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The Paystreak Mar 27, 1897

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Array THE
600K 1
SANDON AND CODY, March 27,1897.
Sidney Norman, tin* well-known
Spokane wining operator! wom in
Sin lull thin week.
The Corinth ll sending from (an
i<�� twelve tons of concentrating ore
daily to   the   Alamo concentrator
\hotlt thirty iih-ii are employed
The fluent oil painting in (own
ins just beam completed foi J.  M.
Harris It shows all the mines on
Reco mountain from the Reco tu
the K. F  L����*.
M >nt   Smith, ,i   Roesiaof]   min
tig man, erei in Sandon the early
;.,trt of the w.'.'k looking   for   mm.
ing property.   lie i** making an
v wniiiatlou .if some   proper!y   al
ih��* fo-��i of the i.��k>\
The Goodenough mine bat pree
tioalljf discontinued shipping for
���in* present.   A  large amount of
ileVelOOinant   Work,   however,   will
Im -r.ti i.'i i mm*") late) V.    A tunuel
will !>������ driven  Jo   tap Ihe ledge
���Jim feel h��|ow the  present work
I   .1   Raflei t\ . -upi-riutemh-nt of
��� Onrrie Qroap,  was in   town
r mi if tht* wtek IF* r**|i����rl*. �����** ��-i y ���
ig looking well on the Carrie,
v. four drill compressor will i>e put
..���mediately.    The   Rand   Drill
Co  I-- the parties putting In  the
i    i.   Vl'V
I...- Iteoo (i -fill   shipping ore
regularly, two car** every the day.*.
���I.*- of galena aad one >.f canboua*
'���-       \..��     *��   iind    ���!    drills   -iinw
i |giai inches ul clean ore in tlie
Tin* lael car of oarbonates
m lipped went .���'..�����"�� outicei to the
ton, Uuueuallj high returns for
Sii|,t. Field,  of   Ihe   Wonderful.
reporta everything looking favorable Work is being pushed hy a
foroe of twenty  man.     His only
difficulty  they   bave   I intend
withat preaent is bad air. Over
1100 feel ofair*>pipe has been order*
ed and is being put In a*- feel ai ii
At a meeting of Ihe stockholders
of the Canadian lilning, Milling
>\ Smelting <'o., ii.-hl in Sandon on
the 16th inst.. the following
officers and director! were elected:
Officer*- IL II. Pitt*.. President;
I;. F. Hopkins, Vice-President; A.
I)   William-.   S. ri.*iai\-Treasurer
Directors   Bert    Pearson,     Wm.
Stuhhs, A. W.  Stubbi  and   <'.   K
Hammond, C. W. ItcCann,
A Mem Cuaa
Fvery printing office, especially
those doing bnaiuees in mountain
mining Oamps are liable occasion-
ally to turn out a job of printing
that has defects. This is admitted by all honorable printers, yet
we know ofa solicitor for work in
the Slocan, who gathered up one
or two debauched jobs that the
writer's often turned out and uses
them as an argument for giving
him Work. A man mean enough
for such dirty w-.��rk is to he pitied.
If In* cannot compete with Other
tirnis hy honorable business
methods he should o0 where (actios of that kind are appreciated.
Tiny are not iu Sandon, especially
essoins of this fellow's work is
vastly inferior to that done in the
local printing offios.     When  the
new ParsTRKAK plant arrives seal.
method! will he of  no avail.    Thk
Patitbeakpay! the highest wage*
in tht* country ami lias no use for
scabs' .*r their om* cent ante-way of
doing business
Nelson vs. Ssndon
Tin' hockey game which was
pla>cd  between  the  Kelson  and
Sandon teams on Saturday even,
ing last, yvas too one-sided to l>e
entir.lv satisfactory. The match
resulted In the N. i>m team being
defeated by a score of 11 to 8. Th>*
following  are   the names ofthe
players in tlie two teams:
\."Ih��>u ~w. Cooper, F. Smith,
('has IJepperaon, \V. Dnncan, T.
Doncan, W. Tuurtnen and  F C.
Bandon���-A. Orierson, .1. Bend
arson*, II D. Cameron, \V. Oarae*
gin, J. A. McVichie, 0.  I>   Black
Wood and Robk Hammond,
i lo rdeve referee.
Lost in Court.
Nick Palorcia 1 -si his cases with
l M IJ arris u the Court in New
Denver, Kick wssgiven five days
in which to remove the building
lie now occupies Judge Forin
said that while u claim owner and
the Crown might have a dispute
a> to -inl';i.c rights, no third party
had any right tn come on such
ground, anil that, if necessary, tbe
claim owner could eject  anyone he
saw At.
Blew a Gale.
The wind blew a gale at Nakusp
on Thursday night.   A barge load
ed with  Nelson   matte   had a    hole
itove In ii* nide and the cargo had
to be unloaded.    Tin* steamer Na
kusp nmaahed several fenders in
making R landing, while Qenell's
tug and   other   Final]   Wafto   were
moreorlesa injured by wjnd nnd
The Cameromsn
TbeCsmerontsu Corapsny tn*t<i their tirst
iiiiniiiii meeting jresterds**. The |.*v-.i.l.-ni,
*,.,*r. Inr\ tr.Haurv and foreman pr.-cnt.-d s��tt-
larsriorv reports Messrs .1, K. ftmwaA,
Ci.ii.n.... M. I.. (IrlmmetL c M. �� "son an.l
ir Kllnn won elected offlceresnd[otnown
111.��� ("atncroniun Is looking well Hiui '"��** ��'">
tuna of ore on tin* dump, and from three to
ri\��* led of on* Iii ll>��* luimtl.
A first-class job printing plant
opens at Slocan City today.
I. II. Bernard and family left 011
a visit to Spokane Thursday.
P. IL Council, of the Hot-aland
Miner, -.van in town during the
F. C. Innes. of Vancouver, has
decided to make his headquarters
at Spokane.
C. F. Mendenhall. representing
the Hand Drill Co., was in Sandon
To Mr. and Mrs. Kleinschinidt,
of ihe Sandon Laundry, on the
25th��� a son.
The ladies hockey match has
heen postponed indefinately. owing
to the warmneSS  of the   weather.
Dad Allen, after an absence of
two months will resume command
of his pack train at Brandon next
I. 1>. Campbell, typewriter and
stenographer, is now located with
Leightou & William's, the mining
Lost    A  ladies  gold   watch.   J.
S. H. engraved on hack.   Five do!
lars reward for its  delivery, at K.
.1. Broddy's.
The public will ilo well to keep
their eye on the snowslides. Thev
are all due within thirty days
from date.
F. Bourne and wife, accompanied   by   Mrs.   Loiubardo,   of   St.
Catherines, paid Sandon a visit on
Charles II Cushman is requested to send his address as speedily
as possible to K. T. Lowery, Xew
Denver, 11. C.
Mud and other slides  are hind
ering the  motion of the  express
trains   running  to   aud   from   the
commercial metropolis of Hie Bio.
Thomas .Jallaml's two story
building is nearly completed. He
will use the first Moor for a grocery
and yvil! occupy it the coining
Owing to the late si rival of the
train last night the performance
at Spencer's Hall did nut begin
until 9.30. The company, yvith
A Hun,   the   magician   as   central
figure, gave a very   creditahle per
foruiance.   They will show tonight.
There will probably be oonsid*
arable damage done to huildiugs
in the lower part of town this
spring as the creek ii rapidly till-
iiiiT up with tailings which causes
the water to flood the adjacent
ground. If prompt measures are
adopted to confine the creek to
its proper hounds, the damage result ing, yvil I he reduced to a
Archie Grant left town quite
suddenly yesterday. lie has been
having a number of dramatic adventures dining the past week
which probably accounts for bin
Slocan City is to have a first-
class newspaper in a few days.
The plaut for that purpose will be
iu position there today, aud the
first issue will electrify the world
probably next week.
Messrs. Ross, Levinson and
Kleinbery are ereccting a fine
two story building opposite the
Clifton House. The building will
probably be used as an hotel. The
same parties show tbeir confidence
tn Sandon by prep^riug lo erect
an adjoining building, 27x40 feet,
to he used as a jrenera! merchandise store.
John Cillis. a convivial piper,
lost an eye in a scriuiage the other
evening. After searching around
for some time in quest of trouble
he found what he yvas looking for.
After making a few fancy passes
he received a poke that shattered
his left optic. His sight is not
impaired however. The eye yvas a
glass one.
Fire Wardens-
At a meeting for the election of
Fire Wardens held at the town of
San leu, on March 20th, 1S<>7.
Thomas Brown, Jolin Switzer and
K M. Sandilands were elected to
serve for one year.
Alkx Sproat.
Presiding Officer.
Court Notes
v Small Debts Court win beheld la Sandon
next week.
In the suit of Jalluitd vs. Kelly, at New
Denver.   A verdict wn.�� given, for the plaintiff.
Ontham sued W. K. Terrill tor wages. Ter-
rillhads bar hill ngslrrT* (Jrahain and the
Court allowed hint the amount due for eJgars
and soft dunks, hut ruled out the lii-unr part.
a> bills |br intoxicants cannot l>e collected l>v
l'licneM meeting of the County Omul in
tbeSioean will be held at New Denver is
It u reported that the Government has
provided funds for the building of the wagon
road from Three Forks lo New Denver.
Under a Slide.
Jim Kdwsrds, known as Tennessee Jim,
and Tins; ley Anderson were rswhtding ore
nom the Vntoine on Wednesday. At a point
aboul 1,000 feet from tbe Antoloe. one of the
mules tp >l oil' the trail and   while they  were
petting him out of the snow, a slid.*, tributary
to ih.-i.n at Westernatode,came down. Tin*
tlrM (-art ot the slide knocked them off the
trail an.! the second pari buried the unfortu-
BSte m.11 and annuals. Their cries bronchi
lic'p from the Antolnc and Kdwards was diikj
out with a hip out of joint and a
broken ankle. Anderson was carried down
i*H> t'.vl and was d.ad when taken out. Three
ol tin  animals were killed.
Notice is hereby riven that at the expiration
of on.- month trom theArst publication hereof,
the undersigned will apply to the stipendiary
Magistrate, lor the District of West Kootenay for a license (o Mil llqoora by retail at
the White ROUM Hotel In the town ot.Sandon
Dated this 95th day orMart'li, IffiC.
Kl)WAKt> Hohs.
lty man and wife, lo conduct a t-oardinir.
house fbr s mining company. Man is a cook
and l*ak,��r by trade���sober and reliable. The
holy has had twen'.y years of ex|ierien<*e in
hotel work.       Address,
yVM. W, HHH.lM.iM WhR.
Sandon, B. C ���sbKsvaMaeeua-i
Issued simultaneously every Saturday at
sandon and Cody, tn the heart of the Slocan
the greatest white meta' camp on earth.
Transient advertising 2> cent* a UM first
insertion, and 10 cent* a line fbr each subsequent insertion.
Subscription,   three   dollar
a   year   In
Thk Paystrkak
Sandon, B. C.
Jno. J. Laso-vta*-!*.
Kd I lor and Mi*r
The capital stock of the mining
companies organized in British
Columbia amount to over 000
millions of dollars, in paper.
The Canadians iu the East are
still passing resolutions like the
"That, whereas, the Government
ofthe United States has passed an
alien labor enactment by which
Canadian workmen are almost ex-
eluded from that country: And,
whereas, such enactment appears
to this meeting to be of an unfriendly nature and requiring to he
met with like legislation by the
Government of our country,
should the United States not withdraw their enactment;
Therefore, be it resetted, that in
the opinion of this meeting the
Government of the Dominion
should request the Government of
the United States to withdraw or
revoke their alien labor enact
ment. and .should the United States
Government refuse or omit to do
so, then the Government of the
Dominion of Canada should retaliate by placing a similar law
upon the Canadian Statute books."
People who propose to take a
financial interest in mining had
better not risk their money on the
theory that the excitement will so
increase the visible supply of fools
that next summer they can unload
anything they buy at greatly ad.
vanced prices.
The chances are that next sum.
mer the demand for Rosslaod
stocks will be smaller rather than
greater. An increase in the earning powers of the so called mines
will be the only justifiable reason
for an incresse in the price in
these stocks. Many of these mines
will never have Any earniug power.
Besides, there is a lively chance
that tbe developments of the next
few months will put other districts iu British Columbia iu ad
vance of Rosslaod. People with
money will have opportunities to
go into other districts, and stock
in Rossland claims will have little
or uo speculative value, and its
actual value will be determined by
the earning power of the mines
which tlie stock represents.
Some   people   think   that    the
trouble in Crete will make a differ
ence in mining this summer. Hen-
is what a dispatch says:
"The critical state ot affairs  in
the southeast of Europe is keeping
at least 100 British Columbia   and
Ontario mining   companies    from
coming out in London.   Bag., ���������ays
a  cablegram,   unless  the  outlook
clears.    It is expected   the   Canadian mining boom  will   not   come
off this spring    Of the few   n-evnt
Canadian mining concerns   which
have braved the   unfavorable ��>tate
ofthe market only about   half   an-
taken up h. the public yet.    The
prospectus nf a new company. The
Gold Fields of   British   Col-.itnMa.
has been issued.     The   capital   i*.
