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The Paystreak Nov 12, 1898

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^"Xr u^-^^^,,-<^*K^--��^     ^-L^y^t,
u 1
BOOK ill.
Jack Brown returned from Van
cuuver Wednesday.
Christmas1 semes ou the 25th of
ike*ruber this yeer.
Murray Bvers is lame. A whole
-! vc dropped .on him.
p. J. Mokey returned Wednesday
rYotu s brief vkU to Spokane.
Kalj.li Hereon was in town this
week i<��*kinf as gay as ever.
Tim rotary aoow plough made its
��l��prarauce oa the il H yesterday.
A artmpler is to be built this winter
on Slocan lake by Colorado capital-
t 'harley Held baa moved tn from
iWirry and thinks be will stay all
The Sandoa juveniles are taking
u) oniributiooa towards getting up
a u a��a band.
Andy (.Hereon far I raining for the
nirdillr weight championship. He is
t.u.urkably apt
(tn Tuesday afternoon a Are alarm
will be torned In tu irv tbe new
alarms,   lids will am bsa lire.
J. Richmond Dcaa intends hiking
ft* to Uie codfish country in another
month.   Nobody knows what for.
The bank boaaes at the Treasure
Vault have bean eoftpletrd. There
��n 15 men srorklag at tbe property.
ihe atbletle rooms io eonoectkm
with The Alias bave been opened.
J* me at the atHttss' eyes bave been
formerly of the
law Denver com
at   Kevelstoke
around the
__    - __ ____. , tbe B A. C.
If'Plc are after 0* ISMerpriae, on
Ten Mile.
, t��k I'ArenuuK would like to
krv-w what dais and from what
w.ne waa tbe im ere shipped out of
'���*'' Niotaa.
to be on the
r\*d agabi mat mask with a flashy
������niiaf aad transfer outfit.   Tbe
transfer outfit.
_ta_i_4_M*>   _. its i��a
over now.
Ilessley,  Marpete,  IVters, Chins
Hrown aad otbers of the C. I\ K
. Pwh. were la town Monday. They
had a good look at tbe elephant.
No one has left Sandon lor the
���hornlike to many luoona It is re-
l��>rwd thai a atampede is llkelv to
<vcur from Dawson to the Kootenay.
-J1* management  of   the   Ust
[ ^dlmhSMsd Fttd Urbane, the
*�� * onaccoantof tbe recent Chin
����� trouble.   Tblrtj, men came down
N**��papeie Ibat openly blaekmail
n erchsnts io site to force them to
���dvertiasama amgrece to the pro-
[���/������oa. aadaaaailuriorsbieJournal
No ffovornment berth has yet beeu
given io Red Paddy.   Our genial
friend should kick or he will not get
any of the plums now being distributed around this country.
The R. E. French company came
^ town last night. Actors are as
thick In Sandon Just now as editors
rii heaven. The ghost will not walk
if they stay here too long.
H. C. Ilolden is busy greasing
every dsv. but hopes the painting
aeason will soon slack up in order to
Site him a chance to land a few
eer before the season doses.
Tlte beautiful but frosty winter is
upon ns again and we are abort on
firewood. Ho. There! delinquent
subscriber, bring us a load, and relieve your noul of a great weight.
Bob Thompson has been discharged
from the record office in New Denver. An indignation meeting waa
held in that town Thursday evening
and the action of tbe Government
cis demned. ^^^^^~
A. D. Mctiinty and Harry Will
lams have been arrested in connection with the recent Slocan Chinese
trouble. One is held at Tnree Forks
while the other is in limbo at New
Denver. The outcome of the trial is
awaited with interest.
The Corporation haa appropriated
ISO to improve the road up the gulch
above the K. A 8. depot It should
be tlOUO for improvement* in that
part of the city. The people pay
equal taxes Sad should be treated as
liberally as other portions of this
burg. Do not overlook this city
t.thers when you  bold your next
The Sandon Bras* Band has cugag
ed Berohard Waltber the noted
Belgian soto violinist, eupported by a
company of musicians to sppear in
Virginia hall on Monday, Nov. 21st.
Hugh lioslin, managing director.
wa-iu town yesterday making all
arrangements lor the appearance of
this companv, which will supply an
exceptionally enjoyable occasion for
all lovers of good music.
Tlie R. & French Opera Company
wilt open a  week's engagement in
Spencer's on  Monday  next with a
reportorie of attractive plays.   Opening night Sirauis A PettiOs Knglisb
melo drama "Hands Across the Sea
will he produced.   A change of play
each night will be out on includinK
��A Fair Rebel," Ticket of Leave
Man, '   "Uad's OH"   "On* Boys'
aud  'The Danites."   All the  latest
popular songs and specialties.
A Foolish Criminal.
Harry" Parker, who talks with a
Swedish accent,cashed three cheques
in town and got himself into trouble.
He represented that he had been
working at the Comstock and had
two cheques for f85 each and one for
165, with the name of D. B. Thomas
signed to them. Tbe larger cheques
were cashed by Moore AOrando,
while the Miners' Hotel got tbe
small one. When Waterland and
his partner discovered tbe forgery
Parker was arrested and is now
in the lock-up awaiting his trial.
Citu Council.
from July
At the council meeting on Monday
evening last the following accounts
were passed: ���..
Pavsheet for October 1631.00 ���no
The shipments of ore
1st, 1898 to date. ^^^
Prom Ssndon.
Payne, :   6,950
Ruth, :   1,426
Slocan Star, :   1,417
Last Chance, :      370
Sapphire 18��
Com :        13|
Wonderful Bird :         1|
Soverign :        80f
Wonderful :         8
C M Wilson :         2
Treasure Vault :       40
Reco :         19
Miller Creek :         40
Prom Concentrator Siding
1 Idaho
Salaries for October 406.00
D J McLachlan    11.80
LDootan    16.60
A Osborne    26.65
ER Atherton  50.25
D J McLachlan    10.00
PATSTBEAb     16.50
FCSewell      9.90
grPH Powers    10.00
r.GPYoung    1000
Giegerlcb     3.85
rsMcKinnon  26.75
Wm Lang     6.00
Martin Lang     6.00
Ed Cunningham    6.00
WWraliows    6.50
HByers&Co  69.95
Fire Dep't Maintenance
Alarm at H. Nash's house ...   23.00
Alarm at Miners' Hotel  12.00
Contract on Gaol   163.00
Contract on Bridge 45.00
Extras on Bridge and Gaol      97.00
BCGasette     9.50
Queen Bess,.
From Nero Denoer.
From Whitewater.
From McGuigan.
13,010  tons
Communications were  read Iroml
Tbos. R. Marks regarding a side-
Shipments over the K. A S. for tbe
week: Payne 100, Star60.
Over tbe C.  P. R. for the first
week in the month: Payne 240,
Total for the week from Sandon :
400 tons.
From Three Forks for the week :
Queen  Bess 42.
walk. !
Frank C. Sewell, returning officer, read a statement ot polling on
Bvlaw No. 11 and Theatre Comique
The account of B. C. Riblet for *60
for defining streets and bounds of
city was laid over for further consideration and the clerk instructed
to ask for a plat of the work done.
Reports of Police Magistrate, Chief!
of Police and  Chief of Fire Dep't
Gone Where the Woodbine Twineth.
���������������I .���������
The H. 6. News breathed its last a
few davs ap>> and Is buried with the
manv journal* now deceased in the
Kootsoay. One by one the roses
fade, arid one by one the weakly
Koou-nay psjiers go uP���lhel?n���t;Ii
leaving SOthlS behind but busted
hopes and a few disappointed ��ul>
goribei-. A man who can success*
Aillv keep a pa per afloat In hooteoay
for anv length of time can do any *
SS���g else on earth. If you don*
think so try it for a few months and
rend us the re|��rt.
Advertise In the Peystreak.
were received and tyled.
The sum of $50 was appropriated
for improving Cody Ave.
The Coombe Company.
Presbyterian church���Regular services in Virginia ball morning and
evening at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.
Methodist Church���Regular services to-morrow at 11 a. m. and 7:30
p. m.   Rev A. M. Sanford.  A. B.
Special music will be rendered at
the evening service as follows :���
Anthem.���I will praise Thee."
Duet by Mr. Grimmett and Mrs.
White; Solo by Mr. Sewell; Chorus
I bv the choir.    	
'Anthem.--Sweet Sabbath Eve" by
the choir.
Mb Jane Coombs and her com-
Human nature is about as queer a
compound as can be found.   Some
people will abuse a man all the time
na'nVwYo'have been before the foot   he is alive, and when  he passes in
ffihttinSpcnwr's Opera House for hrs checks they  wil camp st his
lertiia iu ~i*<~    ���      i--  A grave snd smother it with Bowers.
Other fellows will go without socks
the past week closes the engagement
this evening with the comedy 'The
Water" the balcony scene from
Romeo and Juliet and the fourth act
OfCamille. Miss Coombs is an actress of great power and her support
ing company are an excellent one.
From thiTnuniber of ��*��j��[22
sold for this evening's entertsinmettt
they will no doubt have a crowded
The Balmoral Cafe is now under
tbe management of McDonell A McDonnell itnd it never closes.
until they save up a pile, and then
blow it all in in one night on red
eye. Some will rose a tboUteod or
two against a card game and then
try to get even by stopping their
paper. Thus it is true tost Shakes*
peare knew his Job wheti herspmnt-
ed sbont the strangehem of batten
mortii.. Billy was right Tbey are
Drop into the Balmoral when yoa
are hungry and get a tender steak. THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B. C, NOVEMBER 12, 1898.
Heinse Will Sue the C. P. R.
A dispatch from Montreal states
that the arrival there of Mr. Fitzgerald of Trail, the representative at
that place of F. Aug. Heinze's interests, is the first step in a big lawsuit
which the former magnate of Trail
will enter against the Canadian Pacific Railway. It is stated that the
services of McMaster& Maclennan,
advocates, have been secured, and
that the suit will be for 1100,000,
which is the alleged value of personal
property at the smelter which he
claims he never intended to transfer
to the C. P. R., but which the corporation took and holds in spite of
his protest. The C. P. R. people
claim that they bought everything
in sight and paid 1800,000 in cash for
all of Heinze's railway and smelter
possessions in the Kootenay town.
