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The Paystreak May 28, 1898

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Array f^^r^^^    ���Cj^^y
Silver was 57j) on Thursday.
P. J. Griffin ol Nelson is in town.
Charlie Hasting* bas gone to Kus
The Queen Bess will increase its
force shortly.
Pat Barns, the cattle kin/, waa in
town yesterday.
A. C. McArthur returned from the
Coast \esterday.
Dr. Bell*Irving, of Vancouver, waa
in town yesterday.
S. P. Tuck, of Kasio, paid Sandon
a casual visit this week,
Cigarette smokers cannot get into
the I* tilted States army.
The Idaho to [sacking ore down,
������ending repair** of the train.
The Isat day for getting names on
the voters' llat is the 4th of June.
The K and ft. train will hereafter
make regular daily trips to Only.
The Provincial electUm* will take
place on or a Ik nit the ltth of July.
There was no quorum and consequently no eoumcil meeting last
Tom Keed ami Jos Irwin killed
wversl bears up Wilson creek one
dsy last week.
Tlie Fat Man's club, nf New Denver, gave a dapee Isat week that
waa well attornled.
Percy Wilkinaon, of New Denver,
came up to Sandon ywterday to get
s touch ot high life.'
Mark Musgrove. who started the
first paper In Kaslo, is in the mining
business at Republic
J. C. Fa ton ia shortly lo commence
work on the Madison, near Cody, in
which ho ia inu*it*ste,l.
Conductor McKay ia in Nelson
taking instruction* in the u��e of air
upon passenger trains.
Water is getting high in the SI ��-
can, almost ss high aa the quality of
the Trail Blaaer cigars.
Mrs. McKay   took firat prise and
Profeaaor Beaton second  for High
land dancing at Kaslo.
K V. McCune and wife arrived in
Sandon this week. They will re*
uiain in town some time
Sam Brown, of New Denver, has
gone to Glenora where he will prospect with Charley Greenlce.
The bloomer style 'for horses recently inaugurated in Sandon is not
regarded a* an entire success.
K. II. Trueman has pitched his
tent on the K. A S. property sear the
depot.   ��� "Oft yer ahadder struck.���
S. A. Courtney, 0.1*. K. agent at
New Denver, relieved A. C. McArthur during his absence at the
Surveys on tho Nelson and Bed-
lington railway are now completed,
snd it ia confidently expected thst
conatrUDtlon will be begun within
the next 30 days.
weiiitTthl)S^,!^��FrCdBii,eyl   Ti�� invention held in Koasland
went to we Laideau this  morning, on Wednesday evening tor the pur
ine boya will pat in the summer in
the vicinity of Trout Lske.
The Salvation Army is very much in
evidence in Kaslo. The Army of ttw
liord is a long wav from head-
quartets when it is in that town.
G. M. McGregor, of the Lincoln
Paper Mills, Merriton, Ont., was in
town Thursday on his way east after
a successful trip through Kootenay.
Quite a number of prospectors sre
encamped in the vicinity of Kuako-
nook following the snow line as fast
as it reoteds up the mountainsides.
J. S. Lawrence and Pat Clark
have gone to Carihoj Creek to commence work on some valuable mining profiei ty which they hold in that
Addition* art: l**ing made to the
force at the Ruth ami a road ia bein*<
built from the No. 4 tunnel from
where some extra shipping will commence shortly
It is rumored in Kaslo thst the
Canadian Pacific Kail way has let the
contract for grading a portion of the
road on trie west side of th��? lake lo
connect with Balfour.
Stephen Jeffrey fell down a shaft
in the Silver King mine at Nelson
last Weduesday and was instantly
killed. His body waa shipped to
Negaunec. Mk'h., for iiitrrrtuent.
Johnnie 1��o��ty took four firsts and
j one second oat of eight  prises converted for at the Silverton celebration.   Johnnie is a hot sport   The
Silverton pc����|��lc paid to fin 1 it out.
The law relating to the filing of
copies of the papers containing ad-
vertisments for eertiflcate of ha-
provements is a.piece of i*ed tape
that is verv* objectionable to inter-
cstcd people.
John 11. Tlrompaon has become
enamored with California and does
. not Intend to return  to  the Slocan.
i He owns an orange grove and has
already acquired some miring in-
! terests iu the Golden Su.te.
The Comstock body of eoiicetitra-
j ting ore was examined this week by
{an expert with a view of finding out
whether it would pay to erect a concentrator.    The company   has  not
yet received his decision.
Hamilton Byers, who recently purchased the hardware business of
John A. Turner A Co., Nelson, is
receiving large consign men tn of
goods there ami will open in a few
days with a full sha'k iu his line.
An invitation has la-en extended
to the Sandon Fire Brigade to compete at Nelson on Dominion Day.
Phe invitation will probably be accepted aa there la some talk of post-
���Killing the Sandon celebration.
S. E, DsRaokin, of the B. C. News,
Kaslo, has won a *tf,Utt> law suit
against Lincoln county, Washington,
for the publication some years ago
of a delinquent tax list. Six thousand dollars is an awful pile of money
fbr a newspaper man to have. Sam
will probably go back to U. S. and
run tor President
Boose and Blood.
pose of nominating a candidate to
contest the constituency In the interests of the provincial opposition was
adjourned until June 8th, without
ihe delegate* arriving at a choice.
Alex Sproat received a telegram
from Charley Greenlee Thursday
evening stating that Wm. McKinnon
was drowned in the Stikine river on
the 19th inst. McKinnon was one of
the old timers in the Slocan having
been a partner with Wm. Hunter, ot
Silverton. His brothers and sister
reside in Silverton,
In the creek back of this office
there is an immense amount of water
power going to wast. Manufactur
era should take a look at it before
buying elsewhere. It is high grade
and the velocity with which it moves
will permit of no barriers in it* progress to the sea. There is nothing
iazy about the entire stream.
The MacKenzic Glover Company,
which occupied Spencer's on Saturday. Sunday and Monday evenings
last, played to poor business, though
their perforniances were in everyway of a high order. MacKenzie is
a vocalist'of rare ability, and Miss
Glover, as a Shakespefian actress,
considerable talent.
Anglican Churcn -Rev. C. F.
Yates will preach to^norrow evening
at 7:30 o'clock in Spencer a hall.
Presbyterian churcn���Regular services in Virginia hall morning and
in the evening a special Memorial
Service will be held in honor of the
Hon. W. Ff. Gladstone. Special
music.   Special sermon.
Methodist Church���Regular services to-morrow at 11 a. m. and 7:30
m. Rev A. M. San ford. Subject
or morning sermon, "The Influence
of Memory on the Religious Life":
of the evening sermon, "Why does
God test Man ?" Song service after
sermon.   Rev. J. A. Cleland.
The Ladies Aid of the Presbyterian church propose giving a concert and ice cream social on Monday
evening, June 6th in Virginia hall.
The Rev. Dr. Sutherland of Toronto, delivered a very practical and
interesting lecture in the Methodist
church on Thursday evening to a
good audience. The choir rendered
*t)h, How Lovely i�� Zion,M and the
quartette sang 4*Go ye into all the
World." Miss Wilson also assisted
in the programme, singing "Abide
with me." On motion of Mr. Cliff*'
snd the Rev. J. A. Cleland the
hearty thanks of the audience were
tendered the Rev. lecturer who responded thereto in a pleasing manner. ' i
The same old Team in on a Caroing
at Kaslo.
Kaslo has a nigger who Is a bad
man ; one of those characters whose
chances should have been ditcounted
some time ago by hanging bimon
general principles. On Monday evening last this gentleman of African extraction got loaded up with tangleleg and on toward morning opened
the Queen'a Birthday festivities by
picking a scrap with Gus Lofstedt,
proprietor of the Slocan Beer Hall, a
joint near tbe Comique. Lofstedt
waa also spiflicated, and when the
nigger left he was .pretty badly
hacked up. The doctors say be may
pull through but his chances are
slim. The police captured Beattie,
the nigger, on the outskirts of tbe
town an hour or two later. He Was
armed witli a blue-barrelled Colt
about the size of a Hotchkiss gun
and s knife as long as an axe handle
snd broader than a paddle. He was
on bis wsy to Sandon.
The shipments of ore from Sandon
from August 1, 1897, to May 27th
1898, inclusive, were as follows:
Slocan Star,
:    3.247J tons*.
:    5,374
Idaho Mines,
:  10.040,
Noble Five,
:      5l9f
-> :     1128*
American Boy,
Slocan Bov,
:        42
:         58
:         12
Freddie Lee.
:         16
Mt. Adams,
Last Chance,
:     1384
:         35
Cananian Group,
:         20
Trade Dollar,
:         15
Queen Bess,
Fountain Fraction,
:          10*
Ajax Fraction
Wonderful Bird
:           2|
Total,       :       : 22,9931 tons
Ore shipments for the week ending 27th: Ruth 80, Slocan Star 60,
Total 140.
PORTRAITSlTR. H. Trueman, of
Vancouver, wfll bo.in Sandon tor the
next ten davs, and will be glad to
see all his old friends and any number of new ones at his tent near the
K. A S. depot. This is positively the
only visit of the season with the
studio tent.
The Trail Blaxor cigar is alway. in camp at the Denver.
It is said that the Yankees are
much bigger men than the Spaniards and that is an important advantage for the Americans in this
war. In stature the haughty Don is
at least among the Europeans, averaging only 5 feet 5*, inches in height.
The soldiers who fight under the
stars and stripes average 5 feet, 7J
inches in height. Their average
weight is 10 pounds more than that
of the Spaniards, and the average
chest measurement is 2 inches greater. Of course, sine is not everything
in a soldier, but other things being
equal, the bigger and stronger man
has an advantage.
���' ��� ���'���������    "'      'e> '���'
A fine line of miner's rubber coats
at the Post Office Store.
Smoke Trail Blazers.
���   '''*���
. *.* �����. a
* *!?$���
New Dgjsjygg
A Summer Resort
Has few equals in the world. It is
the nearest approach to Paradise of
any town in Kootenay.
Sandon people, weary with the
'excitement of business, will find It
just the spot to recuperate their tired
Fishing is good* and not restricted to six days a week.
The bait sold la town is high grade
and la delicious when drank out of a
bottle in any of the many secluded
spots so numerous in the vicinity of
Lucerne of America.
Take it in next Sunday.
Is feeling the benefit of the inv
provement in trade.   Orders are
becoming more liberal and less
seldom, payments are more
prompt and less excruciating;
a general improvement in business is the result of the revival.
Have not advanced one cent.   Now is the
time to make the necessary purchases.
We can tum out anything you happen
to require with neatness and despatch.
An order
Wit] verily the Statement.
The standard of our work is
War SituationJa Europe.
The English pros* nyml* moat
favorably the sentiments expressed
by Mr. Chamberlain in his speech on
the Foreign policy. The Standard
believes that in spito of the difference
between the sentiments expressed by
Mr. Chamberlain and Lord Salisbury, nothing in the way of serioua
cabinet di***entlona are to be feared.
The two minister* differ only as to
the concessions which are to ��-��� made.
io settle trouble with France in Weal
Africa. Tin* Standard further remarks that Great Britain, by con
on ding to France in West* Africa
gain* elsewhere, ami *o doing benefits her China scheme. The Tin***
believe! Mr. Chamberlain's worda
havi* produced a good effect. The
United States, it says, may reaard
with eqiiiiiiinity the pondbtlit) of s
serious European embroil, the pros
peat oi whicii will keep the |**wrr**
from hastily interfering in the pre*-
i'iit war.
