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The Paystreak Mar 13, 1897

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SANDON AND CODY, March 13,1891
Hi*' Argo and Hid I. two  claims
vitig on the mountain lldS   above
Sandon, have   been   bonded    lo  it
-\ ndo-ate in  Victoria.     The   |��rtn-
. ipal members of 111��* m ndieate are
\ K. Johnston. Wm. Christie and
\\ K Leighton. Ihe prin* paid
wan1**^"��.�� m m ���, and although ihe Ural
payment ol 10 per cent, did noi
.omed'ie until  iln* 15th|Hie cou��
lidence of the bonders in th.   worth
,i the propei t>   was no great tnst
lie iir-t payment wan made by A
I�� Williams ��ni  iln*  llth,  Immediately sfter hi*, arrival in Sandou
from tbe Coast.     I *ne balance nf
thi' bund will be paid iii a Inme
-tun in <��<�� dat -
Tbe Argo will be incorporated
immediately sritli a capital of
1100,000 divided im.. 1,000.000
nhares of Ihe iwr sained I" **��*ut*-*
.1)0,000 ibares of treasury **io<-k
>vill be Ind aside for development
purpoeei It i* expected that the
.t.K'k   will  be disposed ����f   **erj
rapidly, aa tb*S A'i.'"   '*���   known lo
be ia claim of grvat   nmarfe*.   this
>:nbitl��'d with   the   fuel   that    the
���st of iraaaportationi will be
practically nothing, as the month
.."the lower tunnel is only about
.''���� yard*, from the depot ��'f the
K   B S   Kiiilw.iv and   the   tdmnees
sre that tl utrawee of tin* next
tunnel eommenoed will Ik* above
the   spur   um ling   t>�� Cody,   in
Srhlch case the or.' I.ik.'ii ����tit during the course "f developmi nt can
.<��� loaded in th" carl from the
mine thui saving considerable ex
pense. The Iransportstion prob
Ii-id in thisconntry, as well as iii
sny other, is of the greatest im*
porlniicc and .nice thai is over-
��� ������.tne or. in Ihe .-,����.���� of   tlie   Argo.
reduced tn s  minimum,  then the
value of ihe property will be glial I V
enhanced, and If tbe pM*rk exposes
rich Ore bodies, then  the   properly
develops into   a Veritable bonanza.
There is now   in   lbs  i.|"***bouse
on this pmpertj about 1-   tons   of
verv tine galena me ami tl"'   vein.
*        i i *
from    Which    ibis    was    taken,   is
about  two ami   one-half feet  iu
width. rip* lead measures about
live feel in thickness. Slid tin* p.iv*
"lieak contain.*d iu the lead will
probably average a width ot about
eighteen Inches or a mixture ot
galena and   carbonates.    There   ic
about   900  (eel  oi' development
work OOmpleted, consisting of two
tunnels and a winze connecting
them. Taking it all in all if the
Argo only half fulfill! its   promise
it will be quite sufficient lo mske
it one ofthe best paying little pro
partial in the Rlooan.
A force of  men   will   !�����'   net   to
work on these claims iu the course
of a few days and every effort
mads to put the property on a
���hipping basin with a-little loss of
time as possible.
at asset
Six men are  employed   on   the
Mascot, a claim -ituated above the
Kuth. on tin* trail  to   the   Keed eV
Tenderfoot.     This   property    ih
looking very nicely ami   improves
as tin- development  work  is pro-
OSeded   with.     This   property   is
owned by A. ..lutnenaiier. formerly
of the Kuth Mines.
The   Corinth,  a  elaim   situated
on th- ridge  between   the   Keed &
Tenderfoot and the Idaho, is shipping me.     The ore is being   taken
over the  trail   to  tbe Idaho aud
Shipped over the  trainwa*.   to  the
concentrator.      This   property  is
developed hy means of two tunnels
which are now  in over 180 feet
each.     A third tunnel, a   crosscut,
is being commenced some distance
below tbe other two and   it   is ex
pected that the   vein   will   not   be
encountered   mneh   short of 800
feet When the lead is encountered, though, it will have proved the
vein Ui a depth exceeding 350 feet
from the surface. The product of
the C.uinth is a mixture of el can
on* snd concentrates, and present
indications point to the likelihood
of this property developing into a
great shipping proposition. The
ore like (hat of the majority ol
tlie Slocan shippers is high grade.
Twenty si\ men obtain employ*
llient On this plopertv.
The Slocan Star.
The Sl-.cau Star will declare
another div identl of $30,000 ill IWO
weeks time. This will bring the
total amount of dividends paid by
Ibis mine up t*> 1850.000.    Had   it
not been f< r the extreme searcitv
of water which precluded the DOS*
siliililv of running the mil! ..t its
full capacity, the total amount of
dividends paid would have been
1400,000 instead of the present
figures As noon as spring opens
np. however, and the water supply
is plentiful, the output from the
Star will be increased and consequently the   amount   of tin*  divi
The Queen Beta'
The Work that has been going
on nt the QueeB lb'ss for some
time past has all been in the pro
cess of development. I Inly enough
ore being taken out and shipped to
pay runnirg expenses. The
amount of ore already taken out.
and the value of the ore in night,
will make this property when it
docs commence to ship, one of the
largest and steadiest producers in
the Slocan. The property is developed by nivalis of six tunnels of
which only three are being worked at the present time. These
tunnels arc connected by metes of
winzes, which are iu ore for their
entire length. During the beginning of the season about fifteen
men were employed but this staff
has been reduced to seven who
will continue to carry on the plans
for development which the owners
of this property have laid out.
Minor Note a
The I ron Bou nil, Kokannee creek,
the Nova Scotia and Rising Star,
on Ten Mile Creek and the Cran
dell B., on Slocan River, were all
sold to (J. I). Scott, who has formed a company, to develop them.
The company will be known as the
Kokannee Mining and Milling Co.
aud will incorporate with a capital
of 11950,000.
Tin* Black Hills, a claim near
the Ten Mile House, on Kaslo
Creek, has been sold to Messrs.
McGregor, Qoodacre, Lebjer and
Kerr, of Victoria, for 18,000.
These gentlemen, who are well
known business men of Victoria,
will incorporate with a capital
stock of 1,000,000 shares of the
par value of ten cents. Thirty per
cent, of the stock will be placed in
the treasury for development pur
The Eva May and Battle 1...
two claims on Kaslo Creek near
the. Black Hills, has heen sold to
Messrs. Johnston. Lawrence,Good-
acre and Shotball of Victoria. Immediate steps will be taken to
commence developing operations.
The Ten Mile Bonanza and
Oameron,  two Ten   Mile    claims.
were   sold   to  K.    Ponnelt, of
There were A fklr number <>t' masks oo th.-
lis* mot evening, but tie- number of Rpeetatore
��ere very few. on aecount of the extreme cold
ih-v*. of tin- w>*Bth.-r. It Is to Is- rt-tfrelte.l that
more cafe l* OOl taken l>\ maskers   In   the get
np ami originality of their eoatanee with
one or two exception**, there wm not a really
���pod OT original costume OO the Ice. i me of
tlie excretions WM the little sun of A 1)
Williams, who was ilresMii to rv|>re��*eiit
the Yellow Kill, "f IIokimi's Alley Hreat
paina tiui-t have ><��s>n taken to |>erf<*ct the
rUStUIlM, for ll vrn�� eouil'lete even  to the wide
grin, two little t��*eth ana h'u nn of the Kid,
I*hl> costume waa bj lar the beat on  the  i �����*
ami the funny attempts of the little fellow to
skat.-, added to the   ludlcrousnevs oftlieeos
tunic, and elicited ihouU ot laughter Rrotn
��|ss-tators an.l ma-skcr* alike. The Two Johns,
represented by MeYlcht ami Hammond,
whilegoodInconception wm bat fair in |W
up [7a little more time and palm had t>ccn
taken In making Up. t..- twull would have
Ihs-ii more siiti��iHcti��iy       Union'time wercto
begleenthe ukaten in order that tollable
. osiuin.s could is- prepared, there would be a
better showing, both in In*, originality and
appearance ol the maakare.
Three names were played t<y tie- carting
i.'ions ot Kaslo ami Sandon to decide the
destination ol the medal which was pal up
for  aoinpetltton  bs  Hewitt   Boatock,   M. IV
l'ln  HIRM were most exciting and resulted In
theimndon teams whining.   The score and
mimes ol Ihe |>la> ers ale as follows:
W KI>Sl-.s|> v\      AITKKNooS.
K .SI o. s, v Vls.N.
It. Parkin* A. Mortal
V. M. Klnnoti A. K. Hall
K.  Moore Wm. Hood
tit) Buchanan  akl   m I. QrtmmeU    sk 19
Itol.t Green B M VValton
II  W Ituekc W Wilson
S lliii/te 1) CampLcD
KW IVtei-s sk I".     II   Maun sk IS
Picked rink fiiuu each club.
V McKtnnoH A   Mottat
8  Itciuic W   Hood
K Moon m I. OrtmmeU
ii ���> Uuehanan sk   II   ll Maun     sk Hi
G. I>. McMartin will move into
his new barbershop next week.
Charley Hammond returned
this week from his trip to Seattle
aud Tacoma.
A masquerade ball will be given
in Speucer's Hall on the evening
of Wednesday next.
Mr. and Mrs. Reeder returned
this week from tlieir two weeks
visit to the Hot Springs.
Hunter Bros, have just received
a full line of crockery, glassware
and bar goods. Call and inspect
Ed. aud Mike Bartlett have returned to Sandon from their trip
to Spokane and the Palouse country. They are bringing in a carload of horses.
Max Leiser. of Victoria, spent a
few days in Sandon. Mr. Leiser
is agent for linmm's celebrated
brand of Extra  Dry  Champagne.
D. J. Robertson, ftirnitnre dealer of Sandon leaves next week for
Kegiua. He will visit the
Banff Hot Springs on his way out.
Al. Hartlett has purchased the
lot between Black's Hotel and
Pitts' Bros, store aud will erect a
store building and livery stable
on it.
To Beat���A good paying dining
room. A small capital required.
Address. P. 0. Box 182, Sandon,
B. 0.
A. I). Williams returned from
his visit to the Coast on Wednesday last. He says people in Victoria and the Coast cities are talking of nothing else but the Slocan.
Ira W. Black will erect an addition 25x50 feet to the rear of his
hotel iu the course nf a few weeks.
This will very mneh increase the
size of his dining room besides
meeting the increased demand for
sleeping acenmmodat ions.
The Paystrkak will be fitted
out in the course of a few days
with the completes! job plant in
the Kootenay. The paper will be
increased in size and the chauees
are that before very long a daily
paper will be furnished the good
people of Sandon.
Mis. MeCluskey and Miss Wilson arrived in Sandon recently and
have opened up a dress-makiug establishment in Mr. Lloyd's residence. The ladies are well up iu
their business and should meet all
demands in their liue. Look for
their ad on second page.
Mrs. M. A. Smith, proprietress
of the tioodeuough Hotel has finally secured a cook worthy to till
a position in her elegant house.
In the future the board aud rooms
iu her house will be at the rate of
$.{.50 per day, which, considering
the accommodations, is very reasonable. THE  PAYSTREAK
Issued simultaneously every Saturlay *\t
Sandon and Cody. In the heart of th. Sloeno
the greatest white nieta1 camp on earth.
Transient adverti-ins* -"> cent* a l'uc rtrst
insertion, and 10 cent* a line for each - .!"��*
quent insertion.
Siil.s.-riptioii.    three    dollar      a    year    In
Add t ess
Thf. Pai Wat
Jno  J. l.ASi.-riKi.
Sandon, B. t'.
Kditor and MgT
Peopi.k without imsqi nr sssur
ed  situations   sliould   keep away
from  Sandon   until    the  gran  is
greener and the nights less frosty.
We have beard recently that
some amateur newspaper men
were thinking of starting a journal in Sandon. If ihey won hi
attend to their lefl*ittiiutte bum nets*
and support tlie professional journalists now iu the country, the
world would In* better pleased
As a rule journals run by amateurs are failures for s variety of
reasons. Tlie writer bas stood by
the grave of so many Bttcfa journals
that he believes Billy Shakespeare
was right when he Said, "What
fools these mortals be."
Aftkr a certain amount of calm
deliberation we have decided to
buy a new dress for Sandon's
leading paper and otherwise make
it a journal that Will be in complete harmony with -the. com
muniiy in which it is published.
We further intend t<- print a daily
edition just as soon as ciltttntstati
ces will permit us to do SO without running the chance of breaking ourself for telegrams. The job
department will be touched up in
many parts and every efl<��rt made
to furnish work that will appeal
strongly to the lovers of the art
that preserve*-, all othei arts. !><���
not forget this, gentle reader, when
you feel inclined to send your
work to Europe or some other
place where cheap labor is rampant.
