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The Paystreak Sep 3, 1898

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Conductor Crawford is visiting his
brother, AW. Crnarrord.
The hose reel teem has taken to
practicing in tbe day tune.
Tom Claire will raffle his Silver
ton hotel sotue time in Ot*olar\
(Jood progress Is being made on
the new C. P. II. stacino boildiog.
Nellie Grist, one of Kaslo** Cooiqoe
women died in that city last Sunday.
If. M. Covington bat purchased
the Bryan hotel from Ira W. Black.
Hill Sodro Is boildiog a bam on
ftslyaveooe to keep ilia trotting
stock in.
Kred Bailey returned Sunday last
from s season's prospecting bt the
It is rumored round that A. David
is training for the middle*weight
Therein on Monday night was
more welcome In tlie Slocan than
the flowers in May.
A. W. McCanr, accompanied by
Miss Jack IfeCunr and Marcus Mc-
(une, is in Spokane.
Some line samples of ore from the
Silver IMlsr in tbe Latticeu can be
wen at the Ivanhoe hotel.
HoruaN. White, woo bee been
spending e tew days at the mine,
n tuitieti'to Spokane yesterday.
The Slocan Son bee quit shining
in Kaslo. Tbe plant will likely be
moved to tbe lloomiary country.
Several Sandonitea have returned
tV..iu Brooklyn evidently satisfied
thst ibere if no place like borne.
W. L. Mo|e eod P. & Sargent of
Anaconda aod ��f. V. Long of Butte,
owners In tbe Payne are in Spokane.
Captain Adams Is quite an a mate
ur nhotompber, and has taken sev-
erst good views its Sandon tbis week.
Mr. Juraod has charge of M. I*.
firiimnette ooJhtess during theab-
v nee of that gentleman on bis honeymoon.
H. B. Alexander is improving
slowly at tbe New Denver bospital.
It will be a month before be will be
able to be oat.
J. A. McDonald has returned (rom
the Sttcklne river and will again
take his former position on ihe steamer 8locan as purser.
Jim Vallance got married in Ham
ilton on Wednesday.   He will return
to Session with bis bride about the
end of tbe month.
A choose of time was effected on
the K. A 8. on Sept. 1st, by which
thepsjMnjpr train now arrives at
io 45 and leaves at 1:15.
Lawyer Christie io spending a
vacation In California. Mr. Jorand,
of New Denver, baa charge ot his
business doling bis sbeence*
. The rote from Sandon to the Spokane Frolt tffdr this year isfll.&O.
Tickets will be told at the K. A a
depot good ftxau Oct. 4th to loth.
A case of assault was brought before the beak but was dismissed
without costs. No evidence wss
brought forward to sustain the
The government hss refused to eld
tbe Queen Bess road. The C P. K.
is responsible fur this sction. Now
watch the K. A 8. build into the
Idaho basin.
The Home Missionary society of
the Methodist Church is going to
serve refreshments snd cold lunch in
ooe of the stores of the Virginia block
on Labor Day.
The C. P. K. surveyors have com-
(ileted their work between Three
���Vks and Whitewater and left for
Vancouver this week. It now only
remains to be seen whether the big
company means business or is just
On Saturdav  last  Messrs. Lilly,
Keoerne Re-organization.
The board of directors of the St.
Keverne Mining Company had decided upon a plan ot reorganization
which at the same time insures the
continuous working of that property
and its thorough development. Tbe
new board proposes that the company give to John A. Finch a bond
on its property for 120000 for 18
months. The principal conditions of
this bond are that the grantee shall
do continuous work upon the property, (Tee of expense to the company,
ana shall in torn offer each aud every
stockholder an interest in said bond
equal to the amount of such stockholders present holdings of the company's stock. The assignment of
such interest shsll carry a clause
binding the sssignee to pay such
assessments as Mr. Finch may from
time to time find it necessary to levy
.���������in ���<=<�� scrvine irom tne many
Manitoba friends of the groom. The
happy couple will spend several
weeks in California.
Horn Al BarttettHkeatoe Peeetreek.
Skagway, Aug. 23th, 1898.
Sandon, B. C.
I like a Lier But yon sate me
to well when yoa say I have never
Bin farther than Lake Bennet. Ton
can make tbe best of this, yoa will
And me at Dawson by the first of
Al Babtlbtt.
MssArtEr nb*.    o ^^""^ I to carry on the work, itbeingundef
gates to attend the ft ��iiserv*uive eon
ventiisi in Vancouver this week.
C. CliiTe departed on Thursday to
represent the delegation In the Terminal City.
Mr. Papworth, of Kaslo, will visit
tbe Slocan district in a few days for
tlie purpose of collecting samples of
ore for the fair to be held in New
Westminster this fall. The samples
will later on be placed on exhibition
in Ixmdon, England.
Jack Cadden, engineer on tbe 401,
was attacked ami seriously cot bv a
drunken Dago at Nakosp the other
day. This class of creatures is be-
coming uncomfortably prevalent in
many parts of B. C. and it will take
a liberal application of Canadian
justice to teach them that the Mafia
is not very highly regarded in these
parts. .��
(i. O. Buchanan visited Sandon on
Wednesday and conferred with sev
era I mine' owners regarding the
metnoria 1 gotten up by the Kaslo
Board of Trade to be presented to
the QtebsC Conference. J. B. Mc-
Arthur has lawn depurated to represent the interests of Kaslo and
Kossland. Tbe mine owners endorsed
the memorial as regards the tariff
regulations on silver-lead ore.
an amount equal to one-half a cent a J Payne,
share per quarter ^^^^^^^^^
This plan provides a working capital of S30.00J during the life ot the
bond. Mr. Finch, it is understood,
stands ready to take the place of any
stock bolder who falls out, so that
tbe success of the plan is practically
assured. It is also said that a deal
will be occluded in a few davs by
which J. D. Farrel will sell ail his
interest in the St. Keverne, 124,00 J
shares and all his interest in tbe
Reciprocity, 122.00J shares to parties
represented by Sidney Norman. Tbe
fstneine comes up to'be ratified by
the stockholders at a special general
The shipments of ore from July
1st, 1898 to date.
Prom Sendon.
Ruth, rt^mmmmmBm
Slocan Star,
Last Chance,
Wonderful Bird
C M Wilson
Prom Concentrator Siding
Idaho Mines, :      283
Queen Bess, :        39
5,3401 tons
meeting on Sept.  14.   Sid Norman     ^s.i..��*����.��� �����^ .*.  ar �� <* ��
^ >h* nronnrtv!   ouipmcnts over the K, & S. for the
will have charge of tbe property
with head quarters at Sauaon. He
will be advised as to general plans
of work by George Ay lard, superin
tendant of tbe Enterprise and tlie
New Denver agent of Finch & Camp
bell.���Kootena ian.
for a
A small force is at work on the
The Queen Bess will occupy their
new buildings shortly.
The Big Horn group on
Creek has been surveyed
Excavating will be commenced for
the new buildings at the Last Chance
next week.
Work was commenced on the Cor*
Inth this week. A tunnel is being
run by contract.
The Ivanhoe miners are now occupying the new buildings, which are
Tbe Jackson Mines.
Th* steam hoist at the Jackson
mines has been put in position and
three shifts are sinking on the shaft.
at the bottom of which there is a good
showing of ore. The mill is nearly
completed and may start running
some time this month.
week ending September 1: Payne
240, Ruth 100, Last Chance 60, Wonderful 6, C. M. Wilson 2.
Over the C. P. R. for
week in August; Payne,
Slocan Star 120.
Total for the week 768.
Tne Violet Group.
The Violet group of four claims,
the Jeanette, Minne-Ha-Hn, Evening and Violet is being surveyed for
Crown grant. George Clark will
start a gang of men to work building
a camp and running tunnel on the
Violet, where considerable work will
be done. The property, which adjoins the Wonderful, belongs to Pat
Burns and is cousidoied a valuable
models of neatness and comfort.
The Whitewater mill  will be
the early part   of October,
M. L Grimraett was married to
Miss Margret Crawford at the residence of Aid Crawford st 6 a. m.
Thursday. G. W. Grimmett was
best man, and Misses Crawford and
Rawlins bridesmaids. Among the
many presents was a piano from the
Presbyterian church���Regular services in Virginia hall morning and
evening at 11 a. m. and 7*30 p. m.
Methodist Church���Regular services to-morrow at 11 a. m. and 7:30
p. m. Rev A. M. Sanford, A. B.
Subject for the morning sermon:
"Gamaliels advice"; and of tbe
evening "The Crucifixion aod its results."
Special music will be rendered at
the evening service as follows;
Anthem: "Oh! how lovely is
Zion. Anthem: "Beacon Light."
Solo by Mr. Webb. Chorus by full
An item Is going the rounds among
the scissors editors that there are 140
men at work on the Pavne. This is
incorrect. The payroll of tbe big
property has never exceeded tbe
even hundred this summer. The
Kooteoaian is responsible for the misstatement.
heavy shipments will be commenced. I groom to tbe bride, and a handsome' to banaon.
Kaslo has appointed a deputation
to look after the town on Labor Day.
Everyone else is going to move over THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B. C, SEPTEMBER   3   1898
The Queen Beee Rood.
Nelson, Aug. 28, '98
E. M. Sandilands,
Dear Sir,
I regret to inform you that the
newly formed government at Victoria declined to consider themselves
bound by promises made  by their
firedecessors in office. Tliey especial-
y refuse any assistance, or even
eromise of assistance towards the
uilding of the new Sandon road,
notwithstanding the fact as poiated
out to them that, acting on the good
faith of the promise we had received,
a considerable amount of money had
already been expended.
Under these circumstances the
Queen Bess company will reluctently
have to give up all thought of baiki-
injj the Sandon road this year. I
hardly need say that I am very disappointed at this termination, which
* was totally unexpected. lean only,
therefore, thank you and the people
of Sandon for tbe trouble taken in collecting subscriptions and in many
other ways assisting the project.
