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The Paystreak Feb 27, 1897

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Array I He
��� ���am. ���n .i..-**^.*���.1 ����� �����.,,
SANDON AND CODY, February % Wi.
A Large Accession wars Made to the
Ranks of the Real Estate
Men Yesterday.
TorOUgfa the medium of an   out-
-ide paper the report was circtilat-
,il that .Indue Forin had decided
the recent iune of Sproat v**. llaui-
iii ind adversely t<�� Sprout. The
report emulated rapidly and gain-
<��� I almost universal dredence,
ih-n some   raterprising   seeker
After tbe "rout nf all evil' sU<ri��e.��t-
I   that   "if Bproat   had   lost   hi*
i-e. the  jxxir,   struggling,    loyal
citizens <��f Her Britannic Majeety,
.vi'ii* an much entitled t'l   (hoes
lit?* aa be waa."   The crowd had
never viewed tbs subject  la that
light before, bat now that tbe
scales bod dropped from tlieir eyee,
tbey could see the profound log*<*
that underlaid tin- word* of the
-ji-aker.    To hear Mich words was
i i believe them, without doubts ut
! lestioainge, and tn believe them
m i*. I*, set, BfMTOUt bod 00 right
\ lOeee lot*., and Mterefore would
they get in and secure an ahund-
luoa of town tot*, like wtlvation.
without ttOliey an I with nit price
Iii a thrice in��n wen* appearing
from all pbluteof tlieoompaM altli
poieead siak*-*, aleeea of boarda,
anything, in fail, whereon % notiee
could either he tucked or written
Iheii the fun begun, A would
plant his stake in the BBoW beak
.uid after stepping back a feWpecea
would regard his handiwork with
-atisfaction and an entire eon vie
tioe that at loot he was on the
highroad t���� unlimited araaltb and
��� tciol   Importaooe, aad   like the
milk-maid in the story, trying t*>
reckon up tbe magnitude <*f thai
wealth and planning ��!iii be
would do with it ill srben he had
secured a firm group "f it. But
those pleasant revariwi would i**
hrnken innpooby B. who. too,was
*M'**king after town l"ts and who.
after eyeing A.'s stake askance.
would enquire * l><�� you oart that
lot?" the aoawer would be prompt
ami belligerent, "Vou hot I own
'hat lot sod 1 would just like to
���"���i* the color of the man's hair
who is gotngWl jump it! "AH*
right partner.'' exclaim**   I?  Otieer
fully. "Vou don't need   to   get    ll"t
about it How much do you
clalmt" "Forty dive reel front, 100
feel i��nek,*' proudly eauluims the
lucky fellow*. Then 15. squares
his shoulders, points hia face in
the direction of Three Forks and.
like a soldier practicing tlie gooaa
-tep. paces Off 45 feet, ami following the example ol   A.   plants   his
stake in the snowbank mid- his
fortune is made.
Fin in admiringly contemplating
tbeae wealthy  and   contented   fel
lows the reporter then Htrolled
along to another '/roup, whieh
from it* appearance of agitation
was evidently not iu ho contented
a frame of mind. On investigation it was found that three new-
real estate men were trying to oc
eupv the one -now.covered stump,
which appeared to most of the on-
lookers to he a physical impossi
hility, hut the erofjrd was in the
frame of mind to receive new impressions with avidity and so they
encouraged the three to demon.
strat��- the fact, hut fortunately for
science enthroned, the thing was
found impossible and the two other
real estate men left reviling bitterly tiie happy possessor of the
stump and Sandon real estate.
From this scene of conflicting
human poestOOa Ho* reporter turned in -aduess and after walking
for a few yards run across a scene
of domestic hliss that took the
taste of the foregoing scene out of
his mouth. In a small square
structure, hastily put up tm a lot
of like dimensions, sat Frankie
Mi -Kin mm Surrounded with a few
neceeaary kitchen utensils, aud
wearing ui his nice the expression
of Unutterable contentment. To
ah luijutry, mildly put, as to if he
i\'��re wafting for the rest of his
furniture, he replied: "Yes. ami I
expect to eat in   here to-morrow."
After giving some pointers, nut of
the abundance   of   his  knowledge,
to Frankie, as to how to properly
inanipulat** a hannock, the reporter retraced his   steps   towards the
"flfiee of this great stinkier for truth
and uphohh-r of the right of every
free-horn citizen to tin as he darn
pleases. Ineideiitly. however, be
���tepped into the office uf M. L.
OHmmett just to find out if the report that Bproat bad lost his case
whs really and truly Correct ami
tins is the result of the interview
with that gentleman, lie said:
"The report appearing in soma
of the new-paper- purporting to
give ail OeOOUUt of the decision ^\t
Judge Form in the suit of Sprout
vs. Hammond is entirely incorrect.
Ah is generally known this aetion
is o ie of ejectment brought to eject
the defendant from a lot in tin-
town nf Sandon. An application
waa mode to Judge Forin on  he.
half of tin* plain tiff for t he appoint
ment ofa receive? of the rents and
profits of the land iu dispute. The
appl leal ion was heard and finally
decided   on    Monday   last.     The
Judge appointed a receiver as ask
ed for by the plaintiff and in de
Itvering judgment stated iu cleat
terms that the plaintiff was undoubtedly entitled to have a receiver appointed as without discussing the natation as to what
rights the plaintiff got under bis
grant from the Crown, his title
was suuVieut to enahle him to
eject a squatter as the  latter had
no title of any kind. As agaiuet
a squatter the plaintiff had a right
to the Tenth and profits of the
laud." Mr. (irimmett was iu
Court when tbe decision was given
and says he knows what he is
talking about. The case was removed to the Supreme Court on
the application of the plaintff as
was also the other suit of Sproat
vs. Kerliu. in which a receiver was
appointed some time ago. Mr.
Mytton. the manager of the Bank
of British Columbia here, was ap.
pointed receiver in the case of
Sproat vs. Hammond.
The above is the correct version
of the judgment and now it wonli
probably be In order to give the
result of the Kootenaian'a ohser.
vations at the trial. It will be
observed that they are almost in
direct opposition to the facts of
the matter. To what this is due
it would be hard to say. probably
the reporter was full of corn
w bisky. however, here it is:
'A decision of Judge Forin, of
the County Court of Kootenay. the
other day at Nelson, would seem
to indicate pretty clear I * his opinion as to the surfae** rights of
holders of Crown granted mineral
The case before him was an application on behalf of Gilbert Malcolm Sproat. part owner of the
townsite of Sandon. for a receiver
ofthe rents claimed to be due him
bv C. K. H.tmmaud ofthe Slocan
News C<>
Tl��e Judge refused the application Upbn the ground that a Crowu
grant of a mineral claim gave no
surface rights other than for mining purposes.
He held that the holder could
not eject an occupier from ground
not required for mining purposes.
He said further that if the moneys
.\ere ordered paid by Hammond
to a receiver, Sproat could not
properly nor legally claim them.
OUd it was not very clear to him
tu wuom   thev   .vould   ultimatelv
*��� ��
N. ti.   -A copy  of the judgment
arrived oo to-day's mail and con
linn*-   ia    every    particular    Mr.
(irinuiutt's   version    of  the  case.
If, R. Qalueha, <>f   Roealnud, is
in the city.
Robt Thompson,of New Denver,
was in town this week.
Chas Hammond is out on a
business trip to Seattle and
,J. tt. Cameron is erecting a
building opposite the Poatoffioe on
Reco street.
A Srowslide at the Lucky .Jim
on the K. A S. Ry. delayed the
train for several hours on Thursday last.
Of Highgrade Cropping*  Picked up
on the Streeta of our Buay Town
T. E. Devlin, of Kaslo, is in
For sale���A Gurley level. Apply at this office.
Fred Kelly has returned from
his visit to Kaslo.
J. U. Bolander, of New Denver,
paid the Hub a visit on Thursday
The Bolander and Deloraine
were sold recently to P. Burns for
About three tons a day of rich
ores are being rawhided from the
Goodenough miue.
Wm. Taylor returned to New
Denver on Thursday last, after a
visit of a few days iu Sandon.
Mrs. Jennie Harris was in Sandon on Tuesday last, She left on
Wednesday tor her home in Kaslo.
Robertson Hood, of Saudon,
won first place in the obstacle and
flat races held in Kaslo on Tuesday last.
Gus Boeteher, who has been out
tothe Hot Springs, passed through
Sandon tody on his return to his
home iu Kaslo.
Tbe match between Sandon and
Kaslo. which waa to have taken
place on Monday next, is postponed indefinitely.
The Hon. Geo. E. Foster aud
C. B. Murray occupied apartments in the Goodenough while in
Sandon this week.
J. Barnes is recovering rapidly
at the Slocan hospital, and will
soon be able to resume his duties
on the N. & S. Railway.
Work has commenced on the
Ajax. aud will be vigorously pushed along The present force will
be increased in tlie near future.
Dr. Bruner and Juo. Yallanee,
who have been away for some time
in tin- East, doing missionary work
for tie Sloi-an. returned today.
F. A McKen/.ie. ofthe Mail and
Empire, has returned to the SlocOU
after a protracted visit to Ross-
laud. Nelson. Kaslo, and other
outside points.
Mrs. Lloyd, who has been ailing
for some time past, left with her
family on Thursday last for Gal-
gsrv. where it is hoped that she
will regain her health.
J. M. Robertson, formerly editor
ofthe Brandon Times, and now of
t.ossland. passed through Sandon
on his way back from a visit lo
Slocan City, on Thursday last.
Three more doctors are reported
en route for Sandon. Some ten-
dcrtoot must have been indulging
too freely in "Slocan pisen," and
bas been spreading tbe report
abroad that this is an unhealthy
fcsued simultaneously every Satantay a;
Saielon and Cody, in the heart of tM�� slocan
the greatest white mem! camp on earth.
