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The Paystreak May 21, 1898

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Array torn.
The End.
Hawarden, May   18, U;4a p. in.
Mr. Gladstone is dead.
Kootenay lake i�� rising rapidly.
Hevelstoke is celebrating the 24th.
SvcTaggart is In North Yakima.
Silver 57|. The highest for alt
Koasland's tax levy has been fixed
at 15 wills.
David Bremncr, of Silverton. was
in town Sunday.
Alexander Dick arrived iu New
Denver yesterday.
S. T. Wood, of lite Toronto Globe,
wa�� in town Tbttrsdsy.
John Werley of New Denver was
in Saudon yesterday.
New Denver hand and foot-ball
eluh go to Kaslo on the -'4th.
Music, Comedy, Drama and Dancing. Spencer's Opera House to night.
Slocan City i* going to celebrate
t!ie4tb  of *Jtily   with a race meet.
Next."  ���
John Chawley jjetallaj-k is in the
held at a govt-vtuueut candidate,
i Hi t.awd!
John Keene. l.cetsder, Kaslo, was
in town Sunday on hi* way to Slocan
Utke points.
Ernie King, ol Kaslo, Wat in San-
tlon and New Denver last Sunday
I* I king cclcltratiisi.
Swiftwater Bill is dead but he is
awfully deceased it he i* half as dead
a* me Klondike rush.
The ladies of the Presbyterian
eliureh intend to give a ooiieert during the first week in June.
Don't  tail  to hear   MacKcnzic In
The Laird o' Cockpen."   Spencer s
Opera House tonight.
"The March of the Cameron Men.''
Hear it as only sung by MacKenzie.
spencer's Opera House  tonight.
Slocan City ho|ies to have a water
system In tlie near future. UotU
���reck will la* tap|��*d for the supply.
Mr. Nicholson, of Belleville, a re
cent graduate ot the Kingston sch.Mil
��>l mines, has heated iu   New  Den
Fred.).   Irving,  one  of Nelson's
heaviest mercantile men, paid San
a brief visit in the carlv  part ol the
The Nelson delegation at Ottawa
has received promises of a federal
grant for. public buildings in that
A. M. Beattle, of Hotebery, may
<>l*m a real estate and mining office
in Vancouver. He is now on a visit
u> that city.
W. J. Bryan has been appointed
a colonel and is organising a volun*
tcer cot ps in Nebraska.   It's off with
Baseball enthusiasts will break the
Sabbath at the I aII grounds tomorrow afternoon, Of c >urse that's
not right about the beer.
Jack Newmsn, a former resident
of Sandon and a brother of Mrs.
Burton, has gone to the Philipines
with K company of Helena.
The Selkirk Mining and Milling
Co. will hold a meeting in Sandon on
Jure 24th to elect a board of directors for the ensuing year.
Already pros|M*ctors are leaving
Kaslo for the Lardo Duncan country,
although there will be too much
snow to work for some time \ eU
Council met on Monday evening,
May 16th, with Mayor Athertonin
the chair, present, Crawford, Swit-
ser, Hunter.
viait to the old folks iu Minnesota,
again rules over the train on the K.
A S.   He wears that same old smile.
Air Instructor (HM* of the C. P. K.
came up trow Nnkusp in his private
car Sunday last to inspect the workings of the air brakes on tbe N. A S.
Frank   Pyman, accompanied   by
Minutes of the last
read and adopted.
from O. G. Dennis,
inissioner of Lands
the effect that no money would be
available for public works, such as
the Carpenter creek improvements,
until alter Julylst.
An offer made by Win. Furnival
meeting were
were   received
Assistant Contend Works, to
Gus Boettcher, after an extended to sell two flars  was accepted and
the flags purchased.
Moved by Aid. Switzer, seconded
by AM Crawford, that the services of
Constable Waite be dispensed with
after 31st inst.   Carried.
Catholic Church. Rev. Father
Ferland will hold maw in Virginia
Hall to-morrow at 9 a. m.
Messrs. ^Nicholson and Carter, recent arrival* in New Denver, were
in t'��Wn vesterdav sizeing up the
enuip. Presbyterian church���Regular ser-
����*!*-..     ��        *    .       ,     vices in Virginia hall morning and
W.J. rwi** has been in town for evesdof.   Rev. J. A. Oland
the past few dava, doing business tor , ���
the Mutual Life and incidentally j Methodist Church-Regular *er-
doing same talKing fbr the Kaslo vices to-morrow nt 11 a. m. and 8
cclebrati��an., '-]^& �����   ��<v A. H. Sanford.
Mr* Ctoney  returin*d VVednatday iha.r*in*aii fhilm
from an extended vWt to her former. ******** **.*��.
home In Walla Walla. Mr. and Mrs.' Lord Aberdeen has notified Sir
Clancy have taken up house keeping i Wilfted Lanrter that on account of
on Cody Ave. ' private and family claims and inter
' ests he will not he able to remain in
t anada tor the full six years of his
The shipments of ore from Sandon
from August 1, 1897, to May 20th
1898, inclusive, were as follows:
Slocan Star,
Idaho Mines,
Noble Five,
American Boy,
Slocan Boy,
Freddie Lee.
Mt. Adams,
Last Chance,
Cananian Group,
Trade Dollar,
Queen Bess,
Fountain Fraction,
Ajax Fraction
Wonderful Bird
J. M. Harris and Frtd Kelly went
south tat Monday. Mr. Harris will
visit his home iii Virginia and Mr.
Kelly his in Texas. They intend to
lie gv-iic about thne months.
A large number ot men have left
town to do assessment and develop- Colonial Secretary has cunsente I
incut on  low-lying claims.   Slocan
lake propertHv are  receiving more
attention than ever this spring.
Dr. Young, tbe man with the iron
jaw, wan looking over  the political
official term aa Governor-Genera),
and that he Intends resigning in October or November. Lord Aberdeen
says that he has notitted Mr. Chamberlain to that effect, and that the
The Slocan people must he easy
and Inoffensive when they will tolerate the election wind ot such breezy
individuals as Young of Slocan City.
. In trving to lead publie opinion he is
situation in Sandon in the early part! mi <�� place about as much as a cir-
'      '"*' cusclown would beat a session ot
the Spaniards now
ol the week. D. R. disclaims any
intention of becoming a candidate
tor legislative honors.
������.!<�����" Leiter holds millions of
bushel* of wheat. On his May and
June deliveries he will scoop iu over
e2.0UU.00J. .He says there is more
gold in wheat than in all the mines
of the t.olden Rand or in Klondike.
J. Warren Bell, of Whitewater,
narrowly escaped death last week.
A heavy timber fell ui him with
tcritlic force, breaking two ribs. The
injured man is now out of danger
and on the high road to recovery.
Silverton is making great preparations for their Queen's Birthday
celebration. A good programme of
sporta including horse races, drilling
contest, Caledonian games, etc., is
offered. The Slocan City band will
furnish music tor the occasion.
Tlic new ore crusher for the Payne
arrived on Wednesday. The crusher will U* installed in the ore house
at the siding and the ore crushed at
the bottom of the tramway instead
of at the mine as heretofore, w ater
power will be used.
3,1874 tons.
' -71''"
' .".RiPI
5.     >
Total,       :       :        22,993* tons
Ore shipments for the week ending 20th: Ruth 94, Slocan Star 180,
Argo 2|, Total 2T6t.
*-* ��� ���* *>*������* *
| ��� p. i y 4 i >    "���**     - ... i ;����� ���- '
Robsott to Boundara.
Trail, May 17.���Bids were opened
here eo-dav and wired to Montreal
for the building or 100 miles ot raM
wav for the C. P. R. from Robinson
to Mid wav The estimated cost is
��,000,006 and the road is tn be finished this year. Among the bidders
were McKenzie A Mann, J as. Pou-
pour Boomer, Winter A Parsons, P.
Larson and W. R. McFrame. The
contract will be awarded by June
The ladies of the Catholic church
are making arrangements to give a
high class concert on the evening of
Dominion Day. The very best talent
obtainable will be engaged for the
occasion and n ahing left undone to
make this one of the most pleasing
features of the Dominian Day celebration.
By the time table announced for
the Kaslo cejebratioii, the K. A S.
holds over the regular train on Monde v evening, 23rd, until the arrival
of the C. P. R. from Nakusp. A
special will also leave Sandon at 7:30
a. m. on the 24th, and returning,
leave Kaslo at 7:30 p. m. on the 24th
and 4 a. m. on the 25th. The rate
will be single fare fbr the round
trip, 12.05. Tickets mnst be purchased at the depot before going on
the train.      _____
One hundred dozen neckties, of the
verv latest stvla, direct from  New
York, just arrived at the Post Office
Store.   Get one  before they are all
| gone.
Will Celebrate Dominion Dan
At a well'attended meeting held
in the council chamber on Tuesday
evening in was decided to celebrate
Dominion Day in Sandon. Messers.
Hunter, McClusky, Young and He-
Donald were appointed a committee
to canvass the town and see whst
funds would be obtainable. There is
no doubt they will meet with a liberal response from the citizens.
The Buck Will Run.
In the first announcement of the
Kaslo celebration It was stated that
the horse races would be open only
to Kaslo stock. The announcement
caused considerable resentment
among local sports as Sandon has a
horse about as fast as anything that
wears hair. After considerable correspondence it was decided to make
the races free for all and the Greasy
Buck will run. Buck Is the fastest
horse this far north.
Harry McDonald, of the White
House took water out of a neighbor's
tap for which the Beak on Tuesday
fined him f 10 snd costs. The Court
also mentioned the fact that it was
just as criminal to give water works
water away if it was to take it
Our Munifident Gooernment
British Columbia's resources are In
the control of gentlemen who know
how to distribute with the glad hand.
Sandon s'City Council asked the
local legislature for 1600 to clear the
creek outside the city limits. An
answer was received recently through
OJot, Dennis, Assistant Commission-
er(of Lands and Works, stating that
the government had no money on
hand and would not have any until
Jujy. In other words, they would
not do anything for Sandon before
the elections. The appropriation
w(uch was made early in the session
has all been spent. We understand
that Three Forks got some 150 of it.
Sandon people were promised about
all they cared to ask, but up to date
these promises have failed to materialise. New Westminster, Nanaimo,
and other uncertain constituencies
are getting all kinds, of government
money. Some of the one-street towns
in solid divisions do not have to ask
f>r appi opriatioiis. The progr essi ve
and active district of Slocan, which
pays.more taxes in proportion to
population than any other country
on earth, Cuba, Spain ami Armenia not excepted, gets practically
Dan Mann and Bill Mackenzie get
$1,600,00) for building a lath track
somewhere between hell and B>b-
caygeon. The same gang get another million or two for building the
V. V. A E. In all, the government
is giving away some five million
dollars for building railroads whicii
it should build and operate tor the
people ; and in most cases the roads
could be built for less than the bonus
anouj)ts to. How this money is divided it is hard to say. There is a
large rake-off somewhere.
Our legislators could not find $r��0)
to improve Carpenter creek. Sandon
may be flooded out, drowned or
washed to kingdom come for ill they
care; or the citizens may do the
government's work and cash up for
it themselves -just as they like.
All this may not lie edifying but it
is instructive. Our council is st
fault. Thev should change their
tactics. Let them ask tor $500,000.
not a paltry 9600. By the time the
different pluggers ^and cappers in
Victoria got their' rake-off there
would probably be about enough
left to fix the creek.
The members of the local legislature are the gentlemen who are
asking for reelection.
A Bad Bargain
Mackenzie A Mann will receive
$4,000 a mile from the Provincial
government for building the Stickeen
Teslin railway. But the road will
not be completed before the end of
the summer of 1899. The only redeeming feature of this iniquitous
grant is that a provision has been
made by which the Province shall
receive 4 per cent, of the gross receipts of the railway. It will be interesting to note what success the
government will have in collecting
this per centage. If no better re-
setts are obtained than so far have
been achieved in the arrangement
that the Province has for a share of
the gross receipts of tbe Nakusp and
Slocan and the Shuswap A Okan-
agan railways, it will have been a
waste of time to make such a provision.���Miner.
i ���
For the latest styles in Neckties,
call at the Post Office store.
Back on the Sonsd���Didn't
he was Dead.
A letter received yesterday from
E. C. Bissell, who was supposed to
have been one of the victims of the
snowslide disaster on the Skagway
trail, says:
"I found on arrival st Victoria
Sunday that I had been killed In the
snowslide at Chllcoot pass, but 1
flatter myself that mv bump of
caution is too well developed to get
caught in a snowslide."
The letter is dated from Tacoma.
where Mr. Bissell intends to locate
for the present. This final assurance that EL C. is still in the land of
the living will come as a considerable relief to his many friends in
Blood is Thicker than Watei
Says the Montreal Witness: 'Brit
ish people the world over who remember how the American sailors of
the United Slates fleet in the harbor
of Apia, Samoa, drifting to their own
destruction before the hurricane,
cheered the British sailors, who, inch
hy inch, worked the great British
warship to safety in the open sea in
the face of the gale; who remember
how the American! ships at the capture of Taku forts, at the mouth of
the Peiho, could not refrain from
joining the British in their fight from
ere brotherly feeling; who remeiu-
r how, after the bombardment of
Alexandria, the American men-of-
war there sailed round the British
victors and cheered them, will heart-
fly rejoice over tbe success of their
American cousins."
According to the statements of
leading railway men, and they
Should be able to judge, the war has
not, as yet st sil events, proved the
bonanza for Canadian trade which in
tome quarters was looked forward
to. The general trade is good in
Canada, but this is not due in anv
way to the war. Mr. G. M. Bos-
worth, general freight manager of
the Canadian Pacific, says: "The
Canadian Pacific, and one might say
ill the Canadian roads, of course, are
doing a very large business at present. That is because this has been a
magnificent spring In Canada. If
not one gun had been fired in all
Cuba this would have been a l-nsy
season for Canadian railways. But
if these guns had been fired up along
the Northern Atlantic seaboard it
might have male them still busier."