Yours very truly,
C. K. Milbourxe.
The foregoing le'.ter explains itself.
The citizens of Sandon were promised by tlie Turner government half i
the cot of the Queen   Bess warai j
roid. Tbe present government, when
approached upon the subject by Mr.
C. K.   Milbourne,   president of the
Queen Bcsi company, flatly refuse
anv assistance or promise ot aasis
tance whatever.
The Queen Bess road was designed
to give easy access to the Idaho
basin, one of the richest mineral districts in the province. At present it
has no satisfactory means of transportation. From most of the prop
erties the cost of shipping ore comes
very high. From a number of claims
it is practically impossible to ship,
and they wilt no doubt lie idle until
such time as a good wagou road Is
Viewed in tbe light of a business
proposition, the Queen Bess road
would seem to be a first class investment on the part of the Provincial
government. The cost of the road
to the government would, as has before been pointed out in this journal,
be not over |4,C(X). The Provincial
treasury receives in taxes one per
cent of smelter returns. Considering
8100 an average value per ton���and
tbe estimate is conservative tor the
ore of this district���when tho output
of the Idaho basin was increased
4,000 tons by the better facilities
which a good wagon road would
afford the government would be even
on its investment. Whatever was
collected after this would be clear
profit to tbe people of British Col-
There is nothing extravagant
about this reasoning. Tbe Payne
alone has shipped over 3,000 tons In
the last sixty days. During tbe peat
year it has shipped over 13,000 tons.
There is reason to bejieve that .bad
the Payne been at the same disadvantage as some of the Idaho
basin properties its value would
never have been known. There are
many other individual properties in
the Slocan which have during their
existence paid into the Provincial
treasury several times tbe amount
that this road would cost; and there
is no resson to doubt thst equally as
good properties exist in tne Idaho
basin, lacking only transportation
This road has already cost several
of tlie citizens of Sandon considerable
in time and money. The Queen
Bess people have gone to a large expense in anticipation of the benefits
that were to accrue from its construe
lion. The large amounts which several Sandon business men subscribed
is a fair criterion of the benefits
which this road would be to the community. There are two hundred
men at work in the Idaho basin now,
but this is not a circumstance to the
number that might be employed
under more favorable conditions.
Rumors have been persistently in
dlrculation that the X\ P. R. was
making offers and promises of tram
ways to the Idaho basin and wss
using every influence In its power to
prevent the construction of a wagon
road to Sandon which would break
tbe company's monopoly on the bulk
of the ore shipped from Three Forks.
It is a patent fact that Joe Martin
has been sold ont body and soul to
the great corporation since tbe first
day he entered Canadian politics.
Are we to credit tbe refusal of aid
to this meritorious undertaking to
political spleen on the part of our
"worthy" representatives, or to it
the work of the Italian hand of the
great corporation of which Canadians
are made slaves. It most certainly
cannot be due to sound reasoning or
good business ability.
Misleading Reports.
Investigation of Perry Creek by
Mr. Farrell, the well-known Spokane
mining man, go to snow that previous reports on that district have beeu
of s decidedly misleading character.
The reports on Perry Creek were
based on mill tests of 'various clair-s,
a mill being supplied for this p *r-
pose by Montreal capitalists, '/be
mill was bandied by men ignorant
of their work with the result that
barely traces were saved from the
quartz crushed, but on examination
of the tailings and waste around tbe
mill, it was fooni to carry large
values in gold and a rough estimate
shows that the quartz pot through
the mill must have been decidedly
rich. This, together with the favorable reports of several mining experts who have visited the Fort
Steele district in the interests of tbeir
companies snd who sil spesk well of
Perry creek, looks well lor the future
of this portion of tbe district as a
milling eamp.
Mining Institute Meeting.
The next meeting of the Canadian
Mining Institute will be held in Nelson during the first week ot October.
Thus far the following have arranged to read papers: VV. Blakeiuore,
Crow's  Nest Coal Company,   Coal
J. C. Gwllllm. Slocan City: p perry
Leake,   Revelstoke;   .1. L. parki-r
Rossland; O. E. 8.  Whiteside   An-
thracite, and H. A. Guess, Keewatin
unt. '
The Sandon Hand Laundry and
Bath House has recently added s
set of steam fixtures, giving it the
complete equipment of a steam laun*
dry. Work called for and delivered
promptly as promised. Best bath
rooms in the city.
"Truth is stranger than fiction *
���That's  right;   lots   of
wouldn't know it on sight."
SEPT. 5th, 1898.
SEPT. 5th, is��8.
$1,500 in prizes.
$1,500 in prize*.
Horse Races Drilling Contests
Hose Reel Races
Caledonian Sports
Running,   Jumping,    Putting   the  Shot,
Greasy Pole, Nooelty Races, etc, etc.
Between Sy White the Wisconsin Butcher
Boy, and Percy Wilkinson the Montana Kid, for 9250.00 a side.
Grand Ball in the Eoening
Brass Band.
There will be a hot time in the SILVER CITY on
Special EXCURSION HATES from all Slocan and Lake IVintssad
stations on the N. ft 8. K. h\ also from Kaalo and from > !��� >"��
on the K. A S By.   See handbills for further infonnstion
J. D. Giegerlch
A. C. McArthur
H. II. Pitts
Bruce White
A. C. Crawford
Jno. Lowes
Jas. Williamson
J. 8. Gusty
Dr. G. P. Young
Jno. Moore
Robt. Cunning
G. D. McMartin
 Wm. Bennett.        9lWBmmmamBam
Jno. Switzor, F. C. Sewe!l��
Thoss Brown,
It 3, 189S;
PREMIES.   ttJl-iitElrt D&fttSSAL ejections.   I deem it rav dutv, there-1
Tin- full text of tlie correspondence
rvlatiiitf to the dismissal of tlie Turner
jfyViTiiment by Ueuteaanttb.vernor
Mclnuia has tn-en published in an extra
,���,,,. of the British Cotumbia Osteite.
I lH. following it the letter ol dismissal,
wriitt-n by His Honor of the *th of
Amrust H��, referred to hi* letter of
j���l> nth. *n��l said:
���>m<t* writing that letter, however.
tin' ri'|ir<��.Miiitatiomi made by yourself
ami lolltvqruea, snd hereafter referred
to in ivtfsrU to the expenditure of
varii'ti* sum* of money, have InHneiic
,-,1 ox' to the extent that I shall ma
loiurer await tba return of the Casuist
srit. lH>for�� acting on what I con
*���|.r I ho verdict of the electorate, as
it m*v )h> that further delay in calling
ins ministrv In whom I would have
full confidence,   would   iirajudiciailv
,,:?.-, t tit.- interests of the Province    ll
sn* r��*commended by the honorable.
tu- ��� luof Commissioner of Landsami
Work*, and urged upon tae by your
*���!{ .iitd the honorable, the Attorney
ii.n.it!, that tbe money* voted for
ros��K   hridgi**.    mhwd-iHiuae*,   etc .
should forthwith be expended iu Ver
non, < ownrban, t'ariboo and Kamloop*.
snd warrants have been sent iij��  fur
in v approval, covering   in  some  in
���.urn'**,   ueariy   tlie  whole amounts
v.!.-! for the said localities    On the
r.ToiiMn.*ii<lation of tbe Chief t'ommi*-
iiu*.-ii>iier, also, I have. W*eu a����ked to
approve of a special warrant fur a cm
si<terah|�� stun  for   the   Kelson court
ht��u*e. additional to the sinus already
��<��t��-d for that building   Tbectecutive
��������tun (I sdvised me to approve a minute
sntii Tialng yourself and tue bonorablr
Attoaii-y Vteoef*. to execute forthwith
�� contract, on behalf of the government,
gram nig a subsidy to the t olumbia and
Western llailwsy Company.   Ami in a
conference bad on the 2nd iustant with
voursrif. the honorable Attorney-{Jen
wai. iti.l the li-morable. the Provincial
.VtKviiiry, theiieceaaity of at once plac
iwr -i large stmt at the disesMal of the
Z-v. r nment agent ia the Cassiar dis-
".<. for tt i* building of trails and road*
through that district and for the assist
ann* ami relief of a large number of
men in that district who could be em-
l>ioyol in such work wss urged upon
in��i: and it was strongly contended that
t-�� sitliltnld that sum now would be to
retard the exploration and development
of s rivh mining section of the Province.
Now. in these cases, as yon are aware,
snd in other* not mentioned, I have
withheld mv approval, as I considered
th.Mii outside of routine business, snd in
none of them could 1 see thst a delay
of a few weeks  would mike any material differenea to the   localities con
cerned, or to tbe Province at  large
And, in s few oilier cases,   not men
tinned. I approved of certain eipoudi-
Hire as  recommended.    But, at   the
mine time I fulhr reatUe that my own
J'i'L'iinnt as to theexpediency mav be
st limit    And 1 full*, realise, also, that
iin* ii an exceedingly important period
in tin   development* of the   Province.
*>���<! tlmt lack of proper expenditure
'" "'toin localities might indeed  re
lard that development    Consequently.
