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The Paystreak Jan 2, 1897

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SANSON AUDLODY Jauai; % 1897.
The Propertlea on This Stream Com
ing Rapidly to tha Front
A part of thin Section that has
been more or lea** neglected for the
last Iwu yearn, ami which is now,
owing to the confidence of tiie parties owning property there, rapidly
coining to the front, i* tbe north
Fork of Qerpentrr creek. Among
the propeltieh ilu'.t have been instrumental in reviving Interest la
the North Fork  ate  tbe   Koulette
Group, the I'hemiix ami Cordelia.
On the latter property- it is only
since snow fell that active Wotk
lias 0088 eomntcueed. and thir*
work has demonstrated beyond a
doubt that it in a very valu ble
|irojK)siuon in led, ami one thai
before very long will take iis
plaee among the skippers of tbe
The uteepnoH* ����f the bill on
which tiie.laim in located, mak>s
luuiiellmgixiccdingh easy .ami the!
Mullen's pack train is busily engaged rawhiding ore from the Two
Friends, over the uew trail.
(iraham & Saulter are busily
engaged driving a crosscut tunnel
on tbe Kriu tiroup, situate near
tbe Hepublic ��in Twelve mile.
About ten tons of high glade
dry ore is on the flump of the
Kaiy, a claim situated on <>old
Creek ami southwest of the Howard Fraction.
Five men are working on the
Howard Fraction. A shipment of
ten Ions was made sometime ago
to tbe smelter, the returns from
which have not been received as
'loin Mulvcy and Nel.se Nelson
are at work running a crosscut
tunnel on the Morning Star, a
claim siitiawii on the north side ol
Springer Creek and opposite the
mouth of I lay ton Creek.
The Enterprise, on Ten Mile. is>
sending out about  ten tons of ore
.u��.,.e,,,���g,y-cco,.��gnea.yanuif1e|    ,r<lax     Tl|fi ���,.,,  ,,  ^^   fr<>m
depth gained will  alumni  be  foot {^ ^ ^r ^ w p||||i   fo
for foot.    The lowei   vein OQa^i |he ,ak#. am, s(|j       ,   {     ^HU^r
.hoornper'v in a   inwlheasll>   ii" j lo R^^-r* o�� ii*.   X.&S. Kail
n etnui. andranlH* lniwdfor a long
diotauceon the surface. It varies in
width  from two  to two and  hih ���
half feet aud the ore contained m
4* xvty high grade in quality.
Front a shipment of 6,000 pounds
made auioa lime ago the return*)
gave 28U ounces in Silver ami
|j 80 in gold *** it will la) seen
that, although the lead la not very
extensive, still the quality of tie
product makes up for lark ��� f
quantity.a.id the peculiar eharaeti r
of the ore which is heavily impregnated with iron, will make it
very   accept a n e   to   the   smelter
From assays made on some nam
pics recently, a return ol 898
oil noes of silver to tbe ton ��as
given, slid tbe vein from which
.be samples were taken   shows an
iverage   width of two feet, not,
howi-ver. of clean tire for as VH no
greet depth has Neva attained cm
(he property. The character of the
lire throughout the lead is thiellv
concentrating, here and there
hunching together in streaks of
front three to four inches of clean
ore, A tunnel will b*t commenced
in the course of a few days to tap
tne lead, a.id when completed ii
will give a depth of about To feel
lr��tn the surface.
Higher up the hill another had
lias ben discovered, which is
I Hue four f< et in width, the assays from the croppings of which
give returns of 60 ounces in silver
per ton. All these then, combined
with the accessibility of the property, make it one of considerable
value am) one t hat will do its share
toward making the North Fork
famous for the value of its mineral
propei ties
i way.
The Panama ami Iroufaitb. two
promising claims on Ten Mile
Creek, and about three mi leu fruSn
tbe Knterprise wagon ttfed, have
been bonded to I), (i. Stewart, of
Vancouver, by Aiims Thompson
for $15,000.
A trial shipment of ore waMtiade
from the Chapleau. a claim situat
ed on Lemon creek, tbe returns
from which gave !I4 ounces filter
and 3.66 ounces g ltd to the ton.
This property is named hy Messrs.
(twillim, Dick. Tattersill aud Kob
e| tSo||.
Messrs. Wafer. Ranch and Step*
oeski, owners of tin* Slocan Hub.
on Robertson Creek, are at work
sinking a shaft on that  property.
The shaft is now down about
twenty live feet Some time ago
a I Hal shipment was made the
return! from which have not been
Ths'contract for a  .*i��i foot   sbaf
on the Republic is completed   ami
hisseiposed to view a considers'
lie vein of verv rich dry ore. I).
Sutherland had the contract. This
property is situated between
TwelVe Mile and Springer Creek
ami is bonded to Lindsay & Par.
risb of iiramloti. Man.
It is estimated that the neee*
sury plant and machinery for the
complete equipment of the Curric
mine, near Silvertnn. will cost in
the neighborhood of $60,000. This
properly is expectefl to turn out
from 80 to .'17 ton* of clean are ami
from ISO to 160 ton*of ooncenlrat*
iner ore per day, giving an average
SSSUy ol .V> ounces silver per ton
and about 80 per cent. lead.
Tha Patience of the People of Sandon
Pretty Nearly Exhausted.
How long are tbe people of Sandon to stand the inefficient mail
service? The postmaster here waa
ready ami willing on the first inst.
to distribute the mail and waited
at tbe postotlice most of the day
for ti.at purpose, iu tbe mid&t of a
clamoring crowd of indignant
citizms. but te�� mail was ferfh-
couiing. notwithstanding the fact
that loth trains arrived hero on
that day. It is understood that
<>. T. Stone, of Kaslo, has the
contract for deliver.ng mails here
from that end. \Ye speak of cause
subject to correct ou. The reason
why a gentleman of,Kaslo should
have a Contract for delivering
mails at Sandon. we should like to
be advised on, ii.fact we want to
know why tlte contract is not
given to the local official here? It
is nothing short of a positive outrage the way the Sandon people
are treated. We understand there
is a penalty under tbe terms of tbe
contract for not delivering mails
It is to be hoped that this penalty
will ! o rec"vereffln due Course and
further the contract wilb the
Kaslo gentleman meutioiied will
be at once cancelled and tbe contract given to a local man here
who will attend lo it. Tin* out-
going mail was not calle I for by
the mail contractor at the post-
office, although only put up b>
th������ p-��stiiia-ter and left lo fas call*
ed foi according to instructions.
There is no town of the sine of
Sandon iu Canada which has as
large a mail and the amount expended iu stamps alone h< re is
verv considerable. The citizen*,
as a rule are people of average iu-
tclligence and tlic treitment a<-
iirded them SO far in thi�� emmec.
tiou is such as will not be lightly
|ja****d over.
We should strongly recommend
that an indignation meeting be
m-ld at once and resolutions passed
in regard to the matter and forwards! to Mr. Boetock, who, wt
believe is fully alive to the out*
rages, at present, being perpetrated bv the government Oil this long
-utiVring community in connection with the nn.il service. Several men came iu yesterday, long
distance-^ from mines around here,
solely for the purpose of getting
their mail snd were forced lo go
Imme letterless, and curses b ith
loud and dei p were heard at the
oostotficc and vicinity on New
Year's day which is usually sup
posed to be a day of rejoicii g uud
good will.
A nulling we have said iu
regard to this matter ln��8 no
reference whatever to the home
officials bcre. who are always most
obliging  and courteous.
Ed. Athertou had gone out to
Nelson on a visit.
Jas. Moran, of the Queen Bess.
��pent New Years in Sandon.
Dr. Witter's temporary office at
McQueen & (Jore'a Drug Store.
Mrs. Lloyd, who has been ill for
some lime, is slowly recovering.
The Smug,. lerelaiiu,ou Ten Mile,
was nob! this week by Rand &
Work has been temporarily discontinued on the Exchange and
Victoria, properties located oo
Dayton Oreek aud which have
been bonded to David Bremner.
Dr. Bruner, who has been out to
Spokane aud 1 ocatella, arrived in
Saudon on Thursday last. lie
will leave in four days time ' * a
trip back East, taking in Chicago,
Toronto aud St   L mis: en rout��.
