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The Paystreak Nov 6, 1897

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( A Semiin snd j. P. Hume Spend
s Day la Sandon.
C, \ -violin, II. I*. T., n-prvwm-
\ng W.^t Yale dlatrlet. ami J. Fred
limn.   M. T. 1*��� rt*|*rt**s*niUi|f Weal
Kisdi tta>. MMittt riding, ajaitt a dsy
in Sandon till* week.   Tbey are est
a inur nf the PnrVlliee ha-king over
Ui, imlitiesl sitaataOii.   Ur. ***** inltn
at I. vi* t ofthe ops^..Uion. b whirl.
ka-iatt.   He l�� a  fawnier,  ami ia
-tbinh a man  of the   j*Htf��4e with
-Mr ittt��*n***js at heart.   He said it
�����_�� tht inicntkmef the opt***iti����tt to
makt a tight ngiiiitat tbeg-..\. riin,t-n<
ti t!��. ii entire |K4ky, Imt tin* ��*���*�����,�� .u
A |��t'ii-iitM-ttt seat winter, ami the
���t_��-a*iirii. put forth by tlte govern
twtit a-i*utdlargely form the Iim*
fur il*** campaign.   Tlte rcdbtrihti
turn ���*( rv|sr****s-r|itatkm in parliament
1 the main i-am*** tu tin* pro*
trino-. and owe on which tlie ��.-,�����*wi
lien count on gnttl ****.btaiir. from
\Ktwt K<sd*��nay. Th.* government
ha* latdly itefcmcd the lnt��*reat�� of
tht* ����rtir��it. A targe |��art of tin*
rrvr mtt< ia olitaincd In-re. hut it _*
ifrtit in the main on iittitrovlng tin
a,--*; <-.**j* emtntry. Mr. Semiin
���tr*. all <*uaMoV-*t tit re*xr*mtivr, aa it
bft-eatiy t*i^vlni*y^^/fc:����^
iflrtiiiai thr laSWir should la* a*
Jus?'- a* (stmdhlev   The re-dhsriiiu
turn, if Uiere trtfctr ihb winter, will
!*��� v,.j..tti.��m��*4 on Un* i****ai��trntitrti
An tli.r titatter thai  mill at*t*-al
*'r>.nj*rly    u,   fin.   miner*   of     W.��t
K - ��*. irty   la  tin*  ��|*|-��s*��itii"n to the
p>vt rntnenti |-nllry aa abimn in the
in tin* grant t**�� the (Viaaiar rstlrtatd, L
whir.  |w|f of the prt.lmi  Of all th* T.
ftthh** I.. rt-j��rter worked in thai *��v
ibn i** given  to the  rsilrtua.l com-
jw'.v.   Tin* e��wt nf thb ha- been
ti  Mt.j,  ��){    pr.*l.Ttiiig   in     .hat
<   mtrv. aa n*> miner U willing to
** -A *n those eumlltiim**
Vtudher pUntf in the op*.*-altton
pisiform b that the government
���hmtfjrl have tht* right torcgatatc
nm*- on all government aide.I mil
Mr llnine ha* Iteen 1���� the opp����**i
.i'���� during the |��*r*r**jeni ,gow***rntacnt.
in which party be ha�� hern la**t able
UtMrve hi*  r-iiiaiituoney     He had
'���������� much Ut _av shout jailltie**, but
*'A  tlil*  waa' a   preliminary trip
"��!'     Heaatdthe Halt mines hare
got richerore than ever in the lower
*orklngu,   They   are down   al��oin
Mn'"*i. Idiat week they treated li***
ton* of ureal om* charge,   A ���rven
I" i   e.'nt.  dividend  on   prefereiice
***'*>  of the   Hall   Mines V������*. wan
***** laat week.    ^^^^^^^
prominent!) liefore the public for
the pa*t ten years. It in full of good
honest fuii with enough pathos to
give relief, ami .the n��*cc*tsary lik'hi
ami shade.
She's Gone Where the  Woodbine
Ttcineth.  1^***^**^ma
*����*�� The great drama of the lliex of
1htr��-wh.ihav,.��-.,, ,t u,UT|.ret   sioeani* ileal iug it.eitd.   The cur
ed by_the Fraser Dramatic On. state ^i,, will lie rung down on thelart
lhat the |terlormai��tv leaves nothing      --  --      -.*'-.-��� _*__.   -.-^���.-���-.
u.�� !����� dHnred.
With n gi*"*l   I'lay.   a good com
(jaav, ami tin* |ma-ttiU in aid of a
oral orKaiti/atton. Sandon sltniiil
iilat*** a r*rord ��� break ing aadlenee in
S|a��neer'** <'|*,,r'1 House,
Canadisn   Group to  Ship.
W, II. Eksndda baa a earofoee
at the Canadian (*r..*i|�� mine; which
will lie iM'ftt_rht down aud .i**|.ed
sft m��hi a* raw-hiding eouuin-iiceji.
>iuj.|rtttg will lie eontinntfd aii win
ter. Work haa been goin/ ��>tt all
*uiiinier. Tw��� * tunnel*, have been
run Tin- uj��}*-r tunnel ia 250 feet,
ami ha*- three I��rive feet of o /iiceti-
tratlngore The lower tunnel i*. in
ttlifeHand i*. la'itt-*' |>ti*heil right
along.   Ten men are at work.
The gswiuiti at Tody i- running
full Mast an<l i***|*ort oraere enough
ahead |**r t a ���* iiiontlia.
The ijjwt ini*|i*ovenMuit in the tit-
|H*��Ui**n -nf mail**, which waa inatisr-
ursted In tTte i**V��nd *n neat-oJHee
lately b-mttch apprt*elated.
The eorsseai taaael <��! the 1*hur-
dav Ktaetii.n. which lie* between the
Pavne  and  the  *%.   Kaverm   has
?trttek the ledge, which latOws alwmt
ten Inehes of tine t*re. eajt'sonatei
ndsalena. Wl��it*i<r nnd U*eari
the owner*.  ^^^^^^^^^^^^
merly  foreman  of  the   Standard
mine at Burke, Idaho.
The Last Chance made its first
shipment this week of 30 tons.
It is long since we have had such
a clever singer a*, Mrs. Harvie WTat-
son amongst  us.   Tana ma Herald.
[���vinem of the affair* of thc I   Master Samniie Johnston took thc
company placed in the hands of a Ihouae b\ storm.   Colonist, Victoria.
the sheriff.
act next week when the property
will lie knocked down to the highest
bidder. The erstwhile directors
have been released of their trust and
the management of the affairs of thc
<i in the hands of a  ���*����*** ���*.*��� ��*�����"���    ' u
n nth  more callable     w. K. Sharp and X.J. Cavansuah
If the "two million  journeyed to Kevelstoke Sunday to
��f ore in sight'  realise m<*t their respective letter halves.
.......    ,.,il   .��.,   tli.-il*  .     . ,' ��.:._..     *_.-.��
dollars worth 0L^^^^^^^^^____
the amount th��   men will get their
wages.   The be'ruilcd stock-stiekers
have some elegant   wallpaper   iu
gilt and bronxe ..  momenta's of the
gnat play.  A*yet there is no word
of a   prtweciitfon of the promoters.
Judgment was got  by   1". B. Ulor-
ton, late  foreman.   He  s**ized   the
projnTtv  Wedm*suay�� und the sale
will be ruesday, in front of the government office at Kaslo.   The judgment was for v&0. wages due. Other
claims for wages against the coiu-
pjiuv amount in nmml numlrers to
\etc Time Card.
Tht new time table for the Slocan
branches of the C. V. H.. which will
go Into force alxtut the 10th inst.,
i-haufa*a th��- !ieatli|tiart4*rs of the !*\.
* 8. to .-*��ndon. The expn*ss leaves
Samion at 7:10; returning, leaves
Nakusp at l��:2U The str. Slocan
will leave Hosi-liery at &30 and returning, leave Si ran City at ll:.'10.
On the Slieatt river rusd the express
will make direct connections, both
ways, making a through tinn* from
Sandon to Nelson of Jive hOUTs.
Roac (Isrlandon the Boards to-niflht
at ***t**aaccr's
At The Hre Bova IV'ttelll i���� nigMt
Htsja-mjer'aOiioraHmisc the audi-
'���nee should All the Imilding Iron-
dome ui pit, not onlv heeaii'M' ��te
privitila are tn go ti. Brlgt'de lumls
hut alao on account Ot the exeellenct
''I* the attraction. , r
Tlw play, Itaw tlarlaml. Is one of
the prettiest pastoral otrnwlles eyei
written, nnd lias beaa more or lest*
Iht-Jivtertatt service, wiii la�� held
in Virginia Hall to morrow morning
nnd evening nt the u>ual lu.urs.
Rev. A. I>. $lcn/,ie* will preach. Mr.
Menjr.ie* will la* here three Sundays,
and then g.***, to Khslo to t:ikc
eharfp* ot the church there.
J. U Hull, a hading butcher and
entile man of KamtoopS, spent a day
in t.iwii in the early part of tht
week     Mr.  Hull napresscd gnat
MrptaW at the progn sj. made l.y
thb camp daring tlte last year, lie
will sta\ in town a few days on his
return ir��>m Kaalo and Kelson.
Sid Norman, who baa been directing s .me new work on thc St. Kav
erne, returned to Spokane Thursday The I'ayne ktajte, which was
Mruek on the Thnrsdav ****rSCtkm this
summer, hat been traotl Into the
st Kaverm* 400fcet A meeting of
the company will la* held in Spokane next week, when it will be de
etihil what <;������-era t ions will be carried
UU thi> wOiUr.
The sttttT Of 1
���a|H'Ht   'I
Burns ft c..> fchJP
l���. ansistamv of    ���**'
a lin*'
Xctcn of lllicillitcaet
The Giant Govan   Cotopany ta��
JivbuA the Wj#/J?ffi
roadunthe North hork of.thei
eiliiwaHtotheWaverleymme     lu
Sw will be a steady ehlm*r thb
wlnur.   H��rr>' Williams iWcato-
dav witlt several men 10 take out
Ire from the Sir Walter and^hc
Hidden Treasure, four miles from
, Waverlev on the wtigon nml.
