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The Paystreak Oct 29, 1898

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Array a>lL
SANDON, OCTOBER 29,  1898.
IUr.ii Clltfe Is shipping the Kutli
V W. Peters was in town yeater*
> n shell crabs are now on up at
llu- Palace.
.1 a. GrWiih It behind the counter
in .Ubertons.
J. M. Ilsrris rttarned yesterday
frvtn Spokane,
Hun llmtaen ft In charge at the
Trcaauu- Vault.
Bob Ixtlth went to Spokane y ester*
day fur a holiday.
The Nets *ti f,a*4 hall boys will play
ia Kttfsiarul to dsy.
Fred Balky |*aid a brief visit to
Kelson this week.
Hi!iv" Laweon spent a f��.w days
in Kaslo this week.
11 R Alexander returrieil f,< rn
faigary yesterday,
F. J. Matthews was in t*��wn for s
few hour* >e��t**nlsy.
Evelvn Montague Sandilands is
h iving his otnoe painted.
There U a tearcity of wood chop-
per* in this lorslity ju*t now.
Jas. J, Fowler, ot McGuigan, left
this sreek tor Hutchinson, Kan.
John i Meson left over the K. A S.
lor lr-k|iwuod, Mich., on Monday.
\V. W. Warner te ilcveloping the
Madison f����r Katun A llcnnelsjrg.
The .lining room st tho lltsei San
iloo will he re-opened in a few days.
(icorge Alexander and It. Forster
\<s id Sandon a brief visit on Tuesday
Mr*. Clara Johnston hss opened a
dress making establishment on Cody
'���eorge Long and Nat* Tucker are
-t> v.ioplngtheir North Fork proper
, Travelling Pass-
theC. P. R. is In
v. W. Andes-ton
wger Agent lor ^^^^^^^^
Tl��e C. P. R. commercial telegraph
<*ftice hss bteti moved tuto the new
its tton.
Murray Byera returned yesterday
��������m Kaalo to take bis place again
>������ Hie Sandon store.
NHson ia reorganizing its hocky
team and It looking forward to a
Kiinc with Handon.
The snow   it creeping down the
mountain aides again ami winter will
tt* ere many dsys.
W. J. Twist, the able represents
���>l the Mutual Life, spent several
The New Denver opera house will
be opened about the 10th of next
month.   A large time is promised.
Lane's pack mules are back from
the California trail. The property
has la-en shut down for the winter.
Jas. A. Clock, General Agent of
tbe Wisconsin Central Hues, paid
Sandon a visit in the early part of
the week.
Tire yard surrounding the C. P. R.
depot is to be titled up to a uniform
level, which will much improve its
David W. Whitley, "Red Paddy,"
is doing some work on his claim near
tlie American Boy. He intends to
take out a Crown grant.
The Corporation deserves great
credit tor its masterly inactivity in
regard to street improvements on the
upper end of Reco Ave.
Pat Mooney, tor Maj<ir Furlong,-
has a gang of men at work on the
Black Cock, on tin* North Fork.
Cabins are being built and prepsr-
airons made to spend tbe winter.
There is to be a grand masquerade
ball iu Xakusp on the 25th of next
month. Prizes will be awarded for
the beat eotttmncs. People from all
porta of the world are Invited to attend
The firsttrain loa1 tC Crows Nest
Pass coal is now on the way to Nelson. The train consists of only a
few cars which will be distributed to
different points of the Kootenay as
samples ol lire quality of the coal.
The members of the Sandon Brass
Band are practicing industriously
theae eveniuga, and while the strains
produced could hardly be qualified
ms tne soul A symphony, the boys
are nevertheless  making rapid pro
A Sudden Death.
Odd Felloic'a Supper.
The Odd Fellows of the Silver
City Lodge No. 2<J spent a verv enjoyable evening on Monday, the occasion being in horror of the visit of
She Grand Master, A. Henderson of
A special meeting was held in the
Odd Fellows' hall, after which, accompanied by lady friends, they
adjourned to the Balmoral Cafe and
partook of Mine Host Trenery's hospitality. Almost all the members
were present and the event was
made a most pleasant one, while the
quality of the viands served established beyond question the ability of
the caterer.
After supper the following toast
list wss presented :
The Queen and the Craft, by M.
L. Grimroett, Noble Grand. Responded to by "God Save the Queen"
by the company.
Our Guest, proposed by F. C Sewell, Past (Jrand. Responded to by
the Grand Master.
The Ladies, proposed by Ben Robinson, Past Grand. Responbed to by
Rev. A. It Sanford.
Our Visiting Brothern, proposed
A. David. Responded to by Grand
Master A. Henderson.    -
The Press, proposed by George
Waite.   Responded to by C. ClinV.j |
Auld Lang Syne by the company
brought to a close the event which
all considered a most happy one
The shipments of ore from Julv
1st, 1898 to date.
Prom Sandon.
Payne, : 6,430
Ruth, : 1,366
Slocan Star, : 1,357
Last Chance, 330
Sapphire : 18}
Com : 13ft
Wonderful Bird 13
Soverign : 60ft
Wonderful : 8
C M Wilson : 2
Treasure Vault : 40
Prom Concentrator Siding
Idaho :      C72ft
Alamo 471
Cumberland :        56
Queen Bess, :      562ft
Prom Nesc Denoer.
Bosun :      244J
California :          60
Prom Whitewater.
Whitewater :        105
Prom McGuigan.
Rambler :          65
Antoine :          75
11,944ft tons
Better Business.
'��������>'�� in town tola week
, Arthur Booth, Koratensy iria,*ctor
f����r the Umdoo A LaiwMhire is look
���"Kup polielea about town.
Ah. Stirretthat severed his con
lection with the K. ft 8. He is sue
wx-ded by J. B, a Weller.
A special meeting of the City Conn*
['"was held on Saturday evening
test to ratify the loan bylaw. |
Randall J. Macdonald, who has
bass a resident of Sandon, off and
ets. for about two years, died at rhe
Balmoral Hotel on Monday.
Macdonald spent the summer in
the Cariboo Creek country and returned about two weeks ago to Sandon. On Saturday evening last he
was taken down with penumonia.
and died OH Monday   morning at 10
Dceeetad, who was well-known in
Sandon, came hen* from Kdmonton
about two years ago, where his parents now reside. The remains will
he interred in Kdmonton.
There, is an   unusual activity in
mercantile lines about town just at
present.   All  the dealers  report a
great improvement lately, and the
talk of hard times is now a thing ot
the past.   As an instance of what is
being done it is interesting to note
that Giegerich's store, which always
gets a fair share of the business done,
received st one  order lately no less
than fair carloads, over 20J0 asset,
of California  canned  goods    It is
noted   also  that  the  quality of the
goods being received is all or superior grade.   Business was never much
better in Sandon than  it is just at
Rewarded at Last
Shipments over the K. & S. for tbe
week: Pavne50, Ruth 71, Wonderful Bird I
Over the C. P. R. for Ihe week :
Payne 300, Slocan Star 120.
Total for the week from Sandon :
5411 tons.
From Three Forks for the week :
Idaho 182, Queen Bess 21ft. Total
203ft rous.
The Vulture.
Back from Peace Riccr.
Andy Grierson returned on Wednesday from the north, where he has
bean prospecting for gold. Andy
let! Sandon earlv last spring and
went north over rhe Ashcroft trail to
QueanHle. striking from {here across |at jhat u 8U
to the head waters of the Peace river. and in t|MftW
He reports having struck some good ^    -
hydraulic ground, which he and his
partner prospected and proved valuable. Galena outcropptngs were
plentiful but of low grade. Andy
hopes to go north again next summer l
snd realize on his discovery,    lassl
W. H. Lilly has just been awarded
a gold medal for active service in the
Fenian raid in 1866.
'Judge" Lilly, at first call, joined
the Port Stanley Marine corps as
bugler, and was sent to Samia under
Col. John Ellison, where, when it
wss ascertained that he was a tele
grapher, he was detailed for duty as
night operator at the headquarters
oftice and held the place with credit
to himself during the exciting times
of the days of '66. Afterward, in 72,
he was for a short time quartermaster
sargentofthe 25th Elgin batallion,
stationed  at Windsor,
         w_    on  of his services
has since been offered a commissioned ofHcership in the volunteer forces
of Canada.
The Financial Mining trust of Canada has commenced development on
the Vulture claim near Oody. Six
men aro engaged on the property,
and the present showing it one foot
of clean, high-grade galena.
This corporation, is well known
and is considered financially strong,
F. H. Lsntz, manager, has acquired
large interests in the Lardeau for the
company, and extensive investments
will no doubt be made in the Slocan
iu the near future.
Presbyterian church���Regular services in Virginia hall morning aud
evening at 11   a. in. and 7:80 p. ni.
Methodist Church���Regular services to-morrow at 11 a. m. and 7:9(1
p. m.   Rev A. M. Sanford,   A.  B.
Special music will be rendered at
the evening service as follows:���
Anthem: "Be telling of Hit Salvation. '
Anthem: "Incline thine ear*';
bass solo by Mr. Sewell, and chorus.
The Toronto Globe is now in favor
of granting a charter for tbe Kettle
| River Road.
"Now Bobby, be a good boy and
let papa hear you say your prayers.',
'All right; then you lemme bear
you say yours."
Reoised Hotel Rules.
Board, 50 cents per square foot.
Meals extra.
Breakfast at five, dinner at six,
supper at seven.
Berths on the billiard table, 40 cts.
per hour.
Guests are requested not to speak
to the dumb waiter.
Guests wishing to get op without
being called can have self-rising flour
tor supper.
Not responsible for black jacks,
diamonds or bicycles kept urrder the
pillows; all valuables should be deposited in the refrigerator.
"Bicycle" playing cards kept on
sale at the office,' but country visit
ors are req lested not to play any
game more exciting than sluff after
7 p. m., ns their nohe may disturb
the night clerk's slumbers.
The hotel is convenient t.>all ccme
teries. Hearses to hire 25 cents a
Guests wishing to do a little driv
ing will find a hammer and nails In
the safe.
If the room gets too warm open
the window and see the tire escape.
If you're fond of athletics and like
good jumping, lift the matrass aud
see the bed spring.
Base-ballisis desiring a little pract
ice will find a pitcher on the stand
If the lamp goes out take a feather
out of the pillow ; that's light enough
for any room.
Any one troubled with night-man
will find a halter on the bed post.
Don't worry about paying your
bill; the bouse is supported by it*
No printing or stationery allowed
in the house except that coining from
The Patstreak.
Where no Fliea Repose.
The Versatile Peddler.
"Madam, can I sell you this complexion wash ?"
"No; I net da shampoo mixture,
and I must save my money to bu>
medicine for this dreadful cold."
"This complexion wash is an excellent hair tonic madam, and it
taken in small doses it will cure your
That may be, but it is such a light
color it won't do for shoe polish. 1
guess I won't take any."
"Very well, madam ; bat step to
the front door a moment and let me
show you what a valuable oil you
will find it for vour bicycle."
"For my bicycle ?   I'll take it,"
Capital, Labor, Anarchy, etc.
An editor works 365ft days per
year to get out fifty-two issnes of a
paper; that's labor. Once in a while
somebody pays a year's subscription;
that's capital. And once in a while
some son of s gun of a dead beat
takes the paper for a vear or two and
vanishes without paying for it: that's
anarchy. But later on, justice will
overtake the last named creature,
for there is a place where he will
get his just deserts; that's hell.
Light Houses.