Impressed as I am with a deep sense of
���">   responsibllitv to  the Crown, aud
mv duty to tbe people of the Province.
snd convinced that yourself and col-
loagues, sre no longer endors.nl bv the
wmorate, and have not the ������oiitldence
nf the legislative assomblv, I have de
ndedtono longer delay'in calling tor
nt,\��r advisers    For, as I  would not
J*l jitstifled In granting vou snother
��w>lutlon snd appeal to the elector
�������������� and ss, after a careful study of
�������� situation l am convinced that you
��><ihl not command a majority in the
J-Mnnhly, 1 iliall not put the Province
n�� the delay or to the expense of a
���poclal session of the legislature, merely
"r �����<; purpnsa of formally demonstrat
* what has been already svlllclently
""���""Crated tn me hv the general
tore, to ask. and I dVheri*^ necessarily   require  serious
vounielf aid i!.,.r / iE?     y   i ' l.hHt C'tnmieration 0n the part of the irov-
>0!!!wif.Jtnd^0ttr ^Heagues hand in eminent and I was surprisedtoreceive
your resignations as advisers to tne,
and as members of my executive
Mr Turner in his reply, after reciting
the main facts of the letters jriven
above, continues:
"Your honor, however, proceed* to
inform me that, as your omi judgment
in these matters mav be st fault ami
tieing convinced that I and mv col
league* are no longer 'endorsed hy the
electorate,' you have decided to no
longer delay calling for other advisers:
and vour honor concludes bv askiug
that 1 and my colleague* hand in our
resitf nations as advisers to you and a*
members of year exi*cutiv��-council.
This communication whs received by
in�� at the hour of l> bv the dock, on
the tub day of August" At ;i o'clock
in tbe afternoon of that day Mr. B.-a
ven, a def.*ated candidate in the general elections not vet concluded, was
announcing that be had been sent for
by your honor to form a government,
md the evening paper the Daily
Timet, made a similar announcement.
1* is impossible for me to assume that
Mr Beaven or the paper mentioned
were justified in making such statements. Nevertheless tlie (act that
they were made may become important in connection with the responsi-
billty your honor proposes to undertake ���*
Mr Turner then recounts the act* o.
the government sancti mod by his honor siuce tlte Utli day of July, and pro-
4*|s#aa|i( *
���*On Monday, July 18th, 1898, Mr T.
tt. E Mcliiue**. your honor* private
���e* retary, called ou me at my otbee iu
the treasure, lie s|toke ol the letter
of July lHn from tbe LieutenauHtover nor to me, in which the Governor
give* bis reasons for not signing Fauquier's appointment, etc. He (the
private secretary) said it hat be bad
written that letter. He said that your
honor considered thst the result of the
elections generally was against the
government aud therefore no appointments should be made and no special
warrants drawn He then went ou
to say that there was a met hint by
which" 1 could secure a stron-r government; that, owing to the tact that
some parties had taken a very active
part again*! tbe government iu tbe
fate Sections, being now somewhat
nervous about the postttea of real affair* in the Province, particularly with
respcet to the prcoonderaiu e of main*
land influence ami tlie consequent dinger of tbe rights'of the island being
neglected, thev, or he. had arrived at
the opinion that it would be well to
back me up by support from so.ne of
the members who had been elected to
support the opposition, and he desired
to let me know that his brother, W,
W. B. Mel lines, M P . could carry out
an arrangement of that kind Hc<W
W. B Mclnnes) was prepared to -e-
sigu his seat in the Commons and
enter into local politics- H�� was really
a friend of mine, ami fully supported
most of ��>' policy, more particularly
that of railwavs, agriculture and tin
Hi would, however, want a
tlteenhinet. and if I were in-
lined to give him thnt l>��' was quite
Mrs he could bring over two of the
present opposition island members to
my supp>rt in addition to his own
litis would give me, In the event of
Csssiar being favorable to my govern
ment. at least 21 or W government supporters, snd 1 should, he thought, have
litllejjdiltiiultv in getting over one or
two more, thus *��-nring s p��l wors-
ing majority. A few days after Mr W.
W. B Mclnnes called at my office and
discussed the situation on the linos rag*
-ert^j  bv   his  brother,  your honors
frivate "eW^^&g* ��?
statements made  by  the latter   Mr
W. W. B. Mclnnes subsequently had
your honor's letter inasmuch as it placed
an entirely new complexion on tbe
Mr Turner then deals at length with
constitutional authorities and precedents aud concludes: "Under these
circumstance:., while neither mv colleagues nor I personally desire to hold
office contrary to the wish of the people, we feel bound, in the interest of
constitutional and parlimeutarv government, to claim the right to await
their verdict at the lianas of their
representatives duly elected and in
parliament assembled. We, moreover,
respectfully question tlie course vour
honor has chosen to adopt before the
general elections are concluded, and
while the legality of so targe a number of the elections already over ��*
challenged in the courts of this Province. Under these circumstances I feel
it my duty to ask your honor to reconsider tbe communication addressed to
me on the 8th of this mouth."
On the 12th of Au?usttbe Lieutenant-
Governor wrote to Mr. Charles A. Sein
lin, catling on hii-i to take up the task
of forming an administration abandoned by Mr Beaven and thus explaining!
his previous action. I
"But. as on the best information I
could obtain it was made to appear to
me that there was no recognized leader
of the party since the general elections
of the nth ultimo, it being divided into
two factions, supporting the claims
respectively of yourself and Mr. Martin
to the leadership, and having in view
Mr. Beaven's former leadership of the
said party: his long aud distinguished
service* to tbe Province, and his great
and widely recognized ability as a
financier, so much needed in the political financial condition of the Province,
I sent for him on the 5th instant for
advice as to the political situation aud
the chances of his being able to reconcile the rival���or supposed rival���fat-
tionaof tbe ascendant party and to
form �� ministry acceptable to it. As a
result of that interview tbe subsequent
action of calling upon htm on the Stb
instant was taken." Since then I have
had an interview with Mr Martin, and
he assures me that I was quite nitsin
formed; that no division exists in the
ascendant party, and that he look* to
vou as the leader of it Mr. Beaven
has made a similar report to me, to the
effect that Mr. Martin looks to you as
the recognized leader Under these
circumstances, accordingly, there no
longer exists the advisability that at
first appeared, on the facts reported to
me. of calling upon the old leader to
assume tbe task of forming a ministry
and reconciling factions. I have the
h >nor, therefore, of calling upou yourself, as the now admitted leader of the
ascendant .party to act as chief adviser
to the representative of the crown and
to form a new ministry."
Green banks of a river, an'tskln' of my ease���
Fur-off sounds of ealtlw bells-boiMjHuiiiOV tees.
An' blossom* <lni|��|,ln* roiiw' yon when the wind
frce'is throutrh the Jrees���
Green banks of a river���<lo jest ss you please���
Friend to sli the slug-in' birds ana brother to the
No bullets whtzziu' round me���no forts to shell
Green bstiks of a river, an' takln'of my ease.
Green tanks of s river: ck>v*r to yosr suees
In medderscool with absddm-tlie blossom* an'
��� ksk lsi*sria
Theslnirin'of the moclun' bliSs-4he"howdy"
of the trees
0rein banks of a river, an' tskln'et my essy.
���Atlsals Gosstituion.
Mrs Gossipel���So young Me. Benedict
has taken a wife. Dear ma, and on|y
'24. What could have induced him to
take such a course?
Mrs. (iossiper���My dear, I fancy it
runs iu tbe blood. I bear that bis
father aud mother before him were
If you are-
Call at the
Hotel Ivanhoe.
Is the Pioneer House cf the City
*   . m *i *t m m%
���Msnufstarera of all������
Syphons, Ginger Ala,
Sarsaparilla, Etc., Etc.
Seuadoxx, M.O*
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when vou want the best
Can save money
by buying youi>
from us.    We are making a special
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Is Issued every Saturday In Sandon. In the heart
of the greatest White Metal camp on earth.
SubseiipttoD    ��� ...    ftOOsyesr
8trlctly In advance.
Address: Tbs Patstskak, Sandon, B.C.
Miking is a dangerous occupation
and should be well paid. Scarcely a
day passes in Kootenay but we read
of some miner being hurt or killed.
Talking about this the other day a
miner said to as: "You bet, it is
risky working under ground. In
Colorado one time I had a contract
sinking an incline shaft. My partner
and I were busy pounding tbe drill
when the cable attached to tbe skip
broke, and we could hear it running
down the shaft at a terrific speed. I
thought it was all up with us and the
cold chills chased each other down
my back in a hasty manner. As luck
would have it tbe skip got jammed
in the timbers about 20 feet above
us. Tbe accident shut on Ue pnmp
and the water began to rise upon us.
We kept climbing to the best of our
ability until we got underneath the
skip when the boys on the other side
got us out. I only had three feet more
of my contract to run, but I hired another man to do mv share of tbe work,
and for many a day I kept awav
from mining. I shall never forget
the terror that animated my frame
until tbe timbersciught the skip snd
saved our lives."
The Crows Nest Railway should
have been built without a money
bonus from Canada. The coal lands
should have been more than enough
to have paid the C.P.R. to bulla the
line. The following from the Toronto
Mail throws some light on subject:
Soon sfter tbe Laurier Government
took office, tbe Toronto Globe began
a heated campaign looking to the
granting of a subsidy for the Crows
Nest Pass Railwav     Now there has   We mt**irrta��ia*-^wee��vsl.sjMiawsy
��e�� rasi aauwsy.     now  inere IMS   ��, !,��.*. It s��Miia forwr ai��dad.v!
come to band the report of the Crows  Aado.su very bntumtck ������ tiavrVn^u.
TCattt   P.sa   Aral fWn.nv    ��# *��hl���l. ' Th* lsi��h����r ol the w��*rfcf     -
ing that the United States delegates
will refuse to proceed with tbe Quebec conference unless Canada foregoes
the British preferential tariff. The
opinion is firmly expressed that what
ever the finality Canada has gone too
for on pro British lines to yield on
this vital point
There Is no probability that the
United Stages delegates will make any
such demand.   Most of the questions
which are to come before the com
mission are questions which, in the
interest of both countries, ought to be
settled for all time to come.   The
bonding question between the  two
countries will come up;   also the
Aleskan boundary will have to be
defined.   Ihe alien labor question,
which has caused such severe criticism daring the past year, must be
settled; the Atlantic fisheries ques
tion will be considered; also the ques
tion of Canada's proprietary rights in
the seals of Behring sea.   But the
trade question is tbe most important
and will be tbe most difficult of settlement.   We doubt if any agreement
can be reached on this point, tor the
United States will not likely give
Causda any better tariff measures,
and unless the manufacturers ot Can-
sda are allowed  to enter unbound
into the market there in competition
with their manufacturers they will
not be allowed to enter Canada on
any more liberal terms than now.