The exact nature of tbe personal
effects which Mr. Heinze values so
highly and for which he seeks re-l
muneration is not stated. The expectation in Monueal is that the case
will develop into a rather sensational
Heinze's penchant for law suits is
well known. It is said to be doubtful if even he can at this time tell
without consulting his attorneys the
number of suits he has in the Butte
courts in which he is either defendant or plaintiff either in person or
through some of bis numerous corporations. Yet law suits do not seem
to make him poor. His companies
are reputed to be the most profitable
in Butte.
Mining Ceases lor the Winter.
The City of Topeka, which arrived
in Port Townsend from the north on
Monday, reports that heavy snow
storms hive visited various seer ions
of Alaska and nearly all mining
operations have been suspended except quartz mills located near tide
water. On November 2nd four feet
of snow fell en Chilcoot aud White
passes, which completely put a stop
to travel.
Telephone messages from Lake
Li rider man to Skagway announce
that about 403 persons are snowbound
Another rich strike is reported
from the head of Salmon river, be
low quiet lake.
According to John Olds, a pioneer
mining and business man of Alaska,
8000 claims have been staked and
recorded in the Atlin mining district
and about 100) men will winter
there. He predicts that Atlin will
have a population of at least 15,000
and that the output of gold will nearly if not quite equal that of Dawson
It Is stated that an English syndicate has bought up about 4200 acres
of placer ground in the Atlin district.
to London.
"Swiftwater Bill" is mid to be
highly indignant at tbe rumor which
has been circulated, that he was
broke. He says that he has plenty
of money and that the stories about
bis suffering from financial embarrassment bave been absolutely without
foundation. He is also said to be
wearv of his wife and to have an
anxiety to get rid of the entire La
More family.
Placer Mining in Terrs del Fuego.
Cleveland, Nov. 7.���Franklin Ran*
som of this city, who went to Terra
Del Fuego a year and a half ago in
quest of gold, has returned with
nearly 118,000 in gold. Ransom will
return to South America In the
spring. He said that he had endured
many hardships during his absence.
He says all the gold is obtained from
placer mines or is washed out of a
magnetic black sand that is blown
upon the sea shore. This sand sometimes runs 11.80 to the pan. The
belt of black sand lies under low tide
level, so it is necessary to wait for a
storm to wash it up in reach of tbe
Swiftwater Bill Again.
"Swiftwater Bill" Gates, tbe former Spokane well digger, but at
present supposed to be a Klondike
millionaire, has returned from Dawson City. He reached Seattle Friday
on the City of Seattle, in company
with "Sailor Bill" Partridge, who is
said to have employed bun as his
negotiating agent to go to London
and get rid of a few claims for him.
Gates is still in Seattle, where he will
probably remain for two or three
weeks. It is thought that he will
pay Spokane a brief visit and then
go to San Francisco, going from there
The Trollri In Japan.
The Chicago Record says: A company of Chicago and eastern capitalists is being formed, with a capital
of not less than $lO.0J0,000, to build
electric railways throughout the
principal cities and towns of Japan.
The financial backers of the enter*
Brize are not as yet revealed, but the
irexels,  Stephen   B.    El kins   and
Philadelphia capitalists are named.
Negotiations are now going on for
a charter. In this connection the
name of W. D. Kastlake, of Chicago,
has deen mentioned. He has lived
for years in Japan.
To Buu the St P. M. & M.
The Great Northern offers to purchase outstanding shares of the St.
Paul, Minneapolis & Manitoba at the
price of 125 per cent, payable in stock
of the Great Northern at par. The
stock of the (treat Northern railway
will be of the same class as that now
outstanding and will rank with it for
dividends and in all other respects.
The delivery of the St. P. M. A M.
railroad's stock must lie made to the
Great Northern compsny between
January 1st and 15th, 1899, when
payment will be made therefor.
The Treadwell Stamp Mills..
The new stamp mills which the
Tresdwell and allied companies have
been erecting on Douglas island,
Alaska, are completed, and after
being tested will be turned over to
the company by the engineers now
in charge.
These mills give Douglaa ism ml a
total of 880 stamps with a capacity
for crushing 2500 tons of ore dally.
Lesdeille Mines to Resume.
It is announced that the properties
of the Leadville mining companies
will resume operations. It Is predicted that the resultant tonnage of sil-
ver-lead ore will in a measure renew
tbe required smelter supply, for
which the CVeur d'Alenes, the Kootenay and Mexico have for the last two
years been drawn upon.
Where Honors Come Ess*.
Hamilton Spectator: A i-mrter
has been arrested for offering his arm
to the Queen of Holland. We know
s reporter who hss handled as many
ss four queens st a time, and he Is
still at large.
mmatmmmmmmmm* ���
Week in. week out, from mom rill niabt.
Y<<>* *-����* baar Ihe hammer* a***
And a�� thev go they 1.11 th. Slant
Prom their pedestal alt tn a row.
But tit. .trili* shall cease with prk*** riant
And th�� chorus radac* lo solo.
11*1* ar. style. In clock* to salt each t**t*\
From plain d*dgn to ri��-h and chaste |
And what will wake yon np at morn
A clock with load and ��ar�� alarm.
So bon��e need have uncertain time
But hourly may enjoy the chime
If yon should mm them tor yourself".
They will not lone adorn tb* shelf.
So much for clock*; now for your ay**.
shuul.l ��eaknr��* premntur* arise.
Think what a world of beauty* to��t
Neglecting such a tritUng aamt.
Her. you may hav* opttrtan'* skill.
No random fit- -be ft II* tbe bill.
Oh{*ct�� unknown bmtorm you'll Snd,
Sight strengthen*!  ton**   and *tr*n��tb*n*
In brooch.*, rinff. and a*mm. tb* fair
May Snd variety rich and ear*.
Some loving ***aln may aba* his lot*
By pl*��l*.. like article, abov..
Emblem, of love constant proclaim
In accent* sweet lb* giver's nam*
In article* ��l .ilverwar*
H. has a stock that to ����m|��r*
For c IrtnwH. briffhin**��, war* a ta.fc
And very moderate �����<��.����� will *��k
For chaios and studs and pin* ��nd charm*
Bouse your aesthetic taste to arm*:
The* article* you'll Snd on ��i��w
And others ��f like nterit too.
Where pendant watch tbe vision gr**t*.
On Revo, chief of Sandon vtrtwl*.
Jeweller and Optician.
Certincat* of Impravomente
Situate In the Slocan   sflatSl   Ittltdsa   of
Wai    Kootenay   Bgatfffct.   Where Uw*U
ed;  Joining  the    Ihtlntb   claim  in Mc-
Onican Ile.in.
Tak. notice iltst 1. Art Farw*il. acting as
aa*** tor W. A. Iln,.tnrv. Free Miner*, fit*
tificate So Wan *. nnd F II Tomli��*on, Free
Hirer'. Certificate No i*��m, intend, slatv
U��.fr..m tff*date hereof, to apply to tb*
liinin�� Recorder for a Cartincate ..f Im
provement., for fhe purpo** ��f obtaining a
Crowuflrant of foe above claim
And further take not I., that action, under
action SI, mtut Iw commenced befor* tbe
issuance of .i��h OrtinVnle of Improvement*
AS. PtftWM.l.
taried thi. 1/1 Ii dny of September. NW��
Advertise In the Paystreak.
Jfimnt U h*r��hv alien that slaty day* after
date I intend lo apply to tbe Chief Conimt*
.loner of I And. and Works for permiealon to
pun base two hundred and fifty flv* acre*,
mora or I**., of unr***rvml Crown land* within tbe following described are. :
Commencing at the aouth.we.t corner of lot
7U1, thence 10 chains north, thence ��i chains
weaf, thenre 4.) chain, south, mors  or lesa, to
Kootenay lake, thence follow in* shore line to
���nnth'We.t angle of lot tttf, (hence north
following location lino of .aid lot **��chains'
mora or lass to north-east angle of lot T��l'
thence *>'-bains w����t along southern boundary of Mill lot to plaaa at Nftaafat. situ.
atedou Kootennv River about ten miles from
Kelson, Nelson Mining l��U talon, West
Kootenay Di.trlct.
lira-.* V rtnmr.
Hated Hepteml *r 17th, ia��
XOTICR is hereby gt���*n that ����� ,H�� ���
piration or thirty days from the tiro ,, !Jt.
at ion hereof the undersigned will apply u
tb. Ucenc CommUaioners of lb* City <f s*,
dna far a liens* toaati liquor l.> Wtaiu't
their pramta** situate on R**o AVenn* in ,h-
City ot Sandon.
WaraaLAsn a Waanustm,
Sandon. Octobsr frnd. law.
Certlfieete of Improvam.
Situate in tbe Slocan   Mining birisi
Wast Kootoaay IHstrtot,   When. lne��M   ,,a
CodyC*ra*h    *
T*.KV notice that I Arthur s Fsrweii mgrntut
for A. W. MeCW. So WW. W. I,   H ,    \
Saflaia, a V. M��!tUttl**.No. a&tJH, an<l Jan.. > i.lr*���
ham, Jto tauau. Intend, aistv day. ff.,tn tv*
beraof, to apply lo the Mining IU
CattlSeat* wf Improvement*, for the t����n,��:��a.
of obtaining a Crown Urant of it, st��eve
Ami further lake notice that *������.
MVtton lit, mu��t  be c��mn����wc*.i   b*l tf* th*
U��ua��c* af *t��ch tlertilbrat. of tmpo.> .���   .
tstt*d tttl* Utb day of S*ptem>* * . ��� ���
A S. Fsan.M
Certiorate of Impr-venictii*.
��OOI�� HAY MPitUtAl, cutis
Situate in tb**Uocan Mlnin* Drvlslott .>? UV��i
Kootenajr  iHatrlet    Wb*r*   ����* *'        <>c<
Payne Mount*Ik
Taatt notic* that I A. % Farweil. *�����
.gent for John Bough,  Fn* Mlnef. \
cat* No IllU*. Intend, aisty .lay* from ��*t*
heraof, to apply to the Mining Baentder I ��� *
Certiacateof Improvement*, for ib* purt*-*'.
ol obtaining a Crown Orani  of lb* t
And further take untie* that *etl
Motion 3*1. must be wmwrw-l b*ft>������K��
Humane*of*u��r*bC**rtlSrate of lanf.if
l**t*d thi. ft*b day of SaptNahef  l�� a
CertlflrMte of lnipro*f*itici��t*..