Transient advertising i"> cents a line first
insertion, and 20 cents a line Tor each siihso-
quent Insertion.
Subscription,    tbt*e6   dollar      a    >ear    in
Thk pATtraaAX      .ixi> J. [aAiraaTArr.
Sun.Ion. B. i'. Editor and M*r
Thk roar of the boom grows
louder every day. and it will be at
high tide before many weeks pass
The stock craze is still on. and
even preachers are deserting their
pulpits to share the wicked but almighty dollar.
The 0. J*. R. are spending millions of dollars in Kootenay. and
deserve credit for tbe active man.
ner iu which they are reselling out
after trade this year.
Texderfeet should bring plenty
of money when coming to Kootenay. If they do not*some of
them may 20 hungry before they
learn how to pound a drill in a
proper manner.
The Americans in the Slocan
should petition their government
in regard to the abolition of the
alien law in the United States.
Must do it quick or the Canadians
will retaliate with a similar law
that will cause much trouble in
this district
B. C. members, when in session
at Ottawa, should be careful how
they tinker with the tariff on petroleum.       East    Kootenav     has
large oil fields that will he developed sooner or later and1 may need
In Kootenay it is a disadvantage to he a citizen. An
American can locate claims iu
both countries, but a Cauuck
only in   one.
A lodge of the I.O.O.F. will be
instituted in Sandon on Wednesday afternoon next in Crawford'*
hall, Sandon. A large number of
candidates will be initiated in the
evening. All Oddfellows in good
standingare invited to be present.
After a Hard  Fought Match Sandon
Boys Return Victorious.
On Wednesday last the Sandon
Hockey team went down to Kaslo
to play a match with the Kaslo
team. When time was called the
players of the respective teams
were lined up as follows:
Goal��� A. Brown.
Point    E. Birchell.
C, Point    8, Hunter.
Forwards���W. Simtnouds. J.
Donnelly. W. Jackson, and I>. J.
Young, Captain.
(toal    R. Hammond.
Point���C. 1>  Blackwood.
C. Point���J. A.   McVichie and
.1. Kevin.
Forwards ���K. A. Walker. II. 1>
Cameron and A. W. Qrieraou,
First-Half - After the puck had
been faced nlf some quick  playing
was done ending in Qrieraou getting the puck and scoring in 011-
aud a half minutes, and after a
lapse of about five minutes of hard
playing another goal was scored by
Qrierson. By this time the Kaalo'a
had got thoroughly warmed to
their work. and. after some very
pretty work by D. J. Voting, shoe-
ed a goal. Hard playing was now
the order ot the hour and after
some quick work on both sides Me.
Vichie secured the puck at center
ice aud made a very pretty shot
scoring the ,'lrd goal for Sandon.
when half time was called.
Second Half���After the boys
had rested the play was agai.i resumed and for a time thing- were
nretty evenly divided. then
Blackwood made a very clever
rufh from point and scored. After
a short time Hunter secured the
puck and scored a jfoal for the
Kaslo team. Time was now almost up and it almost seemed as
if tie score would remain at four
to two. when Cameron of the S;in-
don's made a neat shot sending
the puck between Kaslo's players
and making the score five to two
at which it remained a* time was
called  in one half minute   after
The boys are most enthuaiastiej
over the treatment they received
at the handsofthe Kaslo boys, and
they say that had the Kaslo team
received jostles at the hands of
the rink managers, allowing them
to have a more thorough practice,
the score would have been entirely different.
The Hon Geo E Foster In Sandon.
The Hon. Geo. K. Foster, ex
minister of Finance, accompanied
by C. B. Murray, spent a couple
of days in Sandon this week.
While here they visited the Slocan
Star mine and the Noble Five con
centrator at Cody. Owing to the
shortness of their stay they had
no opportunity of viaitiug any of
the other great shippers iu the
neighborhood.     If.  however,  the
honorable gentlemen takes the
Star as a criterion of the surrounding shippers he can made a fair
estimateas to the Since nV importance as a mining camp M<
Foster was \cry reticent a** to
giving his views on the future of
the Slocan. and contented himself
with saying that the mines as far
as he had seen had every appear*
encc of being very large proper
ties. On his return to the east,
however, he will gi.e Iii* Opinion
as to the relative merit*, nf tlo*
camps be has visited.
Ja.*��. Moraii. uf the Qoeea  Bene,
ires in Sandon this week.
Sam Brown, of the Arlington
Basin, is spending a few days in
Holit. (ireen. of Kaslo. is r*tt a
business trip to Sandon and Oudj
this week
P. V. Godenrath, of Spokane,
noSeed throngh Sandon on his *e*aj
to Calgary, on Thursday .1*1.
Bilverton town lots will be on
the market in i few days time
At preeenl 1*��t**. on tbe front s��rt<*t.
are held by private Speculators   at
1300, ami even at that figure hold*
era of lots are not al all eager In
Granl  Tboburn, of   Silvertou.
was in Sandon for a couple of days
this week.   Bereports things a*
booming in that town If- will
commence building a ��>o fool add!
ItOn to his hotel in lite course of I
feWdaiVS This will give him a
total of 42 sleeping apartments to
accommodate the rush whicli wili
take plat*.a* soon as mring open*
S'ocan Soy
situated on the ridge directly
east of the Payne Group Is Ihe
l"��!nean I'oy. This property is at
present undergoing a UlOfOUgh
system of development nnd i�� nidi
repaying   Ihe  efforts   put   forrii
Two leads cross this property, the
smaller of which contains ��mhih-
very rich ore. a ebipmenl of thirty
tons of whi-h gave return** of
832 I ounces silver to the ton and
7"�� 4 per cent, lead while the pro.
duct of the larger one gave return-
of (00 ounces silver and 08 per
cent. lead. Over fifteen carloads
of ore have been shipped Up to the
present from this mine
Dissolution of Partnership.
The partnership between Jacob
Keleen A .fames Finning was dis.
solved on the 1st day nf December
last. Jacob Keleen will pa- all
accounts and collect ,i|| monies
payable t��y or dm* tu the buniness
from the above date.
Jacob Kki.sk.v
Jam Me Fin mm.
Sandon, Feb. tilth. ImPT.
For Sale
One potd table with cues,   ivory
balls, etc. (by Bslke,   Colbmder A
Co.. Chicago'.    Impure of
W. .1. S. i.i.v.
J J. Godfrey.        W J   Bowser, 111
F. L Christie. LLC
Bom, Godfrey k Chris
-:���:- NOTARIES,   &C
Sandon 8   C.
Vancouver. S. C.
First   Bank Established   tn the
of Bri
|ora*rpe**ets4 *���� it��.-.��n he rim M
i nj.ii..! with pmtot to Iim rssss*]        f.' ��� ��� ���><
r. wo- ��� ��� ��� �����������
Heeo Office: *����� l��n irtswd. Wtiset, l*>
in  Itrtli-h ( <miilil.ii
\ ici.trt*.     \��i��ci��i<ir,      \ �����    W��**l
.Ni.ttt.uii,.      KatUMOpa       .NM.**,1N
K \����l <���   ���� ��   * *��M">V
Sl***nsn in.'
In %n* I niii.| tttSt***
*4o|(*l��-N"..   su.l    fN.**.������> i
l*\*��ll>*��     < *i   t li.ii   ttoMOk   .-(   '������ii'iiii"
M*fh��iif<    IU:,k   "f ��� Sns4s_   Tl.-*      *l
I*��tik. ISSftHtel Hank >��f i ��fm!��i* *t��\ |U��*.
,V..��i��   <s.-.����i��       |>     I >rrt*.i>    ��l UI"
CanA.ltatt Ibankof Oiitinv-f,Tr \fr��*r�� *(
.���������*. NMk '*' N..%* ���%����������.��. l**il.����-*���� I
I, ii i .mi .|*<��n 1'mii. !���-. IUi.I, 1.1 t !���
SM* !(���' I"��ii��l **<wiivl N'mil. mm I Kan*. NMttl
rtH* y.'.Un.itr N*1 ���(>�� llwtik *������� ��� ���
trMTftV.t*  ��M'M�� /I M CI'     IV.   k
������r \u*irt��t��.tA    it Ani * i.i     ni��ii"i" * *
Local  Manegsr.
Sandon Braneft
i mmMtmbmi ia i**
IbSSM (.�����(���>*?< .1   '.,    (',,.(-.��    , h^O< .  ia !��*���
Ps.fJ Uo Csb'��s .      S4.86e.666
Reserve  Fund, 1 338,333
|. .ii.|. . i iltl,,       .  i l��-<it,-til��    Ismm*,    I.'*'
so.,!    r     I
Court of   Oireclors
I II H-ndlr. John t ��i,����( ��i>r i...|��mI i ,
rsr.UI.U.,'1   ll   il|in    It'nn    I'.    1 ,r-*r. I il
Arthur HasP*   II   I  M  K<ii't��ll.   I.  J    K
l.ir��l    FliSste   I nMwIi.   i��...fv,-   I*     Win'
s,. f��t,o>      \   l, \V  .1 i i.
ll.-H-i ��� iftl.. hi ���                - . si    *.���������
It-Tikis.v I   li.m
QSSWfal    M-.n .,������ In.|��.'
Branches  in Cenada.
I...,,I,.i, |tr.��n0..f.| |',.rl�� HamltlBfi I
In, Kliij.-i.-(i Oflsws M..nlr.��l. oii.i��>
I.ilin. N   ll    lirrtiii.i.   Vl'liiniprg   \ln       I
��� fii tiHi.  N. II . l(/iii!i t      N    -       S !   !    r    .      full
.*..��., ., . ,* . ,i 11.1,, i     ^   �����      > ti i.ir -i     ��i.ii
on   Ic.M.Umt. .-,,.,.!..i,   Ki����I..   I'ri.d . r.. I.
