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The Paystreak Apr 29, 1899

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Array ��+*****
*t -;-
SANDON, APRIL 29 1899.
Dr. J. P. Young leaves on Monday
for Vancouver.
The C. P. B. will build a railway
dock in Kaslo thb summer.
"Uncle" Joe Thatcher is in New
Denver hospital, not seriously HI.
J.F. Mcintosh, collector of customs, Kaslo, waa in town Wednesday.
Tom Tye, foreman at the Ruth,
returned Tuesday from a trip to
The band has commenced giving
open air coricerte, which are much
The Lyceum Dramatic Company
will hold forth at Spencer's on the
ut, 2nd, and 3rd.
Charley Gales Is occupying his
new stand and does not have to wait
long fur the "nex*."
Kobt. Cunning made a trip to ("ol
vi l�� this week whore be ts sending
his son Johnny to school.
There is an agitation to reopen the
< '.ptnlque. This should be good news
fo * the proprietors of tlte local bath
The work uf laving the foundation
f��r the Presbyterian church is pro-
t'osding rapidly. No contractu have
yet been let.
Ttm. Jutland reterued from Kd*
monton on Tuesday. He brought in
a heavy consignment ot produce
from Alberta.
Wm. Grant, manager of P. Burns
A Company* business, has been In
town fur several days cheeking up
(tie local branch.
The genial Gus who command*
(he K. 4 8. limited, wears a broad,
compiaeeiit smile, which he explains
by saying "A son."
F. J. Donaldson is now occUDVlnf
his new store and has an establishment that la creditable tu his enter*
|*riae and to tbe towu.
C. W. Main, a brother or .1. F. and
J. G., arrived In Sandon Wednesday
ui permaoentlv reside. He will M-ep
the books for the Ruth.
Dan MacD-mant who lias  been In
Sainton for several weeks on an im
liortant mining deal, leaves today
��<��r Kootenay lake points.
Phil Hickuy returned Thursday
from s trip to Spokane and ('amp
McKinney. He reports the Boundary
camp in a flourishing condition.
A party of stock holder* in the
Wonderful, headed by Congressman
Jones of Spokane, paid the mine a
visit io tbe early part uf the week.
The Sandon Brass Hand will an
pear on the 24th in a full uniform.
VVhaley, Royoe & Co., of Toronto,
haue the contract ot supplying the
J Little Sattmy" will be back
sin in tlie Pslaco Cafe on the first
the month. Everyone knows Sam
*o well that there Is no need to
J. A. Mac Donald, representing the
Nelson Daily Tiibune spent several
days in town this week in the interests of the best-printed daily paper
in Canada.
Tbe ball given by the bachelor
girls in Virginia hall on Thursday
evening was a very pleasant affair,
Kaslo creek, if the government will {which will eventually be extended
guarantee a  refund   within  three around the lake and over the Hall
years.   It is to obtain this guarantee
that they Journey to Victoria.
The Metropolitan Opera Company
produced good music to fair'aadiencee
on Tuesday and  Wednesday even-
about twenty five couples enjoying j Ings.   While tbe avoirdupois of Yum
the hospitality of the young ladies.
Mr. Cliffe has rented a store in the
Keenan block in Kaslo snd will go
into the stationery and printing business in that city. If Mr. Cliffe does
aa well in Kaslo as he has done in
Sandon he will soon become opulent
Mrs. Rhode Gibson, a sister of Mrs.
8. Campbell, arrived yesterday from
Seattle and will accompany Mr. and
Mrs. Campbell on an eastern * tour,
which will take in St. Paul, Chicago,
Detroit and other points. They will
leave on Monday.
The I. O. O. F. held their anniver
Yum was about a hundred pounds in
excess uf the Gilbert A Sullivan
specifications, and the Bohemian
Girl's voice showed symptoms of
locomotor ataxia when she sang
"Marble Halls", tbe operas were
thoroughly appreciated and generally considered tbe best yet rendered
in Sandon.
creek divide to Trout lake.
The Lardo Duncan and Lardeau
districts have lain dormant many
years waiting for railway communication, but it is coming at last and
the richest undeveloped silver
csmp on tbe continent will now be
thrown open to the world and a
mining activity will result which will
sstonish even the most sanguine.
The mammoth ledges of this great
district will soon be turned to account
and tbe silver output of B. C. will be
increased at a rate that will leave all
other countries far in tbe rear.
Payne now  has 135 men at
Celebration Notes.
Bernard McDonald arrived Toes
. ,    dav and has spent the week exper*-
eary concert and banquet last nteht; \ng ttt tnc p*yne mine,
under favorable most auspices.   The ��.,.-.,* , -   .
concert took piece in Crawford's hall, j "��� \Bh"w**!lc^of SP**?1** "**
after which thev proceeded to the at ��e ^ndw0 Thursday on his way
Hotel Sandon and partook of a ban I g "SS1*"^whf8 he!IUI5PeV up
quet which It would be very hard to jhl8 Wi,80n Creek property, the Jean-
excel, j ette-
Taking advantage of the presence! The^locafln 2f?*S h��8 J*60
of R. r Green in town Wednesday j ""T^11***!"? on_lbv J?0?"?1
evening the Miners' Union held a "J?1*" ** M<Pl!*-lr2rk?l^*jS?-
meeting In their hstl to Impress upon J^^HBa?jUf ***** at **�����
the member that the elghthour law 1��^ and W1***���"*J* P.,a*_*
hi in their estimation a good law and | "^JSjSfi?LT^E^^
that thev aro in favor of having it wn}\^w^t]^ T^tSfS!.
maxAxammJ An additional allotment of 100,000
���*mm' shares.   Tbe stock Is quoted in Mont-
U. J.   Krakenberg,   formerly of! reaj at 25 cents.
Dulutli, Minn, has opened a cigar!    Development work on the Soverign
factory tn Sandon.   Mr. Krakenberg na8 been continuous  for the  past
is a man of many years experience eijpht months and the mine now has
in the business and will manufacture  ���<*����� --������ * ���
an article that will recommend itself
to the most fastidious devotee ot "My
Lady Nicotine."
The third annual ball of the Sandon fire brigade will be given iir
Virginia hall nn Thursday evening,
Mav 4th.    The boys are  making
a magnificent showing of ore.
Tbe Lardo* Duncan Road to be
at Once.
---.- ,     Contracts have  been  let  by  the
sLrc,lf^p,llnitl0n8 for.Kihf S5H *"<* C. P. R. for the first 35 miles of the
the indications arc thst this years v*
ball will be a  greater success titan
any uf tbeir previous one��.
There is nothing so sure in this
country as death and taxes. Tin*
road tax. dog tax and traders'
licenses are due aim! the City Clerk
is out with a fountain pen holding up
Lardo Duncan railway to Pouport A
McVeigh and a gang of men has
already been started to work from
the Kootenay lake end clearing the
right of way. As soon as the snow
is gone grading will be commenced
and  the construction of tbe  road
delinquents. If you have anything j ^ ^pomrh. It is expected that
better than a *_ dog or if you wantj w 9*0 mile* which is tbe stretch
the n-ad the best wav  is to
to UMO
cash up and be counted a good citi-
John Wei ley and William Valentine went down tu Hear Lake yesterday to do assessment on their claims,
the Hodle group. John and -'Bill"
are both pioneers of the Slocan and
both have tempted fortune In her
varying moods in almost every mine
camp of the west for nearly forty
years, but they still have the MM to
get out in the snow and rustle.