Situate   tn   tb*   Slocan   Minix*  I
West Kootenaydi>trt<t     Whe��* W.'*t
On P.yn* Mountain.
T��aa notice thst IA S F*rw*U. net I
*st*nt for J��bn Hou��h, W*m Ml net ��(Vf
Jfo. tlttU. intend, aitiy day* fromd*����
af.to*pply tatbaMining ��**ori*�� fat *��.*
liSeate of Improvement*, for the i   -
obtaining a Crown Orant of tb* a���� <
Aad further tab* notic* that net ton
section St, must be e��,mmen<-*-l   beffi
tseuanc* of a��*h l**tiSea��e of Impr
trar*tlShUI��tttdayar SilSwber t��*
A �� fAaWSM.
Cartlfteata ef Imeeatramgntt.
sitt.sle In   the  HI.-*.,   Minlna   l��*>
Wet Koataaay pfabrfoi   Wh*r*
In the Noble Five .lid*, lying   ��        ' ,h'
Noble Five group.
TA**N��vHHthatr..r   H   t��mi    a
agent lor Byron N   Whif...   Free Ml
tlflcat*Xo 4&*i*.W.H    Franklin    I       �����"'
ar-a   Cartlflent*   N��.    I"*^'*.    "" '    '
Mcflowan.Fra* Miner** ChrtiSoat* V   ' "
Intend ..idai* from  tb* date here..f ���
to l.h. Mining BseotdSff f��*r . OartWrat. .d im*
provent*ns for the ��lwve rlaim.
And further take notice tbst a.ti
aeotion  ST. inn**  b*  comn.ence.1   bel
Usuance of such CcrtiScate of lm|"
Hated thia nth day of Septeu.l.r
j. H. ��SAV.      ���
MfffSS tt
Mi>rr* ar HA*t�� i.vca rrroaiae.
r B. I'errjr Tails mi Ufa Si��wrleac��* Im
tb* Maseaaml��wauBfcrjr.
Charles E. Perry, C.E., formerly of
thf.. ������diaa Pfcsa** eradnesring sun,
_, jUrt wtarfMrd ta Vaaesottvar from
th, otnineea enaatry, where* be has
been i-xploriBtf ea< l*oepecting aince
eg,jv in tse year, and to the Province
he p***&7+iWtyf*}R **?**:
(.on   llutsaOF ^pSristeddrnt of tha
m \utSes�� ��Mlsiwiteat**/lwl'IM*y> ana
\^n\a\^%mT\\\m\^ lire "trip were
3 3f
ArtH���, <gg^t**U��*>l
Queatielle mouth and then branched off I
to Port St. James on Stuart lake, HO
miles further on. I made a survey of
tbt- waterways from Quesnelle mouth by
tlie Fraaer river to Fort George, thence
bv the Nechaco vnd Stuart river* to
Fort St. James, and of the Tat*Cbe and
Middle riven  which
The steady advance in the price of
the white metal must be very encouraging to the owners of ailver properties
   as well as to the residents of British
Mooie nvara   which  connect Stuart Columbia in general.   Even if the price
lake, Cross lake and Tachla lake   Thusl   .., * ���  ...   ... v
there is water communication 870 miles rera-m�� M lt ����� now <t���te<- lt Wl�� rae*n
io length to T-iKklev house at tbe head | the twhering in at an e_rly date of
~ "T,**~*- I-"**5******1 "   ��eason of unparalleled prosperity for
every mining district in the Province.
turvcv oriaoawnt.    a. aa.  muwu.  who
w��s in chaaja ef ��� the eeeanhwarr, and
( a Thoajjiaea, a piecer mining ex*
pert from CaHwrnja.
1 Mr I'nrry a view* regard ng the
much maligned Aafaroft trail are in*
b-rnatinf. nrie��^M* beiaefe tfc�� are
diamHrieaUy owwtedto thty of the
people who hate wandered hack with
hart! luck tWWrtBS
It i* wtMrrMiae to hear them* vartva
ab��ui the ilantrers and dlnleuitles of
ih, A.bcrwtttrail M��* of thorn* wh��
cam. w grief did as ***** Aahcroft
wni llaaleten. BWa* fetratrd their,
sicj^ f*nd����heracee*sdewe the Skrwia
Irora llaairsoa Now of that portion
ot i be route the an* ���� Wiles l�� Quea-
tM.|lc twieth is ever the Cariboo wagon
ro* I. aa good a road aa a man w.mld
want ro travel oa. from <jn*��tirlU'
m,urh io tieaMae la tho old r.*i.*
et%vb irail, and when tnwr com** back
i���f. and *av that there it no trail
ih. v are talking rot. At all point* He
tvmra g��ftsii.��ifc moatlh and llaalelon
th. trad i�� aa well deinud and a* pfc.n
lv marked teaay esiS with eiperiencr
in u sslrrah ���� sre the air**** A this
i tn ��K < tirae this did not or��*v��mr
�����*.|,ie losii g thff<u��elvt<a. for of all Ihe
i*<H tv viu.rly anas to b* away from
L.u,- the Aahcroft roatta m����r have
s-wt.ter<*d a latge pi-oprtii.Ni Mind. I
am not emtrwAig the A*bcr��ft mate
a. a proper one to take to the Klondike
rr*��on I do not think tt * pra�� tu able
r<ni#* w .ten uihi-r* w> Much *h��*ri.*r an*
aiailaMe. but al the ����inr lime rhe
u ii * i ��� r������i.* t>* grief on Ii were en
tifih and totally lgw��rant A any
ruing. Manv wore city men. orhrr*
were (anners, hat of tho*t�� who had
ever in.ni on a trail before I don't rhink
i mw ten goase el thctn torn rheir
t��T��- bv tietag theas en at night, an
thai ihe poorWateaemtM nm fe��*d siet
nouMrtiaof aUrvatlfii fiber parti***
�� 'inteml all over Ca**iar diattlet look
injr (or a trail that waa really a* plain
*�� an asphaH.MMmi'1. <>����� tiaue
uciMaws/hadlMMNt Ave tnonrb* ei>m
inn over a porfkm of thf mad which
wp - verrd in U days, and our mule.
���ere rarryiag aaactr hiingvr load*
���*.wa aaattMsa sU atWibe roote
Thev would shftol a little bit, ft-h a
I'.ile bti, loaf eleag, having a good
J.i.M- ami eating up their provhdnn*
Tliai waa their own hnslneaa, but ia a
���batno for ihnaa tmm to cwtni* t��ack
��'"i malign a country when their own
'��'��<<raiK*e and MwpnlHj ���***��� ��n' t0
"A* to the party with which Sir
Arthur Curtis waa travelling, I ��*
th��n on the way and the onlv wonder
i" mr is that thev did not all lone their
live* They were tha asnal lyp" of
utterly inekperleaeed young F.ngliai ���
"�����*�����. a nice looking lot of voung men.
'"" whoae fmmmXy Maa ot bardablp wa*
Jo u.a,�� vide hat and top boou. I
believe they had another Englishman
*��k> had been In the Wennt��d1��ollce to
iTUide them, hut what doe* a mounted
|*"ii.-i*man knew ahoat mounUln and
heavy hush work? I would trust him
to lose himself quicker tban anyhttdy.
UiniHwent away oae morning before
"r��vikfaatto look for some horae* that
h,"l ���trayed awavs The real of hia
!�������>��� did not wait for him bui atruck
[stop and went ahead. They did not
wshi to anarch until a day after l
hsre no doubt hnt that he fell Inio aome
,w*'"pand Is there still. _.   ..
, "We continued up the Telegraph trai
����� t polat ahoat 110 miles north of
of Tat la lake, which, by the expenditure ot arxi.taai, can be made navigable
for *uch siejMoera a* these which were
buitr fnr theStii-kiue traffic The only
obstacles to Ik? removed from the rivers
are collections of small boulders. There
are no log iaina.
"Wehavetakeusome good hydraulic
ground on Gennnnsen and Manson
creeks and oa Onacluga creek, a tributary of the Nation river Oar holdings
include quite a number of hydraulic
propositions and we intend to beirin
operations in the spring We have
brought back a quantity of good coarse
gold nnd nugget*.
''The countrv is very mountainous
and (rom tbe Uockies westward it ia
destitute ot plaint of any considerable
extent. The. mountain* rise from 8/HM
U��7AWfiH*t, but only very few of the
ridjre** aro snowcapped all the year
mttnd. The ti*��h in Tachla. Stuart and
Cm** lake* and in nil the neighboring
rivers are magntlreiii. The tmul and
a lute Halt are partitularlv good. It is
not a game country, however, except
during the -.bori ��>erlod l!����t the ducks,
geese and other hmU nre migrating.
**TaeItSahsr Is stiM.1 hut abundant,
and I misrhr ateatlee that I found rhe
extreme northern limit of the thniglas
fir, abotil half way up Tacla lake."
Tbe VaaesHiver Coaspaay Short or Faad*
aad tilt���
i l
i_ i
Tha Vancouver company, -known as
rhe Two Friends Mine, Limited, which
has been attempting the development ol
the!iieai Weatern mine in the Slocan,
held a special general meeting on Saturday, when it was announced that owing
to tlr* (vmnAnyVi foods being exhausted,
and lo the inability of tha company to
raise money by tbe further sale of tlie
treasury atock, it had .teao necessary io
clotm down operationa at the property.
tHiring rhe i.peratione of the compariv
nine car leads of clean ore were shipped,
whiih, from smeller retunir, sveragisi
lUmiiKrt in silver and tv|.3 per cent.
atmft, Aimiit 400 tons of anuvntrattiig
am VSS mined, of which alsmt '��!b Urns
were run Ui tmgh the Washington mill,
pnelui ing ����������� tons of concentrates, which
a-cre also ship|**<ia the avetage rerurns
Iteuig I04.& ounce* silver and ,Vl p��*r cent,
lead. The dire**tor�� of the aunpiinv
j state that it will require another 18,000
lo carry on  developmenl,  but being un-
ble to raiat* thia amount they recom-
adarl the further development and
-i.rking of the (ireat Western ou the
l��*ia oi a (our months' leaae, the lessee
undertaking within four months to pay
off rhe existing liaMitie* of the company
���aome |4,.Vira>--with an option to purchase within 10 months, and at the end
ol IU months, to organise a new company with a capital of fntai.OOO, of vhtoh
theTwo Irasrsos company will receive
H37.A00 m jutnt up slock for its interesr
in the tireat Western. Tlie lessee will
be ellotcd a like amount, and will also
pav into the treasury ISO.OlW in cash for
working capital; the balance of the
atock. via.. t&V-OO, will remain st the
disposal of the new company, ro be disposed ol if further capiuUsjrequlred.