A I/ind'Hi special to the New York
World says it is reportu*d that tin-
Kussian   Ambassador  baa   beat til
rected to demand  from  Lord Salisbury ��u explanation of Mr. Chamber
Iain's assertions regard in*' )tu**>ia
Mr. Chamberlain'a   object,  Ii ia
stated,   wa* to compel   France  In
evacuate    Brottsaa.    West    Africa
There ia grave anxiety over lite out
The French arc not to play in our
yard. The (fovernm'ntat St. John 1
Newfoundland, has been advisi-d
that owing to serious cotuplieatkms
between (treat Britain and France,
and the constant friction with tbe
French along Newfoundland, the
city ����f St. John's is to be fortified
Fnquiriea are being mMde from
Halifax as to the position and extent of Crown land** and the facilitii-e
for building tortiHeat ions.
A communication, apparently inspired, is appearing   iu   the French
*emiof!icial papers wlih  IBS idea ��f
preventing the growth M anti "Am
erican" feeling In France.  Tile com
municatioii attrihm>-�� to the  BrilUh
press a peratotont nnd maltcioii* at
tempt to embitter   the  relations  la*
tween France and the I nltod Stale*.
It declare* that the   French nation
never   have  bean   hoatlle    to   the
Americana, which fact the latter will
realise when time hai dispclh*d the
present miaundirstanding.
The Russian pa|**r. The Koooe
Vremya, thinks it doubtful whether
the United State* desires an alliance
withOreat Britain. Il ahw doubts
whether It would be aggreahle to the
other power* to have the United
States seize the I'hilipines and aei|
them to (it-cat Britain. Such an Intention, It says, would be sufficient
to raise the question among the powers interested in the Fsr Kaat aa to
whether they ought to observe complete neutrality during the wsr.
Whether Japan will ,frMlf|
the United States |* , J^
guessing. It was it .,��� ^ *
that the Japanese go\.���������um.m 2
staking the co��operatl.,, of eer2
European powers In thU .^n^tka
but tlie Japanese MinUi. r at W*uh
ingtoii dtscredita the n \*>n.
The Frt*nciriu*ws|*��|. r* are keep,
iilg Up a aeries of violent aitackiM
Ihe United State*, hi |.nnl -j^
I'atrk-calls on IWcl��m.*n to ^
member tint ceiigraiulati- r�� titi-**-.
ed to Germany by tin* United Sui^
on the former * victor, ��� ., r Fr*e*.
Tbe Figaro prlnu a pr.<*.hecY fro*
a srork written by aCbnu i- Hr,*^
twenty-six years ago, in *hich th*t
gt-ntteuutn fotsres the uktug m
Cuba by the Unit..! m��i#n *hid��
would then meddle is tarept, "siai
weigh down with rettoubutlse h��?i
ness the iii-mar-rb.il delinks uf
little old Kun��|-'
Rainu Ricer Short ol Supplies.
Word comes to Winnipeg trm
Mine I enter that the ��**| hq^v
situation Is growing arrk-ns in ik
mining camps, owing tu i:,- imps*
bility of getting in good* by rras��*
of tbe UMprec**d��*nu*,i! I * *��itt��
the river*. Flour, �����*.���*.. -i m****!.
butter and several other i-ectsaulBi
are exh��u��t4-<l. Tin* la*: !i<ur uU
at t5 a sack. Until the Jun-? raim
cotite, dtfgs will have to I* uwd fee
trenaportatioti.     *
Thee* People are A!! K��abt
The Mayor ami City C**osett s?
Niaiara Fall*, N Y.. accepted si*
aiiintottaiv an Invitation ironi u*
Niagara Fall*, tbit A" : \**<>
atton' 10 la�� present In a '**!��� *,,**
tbe civic omelet* ami \��na 'I-** ��
the celcbfaMn of Her Wsje*^
birthday'. For the fir*.* time to �����*
history of the United ^****. **
lamrd of nhtenm-n dcclar'**! tlw ���!*>
a half hoi .da v. etosing ' "����*
and calling upon thee.' uk*
part in the feativhb- Nisgafi
Falls, t>nt., in bomi t \u'*n*
Mrs. WaliisT^I *l"��-' "*"". **l
tl��edocU*ra all PBPomni !")ck
rkling.   Ifitmakeiii* ���,nn,rr
it iaa los* to fki doctor*-
Mr. Walker-"! kmi-*
figure that one simiikI, I
will disable at bast five
per week."
bet they
,.lV rMst
. .i,-5lrwn*
Impecunious eilitor     ��    |J
tleua, a'ndiiM-tonds��l!.tr- ��'" '
iJorticus-~* -Sorry,
haven't got  It.   Here *
rlve-dollsr aonnctt, ���houji
take it to the  cashier   <
changed. 111 lie hapi'N
date you."
SIM".   '
|f yott'H
h��Vr I
The Trail Blaxer clgai
In camp at the Denver.
Smoke Trail Blaxers.
.mp m
Saturday night a largely attended
meeting was held iu Clever's hall of a
I political nature. Wm. Thomlinson wss
called to tbe chair and stated tbe objects
uf the meeting to be the organising of a
-���olitical club or association to discuss
and formulate plans ol campaign (or tbe
a 11 .roaching election, to tbe end that the
, a operation of all towns in tbe Slocan
itnd Slocan City mining divisions could
U secured and*oas��l toward the election
,ii men to tho Provincial parliament who
would beat serve the interest* of the
Kection. The meeting was roosi bar
muiiioua and those present wee* enthusi-
antic over it* object* and purpose*.
Tbe ditcuaaion of the msrita or de-
merits of any candidate or prospective
candidate, or any party, were prohibited
at this meeting.
The following resolution setting forth
the objects of New Denver's alliens was
Win few. As it is nece**ary that the
town* on Uii* side of tbe St-oean Divide
tdiould act in combination, to protect
and advai.cc their interest*, theirfore
the citiaen* of .��>w Denver pledge them
��i*lve* not only fad work for their own
interests in the apiwmching election.
I ml to work equally hard to promote the
I,gitou-ite Interest* of the sb-tVi inwneof
Silverton, *kiean Otty, Sandon, Inre*
rVkf, Uo**e**ery. lytwin *u��<. nil othe��
town* in the * J*lo��*an ami >l�� an City
Mining Div'-aon*.
\ftei a general diaritasioo of the need*
and   interest*  of   the  Sl<> ui   by   Mr
Fauquier, Mr. Htinter, of **>i!v��*rton, an I
Mr. kerr,  it  waa  moved i��y Mr. Ker :
Whereas, it h** always been ibe enatom
to make aach gold cunmi��e*ioncr a *ti
l-eiui.i.y  magistrate,  in*** slant  .otiind*
(���Miner   >l land ami  works, v* >��vernmei.t
agent and county  court   r*<*sgutt***r, and
Wiierea*. it ia of p��rtn ubt<' iniportai.ee
that the Gold C*oinmi**ioner ol thin di*
in. t should have all those olli��*e*, there
lore this meeting call* upon the govern
ment to confer the Steve office* on the
liotd Comtniaaioner of thi* di*trict with
out delay.
This motion wa* backed up by Another
m'uestin*- the chairman ami m*nu*r>
to sign ami forward to Uie proper official
in Victoria a copy of Ut* resolution.
The queaton of pernmnent organix*
tion then nme upaml "The New Dsnvei
Cam-migti Political Club.", with Wm.
Tbomlinaon aa president is tbe r *ultof
���>ub*t>qoatit motion*, with a mem.**r*hip
of *,> voter*, all of whom handed in theii
names at the meeting.
The object* of the club will l*e to in-
itugurateany movement looking U�� the
protection and advancement of tbe inter
<������*���* of the Slocan. iu muring proj**r
ri|ne*eutation in the government and
'���roper laws protecting the district.
Messrs. Fauqtdsr and Kerr were ele* t
e��l delegate* to* meet llakasslss from
slocan City, Silverton, Kaslo. Samlou
and Three Fotka, for the purpose of
binning �� general coalition of till
element* in the several town* to secure
tbe objects set forth.
Meetings of the club will lie held every
Saturday night and will la* addressed b\
eandehite* for and against the govern-
ment, it being the general opinion of
the member, thai no move should be
made to Mupport any candidate until all
have hail a hearing, when, if possible a
con ibinatioa will be effected with lister
towna mi the moat promising candidate.
The I .edge.
Silverton'a celebration was not the aue-
cesa iu citixens wanted it to l>e, but those
that attended���100 from Slocan City, 100
i"��m New Denver, 50 from Nelson ami
probabtt 60 from Sandon and Three
I orka���greatly enjoyed the sport** and
the hospitality of the Silverton people,
for which our alater town is prominently
commended.   The failure to secure the
services of the fcnverbsnd and the foot*
ball team detracted considerably from
tbe exercise* of the day. and made the
crowd -Jkuch smaller than it otherwise
would have been. But overshadowing
this is the fact that Kaalo held a celebration of greater magnitude and offered
greater inducements to pleasure seekers.
The Slocan City bana waa in attendance at Silverton. The sporta of the
day began shortly after 11 o'clock. The
single scull race was won by K. Covington over L. O'Reilly, and the double
scull by Covington and Henderson over
Keid and Dnacoll. No entries were
made far the canoe race.
There were nine entries in the 100
yard dash and a pretty race might have
Ireen witmssed had * better start been
made. The entries wen* J. S. Gustey, B.
(.line, A S. Williamson, S. Webb, C.
Keller, J. Melntire, ti. Mavbe, C. Brett
and Fred. Mitchell. Mitchell took first,
Maybe second money.
Prospectors race declared off.
In the hurdle race some fine sprinting
waa done, Tbos. Henderson leading
Guatie and Mitchell. Mitchell took
Only three entries were made in the
iioys race, but it wag a hot one. It. McMillan led K. Hood several feet leaving
J. Delaney behind.   He waa outclassed
The nick race was amusing; Gustey
took lirst money, C. Brett second and R
��� i. McLeod Jell down.
There are no fat men in Silverton thai
��� an run, at least they refused to show
themselve* when the race was called.
In the broad jump (iuatey won firs,
on U foot !Ss, Ike Thompson second a;
11*11. Mayu*'*i longest jump waa 0-4,
Hobhina W-y.
Gustey won tbe running broad jump
on   10  feet.     Nichols  took second on
I74BJ.  Maylie'elongeatjumpwaa 10*4*4
W. C. Davie* 15-0.
Some pretty  *iole vaulting was done
it. G. Mcl-wo came up from Nelson au��:
.talked over the stick at 8 feet as easih
as at 5.   May lie fell out at 7, W. Telforo.
it. Nichol and J. 1'inchhack at 7*8.
tiuatey walked off with first money in
the running high jump, over R. Nichol
who could not jump at all.
The ground wa* poor for hop, step and
leap, lull Henderson atretehed out
W-ll��**.Gusty 38-2, Nichol 8M Davie*
31-1. t   .      i
Tbe 18 pound shot could not lie found
and the contest was called off.