&,925,000 in 000,600 SI 00 share*,
of which 400.000 are now issued at
par.    The Earl of   Kss��-x   and   tin-
Karl  of   Huntington  are   nn  the
board.    The venders are the  Gold
Exploration   Development  Syndicate, who will sell several   proper
ties at Trail Creek and   elsewhere,
and some   town   sites   to  the   new
company   for  tll��5,000,   of which
200.000 shares* form part payment
Indians art   Progressing
prevailing between the Govern.
ment and its Indian wards. Tin-
report lays thst during the year.
on the whole, the Indians MM
met with fair prosperity. Good
progress was made in a/riculture.
the total Dumber "f acres umh-r
crop Indng 1 lU.KW.and Ihe re��ums
some 80,000 bushels ahead ofthe
previous year.
The avnage number of pupils
in attendance in the Indian mfeoohl
in 1S'.��.*> wan 4.'.��7.l and last y��ai
.r>,,'i7t'��. Th.* iimtal df the Indian
trust fund on the 80th of.I tine Is-'
stood at 18,650,52". and the di*
burscinent*. during the year aggregated 1283,086. The expenditure for Indian -ervice mi soeounl
of the consolidated fund amount
ed to 1881.372.
J  J. Godfrs*.        W  J    Bo��r�����r
F. L. Chratis. LIB
Bowser, Gofey k Ctte,
9sndon  8   C
ancou.tr. 8
First   Bank Established   m the
Slocan. !
Bank of Britisb
pursued at} Roys!�� >..�����������     -.
atSUil    �� it ti |������<-r I.. .... f, i
I. ft   >>
Departmental   blue   lunik.**   are
generally    n-gar led   as   dry   ami
tntisty'j but there is some  iiit��*r***-t.
iug reading   in   the   report of the
Department   of   Indian     Affair*
Besides the reading  matter   tInn-
are illustrations in the blue  book,
and even   if the   people   will   not
wade through the ��WM> page* of  r��*
port they   will   certainly   con   the
pictures evidencing the  growth of
civilization among the Indians,   It
is  admitted   by  authorities    that
under our   Industrial   school   sys
tem the Indians in   Manitoba and
the    Northwest   have     made    far
greater progress   than   across   the
line, and the rejxirt contains some
very full information on   the  edu
cational methods   pursued   Btnona
the   Indians   in   thr   Northwest
The only blot in  the   work  of re
formation amongst the   Indians is
the tendency of white men   to  sell
liquor to them.     The  conduct   of
the redskins, taking the Domini >n
throughout, has been all that could
be expected   save   as  regard*  intemperance,   of which   then*   has
been a g<K)d deal more,  particularly in the older province of  British
Columbia.    The officers of the de
partment haye not ceased   in their
vigilance to stop  the  miscreants
who have  clandestinely   supplied
the Indians with strong drink.   As
a result many offenders have been
prosecuted aud to some extent the
practice of liquor selling  stopped
The repatriation of the  500 refugee Crees who went to Montana
after the troubles of 1HN5 is regarded as an evidence of  the good.will
Morning    i ��*��vra t
l>*��\<-��  n��r.   nt   11..'. I.�� a
���Vetoes.   irf-a*.��-��'.ait> at ��... .��� k
I .-nvr-a Tl.rw K.-rfc. ��t ,,,>'.��>rk
11 .���'.!-- k.
I a-n-.->-.      Thr,**    |.<rk.    at    I
Goodenough Hotel
SAMM-..V   tl    t
Tli��-   Pineal     I.arg.���t
and motl   Elegant I j
Furnished Rooms
In lh��* Entire North.
i sgftuM
M-I..J*  I ,.|\|t��"��.)��
1 M-torta,    yitmaj.'f       I   m    w.-..���,
Nttlim'.***        K��.��>*a>|�� Al l.*<i\
K V*a|����    ft*d    *�� \\|��>\
N*~an  > ..*
In Uu- I  :,tt*��l *.,����,��
���*���<. Fna'��rt��r..  *tt��l   t\��riu    I
Agents snd Coreesoondenta
�� w vi>\   OmnmHss it**** ������' * ��� ���'*���<
V -rrtwnt*     IVm.k   .*��� i ��iumU.   Tr����-     mU*)��
'....ll    It��n.r,.��( >U'.k  at  �� *r,j��.|* ����� t IU   .
���.,.,.    H..44. IN      I   MT��I>     *.|.t��.��
t au*<lt*li lUnk ���>(  i ..innwrnr     \fTi- s
y..'*.    iiai.k    >i Koes  NenUa   > I* ���
t^at>Si**S SOd OOM FfS���laWl UtaSS    1-4 I       I*
m��. TO* I****'* Nrasod V��0.-����*i KmI   ���*-
Tltr     t\.tw��t>r*    NaliolMi      M����.)��       ��(..��..
il.lRll.UvM'Ma/MMM'    IU- 4
..I   St,��tf��'j��*-.j.      Ift���***.��!.I I I       ����� ���
Locsl   Msnsger.
Ssnsen B-s**c*<
��� >lo��.    Iii.'lil.tlni*    H-a.f.1     ��... ,.
N>> imr in eoaneetkm.
Mrs. M. A. SMITH, Proprietress.
Fine Watch Repairing.
Watchmakers  and  Jewelers,
Wstebes, Uoeta mm  issrstrjr,  rim,... ��.���i
lS#tng  RMMSitoSSi
W. Halls*, Hgr, Samion.
lafaaitlstf Rami OoUap PhnMsM,
*iir�� ��>���',��
Dublin. Ireland.
Office:������Booms,   Rot, 1 and  I.
Clifton House,
SANDON - - b C
Isaac   Berkman,
A union Mul.*. of all KUi.U mmtw t.-.l
in UM iiui*it Miti.ra.-tor>   iiimih. i
S*~llmaoiml.l,'   Km.-��.-%��
Hsrris Block.        Ssndon, B. C.
t .USH.tvr.*   tn   ��**i
I !-.<..   |a.rat.-l   '>      feSfSl   ' hi'l. *��
Fsttf Uo Cspitsi,
Reserve   Fund,
\ ii
a    ..
i       '..i  ��� r?.<*     I t*m*����u   I aim .   i-
���Mrr-rt     t     0,
Court ol  Directors
I  II  lia.lir J..h*iJ��-w.i'��i.r UoaaatrS Ia<
n*f, lik|-,��r,t   ll  oi,.,    Hron   U    Y��ti*    ��
trtfaer llaenr, ll  I m Uttvimii. J   i   >.     -
for��t    I tr.irrii*   LoSSaeS     <n-.*r%.   |l     ���
���Vrfrt.fi.  y   Q M ��m.
M*��.|����mr��. in I aiw��.t��.Jf*l J.nr, tai     \l
II   "rur. ��*. J    l.i a��i i
...��.rr��l   U,iui(fi In* ���
Broncnsa  in Canada
I >..!.!..(,   llrnnO-.r.l   |-��n.   Ilwini1'.
!��>  Kii����.i.>o, IHtaerm.   M.e��lrr��i   *t      "
J..|.u N  u , llmri i...   sa u.t,i|*��-��   Hm>
rl't��1��li. M It , Mai!**** N *^ \.. 1-
<a��H,T. K<��aaiftn>t. K��ii.|.hi K��al.-. I
11    (
Agents in the United $�����<*���
StnkMM      "MN.II.mal  Hank   Bad 1
NsOoneJ   IWnk      Nr�� y.^k.      IS Wa
w   Lewanti m��.l J. C  Wriat.     �����-��.. I
1.1   *��*l����.,rta��*Htrr.t      II    !M    I    M. ��
).   It.   \nil>r,Mr
London  Bonkers
Thr  Itai.k of K.tvfitmi-J and Miwr>    ���
Foreign  Agents
Liverpool, lim.k >.i   i Ivsnosl     st
NoUoooJ    lUnk of  FV-tSla.ii.1.  I.lmi*''1
'<ruta. tia^a,     Irrlaiitl    I'n.t lo<-l��l    |U��ni>
Isod,  Ltd .  sad  t.mitf-ti���   v��ti.-..'��    ' ���
Uil��� an.l brsivtMS,   y.i.lrt*lla. t i.i*
yuatflallo, I'd    Nrw /.��;���...!   Ii>>
y<i��<r��ii��. Ltd,   h��,n��, num.,   �����<!
M.l.,|,(p.    1U..I..I    Ill.tlA     III V��'
U'l      Wi-,i   In.ll..., loiouial    Ita'
M.aar.      M*rr��t��ttl.
��'r��-.ln I Ton sola
Kmil-aM   fl   IV
,  Ha l
i .  ���
GEORGE   KYDD.   Ms-iso*'
Sandon.   B   C Tha* Flaltluc Kacuralou.
yVunat St wi-lit a tialiln  -in.
An' |.a ain ma, all llirra*-
yy li< n th. > waa a |.t. nl.   way
out to llaurh'a w.hmI om day.
An' iln*v waa a rtn-fk oat tlicr**,
yy It. n- tin- Maliln' la. an* m||, *-������
Mill.- l-oyi taint t.lir ami ��tr..iitf
li. tl' r tiav. tiavi- tl.. li (..Ik. alxtif* !
Mi |>.t Jl-t A.I...1 an' fl*h.��d,
An" my nin *h��- aalil alN* wiali.-��l
Mr an' In r waa MM - mi' |>a
Sai.l hr wlati.-il ao VStaSfS ma
I'a aalcl If you talk.*r aa>
An. tlilntf. t-r anrrar. ot au,,
Hain't im Sail all.f nc (Wi,
Beet tndn' U> l��lt<* | !������ Mlil
I'tiit nljrli .lark in t..��n wh.-ii ve
Ool !������� k lx>iiw*: an' nia. aa> * rstc
Xow alirll lux. Sail f,-r aliurr -
An' abe Intyod our ai ilia- ��i-.r. ���
Mad at an Ha i   )���> |m> w.hi I
Kat SO flab, an  ����> a In- .l..i,'t
l.lk.'.in   ai��I I.'  |**iimI<<| m*
when I rh.-kr.l-ma, ���U'lft't !*..*��
Jas��*a yy bit. .mil.
v i .f i>��|a.n.|. nt ha. thr toHaartas la������ alms
BmI K.-u-nay:
alttv^* -mjf day panic* an* arriving fr tn tin*
�� .,!'. .Ilhrr tor thr |-ur|aaw ��� ���' In *.>�����*!n* Of "*�� a*
to   l<r   hrfr   Ihr   in -tn. t:t   that   *|>rltiK >��|>rn�� .ail.
AajUttSfOfSSfS^Htatsttattll IDOd !:*raMty
���all! ������ II ami It 1. ra.h ilown.    TIm-   nrln,-i|-al  d<
mum l�� of monooo Worry trtrk t��-> t wnait.-a
h����r Irrn I* a la.; pa th, , n. k ami ih.-r< In
aeomffj . ��l.aii��t i>ut that ����� w Ul *���- a im-ai Ins
\ i/lmr. r mining r����n|��iny haa akio a. qwlr.-d
r K-hta on thr rtwk ami will' i.|��n.| MO/WO In a
}4ant Tin* Bait Kooaaaajr Mining *uatUtv*tOp>
nwnl i ���.tii|..iiv will hr arlltrl* at w.<fk ill a few
<U����<wi <>ih> ,.f thrir |rt-*>|a til.-* and thr rr*mlt f.f
Ih- Ir OMfStlBaa will la ����� x\< t...l ragrrlv Ittill
rftraf ia .]����� ri. h j.M'.r ij-.!lv tn gaW-na ami tin*
Mxvrr.KJk ami tt ilii i, -i��. all hair th, Ir frlrml*
In fart  It w.aihl a|.|<awr thai  Uk- wb-.h' iiainlry
��� naiml It .aw %a*l maa* of iimi. ��< i.|.->i wa-alth
f L ��� North HUr mlnr u 11.4 a vfln St lata, It la
a mi�� <4 mlmral II ar. m. a. If th< I. atria of
thr rarth h����l ISwAm ��>i.| i!h 11 luinrt and that l��
th�� im-at N.-rth Mar mlnr Tlwy bare Uu looa
now n ail*. (,-r alii}.ic ut ami I am t.-l.t that rvrrv
t.Mi ��lllgn trow ����>!.��.-.1    Ihrreranl*.* m> n-a*
��� nal.lr 1V.41M th��a'* ol .j-xtm 1 �����iU|,.r alnr, nun,
mlnr* a. a*��a��1, uuaalM. l��*Hrr.
Vwarfday  1 waa afaoara a Alert of lava. Ilkr
, MUlS, wlilrh .Mini ��>�����!> III. ton, ami a |.!���.��������
al |.(.r *hlt-h waikl run SO |*rnu*��l Thl�� lat-
1-t   ... fa. i :. tii jr j*-ttirw. ai>   rrt  onuV Vvioprd.