The internal dissentions which
handicap the Spanish government at
this crisis are in marked contrast to
the unanimity with which all political parties in the United States con*
gress unite to. vote millions for the
prosecution of the war. The S|*n-
lard boasts of his patriotism, the
American puts his hand in his pocket
and produces the evidence.
And Other Investments.
Kvery Representation Guaranteed.
Sensei.,* B.C.
Merchants  Advertise In the
Paystreak Because It Pays.
H. Giegerich, Sandon, B. C.
The onlu exclnaiee Wholesale and Retell Oroetrv Honae in Ssndos
Dealing in FIm, Freeh mi OtMa table sup.
Plies suitable for Family. Hotel ind Mirvng trade.
Special brands of Pmrm Tmi ������! toffees.
Sole Agents for
Giant Powder Ge.,
The famoii��� Bee-iuffa Oeeolleo,
St. Char-lee Sterfflxeol Croat*.
Branch Store* al KASM> and AIN'HWOKTIf
Hamilton Byers,
Dealer In ���
Shelf and Heavy
Caps and Fuse,
Smithing Coal,
Jessop Steel,
Steel Rails,
Traux Ore Care,
Bar and Sheet Iron,
Complete line of Mine
Hardware always
in Stock.
Canadian Pacific Ry.
Soo-Pacific Line.
A Pull Line of Clffara, Tobacco*,
Pipes and Smokers' Knndriea
In Stock.
Headquarters lor Playing Cardi and
Poker Chlpg.
mo avi 9mm90m
ft* **���* **4 fa*f**r a*#r ��� �����t**��
To Eistem &
European Point*.
To Pacific Coast Si  F*r E*st
To   Rkh   and   Active Gold
Fields ol Klondike and the
tUMrratre Ckeeked to l**.!!.****"-
a��d Thr*��M*h Ticket* Isanti.
New Tourist Car Service.
Daily to St. Itul.
Dally Kxec|* Tue*l*> u�� Kttnvt
Canadian   snd 1*    S.   ft****-
To Mais Lias Point*, snd. e��"pt ��* $��*^
To sad From Nelson.
Leave Hnndaii trrl"
7s45n.ni. *t:.WP**-
A***rt��l��   |m*-..t   RKM<K.' K*Tla'JJ,
full Inform**!.*! hy���aaViiiulw**'n**���*
***f>Nt, ��r
Agent. Bend**'
K. *l. (WI.K,
IM����, rW Aet.
B* Mir*  that jro*f *lrl.**t ^f**
* r asiW*
Trur  f* W
,|.  -t��
����r*  mat jro*t *�����*���*���"   ��*���     .
CAMAWAK  PACINI'   ��*!��.��*��� ���
The End.
Hawsrden, May   1��, 11;45 p. in.
Mr. Gladstone is (lead.
Koot*iiay lake is rising rapidly.
Kevelstoke Is celebrating the 21th.
Nye Taggart Is In North Yakima,
Silver 57*. The highest for sit
Rowland s lax levy has been fixed
at 15 mills.
David Bremncr, of Silverton, was
in toon Sunday.
Alexander Dick arrived in New
I leaver yesterday.
s. T. Wood, of th* 'Toronto Globe,
was in toarn Thursday.
John VVatity of Near Denver wa*
in Sandon yesterday.
NYw Denver band ami foot-ball
* lob go to Kaslo <si the 24th.
Manic, remedy. Drama ami Dane*
ing. Spem-cra Opera House to night.
Slocan City U* goiinr to celebrate
th** 4tt> of July   with a race meet.
Next.    <mg*4t
John Chawley .Uvtallatt fe��M *he
tirtd at t gmiwiuiieut camlktltc.
< Hi Gawd!
John Recite, lb-conk*. Kaslo. was
in town Sunday un his way to Slocan
Uke points.
Ernst King, of Kaslo, wa* in San-
ion snd New Denver last Sunday
miking oeJebraMtst.
Swift water Bill Is dead but be is
awfully deceased it be iabalf as dead
a* ute Klondike rusli.
The  ladies of the   l��re*b> urieii
charek intend to give a eoncer. dur
*ng tbe Ural week lit June.
Don't  tall  to bear   MaeKenzie In
The Laird o' Cockpen."   Spencer's
Ojera House to-night.
"The March of the Cameron Men.
Hear it as only sung by MacKenxic.
Spencer's Opera House' tonight.
Slocau City hopes to nave a water
system tn the near future. Goat
creek will be tapped for tie* supply.
Mr. Nicholson, or Belleville, a re
cent graduate ot the Kingston school
ot minca, baa located in New Denver,
Fred J.   Irving, one  of Nelson's
heaviest mere* nil I e men, paid San
a brief visk In the earlv part .4 the
The Nelson delegation at Ottawa
has received promises of a federal
grant for. public buildings in that
A. If. Seattle, of Rotebery, may
open a real estate and mining oftlce
m Vancouver. He is now on a visit
to that city.
W. J. Bryan hat been appointed
a colonel and Is organizing a volun*
����sr cot ps in Nebraska. It's off with
the Spaniards now
Baseball enthusiasts will break the
Sabbath at the UI! grounds tomorrow afternoon, Of c mrse that's
not right about the beer.
Jsek Newman, a former resident
of Sandon and a brother of Mrs.
Burton, bas gone to the l'l.il ipines
with K company of Helena.
The Selkirk Mining and Milling
Co. will hold a meeting in Sandon on
Jure 21th to elect a board of directors for tbe ensuing year.
Already prosi-ecua** art* leaving
Kaslo fbr tbe Lardo* Duncan couutry,
although there will be too much
snow to work for some time \ ek
meeting were
Council met on Monday evening,
May 16th, with Mayor Athertonin
the chair, present, Crawford, Bwit-
xer, Hunter.
Minutes of the last
read and adopted.
from O. G. Dennis,
missioner of Lands
the effect that no
available for public
were   received
Assistant Contend Works, to
money would be
works, such as
The shipments of ore from Sandon
from August 1, 1897, to May 20th
1898, Inclusive, were as follows:
Ous Boettcher, after an
the Carpenter creek improvements,
until after Julylst.
An offer made by Win. Purnlval
extended to sell two flars  was accepted and
the flairs purchased.
Moved by Aid. Switzer, seconded
by Am Crawford, that the services of
Constable Waite be dispensed witb
after 31st Inst.   Carried.
visit tt* the old folks iu Minnesota,
again rules over the train ou tbe K.
A S.   He wears that same old smile.
Air Instructor Ord* of the C. P. K.
came up from Nakusp in his private j
car Sunday last to inspect the work-!
ings of the air brakes on the N. & S. ���
Frank   Pymsn, aceotnpanied  by U ^^^  S^-Sv.    Father
Messrs. AkIi.iIs.si and <*rtcr, re-  Fer|and will hold mass in Virginia
cent arrivals in   New Denver, were j Ha��� ^^^ ,t o t. ra.
In town vesterdsv sizemg up  the I
camp. Presbyterian church���Regular ser-
,..   ��� �� .   ,     .        ,   il     *.   "' ***�� In Virginia hall morning and
W. J. Twh* has been in town for iev<.nln|r.   fa. j. A. aeland
tbe past few davs, doing business for "      ��� -
the Mutual Life and incidentally \ Methodist Church-Kegular ser-
doing same talKing fbr the Kaslo vices to-morrow at 11 a. m. and 8
i^raihm..       < ^ m*   R*v A- **��� S*1-*-"1*
.Jit*. Ctoncv returned Wedssttlayi Hmjai fJtlTp
from an extended vWt to her tortter "*""mm  J-F5T
home In Walla Walla.   Mr. and Mrs. >   Lord  Aberdeen has notified Sir
Clancy have taken up bouse keeping j Wilfred Laurter that on account of
on i ����dy aVve. ' private and family claims and inter
��  u  ii���i- -����i v~a w.iu. ��,��... ! <*te be will not he able to remain in
J. M. Hairiaand Krud Kelly *et.t ^^ ^ ^ m ^ ^ nfc
Slocan Star,
Idaho Mines,
Noble Five,
American Boy,
Slocan Bov, *
Freddie Lee.
Mt. Adams,
Last Chance,
Cananian Group,
Trade Dollar,
Queen Bess,
Fountain Fraction,
Ajax Fraction
Wonderful Bird
3,1874 tons.
i *
Total, 22,9931
Ore shipments for the week ending 20th: Ruth 94, Slocan Star 180,
Argo 2J, Total 21*%.
official term aa Governor Genera I,
and that he Intends resigning in October or November. Lord Aberdeen
says that he has notified Mr. Chamberlain-to that effect, and that the
south on Monday. Mr. Harris will
visit his home iu Virginia and Mr.
Kelly his in Texas. Ttiey intend to
lie gene about Mine months.
A large number ot men have left
town to do assessment and develop* I Colonial Secretary has conscnte I.
me nt i*i   low-lying claims.   Slocan	
lake propcrMce ere  receiving more     The fflocan people  must he easy
attanttonthau ever this spring. ^JfcfiKte wbw! ^SLSH ������
r ate the election wind ot such breezy
Dr. Young, Mie man with tbe iron ; individuals as Young ot Slocan Citv.
Jaw, was lookiug over  the political In trymK to lead public opinion he is
situation in Sandon in the early part j oat of place about as much as a cir-
of the week.     D. K. disclaim*  any Cus clown would beat a session ot
intention of  Iweoming a candidate | theologians.
Robaon to Boandan}.
Trail, May 17.-Bldt were opened
here to-dav and wired to Montreal
for the building or 100 stiles of rail
way for Mie C. P. R. from Robinson
toMidwav The estimated cost is
$3,000,000 and the road is tn be finished this year. Among the bidders
were McKenzie & Mann, Jas. Pou-
pour Boomer, Winter & Parsons, P.
Larson and W. R. McFrame. The
contract will be awarded by June
lor legislative honors.
"Jim ' Lcitcr holds millions of
bushels or wheat. On his May and
June deliveries he will scoop iu over
tl.000.OlU He says Miere is more
gold in wheat than iu all the mines
of tin t.ohieii Kami or in Klondike.
J. Warren Bell, of Whitewater,
narrowly escaped death last week.
A heavy timber fell OB him with
u*timc force, breaking two ribs. The
injured man is now out of danger
ami on the high road to recovery.
Silverton is making great prepar-
ations b��r their Queen's Birthday
celebration. A good programme of
sporta including horse races, drilling
contest, Caledonian games, etc., is
offered. The Slocan City band will
furnish music tor the occasion.
The new ore crusher tor the I'syne
arrived on Wednesday. The crusher will ��a* installed in the ore house
at the siding and the ore crushed at
the bottom of the tramway instead
of at the mine as heretofore. vt ater
ill be used.
The ladies of the Catholic church
are making arrangements to give a
high class concert on Mie evening of
Dominion Day. The very best talent
obtainable will be engaged for the
occasion and n thing left undone to
make Mils one of the most pleasing
features of the Duminian Day celebration.
By the Mme table announced for
the Kaslo celebration, the K. & S.
holds over the regular train on Monday evening, 23rd, until the arrival
of the C. P. R. from Nakusp. A
special will also leave Sandon at 7:30
a. St. on Mie 24th, and returning,
leave Kaslo at 7:30 p. m. on the 24th
and 4 a. m. on the 25th. The rate
will be single fare fbr the round
trip, 12.05. Tickets uinst be purchased at Mie depot before going on
the train.
Will Celebrate Dominion Dan
At a well-attended meeting held
in the council chamber on Tuesday
evening in was decided to celebrate
Dominion Day in Sandon. Messers,
Hunter, McClusky, Young and McDonald were appointed a committee
to canvass the town and see what
funds would be obtainable. There is
no doubt they will meet with a liberal response from the citizens.
The Buck Will Run.
One hundred dozen neckties, of the
very latest stvlt, direct from New
York, just arrived at the Post Office
8tore.   Get one  before they are all I water
gone. ' ��*��>
In the first announcement of Mie
Kaslo celebration tt was stated that
the horse races would be open only
to Kaslo stock. The announcement
caused considerable resentment
among local sports as Sandon bas a
horse about as fast as anything that
wears hair. After considerable correspondence it was decided to make
the races free for ail and the Greasy
Buck will run. Buck Is the fastest
horse this far north.
Harry McDonald, of the White
House took water out of a neighbors
tap for which the Beak on Tuesday
fined him 110 and costs. The Court
also mentioned the fact that it was
just as criminal to give water works
away  as  it was to take it
w '���
.iff THE PAYSTREAK, gkNDON, B.C., MAY 21, 189S.
New Denver
A Summer Resort
Has few equals in the world. It is
the nearest approach to Paradise of
any town in Kootenay.
Sandon people, weary with the
excitement of business, will find It
just the spot to recuperate their tired
energies. -
Fishing Is good, nnd not restricted to six days n week.
The bait sold in town is high grade
and is delicious when drank out of a
bottle in any of the many secluded
spots so numerous in the vicinity of
Lucerne of America.
Take it in next Sunday.
Is feeling the benefit of the inv
provement in trade.   Orders are
becoming more liberal and less
seldom, payments are more
prompt and less excruciating;
a general improvement in Dustiness is the result of the revival.
Have not advanced tone cent.   Now is the
time to nuke the necessary purchases .
We can turn out anything you happen
to require with neatness and despatch.
An order
Will verily the Statement.
The standard of our work is
History of Mining Prospects.
Mining is singularly peculiar in the
instance that it is an industry which
writes its own history on the world's
page of social progress. Prom ihe
earliest times and down through the
ages to the present date this fact
holds good, both in the old and new
worlds. The prehistoric operation
of ore bodies in early and modem
times is an interesting branch si the
geologists work, and the records
made show the advances accomplished, as well as the failure.-, made.
