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The Paystreak Apr 10, 1897

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Array THE
SANDON AND ODsT, April 10, WI.
Messrs. McGillvray and Coleman, of Vancouver, are looking at
[heir interests on Springer creek-
Several new mining deals are on
in* lapis this week, mention of
which will Iki made as soon as
���hey are closed.
The owners of the Wonderful
mine will increase their force of
men as KMMI a* they can get water
for ground slui'Mng.
Assays from the Monitor, a
\nuiig but splendid projierty,gives
from LOO to 800 onaoea off silver
mil as much as $10 iu gold.
No leas   than   four   good   lead**
have been discovered on the Queen
Be** mine   and   it   \o quickly   be
.'.iiiing a prominent shipper.
Ihe Cinderella and I'aluietta
mines, adjoining the Healher Hell,
ire reported to have liven sold to
in Amerirau   I judicata   recently.
The Ivaahoe mine ha* closed
iloWO leni|>orarily owing   to   their
liability to get supplies to the
mine Work will pr-ihahly Ik* re-
-uiin'l as Ho-.n ai the snow ha*
melted   aud   the   u��*ec**��arv   work
line mi their trails.
����wmg to unavoidable circitm.
ai.oi.es tbe I'ayne mine  has found
��� ii��������������� ���*as��ry to make a -light re.
'htctitiii   in    their   force   of   men
riis numerous slides aud rapidly
melting  saow   Is playing   havoc
with tlie trails, making sleighing
>.ry Itaaaedoaa and accomplished
���mil muci. difficulty.
In our write-up of the R-ci
nine iu this Weeks issue, we   nej;-
.M'te.l to -aiate tiiat breioes the re
;��� *rt of the iniio's ouiput aud
���'.trnings. for the time state I. there
are yel in Iran-it sixteen ears of
������re whieh. as j* r value of. assay
-ample will net &t.;*��n.i per car or
an additional net earning of 167.000
I his increase., the net earnings for
the linn to $L\\s.:wi|.:..Y
The Healher Hell Mining and
MillingCom pan \. limited liability, will commence operations on
'he Heather Bell group early iu
May. It is expected that the
oonipaaj will open tha high trad*
lead that runs through ihe   Heath*
er    Belli    Atlanta   and   AtOuaeoti
Kractinu elaim-. aud drift   Upon   it
Until they out the other large lea.l
that  cuts  across  the   formation
uaasing through the Atlanta aad
North Star claims. The Heather
Hell property seems .lest i ned to become one of the prominent pro
perlier* iu tho district, Its ore is
nigh grade and its surface shows
Jt splendid variety of leads. The
company has made little effort to
boom itsstoek yet there has been
>i steady increase in the demand
for the same. It is the expectation  of the   managing   director
Andrew G. Larseu that a shiptueut
will be made from this property
about the lirst of July.
Nsw Poilcs Ststlon.
The Samion   police,  are  assuming   decidedly   metropolitan    airs
|net now, and utile*.* all signs   fail
to materali/.e the time   is   not   for
distant when a seat of justice sec-
oud to none iu the Province will
be attOOg our possessions. New
and greatly improved headquarters hare recently bean established
near the Hotel Kootenay, aud the
guardians! of the |>eace and dignity can now lie found there, ready
to mete ant justice to ali evil doers
iu the latest and most approved
fashion. It mav not be amiss to
state that bustaees at the new
stand is improving aud more than
one unfortunate has been convin
eed that the tough de tough act is
not what its cracked up to be. The
force is exercising a close vigilance
uu those of our population who
are inclined to step the bounds of
the "straight ami narrow path"
mapp d out for our guidauce and
little lawlessness escape their
vision. Thk Paystreak will
hereafter report all public court
news in full, aad those who have
an aversion to ****** iug their names
���tpjs*ai ttudet- that uneviable caption will do well to avoid that in*
stitutton. We resemble the Lord
in at least one respect ���that of being no reapeotor of persons, and
none need imagine ttial position
or influence will save them from
the penal patpooe'a deadly   work.
Ninas Nssr Cslgsry.
Mining operations in the   moun-
tains on and near the main line of
the Canadian Pacific   railroad   are
at present taking on a revival that
promise*- to assume  solid   proportions.    A great  number  of  valuable deposits have been long known
to exist   within   t\i)  to   9G0  miles
west of Calgarv.    Work   on   some
of thetS was started as  far back as
1888, but   had   to   hd stopped   for
lack of capital.     Now that invest
ors have   been   at   last   convinced
that the mineral is there they   are
tumbling over each other to get in
on the ground tloor.
Falss AdvartlBlnQ.
.lames l.aut is selling stock iu
Montreal for tho great Ibex of
Dlncao as it is called. He advertise*, that the mines are in the
Slocan Mining division of West
Kootenay. As this is not so, the
energetic .lames must be foolishly
ignorant of hi** business. If he was
crooked he would not lc.ve him-
self liable, in case some of his
customers should kick iu the
Thos. Clair will probably open
an hotel at Silverton.
Miss Wilson has just received a
osw stock of spring millinery.
J. 8. Reeder will re-open the
Kotqnay Hotel at Three Forks in
a few days.
Wm. Coulter is opening a res.
taurant iu the McComber House
at Three Forks.
New Denver will be lit by electricity before the mouth haa dwindled down to 30.
A change in the personnel of one
of our leading hotels will probably occur within a short time.
Situation wanted as chambermaid. Apply at the Sandon Brewery.
H. M. MacGregor, of Nelson,
traveling passenger agent for the
Canadian Pacific, made Sandon a
business visit Friday.
The C. P. R. will*call their new
boat on Slocan lake after the
famous camp that caused this fine
steamer to be created.
All the hobos and toughs are to
be run out of Sandon. so the lesser
Slocau towns had better get their
bulldogs filled up with tbe same
kind of grub Fit_imu��ou-�� waa fed
on at Carson.
Tbe owners of the Queen Bess
���re happy. On Wednesday they
strnck two feet, in No. 8 tunnel,of
nearly solid are while in No. 4
level, 21 inches of the same kind
of ore ia in sight.
A horse with a cart attached
and some rawhide animals got
tangled up in front of the Hotel
Hal moral yesterday. As a result
of the engagement Reco Avenue
was littered with lumber and the
windows in McQueen & Gore's
store resembled Corbett after the
late unpleasantness in Nevada.
W. C. White, late of Tacoma,
Wash., has leased the Clifton
house restaurant and lodging
house aud will hereafter have
charge of the fame. He states
that he proposes to inaugurals a
number of changes, all of which
will be for his patrons benefit, and
will conduct a first-class house.
The bar will remain under the
old management.
The period of inowalidea is upon
us���overrunning the country like
the "grip" haeeilus or the seven
year locust The K. & S. is one
ofthe victims, and with such destructive force did it strike them,
that they have not, as yet been
able to rally from its effect. Saturday morning, a large full grown
slide, demolished the bridge between Bailey and McGuigan, and
although a large force of men have
been at work repairing the damage, the road is still blockaded,
travel   has   not   been   materially
affected, however, as regular trips
have been made since Wednesday
���accomplished by transferring at
the bridge. Work is progressing
steadily on the bridge and it is expected that the road will be clear,
ed and regular trips resumed within a short time. A number of
slides have also occurred at different points on the road, but they
have been cleared without moch
difficulty and after the present
blockade bas been removed no
other serious trouble is anticipated.
The tunnel on the Gracie is in
110, with 150 feet more to drill
before the lead is tapped.
The new job plant in the Paystreak office is now ready for
Charles Cushman will le?.rn something to his advantage by writing
to R. T. Lower*, New Denver.
L. J. Cross, the cigar man, has
bought an interest in the Bell View
on Wilson Creek.
The latest news from Victoria
points to the defeat ofthe Gov- i-
Johu Houston isacaudii.
the mavoraltv in Nelson. He h*.
a great many friends in that bttrg
although scarcely enough to put
him iu a position that should be
Sited by a man with more respect
| for public opinion.
A local train between Rosebery
and Sandon would be welcomed by
The C. P. R will likely extend
their road from Rosebery to Sil-
vertou this summer.
Wanted��� A situation as tool
sharpener. Address, W. C. Lawrence, Sandon.
John O'Donnell drunk and disorderly.    Fined 110 and cost.
Win. Dean arrested for being
drunk and disorderly -lined $10
and costs.
Thus. Daniels, arrested   for   be
ing  drunk   aud   disorderly ���fined
���*-'���"�� and costs.
John McHugh, fined $10 and
costs for using profane and obscene
language on the street.
J. C. Squires and Bessie Powell
were arrested last Saturday at the
Instanced A. Tennason, who accused them of robbing him of
$;Um>. Squires skipped the town
but was caught at Nelson just as
he was boarding the train for
Spokane and brought back to Sandon to stand triad. The woman
was arrested here and the two
were tried Friday night at the
new police station. The charge
against the woman whs dismissed
after the hearing of testimony,
but Sipiires hearing was adjourned until Monday. THE   REGOS    WONDERFUL   RECORD.
A Few Hard Shell Facts, snd Figures
Won't Lie.
Much bas been written anent
tbe <*reat we?!th of the Kootenai
district mines and their excellence
paraded by the column in every
paper of the Province, but as yet
few of the statements adduced
have been backed up by the actual
figures. The Paystreak. reaJis
ing ihe benefits which will accrue
t<> the disfict by publishing a few
iron clad facts, aappotted by reliable figures, has, with no small
amount of labor, succeeded in ob-
taiuing the full and accurate smelter returns of the Been mine from
January 1st. 1894, to Mareh L'Tiii.
of tlte present year, showing the
net pounds of ore Skipped iVom
the niiue each year. thj total
yield -��f silver an 1 lead from each
vears shipments, the a vera/**
ounces of silver per ton and the
per cent, of lead per ton for each
vear. the duty paid to the I'nited
St ites and tiie net yearly amount
received fir the product of the
mine. There are few if any p anpte
in this Province who are not
familiar with the Citen instances
surrounding the discovery an I
subsequent development of this
wonderful property, hen-* a de
tailed account of this feature would
be superfluous tt this time. During the coming summer a number
of improvements at aud in con-
juetion with theminewili be made,
one of which will be the erection
of a large concentrator and also a
tramway. The exact location has
not. as yet. been definitely decide,!
upon bat will b-* built near San
don. Following i-? the result of
ur investigation:
From   Januarv   1st.    189*1,    to
Apr.l 7:h. 189*1, taer*- was shipped
l+rt.4:)*; pounds of ore. which   pr��
daeed   12."4S.<>2  ounces  of  -ilver
and 104,327 pounds of l-*ad.    Th*-
ore averaged 17"��*'> ounces of ��il
ver per  ton  and   7"�� 7."   per  c**nt
lead.     On   tlsia amount   of   or*
-. 1 .*;��;��._1' duty was paid.    Dadnct*
ing this duty and the  freight   and
smelting   charges,    there remain!
a net amo..nt of 17,130.91   for   the
taree mouths iu which the mine
was worked.
From January ItHb, 1896, to
December (list, 1885, there was
shipped 038tO25 pounds of ore.
which produced 7 ���">.���"> 12.44 ounces
of silver and 816,507 pounds of
lead. The average yield of silver
per ton for the year was 225.87
ounces and the average per cent,
of lead was 3K.40. After paying
02,070.59 duty and the freight and
smell ng charges, the net amount
realised for th*4 year was $45,-
F.om Jaaua/f -ird. 1896, to
December loth, lV.Hi, there was
shipped 842,718 pounds of ore.
which produced 124.N04.24 ounces
of silver and :^h'..44.*. puunda of
lead. Tne ore yielded an aver.IgC
of 307.72ounces of silver per run
and 87-72 per cent. lead. Ths
duty paid was >_' 332.84 and after
deducting this amount and the
freight and treatment charge*]
there still remained a net income
,.f 170.638.06.
From  January    184b,    1897,   to
March rj7th. 1**:��7. there wa?   ship
ped 7>-V'Vi pounds of or*-,   which
produced 115,952.19 ounce- ot *H-
ver and ."��'i"��.21"  pounds  of  lead
This   ore   yielded   an average  ul
302 90 ounces ofsH*er |***r ton and
42.94 per cent lead      A Iter   pe)
ing 12,091 -'il duty and the freight
and   treatment   charges there   r.*
maiued a net balance of $72 261.57.
As will be readily senu the ore
has become richer each snceeediag
year, aseragiug frova 175.��> onno--
Of .-ilver per ton in 18W t*�� SOS 9 I
ounces per t-.n in ls'*7. It will
also be Bees tiiat tbe p**r ceaton
of lea I ha* decreased in the same
prjportion tiiat the yield >>f silv��*r
has increased, decreasing fr>>m
75.75 p^r cent, in l**i'.��4 to 4_".'4
p r cut. during the   present year
Taking tiiese figure* a*, a basis
we find that th"r.* Jias been shipped during the time intervening
between tne tirst and the la*o
named date a grand total of 2,410,-
830 pound* of ore. which Bett**d
828,816-89 ouucea of silver, sad
1.092.489 pounds ol lead, which
netted the operator- of the mine
1201,361 83
This mine bai a pay roll of
nearly 110,000 ��� month during thi
operat^ag ���easun, which amount or
the greater portion there..f. is di*>
tributed among the Sandon busi.
Bees men and from thi* atom- some
Ides can be formed of the am unit
of business transacted here.
While this mine hecmseof it-i-ar
lydis'overy and the richness of iu
or-* is regarding n�� the heal proper
ty in the district, th#*r** are tinnier-
ous other mines whose wealth pro
���lining qualities are little, if any.
inferior to this oue.   among   which
are  the  I'ayne.   the   Slocan   Star.
and others to numerous to ui��*n.
tion. all of which contribute  their
quoto to the steadily increasing
growth and pros|ierity of Sandon
the town which will inevitably assume in the not very distane.-
future, fir-t place in the catalogu.
of the thriving mining towns in
the Kootenav.
ksslO _-    "        *C
������       mms a nontm.
DR.   G.   P.   YOUNG.
m o. c m.
I ..., raj ....  paaj ...   ���   ii  ftaapMsl
CMB -   \.r Palace Sal v ���   li" an '���*
S\Mh��N.    B     <"
Room. No. 22    BLACK'S MOTEL
SANDON    8  C
J  J. OeSfrsy. WJ   Boater Lis
F. I- Chral-s. LL8
Bow, Goto k Cfinsl
���::���:��� NOTARIES
5*ndon   B.  C
sncouvsr, 9
First    Bank Established   In the
But of Brittt Cfltal
|-arn��*fMSMaa] s*j R
..,��*�������� t.�� ItyTaaaaa* t >i
R*��� |
ti   .-. -      ���     .-��t  |*
VI   I
One if*. !'�� mi.
i irTi.*.-: ���Griitttoett   Block
I 'a!''""**  Snd     f* bseii i,
Tsrae ForSa snd St>**a*to��
Isaac   Berkman.
city auctioneer
\       lf.��tl  Sat,. .      ' k
mnmrnnorty   o.*-
S* lt<-.,��.|u'.i*    Hal'i' ~%S
Harris Block. Sandon, B. C.