The were spooning in the orchard;
she was romantic and Iliad to overflowing with ecstacy of love, says an
exchange But he. prosiac briite, saw
and felt untight but ill" realistic All
nature is in sympathy with lovers; even
the apple trees aro sighinir,
"So would vou if vou were
green apples as those trees are,
The silver properties of the Slocan and
Nelson divisions alone, when extensively and systematically operated, are
sufficient to produce a most beneficta!
effect upon the country at large, while
the results which will he experienced in
Kootenay as soon as they are so worked
will be gratifying in the extreme. The
rise in silver is again attracting the attention of the investors in this direction, aud it will not be long until they
take advantage of the opportunities
which await them Capital does not
require a great while to look around in
its seeking for safe aud legitimate investment, and if silver continues to
hold its own above the ��0 mark this
fact will soon be demonstrated in the
opening upo' new prospects, and the
further development of mines which
have been lying idle for sometime past.
���Trade Review.
Last August a bond was given to Mr.
Otto Abeling ou the Revenue, on the
Mohawk lead, on Pool creek, and on
Monday the deal was put through by
VV. B. Pool it d tbe cash paid over to
the owner. Arthur Ellis, says the Revel-
stoke Herald.   The Revenue is situated
on Pool creek, about eight miles from
Thomson a Landing^tnd is reached by a
nr*4-class pack trail.   There is plenty
ot timber and water on tbe claim tor the
purpose oi mining.   The  ore is of a
simitar character to that found on the
hear rice and is on the  same ledge.
Beyond all doubt the Mohawk lead has
the lie*>t showings of any lead in the
whole of Kootenay to-day!   It has been
the wonder of all mining men who have
visited that '.district.   With the extensive development work now being done
on the   Beatrice,   the   Mohawk    lead
should be well advertised and will bring
the Pool creek camp into prominence
next year.
and, nearly pulling it in two, and both
churning it.   And King Solomon wasn't
feeling right  good  and   said:    'Why
couldn't tbe brat have been twins and
stopped all this bother.'   And he called
for bis sword and was going to chop the
little baby in two and give each of them
a piece or it, when the one who was the
mothar of the baby said:   'Stop, Solomon, stay thy hand.   Let that hag have
it.   If I can't have a whole baby f don't
want any.'   Then King Solomon told her
to take the baby and-go home and wash
its face for he knew it was here.   He
told Uie other woman to go chase herself.
King  Solomon built   King  Solomon's
temple, and was. the fattier af all the
Masons.   He had 7001 wives and 900 lady
friends, and that is why there aura so
many Masons in the world.   Papa says
King Solomon was a warm member, and
I think he was hot stuff myself.   That e
all I know about King Solomon."
Is the Pioneer House of the City
-*--*-���---*--*- -*i,-*i -t-.
Summer Time Card effective June 10,189*.
Subject to change without notice.
North Round
Read up.
Train Its Dally, 1.00 pm  Train ar daily 10.50 am
���*   ar     ���'      3.45 pm   Train W  ���'     8.00 am
Boat lv 3.��i am    ���Kaalo���   Boat ar SJO pm-
IS" am    Ainsworth "     7.30 ping
vf     "    *-t��'am   Pilot Bar "    6.45 pm_
��       ������    5 JO am      Ba l/our ���*     6.10 pm*
*��BoatarS.4����m. Five Mile Pt " 5.23 pm2
w      ���'    715 am      Nelson "Iv4.45pma
#Trainarl0.ieam Northport Train lv 1.55 pm >>
5 " 11 *�� am Rossland ** 12.05 pars
7     "      310 pm   Spokane        "     8.30 amp
Sr-nth Bound
Read down.
ihe said.
as full Of
The postal officials are in  trouble
The new Mulock stamps very closclv
resemble some of the  United   Srates
issue.    A   short   time   ago   a   large
���uttent   medicine  concern   a   Buffalo,
N'.Y , sent into Canada a number of
circulars, with stamp reply envelopes
enclosed.    Through an inadvertence.
United  States 2-ceru instead of Canadian 8 cent stamps were used.   The
cost of the stamps were not alt lost,
however     A _reat many of the envelopes   bearing   the  United   States
stamps came back, the Canadian postal
officials in their hurry not noting the
slight difference in design in the stamps
���the color being  the same���-and the
United Srates postal revenue has been
enriched bv some hundreds of dollars,
for which the Canadian postal service
rendered value.   A circular has, it is
understood, been issued warning Canadian postal clerks to be careful in their
scrutiny of the stamps on letters addressed to big advertising firms across
the border.
Bead down. Read up.
Daily train lv i.oo pm       Dally train ar 10.50 am
���'        ar 3.45 pm "       iv 8.00 am
j,   Boat Iv .Vim pm MoAT Boat ar 1.00 pm
-      "  ftJOpm Ainsworth Boat ar 11.40 pm-,
7.00 pm   Pilot Bay       "     UOOpmT
lo.oii pm Knskonook
" lx.0��pm Goat River
���S        '���   i.ooam Boundary
���afi   " ar a.oo am Bonuer*a'F
���1 f. Train 1 v 11.40 am     "
**      ���'    ar x.45 pm Spokane
8.00 pm?
6.00 pm^
5.00 pmK
It f.00pm*o
raiaar 1.15 pm 5
"    It 7.50 am*
Commencing June 80,1898.
On Monday, Thursday and Friday aa Alberta
will leave Kaslo 5 p. m. for Ainsworth, Pilot Bay,
and Kelson. Le*��vlu*r Nelaon at 8 a. a., Tuesday. Friday and Saturday, calling at Pilot Bay,
Ainsworth and Kaslo, and all way points.
P.O. Box 1W. Kaslo.B.C.
Taking effect 1.00 o'clock a. at
Sept 1, 1898, Pacific or 120th Meridian time.
Subject to change without notice
Why There are so Many Masons.
Here is an essay on King Solomon and
the origin of Masonry, published in the
Fargo Forum: " King Solomon was a
man who lived ever so many years ago,
and in the country that be governed he
���as the whole posh. He was an awful
ul man and one day two women WM
I W_! each holding onto a leg of a baby
Leave 8 90 A.M.
Kaalo         Arrive, 3 30 P.M
"8 56     "
8outt> Fork     "
8 06    '���
������   S 45    "
Sproufe'S          "
Whttcwatar    '���
8 10    ������
" 10 00    *
8 00    "
����� 10 OS    ������
BearLaka        M
1 50    ������
�� 10 to    "
MrGuliran       "
������ 10 M    M
Cody Junction '���
Sandon          Leav
188    **
Arr. 10 4o   "
��� 1 16    *���
Leave, ll-OOa.m ��� Sandon ��� Arrive, 11.6Sa.m
"     11.10 " Cody Junction Leave, 11.60 a.m
ArrlTe. 11.85 **   - Oody  ���        '���    ll_5a.m
Trame Mnflfr.
For cheap railroad and ateamahlp* tickets to
and from all polnta, apply to
a CAMPBELL,        Agent, Sandon.
V     <'      , THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B. C, NOVEMBER 12, 1863,
The Paystreak.
Ia issued every Saturday In Sandon, in the heart
of tbe greats* While Metal camp oa earth.
Sabscriptfcm     ��� .     .    a    ttooayear
Strictly in advance.
Addreaa: Tma PaTfRBBAK, Sandon, B.C.
* . ��
In spite of the fact that tbe CP.R.
now haa virtually a corner on tbe
freight and passenger traffic of tbe
Kpotenaya it la not probable that tbe
great Canadian corporation will al
waya be �� fortunate.   The Montreal
Star ia in a position to state that the
officials of the Canadian Pacific Railway will soon have one of tbe biggest
fighta of their existence on tbeir
bands, and it is understood that at
this early date steps are being taken
to get things in shape for tbe battle
which is soon to begin   with tbe
American railroad interests, beaded
by tbe Great Northern railway, over
an entrance into British Colombia, to
compete with the Canadian Pacific
Railway.   Tbe American roads profess to know that the C.P.R authorities fear the outcome of the fight on
account of tbe vast amount of capital
which is said to be behind the move
on the part of tbe Great Northern.
At Ottawa it will be the Corbin fight
of last session over again, only on a
much larger scale.
Tbe C.P.R. came out successful
last session after a bard fought battle
and since that time the Corbin interests have passed into tbe bands of the
Great Northern, and that they are
prepared to carry on the business
where Mr. Martin left off is now well
known in railway circles. At tbe
present time representatives of tbe
Great Northern, are said to be at
work in Canada paving the way for
the introduction of a measure at the
next session of Canadian bouse seeking legislative approval for the construction of a line into southern
British Columbia from tbe United
Tbe coming straggle will be all the
more interesting oa account oi tbe
fact that all tbe American roada
which have been lighting against the
CP.R. in the passenger and freight
rate fights, are silled with tbe Great
Northern in this matter, and It Is
said would be very glad *�� get in a
blow at their most feared rival.
A Spokane paper in this connection
announces that 'Tbe Great Northern
Is making ready for a great struggle
with the Canadian Pacific Railway.
The traffic of British Columbia is to
be the prise of battle Back of tho
C.P.R. will be its powerful agents in
the Dominion Government; back of
the Great Northern will be all the
great American railways which hope
to share in the gains once the grip
of the Canadien octopus is broken."
