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The Paystreak Aug 28, 1897

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I he Slocan the Boat Mining District on tht Continont.
SILVER, SOc; LEAD, $3.60
ixocen 9 Net Profit Not Equaled
rt- Aaij Gold or Siieer Camp
Knot-on to Minora.
St. *'
*.*.,.*. .iltermyStm*.     .
*,   1..1   M*f*.*WO***J>S
J...V*.! ����.t tr-altM-tO   .
\. i (���., taleitM a*rd pat tin* oo eat*      ��� V. at
Pin- n h> ��� ve fljmros were made $*%***���
;. i.lav hy K. 3. FVW. toanafrer of
u.r \VtHi<l**rtol. Thi* h allowing
! t  * t-aHiaalrrahii   ,lr��.|. Mow the
|��r��-��'nl   |iS*_H9rj*   iu   ttllvrr,  aittl   altat
....tu.-tiiijr tltr *H.r*r per ewt, diuy >,
uk.** th** |i**.****nt |irk!*i ��if lt*a��i,
which will he much higher tefore
rmif. That tlte prtath* of Htneaa
hare ��h�� rcamm tow alarttK*J tor
..future of tliH aiatrirt* aaki Mr.
I i* hi, a fFlanre at tit.' ahove tabio
a ill Atom. .This easlmats ts -anted
<" Uu- amafe valne* hi a *t*Mi of tin*
."iite r\pox0A*%. and tiie avt*ra*rei*
Mt.**.* likely to he over than lea*.
Tnl* jfivtat a handwjanrr pr-tilt than
thai t*f any ttthef mining eanf|����tn
'.in- r.nitiiwiit. Tht* I* umler*t'**l
hy tht* tn**n on the inakk*. tht* miniiiK
'"���ii. and tJiere ta no f��*ar anmng
tiitnt fnttn tills Mainv. Bnt toe dan*
*,t*r onttm frtau toe **it*kl** |��til��lic,
who arr ��titirely in the dark, hot
��..��**������ t.np|atrt la aa m*c***a��ary t��>
tu, >'.. vtlttiluirttl of thediwtriet a* tlw
I-i ice tif mineral. Knlly one half of
���he mine* an* d��*|a*tHlJeiit on Ihe *sh"
* tic**tiry attaik f* |*��y for thc la*
���**r and *utmtie* to carry on work.
������>.<l wh**n tht* *Hii\v of revenue I*
*'"j'i*tl (t acta a* an e(T.*clual har to
l-trther th vd(r|tinoiit Tltu* the
j iiMic at targe wofler more than the
mine*. TV mlnea only have to wait
until '-���titi.U'Oee i�� ratt-ircd. hut the
!'������*-. In wage* snd mci*ehandt*e i<*
Tin-re I* every ruaaon to Mieve
tiiat thi> hif* auma of money now he-
��"IC r. reived by American farmer*
"ill largely lnert*ase tht* wHianmu*
���'���mi .,f white load, and e��Himu|ttcntly
'������'��� price of phr U*ad, which wiil
jTulnthly t*. $i.JO hv next war.
' be duty will also act to rait*' tli��*
I'i iti*. and ttfftmt the Ux 00 ths Slo
1 ����������� minr. The same pnta|terity In
'�������� states will Mil to rata* tin price
"I nlvor.
It can la* *aid, and the tijrure* will
'"���'������' out the aasortion, Uist the l**l
"JJ toifmt iiivestiiHUit Tor capital i*
Mill the Hlooan mines.
Interesting Lodge Meetinfl.
The haigw itawtintf  ln*t YVednoa-
J***** ovenilg of the Knight* i��f Pyth*
** wit* attended bf tlrsml < 'Imiicel
'"'-I. K. Evan* of Vancouver, Mini
*��* of Mpoetui  Ino-tvst  in ���'�������������*��'
quence. lustruaion in the *t��*ret
work Mttd an extended addre**- on
the alms of the order by tin* grand
chatKi-llor wa* followed hv s light
tmih-uet. and much g*A i* i*x|**cM
tola* the outconu'of thc inceting.
The lodge i* growing rapidly and
Mr. r.vao* i-xpt-ct* to mt* tin* mem-
bt-miilp i^aeli IKJ hv Chrl*tin��*, and
although Chancellor ('oinmander
Fallow* la Itartl worked to keep up
with the demand on hia time, lie
thinks the lodge will 1*0011 he the
lisnner lotige. of the K<**o*imv.
Opening the Methodist Church.
The o|*ning of the new Methodist
church last Sunday watt verv stie-
eeaaful in every feature. The at-
u-n.UiKt, l��.th MfternrMin snd evening, wa* giard. and the collection*
very ttatiafactorv. siioat |M0 lieing
rained. Rev. T*. Menxtea, paator of
the l'r.>hyterian church, iweached
an a|*t*ropri_ue o|*>ning nermon In
the ntVrnnou. A ttolo by Mia* Hkin-
ner wa* verv *wectly ��uftg. The
church wa* formally 'dedicated by
the Kev. Charlea I*a<.ner.
In    the   evening    Mr.   l_sdner
preaclieril  from the uxt, "I am not
sahsmed ofthe goapel of t*hri*t, for
it i* the power of good  unto salva
tk��n t*�� even*  one  that lieHeveth.'
Mr*. Wilson *ang a solo and tiie sac
rsinent was served after the eJose of
the service.
The����neert Monday evening was
a ttoe aSair, and well OMried ont.
The r-irmf\*ii I* ail pair) for except
**CvJU and Mr. lsenford and the hutid-
ing committee are hoping to bear
lYom some large-hearted pctiple who
will c*ane forward on thi* golden op-
Sentenced for Obacenitui.
Three prl*oner* were *ent to the
Three forks jail f'H* sevcit tlays
each la*t Thur**lay, one tot common 1I1 unkrniii***- sud two for U'ing
drunk ami udng ola**ot*ne language.
Magistrate McArthur. in nentencing
the latU't*. gave them a severe lecture on the indecent offense for
which they were convicted, and
*tated that henceforth thi* nuisanoS
would >*' dealt with to the full limit
ofthe law.
Tie* inagUtratet are t��I*' e��>��ii-
tuendett in thi* action. Men who
have no resp vt for the preseneo of
latlie* and children *h aild be c ��n-
Hnetl where it i* not nooeiwsry to
eune iu contact with them.
were kindly received and favorably I
imprt****cd with the opportunity here,
and that the army would probably
be in thi* Held in the near future.
The ore shipment*  from Sandon
from   August *i*0 to *2fi, inclusive,
wei*e a* follow**:
Payne,        -      -      - 850 tons
Kuth,      -      -      -      - 240
Noble Five,       -      - 37
Slocan Star,    -      -      - 215
Two Friend*, 12
H5��  ton*
ley. a'l with title* running into four word*
*lth 1:. P. ft, aUachod. were in Handon two
hour* and forty-Sv* ndnute- on Kriclay. With
sir William Van Horn they comprise tlie mo.
tltr-. t-titiiuUtj-ative aad judicial po��-erof
t'auaila'* gi*eaie_t i*.>rpnn*tioa. Vtw-er*e*i-
deiil Shaasbncmy wa* allowed to do the talking, and said they were tu *reiy on a tour of
ia*|t*vtLmi of the mad and not In Sandon tor
aay .-particular punioae. It U the tntentton of
IheC. I'.R. to try and get the'r *hare of the
trafSt* of this wet ion, and n*-eded impittve-
inenu wonld be made as aion sa poasiMe
The pang e_*j��*.-u-d to meat Mr. Munn. pt��al-
deai of the Kaitlo A ��l-_��s��. In VW^rrtrt m two
ort*hr**e days, and hoped to cone to torn*
agrt-aenent. He did not Irsel at llher**,- to *ay
whether the road flora Three Fork* to Itenr
aatit* tr.tu��d be built or not thb. fall.
iLtaa* r. wru.i
the Members
facial teeeataif* *nd
tendon jTTtdar.  He
A Visit From
01 ���*#
Col. Jame. BetMtf,
MinUter of Mine*,
twidaehrH to tfel
aid bf the goverarSSSt tl building an addition
and employing l*lr��taa. teacher, aad other
necetwary impntvethsat*. fU also said the
matter of the Cody toad would moeive attention. Col. Baker, I* also Miaieter of ^location, Mioltdar of Iinmlgistion, Clerk of Council, and ha* ��a|J*i*r*l*iaa af the innane asylum,
the old men'*horn*, aad She printlag bureau,
which be say* eaMtaa* iim to be cabled the
Provincial Poo Bah. 8* ie a pleasant affable
gentleman, and talked freely ia segard to provincial matter*. Hi* dutlss aaregiierlty make
him a very ba*y man, but he waa fortunatt> in
having good depatle*. He spoke especially of
the high *ttar_ding of Provincial Miaeralogi-tt
Dine in Sandon.
Q. I". Shaoghrfreaty. W. Wbyte, K Marpote,
P. A.IMerwm, H.J.Comlin.i*. K. Perry, Guy _   ___
P. tt*ra.ro, Wm. Sltaughtiraety   end H. E. VW***1 w;^ j^,,, ^^no wor* ta known aU over
Quotstions for the Week
Saturday, August 21,
Monday. Ailgnst l��X
Tue*dsy, August 17,
Wottnoaday, Augost 18.
Thursday, August 19,
Frtdav. \ugu*t 20, *-,    *
Uad ha* been -*trOQgall wi-ek at
Salcdtion Armq Shirmlahing.
The outi*Ht of the Salvation army
ariivetl in Sandon Thursday, aiul
the War Civ ami *tiirt p��iade**ei*e
m-eu here for the lir*t time. Knsign
Stevens and rapt-tin Sou tha I i. who
are in charge of the work at Nehm*.
were h**k\ug over the Held lurt
with a view of establishing �� corps
or no*t here,   Thev stated that they
.. For Church Goara
Prosby tartan���Rev. T. Menzies
preaches tomorrow in the morning
at tho -Krhool house, and at 7:30
iu the evening at Three Forks.
Methodist���Regular services will
bo held tomorrow in the uew
church at Ha. m. and 7:45 p. in.
The union Sunday school will
be held in the new e'turcli build**
ing at 3 o'clock.
Something for the Ssndon Club.
Colonel Baker said yesterday
that it was the intention of Premier Turner to visit Sandon in
about two weeks. Thin will be a
grand opportunity for the now
Sandon club to make a favorable
impression on the head of tlte provincial government, aud bo of
great henefit to the district. Give
the honorable gentlemsn a royal
welcome and a banquet
Wages et the Noble Floe.
There was s report iu the early-
part of the week that the Noble
Five intended meking a reduction
iu the wages of their employes all
around of 50 cents a day. This
hat' not heen done, however, and
matter, are ranuiug along smooth,
ly at the old
tlie world. He mentioned that aome mining
ncofdar. had refused to record some location*
offered, for the reason that prior location*;
interfered.   He .lid not countenance thi*. The
attar wa* one for the court* to pass tipou,
and not the recorder, who should record every
location a* offered. On principle he i�� in favor
of government rath-oat*, bnt had a good word
The colonel was pleased with what he ha.
seen,ant much goot msy be expeetei from
hi* short visit.
Elopement at Whitewater.
Mrs. Chaa. ton-one or Whitewater ha* gone
off with 0 drummer. Wednetthiy night site
stayed at the Jackson liousfcWhttcwater, and
the nest morning came Ui *****Soti. *���������* she
��.'��*����� ���*���**""������. 8MS,H��* KiSffi
and inclined hi gaiety, whl
A Des/s Outing on Beautifal Lake
The much looked-lor escuntion to Sam lien-
Tee will tttxor tomorrow, and a* UtoMk Bnt
chance 3*ndon people tu*.*-Satt ��.��get awaj-
from hoaie Ibr a day these a SI doahUse* be a
big crowd. New Deaver has a****** prtgara-
troa* ta gire the **d*ltrors a hearty wetoritac.
Theta Is Sne boating. Ssbiag. bathing, as we'i
a* various sports, picnic grounds everywhere
aad ra*eoery without limit. The train leave*
Sandon at t�� o'clock, and the fare is six bit*
tor Uie i-ouop trip.
Matter of incorporation Now With
the Procincial Goc*5raraaat.
The petition lor the iiKtorporrathm of Sandon
was tdgaed by nearly all who were entitled tu
sign It, except the two railroad ctmipanles,
and sent to Victoria Uw early* part of tbe
week. The inatter wUl now have to be |*a��**d
upon and examined to see that the law ba*
been complied with, and Incorporation paper*
issued forthwith. It WiU then only be necessary to elect ofBeer* to carry incorporation in.
to effect.        '
_|l>v*hu*tone a Haine. hare jutt received a
ear load of Otirney store*.
The K. & S. *oht 90 through ticket* thi* week
to point* all over the rnite-l Stote*.
W.-l. Walker of Spokane, proprietor of tbe
Freemen'* Lrtbor Journal, wa-t in Sandon thi.-:
Mi** Jode Chideater.of Mar.v��ville. Mont.,
i* viaiting her *ister. Mr. ii. B. Matthew*, at.
Three Pork*.
Town lot* and a uew dwettiug houae for shU
In New Denver.   Apply to
(.J. W. Orimmett hu*. put in some Sne -.how
ca-wt- and i* carryiior tbe l-ttwe-r **t.oek of
watcher. *nd fine jewellery iu Slocan.
t>. W. Freaeh ha* retire.! from busiuesr. in
Sandon on account of Ul health, ami returned
to Montana. H. Qiegerich ie again at the
Rev. T. Mensie. leave, next Monday to attend a meeting of the Preahyt.ry nt finderly,
near Vernon, lie will Ire gone over one Sunday.
Mr*. IL li.Msk.trt.ier ������� the rte.'ond tady to
make the round trip over the Noble Five
*��n*ldembly older nnd hs* not approved of | tram, coiiur over the route tn a bucket laat
her lively conduct Sunday. THK
!\VYSTRr*AK, SANDON, B.C,, All.lST -***���. l*��7.
The Grestest Annuel Shoto West ot
\ the Mississippi.
It lias been decided to add a first
class mineral exhibit to the Spokane
Fruit Fair, which opens at Spokane
on Octoter 5, in a sqwirate annex
connected with the main buildinp.
of the fair. In this de-mrtment will
Ih- exhibited ores from the various
camps of tlie northwest, mining* machinery and devices, and everything
which it may lx* |Missiblc tb secure of
especial interest to the miner. This
exhibit will Ijeso arranged as to give
the best educational results, and no
im ins will be spared to make it one
ofthe most attractive features of the
All who are familiar with the good
results derived from thc mineral exhibit at last year's fair will readily
appreciate the importance of a united
effort to make this department what
it ought to be this year. Here are
brought together the pi*ospectt)r, the
miner, the investor, ana all who
may be seeking information concerning the mineral wealth of the great
northwest. The work is important
from an educational standpoint and
adequate business results are sure to
follow. The Spokane A Northern
railroad has consented to haul free
all exhibits to Spokane consigned to
the superintendent of this department. The fruit fair management
undertake to receive all consignments at the Spokane railroad depots and see that the same shall lie
properly placed at the fair grounds
and due credit given to the camp
and to tlte consignor forwarding the
same ,,.     * ,
All consignments should la* forwarded to L. K. Armstrong, suiier-
intendent mineral department, ��'*>
kane Fruit Fair, not later than September 15. Prompt actum is, therefore, absolutely essential.
put up with ������ Jf,VJ,t
deal of Incon-
Shippers and Dicidend  Pat-era ol
This Fsmous District.
Below is a list of the ihippers and
dividend paying mines of tin* Shvati
Qneeii Be��.
American Hoy.
ChamWr-4 Oroitp.
Lucky Jim,
Read end Tvti<lerfi>��t,
Howard Fraction.
Silver Rasr.
���fled Wax,
Texa ..
Silver Bett.
Lneky Boy.
O. H. Avlhtrd.
FUlu-r Maidttii.
Ureal Wc-t.-rti.
Bine Bird.
Ruby Sitter.
l...:.tou Or*ni|>.
On lent* Farm.
Molly IhatU--
|.|VII>K-tl> l-AVEK*-
Mountain ClitVf, Alanto-I'iati..
Two Friend*..
Stirirri ***.
Slocan Ster.
Sl.rcan Boy.
I.J*��t I'llrttx e
R. K I..-
Frwhlie l*��*.
I*, k-.ii Clronp.
Wellington <>r.��i|r,
tiraiy Ortrnrjr
An 8_-[>ound son was Imrn to Mr.
and Mrs. J. Croft of Three Forks on
Tuesday, the 24th.
Mike* Kirby left for the Klondike
Monday. He has lieen tuning pianos hereabouts for some time.
It has been given out that f Jeorge
Hughes has traded his interest in the
Best mine to A. W. McCune for his
interest in the Idaho.
Doc A. Huff was out prospecting
on Six Mile and on Friday night was
found dead in the wood*. It is believed he died from apoplexy. He
was buried at New Denver Sunday
Kri Thompson left Monday to visit
his parents aud old home. N'ine Mite
Creek, Hants county, N. S. His
cousin, Arthur, accompanies him.
They will go by way of Salt Lake
and New York, and will Ire absent
about three months. During Mr.