TweIvJsack* were shipped from the
ii W, iZr to the smelter this sum-
I ...   which   returnetl   410   ounce
���V _, . ...   a   trace   of  tfi'hl   0OO
rdlver j��or ton. a traci   *** *-
m-veil p't' cent copl��er.
Will Replsce the Stock.
Mining Co. aa. ^^Uanc A
Thanday evening In *\"**���',..,
��..toil was in riicuiation that tin
,rCi�� arjns ion �� of tlie ccaipanj
ol tginai j    *** .    trons<n,.v
IntWfided to replace m
���irivatestock �� >orm*
Sam �� make ^���^l ^
hee,, * d ������*�����*�� [^be ofelab
r^Z previous to the ntceting.
Enterprise Mine^PreparingtoStart.
Tha Kuterprise mine on 1 en Mile
^u'w-LLLLmi,,", '��,%���-*.��������.-
^^^^ respectivij	
C.eorgi* Nichol and^ Mb* Anna
Nichol of Slocan City are visiting a
few days in Sandon with Mrs. E. J.
Taylor.on Sunnyside.
Mrs. W. K. Sharp returned ou
Wednesday from an exu-nded visit
to points in Wisconsin and Minnesota.
Mrs. N. .1. Cavanaugh joined her
buslmml in Sandon the past week
and will make Sandon her future
Albert Martin, of Fort Steele district, brother of Milton  Martin, was
in Sandon this week.
Geo.   H.  Wharton, of Spokane.
part owner of the Keco. is in Samion
thb week.
(.*.   C.   Fraser.   manager %f  tba
(Fraser Dramatic Co., has la-en tu
Sandon for the |����st few days, arranging for the production of tbi*
popular play. Rose 'iarland. tonight.
Mb-<teit:iule Marrack n-ndered
A Ouiel (Jiorno in a most brilliant
ami effective manner. San Francisco Call.
Have you seen those new dress
patterns at 11 unter Bros.? They are
dandies!   *******IEE^^^^H _H
The shipments of ore from Sandon
from August I to Novemlier 4, inclusive. 18.17. were a* follows:
t est.,
Slocan Star,
Idaho Mines.
Noble Five.
American Boy
Slocan Boy,
Freddie Lcc.
Mt. Adams,
Lnst Chance.
Tom I,
,^^^^^^^^^ift6.4:H] tons
Ore **hlpniciits for the week from
October 2i> to November 4 inclusive
were as follows: Payne 400, Ruth
106, (toodenotigh 15. Last Chance
80 K. & S. Slocan Smr 120. Reco
40   O. P. K.
Rubbers!   Rubbers)   Rubbers!
men's, boys',
For fall and
We are headquarters
chltdren's and ladies'
winter wear.    Hunter Bros.
f V*V:
-''   ?*
.1; M
���������ft ���. w
A  Fortunate Venture   for a Sandon Company.
On September 1st. F. J. Donaldson, J. E. Jones, W. T. and J. If.
Byrns took a bond on a group of
claims three miles up Spring creek
from Sproule's and immediately eom-
mencea work. The group is called
Carbonate No. 2. They have in two
months opened up what promises to
be a great wealth producer. A tunnel has been run in 75 feet on the
main ledge, and at CO feet a cross
lead was struck, of four inches of
clean ore, shot through with antl-
monlal silver and grey copper, an
average piece of which assayed 011
��� ounces silver and 70' per cent' lead.
Thb lead shows on the surface 350
feet, and appears to grow wider with
depth. Tbey are now taking out
ore and sacking it, and expect to
ship a car at the end of thb month.
Fourteen hundred feet of rawhide
trail hss been built to connect with
another trail, a bunk house and
blacksmith shop put up, and work
will be pushed. Tlte company expect soon to be on velvet.
W. A. Swan was in Sandon to
make arrangements for the packing
of provisions to the bead of Trout
Creek, where he b interested with
hb brother, R. L. Swan and F. W.
Wright, Ex-State Treasurer or Montana, in milting. They have several
claims among which b the Fairy
Queen, which gave assays averaging 180 in silver and lead. The
ledge bas been utioovered 25 feet and
shows a body of ore from one to two
and one-half feet in *htekm-s��. They
have built a trail from their mine to
Hill's saw mill at the head of Slocan
lake, a distance of eight miles, at
their own expense. Mr. Swan will
take In provisions enough for a crew
of men, who will lie kept on development work all winter, and commence shipping in the spring. From
persons! acquaintance with the gentlemen who own this group we pre-
diet a rapid development. We are
also acquainted with their claims,
and believe they wilt prove to be
among the nest in the Slocan district.
Who Caa Crack thia Nut?
Editor Payktueak- -I read on a
a Bank of B. C. note: "The Bank of
British Columbia premises to pay to
the bearer on demand at their iiftlce
in Victoria, B. C, ten dollars.-* As
Canada coins no money, and the
only gold and silver in'circulation
iu this Province b of United States
coinage, can yon Inform me what
kind of dollars the bank wonld give
on demand to the holder of a note ?"
Would United States money be
sufficient in law ? Or, would English
pounds, shillings and pence be offered?
By giving thb information in your
valuable paper yon will satisfy severs!.
Springer aad Lemon Creeks.
Harry Williams returned thb
week from Lemon Creek: He re-
Kit that the Arlington has their
ler and steam hoist in position and
ready to work. They have three*
and one-half feet of dry ore showing native silver. They had to
snake the boiler dp over the trail
with block and tackle for eight
miles. The Two Friends have struck
fine-looking ore and are pack
ing down to Slocan City right along.
The Canadian Gold Fields Company
bsve two gangs of nten building a
trail from Kootenay lake, six miles
above Nelson, to the Golden Wedge,
working from both ends. They are
taking out ore right along and Intend shipping all winter. Tbe ore
is all speckled with free gold, and is
verv pretty.
Forty-three men sre doing sctive
development work on tbe Alpine.
The Black Prince has. some fine ore
in sight, but is tied up in litigation.
The Chileat and Dalphlne, adjoining
the Black Prince and Alpine, put in
some shots Isst week and blew out
some very line ore. The sled road
which was built up Lemon creek
this summer b very poorly done;
Instead of a sled road there is s poor
excuse for a trail. Nelson b going
to get the benefit of thb -section, aa
the new rawhide trail of. tht* Golden
Wedge brings it within eight miles
good travelling. The C. I1. K. have
a townsite up . Lemon creek. The
rails are being laid Into Slocan City.
Everything b dead compared to
Nam Poawage Stamps.
Canada has adopted the postal
union system of stamps, ana will
supply '{wwt-onlce* with Um new
stani|iK as fa��t as the old stock raas
oat. The design will be the latest
photo of the <-��neen. The one cent
will be blue and the Ave cent will be
green. Stamps of tbe entire union
which do the same service will be of
like color, that b, the V. S. two cent
will be like the Canada three cent,
and so forth.
improvementa ia  Scem**er*s Halt
G. W. Spencer hss already an*
nooneed a hall for f*hiisttna�� and
New Year's eve*, the one on Christmas eve to be s grand prints hall,
and the one tm New Year's to be a
grand uiaaque ball. The stage wilt
lie taken out for the occasion and a
new hardwood floor laid. Thc orchestra will consist of seven pieces.
Death ol Henry George.
The death of Henry George in
New York last Thursday night has
caused more universal sorrow than
any event in recent years. He was
the foremost man in the world in the
championship of the rights of man.
Burglar Oats Nine Dollsre.
Tuetkuty night some one cut the
wiieacreeii in front of Burn's butcher
shop snd quletlv tudiied himself to
tlie change tn the cash regbter, eight
or nine dollars.
Before you bay your winter Mack!
naw  ace  our "Carat* L.attd.'   We
guarantee these good* and have the
sole agency for them.   Hunter Bros.
Notice b hereby given thst we are
the owners of the Hotel Bartlett
building, but are not responsible for
any debts contracted In the management of the hotel.
 Babtlett Bros.
Town tots and a new dwelling
house for sale in New Denver. Apply to   Thouphok, Mitchell A On.
*       ** i ������ s��j��i'HS��*** rl.n.ii y in.,, .jjn-msrsniaaa
Johnstone A Haines have just re*
ceived a carload of Onrney stoves.
For Sale.
CM law p��-w***f��l wall ptartaa *��f��*ii. play*
abont ft! pbtt-a* at a��turtatl tlance nttuk, alts.
Ilia ttaat organ thl* sfcteof Han Wnoetmro.
Haitattla tn dat
To Moat tha Inereassd Trade Dae ta Oar Re.
eettt Cut la Prieea aad Used Was* taa
Sandon Hand Laundry and Bath House
WILL RKMOVK IHiHag taa Coming Week ta
Bettor aad Mara Cstaiodleas <**��arter* tm
BLACK ST., Bet Black's and C.P.R. Station
Our Work Is taa Boat. Our Delivery Prompt.
Our .Prices Reasonable.
Give us a trbl and we will aatbfy you.
!Sfi3E^^ qV Cavanaugh
l.. alieitd. W W r*U*��W*M*<\ W
w. i wiu.ua-*, a a ���*
And flatter Invet-rtntent*.
Every Re)>resentathin fluarant**etl.
SaasSaa. ft. C
J. G. Melvin
Yt-ja -L#IMttu,����� W al.ltataltrt si..|
Amwmlet. lata wt VasMrttittat. a��* at
tmte-iui., l.t����at-~t��i
Anl i*pm**nn***d ft����**��
Watch and Jewelry Repairing
com*, b. c.
aattafsr-fntat-* td
of *i.i. BUfts.
Watchss Ctoaasd,
If y��m want IJtaal Music
leave vour ortler at tlw*
Slocan NetD8 Go.
For the Hnndon (h*ch��***tra.
Frieei* reaattnatde. Hsiia-
faetlon giuirsnte.il.
THOS. DUFFY, Leader.
rooms.   /��rr|rart
naaJbuasas, th-mtfa*, ,��nt**rt
T. W  FLETOHKU. Vtototta.
Stationery, *$
Cigars aad Tot-taeee.
Rough and
Dressed Lumber
lUtUnat*-* tarwidted tm C t* tm  !,.,.
tM*d Sail rata
CVyders left at Byt-ra*  llanlnart*
Stsiri* will receive |-rr��i)4 attentino
a. c
Wilt la-at lltrtrl llalttwii-al. in Mantltti,
oim** a month.
