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The Paystreak Jul 9, 1898

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The Last Meetin-g off the Campaign
Held In Kaalo.
John L. KeUllsck and U.O, Ba
i-hsnan arrived on the C. I*. R. yes*
tcrday afternoon from Sloc-tn ami
KsMtanaf lake points, where they
have been holding very Hum*a*ful
meetings In Ainsworth, Pilot Bay
;ind Slocan City. There Is no doubt
:is to the feeling In tlte-*** places and
the result oT the polling will show a
heavy majority for the government
i-sndidate. Mr. Retallack and Mr.
liuchanan lea by special train for
Kaslo where the last meeting of the
i-anipaign was held Ut the Kaslo
Vudiu-rium last night.
Mr. Retallack took this, tin- last.
�� oportunity to meet Mr. Green and
hit supporters st their own meeting.
Parting Shota.
Tlii* Great) Hi-Ills will he lar away
this eveiling.
'.amblers sJhjuM bet on red and
black today,   Grecu  is a ��tir.* loser.
Although It has rain*-��l latdv,
<v��*rything is not fresh and Green
a round Seudbn.
The agonv will be over this evening and there will lie a hot time,
even in Rosrla-ry.
The coaana ends this day, and not
a man tots hern killed. Although
���-oiiie sre weak in the arm**.
Voce for Retallack and get a man
who has force and otsiragt* enough
to mi* that the Slocan guts iu just
Trsil had a log rolling contest on
U-tuinion Day.   That mav be runic
thing rare In Trail,  bat In the.Slo
can they are as common as dunning
letters ut a scab printing office.
(it-ran has the sympathy of many
trienda Id the sad disaster that will
overtake him today. Bub is a nice
lellow and should have know better
than ran fnr the legislature.
Iftha original Ananias could aame
up from hell, and listen to come ot
tlte statements made by the champl
o is of Bob Green dnrihg the present
campaign, be would he sstonishetl at
tin* advancement made by itiodcrn
truth twisters since he carried tin
Ml around Jerusalem.
Tot? campaign has boas n short
one. This is a blessing. Cliffe and
Carney will now have to bottle up
t iclr eloquence a ltd |icddle it in a
market where the population is
principally deal.
Ratallacks majority in Kaslo will
be 50, while New Denver will give
him 48, Sandon about :*), and the
<��therpolling places similar majorities
"ccorrJlng to the number of voters.
The men who pound the rock
���round this camp cannot in justice
to thenualves vt*e lor Green, a man
who does not know any better than
to allow scab newspapers to boost his
"-nee In a mining locality.
The Queen Bess Road.
A wagon road from Sandon to the Council met on Monday evening,
Uueeiii Bess mine is being surveyed. July 4th, with Mayor Atherton In
It will cost when finished #8,00), the chair, present, 'Switzer, Craw-
Miid wiii bt* of immense advantage toi ftsd, Mighton, Hunter,
the btisiitess men of this city; The I Minutes of the last mertinir warc*
government  is  paying half of the rcixl anTaXS^ ^
cost, ami the balance will be put up aooptea.
by the mines interested. John L. Communications were read from:
Retallack deserves credit for his Win. S. Stubhs, asking for position
efforts in behalf ol this important on tbe police force as night watch-
thoroughfare, man.
Local Council  of Women asking
i for s subscription to Victorian Order
of Nurses.
The shipments of ore from Sandon
from August 1, 1897, to July 7th
1898, inclusive, were as follows:
3,7074 tons.
Refund Authorised.
A telegram was received from J.
H. Turner vesterday  afternoon by
the civic authorities stating titat an i
order in council authorized the re
fundoftlT'tt ut the Corporation of
the City of Sand hi,   on account ol
monies collected tor licences in Sandon previous to date of incorporation
but such licences being in force after
Bank of B. C. regarding interest
on loan. Referred to finance committee.
A Distinguished Visitor.
A warrant for $15 was drawn in
favor of G. A. Hunter, Nelson, in
payment of Treasurer's bond was
The bonds of the treasurer and
collector were received and fyled.
Tlte services of Nightwatchman
> Waite were retained until July 31st.
S. Ckita, private w-ovtary to His The assessment rolls were received
Im|-ei-iul Japanese Majesty a Consul, from the assessor, and Mayor and
Vancouver, is touring Kootenay , Aid. Crawford, Hunter, Switzer and
and |*aid Sand-m a visit in the early Mighton appointed to constitute a
part of the week. Ckita. who is a court of revision,
very bright official, appears to have ��� . ^ohone * <Mtl<llvd bi.lCl!<i in
a ready grasp of the situation and     A wephone was^tieieo piacea in
speaks hopefully of the pn-*aibUities* "* ��*��L
of trade between Canada ��mi Japan. ' On motion, it was decided to hold
allhtmgh, he says, it is not the policy council meetings on first and third
of his government to favor emigre- Monday in each month hereafter.
tion.   He had considerable to say of	
the good feeling  in  Japan toward i              SLOCAN MINES.
Ureal Britain. 	
Slocan Star,
Idaho Mines,
Noble Five,
American Boy,
Slocan Boy,
Freddie Lee.
Mt. Adams,
Last Chance,
Cananian Group,
Trade Dollar,
Fountain Fraction,
Ajax Fraction
Wonderful Bird
Lash Hamilton Concert Co.
The  Payne  has 75 men   under
Arrangme-etiU have   been made Ij3*J2i8Iawd^L?lfo^Jh!;^l:
alih the Ush-llamilton Concert Co, ^^'^L.^".1*'  "LX"**!
To  livers of Creek.   These claims couatitute-a
7   5,668
: 10.7701
:     1864
:     1128|
:        29
: 42
:        58
: 16
: 15
:     1384
: 35
: 20
: 15
:       204
: 5
: 10}
: 6|
24,387) tons
Total,        :       :
Shipments over the K. & S. for the
week ending July 7th : Ruth 100,
Payne 150.
Over the C. P. H. for the week
ending July 7th: Slocan Star 1*0.
Total 320 tons.
to npi-ear in Sandon
really lirst-class  music,   this enter
tainment wjll prove most thoroughly
aci-��-iitable.    Miss Carrie   Lash is a
vocalist'/the first order,  and   Miss
Isniise Winlow as a cello soloist is
valuable property on which considerable work has been done.
Jimmy Dimmick was in town on
Monday from the tardeau country.
He exhibited some very pretty samp-
destined lor a place in the first rank j lesfrom a claim which he snd Fred
am >ng musical geniuses, ss even i Bailey recently staked near dm
now, at the age of seventeen years piiax.
sh.'hastlH*>mwerorholdlnganaudi! T #^ p^, wl)(J ,|M hcon in
ence spellbound. Miss Hamilton s L^ 0< Orawofrd & McMillan's
elocutinnarv^ powers, especially ������! gtow recently, and Fred Sauter. ol
porrtrayor of the humorous side of Nelson, nave purehased an interest
life, aiv without equal tn Canada.      ! |n ^  Amazon  and  Smoky  Falls
K. of P. Installation of officers.
The beautiful and impressive in-
sullation service** of the Knights ot
Pythias was held in Spencer's hall
on Wednesday evening. The lollow-
ing officer* were installed :
C, C.      Charles Culver
B. C.       Frank C. Sewell
P. Anthonv Shlllard
M W.    Lurry Doolan
K. R. P. Ernest Knnerson
M. f.      John 1). Mcltaghlan
M. N.      W. I Williams
MA.     ti. M. Spencer
I. (J.      Ola f Ring wood.
O. G.      Carl Weston.
Installing officer, W. 1. Williams.
Quite a large number of people
were present by invitation to witness
the installation.   The Sandon lodge,
K.ofP. has now a membership oi
nearly fifty.
claims on Wilson creek. Two men
are doing development work on the
The Sapphire will ship a car of ore
next week. The ore is being packed
to the Payne siding on the K. & S.
Four men are working on the property. Returns will run over 200
Dr. Hendayx and F. A Wood, of
tbe Last Chance, arrived from the
south over tbe K. & 8. yesterday. It
is expected that more extensive operations will soon be under way at the
mine. There is some talk of a
wagon road.
Carney has been roasted to a rich
and golden brown in Kaslo, and
Green must be proud of his association with a man who is so thoroughly
detested by the community in which
he breathes his daily breath.
Harry Clancy has opened a barber shop in Whitewater.
Neil Mclnnes is building an hotel
tor Billy Walmsley in Brooklyn.
Don C. Kurtz, formerly with the
Galena Trading Company, ..Pilot
Bay, is now a clerk in the government office at Kasio.
J. A. Griffith haa gone on a holiday trip to Spokane and other points,
intending to be away a month.
It is rumored that Fish Lake is
going for Green.
The Mining Review came out yesterday printed on yellow paper.
Must be making a pay fbr the Irish
Several protests against asswwment
were brought before tbe Court of Re*
vision on Wednesday Mid Thursday.
With two exceptions the sssessment
as made by the assessor were sustained by the Court.
 . 1���
New York, July 6.���News reached
here today that the French Transatlantic company weamer La Bour-
gogne, which left New York on Saturday last for Havre, has been sunk
afler a collision with the British
ship Cromartyshire In a dense tea;,
60 miles off the south coast of 8abie
Island. The collision occurred at 5
o'clock in tbe morning ot July 4th.
Only 200 persons were saved out ot
d00 souls aboard the Bourgogne.
*'I say waiter, this salmon cutlet
isn't half so good as the one I had
here last week."
"Can'tsec why, sir; its off the
same fish."
���' is
Mi? si
*: '*!
��� ^!
f THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B.C., jyLY 9   1898.
Australian Federation.
The time has not yet come for Australia to take its place in the Empire
as a dominion, notwithstanding the
fact that Tasmania and South Australia favor it, while in Victoria the
Federationists are as five  to one.
The stone on which all federal projects come to grief is New South
Wales, the largest and most important of the Australian states.   Federation without New South Wales is
out of the question, snd the big colony will not have it   The enabling
act there has been amended by an
act which provides thst only with a
majority  vote of at   least eighty
thousand can the   colony join the
federal union. The voting has shown
that out of a total electorate of 293,-
0C0, onlv some 68,000 favor federation, while those who took the trouble
to vote against it numbered 53,000.
The federation movement has thus
been badly defeated,  and prospects
for the new constitution are small for
the present.   The foregoing figures
show,  of course,  that   the   great
majority of the electors did not vote
st all, whether from indifference or
Northern Pacific Buqs the S/. & N.