The woik of wiring the different
places of business ft.r the electric
light, i8 almost Contpletajl. Only
a jKtrt of the electrical machinery
has arrived an 1 it will be some
days before toe plant will be in
opera tiou.
A large nunifier <% Sandon people turned out to attend the ball
uid supper ffiv��*n at Three FWks
on Thursday night. The dance
was most successful and all who
tttended it had a splendid time.
Come again Three Forks.
To Contractors
Bids will l��c received at the office
>f tbe Star Alining and Milling
Company, Limited, Sandon, B. C.
ir til 7 o'cl 1: p. m.. January 9th,
|s��<7. to run the second one-hunf1*
Hired (100) 'eetof the tunnel on the
.{ah! it Paw claim. Particulars at
office. Car ii.d track iron furnished.        J. M. Harris, Manager.
Certificate of improvement:-
Situate in tlioSli-i n Mining WvtrJoaof. Wen
Kootenay P.ntnet, on Carpenter Creek,
aUuit two m   mi QnHUflJ from the town Ol
Tuke notliv t:, it 1. A. s. K��rwell, a��ceiK
Hit John McNeill, Vive Mliu-r's* lYrtlticete Vo.
tM.HS2.Hnd I>mii:<i McNeill, r'r��v Miner'* Certificate No. 60.371 intend ��lxi\ "Ihjs froro toe
date hereof,tot eolrttiUM Mining fteoorder
for a certlfieatr *>�� Innr >v��menU, tor Ui�� i>ur-
paaeof obtaining avrotk-nayiAtoCtfeeahOTe
Ami Oirtlier t ��ki notice that action, urnler
section .T?, jinn., be oonunenred tx'forv th< i��-
���uance of*uchc��^lfloateoflmproTeB>entt,
Dated thti IStli Jay of November, 1����>
March l-t. VT. A. s. Kah��i:i,i,
Situate ill tin' Suv���n MIiudk Olvislonof Wtit
Kootenay Pt��trtet, on carpenter Creek,
near the Greenhorn mini rai ciHim.
Take n>ti��v that, I. A. s. hurwell, agent r<n
KrederiekJ, riwaweou, Kree Miner** tvrtifi-
cate No. m>.uw,: lohn W Hwit/.*-r, Kn<'
Miner** drtlriatte No.til.Wfl; Clinrlee H. M<-
Cluiikev, Fnt- Miner's (Vrtitli-ate No tfl.fUV
ami Wlllliiin   11. Totld,  Vi-iv Miner's (Vrtlfl-
eate No tii.srti. Intend, sixty day* from the
itale lureot, to apply to the Minimi Ueeorder
fora iirtltitate of imnrovemeiits. for the purpose of ootatntng ��� Crown grant of the above
Ami further take notiee that aetlon under
section :c. must Ik- commenced befbre the is-
siianee ofsueli eertltleat. of Improvements.
Dated this llth day Of November. IMM.
Marefa 1st. ��t. a a. kakwki.i. "x
Issued simultaneously every Saturday at
Saudonand Cody, in the heart ofUieSloean
the greatest white metn' eumpon earth.
Transient adVSriUlng 'J5 cents n Hue first
insertion und 10 cents a line for each sulise-
quant Insertion.
Bubecription,   three   dollar    a   year   In
A (id i ess
Sandon, B. C. Kdltor and M��r
What a happy country the
Slocan will be when we cau get
mail from Nelson in less than live
days, when we can ride to I>enver
in a sleigh or wagon, when we get
a gold commissioner who.is on to
his job. and a government who has
sense enough to appoint such a
one. Verily, when we arrive at
this happy state of things,
Utopia will be a poor proposition
when cnmpaied with it.
With all Saudon's push and enterprise, with all its up to .iateisin
it still lacks many things ol being
an ideal place to live iu. For instance, no one would think to read
the local papers that we had a
barbershop, a furniture store, a
sawmill, a bakery or any of these
adjuncts that go to provide for the
uecessories and luxuries of life.
Ptut we hnve'afl these things
,U jpa. r... .j rjo-| (a to infuse ;i
tie enterprise and pub'-. - sp!rKed
ness in these people bo sa to ii:
duce them to let tbe outside world
know they sre here, and not keep
the good news all to themselves,
when we do that we will bavea town
that approaches nearer the ideal
than anything we can think of at
Wk have never cherished the
fondest regret for John Chinaman
and have always maintained that
we could manage to worry along
without him. And we entirely
agree with the people of the Slocan
when they say that if we allow
one of them to locate among us, it
will be only the forerunner of
hundreds of his pig-tailed brethren.
Let us keep them out by every
legitimate means in our power but
do not resort to violence, coercion
in our free land is a very poor
policy to resort to in order to obtain the desired end. We are all
agreed that the Chinaman is a
poor citizen, we can go further
and say that be is a parasite, and
as such should be prohibite 1 from
entering the country. That is the
point���prevent hitn from landing
by placing the tax at a prohibitory figure.    It  we are  truly   in
terested in this tp'stion, we will all
work towards that end. for that is
the true solution of tbe Chinese
We want to draw the attention
of our readers to a ver* important question. Have you got a
vote? and if so, is your name orj
the list?    Now, this is a   question
of the fust Importance io peopii
In the Kootenay. If you are en
titled to a vote in the Slocan and
are registered elsewhere, see to it
that your name is transferred.
If we ever expect to get justice,
or what we are clearly entitled t<
in tbe nature of government assistance in our endeavors to develop this country, we can only secure it by means of our franchise
if the present government won'i
assist us let us put in one thai
will. And this can not be don��
by neglecting our right-, the right
of every Canadian who baa reach'
ed the age of manhood, to have a
voice in the government of his
country. If we neglect thftj im-
[xirtant point, then have we no
business to kick when tilings do
not come our way. If we do not
look after our own rights, we cannot in common justice expect
other people to attend to them for
us. Tbe world has never yet
la-en overburdened with philan
ropists and this purt of it is no
Sptfcea to the rule.
A viTHKkyear has passed, another year with its history of triumphs
achieved, of hardships borne, if
the worring. excitement, and restless endeavor of a mining camp.
Another.station made on the tor-
tuoiis rraii of human existence of
national itn|M>rtanee. fast year
great things were predicted of the
Slocan and well I��r* it repaid the
confidence fitn -vople. Although
the progress inftde during tbe past
ye.ar has been truly remarkable.
still had we had the assistance and
co-operation of the government its
present degree of prosperity and
development would have been
greatly augmented. Our present
condition of prosperity is all due to
tbe energy of the prospector and
the confidence of the investor.
Last year the government derived
a revenue of over S'.i.OOO from tbe
Denver office alone, this year that
amount will be largely exceeded,
add to this the revenue received
from tbe tax on the smelter re-
turns of the many snipping mines
of the Slocan and you w ill have a
very considerable sum. A stranger
to tbe curious ways of our own
particular   brand    of    legislative
tenderfeet would sax:   "Of course
vou get a return for this amount
paid int��> the Provincial treasury,
as for instance, roads, trails, facilities for tbe Speedier transacting
of business, etc., etc." Notl ing of
the kind .stranger, our government
ha;�� other views for the expenditure of tbe money, if they gave any
money to help develop this conn,
ttv tbev would be doing some-
thing towards benefitting the mine
owner and prospector, and such a
policy WOOld be the rankest heresy.
No, strainer, we pay that monev
for the proud privilege of building
up the country, of prospecting its
mineral wealth, of making it of
revenue bearing value to the gov
ernnn nt. Do we kick? Well, a
few.    Bui I hey   have  got   the   in
side track of usJust  icw and  we
have to grin and bear it We
have gut tn dig up. out of the bill-
ance the revenue collector has left
us, the amount uecesaary to build
roads and trails to our mines and
prospect-, getting in return llo-
absnlutc privilege of making tbe
country as valuable as possible.
I tell Vou stranger we have got a
government whoa* SOW ll above
the vulgar commonplace* of lif����,
whose love for the pursuit of
chimera-* and thecretical benefits,
iloes not allow ihem to descend
from their chuiiMife to Solm with
ua the practical problem of mutual
prosperity and future greatness.