���'The Elite.
la t oa prep***-* "��*���"����� ��'l tie ��� ���
Kan i* i*t*j> ilntf* ���� fear     W* raw Or
l*nfr.l *t*mb td Ait Tlatt*
Queen Heating Store*.
Box Stooea,
Cooking Stooes,
Ranges, Etc.
t'aa.|.*IMi**r/1.Wv**tt.-.r. wa.lr ��� *��� *****
Hamilton Byers,
li��.|*iar,Hiii.l Stirta** ^^Vi.r.U-1,V "*'
r. w. shoves.
Cioil and Mining Enflineer,
Prr.viitrJsl IjhlI HnrtfM.r
Kaslo. B. 0.
Ul..rr*l (Irtlu.. Nan*>*��J <���*���'' H','",,, ' THK PAYSTKEAK, SANDON, B.C., NOVEMBER fi, l��t7.
>Kw oajtvittt iTaas.
t daufbter hs* corns to Hem tha hnma
^llf-T..! Mrs. John Taylor
rt,, hand ccrfteaft last Hstsrday m*
^*?g%L\f **l****   **  r**���***'
"'k-vi. Ihos. Isareiwiaova-d to the
^-J-Mitchell talld.ag. op,*slt*
,},��, ,.*\ 0.B0*.
-n^-. ba�� tasnv a "hot tfme in the
Jl..a" tha I*** **** atehhv-hal, ��h.
������ g cmaa��ut WltW ran U> tan the Irdf*
Urt *t*A the  Evening ��_J_fjf��; �����
Work on tht Ha **��� "fi1 jjjjf
._������* open ����t�� sad a *a>ht��t aliaft.
J���*Ui*Mge to he cwotfn-**nt* ����d
Jtjhit Jnhaaoa, one A NeiW* piou
���*���*, died laat week ot iw*ttinonta    lie
WZ i^-��rleierel thet*tfW Mug Hotrl.
ahi�� 1. be built la WTO.
Umd  or*   the  ttohl   Wedge.
carload ot om waa *hipped in Oetnher.
It Mta-a-d through the Katdo aampler at
t*f��**�� em. ailver per ton and 66>_ per
cent, lead The ore got* to the smelter
at Omaha (ta tins mine a record haa
bton made lor tunnel work. Throush
hard reek the soot ha* lieen jnat ���? a
Henry Mege haa moved out ol the
Newmarket wilding and established the
rllOOSa Hotel tn his own building on the
corner ol Htxth ami Uelleview Avenuea.
The Hlocan ia a finit-claati hotel, tlte
rooma warm and lar/e. ami everything
altottt it arranged fur the eomlort of the
The Dominion Ooeernment i�� going
to make some improvement* on the
i'ideatt Canal thi* .inter, an a* to
di-nhihah the liahility of .flood* at Ottawa.
The engagement ol Ixird Mount
Hteidieu Itatter known a* Sir Donald
SmiU. . loruurlv president ofthe C. 1*.
II.. to Mi*. 1,1*11. daughter of the late
ll. 0. Tuluell, Ml haa announced.
W*. II, Uw, of Sunlight ftMp fame,
i* gtMng t�� e**tablish a Map factory in
Toronto. I le claim* that the- proh'thiiive
unit* against foreign soap have foreeo
hint to  huttd  fartoriea in the I'nited
Mat MM tan.
Fr.nn Montreal
.'.'.'..'.'.'.'.; Oct.*
CaliVrni*. Allan hint* ...
l.al.rn.l >r.Dominion l.lne  Oct��
Vancouver, ***  	
Friim Near York.
Umt.rl-1. Cunard Un?   1
Ktnirl*   1
("winp.'iiiin.     '*    	
M�� ��.ti��>. Whit*Star Line 	
Teutonic        '* .,       ���
*-��t  Pn.,1. American Line 	
Ht.Loui*. "  	
**t*te of Nvt.rs.ka. Allan Hint* Line ������
-Southwnrk, Re-l Star Line Sept��
Noordland. "  	
Oafata *V *.��, rsj<7i'aifuidu|iiranl*'.
|i'.brntM>tlii.le *Xt aimI upward*.
Sterajre **5.*o snd upwards.
**����*ro_*m Th-k.tt-d thr ueti to sll ���vMnw in
Ureal llritslu <��r Ireland, sad st Sjieelalljr low
ta'*** i�� all trart* -it Ute Eurnpaa Continent.
Pre-aM I*ssssa��s **jTstifed trom sll ���joint*.
-********"_.   .   K  MrA|PfHCR, Cr-R. At-rut
A "?���>> to A
Sand *u. or
General Agent,
C. P. B. CHBt-ea. Wlnnltrair
The  latHtd   ��a   lft*   MOMi    tt e��tj_v, m 1 ������   ���
l.r����..tt i r**ek ot*i***w��rty, ha* haa taken j RtatOJ ami C*��na��la
ap ht the llrtlUb raiiadtaii <, .ol Kli Ms      TH<, (j,-^, nl n, q \t, was ronferred
to   l .teontO, andIwwk will lie |itt��hed j qpH|| m ��;���n;IM |,.r tj,�� Hr*it time in our
00 the property this ��1nt.*r , it^ntnian    - -*-- -�����.��*���.-..t,v._ .iti���n of
sj.*a�� City haaagfa^arhalleit^i*tl Sew
jinit.r for ttamnta efaaso-datata*
i*-*i.Vr\ and the hoyi hire have tele
**Tapht*tl lor a hfll io get into praetbe
Raad >n *l��*�� want* a tdap at Ututvor at
Woglo and will ta ac-i-AmtmwIat.-d. a*
Um* h��cal men are resdy for all comer*
\\.��rk wm begun M.inda% itwrnlngoii
ik*tttH.vat*��Hi.dtbe M��al��**d rh^airh
aad tt. a f*w dsfS that wW he ���* h����d-
*.*tearhureh sMlhttna as sny itiihe
j4ocan Tato hundrr*l ��l��dlar�� have
Um. aiilis-rribad t����ward the;**��*"k* ��J
a li U hard Hulah. elettrir ligtetal aud
uew in stir |lUt on.
The .h-taila are helng rap����*. tjrfcrtj
rd t..r the r-^Wlitwi K  *** *\ ������ ll",,,
     at the atiiiiial eoiiVtH-atiou of
Tritt.ty t'olWe. Toiimto, on Tuesday
laai. when Mi**<.'lara Brett Martin, the
IwrriMer. rexidvwl the enVOted hood.
Sir Wllfr d IjutHer, onr Premier, i-
gnittg to writ a ii*t��r> of the Hudson*,
llav lomjiai y. anuh wm or tinhliahi��d
in l^oiidoti, Fttg . and jimmisea to be
����n*' <��f the tntmt interesting record**
j a?!e��iiitf tiv> evolution of the D-iminion
o: tanaoa.
. be b,��ri*tl
*o-*4*nai, bi
M         Msnufatunr* of all	
Syphons, Ginger Ale,
���"rjtrsap-trilla, Fie., Etc
Sajrxdon, B. O.
Patronize home industiy
when you want the best
Sandon, B. C, Oct 21, 18U7.
To all whom it may Concern:
This is to certify that as I am
removing from Town, O. W. GRIMMETT, Watchmaker and Jeweler, of
Sandon has purchased my business.
1 beg to thank my numerous
customers tor their patronage in the
past and I hereby mpectfully request that they will give their patronage    in    thc    future   to   MR.
Walchmaker and Jeweler.
tla-aitig* Comity t*gol*U**tQ
-Mrain f��r niJ. rttul* Mr K. C It
l'hilad.lp)tta. I'a.. t* jrretMiritiff to cout-
meme httring; itnittediatefy. lie i-lahn*
that prevmua horiniri were n*it of a
*u(!h lent tieoth, and 1* prepartvl ta ^->i
dt>wit rj,n>��feei
with hit* lawyer. W
:::::<r^^on*wl ^.-*te_s**&-JK__KS
*^*__ft!_-j*_s_: isrs ^.i*'.:..."���*���- ����*
���|*��L >  .t>��>,, ir.-ji,..-' .-��� -J ��-- ,
the tai.1,1 *��ure4 t�� beyond -.-ratlyete
tun* t,.e ln-*4 tihUliied b*r *��* similar
rt, ,t in town. Tbe concert will w
jfieninthttCiavef Halt
HotAary ***ri*rmm**eA mtteut ^ ***_-_52
to* Jteartl dtwrgro jtt^fe**rti*l ���a*����r��!,l
^,.ni^J*|��S by J. Irw.H, ***����*'
1-bi.nt bring that the ***T^JW .^.J
riaintHttiaind UltJair In tb�� dwhame ����
his duties. Ths heaHnioktop��*lm|M
���>f the dav. When put an the atan-l >��r
Irwin faibtl to imbataittiai.- U.e.hi rf*-*
Is..!, awt the eaae waa dt-m,*-***-*d tot-
girveniuaat aaswt hohllna U.at ttwy
*etv ��om- than gnmmlh***
N..Uitnt * laeitlvely *���������'"*' mSr\9*iJfp
new train sttslhtae afrviee ��**'�� Uie I I
ll. branrhcsln Uie t��l����an. imt ��t
1-rte.l tbe eltange mill n^**r**��wt����*e
���ei,���,tal  of   married   en*l>h��y**"^    (o'";
Nflkusp to l^andim.     Tl��.'  p*7!'*'";
tram   will   p=t��bsbly   leave ( Niiidon  at
seven nVlock In the  moroi��i*. l***vtns
Nskusp on   tha  return  trip  ���������*���������.	
The stV. Kiooin will U-.VC ^^^Ulmir��^^k*^
eight. tontietTtlns with trail" oft U�� >l     u . p* the, hjnj  ��
rt ntnt ntni*   So lsy*OVSf raNdW   *mm**er that hh
hutUta poaraibllitv of  one at R'^'^J |t|Utr.-l tm lompr.
