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The Paystreak Jul 24, 1897

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Array ���Mi
SAKDQR AMD CQDT, Jtly 24,1897.
Another PitMic Meeting to Confirm Itncarporstion.
He Believes that Sandon Would Be
Benefitted bu Handling Her
Otcn Recenuea.
I he rommtttee Oft-pointed to t_he thr mwmm-
��*ry sttfN Str Ife* In^M-po-rathm of Um city
awaited tnt mom of J. M. Harris. one nf tu
i.-armtttts, brton tmtklttg tu report an lit-
.tructed, Mr. Harris returned uti Twmday,
.ltd mo Thuiaday evening tit* nmitutiie- met
nod Mr. Mn-*rtao*pri>wsuil himself as entirely
tu mrtrttrdojoeo wtUt Um SttfSI taken He tn*-.
llevrd that WMMtoW would tn* 1-M.rflttr.t tn
rtery arsf.
His statement molly met*.*** all ��i��i*r-ii..t�� as
i.i !t.t-��-i**L,mtln*a. Me I* Ihe Urgt-.i property
-.Hiin*r In the ��il*. Tin* ttinttttttit-r iut��*ttjr.>
hern t.tt��jr drafting Ut* ttr*<*w��tary im'*****. and
rt. *.��at ah tkom otw c*fiapn*4*d a fssMte uteri-
i'<�� trill Ira railed i.*SH-nu*llv approve����f the
itti|aurlast ��*r��it,
Thr mt9nmm -wtirfj* at thr rtly outtiptl***
ti>- Ututhat mlnefnl claim ith* Harris prop*
<�����> . iitr ttlus* Jay and a pttrtiYm nf tht**. A
*��.railroad property.
-���ia.ni -	
Will Ba Baitt Hear tne Canadian
Pacific Depot
llo- *tl-��*f tha NfM f*.Mtcw,iral..r It** itr.*n
��� ��� ,.��ru*d. and trrttrtt will hr t-*guit tut It early lu
th*- we*+,Umr*w*mt>t Sir its rrrrtl.Ht hat-lit*
�����*���**�� Im Sir saaar lta*��r. Thr ��n��* t�� mhiiIi <��|
Uw t-anadlsn l-OHOr Aeymt, aad i***t*t-rrn
uh***. track* and thasritf thr KastV A t-4-iw-an
railroad, Tbrarrtal tramwayft ton ihr itret,
a III also hr ttsawii Immedtairly. Tills will Ur
..in. Sri ,n length, rnasdng over thr Stable
t-'ivr nfiial tram and SSWfl_g lata laps twtsy
' hr ��.artIHI fdatdra.
Visit the Reco.
I M Harrltand ��. T. Krtty went net*. took
<tt thr iter*, Fridat. with a itaiir I m-d-llng nf
K.l itttras. tt CtlhV, K J. Hrrtrt and Mr. I*aw-
���no. Mr. Harris waa writ pit*-e*rd trlilt mat-
i'i*.at thr mlnr. Wnrtt l�� going ��mi in all tltr
a)t tunnel*. Knur nT them an* M| Ihr small,
��������� 'e��t..Vt..mth. trad, wlttrli rarrle* thr hljfh
irmde .***�� fat trhW-h Uw Krctt lit u>��trit.aiid all
srr taking nul ort. r��r*�� tmntrU art* SS tltr
���'lu l.-ad i*r**tj*M��ni*-atliis ore. an.l tlirrr more
a 111 Ik .tart/Ml lu a (far day��. A nt >t h**r t u n uri
-u Ut.' ...Mtdcnougti wilt hr iwr-J hy tltr lvr.H>.
whirl, trill make ten tunn.i.. rtvr *.n t-a��-h
��� - .......
OM for the Klondike.
Tltt* Klondike .-run. hi*, even Invadetthe
-.Ittraa, when* one would think iSsM srr
plenty of ��*(tas,Hnnlttr�� fora man t��* artts*.
*��*tltb in a brief period ��t hard tt<>rk and con-
���iiirntrd ���ffort. Several working ��iOn��*r��
oi-e. .luring the week. pa.-����� I their kit* and
made (or |>ujr��l Sound, stul .hi T1iMr��*l*.v J. M.
x. ,.(.-. i,-ft f���r -��W|,|���, vtiipr.- ht" tvii! trWr
'I'- Swan for Ht MirltN.U Tltrr* hr wilt
:..'��*. tht. Yukon rlvar Imst 1st l*a****��>ti Cktf,
whloh Itf hii|*��* tt�� rtmrh rarl.v in Stptrttihrr
(vtMjqra le* liukf aud W.S. Ril'h'tt ars arr aU��
Wild Horse trail. Ihirin* Mr. Olcaaos's ab.
ssniMt ba ba* vUltrd n��ar)yall ssrtiont*of
Kast Kotjtrttay. in* ludina thc St. Mary*. Ferry rrwrk and Ft. Stj-ala d.-irlcta. He says that
tberw wrr�� l. D people tn H. Steele at one time
and slttiut tbt* taut*, numlwr of proepectors in
tbe ���urroan.liiiff country; that there bat been
buudretlsof locatlnn* ma.tr. hut that there
bas not Item one claim dLworeted this year
thai >.mount* t*. auytbins. The people at*r
now Iravina tbt��rr rery rapidly. On thr
wbol��. Mr. * i lra*on haw a very poor opinion of
thatdiatriet, Mh'l {* right aU-l to lie hark in a
tvttl live Dtiniitjt ramp-
Gisd to Oat Back to Sandon.
William (lleasnn arrival in Hsn*l*��i ���>���>
rneeday ls��t from a thrrr m**mh*' proapaot-
''>�� -rip in Kj��_i Konlrnay. H�� Irft brrr on
M��v I'l tml went Into that <��>iintr.v t>y ">��
���mil tram Hetlliiurtnu and th*i-..-e hy the old
Orgsniaed With a Membership of
Nearly One Hundred.
. Sandon i* to have a tir.t .-la*, tocial dab.
A mretinv for the purpose of onranlaius *��u< h
���t < luh was brld in thr parlor* of M��<k"*�� hotel
on Monday evt>nin��, and wa* attended hy over
���.,(thr rapr*>M>ntstiv��> men of tbe town. F.
I. t'hri*tir wa* called to pre��i>it>, hoi having
to irat-e before tbe mrrtinji wa* orerM. I*.
Otimmett t.x.k his pitu-r.
There wtarrafew *t*rr��-hr. on the naad of a
club and then a constitution wa. framed and
hy-lawe drawn up. Tltr*** beins adoptad tbe
m��etlnjf prttrrrdri to tbr rlrrtion of a9\**r*
���vott M��l��*<its!<l w*t�� elate****** prrdlrstt,H F.
Uttiott vif*��i*^trraidriit. and the foUowiajt a*
tbe ***** uiiv# toinuiiit.^: Urorte Kyd 1. K
M SandUan U, 0. S Wrtlit.ri.lse, B W. fhont-
M, John Italy. M. L ilritnmett and 0. I*
At a ��ab-tv|aent meaUturof tit* commit t.*.
Mr. Saadiiaa*!. wa. appt��itttr��l ��w-rr*:*iry-trr����.
urrr. sad sa^ommittaa. were cba-*u to pro*
< mr* .uiialtiV premise*.. aud to atten*! to tbe
fnrniabinc and other matter*. Tljjj^jtn^ >i
wblnh th* tMantatUe* eeatst tataato !****%**
ehaw* In Hntlf th* *art��r*��f��*** foi* tn th*
tnt.t ttw, sttd thr nrw rlnh. wbfcrh I* to be
call.*! the Saadov. wilt probably br tn run-
alas order lu two or thrra week*.    .
Nearly Hit leadinc reddrnt* hsfe ulrea.ty
��Wtnit����.l tbelr Intention at Jointi* the ..itTani-
sation   ________________
McMllhtu and llaintlton are working nifbt
and day tm Ihe Alp* and Altura*, an��l ihtit**
are rr|"��rtrd hwtkioK flnr.
Hriiner Ikvthrri. Tom Clair an.l Jack Hum*
(thrrvs, wbo own nto-l of thr Mobile claim,
.11 little* from Tntut l-tkr. have ciKht frrt of
a trtlsr. whkh (���* pr*tn.Mintrvtl our <f Um heat
-ttttpertk-- lu Hist dlMrtct
j n. n_||noii. rwinslnt-udsnl of t in* Wvss-
FriKtui and t-W.-n-Tnlrty nilims. Uev.rttv town,
liolo, aud C K. V,ttlh*.anri|ierl.'ii��*.Hl mill
man .SMSSf QOonnmrm\ wet* here Thursday.
They aft* ��-��n*tdcrl.i* UM i.r.jpo*��U.tn of pot-
tiitK la ��Hinpltn_ work, at Kaud.m.
TwuUM��th'rt.-*-tiiiadrarlcli strike tin llald
m.tuutatn. OS Mloosn lake. Ia*t week, The
k-dsr ��.-��� �����**���'�� umt.verrd ��<��r S�� fret, and
thrrranda hall U> -.v." U**SOStO��* clean ia-
lenalomid the entln* di.tanee. An otter of
tM._JU*-H-h for ll Itti* Ihi" rrfVi*ed.
j ,t xttiunjsos ti ftr-'f * ton1--1 *"* ���*���
llrriprvctty lo tlnd thr Payne Udge. whlrh
,.t.dmU> roiwlnroojfh thsolnlm. I r*.*��sH-t
tr* an tltr .nrfarr ha* f��U��**����" "'"����*���  "J^
���i-Mtgs aunt .*-ideutimi. Th��.i. snsIM
M uclow the Maid .��* Krin Hue, ��..*!  Mr.
j.rv.ve thc extent ��l t h��'*rt*tti n*>itt .--a-.
Mr, \ t S..I...1U ���*�������� *** ��'hll,,r**u **
rivedfrom M..*��iu"s .1��*�� **������****"*���
J ilnnit* MeOHinaU nttkMrtmWtidjn
,*&�� her'aiaSr. H^^ "> ^n*
"r���#,Nc Arthur   gfti^^ **%?&
'n K,llvoMh.'Ke.-'. n.t.tm.donT.u.aday
JLtmtwomVlk*' *ny In s,*..ksm.-
% Yates and  daj*^jrof 8poa��. were
viaitit**' in Shi.'!*'" tin- **rrs-
To Be Orgsnised in Time to Plsij
the Incorporation March.
The project of a town band has been in the
air ever ��inc* tbe tine display made by the
New Denver boys here on Jubilee day. It had
been talked of before that, bat only in an in.
tridental, inferential manner. Like every*
thiiiR el*e It nee lei w.mebody^* start it. The
Paystreak took up tbe subjget durinic ibe
week, and i* *nrpri*ed to And so much good
material here out of which to form a first*
class band, no many food mtuicians who
would be glad of aa opportunity to display
thair proficiency, and so many, too, who
wonld be gbtd to learn instrumental manic, in
the practical way tbat an organ wed Land afford*.
Having plenty of performers to chooste from
tbe nest questiun is to raise tbe money to buy
the instruments. It was at first proposed to
do this by public *t_b_cription, but the hat is
always going romnd for some purpose or another. The better idea, and the one that will
probably be adoptad, is to get up a concert for
the purpose. Then people will get their
money** worth aad the promoters of the enterprise wttl only be out their time and services. It is propoted to have a band of U or 14
piece*. *ay four cornet*, two alto*, two tenors.
one baritone, one B fiat ha**, one tuba, one
ha** drum, one *uare drum. These instrn-
meut. will cost from tdt* to ****-*��� i.
On Monday evening a meeting of those in-
t**r**.ted will be held at Spencer's snd during
tbe#ar��k a first class programme of in*tru-
a-tautal and vocal mimic wiU ha arranged���
one that wiU *ui-pri*e people at tha amount
of first cla*w> mntkicjil talent there is in the
city- This programme triU ba given In next
we*k**'|��AVsr_su_.witti the daw*.- b*/*-��n-
and Mrs. Thomas Levi at the bnlf way house.
Tbe party brought banket*, nnd although they
took the house entirely unn*a*sres, were received with a royal w**deorne. singing nnd
dancing were on tlU long after midnight. Besides Mr, snd Mr*. Levi and their three eons,
Edmonfi, William and Casper, there were
present Mis. D. Dockstader, Mrs. George Gordon, Mrs, D. Bongnrd, Mtss.Rheta Giles, Mint
Alt* tllles. Miss Edith Roberts, Miss May
Brattle. Miss Mary Savage, Messrs. Frank
Bongnrd, Fred Bongnrd, Robt. Dickey, Chas.
Mitchell, George McLean. H. Smith, Tbonuv*
Lenattan and David Birch.
Noes Itoeiee Pages.
Thk PAvaraKAK ha�� to acknowledge maay
tt.mpliments upon it* enlargement laat week
from right to twelve page*, and npon thr increased space de voted ts local new*. Sandon
i�� now making history at a rapid pace, and
the friend* who *o kindly recognise the effort*
of Thk Pavstmiuk to keep up with the time*
wUl not be allowed to suffer disappointment.
When the city is incorporated It msy If
nec*****ry to again enlanre Thk PaystkKak.
The Concert on Tuesday.
The Sandon quartrUe has been practising
nil week for Uie concert that is ht be given on
Ttaesday evening, in SpcttJtter's hall, to nld Uie
building fond of the Methodist church. It
will be a treat to bear them. Mrs. Cliff* will
make Iter Sandon debut as a soloist, and Mr.
and Mrs. Spencer, who are old tavorttes, will
play n duet on the banjo, which hi now rankeo
as a classical Instrument. The gaps tn the
programme will br tilled with refreshment*
of the most recherche description���to use a
rutulng camp phrase.
"Scottu/* McEicen Dead.
Thomas MeEwen, known a* "Scotty. "who
has been sick tor a long time snd wa* taken
to tbe Provincial liospltal at Nelson June'JO,
died last Wednesday. McEsren wasa veteran
of the Crimea, and ha*a mm ltohert, supposed
to be living on the coast. Thi* son may hear
or something t*t his advantage hy applying tt.
Chief Constable Hamilton, Sandon. as Mcotty
clalmed a larg 3 amount of pension money was
due htm. .
Married in Spokane.
William T. Von QoMgM and Mrs. M. .1.
Hand-ill left on last Sunday for Mpokane.
when? they wet* married shortly anera* rival.
Mr. Von ttohlenx lately came from Hpokuite.
where he Is well and favorably known. Mrs.
Randall bas resided here for some time, and
ts one of the most charming and attractive
ladles of sandon. They will return after an
absence ofa week or ten days.
Surprise Parti) at Cody.
Lust Tuesday evening a surprise party was
organised at Only snd made a call on Mr.
Tom Clair, bite of the Exchange Hotel, will
shortly open s hotel In SUverton.
Grant Thorburn gavendnnoe at theThor-
burn Hquse, SUverton, laat Thursday night,
which waa largely attended.
Ed Tmves ts making a handsome bulge-
room over the butcher store on Reco avenue
It Is 18 leet by 50, with two small ante-rooms.
Mrs. Kate Burger's horse Wyanshot has
been showing himself on the street this week.
A race wiU probably be arranged shortly, as
be has backers for any amount.
At a meeting in New Denver on Thnraday
evening It was decided to build the road on
the sooth side of Carpenter creek. The work
will be imiceeded with as soon as preliminaries can be arranged.
The tennis tournament was concluded mi
Wednesday. Both Dr. Young sad Dr. Power*
were In the finals, not permitted the game to
go by dentult to J. W. Sanltbee, who was adjudged the winner.
Frank J. Golden nnd William K. Golden,
undOTttheSt-mna-tMuf t_olden _p*oa>. have a
sta^oston apposite B*a*h*a**sOa_, The Me-wr*.
Golden ornne from IVaan, t.*al. Frank loe-ttrd
the Selkirk mine last Summer, and ha* Jast
flnlsbed the store which they now occupy.
Tbey are both yoong and enterprising ami
will take their place among tha solid business
men ofthe town.
Mclvor-Tyndall, who ha* qatte a newspaper
notoriety aa a mind reader, gave an exhibition of his powers here on Thursday eveninir,
before a small audience In Spencer's ball.
It was a clever pet-Torn lance, as tat as It went,
but it went no further than the so culled test*
of these mind or muscle leaders for the****
many years. Tyndall started In with n free
show on Reco avenue, locating a small flag in
Lelghton A Williams' office, blindfolded, but
In returning drove the wagon unto the sidewalk and spilled out thr committee.
Some Lies About Sandon.
There is no minim camp that show. -��n.h t
unanimity of good feeling as doe. Sandon, all
being e lnully helpful to the truer*I p-o.pe i
tyaud tbe upholding of tbe aamp's go*i I
name. But when capitalist* come here
searchiug for investments, and they hav*..
been numerous recently, tbey bear some very
strange itefHa. T.teirat-iinaiutance i- Miuwh*.
hy men who have no -.take in the camp. hut.
who -t-ek t*i make one out uf the stranger.
Thev have a property to ��ell, an I this i.-. a
go.t.1 property, while sll the rest, tbe btnre
shipttera in.-lu led. are *pe* ulution^ fioated on
wind, The am.mnt <>( harm done l.y the lies
of these curhatoue hroker- tt beyond **imputa-
IMS. Tlte lt-citiinate ba���(not*) men pm|Mi-e lo
deal with the^> gentlemen ��hortly.
Church Notices.
Presbyterian-Kev. r. Mensles preach** tt*.
morrjw at II a. in. in the *ebo*tl bouse and lu
spem-er'* halt at tern p. iu.
Methodist���Kev. A. M. San lord will prrttt-lt
tomorrow morntttg nt 11 t��'cj_3ck tn Spencer*
hull and in the evening at7:45 la Crawford's
hall.   Also at Only in the afteruoou at d:-tO.