Fred Ilfflb-inau ��v_ Do, have
bnrchsseri the laundry and bath
rooms of Mrs. Hcnoy. in rear of
Halmoral Hotel, and respectfully
solicit-, the patronage of the public.
J  J. Ootffray.       W J   Bowoar. LIB
F. L. Chrlatla. LIB.
Bowser, Goto & Christie,
11ARKISTKRS, ���:: :.
���:���:- NOTARIES, ftc.
Sandon, B. C.
Vancouver. B. C.
~iu:\i.ku :s
Citjars. Tobacco.
�� Fruits, Itc.
All the LtttliuiL Newspapers for Salp.
CODY,    8. C.
First    Bank Established   in the
i!;.���"'i������?'<!��.i !���> Royal CBarttf MS
CSattal ��nii powar lolnoraaa��j        ���.'�����>,��������
B*a*m - fcSSUMi
Hoae Office; ���" t^��-��i**r��i ��M��v��*t. i.����h��|m��>
Id itntoli i'��>Ii��i��iIm��
\ K't<>ri��.    Vaononver.    N-w  w��-��in��i.��i��ir��
aanalaao     KautlooM     Niix��>
K \S|.o   ..!..!   �� \\\m>S.
�����l��*��n   I'l.tflrti.
In UN t BfAad SfeMM
-*n ITraortMO m<<i  lN��rtiai��<l.
Agente and Corraopondenta.
(MtNAOAi  Caaaaiea fur.k of cam www
M�� >��� lirtiit- Itntik l<4 ��� Ml malm. Ttir M>>I**mi>
Kit 1, li;i|-rul lUtlk <>f i *�������!�� ��ml lUnh <>f
Not* Urtrtkt I ll INlTKIi w|\il-
��'*K*'l;iti! IU'��k <��f 0��iitn����T"r Ampory Sew
VoaSt IU..h of MoVa *������*<*%* I "Ii ).�������>> Tl r
l^n V.11 Hi-! !*rti> Kn��n<-l*r��> llflnh Ml . TOn
inn. Tl��r l*ui��-t "WmiikI National Itank. 1*��**ittl��
ill.-   K.vr������ii<e  National    l*<��ok.   ������I*.***'-
\l STHAI.IA AMiM;��7,HI.AM^    Ua.'.k
of  ��ti��irula*in      llnMH.I 1,1 :    BtftfcopA Co
Local Manager.
SanSan branch
|i.r..ri��.n��t.-.l  l��y  ll����>��l ��"hi��rl#-r.
Paid Up Capital.     S4.80e.eee.
Raaarva  Fond, 1330.333.
London * Klk**t
[j     COAL,
\\ IKON.
1 and P
Ft SK, [|
ami ;;
Tin & Sheet Iron Worker.
i  l l.u��.'iil��'   !j��)."     |.��.|...��.i ������
t*i . S.C
Court of Diraetora.
J. Bmdla,loSn Jaawt ratar, �����*����.$**��r*t K��r
rnr. Kl-lwrU   H.Ot/W. Henri   ll   Kmm/. K��l
Arthur H.wrv. H. J.K. Krnoall, J- t- Klna*
foftl,  Knwtrrlrk    bobboHl,   (MOrSa   W.WIinl
111 HJPIJ, A. O. \V A I.I.I*.
li<i����iorri<-��- *����� cmmiin.st, iamaoMt,, Monlrral
II.   PTiai ��1 �� V K.   MTANflKM.
��*��-i����t>iI  Mm��H*��-r. laanwlnr
Branchaa in Canada.
i^.mion. Braotford. I*arta, llainllton.TorrMn.
lO, KlllK*l>>ll. OtliiMii.   M'Mitl.tii,   IpiT-li.-. .   i*t-
li>in>, N. U., Brandon, a iiini|��'ij. Mmi.: I n^l.
��� t 1.1..11. N. II ; llnllfnt.  a.*��.l VlrtOfta,  Vmi
poovar, Koralawd, wan don, u. c
Aganta In tha Unltad Stataa.
SpnSaiMi   Tradart   National   Bonk     B**
Aork,   i.v; Wwll f (raftl w    taiWMM nnd  ���'���  ���
W��i*ti    *hii KniiH i����t, ilSI Hanwomr HtrMi>
11 m..i. MeMlebaal and J. u. ambtoaa.
London  Bankara.
I'ln-  I'.itnk ��>f Kafjtand mill M<'��r*. ol>n * Oft.
Foraign  Aganto
I.lvirixMil  lUnk of l,lvir|MHil.      \n>iin!  >
Union li+mk of   Auotrnlia.     New   Kralaiid,
1 niiiii itniik of Australia, lUuk <��r N>�� /<��
land.   IihIIh, C��iln��, nml   .Im|niii,   ��� lunt. m.I
Ueroanlllr Bank <>r India, Ia>hiI����ii mult-iiiu��.
Avni liiuik. i.id. w.-i iiiiiii'H. Colonial hank.
I'urm. Mm.11111,1, Kiiui-- S Co.    l.yoii*. Cndn
H. Q. MARQUIS,  Acting   Manager
Sandon, B. C. THE   PAYSTREAK.
MININO   ItM Oltl>h.
11.. oril>*��l at Now ,1V uvrr. UN* A����:**iii<-ut*
'IV��n��ifr�� ami 1ah��U<>ii4 :
0r>- 111
KrtlMi! 1'iirk-** -C >V C.i IU Iu ii
wtenani   Sum.-
Kituvier- -tarn*
IV* <1
tiMiUi-rfoiK���-K K Kvaii*
H. ul   Han*
.Ml ill.   llllKlM"!-   Jlltlll   llllk-lli'i
1M   -'l
\V  k. ir to A W iilt.ii.-    1 LMkOUt, D��S *1 ', II
A M��- ��v Straint Si a tt������*-ij IfartkurnM
tli.ll.  ^t'|ll  Hill
A (. MtvU t�� A II K.'lll.i'i   !   I j*ni.iU. l������ 1!<;
J it si..i.u, a II U.iiliiH�� -i Aliomui, Dwrtli ci
A i   N-.iit Iu A ii iiaiu.ni--I Ukylufa .NiKano
1 All rtl., IV��- IK I      in
a i BuuU ui A Ii ilaUtoa-H Bruum, ivr19; ��i
A i an%M to K urn...in   i vajeiwa, Aa urj ti
A i   PBua lu r lllin���II   | ioiiihU, HmtIk; ��i
i >> ii..i. k i�� \\ r fiauoui v i ���< Saw < -i^nin.
Uv il; 91
l< M llr.lt to a in KerT"si .Vaiiryuvrr, IV��- in;
VV  II tfaWkC* to I'J  III. k. >     I Hi  M.rfi.lHK.iVI
��l. ��l
Vi II Vuuk.) UjJ O 1'air.ll \ M-tuln*. Ui
.v.  .t9B.fi
O 0 M. Tin-real to I' l.lii.|i|l��l    I MlMlutr   Link.
A ^1. William* lo I' l.liinui.t    1 ��� Murlllu Fra,
ii in. ** i-i ll ��� II
i.r no- ,\hii i  io Win.  Mr-Vajr���i 5  laadrj
Or aga, Sat ��������� ��� H
Uajrai Manna w w* ll M< \'a��   i .��� n o.-��i^n
N-iv 13; |1
O S, ii I to W II   MrVay���Vj rkawr. Xo\ I  :
I'M Hat* to H W   Hatl.Uifi.r-  J  lu   I<ii*li!,.i,i
Ot �������, ������
I, Atrt.oM|.'i hi M 1C  W KalhlMttir o|4i��i ltd
.,!,. tear l<* So,UUM M I. Ula> .Xiuiila, I'ulutli
Oil  MM
J|| i ,1.,,^. II I.. I. tkiaiiik-r All NortlM-n.
ParUV.-Wlafi ti ,   .���
\��\ "in. haxmlw w B Vat-St*! Arrtlr. D*>
*���*       al dyJM   **     Ji ��*���'
D tl 1*999*1 lo II Aylwiu - 11 'aiM|auiB*SJr llrll-
��<i..., Bar ���� I it
M l.,..ilii(.-.ui U. C Hi��hiI��iT�� l Mia limUr.