Fine Watch Repairing.
R strathern <�� CO
Watch makers   ai *l   .!��� ��. i- i -
���    i     ��� ��>   ati't    J.w.     .      r
W.  H vi I 11;. M-jr S onion
Investments. Mirir>g   Broken.   Mines
imt Sa u*
Tha Phoania Conaslidatad Mm.-ig Co
Ltaalk i   I   ab    I
Dry    Bslt    Mining    and    Mi ling    Co
l.iin... .t I
-.Ilkirk   Mining ami   Milling   (V
i.in, <��� i i
���a a Dos, r.. i
L. L B.
BAKU I sn.K.
KQTAR)  IM \\\m\
Meao OWics    ��� '  - - ��� '   :
t   ���
' \ a, \ �����      \V ��� .
-     ���
tt efeMMa*.
I r-��**rtw. ���   aWM'il    l':
Aganta snd Co'f*ap-a**.d*-fa
I  ,S M  \     fsssralaTi 111 nil   ��� f
M^frtva .'..     Iia.    ��� ��� an��4a     I    ���      V    -
l'w<- . nl * Snawia .
S - ������        t   > JTt I"       a|   \ . ' '
| ". N
Hs.ii*    ��rf   \..t.   ��r.*-a..   i h - a*-
-..��-.-���    liana    U
.-��;.��   T* ���   1'    r��-.  r* \ fU    ��    -- ���
r ,���.��.���    \��i l.j    ��
I *���.    R ,1       V   V*�� ! - M '.*./��-  \ I   \ N
���*    \   ���--,���;,.. .      M"N-'I f   .
Local   M����iji*
Ssndon Bfancs
b      Sa**^7al   > '   . -��� �����-
Pa-dUo  Csp.ta .      S-*.866.666
Waaarira   Fund. 1 338.333
a. i
Coul   O"    OifSCtOfS
I   II
���'       ri     N      (
I    ���        r M.a.'.     II   J   H   k.
I'm!     f -a      t nanrj*.    I
�������� r��tar\ .   \   ������   U  ,
M.i. I- "ITS. . .        !.-.-'; . -    , M
M srismsa j   i
< ���. sats   'Lu..,
Brancnaa   to Canada
B  C
ii   t
v .'
W    I
J    It
Aganla  tn  trie Unitad Stale*
"������.     'I : n .'.   na   Hautb   ���
r.al   IU. -        N   ����� *i <��ra      .. >* ���
l��.':i i��'i'l    J    I      V* . ,.i        - .      >
Nana**      - K   vi   |   \{   M
London   Bsnkar*
���      �� ���'f I :-,�� uii'l itrtd  V|>�����'-   I.
Forsign  Agsnta
! r|a��.|.   |t��    a   ,rf    I u. rja.
NnILximI    Havn*   at   NrrStand    i
-     It-Hand   I*-.. ''..
U;i,|.   I ii      ,i   !.�����,���-�����.,    \���
Ii.|.. and l.run, h����    \.i��ir-��M.  I
Au.ln.hu. I.l-I      Si��� /^nlati.i   I   .��� ii
All**!nail.     I i.i      |t���|i��,  tl,!.;.,..     ���
Mf-n-aittilr tiwiik ..|   lu.lla   l.l.l       ���. ^
I'l W��-at     llllll.-a,    | .M..1,,..       K,
M< ��� r.      M��r, imr.l      KtHliaa   .'   '
i'r.->|,' ,����.
GEORGE   KYDD.   Ma**a.,-���
Ssndon.   B   C THE   PAYSTKEAK.
viimm. Kit onus.
HlKOOlsd al a*W O-iiVrT. Iln�� ASMaMMaala
Tratiafen aad LoaaUoiM
.VI .rili tt
Hull K><    sj.Huifi-r ��tok. Iimi IVaraon
Malta .11
M-4II.-   F-rtir MIL   0. A. fianlin-r
Viirll I
H. ilain.    S.iJonrnik    H.lar: VV llll.-im. ami
\\ in Hvan
l>al��i N" *   F>.��r Mil-*. \ J l^idi*
ii. anvnr   Won Mil-, J v Last
V|.ill I
i.i.fc-,rv    �� ari.tiVr < i���� k   II. itr*.  I'lll  .
lr..n   N* *����� Daasar, I'-n*. Hnjnm
Virll '.
Kartfl M.-Oi -.War Fla-hi Mil. rraak s II I'm
,   il.
KmfU   Won Mil.*, W l�� li.nl. u
V|. iitllna Krai tloiial Ktoeas ton lahoP l��r|��
,   it .ml Harry Ifeila
VlaiUn-   Ia-111.1*1 r n. k. l. VV   Hobwiaaai
ItaoaHopa    I/. iii��>ii rr<-.-k   K> I�� a nil J Jit.at on
viia,,*i   Lsanoa nook, vv n smith
%|<rtl '.
I -.il. 11(11   T.!. Mil. i r..V. >. I.o \>j|
r,.J,l,ii BSSSW-  sfccan   I,��lu\  I'tiilli*. H.lliii.*.
���Nlor |kll   'I... Mil.. .1 RadrllA
\ rCtmsbrtftesd  Js MrfaVfaus*.
(*| h*��r, ii��v -Jttim |*..|4u.iui
Vfrtl I
Saj Oo�� ..   If 11 Bark* *.
ir -.t nam    v L Hrtttoo
*> K N>- 2   U Com
��� ailn   s�� as Johiissi
U    it ri
AwaVraoa ��>�����! Dso  Fairbatrn  i>> la* v
II hiKMimi.1 ��   li  |j 4��i!..,    ,   VV hit,    HOOT*
i , . i. Harm Marrk i* . n
\ rrtt Nil*". I.. J J lliini* Hi.* I.urki Bay,
Harrti Q; .!
i J It.irn. | .   J.    VV    Uarriiij,-.  ,      1'       l.itrk*
II -. ai��l l,*m .ii Mai   Kan h i. ��i
vurrh H
J i, Millar I.- K II Barttntl ��i*il V r M. Vaiuhi
���      H  I rS* ll   il Mo (   Mo. n I ,  *1
1 ., vtimkli i�� x K franklin "II.. Ibax,
M.rrliW; ��)
< vv i.nvnlr* i. X K FraakHu Ttw vv hJa k r
i ...-���    ���
IkToasai   v \ an !����nt   t�� .  MrDoaald. Datrtd
vi iihntmi JiJm Mil Imtrvta   1 VI.. Irsarata an.l
W    i M Tatkw toll    V   V.-   i     lis.   l.iiil..  �� al.
lAaOl II ��'��>l rr>*Hi.^r. Marrh 1.; *��o��.
I'i4>4��l t.. Ih-   rial**  MajSi,   V| a  - .
r itl..t Mai.loi  jiul  MUrrrSM   Xo  .*.   MaUvfc
,v Hwt-.i.andCcmraS BS1 ta  v T Mil
! K   V   li   ���������:.    *   Ni.   U.  iMaMMlK ami
r--ii��Hini m&MOonnoi Marvii.i. **,-.���
W."r|| .*������
��� bt*t    I Hinnua*    1.1,     t ininiilsij,-.     ;    l.i-l
... \ ��� is, Man hi
I <��  f/wucnii l.i I, I' sunatt    | IN lri'�� r...s< [>!
I   I'starratl I >   Mm   R   '   US    I  lM.rl.n-,.. |
��� Xannlnun and Hrar fata-, Marrs tt: >13Pi
��� K FMdtMtaiHl RrSM i.����.it>ih.- Artlnwlon
�� h.lai.,1 M 4 ii     l.'.l    tl.-    \rliiik-|..ii   Sol
liortarftOS So J   Marrh )>    ��".���"
vv in Hunt.-  lo Wm i    MrKinii.ai     r aa   !
M   ��� k IS, *i
.Irrk snilili and r  ll  (inrn    >.Ji   Intolnr*
I ^-l-h  I.   I'.JIanl   |0   Mk-lin.l   M. Vn.lr, ., ���
Kalnl.m   !%j4 |a; ri
Ml> hai-l Mi Vn.lrv **.: > II. nr. Broara       Kalu
I. �� . Jan '���; ��>'*.
HaniiK 1 ���..Jiltarv i . Mrnn  llr.nn    | V. rm,nl.
San h r; ��� ��i
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i imtMavsttto Jain.*1 Oilaa.n-. TaUarssd
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Jolinia Kii.iii to a H Brasinar i Bobertaon
aairs it; n
Ssnat. Sam.     I|���. .),.,,,ii,. I.ln.l. jiarch 21; al
VltclMnry l�� llinry l.nkln    | Ik lit- Smith,
Chaa   Ni. h |a.,n   t.,   Frank   A   Will.   I  BhM
Hnck, Man li I] ; al
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< l.,i. Sk-holaoii toP .1   sh.r.in    I  Him-  Bock.
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l'it��, Sat ��1*; ��i
VV K in.htii.ii.l u> Max HrTkiiwn-i Blg*hland
com S it �� M6 ; ���!
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Huiuiii. r. Wt b HO; -1
J*�� a mi i--.iiii.il to li 0 Fergnaon-l*bsEd
mootoa sod Titi.it*. Nov 11 IMSs iss.-f-
Kr-iin, ih v-riis.ii to  < hi-  A  i.nnlm-r ���-���   ���   ��� !.
��� ioi, ami Inaajrral, Manh 'i: *i
Ja�� Bcsfd t., Con A (..-inln. 1 and Kenorth
sorrtaon-  1 Dexter, Mares sir ��1
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<��� ami Misin s, aliv. } Park snd Botner alao |
VVedjrr* Fraetlun, j KUoFraHloa I Sunerlor ana
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l>At��^ sii,I (,,.lii.-ii    \j.ril '. . ��)���.....
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J T Xault.l.y alvrlff to I. .1 ( RtSt Tin IU!
Vk-w N    ;   Vi-iil -. ...
I. inanl orvey to Wfi    Vm!n��.   ]   Hulk.,   it*
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Sam.- to **n����'     **i<ritii.* \'all.'> . April :>; .'.
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Tr.ini i - .in, tlm.a :i \ :,, IndolffC ,in �� itti, i*m��
ac< -riliiiii :,. lit. aj rj of .< la<lv ..n Fin li.l
1 hi* lull h i�� \ try littlo aj in|wth\ ��ith VV,-ary
Willi.-  ���. that uh. it a knit,'hl ������! th. road kti.�� k. d
I .1 him tha: -li. h.v.l nothliii.' t ��� ftivi
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X" l.r. ail'
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��� vv'Ii.t: ii ron waul a la��-k.: t >r*" Inquire l ;h>-
**Tr*r k'it i.i |����.r atarvta* family M^ii'lhin to
��a:."h. ana a i'i wl laiiaathallji aa la .-.'k.- *l .1 >�� .1 v
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v.i,    Beads'I mnstb   as ..n.-i to thlsk .��f
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I |,.|.|   I1I111   'In*   ,.f   lour**.-  In-kin �� hi.   OSS
fanlt) 1. tt-1 tl...i. I did, I'nt ISail 1  a a* a lllit.tr to
lak>  nn  . li I lid ��
s��-��*rat of I >���������*. im-
It |. 11 �� t iv. ..(.-iil/ii! f.i.t that 111;, II. 1 luaj
a||innlat|,.ii ka fa.:,.1 In pfolonainf* llf.'. ami
that III.- 111111   nil.1   iilloiv*   him*. If   li   'ink  Into
iu. iiiai apath) i�� k*in* t oiir. artter Ihaa In* arbosi
Lraln la roiiatnnlly nil  lh<* al.it      Sii..-.^< v\\, .
1,.�� \ii,iiit>   ��hi<h mesna raw Ufa, snd %if
lonr tltlllMSi ilniil.l... hiiinaii puweni of . ii.liilnlK't*
andthua addl to ItAra rpan. Kothlns I* mora
Injurtou*. i.ivitalltx 1I11.11 an iiiii'hnniiiiii; n���min..
VV i*.' vartationt erf ntonotooy h.l|> prrestlj to
iwatpone ase. When InadTlaansi to rhanss tin*
dual nre* Ilia often |a..aihl.* t<> .hank.-.' the dine,
,,111, md . li a ok li 1 erf innate, to I. nuthen, iborten
,,1 1 hanai tb�� Hm. ol tv*i and to rarj the menial
ot*ru|aittoni and amtawnsBB ,,f Wsins moBMrata,
Pnpsr   riiilorelollie*'.
Paper underctothlna h mseh n- <i '" *?ja��n'
Th. *,*nHtii'ii|. .in' 1 ui out nf larae mmh*I.�� of nneii
rii.i��il.lai.ni.-.' |��aper, Ihf |tteeean iml tMretlier
and the IwtiMihoIsi f4n*nirtheir��l with '���'''';"
limn    Th.'f.il.il.'l. alioi.*-.. v.-n whi-ii wet,Ilex
11.1, . nml-Mr. in. li  ll-fhl       \ (..��� t t ��� 1-   . ..t.ral.l. 1
,,| |. that ..��. II    l.i|. lak.a .Mi..lh.illl:ltl.*.i��lolir.
adai    in. 1,11.1 .Mil * ��tr si fheap Ihntnes
nneaean ���--������i!) ���>! *t ("'i" ",h
would not
think it...
But it's true.
AVc carry a full line ot Bar and
Table Glassware, Toilet Sets,
Crockery ware, Lamp Chimneys,
Wall. Paper,, Window Shades,
Carjnt .Squares and Rugs
Also the largest and best line of
Ladies', Gents' and Children's
Boots and Shoes ever brought
into the Slocan. Our stock includes the latest novelties in
Neglige Shirts, Neckwear, Hats,
QapSj Men's and Boy 'a Clothing, Macintoshes, Umbrellas, etc.
Dealer ir| MEATS
AT :
Robert M icdoxald
Nf.il MvcnoXALii
mw& wmmmm
MACDONALD   WHO*.. Proprietors.
Kilos 81.nO to fcMSO per day.
Headquarters for Mining 8pecalaters and Capitalists.
Kih��o Ave.,
Sandon, B.C
Thos. Brown &Co.,
5a.r1d.oq, H.C.
Dealers in
New  Geoda constantly arriving.
is the Pioneer House of the City
Proprietor. /
THCPAY\TftFAK ur(rctetothc Mtfon8�� iiiclu(lini?thc
UtsstEatsywy Salimbv in Saudun.in tin ��� ��������I
<=f tin- i.'r..it.'*-< Whit. XesrJ CS~pos esrth.
stri.tlx in advance.
-   ��� .. year
ASAnas Thk Psnrffssas,SsaSoSi B.C
SANDON, B.C.. APRIL lu. 1887.
Canada has most reason to dread a
United States tariff measure which
will go tar enough to injure Canada
without going far enough to compel
the Laurier Government to retaliate.