Some of the mine owners in Colorado
are employing negroes at leas wages
than white miners will work for. By
holding out for living wages thousands ot people in that state are nearly starving. More than ever It
behooves working men to stand to
getter and shut out everything in
tbe shape of scabs. If they do not
the dsy is not fir distant when white
sis very will be the order of the day.
and miners of the great west will not
be mdch better than the Indians who
work in the mines of South America
for less than 40 cents a day.
Nest Psss Coal Company, of which
the Globe directors are also directors.
According to this report, the Globe
secured an interest in a local charter
for a road through tbe Pass. The
Globe then advocated the building of
a railway by the Canadian Pacific.
The Government having been induced to give the $3,634000 Federal
subsidy, the Globe people sold their
rights to the Canadian Pacific Railway for $85,000 cash, reserving coal
lands estimated at $1,415,000.
In .sir tired hearo**. snd lu amst ss vsin
We must r*v boeV
���rid Is Hlu: s muan
mm! lu mmta as vsli
we must sM hotn> sifsln t
All Is so quiet Ihrn-.
Last week st Ottawa wss witnessed
the opening of what
be the most important cor ference that
has ever taken place between the
United States and Csnads. A despatch from London states that keen
interest has been excited In govern*
We must get home
The touch of loving- hsnds on tir��or and hair
Dim moms, wherein the sunshine I* inn'.
The lost love of Um- mothsr snd t bv child
Kefton-d In restful lulUM.-* uf rain -
We mast test hom��'~wf must gel home smlu |
-James Wltrosili RiU-y
A destructive blase occurred at Rose,
bery Monday night, resulting from
sparks flying from the brush fire close
by Mr. and Mrs. B. M. Chamhars,
unite an elderlv couple, lost everything
they owned in the burned shack and
barelv escaped with one change of
clothing > Mr. Chandlers came to lUse
Is believed will J*51'*' Saturday to work on tbe new tug
isoeiievea willl*^ ^ constructed there bv tlm
t cor ference that; CPU., and he had spent Mends v nut
ting tbe house in shape for living. Thev
had brought with, them f***> worth of
goods, clothing, furnishings, tools, etc
ail of which was consumed, together
with 9200 in cash. It was with difficulty
ment eircle. th.ro b, ssr��fss> a*; %$��&^sXbSf.^ *""*"��
Republic FlotMMr.
J. D. Curtis, s mining man from Denver, came iu from tbe south half this
week, after spending two weeks in that
section. "I sm thoroughly disgwrtsd
with the mining laws of this state," he
said, "and tlie sooner they are radically
changed tbe better it will be for the mining business. Tbe law ss it stands is ths
most vicious one on the books. It permits land grabbing, and no railroad com-
pane was ever more greedy or grasping
I ban many of the prospectors I have encountered on this trip.
"Go where you msy on tbe south halt
and at this eerty date you will find that
nearly all tbe sections, that give anv indications of carrying mineral, have been
staked. 1 came across one man who
boasted of having :*> claims, another
with 27, snd another with so many its
had to haul out a book and count bis
holdings. None of these fellows had
done a day's work in the way of developing, and one of them had not bad au
sseay made; said lie couldn't afford it;
and 1 guess he spoke tbe truth. These
verv men, by tbeir ewe confessions, admitted thev did not intend to work sny
ot their claims; tliey would simply bold
them, and see wnst someone else might
develop. One old snooser put it this
" 'I hev tree claims np agin one as is
bein' pnispected by a rich Spokane guv.
snd 1 guess lie's got s good t'ing. He'll
want one ov my claims to dump on, and
it'll cost him a few ter git it. Then I've
got a water right ihet some'ne 'ill need,
an' 1 don't t'ink I'll give it away/
''Those are tbe class of men who are
s detriment to the mining Industry, In
Colors.to it Is neeseaary to dotlutt worth
of work on s claim before it can be re
coroVI. And it tsaaadrairsMe lsw. It
makes a man show his good faith when
be makes s location, snd it works to the
advantage of everybody interested. In-
ready oil every too* of ground being staked off aod not a pound ot reek or earth
disturbed, there is a chance for an eoer-
getic man to get in on a claim.
"The Washington law retards progress
snd stops work. Tbe conecieniions prospector is often practically kept out of a
district by men who bold doscne of
clsims simply for speculative purposes.
Whatever merit the present law possesses it has been sadly abated."
ths Dime* suarosuc
Tbsy srofH wh*�� thry lined up wlih T��M��
Tbsy said ws worn dmlm and all ilui      '*
Thevl-wutlmslU^t^Chutty'ssd ���>Wts>>
tVowld fsiut si ths e>*u of s Hat t
But M thsmkwh than- In OV .��Ur��..��
Htood sUtasd t*v lbs swells Ii. the van.
Aad know that s chat, may have rt,<lir*
They said last we'd wig under Art.
Ami res li the (.warns said "lil,��*t ���
Est s tattuw any hsvw a rich sir*
Aa4 4tUbss|*strs4. t..!
Look tfate* whsrs w* aw '
��r aesjgsv,
dud.* dr.--,, |��� |
Th* sweat who lie In their last sltitxi*
Prova what w* asm worth!
Thty Ua*d***d whys we mid w* w*tv �� >iu.-
Thev fvoaVd when ����� an#wet>d Us- rail -
nv sshrht do al I*""!* ���*�� r������ l>.��-
Itet as warrtors' -sm, no-no* <i all'
Ah tet ihrm has* thee-1* IW .1 ii.-hm.
Ut��a*l-��ijt>M*l DV IS* dulss in (Iw vsn
Ami trars last * eb*f�� may ha ,e ��v h ���
Ami stlS U s r��*�� t
(V%��4srvi Lasdrr.
Pasrwtewts.   Pwssmnts.
Inlaws���Applications have been re-
ceived st the Department ����f th<- Interior
to prosper! for petroleum (u laud*, in
Southern Alberta. It Is fssMrabte that
the queatt<m as to whether pstroluuw if
to he found in paying quantities in the
Terrltotiea should ascertained The
Minister ef Interior bss been authorised
to reserve for an applican: foi ill
mouths an area not e**cee*llngftpi seres
of land to prwspev* for petroleum, and tf
oil Is found in paying ajaaMltiea to sell
the land to antdieani al lie- rate ol *i
pgf acre, with a provision thai a roj aitt
vl two and one-half per cent upon mU
of pefroleum be paid to the Crown.
This authority Is confined to lands snath
.if the Canadian Pacific Railway in
A number of Kngti��h cajst*li*t�� are
communicating with the Gwvemment.
with a vt*w to acquiring po**e*.*i.��n ������'
the Canadian coal fields, esoenalty
ihnee known to esist north of Mumti
ton and in the basin of the Mack.n*><'
River, if a lair arraugement can ����.
made �� heavy lnve*tment of Itrdi.h
cs|<4tal is promised
The people who have rushed Into
the Klondike in search of a few har
rcls of yellow dost are beginning to
realise that gold is where you find -t
Dealer iri MEAT
 : AT:
Neil Mmis.nai.u
MACDONALI)  BR08M Proprietors.
Rates 11.50 to 12.60 |#r day.-
I Reco
Headquarters fbr Mining 8f>ecnlators and Capitalists.
Ave., - . Handoii, tt.C THK PAYSTKKAK, SANlXIN, B.C., SEPTEMBER 3, 1898.
|N|NAI.I>   MlNHtH   l��lVISION.
m.rf ����' ���������lea; OBH��fwSIesiS--A Birds
Kyr View **��** Dlstrlet.
>*>    eg**
y^ attention ha* been given by
prosfjectors to the Donald Mining
IHvision than to any other portion of
North East Kootenay. Vet the prosit* ol mineral deposits of value being
found there appear to be as good as iu
anv other portion ol the Columbia
Valley. Promising placer deposits lie
���nworked on Quarts creek and there
have been locations of excellent gold-
ropper mads on Porcupine creek,
Imi ��i yet no development work has
lMV,i done, so that practically nothing
ha* iH-eu pr>ved regarding tliese pros-
,^t. mi Bald mountain theieisoiie
oi the bitfgest deposit* of gold-besring
quart* in Ksst Kootenay On Kiu
baskel lake s galena deposit has been
iu process of development. Placer gold
and platinum have been found in the
Kluewater, Cummins creek, st Ihe
Waits-bit, and at Canoe rtvtr. Her*.
tarn. I*- a large ares of country aim wing
prmnising indications at many points,
hot s!imIi is as yet
i'k o rn Atx. t xKxeuiaei*
Th.- far north can be reached by a trail
known a> tlie Mobetiy trail running in
a north westerly direction from Donald, and though the trail is in bad
shapr hi manv place* at the present
tittie I'M- route I* an em client one,
beitur iiver sn easy grade, and with
abundance of fodder for park aniunl*
mi ike sav The first |won*rty visited
��s��.iii��t locates* last year by Messrs
Nisshe and Conner
o\ ma lavirat
ketvrru the Clearwater and Kluewater
nv��r��. From Donald Io Fish lake I*
a ilistancc of 15 miles, by the Moberly
trail, which was found In good sha*��e
thu* (ar. except for bring tdocked by
windfalls and a few boggv |daces The
hndge nver the Wail a bit. damaged
ten \i-ar�� ago, bv high water, has
i**?n put in good shape, and thence the
trail runs along the river flat to tbe
< "juinhia. snd follows this to a terrace
��� hit h-irises across Io the Bluewster,
tour miles further on. This river im
presses tbe traveller with the appro
priatencss of the nam* as he descends
��" it from the terrace on which he has
^ travelling, especially as he contrasts u with the Black water, which
iotas It a little below the bridge. The
B'uewater is crossed bv a good trait
eridge, and then the trail follows tbe
Blatksater for the next six miles to
ridihtke Four miles from tbe Blue-
��'*ier hridgs is the favorite luncheon
srroHiiti of travellers, where the trail
itong which stream is abnudaiice of
'"������I for horses. At Fish lake a trail
turning to the right takes tbe traveller
'���ii -ii the route to the Clearwater mine
��� nh title trail Is a terror at the point
���here it jroea down to the lake, for the
grsdfl hire is .steep enough to make an
'tcitlnjr toboggan slide. It is certainly
too steep for horses. The Clearwater
>����gsln (rossetl st tbe foot ofthcter-
race, where'.he nretlv lake known as
���""���ii lake breaks into view. At the
���as It a tapital camping place and
Plenty of f��*,^ for horses, but what with
mosquitoes aud black files it Is not si
*<.>����� tht�� i���.si ftf places to camp for
"' sight.   A fair trail leads from tho
���ss to
ths ' I KAKWATF.U  aiVKIt.
