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The Paystreak May 8, 1897

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Array THE
SAHDOM AID CODT, lay 8,1897.
Tin* Moat Important Tranimctlon*
nnd Nawa of the Wank.
The ('urrle eompr.-iw.ir has arriv-
t.l at SUverton.
The Idaho mine struck six feet of
clean ore laat week.
Tlte Corinth made a rich strike of
pare galena laat week.
Work is to be pushed on the Van-
*..uvcr Group, on Four Mile creek.
The Star has about 12.'�� men em-
ployed ami will coin lime work all
Several men have been put to
worktm Donald McKlnnon'* claims
near Three Fork*.
The Black Diamond and the Little Phil, at Ala* worth, rc*tiin**d
-hipping last week.
Keen stock haa been quoted at
.-���*.��� .60 on tbe Stock Rxchang.-* in
S|tokana and Rossis nd.
Tlie laid ontdiiit.it of tbe wagon
���.���ad from the Idaho mine will prevent hauling ore to the concentrator
r alwmt a month.
The miner* of Rowland have made
ipHeatlon for incoq*.tratiaa, to*ha
known aa the Western Kederation of
Miner**, Koatdaml branch. <
It Itt   report<*d   tbat an   Knglish
��� tttpany it* iicgtaiatlng for tlte par-
��� ha��e of the Alamo gixatp and are
now investigating the |��n��pi��rty.
Frank Wat-ton wa* In Samion laat
Wednesday. He will have fifteen
men working on tlie Fisher Maiden
��nd twenty on the Arlington thi*.
Mr. Sid Xorman, the Spo'anc
mining man. stopped at tbe Good-
enough Friday night. He it. here in
hi* inn-rest in the St. Kevcrne, and
b- ����u hi* way Fast.
The CodySloran Mining** Milling
��� '���inpntiy, limited liability, have applied for inc*��rj��*��ratlon. This com.
pnay haa been formed to work the
< i-nstant and Drutnlummon claims,
��� >n <'ui\* creek. Tbe trustee* are (I.
A. Farinl. W. 1.. OConnell. .1.  K,
< lark, 8. B. Hendee and F. L.Chris
The Waahingum concentrator will
Mart In a few day*. A snowslide
u*>k away part of the (tramway early in the spring but I*, now repaired.
They have enough ore in sight
to run for three "rears. This la
tme of the oldest mines in the Slocan, nml at one time paid Slo a ton
to haul the ore to Kaalo.
The (lalena Farm.
Robt. W. Wilson, traveling cor-
of thc "Mining ami
Scientific Pre**" has been visiting
SUverton and speaks enthusiastically of the  probable future of that
flourishing camp.   Mr. Wilson visited thc Galena Farm and stated yesterday:  "For some time past I have
heen  anxious  to see  the   Galena
Farm, principally on account of the
adverse criticism that  the Galena
Mines Limited has come in for at
the hands of some portion of the
Knglish and local newspaper press.
The princi'tal objection taken has
lieen that the company Is over capitalized, the nominal  capital being
placed  at l��50,OQO,      Mr. C. W.
Callahan allowed me the fullest opportunity for making an investigation, and this is what I found.    The
Galena Mine**, limited, has a thoroughly well prospected and proven
mining property, 200 acreain extent,
containing an  enormous body  of
h-ffh  grade concent rating galena.
At the present working shaft, now
down 200 feet, a level is ahout being
started both   ways  on   the   ledge.
There Is also a drift at the 100 foot
level.   Thc zinc met with near the
surface ha* disappeared, and as soon
as the nec��*s*ary machinery for working on a large scale is  in position
tbe mine will give monthly
more than sufficient to pay satisfact
ory dividends on a mneh larger capitalisation than ��550,000.    At present there is a good steam hoisting
and pumping plant.   This is to be
at onoe ivplaced by water power,
ami a 150 ton concentrator and air
compressor are now on the way to
tin*  mine.    With its ample water
power the mine will be  exceptionally cheap to work.   The working
���.haft is double compartment, and
all tbe development work is of a
most workmanlike ami sul*tantial
description.     The    owners   know
they have a good mine in the Galena
Farm  and  then*  ia no makeshift
work a Unit the  buildings,  machinery or workings.    The money of
the company is being spent economically on substantial improvements,
on which there will require to be no
subsequent tinkering,  and   which
will last during the life of the mine.
Without referring to my notes I cannot give you the actual rlgtirt** of
the underground workings and their
disclosures, but they are sufficient to
warrant tlie  statcmem    that   the
Galena   Kami   Is  a   great   mine.
Mr.    Callahan    makes   no secret
of    the  mine.     On the   contrary
he  Is justifiably proud of   show-
ing It to visitors.    Whatever aome
section of the newspapers may think
of it, the shareholders, who are the
most interested *>arties, will lx�� fully
satisfied with their investment when
the Galena Farm gets in full run-
ning order some time alxnit next
Local   Happenings Around ,and
About Sandon.
When in Kaslo go to the Royal
Col. Stone, of Kaalo, was in Sandon Wednesday.
A wagon road is being surveyed
along tour Mile creek.
A large addition is to be made to
Harris* big red barn,
E. K. Atherton haa gone to the
Hot springs for a few days.
Kev. G. A. Love and wife will
return from California  next week.
Mr. T. A. Noble, of Seattle, with
the Pelton Water wheel, is in Sandon.
When in Kaslo don't forget that
you can get a first class meal at the
Royal Cafe.
It is a good time of the year to
think of paving or planking the
street* of Sandon.
Alex Sproat, of New Denver,' is
building on Reco avenue opposite
the Clifton House.
E. Gold, of Vancouver, is going to
erect a hotel 40x100 feet, in the rear
of thc Sandon Hotel.
EfSutclUTe, from the Northwest
territories, is bringing in a slock of
rcturnatyj-eat*' finishing good*.
1 Judge Forin ha* been asked to
come to Sandon on May llth to preside in a number of cases.
Mr. Wilkinson, of the Vancouver
World, stopped here Friday night,
on hi* way East and to Europe.
A mod slide took out part of the
flume of the electric light plant,
which caused the dimness Wednesday night.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wilson and
Mass Nellie Wilson, of Olympia,
Wash., are visiting C. M. Wilson
and family.
G. W. Grimmett has just received
a handsome assortment of silverware, suitable for hotel and presentation purposes.
Mr. J. U. Robbins was at Nelson
this week, attending district meeting, but will preach at the Opera
House tomorrow evening at 7:30.
The popular representative Ben
King of the Trail Brewery, is in
Sandon establishing business'connec-
tion with his company ia. thc Slocan
Sandon realty is raising steadily.
A party has just given tMOO premium
for a three year least* on a lot on Reco
avenue, to put in a stock of general
The Methodist congregation in
Sandon have invited the Rev. W.
W. Baer, of Victoria, to become
their pastor. Mr. Baer has the reputation of being an eloquent
Don't forget that The Paystreak
is now equipped with an entire new
plant, new type, new press, new
stock, and can supply your wants
for anything in the line of printing.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
The Methodist congregation has
secured 1700 toward building a
church.    The grounds adjoin the
school house on the south, and
tender* for construction will be advertised for immediately. The
building will cost 11,500 and seat
250 people.
The Sunday school of Sandon is
growing rapidly. It is a anion
school. No less than five denominations, the Methodist, Presbyterian,
Baptist, Christian and Salvation
Army, being represented, and all
taking an active part in the work.
The school is held in the schoolhouse
at 2:90 every Sunday.
There are about twenty male
members ofthe Sandon tennis club.
Six feet of wire netting will be
around the sides on top of the skating rink, which will stop most of the
halls, aa the court is a large one.
The first game will be played some
dav next week. Ladies are admitted to the club without paying dues.
J. M. Harris' New Block.
C. A. Daruier, architect, has prepared plans for a three story mock
for J. M. Harris, adjoining the
building which he now occupies. It
will have a frontage on Reco avenue
of ninety feet and ran back to tbe
bluff. The ground floor will have
three store rooms and Quarters for a
bank, with a .vault, and an eattrance
in the cHhter of the building for the
upper floors. The second floor will
be otHot* rr*ora* and the third floor
will be arranged for a lodge room
and hall. The building will present
a handsome appearance.
Another Reco Dividend.
Thc Reco mine paid a dividend of
$50,000 April 30th. Februarv 15th
thev paid a dividend of $100,000,
and before incorporation 137,000 was
paid out, making $187,000 in all.
There will be no more ore shipped
until their concentrator and tramway is built, which will be in September, but the work of development will be pushed this summer, in
anticipation of making the mine a
steady producer. .
Police Court News.
Evan Corkish waa fined $20 and
costs for assault Thursday. The
complainant being a woman of the
J. J. Collins -was fined $1 and
costs, and put under bonds to keep
the peace as to W. E. Terrill. The
trouble occurred in Cody.
George Pearee, arrested for tbe
theft of a pair of blankets from the
C. P. R. station. Gave bail to appear later on.
No Stopping on the Pay qe.
Ahout seventy men are employed
on the Pavne, and work will be
continued right along. The wagon
road will repaired as soon as possible. No ore can be shipped until
this is done. It is stated on first-
class authority that this property is
paying its owners $65,000 a month.
Knights of Pythias.
All those who have signed petition
for charter and those wishing to do
so are requested to be in attendance
at Crawford's Hail, Tuesday evening, May llth at 8 o'clock.
��    ?�����������.���   _ l
. tJte
n. ���r���
A Griat of Local Item* Gleaned
in the Past Week.
Harry Stege is breaking ground
for a hotel adjoining the Newmarket, New Denver.
John Goetse is starting a brickyard at New Denver, intending to
supply the Slocan country.
For all kinds of laundry work go
to the Sandon Laundry. Special
rates to hotels and restaurants.
F. W. Bailey was here Mondav
in the interest of the May 24th celebration at Slocan City- and Brandon.
For the finest washing in lace curtains and blankets go to the Sandon
Laundry where you can get the best
work in the Slocan.
J. M. Harris lias gone east intending to visit a number of cities in
Canada and the United States, and
will be absent about, two months.
Mr. C. D. Rand, of tbe firm of
Rand & Wallbridge, is in New York
city on inining business. He is expected to return in about two weeks.
A large number of claims in the
Slocan are under bond, and onlv
wait the going off of the snow to
commence development work and
.taking up the bonds.
On account of the soft snow in the
mountains, mining men are unable
to show claims to outside parties,
which will keep a number of deals
hack till tbe snow goes off.
The Mascot, about one half mile
above the Ruth, has a tunnel in 105
feet, and is pushing work to crosscut
the ledge, which is very large on the
surface. A. H. Bloomenauer is
Tlie Evening Star and Keystone,
two claims on the North Fork of
Carpenter Creek, have just been
bonded by Leighton & Williams to
Toronto parties for $25,000. 10 per
cent. down.
It is reported that one of the resident* of the lower end of Reco
Avenue, known as "Wild Cat," attempted to leave the joys and sorrow* of this life by the belladonna
route last Sunday, but wa* prevented by a doctor and a stomach pump.
The proposed legislation at Victoria requiring aliens to take out
citizenship papers before locating
mineral claims, has been the principal topic of discussion iu Sandon
lately, and there is a general feeling
of satisfaction now that the bill has
heen rejected.