Tiwsing C **��� telegiaph pole was* great
passtirae for Hi** strong men. J. J. Mo*
Intire'a best to** was .11 feet 8. Neil
Mclnni* 30-5, J- Anderson 2H���*>, J.
Bow** SO-1, J*ck Harvey 802, Mike
I'm.lev 32.
The horse r**ce was the most Interest*
ing feature of the day's ipprts. Six
entries were made: A. P. McDonald s
llextcr, S. Thomas' Dclune, P. Angng-
noo'a Billy, L. R. Fork**' Flaah, l��.
Hammond's Gray Bell, Ja*. Bowes rred.
Dexter was the favorite, but Fred too*
first money. Second money wa* divided
lietwecn lVxter and Gray BeU, both
taking a heat for second place.
The green or poney race was won of
the Buckskin colt.
Tbe foo'l-ell match failed to arouse any
interest. Silverton was too much W*
Sl Kan City nmi were better able to p��|
on the small ground*.
The drilling contest was a great -liaap*
pointment.   Tliree entries w��e uni.le:
"Candlestick Jim" Murphy and "Hono
Kellv. Dwyerand Anson, and utehroou
��,nd Ryan.   Murpbyand Kellv put down
the lirst hole Wi hMhssj Dwyer and
Anson lollowed, using the aame ateel,
ami   put   the    hole     down ��fc,   btt
the whole   thing  was such a n***���
tohsma to get first and ssoond .none*,
thai the judge* called the  SOntStt   ot
after the Hrst hole was  put down aJM
onlv one purse was paid over.
A ball in the evening winded up the
days celebration.
Tin* practical   prospector is rapidly
tttking (be place of the l^oram ;
Inexperienced, lavs the  M"" - ������
Seientilic  Press.   He has paid foi   his
lajrementof  paying propert.e-*. hut n>
year* of loss mixed up witb his gains,
to indelibly impress his experience upon
his mental faculties    It is a business to
which few are adapted and fewer still
are successful.   There la nothing in the
business world that requires such a
wide range of knowledge aa that of
mining and prospecting    The practical
prospector of to-day understands every
detail of the solfataric,  dynamic and
chemical factors most effective in the
world's past periods of universal formation,   lie has learned that while beat,
water  and    vapors    have  produced
deposits in veins and otherwise, many
of which have proven valuable, that
the greater part of the great bonanzas
of the world are always in connection
with two of the six principal divisions
of igneous end eruptive rocka���tachyte
and felsyte���the former generally lying;
in great fields and trunucated masses,
the latter in dvkes and in overflows and
ilder  formations.   These  again  have
been  divided into  various characteristics, owing to the period of eruption
or subsequent  me.tatnorphiam,  all  of
which have been instrumental in mineralizing the adjoining country rocksjii
veins and deposits.   The secrets of the
success of the modern prospector and
mine manager lie in his knowledge of
the dates and  effects of the porphyry
���iverfiowsaiid intrusions.
to tho Lucerne of America, although for
a few days his thoughts Will turn back
to tbe home ot Blue Point oysters, and a
laud that assays 90 per cent, in war enthusiasm and blue-coated sona of Mars.
P. Linquiat, D. McQuaig and Duncan
Weir, who have beeu working for sometime on the Black Eagle, on Ten Mile,
report that they have now six inches of
solid ore on that property.
On the Fidelity the tunnel into Fidelity
hill ia in 50 feet. A crosscut will be run
after going in a few feet further. On the
Harris claim, adjoining toward the lake,
good galena float has been found in tbe
workings and it ia hoped to catch the
solid ore chute soon.
A. M. Beattie, the well-known real
estate man, ia just now in Vancouver.
He will open a mining and real estate
olfice in that city, and as he has a generous knowledge of West Kootenay, from
personal observation, be should do well
in operations relating to this great mineral district.
Good news is brought down from the
Speculator, Springer creek. A crosscut
has been run in the past two weeks
a lowing the ledge to be 33 feet of highly
mineralized stun, with five ore stringers
running through it. Assays have been
made of   the rock and run from 125 to
���..�����.��     . ..^      ..��..������.A��.�� .148 oz8 silver and as high aa 59 percent.
DESVERITES AND NEIGHBORS lead. Work will be continued/ It ia
  ��� situated just above the Arlington.
Alexander Dick waa in New Denver
hu>t week.
Sun Goldberg ��* running a butcher
shop in Moyie City.
G. B. Matthews, late of Three Forks,
is building a store in Ymir.
Charles Greenlee will spend the summer in the vicinity of Glenora.
Al. Behne and James Gilhooley are
lue in towu within a few days.
John G. Steel haa returned from Iowa
uid will work tbe Dayton and Democial
ibis summer.
J. H. Moran will soon commence work
on tbe Home Plate, a claim near the
Mountain Chief.
Toughnut Jack, who went to the
Klondike last year, ia reported to have
lost both of hi* lega by freezing.
Wm. Glynn bas rented the Murphy
residence on Sixth avenue, and accompanied by hia wife will arrive in New
Denver next week.
J. H. Moran has returned from his
long vacation. He reports having a delightful time, especially in the historical
city of Boston.   James is glad to get back
A folding bed must be pulled down
before it can be done up.
The man that makes the least noise
ia often the most dangerous.
The man who kicks for justice sometimes gets more of it than he wants.
Married men always have more buttons off their clothes than bachelors.
Whatever Noah's shortcomings were
he knew enough to go iu when it rained.
A cow may have a good many qualities, but she'is too modest to Blow her
own horn.
The wise father always tries to bring
up his son in the way he should have
A woman can get a shiftless husband
in about five miuutes, but it sometimes
takes a lifetime to get rid of him.
The man who goes fishing and aits in
a cramped, uninviting position all day
and calls it fun is the chap who never
goes to church because the pe-.vsare uncomfortable.
The NewmarketHotel,
Provides ample and pleasant accommodntion for the traveling public
Telegrams for rooms prom fitly attended to.
STEGE k AV1S0N,  -      Proprietors.
Dealer irj MEATS
 : AT :
:    .    | .���
i   1. i.
THE PAYSTREAK, stWDON. B. C. MAY ��, '*>*������
The Paystreak.
Is Issued every Saturday l* Sandon, In the heart
of tbe greatest White Metal camp on earth.
Subscription     ��� ...     S>.0O��ye*r
Strictiy In advance.
Address: The Pat8T*kak, Sandon, B.C.
8ANDON.   B. C, MAY 28, 1898
When the C. P. R. is forced to meet
competition it does so with a determination to win.   The. company* late
activity in the' Trail creek Is evidence
ofthisfsct.   Two lead stacks are to
be constructed at Trail.    The company proposes to smelt the ores ot the
Slocan, and will brook no competition
from any source.    They are in a position to transport  and treat ores
cheaper than any other individual or
corporation.   Two lead furnaces have
been ordered, and general details tor
the new plant are complete.    At the
smelter everything is in a state ot
activity, and the work already done
shows wonderful changes.    It is useless to ask when the smelter will be
blown in, but of course not until there
is sufficient roasted ore on band. One
roast heap is ready to Are, and the
big Blake crasher is working steadily.   The old reverberatory furnaces
have been torn down, and two sd-
dithmal blasts will be erected, making four in all, witb a capacity of
MX) tons daily.    There will also be
one reverberatory for matte refining.
About 100 tons of ore are being received daily from the War Eagle and
Centre Star, and soon the War Eagle
shipments will cover thst amount
Bids for the construction of tbe
Colombia &. Western railroad from
Robson to Midway in the Boundary
country, a distance of 100 miles, a ill
be opened Jane 15th. The road will
cost about $3,O0O,U00. sndTisilisto
be the point of disbursement for all
money connected therewith. Tbe C.
P. & offices in Trail are crowded
with d rang htm en and engineers
rushing work with all possible speed.
Maekensie & Mann, Winters, Parsons
& Boomer. Messrs. Lynch, Larson and
others will be among the bidders.
This road will connect at Kobson with
the "Vail road, thence to Dog creek,
and across the pass; then down Mc-
Crae creek to Christina lake, down
the lake and across to Midway.
{daily prayers tor guidance, yet aa
firm and unflinching aa his mind wsa
mighty and porjder-ous. Gladstone
was a giant. Common meu the world
over pause before the majestic height
of his intellect and the great strength
of his character In admiration and
Gladstone has not been a consistent
man in public lite, nor free from serious errors. Inheriting strong sympathies with the Conservatives, he
became ultimately a leader ot the
Liberals. But it is probably not so
much bis public works that has endeared the man to the hearts ot all
people as it la his personality. He
was a Godfearing man. He was
above all else a man of deep convictions'- he never faltered when he
knew his dutv, and never sacrificed
one iota of what he believed to be
right for the plaudits of his people.
He was powerful. His was a master
mind. It was the force ot bis great
intellect and the strength of bis resolute will which gave him his power
at borne and his influence abroad.
How thoroughly he dominated the
party which he led is evidenced by
the absence of such leadership since
he left active public life. The Liberal
party does not lack men of ability,
men who are quite as astute, perhaps
as Mr. Gladstone, but none of them
seem to possess the ability to dominate the political thought of the time
as lie did.
With the death of England* grand
old commoner the Gladstone of the
world has passed away. No actor on
the stage of life during the last halt
century hss occupied so prominent a
place in the public eye as Gladstone.
Ihe part whicii he played in the
drama is well known. A man who
was as humble before his God as he
was powerful over his fellows; aa
earnest and simple as a child in his
Br Bobsrt Q. Immtill.
Invention ha* filled the world with
competitors not only of labor but of
mechanics��� mechanie* of the highest
skill. To-day the ordinary laborer is
for the moat, part of a cog in a wheel
He works with the tireless���he feeda
the insatiable. When the monster stop*
tbe man is out of employment���out of
bread. He haa not aaved anything
The machine that be fed wa* not feeding him���the invention waa not tor hi*
The other day 1 heard a man aay that
it waa impossible for thousands of good
mechanic* to get employment, and that
in hi* judgment the government ougnt
to furnish work for the people A few
minute* after, I heard another aay that
he waa selling a patent for cutting out
clothes���that one of the mjcliine* could
do tbe work of 20 tailors, that only the
week before he had sold two to a great
house in New York, and that lo cutters
had been discharged.
On every aide men are being- dis
charged and machine* are being in
vented to take their place*. When the
the great factory abut* down, the worker* who inhabit it and gave it life, as
thoughts do the brain, go awav, and it
stands there like an empty skull. A
few workmen by force of habit gather
about the dotted doom and broken
windows and talk about distress, the
price of food and the coming winter.
Thev are convinced that thev have not
had their share of what their labor
created. They feel certain that the
machines inside were not their friends
Tbe look at the mansion of the employ*
er, snd think of the placet where thev
live. They have saved nothing - noili
���Ing but themselves The employer
seems to have enough Kveu when
employer* fail, when they become
bankrupt, they are far better off than
the laborer* every where Their wor.it
. ia better than the toilers' liest.