The Toronto Telegram, the
squarest ami most put-spoken
journal iu   that   citv.   has the foi
n ���
lowing to say about mining :
'���Xobody would be sbsurd
enough to object to all the publicity which any journal could invito news of the activity in Ihe
mineralized areas  of Canada.
Nor do people expect the average journal to be sufficiently idealistic to refuse the advertisem��*nls
of companies whose main mission
is to unload stork iu over-capitalized claims.
Certain old fashioned people
do not think that honest journals
should rent their news columns
out to any set of gentlemen who
may have the price.
Journal**   pretend    that    when
they are assisting brokers to
empty the pockets of the eastern
public they are assisting miners
to develop the wealth of the went*
em p-old Holds.   The truth Is that
the worst enemies of K��->',;��� nd are
the  men   who   an*  making  nio-i
noise in tne eastern papers at this
time, and the best friends (.| B<��s
land are fie men   who are quietly
reserving the tn��ney Ihey |tei for
holiest    developni'-ut    Work    in the
west instead of WJuenoVrtttg   it in
the purchase isf praise from u�� vv��
peperu in the east.
.1    .1    dNeill. ..fColville.  Wn.. a
lifelong prospector, who has been
employing   his    time    ..tiring   ihr
winter manufacturing railroad
ties for the Spokane. A Northern
railway, has .-truck It rich. 11 * ���
companions had beer felling all
winter of rich ore in t."* billon
the east side of the Imck about
live miles north of (Mievv. lah. but
he did not tak- modi -fork iu t'-c
information they had i-en -*
generous In giving bun. A sh..n
time ago he decided to go over to
tbe top of tiie range snd prospect
for a day. One of bis felloe workmen t"ok him to the place * here
he bad seen mineral before.
nW'eill's practiced eye readily lie
tooted what bs thought was riches
in the earth ami a claim was local
ed on a vein of ipiaitz which he
says measured over 4" feel in
thickness. According     to    their
stories, ihey penetrated the ledge
to a depth of six feet and made u
test ot some of tlie rioneatv of tbe
ore. which yielded over 2,000
ounces in silver. The average,
however, would only go sbonl 80
ounces, with a few dollars in gold.
The ore is gray copper, and is
liberally distributed through th��*
entire vein matter, and tbe boys
have decided to abandon railroad
work and �� ill go to mining
Late of Spencer*! AieeSe,   "ctorte,
h.i- ��� ')-���!,rd a
An.! will mm Iii Hloek
Children's Hose, Corset Waists. Aprons,
Kte      VI-.,
Stamped Goodfl and   a  Full  Line
of Embroidery srk**.
Ladi'-s Outfitting a Specialty.
Fine Watch Repairing.
Watchmaker!   and   .Jewelers.
Watobea, igocSa* not   .l.u.lrv.   Pleooa nut
Hawing iiuii-tiin.-v
W.   II Al.l.KK,  Mor
l.i.-. nil t       Hoy.il   COItCff*   I'liyslclHIia.
Dublin, Ireland.
Office:���Booma, No*. 1 and 4,
Ollfton Bouse,
SANDON - - a  C
1 1MM
Mornmg    I .*�����*���������* Tim*.- Kork-��i left ���*��*
I e*\ r* . oa)   .t  II ��� '��� I*" ������
Afternoon    tAoyn     ___Fwfti   ftl   '
..'i*Ua*k.   nm*"***rod*< *��' lo'eaoes.
The Goodenough
SANDON. b c.
The Finest   Largest and
most Elegantly
Furnished Rooms
In tin- Kntire Korthwe*!
$2 per Day No Bar it Connection
Mrs. M. A. SMITH. Proprietress.
Are being ':ir  ��-d u�� 6Val
rn porcnesiag I In
Grain and Feed
- From i he
South Edmonton.  Alta
Killed Oat* a Speci*
'.\'i ite or Wire for l'n . -
Afenl    A. B (is w. Nelsos   B, ��
li si;.
��� ��
. <
��� ��
Tin & Sheet Iron Worker.
Slocan Bakery!!
(Opposite Qiftofl House,
Csrrisi a Full Line of	
ionery, Biscuits, Brad. Pies,
Cate, WeUisi-cakis made
to Onto, Ktc.
Patronage  Bolicited
J J.Godfrey. W  J   Boweer, L. l a
���   C   CHriaile. LLB
Bowser, Gifc k CWie,
KOTAR1K8. &<
Sandon  B   C
Vancouver. 8   C.
First    Bank Established   m the
Bank of Hd IM,
|IM        ��� I   t l-t   l{,.< .1   <  '   .   - ���       - .
Capital  arOS fteeree t*> Ineiwrwa ���    i  >.
K.-��r" M****
Heao Ollic*    ����� i.   .   ���>: t  - i
���       m ..I
In  Itrm-i    ' ...'.I*
U.af        V   ��     V\    .
Soom$na      Kontnum*       **�� I I -
K V"l "   and   aA.Nl*'>
���*      .     i   4rtri
in ii,. i oMerJ malaa
an.i r
Ag��ntaand Correapondanta
��  v ft VI' \    t**�� ���*�����*��  *<*"  I
M.       .  �����    lUt.i*,  ..t �� ��h*'"��.  ir..     M
s   Imtwrtal iv*n* "f *
N..����    Hr IN      t   Stir t>     NT.*4ll>
. nr**    ii N
\:ttt      ��U..^    ���'   V.<��    ffaMatla    lT��f*iai
I^Hi I    .      ��       ,   ���
\ |ln rt ii     ���<
��� * Itattik      - -..
.i "Tt! \..| v \MiNKVk tY U.vNU    >s��
..(    \   .>->,,,*.��       H"Vo| t  t I        I'...!   if I i
Locel  Manaq***.
Sandon BroncH
1  .5 .
IU'.*.   I l_f
Pa.dUo  Cao.ta .      S��.666 566
R-**er*a   Fund. 1338.333
l*fa*IVM>tt|.       I* IK I
**.'>. t        I ��
Court of  Director*
I. HI- ���     ,!,   r     I .   ,.     .
mr. Ki�� Hart   m    .    n   n- ��� ��� .   t     I
vnt...r Ho***-*, li   i li  y-���-..'.,���    i    i   K
'  t'l ItUbtnarit,
Hm��|o|*rW in . afwda  N ��� -��� ���    M i
II   ��ti��>o��e. ll.i^
!���..   ���
Br��nc**<ea  m Canada
I ������   ���!.���... Hrwiitf..    |    V,   ,.    II .
!������ Knijft....  Ottawa,  JMuolfrwit. w
>    M     It" . M ,-.     Man       '
um. s. n  Hutu...   \ "   \.. to* .
rnqtrr. n.���Unt r%ttd       K .��� ���.   I   .
n i
Aoanta In the Unitad Stetaa
"i-i.....    <.| KaOnaal man. ����������' I
Natloiml   lUnk       V m   >..rl.       ..  VV .
S     ! a... -.n hii.I    J   i      \\ I
131 Sanaa ..    m   vi  i   v|. vi    ���
i   H   Imrmra
London   Bankar*
TtM     SV,i..i.  .if  ��      . ,.   1   V|, ..r.    ' ,| ������
Foreign   Aganla
' ;���������..     lUc  J,    ,,f     |n, ..��.,,
!*��!     lUnk   ,,t   k...||.,ii.|     |
Ir. ImihI    I'n.Mrel..!    IW��V   ���
WOO     I t<l      ��t��rl    I.rum h.^     >���tli��;.
i t.l . .����..�� l.ran. li. ..    VnaimlU. I  nl..i   IU��n*-"'
Aii.tn.lin. i.i.!     \. i, /�����!���,, 1   |.i.ii llank
\uktrniia.  1,1,1     i���,|i���   , 1.1,��a.    and   Japn
Mi n anillr l^.nk ..f iti.tt,,   1 ��� t     v        !
I.t.l       \V,����    ln.li...    l.,t,,!il��il     lUi.i.        l*ko*
Mi....     Mamtaril    Hntu��- H  n.      1
< >��� 'in l.**onnai ���
GEORGE   KYOO.   Man��g��r
Sandon, IB   C. THE   PAYSTKEAK.
Baoonli.l *l  New  Denvrr.   tlw*   A'M'-wih-iiI*.
TtOOttoT* tad Urtuoani
Mi.n li .1
Praeeon   B K M< Naiadii
Marrh '.'
Snu��hlu.- N'o I   Tin.. Mmt- -ii
MaraS I
|*itaeota   Kraril'iii.   Orady   (iulrh   N   V Mr
N eat ������'
Mm. I.  I
luauifiir*). Four Mil*' Pwwh Eeaaelll M<.rrl
Clyde, Few Mlk.iv.-k   Kiiiiiih vi in. .11
�����,, ,,%��h,�� N.. ,,i..i.il < r.-.li l.tm ��� "in. I .i' ..I..!
rim. ll   .11
VUr. li  I
111... W K.. ���-1"      ar|��**iit<*r er��.-k   cliaa N> uluu.
��.t|.���� otrl. t *ri��-ni.-r ��r.<k A F. I'rl.f ami
1'. 1.1 ftruliu
Kawn. Four Mil*- ttnk   Joha William*.
Mountain U.v ��� ��.- MIL . re k   J 4m Willi.,,..
Ii .ion l.lrl. K..���� Mil.    -1.1.ii VV Ilium.
Man h '���
l(..ia-N"...'., Sl.K-an lak.-, l-.-l.iw NV* ik-ui.-r -
f II lt.ttl.tj
Mar.h  ��
Wtornn Qjootu WonWmt   t A Webb
Krd Rom  ��� arpeatfif evwk   Jaime M��ttw*..tt
Mln*.la. i'ar|��tit.r rwk   I. I' I Vie rami
fi.tv.wi. ueaaeaeawah   Kr.-ii ktltatru-k
Snider. LaeMarMdt  0 a i/Cubacr
I in. ril.l I'arj. nt. r ri.i-k    Mtrphea    V   l*bwrf*J
I  -Im    Cariw-lilar riwk    M�� ..I,. n  \   |*.,w.r.
lartwr,Pww Miw-   t il n...t  t-
Marrh  1
1. I< Chaa* I.. J A Otto   �� Attf-faab, Ik. ; ��� Ift
I I IV t.ii. u lo A Allatn.- J..m . ami <' K H��-ti
n. tt    t IH.a��nrr l.lrl. Feb 10; ��1
IM. t M s.i>r4>t- re td mc. Nrbanb-arg   | Bui
J  Katie. I Iarirs��tlvr   ���'�� I. IB J ���
Ml. ha. I lOan to l'��ii.t..||.(i W hltf* UI and I It a
1,1. m.||\ii M< t. all    Tlw C ���Uiwilrtiv |. b    . -.*<��
Marti) I
Sara 0*0*1 IW I" Janw* t.r.tham l T.*4h|4<*k
lui mm. I'.*-!. It| ��l
IVtot oiani to Miintk Hashaa���| ll.imia.it.
July *>: ti
l.< Tin. -*l to J 4m Kiii.'l.t | lm.M.1. Maoh
.*. ���!
���sainii. I Un.taii to. N K Kranktiti Tie- TalU
ti -�����   Mar I ; tl
J-4tii   l*Oaa**t !������  lHin�� an   Mr|*b.'~aii    I   VW-
l-rU   M
vi ���-..������   I
rtwa Miii��.v :.i w ii (kii in>  \ lunrias
HUl   I ��� I. I ; .1
Jam.* Mi����tt to llowanl 1�� CaSMNM Tlw
I'.rth. FebS | fl
K VV  Nrtilrt 4i  U> J   1��   Farreli   ;   Umnlnl.^.
!��������'. ��t
' li*�� NmiIisii. t-< J.Jan MrOalttaa Tlw
Crln..- AI.ian.Wr. F> b t'>; fl
It,. Mark, t- Rdtrta Wallac. tlw Hrat
*rn*i|. Feb U. tl��<**>
VV in iii. ii.i ami Janwa II Hotaa to H A liar
toa���Option oa tmlullau aiw| *���� aMlilihu. \lx:
Marrh -V
Frank Hainan I.. IV I. r a .'I* (it-alt ' iMimatk
F.I. *��>; tl
lM��r a. Iv itjraiiti Siawrl OtattbatSH   Dm
m.rk. Fab M | ��1
l��    boosanltoSaat'l CUiltlmrp i   J laalUN
F< i> > . *i
���sain O'muUinnr l>�� llrnri F. l.ai.k-.. i V��h
land: FH.-��  tl.