����� I .'3 ; ��t
J ii M<-I��i��l U�� A M< Ikaijfall   1 Mao Mar. I*r
I7| aSS
C Aiiil.r-.rti .11.! C Ami r�� ai In A H Mi��-iim.r���
Atrn-riu.-tit ti��r Jwtaj Lead, OYr tt ; tMMtf
O K M. 1* in.-ii ami J���� W Baa * �� ��� A II Un in
��<-r     i   U.J��H*.ii. Ikv    tl.   ����.��'
U k MarduuaMl ��� A 11 Un-mim All Ik-.o.r.
ii*.- *��;  ajaa
A T -iik- ami If I Kirka.aal t.' II W Knit ��t ai
-All v .UI..I Km.4n . Ua-ASl   t
W   i m ������ �����> A Ja��>-li��*��-l B09 II !�������- :5: w��i
KUm.uii J A 9��aV>--AKr��' Htrnl V> *.l .
In ikk.. �� M>aul> and W low- lk-ul�� i, i ����'*. IM
A I' Lamk'to lo J A r*<aVy~ t|m*>mi-iii t��
l   11 Banei  ll*iil> and   Whit,   ik-juty. Ik-, .-i .
s t.oatiirrit t.. j J OaSSaji   all T��u ihu.Ii
in.-  . Ik*- ��i.   .
Ii     ;-
W N Hl�� litm��o��l l.i Ja* OIUomnVv���4 i.n-.o
|>..kl.   N..V i :   I
J m �� In!ik>-r lo J M Martin -I No 8 Kmr'Km.
Ik> jj:   i
II i arerdrf ta P \* I lalr--A��rnvii��.iil rv Son
n�� i ml M.t- u I N<> x Bar 1 i \tm
I' 1<.H Ian 1-. \ K   IMuninn-uiin'r -AtrrwiiaiU r\
sii ,n* aad ��!�����* ����i Su 9, t*. w i   i
J M M It.-. i. .linn to J   I Iniliur   \ St.oiwuiil. r
0 I n .     1
c M BcSoaaars �������� v C BerSIS | Kr.*- 0.4.1
��a   ���.:   -1
J  M   M llritrtilliii to J TillllllK     '    K.-ll >. tkv S)|
A     K    Til. 411 r-rj    |..    J     M   M   Ik lint ll lit     1 Kir.
u,4rt. STja- �����'.; >1
I' I.I iijul-i !���> J M Ilia, k nml O   H   MiOimmii
1 1. V.Mi.Hr Ik-ar. \ ���; M-twi.'. 1X HhkIiI I.Uflil.
I I.' MmIII.. I r... ti .ti ami 3 I Mi^iiitf Link. IW
JI .     I.IMl
A I unk-1.. J M IU.uk ami l�� H M�� l��iinan- (
A   T<nik* mtiTi'-t   In Km-   |4>a-r����a  oil 9 eaTOjtal
i��>n.i !������ ti ll 11 Tur.H-r uh Hi,   |i..ll...ii-��- ami ���r**F*|
1-ia-oiil.ittli,  I ��-.  .1;    |
H ll.it.-t.. I   K tl .niiHoo.l    !..��< .Mil Ik*r 11;
S Vfaak) to I* Hav     r of A. Hr|4 i*>. iar.
M It o   u���i, u. r | . |- M Hav*   t MuiiH-afoll*
Uv |a; .-i
I" r..a�� t.�� A Mu.-tt.HiaM   \ Mllvrr Kliur. Il�� �� :
K MabtHi lo II K M U.i.ukl I ���-��� UiH-alrr, * ilk.'
HI. ��l
W II < liainUr* I., I' i lun.U-rt 1 I'arrU'. lk>-
111   I
liiuimr.tii .1 al kt Thr 1'aan.ruiitan ti k S M
��� '<., 1. I.    All Ot mo-. Milan ami Ibwrnirtan. Ik-r i>
IVrlalilht- Tlioa��lil
Bad Kraiulv.i Wavt-.i
Kii-!*t TrriBii��--Why  not   WMlk on
the railway trick?
SeWmil   Tramp   I)o  ycr  think   I
w.iut the thrtmr* to take uh tor act-
o-s?    Nix.      ,    ��� . , t
���\ . '-,   '      .-,���.,      -. N.  ..-.   "'��� \
���Try the IV^fsTurxK Job'Derort*
inent lor :t daixly |oK
Subacribe for The Payhtseak.
Hill & Co.,
Chemlita and Assiivers,
Dealer in
4\\' SAHDON, B.C. ���HlH-
is one of the Best Appointed Hotels in the Slocan.
Large and Airy Rooms
First-Class Dining Room
Sample Rooms for Commeneial JWen
PAira     #
#     HV,
SIGNS a Mdk.
A carload of FarrelTs famous
Rock Candy Drips
���-*1    Just received.
C>Also a line ofO
Jellies, New Orleans Molasses and
Golden Syrup at
S- :i<b��n.
McQueen ��& Gore have
just opened in the Munis
l>iiil<tinjr with a full line of
Remember the place,
McQueen & gore.
Hotel Kootenay
> 111,
Switzer & McCluskey,
���������������>" ���". ��nr t�� ��� "���"   " ��� ���
KOOTENAY Mercantile
Tailoring Co,
y Dry Gooilx, Gents' FarDiahingB and
^ DresR Making.
t i
*  w    Mines  Bought, Sold or Bonded
mmm% wmwl.
J.   M.   WlNTEUj Prop.
First-Class Aecoinnuxlation
For Tourists and
Mining Men	
Obdy  is In the  beart of the Slocan. atai you must go there if vou  wui k
s��m�� that great cuiintry. THE   PAYSTREAK.
Itla    Mluliif      LualueaN.
The Spokane Chronicle publishes
an article showing that 3('kJ mining
companies have been incorporated
thus far this year, with a total capital
of 1300,925,(XU The stock is put up
at one million shares more frequently
than anything else. As time passes
t. e new companies are placed at
more and more capital stock. Formerly they were frequently less than
halt a oillftoa shares ot |1 per share
In 1&I5 there were more at a halt a
million than all the other figures
combined. But a halt a million soon
became too small and the favorite
capitalization increased to $750,UU>,
and then to |1,U0J,U0U. Lately one
million shares is considered rather
small aud a million and a quarter
and a million and a half has become
quite frequent and a tew hate run as
high as three, five and six, aud one
is incorporated tor twenty millions.
Perhaps new companies to be formed
in the future will increase the number
of shares iu each still more until
twenty-five, fifty or one hundred
million shares will be put into the
companies. And it miy Ikj some
prospector who thinks his claim is a
wonder will incorporate fjr five
hundred or one thousand million
shares ot the par value of tl each.
Mot   Till AaAanui.
George H. Newman. Indian asrent
at Fort Spokane, s iys the Chroi hie,
jubt returned from a trip around tbe
Colville reservation looking after the
welfare of his charges. Agent Newman says that he found many white
 men on the reservation busily engaged iu developing their mining prop
erty, and that manv of the propertw s
bear strong evidence of becoming
great and valuable aiines, . The
northern part ot the reservation has
n ��r, however, been, nearly explored,
and until it has the extent of the
mineral resources cannot be determined.
There are between three and four
hundred Indians on tbe north lialf of
the reservation, and about thirty-one
hundred on tbe entire reservation
The survey of the reservation  has
not yet been accepted by the govern*
ment,  and uutil that is done the
allotment of Indian lands cannot be
made.     Shonld    the    government
apioint only one alloting agent he
would hardly be able to get through
with  the  work  in  the six months
allowed to the indiansto choose their
lands.   Three or four agents could,
however, finish up in six ujuuths and
probably in less.    Under tbe most
favorable  circumstances the   reservation can hardly be thrown open
before next fall.
Critic -When" did you get the idea
for that picture ?
Painter���Out of inv* head.
Critic -You must be glad that it is
Smith���I see that a bullet from one
of those new rifle* 'vill kill six men,
standing one behind another.
Thompson -You dont say ? lit that
case a man might just as well go to
the bout.