Thompson's absence* his brother
Jack will look after his interests in
M. Cargill, M.P. of Cargill, Out.,
and family, and Dr. Landarktn, M.
P., Hanover, Out., are being chaperoned through Kootenav by Auley
Morrison, M.P., New Westminster.
The party are enjoying themselves
htigeiy, and expressed the opinion
while in Sandon thst at this time it
is not feasible to put an export duty
on ore. They were surprised st the
excellent accommodations to be had
in this country, having been told
that ladies especially Wb'uld have to
In the Lillooet
N. Jerry, the well known t��ro8~;
pector, who has lx*en in the Liilot-et
country four months, was in Sandon
this week. He relates that early in
the spring there wa* considerable
movement there, but for the la*t two
months thing* have la-en dead.
There will be soinething of a !**hu
when the (Jolden Cache mill start*
up abont the middle of next month.
No one is allowed to visit thi* mine,
but common report say* it i* a big
thing. The mill will he ten stamps.
The town or Lillooet has 800 people,
and is one of the fine*! t.twn-.it***
anywhere. The only talk is the
(iolden Cache. He met Dr. ..omni,
Frank Perue and Dici Way. Mr.
Jerry is making preparation to go
to tlte Youkou country thi* fall.
The Saudi nt I*auiidry for Hrst
elass work. In the rear of Spencer's
hall. Clothing mended and l��utt..itj*
sewn on carefully.
J *.*M Kn.i.v
A. R Hi ���'<>*.
i&fi Of Sindon
(United   Liability)
1,000,.-W Shares jjtar value of ted eeot>. The above Compaiiv
ih formed to an-nire and work the AKliO and BELT Mineral Claim.,
adjoining the Sandon townsite. Mines aro Open for Inspection. on*j
a few minute* walk from thr town.    Limited number of ��.l�����r.�� f..r
sale at ten .intt**.
Apply at onee to
Mining Brokers and Operators.
Cartineate af Imai-a^moa.*.
Sitnat* iu th* trUtteao Mittt^ IK* !*��*���'�� .4 W *.,!
Km.i**tav    diatrtVt.      Wher-a, l-_.<at**d   ttV
l-e-esa in** tlalena sad M*wd It,  ,������***el
rtainv. on Stable Pita nttmntain
T*>V* nolle* that t. A ft. Watwoti, *���*��*���� tot
the U.ttttatr*"* Mining end MltUsur^.mjr-a-
nr ���ftwt*4ga>,fr***�� attoaf �� i-twltea*** X*****dlll��
intand. *i*tv -lay* from ��b*> .late b*m��l t��* **��
pit t��> the inining re.**��rder fn* * rer-��lfk>at#��l
imt>r..v��atetil*. tot the |��na��.�� at nbtaitOng a
rrttwi) grant of the a'***** el*)**.
AnKitrtt��er take ttottee that aeftVin, ��**.!#*
_-��-ti��ii St, sttna* **ae��mmLr-nr����*|**aifeir*�� ttt* U*��>
an.....( ���.web eartitWel* of im,*m��*��rr*roo*
itmte-l tbi* wb.Ut at AoiyJntVAHwni
f��a��. .4 ftf -* pnhla*ath*a. Jaly to. in.
In Any Quantify
Anthracite, Can mo re, N. W.
Blacksmith   or Stove Coal.
Cody Aoenuc, Sandon.
Cartineate mt lm��t*aveeweeta.
ci.ni aT HQCRn al a^Ain
**ituata in the Sl��jrr*aii TSu>ti>< IH**i**_,��i ��*f trV**d
K.-.t��i.*��t dl��trl* *     ���Vb-rr* l��**ai**��l   Oa lar.
I_.i.t.-r .r***. atiottl on* *a.l *��*lt*-hatf ��.��ti>��
a'-��*r tha t*nrm m *����tt.
Takr�� t����lU** thel I. A t�� l*af����H, mgent tot
Kal-mti Vtlaaat*. Jf���� TXMi. Aahmanm Brp
Mtrttrkbrnnw**'.. Ho ***A*1, end Otto H*p**r, So
TAJ**), intr>nd. airtty dav* tr����r���� Ihedat*** |*aar��**tl.
t*ra|rfrtr lu the wtirtht* ***#*>*.%** 1���t m *w*tttl-
rot* at lrrt|rr..t��tj>**rii. f*��r the ����ari��<.r_�� of ��l��.
tait.li.e a <*r*>*u araat ��f th*. aht.ta elaim.
And fttrthar aa** *attee tha* a**Hoa. aaa��>
*.**>��� ,.>nS��, tt,a��t t*�� *amon*t*ewd hwtwt* t h* **���
.na-��r* of tarh .rrtltt. ai��* of ita|autr>m.*t��ta
lhH��at tbi* f��l d*v at A it it. l*>t
Hatt* at ttr*t emlAU **l*.��   tntt ��, MUt.
Cartineate of Improaamant*
The Leader
Emporium of Fashions
H��**.- fa-Cr-fOr*! *  raMSstgnHtflll mt I
tjjtr-.t OtW*: l��t
Cl*ta|*j*lH*J *b* latdW  >.      >
tSrtteit. *<*?*rrr**r* 'V*r.ir.    -
Udta**' rartstahtaav ritv* all- II *.**������   '
.Utwrna*. ���ad et��r-t/thl��>Jt lit ���!*��� It.- ������ r������*
tt itti >.art **��*-*��*��(* in *W tknmt ��ttW ���*****-���
|*Tta*.��'t>L_!^it'._* a ��*farjjlallr ��tt-l ��f��i����4*'.
We at* hoaod *����� t*t*d la *��t t*. * n-t *'������ *���
��.��lrwaiLP*t i�� ���� will w*-*��tt* ..ot ��������������������*I ��o*��"
Mrs. O. M. 00lKlMr>.
tt*x***t*e Unas n*t**i��*v B**r*�� an   >*
R. Strathcrn A Co
Oleaettitlew al Parteafahta
Notke I* barreb) glttti that. Ih*�� |*art��i' r*blt>
lit-rrtotarrt" r��l��tli>�� h*-tw��-*'ii the urtdfr-ignrd
aa hotel a**epr**r*, Iia* thi* day Irt-tni diL**����tt, ,i
by mittoat ��?*-j*��a***it.   TIm�� Ntnittraa will it- e r*
n'lHtrtoby Wllttam Rotrlnwat. a bo will t..v
ell llaltlllttea aitxl <r*d|ert nit eretjttrita.
Imt'-d at ..'andon tht* 37th dar <*f JuU . I* 1.
4'HAM. A. 1-fAKTlNt.-.
WM. V. lt<*U|**tN
OlsaoiMtlow of S'artrtarahia
NcH er ta liereby given that tin* |*jtriii. r��lii|.
t*^r**ut*,rt* extstlng Itrtweeit Orttrgt-1_- Intkr*
and Kdward "dontgtjirwtv, iOM>v*tr a* tb,* I'm'-
ait- Hotel.!* by mutual t**r--n^iit tlt|..la>
dkaatttved. tHrorge l^> ttiisr having sold hi* it ���
leer** to Kdaurd *donir>*m*rv, alio will rarry
oo tbr tm*tiH-**, tu-asom* alt !ijdeld*��r!*****������ ��*o*l
r��.!l��*t nil t.lU.of Om late Srni.
tiKOlltiK I.rt't.KK,
KltWAKO MoNTlM��fdKi:\
Hated at Handon. It. C. Auly tX UT.
Merchants Advertise In the
Paystreak Because It Pays.
Ht.l.*.M��KH MIXr.lt 11. CLAIM
���aiituti** in th** !*l*t��*atk MiiLt.se IH. i*i..t-, ��t \V��>*��
Kiwrienat'    di*lrl*t.      Wt**f~   IseaMd   ui
<*��r��lt rr**b
Tato* otrliV* tbat I. Am* W l^abt'. fr-r ratnee*,.,
r^rtlrt.-tt.' Sa mtjuts. inland ��i%itt  ��trt��. tr*.��t j W . Iltl.l.tu. MUT
the dele be**t-*��f la ���irfdi to tha mini**** rra'ari.
������rf.rr * t-artitVate ot l*tit��**����'.r"ma*)i. t..r lb*
intrp**--* ��f ..btaining a ���*�����.*�� grattt  -4 lbt>
alw.tr riaim    And fartb��r ink* ntril. * iliat
a-tinn undar **��r-ii��m ST tntt.i  t*s roinm����-r-ad
1-a.f.rr* th** i**naara ��rf *n**tt rertifkatv of tnf
Dal**! tbi. aali day �����*' ,,,��*r  ** '��� I**7
J A!* t*  LtCAHV ��m.i��.i
ttala of flr��t |^il.li>*rlr.n Jult ��l. I*vt
Watchmaker, aad
V* al.lt--*. t%rr*. anrt  J-*��
l*Mtt<�� and rta-atite ����"',,l""'l
Ir,    L    B
Notary Public*
8ANDON.        . B C.
Wilt laat lltrt. I llNtiititrrtl. I* -L.i"1-"
ttttt.* a itHtntli.
htatetirb. MMif Broken. Mil*
Af**-nt* *��r
Tho nnoania Cangoiidated Min'nB C��
l.tmlit-it   I.ihI.iiim.
Ory   Bolt  Mlnint  mod   Mii<."S Co
Mmltid l.tabiittt (tltrdr-IU
Selkirk  Minim** end   MIIH��K
Ltniltetl  l.tal.ltlt.* .,
Iti:..u. i��""
���AMH'N.   ��'���   ��
ItlU'ltl  tt. THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B. C-, AUGUST 28, 1897.
Thr-**   of  tha   *��**ai*al   roata*   alraady
.tiggeataat t*�� the Owtd Field*.
hi it* last issue Thb Lehcik gave
the rou'e tn the Klondike hy way of
Uu Northwest Tsirltory. There will
!*��� manv trom the East who will go
hy this way next spring instead of hv
ilii much longer roond ami more ard
oou* journey hy Dyea or by St Mich
8t-lH rtiese are the distances from
Mmonton to the Yakon.
From the latter railroad depot on
tin- < 1*. K. there is a stage running
ut Atlislaisea, 10 miles; then there is
a ,- intinuons waterway for canoe
travel to Fort Ifoefhorson, at the
i**outh ot the Mackeniie river from
which point to Peter rlvor lies sooth
a ,ua I to the gold regions. The exact
figures are as follows:
tidm .aiton to Athahssca Landing   40
Tn Fort Mc Murray:: **��)
Kort -lilppewyan..  .1B6
Smith I .and ing  .102
t ��� .it Smith.......... e,........... U>
Fort Ucsulutkm 194
Fort Providence It***1
Fort Simpson lei
Fort Wrigley 186
Fort Norman 1H.
Fort t'oofi Mope, 174
Kort Macphoratat. 382
Total No. of miles !,��*.
It Is *aid that tne Canadian Pacific
Railway sutlKtrities are In conference
with the Dominion (tovernuient with
a view to opening up a route to the
p.Ul ti- kl* via Kdinonton tt isclaimed
Utat a more ac***eaaable and low dan
c-r-it* route is ptstaltile. snd that it
can lie cut out during the winter.so as
toU avatlatdefor tne traffic In the
spring. Mr. (ad-rrtghcad. civil engin
eer, has received s telegram fhxn
utawa to hold himself in readines*
ut accompany s party ol ��urvc>'ors to
ti*en s route into the Yukon country.
Here to another route, from Ash
en a to Uke Teslin, sume *W> mile*
trom the Klondike.
\**wrort to tjriesnelle, 2J0 mil***:
V'��< Mitdle ui fttrt Fraser. 140 mile*;
Fort Fraser to Decker Lake, '-Omlles;
iwker Like to llAzirwu. Ih miles;
ll.tivhon to Klspiox,'.' miles; Kisniitx
i" Stickeen above canyon. 90 miles;
Stickeen above eanvon to Teslin
Uke, 12*0 miles; total. 6��l miles,
with got-d feed trom the 1st of .Mav
umii tall alt the way.
StPI another route Is suggested with
���Vkitne as the starting point Thk
ss "M.hm ax Rkvifw sav*: "From
N-katie the line would run to Pen
ttcaon, thence to Kaiuloops, up the
North Thompson river, snd through
'���<�� < arlU*. country There it would
I- "iiii and follow the route of the old
telegraph trail as far ss Fort Stager
It will be reraembcrvd the West
��ni I nion Telegraph tjbminnv.  in
)*'M*\ expended &axUW)ln mak
'"i* this trail ��n their attempt to htiihl
�������� overland line through British Col-
"inl'ia and Alaska* crossing the Beh*
��� '������*? Straits, traversing Asia ami then
ull-it��f tne (a^WorW line.
Thi* wa*3i year* ago. What wa*
,(,�� ntttlonc and abandoned In the t*7s
[nay be completed In the 90-s, Topush
...rough the country intervening bet
***n the termination oi the old tele
Jr��ph trail and the Yukon country
,N������hi havo no terrors for our mod
orn <'iigincera.N
iarge production and s decrease in
the demand, though the causes for
the latter and the reason for the suddenness of ihe fall in price are not
at all clear.
it is to the East that we look natur
sllv for an explanation, since so large
a part of the current silver production
is ateorbed there, but tbe statistics of
the exportation thither are perplexing. Tbe shipments from London to
China snd the Straits hsve fallen olT
immensely while those to India have
increased heavily, notwithstanding
tlie late famine and the present disturbed condition of affaire there, so
that the total sent to the East up to
the end of July was ahout U)% greater
than in the correspotidiiig period last
Nor were the expo**ts in 1896 abnormally low, being considerably
larger than in 18115. The receipts of
silver in the United Kingdom for the
first six months ot the year, according
to tlie Moaitl of Trade returns were
��9\3e0t2��l against _57,010,668 in the
corresponding period of I8'jt_. the increase being due chiefly to larger
imports from France, Belgium, Mexico snd South America.
The toports from the United States
fell off from ��5,061*754 u�� 14. .>__**. 102.
The total export* from the United
States during the same time were
$*��7,jejt,ttou against $29,i*-27,*230 in
tlie tin* six months of l&M*. indicating
that the exports from San Francisco
to China also fell off a great deal.
These figures do not show an unusual
movement of tlie metal sufficient to
account for the sudden and remarkable depreciation in value.
It seems not unlikely, therefore,
that this has been due to the placing
on the market in Linden of large
stocks of which the existence wss not
known, or stocks that were not known
to be pressing for sale.
But whatever the cause the fall has
been so great that it must rapidly restrict production, affecting especially
those mines which produce only silver, or silver associated with comparatively insignificant quantities of
other metals. Thus it is announced
already that the Ontario and Daly
mint*'at Park City, Utah, are to be
closed down, although the miners
em|*loyetl In them scarcely a month
ago agreed to a reduction of wages.
These mines in !**���.�� produced
l,7lH,.V>5 ounces of silver, on which
production the difference bet ween the
present price of silver and the aver
age of 1.386 mean* a loss ot about
$1*001000. The two companies paid
dividends in IW to the amount to
$LM7,00C>, consequently their cost of
production last year was probably
not far below the present market
value of the metal. Districts like
Aspen, Ktco snd the San Juan, in
Oiloradts and Phillipsburg. in Montana, are likely to suffer severely.
because their ores are essentially
silver bearing.
On the other hand, the mine* ot
Butte, Leadvllle and the paw*
d'Alene, which we estimate produced
in 1896 upward of aWtWOOJ ounces
of -ilver in connection with copper
���ind lead, when silver averaged 'ol
cents per ounce, wtM not tie twriously
affected bv the drop to 66 cents while
aopper and lead are selling as at
present, though their protits wi I be
of course proiwtlonatcly diminished.
"In my opinion the world can produce not to exceed t5O,000,0COounces
per annum at 50 cents per ounce. The
annual absorption is greater than
150,000,000 ounces, so that 50 cents
should be a bedrock price. In the
immediate future it may go below
50 cents, because smelters and others
sre offering to sell millions of ounces
at the lowest price to be obtained���80
."0 and 90 days. Henee this is done
with a view to getting rid of present
stocks with as little loss as possible.
I put 50 cents as bedrock, because I
believe thst the world will continue
to absorb an increasing amount of silver year to year, and I don't believe
it is possible to maintain the present
output at 50 cents.''
"Are you one of the strikingminers?"
asked tlte woman at the door. "Yes,
mum. Tm what dey call a pioneer. I
struck thirty years ago, and I've never
re in vet.���Detroit Fr
ree Press.
"It was reported yesterday that the
Thompson group at Silverton had changed hands, the consideration being 935,-
000. This property is situated on Kennel
creek, six miles east of SUverton, and
was nnder bond to Dr. H. Bell-Irving, of
Vancouver. It has been looked upon
as one of the best oi tbe many good
mines around Silverton for some time.'"
The above paragraph appeared in the
Rossland Miner and several other newspapers. It is not 4 new sale, however,
but, as our mining records show, merely
the completion of payments by Dr, Bell-
Irving on the bona.
A. W. McCane has traded his interest
in the Idaho for all ol the interest that
43eo. W. Hughes had in the Best.
