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The Paystreak Sep 25, 1897

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book n.
-M ��� --|     ���-    i i        i T '        "-
 ������   ' ��� ������  ���"��� ���������������.-������������    .   .    1   '��� ,���   *sa-a,       	
Mo.ernent an .Foot
LergeOae In
ta Bnlld a
plete bottling establishment for bottling their beer in connection. This
is In charge of Kderer Bros.
Handon shows a commendable
spirit in ��upporthig home enterprise,
and already all the hotels are handling the laser.
Look Out for Number Tux, and
To Disease Plane aad Oet the Support of Rc-er-jjoae latereetid
ie Winter '
Number Three.
Last night, about 10 o'clock, the
town was aroused by an alarm of
fire, which "was discovered to be on
tht* hill north of town. The building wa* the sutiare-rtrrrifed house
built by Wesley Kawson laat spring.
Neil McLean fiotight it in July and
wa* living in it with hi* wife and
two children.   Two men, HeQuar-
  rte and Miller, were ahso baching in
t.ialtr^c-fgieat.inwre*Hi��M*vri> it, A good deal of tlie furniture waa
tm. in handon, and will dimbtk-aa goiimtand *aved. The loss on the
receive tne  hearty and   unanimou* building b about **00.   There were
two good  brick flues, and it is not
...... _,__  ���j_i^����__* tVnm that
A tn ivement by the lover* of win-
it r **>-*���**��� is on foot to build a large
rink for all kinds of games ami
dialing generally. Thb i* certainly a matter of gi*eat interest to every
*���   t__._>_t___.   ��tul will   ilitiitatliiaas
in Spencer'* hall at 11 a. m. and at-
7-.30 p. m., on Sunday. Sunday
afternoon at 3 o'clock in Three
Forks. Every Thirsday evening
service is held in Whitewater. Everybody welcome. T. Henries, pastor.  __
Mining poIntbrs.
Forty men will soon be working
on tb�� Vancouver.
The American Boy shipped a car
of ore list Thursday.
The Freddie Lee has a car of ore
at Cody ready to ship|^^^^^^
The  Popular   Metaodiet  Minister
Married Laat Taeedau.
One of the happiest events which
ever took place in Sandon was Uie
marriage last Tuesday evening, September 21,  of Rev. Albert Morri-f
Sanford, B. A., resident Methodist
minister, and Miss Jennie Lillian
Barnes, of Nappan, N. S.   Taa im-
inressive ceremony was performed
joy Rev. R. N. Powell, pastor of the
Methodist church at New Denver,
the bride being given away by J.
A. Smith.   Miss M. D. Skinner was
at Cody ready to snip. I A. Smith,   miss si. u. o*iu_*���  -.��
Lemon ereek isspokenof by many bridesmaid and Mies Emily Jonee
\*a\a*st% aa a coming placer camp.    ' jaasistant bridesmaid.   M. h* Grim-
-���  1_ ta-sMWalmeu. LL.B.. acted as best man.
IVl-Ll'V    Ormar***        onmmmm m-jf	
-n.t--.rt tif all cJtlrana^^^^^^^���
Br. Harris Intern** cuttin��.aT30
f,vtuf the old  rink foraheaUna
plant, whn* wW make It too small
fur t urUng and it-ockey.
The men bavin* the matter under
,.    ___,     _._.___ _>  L._*_,��_t_r* t__J*TlV
thought the tire originated from that
*ource.   The house seemed to be ill-
fated from  the start, as it had not
htat*n  enmple.��i|  when  a tree fell
t tie nwm amonam *_*-,.��~~. ....��� .across the roof and broke it in two.
cirmtiihrration have a location partly I a shaefc alongside, built hv Williams
nlected Mir   Ihe  t-Jectrk* power I and Aaderwm. was scorched  l-��t
h��Hl*W, whWt   -*-***-**-���   ���-Va. ��� ___L*n. I *     mm~   _
tiki *4a*�� "
TV cost
���Xte **an***u *trj-L-��w��   �����  ..--��� ������ _
liai I.   tlie old rink i* only 1*30 fbet
Sandon is natnrallv limiteil a* to
***mt*e -e��� ���   _��  _
The new company are building a
wagon road from the Queen Bess to
connect with the Idaho road.
Men are working at the Lucky
Jim slide on the K. A 8. with a view
of preventing it from stopping traffic during the winter season.
Barbarian  Brown of South Afri
mett, LL.B., acted as best	
Two pretty flower girls, Alice Mof-
fatt and Violet Jones, strewed flow-
ers for the bride to walkupon. The
church was crowded to tbe doors,
and had been handsonnly decorated
for the occasion by the ladles of the
congregation. The wedding march
wasjilayed by Mrs. C. M. wilaon.
Barbarian  Brown of South Afri- ^r,���zvgtn- u.. %s**^ r \t ��-��_,
can fame ia interested in the White- ^i_,!y2LL!I___^v _I ^SSSUt
water  Deep, a propertv now being J_^^^CS_f,!SSL ^JSTSS
*W��wB&r. ��^ e^^liXS wSfabow1
 .-.,___,_��__��__,-,_-       end upon them from every one
���   *     ���   *- .  . ML. ___ -*,__ AOttrnksa
leetrie power! and Afuterwm, was *^�����*J_��� *4*mood yr
nukea*pkn |*aved.   The  work of the llremen -j^ wn-on
lent rink.   It I wa* good. , **Mto*i*c-ani
__                        dL-_r__ ���                             ^^                           mmmm���:~**Ame* - _
_.           sS\m%m0**M*            Mm  lllllliWU                                                                       _._._tMa._a__a__t__i__B Wh llw SMMltlU    I
teet   s|Msee   for
a*p a nna or toe
or fhrni *��) to
*f*'f ' '" _,' -**r**"
��Tm**shipmenat of on iVom Sandon
from August 1 to Septemlier *��, inclusive, 1*W, weie a�� follow*
rV'tllUtlH   SSI     �����������"��� tee*** ,     , *_
atnti^menta, bnt an ice rink can bv
had aa good aa anywhere.   Therv
an nvt mtmthaof w^nirr weatner,
wi���n  practically all aUwr aport i*
imt-oaaibla.   The  prople of QinatU
*t^  natural ontbasiaa** on winter
siairUH and If we nave no plaec here
me will see oar boya going toother
utmtn\ with no ofnartanity of brinr-
itig uuudcmteaimnere.   It would hr
a great flnandal  loaa. but a  far
-rniter  loss wnnld It be in the fact
of having to go through  the long
winter ntontba with mtthing tobrenk
the tnonolony. M_ %      M .
A pabUe aaetMlnf  will  he called
shiwtly, mrhen ttw MAateki inatter will
I* laid betJore the |mople.   We*iieak
fta- it a hearty, fetierotts support.
Hlocan Star.
Idaho Mines,
Noble Five,
Aim-rlcan Boy,
Hiorati Boy,
lAlAk this issue Tm* Fawrtssaa eommenccs
-in** has nrato-rad hat milliaciy
__,       sVssTsat quarters fat Um Hairis block.
tWrractpU on orga-isin�� a daBoeattae
n����*lM��al for t*a*lasf_Naaii*f wtnt
 . in JMlabmOon of fh* rapM rise **�� Um
|irie����f niltof. *
Triplet* -ewre l**ro to Mr. and jtt��a'Bro-ttn a*
the Maho Mine* con����nUmtor, last W*dnSs>
stew ���b..u--~.-M -���- ^ c
.hearty congtetnlattoas
lend upon them from every one
present. Light reft**eshments were
then served, alter which 6. W.
Grimmett, who acted aswiaaterof
ceremonke, welcomed the lady to
I Sandon and praeeated the groom
I with a parse of 150 ia goM.frem cit-
**m -sitfatam��>
Sandford finallv said ta%t l��fthe
peohie laiiglied at ���^ff��.i:#a>|��be
aaid he would sit down. Mrs: Cpflfe
then sang a solo. * ,
The newly married t**ouplewere
the ritdpients of many handsome
- . J __     tr*\\A*a1mmi TVtn.
A Big SMtfofi Bnta*rpries Norn
Complete Runnlnfl Order.
r!arly lest .tpring Mo^rf l)n2*r
& llrdlineler came-to Sandon firt>����
Htwalanjl and eommenoed the erec
tion ofa bt^swery half way between
Sandon and Cody. Last Mond*>
the first product was put on tin* mar-
ket, and it ia iwon-iaiiwed txiual to
the plant e^|_0,OOQ, and Is supplied with all the latest devicea. A
twenty-home iiower tttmni engine
��upp��is the Jwrer. Mr. I)wy��J*
an old experienced brewer, and awe
to do anything required, putUng up
ssteam engine and running���itjor
bulldthgaeat.  He �����y��J?,utJS
use nothing bnA wait and hopsand
��i,r*'*�� water, and ���*����**lwl^Jr
aWlutely pare.   Tbey have a com*
tS.aH tons
OreTlpntenttVor.Se wtM**r**o��i ****V^
*m ,��, *av.t,ie��*ser *% iaolaslw, war* a. follows.
��_UeEnXSa.NohWr^�� . 1MM* b
Ik a* *��****__��g_____*-*��l
Sllcer Quotatioua for tne Week.
MontUy,^^ - / . giJ
Tiiesday. Sep* -,J. .   5gi
Wedneadayt Bt_aVtl. - ;*
Thursday. SepJi***% ' . 57*
Frldav. Sept. 21.     *
at #4
Tbeftve weeks old t__*ant child of Mr. and
Mrs. Edward Qttotg* died last Wasjaesday tlie   rcciptenirB w   ��.��..*    *__.._.	
mondac and was buried at Denver Thotsday and Useful presents.    The K��V Den
Hatty MciDoaaid has boncht aa intotost in nor congregation sent a delegation
-. av. _i___ ___u*__ w|th a three-story  wedding cake.
Mrs. Sandford had many nresents
given her before leaving her faraway home. The whole affair was
exceedingly well arranged by the
ladies and gentlemen having it in
Mrs. Sanford has received a hearty
welcome, and her charming personality will be a great addition to Sandon 8ociet*f\
H*lTy     sleiJVssWU     rjjj-s���     -      -T-.
tho Whit* House hotol, and th* Sjrsa la Boss
a McIVinsld. A plerawtnt dano* waa gtten
Uat nicht.
Tha attorney tenoral has aokaowMaed re-
caigSof the petition for incorporatfam from
Sandon. and has mad* a formal rs*ns��t for
further information and proof.
Th* Knicbt*. of Pythias or* ar-aa-tinc to
aita a craad halt in ahout a month. It la pro-
posed to mah* it on* of th* most elaborate
and swell affairs ever seen in Koot*na*#.
Th* International Navigation a Ttadin*
Company nitre nolle* that on and aftor Onto*
bar 1 the steamer Alberta -rill lea*** Kaalo at
4 p ta., both on bar ordinary day trip and on
Saturday afternoon trip to Bonner's fatty.
The hi .unction obtained byM. Kit-tin afninst
Pierson U Fisher, stoppin* them froaa Wild-
In* a hotol and beer hall opposite th* Sandon
brewery, has been tlismissed at Victoria. Tha
bulldin* i�� now bein* rushed to eomptotion.
Th* Johnson^mUary Combination, bUled at
Spenoer's hall Thursday and Friday, October
7th ami wh. are vary hichty spoken of hy thos*
Skxen Star Working Again.
The Slocan Star haa Urn working
one ahift all week and  shipping on
the C. P. R.   Twttorrow  two ahifts
will lie at work, and  thc mine will
then lie working as usual.
Church Seroieta.
Regular services in the Methotliat
church  tomorrow  at  11 a. 111. and
7:15 p. m. Special music both morn,
ing and evening.   Short mng aerv-
ice at close of evening meeting.
Presbyterian services will be held
Times Improelng.
The feeling ���^���^J��?^JS
has fcreetly improved ��. tne last
week! The men at the niineewba
have been holdimr onto. theto^cbeete
in antidpation of losing -^fj0^
or fbr a Klondike sto^-W^1^:
VJ them down now to be cashed^nd
using the money. Two jW��ln*
ing sales are reported.   People are
of ths best all ��i*onnd ���nt**f*aint�� oa th*Ii^fe. ...
ten   Miss Johnson Is an Indian poessss, re- * ..        - -
Stlmi h*r owjMr-oam. in naUr* costnase.
Felled hu en Untolllittg Mother.
���n.nMda* Willi* DocksUder, aged ��, and
consent of th* ��itl's mother to thoir marriaa*
rd~UrLl tollop*. But ���^J^St
at bonds it can* Inn** ������ **��~mia*iL_f2_3_
Ja_����,tasfar a* Snndon, and hadboucht
Th*y got a* *m* **e waitl**a for
tick.!* to V*^*w'"jr J^Mon iko
the train to "sav* flw mo*hn *__?__?!L��_!
tVlk tha tioka*s away an*th*laao.
aoant.took taa *'��"**" "_* jj^-Botot^l,
cents back home. CupW was diaaapoinewt,
but notdiscouraawl,and
lntereet in Ut* Ctatpe Sold.
It is winirted that Seott MeDonall
and Bi^3ow Wilson have bought E.
M Tltomllnson's interest in the Last
Chance. The -^eiato isnot
known, but is a handemae flgure.
The taking hold of this splendid
P^,%r?y by these well *W*VX��
Jiar*ea the immedUte putting of the
mine to its fpmtest develpimient.
One fhre round Mo*tmMto&V<>
kane fruit fhir over JeK. *S.,on
three days only, Octeosr o, ** **���
m aj
��� is    tm, *m i*^w****f--~***~
reeA.-e ���tn**- ni MiMNWSMi iiiju*-IMS*
Saga. He In Not Responsible for the
Cholera Scare.
The following letter from J. W.
Brcchtel, who was the original
source of the story regarding cholera
in Sandon, was received by J. S.
Harding Tuesday. He disclaims all
authorship of the newspaper reports,
and puts the blame where The Pat-
streak put it, on the sensational
newspaper and the space writer in
Tacoma, Sept. 19,1897.
Mr. J. S. Harding, Sandon, B. C:
I have received three papers with
a glowing account of my description
of Sandon in. lam very sorry so
much has been made out of so little.
I simply wrote my wife there was a
fever in Slocan City, instead of Sandon, aud that a few were dying,
and from an oversight she read it
Sandon. A reporter called at the
door shortly after the receipt of the
letter and 'inquired in regard to the
health of thc people in Sandon, and
she simply told the facts as stated
above; that was all the information
he received.
In regard to cholera being there
and people fleeing for their lives,
and the sanitary conditions of tlie
city, and also the closing of the
mines, were startling news to her
when she read it in the papers, as
that that was her first knowledge of
it. He has simply received the information from some other source,,
Eut the whole matter in as though I
ad written It all. I was very sorry
to learn of all this commotion, and
through such a simple thing. A reporter can get one into pretty serious trouble, especially when ' there
has heen so little cause for it all.
The day before my arrival here it
came out in the News, headed ''Sandon doomed" and a lot more equally
as startling. My wife was so worked
up over it, she saved the paper for
me to read and I immediately had it
corrected; that it was Slocan City
and not Sandon where the fever was
and I supposed that was the end of
it. Imagine my surprise on receiving those papers with such an account of utter falsehoods. It is very
likely I would start such stories as
were stated in those headings when
I know* what a good condition everv
thing is kept in about thc town.
Am sorry it has happened, and will
you kindly let people know the
straight of this affair, and vou will
greatly oblige me. Please show this
letter to the editor of the Sandou
paper.   Respectfully,
J. W.'Brbchtel.
Netoapsper at Trout Lake.
J. J. Langstaff, formerly with the
Paystrkak, haa shipped material to
Trout Lake City aud will shortly
commence the publication of the
Trout Lake Reporter. Mr. Lang-
staff says that the refusal of the Ferguson people to give the Home-
Payne company a block of land for
a mill has caused the company to
start a rival town four miles further
up, but that Trout Lake City Is now
the most likely point.
India Excited About Slleer.
Lovdok, Sept. 21.���The Standard
giblishes this morning a financial
tegram received In tbe city from
Bombay which says that tbe silver
market i�� excited there and silver Is
In strong demand, consequent upon
the up-country liasars anticipating1!
that the Bank of England will be a
buyer at an early date, while it is
also believed that a further import
duty is Imminent, and that possibly
the Indian mints will lie reopened.
The telegram farther says that
the price has risen in Bombay 7|
rupees per 100 tolas since last Thursday. 	
Prank  Golden   Narrotcltj  Escapes
Being Perforated.
