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The Paystreak Oct 30, 1897

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Affairs Conaidernhltj Mixed Meeting To-dsti to Arrange Matters,
I_a_t Saturday morning tlu* men
��, the Nohle rive mlm* were called
down ott tlie tiill ami tlu* mine and
mill closed down. <��. II. M<*!>-maUI,
tbd lai"*k��ht*��*|a��r at the office hi Cody
��;t. csllod tt�� Ka**l���� i*n Important
httslness Hatunlay morning, and m
nont-of tne other i*II*ict*rs* ��-ere pre*,
tin the men bad oaonc to give any
, x-.taiMtUai. Ur. MeLKmald came
back \l<t��day. Tlii* eJtt*-ue* which
the urn had iMailved were r**fu***d
���i ibe bank. Tlie company had ��� x
urutl these cotx|U���� ii he hotrortA.
'They say their itrat cttieavojr will
ta* to hsvt* the men paid. Tin* el��s**e
tl .wh la indefinite, .luck Me'" olj?sn,
th�� matisfwr, has beam In I'ortlaud,
hut will he here t*�� sttrnd s m**. ting
uf *t ���ekholders at Cody to-day to
asthiaiae a loan of tUsyi* J to pay
off tlw* debt* and tin dev�� lo|ttm ttt
\ notice was nosti*t In Sand'*u un
Kit lay **t a meeting **f *t*%*kl�� *!��..���*>
to take iilttcn* In K��*l���� tin* same day
im: .n*taer what aetjmi to take m
\\ie nHxtinvf calif 1 f**e today.
Hre **f the. elaim** in the Mt��ltl��-
Five gr*to\* mere r.>-**4.tk��l l��**t wedl
bv tin* e��imnany'�� men snd trans.
ft-r**e*l i.t tlie oompany. Tbi* on*.
deemed t��*v*mmry as the ea*si����vr in
fUarg>* had f��ll��*d to niak��* Mm- re*
c *c,U for an application f**r a Crown
j*ntnt and tht* time hatl expired.
A t-si-m-ptf-nt nrtnrr In ap**akinjr **f
th�� eloM) dewn of the N����Ht* VWv,
jtlvi-* It as hts orpinb��n that not 10
j��j cent of the ore U taken outs that
all Uie mines In tin* Hlocan will, on
S��r.��t*er develotjwnent. show s greater
���VV|*th than any yet attained. What
ihey ncoA U ejompetent miners In
it��r**_>, raianllmt ��*f name ttirttt ur
��� >
Collector ol Customs Wonted
M L i.rlmiiit't haa dm wn up and
had largely *dglH*<l a petition t���� thf
nmiiahT ttfeitoattmis f����r the appoint-
m��nt nf a Collector of eti**4��an*. at
Sandon, The petttbm will he "<��r
* artled ut Hewitt Botfock, XI P.,
���villi a *rv*qut*st that he intah the
��n��tter aa much as jaimilile. Mr.
'���nturoett think* this* may he ac
��'"mpll#|ie<| In a reasonably Awrt
�����>t��e��� and that Handon \wo\Ae will
be side to transact business across
��he line without the delsy and expense now rwjtilmil by g**\ng to
���^skoap ami Kaslo. This Is the
largest town, and probaWy tl*** ss
much linalneas as all the other towns
>'��� Kh-csn Usjri'tlier. There s**em* to
**- tttt rt.aa.tii wliv the (fovernment
should not grant thin request ��t
Us Uteet Graft.
The lrt*i*prt*-r-il>|.' Hon��*ca. ('*.
Ketehum It to the front again. Aft��*r
a vsrled exjaerienci* a* chief of police
"* Nelson, Itinerant journalist, antl
"iher occupation*, Heneea i* ago*"
**fore tin. public, snd incidentally
after It, as editor of tlw latest ac-
���U'Mtion to Spohsne jimrnaltem,
}be Hpokane l��n*ss. The now \*n)��r
���* htiintts-riHis to a dt-frrve* ��n<l to tb***c
w^iuaintetl with the etlitor's ��nw
CtfdonU tin- sslutaiory which Informs
the public that the theet is run in
interesuj of tiie reputable Iknpr
.buler* t*. i-artk'itlailv droll. St*neea
has heen working for theanloon
keenont b>r a long time but this fat-be tlr-*t ocesslon on which he ba>
obtaiuitl ree��tjrnition. Hy the way,
railitor Keuhuin csjqb riccepted a
actuation on tbe ��taff of the 1'ay
vrasx but afbr a lew dav.*. he was
not prepared to ittate precisely how
many during which his cxulieraiiee
mfrentely exceeded hi*, verbosity
that he waj, far too full for ttttfcr-
Sims. left for other part*. Mr.
Coles friends ��l**o will bc^ ^ladto
hear of his good fortune in otaaining
a sit on the m*w paper. (Juitt* a
mnit��a*r of people in the Slocan
would like to see Johnny Cole -~-jn**t
for jfthoul two minutes.
What s  Miner Sees in the Slocsn.
A fort*man ilirtviiit); a miner to
start s raise where there was but
thnm feet to tho surface. A lot of
miner** Ibtawke the mine on the day
u Jon- it caved lit: the stime as mt-
<ht��*r. b ship, A mine heing jrutt.��l
to the last pound of ore, aud not a
man on development. The toandanl
of efficiency, as held by some of the
isiw.*-*, to t*e iii name or piece of
(ViMMrxi Winn those conditions
are changed and eom_��etent miners
placed in char^* the vba*an will
prove one of Uie i**-.t mining camps
in the w.��rhl.   Prtictical Mitu*v.%
Another   Boat   lor   Slocsn   Lokc.
Tlie C I* K l* alwut to build a tujr
at Itoseberv. Men aiv now on the
ifri.uttil anil limber is bsteg forward-
itl frtrttt Nakusp preparstt-ry to cm-
uienctng oia-rati ui> The craft will
he of a tie**!1:!! -imibtr to the one
luitit bv the companyat Nakusp last
full. It will la* ah mt 01 fuel long:,
Hfift heam antl V foot draft with
rt) horae-power compound engines.
Wtirk will U�� carrnnl forward as
hMttll M   jt����>-tb!e   S3   ��lie   bOSt  is
alrea'ly tteodet. to low the transfer
liarge on the lake.
For the Bostoch Cup.
Work commenced on the curling
rink this west. It will he situated
below Mcltaughlta'S lumber yard,
and will be l-**1 x �� twt, costing
j*ltti Thetf will lie a cosy waiting
room and a platform foul'leet wide
for niecAtors. The buibltmr will U*
liniahed about the middle of Novera.
la-r \ series of games >** wtng
irranged with tfoWen, ^f^Sj
Kaslo ami Selson for the BtJstock
oup Much inlei-eM is being maul
w'uA aud the ioason promises to i>e
a hriiliattt one.	
Another Tunnel at thc Ruth.
The Kuth mine is driving in a
tunnel 4U�� feet below the present
wtwkings. ltwa,U��mialHiiiMhn*e
waslmaax) and Is now in about 100
Wik iTwiltake AMor of)bvtU)
ret* tt lodge, it is snk li he .nan,
Mrement have a new edge that tho
tunuel Is meant to explore.
Fidelity Not Sold.
Netv Denver and 8ilverton,had been
sold, is not confirmed by the parties
interested. Negotiations were pending, but the prices varied so much
that no compromise could be agreed
on satisfactory to both parties.
Applying For a Charter.
The C. P. R. advertise that they
intend to apply to the Privv council
for a charter for a line from Three
Forks to Bear Lake, six miles in
length. The plans have been made
and are now in the hands of the superintendent. There is a very general opinion, however, that this line
will never be built, but that the C.
P. U. will obtain control of the K.
A S. before long.
The Wonderful Trouble.
There has lieen much speculation
ii to the outcome of the muss which
has been stirred up in Spokane over
the management of the Wonderful
groan of mines, near Sandon. So
far the evidence has all lieen given
by the investigators, who claim that
the company paid for six claims and
only got three, but as Manager Field
mys they only paid for three and
three are all they will get, the
chances are they will only get three.
The shipments of ore from Sandon
from   August  i to (Xtober *28,  inclusive, l**y��, were as follows:
Shiran Star, .   'ISW Ions
Kuth, .    ���' .      .   2,515
Payne,       .     .     .   4,0l0j
(daho Mines,      .     .      W*
Noble Five. .       .       M*>1
Keco. ...       350
American Boy, . . 2*|
Slocan Boy, . ��� -15
Wonderful, . . ^
Ajax. -      -      .        m
Majestic, ... 12
Freddie Lee. . . 16
Mt. Adams, . . 15
Miscellaneous,     -       - **_
Total, . . . tU*-*^ tons
Ore shipments for the week from
October **** to 28 inclusive were as follows: Payne 500, Kuth 135, Slocan
Star 90, wonderful 15-K. A S.
Slooan Star '.10, Keen 40-O. P. R.
Silcer Quotations for the Weeh.
Saturdav, October 23, - 5*M-8
Monday, Oct. 25. - - 58
Tuesday, Oct. 21*, - * jw
Wednesday, Oct. 27, - 581-8
Thursday, Oct. 28, - - gj**
Kridav. Oct. 2��, - ��� ����}
Satuitlay Oct. 30 - ---��*��� W
Lead advanciHl on Tuesday the
24th thm' cents per hundred, and
has since stood at -*?3.78. 	
Cartlftcete of Improvements.
ISteaaa la th* Sooan Mlni��a IMvtslon of West
Keotlaav l��i*��riot.    Where looated-Nwtt-
I^JSSceSial I, A-B.llHntott.free m!nei*s
2^��toNo.*��5_S, latend, sixty days from
Ihe.datehaieof. to hpi.Iv to the Muting Bo-
'*:',(",�� eertlSoate of improvements, for
OW wo** of olttetolaaa crown erant of the
aaeva claim. And further take uotlee that
. . ���.?.t..ram..tlou57. must be eomnteiu-eil
r:.f,C thetaimiiVeof such certificate of to-
"^rX'hu m M* ot ^'Kmlton.
ll��tt< <if ���*'����������� publication, Oct. 90, ISW.
