court in Victoria, last week, several
important West Kootenay cases were
disposed of. In the Centre Star vs. Iron
Mask case, the Court last month refused the Centre Star appeal, asking for
leave to do development work on a
vein it claims under the Iron Mask
claim. The Court refused leave to appeal to tbe Privy Council as it would
put off the trial, which has already been
In Connei vs. Madden, the Full Court
dismissed the appeal from the judgment
of Mr. Justice VValkem, who held that
the location of the Sheep Creek Star
mineral claim was void, as the initial
post was planted in foreign soil, viz ,
in the State of Washington. The opinion of the, Full Court is as follows: I
*igree with the learned Trial Judge,that
the initial post of the Sheep Creek Star
claim having been planted in the United States ofAnserica, instead of within
the boundaries of this Province, the
whole location is invalid. The Mineral
Act of British Columbia does not con
template the existence of a claim which
takes its root, i.e., has its initial post, in
a foreign soil, and, as I regard it, the
whole location is void ab initio, or. to
put it tu another way, there never was
in law such a claim as the 'Sheep Creek
Star " The appeal must be dismissed
with costs.
In Da vies vs. Le Roi, the Court allowed the defendant's appeal and refused a
new trial. The action waa -brought
under the Employers' Liability Act
and the plaintiff obtained damages in
the Court below. The Full Court held
that the plaintiff was not under necessity to use the skip In qnestion and from
the rising of which the accident happened.
The New York Herald says: Negotiations looking to the consolidation of the
copper mining interests of the United
States have been in progress in this city
for a week. With the reputed backing
of no less a powerful company than that
of the Standard Oil, -he copper mining
company, in its combination of six
plants, expects to revolutionise the copper mining industry of the world. The
Boston and Montana and the Butte and
Boston mining companies, the old Dominion Copper Company, of Arizona,
and the Arcadian, Tamarac and Osceola
mining companies of Michigan, are named as the component parts of the new
It is undefstppl thst the American
company will reach into Canada and
absorb important copper mines there,
thus making the combination international, but the Calumet and Heda company, the largest producer in tbe Lake
Superior region, has so far declined to
enter tho combination, Interested observers of the transactions in mining
stocks in 1898 declare that a small
coterie of men have added $50,000,000 to
their wealth through this channel. The
combination springs from the recent
upheaval in copper, and the prices have
soared to the highest figures known in
face of unprecedented consumption.
The increased employment of electrical
energy has caused an enormous demand
for copper. European countries alone
last year used 456,700,760 pounds and it
is considered that the American mines
supply most of tbe foreign requirements
in addition to home demands. The
possibilities in the copper situation become apparent.
On and after Monday next, John
Houston will be editor and business
manager of the Tribune. His salary will
be 0166.60 a month.���Nelson Tribune.
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STEGE k AVTSON,      ..... Proprietors.
The British Columbia Weekly, a trade
paper published at Vancouver and Victoria, hss many good things in it relating
to trade between the coast cities and the
interior. As proof that it understands
the condition of things we quote from it:
"Probably the greatest movement necessary hi business cireke in the Province
of British Columbia to dsy is towards
establishing a better and more intimate
trade relationship between the Kootenays snd the coast. That both are in
one province and that the whole lies
isolated���to an extent���from the rest of
tho Dominion, is one cause making for a
community of interests. Natural loyalty
to the Province in whioh we live should ���
be s strong incentive to sil to work to-1
gether to build up the banner Province I BANDON,
Dealer ir\ MEAT
8LOOAN  CIT- MINING    RECORDS   allvH*ort�� Mid tta ^
  gold for 1898, approximately 0980,000,-
__&ta__!_S��_ 22SI? J_ri�� IH    Th! StoUle increases have been
S_^tiK^!n4^ in South Africa, 026,000,000, the British
27_k_*__^ tG_? ^i-?-^0���!1 possessions of tne northwest 06,000,000.
the 8k__-    Tt��� _�� were Xirtralasia, $6,000,000, and the Unite-
States of Amenca,i$8,o00,000.