'������* hat thr fiiturv a n > .>ne ran "trll, Imt I  llilnk
��� ���. thina-.W-j��T��l�� .-.ii the r..j����tr.a-rWi al .>ncr
ul thir t'r..w'�� Kast I'a-w rsttwsr.    Thru   tfl>>|ar
rwol .��f thr anrtrliwOooa an- rrallatd Ihta will hr
* im-at naintr, an>l a irnrat rrntn- I mran Ot
r.atro lb* K-cl str.'lr dt^rl.t 1�� ,-*����*- n<> <*ir
kn.iw. ��)�� r. Hr n,�� l..��n fail! la-        K>>rt *��|.*��l.
Usatf i�� Jim ti.-* \.r. bnmnnmty a.tt��^ird with
h t> l rs ratMBodattos '��� ' th* nr\m\ ni��h What
tbrrr arr an- vttt er.-��l. mnrh hrnrrihan mv ha*
* rtSht I., r.jirrt. Nit alnw.l, ll>-n l�� I.-*li..ili>i{
tn la- a ar*r. It. "t r ..ir... "fbrtrr to a |n��oJ pnl.lli-
���> I....I and 1 am told, a <-,*nja��.-.��t t��**r!n*r Thr
i..|'.-uu. it.�� .mo. t. ao.l-4.1 llairr. ar. affal.k*
ami kind tu Ihr alianrrrr. and atrrr-t l��mwl�� and
nn*..nil, ��� ihtl'iti.'ii. ar> |.ra<ll.ally tinkii'��ii.
t nt* i. auul.lu J3-, ��i \ ,* tt��<< |wa.*,- ami h<- my* It.*
��� llr.*.! of Ihr J..h f<* thr��� U n-lhlnf lo do
Powaer War o��er.
Haa Khas. l**t,��,    Thr |..-a.Vr war It a\rt. An
-.tT*tiir>'iii>'itt haa l**rn . ff..t,*l  brtwtoo  tin    At
Untie and l*S<-|Ac i uaat r.w��|wni' '. and tin- laltrr
will tla-n tlst asSN-rnrid t.vdsy If th<* projrrsai  l��
rarrlrd .ail.
Thrn- la a dual arraiifrrm.-ni I Nw < <>v, r�� ih<*
m ntral Ih ll, and la between 0i��* tn��niifa<*turrr�� Of
(N-wnVr In IM rati and thoae In t/allf'-mla Thl��
roveisNew MrtU..,i ��� "..rail >. ifersitsna, ttah and
yvycrtsluir. liaefwii fr.|a*ili i*arti.t wh.- bavr
..��*T*r<l t., a.lvaerr ia^,-��< ft.ni I <������ it t-> 1| r-rtit..
on boi |a.wdl'ral^dklsil��a|ll^>*l''������, T*'��' *nrrr
���ay b�� m uwlrrarlllnk', <arli ha. ih. rlfc*ht.
llmaurti aodllnf*.. hertamlnr Uh* .>tlia*r'�� l����.k�� hi
aarrrtaln j.rirra ami polnta >.f ��hl|>im*nt i mr will
have a dlrrrt hearlne ii|H.n lli<- >*<h.*r. aa tin' tor
iiii-f will or|H-mt loa atmai < il.nl on U atioii and
frrlirbl. Td*> AxlSs?o7thia arhrduh* baa Ihvii an
unl.ma lank, ami haa .��-<-u-.|. ,1 thr alien Sea of th<-
two r,|a-.w. ntatlv.** of thr reatrni <*.miiw��iil. a ami
thoaa of lla> I.K*al intiiiifai tin. ia dally f..r ai-vrtal
Tin* arromldlvltl.Mi of thr |..wi|.r ISJfsaaMSl to
batweaa tin* California, oiaut andJudaaa <-.*in
lunl. �� and ,���..,. ia ��!,��( |a ItttOWn aa til*1 |a#lllv.'
twit. I liia in. In,|, a yVatlltnift'.n OrraSOn, Cali
f.wula, Nn-ada, Arltama, and llnh Tin c>in
j>��rt Iix-lit.lt -. la.th Mark powdani and dynamili*.
Thr n.lvam-,* In prltOBOB the raf-ltl.- r.uis will la*
allclitlv irnatrr than In UM neutral belt Alnmat
��� very .IiI|i|iIiik |a��lni \ nr .���* Iu th<- * o< .Ink . hut nt
a lo-nrral |.t..i.-lli..ii thr in< n-.a,- will U n-arh 1
<*iil�� a i.Min.1 Thua No. 1 dj nainlte. whli'h Iia*
la-, n ralllnif Imm a to n\ ,-rtita it |-otlud. "Ill be
.nlviiiirr.1 do i.J .mil |n i-rnt.. and hlriek jniwiler
fn.mll (oSUbs krw
New Town or Wonliirr.
.latnre K. yVardmr haa nluiii.*<l to It.-aelAiid
faft>��* sn abaanea at of ���*���-..-rai wi>.ka in tlw ����aat,
J��r.  yVanlmr haa Iiwmi Um |m>inoti*r of KMBSOJ
tlw Innp'.t Im.In, aa nm| mlulnir rnt��T|S*lllf*S ��rt "���>
f.a.t Iii the minim; e.uiiira of th,- nortliwe-.t. and
li. cogej back with a new projeet Iu hand that
fnrfm .rreat reaulta. Tfr a4.bnue that l" 1.
c.mU-m,.l.it|,,,, whWhwIJIIa-Jtarrled out. la the
foumllni* of a ii-w town oa Koobmav river at the
(���ruaaliiK of Um.. crow'a Neat I'aaa ralln-ad. The
u.wiitiueii1i,rttv(.a asaemtbat Mr. WSnlnerbaa
�� cured In eonjuiK-tio*. with Cant. K. P Ann
���sr.,1.,. am tlw Karl of N.-rhury, aud it >��ld to l��*
beasUfal kxattos. Tlie (own to lo| U- num.-,i
�� an n.-r ...i,| it ft rii-h uiinernl OOSntrv Bur-
rounito tin- |.Ure,ll h uosMentlv eipwfod that
"ar.lmrw. grow autce and rjirlng at once
Into nr. mlnenca aa Uh-chief 'own of ;R*j.| Kia>f.
yy hen thine ai * had and foib* an. ��ad
An- ��rl,M(��u>  lay bv day.
J.-4 try votir law .it Inofcln'triad
An wblatle '<*m away!
lainl in I ml how tronl.1 h, hrlatle ;
Jeat lake a naw or thtole;
Hold your own
An  . luni-e v.Hir ten.-.
And wlilailr: wbbrttel whittle!
A *>ni* to worth a world of aUht ���
a'lta-n n*d tbv Ibrbtnlssa plav
I/*A for Uk- ralnlj..w in thr tkl.-t
An' wbtotle em aaray I
Ik>ii'l uuml Ik.w trmhlr. hriatb*:
1 lir nn.- com.-. ��ith tin- ih!��:l��-.
Hold your os u
An' ehantri- y.^ir tone,
Andwhtoile! whittle: whlattel
Kach day rotnra with a life thal't new
A Mraui*.'. r-..nti,i.i.-.l .r.,, ;
Uu* >till U-m-ath a i. u<| o  I'.lu..
Th.* -a.-rbl n4to OS t . irbwy.
I*>n t mind how tmut.bt liritlh*;
J.-��t take a mar or i'ii *:i>*:
An' hobl yi/ur ores.
An'< haiMrc \<*n t a
An'whtotb-- whto'tlr' ^i . :!��� ���
CAriPBELL, New York Tailor
^^      Lsrceat TaUerlas EataMMhaicat _u.
Lsrcost Tadaorlsc EataMMheicat
lathe F
B8iaiT Sandon,
Kam loops
r.   ^Abaoluul) oerlect fitting and well-audefarr-aentt guaranteed Oent'a bd_M
Ck thing, Ov.rali. la connection H ADPI��   RI nrit   ! .  B    ..   ��� 1    l-orslaainf a.
n/AKKId  BLOCK, bet. Haaka B.N.A. and B.C.
."anta ( OOatttSttBB.
I'b.w. r* ,4 a| rliia; i.i I.I tmm omnt mt w^lk*
Thr careful waya of duly;
(hir hanl. atlSlinraof life with h>,
An- dowlne niriM .4 U-anty.
i hir homra arr . Ii.arl. r f..r li t  ^i ,r.
<��ur .1,.* \anl�� t^-lj.'htrr 14 ���     .ii,..
And all at.-ut tin- ��h-l\I air
It awretrr for b,*r romlnc
t'lit|a>krn homillr* o'.wicr
Hrr dally life ia |.. i. Mnar;
Th>- Mill ref**aan*aeet  i um drw
I. her uiiroiul.x). *< .eliltiK.
And nevrr l��-udrn*r haml than liert
I'nkidta the bn.w nf illint-:
H.-r ganuesl aa tbe ��ick mau't .ar
Hate inii.ii In t!���<'������ tralllu-*
Hrr |in-��iir,' b-nito lit  ��r.rmtli an,! In-alth
T-. all who txwnr l��rfiri- It.
If w..tnan Ihui Kdrn. ��,i. Ii
A a ahe a lour r**tt><rr It
J  linU. ,Vhlttb*r.
Yon wtkl that when yy��- weiv mar
rutl y����u yvtiuld refuse hip nothing.
I'll Ik* still more joiu-rons.   I'll fcive
it^to you.
We have
A lari/e Invoice of
snd (iRANITEWARE   of
the Kitchen.
We ai.vjcarrv a full line of
Sandon and Rossland.
Hunter Bros.
iv-alera Iu
Mews, st��ii.iii. rj*,
Ooafettf i my, Bsaer, Kinrt.
ChMTM, I'wiv, .iialn  Flour,
McQueen & Gore haw
just   opened   in the Harris
building with a full line of
Remember the place,
McQueen & gore,
Hotel Kootenay
Switzer & McCluskey,
. im.
Snililli* anl PSI ���> 1I.U-*.*
t.i nil iv ban
Iii tin* M<H'.main*.
Dealers in
KaSU) and CODY.
m ZC.F.RAI.D A DAY. Propa.
 Mnmifatutt r- of ail	
syphons, Ginger Ale.
Sarsajiarilla, Etc, Etc.
Seundoia, B. O
Patronise home industry
when vou want the best
Mines in the Trail Creek District
tor sale on Stocking: or Bonding
basis. Office: TRAIL, B.C.
Pays special attention to all
kinds of watch repairing.
Large sttK'k of
OPTICi-iL  Q00D8
always on hand
Oue of the oldest and best known
hotels in the City.
The only Bowling Alley in the
Mountains is attached to this
**~~P~> Wm/'W
Is the Pioneer Mouse of the City.
Proprietor.. THE   PAYSTKEAK.
tVWrvf ���;���
S      ai
Rev..rde4 ai Ne��' IVnver. tii. As.-."��inentt
Transfer* and l/*cntio4is:
l.i K ATI. .3m.
March IK
1>IvmIc. between S|trln-*er ami l/nini rreelrs -
Dan Mi -Lend
Marrb Vt
Horro, Ten Mil.-David Whitl.*j
March ��>
Won Mil.* Frartfwn. Four MIL    K 11 BaflMt
M.in h S.t
Dal Monte. 1,,-tnon creek���L 11 IM*. u��ee
l��nini Lummoit.Codv creek��� W I. OVomicll
!>.ui!i!i.!.�� i.ody eras**-W L i��X'<.nn.-ll
siuini; Bull, Cody Creek��� KCwy
Hover, Codv rreek���E C**se*r
IV-li. Uand*IVni Raiinoek Point   Chaa Ander-
Manh M
tiranih-VA Dunn
Kt-iriua--J T Bcuche-me
March II
slocan Itelle���Rou-rt i 'ununln-z
March l:.
LooksalKb i���Tbe Wonderful Ortaf Minim*
F.j.hraim   Fraction-The Beeo'M t Ml'..
D.iv Dawn   Sainu.l 11 Steele
Ittres tt
A I'U-mi.-ui !���> John A F'.l.-* - ill.uk It... m v
and Whtt�� IVautv. Feb25: rjlaOO
John A Folcv ti. J .1 Mtilhall .in.l John .1 Kauri. !d -1 Usch keuitv an��l Whl'..- H antv. March
tt: >i
March W
Man Wofcc aml*trte Kokanec Mining Co- Tin
Ri>val Arthur ami Charmer. Feb i:<: aluO.un
Th.j* B Mav ami B Svenciaki !.. the Kokaaas
Minim: Co��� The Golden Bazaar ami Mountain
Flower, Feb l�� -. fUo'Cj
Blair Carter to J F Yates���Tbe Mllv 11 Fraction.
Maxell I; ��U>
A K Teeter, J M H*-neduni. W 1. Price, vr
Kackliff. H LCurti*��.J W Kyteand Peter Lor-
.ntzon to Um Brttldi Canaiiiau Gold Fi.-I.la F. D k
I Co���Th.- Howard Fraction. Th.**-r. Ttsw  WtM
tloii. ItUmtaiid D-.a.iw.a��5. Mar. ii H
March 17
John M Oreenough to A H Bhini.-n.iu.-r -J Mo*
t-ott Extension. March 4; *1
IVn Anderson to E M Madttruda TIh R t.in
March 1: fl
Tho* Mtilvev to F S Andrew*-l'-l Evening
star. March li. t'*M>
ii.<j Stanley to Thoa Imau-l Inlaal Empire,
March 11; M
W H I.antz to Beatiinont Boa***** ! Creole, Feb
IS: sin.
