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The Paystreak Sep 11, 1897

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t-abereri Employed
pat- Roll le Urge** end Proepecte
for Future B-Wtaiai le Beet
Ecer Ka*******n.
M it men fre working and more
���* nuaneni mpfwiwent ia Mug
tiunt* in the gloeen in and around
Snudon than at any time in the past.
Tin' Kuth is employing more men in
tlu mine,aa well aa a number��n
iraged in putting upthe large Uiiler
and compieaMMr. The Slocan Star
t -re** i* ih*�� larnat Arte** the mine
carted.    The  Payne tramway ia
��� uifloving a small army, as well aa
���ii** Urg***** force that it ever had tm
the mine ami hauling ore. The
Idaho mine t* being overhauled and
tlu- ft-ms litcreased vt the mine.
Tin* Xew iVVnver-Throe Forks
wagt-di rood la working M) men.
The Reno Is acting In He force right
Aong. ami oloarinf A* Its tramway;
The NtreaWa* >j^, Oo^iattvcngh. Uat
��� hanee. A*_mrtosUi Boy end AJax are
dirking flitl "Ibroa. Owr -m the
north mt* everything la moving.
The Stirnrsw and Antolne are shipping sttd developing. Tlie Mmikv
"tins ia ImlkUag a tramwav
t��ft lung ttpom the mine to th-* new
��� 'twnvvrator,   and   extending  the
��� <*ad already nnlnhed on m Uie
Hlaek Vox mine. The Lucky Jim
i* putting in a tramway, the Kam
<>i< r (arihoo m starting teams on
their new road, the tftardanelle* i*
Htititig In new machinery, the
Wa.*4imgton mine and c��mc��*ntrat.ir
I* runtune full force, thc (treat
Weatern, Slocan Boy ami Northern
IMle are snipping i**egularly. He-
m*1i*�� these, there are any numla*r of
'���ther mines* some with large forces,
working without interruption.
Thia ia the dull aeaatni, but there
can ma he any doultt that with Mich
������jay roll the amottt of huaim** will
la* j-nvat, and no depresshin can laat
���������ng. When rawhiding cominoncea
Ute aaldltion to Uie numlter of ship*
I'injf mime will he greatly increaaed.
and there ia every reaaim to believe
���Itat Sandon will have the laiaieat
�����ll and winter in it* history.
Report ol the IHietoffiea.
The inunthlv report of the Samion
jriwtofflee for the month of August i*
*** follows:
N umber of i*i_glstere*l letters       Iff
�� nine of atampa sold * 44H IQ
V mount of monev order* ia-
Mted    _*,&7H M
Amount of money orders
paid       249 Hii
The |ataUiMct> t*****eelve�� on an aver-
��*g�� 17 aaeka of mail each day, and
"������nda out alamt the aame nmnlier.
The office in at an inconvenienoe in
attending to the wants of the public
on accouut of the time of the arrival
and departure of train*. The mails
for the K.AS. clone at 12 ocJoak,
and Tor the (\ 1\ R. at 12:30. The
letter* for the outgoing trains have
to la* .i-.-irt.--l, stamped and made
up, and the bags -tent to the trains,
before the local mail can lie attended
to. This 1�� also at the dinner hour.
It la not to be wondered at if the
usual atuiliitg face of Assistant Post-
master Dean \* slut lit 1 with care
when the thought h**, public express
fnglorioua sentiments in his ears.
Trouble at Three Forka.
Thursday waa Three Porks day
at tlie police court. Archie McUor-
vie waa charged with breaking the
door of the Wellington hotel and
also wiUi assaulting the proprietor.
A number of witnt-*ases were on band
for both sides. The trtory was
brought out that after a little game
of cards Wednt*aday evening, Mc-
Corvie agreed to allow his winning),
to be applied on a hack debt, but
after leaving the house he ehaagc*1
his mind and went back to got hU
money. He waa found guilty in
both caaes and lined with
amounting to about *M0.
celebratetl case in Slocan 'ss past history, and made the statement that
there had never been a serious crime
committed in Slocan. If there is another district of like extent on this
continent that can say the same it is
yet to be heard from*
The shipment* of ore from Sandon
from August 1 to September 9, inclusive, 11*17. were as follows:
Slocan Star,
.   1,160   tons
.    1,140
a ,��f*!f?2
Idaho Mines,
Noble Five,
.      235
American Bov,   .
Slocan Boy,
Wonderful Bird,
Total,       . .  4,701. tons
The shipments for the week ending September 9, were as follows:
Payne 315_, Ruth 165, Noble Five
50, Slocan Star 60, Wonderful Bird,
1. K. tt S.; Slocan Star 120, Reco 40,
Idaho Mines S3, Majestic 12, C. P. R.
The Adams group is putting up
permanent quarters.
It ia rerorted that tbe Payne has
struck a large body of ore* in the
lower tunnel.
Butler and McNichol have made a
good strike on the Mountain Scenery, a claim on Eight Mile creek.
The Laat Chance struck ten inches
of dean ore and two feet of carbonates In the No. 3 tunnel Thursday
night When in 240 feet.
The C.P.R. intends building a
switchback from juat above the
tiaughter house to the Payne tram*
way, on the level of the K. tt 8.
E. Ross and WiHiam Kleinberg
hive made a good strike on the
Four Bees on Glacier creek, opposite
New Denver. A good ledge of gold
bearing rock, with indications
large dimensions, has been found.
Letter from Taylor.
A letter front J. Tavlor. the man
taken away laat week to be tried tw
Arimnaaa for murier* haa beet
etiyt^.sddh-gat'U l*a JL A. Smith
OeNen Mrct* askingt-Jwin tofeflhfat-
���4odt|n thji Selkirk mine awl seed
the monev to him at Mountain
Home, Baxter county, Arkansas.
Bespeaks confidently of beingac-
1.U00 quit-red, ami says he expect* to get
big damage* for false imprisonment.
He asks for the Uajal papers commenting on the caae, and signs himself **J. Taylor w^th aa a*any aliases
ai* vou are jnind to add."
Mrs. 0. D. McMartin haa returned
from a summer's visit in Victoria.
George Stott, manager for Green
Bros, at Cody, was down on Koote*
jaav lake a few days this week.
KJtf. H. Jones ol the Mosrfaader
At Work on the Sunshine
W. H. Yawkay is working 30 men
tmaeveral claims on the mountain
seuth of Sandon, the Sunshine Mining (Vtmpanv's eight claims and the
Minneatiu Silver Company'* two
claims. Phil Hickey, who has re-
aigned a* superintendent of the
Idaho, is iiianager. Work will be
continued with the intention of making steady producers.
Sandon Comedy Comedy August 21.
The Sandon Comedy Company,
have in preparation and will present
on Tuwrfav. August 21 the eoinedy-
drama entitled, "Mistaken Identity*
or the Tranti*' Recreation. The
plav is full of fun from the start,
ami will la* put on by old time artists The company is not a limited
one. and everv one will la- allowed
U�� take as much Am as they want.
Cot Nine Montha.
The two Uiieves who stole Jtwsie
Cook's Jewelry in New Denver this
week, e>vt nine months in Kamloops
at hard labor.
Slocan Necer Haa a Serious Crime.
Constable Mountain war asked
laat evening to give a story of ewe*
land.*^. C��� Who has, be* otTo#n��
vacation to the coast #ies, pawled
through Sandon Saturday on his
wav home. He tavattossland is on
the' mend, and will Hie better than
ever this winter.
Church Set-rices.
The Rev. Mr. Glassford of Trail
will hold diviae services tomorrow,
both morning and evening, at Spencer's hall. Mr. Glassford takes the
place of Mr. Menzies, who preaches
in Rossland. ,  ��� .
The Methodist church will hold
regular services in the new building
morning and eveuing, Rev. A. M.
Sanford pastor.
Father Poitras celebrated mans iu
Sandon last Wednesday morning.
A Pturru ia Leed.     ,
Last Thursday The Paystreak
bulletin was received reading:
"New York opening 531; futures
$5.30 lead." For a while lead was
a more popular metal than silver,
but it did not last long, as a corrected bulletin changed the tpiotation to
"New York opening 531, futures 53;
lead *%*. *' The mistake was made in
transmitting the ttlegram.
Siloer Quotations lor the Week.
Saturday, Sept. 4,    -      tVrJ*-
Mondav. Sept. 6, I**** dav
Tuesday, Sept. 7, - J*��
WTednesday, Sept. 8, -   on
Thursday, Sept. 9, gi
tTiday, Sept. 10 -      -   53|
Saturaay, Sept. 11,      ��� *H
Tuesday lead was *}3.85, but on
Wednesday jumped 15 ctmtstoW,
with all probability of its going still
Qaarege Aylard is eraetluc a *ASm bailrlios �������
Savaath street in Saw Daaver.
Jo* Fletcher, one of Kaalo'* moat popular
eitlaeras, sra* In Sandon yesterday.
Okanogan potatoes won aallins In Saw Deii-
tm kkkt waak at oac earat a *-aaua4.
Wnilasa ttWra Ma amnk* iid Uat Filberi
UlnJavarataa City eaa*ij_f ia
ariaataoraat at a sastMry at Ssa*. a
Saws Oa. has
Uw tmrn cala-aar a e_��ar*tWtl
Blazer. *_-..
"laa first eon��isnm*n)_of taa katattt *tyle> iu
faUaaiUinery has jiut boen lauelvsd at MIsm
Thar* i* a bad habit anions 'soma ehildren
on the hill of fooling with th* pa.tsin* park
Janie* Delaney i* nnder medical treatment
in 9an Francisco. His health i* rapidly iitt-
IH*. Milloy, who haa been on Slocan lake tor
a weak, ha* returned, lie has moved hit. nfike
ttt hi* old quarter* in Black'* hotel.
The running horse Wyanaabott, owned by
Mr*. Barger, will be raffled at the Waldorf ho-
tal thia evening, Saturday, September nt, at:��
J. C. McPoadden, late of the Slocan City Pioneer, ha* returned to the United State* wi th
ont consulting some of hi* creditor* in the
McCarthy, the man whjo escaped last week
after robbing Lillian Myers, was seen at Xakusp the day after the crime, hut is still at
��� A hobo stole Harry Sheran's coat in New
Denver one day thia weak. Harry found the
brake beam touriat wearing the garment an.1
thumped him to a aero finish.
A Chicago sausage manufacturer ba* fonntt
a new use for bad tempered wives He made
hi* wife into sausage meat and saved the expense of seasoning.
Tbe six-Inch pipe for the connection across
the creek, below the Kootenay hotel, ha* arrived, and i* being put in position today. A
good fire pressure wilt bo had from now on.
A letter has been received by the local
health oflicer from R. B. Leach, M. D.. of Minneapolis, offering a specific preventive fur
cholera. Have the undertaker* all gone to
Klondike, or why ia it we have not heard from
A surprise party last Thursday night made
a call on J. A. Smith and family. About 90
people were present. The party was a farewell to Mr*. Smith and daughter a>ina, who
leave next week for a visit at tbe old home in
New Brunswick.
i\\ ���
& ��� i
m i.
fif i.
-J I
il ��
I n
���a-,   t: * '.-'
*. *H-.-'
ih ,
*****-  TT
i ?���*��� *y
Harrowing  Tale of Cholera  in
San Francisco Examiner.
Causes Excitement on the Outside
and the Sending of Menu
Inquiring Telegrams.
Last Saturday a number of telegrams  were  received   by different
citizens of Sandon   from points all
over Canada and the United States,
asking about the  cholera and anxiously inquiring if friends  were all
right,   r or three tlays it remained a
mystery  how  the   outside   public
could have got the erroneous impression that there   was cholera in Sandon, or anything else to cans.* alarm.
But on  Tuesday  the matter was
cleared up by the arrival ofthe San
Francisco Examiner of September 3,
with the following  astonishing telegram, dated  from Tacoma, and un-
der a double-column '���scare" head:
''Cholera  makes  way to Sandon"s
homes���Plague  in a town of the
North���Alarm among many jieo-
ple in B. C���Residents leave* to escape the danger of early death-
News of the  calamity' received
from a Tacoma woman^s husband
���Miners desert claims which last
year had been purchased at fabulous prices -Houses over a sluggish stream   The place visited by
the dread scourge located over 100
miles from Rossland.
"Tacoma, Wash., Sept. 2.    Word
was  received   here   today by Mrs.
John W. Breciitel from her husband
at Sandon, B. C, that the people are
fleeing for their I ires from that town
on  account of cholera.   Sandon is
situated on a narrow gulch leading
to Bear  Lake, about  150 miles to
the east and north of Rossland. Tlie
houses are built upon piles and posts
over the small  and sluggish stream
which  runs down  the gulch; the
stream  acting as the sewer  for the
entire camp.   With   thc subsidence
of the  spring  freshets and partial
drying up of the stream, tbe serious
conditions began  to create alarm,
and life became almost unbearable.
Doors  were  kept   closed and  all
means  possible were taken to lessen
the evil, but to ho pur[��ose.   A short
time ago cholera broke out, gathering its victims at an alarming rate.
Sandon is the center ofa rich silver
bearing country, and it is  looked
upon as one of the  most promising
silver camps in the entire Rossland
field.   Last year a great rush  of
miners and speculators made Sandon a  lively  mining  camp,  and
claims on the narrow gulch sold for
fabulous prices.   Now many of tbe
richest claims have been abandoned
on account of the scarcity of miners.
No estimate of the number of deaths
has been received."
When this was read in Sandon
thc first impression it gave was one of
amusement at the glaring ignorance
displayed as to everything concerning Sandon. "Inhabitants fleeing for
their lives;" "Sandon situated In a
narrow gulch Jeading'o Bear Lake;"
"the houses built on piles over a
small and sluggish stream:" "life
almost unbearable;" "many of tlte
richest   claims   have been   aban
dotted;" and all the other misstAte-
ments made it look as If the funnV
man had taken the telegraph editor s
place. Indignation, however, that
such a report about the town shonld
be published broadcast was freely
expresst*d in the most* vehement language.