"���distance of about ronr miles Here
wa toughest part of the trip begins
;VUW trail has been made Trom the
111rtt,a,,r ,0 lh�� *�������������. and a great
82 0( *"��"* baa been put upon It, the
r,'r,i,",,m ���whff4dlas��  It to the ex
tr    1��     lfW        A   *****    r0Ut6    COttM
21 .**'. "���*��� "**�� trot, for the first
J*""* the trail consists in a gulden
EVT* the creek, which makes
'""������l 'limbing for both man snd horse,
and the route will have to be altered if
any considerable amount of packing
has to be done to and from the mine.
I wo milts over a rough, rockv river
channel brings the traveller to the camp
established by A A. Knowlton. the
gentleman who bonded the proiiertv
and is working it at the present time."
is on tbe summit of tbe divide between
the Bluewater aud Clearwater rivers,
���Vou feet above sea level The property includes three claims, Little
Brother owned by J. W. Conner, Mow-
gli by H. R. Moodie, and Akela bv Dr.
I ay lor. A trail of some IA sigsag* has
tieeu made up the. steep mountain aide
to where the mineral bearing veins out-
crop on the summit The history of
the discovery dates back to some'four
years ago when some Indians told J
��V Conner of the deposit He went out
to aet) it but owing to the roughness of
tbe country he did not stake the ground
at the time. Samples brought in. however, gave assays of between t*x�� ami
f mm, and last year Messrs. Conner and
Moodie weut * out and located the
ground H C. Hammond, of Toronto,
was si much impressed with the
samples of ore shown him, that he
went out and saw the property He
returned with a magnificent lot'of ore,
which on assay went over a .uo in gold,
silver, and copper.   He then
0 t the proper!v and sent Professor
Hardinan, of Montreal, to inspect the
ground. The Professor, although impressed with the richness of the ore,
reckotted that from the inaccessibility
of the locatiou, it would he a doubtful
nro|tosition, aud on his advice the bond
was abandoned by Mr Hammond.
Last year Knowlton took a working
bond on the property, and -recently
started work on it lie bad an assay
made on tbe ore in Montreal, when the
result showed a value of something
tike SHSO to the ton On his return
from the east this season Knowlton
decided1 to start work on tbe property
and got in as soon as Jhe ground wss
clear of snow.
THE !��K!*UKir IM A PIW.I.K.
It occurs st discovery in tt ringers
traversing a porphyry dyke Thisdyke
Is about i*J feet wide rising between
-laic and ser|mntine aud there are
aboutadoxen ot these stringers run
ning the width of tbe dyke These
���driiigcrs run from two to 24 Inches in
thickness, snd from two to 10 feet apart
They all carrv ore which is in the form
of galena on the surface ami grey copper lower down, both ores being verv
high grade. The country rock on both
-adea of the porphyry dyke issobsdlv
broken up that a tunnel was started
with a view to cutting through the
stringers but it was impossible to keep
the roof up for getting titnliers in, and
the unnel had to tie abandoned at that
itoiut There is no appearance here of
a defined lead Immediately connecting
with these stringers, though In the
valley beneath, some LOW or 1.500 feet
traceable through the glacial basin,
wftha strike of N 50 \< snd the line
of which cuts right into the l��*W"7
dvke at right augles to the lead l bis
dvke runs east and west mil. a dip of
vV to the south. There ia therefore
everv probability that the lead will be
struck   as   the work   deepens.    This
the ore in the stringers all lies on flu
footwall, and extends but a short d.st-
���n-ein  frVm  the  footwall o thapor-
Xrvdvke   'The richness of the ore
found iti the stringers gives
iiofb or faUOOaJlH WO* mmui.ts
In the main lead when that is found
Alreadvhalf a ton of this rich
Ihhm, taken ^.^o(itto MeGill
for a thorough
cuts being 17 feet long and eight feet
deep, and another 15 feet long and 10
feet deep. The quartz is a white crys-
tahsstion peculiar to the whole of tbe
Bluewater Basin of the Donald Mining
Division. Slate and porphvrv are sometimes mixed with the quartz, aud the
lead in valley shows strong exudations
of talc. Mr. Knowlton has opened up
the lead in the valley to some extent
and finds that
showing a fine quality of galena on the
surface, but of course no work has been
done on it to prove the extent or value
of the mineralization.   A tunnel  has
now been opened on the camp side of
tbe divide on  which the claims are
located, and it is intended to drive this
under the  outcrop  of  the  stringers
This work will prove the extent of the
mineralization to a certain depth, and
will serve to show whether it Is of a
permanent character   The work should
also prove the existence of the lead at
that polr-t and whether its mineralization   corresponds   with  the splendid
showing In the stringers.    A great
difficulty in tunneling at this point is
the trouble in getting in timber, as it
is some distance away, and has to he
hanled some L400feet up asteep incline.
I hi tbe other hand the steepness of the
mountain is a great assistance in proving the ground, as  it gives so much
depth for every foot of tunnel driven.-���
Golden Era.
ore has
tt tl Knowlton s
Tbe introduction of promising railway undertakings is a pleasant variation io doubtful mining schemes, and
this company has been forme-* to
acquire and amalgamate the Kaslo &
Slocan Railway and the International
Navigation and Trading Company
t which owns a fleet of steamers on
Kootenay Lake which have hitherto
been the connecting link between the
Kaslo A Slocan Railway and the town
of Nelson), and in addition to acquire
tbe charter of the Bedlington and Nelson Railroad Company. The capital
cous^ts of ��500,000, in ordinary shares
of ��100 each, none of which are offered
to the public, the present issue being of
$/ULyOm five per cent, debentures, which
are offered at par.
As the net profit on the Kaslo &
Slocan Railwav for 1897 amounted to
fjOB^OO.and tbe Navigation Company
showed f*l,000, the interest on the debenture issue, amounting to 1116,400, is
easily provided for- The profits made
bv both undertakings have shown a
marked increase with every half year,
and so much greater activity is reported
from the Slocan silver mines, that there
should be a substantial balance at the
end of this year en tbe working of tbe
present systems sufficient to pay a fair
dividend on the shares. The acquisition of the Bedlington charter is of
great importance to the company. By
this charter a line of about 58 miles in
length will be built from the southern
extremity of Kootenay lake to the International boundarv, where it will
connect by means of branches with both
the Great Northern and the Northern
Pacific railway systems. It is practically certain that the Government will
never again grant a charter to a company which enable it to connect with
American roads Without this charter
Kootenay would practically hsve been
helpless in the bands of the C.P.R. It
will now enjoy the advantages of com-
Bitition, and when Sir William Van
orneand "Jim" Hill commence bidding for freight, rates will get down to
a fair working basis.
It is impossible to over-estimate the
advantages which will accrue to Southern B.C through this amalgamation.
The already large shipments from the
Slocan mines will be increased, as the
haulage to the smelters at Pueblo and
Everett being considerably shortened
the rates will be correspondingly decreased and lower-grade ore can be
shipped. It is a wonderful testimony
to the high value of these silver-lead
ores that they have been able to pay a
good profit���in many cases ��10 a ton���
to tbe mine owners* when sent to the
smelters by so costly and circuitous a
Although the owners of the Kaslo &
Slocan Railway possess half the shares
of the company, the preponderating
interest will remain with the English
debenture-holders, so no uneasiness
need be felt ou this score. We further
learn that the chief engineer of the
Great Northern will be allowed to superintend the construction of the new road,
and the thoroughly good understanding
which appears to" exist between this
com pan v and the svstems controlled
bv Mr.: Jim" Hill shows that at the
eleventh hour Kootenay is to be saved
from the curse of railway monopoly.���
B C. Review, London.
Parson Belcher���It hab been siggest-
ed, Brudder Warts, dat Brudder Brown
relieve yo' ob de duties ob pussin' de
Brother Warts���I hopes dey ain't no
suspicious ob mah honesty?
Parson Belcher���No, Bruddah; but as
yo* am a shoemaker by trade, an* hab
ino' or less shoemaker's wax on yo*
iingahs, de vestry ob die chuch am
affeered dat mo' or less nickels mought
stick to 'em by accident���dat's why,sah.
Farm Produce, Fruits,
a��* Vegetables. ��^ja;.
For tbe convenience of the trade s stock is always kept on hand in the
Jelland Building, SANDON. Mines supplied at wholesale rates. Csrs
loaded with Produce, Fruits and Vegetables are run into the Slocan every
TEN DAYS, and orders can he delivered en route.
intention ~ --
Colleire   at Montreal, for a
samtSng   Several open cuts have bee
31 Info these stringers, one of these
Provides sraple and pleasant accommodation for the traveling vabYw.