II.   (
Agents in the United Steles
S|��'kMI..       Mi.I  NhOuiimI   lUtni.    uii'l    llS'l<'*
Nslliirul   lu. i > k      V. ��� -i.,rk     '4 U'sll *'ln
W   l4iw ..in iturl   J   i     U'cl.li      Kna *-ri,n. >-   ���
tat  s.nlaoms ��>lr<.l     ||   M.|   >|. Hi. I,,,. I i��ii*l
J.   It.    \Mll.r,**.
London   Bankers
Tin- Hunk ..f Kngr.41.,1 m���| Hessss 01} >��� A I ������
Foreign  Agents
I.i>.i r*��..ii, ii,,,,i, ,,j   ���Jvffimol,    MruOand,
Niiil.-iiiil    IIiii.l   ,.f  NcotlaiM,   i.imii.il.   si'*'
i.fiin.-hi-,     lr.-h.o-i   Pr>iitin*lHl   IU.nk  ..I I"
uii'l.  I.ia . end iriiiuii,-. National   Itoak
l.lil , iiii.l limn. l��� ., Aiufnillf*. I iilmi lUmk ������'
AiKlnihii, | t.( ftfO /.-i.luii.l I iiiiii Hunk <��i
a il*! rails, l.i-i. litiiiii. (-iiitm. Hint Jspsn
V-i-iiiiili.'Rank ,.( in.Hit l.i.l, Vvt:> lUeik
hilt. \\iv.f In.ll... l..l,.|,i���| |k,nk I'oiv
M.����r., Mar, iinr.l. Klmi��� it Cli- l.��.'i"
I'l'iiUl l.\,iiiiiiii��.
GEOBGC  KYOO.   Manager
Sandon,  8   C-
��� ���   ��� THE   PAYSTHEAK.
|lutt��'a Mines Lose Hnlf their Wow In
Wasted Water.
Hutu*, Hoot. A rich strike of cop
per and silver has been made in the
Received mine at the head of Horse
canyon. At a depth Of 2'3) feet a vein
ot OOpper ore was cut through in the
shaft which goes 10 |*er cent co|��per
ami tt ounces in silver. In bate. Horse
canyon and Park canyon a great deal
ot money has been spent in the past
year in deve'optnent work on the
different mines. Many small leads
have been found, but the present dis
covery so near the surface is the most
important one yet made.
The mill at the \l>\* mine in ilasin,
with a capacity of BO tons ot ore
daily, started up the first of the week.
A-I'.rt time ago the Ho)�� Mining
company secured a bond <m the Deer
Lodce loade and have struck a lO
foot le<lge ol ore that runs from $10 to
$40 a too in gold awl silver.
The geological survey ol the mines
of Hutte is not yet complete and a
number of men are Mill working. A
startling theory has been advanced
in connection with thin work, iu a
letter received lately from Washing
ton. written by one of the Tutted
Suites geologic survey party recently
in Hutte, contains the lollowing
"It is still an open <iue*tk>n with
HI as to whether the amount of cop
l-er washed away in the water from
the mines of Ikttte district is not
���ijual in value to the total ..input ol
all the mines ol the district, if it could
be saved."
Sj*��-akiug ol the subject a well-
known in in inn man Haul i
"It is popularly Mppoaad that only
the water trom the Anaconda and St
Ltwrence mines isof value for pre
cipitation pttpooca but that is a mis-
t.Ae. In all the big copper mine*
water from any dejptn in tne mines is
rich in copj*er, and can generally be
precipitated with profit Wherever
there is oxidation there must 1h�� heat,
and the water Howing through the
lower levels of the mines becomes
impregnated in proportion to tht
heat. The water in the Parrot is
leased and a preeipitatinn plant pro
duces a good deal of copper. At the
< olusus a plant Is in o|*eration to save
the copficr from the water and other
mines have precipitation plants. In
Arizona and elsewhere precipitation
ia used to save Ihe COppST carried
away by water. Old iron is used by
all the mines in this work and the
proceed is very cheap. Simply a
naaber of vats a. d troughs are used
filled with old iron. The water i*.
turned in ami runs over this heap. It
in the object U> have as much surface
as iioasible, no the troughs are made
in long sections. Kvcn in this way
much ofthe copper is lost, but usually
enough is saved to make it profitable.
The precipitants run hviu 15 to 80
|*r cent, pure copper and the CXpSMC
is very small. 1 look tor some method
to bo discovered that will save most
ol the OOpper lost in this way. It
would mean millions to Hutte anna*
ally, as it would probably have the
effect ol doubling the output ol the
tJohl  Or* at  n   t.rrnl Orpih.
The mining world has been set by
the ears b| the developments iu the
Kennedy  mine,  Grass Valley, Call*
ferula, within the past few weeks. At
a perpendicular depth ol over 2,100
feet, a body of rich ore, thirty feet in
width has ken discovered. In magnitude, the ore body will compare
favorably with any yet found, and
the great depth at which it lies ex-
j'lodes a lung cherished and hereto
tore believed infallible tradition of the
search for gold on the Pacific coast.
It is an old theory, which age has
almost crystallized into a formula,
that gold ore disappears after a certain
depth has been attained. This is a
creed of every old prospector from
the Yukon to the Panama Isthmus.
The development in the Kennedy
not only topples over the old-time
k'litf, but may lead to a revolution
in mining in California, for the deeper they tro in the Kennedy the wider
grows the ore body.
American Bov Mining and Milling
Co., of Spokane"; $1,000. OX)
boaodette Mining Co., Sandon ;
Brunswick Mining and Devel >p
ment Co., Vancouver; $1,000,000.
British American Gold Mining Co,
ltossland ;  $l..rsJO,000.
Brandon and Golden Crown Mining
Co., ltossland : $1,500,000
Britannia Minim: Co ,Slocan City
British Kmpire Mining Co., Van
couver; $201.., 000.
Buffalo Mining Co., ot Slocan, Van
couver; $l.r>0,000
Camp MeKinney Development Co.,
Vancouver; $8001000
Crane's Creek Consolidated Gold
Mines. Kevelswke ; $1,000,000.
Castl** Mountain Mining and Devel
opmentCo., Rot-aland; $2,000,000.
Columbia Cariboo Gold Mining Co.,
Trail; $1,000,000
Clark-Seattle (.old Mining Co.,
Grand Forks; $^000,000.
Deep Cave Gold Co. Vancouver:
IVmglas Mining, Invcsnment and
Brokerage Co., Vancouver ; $500^000,
Baot Kootenav Mining ami Devel-1
opuient Co.. Golden ;  $1,000,0001
Ke'.io Mining and Milling Co., Kaslo; $2;'*UUH
Excelsior Gold Mining Co., Van
couver; $oti>.im
Favortic Gold Mining and Develop*
mentCo., Victoria; $$000,000.
Gotten Bra Prospecting and Development (>>, ltossland; $2,000,000.
KotHenav Safetv Mining Co., Koss-
Und | $l,0i)O,0O0.
Iditd) Silver Mining I o . S|*okanc ;
Ixindon and Vancouver Finance
and Development Co.. F.ngland;
Maple Lead Mining And Development Co., Vancouver; $l,tX.H),000.
Prince Mining and Development
00*, tioldcn; $1|000,000.
Queen Pee Gold Mines, Vancouver:
Kegina Mining Co., Vancouver;
Vancouver and Boundry Creek
Mining and Development Oo., Vancouver j $600,000.
Western Canadian Mining nnd
Development CO., Revelstekej $1,-
Whoa, Bill!
a i.a   ��i
JUST ARRIVED, a  line line of
Neglige Shirts, latest patterns.
Examine our fine line ol NECKWEAR.
Dealer in, MEAT.
 : AT :
Roiiert Kacdokald
Neil Macdoxai.d
MACDONALD   BROS., Proprietor.
Kites H.60 to 12.60 per day.
Beodqnartera for Mining Speculators and Capitalists.
Reco Ave., - - Sandon, B.C
Thos. Brown &Co.,
Sandon, K.C.
Dealers in
New  Qoodl constantly arriving.
Dealers in
1 t ^ ���>.�� y
Is the Pioneer House of the City.
Proprietor ill
He Ileanl  It.
He was fresh from the dewy vales
ot Way back, and having come up to
town tor a real old rip-snorting time
the idea struck him that his cousin by
marriage���a well-known Wall street
broker���would be just the man to
assist him in having it,
He was received with oj>enarms.
During the conversation which
ensued the eyes ot the rural gentle
man landed ujion the telephone which
hung in one corner of his relative's
office. A telephone was something
new to him. He had heard of them
in a general way, but had never seen
one in operation, so expressed a desire "t'see the thing wuk.''
"Through this little instrument,
remarked the city cousin, after committing the customary verbal assault
and battery upon central, "I am able
to talk directly with my wife, who ;it
present is in my house in Harlem, and
hear her replies distinctly.'*
"Ah, hello! Hello! Is that yon
dear? All right. I just wanted to
tell you that Cousin (ieorge is here."
"Now, cousin." concluded the
broker, handing the receiver to him,
"it you'll listen carefully you'll hear
ex'tctly what she answers.'
He listened. Then he backed away
from the instrument with a pained
"Well, queried the broker, with a
friendly smile, "what did she say ?"
"She sed: 'I hope yew won't
bring th' old fool hum tew dinner."'
It will never be known exactly how
the city cousin managed to explain
Grey Ka*?l**	
K<>*.t(*iiMy-0 "unil'la
Noble Five Con	
KaniM.r Con	
Slocan Star .
Sunshine ���
lint Nl'AKV.
Old Imi-Midt*.	
Mall Mints	
Something In n Karate,
An Englishman travelling on the
continent, engaged the services of a
smart courier, and on arriving at an
inn one evening he sent him for the
traveller's register that he might en.
ter his name in accordance with the
Austrian police regulations. The
man replied that he had anticipated
his wishes, and registered him as an
English gentleman of independent
But how did you write my name?