The capitalist <*on��ea forward wna to*
.pecilic. lHetollatheworktttfmantoat
he must be eeonomicae--and yet, uauer
preseut system, ��^noiny ���UK J^
lessen wage*. Under the great tow m
supply and demand, every aavtog,
frugal, ��lf denying workman la un-
coitscioualy doing what he canj to reduce
the compsnsstion of himself end wa
workmen. The slave* who did not wiaa
to run awav helped fasten chain* on
those who aid. So the saving mechanic
is a certificate that the wage* are high
enough Does the great, Taw demand
that everv worker should live on We
least possible amount of bread? Ia it
fate to work one dav that he mav get
enough food to be able to work another* It that to be hi* hope, that *nd
Capital ha* always claimed, and still
claims, the right to combine Mann*
facturers meet and determine prices,
even iu spite of the great law of supply
and demand. Have the laborer* the
same right to consult *wl combine?
The rich meet in the bank, clubhouse
or parlor. Working men. when they
combine, gather in the street All the
organised force* of aocleiy are against
them Capital has the armv and navy,
the legislature, the indicia! and execu
live departtnettt* When tbe rich combine it tsfortbepnni**^^,>Xi'n*,,-^nif
ideas " When the poor combine it t��
a "con*pir*cv." If they defend themselves it it "treason " How i* it thai
the rich control the department*. *f the
government*   In thi*   eeuntrv   the
nolitival power is eO,Ual!v divide*!
*mong men. There are c.rtainlv m ��n-
poor than rich. Whv ���Benin' the rirh
control? Whv should not the Ub*��rer*
combine tor the purpose of wtmlndliug
tiie executive, the legislative ami mdu i
al department*' Will they ever nod
how powerful they are? A rry eatae*
fr.im the optireA*��*f|. the hnnxr*.. Iron
the downtrodden, front the unfortunate*,
from the despised, from men who do*
?��ir, and from wonwn who weep
here are time* when mend'eant*
become revoluniMa���wtteo a rag be*
come* a banner, under which the m��bl
eat and the brave** battle for tbe right
How are we to settle the unequal
contest between man ��nd machine?
Will the machine flnallv go into pan*
nership with the latwirer? Can the**
force* of nature lie controlled for the
benefit of her suffering children? Will
extravagance keep pace with ingenu
ity? Will workmen bev-ene intelligent
enough ami stiong enough to Wotne
the owner* of machines? Will the***
giaut*,thf**e Titau*.*horten or lengthen
the hour* of labor** Will they give
leisure for the industriaus, or will thev
make the rich richer ami *he poor poof
er? Ia man involved In the "genera!
scheme'* of thing*:-- l�� there no pity, no
mercy? Can man become intelligent
enough to be generous, to be just, or
doea the same law of if.it control him
that controls the animal or vegetable
world? The great oak steals the sun
light from the small tree*, the atrong
animal*, devour the weak-everything
at the mercy of beak, and claw, and
hoot, and tooth- of hand and club, of
brain and greed -inequality, injustice
everywhere The jio..r horse standing
iu the street with his drav.nverworked.
over whipped and underfed, when he
sees other horse* groomed like mirror,
glittering with gold and silver, scorn
ing with proud feet the rerv earth,
probably indulge- the usual socialistic
reflection.., end this same horse worn out
and old. deserted bv his master, turned
Into the dusty road, leans his head on
the topmost  rail, look* at donkevs In
*���?��/"'"��� ��' ��*��ver and feel* like a
In the days of cannibalism the strong
devoured the weak -actually ate their
flesh In *plte of all the law* that man
haa made, in *pitc of all advance* In
science, the strong, the hear Ilea* atill
Ive mi the weak, the unfortunate and
the foolish True, thev tin not eat their
flesh or drink their hln.id, but thev live
on their labor, or their self denial,' tbetr
weakness and a ant The poor man
who deform* himself by toil, who labor*
for his wife and children through all hi*
anxious, barren, wasted life-who goes
la She gsatT& wuheat ever Uvt**. **��
iuxwy-has been the fool Mf otsJT
He has been devoured bv f.-iiownw*
iI&yE*^^        53
oneJy room, caeerle** and Rreh**,, ���,*
JFf^JgJg**. *y !�� *i��H�� *��srva2
from a child, is slowly i**,,,,, ���,,   .
her fellowsaesi.   When I take into tl
atdctutton the agony of riviitudiu*!.'
the failures, the anxieties, the n*ar�� tu
withered hope*, the tatter r��*alitt��**,'|h��
hunger, the crime, the hutniliation] the
shame��� I asa almost forced u> **r flat
cannihallsai,  after all, is   the mo*
mereifnl form In which man la* Iwm
upon his fellow man.
It ia impossible for a man with a rad
heart to be smttsfted with thi�� *<������',��� u
it now is. No man ran truly nipt
what he nairna���what he knows u^
hi* own���-knowing that mdlinasoikji
feibwmen are in miserv and w��w
When we think of the f*mi*t,��d *,
think that it hi almost hearth*** to eat
To tweet the ragged and Mvimiw
makes one almost ashamed to h* *>$
dreswed and warm���one fe**U *��� th.**^
hi* heart wa* as cold a* their bod***
la a world Ailed with mlllkaw ��i*j
millions of acre* of land waiting tt ha
tilled, where one man can r*i��.�� the fonrj
for hundreds, million* are on thr **d**r
of famine. Who can comprehend u��
atnptditv at the bottom of tin* srntfv*
Aretht* ta**of*Upfii> and denials'.'
invention and *riemv. m.mopolr ��r��i
���-ompelilton. capita! and k&ttefiss,
-i I ways to he the eoemir* <d itaa-evta
toll? Will the worker* always be ijra**-
ant enmaxh to give their earning to \\��
o*��ffdo**? Will i bey support i��iHis��*.��I
����hl|er** to kill the *��n* irf Mlier a irt
.l^rmen? Wl'l they al*A.�� UkM
temple* and tivem huts and d<--i** tie***
*-elv��ar* Will they harevei all *�� j*����
site* and vampire* to live ap��w tadr
tdood? Will tney remain the ��4a*n** d
Ihe befgars they *ttl*p���.rt���, Win b<��**��i
men atop taking off their lv*i��i*> ��*<
ceasfnl frand? Will Industry, ia ttw
;*rn*en��e **t clowned ldlenr>**��. Luetn
tall no It* kswea, and will th. lip a*
ssalaed by Ilea forever k��#** tHr e.M
impoater'a hand? Will tJtsi uiHb-r*44-wl
that begrgar* cannot be geuen**i*. *ni
that every laaaithv man mu.t earn u***
right to ttVaP Wftl they Anally ss^ibai
the man who has hast eciust |.n*.* ��v*-
with all cSksara haa no rigiu t- i-.-mias's.
W will they follow tasaetamplethst ha*
been set by their sfswwssorv Will !'.**���
learn that foeee, to s��ec��*s**l. mu*t m��
thought behind it. sad tn*' inyOes*
'tone, in oeder that it m*. endure, waa
rem onon the rorneratonr �����( ;a��*��<*'
When KeaweawntotiveJeTr*. Mmp*.
of Knees*, wa* making hi* m��****��' ���*���
tbe House the other d*> on thettsa-
Cratlve merits of torpedo *-**t* awa
iUei4iip*.members who*. **"si�� ail��*��
hi* were dignsf ing ��he following ���''' ��
pfsatry, which appeareil l�� ' *V ���*�����**��� "
newspaper, and aahaequeiitlj fain**t**
Mr. Simpson*attention:
Tto a*w '=i#.a*��4*l rnA^r *n+*A ��e* **
riS* mat, .4 *-r-*14��1 **-����� ����-l !����*>*4 *���*
law* tk*v *i*ts.
\,*4 ta* BMJM��f war *.*.U��ie��l tm �������*�����-* "**'
maul. l i.*l
rill 4ri��*^i t�� aa* *f*ii*a h�� ��� <-- "*.*,K' *���***
r***- ��aa�� its* S-* ms^ah-'.i ���*���'*'"��� ��������* ���,-*
�����>S*a*tty l.**tw*S. .   <*<
r^��f*��lw t, rat ���*���*��.*.ers e*iiv f��.Kl ���*������������* l*r
4ndMtlKvletfma��**we si**" ��h^'��*h ^^
thmmym. uf Um\wuu *o*�� aw*ror��*t ������"
Waanst t*aw�� SUWhaB** ��� **w4h.>>
>Ommr%>fwm at tommy*** it *^< "r
Waleh Mnw* ttw m*u>r ���*����� ������ '" ��� *>r'"
wttt r*st ii ��� Stfuts a^�������*"*'
Until ��***>i^iMlim*wiwkfr ��.( .W*����"
PBt��sAfS.--��like---llo*  "Id ar*y*
I*at-Tliirty aivin neat��'-"'        ^
Mike-Yea must be older than ��**
Wiien were yea lawiiT
I'at-ln 1*11. vrt���*l
Milt*-1 have yea n<w    >����rs. wa
me the sasaa date tin year*- ago-
Hs~rm fatof tok��s*y��^ wb*n * ^
Hhe-What Um* ia it mi* BBBH
The Oovernmsnt at Ottawa has de*
cided to make a grant of $20,000 for
preparatory work in connection witb a
Canadian exhibit at the Paris Exposition
in 1900.
Forty-one ear leads of potato** have
beea ahippsd from Sherbrooke to tbe
United States within the last few days.
American* are buying up all the potatoes
they can get.
Fire demolished the Urge reduction
plant and laboratory of the Canadian
lioldfleld Company, Limited, at Peloro,
(.Int., last Sunday morning. Tbe lose ia
alsnit SHO.OOO, partly ^covered by insurance.
Lieut. Dan Oodfrsy with his fomoua
military band of 40 muaiciana is coming
to Canada, and will be hear! in Toronto
on May 90th and Slat. The members of
his band are the finest player* in England and their visit is being looked for*
ward to by all.
Who will take the late 1*1 ton McCarthy's place in the famoo* law firm of
\Marthv, Osier, Hoskln ACreeIm*n,of
Toronto, is the quest ion now Ailing the
minds of legalita*. Political circles are
also much exercised a* to who will All
tin* vacancy in North Kimeo*.
Urge shipment* of sulphur are being
made from Montreal to tbe Cnited
stale*. It i* claimed that aa aulphnr ia
used in the manufacture of explosive* it
is - onti;*!s*.nd of war, but a* it is also
useal in the manufacture, of putpwood
tin* codec tor of custom* doe* not took
upon it as contraband.
An old lady named Mrs. May wa*
killed tn a very and manner on May 7th.
I; appear* that a* she wa* walking along
tbe C.I'.K. track at Peterl*w*ough, Ont.,
a train ap|H*i*K'bed, whereupon she tried
to leave the track, but her foot caught
������� �� ^edg* riant and iield her fast The
train at ruck her, killing her almost instantly.
A report ts current that tbe Ottawa
��� ������fverntnenti* about to lay before the
H.Kiae a bill creatine; a territeeal government in the Yukon, aimiliar to that now
existing in the North*West Terriiorie*.
widi a Tieutsnajtt-flovvrnor and advisory
Ixmrd and a complete outfit of officer*
for die admin.airat.o4i of jiwticw and tbe
maintenanoa of law ami order.
Tbe Standard Oil Company intend*
sending 200,<*a* gallona of k**n.*ene up
the Yukon River ihi* lummsr. The
���ffinpanv naa purchased* I7&-foot Yukon
river steamer and a large barge, which
will be deliversd at St. Michael in June.
Tbe oil will be sold through eaUbliahing
trading * com*suite* at IHiwson City.