As a matter of fact, then* has lieen
but one death in Sandon since last
April, that of a child from natural
causes altogether. The healthful-
ncs* of the camp is remarkable, aud
especially so, being a new mining
camp. The sanitary* work is thoroughly done, the water works derives its water from a system of pure
mountain streams, and no place in
British (Vrluiuhia or in the United
States Is in healthier condition than
Sandon at the present time. In
fact, the doctors here have so little
business that none of them can afford to advertise.
Sandon people are still in the dark
as to who is thc author of the libel.
The John W. Brecbtel mentioned in
the dispatch has been running a
barber shop for some months down
on Reco avenue, but has sold out.
and left last Sunday for Tacoma.
There is a difference of opinion as to
whether the man is "nutty", or
whether he Is sore on tin*'town.
There is a iawailri.it v that he merely
wished to discourage his wile front
coming to Samion, and wrote berk
harrowing tale of the conditions existing for that purpoae. If this surmise is tlte correct one, Brecbtel has
certainly a Mm nuchauscn ability of
no small ca Ii Int.
But, however this may be then*
can be but one opinion of contempt
for a newspaper, so called, that will
print so important and hurtful an
article iu its columns without attempting to ascertain how much,
any. Irani there was in it. Without
doubt, the Examiner has established
its reputation in Sandon aa an ex-
|a>nent of cheap sensational journalism, without conscience or sense.
Any reputable newspaper would
have taken the trouble to telegraph
Ui Sandon and have fonnd out as to
the facts before printing such a dispatch from a correspondent in a distant city*. A journal that will publish such an untruthful article to go
before the public and frighten relatives and friends outside In guilty of
a criminal action, and should' la*
suppri-ssed by law.
Urgent Mill In the World.
The Tread well mine on Douglas
island, Alaska, will soon have tbe
largest mill in the world. Its capacity will la* 30) stamps and the cost
of treating the ore Is variously esti
mated at from 80cents to $1 jar too*
There are 7,000,(100 tons of on* in
sight. The next largest mill in the
world is one of 2H0 stamps in South
Tlie Illecillewaet district* hitherto
rarely noticed, is coming to the
front with some splendid showings,
the Blue Bell being the most r<*eent
surprise up tln-re. This claim con
tains several stringers ten to twelve
feet apart and from a foot to three
or four met wide, containing verv
rich derosits of smelting ore running
high in all values. Tbe claim is la-
ing developed.
It is estimated that there is over a
million and a half dollars worth of
ore in sight at the head of Libby
and Fisher creeks, in Western Montana.
Town !.��t* antl a new dwelling
house for sale In New Denver, Apply to   Thominox. Mitchku* A Co,
The Sandon laundry for lirat
class work. In the rear of Spencer**
hall, nothing mended and buttons
sewn on carefully.
Ja��k�� Knit
A. B Ht ��!*����
In Any Quantity
Anthracite, Canmore, N. W.
Blacksmith  or Stove Coal.
Cody Aoenue, Sandon.
Emporium of Fashions
Ua*e nvottmd a ri��ti*i�������tkr, - ,,f ,*.,���
iotmt *ttl*��4n
<Wt|��'*t���� tlte Jul .... *, ,1, t-k_._-_
Partial.. S*mi*��rt 'Var.li, ���M ���,_?,
aa* other.
l,e��liW Knrttlalttna.  Via* **���!.. ��|,.��aM I
.lerwear. aitat *t*rr*Mn�� la it* :.�����   < j
tttv <kMwt* m>
tJitttnerj axecatad In it������ ttt.*.! .uk*.��*��b.
art. ���
tt*rt>..��atakit���� a ���$��. tattv *   ��� r*t-��<>-.lat��.
We at* liairtti** ta l#����l ii, ..., :������, _����� i _>��� mu1i
*��itwmted l�� a* ail! rareita vin ���-.    ���
Mra* O. It. Dot tlfiTY.
oxtail*. JSrjnaa M��w**. H-. ������ v..   <*��������>.
Diasolulion of Partnerithip.
Satire i* here*��t five* tbat ihe poetmrmkip
Kf>rr>l<*f.mr*��Mtnc Wt-aaen th* ��n.l��t��l��itr*4
as miitttts irroker. ha* tht* day ���������*-*�� di-anltad
hv tttntnal r��a*aat    Wm. C Helta wf|| pmj all
jf  lUMIi'r** n-i-lr'>llr>rr all *.������ >Mii>t*
I*at�� I al .*Wlt>��, Au*n.t AA 100',���
^    ���**'_.  V fi
law ��� ���amrssuraa* aarart
u\mm k sUittt,
���r-iraaf.'ai nans** i.iisassa *
Gold snd Gold Ores Melted, kenned and BonghL *
P. a Bex 179$.     Spoltane, Watfe.
W  I*
Cwrttftcsts of Impravasasnta
Situate in the Si**.at. alin.tur tH* uUm ot Woot
Km.��r*M��- dt.trtVt VVrj��r�� lor-afed Stmt
town uf nandon.
STaha natla*. thmt l.tteoroe ,\U.tan>iet.!r*v
iJn***/* Lj-e-Ttte-r-at* Sa *Ut*x a* *��*<..�� f��r ft,
f. I-Wi*4ar.f**a* mlm**'. e^*Htea*a %.. ******��.
M W. MtVay.tt** mittmr'* ***tTAi6*ate ,\'�� ts,.
ost.andtt tLMeVay.trtt* miner* mrttkeo**
Sa ��Ij**A. intanrl. alat** day* tram thr* date
hmte.,t. to atn.lv it, the *����ld ��-omt��i**l�� �����.�����* ta*
m eertlieale afimp*w***n*ntn. tat the parvomn
at ahioinln* atrawngrant ul the *>������.> .'aim
And farther take native, that ad****** -la On.
mna* ha meat ta tha ��oM ��**��������� loiasOrtter and
artim* t omme����**��l helor* the L.wat.. #��� of .nt h
4**f*tAtt*a** ot im nr-.r emeri tt
Ikated this lith ��tar *f A ��trtt*i. lawj.
O   AIKXAM kit
Hate of Sr.t naMu *tr..n, Ana* *l. tw'i
Certlfleats ef Imaeavsmeeita.
Hltnatr. In the rVacas Minina IH*Linn uf West
KOarfettaV    rliatrHl.       Whe***.     Im��l,��1 ..Me*
tween the flaleita   atwl  Mauri  R   mitten,I
Halm* ��n X'nhiV tVite mttiintala.
Talte i��*��ti.*e that I. A. ��. Farwell. a��vnt fttr
the I*a*t Chaitfe Mtott^t mod MlUinm enmita-
ny ftonhtn . liwa miner'* r-artiArat* Jin wJitl.
tntanrl. sltctir .lav* frnm the tiate here.,1. to a}*>
ply to the mlnittc rernitler f��r a renin, at*nt
tinnrrr��eiti*-ttt*. for th* |mrp>��a�� af i.l.taitLh.jr a
rmfti srattt <tf the altove claim
And farther take n<����lr*e that at*lIon. nmler
**M"(ii*n At. mit.1 he "i.ninit tir*��<l lw>tat�� Ihe l..tt-
a nre <>f *n**h r-ertlMr ale r��f itnurrtvement*
rtatetl thi* *rth .lav ot Aaiy. irtt-j
._.      a.1 ,,      ,       'A a KAiWKM.
I lata af lir.i unt.lb-aii.rii, Jnlv to, IWd
Cartifieats ef Imprevsmcnu
Hitnate in the H��o.-an Ufniita IUvialrtn uf UV.I
Kootenay   district.      WlWe    UVl dn
Corlr/ t>i*��l.
Takejrtoito* that I. Ja*. W. Lanhv. free minattt
iiartiaeate So atj*n, iittemi *Itit <lav. from
the date hereof t.. h|.|.lv to tha minins rat-ord.
arf.tr a i'#rtllh?ata -rf impravainantt for the
mirpo**.' ttf oltiainiitK n nrotrn jtrrknt .rf ihe
aliova ftalm. And further take nolke Uial
action nndar *m*tl���a st mn��i he eammaitaatl
Itaforathe Uaitaine of *ti.-h fertitii>at��-of Im-
Itatad thi* nah duv of Jul v. A, I�� iwif
JAM  W  f.F.AHV <tnt*teai
Uat* of nr��.t ptil.llt-atloii. July St, t*.;.
M. LeGRinnEH
Notary I'ulilir.
SANOON.       -        -       BC
���asaarw a aaw a m
KAS4.0. - a c
Will Ira Si WtttelJtalnw .<-*.. in K.
****** a wwhoh
lttit**teWtrttt allt.it Brokers. H\m
Ageot�� tot
TeatWtataOtilaCoaaalMatas M.a.-Q Co
Utwlfr-d   JUalrinit.
Ot*w   Patt   Mmitat  ana   Mini����  Co
l.!n*tftrtt lataMiiiL, BJmVh
Selkirk   Slinlng and   Aliiliti;  ''"
Idntttetl l.laNlllt.
itt-arm i Bnt *. ���
OASttoS.  H.  V
Csrtmeavts ��f Imarsvamtnt*
tUMtX MINKHtl t I l \i
���.itnala In tha !*ttasan Ml* ma t*o to
K .aulatray dittrtV I     W lot* I >" m����-��   ****.''
petit** **r***kt alo*wt on�� an.l t^rr-htl' ******
�������.��* the town of C*��i,t - .
Take   IWtla*   thai   I    A   !*  Karaell   aa*     '
lUhat-t   Wiitsata.  Sa   .*;*������*    Atdmi    -    ���
firtarkhanaatt, Xa tom. at. I tMi.. Mi-    >
f*J**% Inland. *t��lv da*. fr��i.. <���>- ' ��� '
tauptdt ta lira minlitjt trtrrrjada* t..r . .���r��i��
cate<diot|*r��te��ttrTtt*   tat   Ht**'  |>"'1-��������� ���*'"'"
laintn* a t:*t*wa  grant ��1  Uw  *<
Ararl fttrthar tak* ttoth* that a- n  ���
***ftU,u **:. r_4,t.l  I*. miiimaf .-I  ���-><  '��� '
.���*anaaoJ��M��*h*"airtSa��a��'"** IlmW*>."��   "'*
lialeri thia toi dat of Jutt  ia��i���  ���,...,,
a. ** r \k�� m 1
llaleaf HM fSlMIr*lh.lt. Jul* ���>'���   I** -:    __
Csrtifisats af lmproe��*������'*'��
Iflnaral elaim*. .Itnat*  ������> ��ha��h* "  "*'".'"'f
divisional Wa^k'tiaaoat dl.lr. '      ���'
laratt-rihi   tl*a   Korth  r*..rko   �� ������.-;'''���'���
rtaak ami atwj��t lit ���>�����.!...... I..'? """
Thrae W,*rkm __ *i 	
Taka snttVa that 1. Churl.. M**.**,
aaanl tot A, Ik. H,vstt. fire miliar -
Xn ��_.��*rt. and CI'-?'--* V����h����. ������>.��� ..
e*r*At\e*ilr Hn ttAfin, in?, r,.l   d��!i    'V *,',?*
tho lata  h*re.d.i.itii.idv   t..  t!;.
eorthjr forarartiSVaia rd ln.|.r">.'
_fahtalnin*a��r..'�� 1--"���<���'
tha totri-raa of ohtalnlttff a ��**������**" *'",",
And further take tmyte* H��.H " '
***<*ti����l�� If, m��*t   Ire  <'OiameiL.-*������' <������������"    "
stmnt-a of #t����ti r'artlllrata .���� imnr��>* ��� ���'���'"'"
llara.1 thl* l*�� dav ot Hep*.. \"'<
Flr.t frihtlestlan, **.*nt  4. I*'*
MerchanU  AdvertlAC In the
Paystreak Because It i*ay* THE PAYBTBEAK* ^XDOS, B, c, SEPTEMBER ll, 1897.
Tbo force on tha f^termrise will soon
he incrt*a*��Ml to lf��, and the outwit will
makf thin mineon of the big shl|ipeia.
Tlie Tokos will Ufce from VaUK-ouver
on hir ii*?al trip to Kngland shout 300
Jn, oi British Ootaml*. wwnsigiiod
;��� the Maantrawatntdtar In Wales.
Wi stnu Oyney, baa left tbe staff ol
Tin I .r-irf for s short time to do Klon*
dike tawiDt-aa lor a New Yorkps|��r. He
will u- suiioned st Hkaajaway for several
Ta-.. third* of tha Dixie Hummer,
situati ��1 on the divide Imtween Howson
ami Kotir Mile croeka, have just been
���.tjit f.*r tr��.t����. W. H. Yawkey and J.
ji Kurri'll are the |i*sjtuMme*rs.
Tin* road  to Three Forks Is going
_)H*��.i mptiil*/.   It can slreedy be travel
M a* Ur aa the Mountain Chief.   The
grade *t this end kt quite heavy, but be-
*,�����.. tlu* Mountain Chief it will be on a
Reports from Trout Lake state that
that -. tion is being putdi**l forward
vnrv r v, i.Jly. the uwvement twine great-
h ���ntiiiiUted by the late big finds made
titer**,   t)i��   rack   aaaatfinf  b%h   itt gold
and copper.
TV n.inal U-ators of the Fidelity
have organist?*! s coHttajrative company
to work the rlsim snd shin ore. It ta
capitalised st $30,000. F. L. Byron in
mana^vr of the proner. and L. F. Holts
an.l ..8. Wiltiatason cottstitute Uie re
maimler of the company.
New l��nver ia not a city ot hotel* on
...a-*ir,.*.t. It la a city of home*, snb-
nunttally built, wall laid out, and pro
tided with every moiiem convvniei****** it
is j.��-.iJ.i> to get. Otlsetta of New l***n-
nt arc here to May. The erection of
r-s.-l.*tut-a gurwrapidly ,on yet the demand
lor hotnss ��st**s*da this attpptr.