I can't exactly pronounce it, but I
copied it faithfully from Mil.ir's portmanteau.
But it is not there
I look.
Bring me. the
What was our traveller's amazement at finding,  instead of a very
plain English name of two syllables,
the following portentious entry-
Monsieur Warrantedsolldleatber,
CaWM anil F.tTevt.
Fr .111 ill.' London Fitraio.
Sitting in a barber shop the other
day, patently awaiting my turn. I
noticed a prominent clergyman being
shaved by a barber who had evidently become unnerved by the previous
night's dissipation.
The   performance   was  watched
breathlessly; the expected cut arriv
ed,  the clergyman's blood oedewed
his chin.
He looked up at the artist reproachfully, and said:
"Vou see, my man, what comes of
hard drinking."
"Ves, sir," renlied the barber con-
ingly, "it makes the skin tender."
Orphan Boy	
Hi** Chief	
Btg Tlmi*	
Brit ('an. Qddfiekts
B. ('.(...1.1 Kins*	
Caledonia Cm	
C.S (���	
(Vltk* Qu.t'n	
Centre Star	
Crown Point 	
Uvr Park
Esstera star	
Evening Slar	
Golden Dri|i
Qoidsn Qosen	
oreat western	
Haiti.* ItfnWII	
High on-	
Br. ������������rial 	
Iron Iforf.*	
Ir.��n M��-k .      .    .
Jumlto .     ......
Knight IVm-Jar	
Kootensy London
I a- Boi .....
Lily Ma v	
Morning star	
Net J*:-.'*
Northern Batte 	
O.K. :	
B.*d .Mountain \>w
B. K. Ia-,	
Rosrdsnd. Bed lit'.
B ...da11.1 Star	
NoanCroraS tV.Con.
Trail .Vlihin*'C.
I Dion	
jy.it LeBw .,.;;
White Besr	
Voting Brit. Auir
Dividend! paid to date ar.- .*,- f,,ii
Star. MoOuOOO* \a- Boi. iSOO ooo-j War
<����.: Cariboo, mUxx*   Alamo. Idsn
land. B.c, snd Noble Fiv.. ��,���>,. nl-
d. DOS.
B'liirii��.liici* laat week.
VIA.  XAkl ��l'
Klot-sn Siar loom,,',,
idalin to
Mountain Chief to ������
Ouecn Bin- to Eretvtl
Hustler to
Total vslue. vci.).-,;.
A*r-(f*ft��t* vslue |M*r ton, **ihn *>i.
VIA.  K,M..,.
Bath to Kwivtt
So. 1
Jaekaon toPnebb.Coi
Butli to
Reco to Denver, Col
gpodanoojrh to Ffefdin
gambler to Taeonu
Buinblcr to Kvcr.-it
OAllsgher to    "
Tr.tal \uU,r, ttiJKUM.
Avmgi) vaiiipppr ion. mi.9%
' j   Prit.
.   �����   r/n
. 10
1 is
flO    2 9t
, .��>
2 '
��� iM
I ���
; ���>
��:   !M< avail
��"*), >i-;.
CiiiiiIh r
raid dui
Kootenay Mercantile Tailoring Co.
Dry flood*. tinitV Furnishing.
Onsotiia The CUfton Boose i���
presided over by MlJvS SMI III
Spices, Teas, Coffees,
pttrs :iri* all ofthe ���*ure*.t and l��e*��t (pnilit)
From India. China and Japan al an)   pri<v from I0e to#1.S0 per poond.
No   I Mend M  S J  vUrrCt iMj���. 0intrl bsOSt)
nnd makes I delleloOi and wtlHying enp
Fresh Groceries every day
< it**!- delivered proniptly.
II. Giegeriohs Sandon.
Agent Ibr Giant fonder GO.
Stores at Aiuaironh, Ka*.lo. Rsuui m
We oavejost r��****-i** ��-��i i laiate Intofee of
Hardware, Miners' Shovels.
Caps and Fuse, Builders' Supplies.
Ironware and Graniteware
We   ulvi carrv  I  full   line of
Sandon and Holland.
of tin* kitofaoa
Groceries and l-urnishings
The Dropl,   ��� SANDON, BC
IhiiL'*.. Staliouery. DfOggiel
Sundries, Notions nnd Toilet
Vmxiump* and  Imported Cigars a
I |B, \   Mll.l.ov.
Office : Blacks Hotol,
Om of the oldeal and  l.ext  known
hotels in the City.
The   only   Bowling   Alley   in   the
Mountains i.�� attached i<i titia
11 ANT "1U5IC CO.,
y^m/   l'lait.*,(��r, ...... vi,.., m,���i,
Mii.|i*nlsii|��|.llp..>isrlRf \|���.I.|ik*.
ind Hii|.|4i."..
tvM .it tttmn rsnli i prompt an. i.ii.mi.
���*<i "K \tw, \\ **n
Lnoit  iim    I stfcAn om:
lltwlelpbtaa   l**.|>*'��* Nt****.**... rielnljr
[lK)Ul Hi*    Allen   la��lH��r I .mm
>**der 10Obstruct intercourse  1*��
11 the United states and Canada
ernlcloai scheme of Natlvism
defl that no person ol lorcign
who has not previously made a
ration <>t his intention to become
/(n beforewMM Court uf Record
,  ia<* "regularly or habitually
hi- laud "tor the purj-OKo of en
Jng .0 ins mechanical trade or
fual labor and   "returning livin
to time to b foreign country."
shall any such j��eisoti ��� u* en
red anon ��ny puhlie work* in
nited States." From this drastic
sion are excepted women snd
sailors, ruiln-ad train ImiihK
m conductor* engineers, brake-
tin men or bsffgajfemen, "wIiom*
��� require them tu |��i��*** over the
, r tn reach lie- terminus ol 'heir
Senator U*lgc and Chandler
ti themselves unable to frame a
tie to arrest railroad engineers
nr< men at the Csnsdisa line and
ttiveAmerclons kneborveofthe
> on this side of the bonier, and
\ gave it up.
it woe to the   wight  who should
ferine lino from Gonads lo
ning lo work in Detroit, To
Oswego,   Piatt?.burg    or   vine
'��� rdeT town and go l*ack in the
'   The   gudtv   wretch so
B liabiMially would OS liable
-fiuietit fur misdemeanour by a
��� pin or by  itnpiiHMimcnt for a
not   exceeding  one   year,  or
Vny citizen. pa men. hi p. com
\ or corporation ol th<* united
ic* who SlMQltl  give employnn ut
wretch   j<a**i*ig  to and  fro
*���>- the line wontd be inbJtej to
urns penalises   It would become
W   ll v     lor    (VetV   employer   of
r to ranmra  all   woritiiifrtnen
in be might wish to engage to
libit pfOOtol their native birth Of
n.urates, ol their intention to bo*
nc citizens ot the United States. A
fleet ot this  precaution   w.-uld   be
to make hint  liable to a   heavy
and imprisonment
[Wc know of so legislation so del
pablestthli since the passage of
I*  fngittve  Slave   l*aw.    That law
hdesigned to Niter enforce n pro
Won <f the Constitution requiting
|c delivery of fugitive*, from labor.
it ll was *�� mean ami to atrocious
its premises, making crimes ot acts
inoCenl and humane ��n themselves,
Mt the moral lenee ol the countt y
Ivolted Hgainst it, and the Govern-
y nt was powerlesi to enforce it.
iTIus Immigration bill attempt*, t'
n.dv. a crime OQt ol the right ot loco
notion and the equally lOCTed riglit
[earning i living by the sweat of
PC brow. The Fugitive Slave law
���enounced licsvy penalties against
liiy person who, in obedience to the
nctates of humanity, should give
bod to a icgutivc or refuse to deliver
[Im up t.�� his owner. The Itnmi
[ration bill would subject to like tine
jnd imprisonment any citizen ofthe
I uited States who should employ a
LaiKidian or a Mexican crossing the
lortier to and fro in pursuit of his
Tally vocation.
Meaner than  the  Fugitive   Slave
aw, this bill would violate the simp
pst ritol of  hospitality and the oo
prvanoe oi good nelghoorhood,   The
pverntnentsnl Canada ami of Mexico
Mild readily retaliate by pursuing as
criminal*, citizens of the United States
who should cress backward and for*
ward tQ Chop wood in Canadian forests or lo herd cattle on the Mexican
plUns. Hut these governments are
tOO enlightened to underestimate the
mutual advantages of good neighborhood and of the exchange of services.
This Immigration bill, so far as ex
pressing the sentiments ofthe American people, is a men* manifestationtri
the wont spirit ofnativisni, to which
tin* Republicans in Congress are con
strain, d to pay i reluctant homage
- Philadelphia Kecon .
��� nu'rr High*.   N.IkIiIm.i
HufTalo, Feb. I.-The ItuflaloCom-
uiercial i Mckinley Protection IstijiAys
editorially today find the editorial
il significant as being the tirst slap
which  any   BuftaJO   newspaper has
dared to take at the American alien
labor legislation i "Minister Lsurier
Is entirely justified In advocating the
pissage of retaliatory laws forbidding
anv American temporarily working
In Canada,   in cose tbe   American
alien labor laws are made more
Stringent. The roSnt of such retaliation will U; felt in Maine, Michigan
and Oregon, whence hundreds o!
Americans are in the habit of
going to Northern Ontario and New
Hiunswick. Inmoerlng, and to British
Columbia, mining. It is not a verv
enlightened game Ibfctrilised neigh*
i.,p. t,. play at."
Cn-iir '.1 atetM ��,<��lil.