Frank (.ran*, ill. to John J Run'*. -kt-The
Town* lid *MWi
D 0 Lewis to Joaeph Praficant*���1 (.',-iicna
Mountain and | Corui.toiniae. Sent ���**���: *l
Jo�� Praficante to Win   Stubh*   \ <'<.iii|>r inb*,
HefS fB : faaj
March 1**
1' M Hayes to C Kearney Hammond-Th. Hapb-
lr>- and Ue'ni, Jan 11
Jessta L Hamtiiond to II Milton Martfn���\
si> tkanc Jim. Dec ��' ; ti.'*)
HopeO Middaugh to Wm Walton-Tin* Mom
ins* Sun. March 21. IMS, -flu
A nirus P McDonald \i> ThnaC i.rav- 1 Simr-
el.la. FebM: ��2*a'i
Joseph Pilon to H W Kent-Tin- Tim... March
IS: tl
Ja-Orilhooley toThos Diiim- Th.- Alma. St    \u
I.vu and Forlorn Hope, M.in-h 1 ���'.: >;T,nn
March i:��
Chax Ni-uhiim.- to John T Kdlv���IM Black
Esse, March 1ft; tl
Chaa N'.-whanae to Win R Will j Black Easla,
March I: f l
Fn-d W M-joretoDJ Munii ; Molll. O .mil -j
Loi Vecas, Feh -*i: r\
(..-<�� Alexander. John M Martin and John J
Lvnch to the Echo Minim.' and Mllllin- Co Tie-
Culled. FehSfj tt
A Bogs to PW Moore���The Wfpporwlll, Vu*.'
il; MS
F M Clement to I) A Van Durn 1 J. nnv. Feb
*; xl
M uch 10
Jb* E Taitcrull to John <> l.wllllm J i hap
I.- in.M.u. li M: tl
Same, |o B.-iij;imiii kola-rtnon 1/1 ChSSteSB.
March in; ��\
Same to Frank Dick 1 ���; Chspfeas, March K".:
Win K.-rr tn If.<ht C Or.-ihain-Tin* Ooiden
West, *-i
Ms McDiw.ll to Rofa*  McDow-ll-1 I-; Slij.-,,
March iii; rt
March ��
Samuel Discain-ica to FS Dnvi*- J Silv.-r Wave
No8. March 2t: $JUU
Briti-lev M Walton to A D William ando W
W.aal���i Victoria. March 1!.; ��1
Wm Hraacli to Alexander Hiirrl*in--} ea<-h
I'lariot. I'ioiid-r ami liicli- mim, March f. tl
HughMcKiuuon to .la- scpbail- Tin Cnlon,
Farewf-n ami Victor. March 17 ; #10
T H.-id to Chaa 1* Sinith.-iiiiwale ;iiatineau,
Alii*.'!: ��1
B h I'ovington to Chaa K SinlUieriiigal.���I
Sinici*, Aug 3; tl
Chat E SiiiiUierini-al.-, K a ��'). inginii, T Held.
II 11 Knox and Kate So.lt to Bolif Tatlo.v and
Arthur U Thy line���J Shiu Ten, J G.uiiuMti and 4
sinicia-. March :i: S'ain
The Freddie Ia*m. Minim.' Co to W S (ouirnn���
Tin* Freddie Wtk- Fnn lion and Omeso wining
claim*. Feh tt' *4.V*-,.7*.i
John Earm*��t to Elmer Everltt- I'l O K N'o ���?
and | Everltt Sot. March -J:*: SV^'
Fxl Dunn to J W Johnston 1 1 < (rpha, Feh l.i;
a loo
Herl. II Knox to P W Kill- ' IMIv Vnnlei, Vo
;i. March l?: -I
"������T��."��U.oi.-.**aHh���*' I'wvenvllle   | Wild Horn.-,
���awiiriTh *\
\\ 11 HoUr-sa*" u.ii.v Faiil.nrn,Clua Amler
no and Ja- A MeKistssv i S��fco Fiarttoa,
March M; *1
8ametoChM And��f��s aad Oao Fain-urn   ?
Fedora. aarehV; ..    ,.,   ,  ���.,,. ,..���.
John I. ("Will to Mil.*- Met.HI   J   WIW   Weal.
Novl"'.; tl
Mil.* McOlll iw John Trim*   \ Wild W. rt.Ha.
is; *i
Frank A VNVil to Eleanor J Kendall and   V  B
Kitici.iud   Ihe Monitor >*o t. rssseh so; nxa
Kootenay Mercantile Tailoring Co.
Fotkvaimr an- tin- rrt-gtlf ot locstiuu*, taa mmrot
work asdtr.iii��fer!�� made tlinaiifh tin- r.-c-nl
r.fflceatNakuap.alnc-1! January !*; li..i*...
I..H  Atl"*.-
F.l.riiarv H,
Noiinarlel No* Arrow lake eight mil. �� ahon
Dear Park. Frank Sekleil
Ben Bur U iiill"-1 alan. Dir Park   Sam-
(u*t.*r���San a-
MrKlnler*- SSin.
F- ���liruary 0.
Uoidon- -li.-.. W .Ionian
in \\��M K-.
J a n u.i ry .'..
John H..-t. rto A J 11. W- ! . A\ r-hlre l-.t��-��l��
Jan I; ��1
Jan 11.
tasdlfTsallla to W J '��� 'Hen | Klttl.   Ma.k.
im- 2.0. qoo
Th.-* Bvland to  Hnv-li  Hyland    I -;  M . :i.
x.i 2. Dae at; ti
Jan M
Hector Mrhlunon U><*c<> Hopkiu*'- 1 > X-
Dec 31; tl
Sank- to a4uk-    ��� Hlghlaud Mary  l*r *.! ��l
Jan 1.'..
A LaOSBto A J Akxand'r and (s J Hwecnsj
-optii'ii .��n 1 Wi**- Blnl X. l ind X<> 2
February 3.
Alex M( l>Mn��'*.l t<> W II Wall I ��� HI... k BM
I��ec 1(*< tl
AlaxafeDoaarddsad A Lasnoato W  ll ITafl
J A AT. Dec la; tl
Feh 4.
J E BaU-toJ P P.-lefwai- Whit.iCkStal !>*.
MM Nlch. I t�� John V IVrka   \ lUbh . Jan :'.l ;
Feb />. < I
JoliuXiclejl loOe.. il Drerr   | (Jath >n. Jan 1*
B W Ball t a J.i�� M Aal.iL,. TIk irit.H.n. F-��.
.'.; m9
F.-I. '.*. j
bosk Daaaeraaa to RsyraaBd  KM* J cacii
Hand tliml., X.iku.n Moiitn-nl.  I.an. ..���;��� i    < ��r,
BOS Boy, Barvc-t Qoeen, Jan so; ��l
F*h 12.
ChSI ft A ��kcn t.< II F BhSfp \ each T.nnlnn.
.ind Trail Xo * F.I. D . tl
HF.DMi.i-jn toHC BhaiS I Burton Clt*.
F��l. *; a]
Feb tt.
Al. \aml. r Mda.-��n and Jum.-a Asderaan i�� th-
Columbia Oaril-oo l.old Minim' ('.. |,t,| ti���
Molly, Feb 10; ��i
Alex   Mclean  to   tin-   Columbia-   nrllaa.  I.,|,|
lOslna:Co���The Uttk Joe KoS, Wm lo; ��i
H P Sliaq. to C P WofldMW 1 ����rh W...I1
BsaoaKn and Ftasari-**-**. Fel> t<; tl
Ctrns A��J"... tof' I* W.aallN-mw- - \ each Trlnlth
Xo 2 and Terminna. F> h y: ��i
THK   It 1(11   Slot AN.
T��.l\.. s| a an and Ain.Worth min.����� al..n.
��hl|��|ai| iln- other week at Bat rate of | '. !tn.i��r,i ,\
year.   "Ihe |.rol.;i|,ility |a ||,.,t it will |��., tended
I'll! even If It   abill   not |/o   l..v��.||.|   -loii'iii  (||.
ainoiiiit will U* rcninrknl-b*. Lai aSSMfcta fi��
coiii|.ariaoiia by way of HIiMlratloii The : .1 .,
output of coal in Xova Scotia in IStfwat worth
UfitAMA Tb.- to!;(| onttml of the ( aiiadUn MS
|ar nisei In !*��r> was r.'��c�� H9. The total ..miMit
of Iron for the asma jrear ��aa wortli tr.v. u;���
The value of all tha i/ofd pnahiced in < 'niutda In
UM wa.. njnojXX) that ofthe allrer *i i.'-i-.c,
Now let iia take up aieith. r lln��\ Ihr total valu>'
of all thr ronl expOrt.-d from tlie Dominion in th.
y.-ar ending June 3n.vm .waa ��S.f,M.,i; that ,4
catiiM-d aalmon tttfWJSoj Xova Riotla'a , %t*,n 1)f
lilllliarwaa   ���W**72K7!.J OllUrloV whole   exiairt of
manufacture, was rl,i<*s;i!i7; nil the expurtl -.1
Xew Bnmnwlck. except lumb.-r,.- .mhlm-d wen
worth tJlSJUMk nil the exporU of Uanltoha  wen-
wortb ���:'.o<i.'.,'ai7.
a Mule girl going to church with her mother
one Sinidiiy m\v aonie ineii working <>n the airivt
car tracks. S.*e tliorn- men Invaklng th. snbb.th
anld her mother, thlnklni' to raiggtst a moral Uu'.
"on. The little girl watched them grav.U Then
.In* li.iked ui* in her mother a fare am) a��td tnri
can I i. ��l mend it f
Div (tisjtla, lient'* fto&ltllin*-;
ii|i|ss.it��* The riilvm  I]
pftBidtd t'Vrr hy Mis** HMlTj
atlXIXCi   I'Ki'rKHTV   BfHKillT   9t*
,J. il.  CAMERON.
Boon Kackerel, Lake Superior WbiM H*.h, !jit��rA.h*r Hciring, flahfis
In Barrels, Pails. Kits or by
the Single Fish.
OAIITD l/DA 1 IT  i" *���������*?*aln^ }>> i!m'���f*,*ou-        r*Yt*sh'. ���
uAUtn  lAnAU I      warydaVl      QnoaidoHTottdproapdv
II. Giegwtoht Sandon.
Qtam Powdar .��t)d Oeodwla% DMstUet.
"���.���jirwa nt Airsworth. K.iil . S��r*i
Civil ��>? II yd ran lie Kn^iiu^rH, Provinrial
I^and Snrvoyors, NotarieH Puhllc.
Agents for Railway Addition to Rosslancl
a*-*  \ mimla-r of �����!! 1 �� itad inloeral rUim. f.a* aaje
Tbe terminal ofthe sincan
River Railway, the bual
ness ccntri*  fur  DfliBgar
and Lemon cr.*.-k mtoei.
wliiriian-already iblpploK
��>rr.      I/.I-. iu tliin tin* BMM
BffMnlelng ami beaotlfliHy
���.jt'i'ititi    tOWn     ill     Wi ,l
BROS.,s<0r;"H%* Hc^l.t!!.!,
^*m/    I'bui"". '". uu. sh.  i Mii��i.
Mimi-alSniinK... s,���i,lk. Ma.hln..
and Sn|,|,h,.,
tt M ill ��� iler. mvlt, ,rf,-n,< atb titlolt
ftroo wt  m ��.ii
Bbopi st Hutton.  KsuVsi   Ks*J
AinHwiirtii and QOatrti Creek
1 kl    \    Mlt.lov
BUckN Hotel,
Um* .'Ml Hon*. I'owi-r S��*tu: I'  ''
Knjfiiir* sml  lfc.ili*r, initabJe I r -,1'
mill.    Beeood bant',  in   .'���'"���' '*J
Hhftfs*.      iVici-,    KO.lt    BOBPhfO Y
Ssnttun. $li��i)
apply for full iifitticti'nr''
F. S  AtWRW*...
Hlornn I "��� |l THE   PAYSTKEAK.
Aa    Hie   Nun    Went   Dovtr.
Two *ol<l|. n�� l.ii oil ill. battle ii.il
It tiluM when tlie dim Wenf il iw n ;
line held a lock ot thin nrav hub
And om- held a loek ..t br.owi.
i��ii.- fhouMht of lite -a..'.h.art buck al Hon..
lfrt|.|o nnd Voiinr nml |ray
And our "f III* mother left .11 >iir
r * < I.I. 11 ml i-i'l ami mi ai .
I  .< b III tlie tboiofh* thai n woman 1 nr.il
Mminiir.-d a j.r.n .' I .(...1
l.ilili.a- bl�� ���/.-*������ to the blue ala,\ a
There on Um- battle *����l
K .. b In tin- >.y -.I a * ..in H, a low
snill. .1 lhr.lU.-h  III"   i...ln of death
Min nniia.I lh< aminit of a wnniiii. nam.*
I h0OS*b �� lib hl�� pSlilSg breath
P��l. ajrew th>- djlog ���.,. ,,���,.a,i(i
Tll'll *�� tlW  Mill  Went d .W|j,
(in. kba*-,l .1 Iia kol thin ,.ra�� I. .Ir.