Satnntsy t*mmlaff at a oMettng of tbt>
-fatter.)   ct.mmitaw** of tha  Ftftft  of July
t.'lr*.ration, it wat decided to donate the
laUnrta in tbe ti*astsry, about |25��. to tbe
mail fund. It waa the twifinsl intention
of Ute o.rttunittee to tarn over a hate* eV
surplus therv miaht be to the l*n.l Km-
to ht-lp them ia tMir ef*brts to reauit tht
band, but altar duly r*ai��s*dering Uie
matter the bead withdrew in favor of
Ute mumI building.
Kli < arpanter aad Pater McNfrhol.
who left \mjm% *x**yk tor Wroonton enrout,-
(or tha great untmown Klondike gold
fifiiLia.a ,U go up tbe Peace river an far as
'���aait.lt* Una areason. hunting ami ttap-
ing enrtMite, and will there make them-
mAvn ...mfo**ublefor Uie winter .aurting
early in Uu* spring for new fields in th *
Klo-i.like district. Mr. Oarpenler ts well
���long in rears, but* being SaVtistomed to
tlw hardships of ntountain life* eipeet*
to *. itlier Uie northern storm* and
conic nut all right. His partner Mr. Mr
Nichol is a young man of great physique.
������>��� >M��n,>iu-*9d mountaineer and miner.
They tro trell provided with fund*and
��il. Umi the gold fields if money, pluck
���t-1 .'u.lurance count lor anything.
Monday night the house of Ells
Rrn*n waa entered and a trunk and
<<ni.nu Indunging to J��*saleCook, one
"' ihe iiittiaiea, cairted away. Tlu*
iihliery waa reported to Officer Mc-
\*"*i mui Tuesday nwi*niiijr he arretted
Hugh |> l>avi��aiadClMa.Ht*avard.who
*ere found aal,r*tp in their tent on I'ar-
���'iit. r creek not more than ion yard*
���'"���" the honae. tm their peraona he
onnd artirte* taken from the trunk
���OA ��n the |wiili close to the tent a piece
of jewelry. In the bush close by the
trunk nnd remainder of the stolen arti
ww were found. The vslue of the
ret���iivi.red prtn>ertv Is ptacetl at f-JKVt
no men arrested are atrangt^ra in this
'u<i>ity and have the aniiearance id
>��rd working men. They were
Hv��'ii �� itrellmlnary hearing before
M'tr-.Mtrntn lUahdsl^Vwlneatday morn
���a" nnd taken to Kamloopa In the after-
nnon for snte-keeping.
A .hooting gallery in a tent has made
ltd sppearance >*xt the Silverton News
SUvertqiiiana will tiits winter in spite
of weather and hard timet, tunoke the
Trail Hiaier Cigar.
Tlie Fidelity nUrt work Uiinweek with
a force.of ten men and an early shipment
of sixty tons will be sent out.
Tlie Townsite Company are laying
sidewalks on Fourth street and Hume
avenue. The clearing up and grading of
Lake avenue in looked for daily.
We leant with regret that Horton Bros.
sre giving up Uieir buainess here. Their
stock will la? taken over hy Crawford A
McMillan, who have rnwned a branch
store in the Townsite Office.
The Hotel Selkirk was formerly opened ls�� Friday. The house contains
every modern convenience, and the dining room and bar are fitted up with all
Uie net*t**s*rte* and luxuries of the Slocan.
Last Satiml ay evening Countable Hamilton swooped down 'Tike a wolf on Uie
fold" ami Mixed Uie bank of a Black
Jack game in Uie Victoria Hotel. The
players and apecutort* scattered, but not
U*fore manv names were taken. Blue
papers will be out in the next deal.
The only mine affected by the decline
of silver "in this vicinity will be Ute
Fisher Maiden. The rumour Utat Uie
Wakefield waa to close down is denied
by titose in charge They will empiov
in the nei|*hhorht**l of thirty men all
winter anil will be shipping all winter.
All the other mines are doing well snd
work will tie pnitgreasing on all with
Uie alwve exception continuously.
Mrs. II. L Johnson has returned from
the east.
John Plovart has built a neat residence on .***locau avenue.
Ten-tiers are out calling for the building of a lJvesbyU*i*ian church.
The old wharf is lieing rejiatred and
put in shape for tbe w inter trade.
It la said that James Martin will be
the new landlord at the Nakusp House.
Mr**. F. VV. Jordan's camping party returned to town Friday on the tug Fawn.
The steamer Nakusp waa stuck in tbe
rapids near Ute mouth of the Kootenay
on Tueeday night. j
The second deck of tbe fart steamer
Koasland is on and the machinery t*
lieing put in position.
W. A. Wilcox is in Spokane enjoying
the money he bell bis creditor*, out of
while tu bUftneas here.
A new matiager is handling the cleaver
in McCart* '* butcher shop. Pmhnhsa
returned to Bevelstoke.
I'enelle & Co. are running their mill
full blast In three days last week tliev
���awed 14&.000 leot of lumber and now
Save over one snd a half millions of
feet Idled ill the yard. Forty -five men
Thomas Abriel. one of the oldest and
most enterprising citUens of Nakusp,
has a two storv buUoJng on the cor
ner of Shiran avenue ami  Hn��t��hva>
nearlv completed. The Dominion, l...*-
the customs onlee.
Work will commence ion .the Mollie
next week.
���.in.h and McMillan are working the
I M Aahton. ofiTacoma has six men
(,,ve,oping    S>   *���    Mmn,,am   ��"
Melkmahl creek.
An intereHt in the Silver J^J*
beensiddto aC.l��sgjiwi-j;,.,,w.n> through
their agent. J.0. IVvlin.
The Mill* Mack. Wolf, indejiendence.
Wk Eagle snd the Maxwell group of
claim* sre to be crown granted.
It. 8. Burton and McLean & Sons have*
applied to the Government for half mile
placer lease near Goat Canyon.   Five
other applications are in for ground
near Blue Grouse creek.
Clark and McGinnis are sacking ore
at the Chieftain group. Some of the
assays from this group show 22,500 ozs.
in stiver and 115 in gold, while average
assays give 8,000 ozs. silver and $85in
The Silver Queen com pan v might
have lost the most valuable part of its
property. Most of the work had been
done on an unstaked fraction, a fact
that was discovered when the survev
was made.
J. T. Nsult has his new house well
under way.
The railroad wharf is to be increased in length and capacity.
Captain Seaman and Engineer Christie
are the owners of some choice lots here
and will erect residences st this port.
The Sampling Company has not yet
commenced building their works, al-
though the machinery is now at Arrowhead and Bevelstoke.
J. Bulger arrived yesterday to superintend the building of a transfer barge
and tug for the Slocan hike trade. The
barge will be 160 feet long and will carry
eight loaded can.
The new buildings at the Whitewater,
which were occupied last week comprise
as complete a mine camp as any in the
Sloesn, affording ample accomodation
for over 100 men. Work is now under
way on a new ore house at the No. 6
tunnel. More men are being taken on
at .the mine snd the force will be
steadily sdded to, ss it is the intention
to hsve 00 men at work before the winter
sets in. Although large shipments of
ore have already Deen made, practically
no ore other than that taken out in development has been shipped. When
the owners of the Whitewater decide to
go in for heavy shipments some astonishing returns msy be expected.
The Provincial Government hss made
a liberal grant for a new school house.
Five lots have been purchased snd grading of the site is now under way. The
budding will cost about $1,000.
A well organized movement is on foot
to establish a hospital here. The Ainsworth Miners* Union have granted some
$300 or $400, which has been in the
hands of the treasurer of Uie organiza-
for some time, to the worthy project.
Dr. Fleming will hsve charge.
Hunter Bras.,
Headqiutrters  for
Groceries, Harclwm-e -
Furnishings, Miner's
We carry Everything
Sandon and Rossland.
If you
Waot a hat
O anything in the line of
MEN'S WEAR call on
3   1____^J1   VJS   VV   Ilii    **V1V    ^frVkJftlt
Men's Outfitters, Keco Avenue, Sandon. B C.
Dealer irj MEATS
: AT:
���M '
1 >���;
' i 1
The following is a complete list of the
mining transactions recorded curing the
week in the several mining divisions of
the Slocan. Those of New Denve * were
ss follows :���
ADO 31-Glentrood Slocan Lake. A K Fau-
gaier, Cam|> L->dg��. Wltoon, Chas M Bt*t��r*ter,
Kasttrn Tuwiishiit,same.Geo LMcNichol.
Sspt 1-Mooa Fraction, Carpenter. John 8
Parker: Plato. Oarpentcr. Charlott Heuderaon;
Mildred S, H L Arnold, Lulu Fraction, Noble
Five Mountain, J Q McGulgan
Sser .-Emi-rea*. Wilson, O l-Miiieur, Prom,
Carpenter, Kinll Hendrlckson; Dump Fraction,
McGulgan creek, M J Sweeny.
Sbpt S-Skylark. New Denver. Wm Harker,
Helouie, Four Mile, W S llorton; Little Tiny
Fraction, Last Chance Mountaia, Jas Latbotn;
Angus Fraction, Galena Farm, A P McDonald.
8srT 4-Delaware, Dardanallea harfn, Theo
Petolnrt; Siwwf-torni. Cai-penter, D M Etongarrl;
DonUnol, Wilson, Geo M HuWr.ll; Hwodo Frac
tion, Noble Five Mourtain. W W Warner.
S*o*t 7���Nelly Rae. New Denver, Tboa M Rae
and Gordoa Sutherland.
Aco SI���Kootenaiait, Lone Star Fractton.
8S-FT 1-Surprl*e Kxtenttlou, Bine Jay, UUzaanl.
Starlight iFracUon, Silver Cord, Little Widow
Frat-tton, Flood No t. Blue Grouse Extettaion
Skit S-Pot*dei*agjld, Holder, Banshee, Buabab,
Lune Lake, Bed Gauntlet, Laat Lake, KaaW
Nest, Kuaslihl, Bryan.
Skit 4���Neglected. Sliver Moon, Vyser.
Skit 7-Amerkaa Girl, Washington Fnwtloa,
Kokanee, Stormount, Naoma, AUegaah, Prince
ACQ fl���Forest Fire, _, Wm A VanTaasel to
Jeaste Helena Nellson, July 5, SL
Ao�� ��-American Boy, Setawuaa Raaa and
For-rte Draiel to The American Boy Ma MCo,
June__,��. * ~
Joker FractkHi. Robert UagUI to Wa Call*
haa, Aug t, a.
Ado *>-BUck   Knat Fi*acttoa. J, Joaapb A
Otto to F B Laata, Aug SS, ��1
, Omego fraction, Tboa J Dmahae to Jethro A
Smhh. Aotrtt.tl.
Braid, Jutim Riser and Wn Braid to R**a*tnald
surangeway. July 14,49
nAro*n-4k_U_uia,CMCbwperColea toCbaaC
Iron Mask, A A McDoodl to Chaa 8 RjuMaU,
Kor*4ewdan. Frank M O'Brien to WkKonsiu
Consoildated Mlnea, Ltd. Aug IS, *L
JrW��l/j^_3_*tf *��� w
*in\*^Xn%kSm'' H,cto*to
Bmporturn. ij/t, A D FarraO to W H Yawkey,
J**!*"*** %m**1*stJ********  LUIv,  Lucky
Mors and Rebound. Her-tar A Boas, Thos Wall
and Daniel McBae to John Vallance, Oct i. St
&*-**. ���? A Hickey to Sun-bine Mining Co, Sept
j****nportuin Fraction, ', P J Hickey to J D Far-
rd. Sept��. tt.
D^Bmnnwr. J. P J Hickey to 3 D Parrel,
Sep* s, *Sf*x>.
CrtmRoads,DRMcLean to SK Green. Feb
jHdeltty, i, F L Byt-ue. to L F Holts, Sept A
Cj***-* Jack, _* L F Hote to W Lliyr
^CrMker Jack, *, L F HolU to A 8 WUJUmsoo,
^%WMy, i, F L Bryon to A 8 WUIiuaaon,
fertobte, W D Honon to B Grw-en, SeptS.
M85__L*'"_C PB�� *��� "ss-sT- M4rsw to Angus
Martinson, Aug l.
Silver Moon, L E DUkr to W�� Glynn. Mil of
���ale In escrow. Sept 4.
8_w7-8tacjW,VIS, GeoW Hughes toPeter
Larsen, Aug at.
Aite*XB.^M:?AJ" M �� ft��rf��to
J-bpt. �� -SUvr Queen, Skyl!
Nhraitd fuck, Sniiley, Grain!
t, White Star,
.  law*, IMam-
otrtlJoe, L-ikiVra-oud."
��� Starr. S-Indlana. Liberal. An-*wd.  Alma,
Peacock Cojjjjcr. Orlando, Imperial, Hor**shot��,
Good Lock, Kaslo.
ADO. ss-Netlle |. Jas A Sprfrs lo E Ruck.
Nettle I. Jas A Spelrs to J *rV Pttwi-rs.
ADO. ir-SU Uoturwanl I.   Geo  Ilagtajrlta.
Harriet K snd Psalter's Dream. 4-&, Aiidiew
Mutter and Allen Krurt*hak-r to J H McArthur. t&
Alameda, 15. Allen Btjurchler tat J B McArthur.
Dora I. Allen Bouchler and G L Past toJB
Iron Duke, tiwdenoagh. IVacock. Black Oww,
4-5. and None Such and June Bug. 4 10. Sam Don-
mote to J B McArthur.
Skit. 1-Llttle Maud and Granite, t. D RCi*afta
to E H Thonillnatn.
Ended, Then F Adams to Frank Towaaaad.
Sarr. s-Skylark. A E l*rtt*t�� and J W Duncan
to Wm A Stack and W D Jarkman.
ado. SS-Sunsat. B Fatituer; Btim, Jeremle
Dobillard; Salute,
Auo. M-Fallab-ff. John A Btoo;  K AB, H
Ktopacb; Mountain Beaver, Tboa Drydan.