Dissolution of Pnrtnsrshlp.
Not cr i* hereby given that the |*trtnn>hi|.
heretofore existing oet ween George Le Duke
and Edward Montgomery. Known as the Palace Hotel, Is by mutual agreement thi* day
dissolved, Iteorge Le Ihtse lutving sold his ii>
lerest to Kdward Montgomery, who will carrv
ou tbr buHlnes*. afwume all Indebtedness and
collect all bills ofthe late firm.
Hated at Handon, 11. C, July 23, HS7.
After a Two Months' Trip Among
the Eastern Capitalists.
John M. Harris, president of the
Reeo and owner of tin* townsite, returned to town on Tuesday, and has
been an exceed ing\y busy mail eVer
since. The friends of incor*.*oration
have been anxiously ex'reetiiur him
everv dav for t**.��.. weeks, and after
yreetiiuje Thk I'aystkf.ak proceed
<tl to sound him on this iiiijtortant
''It is one of those measures that
men in my position naturally dread
and fight aa long as they can. ' he
said. "But 1 am tn favor of it. Xo
matter how high I may be taxed
when the city is incorporated, it will
not cost me more than it does now.
I am interested in ererythiu'r that
tends to the progress of Sandon, and
have made up my mind that incor-
���a.ration is a step in Ihe right direction. The government has given us
so little for tlie taxes we pay. and
when incorporated we can spend our
own money on necessary improvements.
*'We are in an exeeedinglv good
position for ineor*H.ratfou. We have
already a gtxtd water and an electric ifght system, and would not
need to go into debt, as have most
new eities to provide those necessaries. In fact, I do not see any reason why Sandon should go intodel.t-
whv the town should be bonded for
B cent."
Mr. Harris left here ou May llth.
and has since visited Winnipeg. Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Itoston,
Xew York and Washing!**!. D. C.
He also spent a month at his old
home in Fauquier county, Virginia,
and while there purchased an adjoining farm.
While in Ottawa visiting the government buildings Mr. Harris met
many men interested in mining, and
also in Toronto and Montreal. ''The
men of the Canadian cities:*' -said
Mr. Harris, ''seemed to be fairly familiar with this country already,
and they are satisfied that it is* a
good country. Tbe bottom has
dropped out ofthe cheap stock speculations, and they are now ready
for substantial investments. I had
offers from several men who were
ready to buy good-sized mining
properties, from **?50tGG0 up, and
nave no doubt quite a deal of eastern
capital will rind its wav hen* thi*
'i first noticed the great inactivity in bopfaess generally on tlte other
side. In Xew York, the brokers ��>f
Wall street t����ld me that all the hu*.i-
ness men, big and lirtie, akmg
Br*, idway are anxiously concerned
as to how they can asset their rent-.,
profits l**ing apparently out of th**
**In Washington City I found a
remarkable dullness in real estate,
with prices. ��'���*) per cent, below what
they were twelve years ago. Farm
lands in Virginia have fallen at
least 75 i*?r cent. I embraced the
opportunity and bought the (arm adjoining our homestead for ttl.UQH
cash. This was at the rate of ��*!.'*)
per acre, while for that same land
twelve years ago not less than $101)
per acre would have been considered."
"Will you go there to UveY'
"Oh, no*  I shall stay in Handon.
I bought it for  an  investment and
think it a good one.
"I experienced the hot weather in
Chicago and Denver, and there were
many deaths front -unstrrkr the ***���
davs I was there. The people there
claim that Denver is as prosperous
as anv citv in the country, bm when
1 was told that some of thecarpen
ters and bricklavers were working
as low as |1 to tl.25aday, Icon
eluded that it must be pretty bad.
The mines of Cripple Creek are producing gold in good quantity, and
it was stated at the gold convention
that Colorado in 18.HJ hatl turned out
from her mine** 935 ]*er bead IV*r
every man. woman and child in the
state, so that her people need not
bother about there being enough
monev and to sjtare. There seemed
tobeaome doubt as to the real object of this ��-on\vMion, but the Colorado pt* ��le wed it to show to the
world the richness of Colorado's gold
mines, ami to demonstrate that that
was the state to invest in."
"What do vou think of a Sloven
silver association, such as was *ug-
gested in the Xew Denver Lcdge-r*
"It would undoubtedly attract at*
teiition Hi the eountrv. but tin* Denver peo|>le claim that their great
Mollie Gibsmi mine has l**cn of somt*
injury to the silver question, from
the fact that tbe ore is so rich that
people have come to believe that silver can be dug up just like mttatoes.
i saw some of tin* Mollie UiWm ore
being Shipped. It b put up in small
boxes, each box Mug sealed.
"I do not know whether a Slocan
silver association might not have a
similar effect to that charged to the
Mollie Gibson, and give the idea
that silver can Is* produced ao easily
and cheaply. That is, to the eastern people who are not familiar with
silver inining. They do not hear
anything a is tut low grade mines that
are Iteing worked on an extremely
narrow- margin. Titer** is an immense amount of capital invi*s*tt*d in
silver mines in the* I'nited States
that are not working at all.
"While away evervthiug seems
to ha vt* gone on all right here, ami I
have enjoyed my trip very much.
We are now going to spend fftrOOto
giv* Sandon better fin" protection.
We shall have three perfect Systems;
on*- fr.��m Tributary creek, the pn**-
ent water system; one from Sandon
creek, the water being bronght down
to increase She power of the electric
lisrht plant; and one from Garpeuter
creek that will be used for com***titrating *mi*fMwe*. Hydrantr. will la-
connected with al) of these svsteiiia.
This work will Is* carried out 'whether the city is incor{��.rated or not."
I... to The
iiished rooms.
Denver for well fur
Th��- Sand"n .Laundry for first
class work. In the rear of EhftttMSe? '���
ball. �� k.|hing mendwl and buttons
sewn ��tn earefullv.
(Limited   Liability.)
capita**, $ioofooaoo.
l.tMKMKMi Share* par valut* of ten cents. The above (*.mj^(l>
i�� formed In acquire aud work the AUUO and BELT Mineral Claim*.
adjoining the Sandon townsite. Mines are Open for Inspeciiu,,, ���,,|j
a f.*w minutes walk frtmi the town.    Untiled  number of slum* *,*���
sale st ten cent*.
Apply al oiiee to
I_.cii_;lit c >i i tSc Wi Ilii 111 |s
Mining Brokers and Operators.
New Goods
sncuL i.iittmiit ai**.***. i��t,\a*��xi*..
Opal.. Rtif��l*��*.K������t��M����� l***ri*.r��*r
Which will ����*. ��ol.l at ilia U>m*.t Woke*
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We ha** m repntntlott at stake.
��� t. i t*��li *..��*ti��*iii *' ht* arllm* the
*l rem ���������'.U pgmtw*.
The Leader
Emporium of Fashions
H��t ����* r����r**|t*��*4 * ��-*m*is*ts!?Tt���� ��� ���< ���
|*����***t ***������*** ita
Jeweler end Optician
ctH*a*T or mm**H
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ititt MRIV
NOTtCF. l. t*��i����.t gstm out an tb* ttib may
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the ��-��rt��ll*t   �����(   K��<*.t��-i,*v. !<*> *<ttiisnttLtr*f"f ->f
alt and -it>��*tt*r IH* ftsM*. ��� h**o*l. *t. I ����� ra-t
it* *>f William  Hl'**.it..��< ***��**tM*t -***��****. in
Ot** i*i*t�� ��tf W..uii,*;--i    f s A ,*mnwond.
Kftartr  |��r��.n   i*t.U*.la>l la tlw **il .it��-�����*�����.I
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rlt��t to the wti<l 4tar��a*����I I* r**.|utr*��l fnriiV
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I*t>ta**J��**littva * ���f*nr.jk*ll,   *���->������*,  ���;��� '
*a'*> me* '��wwt*-l t*i UfwA It* *t, *��-���  ��      i ' *   ���.
��,jir*t.i*-i la a* a lit r**n*0* ottf "���
Mrs. CLH. DOidtin
l*t*f**r**.0*- B��t*tt HttSB**. R#-i ���  .���*���   ���**��***����
fine nn REPA
Watchmakers and Jewellers
arflt-fStSti Oo*9�� ai����i   Jf��*lr>.   I**********-*
.HraUta ia*rl��trw*.
Rtt����rt |*,r*��t. Iu��. tn* In |t.��*������M'n .ll��t. I*.; \\*    II ti i vu    IIj*t
Ictnclns lo th- wit 4��*****-l U ������**������ *�����- I"*"* *M.**. **m0J.
with ��*�� aolili *h* an>tVr��l_*ns.t.
Kv*rt **rta��llt��,r  or  nlhar  n*vr*.v,i i.��. i'.g ,rn
.-:*t*m nr itOtarv.! In tl** _^^^^^^^^^^^
P*r*>*n*l *��tal*> of *uit*l -l*w*��a*��*t i�� f**.|.��tf����l.
witbin J*<l*f. frttta Ihi. Amt*. ����� <*����*l hy iwc*
When in Kaslo don't forp-t that
vou can ffet a H^t cla��s im-at :tt the
lioval t'afe.
For Sale.
On*- tsrjft., putrtaKal Hvlf **Uvit*tf .,rr*i-  plsn
��I.Hit   .Vi aiee*em of it��f.rl����.i   Uu.. iixi.i-   ��t.
Thr   i***.t   oraatt thi* *.ide ot  "-tait Frttn. i*r..
���Mii'sti.l*- for Jaiw-t* h.m��a*, Oj.-i.tr*'*. **..tt-��*rt
r.��>i��.    W.'T |*��rth*nl��r* "Itftly So
T  W   FLCTfUKK, Vb-titria
t  th.
_______________________________^___^___   ** I
i*��#i*~l lt,il#r ��.14r* ***L.t lo Ih* n��'l*i.r��i_rtt����!t
hi* nittn* aad tt'ltin*-** ami ih* full *-*ar*i<-.lsr.
of hi* rUim **r inl*rt��*i. of a *��t.��*jn��*n�� at hi.
****N*��aair��l. *it>l lbs nalar* of lit* *i��rnri**- if
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trith Ih* <lUtrit.tiO.tn ��f th* Mtafsr. hat In* r*
daft lo lhi��~�� tlatita. trait til tthirh h* .U*.ii
hat* ha*l ii**iir*
I*��t-.t *t IV.n*l<1. B C . Oil. ITth ���!���! af )eh
A  H..ISW. I  W AR*te*TKOV,
Ottl. Ul Altnini.trainr. Imnnll  RT
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����f ��m* iiHinth ftttm il,* ftr**i i-.it.ttt*ai|.,(i per,
fit. tlu- Liritlt*r��ljrnt*^t will ai.pt> tt, Ihr **ilt*ti-
diary Ma��t��tralrSi>rthff1t*trt,i ttf W*-*t K��**1
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tbrtr tt.ttrl, altiti.tr un Uo t. Bl*s*lt _, Saudtm
Fir." A.l.liOoti.KandtMi. B. e
Oat-M  at  Hait*l*Mt. B.t��� tht* luth   iUv of
Jut��r. a l>., lar*.     C3 A. I��. Wiu.iAasl
��� a Pictks Axx*.tst-tt
Csrllflests of Improvsmsnta
a*taS��* iu th* SI.--���!, Mlntiv* ISt I.ion ol \S *.*
K����t*-ii*y    *ll��lri��-i        >Vhrrr    l.t. *i*.l   It*-
t**r*n   til*  Oalriia   ��n��l   H*��n-I   V.     ��tirt*r*i
t lata-.* on N..I.I* Fi** **.!.��f*?air.
Tahr tt*��tlr* thai I. A *�� Far*jr#ll. ��**..�����  for
Ih* l_s��t iTtattt-r   Alln.rrn an.l  Millins �� ..*ti|��.
nv  f<��rt*tai�� ,fr*r tiiitirr'. . *rtlS**str N<> Sf4lt.
intrtt'l. *ltif 'lav. frntt. tl** <lal* hrrtM.f. t��. ��|��-
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an��**.f *nrh t-fritSrsO- nf itiipn.vr-ini.r.*.
Itatr^l this *���*... t.av ����f July. Ittr,
Itatr o( rlr.t i-iiLli. ali.-ti. Jul, to. |SK.
Notary Piiyjc'
SANOON,       - -        BC
* c
Wtll U at WstrH U-li.H-n.i. St *"   ',itH*���
���Mrrt�� ���   ������������.Ill
Notir* l. hrrrl.v fivnt that at lit* at-ptra.
tittitofniir mttiit), front Ih* Br*t p��it��li��a*l<��t*
ht*rr*;f tha i.it.trr.ijiur*! will aM.lt to tii* all
pj>it*tiarv insfialratr tor tho *ll��lr��.*i <>f \V***t
Kuutriiav. for a llrriiaa to **l| linttor l.t rtttall
at hi* hotel. .iittat* on tot 17. l*Wk t, in lit*
| lotttt of Sannott. II t'.calle-l tha Vnti. ..****,
I     |ht,*-,I nl aaau.il.ti   BV . thi* JMlt .lav ot Jull^.,
liSlt. ��-#> I.  V. *4ALTr.K
ilTOtBOTU. *��i*l Broke". ��i��
Atft-t't. tto
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t.tmttJHl I.Uf.lltiv (Otnlt-I
K.a.����H   *
Mining and    M
MMltrtl MatStlt).
��: ���  ���
SAMH'TV.  tl-   *
mmymmmMM***mm***m**1A^^ TIIE   PAYSTREAK.
MiaiNO bbcobo*.
Krt*��i*rd<*��l at Haw Drtitstr.
���rT.ii*f**r�� smt UwuAm*'.
Fraelloii-ratiitsl rrnk, D Bell-
July is
Hint IMer
'trtTtetntv-Wikmt. An Wottnt
(togtton Carjwutec, W E litnea
JU|'jirl.m 1*11-04*/. JWW MrS-tl
M������*rrv*r ��rmtA*m^��*rmA, A 0 PfotrilM*
,iu ri 1-aetkst a****, r S Meeker
JUbtttW fsn******'.    X*��  **""������   D��1rM  Hla*M''
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Ku h..t.��.rt-K��-# Iteuver. e A l*terrsw
J"w*��a��l &��y*-*-Ow> Dtatfter.t-*fc)ca* Ul*. .'����_���
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I*. II Kr-rltoa and B_> Fr-aetton -l*St ftastn, M
j <*��,. i. v. Han t'oiaillt
j��tt* a'tttt I��*jiiai*a**te���r-**wt*a rna*. L J Ijt-Uwt
m^r I'm-  <*tafy **tmAi*d*nm.
t'.4imittla���sasfis, W I, tl voa****ll
U.<* virsr -noat, J��tbttf)*��ti*taa^��   _,.,_,
V*v��^i   F��s�� MIjV. Aathooy Clear,.0 F Odd*
M_n Salt td��*-SII��#it,*, llartln ��*���****���**��
.     r.11 .ml Itolfato ^Wt-twhsr. A J Wayward
J H*rtn*y  oa. Sew t**terrt. l�� l�� M**Jllll*T*y
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Ijhw \t.tqra* ���-X-.ru, ttaw-^LWT. I'M Rryh,
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Julv  t��*
-Unarm (*t*4jr. W* It K��**w��dv
Iron Cap sod WJ��-**t����*ai-Wn**t, is* A'ttmn**
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tt. hi*** orantto -mm*. I**t>*f t;*tttw*t-f����vl
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M^tt*   -MttM. la* l*.*RKrf*jr*l        ______
l'.~i*U Krar4k��**<*ai*p-"t-^
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ah. I.   Wtbua, Chaa tdnw. Erwert Vtarb*
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Kt^tord, ...-rtrr.l  HhrrWUi.   H B W   ttalh*
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stiver |ft*U SnI-M A Hswrajr t*t si
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u u-��i  F.tmr��*n
I.* Pahana-S T Wall**
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l�� Star awl lilt** 01-0*9**
Y. Mann Js* L. Moots-J-'wr*'
Jul, 1��
Kvri.intrRtry.aSfe M*rmnr
AHet    I'.trVh Mrtt#r
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Julv t��
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Jillv 13
J r ��,4ey u. M 1, OrtmnwU-All lutureM In
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July 11
pFsll an.l
tttlrttat   In
J1'"'   M*-U*uit-all to Matmart-t  Ur
M.rrlt, U,*   * I.UUr J��*. JmI> .��,*.
-h i.rt**n 1.1 W  II Vluiftit -All  tutt"*T.
Uyivhltt* Watrrsaml Far Away. Ft*h*i,tl
0 It M. U.i, 1,, w I�� Vlt��,-*nl   ;  Uhs
*. ait-rt 1,11,1 Far Away, Jim. 1&. *l
Julv U
l-iiiiortt, I) Mrlhstaht ut Th.** M Bar   if* Ukr-
'i'W.Julj, j��i
V*.  J Uot-liliti  to l> D Mt IVHiithl   I'-*. Royal
MV��\ -IlllVS.fl
1 li'.�� M.*Hn.* to I) D Mt*I>*iiflt<��- 1 fl .h**nh*.July
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m slt^r t'amiih-i. to Byrtw S WWir*  I l*"��'*��h
"��_'.'ly and N.sr��4ay, Ftth ��. .1
^UKji** Aitdwim I. w MVotmiidl  Th.* N'Mrht
"H. Julv lll.il
1. k ���_���" JN ,���,",, f ���*��� " Tliwilliis.ni- V% Mm. Jay.
u-J��lw J MiOiibra-i to saint'   I f. Blwf Joy, July
JmW1?. m ^'^M to ���w��"��--l/lu t-1"* Jnv'
Ueu V tlsywaril tof*am*.--l/��ri�� Bhif Jay, July I.