Every prospect shaft or tunnel
stands ta a monument of success or
failure. The permanent marks thus
made tell in future for or against the
industry, utile** obliterated ����r tilled
up, which circumstance rarely hap
pent. It Is this lasting evidence of
mining operations which i* w often
pointed to at being dip to tho risk
and speculative nature of the mining
Industry, when at this date un
certainty only belong* mtbepfot*
pect and early stages of discovery
and expluitation iu the operation of
a properly managed mine.
In our cities ard town*, or even in
agricultural life, then* is me -men
record left of the many failure-* in
all lines of trade and in the profttt-
ions, except in the instance wheral
church is converted litto �� ���tort or
laundry or put to some other use
than regenerating the ui ��ral* <4 its
members. A party goM into bus!
ness and make*, a failun. and iu a
few months another takes his place
in the same or another line uf trade,
and all evidence of the failure is
gone, hut the uiisiicccMfol ^r m
pector who sink- ��� te-,: pit or drive*
a tunnel is not aJtntyt tn fortunate
as to have his lailure jumped by a
party with more capital or e Mirage,
and leave* U hind him laming evi-
donee of his work and misfortune
Instances are oommon where a |*r��*s
pector expected to dlotOVtir one mill
oral and, quite unknowinglv, he was
mining another of equal or m ��rv
value from that which he expected,
or ne was told so by some one with
more knowledge of ores or mineral*
of the value of his diaoovery,
The mining indiHtry, even in lu
proaia*cting stage, U not attended
with greater risks (when the operation is conducted by a miner or pit*
pector of experience and intelligence)
than the risks taken in trade or oott*
nets, although from the fact* before
mentioned, the history of the failure*
is written on the page of nature In
a lasting and permanent way, which
makes them apjwnr ra<*re numerous
than they really are in proportion to
ordinary trade risks and failures.
Coal Oil tor the Yukon.
There will 1*. no scarcity of coal
oil on the Yukon next winter, if the
Standard Oil company carries out Its
intention of   distributing   200,000
earn}* ft is now prepnri��� ���.% -,, illajc
this shipment, and has puMiatnli*
Seattle a river steamer and bar*
Inafewdayta large set..,..������r wj,j
arrive which Is to carry the eosr
mous shipment to the mouth of the
Dawson was very short 1.��,? Vt-aror
petroleum. To a certain ,xunt
candles are need in the mine* IIMl
cabins ot the Klondike, bui Dawtoti
even fell short of candle* Mm| ^
price per candle JotnpH t.. i: fj,-,
was due loan und-tw n , ������ w
deling candle* and oil, and the fail
tire 4 tbe river boat* to reach Dt��.
The river company which is m
handle the big oil tbipment on tin
Ynkon i* the Koran eompanv. which
will shortly launch a big barg* to t*
known as the IVtroh*. which will
be towetl bv the Oil Cfty The con*.
pany has ctaitracted Io deliver th**
boats at St. Michael*, in i; fur tin-
opening of navigation.
Mr. John Mcfjeati, ot the Standard
Oil company was seen bv �� Peg
Intelligencer reporter, an I *
"The Standard Oil eoui|-.-��*hai
decided that to carrv on iu \ laskss
busincas successfully a river wtesswr
of il�� own is nce��*awir\. Al has
3vJ0,fal> gallons of oil will b-u*cd<��
lite river during lie* coming winter
Tlw steamer .will carry iiott.mt hst
oil. and will make del ��� n.- st
Kainiwrt City, Orele tltv, V rtv
Mite and Dawson. The oil �� l br
**��ld to wholesalers. It will be tram
ported from Seittle t ��St Michael to
a scht'ajner, which will arnvf ben*
about May 15th. The riv�� Mesner
will be fitted wltli every 1 ��� on**
against Are, ami the oil shipneat
will probably be made with kss
danger than on the regul.tr ��te*ra
Hence there should be nmfk
supply next winter of at hart mm
urgent necessity t*f the hsrd; toilers
of the Yukon.
TheSnndon   Hand  -Uu'i
Hath House is still in   ih
,. -   ���I fine starch work.   Work
gallons of the liquid at the various I and delivered promptly
Americana? No Such Thing.
���Tbe only thin: von I
thi��tirr��t.*' sii-l a e��n 11 ��*��
street car 00 West Broad a < ��� '** *B
Amurie*n. Bat there ain't Am
urictns, anyway, except th- Indltn*
mmi a schoolma'm told m< t '��� *'
that the Indians came fmm ** ���r**?
about 1,000 years ago   Sh-     IhVj
found some lames In  Wesi   \ rghns
jil*t like  HON   hones   lhe\    ' "nt in
Norway, ami nnder the        -% �����*
tanceof ground, so l   p-     " ���"
hill builders -those people ������<*��� l'v*"'
in mud house* are the n      >!!5,,rl
cans.   But them, too, w��     -i!;,w
and came from China, so I'-ere��'"l
no Amurieans, and never I:������* l,,��'n
conelnded the street car       I"l>r
complacently as he went im  ihcctr
to collect a fare from tome ���    ^'", r
rv si"1
esd !""r
called ^ A   DBXIBKRaTK   St IClDK.
Una    nankin Kill* Hlm**lf In Sa*)S��n���
A Wonas l�� tUi* Cimm a* U*mI.
Probably the most deliberate suicide
ever committeed in British Columbia
was that of Ben Bankin, who killed
himself In the Bartlet hotel Wednesday
liankin, whowas pretty well-known in
the Slocan, came te British Columbia
from Calgary a little over a year age
and located iu Slocan City. A lew
weeki ago he came to Sandon and ha*
Mince, and up to the time of his death.
i,.tii Maying at the Bartlett.
Though of a morose disposition I e
* a* generally considered a rather level*
headed and* sensible man, and by in.
uiiii-iial or irrational utterance t��et ray wi
that be contemplated any precipitate
action. On the day previous to his
,1cmlas he went about as usual and
.luring the evening engaged In a friend-
Iv jumping contest Tu front of the
iWtleti bouse, watched the hose-reel
practice and Incidentally engaged in a
dole black jack About midnight, in
company with J. W. Lowes, he had *uj ���
per at the Palace Cafe and shortly after
returned to the Bartlett, engage*! in a
(<���* moments conversation 00 the usual
topic* of ihe day and a few minutes before two o'clock borrowed a lead iieitcil
from Jack I/iwea and retired to his
room, No. 8, just above the bar Con
D-rsation lagged s,M' they who were
fitting about the club r��i<.m be a ne
ilroway when they were*uddeiil> t��iartl
i��i nv'a loud report which they were nt
n |n** to explain Some attributed it to
the bursting id a champagne bottle,
others to aofRt defect in the walerpipe
mid a few jfikea were being engaged in
sbonl S|tanianls when they were au< -
denly brought to ���H*r��oi*n��*��. by a
gr����t"n from tbe flt-or alaeea, luiw.*->
nunVd to Rankfnt room and found him
(vine on the *H*d with an Bjrjy wound iu
)>< hr<**t Iron, wiiuli Ida d wa> flow-
nig. Or Power wa*�� called iu��tanter.
Inn pronounced the wound fatal and the
unfortunate wan died in a few moment*,
without wpealting
The disposition of tbe article-of cloth-
in r and other arrangement*. abneJttha
r��.m showed a moat deliberate and pie*
meditated case of suicide I oat. vest-
sh e��and hat, with very evident ca e,
bod been neatlv arranged on a eh. ir
close tnwidc tbe bed An o|**n grip lav
t��aio*t the wall, within four feet of the
victim * head and a heavy tl calibre
i olti navy revolver lay among a lew
article* of Ibten and underwear where
it had been evidently thrown after
effecting its fatal mission. Two envelopes were lying on the dressing
"land one add*re**��ed to "My Friend,
Jack I ,�����* ��������," containing the decease's
watch, a large gold Waltham. with a
heavy plated chain attached: the other,
with a heavy gold ring of rather unique
design enclosed, addressed toJ.K
I-arsen. of Slocan City The addresse*
on Imth envelope* were written in
large, firm. I gible character*, betray
ing no tremor of em >ti< n although
i vidently nmfwrasd lnm��edlstely prevf
oiih to the overt act of aelf ileslruction
No other letter* were found alxu.t
the apartment, but the coat contained ��
pocket book, empty *o far as legal
tender wa* concerned, but holding a
few love letters, a photo of a woman
with an onnn posHa-odng face bearing
the unmistakable stamp of the wanton,
and some P O. money order receipts,
ihe collateral for whicii had been sent
to Mrs H .1 Itankin. II gh River, Al
berta., and later to the same name at
Sam! Creek. Mont The obvious cause
of the man's despondency and final rash
net was traceahfe to a letter of recent
date in which the object of hi* adoration
disclaimed all feelings of honest love toward her ardent admirer, expressing
regret that she should have been the
means of casting a shadow across hi*
l��ith and darlarlnv a Him intention to
forthwith cease all com nunication with
b man of whose nffcttion* she was alto
get her unworthv.
T1>E1AYSTKKAK> SANDON, B.C., MAY 21, 1898.
Coroner Brouse wa* summoned and ,
arrived on Wednesday evening's train, i
A jury was empanelled, the evidence8
thoroughly gone over, and a verdict of
suicide rendered, with the usual temporary insanity clause added as s matter of courtesy.
Work commenced on the Springer
creek road last Tuesday.
Slocan City is moving slowlv forward
���on a far more substantial basis than
last year.
James Carrie has gone to Trout Lake
Citv to take charge of C. B. Hume k
Co. s store.
A tierce fire in -the brush along the
Iwy destroyed a half hundred cords of
wood Sunday.
In compliance with an order from
Policeman Forbes the hotel bars are
closing on Sunday.
After three day* laying up for improvements the Sir. Hunter is making
regular trijn* on the lake.
The Chaideau will ship another car of
ore to the Nelson smelter just as soon as
it can he packed to the railroad .
Jen*  Davis was last  week  elected
mayor oi tiiand Forks by acclamation
The new mayor and  council favor a
wide open town.
The first lawn tennis game was play
ed   on   the   Hospital   court   Saturday
tfteinora.    The rackets  worked hard
and t;:��- ball** rolled high.
The New Denver baud will go to
Kaslo ^n the 21th. They were adver-
ti***d to play at Silverton, but the committee was unwilling to pay the price.
The I. E. Lee group of five claims
has been bombs! by L Alexander to an
Knglish company, for a figure in tbe
neighborhood of tloo.uou. Work on an
s����j.wit cross cut tunnel will commence
iu a few days
Karll***! Minora of Ih* World.
The earliest miners and metal workers
of whom we have record went the Aryan peoples of Euro-Asian origin, who,
though, of pastoral and arboreal habit*,
were familiar with the metals and
emitted whb them���at least with the
metals gold, silver and bronse, says the
Mining and Scientific Press. Chaldeans
snd Assyrians, as we now know from
the cuneiform inscriptions which go
back 8,000 B.C., were undoubtedly  ex
1��ert in the use of metals, while tin-
'Egyptians had an intimate knowledge
of the arts and sciences. In the brick
and other inscription recently discovered, artisans are seen at work with
curious details of their methods and
tools Potters, Indeed, had attained
eminence in their art. and the Egypt-
bins had certainly a knowledge of
chemistry, as the samples of their glass
blowing and the stone pictures of tools,
forceps, blow-pipes, etc., proved
(odd was largely used at an early
period--between M-00 and &J0UO B.C .
as we tind from some newly discovered
and ingenious weighingMances Many
centuries older than the pyramids,
which date from50 to uocenturies back,
we have examples of engineering In
Memphis which could not have been
constructed without tools and nscesss rl*
Iv an at���quaint.ince with metals. The
word "metals*' is of Semitic origin���the
Hebrew word "metals" to forge, indi-
rates an early acquaintance with the
fusing of oret and the malleability of
metal*. How t'ie*e early Primitive people discovered the use of things must,
of course, have been through their
needs, particularly after they loft then
pastoral and tent life and began to billKl
eities The Arabs are credited with
being earl V acquainted with the allocs,
though alchemy, as a science, dates
only from the sixteenth century.****
Western Minimr World.	
���Sltikli-K I* ��snit hit-tit "i> Um* ���)*'',r ���'1'rk . '���''���""'
(Msta**.  "" hnp >rnoo ohui iff In Oif anowia* j
whlt'l) i*i*m*��l'��** vvrv oue.nninrliiir. ��
Mike Shick, of Rossland,has returned
from a prospecting trip into the Bum1
pass country, bringing with him some
of tbe finest free gold specimens that
have been brought into camp this
spring. The rock came from the Big
Mike group, about eight miles up Mc-
Kae creek from the head of Christina
lake, where Mr. Shick located five
claims on the trip from which he ha:i
just returned.
To   Get  Rid   of Rate.
The best way to get rfd of rats and
mice is not to poison them, but to make
them thoroughly tired of the locality
and so induce them to leave. They are
generally too smart to eat poison, even
when it is prepared for their benefit iu
the most seductive fashion, but they are
not so particular about tartar emetic.
When a little of this is mixed with any
favorite food they will eat as greedily
as though the physic were not there,
but in two or three hours there will be
the most discouraged lot of rats about
the place that anybody evt r saw. The
tartar will not kill them,-it only makes
them deadly sick If you put your ear
to their holes you can hear them trying
to vomit. Sometimes they -will crawl
out and walk about like a seasick man,
so ill that they do not seem tin-are what
becomes of them But it disgusts rhem
with the whole vicinity, and as soon as
they are able to travel you see them no
Had   Stseu    Enough.