There is some reason to tear that
the United States Senate has taken
alarm at the report that Canada may
t>e driven to stop the supply ol logs
and pulp wood, a supply upon which
United States, which  under the CIT
cumstences, .should pay no attention
to such blockade, ss a neutral. A
declaration of war by Greece against
Turkey would compel the powers to
show their true sympathies. They
would either stand iff and let Turkey
and Greece tight it out, or at once
take steps to protect their own inter
est- or promote their ambitions in
ca>v then* is a dissolution ot the Ottoman empire
It is reported that Baasia has effected a secret treaty with Turkey by
which the latter will become her
vassal This i> interesting. On the
day npoo which Turkey becomes the
vassal of Russia, Russia will have
possession ot the Ottoman empire and
it such treaty exists, it will be impossible for Great Britian 11 abend m
her tixed policy of resisting Russian
the existence of scores ot American j agression -a process which   has coat
her already a billion or so of money.
If the saltan has thrown bimsell into
the arm- ot Rossis and the latter ob
tains control ol the BosporoQS and
Dardanelles there can be no eoquiee
cenee by England to whom that is a
factories,   and    the    prosperity    off
thousands of operatives depend.
One effect of this alarm is likely to
i>e a moderation of the duties uj��on
a few Canadian products. The Senate
will   interfere,   not tor  the sake of
Canada,  but for the sake of those I vital matter on account of her own
American industries which would be {Egyptian possession,   including  the
prostrated  by  Canadim legislation
against the export of raw material.
It will be a pity if thel^auri.-r Gov-
possesskm, including the Bnea canal.
the route to her Indian empire.
'Ihe suzenintvof Russia over tin*
eminent is prevailed npon to stay the [Ottoman empire would mean better
hand of retaliatory legislation by
anything short of United States tariff
concessions, which will give some
measure of fair play tn Canada.
ment of conditions and right of way
fbr tin* expansive energies of eivilisa-
tion over the Inertness, obattnsUoo
and rottenness ofthe Turkish system.
The sultan cannot successfully appeal
to Mohannm-dan religions convictions
aa caliph. Formerly tbe caliph conkl
It is noticeable that the mouth-  meita  ��� religi-iw  crnsade   for  the
pieces of the  European  powers are.
with  mock   virtue,    declaring   that
������Creece has violated every principle
of international   law. '   These   hypo
crites know, however, that the powers
they represent have been in the habit
of violating international law in past
and are at present violating the prim
ciples of international law by making
war on a power which has made no
declaration of war against them and
against which they have not formally
declared   war.   but   haw   proceeded
like pirates to intervene in Crete and
wrest it from the Creek-,  who went is, therefore, likely ts become vers
detense of the faith; but should Ai*lul
Haniid cause the green flag ��>t the
propbei to Is* wav.d bv the Sheik ul
Islam at Constantinople tu awaken
Mohammedan fanaticism in hi- !*���
half, there would be bnl slender
response.    The snltsns   have   not
adhered to the lo-ran SI the unela-tic
code of law-  nines  tha  Bixtee&th
century and their iiitliien<-.' over the
Mohaiiiuiedan element iu India,
Afghani-tan, Arabia and Africa
amounts to nothing.
The game in southeastern Europe
to the aid of tin- Cretans, It the
action of Creece is indefensible oer
talnly the acts of th< powers are
Indefenaible and they are aware of it.
Bot lOppOSeGreece, today, declares
war against Turkey ? Iu that ease
the powers cannot with their usual
sophistry declare that they are trying
to maintain the peace of Europe.
They will then l��e conspicuous violators of international law by sonf iuing
to Interfere in a quarrel between
Creece and Turkey taking the side
ol the latter against Greece before the
combatants have fought out their
differences and before their separate
interests are affected They have
already given notiee ��f the blockade I without Woodshed,
interesting and a Greece Turkish war
would decide how one  ol  the richest
countries on the globe rieh in all
natural resources, but absolutely
blighted by tbe predatory rule of the
Turk, is to Ik* disposed ol in the inter
ests of modem civilization. Against
modern eieilifatton, Turkey is a com
ptete barrier and always out of
harmony with Kuropean progress
The rule of any modern  state is pre
ferabte there to that of the sultan
Russia,     however,    would    not    lie
permitted to preside at Constantinople
"���""�����- <* ***** ��� iM.:::::';;.;::.,:,;1.!;;,,;;:,^,':,:.;;;:���,;:,-,
impossible to see how the j��artiti(��n ot  N"'*l*�� to iik. bat Ufa indiffi
the Ottoman empire cm be effected
The relative position of man and
woman  10 the universe  has always
been the subject of profound stodj
The ancients  evidently   regarded
women much in the light of worldly
chattel-     When  the council ot Nice.
alter mature deliberation, determined
that vv..men wen- j. **.�����< ��� ssed ol -ul-.
the decision was regarded as a gn .it
revolution of thought Beessoe the
decision has never Wen leva read, it
is fair to BSSUme thOS much ol the
discussion settled
The gallantry ot  this ouoeess
baa perhaps never bet a rally appro
elated by women At anv rate, tl.��\
have   been   trom   that   dav to   thi*.
clamoring tor further recognition.
The struggle (or npremacy has
waxed more bitter from generation
to generation, woman eoiWanth
yfainin-j: ground, until t'd.tv *>h>
stsnds abreast of man demanding a?.
solute equality.
As   man,  view-   obtein. d 00   '
<pie-t!oli    ;i-    there are   J.oJ.|e to    Alt
ranee them   ���. ate faction etlngs ten
aciously to the divine right ol man;
another contend- for womans super!
only; while anoth.-r nrgi - their per
feet   equality.    Meantime   sclei
with all due gravity and Importai e
w, gh masculine end feminine bt
and  attempt to compute mind  ai i
soul, character   and   sensibilities   in
tl e Bgures ofcommeree
9mali wonder that -�����". gistssnd
scientist* have not succeeded m then
undertaking. Hew toil possible lo
definitely compare tbe diverse?   Ind
what    is   the   vinit    of   uie.i-uie    of
Man .ltd woman are totally differ
ent m nature In in in the \-v.o-
qualities are dominant while in
woman tbe era itional qa ilkiea have
the sopremsey. Ifan *> virtues are
the rugged ones of integrity, Ira i��
and justice- woman's are the m n
-1'irituelle   VtltOel    I  \ Vietiec,   -
denial and feneration
Boms om   haa mid    Man   sod
woman are not ooeqoai but eo*equl
relent."   Ben i- the truth In ��� nut
shell.   Thev nre   no:   the  same   n,
nature  but ihey %n the  mum  la
worth,   a  square and a triangle,
arhlletbej ��� reryduTsrent lo shape
may yet have the .ami* area Ti.. v
are noi <��� i-equal but they srs oo
Man and woman I -nn a perfect
"luation. Tin- fact pr* ,,( (he (WO
Sides   are   not   the   -..ime. hut   their
-unis total ar- c.*n*ii.   Tues  hold
different   places iu the  univcr-e, but
pieces equally Important and equally
The pOBt, Water iii his Insight than
iia- philosopher in bis learning, long
ago arrived at the truth:
"for w>.tn in |. ii ,t unit. o|,.,| ,���,���
Km ill
The Westingbouea Air Brake (Joo,
puny  baaoffafad a full equipuxm
tree,   Twenty-live other Mipply finm
!iav. , rteled iheir   wares.     The Dast'
U -- i; t.iw.ty Coach Compan) s
:t- part   it ihat eotapanj
used m making the president's ear
really ductless, the director-    ,^   ..
ba knighted oft the *|-.*\ or rale
tha   exalted   rank  of  OOtooeli   an.i
given the privilege of w. si   g \
hats  in court     No������lv  a*   yet |-..-,.
ooom forward i<�� taint ihe |y��
j.nd negro burning scene*. I ��� ���
r oi the ear, which an a  i
"Araci h .in,  aa I -   radalanl i f ii��
dooa, l*��.tv aiid Into patri I -ui
Onto ker
lit! Ill    Allot  i    �� OHIO I I
\ yOBOg  uvAti   remark* s
I - uing the other day, who bad
dentiy   become Intensely fatten i .
in she }��� a/'imnioio* < V-rl*. tt i-i.
that  he want��-.i ��brbett n hi
winner becaoas he wa* n m*-��� ���
WJiat     an     efrOQeOBB     iinj r- -
i'i:/.   ts-,- ten an  wm genU<
Oenttemen an ��� I prise Sgl ten    \
gentteasao  ia well bnd     \
Bghter  ii I as bred    A g-  i
a���.<:a'.. �� w -    w*. ntlerneii     A
lighter aaaDChttea withpriae Rg
.ii^l   tin ir aastaciates   who
gcittlsinen    A gesiiMaan > n I
in WMiniMW and   teuija rale |||   I    g
\w*.     a  prise  Bghter i*
nntuner an 1 inn-tnj^ra'e in lai |   ,
Thj  * ���   ..."        and   tramii i* <:���.
opposite lines efs geatleesai     fts
ilhit Cbrbatt ssny have a h*
human Intelligenc*' thsti r'tt/��
but neither ��i Umm are gem
The honest man. �� ho earns c-
brend bj I ���-��� iwest  I batbroe swi
H vea and dim wtoliin the etrete I
family ami n few se.piainunc*** lw*
accompl'��hed  tar mop* in ttii-* s
t" have atnad the title ofgeotlcmsn
than all the prise Hghten wl
stripped fbr the glad I itorial i   -
r,,l L
'     >1   I .<���,..
I i    ' 11      S
: ��
a .4 a .Iti'lar i
��� UI i  ���
���.���>l i*
*l     I   .'
���  I.I-,       !���..;,. .     |
I    f
���      - lit  .     ���      ll   .,    :   I
I..I    ��� ���     ),, ,
VI   ,. .1.       M l.iu -.(ar Uiv
11(1.I i
:   ;ll
SI   I'^ul
a*. t....u
t ...Li!.,   i in. ,i i i.i,,,
I. . r> . ii I ,
1 Irurla
-   .1.  at \   btsal        Man Htal.
t r   Iii N
1 ''*t*i ��� i. -, -i an.l .1 iward<
I"' 'ii- I.  t. .   , n| ,,,.��� ,i,|.
S|*   ' >������ I .i,,**/��r,��.
- MM ���    Ik k,. '-.|   ll.r   ...I.   |     'II ���
UfWll   llrilaiii  . r lrv|,,���|,  ,u I al    K>     *
���    11 pat*!* I Hi.   I ni   (Han i'.min.
I'l'  ;��"ll*l  I'll.-a,I .   Iff uif.Hl  fr.. ii    .11  I*
. Ill
1 ��
TBs private car idea for the pnel
',,'n,,,r -he Hnited fttatea is moV|n|?
V   ���   U   (,,   \    i
1 lllll .11. Ill
vi. vui mik  < r ii
V II,1.1 VM    -11' '
o, k ral  v.
I*  U   "ft.
fr   t     0     *     0     0     0     0     0     0    I     I     f     w    f     i     *     ��     ,     l     i     w-     l     *
After Six Months of Continuous  ^
0000000*00**0**00000000000000000000000000000000000 V ^^��v
��� Toii^^^H r
0000000000000000 /*	
l'j on tin* Sandon Paystreak I have Bucceeded in striking a job \ M  g \      ftKL
plant Umt aasays away up In the hundreds.  V^^ It hove in ^       "^^^ J i!\\
���.'������hi on Wednesday and when the prints saw it they wept * ^--���*^l- *-^        ^^
*a�� . I ' 1 /
- .  ���         ..,   ^   ,             J              , \ The strike is
with joy.   \]& yjc As hint after font ����i	
 . I V the best of the
New and Artistic //_^"\      knd made in,he
���rat, I      **wWt     _^ ^\ 11 H��l .11 tU ill*^.	
iSGCS^^s. V ^*C __v\ The material now in
,,,.    ,, , \ -mfjmf    ) is sufficient to supply the
was uncovered ii wusdtnicult tore- N. ���i ^     /
..,.,,,                                              ~>      ^^            ^   y business    lieople    of   the
strain the day sluft Jrout ueconi- JJ ^ ��/
. ... ",..\,"..,wi envii 'v v Slocan metropolis with	
inir8Ycoi>anorious anu rusn- -t^.\
*!^)\   C\
injr down the erowcled A rjyr W,P)f?[
streets of Swindon tt>j / "^v
,in.hiuuiheg.aci r,    /vS^     \       JobPrintiRg
'Wing- V ��/|/v \ ��
^       ""    \     i^v   \    ReqUiree|	
^    >. * 1/   J        From the present indications it is easy to
m\A ^*S. sT
^*y ^"                             believe that before many moons are deceased
\T  '                         "** an enormous chute of cylinder  presses will lie
y^               ^^ ^                               tai)}>cd,and at least one ol them brought intoaction.
I      aA                   \ More stoping ground is to be pn yided foe The Pay-
I /T/ _  ^___-       \ ( t                  streak    and tunnels nm in different  directions to tap
II ^nfl*       N^~ \ What al>Plinrs t0 m�� U> ,)C *)a>'in^ I)l'0P0sitions-     The 1)U,>,U'
V          -A**  C#_t/*k                \ arc cordially invited to rail ai the present workingsand have
\     %V    /|A             \ their stationery run through  the mill before the beauty fades
\    'TftN       V>^>       ) from the type faces, now  very much in evidence at Sandon s
X                       >^7       / ,nineoftv|H)jrraphiealpr��luetions.
V \      HJA R.T. LOWERY
^ a a..****-'*' ^ ^ �� �� ��� THE   PAYSTKEAK,
In Spokane the following mining
shares were quoted at prices named :
Commander, 15ic; Deer Park. 20c.
Josie, 47c.; Le Koi, $7.25c.; .Monte
Cristo, 12c; Noble Five, 58c.: 0. K..
24.\c.; Slocan Star, $2.t50; Wonder-
fal, 9Jc; Cariboo, 47-Jc: Rambler,
52\c; Jeff Davis, 21. Generally
speaking all these stocks were Arm
at the prices named.
A Kossland syndicate, the Silver
<t>ueen Minirg company, has recently
secured the Maxwell group uf seven
full claims in Cariboo creek camp
for $10,000 cash and a block of stock
in the company. Considerable work
has been done on the Black Fox. one
of the group, and it is thought that
the new company will continue to
work on this claim until the property
is fully developed.
The Le Koi seven drill compressor
was moved over to the Lily May last
week, although the depth of snow
made the undertaking very difficult.
The plant is first ciass in every particular, having been purchased 'ess
than two years ago by the Le Koi
Company. It will certainly be a
great help in developing the promising Lily May.