...IL*1 L 1"r-��*?"11 ��**����� U) U-m*i Chaucc M It M Co
Ut/Si Blur J* v July 11,��I
tt^^^.0"'-*"-,*1'*1 J'*-*!* Ssulter t*0��orj,e
BO_i��>-Tltf' Hia* k lira*. Jutiv li.tl
llwutita Danlt-br to J E Burns- im WiilUm
Joliit, July |... a
July U
S R Fraa|t*r to Phil Al.r_baii.n-lt. Saref anil
Farirt-*-. July 1ft, ���!
Jul/ ��
M�� Kmnta E ruriier to Uk* Hwt*t��-r 1 Con-
KO.Jsn _u.*is. ,l
(. W Co-ain to M M Fry   1 Cabe. Feb to, t*J, tl
I* J likkj-t- lo AV Ota-don Bttaa-San.iow and
Um.- Hlar Nt* V lunt* to *tJtW
W tt.ankNt K<*a Ui Shir*- Mlnr*. Uti-AII ln-
lrr.*��i in Kami..** atai Lunr Star So 8, July 5,#1
llrnry Ay 1 win to Aii.lrtw JwNMM~i Cam*
l*t.'ta ami Brttunla. Julv in, i.t m
J-ahii Uiitlh'Jtit to J��a\|i-hol*t)n Tbt*Garn.-M,
July 5, ."*�� ���
I^MmOona.   Asaeasut*i��nt* and   Transfera
July It
Sunnttkl*' Fractional. W 1�� 4'���mf>n*ii and D
Bora -. M-tiil** K C F U C*rlL#k*; Royal Et-
rhani**, A Ikuattlntan ��i at: Central Fraiikmal.
JS*ult<*r; Oranit.*, J Mchinnoti-. MotatUiV. J
(alttn-r. Ib* ky Bo**l. A E BUIuiau and A M
lioger* - Albl-.ti, J F Orta.-i.ll.
Julv Ul r)
Atbuilk*. A 0 Lamhrrt.
Jaly 14
GanVM. 0 IVtt~r��; t.V-M Mow Frartloa. I*
Haiir-h: Sjlv-r Knolt. J OarSl tihou Fly. AC
Allfti; V-..rk. A 0 LamU-rt -. Bt-hUiid, B
Smith .' Ot.ki.-n Wrtbr** Frariloa, B SutlUi;
oranitv-. T llyland-
l��*tvi���� ii II llnwithw; l.wl. Boy, J Crt.ft
�����utt��l.��f.l. A M.AVitllam <-t al; Fl<>rMtr*t��, J H
IKaarba; U*4Trra-aitt*. W E NVwinan. Utdy
Kliflu. C Want.
Julv IS
|��Vrlr. W I�� CamtTtat and I) Ibrt*.
July If
Will.- It. J W llb-n. h; On-ttt Boy, J*din Bin
Jolv 1*
T*n��y   Fatrirk Owwws  Sa*"**". Tho* BanvU;
Nttniih.O***. B I'owrll; Krustiurtoa. II C Th.��m
llita.**; JuanlU. J M llutrhr*; Ht'swaway. C L
l"<����������,.'. or 1 ill*. V W SrlatH.
July IS
Bint, tilad.tottr. ParlSif. Ralnltow. I.illlr It.
U-i CtvMtt.Otl **>SS*r. Kathleen Madonna Tin
I'latr. Tti*.-r ls��t|��t��d. Bland, HuwanljKrar
lion, Tls-r FrartbMi, Exrltanif*. Matihaean
MovU-sttatthmort . Oruhitflt. Skyll��ltt. Manoit.
A.ta IMtAii. l'ttrr I,��. k. Cumslock, Barney
ttat-nato, FlsiPtaff. Kmn.ft.
July t��
Kins Blllv. Maniutan, I>wa Boy. Brijrlit
t,!jt����l. Allrrrrn. **4*nr Tt-n. Sitaei*", lUtln.*aii.
||.-_it..r It-11 H��ow*t rm St Paul. Balionr. Rot-
si Arthtir. tTiarnvtr. I.*.ltk*n Batsr. Mountain
Fl,>���** r. **.*dt*t*tr. M-vtri*�����-. Pi.ttllae.
Julv 11 , ���,
Arvhiltat.lt.rant t�� ASUjrrlt-} tnU��re*t Flor-
���et-tt-e Xo S
J.vtfL|dt Law and Th-nta* A Art**��ti-on>rtu 1
StVrry--! tutorvat Edna. tin.
J'1'*" I* ��.     %.    . .    V
|j*I,*rt.l Suthtriitwtani Th*** Mmib.ttni.-ry to F
J Mrt*une-I-**i��n|��t"n  No S, lAJiy, Sunny ski,*
EJMrtW to   A W MH-ttne-l l'��>p*f.,"'
U tint*....* XoS. Stinnytltl* >rari��<>n MM I �����*��.
|... ATIOMS.
July 1*
lUttmai. J.���*t u..I..m; 'p_r*bss II >y. Wt Mr
l^tuirhllu: Ikaiklrr. J M Mthenik* ami 1 h M.
Itr.an: EUt'itslmt. F S Audit w*; Pontlac. F A
U.-ai.; on-ban B*��y. 1) M t'llhlaml. r*tot jUAoo
and tin* ti 'billing: Uk* View. Fraii.t. Vint K
KfaiiKT'ii. l.tla-nt.tJ A Sluinainds. K J M��i
IS wa; lib of July . ����*���' Stow,*; Ja*S,W F ����****���*���
|n-|*|fiMlrnr..Jn..Morp".; J.-> llt��ll��. h.t ivy.
l.tN*kiiow. Maitl '4 th.' **l��, Jaj*tob i.ivvti. tlydt-
C.aitt* Kdwarvl Evant; Silv.r 1'lk.*, Urn Brtrr-
am; Huitiilwr VAat,.r, |i A Brl.ti; Utk��* View.
aaiAMri Ijow Wator S A Ontk**: still \t* ste-rJohn
W IJv.ra; llltftt Walrr. W V Faj>M,*iili; I.lill*-
it*tov. llujrhMi-lroiutld. B A M.hay; I'lumrvr
R��.l��rt Stniill: Thiw Friend*. J A Ibtvi.l**.��ii;
July is
s,���.w Hill.A' Ft.��l.-; Snow l>r.*|��. iK-nr J.��n-
ravtt- Itihttbl*- -aim'; K >l��r��. iW.ti J,.luw->ii, S
AttdetWMi; V.41r*ttO,S Alttb-i^ftn? St MwniMf.
M I .Tim ut--*; side Hill. J C Vjallek; Homm.*
Hint. J.Jm Sai.i|��*.ii; Ulaiit, M Munbv; Bbwk
|��lnn,..ml.Mlk.- Rtsn; Bniiii Umon, Jt>ii��'* A
Dwishu.*;Satins Fr-wtlon.Ssm RoasoniRund*)
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John hodelim Ai*" - '���; ���*��� ���_ ���__ t>1rt'*7',,lI mmA
Vavj italii Vlrw, E J Itlttut liartl;   l.m'kv .I.u-k..!
U Si-sg .:Vll,imx.J II St,��_n..N t��i*fc*'��^
t    Nil Mrlntosh! Silver Aire, M I   t>inei isj
��� simlou. J M llnrrl*; Trov P l.*l.tbim*t; Quinine
, j M mi 1*: nrantti fltff, Xl��*\ Unnralh.
July 11
CleCMtra. An-
Fitlr ll/tveu. Front i* Herhert. .<- l ���-���  ���
mws IIeitri.lt;.. Lulu. I�� W Sltl-Ms (_oldet�� Kin*,
K,T.VlU*n-sl.vtiy, Rya. Fmtik AlMn.ni;  Iron
Hill. l.��e�� it*t������ii; I*ynx. M a rniew.
July 15
Victoria, Orln Barber; Maple Leaf. Peter Mc-
Ewt-n; Llllfe, (;ral_tm Campben; Mt��ford, J
Murry; Percy, RoU Roberfaon: Butterfly, W B
Kell.y; Moliawk. P.*terMcEwen,Oeo W Tsylor,
(onadtutioii, R J Marstty Monitor, same; 'Neo*
jhoStmth End, Thos Co ��r; Lost Boy, W H
*V*vTKS l'1*** Ks��>tera, u A Jarnigan; Jennie
O.JF Wilson; Allans. Jos Davte.
July lfi
t'j-nitaiila. D F Sbwbeck: Nora. B AV I*Tentlee;
Nellie M Fraction, E D Damss- Silver Prince,
Alex Buffcto: C J Hannanson, C J Hannan-*on;
DtM, Janirti HarrU; 49, Thos Clarke; Bob Tall,
John Wrbtlit; Silver Queen, q W Taylor, Silver
July l?
Mountain llluff. Dolnh Johnson, Chas Borfison,
UnoObt.n; Zula, C D McKeiiMe: White Queen,
J B Itillinjf-, R J Shenson, H C Gillespie, D Rem
July 1.
Edward C Ward to HilMde SUver Mlntog Co-
Last Chance, Jackson basto, Jane 90; tl
Partnership reirt*-tt*red.(*ltuBel_t,mau, Edward
C Ward. FrankToitln, Msy ��,*��
s RlckArd claims uuder naitnenhlp sj-rreement,
llu Gold Boy.   A-rge. Sliver Drip and Sickle
July IS
Chas S Altmen to Henry Ct-rrft-C-ba N'o i,
Schroder creek
R C Camiifaen-Johnston to C K Mlllanurne -op-
tt'.ii nn 51 tut of I C.near WhltewattT; July 10
Juiy ll
t'lia.Stmiaon, Joe Casezz*. John Sampson to
T A Sberwotat'-oiSloo to bond Borame Bird. Uir-
mark. Mountain Mnl, on Bridge cn-ek; July U
July li
John Edmunds Vt Joseph Blanehard, Peter
*Aan**ue��t and Henrv Jr-hnston- all Interest In
Bla* k Prince. Poke Star and PbaenU. Canyon
creek. July lit; *rt
O A   Eastman  to  Frank  Brendt���}   Johanna,
Bouldfr crock, July to: ttt-
MunWrck McKexixlc toG A Eastmait-t Johan-
na.ltonlder creek, July 10.flUJkt
Elmer EtV>y to John W W'lBon-1,*. Volney
*.���*->yon creek. July 15; ��1
Andrew Nelson to Uuo Olson and Dol|.h John-
ami   Sophia. Woodbury creek, July 1*-, *��*)
W J Trethewey to B E Bi*own~opt_on oa hB
Int. rx-stltt Nancy Hanks, Fresno, Laoat.Jalnk,
Sau.lSantl Haiti.*���**.��
July 1*
John P Redding to Henry Euuiroelt-u���' Kootenay Star. July 1*5, ��1
Or... Stowe to Edtrard J Mattltews-^ Garm;
Fraction. White tlnsue. Jolt-14:4F50
H M Bit iter to W A Boss Easter, near Whitewater, Junr 1ft 900}
WUIiam A BwstoR E Brown-Easter, near
Whitr-water. June ti; rl'ui
T E Cronln. L McLean. B F Green to B It* A
Mliiitofl'..- HumiiKiii* Hirtl. B X A and Onoho,
May %% tl
The Washington, near the Slocan Boy,
in the McAitiigait basin, started two new
tunnels this week.
The following poem, which recently
appeared in the Bon Accord, a weekly
comic journal published in Aberdeen ;
attracted the notice of the .Queen, and
Her Majesty wrote expressing a desire to
be furnished with ihe name ol the
I'm but an auW body
Llviir up In Tteeslde,
In a twa-raom'd btt hoosle
WI' a toofa' beside,
WP mv coo snd my gnimphy
I'm as happy as a bee,
But I'm far prooder noo
Since she noddlt to me!
I'm git* trig an' hate,
Can plant twa-three tawttes.
An' wok after my kail;
And when oor Queen psssea
Put out to see.
Gin by luck ibe mtcht notice
An'nod ont tome!
But I've aye been unlucky,
And tbe blinds were aye doon
Till last week tbe time
O* ber veeslt came roan'
I waved my bit-apron
As brbk's I could dae.
An'the Queen lauch'd fu" kindly
An' noddlt to me'.
My son steeps In Egypt���
It's nae use to frelt���
An* yet when I think ot
I'm sair like to greet
She may feel for mv sorrow-
She's a mi titer, ye see-
An' maybe she kent ot
When she noddlt to me t
The Canuek s Mas* tin.
Xiagara Falls, N.Y.���The Common
Council last night at a special meeting
Itaesed a resolution declaring the franchise of the George Road null and void,
and giving them 30 days to remove their
tracks loom the streets, unless in that
time the railroad discharged every Canadian employed on the road. The street
superintendent was instructed to remove
the tracks and wires of the road if the
company did not in the time specified.
Members of The James Gang.
Stiu.watkr. Mine-���After 21 years imprisonment, the Younger brothers, Cole
-and Jim, members of the Jesse James
gang, will be given their liberty. It is
understood the State Board of Pardons
witl, at its monthly meeting, act favorably for their pardon. Younger brothers
were implicated in tbe famous Xorthfield
raid in 1876, in which their gang swooped down on that quiet little Minnesota
town and looted the bank, shooting and
killing its cashier, J L. Hayward.
Having sold my Sandon business to D. W.
FRENCH & CO., I bespeak for thefa the same
liberal patronage that has been extended to
me, and thank my many friends for their past
��� I,*
x... :���
-    .
Napoleon's prediction that within a
century all Europe would be either Republic or Cossack, does not appear to be
within measurable distance of verification. Eighty-five years have elapsed
since he uttered this famous vaticination
and Europe is still neither one nor the
the other. No doubt democracy has
made wonderful strides since the great
Emeral went to his sea-girt prison at St.
elena; but the outburst of popular
feeling at the Jubilee shows how firmly
the monarchical spirit is still anchored
in the bosom of Europe's most powerful
and progressive nation, while Russia's
strength is that merely of population,
with the merest veneer of modern progress and civilisation covering the uncouth masses who people her enormous
expanse of territory.
No doubt the population of Russia
today exceeds by two and a half times
that of German*/ and is ��� three times as
large as that of France or the United
Kingdom. Moreover, while the population of France is stationary and that of
Germany and Austria increasing only
slowly, the natural increase of the Russian people is phenomenally rapid. This
means an enormous supply from whence
the Russian army can be recruited, and
if it were only the quantity and not tlie
quality of the men that decided battles
no single European nation would dare to
cope with her. Fortunately for Europe
the Russian Empire is composed ofa
mass of ignorant Slavonic, Tartar and
other Asiatic races, formidable only from
their numbers, and incapable of that
scientific warfare which decides the fate
of empires today. Houey-combed with
corruption, badly led and worse paid
and fed,, the Russian Army is of more
avail ss a menace than as a fighting
weapon. On paper she can put a colossal
army into the field. But, thanks to the
system upon��which it is modelled, a
Russian army in the field is rarely one-
third of the size it attains on the muster-
rolls, and even that third is destitute of
the proper commissariat and ambulance
arrangements. In old days when wars
were matters of years, and important
battles were months apart, this was not
not of so much importance ss it is today
when campaigns are a matter of a few
weeks onlv. But today an army must
take the field ready to move at a moment's notice, and, unless the Russian
army has materially improved its system
since the Turkish campaign, it might be
hopelessly beaten long before its unwieldy masses of ignorant peasant soldiery could be concentrated on the crucial
point. Russia is strong only in the material sense. There is little perceptible
evidence that her people are becoming
broadened from an intellectual standpoint, and siuce the warfare of the present century is essentially scientific and
requires a large measure of education
and intelligence in even the rank and
file, tlie Russian army is formidable only
when opposed to the still progressive
The over-running of Europe, therefore,
by tbe Cossack may safely he relegate*,
to the category of chimera*. Even with
the assistance of a more educated ally it
would hardly be poc-wible; for tlie Anglo-
Saxon race is a factor that Slavic and
Tartar peoples have always found it difficult to negotiate. Even when practically tin* whole forces of Europe were
handed under the greatest general, that
ever lived, Great Britain was able to
stein his tide of conquest and form the
nucleus upon which the array which
ultimately drove him from tlie throne
was glad to concentrate, Is there, then,
any cause for apprehension lest the
Anglo-Saxon race be dominated by the
Slav ? Leaving out the assistance of the
remainder of the Anglo-Saxon race in
Canada, the United States, Australia
and tlie other colonies, it is Impossible
to lielieve that an ignorant and semi-
barbarous race could overwhelm one
whose name is synonym for intellectual
and physical activity. Such an event
would be in direct contradiction to all
the lessons of history. In every instance
the nation of the higher intellectual and
moral calibre has proved the victor over
even the larger masses of its lower grade
adversary, and there is no reason why
such a law should be reverted in the
nineteenth century. So long as Russia
retains her proper position as the most
western of the eastern nstions she is s
factor to be reckoned with. When she
is regarded as the most eastern of the
western nations she becoines less formidable. As Carlyle has aptly pointed mt,
a people which still wears lis shirt on
the outside of its trousers cannot pretend
to swav the destinies of Europe, its influence must necessarily be inimical to
constitutional liberty, and the days
of political serf dom are long since over.
I was sitttnjr on a
ot nails in a
West Virgins mountain store watchinjr
S native dickering- with the merchant
over a trade of a basket of egg* for a
calico dress. After sometime a bargain
was closed, the native walked out with
a dress in a bundle under hit* arm ami 1
followed him.
"It isu'tanv business of inine,ff I said.
'but i was wAtchinji*
thai trade, and
you let the egg*
was surprised to
go for the dress.*'
"What far?" he tiAnA, in astonishment, as he mounted his horse,
"Horn' manv egg* did vou have?"
'���Basket full."
"How manv dozen?"
"Dunno.   (*'an't count."
'���That's where you miss the ail van
lAgeo of education.   You might have
got two dri-sses tor thorn* eg*?* "
"But I didnt want two tlri-ases Mister." he srgued.