Last Monday Frank Golden went
up to the Payne mine to make collections, and as this necessitatt-s
cashing the miners' checks, he took
along quite a sum of money. As he
was returning in thc evening an attempt was made to hold him up, a
little below where the new tramway
crosses the road.   He related his ex-
r*rience as follows: "It was ahout
o'clock and quite dark as I passed
the tramway. 1 had about $300
with me. and white riding along th*'
thought that some om* might attempt to rob me suddenly came into
my mind. Almost immediately after
I heard a noise ahead at the side of
tbe road against the mountain, and
a man stepped out and commanded
me to stop. The h<��r*e was loping,
and I threw myself on the opposite
side, hit the horse with the reins,
and rushed by the man just aa a
shot went through the space I would
have occupied had I lieen sitting upright. About 400 yards farther on
the saddle turned and threw me off,
but I stopped the horse and was
soon in Sandon. I have an idea who
the man was, but will not do anything till I am sure.*'
-���.a-*,- ., ���in���.-.ii.111.���.���������i.-.i. ������.__.,�����
The Yukon Rleer.
The volume of water issuing from
the Yukon is greater than that discharged by the Miaslasippi. The
Yukon discharges every hour one-
third more water than tm* Father of
aSiniwiiSm I   ���     ran l_^__*__M-**i_______m_.
Town lots and a new dwelling
house tbr sale in New Denver. Apply to   Thomp-ion, Mitt-hell A Co.
The Sandon Laundry for first
class work. In tbe rear of .S|*��neer'a
hall. Clothing mended ami button*
sewn on carefully.
Johnstone tt Haines have just received a carload of Uurnev stoves.
For Sale.
On* Urge, powerful self playtn* ..rxan. play,
about to pjtM-tMoT aseortod datwe n.u.Jr. ��iV
Th* beat omn thU mtdoot Son Kntti.-i*.-..
Suitable for done* lion**-*, theatre*, conrert
rooms.   Eor particular* sjjt.lv to
T. W. Vl.tTt'HY.H Victoria.
J An tie Kki.lv
A K Btait.s
New York
Brewing Co.
Dreyer A Holfmckr,
We are now .tipplt fo�� alt order* *nr*im*ptty
for Bottled and L*��r>r User
Oar l**��r ia alMalatoly rati* and ���**,��* I to any
boor mad* In Canada.-We a** tsoihin* hot
malt and hope
Th* htwwaty {�� r.>otpl*f* in et err dtrtoti with
alt th* ItstSMti lmpi*t.v*m*ttta.
The Bottllaf tst-peitsaeat ta ta Charg*
af Ederer
In Any Quantify
Anthracite, Canmore, N. W*
Blacksmith  or Stove Coal.
Cody Aoenuc, Sandon.
UTWEUa.UWI,    <
Gold and Cold Ores Melted. Refuted and Bought
| P. O. Box 179$.     Spokane, Wash*
Dnwolution ol Partnerahlp.
Sot, {ft* t�� lt*f***y cH��n that th* **mtt.tet*l.i^
hrtwtotor* mtUtlog b*tw**w the ?t*^l***��lt��>*i
a* minimi l*rah*t* ba �� this dat* l<***it dl. ��..l.��-l
by mutual ��on**nt. Wtn.C ft��H* will i**������*
lUbrlttie. and roll* ��� all a****.***t>t.
tMtad al Hoodoo. A����tt-�� *V pa/*
WM  V  TA.l.Lil.
w i. <rt*.i\xalL
Cartineate ef lma*-ov*m*rrta
Hitnait- In th��*Ou*/*��� Mini-tar tM��i.i.wt��f ttV.1
Kooteoav dlatrtct     Wh*f~> L*r*i*-��l     Stmt
town of "tar,.1rni.
T*a�� n��tk- that L ttt**mpj> Mrxitttdvr. fee*
atin��.r*. r*tttr*.��i�� Xo !t_����.. *�� ajtettl tot II
W. Wor*'*r. ttw* n��ln*r"* **Hia*iat* JtV TyttK
II W. MeVav. tit** miner*. cxmlSvat* So ?*v
ntr.antl. K. IsVVar, fre* miner. rwrUBeat*
S,t *t.ni. intend *��lttt day trom i).��.Ui��
h��tw*o. to applv lo ib*> trrtbl comoti **U*n*t tat
��**rttBmnmtmprtt%ettt*nt*,tt*t ih* pwif ***
at obtalaina a ert>wn**rttnl of th* above elaim.
And further tah* uotiV*. that *d.*rtc elaim*
mnat b* **nt to th* *��>! t riHnmi��Ltor#r and
���V linn cfirmmenced hat at* Ihr Uawstw* of trn-b
c*.rtr8rttle of imnrwv-w��*ni��
latlt-l Ibi* 14th day of Anaus*. 1**1
(tote of Sr*t pahlfootlon. An* fl, I**?.
Certmeata af im��t**a��*m*nta.
aituat* in th* Moron Mininjrd'r' .loo nf Wm
Kootttnar  di.irirl      Wh*r*   tor at*! -Seat
tbe ton at th* ran** lM.ia.ec-r-. t*oip--,i*r end
F��>ttr  Mile etwek*. and  an   !!:��*�����* l.�� ��l��i- at
Sandon rrj-ek
Tah* nottV* that I. H I* TtvAt. mrtina a.
a��*nt for th* Hon l'-����r w. L-r*:>. <���>-* rnu>.
er-.rertm.-at> So Tl.Tm, and William A *l��
l��n.l*ree inioer'a onrtiScale No HAW*, int*n.t
���laiy dart trom the dale her-eof. t.r spirit' to
ih* Minim* iWwlet f.��r a rorflA<-a**of'im<
pro-femanta, fot th* pnr%m,*e ��*f ohtoiniitaa
crown mnt of the abnt- ctaim
And farther taa* nntit** that action, nnder
ssotlon St, Miu.t In* rommenrard lo'ttrt" th* l��-
sunn** of ��och fortiSVale of Itnt.r..*, rtntM.
Imtod thl* lath day of *-Vptt*��*W. tatd.
tto    " -TS*************1*********************"
Brr-->--.   -���*���*_���*_-   w*r-*mm   rmmmjf   i��B   ,7*>*r|IWW''s*��a*'-l
rirst puhlifaiion. f*pi ia, ia*i.
Cec-trfleate of lmaravam*nt*
Hit not* in tb* HWan Minina* IHvUlon of West
Kcrotanay   dUtrtnt.      Wh*r��   lor��t*.t  On
t'tnly cr**h.
Tak* noth-a that 1,1ns. W l^eahy. frs* minant
eertlfleate No MMA, intend ntkty days from
th* ant* haroof to applv to th* mtnin* -***��.rd-
erf����r a ofrtUbnte of Improve 111*111�� for the
purpose of obtalntof a iniwn arant of the
ahov* claim.   An.1 further Ink* nr.ilre that
Ktion un'ter section SI mnst Ire* commenced
fore tlte Usnanre of ��nrh ir*rtific*l* of im-
l**t*llhU**mhdavof.liilv. A  l�� 1**1.
JAS K. f.KAHV im-lee
Irate of flrst publication, July HI, tan.
The Leader
Emporium of Fashion, |
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Opp.Mli* Uryan H<.��t*e. !{��*.. An ���** -.������*
M. L. GRinnETTl
Notary Public,
SANOON,       �����       ���      BC
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Witt Of nt Hotel tAmln**r*i. in ***���>*���
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tnlnloan^rown nr��i.�� .r   ^ ^ ���arJ
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Oarttnaat* ef Impmtanto***^
KKV-mi**-!* ANOKVKMXti i��T��J
Mineral Hntms. *����������*������.'" lh\*!n,]' ivm��
division of We*! KtH,!**;-*, "    '   ���,^-rt
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Merchant.  Advertl--** I" th<
Paystreak Became It P��>5, CANADIAN NEWS.
Tliere i* a constdemWe falling off thi*
vt.��r tn the freight trahlc .It-jrartin.i.t of
Ute Intercolonial By,
Tlie r*4*tjreUry of State, Mr. It. Scott,
),<!�� .���ontxadieusd the* report tiiat he waa
..ff.'rwl the position of Ueutenatit-Oov-
ertior of (totaria.
1. ��.. Bowman, for twenty-six vear*
the Preaklent of the Ontario Slutual" Uf*
liisuranee C*oenpany, died at hi* home in
Waterloo, on Sept. 3rd.
A young Kitifiiahman, wbo ha* been
filling the position of farmhand around
Hamilton for the last two vear*, ha*
fallen heir to a tortoiie of mow
< t* ing to an extent to two of the
pipes in .Idwhine Canal, by which tiie
.*;tv,'��| .Montreal I* irapplieil witlt water,
liaif of the supply has been cut off.
Cahtegrania ore being waived from
Knglao-Jalmost daily, -riving favorable
reports of Sir Caaimtr (bowrti. A.D.C.,
* ho has heen very HI at Fidke*tone.
Tlie oil well at Krwlerichahttrg, Ont*,
after reaching a depth of 550 tmt, ha*
u-.n abandoned, on the edvies of a
metnber of the British Hciencer AMoeia*
The mitsrt atn-t-eawful Fair ever held in
Tomato, was dcamd on Sept loth, after
ntntiing two w*t-k#. Tlie attendatHt* on
Sept oth, was WMSaal. the greateat oo
1'rtrl. Aht*. MeKencie aay* that there
is gukl oa the bank* oi the fcaakatehe-
wan river and he has hit for that region.
inu luling to make a cat-Htil examination
of the land.
Toronto will entertain the Ancient *a��l
ll>.ttorab4e Artillery tanapaa*-- oi Ikwtun
tor �� few day* In" tfetntM'r. Thi* eom-
jranv rrr*aUsl quite * furor in Kngland a
short time ago.
A ?����*-*** of York County, Mr. Edward
Whtfier, ajfNl *4, died suddenly at Stuff-
idle, tlat. He helped to defend hi*
o����u��try daring the retallkm of '37 ami
r-itiaiimJ in the army for many year*.
A prominent lumberman in Ottawa
eat* that the outlook for the lumber
trade ia very Mite, and then* will rreb-
a.'ly be a **alnmp'* in pneee in Kngland.
m the demand is light and the stork
very large,
1 tmufjord want* to eataUiah malleable
mm and eottpltiig work* in that town,
and a deputation, hemlr.1 by Mayor
Kit toll, waited upon Mr. Hav. the manager of the it rand Trunk Ky.. to negiui-
ate tor that parpaer.
The Fresbyteriao Mimionary to Hoa-
an, China, Kev. Murdoch McKensie, will
sail from Vaneonvt*r on _*ept. llth. lie
will be *t*oompanieti by Dr. IVr. y LssBa,
A Montreal, who ha* rewired the ap-
i-'iiitment of Medical Missionary.
Premier llanlv in a *n*ech at Mark-
ham. Ont., awaking of Mr. Tarte said:
"Whatever Sir. Tarte may hare been.
���re know he i* an honest man bow ; we
know he haa committed nodisl.oittitt art
stttre lie ha* been in the Reform ranks."
Tlte *h*reholder* of the ('oltinihia ,k
''ntario t'old Mining Company held a
spaeiA meetfng at Toronto, Sept, Bth.
An offer wa* submitted to the incmtN��r*
1'i-eannt for the sale of the property*
which would net atockholder* l4.'**. cent*
pet share.
A rumor (a afloat that a strong coin*
l*ny,wlth a capital of tl .000,t��*0. ha*
-���"���Ttngsd to take over Ute bannoekborn
mill and mine, antnl also a numU-r of
"'her mines in Hasting* County. The
work of development and milling will be
I'l'wted Along rapirlly.
I his week** Canada Gsaette will con
-'���ui the financial statement for the first
> ''fr o| the Laurier regime. It will show
"���lell.it of IMM.73R. and an sapendltore
"i fl.'JtXl.tXJO more than the aapsudlttire
'��������rn-nt current anion t of the la*t year ol
near Mincer, wa* so
hi  an L**Tm'^B��.-.���     --a-������--   i l i m ,....j. ...^.JWM " "������r ��-_���_-*      mm'f ^      a1 J*/I   t
A trap|ier at Maple lake,  t
,|'" .'hit., named W. II. flawy*
badlv bsatea ank kicked by two brother* .Matthew and Tho*. Thompson, that
be died a few day* latter. Jealotwv i��
allegNlto )# the cause of the murder.
Moth promt-mil*' have been arrested.
Mr.'Knapp'u roller boat was launchep
at Toronto tht* week. Thi* strange crafi
ha* beet) tlie subject of much ��peculation
ever -tince it* inventor submitted hi*
plan* to the public. $10,000 is said to be
the cost of it. If the experiment ia huc-
esssfttl the voyage aero** the Atlantic
Wtll lie shortened by two day*.
A Toronto policeman recognized in a
new-comer at hi* boarding house a
negro thief, for whose capture $500 was
offered, and who had made off with
���9,000 from the office of a tax collector
in Washington, D.C. After the delinquent* arrest, when told of the amount
he had stolen he exclaimed, "Good
Lawdl IHd I hev that much? Never
knew I had that much; gone del craxv
if I bed."
A consignment of fresh fruit left
Cirimsby thi* week for Montreal, leaving
lhat port on the steamship Merrimac for
Bristol and thence by rail to Loudon,
Kng. Thi* i�� tlie tint time tbat fresh
fruit ha* been shipped in cold storage
Tlte British public will now have an opportunity of tenting the excellence ol
Canadiatt fruit.
,*��hak<*��peare'R "Cymbeline" has been
revived by Mis* Margaret Mather, and
is now on* the board* at Toronto. Tlie
production is superb and Uie scenic display is equal to many of Sir Henry
Irving'* scenic achievements. Mis*.
Mather play* tlie part of Imogen, a part
made (anion- by Kllen Terry, Mr*, '���'id-
dons. M<*ljeaka and other fatuous
A resident of Montreal is in receipt of
a letter from one of a j-arty of prospectors, who are enroute to the Klondike.
It was written one day past Skajrway
and tells ol the ditficultie* encountereil
on tlie Uvea route, and also says:
"there are fully 2,000 people waiting*
their chance to get through. Buffalo
Bill's Wild West show is not in it. . .
.... The name of thi* landing is
calletl 'The Hottest Town on Earth,' and
it was named correctly."
A newspaper man, Mr. Dickinson of
North Bav, ta in luck. Last Jnne he applied for a location on Wawa lake, about
six miles from Michipicoten, and, under
the provision of the Amended Mines
.let, tavureil a free location of 40 acres,
10 mile* from *ny known goldbearinj-*
veins. It was through this that attention waa first directed to this region, a*
a possible gold-bearing country.
Toronto's four hundred witnessed a
verv fashionable wedding this week,
alien Captain Arthur Kirkpatrick. son
of Sir treorge Kirkpatrick, Lietttenant-
Qoverasv �� Ontario, wa* united in marriage to Miss Homer-Dixon, daughter of
ltTlIomer*Dixon Kaq.,Honorary Consul-
(Jeneral of the Netherlands. After the
ceretnoiiv, which was performed in St.
James* Cathedral, a reception waa
hell at the eliarming residence of Pro-
feauor and Mrs. ttoldwin Smith.
At Uie recent meeting of the lloneer
A Historical Assedstionof Ontario, held
at their log cabin in tlte Exhibition
grounds, Toronto, * resolution was j>ass-
t>l to the effect that tlie government of
tne Dominion should lie asked to not
permit the cad walls ami gatesof the city
of Qnelntc to 1h�� demolished, the Muni-
viuii Owurofl of that city having tamed
an order for that ptarpose, but that they
should Ik* prassrvni to tell sitcceetl.ng
gi-neratiotts of the .lays when Quelle
tva* a aladgs of prottvtton to this west-
em cotinlrv. A 00M ����t the restiluturn
w��* sent to the MinisWt of Militia ami
ants left,tn charge) gagged and -tied to
their cots, two of the prisoner* on the
roof, two others hidden in the ward,
while other patients appeared to be
calmly sleeping. The four guilty ones
were quickly captured and the matter is
pending investigation.
The outspoken criticism of government incapacity and mal-admin
istration by the Inland .Sentinel has
bt-ooght it under the ban of the administration and the fiat is that the
8entinal Is to be punished by getting
no more government printing, which
but confirms our impressions of the
Turner crowd that they have all
along regarded the provincial treasury as a private political fund.
hotel sandon
*w - - - tr
Is the Pioneer House of the City
 M-uiufatui-er* of all	
Syphons, Ginger Ale,
Sarsaparilla, Etc, Etc
Setndoxx, B.O.
Patronize home industiy
when vou want the best
dealers in
Butter, Eggs,
Cheese, Apples,
Poultry and
Cured Meats.