R. F. Green, M. P. P. and Mons.
Fleututof the Excelsior Mining Com
pany were In town Wednesday evening on their wav to Victoria. The
Excelsior company proposes to ex
pend $10,000 In building a wagon
road from the end or the government
road st the Montezuma concentrator
up to the head ot the South Fork of
from Lardeau, or Argenta as it is
more commonly known, to the foot of
Trout lake, will  bo completed  by
October 1st.
For the present the base of opera*
tiona will be at the head of Kootenay
lake, but as soon as the water rises
sufficiently the contractors will move
their headquarters six miles up the
river. The contractors are advertising for 300 men in Nelson and a
large force will be at work before the
end of next week clearing the right
of way. An engineering corps under
Doucet, C. E., is at work cross-
sectioning the line, although the
snow Is still very deep.
A probable result of this sudden
moveon the part of theC. P. R. will
Gooderham A Worts have declared
fin* Silverton.
Schlitz is still undecided but the
blue ribbon will probably go to
If there is anything iu the theoso-
nhists' theory ot reincarnation our
friend Ananias is in tbe Slocan rutting in three shifts a day on celebration work.
It a town and a half raise a subscription and a half for a celebration
snd a halt, bow much tangle-leg do
three towns expect to sell in one
Information hss been received
from a source that is no doubt re
liable that the Rossland nose reel
team, ball club and lacrosse club will
be in New Denver on the 24th. Tbey
will also be in Kaslo���Silverton yet
to hear from.
The people of Silverton are the
first to show indications of sanity.
They are advertising their celebration in The Paystreak.
Kaslo has $850 to give away in
prizes; SUverton has $1750 and Naw
Denver has ao much that a committee
of twelve has not been able to get it
all counted yet
Sandon is going to celebrate Labor
Day. London, Paris and Oody are
warned not to squander tbeir money
in trying to run rival attractions ou
that occasion
W. J. Twi i waa hi town for a few
day8 thb wee* talking up the Kaslo
celebration and left yesterday for
New Denver and Silverton on tbe
same mission. We understand that
William is heavily insured with tbe
Mutual Life.
The Payne shipped 250 tons of ore
over the K_ A 8. this week, and the
Last Chance 80.
More maps of the Slocan are being
sold this season than at any time during the past three years. Drewry's
maps of the Sandon camp and Tomlinson* of the lake district are to be
amalgamated by the patentees, giving a comprehensive and accurate
idea of the Siocan with its rayrid
Bar silver was quoted on tbe New
York exchange Thursday at 68} and
lead, brokers, 94.1Q the highest com-
U1UT_������ ,..v ���_   bination for nearly two years.   What
be the commencement of work by Ian advance in silver would mean to
K R AN. on the 12 miles between | the Slocan would be bard to calcu-
Kootenay  lake and Howser lake, late.
W. *i
p_ <*n
I. I ���-
I I i
f..   m  I
m t
5    ii
\ .1
\a\ *
The   Paystreak
Is Issued ever j Saturday In Sandon, In the heart
of tb* greatest White Metal camp on earth.
Subscription     - .     .     tf.ooayear
StrieUy In advance.
Addrass* The Patstkkak, Sandon, B.C.
Wm. Mac A dams.
SANDON. B.C., APRIL 29, 1899.
The wUd Sowers should be growing1,
In the forest cool and swp*t,
Tha brooklet should be brookllng
Adown the fOreat street,
The milch cowa should be milch tag
In tbe mead irs man and cool,
The tadpoles should be toddling
la the shallow, swampy pool
Hot they ain't
The bluebird should ba tooths \
His tootle on the lea,
Tbe bumble-bee be bumbling
His bumble wild and five.
The bullfrog should he croaking
His croak within the bog,
Aad tbe snapping turtle turtllag
But they ain't.
The straddle bog should be straddling
Along the kitchen wall.
The de -drops should be dropping
Where early peewits call.
The Joyous boarding-missus.
A tow���I round ber head,
Should now be sqoirting hellebore
About the boarder's bed.
But she slat.
But even we, ye editor.
This blessed moment should
Be shifting stoves and furniture
Among the Just and good.
And boldly in our shirt sleeves
Amid the dust aud strife,
Be thumping bedroom carpets
And hearth-rugs for our wife.
Bat wealat
���The Khan.
The social status of any family can
be guaged most accurately by the person who answers the door bell. A
slatternly servant means a slatternly
mistress, or, what Is almost as bad, an
incapable one. For the mistress of the
house herself to open the door when so
apparelled thst she feels compelled at
once to plunge into a sea of apologies,
is a confession of incapability and bad
taste. The visitor who is received by a
speechless or unkempt cbrld also receives an impression of the household
that is. justly unflattering.
Fewer wives would sit loneaomely
snd disconsolately at home, while their
husbands roam elsewhere in search of
entertainment, if more wives realized
that home should be something besides
a clean place to eat and sleep in. Men
"hate" women's tea parties and large
show functions, but they like little dinner ��nd supper parties. Many families
refrain from entertaining because tbey
cannot do so on an expensive scale ft
is, however, possible to give small dinners snd suppers that are both enjoyable and inexpensive. Ask people who
either do or will like each other, snd if
yon wish the women to have a good
time bave just as many men guests as
women guests If ths men are to have
a good time make sure that Hotneof the
women are pretty and flatter-in?. Men
like to be flattered.   Oh, ves, they do.
One of the secrets of having food
good is to serve sil the hot food hot snd
sil the cold fool cold. Always have
very hot plates upon which to serve hot
Tbe stiffness so often experienced
where people are calling upon other
people whom they do not know very
well can Invariably be broken up bv
offering some sort of refreshments The
act of eating and drinking Inevitably
destroys sen-consciousness and renders
all concerned less restrained. It does
not matter very much whether it is
cider and doughnuts, chocolate and
doughnuts, chocolate and 'wafers, a cup
of tea and a biscuit, or what not, so
long as it is something. It adds charts.
however, to bave woatever is served
brought In deftly and served daintly.
One of the surest wavs to be awkward
������in company" is to try to act differently
from one's accustomed msnner. II
one's every-dav manner is not good
enough for a company, then it should
be changed, but- the most delightful
companv manner is the natural manner
when it'is natural to be charming. One
of the charms of an agreeable manner
is to seem unaffected; auother is to
have something to say worth hearing,
nnd to say it easily and interestingly;
saother Is to listen approciatingly
when others speak .���The Gentlewoman
for April.     	
THB   HUNT   roB   GOLD.
Perils and Trials or a Prospector's Ufa
la tha Jasper Pas*.
The Edmonton Bulletin in a recent
issue published a letter from a prospector, which illustrates the perils and
privations of the gold-bnnttr's life. The
writer is Frsnk A. Jackson. He and
aome companions hsd discovered something thst they deemed rich iu Ihe
Jsspr Psss snd were on their wsy out to
record it. Jackson kept s diary which
he forwarded to Edmonton to his wife
who lives there. Here are some extracts
from it in reference to their experiences
in the Yellow Head Pass:
"Camped in three feet sis inches of
snow; no feed. Burnt counUy; big logs.