Hughe* now owns % ol the Idaho and
St. John.     ���        ���
The multitude will have clears that will
burn when they have the Trail Blazer.
Krerett. Wash.
SviU'i-JtT BrrarkSt.  l,.ndon,
Members ofthe Rcrralaud Stock Eichange
and Board of Trade.
h. a. coves.
Cable Addreas-'BEiisiBOS."'
Morelngand Neat,
CKrujrli's (near and old),
Bedford McNeill,
and A B C Codas"
*T* / E solicit correspondence with parties hsving
\ K I meritorious mining properties for sale, and
\aAa\ beg to say that we have connections in the
principal cities of Canada, England and the United
States, and are in daily receipt of inquiries for
developed mines snd promising prospects.
In active mining operations and reduction of ores,
and a knowledge of the different mining districts of
B.C. enables us to furnish reliable snd competent
information pertaining to mines and mining matters.
References given.
i Atrsa or thk raw..
The recent fall In thc price of silver.
*>\Htht, NVwYork Mining Journal.
w duo undoubtedly to tht* continued
THK IlKHKllt K ritlCt*.
Mining & Muling Co.
Denver Aug W
letter for
IJVIItui      ���������*'   -" -       '",,_   ���,     ,.|    tlu.
pnbllcation. Goveiwr ^**��
Omaha iv i*u\ut sin liter says icpu"
SSlta continued 1.11 In tho price ot
ing the cent
Rand & Wallbridgc,
Mining and Stock Brokers,
Solo Agents for Sale of Treasury Stock.
r : J .
THK PAYSTREAK, RANDOx'. B- C, AriilVT ��** ���*��?���
"Dae.**   A  Huff Dies all  Alone  In  the
Woods and His Body I* Found the
Following Morning.
Last Thursday morning W. H. Smith,
J. H. McKay, J. Westfall and ������Uoc,"
A. Huff started for Six Mile to spend
several days there camping out. Huff
was not well and made the trip thinking
it would improve his health, while the
others went to do some prospecting.
Their camp was pitched a short distance
from the lake shore, and Friday evening
they spent on the beach.   About 8:30
Huff left the boys to go to his tent. The
others remained an hour or more later.
On going to camp Huff was missing.
Search was instituted and every possible
effort to find him was made. At midnight the party concluded to wait until
morning. At break of day they renewed
the search and fortunately stumbled
upon the body of Huff, lying 300 yards
from camp, in a direction that proved
that he had lost himself in the darkness.
He was unaccustomed to roughing it and
wss very timid when in the woods. It
is presumed that when he realised he
was lost he became frenzied with fright
and his efforts to find the camp caused a
stroke of apoplexy. His death must
have oceured early in the night as one of
the party passed very close to the spot
where the body was found in the early
Saturday morning the body was
brought to New Denver and an inquest
held. The jury's verdict was that death
had occurred from natural causes. The
body waa taken charge of hy Huff's
many friends here and was buried Sunday morning, the band accompanying
the body to the grave.
''Doc/' A. Huff waa well-known to all
traveling men of the northwest. He was
a native of Oregon, where his relatives
now reside. During the prosperous run
of the Grand Central hotel Huff was
night bartender. His affability won him
a host of acquaintances. He waa also
well-known in Sandon, whele he recently worked for Ira Black.���Ledge.
A Large  Crowd  Kx**��eeted ta Visit Now
Denver Beat Saadajr.
TheC. P. R. will run a special excursion train of three ears from Sandon and
Three Forks on Sunday morning, starting from Sandon at nine o'clock and
reaching New Denver station about
ten. The Sandon people have long desired such an opportunity of enjoying
the delights of the lake and of returning the same day, and it is prbable the
application for tickets will be larger
than the transportation facilities the
railroad is able to give. The tare from
Sandon for the round trip is six bits
and four bits from Three Forks.
The New Denver people are making
preparations to ensure that the visitor*
shall enjoy every moment of their ten
hours stay. Various projects to this
end are discussed but the programme
is not yet completed. The excursionists
will undoubtedly find ample recreation
in the boating, fishing snd swimming
even if no special attractions were
added. All that ia requisite is a clear
day. The train will start homeward at
seven o'clock .���I..edge.
ONjTS fob minting sit.vt.it.
C. Kloeper, member of Parliament for
South Wellington, Ont., the first and
only conservative elected from that district, waa with a party interested in the
Canadian group and other properties in
New Denver during the past week, and
was interviewed by the Lsnos upon the
subject that ought to be paramount in
the minds of everyone interested in the
"Do I believe in Canada minting her
own ailvor ?" he said; ."Why, of course
I do."
"But don't vou think the banks would
object," observed W. H. Brandon.
"They might," said tlie member of
parliament, "but here I have in this
little purse over live dollars in silver. It
is no lncovenience to me, and I can see
that to coin silver up to five dollars
would not only be a great thing for Uu*
rich silver district,but would be a matter
of profit to the Dominion. And not only
that," he added, "but I would suggest
a more liberal currency, so that we did
not have to go to the United States for
our silver currency.
"It's annoying to a government ���representative to have to accept money such
a* this," he said, aa he presetted the
half dollars and quarters with the spread
eagle on them in exchange for hie Canadian paper for the drink*.
Stmcimen* of the aold .rearing ore
recentlv struck on Gainer creek have
been brought to town, sav* the Jtevel-
stoke Herald, and show free gold dis*
tinctlv visible to the naked eye. The
discoverers are three brotliersof the
name of Lade from Silverton. The lead
runs 2,000 feet south of and parallel to
the Bagshot ledge. Stringer* of the
gold bearing ore eight inches wide run
all through the lead. The lowest assay
ruus 1800 to the ton. Twelve tons of
the ore will be shipped at once as a mill
test. The report* of the find are attracting numbers of prr*s|iector�� into the
Lardeau and Trout Lake districts from
the south.
Greenwood is the first city incorporated in the Boundarv Creek district.
She received her charter a few days
ago, under the Speedy Incorporation of
Towns Act passed at the last *ie**lon.
The order sets forth the lionndariea of
that portion of Oaovoo* Division of Yale
District, which Is to constitute tbe city,
the approximate area of which is *tated
to be rHO acres The council of the new
municipality is to consist of six aldermen and a Mayor. The nomination
for the first election of a mayor and
council is to be on Saturday, August *��.
Robert Wood is to be returning officer.
The first meeting of the council mu*t be
held tm Saturday, StKptomber 4. It i*
estimated that there arc abont 120
persons qualified to vote at the election.
The talk ahout the mines cutting
wage* ha* amounted to nothing yet except at the Noble Five, where the proposition was made to the men to pay
12.50 and S3.00 per day. The men have
not accepted the reduction, but are
working pending a decision of the managers.
Hie feeling in Sandon is that any
action now toward a reduction of wage*
would be too hasty, as a little time
should be allowed for a reaction in silver,
which is likely to eome soon.
The following table gives the price*
of silver during the .first seven month*
of the past three years.in the New York
market, the price being per ounce or
ounce of pure stiver:
��t**ava.        iw     mm     us
��47* *TU M-fiO
Um ��0 HI Ai mo
es-ij* mn ton
ei-85 aim ***��i
Arts mm arm
etrio mm rn-tM
fitrSl **����� r.i-75
Since 1842, the year Queen Victoria
first entered a railway carriage, she has
traveled something like two million
miles. This beats the Prince of Wale*
hy about five hundred thousand miles
and the Duke of Cambridge by nearly
one million miles. ��� *
When in Vancouver stop at the
Manor House. j   ���
On the Sd day of the pwtawnt
month I visited the Fidelity mineral
claim, situated about midway between .Silverton and New Denver,
olNterved the several opening* on
the vein and made measurenient*
both of the length of the vein ex-
|to*ed and of the ihicki.es* of ore
whero exposed.
By mean* of these measurement* and of n*a*onable assumption* a* to depth of ore (such assumption* being possible b**caoi��*
of the topography ofthe ground and
posaihle measurement* reaulttug
therefrom, whlrh mea*urotneots I
made, also) I have calculated that
there were on tbe day of my visit,
24H tons of ore expo****!.
From sufficient sampling and
tenting of the ore cvpoaedon **ar*
face, aud assuming that the rest is
of same quality, I have determined
that 24ft tons of it contain a value
of ***>,��������� in silver and ttl.OOti In
lead, at present price*, or a total
value in the ore so roasonahly assumed snd ralrttlau-d to he "In
sight", of tSrlUtt.
I ant ri*que*ted to publish the fore-
going -statement* and to announce
that the said Fidelity Mineral
Claim is for sale.
Anyone thinking that he haa
money enough to buy the* Fidelity
and two adjoining claim* should
call on Frank L. Byron, at the Victoria Hotel. Silverton, B. C.
Mr. Byron i* locator of the
ehUms,own* a third itttereat la them,
and will personally tNMtdact -the
���ale of them,
J.lM. M Btwata***
dealers in
Butter, Egirs,
Cheese, Apples.
Poultry and
Cured Meats.
The Isrirrat hait'lkn-i of ibem*
Roods In Wtatrrii Canada AU
wstwferuttw uniltr pvrtet-i **at*--tn
of coM ��or**t. Full stork i-arrTtrtl
stNrlsrMi. B. C. Par irt-tr*** write
or win*
M��ri*|r**rof N.laai llraiit-h Psi*
spn's l'rodu**c CuttiiMiiy,
Carotin Paic
Hoo Pacific Line.
rhe Quickest
** Cheapest
Route to St Paul, Chicago.
De**-oH, TVR-Wlto, Montreal,
New Yortt, Btsaon. l'hila
delphia.   and  all l_u*ern
Unexcelled Sleeping Car*
on all trains, Tourist C��r*
to St. fool dally, lut.,,,
every T*hutttday; Turumo
everv M-anday man Hovel
Hteamer leavea  Nak-i-.r
daily except Monday, m.k
logelose^mneeikm at Revel.
��  stoke with trains for all p.ini*
Kast and West
Befbre yoo travel get i,.fni,,.ti.<i
from C.P.R. agenta as to time* and
rates.   It will save you money    apply to neart��t railway agent or to
A. C MeAjtmirR, Agent, ^ndoe.
fl.M.McGRBGOK.T J\A .*Sel*oaB0
s% j. torus,
Diet.  Paasencer Agent* Vane��mvfr
AM Steaist^ iia
Wr*�� U-****���"*���*��
!_**��� Harna. Saat^r llaa
Laka ttajawiar.
habo WfaaifNBf
J mitt
l-aka Hama.           **
!.*>*��� Ita-arto.
it <
taka tnmotint.
Won ***��* V-rl
I*art*aaat. I aasnl tAo*
J at} 1
-   1*
AartM-ta,       **
"   M
���  n
bmuy*Ao,tm.ton��mad ��}.**���������'���
fa si ill
Ttr|*s*S Owtaartt b�� ���� wo*** **
Onat tttkaim m inkmmd aod *t ��*�����-. t��n* *���*
otrmtared trom all ���.���."I*
Atady to A. C. MrSRTRUR. C P K   *���***���
*"*"'" WII.I.UM   **T'TT.
i,-vr,.l A*r��iat.
C. I*. R   ��*Slr-**   Win-attWj
Bolije4*4 to change without notice
Trains ran on l-adfteiStamlanl Tiute-
tatttiaAM.   Kt*V. Arrlt-.�� ��� �� ��
"  SS*    -      rttjatbrtaS
- ��� Sf    M      Bvemtaa
��� In
*- iota
" troi*
- *��.*��
Arr. tana   *
ftrtt* Jaiat**t
I o
i R
t H
tjra*.-- �� "*���
CIHiV   1.1 SI*
l/ravalta**.**.       inotkm      Arrt*** ]J * *"���
**      IIS*.   ��� t>al)f ''���,-
rrrxoRRAi.o a ��af. rrt'i**1*
���R*a��f��tu**f*r* ��** ��ll���"
Bypbotis, Ginger Ale,
Sarsaparilla, Fttc, Vxc.
���eururlon, 9.O.
Patronize home ii.-��,,sn>
when you want the best, THK PAYSTRKAK, SANDON, B. C, AUGUST 28, 1R97.
T** rrafwr ristaaa ��** I-**** far It
Iia Aypraraaaa Vmd*r Nataral
Hire are stew hints for the tenderfoot who does not know dolomite from s
tn uli* track, aod who may go prospect
ing tn tne Yukon. This practical advice
��ill tie valiiaWetoi*Jtteai^Jnt��*rt**,tiiix
in many :
Ibe great majority ttt the men rush-
in- lo the Klondike are tenderfeet.
They have never seen a gold mine, and
their rompreheosion of what Is a gold
mine J*darived ft*e*ma pernaalof the Hot
mi�� and jetsam of the daily jjn*e**, *ay*
t he V ancou ver World. Pew of them go
���>r. iiared to buy claim* already opened,
and must locate and prospect claims for
th.*iii*elvea. Brata-ladeo with absurd
i.i. .*- a* to the origin of the gold, aod
tiftiorsnt of the natural laws of it* di��
trihtttton. ct��_Ufront��*d tn the count rv
with the sevoreet phvaical condition*
under which cold mining la followed
am where, it I*!mpt**st4ble wit that there
fthttuld be many disappoitiunent* Iwfore
a *iiHi*-ient number of swv********** shall
have come to accumulate the needed
��� 'ii the ground, and presuming all of
the ptwsible ground of the Klondike
)���:... .*r�� already appropriated,the alien*
ttoiiof the miner should he first given
t�� ur pro von jjmaslhle ground in tlte
vaIIpv* of stream* adjacent to those in
�� hn K gold has already lieen found and
to the vatlvys of stroaai* which head in
tin- aame hilt* or mounUln* a* do these
known gold bearing streams. It i* possible for the Istte system which haa en
rkrhed one rrtream to have been cut bv
the drainage basin of another, so that it
Iia* .nnrhed t��*etn aa well.
In the Yukon, ss elaswhere, the
mountain Uplifts have rtwuited in
(. ��r nt ing flftaured aad fractured tone* in
thr rial* which have Ailed with gold
on**, The***, if on one side of a mountain, are apt to he duplicated on the
other, and, though neither can be seen.
*��'tli ran be inferred from the discov-
* r\ of goht on one side of the drainage
It i* nt*Ufied to look  for gold on the
<tli< r side a* well.
A* an additional guide the gravel
rock fragments In the goM-bearing
-tr.-am sfowM he compared with that
���������iii'*' pro*pr-***ted. If the two contain
identical rocks, aod particularly if they
ii'ih contain qtsatrta. diorite. diabase or
)*>rphyry pchhls*, it I*wi rth tbe thince
to< -tendthe maa-perting. even if
ur*t effort* diarkawi tto gokl. When
gold I* found tn several claim* in the
aims vsllev, the direction of tbe line of
di'i-MfU *houtd he ttroted and the Hrst
|T<>H|aTting should he done in that line
** Ivt'iug the moat probable one for the
The gold   prodnred bv the several
��� Inittt* going up stream should be com*
I tared both in total quant it v and sixe of
irrain*. With She data of thi* compari *
**���>��� it ia potiaihle to reason out the
locwof the richest ground, and also to
know when the lode annrct- of the irold
l**_lieing approached. Oner*** gold. gold
���"th attached quarts frai.me.nt* and
r,mgh -told, all Indicate that the nource
���" ���������"nparatively close st band-that a
imnt I* being reached beyond which
n<*re will he no placer.   The Hu**ian*.
t" their mining of the Siberian placer*.
msled jT'iieralrv to recognize the Me
���miirefw nf the gold, and in many in*
Rtaneea tarried their pi-napping for
piaeeri milea up atroam hevond the
���hIiu from which the gold came. There
���*> no reason for Canadian miner* mak-
"<�� the name mistake.
Another  Indication of  neames* to
Jjuas i* the preaenee of rough fragments
ot ny rite, ehalcop.vrtte or galena. Even
f ������e*e last do not lead to gold-Waring
jjues, they may lead to valuable lode*
��� i-opper or lead.   Generally, anything
;.'*vy  that It found in the mlnimr
Jioiild lie determined.   Sliver, quick
f ver, ti,, and nickel ere* and plat
���num are all worth ronaiilering. even
in   the   . ukon.   The   -mobility of
their occurrence should not be lost sight
of, the more particular! v as the discov
ery i* only to be made bv following up
the stream indication*.
The covering of snow over the surface
for seven month* of the year, the covering of mot* for the other five month*,
tiTclttdes the possibility of prospecting
v the ordinary surface method*.
Where it i* m*c��*��*arv to pro*pect without the guide of discoveries already
made adjacent, almost total dependence
must be placed on the character of tlie
pebbles in the gravels uncovered in
provpecting. If much quartz be found,
even though no gold at first, it is advisable to cover the possible ground for a
Slacer pretty thoroughly before ahan-
oning it finally.
As a general proposition it will
prove verv advantageous for a down
or more miner* toco-operate in making
a systematic exploration of unknown
ground. Work can be done cheaper,
faster and surer than bv the same men
acting indepcndi'iitly. Co-operation admits of increasing the tool outfit by a
blacksmith shop and drill outfit. Powder can be used and the prospect holes
��nnk through the frozen ground much
faster than hy fire. Prospect ing can lie
spread over a much larger area by cooperation than by the same men acting
each for hitnseif. Cooperating, once
thejgold lead i�� found, the whole coni-
panv are in a** position to intelligently
secure a valuable claim for each member and to get the claims so connected
that they can be economically expioited
a* one property.