There is every reason to believe
the story that the Northern Pacific
Railwav Company has purchased
the Corbin railway systems which
tap this district from Spokane. It
was generally understood that the
Canadian Pacific Railway Company
was dickering for the purchase of the
Corbin roads, and that it was this
business that took Corbin east. If
the Northern Pacific Company has
secured the roads it will be because
the company offered a larger price
than the Canadian Pacific.
forty members of parliament; as
manv dukes and earls, four archbishops, nearly all the bishops, Cardinal Vaughan, leaders of all the
Nonconformist bodies, heads of
nearly all the colleges and great
public schools, the mayors of fifty
cities, and the principal literary men,
painters, journalists, barristers and
judges in the United Kingdom. The
league makes a close approach to
the throne, through the Duke of
Fyfe and the Marquis of Lome.
The general belligerency of the
American Republic has Infected the
oil. It explodes on the smallest provocation. It kills forty every year
in London, Eng., snd the House of
Commons has been moved to interfere. In spite of the opposition of tbe
Standard Oil Trust, the flssh point of
the oil has been raised from 73 to 100
by a committee of the house, and a
bill will make the provision law this
session. It remains to be seen
whether the gigantic Influence of the
trust can treat British law as It has
the law of the United States.
Northport Smelter.
It is confidently believed that it
will be but a short time before the
Le Roi smelter will once more resume
work. At the present time, however, everything is shut down and
the consequeiice* of the same have
been keenly felt by the merchants
and others who are benefitted by the
Ctyroll. In the meantime the plant
as been thoroughly overhauled and
the machinery put in first elass condition for an early resumption.
In spite of the vsst resources of
Canada in water powers, scattered
from the Atlantic to the Pacific, tbe
chief development in electricity of
late has been in the railroad work,
and not in the generation and transmission ot energy from the water
power centers. So the president of
the Canadian Electrical Association
has announced, deploring the fact
that at Niagara especially, no development has been at all possible on
the Canadian side, for an United
States company has secured tbe
franchise there, and evades the contract to develop until its work on the
United States side of tbe Falls may
begin to repay the investment. The
activity around the Niagara Power
Co's plant in New York and tbe
empty fields on the Canadian side,
where the power house site is marked with a post bole, form a contrast
sufficient to make a patriot curse his
country's rulers.
The Anglo-American idea is indeed
a compelling one. In London tbe
Great, the Anglo-American Committee numbers among its members,
Emperor William of Germany,
under the pretence of paying a visit
to Palestine, is going to take a look
at the eastern problem from a front
sest. The Empress and a party of
ninety accompany him. They will
be escorted through Palestine by
Turkish troops, and aril) return ti
Constantinople under tbe protection
ef nine Turkish warships. It prom
ises to be a very circus afternoon for
his spectacular'majeaty.
Five hundred Indians, camped at
Fort St. John, refuse to let police and
gold hunters go further north without signing a treaty. They complain
that miners have>tolen their horses,
and that an influx of whites will
drive away the fur animals. The
poor Indian, it seems, is not to be
left undisturbed, even in tbe snowy
regions of Fort St. John.
Tba gold output of the Klondike
for the season is estimated at traV
000,000, which is divided among the
following creeks and tributaries:
Bonanza 17,000^000, Eldorado 110,*
000,000, Hunker *2,000,000, Domin*
ion t250.000, Sulpher 1150,000. The
estimate is said to nave a solid basis
in facts, and not to be rose colored.
Reports from Rossland are to the
effect that a very large amount of
money has changed hands In that
camp during the past tew weeka
This is an exceedingly favorable indication, pointing towards tbe tact
that recent dividends and favorable
developments in prominent properties
are beginning to tell.
"Is your picture in the academy a
"That's wbat I'm wondering.
Some one said it was worth the price
of admission."
Grade���Papa, a monologue is
when people talk to themselve ?
Papa���Yes, or, sometimes, when
they talk to their husbands.
She���I am quite sure you had too
much champagne when you called
on me yesterday afternoon.
He-Yes ? 1 thought I'd just look
around to-day to see if I was engaged to you.
You will slwsys And the Trail
Blazer Cigar In stock at The Denver.
New Denver
A Summer Resort
Has few equals in the world. It is
the nearest approach to Paradise of
any town in Kootenay.
eaclteaseat ef
fast ttsssfte-Cte
weary with the
Raking la gee-d, aad
at rieted ta six days �� weak.
The halt seta to tm*tm Is Man
and Is dsWchtHss whan
battle la aay at thai
���nt at a
Lucerne of America.
Take it in next Sunday.
Is feeling the benefit ol the tot'
proveiTicnt fart trade.  Orders are
becoming more liberal and less
seldom, payments mj*z mote
prompt and kaa excruciating;
a general improvement in bus!**
ness is the result of the revival.
Hsve not *4i*ocx* oae ceat.   Nov ts the
time to auks the Mttsssry earctiascs.
Wecso tare oat anfthlag yoa happen
to require with asstacss aad dt*p*\i&
Aa order
Will verify ths Ststcmcat.
The ttt-rndsrd ef oar work Is
IN AMERICA. mW***9M****m
(lutrroppltsK   St*  ���ltle*   Ira    ���    Mining
a T. Wood In Toronto Otol>*.
From Whitewater the narrow -gauge
������limbs over the divide, where tlte dense
cedars ousting the mountains sre still
deep in snow, and clambers cautiously
. tim-n the gulch to Sandon, a city wedged
u t<> Ui** bottom of a funnel formed by
surrounding mountain peaks. These
|f.*uk* are from 9.000 to 7.000 feet high,
bll eondortable aad in cedar end with a
marked regularity in the conical outlines.
Tlwvigh nature has been generous in Uie
.tiii..t-Toti of mineral wealth she hss dealt
unkindly bv Kandon in tlte mailer ol a
tuwt-situ. Tlte city has no choice but to
follow the tortuous gulch already preempted by Ute waters of Car-a'titer
creek. The mountains rise almost pss>
l**n<li :ulsrly, and crowd in on the crook-
nl street thst constitutes Ute city,forcing
the opposite sides to**eUter till Ute pro-
ieetiag sign-iwerd* interfere. What
would happen if two wagons should meet
tit Sendee is a problem which hss, no
doubt, c*ngsged the attention ot many
rutkxrtivs minds. To find a niche for a
shsck in tbe resrof eitW side would
i, ,:< tui'Ttte s climb of about 300 feet,
..��� <t s J-.i'e of uneasitieH* k**t the first
snow or land slide should curry th**
shack throurfh Uie root oi A rv��id<*iice on
���!><�� lower level. Tb��*se |s>*r-��-mii<-ul*r
ttiiiiurtts hsve many diaawlvaMa*--.**. It
would he most emharra*��**itia* to haw
���soniUxly's summer residence with
In., it, arbor tutsl wtdl ot ***.**.,t, purs water
ilm|ipint| UtrtMlgb Ute r��*,��t without pfw-
ntonttory warning. Ithtt-kwtoi-e ��ays
that a land title convey* s pyramid ol
*j��*ce with its apex at the centre of tin*
earth, lull if be had lived in Sandon bv
would have found it convenient to draw
his lines with a uu< ntto ih�� tnotiiiuin
swlv. i .a h spi in** freshet, w hich, hy the-
way. <��-cur�� late is Jum*. w<4*h���� out Ute
sand and Uiruws al*irti tin* trees, stump*
and hrattchee that have slipped into the
yuich with Uteearliir thaw*, awl many
s i.u-kvrr* are l0s*st***l }**aorful, confident
and apimrently ha)*py, on the bars snd
ttti.gltfl heaps of drill w-ood left by Ute
list Hot-I Hut thf*��? are Sandon'��
l-vtiliiiiiiit-s, and tend to give sn unfair
im-uvMion of a city which has defied the
crowding mountains and noisy Hoods.
The crooked street along the gulch ha*
about 2.000 imputation, snd they hsve
lust been assessed for taxes on (^>,000
worih of property. Where Slocan Star
titilch rises from the main gulch there
is a parUy level spot on win* b stands a
lirst-i'la**' hotel, aud there is plenty of
a<> iiuiUHslstUm for transients. The ctty
ha* determined to build s second street,
and to that end bas walled Carpenter
creek into a square wooden flume, con-
toting it to a width of about 20 feet
through the businesspart of the atten-
uated municipality. The Hume is cross-
ed by timbers, which will Ire planked to
form Ute roadbed of Second avenue.
Some dsy Sandon may have a Third
avenue, lor a few yellow cedar houses
looking like pigWn-drops awav up on
the mountain side show it to lie by no
m-ans impossible. Tlte city hss s good
electric light service, once interrupted
temporarily by a land slide, and a waterworks system, with pipes snd hydrant*
���-upable of throwing; five streams over its
tallest building. The work now in pro-
Itress converting Carpenter cteek into a
street will cost 116,000, but Uie tax payers
do not murmur. The greater pari of the
city is owned bv Mr. J. M. Harris, president snd manager of Ute Reco Mining
Co., and hie policy is to rent, snd not
<H*ll, he hss evidently an unshaken faith
in the city's future. It may not be out
of place to remark that every city in
Jtntiah Columbia bas a future of some
kind Among the novel enterprises with
which be is connected is the supplying
of steam for heating purposes, but tbe
���tipply is restricted to the leading buildings owned by himself, including the
Hoco Hotel. The system adopted is to in-
elude the hesUng service in the pro|��erty
leased. The electric light Is run by
water-pover. and the stream down the
gulch will be used next year to perfect
Ue snwersge ssystem.   Sandon   hss a
penrtiu* variety performance of *he
ityle familiar in mining camps, and
leveral gambling establishments open to
the public. These, according to tbe local
school of economic philosophy, are
, good for the city, as they keep money
in circulation." This theory, every where
encountered in the west, has no discoverable connection with the "balance of
tt*sde" ides, and seems to be of local
origin. No doubt it is founded on a
modified form of the French monarchical theory, snd the man who holds that
an institution is "good for Uie city"
adds, unconsciously, "The city, that is
1. Sandon has no Chinamen, and the
few who hsve camped there have found
it advisable to act on s plain notice to
quit. In thst there is consistency, for
if the gambler, who does litUe and gets
much, should lie encouraged, the China*
man, who does much and gets little,
should I*.* excluded from the camp. In
most abnormal theories there is a substratum of truth, and no doubt Ute
Rambler, by keeping the miner poor,
olds him in the camp snd provides s
steady trade for all lines depending on
his custom.