J.Jm sj.��n t.< J��" VallaiKT* Tie JunifW i; M. li
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J..hn Sb*��n lo Jm. \ all*u>c-   TV lluil. > : M. li
V *l
Ja. F.ryn*��n SlMMeoSS i" Bjttai S   Walt*
\..imI..\ .F.*a��rth"l Jul* No ���' ami i.n*y*Fa��rl��- No
.' !'������    .s.,  ��*>��
W   ll K.rf4n����.n I.. I.��* I ����*��>��������   1  sllv.r   Ik... :
F.l. IT SI
Th Ot l��an|.l. rt al t.. Jaa Fran. i�� M' l.aiiirhltn
������pttoa ���>n tlw Hrnrderana Itoairlaa, vv tiiiam..i.Jin
aini OoMhont ; F> l> tl, *l"'����'
J M< klnn��u ami��' 11 Ixwenaai t.. J K Clark
Motili.-r N��. v. F��h ti. ��!' <���'
M MrAmlrv*.. Jim Vallanrt-an.i W I. ArnHh
I.. J K t lark Tlw Jiin.:l. r ami o. ttv.l.nrv No "* |
F> I. t*. ����*.���.
Manh ..
Ttwa HmtaanaadUrate* Foam to J l�� Far-
nil  ami   I'.I III. k. x    Tl..   Fiii|..iimi. Manh I.
Frank liana, ti loffallllp I Hi��-W. > a   <l RdwOO
J li  .. ii. tu    | ..Caltl.; Mar. h 4, tl
I, M Mptttcar ami Frank Lavetl lo ih.i II i
l'a\ lor   j Slh.r I'aak.-t. N.*> M  -1"
N'tlll" Iklanrv l.. J.a*.)^! I llatn. llw Vina
BOO ami l'\ r>.; M.'h ������. tTOO,
Ihmrati H IrNlm- L. J.Jan llrvd- r. } Sllx.-r IW-ll
ami llii.t|.r; F.-l> 17. 'I
II L Fatal.*...k�� In Jnbn Ittttfbea I lllmrlallle ;
Man li '.. r/1.
Mar. h a.
F. Mi i-.-iii.an to Mr��s F. Mann. I s||\.rtl|.
No **, l.ak<  Vk*w No V   Marrh I. .1
VI. -\-t ntk r Simial t.. W II UtilwttMii   Th. V'.l
boq rraetfOB* Manh B, fi.
A I I. HI >. ��.��.-.In nl t.�� I>rv Ik It M V M 00-
Thi- Cnl.lla; Dec 1,18,
Filwanl Hnrn. to M \V Hrnn.r J Conlrlla;
John II VV.nl. v loMra J II  Wetotej    I l'Ut��
M.am-;  Vhil. h H, (f,'atl._
Mary A Writ-lit tV\V J Mi-.Millan    [ Vl|*a; F.h
J.iinli* KhijijitoOao ll ivtiv   Th.- (fetrport
Mm li ��l. tl,
VI ii. h H.
F.iiwani M.iicv lo R  v RfaaawwH BeJkoi
!��� s    -I
I Ii.-k- an* .iKti" that a "Ikkhii* ia la-lnt* i-un-lul-
lv trefkal up for Alaska. ehwHy l��y the tnnia|a��r-
t ill .ii COatpeejM wfaUien lnt.n-.tol In tr.ttini*
all tlw work |��*��ll<k- Iu tin* tfttag, aaya an i*x-
��� li.i...** /ilaaka .IhiwcI a i-oiiHklerahir liii-n*oa.*
In ��.ilil pradliettoa mM yar, ami a i��irt of thia
irain came frato the Yukon region. uYiukIi It i*
���Jinti-ult to aa*. rtaln txai-lly what tin- vi.-lil of that
tllatri.t waa. I'ln-n* jarin. to lw no doabl tiiat
jf.��al placer nooad hat i.-.-n fonod al Forty-Mlh
crwk eed olaer locatKiea on tin I*i��ia��-r Yukon,
ami that �� .uu-iNirti.-a h:iv<* a-tun-il tfiaal s.-'ulft.
A won I of caodon h Deeded, howew. and |ina-
it.. t .ra alioiil.l i-.Hialit.r tie- ilotUT ear.-fully be*
f..r.* ���tattini'for tin far (forth- Tlw jouni.y la
an i-��|wii��|vi. ami .llfll. ult ooa: a foil ..titrit ia
Medea, ami It inu.t la n-iii> inla-r.il that tie work
liiir *-a*.<n la v.-ry diort. whifc-tlw wlntir I* i..nr
ami tevere and the .-.at..(the ban eeetaaariei ol
llf��- b< vt rr IiIk'Ii Me oae .Hiirht to nndertakt tha
loin.* trip iiiil.--* h.-1, ptapano to lo.- th.mu'li the
IrcScwfaSMl ami aiipiairt him* If throiiifli tin*
tlw (on*/ i.i).- taaaoa.   v raah of Bapreiraml aad
poorly aii|.|tlk-��l iiiiti.f-. totlw Yuk..ncountrt will
I. tii.'\ ltai.lv Mloarad by murh luathlamil *uf
ti-rliit* aeitarlatar.
A �� ru.t -4 l.n-a.l ami a O foot lo tatop In,
A iiilmit. ti. .mil.' ami an boorto ��> ��� |  iu.
A pint "( Jt.y to a |��-<k of tr.��il.l.-.
Vii.| it. ror a l��iil.'i. boi iha m .;.:>�� r tin.- doul.l.-:
and that i�� llf..
A < net and a ����� rn. r that tore iiiak.*" jm- -l-iua.
vviiiitiw.mil. to vara aad tin- u-ar. to Mfneh
And >iy ..���������in. am-.-t.-r vtiitu far*, cone after,
Amla iii -.ui-1in* taeatof folia (or toraghfr;
And tii.it 1* lit..
I'aul L Ihinliar in lum-nl LBaflHIf.
A   l>l�� iiaal.m   uf   Crop*.
|h-> i> II. in.- in d.. c.rtintry   dal   *u<��������.-���*  in ik��i*
h��n* da> I
|i��j. n'i.1 Iwap on mliat you ROat an'   HMhrtShal
to rata.-;
An'l..t. rr  fonS  HMah  atwim-   l.-r   iit.-.i  wll
ItoahaB,ahoayat tatrn.
BaUa'obSaaata arhaa my ��*i-.ul.!  fat nWaf
VV i.|,nut. n Star
lie F.krtte-d Suaplrlon.
Waahlnift.Mi Star.
I/..4. Iwrv.aakl tie toOrtH who had  *4o|i|a-.t  at
Caotao.Ohia (wtehjoaNI nil era why voo've
bean IwkMrtos ""' aooel hioSaieaaaeriorlhe
j..��! f.air hiairx
VVVII, air. a* l.mir a�� fnfn n<.ti��t*d n. tlifn-'a
no iiv of my   try line to karp It bark.   I am a d<
Hut win am I plarvd uixk r tlw ��. ."Tttlnv of tie
law ?
\V .11  air  ��h<n v.ai pal .Hit at th.- d.-|*>t viki r.
taatiwo that jrooeadaicoiaa iwn- f>��r an nfli<-..
Thai atoeeae .air taapfetoee,    Wa hadn't *.*u
anvthlna* Hki-that In *������ lonir a tiuw that  the d>
nanus nt thoiurht tin \ d better   I- tail a man to
find .ut w hat .on w.-n- up to
Ons of the oifiesl nml best known
hot r I j* in Ihe City.
Tin* only Bowling AlU'.v in the
Mountains is et&tohed to thi��
Ih tin* Pioneer Hooss of tbe City.
R   V   Mll.l.oY
OlBco : Blacks Hotel,
The immense discoveries on Kokanee
Creek led to the formation ofthe���
Canadian Mining, Milling & SmcltingCo., Ltd
which has taken over  the   following
choice claims:
Glacier 4,
Two Snowbirds
Clara G.   ���"	
CAPITAL, ?2,aJ0,0GO-2,000,0U0 SHAKES
400,000 shares tor development now in treasury:
I s5U-|UUU SilsirCSnow on   the   market
'selling at 7!cents
This stock is bound to ���� UP�� as any prospector in
the district wlio has lx?en on the property can tell
vou that the croppings on the Homestretch exceed
almost anything: yet discovered in the Kootenay.
The original owners form the company and stock is
selling on its own merits.
Call on or write to the Secretary for Prospectuses.
Ore can be seen at office.
LKIGHTON rt WILLIAMS, Mining Operators & Brokers.
lVix 111, Saudon, B.C.
The Newmarket
New Denver, B.C.
Ia ritiwt.fl on tl** lunik* of tl*- l*autifnl Skxan Uk.*. and ,-iH-st,* ran *4t u|a.n
tl*. lalo.ny ami gazo ujaw tht- -patokel HerMtg iu Aui.riia without extra rharp*
Tin* tin*earai��> avst.*in ia exwlk-nt. Th.* Pa>ms an* airy ami c1<H**r.rntc*<l with tl��*
\��lr* n**mlt�� of Uh* w:ill|��|��>r art.   The _Srior of th. Ik^I i.�� jwinUil in i-olor*.
tint hamoralaa with th.* UtoeSfltte mnory. The Dtatog Ro��>m i. alwayi i��nv
vuU.lv. ith f.��.lt��wtl��Ui*4y..lia.v.-4lhlo ami saUrfyfaif? to the lm��r wmornJ of
man. TIh> Kar h rv|**t�� with thr BM��I in.aloni. M well a.�� .imi.nt l.ran<l��.vf
iH*rv.* iinaiiicer*1.
(J,4��ll.Uar*s Silver IVmoerat.*. fanailiaii Oa-^SaBfaS, PflSlirMMll, Mtuers.
Temierf.vt, Ten MIW* Mllllonain*-! ami nipriin* ..f .-v.-ry afcade in |a-litk**.. n-
llalon .* weahh an- welcoove at tbta IMMB.
nuk.* (or tlie Xewniarket wlien y.m n-;u-h tl*' Sl.aan mMpottl'aad <io 11.4 for
m\ th.* I j��mll<��nl .* naim��J;  it I*
Henry Stege.
Get your Fresh Meat
IValers in
8AM00N and (X)PY.
I Kootenay Bnwr
l'laiKw, Orseea, sh.vt Marin,
Mu*J<*alSii|.|.;ie-��, Scwln-j- MaeMiM
ami Sn|>|>ll.-..
Mniatl orden leeetrva prenpl attention.
Keepiu**;  Lent.
Is this a fast to keepe
The larder lean
And clean
From fat of veals and sheep?
Is it to quit the dish
Of flesh, vet still
To fill
1 lie platter high with fish ?
Is it to fast an hoare,
Or ragged go,
(>r show
A downcast look and sonre?
Xo ! 'tis a fast to dole
Thy sheafe of wheat
And meate,
Unto the hungry soul!
It is a fast from strife.
From old delate.
And hate
To circumcise "thy lite."
To show a hearte grief rent,
To starve thy sin.
Not bin,
And that's to keep thy Lent!
��� Robert Herrick.
41 M PF.RS J I* M PEI1 OR.
Organize*.!    Lane*   or   Shark..   Who
Steal Proapeet*.
Kresh proofs are continually to
hand ot the ineffectiveness and gen
eral shortcomings ofthe Ontario mining laws. There is, says the Kat
Portage Miner, a matter ot keen public interest in mining circles which
needs ventilation at the present
time. It has so far been the legally
recognized custom for the prospector
finding a vein which he considers
worth taking up to blaze a tree or
post, set it up on the property, and
mark or cut thereon his name and
date of the discovery, then apply to
the department for the property, giving the above details, and, as far as
he can, a sketch showing ic exact
locality. Owing to the very incomplete maps published in this district
there is often considerable latitude in
necessary in the latter. The difficulty ot getting surveyors, owing to
the present demand for their services,
and, in some cases, the remoteness of
the vein and bad weather, makes
access to it difficult. Frequently th<j
claim is "jumped,"' the original prosector's name and marks destroyed,
and a survey made by the first jumper who happens to come that way
with a surveyor in his wake.
"The first discoverer is out of
pocket and loses valuable time and
the juniper profits by both. We know
ot other cases, of which we have the
proofs, where a prospector has been
shadowed by jumpers, his blazes and
marks destroyed, and his property
surveyed within a few days; another
esse, in which a man living and
working upon his claim, which was
an island in Clearwater Hay, was
actually surrounded by survey lines
while at his labor and his property
applied for over his head. This
practice has become the curse of the
country, and a silent determination
to get satisfaction in some way or
other has taken jiossession of our
prospectors. I x*ok ing at it from a j
disinterested ��*oint of view, it dot*
not seem right that the man who does
the ; ioneer work with ax and lobog
gan should be cheated and rohbed of
his just dues.