A special dispatch to the Post-Intelligencer says .*
Spokane, Oct- 22.-One of the
largest faro games that has been
plaved In Spokane for some time
took place at Harry Green's club
rooms today. John J. Malone, the
well-known Tacoma politician, and
John Harris, one of the stock-holders
of the famous Reco mine at Slocan,
were the high rollers who went up
against the game.
The two players started in at 4
o'clock this morning and quit at 6
this evening. At one stage of the
game this morning the hank was
nearly I10.00J winner, then luck
changed and Harris and Malone had
won out nearly all the checks in the
rack, representing about i?9,000,
besides their own money. Green
fearing his bank wa* going under,
wired his game at the Owl at Seattle
for |5,000. Before it was needed,
however, luck changed to the bank
rnd when they quit at 6 o'clock to
light Harris was winner 12,400 and
Malone $150. Green during the
j-ame raised the limit to (500. The
���jame attracted a crowd all day-
Trouble at the Standard.
Wallace, Idaho, Oct. 24.-When
Dan Conner, a shift boss at the big
Standard mine, came out Satunlav
uight to the dry room to eat his mid
aight supper, he was met by tour
masked men armed with revolvers
who ordered him to get out of the
country within 24 hours. He pleaded that he wss a married man with
i wife and children at Gem, and
isked for a week irr which to comply
with the demands. After some parleying he was granted three days,
with the threat that if he was not out
in that time they would dispose of
hint, his wife and his children, cleaning the family out root snd branch.
It ts said that he was ordered to
leave because he had discharged
���sane men who were not doing their
work in a satisfactory manner.
Where Nonet] ia Lost.
The London Times has been giving
some thought to the test of gold pro
duction and has published considerable correspondence on the subject.
It Is estimated that 20,000 persona
went into tbe Yukon country at an
estimated cost tea* transportation,
supplies, etc., of ��160 for each per
son. making a total expenditure of
��3,200,000. It is doubtful if the
year's product of gold wil amount
to two-thirds this sunt when correct
returns are made, and It can be
easily seen that the loss ia largely on
the side of the gold seekers.
The fighting blood of the old Covenanters still runs in the members ot
the Dundee Presbytery of the established church of Scotland. At a
meeting not long ago a motion was
introduced favoring the disarmament
proposition of the Ctar of Russia.
An ordinary lavman might think
that the doctrine of peace and good
will would la* welcomed in sn assembly of clergymen. On the contrary,however, 'the reverrred gentlemen voted the motion down by seventeen to seven, and decland thst
Great Britain should ado|* a plan of
conscription to provide sufficient re*
emit* lor the army.
"Isn't it difficult, Mrs. Jones, to
get along with a girl that uses such
broken English?"
"Oh, I don't mind that to much.
It's her broken china that seta me
TtTTfTTT fa tnaaTiji ��$***�� that at tb* �����
ptration of thirty 'lay. Intro lb* Ural |��*1��H<
Stioo !,*��������.��f Ib*  un l<<�����<�����;����r  Will    Sff.lv   tv
���he r.k .ii*. c��mmi����<'W f�� of th*�� o t of San
Ion for �� !k*>n*# *������ <*ll lt��|w����r h* retail at
ihmit t>n��mi����>* .ttuat* wit RWo A>-mw- in lbs
CM** at **s>i't.i��u
Wats**.**** a Wwraamaa
$*_*k<l<n,, *>t��t>*>r ttt*4, tarn.
Csntficats ef imptwamanta.
LONE J Alt. mivkhai. claim
Hituat* in lit* mmjm MirAug   H.Uirtt, at
Wwat k<M��(*t**jr.   Wi.-iv Utemtm 1 ;   It* Mc-
l(8i��*��i tU.in
T**��\'��'.tW thai r. A S Psr**>l|. ���*>��( tat
K ir tVtttUnaOn, Frv*. Minor'. C*rtiSw*t�� So
i. V u,i*>��i.l titty ti*v. frwaa **�������� o*r**<f,��..
mvmif to u>* Mininc fW��H��r f��r a <--��-rtf��V��t#
uf Onrsro.rinstil* for tha potf*��*# of uSt��it>lna
*   t'T'.Wn     ltVtlll,.f   111. ..'"WrUtltt
And fmrtiata*latawallas Mmi Basins m.4*t
-�������* --ion a* (n��.��  hm . *>n>tr,*N.-*-.t  l*sf��tta th# t>
���wain * uf *u< I* I *>rfs'ir*'�� ot 1 ������,��..����..�� ��>��.(!��
a a taswsui
I*st# of fir.t | ������.,��> lKr��t;.��.   Jul*.   **h   is-*
Csrttflcsts sf Improvamants-
"It is a fact," remarked the naval
expert, "that there is a iighthouse
for every fourteen miles of coast in
'It is also a fact," remarked the
leading man of a barn storming company, 'that there is a light house to
every fourteen miles of railway in
tbe United States."
The Crow's Nest Pans Coal company is making everyeffort to meet
the enormous demand for its coke,
orders for which are coming in from
every side. The Nelson agent has
been authorized to send In all the
stone masons he csn get to work on
the fifty new coke ovens now under
construction. The wages offered Is
15 per day with transportation paid
both ways.
BlSStS ii. tlw Hfor*n   Mlnio*   DtViaaSS   Si
Wast    Koot��m��y  lo.trirt    Wh*rs> laSat*
*-i:  Joiniutt   tb*    I>,i!nth   rJaitn   in Mr*
Unitfan Basin.
Tali* not i<*�� that t. A 8 tsiwatlastlstaa
aa-snt for W.  A. lUo.'n��.  *Vs Mil s��'* ��sf
tffkataMo. aajDs.ajMl E g TiimHiastts, ITiaa
Minvr** OrtfSrat* J(��   mt*,  >nit*n��  *U����
4ay.fn.ni ttfsdAta ha-rW.  to *nt��!,v   ts ��h*
tflsltsf   R��ror<h>r   ft*   a Ortifkat*  nt Im
|>r.��*s,n��.iit*. forth* jvutj-. �� of  ..l,f��, ttjnt* m
Crown Otsal A tboahor* rtaftn
Ami Inrtltsr t��k�� noil** that art ion. nnoVr
**��-tion ���*?, must U r<onn��*iir��*l bmtotm ths
aSMaSSSSSt *u��l, Crrtirtrsts of lto|tr.t.��M,*nt*
A H Fab��sii,
IhittH thi. Itth ��l��y of Sc**t#Mi��^r. rata
1?. VS.
Moral- Is bttntbr giu-o thai M ,t,�� ���hi
Hon of tlilHjr ilars from .ui* i���,���..,, ��� ' ''".
slcns*! will gptxly t��� tl���. |.tl,,, ., ,mmrT^
ssaaf tfcs���ly af sssdaa for a II^TS
ItqBorby rvtsit nt   hi,  hotsl  |��   nW>      !j"
tTiUtV* .Oaats*i   ot, H*.      \..    ,,. it
fity otSau.iun.
Am CLaisR
San.loti.Sr|.trtol.-r n. t   ,. .
CsrtlfiSStS Of I morose menu
TiamirnK rnv. tins
taWSStS In th* H5,w*n ttintftg it.��).i��n ol
\V*��I Kootaitnjr l��Utri��Pt tt'Ui, i--si*-| ��� 0a
C*��islr C*ra*ft.
T*a����Ott*�� that I Arthur *. r��,��,;i ,f,t/|
for A W, MVCSn*. So ����?�� U    i    h,^ N ,
**�������, E V, Mr**at��*, S��. *.'*iw. at*i J*.i,��,.|rt.'
bant. No lerHs, tt��t��i>.l *un   t*��. n .
Wr��>if, lo ��t>t>lv to tb* Mlaina R����. r i-t >.,��
tVrtiaeat* ot ftnfaro.ffJiiM.i.   f -r ������    ..ursoa,
ot obtainins a t*r��*n Oram .��r tfc* .
AM fartb**r tabs nottr��> tha'  �� ���   -  sjslst
stsrtion SJ. una**  h* root**,�����<�� i   i
i**uaitt��- of a����h tVrtfSfst* ul In , rots��mu
tswt��K| tbi* IJtb ^lar ��f taf*laaslsjr, MS
A S Kianti i
Certlftente of Itatprovements.
Ora>t> l��AV MINK1IM  It \(M
���*itnat�� to t��**.lfl*-*n Mlt>ti:�� ! -i st ��'*.<
h��a.ts��iar  IH.tr�� ���    Wfww   i.-.i   (����
I-arn* tfonntaio
T��a�� notw* ��h*< I A. S far***        ���>�����������
mg*totot Jlobu ftrtoah, r**���� MlAsr*. OrtSV
tela Ma rtm%. fnt*��j.r, *u��i ������-,   -
b��tr��.;f. to sh^v t.. tha Mit>u<f  '���-
Cmttitkmtm ot Invia**.��sa��sn��*. *��� ���   ��� ** i��r*��*��
of ot*��inln* a ��*r��srn Uraoi    '  l����ssl��t��
An*r r��rtb*rt��bs n��.tksth*�� �� ���.      whi
mmm-ti.ni   SJ,  aaata*   r*  r^t��m*'i
i***sanr�� of awro CkMtttt-ata i>( 1    |
Datott tbi*��ab ��!���> af > i ������ i��*
A | f'.asin
Certiorate of IffafMravettienta*
SirShomas Upton, of ten house
and internntionnl-yacht-raoe fame,
has filed Iris list of slmreholdersat
Somerset House. There are 75,000
shareholders, ranging from the petty
grocer to the greatest Ionia in tlie
land.   Sir Wilfred Laurier has 1,000
asi'aas. sillSH nm**
Nrrrn K k li0r*!'V gi\t-n that sluts ���lays aflat
���Iaiw i intwit.i i��� apatf t,. itufltilaffhawmfa
���ioiisrof Lniwl. sifl Work* fur |��. rmia��l..ii t��
BSfulasS Itu hnti*lr**r an��r Wfty firs tvtv*.
mors or Imm, ot nnroaarvs I Crown (ami* wltb-
in tba following tlrsrrtbswt nt*a :
Commoni.in�� at the amith.w��*t romar of lot
',n, thi'tu-m to i bains north, thanrw l���� rhaln.
wtj*t, taSftp 4ri chains aastk, more or le**, to
Kootwnay lake, thorn �� followin�� ahtiro Una to
*<Hith-w,��*t ana-Is of iot sM. Ibawioti north
followlna loostion lin�� of aStdltH aSaludas'
mors or lss* t�� north-n-a.t aritflt* of lot Tm!
aSSSSS Siatuiins w��,t alotift *..iMlo-m l.onn.1.
aryofsabllot to ptam at tmaitoiinv Hftu*
HUM on K<..it��.iisy rtirt-r abofrt Iwn milfs froflQ
MataeS, Nslson Miiot<�� DULIm*. WV.t
Kool��nay fti.frlcl,
lit IS' !k   ll   HllAKt'.
l��at,.(l H��pt��ml��r 17th, litis.