Mr. G. W. Grimmett ha* just had
made a very pretty setting of native
quartz in a ring for Mrs. Barber.
. This was in the nature of an experiment, as the attempt ha* never been
tried before with native quarts, and
both the jeweller and owner are well
pleased with the result.
Dr. Power has removed hi* office
to the Grimmett block.
Mr. F. S. Andrews, of Slocan City,
passed through town Wednesday,
after having successfully passed an
examination for call to the bar and
admission as solicitor.
Preparations are being made in
Sandon to commence operation on
the Lucky George on Lemon creek.
D. J. McDougal, formerly manager
ofthe Ruth, will have charge. The
property comprises three claims, the
Lucky George. Beaver and Inn is-
fail. This ledge is rose quarts, 45
foot wide and four foot paystreak,
giving au average assay of $50 in
The Argo mine will commence
work about the 15th of this month,
driving the lower tunnel and sinking on the ore chute. Tbe management expect to ship about a car a
week. On the surface, for a distance of thirtv feet, where it has been
stripped the lead is four feet wide,
the ore assaying 94 to 120 ounces
silver and 70 per cent. lead. The
mine adjoins the townsite on tbe
Five New Concentrator*.
At least five new concentrators
will lie built in this district this summer, and two of them will he in
Sandon. The Reco expect to have
their concentrator in operation some
time in September. The Reed and
Robinson will build a short distance
below Sandon. The Galena Farm
will build at or near Sil verton. Tlie
Lucky Jim on Bear Lake and the
Montezuma on Kaslo creek will also
put up mill*. All these mill* will
build tramways from the mines to
the mills. The Payne mine will
build a tramway from the mine to
the warehouse on the railroad track,
but do not need a concentrator as
the ore is clean mineral.
These mills will allow the mines
to be run all the year round, and
will be a great addition to the wealth
of the whole district.
The Pa I met a.
Ifflnorted and Domestic Gtgars
mieoB, l^lfareltts and Piufs,
PLayins: Cards and Poker Ckins.
dr. e. p. Youm
M  D. a M .
F*ormerlv at tlie Wl**mlt****�� iiemnl Motn����l��l
Office over Palace Saloon, IConnt 9.
Sandon,  B. O.
kaslo        ��� a. c
Will be ��l Hotel H-tlriKi-r-iI. in Xtanttrjit.
am* ��� month.
Watchmakers and Jewellers
I'lufHM and
f. L. Ghratm. |_ L B *
Bowser, Gift 4 Mi
BABRHTKR8, .....
-::��� VOTARIKS.
Firat  Bank EetabUahed in the
B8I1. Of BriOsIl GOU.
liM-nf}tr*mtrd hy ttttyot Vtmrtet �������;
��� pila'-1 t��!lli t��'t#rf lu ltM>r��nt-*j
HnM-r.r a
r.v.*. ������
W*����>h*-ji, floct*. nnd   Jvwelty
���atr-wlrt* nun-hit*-.
W. II \i.i.kk. Mgr.
H** ni Ion.
The Palmeta, on the summit above
the Wonderful, 1* doing development work. J. K. Clark and W. A.
Wright took a bond in Febrdary on
this property and made the final
payment.on t#e 17th of last month.
Work is to be pushed and the owners
expect to be shipping ore in sixty
days. There are two veins. Tlie
ledge on vein No. 1 is from four to
six feet wide with a paystreak of
from four to twelve inches. The
tunnel i* in on the lead 56 feet, In
ore all the way. Vein No. 2 is six
to ten feet, well defined, and work
will be begun on it a* soon as the
*now will allow. Five men are employed at present and aa soon as accommodations can be put up more
men will be put to work. The ore
give* 172 ounces silver and 70 per
icent. lead.   This claim adjoins the
Queen Bess, on the same vein.
Stationery, f
r      Confectionery,
Cigar* and Tobacco.
F. J.  Donaldson
the raueeisT,
Hit* Jtfc*t 8ac*iv��.| * !_������a A*��attntmut ot
Drug Sundries, Pipes, Imported
Cigars and Stationery.
o    o    Imported Perfumei a Specialty.
Homo OfU*** *a Ia��a����*r��ri4i ���**i-��-t. Ui-it...
In Hrtti.li ��\>lomM�� ���
V;*ti��t_��.    Votmmtrot,    **#���#   W trail m��i������t."t
NftiMtmn    K��mk����fr*,     SKLhO*.
K.\MU�� una  *ASt**X.
inlaw*!* ISwirMi.
tn Hi* t'DlWNt maw-*-.
l**��i. Irwa-w.. omt  ftortbutd
Af ntaan* CmrommponOonto.
t'AXAOA CmttmAimn Hank at Vomnteee.
We-r-rhBOla Hank at t'mtmmt. Tin* Mniwxt.
Hrutk. Itn**a*n��t Hank at <j����a4s omt Hook ot
Snvn mntn t�� t*XrfKt> WTAO**:-
(>��iMt<tl*ii Hunk at t~nnton**m iAwrw* ��� .�����
Tortu Oouk at Sato **omm. i%Wtmt*. It,.
I^mdn-n and Mnn f mt.r*t��**��. think U4 . T#r����
nm; thr t*omyt tknnt SoAkmmt tk��nk. m*m,Ulr
TjV I t-iMiiifjT N��twm_-I flank. r*|wt*��*a��
*��f Ait*tn.l��*-��.    HO**.OI.t*l.l;-matV.|. A  ���
l>UiJtMtr4TtM In
In-vMt-.f-Ja-t i,jr fU.>r*| (tuinrr in t��*��
Notary Public,
SANOON.      . |,c.
Pat* Ue Caanai.
Hooormo Fun*,
a*. auu.wee
|^n)4*t#i ofllnr-
-a km*-*nt.  Ian**.  I'wt*.**-���
mrret. *��. t
Comet of Oiraetar*.
J. H.Umdiav J^trt laauwf-U'..i*.at.*f I *"���*
I M. oiyn. H#��r* K   Wot
Arthur Mini-  II I. H. Kaw4i.lt. -J. 4
nr, Ktfht.nl
r 11.m .
l.ul-hnHt.   tMttnrtrtj-
irnt*  t*:��l
n. wi..*
In rear of Crawford '* Blacksmith Shop.
mrtotory, A. fl. W��i.M*.
It���'|ot*jWiiM>i*t!*--M J��m-MM��.. M.Mit<**-��*
4a4*n<>���I   MftWqtOr. |r����|��r-rl.>'
���matia*a la Oaaaaa.
I^mtlnn, llmntfttni, I'ftrl*, M��ini��t.*.T.-*" ���
Ut. K infat.rn. iMta<���. Monlf����i. Wrtr'-- ***
J��hn,.< H.: fenaiitltm. Win nip.*, tioo. rf*^
rrtt-tt-wi. M. It.: lUlifc*. ***.a.; VH<-<r---rt��. >��"
<ihj**t, KtTjjaate-o*.Mnrnlnn. Komkn, Trml* rr*.t>
Aflant* In tn* Unite* ttatas
���-.Mukiiitr:  tH.I N-.lt.itwl Bfthk ��n��l Tt-i-  ���
Nullonnl Hunk     Sem Xntk: <*4 Willi M*-*'
W. 1-t-trt.tn ��n4 .1. i*. Wrlsth    fon Vrof '- ������
(IM Hnn��fH����*H<r��ri, H. M. I. M��*MI*r*hiM'l ��"���'
J. K. Antbi'iMM.
Lan**a Sanhara.
The Hank of r.umlmntt mid HtmmtK UlyuA*'
rAtmiQti Anant*.
tAverttttol. Hunk at  Uvrrnur.l.     l*--��-��l������'��-
Nntlonnl   Itank of f*t*%nt*o\iAnot"'    "'
hroiirlM*   lirwiid. I'mrtnUI  flunk ol I"
Uind, 14a.. ���tid hmrtrlH*. WailaiMil .B**"**;
Ltd.. wnd limnr-bM. Au*tr**iu.. I'nkMi n*����h "
AiM.tn-.l_.. Md.   Nr* mmbuttt. Vntott M����->
Auntmiiji  Ud.   indift. CThiiw,   ����'��� J"i"'*_
Mmwtiiiilli. (tonk 4* IrTrtU  lAd.   Atir- ����*"���*
Ud.    Wtot  Iodic**, Onlonbml    Hwika    I1-';*���
I'rwlli Lyuaniilit.
���taaSaa. B.
C a
'���: r:
The I.ir�� Of llnrou OroUluiui Who tiled
In MoqUum.
Helena,  Mont ���Baron   Max   Von
Crotthaua, who died on Clark Brothers
ranch, near Great Falls, Friday^ had
a strange and romantic career,    lie
was only about 35 year* old.    lie
was of a rich, noble, and old family
in Russia, and when he left St.  Pet
eisburg, in 18H5, he was a lieutenant
in thc csar* guard*.   lie was an in
vetcrato gambler, fond ot all kind* of
���port, a favorite with men and the
pet of women.    Ills reputation was
that he went a faster pace than any
other man in bis regiment     That
fsst pace sent the baron to New York.
There he met two Yale men,  Bain-
bridge and W. a Clarke.   Tbey too,
were rather too rapid for the home
circle and their father Anally bought
them a ranch on the Milk River, near
Great Fails.   Ahout tbe only thing
the baron knew by which he could
turn an honest penny was how to ride.
He didn't care to follow the example
of some of his countrymen in this
ountry and turn ruling master, so be
applied to Clark for a job on  the
ranch.   Clark frankly told the lotion
that the only employment that could
lie had on the ranch was that of a
sheep herder, whose **ay was $40 a
month.   Tbe baron agreed to take
ihe job, ami went to Montana at onee.
Before that lie had never known
what It was to dress himself without
Uie  aJMtJstaiwe ��>l  a body servant
When he reached the ranch be
donned thc garb ol a cowboy, took a
herd ot sheep and a shepherd dog and
went out to tlie feeding ground. Nobody <Hi the ranch ever heard him
complain ot the character of his worn,
nor ol the very solitary life he was
compelled to litre. He did whatever
be was told to do, and did it welL
There come* to a cowboy now ami
again the chance to siiow the stuff
there i* in him. Arefra.torv steer,
or a stamped* of a drove of cattle
famishes the element tit danger to
thc cowboy* lite. But to take a doc
lie flock of sheep out to the feeding
grounds and sit round and watch an
Intelligent dog do more than a man
could do in looking out for thc flock,
is work that calls neither for much
intelligence nor much bravery and
furnishes hardly a possible chance tor
adventure, if a man wants to call
another man a bad name be calls
him "a damned sheep herder.** Once
the epithet is ptwted. there is usually
a job for an undertaker.
It wa* **a damned sheep herder,"
then, that tbe scion ofa noble Russian
family and a former lieutenant in
the czar's guard had liccome.