A young fellow who drank much more
than was good for him was advised by
his friends to take the gold cure, but he
refused. ''But,*' protested his friends,
"your physician says that if you keep
on drinking you will surely go blind.
Now, the question is simply this: I ��o
vou prefer being cured of the drink
habit and retaining your sight, or do
vou prefer to keep on'drinking and go
blind?" The young man paced the
floor for some time, and was in a brown
study. Finally he turned to his friends,
and," with a "resigned expression of
countenance, replied : "Well, I guess
I have seen about everything."
Lord   Abotdiooa   R**ifna.
The resignation of Lord Aberdeen as
governor-general is announced, his
lordship being anxious to return home
this fall instead of waiting until his full
term of office is completed It is said
that Earl Selborne, the under secretary
of state for tbe colonies, is likely to be
hiss successor.
Austria is the onlv country in the
world which never places a woman in
prison, no matter what the crime she
Instead of being locked up. the female
malefactor is sent to one of a number of
convents, devoted to the purpose, and is
kept there during the time for which she
is sentenced. Th" courtyard stands open
all day long, the only har to egress l**ing
a nun, who acta as dookeepcr. just the
same aa in the ordinary convent.
The Toucher���I was on de Maine.
The Touched���Poor fellow!    When it
was blown up?
No'm.    When it was at tie navy yard.
The   Very   8word.
A Scotsman, on a recent visit to
Dublin, went to see a private museum,
which was advertised to contain the oldest and queerest antiquities in the world.
The Irish showman brought out a large
sword and said:
"This is the sword that Balaam slew
his ass with."
The Scotsman, being well up in .Bible
history, here interrupted and said:
"Balaam did not slay his ass; he only
wished for a sword to slay it."
"Oil!" rem ped Pat; "then this is the
very sword he wished for."���Spare Mo;
Teacher���Boys, what's a napkin?
Bobbie���Something we use when we
have company.
The Cubans are in the position of the
Arkansas lawyer in his first case.
"What we want in this case," he remarked with impressive solemnity, as
he began his address, to the jury* "is
justice���justice of that kind which re-
g in s alike the rights of the tallest and
no * m ijestic archangel on the throne
f h ..veil and tbe meanest and m st
despicable wretch who broils upon tne
burning coals of hell.
It is said that in Australia there is a
hotel where rhutnaiic patients congregate. Whehever a whale bas been taken
the patients are rowed over to the works
in whicii tbe i.nimal is cut up, the whalers dig a narrow grave in the body and
in this the patient lies for two hours, as
in a Turkish hath, the decomposed blubber of the whale closing around his liody
and acting as a huge poultice. This is
known as the "whale cure for rheumatism."       	
"What is a furlough?" asked a Columbus (O.) teacher.
"It means a mule," was the reply of
'Oh, no, it doesn't mean a mule," replied the teacher.
"Indeed, it does. I've a book at home
that says so," said Mary.
"Well, you may bring the book to
school, and we'll see about it," said the
teacher, now thoroughly interested.
The next day Mary brought the book,
and in some triumph opened to a page
where there was a picture of a soldier
���-landing beside a mule. Below the picture were the words L "Going home on
his furlough."
Foster���I see in the paper that Nicola
Tesla says that the more a man sleeps
the longer he will live.
Felt on���That's true enomch. I lived
in Philadelphia one year ami it was the
longest year I ever experienced.
The report was out that Clangingharp
had enlisted.
"When do you go?" I asked as we met
ut the Silver Dollar.
'When do I go.*" said Clang as he
readied for a clove. "1 don't intend to
go at all, 1 only threaten si to go, just to
scare mv wife Oh, war is a God-send
to the hen pe ked���1 haven't been treated so low-uovv since onr honeymoon!"
A Kansas farmer who could not gt t
harvest hands put tbis notice upon lis
fence: "Harvest hands wan ted. Hind
girl pretty and genial. Cabinet organ
music in the evening. Pie three times a
day. Three spoons of sugar with every
cup of coffee. Hammocks, feather beds,
or leather divans at your option for sleeping. Rising hour 9 o'clock in the mori-
ing. Three hours' rest at noon. Come
one���come all."
The Newmarket Hotel,
Provides ample and pleasant accommodation for the traveling public
Telegrams for rooms promptly attended to.
STET1E & AVISON,  -       Proprietors.
f ft;
'���    N��'
f; THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B.C., MAY 21, !��*._
The Paystreak.
Is Issued every 8��trarday In Sandon, tnUw heart
of the greatest White Metal camp on earth.
Subscription     ��� ...     |!.00aye*r
Strictty in advance.
Address: THiPAvmEAS.8andon,B.C.
SANDON,   B. C, MAY 21, 1898
The value of the Slocan as a mineral district can easily he seen by
reading all of this article.
The total production of mines in B
C. for the years we know of up to
1898 amounted to $112,413,485, name
ly: Gold placer, $59,317,473;   gold
lode,   $4,800,689;  copper,   $521,060,
coal and coke, $36,62b\585; building
stone, $1,350,000; other metal, $25,
Kootenay s production of 1897 surpassed the one of 189ft being $4,002,-
935, while the one in 1897 amounted
to $6,765,903, divided among the
different districts as follows:
ism. law
Ainsworth Division �� SIS.*.**. �� 440,11.1
Nelsoo     ft4.1,1�� T8st,*15
Slocan l.SM.oll 3^��'^W
TrailCreek  ljrl3.*MO ��.iw7,-��)
Other points  .     14J0O 157.977
Last year tho shipment of ore and
matte from port of Nelson alone
reached 55,271 tons, valued at $4,-
613,524. So tar the shipments this
year amount to 33,000 tons, valued
at $3,250,000.
The ore shipments from the Ross-
land mines trotn January 1st to April
23, 1898, amounted to about 24,000
tons, making the total shipment from
this camp since January 1st, 1898,
96,000 tons.
Some idea of the extent of the industry may be obtained from the
following comparison of figures given
in W. H. Carlyles report, bulletin
No 2:
Total nnnbar of tons smelted to July, mot  ttflto
Ounces of gold     45j��4
Sliver     17.7*8
Copper l,*u,*Mt
Gross T*lue received by smelter*. -i,o*)7'��7;
average net value per ton-g<4d, 1.67 oz; .liver.
tM copper, ��.S7.
to*, furnishing of war news to an
excited and clamorous people is one
of the greatest fakes of modern times.
Very little of the stuff that is telegraphed to bulletin and daily paper
readers is true. The craze must be
satisfied and it will be just as long as
the unsophisticated hand out their
money. War news is never reliable
until It has become a matter of
history. Just now literary war liars
are in clover, but how they will born
after death dinks their fertile imaginations.     	
As the elections draws near aspirants for legislative honors are bobbing
op like frogs In a green tipped pond.
We notice that it is a very difficult
matter to procure good men for mem
bets, but yon can (Hit out your hand,
almost anywhere, snd touch ambltl
ous creatures who would like to have
M.P.P. after their names snd get s
chance to finger some of the spoils st
Great damage nan been done by
forest fires in the Slocan within the
last few years. In the future they
should be done away with.   If they
are not, ail our beautiful mountains
will soon be as bald as the heads in
the front row at a ballet performance.
The Brills* A*a*rt��a�� �����i**��#m*l��MS Fays
03,000,000 For It,
It is now certain that the Le Roi mine
of Rossland has passed into the hand* of
the British American corporation, tbe
great English company that has been
placing so much capital into the Ross-
land camp. The deal was closed in
Spokane last Friday, where the papers
were signed, snd the first payment of
$$00,000 was made in Rossland Saturday. The rest of the purchase price,
$2,500,000, will be paid in installments,
extending over a period of about three
months. ���
Following are the principal stock hold
ers and tbe amounts they will receive,
at ii per share, which is the gross price
of the sale:
Sam*. Stare* Am-Mint.
Valentine Peyton....,    ttfM\>     MW.e��'
IN. Peyton.    ��*��.����      *����������*���
W. WD. Turner    *��*��      ***���>/���������
W.J.Harris    ��.'**��       ��*.��"
W  M   Ridpath    ��."�����       a*.'*"
George Turner    *��.�����>       ��*.��'
J. O. KnjtlWi, DanvUle    t\M��      mv**'
D.W. Henley    ����.����       l*u����>
J. M. Arrii*tronK    *>.'����      "i**��<������
W. A. Peyton, Danville    I��.-*��        ����.<*�����
Mrs. W. W. D. Turner    l-UM'        *U��t
E. D.Sanders    MHO        m.'*"'
Frank Grave*    M����        ��'*"
C. L. Engtbh. DanvUle     13Joo        nn
L. F. Williams    M*����        1*W>
HM.Cssey     *.�������        **."*���>
L. D. Gam. Danville      4.O0 HJVa
W. J. C. W*k*Seid      ��#**        !��/��"
R.B.Blake      **.'������' 1*'��"
J. B. McLaren. Vancouver....    tfioo        la/* ��.
Thin list covers W\,'**> shares of the
capital stock of the company The remaining 48,500 shares are mattered in
smaller blocks than any here mention
ed, and it is said that the majority of
this, which might be termed the floaliitg
stock, is held in Spokane. An ittSpSO*
tion of the list will show that fully four-
fifths of the purchase price of the' mine,
or 12,400,000. will find its way into the
hands of Spokane people In consider*
ing the benefit that Spokane ha* dnriv.
ed from Rossland's niggeat mine, the
dividends paid in tbe past mu*t ��!*��� >*���
considered. The mine ha* paid Jtf
dividends, footing the handsome total
of 1825,000.
Speaking editorially of the deal the
Miner says: "The purchase by the
British America corporation of tat Ho***
land interest of the \a> Itoi Minim; k
Smelting company closes up tin* largest
mining deal yet made in British Columbia The price to tie paid is $8*940,000
In securing such a property a* the l.e
Roi the B. A C. has added a splendid
mine to its collection, and one that will
for some little time, at I sett. In- its principal source of revenue and dividends
It will serve to make an excellent show -
ing until the other properties of tad
company are placed on a dividend paving basis At present the Le Koi |wv*
dividends to the extent of tWO/JOO \,vr
month, or $fluot(MK) per annum This: ii
at the rate of 20 per cent per annum 00
the price of the property. 0/tJOjOOO,
MB. WAKTIN   l:ONI>KM*��:i>.
The Rossland Laborf'ouneil last week
passed the following resolutions:
Whereas, It ban come to the know-
ledge of this council that Hon ('. B.
Martin, a minister of the frown in ��h|*
Province, during a debate in the British
Columbia legislature did deliberately
and maIieiou-.lv slander the white race
in general and the people of Anglo-
Saxon origin in particular, especially
Canadians, in that he said in effect tint
he had employed a large number of
men and that be was free to confess ttint
a ( hinaman whh superior to a.nv of I
them, particularly those who claimed to'
be Canadian**, and
Whereas,  It  is  the opinion of this
council that the language of a minister
���mi���mtowii should be more dignified
auii patriotic* therefore be it
Resolved, That this eoanrt mnfhff' i
���ad Btrrarno to sat.
Tm''%m^^tni^bir, Jia��? w< t ^.^
cailv condemns G   B. W*rtl��Vut^l Th* few ta*7V�� bit *,*, ������w ,Mtttaon.^
aneM and will strenuously oppose any wHs your d*A m *****
twin to wto* oTS��*Jj ttim
ministry that retains such a
cabinet.     _
man in its I know
DON'T  iiki
I ****j****Mr���*��'*'<��� U t��*iwnr, Inel^o*,**
t wasn't **uWd WI I wa* <**��-*,���. i- �� ��-.
Aa'uowUMlynu'i* ��� *Wlin   1* iu, ,��, rf
Iwatit* Waj^ ^ ****** *
>i-tiiawm day ������*i�� ���**>> ��*Wii��twh
to l����*S,
An* tm*r**0 tsy to
Robert MeCann acd Jay Benn retern*
(si vestenlay from a pros|>ectlng trip in  hm*
thevuinitvof Cariboo lake, says the;
Miner of Rossland.   Tbey report that  | im>|�� yw'v*^iwsm4 *t>>���� ���  ��. ^llM
there  i*- plenty of inm capping along >���, 9mf?m o��***r*l st��rM*n ..n ttrit*..
the lH,niers of the lake, but they saw        ���.��^-^JJh^��'   .   ..
nothing that   seemeil   to   them  w-rth   V��^iajs^f^i��a4e��ir.Jim , ^lu^e^
���taking at a point that is so remote from   w��aitiMV*��Mi *f *��**��� u>��*>.i* uwakrf
transportation    The   iron   capping  i��   ,,.?��* "
Hiinilar to that in the vicinity of IW   "������I'KI
land.   There are  a   nunther  of  bald
meed gristNoi  along the  shore of the
lake, bnl ��** the two prospector* had BSt
lost anv griizlii*** and were without any
firearm**, thev gave them a wide berth
Once when Mr Bonn was going along
the ledge of a eliff hi* hat wa* Mown off
by the wind    He   started  dews   the.
declivity alter'the  mining load g,**r jT1| ^iT^ ew .iwi.
and when he had gone a *WMi UiOance ymmmt,
he mw   two   of   Uioas   flerte  animals   Aa' ��*** Sttlt �������� to rto o>�� mtxhin" 4 y,
where hi*t hat wa*    Qnieklv  he r��*trae ;        r^TisV lis a m*^  ��,  ,*.�� fmm
e*l his steps to tbe place from  wlience
be 'o��d  stnrted   and   waited patiently
until the iH��arsha��l g*��newben he **H<ut
lata* 1
t fial
to say
An' UuOX. Ml Ilk* *��*<Sk(Mwi '.�����>
t^Si ***y,
Itot It *��*�� a*e�� ��� ae>*4
taf (f��li> a ��f,��itiik'
Ol> ;*�� is
y,s*f mu��h,r
lUkft ������ f*M��i *twt> ,w��l*�� *�� * m����,
I'*..   I M   Mtfaf1
I towrl tor
**������**�� ����� ��� *���<! f��
*����� in* b>��
efl it     Thev sav
rHvirs to Ih�� onlt
I here are  r-ullv
mineral   i* not
that where there ap-
One lake on the in*p*��
two. Tbe ��h��**r��ng of
verv   gr��o<i. and it   W
doubtful   if   thev    will ever
aeetion again, as it i�� rather
country to pr<��*pe**t in.
visit  thi*
a thnHt'tiU
THK   I.II.I.V   WAV   HOt.|i.