In the group of mines around Sandon
Uie Payne is Uie chief shipper, and
though its owners are reticent as to results, there are got*! grounds for U e
claim that it has yielded profits greater
than Uie Le Hot. There is a crusher st
the mine, and tlte ore is brought down
thst mountain by a three-rail gravity |
tramway ti.uuo f��-et long, with a vertical
drop of 2,500 feet. A car witb Ave tons
of ore makes the trip, or rather Uie
drop, in eight minutes. The track is
built on trestles for much of the way,
but there are several snow sited.*.
Uirongh which a visitor ascending in
an empty car mu*U keep in hi* head, as
there is a danger of be-in,* it. The Slocan
Mar mine, up the gulch within sight of
the city, has a concentrator running
perpetually, with a capacity of 20*) tons
a day. It hai* four sets of grinding
rollers and an intricate succession of
sluices, grates, screens and elevstors,
all black and greasy witb lead. The
concentrator is a big aggregation of
machinery snd is run by water piped
from tbe mountain almost overhead.
Up lolast January this mine had paid in
dividends Stoo.oiw. The Reeo mine is
shout two miles from Sandon. but the
trail leading to it is more than four
mile* long*, or would Im* so if -straightened out. It has tteveial tunnels, some
extending 000 feet along the lead of ore.
It began shipping in lH!��t and ha*
���.melted l.two ton* of ore. paying divid-
eiidssgjprrt*gatingSi��7,2<irO. This mine
has been rewinding its ore over
the snow, but pniposes building
an aerial tram lo the Sandon station
during the summer. The Idaho will
soon start Up it* concentrator again.
It* record In dividend -paying has reach
oil tt-W.-JiXi. There are sex oral other
big mim*s in the immediate vicinity of
the citv, einploving from 80 to 186 men,
and about n score of prospects being
developed with from 10 to 15 hands.
Here as elsewhere are found the tips
ami downs of mining and the endless
story of too much capital on neper and
not'enough i�� cash. Sandon has a
working hrewerv, and away down the
irtilch, where the straggling shacks
���row smaller and finally disappear, a
neat, comfortable and unpretentious
jail This citv is fmidway between
Kootenav Uke* and Slocan I take, two
long mountain flsjurcs of navigable
water. It is connected with the former
bv the Kaslo & Slocan narrow-gauge,
aiid with the Slocan and Arrow lakes
bv a link of the Canadian Pacific, having thus a choice of routes lK-iweeiithe
Canadian and American systems. This
is here regarded as an advantage worth
tbe following subjects, embracing practically all those at which tbe Dominion
and the United States have been at variance for years.
The Behring Sea sealing question, reciprocal mining realisations, the Canada-
Alaska boundary questiou, restrictive
regulations for preserving the fisheries
on the great lakes, the north Atlantic
fisheries question and the bonding question connected 1 herewith, the alien labor
law and Lie reciprocity of trade.
From Jin present appearances the commission *tv*li not tw-et until August. The
final meeting wi'*i be held in Ottawa.
Arranger.ents are j bout completed
for the proposed Sunday school picnic,
taken in hand two week j ago. Sandon
and Three Porks will co-operate, with
Silverton and New Denver. Special
boat and train service is being arranged, posters will he printed and the affair
made one of the grandest successes of
the season. The band will go I *m
New Denver, and evorvthing possible
done to give the children a big time
Particulars wUl be forthcoming next
Mr. Green's cause has hst to an en
ormous extent in this vicinity, and the. e
is  now no   probability  of' his  *
Provincial Electors Act.
Slocan Riding ta* west Kootenav Electoral District, to wit:
, If
IjUBLIC NOTICE Is hereby given to i
I    tors of the Slocan Riding eff west K
VICTORIA, by the Gra ��� ot God. of the United
Kingdom of Ore*, Britain aufil Ire. ���>. \.
QCa-ss, Defender of th* rait'.,. Ac.,4*., Sc.
To Our faithful the Members elected 1" serve lu
the Lttttistative Assembly of' ��nr Pn-vinc* of
ItnUsli Columbia, and to -ii whom 1. mav
D. M. En-air*. Attontex < teneml.
tl'HKREAS. We have thitoirtit fit. by and with
If tbeadvic: and rnassat of Our c*jttcuti.-e
Council of Our Pnvir v*e of Brltl.��"i C<., .luibla, to
���dissolve th* preseht '.'^rialatlve Assembly of Our
said rrovlnc*. wakl. stands |troroeiu?d until
<unimoiit*<l for disisttoh of t-tuineas.
NOW KNOW V h th *t We on. fiw this e.m.
pul'li.ti this Our P��yal Pi-oclamation. and do
hereby dissolve the Lft-ai-lutive Assembly a *��
ct.nllnirly, anil tbe members thereof are ci.-
rharared from fnrt **<i r attendance on same.
Is Tskiimoxy WiiK*r.<*F. We have eauseU
tlte*�� Our Letter* t<, be made Patent. *nd
the Great 9em <>f Brltt-h Columbia to he
I ereunto affiled: XVltrtess, the Honour*hl<
Tho*. R. McIxxi**. Lii'Uteiiant-G*.)Vemcr
of Our said Provlaa* of British Columbia,
in Our Citv of Victoria, in Oar said Province, this s*-vt��nih dav of Jane. !n the year
or Our I^ord one ih<vusar,d el^ht hundred
and nbtety-i-.urbi. and in 'he sixty-tirit year
of Our Reiirn
By Command.
Re-i-j'trr.r ot Um* Supreme Conrt.
Flcctoral District that a Pofi has heconaTnece��
vry at an election now pending for the same
\ & rlist such polUmc will be open from 8* as.
until 4 p. m. on Saturday, the ninth (Sib) day of
July. A. D lSttS, at the following place*:
l-ollin��lr*1��ce Deputy Returning Officer.
��� Uty offices. Kaslo w. J. Twiss
,i>vernu.eut Building, Ainsworth....        Smith
'"Hot Bay waiter A. Merktey
.-.to*.i  Crosint* Robt. A. Bradahaw
Rf'bsoo.     p. R C. Beer
Ltecr Fo-k H.K.Livingstone
sfrs-anCtty John L. white
TenK...' ..Joseph Gibtm. M. D.
S.lve/tou J. A. McKinnon
X��w Denver Henri R. Jorand
lurce Forks a ErnestHarrop
***&* S.A.Mighton
Whitewater J. a. w. Bell
Ars-etiU F w. Petttt
lubile* Point -���*- Sinclair
Given under my hand at Kaslo, B. C, thi* *5th
day of June, A. D. 189S.
Returning Officer, Slocan Riding, west Kootenay
VICTORIA, by the Grace of God, of the Unite
Kingdom of Great Britaiu and Ireland
Qcbes, Defender of the Faith, Ac., 4:c.,tVc
To whom these Presents shall come.���Greeting.
D. M. Ebkrts, Attorney-General.
ll'iIEREAS.ff is advisable to establish the foi
IT    lowing -tolling place* in the several and r*
*jk ctlre Electoral Districts hereinafter named.
NOW KNOW TE that, by virtue of tbeau,
tborlty contained in tbe "Provincial Electtom
Act,* the Lieutenant-Governor iu Council da
ilarestliat the following polling pttemshall be
snd they are hereby, established for the several
Electoral D.**trit*ts, tbe names of which are sol
-H��l-t��*i; such polling psaca*. respecUvely, that it
to say:���
[L.8.) THtlS. V.. McINNES.
VICTORIA, by tin Or*ec of God. of the United
Ktnudom of t?*-M btitain and Irrlmd,
Qoarui. DefeiHf* of tut uallh.a-o., ��.o ,.*-c.
Pilot Ray.. 	
A rgenta. ������������ ...���������...
New Penver..	
31oc*in City	
.1 iibilee Point, Hoasur Lake....
Whitewater Station	
Three Fork*	
�� eer Park	
Slocan Junction, C. 4 K. R'y..
.west Kootenay
Slocan Riding
all  to  whom
th v presents shall vo;     ���
Our   Iattf��rn*tlonal   |MSercne*s.
The Dominion Governmenthas received copies of the protocols agree,! upon by
Uie governments of Uie United State*
and (.rest Britain for Uie guidance of tbe
forthcoming international commission at
' Quebec.
|    The commission i�� entiUed to consider
D. M. EasRTS, Alt /-ney-Oeiteral.
WHEREAS, We a v dcainms and renolved, -,
If    *iM��n aa mav lie. I . meet Our jx* ���nh' of Our
Province of British Columbia, and fc have :heti
sdvlcelntmr I/egtsliMtn-.  *-Ve do make known
i��ir  Royal Will s   I PWsure to .-ail * new
I>*gtslstlve Assemhivof our said Province; ,ind
do further declare thi \ 1^ tl i advice of Our Executive Council of British ('������iu-itbla. We li:tv.��
this day given orders for i��ul*ig Our Wri-sln
due form, for callln r a iiew LfigltlMlvs Ar-simbly
for Oor said Provln'T, -ahlch Writs arc to beat
flat* on the seventh d>u of June, instant, and to
lie returnable on or bfifcre the thirty-first day of
Ai-^tist next.
I* Tkstimonv  Wmkkkok  We have caused
these Our L*lb't s to be msde Pah-nt, and
She Public Seal of the said Province to be
hereunto aa..-.. h   Wimi<f*s,the Honourftbl*
Tuos. R. McInmss,  Lieuteitsnt-Oovernw
of Our said Province of British Columbl*.
in Our City of V*o*Vrl*, In Our said l��ix-
vinec, this sevenrh d��y of Jnne,  In the
year of Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and ninety oiahi, and in the sixty-
first year of Our Reign.
By Command.
Registrar of the Supreme Court.
Is Tk.vvimosv wsrusor wo have cat-sod these
Our Letters to be made Patent and Ute Great
Set of British Columbia to be hereunto
afitsitl: wiTNKs*, the Honourable Tho*. R.
MclMNRS, Lieutenant-Governor of 1\* f'dd
Pro iw-e of British Columbia, in Our v"-^r of
Vt ��� rw, tn Oar said Province, thia mtcenth
da*. (i.ue, In fhe year of Our Lord one
thouvrd chrht hundred and ninety-a' htand
v   in tl '. sixty -first year of Oar Reign
By Cowmand.
Deputy Provincial Secretary.
Mb Juim, ista.
IS HONOUR the  Lieutenant-Governor has
been pleased to appoint Fletcher S. Andrews,
Esquire, to be Returning Officer for the Slocan
Riding of West Kootenay Electoral District; and
His Honour the Lieutenant-Governor has been
pleased to appoint and deolare the Government
Office, Kaslo, to be the place for the nomination
of candidates foi election to the Legislative
Assembly lu the Slocan Riding oi West Kootenay Electoral District.
issued every Saturday in Sandon, tn the heart
of tbe greatest Wblte Metal camp on earth.