It must be remembered that the present caimbi*rsome mothod of exploitation
will '*oon be replaced by quicker and
tatter one*, adtntttimr of the profitable
working of the ground now left artwork^ and distinctly advantageous to
large claim*, compared with small one*
Charley Wright, the well-known
purser on the C.P.R. steamer Kokanee,
ts off for the Klondike.
Tbe Everett smelter has been compelled to close one stack for lack of
experienced men, some -40 employees
having left for the Klondike country.
First prospector (at Klondike)���I understand Nuggets has been arrested.
.Second prospector-���Yes: the darn fool
persisted in heaping gold iu front of his
cabin and blocking the trail.
The newspapers of Kamloops, Revel-
stoke, Ashcroft, Edmonton and some
other places are all claiming that their'*
is the nest starting point for the Klondike via the North-west Territory.
The Dominion government is consid-
iug the establishment of a "treasure
house" in the Klondike, to receive the
dust of miners and give full market
value for it in drafts on Canadian or U.
S. banks.
th*. ro..�� or THR blots mac
There i* one danger about going to
the Klondike at thi* season of the year.
say* an exchange, which not many people think of. 4 tin* account says that the
winter weather up there would not be
so had were it not .for the fog*. A
phvsirian, speaking ot these fogs, said:
"That fog is the pogonip; that is, the
air I* filled with innumerable particle*
of rt��at nn- it*.*; just Mith an air a*, killed
*o manv "men in Hamilton, Nevada, and
I .read ville, Colorado, when the miners
first w��*nt to those places. The altitude
in the Nevada andColorado camp* made
(what Ihe latitude will make on the
f.   | Upper Yukonuind it will not Ih* strange
' if pneumonia becomes so prevalent that
people will call it an epidemic, and in
many cast-* the patients will not live
two days after being attacked.''
ri'LL or ray dirt.
she fondly
of the wees
poor since
**Yea, Geotfge, *he said a*
gazed upon the bearded face
derer, "we have lieen very
you went away."
"We'll change all that now. little woman," said the smiling miner. "Rut,
here. I'm as hungry as a wolf Whore
i* dinner r
"Ala*. George,* she answered, "I
have no monev to buy tht* mvessary
ingrediei ts."
"No money?" he echoed. "Here,
where are your scissors?"
With steady fingers ho rapidly snipped off hir* luxuriant beard.
"Mv darling, he said ai he handed
her the whwtera, "run with these to
the nearest bank Properly washed
thev ought to clear us a cool lotto in the
yellow dust. And���wait, my darling���
this afternoon I will take a bath nml if
tlte debris doesn't yield a i-nuph1
thousand. I'm a howling kyote
land Haiti Dealer.
" Then, nroud beauty, you refuse my
fullvV'ldtmt know but Hist 1 might
Selling to take an option on it.
TheTreadwell Mining Companv,of
Juneau, Alaska, in the month of July
shipped $66,881 of bullion, and the gross
expenses for the month were 123,277.
This is a very low grade free milling
United States Secretary Gage has decided to send a mining expert to the
Klondike country to make an estimate
of the amount of gold in the region.
He regards thi* as important for the
United States to know.
Major Walsh, a well-known ex-officer
of the Mounted Police, has been appointed chief executor for the government in Yukon, at a salary of 15,outi a
year, and Judge Maguire, of Prince
Albert, has been made Judge of tbe
Supreme Court up there.
When Dr. Geo. Macdonald.of Calgary,
left last week for tbe Klondike, the
Free Masons and the lodges of the An-
cieut Order of American Workmen subscribed to give him a last square meal.
They also loaded him with heavy addresses and damp regrets.
It is well for those (going to the Klondike next spring, via the North-West
Territory to know tbat a horse can live 25
days without solid food, merely drinking
water; 17 days without either eating or
drinking, and only five days when eating
solid food without drinking.
A sample bill of fare of a Klondike
restaurant, says the Chicago Blade,
read* something like this: "Elk-tail
soup $1.50, mink pot-pie fl, beaver-
fricassee 12.50. fresh bear steaks 91."
Before some of those who are rushing
headlong into that country get back it
is likelv they will have a bill of fare to
choose from* which is even scantier than
the one of a certain Christmas dinner of
the Lewis and Clarke expedition to the
great unknown Northwest, and which
read   in   part   something  like  this:
soup, baked mule with apple
roast mule with dressing, without dressing; cold mule, cold water, ice
water and tee."
The body of August Couture, a
wealthy banker of Montreal, who mysteriously disappeared Monday;* night,
was found in a pond adjoining the
court house last Thursday morning.
Couture drew f700 from the hank on
Monday and waa last seen in suspicious
looking company. It is believed^ he
met with foul play.
A concerted attempt is about to be
made by the Chinese residents in"the
United States to secure the repeal ofthe
exclusion law at the session of congress
which opens ht December. The statement is made that funds are being liberally subscribed and it is tbe avowed
intention of the promoters of the movement to make the freest possible use of
If the Kamloops Sentinel is correct
its city stands in ths proud and unique
rition of getting the beat ot the C. P.
The Sentinel says: "Of all the
sources of money for the town of Kamloops, none is greater than that .paid by
the C. P. R. to its employees, residents
of this town, and when It is compared
with tbe amount taken out for fares and
freight bills, the town has certainly the
best of it."
The discovery of a low pass in the
mountains that divide East and West
Kootenay has heen reported to Engineer Perry, of the C.P.R. The break in
the range is at the head of Canyon
creek, a tributary of Lansdowne creek.
The summit at that point is 500 feet
lower than the Crawford creek pass.
The grade to the pass from both sides is
easy. This discovery comes too late to
be available for the Nelson snd Lethbridge railroad, although it is shorter
than the route selected, but a party of
coast capitalists are projecting a railroad through it from Pilot Bay to Uie
St. Marv's district.
Smoke tbe Trail Blazer cigar and see
he lights glimmer on the silvery shore.
At a recent birthday party at Shepherd's bush a young lady began a song,
'The autumn days have come, ten
thousand leaves are falling.** She began
too high. "Ten thou���sand-���" she
screamed, and then stopped.
" Start her at five thousand,** cried an
auctioneer who was present.
Even tenderfeet are prospecting every
Slocan saloon for the Trail Blaser cigar.
Is tbe Pioneer House of the City
Hunter Bros.f
Headquarters for
Groceries, Haiti ware
Furnishings, Miner's
We carry Everything
Sandon and Rossland.
m: THK.
PAYSTRKAK, SAXIM'S. B. C^ Al'til'ST a*, IH-��7.
14    ���**
The Paystreak.
1< l*wti��l every Saturday in Sandon, in thc lieart
of tlie (rrerttest White Metal est inn on earth.
Sulrttrriirtton ...      tS.i*' *�� year
Strictly tn advance.
Addrt*as: Thk PAVsrHKAK.SamKrii, B.C.
SANDON. B. C, AUGUST 28, 18i*7.
The recent investigation of Constable Hamilton will probably have
the good effect of placing at different
points inspectors of police who .will
each have supervision of a certain
district. The superintendent of police
at Victoria is too far away and hss
too wide a territory to cover founder*
stand thoroughly the conditions and
requirements of every police locality.
The appointment of a few assistant
superintendents ot good training and
experience in all matters relating to
the enforcement of the criminal code,
would be a distinct advantage. The
Nelson Miner learns thst Superin
tendent Hussey favors this, and it will
doubtless shortly be considered by
the Attorney-General.
The Bevelstoke Herald says:
'The waterworks system of Sandon
will soon be in operation." The Herald is a good way behind the times.
Sandon has had an excellent waterworks system in operation these many
moons, and is now making an addition to it that will ensure a higher
p.*essure and an abundant supply in
case of fire. Sim also has had electric light works in operation, with arc
lights in her streets, and incondescent
lamps in every store, while Revel-
stoke is only just getting in her
The Mining Review published In
Sandon by an fgnoraraous named
Cliffs has tbe following:
"Tho steady and fair price of lead
and the reduced duty is to some extent compensating for the low price
of silver."
Something should be ilone for this
poor man. His backers should lead
him to a quiet place where bis ignorance la not so noticeable as it is in
Sandon. His rag is a disgrace to an
educated community.
money brokers on this and tbe othe
side of the Atlantic. Ihey forget tha-
silver ha* a coinage value the world over
double tbat of its present commercial
value, and that it cannot poasibly be
kept down a* long as all countries use
silver as money at tlte present ratio with
It is generally concedetl by the great
financial journal* of Europe ami America
that the stiver decline ha* been forced
by unnatural metliod* in order to check,
if'possible, the fast growing sentiment
for bimetallism. What will be the outcome is hard to predict. How long the
depression will continue is doubtful.
How far the scheme will be allowed to
run; to what limits the gold manipulators will venture before they see their
error; how soon the crisis will come, are
matters of conjecture. But, that the
scheme will have a rearctfomry effect is
sure. The lower the price ot silver ia
forced the more dept-eesetl becomes the
market, and, if for no other reason than
that of self-protrection. the American
nation will be forced to stop tbe mono
metallists in their mad effort to eliminate for ever the monetary value of silver.
A few statistics wilt show how this is
being done, and what the t Sect ba* already been in debasing the silver coin
of all nation*. The present com modi livable of 16 ounce*) of silver bullion ia
leas than half the commodity value of
one ounce of gold, but 16ounces of silver
coin in the United States are worth precisely as much as one ounce of gold coin.
In Europe 16 ounces of silver coin are
worth 60 cents more than one ounce of
sold coin, and in Asia they are worth
11.20 more than one ounce of told coin.
At the aame time tbe commodity value
of silver is the same the world over, it
being controled by the liverpool market
tbe aame as other commodities.
This variance in the coinage value of
the metal is because in the United
States the coinage ratiu is 16 to 1. and
at that ratio an ounce of silver will coin
ft.29. In Europe the coinage ratio is
!&"*_ to 1. and at that ratio an ounce of
silver will coin fl .33; and in Asia the
C dnage ratio is 15 to 1, and at that ratio
an ounce of silver will coin $137. In all
these countries silver coin ia lawful
money and legal tender at the face value
of the coin.
Such being the case, it would be interesting to snow what amount of silver
money the nations have in use. For an
example we will take three, England,
France and the United Matea. Taking
our figures from a late pamphlet from
the l*. S. treasury department bureau
of the mint England has (approximately
Mpeaking) limited tender silver to tlie
amount of 9115,000,000; France, Uie
most pronounced bimetallic country in
Europe, haa $800,000,(100 legal tender
silver, aod fr*60,OTO,000 limited tender
I silver *, while the United States has
fr**),000,000 legal tender -ilver and $77.-
000,000 limitetftender. Here we have
the approximate amount of silver of the
three leading financial nation* of tlie
world. Added together they show the
enormous amount of nearly Lime billion,
five hundred millions, of silver coin.
AH Uii* ll fumed at the ratio of 10 to
t and 15*. to I. It can readily be ****m
abat effect the downfall in the pries of
silver will have on the money value of
tlte metal. At 51 cents an ounce (the
present commodity value? tlte value of
the silver in an American dollar Is -to
cents. The value uf *tI ver in a Canadian
half dollar is leas than 10 cents, and
Canada i* credited with S5,000,0tl0 of
silver, which, beina wined at the ratio
of 15���-�� to 1. is worth i present commodity
value) leas than 40 cents on the dollar.
The real value of all tbe silver coiited in
all Europe. Asia and America ia lees
than one-halt what ia stamped oa ita
face, measured by the present commer*
rial value of tlie metal.
Thus it wilt l*e seen that all countma
coining silver at the existing ratio*, are
forcing upon their people a money that
is worth, owing to toe manipulation* of
money changer*, hardly -10 cent* ou the
dollar. Tin* condition of affair* cannot
exist long. If silver is to be ttaed as a
monev metal on a parity with gold It
must be given tlie same financial footing.
It cannot Ire wined uttterwiae and he a
good money. Free t-aii.aae of both
metal* t* apparently tlie only remedy.
Morally it i* jutt as wnmg for a uaUon
to coin a money that thorn not contain
tlie value iitampetl oo its lace aa it Is for
an individu*-! to do so, aad all eoonorie*
must sooner or later, by international
agreement or otherwlre, protect their
money metal, so that it* value will not
be in the liand* of those who use it a*
if it were pig Iron, forcing the price op
or down to suit tlieir fancy.
The preeent silver panic will benefit
the silver cause. It will force 101110 decisive action to be taken, aad whatever
it may be it must result favorable to the
white metal. The civiliatml world never
haa ilone without silver as a monay metal
and it never will. When the reactrron
doe* come silver will qnkskly be reatoretl
to ita time honored, positkm aa the heat
money metal.
The Trail Htaxrr cigar, properly **_ook-
edM will parmeate the acorte with an
aroma that w deltciou* to Uie rawtrils of
the human race.
Old .lady���������This mn*t U* * vm.
h��*H��y l��eo N*��w, what m��v the
death rate he? Oi*ve-di��*x*-f -\\,H.
derfu! steady, mum���wonderful ~t��**��*iV
Ju*t one death to each ������*���������-.���, ri_4i
along;'--*8ketch. ****
lKK*tor-~"If you mutt kno��, nuim
your husband wont live twentv fmu
hours forager.'" 'HiorMlne-** ^mriiiu*!"
ejaculate*!the broken heart.-.l t,U{ Vm.
m-onomlcal woman, "and here yosVe
gone and pt*aacrfbed medidut- i-'ti.._.������,
for five days'*
A certain iCogflah theatrical iitaiutj***r,
through ta cither respect* a thon��u**h
badness mau, could neither rent ��..-
writ*, hut kept a private ae*-rv*arv.��ba
had strict injunction* not to ttetrty tbr
���ecrei. line day the maua_ffr wai dining at the hotel when a gold * itch ��_*
rallied for. Each of the gumt* .uk,-,'
two ���hillings, wrote hi* name mi a m mp
of paper, and threw it into * imt. thir
traaitager.wheo hia turn eatnetn ..p,
hi* name* pretended to write, rolled ut>
the blank fsete of paper, and threw it
lata the hat afong with the re* \.
rittfte-e would have it. tbi* vm- j**n**r
waa drawn. Great wa* the **.*��.m.h
ment whew It wa* found t*> tie bl mk
But B , the low ttanedtan, who ***
preaent, asked to have It *h���� ti to him,
and when he had examined it tan-fully,
lie gravely exefoimed: "Tbat t* t����r
manager'* handwriting I should know
it among a thousand r
The moat expansive book ever pot*-
ti*hed in the world i* Iheofftti��l hiaUwv
of the War of the KeWllbui, ahtrb it
now being isaoed bv the U*****ed suit**
Ciovernment at e 'cost up to ,\.\i* af
92,90***** ��if thi* amount w**rh mv
baif has lieen paid for pr.ni11.1r *���><���
binding, the reaaalwler to he *.-r-.mut-d
for In nalariea. rent. *tai*��>ti*'.'> ��� tod
mi��celUiH*otw expen***, inrluiitn-. the
Survhase of reeerd* from prhatt in
ividivala. ttt all |��johabiltty tt will
take three year* to compleu- the work.
aod an aM*t*ojMiatieo of r**'.'*'�� bai
been aaked* making a total cost of near
Iv ttt.mo.ui/) Tlie week will c-iumtt <>���
a huadtred and twelve volume*.
Much apprehension is felt and openly
expressed for silver by a great number
of people who look upon the question
from s superficial standpoint only. They
conclude that the white metal's standard
of value must ever remain at ita present
depreciated state simply because its decline in commercial value haa been so
marked. Tbey do not stop to consider
what has caused tlie decline; they are
not aware that the depreciation is simply the result of the manipulations of tbe
Kootenay Mercantile Tailoring Co.
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always In Stock
AND  8TI)CKr-l).
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Brewing,   Malting
itilling Co.,
The Largest and Most
Complete Brewery in
British Columbia.
Lara**, and t��*t -tortvd .lark ot Wlna*. tAt,nnm mod t ..���>���' in
Utit l*�� OatlaatMa.
l*tg**i ��ml feast eq��t*e*4 BottUaa l**t*h'i*ht***>���� I* Bdtok
Ophitnbla for C*.? Urnaia-1 drink*.
Aeanu far th* i*alaltrat*��t t^tnt Naliwii. Clear*-- ..
We Sav* *r��tol>ll4iatt a l.rattrh kmtn in r*an<t��ti ����������* ,',M
alrrraa*. for Lrtfar Brar, m
Kir* agatual all vomer*
mt ora manul'aftttrtr.l  from	
chant It-atly par*.   I'ar��i��*in, nr m-ho ettiitampl*t# rjrtun* �� ���.;;;,
of tha*a llnt-a alii -at*, ntottay a tut Hat* ������ tlaalltt* a ith ��*    > "'"
nor aatabllaliutaut U rt*a.ly lor l.urtlr.a���� ttt ***i.*l"i>
l.rattrh  boon In  r*Wan��l��>���� **"' '' j
m (tral-trtrd taeommt* *o 'i*****"�� ���*"
I *��or VarlK��iiata.l Watta ��"���<   *f*
M   tll��ti|t*<l    ���*����-*��   ���*��"���   ���*���',"',n,,'T,
nr  m-h.% a<int*mlti��ta  jTt.il>* "   ".." '���,
^^^ ----^^m-- ***** ������i�����.���..������*��������*. a- r.-H'ij   t.rr uiwum.   tft   can
w__j_^ farnish all the above lines from our plant in Trail in 48 hours.