Prominent Government men are
satisfied that silver-lead and lead
products wil! be commodities which
will be taken into consideration in a
reciprocity treaty, if one be entered
into between tbe United 8tates and
Canada.   It ia also understood that if
no treaty be arrived at that the Dominion Government, in order to give
British Columbia the protection it is
entitled under the present protective
policy of the Government, will increase the import duties on lead products, or place them the same as
those which apply on silver-lead and
products entering the United States.
This is one of tbe alternatives proposed by Mr. Hugh Sutherland which
should be adopted if tbe lead producers of this Province are to receive
fair treatment   It is understood that
tbe Government is in full possession
of tbe nets bearing on the matter and
that the subject haa already been before the Quebec conference for consideration.   At tbe present time tbe
producers of silver-lead aod lead ores
in this Province labor under great
disabilities which should not be tbt Irs.
If tbe remedy lay tn their own bands
it would be very eaay to apply it, but
it does not. It is a question of legislation and every one knows that the
Canadian Government has beaiiated
tb adopt any policy which could be
construed into retaliation or exclusion.   Such are contrary to British
ethics in the administration of public
affairs.   The  Nelson  Miner thinks
that if our American friends would
that it would not pat them at a
disadvantage bat would ensure them
larger trade, tbey would amend the
customs duties applying to sil ver lead
and lead ore,  but unfortunately the
government at Washington is constrained to consider public opinion in
western mining states, and that opinion is decidedly against what are
called <4ooncett��ona to Canada.''
London ia still attracted to 800th
Africa, bat ere many months peas
along the capital from that great
money centre will be seeking investments in the 8tooan and other parta
of Kootenay. The year 18911, the last
of the century will witness one ot the
greatest mining excitements of the
age, and British Colombia will be
the country iu which it will be en*
The ideal family Is one that knows
nothing but loyalty to each member that
composes it. If there sre little fads sad
foibles the world is not told of them, and
nobody ever guesses that thst family is
not really the perfectly harmonious one
thst it always seems.
Without goerrip snd criticism the world
of men and women would be a happier
place, even ss happy ss it Is to-day, when
more men and woman are adopting the
motto of charitableness toward all than
ever before.
Hare  Sa  Si-set.   .
Tho Klondyke Nugget, one of the
two papers published at Dawson City,
is having a great deal of trouble finding
its town subacribers, who pay 934 a
I year for the privilege of getting a semi
weekly edition. A paragraph In a
recent issue explain* the difficultv bv
saying that it is verv hard to find astrw
of the houses according to the addresses
left at the office Among those men*
tioned were: "The cabin with the
screen doorf "the slab house facing the
river;" "the big teet with two More
pipe*," and "The cabin three doors
south of where all the dogs are."
CfreU  Charity.
Criticism in tbe home ts s dangerous
thing, says the Philadelphia Inquirer.
There will never be sny record of the
lives of ths men and women that might
hsve been great.
There is s way, I know, thst tbe world
at Urge has of thinking that genius will
bud snd grow snd flourish in spite of en*
vironment snd discouragement, but the
born genius is usually afflicted with a
tender heard and soul thst shrink from
unkind criticism. Why, there sre child-
ran of one family, many and many a'
time, who actually shrink from one an- *
other because of the dread of criticism.
tw the) Cwltertea.
The number of females working at
mines in England fa decreasing grade*
ally. At collerie* their employment
consists principally lu "Unking the
tubs," I e. drawing mine wagons from
the cage*, running these wagons to
the weighing machines, screens, and
tips; greasing tbe wagons, cleaning
safety lamps, picking out any waste
rock from the coal, or separating iron
stone from shale, attending to ��flic***,
and acting ss messenger*
In the case of ore mine* thoy are employed for picking, breaking with ham*
meir��, and attending to ore-washing
machinery appliances The work Is la
sil cases healthy
Wine & Ltyoor Merchants
Cfcrry the finest Stock of U-iiors in
the Kootenay Country.
Orders by mall or wire promptly
.. ...attended to	
Ifyou are-
Call at the
Hotel Ivanhoe.
laawn-weaiii m<
trrra��stUeau> a dat. r>r��*-.
The Nelwm Miner teflaof It C. Campbell-Johnson's hard and unpleasant
evperience while attempting to get Into
Km** Kootenay via the Crows Neat
Pa���� Kail way The cotapeny are not
taking paascttgers at present, bet Mr.
C imphell-Johnson succeeded In going
c ittsiderable distance bv rail wbea he
was fnrt-ed to descend' and return to
Kuskouook on foot, sleeping out one
night on the way.
&vpbort*t Ginger Air,
Saraaparflla, Etc. Ktc,
Patronize norm- taduatry
when you want the liesi
ts? Palace Gafe,
Eastern Oysters,  Tender
Chtck'-ns  and   everything
the  Market sffonls in the
way of delicious and	
palatable fond can he found
j "Th. paiaGC
a   Strangers and others are
requested to call on ns when
hunger torments their internal anatomy    If John is not
on shift you are 'sure to And
s s Best-equipped
. . Restaurant
a . lo the Slocan
It never Closes
and the proprietor, aim
to please their patrons
in every way pomiblc.
Millard A Thompson*
) 'wB
YA Moore has gone east for tbe winter
An assay olBeo has been put in at tbe
Thanksgiving Dsy Is on the 24tb of
this month.
The Provincial Legislature will meet
00 the 5th of January.
M K W. Rathborne far the new manager of Jsehson Mines.
lieo McLean is the aew chef at tbe
Ukeview Hotel In Silverton.
The rates at the St. Leon Hot Springs
an* It �� a day* with free baths.
W. Walters has been appointed agent-
general for this Province in Lottdou.
The Banks of Cotnmerro and It S A.
have opened branches at Greenwood.
The Emily Edith Is developing into
a very large eeeeaotratiug proposition.
on the Ajss a lead 4�� feet wide has
l*.-nrr��w��rttt.   The ore is steel galena.
isms-In Boaetierv, on Nov   1st, the
wife of John Souter of a daughter.
Tbi* French Creek CO, in the Big
Bead, cspect to make a cseau up next
Han Horace isakk with typhoid ff ver
ai Brooklyn.   He haa been HI several
It i*> said that the smelter at Golden
will hs I'biwtt shortly It is ft be run
on i.��pner ore
The force oa the Cnmstoek has been
tlesrcaaed awaiting the completion of
thr Krocenirater.
Work it being poshed on the Marion,
ami a *iiipntetit will be made as t*w��n a*
rtw* nre ran be taken out
A t arnry hss been appointed potic**
.' ->lrati< in Katlo.   Hi* wil! no doubt
ii<-a I nor justice with a strong srm
tbos Strutheraha* flwasd hi*�� sr<*n*
ai ItiMasberv and gone to the Boundary
rmvAtty I��. L lavhir fat arting a*
postmaster In his stead
hui Slur ran haa gone te Chicago to
���i*eml the winter with the old folks
Jon is one of the whiteat boys in thi*
i amp ami deserves s good eastern time
The enrollment of pupil- at th��* Nel
���no   puMic school  tor the mouth  A
<*.t..Wr reached S total ��*f_*U. an in
c r��***e of Ml r��rer the p��*err*ding month.
Aooreheeaeinr the Bosun Is being
�����nlr neer the new wharf. Tha property
j* being surveyed for a crown grant
1 Ira lown office* will he opetmd about
Ihe 1st of iK-cetnber
Several dramatic companU** have
applied lor the prtvtlrwe of opening the
lto��un Opera House in New Denver,
bait lhat honor has been reserved for
Sew Henvnr's brass hand
J Koldmsa, who was recently arre*t
ed st Sandon for keeping a watch
������"longing to a man nsme-i  Srewsrr.
* rites from Revetslake to any that the
��� vidcncetn court did not support the
charge against Mm.
Fred Mountain, chief of Provincial
police in thia district, has been promoted, and his position is to be taken by
W II. Bollock-Webster. Mr. Moanisln
�����as not aa yet received anv Instructions
'rom headquarters as to his new duties
The Hall Mints Co Intends to use
electricity ss the motive power In their
mine, and has purchased s six drill
����� ""pressor of the IngersolKSergesnr
type, and will get their power from the
w��- - Kootenay Power A Light Com-
, The Dundee mine, near Ymir. recently made a test shipment of *i tons to
the Hall Mines monitor, which gave re
turns of over HO per ton, sn Increase
��> value of 40 per cent, over the Isst
"hipment. The ore came from tho250
������ot level.
The big blast furnace of the Hall*
Wines smelter was blown ont about
12 o clock on Sunday night owing to
Shortage of coke Tfiere is plentv of
ore on band, and operations wifi be
resumed as aooo as the coke supply is
replenished vv ���
The West Koorenav Power & Light
Company's right of way between Bon-
uirrgum r alls and Kossland is cleared,
and all that remains to be done is the
distributing; ot poles along about eight
miles of the route This should be
finished by the loth instant. The copper wire is on the ground, snd the
company expects to be in a position to
supply power to Kossland in about 20
The Ia? Koi pay roll includes 800.
The Alberta shows four inches of good
ore on ihe hanging wall.
Tbe new strike on the Noveltv is
seemingly an important one
Drifting is in progress on the White
Bear towards the east at the 250-foot
level, and some ore is met.
The station {�� begeg cut out at the
���J*m-foot level iu the'suaft of the No. 1,
and tbe crosscut for rhe ledg��* is uuder
A force of LB men i* employed in get-
tiug thinsfs iu stops on the Iron Horse
tor the HHSallstlrm <>f tin* compressor
The new winxe on the Iron Mask i*
down somewhat lass than BO feel, ami
continues to show about three feet of
good ore.
Timbering* has been steadily in progress in the tieitfUUC shaft, but tt is
nearly completed, and sinking will be
resumed this week.
operations have been resumed on the
LIU Mav, and a crew ot 10 men has
been put lo work. The shaft is now
down ;*�� feet deeper.
The ore shipments of the psst week
amounted to 8.H0D tons. Of that the
Le Koi furnished MOO tons, while the
War Eagle contributed 800 tons.
The Commander shaft is down about
���&k) feet and considerable quarts is coming in. ro the exclusion of the copper
rhich was met in the higher levels.
The (riant shaft is down about 110
feet, and fnonnow on it will be sunk
vertically regardless of the vein. Cross-
eattlng e-ill be undertaken around the
jon-foot level.