I'*mi, uie aftenwon train i* ����������*,t,,,i.'    |    Th<* town of W
lite new rrtte **ill  fO into eff-��  "�� ot
***o*At tba lolli fast.
Cape R.C. Adams, of tbe Adsrni %C*
***. *n*  bi   New   Ibmver Vted'��'**--��>
������i��r��.tii-��|u his Montieal h��n>,, *n.f?ll,*
*** *%l spend the winter.   lti��* *'��<,��� w MX\t,,
r.wm,on   his  father'*   rctti"'. ���".�� *.'
l"'et��, suta-rtntentl the   work 011 oie
A-lania group of isinsi.   Cant  Ailatns a
Idlrtily plttatwd with the dcvvloimtent*
on the Atlatns.   Three aliifts �� *$**"t
hfhig aorketi under the t .ru*aii**h��p   '
IhdS. ('oidick,   A tunnel t- Wng    ""
'��' lai. Ihe larfs pre htallo* oi 0 d��sU����
otiuitLtsoti/KJ,   It Is now In W�� J*;,
ami lias >.*..��> it, we for i?a teet,  tot- 11 wi ,
carry the stock-rthe largest in the Slot3an-rt
Kootenay, in show rwms covering
3,000 feet of floor space.
Furniture for a Mansion or Cottage at
Rank for Sj��t.-*t0 tlamagej.'.   In
qnenoi of the sunpu-tou caal 11p.u1
hy hi* ane*t and trial fur -th-e late roh*
bt<ry itfthe Itaok. he will beunslAeto
levure a JjlOltsaOB nf tra-at for some tune
A valuable dttrove-y haa heen BMde hv
Or. A. MoPhaJI.  l'rv��!t**��*.>r of Patholo-ft
in Risliop't Collegre. Montreal, by which
tbe di-ttTiliralion of cannetl tObtaari oati
W prexeiited hy applying heat to the
can*. lhu*> ileatn.yitirf the hftMsrhl wliioli
the IK* tor say* crtii**-.- Ihe iJimvloratitv.i.
_ Prir.jsvt.titf it* i_i��iii^.ni at ar;n>i*l pace
I'm the oil diMrtttN <it W.-ateru   Ontario,
In   l'ern.lu   and   surroitiuliin* eueitrt
OU! the   t-verv spot where then* ia a |*oaaibtlity of
he CUP    ohtamintt oil is eover-.! try drilling n^.
it is re    Some r^wsj well* hsw l*H*iit<li'i.'k o;i tin
au* the   l_,n<to:i r*..��d l<\ the Standard (HI Cms
Tlte trial af W   li  Pontnti. tht* I > t
million Rnnk teller, was hnughl toa
doss on Snturday lai    The prlsttnor
wa* discharged, as no evldtmeeio prov��
htm guilty w*_a pradaesd   On wport
laCMtha liank  In* wai t��M b*v the
One hundred dozen of chairs to select from
dire.*t trom the factories at prices low as tlie
lowest D. M. CROWLEY, pi*actical np-
holsferer, with a staff of mechanics, can make
anything to order.
Undertaking a Specialty.
HM ,1,0 Atom Aha. ft. -���*��_.
Sixth Sti-eet.
Kootenay Mercantile Tailoring Co.
Are 1* rappoa*] to hn*.,
..I ineetiduirie* and tlireeinenlmvL
arttvtleil mt Hii-pii nm
s_*^.   **i*Vr
lr.,1    tTtsltWih
o.vr.-d by inst^aa
A full line of
always in Stock
'   '   * AND   STOCKKH.
Who bid. for tlie little etilklreii,
Body and soul ami brain V
Who Nil* for the little children,
Youn-f and with, ut a stain *
" Will no one bid ?" saki Kitiriaud.
"For our tool* so pore and white,
And At fir all good and evil.
The world on their page may. write**
" We bid," Mid Peat and Famine,
���' We. bid for Ufa and limb;
Fever and pain and squalor
Their bright young eyas ah-tll dim.
When the eliUdrvn grow i<mi many
We'll nurse them ma our own.
And hide them lu st-ei-et |>laeea,
Where none may h.-ar their w jaa."
"I bid," said Beggery, howling.
** I bid for them one and all I
1*11 teach them a thoumiid leajt..th�����
To lie, to skulk, to erawl *,
Tbey shall aleep in my hair like ni-urg-uls,
Tbey shall rot In tbe fair -tun-blue,
And if they serve my rHnruoae.
I hope they'll answer dune.'*
"And HIMdliigheramlhlgber.'*
Said Crime with a woWah grin.
"For I love to lead the ehlldren
Through Uw pfeaaant laihs of sin.
Tl.ev shall awarm to tbe auoata to pUtat,
They shall plague Uie bruatl highway,
Till they grow too ohl for pit*.
Ant ripe for Uie law to sky."
'���Prison and hoik and gallows
Are many In the land:
Twere follv not to n*e them. .
So proudly do tbey stand.
Give me the little rkildiw.
Ill take them aa they re born;
And feed then* evil pa-Moit*
With misery and scorn.
"Give me the little children.
Ye rich, ye good, ye wise,
And let the busy world s**4n round.
While you shut ynar idle eyes.
And your judges shall have the work
Aud your lawyers wag tba t*wuroo,
Shall to fatten to tbe yoong."
I'll take tbe little children-
Oh, give them aU to me,
I'U raise them ap to Undoes.
From the mire in which Utey*ve trod,
I'll teach them wordsof blessing
And lead them up to God.'
-Charles Maehay.
Brokea Back, Brake* Haala ausS Pjantlya-
c-d Body Beakared to Screagtfc.
Laat October Alhert Johnston, with s
back broken at the luuiUe vertebra*, two
broken heels and a body paralyied from
the cheat 'down, wai .admitted to the
Long Island College hospital, Brooklyn.
Now Dr. Geis, the house surgeon, e**-
tertsins hopes that he may entersly recover.
For .three months the paralysis was
complete. He was placed on a water bed
with his legs in splints. A bed sore soon
made its appearance over the fracture,
snd gsagrene set in in both feet. These
wets remedied without operation. In
January Johnston was able to move his
feet, hy the middle of the month his
knees, and now he can raise snd bend
his less from the hips.
In April he wss placed on s regular
bed. Now, with assistance, he can move
around on cratches. The fractures have
healed, the muscles are coming into ass,
snd weakness- seems to be the greatest
trouble. Should his recovery be complete it will be sn evidence of great surgical skill.���E-xhange.
A certain pretentious shopper, after
tossing tbe clerks of s dry goods store
beyond the lorbearauce limit, pompously
ordered s spool of thread to be sent to
her house. It was sgreed thst she
should be made an example of, and a
warning to her kind. Hhe was surprised,
sod her neighbors were intensely interested, shortly after she bad srrived st
home. A common dray drawn by four
hones proceeded slowly up to her door.
On ths dray, with bare arms, were a
number of stalwart laborers. They were
holding on vigorously to some object
which she coula not see.
It wss s most pussling affair. Ths
neighbors stared. After a desl of whip-
cracking snd other impressive ceremon
ies, the cart was backed against the
curb. There reposing calmly, end up,
in the centre of cart floor, wss the Identical spool of thread which she had
'���ordered.'* It seemed to be coming sll
right. With the aid ol a plank, it was
finally rolled, barrel fashion, saJfely on
the sidewalk. Altera mortal struggle it
was "upended** on the purchaser's doorstep. The fact that the purchaser came
out a minute lator and kicked her own
property into the gutter detracted nothing from it.
The Owen tSouiul Sun is an up-to-date
journal and resches .its maders twice s
week. Under a recent change of management the Sun haa also experienced
"a change of heart," snd rsissd the flag
of Independent jonrnslism, In this fashion:���-
"OneovVthe curses ol Canadian politics, in the psst, hss been the Mind adherence of men to mere names. Tbe
words 'Omeervative' and 'Liberal'are
used to juggle men out of their right
senses. Why should s man call himself
either s Conservative or s Liberal because his father was one or tbe other?
Why should a man label himself in his
youth with a party badge, aad lie ted
around by the nose for the rest of his
days by other men wearing a similar
badge? Reason and common sense,
education, and the ability to bear, to
read, to ponder snd to come to sn intelligent conclusion on the merits of a
case and .in accordance with the facts-
are all of these given to men for itotfa-
A long sad spirited article is concluded with tbe following very stirring exhortation:���
''fie s man. If you have to leave your
party to vindicate your <*ooaci��HK*c do
so.  Yosssetmscisacs Is yoas own; your
given any
individual or combination ol individuals
the right to ssy *Tbns snd thus sbslt
thou mark thy ballot and aototberwieer
Let us have the etmrage to hs n**en���not
crawling, mureraUe slave*. What Can-
Is is more dtiaens who wiU judge
of political questions oa their merits,
who will do right without relerenee to
party bstdaes. Date tone a Daniel, dsre
to stand alone!**
Tbe Hun has a ring of freedom wonderfully refreshing to every thinking
Canadian in there fore of''stand-by*>the-
P*rty." _    7"
Thstaght His. sua Mplatapallas*.
Lincoln ones sttended s review of ths
1st Corps, eommsndsd by General
Reynolds, on s beautiful plain at the
mirth of Potomac creek, shout eight
miles from Hooker's headquarters.
Noah Brooks tells the story: We read
thither in sn ambulance, over s rough
corduroy road; aad, as we Bras.J over
some of thenioredinainiltpoflKaOsoftlie
jolting way, the ambulance driver, wbo
aat well in front, occasionally let fly a
volley of supptr��w*ed oaths st bis wild
team of six mules. Finally, Mr. Lincoln, leaning forward, touched the man
on the shoulder, and said *-��
''Excuse me, my friend, sre yoo an
The msn, greatly startled, looked
srousd aad replied: -
"Ho, Mr. President, I sm s Method-
���  ���-   i
Eaatacky Boons*.*;.
Many years before tbe war bad disturbed the patriarchal relation between
master and slave in the sooth, sn
elegasnt Kentucky colonel was surprised to see his favorite Morocco stagger
across the yard drunk ss s lord at raid-
day, and two weeks before Christina*.
<*Whatdoyon roean by being drunk
at this hour; yoo rascal?" roared the
"Well, I tell you how it Is. sab,*' Morocco answered, taking off his hat.