"Perhaps aot, but that was no rens m
why you should have |*aid two prices
for oiie. The iner-chant jrot the advantage of you because of his education.
H>kt%*w what h��* was about." He
looked at me for a minute, as if he felt
real sorry for me. Then he grinned
and pulled his horse over close to me
"I reckon." tic hall a histwretl.canting
furtive glances toward tne store, ''his
eddication ain't so much tnore'n mine
ez you think it is. He don't know how
manv of them aigs is spiled, an' I do,"
and he rode away before I could argue
further.���Current Literature.
UmAo Vbamg* tb* Mast TtflM
A young dandy walked iuto the bar
of a country public house one day, and
receiving a respectable salutation from
a "joskin" who stood near, ordered
drinks for two, handing a sovereign in
payment, saying that he had nothing
It'ss. The waitreaa was obliged to take
the coin to her mistress for change, hut
soon returned and asked if he would
pay the next time he was fmasiug as
they were unable to change
X minute later, taking advantage nf
the girl's momentary absence, the
dandy nudged the laborer's arm. and
said: "I ,ook here, friend, what do vou
say to getting drinks for nothing'/"'
"Why, I He game, a-course."
"Well, then, III lend you the sov
erign, ami you order drinks."
The exchange was soon effected, and
Hodge knocked lotidlv on the counter.
"Same dose ogain,'' he said, when the
maiden appeared, and diving deep
down into his trousers |tocket rfshiil up
the soverigit.
"Tak' change, oot o' that," he said
cool I v.
After another brief diasppnaraiu-e.the
young woman returned ami banded
over six toon shillings change.
"There's sixpence for the drinks,"
shesaitl, "andthreennd-sixpence what
missis has chalked up against vou."
The sequel may Im? imaginis*.
Ma, where is Atoms?
Athens, you. mean, my boy; don't
No, ma'am; I mean Atoms; because
whan a person is In a boiler ox plosion
they always say he ts blown to Atoms
Hotel Kootenay
Switzer & McGluskey,
ty-aler* In
KAS!,o��n<i nmv.
Caiailiui Nfc Railway
8001-aclflc Line.
Route to St Paul. Chicago*
Detroit* Toronto, Montreal,
New York, Bo*on. Phila
tlclphia.   and all Eastern
Unex-flled Sleeping Cars
on all trains, Tourist Cars
lo Ht. I'sul dally, IV-susi
every Thursday; TVwonto
everv Monday mm Revel
Steamer leaves Nakusp
dally except Monday, mak
ing close connection st Kevel*
Moke with trains for all points
East aod West.
Before yon travel get inftrmatkm
frtmi C.P.R. agents bb to times snd
rates. It will save yoo money. Apply to nearest railway sgent or to
A. C. McARTHUR Agent* Sandon.
H.M.MdiHHiOU.T.P.A.. Nelson, B.C
ft   J.   OOYhVm
Dirt.  Passenger  Agent*-*-Vsnconver
By sending
10 cents
to The Ledge,
KswDastst Iia,
Von can obtain a <*oi-_*pl*t�� copy ot
on the Slocan.
What Is the ..Devils {riven  name?
quoth a little Hill urchin.
Why, he has no Christian name ��� re
spnnded his (taps.   (Joke).
COAL,        '
**.��� i?ON-STEEL
*"�� ORE CARS,
t-rnu.KH Al l> A IIA I. !������.,__
********Ham1^ %4 ii*
Kinds ot  CAlMiNATrU MIXES
Hy|iboR\ Ginger Ale,
**<tr**taj��-irlll.i. r**te, l.u-
jSevx.cton  13 O
Pntn��niz<- home1 indtiscnr
when you want tin* liesi
Is tbe Pioneer SiHtse of tie City
_* it* _*-< P.-*- '*>���*.
If yon are���
Call at the
Hotel Ivaniiiic.
 .��� 1
Itkdk SiBisiip Lines.
tmka Hnrtttt. Bt-av-r lli>-*
Uk* Ht,i*.ri..r.
imba tViiml> *
I****.* Mnrf.it, "
l-tJs* Ontario,
!,**.? **Uii**-rtr..r.       H
yr 0 BnASw
������   J*
���'  I*
lasrfsnls.f'iinartl IJitf
Ssrvla. "
Kirttrts *
t *�� in I�� nla,
(MM m,ia1,SS>,7<i��sisn.l u|��s �����
I .il.H.***.tl*'-. ���*�� **,<�� llj.vt *<t"
Ht* ���rmmt\ oVfJ*) ami ���J|iw*r<l*>
tir-al Uri
ran** lo sll |r*rt�� *., ��.*.. r.w.--,	
1'iwiwltl Ps-tautv-s srrsiittvtl fr..." ������� i"1"
Apjily 10 A. C. MtAKTIU H   ��'���������������   **r*
B SSJJI***   rftr.'S'   *���***�����������    W|.-"~.    '      ���
ngm TlrM-il  ll.r .it-li **' '" .Tn-T'l *
iritaiii ot Irt-Jsisl. amTst **l;��'* '
sll|iart*.jft��a>r*iin.|*��iH     ' ������'"'
ii.*n**nii ' ;;";ll|,.flf
C.P.B. ���*��."-  u,"Mi THE   PAYSTREAK.
Slocan City la shout to orgsnixe a
10,'lgt* ���f irtanfenrien.
Buildings are going up so fast that
tl,,- townsite Is lost to view.
Tin* (irand C3iai��*ellor Commander
K ..( IV will visit New Denver about
Au-fusl to,
SI<M-an Cttv's laerosse team it-fused to
a,,. j.t New lkenvera thatlenge to play
li, l.* mt ihe -Si*d.
Titers is talk of an athleticcluh licing
,.r_-ani**ed here. It is the same old pro-
l��,M!i..n wilh new frills.
t K StauHer will hear of something
to Itia advantage by sending his aa-
iln*** i�� Box 'HI, New Denver.
Tht* frame of the new hospital build-
in? is up and Xew Denver will soon
liiivf the bust hospital in Kootenay.
York on tbe Prtwbyterlan church is
under way and soon New Denver will
!,;(���.����� two'very commodious houses of
Shican City's ��<*rot**e team an* on the
make. They have**.'-" eash they know
not what to do with, and want to give
ii to any team that ran b****t them.
The Newmarket, with all its addition*
fin��l renovation*, is one of the most com
(..liable houses in the Slocan and Pro*
j.rictor Sti*ge Is very proud of It.
Tho new steamer now building at
Nakusp for the t'\l\R. will Ih�� faster in
*i*****d, and have more ,w��werful  ma-
* in ii.*rv ilian anvthiug ot its si***' in
B C.
Jas I Manev and wife returned lo
New Denver Hatnnlay. aft.*r several
��.*.-ka*|tetit stgltl seeing on the Arrow
i-iki". sn<| elsewhere. It Is stated the
t'ron.l I intra) will **.a��n here-opened.
��� a her u.wtts in the Shwannwy overdo
iheut-telves ami fall Lfcto decline, tint
New lietivar keeps pejrging away at a
.'ii.iJilegall, and soon she'll outstrip
iliein nil.
M��wr*. Milter & ttrishoi*.. who's short
(iineaipileauMsl the Wharton m* mill
i* r<>** ihe lake, have since erected
teveral buildings there and are sawinjr
tunher as raphllv as the mill's capacity
* ill permit.
While Ihe steamer SOSSB was at the
<l*.k tlie other day, in New Denver, n
-i.t-tur named'IbtuicU had a fl hill
I-I..a n ont of his hand into the lake by
"������� of Uie gentle sephyrs an common in
liiiseountrv. He immediately jumped
���>' .'rtMisnl.' caught the William in his
'���������'th and swam ashore amid the
plaudit* uf the multitude. Daniels i*
���H t ij;lil He may have money to htirn.
������it! evidently none for a watery grave.
The mouth of Four Mile eresk is
i rowded st present with fishermen.
The W'akcticld is sending down about
-hk* of ore {mt dav a* it trinI  ship
Thr hanking firm of Hoffman ,*.-
' ' ��'*r will move their nflice tn the
l.rcmiu<r block.
Messrs. Dunn * Gallagher have i
argi* lores of men at work on the
bridge on Ijtkeave.
Matthews Bros, are clearing up tlieir
"��� next l.i the Kite of Pitts Bros on
l-aki' avc, preparatory to building.
Messrs. Crawford fl McMillan will
"l"ii .1 wholesale grocer and liquor
���>u*im.HH in the new townsite Imilding.
��**v.  II. I'nwell   conducted   service*,
���'���rti as usual last Sunday in the new
"'���wtwlte. ofhee.   In (heevening mrvlees
���* ��'i ����� conducted hy Mr. toper.
���'' McKlnnon & Co. havonpnucd their
s,"n' ��ml are prepared to tarry on sn
���\teiiNiv,. business The warehouse
����� the depot |,nM Imm-ii crowthtt for days
''ttli tlieir lnt|Mirts.
���'��� N. Barrio of lUssland, will won
have his building finished and will conduit* a restaurant in one portion of it.
A stock of yeat'i furnishing will he
earriiHl in the other portion of his
The Kite for the Silverton church was
decided ou last week. It is to be on
Alpha ave on the cant side of Lake
ave. The following have been appointed a building committee and the contract for building will be let immediately. Messrs. MrRobie, Sinclair, Roper.
Suckling. Craig, Powell. Holts and J.
Horton. A meeting of the committee
was held on Tuesday evening and a
secretary elected
Bell Bros, will occupy their new office
next week.
The .Jackson house has lieen rejui'en-
ated with a coat of paint and other repairs.
Hugh McDonald is building an hotel
at Bear Like.
Mol-elJ-tn A Boiene expect to be open
for business in their new hotel ia two
Boms developement work is being
.lone on the Keystone, and it is tlie intention to build new bunk houses and
enlarge the a*-eom modal ions generally,
Tlte Hill Side, Uie property ol a local
.-or.* .ration. Tlie Hill Side Silver Mining Co., is being de\*eloped and shows
up well. A '-WVfoot crc*t*ecut anil drills
on the vein show two feet of concentrating and carbonate ore.
J, K. Mitchell, of \Vinni|��eg. has taken
up tlie bond on tbe Colorado, shOTS the
Whitewater min***. and adjoining the
Charleston, which he also owns. On
account ol tlie water it has not been
{Htssihle to ilo much work on these
t.r.��is*rtitja so far this spring, but a good
Uv is to be put on as soon as practic-
The Jackson wagon road was complete.! snd opened to business the tirst
����t this week. This will tie an Important
event to Whitewater, as a Mmbst of
good properties will begin work ininiedi-
atelv. Tlie Nortltcrn Belle will Is* at
work tin tlieir concentrator inside of ten
days or two weeks, and this alone will
make quite nn item on the pay roll tributary to the town.
The Albion tunnel is in88t)feet, not
lr*i a* stated last week.
J. N. Knight has a deal on for the
No. fi, a prosjKH-t above the Skyline
Maddens hotel is Hearing cotti|>letion
nnd will probahlv have the finislnng
louche* in a couple of weeks.
Timber for the Highlander tram and
concentrator came to hand Isst week
and the work is being pushed SI rapidly as expedient.
The Black Diamond is sttippinjr u*
the Wnndbur. conccntraior. 1 he mill
was staled ����������� Monday ami will handle
'si tons of ore i\ da>
The machinery on the Neosho llSI
Jteeu placed in'position aud la now
running. One hundred tons of ore arc
on tlte dump snd shipments will be
made soon The property Is m the
bund'* of ihe Hall Exploration CO.
News From Aylwin.
Prospectors are still through here en-
route to the Kokanee district.
Sheeran and O'Ray are kept busy
hauling supplies from Ten Mile landing to the point, and then packing to
the headwaters of Ten Mile and Kokanee creeks.
A horse trail has been completed up
the south fork as far as Hughes creek.
If this trail was extended snout three
miles quite an easy road to the head of
Lemon creek would be available.
Several claims on the north fork are
showing up well, and development work
is being done on some promising claims
near the Enterprise mine.
The wagon road is again in good
shape, several men from the Enterprise
having worked on it steadily for some
time back.
A postofiife will likely be established
here in a lew davs.
Psahra af Aavar-tisl***.
TeU me not In sneering manner
Advertising does not pay;*;
Rich are they who filtis their banner
B loest to ihe world fcwlay.
Advertising done In earnest.
Done with wisdom, heart and soul,
With determlnstlon sternest,
Alwsy*. brings the wlshed-for goal.
Lives of many men remind as
We to great success can climb,
If the leading pnbUe Snd as
Advertising all Um time.
Advertising with pei-istent
Energy to spread oar tone.
Ever honest and persistent
In performing what we elaim.
Ia the world's <-*ommet*elaI battle,
In the rivalry of trade
We must hnstle, shout and tattle
Ere impression can be made.
The Payne Tram.
The contract haa been let for the Payne
tramway and fifty men began work on
it this week. It is to be a three-rail gravity, principally on trestles, 6,000 feet
long. It will ran down the Payne gulch
to the K. A 8. road and will probably be
continued to the C. P. R.
IMllman a Daadbctat.
British Columbia papers will be
ahead if thev make L. C. Dillmau, of
Spokane, Wash., put up in advance for
Ins advertising. He is a deadbeat. one
of the jvenuy-ante kind, that should be
run out of auv community.
Coat of English Royalty.
The Chancellor of the Exchequer
went out of his way recently to explain
how little the monarchy costs England.
The crown lands, he said, belong to the
sovereign and produce 12,060,000 per
annum. The Queen receives, instead
of this revenue, $1,925,000, and the rest
of the royal family $1,060,000. Therefore the total cost of monarchy to' the
taxpayer is $925,000. The calculation
proceeds on tbe assumption that the
crown lands are the private property of
the sovereign. This they are not.
They originally formed a portion of the
general revenue of the country, out of
which came the maintenance of the
The Monitor group, near Three Forks,
is still closed down, owing to internal
Mining & Milling Co.
Rand & Wallbridge,
Mining and Stock Brokers,
Sole Agents for Sale of Treasury Stock.
Nakusp for its she hits the best hotels
in the country. The Grand hotel, with
Its Wologant rooms, is conduct.'.! by
.lames McNeil. Thc I..'land house vmII
have BO plastered rooms when the ad-
,,itlo.t now under cnslrncliouisihroan
,men    Mrs. McIXnigald, ths proprietor
this  well-known   hotel, is lo be en,-
flTStulated  for the able and enei-eti
Cr in which she has bui. ..,........f
the largest hotels In all Kootenay.
Hotel, In New Denver, has been enlarged
and all the rooms plastered. New carpets
nnd new furniture throughout make the house
a marvel of comfort and elegance. With
28 rooms, and its beautiful situation amidst the
finest scenery in America, this hotel is unsurpassed In all Kootenay.
II. STEGE, Prop.
������; ������*'.
��� v��_!
i$ **:
���*��� iF
., :���
9 Issued every Saturday In Suulonjn tltelwart
of the -greatest White JaVt.il camp on **arth.
Sultsertptlt.ii #_.i��*y��ir
Strict"*,' iu advance.
Address: Thr I'avstrkak. Samion, B.C.
SANDON. B. C, JULY 24, 18S7.
TftE movement for a wagon road
from here to New Denver did not at
first meet with a favorable consideration, and subscriptions therefore
came in slowly. There were people
who said that it would undoubtedly
"be a good thing for New Denver, but
they did not tee how it could help
Sandon, that in fact it must have the
contrary effect People with such
narrow-mindedly selfish views have
no place in any progressive common
ity. They would have a wall around
Sandon t*> keep all possible customers
in and all business rivals out
Intercommunication always means
an increase of business, and as a rule
the larger community must reap tbe
benefit of the balance of trade thus
encouraged. Every city that has
grown to any proportions has done
so by aid of tbe outlying districts for
which it has become tbe base ot
supplies. Sandon itself has grown
and is growing because ofthe devel
opmont of the mines in her vicinage.
As the mining industry extends, as
the country is opened up, Sandon
should endeavor to maintain her
place as the centre, and increase her
tributaries of trade in every possible
direct-ion and as far as possible. Thin
csn only be done by producing facilities for rapid and convenient communication. The first great need of
any new country is roads
Bat nays the one-idead objectors,
we hare the railroad. What do we
want w*th a wagon road paralelling
it? This is one of the strongest objections raised snd one of the most
ridiculous They migbt ss well have
said: We have a trail; what do we
want with a railroad ? Go Into the
United States, in parts of the country
grid-ironed with railroads, and what
do yon find among those progressive
people ? A constant demand tor more
and better roads
Sandon is today, so far as the large
and rapidly growing Slocan lake district which should be tributary to
her, is concerned* is entirely at the
mercy of one railroad, which, in the
absence of sll competition, can give
whatever kind of service it please?
and make Its charges to suit itself. It
may be blocked with snow or delayed by washouts lor days and days,
and during that time business with
the outside is entirely suspended.
A good wagon road from here to
New Denver would bring down
freight charges; it would  give us
chance fur the poor man who cannot
afford to pay fares; to the small merchant who can use a team to advantage ; to tbe large merchant who can
use many teams and to whom expedition In delivery ot goods is ofthe first
consequence. It would open up and
enlarge the trade of Sandon in every
There is another point for consideration that is entirely overlooked.
The people of Sandon have no where
to walk or to ride. How many more
horses would be used il there were a
road  to the  lake?    And  vehicles
More �����*���- Prom Ut-   Mrt. lH*trlcte of
Hie tniiatllaa fcurtb.Waat
i hM ol the psaseu*|ers on the steamer
City of Topeka from Juneau was A. K.