The largest handlers of these
goods in Western Canada. All
warehouses onder perfect system
of cold storage. Full stuck carried
at Nelson, B. C. For prices write
or wire
P. *T. RI7S8BIX:
Manager of Nelson Branch Parson's Produce Company.
Newfoundland has issued a series of
Cabot postage stamps to celebrate the
400th anniversary oihisdiscovery. One
of the designs used are-portraits of
Cabot and Henrv VII. alia scenes of
Newfoundland life.
Weber Square Piano, excellent condition, for sale, $150, or will exchange
for diamonds.   Box 226, Trail, B.C.
Kootenay Mercantile Tailoring Co.
A mil line of
always in Stock
In- Ion
otoe attempt to escsps was made
���, l0uriitnvii't-i iii the St. Vtoetntfl
Paul prirum at Montreal Uie other night
Kingon the sish Msl thg w** ^>'"^
��� the intlrmary. tlu'ihwrso J.I...-I. ore
locked and guanleil at nwht. Abijni
U.j.OstitipioiouH iwises wewheaid wda
/....iHM-tif ths tOSrdS a err siim <>ned
ami on enterinti ths ward M^n%
eovrreil with Tehrls, a hole out it the
eaWpfttC "trusties" (convlci attend.
Hunter Bros��
Headquarters for
Grocerieii, Hardware
Furnishings, Miner's
We carry Everything
Sandon and Rossland. THE PAYSTRKAK. SANDOS, B.C., SEPTUMBKK -^', jjg*_
Prom the New Denver Ledge.
On August 15, 1805, Dr. J. E. Brouse
opened the Slocan Hospital. It was
then a dubious undertaking because of
the scarcity of working mines in this
section and the small resident population, and for the first year it waa an up
hill job to keep Us doors open and -rive
to those who were its patients the
necessary care and attention. Its record for the first year was 68 hospital
patients and 825 outdoor patients.
Last year the hospital record excelled
that of the previous year two to one and
the. number of outdoor patients more
than doubled. In 180 i-7 there were IIS
indoor or hospital patients and tm outdoor patients.
Dr. Brouse has made the institution a
financial success but its success in this
respect is insignificant indeed as com-
Eared with the success achieved in
ringing back to health and happiness
the hundreds who sought medical and
surgical aid. Of the total number of
hospital patients treated surirical ami
medical, and many of them have been
critical cases, 213 in all, there have
been nine deaths to record, five of which
since Dec. 4, 18&j. Three of these
patients were al deaths door before they
> were taken to the hospital and died a
few hours after being admitted. Of
the 213 indoor patients 94 were surgical
and 119 medical; and of the 119 medical
cases*35 were typhoid and 22 pneumonia,
the rest comprising various ailments.
So successful and convenient has the
hospital been found that all the mines
in the division are subscribers. Incases
of slight ailments the men are doctored
at the mine, medicines being furnished
bv the hospital, but in cases ot serious
sickness, the afflicted are brought at
once to the hospital.
So extensive has the hospital work
grown that offices have been established incut.
at Slocan City, in charge of Dr. Glbhs,
and at Sandon, in charge 'of Dr. Pohl.
Up to the present time the hospital
building has not been what it ought,
but was the best that could be secured
at the time of ita establishment. So
-mccessfal haa it been, however, that
Dr. Brouse has heen enabled to erect a
new hospital.
The new building is one of extraordinary beauty of architecture and design; so commodious, so airy, so light
and sunny and all so well planned for
health giving. The ground plan of the
main building covers 82x40 feet. It is
two and one-half stories and in it are
the offices, dispensary, private wards,
operating; room, linen closets, dining
room and reading room. Adjoining on
the south is a two-story wing 92x82, for
the surgical and medical wards, and on
the rear a two-story aunex for the kitchen and attendants rooms, closets, etc.
Around the front and side of the main
building extends an eight-foot balcony
which is reached from both the medical
and surgical wards on the upper and
lower floors. In the basement is a large
cold storage room and furnace room
from which hot and cold air can be sent
to any room in the building, the radiators enabling the attendants to keep
the house at an even temperature at all
times. No room in the building lias
less than two large windows and the
medical and surgical wards have eight.
The ventilation of the building is perfect. Over each window a ventilator
lowers from the top and in the medical
ward a large escape Is placed In the
ceiling, which permits a fresh air eutf-
rent at all times from the window tops
to a like escape placed below the eaves.
In the garret, which is a large, welt
lighted room, trap  doors have been
{ilaccd in the walls to enable easy access
rora the roofs of the wing and annex
in case of emergency.
The buildingis hard finished throughout, large double doors open to the
surgical and medical wards, and the
stairway to the second floor would admit six abreast. It is lighted throughout with electricity and each bed is pro*
vlded with an electric bell attachment.
Speaking tubes are run from the upper
hallway to the kitchen and dining room
and a tripple-deck dumb elevator is provided to carry the foot! to the upper
Each floor Is provided with bath rooms
and there are four dry closets in connection, in which medicated oakum is
Opening ott of the hallway on the first
floor is the doctor's office, the operating
room, dispensary, surgical ward, baggage room, linen closet, bathroom,
dining room, and adjoining the latter
the kitchen and necessary store rooms.
(Inthe upper floor are three private
wards, the medical wards* room*for the
attendants, and, looking out upon the
lake, the convalescents reading mom.
The building waa planned and built
by contractors Sutherland A Rae, who
(.flowed great experience in such work in
utilising every foot of space and in the
excellence of the workmanship through-
out. It is indeed a haven Of real and
health for the sick of Slocan; every convenience and comfort that the mind can
conceive has lieen placed in it, ami ita
location, overlooking tlie city and lake
beyond, is without equal.
l>r. Brouse, alter several years of
hard, and ceask*** work, has sttct-eedetl
in winning for himself tbe encomium
of all, for the successes he has won in
tlie sick room as well as on tlie hospital
just completed. It is the pride of the
Kootenay and. as a private institution
excels anvlliing of tlie kind in the
country, lie has aatttxiated wiUt him a
staff of assistants that beapeek for the
hospital a verv suc**ea*ful career.
Miss Maggie Stack, an experienced
hospital nurse, lias been engaged aa
matron, and Mis* Una McKay is chef
d* cusine. Mr. Martin T. Welde baa
won the friendship of all the -wUents
by his success as superintendent of the
institution, and Mr. Frank K. Shook,
dimtenser, will never be forgotten by the
sick and injured who have been the
objects of hia kind and generous treat-
"Tbe win haa ��roae down o'er thr- W.fty tint
And kill the ml cloud* tot/tmbte uVr tlw uw
While lonely  I stray  In   tlw  t-alm    twinro T
To ntut* on young J��*aaie tlie Aiwet of DambUir-.*
1 bosom of the mountain Uie rich and rare
} treasures of the mineral kingdom with
bluffs and bands of lighter colored rock*
' running acres-* the formation.
Up and down the gullies and little
ravines and along the sides of Ihe deep
ravines, Interspersed and scattered
among the strips and patches of the
evergreen cedar and pine may be seen
the beaolifnllv tinted foliage In lovely
canary and golden vellow ofthe poplar,
the birch and soft maple and various
deciduous shrubs, all in their glory of
their first touch of Jack Frost, soon to
he followed by the richer autumn tints
of red and purple and golden brenie.
This strikes the beholder at one��* as if
the whole breast of the mountain were
covered with glittering nuggets of
Aloug the crest of the southern slope
in bold relief against the skyline sunda
almoat a single row of tall and symmetrical pine* like a regiment of soldier* In
single line, and we picture again in
fancy's view Russell* "Thin red atreak
tipped with a line of steelAhat held the
heights of Balaklava and checked and
broke the almost overwhelming charge
of the massive Ru��*'an wptadrnn*. We
can almost hear the wild ringing cheer*
of tlw* Ennitthilleni**-*, the IS rev* and
the Dragoon* and the Laneer* as they
charge into the fleeing Squadron* and
change the retreat into a root
Fit type* and forerunner* were these
of the fttouthearted, brave and tireless
pioneer* and pr^pectora who first en
tered the heart of the Slocan overeotn
ing and conquering all difficulties* and
laying at the feet of our Lady ofthe
Snows ita rich and iMtundlea* treasures
Waani-simw luvmi Tut** St��i��*����.
I doubt if tlie beauties ot the Hills O*
Bonnie Scotland of which poet* have
sung or the far-famed vistas of grand old
Switzerland By painters portrayed, ever
presented a grander, more lovely or
beautiful scene than can be wittier-*-***!
from the doorsteps and porches of the
residence* of New Denver on some of
these early autumn evenings.
About five in th{* afternoon the sun is
just creeping down behind the Lew-ery
G lacier, that nestles in the crest of the
mountain that looms over the western
shore* of Hlocan lake, th. -wing tlie dark
cool shadow of the mountain across tlie
rippling lake and over New Denver, ind
up along tlte dark green and preripitoua
*lo|>es ot the foothills to tlie east deepening their already dark shade, while
casting a last good night glint on the
summit* of the Albion and Fidelity
Butte* to the south.
Towering above the long line of shade
the broad bosom and high {teaks of Silver
mountain rise in magnificent splendor,
lit up by tlte wealth of light in thc genial rays of the setting sun, bringing out
in clear relief and exquisite harmony the
varied colors of nature's graphic penelL
Away high up and around the peaks
lie the broad bare slopes where the
patches of un melted snow lingered long
tn the lap of spring, followed in summer
by grassy oasis of living green, now
already nipped by the early autumn
mountain frost. These slopes have assumed all the delicate shades of tlie buff,
the russet, and the brown.
Lower down the bare, and ragged rocky
bluffs and mining dumps show the
brown antl red and ortfhge shade* that
indicate a mineral Ijelt, hiding in the
To the People
of Kootenay.
Womy fcave mmatawm BK*KriT
rrsrsa Mr Opal-wl
Why not Yon ?
Vsm wtist tUsfta irttwl oanmom
OpwetmeUen In tJtta, wmd mwAmr-
**d ttmtm aya *t<rt��lw* ���0*00*0%
M*r*wwn I|����4��*|k>, ttt*.
It wilt pay f smi I* earn* ta
a AS no* omd Aot a ymwt oyarn
Vrttpwrty t***t*d mwtt Sties! will,
���allablt. glaamoa*
Thlalath#����t*t*/trm***ti* wti*>��
yanar trr-aWI* arts**�� tram V***
Ceetlv** KjrMtffct, ami akmold
A* attamded ����� al ������>���*���. I hat#
am* t��f th�� bswt trial eamwm mmdw
���at! #*�� ���It*. y���� the smi Nrt-a
Eyes tested Free.
��. W. oniMMKTT.
rfawalar aatt Oftflalatn. ��*�����*<*��, U.V
Do yon want Ink ?
Do yon want Type ?
Do yon want Bterco Plate*?
Do yt>n want to trade Presses?
Do yoo want to trade l*a|*er Cutters ?
Do yon want Akytiuxo in the wav
of Printing Ma-eriaL
J.CCROME, Arcnl,
Cordova Street.
Pravlaelal Land Surveyor,
_ Underground Surveys.    Surface ano
Aerial Tramways.   Mineral claims stir
, veyed and reported uimn.     Kaalo, B.C
Onaii Pad Mm
800 fttcifte Line. J
"*- Quickest
Md Cheapest
Rottte to -St l*uul. Chicago,
Detroit, Toronto., Montn-al,
Nor York, Boston, l'inla-
delphta.  and all Kstfcra
Unexcelled Sleeping �� nm
on all trains.    TourUt ( .r.
to St. IVtnl  daily;   U-- ���>
every Thurwluv,   Toronto
everv Monday fhrni Revel-
Steamer leaves S:ik ��������*���.
daily except Mondav. mak
injr close <*-ortnectMi r Bevel*
stoke with train* for all prints
Vj*m and West
lVfure yoo travel get inf.-nt-atta
fhan C.P.ft agents a* to times x 1
ratea.   It wilt save yoo m-���-,>���,    .\j*
plv to ni^rest railwav as* nt -r to
A. C, McAKTIUK: Agent, MtAigx
HM Mct��KtttOK,T P A ,Nclsoo,B.C
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tWV, H. ������* ������   ����� ���"'
Stiitjfrctiocliaftge without notiee
Trains run on IWlteStandaol Time.
I��ate ��� <�� AM.
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108 Blshopscaic St
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only  rtrprsst.wttttttr   II.   ��'    ,'"'        f
Karat*. ^ Qqq^J JnVeStHlCDl* I UK PAYSTRKAK, SANDON. B.C., SKPTEMBKR 25, 1807.
uOVT   *******   ****   ***���
jMlonatttsl   Pall-** Ar*
tutdy of rif att��r*.
a  Via*
There Is Itound to he trouble in the
Klondike between the scores of rough
frailer* who have invaded the gold
,.,o,.t-i since June, and the Canadian
authorities who have assomed the giant
u,k of maintaining order through the
Vrvimsef a division of ttw mount-*!
1 ii ,torv i�� 81l��d to the brim with law-
I,.*,,at ^committed In new mining dhv
,.��������� and in moat case* the governing
authorities have boon content to let the
��� uf.ni work out their own salvation by
i 'dance c*omniitleo�� and the summary
d,vi*loM ol Jud*e Lynch. Hut right
ir nn the fall of the *** Unade u de
���,ied la attend to this work, and it
,* an itperlwent which old miners are
,,r..ue to look upon with ranaiderabli-
�� tinier. They can see nothing ahead
hut gallon* of trouble for the mounted
all.   There is a fifteenth station now
briii,- established in the Klondike re-
5ion. In addition to these stations
mre art* innumerable shanties scattered over the entire countrv, where man
an��l borne can seek shelter at night.
Many similiar shanties are being built
inthe Klondike districts, as the men
will be kept on the go in the winter as
well as in summer ttme.
The pottos work in squads of three
and four, and are splendid iv mounted.
Thev are armed with Winchester carbine*, Knfieid revolves and aabcrs, and
tra drilled as infantry, cavalry and
artillery. It in a curious misnomer to
call tltetn police, om they are really
soldier* of the tirst class, and each
trooper at a moments notice could take
his plaee in either an infantry, artillery
or cavalry regiment and be perfectly at
They are accustomed to deal with
rough characters and cheerfully jro into
a fight with the biggest kind* of odds
against them. They are a terror to the
Indian*, and settlers" along the border,
many of whom do a big smuggling busi-
UQSsaU the year around.
The kind of fighting stuff they are
made of was shown back in 1***>*��, when
a big baud of Blackfeet Indians left the
States and dashed across the Itorder on |
a horse stealing and murdering trip I
There acre GO��iu the band, but twenty
if the mounted police who ran across
thetn did not hesitate to invade  the.
camp ami declare that they were going
to arrest the headers and drive all the
others back across the border again.
The Indians started to show tight and
at the same instant the police began to
shoot and in less than three minutes
their lightnin-.' work   with  the guns
made the reign of peace absolute.   The
leaders were sent to jail and that same
day the others  were  started on   the
homeward jounwv,
Their uniform Is showy, consisting of
scarlet tunics, with yellow -strip, top
hoot* and �� helmet. In winter, however, this gorgcousne*s is covered with
-rent fur coat- and cape*, fur caps and
! ii the Klondike there ia mnn* than the
natural antipathy of the ''bail man" for
law and order "as a producer of nut-
hr.-ak*. Men who have Xwen there say
that tii*. m<tional feeling lK*wt**en Canadians and American*, is getting fiercer
ail tlte time, particularly since the re
< -nt |ras*r*a^re of the revenue laws bv the
���luniuiou gnuernment. There will be
��.-rtainly many at*emp�� by the miners
t * sneak across the ttoundarv lo avoid
in iking payment*, and tbe boundary
ltne*> are still unsettled Thi* fact alone
������j��-n# up many avenues for disputes
*h-chare certain t*�� be aettled by the
hawtnn 0ty fat beyond the shadow of
��l��.tibt in Canadian territory, as the
*<V.ir��hin^toogtivrrnment csaaedes it b��
be Ion ttiilea east of the 111*1 meridian,
which is the bouitdarv line. There are
hundreds of claims, however, in close
v rmity to the line, and here U where
:...tiMt..,J police w |{ have ihe moat
t rouble Thf tllitenmces t-aaween tiaea
-t hv Washing!on and "Canad*. varv
fr.ni^f^Ui^Mn the ^l-lir-irici   mcvtimwa w llKJ _..WI ___
ami  as  the "Mated   police  will, of Wpo��nt*e -MinneapoU" Journal
irse, enforce the ( anadtan idea, and *  <__     _____
the American*i ��tami lik.- a  rock upon     ^^^���************l******l*llllll*l*l********************l^^^^B
the Washington '.'***.>���*��tne pretty inter
national scraps are looked for by those
wtiL, might to know.
