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The Paystreak Nov 19, 1898

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Array [<���
BOOK in.
W. 11 Yaw key la in town.
r _���.'.. i riding Is again fashionable
ji, BsodOQ,
I. (\ Une is using electric light in
In* Urn now.
There is a deal on for some* proper-
���io m*ar Three Forks.
Conductor McKay ts taking hi*
j.,iju.\ io Hand IW a short nay.
IV.itv In Sandon, on Nov. l*th,
die wife A A. Mcl'bec, of a daughter.
ii.KN. lit New Denver, on Nov.
I&h, th��* wife of C K. Sutitheringale
��.f�� too,
i hartev Avlwln, of New Denver,
will speed the winter in Spokane
and other places.
Ti>< iteruhard Walther CHiwn on
Monday evtming ts tn ski of the
Sandon ItriMw Band.
Hit the Kitty,** and ��� Tni Fat."
an* two of tbe stoat popular song* <��f
the dsy iir the Slocau.
.I��hn it. Devlin was In town this
week, making arrangement- lo *\* rid
i_*- ��* uiier In Scotland.
A SandouMe. whose nsriu* *-.*n'��J
nor be leant* d died in Whitewater
on Thnrsday rrotn |*nt-uin**in.��-
Chsrley lllrcbell, who has been
���\- iHliii* tlwasaimer In Vancouver,
r> turned tu Sainton Mil* week.
Dick Slice waa la town this week.
lie hits sdded sis men to Uto Rare nt
the Uainl.hr. making30 in nil.
Hilly Tbomttntutt West to the
Jackson basin on Wednesday lo look
ni> some claims be is luterewu-l in
W. J. Tretheway, formerly ot
Kaslo tall now with Iteaibpiartei* in
Vancouver, waa In lown rbarsday.
Hilly Thomlinson and Charley
Avlwln of New Denver suaggbtl up
U.> *-��� thf
I   This is the best month in a  busi   impossible to accomplish satisfactorily
1 ne*s sense that the C. P. R. has had  without the assistance of those assess
the gulch on Wednesday
The first consignment of Crowi
Neti cue! wUl be received In Sandon
neat week. ft, Byera A Co, have
the agency.
Several members of the Salvation
Army spenrths early pert of tne
week in lown In Ihe advancement of
their cause.
Mschinery fur the Whitewater
ft-in Chicago continues to pa*
through Sandon, belcg transferred
trow tbe C. P. R. at this point.
The new bosk htm** at t& Idaho
��re now occupied    Tho building*
art* very comaiodloui and comfort J
*hi��.  Thirty own are employed.
(ircrge Knowles has enhanced the
radiance of the myriad oostly gems
"i his stock by the installation or
������httric light in bis establishment.
Madam Wsltber, of the Bombard
Waltiier Conesrt Company, is cxi-h*
���d to take pert In the musical service
�����'��� tire Methodist church tomorrow
A dsnes was given Wadneedsy
'venlngst lbs Whitewater Hotel.
A Hpeclsi train was run and quits a
"umber Irom rlsndon and Mci.oigsn
since its rails were laid into Sandon.
It is a sure index of the prosperity ol
this great camp.
Mr. and Mrs. A. II. Stirrett were
both taken suddenly ill this week
and confined to their bed*, Mrs.
Stirrett with quinsy and Mr. Stirrett
with pneumonia.
Kenneth Beaton will instruct a
clans in the mysteries of Scotch dancing during the winter months. The
first meeting will uke place in Spencer's on Monday evening.
Mrs. Dr. Gornm died in San Francisco Inst Monday. They had been
married only six months.' The doc
tor has the sympathy of marry Sandon Iriends in his sad affliction.
Nelson's dealers in wood are reported to have entered into a combination not to sell wood to any person
who insists tm measuring the article
OS delivery. Hilly Wilson wouldn't
do anything like that.
One A 1'alma A ngrignon's saddle
horses tell over a bluff near the
Wakefield a few dsys since, and
shattered his constitution so badly
:hat he died. This a case where an
equine was short on horse sense.
Next Thursday is Thanksgiving
l)sv, aial many Saudonites will celebrate it hv dining si the Palace Cafe.
Jack and Charley will haveaspresd
that dav, the equal of which will be
hard to Hint in rhe famous Slocan.
The miners of Sandon in forming a
union must keep to themselves. If
they allow agitators and scabs of
Other occupations u�� mingle in their
affairs then* will always be more or
lam ilrsmlldnrrlfcai raised among tlie
men who pOSSJ. steel underground,
and provide thi* camp with its busi-
ness aud prosperity.
The R. K. French Theatre Com
pany tormina* their engagement
here this evening. During the week
they have been very favorablv received, playing to good business
every night. They will leave over
the K. A S. tomorrow and after playing  Kaslo  and   Nelson   -*��������� *-���"������*��
ed. Any persons who have been
overlooked in this matter will confer
a favor and much simplify the assessor's work by communicating
with Mr. Keen at his Kaslo office.
Tbe press reports from every point
where Mons. and Madam Bernhard
Walther have appeared form a glow*
ing tribute to their powers as public
entertainers. One great secret of .-.������__,���
their success lies in the fact that they I Soverign
do not render "selections" which are | Wcraderful
The shipments of ore from July
1st, 1898 to date.
Prom Sandon.
Payne, :   7,240 tons.
Slocau Star,
Last Chance,
I Wonderful Bird
"above their heads" of their audience, at the same time -atcring to
the tasi* and giving full satisfaction
to the most advanced lovers of good
Lady Zetta and the Uewett Musettes appear at Spencer's Opera House
next Friday snd Saturday. This
company does not pretend to be the
best organized company travelling;
they are ordinary individuals producing a conglomeration of sketches,
dramatic work, music, mind reading,
spirit cabinet magic, etc, which
keeps the audience amused for two
hours and sends .hem away wondering what they were hughihg at.
Tlie genorositv ot miners is proverbial. John Dunn, a young man
from Nova Scotia is sick at Nakusp
with a lever. A friend undertook to
raise some fuuds for him, and going
to tbe Slocan Star, he succeeded in
collecting $50 from the men employ-
at that mine. It is such acts as this
that prove the existence of human
kindness and show how ready the
hard handed miner is to help a fellow
man when he is unable to help himself. If the spirit that prevails
among the Star men was more universal there would be less hell on
this earth than there is now carried
as an everyday commodity.
A Miners'JJbIob.
At a meeting of miners in Craw-
ferd's Hall on Tuesday evening steps
were token to torm a Misers Lnion.
Joseph   Stookham   was   appointed
C M Wilson
Treasure Vault
Miller Creek
Prom Concentrator Siding
Idaho - :
Cumberland :
Queen Bess, i :
Prom New Deooer.
California :
Prom Whitewater.
Whitewater :
Prom McGuigan.
Total,       :
13,330   tons
Shipments over the K. & S. for tbe
week: Payne50,
Over the C.  P. R. for the second
week in the month: Payne 240;
Total tor the week from Sandon :
330 tons.
ln_r Kaslo ana nmmai will strike
Seat* mountains to Calgary and
NVxt week this paper; will publish
the names of all the ladies who wear
ihelr hits nt the play this evening
Tbsbonne* will he _f^iSto_5
estimate of the iwtoblccost
Billy   Sanders, ot
Hilly   r**uu-.-ic��, _.   	
Seshiit have started a paper in Cascade City called the Maple Loaf.   It
is a patriotic name and Miould last
-    n;iiv win atand pat when
chairman  and  a   committee   was
uf obtaining a charter.   The  next
meetmg will be held  a week from
this evening^ _____
polite but Mistaken.
His dishevelled appearance indicated tha the jag he wore was, like
eateu ��"��-��� __���_ .��� _ h.v  and  as he
cameto gi.et:_ -J 8addenne8g that
n_wv.tr    Hilly will stand pat
KtK .��? ^. �� rt. �� ho will make.
S3*_M-jSs ���*��� - ��*
cade City.
^_V_r him with  a suddenness ma.
?re * r .mbs"cod pany smiled sweet
Jane tooi^comp" g in    hi8
iy on passers ^y.Kt ^.^
his hat as gw-i,, .^ pardon,
he 8lowiy An ���TWaaShden-
m'am, beg pardon,   nre^
ul,'sure you/_and passea o
Presbyterian church���Regular services in Virginia hall morning and
evening at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.
Mdthodist Church���Regular services to-morrow at 11 a. ni..and 7:30
p. ra. Rev^A. M. Sanford, A. B.
At the evening service the anthem
"Praise ye the Lord" will be rendered by the choir and it Is expected
that Madam Walther will sing a solo.
Prom the Philippines.
John Newman,* formerly a resident
of Sandon, but now a member ot tire
First Montana Infantry, writes his
sister, Mrs. J. R. Burton, from
Cavatte an interesting letter. He
says the climate is rather wearing
and that the thermometer occasional.-
lv hits the 125 mark in the shade.
Cut in the bay can be seen the masts
of twelve Spanish vessels sticking out
of the water. The insurgents cause
the soldiers considerable trouble as
they are continally attempting to
steal goods. There are about 40,000
of them around thatf section of the
world. In Manilla the Spanish soldiers are allowed to wander around as
they please and tbey have great respect for the Americans. Half the
blue coats are sick, deaths occuring
daily. Newman nr tired of bis experience and will be glad when his
��� 5|
much dihicult THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B.C.. NOVKMBr.K 1% t��*.