The trouble seems to be that those
who are doing the underhand work
are acting as agents. The names ol
; tho principals are not, as a rule, ob-
l tamable, but from present indications
we should infer that they consist of
some who, in one way or another, can
pull wires and use influences unap
proachablc by the great majority, and
yet on the other hand, jwse iu public
���is the miners' friends and benefactors
of the district It legitimate mining
, is to he carried on in the district ami
j the transfer of properties to be quick
ly and satisfactorily arranged this
must be put a stop to at once, or it is
to lie feared the probabilities are that
the miners and prospectors themselves
will apply the remedy which seems
to be unobtainable from the "powers
that Ik*." Public sentiment is strong
on the matter; for there are plenty
of men who are more than willing to
make their livelihood by taking advantage of what they consider flaws
in titles or vulnerable points in the
business of others. It the district was
sitnated some 2000 miles to the note
west these gentlemen would find a
change of air desirable, but, as it is,
the disease exists, and the sooner it
is choked out of existence the better
for the mining interests ot Western
norm> for no: uihwm
J. II. and R. K. Tighearrived lure
from Australia on the Mtowera yesterday, and are now a: the Occidental. They have been for the peat
three years in Western Australia,
around the mining camp of Coolgar-
dle antl Kilgourlie, and now, when
these camps are declining, have come
to try their luck in the mining centres of British Colvmbia.
The district, they say, has  had a
boom  for  the last two years,  and
though a good deal cf gold is still be
ing taken out, the boom is a thing of
the past    Fever, dysentery, scarcity
of water and cost of transjiort have
all tended towards its breaking up.
There is no witer fit for human use
except that pro   ced by the condens
er, which is Ida led at eight cents a
The climate in summer, is tropical
in the extreme, the thermometer go
ing up to 117 in the shade, and mar
the diggings, natiral shade is un
known. Camels are almost entirely
used fbr transport and the rate is
something like $"JU) per thousand
Fnglish capital to the amount of
i'��X).000,0��r'; is forested in the mining
districts ot western Australia, a gnat
part of which is yielding no interest,
owing to the fact that "wild catting"
has l>een going on to a great extent,
and to the "petering out" ol good
The mining laws there are very
stringent, almost entirely preventing
nraspectofi from doing much good.
If a man locates a claim, siy of 21
acres, he must at once put tour men
to work, one man to every six acres,
al. from $20 to $2b a week and water,
and when pay dirt is struck must put
on a man to every three acres. Lam*
ber is worth about $142 |*r thousand
feet at the diggings.
Kilgourlie is the richest camp of
the Coolgardie district, containing
many mines laying from five to ten
ounces to the ton.
Many rich locations are made, but
the finders are almost afraid to put
their picks info the ground  lor fear
he reef will pan oni    Thr London
derry. which yielded (75,000 on I"
cation after Wing tloatrd tor $3,78Q
Uw> by an Fnglish s> ndkaie, "petered
out' and would not pay interest on a
tithe of that stun.    The lack of water (
is the chief drawback, as the follow j
lag statement will show.
���Colors can be found anywhere,"
says Mr. Tight, and alter one of the
few rainstorm-, round Kilgourlie, v*>u
Cull pick Up gold otf tin surface of tin
ground. Many people are leaving
Western Australia tor New liuinea.
where there iscveiv apcaraucr Ol
good times. Chine**" lalwr is there
excluded, but fever and agu.- lie
Askid if the II. C. mining distriri.*.
were heard of in Autralia.the gentle
men said that thev bad onlv seen two
British Columbia newspaper! iii An*
trails, one el Melbourne and oeoas
ionaiiy one at Perth in Western Ati**
"If British Columbia   vvvtv  adver
Used in Australia.a- ��� oolgardic was,
they add,   "half the ������taint ry w..ui<|
come over. especial!) it your mining
liivvs were given, wlii-'h enable anv
one almost  to  hold  a claim without
baying a million behind him. The
mining laws there ere freezing }.��*r
men <>ut, and it i*. certain that if the
government sronld only sdvcrtisetbe
f-oniiMv In Aojtmlia,good menwoeid
conn- here who andteraland mining
and would help e> develop the country.   -Colonist.
Mil.iim ReSee.
When holders ot mining properties
in Nevada qoil the   "AHadin and his
wonderful lamp" style of deseribing
their mines and OOmo down In Cold
statements oi facts, capital, which i*
not usually bandied bv  reins nans
may In- drawn thither. Thai SI -aid
��v it'll S full knowledge that there ale
valuanh*   mining   pTOpCltlCI  in that
state, snd that it is a good Add vet
for Investment but when we rvai{ a
prosiiectus tnat tell-* ofSlOO per cubic
yani gravel, and another which n
iates a tale about $1000 \��'r ton. n*ck,
we an* Inclined t*�� think that Nevada
Import! t<��> many pr -t-'tv pes <<t Muit
chausen for her own goon.    1.x
t'onl  for   torrt
A certain broker who Homed  the
idea of Utvining a member ofthe
.Stock Fxehanj*e, attempted to  tin
load lOfne i��r<��-d  ?  mining stork uj-.n
an   nnsospeeting   rancher.     Seeing
him i��a.ss his house   with   a   load   <*l
tamarac lie hailed him and the following ciiveixituni i�� PspOTSWi to
have taken place :
���Say,   do   you   wan!   lb ��*���!! thai
"Well, theft what I'm  hauling it
to town lor."
"Ir. it k'<<od VV..��i?~
"Would   vou   ir��de   il for mining
"I might    I- il g'��*d **t'<ck T
"Ves, mi' splendid company, large
im body, bright pntp&mi of being
an earl) thinner, ear* to pay div;
dandi befbre the year li net etc
''Welt,*Said the  tanner,   "If thai
is the kind ol mining  nt*ck  it \\ 1II
trade   vou   all   tlie   WOOf v>���� w;vm
eord tor oofd
Tin- last leea o. the broker \ *;*...
down  on  the  hav market  trving  lo
���iickcr with anotrwf man. ������Spokane
In tin* United BttiM and  Canada
there an Tn miningQompealea which
h*! \ear j��aid an aggtvgat.* $n.7,..*>
50 �� ill dividend*        The ' abltllH 31 d
Heels on take Bunerlor lead*, with
f2.:-i Mm. i ol lowed bv the toeeooda
with $2.22'��.si m the Boston and M n
tana. ;2..'��,""i, eodtbeQalee* Si
hiiiiii.   These ar. the tune** which
have paid f t,* i ��� U ��� *   and Otet    T��
paid lau.��� 11and ?������� t,�� ��� �����respective
iv, the Other stuns ranging innu  il
iJOOto ffiOtAOJQ.
We have
A large Invoice of
i  \��> in.I H SI.
IM I1.I��FK> Ht'PPUl"
the Kitchen,
We also carry i lull line <��<
M Furnishings.
Sandon and ito**daivd.
Hunter Bros.
Shore Mackerel, Lake Emnerfor Whtea ��nh i ,��., ..i , n . .     c ��  ��� i
i it i ��. nn r isn, Moraok-i iter ring, eolt Salmon
In Barrels, Pails, Kits or by
the Single Fish.
SAIIFR KRAUT ,,k^ ���,>v ������ g.i,,,,     ^^0^,*,,-,.
��. liio��rerich, Sandon.
Otam Powder and Goodwins Candlea
^'"res ,ii \in-.worth, Kasiu, Bar.don THE   PAYSTKEAK.
in: mo
, u..nl Haiafaiiaa U<>f uB��.i-rt��liiwrl**. In���<��r at
,,f inii. rtiiii  im-iuliur a*   ��I ���).'...1  for lie-
I,   ,.f Mil. (.Iu ���<��� in Uk wllikni.^aof m-w S-.nln.
in. haw bna ukm fium ����� mi'- >f uaiiv.-a >���;
|a.in.- neon atyeOiartajs.Qlaed In thaCoa
bolttan. of li i>in> iia��<- baea taSn (r.��i�� a klml
nraaiwWeS "**"��~ '" M.\i->; <r, t***ata, It
|t li.i\<- l��*��*i�� uh" �� fr.*ii�� tlw- iIkuk nstun* ..(
a,       om- w<.u'il kaoei llw nam** <��( ill.* h .��/
Iimii l�� iiia: i.-l'l, IK- M8M h ���� Bta it "   "lit.-
.in. I. III., lit nam.*    It l�� ������� xls* *m ,m ��
Ir'* track war] a" laehea ��* j4oarad ur uwl
���,, ui, f.-ir dp-lap ol I.i liufa 'I nrn to th.  val
. i. n I a iii nmjti hin�� tmmff bttarropl *--�������� ii
i . .1 mo Itavtas o*al| n31"* w beofna r.��ui��*a
|��arral    If walaf iter ran in .!�����***��� r-��uir. It
phlgruw   .--iv   nl lit.' haiT��*W latikt luui.-
L. Uraukiraa away at wiila. i ��a it,., h-v.l
In r>.
flu ilea* ��f mimr.il ami niinhiK ar.- .-rrr,*.
i,.    iu. -.t. ballan oa Qtr ttaalrae Ceatfaj
Ll ilh-t* il"��il* It .ii>. r <*t. iu ait SheceVNM
[i iia aeata tj b f.-rsie <i   mail tppi his tola
->,.;.,��� i.iiii. Hunt*, at iniiif .,i.- mi w<*rh*
n oftSaea won t*iiit wh<�� mimn w��*w nada
it agadsal Ok tKtti'llU and f�� I r. wttirh *. re
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III   It .1.. lit.   Ia.|��   t mi *xtk.  ��im]   811-rli
*i  rataa bates '�� '��*����� **Uj   ��l4tr.    In
. t.wi.-ti   la<j.h.>��>      Ui(��."   r.��.f   t|��-  rl*>
n��   ^v  i��.U����   r.a h�� at* r.����ua��-|  lluw
i oM eaadaSMa ��ith maab** freaiiuta,
!..l*i��ai!ii.   . -utfl i... ran  >���... o ��*����
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)4i! OBI.
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l.al.l.il   ��   iftOu   VtWI    I.  I��fvl>'   III.    .11111,'
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t>. ��� thoaaaad kiri .l-��n    a��n.��   ..tl*.*
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Ituaaaaa nun  inn-* ihaa bav-. hWa
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i. - ihaa Uu ion <i<  iiw CoaMorh  kooa    lh��
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i.'iii.at. in On iniiir*. hat uaa ���>< ib* .i.i
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tirt |m||..." t*r y��r��l l..r"tii.- r..l.K-11'.n <>< an
lir��t ku..wi, |.. Iia-.. Nth U...I  DJ   llir.'l RM
ardlaain iv��*    In ilii. the .^v ��*�� rnrahed
in an 'ara.tr*.' ��lii. It i* a ~ rt of a mini,
i.lar .anl UiallplMMl ��i.b ON V l>. :i\��
.< Ilhl a IBlllakMM I* |'ii'l-l ,.i iiiul Uk i.inl
mil'*. Iii.-ahatl ninnliik* tl.r> null tin* Hour tu
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���inatnam, In |��^>* (..nn. la ��, i- ..I >.\. r |M
r Vn.r iii.' |M*t< .lit., nwiteahal. toh h
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n.I I.. U In Um <irr. Tlu* mat. rial I* lli< tl mix
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i I*'. an..lii.i mi.tun- of COpUM vSnd
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muloa *iwl tn-ailimr Tbi* proci n l�� w
li.��� I Ir.inrl.. to attaOB tiii>r��. Tin (IIvti ami
i> K.llxi-r null.'i<< f..im an .unaliimii. �� l.i. li b
I" i..l Int.��� ls��w SoMM >4 lit. i|iil. k-.it*. <r I*
i*i ->.l ��� ut and lli<* t'.i   i. ��� \.i|> i.it. .1  ami run
I ii tn tab*    ihia iih-iIi .1 rarraahj oratxij pri
il ul Ol ll on .
.lul lin- i l��|.f lulrri-al li<* umk itl .iimi I. I 01
l"�� Um- *��|imil ..( a.inil>r��. mln.|. ��a 111. y dlf
I- .i 11 .in tin' rrtap, l.rltrlit HinlhrtN ot tha
ill r rJa) W. iratlMi In ��� r-airv ami Oq i|..wii
. a llil.tiaaiiil Iivl      III.'. air. ia . .(aii.M  ami w>
a mil Into I..iik and natTt>*A nnfla Knan tlw
in arret utb.-r allll iuirr.iw.-i air.via k*.i I a��a\
a the RMtttttalna, nan** of Itean nam tcarralj
i* than IhikIi roleanic rlltt In ih. .t.-mai hllla,
'   .11. I lllllr **.  iruv. I     ii. |.  III.    anil,  uli-t* n
If -iii.i.I..I witii iiinm..mi. tii. i.- iii.v an black
II III. I.wo,    ll.*ri* iln*y ar.' llmla-r.-.l ii;. Ha**nn*4jf
RoiimI iIm-iv tbei Hand in ihalrnaUearnreniitn,
>l iinliil of all .I'.i.i.ui,, .