Circle City and other place, at 11.00*
A great catch of fi*h waa made last
week by the Canadian tioverumeutcruiser Petrel. His net* containing some
ton* of fish Iwtongiiig to parties tnun tbe
I mti-d State* were found by the cruiser
in Uke Erie, on th* Canadian side.
Captain Hrerm, of the Petrel, gave the
Aah to the residents or Am
herathurg, where the ncle were lowed
after the eeiaur*.
Tbe present S|*��niab-American war is
wmdlng back to Canada many car
hauls of French-Canadians, who have
la-en residing In tbe United State* th*
istst few year*. They aay that it is on
account of being afraid of being compelled to enliat in tbe United Stele* army
that they have returned, and on account
of the standstill at which bustne** b��*
arrived. Many factories are clo*ed and
wage* are reduced.
The eeeond trial of Mrs. (Hive Sterns*
man for th* alleged poisoning of her
hualiand came to an end on Saturday
night last, ami the result is thst Mr*.
steruaman i* once morefree.afteran imprisonment of 90 months. The trial
took place at Cayuga, Ont.,and occupied
mvstal days. The hiry were four hour*
deliberating over her eaae before they
���"aild arrive at a tleclaion. Mr*. Sterna-
man's counsel in this, her second trial,
waa Mr. E. F, B. Johnston. Th** Crown
eosmael w��a Mr. B. B. Osier, the great
criminal lawyer.
Away np on the crust of the Cumberland range I sat talking and smoking
with a mountaiaeer in front of his cabin
after the humble meal called supper,
when native came down tbe trail on a
mule and hatted to sav:
"Howdy, Dan?   Folks all peartT
"Yea, rather peartisb," was the reply.
"Got a Bible vet?"
"I'm a sellitf Bibles for a dollar now."
"Hain't got no dollar to buv with."
"Shoo! 8ay. Dan Hawkins, yo' orter
to hev a Bible in the house, it's monstrous like heathen not to hev a Bible.
Yo* Jess orter he ashamed of yo self."
"I reckon I kin git along.
The man on the mule was a combination of preacher, circuit rider and colporteur, and he seemed considerably
chagrined at not making a sale. He
presently got off his mule and began to
tak��* off his coat, and Wen mine host inquired:
"What yo' gwlne to do, Tom?"
"I^Hik-a-yere. Dan Hawkins, yo'has
gin out that no man in this country haa
ever laid yo on vo'r back!"
** I hat's triuf"'
"If I lav vo' thar' will vo' buv a
Itibler     *   *
"I will "
"Then with the help o* the Lord, I'm
join" to do it: The scriptnr' says that
the stiff-necked and high-headed must
be brought low, and that's whar I'm
goin to tiring vo'. Come out yere and
"Tom, ve cant do it���can't do it nohow!" replied the settler aa he rose up
and prepared for tbe conflict
"iVe got to, Dan!" aald the preacher
as be pulled off his vest. "I commanded bv the Lord to sell yo'a Bible, and
the Lord will strengthen my arms to
lav vo* flat'"
Thev dodged around for a minute
looking for an  owning, and then the
Enacher snddenlv rushed in and got a
ck hold and Dan didn't last fifteen
seconds under the strain It was a fair
fall, and a* he rose up he took * silver
dollar from hia pocket and handed it
out in exchange tor a Bible
"Didn't I aav the Lord would help
me?" asked the preacher aa he mounted
the mule to ride on.
������Yes;butitwaSntuuitefair! growl-
ed Dan as he stood with the Bible in hia
hand*. . tin.  .
"But the stranger sav* it was. W hat
ar* vo' complalnto' of, Dan?"
"Of the Lord. I've lived right yere
for 25 v artwutd this 1* the fust and onlv
time He haa come within 20 miles of this
cabin! Teint right to jump right in -on
a man all of a auddent, and vo know it
hain't, and the fust time! catch vn
without ihe Lord on yo r aide III make
yoY rib*crack and yo'r heeladraw up
In the presence of all the French
troops guarding the capital of Tnnqnin
the (lOvernor-Oenoral recently bestowed the Cross ot the Legton of Honor on
Mother Marv Teres*. Supt-riores* of_the
Sisters of (haritv in that empire rhe
troops were drawn up in the little plana
of the citv in a square surrounding a
platform on which were the (rovernor-
tieneral and his ataff. jt.mtwmm
The Guttural, in a solemn and unprea
give tone, ad��lre*��ed her *s follows
���Mother Mary Teresa, when >ou
were twenty years of age youjw-elved
a wound  from a cannon ball  while
V.'-i����I   .-l-...,.|:Ul,,l"..*l*
oi HstaCiava. B 1859 the shell on, a
mitralletise laid vou P���f f�� ���" <**
front rank on the battlefield o'Magenta.
Since then you have been in gVJ
China, and in Mexico, fndlfjrou'"JJ
not wounded it waa not because >ou
have not expoaed yotiraeir.
'In 1870 vou were taken up in R����>
choffen   covered   with    many    sabre I
wounds   Such deeds of heroism you
have crowned a few days ago with one
records. A grenade fell upon the am
bulance which waa under vour charge
���you took up the irrenade in yonr
arms, you smiled upon the wounded
who looked at you with feeling* of dismay, you carried it a distance of eighty
metre*- On laying it down you noticed
it was going to burst; pou threw yourself on the ground; it burst; you were
seen covered with blood, but when persons came to your assistance vou rose
up amiling, aa ia your wont. You were
scarcely recovered from your wound
when you returned to the hospital
whence I hsve now summoned you."
Then the General (made her kneel
down, and, drawing hia sword, touched
her lightly with it three times on the
shoulder and pinned the Croae of the
Lesion of Honor on her habit, saying
with a quivering voice:
"I put upon you the cross of the brave,
in the name of the French people and
army; no one has gained it by more
deeds of heroism, ner by a life so com
Kletelv spent in self-abnegation for the
enefit of your brothers and the service
of your country. Soldiers! present
The troopers saluted, tbe drums and
bugles rang out, the air was filled with
loud acclamations, and all was jubilation and excitement as Mother Mary
Teresa rose, her face suffused with
blushes, and asked:
"General are vou done?"
"Yes," said he*.
"Then I will go back to the hospital!
sick and the dying; see the pale cheeks
and the lack-luster eyes; what wounds
of the most heroic actiona which hiatory gangrene, and decay���and remember
records.    A irranaiia fall nnon th* am.   ihia iu w���<    N*n  inaiiii. h<�� .:��k��^n..o
this is war! No matter how righteous
the war may be, it is somebody's fathers, It is somebody's brothers, it is
somebody's sons that are going through,
all this/     * *     * * *     *"*
"If wc can make it clear to the world
that Spain is responsible for the destruction of our battleship, there is no question of our being able to be indemnified.
But is it the best way, because 258 men
have already been killed, to kill 10 or
50 or 100,000 more���not only Americans,
but Spaniards as well? And did it
never occur to you in all these matters
that it is never the right person that
gets killed when yon go to war? These
men that we should send out in our
armies, they are not responsible. Whv
should we kill them? The poor Spaniards that would meet us in defence,
aey are not the ones that blew up tbe
aine. Whv should we kill them?"���
Rev. Miuot J Savage, in the Church of
the Messiah, New York.
"Were you ever caught in a sudden
aqnall?" aaked a passenger of the steam*
l��oat captain.
"Well, I rather guess sol" replied the
captain. "I'm the father oT three pain
of twins!"
"And, then, think of the deaths and
the heart aches. If these men who are
crying loudly for war could see and
hear a battlefield, and could think of
their own sons aa there, it might hush
their barbaric enthusiasm a little.
Think of the hundreds and thousands
of men, their bodies torn, mangled in
every conceivable way, trodden over
by the infantry, ridden over by the
cavalry, wounded, neglected, crying for
a cup of water, thrilling through every
nerve with pain, dreaming in their
agony of the loved onea-at home. Then
go to*the rear and see the surgeons at
work���see piles, perhaps, of arms or
legs tossed out like wood chopped and
idled np in a yard    Then go to the
lospitals and listen to the moans of the
Tramp���Madam, will you give a man
a meal who hasn't been able to follow his
calling for months'?
Lady���My poor man���what is your
Tramp���I'm an after-dinner speaker.
Subject to change without notice
Trains run on Pacific Standard Time.
LtM-re a OS A.M.
*��� a as *���
*��� a as ���*
** a si ������
������ io os ���*
*��� io ia ������
*��� io sa "
Arr. io an
Arrive, 3 50 P.M
South Fork      "     315 **
&a*oaJ**s *      x 15 "
WhfetewaWr *C0 "
Bear Lake       *      1 48 ������
McGuteaa       *      l 33 "
Cody Junction **     IU '!
Sandon Leave l oo "
geo. p. oopeland,
For cheap railroad and steamship tickets to
and from all points, apply tu
Sl CAMPBELL,        Agent, Sandon.
Kootenay Mercantile Tailoring Co.
A foil line of
always in Stock
Robert Macdonald
Neil Macdonald
MACDONALD   BROS., Proprietor.
Rates $1.50 to $2.50 per day.	
Hesdquaitora for Mining Spectators and Capitalists.
Reco Ave., - - Sandon, B.C
'���'���. mi THE PAYSTREAK, SAN DOS. B. C��� MAY 28, 1^8,
The following is a complete list of the
Mining transactions recorded during the
week in tbe several mining divisions of
the Slocan. Those of New Denve* were
aa follows :���
Mat IT���Emma Fration, New Denver,* S T
Attilla. Three Forks, Ernest Bart-op.
Jessie and Hartlantl. Wilson creek, W E Cropp,
Mat 18-Sllvcrtoii Bell, ne Silverton, O A
M<'T*K**rt. D Nicholson.
Avelyn- Read Robertson Gulch, Annie Horton.
Berth*, Goat mountain, Walter L Bragg, Wm
E Melinite.
Mammoth, Carpenter, Anthony McGlntr.
May li*���Snow Flake, New Denver, J C Butler,
W D McMillan.
Porto Rico, Howson creek. Abater Grant.
Manilla, aame. C J Loewen.
May 20-Alberta, Carpenter. K Strangway.
SotaoFraction, McGufgan, M R W Kathboroe.
Round Tower, Neil creek, W D Mitchell, Alex
Concord, Carpenter, Chas French.
May 81���Annandale. same. L R Fort*-.*, Robt
Lorra. same, L R Forbes.
Felix Fractional. M E Bragdon, Tbta Avison,
HSherran.H Clever.
May 17 -Si Charles, Comiskev. Hor-w, Manitoba.
May 18-ball* Rook.
May 19���St Lawreuce, Iron Mask, Aberdeen.
Alice, Mary.
May go-Examiner, Ma Scott.
May si���Keno.
May !*5-Lakevlew.
17-Klngalcy j, Frank Hanson to Wm
Jobson   to Thocta*
Okanagan Chief |. Frank
Same [, same to Ernest Harr .p. May 9, #10. .
may la-Alpha. Ukeview No is. ukevww   a��d   *whiam��,   iealouH��e*   and   strife
Fraction, i inench.Wm Kyteto W L G Thocna*,   enter, it IS n<�� longer a trade** Unioil.but
S tradesdivision,   Then. n;*;ain. a* tol
perform work tin Fnstau kvM !t*ar? ��*'>>* u*
noutu as iiasessinent on Wedge Fraction lor Crown
She-Tiff's sale to R McDonald aud Neil Mi -
Donald <��f Hounstak* and Toacmitc. ��1,��M".