SlttMts   tn   Ih*   r4b*-an   Si.     - aa *f
iTsattaatssajrlilaiii���   wi.*r* ixs��*-��
On PisTft* M��rttr��tai*i
Taaa notb-s that J. A 9 V��*���
savi.l for J.��h.  fiiintth  ���*������  ���'
So 1IIU*. intf��a. .iatt ttay.
of. to npnly to tba Mlnir.�� tb  ��� ����������'
tiftral��<4twf*r��*��mmt*, '���' ' ** "
"itaiuifiMt a Qrswa Otsal <���- *���>" N
An.l fnrtbsr taba n^tos ����.��< * '       ���*"*'
����rtion *?. t��n*t Is saa*aa��n����**r
Isissaiai sf asali fintftr��� -' iin��*^v"
l��ats.r tbi. sah.Isi    '  *i"        ' ���*"
Csrtlfiests of lonoror���t�����n'���
niHAtlt* ANn IMtll attXEBAl < bk\U*
Hilosts  lo   tlM   IttSSSa   Mlnlns-   *��*[*��*
Waal Kootenay IH.trl'    1*
In tha KobU Ki��s sll'la. lyiml   *�����""
No'ob�� Ki��s grotiu
TaSKN.m*. UaStl.J   H   ����"'\
���.sntforllvrot.  M    ��..,..���    r'������ M
Zux.sra,w rr nsathi. I..
er,8  oatmaaaa   Ha    '"-
Mitlowan.rrss Mluar*. UartiScat. >"   ���
l��tt.Ntl Sitlara ff*��m   ���'��������� ��������������*��� ���*'  '    ,    ,,���,.
to tlie Minins tWi.rilf r f<<�� �� ' ��-,rn" "
Itrossno'ii* ta�� tSS ��bi-\. ��� lalm*
And f��r��batSSSS .��<����*> ''."'.���.'.'"tl."
MOSIOS  Sl.maat  h��  ....."������
��������iK.t.ofsMfblVrtlB.��t.'"".  ��
Hattnltlil-sth.isv ��t Sat����    '"
J   II    UM\'
mH.fm. TIIK   PRBClOtft   MKTAMi.
Washington, Oct 21 -The tlireetor
of the mint, in his report on the produc-
tia.n of predous nietala during the
calendar year of 1887 just submitted to
tho mi rotary of the treasury, rlesls not
only with ths production of gold and
silver in the United -states, but in foreign countries as well, and draws s
r..m|��ari*on between tbe production of
lb,. leading producing countries of tin*
world Tlie %'alue of gnld produced in
th.- United Slat*** during the calendar
v, ir of l*;7 waa f*v7^t3.��ww The South
Afro ah lleoublic holds first place, pro-
dm ��� -��� g��l<J u> (he value of fp7,t**��^i it
Australia produced a'��5,'lHI,|Hi and
Ku->;.�� s^.-'.-V ���**��� There wss s not
Rblo increase in ths production of p-old
m {!>������ arorld dining IHJ7 over mil
| ho iiiif��d Ststsa increased 11.'.'Ii ,<��*>;
tho Niiitb African ttofmblic made the
remarkable gain of tlrt.Kf.lfrj ; Austin! :n utcressed f lo.'tttS.ili* snd ftuaaia,
Tbt* I nited States produced during
ihe v <ar ;,-i,��.��itt,a.*o fine ounce* of sil vur
and Mexico, 3��,��ial9.Uba.�� fine ounces, a
dri roass for the Culled State* of 1,874,
.. ine ouncet and sn increase for
M.�� ���<���<�� ot S.AVi.TiVl fine ounce*
I ho following tables show ibeprodue
lion A the prittefpsl producing: ��tai��-��
and t.*rrii����ri��*i. of lite I nttsd .Stares for
the calendar year IWt :
JOgj^g���**. SANDON, B.G., OCTOBER a, m.
*.���.��}*> ot Twra****.
araah v       .....
K���. .   ��,.....
' i   '����� lis ,..,....-,..��.
Llob     ...
Xri ��itS���
N*��  Satko.
��V-<  .(     	
**.��,th ftstva*.
a :..t,iinit>��ai.
< �� . *     .v
.....#�� *, I ..
Vabsa       CI <<��l - Vsl
��� i:*sm�� # tav��>
.. ajsstvs t) tjntttat
, mjkmksi        ���aa.tsi
.  I*,*.*.*'** ���������.*, .-,
.  1.11 l>tft       *���v<
fWSltSta) *> "Jtl.is*;
, ir��(.> i ������****,
��nj e ��.���>*,***'��
,   i MS l���� ss fir
,   ��js*o>* l ���>��a
.   UtmmjHn *.i:i,*��*
��>���-.*����� i*uui
Tlo< total production sf ��"��ld for the
I n��t.*d Stale* was .MX ���!��!��& fine ounces,
talus, tot/jrt^uitt.    Silver,  M,sW,erjii
fill.'     >1 !.��������*. VSlUtal al # ����.��   aW,l?at
While matt? ol tlte moat prodtutivt*
siivt-r motes of the pant ere closed do wn^ 81st, I ��!�������.. wi��*
rhiMnrrt-aard production trorn lead ami
cup'ter or.'* bits offset this Itwta The
w.Ui world* product ant for the calendar
���/ear I*vi7 w*��: Clotd, fjrsT.JM.WM;
Mi.fr. 1*��,������,01W fine ounces <coinag-e
val*�����. t��#?,7B(��,*Ki
Ihe wort**a pittduetion of silver i*
rhu* shown to be largely in excess of
any prsvtoat year, that of ItM. when
Hi.  production WSS lS*>W>r'  ounce*.
t**i,sni�� Ihe Isrseai.
The tout rslue sf fold deposited at
rh.-mlnta snd ssssv oflkss di.rrnir, the
year wasI>7.r24,'it?, eooatatitnr of W7.
MJMb tinmestic snd t*i,iMto,5st7 (seam
��� Ii- value of silver depoailed at the
mto" titstirution for return In fine hers
which were used in the Induatrial art*
��-rt*,pt��rted waa ei3f.7o7.7l*, of which
amount $u.Hl7.M*t wss doraeatic and
l����.vs* for-slffn.
> ho t iiii*^Slat**se^*wurednnnit' the
rear wss; Ootd, s7^0iM,��H5 snd ajlesr.
118,487^, of which amount iUt/Wl.TSl
*�������* in stsndard attv-r dollars coined
froin silver pnrctisaed under set ot .Inly
14, IHOO, prior to Nnvembtw t, l*W, the
aa��f of the repeal of the purrhaninir
clause ot said set
Thtj world's coinage durine ihe vear,
ni' iitiuijf re-coiuaire, was: Uold,tfs7,-
iWMmi silver, ai4l,Js����,ar*r, ora toUlof
I he biicbeat tendon price for ailver.
��iiio, British standard, durinjr Iho
v��nr was 29 is.^tj per ounce, rhe lowest
���"������j��l and ths a**era{re price. '27��-l����d,
������I'l'VMionttotO^un*!!! in I'nitetl States
money *H��r ounce fine.
Al the averajfe price of ailver for the
jear the bullion value '
���I'llla r was ft) t��7.
Tho value of the net ffold
'����� v..��r was fj��ta,��Ofl and   "
%t�� nor siiTer export for the
*ai r2��i,iM7,8lw,
1 ����n waaconsurned In the Industrial
*���**/ in Ihe United States durlnff the
valomUr year 1887 fold to the value of
J .h7o,2��i �����d ailver to the value of
The world's consumption of the nreci-
ous merals In the imlustrial arts dE^
the same period was:   Gold s.^ rjnfi qarj.
silver, m^m^n. **���'��***>,***-
ttn Januarv I, WW. the metallic stock
of the IJolted States consisted 0f: Gold,
lotsl of ��I,lW0,.7.Vi,o|7.
a MttTHKKs Awrrji eaiai.
A despatch from Toronto tells the fol-
towins; ffnieaotne atorv of a mother's
awful crime: Klisa Borrrell, wife of
K. Borrell, marble polisher, living at
AW Ixaran avenue, in the north east end
Of the oily, rouniereil her three infant
children while apparently in a state of
insanity. Her husband returned from
work altout M o'clock, and his wife, who
presented oothioi* unusual in her appearance, began to pre-rare dinner. Her
huslwnd aabetl for tlie children. She
said they were sloeping up stairs. After
a while her husband said that he would
go up and aw them, and after a slight
attempt on tlie part of his wife to stop
htm, he went to their bedroom, where he
found the three little ones Iving dead on
rhe lied.
Tlie frantic father lushed for a doctor,
but the medical roan, on coming, ��aia
they had h��en dead for some hours. The
unhappy woman talked freely about her
act. not apparently ro.il to.*" the enormity of the deed. t*he had smothered
them with cotton rags about fhiee
o'clock in the sflsnioon. She had killed
thorn bootoae she did not want them to
grow up wicked. " I hey are angels
now/ she aaid, "and 1 shall soon tie
atlh them." eh* said that she had
killed tht ttabv first and the eider child-
.*-n nir-1 IoosmI os 'anything, supposing
rhat site waa playint; with the child.
JtlSIKt.   .\KW��,.
The biggest silver producer in the
world  at present is the Broken Hill
I'roprietary Company, is New South
Wales.   Tbcout'tutof that company*;
mines tor rhe fW.il year ending May
8, whi 6,MMTQ fine ouncttsof
*��il%er.   Tlie Artaconda Copper Miuinir
toinpany in SlouranacsrneM��emid, with
a production of  5,o7i,o:�� ounces oi
silver    It is worth noting that in both
Ol rhe**e mine* the silver is undated in
connection wirhorhcr metsls, at Broken
Hill with  lead aud at  Anaconda with
copper      Ihe  latter  is  principally a
copper mine, since the metal forms the
natter part of rhe vslue of its ores
The Compauia Huanchaca de Bolivia,
ha* had the operation of its mines seri-
ooualv Interfered with for the >��st two
resit bv water and other mishaps.   Its
prtaluction in b#��7 was 4.��*>.n7:' ounce*
of ailver.   This i�� not much more than
one halt ef tbe siaiimuis output, whit b
was reached in 18W, and was &|Bt��,f8$
Aceordin-c to the Fort Sleel RfOtpee-
tor, the arXtefisire de��-elopnrent work
that ha* Iteeti done during tho pa>t
y,^tr on I'viwinid and Alki creeks and
00 the North Fork of St. Mary's river.
aatttewa teyond doubt that one of toe
We have always Ireen somewhat loath
to accept the "tall" statements made
with reganl to the Klondike output of
gold. Our attitude now proves to be
correct for instead of tSO.OOU.OOO and upwards representing the vulue of the sold
sent down, about SlO.uOO.Ouo appears to
he nearer the mark. It is extremely
hard to get the exact figures, but a reliable correrpondent in V ancouver.British
14,<��0,noo worth have been bronj-htdown
to Nt. Michaels and smaller shipments
are on the way. With the quantities
brought away privately by individuals. I
should very much doubt if the total
reaches $10,800,000. Tbe wild stories of
the mineral wealth of the Yukon district
are very much exaggerated. Certainly
there are one or two places very well
sprinkled with the yellow metal, but for
every one that strikes such a spot hundreds search in vain. This coming
winter in Dawson- City will be terrible.
Already thousands are stranded there
without the wherewithal to come back,
and yet thousands are daily arriving
Still, tbe majority of whom must join the
"out-of-works" before many months.
Then will come winter, shortness of
food, and���starvation,"���The Shareholder, London._	
Good times will come to a comparatively speedy end if everybody rushes
into extravagance.   A steady period of
activity, based upon solid business, will
he far better than  a "regular boom"
with its inevitable  reaction.   A  large
proportion of tlie American people are
quick to take chances, and in their self-
confidence to go ;beyond their depth in
both their business and manner of living.
The level headed in all occupations, says
an exchange, realise that the time is at
hand   to make   money���not so much
through  extraoidinary   prices    as   by
activities in   buying  and selling, close
economies in production and marketing,
and Uie wipin.-r out of debts with a consequent saving in interest. Then having
(gotten a little ahead, the shrewd ones
will know how to invest it safely against
the than! times   which  in   Uie   natural
course of  things  may la? expected to
come again at some date in the future.