Christmas night. Snow turning to rain.
We tied up our horses. This ts what I
expected, snd so prepared for s Isst
struggle to lower country with less snow
snd good feed, where we could be safe
with every horse we iett Edmonton with,
except the one left on the Macleod.
which we expect to pick up going back. 1
brought out the small feed of oats ws
hsd kept snd divided them op, then took
my pads, ripped them up and fed the
horses the little hay that was in them.
Next day it was raining heavily, snd ws
had to cross deep gulches with snow
slides on them. I was going up tlie side
of the gulch leading my saddle horse
when I heard a slide start. I dropped the
bridle reins and ran ahead over the trail.
I was not caught by the full force ol it,
but my hone was, and was buried in
it, but not injured We shovelled him
out. and tramped it tight, and so got the
outfit over. We camped that night on
a high bench. It waa dark and raining
furiously; no feed; everything burnt. I
had to watch tbe horses to keep them
from eating up the packs. We were
then only a day's drive from Tete Jaune
Cache ao leaving Neil to guard the packs
I decided to take the horses down lighi.
Here was more disappointment; more
snow slides and a big steep, rocky bluff
that sloped down to the river, which was
deep and partly covered with broken snd
floating ice. The pack trail cribbing
was torn out by a big anowsiide, tlie soft
snow resting on tbe water aod not firm
enough to hold up. Feed was near, but
no way to get it. We drove the horses
lack to where there was a little brush
and worked till 11 o'clock thai night
packing big chunks of snow in the crev
asses and tramping tbem down with our
feet. That night Uie wind blew furiously, timber falling all around us. A tree
(ell on one of the horses' back, hurling
him pretty bad. Next morning the snow
had frosen pretty hard, as we expected,
and tlie outfit got over safely. Then we
reached onlv six inches of snow. It waa
terribly cold. Two mutes f rose to death,
and McLaughlin frose his feet. We met
Price snd Evans next day, and are now
all right "        	
Tberr* seems to be no limit to tbe
uses to which aluminum can be put.
The Russian minister of war has approved of aluminum horse shoes for
the cavalry, after a severe teat as to
their merits They wear longer than
iron, are less affected by moisture, cost
uo more, and are of course .nuch lighter. They are likely to come into general use in the near future Within
a few years iron will bave to take a
back seat for msny of the utilitarian
purposes where it is now deemed indispensable*,
"Take up rhe whit* man's bard***''���
And do *a he hss d> ��o*,
In the fsr ppff sisitrwrn ��h*aert.
Under the amUtera spjpi.
Rob aad niurti��r and pUUar*.
For tie* 1-pve of bk> ��W����l *l��y;
Fight r -r lb�� itch uf an ancient w.mnd.
For the shame or a dtsuiPi rlaf I
"Take up Ihe while man's berd**n"���
His heavy tad ot sh*m<\
Keti with tlV��� I4<m*I of a million N*sa.
Cur����'d with aa ami*? name
0��. ami harry tha j*������at.
Nor tli"Ui*lp< <��f merey have!
(J<> aixi Uk.' 'nun ths rk-best
if to all and make htm ��Uv*
**Tske u,' the while mail's bunfeu* -
TV Ik-1.��duty *lv*.
And sav t�� ym��r brat haa brother,
���'W# ok*. Ihsl you may Uve."
Track him as >����� f >u*ht Itim.
With rinsi and whh death.
His 'nankin snd life -III wither.
Al Hi- touch id the. a hit* mmna breath,
"Tske up the whit* man's banian*���
And d�� as he ha* doom
Point to pm tmnxt and story
Aad the vie*.*** you haw w.ai.
Sar (hat ������ did tt In merry.
f<> toed'thsm t" the lljrht;
Cfarat and kUt sad de*M*v*y th. ��a
n Uh the \tu>wvr ot yarn mlgbt
"Take up tlie white man** bentse" -
lioi ao not claim It das
Thst w..rd or look or matd uf praise
should ����� v��r cum* In y<.m
W itli the sword of Same ���/<���*��� rv*��qa*f
ThrnaKh all the f .��nli,ff yaara.
Will voo orm tml Ox* MImmW-
"The Judgment ol yonr peer, V'
-C R. O , la Chirac Timm HrrsH
Writing in the Seattle Trade Register
of "The Beat Kinds of Advertising," C.
V. White says:
There is no great secret shoot advertising.
Good advertising tells tbe store newt
in an interesting maimer. It tells il in
such a way that (people are influenced,
made to believe thai they are not gelling
al) that thev could get and are r>ntith*-��
to, if ihey dWl trade at "Smith's/*
H is creating tha impression that "all
whisky is good." but Smith's is better
than or her*.
Difference in advertisine comes from
difference in opinion as to Uie way to
The merchant who put* the card in
the paper and lets it run for a rear with
out a change is positive that his method
is as good asany.
The man who is a arndent of human
nature, works three or four hours on arte
advt., and change* his ad. every day, hi
positive he is right.
Tbe merchant whose advs. are models
of graRimatit-jd construction, and read
smoothly, says he is right.
The Jocular individual who pots witticisms in his *\*A.f knows he is richt.
The man who quotes prices, the men
who Argues and quotes prices, eleo the
man who doesn't quote prices, all are
equally pnsitive rhat they are right and
that the others are wrong
Its a sort of free-for all argument.
Every man from his point of view has
the best of it. He has tried hia method
and knows it to be eoeceesful
Each knows his methods to be successful, and knows equally well that it
is more successful than the other fellow's
(hx��I advertising is a math 'of opinion
I'rofltahh* advertising is the kind that
brings iu the most profit for the least
Ninety times out of every hundred,
fhe msii who gives his advertising an
hour's time each day will do bartered'
vertising than tbe man who gives it a
hurried 10 minutes time.
A man mav write a good adv. in 10
minutes, but he csn make a better advt.
if he takes 2�� minutes.
A man can't decide what will interest
the public in a hurry. He can't afford
to jump nt conclusions.
While nine out of 10 advertisers will
sdmit offhand that the man whodevotes
alt his time to advertising, knows more
about advertising generally, they will
assert thst be doesn't know mom aUxn
advertising their business He can't,
for tbey have advertised it and know.
. One business is practically the same aa
another.    The customer  wants some*
thing, goes to tbe store and buys it n
theaaleatuan is proficient be bsv__
something additional. ��� m
Each slot, has certain feature* thai
are advantageous to the customer 52
one that hss the newt goM Umnnt*,. '
the least bad features will |lav�� ,j��
largest success, everything ��!*, b*E
The store, of whose good ieamm the
greatest number of ueot.le know, ���_
succeed qtiickwet and will have eveou.
all v, the largest succee*.
Let the peopk* know o( them *������
features by continuous advertising |Z
they will believe that thev really sinst
1 be ability to give these (acts to tht
public quickly and at Uie least \*.m\\>u>
expense is a matter of studv, prune*
and eiperterioe. With Ihe aame towum
of each, snoots* in advertising -)���><**��_
on a man's nature! ability.