.ikIoih karat..I a 1 <�����,
��� I   Ck ������(   hK'V.11
�� Wsldiua XV
AM- rami.
ihllnrri.   nf  lluffialo.  Still   Hiintln.
for I 1111 ml Ih it a.
S|a. Ul I'.-ii����|��.n<len< a H>��**laiidrr
Tolruiin..-Afl��i.!��ri*aali   who** I..,a,,,.-,  nia
tkm *r* mhs sa to tttn him ksowltdp of smsi
dtstfoasss Mdad thascssaa in Msssras! any.
thai ti**- inliiim.- braftatri d-��11 Mi. is artcasspleta-
I) illvoM'! atal 11 ���������>.����� i - jaill u-> atal-a ami try
ike ane rb-an ritl. ��ji nr ih, la.nl.r Th. j my
It I. not ���>. ilMNrul: ' Matt mV. . f larar" l4>akaof
*( . k aiii->iiaT * tn in- n ol BMMB *��-. tak. an
biteratt in tt* *���*��*��� uit Mt-.t ib j-e^Oe t**ti.^alli
Silf hae�� 1 tl. ��- kudo with 1; .h;���- at. ��-*��� 1 !��.-
Ftrtirb ' "��ti*dian�� ar*- Ml a aja-. ulatlv. paopia
aiul Oar r-hurrh Ut. rlt* MiM-h tit. in ����� ith sll the
��� 1. Il�� tin ut ol that kind tin > uVulre.
Nob di se**4*at to alsr awsks nU-hta Inter Shsg
111.   |* .(.L  �����( tht" 1��C"�� IM< <���. and eajie. (ally ,i l',.j
..n'o. In lb- hi*4>a** ���     Thr |u|irt-a have ar> trr
lnk-   t     btrp   'h. i* f'-iH lakli>(* jairt in the wild
'...:'���  ruah atfalnat ., H,r'. ��. bate kern   *.  ��..-!!
��ini..l In yOUf SotSra-MM    lawt|4t. -.U Oar- rmtfrm
Ins that ran be firati hundred! uf j��"i'k* iw.ll>
''.|iii|>|s>.l |��b�� akallt f"T the ntfM �� Itli nature ,,i,
I!-* n*��an: In a'!��� an.l a l!llii>: ?��� : BSOrl) furnbh.d
fiiiarirlall)    taill   (TO   ��.�������(   In   ihV   *|>rlii|-     Ibr
��� [..a. l�� tStunt.netwc t<> tun j��lr>a<lv and by
le.ltlamNinrf H wit! hive   icsched  l*ore   I*r��-j��� ^r
1   .-���     M ��i ol Ma-   (���<<*   notlii* will  a* Bltertt
��� ,1.1. (. !��-��:����� or srafm rtaini* of tlelr oars SM
wiilcl* a>.i r-oajm th. towaa Anton*,' tie u,
b��i.r :l��i. ��ill be sal a f.-w hanit Maseen
oh . will la. a real ��.*aln to IIHtNi 1   .InmMa
ll�� llntarln vnld flekla att ��Uia. ilna* M-arr��|\
ie.. anantton. IbiUi .. lauft fotius like U** Sul
Ian. la t- ainalas to Bml Iia *��i t>. the < lt> and
seapaa ���rhnftaw* ihsl i- rasMi io*n aststa i��nt
two day a mW- Ir .a l.xotito (e. 1 like laklss lha
trsls it.-i.t awsj Kts s tb.- a.ji.ii r >i. *.-i..|.
luewt eoofluaal i. aohl A retain waa |Kil>iUb..l
ib. at hrr day lo the ��ff��rt thai the I aniearV I m
|atn> / l'iit��l..,ik- whleb fumwrti a**-; a pwwttai
��� ���r;..(lr��ti .mtt Miitabl. f>��r aa.-i maklm,* fnnn
�� uia bawenteredlnt>< 1 routraei t=. (lurehaai
��� .�����! aw of.*, hum th< ��� anadian aide >>( Lathe
su^aji,*, whan than nt ^i��.*��at��Hia ..^.*��v The
tows of Rat Portas*. wtdefa i* tb< reutnsofOn
t.irio". jf -Id flrkla i�� BTOWlnS <���'. luiddtt and
main of thr ia ��i-.��i< r�� an* at a kink- In nttra Mln
insula. Jaat ����� tie- )a.^j< ol a*asblss*toai have
bn 1, loefchis Into B.C
I hla t-rfi.-i.-a up tb*- ab-ll l����. I laW of |1��- I  :.lt- .1
*>!at.it it w.a.M .i-.nl*-'I**-.* f��- uki-i !<w sraut.*d
tiiat the tet<> paaa.il bv Mr. Ck-veland u|*oa tin-
1 V*a-Ba�� aiSi-iiafiH<*nt WnuM end tin aslrnlty, Thi.
!��� not the r.�� . Iv liarrx. of Initial... the ln��i.i-
(or of Immlirretlon wh" W l��i n Mich a tk-ri-.,
t iiimll in liu'it- r 10 �� Ih ��t hr Iii* mnlcr Ib>- law
*\l*tlli|C a rttfht to aasd Kt. k I" 1 nis*li am Ii
I'ana.li.in. Iii lie I ntted *.lal" ���� ha��< their
famllha ind home in I anada. II. inlcmls loivu
Unix- !<��� earn ..nt that law snd hunt not aM the
�� an ,,|| 11,. �� |n >l" n.-t twins "'' ll lauillh*. aSftM
the Una      Ih.r. ��� I. hardlt  an\     :  ul.!   that   iink-aa
b. l��called dew 11 from Waaltinaioii be will .-...i
tinti. i.. .or ii|> bad hi.. .1 ami (on 1 parllsswsl to
paai a r. tallat..i> bill     Anoilei pmteat .Imilar to
��� b .1 a.,i- froan S|>.kaiw- it Preaktenl ��� lev eland
inli.-bl ba Of- in.aii��..f ��in|t��.*a��lu*�� l�� IUitv wb...
when ll waa nteutbtned tnat lln-n  man>    \in<il
< ana lit Intf In llilll'li �� ohimhU. lakl IW > abould
lie bit to U.K.  1 tO' ol III" III* h .��
AOA.%1    A7NII   KVK   tlM.Y   MYTHS.
SlaitliOK    Stoteoieilt     of    11    MlliUter.
Ik*.. ainot *SlMiS< "' Ih*'  Cbnirh nf tlnM."
ai.ib .J* iivcnti s .-a niton raresUj in Sew tforfc
on    tl in Not Fallen. Hut Hl.lntf."
The an. Icnl tradition >>f oitin he a��|,|. lit.-*
the lavmnliiKof the i*cc a. ala.i|l H��i4 teflra
la-fnn* tha Idrtt�� 1 if l.-*ti->. WV..I (.ultiv know that
thlaile. nnd iilaiit.-. nml iiH-k. have evl.|e.l in the
world I.u million, of year*, nml the world l�� mil
lion, of tenia ..Id. Wccuinot n.ie|it aa true the
ancient tiaillllon. uf Adam and Ri c Wa cnun.4
lali.t. Unit on the conduct ol A.lnin and Ktc,
two |nfx|ifiicm 11I and litih.i-nni la-oiA'. the de.
liny of you nml me ami connll.-e* iiilfllon. of |..h.
|.le deiH ndeil It la abaiinl ll I* BTDteaqtiely
ildleuloiia bi entertain wch a In lief, There doca
not exist on tin inc.- nl ih,. 1,-tnh Ihe dlrrhleat
rca-ain tn believe In the myth of a JMlfSli |**..|ile.
ami waa front tlieut .-nuiniiiii ii|mii iln- Hebrews,
'.lean*, inter ivf.i r .-d tn thia tradition.    DdrS It
"KMaeein "liniii.-. thai   he   mould   IIOl   even In Ihe
-liuhi.-t have r. f.n-.d to it If It trin* wurthv of
belli!' ...hJ e.v,,lain��d 10 the iii.-I.-m, world
tliniilHh bi.m.-aming.-x. Mkm-e. the liiatory of tho
"Y' ', T",K' *���"' 1'iUKlitiia S'-laiVe Im-i-ii de-
eeioTied from a lower type of fife, and wa are
reaching om f,,r the attainment of pro���M and
" D-ailh la .-.*-ntii.i to the -advancement of mnn
Iu another !|iherc. Thr ane>nt lnl|ef that a man
wa* < reai.il io la> trauaiNwliil to Heaven bdlly
aii-I with 41! d.ath wer. It not fur tin* fall of
Adam c a mint la- Mleved. i.o.l did not en-ale
the world Inlrodlng to k-ate death tail of the llfe
��.f man The |..i���'.iu invlh of Adam and Kve la
utlerlt imtna-
A frieml in *|a*iikiiiL- to uii-of thi�� vnn-in 1
am aps dellverlior. nak.il in.- lew many mUtls
t.-ra Mnn* are sow In ff ew York today who <Uire
t�� gel n|> In tie Ir |ail|ilta and ran<lnl[v admit that
ihtt had no faith in Iheatory >.f Adam,of tomb
and the whale, and of iKiernl othar tradition* of
Me (lid TftTfII IIBlT"
��� 'Withthe nivihof Adam dl����ii*at--l then- iroea
with it .mi. 1 <i.-*tri>i.a ihatjcr. w out ..f n.��u.hn��
ibo |il*�� of total aVl'raVlly^
"Wlist wen.eaU-iuteliariiial rulttratlon and
brslu power ������" sii.l."->uad tb.- kind of world we
litem,    Man     r-d-r     liee.lucati.1. Intellectually
and railt; ta l��- lainiht the  dlff. r.nc.-. between
richt and wn.inr and to atrik.- for rlifht.-oua
A   l.HFAl    M ilKMK
The elty i-dltor waa .iln.0*1 Woapijig tor a ������n*a
tl -i. w bas the tt. ird lajtlnt' man came in
"I've if.it a trr.-ai achem.-," h<- ��ald. m.t ��;��� rion��-
It. I.t way of aaluutloii.
'What *t if 'aak.-.l the 0, E
' S, Im*ui. f,�� chaniriiu/ tin- <-..l * vt toA hair "
��� Siiji|a.��i)Hf ..-:��.,.,. havtiiit It d in't want It
��� k-.ui��t.l*    H.^l I* I i--t flooa r J r
���Tln-y   dm,   h.iv,.  to nnl��-a��  they  want   to.
N��nhint* rompuhuty about ti.'
��� Whit I* ti*   inimi :.ud . xjihin."
1 h ��� t Ul r j.ill.-il ui. a chair.
"You know * Im- Mbl.   that nil hair Ltlx rt -tilt
<>fa sarptsa of bus In thaajfatem.  Tldab what
Imnert. the v||r>r, the im-ai vitality, the otsr-
aaSrlss and flnroushly healthy ouini.ii lit. thai
run* rfot .ttuuSfb the vehtaafthe n*ldt hstisdi
and titleaCTOnf.eeuttrotanimal nr<-|. what n-n
dera th. m oMre bttrnae In all their emotJona than
ti.tr ne.n- laninud filkin i iitaliiiea Tin exeeaa
of Inm l�� ��l.*o tseeaasa of fn-ckio oo the pjrullar>
ly cb-at, while .kin which alw��t�� ac-aoanpante*
nd hoir Tlir *kln b abnoanally araaltiva t.< the
actluti of b- auu1. .-* ������ - wrliieh ik4 oolj brln^r Ottl
the llltl.   |tf,>w ii .{iota in .ibund.iiic." tail al*> biini.
Ilk.- a unatard tiU*!.*r, pruduelnx �� quesr,cnepy
���enaatJoo,  ����  (f  tb<-   akin   wa.   wrinkling    iij..
*��.. ���
Tlte i by eilitor Ul.ald.-d.
Well. ii..tt . nb.it 1 |ino��r.>*.' to do I* ll.i< '
continiH-d tin* ���ab.-in. r --I'll afTSn**S a at.-*!
U-irrel with an anuaiure around it. eosnerted
with a fort] ii-**' powerdynajso and make n
lliaanel >��l It that will draw tbe riiet* .wit ..f a
i.i!. i Into to thai III put my patient fur Bute
1 - everj .lav. and rB-furnuriee there m.nl
la* oilier .4 iron In hi* *�� *t< in at the end of a
��.��). Then by hnr-ptsu It up a otouthoraa in
���snail, r   doaet   the   hair will  SaaSSe *>uie   ..tier
rotor sad there jou are.   Ain't tt a ootkarJ   l^-ml
.,uarier t-> h-o osl and mskethe rir-*t hajrment
on nit   d.t ���SBto.'SSd iln t. F. let  hiuihate  it.
Ft- h.iii-.-
Hrer Jobii.ini; IHtldc* hi* FI.H-k.
ll *t .ii lludiret.