If a man be level head he will recognise
value of this caution; if he is not he will,
rush into some extravagance (that wont
do him any good, but that others will j
profit by) and will he no better off when j
the next bard times strikes us.
mniH bros.
Wine & LiquorMcreliaiits
 of SANDON......
Carry the finest Stock of Liquors in
the Kootenay Country.
Orders by mail or wire promptly
 attended to......
* .*���*"��� ��� ���
Is tbe Pioneer House of tbe City
a.aS> sS sS S.S. a--
If you are-
Call at the
Hotel Ivanboe.
WANTED.���A First-Class pant and
vest maker, at once. H. J. Kobie, TLe
Tailor, New Denver.
centers of Kasr Kootena v
will be esulilished in that neig-hborhood
The most extensive o|x*rators there aro
Pyramid Kootensy Company Captain
r* |) Petty hashed from 80to40men
ci.nstantlv- esptsytd on the claims
()wi���*,l by that company and en each of
thorn froin faSOOtOS tl.two worth of work
has been done.
1 TJte Palace Gafe,
in sandon
*SSS>5S" -����� �����>*��>
Kastern Oysters, ^Tender
Chickens   and   everything
the  Market  affords in the
Has Sft.000.aa1' Worth   ttf Orr rn Sight.
The resource* developed this summer
ho Iron Mask, at Hossland. havonot
,l' a     s ....        -a*   at...    .i.ill^itf l.ill.
live estimate places ..._ .-
, sidtl at **o.��W<>oU   The ironi��U*
iSeen iiiaking very satisfactory
J this all Mim.nor No smeltor rot urns
J.!,!,,    "oivvd of less than ��s;|H;r
ton. and t^t-rertftli well over thai.
wav of delicious and.
palatable fiiod can he found
..The palace
Strangers and others are
Is the
in the Slocan
hunger torments their inter-
'0 nal anatomy.   If John is not
0 *��;*<htft von tre tWttbllnd
J Charley ......
It never Closes
and the proprietors aim
to please their patrons
in every way possible.
Mihard & Thompson. THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B. C, OCTOBER W, 18S3.
Is issued every Saturday In Sandon, In the heart
Sabacriptton     . ...     t..i��ay**ar
Strictly In advance.
Address: Ths Pa*f8TaEAE, Sandon, B.C.
Without referring to quantities
bat simply to show the variety of
minerals found in this camp the following list is interesting. Each item
is vouched for by a well-known prospector, who has been a resident here
for several years:
81lvar���Native aUver, stiver glance, ratty ailver.
arfjenllferoua. galena, sine, antimony and grey
Gold-Free cold in both quartz and placers,
fold associated who iron pyrites, p**rrta*Ks, cop>
per pyrites, frajetoa and its cartoooatoa
Lead-Galaaa aod Its carbooatea
oxide of copper, and
malachite, gray eoppar claaaed with silver one.
Zinc���Both Mack and brrwu varitlea of Sn**
blende, tbe black Jack ia generally ailver hearing.
cooper, copper p�� rises, black
id tbe carbonaraaadtaa-aeand
pyrites.   pyrrboUte.   arsnopyrire,
llmonlte. apatblc Iron aad anagMctta; tbe teat
i black aaad oa'y.
Antimony ta found la several piacea in tbe
camp aud manganese fat tbe form of oxides k
often notlced"pn outcrops and with tbe
matter of veins.   Small ottaatit ea of
have been noticed.
Native arsenic and sulphur are occasionally
aaeu and frrapblte la plentiful tn many of tbe
veins m the alate and hmeatone Men. Gey atrft-
able for ork-k making, and limestone for pmiuc-
Tbe loliowina; spars oeonr in tbe
Limeapar(calcite)andriMvya{su(rauryt*a^   Tbe
former commonly aod ttte latter rarely.
As we would like to haves com
plete list we shall be p.eased to bear
from prcspectors or mine owners who
may have noticed anv ommissions in
above statement The mine, prospect
or particulsr place of ooenrrence is
requested,   _____________
Indications point to a general
election within a year. Both political parties are busy organizing all
over the fat Dominion snd there will
be a not time in Canada when the
event takes place. As a side-show
to the main drens, British Colombia
will probably have a borne election
abont tbe same time. Newspaper
men will please get their mitts ready.
Speaking in a recent interview In
London in regard to the Closing of
the agent-general's office there by
the E C. government, 8ir Charles
Tnpper said: "I consider It of the utmost iiiiDortat.ce that the government of Britis** Colombia sboold have
a well-informed agent here thorough-
ly acquainted with British Columbia,
and sble to give persons interested in
this country reliable Information,
particnlsrly at the present time,
when so man\ events of tnomentous
importance in the development of the
province are occurring. The interests of British Colombia demand that
there should be some agency for the
distribution of accurate information
regarding the country. So moeh
British capital kr already employed
in tlte development of the TYorince
and Canada generally that it is absolutely indispensable that statistical
and other data* should be readily
forthcoming from some office situated
in tbe city."
All thst Sir Charles says is fully
realized by the provincial government It was, indeed, the foil real
izationofthe importance of such an
office as he refers to being established
In London that led to the closing of
the office presided over by Mr. Forbes
The London Star of Sept 3a prints
a letter bearing directly upon the
question, which will give British
Columbians a better understanding
of the causes that prompted the cutting off of Mr. Vernon's tat office that
was so difficult to find, being located
ter away from tbe busiiieai centre in
s isshiorutble suburb of Lsorrdon. The
Star cotrespondent says, in part:
"I think it is rather rough on the
most startlinglv progressive province
of the Dominion that its accredited
agent in London should lead interviewers to suggest that British Col
umbtaisin any sense ���"retreating"
and obtain for the opinion the im
nortanoe of an expression in the
finance column of tbe Star.
"Mr. Vernon it an honorable gentleman who has done yeoman service
for his government in ancient times
after the ancient methods, and surely
with his shrewd Hibernian instinct
he must be able to recognize that in
these wide-awake modern days,
pushing British Columbians demand
value for their money, and be cannot
honestly think British Crsumbiahss
gained value even to the amount of
5 per sent on his good round salary
by the existence of the office over
which be sn faithfully presides.
When, In 1894, tbe electors would
not find him a suitable appointment
at home, he was opportunately pitchforked into the snug little oerth
vacated by Premier Turner's partner, and instead of teeming ag
grieved at the carrying out of a long
contemplated policy, he should feel
lucky thos to have found active service tor his patriotism for to longs
time, British ColamWs it tbe young
hopeful of Canaan, and the alert staff
at the high commissioner's offices in
Victoria street will not allow Information seekers to go sway hungry."
lv the door of the Sloesn prosperity
can be plainly seen, and before many
moons glide past we look for money
to be plentiful at turkeys at Christ-
iv and ABOtrr ths. slogan.
The commission that fat * Invest!
gating" the alleged mismanagement
of affairs by the U. a war department in the war with Spain, Is not
finding out anything about it and is
developing a fiasco of huge proper
De Moines, la., can turn out more
human freaks than almost any other
elty in America, and this It saying a
great deal. The latest is a young
woman who committed suicide by
deliberately eating live spiders, it
Should not be difficult to weave a
web of interesting circumstance*
about the body of this unfortunate
girl, but what an Insane notion, snd
how like one of Danta's dreams!
Ovei 200 men sre employed In the
mines adjacent to Silverton.
The Wakefield will It Is estimsted
ship 1,000 tons of ore this sinter
Half a car load of ore waa taken ont
and sacked at ths Bosun In one dsy last
Pst Moorev will work ths Blsek
Grouse, on the north fork of Csrpenter,
sil winter.
Twenty men sre working on the
True BluV, near Kaslo. A trail la to be
built to the lake
The Pilot Bav smelter will resume
opera! ions whan the coke supply la
available froia the Crow's Nest.
A sampling of ore sent to the Halls
smelter bv the Vaitt*ouver, Pour Mile,
Sve an average of 8 4 ounces silver to
a ton.
Work enough is twins, dons on ths
Pembroke, nssr Silverton, lor s crown
grant. Gut Kruger hss ths oootract for
ths work.
Some One ore is tatting shown by A
E Fsuqnier from s strike on the Convention, on Convention  bluff, Sllver
ft is ssid In Umdon that ths pries
which the txtndou and British ivdumble
Gold Pielda will pay for the Slocan Boy
is fsVI.OOO.
The Fkleliry ground is being Utoroogh
ly prospected by experts with s view to
starting work on sn at tensive scale later
in tbe season.
The Silver Cup. In the lardeau. haa
8S0 tons of high grade ore ready for
shipment or on the mad t�� the smelter.
The ore will ran stout $,-�� to the ton.
Aa sooo as ths first snow falls work
will be rsssmsd on ths MsMere. The
shaft, now down 9 feet, will he sunk
deeper oa ths taad sad othsr openine**
The second clean np of the Cariboo
Hydraulic Mining Company a properties
on the south fork of ths t^eaaeJle,
made s week sgo, is rained at �������.*> *0.
bringing the total for the season up to
Ths clean up st the Pern mine oar
October 5th stnouutod to close upon
l!0 000.   There was saved In the mill
10,080 In 88 days run. which with a tar
of shinning ore snd the concentrates
brought the total up to 10,050.
The packing of ore down from the
California continue* In another <uv
two car loads, or 40 tons, will be at the
whsrf for shlptnent.
The Congo is In trouble. A mechanics lien hss been levied upon the
two-thirds Interest held by P. L Bvron,
by (Jus Kruger. Robt. U and Geo A
McDonald. Thia Is for work dune <>ti
the peonsrty In the past month or two
Enough snow hss fallen to enal>le the
Comtrtork to commence rswhidiitit ore
to ths wagon road. Beveral car loads
aro to be shipped st once; also a test
shipment of conesntrstinc ore ia Un.*
rawhides! to ths concentrator, which,
according to eon tract, will be in running
ordsr by ths middle of January.
W. H, Ssndltnrd ts pushing work on
the Condor group and especta ro make
of this property, while perhsp* nor an
other Bosun, yet s big shipping mine
The pcofjecty Is being surveyed lor a
crown'grant, snd everything being
done to pea-feet title, etc, to put it on a
permsnent. established footing as a
mine.       _        l
4   Warn   rotnSeca Its A4*s-rtis*r..
The following sre s Isw of those who
���tend is the wsy of ths advancement of
a town snd are a detriment to anv immunity : Those who go ont of thei r o�� n
town to do their trading*; ilea*., who
oppose improvements; .twee who pr*f.-r
a quiet town to one of push aoatnttt,
nets; Owe* who imagine they run a
town; Uwas who distrust putdk spirm-l
men; those wboovpaiae every tnovrment
which doss not original* with tfwm
salves* lltoet who put on a long fare
when s stranger talks of local ing in the
lows; those who ovpue* every puMi-
eawrpria* which* dons not appear ��i
(���evannsl tewtsfit to thsmaelvea; Utose
who apeak to Injurs ths cretin of in-
dividual*; those who think huatn-ssoin
fas dons without sdvertieing.
Or* Fridsv evening the tjddleJtowe
will hold their asa^od annua) ball mi
Sloesn City.     	
TtH-CP.tttasae-a.pt from Uualhm
tn Vancouver. The by-law rarrvlng
with it such exemption was passed by a
vote of Soft against 818.