That Kamloops Strike.
The big strike of glance ore in the
Pot Hook mine at kamloops continues to be one of the  most discussed
topics in mining circles.   A sample
of the ore has been brought to Vancouver and it is being exhibited at
the Arlington.   It is copper bronite
and also contains native copper.   As
stated, the strike was made  at a
depth of 225 feet.   There is 11 feet of
this rich ore, but, of course, it is not
all like  the sample  now shown in
Vancouver.   But it averages rX) per
cent, copper, while the main glance
runs 55 to 75 per cent.   From present indications the strike would appear to be one of the greatest ever
made in a copper proposition in Canada.
Henry Croft, of Victoria, who put
through the deal of the Pot Hook to
an English syndicate, is naturally
elated over the strike, and the whole
if Kamloops is jubilant. J. H. Rus
sell, (8 this city, has now bonded the
Mascott for $5000 to Mr. L rort, the
deal having been  put through  las'
week. While on his way to Kamloops the other day Mr. Croft spoke
in a most enthusiastic manner about
the Coal Hill claims and predict-
that it will yet establish irself as one
of the best copper camps on earth.���
Vancouver Province.
Leadoille Mines to Resume.
The old mining camp of Lesdvllle,
Colorado, is showing a great deal ol
activity. Perhaps the most irriftort-
ant impetus the disriut has received
is the striking of what is known
locally as the "second contact.".
Tbe Marian, Ma Ira hi and Mali mines.
all in the same territory, have opened up this lower deposit of sulphide
ores at depth varying from 1,100 to
1,240 feet, and their success has
stimulated others, so that there is a
prospect of a good deal of deep, shaft
sinking and exploration work.
Another important matter is the
final starting, after m my d .appointments aud delays, of the Leadville
Pumping Association, which is to
drain the large basin, including
what are known as the '"downtown
mines." This includes several important producers whose work has
lieen temporarily stopped by water.
It was impossible to drain one of
these mines without unwatering the
others, and the co-operative plan was
the only one which could lie adopted.
Gold in Ohio.
f       Marti Was s Mineralogist.
A teacher in one of the local schools
was instructing a class of small children in mineralogy* the other day, en.
deavoring to make clear to their
young minds what a mineral really
is, says the Chicago Chronicle.
Standing before them she began
in her clear voice, "A mineral H an
inorganic, homogeneous substance ..f
definite, or approximately definite,
chemical composition found in nature.
Do you understand me ? Come now,
you have all seen minerals, ami
your mothers and lathers have told
you the names of them,haven't they?
Of course they have. Now can any
one of you tell tne the names of three
minerals ?"
There was no response, and she
continued: "Have not some of you
seen minerals on exhibition ?" One
little girl Mtised her hand. 'i
thought so. Mary will name three
minerals.'' Mary aro��e and putting
her hands behind her, lisped:
"A"tollman's. Vichy and seltzer/
Mid company** acquit"*! ��t iq h* a^ArmA
and for th* ennferrln* upon th- *nid c������**
pany *o lo Im i���porr*.r��t��*��t ot ��ll ***b pmmata
i.umvb.nnY.arv to fully and��*umplrt.*��.r
oarry on and opurata th* work* afore-uhl, or
may ot them
1 hi ted thi* rrth day of .Vovnulwr. A t�� mtA,
M<PMU.I.|P��e WlM.IA*��
Solicitor, tot AppM SSS.
Columbus, Ohio., Nov 14th���A
special from Canal Dover, Ohio,says:
Another discovery of gold is announced in the Malvern district, near
here. The latest Dud is at Agusta,
a few mih*s north of Malvern, where
III. O. Ley da has discovered on his
farm an ore which he claims is richer than the Malvern product. The
discovery has increased the gold
fever, arrd has also increased the
prices of land.
Tough Luck.
A member of the Thirty third
Michigan, while recuperating at Mot*
tank, told a representative of Leslie'*
Weekly a story of queer luck iu
way. "There was a chap in our
baud." he said,- "who plated the
troiuiioiie, and he seed to h��u_h and
ray that the Spaniards couldn't j*j����il
Ills business, anyway. Thev aright
-hoot his lej-a iff, or stool Ids
arms off, or shoot all through his
b ��ly, so long as they didn't kill him ���
aud when he came out of the war be
would be able to go ��ii playing the
trombone jest the seme. All he
in-cded to do that was his mouth.
"Well, sir, when we got into tin;
lighting a Mauser bullet came along
and struck Mr. Trombone player
right in the mouth so that now he
can drink tbroogb his nose, because
there isn't any division between-
And he'll never blow another note on
a trombone as long as be lives. Thev
never touched his legs nor his arms
nor anything else, but they queered
his mouth, and that's what I call
touch luck.
Advertise fn the Pur streak.
lories ta hanky gtran tbnt sinib-ttas sIM
bti mad* to tho h*(i dative A.-omMy of Brit-
iab Columbia At it. nest a***Jon for SS Ml to
incorporate a aompaaf mMmat tha nam* of th*
Hriti.h 1-~n���-|nTStlpiiianf Isilllll ill th*
parpOM oteunhlfiif tha company ao t�� h* |���-
-nrporatad to M*tll�� and take otmr all n��l.i.
powar., privilege*. Irunrhiau. an I a..��t. held
by tha��Mvm Pfaatnm.atmm) Bttmud ini��t T*r
���Sbast Company, UmltaoT and Th�� v��rnon
a Wataan fataphaaa OSstSSBjr," mmi v��,tiu*
Mm aamein mbaaotapany *oto bo ir��oriH.n,**d
and to **autn�� the U/tl.ilJtia>. entered info hy
MMaAMamideafapaatMS��d f���r f h* , onf#rr-
tSS upon IS* mid GMHpMf mo lo l��� hlMtSW
a ted tfel pow��r�� f,o purchaa*. bo*, tmltm ov��r
or othorwi* aaqmjjta th* ri��ht��. ptMtaama,
franchi^.. paman ��-<! n��ymu at any. ampaaw
in any part at tha Pmrjii-a of SrilL.h Colom-
blahavin��*imiiar objootaio thaaavtpanym
tabu iiirnrfKirat*!,and to amuhratw,. *,���),
mm* oth��r mmyaay or aompanlgM and ti,
epSfato an I carry or* th* hSiilMM of th�� afon.
STSsI in w**kout. from morn till t*t#h��.
You ran hear lh# hammer* �������>
And a* thrv ��>��� they t*ll mha tfbrh'
From tbeir pe-dr.tai all in a row
But the .trik�� .hull MM* *������!�� prkm tlgbt
And tb�� chortt. r**lu��'* to Sab*
tier* mtf mmfmrnm in tlOSSa M attlt **r ll *��.* <  .
Fmm ptnin iS-t-S to ri*h and.*��**��.��I
And what will value pen up at nwrnt
A clock with load and *nw< aJam��
So bona* need ban m ��ii����   rt..m timm
B��t hourly ��u.y .?��}��������� tft* ��'htm<i��
Ii >���>�� ahould mmr UM8I tot y��HMT4l��lf:
Th#> will not loutt adoep ,',< **������'
tio much tot i ��.- k.�� j uo�� fur ymtrrt I -.
Should wtxahnva. iiinmiitin mti>m.
Think ��hat a w����rrd ����f W����ty"�� h��*f
����l��ctiuit ��o-h m ttitling *-��*��?
Mara pan ����*y bat* ����i**.* **�����'��� .Mtf,
So ran l"fw til   _���> Ilia th* Mil
ta.jwt. noLuown bafom jfaHi I      ��� I.
.*vi.ir*,t  ��trvinft:,*�����,��I  ttmun   no* I  ..���;-   .,��� ��������� ��� ��
fn hiMMtm.ttmt*aa4 t.-n���� *?*���- IWir
May Sn 1 <n��rt��.��* ritfh Ml I m**..
**.:��io,. joM-it ����-jiIu t��i��* tha i .���*> \o\-a
I.-. pXmtA*, Wmm *rtii*�� ^.: ��������� t
Fuil.irin. of U'Sv r,r(i JmAtt pi ���   I   tot
It* UaV.Ttt �� .����tt| !',_ ��*l ��.-���'<   t .
In artL l��. �����' .tlv^rw^r*-
rr^ h*. a atw��*h th?��t to :-*i,uj.,^
For cla��fttiK*a, laigittn-... mmi * *** <k
And *rr��- *[>-��l*r��'* ptiM will ��� I
For ��*haiin. and mtamt* Ssd pitt. and ��� harM��
l|.��?l_- y��.-��f ��4��*ti��*fh* **.t<a to ��.*������� ���
Tlwa'W�� nrfL'bv* v.m.'U find on ��h��w
Aud o��h��r* ot liaa Kuarit taa\
Wbrntv p-o-f ��n�� uutrh th* \ i ��<*��>�� ***������**.
* tf, I|.... gbtn A Dau.luw Miwrt
Jeweller and Optician.