She���I heard that the earl and
countess had a serious disagreement
More they were married.
He -What was the trouble ?
She���He wanted to spend the
honey moon in Monte Curio.
"Mr. Barclay is so well read; he
repeated an exquisite quotation laet
'What was It?"
"I can't give the exact words but
he said he'd rather Ik- a something iu
a something than a something else in
a something else "
iotll mm
Is the Pioneof  House of the Cit\
IkDn-ft - mw,K
Drugs, Stationery, Druggiat
Sundries. Notion* and Toilet
Artiele*.   ���      **
Perfumes and' I in ported Cigars a
Carpenter SHOP
I have opened a Carpenter's
Shop in the rear of
Crawford's Blacksmith Shop
Orders for all kinds of work
in that line promptly attend to.
O. O. MoiR-AJE.
She���Why, you foolish boy, if I
married you, you wouldn't be able to
dress me.
He���Well��� er���couldn't I learn?
In Chicago:. She���Beford I say
yes I want to ask you a question.
He-Whatisit. dear?
She -Do you believe in long marriages ?
A reeessary inference:   Mamma��� ^
Mrs. Brown says her little boy looks] A       d hrffS^mfc Daocea etc
very much like ours. " ������r/,  * * "" ,M "��� *"*-
Papa-Then ours must be better |    Dancing school every Fridav and
looking. Saturday by Prof. i*winr.
FRl'IT, ���
The Newmarket
New Denver.
���y.S situated on the hanks*pt the beautiful Slooan Latke, and the guesta can
I     sit upon the Iwlcony ami gaze; upo.i the grandest scenery in America
"5    without anv extra charge.
The tlre-eaea|��e system is excellent
Tbe rooms are airy ami decor* t
ed with the latest results of tin
wall \*\*t artiat, Tbe exterio
of the hotel la painted in color
that harmonize with the idealist!���
Hold bugs, Silver I Hmioerata,Canadian
Capitalist.*, Proai-acton*. Miners,
Tenderfeet, Ten Mile Millionaire*
in id Pilgrim* of every shad" in
Politic**, Religion or Wealth are
welcome at this House.
is#N9i o iijKCN#
The Bar is replete with the moat modern, as well a* aneient
brands of nerve producer*.
The Dining Boom is always provided
with food that is tatty, digestible
and satisfying to the inner
e-jonomv of man
Stranger make for the  Newmark<t
when V��h�� reach the Btootn Metropolis ami do not for/et the
I juallon' s name.    It is
Henry Stege
mmm mm ��e..
.DKAI.KHH   Ut""'*"
News, Stationery. Confectionery,  Butter, Kgjf*. Cb��*<?*#. Hay. (train
A  Flour.	
droccricB, Ktc.
Office:    SLOCAN TKANSKKR  CO . Saddle aud Pack More** to all
Pol Ufa  in tbe  Mountain*.
Thos. Brown &Co.,
Dealers In :���
New  (okhIh enuttwitl) arriving.
Pays special attention to all
kinds of watch repairing,
Large stock of
always on hanc
F.TKUKRAl.ll A DAY. Prapa.
 Manafaturrr* ������( all���
Syphons, Cinger Ah\
SarvaparillA, Ktc., Ktc.
SUa.iadon, BO.
Patronize home induHn y
when von want the beat
ALL   M11IIT   IN    A    ItHKlNH   BATH
The following narrative by Dr.
Cooke, the physical instructor of the
Y. M. C. A., has been obtained at an
inter* tew while partaking of a Turk*
ish bath at tbe invitation of Professor
Hart, the well-known professor ol
dietetics and scientific food specialist
On my arrival at the hotel about
midnight, somewhat fatigued by late
hours, I was introduced by Dr. Cooke
of the V. at Q A., to Professor Hart.
who, I bad been previously informed,
was an Knglishman alxmt Ct> years
ot age, but who from my judgement
from his general activity ol body and
vigor of brain might lie taken lor 45,
'hough his clear blue eyes look quite
youthful, and his clear skin, which is
of a pink tint, would make him look
younger   were it   not   for  his gray
1 was invited to take a Turkish
bath in OOtnpftUy with these two devotee* The doctor is known for his
i.evotioii to the science of physical
culture and athletic exercises, and the
proles**.��r to the reform of the foods of
the civilised world SO as to enable
phytdcal culturists to bring about
greater perfection iu their pttpUl by
having them trained on foods more
capable of sustaining buly and brain
than I* |JO**.ble on the presenttashion-
abl�� hut very eroneous system t��t living.
The object of the visit to the Turk-
hh b* th was for the pun ruse of explaining to Dr. Cooke, by personal
demonstration, the actual method ot
taking Turkish baths in Oonstanti
nnpte. as practiced iu the St Sophia
l��ath nem\r tbe great St. *>��rrtiiH, wnere
the sultans ami tbe grand vitiers of
Turkey take their hath* At this
bath, Professor Hart took his first
Turkish hath, forty years ago.ami he
say* that through the lesson he learn
ed ami the la'iietlts he has derived
through the discoveries he baa made
in the study of dietetic* during tbe
last forty years, he is now feeliutt
very much stronger and many years
younger in every way than he dkl
forty years ago.
We enter the hath rcceioton room
and. after disrobing, we are conducted into a room the heat of which is
IN ). We remain here a short tune
as a kind of preliminary to season us
before entering the Itntroom . where
we commence to perspire freely. The
moisture iu our bodies prevent* us
feeling the beat, which is great
enough to hake bread To convince
one's self of the heat, it is ouly.'neces
aary to let your Hugers come fn con
tact with some unit porous substance
like iron, bras* or glass After perspiring lively for about ten minutes
or more we no into the shampooing
looitta, where the real work ot trans
format ton takes place. Here Professor
Han gives hi* instructions in tnanip
ulaiing the body so . s to give the
greatest amount of I*m e It and enjoyment to the bettor, and where he, by
reason of the great magnetic power
which he paeaeeMt conveys to his
patient, as lie illustrated to Dr. looke
or anv one of his male patient* that
require ibis extraordinary service.
Piofessor Harts system ot shampoo
ing <li(!ers from all shampooer* in
general from the fact that he is as
much a Michael Angelo in the Turk
ish bath as he is in the composition,
quality and uuantity ot food to b��
ante i, as he looks to the trifles in
everything, which trifle*, a* Michael
Angelo, the great sculptor.said "makes
perfection, which is no iriflo."
The professor contends thaT as alt
the pores of the skin run in a down
ward direction from head to foot, aa
seen and indicated bv the way the
hair grows, the skin should no more
be rubbed upwards, or anv rough
frictiou used in an upward direction,
than you would rub the kiilca of a
Hsh, unless you wish to injure or remove the scales. His attention was
led to the Investigation of this subject
on the establishment of the first Turkish bath in London, shortly after the
Crimean war, bv the shampooer*
rubbing his body by an upward ami
backward movement, that caused the
skin to smart, aud, as be aftewards
ex|<erieiiced, great sorenes* tlrough
the rough unwanl friction of the
shampooer, who was ignoiant of this
simple fact, that the skin has its fine
scales though imperceptible to the
human eve, but may he plainly seen
under a [wwertul microscope. From
this experience Profsssor Hart ever
afterwards gave instructions to every
shampo<M��r how to shannon him. and
offered bakshish iu the form of a gold
dollar to the man who tor a time
shampooed him, so a* not to cause his
skin, which is of very fine texture, to
be impaired by the operation.
Professor Hart has written upon
this subject, "How lo take a Turkish
bath" so as to enjoy it and not take
cold afterwards, which may be done
tor wa t of exercis ng pr.per
discr tk) i ��� The origin of Professor
Harts efforts iu this direction arose
from the fact that oue ot his dearest
friends in the prime of lite took a
Turkish hath rate evening and after
wards look a chill through indiscreet
exposure, went to bed and died before
After the shamftming operation on
the system advocated by Professor
Hart,*we all three ftassed through the
dough and needle operation of being
cooled down, when we hastened into
the cooling room, and lav on luxurious ottomans between snowflake
white sheet* and chatted for a time,
and then gradually dozed off to sleep,
and after a sound sleep for several
hours we wake up about 7 o'clock
very much refreshed with a new-
kind of expression as if are had passed
through a kind ot heaven on earth.