Is now prepared to buy all
Also alt elatae* of metallurgici! pro*
ducts, Prompt settlement msde on
day ot arrival at the mnfter.
lowest rates regarding taetaeol
Tbe earefol attention given to the
largrsteonalgnineniawll1 l��r r��t.*rid.d
to tbe smallest shipper. Omnia.io.
tlons will receive prompt sttennua.
0. M. McDOVmU
i4drm   f. a Drawer D.
Ol It Hissendale, fttf-haslnf Aft
nn "'PiwsBwaiwrsw
*t IX vim*  l.i
sad   Kisrtrh* HOT AIR
Hells aad Lisrhl hs ttwry room
Ura* aad well llahr-tHspr.H  ���*�����"��
H.-arty atwwi Car beta-**.�����><<��� I ��"���
MtaotMi. nataaii'""1"	
Raa.onalpU Ralas.
m. w. oat. Pseasisur.
��� Mamifalurvr eg aS-���I
Bvphons, Olngei Ahs
Sarsaparllla, Etc., Vac.
gevnclon. BO
PAtronixe homo Indti8ti7
when you want the Ik��*. IS   OOSIIXO   TO   THK   PROMT.
Speaking of the advancement of the
Rossland a��mp the Miner says: The
time was in the history of this camp
when tbe uncovering of a vein of ore,
45 feet in width, tike that recently
met in the Velvet, would have peopled
the hills in the vicinity of where the
bonansa was found with prospector*
Vet such an incident,as important as it
is, scarcely causes a ripple of excite-
mct, nud the landscape in the vicinity
of the Velvet is anid to lie unfretted to
anv great extent by tire feet of prospector's searching for new locations. This
is prohablv because it is thought that
���iM the g<>od ground in that vicinity is
This is not true,aa there is some good
ground in that vicinity thst hss not yet
been pierced by the posts of the locator.
Recent development in the Wallingford
group, where a vein of high grade ore
has just beeu uncovered,would Indicate
that rhe mineral sone in that vicinity is
verv extensive. Tbe Wallingford is
four mile*, from the Velvet, and yet it Is
claimed thst it ia on the aame mineral
sone. There are several Intervening
properties like Anaconda and Leiter on
rhtch work is being carried on. and
these doubtless will in time have luck
similar to that which has favored the
\ civet, the Wallingford and the Victory-
Triumph The only properties on
which any great quantity of work has
been done are tbe Velvet, the Victory-
Triumph and the Wallingford, and the
rp'ittlte attained are of a highly Mtisfac-
lory nature. The Velvet is conceeded
r.p he a mine bv even tbe most pesmimte-
ric. while the Wallingford and tlte
Vict����ry-Triumph, It seems, need only a
I.rrh* more development to put them in
��. rondttioa which will make them pro
dnrers of ore. Besides there are several
Other pr ��i*crtle���� which promise, with a
little devel ppiuenr, to turn Into produr-
tive pro|**rt��es.
Tne section where these properties
.ire I -cared has, to a certain extent,
bven overlook ed In the deflate lo ��jvt
properties close lo Itoswland. This Is
not as ir should tm, and now that the
|Os��lWIHIea of Ihe section are Wjrinnlng
to he understood, there should Im* in the
future more attention |��ald to it The
discoveries made will doubtless have a
stiiiiulntin/effect on the developmenr
there One or two rich corporations.
nml anion- the*** la the B AC, have
promising claims in this section which
��pp�� now lying dorms nr. The only work
that is being done u|iott I hem is the
itiuuial apweasineut required by law
' *|a��rntions should be <*ommeiiei*d upon
them st onre. and it now seem*- certain
Hull they will, when developed, give ns
good result* as the mines ou Ked mountain.
Spain lathe greatest lead producing
countrv in the world    ll is followed st
no great distance hv the United State*
Germany produce** tittle more than half
the total" output of Spain.
The Trv-Again, situated on Six Mile
creek, distant sbout eight miles from
Fort Steele, has been bonded bv Mr. A
W. Bleasdell to Mr. Charles rNtmere.
whpp has rebondod lo Spokane parties
for $10,000.
A��. the ofhc* of rhe \*e Roi Mining
Company, in Spokane, is a photograph
nf various |>apers, including a mining
i-ertirieare, revenue stamps to the
amount of over MOO and a cheque for
over tl ,0m,M)0, all pertaining to the aale
<>f the Le Roi mine
Crippln Creek Is a wonderful mining
<��mn The mines there are producing
l.'M) tons of svlvanite ore per day,
which averages'ahont gto to the ton
There are almut 40,000 people In the
Cripple Creek camp The productive
area at Cripple Creek i" aliout seven
mile* long by three miles wide.
The Montreal Mining Exchange will
ha started In a comparatively short
time Legislation will he anked for at
the next session of the Queliec Legisla
ture, but in the meantime authority will
be obtained for the opening of the exchange. The charter members will
number ten, and it is quite likely that
the exchange will start with a membership of twenty or more
The Republic Pioneer has an article
condemning the over-booming of Republic Camp It says, for instance:
J'A great deal of matter is being printed
about Republic and the mines that is
ridiculous, pure rot in fact, and the
effect is to injure the camp and its prospects. Some people imagine that by
exaggeration they help development.
This wholesale lying about tbe camp is
the especial work of grafters. Plain
facts are enough for Republic."
With the opening of navigation a
large quantity of mining machinery
will be taken into the Seine River district. George J Ross, of the Canadian
Rand Drill Company, was recently in
Duiuth,where he closed a contract with
Col J. S llillyer, of the Alice A. and
Lucky Coon mines, for a large bill of
mining machinery for those mines, including a 4 drill compressor plant for
the Alice A, and a 7-drill plant for the
Luckv Coon A complete telephone
system will be put in between these
minee and Mine Centre.
a v roaa iu nsr eoacn or slate
air grew chill and the day grew lata
t felt no lougtng to tarn ana go
��� hearthstone, with its royal glow,
Tbe lady rods ia her coach of slate
As the air j
Tohert ,��� ... B~-.
For though it waa warm, and rich and fair,
Then: uever was a child to greet her there.
What treasures had she in that princely borne 1
There were silks from Persia and hosts from
.  Rome,
Pictures from Paris and London town,
Books, and book, upstairs and down,
Strange, quaint things from the curious Baal,
But never a child to share the feast.
In the lady's mind was a goodly store
Of wit and learalng, and culture more.
She had sailed to the east, and sailed to the west.
Site had seen all the things that are rarest and
And many a wond*roas tale she knew..
But she bad no cbild to teU them to.
And deep in the lady's heart there lay
Hu��h a power at? loving and giving, tbey say.
Snch a fancy for feeling her warm arms close
Bound a aim little form with cheeks of rose,
Such wealth of love had this lady true.
But never a child to give tt to.
Oh, women who fiat at the Uia oi life,
The roond of duty, tbe small, small strife,
Of dally living, with children.* needs.
Drawing tog hack from prouder deeds-
Think of yourselves, berett and alone.
For lose, auibitiou. tor broad, a stone.