The new shaft on the east end of the
Grand Prise is down SO feet, and the
entire Ultom of the workings is in
quarts aud calcite impregnated with
wajte iron and a trace of copper.
The Le Koi shipped IM�� tons of ore
during rhe month of October, and the
cost of extra*tion. including the dead
work advance development and hoist-
ing of waste, was only *->174 per ton.
The new three-compartment shaft on
the Centre sur is now down lo feet.
The raise from the tunnel level in line
with lbs shall is up about 86 feet, while
the winie from the tunnel level is down
about 11 feat
The teens! on the Msscot shows some
mixed ore. but the vein is sinuous, and
?s the tunnel is Wing driven straight
ahead the face of the workings is in and
outof the ledge. Twenty-seven men
are st work
The shaft in the Abe Lincoln is now
down, SB feel, and the bottom of the
WOrkllUte is all in mineral. Assays
from th?quarts showed values ranging
from'MB to �����, Including seven per
cent in copper.
Th�� Kureka Consolidated Company,
wWvb ��I centre lied by Ross Thompson
harwunwd work on its properties, the
Eureka and the Evening, on the south*
wl!st slope of Red mountain, near the
California and the Giant, f
-rhettrtiuel4n ^v^H"fSP
|�� now in 110 feet in length.   Lead No.
8 has been crosscut and it is eight feet
wide. The tunnel is now being driven
toward lead No. 2, which is a continuation of the rich lead of Copper Wonder.
The shaft on the Copper Chief is now
down 20 feet. There is three feet of ore
in the shaft, which assays $16 to the ton
in gold A shaft house has been erected and the shaft is being timbered snd
everything is being made snug and
comfortable for winter operations.
The shaft on the Deer Park, which is
now down 305 feet, has shown a rapid
snd satisfactory change in the past few
days. A stringer of quartz was met at
the 200-foot level similar in character to
that met in the 150-foot level. The
stringer has rapidly widened, until it is
now about two feet wide, while the
entire bottom of the workings is in
mineral.   Sixteen men are at work.
On the War Eagle the last raise in
the big ore chute between the 500 and
the 875-foot levels hss been completed,
as has also the raise to the west of the
shaft in the ore body between the 375
and 250-foot levels.* The east raise
opens the great ore chute, which was
met some months ago. At the 275-foot
level, the chute .shows 10 feet of 132 ore,
while at the 500-foot level the same
chute is 32 feet wide, of which 12 feet is
���85 ore, while the. rest is valued at
about f 10. The electrical machinery for
the new gallows frame is being rapidly
installed and the hugh masonry foundations for the apparatus are nearly complete.
The 1.800-foot tunnel on the Whitewater Deep may be started at any time
iu the near future as everything is
being got ready as quickly ss possible by tbe management.
Snow has been tumbling at the rate
of six inches every 24 hours, and if it
keeps coming in such quantities until
Xmaa we shall surely be able to ssk it
to hold up for the balance of tbe season.
Business is quite brisk and as far
we can learn there is no kicking
about hard times in Whitewater. The
hotels are all doing a good business,
and the outlook is bright for Whitewater.
Thirtv men quit work at the Last
Chance on Tuesdav. The trouble between the men and* Supt. Woods arises
from tbe late expulsion of the Chinese
from the Ajax snd Payne, in which the
Last Chance men took part.
A man employed st the Jackson
House was taken to Kaslo on Sunday
night by three or four of the citisens.
He hsd received sn ugly gash bv coming in contact with some window glass
snd by all appearance an arterv wss
severed. Dr. Clancy of this 'town
accompanied him to Kaslo.
AU   RJC_I_r   D-NfUED.
The Lieutensnt-Governor-in-Council
hss rescinded'the order Whereby free
miners msy obtain relief from forfeiture
due to the lapse of s free miners' certificate. The origins! order, which wss
approved October 29,1897, provided thst
by making proper affidavits and remitting $5 to the minister of mines, s free
miner whose certificate had expired
could get a new license dating from the
expiration of the previous one. By this
process claims were ssved from forfeiture, unless in the meantime they had
been restsked by some other fiee miner.
The new order-in-council which will go
into effect on November 15, rescinds/the
old resignation, snd does away with the
possiblity ot relief in esse one's certificate
Change   la  the   Record   Office.
m* ___��
On Monday Robert Thompson received word from Victoria to the effect that
sfter the 15th inst. his services ss
deputy in the Recording office hern will
be no longer required, the reason given
for his dismissal being to make room
for a duly" appointed Recorder to till the
office made vacant by the appointment
of Alex. Sproat ss Gold Commissioner.
The names of Angus Mclnnes and
Joseph Irwin sre mentioned ss possibilities to receive the appointment.
Horses aad Males le Trousers.
George Finnsy, sn express wagon
driver, has clothed his mules' forelegs in
trousers. In speaking of it he said that
flies bothered the forelegs of four-tooted
animals more than they did the hind.,
limbs, and be, tbe efore, having some
respect for the comfort of his fsthful
servants, hsd msde s pair of trousers to
protect them from the pests. The trousers were supported by suspenders passed
up over the backs of the animals.
Farm Produce, Fruits,
# Vegetables.
Okanagan Lake,
For the convenience of the trsde a stock is always kept on hand in tbe
Jelland Building, SANDON. Mines supplied at wholesale rates. Cera
loaded with Prodnee, Fruits and Vegetables are ran into the Slocan e\ery
TEN DAYS, and orders can be delivered en rente.	
_p. SUETS'
Dealer ir\ MEATS
������! f',j
:. issisa. ��� -- THE 1
the following is a ooupiste list of the
wining transactions recorded during ths
weak in ths ssvsral mining divisions of
tha Slocan. Thoss ot New Dsnra-* were
as follows t���
Nov 4-Pormnaa, SJlearton, J C Brooss.
Nov 7-Almond rraeltoo, Oody, Wm  Oab
Nov l-Porpaa.
Nov S-Wsll
Gould, Bahy rraeeon,
Chambers, Bareka, Jay
Nov 8-Orosarefda.
Nov ���- Empire, Star Vlaw
Nov ft-Loa Tlawr. Mlaetna* Link Fracttoaal.
catrriPic-TB or mrmo-aasnrrs
Nov l-OieAtetor. to Wot II Ktsoa.
Lorna Doom, to fraak Owlvar.
Nov S-Moltte Huahaa. Plato, Atakora. Tryea,
HobaoolS**, I
2r__s^kWKs?_ ���"
Nov T���Uattera of admin IstnlJon of streets of
Joa E M eGikkoa to Ckne H McGlbUm. Mairk 1.
Nor S-Knuna Fractional i,8T Walker to
N.wrmaii l> McMillan, Mar IT.
ITofaa-mal ��, J C rtoUer to Waa Barker, Not t.
Written lor Mtaaa aad Mtoerwiaaqr Prof. Artkar
A ������fad" among Rocky Mountain prospectors is the discovery or rather
fancied discovery of the somewhat rare
and somewhat mysterious metal, nickel.
Thetchances of finding it in small
quantities in certain ores and localities
seem on the whole more favorable
than of finding the much coveted tin.
Of late we have frequently received,
especially from the Pacific Slope, from;
Oregon, Washington, and the Kootenai
regions, samples of pytrhotite, a peculiar bronae, brownish tons of iron
pyrites of a peculiar form of crystallisation, unlike that ef ordinary iron py rite.
This pvrrhotite is one of the favorite
nickel ���'bearing ores, and though alt
pvrrhotite doss by no means carry
nickel.-eomc of it may, aad tome of the
specimens sent us ot pvrrhotite have at
least a verv nickeunrons *ook.. Some
reUatfe. ijrorsnattsa has been <
from _W�� t\BlaV3 a account in tha
oral 'lesources of the United States:
'���XeckeJ. neat to iron, is one ef	
most universally disseminated metals.
It is mend not only in ail the ssettsli-
fcrwus regions of the ksniHB world; bat
also in the uMtasrig taaassawhUh salt
to the earths snrfsce from the regions
of spate*. Tesssndter found it ia, the
mrtasric deal inUasar ihionah the av
porcelain surtsce, and tss psessaea ia
the see Is revealed to nsby the
Nevttthataw tt tn only a few
alley   or
is csaaBtaesi ia a
never been faausiia*
distribatthne ��i the
than m 	
occur ia asoeersto masailHy
wtU chrome ��rts w  tbe
rocks from t ataa*a to 	
the Pactfk evsnsa. and aanMr
Nickel m^^^^^
��� ���   mm-^"-.     81^    w^   m^mPaT
ChchrosBtusa aad
to the late Stocrv Hi
iatbs ^^^^^
^^^^mmmmmmmml&me mass gw4ayka.
bsaiaanas the sssfamrtstea at Oaw_d��
and Norway. Tbe sareasutoia A Caww
wall, the Vsqre*. Meow fen*. .uia mi
chromium and nickei and so do the
Srimitive schists of Norway. It is sel*
om absent from the serpentines, steatites, diallages and actiuolites of the
Quebec group, and is found also in
associated dolomites. It is also associated with torrential iron, a nickeliferous
limonlte occurring in Lincoln county,
North Carolina, also in Miehtgen snd iu
the spathic iron of Antwerp,New York,
it exists also In the copper of theLsku
Superior region. New Mexico, Oregon,
California, and Nevada have important
���localities carrying nickel. The most
lahundaut ore of nickel is in the firm of
a mixture with pyrrhotite or magnetic
iron pyrites occurring in the older
crystalline rocks.
This form occurs In Canada, Vermont. Connecticut, in the highlands of
the Hudson, in New Jersey, and in
Pennsylvania, it abound* at Toning*
ton aud Litchfield, Connecticut, and at
Lancaster Gap, Pennsylvania. These
ores average only 2% of nickel as mined
Other nickei minerals of higher per.
rentage occurring in smaller quantities
are ntccolite U% nickel, and *��% arsenic
at Chatham, Connecticut. At Finks-
burg, Maryland, siegenic (cobalt
pyrites) occurring with copper pyrite
contains -�� to &��% nickel snd occurs also
in Prussia and Sweden.