For eleven year*, and until he died
lie did t��*at work, and received tor
his labof $40 a month, payable once
a year In the winter. Then it was,
after pav day, that the naron was
hlmsclt again. As quickly ai he
could pack his trunks, he started for
Helena. Tho drcs* ot the sheep
herder wa* cast aside, and when Von
(Jrotthaiisaynearod In the Montana
capital be was attired as faulllesoly
aa the best,dressed man In New York.
r>crybody of anv prominence In
Helena knew the baron, knew hi*
birth and breeding, and the house ot
every member ofthe Helena ''Four
Hundred'' was open t> him. ror
a Unit a month he would enjoy bis
rehabilitation. He occupied the best
suite of room* in tlie best hotel in
Helena, and plaved faro for an high
stakes as he could. His winnings
were often heavy, but he wn* never
*u ,ied_,�� 8t0P p,ny when be was
ahead of the game. Consequently he
always finished hi* vacation without
enough money to settle his hotel bill.
A man who knew him well told
this story of him yesterday:
'When the baron came to Helena
he would make things lively while
he stayed, and he stayed as long as
his money Iteld out. That was usually about a month. Thc faro bank
dealers looked forward to his coming
because they knew that tbey would
get most of the money he' brought
down from the ranch with him.
"With all his iondness for gambling
and hi* propensities for borrowing
money, be was strictly honest. He
never drew any money at the ranch,
save once a year except to pay tbe
debt* and the loans he made while
on his yearly spree. He never returned to Helena in debt. ������Honorable himself, he expected others to
be honorable with him. When he
found dishonesty he was not slow to
brand it I remember seeing him at
a faro hank one night in the highest
toned gambling joint in Helena.
There were a number of persons present. Sitting next to thc baron was a
young fellow who was drunk, and
who had been losing steadily all the
evening. After a time fome of those
at the table noticed that the baron
seemed to lose interest in his own
play, ami was watching tbe dealer
Intently. Suddenly tbe baron quietly
"Before this g***me goes on you must
pay thc bet ot the gentleman sitting
on my right. You have been stealing his chips for the past hour.'
'The dealer was on his feet in a
moment. Staring at the baron rs
if be would annihilate him, lie exclaimed:
"���You lie! You damned sheep
herder, take that!'
And the dealer had slapped thc
baron's face. The baron never so
much as raised hi* band, although
the room was in an uproar. Looking
at the dealer steadily for a moment
he said, in tlie same quiet tone:
" Oh, yes, Ira a sheep herder,
snd a very good one, I fancy. A
liar, though, 1 am not. You have
insulted me and have assaulted me.
I meet you with your own weapons.
Step out from behind that table, and
we wilt see who can punch the harder."
" "Bravo, baron!' cried a dozen
men.   We're with you to a man.'
"Thank vou gentlemen. It is
really very good ot you, but I need
no assistance. This man lt��ks like
a cur, as he is a thief.'
������The dealer made a sudden movement for his hip pocket. But before
he could draw his pistol, the baron
held two beautiful guns right under
his nose.
"Two can play at most games,
my dear sir,' WM the baron's remark,
as he drew the guns. 'I've played
this one befbre. Please withdraw
your hand from your pocket. Your
pistol might go off*
���The dealer withdrew his hapd,
leaving his pistol where it was.
������ Now said the baron, reiurn to
this gentleman $225 to which he is
entitled, and do it quickly, or I will
lie forced to see il I can shoot clear
through vour head.'
���*Tua dealer hesitated for a moment. The triggers of the baron's pis-
tol clicked. The room was as still as
still as a prairie at midday. The
dealer heard the click. He knew the
baron would keep his word, ant slow
lv heeounted out the money.'
Evpi*. tt. WMh.
3H U|tt*i*r Brook St., London,
Meinln-n*. of the Ko*d_iid mom Exoli.iiiiye
aii��l Ifcnrd Ot Trade.	
Cable Addres**���* Hknxisox."
M oreing and Neal,
dough's (new and old),
Hcd'ord McNeill.
and ABC Coder*-**.-^r��- Wfc.
"T* / E solicit correspondence with parties having
\ A / meritorious raining properties for sale, and _
Jlii^ beg to say tbat we have connections in tha
principal cities of Canada, England and tbe United
States, and are in daily receipt of inquiries for
developed mines and promising prospects
In active mining operations and reduction ot ores,
and a Jknowledge of the different raining districts of
B.C. enables us to furnish reliable and competent
information pertaining to mines and mining
References jjiven.
ining matters. A
Bank of Montreal.
Capital (all paid up) $12,000,000.00"*
Reserved fund   ::    6,000,000.00
Undivided profits :   :     859,698.40
Sir Donald A. Smith, G.C.M.G. President.
Hon. G. A. Dri-mmond, Vice President,
RSt(_1x��jsT0X, General Manager,
A. Macnider, Chief Inspector A Supt. of Branches.
' A. B. Buchanan, Inspector of Branch returns.
W, S. Clouston, Assistant Inspector.
James Aird, Secretary.
Branches in all parts of Canada, Newfoundland, Great Britain, and
the United States.
New Denver Branch
A general banking business transacted
would not
think it...
But it's true.
We carry a fall line ot Bar and
Table Glassware, Toilet Sets,
Crockeryware, Lamp Chimneys,
Wall Paper, Window Shades,
Carpet Squares and Hugs.
Also the largest and best line of
Ladies', Gents' and Children's
Boots and Shoe* ever brought
into the Slocan. Our stock includes the latest novelties in
Neglige Shirts, Neckwear, Hats,
Caps, Men's ami Bov's Clothing, Macintoshes, Umbrellas, etc.
f-1 H
Is issued every Saturday in Sandon, tn Om heart
of the greatest White Metal camp on earth.
Strictly In advance.
Address: The Pay*���kak, Sandon, B.C.
SANDON. B. C., MAY 8, 1897.
There is an old saying that all tha
world loves a lover, and it appears
tbat one who sufficiently loves his
country comes onder this "heading-
Tims the Greek has always been beloved because the man who wore the
name in .ancient times was always
willing to sacrifice himself for the
land of his birth. With one accord
tbe sympathy of tbe more refined ot
the nations which are alleged to be
civilised goes to tbe Greek, not so
much because civilised people like
Greece as tbat they hate Turkey, and
Greece has a historic name. ���
It mutt be remembered that the
Greek of today is not the Greek of
Thermopylae and Marathon, fbr he is
an enthusiastic and somewhat unstable peraon, who is more willing to
lose his life in a fight than to pay his
debt in a commercial transaction. Ha
is so near like the Turk *-��|^���
dress and eTeo;thiog but religfcn^^ ^ th|U the
ne feel* a little uncertain |,___. __t->.*_r.--**vl_~���.-_ ���-���������
name, that one feels'a little uncertain
about embracing him as a type of the
oJdSperten race.
While all these facts most be bocoa
in mind, we like Greece because he
is the little fellow and apparently the
under dog in tbe fight. He Is vaatly
outnambered,and if nobody interferes
he will receive a most unmerciful
Yet the name amounts to mneh, and
tbe hatred ot the Turks amounts to
more, and tbe alleged Christianity of
the Greek amounts to most
We need not waste mneh of our sympathy on tbe religious phase of the
question, for all that is possessed of
piety by the average Greek would
neither make or unmake a revival in
a township church.   Like the Turk*,
they are almost altogether formalist*,
and their religion is pot on and off
with their Sunday attire.     King
George is too much of a hero, and bis
sons have been conspicuous in a time
of trial, but they are no more Grecians than the Greeks themselves are
the Inheritors of the blood and tenets
of those who fought the splendid battles against the invaders of old. They
may be able to whip Turkey as Japan whipped China, but on the torfuce
there is no reason to expect It, though
without doubt there are many facts
which would Incline the uninformed
writer and reader to believe that tbey
sre the mere poppets, as also are the
Turk*, of tbe great Powers who surround and influence them.    These
gi-eatPcrweTwrnay permit Greece to
be whipped or insist on Turkey re-
ceiving the thrashing. At this great
distance we can neither tell the true
meaning ot the war nor the probable
outcome of it
Of one thing we may be sure, the
Greek National Society has had a
very large hand in this fight and the
secrecy of its operations and the splendor of its expenditures cannot but excite the admiration of the world. This
society Is composed of rich Greeks
who live In various part* ofthe world
but mostly in England and Turkey.
It Is said by well-informed English
newspapers that their money has
kept Col. Vsssos in Crete and tbe
Greek navy upon the sea, and their
influence is likely to bring help to
.he little warrior who is competing
against such odds. The diplomacy
of this society and tbe interweaving
of relationship which makes the
Greek -Tilers the cousins, or uncle**, or
sons-in-law of everybody amongst the
Powers, may have and effect which
we cannot foresee. All who write,
write in tbe dark; all who read, read
the efforts of those in the dark. But
one thing at least we can corapre
beud, even though we cannot appro
ciatelt aud that Is the horror* of
On those fair plains and in those
magnificent mountain passes,  nnw
never silent, the killing ot men i* goon at an exu*aoi*dmajy rato^ We
TSefleve" that the human heart
loss oTXmf mtiWror tbe brother, the
husband or the son, is a terrible thing,
made >itteoIartv terrible by tha
fact that we cannot bory tbe one we
love and build at least some rode
monument to bis memory. If all Europe Is plunged into war this story of
���laughter will go on until its magnitude appalls us and we think that being killed in battle Is the most honorable and ordinary of deaths.
We In Canada can neither influence
nor understand this whole business-
we can only wait and wonder. In
waiting and wondering perhaps tha
price of wheat will interest as more
than the stream* of blood and tsars
which are started by the cry ot war.
Very well, it to only the old atory of
tha now somewhat aged earth; nothing very mneh matter* which does
not happen to ourselves, and our good
impulses and our pacific desires are
very unlikely to extend into saying
or doing anything which will cause
the market to drop.
This is wicked and worldly, bat It.
I* true.   If Greece and Turkey and!
the nations of Europe see fit to fight, |
that most pacific of all creature, the
farmer, will plough, and *ow, and
reap, and chuckle whan he market*
hi* grain if the price indicate* that
the ''times are better.
are impassable. A dirt road badly
made iu the first place and kept op
badly-or not at all-is always an
expensive affair to those who are
obliged to use it, and is softer**) to
exist generally because very few peo.
pie realise how moch money a good
road would save for them. Tbe
movement tor better roads has had
good effects in many parts of the country and its further extension is very
desirable. Of course, there are districts which must suffer on account ot
their location, which makes building
very costly, or because their traffic is
too small to warrant the incurring of
moch expense; hot there are many
where a united effort could secure a
great Improvement In this respect In
many mining district* also road material 1* plentiful and tbe cost ot making good highways would not be
great. Tbe addition of .MX) pounds to
the average load of a team may not
seem very important by itself, but tt
tnay make a very considerable di|
ference in expense* in tlie course of a
year. We have in mind a case
where the outlay ol" $5000 on a road
by the owner* of a quarry was repaid
to them in leas than two years by the
saving in expense*; and a member
ofthe firm ���who wa* at first opposed
to the expenditure���said afterward*
that no one payment by the Ann
brought In a more direct or hotter return than the $f*00or $600 a year It
cost to keep the road In good condition. Not every mining district can
have a railroad; but nearly evervI
one can have a decent road If It goa* I
to work with* will.
*"�� ORE CARS.
________________ crCo.
Shop* nt Handon,  KcUton,  Kaalo,
Ainsworth and guartx Creek.
I* tha J'l<M>e*c House nt the Cltt
C. D. Rand. I). 8. Wallbbiix.k
Mining, and Stock Brokers,
Notaries Public       and        Conveyancers,
Mines bought and sold. .Stock* iw sale In all E C mine*.