Carr, who teok in the American mail to
the Yukon. Mr. Carr speaks in glowing
terms ol Uie Cloudy ke cotttitry, which it
seems is now tlie Mt*ce*a of the mining
men. Everyone is getting over tlie
boundary, he says, into the Canadian
territory, Circle City is Mug tk-awrtcd.
last year that city had a population of
1,100, and now there are scarcely **0O
men tliere.   Kverv div of the Yukon is
i .Mhogh hay has just U-.��� CfM, .
mining disttiet,,, ith J. it I5._d,r ���!!,���*
mg t*��**t*onl��r. [93*F mn'
_ __*. (l|H_n ^
A crowd of miners cam��<��!
Topeka from Cook Intel, l.��*. om?
not ��{*tak in glowing term* ,rf Uui'al
inct. They ctearod th-ir *._,_.���*,Z
thajnp there, they wld. hut ihat��_,,_?
Very few t4 Utem. however. wrr*r��Jri
eneeal miners    Victoria Time*
IMMTtUt Leotw ATH��>
would come into use.  What must the nilfcnug to the auns extent; talntag
... ..   ...  .     . , ������BM_,n.,t���.   men are all going over to tits t hrndyke,
outside world think ot a community when, &������ #lr��kw, ,w MngmLh..
better train service.   It would give a | corporation.
aspiring to the dignity of s muril
cipslity that bas not in its vicinity a
single road upon which a buggy or a
buck boa nl can be used ? Last Sunday many people rxle or walked out
to Codv and Three r\>rks. That was
their limit
On the other hand New Denver has
the lake and the steamers fbr her
Sunday outings and is altogether better situated for healthful outings.
But her people want to come skipping
to the Slocan metropolis. They now
come by one train ami have but a
brief three hours tn which to look
around and do their bu*.im***s. From
the many huge mines on the hills
-.round Hlocan lake there are hundreds of men who t-ccaslonally desire
a day off and would come to the metropolis to seek relaxation. There is
no way of doing so in a single day as
things are at present
But build % good substantial wagon
road over tlte route surveyed, see
the number of pedestrians and people
on horseback and In vehicles incress-
ing, as it undoubtedlv would, from
day to day. See the wagon loads ot
mere ha nd ise regularly going out
over it, and then you will find the
railroad company, when he business
has thus been worked up, eagerly
comp'ting tor It In order to com |s>te
freights will be lowered, local trains
will lie put on morning a**d evening.
We shall get an outlet for recreation
at the lake side, and the lake people
an opportunity of spending their
money in business and in recreation
in the Slocan metropolis With good
roads Sandon will have to grow in
size and importance
Those opposed to the road are those
wbo say openly:    "Sandon   is  big
enough.''   It Is strange that such tin
progressive  people can live in the
bustling atmosphere of the Slocan.
The first lawn mower ever seen at
work in Sandon was chawing up the
grass on Assayer Wilson's lawn on
Monday, and was watched with some
curiosity. Some ot the onlookers
actually sighed. It brought up memories ol places where lawns are not a
curiosity. In a mining camp Hie
advent of the lawn mower is slgnifl
cant. It marks an epoch, the change
from rough shacks to comfortable
homes, the beginning of a substantial
city.   It is another argument forin-
Tlie Ooiidvke WHititry. particularly Hue
anaxa and* Eldorado taraska, Mr, Cart
ssivs. are the richer*! digging* ever struck
in the history of mining. A great many
of tin* claims, if they hold out as Utcy
an doing now, will clear up st ttfsst
ll.onD.00t>. l��ne miner on llwnsnsa
creek, s man named. \la*-,t.mal��t. teak
f*si.������* out of a piece of l*��o*l me��M.uring
atiotit -to feet square. Ahmg Utinaasa
creek very few claims have l***n struck
Utat have" not jmnned out very rich; in
fa* t every claim fram No. *!*��� al����ve to ��l
Whtw has given very rich result*. Th*
nuuiber of men who went in this year
was shout 2.000* of these nearly alt Went
bv way of Chilcoot Of White l*sss-
M r. *( *��rr Uiinks that Ispfore ihe present
i-cason is over there will In* a great ��le*iih
of provision in the mining camps At
present provisions. exempt ha.-x.ri, are
plentiful, but there is far from enough
up there to supply the tt*-e��ls of the great
number of men who are now then* Anyone who intend* going ��P. M' *'**rf *��*��>
should take ortough provision* with him
to last him over until nest *yTxmg Af
a a ins tain v of tiie cost of pro visions in
that part of tlte country, Sir. Carr says
that it cost him 153 to feed his three
dog* on ���lamagcd bacon and corn star -h
for seven ��ls va. He ���****��- I Uie cm ting
cut of Northwest mounted police, who
went up sometime ago under Supe-in*
tendenl Kellree and \wmwi Utnotgh Vi**-
toria on Uteir way north, aliout three
.bys'^rney from I*awstm Oly. Haw
son City is now the targest city in the
rioiitlyk** or Yukon ��*t>uiitrs*a. This
itv, which lias a poptitsUoti of !,*�������}.
will las the hcatkiuarter* of Uie North*
west mounted police. No one who lias
ths ready min need lie thirsty in the
mining regions, for then* are n.tNJbgallon*
of whisky already there and almost as
mneh again is on they way.
Mr, Carr tells a story which illustrate*
the mariner in which a miner sticks to
his friends. While on the way in a
miner named Bert rUriekney died, and
hia partner, putting hia friend's hotly in
the canoe, paddled mournfully towanls
Circle City. He offered as much as ���WJ0
to any man who would accompanv him.
but no one being willing top, he played a
lone hand, and taking hut partner to
Circle City lie buried him there with all
Uie honors he could bestow tifsin him.
Mr. (-arr also brings news of the loss
oi Uie Alaska Commercial Company'*
* tea me i Arctic. On May 14 she was
wintered at a place about four miles
trom Forty Mile, and waa jammed in thrice when tt -tacked. Her hull waa smash ���
ed to pieces and ia a total loss. Uer machinery waa saved, snd ia now lying on
the bank of the Yukon at the spot where
sin* was lost, The steamer I*. B. Wesre
is at Circle City, and wss to begin her
service on Ute Yukon on May .10th.
F. C. Lawrence, an Aahcroft mining
man. was also a |ra��*enger from tlie
north. He is down from Prince William
Sound, where he has discovered a very
rich claim at Oladhttgh bav. He brings
down a large piece of rm-k weighing
altout 4"i0 |Miun<ls, which is very rich in
gold and goes to about SO cent, in
eopia��r. At the claim discovered hy him
anil his partner, another Ashcroft man
named J. <��. Collins, he sava there is a
ledge JIO0 feet long and #0 feet wide,
and fully 12,000 tons of ore is in sight.
The ijueatiou whether Ihe CanmlUn
���fttvenim. tit will la* cooienl i., ^j ���*(v
with it* hand folded in ii�� Jap mbik
Awieri-ian coo ut num.- d***. CajW.|uia
cititens with Ihe Chint-tt* in ih.<r;u>.
gory of prohibited tats��r, i�� ..����,* itm
���hoiihl occupy the attention ,4 Sir Wi!
frid laurier on hi* return fotm kit
Jubilee outing. The Utno J,-,, n^^
when it is worth while asktuj,' *JiHW
the policy M meeS. -mhmi��4ttti .,(-,{
Itaiieni �����te**liimti!* to Am.ruah kggtn
���4����n, m itrimglv incalcttlai^l hv Mr
John CharttiMi, have iM��t t����*��*n tarrted
far enough ��� and whether it *..��{.!��*<
redound to our po*ii��ve weil4iriagM
w*dl a�� lo our national sNt re^ptvt if
we adopted a jiobcv m .re in atTttnUner
wiih our trerords in Ihe past Ssjtsh
achate men iu Canada a. wt*4lasn
the Cnited iHtatc-*. wh���� art- n. toorf
afraid to ral��e their hmd* *��.{ **.|U4ir>��
their shoulder* agsiiea insult 'han ih**��r
���*4nr.|t anrt**l��*r�� were of yore, aad il
the lntcn***t of these men a i��i.*re tint**
atnl maulv (*>lh-t ***��*rti* lo lw unpers*
lively demande I
The lalair leari*laIioti spee*tail�� dire-i*
ed at thi* country he the prtliltriaasol
the I tiij.it State* Iia* been *t> oiiU an.1
atfxr��**��silvelv hostile thron**1ioui    Yird
of all the  FctrJeral il**t .-riim.-iii paawd
Iciriilatron air��tn��i foreign hu*t    !^>
legi��iali��m. which applle* all over Ike
anion, ha* l**rtien snpt*denicnte*it hv *44te
law%. and these again ha.e lt.*��-n r. :<
fotred hy tnttntripal rerrulatt.��n�� ��t'*l
disabilities   The ��ale ��t Verne. 11. tnu.
h>r  tn*>UiK*e.   retenUt   |��i-**^l  t la*.
which came into fon����' on the
Ihi* mouth. In virtue ��f which f mjrrt'
er* are fined threeceiiHa da* for..."
dav they are engss-itl in at��v eat
ment     The cottncM of the n;��  >w\
agara Falls, N Y . threatens t" <H>n��<*
the tUtrg.t    fOectric    Rallwai   �����. H��
charier tilth***** wiih^ti iot days ii 'l'��
mi��At*�� from it* *erv��t* et^n ��� atiadiat.
therein  emplovi-d     Not out.   >- t:"'
I iiit.-t State tl.iiu/ evertti.-i.   .!*-*��'
lo  pt-otect   American wwkin*n"**�� !"
thetrown counirv. but ���.jw-.i'vl f*-',,r*
art* being etletele'l to HrtU'* lhal '.<���
plot American latmr in foreign
tritm    l.umtier. cut in the Pro ���>.>"-
New Hniuswick hv Ait*ief*|can labor, w
admtttetl free Into the I mic! mil-.
and Ihti* American flmt�� arc ��u��t-irli��e*l
for etclttdin-; Canadtati warkinen fes*
e*arntng wage* in their own eoiinirj
In fart. In Ihe eve* of ihe Amerkss
politician, the Canadian wortinan a
ila*-*ed wiih the Chine*.-. a-.a*|^t��**
of social lejier, whose i��r�� ���->�����. ��� ���" ,1"'
continent is tti lie prohibit.*.! *-" fAtV
legislative enactment ran �����������.���.��'����*****
it Now is It not time thai all <������'��
Should cease even tf Mr nurll-M"
suseeptilt4lilli*s lie hurt thereto "
can easily he done    Then* *'r'' ",' ^
manv Atiii.rii*aii* ..nrnln-j- their h.|'*-r*
-*.  ��*��"������*    wmw-rf99  t      ���#*;     **f*��t-L��a* -   �����*-   -
manv American* asrnlng th
in Canada a* there arc Canadian*:
tbe I'nited Stat-**, and were ������* -a
faiiiteMt  auirge<stion   of   a  n-ialtaiwr*
pollcv to lie heard these men *	
make thetr howl of atr^rehenslon wg
promptlv heard in Wathliurt'*"   ;"'
Imposition of a tax ou Ain'rhan is-*���*;
era  would stwui open the eves  >i >��r
American cousin* to the difference **
twism Canaita and China   If ����������>"
the ettremltv of their witaiilshiMsw [l
the fact that we still jeisHcs- - .������������� i''K
hone.   But so long as we foil"**   '
���Htl'cy of ftlmplv   whiitt|>ciiii-r  "' |^
iiew*pk|N-raat everv frcli i,'"'"'''..,|
their aggression, so hmir will th ���' ����]
nur  apparent servility with tw' ; .,
tempt it deaerv.-t    Caiinda  **;" l'.
.nofhinar bv uermlltlng her- ��� l"
|chs*<H| with China.
t~^B^sjis*^rsyw i
__________ THE   PAYSTREAK.
Or tli�� L'pralwMi mmt Down PIumnmi of
Ufa ta m Mtos.
Wc visited the Blocan Star mine
last week, and it le a star beyond a
doubt. It should have been called
sun, instead ol star, for it hi the daddy
ot all the mines in tbe district up to
date. To get to the mine from New
Denver requires four hoars of steady
and swift log exercise. It Is uphill
all the wsy, especially slier Ssndon
in passed. We arrived stthe mine
ju-tasthe gong sounded for dinner,
and alter sitting In with the boys for
a brief period, Bruce White took us
in tow and conducted us to the lower
tunnd. the running of which has
made a mine of the Star snd a
certainty of good times in the Slocan.
Lighting a candle we enter the
tunnel and r*o our best to keep on the
vlank in the centre of the tramway.
The candle only makes the darkness
visible and finally retires from active
service ttm��ugh tbe airency of a
splash of water. As we get nearer
ii;c end of the tunnel we can hardly
liisUnguish anything tor a time, ow-
ingtotbe dense clouds of dynamite
>sn oke that hug the sides of the tunnel, and as we look around st the
i! klv light from the miners' candles
and watch the grim figures of the
men at work with drill and hammer,
it puts us in mind of what hell would
look like without the brimsttaie and
tire. In this tunnel, 400 feet from ? he
top of the mine, we saw Ave teet of
clean and fifteen feet nfv**si-centratitig
ore, and Mwieludcd that we could
pay a million dollars for the property
and not lose on tlte deal.
After breathing the corapn**a��M*d air
ami examining the walls of the tun
n�� I. wc iiriieeeded to No. 3 tunnel.
higher up the   mountain.    In  this
tunnel we clambered up and down
ladders Into slopes snd niches of dif
'.rent sixes until we were as black
as the hirttorieat ace of spades.   Hut
we saw something that millions of
people   Itava  never   seen.   Gentle
raider, you have read fairy tales of
caves plastered with gold and precious, nt* ncs.   that sparkled  as   the
l-.indits turned op the light.   Well,
thai is something like we saw In tlie
s**'*r.   In one place, not blackened
by i-owder smoke, we flashed our
candle to and fro and watched the
"right and glistening gslens shine
ancler tht feeble rays of the popular
���iiulerground   illuminator.    We a'ao
"�������� a  winae.   There   Is   nothing
*'t ikingly handsome about a winze
���'  has a large  mouth and U  only
found in tunnels   When  found  on
the surface  it  Is   called  a  shaft
�� hen It commences lite tVom the rool
���'��� the tunnel Instead of the bottom, it
���*��� called an upraise.   When It meats
���' ft-UKciiial uprahe and the two lie
<*>������� one, it is called an air shaft.
1 It-re are many things to see in a
���nine, but davit {lit Is as scarce  as
tiddler* iu heaven.
There is enough ore blocked out In
�����ts mine to keep a large force of
"���en employed for ten vears. Atioth
" tunnel, No. 5, has' been started,
������������dotheijwill he run until a depth
��������� I2ut) felt has been gained. Twenty
men are working on the mine now,
anil it i�� expected that 100 will be
nniployed before the summer ts over.
a large concentrator will be built as
��"on ss the machinery can be brought
1,1 Tltere ai*eovcr **X01X) tons of
^������'���������lur-iting ore on hand.   Two big
Barlcigh drills and an electric light
plant will be put In this jummer.
i here are tb tons of ore sacked for
shipment; and as soon as the wagon
road to Three Forks is in good shape,
the Star will shipoie. The owners
nave promised to supply the C. P. R.
with at least 200 tona per month during *,he summer. Most of the con
ccntrating ore will concentrate 4 Ut 1
and some ot it will go 2 to 1.
We are delighted with the Star,
and hope its health will continue to
improve until it gives Canada the
proud distinction of having tbe greatest silver mine on earth. -New Denver Ledge, May 23, 18.-5.
A  Msssy��rUkt��g UtfJ*  Prlaca.
One little story incuticlutdon. Prince
Alcxr-ndcr, sou of Princess Beatrice, is
just a ll year* ot age and is giving
evidence that he will miss his vocation
unless he is brought up as a commercial mail An a matter of fact he ia showing the hereditary trait*of his maternal
fratidmothcr, the beautiful Ct**unteas
iauke, who was of Hebrew parent **ge,
and by her morganatic marriag-e to a
{irince  of  the  (,rand-ducal House of
fosse became the mother of the Princess
of Baltenberg.
little Prince Alexander has always
heen noted from his earliest childhood
for bartering proclivities. He lend*,
marbles and tops at interest to his
cousins, the little Coimau<_"hts, and on
one occasion got up quite a little comer
in dolls, which he suit-eiMidl in purchasing at a great reduction from his small
Albanv cousins. The other day he received a present of one sovereijrn from
his mother, ami having quickly spent
tt, appl ie*. I for Ihe second. He was
gently eluded for hi*extravagance,butT
unahashed, wrote to his <*randmnmma.
The Vtteen had probably been warned,
for she replied in the same strain of
retnonstranee, whereupon as under:
���'Dearest Grandmamma���I received
vottr letter and hope you will not think
1 was disappointed beeause you could
not send me any money. It wss very
kind of vou to give me good advice. I
sold your letter for ��| los."
It is related that the Queen laughed
until the tears rolled down tier cheeks.
TS*' Jail Editor."
"Japanese journalism," BS*fl a missionary's wife, -is a singular profession
in many of its features. There is practically no such tiling as freedom of the
I press in .lajtan Whenever a newspaper
publishes aontethlng unfriendly to the
government it is suppressed and the editor sent to prison. The real editor is
never Imprisoned though. Kvery news-
paper has what the Japanese call a
"dtimmv editor,*" and his sole duty is
to go to jail every time the paper i>
suppressed for insulting the mikado
Then the real editor changes the name
of the paper ami keeps on publishing
Dummy editors spend most oi their
time in prison.
Prsctlral  Psftptr*.
A Home mania Apotheca,
The wise and prudent woman is she
who when taking her walks afield gathers the sampics and herbs which should
lie. found in every home dispensary.
The healing efficacy of so many herbs
is so well known that one need not be a
skilled herbalist. There arc even weeds
���the nettle for instance���which the
novice would scarcely think proper for
a place in the little apotheca. Although
much maligned, they are a panecea for
rheumatism; {father fresh nettle leaves,
dry them, and make into a tea.