A Social Organisation to Make
Amusement for Eoert|bodq.
The Virginia Coterie is an organization formed in Sandon this week,
to give a series of high class social
parties during the coming season, in
which amusements of different kinds
will be furnished, to enable those
who do not dance or who wish to
vary the evening with other forms
of social games to find entertainment. Dancing, however, will be
the main feature. The first entertainment will be Thursday evening,
November 4, and thereafter every
two weeks during the season. Virginia hall has been engaged, and
the other rooms on the same floor
will be usedfor tiie social features.
The Sandon orchestra will furnish
the music, which guarantees there
will be nothing wanting in that respect. J. A. McVichie will call.
The supervising committee is Wm.
Sudrow, W. I. Williams, Robert
Hammond and John Gable.
The Virginia Coterie will be welcomed by the people of Sandon as
filling a long felt want. The majority of people like to dance, but there
are a great many who would like to
attend the social' gatherings, but do
not care for dancing. These will
appreciate the innovation made for
their benefit. The Coterie intends
sparing no pains in making a pleasant evening for all its guests, and
will introduce riew ToVas for each
evening, making it novel and in-
eresting. Tickets have been placed
on sale at Donaldson'sdrug store, at
John Cameron, who ha�� been in Edmonton
for three or font weeks, returned this week.
He says Edmonton U feeling the effect of the
Klondike boom very mneh.
The Klondike sailors have arrived at the
The tire hall U now well under way. Chief
Maginnis is building it.
After the end of the present month, the
nteamer Alberta passenger service, leaving
Nelson at a a. to. and Kaslo at 4 p. m., will he
Pitts Bros are making a foundation on their
lot oppo-ita Black's hotel for a store building
ilxl i feet, two stories.
The last trip this season on the Bonner's
Ferry route wUl be November tlth and 7th,
after which date this service will be continued.
A Trail Blarer cigar lightens the cares of toil
and gives to the troubled conscience the peace
of innocence.
A pleasant dance was given lest Mondey
evening in the new Central hotel, to be opened
shortly by Messrs. Pierson a Fischer. The
affair was under the supervision of Mrs. Garter and Mrs. Fisher, and was largely attended.
The regular services wUl he held at the
Methodist church tomorrow, at 11 a. m. and
1:15 p. m. After the evening service a short
song service will be held, led by the choir. AU
are cordially invited.
We are in the lead with the grocery business. Come in and get our
prices.   Hunter Bros.
Before you buy your winter Mackinaw see our "C'arso Brand.' We
guarantee these goods and have the
sole agency for them.   Hunter Bros.
.'5    "���
���s   ���.-.
M-- *
���    ���   "��� THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B. &, OCTOBER .10, 1807.
A Copy of Uie Datoaon Paper in
A facsimilie copy of the Klondike
News, of date of July 17th, the first
paper published in  Dawson City,
was shown in Sandon this week.   It
is a little four page, three column
paper, and the subscription is 120 a
year, or 75 cents a copy. It gives
stability to the reports from that
region, and its items, reported in a
matter-of-fact way, are interesting.
We copy a few:
Claim 26, above Discoverv, on
Bonanza Creek, still maintains its
output. Mitchell A Densmore are
working 28 men on it and the dirt
washes out about 14000 to the box.
Peter Aimslev, a miner working
for Harry McCullogh on Bonanza
Creek, was brought before Captain
Constantine last week, charged with
carrying concealed weapons. He
pleaded not guiltv. He was fined
A little excitement was occasioned
in the new Hun key Creek district
last week by reason of s strike for
higher wages on the part of the
miners. Tney were receiving 11.50
per hour and struck for $1.75. After
a short consultation their demand
was granted.
Henry Eckley filed transfer papers
with Gold Commissioner Fswcett,
deeding his claim No. 9 on Bear
Creek to Mark Angell. The consideration was f65,0Ua Mr. Bcklev
will take over 1100,000 with him
back to the States. He will leave
here next week on the Portos B.
A nugget was taken from claim
60, below Discovery on Bonanza the
other day larger than the one Bert
Hudson found in No. 6. J. O. Heat-
wood owns the propertv. This Isst
nugget is worth 1893. The Hudson
nugget weighed in  for only $257.
Log cabins in Dawson are renting
at |75 per month, with none in the
market. Newcomers are obliged to
raft in logs and build their own
There Is much dissatisfaction
among miners and trades people
over the fiction of the river companies in limiting the amount of gold
they will carry at esch trip. It Is
said thst the Alice took with her
onlv about 1300,000, and the Healy
wjll not take so much. As a conse
quence it is estimated thst there is
over a million dollars in dust and
nuggets awaiting' transportation at
this point.
Married���At two o'efock Isst
Monday Captain Constantine of the
Mounted Police celebrated a verv
pretty double wedding, the charming Miss Gussie La More, formerly of
Juneau, becoming Mrs. William
Swlftwater, and Mist Violet Ray.
mond becoming Mrs Prince Antone.
Mr. Swiftwater came to Klondike in
the early rash. He located claim
IB, El Dorado, and Is now a millionaire. Mr. Antone also owns a very
desirable claim. The Indies came to
Dawson City together, and were
married the third day after their
arrival. We wish them all happiness.
Died���Frank Belcher, of Penney!-
, vanla, aged 28 yeara, died Wednesday night of typhoid fever.   He bad
about 135,000 stowed la his cabin,
aud had just sold his claim for 125,-
000 more. It was his intention to
leave on the Healy, but fate willed
otherwise. He was burled in Prospect HUI.
Enthusiastic Meeting Tueadau Boon*
ing and Organisation Effected.
A well attended meeting was held
inthe parlors of the Filbert hotel
Tuesday evening and the Sandon
Hockev Club organized. M. L,
Grimmett occupied thc chair but
later was excused and F. L. Christie
wss chosen. The officers elected
were; Fred Kelly, president; II. F.
Mytton, 1st vice-pros.; C. K. flam-
mond, 2nd vice-prcs.; F. L. Christie,
sec-treas.; H. M. Msrtin, manager;
A. W. Gricrson snd George Henderson, captains; Robt. McDonald, Dr.
G. P. xoung snd J. H. Brewster,
managing committee. Hewitt llos-
tock wss chosen aa patron.
A balance of t&.tfl cents was due
the sc-cretarv of last year's club, II.
M. Martin, for money |*aid out. He
donated the amount to the club,
which was promptly accepted with
thanks. The -mnitarship fee waa
placed at fl. The secretary waa instructed to corn-Mpond with Kaslo,
Rossland and Nelson In regard to
arranging a schedule of games with
Sandon. Tbe colors adopted were
red and black. Dr. Young was appointed honorary surgeon without
5iy, and alter a vote of thanks to
r. Sudrow the meeting adjourned
to the 2nd Tuesday In November.
The club will have the Harris
rink which is being fitted np In
elegant style, and expect to play In
three or four weeks.
for CrueKa to Animals.
John Msdigan and Richard
Mstheson, of Three Fwks, were tried
before Jnstices Lily and Ssndilands
last Tuesday, charged with abuse of
horses. The complaint was made
by Constable F. R. Mountain. Thc
evidence went to show that the
horses were in bad condition from
sore backs snd did not get enough
to eat. Mstheson wss let off wjth
an admonition aod Madigan was
fined 125 snd costs.
A Retnarfcable Case.
A remarkable case is reported
from the east of a man who is enjoying perfect health, haa good digestion and does not softer from
rheumatism, and strange to say is
not using Dr. Horsemana liver pills
nor Mrs. Squills celebrated M.C.D.
Before you buyyour urinter Mackinaw see our 'rCarso Brand.' We
guarantee these goods and have the
sole agency for them.   Hunter Bros.
Notiee Is hereby given that we are
the owners of tiie Hotel Bartlett
building, bnt are not responsible for
any debts contracted In the management of the hotel.
 Bahtlett Bnos.
Town lota and a new dwelling
house for sale in New Denver. Apply to   Tnoupmn, Mitchell A Co.
Johnstone A Haines have just received a carload of Gurney stoves.
For Sole.
One targa. powerfel self ptayina organ, plays
about. *> issMe* of a**oir��ked danoa monto,*U.
_*��� *_������* o��*sa�� tbfc sl*Jaof gea TreaeWo
Suitable for danee honaes, theatre*, eom-ert
rooms.   For particular* atrttly to
T. W riJLKHtm, Victoria.
Finest Ctilelae In Kootenay
First Claaa In Every Partleitlar.
Newly Fmmlatied.
ttfe ______ #   S ___m i_____a__M__
D-F-etl    l*��l*a|aafUi ������
BON���AR0 4 PIICKART, frepittsri.
The Flrat Class
Hetel af Cody.      *
Sat*.    rtn��t��t -ts--
SersLrial Uat*. I��y tbe Week.
McClary's Famous
BRtci WHtnr.
White & Cavanaugh
Maaafaatweta ef
Rough and
Dressed Lumber
���allmete* fernUbad to Com nwtoe*
and Balldat**.
Orders left at Byers* Hardware
Store will receive prompt attention.
Notiee I* harshy frit/an tbat at theevalratlon
of anomautktnmthmBnt p����.||��.��__nlirre.
of tbe Nitderslcned aril) apply to tbe Slu*t>
diary .ee*-Mr��t* f.rr tba 4l,*r��t of tV."i Tat
�����***/��� fo.f ��� **t"**n to aa I lit|��ar* Ity retail at
toK?MW      n*,on' **"********** �����������* '��' ��������
SannoN, B. C. |
American plan,fj.&o -nr flay. ��
Kiiro|iraii plan, $2.00 p*-r day. ��
Strictly first ela**
Mm. II. A. SMITH, Prop.
i i
i W O tfttlSttttttltt. <r-a �����-. ��- ���.