Troll**' * *"Kin" WHJ npntwnt n* ���*��� ��***>��t*wi and tbi. Koutt1n*r dUtrl* t.
for th�� prraant addrt*** all urdaie *n>l |n��|iiirlt>* *
ii ii* i
The Kootenay Brewing, Malting A Distilling Co.. Ltd
a. -��-��������� THK PAYSTRKAK, SANDON, B.C., AUGUST 28, 1897.
Howard West will commence the
erection of Wa assay ofllee on Sixth
tfreet in a day or two.|
Miller & Britbols ere runniu|r the ssw
mill .uro*�� tbe Uke night and day to
supply tbe demand for lumber.
A mirror in a barber shop at Silverton
,x*t m Iwight ?U�� frnm Chleajto to
Neiaon. ��nd H-fiO from Nelaon to Hilver-
W C. McKinnon haa several men
,,n*i*cc'J*t|* for him In Kaat Kootenay.
He will epend the balance of theeutn-
mer in that diatrict.
n.��rlev Nelson and C. E. Stnitherin*
cralr- bave flaked a elaim on the lake
front below the Galena Farm, and have
,a\\,A it the Microlre.
After aa al-aeoce of 1ft -rear* Kli
Tli-'tiiiLtMin and his cousin Arthur, bave
nae e*��t to *i*e*nd a lew month* at their
old iionti- in Nova Hooti*
J. C, Holander Is et*eetiit|r soother
cottage on bia pitt*perty on Sixth Street.
Attdv .Vallate has the contract, and the
bmidtnjj* will be ready for iieeupancy in
a *h..rt time.   It ia already routed.
TbeC. P R. haa put a force nf engineer, m work surveying for a line from
Kotxr-ut moth, and to connect Ktiaalatid
witlt the Columbia river. The mine
���teller* ��re in hopes that thi* i* a *ijrn
that tbeC, 1*. R will build to KoteUnd
thi* UU.
When A.J. Marka returtted from here
ut k**lo week before laat, after lit* in-
*-���,.���* !.*.�� t��f the California, be made the
(.rviuitsirui tdateuicnt that a ahiptnent
oi -t .-.tuple of car* of ore would be made
r-lMtrtiv, There more then 105 aack ree-ly
to la- i-bipped. and Ave men at work.
.. ..... ������
Foreman Rradahaw. of the Wak^eUl.
ha* n^fctied hia position.
t'ntvaman, the gsut's funii*li**r. ha*
opeiied hi* *tore for lataiiie**.
The *rhoal Ht-eetinti *vMadKwr,*t****l tine
die on *> .ount of n*m*atte��daiice
lVilieatnan Hamilton of Sandon wa* in
town broking after our nanttary arr-an*_*e-
twnta butt Motodar.
��� -rant Tltiirtrum, Sir*. Thorburn and
A   \ t'mpley have left in e��nipany for
a trip to Virion, B. C
Th.- font* at tire Currie ba* been laid
f** for two wem*k* to allow the placing of
tlitir naa mat binary
W. M. Naught, who r-pratnttd hi*ankle
���**"���'������ week* ago, has dt*****o.*ered a mt��-
{���laeetl bone in it snd will leave for Spo-
kane in �� few day* to have It replaced.
We aere viaitetl thi* week by IV
Ir��y..lii*aala and Prof. HutUm. The
doctor, a (iilbMooded Mohawk, who
elaim* to lie a nephew of Omnbateka of
Foreeter fame, harangtietl tin* crowd
���mm Uie pt*.b*etal of a a agon, on tbe ill*
that fWh ia heir to. lie di*pt*��ed of
"vi rtii��,( Jiij, i^j.fei^jtt* at tbe inodc*t
fate of fl each.
Tlie homecoming of Mr. and Mr*.
l-nigg* wa* celebrated la*t Tueeday eve-
"ni_ hy our hove to the muaic of cow*
bella, coal oil Uni, ��*,.., ami it notes wa*
'������-*''<)����� exprowing good will Uie bappv
eou)4e mu*t have been plee*etl witli
their w-*U*orae. Mr. Bragg* entertain-*.!
the ���M-rt'imder*   at   tbe VicUiri* HoUSS
_, H* M. Sackett, of The Mine &8melter
Supply Co.. of banter Colo., is in Kaalo
Ui au|ierintend 'he construction of tbe
Montezuma tramway,
W. R. lUmttdall ha* a deal on for the
aale of the Storm King to home New
York capitalist*.
T. B. SullivAti and C. F. Booth, prominent minintr men of Butte, Montana,
were rt*fri*tered at the Kaslo on Friday.
The Charleston Mining Co. have
Uken office* over I_atnout and Young's
stationery store.
The Am* worth on Friday made her
first trip since being disabled. She
was laid up at Bonner* Ferrv for ten
Itecorder Keen, having also been
made a*t*e*��rr>r, has made the happv selection of C. W. H. Saunder* as his
The Victoria Hotel held its formal
opening on Saturday evening. No
pain*, were spared by minehtistsBorene
at MeCvllati to make Uie occasion a
most enjoyable one.
Nivin & Bell are now occupying their
new Mitre. The building is' a large,
h u.��U.um* and well-adapted structure
for the bti-Miti tm.
Jim Key is excavating and clearing
awav for the construction of a residence
on C avenue.
Cha*. Scheel and hit brother, while
doing some work on the Porcupine
claim, situated Mow the Whitewater,
o|iened up tome very rich shijiping ore
in a surface cut. Tlie width of the ledge
ha* nt*t vet betui determined.
. ��-ter eongratnlation* and thrw
'""'" the hoys diaperaett. t hi Wodtte*-
aay evening the same orchestra, more
I'leased with their music than their
Itirowl tudtaMS. repeateil their perform-
�����*���'*�� Mors the Ukeview Hotel.
'"���ii** tHir lt.rariil*r tVrr*t***i**tdpiit.l
l>avo Moore left
nainsM trip to Six
������WW |��intH.
Jack Warns left nn Saturday for
.,..-���,. ���.,, ou Sattirtiay for a
���"'MiieHH trip to Spokane, Calgary and
iiood progi**e*s is lieing made on tbe
Highlander concentrator. The force
was iticreased thi* week and a boarding
bouse i* being built to accommodate
the men.
Work will be started on a aoo-foot
tunnel on the Tain < i*Shanter claim on
Tain OTllnillai rfnrtr The claim has
bt***n crown-granted and eonsiileralde
work done on the property. It is in the
handsof Dtek Irwtn, representing Montreal capital
A contract for .*>�� feet of tunnel is to
lie let to crosscut the lead on the New
Jerusalem claim on Cedar creek. This
claim belong* to a group <_f three, the
Sweden, A-hir aud New Jerusalem, the
Sropertv of (i T. Collum, of Boston.
ass. Considerable work has been
done on all three claims, all of wliich
are crown granted. The New Jerusalem I* one of the i-arlieM locations in
the camp, having been purchased m
IHW hv the present owner. Surface cuts
aud a 804004 shaft *how a ledge ��* feet
wide with 2*v feet of ore, HO tons of
which i* now on the dump. A force of
men have iimipleted a trail front the
Cedar creek bridge, and work on tlie
pro|**rty i> t.�� i**- starttnl *t once.
Shot* hav* been rattling eontinuoui'ly
in New iVnver every day t��f the 'Mist
week, a* if the encampment near Car*
,a.nter creek ����ritl��?e wa* that of a military brigade out for jtunntni* imioiuv
Manv Sola walkwl on ths e**aB]*tated
portion ol tbe road la*t Sun.lay. and
were well |4eai**l with it* ap|***aramv.
Tt is SaSffgtsds the tirst mile but after
Umt WW bs SO SSSf one all the way to
Tht-e* Forks. t��lw*+ wbo^g
p,*r*ot,iil supervision to the �� rk. a
Eeveshewlll have tt oompleted lsdon
the next inontlt is out.
The liUhn   Wliir-��.
The Scottish .Mtiil*''.v, Ol F.dinbutv'h.
who pttnl.as.sl the SU-an Milling f������j
,u�����y's .*o...e..tn��tor and tni.nivay. and
Jhe Idaho. Ahmto. CiunU'rlaiid and
Other pn>|*'rties amounting to BJ".
���,���,le the'h.*t i^yment on the deal thia
week, although it was not due until the m
middle of next month. The total B.
amount of Uie deal could not be learned,
although it has been reported as high as
-MO0.O00. It does not quite reach those
figures. Work is being pushed on tbe
Idaho and during the last month 20 carloads of it* ore has been run through Uie
mill. The ore gives 170 ounces of eilver
and 40 per cent. lead.
The construction of the Crows Nest
Pass Railway is being pushed so rapidly
that it promises to be a record breaker.
Fifty outfits, employing 3,000 men are
working on the first 100 miles. About
ten miles of track has been hud and a
temporary yard put in at Lethhridge.
The station is being erected at McLeod.
Work on tbe storerooms and powder
ea at Sand Creek and Wardner,
will commence in a few days.
Grading well up to the summit will be
finished by Christmas, and by that time
the trains will be running to Crows Neat
Lake. In the mountains the maximum
grade is one per cent, and the maximum
curvature six degrees.
The Read and Tenderfoot shut down
on Tuesday and the next day five of Ute
miners left Sandon for Peru in South
America. There names are, John Ap-
fleld, Ole Olsen, A. N. Graham, John
Flannery and Jerry Conner*.
T. M. Clement and D. A. McDonald
are working the St. Jamea and Palouaer���
on Twelve Mile creek.
Work haa begun on the Inverness, a
claim on the north forth of Carpenter
creek, owned by John Brown of Sandon.
Hotel, in New Denver, has been enlarged
and all the rooms plastered. New carpets
and new furniture throughout make the bouse
a marvel of comfort snd elegance. With
28 rooms, snd its beautiful situation amidst the
finest scenery in America,
passed in all Kootenay.
this hotel is unsur-
H. STBGE, Prop.
I carry the stock���the largest in the Stocan-
Kootenay, in show rooms covering
3.(100 feet of floor space.
Furniture for a Mansion or Cottage at
Bottom Price
One hundred dozen of chairs to select from
direct trom the factories at prices low as the
lowest. D. M. CROWLEY, practical upholsterer, with a staff of mechanics, can make
anything to order.
Undertaking a Specialty.
Note the address: Above the Lbdoe office,
Sixth Street. New Denver.
Kr��<i*ltt ivtiit on i��<>i>.U to Sandon, Slocim Ci*** nml all t.rtk*.' point*.
*��; *
The building ot the wagon road up
Wild Horse creek to Your waa begun
on Monday.
Provincial Mineralogist Carlyle has
gone to tbe Cariboo, and will remain
there for the rest of the summer.
The No. 1 furnace of the Hall smelter
at Nelson, which has been idle for a
time, is to be converted into a lead
A trial shipment of 23 tona has been
made from tbe Iron Mask and Iron Cap
mines of Kamloops. The ore was sent
to the Everett smelter.
Development work is being* done on
several mines in the dry ore belt,among
them the Boodler, Silver Glance, Summit and Miner Boy.
The Horne-Payne Syndicate is building a concentrator at Ferguson, and is
making a survey for an electric road
from Galena Bay to Ferguson.
The Pilot Bav smelter and concentrator is being fixed up, and put in running
order by Tom Mitchell, who has built
most of'the concentrators in the Slocan.
An assav of ore from the Vancouver
claim at fllecillewaet went $38.70 per
ton and a trace o| gold. This claim
and those adjoining, are owned by Van-
The Silver Cup mine, in the Lardeau
district.has let a contract for a shipment
of -100 tons to the smelter. The owners
claim that the ore aill average 700
ounces of silver to tbe ton.
Col. Baker, Minister of Mines, has
bonded a group of six claims on the
south fork of St. Mary's river, East
Kootenay. The bond calls for the payment of 160,000 in easy instalmenta.
Captain Angus Campbell haa purchased the old steamer Galena, which haa
been lying at Pilot Bay for several
years, "and he is preparing her for
freight and passenger traffic onee more.
The Iron Cap tUine, Kamloops, is now
shipping, the ore aasaying nine ounces
in gold and 18 per cent, copper. This is
the property Patsy Clark bonded, sunk
down on it 50 feet and then threw up hia
The Slocan-Liberty Hill Mining Co.
baa let a contract for 2,000 feet of tunnelling to J. W. Farquhar, of Aberdeen,
Wash., and W. B. McGarry, of Seattle.
An air compressor will be used for the
There has been a very rich strike of
gold-bearing quarts at Hope, rumor
placing the assay aa high aa 9800 to the
ion. There is a very big ledge of it and
active development has already commenced.
M. A. Bates, of .Seattle, who with C.
L. Webb of that city ia largely interested
in the Montezuma mine near Ainsworth.
haa brought his wife to the mine, and
will build a handsome residence near the
Paul Johnson, who has heen so long
the superintendent of the Hall Mines
smelter at Nelson, has resigned that
position to accept an offer to manage the
Guggenheim Bros, smelter and refinery
at Ague Calielpaa, Mexico.
The London Hill mine, of which T.
G. Proctor is manager, Is taking out
ore in large quantities as the development work proceeds, but probably will
not ship, owing to the heavy expense
of packing the ore out, until rawhiding
Work has been begun on the Montezuma concentrator near Ainsworth
Superintendent Mitchell, of the E. P.
Allis Company, Is in charge. The gang
that cleared the ground for the new
building haa been put to work on tbe
road to the Montezuma mine.
Herbert Cuthbert has brought his
family and established his headquarters
in the town where the headquarters of
the Ibex mine used to be. ft may be
there vet, but the big advertisement in
the Hootagane   haa disappeared and
left Uie world in darkness on the subject. Mr. Cuthbert wiU build a real-
dence in Kaslo.
An application has been made to the
Supreme Court of this Province by Mr
Ia.Y. Duff, acting in behalf of the OM
National bank, of Spokane, for the
winding up of the O. K. Mining Com
panv, of which incorporation the hank
is a creditor. The property is near
Superintendent Paul Johnson, of the
Hall Mines smelter, is opening up the
Crown of England claim in the White
Grouse district. He also owna there
the Great London, Hilina, Amea and
Salida. all of which promise to he valuable when the Crown Neat railroad
opens up that country.
A valuable strike has been made on
the Ore Plata group, on White Horse
mountain, about IS miles east of tbe
Pilot Bav smelter. E. F. Boytee, wbo
haa charge of the work, says he has three
feet of clean ore in the face of the drift
lie is running on the vain, and that be
haa stripped the vein for SO feet.
Although the Cariboo Mining, Milling
and Smelting Company suffered a low
of $12,000 in stolen bullion and legal ex*
peases incurred in connection with the
theft, and expended #>.t*�� iu new machinery, it has paid during the post
year! i?8,8*.*t..$. in dividends and bus
��21,-297 in the treasury. To date the
comprint has paid fl**.,"**!.?*, in dividends. The mines are al Camp Me��
The Comet, Seattle and Ivanhoe on
the Colville reservation, have been sold
toaChicairo syndicate. The terms of
the sale are such that one-third of tbe
purchase price was paid down, one-
third in three and the balance In six
months. The purchase price waa 10*000.
The purchasers are to keep a force of
men at work continuously on the property until the final payment on the
bond is made.
Tbe New York Metal Exchange esti-
mates the arrivals of lead at the port of
New York daring July at 5,300 lone tons,
of wbich-4,500 tons came from Mexico
aad S00 tons from Europe. Exports of
Mexican lead in bond for the month
were 3,304 tons, all to Europe. Entries
and withdrawals of lead for consumption
were 2,900 tons. The total stock in bond
at New York and near-by ports on Aug.
1st was 2Mb tona.
Among recenUy incorporated joint
stock companies are the Cassiar and
Yukon Mines, Ltd., with head officer
in Vancouver, and a capital stock of
���60.000, divided in $1 shares; the On-
tano Gold, Silver and Copper Mining
Milling Co., with headquarters at
Waneta, and capitalised at ���1.000.000;
and the West Kootenay (B.C.) Explore
turn and Mining Co., of Scotland, with
W. C. MeDougftll, who la putting in a
fild saving plant on the Kijrhteen
arat placer group, near Cariboo
creek, baa completed a 000 foot ditch
and also a mammoth wing dam and
expects to be ready to run Uie pay dirt
through the machine bv the first of next
week. Since work has heen started on
this ground tbe whole group haa been
sampled and found to contain gold in
paying quantities.
Beaverhead bland, s -large island at
the head of Lower Manitou, below the
straits that connect the two lakes, seems
to be the happy hunting ground of the
prospector Just now,feysthe Rat Portage
Miner. Mr. A. H. Boucher, who came
in on Saturday informs us that Messrs.