Official brokers fbr Wonderful Uroop Mining Co.
Kootenay agents for Bondholder Mining Co., fk   Ke.verne Mining Co
"hornlx Consolidated Mining Co, andTwo friends MineOaastock*.
H��htI^Jn��tt^���rXlhfrJ!^^ L" ********-**.   Ttarawhlv
An_*___* toi&ilv .te���!,1^' ���"ST* _��M-4--rt^lllS.rK
whil. you wait ��7Kp_^*ta^*^**_*_.**^ ���*��� I*****"*-
where vou call cat a thin*    fu^i.i���^TT      .,he ""J I*t0�� in lown
At this season of the year many!
mining district* are realising very
forcibly tbe disadvantages and costs
of poor roads. We hear continually
rfjSWiL*^ ob*
mining supplies became the roads*
Aiasia��� -Agent fbr-
8ANDON, B.C.     flm. .. Ali��wo��*,. KmIothI Ham.���,. THE   PAYSTKEAK.
Hl-HH   T*>   0**14*  W��W>��-
______ -i
op-m..�� otmtrltmUm. WIU tWSM
!_��*��� Svpsiter.
l��LUTn, Minn.,-With the
fnavigation thlseity promisMtolosa
lore than halt its idle men, hundred*
whom are now doing In eunny
��rncrs and watching the toe waste
Kl blacken. They nave caught the
ild fever from the few who have
ecu un in the eastern end ofthe
Lake of the Wood* and West
iwrio gold fields, and who have re-
irned with stories of wonderful duv
jverie* of the yellow metal. Those
riw have returned at all hav*-. come
-wo simply to dose np local boslness
nd put themselves in shape to go
ick and try again. Not a man ot
lmt is enthusiastic over the
iture of the gold fields of the Seine,
lariitou, Wablgoon, Rainy Lake and
rilsitary waters, which ar* very
listinci and entirely separate from
���hat 1.1 known as the Lake ot the
Tunis and Kat Portage gold fields,
jirh probably oftbetame forma
on. Members of one prominent firm
mining men, who figured on tbe
leulu. and Vermillion ranges in
kieir boom days and who have fbl-
Ucl the iron mining business for
Fiats, have Just returned from a
mnd visit to the Lake ol the Vtoods
d Maoitou country and are now
sparing to move to Rainy Lake as
f mi *s navigation open*. One ot tbe
.ember* of this firm, who ban ex
rn prospector, says that tbe new
lines on tha boundary line between
Qoaaota and Ontario promise to
ib with tm$ fmp fotdmming van-
ir*i intl*e<nuttry a*soon a* jjhcil*
are provided tor getting out the
snd awsbJag it. "H* dlatrlet
to new aid (acuities fcr taking In
icbinery are so meagre that more
w is oeosssary to bring remlta
in in some other new gold mining
-���on*, but the rook once workable
all tree milling aad readily mined,
hehardtlrocaofthe past few years
:�����*���* prevented rapid program, as
Ihere ha* been but little money for
Investment in the nonhweatern coun
irv and the region has been too ill
mown for outside Investors to occupy
Itmjuara* trom $16,000 to $80,000
������ the lowest to put in the neoessary
jlant for mining gold la the Rainy
lake countrv, and It Is because of
���his tsct that so little American money
has so f��r gone Into the region* com-
|l��red with that Invented by tbe Can*
"(iian* and   tha English.     Say* a
inining man: *1 met two men on my
hirst trip to the Kainy eountry who
lluvd a fine claim and who eipeoted to
Irralize a large sum from Its sale.
���'���'���'m sheer want they were finally
|f��ned to accept $1,500 for a three
11-fa interest, with a down payment
H only $Hfi.    The property Is now
'"l��l at $25,000 and Is on the eve of
I turning out metal.    There is plenty
"i gold in the eountry bat It rerulre*
p1"' investment  of many tliousands
I'xiore one can expect return*.
With the opening ot navigation the
|��t��amer Diion, running from here to
"it Arthur on tbe Canadian Pacific
'���silroad, will be crowded fbr many
1 tin wUh raan K��lnrT lnto tn�� ****ff*on'
while tbe canoe andstage route from
this city via Tower wtllbe blackwlth
men and freight teams as soon as the
������l is in condition
. (i��W to the value ot $7,500 was
f!2^'-H-f?*lto��l|.J **** ****
f S,1?! *_->������work ��* *��* **�� *** <*
���he vein by a ten-stamp mill, making
about $18 to tlie ton, free milling.
The milt has been in operation for
about six weeks, with considerable
Malays at the beginning, aad has
out some $13,000.    New and
���Tier machinery ie now on   the
wav and large compressors will be
operated there this year.
At the Hawk Bay mine, on the
opper Seine, some thirty men are at
work, and several buildings are going op and three shafts down. Assays show the ore to be of a value of
$90 to the ton. A ton is on the way
to Toronto for a mill test At the
Saw bill In the same region, trom
twenty to thirty tons of machinery is
coming in dally from the nearest
station, and forty teams are at work
on the road. The shaft is down 150
feet and three drifts are being run.
all in rich ore. A ten-stamp mill
has been hauled in, forty mile, by
team, over roads that are almost, 'nip-unable, and is now set up ready to
run. Some very* rich rock wa* taken
from tbe Upper Manitou to Fort Frances this week, no assays have l>een
made, but past tests ��how colors that
are evidently very fine.
IflrUaalkv^mt   hu'twnd   Id ���UU hln.
4mUi  ricU'-nttl Am wm ���i-tr*mdert lady  from
Im OrteMM,    I W<wl*ln*t. Mid tlw CMroito w<.-
mm ; I'd <���-. - dlvurrc and ttick him tot -lunaoy.
-Town Toflo*.
The Newmarket
New Denver, B.C.
Uata^trimUietaiiluofilwbcwtlful Slocan Lake, aod gtnAo ma alt upon
the balcony aiid g-a**.* a**oa Um-*-nu^
Tte*t*ejxr>��t��a]rf_MatotBiceOtMt  The*-*)o*-ftta*����alryanddeca^^
ktmtraulteof the waUpaper art  The exterior ot tbe hotel la painted to color.
that!r_uiiionl-eirtthtlMideall��tte The Dining Boom b alwaya pro
vided with food that k tarty, dt***bfe and aatiafjrlng to the lowtnamy of
mwi Thenarlanpleti with the moat modern, aa weflaaancient brand.of
nerve prodncera.
Ooldtmgs, Rllver Il-mtornta, Canadian C^taUata, I-toapecton, Min���,
Tendraiaet, Ten Mile Uniionalraa and Pilgrim, of every ahade In irJIHca^re.
Ujfion or wealth are wekamemt thh tour*.
main for the Newmarket when you mrh Um Skx-ui metropom ax��d do tMt for-
<r**4 to landlord'a name; kh
Henry Stege.
Kootenay Mercantile Tailoring Co.
Th* rtrknt mtneral tmtkm
.4 Um wtjn-Vrliil KomnuT
Has over 50
SLOCAN     nonoOto    for
��|tttnlt-a hull
Wet ore claims
from $1,000 up .
oeo. ti. SUCKLING.
Silver-ton. B.C.
We have
A large invoice of
tbe Kitchen.
We al��ocarry a full line of
*"d Furnishings.
Sandon and itoasland.
Hunter Bros.
Dry Goods, Gent* Furnishing.
Opposite The Clifton House is
presided over by MISS SMITH.
Dealer iri MEATS
���: AT
Kobkrt Macdonald
Neil Macdonald
MACDONALD  BROS., Proprietors.
Rates 91.50 to 12.50 per day.
Headquarters for Mining Speculators and Capitalists.
Reco Ave., - Sandoq, B.C
Thos. Brown & Co.,
Sarjdorj, B.C.
Dealers in
New Goods constantly arriving. ���r���
Recoi-ded at Xew Denver.   Uw  Aoosmmento
Tran-dt-n* aad Lo-ratlou*-.:
Monitor���Slocan Monitor Mi-iiu-* Co
Kaalo, Almo, Ora���*i O Henderson
St Aabtn. Alma, Forlorn Ho-*���\V 1. C-lIanau
Side Hill-W Emkngnw
Silver Rev-Silver Kay Mlnimr Co
Jennie No 3���Jaii MeDonaM
Mammoth No 4��� Ed Baum
Elvira-G D Marttn
lUisv���S 8 Cameron
Surlijrht No ���V-La* Cbanre M A M ��*o
Wild fjroorK-Noble Wtvo I oiMwUdau-d MAM
Day Dawn Frartlon-M O llonadian
Monitor No *-0 A I-etty
HuMler Fractkin���Erneat Harrop
Blackwood���Bank of Montreal
Fmetlon���Oafe-ia   Farm, Edward
Combination���Slocan lake, Matt Dolan
detail��� Three Forks, John Lamont
Keytjlooe-Fonr MBe, Frank Ryan
Ma Mere���New Denver, H M Walker
Seattle-Eight Mile, W L Nicholmn
Golden Rte:----ne��_C��Lri* a ranch, J H Cory
-   l>li*nce��� Lemon, w If WHIto
Shamrock���Carpenter, P H Kennedy
April t��
i'yramid-Goat. John R I Still
Oalk.v Wnt-l*vnvm. Fred J Smyth
K**d Am���aame, W C MeOmror
Gold N*aggn  niwi, John L McRae
Xoble Four���aame, Malcolm (ameron
Little Bonanza, .maw. E M Teeter
Caledonia Fractional��� mme. A E Teeter
\VilU*-d-SUvertoa, P Wnkkm, H P llragdon,
Evening Sun���weat aide Skican lake, NF Me*
Morninar Son���mm, W H WiUts
Anna Fractionai-1. Mile, G A Farini
PhUip���Payne moantaln. Charlotte Henderaoa
Maid of the Mkt F*r��rtianal-Carpentcr. Prter
Eagle���N E of Roartmrf, Jotwph Wright
MoUcy Riley-Carpenter, Heonr!Howell
Cunon-X E of Roaetery, G j*Otnbble. Ellen
Sparta-Slocan river, W L Ca'lanan
Sudro���Fennell, John La��r��M
Kodac -*_ut*. U tTWaBtartdar
Early Bird-fen Mile. RI KJlrkwood
Mav 1
tilaagow��� Rear lake. Erneat J Dobie
El A-har Fr_ctiuo-aanje, Robt William.. Wm
City ol Glamm-Elght Mile, F L Byron
Superior-Four Mile, Chas Gardner. J s R id
Vanity Fair���SiiriBger, Stephen Tiipp
Marie F-east Slocan lake, S H Warren
AU Atom-Cedar. Edward Brown
Western Boy-Three Fork*, Michael Me And
Wandering Jew���name
New Brnnswiek-U Mile, Thoa Row-w
O mural'���Falia creek, John Campbell
Windnor-Falla View, G A Farini
Garryowen��� Wiiaon, J H Currie
Grace-nraoe, R R Eaubook
Lake Show���west Slocan lake. J C Butler. Ran
doljih Saundern.