��� -mada* feeling toward the Assert'
< -in* is quite clearlv ehown by the
r<*.��nt utterances of ItVirolnlonpapera,
!.i v ..ring the exclusion of the American
tinner in retaliation for ��or alien labor i ���*"** -- -.--     *��*_._*	
. and at the aame time exalting in  within sight of the Skagwiv trail.
__,__-  . Ol* ailll tMt|rr.-?��,    k.i  .,*��������- -.-��� .
moeca<dna. Thev ride thc small chunky
native home aud few instances are oil
record where either man or beast has
succumbed to the terrible cold or con
life. A committee of sixty vigilantswas
chooscn by lot to search out the crimi
aal  and punish him.   What was the
penalty to be?   There was hut a single
verdict.   Death.
In a tent near the summit stayed a
1rem-hrnaii known as Pierre. His surname was not known. He was low
browed and black eyed and surly, and
suspicion was attracted to him by many
drenmetances. He had no friends and
-veined not to desire them.
At dusk of the day upon which the
l'��*.> ��f provisions had been made known
the vigilantes climbed to the Frenchman's tent. They went silently, and
near the tent paused. A light burned
within and upon the canvass, like a puppet Shadow, was cast the form of the
Frenchman. He was stooping ctyse to
the ground. "He's burying the grub,"
whisjH-ml one of the vigilantes to his
Leaving two men outside, four now
entered tlie tent. One was the pros-
pector wlio had beeu robbed. Pierre
started up at the appearance of his
visitors. His movement for a gun was
arrested hv a sharp word of warning-,
and the Frenchman stood as though
petrified, his eyes riveted on the mu_.de
of four revolvers.
, The was no need of reaching further.
I lit a rude hole dug from the hard earth
in the center of the tent lay the sack of
tlourand bacon. Their owner recognized the marks and identified them as
his propertv.
Without "a word the Frenchman was
->'i/.ed and, with stout ropes brought
;Uimg for the purposcwas tied hand and
foot.   He begged piteously fbr mercy,
and his black whiskers stood out on a
bee {tale as tbat of a corpse. He appeal-
ed to hearts of stone; there  was no
s tftening light in the eyes of his cap-
t>rs.   They carried him out and to a
pole before his fragile habitation they
[ashed him fast.   All six withdrew s
short distance, and at a word six shots
rang out. souuding as one.   Then the
vigilantes left.  A life for a sack of flour
and !'*> pounds of bacon.
The limp form, bleeding from  six
wounds, hung there all night, and the
next dav it hung, and the next.   Over
the trait a short distance away many
men passed. When they looked toward
the lonely tent and saw its sentinel,
they averted their faces and hurried by
Even the ihorses shied, seemed to fe>
the dread that hung in the atmosphere
The third day came and there was
something more'than dread in the air.
It was the sick en ing stench of a putrify-
ing human body.   It was a horrible
smell, that turned men's hearts to lead:
Late on that third afternoon two men
stayed in their journey to finish the
work of the vigilantes.   They unbound
the carrion mass and lugged it further
up the hill.   They could not wait to di��"
a grave,  but  they piled stones high
above the body, and perhaps with a
muttered prayer left it there to rot.
The rock monument is there as a
warning to others who, like Pierre,
hope to reach the Yukon with no other
outfit than a seared conscience, and all
the laws of Alaska will not have a more
restraining effect than the smell which
is wafted over Skagway trail by breezes
from the rock pile.
For four-bits   you can purchase
ancient newspapers at this office.
If you are���
Call at the
Hotel Ivatthoe.
It.attt   t'ottrtw.   th* r-*u>allit(_
sn.l Ihtrstt.
���of   rtour
The body of an unknow n man is rot-
beneath a pile of stones reared
the r.*iulaih.n of the mounted poih
killers. .,     .���
As the hront of the whole trouble will
fill upon the shoulders of these men
'he mounted police will ��h�� the .booin-lt
iitgngureaof inien**t  in the Klondike
the coming winter.   Our hundred am
.1 titem and S30 hot***-* have been
-���nl into the gold district, and thb
iiumlier is rouiit-'d to he suflicientl>
cr nt to quell anv disturttance.
Three fourths of the t,WU men In tht
- r vice are well educated and tine*
reared, but thev are n��t tenderfeet b*
m.v means ttanv of them are tie
v..imger sons of Kngli**h families o
I olfttcatl and aoclal m��uencea, young
men who have g me the pace ol dwsipa
lion at a tremendous ��ait and who Iia*. -
adopted this heroic road to refrtrm
��>lhvr* have enter,'.! the servo <���-. out 0
pure love of advanture and have re
maiited in it, fasefnaied by the �������
(rtedoin and iia rough life, unfettere*
hy theeoiivimtiuialities
That the force la an eflivlont one i
proven hv the single fact that, small a
o is, it maintain.- the law in a termor*
of 270,1X10 square miles, or from Ut
houndarv line on tlie aottth to a pout'
:vm milt.; north, and from the ea*d }
'he Bockv mountains Now its limit
have been extended ao as to Include ti>
Yukon mining llelda. .  .
The headquarters of the force Is I
*f��ted at Begins, but there are fourtec
"'ations scattered between the Bm-ktc
��>'id the east in charge of i*0mmleelotie
���'Ulcers, of whom there are fifty two i.
n ,w��|>a_^^^^^^^B^^^^________ 111*
wa* rthot by vigilantes for havingetotes
a sack of fiotir and 100 poaads of Itacon
He ���aotight the wrong locality for hi* depredation* The penalty was swift and
terrible���a life for a sack of flour ami 100
pounds of liacon. There was no hesitation in Boating out rough justice to this
thief. He hail stolen food���more precious to these prospectors than gold dust
There was no room for such as he. and
was removed suddenly **"'��� "SWtit-
jno. coven.
Everett. WaaTfJ.        ,     _
S*iUi��t��*r Brtr>kSt.. l/tndoti,
stAnkSymt ^ the Boariaad Stuck Eichatige
and Ihatnl of Trade. ������-___������
h. c. covea.
Cable Add���^��LW����B���_^nilr*oa.,*
Cloutrli's (new and old),
Bedford McXellU
aiul A B C Code8-*av-*a
iremnvt*-.! n**v.v  and effect u
dl*     A profound impression has been
made on the minds of the light tinkered
gentry infesting the crowded trail. Thev
>egitt to understand that thev are deal-
ng with men of stern mettle.
A jiartv of prospectors had.after great
K One uav.  t...   .. ^
hey missed from tlieir cache a sack of
Imir ami PW pounds of bacon. They
tad taken tto precaution against theft.
relieving that under such conditions
is exist in that |wirt of Alaska a mans
iroperty would he held sacred.
Immediately upon diacoverlng their
��������_   anin.tra   in
��ss, they *hotlfiea thc
he Vicinity.   A meeting  ��� .
���,J seeker fell  that his
Ik' tin1 next  to go
other miners in
v!is called at
inn,.     ���-
Each gold
IV, solicit correspondence with parties having;
meritorious mining properties for sale, and
���ja-a-t beg to say that we have connections in the
principal cities of Canada, England and the United
States, and are in daily receipt of inquiries tor
develi i*A mines and promising prospects.
In active mining operations and redaction ol ores,
and a knowledge ofthe different mining districts of
B.C. enables us to fit rn ish reliable and competent
information pertaining to mines and mining matters.
References given.
vt "pm*
l !__��� THE PAYSTRKAK, SANDON. B. C, SKPTKMBKR **��, t*>7.
11 *vm*Xmy ��� >W X !**��!��(-��� Ll-
The Paystreak.
I* issued every Saturday In Sandon, in the heart
of Uie greatest White Metal camp on earth.
Suta'rii-Uon     - ...     tt.00-.year
Strictly In advance.
Addnwt: Taa Patothk aa, Sandon, B.C.
SANDON.   B. C, SEPT. 25,  1897.
The development of the resources
of any country when conducted on
equitable lines for tbe common good
will be the measure of its prosperity.
When the natural resources which
nature designed to be the common
heritage and contribute to the common weal, become tbe private property of a few, then we have
monopoly with all its concomitants of
discontent np to civil war.
The present great strike of miners
in tbe coal regions of Pennsylvania
is an object lesson to Canada. We
must admit that the United States is
as rich as any country on earth in all
natural resources of soil and mine,
river'and forest. It must be conceded also that the country is rich in
capable administrators of public
affairs,and posseses a high standard ot
excellence in national education; and
with all Hi riches of nature and scientific achievement and machine
polities it is in a state of chronic di��
content requiring the mobilisation of
the military to suppress the clamor of
thousands of workers wbo are really
In a state of starving serfdom which
wonld be a disgrace to Russia..
Could William Penn look down from
theOlympia ofthe departed on the
scenes of his-early manhood in which
he fondly hoped to plant the seeds ot
brotherly-love, bow his great manly
heart most grieve at the'harrowing
sight ot starvation in the midst of
William Penn and his friends were
no doubt rated slow* They had not
the sagacity of Rockefeller fbr Instance, in developing the country
and controlling its riches for their
own personal use and benefit The
development of the eountry is the
parrot cry of the monopolist in Canada
as, in Pennsylvania, to justify the in
trod action of cheap labor to degrade
and starve out the natives of the
eountry. It has covered the United
States like a pall with a network of
trusts and monopolistic corporations
whose millions are continually being
piled higher while a new form of
legal slavery, which relieves the
owner from the obligation of even
feeding his slave, Is taking or rather
has taken the place of the comparatively benlflcent institution of the
ante-bellum days.
The development of tbe eountry Is
the cry for Chinese immigration end
leprosy; for keeping alight the lamp
American civilization by the introduction of over a million contract
States in a few years. It waa the
beacon cry fbr cheap S weed ish miners and then cheaper Chinese, on to
the rich flats and streams owned by
thieving provincial politicians in Car.
riboo. ______________��
Thk manner in which the Vancouver city fathers, Board of Trade and
a section of the coast press were recently falling over each other iu
their desire to do bumble reverence
to the great I AM of Canad'an mon
opolists, would be amusing if not so
utterly contemptible and degrading.
President Sliaughnessy expressed tbe
hope that the "good people*" ol Van
couver would reduce, If not entirely
remit, the tax on C.P.R. property.
How good of him! The working men
of Vancouver well remember bow
this grinding monopoly known as the
C.P.R. would not hire a workman,
who was known to belong to a labor
union, and all C.P.R. work In Vancouver, ss elsewhere, was and is today done by ''scab" labor.
Tbe people will learn shortly that
they can run and control rs 11 roads as
wefl as pay for them. Tbe days
when a few pettifogging despotic
schemers can sidetrack the people of
Canada in railroads are numbered,
and President Shangbnessy can take
note of tbe fact
' the three vessels employed In transporting the nick.
I To use a forcible liberal phrase "It is
time for a ehattge,'" or Canada may re
Ct and  burl from  power men who
itate to enforce the beheata of the
sovereign people.���Algoma IHooeer.
Washington- The United States
tieeret service bureau Is struggling with
an epidemic of counterfeits. Hardly a
day paaaes without the arrest of from
one to half a doten persona detected In
passing spurious notes or silver coin,
it Is evident that there la a targe volume
of counterfeit silver certincatea of laat
year's issue afloat and that the circulation is continually being diluted with
that sort of material. When theat* certificates were first put out expert engravers predicted  that counterfeiters
would he tempted to resume activities,
aud the result shows that they were not
wrong In their prophecy. As works of
art stWN certificate* may he very fine,
hut for pur|Misea of money they men*
shocking! v deficient in many "of the
���safeguard* which the department had
provided against counterfeiting
Government detective-* have heen Instructed to be on the watch for bogus
silver dollars, the tip having lieen given
the Treasury I t-epartuirnt that a move
was being made In some mysterious
and unknown quarter for the' minting
of such dollars on a large scale, the
coins to have the same amount of sliver
as the genuine, and to he in exact
similitude of the coin bearing the stamp
of the United .States mints. Thus far
the department has not been able to
locate anv of Ibis illicit product, and it
ia not believed any of the lingua dollars
of that sort are yet in rircuiation. hot
try wmiii any time be jw^ ���.
Uietn.   At the present ,,.,,*,. *^g*
bullion there is a margin1 ������ m 2�����
every dollar privately imnusj
A st;c< aaari i. _p-AnraATio_.
Pieeee, sir, said the tittle fellow **. j*
stood, can In hand,  before the'
chant* I hear that
Yea. I do
you tram an oft.-,.
yea couij
that Is no guaranty that that Ihe roan- [ being hatfened
ea, I do.   Do you think
fill ttt*place?
Yea, sir.
Whore do you live ?
At home, tar.
Where's that ?
On Steamth Street.
Parents living?
1 ea, air.
Any other relative*?
No, air.
No grandmother?
No, air.
No, sir.
I have no uncles, Ar.
No aunts* air.
Then of course you have mt ��� ��� .<i.im��
So. air.
How docs It happen thai yoo have t��
relative** tn New York f
Thev are all in Kngtand. -ir
If that is the case, I think mil! do
Yon see. I have to he very partuuUr in
hasrehall *-****oti, for gr*n<im<<*.iVrt.
uncles and the like are apt to i*m ten
III and die then. You ma*, bepn work
tomorrow iwirning. You'will hate w
a week.   That*all ��� Harper * Baxai
Konakry, on the w*r*st coa-t A Vfrwa.
Iia* bean reached by a French esp��J
tion la Ihree week* front tie- Niger. I��*
the second time. Thi* r**tabJj.hr-s the
advantage of the route bv *��*. of Fat*
Djaioo, and survey* for lac o*ad ar?
Long and exceedingly hitter has been
the degradation endured by Canada at
the hands of the United States, add deep
and high Ss the about for retaliation upon
the merciless aagreaacr. Liberal ante-
election vows pledged the Party, (rum
the Premier downward, to the deliver-
ance of Canada or the enactment ul a
law and aa harshly sdmisnistered as that
of the ungenerous assailant. Nearly two
years of office have rolled by, and, notwithstanding that Parliament has kept
its pledge, the Government has utterly
failed |o enforce the power put into
their hands by tbe representative* of the
people. Why? Are they afraid to
strike back ? Or have the United Sta-
tesers taken such a twist on the
Government's nasal organ as to defy re-
Uliation 7 i
Canadians are leaving their homes in
scores to seek employment in other'
lamia, while citisens of the <sgg-*eaaive
Republic hold high carnival and sit in
Canadian offices In definance of all law.
right and decency. Lumbermen and
supplies are sent from the United States
into the -Canadian forests to cut, haul
and raft our timber to their own country, and none to say them nay.
Right hers in Algoma District the
hurailating spectacle is open to sll. The
towns, the woods, on shore and afloat
citisens of the United States hold place
power and emolument, while Canadians
in dozens are left without employment.
Is Sir Oliver's hands tied? Or where baa
he hidden the Provincial seal which led
him to denounce these invaders of courtesy and right as "a hostile nation?" Has
John Chariton and his Yankee colleagues
power to suppress our beloved Sir Oliver?
Perish the thought. Troculeww is not!
In him.
At Bruce Mines in this district contractors are blasting trap rock and
shipping it for street paving in the United States, and we are credibly informed
that Ihe bosses of the works, engineers
>1 ?
1 * ****M*i****_*****'-*"*^*"-"*1
Hotel, in New Denver, has been enlarged
and all the rooms plastered.       New carpel**
and new furniture thraogboot make the boose
a marvel nf comfort and elegance.       WMi
28 rooms, end its beautiful situation am hist tins
finest scenery in America, this hotel is unsur
pattsed in all Kootenay.
H. 9THUK Prop
Robkrt Man* IS A Ml
Nr.ii. HacimsAbO
n . . ��� .       .      _.    ., .    .  snd drillmen are citisens of the United
Poles and Hungarians Into the United States, to say nothing ahout the crews of
MACDONALD  BROH., Proprietors.
Rates 91.50 to 92. M) per day	
llcailqtmrtera for Mining SpeculnU*rs and Capitalists,
Reco Ave., ��� - Sandon, B.C THK PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B. C, SEPTEMBER 25, 1897.
HI   THB   Side-ills
Phil Perkins ts building a roridence
w Sew Oeover.
Shannon has hi* residence
Kd. *, ________________________
Si \th tAreet nearly ready for occupancy.