\\ Ith mie < tee.^1 .ii.the c itlirr. k-atloii that till
til th. It. ��� Mr. Jolin��lnc'��eliun h were African
bmiH'tt.-a.    Nor wa.�� that rtofjh azoaptdOU  et.u a
f.a.l .lilt riblail M.'tll.aii.t   ilke  th>'   llUlldnii*   uf
OeOfgla d-irki.-a  that   tlllcil  the |a*w-. almut  him
during Mil* in.ui lm|a>rtant ret Ival meedns ofthe
w��ab. Iii fact he wa.a tme Roman t'athollc ami
Ida name w*. I��. nni" 11 (.ra.l..    It   aral  bi��  fli^t
.-t|. iiim-e with colored Fwiiiatanta, .-.��� ha ��-icw��- a
i-.,iui|i|riioii* aeat tn the front row of the gslien
from wlii. b nolnl of vantave be could obstivt all
that ]....-.-ii henestb ami 11111* th<* mats readily
pick up the eae.-iili.-il polstl <>l th.- iintauiiliai' a. r
Font lit uina and two pray, r- had |��fitl the
nut ior Brer. Jahofbut^aefiiit/U. Tin-preacher
snae, and a heavy ��ll.-nce f.-H ni*>n th��* aaemhl. ���!
Iliroiik-.    He choae hi* let! and MtlM in.
froodsesi I how in- argued, bow h. plesdad, that
the poo way ward atnner nit**hl turn from Ida
|ulh�� ..f evil ami I- a^ti^l '
Ik-w ar de day ab J.ilaT' uent he crl. il. In earn
i*t wninliik-. ikiiV cwlne to la- a aran' clcanlu'
out ��� iv. a ails n wins to hi d< tblc-l Into ihoen oa
do one ban' and-foata on de .al.l.-i ban':* Then
he paoai-d for i -ironui i effort.   ' Mow," hcrri.-d,
-who'* a RWtnfl (0 la* de alieep and w hn an-u-w iue
1 . la- de inult-. '"
Vhrtt Wan posShnd.
���] <.i> - wh..'* a j,-win.- to I.- ib- alieep, uu' who <
,, ifwim lo l��> ib- goattl Hin V
Still the -.lleiu-e contliui.tl and   Hivr.  Jobaalsg
a is heromtng excited.
���F.r ile la*' tlui. lax.-. >ii' "hi.'-* ai-wiiie to
b.  de .l|ii*p, and who'* a w*�� hie  to  la' de fc*oat* '!
\ ini.nieiii of awful aUaTWil ���*' aud then D'tiiadv
row lu hi* -ai:. "Wai thin," hocaHed out. ���*< it'll
beih.cat.    What* iln answer '���"'
I .
What li S fib ml'-' One who sup|��ir�� yon and
rouiioi'i* vou while other* do not Frlendahln ta
the cm-dial drop "to make the lUttaroUJ ilraiiklu ol
|||C l-o llO** II II.I.M.-II    I .ll.- ol    lobn-im
Bank of Montreal.
Capital (ill paid up) $12,1X10,000.00
Reserved fund : : r.,000,000.00
Undivided profits :   :     869,698.40
Sik DoVALO A. Smith, G.C.M.6. 1'resident.
ll'ix. (J. A. DitrMMONi), Vice President,
&&OLot7noN, (Jeneral Matuifirer,
A. Macmdf.r, Chieflnsjiector&Sapt. of Branches.
A. B. IkriiAVAX, Insjiector of Branch returns.
W. S. Cloustov,  Assistant Inspector.
James Aird. Secretary.
Brandies in all parts of Canada, Newfoundland, tireat Britain, and
the United Stale*
New Denver Branch.
A general banking business transact of I.
The Newmarket
New Denver, B.C.
!-> situated on the hank, of theN-aiitifu! Slman IjjI.... and g**SSfai-sm -it mam
the latliouy .uhI ita-Z** SSSS tin- "-rande.-* -M-eiin-y in America without extra ch.ifv.'
The BneseatM qrafSSa l�� e\c��lleiit- Theraoaa an* nirv and decorated with tlr
Lite*! rv��ulU of tlw u all i*na-r art. The extrtior of tb.- hotel Is? i>ainti-d in rolon
thai hiiriii.-ai/-* whh lb��- bb-idi.tir mmuj". TIh* Diniuur Kixiin' is always prie
vlded with food that l.t.i��ty.ili|.'.*5dflile and ttXUtyiag to the Inner economy of
in.111. T1m> Bar I. n*iik-*4* with tlw nnwt nioderti. .i< well a* anrb-nt brands uf
nerve |ri*ln*vr��.
QosfhSBSi BBtet Dcnoenla, Canadian Capil ifirss, l*ri��-��|>i*<-t irs. Miners
Tendai fe<*t. Ten Mib- Millionaire-! and Fllirrlin-" of every .had.' in poHttnure-
liirion .-r weakh ar.'���*.-lei-m��-nt thialioii^.
mike f.��r the Newmarket when you reach tlw* Slia-.m naatrapoBa *r��l do not f->r
e��*i tb��* Isaaanrdh asaasj it i*
Henry Stege.
The immense discoveries on Kokanee
Creek led to the formation ofthe���
Canadian Mining, Milling & SmeltingCo., Ltd
which has taken over  the  following
choice claims:
Glacier 4,
Two Snowbirds,
Full Sized
Clara G.
400^000 share, (or development now in treasury:
1 5U.UUU SnflreS no��- on   Um market
selling at T2 cents
This stock is hound to go up, as any prospector in
the district who has been 00 the property wm Hell
you that ihe eroppings on the Homestretch exceed
almost anything yet discovered in the Kootenay.
The original owner* form the company and stock is
selling on its own merit*..
Call on or write to the Secretary for PrOBpectases,
Ore can be seen at office.
LE3OHT0N A WILLIAMS, Mining Operators -$ Broken.
ltox 111, Sandon, B.C. THK   IWYSTHKAK.
The Bookkeeper's Wooing
He war the lieu,I accountant
Tor a lirni In New York town.
Awl ������ma'e unto his swi-ethf-art
The woni. blluni set down :
���*la*r Mat.'he r*******SX*l l��v> wai well:
If vou will be niv wife.
I ll W In truth v'oiir Dr.
Tha Kal.of my "life.
���If you were hen* ttii-* inat.
1 VI lalt.r at y��-ur hat,
For I can la- without yon
' ��f no account, my *wret.
"Pray write an early au��.
Ta tn, **���**���*������"
Vit.l then from fon-e irf habit.
Mimed It -Smith 4 Co."
Alas '. hi�� botak* wen- hlbrhtcd :
She wrote; 1 lo v. another.
Hut tbiaurli we may not la- wed  1 h.^-e
Y.in 11 always ba my Bro.!"
THE   il'KOX   RlK.l.
Steamers Already   Benin to ftt UpOter-
crowded   with Miner* and
���V-altl., Wash.��� Tw.-nty reindeer will be
hrouKbt down this year from Point ( lan-nce by
the pjvernnient vessel Hear for Yukon river irolil
ti<i<l��. Dagsss���>haas thechw ****Basea of the
inineni for traiisi>ortatloii across the snow cover-
ed area*. Horse*, too. have Ik-.ii found valuable
Xow eoaasa the beast of Inirden i��u excellence���
the animal designed by uatnre tu navel over
tliose vast waste*. The introduction' of tbe n In
deer into the Yukon has been Uh* miiuv aud aim
ofsuch men as Rev. Sheldon Jack-v.n snd Miner
The Bear will leaf.-in May ami will then go
directly lo tin- arctk* oreau without jnlnif the
tieet in Bering BBS.   Each year tin   H"**~n*SSl
sends up supplies and teacher, to the acbools and
missions, ana the religious societies, co-operatlntr.
*inl��a mission-in to th-- p<arts, makiiti* at least
I ��ro white people at each place. In her trip thi*
year tbe Bear will stop first at St.Lawrence Is'and
OS the north-west coast of which a mission ia as
tabli��h��ii. From then- she will run to the coast
of Siberia, only forty-six miles, away. At the
I'oint Clarence" reindeer station tin- twenty rein-
ileer will be taken and conveyed to St. Michael*,
the entry point of the Yukon arrivlns sometime
in July.' The nHndeer will la- tum��-d over to PH.
Weare. who will aee to tlieir transf-ortation ii|i th,*
The Alaska rash is on. It has been {jetting
under way slowly, each steamer for several trip*
���last Iiaviiii,' incrcasiiurly large |aasen**er li-'.. for
the north. But the At Ki.sailing yeaterday soon,
was the tirst vessel this seae>n to po up <>vr
crowded and with the class ..f people called pree.
la-dors to distiiiK-uish them from tut- residents..'
Juneau and Sitka. It waa a repctitl'Hi of the
���easel of last year. (K-ean dock was crowded
with pM>ple of all classes ami conditions, who
��tood shnerlnK in tie cokl wind, or stumbled
a Is ait over the numberless docs. It waa the
typical sailing of an Alaska Meaner. Freight bad
to la- left Irehind. not only tu Seattle, but in Tacoma and Port Townamd." Over ��*> through tickets to Uvea were sold, neat betas no i��eo|ile stag
nilistrike directly for the Yukon.
A story was told on the dock yestenUy of thre
young nien who weje cured of the A U-kau feve
in a very prectk-al manner. They hail concluded
Wednesday that tbey would fro on ahe Al-Kl. and
IHin-ha-a-d three Iterihs. later tlu-y were talking
the matter ovei with an aired relative ol expert
���Sow yiai boys," said tin- a-**ed adviser, ���-re-
iiH-iuber if* i��vtty told up there. It's pretty low
temperature hen* .o-day. but nothing-to wliat you
will find ou the Yukon. Now let u��#- advise you.
Before kf..iui* to that country you would U'tter
have some experience. You may not like It ami
want to exile buck. To nluht iirotnises t-. lie
im-tty cokl.' Tii.- old man drew Ms overcoat up
iiiirber a I-out I i* ears, i have a I. nt In my boose
1 ils.i1 to ii*- when iu Alaska. You U>>���* tak. the
t-utoiit on yu.i-ii Anne hill and sleep iu it to
nbrht. Th>- obi man looki*d at hi- watch. "It is
now lo o'clock, i n.n't ..it ant thin? till ad out ��
o'clock thia evenbiK. TIm-ii biiikl a fire in JTOflf
lent, cook some la-ana and bacon, fix up aoiii.'- un
.Mctciifd black coff.v aud make a m<-al. L'ntll
lad time ah around the fir*- amokiiig and chewiiiK
lohacco and plavln? cards and then fix up a
raogfa bsskoo thegraosd. If y.hi enjoy It so to
Alaska if not. stay at home."
The laivs cauglit u;i with tin- Idea enthusiastic
..Hy and protni��ed to carry out the program.
Wnether th��*y did I* not known, but next morn
iiiK thr.-. miserable l(*,kiiiK la.v. cancelled three
ticket-, on tin- Al-Kl, and as they* humbly left the
steamship office one waa heard to say :" "Do y.Mi
realty -ii|.|ar* it ifet. that cold iu Alaska V"
Surface Itiglil*
In s .me cases coiifu.iou has arisen lu regard to
land titl.-s and founded on rurlita to mineral
claim*. A few years ajro wlien tin* mineral rlirht
carried with It surface rik'his. then* was uo
trouble, but since   the   chanjrc ordered hy Uu;
eglslaturc then* lias l��-en plenty of chance for the
ra t*im* of illsi.iitc*. especially when* townsltes are
Involved.   Those who havc'rccctitly undertaken
Juiiiplnu" pnijectsou the stremrth of what they
wen told wasacimrt judirmeut were uiiiloubt.-dlV
lale.rinu* under a mistake,  but  l*san may  .wW<-
wliere lines-, nt iHinlws.ni of townsite  I t IBM
lose their money thr raghWI nt of a tnb    uw
holders ot mineral claims are ut,��  U> l��-    �����'w���
to sesure th. aurfai - ItighlS. thSJ thSh  ah......iBSt
be alK>w,*d to register and aall then) M to* nmo.
Kven In tto.tev.vt isert w_��_s��H b_   ��� ���*'���"
for omfuskai.  dm* the holder uf the mineral
claim ran use the surface for mining  pi'n��aea
Assurance* come from Victoria that tbe gonto
ment durimr th.   pn-sent s,iwI.hi will  i**-* ie*-*
lation with a vl��*w to ���trahrhtciitin* <-ut th.   ������''���"���<;
in whb-h aurfac- ri-.iit* have  Uo.nie  luvuhraa
tbr-Hnrhoiit the minini* dlstrkis to the p-s.-r.aUon
of the surface of iniueral claim-* by  th.   cvem
ment.     It Is quit.   lib-It  that   the ���jov.rum.nl
sill make an *uiieiidii��!ii to th.   Mineral  Ait S)
which the owners of all the claims may acquire
the surface, rights uj��m the iHtvmenl of ��� ��� jar
acre    Th��-  a*ovenim.*ni  bv   this   meant will receive   tlie   price of   first .fasii   lands for th* area
cotered bv  tlie  claims.   It   will  not  work any
hardshii-s'upou mine ..wucrs. ranee if a muiiiiir
rlaim has anv   value   MM par claim for ��urface
rights wiHild'in-t cut much of a lunin     Sik b tag*
i-daUon wiHikl also tend to clear up many ilf-l'iibs
asto title throturhoiit Kootenav.   It ik��*s t��.t f-H
low tiiat the government woukl t-oniuel mine o* n
ers Io{hii chas.- more surface than they n.|iiln*d,
Imt even fnmi the sal, of such surfs*.' areas aa are
orareikelv to  c.hih*  into  dispute  tb.- ���.-oem^
inenl  would receive a substantial revenue and
title* would la- elesn-d lo valuable townsite UmlS<
A Cnrloos Petition.