Violet leaves boiled in vinegar will
heal gout.
Twine blossom tea is the best known
remedy for producing perspiration.
The blossoms of the mullein made into a decoction are" a useful throat
Silver weed tea renders good service
in case of tetanus.
Wild angelica is recommended for
heartburn���an extract being made by
boiling its roots, seeds and leaves.
Jumper berries, used for fumigation,
make an agreeable odour, they also
work with similar effect taken internally. The berries fumigate the
in* nit .* nnd stomach and ward off contagion. Those who are nursing fever-
stricken patient* **hould chew a few ju-
nil>er berries���six to ten in a dav. They
bum up, as it were, the harmful
Strawberry-leaf decoction will cure
skin eruptions, arising from morbid
blood; it also assists a torpid liver.
Sage purities the liver and kidneys.
Wormwood relieves seasickness.
Tea made of the leaves, blossoms,
berries, bark or roots of the common
alder is a protection against malarial
Kyebright, that salubrious little herb,
makes un excellent wash for the eyes���
the dried and pulverized leaves being
made into a decoction for that: purpose.
Gentian roots, well dried, cut into
small pieces and put into brandy relieve
cramps in the stomach; nausea and attacks of fatntness are removed by taking a teaspoonful of tincture of e .Titian
in water.
Tincture of dilberries are indispen
sable for the apotheca.   A handful put
into a bottle of jfood brandy is a mild
but good remedy for dysentery.
Coltsfoot tea purities the chest and
lungs and is a remedy for ashuia and
The spicy scent of the water mint
clearly indicates that this little herb occupies an important place among medicinal plants. If suffering from a violent headache bind mint leaves across
the forehead; mint tea, prepared with
half water and half wine, assists the digestion and cleanses and purifies the
Here is a drouth story by a travelling
I was driving sccross the country to
a little town in Western Kansas the
other day, when I met a farmer hauling
a wagon-load of water.
"Where do you get water?" said I.
"Up the road about seven miles," he
"And you haul water seven miles for
vow familv and stack?"
* "Yep." *
"Why in the name of sense don't vou
dig a well?''
"Because it's jest as far one way as
the other, stranger."
Lead P*n*H Mlnea In MtoMgon.
L'Axse* Mich.���The officials of the
Detroit ^Graphite Manufacturing company have concluded a visit to their
property _and operations at the mine
will be* resumed in a few weeks, the
product of the property having proved
a very superior article. There are extensive deposits of graphite at several
points. Tne principal American source
of graphite supply is at Brandon, Vt.,
although the mineral is also found in
Connecticut and near Ticonderoga, N.
Y. The Michigan article is in every
respect fully the equal of any graphite
found outside of the best Siberian
TffOTICK is hereby given that Charles Webster
It Callahan in no longer engineer for. and
ha* no power to act in any way for the Vancouver *k Brit ish Colombia General Exploration Co., or the Galena Mines Lti.
Vancouver, B.C.. July 5.1*>7. Agents.
All accounts owing the late linn of Hunter,
McKinnon *_Co��� must he settled by August
1st. or they will be place*! in Court for settlement, vvm. Hex-nut a Co.,
Silverton and Three Forks
"I wonder." said the landlady, -just
what Mr. Kipling meant by a 'rug. a
bnne ami a hairf
���It sound* to tne,' said Mr. IVppers.
���ii** if he wasatteinjitin-rtheiie-iertption
of  a   plate  of   hash."   Cincinnati En*
Filial Kespact.
Robert Macdonald
MACDONALD  BROS., Proprietors.
Rates |L0O to 12.50 per day.	
Headquarters for Mining* Speculators and Capitalists.
Reco Ave., - - Sandon, B.C
At the old Sandon Hall you will fin j
Visitor (seekiiur board'
man j where is the landlord who runs
this summer resort?
Young mnn iehurniiu.>~r.f yei loos*
In' fer dad verll find hltn daown far the
iMirn with "the rest o'the entile HeS
,rnt vi.iii whiskers an' stutter*.-���Midge.
*   The Filbert, in Ssndon, ll noted tor
the delicate Savor of its morning cock-
With a new and complete line of
si jji
I 'I
J  fc.
��� t    1
*. t * i
gaX;  ft
if Hi
. ' -f. .1
���V... ���'���
.... %
���;.-. ��� ,
\'���:*r. .
E'F* *!
Tff.  i
Call and Kxnmitie (tootls.
Sandon, 11 C. THE   PAfSTREAK.
Rossi, a so, July 17.���Rowland Miners'
Union was very emphatic yesterday on
tlie occasion of its annual picnic. The
rain came down straight, as it never had
rained befere. A procession started
from the Masonic hall at 11 a. m. headed
by tlie Rossland brass band and a couple
of carriages containing Mayor Scott and
some of the leading officials of the. different unions. The sxjcieties represented
were the Typographical Union, Xo. 335;
Ctgarmakers' Union, So. 400; Tailors'
Union, No. 2S2; and Xo. 38, Miners*
Union. The procession was quite a
long one, reaching several blocks on
Columbia avenue. At the ball grounds
there were speeches made by M. Powell, chairman; Mayor r-cott, Dt. Sinclair,
J. M; Martin, J. F. McCrae, Speaker
Higgins, W. J. Walker, organiser of the
' Knights of Labor; and Ed. Boyce, president of the Western Federatiou of Miners. The rain continued to descend and
tlie programme of athletic sports was
only carried out in the afternoon in tlie
-intervals between the showers. A ball
in the opera house closed the picnic.
The Daily Miner has reduced its size
to six columns. This, it states, is done
to "avoid bankruptcy." Only three
regular compositors are now employed,
two cases having been laid off within a
week or two. The Weekly Miner is also
reduced a column in sue and is only
eight pages, instead of sixteen, a reduction of more than one-half. The proprietors are advertising the sale of 100 lbs.
of "new nonpareil, never unpacked."
ThiB looks "hard times" for Corbin's
sheet, and I don't think there is any
great amount of sympathy forthcoming
for the owners or the editor���especially
tlie editor, who has bad a "largely
puffed-up head" on a very small body
liecause of the success the paper attained some time back. This success was
due to the fame of Uie camp, its mines,
and the desire of the public to know all
there was to kuow, and not on account
of any exceptional abilities displayed by
tbe editor.   But  he  took  the papers
Erosperity as being entirely his doing.
le was the chief journalist in Trail
Creek (in his own estimation) and he
strutted the streets with the air of a
Bantam cock. He has said that "Any
man who does not do well in Kowiami
must be lacking in ability." He does
not appear to be doing very well just
now, but he will never admit tt is on account of any lack of ability.
The Kosslatider comes out in a dinin-
nitive form this week. I don't think it
will live long in its present shape, but 1
do think that Bre'r Jones lias made another mistake. Mr. Vaughn, wbo succeeded J. C. Crome a couple of months
ago as partner in the Rosslander, is out
���"froze out" he says. But the fact is,
business dropped off and someliody had
to go. 1 still think there ia room in
ltossland for a really good newspaper.
The peculiar complaint from which
the Bossland papers are suffering just
now does not appear to have reached
Xew Denver. The Lkm.k is a credit to
;Jie Slocan country and 1 have heard
considerable praise of it during tbe (Mist
An erratic effusion appeared in tlie
Rossland Miner of Thursday in the form
of a two column article with the startling heading, "Is Rossland Betrayed?"
The text of this outburst is simply that
there is no probability of the Canadian
Pacific Railway running into Bossland
for two years. I have read the article in
question .carefully, and cannot see a
���ingle point made. Either the author
(evidently the editor) is grossly ignorant
or else he is trying to create a false sentiment in favor ofthe Le Roi company's
smelU'r-townaite scheme at Northport.
Even the most sanguine have never
ho'ied that such a gigantic enterprise as
the Crow's Nest  Pass j^ilway could  lie
completed and tbe roA tields opened up
so as to facilitate smelting o*>erations m
Canada inside of two years. The Crow's
Nest road, as was promised, will lie
opened direct to Bobson, and theColum-
bta * Western will be widened and direct C.P.K. communication given over
that line to the ("row's Nest l*ite* terminus. At tlie same time tlie C.P.K. connections now being completed will admit of sealed cars being sent direct from
Halifax to Bcesland over the Canadian
Despite the cry at- ut Uie lack of coking coal the smelter at Trail is running
successful! v and there are dosens affMd
smelter sites where Canadian ore can be
smelted profit.iJ.lv to all concerned. But
that is not it- Tlte Le Roi people and
other Americans who have made iJieir
pile here want to transfer every dollar's
worth of business hi their power to the
American side, and tin.I in the Rossland
Miner, Gorbin's newspaper, an efficient
ally. However, it is not very likely our
government at Ottawn will 1��* frightened
by tbe Miner's thunder. If the l*e Hot
people have to 1-av an export duty on
Uieir ores it will fs* just what they deserve.
Several fractions near the city have
been sold for cash during Uie week. The
prices have Iveen from IS500 upwards,and
a considerable amount of money has
changed hands in this way. Several
parties have also staked fractions within
a mile or two, and fraction hunting has
become quite general. As tin* time for
aitsesstnent work draws near then* are
several claims being offered for sale at
extremely low Jigurer*. some of inero at
less than "one-half the money asked for
tliem a year ago.
S. R. Reid has sent about 400 pounds
of very fine specimens of Trail Creek one
to tbe Winnipeg exhibition. All the
chief mines are represented and the collection will no doubt cause some stir tn
Uie Manitoba capital. It might iv the
means of drawing attention to the many
good mining ventures offered in Koote-
enay and bring capital here, in spile of
Uie "slump" which seems to have overwhelmed so many of the hastily-got* to-
gether-million-dolhir companies which
have lieen able to get no further than to
issue a pros|iectus and appoint dif*Wtora
and officers. Mr. Reid has also forwarded a big collection of samples from the
"silvery Slocan."
On Wednesday night at the Hotel Allan a banquet was u-tidered to three well-
known gentlemen who happened to be
in the city at the same time���Lieut.*
Governor Dewdney, Lieut.-Governor
Macintosh of Uie Northwest Territories,
and W. A. Carlyle, Provincial mineral.,
gist. There were nearly 100 present, including all the prominent business and
Erofessionsl men. Sneer hes were made
y the chairman, (Dr. Bowes;, Mayor
Scott, Alfred Woodhouse, Qoveruor
Dewdney, Governor Macintosh, Mr.
Carlyle; General Chas. Warren an.l
others. Governor Macintosh's s|ieech
was perhaps Uie most patriotic that has
ever Isimi uttered in llosslaud ami was
heartily cheered.
Some very rich strikes are re port*-. I
here from Murphy ereek and WaU-rl**.
Assays of ore from the latter htm -shown
as high as 2,000 ounces in silver and f 100
in gold, while at Murphy creek ore from
the Ethel group has panned out $m|.,s_i
In gold to the ton.
The big deal for the four claims in tin*
South ireit-Homestake.U. E. Ia**, Mui.l
of Erin and t iopher���has been completed. The llotnesUike Consolidate*! < JoW
Mines, limited, will have a capital of
1000,000. Holders of stock in Uie old
companies will receive fully paid-up ti
shares for every 40 shares they owtie.I,
i. e. an equivalent at 12-4 cents per
share for the whole su*k of the old com
patties. Tlie new company will put uu
i,25,000 (fl2&,000) for the development
of the four mines.
More rich ore has been opened up at
the Monte Cristo antl it is said the fare
of the tunnel is glittering like a jewel
Tlie transfer of the Deer Park mine.
RtwU. Wash.
-fe�� Vpaer llro.k St., i4J.td.tn.
Mftiti-rt.ot ttV K **d*>td Bhttk lt��***htil|p��
sis) Heard ot Trade.
���NOjCOVCS. h c  coves
t*��M�� AMnm.~..��tt*inst**.s -
���and JtVal,
_ jtttww ami ,4.1
iiVd HfX.*ni,
���ml A BCt'��**'*���**_.-%
"*""���"* MINES
"T*-_ / B t*-licit ��ii^jsj|������*doiM*�� villi j-arth*** having
Ytl ineritoftou*. inining pmi-ettie* ft* tale, and
\lli\ beg to my that we hive ^nect km* in the
prlncijMl citkf of Canada, England ��tnd the United
States, ami Are in daily r-m-ljj* of im-uirii** tor
develoii**il mines and |*r**mtait*g fartjapeota
In active mining c*i*t-ntbm�� and m.u&ton a, on���*-.
and a knowledge <tf tfo different minim? district* of
DC. enable*oa to furnish reliable and i**j*rai*?tcw
Information pertaining u> mlnea and mining matters.
Kefcrences given.
on  fleer Hark  Mountain, to a Toronto
< * tint-any  is sn a***ur-*d fart and V.  A
Mnlhollan.l has (rone to Toronto to complete the organisation of the new com
l-any.   It is stated Utat work will be re-
-tiniel at the mini* early in the fall
A. I*. Jaffe, Uie sawmill man. and 0L
!�� Carpenter had a l����nt at fisticuff* in
front of Uie Allan house on Thumb*.?.
Carpenter got the worst of it. and Iteing
the aggressor, he was lined $15 and nmt*
Iwfore the magistrate yesterday.
In the window of Rolls' drug store.on
Columbia Ave., there Is an attract ion
that drew a large crowd all ve*.
terday afternoon, and as I write
the crowd ia still in evidence. It is a
figure sleeping on a cot. Not a "sleep*
ing beauty" by any means, but a rather
liomelv. lankv and sallow fate is seen
vt ith the Jte.lt lothet tucked underneath
a long and Muted chin. It is n man
tiametl Kirkimeee.who wm put Ut sleep
at three o'clock this afternoon bv Lionel
Wolff, the hypitotUt. and was to have
baea kept in that position for ;*> hour*,
but at U:Huu o'clock to night there was a
grand awakening-the doctors found
the man's pulse getting weak ami low
Mr. Boll*, may thank his stars that his
big plate glass window remains intact
The City Council has jiasscd a vagrancy by-law, and also a new ordinance
prohibiting the tiring uf anv kind of
firearms or fireworks within the ellv
Biddy Bishop, a professional boxer,
and I hia Mack, employ ml at the War
Eagle mine, fought four rounds with
jrloves at the Opera House on i'lmrs
lay night More a good sized audience
Mack was knocked nut with a right
hand swing in the fourth round.
It is a good job for the people ���f Bosh
land that the hot wave which has been
ho terribly fatal in the east has not been
able to Climb  over  the  Buckie*.    ||���(
weather htrm- will cetiamJv !���' ��.' fever
Ibe old Centre Star tiulch itwk ho*
ttetm ���*�� eotitammaied with <*e*��ogv and
i-tty filth thai il stinks all the ����� n a
iurttnte acitttM ihe main fw
rilv. although   it   ����*.  l*>\* i i�� tusl
buried la��( year    And it >*
Mavnr   Scott   ap|*oinle��l  a   ���.tints'?
.tfmVr-    1   droit   Ibtllk   Je-  sp|snnl��l ��
real sanitary ofHcor. but I kn*��* M**p-
���tttintet) one'of bi* frteiel*. '<!'
lion.    Thi*  I*   amahei    iu-taure   �����
l*-r*-..iial friends making ino.t.ii"-"*'1
Tlie Ftmrteen Mining Compan.. I
statietl work nn their pr��>j��-rttes jiH
mniih of the Cttv.   Tweat.   Ihonssntl
dollar* to be u-**d U|�� in devel..|.tncti?
work right along.
The Sunset No, 2. tin the Stnitli !���*��������
is still imfiroving on the excel!* ni <���*
face showing I  mentioiieil la��t **'p
A  new vein has lieen o|h'ii***I   * *'%
llUll.lre.1 feet   ��_H   of the lir-   �� -rl-'i'-
and it In found t<�� Is* quite ��i\ (���������' M"1'
The ore is rich  looklnjr. ami ���������.<*����"
hanllv Mievelhal It i- taken f��� -���������'"
surfai-e.   Assnvt give f.*i In -',,w- �����
o�� silver and *\\ p.*r cent < "IT '
WedonYhear mtu-h of our lsi*-*jj
club now.   It is not known > ct j* '��"�����'���
ail the inetniter* have Im-cii 'I"*.' J
from Ihe avalaiK-he which "���"" ��''
��hI them when they ran up *.-.'**���***'
Kaslo stalwarts.
The Kootenav & Columbia <"'<��   "
few minutes walk north of the ��.'.'���
not the least doubt The main iiijjjj,
is now in ttUl feet aud will '"��� !'"",���
on througli the monutain A ��'''" ��� k
lie put in at once and the w "" * |
to the tiMr-ft level. The mine i- ��� ^
Ing its ore to the Trail smeltc; �����' (|l),
output will now Im* eontlniwH* ������"
-P ���______*__.
oh tin r'.ninatloiil   What mlrls-atlon
wit**ii �����> W.-tainliistsr Hit* Iwysl Hplttst-r
A,���l the  Duka of LdiMef,all In .stler did
��� 1 at* there tioud art, the Kaw PoUj-fe-t-nen
Making s **%rtm��wi*** at half s'twr fosr
VihI id-- U*rd* and l.*dt*s. aad Miss l/Oradys,
Ail *t .u��lin* round Imton ta* Ahhey dun.
T|v,ir pillowsawmilns. tSat srtt-aame morning,
1 ii. m-- Ive* jjjj**ndna, *At by Om modle lUrtU,
w lih I'M** ��nd llltls*. Slid dsSy-dotttntllHr*.