Henrv Mahon, of Vancouver, is having a look at bis properties on Four
The Comstock Is the name ol the
company fanned to work the Thompson
Goo. W. Hughe*, one of the owners of
the Idaho will make his home in New
Denver thia fall.
Brace White has rented tbe rough
ca-4 bouse jtost eteeted hy George
Wharton on **MXth street.
.Sample* of ore from the Fidelity min
era! claim have been sent to Spokane to
be placed on  exhibition at  the fruit
James II Currie and John I.auj**.A0
have bought A tdant aod will atari a
letter railed The Topic at Trout l^ake
i il j     May the Ieord tn* good to them.
1 --.. luirment on the Mountain Seats*
(���rv ott Ktght Mile creek show* a ledge
ii li feettn width carrying galena, car
u.siaie* and heavy qnaru raised with
galena This property haa the appearance of a fine concentrating propo-tition.
l.t* tie Of to Estabrooks was playing
with -Line chihlren in Ihe rear of hn.
patent* home Thursday afternoon and
had two finger* and thumb blown off
at th** first joint by the explosion of a
-mn***��lou cap. The little ones bad
mum! a part ol a lwt% of the dangerous
�����\pj.��*ive* and were having a bushel of
fun * tth Ihem when ihe accident hap*
r**e*oeril *
il 0, Alexander while ou a trip
mcrom the lake Sunday had the thumb
of his right hand badl'v -diaUvretl with
a title ball and had to have the injured
member amputated ck��*e Ut the hand
*���. uh -ainte friends he wa* ant f����r a day
* ith the grouse, and war. renting the
butt of the rifle oo the ground with ht*.
thu.ab over the mosaic Bv some
meaaa the weapon slipped, the hammer
hitting on a rock causing the gun to be
Hrr-d with thc above re*wll
in actul development work bas been
Isaac Waldron has taken contract
fbr another 400 feet on tbe long crosscut <n the Whitewater Deep mine.
Tbe calculation is to tap tbe Whitewater vein 400 leet below anv present
workings on the ledge. With the
completion of this tunnet another will
he commenced on the flat, close to
Bell Bros." sawmill, within a few
yards of the K. A S, track, and run
pruhabtv 1,200 feet to tap the ledge
still lower. The Whitewater Deep
consists of five claims the property of
Barbarian Brown and others, under
the management of W. A. Boss. The
work is being done on the Fresno
Dan Bongard has purchased tbe Gold
Du*4 Saloon from J. W Smith.
Graham Campbell, Victoria, was in
town for a couple of day* this week.
Miss Eastman and Mrs. Trenery,
Three Forks, were in Kaslo Sunday.
Walter E. Jones will open business in
John Keensns Block as dealer in electrical supplies in abom two weeks.
THK   inKX   Of   TO   DATE.
tmtewt Partlralars of  ,_*��.
at Slswaa."
Great lb��s
Eugene Evl. K A. & linemen is
building a boose on C Avenue.
George Irish is building a barber
shop next to Nlven A Hells store,
Jim Kee has bought 1 M. Wrights
hwise and will carry ,on the laundry
1. M. Wright will erect a new
-mildlng on C Ave. In which to carry
on a baker)'.
The Hillside shaft ts now down ft
leet and looking better with every
I--totdepth ,
(Charlie Selieel has good ore on the
Porcupine claim and intends doing
some extensive development
Hicve McCrcadv ami wile, net
Mit* Gates of Yakima, have taken
np their residence In Whitewater.
The happy oouple were greeted on
their arrival hv a good iialiired shiv
en-iutf the tdd fashkan-d style. ��r.
A Mr*. McCrewly are tho reelpicntaol
many congratulations
The Whitewater mine will double
Its output this month shipping �� ears
for the 30 days of S**a*pteml*cr.    1 i**re
are now 66 men on the payroll and
���Ms miml��er will he considerably in
'riHsed.   It Is a f let patent to nil ac
������������alutad with this property that it Is
�����* �� iwsitton to become one of the
heavWst  shippers in the country
Since work was commenced on the
htine no ore otlior than that removed
Bartlett Bros, of Sandon, have tied
up about 3' tons of ore from the Ibex
mine at Whitewater, in order to secure
payment mi their contract lor packing
.Some time ago the Ibex   corapanv
made a contrail with Bartlett Bro*. to
pack tKto tons of ore agreeing to furnish
ltsl ton-, a mouth, or pay for the equiv
aleni.     At the same time they were
profuwe *n the l*oa*4ing about the mine,
saying that after  the BOO tons  wtue
down they would have as much more
reailv. that they had a mountain of ore.
The contract was let by  Major S. B.
Steele, of Mil.end. president of the com-
an> and mitarintetidcnt of theNurthwest
Mounted Police; F. Steele. Kaslo, treasurer and manager, and !>.  VY.  King,
Bartlett * brought in a train of mules
for the purpose, ami got down **i tons
the first month But they have been
unable to get any money. They agreed
to let the contract go if they were paid
for the first month I work." So to protect themselves they rented a warehouse, snd as their mules came down
with the last mt torn, instead of putting
it on the cars they put it in their warehouse, and set a man to watch it They
are now waiting a settlement
going to law.
The storv now comes out that I)
King had Major Steele with several of
the mounted jiolice to look at the mine
last summer These gentlemen arc ex-
parts on Indian*, and had men. but their
knowledge of mines is limited to what
thev have heard and read ruder Mr.
Kings   guidance   thev  saw  unlimited
quantities of ore. assaying great
value*. Thev were taken into rabbit
littles at numerous point* and ihoa n the
fine ����ro in sight. They were greatly
excited at the prospect, and anxious to
shipping   commenced  at  once.
~ ' - - *** Steele, a resident
friend of Kings's,
On Sunday last Alex. Smith, of the
.Surprise mine received a letter from
J. L. Pierce, dated at Lake Bcnnet,
Aug. 29.   In the letter Pierce states
that he got across the pass without any
great difficulty, and with the assistance
of Indian packers had gotten all his
supplies down to the lake where he had
secured a boat and was to start on the
trip down the river about Sept. 2nd.
E- C- Coy, who left Kaslo about the
same time as Pierce went bv Skagway
and the White Pass and at'the time of
writing was ten miles  behind.    Hib
Porter, also a Kasloite was on the same
trail and pretty well along but the letter
does not definitely state his whereabouts.
As it is onlv s six dav trip from Lake
Beimel to flaw son all will have arrived
in the Klondyke before now anil more
news may be' expected from that quarter in the'near future.
Old-timers in the Slocan will remember a woman commonly known as Fool
Hen, who prospected in this section during 1892. Caroline Miller was her proper name, and Charles Miller, said to be
her husband, cooked at the Idaho and
other mine*. On the 22nd of last February Miller murdered this woman at a
saw mill town on the coast called Port
Blakeley. Miller got twenty years for
doing the deed. If Mrs. Miller's heirs
will communicate with thia office they
will learn of something to tlieir advan-
I will be erected on Howson creek at the
1 end of the Idaho tramway. This sale
is another evidence of how Slocan properties are appreciated by the moneyed
men of England.
The -exchange Stocked.
Through the agency of Bashdall &
Fauquier the terms of the Exchange
sale made in July have been alteaed
and the property has been stocked and
placed on tbe London market. The
force on the property will be immediately doubled and the company are
confident that the Exchange will be one
of the best mines in the district.
Sale or The Queen Bus.
The Queen Bess group has been sold
to C. K. Millbourne, who represents a
company just formed in London. The
price is' $115,000, of which 185,000 is
cash and the balance at. two. four aud
six months. This well known group of
six claims and tactions is situated*near
the Idaho ami has been operated for
several mouths bv its owners, Pete
I_arsen. J. A. Finch, W. Glynn and J.
H. Moran, each of whom owned a quarter interest. The new company will
take charge of the mine next�� month,
and will immediately construct a concentrator and wagon road.   The mill
A lady who is a city missionary he-
came very much interested in a very
poor, but apparently respectable Irish
family named Curran, living on the top
floor of a great tenement-house in the
slum district.
Every time she visited the Currans
the missionary was annoyed by the
staring and the whispering of the other
women living in the building. One day-
she said to Mr8.��*Curran:
Your neighbors seem very curious to
know who and what I am and the nature of my business with you.
They do so," acquiesced Mrs. Curran.
Do they ask you about it?
Indade they do, ma'am.
And do vou tell them?
Faith, thin, a' oi do not.
What do you tell them?
Oi just tell thim you are me dressmaker, an' let it go at that.
New York .���The annual report of the
Anaconda Copper Com pany of Montana,
the largest stockholders, of which are
J. B. Haggio and Marcus Daly, haa
been made public. For the vear ending June 80 the receipts Were $22,940,89:!
against $16,945,697 the year before. The
profits amounting to $5,186,048, an increase of $878,188 over tne previous
vear. Dividends amounting to $3,000,-
000 were declared, against $750,000 the
year before.
elc i
ha v�� 	
Major Steele t* son,
He has entirely ***** an rt*
under charge at present.
was obtained front
I carry the stock*���the largest in the Slocan-
Kootenay, in show rDoms covering
3.000 feet of floor space.
���ton. and
Ih.w much money
but the men nt
ths police is not known, mu me urea ...
the mine have not been paid. The pack
mules were taken through the brush in
nil diret turns, picking up a few sacks of
ore here Slid there Half tht* ore pack*
-*** **iown was thrown away at the sta-
, ha\ ing lavn found to run only $8
It in value. Further developments
��  t���,i���
ed down was
and *,*  ,
When In  Vancouver
(Manor House.
Furniture for a Mansion or Cottage at
Bottom Price
One hundred dozen of chairs to select from
direct trom the factories at prices low as the
lowest I). M. CROWLEY, practical upholsterer, with a staff of mechanics, can make
anything to order.
Undertaking a Specialty.
Note the address: Above the Ledge office,
Sixth Street. New Denver.
Prvisht paid SB ���*����>������* Ot San.lon. Slocan City antl all Lake points.
K '���
; 'K
�� ���������'���      " M   '.'".'      V   ���������:   ...   ,     .. THK PAYSTRKAK, SANDON, B. C, 8KPTKM8SR *t*\ lM-tV
When Johnny came a-conrtiiiLjr,
I ta-tought Min OV.T-U.lll,
For I waa bur & yuunir thing
And he not very old.
And tft-taifth I liked him well enoajrh
I sent him on his way.
With, "Walt a Mt, bide a bit, *
WaS a week and a day!"
When Johnny iiassed me In the lane.
And |jjeat*ed tors kits,
And vowed he'll love ma evermore
For granting of the Llws;
Alth.-twh I Hked It ovtnvell,
I ran from him away.
With,' Walt a Mt. Mde a bit,
Walt a week and a day :"
When Johnnv came a-eoarting,
With. "Jenny, be my wife **
And vowed 1 never should re��?ret,
However long mv Hie;
Althonjih I IlkKi it'be-4 o* all,
I tnruitl from bim away.
With, r Walt a Mt. bide a WI,
Walt a week and a day P
Oh. Johnny waa a ninny:
He took ine at my word *
And he was oaurtlng another
The next thing that 1 heard.
Oh, what a ninny was Johnny,
To mind me what I'd say.
With "Walt a bit bide a bit,
Wait a week and a day !*'
Heigh -ho!   I have my J. .tinny ;
I gin him a blink o'ni,- eye.
And then be MI to riving
For want tV my love htrd die t
I ne'er could be so cruel.
So I Mt the wMtdlntr dav.
With, 'Haste a bit. nor waste a bit.
There _ danger In delay."
���Jenney E. T. Dow��,
Millions  are  Mined   brat  Mora   Millions
Required to Oct It.
The earliest known coinage oi gold that
is authenticate.! was ahout 800 years he-
fore the (Christian ere, in tlie time of
Milletue, and it ie very well-known that
the Sicilians, 4)0 years before tbe birth
of Christ, used the metal for coinage
purposes. Long before that period, however, it had been used in art and manufacture, and years before the lime of
King Solomon, as ancient chronicles will
prove. In the earlier centuries placer
mining in Southwestern Europe and n
the Ural mountains were well established, and there are statistics of gold mining in Asia Miner during all the early
centuries. There is nothing, however,
authentic in the way of figures previous
to Uie discovery of North and South
America, bnt since tbat time thc world's
production of gold per year is pretty well
The really big discoveries are of this
century, however, beginning in California in 1847; in Australia in 1854, and
then in British Columbia in 1858, afterward followed by neW discoveries in
Queensland and New South Wales, in
the Transvaal in 1868, in Wiwatersrand
in 1886, followed by the building of Johannesburg, and now there are frequent
discoveries of the Metal not only in
South Africa, but in many of the Western States. There have been no great
placer finds, however, such as that in
Alaska in recent year*, and it is multiplicity of these placer findings and tin-
ease with which the gold is obtained
that has sent so many prospectors to the
Northwest territory. The entire production of gold in the United States from
1700 to 1848 atnouted to only $34,000,000.
The next year alone 140,000,000 of the
metal waa taken out of California soil,
and since that period a total of 13,360,-
000,000 haa been mined in tlie United
States. After the great discovery in
California in 1848 Uie product of the
mines there ran up to more than $50,-
000,000 a year, but this waa beaten by
Australia, where, in oight years, from
1851, a total of $5M,000,000 was mined,
or an average of more than $60,000,000 a
year. One nugget found in the Australian gold fields weighing 146 pounds wss
shown to Queen Victoria in 1868. After
the first ten years in California, the gold
output of this country became steady,
as new fields in other Pacific coast states
averaged the losses caused hy tint failure
of older times to develop more ofthe
There are great losses m gold mininc,
and the mere statement that a -*ntii
lightly in excess of ftf ,M*0,t*00 in sold
was mined in California last year does
not carrv with it the significance that attend* the cost of mining. To be precise
in figures the value of gold ore mined in
California was $13,^*0,529 and the cost of
getting it was $12,506*555. Of course
there was a prfit on some mine* and a
loss on others, but thi* is the average,
which shows that mining, like many
other industries, is at time* very costly
for capital. It really coat MO cents to
produce a dollar of mined gold in California last vear. It coat $3.05 in Alabama and $5.56 in Wyoming to produce
a dollar of bullion from tbe mines. In
Colorado the total mined wa* $23,000,000
in round numbers at a cost of $13,500,000
so that it cost 50 cents there to mine a
dollar of bullion. In Montana the cost
was over 45 cents. In 18*10 total 'gold
and silver mined in thi* country was
$99,283,752, ��nd the capital invented was
$486,323,338 or S4-**J of capital for every
dollar of bullion produced. Putting it in
another wav, there was only 2U centa of
bullion produced for every dollar of capital. The total expenditures in mining
this sum was $63.451,188. Tlie amount
of expense per dollar of bullion gold ami
silver was 61 cent. More than three
thousand mines produced less than $10,-
000 each. Only twenty-eight mine* of
the 6,000 produced over half a million
each; fewer than fifty produced between
$'250,000and $t0.ttt*0. It is estimated that
1.000 non-profit producing mine* were
worked last year, and that there were
1,266 idle or abandoned. California has
now first place in gold production, but
Colorado is close behind, and the two
produce  an a^regale of $27,000,000 of
fold per year. California being ahout
l,(JtJ0,000 ahead of Colorado. The total
production now in this country atr*eraget>
about $35.1*00.1 W) a year, althou_fh last
year the production wa* $46,640,000.
Antonio de Alvedo.a noted getigrapher
of the last century, in writing of a virit
to Califoroia.-*atd that all die ravine* and
plains contained gold *catt��-*red up and
down, lie save a glowing accout of
the then little- known country in 17N*.
but no uwlventurer* went there to find the
gold he told about. The white pollution was not much over 16,000 when
(ten. Sutter and other* made Uie first
discovery in 1847. In 1848 the output nf
the California field* was $.*,,t*ut,iiis.i. In
the next five years a total of ���2i*,UV"V
000 was taken from the gold field* of the
State. From the period of the first di*-
oovery up to January 1st of last year, the
total gold yield of California has bean
$1,301,000,000, hut in no year since 1K64
has the total in twelve months gun*
above $28,000,000 in that State, and for
the last few years the average has lieen
$13,000,000 in gold.   .
But what the (Jolden State has lout by
the steady decline In it* mine* it haa
gained a do-ten time* over by the development of its farm industries.. The pro-
duct* of California farms now bring more
to the State in aywar than the gold findings ever did. The estimated value oi
California farm* laat vear footed un
$740,000,00) of which 75' per cent ts in***.
from incumbrance. Tbe product.* of
these farms and of tlie manufacturers,
who thrive l*ecaua** of the prosperity of
the farmer, mean more to California.aiid
relatively to tlie United States, than all
the gold finds of tlie last 25 years. Ths
State has produced 60 per? cent of the
United State* product of gold, hut in tlte
meantime it* real estate in cities and on
farms has outgrown in value the total
output of the yellow metal.