���'You see, Mars John, I got a jimmy-
jobn of whisky in town to keep off de
rheumatix fum de ole woman, and, ash.
while I waa a-wslkin* 'ton de road 1
slips on de ice and hast ds jiromyjohn,
so dat he lieker run all out in de road,
aad made little puddles in de wagon
tracks and horse tracks. Den, sah, 1
gets down on de ground and tap* up sll
7 could, sah. Dai's how cum it :*o, Mars
"You blsek rascal, how much did you
drink r the colonel asked, with mock
"Well, sah, Mars John, sah, 1 r-'pose 1
mus'er save more *en a quart.''���Current Literature
There seems to besoms uncertainty ss
to tbe sise of .our great mother. The
French th-ientslist, Henrion, member ef
the Academy, however, fixed it with a
precision Mtofactory, at least, to himself. He gives the following toble of the
relative heighta of several eminent historical i.*r***mages:~~
Adam was preriiely IU ft. 9 In. high.
Eve waa precisely llSft. f.�� in  high.
Nosh was precisely 103 ft. high.
Abraham wasprttrtaselv 27 ft. high.
Moses was precisely lit ft high.
Hercules waa precisely H ft- nigh.
Alexander was precisely 6 ft. high.
Julias Ca-fsear was precisely 5 ft. high.
A  WOK BEE   OP  TEE   A<��B.
"Sir." said ths lair yoong girl to the
rich busioem man, "I suddenly find myself alone in the world, snd mast earn
my living in some way, but how I do not
"0m," said the fdntocratic featle*
aat sorry to ssy I never
.-*Wla*. %   ***   *>'    Aw  you  ���
typewriter?" '
T'No, sir.   I
Iranian      "
"Csn yoo sing V*
"No, sir, not s note.
"liny the piano?"
"No, sir."
"No, sir."
"Write for a paper?"*
"What! Don't yon do any of th,
Urines thataiaty-alne women onto! a
hundred do nowsdayar*
"No, sir. I'm afraid my aducattut. ha,
been iiegketed, sad "
A met tight of happlneaa overaprt^j
the hsehehw mUlkmslre's fact*.
"My darling!" he cried, "My ideal!
At Ian I have found you 1 Tell me that
you will he my own adored Httle wif,.'
Subject to change without nntiee
Tmlos run oo ftelfe8undaivJ Time.
Uavs s m AM.
** a st **
** sm -
"in   ��
Arr. to la
S'm'SjaW'tw   o
-    Jit-Oaenui
_f    ��*/**"**"
Arrtva. ��� to f* u
���**ett     ���*    st* -
SK*-**.              11��
WbUrttater            tc
BMstta-ta       *     lis *
I �� -
*     l it *��
tattVS i ***> "
ttM.V   MSB,
tjaav.ttjaa.atr.       *��******.      Ar-rt**-* it <.'��� ��
-     HSS   ��� TCI/ **     ||Ja   ~
thn *m*mp toMwam ant fsasa**^ Ortt*** to
Mi4J^^|a4a'��, apply l, * t��!*a>n.*l i.
OM F. 00Pf*LAl��I).
**t*p0A0tmsT I m*0Ar99*r. tf*** *
.--���. iJTtW
Vour money back
H. Giegerich,
j- j      .    ,t      r- t *n*    * ��E?��KIIAI. MKH< IIANDISK.
f voti don t like Sch*7tftgs    tm��:m\m a pkovwions,
SttJt baking |H��w.!cr.
Agents for
SAlfDOlf, B*C.
Stores at Ainsworth, Kaahiand Sandnn
We are headquarter*
for Ore Sacks;
see us if you need any.
Nril MAcno*<4i.r*
MACDONALD  BR0��., Proprierora.
Rates 11.60 to $2.f*0 per day	
Headqnaiters fbr Mining Speculator* and Capltallftt.
Reco Ave.f - . Sandon,
B.C *W'f ������ ���"���"'   *'������
Ttiore ef How Dsavs * were
it arioaa.
^j.^B*��.tia��. ri-*w EBs. t**m. ttawts.
JiMir.>.����vm����t ________��___
*      , ... s I ra.O^t-Sl. t^*y Mt-r^_***��*��*_i
,l_,a.i-ff"��'��������� AitewsMsmssiii .aa W *
(5A^ I'srk. Ualra-a l^.rtWw.
jm w*a^*ns^^p__fLaaa*r .wi
W ISt SsfWSe ,        trer*a*a^*ssPs*W        wm*Aw     "s*.
�������(,�� Bv;   *�� tal*l**a_ ���*_*���***
,%s*^rs n.i<-*.Am*y%.%w%
to i**a Airs*
a w��*.
On a ������<.!���_****_���
f   if*   a*   S*��!"ijr*��l
��ilium J-ata. I.****** Uaoa JUuaa**-.
f^t,_*.������.- vt ,.<*_���_ PracU*.
l��* | aoatia ***�������*
riwtirt. ��r�� oo nw iHrvaataat*.
******gt~   *. :���**'***
a ovVanm ^*w *a,*jErmfr
<>n n * **������* * b Am A mnd ta Eta % tmtg**
I'll !->**.. lo W S Tajta*.
tttTtf   tr��w     A   M
ISTjli <M li
Ljj-JkCa. ..-art .st aL*******r*y
is _________________B
to*.-**** ***** Saao sad fate-ast K Waasr*, ts
|��t ��<.*..  '.lit, m
ut St.- to*  i a U����*��. A M im-*a��***t ta
|Tv ��,���*. * .*....,   U Vt gt*A*t*mg aad M.��*t*��
r**m* VtAtttm J.VH I***��d4a�� fe>tl. *�� ��
ta it** ��..
trt * *t t **-l< attttrul ta, A W Wikthi tal*a**
SJt.-l.ffL. J     . .   |    \).
An. mm �� '��  -*-4 EiiMaaia. Mat*
Brt j. IUvwvk i. naOt-a at mi* *m www, AC
Sn �� r <��*uia r-a-Ota. IjW, Ira W Mm* t
la�� aw t ��*m tAAa Eariooald to A*d*o Mt.
���a**!! w,s - .^,��� it, iasjj-M. aa. yrar * ****** ��**
lf-i*t6��.vr: | r*t im��
tm&o, l-��, i��.*�� }. ita M_M*fe a. i-fca Er
-**����� '���*�����       .t>n adSlataU*
l-amm. *������'����,**. -, JttMIrA*- *��*|**��l* J**a
I*******'.. -���**��� ****** tt-asW. SS psr ****i at pf\a.
****' * * a     ' ^t-lamlt-vw ����- '> rttx
taa* ri-wOaa. S W ft at*** a*!*-*. .*,**���_*ad
J****�� l-'t-n ... U a AferMt******* ta Tto Hath
Sfcr. irr| ;J
W , w ��� . Jt., * . _4 ttatr-Sattaia F? -^t-W. t:
l<a_0_��tr*> i aaiss,. la**} aa l"_-
J��� h*w*��a. vt slf**'t**i**_tb to A***** Vam.t
|      *ltM4tt  ttirt   Otviato.
prodvced by tin- Canadian mine owner.
1 imUv we send *��ur lead P. the United
States to be smelted, for whu-h th�� mine
owner pays a duly ol I _c. a th There
it Is mauufnrturt-.! ititti white lead, and
ail other maiiujfai-mrwi leadtjjtfodactf
and imported into Canada, on which a
hirther duty is tuiporMti u|a.n thetnanu-
(actored arttile, which i* noA hv the
Canadian consumer. Why ahotilil not
���anile ��( our Catittilian capitaitxt*. (���titer
into tlte manulatHire o( lead ami cop|rer
products and sav- the i.ut^ottur ttx\iort
duty aud the itirotiiin^iutit.irt duty .ami
at the same tune do a great deal for
< auadiaii labor? This is a matter that
ought to engage the Mtetdhm of the
llomlnion gorcrtitnent and at*o Canadian cap'tall-st-i.
The i*atairli*htiietit of a Canadian mint
im lieing M*riou*!y disetiKtied over the
ctiiuiry, and the time lor action is at
hand " Canada nulay hn* a paper ��ir
culathm A ahoui 17^00,0 rOrmnsnBi_qrof
one.two and <<>or .lollar hiJlj..|��ractiialiy
irauted on the credit of the l*ottiiiiit��n.
wilhout any gold re*4*rve.
Tbe pre**��*nt lar^e demand for jiajrer
money will nmlmildedty increase till it
rmr*1sWs/��^<>Jl*.0*^ ihe limit to which
the .Jomtttion can Issns |��a|M'r monev.
in ��ie. <d the larireprwlucttoii sf **ilier
in WcM KsessBBti .it ts not uiircasonahle
to ����k the lloroaiioo gitvenuiietit In
��**taMi*h a mini lor theeoitiaj-v of silver,
to rt*| lees y��sr by yesr the jtai-er ear*
renry already Iswea, and to coin illver
a* the expansion of trade demand* until
the limit ol ta��.'���� .�����' should have been
It the ���xmita^'e of *tlver i* ���abject to
attack there can w" least be no objection
to the tiiimiiu? "f Um gold nowhelng
nrvdma-d in Thiu**!! Colombia wesl
fintaho. Nova >**.tia snd the North
W'r*! Territorlc* A- Sir Wilfrid
(.atirn-r has said, lamula is n'.w a na
lion hut a ahout Jt*.��wn roinsge it is sn
a noma I v
Prussia's Amber Mannpaly.
The working of amber in Prussia is a
monopoly in the hands of a firm which
owns the two best mines, Palmnkken
''almnicken and Kraxtepeile.   For the
conceattion they have, according to a report from the British Consul of Dantzic,
to  |*ay to tiie i'erman government a
royalty of tiHtl.ono marks a year.   It is
reckoned that this firm hss, up to now,
paid no lem a sum than $1,000,000 in
royalties to the  tierman  government.
| In addition to the output from thesaines
in lK*t��5, a gofal deal uf amber waa picked
up on the (.each at Pillau.in the province
of Kast Prussia, being washed up with
tbe sea weed during the prevalence of
north-westerly   gales.    The  shore   at
I'illati after a storm is sometimes covered
��ith a layer of seaweed three feat thick,
among which  the amber  is found entangled .   Men, women snd children find
easy and lucrative employment in searching* for the amber along'vhis part of the
amlier coast.   The  people engaged in
this precarious work often earn $ti a day
and more.   In 189& about 100 tons of
raw amlier came to DaoUicto be worked
up. m'-outpared  with 1*10 tons in M84
It Wit* nearly all melted to make lack
and varnish.
Japan's   Silver  Mines.