This year is starting ��*fT well iu the
gold t>elt on the north fork ol the
Covin d Ahtie The strike made in
the Idaho early In January continues
to grow richer,there now being about
f>ur feet �����! ore in the vein thai i*- SO
rich that it pays better to ship it to the
smelter in a crude state than to pot It
through the stamps ThnJoe Dandy.
adjoining the Idaho on the Booth, has
struck the same vein, showing abont
the same quantity of ore. The vein
raw from 12 to w feet thick, all the
reek between the walls being rich
enough to pay for milling. Hereto-
fore the .!"*��� Dandy has been working
on s different veto in tip some ground
but since cutting the large ledge the
owners have commenced  putting  in
another battery of five man. All
Concentrates and crude ore shipped to
smelters from here has to Ik- hauled
to Wallace by wagon, and the condition of the roads at present prevents
anv shipments. There has not been
a day'*** bedding on the road yet this
winter, but snow is daily expected,
and whenever it comes there will be
I rush  to ship, as all the mills are
piling up concentrates
New York Tailor
letrgest tailoring establish
men! In H. C. now open a
branch at .      .      .
with a full line of    :      .
Cloths, Gent's
Clothing, Etc    m
Travelers will call frequently at
the various towns with samples,
The immense discoveries on Kokance
('reek led to the formation ofthe���
Canadian Mining, Milling & Smelting Co., td
which  has taken over   the   following
choice claims:
Glacier 4y
Two Snowbirds
Clara G.
Full Sized
Capital*, ^2, ooo,oGt)-2,000,000 shares
If 10,000 shares tor development now* in treasury:
now on   the  market
sell ing at T2 cents
This stock is hound to go up, as any prospector in
the district who has been on the property can tell
you that the eroppings on the Homestretch exceed
almost anything yet discovered in the Kootenay.
The original owners form the company and stock is
selling on its own merits.
Jail on or write to the Secretary for Prospectuses.
Ore can be seen at office.
LKliJHTOX .i WILLIAMS, Mining Operators & Brokers.
lk��x Hi. Sandon, B.G
The Clifton House,
jm~��� Sandon.
H.i-.iui[.U .���r."��!U".<��.l*'ti'>.o for .. lirp* ninnU-rof |��h.**1<*.     TIk* roSBaSSl��aSI***S
siMlstrr, ai><i ��i"' ni">,>'* Boosa i> provided with everjrlMug in th.. m.iik.t.
S>ii'iJ.' Rooms f. r Coninunial Trawler-.
John Buckley, Prop.
Civil & Hydraulic Engineers, Provincial
Land Surveyors, Notaries Public.
Agents ft^r Railway Addition to Rossland
t^ a lunnUri.f wotl i.*4*.*\t.*.i iniiicrrtl elstusferssle
SANDON, B. C.       1
P.ivs special ftttention to iill WelotdinFIrst-Classwork.
' mmmmmmmmmm
kinds of watt'li repairing, .> (ine ^dh j>(K)ms in conncetion.
Larcre StOOk Of sfn Bait Baths w ithout extra charge.
always mi hand
Recorded at  New  Denver,   the   AJBBfSSSMItl
Tran��fer�� and I/x*ations:
Fell M
Plcton���Itanh'IA McKB**.
Feb IT
(leean���I) W Mooiv at al
('indrolla���Alexander McPhaden
Feb li
Nelson Fraction. (iak*na Fann���A S|.ront
Feb 18
sulphide. Boyd Ctmk-rE M Toner.
K I). New IVnver-S T Walker
Feb li
A R Fbiffland to W H Robertson-i W H R.
Feb li.; ��1
W E Brett and R H Brett to W A (am|>bell-
TheGrey Horse, tf
Feb 13
Charlott Henderson to John Hamilton lira*.-��� |
Mav and Flower, June ��; ISSB
*.* E Teeter, J M M Benedum and Vs.- Racktliff
to J Tinting���Tlie Free Gold. Governor Att-z**ld
and Hoodoo. Dee H: ��iw.(**>
Feb 15
Chas McNichol to John Buckley-Tlie Cliff.
Fcbi; fl
Henrv Brook to Wm II Maxwell-The Gold
Finch, Feb 11: ��1
Edward afabon and Henrv L Mahon to Vancouver Group Mining Co.���The Vancouver So 2.
Feb 4; ttJHB
Ja�� W Rvan to J G scKav-] >taiHlar.'. Feb
15 : ��
Jas W Rvan to J G McKav ��� \ Emma Noi.
Feb 15; *l"
Bridget McCne to Patrick McCue-J Alice. tVt
11: $1
Hindi Mann and Alexander K Mann to E J
Fk-ld-The Maud E and Wlnnlney Girl. Feb:.;
Chas Nkholson to Phillip J Hiekev The Ben
dice, Feb 15; fl
John G Willi.un* to the Sunshire Mining Co AII
interest in Sunshine, Yakima. Monday and Oregon. Jan 30; *1
Rotiert McFerran and James GUhooler to tbe
Sunshine Minim* Co.���All interest in Yakima,
Sunshine. Oregon, Monday and Mine. *l
Andrew J Mi.rphy to Sunshine Mining Co���All
interest In Yakima", Sunshine. M"inl.i.. on-iron
and Maine. Dee 1: il
James Gilliooly to Sunshine Mining Co���All
inter.s in Y:kma. flliatnlsf. Moiday, ( re.'on
and Mine, tl
Feb 16
E J Field. C H Thompson. B C Bell and F A
Davis to W C Jones as trust*? for Miller Creek
Minim*Co��� All interest in the Wombrful Fraction, St rnuson and New Springfield; Nov 11 ; M,
Daniel McKav. David McKav and W L Smith
to B A Barton���The Pk-tou. Feb 15 ; >l.ui.
E W Nettleton to B E Grave*-1S Nancy
Hanks ard Puenta. Feb .'.; *l
James Gilhooly to  Jam**** Gordon   Marshall
B ��nd attttflQQOB th.* Iron Hone, Feb B
Geo J Atkins to Geo E Milliamii���| Idab... Jan
i": el
Win Thomlinson t<..) M A-hton ���J Gettyflnirg
Feb 16. *��rt)
Feb 17
Ghat Xeuhous to Jas D Rvan--'. Keystone. Feb
John H Thompson to D W Moore-J Ocean.
Sept ��; tl
Mr�� J L McPhee to D W Moore~l Ocean. Feb
8: |U0
W B McVay (al the Lucky George Mining Co���
1-M Ltickv George, lini.fi.il and Beaver. Feb4;
John I'Miller to .Mm I�� Mel'alluni 1 16 Ver
tliu. >i
Feb W
Wm B Crawford to 0 B Pern The \ao%
Cabin. la
Tho* Halve*/ to Flet Ie S An r *ws-l M��r��iii��
suir. ���t5Wi
John Lav.mm to Ed limm--*, Rolulina and
Barrie.tkt 16; ��1
Ed Dunn to Geo C Leonard I Roksima, Jan4;
John King and Jaspnr Kinu to 'I Ii.*< Wn n 1
Waterloo, Jan 9); S7W��
Burt Pearson to (' W Harrinftars���-1-S F 1. C,
Keno.Oet Th.*r. Kit. V k M and Occidental. Feb
10: (HO
GeoM BoBeDetoC W Barrlnjrtnn -f*-*i F LO,
B.-iio.iiet There Eli. V k M and (leclndentalF. Ii
1": Yt2U
HiikIi Doltenv to John l(\ nn | Bell Fraction
Keb I.'.; 11
Geo iLudlow K*t.*rl>r<��.k�� to F.uiiua Grsv���1
M al.US. Feb Ui tt
Win I Brattle to .1 Tinliiur -the Lll.-rtv, Jau
Daniel Mcljennan and Rolrf McLennan to Pat
rick Bum* Detorisoe and Ii .uUk-r No i. Feb U
W II Feb to W IS Y.Hiuir the Yakima Noi.
Feb li : ��
Frank Anderson to Tin* J Llovd---!���*��� Norwav
Treasure, Dollv Vard.n No j.Sllv.-r Kimr N'�� i
Feb in; *-*Vi
Feb IS
Jim D Bvan to John MaeOuitiam i ( hatha in
W L Callanan to John MacOiiillan ���'. Chatham
J a* Gllhoolv to David Gordon Marshall \
inU-rest in option of S3n'K-non the Llllv B. Rain
bow and Portland. Feb M
Samuel Bluctlcld Steele to Duncan J Campbell
���1 li Day Dawn, Jan i!�� ; ��1
Henrv Covington to B M < ovimrton -the Mam-
mouth, Feb li: M
John   I>  Beid  to   BoUit  C/iviuirton    ' Snow
Bulk. Feb  I*; al
BobertOovtngton t" John D Beid wam
moBth, Feb 1H; *l
John D Bekl to Peter M Schonlsirg-1 -8 8oo*
Bank and Mammoth, Feb l��; fl
John l��;Rekl to Jsmes Boyd -HI Snow Ba k
an.J Mammoth. Feb I*; tl
Feb io
L M Spencer and Frank L.vetl to F S  DSVH
I Star King, Nov ��i; fl*)
I A Baker and Geo  Blanc   to  John   Lowes
option on Kathleen irruip. Feb in; fin **��'
John H Thoni|M>Mt to Jennie L jjcPhe.* J
N.ll'e B and i W&ronfdn, Feb��; (JSOB
J T Fotev to Fl.teliei B Andrews- 1 Si slivo
Feb Ik ; Xiv
W Davis to J T Foi. v 16.Pride. IS ABssrnl,
1-8 Little Giant. 16 na.*. flower. 1 H Lvne. Auit 12 ;
Paul Anderson and fhas Anderson to A II
Breumer- The Jennie Llnd. Dec ii ; N/W
Angus R Johnston to Wm Christie The Black
Bess. Feb:.; >1
Same to Same- The B C. Feb 5; $1
Feb ii
Ak'xaiKlcr DoddstoC A "���"easdale -I OfMr,Vm
*>: ��.(*.!