SahBtsrlptton     ��� ...    ttflOayear
Strictly In advance.
Address: Ths Pavstbius, Sandon, H.C.
SANDON.  B. C. JULY 9, 1898
What does Mr. Green promise to
do if elected? Tack himself ss s tail
to tbe opposition kite, that Is all
Some people will be Green enough
to vote against Retallack on Saturday,
bat, as a rale tbe majority of tbe intelligent voters will mark their
ballots forjobn L.
Bob Greek is a first-rate fellow to
sit on a piekle barrel in his own
grocery snd tell tbe boys fish stories,
bat when it comes to being a legislator for tbe great Slocan he becomes
like bis name and would wither
away under the strain ol public life.
What is the use of electing a weak
man who promises nothing if elected?
A man without a party, without a
policy, without force snd legislative
ability to carry forward the banner
ot tbe rich Slocan, can do nothing bat
obstruct legislation and retard progress in the district he represents.
Evert Slocan miner knows whst a
scab is, snd the trouble tbey have
caused tbe working miners of the
West. Every Slocan miner should
know that there are two scab newspapers in this district and they sre
both asking that R. F. Green be elected for tbe local legislature.
Some men in tbe Slocan do not
want to vote for Retallack because
they have heard that some of the
Government people were Catholics in
religion. Men of this stripe belong
to another age and should go bsek to
the grave of superstition and stay
there. They are sadly oat ot piece
in this age of freedom and advanced
No doubt Green bas had designs
upon the E C. Legislature for many
years, and bas worked the glad hand
and winning sm'le whenever tbe opportunity presented itself, thereby
hoping to win votes when the time
arrived. His plan of action has been
fairly successful and many man will
vote for him from personal friendship,
Voters ot this kir.d do not study the
interest of the district in which they
live. They would vote tor Bob if lie
wss deaf snd dumb, by allowing
their heart to rule their brains.
��� For years we have been desirous
ot seeing the silvery Slocan repre
sented st Victoria by a man with
force snd brains enough to see that
We received ail that wss due. The
opportunity has at last, presented Itself by John L. Wet*I lack becoming
a candidate for the local legislature.
He  has been a   soldier,    pecker,
banker and miner, By bis own
efforts he has made a fortune in the
Slocan aud no one can truthfolly say
that be is not honest or short of ability.
He is just the kind of a man tbe Ski
can needs at Victoria, and if he is not
elected next Saturday the country
will quit loser.	
It was a hot night in Hades, and
Ananias had crawled out on the roof
to cool bis heated imagination. One
of Bob Green's political meetings was
going oo in Kaslo, and as old Ananias
cocked his ear be caught onto all the
speeches. Later in the evening he
wss heard to ronrmur, as he fanned
himself with a coal shovel. "Bless
you, my children. The old man is
proud of you. You beat his record
all hollow."
Reproductions have been made by-
Mr. Green's organs of criticisms taken
from this paper denouncing the gov
eminent for certain bad pieces of
legislation passed by the last legislature. We are pleased to see thst the
weight of these criticisms is rt-cog-
nized. Our position then on these
questions is our position today. Tbe
senseless pieces ol legislation criticised by us than deserve no better
criticism today. Tbe fault of such
legislation was quite as much that of
the opposition members as of the government supporters. What some of
the government members Iscked in
brains and legislative ability tbe
opposition tailed to supply.
Tbe opposition members acted like
so many sheep without a bell w. ther.
Their principle seemed to be * every
man for himself and may tbe devil
take the hindmost."   As a result they
accomplished absolutely nothing for
their constituencies.     The government members hsve some pieces of
good legislation to their crr-dit, and
while they  passed some measures
thst will never receive our endorsement, tbey acted wisely in many
matters affecting the Kootenay. and
have done much to regain the confidence of the electors of this riding.
It is to avoid so tar as in our power
the  possibility  of sending another
do-nothing member from the Slocan
that we oppose tbe election of Mr.
Green.   However faulty the party in
power may have been in tbe pest in
Its policy towards the mining section
of Kootenay, it is infinitely better
than no party at all.   Four years ago
the opposition could claim a leader
whose principles were  sufflclentl*.
known to at least command a hearing.
In tbe last boose that party flew to
pieces and today there is nothing left
of it but a handful of ���Independents.'*
whose principle seems to bo for self-
aggrandizement and personal gain,
with little or-no regard for the sec
tlons thev represent.
Through the election of such men
nothing can be gained. They have
failed in the past and will do nothing
in tbe future.   It ta to get a man who j
has tho ability and force to do swne ���
thing for tbe riding that we support |
Mr Retallack.     Not because he Is a i
government mau, but because he is
a Slocan man; because he is a man of j i**^l        rHm- *��� ******
influence, offeree and power; a man j victoria, by .**��*-*�����* of o**t,... ,i*ll)M
whoispublic spirited^**?H       |[L^ls*aZ ^
vote his time as a legislator to the     4wtfc^   ' ' ���������**���
advancement of the interests of bto|***aW!!*^^
constituency,  and not in senseless *s*i*tREAe. nr sW*^r tir* u Q(nuM4lw
haranguing and wild geatteu'atlon j fiJC-iae^^ iUte
to the edification of our alien popula- ^Jttil*i��?Sfc ^rT^'"' ^
tion.    Because Mr. Retallack is such | !& *t*ifl*5^
a man be will be elected to represent ^^^j^I^rt^.r*^'! ��� ���*��������*��� *���
tbe Slocan riding at Victoria, -ledge. {5e*^**rB^ * I   tft
1        ..'   ... g I mm* 55P*!f* *VI*M ******* ***s*s***r*Sa�� ��..;����   4
TRAIM   rMOM   1 ��>!����. ' s<I"**I*��srrt8^
'"i* i ��*** RMItitf tsf Wr*. ���*"��**��*-����..*. * Kir.-,, *A|; ,,,  ,
_ .     ...     .....        ... fasdiSsstyssd* *mss* the -*�����'��*.**�� ..r.,^
Trail** should he bndt from Cody up da*^*tsa>-s Ktst-ti <��������������� i*�� l**.t .-�����-> .-���ru,
Carpenter and Cody rrcek*.   thi the j*'?' >***������ ***' :���" rt*
hmt*r ****** an .--h*-,--*.!
hSfttr   '4
*      \ t r >* ), t.4*Mt,!4
south fork of van-enter are the Moan- <* *bm��t,m*�� *^t***i t*. ����.��	
tain Con.  Cauatk,  iiree��h��'rtt,  If-Mly���; mttb*%.m$m'*t*f*tm.*m*it **t4.. ���** n��4i,'
If.41 "ifMli*
many other claims lying bitefur lark of ���� ^ "'* "WT "**r ^ ' ' * ' **���
a trail.   The same state ot affair-* exists
���* ***m -a,,-*i��*js. -fLsTf*   - *vw**^**i **** ���*�����    -^* '���"��� v-   ���
Star   Tin Too   \a*>noi    At!a-ra*.h and  **' A******! ***%. tttsrfOrMfertt %, m**
niar,   up top.   -*wont*-(  A"��/n*��i n**tmmi.^rin%mmmr fa m4 ,,���f
ilstlwr Wr��.
1*  tw*r*mm w��***..*
on Cody ereek.  wh��Te  tbe  Constant
Rfilander, N<**��wdav, t ameroti and ����lh��*r
granjMl are in the satin- i-tt-ndttioit    Tbe
buiming "��f the �� trail*1 $-*t�� Hm v����rv
heart ef the Sim-an would Im* ?i paying
inv,**>tni*.'Ui t tr th.< tirnvrtimetit, ��*��the
litrreaastl revenue **��iil��i itui ah ��rt uine
more than pay lor the e*tj*vndit.irv
W�� h%\* a**��.-
0*m> <hit !#<���*���* *'b    mm ���:* At*
thr 0��**l *��* tt* *'*����� ��,m jv,,-.,,, ,4
IVt't*fc(Vl<.4>l��  V      ttil^i.,   !!y   ����*!.
*l*a��T�� **/U Mt'ls**,1* *t ������f ',.-M*ra>
t*��*Ai H��*��*>- at Va-t ��i* i. - - u h ������% .*
Jowe, w��s f*A��r' t ***" I   ' ���'��� ��sm*4
t-Hfil |>*.t4*��l SM wlfwrtt ��i*lv
n, t*.<nn-f*��ttl
vl h TtRwiirrr t��tt,vK
Hf-STttif r tt th* ���*���� ��   n  >.**-..
���-. raaassai    f*t*a***a
To the Electors of the Slocnn Riding of West
Kootenny Electoral District:
"-"* i'siiiiBlr��iiiMaisiit��**aBiii'.---..^��faBai-*'<��i
At the retjueat of a larire proportion of tti*-*
rominuniry. repfeteutin^ every jwclion of t)i��
Hiding. I ix��jf to announce inym?lf lift a Candida tt
for your KtittVa|reH in Ihe eonunjar electkHW.
In nwpratftilly Noliciting your ?otea and
support I declare myself a mipporterand follower
of the Hon. J. H. Turner, as the Icnuler of the only
Party in thia Province with a defined policy ami
coherent exiatenee.
During my eight years* residence in this
District I have lieen a eoiViatent supporter of his
party in recognition of their attitude in meeting
and in cases anticipating, the requirements and
expansion of this great mining region,
I am in favor of the following reforms:
Tfaa atiallilffffa mtttftaT** mmmm Wtarhlsig Rltavr*.
Tt** *b��lltls��at tafia* Mtaraajag* Tas.
Tfaa Sl.lrlb.llf.. **f mis |*j Ik. |^c|*|f*|-*r* |�� IUf^-1 rrata��-r-
llsxa ta, Pa)a-*alatifaa*,.
I Staaral *aay*)r*��**t>fias* |M��ll*y af th* 1*4* t^��lalall���� Aaaf��it.'����
In Msifag fhoir tmAmtmm* ta> a**l��4* tmrmfmm rallrs>a.U. ���<>��� >���
at th* s>rtas>aaa4 s**llra>a4 ������ a**M*Sary era**.
0������r ��*f��rt��lM r����l*|t*aa In th* Ml��M��r*)l **4 Latsal mm**, r*
tlratari* afaosna ataay slss br ta>|
ran ad*artla* a*| ihHr ��l*rsialllaa>
* eillNV all f��f����ar*)SM*sil sptM>l��ta*��t*ila | nun la
fMslatlnaj btftaa A A* tmrnlAtmU mt thm RNtrlrl In all
sark caa taa foMsvtt ��tt*NSt*ts��at tat ���*>��.