Maav Kara Hatmaa.
Ammntaom aad KanHwsr, ��.;���_*
Kliata-1 l*tswts*t-����t it...,,, nt ic��*
��*ttf llsat lnp*****d mn-i i��.-~w*.
Ue wttssta, Ltqwrt-s a*nt t Igmr*
Hotel Wellington
Stnctly Finn Qaaa
Saaclal Amattott Pat4 to Tttnutnu
11.50 to |2 Per Day.
J. S. REEDER. Prop.
A atrtetly tlrst-elaaa hotel ie
���II Ita apaa-datasefita.
Mvery MteUe with food Haddk
aad Park Horses In eenneetlnn.
Victoria House
How t ttt-aplete with tbabest fori. .*��������������' *********
In tba .IMrtrt     All  ae**om-��od*i.;*��* *���'*���
fltaaa, ln<*lndta�� aleatrie Halt*. ������*''���  """"
and all
Modern Inprooements.
A alee. <i��iet. t-esidenre hotel, aUnatc* ���>�� *
a *at.ua>,   On.m'ettt to tb* dapot.
VV. J. MALL, Prop. ������!
h?k i��avs;tki:ak, SAKtJON, n.c, wtobeb
yy.W   DaW-TWI   ITKMS.
S)H|1 ,,,,-e ��re WSS St*rtick on Uie
Adams laat r^turday.
Th* KtiterpHae tm Ten Mile will re
fom��' ..j- rattottt si��**rtt*y.
um* I)elaiiey ra*eetv��**ds painful
trnMote A the arm last w��**ek by belnjr
��hn��**�� ��**��*��* a liorse by the animal
Th. <*******�� a-nds? eanr-trnrtl����n by
Nr Marnier, to be occupied by ljr.
tjU��e. is enclosed and will soon be
rvuljs lof the -inlnters.
Th, new rta-atnertbal hasijt-ssn nnder
^nsirtii-tioa all snjamer st Naknap ar.
totattucbsdtaa day or two.   It will
u* coluA Tbe Itoealand
Thr .teamer Nakasp turned it*
inie. ia*t wee* loobliiK m<��re like a
ft,*-*,.,-P*la��*tltaft IUn^
inironaW Improved It* appearance
Tht* hawtawiie i-e-sfcktnee ot A Mr
itillivrat on Iwxtll **Vm*t la iwrinjr
cttaipiftiun    It will be one oC the beat
.R,,0. Matheaon, dmgfest, and H.J.
Matbeaon have left Silverton for a while
to do development work ou one of their
claim*. T. A. Coe. will have charge of
the Drug Store during the absence of
Mr. Mathesoti
School opened
week with Miss
aa teacher.   At
,��� \\\ < Kootenay, bard ��ui��hed within
and r����itgb cast without.
Ko riiVr Ale* %avoal bas been ap
t.aiiic.1 ilritala- el tlw Dts*trb*t lt.*^*irar
umhr ��he " BirUw, I**th# and Mar-
nag*** A rt * Yetsnir **���*�� awtriraonially
luchnrst aretau* ssved tbe esprnae ol
�� trip to Salsoa.
A fort* ����f taen were put to work this
eerfc i*uildiS|J* a rabln oa tbe  Iriaro.
caitiiuf �� trail taerelo ami  getim**
rt-a.li to poab development work th.-r*-
oa   < ��re i* in otgbt* bnt tbe qaaniit> la
yet tt. he df-tem.i****t.
Th. S,wHU 0 <�� D Unndr. ram
weib-ttl operatt'ens thle meek, after s
km * ait f��r taaehinerv and the neve*-
tan .tpp��ir.<ne*>"*���"i*"*r- Mt. <*. M N'wabitt
ha. .mploved Arthur Hniwa to lake
(bar?* of ibeiMtablt^tnent Mr Riwa ��
���ttatie torn Vsnefiuver*iMti*ane*|* rt-
emr*\ Unndry tnan. 1st ot tbe i Vi.* < r
Jaat��J-v there.
So . t;.. has vt* ttren math- ��*f tlte
iHMitt.aitbotifb all kinds ttt twrntn
Itst. l-ava rtfVUlateri to that tweet A
*w��t; v, in of water was struck in tbe
tiu't r.<,��*ntlv, and operation* *n*i��end
A until the rrtuni* from a ��*t5 too
��bi(rtn.-nl to tne Net��e��n **wielfe�� arete
wifl The vattte ot that *h.|MiH'*.t
���ill M.nnin* to �����>������* asttntft tee
amount of money to be expended ttt
|r��ttiii_' in pnoipiair nuu-blnery and
fshn impr-ovrtnenta,
"Pit formal opming ** tbe Presby
t��*riai�� tJiiirrb was celebrate*! Sunday
o.��ro,ni*. the Rev. Pawed *A the Meth
���dist i-hutvb itwnpvina* the pulpit with
Mr  tiaioth    tlwittg t�� Uie ibn-atulns
A   OtM'tl
Dykes *.f Va....._.__ .. .
pretM'itt |Q Kholsri are in attendance.
A bijr atrike ia re|K)rtetl on the Mollv
IVioue, near tin- Vancouver. Tho Mollv
Doooe is owned by SilverUm psities,
and may he one of our shipper*- thia
winter.     ^	
There ia no irround for the reports of
thia ht-ini; the toughe**! town in Araer-
lea. It ia ii" wtirae than o'her mining
rampa in B < *. A Mtnple ����f thi* whiskey
twihl here hat .Iteett atrnt to Vancouver
for attali ���.!*.
George ("lark witheisbtmen and two
park train* foedsd with a.ti|.j lit-**, went
t*t the I htefuan ^nttipon CarilHio creek
laat week tc work all wintei.
Jamea Brady, <��f ItoM-tland, who ha*,
the IVoinsstors landar l��md f<��r $i"t,o\*��>,
t�� e*t}r��ct.*<l to t<iiii!.H't,��-i' work next
mouth He ha* to sjkih* t-.^Won it by
tb�� l��t of May.
Nearly twesty claim*, tributary to
tbi* city arc t.�� "be i-rttwn-ttrauUti t*ils
At the Needles, opposite Fire Valley
there are over i'> live mineral claims.
rapid* on the Athabasca, 90 miles of
wagon road from Edmonton to Athabasca Landing, and 13 miles of obstructions at Fort Bmith. Edmonton, as it
IS well known, is a station on the C.PR.
Then we have a route via Hudson Bay,
which jxissetwefl great tMissibilities as to
cheapness and despatch in the handling
of -mascngera and freiglit. Canada can
reaek the Klondike gold fields from the
Pacific tJcean, from the Hudson Bay,
and from the interior of British Columbia and the. North-West Territories.
The United States is confined to the
Pacific Ocean.
But Canada must assert its supremacy
and independence immediately. We
must have customs officers on the ground
this season. We must have control of
all the riniu-s leading into the district.
Ijiw and order must obtain from the
start, and our Government must see to
it that the wealth of the district does not
paas into the hands of foreigners. As
far as Canada is concerned, it would lie
better would the Government absolutely
refuse to grant a mining license or claim
of any nature until we know exactly
where a*e stand. Tbe gold is there and
will not deteriorate. In the meantime
the Americans are invading the country
and have already taken out millions of
doHata, while the estimates of next
vear's output varv all the way from $10,-
000.000 u> |W,Of��.000. The Government
ibould become fully seized of these facts,
ttiat the gold Mongs to Canada; that at
prv.-**nt it is being taken out by American;.; Uiat Canada is profiting in no
resirect from the new discoveries, while
Sur neighbors are reaping all the benefits.
ious alien labor laws, that we are more
than justified in preventing them from
entering this country for the purpose of
seeking employment or of making gain.
If we acted on the principle underlying
the policy they have applied to Canada,
not a single American would be allowed
to enter tne Canadian Yukon. Let Canada assert its supremecy.���The Toronto
The city of Guelph wiU soon have two
departmental stores, and in consequence
the other merchants of the city have
formed an association, the object of
which is to pledge its members not to
purchase goods from any of the wholesale houses who supply uie departmental
Dealers In
Is tbe Pioneer House of tbe City
��-*ail.. r the attastfattre was not tar*
ban h. -o'tvlceA were freall> "���******'*���
In the rvmltt* Mr. Booth gave a brief
**at.ment til ttV��mdltlon id ilievhan h
hi. j..ta| frfforta in connection with it and
hi-* future plana.   Monday evening a
**���-"... aa* given In thecburrh ai which
ihet* a as a -r-j-rv largvf aii-'odam���**.   A
���sph-r. preretletl a vocal awl Inatiti*
menial program all of wbl*-h -a a* heart
lb <'    vrtf   iHtrlllf thee*tervi*e*ltrv
fnto-ii."Uev. Klittwlea. of SltH-ati I Ity,
���nd Mr   Itnotb mstlt* almrt addn***i*
���W'foprlate to tlte nct-aalon. and  Mr
Mlivliftl a statement showing the rt'
��>l|itH of the av��i,iog and the opening
���win*   ComblnetT the Sunday wr
"'<* md aiHtantdal netted thechtmn
_������{  %7h.    The church <\A* now ta
���tt'ij -cuanothe church building fund
������ti four years time.
n in     ...mi    ma nm	
��� ���'< i Smith, sassver, baa b-fl. Itavlilg
isnirial a |tositlon  ill the Revo.   Mr
A II. Hremner. left Calgarv last Friday on hi* way to Scotland* tin his
arrivaUat Glasgow it is cxpectfd that
_N will cable hi* brother to resume
onetsUoas on tbe Wakeflsld, A tram
and etincentrator will 1h< nm in at the
pntpi-rtv next spring.
t,rr   ca\ai��a   amiht   HfinsKt.r.