The l.ily May company. 'lossJawl, at
the meeting of its st��?ckbolder��, formally rattled the *ale ��if the pro-wrty to
the Kii���'Ii��"i ��-oni;*anv juat form��*d in
I��ndon hy Harry White t<> op��*rale a
numlH-r of flii**land pr>*|ierti��**�� The
deal is for a cash pnvtneut oftVj.��**>,
and Io per cent In the stork of the new
company, which will he capitaliired (Of
fimgOOO A part of the ra*li payment
has Alreadv been made, and the rwtanee
is t��i Ik* paid ou or bSsOfl tbe 1Mb of
Tr*�� bar��� Can you tell me, Johnny,
which travels fa*U**t. heat or m*t\t
Johnny���Heat,of oours. Anyianly kin
ketch cold!
#t*a   i^ll nef la *
tfanrj to *T*\
Ttrwl |'����tt*tw tra* h&m Atawrtean lr-��r�� 1.5. rteu
<t tab to'�������
A*'��*to> ������*�� pm wtt*t I UM*tt   r*' m to
ltr*|V(�� R
Tftot ��* km** kmd ��� UlA. aa' Ibn* r,*kn,- f��*
1 w**i t���� ��*a jr**��, fV*w***i. '��������. ik�� !��4*��i**i
n*a a��tf .sHsr,
lay** ft tto> ��*��a**S��<.��*? toyalmtU*a*t��ta��S*'a
��-��*sr ���*���*
An* t** to***) ����tUu��* fat * ��***�� i. Vtr 1 n
��ft����* ,.att t*,t��.
A*' **m* t��*��r ��t����M* (laat f st '��� <*w   * ��**���� M
An* ��������-*��. to ���****.*.*> It** ����v��*��r* �������   ! t nil f��
fnUif i <m
V**** d��4ty   *.f*M kmiw  k����'<rfc#,'   *��a�� <arl **
1 sad * *"*|l >*��***! HN��
tf. ���?*,-*  �� ���*�� a-*r*l f ***  ewtanrOv   r��M, ��� ��.(
m*4f * r*��*w>nl t*tot
!'*��4��-*��t��*jaw*   ��v��J t*-* �����**.to  '  TW��
��u r **+���* ��** **>
>   rarfV**
TM6 ne��i*atn*��r i��it.
sa�� tonvwt.v **jA�� tov B����*r�� r��-i'*,.
Tn��l trat wttfc t*�� aniawm �������(*
A*4 an��lto4 Oavasjrti UV !**** ������*i a����w"t ��*ft *t*.
Tltot anrt m*ky*m. anto f,. I.
And sfcw* SestMt ItJk *if��tkf*a��l tot* *��4l��<
Tttoa *iH *rW�� It* aatotn, k. 1 ���
A*4 *m Stonal hi**, W.--I kto**4 to��att��*
AMkwaeMto andkl��a��>l hiw ��������* *��*������*' kto.
A**l MiSHitaw nrania  taad u�� *���> H **��*��.
Tn to*** Ikal ��*ui *�� **o
.��-|*a*r*r> T'tto**
Kootenay Mercantile Tailoring Co
A full line of
always in Slock
NKll.  M t
1 !��>
Hates fl.BO to |2.fi0 j**r day.	
Hoadtniartera fi-r Mlnlntr S|a*rulaU>rs and Capitall��<t*.
Reco Ave., - ��� Haniloii
B.0 '':��;!
I'-ICXI!.   JIW    AMD   THB   SPIRIT*       |
incleJimwus* raglar nanerer lasncrti*���the
A inisliiea* o' pMf��rin' peopk an" kewoin' em *rld*
That nek tn* chair* an' ctnek th* stairs, an' mill*
blinds, M'tScB,      ^ .        -        ,  ,
An'holler over tho booattops whan tt* night*
*     ������/dark as pitch.
of course. w�� boys fasUavcd hhn-we knowed
tuar were ftasto In white
That Mi their irrava* In ttw churchyard to si" ..r
An' all tb*t b* Milt wus gospel, an' we'4 huddle
a rv hiii ' lib rhalr.
A ������'thin* we coat* m* ttM gYtbiiua Je*'galioplu'
UinNigii ibe air.
Tin f.,lki* In Um town aU knowed hlin-lauyhcd
Uughwi at the tatol he toW
n'Hi f.,��r.t�� wal��ln'fWun'lBV,>f��d,*n dead nun
dltorhi' l��r gold;
An'tbi-y mad* tt np they'd tool him-, so ��*���>
��-��.tiw* tu Uw h *��* oufiniaiii.
i. ,i wtif* be was tollla* them *wful Ink** *u*ut
Ut,- gwlHitia dr%��-f*d In whits:
powa lt<��\ Utr roof Ml a dollar���tn th* iu.dli��
o* rh* t tor,
Aii' On��w JOm  hf **r*bb**dli, an***Mrtor toted
for BUM*,
���I'M* ���������"-'�� tean jr*>f Unci* William, who owed
f,-r his jrravay *rd tot}    ���
I know thai to *mit Stomt, tor ITS powerful-
powrrtnt hot,**
-f. L aunton.la Atlanta OonsUtntlon
AH   t!��F����ltTt'��*JATK   IIIKA.
The manager of the Ambiguity wsa
.,|.'.allingly busy. The Ambiguity itself
gave him at the moment no cause for
anxiety���''Diana Undmped," the new
horleaque, was a bowling suc-resn, and
seemed, such a hoUl had it taken on the
British public, like running through a
couple of tattsous. But the Ambiguity
was not the only pie in which the man
sger in question had a finger. Within
tl.,- next week he had to produce a new
motiosl comedy in the North���if the
���������,������.������ wa* a succeei it was, of comae, io
hi I. n night   to  tbe  Ambiguity later���a
new prima donna w*�� wailing least Mm
ui one room, and the last fashion*! oV
diroress who hail a craving for tigl.tr
and more nolori**iy���-in nuother. a rising
'tnimatist lutd an appoint uicnl iu an
<ther part of the theatre to hear his
opinlne on hie libretto, which he felt
"intident woubi make any theatre's fortune if only suitable music could be
found. IjumIv, tbe Weekly Waster had
just made an unwarranted attack on the
new Ambiguity piece and himself, and
the manager bad to make up bit* mind
whether it would be cheaper to take a
liN'l action against the offending orzsa,
which, of courae, though rxpenaive,
ftoukl lie worth at le**t another SIX
months' run to "than* l^raped,'* or
give the critic's own *|***rial (tame a
principal part In the new provincial production, ami thereby git the Blaster into
a more fsvoratde frame of mind.
The fact that he wanted to get away
t<> the Continent for a long holidav,
which, wife a k��gnl action landing would
have been certainly impossible, had almost decided iu favor of the policy of
(m (filiation when hi* tnvrvtary enme in
with a tuemntge that Lady t'arnhorougli
Miuiteil Io aee him, at the same time
handing him a caH.
show her up," said the manager,
I l**g your pardon, sir," said the
i""* retarv. "Imt wouldn't it be better to
i'��k her la.Iv ship to wail or to come Iwnk
again later? There are so many people
�� ho have been promised "
Show her up," said tbe manager
"The other* must wait or come back."
lb* had jumped somehow to the eonelu-
���ion that her ladyship, who, as everyone
knows, is one of the prettiest women in
society .had quarrelled with her husband
snd wanted an engagement; he had had
"(���plications of the bind before, hut never
from so famous a woman as Lady Carn-
horoofh. ami he knew Umt if it was a*
he nurmised the chance was not one to
m missed.
Ihit be waa doomed this time to dtssp*
{���ointment. Lady tarnl-onuigb, looked
her very liest in tin unitidescribahie gown
of some strange shade of blue, only sto|>
)>'-d to enquire wln.-tl.er she waV*|*cak-
��>g to the manager of the Ambiguity,
iiihI then came atntigbt to the |H��int.
'���You have a girl in your theatre called I
Rose Boss?''
The manager bowed.
,rvV8be *IH*,������ in the Carnival scene of
'Diana Undraped,' wearing a mask, and
*-er���very little else."
."She has a very good agure," said the
"1 understand that some people think
so,"  said her ladyship, coldly; "Lord
Caroborough is of the number."
"Ah I"
"His lordship spends sll his evenings
at your theatre, and his days in raving
aliout this���er��� Hose Item, and yet up
till tbe present he has never, thanks to
the mask, seen her face, it is her figure
that has captivated him. When he talks
about her���you understand, to his
friend*, between him and myself the���er
���subject is naturally never mentioned���
he declares that she has the finest figure
in the world. That is where tbe women
of the stage have the pull over us other
women, if they haven t a single good
point about them, a man will be sure to
discover one, if they have any pretence
to ap|iearance the other sea will exalt
them iuto Venus***. Now, as a matter
of fact, 1 am sure that my figure is quite
as good as this young woman's, and if
only I could get my husband to pay any
attention to me at all, he woubi be the
first to admit it. My difficulty is to call
his attention to it, and that s where l
want yon to help me."
"I'm afraid." began the manager,
"������I don't quite see."
"You will tn a minute. This Rose
Boss wears a mask ail the time she is on
the stage."
*��� Precisely; she is only on in the Carnival scene, you know."*
"And she has no ac'ing to do, nothing
to say?"
"Not a line, 1 don't engage her to act.
Her role is to lie looked at,"
"Precisely, now 1 want vou for one
night to let me take Miss Boss's pla�� c."
"But, my dear madam '
"You say there is no acting required,
and no one* sees her face. There remains
then, only the question of figure."
"I do not think the** would he any
fault to find on that ground, your lady
ship, only������"
"Only my quest is unusual? Very
well, then rend this." She took a note
from her pockpt and handed it to him.
It was from a gentleman who bad a
strong financial interest in the Atnbigu-
itv, and asked that if it could be done
without causing any serious inconvenience I Jidy < arnliorough should be allow
ed to do am she wished.
Tbe note settled it.
"You had better be here at half-past
seven," said the manager; "You will
have to go on at nine, f shall have to
gel Mis* Koas to take an evening off. It
is beantifnl weather, and she is always
grumbling at the heat up here. 1 have
no doubt 1 shall lie able to persuade her
of the advantages of her little pises lithe river."
And thus it happened that in the Carnival scene in "Diana Cndi-aped" that
night it was I Jidy Carnborougli on whom
all eves were fixed, and Lady I'arn-
bsMengh whom the crowded stalls craned
forward io see.aud whose daring costume
was lire theme of the universal conversation at the close of the second act.
When Lord Carnlrorough got home
that night his wife was already in bed.
"You have been to the Ambiguity
again." she said, her eyes twinkling. i!io
see that dreadful woman."
He came to the tied, and stooping over
her, kiiwcd her.
������|Hi vou know, dear,"   be said, ' I
have   nisde  a great mistake.   1   have
come to-night to implore your forgiveness "
"Yes, dear?"
"You know 1 told you what a magnificent figure ihst woman bad? well, 1
think 1 mttft have had too much to drink
when I saw her liefore, or at least, somehow or other cannot lie myself 1 went
to the Aml'iguity tonight, and saw at
ones what a fool 1 hadmade of myself.
The woman is really quite atrocious; ana.
as for her figure, why, shesimply luisn t
any figure at all!"
*.-,.,.���   i���    i..-   .i.h ���,.-����    hoar of   earthly   ill,
* w..mioi,*>f��ii'. sff.*Hlou glows.--Saml.
In   iho   darkest
Those concerned in copper mining1 in
Canada will be interested to know that
1897 proved a banner year for that industry in other parts of tbe world. The
metal has been in great demand, and
mining companies have been enabled
to amass big profits.   The continued
large requirements and the consequent
maintenance of prices are reflected in
the dividends that foreign corporations
are now paying for the past year.   All
of the large companies working in tbe
Iberian Peninsula have increased their
payments    The Rio Tinto, which last
year divided its shares equally into 5
per cent, preferred and ordinary, pavs
40 per cent, on the latter, making an
average of 224 per cent, on the whole
for 18*-j7, which compare* with 19 per
cent, for lefts, and 11 per cent, for 1895
The Thnrsis, a very conservative company, pavs 25 per cent for 1897, besides
writing  off |240,000 from the value of
its  property.   For 1893 this company
paid 17* percent, and 10 per cent. for
1895.   The Mason & Barry Company, in
Portugal, pays 6$ per cent, an increase
of 1 per cent, over 18*��, and moreover
repays to stockholders ��l per share, or
one-third of the recent par value of their
stock���a somewhat unusual method of
disposing of the sinking or depreciation
fund.   It has been a busy and generally
a prosperous year for the copper companies. *	
WANT   TO   ftO   TO   WAR.
Nine hundred persons in this city, says
the New York Press, are actively employed on newspapers, and every blessed
one of them wants to go to the front as
a war correspondent. Even the girl
reporter has volunteered. What a very
strange crate this war correspondent
liusinees is! I have had 21 men, by
actual count, to beg men to present their
names to mv editor as volunteers, and
not one of them ever wrote a line for a
newspaper. They are men of means,
and all they care to go for is glory. They
will pay their own expenses. I think
some of them would give $10,000 for the
p ivilege of representing the Press, as it
would enable them to get well up with
tbe firat gun and see the racket nt a sate,
close range. But editors sre loyal to
their men. My editor is crazy to go,
and so is his youngest office boy; but
somebody must remain here to run the
office. Already we have the cook and
the king in the' field, and tbe rest of us
are drawing straws.