S.   1
whirl, tb* hoMf-ra ��f ��� U"..��
���rat* I ����* Im fa��*��r ��f �����*
fMatrtH Im nil �����������***�� ** >��',rr
���tt��NSt*ts��at l�� aw*.
7. I holla** that th* rratlssclMl l.ft����atotMr��tabf>*il4 brlag all ��'���-
aid and ImSm*m** al It* <*��>Mi��*MSMl to lb* ��t*a|*l��Mr* ��f ��b*
l*t*d MslalMg ladaa��ry, *>��f������lally In thst 4Ii***II*m a>f -.btaln-
Imc ���tmsfsr r*<t��cMll|a*M fr**** lb* r*daral fto.*rom*"**i **'
Olitawa taf tb* iMMrtssN mt Ibla UdMstry mm* lha dua.i
vaMta����a H��d*r srfslab It *s�� Ub*ra.
If you do me the hdaor to elect me as your
representative I will at all times endeavor to
protect and further the interests not onlv of the
Prospector but also of all those employed in and
around our mines, recognizing that our entire
community is dependent upon the mining
industry. I am, gentlemen,
Your obedient servant,
aJ ���Ml
OI'KNKD to   siskrai.   location.
Th,, Month Half of tbu*  Oolalltr   India*
H***rv*4 mm.
on July 1st President McRinley sign-
4(1 the Indian appropriation bill, which
t hrows open to mineral leeotion the rich
south half of the Colvillo reservation
Spiakingof the pttopoaed opening a
few day* before the bill was signed, the
Kepubile Pioneer says .*
The south half of tbe Colvilh* Indian
r.-.-i'r vaiioa is tbe objective point of an
immense number of |����-o*-b* lltese day*.
Thers is a treat befit* to that locality,
ami Republic has furnished several lain
dred of tbe number already there.
Kvery trail leading to tbelis�� is dotted
mth ,ir.r��|s*riiirs and llaiir ouiiii*. It
wiHildhe dlttkult to make anac��'urate
estimate o�� Ute aumbe> of peopl* already
on ihe "south ball," or cjtu|***l within
convenient distance of tbe divi-lin* line.
1 hey are all waiting for the bill to ou*
lonjfress throwingopen the''south half"
tn mineral entry. This montftitoiis
event has been looked and ho|**d Utr for
many weeks, ami it may be the Indian
appropriation bill will pass without th.*
-south hall'' being mentioned in it. It
such should tie ih��* <*a#��*. a wail will gu
up tltat will he painful to hater*, io.
Then* are at least A,Vkk) "s.*#ners�� on
Uie ruveted ground. They are to la*
found se**rett*��l in U,Ctim��***r ao I sJotts
>i'��', The Indian |*t4k*e find it im
I-*���i tli* to drive them off. A lew art*
made Ui I��mv,*, Nit as *.*��'��- n- th** p-di,��������
are out of sight Ute ���ataMM-r' i* over tin-
< ��� e 1.M111. Iluiidre<l*ut lo atiuu ttotuv*
!������ j-ttt.-l and UteiliU* changed daily.
It is reported that the police are brit**!
tn .ill.i* f-a*riatn iiidividuala to hold
claims tiii'liatiirUetl, mUila others ate
(.���r��-iil to |.*ave.
^marked a rvtu-nin** pr��**|ir-etor: *"l
kmi* |��*>-ilively that luo nn*n offerei! an
Indian f uaj in exeliratige for his gtaal
Mill, am) as they are not ��iisiurl*��d 1
ri��iii-lud�� the deal aval Utroiurh. Yes,
*i-; there is Ms ������� ��� ���.������kill work goin*f
���m. Why, 1 saw a mmpany ol three sis
mile* over tin* line vrUh a shaft down 10
feet, and they bad go,al ore. There are
dossna ol such caw** I estimate Ute
iiiirnher of people waiting on Uie line at
'���vii'and tbe gang Is incrt-asing daily.
1 >* caaiooatiy aottMi MtAoomes atong and
spreads the report that tbe bill has become a law.   Then there is eicitement."
There sre all so Is of reports t*om*erntii*-
the mining possibilities of tbe "sooth
half." There are those who put tittle
laith in its merit; there sre oilier* who
I'nihct ifrvat strikes. There is mineral
'���-'Ii on the headwsters of Neepelum
creek thst is liable lo Ire h**ard from
There is a big surface showing ami the
rock nives good assays. There is s
��hanos for a ramp there, and a bit one.
too, if the "south half" is thrown open.
tame wonderful strikes are being made
at the foot of Trout Lake. Among those
which have shown up richer than mo-i
���>< the strikes made In this district dur
lug the Isat few years, and this is savin-*
" K-t-da, deal, la Ute Pedro and Lulus
groups. Tbe former of these promrtivs
"* situated up Canyon creek and com*
prises three claims, tbe Pedro, Black
lack and Solo. This property bas two
veins running through it and as the re-
"ult of development operations some
very fine ore wss ssposed which gsve
returns, when subjected to s test, of
'-.10*. ounces silver, |o gold and 17 per
cent, copper, giving a total value of
si.22i.7ft per ton. Then there were
other assays, one from tbe upper and
'he other from the lower vein which
Kave returns, from the former 2,021.44
'������>nces silver and the latter 1,238.74
���mnces silver. These last esmples were
not tested for gold or copper so it is not
"'���own what the values in these minerals
w'��ild have been. Both of these veins
������[<.; strong snd well defined, being trace-
��hie for a considerable distance. The
"I'l-ervein  is from  two and a half to
three feet wide and tbe lowar shout two j
feci and the character of the ore is a
galena heavily impregnated with grey
copper. The owners of this property,
the Hamlin brothers and P. A. Lindgren,
intend after the trail up Canyon creek is
complefd to sto in for a thorough de-
velonment of these ore bodies, snd they
confidently expect that before next fall
the property will lie in a fair way towards making a shipment of ore.
Then further down on Tenderfoot
creek, a tributary of the Lardo river,
about three miles below the foot of the
lake, Uie Lulus claim has been showing
up remarkably well. The lead on tflia
property is ex-ioaed for over 'AW feet snd
throughout that distance averages from
four to twelve inches of solid galena and
a-rey copper. Numerous a-waya have
been taken of the ore atari)* the surface
and they run ali the wav from 80 to 400
ounce* of silver and 7$ per cent. lead.
Since early spring work has l*een going
on on this property and the 50-foot tunnel which is lietng run to tap the lead at
adepUiof 70 feet is now drawing near
its completion. When the vein is encountered it is expected that some very
rich ore will he struck. The Lulus is
owned by a company known as the Gold
Mining and Development Co., aud its
headquarter* are at Spokane.
Another etaim on the same creek
Ua-au-i butt fall bv P. L. Huffman, is the
Silver sj'it'cii. Thi* property haa excellent pro**|H*cta as a*>ay�� from the lead
on the surface jiive from <*0 to HOounces
silver, f.> to |8 j-ol I and 72 percent. lead.
Hie ve;n is shout live feet wide and well
de-iioM. and Mr. Huffman !i.i*l��oeii busy
ill aprina* driving a tunnel to tap the ore
bodyat a greaterdeptb. This tunnel isin
35 feet and it is ex|**cteti that in 20 feet
further the lead wilt lie encountered.
Two men are working ou this claim.���
Topic. __   _ 	
OUR  SOXKV   i��iscoi*xrKi��.
At a recent meeting of the Spokane
Clearing House a*t**ociatiou at which alt
the S|��okaiie banks were repn*seiited, it
was decided that on and after July 10
next, Canadian money would only be
aeeepted at a de-count of two per cent
The S|*��kane bankers sav t'u-y have lost
money everv time tiny accept ed Canadian* monev at par. and that the
discount to be inlawed will Im* hardly
���oifHcent to pay for disposing of the cur-
reacy. Uudef the new revenue law on
the cither side, an American bank cannot put Canadian money into circulation without a tax of 10 per cent, thereon This necessitates shipping the
bullion back lo the nearest Canadian
hank to have it exchanged, and the
exlHMtae connected with this is wtid to
ainount to noarlv two per cent of the
amount involve-! It I* estimated by a
orominent Spokane banker that the
Canadian money passing through the
Spokane banks amounts to 1850,000
The returns from the Trail smelter of
the shipment recently made from the
Mollie Hughes are verv gratifying, eor-
roboratinjr, the sampling at Ihe mine,
and the assavs made by Howard West
The No. 1 lot gave 851 ox. silver and
110 gold; and the average returns from
the whole ore mined by the company
gave the satisfactory sum of ��95 per ton
nett k
.X fulRl* PloUlng and l��lani��ln��.
Mr. Robert Green seems to have secur-
Sd the nomination of Slocan diyison ins
manner similar to Mr. l>eane, ksmloons.
H^rver8 Ute iiopular candulate is honad
to win in both cases. Any��"Jv, **'th ���
little plotting ami planningcan secure tlie
nominationV ii takes ^^g,*
the people to secure tbe election.- Kam-
loops Standard. ___
Mr Green Is a weak man. His
abandonment of his set purpose to
make this race as an independent
Son sn independent convention
Snstion, putshlmdownasabsn-
Notice of Poll being Granted and
Candidates Nominated.
8locan Riding of West Kootenay Electoral District, To wit���       v
pUBLIC NOTICE is herebv given to the Klectors of tbe Electorsl District
��� aforesaid, thst a Poll has become neeesssrv st the Election now pending for the ssme, snd that I hsve granted such Poll; and further, that tbe
persons duly nominated as ca dtdates at the said Election, and for fhom
only votes will be received, are:
Robert Francis
John Ley
Of which all persons arc hereby required to take notice and to govern
themselves accordingly.
Given under ni) hand at Kaslo, B. C, this 25th day of June, in the year
I8i��8. Fletcher S. Andrews, Returning Officer.
The following persons have been sppointed Election Agents during the
continuance of the present election:
Green, Robert Francis
Retallack, John Ley
Geo. Stott, Merchant, Kaslo, B. C.
0. T. Stone, General Agent, Kaslo,
Dated at Kaslo, B. C, 125th June, 1898.
Fletcher S. Andrews. Returning Officer.
Great Clearance
for 30 days
500 pairs of
Ladies' Shoes -& Slippers
Including Black, Chocolate and Tan, Lace and Button
Shoes, Oxford Ties, Strap and Bow Slippers; also white
Pink and Red Sandals.     At cost price; for Cash only.
Postoffice Store, Sandon.
Robert Macdonald
Neil Macdonald
&AmmyvM**y      m*m^j^m^ms-e^^y*ss^i^^^^^^9ssfij\
MACDONALD  BR0S., Proprietors.