WLCallananandT D Tobln to Jam.*s oil
hox.lv���opti<'ii on the Alma. St Aubyn and Pot
k>ru'Ho|M>. Jan :*��: *.*��'����
OiafSOlstm to Chas J Grant--] LaJtS VteSJ
Nois Feb in: *..�����
T M Clement to A 0 Allen | Scotchman. Sept
80j ri(��
Wm Th nnlin-xm to J H Corv- -S Satiulta, (k-t
i; a
Chas S Rashdall to John II Corv aud A C Alk-u
���i Gold Bnsj, Oct ��); *?l
T Henderson S I.GoI.Hn-ru and B Dorvlu. t��
H Y Telfer-J Lydia. ��i.i��"i
C H Atienlromble to V( B.uk liff ' Al.bi. F.b
it: >*1
JH ThomiMHi to WmSudrow I St Chart.-*.
Jan 1; ��5����
Win Sudatw. A WThmaM and Alexander
Chisliolm to Frank Currier perew tt����- St CtaSrsW
Febi��); HM��
Jolin Holpln and R.vbert Caofjsr u>G��*o LassV
| Bed Fox and J  Cmtrat   Fraction.   Feb so; S...
Mining   Htotka
It is UUed up -��n gcoi authority
that there is a movement on fi��ol to
have placed upon the statutes a new
Dominion act whico will forever nl
at rest the question of the non nsess-
ability ot mining stocks sold at a
discount. Some time ago there ex
isted considerable uncertainty In tbe
public mind as to the safety of j>ur
chasing such shares, but the puhli
cation of the opinions ot men qualified
to speak on the subject aoited anxiety
and now no more is heard c4 the
matter. During the past month or
two, however, scores of prominent
members of Parliament have identified themselves with the directorates
of development and other mining corporations, and it is understood that
they will combine to put the projrosed
legislation through the house. The
names of leading men on both sides
of the House are spoken of as being
behind the bill. One clause of the
act will make the stock of a mining
company sold for development purposes at a discount fully paid up and
nonassessable. An added negative
clause will provide that not more
than 70 per cent, ot the stock of a
mining company shall lie turned over
in lieu of the propertv. This will
protect the public by compelling
every company to set' aside at least
30 per cent, ot its stock ns treasury
Origin of the Term    Wildest
We have been asked tn give the
origin of the word "wildcat" as appli
eel in mining phraseology. A corres
pondent from camn McKinney to the
Vancouver World has thus given the
locality where the term first became
general, yet without explaining how
it originated. "I have mined all
over America in the last twenty-five
years, and with me the word 'wild-
cat,'when applied to a prospect, is not
original, but borrowed from the Pennsylvania oil operators, who meant by
that tearm to sink In a now diHtriet
amaldered outside of the belt."
James (jilhooly has transferred to
David Gordon Marshall a bond of $18, -
(XKJon the Iron Horse and one of
$30,000 on the Lily B , and Rftlnbow
The Newmarket
New Denver, B.C.
I. diluted OS tl** bank. .W Ibr l-sstWul ��***�� ���**���*�����' twi ff** r*" ��'**""
thehSiWiy ami IMS SSM the |��M ��W �� *^rtr* ��� P'""/?! *����
Tl��* |M��HM ��.*�����'" ����� eir.lk.nt     Th.* NSSSS anr **| swl 4rr..r��Url ��tth IU*
mmt nraitam m\ *>u��-u*r art. Um wmn�� ^ the b.a��*i i. pan.*~i���� otaafs
that luruxmlae with the Uk-ali-k ,1 ��*ry    TU* iHnU* R.��-��n i* .l-ay. ,��..
nmmmkrtmmttwm*.w%m*m*��1 ***>*<* ���"�����*���*��� 1""f ��*����*������"���  ���*
man. TIk ��Ur t. rv,4.t. ��ltb Wt mmt ���������!"�� * ���* mmmmmt SMMtMl
nerve |.r.��lurer��. .. _
ti.4.il*i*r.. SUv.r IlrmnrnUs. C��n*dlsn  (MjmmmM,  l*n-����t>*v   Mttarr.
Ttoftoilasl Ton Mm afirnut ' rmttmmm <"*y �������������' i�� i-iai. ���. r*
Hirion.-r westlh an- wek. nw al thU !*�����' ���
SSsta fcr the X--wm��rkrt w��kh **��a MMSl trar Wmm ��***Vo,a4U *��*�� is'��". Im
uM the IdlMllord . mtm\    It li
Henry Stejce.
C. l>. Rand
I.. S. WrnhLBBllUE.
Mining and Stock HrokerN,
Notaries Public        anil Conveyancers,
Mine? Unight and *ild. So**k# for sab- in ��ll R 0 ��ln��t
Oftieiai brokers tor Wondertul QfQtp Mining ��'o
Kootenay jigents tor BoadhoMef Mining Oo*. J*k.  Kovk*m Mlaisff i
PlKiiiix Consulklated Mining Co. and Two FYietkil* MuveC**.'���.^ck-
Oorrx lanies Stoost-asct a.ncl  Pi*onio*U��ct.
*M/y\V \YA/e>
Hotel Kootenay
Switzer & McUluskey,
Get your Fresh Meat
West Kootenay Botctmr Co.,
Commercial Hotel.
G. THOMAS. Proprietor
On it vain* a i .mi* m
K.����to,r,.��,.     Vancouvcr.B.C.
*tll M aW r-. In.j/    .rtl�� t,l��
-;.<UI   *aT*��m**>.daUu-N 1*   Mis.lr..    M.
!����� -il- r�� In
N. w��. Mitr.n.r.,
C wfastlnnafj , Hiitu-r. V#g*
Ctwass   Uii\   i.ratn   KUntr
GRoefivRiBR, vvve.
Had.ll.* antl I'a.k ||���r-*
t<> all I'.ili.u
lit til.    M  .litiMln.
lfcQo06D & ittin' hitv<
just opened in tbe Harria
building with a (nil Una of
Urineinlsr the place,
McQueen a gore,
nrr.uKRAiM a nav. it.��i-
 ManuUluriT. .* all���-
Hyi��hor.s OltafW kk\
BnimfwIUa, F^.*,, Vju>.
Savndon, BO
Patronize home imliisii v
when vou want the bent Concentrates
MiK*. Lills Scott baa retnrnod u>
jftj-. WfUiasiaoo wa�� out to N��*l-
600 on a vinit this week.
Dr.   Wittor   left  on 3a\turdny
Ml for K.'fkfurd. Wahh.
<i.o.   \ylard. ��if New  Denver,
���s/i t in Bnndon on Tuesday last.
\.  11.   \Vliitcln'f.   .-ditor  <��f the
\. ilaon Min��r. WmM in Sandon lor a
iple ot da\H tliih week.
Geo. Taylor, until  lately,   inan-
u��ei ofthe rink, bee l��-ft  town t<>
ttvkeop !n-al'ode in New   lb-over.
ti. I >. M<-]Mart in*,   btrber   shop.
win id   fioiahed and equipped, will
.������ tbe fii.cft in tin* Koot(ri.aj ooun*
!>r   llunl   1'ohl   liar*   arriv.d   tu
Send m from New Denver and has
:��������� <��� i   ip  an   office   in  Black'i
:   'el.
M<*��r*v  Fleher ��\ E^eeraoo   Are
erecting  a   bonding   vbiflh  the.
will  .-< .*.-  .1 t.r. \\. r\   a**   soon .1-
v.*. ->..n m  tprioff  opena  up a
>*,.   of   -tor.*   Duildiujja  vrill   Im*
��� ret ted "it tie- j*r..und now oocnpi*
��� ! by th- rc.k.
I n��'  eifacumpreeeor ia   botil)
ployed     ponndiiig tt*��     wit
through tlte r<��ek in So. ."��  level hi
���ii.* >1 uCttfi Star.
tf the prceent eiodna "f people
t.. >ai{d'>n i* anv ciitertoQ it Drill
������ fall to overflowing '���> tins time
��� inuon ��.jM*nH op.
"Winge*1 "f tin- World paid the
[*AYftTaUblJ   t f I > i 1**2: v<Mt on lliiit-���
t.i>   .i-t.   He leevei for the Emu
mree "f a few dej -.
M. L. (.ritnnietl ��.��-    nt t . Nil
-���ii Mild  week.     He   stopped  in
Kealo on Wetlooidey and watched
��� Seudon teem lick  tbe hoeke)
I la)en "I K.i-lo
The elrctric lijjht plent. of -*an.
'. 'ii. was furnished   1��>    the   ' '�����  �����
lian Getter*.! BtectrioCVi., QfToron.
to, and >- "ne of tii** tiiic-t  plant*.
>f u- capacity, in Cai.ada.
ll'witt    !;...t..,*k.    M    I'     to*
patron  of  tlie   Sandon    Club,   !ti��s
ji's.-uti'd theClnh with a hand.
-' ne   medel.    The conditl����ni "i
��� torn petition for mub�� are boat it i-
��� pea to anv club in K<i����t��<tvi> bni
nui-t be playd for in tli���� Si'id.ei
\|i    Vniiatroug,   of   tl'"'   t::n    >f
\iin-ii.>ug  .V  Conk,   broker**,   il
Toronto, ie in town     He ir.1.1 ll< >.
i.i ootnpeny ei*i�� Hon   Mr I���'������-������t.
ex ininiaterofFiuaiioe.end will -'w\
in tbil  part  <.l   the   K"<��t��'".i\    loi
rotne time looking out  tor  invi -'
inenti in mining propertit-
Tbe Rev, Beettie i- -till  **or< ai
t In* PAYaTttltAK for H*�� unpai"alivll <l
aiidaeity in cHtidllng a rather �� v
tntvegenl nertnon which In' preaoh-
ett ageiuei the "grevf evils"(?) ol
daueiug, Nfow, thin papt'f/Jfi -imply   VOIOiog   the   .-entiniciU.-    'I   a
lenw niajotity ofthe obnrcli goen
of Sandon. and who are probably
andowed wit h quite .is good a -e-'i-e
of right ami wrongneit ihegeutl*f*
man in quotation
I'KAl.r-.H    IX
tic Gig;
Waa, Cigarettes aid Pipes
M   O, C   M ,
Formerly of the Winnipeg General   H"-piiaI.