Csrtificsts ef imnro��sms��t��s
i*tahiioiit FRsrnoji vimhai haim
-H..a*,  ii, l^   Hl��arnn    Mint*.*    NrMfSl    ��*l
w#.t mammay lH.tri��-��. Wh.(. Umal,
Sir IsiShia th- Ihtluth ��IuIm In Me>
O ��i_ai< Bn<an.
Tah* un<k# that 1. A S Fat*a��li, a. Ur^ a.
*giw tot W A. H, ..!*** - Fr��* Mo*��'. CW*
USMSrlfS J.*m.��m H 11 fbMUmwli Fr*��
mln*?*  OtftttSSM  So    MWJA.  Iftt^nd. .l��tr
day. fr��tn nj, l.i.  |(�� r*--.f   tn  apply  lo tb��
Minkttc   H��*i*l.r   f����r   a   IVrtiSraff .,f fm
pr��>v .ttnant*. fur thv ptirpn.* Sf aMsniiMfa
I'rtiwn Ornnt nf tlWsWtMl >S��if��.
Anl Oiril.-r tak<> notUf tha! m f����. pSAm
a*��-th��n   37.  mint  I* r���mm**i<'*d  bmiorm thu
i..ni,i,.,.,,t ��,>|<vrtiHrni# of tisrutiiunttw
A MFmwn��
t*mim I thi. I*!h dj��t <��f *et**n>ii>t, l*#
It MM.
SOTKS b hvtmby glxmtt that ai.i, SajTSaftai
tfstsIlaisnSto ssebr ��<��� th��r��M-H..i��u,t��
4SBM of hand, and Work, for !��-.���.������������ t���
PMtillSM tiro hundred and SOy Htm arr-a
MM* or lea., al u>irwn��d (Wo land, within tit,, folio win* d��af rihud nr���� |
forniiou. Inic at th�� ��iutii-w*.l eofttttt of lot
HI.SkMMS'19 chain. t.��,rtl��. mtmcamt ��ir��ii>��
������i, ttwnc* St chain. *��nlh. MMMS or Ira*, lu
Kootenay lake, thetir* folluwlim .bore line to
���outhwr.t anirltt of hit _v,, Umtmo nortb
following location liua ��f .aid J..f Marhulrt*..'
maraat le.. to asrik-oaii snafet of Un tvi,
IkSMi aohaln.   wa.t alon�� ��oolluri, bottaJU
ary of .aid lot   t��  j.lai.-  of  ������*ini.ii..    hitt .
���tod on Koaumay m*rorsk��tt| ion stllmS*oip
Wlaon.     .Vel.ru,      lUsfOf     t>f?ULHt,     W,at
Kootantiy Id.trirt
lll��<N K, MHA HI'
I    '    I Se|i'ernlwr Ifth   I*���*
XOTICK t�� hereby phtmn iha? .. ..
piratian of thirty day. trom th* ,lf��� , ,"'
atinn bmrmot tho u��th*r*i_(!^i ai|| mJT^��
the t.k��M0<3uwm���.iutMir�� ..( ���<>, , ���, rV '*
d��*u for �� mtmmm tcmU ik,oor ,,r J"1
th#ir|kr��u.lM��..ituateuu Hr... K,r,.nr . ' *'
CtAj at Aaa*** ���������i��ifc��>
WTASSBIriaSP A Wtarcknsti
Csrtifioais of lmoro*omtnta
���itloot* in the WOOM Mlnh>�� ttlrUMo ,f
W��*t Kwutanav iM.trH IVhar. bwotad <<a
GoSj t'rwah        *
fsaaasMM that I aitlHMS rat-nil tg, ���
fur A  Jf* _bllNUM.il-. imt, Vi   I   ��.<,   \
SSSM, R.. V. MrCOou. 9I��. ��_U��. and I.   ., .���>
ban.. No lows* intend *��������� day. fmodnta
h��ta*.f. tuapfd*l�� !h* Mini:i�� lUrxwutw tw,
t'unlrk��t# c.f ltftpfu.ementa  '��, ����,# jmrj**,
����f  oltalultm  ��  Owwti  tlruhi  ..f �����...,
Aud tmt*h#r take n*����l��* ��h��* arlh>�� ntutn
tmmtUm At, M.I   fc#  fatmm.nr^l   l*f..r�� ik��
la.��_mt'# ot aawh <*��**** iSt-ota af !<��r* >*��*r.��nt.
I%��*.l tbi* IJfthd*�� .4 KOfOembei    ���-
1  Si 1 ������ii t
Certltlrate of Inprevemeats.
8000 l'\X KOntSAI.' I MM
���m��n����*��f# tn****'* *r.Wii ���,. t >.   ... \s..<
h****tmm>y trta��rli      U <��*
ngMo ��<.��rt***l��
T%KK u����tk�� that  I  t   **   �� ���'��
SasStftS   l��.h��  Hou-h.   F��.-   N ���-rtiS
OSdsIt-  Hilt*. Intend    ���>��'*   >'���>���
IwhnoI. It ��|-tJ*  l>. t|��.   SlttiuO   I
t'Vr* MbS t�� uf I iu p����������mi I' - rpwar
of  oi'tattling   a   I'yit.n  (in   * ��������*����
And Imnlwr take turf.-*   ����� *��� ���        ->����hr
*ert*.v���    |3,   Wimaf    be   .    ���
iaOOMMWQl ��MhOartlS.a>t.   ������'  I
tinted tbi. *Ub da* o<  ��* . �����
%   H   �� ..��.!.
C'ertlflenfe of ltii|��rotrin nr��.
O00HIUV PpJUSfMM HIM:s%l    mis
*.tMI*   In    lh#   HTr^an   M;-     .
ftaat KsMosscjr ii.trfct   wu��      -'
fhi Fajrne Muoniaii
T*��fc nutir* that I. A S Far-'
aaSBt fur JollU H.>li��h. Ptm* Miner .
So IIIU.. Intend. .!�������   !-����� t��
of. i��i applr to th* Kb ���'��* Sf    ' '��� * f ' �� '''
Oft. ale ��f rmttm.eto.nl.   '��� ���'  lh��   (*"��    '
ohtaiiilnoa ��>r.��rn ilrar.'��� ' '
And funhair lake notk.   thai  a '
mmetUm At. mnmt  ha  e.��u.me". ��� ���   ������' "��� '���"'
iaauuurw of aurb fertifi.*'* at t��i ���
tinted thia tmhdai    '   "*��� ���***
f #iW" *
Cortiflooto of Imowoi-tnt*
�� M10AOO AVI�� JKmiF ttUntRAl i i *'*���"
Situate in   the pts��SS   H-��t_S   ,,,,:
Waat Koutenay iM.tri. t     S -��� ���     " ���,*7
ia Mm SO-b Fi.e .lldr. lylnt  *-����� "' ''"
Kobb Five gioojp
T��Kh *V"tHK thul I..I   H    lirai    -       .������
a��wnt for lUron N    W'blta,   Frw Ml��"'����*,r'
ttSnuU.Vu l_*u  W II   FrnnMhi, 1'������ v>'
er*.   iertift.,,��.-    No.    Into*,    and   Thorn**
kl.llowan.Fw* Mlner-a lertili. ��'��� N
luO-nd Hid.��>�� (MM   the dati-I"'��� ���'" "'1'1
10 tha Mining -OOOffb* S.r a C��rtl��< "''4 "(''"'
proi xiiien. fur Ihe nbo.e otaVflP*
And furlher lake nitfiru Hmf *<��      ' '**
tollos IT,sural  Im MOttwaauod ,'"''"
Uiimnci afSMrit OSMSaatSai taipm.enii-nn���
I�����!������ thia ��ih��lav of Buptoml-er
j  H  0SA1
mVmfm or
.-' ������"' ���;"������
Ub   liw*-"-	
������? *a��i__^'����_s.
  wuv��� ������ - I ���iu��l\CT pro���� ���" "h. bv tooonn. the
._a-t.il   !��*�����   ���**��� *   i��t   ����at��c*ai I ****** ��?   u  -do ��t* .."^.kuigiene-l^Jiigfcar sil-*-* __,l"mins fsstures I ^B__t I- >-�� ���*__   r���_5rortli      _
2-***-_^.*gl2*s5_ SBSSSss1 -,-'*---"-"*=���-�� -
8.00 am
. ���. _m.
�����       ���._* 1"*- _
o     5._)P��-H
m, Flva mm �� ���     ��� j_ 4-45 -_���
��*��    __-w����t TrataI"-����� -"a
������**** *i_3Es ^ M.r��p"��2
am R***-^?*        ��     8SD��nO
)ptn   Spo-ana
Taking effect 1.00 o'clock a. m.
Sept 1,1898, Pacific or l*20th Meridian time.
Subject to change without notios
*���->-��. .tor
"       r last week the
Wednesday nlKht �� minlng
evidence el F. 0. W*gJ de8troy-
'����    a _  with contents,    i_���}�� UmD
Utavo ����� *\* SSjork      j     {���    *;
! S    ��      *.J"-_-.tt_r      ��      ����    h
9 4.S
o io 00
o 10 *>
, ������ 10 mi
Atr. W *
The Paystrbak.