A green  crust known as emerald
nickei is found iu the massive chromile
Juarried st Woodspit, Baltimore, tor
icroroate of potash. It is s hydrous
nickel carbonate derived bv infiltration
from small granular nodules of nickel
sulphide disseminated in a massive
voile* talc with the chromite The
same occurs in Southern Oregon. In
the United States pyrrhotite is principally worked for nickel, although tbe
amount A nickel ia not more than ��%.
the quantity of ore ia so large and available and the sulphide ore so readily
smelted or enriched iu nickel bv roast
ing and melting that il is the most
economical ore to treat for nickel.
Until the discovery of large deposits A
nickel silicate ore in New Caledonia,
pyrrhotite was the source of nickel In
Europe snd America, occurring in the
older archean rocks from Canada sonth.
principally in Connecticut snd Pennsylvania.
At Chatham, Connecticut, the ore
occurs In mica state. Nickel and cobalt
are in combination with arsenic and
eatpbur. From East Haddatn iq tfW,
cobalt waa mined for making into smalt
for coloring tbe blue ol rhinaware. and
HU toe* of R were shipped to t bins, and
later the mine waa opened snd produced s e *rtatn amount of nickel. The
ntchs't Btine also at Torrtngt-m. from
which considerable nickel was shipped
to England ia days gone by, Is	
ed with it in incrusted and mamillary
ed of a close aggregation ef
ratals, giving a velvet like
surface to the crusts when found In
cavities. The total annual consumption
In the United States is about 40��,tW
pounds. Sweden, Saxony, NewCald
mlnnle, Spain and New South Wales
have their nickel deposits."
Birmingham, Ala.���Senator John T.
Morgan, who is taking part in ths eon*
gressionsl campaign in this stats, spoke
st Seal hall to-night to a large audience.
He dwelt chiefly with the subject ol
trade snd territorial ex pension especially
ss relates to the south.
With regard to lbs Niearsgusn canal
be sold he thought ths time hsd arrived
when public sentiment would practically
force tlie present congress to set favorably upon it. The war bad brought
about this situation. As to Cuba's
future, Senator Morgan said the United
8tates wouta not take tbe island by tha
ear snd pull it into the union bat would
bold it until the people awake to tbe
realisation Oust tbeir greatest Security
and prosperity bss in annexation to thia
countrv. as a stats, which it is thought
thev will seek
As to the I'hilippttMS lbs greet dtst-
sues rendered the situation with thaws
different from that ot Cuba and Puerto
Rico. But he did not believe that there
wss s man in this country who fevered
turning its back on these people who
needs*! enlightenment and liberty wecao
give them.
The Senator said that Spanish sil ter is
of Cuba and Pnerto
ally on the
ia Oregon
Tbe saiphnret of nickei tnillerite, is
found al Oxford. Owcbec. Canada, dis-
ai.sri_s.si rhroogh a green ckrotae
garne% witkrsdespar. ?*n pound* smelt -
el fsaswH poauads matte, or *lh��v, containing 71 At percent, iron, and tsTo
" km Nircolite, ***ociated
silver, occurs at Thunder
cesrs on the north shore of
m. in Canada West, st the
line    it to a iae attcwa-grav
yielding  iron  41.79.   nickel
����� <tt ssdphwr M. m\ copper
sperm tn a thousand of
    U occur*  in qeaftaose sod
ckkinttc srwrau
T_a�� Mhor Is Motto, in Missouri, once
'market, the nickel for the mint
saii sar-fS-brasme cotoa bring
tram ikns ncmrce-
�� ahydraled ��jlt-
mm*4tt   oxide, m (Art   cent
mtmmmnaA*amt�� Mi- Ikmg
���di   wxtk  saa-ps-uuae
ss ah. nawTawa Karswasl ��riruafs ta
rusaiis,. ama m tbe
e Moass Mk*   Lu.
i rmW    ^mmmr   wss mwam    ���BraHi
mca.ls.MaK ttar on
���EST. ^_^^
That It* dtolr harrows It*
Wmi aeitkar alfriw aw in**uit��
To ftstSHio sareaw ay ;
Tb* ysaasio soM aneuautnl.
CU Tie.* to Iheaa Is null
HaeaniMS mar their siumi*��.
ThSaf cassaf toy m> latt.
AaS II Ike arnsaBS eneer,
���a*-a   ^BeePmA^aW X^S   ���S'^^'  ^mw^SwM j
It rmmmmm aamm trrm
Tbeir, alaeyln�� m*\>. ao- b��^j. s.,
TMS; SsBfcsr eaie mus hi>i>*s
astWt In l*e*r Nirvana.
Bavoatd ms a_���� of woe
being driven out
Rico bv our mom.
tnand for our salver in
follow,  thus praciicaUy
the remonetiastMin of susar as a
Uists big��le-
Ska kath foe tkMn nstMuuto
far Sfsekar tkaa tmt mln
MSe kuh ����r Omrm tormvdul
mm^m_9^m m^^mm   mimmm^^ma **^-r
.   _ wlnh
si Mast
asg Emasm rMa Mseeiai inuurht
. ^.f!*JriV 4*H l*as.
A ailllkw Erne* the roar.
A MBlllMM Easae i8k area.
 *m*^^my*m^ ^mwwm^K^m^i p,, ^^��,
tkan M mm aad Me ��!��>*��� ifcrm
AnSsv tusaa an a r*"
swaaw Is tits Otns. fata*** t,
One si
t earietHnnl rtsat.
 l&Mttt UffAammn .',
AoSlto*rs#ir�� r��ec U *��..*!..
Asa tkseetore life a avoaxfc;
Alan* a��4 lwei*s*_rt��.
mare U wttk artSsS eiw
frofkaa th* iseea-sw f._.��i.r*vt
TkaS aaany an easlWna. tUr -
Into ika irkami la -n��gtit
ftgmP* mhwomt Mtt,��i.**a
rerririvr m tor ����r g���*4.
gMnrree as tor the f��S.
Ttot ntoasns *���� *�� < ��� tls��..l,
���nrk Sear wn ea��M s��*4l��rf
tmmmrmrammmg .at d. as
Tbe ��wrBy A t'ss*
fe��*ea ettoe rfctVtt.Kt.
G '. I
A wittv nobleman once naked a clerical gentleman at lbs bottom ef Mm
table, why the goose, wheal there wee
one, was' always placed next to the
parson 4'Kealty, my lord.' said that
clergymen, "your question is somewhat
difhYult to answer, and to remarkably
mid, that I vow I shall never seen
aoose sgain without bring reminded ol
vo��r lordstdp "
second cataracts ot the Nile.
the 1cm aad
noser inn-^*
Ikstranti-t II
|mI ttpmtA*t��c^mm
tBnerer sajr tto* r �����*���*�����.*_s a
We��reen����oiaetor-tin' j��il��M.*_(i-
Ii ��wnr' -arell. a f. ;v��'��c< w
a smfM wMmnil laws
tia��i *f pmufAiom _>>*
kW aene tto f*niw*towt
nt* ��)i m t����rf
���H a M��  �����*��. a taAf* an
Early to bad. early to nar.
Net-r get tight, arwl- ad��ert-ee.
Hunter Bros.
General Merchants.
We carry a complete line of gTooeriei>****-4>iykory���Bttr
Qtrorii-r*~TtnwanB~^f��oStew^^ s
Kumiiihinph ��Boote and Hhoem���iJry Qiaais
leeto  Wmmatm CnSsmssM. eMMawafo Wwka fjammrarmaa. MBAOf U %l��K
wiiAPrnw.       w����88o*ns^riro��wm������ewr��ntoensfi��at^teea
Jl���-^.-  JmJi
Just received���
a complete line of
For MEN,
When in need of Gent e foraithlngi,
Reaaly-marle Clothing,   Hate, Caps.
Boots and Shoe*, call at���
Postoff ice Store,
D* rest fwrg��t thst
ef M��*��-r*
In the country
) If*
Actioltn on Lemon Creek.
The contract tor the wagon road
nD >ix Mile creek ircmi kootenay
like h���� been completed for a dis*
unce ol nine miles and work on the
remainder Into  been  **&��*��***
ul. winter. Tlie Oro Mining A Mill-
ingCompeny are boildiog a sleigh
rZd from tlie wagon road to tlie
liolden Wedge mine, a drstance of
three miles.   Machinery for tbe new
atamp i��i�� ���* ****** ��**_�����* '��*>l,,c
itk.-snore to thi end ol the wagon
road and will be haoled tlie remain
mgdisunflcBBBOon ns srem comes.
\sawmilt bat been crectodatthe
j )n. townsite nnd  is Imsy cutting
lumber and Umber tor tbe mill snd
the mine.   A  force of ��men are
employed end the ledge baa been
,ut ate depth of 175 feet.   Lota in
ibe town id Urn will  be  placed on
tin��� market as soon as plans are re-
turned from Toronto.   A number of
proiwriien  in  tbe  vlciuity   will la*
worked dnrlirg  the coming winter
and will  draw  their supplies from
Trent Labs Deals
Plecer Miners Want a Mint.
Prospectors and others returning
from the Yukon and Atlin Lake are
strongly advocating the establishment of a Dominion government
mint in Vancouver. They state that
a standard gold value is badly wanted here as the banks do not i>y lull
value. It Is further asserted that
tiny can get more for their gold in
other |laces.
Several mining deals have reocntly
laken place aroond Trottl Uke. The
\inericau Bov and Morning Star
luive changed hands. Both these
LtropettlcBWB owned bv Abraham-
won Brothers, and have been bonded
ro J. II. Hemr of Rcneiand tlte first
for ICiJOO, pevebtV as to WOO on the
iir>r A December next snd t-mJJ nn
the im of Jane, INK). Tim bond on
Ute Morning Star is for ttt-JtW, of
which *��50 arc dne on March 1st,
iw- WHO OH thai* of June, 199,
nnd the rmtance <4*I13..VM orr it* last
day of September, 18W. Pwpatm-
tions are now being made to actively
dcvehiD tlie |rrnperties during the
coming winter.
�����..akiersbie aetivitv is being
*.hmrn with the work 00 the Ethel
claim, slso near Trout Lake Cfcy-
where a ��cc��md tunnel is being
driven. A boat 11 men are n-.w engaged, and it to eapected ������������** lh,>
fores will shortly be tacreased.