1.1. l.i n�� a|..|t  f,.r it  in mi. ul   nml  tl.iali   .*ur
ii. ii|h.m tha w..rk ot then dash** tuoen   vv"
[���Irkil, .lllllr*  and  .boy.l., rani ami   l,!.;��;uu.-
H'llaN, umi lilv high lull. i-imtIiik  lltli.   Hill*'
ii, who nam iiki* brownln burroa ins he ipofl
iii.' iiivi ma iif an nut bill. Then an ondiabli
ro five ili.ii^iuil oi Hi..,' inn.' m. it iu ilii. ini.l
lllltnllt . -||y    v. Illl..Ill   aill|lll.-|l(        TlH'jf    ill.    tit
Wily bom In llw- mlm-*. fur .ti|af��|iti.itt   koi'l*
"""", '.".' "'': *a\un, il,.. . i.j.,.,1.,,, PHaafag
. -..���U I- viM-nut Mtflit ... |a.     |',,t ,;   fc  0|,|v ...
atlllon |,ai enable. .1,.,,, , . ncancVS ��^
Irani*.- lute Ibr H,.rl,| M.���. ,1,,.,? ,.,,,," a,^"
o* liny nr>�� awlt toduevi u ��li��iii' * ,rk ,,���i i.,.,,,
pw> nniah, whh but allKht Int.rnnHioti, until
raualat..! latoa WOHd. 1.1 uh I,,,*-, UiiUr uf U^t
beauty and Jo**,
Mm now .ir*y down n,u rmhamanean by-
jaiiii in tl,.. in .uuialn mi ladearudent. aoUtary
lltll. m .|. a tra�� k. runnliiif. aa w<- an* loll) ov.��r
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clown wevi.rnaplas, ��ua.|.in��, turulna.*iu.-./'
liiK. Imiiiiilmr our b.-ail. or i-raji|iiuj, *|,on ittkb r-
um I ��.��� ;ir friad t.. .it duwa ami taiiea Imathlna
���pea. I .r. Mean a lla*bt, a Bkkerfne, oto fly
lu'iii in ;i.i. .i:Mu,,i ��� -...in���(,. i minanU world It
raaanai aadnaaaaU) hnvaalaaodrrll a man
i mamkln Hr la Unit iMwrlv .1 mluV Aero*
hi.; i-11....1 ia :. broad -trw*. itk. ih.- brneh -ir..i.
-���I a dor- ��� hanitM. liil. atxaji nm laek om
the ��li ...kl. r- aud b..bl�� u<i a 1 .,.< .,f .,f.. wind,
ibl����.lii4f. Unfadlarm haafound in the black
iN-na I. |. ���.,      VV . - nml   a  til.li.-   In  tl,.   w.,11 u, (,.,
1.in. pan t . u it. .1 ,wn and fat blm at.-!i otct
uv ami ha w if me,
When '.!... an..;,.-, 1 nabtaaee ������< bunmlty
awakt* fr<aa ihe ���ulitml.-<.1 *k- . h.- i'mi��.-��liit",
tli|.��..liiu.|.-of BJlvff*i likltiiK 11 ir.-. with ran.llia
ami load, aalluiry al) .warn-  rau-b,  ami i)i<-i��.
Iw i.tu-iiua until it in��t**)lii Him- !�������:..-,.
Than lateen an nU bj  ib- my -r by Um
.111 mnt <��l ..r��- iralu.1 T�� 11 or ti.l . 11 .-.n?. :(
da) wa�� f.iru-.-rlv |��iil for WilHom of dajra ul
w.-rhtii aiitlw-u. \i hi mlaaa, Tlw earainjii in
ycen nal ban been ��ii.>-. 11.. .. i-imr. ii l.-w .i
al.-ir. tvt.-n. .mi) ou<-li.ii <-.<ni;a ,.tl ereri ebdil
<loll.r��.    Tin. |�� 1. rtalulv a  luli.-r  .tnpll<-ati<iu ��f
tin m->my than to km tt. aa nanj oo. In |a-ttv
rnmbltaa Many a poor fellow auald have been
betln >JT if tii. < Iiun h li ui only ;il|..��<.t Imu iIm-
>*�����.*. andoaehatf reataaad kepi the eiahtdol
lam. W hil>- fin bui I j each large mine aad lt��
.wn 1 !u|a I tbv aup|. rt..f win. b. tltivrtly ��� r in
dlnetlj ramefraaniha nimn,cnurrh rvlatkNM
wiiii ilw l��.-.i< and tee atefa In Uexlco art- u> t
n */efjr "ItrT. r> ui now from fhunh n-latLma iu
ttai-('uiliil Slali*. ami. \.ry 1I11   ;|���- illff.ntii. I.
|*he pulitfaat hfattin ofZarateraa ba�� not heen
���of-. '-��i��-n*4r.-.   In 1'���**��� on account of dl*****. ran
nibtit'd to th��* Hpanlah mnrnmmt. the tithe ol
Xobfa and t/>y al   it-i' waaconceOrd, and a coal
of arm- 1,-1-1. 11 l'r. I14l.lv hIi.-ii th.- i,.h��,| ||il��
airat la tmiy Ir- in a. lo*. ;lt. a.-.i waa fti-vt t .!��! in
faralrraa Inrrr waa fraetlnt "".I bUartti Balure,
n iiiaw'ittik i<ml> ataeiwa waa the far unjeot'ern-
llW-ul !"iall 111. illy "nohfa an.l |... ,->!:" whaft
< III/, na manCd ami alary.��1 ami died to |��mr ail-
\�� 1 latolhebmaec Won.
l'<   M< Ol '���   t ��� ���.;!!,       I ha   W��yi��    of   |1m*    V|. m, .h,
w��t- have hn k.-ii m npoa iln- ati*-. t�� ..i ii*- | �� g
aad ui*. I It* lulaiK-. . Uu In lit.- main it baa l> * 11
fneattalufenauvfrom ih- enter world. I nil
iharaOwaj rauw-lu ll ��,�� MM Of tin- irark ul
anafaeaadniwialiraSb ami ^.ial lauiitnluui
V�� ;tio *��-*l >4 IIh a -��'�� th im ut f.ir llw ��t tie >>f Z-ic
��� ui.) ili< Inane ol thr ovttfoot.h haa alwrayi
a I'litual im). ii-.u ��� 'ih. |.nt.'iit euvernor ia
in harumo) wnh ilw \* a*ne*a*/e mueral t: ...ti,
iti.-iii... Mexico and fadotearall in bi. ja.w.r to
prawn trade naaufaelaiea, *.-b.a��!a ami all
.���iii. t I. m Ariel aseacm
Tlw ��.��i��r f.^ teaett) i* brans hi i hit dl ahum
we a Hone anndnci antl '.** taken ���>> tii- <-iiu��-u*��
��� hum central hamtaia. The dlpptne Iran
ilii* fauntaia t- iy-Mul��i..i bj il��- ri,w. tcratlaj of
ifflrlili. tor Iba hhaard irirlbur meat on n.> ar
pueat he abaaad.   Alevenlan ami In tee m re
inp, wlwn a .Irki;*.!.' Jr. in isnli family c am - 1 <
Ih. �� it. 1 !������ wlii. h iln j an*entitled,the -Hk-Iii i��
atrlklnel} pfatanaqe* Tberltj marintfaaaood
onaim ihe |.la/��.����.r�� i��.l>'�� .^h .1 a.r |..tl 1.1��
���jut;.- .iii!(.|,.
VV U'!i llw |����.i del il "f a min.-r Iia* c-.i^.l l.i-.
mwjiilwaa in ili��-iin.l. rv-n nml ��-ity h>' I* <'..rii.il
to another more ifaaaetj pofnlated. Tli> cltj .>t
:ln .1. ..| It a .rlh\ .f a \t-it Hen ly llw l��.ii<*��
and :li. <lu*4 of |.r ���l.il.l. h.lf a milli .11 biiman be
inir*: ami y'-t ii I* iw��t a im-ai afl.ui  in exleal
iln i>.|v liiat hum ben cann wiih unlimited
ri|*lit-��   Tlw ��rray. tenan depeoda i*uiln !y ou Hi.-
1 mount .4 mwii'i' *,..u.l Whoa ili> tlin 1 -4 r.|a*.*
ilulv pan f..r. ha* etapaedj llw* bonn, whirh even
in .J. atli air Ih.  \h Inn. of avarli-. ,  mual  llj�� ami
ml Bke a detealltag fneat to make r.��.m for tlw'
to \l l-aifc-vr;   ami ��> al Ira-I ;ill arrl*.- at lli-i-olii
nee plfa wlwn- bom * >4 |irinn* and l��.m* >.t
,.���..!!-1 j ante each other la tne democratic faahlon
.k-.ii 10 mother earth,   War, munfan ami pettll
��� 11.. ha ve forafahed moat <u the occepanta of thk
In it�� 1 fl.-ii. (���> i.-.|a.mi 1.1 im-w rooditiona Baea
tecaaInvited In ilw tramway l.ulkl.'i. who not
.nl\ pal rail* In tin- nair..w *an-.-t.�� of tin- .itv
bat ran a Hue Are or alx mlfaa down the .l��.-|a-ai
il-rli.-1.< ill.- ��'.ii.iiii..��!i rlllam >>f Guadalupe I
.lull notaoen fofaH wj ride down thb Hue, Tlw
.-uatilor lirak*man ktunded lit* li"in  ami kxnen
..I in. i.tak.    i��own wi-wini    1 never leltany
iiilntf like it except once, in a \- ..hill,  mine,
wh.-rr l <ir>.j.|^tl a ihouaaiid fael thai th.- rajtnen
,11 i-haipe mbrhl eu>>j m* illaappolntmenl ;it not
la in** klli.-il   It Uw   latltolU of III.    ��'i.i(t       Uk    did
, rrnn hetareen U* drop in Ihe mine and Ihe drop
rutOuadahipe waa thto: In tee f..nn.r then mo*
no uu Hint- id carmen 1 in tea letter, lharp .*..r
t,.-r�� wen turned at ilw- rat>- of.aa.v ten a minute.
I'r.'.iitlv wliirlliu* an.uml a ibort carve, tin r.
.i...ljii>i 1 bead, by the track, a Mexican team
rumiaacd *>< �� w:aa..n aad luor litarre* The
ihiMi .11. thf carcomlna andloatoshfainraeitn
,.f uiimi iwung lil- ��!��li* a"il drove his teem
acnea the track Itwaaover In a rnomenl not
ih,-1. nn i.iit tlw accblenl Q��M tu maahed,
ii..,,.|. w.i. bumped.budlw wan nattend aU>n!.
ami nervotn nml phvalcal |in��lr.ul .11. mi\.-<l
wlih profanity, prevailed f"i a mtaiwnt. TN
into., thai hail derailed the car wn the one calm,
onroflfad, unhurt andciiUraly uamona iiimit in
llw* vuliiiu
Memorial  Service.
An .viiniiii.'.- i.*U�� Uw f.'H iwlm tenrj ol tee pie
teoptn Uoadon, brdon whleh Ckeriei Dtekeai
na,.,|| ��.|:iml wlwn. *��n rbllil. be ilnul*.'..!  in  n
Marking factory,   Every d*y on the wey to end
Kootenay Mercantile Tailoring Coi
Dry (ioDds, Gent's Furnishing.
Opposite The Clifton House is
presided over by MISS SMITH.
ROSSLAND    -    -    -    -
Civil & Hydraulic Engineers, Provincial
Land Surveyors, Notaries Public.
Agents for Railway Addition to Rossland
B4'.\ niiiular uf well I.-rated RiimTal rlaiin*furaale
fr. tu lila wnrk. In- paOMdtS il.MMir th.- vbmL*
wi'.li bl�� **y.-a. ami *.mi.thm** Ih* |.r.'-��*.*.l his ion-
ten t.�� th.- wind..* |��nr. it* if t.y tl.>in��r .*>, It.- got
a tatlanf thrgTmd thlaiia-irhtrh *irtrrrtit m-.traml
*���>; * . far.
ll Vimrii-an railn-a.! 111.111 win. .-ulinir.-�� Dick
.ii*. hunt--.1 u;. thl�� i-i.-aboj. wln-n In Lnidon in
nk-r [���> irr.itify bi�� rnrtoaft*/ and hi* **w-utinM*tit��.