The exports of silver during 1898 to
Japan, China and the Straits Settlements were as follows:
From London, 027,404,623; from San
Francisco, $5,217,000, making a total of
002,622,082. The total for 1897 was 048,
 . -w__. t, ��� ��� ���������0       UlflOl
the Slocan.   Those of New Denve
as follows :���
Jan IS���Hew Kohlnor. ^^^^^^^^^m
Wot k done on tbe Shania and Rushford to
apply on the General Sherdan aod Snowstorm
Fraction, to enable owners to obtain crown
grants for all.
Jam 10-Dorothy, to tbe Ruth No �� Mining Go,
Ltd. wm^
Jam ]S-AUtcash, to tbe BC Gold Trust, Ltd.
headed, brave, cowardly, Independent, boss-ridden, wise, frivolous,
hard-working, fun-loving, steady,
siiiy, white-faced, black-raced, cop
r_ti>.__l<_>__    _��_n ��� ���   -      "
per-colored, well-dresseri, unwashed, gentlemanly, rowdyish, all-
round���American Citizen.
roil Tsit or rrosKMoa <h �����,,���. io tmm
Flees* Act.
Tho  Tople Corroetljr 8Ut��s
Rood or IL
tho  Or***
 . ..�����-���_���, * mx am neiieanm, lease and
option, IS per cent of value of ore shipped, Jaa 4.
Jab 11���Alberta 1/8, E Shannon to John Llnd,
Fidelity Fraction, Geo Campbell to 0 H Dow-
son, Jan 11,81,000.     ,
Snnnyslde FraeUon. V H Behne to The Paclnc
Prospecting Co, Ltd, Kov M.
Jas IS���lute L James Black to O T Stone aod
John FMcintosh, six month's option, 88 000.
Torpedo }. K Morrison to Frank Ryan, Nov u.
Jas 16���Fidelity Fraction, Goo H Dawson to
The Northwest Mining Syndicate, Ltd, Jan IS.
, Dsc 81���Selkirk, Jennie.
Dsc 81���San Antonio and Salem, 1 in each, E
T Steele to G W,0'DeU, 81/30.
Jas 3���Joker and Derby, 8 months option, G
WLabertand AG Lambert to " " *** '
Groat   Increase  la  tho   Prodoctlon
Minerals Lost Tear.
John J. Valentine, president of Wells-
I find that I am a more important person than I thought.
I make the president, and tbe governor,
and the judge on the bench, and the
street-cleaning commissioner.
If the president wishes to declare war,
or to make peace, tor to keep or not
to keep the Philippine islands, he
waits to hear what I have to say.
I af_ the president, and the governor,
and the judge on the bench, and the
street-cleaning commissioner.
j I find that when Ethan Allen captured
Fort Ticonderoga. "in the name of
Almighty Ood and the continental
congress,"and that when "Mad Anthony "stormed the breastworks at
Stony Point, and when Cornwallis
g .ve his sword to the great George,
and that when Lee surrenderedto
Grant, I was there.
I was right in it.
I did it.
I find that I commanded the ships, and
sighted the guns, and fired the
shells, and stoked the boilers, and
managed the engines at Manila, and
at Santiago the same.