Rstcs 11.50 to 12.50 per day.	
Headquarters fbr Mining Speculators and Capitalists.
Reco Ave., - - Sandon, B.C
.  }':
.4 THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B. ft, JULY 9, lsne.
The following is a complete list of the
saining transactions recorded during the
week in the several mining divisions of
tbe Slocan. Those of New Denve- were
as follows:���
Jess *-S--8tanho*ie, Carwnter, Ed Slsson.
Manilla, Four Mhe, Jos Brandon.
Camden, near Etgnt Mil* creek, re-loc*Uoa of
Hartem, same, re location of Golden Eagle, A
J-DHSSS-Duke, north fork C*J**-penter. John
Mlddletan. ��� ,       _ --. a>_'
Jos* SO-Starllght, Galena Fann, John Ste*
1^anrte and Ckmdlke. third east fork Wilson, C
Mountain Queen, Three Forta,C��rI C Stein.
Alice, on Mount Malar., Martin S**-***,*��S    ~
Payne Fraction, Pa vne mountain Sidney Norman.
Jcir *-Ontario, Cody creek, Archie A McDonald. ��� ��� ��� ^
NepW.rauTO.EUMeCuno*. ,
Burllg^Fi-action.McC*l*f-an, Rosinia. stnU-
t��-wr7r A McDoug-all. _ _     , .
Gfengarv. Sandon creek, Archie A McD^ald.
Mabfe*tV, north fork Carpenter, WmHCum-
New Castle, aoutb fork Carpenter   Mike 8y rasr.
Santiago Fraction. Cody, Daniel M Bong��rtl.
Jvur 5-Lost Lead, third east fork Wilson
creek, Jas Martin.
Mapuolia. same, Wm Martin.
Lone Star, same. John Martin.
Red Mountain, same. Wm Martin.
Big Jim. same, A L Rogers.
Jews �����Revdstoks, Vermillion.
Jess SC-Moun'sln Chief No 8, Stiunia. Pembroke, Early Bird.
July*��� Last Chance, Helena Fraction, C-tjIe,
Alice Fraction, Morning Star. Hlwaro No ��,****
nroit, Mary Durham, Em|irvs*. Miiini-halw. Wild
Fox, Cuba, Mhwr Boy, SUver Bell, Hustler,
Clarence, High Ore. Little Joint. Freddie Lee
Fraction, Sarah Jane, New Loiidtn. *
JrjtT5-No 3 Fraction, Fisher Maiden, Silver-
ton No S, Linnet, Wonderful Fraction, Ruby,
Perseverance, Wonderful Bird
c-.KriFica.-nc or no*MVs*jnarr8.
July .-Mammoth.
JCNtftv-SUrllght, John Stewatt to Henry
Stege, June *).
Pboentx, Alhambria, Ubbv R, Stephen Redgrave, sheriff, to Frank L Christie, all intereat of
the Phoenix Consolidated Mining Co. StMJO.
Alice i, M Sehwieg to W G Tertian.
Fidelity, agreemeut eoTerlng nrromtSsorv note
dated Jan -*6, made by Frank L Byron, Luther F
HoUz and A S Williamson n favor of Wm
Hunter and Thia H Wit**,, fl T*>.
Black Hawk. Sehaatian Has*, Henry Callahan,
Eugene Dense! to American Bay M * M Co.
June S>.
Payne Fractional, Sidnev Norman to St Kev-
erne Mining Co, June -S.
Black Knat, Naoma 1, Alllgash 1, Naoma
Fraction, Th* Domini *a Mines, Ltd. to Th*
British Columbia Gold Tru.t, Ltd, June *tt.
Jrjmt 11���Lion Fraction. J R Hardie: Pearl. D
F Strobeck; Rosebud, W Waito-i.
Jusa lft-Big Four, W BConmy: Two Mile
Creek, J Graves; Kootenay, same; Primrose, A
E Noren; Sundown, Geo Wooster; Evening Star,
J Grave*,: Black Diamond, Jas Hanson; Silver
King, Stiver Dollar, J Graves; Coluchia, A
Noren; Great Western, by J Hanson: Polar Fraction. W B Wlnstead and H Williams; Forest
Queen Fraction, W R Wlnrttcad; Oxoih, Fraction,
flWilliam.; Shanjrhlgh, R J Htenson.
Jess 15-Snowsllde, R Buhofetii'L Sutpriae.
Henry Lossman: Dewey, D W Clark and R 1
Martin; Admiral Dewey, Iron Cau, John Hastie,
Waaeo, LCKttaggs; Bad4.it, Ja�� MeCulloch;
Deiphtne, W E Dumas and W B Drummond.
Jews UI-Gt*dstone, A B Anderson; Oiymi.la,
A J Gerrard; An��lc, W BUncliSeld; Alameda,
Walter Hughes; Cecil L. U A Camercai; Josie M,
D A McKenxle: Conqueror Dewev. ALLawrte-,
Dewey, John Munro: Emerald, Emmuleu, K V
Byrne; Do Do, M M Grothe: Hamltton^C H
Blghain; Sunrise, Alex McKenzie; Snow Top, O
H Burden.
JtJSE 17- Dewey. S P Jot**; Hobson, J H Jackson; D and I, Homer Draper.
JrjKB >S>-Martai. Jas "Anderson; Geler, S C
Rlctuids* Hattie May. D L Sutton and A J Me*
Leary; Hattie, W L McUughlan; Emma, John
CMnton: Jer��y Lily, Walter Olough; Foraa,
Robert Foran.
JCSl* **7��Cllmax, E M Harris; Clscey fraction7,
B fUt-rtr and U Cosgrlff; M ���riilna- Rot-. W W
BesUoo: Raven, W T Dcmglas; Black Bear, F
J0�� SS-AUIance, D Borradalle, CkttcorS.
Frank Clapp; Minnie, R W Mcintosh; Flo, T
Jack*.*: Mamie, W E Murray; Maud. Minute
JpxE ftS-Mldsntnmer, J R Hardies: Red Star,
9 ? 2f}.,.neran: pii"***-***. S Fawcatt; Yucanana,
J A Miller and Gus Schilling; Violet fraction
Gus Hchlltliig; AfrU*. PktroCrescl; Centaur, H
8 Uallop;   K'fOtney, G O Buchanan; Monarch
Fraction, R W Mcintosh.
Joss U-Mlnnie D, ^fan*, H*"***** J?**!?
Branch. Lake View, Virgin**. Black tfc*r. Haat-1.
Jrjm. 13~Stiver Queen, Susie B, Vubadam. Mc-
Nabb, Red Prince, Reno, Odin.
JCSE l��-Soov*ll. Oingr***,JtsVir-att, ��e��r
water, Prealdent, Two Brother*. Haoser Fraction ���
P L S.
Jews IS���Leroy, fsSnnockbuni, First Chance.
Herllng, Combination, Kokanec.
Jcxa lfr-Tyrone, By Ctuutce Fraction.
Ji-*K17-A*pb��.Ferox. Three Bt-oth*rs. Vie-
tori*. Victoria, Alberto, U*faMo��inUln J,��water;
Last Chance. Grand Republk. iDora, Fourth of
Jcsa sft-Iclcle. U 0 Fraction.
JCSS *n-Osy*rgla Fwctton, Salwn. San Antonio. Xuni. Alice Not, Mountain Con, Oustick.
Something Good.
Juki a��-Bte Four. Deer Park M*nxu*m.
Black Fox, Daisy. California. WHIlam John.
Norfolk. Sand N Fraction. Green Crown. Slin-
coe. Zone, Acme, Fairbanks. Birthday-
Ji-KB j��-Jubllee, Big Arnle. Midnight, 0r*v
Eagle, Canada, Gecko, North Star,
JnaaSO-Mountmln Rat, Tf*an*��s. M^Bunker
HUI, Zuhl King. M P, JuWIee. Boekiiigham,
Gatineau, Metis, Iranhue.
JCSS U-Aswmeneb*tween M A Stf*l*hei��*m.
W A Fraser land Henry (*nt**a*lr lu Im** fitr
Hall Mint**. Ltd, re True. Blue, Peac *ck, conditions .,'\y<m.
Jess l*~Black Bear, Sllv*r O^teen, Bu��**<
Robbie P, Clinton. Mable N��*\t. h"o4>. l��wr
L.jdge, Matbitd* P. option, W L Utttfillu to J M
AiMKrson. ^,     t . _
Ku��konookJL Last Cliance, Chliv.-��k |. Duncan
Graham to J D Miwre, ��w��.
Jr-jnt IS���Acme, Zone, I/IS, And Mob*** to John
Vcm�� Fnurttotn Via. A C P*mr*a��, to Ge*>rg#
Stobb. *.��.
Dewie 1/10. P H WaMh to Geo Stobb, *��>.
JlTSS 15- Aik-TT*en-ent between .Vntuan McLnw]
and John B Fergusoii, re Ruthk- Belt ln>�� Cap
and Lavlna.
Jc:si IS-Wee Kate Frrsctioaal. J K Mitchell to
J A Mitchell.
Ji -.sit*-Klondike, DC Kurttto A L McCra*
Jess ��- Haxel |, W B Young to F A Auttlti
King Row |, Burnt IliB I Krd Out |. Rrtnk
Alliance. El Captain and C*lumet Ft^u*tiou.|.
Oswald Stein to A R M*ct��*nal.l
Jc-nr* ��-Hotneatretch *- Two JlnowMrd*- I.
Glacier Foar |. CI*rsC, The Cana>iUn ���Mioing.
Milling, and Hmtttiut Co to H H Prtts.
From the Brooklyn News.
When one goes on the townaite he
requires a spesking trumpet Tbe
pounding and sawing is deafening.
The number of visitors who are interested in  tbe town of Brooklyn is ��ur-
{>rising.   Every steamer lands a long
ist of passengers.
There will he more building** erected,
more work of all diacriptiou* done iu
Brooklyn in tbe comtnjr 90 or m days,
than any other town in Kootenay. .
Chas. Dixon has taken the rotnpatiy
mess house and will furnish meals to
every one who bas the prii-t*. 25 cents.
Tickets for sale at the Headquarter*
Brisboisand Miller have secured a
contract for cutting cordwook They
expect to furnish the town with drv
wood this winter and are now at work
on their contract.
liOrd Aberdeen will journev to Boston.
U.S , on the 29th Inst., to receive from
Harvard the degree ol L.L D.
JUKS �� -Mai, J M lUrri*; Orog hi, B
Ing; ScrantiMi.�� J Harding; Equator,
Subject to change witltont notice
Trains ran on Pscifie Standard Time.