���*-"i       s.t,' -.��
It iMtMd ovary Saturday la Sandon, to tho iMart
of the ftaaMat Whlto Motal raapoo earth.
Addt-K TbsPat raaAE.Sandoa, B.C.
csonrsss not wahtbd.
Daring the peat lew sreeka the
Slocan ooontry has Sgairi empheti
eally declared itself opposed to the
employment of Chinese, especially
among the mines. These working in
the eempo roond 1t_endon bare been
rustled ostof the dfttriet, sad ft far to
be hoped their fellows will ha-esoffi-
cient ��� -asTee* not to tempi Providence
farther In the matter. In getting rid
of the ob*nrt_kms snd tutwholesotne
Mongolian!, the miners, though the
action was performed without ���kdenee
{scarred the dJspleesare of the powers
tluu be ibr ask wral assemblage, sod,
ss s oooseqaeoee, two of their number bsTe bees east down foe trial to
Nelson. It is sn snfortaoate affair in
many ways���eirfbrtanate for those
who here ts suffer the law s Density,
bat still more nnfortnnale thst the
employing mine-owner* will persist
in foisting apes the men anweleume
snd asdealrable charseters as eom-
paniona in toU. The Slocan has time
snd again pronounend sgsinst the
Chinese sod their hilkms decnetiooa,
sod the mine-owners sre in s Urge
meassre ts blame for the present si to
stfoo. No one wishes to antagonise
the law. hot tbe fret moat be impressed upon the employers of labor, thst
the Chinese are sot wanted. Let it
he said that one spot is British Col
smbta-the Sfocss*. and the richest of
them sH�����free from the oontamiaat-
ingisHseooeof the eohsllowed and
on washed ansa of Chios.
affairs ot this last-growing Prorlnce,
and time will undoubtedly show that
the adininistratioD of affairs could not
be in better hands. To tbe Tamer
party the new change in the politiesl
situation ia any thing bat pleasant, as
it reduces to a minimum their
chances of overthrowing Premier
Semlin. In Opposition they may find
ample Opportunity to advance the
best interests of the Province,
If there Is one feature more than sny
other whieh is to he condemned In Canadian newspapers, ssys the Canadian
Magasine editorially, it is their ceaseless quotation from United States periodicals. A certain daily In British
Columbia has fire or six columns a day
of material which looks ss if it were
clipped without charge from United
States dailies. In tact, in reading
some of the headings and opening
paragraphs one gets confused as to
whether the neper is published la Canada or the United States. A weekly
published in Summerslde, P.E.I., came
to hand last week with nearly four
columns of Its front page filled with
quotations from New York magssMimt;
one extract was beaded: "ter Mili-
tarv Mismanagement and Its Cause."
and yet it dealt with tbe Santiago cam
pstgn. These sre but two of tbe many
examples  which our   newspepetdom
S safe
major-ty in the Hones of tan over
and shore all aoebtral propwitk-**
whfch nsmber will sadoobtedl-
increased when ths LnfWstsre
meets Ths etootfoa petition of Mr.
Higgina against Mr. Bailee In Bsqni
msh has resulted is the sent beisg
awarded to the former by e pinrality
tf ow. he the enssting is of rejected
ballots.v This has takes Esquimau
from the Tsrner eolsmn end piseed
It in the following ��f Mr. Semlin. Mr.
Higgins was pronooneeti in his ops o-
sitno to the Tamer administration.
and his support to the new (iowem
ment will be most acceptable at the
present juncture. Premier Semlin
need here no spprehms-sa new in
ths Hoes* betar eenatn of
f*wen after the Speaker Is ap-
polnted. Rh msjoritr it small, bat
ft toespsbieof great expansion. He
has astteieM strength toesrryoiithe
Numbers. of papers throughout the
country use half-primed papers technically known as reedy-prints, or plate-
matter prepered in Toronto. The lac
lories which produce these do not pay
for their contributed ankles stories
snd general matter. All this das* of
reeding is cut from the I'uited States
periodicals��� practically stolen The
weekly newspaper that uses snch materia''cannot be highly commended.
and yei hundred of weekl*e�� <k> u*e it
inevVy Uwue
A" cutset**, we often lament th* slow
growth of pal riot :*m and of Can. dtau
tttera.ure. And is Hs stew-cas of
snewah surpritriutr when oar new*
papers make no differeuce *wd ween what
ts foreiim snd what is Canadian; when
journal-Ma do not think it improper to
call the United Slate* military pmb-
lems **our problems;"* when I'nited
Ststes achool books are designated
������oar school  books* hy   these InteJIi
Sat wMders of the ecisnors; when
aadtan short-*4ory writers are ignored, and ITnited States literate*-* bonm-
ed and sdreuised; when Canadian
nests and witters ere snubbed aad foreigners exalted to the seats of Issse?
aye no more careless than the people,
~*w    ^mm^m^m    ^m^^m^^mj    *t_**a     sos^^sMo^nwvma_     *Mt smmeas
exist If Caaeolses dsmiaaarl
Canadiatt llteratare they wneM gat it
tat they hay Tailed Sutss hooks,
(Jetted States magairm**. luted State*
periodkab at higher prices than are
asked for rend natrre material: and
etran adasitting fee the sake sf ar*u-
ment that this rnit��d Stales msterial
Is better than oorr-n^t>dta* Csnadiaa
reading, there is little eicna* lor such
conduct Canadiatt ymmaltsu and
Canadian readers owe a dwtv to them-
��sf~_s snd to their countrv.' the *en��r
of which Should he atrong enough tn
insist that Canadian hteratare ThonW
hsve first place on their reading Ublea
and on their bookshelve*.
^Thcn there come* up tSe questkm of
British tww-paprr*   .���,*   ^^    Wr
seldom see a Qtiotatimt from a BriUafc
newapapec in a Canadian datir, aulesa
it ts in the cabledeapstchc*.aud ssnetr-
fcLi_!ri_*mv_Lt,��T_l <_Wei ����������
through Mew York Csandtnn joum
ahstsde not r-ad British srewssstpefs
to sny fixteat Nor do the people
There areten ITnitedStele* month)k%
and wtwkhew ��*t ia CmmmU to one
British perwwlical    And vet we pride
ourselve* on our Rrittsh connection;
we revere the Union Jack and all It
represents; and we bow down and
worship the god-like Mother, who Is a
Ksttem of goodness and virtue to all
er people.
., i ���),�����.!. ajai (aaanaaanaWMMaaWW-iaanfcai ������'���' ��� "wwaia.
Kit   SMALL'S   rSBACBt*'.
I f daatb nUm* tha ead and _. _-
If waoa a Wrow die* ifsaunssa
* m    "��� ������'�����   ���.   wm. * w *��"* ���~"    a���. W W0*m0m- m^    ,     ���    i -".I     ��������� ���������-
ir th_ r-tfiaik<. to Aw mm mtmanm
8UU,taaaMtornM, wa oafll tar��-tSaSaM wwl%
Wa-oaaMtir try aa aatS, wa/e
At If waU ht rmaM all fhrooftt Mm by asi hy t
Wo'doowSt Mr Mflvo fir food. If Ml. ha awl a
I atott amiw Ms. r�� oaky aaybf **M."*
If whao wo Stow* *a Mr "M-atSiooat'SM
��� r^wratant
a w*dtow*o-
���SI   aIIMf I^S  rnXmrn^rm ������     m- ��'i' -m     -w ������a up     i. nm i   ia��� -    ,     - - -
->��rkr* >wt a vato af awnr aod af Mrtto
mm, MbM maA0^0mT, sfHrv foWPa
Amm    _Ba_A      -��-.   A^ouaAa M
^as   eatWa  mm smwi m
Wh*/. sUtt it so
at aH,
W�� aa*l Sr her* Mr volt, oot toof aaMI tha roA.
Ttoaarh ihnaww tho amwt wa isaia oar saMo un
J AmXmy mm*o\s tmaatyaafht* ���**.��
i my moMwr warn aw*
I all���
.���__sjvS-"�� -
tar srss is aiwajrs
I War ass Saots OS
rat aiaw-t froar.
t Mrtoh I caa. haar
too. sir paaMa' Nm thine.,
I   %tm m0M t000 l_L_M
Sol meat* latoaod ��f oaa.
on my ahata ot ra _���
SahttSasM. I p*af fc�� tar,
tm^^mf mm^a ^^ouas tmmr ss >
gatm** doht.
If lift to aS. war thaa. ht thaakfal **oo"ar aB*o
AadaStoarahn aahloh. aad do and Smw at
tah0hmamma0mtmy vbto.
P1*V&* ���enwhafcio Mt rfcaa.,
I tot Ulaa. ym bam.