Farm Produce, Fruits,
f V^VlCAtVlVtJv       r o. tswJcr* i_a*ss>o *
For the convenience of the trade a stock It always kept *m hand in the
JellsmJ Building, SANDON. Mines supplied at wholesals rates. Csrs
Itstded with I'ndooe, Fruits and Vegetabtet art mo Into the Slocan every
TKN DAYS, and orders can bo delivered en route.
Dealer iq MEATS
 : AT:
29, 1898.
Kraall" ***  ****** ��*���������**
t��i���� *��r *��� ** ��'*-^W*ll.
P A o'Kanell, the talented writer
who is duinif -he mining region of Root
s *or ihe eastern Canadian press,
write* thi*   eicellsnt  description of
gasdoo, H��'- Sloetn ���**��� ��������������* -W-^onnd*
Ijuffouulry :
S,���.l��i> i- ��� rlV of *&*> P*��t** ����� th��
hysHii of the Kmrtsnsy tnannlalns, snd
,U,vr ii towering Into the Units of
frrrlaatuu* snow sre forests s*hI rooun-
^iattbai rill the tisvellsr with awe
ajidoa baa its Mayor, Its City Couocif,
,u aster and fire depsrttnent*.   It bsa
in siectric light system* IU fim-elsaa.
ktftcia.if'T one csn Use here Just sa
lusrioasly as in ths Queen's or tbe
Waldorf    It hat churthet   Metbodis .
Catholic K|'!!��eopsilsn and Frssbyu ���
Ud  and it has  saloons snd  dft.ee
y|,   witiiout     number.    It   Is   In
pod sooth,   a   coainopolitan hamlet
,rr, bed in tbe gor%m of the Stalk irk*,
Vbt-ie iolka live and thrive just aa well
Hiker live sod tlu.ee around Milan
�� t;ru����-.*. <n nnterbury or tlsmihou
I'tr >urr.<undiu|rs at Sandon are not
U< Ike .urrotindiuja of sn Ontario or
it*, hamlet.   Tbe nest cottage* just
|h nttlcn* aud orchards are not seen
ii **aiwl��>n   11 ere tbe eorm ia never seen
to fro*, tin iruit ireea never bod. ord..
u> ffeaers ever bloom    Thesuirouud
op are mountain*, whose dope* arc
���aimt-val h.reaia, and w boats crvmim ai.
ti.-r;a.5.iu4 Miota*   And yet tn all rh��
rkkutatded lerrrtory of the Dmnttt
m ihr/c is oat a airt/ta- town or hamhr
abeo- ph-nt. and content sre S�� ptsiiih
rw'4r s* in this aame mouiitstn city of
.���aedou    Two rsilrnads connect it with
tbe euts.de  world  and brtiur ihither
<2*uW all  the  creature   comfort* Ibsl
�����;th tan huy    Tbecko*.vast ftwits of
labfornui and  the  ricbcjat  wines or
I rsittw ha ve here a ready tnsrksl   You
eta see the a area ofOnlsrto, Ptsnder*
��w New i ju'land dtaptsyed In the shop
tiaOows.   The (steal ms^utnes, the
is ���'-.* s a mis Is of the Chsmps FJv*ases
Atmi the tK-wiMl deeewssneotsof oriental
rwhes ar.- diaruaasd sates In the dub*
���ad rales before sosss ef the dries
anmixl ihe greet lakes or on the bsnks
rf tke m .���**ippi cstch their fngnif.
aare   And that is as treesnts Sandon
a jus a*. ...im.potitsn am Venice in tt*
tain on day*.   Here Wsles snd Scot-
tod and < .mwall snd Munster snd
i bier ar.- fully represented.   The Osr
ton the Swede, the Frenchinao. ami
*���* tuluu are is fores.   It aeeeas to me
������**��� -hfre are ss greet n gathering ^
aatioiuihiies and   class  st   St   that
jHstit- ahich followed the bnildinwni
���_* low-rot Itahel. snd Urns sil Hv,
m thrive aid prttspsr end they blc*.
'�����*-��*- and the time In wfcten they
���ere horn.
Amiihi*isiwi��neyplei^ff��,  Iwould
���J Has to mrry long at ISsndon. 1 wee
^ rrreen held, the growing corn, the
;<"������>��M and ihe orchard Just saps*.
Jto'Hv as I love the lake, the moun
Wa and ,hr flood     1 could not IIv.
Ef ���"����������� midst of the most sublime
S",K| "wwtssln teenery, for  I
22 ""'i-' !or th* Wowing cattle, tbe
tt^^P*1^ ��owtw|rsrdenand
JJJtkard   l!ui theaefolkstbst live up
����id thoe glorious monntslna are jnsr
;S,n"u;'. hy them, snd juat sa at
aaaTJ? l,M'm *�� the sailor to hia ahip
Uiil t�� ,l "" ,'." ""* '*"���'  aaovr tMi tun siiii.
���fio-he colli ng billows of the main
���rSl��� ��n��*l0'the myttedea of life,
������heniiant csn never solve
Nreet and jhe Strand, the
To , J_ '^'""n^sns
i0'-? Meet Slrast an
,o4n *_*<J the St. Rtte de L* Opera
___-.*-an flfj,J    -^���aasaaaa-^^^^^M
*������  To the
esn never solve
i ���,- -��� _-*****-���~���-***������������^
��^,x*n._Ha<3bl '�� r��tt sttdrocrea
Mi're la I,   h*  M,,l,lir  ***  prospeclor
t4irinn;"-^��i"_*li ��*ke the wild
IW k. J' r,,,*Ti10,,w ��r th�� �������* where the
���i-dVii'v11'*?*0-*" fflocsn country
���SJCrCJ*-   The Sloesn country
* *kMta t mti eil������^�� <��hsdrt lying
f,)"t af theCtdumnts snd the
Kootenay rivers. On the west are those
magniticent lakes known as Upper aud
Lower Arrow, and on the east of this
district lies the no leas beautiful and
picturesque Kootenay lake
The Sloesn countrv itself is a region
of magnificently glorious mountains
tteaiiug a hundred glaciers in its bosom
aud interspersed by ten thousand tor
rents, creeks and rivulets, and in tbe
midst ot all the moat supremely beautiful lake upon the Americas,-the
Cideas Slocan. Tbe beauty of Slocan
ke Is so wonderful, so wierd, so
unique, so grand tbst it recalls tbe
words of tbe Kugliab poet:
ft r*��if,**��i
Xtictachi,m%hotaS? 8_f�� ��! ?! SS rWhr? btt^: !&Sff in SP��k*n����
netided for yeare In Er Si p " ^ IV ^ U^e.and in Butte; of �����n ^ho
years,   in fact the Pavn��  buy baronial grandeur on the banks of
It looks to me aa if
justlv ranksya1ImnJlhl*0- ��he. Fa^rne   "��' "�������' gnu
ever discoverer ?hle T^hest mfnes the James River.
for about tn fi��  PtK�� J 0,e out ��� here thiin in tfae Klondike, for the
f3t>TsV-^ i **<**> far discovered andVoduSl
urhtrrlv mijt>��ir l.surh.
4��0m ioajfiM and BMBM i he heart l��
i I ���**�� **��*l��d over this enchanting
lake    I have gazed upon it from mountain lops r\000 teet sbovs, and 1 confess
rhal iu  besutv  eierciae* over me a
fas* inalion ami a power that no other
manifestation of nature that I hsve vet
beheld can be compared to    And what
adds perhaps to my amazement is the
fad tbst all this marvellous natural
scenery should have been cbmpletelv
bidden from the appreciation of civiiiz
ed man till but a few short vears ago
I doubt if even tbe boldest and bravest
of tbe red men penetrated these mountain fatane**.**. or ever boated on the
warer* ot these lovelv lakes.   To-dav
the iron hor*��e of dviiittalion rolls along
the shores of Slocan Lake and awakes
a thousand echoes along those glorious
mountains    Today I anadian  Pacific
���team boats ply   from   shore to shore,
and plou/h* enchanting waters, which
are almost too sacred for the gondola of
rhe artist or the lover    But where are
they who gsve thS BlocSB country to
Canada and to man f   Where are those
t*ni*^"etor**��� those pioneers of civilization, who first diacovered the fabulous
treasures stored in  tbe bosom of the
mountain* ot this lovelv land?
The lira two. Jack Seaton and Eli
Carpenter sre both reported dead.
Carpenter gave bis name to tbe creek
which flows by Sandon and Three
Fork*, snd thst creek will give him im
mortality It was prospecting along
Ibis creefe seven vear* ago that thev
��tombled upon the Payne mine It
wss a rich galena or silver-lead mine,
and when they found it they hastened
hack to Ainswortb to have the ore
a-waved Some fiaagreement arose be
fween tbem and they parted, and
Seaton returned to tbe district with
lack Mdiuisjan, Jack Hennessey and
Hill Hetmeswev Thev arrived before
Carpenter, and they located the Maid
of Erin, the Mountain Chief and the
Two Jacks���all extensions of the
Pavne. and then located the Noble
Five, tbe Laaf Chance and a number of
other*. Stephen Bailey bought the
Pavne from Carpenier and Seaton for
e*rYi. and be bought the Maid or Erin.
tbe Two Jacks snd the Mountain Chief
t��rs��,����00, and these form rhe famou
Pavne group of mines of iho Slocan.
s. S. Bailey sold his interest in the
���'nyne group fortTft.'W) to \V A Mc
Ciine, of Salt Lake.   MdHrnc is one of
the best known mining men of the west,
and iaa power polirically and financially tn Cfah    He was one of rhe old War
Sagie ��tookholder*, and he was a firm
believer In the great value of that mine,
and hitterlv opposed its *alo lo Messrs
HlaeUtot k  and C.ooderham.   He also
owned the Nickle Plate and is a stock
holder  of  the   Pilgrim  and   Mnneta
When ho took possession of the Payne
he had the mine SSetsed up in a business like  manner,   and   the  mine  ia
naving $'oO.<WO a month in dividends.
I went through il a few days ago with
Superintendent Dwyer.  and   I   found
about 120 men working there
The Pavne ia a bigger dividend paver
than the Le Koi. By mining and sloping 100 tons of ore a day it can make a
vearlv net profir of more
0110 The Payne is
averaging not more .^^^^^^^
half feet, but every pound of galena
tsken out of that vein will run over 1*)
est. of silver and over f�� per cent, in
UvTd to rhe ton. One hundred and
twentv-flve men will break and mine
this 100 tons of ore. and no power plant.
tn, -  "���""���   -".""V.UJMU.
_7tww* ��� j l're8��n- owners can clean up
*>,WU a day. v
Eli Carpenter and Jack Seaton reaped
hul small reward from their great discovery, for Seaton lies in an obscure
gn.ve, and Carpenter, if rumor speaks
true, perished in the Klondike while
hunting for another stake McCune on
the other hand derives an income from
the Payne which places him among the
financial k ings of the world.
Sandon like every other town and
village that I have ever known has its
J rest man, iu king, its village Hamp-
en.   J.  M.  Harris  is  the   King of
Sandon.   Away hack in civil war davs
Johnny Harris grew np amid the corn
and  tobacco   fields of   old  Virginia.
Those were dark days for the old Dominion, for ruin and desolation followed
in the wake of war.   The oldest and
wealthiest  families  were reduced  to
poverty, and there was nothing left for
the youth of the countrv but to seek for
fortune in fresh fields and pastures.