Tbe New York Joumal ventures i!te
t-aaet Hon iliat the Klondike gold litJ.is
"aill Ih' for all practical pnrpoae* an
American district." "Anierican-.'' says
our .-ttuU'oijiorarv, " have done tbe
, mining tlie foto has been b**O0*ght
i to au Americat*  tnint.    Ainertc���n  nier-
.���bant* are n_ttdshlnf the outsits to the
tit��w pilgrims, almost all of whom are
Antcrinan* theniaelvet*. antl American
transportation .-..nipanic* will bare the
profit of carrying tliem." Tlte .Journal
lft*?* on to state that in regard to the
new discoveries llic Trancvaal ejaisotls
baa been n*\vr**ed. "A strong, numer-
oua. and vigorous popeJafioe of miners
if   one   uationalitv   is develnping   the
Vour mon'7 back
lentlttry of u wenk. alien state
Thank*, swfally,  Biethsr Joaatthaa
but your kind olfici*s  we  must most re
sptvtlully decline     We are not quit
weak rn* you imagine.    As br   as
trade of the Klondike district is con-
rtiiHl. y��tu will rind Ih*fore tiext sprimi
****** ,h" ^lhrlS't!u3 SHM
IMcifie aoaia.  yuml*
into the \ery
irlct from the
if vou don't like Schilling's
Best b.king |H)\vJcr.
H. Giegcrich,
Agents for
Stores at Ainsworth, Kaslo and Sandon
We are headquarters
for Ore Sacks;
see us if you need any*
KonnKT Hacdoma.Ua
Neil Macdonald
, MACDONALD  BROS., Proprietors.
fates ftW to ri.60 per day.	
Hoadtiuaiters for Mining Speculators and Capitaliste.
Reco Ave., - ** *��*oon, B.0
; P5s?.'.%_Ji.;
..,   H
i &
L-ajKi ������.
t" *'
���I   k
m THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B.C., taTOBKR *��>, '**>.
The following is a complete list of the
mining transactions recorded curing tiie
week in the several mining divisions of
the Slocan. Those of New Deove ��� were
as follows :���
Oct 13���B A 11, Oranltu creek, John Ctrrrhsr;
IHmoK Housnn creek, C W Grci'itk*-, t-Vmver-
aiiee, Csrjjeuter, H Uruok.
car ai-Mtatlsalppl. Wilson E J Tracy and J
II Boyd; Grand Wtt*w, now. Ux Ward; WunL**
worUi, ("anienur, Vitt A-Jiworth; Evangeline,
same, Thos Knl*rht.
Oct tl���Nevada, same. Ole Larson; ChandirS,
Fennell.Geo C CUrki-; Shell.*/, let Ftair Mile and
Fennell, John T Moore.
Ocr t-S-Cltack Mate, California Hill. Lorenao
Alexander, Ttotot* Fracifciual, Beat Basin, Chas
McOlMSia-s EdbaEari, Payne Mt, M E HaU and
Oct ��-Snow Drift, Carpenter, Frank Hen
dricktuu; Bed Fox Fraction, Suntriae bsaiu. C
M Oethln-r. Oeo Hen<jVr*>n, A W Wright, J K
Clarke, Alfred R<>bi***oii,Chas Mctingor.
Oct 19-���ts*anoplltan, Black Hock.
Oct ��-Knox ville. Mountain Queen, Polo,
Nettie Frat-tJoua!
Oct .l-Franklln Fi*actioual, Evening Star
Oct -tt-SUver Stiutdard. Giant. Cltariorte, Ber-
twit, Hitltimore, BuKriale.
Oct ��-Chauibers, Eureka. WeUlugUtit. *Jay
Ocr ..*>���Bochcr.-t, lono, Cascade, Spray, Silver-
ton Fraction.
cxaTiriCATB or laiaovKMKSra.
Oct IS���AJax, Treasure Vault, A uterine.
<iCT_l-W_lw_t>ld, Cruulnxua. Ottawa No t,
RoU-rtsttn, Jenny Lind, liVavr-r.
Oct 15--J 1C J, W H Boljertaoii to Lee V.**u.h,.
Oct 7.
Kelso, Caxuhaxua Fractl.ni, KSralre Fraction.
Donald Bmnner to West kooteuay f B C; Exna>r-
lug and Mining Oo., Sept SI
Oct 1��-Eureka. Mineral HUI b Bruce WWte to
J S C Fi-aasr.OetS, ��7pO.
Flood Frartlou. F A Wood toE H ThotnUrtaoti.
Oct 16.
Lone jackl.C J Potter >to-UDe,aauie.
Battler 4, llavtd WMieij to Jack Aylwin,
Oct 19.
Bonanaa King Fraction, Noble Five Fraetion.
Evan E Ward lo Tha Noble Five i*tMi-*olldated
Mining A MUUug Go. Oct 18, i to.
Knox villa Fractioe .World's F��lr Fraction. F C
Baker to The Noble Five Goaaolldaitxl M A M Co,
Maud E FiTrction, O  B McDonald to
Ocr Jft���The Vancouver Fraction. Wm Leads
to Tbe Vancouver Oroap Mtntalng Oo, Oet !��.
Oct lS-<*ioudlke, A P McDonald.
Ocr W-Laxe, 8 T Walker.
Oct IS--Venus, John TinUnr, Acme, nam*.
r^mmSm,'*"''  ******* **���
Ocr *>-Annk B, Etrrr-r A Feh.
Oct la-Pan.
Oct J��-__ootenay Paas, Pontlac.
Oct lfr-0(s*umt>uaNo & {, Erneat HarruptoJT
f-ka_s*A-CLoutoHlc4uaian to Hugh SutberUad,
Oo>hnabia No 61, J BeaodMne to rauae.|__o,
Oct W-Two Friend* l, Curu-jBua Murphy to
Ed ward Murphy
Charming Xl
'idow b Uackaon BadcUfle to T
Haarjr tfa-fehart, Jaekaoa Bad
 ��_-. _- re, ������.... --ngpj^
L Haury aWchi
ITJunlcrptoT He
Henry &dchai-t
Oct iarEic>_jia* Victoria No 4, 8kacaai and
^"���a^MS-S' ***********
Oct la-Eagle Brand \, IJ Ruber to SO De-
Mtc Mac I, Jamea E Tatt**raaH .lo J O Dawar,
Oct 10-Tnmton and Laat Chance No 11, Walter Clough aad i*st��r Swaa to Jama Oratt.
Quebec, A B Johnson to Wm llarrtaon.
anrawoBTH division.
l**TW-Bo***llt��a,C HEiateott; Burnt Hill,
BoETJS Hirka and
Ocr IS-Hera, Hesbv Opnollo, Big Four.
Ocr lit���Fre*Silver.
tK*T iSl-Joliit A, Uttle Willi.*. Uttle Johnnie.
Otrr _l-t*ntmi*, Noon Il'tur. Week jOtaiiwitd.
Bloc On*!**. JtltmiJnK Star.
Ot r ti- W*k* Dp Jim, Bed Star .Maggie, Alma
i-KRritit aik or mraovs-ai;vrs
IVt }!>-������**�� Hear, F-tster, Msud S, 1-sat
Link, Nancy Hanks, Haad 0 and Freano.
Oct lS-Mooareh and Sllwr Fox J, H Klapacb
to L P PeH'i-sun.     , ��� ��_t, _
Oakland b V UjVrktwsts to B Wicks.
Oct ltV~ Nfton and Lucky Three, Jamea liairt*
snd K R St.  w to L L lUtrick, eMl.
OCT J*>-lk.lJ 1. J K<*4* rtaon to W A j*toas.
Paris Fair J.JM Martin to 11 C Rosa.
Junitro i, J *tl*i*oii to Matl Ofcdo.
Jumbo I, M*tt Oietlo to J Hudi.
Oir-1 IVniilsslirii uf OohlCommlssSjnsrthat
work for Crown grant h* dona on Lincoln, Vhto*
bralton and Death a Head. .     _.
Oecko art) Uura ��,*., E BkwmSeld to J B McArthur.
Dudtr> ttt, H Rail* to same.
Frank R4S.mmetosatne.
Bump 4/.V E A iidrew* to aame. 	
Teddys, Clara and (L*Wcoim AA. J R H Ktovei
Ctrona and Trilby W,CB CorhouM to aame.
FtoruilffAn. StMiga'l. Taffy, Merry Eoglaud,
SorWi.V E Andrew*tosmma.
Taliauiaa 473. H K Uvlagatoa to aame.
B Macdonald. Henry
Stain; Bed Dish, sruni.
Oct sa-Mouatalo View, Bryan, Harvey, Oeu-
t^et\ Jaaaa, Grant, IMawan Fraetion, Marry
44 Where there are placers there
are lodes," is a statement often made
with the u--eunuice of "where there
is smoke there Is fire." We hear it
now frequently with reference to tlie
new deposits of tbe Yukon. In this
esse it is almost entirely a matter of
surmise, because there bas not been
yet any freiiersl exploration lor lodes
there, attention having been concentrated naturally upon Uie easily
worked placers, sod prm-iecting in
the bills being difficult, tor vsiious
reasons. There may be workable
veins of gold quartz above the placers
and there may not 1 here sre vague
reports as the the existence of some,
but it does not follow necessarily,
either in the Yukon or elsewhere,
tbat where there are placers there
are worksble lodes.
A plscer deposit of gold or tin Is a
natural concentrator ot mineral that
existed in solid rock. The eros'.on of
wind snd water acting through Im
measurable time has worn down the
earth a surface in msny places to a
tnsrveious extent In this kind of
disintegration stable minerals like
gold and cssslterite, which sre of
much greater speciHe gravity thsn
their origitjsl matrix, were concentrated In water courses, Just as they
are now concentrated by men In
sluicing. But nature has concentrated millions and millions of tona of
material where man baa to concentrate comparatively few.