It was I who charged up the hill at San
Juan and set the flag a-waving over
I am the man who sank the Merrimee
I am in_i��t_>_�������� ������ -���* *���
Commenting upon the pressing need
of a railroad into the Trout Lake district, the Topic says:
Trout Lake is to-day in substantially
the same condition In which Slocan was
before the N. A S Ry. was built. * I* *
Were h mil road in running condition
to-day in the Trout Lake district, twice
the present amount of ore from the
whole district would be shipped by tbe
Silver Cup alone.   Then there is the
Broadview with 800 tons of ore lying on
the dump, the Great Northern with 200
and the Bad Shot with 80.   The True
Fissure has an immense ore body in
sight but until a railroad is built there
is no nossihle chance of its ever being
worked.   The reason being simply that
it is too low grade to be able to stand
present transportation charges.   Thousands of dollars have been expended on
nurds and trails In the neighborhood
and every year  the maintenance of
these is becoming more burdensome
with the wss !���_____ ~������_-	
8. Fred Hume, Minister of Mines, has
introduced the following bill Into the
House, as air amendment to the placer
mining act: ���
1. That every person who is not less
than 18 years of age and is a British
subject shall he entitled to all rhe
rights and privileges of a free miner
under this act, and shall be considered
a free miner under this act,upon taking
out a free miners' certificate, as long as
such certificate remains in force.
t. No joint stuck company or corporation shall be entitled to take out a free
miners' certificate unless the same hn��
been incorporated and not simply
licensed or registered under the law's
of this Province, and unless such com-
Crny or corporation fs authorised to
ke out'a miners'license by the lieu
tenant-govenior-in-council the wonl
"peroorr in this section shall inrlude
only such companies or corporations as
8 A miners' license taken out by anv
person not authorised so to do by this
section shall be null and void.
4. This section shall not affect free
miners' certificates issued before the
coming into force of this section, and
in ease any person or corporation not
allowed under tbj* section to take our
a free miner*" n��-��i��_* k__ ���*__.��_ *<
with __��� _��_?___*  "'""' ouru��n��ome arrowed undo
of heirhSS"iSK ��Vl_J_r7W *Jrmminern UxAi^e has prior to the
ance thu? ��s^__%t__! 1? .W �� Ul; c*5__r int? ***** * lhj* ****'<���� *< -
were built ��_..F!KL,,__U _lf ��� r��i,ro��d Quiretfaiiy interest or anv claim under
iS!LrvlhJV^^ ���***��� ��* -he provisions A the placer miZgti
I Mni*h !(<____.  r___ ..-. _ -     _ a
 ���,K.v_u3ii,oi��Teii��- ronce. ��#___
Fargo A Company's Express, has issued Jam the man who sank the Merrinsae.
'������B" �� v��ssi|iwsj o ^_F����_, ���_<,���_-,���<_. j ftm jndigpenaaoie and irrepressible
the usual annual statement of the pro- Nothing caVlbTdone in these states aod
duction of precious metals in the states territories and outlying islands with-
and territories west of tht* ___��������        ���* -
and territories west of the Missouri
river, including British Columbia and
North-West Territories, for the year)
ending 1896. The aggregate valuations I
are shown as follows: I
Gold, $78,461,202; silver, $89,016,585;
copper, $46,200,547; lead, $18,841,251;
total gross, $177,022,666. The commercial value at which tbe several metals
named have been estimated is: Silver,
56 cents per ounce; copper, 12 cents per
pound and lead, $8.65 per cwt.
Classified, the production of gold dust
ana bullion in the several states and
territories, based on shipments handled
by the express company and other conveyances is shown as follows:
California, $15,402,658.
Nevada, $2,798,785.
Oregon, $2,142,869.
Washington, $820,590.
Alaska, $8,158,991.
Idaho, $2,487,000.
Utah, $2,168,280.
Montana, $4,690,680
Colorado, $28,177,262.
New Mexico, $804,866.
Arizona, $8,167,625.
Dakotas, $657,520.
Texas, $5,200.
British   Columbia and   North-West
Territories, $11,975,000.
Total, $78,461,202.
The production of silver, copper and
lead in tbe several states and territories |
during 1898  wss divided ss follows:!