Louvber���Carpenter, J T Brickman
May 4
Wlllie-Lemom John Vallanoe
Pick L'p-Sandon. A E Price
Big Crj 8tal--C'iirpeiita-r, Reginald Stralu-.'eway
Andrew Tunica to Jas N Black and DRMc-
Itennan���} Dalhouaie and Wycfieomagh. Dtee
..*), ��Kit*
April 9
Joacph Frans to Alex S;.roat, Amos Tltomwron
and Chaa W Ay Iwlii-j to each in Uie Attaa No 3,
Aprils |W0
Peler Goudroux to II  II Pitta-The Sautana,
April tt, SSW
Jos B Martin to H H Pitta-) May B, April ttjtl
HH Pitta to Job B M-rthi-' Hainan.*, April
Same to Fred Leinleux���1 Bantana. April 17. ��1
J F Foley to M MacNlcol-1 USUvo. April tt.H
Jn Beard to P J Shea-ran-*; Clvde and Ivau-
ffural. April M,��l'-u
W H Heaiillen to Tho* Lacombe���' Wiklhorae,
April tt. ml
J W i��w.-a tj Robt Allen-J Dalrlidn, April 10
Chaa Hoffman to E L Beer--�����; *W Soltaua.AprS
���la* Beard to P J sberran���' Dextoi, A|*ril as,
C B Foote to Slocan Monitor Mining Co-|
M.-nfi.-r. tl
Jas A Griffith to mme-i Monitor, March IS, fl
Charlotte. Hen-fenou and t H Gray to Robt A
Cunningham���The Ro**edale, Flower and May,
Feb la, ��Tu*��/iuu
John S Parker to A C Havmore-The Big
Codar, April 7, ISSO
R/nmua Malde to J S C Fra**er-TI��e Early Bird.
Aiail IS, tVKUt
April 90
Alex McDonald to Wm Thianllnaon-J Silver
King No. 3, April ft. ��_-*��.
S J Reutar u�� Wm Sudrow-. husUer Xo. t.
April*. tl|
K M Babh t > Albert Allen- J Early Bird, Dec
SO, 4CW.Hi
Jit. Bivd to R A ISri.I.lmv { Wild .Iim April
U1l J*Dobl<* to Bofit William**- * Glaf{*��***.May 1.
*Vjbt William*, to E J Pubta-l 6 Reliance and
Mav s
John Piem? to A X Shaw-1-tJ Ruby May, May
Duncan R Irvine to Wm S Drewry-1 Sliver
Bell and Hustler, Mareh ��, I. ,
Wm S Drewry and P J Hk-kev to im* A Lliid-
8av-4SUver BeUaad Hustkr,Marih����, ��^*>
Duncan R Irvine. Wm 8 .Drewry and P J
Hickev to Jas A Undaay-l Silver Bell and Must
ler, April��.l ���. . .��� .
B*^C*iaddt-��ktoDRI**vine--AU intewt in
The Silver BeU and Hustler, April W
John Bryden to The Silver Hustler Mlnimr l*o
-I Silver BeU and Hustler. March 3 >, 1        ���'
Duncan R Irvine to John Braytlen anil The
Silver Hustler Mining Co-1 Stiver 1WI and
Hustler, April*!*). 1
Greater Activity In tha Cnatar d* Ala.tea
The Hotel
Wallace, Idaho,���Two new mines
on Nine Mile, each about five mile
from here, will be shipping ore with
in the next forty days, the group belonging to the Idaho A British Colombia Mining company, showing
some fine galena, the amount constantly increasing as the tunnel is
pushed larther :n, and tha Continental,
now yielding carbonate ore that is
the richest yet discovered in the
silver-lead belt ofthe Coenr d'.Vlenes.
The latter, together with its compan
ion claim, tbe Oriental, is owned by
John Koob and John Walker, two
old-timershere, wno developed their
property by thalr own labor.
Work will commence soon on the
Central at MuIIan, owned by ex-Gov
ernor Miles C. Moore. The property
has been developed until ail that Is
needed is some way to get tbe ore
down the mountain, there being a
large amount of it blocked out, The
month of tbe tunnel is about bait a
mile up the mountain side south of
Tbe Formosa concentrator Is the
onlv miilbuilt in the Coenr d'Alenes
since the strike of *92 except the one
built by the TigerPoorman last vear
to replace those lost by fire, tt Is
indicative of the better feeling prevailing throughout the district. For
four years alter tne beginning ot the
labor troubles little development
work was done, but this year there
is a general resumption. Besides the
Formosa, the Central, Union, Great
Eastern, Hercules, Fire Hv, Black
Cloud, Panhandle, Contact, Yellow
Jacket, Treasure Box, Continental,
Topeka, Idaho and R C, Silver
Eagle, Bell of tha West, Granite State
Ula, Try Me, McDonald, and Red
Cloud, and probably others are pushing or preparing to push development
work. 1 he indications are that the
number of shipping mines in ths
silver-lead belt will be doubled this
On May 24, 150choiee boaineiwand
residence lots in the townsite oi Slocan City will be sold by auction, on
the ground, to the highest bidder.
The lots are near thc lake, w-iart and
railway station.      The streets are
fraded and the timber cleared away,
his Is an excellent opportunity to
secure choice property. A. M. Beat-
tie, auctioneer -j.
Thackeray once made -i humorous
protest, which has been echoed by
all great men since, against the wkj-
ial miseries entailed on famous men
Why might they not leave behind
them their professions when ihey
went Into society ? ' 'If you ask Blon-
dlp to tea," he said, "You don't have
a rope stretched from your garret
window to the opposite side of the
souare and request Monsienr to take
his tea on the centre of the ropo ".
Dcinoreftt'M Magazine.
Is one f* the be��t places
in Samion to obtain. ...    ,
Beverages that are Delicious
in taste and Stimulating
in their qualities	
Hotel Kootenay
Switzer & Mcbluskey,
FtTZtaEHALO * DAT, frofrnx.
 Mantil-tunr-. rtf ill���
Syphons, Ginger Ale,
San-anarilla. Etc, Etc.
Sandon, 13. G.
Patronize homo m.lu.***trv
when vou want the best
If vou arc���
Dealer* in
K A8U> and OOnV.
1'Jea !<-*������ Ih
Call at the
Hotel Ivanhoc.
Kur.Jtwi.il ami tim-l. ... Wmn.
H-*rt<|,|u>rUT. ft* Mtli!ri|r Mm
"���J"11-~~��� -" FV_*m�� BKia
Caff ami KU-Mtt-r trrrtn all ularht.
FRANK WATSOa, l"r..|*lHor.
gecl b7knowles7
8ANDON, B. C.   f
Pays Hpeeiul attention to all
kincte of watch repairing.
Large stock of
OPTICiaL 000D8
:il\vjivs cm hand
*.;.r��<rrt*m.'r;,   Hatbr l^,
riMMN>, Ha., I'trtttu fkw
SuitUk *ml l*��, a it**
t���� all IV>4nt��
In tlV Ummuln*
GuaHisu Pad fia
Bon IVlflc Line.
*nd Cheaj
Rouu? to Sc Paul. Chltaca
It��in.ii. Toronto, Mt��iresi,
, Near York, Ikou*. I'hiU
delphia, and all Y*��'.th
Unexcelled flle*r*.ri�� Con
on a��l train*. Tmiri'-t Csn
to S��. Paul dailv: Bdmo*
every Thursdav; T*trmt^
evarv llrnnday flnmn K��?*/d
.Steamer leaves Nako��p
everv* S^utalay, Wt^lnmUv.
and Krklay morning' ����������"
mg close connection at Herri-
woke with trains for all joint*
Kaat aad West.
Hefiire vott travel get toa*��_|
iToniC.P.k. aifents as totim����a,
rates.   It will save vou money, ktl
ply to nearest railway njrent ��.r ��
A.C. McARTIiirR, Agent. Sn><l*|
(ifaO.McL. BROWN
that.   rssaeniTer  Agent.  Vsnoa*<|
M. M. Met tRWM)R, T. P. A . NtAtetM|
I'url-d.ri -Allan l.ln*
*-*aTO��n    |arfr��l;i|..i.  |���ii-
t*kr **u\��-rl r   |lra%m I.I'"
Ijfkr tiut_rt.
iinptt- !
M  S*
Krv.it. Sf*yjji
MajMtl.    WMt��*Mtar Ut��r
IWrm.iil*' "
('���ri*    liitt-riran Llw...
HI. I ������nt
**. L*.i�� *' 	
rnii-fla  tuiwrj Lbat....
IjrurranU "
Kttwlm "
��<��������* ot NVti-raafca -Alkin Huir Llw
i*al��lrt a**., .$��. to��, I��atataml apw*!-*
Int. ntr-t||rti> *At ami ujiwanl.
Hto raiir nOM* ami upttant*
IW'-iar-r. TlrkHt-jl Ihe-ucrh ��'��� *nK'"i*
Otaal llrllata ��*r Imlatwl. -inI ����. "I***",7
r����>. In ��|) iMrta rrl tin* Kurt'lr**" ��� ""ll"
At-piy to a. c. m��-man.. <'���'���" u
Haaajii. **r _,  _-r.rT
WILLI-.M  fjr
li. tiff-il A^;'"
0. r.�� om
Xotew From Our Special Cei-rea-
poudent.       ������
Chas. V. Caldwell returned on
Tneaday evening from a trip to
S|Hikane. I
The tug Kaalo brought In a raft of
logs from Bonner's Ferry for Buch-
man*, mill last Sunday morning.
Mr. Milllngton * hotel Imilding,
mi Front street, now nearly complet-
til, uM.ilnie�� a very handsome ap-
Tlu* Illtle steamer Augerona waa
hauled up In the slip ami her shaft,
which waa bent, replaced with a
.����������� one last Monday.
On Avenue A, I). C. McGregor is
imilding a Mock for Mr. Holme*.,
which will be when completed a
rreditable addition to the street.
Mr. MacKeiixie, of tha Gold Hills
l.xploratlon Company, Is i*egi**tered
ai the Kaalo, and ia organizing par-
iii**. ut pr-**p"*ct tn the lajinlu Dum-nn
The steamer Ainsworth has lieen
raised, repainted ami rejutlretl and
w ill he reaily in a day or two to take
her place on tha route between Kaslo
snd 11.miner'* Ferry.
Kight melt are busy in MacKenxie
A Fletcher's quarry, aero*.*, the lake
Liking out limeMt-om*. imat of which
U -hi|t)a*tl to Nelson to Im* used in the
MnII mlnea smelter.
The foundation of Homey s near
t'iiin laundry building ha*, been
Utiilt ami tht* frame work is up.
Phe owners expect to ia* ready KM*
��ti-aiin-a�� in a la Kit three Weeks.
i.tt). C Mnrah hasojaMied a brokerage and mining ofKee on *h��! w_t
-iile of Front street, next d*Mi It It*.
Muaiiowi* oftice. In the same office
< has. II. Evan* lis** opriu*d nn iu*
-nraiiee <a1k*e.
Work on the atone foundation of
l>. t*. McGregor's new business
block, on Fitail street, i* Itelng
rapidly pushed forward. The hack
��� ltd of the foundation Is Imilt ami
tlie excavating done for the front
Parti-***, of pro*|*ector* are having
lure every tiny for the l*ard". newt
"f  them  destined   for   tile   llowner
l*ake and Offfwr Duncan river.   It
i** re|M>rte<l that the snow Is pretty
well gone and that they will he able
I't'tnnineiiee proapeeting right away.