KHrr. 1-Erne, John Milter.
Sept. 8-Blg Head, John   KaBy  and Oeo
a?.��:_^^_*J*?m^tmmo ^dsu.,Aao
N cholson and A Hague; Nabon. A Btooakwlat;
Nlghtinirate.GeoShielda: King *tot*m*fn7E*t
-LtM-aUa: Wild Horas, Aiuart i_iadaadChai Bere-
���trom; Boy, aame.
*_%!* ���"-ft***01.'.-? **I-1r*\*M. Mike Dcswloo;
*n**A*\m^^ Jaummfi^
Johnaoo.Sam OtSsa, Nasi Magnuaoaaad Oscar
��ohnr��n: Rob Best. ** KsnTlMd: Gem Frac
ttonal. J B McLaran; Bonanaa, LOSymona;
Huri^t arid Surprise. L ffceradak; Gwrgto.j'
Aoo. ��-V_rglBla Dm, Bt-Gottanl, Glacier.
Grutte, Native sliver. B N A, Black Eagle. Ver-
non, Yukon, Humboldt. ^
Ado. jn-Homaboe, Elvira, Marie, May, Hel-
S^_?_!_?<g5�� AJ��'* Il%,l*��\.IS**l_ '**m' ���9*rf
Skit: l-Jumbo Fraetton.
ADO. JT7-B * S. J F Vates.
ADO. srs-l'ubtt Du Lac. Lachlnt and t'aawrttf*.
A Caaattte; Good Hope, A Brown, F Cartaoa and
A Morrison.
ADO. au-Rudaluh. W Ttwmltaaon; Rtwetnsry.
H liagllesh and A Haines: Sll Milfurd, R Green;
Chacellar. F Hr**Tta*a.
ADO. Sl-Klumllke, D McLr.nl; St Utnat,
Sett. f-ChlUwt, B B Shan**.
ACO. IT- Llbby, Ruby May, Trentao, DUo.
ADO. **>-Ibe_. WMstler, Slocan Bob, Glen.
ACO. 31 -Doily Varden.
Bsrr. l- Silver Dolter.
SSTT. i   t-rrtrt-sUMtf.    .
Aco.av-Guhl King. G W Staftrrd to A W
M8srr i- Early Bird and Keoo. J, J Ttattajr to
*VC McKlnnon.
D. W. Moore visited Sandon on lion*
Jno. Vallance, New Denver, regiatcmi
st tbe Ksslo Friday.
A. J. McLellan. of the Kimberly mine,
Sonth Fork, wss in Kaslo.
S. A. Mighton sod J. M. Kelly, of JJan-
don, were in Kaslo Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Braden, of Helena,
Mont., arrived in Ksslo Monday.
Geo. Turner, Superintendsnt of the
Great Western mine, was in town Monday.
W. H. Jones, editor of the Rosslander.
was in Ksslo on Setai-day, returning
from s visit to the coast.
In clearing away lor tbe aboUnent for
the bridge to be pot tynyr the second
crossing of the Montesoma road over the
South Fork of Ksslo eveek, ibe workmen
discovered snd staked a Has ledge show-
injT good aanjpies of galena.
The K. A S. received their new rolling
stock Sunday, fifteen freight ears and
twopsssenger coscbea. Ibe ftsawmger
aisches,which are InxnrianUy uphobter-
ed and besoUflnlly finished, will add
greatly to the comfort and convenience
of the travelling public on this line.
A rich strike was made on the If ilUi.le
claim at rVhitewater on Thuraday hut.
In the incline shaft lieing sunk on the
vein, at a depth of ten feet, six inches of
clean ore and carbonates and two feet of
scattered concentrating ore wss found on
the foot wall.   The ledge which ia 18
tt^-"? ��^ "*��� ,�����������������*<*��� * strong and
well-defined, and aa the ore chute is
widening with every foot of depth great
re^tsareegoectetf. A doubs shift will
be put on and a 50-foot eresscut started
immediately. The shaft is within 1,000
feet My an air line of the K. AS. track,
jutording excellent shipping facilities.
Httrveying is to be commenced shortly
face rights will be sequired ss the claims
have Kane valuable Umber. The Hillside is one of s group of lour claims lie-
i&i "'a0-*** ���"? P"*"" Fortinr who
Ther* *a* a ne��ro prttaclier, 1 have ttorud,
in Staithrru parts b. tort* iela*UloM sUrrtaS.
W l*> tlld not spend his stmiirth In fSW aoaad:
Hb was a mind I.Mvarttlmr and pnmfmmd.
other* mbtht beat tha air and atake aoatn,
And help lo amuse the stilt girts and boys,
Hot as lor him. he waaa man of ifeasaht;
Dtvp In Urrearkaty. allhcrujth uuuuitbl
He hhM o*a read tn* wrltf. Iml he **a* whs,
Aud knew 'right smart*' how *�� eabm-aaias.
One Sundav asorn. when  hymna aad ptaytrs
wer*>��aid. .  ���    _
The isvaeher rose, and rabl4ng up hi* head.
���Brvdern and *��l��i*>rtn*. and c��i**a|*aniW dear,
IKir prrachmwrt for today, as vwu aball hear.
Will be obdV rreatlLtn.- ���oh de |*at,
In which God lashlon��d Adam, de ar*t maa.
When Goal mtde Adam, ta d> aacatat day,
He tmde htm toady out of earth and clav,
He shatH him up all riebl, d>a hy aad bye,
He set him ap agin de Irate to dry.'
iswmtbs on the Lower Fraser. n,iii.^L
valley and the Okansgun *,U*S
waa now on her way to Fort Suvi,. _iu
visiting which district ibe wmM _��_!_I
via tbe C.P.R. for Kngtso-l   MH72
or. wider the twm-de-plt-*,,, ot Ff^T
Mr Sab. baa sJready prepartvi ��,,������. vm
slusble liieretnre on tii,*-���,!,.. ^,_.
egardinr South Africa, ths Trwu.3
>od  Itecfaiianalsnd,  wlu-rv *>,��
eight roontha of tssl year.
charge of development*
���Stop.* said a vtate; and a*��-algli4aray lb*
An ancient iw-gro. to hb) matter'* rkttbn;
"Tell ma.* said he, **batrjrt> you IsroVr go,
One little thing which I should tike to know'
It dare not quite myt themgh db) nhop-r'* bar.
How e*mm tl*t tettra *o talra aad handy dar r*
Like one who Is the mad h< ththfly stark,
(H- rate nonplami'd. astaKt l��h��*l. iituwd-rMrarh.
Tlie prrafh. r totaad mteeely ����tbe pea**.
And robbrd hie hair to know what ***<tnje to am:
���tlrwlrtnt.'' *aM be. "dl* wotd I hat. tosay.
tie *e.*at her eaitt tr* brtb. r.tl ta dl* way;
War, If he art. il * Just like a* oat
Our wbtrle thwohwy *UI be apant **
-'���tMnom I Iteiatais
A   STBIKK   OT*f   flATMOK   < MKKK.
Two tons of free gold rock fromGaynor
creek,in theLardeati cvmntt*yjr4iipped via
Trout Lake and Nakusp. was recsttred at j
tbe Kaslo asunpler on Saturday; Asasys J
of picket! apmrnens show values as high!
asfll.-MO to tbe ton. Ilw rock i# pro����-
sidy ss rkb ss any *re**ari*re(l st Uie
sampler Ibr some time, snd stums free-
gold easily visible to tbe nike.1 eye. Tbe
slii|>rnent will sample over $1,100 to tbe
ton. Tbe owners are non-committal re��
gardbagtbe nature of thetr find but claim
tbat tbey will make further sbipmeats
in the near future, The strike bas oo-
caskmed much eicitement amutug tbe
1 ardeau and Trout Lske p**rj**faw*tofe.
Mist Fiaser, s jimrnalist and sis-
titoress ef *vmn ability, was in Kssl��
on Saturday night Miss Fraser writes
lor tbe W'eetmtnsteT trssette, but is at
present preparing s work on tbe''Agricultural Kem*ort*ee of British l^umhia,''
to be gotten op lor the t-eneflt of agriculturalists of Great Britain. To a representative of Tns rAVSTsxAK Miss Frsasr
itsted tbat she had spent some two
''Yes,** said the man from tho w��g
'���he was very lucky. He went i0 ��ywm\
Iv dlta**nveted jjfold country. t(l.j ,��� \m
than  three weelts csnie   hnme auk
''Tbat paid him well for hi* tun*. ���
"No; 1 wont go mint a* to t_y that
Yon see, he had tbe ILOOu wbea be
started.   But he wa*mig*htv i.tniuu-ia
be able to gold onto It.**
dealers in
Butter, Fazixk
Cheeite* Appltw,
Poultry and
Cured Meat.**.
���d tfa-w
St Wataara <*aa**t*     Ail
sadev pWtaSl *i*t*ta
sf **rli asntase-   Wait **u*k aarrwd
at jTsIssj, n V,    W**i few*** Witt*
P. d. tSt'asRt I
Maaagar >rl *t.**w�� ttrsat-h i'*r*>
asrae |>atut*a VUmpmny
:.:. ������*>:.
Hotel, In New Denver, haa been enlarged
and all tbe rooms plaitered.       New aarpeta
and new fbmltnre throtgboat make the hi aw
a marvel of comfort and elegance.      With
28 rooms, and Ita beantllnl situation amidst the
flneat scenery in America, thk liotel Is unsur
pabted In all Kootenay.
T., pr!,, oi bread ia going ��P as tbe
pcJ oTwi'<-**�� sdva-aeae.
A tnililary ,M^t^ ����� ^'^^
, Toroo'" b> ff�� w ine K10**********'
A*ilv.r I nl. vein, seven teet wide,
< f*,.n struck in Bsrrietownship.
. rut price ol wheat I* steadily rising
I, ��� ibJ farmer* are excei*tbn|rly joyful
T>���. iron mines in the township of
IjiJik *r��* *r*'*ng ro-or^etitrfand worked.
Th. Yotmir Liberals of Toronto will
(JK \ haiiquot to Sir Wilfrid l_*-nrier
���,* coming visit to tbat city.
\ ,��*�� i��! front Winnipeg remrts that
C *W crop of l**7 is now almost an
niA weeess, both in yield and quel-
The Montreal exhibition was a failure
ni, rear owing to the fact of It not
ing properly advertiiwd by tlte direc
Xh.> (attadiatt lioveriiinent wUl make
t,**t tht* (alt of an overland route via
EdsNatioti and Peace lUeer tolbe Klon
Udv Kukjtairick wUl j^iWtn the
0*010$<. f��niotty st the Toi*onto Vk-
- Era Kx|��fj��itiwn on Tnetalay,
I u  ttst
TV tir.t aJttfrtnent of apples from
��.la for i***? left port on the ****-ini-
ip totalis, lamnd for Glasgow, on
been viaitin-r Petrolia with a view to
leasing lindeveloped territory for oil
operations. There _*. ev, rv indication of
a eusy drilling season.
The apple crop of Niagara district ia
a failure, but of peaches, tbey never
had s la-Ut-r crop. < if ��*rn ���,.������*. the quantity will j*j. i oiisiijrnii.lv hIhivi* average,
but |a*ara w ill be below the average.
Tbe steamer Telegram from North
shore of Ijake Superior reports im
tnens-f* gold Iimi* in the vicinity of
Mo Jiij.a-r.ti'ti River. A Montreal syndicate ia said to have paid $l'j��,ouo for one
Oeo. II. llsmilton. one of the oldest
and nin.1 prominent mem ben, of the
Montreal St'vk Exchange, snd also an
active member of the Kmal Ft. Ijiwr-
ence Yack Club, died at 'Ilarval, Que.,
this week.
About eighty of the members of the
Brttiab Science Association, which has
just closed it*'wtli Annual Mtvtinsf. at
Toronto, will take advantage of the
excursion!, to the coast, arranged for
their benefit.
There Is considerable talk that Sir
Oliver Mowat will release Valentino
Shortis, the donble-dved murderer of
Vallevfi.dd. It i* rumored, that Lady
Abaraeen jMwnisedl his mother that he
Would belili-eraled.
The Canadian canal at SanH Ste.
Marie was blocked on Thursday fur
altottl t-lx hours ami traffic was delayed
A steamer snd a schooner beeatne
wadhpad hataooatliB canal beak and the
pier of the railway liridge.
who are anxious to do what any self.
r6**^'.1*1* mm m*y do to cultivate
friendly relations with a foreign state.
This element has little or no influence
upon the public administration.   Then
there are million* who are quite indifferent and do not even employ the English language for ordinary intercourse.
These people also bear no relation to
the foreign policy as it effects England.
In fact vou can go over the various
classes of citizens in the Republic and
find that those elements which, in a
warm   rontroversy,  could   compel a
friendly policy towards Great Britain
are disorgAnlsed, ineffective and practical! v impotent.   This fact is perfectly
well known on this continent; Englishmen who are governed by preconceived
notions, or are influenced by pleasant
social experiences, hesitate to accept it.
They often  ask:   how are hostilities
staved off if the maintenance of international friendliness is so frail a structure ?   Mainly by the immense financial
and commercial interests at stake, and
also because the United Statesians are
a practical ->eople and do not believe
in any war unless it will bring solid
advantages and is pretty certain of success.   The situation is now understood
by the Imperial authorities; the people,
we infer from numerous letters in the
English press and editorial articles.
Then look at the advertisement which
Canada would secure through such a
radical departure from conventional
methods. Half tlie wealth of the country could be exploited for the benefit of
individuals and the other half for the
profit of the country as a whole. Thus
the Yukon will become the trial ground
for a peaceful conflict between individual and collective effort.
fari-Ur* have been doing some active Two biryclitts stole an unset diamond
.ork ii IV.winanvUle.^ettton and worth WO from under the not**.of two
H'UOhii , and have w-cured a fair  clerks in P. Vi   Ellis  aJ.ol,*ale jewelry
itm>imt of plunder.