California, $18,103,861; Nevada. $8,595,-
612; Oregon, $2,216,119; Washington
$457,956;   Alaska,  $8,821,491;   Idaho,
$11,648,205; Montana, $48,898,090; Utah,
$10,481,888; Colorado, $41,816,044; New
Mexico, $1,704,866; Arizona, $15,675,
820; Dakotas, $6,704,420; Texas, $281.-
100;     Wyoming,     $52,275;    British
Columbia and North-West Territories,
$17,688,200; total, $177,022,666.
The year's combined production of
the metal named is the greatest in the
history of the countries���United States
and British Columbia and North-West
Territories-thst of gold, $78,461,202,
being above any previous record oflici-
.....g v_n uc uuue in mese states am
territories and outlying islsnds with
out me.
The millionaire can* get his stuff to-
f ether in such large piles without I
elp him.
He can t build a house or run a railroad, or open a mine, or start the oil
well spouting, or make the electric
wires talk, and work wool into
clothes, or ideas into bank notes,
unless I say so.
The missionary can't go unless I send
mmmmw    1^��� _______ 	
in condition to use these trails to ad
vantage and to pay back, in taxes on
tho ore shipped, the money expended
to build them But so Ions: as tne railroad remains at the distance of 40 miles
from the mines then just so long wilt
the development of this district eoMSst
of yearly assessments conducted by the
original owners
Reeloveoltj*  lo   foetal
Superintendent Metcalf, of tbe Money
Order Bureau of the United States Post- ���
office Department has returned to)
Washington from Ottawa, < nit, where
he msde arrangements with the Canadian Government for the mutual reduction of money-order rates. "Under
uucuon or money-order rates.   "Under
ThelegWator cant legislate and the ft"���rrsngement," said Mt. Metcalfe,
magistrate cant enforce the law  "this government will issue orders pay-
without my consent. sole at anv tw��i.��* ;�� ��' ��� ���
-���    . -   ���- rm.wwmm "i �������f |PMS*C~r   lilt nt II*? SCt.
such license mav be renewed from time
to time, but such renewed Iic*����e shall
not entitle the bottler thereof tn holder
acquire any interest In any claim under
said placer mining act, except ��urh interest so acquired prior to tne coming
into force of this section.
5 No free miner after the coining into force of this section shall bold any
claim under said placer mining net, or
any Interest therein a* trustee or other
wi��e for any person who is not a British
subject or for any rnr'Miration not
authorised to take out a free miners'
certificate as above provided.
__,. .--**      vnil  ��      VJIJ
without my consent.
Not even the boss can boss things unless
I let him.
I'm wonderful.
You can't buy anything unless I sell.
You can't sell anything unless I buy.
You can't teach anything unless I learn.
You can't learn anything unless I teach.
I'm something surprising.
The Greeks and the Romans, and Nebuchadnezzar and Pharaoh and Xerxes
never saw anything like me.
I'm English, Irish, French, Spanish, and
Portuguese: German. Dutch, Russian, Polis and Scandinavian; Italian. Greek   and  Turk; Chinese,
Japanese and Hawaiian; Australian
and Canuck:  Afro-American and
just plain nigger; cowboy, Indian
and Mexicano and a lot more.
I'm simple and I'm complex.
I may not always be right, but Ialwavs
come out right in the end r and I'm
pretty certain to iret what I want.
I always want something, and generally know exactly what it is.
You never heard of me ?
Well, you have.
And you'll hear more of roe for a long
time to come, for I am here to stay.
I'm a horny-handed,kid-glove-'.knlcker-
bockered, silk-stockinged, swarthy
cheeked. eve-o*u____ ��**	
���ht_ -7 _ ������������� -mi limit* oroers nav-
?ate L S���Ei?V" C,,,,,ld,l 3 the sKne
���_It   "att,r��d for any order pavab ��
__st^-_8__2r _KW:.fta_ ft_**s?s��-:,
This makes the domestic rates of each
apply reciprocally for these International orders.   This arrangement contein
Elates the transaction of money order
usineas between Canada and all our
territorial acquisitions on the same domestic basis as is to apply to the United
States proper.   The arrangement also
provides reciprocally for raising the
maximum amount of orders from $50 to
$500.   The latter will take effect very
shortly.   Other  matters  will   require
some correspondence before going into
operation, which wi'l probably be by
Uo��on.moolr   Klen   Ore.