Nearly all the silver mines, says ihe
Japan Mail, have stopped work of late
owing to tlie fall in silver. Tbe Innai
eilver mine in Ugo province, which employed about 5,000 miners, produced
shout '*���"*' kitamtne oi silver per month.
The owner >.{ the mine lately fitted up
new electrioal machinery at a cost of i
ahout SOtMutti yen. in order to expand the 1
work earlv in the spring, but now that;
fully painted to resemble the natural
organ. When one ear is gone the manufacturer makes a model of the other
ear, and from tbat model constructs the
artificial member. Then it is as carefully touched up as a fine oil painting.
When completed it costs from $ 100 to
If you are���
Call at the
WEAR i ,
Hotel Ivanhoc.
Dealers in
_ silver has'depreciated so greatly he also
Tbe mine owner of Ihitish Columbia   i* obliged to stop and diacharge all his
m ��� .    I        1 a     ^       _-_... .
_i>!m-.*btiw   Usaust. tarn Ha-***a. At.***
��� '"0 (��.. i.t.t*m Umekkg
*��-����.���*����* || j< kUS**agto-. **��.C*bv* ttsHtt.
��������.��� 'V.ifrtu, I' A l*i*t*w*v aad   1-***,*
*������    Ita f.   r HUH.
K1-* o garnet ii ww. ti a c._aar-a.
�����.B.-u,.,.�� *r>_Ht��*a. W K ��-T**-vatd
*�� ���* ***** nod. A T Ttrtdmto
_2 ?,�� " ; ^ **"*��� ******** W* K '���wtt* *
**** <>'��� * It i nwtnm to W tlaatjltitara.
*��� J a Ta.. 1 rtrttd* 1.1* Sar.^tt latVII'.
>"'a Itit.t, tiro** i.i aaa B Mwrme fa. A.miA.
ha* ju*t grnutid*. l<��r complaint against
the M.���-ut melhods of taxation. The
mine*.thougli Mill a tf niftgtf tig itidmu i*y.
are made to hear the weight of unjuVi
and ttint|ual traxes. *uch as the royalty
on timber snd eordwtrod used in the
min. *.and the 1 per cent collected from
I the output of them. No other industry
or t-tttnnierrial pumuit is obliged to roii-
trihute *o heavily in the provincial
.\notlier faet t<�� U* remembered i* lhat
in no other ��ul>jeet of taxation i-* thc
ftill ��elliiig prtee apprais**.). and what
mat..��it more sxaspmatlag Is thai the
wealthy coal miners of VauctHiver islnml
ih�� not aeettniiiur t���� She jtres*. |>ay any
taSSS .haletfi
It i*al*�� stated that mines lying with
it    titles    is    cti.l-ilied.
in tilt   hunt-.
�� ***V   Ttt   HINirKHlY
nt   <...    ���>.....-.
allh Wgh not tis.il for any pur|ro**e whatever, are taxed. although lie tn���v not Iw
in a position t.t operatr* the mine, nor
dare he allow   aAtf  to huild on  it  Ih*
cause ii wonld destroy the propertv lor
mining nurpoaes    Such exactions dettM*
t.iiii.,1 from tiiakiiij- ln***estatents    t
'tnetl l��. ihe **|>e*ker that tht* gOVeTB-
ill   at   the Best session  of ths  le_-is
nre *h >uld atljust thetsxssj squltably
���trtlrtrlal Kara Work* ot Art.
Tlie making of artificial ears has well-
nigh reached jierfection. Thev are made
of specially pre-,tared rubber that can be
crumpled without injury and arecare-
a> *r W V v - ��'
U the Pioneer House of the City
m%fk0   0k if*** '
and (airly all over llu* province
The *,'tfiiiii  HU1H..I report
Carry* the largest stock ot Hens Furnishings in the Slocnn.
Kvervthing from the finest dandy apparel to the working
clothes of the Miner.       WINTER Cl-OTHING,  OVER-
Fair Dealing and Honest Goods.
Come and See Us.
l*��*r��.lUs|M*eeh st Rotalsnd J
|*Arthnr Jisd ihe fnHowing to say i
T'M, imiwd i-onaumptton of lernl
���*��� stiiitunta annually to ahout IS,
,,0,'* The S),K-an I* now producing
flinty, nnd that production wiii
"^'������"������t.. u��,n*fe nnd will heouine
j***t ihan any |*o��slhle dome*��tic de
;^J*'C, h i. tht.refot-tnneeeateary for the
��t������u,,|t g.veninirjtil to open up a nes
���TjkHforih,. a���r|rtilt which um>   Ih��
'%.IW '*'.** l^'Oilnhm ha*, agents
tie*,., *';'r|,, "*'��'hlng markets lor the
����l il ' ""' r*����dlait manttfmHirer*
^�� isrnii.r,. HIM| ���  fmmM  ml do I..**
*** tiiil . 0wBw- ����� this eonneetlon
F m '���Wiiufnetnn.
And no doubt	
^..-.���..*.,-��� min-* frill eontlnua ��<��� I"'"
���SS����  rails the mining;,,
*^,, should s^EKS&VS
w,i�� hrZZ\& ndnlng^nteresu
snltNH't.    ���'**���*.���*   ���_"  ,,,,,1 manv
StllljlH'l.        l,r,,H%.     --^    ....
are practicallyunrepreMMiU'd.uiul many
of the mistakes mass by the provincial
legislature in regard to' ths mining In
lustry were due to lack of iniL.rui.ition
For lhe*e     **��� ** aatmietl  to Mr
Dealer iq
 : AT:
1 observe that there  practical mining men ls,.,,liri
lold for invoattamtl' the industry.   ;   n��U h '..
of lead nnd topper   hut in the cabinet as w
������MS,  i.
The Paystreak.
1.* t**i��l every Hitttrtlit.v In Sniidoo, In Uw lieart
ol tlie trr.:iU'*a White M, ml rain|��on earth.
Siiliseriia1(ai     - *     ���     W����ay��ar
strieUy In advanec.
Address: Thk Payhibkak,Sandon. B.C.
SANDON,  B.   C,   NOV.   (i,    1897.
The United Status press,and especially that section ot it representing
manufacturing and trading interests,
sre speculating as to whether the
Liberals now in power st Ottawa are
working*" toward the attainment of
general free trade, or moving toward
the formation of an Imperial zollver-
ein. They appear disposed to see
room fbr conflicting interpretations
between the statements of Sir Wilfrid
Laurier in London and the new tarriff
set The relevant clause in the act
runs ss follows.
"When the customs tariff of anv
country sdmits the products of Canada
on terms which, on the whole, sre ss
favorable to Canada as the terms of
the reciprocal tariff herein referred
to sre to the countries to which it
may apply, articles which sre the
growth, produce, or manufacture if
such country, when imported direct
therefrom, may be imported direct
into Canada, or taken oat of ware-
bouse fore nsumption therein, at the
reduced -retet* provided In thereciprtv
cal.Ur&setJbrth in schedule D"
The sett-Male D here mentioned provides fbr a redaction of one-eighth of
the standing duties op to July, 1898,
snd thereafter of one-foarth.
It mast be admitted tbat so thr the
position of the Liberal party is somewhat ambiguous, but the question most
be interpreted in the light of the fiscal
policy of Great Britain and the colonies generally. Tbe obvious meaning
ofthe clause quoted is that Canada Is
making an offer of reciprocal trade to
all and sundry, the effect of which
most he to work toward the gradual
adoption ofa reduced tariff; which Is
In tbe direction of free trade. Sir
Wilfred Laurier has said that while
the clause does not give Great Britain
a preference by name, it does in fact
"Before* bringing in oar tariff.'' be
has explained, "we looked carefully
round tbe world and we found Bog-
land to be practically the only eountry which receives our products
freely. We desired to show England
our gratitude, and at the same moment go as far as we could In tbe
direction of free trade, and we framed
our preferential clause with this end
in view." /
It to now in order for our cousins to
avail themselves of the olive brannh
extended to them by this eountry before It Is too late, for tbe people of
Canada, whether Liberal or Conservative, are resolved on an imperial customs union, the essence of which
would be discrimination against the
products of foreign countries, in favor
ot similar commodities produced by
the component parts of the Empire.
INJURIOUS   ����T   *'!*I*SC��ISA*V.**
Sib Robert Giffim Is an Englishman. He hss an international reputation as an advocate ofthe single
gold standard. He wss one ofthe
fourteen members in the British commission appointed to inquire Into the
causes of the agricultural depression
prevalent In England. He dissented
from the findings of the majority of
the commission, which laid the blame
st the door of silver's demonetisation.
He cwMX-des, however, that the demonetisation of silver caused an appreciation ot gold, that this appreciation of gold forced a severe foil In
prices, and that this steady tall in
prices brought about a violent dts*
torhance of industry ami commerce.
Admitting these tacts, he is still opposed to the restoration of silver, contending that it Is better to endure the
slow decline in prices brought about
by the gold standard than to invite s
disturbance in financial circles by returning to bimetallism. Listen to his
words of wisdom:
"Although the fell in prices In the
first few years after 1878 was disconcerting, an 1 the effect has been aggravated somewhat by the almost
continuous decline tbat has since
taken place, yet there is no doubt
thst business generally has been
adapting itself to the new conditio**,
and the later effects are not to be
compared with the first. Tbe eon-
elusion Is that tbe further we sre removed from tbe period of violent
change beginning in 1873; tliele-aa
necessity on any ground, arid the lest
possibility of an artificial change
backwaida, supposing a change to be
possible at all.
Sir Robert may be a wise man ffexn
the standpoint of a gold tnonoractallist
but his conelusion If certainly a lu
dlerousone. .He concedes thst the
decline In price* has been continuous
slnoe 1878 and intimatta that it #111
continue as long as the single standard to maintained. And his conelu
tion is that the longer this goes on,
the higher gold appreciates and tbe
lower prices depreciate, the less necessity on any ground Is there for a
change. Tn illustrate the absurdity
of this conclusion It ison'y necessary
to give his words a broader meaning
and bold that the wealthier tbe money
lords become the more beggarly will
become the messes of tba world, and
therefore a change is twneccs&ary.