A big strike is said to have been
made on the Joker claim, oi. Lookout
mountain. The shaft was put down
50 feet, from which a crosscut was
run to tap the ledge. It was on this
crosscut that a strike was made which
now shows seven feet ot ore. The ore
shows considerable copper, with a
quartz and diorite gangue. On the
Soverign, which adjoins the Joker,
on the east, they now have a solid
body of four teet of exactly the same
Kobert T. Green, mayor of Kaslo.
has recently secured an option of four
properties in the Ainsworth districts
for ?17,000. The amount of the option on each claim is as follows: The
Standard, situated about three miles
from Ainsworth. $503: the Laura N..
adjoining the Standard, $3,500; the
Surprise Fraction, situated about one
mile west of Woodbury creek, $5,000:
and the Union, a Crown-granted
claim near Ainsworth, tor $8,000.
An assay of black sand taken from
the lower bank ofthe Saskatchewan,
at Kdmonton, went $258.50 to the ton
in gold pnd platinum, ill ozs. 2 dwt.
gold at $20, and 3 ozs, 2 dwt. platinum at $15j. The assay was made by
W. Pellew Server, F.C. S.
The Carbonate mineral claim has
now passed wholly into the hands of
Charles F. Caldwell, ol Kaslo, who
recently purchased the remaining
interests of Gav Boeder and D. K.
Croft for $5000.'
The Payne group is producing more
ore than at any time this season.
Sixty tons a day are now going to
market from the property. Seventy
men sre employed in and about the
Assays made in Vancouver ot ore
from the Oro Fino group ol claims at
Fairview, ran respectively $215.ill,
$'110.80, $856 and $804.90.
Remarkably tine copper ore, so
rich that it is almost mailable, was
discovered a short time ago in the
Josie, in Summit camp, by the upturning of a tree. The Josie was
twice staked as a wild eat, that is to
say without mineral being found in
The first allotment of .'{5,000 Brandon it Golden Crown  treasury stock
shares at 10c. has been sold, and a ,
second block will shortly be put on ���
the market at an increased price.  A. )
Kelly, one of the director of the com-
pany, sold 25,000 shares in Brandon,
Manitoba, in a few days.
S. S. Fowler, consulting engineer
for the British Canadian Gold Fields
syndicate, is negotiating tor s mini
ber of Boundary creek propeties,
through. W. T.Tlionijison. Mr.howle'-
is exacted to arrive in the camp in
the course ofa few days. The British
Canadian Gold Felds Co. have already large Interests in the district.
W. T. Thompson bonded this week
a group of claims in Skylark camp,
including the Lead King. Salaman
dor and Cbmstock, faun Messrs. Haas.
Diller and Black, tor an English
The Flrat Miction  of   HrllUli  roluinM*
Tlirouffh Which thi*   Bsad Will
I rmrr.i'.
Note that the Crows1 Nest railway
is within  hailing distance,  a  little
knowledge ofthe first section of Brit
ish Columbia through which  it  will
traverse, after leaving the prairie,
may not appear out of place, as it is
destined to become one ot the fir-st, if
not the first districts in the  whole of
ot British Columbia : this we say advisedly, as no other section can show
B like variety of economic minerals
moreover, it is something of a ranch
ing and   farming  country   of great
natural  beauty,   possessing  the ad
vantages ot  good   water,  plenty of
timber, fairly large hav  meadows,
etc., small prairies tree from timber,
which diversify its features and adds
to its attractiveness.    \Yith all, it pew
Sessesa verv healthy climate, and is
situated between 2000 and  .Umi feet
above sea level.
Kight in the Crows Ne��t Pass are
large seams of coals, Anthracite,
Bituminous and Cannel. Some of
these deposits being over 3) feet in
thickness and can l>e seen in place
for over 10 miles. A little to the
south |e'.roleuinla*been f< uud which
is of the very best quality.
These: measures are probably the
most extensive, and, in consequence
of the variety ot coal, the richest
fields discovered on the continent
This item alone is sufficient to bring
Fast Kootenay :n'o prominence,and it
only requires the advent of the rail-
wav, with the construction ol coking
ovens to make southern Ka��.t Kooten
ay an ideal smelter site The grade
from the coal fields is in its favor,nnd
the distance short, while it has tribu
tary to it, "down stream over 1<��>
miles of water transjiortation ; in fact
nature has omitted nothing in order
to make the situation perfect.
Adjacent to the Crow's Nest Pass
are numerous veins of OOpper, lx>th
high and low grade, with a few
ledges (f gold quart*, the cupper
being in the form of Malachite, dial
coclte, Tetra lied rite, Phrollolite and
Pyrites, this copper belt, as it may
lie called, runs from the International boundary as far north as Fort
Steele, the country rock including
diorite, tulcose Hlates and schists,
qnartzite and porphyria rocks.
, This brings us to the Wild Horse
creek district, where gold quartz is
; in thc ascendant, over forty claims
lieing staked out on this creek alone,
snine ��>f the rock is of great excellm*
ce. being of both types, five milling
and refractory.    Adjoining this COO n
try is Six-mile   and Tracy creeks,
with tlieir large OOt-CTOpB of galena
and oopper, these claims have the
imprint of ISCOeasftll mine.*, written
upon them. Alter leaving Tracy ���
creek, the mineral /.one continue**
through Sheep creek, claims dotting
the country as tar as Diorite creek.
All the foregoing refers to the Bockv
mountains proper, on the eaat ewe oi
the Kootenay ealiey.
On the wc.-t ride <*t Ute valley we
have some ol the finest mineral belts
in British Columbia containing chiefly
lead, silver, gold and OOpper The
famous North Star is situated on a
belt that bus over 100 claims located
on it, including the Sullivan grotto.
This locality gives evidence of Mng
able to carry halt a   do7.eti eam|��* aa
every month fresh claim*, are staked.
To the wesl and towards the summit
is another long mineral belt, highly
mineralized, carrying gold, silver
and OOPPSr,   upwards  Of 80 claim?*
were recorded  in this esotkm IssJ
year, ami  'he  assays give every in
dication  of its   being   a high grade
To tbe south, pruliably  a  cmtin'i
ati��n of the North Star mineral belt
abut 2> 111111% is situated another
group of miinrs called tlie ' M-vie. '12
or l.�� claims  Im��v����  been located at
this point, the principal claim*. hide
fair to equal il not iiv.il the North
Star, tin* quality of ore is es Mgtwaod
the quantity not a whit Uhind.
To tin* wi->t again arc strike Pen >
creek eoontry, with its ledge after
ledge oCgold bearing n*k. tne miners] zone here seemingly Inclines
the basins of Booster, Weaver,
Ryder,   Perry   and    He i Roaring
Creeks, and no one ran  *av whit the
probable ootewne of this large ostnp
may be.    When one takes into000
sideration the newne-** of the counlry
ss regards qosrts Brining, with the
dithctiltii*s <>t dev,'lopment and tian*.
p��� nation entail* d I v it-. remoteness
it* progrev. is tdmply mirvellou*. and
it only requires tin* hnpetos ut the
railnxul to iistmm* Ui the dtstrid s
prosja-rity seldom accorded t��> any
one section,
0fcoors& last years pn-duct ion of
metal, $20Q until dnksintoInsJgnifl
csnee when compared   with   other
di-tricts, but when e.-mpanil toother
output of IK'.">. it a���uini*. gitfaiitic
proportions, as the value then eras
) 17,575.
>kw CaOatFjjnsi
Following is a few Of the new e.-ni
panics booked :���
Victoria Mining Co., BandOfl : cap
it.il. $1,000,00010 $1 shares; u-estee*,
E J. Bowman, J. D. Farreli, and K
.1 llickey.
Adams Mining <"o.,Sand<-n; capital.
$1,000,000 in $i share*.. hnstnes J
1)  Farreli, & J. Bowman ami Philip
���I  llickey.
Sloeaii-Csrilioo Mining and Develop
ment Co., Bandon j capital, fi0fJ0,0&
in 10 cents sharee; troateea. Btven
Morrison, F. s. Pope, ('. T. Lyon, F.
II It. I.yini "-mil p. B. Gregory To
acqune the Uosedale, Flower and
May claims Wtrst Kootenay District-i.
CaribooCreek and Canadian Mining
land Development Co., Rossfend: at?
jital, $2,1)00,0(11 in $|s|,.���vs: t,,m,,.,:s
! L C. Finch,  Thomas Abriel,  and J
i B. Ilabnev.
I Fennel Mining and Development
tTemf!" tvv^l,i'in'^''-;    capital,
$1.OOaOOQ   u $1 shares; Innr,,*, A
J* Mill, B.L Webber, II J s.��� ,i���
w. V. Qajrias, and j. l Um   ���&
acquire   the   Para   claim.     >i <Hn
Mining DivUi ��n.
Fisher Maiden Cbaaolfdated Hin|_
and-Smelting Cb��� Spokane: canltai
11,004000, tn fl shares
Morning Sl*r Co., Sainton ���   iDi_i
$l.umm In |l shares: itsm-m* j
I). Farnll, _ J   Bowman nn.l p
Great W**st Odd and Slhvi \j ���
Co., Bandon ; caphnl, n,000,ocMin $1
sharea: traateeaJ, R Oameron. (j a
Loft,  M   L ������rimmitt and  Y 8   \,
draws. To seejslre the Rllgn, SaminH
and   Allie   claims     BtOCWn    Mil
Slocan    *
Bakery  *
Opp  nifknn lfoq*s>.
Bread, Pies.
PoItac  Weddlnc cakes
\so-A.-Da made to orJcr.
IV,nma��Y h..,*, -.%...
stjNN a m
If you an*
< all at tl��r
Hotel Ivanhoe.
ITMItlls   n.lMKH
1 RCQrswdsM Wot in.  Mtesi ��'��i*��
iliJi'^,|v';"'"'l"'ll",il .l.r.l/^h    )���        ' ""���
l*nrM.ir,. ���f nparallnf il-.   hum ....  It*   *���   "",,,'
.**ahu.|,   nn.l    K...I. i,��,'   ,,��� f��i   llumM,     >���'
���������flilM- Niramn   Hi.K-a.r'^,m,.an r.u f*
' '�����** HiIm r f.rr ra. I, MtHMN-r a. |��.rat.l. <* t r ll*
wraa.   S_U| |n I-- ,M|,| ,��� j,|��  ,��� a.O
�� �� liltrlixai,,,r anv I. i���W-r ..��������� .i,-,.��.��ril.  i
wi.    ����*lstt|aMlirUUraaat.i l.-all����.nlal.    ."'r
""���"^�����MSaseonitii.��uil..,i.i.-iu,���i.h.-i .1    ���"
Hi** iiM.l.rrrfma.) al NY*.,,,   || c
J  w THOU r
Ss*ir>**tn'stMtrsi '.SK ���**
11 w* THE   PAkSTKEAK.
I .OH I    IM   THK   NI'OIIM.
Walk in,   walk   right in,   you're
welcome ;
Whew!   how   the   wind   whistle*
a I >out.
Take a chair to the fire, nil*;
It'ii a Imd sort o night to be out.
1*00 BSW our light through the d.irk
And  ili"iight   you   would   come ?
That's right.
BomebOW   my   hearts   warmer and
(>n ev'v such bln^'rin' night
You sctui sort o" pale like and nervosa*
Your walk was u*> much, I think ;
( . ���me to look, you're white as a ghost,
.-veins m me you'd Isater drink.
Well, well,   I  wont urge you,   but
.Vhais   that   you're    SSyia ���this
With iis storm, make*, you think of
And the uiem'ry saddens voaonite?
"Mayhap if you'd tell me tbe story,
i'would ease np poor mind a hn
1 ��ns just *ueh a night is this one ���
1.11111 liki Iv III ever forget
Thai nnrhlcasingcamft andaotneatow
When   the   wind   and  storm   are
Theres a queer kind o'feelis'in here,
A v.rt <j thanksgivin toGod.
"WhstS that you are sayiii?   Oh,
I e uhlni ha' heanl VOQ right.
I'id you *av  that your   wife  went
80BJS1 here,
ind vou dropped in that eight;**���
Thai -he wretrt boi&e kiwli*'early:
But thev arged ron to stay a spelf,
'  | toid her rone bring the babV,
And ssi (wa-. bandied up well?
\t last the wine youd l**'n drinkin'
Had somehow got Into your head |
wild and th��-stormararednadfoJ
When \..u start*-*!  for  home,   yos
Si i here, stranger, twsaol near Alta.
Jutd five years ago lo night'{
I in tbinkin *�� that place always
n�� I csaildn't a heard you righw
It was?  And th** baby yoS belt, it
And staggered on thn.ugh tnesdbw,
��� "��r brain gTOWln'drOWSy antl dizzy:
And that is the Inat you know
* t that night and the st,.rin. till S0I1IC
Found VOQ then erszy and wild,
And earned you bom*'; but sorely
NOW didn't tbey tiud the child?
No?   well, I might a' k.iown it.
I i"iu the tirst, sotnethln' told me
twas ���*.��,
IOC say N.uie wihl \*-\\s\ had g����t it  -
Then* w,-re tracks all about in the
Granger, see here, it a fellow���
A poor son o' fellow, vou see
���"Ootid S purse ot gold that its owner
Thought he had lost in the sea.
And then he should meet with that
|(" you think it would Isj n sin
�����USj to keep u?    when he who lost il
Thought never to see it agin ?
ion do?   Well,   go on   with your
Vow wife ;   Ifjgh, W known .she
went wild,
And told you not to eonie nigh her
Agin till you  brought liack  her
"Hvs yesrssad-heartedand lonely.
I|v<' years you've Im>'h wsnderin1
Ah, well! to me they've lien happy ;
les, wife, go bring Dolly out.
I See my way clear to duty,
When she8 rigiit here on my knee;
Her white arms clingin' about me.
I'm a little faint -hearted you see.
"Come here, little Dolly, my baby,
Give dadd) one more kiss,and then
I'm a Utter man than,without her.
I could ever hojs* to a' ben.
Now here is my story ���don'tcry, wile
It's tough, but it's "right, you know:
That night, sir, ridin' trom Alts,
I was COreta1 the wind ami snow.
"When my horse stumbled right over
And when I got off to see,
Twas a dead man,   leastways I
thought so.
And a child that smiled at me.
I unbuttoneii my coat and laid it
In here away lroin the storm,
And somehow, from that very minnit.
My heart's bc'n soft like and warm.
���'We were couiiii' west, so  we kept
T'wan't   ours,   and  we   might   a'
Wud get ponished someday tor keep-
The gold that wasn't our own ;
And while roo were tellin'vooTstory
The Devil ke|U Wi*,i>|*.*riu'to to llle,
Don't tell him :  he never will know
lb* thinks the child dead,  JOU see.
"Hut I just had lo   that Niby
With her cute  ways hss charmed
me quite :
i luce I tlidu t care a OOpper, sir,
It a thing were wrong or right;
Hut now.    well, here is your baby ;
Her lo>s loss cured you ot your sin.
i*��st iu the storm,   the Honfl drove
Vol i
Ritfht here to tind her ag'in."'
���Rose lla'iwiek Thorpe.
ritlllllM Krniie
He    Her   hair   i* like   sunshine!
Six \ ����������*.; it's briglm-r some days
than others   Puck.
Bbe   I can sympathise with you.
I  was married once myself.   He-
Hut you weivnl married to a woman.