Ttjefir��i )<*.> miles of ibe Crows Nest
|**�� lUilasv will prubablv lie complete
A bj Sov." t*t.   Four thousand men
tt rnga��iA upon it
A llrli I I'lciibmfe lineman, 'named
.Hn Radfteld, fell ont of a thinl storey
imijoa oi an bttttd In Insreratdl snd re
���..��! ta-.ii,.- aerinus injuries
Th-* sump mill at tbe Bannovkbum
bin.* has Itcrn refitted with the Ule*t
l-.ai'^.veiii.nt.and la t*ew crushing from
lltWo to. v'hleen fftmM daily
A ihrw* t ear-old bov, son of H, Wine-
|r***leo.( Juthatn. fell into six teet of
[���tier in a .v*.-frait   well, but wa* mir
j��a��loti*|\ saved from drowning.
l\ir**> men In attempting to eroaa the
river ahoti. the Palls at Niagara had
iJwir U*��t upset and they were swept
I'-v-r theiatarad and di-Wppeared
A Woodstock lady Invested ���**���� In
'M'hicn^. a beat market recently snd
J tbettther tlav rtnelved word that her
l��r***ttnent ha*yieldedIII.otjoIn profits.
A nttlesnake bit the thirteen-vear-
��� * i ttsttKhter ����f Isaiah Williams, of the
J\ Nations Riietre. near Rrantfnrd.
it'ilc lt..|��. t* entertained of her reeov-
Tht* High GottH of F^tatem Ontario,
^���"pendent Order of Fon*aters. tadore
Tjwbgtheir ine.-iiiijr* nt lieseronlo de*
n<lit| III   I,old their next  m��*eting at
A > ��>iitv_r Toronto man, i s*ne<10tor **i*
g ' wiMtian, while bathing in I**ike
i""'''"' was setaad with cramps mil
Wort* antatanee could reach him was
It ll  a-M-rted  that the  Duke and
��**m o| York have acceided the in
fWUm uf sir \vnfr.d Unrier to visit
$*tn\-rVI S,,ri"K' on *** wny "���
Tha ('(iih,,,,,,,,^,,, Sanitarium at Ora-
,,,l��^ was formally optnttHl by Sir
��� rcdith, in the presence of a
"a,,"r ol dlstinirulsheti visitors from
���tore, Toronto. The diamond was found
a few hours later in a pawn --hop. but
the thieve* have not yet lieen caught.
The report*, from tbe Hastings Mining iHrdrict are verv favorable The
officials of Ihe Canadian Gold Fields
(o ff.tmiti-t! aev they aref-attsfied with
the shipment* of gold Jtricks ami an*
buying all the properties they can procure.
The time for Canada s Greatest Fair
is at hand, and it promises to fares
reed all bygone fairs. Excursion trams
rn lining from north. *>o*_th, feet and
*-.'-,< ami with the socially favorable
rate* made bv the railroads a greater
influx ot visitors than ever l-efore t*.
expected. __
41RKAT   ��RITAI?.    A>��   THK   ��������**���
Tlie truth I* beginning -*1 penetrate
the unwilling mind iu Great Britain,
It bas bs* been hard to get Etigli-hmen
to see that the "tie of kinship" with
the Fniied States does not regulate the
Covernmeiit in that country. There
sre manv. perhaps M*veral millions nf
sensible: frlen.ll> people '���' Um ���s��������"'
who nwpect England as ��� cuntn . who
jook upon war as a hideous blunder and
Since it is possible to enlist men at
low wages to fight for their country, it
ought not to be impossible to enlist men
at good wages to dig up gold for tlieir
A batUlion of Yukon gold diggers
ought to be organized and sent up to
work tlte alternate claims which the
Government proposes to reserve.
Then* might be difficulties In the way.
antl all <<f the gold secured might not
reach)the national treasury, but if the
Yukon is a* rich a* they say it is, the
Government ought to pay off a good
part of the national debt with the proceeds of its activity in the gold fields.
The lives of each one of us are links in
an endless chain.   Whitter, it was, who
describes life as "a cry  between the
silences."   That is a lonesome view of
it.   We are living expressions of the
dead who rest from their labors.   One
generation is but the custodian of that
left by the preceding generation; we of
today are tbe custodians of the future;
our lives will mould the lives of those to
follow.   An unborn generation is within
us. For them our every-day life is preparing a gloomy or a glorious morn. We
are shaping the Uvea of those to follow
by our strength or by our weakness. To
live means to turn the back on inaction.
A slothful life is not a real life. We
must be eternally- doing. Enemies ?
Yes. Human nobodies have no enemies,
but he wbo goes forth with noble purpose is bound to run counter to the
legion demon of laziness and stupidity;
gluttony and filth who cry out "leave us
alone; what have we to do with theeT'
A black bear would persist in prowling
around the! Surprise cabins, on Foi r
Mile, up to a few days ago. A loadeu
gun was placed in a hollow log not far
from tbe cabin, and when bruin crowded into the log in search of something to
eat, he pulled tlie trigger snd death
came to him in a rapid and efficient
Even tenderfeet are prospecting every
Slocan saloon for the Trail Blazer cigar.
Kootenay Mercantile Tailoring Co.
A full line of
always in Stock
J. R. & D, CAMERON.v
\Vll. tl "���".������It, >.j-L   ...   '��
"in. Meredith, in the presence of a
wnuVr of dUtiniruUh
���Id ibrlck   from   Mikado
Br3wi.it:,   Malting
Distilling Co.,
The Largest and Most
Complete Brewery in
British Columbia.
1-srnf.t hiiiI "rtwit selected stook of Wines, t*rnors tout ntmrs in
Driti-li OolamWs.
Lsfteal ��ti��l l*st eonlppea Bottlli* Establishment in British
C.ilnml'iit f..rt'��rhontitt*��l drinks.
Ajr��*m*- for tha celebrated bord Nelson Cigar*.
\V��huvf e.ts'.lNhed �� branch hoQSS in San.lon with Cold
Rtttrsm for l-aner Beer, ami are prepared to compete in quality ami
nri "*��**.list nil comer*. AU our C���rbonttt��d l-niikn and f.aaer
\\e*t an- niHi.ufactuml from distilled water and guaranteed
��� hviniciVllypiirc. Pnrt it-sin, or who contemplate Koin�� into any
of the** nes will save money and time by .lealinir with us. I util
nr eatablishnicnt is ready lor business tn Sandon
, I '.natfe, will lie slwwn nt
,;;r '"<��� .Kxhibltlon; also a niece of ore.
I,, |jj[^n, w��.ght fnnn the Koley mine
1  Vprnl AtntiHcen s|HHitlaiorM  Itnvr
We can
j^ltflel^ve toMfrom ^unpJa^in^rrdlmtihours.
Mr. II. K. Kiutt will r,'i*re*.*.iit u*< i"
Sandon and the Knt.tenay district.
For the present address all orders and liiqiiiries to us at
The Kootenay Brewing, Malting & Distilling Co.. Ltd
I was sitting1 ont on the guards of the
Telegraph, one of those elegant packets
of the line which carries passengers and
freight between Pomeroy, the salt
center of the Ohio Valley, and Cincinnati, late one night in July.
It was too warm in the stateroom and
so, with coat and vest off and slippers
on. I had gone out to sit on the guards
and catch the breeze made by the onward motion of the, packet, and to enjoy
the soft moonlight and its weird effects
of light and shadow upon the water and
trees ihat fringed either batik.
It was after midnight, and the merry
party that had made the cabin floor
vibrate beneath their flying feet, had
deserted the dance and were tossing
about in their heated staterooms vainly
imagining that they were sleeping.
The Telegraph was taking on a great
pile of freight���pig iron. The negro
roustabouts, each with a great pad ou
his shoulder, were coming and goiiur
like a long line of heavily-laden ants,
chanting a strain all the time, that
seemed to encourage them to greater
The time, the words all seemed barbaric, and closing my eyes, I no longer
saw the packet rocking on the water,
with her great beauty of outline and
colon uor the huge pile of pig iron, nor
the sleeping town at whose landing we
were lying.-
A great sandy desert, dazzling from
the hot light of the sun, lav stretched
measureless before me. The water
elms over there were the tufted palms
of an oasis, and the dusky negro roust-
vbouts had been transformed by tbe
magic wand of the moonlight into'Arah
camel-drivers who were chanting their
barbaric chant to their camels.
Bang, hang, bang! "Lively now!"
Chow T Chow 1 Choo-o-o. We arc lea v-
ing and mv camel-drivers are untying
lines and falling; over each other as "they
rush onward to hoist the swinging stage,
and bring it around to the front of the
The mate VLively now !r haa ceased,
when suddenly away back aft I hear
the plunking of a banjo. Plun. plunk,
pliinkety, plunk, plunk. Not the high
clear "plink" of. the silver-rimmed
beauty, which was the rage of society,
but the deeper "plunk" of a genuine
old-fashioned banjo, the pride and the
joy of a whole plantation of negroes.
Listen!   Someone is singing:
"HamLineit am tweet, and hst-ou rnest am good
Possum meat mat hery, bety Boo.
Oh bow I wish you'd fret um, Oh bow I wish you
Dai water tniiynn tu.n<*ing on m vine."
It was first chanted by the ptaver
alone and then the chorus was taken
up by the whole crew of roustabouts,
who had just come aboard from Ave
hours of the hardest labor, and yet. toil
all forgotten, their deep mellow bass
and their clear tenor voices sang out
above the noise made bv the wheels of
the boat, making ont of that senseless
ditty the sweetest musk I have ever
I asked the clerk, who had brought
his chair out there, if he could get them
to come forward where I could gee
them. He went aft and called them
and they came.
There were about ten of them, all
great powerful-looking fellows but one.
e had a banjo. He was a slender fel
low, below the medium height.of bright
yellow complexion and glittering little
black eyes. Climbing up the capstan
he hugged his banjo to him as a monkey hugs a kitten and then struck up;
"Ise trabelllnfr brtck to Pixie.
No more l^K-riDeta wander. .
Rich and deep came the mighty roll
of base and high and clear the tenor.
It seemed that the very moonlight
vibrated with the melody.
"I went down to Htilloh town,
Yah, my Lawd, irwine to inert you ���
Hull-frogs kicking houses down,
III meet you by and by."
''That is the worst darky on the
globe," said the clerk.   "He does noth
ing but pick that banjo nnd spread that
mouth ol his front ear to ear."
" Where is he from r I asked.
"From everv where and goiug back,'
was the replv.' "I'll last a cold hundred
that he and that ban jo have been from
Pittsburg to New i Irleans 50 times, ami
he has always got plenty of money.
He's a great i-ntp-sliooter, and with all
that wide grin he is a very devil. He
will use a razor or a knife quicker than
greased lightning."
''Does he work ?"
"Who, Billv:*��� No, siree. He says
that a gentleman never works."
'How does he pay his way?"
"With that blamed old banjo, and
shooting cra|��s Those darkies drew
their pay todav, and they won't have a
red left hv the time we reach the levee
at the citv. Billy will have every cent,
they will (have some nasty euts, aud
three or four weeks in a hospital or au
easy bed in mother earth. Just listen
to liim sing. He knows there is a harvest to gather."
'���Ho* the tjorn. Hue de eon,. Moses.
Hoe the oorn, 1*11 m.t��t yi��u by and by."
"Yon notice when he talks or sing**,
he does so like a regular Sambo, but
that little yellar devil has had a good
education.' That flat talk is part of bis
stock in trade," continued the clerk, as
Billy flung his banjo in the air. and
caught il, still keeping perfect time
"Will they shoot craps tonight''" 1
"Yes, keep still and I will get them
started," was the reply.
He called Billy up the steps and said
something to hiin. He went back down
the steps, and suddeuiy called out:
"Go away, bsnjer, dis nigger am tired
ob yo noise. Come lebea, come Teben,
Ise" got you niggahs right in deat* old
It was a challenge for agatne A
great big brown fellow took up the thai
lenge with:
"Come on, ole punkins, I'se yo
Soon, with .eager dark faces, tbe
crowd were gathered about tbe two, as
with glittering eyes sll aflame with the
gambling fever,'thev alternately shook
in their hands the little bl.-uli-dotted
allies of ivorv.
The sat or knelt, a compact intense
group, every nerye alive with the fa*
filiation of the game. Their dark faces,
picturesque in the moonlight, some with
tips parted and white teeth gl a ning,
they looked like a band of pirate* dividing their lot, their ill-gotten spoils.
The dark gambler was winning, and
he showed it in the trembling wav in
which he shook the cubes, in the flam
ing eyes alight with greed for gain.
Tn the songs I had beard or seen the
jolly, careless aide of the negro. I waa
now seeing him in a dangerous and
darker mood. Billy appeared utterly
indifferent to his losses and was merrily
leading his opponent on. Suddenlv
with a fierce oath be challenged the big
fellow for a greater stake. Carried
away by his own eagemess.the brawnv
Titan accepted and threw on the deck
a handful of bills and coins.
Billy's eyes gleamed as he heard the
noise of the coins. It was his turn to
"Come seben, come Teben. um ah I"
The yellow hand gave a queer tnrn,
upon the deck rolled the white culies
with s rsttle. They righted themselves. Every one leaned forward
breathless with eagerness.
"Niggah, dat money Is mine," shouted Billy.
'Sam, dam's not do same bones dat
you trowed." said one of the group,
snatching st the same time at the
ivories. But Billy plucked them out of
his hand and grabbed the money from
the deck with a curse that was more
like a growl from between his set white
"Look out, Sam; that yellow niggah's
got a knife!
It was too late. Quick as llifhtning
something gleamed with an angry flash
In the moonlight. The rouster had
Billy by the throat.
A flash and the knife with a horrible
sound has cut Its way through clothes,
flesh and lame lo the heart. The black
hand still clutches the yellow throat.