There are enough war correspondents
now actively engaged in the manufacture
of belligerent news to whip the whole of
Spain, and I regard it as the duty of the
government to give them tbe best ship
in tbe navy and let them go out to tight
the Armada. If this is not done we shall
have a marine fleet of tugs laden with
correspondents interfering with the
manoeuvres of any Spanish warship that
dares threaten. If "Old Sagacity" only
knew this he woubi think three time*
before turning loose his flocks of sparrows, it is bad enough to fight the
United States navy, and when it come*
down to war correspondents��� Lordy!
lien. Tecumseh Sherman bad fun with
the rel* down in Georgia and elsewhere,
but be bad to fight Whitelaw Keid, war
correspondent, for 20 years after. He
said that Beid was the biggest liar be
ever knew, and Beid said the same of
him. Sherman died under a h\��g of
truce. Gen. Hancock iought Charles A.
Dana until he died. And it was pretty
much the same with all the war correspondents, not because they lied, but
because no two men can possibly see
things in the same light. When Spain
goes against our brigade of war correspondents let her pray.
War has made the fortune of many a
newspaper man. Perhaps the ablest
of recent correspondents is Archibald
Forbes, who "did" the Franco-Prussian
war for the London Daily News. Janu-
arius Aloysiua McGahan, an Obioan,
served tbe Herald in the jame war, but
afterward worked for the News, doing
excellent    service.     George    Augustus
��ossi.AS*r> Mixiuio Sfzws.
Work has been resumed on ttw Big Poor pro-
pert*- and Un- showing conUnaes to be uf a high
Sinking is continued on the De��r Park. There
ha* been no hnp-irtant chat ge in the showing
which remains very encouraging.
The new compress -r plant Is tn operation on ttw
Sickle Plate, and Suiasrintendent Hasklns wiU
commence work in the s.ialt tomorrow.
The strtma'ng of the vein on the Waverley
gronp continue*) and the outlook Is that when
in -re work is done �� p*y chute will be found.
Superintend.-nt Hasting*), of the War Eagle,
has r Knpteted tlw c ���nnecUon bet *een tbe&X>(oot
tunnel and the umin shaft. The tunnel, which
Is an extension of ihe Iron Mask lei-el, is altogether -t^OJ feat long, which is the most -exenisive
single tk>ri<c->iibU working in the camp.
Tbe Britldi America coruoratton t* getting
fairly into swing, and W. A. Carlyle, the com*
pany's entdut-er in-chief, new ha* work uuder
way la Uie Columbia A Kootenay, theNickle
Piste. th-vJosie. tin* Great Western and No. 1, not
to mention the Le Roi, which Is now ttw property
of tbe coinpauy.
D. B. Bogle, the manager of the Victory-
Triumph, lias doubled the force of men at work
on Uk- property, and is now working the property
in two place*). An interesting strike was accident ly made last week, wlvn in in ivlng a part
of the dump near the mouth of ttw present tunuei,
the iniiu-r.-. discovered a vigorous lead running
parallel with the main ledge, and about ��.*�� feet
away from It. Tbe new veinap-tarently Is about
six fret wide, and of this * body of quartz between
U and IS inches wide, is showing emiecially well.
The *a��ays returned value** of M.4o hi gold
Subject to change without notice
Trains run on Pacific Standard Time.
Le*ve S 00 A.M.   Kaslo * Arrive, 3 90 P.M
"   S�� " South Fork "      3 15 **
"   S 38 " Si.roule*s ���      * 15 "
"   �� 51 " Whitewa?��r SCO ������
'10 03 ** Bearl.vXb ��       1 46 �����
�� 10 IS ���' alcGuigan '       1 33 "
���'loss " GodyJuiKtion "      l \t �����
Air. 1<i SO " Sandon Leave 1 00 "
Traffic Mngr.
For cheap railroad and steamship tickets tc
and from ail points, apply to
Sl CAMPBELL,        Agent, Sandon.
If you are���
Call at the '
Hotel Ivanhoc.
*S"e T �������� T Tf
Ih the Pioneer  H<��uae of the City
������ Manufaturem of all	
Svphona, Ginger Ali>,
Sftrsap-trillA, Etc, Etc
Sandon, B.O.
Patronize home industry
when vou want the best
MAY 21. Wa
Tbe following ia a complete list of the
���wring transactions recorded during the
week in the several mining divisions of
the Slocan. Those of New Denve ��� were
aa follows :���
Mat U���Wren. Slocan Lake. George Lester.
May M-Keyser Fraction, Carpenter, Leonard
B Keyser.
Dixie, Sandon, A P Morton.
Mat IS-Wallace, Goat mountain, Amos
Sligo Fraction, same, W D Mitchell.
Mat 14���Interior, Payne mountain, John I
Jersey Girl, Wilson creek, E J Vanstone.
Amattlla, Fennel creek, D ttell-Inrtitg.
Emma, Fractional, New Denver, S T Walker.
Galena,Galena Farm, Edward St* watt.
Dewey, Howson creek, Geo W Hughe*.
Merritt, same. A J Becker
Sampson, same, C J Loewen.
Miles, same, Oscar Burbauk.
Mat 17���Vortex and Pirate, Silverton, Perry
Mat 10���Franklin, Grev Eagle, Tbe Ben,
Bromide, March Bird Fractional, Egypt
Mat U-Winter Resort. Elvira,Victorl*.Spike
May "ia���Freeptjrt, Bolivia. Peru, Timfler Lake'
Mat lS-Maggie M*c.
Mat 16���Florence. Btautellsck, New Columbia.
Charleton, CHS Extension, Cliff. Bobbin, Carbonate, Mahoning.
.   May 17���Elite, Black Diamond. Monitor No t.
A grant of water right of no Inches out of a
small creek tributary to Carpenter, has been
given to Chris P Simpson.
May 10-Turrls 1, David M��theson to Amos
Thomson, Oct IS, W.
Maggie Mac {,, Neil Mclnnis to Pred F Lie-
May H-Sobo l/U. Jas C Ryan to Henry Eum
melen. April ��. tJOO.   ���
Kewatis {. Alfred Lormeux to Frank Johson.
Feb 4.
May 13���Dewery fh Geo Crawford to David
Breinner and Amos Thompson, Mav IU.
May lft-Silverton Boy*. J IC i. Walter E
Graveley to Chas E Hope, March 17
Sodle 4, Howard D Cameron to Wm Farvey.
March 14.
Same, same to L C Cook, same.
Molue \. John Sunn to Samuel Watson, April
Black Fox 4, Klngslcy ��� Frank Howsen to
Wm Coulter, April 1��.
Mat 7���Eldorado, J E G'-odeitougb; Bruns*
wk-k, DW Moore; American Victory, H Fill
Mat 10���Julia Plant*-. Tho* Brown.    -
May 7-MaUlda. Clinton, Nellie, Norwood
Mabel,Nora. Joule Mac. New Idea. Gold Bug.
May9���Twin.Prahlf. Enterprise, May8>wer.
Royal George, Bridgeport.
Hay 10-Orpha, Roxie. Bruno.
MAT 7-Agirk \,0 B Mssterson to R S Wheelen
Nkkh* Plab-1.Chas Hibbard to K S Whelen.
Silver Drip i, saint- to same.
Ag**te. Gold Boy. Silver Drip, Nick le Plate, |.
R 8 Wheelen to C Hume, *15��.
Max ��--Great Britain.Ontario, Domini >n.Canadian Boy.Mamoth. 4. DMcLeun t. John Lovd
Hiimholdand Franklin, I.��.i*c Waklron to A
Mc Banting.
MAT l�����Loyal George i, "A* O Prater to Aloo o
. Dougherty. _���__
' "Ainsworth estop i�� -iiii*-��." s*id Gius W.
��� Roche to a Spokesman reporter. In fart, all
/ the north country i* quiet nt present, but there
Is nevertheless crjn��iderable work Iniil out to U-
done this niumper by Ainerieun capital. The
war ha* reianled investment*) sotiM-what. mil
some funds that were avsilalde at one* in Ainsworth are held np to see what will U> Um* resu I
of hostilities. One thiii* that ha* hindered pro-
irres* in Aliiswnrth, and tbe same is true of other
camps. I* that men who an- not prai-liral miners,
who know Hist thev hsve large ore lxdi��*. pro
owed to erect costly machinery Iwfor* develop
in* the mines and letting them iu condition lor
milling. Iu two inntancen concentrators hsve
been erected In Ainsworth snd have stood Idle
for many months tmesus* die. ore bodies had not
been opened up. This ttiv.s the eamp * bad
name, which It doe* not deserve. The ore bodlw
an-there It only requires iiiteli'K<-nt deveioie
merit to brine t' e proiertle to * stage where
concentrators bit neeessary.
But ti.ere Is promise ih*t all this will be rem
edled. I know of one large company that will
start work, though I am not at liberty to id < e
the details now. Maxwell Stevei-non oi the
Highlander mine and cone ntrator, will also
arrive iu camp shortly to n-Kiime work on that
property, and it is stated that funds are in hand
io put die mine On a -mylnfr Imsis. It. Issphn-
didiv ei|*l|>|M'd with inachliiery.
'The Number One mine has the greatest
amount of tunnel Work of any clnim In the camp
and much vnliMble machinery has Itceu installed
under ground.   It Is owned by a Halifax com-
I jwnv   There are *4 men at work and
!����� shipping no tons ot coih-cuwaw* i��*       _ 	
two grades, one of which will average W etwees
o*X*r per ton and ths other Wo tmnces. They
also-Jiip thdr best crude ore, which Is tincou-
cenlratcd ami runs *bout 1<�� ounce* in silver.
Manairer Shaw of the i��troperty has been east
since Atiril Ut In the interest of the company
and is expected home dally, when Urge* development may be undertaken.
-At the head of Woodbury c*��*��k��w thePon-
dnc and Tecumseh claims, upon which Fr*nlx
He��p bas six men at work. TheseJ'***���tare
18 miles from tbe town of Alnswortn. asawrs
from the or* have run as high *f WW ouncs" iu
silver, hut * Mr average would lie U* onjice*
silver, gold fix ��nd lead �� per cent. A carload
of the ore Is en rout* for treatment *nd thev are
���dill rswhidlng it down. The trroperty Is navel*
sad with i.Vifeet of tunnel and a 4-vbwt ��h*lt.
"On the Black Diamond and Little Donald
properties in nun are working and a targe ouan
titv of shipping or* Is being taken out. Thl��
propBrtv islieing operated by th* men. In order
to iret back pay due them from th* parties who
have lieen operating th* claims under bond. but
who applied tbe Income of the property an the
payment of the bond and neglected to pay the
men. This system ha* bean used too often In
Ainsworth camp. Tbe usual result Is that the
bond is thrown *p, the liner wonder* thai he
conld not make It pay for Itself In �� few month,
and finally leave* the camp and give* It a bad
-The days of **opbertng In Ainsworth mln*�� is
past. Recent development seems to demon
stratethat deep mining is th* only prnsmhli
mcth' d The owuers of th* Twin mine are com
Itnulng their lower tunnel, whtrh will tap the
vein over *��> feet de*'��. In the u|mer tunnel
they have two fe*t ofndid tralen*. Th*owners
arc taking tbe proper our**-, devt-to in*: th<
prip-rty tlhir.vugnly before Investing iuexpet)
sive machinery.
���Another property that has bean worked In
this sensible way Is the Albion, tlu o Iv mine In
the camp tu which Spokane i/t t> u>- iut*rv**<rd
Itt history of steady, persistent development b>
men with-mt large me*ns Is well known la all
a UKH tu* been expended on the pr��tem. aiwi
not s dollar has been wasted It is 'be .Wi***
developed property In Ainsworth. SJS feet below
tbe surface. Its tunnel Is the fine** rn the eour.
try, 4?�� feet lang, 7- feet wide and ����� ff**t hlirb
Ore bins have been built on the *t,*���� hllt*t'te ��������
irrnat ex|>cn*eftnd are c��v**r��*ii from the snow, A
bucket tram Is on the property. It i* * srre*l sot
cess, making * round trip In three m.nutc* w.th
��*u unds of or*.
���The Albion tsonly *mt fret from the Iske
and is oik. of tbe fMMtVsC aitd m ��t i>c>*nfM��i��**i
nrojiertles to ivark in th* Koitwisys "The vein
tws hern oprned by * drift ll�� fo-t to the nortd
i\is losii.K!'��feet of **lid trsh-na,��\*>r irintr *b At
II Io 1��> Inch** Wide, thoUirti it IS quite twr- f��rt
wide at one point. A drlfi ha* b en run .*��ft fo�� t
to tbe s -uth. 80 feet i*f which Is In o��* Th>- ml*
baa been compelled to shut down ��� >n im��'i < f
bad air. This was * mlntorlnue. a* the pro,* m
was ready to *bi*>. A ral��* was U Inv run ��ed at
SO feet heurht a cave of had *i> was ein->>nnt<<rral
It knocked the men over Further w ��k .,�� >be
raise was impuvdl.lr. It w*s all in ore cvrvpi ��\
'he point where the CAve wa��en>*-red. A Ur**
quantity of water runs out of this cave it t* o
�� poisonous nature and presumaMv e.nn- . .41 *
big ledfre of mineral This water l���� * >��| ihu,*'
and is nutkiiu* tlv air purer. Wh.-i I era* trtcr**
itwasso pore it would mrt eiUniruisli a tl oi��\
and r**umptlono( work * 111 be o>#��il le *....