A Big  Property   In  a  Country   mi Big
Dave Cowan came down to-dav with
specimens of ore from the Silver Queen,
*ay* the Trout Lake Topic. They have
driven H3 feet of crosscut and have a
wonderful showing. Dave says that
from the end of the tunnel driven bv
Jack Stauber a couple of years ago,
rhey came onto a body of solid zinc ore
some two feet in thickness Next to
this are bodies of galena in a quarts
gangue���concentrating ore���for over 10
feet. Then comes 12 inches of iron ore,
and next this is 18 inches of solid steel
galena The filling is quarts. The foot-
wall Ims not been reached yet and the
work of crosscut ting wilt still be continued.
This properly is located on the Great
Northern lend, and the walls of that
property are black slate No black
������tale has been encountered yet on the
Silver Queen, nor anv ore resembling
(he product of the Northern, so it is
reasonable to suppose that if the work
of croSKcuiting is continued, this lead
will Im* encountered. Thisexposure on
the Silver Queen up to the present
shows that tbe lead is au enormous one
ami that the possibilities for rhe property are immense Regarding the sine
ore it has beeu the experience both on
the Q*S) snd more recently on the Nettie
L that when this mineral in Ml,.wed up
it changes to gray copper. This was
the case only a few days ago with the
Nettie L and a vear or so ago with the
Cup. On tho Nettie L the xinc ��re,
which is identical with that of rhe Silver
Queen, gave return? of over &X1 ounces
of silver to the ton.
Iran   Prodnction   ot  tha  World.
Tables which merely show tons of ore,
without stating the average percentages
of metal, must be read with caution;
but whether judged hy the gross weight
of Ihe ore, or by  the actual amount o(
metal present, ths United States take
the lead among the iron-yielding countries    Crest Rritain comes next as a
rreducer of iron,  and  is  followed by
let-many with its ten million tons of
ore. derived mainly from the poorer hut
easily wrought deposits of Alsace Lorraine    Spain ranks fourth with a pro
ductinn of seven million tons of ore, bnt
in comparing its position with thnt of
(icrmanv the  higher   percentage   of I
metal in  the  Spanish ores should he
horne In mind    In tho same wav the j
percentage of Iron tn the ore produced i
in Luxemburg must lie considered in j
comparing Its output of five million tons
with that of France. Russia,and Austria
Hungarv.���British Colonlalaiid Foreign
Statistic*, 18OT. I
One vice is one too msny.    ,
Don't fell a tree to kill s bee.
An aimless man hits nothing.
A man in debt���s bird in s net.
He that's at sea must sail or sink.
Don't make two fires to boil one egg.
A man of means may be s mean man.
More are cured by diet than by lancet.
Even in the forest don't waste fire
He is rich enough who wsnts nothing.
Better be lion-hearted thsn pig-headed
M uddle at home makes husbands roam.
He who does most is one to do more.
Hy from pleasure that bites to-morrow.
The pledge table is tha best sign -ooard.
Tlie woist gig may get tbe best potatoes.
You may win your case, yet lose your
He bears sorrow best who hides it the
An hour may rend whst an age can't
Karly   Mtnaesota   Mining.
Theearlist mining within the area
that now is Minnesota was by Le Sueur,
who in April, 1701, mined 90,000 pounds
of what he supposed to be an ore of
copper, from the bank of the Blue Garth
rivor or of the Le Sueur river near
their Junction, a few miles southwest of
Mankato. He sent 4,000 pounds of this
material to France. It was probably a
peculiar dark green shale, which outcrops beside the Blue Earth river, or an
equally remsrksble blue earth of the
same vicinity, which the Sioux need ss
a pigment, in either case worthless as
a source of copper of any metallic product.     �� ;__	
A despatch from New York states thst
Psul Johnson, until lately with -the
Guggenbeimer Smelting Compsny of
Mexico, leaves thst city tn a few days to
take charge of the erection of a smelter
for the British Columbia Copper Company, Limited, on that company's prop,
erty, at Greenwood, B.C.
The British Columbia Coe
owns tbe Mother Lode, Gl
McGregor and Lady of ths ]
in Dead wood camp, near
the Boundary Creek country. The property has been developed by a shaft, cross-
cute snd drifts. The Mother Lode lead
ia 185 feet in width at the crosscut on the
100-foot level. The ore carries gold and
copper. The property Is considered to
be among the beat in the Boundary Creek
��, situated
Anaconda, in
Ottawa, April 21���Information hss
been received here thst D. C. Corbin,
or his counsel E. V. Dodwell, will not
be able to get to Ottawa this session in
connection with the Kettle River Railway, and it will not be possible to proceed with the bill asking for s charter
in their absence. Under the circumstances, Bostock wilt not likely introduce it. A strong feeling has been
worked up. in the Ontario press in favor
of the bill, and with the almost unanimous sentiment in support of it in
the west, the bit! would be almost certain to pass the house. The only opponents to tbe bill sre the Canadian Pacific
interests. Corbin and Bodwefl are detained in connection with tbe Iron Mask-
Centre Star lawsuit in Rossland.
Two Trains   Dally.
A Winnipeg rdespatch says: Under
the new time-card to go into effect next
mouth on the Canadian Pacific Railway,
it is expected that two trains will leave
Winnipeg daily for Vancouver and an
additional train having Nelson, B. C.
for its terminus. The latter tram will
serve Crow's Nest Pass points from
Winnipeg direct.
The pioneer house of the City
First-Class in every particular
R. Cunning, proprietor.    Sandon
��� a>
I   :
The following is a complete list of the
mining transactions recorded during the
week m the several mining divisions of
the Slocan. Those of New Den*ro* were
as follows :���
Aran lS-LUUe Both. Goat mountain, Wm
Blue Bird, same, Eli-ter Barker.
Molly Bawn aud Pride ol the West. Three
Forks, Boscar C Cameron.
Ma lotos, Carpenter creek, D Cameron.
Apbil U-Canadian Boy Fraction, Noble Pitt
Hill, Wm. Braden.
Aran, lft���Lone Star.re-locatlon of Texas
Boy, Four Mile creek, J Tlnllng.
April IS���Silver Key Fraction, Galena Farm,
T M dement.
Aran. SI���Bidden Treasure, Carpenter, John
Aran. St���Sweet Gram, Goat mountain. M E
APBIL 15-Echo, Hillside,ICE.
Apbil 17���Malrana, Jnne, Maple, Santiago.
Snow Storm.
Ann. lS-Glnn, Smuggler.
April n-Ma Mere. Mineral King. Maacott,
two years, L H, Cascade, two years.
April tt-WUlard, Haaard, Burnatde.
April SS���Frank Fraction.
April la-Portland, E S Williams to Geo B
Dean,*S< ,00p> bond doe June lo, extension of time
to Not 10.
ORNot.CS Fall to B Cameron, power of
attorney, Jnne *>, 18��T.
APRIL lft-Negkcted i, S T Owing* and W H
Witham to H M Walker, agreement to transfer
of interest upon completion of work, Feb. IS.
Same. H M Walker to Morman McMillan Aft, 8
T Walker W.CU Baker tin, agreement to transfer interests, April 16.
April 17���Snow Storm and Santiago Fraction
D M Bongard to F D Bongard, all interest. July
Silver ���Ing (.DM i Bongard to F D Bongard,
July IS, SS.