Work an the new addition to the
sampling works Ingoing well ahead
��ntl the. new machinery i* being
placed In |>o*itton as quickly a*. |h>*
possible. It Is expeeti'd to have
everything In readiness by the time
"he roads get good again to work
full time.
Tht* work of blowing the stump*
out in the new liasehall park wilt he
Mulshed thia week and gradlngstart-
���tl Immediately, It is not expected
that the grounds will be In shape
much tiefore the 24th,  the opening
day ofthe season for the Interna
tlonal games.
A lecture on Burns by the Rev.
R. Frew, M. AM and a number of
Burns' songs and recitations by local
talent attracted a good audience at
the Presbyterian church on Monday
evening last and a very interesting
antl enjoyable time was spent. The
proceeds will go toward purchasing
a bell for Kaslo.
John Page, who has for the past
few months been shift boss on the
Idaho, registered in Kaalo on Mon-
day night on bis* way to 8pokane.
On his return he will take charge of
the Ivanhoe mine for the Minnesota
Mining Company. Work on this
property is to he pushed with much
greater energy during the coming
summer and a good deal of money
spent in the systematic development
of the property.
Mayor Oreen Is building an addition to aud generally improving his
Geo. Whiteside is building a residence, Mrs. Bishop is building a cottage near the Alexander block and
D. C. McGregor la building a cottage
in the western part of the town.
Next door to Mr. Campbell's
building, D. <\ Me*iregor is putting
up a store Imilding for R. Strathem
ami Mrs. Bell, which will be occupied by them as a jewellery store
ami a millinery store.
On the b��nch above this, the
second bench from the hay. Charles
Whentoii ami Charles B. Jerques*,
are building cottages and a dozen or
more residences are U'ing put up in
the vicinity.
The Adams' Hotel people are
building a wine cellar between the
Adams1 Hotel and Cumming's ware-
hou**e. The excavation is about
completed and the stone cutters are
at work on the job.
Over $1,700 has been raised for
the Unelit <>f the baseball club.
Tenders have been called for and
contracts let fbr the clearing of Uie
name, three acres in extent, and the
baseball season is soon to be in lull
As per the appropriations and aa
toon a* the machinery of thc government can be moved a *M,O0O school
bouse in to lie erected. The present
aeeomuuslatitms have l**en for some
time much too small, but it is not expected thai work will la* commenced
on the new building until .lune or
the early part of July.
0.0. Buchanan has the ground
cleared and the excavating done for
a handsome new reddence to he
built tin the bench above the mill
Ate. The building is tt> be a handsome one anil with Its beautiful site
antl picturesque view will be one of
the intast desirable residences in the
Kootenay. On the same bench and
iimnetllatelv K> the east, between
Mr Alexander's and Buchanans
(Ota, Mr. Byers, of the Hamilton
Bvcrt* hardware Arm, has lote cleared ami pre|*arationa made for the
Immediate construction of a very
handsome residence. It Is the in-
tentton to open up the street trom
the hav and continue it on past Mr.
Alexander's resilience along tne
hillside to the sampling works.
WL at W&% A*}   ff* _1
pi jUgo lliat* of %Mm
(Limited  Liability.)
CAPITAL, $100,000.00.
1,000,000 Shares par value of ten cents. The above Company
is formed to acquire and work the ARGO and BELT Mineral Claims,
adjoining the Sandon townsite. Mines are Open for Inspection, only
a few minutes walk from the town. Limited number of shares for
sale at ten cents.
Apply at onee to
Leig]r|tori & Williarns
Mining Brokers and Operators.     B        91
SANDOl?, B. C.
Cartlfteatn of latafwraaiante.
Below the new Alexander block, | .��_____, _._��j ,,-_..
.  .    .... Cordelia No. 2 Mineral Claim
Swanson the contractor, is building a: situate u�� the aioeaa Mining ra-isionof west
^ ���    ..���..h._.*n.Ui-iup!imri.     Kootonajr District.  Located a��� mika from
two-ston* structure for Angus uunp- j  TtoSTrSi-ka, up north fork or carpenter
bell, which i�� to be !>*����t to aome.    ^&gS��&
outside parties for a .tore building. ;^��*^^
One of the busiest and most inter- ^����Mga^^
eating institutions iu Kaslo at the ���c-���^ta^^^ ^
present   time   is   Buchanans   mill, j section tt. mast becwmnifntyd boton the l��-
After an outlay of something over
���115,000 on new machinery' and general improvements G. O. Buchanan
has brought his establishment up to
a standard of excellency, unrivalled
in the interior of B.C. The power
has been doubled, a new saw and
carriage added, new planers, jointers, matchers, sanders, etc., and
other improvements generally have
been made, a new branch to the industry has been added in the manufacture of sasliea,doors, blinds, screen
doors and windows and nothing In
this line will be henceforth imported j
by the Arm.    Between seven and
eight million fret of tog. have been ^ ^ _*_> _g iwis
cut on Uixto andI Moyea and in he, t^*"**-^,, c_ _���,_,_, ���
state of Idaho and timber Is on the j Apr*i, wr*.    _ ~      ^
suance of such ceftUeate of Improvements.
Dated tola ttth day of April. MS7.
Hee'y The Dry Belt M wine and Mllllnc Ofx.
Umlted Liability.
May 1st. IS?7.	
Notice la hereby given that alxty daya after
date I will apply to the Honorable the Chief
l*ommiatrtoner of Land and Worka for permls-
aton to purchaat one hundred aad atxty acres
of land, altuate In the dlatrlet of WeaV Koov
onay. atthe junction of the Weet branch of
the North Pork ot carpenterOraetc, about Sve
mllea from the town of Three Fork*. Oam-
tnencln-* at initialinoat marked 8 E post and
running thenoe west forty ehaina, thenw
North lorty ehalaa, thence Baat Jbrty elmbM,
thenoe South forty ehaina to place of beginning
Dated at Three Forks, this tSth day of
March. 1*97.
Notloo    "  "
Notice U hereby given that at tbe expiration
of one month from tbe flrstpublksal ion hereof,
the unttereixned wUl apply to the Stipendiary
MaglKtrate, tor tbe Wetrlct nf West Koot-
enay l^rullcenae) Jo aUI li^uora by retail at
way in from all quarters. At present tht mill employs fifty men but
upon the arrival of the logs and
with the addition of some further
Improvements not yet completed,
the nunilier of men employed will be
increased to seventy and the mill
worked to Its full capacity of .10,000
feet a day in order to keep up with
the large orders continually coming
in. As Mr. Buchanan himself put it
the other day: "I expect to see a
population of 100,000 in this Kootenay country in the course of two
or three vea'rs and we intend to do a
good share of the trade in supplying
these people with lumber.1 *
May 1st,
Notiee ia hi-reby given that at the expiration
of one month from the Brat publication hereof, the undvndgned will apply to the Htlpendi-
ary Magistrate. Ibr the Mrtrlct of West Kootenay. tor a license to aell liquor by retail at
hlsHotel at McGntgaa, near the Kaalo a
Slooan Railway.
D -ted at lloOu:
April, A. o.. law.
April H18W.
B. C, thla-Mth day of
A. Haujex.
_*he8andonl Waterworks and Light Company
hereby give notiee that it mUattheexplratioii
of lour weeks flrom thc Umi publication hereof
apply to the Lieutenant Governor in Council
fbr his sanction to divert for the purposes of
aalit company, one hundred Inches ot water
from Sandon Creek at the forks of said Creek
just below tbe eonotntrattng works of "The
Slocan Star Mine."
Dated at Handon this 7th day ot^ April, 1W.
Thk hasihis Watkrwouks amo Lioht Co.
April 10, W. J. M. Haaais, Manager.
-   >:*;   t i
\ I
I c
. i
- to
The. Goodenough is in ISO feet on
their new tunnel and have about
125 feet more to go to strike the
lead, which will be about the tirst
of Jane.
Richard Clinton, a Portland, Oregon, capitalist, has been in Sandon
lately, with a view of investing in
realty and mining property. He
says there is more life and business
here than anywhere in the Kootenay.
I have just opened a clothing and
gents' furnishing store in Sandon
and have a complete line, of clothing, hats, caps, shoes, etc. and my
prices are reasonable. Next door to
J. M. Harris' office.       J. Lpoov.
Bartlett Bros, are commencing
work on the addition to their building on Reco Avenue, which, when
completed, will be 80x25 feet, two
stories, and used as a hotel.
Col. S. M. Wharton and George
C. Wharton were in town this week.
The latter will be at New Denver
for some time where he is building
an addition to his hotel, the Newmarket.
Dr. A. Milloy, the dentist, left
Monday to attend to" professional
calls in New Denver and Slocan
City. He will be absent about three
For Sale���Good business in Sandon. For further information address, Box 119, Sandon, B. C.
Randall H. Kemp was in Sandon
this week. He is writing up the
Slocan country for a Diamond jubilee number of the British Columbia
Mining Record, and incidentally
mentions that he has as line a medicinal spring as exists, three and a
half miles from Kaslo, on the railway.
The Sandon Brewery will commence Monday building a large cellar and bottling works behind the
brewery and will increase their
capacity in anticipation of the summer's trade.
If you want to buy cigars by the
box or by the thousand, cheaper
than at wholesale prices, call on G.
B. Matthews, News Depot, Three
Miss Wilson has just received a
new stock of spring millinery.
The Ontario Gold Fields Mining
A Development Company, limited, a
Toronto company, has bonded the
Junglcr, about a mile and a half
southeast from Cody, on Carpenter
mountain. This claim is developed
by a series of open cuts and tunnels.
Average assays give a value of about
$100 to tbe ton in lead and silver.
You can Buy SLOCAN STOCKS CheaperJn Spokane than In
Any Other Market.   If you wiah to Buy Communicate with Us.
___j__Ca-��MMii i iwi  m_.-a-.-w-. ��� an��������-���'->-���������a^,i       i _i t^M������IW��� ���**�����.*��� ft       ���   y��'tt.w  a��^.a ^^wHa^a^.^' ���-��� .�� ����������� ��� "#i��i. a��'iw,�� tw.,.i��i_.
We are also Prepared to Place Propert'ea of Raal Merit at any
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^MMHMMH^Ku_.^_k_a__^__M_AlMi__^BH^HHHHHHHHH^Ha^H^HHH_ ��� -^���^^^mnmmttJkw-
(Members Spokane and Rosaland Stock Exchanges'
Sampler at Naknsp.
Messrs. Pierce and Lippett, of the
Colorado State Sampling Works at
Denver, Colorado, have procured a
site and will erect sampling works
at Xakusp. This will lie welcome
news to mine owners in the Slocan
ami adjoining district**.
| Don't Forget 8
fl THAT 2'
{  Miss Wilson  fi
H   is Ht-ad-juarter. ibr
McMartin & Currie
(gody fgroolf
| Ladies' 0atflttia��, f
And Fancy Goods.
I _
%      Wwlch thlt.*��|w<*t*.   it will fray you.
Emm mm wtm
Etc, Etc.