Telegranis for rooms promptly attended to.
STBQE ft AVISON,      -      .      -      -      ��� ���      Proprietors, THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B1C2mmim��^m
The following is s complete Hat of the
mining transactions recorded curing the
week in the several mining divisions of
the Slocan. Those of New Denw were
as follows :���
Auo tS���Pauline Q. MeOuigsn, Samuel Glnti
St Lawrence, rekwattou of Owl, D K ale Donald. *
Auo t��-Boston, four Mile, f B Harding.
Blaghamton, same, S J Harding.
Reus B, second; south fork Eight Mile, Joseph
Brandon.       ���    r<-
B and B, between Eight and Ten Mile, Joseph
Brandon, Prank L Byron.
Llllle, second north forth Eight Mile, Prsnk L
ACQ 25-Edtaburgh, Alamo basin, P D Ahter.
0 K. north fork Eight Mile, Qua Kroger.
Commander Extension, Eight Mile, Frank L
Carrie Grace, Ronbery. Walter Smith.
Auo *�����New Phoenix, Three Forks. Arthur
Arthur Fraction, Monitor hill, A 0 Ostby.
Arthur Mullen.
Boxer, McOutgan bsstn, Donald Sullivan.
Gopher FracUonal, Mowtrh slide. V H Behne,
Coin Fraction, south fork Carpenter. H J
S iddle Rock, Galena Farm. Edward StesrsTt.
United Fractional, same Edward Stewart.   W
Auo ��- Maple. Slocan Lake. Isidore Beauper.
1 nperal. Eight Mile. Amos Thompson
Repeater, same, J V Purvtam-e.
Esulla, Sliver mountain, M E Brairdon.
Aro iS-Rlncon.
AUO **���Caledonia.
Auo iS��� Hoodoo Fraction. Deloralne, Boulder
So a, Neglected.
AUO SS-IjOS Vegas No J, Payday.
Auo *�����Pn>m, Grip. Stemwtnder, Stiver Band,
Croydon Fraction,Twyford.
AnaSf-R AM, A E,Snowstorm, Bosphorns,
Gibralu-r, Humphrey.
Auo as-Mountain Scenery |, Cobs |, Joseph
Butler to Harry Sherran. sua- St, tot).
Notice of dlspeuaatiou of all represetitattoti of
all Interest bekl by F W Murt>hy, deceased.
Aco w~Swjky Fslls, Atnuum, | in each. T
Leo Peel to Fred Houtsr.
Mocking Bird|. Medium |,EW Nsuleton to
Dun eld McGttlivrsv. Sept IS, ~X>i��.
Robin Fraction, R A HUton to Mclvor Mclvor
Campbell, July 14.
Day break, Defender. Miantonsmah t, Corinth
|, Wild Ghkste I, Muckiug Bird 1,Comet. Ul miner.
Albert Belli*.. Jaa Glibpub aud A J Murphy to
Dsiald McGlUlvrsy.Sept 14.18W. ffttjift.
All of same claims, Donald McGUIivrty to Me-
Ivor Mclvur-Cainpbell, March 17. ISW.
Ani 27-Coin Fraction, (iustavu* Fsuudrey to
Chas M WOson. Ang SI, sau).
Aru��-MamnvKh. Anthony McUinty to Jas
Aco tt-Oh My. Alei Ferguson; Pere*scd\ F
O Msrcutix.
Aco So-Wlnfrld Alberta, John Campbell, A
H McMillan; CUva. Frank Romeo; Crvsv.-ul, J
T llesuchesne.
AUO a-Ponce/H G Altcfabon ; Cansdlsn
Mutual. OhssWsrd: B C Fractional, Blair Carter; Duplex. Geo Soocey.
Auo a-St Lawrence. C LCopp. A Wilds, H
SaiU AsrAodef. Esgh Ksbtm.
Aioil-Lakesldj. F A Wel*JJt*o_V*dt..
Fltcb, J McLellsn; lino, John Kteki; Frisco,
Matt Gledo; Mary and Ells. J M Anderson; Lulu,
Johu Healey; Spruce. Jas Anderson; Balsam.
Dan Barrett; Hunter. W J Harris* Jennie E,
Thus Harris; Maud, A MeKitition; Prince Arthur.
Th * Fancy; Monitor, Ktst*. Mu'n Lander, V\ 11
Vroom, R Oeu&more, W Luke.
Ac<; US���Any Extension, F Hansen; Kats,
Rotiert Keown and F X Gay; Llx<y. T X Gayi
Comber, Ham Birce; American. Alex Linroth;
Union. F lUkustrom: Black Soulrrell. A Johnston. E Wamsley, T Melrose; Climax. P McCne.
P Dowd; Silver Dollar Fraction, Luther Cam
Yukon, A R Hcyhmd.
Auo xS-LituV Dan. A B Fluner, Pesck. Centre
Star, Jos Carton; Yukon. Stride, si stride. Gold
Crop, W A Skinner, Golden Chest, A C Pearso'i.
Richard George; Treasure D��*p, R ~C Graham
Jubilee, Otto Msrstrand.
AUO SS-tJueen, Jos Bean, Jno Outh��-rle; Ida.
J B Thompson, E B Duulop.
AUO IS-Montpeller, Libert*-. Black Bess.
AUO J i-Black Fid.
Atutft-Ataska. Alaska No 1, Mrest Divide.
Aro xS-Cosmoa. Highland Lawk-, Bondsmen.
Aito x4���Bosworth, Dorset.
An; trV-Cbllleat, Dolphin-
Aims io-First Lake L I��s MrCorthy to John A
Ssmc |, same to same snd Jss Roach.
Ate 83   St Lawrence 4, Henry Sail, L C Cut it;
and Albert Wilds t ��� J C t/Coiinor.
Auo 17-Hatntsv.n. R llurmester, I'hllUt. r. H
F Btirme*t^r, Edris, J C Hansen.
AC" IS-Lake View. W(i Kt-tSI; Ch-rokce. V
Nelson;  Bun. H  J Matthews: Mount tin   liitt
Fraction. Jsa Chisholin and H Wicks.
AUO is��� Lansrk. W F Lawson; Ftfcr. T
Brown: Flying Dutrbinsn. A F Adams: ||tit.<
Cop|s-r,    B   Flaherty;   Yellow   CuetSV,   John
Aro so-Rov. Henry Roy; Roysl Khar, sain :
Night Hswk Fraction, Alex Mel,*. I; David. F
Aco I7-F M E. Cornwall Fraser Bonn.Wee
Kate Fraction. lUngston, Fkseuca. Blenheim.
Green isle, lens, Ads.
Ato lS-Albeits No*.Cliff, Alts, Mogul Fraction. l*ttie. Star Fraction.
suu l��-Joker. Derby, Alaska. MayS-wec,
Southern Cross. Cable. Nobht Friend.
Alio ��v-Horsiay, Waverly, Albany,Portlaud
Lucky B-*y.
Atoii-lrfgal Tender. Hidden Secret. New
Chum. Durango. HnoUltnoua, Iron Monntatn,
Klondike. Grottlc, St Gotnsttl.GUunVr, Home-
AUO 3S-Uurs M. Abbotsfoni, Red Star three
year*. Warner's Choice, Hawbush Frartsm,
Helvetia. Standard. Totatrack.
' ACO 17-F M F.J. N F Kdgar to Hector Mc-
Lsrty.STW). _.
Aiuts-GoUrtoNo t ,. P Malouey twWm,
BUck fours*. Ola*. Lucky BUI. HttbSd.. Hill
too. Kva Jsiie. Pond, sberffsssle. J  W Smith
\-s J.*n I* Ml iter. _      .
Glasgow, Cliff. S#th Star. AOa. Fletcher.
slit riffs sab, TJ Lendrum vs Wm M-��d*r.
Aro ��-Joker |, Joker H McGr���� .r to O W
Tavlor. #ln��
J'efl Davis, Wm AlpeiSoo to Joe Fletcher. ���SL'**
Aco SO-BUck IHam.Mid *. Mike Hy ot to F C
Chin *>k. Last Cbanre |. Danesn t��rsbam to
Ctiarbs Dlckaots.
Asrmnent hetwsen F Bo*a**sr, S Llbeck sod
S FewswattdVr. tbe former | tu a��ca, the Un��r |
in each, to share expenditure st same rate, in
Glat-ter, St GoChmrd. GruldtK tl.rtte. (Jest, Alts.
As a silver producer Bolivia it nearly,
if not, ou top. Tbe ways of minimi in
that country have been very wasteful,
and freight rates high . Ou tbe damps
of abandoned mines can be seen stacks
of low grade ore containing millions of
ounces of silver. The silver area of
Bolivia is about 20o miles wide ami
l,*sr> mites long, and runs north to
south Every lew miles can be seen
abandoned properties formerly worked
by the Spaniards Fifty years ajpe>the
number of these mines was estimated
at 10,000, few of which have been ex
hausted Indians used to do the mining
and the owners gave 20 per cent of the
output to Spain It is said that previous
to tne vear 180) the countrv produced
more "than t��,(sl),Ot'0,Gii0 * in silver.
Bolivia secured ber independence from
Spain iu 1*25, and for tbe & years pre-
ceeding that event ber tnim*s* pnsluci^l
|7'),i��),otio, and it is safe to say that up
to date since 1680 Bolivia has produced
fJ4,000^00,000 worth of the white metal.