(lff.ee over PiUaceBaloou, Room '���).
Si\ih,n,   H.  C.
Room. No. 22    BLACKS HOTEL
'anailiao Pacific
S00    PACIFIC    L^E
The (Quickest a.i.j Cheapest Rout*
bT I'M 1-. M<..\Ti:i:\I..
And   all    l*a-t'*rri   i'liints.
I nexcflled 8U*��*ping Cars on all
Train-. Tnuriat <'a;-i-i St. 1'aul
Daily: Boat on, pvery Thursday;
Toronto, every Monday from
St' aniei' I--.iv>*- \akv.-p ever> Sun-
!.i\. W dnesday and   Fridav
iruiug, inak ing close e����miec
ti"ii atJteveUtoke with train*
for all points Baal nr \\ ">t.
P.. fore j ''i Ira. el -'-'t Information
ft nn ('. !'. R, \*jc. t- a- to
ilinen ami rate*. It will eave
\ on in m***j ��� \ IM1'.' f" nee reel
Railway  ^gent or lo
\.   t      M< \1M1MK.    \..-.it.
No. .tu..
Companln \<!." ran IV. an.l AoseodlDg
Ramsdell Mining and Milling Com
pany" Foreign
H.-vi'i. r��'i tbe Urd .lay of February, W67.
1 HEREBY < KliTIFV iimi I i*h\, this <lnv
rsgtstered tht "Ramsden Mining and Milling Otapany"(Foreign) un.ler ihe '���('<>m-
paniei V't." l'art IV.. ���^'Registrationnf F.��r-
elioi   oinpaniss," and aooenaing A.*t*.
Toe bead office of tbe said cooinny is et>
uatedal theeitj >>f Tacoma, Id 'lie stale <>f
Washlnf*ton. U. *-  A.
iii. objects i"r ��iii.ii in.' company Is ettae-
llohed are:���
To acquire, bold, bny, sstl, lease, srork snd
oueratc mines hh.I mineral claim- la the
I !iit*'(i state*ot America and in the Province
ofBritlah oiiinibia: to buy,sen, mill, smelt,
mm. stamp, i.n.i concentrate mineral!*. <>f
ever** icin.J iimi description In the L'Blted
*-t;.tc�� of \nn ri.it and in Ok- Province of
BrtUsfa olombla* to nc-um.-. imy. ieU, snd
lease aaterposrer. srateraltes and trater-rights
In the United States .��i America :m>i In the
Province ->f British ool tmhla: to procure,
bold, buy. seU. construct, operate and maintain, eiectrio, Kteam and snsterpower plants.
tor the purpose of fbmlsbing power and Uaht
for all and every kind <>f purpose an.l >.i.j��*<t
in tbe I'ntted States ot America, and the Province ol British <<'!iun'.ia
The capital >!'*-k ofthesald company i- one
million .l.tllar*. divided Into one million
*hares of the i<ar value of one <iuiinr.-a.-h
Given under my band and -^ai <>f ..flic*- al
Victoria, pr.ivtnre.if Krlti-h eo.iina.'a. tln-
!r.i .lav nt February, i--
i   K, S. Y. WOOTTON.
Registrar of Joint Stock cvmpanles.
Feb. I*tth, lS*7.
Certificate of Improvementa.
I'm it. j.- Minkkai. uiv.
Ultuate   in tli��*   -Iimihi  Mining   Division ��>f
We��i Kootenaj District, on Psyne Moan-
lain, N..r:i, ..t ana adjoining tbe Washing
Tak*- itotieethai I. A. 8. rarw.il. agenl tat
'��������� rli r>. It -t.- Ie, Pree Miner's ��'.-riiti.-;��t<* N<>.
aViH, snd si,nn:.*! B. Steele. Free Miner's
��� ��� rtiTic-.it*. No. 7AJHA, Intend, rdxty days from
���Ire . 1st. > harei .ft., apply t<�� th.* Mining Recorder f.ir a certificate of Improvements, for
ttoeporpfjM of obtaining s 'rown grant ofthe
abovi ��� ,h*im.
\n4 further take notiee tha: action, undei
M-.-ti..ii .-;t. most be commenced beibre tin* Is-
����..: ���.- ..i -i.. b .-. rtlAeate of Improvements,
J'��!..'. tiuv >|(, ii.T ..f N'..\. iniM-r. I-?*..
nmkh.Va, \.*-. F.oiWM.u
l>i-'.ri������'  .'i*
A.* nit.
i . \ ��r,
��*aril����< Mineral Claim.
Situs ItieSl -.-.ui Mining Division of Wesl
Kootenaj i :-t ri.t. In the Best Basin.
Tak. .(..ti.*. that 1. A.s. Fsrsrell, agent for
Um Rambterand tkriboo |*on*mildated Gold
sjhdSilver Mitnuu ..... F..r�� *i*n . Free Miner's
OrrilOcateNo. tnJ*V>. intend -iity days from
ih�� .lat. hereof, to ;.|.i>iv i.. the Mining Recorder Ibr a certificate <-t improvements, tot
th. purposi of obtaining s UrtMrn gran tol the
al��.\'- < aim.
Vnd furthertakefnotice that acttoa, under
���eel m ST, must be commenced befoie the to-
uunr.  <>r nach certificate ��>f Improvements
Dated tin- i.ih day <-t Febr*aary. \9tff.
1'.     I��li. *���?. A.s. Fakwki.i..
Califoruis mini n.l claim,
���-it'iate in t la* rtjocan mining .1! vision nf Wesl
Kooteosydistrict.sboal three inile> >-:i-*
��� ��� rii. ti.*.. ii of Nee Denver.
Take notice thai I. A.s,   Farwell, acUnx as
agenl Ibr James Marino, frv��* miner** ��H-niri
.-��!. Nl Tl.!"': \i!i.il I. Markv t'r,t- miner**
certificate N>>. TWO<: James A. McDonald free
r*Uner*scertifk*ate No 87,987. and Byron i'.
Van Houten llreemlde***scertificate No. ttl,at2.
Intend, sixt) >ii.> - t'i>.in tbe a��i.- hereof, t.��
oppl.i to the mlniiiK recorder ibr a certificate
of Impnivementa, fbr the purpose of obtaining i. cmarn Rranl ��>f tin- above claim.
\nd further take notice thai action, under
section JJ7. must be commenced befbre th.- h>
snauce of Mich certificate ��>t Improvement..
i '.ii>-1 i in- tin i .Hi >iu\ of Januarv, iv:.
Jktl.   ��Xh   l��T. A. 8. FAKWKI.I..
Lone star and Bins Grouse. Mineral Claims
Situate in ihe rtlocan Mining I'i*- islon of Weal
Kootenaj District, thiee.fourths of a mile
-...ilii   of    ."-aniltni.   ureal   ��.(   Slocan Mar
i in.up.
l;.ki notice that. 1. John Fl< Idlng, a�� necnl
fbr .lam.". D, Sword, Free Miner** Certificate
No. 7(i."��v��. intend, >i\i> day* from the date
hereof, to apply i" tbe Mining Recorder fix
certificates of improvements t>>r tin- purposi
of oMainlng Cros/n gtantaof tin* sboveclaims,
knd further take uotloe, that acUon under
-c-ti.m 17, Mlnvrwl \<'t l-l��i. must l��* .-<\n\-
iiifii.'o.l la-fi��r��' th.* UtMiaitcenfsaidcertlfiaatea
of Improvements,
I luted tin- Tth .lav ol January. Ivc.
Jan. 9th   ":. '       JOHN FIELDING.
Snowstorm Mineral ciaun.
sh mi i <��� in th.* slocan Mi a i nc i��i x islon of Wnt
Kootenav  District,  adjoining   tbe  St.K'itli
Boy on I'hvui mountain
Take notice that, l. a. ���-. Farwell, anting a*
sgenl for Kdward Mahon, Free Miner's certificate N<>. ..i.ttii. Intend, ^ixty days from the
date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder
fora certificate of Improvements, tor the pur*.
|��.se of obtaining a Crown grant of the above
Aud Utrther take notice thai action, under
M'ction it, must be commenced befbre the Isnt*
Mice of >n.'it uertifioute of Improvements.
liate.1 Ilii- Uth <lav OfOctOI er. IH9H,
Jan.9th   -'T. a.s  PARWRLI*.
Phoenix Mineral Claim.
Situate in the Slia*an Mining Division Ol West
Kootenay District, three and three-fourths
miles up North Fork ot Carpenter Creek
Take notice that, I, John Fielding, as agent
for the Phoenix Consolidated Mining and
Milling Co.. Limited Liability. Free Miners
Certificate No. T'.ilfl, intend, sixty days from
the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of the
i.i...v.- claim.
And further take ii"ti.*e. that action under
taction St, mast be commenced befbre the is-
���nance ofsuch certificate of impi*oveTnenta.
Dated this 1st dav or January. IKH7.
Jan. nth. ~vrr. John Fiei.iunu.
Noble     Five.    Knoxville.     lionaii/a    King.
Worlds Fair and Maud E Mineral Claim-.
Situate in UM Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay District, on  Nohle Five Mountain, one mile north of Cody.