The Rat Portage Miner of Dec 80
states that the screws have been put on
the employes of the Mikado mine and
any one who is known to blab is to he
discharged   without ceremony.    It is
stated,   however,  by very competent
authority,  that,  notwithstanding the
ban of silence and secrecy imposed by
the management of the Mikado, $800).
000 worth of ore has now been taken
out of the rich chute, which Is carefully
broken and sacked, and Is being as
carefully  milled   h��  k_i~    ���
An important transfer of mining sto. k
was lately made by the Camp Hewett
Mining A Proopecting Co. to the Can
atlian-American Gold Mining Co. The*
eornpanies are operating in tlie vicinity
of the Okanogan  lake.    The   Camp
RoomSm ���"M*��n  ����������     ine   lamp
Th�� ftl__ ' * ?"��� tmm th* *** ����wre.
��� ne t *na<!tan-American company   haa
fnrehsmd $10,000 word, of^Sck In Vhrt
^__?iIMAl_!t*n,,l^   Atorisof
ciw strewn, r\_fVT' ����roPri��b>r of the
of^^i��ro|h���ol���^V���rno,,��� ���* President
u v   ^S?1* He**���� comjiany, and was
of frriSr ^Z!-*** ItoTterm*
imjSmVmVmAV'S *ml 8*!*��� oul��"��l
_ mr as
      ....-.->coning, ennreb going, oireetly Into the battery, so that no loss
whiskey-drinking, law-abiding, * is liable to occur. The minors are also
negro ��� lynching, philanthropic, (stripped and carefully searched so that
tnoney-grabhingf sentimental, hard ! none pf tbe rich ore is stolen.
*���Rantifatonrs <4 ag���
8yphon^ Ginger A^
owMparilla, Etc, Etc
���gsurxgoTft, MCf
_rri,_fatrontze horae indumry
when you want the best The Paystreak.
,!"*���   *>
T      Z
Barnato's Wealth Diatributed.
Oire hundred and twenty-five
tlKiusarirl dollars whs recently distributed among a hundred various
charitalile institutions in London and
vicinity in aeeor'dance witlr the be-
q treats of tire late W��M��lte Joel, nephew
and heir of Barney tomato, and who
was murdered in Johannesburg,
'<*ottth Africa, a year ago.
The sums were distributed by the
firm of Barnato Brother's, who, in
order that the Itencficiarres might
receive the bequests in full, them
selves paid to the government the 10
|ier cent legacy duty.
The bequests ranged from $10,000
roe_S0. The institution*) receiving
aid include homes lor the afflicted,
poor and friendless, wlrhout discrimination as to nationality or re*
linious be I it ft.
The Difference and Wh
East Kootenav Miner: Tfle New
York Sun calmly assumes that everything it knows is important, and that
everything it dues not know is un
hir|*��rtaiit. (ts statement that Canadians know more about the United
States than Americans do about Can
ada is quite accurate' it baled true,
but the Sun does n����t say so, that the
[Canadian'8 knowledge of the world,
outside of the United Stat**, is greatly in excess of the American's know
liilge of anything except Iris own
jutivale business and the oftlee grab
liing |K>lk'ies of the petty factions
which are competing for the right to
ob the American people in Uie name
of Democracy or Republicanism. If
medians know more about the
[United States than American* know
��bout Canada It Is due to the superior
lteiligeiHseoftbe CauadUu  people.
Kipling to Pightinfl Bob.
Kipling sent Cent. Robley I).