Arthur Jordan, who has received
mention several tunes lately iu the
Seattle and Spokane papers In connection with Ids proposed expedition to the
Yukoft country this fall, was in Kntdo
Monday, leaving Tuesday for Spokane
where he intends gathering a number
of his party together for a start.
Speaking of his proposed trip Me.
Jordan says: "We will have a tmrtv
of twenty men in the expedition which
will leave Ashcroft in two wafta*. quarts, ill* report wit* r.*o*.\n
About 50or 60 pack horses will be re-��telegram from the Sou t.,,j���v rh;
quired a* we intend going in thoroughly ; New* says the report *���,.,,���, (���.__ '
outlined for a hard trip aud a long *tav ' the rather discouraging ���.V( [���,;���,��� J
iu the country. The trip from Ashcroft tyru* Johnston of tin*. ,.v ���. '
lo Teslin 1-akV a distance of 800 milt*, father wa* at the head nl the ',*, nt\H.nU.
in over a good well lieateti trail, which ( which pf*o*pe**ted aiul atteinptni -.���'
lias been in use by the Hudson Iky Co work the district several *. ir* _�������� \,
and placer miner* for year*. Plenty of Is evident that those who ktt*.w mt
hunch graa* i* to lie found for the about the country regatl a*.-path n,
horse* along this route,aod the country aggerated Ihe reports upon �� hi.��� the .
is bv no mean* a rough or ruggisl one outside world has been (<��� ��� ���,���' tra.(
so that the first part of the trip will be jtersonsof practical kn...�� \gt jwv, M
comparative!v easv. From the head ol yet discovered nothing t-. warr-uu ��
the lake a distance of l��i mile* la to be rush to the Super h* countn li t*>
made In boat* and from there overland p��*r* thai what these on the itwuti
to tbe Stewart river, where the party  regard aa the aacund  tn *,.,>,;
intends wintering, will lie made on haa, j claim vet local**! coinpr em
the suppiice lo be handled on sleds or ground which Johnston and hi* mta��>
tohoggan*. The whole trip will not elates Sunk a fortune, and il.at th*
take over ��*o davs, aud though 1 do not \ Dickinson claim already- * AA\ ���,.�����_���
promised the party any snap m far a* j a* the big btnauxa of the nea ��ii*iri<i,
the travelling is concerned, I eel con. * may or may noi he worth ��.irking }_
.i.lent that we will lie able to make it i short* all the report* of rn h nttd* ate
all well enough, and in time to get In a | either pure gAAtmo work ��r ih>- �� Meat
giioil winter a work on the Stewarttrl vers fakes. The pr��*��tpt*tiors w h h u. dock*
digging**.**  ' fed to the country are n��.t .���tp.-r. -,.,,
Mr. Jordan I* ��jomr what of a pfoncatr j miners, and are unable t mp*v
in the Yukon country, having ��pentthe \ imt judgment oi the vain*- <>i i'n r nan
i..ur vears from H�� to >#* trapping and hwailon*. M<**t ��t Ihi* riatun* -iakA
air trading in the far north.   ,Hjw**kuijf | out are *A*tA in a *ptti? latm.
of the e*t jst tetl famine he remarked 1 the Canadian law being �����> framed thai
that he now ha��l a proposition b*.*fore a ' those first on the ground inai   * il
���teattle nviidicate to take a pack train i investment, b��d��l --rfnperty long ������t,<.**_ii
htadeil   with   supplies   right   into  the! for a boom to developm*-m   ,.,.| -e-nahir*.
Klondike thi* winter. them to clo**t? out at gwod Hgot,-* tf |*av
AfU'r se.dug the ftreaent party located} iiijf lead* arc atruck. Th. y Mk-*
Mr. Jordan will return over the aame j whether they have anything **'>rthliav.
trail aud guide another party .Including | ing, but arc hoping to ton, r - -nwooe
hi* wife and chihlren.rigbt into Ihiwson f with capita) that Ihey im. t4attr>
early in the spring
Mr Jordan consider* the recent find-*
tm the Stewart even richer and more
extensive than those already located on
the Klondike, Bonansa, etc . and ��av��
that tlte Stewart river and district to thc ,   ...,..,
east of Teslin I-ske will he much more height
easily prospectetl than the country now f
attracttng  so  much attention     Some
eiitarpriatng Seattle peoph* have made
arrangements n have a trail cut from
Te��lin I_akc to the Stewart river, de
(M'titliug on the trade which they Will
accrue along the route for iheir remuneration.
ment of the case i* certain to he o*.
firmed from other awirce*. in '
and unless*ttroc4hing in-r ��� iu;..*k.ti
the way r��f rich dcp��**��t<. ���* v.--��.j
in Ihe future, ll I* llkdy that tlw
vj'.chipicoten excitement ha* rest \
i -���
mi mmuii-HtrrKs  raooja.
Detroit, Sept lo���A week ago Tlie
Detroit Kvening New* tstmt one of it*
staff into the  Michipinaeii district I.
get at the truth of the rumor* of th*
eoverie* of   very   rich   gold bcariit*i
*J Dealers In
Mining & Milling Co.
Rand & Wallbridge,
Mining and Stuck Ilrokers*
Sole Agents for Sale of Treasury Stock
If you
Waot a hat
Or aiivthiii*r in the line of
MKN1S WKAIi eali on
Thos, Browe <& C
' If..L A_._i.     ts     .     u I ...     It
Men'* Outfitters, Reco Avenue, 8and.m I- ' W0m^
^ninG   RBeOROS.
tak��*r. I*. t* i iiiwntn. A
MrKe> |r> ��r��. V lirttrl
V.    !,..*.....*._t..   IIU��.I
w lulJo'* �����*""
,< ornAo.Votnmtst. W Handft***��
w_ * Vot*vt��!SsssK **���**. K^ri-*.
�����****�� Hi*_��-*--tT^        **9*h ii*yvn
** _. et*,   KkrhtHlrf. A V Hiahtn ******��*
"��� "-'r,,Xxz%^*^��^
t^J*\l*lOn*jFm KaSE.��
,Vk"*t.' ��.-.�� roar Mlk. Al-*-����***** Htew*Hk
w �� (> K.��Utt��
Sr i-i a-aStcr IJVllb <r..l.l,n Hell, fremtuin
A want. i��ll... <. -v w.nl |.> I, Swan An<rt*r**u
���util P O Kiit-ksm
HltvUrk. It' >..��!..l.!.t Ad-auto BCCoy.
IHtltrr 11. 'I.  S.-h Martin to i Pinch, t*��.
Kit-it ll   K11.(f��i.us, ��� rj4i;m, Wtn MLtili.-s.jn and
J A til****, t,. X Archibald. ��1M��.
Cirno. ffptkm. Ifc*rt. Shtel aod Wm Matht-soii
In ' A MtYti-. I *���'.'.��.
In.* D. J K tUnliV t.. E D Dumas
elusive, itook no notice ox tneiaot tnui *
tbe book had been published back in
the. seventies somewhere, but spent the
most of tbat night in drawing up the
papers of tbe Drain Natural Gas company.
"Inside of a month I had a charter
and an incorporated company with one-
batf of its capital stock paid up and had
���.        .__���-_i_��. ____,*a rt��._
!������� ... -  �� ���m,v*e ��,_._. _-...__��. _,���,_ w  ���_ __,,,���,. _,__^ ^ r  _, __,
S_t-T W- -St Ml *. M< lU.fi Mowatt to S I' Heeler *,,,,,*�� tt rr>i,trt_*t with it mnn named fWw
Hunrtsoi aod T*��t Wreck sct-wd bv n.-|��tyi mMe a contract witn a man nameu u-or
1. rtff v.-u . I bett to siuk a well at 10 much per thou
Sir. rtfl Nr-Unt.
\.|U. b .1 M.-ilfrtiiirt .11 Ui J UtM-'iir.-
SrtlirV Jl HrihrrtiigUMt l<,K A Hcrilrtttr.
Km is   l^irkjr Hit. W W Warner t��O Kotrt*
��.*rtl. ��., J  It Vstrirrnt tu l^awkra ***-'���*"*~
a-fflrr lT���irraitl--*
I'.rtliM I.. kflairtatJll
_������__.   _._J   _*..<.���.
 MlntiiK Co
and   little DUmand, 11 E
*Tko win la rattling on tha pane, tha wtnd k
sweeping by,
Now with discordant abxiek, anon with melan
choly cry.
A lonely man, I sit aad read hmido the dyin.
The daily Uie of love and crime, ot gtwad aw"
I vain deatre.
The letters blur and fade, tha -room -prows dta
and disappear**.
And in its stead old sceass come hack acroa
the waste of years,
And aet in frame of golden hair a fair yoinu
face I aee,     "*a__________________^_^^H
'.jLTlirf I*. _ru��ft.,i��
Ksijtl ��jhI lUt��.ti  Kit dllr-MaiMl ftllvrr tlll.il
.. aa _.... ,,    ..  .    .,,.*,_    #,_.  HVIM|
.MJMti s.r.1 wa\ *.*.,, ���-...���-. ...������* ���-
C S U I MtVayall, an aeeurhy
TaLW��ma, J OMstsaMI to 118 ade
isofary of oil a* well a* gas.   Of course*
��t>r pay int-itt uf j m good A^ ot real estate changed hand*
i   a_._,t__ ..-���-._r_,w.ns   tut  (Yimmpiipe drill-
MUT 0> 1'tloitta. Vatkjrrk,
Sirs i<   l*tl^***WL*rs.Kj*|��i>, i��MMsJi   AdVU>.
Hibi,   iiemmn, **d rot.
*jc: U M.trt tatrrmajt llaSI. IV-tsUtltl Mfht
IM ItestOsak l��no*Lt Ihu*i*��*-., l^slt tAormn
y..-tk ivk LVi-sS^ha. l**��tr��a\��ji��*. IU, H_tt>.
l��rrt�� t��#u. RIU toty.
st-    .*  lroa  Hash. *��*������.  Msdiani. Ad*
*M. i��.,tl��*_t.
Km i"  lNH||lri.���li*r*Ai**ra,
**n i*  a.����ssskt,!?����, Ktisttir, of Jalt*, l->v.
tsrft.rtt tidi*iV, 1*1. *������ K Mtatasn ttt Hyrant N
Wi. i Jtssa VattsMc* to W b ftmith
larU** YttwtAm.b M Mr*A lUUm�� to W  b
-..>���:::   < ..Lfifsw niag.), U K lb��<x< I*.  W tii   k
Jtartt*   \)>��a.|. KstJ-T.t-rtlt.. K^ J 4k��
IMiri *.>-Mrir*llsl Jsaa. 11 M  Wafena to Thr
It,'.��, > ��. tnti- Oa, As* ����-��������.
��ituan citv i>i%i��io-��.
while preparations to commence drilling weie in progress. We located tbe
well across the creek from Drain, plot-
tin*- a town site around it which we
called South Drain. We advertised extensively and went just about ready tc
commence tbe sale of lota -aLcn Corbett
begun to strike difficulties. At tbe depf I
of 500 feet be ran into alternate layer*
of quicksand aud slate tbat choked the
drills by tumbling in above them, until
we had to stop and case tbe well. My as
���ociates began to withdraw about thb*
time, but in spite of tbe black outlook 1
did uot lose faith. I bet my son Charlie
a new chemistry book tbat we would
ttrikc gas yet. I bought ont the other
interests in the South Drain town site
ami bluffed Corbett into sinking tbe
well to a total depth of 702 feet, but it
 ..,-���.-._.   ..->__,-,*   salt
IJlailt' u i .jijiiu. v n.u. m ******* ���"�������������"-  ������-
bett to sink a well at so much per thousand feet. We bad two *o called expert*
go over the ground and published their
reports, sUting tbat tbe formation of    WhJ-*��0I^t'e^0_di*n*-^
the country was superior to tbat ot tolly on me.
P^^1!*^^.^*?^^^^    Onc^on . memorabl. .*** wheat hnM mat
hope were yoong, ._��_���__*_,
Those luminous eyes ��po�� Bay 11�� aawaoer
glory flung. 	
only choice, ,.    ^-^x,
(he hi^ntneaa oa her aaaay brow, 1t-�� musk
in her voice.
**_asqneatioii,and l��t o*-s, I a-t**. tlasa tor as
E_r_g-rer wait. _____ _* ,*.
My -err heart is -ootJxtnst-as, e-peetaa* or. ta
A woSrous Ughtv-the Ugh. rf lof-r-^lows it
the tender eyea- ______/__ _-_��_��.
Ber Iweath Is warm noon Bay sss*��**--*on, ftw****-.
eat of repUeet^l***************************************************,
*m ��.-��ir^WJ-��lsn.
Man ��   T-*��rMtV. M Marias,   i.ufcV* ��oi*
s��rir��  HKly. latiflir owaaf rra*.***   H-tldo.
T��**, MvntraitMM. Wmtnptto Kt��0-*
tan i* ^>ais��ry. tSstdAtr, l��irt,*^s**tjil
Strttt     U.t>lh4d��rr.in��a*l^.l^al**'-h^^
HSrt tv-<>sj��'s'*-***, 1***-
Mart * ibtmbf WUlott. i R-dr��f to K H
mart .   ��ittUtla.t] r S****m U* T H��*l
Sttr*.   l'...l��irtV��*t U.*i  K.M
llant-nht* tOixTw MrUmmt Of Htttkh-tM   tto*
ton-  . .ial T H|r��'._UL
���.���    :   s,,..t,*a.*w ,.HK 11.4-Ltttrw, to M
m\ V* kt   t WI
H*.t..un I a J l'.4����sx�� to a S*vm ���)'*�����'��
mi ., Ituw 1. J A Wotot to M t* Betoter
Htm.  J U.i .nh> (tt J A r.rtVy.
Strt il   ttsrit-. J K^S��l~*at �������������' *****
.  as? Uta  l-WJSSssssW eg a
It. JtrrH That l^ssrhad
Just to ahow yoo bow littls thing*
havs affected s���� of my big ondertak-
tn**V* said tbe ex-boomer from Oregon,
'h t me tell you bow tb* poisoning of a
dog was ttspcaisibte for ib* whole history of a gas well in which I was oroco
pretty heavily inter-eated.
"About tbe time w* moved on to tba
unch neat Drain, Or., my boy Charlea
wa* very much tn-arreted la chemistry
snd  waa devoting most of bis spar*
time to performinf a lot of experiment*
ia an old U*-k which be bad on Ibe sub- | well to a total oepm tu  ,v. .��,_,	
Jcct  My wifi* U .-awe rather prejudiced    never produced  anything except salt
against bis experiment* aft��_t he bad    water.
frightened IIam.Song, our Chinese cook,        "Sooth Drain dropped back to ita
Into hysteric* t y appearing before bim * original value of $8.75 an acre, instead
one dark night with phosphorus rob- | of |loo a lot. and when I undertook to
bed on bis fac* snd hands, aod I also fence it iu and cultivate it the one scl-
began to fear that be migbt do himself ��� iury man wbo had bought a lot and
wane injury after 1 found a plant for built on it got ont an injunction re-
grnerating langhing gas at work on my \ straining me from doting up tbe publki
library labia one afternoon. My feeling ' gtrects. Charley got his new chemistry
aiisiust chemistry reached a bead, bow- ; end showed me tbe place in it tbat ex-
.���Tt r. w heu tny pet deerboaad ate ap ��� plained the difference between marsh
caie ot Charley's experiment* and died ! gas and natural gas, and he is still in
a* a revolt.   After tbat 1 refused to buy j the habit of ouiliug whenever tbe latter
* ww elwmistry  book nr   any more |  ������ M���n*w
chemicals aud  t aniahed all future re-
But, bleaa my heart I The driving rain Is *
ing In, I Jear, |^^^^
Or Is that shining Mttle drop upon, taa page s
Well, who would think nn old gray head cool.
Tm rjo soft aa thia
Whan more than thirty yean have fled -dnot
that fond, fooliah Has!
������John Scott in Chambers' JoaraaL
*...'*   Ta-JMrn- t*t**>W��.   K   l"all��n*'. J.11***:   E
vM,,TtV. J Atehtr-, l��saan-. J ,i_1K'"
iw.1.. in. utltahtrs, real Xl-fltisad J > *****
U \tr.i*t*sot Ttartb**. A,**** ton*;
i.*., i. u. -raytrsn Ukr t>�� * a u, hin-*^
AlM.onh.aaMi Alh.t��y, sTMsharlaii* Wjw
t��a^. l hii. llTltvWrr.: ittantn K V !>��'���'**.