Take notiee that. I. John Fielding, a* ageii*
for the Nohle Five Consolidated Minint and
Milling Company, Free Miner's Certificate
No. 77/>7l��, intend, six'y days from the dale
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for
cert fi*ates of Improvement* for the purpose of
ebtat. ting Crown grants of the above elaims.
Ana further take notice, that action under
section S7, mn*a be commenced heflnre the la*
suance "f su.-li certificates of Improvements.
CateG this 4th dav of January. \*G.
Situate in the .*-lovan Mining Division of West
Kootenay District, on Carpenter Creek.
about two mile-easterly from the town ol
Take notice that I. A. S. Farwell, agent
fbr John McNeill, Free Miner's Certificate No.
gUggg,and Daniel McNVi 11, Free Miner's i �����:-
titieatt* No.MJ73 intend, sixty days from the
date hereof, to appl v to the Mining Recorder
fbr a certificate ol iinpn>vement.s. tor the pnr-
poacof obtaining a Crown grant ofthe above
And further take notice that action, under
section M7, must be commenced beJore the issuance ofsti.-hcertirii-ateof improvements.
Dated this i-'th day uf November, lssm
Jan. Bod. W. A. 8. Fakwki.i,.
Situate m theSliM-Mii Mining Division of WY--
Kootenay District, no ''arpenter creek.
ii.nr tl.*- Greenhorn mineral claim.
Take notice that. I. A S. Farwell, agent to
Fred-rick .1. D inal.t-.rn. Free Miner's certrri-
cate No. liH.rtK).: John \V Swltzer, Free
Miner** Certificate No. ��>i.m��>: Charles B. M.--
CJuskey. Free Miner's Certttteate No tl^ti,
and William H. Todd, Free Miner's Certificate No (II.Mli. intend, sixty days from the
���tat.* beroot, to apply t<�� the Mining Recorder
tor a certificate >i imorovements, fbr the pur-
nose of obtaining a crown grant of tbe above
And further take notice that action under
section -17. must In* commenced before the i���
-nance ofsuch certlfjeat! of Improvements.
Dated this luii dav ��>r November, I***..
Jan. ind. ft. A B. FARWELL
Wild (i.Hise  mineral claim,
situatein the si.wan mining division of West
Cootenay district, on Nohle Five mountain.
Take noti.-e that I, A.s. Farwell. acting a-
iigent for tin* Nohle Five. Consolidated M4n-
ing and Milling Co.. (fbreign . fr.*��* miner's
cerOflcnte No.7?V��79,intend, -ixty days from
tbe date bereof, to apply to the Mining Re-
corder fbr a certificate of Improvements, for
the I'lirix*-.- of abtalnlng a Crown grant u!
th< sbo>> claim.
And further take notiee Ihi.t action, under
section -u. mu-t be commenced before the issuance ofsuch certificate of Improvementa
Dated tin-the liih da*, of January, \^>~.
Jan. i'ltli. 1*7. A. s.  FAKWFI.L.
Pirate mineral claim.
Situate in the -locan oiiniiu; divi-lon of \\ . -
Kootenav    district, sboul on.--.|u;irter >.i
one mile northeast ol the town of Cody.
Take notice that 1, A.S. Rarweli, acting as
agent for Thoniu- M.trk-. i"r��*e miner's certificate No   78JEti, intend, -ixtv days  from  th>-
��� lute hereof, to apply :*> tin* Mining    eoordei
for a certificate <>f Improvements. i��r the pur-
|mi-. ..f oiitniuiui a crown granl of the aiK.\.<
Vnd loitii.-i i��k>* notice that action, nndei
section *t7, nui-t be commenced btfon   the Is*
-Ui.n.-e   of-u.li c.-rt Iftcate  of imur-.v e'.I.IM-.
Dated t i-"th day of Ian nary, !>���:.
Jan. I6t h, 1897. \. S. FAR WELL
Starlight No. -i mineral claim.
Situate In Ihe a swan mining division of \\v--
Kootcna*. district :a��rtb nf.snd Kilning tin-
Last ''iiiin.��������� mineral claim.
Take notice tbat I. A.s. Ftrwell, acting as
sgenl for the l..��-t Clisnce Mining and Milling
en., free m Iner's certificate No, fsitwi, intend,
slxt] da>- from the date   hereof,   to  apply lo
tbe Mining Recorder tor .i certificate uf Improvements, for ihe purpose of obtalnlluj .i
. rown yrant .it tin* aix've claim.
And further *ake notice that aetlnn, undei
neetlon tt, must beemnmenced befbre tin i-.
-nan.* * of such eertlfleate ot Improvements.
Dated this 7th da*, ol lanuarv, it*>T.
.Ian. li.tli.ls.'.;. \ s. FAR a F.I.I..
Dav Daw*. Fka. iion Minkkai. CLAIM,
situate In the ������slocan Mlnlitu Division of West
Kootenay    Dtstrict,    In   the   . cGuigan
m.vc ciaun
And further take notice that aclioii.  undl
���ciion ST, mu*t bs commenced befiin tn.   -
uaiic- of such certitlcate of Improvamenta.
Dab d thi->tli .lay of De * mber. UWH
an. -ml, W \. **   I'onn.i.,
Laws that Give the Preacher a "Lead-
Pipe  Cinch" on the  People
Station, B. C.
Mr. Love's able discussion of
the Sunday law in your column?
has excited such general attention
that it uiay interest many of your
readers to know exactly what are
the chief provision* of the Sunday
Tlie British Columbia "Sunday
Observance Act'" simply brings into force three English acts enacted
by the Puritans between two and
three hundred years ago.
The most important provision
is that every person must resort or-
repair every Sunday to some
church, chapel, or some other
usual place appointed for common
prayer. Anybody who fails to do
so may be ��uuiinotied before a
Justice of the Peace an I fined
twenty five cents. The following
things are forbidden on Sunday:
To use. employ or travel with
any boat, wherry, lighter or barge,
without the leave of a Justice of
the Peace, fine Sl.'-'o.
To drive a team or a drove of
cattle, tine 15.00.
To expose to sale wares, merchandise, fruits, herbs, goods or
chattels. The penalty is the forfeiture of the goods, and. if they
cannot be found, the merchant is
to be placed in the stocks for two
To work at one's ordinary call,
ing. fine 11.25.
Drovers, horse-coursers, waggon*
ers, butchers and higler.-. may not
travel or come to a hotel on Sunday, under penalty of ���?.">.00, but
less desperate characters an* al
lowed to do so.
Almost the only thing which
the Puritans allowed on Sundav
was the sale and consumption of
liquor at hotels. The English
Puritans seem to have had little
sympathy with temperance and
were, in fact, perhaps a little like
the Scotch Puritans, whom the
Lord has always grievously afflicted with the sins of drunkenness
aud fornication, to keep down
their spiritual pride. But. at last.
in 181*1. this stain upon our laws
was removed by the Hon. John
Rohson, the Hon. .1. H. Turner
and others of the Lord's servant.*)
who were then charged with the
Government of British Columbia.
They made it illegal to supply
liquor on Sundays, except with
meals or to bona tide travellers.
But. in case anyone in Sandon
should be too downcast at tbi*
news. I may add that it is lawful
to supply liquor to anyone, for
medicinal purposes, on the order
ofa Justice of the Peace.
Yours Ac.
R. B. Kerk.
New Denver, B. C., Feb.22, 97.
Morning--l.<*<��v.*-Thrtv Forks*! !o'clock
tiSOTSS codjf at tl o'clock.
Afternoon:-I'<"v<'-    Thios   F>��rk*   nt   I
���'crack.   i.��-ii\.-s(<).|> ��t lo'doofc.
The Goodenough
The Finest Largest and
most Elegantly
Furnished Rooms
In the Entire Northwest.
W. K. Lei-j^ton
A. O.   Win.
$2 per Day. No Bar in Connect!.
Mrs. M. A. SMITH, Proprietress.
Are being earned by dealers purchasing   their
Grain and Feed
- -From the
South Edmonton, Alta.
"Boiled Oat-, a Specialty.''
Write or Wire for Price-
��� <
��� ��
��� ,
M      COAL.
h ore cars, ;;
h        (Apa m
H -ii rl M
H Fl si:. >��
U and
�� 4
TlNWAl.i:   m
Tin & Sheet Iron Worker.
We have just received a carload
of tine dairy salt at Kossland aud
Sandon.    Call and get prices.
Slocan Bakery!!
(Opposite Clifton House,)
Carries a Full Line of	
Confectionery, Biscuits. Bread, Pies.
Cakes. Wedflioi-cakes made
to Order, Etc.
Patronage  Solicited.
Slooaa wining Btocki bought  ind loid.   IV* bavt mottei t*   .:..
vehui g",..l  legitimate  j*t.-r<< t* for m  Inttraet, or will  bnv ||��� ,.,
o��it f'��r cash.	
Hon-'- for Sale or  t    Let  In  Cod)   and Baodnti
SI |Hl on tSc < a >.
���Have no** a Full Lite ����f
MrCALL \M> KXAMINF <����m��j>- *r��
B  C
McMartin & Currie
*S��% (groolf
Etc., Etc.
Dublin. Ireland.
Fine Watch Repairing
PHYSICIAN   AND SURGEON,     u* ,.*.,    I ,    ,      ,
watcuoiakeri   nml   ���Jeweler*'
Office: -Bootnt,  Not  I and 4.     *.*���������(... ��� -����������..,,���,���, j.-w.ir*,. i
CHftou How*, *���**���������*- -MHttan
_?ANDON - * BC    VV   llMl.Kl;. Mitr Bat
I- ..I,, -,| ihe beat pit.���**��� li
*-*.uiil..i) \., ..!.taii*
Beverages'  ;,��� Delicious
in   i \��i >   wi*
Call ��t  Ibe *SF_ f 7      .    ���
Hotel Ivanhoe.


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