The winter's supplies are now
i- ing taken np to the Silver fun.
rhe freighters engaged in this work
also having the contract for bringing
d ��wn ore.
The Crow's Nest Pass
Coal Co.
Is now prepared to receive orders
rjW.OO per ton.
$11.00 per ton.
Terms: Cash with Order,
t��nUr. nffiksmssiesAlty
ii. Byers ft Co.
Charles St. Barbe.
General Agent.
Atlantic Steamship  Tickets.
to and from European points via Canadian and American lines. Apply
for Bailing dates, rates, tickets and
full information to any G. P. Ry
agent, or
C. P. R. Agent* Sandon.
WM. 8TITT, Gen. 8. 8. Agt.,
You cannot find
ant) better goods
than toe can show
you. Remember
this when you
toant a good suit
of clothes.
���_T-w---re  TT  TTl. CTIj.TT- aTTVaffTi rTT-
���_.__!   VLllr   KtL^   L__J   WsSmJ   li'-ar^aSST-esSr--ST
Miners and Prospectors.
If .von want to sere year
money leave your  order
Tha Ptilp MMftr*
A matter which la at present engaging tbe aerhtts attention ��f the
��Htaern government ts that of an ex*
i����rt duty on pulp wood going to ��be
1 nited States. At least one of the
Montreal members of the cabinet hss
Uvn forcing It pretty prominently
upon his colleagues, who do not seem
u�� Is* over nniions to take It up,
though It la pointed out that owing to
the small supply ot the article now
svailable in the DnHed States, snd
to Quebec's almeai unlimited spruce
Areata, that province csn easily hold
the whip hand of the situation and
dictate terms.
The government Is *��ked to protect Canadian workmen, and force
the manufacture of pulp In Ouebcc
by imposing a etumpage on sil puin
wood cut, and giving a rebate of
three-quarters of It on all such wood
turned Into pulp In Canada. It _
believed that If the ministers woud
'"iopt thia policy many placesi might
be built up alongside of Quebeo
waterfalls, such as Grand Mere,
whore one pulp compsny hss spent
about two millions of dollars in a few
J. R. & D. Cameron.
Sleighs, Cutters, Teams and
Saddle Horses for Hire.
Mrs. Clara Johnston.
oaeas makes
Plain snd Fsncy 5swinf ol sil Kinds.
Tsllor-Msde Suits to Order.
C^v  Ave.   -   <   SANDON*
Setoing and Mending
of all kinds.
Gentlemens' Clothing
Carefully Repaired.
Canadian Pacific Ry.
Soo-Pacific Line.
TS. taat ud Saperlor Service Roar.
To Eastern Sz
European Points,
To   Pacific    Coast,    Alaska,
China,   Japan   and   Australian
Baggage Cheeked to Deatlnntlon
and Through Tickets Issued.
Tourist Cars
Pass Revelstoke s
Daily to St. Paul.
Daily Except Wednesday to Eastern Canadian and U. S. Points.
Daily to Points reached vis Nskusp.
Daily excepting Sunday to Points, reach
ed via Rosebery and Sloan City.
Dally Tndn.
7:45 k     lve. SANDON ar.     l&Mk
Awsrtatn RATES snd Mil inlormation by
UllhMStSl SSSISSl local .gent, or
Agent, Sandon.
Vancouver, ���,80n;
_    ���-.   th.t vonr ticket roada vis th.
Will be st the Hotel Balmoral
once . month.
n. l. GRinriETT
Notary Public,
SANDON,        -        -       B. C.
Headquarters for Miners.
Well stocked bar in connection.
First class accommodations.  Board by tho
day or week.
CODY, B. 0.
BONGARD k PIECKART, Proprietors.
The First Class
Hotel of Cody.
Rates:   WW per day.
Special BatM by the Week.
The Curling Club.
The annual meeting ot the Sandon
Curling Club was held on Tuesday
evening in the office of M. L. Grim
mett. After reading the minutes of
the last meeting and receiving the
Secretary's report the election ot officers for the ensuing year took place
as fbHows t
Patron, Hewitt Bostock.
President, M. L. Orimmett.
Vice-President, Thos. Brown.
Secretary-Treas., W. W. Fallows.
Executive Committee: A. Crawford, W. G. Wilson, Root. Macdonald and officers.
Ice Committee: Wm. Hood, A. E.
Hall, J. G. Main.
Membership fee was set at #12.50
per annum.
Wm. Hood was appointed caretaker with instructions to get the
rink opon at the earliest possible
The Kootenay Curling Association
including all the clubs in Kootenay
is now an active corporation and thia
winter will certainly be an interesting one among lovers of the roaring
A Nakuep Fire.
While P. G. Fauquier, mining recorder at Nakusp, was taking a nap
in his residence on Wednesday evening a hanging lamp fell to tbe floor,
exploded and set tire to the building,
burning it to the ground in a few
minutes- Fauquier had hia hands
severely burned and did not save
The Bontock Cup.
The curlers of Sandon have at last
received the Bostock cup, won in
March, 1897. The names of the
winners of Uie trophy will be engrav
ed upon it, The names of those who
participated in the three games won
from Kaslo are: If. L. Gnmtnett, A.
R Hall, A. Moffat, W. Hood, B. M.
Walton, W. Wilson, D. Campbell
and H. Mann.
injured man died In the hospital at
Cascade City last Friday. Coroner
Stanley Smith of this town yesterday
held an inquest on the remains of
the dead man yesterday, when It
was found necessary to hold a post
mortem examination, and waa accordingly adjourned until to-morrow.
i     i  H fi i ii	
Whollu Unnecceecrn.
"By the way,  Smith, yoa
^^ lever
use perfumes, do you V
"No," drawled Smith, lazily, "I
don't have to. I take a bath every
A native company employing 2000
men haa built at Nagasaki, Japan, a
steamship of the finest class that has
a displacement of more than 11,000
tons. This means a vessel fit to
rank with the beet and biggest of the
great ocean fleets of tbe world. 8uch
facts are more eloquent than words
as evidence of the progress of the
island empire. It is growing clearer
alt tbe time that Japan must be reckoned with seriously aa one of the
great nations of the world.
While Robert Bonner was spending
r_O0,0O0 a year in advertising the
New York Ledger, it waa one of the
best paying weekiy papers in the
United States. When he stopped
advertising and depended upon tbe
paper's reputation, it sank Into com
parativc obscurity. A New York
letter, referring to this, remarks i
''What a blunder it was to atop advertising ; but Bonner now seems determined to retrieve the Calico condition of the Ledger, and hence hia
reappearance in tbe advertising column."
D. J. McDonell, for some time at
the Slocan Star, and Archie McDonell, who waa night chef at the
Clifton House for several months,
have leased the Balmoral Cafe and
will run it night and dav. Their
regular dinner coats from _�� cents up,
and every Sunday a tender chicken
dinner is given that should be sampled by every epicure in the camp.
H. Giegerich, Sandon, B. C
-     jp_��_����_i-��--_��---*-*--a--_M_4ps_��
the onlti exclnelce Wholesale and Retell Orocen, Hoses in Sandon
Dealing in Flu. Fresh mmi Otm table sup-
Plies suitable for Family, Hotel tnd Mining trade.
Special brands of Nro T#m mmi toffee*.
Sole Agents for
Gleet Pew4er Oe.,
8ts Ofcerlee Sterilized Cream
Stores at KASLO and AINSWORTH.
Boosed Again.
Someone in the Province office
must have hsd a terrible jag when
he got mixed up in bis geography
like this: Palme Angrignon, of Rossland, haa made application for the
right to use 1000 inches of water
from Carpenter creek, for the purpose
of running the dvnamos of the elec
trie light plant. The water will be
diverted at a point on the south side
of the creek or near Columbia avenue, Rossland, and will be returned at
or near the intersection of Union
bay. The power house will be erected on tbe shore line of Union Bey on
the east side of Union street alongside the Silverton wagon road. *
Murder st Cascade City.
i ���.	
Grand Forks, Nov. 6.���In a rough
snd tumble free-for-all fight at Cascade City last Monday a man named
Lamb seriously injured s fellow
workman named Hazelburg. Immediately after tbe fight Lamb left
Cascade City for Grand Forks, the
injured man promising not to lay a
complaint against him. In the mean
time Lamb secured work on the
streets of Grand Forks, and waa
quietly working sway when be was
ou Friday last tapped on the shoulder
by Provincial Constable Elkins of
Cascade City, who at once placed
Lamb in tbe Provincial lockup. The
Application for  Renewal of]
Liquor License.
NOTICE la hereby fives thai at th* asptra.
tion of thirty day* from Sato X will apply to
the Uenut Commiaaiunor* of th* City af
Sandon for a renewal of my Ikons* for tha
Waldorf Hotel, eitoato on BoewAnnu la the
City of Sandon.
i. ft. EMRsasnaos.
Sandon. November Uth. UBS.
JFilbert Cigar Storcf
Just opened.
New Goods,
Fresh Stock,
Eoenjthing I
Ugsrs,    Cigarettes,    Tobacco
iPipee, snd Smokers' Supptlee
'ill kinds.
Drop in and  see us.
Geo. B. Knotoles,
Pioneer Jeweler sf the Slocan.
Now opened in the New Store
with s larger and better slock ol
Something New snd Novel for
the Ladies.
RBPAIRINO   will   receive   the
earns  careful  attention  as
SEND YOUR WORK Is by snail, esr*
pease, freight, peck train, trsst*
wsy, troney esr sr belssn.
Drop in and tee the New Store*
Two Doom Below   VIRGINIA   hlook.
RECO AVE.   -   ���   ���   SANDON.
H. Byers & Co.
At* Sol* A#raUf��r
Truax Patent
Improoed Automatic
Ore Car.
Jas. Williamson.
iFllbert Block     Sandon, B. C.J
Serves the best 28 cent meal
In town.
Short Orders served as desired.
Comfortable rooms by the Day
Week or Month.
Everything Neat, Clean and
Call and Give it a Trial.
Wo Carry m fwM W���� *f
5teel Rails,
Strap Iron,
Caps and Fuse,
And an kind, ar
Mine   Hardware,
H. BYERS & Co.��� r]


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