The discovery of such s nstural
concentration, an illuvial deposit,
does not however, Imply that its
source will be found, or If found, thst
it will be workable, because the
original lode may nave been eroded
entirely, and therefore no longer\n
existence; tbe plscer gold or tin may
have come from a dissemination in a
great mass of rock which It would
never pay to mine, or from Innumerable veinlets which were never
exploitable; or the aurUerous debris
may have been carried far from its
original source by glacial action, so
that no connection between placer
and lode can be established. It Is not
to be Inferred from these suggestions,
however, that there are not cases
where placers have led. direct!) to
mother lodes. Numerous it-stances
can be cited where they have done
so, and vice vena. Tho conclusion
Is simply tbat no general rule can be
laid down, and the existence of rich
placers does not In itself imply tbe
existence of rich, or even^<>rkable
veins. ,,     n .
The plscens of BreckenrWge, Colo., j
were dist-ovcred at the time of the
Pikes Peak excitement {\*W>) and|
have lieen worked more or less ever j
since,    producing   a   good   many
millions ot gold.   Tbelr origin lYoni!
lodes near by can be traced with
reasonable certainty, nnd some of
tbi-se lodes have been worked prt> {
litsblv,   but the pnaluctlon of the|
lodes has not vet been a tithe of that
of tbe placers.   At the bead of French
gulch, which wss very rich, there Is
sn immense auriferous dike inusrsee* j
ting the slate country  rock.    The
dike Itself is generally low grade, {
but In tbe Joint plane* of the slate |
adjacent to It there are veinlets ot ex* i
ceediuglv rich ore In which the won
derful specimens **t wire and crys>
talinegokl fbr which IkwkenrWge
to fatuous are found.   Both tbe dike
and the veinlets in tbe slate have'
heen worked,  but so far neither of
them profitably.   There was a sltn
liar experience st l.*-a��Jvillc,  where,
the mine* which were discovert**! st
the bead of California gulch never j
yielded what the wealth ofthe gulch I
h Atom wss thought to lndksie.   In
these instances nature in long eras I
effected probably a rich concentration
of gold from an immense amount <f
very low grade material. I
Saxdox. E a, Oct 2i, i^
Tb all whom it may Concert,
Thb Is to certify thai as I am
removing from Town. 0. W. GRIM-
METT, Watchmaker snd Jeweler, of
Sandon haa fttreliaaed my bostnem
1 beg to thank my namerous
cQ-a-rfuer* lor their patronage in the
past and I hereby respectftillv request that they will give their -at
ronsge la the future to mk
Waichmaker ant* Jeweler.
I carry the stock���the largest in tlie Slocan
Kootenay, in show r joms covering
3.000 feet of floor space.
Furniture for a Mansion or Cottage at
Bottom Price
One hundred dozen of chairs to select from
direct from the factories at prices low as thc
lowest. D. M. CROWLEY, practical up
holsterer. with a staff of mechanic^ can make
anything to order.
Undertaking a Specialty.
��  Note the address: Above thc Ledge office,
Sixth Street. New Denver.
Pr*l��ht pa 1.1 on foods to Sanrlott. Hlo-aa Citv and all t*oka -ootni ���
Kootenay Mercantile Tailoring Co.
A foU*ltac of
always in Sto;k
R 80, 1837.
,i>   tSOW's   MGST'
i hot    W-strharsaa
am   H> lw��
Fbr ranitrS time **��*i<H*ts nstt? l>t*��n com-
iH Ui *.,_ikans tbat tlis later**-** on tht*
(n,w ��� >r*t l*aaa rusvl %*rsrt not n*��*��iv.
injj iair trvaiment, bttt tit** rtitnor*- **��tijti
TS. '*��� ttmctA to S rttlaiifs awrop. and
mrs-'t.-l 11 ttli* attt-ntitm In la'arr e in lea
l^rtr* ovinf to tit* tad thst t��on�� but
Utia.1.*". labor la ��n|t4or��-<l in the con-
���trurii.." A thr fss-l. A wish arriv-M in
i��� ihe cttjr *i***��tttwilaj', ta-wevvr, wao
ctttt to hava {sanamal k-H**ili*ljrr ol
Un* rocihoils of th�� oorttrarl.rr*. tliou^li
he rtt-vcr srorttsd a dsy for Uteiu ia
hi* Id* He Is oaaaf a jfa��_r.<.l men
bwtiht out trom the eaat. Mr** gath��*r
rtl ap at titSeretit cities in Canada, in
itaxA by flattering taomlaes to emu*
atat i" work oa the wa rati****,*..
Arthur Mrl^��al is his ttStne He ta ��-vi
tlenUt an tntelltfent ftmng Sctytt-hman.
������Work wa* iCsvrea iloao ��sa*t." aai4
Mr M J.-tfl. * aa*l mhtm I a a* promt-*-***!
H*t pet imaith to *w**k on the Cr��.�� *
Stmt ptavd 1 thtroght ll naa l**ti**r that*.
dot-iff utithliis atW�� S��rerwl u> ,-ttitie.
i*Vf�� met*} slwmt SO of us in the party.
atA evtwry <h��# of n�� come on tlte tin-Vr
*u*-j4.*.�����'that arts wsuW Nt chai-fr-M tfAM*
t *.- i kit UoxtA and Mri'i*?, aritlt ln��
ja**^ t.t the sc-wrie of Of*4>*ationt.
We *rn*fv*1 at tk>Hr*v'*ram|r. ahout
*"���.��mr>* ahov* CVtal ert-elt, a little otvr
ism a eekt ago SA I fctaind aa sWSttt **>*�����
mt .m the gr MuA that the mm pa tit >
.V���;-..'.<...n ui a ttamth ���* M working day*
���to*! ��.. a* ctaiUI mil wttrk on Sunitay*
**- axtuld be Mid a month1* AAgem in 94
�����> ***, .Jar* Thott. too. cadi one had a
������ ������.���������-. .-niLjarad agatti*! him tor fan tor
��� r.i;....-*:*u*.*n, in ���pit-** of tlte taet that
m*i*t o| u* had ��ontrai t* tn writing mat-
ing that our tran***tairtatit��n was to he at
-.'*..v.��-n*t*itt the ftamitaiiy. Awtther
v*4att<��n t*| the agreement was Ute
tltat-ni* J,��r hoard, which a as tj* tnatea*l
oi tarsi Vou see. the raitrtt����! (-sops*
ihttugiit tliey had ti* at th-vir merey, aa
��*��*:����� a lung wav aaajf Irtuti htHW
stA mrnt ot tt* STitnout mt��ttr> Tht*y
���irinoiiind n�� tmtty J*n**S*f, however, a*
w�� :.��� M a tnee^ing *ii��t alt**.**! nnanvvi-
l* pontA a i>***>lulKtn r****hi*tn|t to a.*t***��pt
n..* ?. r,,t* itt-r^rvd and de��ia.-i��tf our In-
tt-ntioti ol going hack eaat an-1 makin-t
it wai'tn tor thcrae fsmftlt* wlio had lied to
* t" trt ua to rttmt* west.
I .-Lu a) utSeiala were ��u��t at1i*t*ter.
bj *>}* f-^ttutKma, tiwi rea*t��n ttl tiVi.
��HHhJf^���.t,,-t., ami jfaiawihly one i-mson h��r
tlifir l.rt'at'h td faith ��tth wa. lietna that
'��.��. is t.J a earhiad cd  Italian* r**aw*rtti
Uk. ..ur |,|at*e* at the rate* *����* reftiae-l
'" a-went* IVciaaihlv a thajen iu t��ir rniwtl
sent to work rather than hit tin* trail
��n tii.- way hack, hot there were a����.��H
,��.��t,l it* trim started for the etnl ot Uie
omd nest morning oo our way l��a* W i��
��rl*od.   Moat ol the emwd want hark
'*a��t. aoine who had money  i��*id theit
jaiv. Jun moat ot them   had to tnm-1
****bo taahinta.   Having friends in Sp*
kao**. 1 eotK-lutlatl tn ��mie hert\ And ***>
I ��ln not know wheUter anv setion   will
**e takfii to bring tlie |��eoj.*lt.  u tio Im*'
'���- *" arvintiit or not    It will nt*obsbl>
>*** .lulu ult to Sa the -*.*a|atii*il.ility. a"
Uie rt.ittrac^ tt��re made Uirottilli an ��''������
I'Miyiutntt a|p,i,t*y.   Tliev dalmed. how*
*^*er. to rep**i��-#_ttt th��* Canatllan  l*a��*ilh'
"If **�� hail gone to work on Hie terms
l-roum-sj, ��very on* ��if na wotiM l��<��vt��
"hll li��an in debt to Hie comimny ot Ibe
mil (,(ti,,. tirat month of ltd day*- *'J' ��*
���"ystcw of extortion and o\*ei*ehar>tiiii{.��a
fril aaflnin and doeki*ge*, tin* men who
,l-u-' *H-eu nt work lor sotne time are
rarely m paMMwelbn of anveaah *oA
���J����i�� ���f t,j,w ujj,,, c\nm.\,m l tia-A for ii
njwmth'a -ttork were worse than tmme ol
tnoae that were paid to SSrtsrn 5oal
Jwrs laiforn the _r**eent atrike, Tltwre
ft* ���'"'���'-iitiafaction loudly etpwass-t by
wnon.m ;,, ���vr.rv ^^n,,,,,,,! and I la*
lev* Uiere will lie ^riona difficulty unit*** die tactics of Uk** in ,���mroI are
speedilv diani*d. A number of team-
���ters who hae Wt, hnuling in aunriliej
clatmetl they |,*| nol \lw[ m mmre deal,
hut IdonH know the nnture of their
etttnplaint. Soma of them refttaed u> do
any more hauling and *uppli<-* were
pottring seara. si litslfrey'a  when   I
A new grain elevator will aoon lie
erectt*.! at I *illtti'<woi*J,liavini{ai*a|au'itv
of one million Imahela.