-Tn HiL*.
Nevada justice solemnly I now
pronounce you husband and wife-
shake hands -take your corner* -and
may the l>cst man win!    Fuck.
"So. Dorothy is not going to marry
Mr S.rymser?" "No; s'ie ke|��t
talking to him about l**-ks he hadn't
read, and he got irritated and broke
the engagement    Fuck
The footpad   Only  S dollar and a
quarter? Come, whereji the rest of
v*t money? Hr, Isaacs Meln
freiidt, it a iii real sedate and! it's In
my vihs name!    Fuck,
"There   are   six   necessities.   VOU
know, for a happy mairisge.'1 "What
are thev ?'    "First, a good husband.
"And the others?"   "The other live
are money."---LaCaricature.
This is how a prominent broker
here advertises one oi hi-* mining
proposlt.0081 "The Province Mine
..ii Harris*m Lake iTrethways Mine*
will D V.. be shipping ore to the
Fverctie smelter direct, by steamer
about the end ot May."  To invoke
the assistance of the  Almighty 188
new departure in the mining business;
but, then there are so many tunny
people in the trade?
Thos. Dunn has bought Mrs. Emraa
(i,,n's  | Interest  In the  Railroad
I group
There can be little doubt that, with
the advent of the Crow's Nest Pass
railway, the immediate construction
of which now amounts to a certainty
a new field ot great promise is opened
up to prospector and miner. 1 he St.
Marys river, Perry creek, Wild
Horse creek and other points known
to lie rich in minerals will be easy of
access, both for men and supplies.
This district is already favorably
known, both for its silver ledges and
its placer benches. The present
suiting joint for prospectors is Fort
Steele, but if the C. P. R bridges the
the Kootenay river as is reported at
Wsrdner, some 20 miles to the south,
a lively mining supply town is pretty
sure to spring up there. No part of
this country has been well prospected
up to date, although there are several groups of galena mines that have
Is'cn shippers lor some time past, notably, the North Star, Sullivan and St.
Eugene. The ore bodies are of very
large size, but comparatively low
grade, running from 25 to 60 buuees
in silver and 40 to ��i0 per cent, lead
per ton. The improved transport
that will be afforded by the new line
will, however, rendei the working of
mines in this vicinity remunerative
enough even at those figures. Very
large quartz ledges carrying gold
have been tound on Saw Mill and Kll-
wood creeks, which flow into Perry
-���reek, a tributary of the St. Mary's
river, which has been located. The
tributaries of Wild Horse creek, have
placer claims famous for production
in the past.
DOTS���He said there was one thing
about me hedidn'tlike. Cora���What
was that? IKira���Another mans
"Now,thev speak of her as an up-to-
date girl. What do you understand
by ihat?" "sty boy. a girl that is
np to date is up to anything.���Puck
The Hotel
Is one ot the best places
in Samion to obtain. . . .
Beverages that are Delicious
iu taste and Stimulating
In their BjSSlities	
C. .1. KATLOOK, Prop.
m*.ilrr�� in
Hews, stitUi'iur*..
t'i>niV��*li.>in,rv, ButtST, KflBS,
cin'i**!*. Hay,Grain, Flour,
CanadiaD Pad Railway.
Soo Pacific Line.
Konte to St. Paul, Chicago,
Detroit, Toronto, Montreal,
New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and all Eastern
Unexcelled Sleeping Cars
on all trains. Tourist Cars
to St. Paul daily; Boston
every Thursday; Toronto
everv Monday from Revel
Steamer leaves Xakusp
every Sunday, Wednesday,
and Friday morning, making close connection at Revel-
stoke with trains for all points
East and West.
Before you travel get information
from C.P.k. agent* as to times and
rates. It will save you money. Apply to nearest railway agent or to
A. C. McARTHTR, Agent, Sandon.
Dist.   Passenger  Agent,  Vancouver
 MAnii'atutvr* of all	
Syphons, Ginger Ale.
Bsrsaparilla, Etc., Etc.
Setindon, B. O.
Patronize home industry
when von want the liest
Raddle nml I'm k Rome
tn ill Points
In th.' Mi untflini,
Dealers in
KAS1.0 and CODY.
McQueen A Gore haw
just   opened   in  the Harris
building with a lull line of
Remember the place,
McQueen & gore,
SANDON.B.C.    '
Pays special attention to all
kinds of watch repairing.
Large stock of
always on hand ���*�������
Mr. Charlton presented two old
stand-bys in the Sabbath Observance
Act, which lie wants to make more
effective, and the bill to amend the
criminal code by increasing the age
of onsent to 18 years.
There is talk of an a.lj.'Urninent ot
Parliament for some weeks at the end
ot May in order to permit Mr. I_aurier
to go to England. It is said Sir
Charles Tupper is also anxious to
cross the Atlantic at that time.
Messrs. Casey and Maclean are to
the fore again with their Bills for the
protection of railway employees, both
of which run much on the same lines.
Mr. Maclean has, however, auother
important bill to amend the Railway
Act, the object of which is to impose
a maximum 2-cent per mile rate for
the carriage of passengers and compel the ra'lway companies or other
companies owning sleeping cars to
put upper berths up when not actual
ly engaged.
The written argument on behalf of
British and Canadian interests on
the Behring Sea Commission tor the
adjustment ot the sealers" claims to
indemnity has been completed. The
counsel who returned from Victoria,
where evidence was adduced, have
been hard at work ever since on tbe
preparation of the written argument,
which had to be ready before May 1;
It will be filed inside the prescribed
time and then tbe FniUd States authorities have the right to reply, also
in a written argument, alter wliich
oral presentation of the case liefore
two commissions will take place, con
eluding the proceedings till judg
ments are handed down.
Mr. Mclnnes, M. P. tor Vancouver,
has also notice ofa motion on the order paper in which he calls for the
disallowance of the Act ot the B. C.
legislature ot* last voar, extending
the land grants to the B. C. Southern
railway through the Crow's Nest.
His motion declares: | a) The grants
and privileges so extended are unwarranted and grossly extravagant |
they are made without the interests
of the'public being properly safeguarded, and include rights that will
retard the development of the country and prevent the general enjoyment of its advantages; (b | the said
acts it continued in force would create
such a monopoly in land, coal and
tranj'i'ortation as would prove dangerous to the development and prosperity of the said province and to the
interests ot Canada generally.
The present state of feeling in Canada in regard to existing relations
wit a the United States is exemplified
by t' prompt action of two members
n�� introduce restrictive legislation
against the United States. Mr.
Cbwao, meml>er for Essex, has three
bills on the notice paper. Tine is a
lac simile of the I. S, Alien Labor
Law. another seeks to abolish the rc-
ciprocal wrecking* arrangement
whereby a Canadian wrecking plant
may operate in I'nited States waters
vice versa, and a third bill socks to
amend the immigration laws of Canada by imjiosing a number ot rcstric
lions 'similar to those which the
I'nited States now places on immigrants.
Mr.Taylor, member for south Leeds
is also to the fore with a bill to prohibit foreign labor entering Canada
under Contract, but Mr. Cowan's bill
will take precedence, the notice is*
ing handed in earlier.
Mr. Tarte trot a bad one in the eye
the other morning. The l*ublic
Works department is temporarily
housed in the Slater building on
Sparks street. (>n arriving at "his of
ticed early the minister noticed a man
sitting in the corridor reading the
morning paper. Mr. Tarte asked
him what he wasdoing. Im reading
the paper, was the reply. Can t you
find anything else to do* around
building so early in the morning
marked the minister.
No, sir, I can't.
Is that what we are paying
for? demanded Mr. Tarte,   a
I). S. WAlXBlUlu,!
That's a matter of .pinion.
Do vou know who I am V aatd Mr.
I don't and don t give a   any
I am Mr. Tarte, Minister of Public
Works. (.0 to the office and get vour
cheque, vou are dismissed.
I'll do'nothing ot the kind, replied
thc gentleman with the new-paper,
calmly adding : Do you know wh< I
am ?
No, said Mr. Tarte and I don't care
to know either.
Well. I'll tell you. all the same,
said the other. I am caretaker ot tbe
Capital Amateur Athletic Club upstairs.   So long:
Mr. Tarte disappeared up the elc
vat jr.	
Mining and Stock Broken*,
Notaries Public        and Conveyancers,
Min(*s bought ami BOkL *g*�� ��*"1* l" "!l II ('  �����'"��������������
iMeld brokers tor Wooderrol Otonp Mining: to.
K.tenav agent* (or Bondholde- Mining  C     Bt.   *^���'   Mining  *
Plsenixi*IM-hdated Mining Co and I*wo 1-ritndsMlDOUittSMalu.
Oom >6Ln es Stoo_ecl tanci  Promoted
Judging from all indications there
is to be a revival of silver mining in
the district west of Port Arthur
S*me time ago tlie Rabbit Mountain
mine was cleared ot water and in
spected by Messrs. Aim and Hay, the
well-known mining men. for a French
company, which company is now
negotiating for th*' purchase ol the
And now the Algoma Herald makes
the announcement that the east end
Silver Mountain mine is to be worked. The old Liverpool com pany
worked the property extensively tor
several years and met with a gnat
measure ol success, shipping large
quantities Of very rich silver ore.
Thev closed the mine down BOOM four
or five years ago in the face ofa good
showing of the white metal awl n< ver
since resumed work.
For some weeks back   Mr   A   1.
McKwen, the former manager of the
KnglLsh company, an I i*till later their
agent in this country,   has been  in
negotiation with a company of cap
italists of Cedar  Kaiiids.   Iowa,   who
desired to buy the Fast Fnd property.
The negotiations went smoothly along
and were brought so a satisfactory
conclusion to all interested     The first
payment was made on Friday morn
ing through the Ontario  liailk, and
the second is du<* on May .'��� next.
It is the intention of" tin* new com
pany,    the   Argentite   Mining  and
Redaction Co., toopen tbe mine again
and work it vigorously. They .dso
projioseereeting a redaction Works on
the location to treat tbe ore. thus
saving the heavy transportation
charges that, were paid in former
days. The Argentite Co is also en
deavoriug to arrange with the Wist
End Co. whereby the ore from the
latter Company's mine will lie treated
in the proposed redaction works.
Silver Mountain Fast End was in
the old *iays a constant shipper ol rich
ore. The famous shipper of rich ore
chute of th*; West Fnd mine passes
through the Fast Fnd, aud during the
management of Mr. McEwen many
tons of tin* BonanSS or** were taken
ROSSLAND    -    -    -    -
Civil iV Hydraulic Engineers, Provincial
Land Surveyors, Notaries Public,
Agents for Railway Addition to Kossland
���J**  \ i, r . ��� r   j(   v.. '-.' | . it��| mlrwr*! iUli:i. ? * a*V
Shore Mackerel, Lake Soperior White Fish. Labrador Herring, BoltSali
In Barrels. Pails. Kits or by
the Single Fish.
QAIIED HDAIIT ��������� ���*���'*���** *���������*-*'>'��������.��� g��.* on       rush own
UnULllMlnUI      every da)       Qrr*��dadelivered praoptlt
11. Gfegerteh, Sandon.
Giant tastier and Goodwhra  oodles
   "���Stjoreeat Aiaearonh, Kaalo, Rand  ���
D. C. MacHartin
1 ne tim>t eetsbUsnjnent of the kind in ihsKoosssaj    Ti. *n*ughi.
lighted bv electricity.    Botha aneaceiled; Is-t ami cold water at all h
An attendant si constantly at year service     tear Hi**-. eos b- polished
arbtlo yon wait by an experienced l.**biaek      The m\f plsoe  in  t
wherey..n(angeta.hme.   Hpeclal  attention  given  to Udka and <
drensHair Dressing. - S..1-* .ntianee tu UdieV I nth*.
The terminus.,f the BaOOOn
River Railway, the bnal
ueas centre for 8pringar
and Lemon cr��***k mine*,
which are sJ ready shipping
ore.    Lota In this th** most
promising ami Uautifully
situated   town    in    West
^iivJC).,Si,N';'��|;itv. Rcssland,
*!'��� i| iHit.l.
Butcher Co.
BhopS at   Sand<mi,   NVW <n,   K I
Amswoiti, and Quarts ( r��**k
U..M. ,��i s,,|.f,ti,. s. ..im/ Karl
ai..l SSI
tt Mall,ml,,. ,,,, Ul ,���,������,,! jUmOqb.
MrnKASI    vv      '
. LH
a, ll.nrv 1) 0 >-w'l*- M. I"-. �������!. s   I
\   M   In'I..,** K.,l**tft>tA,
l'h.    Ofajacl   "I   'Ilia |alt]a r la   (���> furulah n   few
,,.,, li.-.il -ti>.'��'.��ii .ii* or Mula fur ih" gsflfbMet >��f
.r,rt|��.ti"   wli-li lu llf Hi-lil, ��. Iiieh 1 liu.l   in iv
iirovn ii�� :ul i * ii'<i>> mtm lin*.- little >��rii.> binml
,,i-,  ,.<  ,���!,.���.nlaiii. anil In   Ui.-ul.* in-.-..f   Maf
11. i, *,����� an aztsodtd >owsa mi nk nOOf Mftf
ii till. MinJ-St U'-1 U�� V BaSJ !����� I��'in**ttl��i! �����>' U"'
w ..ii��|.l.- nil'-�� li>*r<* given K.|��s lallj . aa mIi-ii
iIh v an* far fnnn lh*lr tit mi w* aihI out In tin* Imi.1i
!l,, , ,     i.i .* .   ut. nl.nth    iflj resell   adili.1  i.il
aclfhl beyond ja-aatl.1.*. ����� f> ���*, ouocok   Um.. t->
nailing   Sf.' i |��i*>rll<\il  I'M. nf tii. Ir  iliac .vrra-a
nil llw   HTUflS*iI ill"���>' tony bssosbwd  OS th< ir r--
-,.. ������.*., olbaH s f*lrl> 4-8811* Uh
l  ��� ��� ..f nil l! I* ��"'!( * *��� irl.-nl thit ant   s n<>u�� a.I
!,���, i, |. u��rif aii. asKsiattsg ui ���*���>. *.<n tra
i> ..nut*. would tat rlittrvlj >.ul   ..( !l��.   .j,i,-tl i.   ...