Leave S 00 A.M.
������  IM '���
������  t> H ��-
" IH ������
������ 10 OS ������
** 10 IS �����
"US ��
Arr. is fio ��
Arrive, * u> |*
3 15     '
South Fork
Sifroule's ��     iu
WMlewator " ����j *
Besrttake *��� \ ��*. ������
McGukcan ���* | is ���*
CsiIv Junction '��� l it M
Handon l^*va I oo    **
Leave, 11.00 a.m - Sandon - Arrive. 11��,'. a m
jArrlv*.ll.�� ��    - Cody   -   u*il i/jftl^s*
Traflc Mngr.
For cheap railroad and ���teamshiii tickets te
*nd fram all point", apply to        v ucmm* *���*
a CAMPBELIf,        Agent, Bandon.
Summer Tim* 0*rd effaett*.-* June S��, ia*
Subjeet to ohang* without noltoe.
88.  INTERNATIONAL.    ^ ���_   .
Sculh Bound ���*!!**���**%**
R��*d down. rmma ��P��
Trsin Ivr. tally, l-aopm  Trala ar daftf *%m ats
���  ar     *     a.ts pm  Train Iv   *     s,r*> am
CBoat Iv 1*0 am    - K aslo ��� -    Boat ar �� aft
i      ���    tJ**m   Alnaworth
CT     "    .Vonsm    Pilot Bsy
, 4 *-)*��i      Balfour
'�� Boat ar *#' sat. Five Mil* Pi
t   '*      stsiam
���at ar s a) prt\*9
��,�� ptaf
"    *>>p��*
Call at the
- ���*    Lift am     Ntlson ��Iv* 4*>pm8 '
f Train ar lo oft sm NorthpoH Train 1* 1 a* l***?'
i      "      11 S��ain  R<Mf4and "    Iroft|��i-*
7     r      siopm   Spnkaaa       -    ajiaaso!
Read down. R**4 ap.
Daily train Iv i.���� ptu       t**alty tralti ar toA I am
*r*4ft|t*n "      ir ��*i��
- B>t*t Iv ft.no pm Mo*T rim ��r t��.�� pa*
, ���; " �� jr>|Km Alii*w,a-th Bjal ar it i'ltis-
|i       *   t.mpm   1'ittit B��r       **     ll  o;��i
" to'������������in Kuakitno"-.      -       *���: >\*%*
������ tsmian i.��st River ��* ��i-m^g
'-   ice am U4tQfJ*rv      **      seiasaw
Hotel Ivanhoc.
���raatkiii snaixaM*sti<ai< t*'>iaMis*iai*jHi t,ti^arMW.****,��ntio/,iiw-
Is the Pionoer Rtnise of ihe C
?=   ���  arsfOam lt*.tt#r*sF*rv      Iv r ������� i*j,*�� j
-j %"Traia Iv It Si am     ���-      Train *r  lllfrstf
ar T 44 pm spukan*     "    Iv TJr��
R* cr.NMNO,
iofiiiti. ji�� li��* JsU-tr ��K iStSV
HiiMintlatr Tlmr-di, an.l t*v\*$ m Aflrrta
will ka*m K�� 8 tl i.- m bwAt**JMnk, l*M.a B��*.
and Nelson L*��.vln* XHstas st a a, tn . Tias*.
.lav. Krid.v =�����) Saturtisv. f-a'U ��* *l PtMl Bar-
A:i;����'rftl* an I K**4��. *ttd all Way p>4j:>l*
enHKHti   ALr:iAXDKR.a��*f*! M��v
P O. ttox tT3f. Kaslv IM*
Tin* sate of lot* ewtittue* ttiiattated,
bnl the trading haa Iteen largt'ly cot ���
fined to firivnt,* Milt** ltf*twi-t*u the
merehantu who are leeaicrd and others
comin-r in. earh SMrtiag ta obtain
what seetiia to him the ntost advantap**
ou-*�� lot-tjiion for hi* |tariti-tilar baaitte**.
t-Tri��.EItAl.t�� A DAf. I'roaa.
������ Msnmft.lutt-.n. i4 %b~~
Kinds ot  CAKI��iN.\TKI> DKISI1
Svt-bftri*, tiingt*r Air*,
- ���'���-������a sssjia a*>sa a stsaas*B*j   a-ssa*-t*��,   * .-��* .
gra 11 don. B C
Pittronizw home indiisJry
when vou want (he I****.
The Newmarket Hotel,
Provkles ample and plesssnt sce>snmodatl**n tor the travdinir MiWia
Teh-grams for naaas j*mtnj<lv attemleil to
8TBQE fc AVBOW,      .... .      rYofriowi
Dealer iq MEATS
8i.or.w city
Kootenay Mercantile Tailoring Co-
A full line of
always in Stock
MINING   PROPERTY   B01H5HT,  ^   )|
Shan Van Voght
PtM>a .n.n WoMaa.i
CiinifV. voit'r* a rwtra*;
SaVftttrst-thanVaa *��**���
K* spins voter* from th* pgtis,
'   Sav* th* Sb��n Va�� Voeht.
Witb vunr wit and spfiMjArjr, ���
Y..ur -ittt- thottaand bribery.
\��� wuiHlaryoarstrtlsrws,
N��ys ths Shan Vfn \ ofht.
Y���Ur work i�� coarHi and 4r.
H*v>th* Shan Va�� Vt-ajht.
I ii tiuikr von wink th* other*y��,
Hev* tba Shan Van V��a*ht.
Yc.a'tjs llf*ll*st ItStdo 4mck
l���.i i��� .luwn John lMs*llaf��k
Hm von'r* not hi iK hot a bmt-k
���says th* Shan Van V we-lit
Your* out forth*'It-tfAasrttWn.
Sav��tbaSh*n\(.n *to*ht
t��, plain *���* ��*aa he ���*#*,.
���s*r* th* Mhaw Van V����ht.
To ihe l.artlo yon moat *o
T.. Ut��.r for yoar donah.
fror yun'll W hat*Jfl lit th* ��S��W.
Says Ih* Shan Van V��e*ht
Yow know yon'** rUa��**d ronr has*,
He*, th* Shan Va, v����bl
Ai,i Too-r* now ludiaarae*.
Sav* th* Shan Van Vofht
You'll he** ��*ht��f Sab to Irjr
i in tba Ninth day of Jat.v.
y.,t , our ����*>**��� will bans tot* blab,
sav.tb* Shan Van Voaht
Lota  of   Pun   but   No  Money in
The Slocan City celebration of tla?
liUirioos Forth wss a bot number.
Tic Windyvlllc citizen* made the
.������Tort of their live* to firoduce a large
impression at a small price. The
Vjiinii.il excursion of about 100 arrlv
.tl >n tlu*Htestner Hhtcan about 11
o'clock snd the show ccsiimenced.
Tin- horse races were turned loose on
Slocao Avenue to start the tm-gram.
There were three events. The first,
the half-mile dash was won by the
Northport horse with (.ren��*y Ruck
M-cooa and Jim Bowes* bronco third.
The (strnv race went to Buckshot,
another Northport horse and the
steeple chase money also went to Uie
1.1 nd <>f the tret* in the same  hands
The bicycle races  were brought
.���ii in the interludes between the
horse races.   The first event wss a
halt mile own In beats.   Dirni   Mini
roe, the  s��ih!on  man on wheels
<li-��u.nced all competitors   without
any apparent tHRctrt, proving  him
-���It' a  perfect Zimmerman.   Bot it
was in the mile and a half that Mun
�����<*���  distinguished    himself.     After
narrowly missing a s*tn*rc on the first
turn,  he  went like a cyclone, distancing* everything in sight.    Dan is
a whirlwind' on   wliee!*, but  they
may have to move their store**.   A
challenge la to be Issued to Jimmy
Michael snd Eddy IteDufTv, tho rsce
t" take place on the Keco trail.   Dan
is no colored gentleman.
The hundred yard dash was the
event of toe day. The runners were
Henderson, Brett, Nichols and
(���uity. Henderson hid his penu-
matte megaphone at work long be*
'ore the race started, but htu was no
match lor "the white-haired bluffer"
when It came to runnlntr. (.usty
'�����me in first but *fa\ Henderson
Maimed a foul, so the judges declared the race off until Gusty went out
ol town. It Is rumored that Header*
<*>n got the money.
In the long jump and tlte h����,
>*<'P and jump (Justv had it all hie
����wn way. Mr. Henderson did not
u��re to risk defeat by entering.
The Slocan City News ot today
will say: "Tom Henderson, the
������������lebrated athlete, won the hurdle
' *'-������� with ease, stepping oyer the
'""tiles like a sand hill crane. The
white-haired bluffer did not take
Win the contest"
Is This True.
The following remarkable utterances have been attributed to Augusts Carney at a meeting held in Sandon on Thursday of last week:
"I saw 60 men who had
sold their votes, loaded upon
a barge at Kaslo like sheep
and taken to the Lardo-Dun-
can country, where the Gov.*
crnment is spending $10,000
to corral 60 votes for its can**
didate. The country hasn't
got even a 'pot hole' to justify the expenditure of that
Is this true?
Can it be possible that these men
who sre so well and favorably
known in Kaslo have sold their
birthright for a chance to earn a few
paltry dollars by hard labor and
under very trying privations at this
season of the year ?
Let these silent witnesses answer:
creek, where, because the miners
had no votes, being Americans, not
a dollar was being spent. The B, C.
News of July 5th contained the
following article:
"A good sized force of men are at
work on the government Improvements and extensions of trails and
wagon reads of the South Fork of
Kaslo creek. The work is under the
superintendence of Wm. Hunter,
formerly of the Montezuma mine,
and is being pushed rapidlv. Besides tbe Montezuma, the CSibson,
Bismarck, B. N. A, Sturges group,
Silver Bell, Black Fox, Silver Bear,
Kimberly, and other well-known
mines will be greatly benefitted and
most of them are likely to be shipping shortly sfter the work shall
have been completed. Kaslo as a
town will benefit to no less a degree
than these mines, as it is their only
The Goodenough,
American Plan, IS,50 per day.
European Plan, *��M per day.
Strictly first class.
MRS. M. A. SMITH, Prop.