Mvarrs ut the Iowa a set of his works,
mil with them these verses:
ogbaum draws with a pencil,
aid 1 do thing with a pen,
hit you sit up iir a conning tower,
ling eight hundred men.
loghnum takes care of his business,
Lin! I take care of mine;
Jut you take -care of tun thousand
Iky hotting through the brine.
Xogltaiun can handle his shadows,
uid I can handle my style.
But vou can handle'a ten inch gun
"* <carry seven mile.
To him that hath shall lie given,
aid that's why these Imoks are sent
To the  man ' who  has lived more
'han Zogbnnni or I could invent.
It Would Seem So.
''There is something burglarious
ibout four aces," said the man who
onetimes plays poker.
"They are almost line robbery,"
urid the mail who sometimes tries to
"Yes; arnl they are sale o|**iicrs."
In Bad Company.
Scene i A railway carriage.
First Artist: Children don't seem
[to me to sell as they used to.
Second Artist (in a hoarse whimper)
Veil, I was at Stodges yesterday;
(he hat I just knocked off three little
girls beads,   horrid,    raw things,
when a dealer came in, sir; bought
'em directly, took 'em away, wet as
they wire, /on the stretcher i anfd
wanted Stodge to let him have some
more next week.
Old lady (patting her head out of
the window and shrieking)���Guard,
stop the train and let me get out, or
W be murdered! -Tit-Bits.
In Boston.
The cyclist was a stranger. That
was evident from the cautious manner in which he picked his way
through the half empty thorough
fare. It was evening. A young man
approached him.
-Sir," said he, "your beacon   has
ceased its functions."
"Sir T gasped the cvclist.
"Your illuminator, I sav, is
shrouded in unmitigated  oblivion."
"Really, but I don't quite"	
"The effulgence ot your irradiator
has evanesced."
"My dear fellow! I"	
"The transversal ether oscillations
in your incandeirser have been dis
Just then an unsophisticated little
paper boy shouted across the street:
"Hey, mister: ver lamp's out."
The Congregation Smiled.
Two clergymen had agreed to exchange pulpits on a certain date.
One of them made the following solemn announcement to his congregation tm the Sabbath previous to the
event:"My dear brcthern arid sisters,
I have the pleasure of stating that on
next Sunday morning the Rev.
Zacariah it. Day will preach for yoa.
Let us now sing two verses A hymn
No. 4*Cr, "That awful day will surely
-���.'f     , I
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Notary Public.
B. C.
Miners and Prospectors.
If you want to save your
money leave yoor  order
The rivalry of Northern Ontario
ports to be selected ss the Ceorgran
Bay terminus of the new grain route
from the Northwest is becoming interesting. The Board of Trade of
Owen Sound has (lassed a King resolution advocating the claims of that
harbor. The it-solution suites that
"The Town of Owen Sound has
spent by burr us and otherwise on its
harbor and its elevators the sum of
$132,185, irr addition to which the
further sum of tHMUO has heen
given by way of bonuses to the Canadian PacinV Railway and the <i rand
Trunk Railway to enable the said
corporations to reach the safe water's
of our harbor and make it the emporium of their grain trade." Evidently Owen Sound wants the trade
and is willing to pay for it.
Sleighs, Cutters, Teams and
Saddle Horses for Hire.
Mrs. Clara Johnston.
Plain and Fancy Sewing of all Kinds.
Tailor-Made Suits to Order.
Cody Ave.   *���   -   SANDON-
*��� _ - _ _ S - _-_-- _ i
The search fW Andree is proving
as Ill-fated as his attempt to reach
the pole appears to have been.
News has been received that Herr
Standing and a party of the Sweed ish
Geographical society, who were
searching for Andree in Northern
Silieria. hsve been drowned in Lena
Delta, 2.OJ0 miles north of Irkutsk.
This will probably bat add ardor to
the organization ol the Danish expedition which will start during the
coming summer in search of traces of
Prof. Andree in Eastern Greenland.