' The water from the mine is uuu/��-1 to driv**
a wheel which runs a fan at ��"�������� rev-.lnti.ms j**r
minute and fs-cesa'rliitfi tbe lunrtrl wtthf.rr*
���uffliient tt>blow out a candle h��kl *v��jr> \tri
from the mouth of tbe pipe. It i��th, In. n't,��
if the company t.. bulkhead the rai*e ami. .n
tlnur the tunnel on sb rut so feet to the In* v*in
ontheprop*rty, through which * mise ran bt
nude to tbe surface with ��a^.as * I, ��u nfrsr*
b .nate on the hau*-iiiir wall can be inuwd ul
with pick-
���The CoSVe crosk compr����sed atr pLuit th U I.
I��tngliullt will furnish power Io many mliw>s
A shaft is down U�� f��*t lor this plant |Mjt nu��-
agt-r Lynch says It will hsve to a. t�� ������� ����� t. it
won't he in niM-ratioii until isll and i����t*Mv not
until s|iriiig, but it will be a irrsat tliin* for the
ami�� when completed. It will provid,. power
>nd fresh air cbc*|l>-rtnau any <Mwr me*i>�� tbsl
could in> Introduced
"The Tariff claim, owned hv the (Mnahi A
Orsi.t Smelter Cominny. Is ��hu'd .w1(      All I be
iroperllesof tbsl company In h-i. ���. .v �������� k|>
Tire Carter claim an* the HhttnW b*h of
which have lanre quantili<n of ore (norbarjanl
��� re shutdown, WAilinir f.r ( snail i t/,do�����r,lr
thiiiK for lead to inske the prottt* of ,.,ti.lt.w- li
lancer. "
t 'Ml* F��u"r""''' f-**��*-Wtnl "f IIH' p, Miuin ���
k MilliiigOfm|Mii..l4 .n|.-.u..|  ine.iiM, W*�� 11
lo Io.*, .��ver  its imqrortlM  there.     a r.|*,**n.
jtlveof Mr   BoyU-s   the Kngltdi  rtwn*r   .f the
LiiIu-jI claim. I. al��> et^fd t.t s Utrr \%u to
tb.rn.neju,' k*mWm ^^^M^a^
saoatlijn   ;<���,iu-^r HlBSKi  Mltchnll and Mtr\��y.
irrangr for worklnx that property.
���The Lady of the   Lake ami   llnmlnirw
been surveyed, snd It Is likelv tint
tneiit will lie made witb tin- owners _
tolomou. adjoining.  tod>velo(i nil tin
with one tunnel.
^^^^ havt
an  ftrrena*.
"I   th.   KIiik
are wsitiiif ******       ... ^^..t ru\t
Mr David Moore on hii "^VT**"
toVftli **���*.���� vtawsd lbs P^F^,^
���,,-ort on it to tin* stnHt*r p,^l��'
"I .. .     . ._.   .J.^.   ..nkiuirlt'   V
  "i i it
i*i what thev want the property will be
t.ik<*tiupan(i worketl in the near future
The nneltsr will need from 80 to �������� tutu
of lime rotk a day when in ojieratiau.
John Harris, of the Ann of Harri*.
Kennedy & Co., has retsrncd (mm s
visit   to  Slocan,   say*   the   K*>***land
Miner,   While th<*re he pinclwtawsl tbe
Skyiarkand the Kanget mineral daima.
rbese claims are located en th��* North
Fork of Lemon creek, six mile* from
Slocan City.   There has been  feflQO]
H|ient on the property.   The vein* are)
fromSOfncnea to three feet wide and
the aSSSTS show that the ore niti*.#Si
�����T I'd tu iroUi and silver.   At*-��ot an!
���una* of the  value*  la in jfold    Tnej
claims adjoin the celehrat��*��l *li*i��i.*nu
mine.   There ha* l��v��en cwi*iilf*rat'fe Bftj
already shiti;n*��1 from thetw> properties
fturcliaiMHi. and *hi[*puigi�� loos r��-��uw
��*d      The ptin-baae.  wa* on the SCoOVtsj]
��f the firm and the price i�� �����.*��,���**��    \ |
!����rtion of tht*�� *um ha* already tsMstj
tuiid and the remainder is due at litter |
v*l�� runntnjx ��>vt��r a year    It i�� the
intention In form a company in I��ihJ��hh
to operate the property.
Uf   rWKKOWN    l.KAXis
I beard a bnonktnt on the (���>��.>,'���
t beard a wSen Ilk* mIUii^ .ir. >���'
When tarnm h�� ib* the dim ��n,. nmN.
An4UH*t*wbiuIheanlit *��v
'���HtdlA from a*, both H��uth ��i��| s .....
H*ao<<*b��tw��stj|d4,,*th*'. ��,,,,' '
Hello, yo* ��s4b>w>. all d��. *.,| r fth _
goat blankets *pnwd w Hh t.H ,'��-1-,
Oon-I wind tr*. rbltdrvo ; m,tr ilt ^Jj  '
W* *r�� tb# bo*s ia l'��ki...�� ��� Unv*jf
^Km  ' bW mo rW.
m*   AMD   Mint km \s?X.
I����w *** Mfcf f��is��gu�� uU in, ����i, )ik,rjtA_
Asingts sraswaf pr*4*s �����*,, thr \^Uxg
I* worth * p*Ufsgy rn- mi the ��V�� I
BrotKO Bill --S-Vse any
New York, Tom?      ^^_
Tornado T��m����� Womterful
I seen Mkfr* amokin' r*%sretu*�� right����
tii'��o*t crow.le,! *tror>ts '���
shot at. ^^^^^
P��a��on Jackson ^res^-tltillr-Mls
yotl'a two to Wa*hit-*t.. sn* wwjtfw,,
de tfn**s*tt*or%', an" tnil*** ����' mill
rnimey dat warn't none *���( tt
flow did ywd�� feel, �����������! ^^^^
Mr. f*��yli��--Tne leeiinti ��lisrd to-b*
���cribe., Jackaon; )u*t imagine v -.xim-u n.
S poultry show
ctiruHtt ii|{,t j,
BBL wy
lUlliUl fpttyj'
I ss s,
��)K.%KTKI>   A   afias-llM.
The Yukon railroad bill ha�� pa����e4
the Provincial l^Mature ln��fovid.*a
.iiumij; trthec thiut*> for the jfraut of
!',��viM��ui.�� M�� K.-iuie 4 Mann for tho
builuinar nl a railroad from the Briti*>b
i 'liunbia SOSSl to Te*lin lake, LAort*
are Udn-f made to gr*. iMnnnon *ttp-
p*��rt for the same road in the wav of a
va*h *ub*ldy. but H i��not likelv that
the promoter* will utet*t mUi aticceaa
The road will not lie c��-fn*oVied *��t*ord
in* to stipuUitioit* in the grant until
the end of the summer ��l IhHo
A apectal from Ottawa *avs-   "Ala
ministerial rntictt*thi*> immm-ralterna
��� :.   Cat .  t, V-..I.  - - ��� ���  -
"Oh, 1 knew at oner it * *��� tn* \&C
���i th# eoryiilMs* waa aaying ' I t^sr&issi
;. bis gnacv'* arm* "
���'RMrf are verv familiar, reourbsl
| tlte twt.'i row of liiti }��*U s
.la fo#- the chi��ru*. she ��U'n*! ��*<4>*t*
Ily. as ll a gb��*m ,��f �����>-!.���������   ���,(��� ��k,a id
lnMn#niHC���� l��*d |w*neir*tt->3   h mini
tjtwywr*--W��ll, aunty. ���*���: ������������'. xu I >b
|    Aunt Btmny--1 want ., ���.��*>��� .������'��������{�����
; ma buninaml.
i^wjrer--*'vVbat ha��* h��* liern !��ng!
Aunt Klmey^fkno'?    Vbt v -ta��
Srt rwltg'n. an' we >m l h*i * ���.-hsrkrr> <*
b uldw fob a month
He���Yon kmwi' I'm * ������'�����n*s**** ��s tfca
tm n ami not ��i#*��i t*. > , v>,��. ��*a
*>.Mnetw>ty waa tiling ��"��� 'h��t ��J***��rw
SfSMg wan aa�� a a*.'* l��,��m* ��**���*�����
w*�� snp|w***r*d lo ki*�� be�� fc* *���'��� i i|bl ���*
Mleij���Well, yoo}o*t PI     ��*el*e��.
"The Amerkan .**������#-1* m*t tlte <*>1f<
the jfovernment were pre>ar*nt A fall
dlscu*wion hrou*rtit out the irrncnil
opinion that the jjovenimenl had done]
their part in fonnulatinx an all- an��d .
Ian route and the crmntrv must hold the
senate and the <Y>n*����r*/ailve party rr***
���twinsible for its report on Tbero will
therefore. In* no n**w Vol <��n f��ltt.
A   H*Uf*r   fm.,rf.
Lsfslow, May 1'2-The Dally Mail to r
day devote* an editorial to the railwnv |
development   of  (anada and  *ays  it
would be a mnrh bsttSf p��M��y for the j
Canadian ir-vernment to ��ub*idiar> rail
ways and waterways tbroact habi'aMe
.    -.  ,.<MHl!rv   jiintrad  of   aUUng
profitless   territory   like Ihe
Mod pw-
I b-ll e��
4,��t gsalii
Iracta of
road* in
mervhsi.t's otttce and d**m*n*ls.l
"la thefhiv'nor m""'
MYt*��; whst tlo you w* ���.
"Moat  aae him m' **
"Bnt y��m een't a*** him '
"Mont, eanllf-imnw'.t
it t* t��oat perttckler
The bay's importunity at
a-tmitMbN.. M
"Well, mf boy. ��bat ������ " -> ���*���**���
a*kr*l the merchant, with ������*���'" ^^
"lm vow want a ornVv No
"Yo�� imiMPhait youn*. r*s �����    ������' t
i��t nne."
"tbnr yotir BS��eV��, �����������������*���' ��� "nf'
"What do ym mean'""
"Yo-ir    U��y*S   )USt   berii  run   oo*f ��
Chrw|wide. si , and be *      .    -' f0n
foryon no more."
The applicant was enfsg< |      _^y
On the Hifjh Tower, a recent location
on Slocan lake, o|i|wiHit��* NV-n Denver,,
near the mouth of Mill creek, an exists*
Hive deposit of crystalline line lia-�� lK��en
discovered The ledjre. 1% from 10 to l-iu
feet in width on the surface and con*
tinues over the mountain from the
waters edjre A sample of the rock was
sent to the Dominion anal v-t at (ittawa
who pronounced it the finest untile of
crystalline lime The nairn- report was
| received from the analyst at Trail, ami
the smelter linked for �� few wtik-* of the!
I rock to jrtve it  a thorough teat    The SANDON.
Dealer iq MKA'I
���ITT THK -P-A-YWRKA-K-,-ftAKDONi B.C., MAY 21, 1898.
It in commented upon by tbe filas-
���u,w Record that so far the torpedo
i,as  not been  matched against a
ironclad very. often, therefore what
[���art it will play in the naval warfare
��� if the future is largely a matter for
, ,n lecture, bat t.* to it* deadly
nature when well aimed there can
lie no doubt.
(me of the beat' 'object leaaona" on
��� )us point waa given to the world mi
���\prll -Ith. when the -revolutionary
Chilian ironclad, Blanco Kncalada
was scuttled in Caidera Way hy a
Whitehead pnt iuto her point-blank
ii. hi the Italni'imlist tVwpedo-eatch-
,r Almiralnte Lynch. The entire
i hilisn fleet had declared in favor of
ihe revolutionary party, hut I*re*i-
>ii nt lialinace.la ctmtrived to secure
the two torpedo catcher* Cuudell and
IaivcIi. freshly arrivetl from Bug-
land: and by means of tlie.se. he
!��.Idly avowed his determination to
annihilate the revolted warehip*.
True, they were bat frail little craft
i **�� tons, bat they could steam 18
kind* an   hour, snd  carried aevera
lloicltkisaand tjuiek firing guns, to
st\ nothing  of a  good supply   of
Whitehead   torprdta-s.      Iktlmaceda
The troopship Aconcagua, with
eight hundred men on board, next
claimed attention, bat she showed
light, and kept up an artillery duel,
badly aimed on Imth sides, until the
appearance of another warship in the
distance caused the Lynch and Con-
dell to turn tail st full speed for Val
paraiso. The newcomer was mistaken for the |M>werful rebel 'cruiser
Bsmeralda. In reality it was H. M.
cruiser Warapite, whose divers subsequently examined the sunden ironclad. The rent caused by the tor*
peco waa, it was refKirtcd, about 12
feet square���*ufiic!ent obviously to
stills any shin afloat.
The American receipt for making
a good mining town is to have at
least one killiog in the place. "We
must expect big things of Kusko*
���When we told them that a while
ago, they called as a liar.   Kusko
nook Searchlight.
Which was altogether unnecess
The Goodenough,
American Pl*n, *S.5o per day.
European plan, tSjOO per day.
Strictly first class.
MRS. M. A. SMITH, Prop.
;inl   two    dare-devils     Captains
Moraga and   Fuentra,  to command
toe*** vessels; ami th��*y,   by offering
treble |��ay and fabulous prise money
Minet-dcd    in    raking   together  a
���ciiuhcrew of all tia trans lities  in
slutttsei V-tlparaaio.   A steamer
�� .��*��� chartered to act aa coal-tender
|j��ii.| sbiivabip, Minl the "wpiadroii,"
;in it wa* grandly  termed, set forth
������pun April Afch to  try wmdunion*
������h  fourteen   warship*,   including I
It hive ironclada.    Moraga wa* a pntsr
i- <il ir, but a   clea-headed,  resolute
I'-ian, oid brave a* a  lion.   From an
Miitenvpted etaister he learned that
��� rebel flagship  Blanco I ma I ad a
I*as In Caidera   Way,  crsivoying a
�������l��hlp. Xow, the repel Admirals
Hume   was QtiJrjQO   Moult, and  his
Flint's day" c*onst*p*4eiitly fell upon
' -'-I'll, St. f.eorgf's  day, as   we
���dl it.   Tin* oevaaiun. rtutnoued MflT-
'���:��. would ill most cs*riainly be eeh'
���"ted by a   big   liaiHpit't ashore, Ui
"h nearly  all  the  officers w.mld
���   bidden.   An unusually  can-lean
^teh would  result on  board.    He
n  refers resHdvwl b> attack the Iron
"' ����� the early litajraor April 21th.
verwat forecast better reallwHl.