Most of this came from the mine*
around I'otosi. A city three times tbe
siscjjof SjioUane was once in existence
there, but owing to the exhaustion of
the mines its imputation has fallen to
The city of Aruro is the principal
mining ventre iu Bolivia.   It hssa pop*
ulntion of 1H,ODO, and is built upon a
desert.   The buildings are principally
shacks and the streets are a Sandon
width.   The principal pert of the jiopu
lation are Indians.   The town   has a
Hue hv stein of mule waterworks.   Visit
ors prospecting for boozerino can easily
find it. as ail the saloons have a red tin'/
stuck over their doors    The wet gr.i
ceries most of them sell would bum out
a woodou-fndians stomach in less than
a century.   There is a  famous  mine
near the city called Sacavon la Virgen
Tin- stock of the companv is a million
and it Is quoted 960 percent, above par.
it is very  hot in  this mine and the
miners work with scarcely anv clothes
on    The best of ore only is taken nut,
and it is sorted by Indian women   The
women work all day for IS cents while
the' miners  *et  twice  that   amount
There is t-onshlerahle machinery at the
mine    Flama rnanme is used for fuel
It costs 912 a ton, and it takes nearly
two tons of it to run a *> horse power
engine tor 12 hours.
in Peru there are shout 2,000 silver
mines, nearly all not work lug at tbe
present time owing to tbe low price of
the white metal Within a radius oi
100 miles iu northern Peru there are
400 silver mines, a few of these proper-
tit's produce a high grade ore running
auo ounces to tbe ton, and tbe ore
thrown over tbe dumps will average
about 17 ounces. The miners are all
Indians, ami their pay isfi.Hn a week.
The only tools they uae aro hammers
ami drills. Each Indian has a rawhide
sack which he uses to pack tbe ore to
the surface. Moat of them can carry
l >�� pounds on their hacks Most of tbe
ore is reduced to a sulphide and shipped
to England for further treatment. The
mines of northern Peru produced iBtet,-
wtttaJJutl worth of silver in ����years
WK   HAVK   HtMata.
The Mining World, published (it Lon
don. recently contained an article
stating that there were many prospect*
but no mint's in B. C A corre��|iondent
writing from New 1). overt., that Jouru
at has the following in reference to Ihe
"In your editorial article of the Snd
iust. a paragri'h appeared rather un
favorable, and certainly incorrect, a*
regard* Ihe mines of this fsvor.il aim)
loyal ejMiatrj, British Columbia.
������Tboiurh ihe information came from
an expert whose opinion v.oi valueaiet
wh<��e reputation and ability you have
the greatest tawUidenea in/ aud who,
no doubt, deserved it in the pa��l by hi-
present statement be must forfeit some
of the confidence which you have plaecd
in hits when he asserted that there
were no mines in British Cniumbia,
though he allows them are good surface
prospects to be seen lie stsmlufor
British Columbia. It is a big plate
aod as be, perhaps, know* a difficult
country te get over! I shall ma take
the whole of that country to refute hi*
swart km, and shall not enter ihe domain of tbe \m itoi snd War Kaglo,
norSilrer King.
To show that this specialist is wrong,
I w|ll simply take the Slocan couulry,
where 1 have been for the past two
months, and supply you with a few facts
aud figures, vis*���
IS)*** Mont ...sS��/s��tndlv|d��(i4*tn ISSxssUm
U.S-UISUT tt**A0t\
fsWi...... ...     **lAta\   Ntti" ral w*srsssaed
ld*h         wa.>����|    ahssitsTM fears
ant....* est.'**!
Whttew.t.!,.. is* ^oJ^^^^-^-^p^-.,���
l>nndtoi and British C*oinmbia Gold.
fields, Limited, now own Whitewater
Ke'sirt of this co.npeny wa* published
recently showing over half million la
sight Enterprise: Ha* four tunuel*.
���,2b> ft, running on vein, and has
���shipped ore Queen Ben*: A lot of
ttinu -Wing and ore shipped. Ruth:
I.VAJ ft of tunnelling unaui; with cross,
cutar No. C Tb***^ snd many others
are in the Slocan district. A man. who
was no iniuiitir expert, but possessed
the dual qualities of mineralogist and
logician, ���lellued n mine as follow*:
'The existence of a mine i* not known
until ore is attracted of shown to esist
in suflii-ieut quantities and value to
warrant extra, tin** within tin* boundary ot the claim located Until then
the location is a pros'sat, and the mere
existent cos shahs or tunnels, inclines
or sloping ou tlie veiu, no matter how
extensive they may lie, I* no evidence
of a mine of value.' A vein is tbe work
of nature; a mine is the result of mans
handiwork iu disclosing' mineral contained in the vein.' And when a little
more capital is thrown into this countrv
vou may rest assured that mineral will
Ihi disclosed that will help to make
mines in the widest and most comprehensive sense of the word. But even
with limited capital there are mines In
British Columbia
Ijtdy -Ileally, now, are these eggs
Grocer-Madam, if you will kindly
step to .the telephone and call up our
farm, you can hear the hens that laid
those eggs still cackling.
ORSAsnau.    ���
Dei Ii fnsyel niauftati attu"
Httt* Is sswt o' hsay.
MfiUdahs level es a So1
OaiUV to on buy
Hk/ all wk4��* wif rarssks ��� u���...
Hensnlne *a*t I ffjtleamio'.
KvatOs'srafht tst4*��.,iali.:. ''
Dresmla' hy 4s rlvah side
Wtf de wftsas sbsi'i.in<
Fastis' fwsd sa* ssUSSea
St* JMi l��jf s Us'Hiu'
To tee hstts naked b��v*
SjutssMts' Is de wstah,
H-stcrlN* m' to t.***ss deir j ��jrs
iW Mm*' youngster* tsigtit in
Senir, s <ImmV >><t ha* Im.
S ��'s In bids ss' vtsw ����u;
Whole S *aS o* rsin^-^nW'ti.t' tt.
tseueUo* halisiuj.h.
IVekah w��s��| mpm d��- to.-
faiMdn'' tsk a hamtw*h.
Jatdtod ehsltln' wtl s bre.
Try In* to Isseh him ��r*��niml,
Bnssw hn l*V��*��in' w,f f*-r u.��
Ass'wtsiSaVh In ���*���**����� > .at;
||<afyli>srksUalt U tduwi.
astoHtn* fa' to iA*a*�� > ou.
(fc�� way t-ass^sw' M nas lone.
Tlesss as a**ean *Vsmh~
Sosninah's StSlls' alt d*- -b'.*M*.
As' I'm m b��*bi' t��*U hub '
Willie���Do grown people etw a?*
Mamma���Yes, In old age    Win'
Willie��� 1 ause, when itapa was in   .���
to find tbe electric tiell ls*t ��� .���
toilered, **Buti��u. button, who's,: >t ih?
Subject to change without malrv
rrains ran on l*aciilcStaislanl Time.
UoiSAM-   Ks**.. fttVhrs. t s* H.S
������  S SS    "     * ����b r.srh
-SSI    ���*      W^saVM ii'    -
- s 14   �����     aMts��su* ia>   ���
- was   -     fhswtAss       *     I *    ���
- tS IS    -       aVOMSrs*. I SS    ���
-ma*   -    Oat*JnsattMsi -    i u   -
trr. IS 90    ���*      aasdsi !-*.. I  �����    ���
<��i��r usr.
Ittmn. IISAaua - assss** -   I-rise, n �� * "
\rrt*��.um> *    -  ces>   -   U��*�� !!���*  ���   ���
'totm mvim,
T^ro* K.copw.Asn,
H*ii��.f. i-'
Foe ehswp r*lb>*nd a*4 stsesns*a(>     ������� to
Ml fees all fsstwta, a|<e*f �����
a CAMPBELL        Agent, Bandoa.
Ssmtasf Tlase OsH wtaetlss Ju �� *> ����*
Hnl'>.*el loebai>a> ohhi.-ut - ���*'������**-
aa imtfiwatioxai.. .
*-*UlH*B*d North n*��-i
H#��d .hero. H'����� "
***���������'** -,....
Trsle lv. Dat'jr. t.o�� em   Tral�� ��f <l*'!l '   ' ���
���   ar      ���      it&tsn   Trsb.tr ��������������
;ttr*stless.ass       g*4*-    U������������; *
f.      "     IMS!     i��r'r^'*n ' n"
s      -     *��*��em     fislf'*.!"
*aial sr��S>sm. Fi��e Ml s i'l
������     I IA sin      S'.-fr**..
rrslnarMieam K.��1h|*w�� Trsln i��
������      II Sbam  K��s*l*'d
,      "       a to ten    S" *���������
��   I ��� !-����
If sSsssj
mwddows. h    . "        ^
(tally train lv IM pm       Dsllr Irsla ��''"
SaSI't i��   ��� ���>*'S
.* "   SSStsm  xlr.*>w.*e��h H*a  ��"������'���8
I| ���   T...pm   l'ib,lllss       ;      i   ���������*
C '��� K��-����|an Kist4u��..'��'��k     	
^ �� lajsiisw o��sl Klver     ���      ;,���,������
S ���   tnsatn H-andarv                ...Ul
*jj �� - ar *.������ am H��>*?. V'rv     l�� ���   ,' ,\
-IlTrah. lv ll.lo sm     ''     Trsln sr    \  I   |
* ������    *r I.4A |��m Spoksne     "    '���
tV>mmes<4n< Jm��J *'<}?*��� M ^meris
lie WwUijymrwtUy ssel FrM** - Vile.
r|U l**virK#.�� l�� ��a-for Aln��w��.tH'. I       ,.   ,
and Mslsua.   Iss.vln#r jtehwn a i    ���   �� ��� m,
day. Friday an4 ftalerasy. eaiaas ����� ��� ��
Alnswisth and Kaslo. snd sil wsy i-""
��N0W��K Al.K��A.VHhH.��.-"��**��*
3   1898
Labor Day   Programme!
Sept. 5th, '98. Sept. 5th, '98.
First.  Second.
.>..*() a. in.