Johnny Harris while! still a mere boy
came to the mining regions of Idaho
He  was young,  inexperienced and of
slight physique, and for years worked
al odds and ends, and worked the fickle
goddess of fortune with a most admirable persistency.   Even in those davs
Johnny Harris'was a dreamer.   In the
gorges of the Rockies, on the slopes of
the forest clothed mountains, in the log
cabin or beside the lonely camp fire, he
was wont to dream of the home of his
youth, and he vowed that some day he
would return thither and buy himself a
home and a plantation, where he would
live the ideal life of old Virginia planters   It was in the midst of these dreams
and of sore disappointments and distress that Harris heard of the first discoveries of Slocan. and immediately he
stampeded for the new country.   He
secured a third interest in a prospect
called  the  Iteco  for s few  hundred
dollars, and the Reco was a bonanza for
Johnny Harris.   It has made him the
king >? Sandon.   He has a monopoly of
the lakes, the light and water plants,
the trade, and even the gossip of the
city, and he wears  his rewards and
honors well.
And his day dream is at last accomplished, for away back in old Virginia
in the midst of broad acres, gardens,
meadows, orchards and com stands a
magnificent mansion, of which J. M.
Harris is the lord and master, and thus
it has come to pass that the wealth of
British Columbia has enabled Johnny
Harris to achieve his day dreams and
to return to old Virginia to live henceforth in baronial splendour and in luxurious case.
The Reco hss two veins, and in one
of these is a band of galena that is
fsbulouslv rich. They mine ore that
runs as high as 110.000 to the ton. But
thev can ontv ship in winter, for theore
must be raw-hided on the snow. The
mine has paid about 1980,000 in dividends, and it has hardly been touched
*8The Slocan Star is another of the
Sandon mines that has made fortunes
for its owners. 1 am glad to state that
discoveries in the lowest tunnel are of
such a nature that the Slocan Slar is a
than ever.   The Ruth ts
aie but a foretaste of the far vaster
riches which in course of time these
mountains will bring forth.
P. A. OTasbell.
The main shaft of the Le Roi it down
800 feet A station will be cut out at
this level and the shaft continued. Preparations Sre under way to put in 12
stages and an immense amount of ore
will be produced.
������Manufatorers of :
Syphons, Ginger Ale,
Sarsaparilla, Etc, Etc
Patronize home industry
when you want the best
Summer Time Card effective June ��, 1S9S.
Subject to change without notice.
Sruth Bound
Bead down.
North Bound
 ��� Read up.
Train lrs Dally. 1.00 pm  Train ar dallj 10JO am
ar     ���',    3.45 pm  Train lv   '     8 00 am
t lv 3 So am   ���Kaslo���   Boat ar SS) |��n_t
4*k>snt    Alhsworth 7.30 prog
S     "    5.1.1 am    Pilot Bar "     6.45 pm J
a     **    KJfraaa     Balfour ��*    6.Wpmx
��Boat ar*.*>am. Five Mile Pt " 5.0 fanS
���      '���     715am      Nelson " lv4.45pm���>
g-Traioar 10.05 am Northport Train IvlJtfpms*
= " 11 SO am Rossland " 1*06 pars
�� 310pm   Spokane    ^^^^^^^
��.u�� pnr_
8.3o am��
Beaddoarn. Read up.
Daily train hr loo pm       Daily trait ar 10.50 am
"        ar 3.45 pm '���       lv 8.00 am
4   Boat lv 5.oo pm MoaT Boat ar LOO pm
-     u  OJOpm Ainaworth Boat ar 11.40 pm-
*   7.00pm   Pilot Bay       ������     UOOpmS
" liHi>pm Kuakonook      ������       *..Ouaer
" 12.00 pm Goat River     "      6.00 rW_
'���   100 am Boundary      ������       5.00 pmZ
sr 8.uo ant Bonner's F'ry '   fv 100 puro
>xTraln!v 11.40 am      "      Train ar 105 pm S
w      "    ar 3.45 pm Spokane     "    lv 7Mt
than feOOtV
a small fissure
than two and a
Commendns; June SO, 1SSS.
On Monday, Thursday and Friday aa Alberta
will Itwve Kaslo 5 p. m. for Ainswortn, Pilot Bay,
and Nelson. Let.vinfr Nelson at 8 a. m., Taea>
day, Friday and Saturday, calling; at PUot Bay.
Ainaworth and Kaalo, and all way points.
P. O. Box 1*3. Kaalo. B.C. ^
hijrjrcr mine than ever, i ne num is
another fabulously rich mine, and is
coining money for its owners, who are
an Knirlish or else a Scotch company.
The Idaho, also principally owned by
an Knjrlisli comnany, is paving bij?
dividends. The Rambler-Cariboo I did
not have a chance to see, and f could
not get positive information about it,
hut its manajrer Mr. I). Shea assured
me that it would soon rival the Slocan
Srar. The Wonderful and the Miller
Creek Mines I saw and am satisfied that
thev will be bis* producers.
To sum up, rsaw enough of new development in Sandon to convince the
most sceptical that the Sandon district
will produce wealth enough to enrich
sn empire.   It is making millionaires
Taking effect 1.00 o'clock s. m.
Sept. 1, 1898; Pacific or 120th Meridian time.
Subject to change without notice
Arrive, 3 30 P.M.
"      3 08    �����
*l      310    "
"      3 00
"      1 SO
"      1 38
Leave 8 30 A.M.  Kaalo
"  8 55    ���*     South Fork
"  S 45    "      Sproule's
������ io oo    "     Whitewater
������10 OS    "     BearLaka
" 10 30    "     MrGuifran
������ 10 34    a     Cody Junction u     l
Arr. 10 45   "     Sandon Leave I	
Leave, ll.ooa.m ��� Sandon ��� Arrive, 11.56 a.m
-     11J0 " Csdy Junction Leave, 1L60 a.m
Arrive, U.��* M   - Cody  -        "    UJSaim
Traffic Mne-r.
For cheap railroad and steamship tickets to
and from all points, apply to
a CAMPBELL,        Agent, Sandon. THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B. C, OCTOBKR 29, 189a
Ths following is s complete list of the
mining tranaactiona recorded during the
week in ths ssversl mining divisions of
the Sloesn. Those of New Denve* wars
as follows:���
Oct is���Tyler, Carpenter, T M Gibson.
Fllinore, same. _   ���
Mat-caret FraeUon, Tributary ci-eek, O H
Wright, M L Griminett.
OCT IS-Aunt Lena. Carpenter. D MoCualg.
Oct sJ-Moneton.Cody creekA B Doelm^ader.
BdltiilKHtlae, Carpenter, C F Yates, L R
Oct fl-Horrna, Movrlch slide, Chas F Nicholson.
Kid, rtjioca^nVwhowaln, Oody. George A
Simmon. _�� . _tli_.
Jimmy.Cody. W i Tretheway.
LakeTFraUonal, Dardanelles b ��tn. aame.
Oct SS-Oeorgla, north fork Carpenter creek, E
��Chfco, aouth fork Oarpwter. Jaa O'Brien.
Irene Fractional, Tributary creek, H B Alea-
���Profeahenal Fraction. New Den ver, J C Butler.
Oct tj-Katte l/la, Geo T Gomiley to T Madtlen.
Oct 7-Agreement between Slocan Uke Gold
and SIlverMlnes Co and BC K D * J Co re
Howard Fraction group.
OCT W-Two Flags |.DQ atcCualg and P
Hauck loncCamiiE-WohasSoii.aaj.
NoUee of IU pendens re Gold Bock and Gold
Oct 14-Btm��I,M Heckmann toC Faaa.
Kootenay Fata V H Clevnr to C Fa**.       _, _
Meteor, Ottawa and Cultus, J, 11 Huffman to K
J Dyer.
Oct lT-Kundown Fraction lfW, H BuiiUng
andJ BStiUtoW B Witooi,fin.
F W Bauer. Ballins.
Oct l�����Oacar FraeUon
I MrAtulrt-wa; UA.JS.
ocr 18-Black Hock, Banshee. Polo.
Oct IS-Last link. SunrHe No S. Mansfield
iOcTSO-Braid, Jumbo, Evangeline. Boaedale.
Oct Si-Red Fos FraeUon, Minnie, Jewel,
Omega, Twilight, Eloria.
Ocr St Arjiason, UugMng Water* I3aej*ia
worthlot work tranafered from Ottawa Mo t).
Oct 94���Arab, Mark Eagle.
cKBTincATt or f*****o**a-*sxrrs
Oct tl-WUIa, to WHlowGold Mining Company, Ltd
OCT 18-Blg Timber J> Jaa Brown to T M Glb-
aon,Jnne7. ..���.������ ,.. ��_*
Same },TM Gibson to M R W Rathborne. Oct
Chetope. 0*>atunka. John G Steel to Frank A
Steel, Oct 14.
Ocr lit���BrWol.Commtnder.Cmgo, mechanics
liens fttrd against 1 interest held by FL Byron
by Gos Kruger, Riot R McDonald and Geo A
Oct n-Ethcl Fraction. H T Ewln to Robert
Ewen,OctU.S!Sa ,   .������      __   ,   _
Lancaster l/io, Druamore \. J R C*amefba to B
J Smuli, Oct IS.
Oct Si���Power of Attorney, North weal Mining
Syndicate to W H Sandtforrt.Oet 1.
Zoroaster��, Chaa 9 RaahdaU to Northwest Mining Syndicate. Oct��. M    t
Ashurat Beacon {.MA Sandiford to Northwest
Mining 8y ndlcate, Out W.
Forget-Me-Not _ aame to aaaaa, Oct tf.
Nanoui |, A E Fauquier to same. Oct t*.
Romola \. Edward Stewart to same, Oct 4.
Phmnix. Attuunbra. lAtly B. | In each, Fr*nk
L Christie to E G Schmidt. July is.
OCT 84���Black Fox i. Wm Faraey to Geo M
McLean, Oct .V
Dawn Centre}, Geo McLean to Frank Ryan,
Oct Si.
Hartney ,. D D MeGUHvray to Edward f*ua-
non, Oet IS.   	
8UT SI-Black Dick, Jamea Galbratth; An
cient, J Piloti; Modern, M Murehlaon.
S*u*t*��-Perth, C E Stnltttertngale; Granville.
RI lilrkwood.
Sarr so-Heather Bell, J HCurrle; Katie, A
UcWblrter, Otympla. A Stewart.
w v-Keyatona, Dan Hanlon.
Oc *    -Michaelmas Fraction, J C Gwilllm.
Oct S-Dry Weather, D F Hhoueek; Wet
Weather, J F CoUom.
Oct IO-Porto Rico, F G Carlisle; Cuba, Jet
Oct ll���Radnerlan, RO Camerou.
Oct IS-AeroMte Fraettoa, C fetldUngar:
Pythian. D A McDonnell Mayaie, Mrs Jaaute
Clement; Bertha U, H M Walker.
OCT 14���Carrie Fraction, C S Mom.
Oct if. Leslie, J Komalskl; Stayner Boy, ft
skpt ss-Zolo.
Sarr S��-rine t>��. Bondholder.
Oct j-Botdta.Hiddee Tt* ���***-*, Eordiah Wm.
ikt 4���California. Oct ibur, Nevada.
Oct 4���Transfer.
Oct 7-Nuttve Silver FraeUon.
IH tt -Silver IHstc
Ocr 1 i-Wiaard.
Oct ll���Kootenay Pass, Para.
Ocr l.-t-N.a-tii Excltange Fraction.
Ocr 17-Bulko.
Hbft sn-Plebisclle and Martha, J W Horn to J
8ai-r f��^tm��wa, mortgage ,, A U Mt-GiUl
vray to O J Marlnu, ��� Sa). *
Pof A.C fl Brindle t>. A S Brlndk.
Dominion, C H Brindle to Mount Ma Lie Mliiluir
Sarr 3>- DufrVrln  j, W Th ���mllnson  to D 0
Lewis and C S M<sat.