..,.,!  r lia��  fc*vii.��talh' '.������ r.irT)   a-v. t *. *hl��.*.-
*.,_, ���   with   blot   In. Iiulim.* 1,1     |r\il,..  ..!,
a   ami    tli'tvl .f��* tll��" ta.'iiftll of till) - ||.    r.it,
��� . s.ii . n a trij�� I. ((.rtiruni bj tlw available
���..:��-!,:  for |-t>.\ ;��ii��ii�� bs ess  sssvrmisstl** take
.  ,|, l.slll, kftCf dsdSHtSS Ui"   �����   -I'! "' I'i-   !���*"���
(���bilk.. ;.,��>.   Mtrh  taring Ok.  rata, tbr untarlo
��� vjl.nt   *a Inn Iw ha* f.auml a go ��J  looking
..ini��o v.i��ia* tsdrtmstsa  sbetbera soststas
|      !l,r( udtirral. I. !i>��-   Jf.trli. ||
winj* b>On.<��>��!:��  rlsoae bapnavd b)
.nt m.-oLi l�� wi*>- lyi.-lais nt- an,I In �� ill tl*.
ivatiifill.-.    ��l4il<   And  <>U".   VhtSWI   th*    ��*  Hl��
; ui rv Im- ��*_t,  ��� i <��� i,. <!i.-r i; l. mlu-d ��i;h
i'i ���! 0*sl sin ��al* Mall j .f?. : th  i  ���
I!,.    ny<:l��a!   It-    rtttitiMMnt.   a��! ���;'�� l�� I ���   |.��s.|
* ��,u��ith.|a mono *t ��!*** i is si
. d    ��n liS rrturti a****a-f. ��� hast h.   SWUtlj
i -      nil is, .i i. ���._���.'��� i    brmry tnortai
. ;��n. nii!M.I'i!li.�� ���      hr  iu'Ii Oi.
nana I   iiwiliai  of  paSSS**!    ���** '*"   '���" lf1*r'.v
X m    i'l   ��B*.**il h ID * falrH...   ���!    h
: Ik*.   '���     H,    u hn..!.*, bow ���* ******. bO
(,.-��   ar     oasaiij ��  kiiBi,..!   ! I '.I.    *   in. Ih    ni..*.
:      ���     Ulu-lv.attd   t!nl�� h.  .i��aH.    ;a*��
MSJ    tttb*l*f WtoA   ��.ti.��tli.t   iua> r-'iiiain
.   ....!)*_   ajmwUlSS (raitkuisdj   il   i\<\
I . laa .il H.n*r    nUlaiM** fimiu   tin-
;.,---,     tjtn*   ���IlilhtK'    ��f'*��M��-��|l��   foi
kiN.Wilb  liia i in..    r4JI)t>!l l��-'iiia  li.   il..-. |M
I .*. m i-ii wi.ii' in rsrrj lb< taat**Jew<S art
.. ),- Tliu* '����� takltitf Willi lilm �� MmII
tl inlnif a ten rtngrn �� _��.,! i l,,l����� jJj<- k t
j, i.ai.JO ���*��*��!> u��'^<- iban a |aan,.| aad
airhavra-af �� *^��.lo wbirb siajrlvadoVd
... I..-* i^ . ia n-j..lil< dNmnliie ��itii
:-    . .ft.Ohli     any    it.iiv.iii    1,.
""inr.     Hi'.w, \. r. Uk   bn   |��raclK*atli a-
���   Id* a-r-arih   I   . ��ill*   iia aasnciatfal
il. a tnurb amallr*  kit ""HI ��!<>rquall) ... I
���   I.  in, ana .,( ; f. .<-nU>n,-lum jrun |��aa
I : .. Ui-lii .   st.��l rahtsml |a i��r ��� *��:>iiiln��
tan. <t ��...*��� ����� ..��i ��� m in. li ��ilx r a I ��� i��
a-lil   bavi  ?-��.ii   harill. '!i��$.*.l t ��� Im,   wn.-:.
!, �� hr tak.-��   will. Mm  to   vldrO   i to   hh
rj kt;   ��!.!����� pipe with a ��,.ir����br ��.-.-*���>.
.  asatll haiiiswf, ai.%ii  :-r..\- masnrt
.1 i. rla\ jija''������!   rupaUlns. with a llttli   saia
.,!.. lao.Utbsrai *iHlrt��af(������l   th. i -* t
��� an i,*..,.r��.io nkkf Is Our �����.����!* ti ixsib-.l-
��-U.*liin{* aibSPHlMf ����* nt half a |*Oami . t*r i�� la
��� j '>���: .i> in ii, iki �� aaOafarton !��� at foe cM *1th
��� ��� Ml �� laS .! imix-raU.
iiv tosttim with In bfcsi  pi}eon ehamsi
n >i<lt   ..ill.il r.*.*iin.* i�� ��inali .*ti<ntii>  .<
Ih   |..,.,|-t  ,J ,.r>.  lin |-r��-ari,,-r   ���' *til)>ri!ir   arfc ui*
��� >nv and (elluriuia ran la rwnHI* .l.t..i.,S
��� ���! i�� . t.�� il��. ir .in, II ���wlj.liur l�� Inf that ������(
> tn-ti ti w till* ara-nlr ��in. il�� Iia. k'jri'. .��t ->ni- ���>..
������   '  ���   siring u8   whit, (nut-a      Xnli:..  i,\   abkl
gll . a , flf ��� |,|),   (tun, �� >. tlirb ll VIII -l �� !.
>ii ti..   rbsrrosl l.ut tbej ba?r  nuatnril    T.i
������irtitm   <l��-. k-i\ . ��� ��� fT   uliil.  <iiiiij-., wlilrh   fuTBl a
��� whlh riiij,* il. (����(; ��li��rliilv ..I! ��.,.'��� ��l�� h
��� I ind llnarlns Ibr Hun. i- l��t t&l I -��� " .*
ii.,��<*\. i ,ii��� i. i;,��. i�� ...ir.. .tali, niti ��� ��� (. ii. :n .-.l
"-rtlliKII   | in, ti,.   lu .'.l-tttifc*.ii.lnntf   Hll|iblirfl   tu
'���ut.   wbrrr   l�� tii an   rusorlatrd In iba  us
"lii^ral II imv I, ik-lra�� 1' lOlHSi asrtbaralinplr
' ���*. furanlnhitr Itl.w.il known thai auhihoi
"ill t.iin.li r4ltrr,ao n. mi\ ^ ilttk ���( tl"
,   ��.!��� i..| , i.  ��� ; ti ., ttifla- a.Kl.'. rarh. ami [*��������.! I
.I rbarrnsl pbuvUx inUtun* onsailvn rola
'i��� I, _���, niiv h.Mt it with th. l.i ����|.lja   and (���!*��� m.I.I
!: " u tn�� aiiipiuir praaaul It wilH-tii. Itaeti
1 "��� the iiaiul aialii >���* Ui nl.h >.n iln* ��iO ar
Iron  ia an,.th. i   aaaorlatod  misrrsL   It  ess
��,\- |a ,|.|.-.|,i| l,v tin* niikru.'. tn ism- tit*
'*> .ni.- m.itfin II.', h liil-| In in.itii. I*-. in, - *. �� In u
Im .t..|.
Having iiniilr all th>- uisal t. ��i�� f..i daaorlahHl
"ii-iala  it   ,,u|i i, iikiIii. I , ,l< t' nulii. ���tin-   (m*..
in . nt ar>>td ami -ilx. i l.v I'lija II.,||..,i I'hla , in
1 ItlhM    !�����   ilniii- ii,,iu   .->   -in ,il i- , ti ,,, . i   I .    .i,
!i.,! ii . aii. i n'i, rk-h.or tin��� i��*>..���.*��* .���an lw
-lni|iliflrt] hy i*.ini ,'iitr itlnK o ni ,i aotiii-whai
I'onr I'lmiioiv i>f th.* <>r.'.   In tin* abaonrr-o( ;i
'it || :,,u| inn) |t ta .ihj.i i.li.i; u hi) n hiuiil ni in
'in il<> with an KM or |>irk, whital  n i.iiil>   *^i
��� It - .ih|. nan run u* rxtomirortml l>v but iiImu Ihr
; " ���> ������  'it  a  frying pan, iln*ii  laklnvr -i  imall
���iiianuty  .���(  tin* imsrnVrrtl oit ,��r  coucriilrslis
MM i ..'latino it i.uvltilli ,,n chart-rial mlv ll with
.. '"'I. in hut kl-, fua.* It tut,, ii Imtton "ii < li ni..;ii
���lll'l iiIi.im mil. |,i,���,ril I. ill).') II OS il <ll|a I
HllU-h   i nn Im*   i'i-IIn mitili'Iiv   ���itvaal'ik' it   Hliall
'I'Jfnlttj   "l   !>' ""li   Int.. tin*   i-tiiy |4|.c.   Till*.
will lake rather tiiiira Uiih* nml ii.nl.I,* ilmn th.
r..r.-vr ,|,,u mtm hut It run I.,* n��is.iniil|��h.il ��v lilt a
klltttf. prseucta,
Vli. i Inn iiik* il,t.inilii,-.l tola.. MtWkelioil tin-
I'i' -an. <��� ,,| v.,Id In lh��* x.-iii, th,. n, vt thini> lobe
'""ii" I. I - link.' i , nvfnl ,miiiI��� ,.',���. ,,; th.  M'l".
IMatlog ll".,/.. ,|ii,,tl,���, a���d  rJJp. wl��-th,r It ir-a-.
��iiii ���ra. riau Hi.* fyrntttlon, and whai th. form
". '".' .V'"1"""" *'f    Ha ah.mid nUiiKK.* wbnther
(Ih-hill  if any . \.< i��N ni��,i. Hi, v, in, ami If*.
t<.   ��hat .\t.-nt     |f  th.-i.-   |. nnv   wat.r   in   tit.-
mii'hia.rhixl  thai  thuuld  aiaube  noud.   Thr
ii-*t   |",in: .|,. I.    ,|. :��� Muni, ,|   i�� ih.-  Uipograpbt
atimaindlnK lh��- v. in. ��i���| ahoold be I*.' an n.l.i.t
al rraabaad akeieblng In <:m ihow th. v.ln with
Hi- i nn.l|��l h-atii��� aurrounding It   ����th< ru|��..
an.I   |a-rhnirt Mill  bfttFt   li.   I in   [iTUVtde  lilin-.ll
with a aiuall [,h ...v-rr.j.tii.- r.ini.r.i with whlih  ln-
raa rapklly uk.    R It*** torn* he mar n-rinlr.*    A
camera urtutt Wmrartrklgea(rarh rartnilgv |.r.>
vldlni' d,r It. \|-*ut.�� . makliiK idrtarH l ti In
will n,,.,.,!������ ;,xj j at.'i; a |���.  weigbl tii. oonrca.
ran u iwrrhaard for   '.   The (irturlpaJ advaul
I tin. kin.I ..f ramei i la tbal am oot >min Iv
urnoraiii ..r j.h .i.vr.i| In csn see it ncveaefuin
we !i.<   raitrstgvaan  Mnsade that they can (.���
I'la.-.al iii in .| i.ii,..\,,i ir- in ih< iRiii.Tii in broad
<ta>iiuiit  :ti,,|  th, aini  laonlj  eipoacdto light
wli'ii t .1 Ii .���      Irtm      Thpvlcwaao taken can
��� ���ii l.ia i,turn i��- developed.printed fromor > n
lani��>d b*   au* ith hsmpht-r -h-ul-l ihr expi rer
'Ith. i i. t hai<- tin- >!��� ��� ibility In do :h. w ,,rk
hliii-.il Tboa with very llnii iroutde or expenee
'��� ��� in plan himaril In a i> ..���:-n to convey t"
��� ���ilirr*. a (air iiW-si <>t hit* ,;,., ,,.. ..n ui.-a that,
i*. -,. rally Sjaraklng, would < niakli i.. 1.1 > farilltale
hi. )!'���*!��� '-���! making aaale. snd j*<-wi,i\ ���>(
|*i Ufirg .1 lil.'h.-i prtee for it.
1 w< n:,| |��<rtii ni.rli .warn Htrapnrtora n��f.iiii.'.
thooacof IiIkIi Sown namee For cummon nek*
.in h a*   prutotRue* fur  irr.uiit.     Ttsse  name.
t  loia   ��� x. ...Iliul)   iniaJeadhig :. it-1 nia.v
ja*.lt��ly itYinioaii* In .|��e��-r hluiuhr-.   The w ri:�� r
hi .. i  i. wklb   1 .ik'li-h esperl thnt
Ih- wanted .i location with if����aj reina .��;i It. l.ut it
nniM l* in th   " \iiti'.i uu.   "
I iK   \   HILLOT,
Office : Blacks Hot��l,
We have
A largQ invoice of
i.nuiKKs- sri'i'i.iKs
and 6RAN1TEWARE   ot
tile Kitellell.
W.  atao carry a lull line oi
"' Furnishings.
Sandon and ixossland.
Hunter Bros.
Hotel Kootenay
Switzer & McOluskey,
The immense discoveries on Kokanee
Creek led to the formation ofthe���
Canadian Mining, Milling & SmeltingCo., Ltd
which  has taken over   the   following
choice claims:
Glacier 4,
Two Snowbirds,
Clara G.
Full Sized
( AlMTAU 12,00,COO���2,000,000 SHARES
1(a),ouu shares tor devcloi>nient now in treasury
now on   the  market
selling at 7_cents
This stock is hound to go up, as any prospector in
the district who has been on the property can tell
Von that the rioppiiigB on the Homestretch exceed
almost anything yet discovered in the Kootenay.
Thc oriffiaa] owners form the company and stock is
selling on its own merits.
Call on or write to the Secretary for Prospectuses.
Ore can be seen at office.
LEIGHTON i* WILLIAMS. Mining n--orators *S Brokers,
l'ox ill, Sandon, R(\
Kootenay Mercantile Tailoring Co.
Dry Goods, Gent's Furnishing.
Opposite The Clifton House  is
presided over by MISS SMITH.
One."U ll<>r>e Tower Semi Portable
Emrino and Boiler, suitable for saw
mill. Second -hand, in KHrst Class
shape. Pi-loo, b\O.R Rosebery or
Sandon, $1000,
\i.j��lv for lull particulars t.��
Sli can City. B.C
The Newmarket
New Denver, B.C.
fl -ilu-il.,1 <ni III.' liMiik-. of ih.' iH'.iuliful SliH'iiu 1-ik.'. nml gonts <:in -.it DpOtl
thabaloonj and gin apon tii.' grssdeal Kansr** in Aroertes without extrsrbsrgc
Th.. tirr (**H*,��ia* .yatciii is excellent. The room nr,' air*/ ud deconrted wiih th,*
l.it.-t n-tilt-,.f th��* Miillpaper art. Tin* oxtorior o( th.' hotel is pslsted hi ci)l,,i-
that haiin,>nl/.��* with th.* I.I alNK--u*<*iiery. Tho Piiini*,' Boon i.< .ilway. |>r.>
\ 1,1,-.1 �� ith f.aal that I. Ui.t.v, iMypHlia. and BAtbfylng to tbe inner economy of
man, Tbe Bar ia replete with the naoat modem, aa ��ell Msnclenl braodsof
nerve prodnoers,
Ootdboga, sin.r Democrata, t'anatlian CaplUliMa, rraapeetors, Miner-..
Temlerfis-t, Ten Mile Millionaire, ami   PttgrttDS *rf .very  ahaile in |..litic-i. it
llgtOO or we;illh ar>* welenneat thi-> hoii-e.
in.ike for the Newmarket when you re uh the Slocan mctropoHi ami do noi r..r-
cet the I ..null.,i'il'-< nam.':   It i��
Henry Stege.