Great Britain, Dominion and Ontario, |, H K
Johnson toRMclf*JHii,*��i50.
Emma 1, Fred Wood U> B McIa'AD and W JP
MeNY.il.  ,   .
"A housedivided against itself cannot
stand," is both logical and true, and
based upon the mathematical P^I^HmtM i;i ,,. rU,t,lH1. {w Um���m
tionof exact truth.   To illustrate:   A  ,>ar,.ntv, goto the si,***) hal
partnership, which is s relation of contract (the essence of which i* agreement) is formed, in which two people
engage in selling certain kinds of goods
or commodities.   One of them wants to
do certain things in a certain way: the
other in an entirely different way    Because of disagreement partner*hip no
longer exist**, and should such disagrm*-
nani continue to exist, the partnership
becomes  null  and   void  for   want of
agreement, which ia the basis of con
tract and all contract relations.
Again, take the relatioti of marriage
Marriage signitiea a union between two
people.- nnd   the solemnization of the
marriage between the two i* simply
the recognition by society of such union
as had before taken place in each heart
through their lovefor each other. "But,"   we. n
say* Amos, <see Bible) the "two caunot 1 n-nde
walk together except they be agreed '*
In fact, they walk very much separate
Iv, for imarriage does not exist except
there be "agreement
Again, take a trader-union    It- hail*
is harmony and unity.   When division*
Jan 5
May ao-New Park,
Owen. May 9.
May 2l-Turrls 4, Wm
Breinner, May 11.
May 8f��-Lake view J, Sandy Cameron t<
Christie, June 15, ���*>���.        �����      �����
R >bt G Tallow to Frank
W TMne* to David
B r
Mat 11���Toronto Bell. A L Gordon.
May M-Lady of the Lake. Albert Llnd; Pilot
Bay, W in Hazard; Ontario, same.
May 14-Gold Dollar,   Una   Lottie  Batter
King same: Eagle Fration, ED Dumas.
May 17-0 K, Kuskee^mt Schorl; Whitewater
Deep Fraction, Franklin Riffle.
mMMSSt"^Lm' P ��***** Allfert, Bathien:
Windfall, W Hazard.
May ia-�� B I> F Strobeck; Pulaski, same:
Dewey J R Hardle; Cliff, DSCarriel: Aetna, j
R Hardie: Sunrise, E V Byrne*; Monarch John
Middleton; Joey B Fraction, Kinpiea* Fraction,
C Vanmoenkerke
Mat-to���Golden Bom, ...... ...
R 0 Cramer, A B McD.nald; Chen,���	
Max Weldon. A R McDonald; Ariel. MOM.
Shoestring-, J S Hicks,
Otoe, R So,tt;
Mat ll-Ir-m Duke.
May 12-Moonshine, Gollconder, Pinto.flnnrtsa
Mat l��-811ver Bell, Contention. Cmvn.Uon.
Conception, Silver Star. Southern 1HI.
, Mav 14-Wtewkeslm, Lake View. Batfra, Silver
Nip. Black Bett,Cuba,General K.t.hner
Mat 1A-Rhea. Utttfl Jumbo, Glazier.
Crown 1H~Laaa*,e' Ho-J<" Kr-** *���'>���*. MurraU.f'oUl
Mat IS-Monterey. Clara, Teddy, Rom.
May 10-Regina, Captain.
May aft-Ibex.  Etnarel,  Monarch. .**M, Sliver
Pox, Jumbo. *
its mathematical eofreetneas, Divide a j attorn
uuit into two eonal parts of one-half; let
them be divided agxrost each other .and
nothing remains And tbe r��*utt I*
that in the division of the unit the unit
no I nger exist*.
Thuawe. see that our ivsteuinl pa*h
petition Is one of subtraction and divi*
ion, while the principle of c��-opcr*tion
is one of addition and multiplication
Accordimr to a saving of the dav,
"Competition lathe life of trade." This la
a black and brutal lie. To prove it to
be a faet it must 1m* *.hown that two aub<
tracted from two leave more than before such subtraction; that a house
divided againnt itnt-ti is BKMVt fully able
to stand securely ajjainst the cydonea
and hurricanes and the violent tempests
of the day-, aud that slasgi-eeBMBiui in
marital life instead of being productive
of family dta��cuKion*, disruptions and
divorce are productive of mutual rtaptrf*
ness and harmony.
"Competition  i*  the life of trade "
Very  well!   Let  those  who  will, be
Reduced   by  this aophlKtUal   ineanta*
lion, hut I aay unto yon;   Go tn the
���I.OOO.UbO tramps who are now wander
ing throughout the length and breadth
of the land; goto the mortgaged home
of our great country, from which nun
women and children are driven Into the
highway* and by-ways���the man and
the, boy to become eriminal*
sa;;�� ,.f the United States of Ame*u*
go to  the   l86,tXW  people now  in Um
almshouse*; go t*> the 5tW,omi prostitute*
in our country: go to the 8B.09U nerauii*
annnallv killeil by this inhuman system
of a auner*roflBe��J barl-arity, many nf
whom are children under five years of
��m butchered, a*aaa*)natt*d and murdered bv that which  is the life of the
nineteenth  c��*utury  trade; go to  tbe
I90f000 inmates ol ����ur nBMl-uouss* to-
day* go to the ttrjfjB,000 infant* who are
aosnpelted to  work  to  help eke out a
existence for themselves and
>ie*  found
la��t year in New Vork city in atoVbar*
rcls.sileways. vault*, etc", etc; rt�� to
the dead  and  the  dying; go to  the
grave* of our suicide* and there while
weeping tear* of briny woe a*l. each
and .'til if    competition is tbe life of
for it i*. a fact that the cob*s*al hum
bug which we call the syatem of ronn-
petiti"!!,   "the  he*t  svateiu  that   the
world   ever  ��aw.  sir,** I* a tower of
BaM  rising into ihe domain ���*< an-
afthv boilded aud  foundr-d upon the
hcudiu-f biiiu** ol l-ial��e*, the bb*arhina
skeleton* and ��kuli*�� nt infantile human
it*,   -.kulh that now an? whitening ��|*��n
tln< prairie* of nineteenth t entnry eom
msrvialban; and ��mr criminal*: pr��*��tt��
tote*, i^tuper**, madfiteo, and but,-t*��*re*|
ha!M*-��. etc . et   .aie th��r aacritUf** which
we, ut ..sir  *>trf*t*r*>tit!��Ml and idwUlri.
r unto tln�� *��Hpr��*fbe obje* 1 i*4 f*oi
womhip, the toddeU t**if o, Ussajauil
' < ompetiiimi i** the life ��f trade" *t
i�� a bbieR and Iwuial lb* It i* s���� * deal!
ii tr.i<b*.tb��* deadi **��* liaj������-��t��".*d iwmati
���f virtue, of truth: M >n waiit, ���� Uw
It la the death ol rhUdh<*-l'�� in *s
inh'-ieenl iov*, of ntat^fUrunod'a iinrv^i1
rJSudty, ����f fatherh ����! * ^f*iivj.��t u.
VVar ia eomnetbm for ��upr��D*�� H
theOeWol  batu�� ibr(11H f ��N
weaftonaof dealructo,,,tt5),j.,"' tt* ��f
' M'i��rt'iB4t.v j.
of activity; a battle f��r
the  realm  of oommer,
htaafftVSSKJ: Tauw
sane mind sound:*-"
Itos Angeles, Csl,
1* ��ri��.
*fa*   ��aiir��n
It  It Ihe dttath el all :h*t
Mat U-HungTy Five 1/n, Wm Foley to W .1
Tununond*, *67..Vi. ^
Mav 15*-Withdrawal of writ by Hheriff Robinson on Prafkhiiit. President FrartlonVlhmSS
Two Bnahers, In McOatcbi. v��. JuweU
1'rarriflMit, Freaideitt Fraction, Howatr  Two
BrotlierM },WA Jowett to John Love and C R
Mat 19���Hidden Treaunre, Morninir Bell   JS
rtmmil&u0��� ***** Br��" rr*"n "***
J��AV lt-Warlkesh |, O A C*r|*on to D J Mc
MAT17*-Htara and Strlm-a, blbertv Hill Ron.
UWt'.Wt^\k?2lT .Bro^m* Huuth^ork. Huc-
nm, Um*Cliff, Joalau BiW E E K.iowle*. K
ijiaanany.     *'**"*'" Br,,*K" ,w Tru8t ���*���'������<'��
fiberty and Mastodon, Kitne u> Sluean, Liberty
Hill Mining Co,
!*K��l��hle I, Uno Olson and
.,Mt'*rmM,iM'.'. HomeaUk*. S|lv,i
Brile lo D McOraw.
1       i\i        -���-���  <������- uj> 11 :��i..
face of the earth, the woman ami the
girl to sink into lives of shame and ,|P.
gradation; go to the coal mines of
Pennsylvania where the ''wavesof nro**
perity so much mouthed alH.ut have
been transformed to to seas of human
bhatd through bslnleaa, defsnaeleaa h*.,.
pin lieing shot iu the back bv cowardlv
assassins shielded aud abeUered under
the full panoply ami protection of the
law; go to the Eastern factories thai
were to be ���per,ed with such hvaterte
tywerness under a fM-oaperity.manufae*
tunng m administration: go i��� ,1.,.
Hwe��t.*bop* of the world and the slum*
of our great cities and him- our little
ciiildren, pinched aud wan.over*worked
and underfed, feeble in bodv and I., alt
hmugl, the lack of jcoikI ami ,,���
food; go to the mercantile failure, f t,
day that strew the land with < , ���? f
Vmv. k, Alf; the financial dead   and ask   *
D .inh Johnnon to C
Brile lo D McGraw.                      ~���. ����..,������ .������,���i;i��i oeau    ami ask them all if
Great Brit*lii, Dominion:OLtarb, J, H E John*      -���/���"���petition is the life of t rad	
TlTJlWfBL*,*,** 'tia-wa-TS^JS*^-*****
. 1*
u��pile and pure and e,$��-**pen' ��*�� v���� a
to��n: and in the eUt*��e ol jfrwc*! it h 44
tut* world in pawn l*�� a m**��t -cnwdib
Sllrnnjrh this otmiwinivc *ami*-*j.* tor
e*fn*tettce two grml avda ��*��v��i ari*��evt
wfcich effect* .v,*ry individual nta��nher
ofMSciMy to a gr**at����r or le-a* extent
aialteratinn   and   t*M*titutimi.     Fm
througli the eating ��I adult.-rai��-t f����at,
lbs drinking of %<\ ;it�� r a,-i injui��r��, ih.-
wfaring of inferior and ��h*wMv rbabing
wa  iw,-..in ���   dhjsauMral ami InjartoWaii
iiffci ti*l; and thmngh the evil* of prm
litUtlon, ���wxitat, phv-kal, im��dl��*Hasi
iuf| moral we bcrome r��**rrupt and tril,
In our phvaical body, *��lave* snd hypo
<riu*4 in our debauchery ����? th*ittgbi',
Sexual prmtitniion 1�� wlta* I* n-mttlf
eallvd prostitution; ph*, ftral o.,,ra,!,,t, ,���
ts tin* overworking id tin- phv-dsal ��***|x.