Russet A Hill have taken up a new find
there, on which there is a wonderful
SXTW- *nd tht' TOhwan prospector.
Bill Quirk, haa also got a rich location
on Uie same island.
"8. Thornton Lsngley and William
Hooper returned Tuesday from a visit to
their property on the Royal Five. Tney
brought with them two hundred tioumb
of samples, which contain a very high
grade of copper,'' says the Trail Creek
News. Thia is the property that waa
boomed by placing Speaker Higgin's
name at the head of It.   Home months
of ibis booming, and an expenditure of
over $1400 in "advertising am} other
legitimate expense*," resulted in large
mile* of treasury stock that netted leas
than $1*10.	
John Keen, the recorder at Kaslo,
has also been appointed aaaesstir.
Fort Steele is to have a tile-graphic
service by the first of next month,
Urraie A Marcoti, retail dry goods,
of Montreal, have assigned, with liabili
ties of MS.0U0.
Construction will shortly begin oo
the new {government offices st Kaslo
that are to cost SI ,7fl0.
The tracks have been laid for the
sidlmrs at Lethbridge Junction, sad
nearly a mile of the track to Nelson.
' J. L. Parker, of Roe*land,tt��M**^i**tJ
for 3,000 Inches of water and a mill site
at Bear Creek, a tributary of Salmon
The hull of the new C.P.R. titeaaier.
the Flyer, now being built at Nakusp.
is completed, and she will he la**~whed
in a week or two.
Vernon Itaapawred a hv-bti#mhormw
���75.<��a>; ���SS.Oijtifor a system of waterworks, ���12,000 for eh*rtrk light* and
���UViM for a city hat).
The extraordinary run of saliaoa oo
the Fraser river this summer is unprecedented in the history of the fishing
industry of British Columbia.
The Ottawa despatch which announced Uie appointment of A. L. SiftVin ss
judge of the Supreme Court has hem
coutradU-ted hy the minister of the In*
A member of the Sun Fraiwrir**cod*Mev*
live force, Harry Walsh by aame* haa
heen spending several days in Vkioria
in connection with the celebrated Durrani case.
Tb*-amount of deposits in the gov-
erument savings hanka for ttw mat
fiscal year was l��,_*��,Ot*o. **rfM,UUnin
excess of any previous year since Caa*
federation, except IHffs**.
Fire destroyed the rteddes.ee of Mr.
George Hudson, at Rapid City, ou Friday night during hi* shoeace from
home. Mrs. Hudson and four children
perished In the flame*.
Kamloops had a great agricultural
exhibition laat week, with sports of all
In Imrte racing priies alottr aiM| ��mi?
estate prism for dog��, poultry^
cuttle. *    "*
H. M. H. Algeria, a survey t|,j,, wi{.
tdmrtly begin a survey laitweea \*,_
couver Island and Honolulu This I
tot the Pardee cable. Tht- root*, from
Australia to Hawaii ha* air.-a.it j,,.!
surveyed. ��� ~
Mr. Abraham E. Smith, of JtVrrkM
______f_^_^fcJj,ll.V ^ ���W-HiUedbv'
iTtMMueat McKinley to sin ��� ���-.���.! < ,n*.*r_i
Rolwrts la the chargi- of ���;,.- i,,^
���States consulate al victoria, *mvt*j
there last week.
Tho UMMdor of Mrs. Antony i>r, <���(
North Dumfries* three mile* from i,_}t
still remains a myttterv Un OrrS
apfamred a weds ago', ami her Mv
wa* not dlatrorered till vt-att-nUv we*i
when It was found in s'gr* * <��� tiear br?
During a thunder storm l**t ��*<\ m
Eoglla��*iu.u aareed Jan*** 111ihr tad
three horses were killed bv it^hiaiaf,
five miles west of Souri* j M KJltou,
aa luMileaieiit, nana, former K rf Ltmdsa,
was found deed near M�����**-����� J���� lie
aviate night.
Harry Abbott, who h** grown gr*\
in the service of the C. P R . nml u*
heea retired from the nosUtori ������< Super-
intendent of the Pacific Im <�����>.*��. iu
lest week givea a banquet of regard hr
the people of Vancouver, aiA --v,r��|
c.osiiy souvoairs.
The Hakyo* Hot Spring* Sanitarieta
Syndicate Ltd., capital ok>.�������< ia W
share* of ���l.uWerach ha* been t -ruied
to take over aad run the 11 *<���<>..���
Sftriuga, sad the stMues art* near,*/ nil
jruae already The ������radicate ail! ex
sand Ittljouo la Improving th** i>r*.***rtv
Tha Boartsad Miner put* forward Mr
Hewitt Bostock aa the ur��t protincial
pceojlcr. and call* upon the jr. it-rial
press of the praviace to endow it* po-
4t*oa. It prnftiasni to koo** '���>.. (iv
Ubsrah) el Vaswouve*- ��uod ready u��
rally to hia aapport the m-non! thr*
wor/4 Isgivea.
May-��tSo yau'tre stayinsr *i ���
farm-tWaaa, Every thing he***. ��nd ��������
that, I suiMKiee*
Mauds7m.yas*laidee-l' Wht.nftr-r
he got through milking I*** night tlw
���farmer* sou came around and pr-.).-*.!
If you
Want a hat
Or anything in tho line of
If ENS WBAK call on
ThoSo Brown & Co,
Men's (Outfitters, Keco Avenue, Sandon. 11 C
Dealer ix\ MEATS
 : AT:
By daot ot mtottttebmy* ttatrt ral. ths ptwot
J'S .ay dookt at all what sort of tar*
^JS's* Uta aacrala Sag, -aMMs l*_.
���_��*_! 4*1 *klp Ut* t^��**jr. for Ota ��*Jd brae haa
0,, tall
F�����n whrnr tt* Yttkoo ri***%>tVr*a# to r-wafl Um
A   ,_tf**vttl   raUytwg   ��T  * e*^��ms
And fl *���* **���* *,**,l ��!���* ������*��������; ��������*******��� **r*aU*aUh;tlir
-n.-^&tnS bf larvw rta* sau�� IS* rally-
km rty.
, gkm at tt-i** V**w> ��U* ��**l*wyt*w^ral knantta.
H< muittpUi* aaeli a****** ���* nam Saaisf Say
A_4M%*Stttjaarl atwlaa*as*Uial r-rrver �����_���/���
He Ur^heTJat to la-miw la Ala*** , ritk na
ftj M uv ,.*r.rt*rra ataaS taken aa-d ft*** trim
Ttai-r'a iw ���*** <*** ���* **�� **�������� <**�� ���*�������*������ ���*���*
i* *i Uiif'* I**.****
1> lit.*-*
a" ��o I*** ot aS Uw tats** eao in*irh Uw
Mlrtttf'* !**���'***}  ,  ____
\u ��t-trrtala ttdrar t*af ��*t*��^***��w UUm.
��b he hn r 5fi_��l^*-|lilJrU thnr
m stv *air**.  -��*Uea>att*aaTl ut*a""rttra*n.
wa��k�� ix aouTM AtnsirA.
I aatltart. thaae With tho aWlaHea Mlaar*
<j>t la Urt* alaewa.
S-tttie 10,000 white men are employed
bv ih.* Rand gold mining industry
directly, says the New York Enjrineer
log and Mining Journal. A greater
number Mill live ou It locally, and form
the team of Johannesburg, etc. The
mntmtpsl, mereantlle.liquor and specu-
l��tivcbodir��each think* the industry
i�� run fur it* benefit; none thinks he i��
<��r ahi.uld lie the servant or parasite ot
tl..* \udu*irv, aad that the interests of
tht* industry *bottld be put in the front
miik .(all About Wj of the whites
aw llriliah.
tturcuicem i* with the white men
whoactuallvrua the induatry, and in
thi* follow iiir Ubfea we give the average
magm |wt*f The mine equipments
varv (rem 90 to *M0 sump*. >W will
tak. no ����������tantp pti-opLosltton as typical.
���.ith'io whites awl 1,***' native* em
|��ltiyed. ,V.*bere tipeak of the whites
rsa wait*.
'���'wmt manajj-t     ... ****��� <*'
I tire, t,*-, h,tm wfUn e*#*1_��, town ��ent*
r-nt*, Ktmr*a>aa *4r*��-rk*. aut*atCTy.
La mm! gfoetat ttaWaViJSj1r*����ur**a��t��       Ml ���
aiitrw*t_u*t*7   win
"���till " ,,.,.,      ��� *''
��� ttufak ann-k* wi-aaatjr...  __��'
**Vt.��nlrjU Wt��l����*r  �����
Mil*-, ������-cuttUttt ** ���'
,.       eierk  ** *'
Min- *urr*Tor   ��J JJ;
"n* *_M��,4rT        ,      PP
S5..r, k.-. !���, tt to
Si|a^ttawolnaUvM... ���  ** 9*
etm, natrr.
Slur* tbift taaara      .     ��� *? _���
ai."-**.-** .**���� ��**���
IHUI rAaiperai ���   J**
llrtr.l,,rr*                                                                    . �����
'\mi�� nu-r* mod MaaXW. ,  * ���'
I ill. r* hit*
Slur,- I Jj.
*������>*-itit-^luwjjna . ,��..,, ���_���
.'"^l.tmO.tr. 4 �����>
Aa*  .injjt_*_m**Lpr-i .      .       S SS
, inkle aortHBBo. _.��!?,
In-l.tt-tlllt-m .  tttth.   �������
' ��� iiL;.rii*i*ff mnaaf*         I *���*
*��lilla..' nir-lt    ,   .. ..fetOtO    SO*
Shi(t*  are  chiefiv   la   hour*  gross,
ftctually o to 10 hours' work in the 24
(ontract work ia not much resorted to
'��> Hie mines, save for filling and empty
*t*g cyanide vat* and for rock drilling
In the former case it Is at so much a ton.
����� tlu�� latter per foot.   Kxpert rock
drillers from  the  United State?, can
|��Hkt. up m ilottUenihift wage* in con
[met drilling.   In such t*a*��*s tbe con
tractor In Mtpplled with everything and
iwid !���> the loot, or he in paid a fixed
price |M>r fiMtt and pays for all supplies,
latjor and stores, the eemrany merely
M,Ml**��J*c we drills snd air.
Jn nearly nil eases housing in free,
"jjes ise hjel, light, water, sanitary ap-
'iiaticea, part medical attendance, med
I','Ti 'n '���"���'dartrve and hospital, reading
, '��� ''dltnrd rooms and outfits, servant**
���i ccrtnin cases and meaa-riioms. To
"Y vs. Ihere'ore, at the true wist of
V!'itc liilmr n further sumofaliotfl *A2>*
PC** he*d per week all around is required to cover costs er depreciation of
those extras.
Lodging, etc., iu the main being free,
artisan* and miners live well at their
club metises, or co-operative boarding-
housct. at *25 per month for three really
good meals a day, and heads of department* mess costs about SS5 per month,
nlcobolk- drinks alone excepted.
tampered with wage rates in other
mining -enters and concurrent costs of
living, the Rand rate hi high, and in
estsaeoueaes of t'-is, and ofthe steady
growth of a permanent industry, white
worker* have been coming in Irom the
United States, Great Britain and Australia for tbe past two years at the rate
of 5-JO to 2,oi*i a month. Last year,
however, the Boer government took
fright and passed two laws which have
had the effect of stopping the steady influx for tbe moment, but tbe stoppage
is, we believe, only temporary. Should
immigration be 'stopped, the white
arttaaui* on the Rand could force wages
to a height suicidal to themselves;
since the rise would probablv compel a
closing down of the bulk of the mines
from excessive cost*, and the absence
in capital and labor matters of ordinary
economic laws. Be*.ide*..leavittj*; politics
entirely aside, the count rv is untouched
in it* mineral, arable and industrial rc-
���easees and must have population.
The probabilities are that with a
rational fiscal policv as to railroad
f reights, modern tariff and consequent
clu-ajiftiiitjBr of board, clothing arod
ItMigtng, white wages will fall consider-
ably from the net-essarily high standard
fixed years back and continued since.
The net income of the white artisan will
not In* affected, but the saving will show
strongly in dividends to sh*reholder>.
wbo ore yet without interest on capital,
though often crushing and mining at
high prcaeurc.
The si%ke editor of tbe Washing
Star was perambulating through Center market the other morning, when
he wss suddenly overcome by the
sight of a most familiar bale of whiskers.
The gentleman cooneted with the
whiskers caught the ophidian editor
hy the arm eagerly:
'Gome over here with me," he
said, "ami sit on this ice box f >r a
minute or two. Do you see," be went
ou, when the tec box sofa was fully
occupied, "in the I*eesburg papers
anything about my losin* a tine dog
ten days ago?"
��� ��� No. I don't fancy it has got into
tlw Iteesburg papers yet."       *
" Mebbe it hasn't, but I heard it
was goin to be put in. Anyway, it
happened, and I'll tell you, so* you
can* make a note of It down here.
You know mother snake* has a wav
ofcatTving their young around with
em, like a possum, and when they
stretch out in the sunshine they let
their whole brood come out of their
mouth* and play la thc grass or the
warm dual.
���'Well, an old mother snake was
doing thi* with her brood on my farm,
one of those warm days stout ter
dav* ago, and mv Wk* mastiff imp
came bounein' along and scared her
off beJore she had time to open her
mouth and let the brot-i of young ones
jump down it, as tbey always do
when there's danger of any kind.
There was twenty lour little teller*,
from about eight to twelve inches
lonir, and when the dog chased ot.
the mt titer snake they kind of scattered too. only they didn't have *en*e
enough ut know what to do next.
"As lor the dog, he, hud down lithe road, dead tired from chaste
round like s ten months old pup *111
dTand stickin'his heuddownon his
life legs, stretched out In front ol him,
laid there with hi* month open, pun-
ting fit to kill. I was setting on the
fence watchin' him, and in about two
minutes I seen the grass begin to
shake in front of bis head, and before
he could get over his surprise st
whst was happening 111 be doggoned
if every one of those little snakes
hadn't took him for their mother and
gone kitin' down his throat.
"And you ought to seen him a
minute later. He knowed something
waa wrong, and I guess the snakes
inside of him did too, for the wav be
wallered and clawed snd howled
was a caution to behold, and it got so
bad that he begun to have fits, and
then we bad to shoot him. Pine dog
he was, too, and I'd been offered $50
tor h'm by the sheriff of the county."
"And tbe mother snake?" inquired
the editor.
"Dern her to pieces," replied the
bereaved owner of tbe dog, "Idid
hesr she went down to tbe Potomac
snd drowned herself for grief, but
somehow I didn't more than half believe it."	
The other pebble on the beach is the
Trail Blazer cigar.
To the People
of Kootenay.
Maay have *-**<����!vc-d BENEFIT
froaa  my Optical   D��partni��Bt,
Why not Yon ?
Taw who hate triad eoattnon
Spaetaeiaa In vain, aad *affer-
ad front *y* attain, eaaslag
Xarvoa* Headarha, Rte.
It will pay you to aetata to
SAN HON aad have jroar aye*
property toalad aad atted with
suitable glaaaee.
Thi* I* the only remedy when
yaar trouble a rite* froaa De-
foetltra Kye*ight, aad ahoald
ha attended to at once. I have
oa�� of the heat trial carte* made
aad can give you the heat service.
Eyes tested Free.
Jeweler aad Optician. Sandon, B.C.
lo.   aftl
^'fe (1,1��(gulfed
Room 3, Filbert Hotel, opp.
Postoflice. Sandon.
If you are-
Call at the
Hotel Ivanhoc.
��no ORE CARS.
I Dealers in
KASLO and 00DY.
Slocan. 10
The fcJlowing is a complete list ol the
mining transactions recorded during tbe
week in the several mining divisions of
the Slocan. Those of New Denver were
as follow* :���
Arclr-Towrwite, Four MiU. **ii<#Flynnand
Pat Collins. Annie Laura. Six Mil*, Auita
Sauitder*. BUck Hawk. Mctiuifnii. I* A Mr
Aro. Mi-Six HM*, aartti of Carpenter, Martin
M*in*h��'*>ii. DnnrfviitsrvanJ Robin, Vt'llam, A K
ltotlinsairdNMjjft-MilUu. Faithful, ��aat fork
<.\irjx*nt*J, Arthur Andivws.
Att*.����-Thin***la>- Fractional, Payne mouir-
tsiii. L W !**rki*Hi. Twictonkam, Gnutlte ck.
F M Pwviami*. Riverdrth'. Wtlwo.C 1> McRat*,
Miotobe, east niton*. C F S**boi* ami C E Smithrr-
ingale. Silver Qtim*, Wilson. John TSurlMirn.
Truro, Witonn John McKenzfe. Klondikr-, near
the trlecKa*. Ma AokntAm.
Aro.Sl-Hcrrten*a B. Granite ck, Will Mr
Inuah. Sunat, Four Mile, Tho* Daniel*.
Uuutfagdoii. Wik-on. Jam** Slut** aud lanw*
Aro. SS-Hattte. Glacier ck, John Kitchen.
Hop Kirur, Cai,wnter It-hi Taylor. E_rheQu*'r.
north fork Carpeoter. Tito* Brijtw.