K Idle Motitt snd his  officers were
* lousing  or  sleeping ashore,   the
���""���'���II *Hnd the Lynch   sneaked iu
1-iMithcrsidetif tbe doomed flag
''' I������    1 n his cagorneaa to do the Job
'"^If. Moraga   wasted  three tor
N"w at too long range. Meanwhile
l"p����w steered   straight  for   the
oo, and st tiftv pace* sent a tor-
iHirly   into  her.   It was too
hk to discern anything clearly.
[u ll"n- were two distinct ��xplo��
*t ��>rief intervals, and then the
inaas  ilisapiicaretl,  with  her
rv u| n*����ly three handred hands.
The Glenora Teslin Road.
8hakesville. three miles Mow
Glenora, is to lie the initial punt of
the railway and Imre general offices
fand warehouses are Mug built
Neil Keith, superintendent, has 100
men working on the wagon road,
which starts it Telegraph Creek.
The men began work on the 30r.li or
March and bad completed twelve
miles of the road when the superin
tendent left This road will be push
ed through to Teslin Lake, a distance
of 130 miles, as rapidly as possible.
Keith states that In* will put 1000
men to wts*k on the road as soon as
they can be had. A force of 100 men
arc at work at Shakesville and
Glenora clearing the right of way
for the railroad. Wages on both the
wagon road and railway are 140 to
150 a month and buard. Mjiiiii &
Mackenzie have issued punitive older* to have tin* road ctunpleted lw-
fore Sept. 1st.
"My wife," said the tall, lantern-
jawed man, ' isas womanly a woman
as you could find, bat she can hammer nails like lightning."
Wonderful!" sang the chorus.
"Lightning," the tall, lantern-
jawed man continued, "seldom
strikes twice in the same place."
"Haven't I told you," asked the
father, "to always tell t.ic truth ?"
"Yes, you told me that," the
young msn admitted, "and st another time you told me never to
la-come the slave of a habit."
The Rio Tinro.
���OmrAsns' Act,l*s*7.''
Onsen ���aJatngand MlUtag
Reentered the 3rd day of January, 1SB8.
IHKRKBY CERTIFY that I ha v. this day
rv(i��tered the "Slocan (Ju*-v& Mining and
Milling Company."' as an Extra-Provincial
Compativ under th* "Compaui*,* Aet, ISfd."
The laud of Spain |toaw-s**ei, in the
Rio Tinto group some of the richest
coftper mine* in the world. These
are owned by a British company,
which is able to pay 3 per cent In*
tercet upon i3,544'.,000 of first inortg
Iwreinaiter set forth to which the tecidative
eatbority of th* Le��i>.latur* of British Colombia extends.
The head oftk-e of the Company is situate in
th*City of -Spokane. Stat* of Washington.
Th* taouut oi th* capital of th* Company
U one million dollar*, divided into one million
���ham* of on* dollar each.
The bead ofhV* of tn* Company in thi*. Pro-
* ino* is aitnat* in th* town oi Sandon. and
RrinsUy M. Walton, whos* occupation i�� ex
���mining mine* and reporting thereon, of the
said town of Sandon, ia attorney lor the Company.
Tn* Um* of the exUtenc* of the Company i-
fifty ynai*
Tn* object, for which th* Company bas been
edablisbed are i
To acquire, bold. buy. sell, lease, work and
operate mine* and Inineral claim* in the
I'uitod States of America, and iu the Proviace
.���f British Columbia: to boy, tell, mill, smelt,
mat, atamp and oo. cent rat* mineral, of
every hind and description in tbe United
State* of America, and in tbe Province or
British Columbia; to acquire, buy. -*li and
lea** water power, water site* and water
ri*-bt*, in th* Unite,I States of America, and
in th* Province of British Colombia ; to prone*, hold, bny. ��ell, construct, operate  and
Dr. A. MILL0Y,
BOOMS   lo  4.   12,  VIRGINIA   BLOCK.
Will lie at the Hotel Balmoral
once a month.
He L. QRinnETT
Notary Public,
SANDON, - -        B. C.
rttre bond*.  .*i t*��r et*nL tin   ��1 It?.*, (I III ">aintain elactriv, steam and water power
*g\   WIIIUS. .1 |a?l   CinS tW   *bl,tW��i.tASf  (ltoBU.,,���. th#   pnjpo^  ���f  f��rni,hinif power
uf preference shares, snd lately a ���f^lan*Jl^/0/a" ���Rd,fTf,2. kiB*1 ?t vnrv?*
* v. and object, io the United Stntas of America.
jar cent dividend of ��1,(125,000 uf
urdlilary st<a*k, latddea placing at
the last dividend declaration ��40,'
tsajtt, nxivc fuinl. The liitherhi
ttd'tiinau* stis-kholders now tremble,
however, fur lainkrupt Spain may
well, it is thought, seek to tax right
heavily slmost to ruinousm-as s����
valuable a prupeity that is largely
foreign owneti.
Are the Good Men all Dead ?
and tn the Province of British Columbia
(liven under my band and seal of omoeat
Victoria, Province nt British Columbia, thi*.
third day of January, one thousand vight
hundred and ni-.etyeight.
S  V. WC*OTTt>X.
Bngistrar of Juiut Stovh Companies.
COOT. 0.0.
B0NGARD & PIECKART, Proprietors.
The Flrat Cl��sa
Hotel of Cody.
Special Rates by the Week.
Cartirteato ef Imprwvamanta.
It is onl> a short time since the
lau- llsltiiu McCarthy, whom every
body mourns to-day, came in for s
considerable round of abase stthe
hands of a portion of the Canadian
people and press. These now join
with the rest in paying tribute and
highest honor to the dead statesman,
and eagerly voice the all-prevailing
feeling o( deep regret at the loss of so
good a man.    	
Smoke Trail Blazers.
Situate in th* Slocan Bin in*  Divisioa of
Wert Kootenay. Where lunate,! :   Adjoin*
ing th* City of Sandon.
Tab* notice that I, A. R Hey land. a��-ei.t for
Aran Min**, of Sandon, No. 4uf A, intend ��ixt>
lavs from date hereof, te apply to the Minut*
Recorder for a oertifleate of improvements for
the purpose of obtaining * Crown Orsiit of
th* above claims.
And further tekenotio* that action under
Sec'ten 97 must be commenced before the n-
*u*nc* of ench CertiSonte of Improvements.'
A. R. Hkvi.ank,
Dated this ��rd day of April. ISHS.
Application for Liquor License.
NOTICE is h*r*by given that thirty days
rom date *m will apply to th* License Com.
mission**-* of th* City of Sandon for a livens
to sell liquor by retail in the Ivanhoe Hotel
Moobk a Osanuo.
Sandon, April lWh. ISHS.
And You Will
Smoke No
" ;$m
Said to Haoe Made a Clean-up in
It is reported in Vancouver on
what is purported to be reliable authority that H. E. Porter, who went
to Dawson city last year and recently returned to Vancouver has
made a deal through Governor Mcintosh bv which he gets 1250,000 in
ctsh for nis Klondike claims.
Porter, who went to tbe Klondike
last August, backed bv Jonn A.
Finch snd Byron White, is well
known in the Slocan.
Telegraph to Damson.
From advices received it seems
altogether likely that the telegraph
line from Vancouver to Dawson will
soon be a realization. M. C. Esch-
weg, who represente the company
forwarding the scheme has received
a telegram from Ottawa stating that
the first reading of the bill had been
carried and it -won Id receive the
second reading immediately.
A Rare Treat
Rev. Dr. Sutherland, of Toronto,
will deliver a lecture entitled "Lead-
crsof Men" in Virginia Hall on Monday evening next. Throughout Canada and the United States Dr. Suth-
land is known as one of the foremost
of Canadian orators and his lecture
will no doubt prove s rare treat.
The recent death of that great leader
of men, Mr. Gladstone will make the
lecture more interesting. Everyone
who can should hear Dr. Sutherland.
Tickets on sale at the door. Lecture
to begin at 8:30.
Effect of the War on Mining.
It was not thought that the war
would hsve sny effect on the mining
business in Rossland, but it has.
Mining men and brokers state that
never before has business in their
line been so dull. Absolutely no
stocks are selling. March was so
much better than the proceeding
months that it was believed the expected improvement hid commenced,
out on the declaration of war between the United States and Spain a
reaction set in that has been incrcas
ing in intensity ever since. Hopes
that the war will soon come to sn end
are to be heard on all sides.���Rossland times.
Gold in the Phillipines.
There are large deposits of gold,
both ouartz and placer,in the Philip-
{line Islands, flood pay gravel is
bund in the streams and the country
is a perfect net work of small ledges.
Verv* little development work has
been done, owing to the unfavorable
governmental conditions heretofore
existing and the inaccessibility of the
richer districts, thst are situated in
the interior. It is thought if the
United States were to take over the
islands a mining boom of considerable magnitude will shortly follow.
Mark Hanna Guilty of Bribery.
Tbe Ohio state senate has found
Mark Hanna guilty of bribery.
Truly, this a ssd romance that be.
gun so auspiciously under the title
''God Reigns and the Repnlican
Party Still LWsMC. News.
8moke Trail Blazers.
At Spencer's to-niflbt���M uaic Comedy and Drama.
Mr. William MacKenale, Australia's representative Baritone and Scottish Humorist, assisted by Miss Jessie
Glover, a talented young New Zealand Shakesperian actress and Scottish Character Artiste, supported by
a unique company, appearin Sandon
tonight snd Monday evening. That
a rare treat is assured can be readily
judged by the fact that Mr. Mackenzie snd Miss Glover had the
honor of s great social farwell presentation from the Vancouver Caledonian snd Sons of England societies
s distinction never giyen to sny
other entertainers. The programme
is of a most varied character, songs,
duets, sketches, comedy and dramatic scenes, humorous stories snd
recitals, character diliueations and
Highland dancing make up the most
attractive evening smusement. It
need only be mentioned that Miss
Glover appears ss Juliet in the potion scene from Romeo and Juliet
to show the sterling ability of this
lady and that Mr. Mackenzie was
the recipient of an illuminated address and purse from the above
societies, to ensure a crowded snd
expectant audience. Nothing fur
ther need be mentioned than that
the prices are 75 and 50 cents. Reserved seals may be obtained al
Spencer's. Early application is
necessary to avoid disappointment.
The company will visit all Kootenay
A line line of miner's rubber coal*>
at the Post Office Store.
The Is test and best in sweaters at
the Post Office Store.
Neckties to match the glorious Slocan scenery at the   Post Office Store.
The hotels in Skagway sre out of
Trail Blazer cigars, but not so with
The Denver. This well-known hotel
hss a large chute of them insight,
although the demand may make it
pinch at any time.
Drop into The Denver and get I
Trail Blazer cigar. The aromatie
qualities ot the weed are not effected
by the racket in Cuba, and to smoke
one is like getting a whiff from a
flower garden in Paradise.
And Other Investmenta.
Every Representation  Guaranteed.
Sanson, 8.C
Hea4qnarters for Miners.
Well stock*! bar in connection.
First class accommodations.   IVmr-l |,y th.
day or w**k.
Merchant* Advertise In the
Paystresk Because It Pays.
H. Giegerich, Sandon, B. C.
The only exclnalce Wholesale and Retail Grocers House in Sandon
Dealing in FIm, Fr-ash mi (Mbaa table sup.
Plies suitable for Family, Hotel tnd Min'ng trade.
Special brands of Para Tms and Oaffees.
Sole Agents for
Giant Powder Co.,
Tha famous Qoodwla Oandlas,
St. Charlae Staritlzed Cream.
Store* at KASI.O and AINSWOKTII.
Hamilton Byers,
Dealer In ,M
Shelf and Heavy
Caps and Fuse,
Smithing Coal,
J* Mop Steel,
Steel Rails,
Traux Ore Cars,
Bar and Sheet Iron,
Complete line of Mine
Hardware alwayn
in Stock.
8. A. MI8HT0M
A Fall Line of Clicnra. Tobaeeos,
Pln-es and Hntokera' Hnndries
In Stork.
Headquarters lor PUyin| Cards and
Poker Chip*.
Canadian Pacific Ry.
Soo-Pacific Line.
VS. Pant **S fnf-seier **rt*<e ***�������
To Eastern &
European Points.
To Pacific Coast &  Far East
To   Rich   and   Active Gold
Fields of Klondike and the
Haff*��ffi�� Cheeked to Deetfastf*
and Thwrttsih Tleket* I���"*������<'<������
New Tourist Car Service.
Dally to Ht. Paul.
Dally Kxcri* Tue*.l��v w Kadari
Canadian   and I     >    Potot*
daily comttXTio* , ,���
To Msis Use Points, and. wcept.af W*V<
To sad From Helton.
Leave        Sand***        Aft*
7:4*a, m. *****
Asr.rt.ln  *r*~nt WW'V""^,
fnll Information hy nd��tre��i��..     "T
scent, or
A. C. MoARTlirK.
Agent, Sh'"*"*1'
K JOOYUt. w r **x*!**tf
ln.ir.��A��.. T'"      *
Deeur*  thai roar tlehei  "*{'"k\


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