V-v, At*-* tit-***-'-. irUp*.��ldiirht A litiffi
��sn IA- Uk* VJrt   I S R*-**to��' Vhl-* �����
I* ...wn; AM��  A IVriHita; LrtasJ-. Kttan ���"�������>���'
itai, IS ��:allMn. A   II   lltirhsiia'..   Il^wuth
���'hi.. l.itrqsttU. J,h
M*'v ��ni^******************a
chemicals auu   ����...,...	
srarrb in that line to an old aback tbat
���turd ovtr tlie other aide of tbe cattle
"It was acme time after this that we
It ���it-.it to i'i-. um the r*c*aibility of tbcro
bsmg drpo_ita of   natural gas   under
Drain, and half a doarn of us under- .
ttt k  to make an invmtigatiun cf the \
sutjict.   We found large quantities of )
some kind of g���� that babbled up from :
tbe creek bed tvhiu we poked about j
with Micks.   Ws ��rSM fill a five gallon i
cttttl oil can with it iu two or three!
minutes at almnst every point we tried, .
and  the gas burned with a bright yel  |
1 w  tl.'.u.ii that   emitted  considerable l
liicht  aud heat   When I got home the
*������__*4��_. these facts, I
__^mmmmnmmmm^^M���mm.������-P****  M ���*������*��� **���'**-' -	
ia incuticued in my pre*enoe.''-->New
Vcwtr Hon	
Hargvni; *��� *>.���>.** ����� ���**���*���
1 Itutnirtra. Klleo Warrwi ���������� ����� *** ,krhp*
-hi It   Hti|wrl.tr, Vlgtlatn. N..*rsWtv.*i -ted
St i-i ��s���t .rtman, 0. ttHttttslt-.
SKn U-Taaksa Ulrt Ko t, U*o Uwl   laat
l*,*���t Nimmvr. thrts. Wthu.U. *ton*mti, M *���;
tm.n. M',��*r   H-iUr.  ISiuatnt, StlltlMltW.  Ms*
�����.... tu,   ll-a.m.illmtt
Nrn �� tial-mn, llaullnislm. H,��s��** ,'',,,_
I*** '.in. Kiv.r \Vw, llssttrin. UM Luis
Ita* 11 . Na��r> Itaiika, r*rt��iH.. t'4*iiWtt��t��..'i
.*���'��, n itatttmtriv, t*harl.et.*t., V*rln,nitn
klu..Ufky lilt, Mew Uti'titl*. Smtu-y lUnk*
v >>��i.il.ilt, Kuroka
-hi  11   Atr-itttU,   Arroe.   Anurleftn,   N
9- ntnsw, Hb, J,4,.
I f>
night  aftrr disctivering
pnt my pride in my r*ot__	
my wsy down to Charley's aback to
consult  him ou tbe subject of natural i
"'I guess it's only marsh gas you
have found,' was his verdict. 'You sec, !
for  the  last  Hit years there have btt>n
sawmills on the creek above when* thia ;
gun it curs, aud the sawdust from them
ia j robably drcnytngall along the creek ,
bolt nn. and thst protluces marsh gaa*
"Whin I aaketl him for authority for
1 �� rtut. in- nt. !.e got out tbe old book
thut I bud ttfaSSd to rephtee with
more uunltru work and showed m*
pat;tgrupli Mating that matMi gas was a
product of the dtcompositiun ot wood
umii r water. Tinu the next paragraph
canglit my cyo. It weut ou to say that
in boring a well, in some placi> I liave
| ^^^-******"     l--*-A_f*
Glaaa Tosahateaes.
It is a comparatively uew idea to put
ap tombstones aud monument* of glass,
iuM.au of marble or granite, but it is a
prut tkal me and  likely to meet with
great euiouragrment from those wbo
dv-irv these memorials to be last iug.
Glat-s resists th* elements and is to all
Intents  and   purposes   indestructible,
Stone of all sorts crumbles and disiute-
gTatcs under tbe action of the elements.
Bnt glass remains aud will endure for
rcnturies. It is, therefore, proposed that
all  memorial tablets, monumeuts and
keadsti ucs be made of glass. Any color
may be mlected, pure white, of course,
bav iug the tirst choice.   Lettering may
���, pockrt *** t"'I��*'    _. p��U��u n.��I l�� ****���   '��� hM ,m*
"... . ,_     _t.-/.lr     ttt   I  "*���      * .     t     ikat     ft
JSi .!.i,k pw. u- >" ����,oul*,��1.r,"c;
,���,, X;   ,����.l,r��.lLLL,
^.r?d-i-�����-���- ���-****-*-
^%-New York Ledp<'r-     ^^^^���
���Lord 8taaley*B ,	
The Ladies' Pictorial says:   "Lotd
Stanley has a good deal of reaaotf just
now to cougratulate himself on a circumstance of which be was humorously
reminded in the bona* of common* last
week���namely,  tbat be baa narrowly
escaped being crown prince of Greece
at tbe present moment It is a fact that
tome years ago tbe crown of Greece waa
offered to and declined by tbe Earl of
Derby.   Had he accepted it Lord Stanley migbt now have been face to face
with the Turks and tbe concert of En-
rope instead ot presiding over the kitchen committee of the bouse of commons.''
A Poet'a ExplaaaUoau
Question���Why do women alwayi
write love poem* in tbe masculine gen-'
Answer���Because we know women
too well to write iu the feminine gender.���Lillie Burr Munro in New York
The Caller.
"Mary, has any one called while 1
was out?"
"Yes, ma'am; Mr. Bigg* wm hers.'*
"Mr. Biggs? I don't recall the name,'*
"No. ma'am; be called to ass ttm\
sss'sm.'*���Strand Magasins.
The most successful Fair ever held in
Toronto, was closed on Sept. 10th, after
running two weeks. The attendance on
Sept. t'th, was 90.0000, the greatest o i
record.   ^^^^l***m*tnmm*m*AttttJJtJJ)jj}      ^tgfj
me a
-ni  It   sllvrr Ht.ll. Wlvrr   No \ ��. ffeS ��<
N" * s��lv.r i-htiu-ilim '  'Vk l|��'. AmB W lilt-
 TIMES   TEST.      ^___"\��
*B> a Trovers there are���I know them we*_*->
Whe laarnad the iaasou lots cumea to teach,
Wnoaa mem are l>it��-!it wish the old, old light,
Whit** hanaa asek uach fur each.
And thia lore of theirs *tr*j.nis a thing most raxo*
For aaca uf the levers haa ailver hair.
���la face ta mellow with paasiag yetvr*,
Bat with never a line that ia hard or bleak.
Ber face ia a rhyme ot the olden time
With a tinge of red in her cheek.
And 1 deem thia mure than paaaing fair,
Since bo-h of theea lovera have ailver hair.
��� iH-riug a well. Wmom   e ^ommm
Prmoth U, a large body d **���        , { h i     ^ true sa
_       I*..n.d culled  natural gi��<*.  NXh' |j_-,heirs *<
dHcoveml. Otuiw               nBturul res- PJ^ w%u
UM thought to be nnn^             iu m]
���j- of is*rsbgsa   i��*"          VlU
i ,���illtltl,tHMatet��cntwas
bv, hut love may last,
[ay ilifirs o- >..	
     _r __ __. ___.    ...   _, >,,_,. ,��� m9       SlhaU wait for you and me!
ervoir of marsh gas    lo a nmu in my    Aht ww -.-__*., mv
|f there were
Hmtk.mnmwwm*        if you don't like Schillings
r*141 S y*Tmnt Ute" toil and ears      |   rt^4 baking   POWcltT.
k$< �����.
. ':���?,
'-:il :-w>
ss i i
3 10
The oil and gas deposits in South East
Kootenay aro the property of the Kootenay Coal Company, Montreal, who are
the proprietor* of tlie coal fields in South
East Kootenay known as the Crow* Nest
Para coal field*. These oil and gas deposits are in the extreme sooth east of
East Kootenay, close to tlie international
boundary, and are not confined to East
Kootenay alone. They also exist in the
extreme south west of Alberta, on the
eastern side of the Rockies. These deposit* are believed to extend beyond the
boundary line and exist in the State of
The deposit* were not known until
1891. They were discovered by tbe Stony
Indians.   This tribe of Indian* live in
the Morleyreservation, near Banff,which
is intersected by the C. P. Railway.
The summer hunting ground* of Uiese
Indians extend along the foothills and
eastern slope* of the Rockies.   Occas-
ally they crossed through  the South
Kootenay Pas* in the Rockies and came
out into the Tohac<*o  Plains  in   East
Kootenay.   Rarely, however, did they
do this, as they would be apt to come
into conflict with the Kootenay Indian*,
whose hunting grounds were oh the west
side of the Rockies. This pass is forty
mile* south of the Crows Seat. It* summit is seven mile* from tlie boundary-
These oil field* on both sides of the
Rockies were visited by I>r. Selwyn, of
tbe (reological survey of Canada, in IftRl,
���and he gives* description of them,which
is farm accurate, in the summary report
of 1891.
The deposit* in Alberta are on the
Cameron Fall* Brook, some distance
from it* mouth. The brook empties into
Waterton Lake, a large *beet of water iu
Alberta aad right on the international
line. The oil is seen on the stream and
where there are pool* there is no difficulty in skimming off in a very Short
time a sufficient quantity to fill a bottle.
Near where the oil ia foiind in a stream,
a rocky reef of grey silicious dolomite
crosses tlie creek and rise* into a steep
bluff on tlie left bank; on the right
bank, seven or eight feet above the creek,
a broad, thick timbered flat extend* for
150 yard* to the base of the bordering
mountains, which culminate six miles
to tbe south west at the boundary monument, 0,000 foot above sea level. No
work whatever has been done to test the
nature of the oil souroe*. Dr. Selwyn
recommends the expenditure of a small
outlay for some shallow sinking or boring
on the fiat above described, in order to
fully test the oil sources. So far as at
present known these are the only oil
sources in Southern Alberta. The principal deposits, however, are on the west
side of the Rockies in Kislineena and
Sage Creek*, which are tributaries of
the Flathead River. Tbe Sage Creek
join* the Flathead about ten miles north
of the Kishneena.
Crossing from Uie south, alter leaving
the pass, the first oil deposit* are in the
Kishneena Creek. These are found
about four miles north of Um 49th parallel and are where trail comes down
to the level of the stream. At Uiis place
are the remains of a beaver dam. Here
are ledges of dark-blue slate, dipping
east by north. Uftibg layer* of this
slate at and below the water, a quantity
of (lark-green circular patches of oil rise
to the surface, and a precisely similar
result followed by atirrimr up the mud
In the bottom of tbe pool7 Oil is said,
by the Stony Indians who frequent this
region, to occur at other points. Tbe
Kishneena joins tbe Flathead River in
Montana, ahout four mile* south of the
international boundary. The beaver
dam oil is ol a dark-greenish-black and
does not apparently differ much from
that of Canwroo Falls Creek. Prelimln-
inery tests have been made here by sinking a shaft in ths "hales st the beaver
dam pool and hy boring on the sand v
and gravelly fiat country about two and
a half miles noth of the boundasy line.
The next deposit* are in Sage Creek,
which loaves tlie mountain* tiiat border
it* upper course in au north easterly
direction up to the main watershed some
twelve rnih-s distant, and hers, at the
edge of Ute water, on the left bank, dark
flinty shale* like those at the I reaver
dam pool on Uie Kishneena. Directly
the layers of this rock are wised, the oil
rises and spread* over tbe surface of the
water in such abundance that a short
time suffices, wiUi tbe aid of a tin cup,
to collect a bottle full.
Ijem than half a mile higher up, on
Uie right bank and on the opposite or
west side of the valley, oil i* again found
issuing from Uie base ol the bank or
drift, which has here filled Uie valley
and causes the stream to make a sharp
bend eastward to the base of the opposite
mountain. Every stone on the bed of
the creek on being broken or rubbed
S'ves out a strong odor of petroleum,
teoil collected here differs entirely in
appearance from those of the Camerion
nil* or Kishneena Creeks. Some of it
is of a light lemon-yellow, but most of it
nearly the color of pale brandy and with
a very powerful petroleum odor.
.In Sage Creek are also deposit* of
natural gas. targe quantities of which
escape from Uie cracks and erv-jvfces in
the rocks. These escspe* are easily
lighted by a match, and a kmg flame
rise* upwards. No test* have been mad*
on these gas deposits to ascertain Uteir
extent, Forming tbe aame conclusions
from similar data given elsewhere, as iu
the Pennsylvania coal fiekl* and gas deposits, these deposit* should he of great
extent. It ha* now been ascertained
what the Grows Nest coal fields are,
and, following the aame i*ewaonaMe deduction, these oil and gas deposits should
bo ol great extent and considerable
value. Small a* the work haa been done
on the oil deposit*. sufficient has been
done to prove their large extent and
great richness.' ,
Tbe surface iadieaUon* are maniv al)
alike. Th eoil, which is petroleum, ia
not ei the same character, that of East
Kodtenay I* a purer and oil. Tlie Sage
Creek ml ha* been proved to lie the
purest that ha* been found.
The company who own tbe lagest portion of tiiese oil and gas deposit* I* about
to undertake extensive development
work upon them in the course of next
season, which will fully prove their
value ami extent.- East Kootenav Miner
The town is full of men wantimr
work. Men who have heen lured to
thi* country by the C. P. R. agents in
the east, who with stories of lack of
harvest band* and the prospects of high
wages in Manitoba have induced thousands of meu to come west. Manv of
the excursionists had barely monev
enough to pay their fare here, and are
in a bad state, having to beg* their llv.
ing from house to house and sleep in
the open air or in barn* and stable* in
the town*. Manitoba has enough res*
ident working-men to handle her crop,
and the effect of this {treat influx of
labor wil be the lowering- of wages, as
many of the stranger* are wining to
work for their board, or just enough
money to take thorn home iu Xtmuuber,
On Monday morning a number of them
having' become desperate determined
to go east whether the C. P. R. wished
to carry them wlthont tickets or not,
boarded No. 2 and wonld not be put off.
Tbey were greeted by about sixty of
their friends who hadf taken the train
by storm at Brandon. The men were
quite orderly, hut determined that the
C. P. R. should make amends for bringing them out by taking them home free.
It I* thought that the C. P. R. will
carry them ea*t ������Rat Portage paper
"What are the wild waves earing f"
Then s ttroen Itrouarht back this sound:
" We can t get a w.ml In edgewise,
With so many women ar-suitl."
(Iili-ago Hi-c.nl
Tho*. Ilylaud came up from Slocan
City Monday evening. At the corner
of Eldorado and Sixth avenues he stopped an the sidewalk leading from the
Windsor Hotel, and attempted to convince a gentleman there that he was
all right. He leaned against the hand
railing and It gttve way allowing him
to fall to Uie hard formation below,
where the excavation waa made early
in the spring for the proposed new
hotel, a distance ol 15 or ill feet. He
struck on his shoulder* and back, ��nd
was rendered unconscious. Bi stanU*. rs
picked him up and carried him to a
room In Ihe Windsor, sfhsre he wa*
confined until ye-Uenlav unable even to
raise himself from the bed. He was removed lo the II ������M.ital vesterday and
Ih*. Brouse think* that tm will be out el
danger hi two or three days.
The place where Mr. Hytand fell has
long threatened the life and limh at
(���eth-ttrian* and the wrmder Is-that more
such accident* do net happen The
sidewalk at this place and al** the walk
on the corner ef Sixth street and Belle-
vue avesiue ought to he provided with
better safeguard* -~L��e-dfe.
i-***"ijim* aa jjifj.
Ithinometer* are devices to measure
tbe atnout of air a man breathe* through
hi* nose, in order that his doctor may
compare It to the amount he should take
in that way.