A CO. U-Fltz, Payn- Mountain, P M Hay***.
Aco.tS-Irene, Four Mile, John Wttatn.
Aro. K-Ealjislrnrj-li. C*t*Jr��iou-��, Ubhy B,
Jennie, Kesri".
Arc. Vt���.Vane.? Hunter, fl'ttrnt*.. Pitubtir?,
Gem, Sapphire.
Auo. la-Hewett. Kincon, Stiver Reel, Mrqrnet
Fnctlon, Jutlre, Producer.
At'O.*>  Rk>, Beil l*hm,T,lentY**.
Alto. ��-Belle Smith, Riwme. fraction.
Aro. M���Hubb. Silver Cnt��, Bonaparte, Wren,
Sniuttg-e-r, W��.��-titn Sput.it, Vol. tu
Auo. M-CalifomU. Standard, Tek>phone,
At o li-Empire^, E C Miiagrave to C A Holland
Auo. It���Black Kate, Wm White to J A Otto,
Angr 30. IMS
Aug. W-Sllver Bet| Ko t, Eva BeU to F Lewi*
Monday .Fourth of July. Gray Eagle, J B Mr-
Arthur to Byron X White, July &
Con-Mot-k, Silver Chief. Kentucky Girl. Ruby
Aug It
Same. H W Fennelt and C A Teaadale to Duncan Beli-lrvitif.. Aug tl
B-jomerang,., H A Miller to C W Ri*don, pro.
Aug ft
Ddrj-raine, BorolaVr No *t, I> McLennan, tbtbert
McLennan to Patrick Barns, tt/rro. Feb 15
Wren, Jrae-jh Bonrke to L J Lebert
Loudon Fractkin. |,TH Lout* to Peter Me-
LlongmU. werS, Anjt l
Mammoth, 1/5, A W McCune to Georg-c W
Hugbea, MOS, Aug TA
Auo. 11-Iron Clad, David Nagfe to Wis An-
down. May 17
Hoodo, i. W B Dickson to F W Oodravl, July u
Auo. 1H-Ainerlcan Boy, J E Bora toTMc-
Guigau. to clear tide
.Same, l/o. P Burn* to Amertcaa Boy Mining
A Milling Co., Jnly Al -
Frank Fraction, Henry Callahan to American
Boy Minltax A Milling Co.. Am 11
Silver BeU No **7m, .John A Finch to Eva
Bora. Jnly ��
tmmti,ti!Si, Eva Boh to Uwta CUrk, tf/HO,
Jnly tn '
Same, um, T LewU Clark to CUve PrlngU.
Auo. to-BU Bite '. Martin Murchlaou to Patau
Auo. it*���Bpwm  Kraetioa, Continence.    Mr
A!li*ter.Cal��l.��iiU. . Lu each, J R Campbell to
Thomas Kowae
Out-en Ann, j, John Brown to Frank Johnson,
July M.
UtC at ton*.
Auo. 13-Hibernian and Emmett Fraction,
Pat Nrrlan.CBHiUleand Michael McDonnell.
Auo. w-Iv*/, Andrew Ntdrton. Rob Roy,
RoM, Welper 'and. Jobn WcUrct. : Baby Boy I
A Provost.
Auo. 17-Otlfton, W A McKlnnon. Klondikr*.
Peter McNk-ol. Cuit��TlVNiipjJwi,t��t��B Powell.
YijiWJactot.BoUF Saitdersoti. OoM King,
Geo W Stairort!. Bt. Utrrene* rtwtto*. A H
Killitiau and Tboji Blench. EBB, Kkbani
Roberto and Thos Benton,
*A*vt)tr3^'ri'*ntV**iilt- StocanFiac.
tion, K M ParvUnec. Whhe Star. Ja* Llvlng-
aton.  t_algaryandIjor*,eHUr.WmFarney.
SAiJO. 10-Wirau*, A A McDonald.    Minnie, Ed
ulUai. and JO BwalweU     Goshen and So
ome, Amos Zimtners.   Wilbur, J B Foley.
Auo. ��-Bjroktjn HP, A McMillan.    Emma
Fram. John Powers.  Or*>beuni, Jas Llvingstoii.
Auo. P^iMea Beat, E M Faddsn and M
Madiimn.   Black Duck, Oeo Uncey.   Aiadta,
Auo. U-Tntro, Hydrnbad, Sunny side, Aneroid
Auo. PV-Solger Jimmy.
Atro la-Lrake Shore, Erie, Murray, Ashir,
Coupon, Fiction.
AUO. l!t-HumtK>lt. Goto Httl, Monnjeik-r, Can-
nlfU.u, Eagle Fcatiit r.
AUO fl-BUck Cai*. little Ahna, Tnrf, <*��***-
*'<M*- _>____��____--���-
Am. la-CaMt*. J RadcliiT. Crartr Jack and
Gent' Page * Mafc-troni, Wtstern Lareh. Bras
dl>wanarih>MttrUhcLUM!..IH MHirt-gor, ,**��*nator.
J H Cook: Warntoo. U��c*) A SU*wr1; Mtaftv
haba. 0 Kate***: Beit Ck-ad A Urantte Hall *
Mhchell: M.*awk. J*s Shiell; Statlortb. ItoU
Urckhart; Tvrxate. Anttr. w Jf-kn*ton- tllynttjU,
H.4ar_ _ Uitdta-rg: Gnat��*��.*. A RTebb; Jean
Vaffan" * A VaitHrHrtett; Sunr,*-, J *^b*M
TIMnie. t��aa."* * Tel*? M.-otw-nth and \a��-
couver.SSAritiV; Rob Roy, *A 11 Towwraati;
Roar. H J tVUIUm-s Sundard, M Mowat; Parte
Fare. I M Martin.
AUO lt-Dtjn'i ����iVr Me.N MrFatkiea; Kion
dike. R HNeedham; Tanwar^k; MarKmn A>*(���*,
Great Hope, A Duu'.iy; C*ri1w>o. J C SMd;
Kaahx R Vtrl^-*n: Wertmlitate*; aad Canadian
Boy. D MrU-an. Silver Star, GoW Boa I* to L
J<*nr*oi��. fi at; Uke View, D ,Rt**4^!t|t*lon:
Edith. 11 F. Hammond; Ida, E R Shaw; Timtarr
line, Beetoii * FUherty.
Al o l�� SkyUrk A DUte, W J GtUrtro-V C^t
atrvani R.-te !,.khari-. W��rutttow.L��^J��ttr*lda,
F M K. W F Edifar, mack HmwxA aULmo:
SOvcr Horn. J Carter; Ehrh*. L Vt Itryani.
AUO. 1-L*--Me*alna. Andrew J.*������*.**; OfcU
homa, W F Fiskt- l'*v-*ttvak, %ii��B,Sw.*t*tt**ky;
Wlitto Eagle, T D By roe: T*mi. F B May; Sun
set. Joseph Shecrwreert: P>*n Crown. Anthony
Sveneakt; Jta-ky Club Jas J Bsartj C..rnt**^iand
Frtatr, F J Halt; Bump, K Aitdrew; IP-'D
K4far, Mountain Vb a. Sanguir* k tAMoo.
Auo Ve- M-.*4od *n Aiptne Baby Stanton
golnm.ru. Pari* Stake, Full Rite tk*t OMr, Hue
fano. Haniry, Handy Andy.
Auo n Xobte Friend. New Cham. Twonsn
C**r*mrnM. M anting Star. Annh. Empire. Tlogav
Warner st I* rkt. Galena Uke. Sun��ttlt Ftnc-
Uon. Tariff. Iron M.mnuln.
AUO l*~ltutnt��*lt,Mni!iim4h,I>unda��Frr*e*l|iin
SpUaher. Sii Friend*. V��*lr_utrer. Humcrv Fine
South Fork. Danraten. Chieftain, Alberta, Iron
���>Mr-��.awaw***>, sW.*htll.
Acol*--TaU*nun. FV<Hi-enc�� L, Total Wm*k
Staatdard. Echo, flo.tl.-r. Elk Horn. Utth* RaliA
Aoo. M~Duph>x No �����, Hanry Ctuft to J Clinch
AUO. IT- Bine Hill. Omtraano- Lkw, BUly B>*Jr
aad IVduiorit. J E llojrbrvg to A ElJ^terk
Warnei** Cik 4-er and GaJerta Ijtke. K L W arner
to D F Strabeck
linearity; Wm Kkbtudaw to D F Strabrrk
Auo. in-Hungry Five, lMi.John is* to Wjfe
('idStraitnt ). R.4*Rackhart to Ja* Shh.1  *'
Mohawk,�� Jas ShteO to RoM Lnrkhart
Afrrri��n*___t--rA  Jubiaiton, H  P J<rha*ton. A
OUoo. A Wllaon, tostaare alOw | i
Par    Skylark,
and Northern
ty ttmen ana i����eaa miei jto i��, r.n
to Aha Sproat. tljmA, May tl
*tlei Sproai to John M Harris. Aug w
r N, Jerrrmle Kohillard to Jaawa Nk-tV.1-
Carlo. Iiitr*rn��ttonal. _&.___,
North Pole, South Pole, t*a
Auo. lli-Plver King, SfU, A M MrPhe* to F D
C,*t��j-r*a.^nd E D Bakar. W E E1IU to J D
aaan ���ssea AW"       m**t*mfM^at*     ���jraa^iaae        a^aaamaa     um���wwtttjmn O    saw    vtaaaaaaaw
Maltey.Aut 6
BUck Knight and BUck Prtnca, Ed Malky in
James Malley. Aug 1*
Ktrotrnay tjueen aad Poeaa tMef No to, Ell
Carpenter to / - "
Same��� Ates
son.fiati. Auirost 1��
Gulden King. Ed Nelson to 8 Patat Jabmm.
Pai-adiae, Rotiert Shtell to Jamea Twin*, torn,
Au��. *1~P of A, John n-uun to TtKa Wafl
New Era, \, Joseph H Petals to Wm Meadotr*.
a on n
Flnrida Fnetton, ���}, Jortepb s Peter* to Wm
Meadows, August xl
Fall In Silver Mm  Made Llttlu  IHffar.
eneu to * I nana Mlraars.
J. B. McArthur. wbo recraiitly returtie.1
from the Hlocan and who in btrgi-ly in-
tereate.1 in silver mint-*, wa* ar-k***! by
Die KoMland Miner what effect the decline in .silver waa having on Hlocan
ore*. He said: "If silver doer* not go
below 80 cent* silver mining in the Mo-
can will be as profitable a* last year, and
will be profitable in moat of the mines ut
40 cents. Lead is now fS.flO, with a
duty of tl ,50, leaving the net pike to ihe
British Columbia mine owner 92.10 per
hundred pound*. Lead laat year was
from 12.10 to |2.��, with a duty of 7$
cents, leaving the net only 11.8ft. Tbe
mine owner tJiu* net* 55 emits per hundred pound* more on hia lead than last
���Ti-eightand treatment raiveare about
���2 liettei than last year. T��ien} are also
better wagon roada to mont of tlie mines
and tramway* and concentrators at thr*
big ones reduce tbe cost of getting tin*
ore to tbe railroad very gnratly, ae Utat
there will as much profit, or nearly so,
to the Hlocan miners under preta-fet cetv
tjitionr- a* there via laat vear.
"Scott Mdrwutld. of the I'ayne nine.
ttAtm tiiat Uu') will abtp until allver
vtrikt* 25 cent* and then make money.
Tbe i*eoi��le in tbe Hlocan are going right
along mining ami shipping their ore and
have no for of beieg cotnpelletl to ckee
The opaque smoke at preacnt in the
Hlocan doe* not come from tlie Trait,
Hlaser cigar.  .
WORK   OM  TO*.   11 l.t lit v
Eight men are workini*
Mght men are workin**..!! ti���- Fi^Utt
uklngoatote and Baking n^iv u��:
i**bi|tmeatoft10ton*. CJowmt-diiwiintiv
er* are being t*rtectr*��l for the, r(M.,, ty
everything put in si.a*- ... wor|, x[*
mine on an eatetuityt* senjv n,,. mu
���^rnck Met week In Xo. 2 tt-nnd run���in_
2t*t����iutt>*-eaailver, and 40 i-r,.,.. ���.J
A winaa t* to be *t*rte>tl ou tlte ure Ewil
wrwrsk, going tn a depth ol Mor mi***
and If the ore body go** .loan _.>;_.>
wilt be sunk. Tbe on* l*..*, ��-!.���!,.�� \{.
(*roc*eHe* and Min-
Agrent*   lor   Giant
IViwiW. .......
Sandon, B.C.
The very fine vini*����> of 0. H. MUMM A COS
Now ofrtnlng to thi* market la eliciting unIvermf ndmimtkai on srenfln,
of he eery aitperler qoallty aim d-^neiM. wlthoat bctnir heavy, makinif it a
perfect wine in ibe true aenae of tlie word. It ahoold be tAatH to ��*��� mlly
AceordlngtoCo*t<*n Hooae statiatlr* the ImpaTtnatkwi of (t II Momma"
Otx'a Kxtra l-rvchnrnffitfrne Irom Januarv let to 0t?����i*iiber 3l*L l-<'*, ���<(
gregHted 70.M8 ca**ea. or a^lW) cane* metre than thai taf any otber Mtid.
���tbowlng that it inalnuln* nn iuiinenae lend over all other*.
By chemical analysi* of IW R. Ogtlen ft**ema�� Ueontnln** il ��� '��� -****
amount of alcohol, therefor, the pureet and roost wholcwane elitvinpagnc.
Boynl Warrmntn have been granted to Meearu. (1.1!  Mnroin \ <     *��
Krveyor* to Her Mejeety. the tjaeen of l-jiglant!, HI* Roval Itlfbm ����� ibe
luce of Walea, lib Majeaty tlte German finperor. Hi* M aj^�� V :';. K in,J
of the BelfrUna, Ilia Majeaty th* King of Holland. Hi* Maj***ty Um- kmir "���
Denmark, Hb Majeatv tlte King of 8w��len end Norw*\
PITHKK t% I.KISKK, Sole Agent*, Victoria. H��
ItoSBrr Macdonald
Nril MaVIX'-SV.O
KACDOKALD  BROS., Propriotoi-s.
U%tes ll.fiO to t2.fi0 per day.-	
Headqnftitcre (br Mining S|a3colator* And Capitalist.
Reco Xxomp - ��� Sandon* B.0 i. . *���
B (Jrsnt ot tte Omehe end Grant
Smelter Cioee Hie .Wots*,
��� AA
4 .
go below '*��cc!iu*. Iiecauae  *.iut*itci>.
and other* are offering to sell million* of ounces at the best prioe* to
In- obtained  for 30, ��0 and HO days
beace.   Thi* its done with a view to
getting rid of present Mock* with a*
little loss as possible.   I put f>0 cents
a* bed  rock, l***au**e 1 believe that
thc world will continue to absorb an
iticrt-aaing amount of silver  from
year  to year, and I don't believe
that it b poasible  to  maintain  the
present output at 50 cent*.   Tlie Ontario and Daley mines of Utah produced la*t  year 1,700,(0) ounce* of
silver and ' made a profit of 122,000
with silver at 67 cent*.   A fall of 17
cent* an ounce mean* a loss of 1289,-
000, aa compared  with  last  veer's
operation*.   Tlie  Broken Hill mine
of Au-ttralia   produced   last  year
rt.lit M.OiI) ounces of silver and made
a jiroHtof 11,500,000.   With   silver
at B0 cent*, thev would  have made
onlv 440.1,01.0.   The ore in thb mine
b graduallv getting lower in grade
and SO cent* for ailver will soon clow-
it up.   1 could mention other mines,
but it is not t��**<*c**ary to do ao *
Dr. J. W. Edwards, M.D., CM.
Ora.iiiatr- Qnaaa's rnivt>rair.v. glnS-ton, 'hit.
Bright ta* a New Pin
Sandon, B. C.        I
Americen plan, 18.60 per dny.
European plan, $2.00 per tiny.
Strictly _t*r*t~cl*\ee.
I    Mi* M.* SMITH. P^
rite decline In ailver bar. lat'il the
. jtuta* of great ��v��niiii*ttl��'ii in G��U*rs
���|tt a* well aa In the Kcattrnay. The
*UrV.- table, ahowa the pric**** *Meh
.l.i> aim** July _*t>. and tlte following
�����iii ii-tnent of ex a *ov��-r nor I * rant of
t itrado, tn a wHt**r to the Denver
K�� I'ltblican. ia a rtear  * xpo*ition of
.**___,_____   1 . , ,,___-_, t.ft*-  vi*>*A>
From mat uwa t,*r_r*fa��|***!tient.
John   ValUncc  of New Denver
wa* in Kaalo on TtieeUax.
J. B. McArthur of Wnaaland b sojourning in Kaalo for a few dny*.
.'. l-ublican. b* n rlenr  ��� xixwiwon m i   Oliver Burant of Komland end
tot- aitiution and exi*n***-��*��thc vtewal Mia* Duratit were at tb*- St. PaUMre*
l* the MttrlUTa who an* mo**t deeply I f����" a few davs thb week.