An.l tfsild sod >*tr��ls, and rich dUtistttds
Ami ih*i. ��i>t��t>*i**h��*Sitaraorkeo,
Will. ..litrjral  iHdlMak-itrh! '!?_���   mighty
I . --. It*rtr ssry hostd CaWSoral Oa. *
Willi his *trmrddrawn, ������i-sj-K-itig. made ihein
.-.���������-U.��- Una.
i     ii,. tuii.sl*ni-ttT*,*ad lit* Klneoi* Arauw
A III it lib r��*��rt>rs and Ida Vtarettee mktm*.
otatiln* tit* mast*/ dtmrs to thr tioukl  Atnttas*
ih.   Prim** nf Waitmy*, Sad gnat hay then
T��...,;|.| t,*v* made you rrnsy to *r*  Wj*ut-
All; -4. from hU Jsa-jr to tu* d.'mond hm*t��,
Willi    Alti^ffiMaa   llaniwr,   and that   strat*
T!i- r.mstr beirns, Mia* Anjs-ty Cult*,
\- ���: w - iliinft.*,. wslkfns, with hi* sword dr* artt,
I'.. UUUnd lUnUmrt* rt*mtr* .4 tfTwtt tmowr.
A :s*l sir l��c L��*rv, art! lit* Ijnkr latlutaary.
11* v * tlltftl him HawH mJare be eh*o*t*d htf
THritta Ivss |*-ra*ttSu* Lurd M^Stwxtm**. lading
I'i   yu.-*ti   UV ���Ullli.t'  t*< itet r*.t��l rh.lf,
v   i ti.ii  in* old friiW. ttV liulta of  1V1I.
11.- llo,
TV vu<rn id l'**-|i*,����l.-'�� tlurg v da*-fair
TWo  ll*   Koida  Pe��Mi*tiS, llkrsrist*  tht*   Kit*
lit A.o Imrxd I_slf.rt* with tht>l* f *t!��"- �� *-���*��*���"-
iimI ilia* li*v stUnt. sitd Ihr phmtd Hw-trarwiw*.
t..S 1 v^TtiSlwitsrUn* sll in far* snd ��,��ff��*
ita-i.  MWhw a^tr*r.*i-d Mmkot l**y* UV
All l*i tit** jr*l*wy yno might wirssv*.
Iiui I - r��i IV^M-bsat ���**�� misshty. and go��* *
. Hm'y rr*j�� L.*d BBSS mwM not arlvr him
Tt**** trM tbtrnn Alton h^w-HrMWajt.
Ami  I*��liar* Van S^iWar��*wl*itf. sad many
m <r*. .    _,
. *.������,'   I'd i*. htaAteYd and ���rwrfrei* Mttnto'Tti
T.�� t. It IV Mil of 'em wa* t.�� thr* ��**.
W Ith it** ttwaui ~'h*t*wm. hi Ihetr rrttwns aad
i \f * *SiSs"**S_
.ttitl  \Ul<nji_iiit-*t*ta*. sttdth* Btwrd ot Works*
It.,* M '.. ti�� i All ��sld. nail.* gtatfth .__._______*
I'd t- �����*.*_. to mm th** EftsSawSSI U> Tnrh*!#
Tt��*tY th*. t.*ir>m, lt.**vv-.i hlrw Imv*  �����***��. tlwy dW
In !���- r \*tt j4* jwrttwt.t*. ami her j**����ld-*n *>��wtr
l.lkr \. n,����. *W It.1.**-,   a" tit.  yttr,!, ,^ Sltrlty.
WMh ��*l_rlil *f��*��iiT   t*rtt��-#  tftnldhtf   np bet
Sun  iwas _rr*��j><l s. n* b*r, sltt*. h��r to h****r.
liar 1*1** *lrinH��b.ttni*,*w.l tht*l��un|ati* >*���*
���\v*.l   sir teeortm  Stitsrt'  Oh.   bf   plsytd   s
W Ith hfct Ivatr and Awmiy Bddien sll ��n a iwr
Th. n ih^ i,,*rd ArvtiljW,.*!. hdd s jp*t*olth*n dish
I*-* in wwltt�� h��r htam'y sndprvat *��*tih,
stjin*.     ri��-a*r?   your   t.lory.   ttmt   yiM-fti
V. Il irtvr  the Clat-fty lav* Si tlliHnli  wait
h-a'thr , _.
ll��*ii  his   llH��rrnt*-*.rv*lTsUit��'. dLttL**o��mrd tn<-
ii*..:   iitsrws yonr Qn*��i!  Ihmy U If yo��
can' *
And if at,j- ,v,oltlIrtjltor,ortnf*****.wtrathur,
smv*,* *t that, 1 tl bke to Sto Uits man!**
Th.,. uv. Sold** kntwllna. to Om l*ow��r�� *i��*
��� H. iv-1. a.ndy.vtir MaJr*Lt> sslt-rltsis r**hiti!
V i��t sir tlittHtlus llantcr to did ctaifomther.
All h, l,t. at-srltH *wwn and mAden ehmln
1 h** .T..*| l^vrd Msy'r. !��*>, ssl lit hU elulr. t*��..
no mltftit tr serious, ht*-41ntf St to cry.
I '���<��� il*. Karl of Hnnvy. sll In bt* Intrrt-,
1 Itroa trtft the thlrtt-ms, hll him In his eye.
Thon tlwrrvwas presrhlnR. snd a"Ot*litor��' "I
. ������ Uh Ihikr* ami Man-ill-**- ��>n Iwitdnd tot.-f*.
A'.-i th.t, the did S|tlAsh her with owl Msess
"il tit,' ^uttcn ssld. "Ah, llt*n. thattk ye alt tor
'Ikn   ih.<  imiii.rots   hrarlntr and Ukc   tsntan
,   jltyltta.
Ami tw,,i irornltonm with llwlrsIIv.t h>itt*t;
mil l.ird N.-lh* vtaa mUHi'U'twsB inl��ht.f  -on-
I *��� think that his Lviidshltt did mS Isrtwk ht*
''���" " tb* rramtw snd rnstoid.sndiht* t��**#f sod
Oek: *t my mil should live to he s hundred.
Sn�� H's th** pr.m<ifst d��y that I'll have see!
Ago *��'** I hat* eodad, what I pntt'iitto),
T��h tiarratlt.n **pl.-inli<l In -watci wnthry,
Ye dpsr towltvtor. Jhiat taiul the iilKlwr,
dh   ^  my thAi'$ ***    g   ,n**nt*v
-Rtclmrd Harris Uartuun.
Rome forcible statements regarding
tlie relations of geology to miniug were
recently made in a lecture delivered by
Reginald Murray, who for 30 years was
s government geologist in the mines de-
paiiment of Victoria.
Mr. Murray referred to the fact that
hut a few years ago Uie geologist was not
in favor with the miner, hut that feeling
has changed. This is evident to all iter-
sons i-otinecteil with the mining industry, but Uie feeling against the geologist
is nut entirely eradicated among miners,
eveu if Uiere'is a great change for the
better.   A* Mr. Murray said:
"The geologist collects bin facts from
Uie miner, and from hit more extended
range- of oltt*ervation, he is enabled to
reason with greater accuracy than Uie
miner with-a more limited'experience
tun hope to, however intelligent he mav
When this is remembered it can readily tie fieeti that tlie miner antl geologist
can mutually trust and assist one an-
oUier. In support of this Mr. Murray
said: "Every great mining field presents its own peculiar features. The
miner accustomed to the Silurian slates
and sandstones of one mining region
doe* not at tirst think much of the auriferous quality of Uie recent volcanic
rocks of anoUier region, which mav contain rich quarts veins. A knowledge of
the elementary principle* of geology cannot fail to lie of great service to every one
enguged in mining. Ttiisdoes not imply
that ne should la* familiar with a lot of
uiipnituviiinceal.le name*, but simply a
general knowledge of the conditio,
under which these rocks have been formed, the various operating forces, mechanical or chemical gradual or sudden, and
the general relation of one group of rocks
to another. Many miners, Uioroughly
good and experien'ceil in practical works,
entertain roost crude ideas as to the
operating cause* of the phenomena
which they encounter. For instance,
thev often'aserits* u> violent action a
physical structure which is simply due
to denudation."
Such assumptions are so misleading as
to materially affect the sttm-ss of a mit -
iug venture. Therefore, Uie opinion of
a man with some knowledge of geology
is essential, if the miners want more certainty in their work tiian is ptvwble
when one is de|>cnded upon.
"So you Httccei-ded in fsitd&ff her
fathers consent.
"Yes. after I had played poker witli
him a few times. He said BS |irefentl
to keep iiis money in the family.' ���Kx.
Janie had been very naughty. At
ni'rht, after she had said her prayers,
her mother said: I hope, Janie, you
remembered how naughty you have
been todav and asked to be forgiven.
Well, I dtdnt, replied Janie. You
really seemed to think I had been so
very bad 1 thought you wouldn't like it
mentioned out of the family.
Son���Pa, what is whisky straight ?
Father (who knows wheieofj���Er--
well, my boy, a large swelled bead; an
erroneous impression of great snd sudden wealth; a disposition to fight s man
twice your size; an aptness for making
the world to appear lop-sided and to be
. revolving rapidly; any one of them may
I be properly called a whisky's trait.
I carry the stock���the largest in the Slocan-.
Kootenay, in show rx>ms covering
3,000 feet of floor space.
Everything for a Mansion or Cottage at
One hundred dozen of chairs to select from
direct trom the factories at prices low as the
lowest. D. M. CROWLEY, practical upholsterer, with a staff of mechanics, can make
anything to order.
Undertaking a Specialty.
Note the address: Above the Ledge office,
Sixth Street. New Denver.
Freight pai.l on -roods to Sandon, Slocan City and aU Lake points.
Kootenay Mercantile Tailoring Co.
I >"l lit* "
i lulwie
���am.1.' ' .'\,,',> ���������'"���stants .lit* a r-ostllwrer's *kh\,\
"> "li lolmters nml v-nit*> trait, sit.l .rUVr sww��.
*������_*_* .��_t_t_tLtLWJTIiTjTjTjTjTjTjTjTjTjTjT��
AiwJ win.. _IH| iiajfu*, ���tt<l !r.-.|s-;-h! PoM
\v?,',w_'" r*",Myl ��0d siti*** in sll Um* rlt*l��'l*.
�� tilt Sim lailotiir* *,,() rlfh ntt>ll��>w jhwih,
'��' I" tl.*. Omitt Von Stn**H..-tT. surtt fVe to* pr*��
1 he ��ly mild iMvll iiu<l<*rttslhf thtt a*��r*.
""���' tlw ��.��,,���������_ thundtT'd, mid tin* |*\**hY
��� r*r-����tar. ���o.*:|��j,wviit.trtn,*mr K.��ysl ^is-*'��!"
Brewing,  Malting
Distilling Co.,
A full line of
always In Stock
The Largest and Most
Complete Brewery in
British Columbia.
Largest and best selected stock of Wines, Liquors and Cigars In
British Columbia. __
Largest and best equipped Bottling Establishmant in British
Columbia for Carltonatetl drinks.
Agents for the celebrated Lord Nelson Cigars.
We have established a branch house in Sandon with Cold
Storage for Lager Beer, and are prepared to compete in quality and
price against all comers. All our Carbonated 1 .rinks and Lager
IUht nre manufactured from distilled water and guaranteed
chemifitllypure. Parties in, or who contemplate going into, any
of these line* will save money and time by dealing with us. Until
our establishment is ready for business in Sandon
We can furnish all the risw��B____ftgJ_L-f!'-* ***** **��0^-
  Kootenay district.        For the pwsent address sll orders and inquiries to us a
Mr 11 K Kiftf *-rfli' tttonnnt us in nuiuoh m***
The Kootenay Brewing, Malting & Distilling Co., Ltd
TRAIL, B. C. I ���"�� ���
Assessment work is being done on
many Teu Mile claims.
Wilson creek properties are receiving
a great amount of attention.
On the Kalispel group, Ten Mile, a
wonderful showing of ore has been
struck. The ledge is of great widUi and
John Potter made a rich strike on Sat-
urdav on the Alturas and Alps on the
summit between Wilsotf creek and
North Fork.
Bartlett Bros., of Sandon, have sent
twenty-five mules to Uie Ibex mine to
pack out 500 tons of ore that is sacked
and awaiting shipment.
The owners of the Fidelity have
been working ou their great find the
past two weeks and report they have
4MO,800 worth of ore iu sight.
Ira Meeker, once well known on the
other side as Uie Puyallup philosopher,
has half a dosen men working on his O.
K. group on Uie North Fork.
The Get There Eli and Bachelor
groups, Twelve Mile, were Mided last
week for 935,000, Chas. Hoffman being
the bonder for Spokane parties.
Certificates of improvements were
issued this week to Jas. I). Sword, Wm.
E. Mann and Jas. L. Montgomery to
the claims Lone Star and Blue Grouse.
The Jackson wagon road from Whitewater now reaches the Northern Belle
and is nearly complete*I, It will Mp
to open up many claims in the Jackson
J. B. Callahan has been given charge
of the work on the Two Friends mine
and has put six men lo work, intending
to push development until the mine is
made a shipper.
The Shir Mines, Ltd., headquarters
at New Westminster, has taken over
the Sandow and Lone .Star, Silver
mountain properties.situated southwest
of the Idaho mines.
Foss A McDonald have completed
wagon roads to the Best and to the Bam-
bler and are now working on the Darda-
nelle road, which is an extension of the
Washington road in Uie MeGuigau
Some splendid ore, running 2000 ounces, has recently been taken from the
McAllister group up the North Fork.
The property is being worked by Uie
owners, John Campbell and John
The sale of the Exchange group to Sir
Charles Tupper's syndicate is off. The
first payment' waa to have been made
on the 15th but word was received from
headquarters that Uie price asked, $42,-
500, was too high.
About ten miles north of Nakusp and
about ten miles from the lake several
claims have recently been staked upon
a wide ledge traceable for over five
miles. Assays from some of the properties show considerable silver.
The Alamo concentrator at Three
Forks was started up again last Saturday, and is now running ore from the
Idaho' where from twenty-five to thirty
men are employer!. So far as can lie
learned the deal for the sale of these
properties is not yet completed.
T. Reid, B. Covington and C. E.
Suiitheringale, the principal owners iu
the Slug Ten group, are well pleased
with the result of the assessment. Several stringers of ore were exposed
ami upon the Simcoe pure ore was
found, one assay shows 801 ounces in
silver. Another claim, the Oriltia, has
been staked and added to the group.
At the Enterprise arrangements are
Mug made to run two raises to connect
the main workings. Two new tanner*
run by water power have been put in
the lower tunnels. Sluicing on the
upper part of the Enterprise has ox-to*-
galena float, and a new lead has
been found near the mess house.   This
miue is shipping steadily to Omaha.
Work on the Summit Fraction, alwve
the Noble Five and adjoining the Stir
prise, has shown up a mammoth body
of ore, kidneved with galena throughout, assaving 470 o/.s. silver and 00 per
cent. lead. Capital is to be interested
and work pushed on an extensive scale,
which, it is bel.eved.will make of it one
of the big mities in the Sloean. The Im
Paloma, an adjoining- fraction, is also
looking well with work.
The Ragilsh t'ompsusy's Gnmt ActtvUjr
In tlt�� llltf lla-aae*.
Harry Williams returned on Saturday
from Albert Canyon, Illecilawaet, with
some fine ore from two claims that he
has staked there From one of these,
called the Hidden Treasure, the assay
shows 2100 ounces silver and tto gold.
The paystreak is eight inches wide,
carrying grey oopper, antimony and
gold chlorides. The claim is an extension of the Sir Walter, which was Muled to an English company la-4 fall for
Mr. Williams heard a great deal of
the  Govan  party    while out    there
Ernest  W.  Grant   Govan ami   Mm
Govan, Colonel Ainslie and Mr. Grants
private secretan ; are making ex ten
sive trips in the neighborhootl    Col
Ainstie  is  largely   interested   in   the
Waverle.v. and the company i* said to
have made an appropriation*of f_uo,u *>
for development work.
Mr. Govan has a company of engineers iu the Held, making a survey lor a
wagon ro.ul from Albert Canyon "on the
C.P.lTto *the company's mine. He is
also negotiating for the purchase of {90
acres of land nt Albert Canyon held by
John Sk.ih-.trom. for the puirpose of a
townsite. The wagon road np to the
Waverley, twenty-eight miles, it a
railroad grade, so that later rails can
lie put on it and regular train-** run in
connection with the C.P.R The road
passes Mr. Williams claims within a
lew hundred feet.
The Jumbo in on this road, aUiut ��i\
mile* from Albert Canyon, and for this
Mr. Govaa is also negotiating, it is
a concentrating' proposition, giving
very lii^-Ji values.
There is great activity in the Canyon,
manv pros|M*ctnr* going in���on' the
north fork especially and new location*
are. being made every day.
Home I'ayne and N. P. Snowden left
England on the '-"Uh. and aretlailv ex-
peered to arrive at Ashcroft.
Tlte Uiiinrk and Maple Leaf Colli en
trator is crushing 100 tons a tht v. Tlte
com-iany is now naving ���_.*..*'������ |M-r
month in dividends, which will Im- In
creased to tH0,ii00 per month, aa noon as
the concentrator can be enlarged.which
work is now underway
Amnrtmm Boy Mhlppln*
The American Boy, adjoining the
Noble Five, has begun to ship. Als.ut
a thousand sacks of ore, jmrtly con.xn*
tratingand partly dean, is stacked up
in front of the tunnel house, and the
concentrates are being packed down to
the Noble Five concentrator. Some of
tlte clean ore is to lie ship-**! during the
week, which will tie the first shipment
made this year from Uie proficrtv.
Sixteen men are employed, a double
shift being at work on tunnel No. 2.
which Is in about 2��0 feet, of which ho
feet is m abotit20 inches of ore. A con-
tract has been let for a cross-cut of 500
feet tn tunnel No. 1, where it isexpecUil
to striae  Uie lead.   This will I*.