Chicago No i, 1, MM Fry to AD Copies, July
Same |, A C Fry to D A Coplan. April 4, Bk
Ann. IS-Wallace }, John Wilson to B W
Thompson, Nov 15, "98.
Mountain View |, J McMarUn to Mary C Mc-
Martin, March 16,1100.
april fl���Alpha. Alpha Fraction. Lakeview
Fraction. Lakeview No U. * In each, L J Thomas
to Northwest Mining Syndicate. Ltd, April U.
Rockey Bould
o Northwest Mining syndicate, l
Coiot-tdo, Andrew Jay, UUca, 1
v, AmcaTPaWck McCoe aud Brl
er. Allice, Patrick McCue aud Bridget McCoe to
J W Peyton. D C Corbin and Austin Corbin,
bond in sum of St.000.
Apriltt-CS Band AnnieG, f tnaach, WH
Brandon toC Kloepher. Feb 4.
Convention Fraction, power of attorney, A C
Behne to V H Bebne. March 14.
Slashes Fraction, Wm Niven to A C Behne,
Aug 19, 'SS.
June Bug���Jaces H Moran to A C Behne, Aug
April S-Modoc, B W Biddell.
A Pan. M���Dewejr, W L Hancock.
April7-Normandy, Jessie A. Laurier, Bebe
Apbil lO-Skcan, North America.
Aran. U-SUver BelUGoldeu Bell. Bald Eagle,
Hope Fraction, Bay View.
Aran. IS-Indication, Cedar, May Flower.
Ann. lS-Heather Bell, Boulder, No S, Lake-
April S-Gordon \, J H Bowes to H D Rawyer.
Ann. 10���Dryore. permit to transfer work
done on Pandora, by W J H HoUara.
Kran. --Carixmate No i, Clearwater, Senate
Coaaress and ScwlU-J E Jonsa to E M Saudi-
lands and M L Grimmett.
Ann. U-Carson, Carl Nelson and Wm Nclsoo
to J Wall
SUrer Tip, North Star, Euro,option, A S BalM
and Minnie Boetcher to M Hicks.
In the Commons Isst week W. W. it.
Mclnnes introduced s bill to smend the
Yukon Territories Act. His object is to
provide for s speedy sppeal from the
decisions of mining recorders or the gold
Premier Laurier in snswer to s question informed Mr. McDougall, of Cape
Breton tbst tbe expenditure so far in
connection with the prohibition plebis
cite was $180,604. There sre still s few
accounts outstanding.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier stated thst the
total cost to Canada in connection with
the Anglo-American commission hsd
been $33,660. A dinner given at Quebec
had cost $308, and Canada's share of a
dinner at Washington .was $606. Trips
on the St. Lawrence given to the commissioners at Quebec had cost few
The living and travelling expenses of
Mr. Charlton were given at 11, < 66.
Colonel Prior was informed that the
Vancouver Lumber Company, who had
leased Desdmsn's Island, represented
that thev would spend $260,000 on a
sawmill and emplov 1,000 hands, and
that $250,000 were in the bank at Vancouver for the purpose of carryingon the
proposed work.
The minister of militia state*! in reply
to Mr. Beatty that 30,000 discarded rifts
were sold to Lieutenant-Colonel Cole, of
Montreal, at 75 cents each.
Sir Henry Joly stated in reply to Mr.
Dougall that the revenue collected on
tobacco last vear was $3,566,416. Of this
sum $971,285 was collected by reason of
the additional duty imposed by the ores-
ent Government.
The great trial of the Iron Mask vs.
the Centre Star was proceeding all Isst
week before Justice Walkem, of Kens-
land. A large audience gathered daily,
and the proceedings are followed with
increasing interest. So far the Iron
Mask people have made out a prima
facie case of trespess and damages, and
have rested tbeir case there.      '
The Centre Star has started fn with
its defense, and the evidence produced
to date consists largely of proving the
extensive plans ana models of the mine
wordings put in and of identifying
many samples of ore taken from different portions of the disputed ground and
elsewhere. The case will but for some
weeks yet.	
The ore shipments from Rossland for
the week ending April 22 and for the
vear to date are as follows: Le Roi,
2,520 tons for the week, 21,580 ton* for
year; War Eagle, 1.:vhj tons for the
week, 7,165 tons for the vear; Iron
Mask, 86 tons for the week, 742 tons for
tbe yesr; Evening Star, ��. tons for the
vear; Deer Park, 18 tona for the vear.
Total tons this week, 3,910; total tons
this year, 29,491.
Tha  Oatpat   Hay   ba   DaahlaS.
George W. Hugnes, msnager of tbe
Idaho mines, who was in Nelson Monday, is one of the best posted mine
managers in the Slocan. He say* that
if there is no stoppage of work through
the eight-hour law, or no disarrangement of the present tariff regulations
tbe mines of the Slocan will double law!
year's output this year. More, that at
no time since he haa been in tbe Sloesn
has there been more enquiries made by
eastern and old country parties for
min<*s. This coming from no conservative an operator indicates that this part
of Kootenay will be fairlv prosperous
this year. Mr. Hughes aiao coutirined
the report, published In the Tribune on
Wednesday, that the Mountain Chief
had been bonded���Nelson Tribune.
Ths   Postal   Sara lea.
The report of the Postmaster-General
for 1897*68 ts one that certainly reflects
credit upon the administration of Hon.
Wm. Mulock. It shows that the deficit
in the department has beeu cut down
from 9699391 iu 1696 to 947,601, snd
that during the past year, in spite of
increased expenditure, better service
and a reduction in postal rates, the
amount of saving effected was over half
a million. The figures in detail are aa
The above shows that, compared with
189��, there was in 1M08, an iiuar��aje In
revenue of 9680,7'i9, and au increase In
expenditure ��>f WMB��. '"he decrease
in the deficit is solely due to the increase
in the business* ot the decrement. The
latter lias grown hv 1099,799; the deficit
has decreased by �����1,788, or by ii-8,970
less than the growth iu the revenue
ttraneh   Raads  Sa  ba   Boilt.
Mr W. K. Tye, of Trail, B. C . chief
engineer of construction of theColumbia
A Western, has given notice of plans
for lines of his company as billows:
Two branch lines from Grand Porks lo
Carson; hrauch line from Eholt Summit
to Suminir, Greenwood. Wellington and
White's mining camps; branch line
from Cascade City to the International
boundsrv line; branch Hue from Cascade City to Christina Lake; branch
line from main line near Kholt Summit
to Long Lake mining camp; branch
line, from Greenwood** to Copper and
Deadwpiod mining camp; located line
from Midway to Rock Creek.
The reported sale of tbe Mountain
Chief has been continued. The purchasers are a strong financial company
and greet activity may be looked for In
this direction when tbe property Is
opened up
Hunger never kicks because the table
doth is soiled. H
LirB   AMI)   * ATI KB.
I nassad thraosh tht* mm ot tt,* hit
The srrewta w*r* *'i*i\gr snd *ti'i   "
rhruUKb the <t>M>r* ��>t th* opau��-bunt
Th# organ* ���*���***�� tapaaiuntr ��tmu
rhrooarh th* dmm ami th* gnat h_n ��>,__
I brant Ua* marmot ol i��* orr iS***
Ana th* a mmi of ths r mJLw ����� i!k-;tl.