Philip McDonald
Isaac (toodwin
tid Walmslev
M iiilli*
J MePhail
K W A Wood
J Archer
A Beaton
A K Burns
N McDonald
W Murchison
D W (avail*
M X ifi-oUte
X P MePhail
G H Charts way
II Anderson
Mike Welch
John Marsh
James Matthewson
Th<a Melrose
J Goodenough
N Murchison
J Weir
*; I>*wis
A Frszer
A McDonald
J Webb
W Matthews
J Irvine
A M Duogall
C Birce
A McDonald
J McPherson
A H McKinnon
A C McKinnon
John Sanderford
C Hume
K Elliott
8 Willie
A Johnson
M Johnson
Frank Tough
Arthur Vaughn
M flute
A (.Mis
Chas Jordan
Antoine Clement
(t McDonald
A Chisholm
J McNeil
M Frszer
11 Wallace
J Held
W Hall
Mark Tracv
('has Campbell
Do the relatives and friends of
these alt-sent ones believe the motives
imputed to them by Mr. Carney ?
l)o you believe the sterling manhood that has so endeared these men
to their families and their friends
has grown saddenl> debauched, snd
that they are no longer any better
than "sheep'?
This charge is thus brought home
to the famines and friends of the
above named men who are at this
time usin/ their best endeavoas to
bring the I.ardo*Duncan country to
fuller development, and who were
selected, not because they had a
vote, as the list contains nearly 50
per cent of non-voters, but for the
reason that nine-tenths of them are
financially Interested in thst section,
and it was thought thst these men
better knew snd understood the
wants and needs of the Lardo-Dun-
can country.
How about this, Mr. Carnet).
Mr. Camev, in his Sandon speech,
said that Kaslo's crvlng need was
of a road up the South Fork of Kaslo
Dr. A. MILL0Y,
"Si  *f-^
One weekly paper in this country
Is remarkably candid about its circulation, and  is also kind enough to
make open confession of its yearly
revenues and expenditures. Its total
circulation is 1,575 copies, of which
only 83 are  paid subscribers.   The
publisher even gives sway the deadheads : judges, public departments,
the exchange list, etc.   Its expenses
last year amounted to $4,377 snd its
total  revenue was 15,291��� a   tidy
tittle surplus of over fSMXV. The paper
gets out extra editions on occasions,
just like tbe rest of us, snd appears
to have promise of a bright future
(also like the rest of us.)   It supports
every  ministry,   in   turn,  without I
being accused of inconsistency, snd
never seems to have bad a libel suit
on hand.   The journal referred to is
The Canada t.azette, issued  at Ottawa, by the Dominion government.
Will l>e at the Hotel Balmoral
once a month.
n. l. QRinriETT
Notary Public,
Three thousand miles in one-fifth
of a second ; that is the rate st which
Vancouver news will travel to Montreal in a few weeks time, when the
new copper telegraph wire, iu course I
iif construction by the Canadian!
Pacific Telegraph company is fully
strung. Mr. W. J. Camp, electrician
of the company, under whose direction the work is progressing, arrived
in Vancouver on Tuesday after having seen the wire succt-ssfully strung
from Montreal to Winnipeg.
gag of telling
are 'working
I tried it the
"You know thst old
the beggar that you
this side of the street?
other dav,"
"Did it work?"
"No; lie licked me for getting on
his beat',"
B0NGAR0 k PIECKART, Proprietors.
The First Class
Hotel of Cody.
uf.ui per day.
SpwoUl Bates by the Week.
"Jumlcigh lost an awful lot of
money on the elections."
"Did he tell you so ?"
"No; but when I ssked him about
it he told me It was nons ot my business."
The living skeleton (surprised)���
You look terribly blue���and yet only
last week you married the beautiful
human centipede.
The ossified man (gloomily)���I am
blue! No sooner are we two happily
married than she gets the cycling
fad, and I have to buy her a sextet
The Sandon Hand Laundry and
Bath House has recently added a
set of steam fixtures, giving it the
complete equipment of a steam laundry. Work called for snd delivered
promptly as promised. Best bath
rooms In the city.
������ j,,.
And You Will
Smoke No
The miners in the Slocan are not
stuck on scsbs. If they were it is
not likely that ��3.50 would lie the
daily wsge in this district. Scab
newspapers, scab printers and scab
miners are all In the same class.
The only newspapers in this riding
supporting Bob Green in this election
are scabs. How does that suit the
noble and hard-handed miners of tlic
Slocan ? Will they feel like voting
for a man who is  backed   bv  scab
Gapers, and boosted on the platform
y a gang of spouters who would I
damn the cause of the greatest noli-1
ticisn on earth. Bob has made a
fatal mistake in conducting his campaign which should lie a lesson to
him in the future.
Application for Liouor Licence.
NOTICE ii hereby given that thirty days
from date I will *jMd v to th* Licence Com*
mission**!** of the City of Sandon for n tk**ne*
to sell liquor hy retail In the White Hoase
Ei��  0*BsiK��.
Saiidwu.June Uth, li***,
And Other Investments.
Every Representation Guaranteed.
"CsiarA-sta-* Ait. vo?.
' Asacrlc** Bey Mining mmA MlMlag Caves *aay.
Registered the ��th d*y of Ileeember. .*"f*.
I HEREBY CERTIFY thst I have thi, lay
registered the **An��erii**ii Bkiv Mi:.lair
and Muling Company" a* an Extra-Proviiuial
Company nnder the "Companie* Act. ISrT." to
carry out or effeet all or any of the i.J'jet't*.
hereinafter set forth to which the legislative
authority of the legislature ol British Columbia extend*.
Ttie head ofliee of the company i, situate in
the l*itj- of SpoaanSi State of Washington.
tJ.8. A.
The amount of the capital of itie Company
irs one million dollars, divided into one million share* of one dollar each.
Theheadon.ee id the C��n��|tanv in thi-* Province i* situate on American Hoy, Cody, and
Heurv Callaghau. miner, wluxe eiidne* is
Cody afore**rd. i�� the uttorney for the Com
The time of a*Jat��oce of tli?Coi*i|��inv i* Afty
The ohfsets for which the C-Mnprn-gr ba* been
estal>lish��"i are :���
1. To purclm***. locate, own. op.-rate an��*
work mining claims in the state, oi Washing
ton and Idaho.ami in the Pro. inc* of British
Columbia, and e.iiecially to parch***, own.
operate aud work -he two miring elaim.
known as the American Boy ami Hlaf-klinwk.
in the We.t Kootenay District. It C.
To purcba*e. own, locate, con ..tract. operate
and use all such wat^r right., ditehe, num.-*.
tramway**', railroal,. ��tauio uiill.. eoooan*
trators. smelter^. re.luctioh work* and other
enterprise* and appliance...a*, shall be nece.
aary or convenient in the milling, reduction.
treatment or tdiipriient of ore*, or in the o\mr-
ation of such uiiniii* claim, or mitie* :
S.   To boy. sell, reduce aud treat ore*:
4. To sell aud convey nil mining claim .
mines and other property which said Comp
any m*y acquire :
5. To borrow money for the purpose, uf tin-
Company, and to execute note,therefore, snd
to execute mortgage*, on the property of the
Company to seenre payment thereof, to ��nvli
amount, and upon such term... as rh>- Board
of Director* may think proper:
S. To receive from the stockholder* such
shitre* of the capital *tock a* said atockbold*
er* may donate or couvey to the corporati'H/.
to sell such stock mi donated or conveyed,
which shall be known n- *-Trea*tiiy Stock."
tor the purpo-e of raisin* *nd operating capital for the purpo*e* and ex|teni>e��of the Cor*
poration. said stock to be sold on such term*.
and at each prices, a* the Board of TrtiMteea
may direct:
7. To purchase from tbe snbaeril er* of the
capital stock such mining and other property
��� * tbe Bo*rd of Trustee* may deem proper,and
to receive ��uch mining claim- and other prop*
erty iu payment of subscription to the capital
stock ia each amounts a* the Boar.I of Trustee*
ma* think proper, and to i����ue full* paid up
atook therefore.
Oiven under my hand and a*��l of office at
Victoria, Province of British Columbia, this
twenty-eighth day of December, one thousand
eight hundred and ninety seven.
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies
������-"���'    *��*��� ttaiaai.aaw'tttitta. itt*n ���    .n   �����-.������   ... .        ��� ��� ,|���,    ,���,���
Atlantic Steamship  Tickets.
to and from European points via Canadian and American lines. Apply
for sailing dstes, rates, tickets snd
full information to any C. P. Ry
agnte. or
0. P. R. Agent, Sandon.
WM. 8TITT, Gen. 8. S. Agt.,
8. A. MI8HT0N
A Full Line of .Cigar*, Tobarr****,
Ptpea and Smokers* Sundries
in Stack.
Hejdqujrters for PUying Cards and
Poker Chips
atrco ava
H. B'fnrarters for Hit er*
Well !��t,t> kt-i liar in t-otiuet-tiitit
Fir��* rla**ac-eoRiaio>lation��    Board bv ta*
lay or week.
Canadian Pacific Ry.
Soo-Pacific Line.
Th* Faat aad S*peii��r Sertice Seats
To Eastern St
European Points.
To Pacific Coast St Far East
To   Rich   and   Active  Gold
Fields of Klondike and the
���luggage Cheeked to Destination
and Through Tlrkets lasued.
New Tourist Car Service.
Daily to St. Paul.
Daily Except Tuesday to Ekstern
Canadian   and  ['.   S.   point*.
To Main Line PoinU, and. excepting Sunday,
To and From Nelson.
Leave        Sandon        Arrive
7:4ft a. in. 4:5ft p. m.
AacerUlu present RElilCEH R4TRH ���������
���nil Informal,,,., |,v eddrea.lngi nMrMt ���,,���.,,
���gent, or
Agent, Sandon.
\iJff1* W;F AMWRSOK.
"      W** iW *** ��� Trav. *****, Agl
Vancouver. N���u>���
B* sure   that roar ticket  reads  , j. ii,,
H. Giegerich, Sandon, B. C.
The only exclnaioe Wholesale and Retail Oroceni House in Ssndon
Dealing in Flaa, Fraah aad Olaaa table sup.
Plies suitable for Family, Hotel tnd MinJng trade,
Special brands of Para Taaa aad Coffee*.
Sole Agents for
Giant Paardar Oa.9
Tba famous Saadarla Oaadlaa,
St. Ohariaa StariHiai Cream.
Sltm-sat KASUI and AlXHWoHTII
The Stronfleat Blast With the Uaet Potc-er of ant| Bloioer med*
We can alao aupphi
Gaieanixed Air  Pipe
0* ant| aisc required
Hamilton Byers & Co.
Closing: Sandon Branch.
Notice is hereby given that the Bank o( British North
America intends closing its Branch at Sandon on the 31st
�� Hy Depositors will confer a favor by calling at the
Bank and withdrawing their deposits.


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