Klt-*tri.r tJjchU ati-1 aU Mo-lt-ni Ini|>r.,venjt>uta
aud CtMvauianoa*.
Everv room neatly Carr**-***" antl haii.Uom.-Iy
Rtfrrythina new and of tbe Lat��.-t Ike-ian*.
Near*toG. F. R. depot and on th** jt.sin V.nti-
net* atraat.
O. A. McDONALD, Propri eor.
Mr*. Kate Bakgeb.
* rt    ....     ���..-. ���--  . -.-      ��� ....
'.u reateti in ailver iwuluftion:
Tlie decline in tiie nriee of *ilver
i** a matter of t*erk��u* imprflrtsiK*** to
tb** pcttple of ('tdttrado. K.very one
> ������>! ineet b trying to tigurc out tlie
��� ttiwcof tht* "decline. The flgnre*
la low *peak for thi'Wtsi'lve* and fur
tiiah a rational explanation of tlte
l'r*t*t*ent rot-dUbai of ihe ailver mar
From all part* of the world there
were ahlpeed to 1/mkIoii for the tirst
*���>*. tnonthn In I**"* In rotiml num
��� -era M,000,OII) onnoea of silver. For
��he first Ax montha of 1**7 there
^���rvahlpia**!   to l*ot*don f*5,0H),0tX��
��uieea   nn   increase  fif  n,000,000
���uici* In *ix month*.
"For the  Hret ��ix month* of I***
tliere were tthipped from New York
i > Utndtm abovt  90.(100,000 ounce*
for a few days thb week
K. 1). Cowan, formerly of the .Slocan City Pioneer, waa et the St.Pan
era*  on   Wednesday on hb way to
John K. Grant, one of Winnipeg*
.till timt-rt, bat the Kaalo for a few
day* looking ���_�� mining investments
in a general way.
ti. J. NcwumjVJta,( KeU-herand
C. Klnepfer, of i||^bh,OntMwhoai*e
intercaieil * in the Canadian group
and other Slocan properties, are in
Kaalo for a abort atay to have a look
around thc district.
('has. II. Evan*, insurance and
real cetate agent, will move into the
��t4**ct*v* now occupied by Barne* tt
Torrelle. The letter Arm an* moving their headquarters to Trout
��� 1 *akr
BOMGARO 4 PIECKART, Proprietors.
The First Class
Hetel ef Ce*4y.
Amevkan and Earopaan plan.
Finest Fnrniabad Boom* in the
VMy. Beat Imported and Dom��s-
tte wtuer*. I^non mud Ctfun.
Strictiv First Class.
Special Attention Paid to Transients
.. Umdon alamt  WW,*** tmneex* ���-��� ^   %
,,dj��*tab*mtthe ���y^��tt2^l^ Xt^^DemW
tiie drat *lx mouth* of i���������* ? a3ter nt the Northern Belle K
��� bat the output of *i)ver In the west   iii miner at in Q
iMitpnt... -. -        w
.rn  t4ate*   I* not increasing     Hh-
l*<'7lnei*t��avatnU��I*omlon   went from
Mextoo, 'J-wmtti   Americn.   Belginm
..id France.   The French and B*I
-ittiti rellner* get ihelr silver from
iivign  lead Imlllon, ctiwer matte,
copper hnn and silver mill ortyAneto.
The shiiHiicnt of  French  and Bel-
L-ian silver to Umdon mav not ind
cute an inclosed nn*li.ct.*��ii ef -ai*
v. r.   For the thneheing thevdouiit
I.tw Hud a lit-tter market inJ��*-���*
iban  on  the  etmtlnent.     I he  tn
ci^aed    rt-celpts,    however,   trom
Vlcxlco and tkmUt America show nn
miiitakablv an litcnmaing pr��������*'""�����
of ailver fftnu Uioat* coontrle*.
Tb��- aggregate ahipmenta man
Irondon k> Asia show nn incnw**��- **t
b* per cent, in WJ97 over i��H��.
The main qttt^thm with in* In
iMtwlowwillitgo? Uwlll dneline
until it reaches a .*��ii* t*h��i �����'��� ml\[
���-���rlallv curtail thc priuiuethm. m
mv opinion the world eTh protimo
not to exceed 160,000,000 ounce* per
������iinum at W cents per oumv. u����
annual alieorptlon b g���*** ���**�����
ii*0,aiO.OOO ounces, so that oH e*>nt*
���*hi��uld be a betl rock price. ,
in the immetllate  fnture it in*.. I
tftjt*) iter day.
9|teciat Rate* by tbe Week.
Hr*.S.S. Warner.
$1.50 to $2 Per Day.
at* n mum a. ***a,    .-  	
Mci.tiigan Iwain, died at the Olympic hotel on Wcdnrnoay morning.
The laidy Its* heen shipped ta Calgary for interment.
The old steamer (.alcna. now the
pro*.**rty of the Omaha-(.rant Co.,
haa been rai*��i*<i and brought from
Pilot Bay to Kaslo for repair*. The
('alma was tbe tirst passenger boat
tm Kootenay lake. Considerable
work will li* ret|uired to put her in
good !*hapc, but she may yet make
money for ber owner*.
Dissolution ol Partnership
Noil. ����� I* lieralty f ivt>n that th**.i**trtiier.hin
iiet-.t<.i..r.-^ti.tinjr beiwaen the au<l*tf*ienad
a* mining lu��>kt��r�� h��. ihi. .lav treen diMOlvad
�����v nttituat ,H>it����nt. Wm. 0. aelt* will pay all
tiatitiiiM* rtt.it cttlleot all a��*. ..utit*
tlat.-l *t Saiftoit. Ai��tt,i S.V int;.
Furnished Roooms
.    J. S. REEDER, Prop.
El*v.tri* Lia-ht*.
Hot and Cold Bath*.
Staam Heated.
Nt^wly F_rtitalte.l Tiir.iueiuiUT.
A strictly first-claaa hotel in
all Its appointments.
Livery Stable with goad Saddle
and Pack Horses In connection.
Cor. A Avenue ��si Filth St.
Q^ and (M Ores Mt-it��.   Kc-
hned and BourI t.
p. 0.1to* 1795-      Spokane.
Csrtlfieata of Itwnrovsmsttte
. k_ *i���jii Hlnine lMviaion of West
*%a\t\t^^ Ne*r
mixtnf* *^rt.ini*^���_V_ ,trtlncaS?No. ����.��*.
?��' ���V^i_��dftofheaolircommi?t*ton.r for
hareof. to fW'^vLnf*, for tha puntose
a eertinv��t�� of i_"^_^1\t of the abovaolniui.
of trbtainina ���'��**_*�� fKr? \hnt7dver*a claim*
And furthar Uks��^W* "^.doiie* and
S^nSlS**?!^ gSSSS *f -���
IX.^nfdr.fuuMlfatlnn.Atw .���-��.��������.
Victoria House
Now ftjutuiaic with tht* be��t furni*htnl rotjuis
in tha district. All awonintodation* tirs*.
clan*, tnclndina ��lai'tric llabt, bath roontn
and all
Modern Improvements.
A nice, tiwiat, rc*id��no�� hotel, itituated on A
a vemir*    t.Viiivr>ntr*nt to the depttt.
W. J. HALL* Prop. 12
Dacid  NcDoneld Gicee s Description of Sksguei* Ben.
The follonlng letter from IJaynl
MoBoimld. wbo was, until lately,
foreman at tbe Argo mine, to hd
Bartlett, gives a vivid account of
how matters staml at that gateway
to the Klondike:
Skaouay Bav, Alaska, Aug. 16.
Ko Bartlett, t**q,, Sandon, B.C.
Dear Sir*.���A��3*ording to promise
I will trv and give vou a brief outline ofthe state of amirs.
In the tirst place there is about
.1000 then here and Dyea. Dyea is
onlv six mile* by water. So there
is transportation 'to and from there
every dav.
There is miners supplies all along
th** trail to Lake Bennett, a distance
of 10 miles, and I expect to see the
prreatest confusion akmg the trail
that ever was seen in any country.
Thev have cayuse ponies here that
would make aii old-timer stare, and
tlte men that own them never saw a
pack saddle.
Now, Ed, when you get about
1.jOQ of these horse* on the trail with
{tacks lashed on them it wonld make
a squaw blush. I think I can see a
anile on your face, and tbe fact of
tlie matter is we will be detained beyond calculation. I will not weary
you by trying to picture the scene,
and I ant anxious about our hone.
The boat ha* been nine days out
from Seattle and should have been
here three days ago. The weather
i* line, but cannot expect it to tail
long. I will try and get over the
trail if the horse* come.
If the craze keeps up this fat going
to be a food point tor business, fine
harbor and n beautiful townsite.
The country is not as represented.
A wagon rand can be made nearly
to the summit, and there are lakes
which can be used the greater part
of tbe dJatanee ou the other side.
To show vou tbat we are not out
of civitiantion yet, I saw no less than
seven steamers yesterday. There is
several small steamers plying firom
here to Juneau. It is quite a surprise to sec a town larger than Sandon, and that Juneau and Tread well
as it is called here is. Being a passenger ou tbe Queen I bad ample
time to see both places. They are
mining here, perhaps as many men
as all of the Slocan*. 360 stamps are
dropping on ore at the Treadwell
and the Mexican Mining company
mills when opportunity permits.
I would advise you to come up
here and take It all In. I do not
think you would regret the trip.
Although tbe miner* are trying to
get their supplies over thetuiwlves it
is because tbey are charged from 15
cents to 90 cents per pound, and vou
know they do not like the business
unless, forced to do so. Two-horse
team* make fromfBO to $120 per
day. There is more freight to tie
handled here than any place I have
ever been, and It has to be handled
several times. They use everv
means for moving their goods, and
without system or knowledge of it
It is a waste of time to give you
all tlie particular*. Four ponies
sold here for H000, worth in Seattle
about HO or 900, and then transportation here 135. So you see there is
some chances outside of the Slocan
country. You have been where
things have run to a fever heat, but
here they stop at nothing but hanging, and there is no telling when
they will begin that.   Time* wilt be
hard with some of them If the rush
continues. It might to well to proclaim a halt, hut at the same time
useless for the contagion ha* spread
with violence.
Women of wealth and culture nre
here doing everything to get tojthe
interior, and it i�� nt****dfe*s to advise
them that it is late in the seam'or
what  hardship* they may hav* to
*ttdmT* , ... ___
I hope my past ex|arience wilt ttt
a measure, protect me.   However,
there i* a tedious Journey toft**�� me
and I will try and act on.   There
are several of the West  Kootenay
boys here, and I was pleaseti to meet
I will write again  when I get to
Dawson City.
Davie* McDok*u>.
Extracts Prom the "Ktoadlhw L**re,
Our esteemed townsman, Bod
Gravel, placed upon our desk yesterday a handsonielv shaped nugget.
It weighed 27 pounds. We have
credited him three months' ��ubaerlp-
tton to the Lyre. Mr. Gravel le one
ofa syndicate who expects to buy a
quart of whiskey on Saturday night.
The high wind veitterday raised
considerable dust. Jake Luckenbill,
who was ont on the El Dorado road
with bin team, says he was nearly
blinded by it. When he caroe bone
be coughed up *\T*%M. One of our
greatest needs is street sprtnkltag.
DawsonR-Oltoae baafloiatilfdhb
new well in the rear of his kitchen
It now has 11 feet of fee water to It,
and be has washed oat over W^OOO
in dust from the dirt taken out.
Thc Widow Laitiu yesterday met
with a misfortune which will, we are
sure, call forth tbe sympathy of the
public. During the heavy i-*.n*torm
In the afesroon a regular torrent
rushed down the gully back of bar
bouse and washed sxrmuch gold dual
into her pig sty that the pig was
sinothered. A euritcrlption has been
started for her benefit.
While Ike Slgtuan, the eatc-cined
preptietorof the Big strike aaloon,
was fishing In the mer yr-*tei*day
his boat struck a snag. It turned
out to toaflOO-pound nugget. He
will bare It taken out and will use it
as a horse block in front of hb place.
Ike is always bound to have tiie tost
that 1* going.
Alee Cameron put up a new fireplace in his cabin tbi* meek, but he
will now have to build another one.
After he had citmpleted it he Imilt a
roaring fire, bnt there was so mneh
metal in the stone that it melted and
ran sit over the floor. lie now has
s mild plated floor, but no fireplace.
There was a bull movement in dog
meat yesterday, the price closing at
fi8cent�� above the opening figure.
It 1* supposed to to due entirely to
professional speculation.
It line been recently dl*>>i*v ered
that thc streets of Winnipeg are
uaved with a top dressing of gold
hearing quartz.
The Sandon laundry doit, tto* Hn.
est shirt work in tbe Slocan.
For Sale.
Ona iarae. powerful *elf ptayi,�� or** it, play*
abont So piece* of aaaorted dan*** miutVYeft-.
V"a �����M.i"*i* **������? ������M*'��, *��* **ntmo
Suitable for ilanee h��n*e*. theatre*, etrvrert
room*.   For particular* applv to
T. YY. FI.iff.5HKR. VI. larta
We Have Added a Cwtreplete Meek ef I
Tn om Um **t SOOTH AJtl* *H'*K��   Wo mat* Ummh. \
taraaliy tW tmtm. an ****** Urn* d***aas*t and nia aide *.��, ��|>. a
We.nat v in* ha** *�����*��� af Ladla* a* wall aa Min*** Knar. t
In la* atartt-i    Wa a*IM�� *��*�� *a***��t*>ao*e.   Hi.����. . %
OfP**lte Btoclt's Hetol. Hnndsa. B* C. J
��� Sate taw Iwtrt Una at Ladla* a* wall aa
the war-Bat   W# mattoM *t*ar patr*ow��cir<.  tllva a* .
.. lla*allai**w��tMHn��    Wa Mae ptoomn ta <-*������� 0*
tan oar aaoda if van *W n**t i*a*****a��a at fwor ir*i eel'
Wa few! wtMt*f yam will a* a f����nr* data altar v>*a ���#*-
IWH* ltt**> ������Ml |^WWrWa>
Aasau Outfit For Sets.
Nearly new. every detail complete. Maker*, John Taylor *t On.,
San *��*raiic**tco. Worth, P**>. prtae.
tWO eaab.   Apply to
K M. StvDti.*iai>*.
loooe notices.
QABM* UlMISa **,*���!P.   Heel, avert
aJ*&\\***W. ���*wahtf ntto-oliMk in Craw
ford**hall. ViaitiMrkniahtaiiordlallv Invited
to attend ^K. W. PAI.IjOWH <*jC.
McClanjs Famous
mmg 8TfIYKS
�� Fl kx v(:es
-rheDHe, HAYES 4 CO.
I* aaw a**aatare<| ta <** all Ma**** at
Mmfml W#rfcerte
And Other lnv��*n��m��*uto.
*�� r
Kvery Ke|*rt*at*ntati**iti  ttttamnteed,'
*t> taWi-Sial*
c*u. */r
iufflnr. CIGAR STORE
where yoo wttt Srad a fall line .��*
Fr��.��*i nimmt.otmtrw*om,*t h*<
Wmtrnt ��ta��* a era at *t*a*.��t.*,'i
attantiam and wan** ratan.*
at n��a.*.����*>.l* -*>**.   *N*P_*";
*a ���*���>�� tatani. -�� *"r
Write tor .|����ari*l *"*��� *"
(ti fie*
NEWS DEPOT.        t
Stationery, *f   j
Ol-f are and Tti%aeew.
TMftlt fOUKt emt   UlLVtRTON
Sotut ia brrvlir *l��#n th*t �� Sate alter
attta I latJ-o* le a��s*/ In the (.litef tWmla-
alnrieT of haatmt* Ut4 Wall ttw a  a|t*(*tal
IfitT. *. *tSm\*tT^*Vn*^rl^^
In* r*t ��� *t*a*t iVMUaMWItatm Hill
ityr_n*t<wit oncvtiaif **>,>(lj_P_a^itn.
���ewla-s\w�� *m *\*W9t%f*mm\ WfsA, |%#fWM IV 4*Hi
ln>**n<rweaM Wehnlns..
tn {-LtaHW of ltegtnnin��.
Kiwetwrv, B. t\ ktta
a. is. e*e>
 sooti. |s�� etmliw
*J"VMMWtMft^     t^SJ m%M\*W*%,
'   WttJtON HI 1.1.
t ��rtVtat>t*��MMl*^t��a*.        !*��rr��'�� ���n*_*'"
r.w. shoves,
Cioil and Mining Enninwr.
���r*TafV��-*tat Uttd **t����"*"
Kaalo. B. C.
Mtaoenltaatat.* iwirvayed ntt-l W>.-��"*-*   '���_
�� YK*f*	
M Ml I!*
li-arS-M-e    ���*--���---������"'"-"' ��*wk*n****r
tS*7t*7*Wy ot llo'Httr* ,
Sflaraa-in-   ��*-��>���    Tttrr*, *-<*
tMaWrJe^temt'ttd* *��� '    ��!- ��.
M.twHOe far the Psy-trc""
aad Itova �� ���^", tn v*r
Friends Wsewhen*.
������ ^.---^_.. ���:,.,...   ���r.u���r-|     rMBMSfft


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