100 Vardi Dftsta |10
ii i ��� Vards IViwpectors' Kace 10
Stamiing 1'road Jtunp 5
Hop, Su-pt*< Jump. 5
10:30    -
KunniniT Broad Juinj., 5
Putting tbe Snot 8
11 to 12:30.
Horn ikicr (open to all Slocan Horses.)
ouartcr Mile Dash.   Best two in three     75
Slow little Kace.   Time Limit 15 minutes. 10
1.00 p.m.
Ht��-< Keel Kacn
Novelty Ompllng Contest.   (I totalis to las
th-cHti-d bv Chiefs of Brigades.)
2:30     I
Three Ixgged Kace
Potato Kace
Drilling Oditest
Ih.ulile Handed. (Three teams to
ruler or no teeoiidnionev awarded.)
Single Handed Contest. First
prize: Su t ol clothes, prescnktl
by 1). C. McKensic. Value i
Second r"Hae: Pair of oants, prr-
sunted by E. J. Kobie.    Value:
To take place simultaneously
with the Drilling Contests
Hoys race,      Cnder 12 years of age
<J iris race.       Under 14.
Boys race.      Under 17.
��lmil>ing the Greasy Pole
8:30 p. in.
Six Kound Boxing Contest.   Sv. White vs.  Percy Wilkinson.   To be
Wd in the Skating Rink.   Purse : $250.
Two Grand Balls.   Spencer's Opera  House snd Virginia Hall.   Under
the aiittpioea of the Committee.
Entries for the Caledonian Sports mav be made at the Tost with Dr.
G- P- Young. Entries lor the horse raoc must be made not later than the
evening of the 4th with Frank C. Sewell. All other entries may be made
on the ground with Frsntt C. Sewell.
Kntrance Fees for Caledonian Sports and Horse Kace i 10 per cent of
' irst Money.
Transportation Arran��:eiiients.
. Special train will leave Kaslo on Morning ol 5th at 0:30 a. m. Keturn
,n��*. Iwivo Sandon at 1:00 a. in. of 6th.
8. 8- Slocan will rnn instead of a 8. Hunter on schedule time from
goenn City and intermediate points, connecting with special tiain from
8-<>Kle fare on all lines for round trip   Good to return following day.
Atlantic Steamship  Tickets.
to and from European points via Can"
adian and American lines. Applv
for sailing dates, rates, tickets and.
full information to any C. P. Ey
agnte  or
O. P. R. Agent, Sandon.
WM. 8T1TT, Gen. S. 8. Agt.,
You cannot find
any better goods
than toe can shoto
you. Remember
thia tchen you
toant a good suit
of clothes.
BOOMS 10 &  IS, Virginia BLOCK
J. R. & D. Cameron.
Application for Liouor Licence.
NOTICE 4s hereby given that at the expiration of thirty day* from the fir*t public
a tion hereof the un>fer��ia*ued will apply to
the Licence Commission*r* of tlie City of San
don'for a licence to sell liqaor l<v retail at. iii>
premise* situate on Reco Auente in the City
of San<Jon.
W.J. Fkaskk.
San don. Aoffust 86th, IK*.
Application for   Renewal of
Liquor License.
NOTICE is hereby given that at the next
meeting of the License Commissioners of the
City of Sandon I shall apply for a renewal of
my license for the Bryan Hotel, situate on
Reco Avenue in the City of Sainton.
r. u. Oovuwsrua
Sainton. August tfth, IK-*.
Will be at the Hotel Balmoral
once a month.
n. l. QRinnETT
Notary Public,
SANDON.        -        -       B. C.
Nnrii'K l�� hereby given t hat sixty days after
date I intend to apply to the Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for
l��>rmi*��ion to purchase the unsurvered or the
agricultural Crown lands within the following described are.:
Commencing st the north-west corner of
Lot 9*. U 1, Kootenay District, thence south
40 chains, thence west 40 chains, thence north
lochains, thence we.-t *i chains, thence north
10 chains, thence we��t ��> chains, thence north
to a pre-emption, thence following the south
and east boundaries of said pre-emption to
Kootenay river, thence along river front to
point of commencement, and containing 3oo
acres more or less.
R. alcGciKK.
Dated *Mh July, lit*.
Csrtlficsts of Improvements.
Situate In the Slocan Mining Division of
West Kootenay.  Where located :���In Mo-
Oulgan llasin.
Take notice thst I. A. S. Farwell.agent for
K H.Tonillnson, Free Miner's Certiflcat. No.
icUiA,intend sixty days from date hereof, to
aooly to the Mining Recorder for a certificate
of improvement* for the purpose of obtaining
��� Crown  Orant of the above claim.
Ami further take notice that action under
Sv*ion 37 must be commenced before the is*
.uanos of such Certificate of Improvements.
A. S. Fakwki.l.
Date of first publication, July, ��0th 1808
Headquarters for Miners.
Well stocked bar in connection.
First class accommodations.   Board by th.
lay or week.
CODY. B. 0.
BONGARD & PIECKART, Proprietors.
The First Class
Hotel of Cody.
Rates:  #��.uiper day.
Special Rate, by the Week.
A Mean Trick.
Joe Thatcher journeyed to Cody
one day this week  to collect a few
horticultural samples frora the Noble
Five garden  there.   The luxuriant
vegetation was  loaded into a ssck,
but George McDonald, in  a fit of
absent mindedness, tucked in several
beautiful large samples of galena
ore.   Joe packed the whole consignment home but arrived in Sandon in
a terrible stare of physical exhaustion.   When he discovered hoar much
un-necessary work he had done he
went into hvaterics.    George McDonald has taken to the woods.
The Goodenough,
Furnished Rooms.
Tho Celebration.
All arrangements are now complete and everything indicates that
the Labor Day Celebration will be a
bowling success. The programme,
which will be found on another page
of this paper, presents a substantial
array of attractions and a large ottering of prize money. Arrangements
have been made for excursions from
Kaslo, Nakusp, New Denver, Slocan
City and other points and there ia
every reason to believe thst the attendance from outside will be large.
Strictlt) First Claaa.
MRS. M. A. SMITH, Prop.
And Other Investments.
Every Representation Guaranteed.
Celebration Notes.
The Nelson people are l.ot real
sports. They ivftiied to send their
hose reel team up to compete with
our boys on Labor Day.
The Rossland celebration has been
postponed until the 19th so that people may have time to recover from
the excitement of Sandons celebration.
It is said that New York and B��t>
cjygeon have postponed their celebrations.
D. C. McKenzie snd E. J. Robie
did the square thing when they put
up clothing prizes fur the drilling
contests. The boys don't forget these
little items.
All outsiders are hereby notified
that they will get an even break for
their colateral on Labor Day. There
is no limit but the blue'dome of
heaven and everything is on the
square.   All set!
People suffering with heart fa'l-
ure are warned not to pass the dead*
line.   Everything goes.
' People are commencing to arrive
already tor the celebration. The
woods and hills are fall of them.
Ns real sport will miss the boxing
contest.   It will be a hot number.
Hiram Walker sends word that he
can't attend the celebration. He will
be here in spirit.
$      $
The walking Is never over crowd-
fed.   Those who go broke can always
take the overland route home.
A Full Line of Cigars. Tobacco*,
Pipes and Smokers* Sundries
t In Stock.
Headquarters for Playing Cards and
Poker Chips.
hois avc
Model Hand Laundry
Bath Rooms.
A First Class LAUNDRY Service
At Reasonable Prices.
BATH HOUSE in Connection.
Plain Baths 25 cents.
Ladies Hours on   Tuesdays and  Fridays
rom 8 a. m. to 6 p. m.
Lady in Attendance.
An inspection of the Premises invited.
Franklin S. Trcmain.
In (It. Rear of th. POST OFFICE.
|Filbcrt Cigar Store]
I Just opened.
|       Net�� Goods,
Fresh Stoch,    J
Eoerything |
���       ��
*       *       ���
{Cigars, Cigarettes, Tobacco,!
tPipets, and Smokers' Supplies A
jail kinds.
8   Drop  in and  sec us.
|     Jas. Williamson.
SPilbert Block Sandon, B. C.<
H. Giegerich, Sandon, B. C.
The onlij exclnaire Wholesale and Retail Grocers House in Sandon.
Dealing in Rm. Freeh aad Cleaa table sup-
Plies suitable for Family, Hotel ind Min!ng trade.
Special brands of Part Teae mmi Coffees.
Sole Agents for
Slant Powder Co.,
The) famous Soeiwla Oaadle*,
St. Charles Sterilized Cream.
Stores at KASIX) and AINftWOKTIf.
H. Byers & Co.
Ar. Sol* Affsnt* for
Trusx Patent
Improoed Automatic
Ore Car.
We Carry a Pull Line of
Steel Rails,
Strap Iron,
Caps and Fuse,
And all kinds of
Mine   Hardware.
H. BYERS & Co.
Canadian Pacific Ry.
Soo-Pacific Line.
Tt*. Post *HsS Staysrlor Ssrtfc* Hosts
To Eastern &
European Points.
To Pacific Coast Si  Far East
To   Rich   and   Active  Gold
Fields of Klondike and the
BajrirfSffe Cheeked to Destination
and Through Tlekct. Issued.
Tourist Cars
Pass Itcvclstoke:
Daily to St. Paul.
Daily Except Wsdriaadiy to fort
crn Cansdlsn snd 1". B. Points.
To Main Lias Points, snd, ttCSStrftf Sunday
To and From Nelson.
Leave Muitdon Arrive
7:4ft a.m. 4:ftftp. *"*"
A-osrtalo   |*rsa��nl   RKMTKP tUTW ���*
full infortnatlvn bytwMrssstn* i.s��r.��t I""1
Ajrcnt, Sandon.
lSst.l-.ss.Affl. lVsV.Psss.affl
Vanooavsr, >�����',���""
Us stir,   that yo.1  llrk.t  issss rls ths


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