InUdlectoal  audimoral prnditutlOn la
what   is  ���renerallv  t��*rm��*>i hy^nrrfai
the  inteHertual  pnxuiute*   are  tbe
loarBallata, cidlage prttfrwanrs sudnur*
-MHiaof intellect  who *,.��! o���.jr hraln��
for hire tn tho advncarv ..( auiw*r*mioi��
which   would damn ami   twwlavt*   the
people.   The moral pni*iitutoa of the
day  are  more e*peeiallv the clr-rsv
thosa whitciied geuti, ���..*��  with  th.
prefjx "Heverend   I,, iiMir nam***. wfc��
^teal the livery of heat en i�� *m*ve th.*
JfJlH      A!"1 "' "��> -.'tmble eaflma
ion the intoliet-ttwi ami moral nroaii
tatas am  far wor���� than the mereK
But the climax of rumnstWuft It war!
rhedvjrlaatlon of todav u under law
reign of bbHid, ������. rul, of butlherv: U
h the era of brutality, thenir fifbvl with
,1"ETT' ,Um"��u'i* tod vb'lence; and
Trw\ K l,H ,,!r-,or***""' "��>d nononolv
privl egp* exist w��r will ��Mi War f*
the   b^eal   fruit   of  ,mr  c^potWv*
SySfOfli �����!  !t!i|i|��iri r
ihla^Hof1! "Wlm�� ** barbarian*/'
mis   bell of war,    wa*  seen
rait* In  Berlin,  Hanover.
Venn* and other citliw, in thiscmniiv
ui  armed   iv.i.iii..i-    ..   . ""��������>
tu lalwir
*���'������* in tin*
<*W*1M   III   lenuesaee,   at
sstoad.Perin j in Idaho and Wvotn
y*a    RHng*   is di-iurbane.**  ��f  this
��� 'haraeler in whirl, WorklngmwstrlkW*
th"  are on one Hide ��*.-i  ������ ' ,M,,"'**''|
Havana ia bound��*��l to to-��aiv m ^
���dde, by ignorauc** on th. .4h^f -r^
approach to It, partlculad. u, n,e wm
morniag, U excned**d m l-vrime^^
perhsn* but two or three .4her ���*��*
Thereare many eaouNt, thtrtgn ia tha
world, and among them      ,- *... -^
of the li��t. atatfl*. dawn i-ithetraetoL
ltl����uddeii as love .,.-; a*4ajH��jf
Ifcawn in tbe Havanewe I tr^rU*fan>
lasfeof what para.t--,.- n%\ w T-^
toniiat wlwi ha* mkUM tii*- *** iiniwm
* nighl lietteatb *t*r* iu*t *��'�� Urttt
*)i*d m*��rr nelghb,,rlv ihi ,>wa
The wator, too, t* difl��*r��i.t \\ Kr,
Wes* tt took* like a lawn 9��� \4*f ;,
?��*.* tlw* iattiaf att*tga#u�� ^���.���������'>s T**��
it change*.. It br��,..r(i , vT��m��*d *��|
^,lai*l*towa�� A*th* ^..*r. <i������*^wr*rs.
rhansf#�� again, awl ��* ei * ��� ���. . -ra*
*j*��rtjp*d opal-.     At   ������ ������    ��� -��...
��'iid��*r pink     I *v��*ttt��*a��l ���� �� m��wta 4
ahncai ami ��g b*u����   Jo-.'. ' ml ��......
t* a rfJto rUUge, l�� *u am
wtitt****.   *Bartl% rvitored ��..
ItaraQ Wltbtbr tauirl
��� al. g��rdb**| w*ih lo . 4 ��
,-ruBwUlng f-tri Even -- a** aa
**fa��rt and an ndnr af it* ^a l-sri*.
of issUauvta. ha* a * i
5ke a pryit*   **<������'
H*va��a i�� �����*ff^.l|    h *
il    In a��bbii��wi   it  * ���   ���
rt*��tt��h th���� .M��.��r* h*ve !��-��.>r >��*a*
her*?, it b*��k*a*tb.����.*   ' <���*�� h*d
"\Vnat*tm* u*#**d eri vfr��f��lt
nnki'   Ha %*% Otx tto i��il!kiaa��l��r����i
i.dt*wrfnllv i���� tb��* nu*��| ���upj-t-***'
".ba deBrhtM'%"
mmmmmmimmmmml mi n i   �������������������� ' **
Call at the
Hotel Ivanhoe.
I* the Pi'Hieer  House of iheCIIJ
riTZfiKnaiD a dav. m.,**.
�����M��ii��if��tiinr* .4 ill ^
ftintls id ���ANI��>N.\Tl l> l��H,*NN'
Hvphuns, f linger Al��\
���kiraiiiririlln. Vac*, Ku
���andon. B c
Patronizr bom. iml"-*^
nod the militia nnthe|wht!ll Vtlll Willi! tll��   ,mSI THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B.C., MAY 28, 1898.
Caa't Production of 1897.
From   a  preliminary    statement
joinpiled by E, W. Parker, Statistic*
,��� of tbe United   States 'Geological
'urvey. it is shown that tbe total out*
)ut ��d e��a��l i*> the United States am
hinted, spproalntotdy. tolH250,OJO
nort ton*, with an aggregate value
)f tl'.H 1<D,U0D, a fraction less tlian
p. per ton.   Corafasi-ud with  18*��,
ihi*. ahow* an increase In tonnage of
a,->7O,000 tons, or about fl.8 per cent
"���he incrrase In the value of tlie pru-
luct wa* only *Jl,700,<*��, a little less
ban Oil of one per cent.    The am
mm ��f c ml priaJuued In t**i7 was
largeat ��ai recoi*il.   The avwrage
Ivalue   per    ton  was   the   lowest
���ver  known,    continuing   tho do
Ining   tendency  which   ha**   la**; i
ihi.wn   without   anv    rracttoii   f.��r
the |f-iat aix years.   The ineivaat* in
{production and the decline In value
[was con lined to the output  ol   bilti
Iniimiu*. coal.    Tbe anthracite  pro-
luction in  Pennsylvania dec.t*a**tl
lover two million too*, frosu 4*452*t.
fetf ���.,, !<<*; to *to,5i7.*4 hmg tons in
lix-7.  while the av-erage price n*
reivid at the mutes waa **! *���**�� per
llong ton in lioth years.   Thin i* u it
[an increase but It  I*   inncli better
[than a loss, one cent per te meaning
a total of more than bait  s million
Tin tact that the bittimiiioii* pro*
Iductioii idiould   have  shown an in-
[cnaae vi \SO\V00 Um* in **pitoof tbe
jproliinged strike in the  c-��iu|a-titlve
mid- of  IVtinaylvanU. OiiK Wewt
Virginia,Indiana ami lltltt d* tf ����i * ��f
tfa-iii U-ing tlie  largeU onlp'il'i-
ling   "late*, aggregating nea Iv Mi.*
[Diinii tun*, or BMMV tbau twit third*
[of the entire output) ninv  hi* taken
las an evidence uf the wtatalcrfnl cap
jo.it*.   ��/ the developetl  Mtuiiiinou*
Irainea,   <>f the twenty nine bitiun tu*
coal producing  ntatoM,    there were
[onlv rdx In which the pnalnction In
11**7 waa toss than In the  pn**��**aliiig
year.   Tbewc six  wt*r�� lieorgis. In
dian TeiTltory, Kanaaa.  Neb-a-dta,
Ohio and Oivgon.    In fifU-en of them
the output wa* the largeat ever obtained.     Ot   Ui��    ��vt*  competitive
jsUtea  previously mentioned,   only
��n�� iOiio) had a d��*err*i*ed  produe*
Ition in 1KI7.   In 90 ��*ut of the  *W
t*tau*a pn-dueltig hltumlnniia coal the
average |*ru*e per ton in l*��7 wa* lea*
than it  was In   Irthf.   tbe general
average for the United State* lining
P3 cents In l*t��, and Sl.fi  cents in
118J7.   The decline of 1.4 eoiitt fins
P'tal prxrduci in  18J7 of tftO*J,aXi
������������������. rt^presenu a decreaac of some
thing over  f*,0O),000 from  what
p-'onldhauu been  the  value If the
price ha I been the aame aa It was In
Considering the Industry by statos,
[Pennsylvania holds her usual posit*
[���on, The eomblned product of an
Itliraeiu- and bitominoua enals from
the Keystone state amounted to 106,
U).00l) short tons, nearly 54 per
f*n��* of the total output.    Pennsyl
vanla'g percentage of the total bituminous output was 37, her output of
soft coal beifig 54,000.000 tons. Illinois remains in mjcond piece with a
total of a little over *��,000,000 short
tons. West Virginia come* third,
having increased her output nearly
700,000 tons over lSjt; and leading
Ohio, which comes foitb, by nearly
l,25O,g00 tons. Alabama reached
her maximum output of 5,fM3,770
tons and stands Hfth. lows, sixth,
lacked onlv 85,000 tons of reaching
5,00a<XX) tons Maryland produced
4,441,000 tons. Eleven other atate*
produced from one to two million ton*
each, while ten others report an output of leas than a million tons each.
In an advance proof of the English
coal statistic*, the output fur 1*4.17 i*
given a* 226.873.4dJ ton*, an in
crease over I8J6 of ti,7oV*Jl5 tons ����*
3.4 per cent. - mines and Mineral*.
lioca Scotia's Output.
Tbe report Ibr 1*17 of the Nova
Scotia Department of mines is rather
disappointing.    There  wa* an Increase  In  the  production or g.dd,
compared  with   18%,  trora *i��v.U2
ounces to 26 67.1 ounces; in tons of
coal raised of from 2,235,472, to 2,-
320;916, and in the value of grindstones from 930,171  to 1-32. WJ: but
there waa less coal sold than in I S.H..
while the production of iron ore fell
from 56.334 to 44 146 Mis. of man
gaoese from 12*1 to 100, of coke from
58,741 to 45,000 tons, ot gypsum from
130.481) to 125,000 ton*.   The coal
trade I* the most important of Nova
Scotia * mining induitrie*, and t^ne-
bee in  tbe  chief coat nner,  L-ikiug
more than a third of the t-aal output.
Laat year this  provlne**  and Newfoundland, of the etHisumera of Nova
Sc>aia   coal,   ahaie  increased their
eitnottupti'in, Quebec taking H75,<TI
ton* etsnpared  with 7;*A,0b0 urns in
1896 ami Newfoundland 75.98J tuns
compared with t>3,00J   The sales to
the United States fell from 174,919
tons to lUi.27'1 tone.   The statistic*
of the report show that since  1S75
over forty-five million  tons of coal
have been produced in the Province,
the million mark in annual output
having been passed in 1881 and the
two-million mark  In   18*14.   There
aeemsno present  rlak  of working
out, however.   Tbe seams presently
operated are of large area, white the
years exploration's  of the  depart-
rnent show the existence of deposits
thst will add millions to the available tonnage.   Next to coal, gold is
the most promising of the Province'*
minerals.   It is widely distributed,
and with the adoption of improved
methods tn mining, there is a prospect that still better results will soon
be attained, -Canadian  Trndc   Review.