Three  Men   Buried   Beneath   an
Avalanche from the Mountain
Sunday afternoon tha men working:
on the Slocan Milling- Cos. tramway
near Three Forks, beard the roar of
a slide coming' Irom above.   Supt.
llickey,    Clark   Bibbee  and   Alex.
Stanstield were standing together,
and Chas. II. Phillipe had just come
up, on his wev to the mine after
spending the Sabbath with his young
wife in Sandon. They all started to
run down the tramway. Stanstield,
Bibbee and Phillips sought shelter in
a snow shed close by, but Supt.
Hickey kept on the race for lite and
fortunately escaped uninjured. The
slide struck'the shed with tremendous force and demolished it in a moment, burying: all beneath 30 teet ot
snow, timbers and rock. Supt.
Hickey summoned help and 25 men
were soon at work digging to rescue
the bodies of the unfortunate boys,
but it was not until after nine o'clock
at night that they were found.
Although the snow shed was
strongly built its timbers were snapped like pickets. The body of Stanstield was found with a 10x12 timber
across the head. With his arm a tout
its neck and his head resting portly
upor it was found the carcass of his
faithful dog, which he had apparently attempted to hold in the si.* d to
prevent its being caught in the slide.
His body was not greatly bruised
outwardly, but those of Phillips and
Bibbee were frightfully crushed and
The sadness surrounding tbe death
of Phillips is largely augmented by
the fact that he had been married Dot
three weeks. He had been in Sandon
to visit his wife at the Balmoral hotel
and reached the sj-ot just in time to
be caught in the slide. He was 21
yean of age.
Stanstield came to this section from
Prince Albert in company with EL Gk
Lincoln, leaving there in October
last. They were jo'ned at Fort Steele
by Bibbee. Bibbee was 21 and
Stanstield 22 years of age. Their
parents and relative.-, reside at Fort
Steele and Prince Albert.
Dr. Braise was summoned and proceeded to the tramway Monday morning to hold an inqoest, Tbe verdict
ofthe jury was that death was in
each ease accidental, and that no
blame was attachable to anyone The
bodies were brought to New Denver
h��r burial on Tuesday afternoon.
Wixn'kpii, (Special)���Reports <��f
superannuation! at Ottawa of men
capable of earning their living arc
not received here with much favor.
Men who joined the I,il>eral legions
in denouncing the sujrerannuation
abuses under the Conservative Government are at a loss to know where
they are at, as their political friends
at (Ktawa are scarcely acting as they
promised they would.
How virtuous Manitoba can Is- -by
telegraph ! These Winnipeg patriots
are wise in their views and sound in
their objections to the idea that the
Grits should practice the sins which
they condemned when the Tories
were in power,
For the country a sake it is unfortunate that no party in power is likely
to attach much importance to tbe
principles*.!' Manitoba patriots. Manitoba may denounce abases end
Manitoba may clamour for a tariff
after it* own heart. Manitoka has
always an abundance of brave srurds,
but Manitoba's brave words have not
the influence that would attach to
courageous ami patriotic utterances
If the province which is so fluent in
words had not been so read? to take
the shilling last June.
Why should a party in power try
to please Manitoba by its acts so long
as it can command dollars to buy up
Manitoba constituencies on election
days. There i* absolutely no jttSti-
fication tor Manitoba's pitiable j-er
formance last June. It is true tbat
the vote was divided and that the
officials cheated, but it Manitoba had
been sound at heart there would have
been no divisions among the friends
of liberty, and tbe woroi polling
officials on earth could not nave
manufactured a majority f-��r the candidates of coercion.
Sackcloth and ashes is the proper
attire for Manitoba until Canada
generally gets time to rid the national
mind of an awkward belief that .* few
pails full of $f> bills on election day
would inflaenoe Manitoba to approve
ofthe policy which its people had
most bitterly condemn***! between
elections.    Toronto Teh-gram.
Thk   "Piks Peak or-Bust     notion
seems to be coming to the front in
the i^olitics ot the foghorn nation to
the south of us. just now.   The  rain
which descends open the righteous
individual and  th*' reverse, in tiiat
land, is expected to fall in  large and
thoroughly    American  drops.   The
birds which fly   overhead ar**   rap
posed    to   exclusively   Warble    the
melodious strains of Yankee  Doodle.
Even  the seals, we  were told, were
American    in   sentiment.     On   the
authority of a I'nited BtOteO pujer w<
have it that the Missouri legislature
has passed an Act limiting marriages
in  thai  state  to  American  citi/.ens
This   is .surely   poshing   the   noble
doctrine of'life, liberty and taa par
suit oi  happiness" inu> the corner.
We may next expect to see a dra-t;.
and   rigorously   exclusive   mcaaore
passed in  Kentucky prohibiting the
lynching of anybody attlcai proved
to l>c 00 actual and undoubted Am. ir
ican citizen. The alien must be ke> ���
out. He has no part or lot In the
surpassing and glorious civilization
of the greatest nation on top of th..
Bank of Montreal.
I IpHal ail p*ud up Sr-\<��"l.'������>*.i
Raaervedroad \ \ 1,000,00100
Dodlvided profits :    :     ��?>.*. ��*,40
Sik DoXAtf A. Smith. 0.C Ml J. President.
H<>X.G. A Dot MMovn. Vice President,
FSj/i^rvp n, General Manager,
A. M v vim ��, Chief litapoctnrl 9apt of Bran
a. B. Br-'ii.Nvv [qapofllqrcf Brand
w. s (Xocorox, A-riatant Inspect
j.vk> Atui'. Secretary
BTaneboa la ail porta oi Canada, New!baadiand, (irvat Brit i
the [Jolted States.
New Denver Branch.
A general i��snkmg bastaaai treiM
m  c   co��c���
. .  It   ... ��       i
tt        ��-   ��� I 1 v  hxat*
and H>��ril Ot tn
Ctbk lotus.  " Okksmm .
>1    ��� |   ��M*l \,'*��1
��� �����.��������   a    ���.������  I     1 '
lk?��i' #-!  KrVHIl
and 4 in  ��   -1 > **S> ***a <S>
IE -olicit eOTTCepOPdeqca with |>artie* having
Doritorioas mining proparties f<-r sale, and
Isetf to lay that we have OOBOCCtiOQa in t
priaefpal eitie*. oi < inada,   KngUnd <imi thr Halted
States^   ;md  ire  in daily r��*cei|<  of lotyilriaa tot
developed mines and pn>tni*ing proafM   '*���
biac-ivi milling operation* and reduction of Offa
and a knowledge of trx differ* nt mining <lt*tri<*t*t i
EM?, eoabtee aa to Ibroisfe rnllanio anil nmanriani
inf.niiati'.n p*rt:iini!)g t,. mine*, and mining matters
References given
CAflPBELL, New York Taller.
~BW        I argeat Tailoring I tlaMi.hmrnl
in Ihr l*ro��ln.f - stSA,
Kam loops
VA.   Baruett has   Bled   in   the,
supreme court suit against Win. Val
entine, to determine the title to the
Lydia, Empress and Kx press, all
situated on rbor Mile near Qranfte
uiounlain;    Bart lei t claiming a one
third Interest.
$ 18��.?
~_T  *****        an��l Mp
��� ^"���<w���'"!zr<'ft^^x
rssnurtssd.      Qsat's wwrommMP
KK, Set   HarU.H N  *    ���**> ����� c HERE   AND   THERE.
S.   I.  Doran of aontraai,  was
l-iing   business    in   Sandon    the
mi of Mia Week.
A large   number   of ooinuier* ial
,.,,   have   visited   Sandon     this
*��� cek.
\   l.titeh, ,.|  Oak Pake, Man., a
esale Boot' daolor was doing
Saudon Ifooday,
J. M Harris i** tilling up tin
- .[ in ft nit ttfbia offioo, greatly
improving It thereby,
U   II. Tnniid.ii.   I* r*��t   while
���>ii).l'��ii ph.it<i_*iap,��> i. vtaitod his
11 inv frienda bera this wooli.
Tie* StrOOt between (h<* k. t\* 8
lepol and  Bhiek's   it-ilel    is   hsiliv
hi need of repoira and aboold lie
.- tended t<�� at oooa.
lie,*. Beattiopreached an inter
eating   hciunm   at  bpettOOr'a   hall
isi Suadaj evenioHtoa large ami
ipprt** [alive audience
Workmen galore are busty   en*
���{Aged in eacovoUog an loiliorwise
irepariog l����r tbaaeveral newbnsU
..-.-, haildlnga on tapis on   Reou
\ ��� ��� '.ile.
r.,������ tnercbonta of Sandon are re-
. nog    ilieir     already     large
-   i  ^o.t.ls. preparing f<>r the
** inn  summer trad.*  -which
, ever\ promiae of being large
William Turney. manager   of
N. timrt li -ality  and   Lorn bar
! N.-ihait. Montana,   arcs  iu
!**oii.*i this areas.   u\*.>n  basiueas
ted   a ��tli his  linn.      lie   d>*
���    liuiM-it a*, i.ting oiv favor*
hlv impreeeiid  with  Sandon and
|.r.*.i  ���.���! .�� J.ii^i.t ful ire   for ><nr
��� mining lown.
I i_ lenten aeaaon terminates on
vI��� r11   |Mh,   and   thUl   Still   OOttV
��� :(,.��� bstivitu-s- ��.f tbe seas*��ii.
i> her up. and lei us Iia, a s
��� i i ��t a ill make the  ebadea ol
.Mis   and     Uoitteaquiou     bump
ii lieade together, take  reef in
h robes and tly shrieking and
ering   into   the   utter    m*��ai
rttere are strong indications
��� it Sandon will Incorporate with*
h the  liexl   year    a   thing   to   be
��� rj much desired     An  Duiucor*
irate i   t iwn   n-���������arily   lalws
unler many diaadvantagva and no
decided public  Improvemenl   can
piHsibly in* made unices ihe  town
i-  incorporated,     Let   'is agitate
I ��������� 'im stion and push it to a r ipid
i >nsutnatioti,
tlovarnmeul   Post����fllce Inspect*
I'.. 11  Ptitober, "f Victoria, eras
In Sand,ni fin- w.ek   making I ""ic
langvs in  the poatotBce at  tins
place, tin* ni.>*.i important of which
whs thai nl supplying  th*. office
with   ih<*   ni .,,m   supplies fur
inducting a money order business.
nn-. new departure fill* a roug toll
.int ami its introduction,although
��� little   late,   will   be  greatly   up*
ireciated by the  public.   .1.   I.
.���'���an. the genial  asslataul   p"!**l
naster will oontluue in chargeof
he office, which  positkv11  he has
ilhd with entire   satisfaction  to
lie patrons of the offioe and  with
������eilit   to  hilllMi'lt'.
Dr. Power bac removed his office
to the Grim me tl boild!n_r.
Billn and lithographs are out an
aooncing tbe coining of  Augusta
Ohnttrom Benard and Kebeoea
McKenaie, the celebrated opera
aingera. They will appear at
Spencer's ball April i;,th and
I'-th.   Tin- programme consists of
ballad-,  by  tin-   most   noted   coin-
posers of America, Scotland, Ire.
load, Prance and (iermany ami
from the large number of flatter
log proas reporta of the  anocess
which have attended them iu their
tour it may be expected that the
citizens of Boodon will be higi.lv
entertained upon their visit hen".
i.iw.m   is
s. nprenes ni Pipes,
in. Cards and Poto Chips.
!>l      "��|��
��� ���..������.   Vtvii.i.'. VictorlS,
.- . i|��-n,��l i��
\ti.l will lin'-. in st<*-k
Children's Hose. Corset Waists.
E Stamped  Gkio.ls and  ;i  Full E
Li   <��� of l-'.mbroideiy STk-.
Ladies Outfitting -��� Bpecialtj
(Limited   Liability.)
CAPITAL, - $100,000.00.
1,000,000 Shares par value of ten cent**. The above Company
is forme*! to acquire and work the ARGO and BELT Mineral Claimg,
adjoining the Sandon townsite. Mines are Open for Inspection, only
a few minutes walk from the town. Limited number of shares for
sale at ten cents.
Apply at once to
Mining Brokers and Operators.
11 id .1 Notice
Hammond    Broa.,   the    grocers.      S,nU,. iH ������,,,. ^,ntUalzt to? exVtv,ai��n
Dave removed tliO'.r Stock of goods [Ofone month from tii.-rtrst pui.lication bereof,
.,     .    .. >���        e , ���    ,   the undersigned will applv to tin-stipendiary
to the building  formerly   occupied   Magistrate tor ibe  District *��r West Ko..t-
liv     tlu.    It      P      i*,-l uir ml         Tin. enay for a license lo S3ll ll<|iiors by  retail at
DJ    tin    is.    *.    restaurant.       tne tteVblteHoosc Hotel. In the town ots^don
building has   been thoroughly   re- Dstsd this 16th <ia> of March. 1**7.
paired and   now   presents  a   very
neat appearance. CEttTlFIi \ n     i   imi-: kkoisthation
EiiffAKD Rosa.
Certlflcste of Improvements.
California mineral elaim,
!-ttuat��- In the Slocan mining division of W,**t
Kootenaj1 district.sboal three miles cast
of Id. lown ..I New IVnver.
lake notice tlutt I.A.S.   Kiirwell. a.-tin_ as
rusent for Jamea Marino, fr,-.* miner**, eertitl-
"i'.imi'ames act." past iv., ax!) asikxii-
im; Ai*tm.
'Pierre      Development      Company"
K.trlsteie.i the.i.tli ,la.> of February. lHSlT.
IHEBEBYCERTIFYtbei I have this day
regfartered the "Pierre Development Oom-
pany" (Foreign), under the "Oompsnies
cate No. 71.170; Alfred .1. Harks, free min. r'- Act." P:,rt IV.. "Ih-.i-tration of Foreign Coni-
��� ��� ruii.ai. N... ; ..'ar��: .lam. - a. McDonald tr.-.- pantes." and smendlng Acts.
������iiner'-. ceruflcate Ko, ttjttt, ������l Byron C. Tbe bead office of tbe said Company fat attnat-
v on Houteo Iree mider'a eertlfleate No. S1302. ed al the citv of Spokane, tn the state of
intend. *ixi\ dara from the date bereof, t<>; Washington, I". 8 A.
��|.pl>' i<> the minlns nrorder for a certin-ai. .    The .>hj.H*ts f,,r wblcb the Company is es>
>.i Improvementa, f>.r  tbe porpoee >>i obtain.
Ins a eroaru grant of the above claim.
And farlber take notice thai action, under
���M-ciion tt. moot be commenced beAwe ibe la-
wiance of each oertlflcate >.i Improvementa
I NUe I thia Ibe llth day of January, 1*7.