Another flash, a curved flash this time*
and ihe tdac'. hand !ta�� been almost
severed at the wrist. The strong Hn
gum open slowlv, as If in reluctawe
The little fellow with a quick spring
shoves from him the body that a moment before was a man filled with In*
tense life. It falls upon the deck with
a thud. Tlte rou<ttaltoutM. with iniraea,
rush upon tbe murderer. Three lime*
blade flashes in the moonlight, a quirk
upward spring, a splash, he haa lca*w*d
Pop���pop���pop���pop. Tbey empty
their revolver* st a Idaek speck away
out there in the river. BDyaitM off. leaving a triangular trail as a musk rat
win n he swims.
"Well, Sam's done shot hi* last crap.
Oat Banjo Hilly is a slick duck wid a
knife.** And with thi* funeral oration
the dead man passes ont of their lives.
Tomorrow night, hack aft, the same
rattling of the ivories will be heard :
the same "Come seben. come lebero,*
while eager eyes look on, in whose
depths slumber*, and light!v slumber*.,
dark nit let*, murder --iHmglasGrcgory
in Buffalo Express.
Miss Fraser, well-known as Frances
McNab. spent a few hour* in New tJ*n**
ver this week.   Miss Fraser is vtsititt* ;
British  Columbia br the pnrirose  of
writing about it* sgricultural advantages'
to the English farmer.   ***he was delight-}
ed with New lieaver and say* Uiat u ��
���toe-wry around it remind* her .,( oj.
Highlands of HcoUand on a grander and
more extensive *cale.   Mis* Frtuer w,
Hir    *��� the Trail Blaser cigar _nd ���*���
he lights glimmer on thc divert shore
To the People
of Kootenay.
Hatty hmto rtsswlvsrS micmut
��VwS��   My Optical   teepmria,et,l.
Why not Yon ?
WSSB    WSMS  �����*""**>   trt**t   ......,,,on
SpaslMsliM ta tola. aa*t ���utfa-r-
���rg tVwfjjt ayw slrtttn. <��u.i_(
M*���ommU*mdo*he. stir.
II will may yoo. t*�� <..,_.�� i.
*a*t*r*l*�� mad bur* ,��,��. , ,r.
mtnm^oAy tawdmd aad Bttadwnb
swltjtblf gtasss**.
Tillsl��Its*.,ral. rwtttr,i, mkao
ykmt tawatkta arte** team It*.
r��arll���� Kyra��labl. *��a .t,..���*4
ts* *Ut*md*d 1st St wo*-*. I h.,��
mm* ml the h*mt I r ttt I em*** ....4,
a��t4��*t_�� gi** yww Ibr Iw.i *er
Eyes tested Free.
��. w. ��miM*a�� r t
l>fr4itT|ju��. SsMt4*Mt.
H. Giegerich,
Agenta for
Store* at Ainsworth, Kaslo and Sandon
ItouKRT Macdonald
Nkh. Macdoxai.i'
MACDONALD  BROS., Proprietor.
Rites fl.OO to f2L50 per day. -
Heitdrjnarteni for Mining Hpeculatora and CapitaltoM.
Reco Ave., - . Handon,
B.C win*"
BIlVA*   CAM*  TO  WIT*.
Bob* i^JrtiL.-
I __���/��� rttsd of *>*��**������
tarh s (sll.
^,-t.. rVltlr*' ���**"**_?_
, taking out of
r-urrlisd their
ad ttocns*-
Gonr��*** *��"��_
Ihr -ujtn it**
'*+* J*****0*   ro0>nv
1 Uh JtVaasas we
AM trlrl^** *********     *ri0^j*Ammm
o^j ihrte wss lor eny awaaisiw,
rwslawl frtaa
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*jooogk to
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'Tl* Um rbsmiiioti of t ruunplont for all lime 1
Fur It kn.-'lM.I oat sll Its Hvsls, sod Mill ���tandlnc,
Fui.chnl rrvstioti's S"l��r jJetas���
When lirj-sn csme to Bone.
C. H- A. la Anscotid* (MontySUadard.
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Atoi H h* fctd eta* tar fat-isa**, stilt the devil
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r*�� ��**r> t* d kUtrtti a attttfc-a st*Wl��t*s sad esaa>
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TV Ktr. teat* a/����d ia��rr* rwdy to ��.������� �����* uVir
Mud a** ���***-{* sad tsaaa aad stoaasd. wtoo-fr*.
,-...: r attivd Is tamtndmtkfkt.
<��?. *.}**��� t l^s t***��y rtssssd, |_s|dr_rt*d Mat In poll
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Sor. ���!����� ��� t>��Mt(rt��-*a tms la
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Ti; .�� (Ik, .L��ttrt��i ���furor*
iMfS*. KSMK. __���_____________���
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t r . w h rrstora
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Wto* ta-mm I**n *mkn%*mm eyebwmhold
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Ail th. tlitrr of 0***at _1Ws-sb>HJ*Ss*b> aam yon
Kara.* slso rttf a ���***������ ��<s*s BS* t*i*owoed iVt
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TW^stss-tsatsd htasa*rf*s*tMK��to.i^
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-tK��. lltosr to Us-dr***. UU�� U��
^ptfr-r to-adtwr. yrdte the Hon
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antn hs* hinwtrf hi	
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Jsa t liiifa. Ml -to Idas'** that Us�� ssn sVr -ha**
V. tt. ,��,��!*, uto t*��aftM,Uoa ta Odr��it>. do y.m
**'s��n th�� |��uiy trwt to Brywi and tlw r>*ll����irs
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V��s tmnmhtr dm aaf*toi*��wt <atowi to M** stttl
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Wlw  for  fail,/   ttMSty  astoatos  rmrH
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A* *** k*rt|r|��d tke   ll��iflsh ll***  Ml  s   ftiatiis
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' li. irV rury of Uie Itorasy M to erush-ri Ito riw��
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A��Ik rrs-psd Ike etastKm. s* he held It hy tto
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I'W tn wtlu. Ut* dend.
T*��,�� ,^,,,,1 Jrt-^fcj,,,! rousts. dii��n to lsn��" It
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'��'��tt ��.����� 1 quite a ��.^f_trk
trVhen Hrysn tMiiw h�� Btilte
At), when llrysn enmeto Botto ' *rt����t***�� minim*
" tor. ii,. |��Hrl>dl��_i��ddelvt*.sndtV*n*i��t tkdr
One of the favorite arjrumenU of the
*in*_-le jrold sUndard advocates In excusing the coinage by all nation* of a
���liver money that is not worth one-half
the amount stamped on its fsce, i* that
under a single standard all money in
circulation is lm*ed upon and backed
by gold, and therefore, while of itself
a silver dollar or a bank note may be
of very little vahie. the gold behind it
puts into it the value printed or .stamped
on it* face. Thi* is probably the most
reasonable sounding explanation of the
<|ue*tion from a gold-bug standpoint.
But let us look deeper iuto the question
and find what they have to back their
According to the be*i obtainable sta-
Untie, the world's total supply of gold
is but *t,Tr*)/iitt),0Oi). The annual production of gold in not more than one
hundred million. Suppose this was sll
mined into money, it wonld add lea*
than H cent* per capita to tbe world's
circulating medium provided none of
the stock on haml -h.��uld be lost or dete
troved. But the loss from abrasions
and from other source*, would consume
every dollar of the output. The total
production of gold since I4,*ri is 18,5*04,-
tV tt.iii., ami the world's present stock of
gold is but ���a.THO.Otsi.iaai. which show*
a lov*. bv abrasion aud from other causes
of ���l.iii.'ktt.'ssj since ll'��.\ besides the
h'tss of the whole stock of gold on hand
at that time. If the output of gold can
keep the present stock good it is all
that can reasonably be expected of it:
it isprohsblx more than willbc realised.
With a single gold standard, then, we
cannot hope to add a dollar to tbe cir
culating medium for all time to come,
and it will remain at about four billion
Taking tbe single Htandard advocates
al I heir own argument, let us now find
Ibe amount of subsidiary money, silver
and paper, based as they say upon gold.
!>r Adolph Soetbeer. the great German
statistician, an acknowledged authority
tin the question, gives the total production of silver and grid since thediseov-
erv of America a* follows: QoJd, f8,*_ni.-
��*,�������>, sllvtv, Ift,7_6,0?_,0i-). From
these fljrures it will be seen that silver
is lx*tter ahle tt> l*ack up the gold than
gold the silver, since the value of the
white metal production is more than a
billion dollar*! greater than that of the
yellow. But we wilt not take the total
production of tlte metals as a basis.
I.el us look at the approximate sttn-ks
of monev in the princnial countries of
tbe world, taking our tignres from the
Treasury Department
Mint. Aug i'��. "
of twentv-six i-_^__^_^_^_^___^_____
against astrM-k of silver of tl.��>l'2..��-'.'-���>
Again we find a difference of one billion
in favi.r of stiver      Row, lion, can Ihe
greater metal W based upon the
These figures show
then so must the corporate, municipal,
and individual debts, which, according
to our best authorities, are estimated
at three times as much more, making a
grand total of more than ���100,000,000,(XM)
What now, have we based npon the
stock of gold valued at t8,780,000,000 ?
Here it is: Silver, ���4,(I42,700,000*, paper,
t2,tWj,878,00i>, indebtedness of the
world, national, corporate, municipal
and individual, $100,OtX),000,OOQ.
These astounding facts are not to be
overlooked when considering the financial question. We hear men talking
about an "honest" dollar, limited legal
tender silver, and the ''sound** financial
Kilicy of civilization, when it can easily
l seen that thev know nothing about
the question, ft will readily be seen
from the figures given above that the
present gold standard policy of most
nations is the weakest the world has
ever known, and that the world cannot
long continue on so shakey a financial
basis, and that silver must be replaced
in the position it held in the financial
make-up of all nations prior to thirty
years ago. It must be made a money
of final redemption, full legal tender for
all debts, public and private, coined at
the same ratio with gold that it is now
coined, and as freely as gold.
It is claimed by the opponents of silver that under free coinage the silver
mining industry would be stimulated
to -till further production, and that in
cxmseqnence the money of the world
would be largely increased in volume.
Let it be conceded that this would be
the natural result of free coinage, what
would be tbe effect on the business
interests of the world? The danger of
a people having too mneh money is not
so great as the danger of having too
little. As the money was increased in
volume the business* of the world would
revive; better conditions would prevail
in all lands. Instead of poverty,
squalor, vice, and starvation the poor
classes In sll land* would have an opportunity of earning for themselverat
least some of the comforts of life.
*fe> om\\omm dfadfoMifa
Room 17, Black's Hotel.
If yon are-
Call at the
Thru..*., the W��ll wxreeapowen d��t��ssi> Itoai
lh,*m like ��� ttrtjr"    _^_^_H<_^___B_V
������*>*.�� tt th.*lr fHettd Mid ntkw aud ttoy tot*
htm 1,9 , ����
���I'l ttoy m,^t htm when to c_��ne theee t   Wd
���. tfc-7 msto a utile notes ? ___.
"���^ttoyitwIlyiitodtolwIllBif   Um jroa think
T J1 '���**?�����-������ ��h* bwy at
** ,,'B Tr*wm"*�� **f Ih* -jasato sa to wo,*
���frwntrtl ltr*for*7
1 w" 'Is! rrsshltiK ot Ih* IkttittHr, wlnnthiff with
au r, K ,.r* * n**r
*'��� Jto whUtto, wtrre a wr��*rhtn��. whh the tondf
R...., y ���'', O* tmro-
nu' th* y-illltt*. ,rf UM pmataa never let ttiem rrel s
MM* "    *
liitre.ut   of tht
JwM     The stink of gold
oonntrtes is|:t..*��*f2,(ro:,.in����.
���no ORE CARS.
'Ul-��,,,,rt''h<"   *""*   ***   *it"**jn "t**1*'"**
All ��***?y***ii!SJS1^^ mnwd w,Mnd it|i
^  Hie a I rt* unlit y of
the ciuiteutiou. Hr, if a eoneeded ad
among tinaiit-ier*.. then the weakness of
al lunations' Httanti*! jvolity. Hut, to go
into the nueation deeper; With gold
tbe only Wai standard money of redemption all jiajrer money must be
backed by it, and there is in circulation
in theW countries, pn|rer to the fiat
value of ���2,7lVi.r-*7ft.MtO     Then, airain, if
Vlllttt- oi *�����,, �����	
gold is to be the only standard mtmey
of the world, tho only money of redemp*
*   -��   .k..���  ,!,��  n��tional   debts  of the
Dealers in
-wnmmm^mAJi**, ?%$,
I national
���w-r ��r ****** *\Tn*m
U tbe Pioneer House of the City
-    -    m.   m.   Jm   4\    -*-
Hotel Ivanhoe.
Slocan. 10
A Shipload to be Taken up Early in
Ute Spring-Tiiere'S Millions
In it They Say.
A correspondent writing from Washington to the Minneapolis Journal says:
It is generally understood that among
the first bills introduced at the next
session of congress will be several to
charter railroads for Alaska. Two or
three 'corporations have already been
formed with this object in view, and
some steps have been taken already to
secure the right from the Canadian government to extend the line into the
Northwest territory.
It will be an exceedingly difficult feat
of engineering to connect the water* of
the Pacific with the headwaters of tlie
Yukon by any ordinary method of railroad building, but a well-known engineer
of Albany and of this city, R. M. Fryer,
has devised and patented what might be
called a cantilever railroad system,
which, apparently, can be constructed
for very tittle money, very rapidly and
in any country where a foothold for a
"sheer pole" a few inches square can be
obtained. Capitalists have taken hold
of this new railroad system, which wss
originally intended for use in some of
the Centra) American republics. It ia
now more than likely that the first railroad in Alaska will be s radically new
departure in railroad building, ft will
be an elevated road, propelled by electricity and will afford the noval spectacle of a railroad .'carrying its freight
beneath ita tracks. Besides cheapness
and rapidity ef construction, the Fryer
system seems to afford great edvsntsge
over a surface road in that heavy snows
would never interfere with it* operation.