The New Vintage
wMMMMMMMammmn^mmmtmmmnmmnmmm i*"**
Are being earned by dealers purehasing their
Grain and Feed
���From the���
Bracioiiaii & Kerr HiUiog Go.
South Edmonton, Alto.
Nm* *-omtit_ tn tht* mark**. t�� elteHittf umtrrr***! ���dminiiiot- ������� ��<vv��urj| ����f tt* %tty *���*������," *   ���
<l*ii��Uty Mint ilryrM-��t>��. wltlfrct tttflna Mary, m*kiiu- tt m prtteet ���_-'���* in OV tret** nnm i
' *a-i.nl        it ali'Hilrl lie tJMtt��*tt U* or ntlljr a|titf-**rlati*>d.
Af��**t.nlln*�� I., ruattmi llijuw ��t��tM*itt-% the lm}tr>n*f*ViH ut t., ff *rt*imrt, ft <*-.'�� F.ttra
i Drv rhaniitattn.* front .Ituunry i��t tn ta^mber lut, ia*. oturogAtod tOJm ****��. ��? *��� <���
jr-swrs mon* than that Of mny ��.tt)rr l*r��n*l, .*��,>���'n* ttVtt tt nwltMaln* aa immeii** n*����4
j overall fSber*.
By rhemit-at aaalyal* nt t*mt. K ��� *tc��tea t*t**r*->ro��* It roauO'i* Uie mmmm anawtnt of sirttaol,
. tht*rvf��*rt>, the f*��.T#�� mid iimi-i whofe****.**.*** rtwrn-jaaiM*,
It.tyai Warrant* h����> i*��rt�� <rT.ntr<t t>�� M��~r*. *.. If. Ma mm A en  om pttr**for* :��� H<
MtiJ��ty.tlr<#tii_��mr��f Ki��al��n��l. Hi* IU.y*l Hlihiur-%. o*.- e-ttw- ��* w��u~   |f;�� SImj*1*"-' ���*���
<i*��rm��ii Emoenirr, Hfc�� Ma>**ty the Km* of the IHjtu.ii.. HI. att.ia-.tt thr* Kin* ��*��" ""
Hit* aa)��-��t> Hi* Kln�� t\t Denmark. Ill* iii��i.-~f t th- King itfMu ���*-*>,, omt Surtroy
"Rolled Oats a Specialty."
Write or Wire for Prices.
Agent���A. B. (in a v. Nelson. B.C.
Pither cSc Leiser,
And Other Investments.
Every Representation Guaranteed.
Sandon. ���. C.
Hanooe. B. C.
i .
American plan. $3.50 per day.
European plan, $2.00 per day.
Strictly firet-class.
InoUNirti. Minis. Br-k��n. Um
Akvuu a*r
tha Phoenia Conooiieatoe Mining Co.
__^J i.ili.ll.aj    I,.NM) lit.
  V**   ��������   Mining   otto   Mining   Ca
Have you a watch that l* giv iAnt\%**% Uahim, (t*aa*iMa.]
ing you extra trouble aad will -WkWi   Mining and   Millim*  Co.
not keep time?   Hring it tn i.imiir.t i.u,i,,iu,.
me.   I will examine it ������*������ atpur ti ���
FREE ****** B v
and U*II  vou what it will etmi
to raiaJr It.   From thin dale
on will givt' a written gaaran- {
_�� with aii work done that itj
will ��>e ttatisfactorv.   You run
no RitSK   with  vour HKJH
URAI)K watches by entrust *  rttoM-
ing them to ^_____________
Mra.M. A. SMITH, Prop.    .
'T**T.-* wA
G. W. Grimmett
Jeweller and Optician
Momlna   i-HM-.Tiir.*. iaaasat'i"'',><ic<'
Ijnatra. oxTy .rt UiVrhiCtV.
Aftarnooni--.tr.    Thi*#a  ��***���  ��*  ���
���* rkn-li.   T^*i,t.-, itMty si *J I'VIOPk. **_*% I
SANDON AHD COBY. Haj 15,1897.
Local   Happenings  Aroitttd  and
Abont Ha u tt on.
the Soo   Lint',
is lanng re.
\V. II. Cooper, of
was here Tiu-aday.
'Pin* Italmoral Hotel
������aired and repaired.
Scott McDonald has returned to
Sandon trom Spokane.
I*. Kakman was up from Kaslo
\t-ii*nlay taking lit the -..giits of
It. J. HroiMy haa movt-d his store
iieroM the street into handsome
It is reported that Higgttison will
u�� the new (told C.nniiiUM.iit r for
.Vest Ko**enay.
I). W. French. Aiiat*oiida, wns
visiting Sandon in coiii|wuv with
��!i��' Payne party early thia week.
Nick Halttrela is taming up a
building Oppnaite the Kootenav
Hotel, to la? occupte.1 by a dry goods
W. F. Miller came iu from New
vVhnteom. Wash., this week and
..ill itrobably locate in this section
fttr tiie slimmer.
A iiaitiler fell -af tin* St. .lame*"
Hotel In Xew Deliver tm Wedm��*lay
Im! had lib neck aaveri by falling
"*i -be teicphoiki witvo.
Mi*** K. Wllwm haa ju*t r��x*.��lv��*U a
!��"'W llm* of childreit'i* hat*, ladies'
Mouse! and hut* collar*. Ltd to*, are
invited to call and set* them.
The White Hon** Hoed, K. ��{.-*��
A to.. proprietor*, itsv��* a grand
"j��*nlng l ttiight. The housr is new
���otd nicely ftirnished. opposite the
''iifton 1I��W***.
Austin Pourcr*. a nephew of John
ItuckJey. of the ("liflon  Hou*u��,   has
* fiirmil ti take his place In the
Sandon baseball u-am a* Kootney's
��i��r eateher.
.1. Shaw, Owen Si.iml. Ontario.
����� making a tour of Uh* (Cooteoaya.
Uf ban hren thi**��ugb most of the
mining dr��trict. ami is struck with
the (KMitiou Sandon oceiipit*- among
the mine*. ���
U. Marpih*. general snperliitend-
aiitofthe Paella* division of ihe C.
I*. U.. who has just meeweded H.
\bla.at.aiul Mr. Duchranev. It-eating
��� ngineer. were in SatidonThursday,
*oitl while hei*e are utlderatood to
have *eUvted a site for the ('. P. K.
depot on Heeo Avenue, near the K.
A S. dept*.
The liank of British North A��er��
it-a ������itene.l a branch at Sloeait City
laat Mondav. which will be greatly
appreciated by the resident.** of that
growing taunt. Tbi*. i* the fourth
branch which thlsenterprMiig l��ank
haa openetl in the Kootenav during
the |*aat year which Hpcaks well for
the growth of the district. The
liank of H. X. A. Is one of the leading Hnancial Institutions of the ooun
try and we are glad to see It recognising to such an extent the mat
���Hwalbilltles of this part of the Province. The branch at Sloean City
will be Ibr tho present under the
able and energetic management of
Mr. t'eorge Kvdd, who has made
himself very popular while In charge
of the branch here.
Hie hall given by (Jiw Smith at
Blacks Hotel Thursday evening
waa a very pleasant affair, and
largely attended. The lady's prize,
a pretty souvenir ipoon of Sandon,
waa a wanted to Mrs. Frank Kennedy, and the gentleman'a prize to .1.
Kick won.
Keep the Money nt Home.
It seems a very short sighted
policy for anyone to send away or
buy tn another town anything that
can be got here, even though the
cost be sottiewhat higher. Probably
ninety per cent, of tlie money paid
for salaries and wage* and tlie profits of buaimtaa. out*ide the value of
ore produced in the mines, is used
up in the cost of living and for other
purposes, directly and immediately.
That i*. about ten cents on every
dollar that ehantft** hands in Sandon
will be of no benefit to the rest of the
nmtation, and ninety cents will he
istri bitted through * the natural
channels of trade, eventually benefitting everyone living here. In
case, however, the money is sent out
of town we an* poorer by, ninety
cents on every dollar that g.��es, anil
in the course of a year tlie loss in tbe
aggregate Is enormous, and a very
serious one Ut each individual. Thus
although it may appear of advantage iu certain caaea. if the practice
were genera), huainesaof every kiufl
would atop. It therefore behooves
everyone to buy of local dealers.
Keep tlie motley at home.
Sandon to Celebrate the Grant
Day In KoynJ Style.
A movement has been started by a
number of the hading men of .Sandon to have a celebration at Sandon
and Owly on Jubilee Day, Tuesday,
June ttwt. It Is pmptwied to have
game* of hall, laenwse and the other
out-door sport*, with dancing and
ju-.tluil.lv a grand display of tire-
works fn the evening. The rail-'
road* will he asked for excursion
rate*, and an invitation exUiuted to
all Kootenay to join in the biggest
time ever seen iu the mines of British t'olumbia. Sandon has the reputation of never doing anything by
halve!*, and will doubtless sustain It.
A call has la*en made for a meeting at Crawford's hall. Monday
evening at 7:.t0 o'clock, to organize
for Immediate work, ami every one
iutereatod i* Invited to attend, whether they have been spoken tt�� or not.
Police Court Note*. ���
A. MePliersoii was arresutl last
Sumlnv for selling liquor without a
license*. He plead' guilty antl was
sent to Kamloop* tor six months.
The liquor was evidently stolen
(rum a C. ��*. K- ear, but the charge
could not Is' proven.
J. I). Dmaghue was arrested
Tuesday morning for assaulting
Jamea ftnintiie with the butt end ot
a revolver. Several parties were
mixed up in the row it appears, and
Finlnnle, who was an outsider, attempted to act as peacemaker, and
as often happens, got hurt. The injury was not serious, and the case
has been dismissed.
The Moat Important Transaction*
and Xewa of the Week.
Quartu Smith, of California, a
noted mining man is here for the
summer -not here for Ms health
The Mascot, above the Ruth, haa
Just struck the ledge in 180 feet.
The Indications are that there is a
big body of ore ahead.
W. L. Hoge and P. E. Sargeant,
Anaconda; E. V. McCune, Salt
Lake, interested in the Pavne mine,
were in Sandon Monday.
Mr. Monroe, a Montana mining
man, has taken charge as superintendent of thc Bondholder, on
Springer creek.
F. S. Davis reports a strike on the
Silver Wave, Wilson Creek, of trver
two feet of sulphide ore, an assav
from which went 714 ounces in silver.
Fred T. Kelly, secremry-treasnrer
ofthe Reco Mining & Milling Company, left Friday for Spokane, 8an
Francisco and the Southern States.
He will la* away about three months.
���Gen. W. W. Warner ia working
four men on the Ajax, three miles
from Sandon, on Payne mountain.
Tbe dip of tlie ledge follows the slope
ofthe hill, aud is found within a few
feet of the surface the full length of
the claim. This allows the -nine to
be worked from tunnels, one below
the other close together. Five tunnels are now in, and another has
just been started.   The ore is clean
Siena, and is bagged and shipped
nn the mine.   The mine ship-ted
190,000 of ore last year.
Sandon nt the But.
Sandon has organized a baseball
club, which is believed will prove
the strongest in the Kootenay. Local
snorts are laying odds oh them.