ThePoalmaatertieneral, Mr. Mttlock,
i* endeavoring to exa**t a po#tage upon
itew*|japer�� ssrrlsd through the mail*.
The Drummond Ornate Railwav waa
����* formally opened on I lot'. *>2nd. and on
Nov. 1st Intervolonial trains will run into Montreal dtreet.
The Bank of Nova Seotia, in conae-
t|uent*��> of it* tncreauw-d assssrs tra��le. i��
altout to own a hraneh office iu Toronto,
whit-h will l*e the firat otfice it lias eatab-
liahed in thiiario.
The lady goiter* of 'hilario. who went
to Montreal !a.*>t week to play ajraitirU
tlie *4nel*v club of (air tollers, liave re-
turned home crowned with laurel*, hav-
won a brilliant game for * mtario.
A rich fJJaYovery of BoUI-lH*aring rock
l,a* Iteen made*on uie farm of Ira
3wa*J*SS, a lew mile* from Jordan, Out.
Sample* whivh luittj lat*n teatetl. allow
that the metal i* there in (raying quanti-
t'apt. Conk, a graduate ot Uie Royal
Military C'olli*g>\ Kuiffalon. haa re_eiv*d
an offer, winch he will likely acvej.\\
trom Uie Imperial autiioritie*. lotake the
(���osition of amMant otht*er of Uie Britain
(rTott^torate of Zanxibar.
An old reaident of retrolia. John W.
("htttiek. eommittetl aukade ou Wedne*-
.Ja\ night, Oct- 13th. At one time lie
waa a prominent buaitie*** man, but
drink. Utat etirae of mankind, brought
him to a priaon cA\, where he hung htm-
\V. A Urenier. the defendant in ihe
famous Tarte tirenier lilad fitit. ban Wen
nmtentetl by Judge Wurtele. to t*ix
tn.ttith*- ImpnsonmentiS gaol. The peo-
|,te BOI look BpQB Mr. Cirenter ai�� a
martyr and think the sentence i> '��'
The t.overnment haa deeided to ���**>
serve the timJ**r belts between.ths
aiatSTD Uimidarv of M.initol*a and the
mmmit of the IhVkie*. ami al*ki on the
*Mi*katJ.-hew*it and in ths Xttktm, soSS
t.t prt-eeiie the young tree* and afford
iVmimiwioner Hen -Inner of the M.mnl-
*i Police writing to Ottawa fays: ���* Pen
t.t* of |n>vi.*aiont* for the d.tg* wire
sltilUHHl with Major Walsh's party.   .
Thia i* t0 b�� left at different
po nt* al'.tig the trail to Uie Klondike
lor use on Julure otvasuins.
the. teller
dealers in
Butter, Eggs,
Cheese, Apples,
Poultry and
The lsrjTF-4 handlrTS of th��*-ve
tr.�� rtls In We4��rii Canada. All
ar.tr li u*-. under perfeet system
of e.4d ��t r.L���.-. Full stuck oanird
at Xflsoo. B. C. Wor i*-kes wrlt>5
or wire
Mi!t..K��T'>f N-l--.il BrsncbPar
s-tn's I'rtrduce Oun|wny
Soo Paciflc Line.
and Cheapest
Route to St Paul, Chicago,
Detroit, Toronto, Montreal,
New York, Boston. Philadelphia, and all Eastern
Unexcelled Sleeping Cars
on aU train?. Tourist Cars
to St. Paul daily, Boston
every Thursday; Toronto
everv Monday from Revel-
Steamer leaves Nakusp
daily except Monday, making close connection at Revel*
stoke with trains for all points
East and West.
Before vou travel get information
from C.P.R. agents as to times snd
rates.   It will save you money.   Applv to nearest railwav agent or to
A. C. McARTHUR," Agent, Sandon.
H.M.McGREGOR, T.P. A.. Nelson, B.C
Dist.  Passenger Agent, Vancouver
There is considerable, excitemen'
iniongttt oil men, owing to a large wel'
being ctruck near Florence, Ont.
Tlie trial ol W. II. ronton
Ql Uie Itominion fkaSS, h** BSW |Oing
on aU -task rim i-*-"}^ ^ Ns***nes
still beHew that tl"- si-etiaad wlaaocstit,
,li��*..,ii_i�� tliedettvtive* working on the
r;tM. think diffen-ntly.    None* evident*
I,w been brought to bsai on the eass,
:,���.l iVintoii ha* de lared that he knows
nothing of the robbery
Subject to change without notice
Trains run on Pacific Standard Time.
From Montreal
t'all'oniis, Allan Line	
PnrUinn, "         |
I-ttrn.l .r.Dominion Line  Oet 9
From New York
fmtrrU, Canard Line 	
F.trurls "  	
t'Miii|utniit.      "   	
MasMtir, WliiteSUr Line 	
Itrutonle "        ���
St. Paul. Amerirsn Line 	
si Latsls, "        	
Stat* of Xet.rrt.k*. AUan State Line 	
Sonthwnrk. Kj>1 Star Line..  SeptJfH
NiHWiilrtiiLl. "  	
CtMn -*\.  I'. ���**, ft *a�� .tiiil u})tranK
|tih*nitetH��te. -It* snd upward*.
St**-*r__v  ISJO anil U|itrsnts.
PMTsWMan Ti'k.*t.*tl  thr usrh to all i��dm* in
Great Britain or Ireland, ami at  S|*?eUlly low
rates u> all pas**** at tl*> F.ur.|r>an CVntlnenL
Prejald l*:i**oir *�� "rranited from ail point*.
Apply to H lHil'(rLASS,.tt*rent.Xew,Deuver.
Oeiieral Atn-nt,
C P. it  Offlcos, Wliiiilnetr
Leave 8 00 A.M.
" S 9R "
������ 9 96 "
M �� 51 "
'��� 10 08 ���*
" 10 18 "
.�� jo 38 "
Arr. 10 50 "
Leave 11.00 a.m.
"    UJ*i **
Kaalo Arrive, 3 50 P.M
South Pork      "     J"15 **
Sproula's       . ������      115 "
WhlKtratK     *'     StO f*
Bear lake        ���*     148 ������
MeGuimn        �����      1 SS ������
Oslv JunatJoa "     1 It *��
Sandon Leave 100 w
Arrive 11.56 a.v..
������    11JW *
For cheap railroad and steamship tickers to
and from all point., apply to S. CAMPBELL,
Sand in. RD
Trafllc Mngr.
* Sunerlntendent
���Msnutaturers of i
Syphons, Ginger Ale,
Sarsaparilla, Etc, Etc
Setxidon, B.O.
Patronize home industry
when you want the best
ixun it. Black's Hotel.
*****-_        -   ���_*��
Hotel, in New Denver, has been enlarged
and all the rooms plastered.       New carpets
and new furniture throughout nmke ibe house
a marvel of comfort and elegance.       With
26 rooms, and its beautiful situation amidst the
finest scenery in America/ this hotel is un>ur-
rabst-d In all Kootenay.
1 II. STKGF, Prop.
% JT
W. 'iii
Ar) Wi
4i '���' i
m I i ���**'��� -.
a. *jr___tft*^n*ts iv.hm ia_,ii_>
The Paystreak.
Is t*��ued every Saturday In Sandon, In thelieart
of Uie j*T\**te��t White Metal camp on earth.
Subscription     - ...    f..00ayear
Strictly In advance.
AddraK Tna Pavstbkak. Saiid.tit, B.C.
SANDON,  B.   0.,   OCT. 3a  1^7.
From the Crows Nest Pass comes a
cry from the laborers ol the C.P.K.
which should receive prompt sttention
from the Dominion Government. In
another column will be found an extract from the Spokesman-Review,
which illustrates tbe methods by
which tbe railroad oa obtains labor. It
is a story of wrong snd heartless deception which all Canada knows that
soulless corporation to be rally capable
The statement as given to tbe
Spokane paper has sll the appearance
of fact, snd is more than corroborated
by Alberta journals, wbo state that
the services ol the Mounted Police
are being freely used to round up
laborers who quit working on the
railroad. This is apparently s modern edition of the southern fugitive
Slave law of olden limes, revived snd
transplanted to what we are wont to
tei rn the free soil ot Canada, for tbe
special benefit of the C.P.R.
It Is plainly seen that the standing
policy of the company Is the same
now in the Grows Nest Pass, ss It hss
been hitherto In all other psrts ot tbe
line, that Is to obtain the cheapest and
lowest grade labor whether it be
Italians, Chinese or Hottentots. Tbe
interests of the laboring class as a
factor in this community never counts
with the C.P.R. That this oormorsnt
monopoly can afford to treat its workmen on tbe Crows Nest Pass road, snd
elsewhere, as hmnau beings, may be
gathered from the feet that fbr the
first week of October of the present
year its earnings were $668,000
against $877,000 fbr tbe same period
last year. This vast increase of income contributed by the people should
be controlled snd used fbr tbe benefit
of tbe people, snd such is tbe case In
all othereolonles of Britain. Under
existing conditions the increasing
revenue of ������our* National Highway
serves bat to enrich a gang of sharks
who are revelling in the luxury of
European capitals white the overworked snd underpaid workers of
all grades in their employ, may, in
order to obtain living wages, have to
go on another strike.