It i.r-.vni idbf a mott la>\ uf a iil.ii'.- in u j��.a;.r
.,ti ut.to' sin-1 ity. Imt tlw orl*rln��l buduesa waa
��:ill (-.irrk.l on th'��*r*>. A* th>* traveller itwml into
1I1. fh.i.J.wy int.-ri.r. a veatC aaa In-artl at bla i-l
1. an
rk-:i.    ��ir. will y< tt bUJ 1U��- .1 w.-:il |.k- t
Th.- ���.�� n. r ..f tin- rotea vt��n a unwll. dhthevcDed
ia-r-on. �� iih �� hoin a \*>- of veal ur any thing ��'!*���
..fa "heartv" natun ��..ulil bavi* a*perd rlirtit
Hon miii*. boya do you think thi* ��h.>i> x.ill
h 4.1 ' anK.-il lit. Aii'rrk'in.
I tlutiii.. Ala.ut fittii-n .r *H\;>*>n. I ahould
WKI.euand (K Sfteeaboye, aad brias mm
l.;n-k In-r.-.
Tin- li >y MadM tin* iu.iu> fait- fur a moment,
a. If l ��� iiiak"- *>un* that he was in th��" laawesakm of
hi. wnai*, unit then with a v. 11 hiui-i.-il Into a Mik*
aii>vi    11 'nlly a minute efapaed bafon b<- return
ed atih  h-.iii'of a prorneakm of risleea mtmiu...
..f   nOHni   -1/..-*.   un.iiiiiii >us   iu   a|��|M*tit��-   aud
Thi- raK'ip-d luiialini .t-wjulil.-il cbae la-hind
iia In-m iai-tot nml followed him Into the simp.
��-h.*r>* h> annoonred that be was going to ghreatl
tht* b *-. ��� all th.- pi��- tin v araated. They waute.1 a
irr.-at oral, a* It i.n.v.-d: tlnir rapaclhr for " weal
,.ia-" ��.i�� ..iim-thlnir marvellou��. Hut their Itene
tactorwaa as an ��- ��*.! as Ins word, and siiteen
hajtpv ami ��itisfk*d hoysleft th>* shop ��lneltiK bis
,.ritt> *.
The Le llol'a Forty  Orlll Compreaaor
Started I'p.
On tin* afternoon of TuestUy, Felt, is, the new
forty .li ill i-o:upre**ir plant of the ��rr.-at I.* Rol
mlm* tt a* ��.l in motion for the first linn- Con
��l.|.-ral.l. lull n*t ittaChH to lb.* startiu-' of tbi��
KfeeJ Ml Ol niathimry as It is th. aVgiral plant of
lh.< klml .-ver u1a1111faet11r.1l in Canada nml wilt
.juailrupk tin ouipnt of the mlm*. The driving
wheel of th. 1 turiin- Is 1>". f.-.-t In .llani.*ti*r ami
welgha M,aoo potandn. 0e the st.-am aad the m>
ik-Ii.o i. of th.* Cor Haa type, made iu th<* form ..f a
erna eompnund rondendng machine, 1 ha high
nreaaatre <-v Under i* 22 Inchea In dlame-ter with **i
inch strok'.*; tin* low prttaawraeyUaderon the op- I
uuatte ski.' ..f th.* machine, is m Inches In diameter
lit is Inch ->ii��ok.'. The in.iln shaft is 14 im-hea in
diameter l.y U feet bra ami weighs ala.ut Uuu
pounda, At th.* air end th. maebine Is titteil tan
.li-ui with the taaam oyondera ami btruaocooi
pound, the high nreaaura cylinder la*inn Itlnchea
111 illaimtoi hv is Inch stroke ami the low pressure
r-vUnder si Inches tu diameter by v* tneh stroke,
it.-iweeu tbe lilk-h and low preeann eylimlers ���
an Intern">ler throttgh which the ��li�� itassea over a
system ol* a ater elrt ulatlng pi|s*s ami Is e.a.liil by
the proceea, The Intercooler I*. ala.ut if.i Inches in
diameter ami welgha nearly HUUOpoonda. Tbeen-
iliv machine ��rdgna in the nelgbiMirhu. tl of 210,
nn -annul*- and it mail.* ��iv roll mHoad*,  Mre,
McQueen A Gore havt
just   opened   in  the Harris
building with a fall line of
Remember the place,
McQueen & gore,
 M.-tnuf.itunrs uf all���-
Syphons, Ginger Ale.
Sarsarflrilla, Etc.. Etc.
SetncAoix, B. O.
Patronize home industry
when you want the best
Pavsspeeial attention to* all
kinds of watch repairing.
Large stock of
always on hand
J  'a
Mines in the Trail Creek Distriet
lor salt- on Stocking or Rondino-
basis. Ofpii k: TRAIL, RC,
Hull, wife of Uh- -.u|��riiit.iHi.-nt, rat tit.* rwndtr-
oiw uu. liln.ry in morion an. I cluistineil It ���Tin*
Sj-nntoi," in honor of Qeorn TunH-r, tin* newlv
el.vti*il nrntot fi-.mi Hi.* ��t.tt.* of Wadilturton.ahn
i�� on. of lh<* UUTfrrwt .li.ir.*h.tli|.r. iu tin* I . K',,i ME   PAYSTKEAK
West    Kootnay    Export*   CIoim*    I'poo
���250,000 of Ore and Matte In
One   Week.
The shipment." of ore ami matte from the liiiiH**
anil smelters of southern Kootenay during tlw
tirst week of tlie present mouth wen- the heaviest
iu the history of the district. For the week end-
iiii.- Man-h 6th there were entered at the |K>rt of
Ni'lson for export 137H tons, valued at {WHjtlA.
This does not include the Slocan on* exported via
Kivclstoke, so that the district for March will
ship at this rate, close upon ttJtiMpO worth of
mineral product. Dp to the end of February the
t.it.nl exports from the mini's of the district
amounted to tAMDjtVt, which, with the shipments
of the past wees, f*ivcsa (fraud total nf H.*fl&,3M*.
The returns of ore produced from the mines of
Kootenay up to Feb 28 as compiled by the Kelson
Miner, are as follow a:
From Slocan via Kaslo 4800]
From Slocan viaXakusp l.'<��7��
From Roasland via Nortbpofl DM
won by the wroiij* **cnou, simplv lK-cau.-* um
man wouldn't studv. We trove Him six private
rehearsal*, but when he got into the rini* rn l.*t
his head and laid down and hollered before |the
other man had a chance to hit him.
Then he Went.
ivtn.lt free l*re*��.
That  iti.-s  without   "ayliifx,   says   yuuutr   Mr.
(The rooatwialready wen* emwlnr.
What laithers me m.-stlv. said Kate with a yawn.
Is mnethlBg tbat say. without nmtt.
C. i>. Rand
I). S. Wai i
From Rowland via Xel*
Total J^_^^^
Total value���
Through Nefeon custom house tBRLWMO
Through KeveL*toke Nakusp  VtAjBAJti
Total ���7,W,����iU:.
Average value p��-r ion. ttT.i4.**.
N'elson | Hall Mine-si matte ��7��
Trait randier matte M��|
Total 1VS.1J
Total value. *��n.n7��.7t; total valu.* of on4 and
matte exported, *i^y7.i7.'>.i��.
Kxtractlnr Ore by MarnetUm.
Daily i��r\'ss accounts of the Kdiaon ****OC**M if
extracting ore by niapnetlsm.as in operation at
tin* plant in Xea- Jersey, (rive the foUoartagl
Then- are three acts of Uie ma-fiiets���74 in the
first set, 33U in the aecond, and MB mon* in tlie
third set.   Th*- magnets are about four feet kmi*.
ami the ore, on its Journeying,has to paaa a mile
. >f faces of magnets.   Kiirb; licre ia iireseiitcd wha t
to the layman is a most remarkable featun- of the
���.���roce**. The magnets are anaarced in tl.��� of 6
in a tier. The top one i. weak, but they im r��-a*
in ��tr< iiL-th as tbey go down until the bottom one
Is very powerful.
The (.'round rock pa***-* throujfh the aem-n and
starts downward In front of the nuurncts. The
in i tin. I-jerk the parti.-i.s.if iron oxide from the
mass aa they descend hut tbe iron does not arila-re
to the iiiatmets. And right here Is a moat surprL*
iii(f sifht. The ore in passing tbe first magnet in -
ciines toward it. As It rushes down, Uk- ore
swinirt in more toward the magnets, until, ns it
reaches the last one. it curves in want and under it
in a half circle, without any particle of on- adher
iiiK tu the magnet.
In the first passage past the magnets, mull
.���uantities of stone nick to the ore. Tin- on- i.
carried upward and started down before the aecond lot of magnets, after -tossing through a mill
which grinds off tne particles of atone. Tlie tirst
set of magnets extract tB! per cent, of oxide of iron.
when mass has -.ta-w-d the second set of magnets,
then- is iii it 75 per cent, or oxide of Iron. Then it
is irrouud again and passes the thini ami most
imwvrful set of magnets, which take* tlie nhoa-
liliates out and makes f-k-sscmcr of it.
Washing! in Stir.
Do vou think professor, that Hie theory that
Mar* Is iuhabiti.l has any practical value?"
Do I think so .-1 nturmil the pnifti*Mir. I know-
it. Some periodicals pay fc*o a pagi* f..r article* <>u
the subject.
New York Tailor
largest tailoring establishment in R C, now open a
branch at   :       :       :       :
with a full line of     :       :
Cloths, Gent's
Clothing, Etc      __
Travelers will call frequently at
the various towns with samjiles.
*JjS* ���?)? *3J?
Mining and Stock Broker*,
Notaries Public        and        Conveyancers,
Kin* boogbt ami ntd m ��_*��� **** ��f ���*�� K ��   atai
iNJBclal broken fur Wood.rlul Uroap Mining i �����
Kootenav wrenta tnr Bondholder Minim: Ob.. Bt   K.-v*Tne Mining o
I'liiHiixV.iiiM.liilaU*!! Minim? Co. ami Two Kriemb Miii'��C��Vr.��tM*ks.
Com ysLtx ea Stoo-tecl ��.ncl  Promoted
ft      JUST AHR1VKD, a   fine lin* q|
tt      tt       a and SLIPPERS.
 I    n      |j Kegligc Shirt***., hiiist patterns
Kxaininc our IllM line ot NECKWEAR.
She Knew What to do.
St. I-out. Glol��e D rmx-nit.
II.- lia.l listened to ber upbraidim** for two hour,
l.y the downstair* clock.
My lore, lie Maid mildly, don't vou think it in
abont time, for you to adjourn sine die ��
She kne#hcr < 'iidiiii-.' '* manual like a Ivjok.
I -.hall adjourn fine die pri-��-ntly. ahe coldly �����������-
marked, and tlM'ii���1 will nt once call nn extra
A ml tlie |aior henpecked hualinitd rolhil over
With a hoQoW ���/roan.
Nnt a Good Wonl
N'<w York World.
J,���.'",'",7':.��ri ���'""��� so1'1 *'"��� ,��,l**��r ��o ���'����� new r.-
i.�� J ���.ti,m' "' "'���',*''o.��It of the robbery yoamv
the victim wm relieved of (MO. '
Ye., sir.
Were you ever n>l.l��i| v
-Vo, sir.
Hotel Kootenay
Switzer & McCluskey,
Dealers in
New*. Stationery,
r.ilifectlnliery. Itutler. Kirixn.
rhei***. Hay.l.raln. Flour.
A I'uirlll.ti,. Dlauppolntment.
VYflMhfnjrtori star.
toU.",. \!riJ?'!l' ?/ Uult '* ll'"'V''t���������� lnlHllwi.ce
to he ��� j,rize tb-hier, reniurke-1il��- iporUnf man.
1 Iwt's the jjopulnr impniwlon.
Well. h'M wr,mu     T|���. |.(li, H(/|)( ,   i^j   ���   |fM
Dealer ii] MIf>A/r>
SANDON,   R068LAND, NELSON,   KASI.n.   I'U.tiT  UW   \SU
Robert Macdoxald
Niii, Mi' u>n ii
mm BifltwiQiRWL
MACDONALD  mijos.. Proprietors.
Rates |LfiO to H60 |*r ilay.
Beadqoaitefl f.>r Mining Sjavtilators ami U|��iulL��t5.
Koco Ave., - - Sniulon.  B.C
Thos. Brown &Co.,
Bar^do-, fa.G.
Office ;
���i Dealen in :
Saddle mid I'ack Hoi..
lo all Point*
lu ihe Mountain*.
New Qoodi oonaURUy tirWiif, THAT   WAGON   ROAD.