Tham%nsano tw��wim wo_a ��hl-*.r, ���� -*
___   ^*fto��wsSalwara***������aMd<aitv.
an- , mibrn ���a- .*___ ^i* (^^ . i���
mrttai  ,��ni,..1..M.       w~
W HT-��* ***** *******  m m*'M1m* ���*1** | Whjr.oMa irlwr".'-^t mTbZ'l w,,
Ard-U*n��rHwmtMwiMlMiMhlto!    That star oaMSr.1 a., a*'-��#���,
1 mt m*mwmt ami tm atoaa mhaA\mh? Mr to j "^fta^Jft,?iT_E_f ^-<""*y* *" **"
i a��akr jrwarHatit f*r ��at��*r mm wtmat aa."_-~..~r-*_T L_.-T-T1  _.*T_ _ _
Kwo-OSer.aWMlu' t^mmor atatm^ahm**#$ J    ^^iniiri iaaiIk   i!?Tli ''
Idoal my which Uh Turn onto *.rtV if.**
I WatOeljaMt-t.1   ��
arajr h">waf
Spohsne parties hare purvhaaed the
Centre Eagle group of claim* in the
Boundary, from Anderwot Broa, of
(���rand Forks,   Assays on the ore gave
SB) in ifohi.
I raaH tSato* M eaS f���# tha MS* <4
U by mm* a *mm Savo s>. #-.
Am' bwr ta *��� IMt.toror U th��. . 1 a
A aaadlao m twt a.*.
I wSjrwn SW way tMi lowMios ti
������ _����trrv_i bat <^w*t t-^la��
la a tow amy at tow wtooa toaart
.. _ Mlwvdi.
Iw Tar-safe. ��-i M
Da E.Gellat ly * Sons
Farm Produce, Fruits,
M Vegetable,, aamas.
��� ��� ���   ��� i      i
tV tne oonvenieTNW of the trade a sleek fo always kept -ut hand in rhe
JeJUnd HuiHutg, 8AND0-f. Miaas septdfod as wholesale rates. r��n
kwded with Prodeee. Imim sad Vegatshtos em res tato the ftt.*csn ��tery
TEN DAYa snd
way of Miciess and.
PalaCiC Gafc.
L tbc^mmw0Amm-
.. Best-equipped
Ii Ik Slocan
It never Closes
Oyster a  Tender
'CMekeas sad   eeecvthiag
the  Market aflhrds lo the
palsmMr ��nd ens he toand
# hanger tormeam their hmr
Saalssatmay    IfJohaaVaot
ttTht Palace
Ot-��ageri sad others sre
reqeesL-d to earl oa an
#w m shift ysa are
t __*rte^r	
a    a
a    a
and the proprietors aim
Id please their patrons
hi every way powible.
KlLLARD 4% TROMF-OX. ���!_!^rREAKt SANDON, B.C., NOVEMBER 19, 1898.
_ ��� vkm
ras no**'***. ������*����� "tsw oaMvaa.
what tha   Jlaatto��W*sS   Mlolag  Syadl-
rata M PwlWS ������ Slasm. Loha.
f-ew Denver has eyery reason to feel
wood ol the hut that the Northwest
Minim: Syndicate ha* removed Its bead
ousrt*'*'"* 'r0'** V'nneosyer snd establish*
ed then, in this town. Since the advent
of thi* enterprising English concern
inio this neighborhood they here put
incirrul*tkmupwr_rdaelW),(IO0. Their
Ant venture was the Mollle Hughes,
titusied across Bigelow Bay, though,
Ma matter ef tact, Mr. Sandiford, the
indr/ai liable engineer and sole man
mgtt, esms into this country with other
cod*'in view. Upon Inspecting the
Mollit* Hughes, Mr. Sandiford, secured
i$jnTodObo*td on tbe property. Com-
Modious buildings we.u erected snd
dfvdoumetl work proceeded with.
_>me ti.UMi helnt ia all expended.
Sii Booths later aa uniuccessiut effor.
��a* made lo have the time of payments
M.tettrit-i.and Mr. Sandiford reluctantly
Uio-w up the head, firmly believing
ilur u.ne would have enabind him to
develop the group lale a magnificent
��j��ii'j"u��^ property.
Ai. ait this lime, hosrerer, Mr. .S_r*d
f-.nl tisd investigated thesarroundinr*
A the KtdeiitV froup. sitUSl"! shout
oor and our had Oath* SOt.lh of the
town Ftwllag astisded that ito* bulk
A rt>.< orr chttie ��n this groep wa* eon
taioKtiu the ground nearer the lake,
he at nm - mured a month's bond on
tth~ Tt ro and Boatswain claim*. If tn
J _ Ham*, mam whoae ranch in-
pr-��pe i*. �����Nutted These cnrer**d l�� r
���par- between 'he Wd.*IKy and the
tain*, i to* claim* had h~eu Originally
Makod an��t sold as wihlcata. lite
hdrM. ��<ike cnhented th.*ir value,
sad, under the careful devrlopnwii
now jp tng on the\ Idd fair to bl*coun
rhe hooding sroup .a thia locality.
I in* bond waa for sue math, for
aUm Mr. Sandiford toot no time in
ot)4nilirm the ground and Milking *
i . dta.l , Ik-fore tit.* end of tbe month
he bad i shouittf of ore euBkient Uj
warrant rhe money being paid. ThU
wa. lima and then commenced the real
ht*t- ts A wist is not/ known as rhe
Hnoon k*roup���Sew Denver a lesding
wise. Ir ia jtta. .'our months since work
*s�� i .11, iH-icrd on the property snd.
in rUr on an ce ol time, no lea* than
ll��<r l��ada of ore has been shipped.
reslidng sufncient profit to pay the
bond, the driving of tunnel*, sinking of
�����i*m��. building of e wa*ron road to th��*
Ukr, imw wharf, ami the neeenary ore
ho��i*_* and blacksmith *hop* Thia
record i�� t, titer vein����� one, seen tn thi*
win Mv smad Stores reentry**
The drat workings Is what Is known
���f the No 1 shaft, well up toward* the
hdel.lv ffmnp This ts down St Teet.
l-iiwaing tbe dip of the lead to the
���with at about A st> per cent Incline
Forty live feet Drum lie surface s slope
*����� l�� foH ha* been driven to the ea��t
' rum rhese workings all the ore so fsr
���hipped, amounting to WO ton*, has
been obtained, while twe ear load* more
ts ��r> rim dump ready for exportation
At the toot of the slope the ore chute is
��� Mid four font In width, gradually
J��h'lining to one foot at tho top In tbe
oresM of the Mope, the Indications are
'������vnrabie for another big deposit being
���reclt in a few days Mr. gendlfonl
J-shiei ihe ore taken out of these work
�����g**t tJO.non, An Indication of the
���;����� ��f the ore hod? may he Jed-fed from
_ ��� Iset that seven tons of galena were
knocked down by a single blsst
,. No. l tunnel Is situated M�� fret below
foe surfsee of the shaft, and Is now In
W feat. This sill he driven to the
fo��ft line and connections made, so that
the top workings may he drained, snd
the, bi��� or- cnnU tapped. In this ton
���el there Is elbowing of from six inches
J? two foot of ore, carrying considerable
wnc. An ssssy en this gave over wo
*���_. ni silver. None ef this bus yet been
���"���I'M, though both here snd at the
No�� m tunnel, there sre several car
loads in the ore sheds Eighty feet
from the surface s crosscut is being run
to catch what is supposed to be a second
ledge, and this will be cut this week.
Below No. I tunnel is the No. 2, situated at a depth of WO feet This is in
��..}' *na '��� Mag driven at tbe rate
of 15 feet per week Tbe rock is a
Wack limestone snd exceedingly hard
The ledge shows well, and has the same
pronounced trend as above, marking it
ss s pure fissure vein The ore chute
is of the same width ss in the No 1 and
the fsce of the drift la beginning to
���how signs of s decided widening A
stops has been commenced h this tunnel, snd lbs aeceaserv timbers pot in
for a larger force of men There is a
splendid showing of Is inches ot ore In
tne slope; but hers, ss shove, xinc is
present, combined with grey .copper
Al the mouth of tbe No. 2 is located the
princioaf ore bouse snd blacksmith shop
snd drying rootn. Ground is being
leveled eg. too, for other buildings to be
erericd St once.
Four hundred feet farther down toward* the lake, s shaft i* being sunk to
catch the vein. It has been going down
at the rate of about 2u feet per week.
So far the stunt ha* gone <Si feet through
with, but float is increasing and shale
ha* lieen struck, indicating that bedrock is near. Later on a tunnel will
he commenced farther down, and all
tbe working* connected. At the lake
���hore a fine wharf bss been constructed
and a commodious oreheam erected.
Everything about the property has
been done in a thorough and businesslike manner, economy and Judgment
being evidenced on every hand Twenty
men are employed on" the property,
under the foreman-hip of N. C. Ding-
man, anil lhi�� forte will be increased
later on Almost every dollar expended in wa**e�� and supplies comes to New
Denver, and here almost all tbe workman live.
From Sent 6 to Nov. 8, inclusive, 11
co*- load- of ore, or _*> tons in sit hsve
been shipped irom the Co*uin, being
diMitouted between the Chicago ft
Aurora Smelting 4 Refining Co. and
the Setbv Smelting I Lead Co. The
return-i from eight ear loads have
nailed Ihe Northwest Mining Syndicate
fl'Mftl. Th* lead has not been less
than ����� per cent, and in one case went
71 per cent . while rhe xinc hasgone six
per cent It is calculated that in future
lh��* propertv will pav its own expenses
until the nere��*arv dead work has been
done ami the dividend stage reached.