A few days ago a letter was received
in this citv addressed to Senator Wolcott
of Colorado, from one of hia constituents
in Colorado Spring*. Wolcott is now in
Europe with his monetary commission,
snd the communication therefore fell to
hi* secretary. It was an application for
tbe office of receiver of the land office at
Klondike, The petitioner said he was
fully qualified for the office*. He detailed his services to the party, and said he
thought he* wss entitled to something
eqtjallys* good, and the laud office at
Klondike would be just about his sixe.
In the interval* of his duties be could go
out sad dig a little gold. Hi* petition
wss indorsed by a huge number of the
leading merchants and politicians of
Colorado Springs. Senator Wolcott'*
secretary promptly answered the sspir-
ing applicant in formal language to tlie
effect that Klondike is now in British
territory, but if the time should come
when it is annexed to the United States,
hi* application wonld then receive the
distinguished consideration of the Senator. One would think by this time that
most people in this country would be
aware that tbe Klondike is not American territory, but this will evidently be
news in some parts of Colorado.
"Those who go to the Klondike to dig
for gold will not be the onlv ones who
will come back with fortunes/' said an
old army officer at the club recently.
"People who go n- there with a good
legitimate ;*on*ereisl scheme have got a
sure tiling and no risk. I have been
thinkingever since this excitement began
whatan tm paralleled chsnce ttsffordt lot
shrewd men to mske fortunes. If I were
only s little younger I would go myself.
Ihd it ever occur to you that there is s
fortune to be made by tome enterprising
man out of onions np there in Alaska 7
Wby, it's a sure tiling, and yon will see
that somebody will think of it. Any
msn who will take a vessel load of onion*
up the Yukon ss soon ss nsvigation
opens up .aext spring; can come home
and retire. Onion* will be worth s nugget apiece up their next abring. There
will be thousand* of people hibernated
there for eight or nine months thl*
winter with nothing to eat but "salt
horse" and canned goods, without a
mouthful of fresh food during the whole
time, and bv next April most of them
will have a" touch of scurvy. There is
nothing which will relieve this terrible
disease so qutcklv as onion*. I have frequently seen it in the army when we
have been compelled to make long
marches across tlie western deserts, or
have been for long separated from our
base of supplies and unable to get fresh
vegetables. Ar* soon as we reached civil-
ratio* the men would take to eating
onion*, and get immediate relief from
them. They are the first thing sailors
always buv when they come in from a
longvovage. A cargo of onions fended
on the Yukon next spring will literally
be worth a fortune to the enterprising
trader who will take them up there, and
wonld be tlie mean* of saving a good
many lives as well."
The Great Canadian lievelopment and
Mining Com pan v, contemplates a gigantic enterprise���the building ot a wagon
road from Edmonton to tlie gold fields.
In this work the company has not only
the hearty co-operation and support of
the Dominion government snd the Canadian Pacific Railway, but it is hacked
by ample capital to push the work to
completion. Capitalists of Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto, whose wealth is estimated at millions, are hack of the
scheme, tbe capital is ready, the charter
secured and Mr. Powell has been appointed manager of the enterprise.
The survey party started from Edmonton about the 1st of September and will
work sll winter building bridges, stables
snd store*. None but men employed
will he allowed to go with the seneyora. j
The plan is to build one toad by Uie way
of Lurd river, one of the main branches
ol the McKenxie river, and another by
way of Pelly river, which is one of the 4
headwaters of the Yukon.
Stables will be built so aa to provide
passenger* with relays of honea etrory
tifcaniisw, thus enabling t__s*s is ���hr*
100 miles per day. On some portions of
the road it may be neceasary to use.
reindeer; and possibly dogs wtfi hi o*d \
in some of the higher altitude* up north.
***to**eew*iri be provided at frequent intervals and will be well provisioned.
The company will give a man transportation and food for one year for 9800.
The plan is (o issue a certificate on the
coupon plan good at the store* for rood,
which will be nemtiable. The latter
feature it is thought will be especially
attractive, sa the companies now contracting to take men Into the digging*
will not make the agreement transferable. Under the new arrangement contemplated a traveller who wishes to turn
hack need not lose hi* entire Inv-Mtment,
but msy dispose of his food certificate to
the best advantage.
district aod have done well are now in
Winnipeg and are warning |a*ospectors
against going via Edmonton. One said:
"I don't believe a msn would reach tbe
Yukon diggings in a year, no, not in
eighteen months, going via Edmonton
route. About the last .stage of the Edmonton trip would he down the Porcupine river. At the end of the Porcupine
trip the traveller would then have to go
back up stream between three snd four
hundred miles, with a six-mile current
against him alt the way, to reach tlie
gold district. Besides, he would encounter almoat impsasable swamp* snd
rapid*, snd if he ever got through at sll
would hsve the toughest kind ofa time.
Tlie Edmonton route will be all right
when they build a railroad over it," concluded Uie gentleman with a laugh, "but
I imagine it will be some time before
that is built. Meantime, f would advtne
people who have any thoughts of it not
to risk the hasartlous trip via Edmonton."
cniMiXAL Racaunsaass.
In the rush to the Klondike there is
criminal reekiWnes* on the part of ahip*
owners in tlte way of overloading ami
Two yoong   Englishmen who bsve
.veiled for three year* over the Yukon
scant accommodation; on the part of the
authorities in letting men recklssaty go
Xo tlieir doom withoutadequate warning,
aud on the part of tbegold seeker* themselves in crowding into the eountry
insufficiently provided with the n**oes-
���at-iet, of existence.
In another six months the world will
be in sorrow reading of disaster by sea
ami starvation by land in the cokl regions of tlie north, and f rieoda and relatives of absent ones* will be regretttn��
with anguished hearts thst they allowed
those near and dear to depart on a hoft*v
lea* voyage.
Steamer* have returoed from Dyes
and their captain* *tate thst misery
among the overcrowded fanatics has
already commenced, Delicately roarwl
snd weakly clerks are there with a few
dollars in their pockets, no clothing but
what they have on their berks, and
weak already from arduous travel; while
elderly men, past the prime of life, with
little capital, are roaming around tlywa
with no definite object in view, aad oo*
able to know what to put their hand to.
Many cteamer* crowded beyo-otl their
capacity five time* over have had to pot
into British Colombia ports after thirty-
six hoar*' mil trom Seattle for provMons
and water. At thi* rate of salting they
would not get into lives for six week*.
and during that time the snllering of
those on board would be terrible. Two
unseaworthy tugs were loaded with UO
soul*, snd in their top heavy comittitm
would topple over at the Aret heavy
A*OMlMA-*.IACAt.   K*TKMt*-*l*K.
But any! who ia this Cope White*
house now trying; to pall the leg of
Newport, K. !. for K��j,Uw toestabli*!.
there a "Victoria Park in oimmecaora*
tion of her Britannic Majesty'��Dsaraet-d
Jubiloer Its* curious to know what
Mnd of critia* has got tip tmpernal grail
to ask American* to -rive up ��W*lu
as an evidence of theft love1* for
iEni#land~ who would ��*-**_�� bl.ah an English park In an Atwrrican seaport wheat*
��ik��r* Johguv Bull imprt**acd and hmI*
treated nnftf the most neaftmMe of
tirealdents drear the swortf in their 4e>
feinte.. (marine Jtagiand -jauhthwtng
an Andrew' Jackson* parti as evidence
of her almighty love for America! tt
is said tbat "the smart New York set*
which saunter* at Newport j, ������__.
ed In tola AnKiomaoiiaf em,��� "1^
lfT** ft* *��� t*"*  ****** miitt
_Si.T_vfill*_f '"a ****** li->��*�� lor ��
Iiriti*n *mm***ador. Tli.tt u ���, ���,, jiav,
been expected, for New \ .>rk"-. ".tiitn
���et" ta ever erawlitur on iu Inllv at ����
the    revolution,   pro Hnii-d,   ,|uri *
***wml^ -*?u ****tn,U,,r <������ A\ ti��Jf
It delights ia systemiiiii-ih msititin,
t'neleBam with its ohm.*..,.,,* xngul
inaniaoal insolence. Tim** ��[,.,��,!lt.
Victoria park with Briti.Ji r*mjfl,knr
had best rwUblUb it in Knghind Tlw-r-
ia still coniddeiable p*tri"Ci*.m m th���
country, and It mhrttt la* ��*i ..n fir, bv
such an Insult ami blow tram-alow ,,il'i
>mhs*��ador of the earth The Ataeri*
can soverhrmi of Newport tnt**iii ���.,,
stand Cope whltehon*i'..ii hi* �����.<������,.! ��.,,j
with a rod-hot iron, brand "J jr oo
his bolJUrck*.-Brann s Imn.* j-,*.t
am Dfft.trBra'TiAt. m-i-i t .this
W, TssapktOB. Mayor of Vancoum,
O, R. Mas well, M P , C. N H_r,-L���.
P. Ue-niw-a and lMi Msedowsll, ���;|,>,
Va.icoover. promoter* of ti*.* N'tcnmi,
Vanooaver A K*��rtertt. arrived id Kath
by the K. A S. t**etiwday STening uA
left per strainer Kokanee on xmdar
aiorntrtf for lietaoo. tin* party is here
go a deputation from the ��**�������� m 1 -'k up
the po**iMHtkw and prtth��!u! ���. - ���,--,..[.
imr tha protawrwl victorta Vanrttuvirr
A Eavtetrn railroad. Emm .Vi*,>r. ti^T
will go to Trail an��l from Uton* u* Vmbx*
too, over the wrot*oard railway rvm't* on
horiarhaclt, takiajr careful ottw'rt-atas
of the country while on the wav.
rJjJIWHrt'*" Will <������.' M m*** ��***'***��� ���'l-.l HiaMrjal
raRtaoo cunt-:*, w/aoow rhui
The wagon road along Cs*-.!**--* trees
lawiihia half a mile of MieerslCHy
and the Njdge at the trarood crmattat of
Carit*��eea��k is under wsy. Tlte last
of tlie HJ-Oo floveroment gran t �� as j����.l
last Friday by Wets* lacmuler  s.��J tlte
s*iehtwj*a�� laiMr^m ���ilM** I"***1 b7
private mhat-rirttioo. A skiaii " n\ ��ill
(hi coatstroctad froca the *mA d tbe yo-
sent road to (Irooat ereek w. *..
Hwann la (raperintMideni of the work.
The Trail Blaser cimir. i*ropert> stank-
ad, will pirsaiatB the osnne with so
arocna that ia detiriow to tlte nostnb uf
the hoiaan rae*.
I carry the stock���the largest in the Blocan
Kootenay. in show rjoim covering
" 3,000 feet of floor rjpaoe.
Furniture for a Mansiofi or Cottage at
Bottom Price
One hundred do>.en of chairs to select from
direct from the factorien at prices low as the
lowest. D. M. CROWLEY, pmoticAl up
holsterer, with a statT of mechanics, can make
anything to ortler.
Undertaking a Specialty.
Note the address: Above the Lbdoe ofliec,
Sixth Htreet. New Denver.
Frutifht uald oe gnmU t��� Msn.Jon. ffJoran atf and all Uk�� -...Int. THK PAYCTKEAK, SANDON, B.C, SEPTEMBER 11, 1897.
i r..m oar owe t*Ofr*ss|t��e*j*st.
j <.. MKintfac was iu town
Krvd C. Nieen, Whitewater, was
duwu Tueattay.
Olli* fcirat.tw.rn bas) gone east on
A holiday trip.
L,iwe Keith of tlie AJax waa ia
���own Tuesday.
\i\g\i Sutherland ataa in Kaalo
for a ti.uple of days thia week.
Joe liurat, fofwarty with G. O.
Iim-hanan, baa gotta aatt to hia
home iu Wyoming, Oot.
K. J. Met-We of ttse Jaekaon
taiue waa down oo Wadiieaday
and t��*|��**ru favorable pro-_res*.
Hiiicii Cillltwpie. wbo haa be**it
with (.i*t*eii Broa. for tbe paat tbree
mitiith*. left lor Ontario Tuesday.
II. M. Hytaao aad D, W. Brno-
ton. a couple of mining tueu from
Ar-pvti. Cok>.t raftatervd at tbe
Kaahj Tburwsay.
Tim*. II. fsraauiag of tlamilt.Mi,
tint..me of tbe okmi extensive
^..ifaiiurora ia Canada, waa iu
Kaslo fur a couple of daya thi*
A. Johoatoa Donglaa, J. 8. Kendall. V. 8. TurobolT aad M.Ivor
t am-ibell, of the Beottifb Odouisl
>vii��lirate, registered  at  tha St.
I'ancraa Tbaraday.
(���iould m rjulian bare opaoed aa
wiioleaale aad oowsMlaaion .feelers
ui frait*. canned goods, pt-ostnnev
nr, on Paatib awwat. Tboy in*
<'tul to carry a bnavy etoek and
�����tu-nd ���i|t***rmtio��a to all parte of
Vest Kooteaiajr.
��� a    m% t.**w.ssrwa**-nBWsjr   saws>    ���^*.^aai^_^s_s,^anss_t'we ���
r*dtuoaton la having a Ktondika
t .ntcusent of bar own.   For years
placers on tbe 8aa*kalobawan. near
tha town, have been wotkeal with
-r����d returns.   Tba gold waa car-
ried with Mark sand, and large
���**m\n of thia black aand liavo ac*
���uimilaied    froat   tba    ���iiggiuga.
This has lievn  teattnl by atneltara
-'"I was found to carry a larger
|Tt*eniage of gold than wa�� origi-
����l-> waalied out by the rockers.