Inn. :tnii IW7. A. s. FAllWF.l.l..
tallahed nre: ���
TO acquire, ho'.i. buy, sell, lesae, develop,
work snd operate mines sitd minerai clslma,
or sny Interest therein. In the I'nited states
of America,and in the  Province of  British
I Colombia;  to  buy. aeU,   mill,    smelt,   mat.
I stamp,   and   con.-.-ntrate   mineral* of every
1,.,,, v 1: -.. i ork�� ai 8o'clock
I . ;,-,. ��   ,".'.."   at    II ,>'. l.s k.
Afternoon    lacsve*     Tbrss   P����*a   "'
1 ! kmd ami description in the I'nited HtateadJ
r*arlbooMtneial**ialra America, and In tbe Province of BrtttahObt-
sitmiiein the Slocan Mining pi*-lakmof west   ami.ia: to acquire, boy.seil, and lease water-
Kooteua) Dial net. In tbe Beat Bardn. power,   water-sit. >.  and  water-riijlits in  the
Take notiee thai I. A. ���**. Farwell. agenl for tjnlted States of America, snd in the Province
tbe Kamblerand Oariboo ConaolkUrded Goldj0f BrttaSb Columbia; to phh-uh*. hold, boy,
aud Silver InlngOn, l-.-n t_n . i r., Miner** ' ^.||_ eosatruet, operate and maintain electric,
Ortlflcnti N... Oxfitt, Intend, alxty tlaya rn.ni steam, and water-power plants, for the imr-
Ihe dale hereof, 10 apply to the Mining Re- poae of turnleblag power snd light fbr all and
eorder foro eertlfleate of Improvements, fbr every kind of porprm and obtod. in the
Ih. purtMiae of obtaining a Crown granl ofthe 1 United stat,-.(1| America, and in the Province
above claim, J 01 British Columbia; tosooaeribeIbr, boy,own,
An.l further take notiee thai action, ondorjend bold, or receive ssseciirity. capital si,a*k
aeetlonX7. mu*M beconiin.il, ,d Ix-fon* the I-j |��� this or other corporsttona and for the
cuanceof-Hucl     ttlflcate of Improvements.     I tranaection of aucb other burdner* cognate
Iaat��*dlbia Uthdayof February^ 1*97. wm,  th,* objects hereinbefore specified, or
Feb. Jilt, vr.
A. s. Fai-.wf.i.i..
_r>iw ing ..ui of, ,>r incidental thereto
The capital Btoek Of the said OotntMUUF i>
one bundled thousand dollars, divided into
one hundred thousand shares Of the jwr value
Th. -..indon Wai. rworksand l.icht Company "''one dollar each.
berelo give notice that H wtllattneexptration Qlven under my hand and seal of office, at
of four we* k. from the flpd publication h.re..f Victoria, Province of Brltlah Columbia, tin-
nppiv to uu- Lieutenanl Uovernor In Coonell S*th day of February, Wtt
tor hia aanctlon to divert  f<*r Ibepurpnaea <>f       '   ** s. Y. WOOTTON,
tairt Company, one hundred inches of water Regiatrar of Joint Htock Companies,
from sac!..n Creek si tlte Ibrka of anid Creek    VprtlJrd, 18S7.
,111st Im !,.,�� the concentrating works of **Th' ���	
Slocan star Mine." : No.JRS.
Dated at Sandon thiaTthdsy of \pnl.  ISS?.   CERTIP1CATK  of  THF REGISTRATION
Thshandos Watbbwobks asp Light Co, I OfAFOREJtai. COMPANY.
Vpnl in. 'V7. .1. M. IIakki\ MSUSg* 1
COM HA K IBS   Ai'T,"   i'AKr   IV..   AMI    \MKM>-
in��; Acts,
ai   11 ... 1.�� k.
:     Leave       Tlov"
T . aV* -. ltd,* 1*1 ��� o'cltick.
^-���^-.a.A-.-'a  ��� -��� f
Sandon. B, C
Ani.ri.Mu plan, 18.60 per day, |
Eun.iwan plsn, 12.00 per day, j
Strictly ftrs.*class.
Mrs. M.A.SMITH, Prop.     |
Notic. I ia hctvi>> _iv��n thai ai the expire ! 'Slocan Maiden Mining and   Milling
I too of one month from tbe tirsi poblicatiou Company"   Foreign .
hereof, ihe   undersigned will   apply  t>> the      Reci*det*ed the *Skb day of February, 1897
stlpendtan   afaclstrete,   for the   diatric-t  >>i   t HlsREBY CERTIFY that|l  have this dsy
VCeat K.a.iena>. Sir a Ilceitae to aell llauors by   I registered  the "Slocan Maiden Mining and
retail   al   hia   hotel,    formerly   the  N,,r.|iM��>    -t Milling   Company"    iForelgn),   under the
llouv   in tbe town ofThree Forks "Companies Act," Pert  IV.. 'Registration of
vpril lr< . IW7. .1. s. Rbbdks.      Fon Ign Companies '. and amending \ci>.
   1   xbeb adoraceol the Company is situate.1
Notice. al ibe City of Tacoma, tn the stale <>��� Waah-
��� ..... ��� : Ington, I', s A.
None, .-her, i,\ _i\en ihai sixty onya after      fn. obi**cta fbr which the Compsas  is .-v.
.lute 1 will ���.p|.i> 10 ihe Honorsbie the Cblel   tahllshed are:
1 om ni 1 wi,,i,er of l_Micl and Works for i* runs. ���,-,, acquire, bold, boy, aell. lease, work, ami
alon to purchase one hundred and sixty acres operate mine-, ami miuersl claim-. t:i th.-
of land, situate In Ibe dlatrlcl >>i \N est Koot- iTniU d States of America.and in the l*r<.\ in..
ennv. at ihcjui'.-i on of the Wesl branch ol of Brltlah Columbia; to buy, sell, miM. smelt,
th.* North Fork ol Carpenter Creek, aboul five ; n,ai, stamp, and concentrate minerals or every
miles from the town of Ihree Forka. Coin- kind and .Iccription. in tbe I'nited states oi
menclngal initial |a.st marked 8 E p<>vt and America.and in the Province _f British Col-
running thence Weal torts chains, thence umbia; to acquire, boy, sell, and lease water.
North forty chain-, thence Easl forty chains, j power watet���itcs, and wster-rtgbta, in the
1 hence South tort*, chains to place of begin- j United States of America, and in the Province
I of British Columbia: to procure, hold, buy,
lay ot ���.()_ construct, operate and maintain electric.
Isteam,and water-power plants, for the pur-
' pose Cm furnishing power nml lixht lor all and
I every kind of purpose snd object, in the
1 United states of America, ami In the Province
of British Columbia.
hated ai Three forki
March. Is'7.
this   Ml,
John Potti k.
Notice I- hereby given that nt the expiration     The capita 1 stock of the said Company Ic one
of one month from the flrsl   puhlication here- million five hundred thousand dollars, dlvld-
of, the undersigned will apply In Ihe Ktlpen- ed Into one million  live hundred thousand
dlnr.x   Magistrate, for   Ibe District  of west shares of the par value of one dollar each.
Kootenay, for a license lo sell llouor by retail     Oiven under my bendand seal of ofBee si
al the lintel known ns the  "Wnlilorf"' situate Victoria. Province of British Columbia, this
on 1..it _i. Block .'. San.ion, First Addition, jith day of February, 1*'��7.
Dstsdiit Sandon, B, ('.. this third day of [L.S] B, Y. W00TTOS,
April. \. l>.,i**'7.     signed.* Regtstrsr of Joint stink Companies.
April8rd, '"7. M ILCOUI r. Williams.    ; April Srd, 1887,
%mm I
Patronize Horns Industry.
The close observance of the
above caption is indespensable to
the successful building up of a
town, and it is a fact per se that
the pursuance of any course other
than the above, will iuevitably re
suit in tne utter disruption of any
town or city in any country, ui>
matter what the excellence of its
foundation may be. It is not
known whether or not there are
any non-observers of this India
pensible requisite to a towns progress, in Sandon, but if there be
any antl he has the welfare of the
town at heart, as every resilient
should have, we beg to call their
attention to the fact that they are
pursuing a course derogatory to
the best interests of Sandon and
suggest that they at once re
solve to retrieve, as far as possible,
their past mistake and tender their
efforts toward the successful eliuii
nation of this evil. Sandon is
well represented in all the classes
of trade requisite for carrying on
the business of our immediate sur-
rounding country, the stores are
all well stocked with an adequate
assortment of wares in their respective lines, * he price are compatible with the conditions with
which we are surrounded and
there is positively no reason why
our business houses should not
be patronized in preference to
cities across the border, or other
towns within the Province, whose
wares are no better or whose
prices are no lower than those of
our own merchants. In fact, the
greater portion of those people
who send their money away from
home for goods which could be
purchased at home usually realize
before they have finished that they
are out about ten per cent, more
for their merchandise than it would
have cost them at home, and iu
many instances have been com
pelled to accept a vastly Inferior
article to that for which they paid
their money���in other words,
more plain, and perhaps bordering
On the vulgar, their pedal extremity has been elongated to a disagreeable extent. These assertions
are not abortions of a disarranged
mind but are fac'.s based upon
past observations, and cannot be
too closely observed for the welfare of our thriving little town.
Let u.s all pull together fr the
common good of the town and
fortune and prosperity must perforce suiile upon us.
Alasks Gold  Fields
During the next month or two
there will be a big rush to the
Clondyke river region in Alaska.
Scores of men are arriving in Seattle every week, preparatory to
taking the steamer north. All information from that country if
eagerly absorbed. One of the
most encouraging reports as to its
richness conies from   W.  F.  Con-
You can Buy SLOCAN STOCKS Cheaper in Spoksne than in
Any Other Market. If you wish to Buy Communicate with Us.
We are also Prepared to Place Properties of Real Merit at any
(Members Spokane  and Rossland Stock Exchanges
nell.   formerly in charge of  the
Oregon r/tate printing office.     Me
wrius to a friend in   Seattle  from
Fort Cndahy, under date  of Jan-
uary    I5tb.   189T.      Be  severely
criticises   ih**   companies   doing
business there for their   failure t<>
procure   sufficient   provisions   i*��
supply the demand,    lie says that
"mii-eis'  wages have always been
$10 per day and will not  be  Wsa
for some time to coiutt,   but   every
man must find his own  food  and
tools.    Remember that a man can
not eat gold dust, and   if it won't
buy anything eatable   it   won't do
anyone much good in this region."
He then fl*'**4* on in a more entbusi
astic strain as follows:   "As to th*
richness of the Clondyke   region 1 \
had Intended to say nothing, but I
know the facts will not be concealed by others, and  I   may   as  well
tell   you   that   iu   my   forty-two
years' experience on the Pacific
coast so much gold has never been
found in the sain** extent of OOOn-
try.    In   fact,   you   may   believe
anything you hear; il   can   hardly
be   exaggerated.     All  the   loose
men now at Circle Citv will be up
here in the   spring.     They   Wuiihl
be her** now if there was   food   for
them at   this  place,   but there   is
not.   It is a hard trip from  Circle
City. 'JOS miles, and the amount a
man can haul on a   sled   will   not
keep him more  than   a  week     A
ft-w  who   were abb'   to  get   d<*n-*
have come up and gone on   to  the
new diggings, but dogs are difficult
to get. and it lakes monev   to  oh.
tain a good team and harness  ami
sled.    The dogs must  be fed.  and
the only obtainable food for them
is bacon at lorty cents a pound ami
Sonr at $5  per  hack.     These  are
Circle City  prices,  neither   bacon
nor Hour being purchasable beta
at  any   price.      Dogl   are worth
from $60 to $125, according to si/.*. I
Strength,   endurance  and   willingness to work.    Four or  fire  dogs
are required for a good team.    The
new diggings nre fifty-one. miles up
the stream from her**, that   is the
mouth   of the Cloud) ke   liver  is
that distance, and   Bonanza creek
empties into the Clondika about
tWO miles abovethe hitter's mouth.
ICIdorado creek, Adams creek  anil
others, nameless as yet. are con-
fluents  of Bonanza.     There  are
ither gulches in   which   prospects
running into
McMartin & Currie
tgodv grccty
mm KM0 or umm
Etc.. Etc.
T.b|G NV\v Vintao<
THI-  VWn   KIM   N ITTAOR ��>>
& GO'5
S��.w eotnlnfl lotlita m-.rk��-t bn not �� tri.��n��n.��n ,���� trnMim <*i t%* \
qwaitty oott drywaaa, wtlltoul bring bwavy, amain* it o |witwl wfr*. I�� tfct tn* ���
vord.      it ��li..��ii.l >����� t��a!.-i lu ha wily ��i.i.��.-.*t��i.-.l
,\<-.',>r.ll!i,'|.. < i|.l,.ni H.'.iw .1*11.*'-�� SI..    !ii*i��.f1i��lb.ii  ..*  ...   }|     Uniiiii.    V   -      -   ' '
Dry ctMUnpaamt. from Janoarj i��i *���> lm**tnt��< �����    >��,'��-��*t.*l tOJAto <*.�������
mm* man  than  tbal   ol aaj other brawl, abowtag Oral M| n-ainta!**. �����> In
... i r nil .ilti>-r��.
By.-lifiiH.-ui aiii.it.I* of Pro! ll '*�� I- <0 I*>f����!ni�� it .��i*,Utn. tlw *#��*�� aii����ii>'
Ibertlbft,Um |.or�����.t and in>����t w iKitewinv*. rhampaan*?
Ho.-.i��i Wiirntnt. Innf baan gntatrd t.> \|. ����r�� .. || MaMfli A o> *�� |*>r��.
MiiJ.-aty. Uk��� ��'u��.i, ..f England, Ill* It ���*.��. lltgtM      - f   WaJtar.lt>"   ��'
(..rinuii Kiin-K.r. lit. M.iJ.a'v la*  Kt--t��r>' th' U��'l_!��.,.   Hi. ��,.>..i, thr K Int  *���'  ll     '
iii. MHi,-.t> tn<* Kin_ ..f la-immra. tit. m��>-*i) tfa�� KlMjatmotomnont Jf*or*��*��)
I *it her & I .(Mscr.
: An.l 1 nil. r lti*..��tin<nt..     |��***T}   U.|-.a.iin*.
Ilea   I.u-trt.. ���
*��..:,.|..|,,   It    c
Are being .-ariied by ileal*
era purcbaaing their
Grain and Feed
I   lia.r J i.i ���>). 11
...    .vi    ll;,      r
11).   K'a.l. IM'     "
tr...iikI   a   I.����!!���
���>!<��� k ..f
-From the
South Edmonton, Alta.
have been  obtained
"Rolled Oats a Specialty."
Write or Wire for I'rh as
Agent    A. B. (iiiAV, Nelson. B, 0.
M\   M(>..-tBlO' -   I
1    vvm.ii It. i*.
taction i.u��r��ni*
_ 0|4ln ll"-
IU-.I   Trial   ' O-
nm if.'' mob -
UMiaill) fuini.l ������
lnm��r riliaa
Jawalar ana Ootid*"*


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