Htrt*4mru�� <na<fMhr Mtnl.t i,        ^
A mmuA ot mmt* in>*l bunl. ���
That lav an thf wotUT* d��< k �����***,
Of the alS, and *hr alrfc. mtx-i tt,. u>mi*
ami the wtary lhat prrlsd to* t*m.
I mtxymt thr*>a_h th# mt*t*t <*��� th�� rh*
Uka >��w pStrsrspriwl or nmst
"tih.H*sr "O..AJtt*"i  Ur.'iaitM
Ai��4 ths amy war* sssrtn. >1..��,:
| USSSIpI tlHSMMrh Ox* gm\m* ��' ��� V r��j
A t>��t Marl U* ��u all Is-.1, -i, .���
f laid aw Atwa in ttw> m*.*4 *.
Alar fe-M th* tsMI-riaaiuw
la tht tUpth aad Ih* M-an -.a ���*����� vm*&*m,
I lay on tht aanh'v a***** bt*m*t.
Tha t�����i*l��r faaassl as* m\o* *h*.*-.*y*.
Am tha wsary that srttrt t ������ ��������� i
BSaa. hlaa sras ��hahsa*/*�� ��i�� >' nt.
taSihasartharrian *t w�� u*t
-1 m tjxtt t~ -Ok. Uf* r   H.- is fci rh*.
Aad lh# WW wpukI amtmmnt **,*%
Tbe Ra��bier4 arils*.. Mitttas I'm,
pany bss decided to instAU Afot4t$
compreasor W. II. A<lam*<. d*t tm-
agar, baa returned from C.-*��**la*i-i wHmv
be went to purrlisse one. At v>**m
the eoeapany ha�� on th��* i^ei't
bolter, ttoiat. snd tbrepe straw IniU.ral
with the new eompi-s^- thctaiBbs
ante to preeard a great <t<-al *\<ntktt ���**
their work.
ism ytiM/m
van   tfliisit
n��s   */mjm
Eipendirnre. T>Scit-
|f.Kis,m    pmsn
ir**���**     tmjm
t.lMjfxl 47,p����
To the Ladies of
Sandon and
GREETING:-* W#�� have on ham!
almut 400 paint of Lacliea* unci CMMnw'fl
ihoei which we att> to ilirsjicwe of al a
sacitiee in order to make room in our
salesroom for new stock now on the road.
The stock includes a line line of Tie.
Strap and Buckle Slippers in Tan and
Black Ladies' lace and button ihoes-
laiest styles.
Quilted Satin and Felt Slippers.
Children's Spring & EDfh heel rtioes
A special line of Boys School Shins
E. R. ATHERTON ca, Ud,
These are ill New Stuck, New Patterns and New Prices.
Hunter Bros.
 -=:BOSSLANP The Paystreak.
Who Loot the Money
A local merchant submit* the to!-
���iiwinir problem In finance:
(luiniecting  El Pasa on the U. S.
side of the Rio Grande and Paaa del
;orte on the Mexican side there Is a
ffidge.   American  money  is at a
liscount in Mexico of 10 per cent.,
[while  Mexican  money  suffers tlie
ante discount in United States.   A
-icastr who was not aa slow as he
]<>okcd (rot a dollar ahead on the
[American side,     ills  first impulse
[was iu buy a drink,   lie put up the
ollar with the Liberty picture and
iL-nt in change a dollar bearing the
klotitilc eagle of Mexico.    This wss
[onlv worth 90 oents In El Pasa, but
[when  he  went  across to Pasa del
(Norte it was worth its face value and
[on buying another drink be got an
American dollar  in change.   This
(made it only a  matter of crossing
nnd >v-crossing the bridge to aecumu-
l.tu* an inexpensive exuberance, and
|li��* tallowed It up until he became too
lull (or utterance but finally wound
[up in the   United  States  with one
Id. liar, American money���his origin
]..! capital.
From a financial point of view be
[was just  even; the saloon  keepers
[had made monev as they had got 10
icons Tor each  drink, notwithstand
inR that  the whole transection was
carried out without breakins a coin ;
lit cost neither government snything
and Imth derived a revenue from the
**lt* af the liquor.   Whe paid for the
[gresser's jag.
"Poker," said the man.
"What'sthe trouble?" asked the
"He held four aces three times in
succession," said the man.
"Change the charge from gambling
to robbery," said the magistrate.
Cornted Philosophy
"The young man who buvs his
sweet heart 'useful presents'" said the
Cornfed Philosopher, "U making a
mistake so far ss the girl is involved,
but it make* him solid with tire old
"The edifer of the Weekly Cal-
varian appears to be a man who
take* things as they come,'' remarked the tourist.
"Aw, yes," replied the landlord of
the Occidental Hotel at itoomopolis,
Oklahoma. The other day an irate
subscriber bulged into tire printin'
oflice, an' announced in a blood shot
voice that he hsd come to clean out
the place; the editor calmly slapped
a gun against his head and msde
him do It."
Hirdcage Bill���Wot is a loafer?
Why, a loafer is a feller dat loafs, of
The Bowery Chicken Dat shows
your ignorance. A loafer is a teller
dat loafs and bar no bank account.
He Csuflht tha Point
lu tome pans of Knglaud then* is
ja **> ing rhat it takes a hammer and
|a chisel to drive a joke into the head
���i a Scotsman.   An  illustration  of
ins is .llrred as follows:
Two Kugliehnien had hern sjvnd-
linir tii* ir holidays in a small village
[in A is hles-nshire-   One of tire boasts
>f the village was a smsll museum,
im   which  a   numbs-r  of curiosities
in..! in tin*  vicinity of the village
h til   befit   placed.     Aa i*  usual in
[iin-.-uriiH, each article had a   small
iirketattaclied giving full inlorma
imi  abutit  it.     One  day  rhe two
|i-ucli->hineu went  in to have a look
ja! the curiosities.   On entering they
h.iw a  lar��e  plaCkard  atock phi the
bull, which read:
NppTHf..��� Those who can't read.
u> payings small Ice tu the black-
Mnitli next door, will gel full infor
hi-atiaaia about the articles."
Naturally, they wen* greatly
pnunied at anyone writings matae to
'"���x who can't read. Shortly after
p a vinj** the museum tbey met their
������idbird, and in course of converva-
>''�� "|e> ndd lifniof the joke, but
fry ip. ihi'v Could they could not get
pun toaee wlirn* tire joke came in.
o last, utterly disgusted, thev left
fun snd priK-eediii np the street.
I'ev had n<x gone far, however.
,"'" they heard the landlord run
Piiig alter them nnd puffing very
|"nl AMMoon as he reached them
P< ��xc I aimed, between gasps:
���>��. ha ? I aon what ye wis lntich-
,"*������   I nee't h'   noo.   The black-
Ii ni if lit be out!"
Bp' I
The Wrong Charge
Tire man was much excited when
entered u��e city offices.
I want a warrant," he said.
��bHts the charge asked the
'������o�� nisgistrate.
Gambling/' mid the man.
w Hat's tbe jgnme ?" asked the
Certificate of Improvements.