The i'laindealar baa thi* to way of
'be ttperationaat present:
. "Dr. Ratofbeorige returned frotn
Kuglainl oa  Monday e vetting ac
'���"i��|ianied by hia partner, Mr. H.
s'��i'h of Ijondon. Tbey have com
plated arrangement* tbr ilia erne*
lion  of thair    toetal   eitractiug
*�����**��� at this point, and have pur
fhased propart> trom tbe townsite
"���u'lNtny on tba flat directly north
ofthe railway terminu*.    IVroia-
,,f-d buildinga for the plant will
probably   not   bo entctcal   before
spring, but an ee**y office will be
���'���isblisbail and blank aand will be
*H,u*Tbt from now on till the end
"��� the seaaon.   In feet, tbe cotiipa��
������>��� baa bought aoveral tona already
��"���<*�� the doctor'a raturn from Kng*
������f"-.   They expect, in addition to
������<* extracting worka. to build a
"u����ter and will reflne tba gold
IJ-whaaad from miner*, aa wall aa
yttt extracted f***om tba black aand
'�����������}' hsve dredges being built in
���-'���'KUiid wliluli will  be plaoed on
tbe river next spring, aud five-mile
least-* of the river bed are applied
for. (Jarbe A Van Meter sold
three tons of black aand to Dr.
Boughredge uu Wediitaday laat at
figure* which are highly satiafact
ory to these gentlemen. They
hare purchased a aecoiid dredge
aud will operate it as soon aa tbey
can secure mau to do so."
Small Coin in Demand.
Dovna. Sept. H.���K special to
the Time* from Washington says:
There ia juat now a large demand u'Mtn the treasury department fbr small coins to assist in
tbe movement of crops. Director
of the Mint Preston aaya tbat tbe
coinage of subsidiary silver and
minor coina will be continued until a sufficient stuck haa been accu
mulated to meet the current demand. The available number of
ailver dollars In the treasury baa
been reduced aoout 8,000,000. aod
it ia probable an order will be issued nest week for coining into
silver dollars some of the bullion
purchased under tbe act of 1890.
No silver dollars have been purchased for some time Tlieir coinage will be reaumed because they
are needed to meet the demand
arising from the revival of busi*
ties*. Tbe bullion purchased under tbe aot of 1890 can not be used
in tba manufacture of aubaidiary
coin* and must be converted into
silver dollar* whenever ita coinage
becomes uec*jeaary.
was about 12 vears ago that the
labor unions obtained in many of
tbe leading states the statutory
enactments conferring this legal
public holiday. 11 waa later when
the senate aud congress confirmed
the enactment to take effect
throughout the whole uoion. Thus
Labor day ia set apart to do honor
to labor on the great North American continent that owna Anglo-
Saxon away. This new order is
moat likely a revival of the old
English First of May bouta of the
Fi ft eon tii and .Sixteenth centuries,
when 'yeoman and peasant, craftsman and apprentice met to try
their skill aud hardihood in some
of those manly pastimes'' that
made our sturdy forefathers as
formidable in earnest conflict as
in play. May day in England bas
never lost it* hold on the people.���
Vancouver World.
 1 ,���
The Sandon Laundry is now prepared to deliver short order work
within eight hours.
placed oa I nature
Tba Sandon Steam laundry ia
the name of a new enterprise which
will open far business next week.
f, M. Wilaga of Falrbaven, Wash ,
bas put in a plant n**ar tbe elec-
trio power house, which he says is
tbe most complete in Kootenay.
Tbe amount of machinery in the
building certainly bears out his
assertion and looks as if washing
clot li��** had become tbe study of
every inventive getiias. Besides
a 90 horee power boiler aud en-
giae, there iaa96-incb mangier,
washers, starching machine, rotary eitractor, gas generator, three
tltr iron heater, a ten-rack steam
dry roou. and all manner of appliance* for iron iug aud shaping
clothes.   O. V Swansea ie maaa-
gar. j; ,
Labor Datj.
Labor day became a public institution in thia country in 1893.
It waa the government, under the
late 8ir John Thompson, at the
tepeated request* ofthe Dominion
Trades and Labor congress, which
saw fit to enact the law whereby
the first Monday iu September of
each year was inaugurated as a
public holiday, to be known as
Labor day. By this fact is shown
state recognition of tbe claims of
labor as "a great social aud industrial factor," s government ac*
keoarledge.neut that in "the great
industrial hive that we call ctvili*
tation, the working bees have not
Sok rlgU of toil only, but tha
place of honor tbe ultra important
nature of that  toll deserves.     It
���n------------------ -*- - - .
Sandon, B. C.
American plan, $3.50 per day.
European plan, $2.00 per day.
Strictly first-class.
Mrs. M. A. SMITH. Prop.     .
��� t,rf,.*r *.,,*��.'*�� *w ~�� *t m
J. G. Melvin
Ths well-known Watchmaker aad
Jewel*t, isle ol Vancouver, now of
SsasaB, is located at
And is prepared to do
Watch and Jewelry Repairing
Mas. Kays Babgss.
or all atnts.
Bright as n Xew Fin
Elect rit Lights end sll Modern Improvements
omd Convenient***. ....        ,
Every room neatly Carpeted nnd handsomely
Rvaryt hiii g usw and of the Latest Design*.
Near tol  P.*. depot and ��n the msfnbnsi.
nass street.
Q. A. JHcDONALO, Propr leer.
COOT, win 0.
B0NGARD a PIECKART, Proprietors*
The first Class
Hotel of Cody*
Ketet:   ��S.ooper day. ,     ,    ...    _
SpePbil Rate-* hy tlte Week.
Arnerfcaa aad European plan.
Finest *F*unlraMd Booms In Uw
City. Beat Imported and Domestic Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Subscribe for the Paystreak,
Hotel Wellington
Strictly First Class.
Special Attention Paid to Transierrtt
$1.50 to $2 Per Day,
J. S. REEDER, Prep.
A strictly arat-elnaa hetol In
ail Ita appointments.
Livery Stable with good Saddle
nnd Pnek Horses In eonneetlon.
Victoria House
Now complete with tbe best furnished room a
in the district. All accommodations Brat
elass, includlnc electric li*ht, hath rooms
aad all
Modern Improoements.
A nice, quiet, residence hotel, situated ou A
avenue.   Convenient to the depot.
W. J. HALL, Prop.
m n
-,  ''
. Ia v   .
i'i ���
:  V...I'
i aii
��� sMa
' :*,������
I.. �����
I -���' :
i ">
I #i
i M:.'; 12
IIII.I.HI ����.ll���� ||��|*H,��l���,.l��.L��L ., .��������
On a Tour With Etjes on Politics
and Railroad Matters.
Mayor W. Tcmpleton, fl. R. Maxwell,*!!. P., D. 0, MacDonell, C. N.
Davidson and D. Menzies of Vancouver, prominent members of the Liberal party, passed through town
Saturday.' Mayor Templeton is
prominently mentioned for the ottlce
of Lieutenant-governor if the Liberals are successful at the next
election. Mr. MacDonell said they
were getting information about the
inining districts iu order to talk intelligently to eastern people. He
would not say that their trip had
anything to do with politics, but
said they were going to turn down
the provincial government at the
next election if possible. Thc party
returned through Rossland and the
Boundary country. They are Iif
terested * in the 'proposed railway
from Vancouver along the international line to the Columbia river,
and the principal object of the trip
is in the promotion of tnis line.
The Klondike Boon and British
The Klondike boom has already
had an important effect ih stimulating abroad itltcrest and inquiry,
concerning British Columbia. and
the recent formation ofa British Columbia market on thc I/.ndon Stock
exchange is plainly confirmatory of
this view. Whether it is altogether
desirable that this province should
lie associated with the latest gold
fever, or that the cause of the awakening interest in ber mineral resources should be produced on tbe
suppositional richness of thc Yukon,
is a matter of serious question. It
is, of course, impossible to doubt the
richness of.the deposits of thc placer
ground on the Klondike and Its tributaries, and there can be no doubt
but that the yield of gold from the
new diggings will be extraordinary
if not unprecedented; nevertheless,
it is almost certain that owing to the
peculiar climatic conditions and gctf-
Sraphical position of thia inhospita-
le region the mortality, distress
and disappointment among the miners there will this season be terrible,
and a reaction of the present excitement is inevitable. A number of
stock companies have, moreover,
been organized in the United States
and in London to exploit and investigate the Yukon and Klondike gold
Holds. Possibly in nine cases out of
ten  these  so-called  companies are
Ealpable swindles, but even when
onestly promoted enterprises of this
nature are, under the circumstances,
}>re-ordained to result in loss to those
bolish enough to risk money in the
undertaking. It is a well known
fact that even otherwise well informed people in England are ignorant to aa extraordinary degree in
the geographical position of the remote colonial possessions, and to emphasize this statement it is onlv necessary to point out that manv or
ihe Influential old country financial
publications have lately told their
readers that tbe Klondike was a
British Columbia river. If, therefore, a reaction to the Klondike
boom seta in, the prestige that British Columbia has gained by such
slow degree* will necesaarily suffer.
If, however, we could but assure
ourselves that the recent sudden increased growth of interest in England, aa evinced by the formation of
a proper market for British Co! urn
bia wining shares, was the logical
result ofa recognition that our mining industrv was now estaWisheil on
a permanentlv solid footing, we
would have ample rcason fbr congratulation. ,   ,
We would, however, particularly
remind our readers that investment
in the dividend-paying and devel-
oped mines of the Kotxenay is inn*
nitelv later, if not certain u> tw more
remunerative, than to risk money
with the companies proposing to ae-
duirc propertv in this latest El Dorado of Yukon. It is only a Question of time when thc rich placer
ground in that country will be
worked out, while the er*4abli��hed
mines of Kootenay are likely. In the
course of thc next few years, to be
placed on a still more profitable basis
than they are today. It will be
time enough to Invest mAisy in the
Klondike when better transportation
facilities are provided thcf-efhan,
and quartz mining (for it is possible
rich ledges will be diivovered then >
takes the place of gravel washing.-
British Columbia Mining Record.
Shippers and
Dicidend Pat-era of
This Fatnoue District
Below is a list of the shippers and
dividend paving mines of the Slocan
.iiin tot*.
U*e*f> Bets
mtmmtapmmn www.
KUher Maiden. '
Oreot Western.
American tu,y.
Chamber* t i roup.
Ma* BIM.
tacky Jim.
Bnhv Silver.
teattdao fJhroup.
Read and IVmlerfoot, ftaktaa Worm.
Ms-raid Fraction,
Surer B***r.
Medly Haghe..
Bed Flex,
Ban est,
Silver Belt.
Lucky Boy.
O. H  Ayllard.
lavusmn -raves*.
Mountain Chief,
Hlocan Star.
Ktoean Boy,
Noble Five.
R. K. foe.
Two Friend*,
Freddie fat*.
Jackson Oroap.
Wellington Ornttp.
Orad*/ Orontt.
We Have Added a Complete Stark af
To oar ll���� of BOOT** AXl* e*MOt*��.   We hev, boaaht
tartely for task, saved tha dtseoant and am abt
For the past few years copper has
been the favorite with miners, but
now that lead Is selling strong at
four cent* a pound with all llkclf.
hood of It* going higher, this metal
will undoubtedly soon share equal
honor with copper.
Juhnatone A Haines have just r*
ceived a carload of Gurney stove*.
The Saadon laundry does the fin-
est shirt work in the Blocan.
��� ���������n'*r*u,*..mm,n*u.:.m9��*mm,tmm.,,nmm��AW*mmm
For Sale.
One large. power/nl self plavlns onran. plant
abont .VI piece, of aeitorted dance muair eto
The best rtnjan this side of San Francis,
Suitable tor dancehour-as, theatre*, mount*,
room*.   For particular* apply to t
W* hate tho to*l line of Ladle* as well a* MHtorslhoe.
la the market-   W* solicit tour patmttase.   iliYe a* m
- - ^^mJt^Mm*ma9Amm
nt *tm*mmf^taw*s*nwt ���
call a* all ar��
We ta
in aJb*��%i tt.tf
toil wnriroods If 'tarndo not pttrrhaee al toatt Bent ttelf
Wa Ittal sartsSed jrtm will at a fwtsre date after p
r pat f
oo* Hae and price*.
(>p|roalte Blawk'a Hotel, Bandera, B. C.
��� ,^ -,    ��--w-esr��r��    wia-a-'* *>aa*mt   VWI
irtlcular* apply to
TW. W.^KB.Victo
S*VLS__5 ""?����� *��� JW, *. *��� F. ��� MeetrTe^r
W, I. WIM.IAMH, X. ��. S.
AaaaaOatflt For Sale.
Nearly aew, every detail conv
kera, Johi ""*
isco.   wot
tSHOcash.   A|��plyto
ly  new,
iika*.**.   Makers, John Taylor A Co., t
Ban Kwnciiieo,   Worth, -POO, (Mice,
K. M. .SAXmi.AMav
Mining Brokers.
MMMM,  swaOe
McClanjs Famous
/The Elltef
I. ��*��*�� i��epaiwdl ta ,1c, all klttd��� of
And Other Investments.
ssUtal Workers.
Kvery K��*nrif*entatlon (iiiarank-etl.^
0. P. riOORE
\ Front Sfreet, near Hteatt>��r Laadtn*
J. W. HARRIS, ���
taaaaw, ���. C nr** rl��-* work a�� itjr__*,ttat*i> ret*. *i-*J';
]atfwatlonaoA aairli rtOrw on *mwt*ie*w*
AfATOmn***.   Wrttafor-ertarisirar******
���t:\u. AT
mitt* ��������� koi ydsl
^^ . I'mlewrsaad **jwnrf#y.
BBlffl CIGAB STORE       r.w.saeves,
Cioil and Minitifl Enflinerr.
where yon will And a fall lis* ,4
Stationery, <#
Cigars and Tobacco.
TMftll FOURS aae   SlLVtRTON
Kaslo, 11. C.
Mineral flalat. Hnneirr-I and Hei-rt-���>���.:_.
Maralna^i^-Pr ^Tk^*ocw
IrSvsV'raaV at II oVh-rk ���
afusrnaan-  ���"���* -     Three _l<,r***
n'rVTT����*..*d).>����- ������'-"
Hnbaertbe fbr tbe Payitre-k
and Have It Hent to Vear
Friends Klsewhere.


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