There can Ik? no possible doubt that
Professor Halt's system which is
I w set I on a physiological fact that the
skin of all created things runs downwards, a* indicated by the hairs of
animals or the feathers if birds and
scales of fish, that it is much more
enjoyable to come out of a Tnrkish
bath* with a whole skin than with a
damaged akin, as the professor tre
quently did before having the system
of sham) oo ng corrected.
"We've got to admit that the bicycle has come t> stay ; that's certain."
"Well, that depends on whather
you get it tor cash or on installments."
The JbMk
One of the oldest and best knowt
hotels in the City.
I'be only Bowling Alley in th��
Mountains is attache*! to this
Dealer ir, MEATS
 : AT :
Koiiekt Macdonald
IS'eil Macoonald
MACDONALD   BROS., Proprietors.
Bates $1.50 to 32.50 per day.-
Headquarters for Mining Speculators and Capitalists.
Reco Ave.,
Sandon. B.C
Iwm jfaitatit tepty,
J.   C.   HAYES   Mngp.
Manufacturers of and Dealers in-
Stuns, Aim, Mm aid Cophb.
���-���-All kinds of Mining Work a Speciality.
fmXti k jAcfLimoR
-Dealers   in-
Get yonr Fresh Heat .
 FROM   THfr
M Kooiay MLw Co.,
Rrandon  and  New   Denver "���I
Ail   AntWyrlo.ie.
Hark to the voice ot oue who wails in
grief and consternation,
Singing the dirge, alack tlio day ! ot
rational conversation ;
Dead, gone, and quite forgotten, till
one wonders in amaze
What people found to talk about in
pie-cyclotic days.
With talk ot wheels and nothing else
from soup to macaroni,
A modern dinner means a cyclo-
With qui|s ami cranks in good old
time our talk was wont to glitter
The quips are gone, the cranks survive to prove themselves the titter.
The cyclo-chattcr penetrates all sorts
and kinds of places ;
Queen's Counsel talk ot "handle-bars"
and doctors of "gear cases."
The  scientific  man  enquires, "are
Swifts or Bantams fleeter?"
And "c> clo" is the prefix to the poets
dainty metre,
,, ..
I m sighing for the good old times, tis
sad to think upon them!
When maids sat at the spinning-
wheels instead of sitting on them;
For though unfrequent were their
words and very mild their jokes;
They tireji you not with talk ot tires,
nor did'theV speak of sookes.
But nowadays in (drawing rooms and
shops and ladies' clubs
Young wives complacently   discuss
the "new self-oiling hubs "
In strange mysterious phrase I hear
them tell as iu a dream
How this one rides a  "Buffalo" and
that one a "sunbeam."
And oh! how hard his lot who, in the
cvclo-craze not sharing.
Will find the talk of "ball hearings"
is almost past his bearing!
They'll say "a tcrew loose in his nut"
to scorn the modern iaddle,
And sad'll be his fate who takes no
interest in a ' 'saddle,"
The ball  of conversation  to keep
rolling nowadays
You needs must talk the cyeloshop,
and feign to sfiare the craze.
The one consideratien that consols me
at this juncture
Is that tbe the ball s |��nuinatic ; so I
hope it soon will puncturer
The border statesman with his bill
to discriminate against Canadian la
hour has been heard from in Congress
again. This time it is Representative
Mahany who would be the deliverer
of his toiling countrymen from the
casual competition of ttfeir neighbor*
on the north. Mr. Mahany comes
from Buffalo. He is one ot the two
Representatives that city has in the
House. It is a safe guess to say that
his district or constituency take.-, in
tnatf part of Buffalo in which the
working classes are mostly hived.
His bill may be dictated by pure
philanthrophy or narrow patriotism,
but it looks very much as if it wen*
intended as a-vote-trap tor the particular use of Mr Mahany. Whether
it pasaes of" not it ought to be the
making of that politician in. his own
end of the town. He sprang the
measure on Congress  on the  very
first cay of the session.   Therein-he
showed his political sagacity.   It was
not uuknowiMoliini that his brilliant
itteu had done service before In the
plans ot some of the lake |��>liticaus.
It was, iu fact, rather a favorite
engine tor working the voting masses
of the northern cities. Irinight there-
tore be in considerable request during
this session, and several Congressmen
who "���"desired to make themselves
^oliii with large blocks of wage-
earners in the border towns might
want to Use the itlea all at the same
time. Hence Mr. Mahany was wise
in pushing his bill upon the attention
of the Boose the very first day. By
his activity he probably forestalled
Representative Corliss, who last bail
the use ot this idea ot barring out
Canadian labor, Mr. Corliss is a
Detroit man, His anti-Canadian labor
bill, which was much talked of last
year, was quite as thoroughgoing a*
Representative Mahany's. Mr. Corliss would put an end to all einplox
ment of Canadian labor by I nited
States contractors, manufacturers, or
buisness men ot any kind whatsoever-
Workingmen iu Windsor won Id no
longer be permitted to eotua aerota u��
Detroit in the morning, earn then-
day's wages, anil return at night.
This session he.has not yet returned
to the attack, pofeftHy beoanse he
was anticipated by Mr. Muhany ot
Buffalo; possibly because he was
fair enough to see that it was some
body else's turn to wtuk the ami-
Canadian labor bill. At all evenus
Mr. Mahany is to have the floor. His
bill makes it:
"Unlawful for aliens, unles* tbe\
have declared their Intention to be
come citizens ot the 1'nited States and
can show an uninterrupted residence
in this country of one year train the
date of such" declaration, to be employed in any capacity on work to ! e
constructed or completed by the (iov
eminent or by contractors under
contract* entered into subsequent to
tht: passage of this act"
For violalUajaof the law it provides
a tine of hod tees tliaMfalUU or iinpris
onment for1 nt* less tfian one month
The purpose of the bill is to complete
the stiff disci imination already exer
ciaed again-* Canadian labor and
make it r!af ute exclusion. Under
the watchf. \ eye of Inspector De
Barry, whose service covers the part
of the frontier in which Buffalo h
included, it is difficult for a Canadian
workingman to get into the couptrx
from Central Ontario. Many who do
make their way in are deported mi
ope ground or another. None can be
employed on any Government con
tract. There is very little privilege
left, therefore, tor Mr. Mahany to take
away. It is time that this poiwyd
treating Canadian workingmen a* if
they were Chinese coolie* were met
by some legislation of the same kind
on (air part, It Canadian wag�� -
earners are to l>e repulsed from the
United Suites, United States laborers
should not he iiermitted to come in
here aud underbid our own |*ropli:.
Something should be done on the
lines advocated by Mr. Taylor, the
able member for South 'Leeds, who
has given great attention to thi��
question, has, in fact, made ll special.
ly his own. A law such as he pro
poses is what is wanted, and what
the sense of the workingmen of the
country has begun todviliand.
First Westerner-Pete is down
with lung trouble again.
Second Westerner���Wliat'athe matter ��4th his liiURs? '
First Westerner -He's got a bullet
In one of 'em.
C. 1). KAN I'
ll, s. Wallbrtdge
Mining Brokers.  Notaries Pubiic and
s.aj>tido:n\ B. O.
Mines Imnght and sold. Stock* foi sale in all ii C. mine*.
Official brokers for Wonderful Croup Mining Co
Kootenai) agent* tor Bondholder Mining ( o. tfocki
Companies promt<ed.
We have an **tra heavy stock of
on hand, and as we take Stock in
about Two Weeks a Special Discount
will be given to ali purchasers in that line
Green Bro
KASLO       and       C0D7.
Notary l'ublic. Conveyancer, Ktc.
Mining and Heal Folate Broker.
-.��� ��,, ,i>   AOftXT  roa '
The  Canadian   rlre   Insurance Co.
Packers M Forwarders
Contracts taken for raw
hiding or packing ot-fc trom
and packing supplies to rafnea
Saddle horses for hire
We lead ir�� Klrat-Clns* work.