The BJBmrliTej. Una r^mtnMoop) Ot a paMssi
on Ak In the prSMSSB I *flk> at Washiiu-UHi-
to Commissioner of Panattoni Waahlngton O. ("
these many year* iv�� trieil In vain
an honest scstJos to o'ltam
For wound lecelaad tn stttrsoe
At first tattle of Hull Kun
one of nhkas sms of brave
who went to tlie front tlie union t ��� save
And whilst ein.-ik-.-d In above *ad fiu-ht
a n-bel shell took half mr sittbt
N'ot c intent by uklnit an Eye
thi. trescliepHis shell iu i*���asimr b>
took my Eye Hpiw Cb-ar of the BOM
and left me as unc.m��*i..iw as a *t .tt<
burnlni' a blist��-r uf t'rvstsl Clear
from tin- Jsa btSM t>j las Ear
but thank* I ��� (rsl my life wa�� ��i��sre.l
Cheek and Eye brow tlJa*hily S.-are.l
and on.* Eye way left to m��-
for to write and n-ad l\a-tre
1 hope with tiiat Eve to *.*.* tbe ilay
when unkel Sam hi* criml.** will Pav.
fl   V. C
ironl.ii iHik��
A Fool la h Frartlee.
Letten an- being received from  Kua.iandc.ii.
ing attention lo a matter of ...in.   in,., .rtain ������ at a
time when Canada  Is seeikug capital  to devel..;,
Iter mines. It seems that holders at miunig pp��|.
ertiessre in the habit of securing more than osm
airent in 1>rrwkm at a tine to act for tbrm. K. >.
of these aavnts U furnldie/l with different lerint
and rigiir.-a, -... that Engllali n.-.st..rs bastHM
��uspii i->ii�� and decline to have anything to do astUl
the i*��.perii.-�� offerad in this way. T��. such an
esw-nt it t.�� said, haa this practice to -i. carrt.-.! ���
In the iSd Country that Hrtit*h ( .lumbu iiiinn .-
Inesetmenta are iragiunlug to > \ ite rklleut.- ia
Ihe money market.
A Moayapoly In Proapeetln-f.
Coiaoel Fiigkiiu.-. n-preaeiitiiig  i company o",
crating in Scratfe  Africa, has obtained  friu  tie
governm��-rt of Ontario, for tlie aimj ,,f hjoh.
the sub- right to prospect and min.* In two sr.
tlona <4  the   country, containing  In all   (U.n��.
acres.   The syndicate tait up a  forfeit of  - ���   ������
and agp-e. to'sjs-nd ��3o,U00 tin- first vear In espke
,-itorv v ork, W-.ii��i th.   acini  rear, and fffiOirn
the tlilrd yi-ar.   Some of th.- laiwl* are oolte - ����������
to the Mikad-. min.
Thedasl has baas sir..ngi> desorssssd bv tie-
o|^a>*ltloii in. Hilar, in the  I a al   b-.na.     and  al*.
by th>- oppoattloa pr>-��*��.
Hours In a Kilter Vein.
If tie- find ofa Colorado silver  miner, mad
half a dozen  years ago.  la- tak.n  into account   j
Uk-p- Is l��ot little doiiM that  the  human  MM  I I
i.tol o;. thia  continent aa  bag  ag i as tlie Um.
s'Im-ii the silver vehis were Iu pr.-c.-*��of f.Tinatloi
In the lt..in   I'oint   mine, at (illirtan   ����������� feet
la-low tin-   surface   a   iiuiiilar   of   human  lain.-,
wep- found  lmlsikl.il In  the silver laarlng or.
Wh��-n taken out over tl'D worth of .*e tat 111 i-bing
to iln-1 - .lies.   An arpiwlnad   madr ia* tssipand
co|��|��t and four lm*hes long, w.t* a I*,, f. .,.(,.l w Ith
the remains.
lit loved Dtckena thus d.-acrll-.*. the ld< nl wife
She la a true and iM.lab- wife for wlnac BSSWBos I
husband 'a lava and Iter .-hlldp-n'*   nloiati.ii ar.
aufH< lent* who apply* h.-r iullltar\ InslliicUlothr
di" iplln.   ol  household,  and   wlu-ae  Icglalail*,.
liistliK-u .v.r.ils.- theui*.-Iv.-s In  making laws for
her niirs. . whoartatefiect ha. n. id enough tor it* i
lu column ui..ii wiUi b. i hii-batiil and wbos** lusit
asks no other honors than hi. love and aduitratlon
a wom.iu whod'a. not think It a weskiiesa t,,
attend to her toilet, nml who d<a-a  ni�� dNIali, t..
Ik* iM'.'tiitlful. who la-llcves lu the vlrtiH' of glos*\
lialr aud  w.-ll fitting gowns, and  win, eschew.
p-nta and ragged n|g>-* slip slesl ��bas and adua
���-ions make ui-s:   A woman who sp.-aka low ami
dona not apeak much ; who Is patient and tenth!
.and   Intellectual,  ami   liulti��tri<Hi.;   who   low.
J more   than  she reasons,   and   vet does n .t lov
| blindly -. who never scolds ami never armee, boi
I adjusts with a smile -audi a woman i* the  wlf,
I we have all dre.imi d of once in our llv,-a   and
is tin-mother are ��till st-ssbrtp in the hsekwanl
itlstsnre of tin- pn.i
C. I>- Band.
I>. S. W.u.i
Mining and Stock Broker**,
Notairiets Public and Conveyance,
Ilii He*
Mine**- baa-fat snd Mid. *'**�� ___��� in '���,, !i '
iWHcial broken f����r WoodertaJ t.rt>u|�� innwgOo
KtioU'iiav affiMiU ler HmMik��W��*r MininK Orx.   M.   Kivi-nu*  Mining i,
rinniix Con*)!Hiakti Mining I*1- ��'�������� TwoPliaQMIsfsBlCb.oModti
Oom mxn. nu Stooax.-��d awnct  Proraotad.
Whoa, Bill!
tt      tt      tt      ',rsT AKKIYKl). a  fine line*
B      g|      U      U .'HINTS,    NOTIONS,    OFFICE
Jt      K      S       STATIONARY,  BOOTS,  SHnf>
S      K      ��1      tt anfI ^I'HM'KFW,
S      tt      nt N't^li^'' Sliirts. lafti*tt pfttterni
BiaakiM our Bm IIm ul NEaiKWEAB
i ffiLRJtS.
Dealer ii| NdEATS
KollKHT   M\< I*i\ U.I>
Sin. Mi'i'^
MACDONALD   imos.. iVoprfattsm
BMM OM U> *i.Vl ,*r.la>	
Bndqaanan fcf Mining S(wnlaior�� >n.l Ca|iiuli.t.
R��*co Ave.. . . sandon. I_
Thos. Brown &Co.(
^aridoq, B.C.
"" : U*a|.-i> in :�����	
OBHTB'   FIRNISHlNtis   an,,   ,UM)TH  #   s���(>l.
ttmm Ooodl fnnstanllv arrivinc. Surfacs Rights
Premier Turner bai taken tiie
trouble to adviaa the people of
Wi'ht Kduti'iiay that it was not tin*
< iiiveiiiiiiciit but the coiiitnitti't* of
the Provincial Parliament on min*
iiiir,   which   introduced   into   the
niiiiiTiil act the clause   which took
away from miner** tin* right lo the
-.in lace of their claim*. M  enjoyed
by the pre*einptor or puratuuwr ot
Ullblifl lands. Tin* fact lhat Mr.
Punier haa taken thi*. itep in<li-
catea. that he bai come to believe
'in* change wan n.��i advaA-te-geoua
Thia being the caae, whs doea be
imt take the logioal notion and re-
-lure the miner* tlie surface right*
thej once enjoyed! Tin* Prftfcier'a
iiropoaal to introduce a bill 10 una*
iili* the miner i<i purchase nil nur
face ����ij;*��***��� - when ihey are already
held by aiMIie ('lie else as real i*f>-
���,tii*. if a very sensible One ami
will do much tn settle difficulties
as to title which n<>��v threaten to
retard the growth ��>f many towna
in West Kootenaj. Without
���.nine Mich measure theee oondi*
ttoufl vtill extend to other portion!
..f the province an tlie mineral in
���limtry growfl ind the population
Capt. Pitxatobbe will not return
to the Kootenay In the oapneity of
(...Ul Commiaeionsr, lin govern*
men! have appointed him to
mother l'ili�� t, which, Considering
bia manj yearaof faithful service,
- nothing bnl right It li not
known f..r certain who siil i.e ;iji
pointed to the vacant office, but it
'.- ii |. rte.l thai Mr  LtlUUpfl Wool
��� \ ai i be the lucky appointee.
T   i Sale     IJitisi*   and   rontriilfl,
it (...jy     ipply iii tblt office,
anew        ���*���**����� *���#���������
*-��&02ro-z? -������ ������- U---��?---^-;"-~��- -��^--&��i--��2-,*af:**a-r-��
You can Buy SLOCAN STOCKS Cheaper in Spokane thanJn
Any Other Market. If you wish to Buy Communicate with Us.
We are also Prepared to Place Properties of Real Merit at any
(Members Spokane  and Rossland Stock Exchanges)
m   Si i in.     w far
iv -r
1   bate j   si Oia-iied 111 BSIldrtO
..lir Of   the    I* I net    s>lon-s   It)
tin* Koutensj   arhere can   i>e
1'ouil.l    It    l.nrv-e    illld    Choice
HUn k ul
r,i!i at the
Slocan   Bakery . -iTJn&Sheet Iron Worker.
If)   **(�������� liiltles nre:	
I.     Watch   Repairing.      Sillls-
t.i. 11.m ��� lusrsntsed.
t    (M-o. -      Haw ..lie   of   the
Baal Triad csaea ntsds ��i����i
������rti. aim ��u. u Barvlce al la
ttsuaulj found only in the
larger cities
Jeweler snd Ootlctsn
i ;,i. of Mpencsr'a   \i.ii>l..   Victoria
litis 11|��� ii,'.I a
STORE     IN    MR.    LLOYD'S
Mi.) ttlll have In Stork
Children's Hose. Corset Waists. Aprons,
I '.-      Also
Stamped Gooda and  a Full Line
-if Embroidery Silka
Ladiea Outfitting a specialty.
A sitting of the Small Debt*
Court will he held at the towns of
New Denver, Sandon and Kaslo
on the 26th and With days of
March, instant, and the 1st day of
April next, respectively. Summonses may be had by forwarding
particulars of claim and ���*?*_'.oo to
the undersigned. Nelson. Ii. ('.
Dated at Nelson this .'3rd day of
March. A. ]).. lSHT.
E, T.  11.   SlMl'KINS,
Acting   Registrar   County   Court.
Dissolution ot Fsrtners.it r.
Sandon, B, C. March 1. 1*97.
The parnersiiiji heretofore existing between S. B.  Hendee   and M.
\V. Ib uner. under tin* firm ninie of
s. B, Sendee A Co..  is this day
dissolved  hy   mutual consent.   M.
; W. Brnner retiring.   S. B Sendee
will pay all  accounts  and  rolled
all moneys payable by   nr  due to
the ebuveCompany from theabove
B.   B.    IllNDFE.
If. \V. Bkinkr.
Notice is herehj given that I
will not be responsible for any
debts contracted by the Clifton
ll'-use Oafe.
John Buckley,
HAMILTON ��� BYERS     A gining of the County Court of
Kootenav   will   be   held   at    New
��� �� i
M ami
H ore cabs, ;;
m POWDER,                   [j
:: caps           ::
and \\
m Fl SK.  m
\\ STOVES                      �����
I! and                   \\
.<t|i|... |��- I  llflntl   House
(amen   it   Kuil   Line of���
Confectionery, Biscuits, Mi Pies,
Cakes, Wifflty-cata made
lo Order, Elc.
I'atronege   Solicited.
O.aaoiutlon of Partnership.
Tbe partnership between   .Jacob
Kelsen A James Pinning was dis.
>(,lve.l on the 1st day of December
lust Jacob Kelsen will pa} all
accounts  and   collect   nil    monies
payable i>y or due to the buelnoss
Irom the above date.
Jacob Kbxsbn.
Jambs Finning,
Sandon, Feb. 27th, 1897.
Denver on Wednesday the 24th
(lay of March, instant.
Dated at Nelson this 3rd day of
March. A   D., IS.��7.