We do not suppose that when the
present Minister of Railways exercised tlie power verted in himotdietat*
but to tbe C P.R in tbe matter of coal
limits, and other so-called rights,
fraudulently given them by tbe Mac-
DonaJd-Tupper combination, tbat be
eoold have thought them capable of
SOcD a slwrt^ftted policy as that of
farther embittering tbe people against
them on the ground of outrageous
treatment of workmen. But we insist
on the government taking up this
matter of the treatment of white men,
decoyed on false pretences from distant centers cf populstion, dumped
down in a desolate region at the
mercy of a corporation wbo have
about as much consideration fbr the
just treatment of workmen as an
African hvena.
Canada's credit is good at home
and abroad. The ease with which
she floated a $10,000,000 loan Isst
week in London is proof of this. The
money was borrowed st a very low
rate of interest���2.73 per cent���the
loan to run 50 years. The Isst Can-
sdian loan wss for &50GlOOrj, floated
in 1^)4 and the interest psysbleon
it is 3.16 per cent. In 1885 a loan
was floated lor $4,000,000 st 4.08 per
cent Of Canada's total delft, $14.'%-
000\OCO bears 4 per cent Interest,
���?.!7,00G,000 bears 3| per cent. $52,-
000,000 hears 3 per cent, $27,000,000
5 percent snd on 11,000000 6 per
cent. Tbe Isst loan Hosted to on the
most fa v rable conditions of any, and
indicates that Canada's credit is yet
good In the financial world. More
titan half of the bonds were token by
Canadian banks and Ittsursnee companies.
It is a favors hie condition fbr any
country doing business on a credit
basis to be sbie to borrow money at
a low rate of interest. Csnada Is
very fortunate. But the question
arises, when Is this borrowing Itosi-
ness to stop? In twenty five years,
from 1871 to 1895, the net debt of
Csnada increased from $77,706,.
517to$353,0r74k9-i7. The last issue
it bonds indicates thst it is still increasing, with no probability of its
being lowered.
Much has being said since the late
bond issue about our country's good
credit all of which sounds patriotic
and fine, and we would not attempt
to dampen anyone's pstriotism, bnt
laying aside all sentiment, to It not a
poor financial policy that compels s
country to vast and rich in resources
as Canada to float bonds year after
year to keep ber head above water?
It Canada's credit ia good enough to
borrow money on, and pay Interest
fbr fifty yean, ts not It good enough
to stand behind gold snd silver dollars of her own mintage, equal in
weight and fineness to the gold and
silver coinage of England or any
other nation 7
He was appointed Chinese itrtsjjts'ctor
in 1883, under the f leveland administration, and immediately alter hit
arrival at New York preferred charges against customs officers* whom
he accused of sssisting In the smug*
gling in of Chinese. He has n��ver
succeeded In bringing snoot tbe dismissal of anv of the men he lias ac*
oust-d. He says his failure in that
direction wss caused by the Influence
of the Canadian Pacific railroad In
high quarters He says fraud yet
exists, snd thst he hat good reason
to believe that men In the employment and confidence of the government are making $IM1M a year
each from the illegal lmw*rwtlon of
Chinese. The co-TUptkm. he believes, from evidence in 'tis possee
akm, girdles the continent Chinamen who have no right to go Into toe
states are ad nut ted sll along the
Canadian border, at the rwt is* New
York, at Seattle and otht-r points
along the Pacific coast
If yew are���
Call at the
kaa *
Hotel Ivanhoe.
',At*ett*l voit ��*<N*Mtias-���� ten.���������<���<i by
the sprats of snddkMt ��vt��aliJt ��)n. i�� .-un**.
drifting ta from a��da***^****l >wmiitn����*"
ooketi th*�� ***-Mtng taait. "IbtVi rwiM
sat taimlss to go to Alaska ��iA be a
*\*o.-wh,'* waa Uir  emphatk* rtntlv
���t.|t'*7 ut l*ll*.rtr_ari ntJ----    I'd tattm
stay in Kanttafky Mai be a m*t**t ���
Mining & Milling Co.
Rand & Wallbridgc,
Mining and Stock Broken*.
Sole Agents for Sale of Treasury Stock.
Thos. Brown & Co.,
8AND0N, B. C.
Carry the largest stock of Mens Furnishings In tbe Sh-can
Everything fhum the finest dandy apparel to the working
clothes of the Miner.        WINTER CI.OTIU.Vrj,  OVER*
8HOB8,    SHIRTO     NECKWEAR,    OWYm,    KTC.
Fair Dealing and Honest Goods.
Come and See t "a,
roast-mow charokd.
Col. J. TlMxnas Hcarf, Chinese In-
speetor fbr tbe southern district of
New York has sent to the secretary
C* the treasury hb resignation. He
says in his opinion, based on (our
years of practical experience snd
Close observation, the U. 8. Chinese
exclusion set Is a farce and hss resulted in tbe corruption ofthe treasury department
Colonel ScharfT Is an ex-officer of
the Confederate army and a fighter.  SANDON.
IP- aWawEMS*
Dealer iq MEAI
���j AT:
iiiiOCAN nT*' *
,ne  IThe Leader
*n sWBET SH��w��M��*        XTmwW to it. having roiiy *;���;������>-�������� i ((^.���-���----���V-*^^
Co.**..��� J^ Vnrkrw����d Fash
* '. 1��� V.rWy ?s��l��B*_ss- tm -�����**-���-.B**_f*l I
W s*1*'*!***^
I...-...-M ask*. U wortl. ttaatMrthBt
!____!* "Jo lt.iM.vlmr IWly I**0***?!
Ut*   ��� ._.fi
2_ t\mm*oa*&* IcE^^***' ��*2 r_
[Brewing Co.
Dreyer & Hoilmcier,
C--_s!��fe'i*^^':ft     ks*"*25��=~--
-.ml    U_-_ua_k_-*ti
The   atirrotintmia     ..      '
* kiW �����?;       .^h  under ltlH
.��� wear, and ever ...._
illry Goods.
1    si illinery executed in ihe finest styles of tha
- - ������* mvto-data.
ill indicstG tnsi ���....-    .���
_L w*.n��tl4J   *_*      iLwdtHV   ����*|     Mav.-VOU   *****���'    *'-''*.' Vl.��v^rrlfOT ft*t,M**n;^ Llt^ureandeq��i*lto��Hyltlon.                  Q   H. DOUOHTY,
JS ^_^*SSS *MSl*= ' 1"-" *^-���W��*^H 1 ^^eZet
Ta      i sa-S-SM tMlBssP ��^* "    _      .�� _.._#��      _���,*��_��
afclra sw ^*^?SmU  Wai a** *
fn,...^^..^ MutmHtPiu'* ta
pa��#**��i*��l "< * rSL <* tit* ��nly SK*-1
TrK Se ��� v. ninff.
���tiv*"    \^-��*i^*timl the ever
with Nr*. ����wrr> pVtm ������...
ur ���lvanUflM��d��JJI     , u^.|h ��
J! ivir v-ejl -��J��*** Z the con
its �� *��*J w^l.v*��.l doubt ma* ilw .
U> l'U��*vT IHJ    ����
ofiirr J^'^y^   lUrrv Wstaj-n
Tiit**iK��s*w J"** vfrtV;���iU' *�����'
Victoria atidi>tw** Sty web some,
nl and irav*�� hex an   IJ        a h,.r
j.r,v.   the ��r.��nde��mi ratm
ecHtiiiiand. Mj(,.r |- rf-rut
M,,u,r '^��> J;! <tu, sain-
rir _,iiy. sacli ��J*22ofl of *���� Utt
mar ha *��** ? Wt" -jiv that hi** eon
t. m UUsu ����*�����   RS-tbgrt U t.. ��*
irilmiloa was f�� -J *Ulc.umtli- of
pr^s the gjtlitoj �� ^pg  else
!,���. a��dtancr._f1**.J|l|ta��Marraofc-*
Ift-attvtming-f****^���Jrt, "Uiwnt a* s��
Inurtalner, h��r   mci-JJ t,���.  ^ro
-.'if B^ii
T1***   1 I ��� *_��."���������* '^a**s��*w~^ .
a uctm OMo StJttdicsts
A UM.a*J v 0ap tal***--'
Al��u* * F* *Jf��3*��_ ��l'w
from   l^tJffeiKe ��"����Bll?l
proper^* ^J^ao look ��^ JjJ
m came J ^ J^�� ��   in a ^iw  i
llttl I*-*** ** -- ,
lHwr made In Canada-
Ll the latest Improvement*.
1 of Ettcrer Bros^	
Dissolution of Partnership.
-    -�����.-.  that the partnei
.._ * ___laaasa.*aae
Di8SOlUCl��n - - - ^p
t.v mutual ^,^(*t-ninlu,1I ****''��f^! collect all
ia.: t***A}tnM ���** ""'laie. The
***\mo\ gf_jT)Ira- *_? J? ��uir the ^
hUlj  ��-������m**^  conducta-^wn't^ortreltc-
*     SoUcitor, .
Notary m^
DR. *. 8. ������"SHALL
���1  untier  ��" ���==-
*��* r TranJ-T^ .b-jOSg1** **���-
Mtaaaa. OQS_S	
tt-tj-LSandun.**' -
w,ll be at M.*tel��i__iw||u __
CartHloate of Impwivanriatitav
Mineral flaim*. situate in tha Slocan Mining
division of West Kootenay district.   Where
located���On the North Fork of Carpenter
creek and ahout five and one-half miles from
**h m*m*mmm   ���HMSr__! 4
Take notice that I, Charles Moore, acting as
* **** J. D. Ryan, free miner's c��*ftificata
***-*->>���--,���*. frca miner's
And You Wffl
Smoke So
Slooan ��-*������ ����'
. i R-t��il
' **>'. WE*-*TERltl-.nt. _.   ,
mmmmmmmmmmmmm*nnm**nmmm       First pui.uv	
mmm                   tt Partnership. ���
No,W ia herehv given that th. partnershin Certificate Of lmprOVeillfntH.
tttneatZVioto^ ^^y^m*^                              MINER.