.'5 fine lit.th Rooms i'i coiinecti< r��
Sea Salt Hnthn wfthtKit extra chart'
J. 8, B EIDER, Pror.
NOTARY ri'lil.b"
J. ('. (Jwilliin, of Slocan City, is
spending a few days iu Sandon.
Sam Itrown, of the Arlington
Jhisiu, is spending a few days in
Hugh Sutberlaud, of Winnipeg,
the bondor t>f the Tnjiaz Croup, on
Eight Mile, is iu town.
Dr. F. I'. Witter can be found
at MrQueen ft Core'* Drug Store.
A. 11 William* and wife were
out 09 a short visit to Kaslo ou
Tuesday and Wednesday last.
J. K. Cameron & Co.. the  Koot-
enay tailors, are turning out mate
inagnilieent fits in   ordered   cloth
Jack Front will not deign to pay
u�� a visit,and ukatera ami cutler*
are in tbapair. I*a*t Timsday the
.-tones anivetl and now many on
enthusiastic curler in murmuring
anathema*in bis beard against the
persistent eoft liens of  tbe weather.
The new edition of Tboiulin-
*. ��u'�� map of tbe Slocan for sale at
ibis office.
The attendance wi|�� large and
ihe music good ami thone who
were lucky enough to attend tbe
ball given in the Cliffon Hoiiae on
Tuesday evening last, had a most
enjoyable time. #|
Capt. A. P. Btorfon, one tif the
pioneers of tbe Slocan. baa return*
ed to town. He ha*, been away on
a    prolonged    trip    to    tbe    Muck
Mr. W. II. Millet, of tbe New
Vofk Life Insurenr�� Co., of Spokane, la iu Be noon. He says that
the Slocan ia ceeupying the biggest share of attention *��n the out*
aideiuat now, Uoealand ami Trail
being at a titaconttt.
Captain Fiustubbs. <��f kelson,
wis in town this week. He is a
great stranger in the Slocan and
will no iloubt l>e greatly surprised
at the strides Santl����n has* made fo-
Warda prosperity since last be
boiioietl us with a visit.
The new coach which lias been
added to the K. A 8. rolling atock
ia elegantly lined up and is duly
appreciated by travelers, e.-jieei'
ally thoee of tbe early tlays of the
The Spanish Bloaaom cigar, one
of KurU's manufacturr, furnishes
a delicious smoke ami can he bad
by applying to Father MeCliisky
at the K<��ol��nay Hotel.
Tbe i ntertainiueiit ami Xmas
tree given in Spencer's ball on
Saturday last was largely attend*
ed, Fven body appeared l��i enjoy
Ihemaelvea, and the many songs.
ancient ami modern, that were
snug were listeneo to with apple.
elation by all.
Negotiations are being made for
the purchase of the Star King
This property, wi.ieh ia composed
of | wo claims, the Star King ami
Silver Banket, is owned by Messrs.
Spencer. Level*. Davig and Taylor
and is situated on the main tlivi te
between Cotly and Carpenter
Tha Tank waa a Dandy.
The man who built the tank of
the Sandon Water Work* Co. has
reason to be proud of tbe stability
and solidity of bis work. On
Monday last it stood a test, that
bad it been a poor piece of workmanship, must have resulted disastrously to tbe water supply of
the town for tbe time being. Not
only that but tbe escapement offeo
much water would have caused a
landslide that would have hurled
thousands of tons of earth, rock
ami trees on tbe railroad   beneath
While felling irees for the saw-
mill one of the men failed to place
his tree where it would be supported by others ami prevented from
plunging down the mountain side,
tbe consequence was that it struck
tbe tank end on with the force of
a cannon-shot piercing through
four planks each three inches in
thickness and smashing; a two
inch iron bar.
The neatness of the bole made
by the log testifies to tbe velocity
at which it waa coming. Had tbe
tank "<��t been divided into three
compartments, tbe contents of the
tank would una be on its way Co
Slocan lake and Saudonitea would
be busy cussing the man who was
the author of the mischief. A little more care should be exercised
in falling timber. It is not so
very long ago that a citizen of
Sandon was nearly spitted i:i bis
bouse by a tree felled by a care
less avm.tn. We can't all drink
our whisky straight so be more
careful iu the   future   Mr   Logger.
Things are bsiking   very  uiceh
on tbe Victoria, a  claim   recently
bonded to Titos. Claritlge of  Kng
A special bargain in Greenland
seal fur capes at the Poetoffioe
Tenders Wanted.
The St. Keverne Mining Company wishes bids on 1<H> or LlH��
feet <>f tunneling ami cross-cut
work to be done upon their property on Payne Mountain, adjoining
the Slocan Nov ami Payne. Rids
to include tools, powder ami all
other necessary supplies. Tbe
Company reserves the right to reject any ami all bids.
Sidney N n b m a n . Secre I a rt.
Spokane, Washington.
On Tuesday.   Dec. 2rJnil,   L.   M
Gihann. of the slocan   Roy. was
married to   Miss  F. If, Roberta of
Pasadena, California.    The   happy
couple   no   their   return   to   this
country  will   take   up   their   resi
deuce in Kaslo.
11. Bucke, of kaslo. was in Sandon on Thursday last.
I). J. McLiiohlati has just received a consignment of sashes
ami door* which he will dispose of
at reasonable rates.
l>r.AI.HK    IN
Tobaccos, Cigarettes and Pipes,
Playinn Cards and Poker Chips.
If your hablU are bin and you  need them
U> meiul.
Reform hikI drinK the choice Thlatte Mend:"
If from  MfWonn you're   free,  and   revered
are by  nil
Stick close bv Hie "Thistle." for fear  lent  vou
If yiiir luck should go hard, and with rare*
you do bristle.
Taki infort    serene,    with   a  drop of the
If dame fortune *houId smile and you reach
the  toptfoteb.
Resale all  your friend*, with the  wonderful
To all life s conditions, a charm  it lends.
That   tllOl9*91 of  uhiskics,  most   famous of
Kiiough of Its merit*  vou  have  heard  vou
will think.
lie sure you  remember them all  when vou
tin Hoar of Balmoral  Hotel.)
FlretwClaea Work Quaranteed.
Three Bath Rooms in Connection.
S.-H suit Batht without BzUa Charge.
Notice is hereby given that tin*
undersigned will at the ex pi rut ion
of thirty days apply to the Stipen-
dary Magistrate of West Kootenay
district for a license to sell liquor
at retail at bis hotel situated in
Three Forks.
James McKii.knan.
Sandon, Nov. 28rd, 18%.
Notice is hereby given that we
tbe undersigned, thirty tlays from
date. Will apply to tbe Stipeiwlary
Magistrate of West Kootenay for
a license to retail liquors at Sandon. Wm. Robinson.
Chas. J. Hastings.
Sandon. Nov. 27th, lN'.ui.
Notice is hereby given that application will
l�� -made to the Legislative Assembly of tin
Province of British Columbia at it* next ���*���>-
nion ft��r an act enabling the Noble Five Consolidated Mining and Milling Company i Foreign | to appropriate five-hundred i.'ifilb Inches
of the "raters ofCody Creek, in the slocan Mining I��ivision West Kootenay District, U> erect
flumes for the purpoae ot operating a concen
trator. electric light plant, power drills, and
all other purpone* usual. necfK*nr.v or incidental to the mining or milling of ores, for the
pur|MM<eof expropriating lauds for such purposes.
Milling Co. (Foreign.)
Jan  21st, V
Certificate of Improvementa.
luv Dawn Fraction Mini-kai. Claim,
Situate In the slocan Mining Division of Waal
Kootenay    District,    in   the   . eOolgan
Take notice that. I. A. S Karwell. Beting as
agent for Michael c. Monaghan, Free Miner's
(Srtlfleate No. "MM. Intend, sixty days from
tbe date hereof, to apply to the; Mining Bet-order for a certificate of improvements, lor
tbe purpose of obtaining a frown grant of the
above clai tn
And further take notice that action, under
section 57, must be oniaintnucnl before the is
suanec of mclreert ideate ol improvements.
1 htU'il this >tb day of December, lKHti.
Manrh l��t, 1��7. . A*a. Farwkm..
Oiaaolution of Partnerahiq
The partnership between Itbbt.