Mudge-~Vou would if yon lived tn a
fiat where the children are allowed lo
play lint on the street instead of torn-
pelled tft atav In the house to do their
unning and yelling ���Kt *
A Hare Taa* far th* *..,,-_,_ ,
Tnere Is another direction in wkU
the air-ship would be serkmdv aT
live, and this is aim,..- alway,^,
| looked, and that U in tl,.. m_.,  *
making landings    l_��l0j,, utv, ,  *
It wonld nea-wth be unwttdT 8fti
ita moiiof} in any dire, -,,*,, cmiW m k
! arrested In a very short .]*<*,. ������ u^
j therefore it could not in,..'. _ fo,^
; within a limited area    Ut a oWj J!
a vc^fll^^n^ .i******.* ***
I f^^***1 "iW,��� ***** lntw toskr a fed
l �����*** jn^ittmt*rarttid snare, j,,i .�� t_*
�� *t*\\*Vt ***"*** OVou al a tnislrrti,
I relocitv the rase would be different
As the wind is always Wooing ���_.����
|or less, a* it freuurntiv  rba&gr* tt
��� wnrse tn a lew a-mmd*. the ship wnM
belOHMMj  abOUt  quite  |ir,.|v  imi.iteA
i*eached the pound    If it .an,,. ,j0,B
at the rale of ami feet per minute. w_*|
we high velocity, and th.  window
blowing al the rale of ten miJ*** *��*���
i hoor.lhe side drift wonld lie three utat*
ijso great as the verth.-it d***, mi. ,.������ _
I this were omnteract.-^J hv jibus-iir**��
velorily lo Uie ship ��**ual u�� thai c4 ih*
: wind and apposed to it. tin* .id*dnatM
] sTrould be doubled If the d'mtion A 0*
wind should Mtddeiily nrerw*   |i t��M
therefore he evident that u> i* ,1^ to
I make a landing safely. without ni.n��&_
i the risk ofc*o|liding witht hnr.h*!..������*-*
I and modern ssky-scraprrs. it ��r..uMW
i nereaaary to have * larg.- open spar**
������ Appldon's Popular SHctnt- M nihil
H. Gicgcrich,
Agenta for
Stores at Ainsworth, Kaslo and Sandon
W�� are headqimrters
| for Ore 8ack��;
its if you need any.
I ��______
li ��� ������
Dealer iq MEM
.* AT:
Kaon ear **��***�� ���**er**-��i'*��-^^
Byron N. WhUB paaaetl through
on hi* way to Spokane Tuesday.
George D. Porter, roturniiig froin
Spokane, was in Kaalo Wt*Um-*.iay.
C V Jackson of ftusuattd, formerly of the Miner, waa in town
William and Rohcrt Barr returned
t"r..in a pn*ia*cting trip to the White
i.r.-u-e Wi-tlmwday.
The tug Ihwpatch of the Kootenay
��� in- ciiipany a tmtta, Is laid up for
re|��airs.   She met a log etui on.
t.eorgeT. Tnckettof the Ann of
tieo E. TncktHt A Sims, limited, of
HamM-m, wna In town TtW"sday.
Wm. Bontter or J*1rtou. Ont., well
known a* the large*,! catiner in Canada, made a short stay in Kaslo this
VA Kehoe, J. S. Byron and J. A.
���YlllUnia-tn. of SUverton. owners of
tin* Fidelity, rt<|*i*ti'ri��<l at tbe Kaslo
The K A S. are having !*txc��
built tm eight of thrir new car*..
There need lie no further tstarcity of
retting tdock.
Tlte ladies of the lawn tennis club
saw a hall In the audit-trlutii ofthe
Raaloon VYitlm-mlay evening. Need-
la* t.t *ute it was a grand atim****.
V.s��rliettt A Davis, traveling niual-
rians, well known to the Sandtai
j.tihHc. struck town front Statkane
<>n XVitlneatlay. They intend going
inte the Sl.icait. __
Spokane Fruit Pair.
The Spokane   Kruit Fair for tlte
fourth vear t*p��*n* tt�� d<w*r* in a eon-
ph ..f weeks.   It sorted   in l*��a*
a rather impromptu  affair, and ha*
incri a*a*d  in jm*|��orti����iis each year
until now. U*nt*ne it has  reached it*
fifth year, ha* lacmne a MvsnendwM
infant, and is milliard ma only a*
heing  the   largest   fruit fair in Uie
country, hut Uie  larg.*** fair *��f any
kiml trtm  the Inn-rat*-.,* at Mlnm-
a|atU�� ui the Expoattion at poriland.
and taking  out the race feature*, of
thc Aral named   event it OOttld rucel
fiat  save, |��erhap��* In |adnt of at
���eiKtat.ee.    A hlg   Hair  at aoine cell
tral point In a cainiry the sine of the
i i nt run ui nu In district of the northwest  state*, ta not only a nuuMliy,
hul at the same time a gnat proiiiot
er for the welfare of  that  country.
The  Spokane  Fruit   Fair l* ofa*
much   gito.1   Ut  one  aectioti of the
country as another, ami is arranged
but for the purpots* of allowing the
viMUir* frtan the enat that here neaa
land unexcelled hy none Upon which
the sun shines, and enabling the res
Wenta of the din*e*rent srctittits of the
country  tributary   to-4 jftpoka!*-*' to
come tiajether  each   year tor plea."
nre and instruction.    i*I��tiir-��s��tl rale*.
this year, while  not a* low as those
last, are yet far  more  desirable, as
Umy citable the visitor �����**��� go *** S1H��
kane any dav he mav desire and remain  there  for   five dav*.    The
******A excursion* of la*t  yeardlfl
not prove aattsfacsory. ami though
the rate thb year la a hair cent a
mile higher, It adds so many con
ventoncea that It will be sure tohave
the Hft-ci of Inducing more .people to
Malt the fair.
���aa ..i...ii* a-i*_, ni      ' ����
Handon has *ontirr<>wn her swnd-
'���Ihig clotliea, antl now glories In
"ting her dttien* attired tn gar
inents laundried in the highest style
<_ftheart. Call at the new Saiidon
���Jhmni Laundry and see how it Is
Sandon Hand Laundry and Bath House
Shirt, pWiti  ...
Shirt raifth collar
Nilrt. plratnl	
t tulrr.hiri
Sight HltlH
HaMer. I.u-'. plain.
Hand IrrrhM. ��llk.
**.'<���* stir.
Made Sweeping Reductions
Be Seen by the Following
Ya*t     _s
Apron*     , 5
Pants soap
. to _A
Tal.le rovers    to
Towel*, ic, perdoren..      _5
Napkin*. *s..tH,r.|uun ..   tt
Roller Towel*      5
IW Collar.      &
Cuffs, iwrpalr       w
**ei-t.    Uup
ISrtL-wH tSuo
tiki***       ..tt up
rh-j-mi-r jjf'up
Xlght dlttrJMN su np
Aprons 6 to 10
in Prices, as
Price List:
CnderwaUt.    10
Drawers    15
Drawers, silk     15
Counterpane*    15
Pillow shams tt np
Blankets, per pair.. 75c to si
Lace Cortains    75
Sheets    10
Pillow slip,, plain     5
Sleeve*     5
Cape     5
Comet coven    10
Child's piece*, 5 to 10
Tidies    10
Kpeelat Kates far Hotels, Restaurant* and Family Washing.
Elegant Baths, 50c.
Finest Cuisine in Kootenay
Proprietor aad Maaager.
First Claaa in Every Particular.
Newly Furnished.
Best liquors.
Bright as a New Pin
.Vnd You WUl
Smoke No
Electric Light* and all Modern Improvementa
and Convenience*. .... ,
Every roon neatly Carpeted and handsomely
Furnished. _--. *-*___,
Evert thtttsT new and of the Imtest Oesitrna.
Near to C. P. H. depot and on the main hotri-
nes. street.
0. A. McDONALO, Propr leor.
McClarij'8 Famous
��� M&8
Metal Warkarra.
t       ���
taaeeatss, 0
B0N6ARD k PIECKART, Proprietors.
The First Class
Hotel of Cody.
���^  gTB'fi&hx the Weak.
Suhscrihe for the Payatr*����k.
���**-m*~m*n~*o*. -a. --a- -a- -*- -t.  -w __ __. a ^ ^ ^   fc_J___J_L__.
Sandov, B. G.
American plan, $3.50 per day.
European plan. 12.00 per day.  ;
Strictly first'Class.
Mrs. M. A. SMITH, Prop.
r.-�� ��*-"--��--.��-'-.��-��'�����/����<.
Mas. Katk Bakokk.
American and Earopean plan.
Ftneat Farniahed Rooma In the
City. Heat Imported and Domea-
Uc Winea, L^ixroia and Claan.
Strictly First Class.
Special Attention Paid to Transients
$1,50 to $2 Per Day.
J. S. REEDER, Prop.
A strictly first-class hotel in
all ita appointments.
Livery Stable with rood Saddle
and Pack Horses In connection.
Victoria House
Now complete with tha beat famished room*
In the district. All ec-comr-ao-lations find
vlaes, including electric light, bath rooma
and all
Modern Improvement's.
A nice, quiet, treaklance hotel, situated oa A
avenue.  Convenient to the depot.
W. J. HALL, Prop.
*5��i 12
Tho Pi-esldoitt of tho Bank of B.
BI. A. PsWoraWo to Kootenai*.
A general meeting of the proprietors of the Bank of British North
America win held in London recently at which the president, Mr. E. A.
Hoare, made a statement of the
bank's affairs, which has special reference to this district. As is noticeable in everything coining from a
distance, the wide-spread advertiser
ment of the Rossland district colors
all ideas regarding Kootenay. As
reported in the London Money Mar-'
ket Review of September 4, the report is interesting as giving the
opinions of an eminent London capitalist regarding the prospects of
inining ih British Columbia.
After giving a summary of the
finances of the bank, with the statement that the dividend paid fin* the
first half of I89t�� was two per cent,
and for the first half of 11*17 was two
and one-half per cent., Mr. Hoere
ha id*
"In British Columbia a branch has
been opened at Slocan City, in the
Kootenay mining district/and we
now have live branches established
in that district.   Mining in tbe Kootenay ia making rapid progress, and
the gold production is showing a
steady increase.   The production of
tbe precious metals for the year 1896
amounted to no leas than ��771,000
sterling, and  the output is steadily
increasing.     Amongst the mines,
there are no doubt good and bad, as
in every, other field, but generally
speaking, whore there is sufficient
working capital to ensure s\*stera-
atic development, for it is not a poor
man's country, and expensive plant
and machinery are required, tmccess-
fal   results   should   be obtained.
Where labor and capital go trade
follows, and if the success of the
Kootenay gold fields is oaee assured
the prosperity of the province must
inevitably be   greatly   enhanced.
Our business there is so far satisfactory.   Although tbe branches most
recently estabUsbed are still onlv in
the exfjerlmental stags, we trust
that ere long they may all become
profitohle narts of our system.   Wo
recogtdae hilly that banking in these
mining camps is sobjcet to peculiar
risks and temptations, and that estrone vigilance must be exorcised
by oa all to avoid making mistakes.
It is quite possible that In these early
days of tbe goad field we may not in
every case have selected the best
places, for our branches.   Should
this prove to be the case, wo shall
not besitate to withdraw before any
serious expenditure bas been incurred,   l-he ostatdttwmcnt of these
branches haa entafled an immense
amount of additional work and anxi-
ety upon our general manager, but
all hie arrangements, ft-om the Important matter of selecting the ott-
cere to take the management of the
new branches down to the smallest
details, have baea carried threugh
by him with hie usual premptitttde
and energy, and compfetely to oor
Mtisfactloa.   Ia. condueloo, I may
say. that In the latest telegraphic
advices received Just   before Ute
meeting of the court from our gen
oral paaacor, ha status that the
proapeote toi-ooghout tne dominion
this autumn are brighter than for
atimc ���years pact.   We trust these
hopes which he thus expresses may
be fulfilled,  loading to Increased
FTta************s_r sOsT *ms9 pa-any
Mr. Mafaala Writaa of Slocan.
J. K. Molnnls, editor and proprie
tor of the Resrina 8tandard, who has
been in the Kootenay eeveral weeks,
but returned home laat week, haa
written an interesting account of his
impressions while here for his paper.
Mr. Mclnnis writes glowingly of
Slooan, preeent and future, but some
of his figures show unfamiliarity
with mining. He mentions anions*
other Reginans In Sandon, Mr. and
Mrs. Main, Mr. and Mrs. Robertson,
Mr. and Mrs. Neil McLean.
The Famous Uoatt Lieee.
The famous Lovatt lease, which
has caused more trouble and hard
feeling in Sandon than any other
one thing, was read la court laat
week in the case of Lovatt against
Bennett A Carbery, proprietors of
The Denver, fbr cutting wood on
the ground covered by the lease. It
waa a difficult matter to bring out
the contents of the leane, as Mr. Lovatt strongly objected to its being
read In court. The Justices ruled,
however, that it was in evidence*
The lease covers four pages of
type-written copy and a plat. Tho
substance of it is that for the sum of
$MO, and a further consideration of
11.50 per thousand feet of saw timber, the lessee, George W. Lovatt, la
given the right of taking the green
statid.tig.wier on the plat of ground
mentioned, belonging to the Kaalo A
Slocan Railwav company, from
Juno, 18*m, to June, 1900. There
are no rights to the ground conveyed or meant to be conveyed.
The defendants in the case showed
a contract from the railroad company fbr the lot on which the wood wta
cut, and the court hold thtsgsyc
them tlie right to tlw wood* T*oe
case was dismissed with costs on the
g��nt��.   The Justices also sdvifS
Mr. LoVatt that titev would not hear
any more caeca of Ibe same aatuija,
but in the fttture they would have
to be Ukea to tho higher courts.
' ���       *L��
;     SLOCAM H1HP.
Shippere and PioKead Pauera of
This Pamoaa Diatrtct
Below is a list of the shippers and
dividend paying mlnea of the Slocan
mpgAdra fleea.
Ores* Waateea
A____4m__* __**
animaa may,
Chaaabars Qtomp,
iawkjr Jlaa,
Ijsssate-a droop
Bead and Taat-darreovt
Oalasa Fatsn,
Howard rrmetloa,
SUver Bear,
MoUjr Mashes,
Bed tea,
Tata a.
wo Havo Added a vOaBtyloto Mock of
om Use at BOOTS* AJTO nWOMW,   We here tw-sstht
(WlT^ flW--sTsth, tsSV-l^
Silver Bell, Ifoosssstjr.
Laekjr Bsjr, EaUepat,
O. R. AyUaid. Yakfaaa.
imviucro raraaa.
Mo-aatain Chief,
��Ti**J*Bstlfl State**
���rt m* SMArtr m *m w^ajaW ^^mtnm  o**^Or*w ^*^a    ���^ssp^^^^fw sss^ta   ^-*a^a^^ ms*n ssSSJUewww e*SSB**r"W*SB
In the market We Mstkjt yaw miraamm* ��� lllve ��a a
rail as all are welroane.   We tah| sUiiiSM lajhowTay
ypa oot gaemt* tt yoo do ***** f*A*nmmo st ymtn Seal rail.
We feel satssSad jrss wttl st a ratare date arte* ywo on
om Um aad pafaea.
Oppeolto Blaeka Hotol* Bands,,, B.O.
Qssaoa boooaaav sa, a e��r  M~.-e.-en-
���**��*   W*dta*mdmy evwaiac at a o'eUrrk in Oraw
fatd-s hall   VUttiaaJtaMuestrdhallr lavltod
J. G. Melvin
- Th* wolMueettt, Watrhaaaher aad
Jeweler, tale of Yeoroavar, now ot
tmadoa. U totaled at
Watch and Jewelry Repairing
m tu starts*.
Huiing Brokers;
MswMoaa  Be 4V
The Elite,
Mam l�� ths tin* to
UerNMt stock of Air
We tarry th��
(jueen Heating Stores,
Box StOOtMs,
Cooking Stopes.
Ranges. Etc.
Cmmp aad t*rj*%t-*jf SSaasta wtade to ��****
Hamilton Byers,
o. p. nooRE
B'U^rSBjs  a*0a0f**Mw * WOaaaaW
Ftssd edaaa teesh st tataaasjieMa rate.   ,'H--'**
StteatJoM aad ��*lrk l*lrts��Tfis aa nmpl*******
foomna*.   Ww%niUmmm*mtolprU**
Woeaai 9o*j,
Laat Obaaee,
Jfst>Ie Flae.
Two rriattds,
tawAUfmn*T9Attt*M f
v     Baraks,
aTsekaoa Oroap,
WeUington Oroap,
The flan
Orady Otamp.
don laundry does the fin-
est shirt work In the Slocan.
And fHther lavoatmenu.
Rvery ItopfcimtatioB Guaranteed.
ftaaooa, B. C
Stationery, &
Olgara sad Tohaoeo.
THMII fOfllta and   ���ILVIRTON
fiidaaamaad Watrvayrj.        **rta*-* ���**���* *>"'*}
fttr. *�����*>'
Gioil and Mining Engineer.
I-Turtaelal land Battttot
a*\0n*m*t B>0.
MlssaralCia'aa. Satrver-d aatd B*****''���* *'***���
���CalX AT���
where ywo arlll Sad a fall lint ���'


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