There are two or three more players
yet to get, but some fine talent is
being negotiated for,, and the result
will be known in a few days. The
following is a list of those engaged
so far:
Powers, catcher; Dolan, pitcher;
Murnhv, center field; Compeau,
third; Johnson, first; Kelly, second;
Blackwood, short, and Devlin, left
The first game will he at Slocan
City on the 24th of May. About
tax) has been collected to fix the
grounds and support of the team.
Bruce White coming from the Fast
May 15th is expected to bring
two or three crack players.
The Selkirk Mining nnd Milling
Work on the property of this company is being pushed ahead with
vigor. The tunnel wliich is being
ruu to crosscut the ledge at a depth
of 250 feet is now in nearly 200 feet.
It is expected the ledge will be
struck when another fifty feet has
been completed. A shaft to the
depth of fifty feet has been sunk on
the ledge and this is in ore all the
way down. The ledge is about ten
feet wide and is undoubtedly a true
fissure vein.    Thc  ore assays   87
ounces in silver and the very high
percentage of 81 per cent. lead. It
is expected that when the lead ia
reached a fine body of ore will be
struck. The property of the company consists of a group of four
claims situated between tiie Reed
and Tenderfoot and Canadian
groups and also of the Hope claim
near New Denver. Altogether about
18,000 haa been expended In development work and improvements.
This property is undoubtedly a very
promising one. The company is
stocked, and the directors and officers are well known Sandon men.
Knights of Pythias.
A meeting for tlte purpose of instituting Sandon Lodge No. 24.
Knights of Pythias, will be held in
Crawford's hall, Wednesday evening, May 19th.
On Kootenay Lake.
Bulldtnff In Kaslo la still very active, and
shows no sign*- whatever of sbat**nient. bat oh
tin? contrary is on the increase. The latest is
that Kaalo Is to have another modern hotel.
.*�� site haa been secured between Front street
and the lake, below the new block now being
built by D. <J. McGregor and close to the
Kokanee*- whm-f. Plat, shave been prepared
and the building is to be gone ahead with Immediately It Is to be a very handsome three
story struct-*.*-? 48x100 and will east in tlie
neighborhood of taXOOO. Mr. Lfnnard. of
nssslsnd. la to ha the proprietor and Mr.
Shaw will officiate op manager of tbe new Institution. 1>. C McGregor bas tbe contract-
and the building is to be rushed fhrward Ju*l
as last as tt is pomlble Ibr money and machines to do so
Of the buildings now under way no-net ot
them are prugresslug atvorably. The new
Genual Hotel, in Mr. ItUllngton's building,
will be open fbr business by the end of the
week. The -tructure la a handsome one with
brica front and plate glass windows and the
appartments are Bret-claa* tu every respect.
From lack of material the Kaslo addition is
not pn*��re��sing as favorably as deal red and
Miniellcy'����� building ts also being delayed
from lack or lumber. On tbe Alexander block
work oo the interior Is well advanced and the
painters are busy on the outside. The Mc-
Phall block opposite Is neartng completion
aad the painters are at work. The bricklayer* are putting the front on tbe BeUStratherii
buiid\ng. Harvey's new lauivtry w.'ll be
ready tor bonioess In a couple of weeks and
wUl offer a relief to the Kaslo public from the
celestial washes man.
Kaalo'* Aggregation.
Manager Broaebers is getting his team gathered In. and with the addition of two or three
more players the list of diamond mttiert- will
be complete. The players now engaged are
Charlie Davy, and Clark, who put In tbe season last year with Seattle; Nash, who played
In the Examiner Tournament oo the Monograms; Met bias, well known ilocaliy as an old
player on Kasio's amateur teams; Ed Rankin.
Owen Putton, Kd Murphy and Gotfmau. none
of whom played last season, but ail well
known throughout tha Pacific coast states as
players, and Manager Broaohers, who played
last year with Portland and Milwaukee.
Manager Broachers' ability In handling a
team Is second to**hone in tbe northwest, and
he Is engaging first class talent, on which
Kaslo may ftUrly stake her ehauoas fire? the
pennant. Thetirst games ofthe Washingtoo-
kooteuay league, Kaslo vs. Mpokane, are to
beplay-ed here on May SMbaodatth.oo tbe
new Athletic grounds, which are being gotten
into shape ss rapidly aa possible. A gang of
men is mi w grading and clearing the rocks off,
and lumber fbr the fence, grand stand, etc.. Is
now on the ground. It Is now thought that
the grounds will be ready a few days before
Uie opening games, and this opportunity fbr
firaetlce will be taken fullest advantage of by
leteam    Kaslo team's suits and colore arc
to be white.
tl v
The Goodenough is in 150 feet on
their new tunnel and have about
125 feet more to go to strike the
lead, which will be about the tirst
of June.
Richard Clinton, a Portland, Oregon, capitalist, has been in Sandon
lately, with a view of investing in
realty and mining property. He
says there is more life and business
here than anywhere in the Kootenay.*
I have just opened a clothing and
gents' furnishing store in Sandon
and have a complete line, of clothing, hats, caps, shoes, etc. and my
prices are reasonable. Next door to
J. M. Harris* office.       J. Lueov.
Bartlett Bros, are commencing
work on the addition to their build-
in* on Keco Avenue, which, when
completed, will be 80x25 feet, two
stories, and used as a hotel.
Col. S. M. Wharton ami George
C. Wharton were in town this week.
The latter will be at New Denver
for some time where he is building
an addition to his hotel, the Newmarket.
Dr. A. Milloy, the dentist, left
Monday to attend to professional
calls in New Denver and Slocan
City. He will l*e absent about three
For Sale���Good business in San-
doa. For further information address, Box ll'.i. Sandon, B. C.
Randall H. Kemp was iu Sandon
this week. He is writing up the
Slocan country for a Diamond jubilee number of the British Columbia
Mining Record, and Incidentally
mentions that he has as fine a medicinal spring as exists, three and a
half miles from Kaslo, on the railway.
The Sandon Brewery will commence Monday building a large cellar and bottling works behind the
brewery and will increase their
capacity in anticipation of the summer's trade.
If you want to buy cigars by the
box or by the thousand, cheaper
than at wholesale prices, call on G.
B. Matthews, News Depot, Three
Miss Wilson has just received a
new stock of spring millinery.
The Ontario Gold Fields Mining
A Development Company, limited, a
Toronto company, has bonded the
Jungler, about a mile and a half
southeast from Cody, on Carpenter
mountain. This claim is developed
by a series of open cuts and tunnels.
Average assays give a value of-about
$100 to the ton in lead and silver.
s^A^^^^��^H^*m\4\\>^ ���::: &���***?���
Vet, ran Buy SLOCAN STOCKS Cheaper in Spokane toanjn
Any Other Market.   If you wiah to Buy Communicate with Ua. ^
We are also Prepared to Place Propertiee of Real Merit at any
NOR M AN    cSc   CC)\ 1 FAN Y
(Members Spokane and Roaaland Stock Escr.ar.flee>
Sampler at Xnkuap.
Messrs. Pierce and Lippett, of the
Colorado State Sampling Works at
Denver, Colorado, have procured I
site and will erect t-ampllng work*
at Xakusp. This will be welcome
news to mine owners iu the Sh-ean
and adjoining district*.
*   Il.Hl't    ItWiTAt 2
McMartin & Currie
MANUFACTURERS  Of**T~m -<***. ���
* Don't Forget
��  Miss Wilson  f
J|   In Headquarter* Uo _g^^.   ��,
WD Beimel
fete, Etc.
| Ladies' Outfitting, 1
And Fancy Goods.
The Now Yiiitcii>c
" tr**
Are being earned by deal-
era purchasing their
Grain and Feed
��� From the���
flndoni k Im li Go.
South Edmonton, Alta.
"Rolled Oats a Specialty."
Write or Wire for Prices.
Agent  -A. II. ("kay. Nelson. B. C.
.Sum .Trunin, tn Mil. nmrkt-i i�� ��-ih-si*t*i_ utiiv��-mai sdmimlton -nt mttrtfoot at it* nty �����*�����������
<i*inlll> wnd rtrjiWMts, wlOvrtit **rltw hetoty, tiu��fci*._ ll m i+tt\w1 -srl-a** In Ate tra* tmttm
-*ctrti.       It ��li.���ilit hr !.-��.|..) t*�� he fllllji -5.|.r��*rUI**.J.
AiT.itMiri. i��. * u*t<*m llnu** .!,,i;��:i��a n��� tmita-trlAOVtii t>< ... II Muri.-i. a ����< �� K��l*��
I��r> dMMBfnfDS m��nt I MUtM-j Ut ��., l-a-viriiit. r Xk*i, i*M, mmretpkimt *ft>/rt* ***���_��������. ot AM
rawr* mnr- (i,��ri |h��l Ot ittiv .11.. r l.r��n,I. ��hy-t�� lit* Ih it It nwlfttkln. ma Immetae UM
over nil nth*-r��
H> .li. nil.**) taat) *lt at Wnt II (MOta IH'iftntM it Mtnlaln* tine Umt atn-mnil at mkmkoL
Oirwlttn.*, the |>un**t snd ti����*al ��rlt��.it-_��iij*��h*>m-������-'t��<\
ttnyat Warrant* h*** hern f rant**! m Mrm-rm.ti, fl.  Mumm A <n   im |ajr-*r...r�� s, ll.
M*.J.��l>. th.- *'-n-<*n at Kn_Uii*l. Hi. lU*\u\ Ml.lim-a- It,.   I'rtnn. .,<  H'st-m.   Ill*  !��l ��.-.��*th
.Herman r\im>*rtir. Ml* M��*>.tt th,- Kin_.-f th* IW-lxtitn.  Hi* aajfat. th. King t\t llolUa*!
Ht* **i��t��-.al> UM King of t*-<imar��. Ill* m#rj*-***.  the King of Mn��*a. n *n*l >..'���*-��
Pit her & Lei��er,
1st I
And Other Investments.
Every Representation  Guaranteed.
Saw do*:, B. C.
Sand oa, B. C.
American plan. 88.50 per day.
European plan, $2.00 per day.
Strictlv first-eliiMs.
Invtslrotpts. MiniBf Broktri. Him
Airroi** t**t
Tha Paean Is Conaaiidatatf Mining Co
limited   l.ini.llltj.
Dry   Ban   Mining   mm*   Mnimo  *-��
H,     , l.lnilltd l.iuMllf. ,r..r l.tu
aveyoua watch that is aiv   _.���,..... ,    .....      ,
itiK V'-u extra In.ttlilr Mini will  S*',klrk   m\\tm* and     Milii"-   ''
not ktt-ii time?   Brlnir It to Uatina Ut-Mttty.
mt-.   I will examinr it u ' *��� ***',! *
CDCC SAMM*>.   it    t
and  tell  yt.u what il will r**t j   i    MAQiaAN
to repair it,   rrom thia date J* J. mauiuaw
t��n will jfiw a written fTtiaran- i
tee with all work dona that It
will l>e aatirtfaetorv.   Vou run
no IMSK   with  vtair  UK ill
Mrs. M. A. SMITH, Prop.    *
GRADE watches  by entrust
injuc thuiti to
IIG. W. Grimmett
Momma   lm\*mfrkm***>	
irt   llt.-.-l**. It
Jeweller and Optician     l-v^reJ^V. 83***	


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