E. T. II. SlMI'KlNs.
Acting Deputy Registrar,
For Sale
One pool table with cues,   ivory
balls, elc. (by Halke.   Collomler A:
Co., Chicago),    inquire of
\Y. ,!. Si i iv,
Nodi-.-1-. hereby gtroa tl*.:it si\i\- dsya uftrr
iiiiti* l arlllspply to 11..* Houorsble Ihe Chief
j Goitamleatoner of Lsnd snd Worka tor permls.
I alon to purohsaa ooa hundred snd >i\ty aorea
' nt iiuiil, siliuiti* In tin* dtatrtot  nf Weal  Kinit-
rinix. ui thi'jiiiH'tiim <>f Uu* West branch of
theNorth Pork ol *JSrpt*nterCrees:, shoal iivi*
liill.-s frxun tin* town Of 'I'liriH* Porka, Coin-
nn ih'Iiik at Initial ^aist innrkoil s K *mst and
I'll I ilii Oat tlli'lH'i* W i'st lortv ChstnS, tli.-n.'r
N'nrtli forty ODslna, tlicnco r'jist  forty i-liitins.
iiiiiui*soiitii torty ohslna to plsoa of btajl*>
Dsted hi Three Porka, tins imii day of
Min.-li, 1*17.
Jolix  I'olTKK.
Certificate of Improvements.
Csiiboo Miners! claim, '
siiuati- iii tlieSlocsn alining Dislalon of Wesl
Kootensy I'UtiicL in the Beat Basin,
Takr notir.-tlmt I, A. s. Farwell, agsnl for
tin* liainbli-r ami CSrlboo Oonaollasted Gold
and Silver Mining <��>., (Foreign), Pise Miner's
Certificate Mo. tbjttt. Intend si.-ty ilays from
tin* dul��- tier.*<il', to apply to th.- Mining H>--
i-order for a i-.rtitli-nte of improvi'iiient.s. for
the pnrpoae of obtaining a Oown umnt oi the
above claim.
And further tak.' notiee that action, nnder
section 87. must Ik- eonimeni-ed before the te-
atnntee of ascfa eertlfleate of Improvements.
Dated this l-.th day of Pebrnsnr, isirr.
Feb. itith. 't��T A. H. Farwki.i..
Oallfbrnta mineral claim,
situate in tin* Slooan mining .livlsion of Weal
Rootensydistrict.shoot three miles east
ofthe town of New Denver.
Take notice that I, A.s. Farw.-u, acting sa
agent fbr Jsmes Marino, free miner's certiti-
estn? No. TI.IT'>: Alfred J. Marks, free miii.-r'-
eertttiiiite No. :..;��>. Tames A. Mel>onald free
������liner's cert itlcate No. tCltfT. and Byron ('.
Van lloiiten Bree mider's certitlcate No. ����l��:S0C
Intend, sixty dava fTom the date hereof, to
apply to the mining recorder for a certificate
of improvement*, for tbe purpose of obtaining a crown ftrant of the shove claim.
And further take notice that action, nnder
section ���'". tnoat be oommeneed befbre the issuance ofsuch i-ertifleiit.* ot Improveinenta
I ��atei this the llth dav of Januarv. l.sMT.
Jan.   Wli lsJC A.S. FAKWKI.I..
Wild Goose mineral claim,
situat.tn taeSlocSB mintinj division of Wesl
Koo tetiuy .listriot, on   Noble  Fivenimin-
Take notice thai I. A. 8. Farwell. SeUng as
agont for the Noble Five, Conaolrastsd .Minini: and Killing CO., (foreign), free miner's
certitlcate No. ,,..iT"��. intend, sixty days from
lbs date hereof, to apply to the Mmin-j lt.*-
rorder for a certlflcste of Improvements, for
tin- i.urts.s. of sbtslnlng a Crown itnint of
tin- above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
aection :ir. tnuat be commenced before the issu-
ance ofsuch certificate of improvements.
Imt.-I this the 1'illi dav of .lanuarv, ls'.C.
Jan. liith, l*T. " A. S.  FAKWKI.I..
Finite minenil claim,
situate in tbe Hlocan mining divtaton of West
Kootenay   distrli-t. sbool one-i|uarter of
.uu- mile northeaiit otth.- town ox Cody.
Take notice that I, A. s.  Farwell, SCUng sa
agenl  for Thomas Marks, frit* miner's ccrtiti-
oate No. Ti>,i.'l, Intend, atxty ilays from the
date lief.-oi, to apply to the alnlng i ecorder
tor a certlflcste ofImprovements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crosra grsntof the shove
And flirt her take notice that  action,  under
aection 87, moat he oommeneed before the issuance of siu-h ci'itlticate of Improvements.
Dated t'*i* !>th dav of .lanuarx. i-err.
Jan. lilth, 1S-IT. A. S. FAKWKI.I..
Btsrllgbl   No. 8 mineral claim,
situate m the fllnesn mining dll i��ion of West
Kootenay dtatricl north ofandJoining the
la-! ('h:inee mineral claim.
Take notice that   I,  A.S.   Karwell, acting SS
agent for the l.��st Chance Mining and Milliiii;
oi., fires m iner's certificate No. Tsian, iDteoo,
alxty day-, from the date hereof, tu apply to
the Miiiiiix; Kecorder for a certitlcate of Improvement, for the porpoaa of obtslnlnf a
rniwii arssl of tbe above claim.
Anil furl her take notice that action, under
section 87, must ba com menord before the Issuance of auch certificate of improv ements.
DstSd thi- Tth day ol Januarv. IMC.
Jan. Ifth.lfaTf. A.s. FAKWKI.I..
Imv DawN FitAi-rioN Minkkai. Claim,
Situate In !hesIiM*an Mining l>l vision of West
Kootenay    District,    ill    the    KoGtttgafl
Take notice that, 1, A.S Farwell, acting as
agent for Michael ('   Monsgban, Free Miner's
Oertlflcste No. 74,411, Intend, sixty days from
the date hereof, to apply  to  the   Mining   Kc-
eorder tor a oertlflcste of Improvementa. tor
the purpoae of obtaining a Crown grant ofthe
above olslni
And fin'! her take notice that  action,  under
section 87, must he commenced before the la*
ausnee "i such oertlflcste ol Improvemenui.
Dated tlita :Mli day of December, Is*...
Jan. -nd. Uf, A.s. Farwki.i.. TAILINGS
C. D. Rand is back to Sandon
from bis extended trip to the
M. L. t.rimmelt has moved into
his new quarters opposite the
A wagou roiid will be built up
Four Mile Creek as far as the
Thompson Group this summer.
Tiie Noble Five mil! is working
steadily and is diapoaing of an
immense amount of concentrating
It ia reported that a couo-le of
concentrators   will  bs   fretted   in
ihe lake section of tbe Slocan, this
Geo. Williamson is busily engaged fitting up the rooms above
M. L. (iriiiiniett's for a telephone
J. M Harris is pr* par in_ for
the summer siege of hot wrath, r
by having an awning placed in
position over the windows of his
office Said awning jibes with the
town as far as warmih in coloring
is concerned.
Some efforts should b** inad��* by
those interested lo keep the creek
Jiom over-Howing the wagon road
at the lower end of town. Tin-
road there is in a tniaeraide condition Mini unless Ihe present state
of things is remedied somebody
will pay for this neglect by
broken limbs*1 or an involuntary
hath in the not over clean witter-*
of tbe creek
A lively crusade should be instituted bj the officers again��t the
class if fellows��� w hose numhers ap
pear to be increasing���who annoy
citizens by stopping them ami
begging for two bits, which in
nine cases out of ten. never goes
to purchase a meal but is usually
exchriiiged for whisky or lost in a
fruitless attempt to ���buck the
Black Jack game."
Slide st the Idaho
A    snow-slide   occurred    at     the
Idaho   recently    which    narrowly
JmifBed one of the teams,
returning from discharging a load
of ore at the head ofthe tramway.
The slide struck the road al the
angle of one of tbe switch backs
and piled the snow up for twenty
feet over it, making it utterly im
possible for any ore to be taken
over the trail until it was shovel
led out an operation tbat took two
days of incessant work with shovel
and plow.
Notice is hereby given that I.
the undersigned, will iu thirty
��� lays from the date hereof apply to
the Stipendary Magistrate of Wesl
Kooteuay for a license to seil
liquor at retail at my hotel at
Fkank C. Skwki.i..
Sandon, March 6th. 1S!i7.
Tobaccos. Cigarettes and Pipes.
Playinc; Cards antl Poker Chips.
DR.   G.   P.   YOUNG.
M   D . C   M .
Formerly oftli. Winnii*"** OSSMSJ  H��**-l'' ,!
Office over I'alace Saloon. Room &
Samhin,   Ii.   C
Investments, Mining  Brokers.   Mines
Ipaita f.t
The Phoenix ConseUdsted Mining Co.
I.rnit.'il    LaabUtt)',
Dry    Beit   Mining   snd    Milling    Co
l.linit.-.l Uabllttj   *'-.r !��� .   I
Si-lll-iik   Mining an.l   Hilling   0*H
l.imin-ii l.iMi.iiit>.
Room  > Stack**  II
MMXiV.   B.  C
Canadian Pacific
S00    PACIFIC    L'NE
And Otlicr Iiivt*tm.-nt>.    Kvery IU-|>rcaentSf
Hon (ItiuraiiUi-d.
Siuiflon, II. ft
Tin* Quickest and Cheapest Route
.VT. PAUL, MuNTi'l-'.AL
And   all    Eastern   I'oint*.
Unexcelled Sleeping Cars oo all
Trains. Touriat Oars Io Si. Paul
Daily; Boston, every Thursday;
Boron to, every M<>nda\ from
Steamer Si avis Xakusp even Sunday,  Wi'dnc-ihiy  and   r'rid;t\
nn >ru ing, making clime con nee
tinn at Ki*vi*lst��ik|. with trains
for all jiitints East or West.
Before you travel wt information
fiom C P. I. Agei tl as t(.
timet aud rates. It will save
you money. Apply to neareai
Kail way Agent or lo
A.   0.   McAI.TIUK.   Agent.
District Passenger Agent,
|he &rg<^ jVi-incs of Sandon
|Limited   Liability |
CPITAL. * $100,000.00.
1,000,000 Share* par ��aln�� oi tea cent-    Tbe at��,v. (
i�� f.irtu.d to seqotrs and irork th.* ARCH) and I.K1.I Igtfterel I ..,���������
adjoining tne Sandon toamaite    Mm.*, tare UpMi liar latspeetiiM
;i !"������� minute*, u.ilk from ihe town      |,unil��d   mini iter   o( rdiarea |
sale ai leu cents.
Atml) il ooee in
Leigb|t< *,r|& Williai 11>
Mining Brokers and Operators.
Tl|<% N("\\   Villi a��fc
1 HI   \ Btl   HM   UM Mil   "I
G.H. Mil MM & CO'S
N>>�� ������.uiin>a I.. 5 '.*. n ,--.'-..;,!��� i .
.jiia   ' I   Inn.-a., ��il: ...it ta-lt^f fcf��M    usakii.; .1 a i< i*.| atw  ���:������
A....I      it aii.'uM ba>!��.'...1 ��������� i*- full, a
\erordtn(t II    )**��� ��i��twti<-�� I ..,���������.'.,    ||    M-,,,,,,, A  Or*
l>.- ��� t,��in|��k��ti, (".ii. 1 .'   li.i    :.(!..  la., ti ..    aarcnttat-^-l >
.-*"�����   SMSt   Ui����*i   IUaI   "1   B*AJ ��H��" hasaat, ��n '��>-.,. | i
>>\ .f all "f!.- n
Rl   .'ti.inl.ltl   .'ia'. ���!-. >.f   fr- f   il   '���;'���       U ;. || ra.'ilatna IS* >��t����J   .
Ih- f| tan . th* SSnaaTl ��ii-l rtna.1 arltofaPM ���� < ha>ifafw
M     '-''���    '!,���������������:-- li ..< K.iist..'t S   11.. II ���- a    II   . ,.-*   tki   IA a  . ,     tt        M
.nnd rim-'ur. 111. Ma K  at ' .        -   Ml. ��*)��**���* tl����  Kin*   at   II
Hi* **.!��-'-< Uk* ai ��� |i        .  .    II .     .   j    ttu k \
Pi'thcr & 1 ^eiser,
McMartin & Currie
Sody tg
Etc., Etc-
Room. No 22    BLACKS MOTEL
I- "lie of th.  ln-.-t j-bo ft} in
Seituoii i(�� ot>tain
Beverages" "������ Oelicious
IN   1 \HTK   ANO
it ���...*. >.��.
Hi ntbi i **i.-. kane Stork   I
A re boin(| e��ri �� d l>\ ih
��� i- j nr- basing! t\ -
Grain and Feed
From lb"
BnttHi k Kerr Milium ft*
.^f uiuunuiuu \x nun pbishj
stimulating South Edmonton. Altf
1> ^
C. J. MATLOCK,        -       Prop
"Hulbd Out! a S|���� 'd
'A'rite nr Wirt* Uo Pn>��-
Agent   A  It (,uw   Kelw    |:-'


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