It is now being surveyed for a crown
TCi Mr. Sandiford is due solely the
honor of this successful developmenr,
and he r��chlv deserve* the implicit trust
impn-ed in him by the Northwest Mining Syndicate
*lr. Sandltord haswecured an interr*
In the Condor group, on Four Mile, in
return for a certain amount of work,
from lbs owner*. Messrs. Bashdall.
Fsnuuier and Siewart. He hss slto an
opiionlo purchase a half interest, giving him the controlling interest Seven
men are working under Foreman
Stewart, snd the results sre most en
"Trom'New Denver sil the operations
of the Svndlcate will be directed, and
they bid fair to be extv iisiv*.
The authorities have token s determined sunri ansa the snti-Chineje
agitsilon which has been troubling the
nTine* in the Sandon camp. The
miner* iihtto tsd to the UlUMBSe ot the
ClI ViMiks in the camp and
��__MMwere adopted to run them out
rn7to7reve I further importation of
SbiXaM. class of IsW How-
ever, It would seem the men went a
i 7 <ti.t��ndiarv Magistrate Sproat, at
next assixes.
Born-Id Nakusp. on Friday last, to F.
H. Bourne and wife, a daughter.
New machinery is being placed in tbe
Palhser sawmill.
The Thistle Hotel at Silverton will
be re-opened in a few days.
Real estate is changing hands rapidlv
in .Nelson at constantly increasing
values. ft
Five hundred men will be employed
by the Columbia River Lumber Co. this
Hewott Bostock will ask the Government to construct a telegraph line from
Golden to Windermere.
R. Thompson, late clerk in the Record
office, is now in charge of the books of
the Northwest Mining Syndicate.
The Dominioc Government will spend
t_,000 improving the Columbia river,
at tbe canyon, above Revelstoke.
W. H. Brandon has purchased the
Bragg block in Silverton. The upper
floor wiU be fitted up as a public ball.
Ross Thorburn will open a dry goods
store at Silverton early next month.
the need of further protecting works on
tbe river bank.
It is quite within the realms of possibility that the Fidelity will be amalgamated with the Bosun in such a way as
to permit of the former being worked
through the tunnels of the latter, and
all under one management.
Dan McLennan, who, with Dad
Black, was in charge of the Windsor
Hotel here for a number of years, was
married to Miss A. Johnson at Bevel-
stoke, on the 8tb inst, by Rev., 8. J.
Thompson. Their post office address is
Trout Lake City.
"���'f�� .���<   ..r
Rev Mr. Sanford, Methodist
man of Sandon, also was here	
tbe week. He is very popular wit.*
those who had the pleasure of meeting
him. ^Tm
Mr. Martin, manager of the Whitewater Deep Hotel, anticipates an exceptionally good time on Wednesday
night. A ball is to be given and a large
number of Kaslo snd Sandon people
should attend, as special cares will be
ready for their coming.
  ��� ��� ��� ... -_-     J. Roderick Robertson, of  Nelson,
He will be located in the Brandon block.) manager of the Whitewater, came in on
Sunday. It is expected a much larger
force of men will be employed at this-
Angus Mclnnes has been gazetted
mining recorder at New Denver, his
services commencing on Tuesday last.
Julius Wolff and wife returned to
town on Tuesdav. They have been
residing at tbe Halcyon Hot Springs
for the past y esr.
There is every prospect of another
sweeping rate war on the transcontinental Hues, Jim Hill having cut the
l,OJO-mile tickets from SiO to $90.
R. H Alexander, who has been employed with the Northwest Mining
Syndicate, has resigned his position, to
take effect at the end of the month
J. X. Jorand, who has been with R
B. Kerr, for some time, leaves for Ross-
Isnd, on Friday, where he has accepted
s position in the law office of McLeod k
F. Bvron was brought before Stipen-
disrv Magistrate Sproat on Tuesday
charged with drawing a revolver on
Gus Kruger. He was remanded till
H Clever and family departed on
Mondav for Honolulu, where they purpose spending the winter. On his return Mr Clever will re-enter business
in this town.
Minister of Finance Cotton met the
Revelstoke Board of Trade last week
with a view to making inquiries into
mine than heretofore, owing to tbe completion of the concentrator.   At present _
there are about ISO men employed.
Rev. Isaac Williamson, Baptist missionary, held services st the Whitewster
Deep mine on Thursday night, and on
Friday night preached to quite an
assembly. He is highly spoken of by
those who hsd the pleasure of hearing
and meeting him. His time will be
divided between Kaslo and this town,
preaching hers every Sunday.
London, Eng., sdvices report the
returns from the first 40 tons of
ore shipped from the Bosun mine, in
September. W. H. Sandiford. manager, advised the home office thst the
net smelter returns realised 13,769, a
fraction less than t70 per ton. Onwards
of 200 tons have been shipped since,
which will be Just as high grade.
An unsuccessful sttempt was made
Isst week by local parties for outside
capital to secure a bond on the Mabou
and Ohio claims, adjoining the Enterprise group, on Ten Mile creek, and
owned by Messrs. Kirk wood, Wells,
Grant and Tunks. There was not
sufficient money forthcoming to move
Provides amplo and pleasant accommodation for the traveling pablie.
relegrsms for rooms promptly attended to.
8TEQB ft AVB30N,
__ S���_     ���
�����        ��**�����
Dealer in MEATS
SLOCAN  CITT aa follows :���
^^^^^^^       LOCATIOSS.
-��pj_.c_..a-*-. ^W't-j?*'-
1^1^ ��_���_�������_ as mrea��
a a    K      ���_- I
>0 *Ui ba atnrrd:
Saw Vork Casta <Vyatan
~^~������*������ aocv
r_"M**____ttf_ BM_b
X_, V  ������'  !���        g~fb a*attS 10 tt  0 X~'VS^�� 1
SS��ttfiU.W 0 *o**> M��o~*O^^^elaimtou.-^.^    . __ _, JIL^ turtoea*
^^ffia-dl^-^^-^^^pdore                                           M|pJ         ^-^JSaTKwa^
Wf?K_r_,_m ._,_.��-***.     1 ,   d .uck at the Hsu mi |	
.melter Is bel��K  "*��Ul�� * i*s.Ks^">r#J^
jackets added. a_B_B_B_B_B_B__ _.    I     _^_-___K    ���_____. ��
!>-����, *u��k-��
as, r>��- ****f**
Sov ^Mcadtorgo ��� ^^SC.
Kov ll-Cartetiate   Stag.   *-"��
���Er^Wad-m-Sf fnteS- for * years.
SOTw.o-_ aa���. -��ar-r**.��
kake. ____. t Koeki to saase, 3<>v *-  ���	
"\!��_5wSf ���*��- ����� �� - *~~ * J
Kov .-Survey fW��.J ***-*���
__     . N��~ p��^-*?_S1!5_iw �� ��5\*���*A2Lt?&!&
er-cied st the Ida-w.
"SSt-FUds. T B Joha-too; Candy *-���* |
FJohi*-W-_ TSa-a-om,   Auf|
sar i-n****"-* ��� ___a ._*.���.
Commo-M.   ���-a  1   "to W^U^S rtraP��G�� ���*"���
set* ~. i-'"'    ,,. Ml ���^jkWa_��-�� ��-����**���
���Ss* ^s^flt*^l��E_��1!^:^"W^
*��asS^��w��2._���������"   *_ ��_5*^��15?_*ei^
g-i*-_ -he b���* In.fc-.w. ��ftj_-J***
Mt   . ���� ���        la����**��s�� *d����"*4S��**
*^��1T _-_���**�����".
w.o.*^*'*"--.   Miric|t   on row   _oau ��--���"���
developing ^ Brunewi ^^^ ^
.       .��._ romstock hss commeftc- ������-��, will anon be w^Jf^JJi load
Ore from the^m^J^^ ^ ^J1 shin*"***  wagon
ed to come down to on -��� w,vtng been compie*****
Kootenay ���"���ri" ������_-,���
 ��� Ikarln-f been compwtea.
0c-s1-rinto.TBJ��u������. , -- .--^ ^   |havtogoee
'SZZmbhmmm-A.    0      MOOtWl      .WA        "-1 ���,
^fJ-S-ow St-rm, C J Aadam��i; LOly-! Treasi
Erik Strand, m__a   -��a*��~,��r;
Ta_2-s:K_r ri
rrjnirl BROS.
At Uie Moatesama an engine and
tw_��n installed to replace the!
iov^M_��r<aeiteS��--^^^^^T        Al the "��_^^i3to>epbxcethe
^^SbLt"WB___��     Frank M^
/��-*i_ Baatiar. -*-�� V��w,
wot a--t��"eTT1-';.T,fr.   p SStin; Poorman,
JPT^ "i ir__-tend. whk
corded ��   '
OCT i7���Oreat Mortswa, _����-_-��
jfyV t-Crowa r*o4_t.
Sov ��-<ibuo.
_-.     _. a t_
Hugh Sutherland has 25 men emplov -
vd ou tbe Gvetiing Star, and the force
[is to he increased? A abaft to to be Mink
.  ���������!'