States assay office in Helena, Is one
of the most exhaustive ever made
covering the mineral output of tbe
state. It is too long to be reproduced
in full. After a most careful and
painstaking investigation Mr. Brad
en finds that the mineral output of
Montara in 1897 was the largest in
the history of tbe state, aggregating
���58,954,675.03, which is 13.222,57& 90
In excess of any previous year.
Gratifying as this may be to every
loyal Montanian, the significance of
the following statement cannot be
too seriously regarded : 'Silver mining, as an Industry in Montana, continues to decrease In Importance.
With the exception of silver properties at Elkhom, Castle and Nelhart,
and the Hope mine at Philipsburg,
all of the famous silver-producing
mines of former years are Idle.'
'-his easy to gather from Mr.
Braden'a very able report that were
it possible to revive silver mining in
its fullness, and add that branch of
the Industry to the mining ot copper
and gold as now conducted, Montana
would easily take front rank as tbe
greatest star in the firmament of the
The Goodenough.
American nan, W Jo par day.
Koropeaa Plan, f t.00 par day.
Strictly fir��tcu3w.
MRS. M. A. SMITH, Prop.
Dr. A. MILLOY,        I
Neckties of nearly
and style can be seen
Office Store.
every shade
at the Post
-aiaraaiar Act. law.
Beaisterod the ant day of January, in*.
IBBBBBY iBBTIPY that I ha** Shi* day
r*aistorod th* "Slocaa Qwm Mining and
Blllinc Company." a* as B*Jtra-Prorinoisl
Company under th* "trjompaBM** Act. MM,"
u> eany oat or *S*et ail or aay of th* objecU
B*r*iBaft*r*i*t forth to which th* I*��i*l*tiv*
aathoffity of th* Lagirdatan of British Col-
aaihla **toad*.
Th* h**d oBkr* of the Company ia situate io
th* City of g-aoaaao. Stat* ofWa-ihii
Montana'e Mining.
The Western Mining World aays i
"The report of Mr. Eugene Braden,
asaayer, in charge of the United
Th* ataoaat of th*��apitoi of th* Company
ii one million dollar*, dlvtdod into on* m illion
���**r*. of on* dollar each
Th* bead ottra of th* Company ia thU Pro*
vioc** is sitoat* In th* town of Sandou.and
BrineUv M. Walton, whoe* fjccnpation is as-
amtataa minoa and mportinc thereon, of the
mid town of Saadoa, b attorne.r for the Corn-
Th* Um* of th* ni.tenre of th* Compen.v is
The oblartofor which th* Comp*nj has been
established are:
To acquire, hold, buy, evil. Iea*��. work and
operate mtaos aad minora! claims in the
Cnitod Statoaof Aamrioa. and in the Province
of British Columbia; to bay. ��*ll. mill, sm*lt.
mat, stamp aad co. court*te minerals of
evory kiad and description in the lulled
Statos of Auwriea, aad in th* Province of
British Columbia; te acquire, buy. sell and
lease water power, water site* and water
right*. In tho United 8tate* of Americ*. and
in tho Provinoe of British Columbia; to procure, hold, bay. sell, construct, operate and
maintain electric, steam and water power
plants, for th* purpose of furnish in* power
���adliahtforall aad e-rory kiad of purpo.*
and obpjct, in th* t'nite.1 State, of Americ*.
���nd in th* Proeine* of British Co umbia.
(liven uador my aand^and se*l of oSlce ��t
Victoria, Provinc* of British Columbi*, thi.
third day of January, on* thousand eifht
hundred and niuetv-eicht.
# ( a. y. wc*orroN,
BogUtrar of Joist Stoek Companies
Will be at the Hotel Balmoral
once a mtfnth.
n. l. QRinnETT
Notary Public,
SANDON. - -        B.C.
CODY, ft. C
B0N6AR0 4 PIECKART, Proprietors.
The First Class
Hotel of Cody.
1**0 pat day.
Special Bates
by th* Week.
Cartlfflont* of Imptfeiromarita.
Situate la tho Slocan Minim Division of
West Kootenay. Where located -���Adjoin.
in�� tho City of Saadoa.
Take notk* that I, A. B B*yl��nd. a��*nt for
Argo Bin... of Sandon, No. 4W a. intend sijty
davs from date hereof, to apply t* the Mining
Recorder for a certlSoate of Improvements for
the purpose of obtaining  a Crown  Grant of
the above claims.
And further take noUo* that action under
Sec*ion IT mast be commenced before the is*
suanc* of each Certificate of Improvements.
A. B. BBTLaao,
Dated this tUrd day of April, Item.
���U" t,
And You WU1
Smoke No
War Eagle Stock -Goes Up.
Toronto, Ob*., May 25,-War
Eagle stock is ia great demand.
The growing ease in money is causing Investors to look around for
something that will yield them over
5 per cent. As the War Eagle is
now a regular shipper and is likely
to pay dividends soon, the stock is
being quietly absorbed by Investors.
It Is sold today as high as $1.67 with
very little offering.
Blockade at Glenora.
Victoria, B. G, May 25.-Cept.
Foster, who arrived from Glenora
per steamer Islander via Nanaimo
to-day, confirms the report of a
blockade at Glenora, tbe head of
navigation on the Stickeen, where
5,000 people are absolutely unable to
get through on account of tbe impassable condition of the trails.
A Strike on Wood burn.
A few days ago something was
said of an important strike on what
is known as tne ���'Swede*** group on
Woodbury creek. There seems to
be oo doubt that the owners bsve
really got something worth having.
The claims are {he Tecnmseh and
Pontiac, and are located near the
headwaters of Woodbury creek,
about li miles from the fake. The
owners are Frank Heap and Martin
Heath, of Ainsworth, who are bow
preparing a carload shipment.
A remarkable feature about this
group te thst It was bonded by a
strong English syndicate last year,
represented bv L. Al Scowden of
Kaslo. *��     ?
Prersratioos for extensive oper-
ations were made aad much work
was actually done. Probably 115,*
000 was spent on the property when
the psystreak thinned out and anally
disappeared. Work waa aeon discontinued and the bond thrown up.
At this juncture Messrs. Heap ami
Heath, to whom the property reverted, began work again, and with the
expenditure of less than ISO struck a
chute of clean galena ore that bids
talr to make a dividend-paying proposition of the group at once.
Kaslo'a Celebration.
wheels had subsided the player* discovered that their audience had gone
to supper and some of Kaslo's youthful hopefuls had swiped all tbe balls,
so the game was called off with Sandon winners, 11 to 9. Dolan and
Oompeau, Ssndon's battery, were a
surprise party to the Nelson people
who couldn't seem to locate Dolan s
eccentrics. Herbert, Nels.ni '.<twirier,
is something of a mechai i-nt so
wild that he couldn't hit a tick of
tome nsystacks. It was tin intention to have the winner* jlay off
with the Kaslo freaks on Wednesdsy
but the idea was abandoned.
The hose reel contest, which waa
the most interesting feature of the
programme, waa brought on about
7 o'clock In the evening. Nelson,
who had first try, made a slow run
but a rapid coupling and got water
at 33 seconds. Sandon had next
torn and made a run that waa a
regular whirlwind, leaving them
over ten seconds to get water, but
the hydrant men got out In their
calculations and missed the hydrant
by about two feat. It was hard lock,
fbr our boys had a sure game; but
''thevcome that way sometimes.0
The Kaslo people followed and made
a good showing, but the time- keepers
were undecided about tbe time, (toe
had 33 seconds, another 32 1-5, and
the third a wsteh that stepped. It
wis finally atrnpt-omised by dividing
the stakes, giving $75 each to Kaslo
and Nelson. Some of the Sandon
boys had a ���dx-buadred-dollar eonfi-
dence in their team ami wanted to
arrange a matabed race for the Best
day but Kaslo and Nelson people
never were real sports anyway.
Tbe horse race* did not come off
until almost dark, There were only
three entries, Bruce White's "Greasy
Buck.M L. P. Hatraa's ������Unto Nell/'
and Billy WatassieyVTnay.'' The
race, which waa over a 250-yard
course, was altogetner unliiteftating
as Greasy Buck "could beat everything In sight without an effort.
The usual fiasco of fireworks waa
rung in after dark, but most of the
boys were too busy to notice anything of that kind. Soma of them,
in tact, did not have time to catch
tbe train In the morning, although
they had often caught bigger trains
than that just as early hi the day.
It Is rumored thst one or two parties
are not home vet.
All things considered, the Kaslo
celebration could be counted as a
success. The weather was what was
ordered aad a good crowd attended
from Sandon, New Denver aad Nelson. The New Denver band and
foot-ball club went over on Monday
evening and an early train on Tuesday took a large crowd from Sandon,
arriving about 9:30. The Kokanee,
carrying the Odd Fellows' excursion
from Nelson did not arrive until
In the forenoon the running ant!
jumping contests were put through
iu the usual indiscriminate manner
of sueh events. Nearly all the prizes
were divided between George Mc-
Leod of Sandon, Kennedy and
Thompson of Nelson, and Dill and
McKinnon, of Kaslo.
Tbe base ball game waa put on
about 3:30, Sandon vs. Nelson Up
to the second half of tbe fourth ft
waa a good game but Sandon fell
down there and Nekton got in a procession of five runs. During the fifth
the playing was wild and woolley
everywhere and finally 1b tie last
half the umpire gave a decision that
almost created a revolution among
Sandon players.   When tbe chin-
One hundred dozen aeekties, of the
vctv latest style, direct from New
York, just arrived at the Post Office
Store. Get one before they are all
And Other Investments,
Every Representation Guaranteed.
H. Giegerich, Sandon, B. C.
The onli exclBaiee Wholesale anal ***%\\ Ore-oatra, Houa* is Sssdon.
Dealing in Fl***. Frmmk $mi <Mm�� table sup.
Plies suitable for Family, Hotel ind Min'ng trade.
Special brands *f **m+ Tmm *mt Oeffm.
Sole Agents fbr
fihlslt PeW Ma* -atoef
Burns �� KASLO set AtKHWOBTII.
Hamilton Byers,
Shelf and Heavy
Caps and Fuse,
Smithing Goal,
Jessop Steel,
Steel Rails,
Traux Ore Cars,
Bar and Shoot Iron,
Complete line of Minn
Hardware always
In Stock.
Bead*, natter, for B inera
W*U stocked bar u, waaaetlon
Fii���� class aeeoramodations
day or week. '
Bo**'�� hy th*
A Full line of CI*are. Teiuaeea.
Pipes and Breaker*' ftaualrlee
la Wit-Mill
eei ������*w*J**>��
Htadqttartcra for Playing Cards ana
Poker Chips.
Canadian Pacific Ry.
Soo-Pacific Line.
To Eastern de
European Point*.
To Pjdflc Coast A  FarE*
To   KM  *nd  Active Go*
Pita** of Klondike and 1st
Bravvaara Omt**** *��� 1****f"
Tie* at* IssSfS*
New Touriat Car Service.
Dully �� 8s. Paul.
Dully fiscal* Tuesday ��ff��st��r��
Canadian   and U.   �����  ���*���*
daily connection       .fmM
Ta Mats list P**% sad. nuptmj W
Ta w*i ftm IWatje.
asuislen        &**l
faB imitmmtUm t*yad*r**-����**P ***~
Ui**. fa**. A*t
B* eat*  Ikat r***- *****
���at*  Ifcatjrtmr ��*--���   ;,iWAt


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