Situate In   xb*  Slnran   Mininc   PtvM���   ul
\Ve��t fcootMMy IHurkr.   Wham Iooai.*��l1
On tha Bast Fork of Carpenter (Wh. ad-
J..IPHP.S the \V��<>i��art i. Mineral Claim un
the north
Takk X����Tiir that   I, Ju��e*th   Frederick
Kitrhie. act in* as aa~nt for J. O. C Fraser. of
R����.1spp<I. n.t'.. Free Miner's Certificate Xo.
;s.sn. intend ��ip.|sjr�� front   the <late hereof to
a>n>l V to tha Mininc Recorder for a Certificate
of laifawei-enii for the al��p.��e claim.
Ai��d farther take notiVe tliat action, uixler
mm -lion JIT. Billot lpe commenced ln��fore tha
Unian** of *��K*h Certificate of Improvemenn*
Dated this llth .ray of June,   iurt
Plain sewinQ
a *m -�������������� 'irtmwm www **********'
A. F. & A. M.
Kegular Oommunication of ALT A
LODGE, U. D., held Hrst Thursday
In each Month, in Masonic Hall.
Sandon, at 8 p. m Sojourning breth-
.���rn cordially invited.
W. II. Lilly,
MOTtCl i. hereby civen that J. R..l.ill_rd
sikil I��. McDonald .io not bold themselves
lial-ir lor any Lilts contracted hy Collins a
Baril��Hi, romr worklnc oa the Snap property.
ll. McDonald.
We can supply yon with
Waterproofed by the
Rigby Process, at the same
price as unproofed goods.
Rigby Porous Waterproof goods look and feel
the same as unproofed
goods���they admit the air
bnt keep out the rain and
allow the free respiration
of the skin.
They are all tailor made
and up to date.
A Shorev's Guarantee
Card is in the pocket of
each garment which
The E. R. Atherton Co,
Atlantic Steamship  Tickets
to and from European points via Canadian and American lines. Apply
for sailing dates, rates, tickets and
full information to any C. P. Ry
agent  or
C. F. R. Agent, Sandon.
WM. STITT, Gen. 8. 8. Agt.,
KaSLO, B. o.
Will be at the Hotel Balmoral
once a month.
Miners and  Prospectors.
Iff you want to nave your
money leave your  order
Canadian Pac5fic Railway
Soo-Pacific Line.
Tha Paat aad Saperior Service Roate
To Eastern Si
European Points.
To   Pacific   Coast,   Alaska,
China,   Japan   and   Australian
Baggage Cheeked to Destination
and Through Tickets Iaaued.
Tourist Cars
Paas Revelstoke :
Daily to St. Paul.
Tuesday and Saturday for Toronto.
Thursday for Montreal and Boston.
Daily to Poiats reached via Nakusp.
Daily excepting Sunday to Points, reach
ed via Rosebery and Slocan City.
Daily Train.
7:46 k     ive. SANDON ar.     16:55 k
MO Three Forks itkUx
AM Denver Sidinc 14-0
n*A Rosebery xfi-jn
New Denver
Slocan City
Ascertain RATES and fall information by
addreaeinc nearest local agent, at
Agent, Sandon.
Mat. Paaa. Aft., Tray. Paaa. igi
Vancouver, Nelson.
Ba sura  that yonr ticket reads via tht
fc I
��� vm
*  -I
v >���
The Strike in Coeur d'Alene.
The Bunker Hill strike has taken
a serious turn and guns are coming
into play. On Wednesday morning
the non-union men were intercepted
on their way to work and driven out
of town by armed force, but afterward returned and the night shift
went to work without interference.
Several shots hare been fired but so
ar no fatalities are reported. Armed
sentries keep watch at the mine and
mill but no damage to the company's
property has been attempted.
The Bunker Hill mine pavs the
union scale of wages and charges
fl a week less for board than other
mines in the camp but refuses to
recognize the union. It is to forces
recognition of tbe organization that
the strike has been declared.
Betwixt and Bechune.
R. H. Trueman, Photographer-
will close his visit on Saturday, May
6th. Patrons are requested to give
an early sitting as the stay is short.
Studio opposite G. P. R depot.
Fine Seasonable Groceries
"How many sons have you, Mr.
Mulcahy ?" asked the census taker.
"Foive, sir,"
"All living?"
'���No, sir. Two livin', two dead
an* wan in New Denver.
Nelson is to have a street railway
if the company recently granted a
35-year franchise carry out tretr
part of the agreement.
Ikey���Lend me your pencil.
"Vhy don'd ver use yer ink ?"
**I vaste too much on der blotter."
MAY 24th, 1899.
$1,700 IN PRIZES $1,7M
1st Prize
2nd Prize
1st Prize
2nd Prize
1st Prize
2nd Prize
Free For All
M �� If
Slocan Horses
��l M
Pony Race
Best AM Rsntul Athlata
Mate* 8
���f Base Ball
H���e Ree-Raoo
- ��� -��� ������
For Further Particulars Apply To
R. 0. MATHESON, Sbcr-Tarv
Silverton, B. C.
An Established Millinery business
in Sandon, furnishings and fittings
complete. Tbe only millinery business in the city. Best of reasons for
wishing to sell.
Apply to
Miss Wilson.
P. 0. Box 117.
0*43*- _��_fc_&-���s*_. ��f-��M_M_*
tonsorial artist.
Has rhe Pints!
In tne Slocan.
Everything New, Complete and
Up'tosdetc. Tne Comfort and
Convenience ol Patrons will receive
the most Careful attention, -aland tec us at the New Stand. $
Two Door* AlMive the Pott  Other      *f
*~H_r4_*0*>C�����e*CW* SmtmtB
Table Novelties.
Unequalled for Variety and Purity.
Motel*. Mlnaa and ram Ilka will find it to tbeir *
vantage to sac tbaaa naw goods In all tines Mm
purchasing elaawhere. Mailorders will receiveM
usual our prompt attention and forwarded a* fear*
Sandon, B.C.
���   *   O   ���   ���
Carries the Larger! Stock of
Pipe* in the Slecarr. They must
be sold. A Reward of $1,000
is onered for the discovery of
sny dealer who is selling this
class of goods cheaper.
Miss Wilson
Has returned   with a
complete spring stoch
of all the latest fashions
and Ladies Furnishings.
Eoenjthing fashionable,
artistic and up-to-date.
Only high class goods
The output of the SLOCAN
(n *98 was nearly $3,000,000.
Ninety per cent of thb
wealth was handled with
ter recommendation could be had.
H. BYERS k Co.
Wc have just received a   fuU car ol CANTON
STEEL, mU sizes, (or hand and  power  drills.
J. R. & D. CAMERON, <
Kootenay Tailors.
Carry the fttteat line ol Canadian nnd Im
ported  cloths to Iw (band In Kootenay
Insfieet the latent addition* t�� ��*or atock
ed  sprinf *uiiinf��.   I��rr1��**i  Hathdacium
h. Mllloy, L. D. 8.
Sandon, B. C.
n. LaQRinnETT
Notary Public,
Sleighs, Gutters, Teams and
Saddle Horses for Hire.
Headqaar.ar* Car miaot*
Wall slaked War in ton urn- Oot      ^
rtralelaasaoeatRRppxIs" **"
*\ay oraraafc.
Barrirter, Solicitor, Etc
Noun Public


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