(Vt*��|.����.-..    -
 .of SANDr)N
Oarry the finest ftock of Ukjir-m in
the Kootenay Qosatry.
lOrders hy tssll or wire prwnpilr
.. ...attended b>
Jwst received--
a complete line of
to to be increased, a anm�� ���* ���� ���
on the Columbis, adkiinlug the Star
Work is being rapidly pushed on tbe
Essex group, ou Four Mile.   Manager
Nov -----  Dawson to undecided whether to con-
Xov s-ti-uo. ~**u<s operations after Christmas or lay
Nov 4  Bobbin, Btae Bird, rweataaaa. ����ow-   *>* till Spring. ^ y
birtFTarUoB.Jtada.        ��� TheGokieu Wedge, on Lemon creek,
w^^!!_^i_: tmsaomeaweiklng   The prosertf is
KovT-Wooioetaoutoo. owned hy theC>ro*eing A SlilflttgCo.
s.,v s-coin. umu. R-rW snd, Marsdan.      Th<$y |u|Ve m towMl./V^ M aawmtu
TB-aar-aa. JMiatf the mine also.
BOCTjr��-<ga-ar HO, Aug 8c-oeter to A M       Wo_k   bM  ceMed ^ Sj_   MiU,
Ocr n'-Backay-, Clara Canoa to cm Parker, w^uroadfor the wluter, after nine
tsuu. miles had been completed.   This road   H neu iu u��ow-> v. ~-	
_2^S^^r_^2_2?_,^JlE*H^ is being built to carry the trade from	
ffi^r!i?"r i__. theUownewekw~twteN^     Beadv-made Clothing  Hata. Oa\*\
QmSSt*1** BakartoJm_pti     Shannon, Mcl'herson snd Goettsehe  'z ������?  r	
Fo^tQueen \,OaoB McDonald to4 Casassa.   STO Hi OTOT ��   feet Under /Trotted  Otr   tK^^ otifl SVlt-OiL Oilll ftt���
 ^..loauinnrtwe .nidi ��r- *-*  ���'������-sr  orooerty sd)olnlng the Marion    ""^W1* **"�� aiiuea, *U��ll Mi^______^H
^���^>���yEaUi,"- CBtt,rBWL^^f �� feet under p����^^ Boota ana ��n��3WS ������ ��� ��-�����
l^^S^j^SH-t-^lp.Hrttrfite- Store, Mgog
BSSttrSB^"*l^!l to �� .1   The min��- ro.nd S-"^."? "5  =   --. _.
Doiiam w      ��. ���-___,k i. w i rraaar to �� �� i     ����  ��i.���r��hi-,����._. i-ii-ik*     l^lStweesi     __, -a ���   _f_t_a_^*S
09 not forget that
we carry th�� wi*1
,tsck oi1 M����-��**'
O^als���� the ctiuntry
IWO IOO* i��J��-*,-
The miners round Sandon are lue
Tru. Blue ana r��� - . n|ng ottt theChim*^ co..U     "^J^
Stapl***-^ a-,i_Gi, w RBamvlthe l^ist Chance tired t   Urbane.my
dlR^-Sart-yS. .   ���    taking an activt
���**_?,��'1 .*?J__T . a��_b_-to O w H-ahe.|_,lfi -s a   resul
toner l.*^TTETvVr___
Jooafrt to W T Oliver. r to M A
Tru- Blue and Peacock |, w * wtmrnm
MSM-heiiKMi- _   .___,rj,t,   W R Kam^ I tlie   Last  UWtUee   HreM   . ���   ��" "*-"_._.- I
OCT Sl-Tamarat sad Annte Ol,*"��      1 "*���.****       ti ve part   n. the Canip^/?:
��a-=TT.a-aa . * -��� gg ��*&_5_�� tf6'
*��-��Sii*s*j-_S-SB tee^.~-^?P*?
Kiio.OAFrein&ti'''J>��^,M,  I* l^"J.0,"^ gt'-   Mile creek, Kootenay
Kov v-luduation t/5. H sawd*, n, T u I garth ^^."J^w WlJ hsuled to
��������_��__. of an, k. A rrank B_n^�� to au 1 g���^-. the delay bavlngT>een caused
^^^mmmmmmmmmmmm^mmmmami^ mipiiair
Hunter Bros.
tolat-ntn mill at the uoiuen v. ����p~-, ������� ai BawB_BB���- i
i  ^��?r2k   wm dumi^l tdl at thai BauBaBau_auBaB_aB_B_��-���*---    p      t-crv   -���
ffS-.'B- B&SSJS W�� carry a S-i-ttifc4*^*8^^^*
^-_ttl_W��^*"ri _, tr.u has been   cut to the|  _C^Zu^I5_��teailCl^^dt^^^^AO
Kov .v-luateavioii w-. �� ��  i���"-
^S&hsi o* A��> h A Frank Hanaen to AU   �� _ j-
JnhUJOIl.*""""""""""""81""''-   f-.W-l_._,ta
Notice oi �����"-���.��� *_^t
carry �� complete ime y___=~ ��� ���   _i
��������-^-_ir--_i.��-��-*--* ��� ?h!���$S. I_?.Sd*^.V_iw_~S5l l^S_-SS.    *"*-*"!_i!!^S=__-uO_-'*jAN
ags-5e_s_i_rsarr*�� Hfer&Su^ -andon: �����*-
^^^*t%^��STSw��Lack. . owners esper* in neru       K ,
joi������i��tf��*�� _nS^^-"~''  1   A good trail has been   cut to the
s'%^&mUm^So1lt^ *c--* to D W* '--^Sr-~-  -�����"- wln
Golden Csrihoo.
a budget of Interesting mining
1 I l*en reaped from Barker
Ku. U ���� learned that a contract
Ii bee i let W run a drain tunnel on
hf ill, cn*k. The owners are
W lu H W. Ulrd. W.C. Fry
^^ri people. Mr. Krv will be
^riSfft^JJJ. tb, tun-
Drifting ��till continues on pay at
���       I tile
"BE. ��t WHIow.ta tiisulllng more
JrerWl  |Himps lo   repUcrr those
Wmil Is* winter.
T llanislisw has sons a shsft
. summit creek between the Hau-
Wnt-k was not reached at ��0i fc*.
v .hnft house, wheel sod poaip will
t .uca-ai Ud* winter, weparatc^
rP,k ��i��xt sduiiner.   Mr. llamtnaw
i. gone em��t.        __*_*_ ...
i in the Bradtbrd, Cariboo and
Vokontiold Fields gn_ind on Antler
cnx* ihe old channel has Imeu found
,,,,,.* ,t.vt��r than the present chan-
���;, a working snd ^"^V^
nri hss been started Shd s now lo
iCiWt This will probtblyl-ec-tv
ii���0.-ir*n feet or lliore hrftilt* psv to
fansl Manager 11. E. U tt}~
n-ttirtutl Itvrn tire Yukon and will go
io Kngland Ulis wimer; irr Ote wean*
,,,���, w.vrk to suspended on thi* pnan
bin* property. ��� .
lnv,l<.pmentwork Is nearly com
pteu-d ,ai the Born* creek hydrsalie
und.-r the management of 8 HedleoU
oho will go to England ihi** winter,
leafing VY. Tlniuipsun ��n charge.
TV Shitigtr creek henclt hydiaulie
between Neisue and Xew cm*k* Is
fulh n|ttl|tped and t��i|>ing will ems-
meitce early watt asaanti
A tiinv-ottaiNtrUBant gravel **i��<ut
has Uvn *terusi idl tlte wrnprri> uf
the British Coloiiihia Kxi.M**ra..��'n
COQipsiiV at the old Skmgb creek
camp The company's gntiml "|
mouth .* Slough en>*k will be u***ed
hy a a. rics ol bore li-le* John llopp
(��� manager.
The vast auriferous ere* Iviween
hetwei-n Cariboo and Cnssiar kn-'*��
a�� Oimnec-i la being iwlev��*l*.|*-d i��>
tbe entert-rislng proapettnr   *,nd',,4
veator    Uold wss found and woikt-i
there in 1371 and 1*1* with food re
trims hut the cut of freighting *��I���
pin. from Victoria or (JuesnelW  was
ul iter pound, so thst suite hut the
verv richest sad eaak* ��P*n<* was
wot k,*d arid the dnitriei was all but
abandoned ttntll two years ago.   At
present tbe ��wt of transporting ��*-r
plies Iron Victoria to 1*  cents P*
l-ond and men with modern tM��yd��
arc tlnding then a more pr.-mu.mj.
a T K. Moore, a shareholder, ami
v. K. Perry, af ths Hi Anthony ex
|>l<.ration company, have eecurvtfor
that eompnnv an option on tbe iwacs
plicer grounds on Manson ereek M
ci:w.U0U. John Kavanaugb work
wlthls property during this season
snd clesmaap 11.08 per cubic V_rd
of gravel.
Charles  MeKtnnon   !�������� ��jW   Ms
ground on  Urn oreek h-DfSS?
rumberland.a representative of r.ng
I ish capitalists, for|&-U0.
Coal Mlnwrs^     Ended.
All differences between �������� _,hi"
cago* Virden Coal company st Virden
aud Auburn end the striking miners,
have been settled snd the shafts will
**>ri be In operation. The compsny
agrees to pay a state scale of 10 cents
per ton. but did  not want  to rear
down the stockade.     Finally  the
company accepted the offer of the
miners that they would take ii down
and charge the company nothing for
the labor.