Tbe following ti fcna taxtnftnn
petition, now being circulated, for
U16   pUTjHiie    of    urging    oil   thr
i, iV'-mni'Mit tbe ndviaabil.tv of
irooeiruciiog .i ffafon roit��l Wtwet-u
Phree Korku and Re** DetiYer:
IMotlii* H.ii��'Uir,il��li* tlie Lieu
lenanuGovefttor of tin*  Prnvinoe
,f Britiab   Columbia,   aud    Hi-
Honourable Conned, tlte petition
i!   tbe   umler*.ij,'ii**il   miiif-im iirr**,
banker! and e��otmercial  men of
tin* Slomti Mining llivisiou tit fbe
Connti    of    Kootenav    humblv
m V 9
*bowe��h I
I.   Tiidt tbe ebeeaoe oi   f����ur
imh'ti i f Witgon roit.l betwi*��-u the
towni of N*-i*�� P'-nver anil Tlnve
Fork** in cnuaiog tbe grvateet  pop
ll W
-ilili. iitcoiiveui'iu*** f����r Uu
ing r^nioni*:
A That the Wocau mining -lin.
trie! la BOW divided iuf.i Uu mm*.
liOttB of atiiaoal  equal   importance,
\i/, tbe Oarpvuter Crank lection
.imi the Sloean l.akt-   acftion.   ami
thai iMininuiiiratlon betaraen tltoae
aecttOM i�� I -.no. mail il* eXOtUl hy
way <��f N*** Denver ami Thr*****
I.     That   Ihe   necessary    traffic
��� iween   the**.*   secttonn   in   very
large, at the o��mo capitaliate are{8andon.
intereated i��> both   iecliont, ami
ilure ia   much   merianlile    inter
-uir**** between them
C    That nearly all   tlie   people
in !..>tii m-cliou�� have often l" g"
Ul iii** (tiivet-untfiit ofiee* at    New
Denver tn Iwmeaoi bnfltaeat, ami
'in- means which at prentMil exist
of getting fnnn Samion and Thr>*v
Kiirkf t��> New I louver are nf the
w.irat |>'i!utiSle kind.
D. Tbat tbe building of tbe
Klooan Rivet railway thin year
will make the praeent arrange.
inenl a much erorae one than ii
lias* ever biUfl rH'f.>re, a** litany peo*
pie butintl for 8ondou ami Tare*
I'orkn will come iu by thai rout.-.
and will exjwrit nee all th** .itiuoy.
anee Which traveller* by the
Ka*.lo rottte have   hitherto   *'Xjn'r
enoed in getting to New  Denver
ami the Sbiean l,ake aecltoii.
K. That tbe great importance-
of the area affect **ii inn, bv jmlgeil
from the fact that thi**e Canadian
obnrtnted bank* now have hranehei
on Carpenter Creek, the Baukt of
I'.ritiab C-olutnhia ami itntish
North America at Samion. ami Ihe
Hank of Montreal at  New Heiiver,
K.    That    the    only    meant*  of
communication now  exieting   bet
ween Three Korku  and  New Hen-
ver   is  |   datlv    train.    which   is
bopeleaalj Inadequate to Uie needs
of travel lens, ami to the viihI a-
mount of trattle whieb UOW extetl
in tbe Slocan Division.
Your petitioner! therefore pray
you lo ask the Legislature during
it** present hciuuoii to grant a
Hpecial appropriation for the construction of this indispensable
public work, in order that *n great
an inconvenience mav he removed.
Oaaolution of Prrtnarahip.
Sammin, B. p., March i, is��7.
The paraerablp heretofore existing between S. B. Sendee ami M.
\V. Hriiner. under the firm name of
S. It. Sendee A Co., is this day
dfeeoivod by mutual consent.  If.
VV. Itruuer retiring. S. B. Heudee
will pay all account* and collect
all moneys payable by or due to
the above Company from theahuve
S.  It.  Hk.mikk.
M. W. Bnumut.
A kitting of the Small Debt*
Court will he held at the towne of
New Denver. Sandon and Kaslo
on  the   25th    and   .'tilth    days   of
Ifarob, Invtant, ami tbe 1st day of
April next, r- >|n*ctively. Sum.
inoiiMrt may be had hy forwarding
particular* uf cleim  ami   12.00   to
ilie uinler*ugm-d. Selnott, It. C.
Dated at NeltMMi tin*  3rd day of
Mardi. A. D . 1��.��7.
E. T. H. BiMPKlxa,
Acting  Bfrtgintrar   G unity   Court
Notice i-   hereby  given  that   I.
tiie   undersigned,   will  in   thirty
���lay* from ihe date ln*re*��f applv to
tbe Stipemlary Magi*tratc of Weal
Kootunny   for  a   lioenee   to seii
Hipior   at   retail   at    my   hotel   at
No. 338.    ~~" ~~
"Companies Act," Part IV., and Amending
Kkank C. Bkwkll
March lilh. ls��*7.
Not tea.
A *itting of the OoilRty C'Uirt of
Koott*uay   will   he   held   at     N��'W
Denver on  Wi^lneeday the 24th
dav ����f March. in*tant
Dated at Nelivin thi* -Ird dav ����f
March. A   D.. IV17.
K. T.   H. SlMI'KIN*.
Acting Deputy R'��*;i*>lrar.
For Sal*
One pool i.��hie with cue*, ivory
l.all*. etc. ihv B*tkfl, Collomler ��fc
Co.. Ohieagii).    Inquire of
W .1. Sriiv.
i.-rchv   given   that   I
re*p.iii*ihlc   f����r   an\
N'"tice i-
will    not    Ih
debt*   contracted   by
Hone* Cafe.
John Bucklet
the   Clifton
Call at the
Ramadall Mining and Milling Corn
pany" (Foreign )
Itt-xiiiU-n-'l tlie Hrd day of February, \ffli.
IHKHKBY CERTIFY that I hav,^ thia day
r-KisUn-.l tin- "lUmsit, 11 MliiliiK and Milling ompany" (Foretelli under the "Oonv
IMnlen Act." Part IV.. "Kii/Utrutloii of For-
elffn  o inpanlea," and amending Acta.
The head office of the said corn pany In situated al the city of Tacoma, In the Htate of
Wii-.hluKt.ui. C.H   A.
Theohject* for which the company i-. entalv
To aoqolfa, hold, buy, sell, leaae. work and
operate niinen and mineral claima In the
I nited HtaU-xof America and In the Province
ofBrtttMh oluiuMa: U. buy. m-II. mill, smelt,
mat. atamp, and concentrate minerals of
every kind and dearcrlption In the 1'nlted
HtaU-N of America and In the Province of
Krltlshi-.ilumi.lit: to ac'iulre. buy, sell, and
lean." watcrpower. walersltea and water-right*
in the I'nlted States of America and In the
Province of British Columbia: to procim-.
b��ild, buy, aell. construct, operate and uiitin-
taln. electric, Kteain and waterpower plants,
for the purpose or furnishing power and light
for all and every kind of purpose and object
in the I'nlted KUttea of America and the Province ol British Columbia
The capital stock of the said company Is one
million dollars, dlvtdfd Into one 'million
���ham ofthe par value ofoM dollar each
lilven under my band and aeai of office at
Victoria. Province of Brltlah Columbia, this
3r��l day of February, IHfcj.
[i.. *.; s. Y. WOOTTON,
K4-gistrar of Joint Ht.ick <*<*mpanies.
Feb. I.Hh, 1HK7.
Cartificata of Improvamanta.
Paiikic   MINKK.I. I.HIM,
*lluate   In the   Hlocan  Mining    III.islon ot
Wi-st K.s.U-iiay Olstrict. on I'ayne Mouu-
laln. North of and adjoining the Washing
Take notice that I. A. H. l-arwcll, agent for
Frederick tNeele, Free Miner's Certificate No.
KJH, and Samuel   B.   su*ele. Free Miner's
c, rttrt.-iiu No. Tl.im, uh nd, sixty days fmro
the date hei.-of io uouly lo tlie   Mining Ke-
cinlc |...-a .-eri-ii.-aie ot  iinprovementii, lor
the porpoaa nfrrtltalnlnf a Crown grant of the
hUiv. clanu.
And further take notice that lu-liou, undei
se.-li.in ���". must Ih- i*ommen<*ed t��?fon' the is-
*nanc��- of ��uch certificate of tniprnvements.
Iant.il Oils >lb dav of NovemUr. l��l��.
latv. Mb, 1��. A. 8. FhKWF.1.1..
Carlixio Mineral Clalin,
Sinn.:, in Iliarilirnan Mining Division Of Wi-st
Kootenay ' istrl-'.. la Ihe B��*st Basin.
Take notice that I, A. S. Farwell, agent for
the Itambler rtii.l (arilKM. i'<in��.ilnlale.l QoM
ami silver Mining to., (Foreign.. Frt*.* Miner's
(Yrilncate N<.. ��.\!*!��T, Intend siMy days from
tbe date ben*.if. lo apply to the Mining Ke-
cor.lerfor a ceriitlcate of Improvement*, for
the porpoaa <��f obtaining a Crows grant >.i the
als.ve claim.
And further takcj notice thai action, under
section:", must be commenced IH-Iort- the issuance of such  certifleale of improvenienls
imt.Kl Ibis |ah .lav nl Kcl.ruarv. ItW.
F.t.. Jikh, IT. A. s. Fakwki.i-
Phoenix Mineral <'laim.
situate In the tilocan Mining Division ot Went
Kootenay District, three and three-foni. ba
tnilea up North Fork ol  ('..-.���. '.��t;r C.v.*k
Take notice that, I.John Fieldin-. ����j a3e.1t
for the Phoenix Consolidated MmI-it r..id
Milling Co.. Limited Liability. F.*e* miner's
Certificate No. 74,419, Intend, sir.iy da a from
the date hereof, to apply toU��Mining I'rrorii-
er forat-ertlflcate of lmprr>verrlenis, for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown gra.<t or tne
above claim.
And further take notice, that action under
section tt, must be commenced *.��cfo e t..e issuance ofsuch certificate of im n-ovrr.-ents.
Dated this 1st day of January. !!>..
Jan. ��tb. *��7. Johk I  ii .oiso.
Noble    Five.    Knoxvtlle.     Bonar.w    Kv >��,,
World's Fair and Maud E Mineral C -
Situate In the Slocan Mln'n* Dtvlslo ��� of West
Kootenay District, on Noble Five Mo *n-
taln. one mile north of Cody.
Take notice that, I. John F'e'dl-i .. ������ * jent
for the Noble Five ton oMia d Mir and
Milling Company,    Free Mi.ierS ' "!?.t��
No. 77^711, intend, sixty days from .he o^te
hereof, to apply to the M v.ng V" St for
Mertlflflatea of Improvements for the p j-o��e of
obtaining Crown grants of the a'love cLsi.vs.
Ana further take notice, th t i on un-^-?r
aectioniTT, must becommenc*?r! 'ie ore the \s-
soance tt such certificates of lino.').en.?.-* ���.
Dated 'his Ith day of January. SMB.
Jan, 9th, 1*7. JOHN FIELDING.
Greekhokn  Mineral Claim.
Situate In tbe Slocan Mining Dl /i I o i rf W   it
Kootenay  Distriei,  0,1 C   pe��ii
abont two miles eas-ei-'y fi*om t .e to..      f
Take  notice  that  I. A. M.  Far-
tor John McNeill. Free M  te.'s .,v . t.
rt4.*ti, and Daniel McNeill. Free M ne. ,   \ -
llfleate No. B0.37:!. Intend, sixty days    on. tbe
date bereof, to applv to the Minhir ':.*t-o xler
for a certificate of improvementa. io.- .he pn -
pose of obt.lining a Crown grant of i.ie above
And further take noth-e that aaUbu. r
section :i", must lie conimeuoed b**ah Iv
suance ofsuch certificate of imp.-cve-
Iiuted this nth day of November  X&..
Jan. 2nd. 1*7. A. 8. Iakwei.i..
California  mineral claim,
situate in the SI.H-an mintn-e division of West
Kootenay district, about  three  miles cast
of Uie town of New lVnver.
Take not lee that 1. A.s. Farwell, actlnu aa
agent for James aurino. free miner's certificate No. 7I.I70-. Alfn^l J. Marks, free miner'-,
ivrtlflcat.* No. TH.**)*: .lame* A. MclVinahl Inn-
(Miner's ivrUftcatc No. *57,*"7. and Byron C.
Van Houien tree nil.ler'scertltlcatta No. nl.:��>.'.
Intend, ��t\ly days from the date hereof, to
apply to the minini: fvorder for u ecrtlflcau*
of linppivenient��, f*>r the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of ihe abort, claim.
And further take notice that action, under
sect Ion M7. must U* coinmencHt betora -the issuance ufsoch i-��*rtlf1i-jite ol iinpn.vcinentv
Dal.-1 tin-, the 1Kb dav ..''January. 1SU7.