Owl J, W H Crawford to mmti
Oct 6-Esjrle Fraction, t#*tt-h, W Glynn to J
HMorana����aCWGr.s.i.it)t!. y
M McAndnwsi U A, J S A����k*r��m and 80 Bo��
well; Bbkok Pattt, H Roy SI oral; Iceland Em*
ulre, Scutlaud. S M Audcrson; Best, 0*�� Arbo,
Oct 14-Silver Monarch, T JiAnaoii; B C, Geu
Oct lS-Cumtierland, J A OIHla; York, W I
Otrr 17-Three Moakateera, II A llankey: Sen
UueT. W O R-rauaou; Cody, J tf Livers, W J, T
OCT IS-Addle D, C O Waae* Emerald Fraction.
D F StroUck; B A FraeUon. 0 E tkaling.
OCT W-WroeUalic. Dead Medwine. King Roar,
Burnt Hill, Bed Dirt, Iron Mountain.
OCT IS���Pluto Fraction. Franklin. Humboldt,
0 B B. ft^nneti H, Btinker HUI, Red Brick.
Silver slug Fraction.
Oct 14���Bryan. Japan.
Ocr 15-Brick*je, Kate.
OCT IT��� Frisco. St Fancraa.
Oct is���Free Silver, Attterleaa.
csaTiricars or i��aov*m��*rra
Oct 15-Heba, Hera. Pluto, Opputlo to M Burke
and C D McKeaate.
A 8war*eon to Ge-^rge
A O Johnson
to Mary E
Mary F.
Oct ll-Mornlng Star |.
OCT U-Pluto Fraction,
Maurice Borke.
(rrr it���Kilmarnock, T atevenaoo
Summit and WMhrwoe, C N Owen to
Hero and Heha I. C R Garland to M A Burke.
Iron Cap. Lav but and RuUtle J.WJ White to
L E Booker.
Iron Cap, Lavlna and Ruthle Ball |. N McLeod
Same ,. J A Otto to aame
Same, all lotervsa, A Broker and fl M Booker
OCT 14-Vktoria.W A Clutr toCtia* A Fleming.
Alberta, D J Muna and D W Moore to C A
Oct 17-Vlnrlnta Dare and Gold Bog ft. 0 A
Beeken to G C Spearinar.
Iron Chief ft, John Hastie to A L Homer.
Admiral DeweyJ. earns to same.
Dedication 1/5, David GtssJ to Daw Clark.
Indication 1/-V aame H Mawdsley.
Othello, OoUen, Etta J. Waca Pattleoo. II
K ��y Slovel to J M Aitdarann.
AHan. D Taomey to Jim Anderson.
Oct IS-G W Roch* aod J M Moore, rstoaat of
certain htmdi In Albion Mlidttg Co.
Mable C |. A O Mo.-rs to J D Cook.
CtvarwaU-r. Lmrtet. ^wall,Cart��.met No t aod
Cougreas ft. F J Donaldson to J E Jotsre. tloo.
A sad case ia reported from Ssncs.
About 20 miles north of tbe place named
there sre several very promising mineral
claims, and a couple of weeks sines Jos
Hooker visited the district intending to
complete hia year'a assessment work.
He was looking for help, snd waa told
that he might possibly secure tbe services of Ernest Peirie. a native*bom
Frenchman who has been prospecting
snd trapping in the Kootensy* for tlie
past 10 or 12 years. Going lo the cabin,
Hooker found tbe Frenchman iu what
be considered a dying condition and
hastened to anprit**- tlie sufferer's friends
of the stats of affaire. He went to the
cabin of another Frenchman, known as
Alec? some eight miles distant, and told
him that if he would attend toPeiiie's
wants the case would be duly reported
at Nelson. Alec st once prt*ceetled to
the sti-k man's Iwdetde, aud Hooker
headed for Nelson to report. As soon aa
the latter represented ths esse to Gold
Commiasioner Dennis that official dispatched four men tothescene of trouble,
instructing litem to bring the man to
Nelson for hospital treatment if his con*
dition would allow it. Meanwhile Alee
waa assiduously attending to the wants
of the Sufferer. At the head of Peirie'a
couch waa a rifle, always kept loaded,
trapper style.   Peirie remarked to his
friend one dsy thst death wMwnatfinss
too alow in calling s sufferor sway, snd
expressed the opinion that one who wss
in torture and without* hope of relisf
would be justified in expediting ths
death message From thia Alec nstur*-
attv inferred that the ritte waa too convenient for a man in thia frame of mind,
and consequently removed it, hiding ths
weapon behind tbe csbin door. A Isw
horns afterwards Alec went out to chop
some wood and as bo prot-eeded on hia
journey fancied he heard an unusual
noise in the csbin. He returns*) to And
Peirie lying helpless on the Hoor. Ths
explanation given wss thst he had fallen
f mm tbe bed, but tlie dsy alter th s incident Peirie remarket! lo hia faithful
attendant, "I told you 1 fell out of my
bunk. 1 lied. 1 tried to get hold of thst
gun, but 1 could not get there. 1 have
since been troubled to think that If 1
got it and blew my brains out, what
Double 1 would have got you into, my
friend. You would have been taken lor
s murderer.   Forgive me, my friend."
trrASTa o�� hm last JoesasY.
As soon ss beln arrived from Nelson,
Peirie was put on an improvised stretcher, and the party started oil for Nelson.
With s aick msn in charge, tlie smooth-
eat track was sought and streams were
forded rather than take tbe brush, list
all in vain. As soon aa Ma��vsrorte Basin
waa reached tlie men n**dv**d to put up;
for the night in tbe old shark which did
service ss s store during tbe it roues
Creek boom. They lighted up tlte Hre,
put the sick man in chase pmiinuty, and
proc*-eded to prepare supper Hut p��">r
PeiriVs hours were numbered, snd aa hi*
attendant were prof taring him f<��r a
night's repose be Waa called to his lael
long rest.
Within some hundred yards of th�� old
a tore, known to an manv it oapecbtce, lie
mortal remains which will t*-> km.trit by
sn inscription on s piece ol an old uts-
cuit box:
Agad 3s yeses.
Died October 13, mm.
Native of France,  It. I, P.
Papers found in ths csbin of .ieceaead
show that be ia ths owittor of s ranch
near Soncs, and thst it ia io charge of a
Frenchmen and wife.
���OW .FISHI*'.
W!SI"i_i.!r0|t**i "N ���*"�� r*an
AS Pte ���*������*��� . ls-n pat ssrsv
An' you get lo fssdit, ftawmsx*;
An'want to take a dsy
WltKaa vou hear th* reddlsa ��*rkln*
. In the tree* at early morn.
Ae* the blaeklrtrrU calltii' kaat l >
Ie She #*-*** an' an.wln' corn.
When the aft la aereat and ttmgtmui
Fnjtn Usr Meastt* oa llw tr��-*.
An* tlmhsat la khtd <tf haunr. ,i
By a soft and twstbV i.r.- ,.
R^ferrart year Sahin' tackle
rr��sa�� th* t*. torn <>l ttw drswrr ���
��a*-t   at vour ruhts*f ��main' i.. ������
I tb* kMeSea de.,
��*___*>*it ** J1,*** *'"** ����.����K
a tMMak ��s iw the etit a
OU where in* era -* 1.1.�� ���(.���..
An' Ute akl-r* kind ��*l (lu. ��,
'.< a>**-bs..tu'.
If >��r ftuincrtia* ��,* crsnkr
AV adswlia' fcl.tl.-r law*.
Oa aceoaat of bo*l,in*as tt\j*tl4r��
Am Wtt* * costil.." <hs��
If ye have that '*�� ��\..w"
'are Ueal ef dart *��' town,
An' ��*at to Itrtallw the inmb ;.t,���. air
An* frame mrtsagh m��>ldrrs'; ��� *
11 ye w*r��t ���� ������� 1 r����i tiu>.s-c,
An* rslaran a|��,rHti*.
r*0_�� whant .***�� sis* ttown t�� ntv��*.r
"tlte ��fwh'ti l**t�� all r.st.- j
OUd.wn ymr |.*lni���� a*��
tsant f.wfli fw.tr Unws *.,'
Fit nj.a luiav l*��. V.��i,
An eot h in .our ��-rv*��l
��44rt��art*>��rt, la Us* tn *-nl��*,
WtsUt* tar dVw i*.���� ths *rna��
An* ttaahr f��# th vt wsrhat**! * ������<
S*h��o> hot* th' SarhfiV fe-vss,
'S ����s-a*i.i.'
-w r u
Simla, India, ia buift on the side of s
steep hill, and ihe roof of one house la
often ou s level with the foundation of
one in the nest tier
Dont Impair your happiness hy hor*
rowinjr trouble or lending* money.
 '.J ?T**~**,~~1^*���*���"�� '' a I |������aaa��������������
SkMtda ���ata-*4 ������� t.a.ttrsu t*r..|.. -ar..
The t^ardestt dhttrict la wa raving <��n-
aideratde alleiili oi this fall (mm mining
men I, 11 llerry. of Hnasiand, i��t*
secured s couide of opttotts on Lul- m
pro|n*rtie*�� fin the America, **
owned by Abr.ilv.��inwut BrtKhcr.
Thoousa 'rayhir. he ha*�� secured ai��
eight otoliths option The i-Tm- call
for the utavment of *2. *��' ou I><>*�� n*a*r
t��t. and the balstu-e SI. ��a>- ^ii Jone
1st, ttSSf. I|e haa al��u a li to. nth*
optteu un ths Morning Sur, owm*4 by
Anratmmsttn Broa^iefw. rhs psyineeia
under thia bond ajprregat** #!'��.���" an>l
sre au-fsatd ��ovwr ihe IJ nx����iihi Tbe
MorutW Sur ia supi-**.-*! u* hare tbe
Silver (^p tend lr i* two claiars
distant from the Silver Cup. ami i..** ��
very fslr showing, tbe result of /our
Dsnt think s man looks Uo- right
wsy etvery time his head i�� lurutsl	
��� * uopu 139' *
mmmmmmmmrmti i '���w-*s��.rs*s**s*s^*^a*ssssMaiaasaasssswtBass.s��ii)s,aaiii aassi. .sa. >��Mai*wiM****a*sstaB>s**tsw��*ssa.wst.
Provides smnle and plesssnt scomnmodstl(*n for tbe traveling public
Telegrams for rooms promptly sUewled to.
8TE0E k AVTSON,  w      tVoprteW* THK PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B.C., OCTOBER 29 1898
Another   Thcstricsl Treat.
Manager Spencer has made an engagement with .Miss Jane Coomb* to
mutt m ttw spencer opera house
n! xi mouth in a aeries uf characters,
���,,..,,, u-tl by her able company.
f !,i* wiii fa* tin: iiiit-ortsitt rhealer
iral * vtnt of tla- sestaai and no doubt
our eiiiwna will turn out en masse to
welcome this talented aetreaa.
\,, it-aa an authority than tlte Chi
rago rimes Iras this to say rtf Miss
t ra mis:
K<>r our opinion of Hiss Coomb's
Juliet we refer to the hundreds who,
miukI a stillness which tlie slightest
i u��(l<- of silk, even, or s Mfa^-saed
whisper would hsve made manifest
to entrant, drank lo every silvery
���, ,t the Italeony scene. Constant
Mayer's brush tiss well put the
reerie rifatn canvas, SO tsr aa It ap
{���.���slid to the eye. Its music to tlie
rar waa beyond hia srt."