Over 100 witnesses have been sum
moned by the grand jury which is
now Investigating tlie recent Virden
riot in which so many lives were lost.
The Crow's Nest Pass
( Coal Co.
1 Is now prepared to receive orders
#0.00 per ton.
��� 11.00 per ton.
Terms: Cash with Order.
Oaten vfilhs swslvatl fcj
H. Byera & Co.
Charles St. Barbe,
General Agent.
{Atlantic Steamship  Tickets,
to and from European points via Canadian and American lines. Apply
for sailing dates, rates, tickets and
full information to any C. P. Ry
agent, or
C. P. R. Agent, Sandon.
WM. STITT, Gen. S. 8. Agt.,
You cannot find
any better goods
than toe can shoto
you. Remember
this tohen you
toant a good suit
of clothes.
kaslo, m. e,
Wai be at the Hotel Balmoral
once a month.
Miners and  Prospectors.
If you until  to nave your
iiion ��j  ten* e your   order
J. R. & D. Cameron.|
Canadian Pacific Ry.
Soo-Pacific Line.
Tha raat aaS Saparior Serck* Roata
To Eastern &
European Points.
To   Pacific    Coast,    Alaska,
China,   Japan   and   Australian
EUkggege Checked to Destination
and Threngh Tickets leaned.
Tourist Cars
Pass Revelstoke:
Daily to St. Paul.
.   Daily Except Wednesday to East-
ern Canadian and U. S. Points.
Daily to Points reached vis Nakusp.
Daily excepting Sunday to Points, reach
eJ via Rosebery and Sloan City.
Daily Train.
7:45 k   'lve. SANDON ar.     16:56k
of all hinds.        ^^ba^^^^^^^
.d,lr**��*ng nearest local agent, or
n. l. GRinriETT
L L B.
Notary Public,
SANDON,        -        -       B*C*
Sleiflhs. Cutters. Teams and
Saddle Horses tor Hire.
Mrs. Clara Johaatoa.
oecae makm
Tsllor-Msde Suit* to Ordsr.
sSngwd Mending
Headquarters for Miners.
Well stocked bar In connection.
First class accommodations.   Board by the
day or week.
CODY, a. 0.
B0N6ARD k PIECKART, Proprietors.
Gcntlemens' Clothing
Carefully Repaired.
Agent, Sandon.
KJCCnLK, T-av. Pass. Agt
Dist. Pass Agt., NeUo_
The First Class
Hotel of Cody.
Rates:   t��.unper day.
Special Rates by the Week.
Cut Hia Throat
Edward Weeks had heen drinking
too freely around Whitewater this
month and determined to sober up at
McGuigan, He wai acquainted with
Mr. Brown of that place and put np
at bis hotel. About 9 o'clock Wednesday evening be bad his supper in
bed. In the morning he was found
dead in bed with his throat cut, a
razor Iving beside him. His body
was taken to New Denver, where an
inquest will be held. Weeks was
about 40 years old, end bad been
foreman at the Whitewater Deep and
Silver LeII Mines.
rectfon  I was looking,   'that's tbe
opera house on fire.
��� it
The "Broncho Boaters'
The Palmita.
No. 3 tunnel on the, Palmita is In
.30 feet, and is being driven by con*
tract. It will have to be driven 3**0
feet further in order to get under the
ore chute of No. 2 tunnel. The P��l*
in'to is operated by a London. Ont.,
company, and no stock has been
offered to the public, It is under
good management, adjoins the Queen
Bess, and promisee to become a
prominent property in the near
future.   No ore has yet been shipped.
The Chineee.
The proper way to drive the Chinese out oi Canada is to have tbe government do it. If the government
allows the rice eaters to come into
the country, and protects them after
they are in, private indivldnais will
suffer if they go against the law. An
election will soon be on, and let this
Chinese question he a live issue.
We do not want Chinese in Canada,
unless tbey are without pigtails. If
a law was passed compelling every
Mongolian to cut hisjpigteil off the
evil would die out. They are exiled
forever from China if they lose it. in
addition to tbe violation of their religion. The powers at Ottawa
should pay attention to this yellow
question if they want harmony to
prevail in this western country.
To Pump Oat the Comatoch.
Parrisburg, Ph., Nov. 16.���Oeorge
R. Field, representing tbe Ridsoo
Iron and Locomotive works of Sen
Francisco, who came to Middletown
yesterdav, haa contracted with tbe
American Tube and Iron Chmjpany
for a large amount ot special pipe to
be used tor the purpose of pumping
oat the Comstock lode at Virginia
City, Nev. The Comstock lode embraces some 15 mines that once paid
large dividends, but which have
been flooded for years necessitating
suspension of all operations. These
mines will now be drained to a depth
of 2,500 feet. Pumping will commence January 1,1899.
Ont oi Luck.
"When The Wicklow Postman'
was out on its memorable tour a few
years ago," said an actor in tbe company, "sre almost stranded in Hot
Springs. Our next stand was Tex
arkana, and the manager wired me
we must be sure to come on -would
certainly play to a big house. Well,
I raised enough money to get to Tex-
arkana. It was dusk when we
reached there, and, as we rode up to
tbe hotel in a bus, I saw what I presumed was the glow of sunset over
the housetops. 'By Jove! ��� I remark
ed to tbe driver, 'you do bave fine
sunsets down here.' '8unsct notblnl
be growled, aa he glanced in the dl-
An Eastern paper asks: How happens it that Rooaveit's '-Broncho
Busters" are so promptly paid off
and disbanded while thousands of
poor fellows who enlisted simply to
aid iu driving the Spaniards out of
Cuba are retained against their will,
to be sent perhaps eight thousand
miles from home to die In the deadly
climate of the Philippines?"
An ore house is being erected at
the Treasure Vault Tola property
will make a shipment in a tew days
over the Last Chance tram.
The Last Chance tram is expected
to be completed next week. Tbe
cable waa taken op a lew days ago.
Mr, Gray, of Holden A Gray, Edmonton, la spending a few days In
i, ���
The price ef beer has fallen to Ave
cents sglsss in Kaalo, ThstflWlrtV
old town must he slightly oi the
It is reported that Hugh Sutherland haa purchased the Nelson Miner.
If so, why so?
D. C. McKeniie representing A. H.
LongheedA Co.. Merchant Tailors,
andCummings4 Sellers, Furriers,
of Toronto, has opened up his samp
les In the Filbert Sample Room for a
few days only, before leaving for
Ti r .nto, and will be pleased to have
the public call and inspect hia goods.
A Few Bargains In fur Samples.
During the winter months I Intend
giving lessons in Scotch Dancing.
Persons wishing to become pupils
are requested to be present at Spencer's Hall on Monday evening at 8
o'clock. Terms made known on
Kkxssth Beaton.
Application for  Renewal of
Liquor License.
KOTIGS la hereby fires t Sa I ai the expW
tloa of tblm day* from data I will apply la
tha Ueenaa <oar._l____#r�� ot Aha Ctty af
mmtaa tor a renewal of nt license for Aha
Waldorf Hot**, sltaale oa Baao Avoftsa la the
City of Matuton.
4.8. Rira-a-aoa.
SaadoB. November UtJt
jFilbert Cigar Store,
Just opened.
New Goods,
Fresh Stock,
[Pipes, and Smokers' Supplies
jail kinde.
1   Drop in and  see us.
s a
s      .   a s
Jas. Williamson.
Filbert Block     Sandon, B. C.
H. Giegerich, Sandon, B. C
The onhf sxclnsice Wholesale end Retail Grocer* House in Sandon.
Dealing in Fta#> FrMb mmi Mmi table sup.
Plies suitable for Family, Hotel and Min'ng trade.
Special brands of P*w* Tmmm mmi toffees.
Sole Agents for
fllmmt rawJoi1 He_._
wam*mt*a*m m mwmwAmmw   ���p*ipse
vla a_aa_i_MBm ^_^^n^Mf_sa ^Hh^^HlA_t_
m mm^m   mmmmtmrmrmm^m   aewse^e^w   aa^^^s^^^^���^^^a^^^
^vSl mmwammmAt^Afaama  mmWWtmtmr^^^mmrt^mmma mmtm ^gmmm^mt
Stores at KASLO and AINSWORTH.
Geo. B. Knoi&les,
Plonser Jeweler sf the Slecan.
Now opened in the New Store
with a larger and better stock of
Something New and NoVel for
the Ladies.
REPAIRING   will   receive   tha
tsese  careful  atlantlsa  sa
sr nswss
Drop In and see the New Store*
Two Do-fa Stloar   VraflDtlA  Mook.
Serves the bast 28 cant meal
In town.
Short Orders mWntkm k�� desired.
���ft- j
Comfortable rooms by the Day
Week or Month.
Everything Neat, Clean and
Call and Give H a Trial.
H. Byers & Co.
Truax Patent
Improoed Automatic
Ore Car.
WO 0-��J ��� ���*��" "���� of
Steel Rails,
Strap Iron,
Caps and Fuse,
Antf nit klnia of
Mine   Hardware,
H. BYERS & Co.


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