Jan.   ��vih  l��C. A. S. FaRWKI.I..
taWM Star an.l Blue Grouse Mineral Claims
Situate In Ihe Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenav District, three-fourths of a  mile
south   of   Sandon.   .vest   of Slocan Star
lake notice that. I. John Fielding, as aitcni
for Jann-s D. Swonl. Wtn Miners lYrtitlcntc
No. 7H..YV-., Intend, sixty i'i'vs fnnn the iliite
iiere,if, to apply  lo the  Mining   Recorder lor
certitii-aic or Improvamanta tor the purists,*
ofoi.taininu I'mwn KnuitaoftbaaboTaebutna.
And further take DOtloa, tbal action under
section :C. MltMlwl Act lt<!i*.. must ba commenced tiefore the i*��>uanceoi said cerllflenti's
of Improvamenta,
|hii.-.l this Till ilav ot Januarv, lsi<7.
Jan.Mb. ic. JutlN FIELDING.
Snowstorm Mineral Claim,
Situate In the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay District, adloiutng  the Slocan
Bov on Payne mountain
Take noilce that. I, A. *"*. Farwell, acting us
agent for F.lward mhIh.ii. Fre.* ainer's iVrtlfl
calc No. ftl.aU, Intend, sixty days from the
dale hereof, to I'ppiy to the Mining Recorder
fora certificate of Impniveinents, for the purpose nf obtaining a Crown grant of the alxive
And further take notice that action under
section 17, must be commenced hefbretne Issu-
anci* ofsuch certificate of Improvements.
Dated till*, llth iln\ oi . ��ctol.ei. ItWH.
Jan,Mb '��:. a.s. farwell.
Viriikn Mm era L Claim.
Sltuute In the SI.H-an Mining '3is.-1 .of West
Kootenay District, on Car i? e- creek,
near the Greenhorn miieral e**   c
Take notice that, I. A.
Frede. ���'.. J. D ;ialds.ir,
caie  No.    .��.C��J.: Joh
M Cr.'.';'.-.... N<
fin    .   . '.' rt E Mirer'. (
ai. . ..      *. s  H. To.U��.
cate No   61.88". intend,
date hereof., to apply to the Minir.. llecorder
for a certificate ol Improvements,. t��-e purpose of obtatntng a Crown grantor , he above
And further take notice ^hat i eUon under
section ;t7. must be commenced ' efore he issuance of such eertlfleai of I i.i ove   a  Ji.
Dated this llth day of Nove.n'oei. '* ���.
Jan. 2nd. *97. AS. FAi'.WELL
S. va-..v !���
jent for
Fr b "
.r . ��� ���   :
-  ���
t im-i.
Free ::
rdxtv ti&i
.ii the
Wild Goose mineral claim.
situate)n lheSI.H*an mining division, of We-I
K<s> tenav district, on  Noble Five mountain.
Take notice that I. A. s. Farwell. acting as
agent for the Nohle Five, Consolidated Mining and Milling Co.. (foreign... free uiner's
certificate No.77,Wi, Intend, sixtv days i"rom
the date hereof, to applv to ihe 1 ining Kecorder for a certificate of improve i.ent.s,
the purpose of .thtaining a Crown grant
the aU>\e claim.
And nirther take notice tbal ��� ���    >
���Button SV,moa1 beeonunene
an,-,' of such eertlAcat** of loap
l*ted this the 1Mb day of. >
Jan. 16th. l*r. A. a.  Ai; VK   ���,.
Pirate mineral claim.
Situate in the *tocan mining division of Wot
Kootenay   district, about one-quarter of
one mile northeast of the town of C.idy.
Take notice that I. A. K. Karwell anting as
agent for Thomas Marks (rea mh . �� SPrtifl-
cate No. 76 ��21. intent, sixty day;- f ��� ft the
date hereof, to apply to t>�� * M?
for �� certificate of improve.. ���
|ww��' cf obtaining a Crown g h^ i ���>'
And further take notice tiiat a>\!>��.\ under
section -'f?. H1U-.I Ih* commenced h, fore the issuance  of such i-ertltteate of lini.  iVeMietits.
Dated t.���iW ��*th dav of Jamv. -  I   ..
Jan. l��th. UW7. A. H. FARWELL.
r     e pur-
ie a ove
Starlight No. ,x mineral claim
Situate in the SI.H-an mining dvi loaofW    i
Kootenav district north of.r.'ni joint: g Ihe
\m*\ Cham*,* mineral cl.tlm.
Take noti.v that   I, A.S.   Farwell. act Ing as
agent fo  the L.st Chance Mining and Mill   -t
i-o.. frc��* ni iner's,certificate No. 7H.IW1, In.end.
sixty days from the date hereof, to ap^'y to
the Mining lUeorder lor a ci-rtltlcate of Im-
proeemeota, for the pnrpnaa <>f ohtaining a
crown granl of tiie above claim.
Anil further *ake notice that action, under
section .17. must la* commenced tiefore the iv
suanc- ofsuch certificate of inipniveuients.
Ihited this 7th day of January, 1,��7.
Jan.IMb.lMV, a IS. FAR WELL,
Da-,  Dawn KitAOTtOM Miskai, Cua
Sltuute In the -slocan Mining DIvUloU o I West
KnoteuU)    District,    In    the    ''cGiiigan
Take notiee tbat I, A.s Farwell, acting as
agent for Michael C Monaghan F.e* M'ner's
Certlfli-atc No. 71,111, intend, sixty davs f.om
the date here.)!, to apply to the Minim. Recorder lor a wrtltlcaU- of iuipi-o.cinc - s for
the purpose of ohtaining a Crown grunt ofthe
above claim
And further take notice that action, ruder
section tt, must tie commenced befo. e tbe la
Hiiaiuv of such certificate ol Improve*    tus.
Dated this 28th day of December. IM..
Jan. :*nd, 117. A. s Farwell, HERE   AND THERE.
W. II. Doolittle, manager of the
Oregon Mortgage Co.. ami L. Roy
Slater, a well-known mining broker, both of Spokane, spent a few
tlays in Sandon (luring the p:ist
week looking over the camp.
Capt. Woods. superintendent ol
the Two Friends mine nn Springer
Creek, spent a few days in
Sandon this week.
K. Marpole and other 0. I' K.
officials have decided to build a
$1,000,000 smelter and n finery in
the Slocan. The plate sgreeti up
on is near New Denver as I hat is
considered central. The scheme
has matured so far that they will
ask both Parliaments at the present sessions for a subsidy.
Tbe receipts <>f ore at the Kaslo
station  hist  week showed   an   in
crease  over the  geueml   average
The total ainotini sl.ipp <i was (��2."��
tons against 590 t<n-t; e previntia
week nod 47-> tons the we* k before.
The Payne   group   a-   itsttttl   led
with 210 tons  and  ih>   Ruth and
Noble Five stood second and third
respectively.     Several  mw ship
pers were adde 1 to  the list among
them being the Charleston. Sunset
Antoine and Silver Bell.
lieaers. Doolittle and Slater, of
Spokane, completed the purchase,
this week, of a very promising
property on Payne mountain.
The price paid was 11*600.
In the Lake Country.
Evans. Coleman & Evans ���>(
Vancouver have acquired the principal interest in the bond on the
Lilly 1�� . Portland and Rainbow on
Springer creek. The manager
says that when he took charge of
the property he did not touch the
surface showing, but started a
crosscut tunnel at a depth of
ninety feet, and after running in
ninety-two feet, the lead twelve
feet iu width was encountered.
This tunnel is about H>0 feci west
ofa large chute of ore showing on
the surface. Drifting to the east
is now being done to tap this chute
of ore and another croaSCUt will be
commenced immediately below
the present rose. In the face of
the drift there is six inches of
clean ore and the balance is concentrating. The ore is dry and
averages 1100 to the ton.
The Lilly B. group is a mile
west of the Two Friends and about
2,000 feet from the Arlington shaft.
Daeolution of Partnerahip.
The partnership between Jacob
Kelsen A James Finning was dis-
solved on the 1st day of December
last. Jacob Kelsen will pay all
accounts and collect all monies
payable by or due to the business
from the above date.
Jacob Kixskn.
James Finmno.
Sandon. Feb. 27th. 18117.
And other Invi-Htrni-ntK.    Kvi.ry UepreMata
tion Guaranteed,
Bandon, B. c.
acta Cpettes and Pipci
DR.   G.   P.   YOUNG.
M   D , C   M .
Formerly of tbe Wtnolpef* General Heaptta]
Ofliee over Palace Saloon. HoOlll <"���
SvM>o\.    B.    tX
Investments. Mining  Brokers.   Mires
Afcttfn f..r
The Phoenix Conaolidated Mining Co
Limited   Liability,
Dry    Belt   Mining   and   Milling    Co
Limited Liability  OardcOa.)
dell kirk   Mining ami   Milling   Co.
Limited LtabUtty.
Boom > Black** Hotel,
SANDuN.   B.   I
Canadian Pacific
Tbe Quickest and Cheapest Route
bT. I'Al'L. MoNTliLAL.
And all   Eastern   I'ointw.
Unexcelled Bleeping Cert on nil
Trains. Tnuriel Oars to St. Paul
Daily: Boston, every Thursday:
Toronto. ever", Monday from
Steamer leaves Nakusp even Sun
day.  Wednesday and   Friday
morning, making close conoec
lion at Revelstoke with trains
for all points Fast or West.
Before you travel get Information
from C. V. ll. Agei.ts as to
times and rates. It will save
you money. Apply to nearest
Railway Agent or to
A.    C.    MiAKTHIII.   Agent,
District Passenger Agent,
The J|rg<& Mips of Sandon
, Limited    Liai>ilit\
CAPITAL. ��� $100,000.00.
1 00b,000 Shares par value of ten eeotv, The nhnve ( ,., ( v
is formed lo acquire and w..rk the ARGO and I.K1.T Mineral Claim,
idjoining the Sandon,lowunite.    Mines arc I rpefl for inspection i
;t i, u miuutei ualk from the town    Limited anmrjer of -  i
-iile at I'll cents.
Apply  at  "tiee  to
Mining Brokers snd Operators.
The New \'inl(iov
nil   \ K��\ i IM   . 1*1 IOK �������
mm mwmmm co's
N.,�� rooting Inthb wnrl(��-i la idtptttnf aouaeaal raAmlralfcM *��n ��.-��-.����t���� .t n* ������ �������� ���   ���
I m ll) aOd *lr% >>��� ���-. uu!....'* tn lira l.-nv i . making ����� a j��r��*-��-t nltit lo tlw   Inn  ���    -
vnrd.      it .ii.niri '���- Uafated toI* f.iio ne��.'--
Aorordleg toroatmn Uoomi -mm.*.. . Um uapartai*-****) id ������ It a_mra A e��*��
Dry ettatniaMtnc from Jaooarr 1*4 tn Itewnnl**** �����    #*��r��**������i       ���������    ���--
i-*.*.-. mora loan tool ���*( .��!>* ntlair lamnfl. ilw wing it it ��n r..��i ��*.��*�������.* m�� tastn-
��� i\. i ill other*.
iu < -benrteal uii.iiv.i. ��>f iv>-f ii ������r-i'ii Oomoi
tlirr��i..i��-. Ihe f>tm-��< ��n.l iit>����t �� hnlMDHM . Ii^��.|.����t>*
1:..\.ii V. irnnit. I.i.i.  '-��� <i itfJinl.-1 '..M--��'. o   11     \|,imii*  A   < -��    #*   gRantl
n     ... tt���-i..i.,mi ..f�� .   ! a i   -   m ��� M
(,,-niw.n Kinorror. Ilia M. Kla**of liar lw*Ui-. .���  h . ��i��|nin iiM-Km' -^  II
lit-. M;|..-��l>  III.   K��'U <-f tfc'litli irh.   111. ln*>.��*   11.-   K - *>       -����
I Ml 1 irr tSc I >(%is<M\
McMartin & Currie
fgody (grcc^
MANUFACTURERS   OF<T**. -**r**- ���
Etc., Etc.
Room. No. 22    BLACK'S HOTEL
SANOON     B   C
|| -....i li,.   am tiling *������������
a rtl | it.
M�� ���ih'Im-i ��� .***;*. k i 09 Sliw k   Lv
9f>OKaNr      WASH
Is one of tin* best plscet In
Sandon to ohlam
ilJIJ .
Lxrelhut ii.   I...v��*,   in   M II
Rpupranoc t! '��     nj:  ���        |��wslw.   Kxpert in Mining  l* ���
oeverages    ;(1( Delicious
H    Tell h'.w much ore per ���''
by MMnple.    (��he   Is  Ihs *��� v��,l,i
ilaii|;hter of M'V-enth   llaughtl
��� �� pUSMl*-am-d ..|    i hi-    wood, tlul ;.'
timulatina  \TQd H^,L ** >u" ,,!1 v
ii      W,H,, \,urUru���������������  ,i"��' "'   bueinte*
(N son rtre ndapt'd for.
Business  boars   from 9 In   '  |!
Clifti n Boats Pwlorf


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