Sir Robert Is evidently inoculated
with that germ of greed tbat is
last permeating the moral atmosphere
in which the wealthy live, that knows
no God but Mammon and considers
tbe poor as so many blocks of wood
moulded and prepared and sent Into
this world to add fuel to Mammon's
flame for the warmth of wealthy
worshippers at his shrine.
if a Csnsdian mint is not established,
snd thst very sot-n, sll of her gold
will bear the flat of the American
eagle or the Englbh soverlgn and
Csnsda will have to pay royalty lor
the use of it In the way uf Interest.
Kami/kip* Is credited with having
a couple who sre invoking the Fro
vlnclal courts to divorce them. There
Is some doubt ss to whether theie is
any power in the Dominion outside of
Parliament that can unhitch the unfortunate couple, and the ordeal at
Ottawa might be so otwtly and pro
longed that the metriinoftisl ills of
the present would' be nrefomble as
the least of two evils   ror instance;
on the presentation of the petition to
the House oi Commons the unhappy
couple would be cited to appear at
the Bsr .4* tlie House to show cause,
etc.   Then a select committee would
be appointed to see if a rt**oonciliat*on
could not be effected.   They would
probably adopt the German nrrteedure j
in such eases cf lucking up the couple 1
in s nsitn an liour a day for a week, I
which in nine cases out of ten throws }
the divorce off. The select committee
would be composed, of course, of old *
bachelors who aoukl take ashes with |
the woman and if she proved to he the
obdorste one. the C-JOimlttee would
call in their doaen aunts and spinster j
cousins w*w would make the girl resolve to get bask to matrimonv in the
ssndv plains of Ksmloops as fast ss
she could.   A New Ycnk man has
recently hit upon a plan that heats
even a Dakota court.   He sold the
wife for a watch and chain valued at
$150 The purchaser at onee msrried
the woman.   Then he accused the
seller of stealing the   watch nnd
chain, and the Utter went Vi a magistrate snd caused the accusers ar*
rest <m tlie e.harge of bigamy.   The
judge, not finding any precedent In
the statutes to fieet ths case dismiss
ed it snd informed the wrnnatt thas
she* could pick her partner and If the
decision was nut satlsfaciory they
could all go to Oklahoma or i warmer region.
dealers in
Butter, Eggn,
Cheefie, Applies
Poultry antl
Ttto trnta*** kaadton nt ltV��*
gwtmk) far, Wmmtoro Vmaadm all
watttmvmwm omkw ptalt** *y****m
tdr*Mm*r*me.   Fall mtorb -a-**v.i
ai Smtam. M C.    Wot ptton witt*
r. J. araaai.1
Mmaagn-4 S***m Ho-ur-a IV ���
Sua*. *L-*t*v*_��H�� tVasttraaj
DR. A. M1LL0Y,
Room 17, Blnek'8 Hotel.
Samion.    ��
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Hoo Pacific Un*.
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*"d Cheapest
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Detroit. Tttronto, Montreal.
New York. l***on. Pblln
delphta.  and all Kswern
Unexcelled Sleeping Cars
on all trains. Tourist Carlo 8t. Paul dallv; fr*****
every -Thursday- *l\ironi'.
every N'stday from Kevel
Strainer  leaves  Nakust.
daily exemut Monday, msk
IngcioseoMineetlona' Revel*
stoke with trains lor sll |��dnt��
Kast snd West,
lleftire VOU travel gel Inf.-Tina tl��*n
fromC.P.k. agent* ss to times *<A
rstes.   It will save you money    A|>
ply to nearest rallwsy ngent or to
A. C. McARTHI'K, Agent, *tml. ��
ft J. OOYlsFa
Dl*.  Passenger  Agent,  Vancoover
������ ���
The Toronto Telegram observes
thst: "Time wss when the gold
product of Canada would not All the
teeth of nor own people, and time
wiil be when the gold product of
Canada will fill the coffers of the
world."   How true this is.   And vet
Mining & Milling Co.
Rand & Wallbridge,
Mitung'snd Stock Brokers,
Sole Agenta for Sale of Treasury Stock. THK PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B.C., NOVEMBER 2, 1897.
b\\\\HQ   WW***
t. ..... tramway Is now hand
t*  *.jSwWlhBmlnr^he
**** ivt. ������Ta few mint* alterathHia
ft Jen c**Or**** ^^aT���
Sun^nnlm/li P"*****'
,   u-nn has sold tbe teams of
pipped to4*Hf.
�� hide trail to the l-**t
Tbe     T ^__mtwmi��h*l��*d   this
rt,s*t to -*h��P ������h,0,,,l
gitit**** ***-**"*dy_^^^^^^^^^^_
i ti,ri ha* l***n ��m<te i* the .x
A     V he Wonderful trail to the
.��, mine* In that vidnjn
New York
Brewing Co.
Dreycr St Hofimcicr,
2f(0) ton* this
Mann ha* the con
W�� ti�� ��n��  .jjfjftltit���� *lt ..ri-r. |.r>.uif����lt
lot* li... t l��~l sit l.sf. r ItWr
Ottr Nat la *t*a��.'iit��<tt put* snd ~j.tal ta any
i*eet mmd* In * .�� ����d* We ti** nothitM*l.tti
malt mmd bop.
To* nrrasrstt f ��� r��lt��|r**te j���� *\ ery -*��"*sa il ��itb
all It,- U'e.l if. ipr.,\eiu. , '. *
Hurt *j Ntling Umber.
ThsnsUt   ttt��*i��.ng   aht*��<
Cartifieata as las
HOoatr. in tb* Slocan Mining. IHvtslon of Watt
Kootenay  l.i.trlct.    Where loeat*d-Near
Sandon, RC
���Rake unite* thst I. A. R. Raiiton, fret* miner,
(���artitVat* No 7.*ft*'��, Intend, sixty day* from
the dateherw.f. to appl.? to the Uluiiiff Re-
c��.rd*r lor* certificate of improvement., for
tlte potpn** of olit h iiiiiia a crown arant of tlie
alrot* claim.   And further take notice that
action nnder section 37. most Ire commenced
before theiratuanre of such'certificate of im-
pro\ ementa.
Hated this Xfrth Uv of October, is.it.
Hat* of nr.t r,ul.lU>*tlon.'*ct. *��, isvl.
Cartineate of unprovomonta
Mineral claim*, aitnate In th* Slocan Miniat
dit i.iun of We��t Kootenav .lUtrict. Where
located���On the North t*.��rk of I'arpenter
creek ami ahoot five nnd one-half mile* trom
Three Fork*.
Take notice that I, riiarle. Moore, stcttiui a*
agent for J. I��. Rvan. free miner*, certificate
No 4*U��*-��,and I'liarle. N<-uh*ti*.liec miner's
certiti'sie Ho. iaV.s_s, inteud. sixty dav, from
tbe date hereof, to apply to tbe mining recorder for a certificate of improvement., for
lb* purpose of obtaining �� crown grant ol the
And further take uotke that action, nnder
am-lion arr. tmv.t Ire commence I helore tbr* i.-
stance ol such certificate of improvement..
listed ihi. 1.1 dav of Sept.. 1*',.
Kir.t publication. Sept 4. lft-:.
Dissolution ol Partnershin.
Notice U hereby given that the partnership
heretofore existing lietween Dan McKinnon
and George McPherson. and known a* the Son-
don Transfer Co., bas thl* day been dissolved
by mutual consent r.h',-> 1st day of October,
im.. Daniel McKlnnon assumes all debts contracted before said data and will collect all
hill* owing said Arm up to said date. The
hnslne..* will be conducted under the *ald
name, the Handon Transfer Co.. by George Mc-
herson. DAN ScKLSNON.
Datetl. Sandon, S. C. Oct. 1. ISW.
Notice i. hereby given that at the e-cpir-a- i
tion of one month from the first publication
hereof, tbe undersigned will snply to tha 8ti-
r'ttdiarv Mrtgi.trate for the district of West
ootenav. for a license to sell liquors by re-
tail at hi, hotel situate on Lot twelve 'Aft In
Rlrx-k four (4), In the town of Sandon, addition i
Ko. 1. Wett Koptenay district, province of
British Columbia.
Hated at Ssndon. B.C, gaturdav. October
est tun.;,_������ <___���*
_ Hint
t\       IHHI��l,r|l       "_T '  "' ,���
t^frarft**   **2**r" * ft!
SoVrfUH-new tire hall wIh-t.* the
^V,t waking, e��Hl ^JJE
�� th. .aln ah-tigtddt- th�� Harn*
MMlng. The Wrm wa, t-rt^n b
tke ntitl- r hlltinf on s Mnall \*ft
r.n*L* tdvventing a neft' nnoti*
^T ,' ir* MHIuake-t* was
Krahttt Mrs. ur* ����*���*:._, ihe
tirotk t*�� the head, cnttlnj: "** ,
���..*r th* to-rfewl. rrtiniring
Ths it-attltai tl^t^partiiieat Is ia Charge
ef F-tterer Bros.
The L.eader
Emporiuin of Fashions
ii *
rtta-t ��� i *siisj**f sanal ofthe
la,, .��� *tyt*�� i��
a-vi-ral *.tlt4-lH**V hut  la e*.|a*fttit   |..|F*%LL M��
frettttrrh r��*eovere*.lIn Its .or tttfee 	
-lay* _^___^mm^m
8 A   Mightnn  haa tlmtM��*tl   hi*
fi*m **n Hrett Avenue and put  in a
hAt>U**irr   gtllSS     ftWIt    Sttd    tUStl**
ttbrr uti**rm*eror->**u*xi'. llv ha* now
a* fttt-r a cigar awl i-.t*aciH�� *t��tre a.
thtrr i* in K��aafrt*na\
Shipprrs and DieMead Fauers
Thia FUatWata, DI*ttHct
rltl.tw ia a list of the *hip|ar* and
-lit sh-ml paving miw** of the >.����\*tn
lr.��ear. mad etettibitta in ib* tine of Vmory
l��rt i��.��.*t.
SUii. er* emaeafad in Ibr ft.e.| .trie. ..f the
���r* ,
\*te..���������*,*,*..; a -|��-> l**i��>  ��t..I UtMO-la'r
*��V�� nee Immod t�� **���*.* in .ttir.. and all w.,rh
��.,.���..��, i i.. u. si HI rerettc .����r -pec utl *������n-
Mrs. 0. H. DOtfHTY.
��� t��v llr\��v. Hrrttse. lie. _f A-.*.**��t��d,H��
Hnbarrlhe tor the Payatreak,
Certlfleate of Improvements.