There Is still living In England a
woman who danced at the famous
Richmond ball given in Brassies on
the eve of Waterloo. She is Lady
Carew, and has just entered her 101st
year. At the time of tho ball she
was the '-pretty" Miss Cliffe ami was
dressed in pale pink.
Plain sewinG
--��r   ��*ssstsi��'��>*��., w
Atlantic Steamship  Tickets.
to and from European points via Canadian and American lines. Apply
for sailing dates, rates, tickets and
full information to any C. P. Ry
agent or
C. P. R. Agent, Sandon.
WM. STITT, Gen. S. S. Agt.,
You cannot find
any better goods
than toe can show
you. Remember
this when you
want a good suit
of clothes.
B. 0,
Will Im> mt the Hotel Balmoral
oner h month.
J. R. & D. Cameron.
Canadian Pacific Ry.
Soo-Pacific Line.
Tho foot and Superior Service Root*
To Eastern &
European Points,
To Pacific Coast, Alaska,
China, Japan and Australian
Baggage Cheeked to Destination
and Through Tickets Issued.
Tourist Cars
Pass Revelstoke:
Daily to St. Paul.
Monday for Toronto.
Thursday for Montreal and Boston.
Daily to Points reached via Nakusp.
Daily excepting Sunday to Points, reach
ed via Rosebery and Slocan City.
Daily Train.
9:00 k     Ive. SANDON ar.     16:55 k
(I'ntil Further Not loo*)
Ascertain RATKS aiut full information b-
adtiressiiiK nearest local agent, or
Agent, Sandon.
Dist. Pom. A*t., Trav. Pass. A*t
Vancouver, Nelson.
Be sure   that vour  ticket  reads via tho
The Paystreak.
Tha Ibex Case.
The fall court at Victoria has al
lowed the appeal in re. the Ibex Mining company rand as a result Messrs.
Tretheway. King and O'Brien will
be struck off the list of contributors.
The Ibex mineral claim is situated
near Whitewater, and Messrs. Tretheway, King and O'Brien were pro*
���moters in the company.
Mat) be Disallowed.
Ottawa, Jan. 18. The anti-alien
mining bill is attracting great attention here and may be disallowed
by the federal government.
Ogiloie'a Recommendation.
A Dawson man now in Ottawa
says Ogilvie has sent a recommendation to Ottawa to reduce the royalty
to i per cent on the net output of the
Klondike placers.
An Increase Both Waqe.
' Ottawa, Jan. 17.���The mining fees
last year were $400,000 as against
13,000 for the year previous. The
large increase is the result of tbe
mining boom in the Yukon. Tbe
mounted police last year cost $864, -
415. the highest in ten years.
Yukon Precaution*
Tbe Commissioner of the Yukon
territory has issued orders that no
person will be permitted to enter the
territory without satisfying the
North West Mounted Police officer at
Taglsh or White Horse Rapids that
he, or she, has two months' assorted
provisions and at least $503 in cash,
or six months' assorted provisions and
not less thsn $200 cash, over aod
above the money required to pay expenses from the'border to Dawson.
This rule will not apply to residents of the Yukon territory returning, if they are identified and prove
their competence to pay tbeir way
into the country.
A Big Scheme.
New York, January 18.���It is stat
ed here to-day that all tbe important
companies iu the world which sre
engaged in the production of borax
and boracic acki bave Joined in a
trust. The combination includes
the owners of the msin depos ts of
borax throughout the United States.
England, France and South America.
tt will control the world's supply of
the product. It Is expected that an
announcement will soon be msde In
London of tne details of the new company, which will be known as the
Borax Consolidated, Limited. The
leading constituent companies are
tbe Pacific Borax and Redwood
Chemical company, tbe Borax company of England and Soctete Lvonn-
alse ot France, and tbe various Sooth
American companies, which are
chiefly engaged in supplying raw
material to European refiners. The
capital Mock will amount to $7,000,-
000. and there will be an issue of
$^000,000 of bonds.