Another Boundanj Total.
in the new town of Niagara 10
i:t-w buildings are up slreadv and a��
many luorra in eoojrst* of eaostrMtkm.
Tlw Niagtm t*.wii��itee<tm*����n> have
lei a amrract for the huiltling A a
Igttlgt- urns* the North Fork river
at tins tows.    Thev hsve also a f.��ree
��� f men employed in cutting l����g*�� ftir
several laitlgt-s which will he built
across tbe fisherman Creek iinnn-dt
at. ly
1' Burns A Co., the wholesale
buicht*r��, hsve open*! s large meat
rtisrkrt   in   Niagara   and   an* no*
��� r.rtuig   hugh  corral*   where their
lai'i oill   la*  held and killetlasre
���jnintl       Vrrangeuiftit*. have   licen
made fur tie* immediate purchase tit
A a ���..!��% null plant, which will  Iw hj
|<rmiitsi iu thia town in ten days
lime A dally stage is now running
between f.rand Forks ami Niagara.
rlo�� f-tr-sr-nt |XN*ulsti.*t of which foot*
up to 200 |a*ople.
Nisgsra la alias let I seveu iniles op
rlu* North Fork river from (,r��rnl
Forks and la in the hesrt of rhe min
eral belt. Within s few miles of thi*
u.aii over JOUO men sre now employ
ed .oi railway wt*rk. bring wbour
etjnally divided ta-tweeu ft��ur camps
The Tsdo Friends.
Tin* Two Friend* Mining Company
winch owns the (.rest Western, re-
"*nUv leased toA.CAcstt, held a
special genersl snd sdjooroetl **nuu
��l mrt-tingofttathaivhoioVr* ar the
ofHrt- of ibe ctanpsny In Vancouver
�����i Saturday last tor tlie purpose of
autliorfxlrtf tire lesee.
The sr*cnnd annual import was i��n*
<j-ntetl. giving an account of iht work
���lone on Hit* claims snd the plans ol
tb* directors for the future. The
��Iosi,,,, paragraph ii the report read :
' In c<inclusion, your directors wish
bM-xpress to yt'aj their sstlsfaction
*itli rhe result ts* the tlevelopment
work at, fur sccompli*ibi*(l nnd to eon-
ffrstaistt voo mr the promising prop
,T*.v. They also ltd conHdent the
work as ro**omrnendcd in this report
will develop the property thoroughly
and i* the best wsy In which to anon
Place the property on s seir sustain
"���a* iwsla snd earn dividends lor its
After tlte pK-sentstion of a   suple-
'����'���irisry re|tort, and tire re-election
����the directorate, the  inecting  ad
. ���% Charles Rivers Wilson is will
������'**��� to submit the differences between
|>o Orand Trnnk   snd   Canadian
lacitic   railways to an arbitration
He denies that the Grind Trnnk is
responslbls lor the rate war, and
places the blame on the railroads of
the Suites. He asks for a restoration
of l'4-al rates, although the last report of the directors shows that the
cutting has not greatly effected the
earnings of the road.
jFrow t!��t> Baltimore Oarette.)
Miss Jane Coomlis, one of the most
cultured and eloquent interpreters of
female character now adorning the
American stage, closed the most
brilliant engagement of the season at
ford's f.rand Opera House last evening. At nearly every representation
ftiaiiding room was in demand.
By her rare merits, personal as
well sa professional, MissGioinbs has
made herself an established favorite
from Boston to Kan Francisco. Beautiful and commanding In person, with
s strangely sweet and carefully culti-
vsted voice : refined, quiet and natural in her style of scting, never
omitting the most trifling detail, nor
availing herself of any of the usual
theatrical tricks to manufacture sen-
nations���she has won her wav into
the hearts of all admirers of true
dramatic art Her celebrity as an
actress dates back for several years,
and tlie ablest critics in America admit that her personifications sre ss
t tents in a Diadem of Art." She is s
strict adherent to the legitimate
4choo! of dramatic art, and her successes are justly deserved. The eloquence of her features in expressing
her emotions illustrates the spoken
effecr of the linea.nnd tire picturesque-
new. tlie groupings, to a very marked and unusual degree. Miss Coombs
is one of the tew great American
actrt*staf>*, and she seems to avoid on
principle any tiring that can suggest
��� xaggeration. Her ideas sre embodied with s grace of esse that
* peak a of studied social and physical
trsining.as well as purely profeasion-
al culture. In the strongest and
mo��4 passionate characters she never
verges upon the melodramatic, never hlnrs at a wish for applause, never
exhibits anything but dramatic
un tal of the true ring. She assumes
a wide range of the meal difficu't
characters, but they are all rendered
with such artistic power and finish,
til absolute truth, that her identity
is tost, and we see before us the
living embodiment of the character
she represents. Miss Coombs can
slwsys depend u|*��n a warm wel*
come, nav, an ovation, whenever
she visits .laltimore."
Mi�� Jane Coombs will appear m
Spencer's hall during the esrly part
of next month. She will impersonate
a | number ot characters, and is sup-
is died by a strong company.
Mrs. Clara Johnston.
Plain and Fancy Sewlsf of sil Kinds.
Tailor-Made Suits to Order.
Cody  Ave.   a   ������   SANDON*
j Atlantic Steamship  Tickets.
to and from European points via Canadian and American lines. Apply
for sailing dates, rates, tickets and
full information to any C. P. Ry
agent, or
C. P. R. Agent. Sandon.
WM. STITT, Gen. S. 8. Agt.,
You cannot find
any better goods
than toe can show
tohen you
want a good suit
of clothes.
Dr. A. MILL0Y,
J. R. & D. Cameron.
Sewing and Mending
of all hinds.
Gentlemens' Clothing
Carefully Repaired.
1,00 M I
Canadian Pacific Ry.
Soo-Pacific Line.
TTm Part and Superior Sen-ice Route
To Eastern Si
European Points.
To Pacific o ast, Alaska,
China, Japan and Australian
Bsfrs;uife Cheeked to Destination
nnd Through Tickets Issued.
Tourist Cars
Pass Revelstoke:
Daily to St. Paul.
Daily Except Wednesday to Eastern Canadian and lT. S. Points.
Daily to Points reached via Nakusp.
Daily excepting Sunday to Points, reach
ed via Rosebery and Slocan City.
Dally Train.
7:45 k     Ive. SANDON ar.     16:55 k
Ascertain  KATES and full information by
aiMr%!**inK nearest local agent, or
Agent, Sandon.
Will be at the Hotel Balmoral
once a month.
n. l. GRinriETT
*    L LB.
Notary Public,
B. C.
Headquarters for Miners.
Well stocked bar in connection.
First class accommodations.   Board by the
day or week.
Mat, Pass. Agt..
BeMUre   thst your ticket
Trav. Pass. Agt
reads via the
BONGARD k PIECKART, Proprietors.
The First Class
Hotel of Cody.
Rates:  fS.UO per dsy.
Special Rates by the Week. THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B. C, OCTOBER 29 1*��
Ths True Blua.
Work on the True Blue group of
copper claims on the mountain just
back of Kaslo, has been prosecuted
all last spring snd summer under
the charge of Foreman Stevenson,
one of the former owners of the property. The work hss been largely on
the tunnel which his been run to
crosscut the ledge, which had dipped
and broken over. It is tbe intention now to run snother tunnel further down the mountain than the
first, which will consequently give
much greated depth for stoping when
tbe ledge is reached.
At present there is a force ot 20
men employed on the property, and
it is given out thst this number is
likely to be largely augmented in
the near future. It Is the intention
to build a substantial trail to the
lake snd the citizens of Ksslo hsve
been asked to contribute one-half the
cost and hsve it come direct to the
city. Otherwise, is is likely to reach
Kootenay lake near Mirror Iske. t
small sheet of water about two miles
from Kaslo. It is probable thst arrangements will be made to build tbe
trail into the city.
The Goodenough,
i ���- SANDON, B. C.
Furnished Rooms
Strictlrj First Class.
MRS. M. A. SMITH, Prop.
Tanner Stands His Ground.
Chicago, III., Oct* 27.���A special
to the Times-Herald from Madison,
III., says: "I reiterate I will not tolerate this wholesale importation of
foreigners into Illinois, and if I hear
that a train is to be brought into this
state, such aa was taken into Virden,
I care not on what railroad it come,
or for whom, I will meet*it at the
state line, and shoot it to pieces with
gatling guns."
So declare J Governor Tanner in s
speech delivered before 1200anditors
gathered at the Knights of Pythias
hall in this city. It was the concluding statement in au address la rgely
devoted to the defense of his cause at
the recent mine riots at Virden. The
governor reviewed at great length
the causes leading up to the rioting.
He held the operators st fault in
their dealings with the strikers and
then, reverting to his acts when the
crisis came, said: "When the United
States found it necessary and deemed it just to forbid the importation: of
foreign labor into this country, I felt
that I wss fully justified in the course
I took at Virden."
The Reputation
��* my optical
Is established beyond
all question. If you have
any   doubt   about your
Eyes bdn* wnat tney
ought to be call, in and
I will   Test them  and
tell you the trouble Pree
of charge.
Jeweler and Graduate Optician
A Stock  Exchange in Vancouoer.
A private stock exchange is to be
opened in Vancouver in a few davs
time at the office of Frank S. Tag-
gsrt & Co. A private wire is being
put in and quotations will be received daily frun 7 to 1 o'clock each dav.
The figures will be bulletined as received on monster boards, while mining stocks will be called twice esch
dsy. Vancouver, Seattle snd Portland will thus be connected by this
mesns, operating through Downing,
Hopkins A Co.
And Other Investments.
fFilbert Cigar Store."
Just opened.
5       Net�� Goods,
5 Fresh Stock,
* Reliable.!
s ���
��� * ���
ligars,     Cigarettes.    Tobacco,
[Pipes, and Smokers* Supplies ofS
Sail kinds. *
_   Drop  in and  see us.
bJas. Williamson.
iert Block     8s.nden, B. C.
Every Representation Guaranteed.
Geo. B. Knotoles,
Pioneer Jeweler of the Slocan.
Now opened in the New Store
with a larger and better stock of
Something New and Novel for
the Ladies.
REPAIRING will receive the
tame careful attention as
SEND YOUR WORK to by mull, ex-
press, freight, pack train, trim-
way, trolley car or bsloon.
Drop in and see the New Store,
Two Doors Below   VIRGINIA   Mo, k
H. Giegerich, Sandon, B. C
The onlrj exclnaice Wholesale and Retail Groceru Hottae tn Sandon
Dealing in Flu*. Fresh mmi Oteeit table supplies suitable for Family. Hotel md Mining trade,
Special brands of Pere Teas mmi (toffess.
Sole Agents for
Giant Powder Co.,
Tha famous Goodwin Candles,
St. Charles Sterilized Cream.
Stores at KASIjO and AINSWOKTII.
a. a.
A Full Line ef Cigars, Toba.��*c��*>,
Pipes nnd Smoke nt" Mnndrtes
Headquarters lor Ptawng Card, and
Poker Chips.
Serves the   best 20 cent meal
In town.
Short   Orders  served   k* desired.
Comfortable rooms by the Day
week or Month.
Eveiything Neat,  Clean  and
Call and Give it a Trial.
H. Byers A, Co.
\t* **>���>'.*> A***!s ft��r
Truax Patent
Improoed Automatic
Ore Car.
We Cnrrjr ��� Pull Line of
Steel Rails,
Strap Iron,
Caps and Fuse.
And all kind. i.f
Mine   Hardware,
H. BYERS & Co.


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