.-* nt,..**   ujv itwi.    iHis will  In* al
depth of nearly 2,500 feet from Uie am*
of the mountain. *
The very fliie.vinwjfo ol 0. H.'MUMM A co*S
 nil ��� ii      ���*-*������t**W*SWSSM****t**
1     I   rj-g~*SMSSS**Ji
Now coming to this market is eliciting universal ad tin rat Um on ����,<,,,,
of its verv superior quality aim drynem without being heavy, making it a
perfect wine in the true sense of the word. It sltoold he tested to l* __gH
According to Custom House aUiislk-a Ihe itnpanatkm of ii. II. Murnm k
Co. s Extra ln*vchamgagite from January lit lo Urcemher 3K \*\% _g
gregated TiA.MSca.M*��, ortttdfiO c��tea inure than that of any other brand,
slmwing thar. it maintains an tiumenae lead over all fliers.
By chemical analysis of Prof. R. thjdcti U-rettiu*. it contain* tea km
amount of alcohol, iherefor. the iwrewt and iina* whole*..tin* chainjwgtK-.
Koial Wan-ant* liave hw��-n frmited to Miaswa. Q. II. Mumtn ft 0&, At
purveyors u> Her Majesty, ihe tJween ot r*ngland, lib Bov a I Highic-*. the
Prince ol Wales, UU Majesty the Gentian Knt*.er**r. His Majeatv thr King
of the Belgians, UU Ma lent v tlie King of Ibdland. UU Maj��**iv tin King-4
Denmark, Hb MajestV the King of Sweden and Korwsv.
PITIIKK A UUHKK. Sole Agrnte Victoria, BC
We have just received
A Large Invoice
amirptm, BrruiKRStsrpn.iFaS.iron
WARE ami GRAXITEWARKof the kit hu
We also carry a full line of
Groceries -r Furnishings
HUNTER BROS*. Sandon arid Roland*
��� i . "i'i .  iins.i't      i '.  yiUJiimm
Dealer inMEAl
rp_ \
.   .. ���, -...,-. , -a-   ������
If you
Waot a hat
Or anvtbin-? tn the line ol
MKN-rt WKARcallon
Thos* Brown & Co.
Men's (Hitflttcrs. Keco A venae, Sandon. H C.
Sir Charles Rosa and hia ,...���.	
mean hu��ine*a in regard to their bur
at'heine for ffoncratiiiir olectrir power frt
the Kootenay falU.   Com mils for m
<'*,.*n_.rv,for WatatllW the rock at the
middle rails have been jrlvcu to the In-
jtersoll & lUnd mmfuwlaa, and it ia
eonlidentlv uredlrleil that the cnuilmr
winter will mih. the f.illil...**nt of a lonjf-
j.nn ni sitl Imn.ii not onlv to thi*1 rainn,
but the whole of Soul Item Kmiti-nny.
ralnfaity  rarree*   PHarlpti'*
Hhe-rve told her iw|��ndly tW
wanted i**teak rare! ., .i,\.*A*
He-Oil!   Well,l aui.li*.; jJmw rf
that  whatever  ts  wortli  -��*'*,'��*
shoukl lie thine well - I'1" ���*
��� ;jrp^^����at��.**t*��ttt^^ .. ���-'-'���'
Exciting Drilling Mate* for a Pica
Hundrad Dollar Staka.
One of the moat exciting drilling
(..nu-sta that has ever taken place In
Sandon came off on Saturday In the
���akating rink. There waa a large
crowd present, and aaone-half of the
(iitrauce fees went to the losers in
i In* match the connotation ataketf
were a oonsideraUon.
The match was between the R**co
ami the *Raml>lcr, and each had a
Isrge following from the mine own-
. i*_ and uffoera down to the miners
William Lawler and ''Candlestick
Ilan" Mnrphy were the Rambler
t. am and hvan Corkish and B. Klein
tlie Keco team.   The match was for
rite Reco men went at the rock
fii-at, and were enthusiastically
cheered' all thnaigh. altliough Dick
shea got into taa ring and oiered
ii'i. tslda In favor of the Rambler.
I luring the ilav the netting had lieen
���vlig-htlv in fnW of the latter, #103
ti ��� <**) having been offered and taken
in two or three instances. Dick
Shea offered tlOOO-to 97UO while the
Keco team waa drilling, and after
they had   flnVdied yelled out two to
The Rambler team were slow for
the first few minutes, and fumbled
icully in dmnging drills. It was
-i.nwdly ���ttti^a'tHea that this was a
���i.slge ui infln**ner the betting, or in
tlie U*llef that they craild win easily
ind did not care to make too big a
There was a lot of veiling and ex-
(itetiM'iit at the katuMer men
���.armed to tlieir work. Doling the
laHfew niinote* Ihey did excellent
�� rk. anditfk* apfilause waa eontin-
ui.ua. link'' aaetiied to be making
up fur their dllatoriness* In the be-
_-iiining and afrakl u. <lroi�� behind
'he Keen score aA��*r all. The result
..as that they went away beyond it
�����v eight Inches, The scon' was:
Keco, 241 inches: Rambler, 321
Inbilee day the Reco team drilled
2S 1-16 inch** and the Rambler tt
Mi. inches, the latter team taking
tin- i-riac .at that day.
Tlie excitement fallowing tlie
match kept up all evening and all
Sunday, and a number of matches
���vi re talked of bnt none actually
Bruce While waa thc timekeeper
antl gave general satislaction. C.
I Smith was the principal backer
-I the Keco team and took his defeat
like a hero. Alex Mcljeod dial*
l��iiged the winners, bnt as he would
""��� namehh jjartner, the challenge
w��w not aceented. The Rossland
t'-ani, Rosa ami Smith, were here to
�����ake a match, bat did not succeed.
K. M. Kelly had the Index linger
"i his right hand taken off this week
" S|tokane.
Mr. U-vl haa eonunencetl building
"'. his grounds, and expects w* move
uito it inside of two months.
The Noble Five got their tram
>��"iiing Monday, ana are running
���ho buckets one and one-quarter
'���liitts each day.
Mr*. R. m. Sherman and fcwn and
Mix J. C. (iarretaon with three
���'hlldren are spending the summer at
������>�� Noble Ft-m ottcee.
(jtHirm. Uordon, foreman at the
>'.ble Five concentrator, has lauight
Have opened a Shoe Store, opposite Black's 2
hotel, with a ftill line of 1
As well as a full stock of Men' Shoes. Wc
solicit your patronage,and invite vou tocome
and examine our good*. No trouble to show
a house and brought hia family, consisting of wife and two children, to
Cody people have bought a lariat
and are waiting for the arrival of
Hon. S. 11. Martin, minister of lands
mad works. They want to keep him
here till he has seen the Sandon-
Cody road.
From disregard of the rule to always cut away from the body, Ben
Wick, a miner at tbe Noble Five,
made a deep gash in his leg with a
jack knife last Wednesday, which
will lay him up for some time.
llama Prom Kaalo.
I). F. Strobeck of Ainsworth was
in lown a few days this week on
some mining bmdneas.
D. J. McPhee of the Northern
Belle came down to Kaalo on Thursday on business connected with the
concentrator which is to be bnilt immediately.
Mr. L. H. Doll of Calgary, who
was in Kaalo last week on his honeymoon, conibined business with pleasure and secured a let next the post-
oftice on which he intends constructing a two-story, 25xfiO, building, in
which to open in the jewelry line.
Mr. Doll Is one of the best known
and heaviest dealers in that line in
the territories.
Plans and t-peciHcation* for tlie
new school have arrived and been
placed on file, and the construction
of the building, which will eost
f-Ktt), is to be hastened as much as
expedient, as the necessity of larger
aecummtslatlon is now keenly felt.
Yon can sleep the sleep of the in-
nocent at The Denver hotel.
The Sandon laundrv does the tin-
eat shirt work in the Slocan.
When in Kaslo go to the Royal
Mineral Claima Surtwued.
The undcj***ljrned is making a survey of the Kaslo A Slocan railroad
land grant, and will be ready to
make surveys of mineral claim*, for
anv pert v. A. R. Hevi.ash,
K. A 8. office, Kaslo.
Asset- Outfit For Sale.
Nearly   new, every  detail eom-
pletc.   Makers, John Taylor & Co.,
San Francisco.   Worth, #50; price,
t2H)cash.   Apply to
E. M. Sasdii.asw.
For Sale.
rto._l hotel with tars* *'��*����������� ttmm sn-lI **���*���*_
livfUsot mnm *�� was* nosspay.    ��*�� *���
ItJtrSM.   Apply t�� fc ^^j-xk,.,..
Sandon. B.C.
CA1D01 UIDCE So ts, IL*��r. Unto every
���*-" Wedne*da*r eveaina ��t Stfctoeli inCrsw-
f.nf, h.ll Vi.itlnjT knieht* ctwdtsllv invited
t��. attend. WW. rALLOWS. C.C.
Bright aa a New Phi
Electric Light* snd sll Modern Improvement*
and Convenient***.
F.verv room neatly Carpeted and band-tamely
F.verrthlne new nnd of th* Latest De-tyn*.
Near to C. F. R. dam*, and on the m*in *>u-i-
ne*. ��tr**t.
Q. A. McDONAU), Proprietor.
B0N6AR0 li PIECKART, Proprietors.
The First Class
Hotel of Cody.
Rate*.:   --US!per day.
Special ftaten by the Week.
��rs. 8.8. Warner,
im Case.
^*** *>
Furnished Roooms
"���a* trie LiahU.
Hot and Cold Bath*.
tMemtn Heated.
Newtv Fiiniwhed Throiighont.
Cor. A Avenue and Fifth 5t*
Mubaerlbe tor the Pnystrenk,
.*���>����**** ---------- -��_ 11,11
8 AN DOM, B. 0.
American plan, $3.50 per day.
European plan, 92.00 per day.
Strictly first-class.
Mrs. M. A. SMITH, Prop.
Mrs. Kate Babskb.
Aarisrleaa  aad  Eaiopssa   plan.
Finest FurolalMd Roosae In the
tie Wines, Lhioors and
Strictly First Class.
Special Attention Paid to Transients
|1.50 to $2 Per Day.
J. S. REEDER, Prop.
A strictly Brat-elaM hotel In
ail Ita naaoitatsaenta.
Uverj Stable ��lt-c*od Saddle
Victoria House
Now complete with the best famished room*
In the di-trict. All aocommodations nm
class, inclndinc electric li��ht, hath roomM
and all
Modern Improvements.
A nice, quiet, residence hotel, situated on A
avenue.   Convenient to the depot.
W. J. HALL, Prop.
:������:; PLACER Mimm 1!M SANDON.
Four Claims Within the Gltn Limite
in Action Operation.
The Comstock, Mable. .Scottish
Chief and Sandon are four placer
claims in active operation right at
our doors. The claims adjoin one
another and extend 1000 feet down
the creek, commencing from the
western line of Harris' townsite,with
a width of 500 feet on each side of
the center of the creek. The locations were made April 14,1897, by
O. M'Millan, *S. B. Hendee, A. (iore
snd K. Grant. A number of sluice
boxes have been put in, with iron
plates in the bottom puctured toll of
small holes end cross soctioned with
inch and a half wood underneath to
catch the mineral deposits that are
left froni the gravel and sand washing through. Several tons have
been saved in this manner, mostly
tine galena and carrying some gold.
The work had U> be stopped when
high water came, but will be commenced again as soon as the high
water receoes. Cubes of coarse galena are found plentifully mixed all
through the gravH. andkhe matter
is being consioennl of finding a way
to save this. The land has been eur-
veyed and plotted into town lota hy
the K* A 8. railway, but nothing
further has lieen done.
Fbr a Siloer Aeaociatien.
Editor Paystreak:
I read in the New Denver Ledge
last week a thoughtful article sug-
gesting the formation of a Slocan
silver association on similar lines or
for similer objects to those of the
gold mining astMicuttton of Colorado,
(have no new ideas to convey on
the subject. I entirely agree with
the writer that it would be a great
thing for the Slocan. It would make
the district known, and it could also
be used aa a club on the heads of
those members of the legislature who
are always meddling and marring
the mining interests of Kootenay.
All the suggestion I would make
ahout it is that I shall beglad to Join,
but sorry if tbe thing is started and
located at New Denver. That la
why I write to vou. Sandon is the
place. Oet somenodv like Harris or
Bruce White, or Scott McDonald, or
Fields of the Wonderful, to call a
meeting.   TII be there.
 E..1. p.
Cunning Goes Prospecting
Robert Cunning returned on Monday from a three days trip up
Springer creek and talks enthusiastically of that section. He spent
wume time on Tom Mulvey's property, the Ottawa, and says it is a grent
trt-oposition. Only surface work has
been done so far* but a large body
of ore carrying pure stiver has been
uncovered, and three tpHads are being started. Mr. C-Mfting located
two claims, which are on an extension of the Ottawa lead, and called
them the Nortbup and the Flint.
��**��*jjjj��*****att***-ta��-**f*�����������_��� i ��� i   ni i  in
Panne Tram-say Begun.
The eoiutruetfon of the Pavne
tramway waa let on Monday to'the
well known contractors; Messrs. Foes
A McDonell. It is to be a three-rail
gravity tram and built for the most
S.rt on trestles, similar to the Slo-
n Star, but it will be flOOO feet
long and its maximum grade is 00
per cent. It will come down the
Payne gulch and strike the K. A S.
railroad near the water tank, over a
mile from Sandon.   In all probabil-
���jp*-. .
Ity it wtll also be continued to the C.
I* k tracks.
Foes A McDonell have put on a
force of 50 nun and contracted to
complete tlu- work by October I.  ,
E. J. Rohert-jou .v, Co. will build a
two-storv warehouse in the fork between the two creeks, near the K. A
S. railroad.
Ira Black is contemplating an addition to the rear of his hotel, now
that the creek has been cribbed,
that will add 20 sleeping room*.
Assistant Inspector Fraxier was in
Sandon Wednesday to look' over the
jnstoftice. Postiiiaater Atherton
Riled him up with grievance*, and
there mav be a change for the Itetter
soon. Mr* Fraxier established money
order departments at Three Forks
and two or three other places in the
Ed Murphy of Kaslo is the owner
of a Calgarv horse, Fox, which he
seems to have great faith in, but
when he was called by the backers
of Sandon's pet, (ireasv Buck. Mr.
Murphv quickly subsided. Either
his faith was not sufficient or he waa
unable to cover the tigures offered.
From $100 to ftOOO is at his dbpoxa!
whenever he wants to earn it*
Prom Trout Lake.
A. (i. Minter waa down from the
Trout Laki* country this week. He
has located the None Such, atttnin-
Ing the Mobile on the north side of
tbe lake, about four miles from
Trout Lake City. He reports between four and Ave hundred prospectors in the country, and four out
of five are from tht* Slocan. The
Home-Payne company have surveyed a route fbr >n electric tram
from Galena hey on Arrow lake to
Ferguson and are poshing work on
Prom Three Forks to Boar Lake.
The C. P. R. surveyors started In
Wednesday morning on the wagon
road from Three Forks to Mdiuigan
and Bear Lake. The distance ht
five to six mites. The work will bo
pushed and it is evidently the intention of the railroad to make a *trong
effort for the rapidly growing Misi-
ness of this important seetion.
Three Forks will be greatly benefitted. 	
la Sandon Healthy?
The Sandon undertakses will have
to advertise. Since the first of the
year one child has died a natural
death and one man was brutight to
a lowly bier by too high living. The
three men killed in the Three Forks
land slide and the accidental death
at Md iuigan'�� make up the total
mortality returns of the district. No
wonder tbe doctors of the town are
such good tennis players.
Tlie Denver has pleasant well
furnished room* for transient and
permanent guests.
The Sandon laundry is now pro-
pared to deliver itoort order worh
within eight hours.
Kootenay Steam Lraundrij
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Sew Building. I-a test lmpi*oved Machinery and tl.* Ik-M
Experienceti Help that Money can Proeure. All this iik***,,
KatisAtetory Business, (live l's a Trial. Goods ralle-l f.*-
and delivered twice a weak.
We Send Your Laundry to Kaslo and Return Free of Charge
P.O. Boa IU*
J. D. TAIT, Ajrent,
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pe��prr*ie+   Cttet*!i|t-��ii��tVrae* *al��**ns����.
..Mining Operators
'_��_���"-'��     SANDON', It. (.
Kootenay Lake
Saw Mill ....
Special Attention to tho
Manulactnre of 9oast,Doova\ *
Bliade* Mowldlofta. Finish* j
log Matoriala* tto.
BoUdinga.   Coas*^airtretora.
McClary's Famous
Front nrrmt. near *mmo%*t t-stwllita
Flr��i *-l��*. work at rsaswiiattt** tat*. *M*����<*|at
attention nml ��*t��k twtotw* ea sata**!*. -*ttt
by e*t***��.   Writ* tn moment pet****
i matins
Rertal Worker*
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mrkmn two ���#��! *��"l s **ll Hoe el
And Other Investments.
Every Representation Guaranteed.
Season, ft. C.
fn-iVrsrvinurf Bortey*.       Sraffa**-** *it.t A*rtal'
Tt*m way*.
Cioil tnd Mining Engineer,
tovtswlal Kauri ehmttwy,,*
Rnslo, II. O.
Mlit*rsl Clalwis Bortnyod ood H*t*��f'-*l Vpuo.
,   iA|(MJHM_
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aftoraoaw!--ii����_'***��   Then Fwrk�� st i
ttVtt***k.  |j(ra*t*-**sf***4yat4n'dt*r>k.
Stationery* *
Ciffars and Tab"*'**0'
THfttf fOrXM 909   Sttvl^
Merchants Adverti* "���*
Paystreak Because It W*
I irtVflilitf MmA IS. ��� ��__*>


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