A Toronto paper observes that
though confidence in Kootenay mines
has been a plant of slow growth In
London, It has proved a hardy one.
Two big end promising companies
were floated there last year, and
Kootenay shares have been rising in
London.    It Is expected that the
year 1899 will be a bright one in the
history of gold and silver mining in
Southern British Columbia.
D. R. Young, whose fame as a poet
extends wherever the English language is spoken, has removed his interesting publication, the Mining
Standard, to Rowland. Nelson can
ill afford to lose a poet at this time,
especially one of Mr. Young's transcendent talent���Economist,
Capitalists ot Montreal, Boston and
Paris propose to Invest $1,000,000 in
the manufacture of calcium carbide
on a large scale. The factory would
be at Shawinigan Falls, near Three
Rivers, Que., and the waterpower if
the falls would be utilised.
The total gold production of tbe
Transvaal for the year 1898 was
$78,220,950. The December production was tlie largest monthly oat-
pot yet msde.
The Rossland defeated tire Vie*
torlas last Monday evening in Rossland after a hard fought battle with
the puck by a score of 2 to 1.
Tbe Brokers' Protective Association
ot Spokane has been disbanded..
A post office is to be opened in the
Atlin district.
In Spokene.
"Oh, Lucy, since I saw you
week I've been married !"
"That's nothing.    During   that
time I've been divorced again."
Trmmm b Ayaymm f�� JOS*
Tttr Eyti. iM ym
sh���Mtake Mifrtm
Isrtfclng puts Orow'e Foot
qolokly than my strafe
It makes ynkMk ��M
Hawea pair mi pirspsrty
fitted Eyo ai������km
A Deluge.   A Great Inpouring
TWO THOUSAND CASKS (a train load) of ntos.  clseo.  fresh
packed groceries received daring the past two weeks; besides, several
carloads of fine fresh vegetables, representing not only a cataract but
perfect avalanche British (Gambia.
of goods from all   0k^3& jnTnJTi m\\ W�� ���**������*-a-11-*
parts of the world   ^^f^^^^lffn nk* "���* ***-*-*���
pouring down upon   ffSyljjSy      fiffSltit *�� **' lnd dr *k
the good people of frffiyW^titofnll&SSm thl>( U  *��*14   "
__F _v_2^___s   m_PU # mr jc0tfmr\*f T ^____T_B     _B
And  whv not ? flF/^2 Iwf IpgrYiflH    W ******** teM *
when we hsvt* the 9itfK^j\ijQv'lyK deseriV inrm -������
best   Mines,    tht* f3Rfl^^^^^fiW| ��� ** w* ittvH*  T<MI
best Miners and the  'fyf I T^W/'/���^|W �������� *^�� ����fue and srs
best People in all                        l-Mr   r*mf* the new goods, to
inspect our warehouses and cellars.   Bring your   "siters. cousins end
sunt*."   All will be welcome.
H. Giegerich, Sandon, B. C
Seasonable   Goods.
We are now showing a line of HOCKEY SKATES
the strongest and best.
SPRING SKATES, various styles and patterns.
SLEIGH BELLS, nickel and gilt bells on straps
Also the celebrated JONES ALL STEEL SNOW
A   full line of LAMPS and  LANTERNS in stock.
H. BYERS & Co.
m        *����
Jeweller end Optician.
I have Jnst received another
lot of
Which I ran confidently
recommend to Intending purchasers.
Geo* B. Knotoles,
Pioneer Jeweler of the Slocan.
Two Doors Rtlow   VIRGINIA   Mock
RECO AVE.   -   -   .   SANDON
r   ���
��� ***������  *' '    ___���-.
Hss.lqiurtsr. for Mi osr. ~~
W.H stock*! Dsr Is ttnotciltn
Firsttloss���cfeo��mottoMo��s.   Ikmrxt by tot
day or wttlt.


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