*_at_doa haa this dsv lieen dissolved hy mu- ���**��� "-unima.
tvial eonasnt.   F. J.Oolden will carry on the situate in the Slocan Mining Division ot West
i naiue... a***unte  all ohligattons of the old Kootenay district.   What, located���In tha
lirn, ami eollaot all accounts Idaho basin.        __,_-,      .         .     .
linte.1 ��t Ssndon. (Vtober 1. WT. Take notice that 1, D. E. Irvine, free miner's
i*t,*,, ��, -��t                  ^   }  t30*-ra5S. certificate No. M.WO, a* ��|��nt. tor tha Silver
WM. K.               " *~���**-������ Mining company, limited liability,
��� **    A- ���**���** ttAUA and for James
^^l*****ll*l***ra__i ufti
t���.      i^^SB?'^-
_-------^B."**5r^*rir- -ars: jsjsa-
���^s35^ "��-a--*-*   tt*SS'.^^Tl^*����*'
iL*_t iikjttit'tti!^
JLLnLLL.""  .I...L,.t   Wli.~.  ...0."'
i_S_fts_le��raS  cra**s*-___r-^ *
NT,. V'��r* Mitici'eofimpro*/.^**^     I   thetopo1the����jP��|knd on theaast
^^Ife��� li%^.w.*-^H��ai
1 ���   S        Mini-""11     I ����.������* ��a*S SS t. ,*_*. ���nSw SS? tort
�� K*" I section M.rot^*L_J!_ia<jateof toi^VtJBT
thitl 7, ~,, i ii ���    t -
.nce<ll ^mmmmmmmmW0*******wmm^^
' im-r
snmmtm tw ������� *'"*"*���
m yl';
,.,. h
' ;fe-l
awalraawi ^ajaafapa 8
Personal Experience Written by a
We left Quesnelle on the llth of
March with 11 sleds and 21 jiien, two
men to a sled with one exception,
but the men all airree now that one
man is the best. Our loads were not
heavy, 300 hundred to a sleigh, and
wheii we got to open country we
made an average of *20 miles a day.
The sleighs were live feet long,
eighteen inches wide and four inches
high, with one,and one-half inch
runners, which were found tod narrow. Two inches to three inches is
what I shall use if 1 go in again, as
a three-inch runner will stand if
there is any crust at all, whereas our
runners cut into all snow that was
not quite hard. We had an example of this, one of our party's being
two inches.
From Quesnelle we followed a
trail that two Indiana from Stuart's
lake had made two weeks before.
For the first 75 miles the winter trail
is very hilly, following the old tele-
frapli trail all the way, and our
ardest work came there. After
passing the Blackwater and Mud
rivers, however, it follows a chain
of small lakes, among which are
Bobtail, Grouse and Chinkat. as far
as Stony creek. On getting there
we found we could hot make Stuart's lake in less than three days,
and as we were just out of grub decided to go to Fraser lake, where
there was a Hudson Bay company's
post, about 25 miles'from Stony
From Fraser wemadeStu-
lake in two days and laid off
three days. From there the
runs up to Manson creek by
wav of the Nation river, but as we
had had a little experience of traveling on lakes we decided to go 100
miles ont of our way and keep to
them if possible.
On leaving Fort St. James on the
southern end of Stuart's lake, which
we did with sorrowing hearts, as it
was there we * had our last taste of
potatoes and fresh milk, wc struck
due north to the mouth of Peace
river, which we made the first night,
about 32 miles, then up the river to
Cross or TremWeur lake and from
there up Middle river to North Tat-
lab lake. After getting up it about
40 miles we struck the toboggan trail
that Indians made for necking into
Manson creek from Kszleton, and
then left the lake, going due east
about 70 or 80 miles, getting into
Manson creek on the fitn of April.
As soon as we struck the Indian
trail we had a picnic, as the toboggans had packed it hard and firm,
and there were old camps about
every three miles along it, relieving
us of the necessity of making a fresh
camp every night. We carried a
fly, which is the same as half a tent,
cut from the ridge pole down. It Is
warmer than a tent, as a large fire
can be built sll along the face and It
* will draw the heat in the same manner as a reflector camp oven does,
aud besides there is the reduction in
weight. We had two pair of single
or one pair of double blankets, and
afthough the thermometer often went
as low ss 30 degrees below zero we
always slept warm.
The snow at Manson creek, where
the companies that are operating in
Omentca are located, disappears
about the 10th of May, so thst operations ean commence at a comparatively eaf&date there.
The trail In the summer is from
Stuart's .Jake by way of the Nation
river. The feed is good along this
trail and about every 15 miles you
will find creek bottoms with gra*s
enough to feed all the pack trains in
British Columbia. About 15 mires
from Stuart's lake there is a prairie
covered with rich wild grasses and
wild pes vine, tt is about live miles
square and quite level. A large
creek bounds it on two sides, and altogether a finer proposition for a
stock mneh could not be found.
Then again, about 10 miles further,
on the north side of the Nation, there
are about six miles of valley laud
that thc trail passes up that arc also
very rich in grass.
On coming out this fall we came
from St. James on the Stuart lake to
Soda ereek In a canoe, a distance of
25*2 miles, in four and one-half hours.
The rivers are easily navigated, canoes snd scows coming down the
whole way all the summer. You
come down the Stuart river to thc
Nechaco and from it to the Fraser.
The country around Manson creek
contains some of the finest hydraulic
propositions in thc country, and
next year there will be numemus
companies operating there, besides
those that are already operating
ground there.
There are two sawmills on the
creek within a mile of each other,
capable of turning out from 8000 to
5000 feet a day, and one has already
out about 75,1U) feet.
Chinamen are scattered alt through
the country, and often make 15 a
day by rocking.
Shippers and Dioidend Paner* ol
Thia Famous District
Below is a list of the shippers and
dividend paving mines of the Slocan
Corinth. ttntanlgo.
fAaaao Be**, Majestic.
Alpha. Maker Maiden.'
Sapphlre-Oem. Oraat We.tern.
American Boy. AJax.
Chamber* Orotip. Idler.
South in e, Argo,
tvanhoe. Blue Bird.
Bast, Ruhy Silver.
Locky A im. Lontlon Group.
Read aud Tenderfoot, Galena Farn,
Howard Fraetion, Montasnma.
Stiver Bear. Phcsnii.
Chaplean. Molly Huahe*.
Red Fox, Blaek Fox,
Texas, Ibe*.,
Stuiaat. Charleston,
Nonpareil. Cordelia.
Silver Ball. Noonday.
Ltw-ky Boy, KalUpel.
G. H. Ayliard. Yakima.
Mviitt*txt�� r areas.
Mottittain Cliiaf,            Alamo-Idaho,
Hlocan Mtar,
Hlocan Boy,
Lett Chance.
Nohle Fits.
R. K. tee.
Tw,. Friends.
Freddie 1**.
Jackson Grnnp,
WsUins-ton Group
Grady Group.
On the advice of Mr. Hardinan,
theasasying expert,, the Kootenav
Land and Development Co. has
thrown up the bonds on four claims
in Perry creek, East Kootenay. The
customs mill  there set up will also
���i i   ...
Rubbers!   Rubbers!   Rubbers'
We arc hru*idr*mnrter��---men,a tat*-1,
children's ana ladies'. For fall and
winter wear.   Hunter Bros.
To Meet the Inereaaod Trtule Una ta Our K>-
;   cent Out In Prices and Good Warlt the
Sandon Hand Laundry and Bath House
WIU* RBMOYR lltirlMg the Coming Week to
Better and More Commodious Quarter, on
BLACK ST., Bet Black's and C.P.R. Station
Our Work Is the Beat. Oar Delivery Prompt.
Otir Prices Reasonable.
(jive us s trial and we will aatl*fy you.
S AID-OS kOWUt So. 1*4. B. #* W. SteaH otwn
Weditcdav at-atttaa *l stVciWh in Vtaw
ford** hall. Vi.lt in. hiir**MaeoHUIlv In tiled
to attend WW. F.*,l,I.*>W*U*C
W. I.WaJUAtta. MB A
J. G. Melvin
Tha n*l|.knor���� WatrhataW ��t�� I
Jaaralar, lata t��f V*��-".n*rr, aa* of
Handon. t.. ItK-af**! at
An��l la fHrapared to do
Watch and Jewelry Repairing
<���*  AM. KIXMV
Watches Claatt-sd,       ���      -      $130
Beat Atssortca* llalasfrmrs.       1.00
The Elite,
I* no* ia**ttatr��r>i to do alt luM >   *
If you   want  tiotol   Muslc
leave vour order ��l the
Slocan Nett>8 Go.
For the Sandon Orchestra.
Prices LresaonaMe. Hatla-
faction (ruaranttitl.
TH05. DUFFY, Under.
And Other Investments.
Every Ki'prejw'iitation  Guaranteed.
Senear., S. C
Stationery, of
Cigars and Tobaeeo.
MerchanU Advertise In the
Paystreak Because It Pays.
*St��*�� l* lh�� I lit,*. |.�� ha��     W* i
laraas* mim-k at AU Tfattl
��� tt\ tl
Queen Heating Stores,
Box Stows,
Cooking Stooes,
Ranges, Etc
Vamp ami **yhu*t **��o.e* mad* la oH
Hamilton Byers,
f ndtaaiwaoH ttnrtwya.       Battmre *i. I I
Tr*t�� taajr.
r. w. emves,
Cioil and Mining Engineer.
I*rr��tIrw-lal l����tr..1 Htir.r,.-r
Kaalo* B.C.
mitarairtaiiit* Hurtarad an.l sssfirt* i
���CAM. AT
waara trait will And a lull Iln* <���'
AMavHoaN Tsbsooos.
ttfarattaa. Wa����. *'��
^liil.   0)
A as* Mas sf Oeria mt*A wokar Okbys
,        faadaa.


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