McTaggaH vSc Hans Madaeo has
been dissolved this tlav lie mutual
��� *F
consent. Madsen A Ltuidy pay
all Roconnta and collect all monies
due the late linn.
Kobt. McTaooakt.
Hans Madskn.
Sandon. Dee. 23rd. UM.
To Whom it May (\��nokrn:
That I. (Jus Smith, am not responsible for the debts that may
ha V* been eon traded after l>ec. 12'h
by Prank Miller, who had charge
of the lb van Cafe during my re
cent illness, and furthermore that
the said Frank Miller has no
authority to collect any of tbe bills
dm  I he above Cafe.
Ibiied I hi* 1-th dee of Decern-
oer. IS'.m..
Notice is hereby given that I.
tbe undersioned, will in thirty
tlavs from tlate, apply to the Stipendiary Magistrate of West Kootenay for a license to sell liquor at
retail at inv hotel at Sandon.
Ika. W. Black.
Sandon, Dec. 2nd, 1896,
Situate In the Slocan Mining Divislou t>l West
Kootenay District, Kast of aud Joining
the World's Fair claim.
Take notice that I. T. .1. I.endrum, Free
Miner's Certificate No. tti.071, intend, sixty
day* from the date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Keeorder for a certificate of improvi-
inentn. for the parpOM of obtaining a Crown
gt>.nt of the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
section .C. niusi I*? coiutneiteed before the issuance of siK-h cwtiNcateuf Improveinents.
I>ated this  "id day ortK'U^ber,  1SW.
1HH-. anh. 1W T. J. I.KNUKI M.
Pacific MinkhalOlhim.
Situate in tiie Slocan Mining Di.ision of
Weal Kootenay District, on Payne Mountain. North of and adjoining the Washington.
Take notice that I, A. S. rarweil. agent for
Frederick Steele, Free Miner's Cert ideate No.
(o.jWrt, and Samuel B�� Stet^le. Free Miner's
Certificate No. T:t,w��, int nd, sixty days from
the date hereof to apply to the Mining Keeorder torn certificate of Improvements, fur
the puriMt.se of obtaining a Crown grant ofthe
above claim.
And further take notice that action, tuidei
sectionS7. must beeoQuoeaeed belbre the is-
suai'tv of such certiaoate of Improvements.
Dated tins >tli day of Niivember, ISHii.
Feb. 2nd, 1ft. A. 8. Fhkuki.],,
aHttate in the slu-an Mining Divisionof West
Kootenay t istrlct, adjoin tug the Wonderful mineral cIhIiii 1.. Pil (>. I,   on Carpenter Creek ami about one and a onc-thlnl
miles west ofthe town of Sandon.
Take notice that I, A.S.  Farwell. agent  for
the Wonderful Kroup Mining Company, Free
Miner's Certificate N\,.  W.Oki.  Intend   si*t.v
tlays from tbe date  hereof, to apply to the
Mining Keeorder ft>r a certificate ol improve
incuts,    for    the    purpose   of    obtaining  a
Crown grant ot the above claim.
Ami further take notice that action, under
section 8T, moat lie commenced U'tore the issuance of such ccrtiticate of Improvement*.
Doted thlsjw-h day ol NovemlK-r, tst9i.
Feb. 2nd, t<T. A. s. Fakwk.ll.
KriimiM   FaACTlOM   Mineral   t'talin,
 ...   i..   .,...   .-.-- --   %..........   >.i..i i	
r.rnit.i.     ei, ^.   , tujl     -*llliri��l     t   mull,
Situate   In   the  S)iM-an   Mining  Divl>ion   of
West   Kootenay   District on   the   North
Stop)   of  the    South   Fork    of Carjsn-
ler  Creek,   North    of and    joining   the
Texax mineral claim.
Take notice, that.  I, John  M.  Harris, No.
i6,'.'17 for in.vself, and as agent for F. T. Kelly,
No. .">4.|s,'>; s. M. �� barton.  No. o">.3t*��. and O.
C. Wharton.   No.  ti"��, U't.  Intend,  sixty   days
from the tlate hereof, lo apply  to the Mining
rveoorderfor a certificate of Improvement*
for the pin (him- of obtaining a frown grant of
the above claim.
And further hike notice that action, under
section M7, must be commenced baron the
laBuance of such certificate of Improvement*.
Dated this   eighteenth day of November,
Jan. atrd, W, Tough on Canucks.
Two drastic bills have been introduced in tbe United States Con-
gress,  which,  while they do not
make   any    distinction     between
nationalities, have been   evidently
framed with  tbe express purpose
of operation   against   Canadians.
One of  tbe bills,  introduced  by
Congressman Mahony, of Buffalo,
N. Y., aims at the more  complete
shutting out of Canadian  labor in
the cities along   the   border.   It
reads as follows:    "Be  it enacted
by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United  States
of America, in   Congress   assem-
bled, that on and after tbe pas-
sage of this act it shall be  unlawful for   aliens, unless   they  have
declared their intentions to become
citizens of the United States, and
can show an  uninterrupted  residence in this country of one year
from  the   date   id    such    decla
ration,  to   be   employed   in any
capacity on work to be constructed or completed   by tbe Govern,
meut, or by contractors under contracts entered into subsequent to
the passage of this act.    That for
each and  every   violation   thereof
there shall be  imposed  a  fine of
not   less    than   $100    or    more
than $500,   or   imprisonment for
not less than one month nor more
than three, or both  penalties,  in
the discretion of the court."   The
tithe? bill is by Congressman Wilbur, of  New York.     It   provides
that every male immigrant  of |K
years antl over shall pay a duty of
$100; each immigrant shall   brine;
from the American consul  of bis
sailing port a certificate that  the
amount of duty has not  been advanced by any syndicate, corporation   or  employer, and   that the
bearer is a man  of good  repute;
each   immigrant   shall  read   and
write; immediately   upon  landing
he shall renounce his allegiance to
his mother couutry ami declare his
intention of becoming an  American citizen, to which he shall tike
a prescribed oath.
Tha Diamond Drill
Perhaps nothing has contributed
more than the diamond .drill to
take mining out of tne lists of
speculation and place it among
legitimate investments. Usually
a bond or option may be obtained
upon a very promising prospect by
paying down a small sum of
money, the deferred payments be
ing for larger amounts. Having
by this arrangement secured a few
months control of the property,
the prospective purchaser can at a
small outlay with a diamond drill
ascertain the width, dip and information regarding the depth of
the vein. He then goes to an
assayer and has from ten to a
hundred assays made of parts of
the core taken from different sec
tions of the boring.
He will then know the  value of
the property as accurately   as  he
knows the  value   of   a   stock   of
goods that  he   has just Invoiced,
If the showing from   the borings
are   not   satisfactory,   be    load*
up    the     diamond      drill      antl
moves on to investigate some oihei
property but if a   strong   vein   ol
shipping ore has been disclosed lo
puts men to mining,  easily   meets
deferred payments out of lie pn��
ceeds ot  the ore  antl   is   soon   fai
advanced on the highway of foil
W. K. Lelghton
A. D.   Wiiitame.
mm k
The new edition   of   Thorn!iit-
son's map is for sale at this office.
If you are
Slocan mining Stocks bought ami wild. \\ ����� have money to develop good legitimate prospects for an intercut, or will buy them
<>ut for cash.
Houses   for  Sale  or   to  l.et   iu   (\dy   and  Sandon.
McMartin & Currie
Call at tbe
���Jn JJ anion
3fo% (Sre��H
i���*-*>  l'.JB^-y IB*B' ^^
sL'L'J L'eLWei
1 vl Cti     1  > I O*
Is one of tbe best places in San ' "�� "UICK6St
dou t<> obtain cMu
Tliil nre
Cheapest Route
In taste and
In their qualities.
Steamer leaves Nakusp every Sun-
day. Wednesday and Friday
morning, making clow connec
tion at Kevelstoke with train?'
for all points Kant or West
Before you travel get information
from ('. T. R, Agei.ts at to
times aud rates. It will nave
you money. Apply to nearest
Railway Agent or to
A. 0. McARTIHR, Agent,
IMstrict IVacngor Agent,


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