Hi-usi. in thc Slocan Miitinelii\i.i.>n of West
K*>oirii*v di.trttrt. Where locate l~In the
It*lt�� i-s.in
Takenotirethatl.O R Irvine, free miner-
ceriiftrale No tdAA\ m* *����nt for theSilv.-r
Hu.tler MiiiSna company, limited lial.ihty.
free miner"* certificate N<><> *4\ audfi.rJ*n.'**
lrtiti.r<i.,ir. fjn*. miner** certificate No Urt.risi.
itti, ml. -ttt r dav. from the date bereof. to *|v
pi> to the miniujT recorder for a certitlcate ol
inij>i,>����'mct.i. lor the purpose ot ol.tsining
erowa *r*nt. of tbe *��� ove claim*.
Atvl fbrtiter take  notice that action nnter
MOtloa ���*��" mn.t t*e etimmenced l*fot�� tbe i.��n-
��nceof au.li .-artificateof improvement..
lmt.~t this ath d*v of Septenitrer. ikd.
Vttiti publication.Oct.* ^,*l*llll��'^k^^^-***���***,
*/���#����� t*r��-��.
t��j��.fv ��;. ttmf.'
iTtstftUf. UrrrMf.
Lark, Hat.
***������! *��>4 Tetwleri***** ��
llosset t'rn, lt����t,.
��i.��i.'�� -.<��
Silt*-, Rrtl
Lack, Rot.
0 II  ktltard.
ttmm* We******
mm ait.1
|jM����i��a Osaet*.
��Ul*.,* fan*.
Mrtlly Mnabc
nia. *t r ���*
HcClanjs Famous
S ffS'ES
Mt cat* to the S'..--an Miitinn di\ i>ion of VVf.i
KtroteTutv   dUtrtct      Where  located   Near
the Sopot the ranee twlaeen rarpeiiter and
Roar Mile  creek., and  on  the em ** *ld* of
fWudaa creek.
Take notice that 1. J* P Tuck, acthut a.
���cent tor tbe Hon. Peler M.ljtre.i. free ntin-
er.c-rrtitv-atc No 77.11st. an I William A Allen, free miner', certltb-ate N�� 77.7S... intend
.ttiv dav. from the date hereof, to apptv to
the ttinlnr* lte.-or.ler for a certitlcate ��f im-
proventenl.. lor tbe purpose of obtaining a
.-rown Kraut of the ahove claim.
And further take notice that action, tinder
��ection S7, mn.t be commence.1 I .afore the i*��
.uar.ee of attch cert iticate of imitrovement.
Uate.1 thi. ',3th dav ot September. t*>7.
Pirat pnMlcation, Sent. IS, ia^
Cartifieata -a*t lmn��o-*ama��ta.
t-KSKF AM. l��K*r.iwi.AYKn MINKRAl.
rraek .      .  ..-iltia'ti *i  Raner
Tike ni.'tc th-tt_i. vt '���'������V'
in.  a.  *��*'ii*
mtnr**ti> nw*
"���V* all Inat.rO,
Nirhla Pi,��
IS..U, .Me.
Whit* aa tot*,
Ot.ft an !*��������
!_,.! t*ha.we
Pra.l.tMt l^r
JSrkr-*.t lir..wi>
tlradv ��r.'.t|��
Msitel Workers.
for Lucy A ������*�����**���_*,?_��
tm\tmoont fin f "**g t[;\l'? .ttTiSr
,he �����*��; h^'V1ri,a"r..f impntvement..  for
ootdn ^"���Jf'^-toii Orowa arst.t. at
ihr piirpti***  ��"   '>""���-,","���'
i above cutim. .      ,   , Mtlon, wrtdaf
KV %"mU..  �� commence,l bafoH._*..***
Hatct thi. 1st ��W�� w ^    9 ,K..-
|t��teoffir���� pnldicsti.n.taT.*-.i
And You Will
Smoke No
ptin sale nv
Si-Man Mows Co.
Wholesale and Retail
Wt�� are In ihe lend with tm�� K��"
t*r> ImsltMM. Ootlie In sn��l g*'* *>w
prtte*    ||m>t..f Itn-t.
M. L. ORinriETT
L. t* B
- '������ as** t-��v*^_*_ ai:,��,s;!
naitv bv *i**\.*"x   .
(Merchants Advertise in the
Paystreak Because It Pays. 8
,   GPR Beginning to Mooe.
An Order-in-Ctiuncil has been obtained by the C P K for the line
from Three Forks to Whitewater,
and orders have heen given toeoni-
inenee construction at once. This
will be a difficult piece of road,being
on the almost perpendicular side of
a mountain.
TheGPK will also at once start
a tramway from their track about
a mile below Sainton to connect with
the end of the Pavne tram.
Silcer Quotations for the Week.
Monday, Nov. 1, '** - 571-8
Tuesday, Nov. 2, -       Holidav
Wednesdav, Nov. !\, - 5ti 1-4
Thursday,* Nov. 4. - - 50 3-4
Friday. Kov. 5, - - .pi71-8
S tturday Oct. 30
Lead has fluctuated considerably
duriug tlie week, the quotation-, being* Monday, Nov. 1,3J, Tuesday 3],
Wednesday 3jj, Thursday 3j," Friday 3} cents.
Virginia Coterie Parti*.
The party given by the Virginia
Coterie Thursday night was a very
pleasant affair and well attended.
All present exprt*ased themselves as
delighted with the evening's entertainment. While the dance was in
* p.ogrest-. a flashlight photograph
was taken of the room. This was
thc first ofa series to be given every
two weeks, and those present at this
one will look forward with pleasure
to tlie future parties by the Coterie.
A Fortune for Somebodq.
There hi a brilliant opportunity for
an enterprising yoong man of limited means to go into business in this
city. Start a pig ranch. Hotel and
restaurant men are kicking because
they have to hire the scavenger to
hatil away the refuse from their
kitchens. * There is feed for one
hundred hogs being thrown away
every day. All you reipitre is a
little push and energy and a few
swine.       *
Orangemen Celebrate Out- Patches.
The -ball given by the ftatxlon
���Orangemen last night, to celebrate
Guy Fswkea day, was a pronounced
success In every way. Spencer's
opera housi* was crowtled by members of the lodge and their friends.
Speeches and a lunch fUled out a
very pleasant evening.
The Payne tramway is now handling all the ore from the mine, the
teams having been laid off last Sunday. When a few minor alterations
have heen completed the tramway
wiD be running in proper order,
Methodist services whM be held as
usual to-morrow in the church at 11
a. m. and 7:15 p. in. Rev. A. M.
Sanford, pastor.
Boi Warren and others have a
year's .eat** on the Argo, and are
working three men.
Pierson A Fisher have a grand
opening to-night at their new hotel,
the Central.
nam rn store
wli, rr* you will find a full line of
***** ______r Caa_uHsVtt
st^^S_W*WW^^*n-Pt_B^B        W   VVa*NrrSar*aV9ar*l
The Goodenough,
A aaa- Has af CarSa
iaataa Sana.
��       ��
American Plan, ��a.to|��r day
KuropMO. Wan. - ISO per day.
StrtVtlv llr.t Ha*��,
MRS. M. A. SMITH. r>op.
OOOYp ���. 0.
B0NGAR0 A PIECKART, Proprttfor*.
The Pleat "Claaa
Hotel of Cody.
Matt**:  it.mpat ��lav
**t��*it*l Bmie* ��.t Ut* W**t..
And You WUl
Smoke No
Slaoaa Mow/a Co.
WhutWal* and R��tall.
Before you buy your winter Mackinaw %see our "Carso Brand/' We
guarantee these goods and have the
sole agency for them.   Hunter Bros.
��� ' "��� ���"���']> ��� "���""
Town lots snd a new dwelling
house for sale in New Denver. Apply to   Thompson, Mitchjcll A Co.
Johnstone A Haines have just received a carload of Oumey stoves.
i r-_t/ -__/ ~__* ���__/ ��� __; ~^_* -Ji -__t *jj .-_. i.__ i __t i
Merchants Advertise in the
Paystreak Because It Pays.
Mtttr'. a Stwlaltt ..I
FISH and
Twenty Furniahed Room*.
AL HOYT, Proprietor.
New York
Brewing Co.
Dreycr tV Hoffmctcr,
Waarrannw .ii|.|,l, i,,�� all **oi*n pt*mtatly
for liottlad and ingot iWr,
Ottr i*a*vtw* atrsr.lt.faly pott and r��,���al lu any
�����***/ ttra.lc in Vauadm. W> uw ttntltllia l.tit
malt and bap*.
Tkoamwm*myi.'-.ntipl*taina**rydat*il with
alt tltt* Utf.t luiitrftvaniaiita.
The Bottlfat Da-partatsat Is la Charge
el Etfsrsr Bros.
Notary Public,
SANOON.       -        .        b,o.
finest Culalne In Root
Proprietor aad ManaKrr.
flrat Clnaa In Kvery Part Im lar.
Newly FstrwUhed.
steal l*s*)sManis
a   ���
Mam, Ktra it ����..��*
A*-rtart*r*tn   and    r^tm-war.    ,,**!,.
Vltetm   t*ttr*t*4M*4   H<Mat  ii.  tu.
**OT     n**at l**n|*-rl..l *t,.t  !���      .
I�� Wiaca, l>t*-*****.'"J�� )**'*
Hotel Wellington
Strict*? First G*��*v
Spccul AiunOfio Psatl to Tr*r t.< r.*i
|1*50 to $2 Per Dai).
J. S. RfcKOEtt, Prop
A atrletly flrat-elnaa hot. I In
all Its wjafNtrlnttitettta.
Livery Ntnble with -food sn.idi ���
nml Pnek Horse* In eenneetinn.
Victoria House
X..w . ..n.rtlr.^ with tit* I. .* i*wri��l-l" '��" ",
In thr. ilUfritt      All   a.t..i....Hr.l-*!'        ';*
.la**, itirlndliia  *|*~fri<<   inM, '���'��''
aii-l nil
Modem ImprorenicntH
Anire.iittit-t.rtniMM!'''** '���*���������������  **''  '
att>itn��>   Donvsalsnt tt. tt����> ��i��-i*>.*.
W. J. MALL. I'rttp


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