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The Paystreak Feb 19, 1898

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Array a
B. Terrill and wife
have gene f
Vanoonver has temporHy laid
ifo Bremner was in Sandon on
Inesday. ^B��~~~
tonnel eras started on the
last week.
Hatpin and Gorman
gone to tbe Coast.
Bath has been -Hind up for a
i ef days. . No ears.
KaHsfBdl has five men at
en a good body ef high grade
Thompson bas Increased ita
te 45 men ami is shipping rego-
Camberland haa a   15-Inch
ih Ibr 140 feet in their No. 3
importation is dl.ficalt oh Fonr
Too many snow -4 ides fbr
force at the Last Chance has
laid off.  Too moch danjter ol
not say tUc-e ar-4
in town.  8ee
19, 1896.
-Larry Doolan 'wean, the Mne with
a dignity of hmtringaand "******-   ��*at_   ��    <*
am of power that wonld do Jgptfce  ! TVjnn-dl met,perswr-j-4 to adjourn
to a New York roundsman.     ,        +***\ *n ****t****^y evening |t��
^\*fmmi has happened to! that 'i****WJ\ Uinutesef the last meeting were
*__.���__, m-*xr. a. ..-��2ss     -_    4^an*Afiopted. ���*T\[~~~
Send* rink.   A^0AttM**\m^
will, he.-foae hefore Jsly an* folks gw i
getting ntutioas Abont that eaenivbU
^ ���"     -r At   0} ^, t ',
The Queen Bern haaeVer Hly men
a work. Thb property bas devdop-
into a rognlar lionanxa ahd -eery
extensive operation* arc Ouetempfat-
ed for rtext sutninH'. Kekr bonk
bouses, ore houses, blacksmith shops,
lie., will be twik as soon as practicable. A large force wiU. be .wag on
ss soon as aoamitslations can be
John *M Harris has pn
8mssh Muck, at present occa
the Kootenay  MercanUlu establish
tnent, and will build nn additional
.nlnt'by the MW ** the CAttfto*
   bhnrch WNft nrebaWy  the aamt
om llrnee arrived from QifgaryfsAAHmiil.Ammtau and Uitsjfcy event
i week. Tom Is a eatable aoiuf [of the en����n�� JIHiyeji a^rf^^-
mu^m^^^^^mmuaamaaanaaaaaaaam ftelt^vtbocmpKvnientyif-l<iealt����wt,
a good house was aasacod botore even
tbe pn-grarome wa* Atmonneed. The
hatl waa'paekeJ to the doom and
standing room wiuAt a premlmn
early  In the evening.The pio-
Kimnie oonuined a nnmnor of very
npy selections ind was enthusi-
asucallv received by the andience.
The ladies desire to thank the pnb��
mast particularly Mr. Harris for hia
kindness In fitviirtntt them, with the
use of Virginia heU, And Sir. Cleland
Ibr the able and friendly manner lit
which he presided a chairman of tlie
oeeeakm. The proceeds netted a
very handsome snm lor the benetit
of-the church. HH ���-���
 appointing  .	
W.iiDr iig-'WfWee Magistrate;| Public
M. Saarland* to be Polk* Com I progress
wooer ; H. H. Pitts to be Ueenae }e��M(4 ai
fasm tha secretary of 4be Sandon
otunteer Kite Brigade, stating that
c " iwingomcershad.bieneleei--
asking Council tu ratify the]
inenta:     Frank  C. fcwelk
t *a��. Martin, Assistant Chief;
(hn Mocjfne, Captain. *   _/
From M I*. GrftnroeU, Cityfloftci-
^ regarding <atwnses inctirrrdin
[aecaring incorporanon.
���Hovediby Aid.'iMin^riftp^RiM^ .    ��._,._*
Aid. faddy. That the comment-f day, .1st iost
ofthe Provincial Secretary be
and filed. Ctfrtiedd?
forty feet to  the Virginia  block.
Uteres and offices will oeeu-pv .the
l-Hl��1he^fcTVK ***** V*>
will he enUrigul *nd a urjii-liWJ'^j.^.   ��__,_i.._
MaaM-Srjrarja^ ;^__i__rrtS��SlS
The criteert given last Saturday [KaslomgaMIng inenrporation. -_��.G0
uBitiben i.,
^^p-___. Ph��W ��s^
to the hockey elnb.
MlUward U exaroUing his
iatic oMpensiticM putting a sign dn
windows of the Rneo oOog. _
he Neepawa owmwa aro about to
irporate.   Ten men have lieen at
rk on drvdopinqit all winter,
showing is etrconraglng.
Is stated that the Wakefield, on
ir StUe ereek, will resume oper-
early neat, month.
��� * ��� ,
j ot thtr noblest works of ore-
ts Ute man who tflgs op fbr his
without, being dunned.
>ple who are going to the Kten
te will  be dlsnpp-ilnu-rtt  in nut
Ing any Trail Blaner ei.ars at
'������'*rafcy*...*^.<iaL��_����,.�����**.r^miM^,mt^m.���.r j
lyahle dance oo Monday evening
. The Albion was a suooem
inebilly and otlierwise.
Wol vt set Wne into fllocan City at
ots and bowl.   Must lie a quiet
    Tim wolves never howl in
inden, unless they are \lrank and
The Payne bail to suspend shlp-
entlrely and lay off all bands
lis week. 'Ore houses all (nil, no
raitable rolling stock on tbe K. A 8.
*?the tram to the C. P. R. tnlck
In working order
A *,,!..
te r ., f.
Anglican Church.-Hev. C. F.
Yates will preach to-morrow evenini
at 7:30 o'olook in   Speneer's hall.
Presbyterian Church.���The usual
serrieee will he hekt in Virginia hall
morning and evening.*  Rev. J A
Cleland, pester.   ��,
Metaodlst Church. -Regular **r
���rices will be held In the Methodist
Chnfch to-morrow at II a. m. and
7:15 p. m. Thaw Rev. Mr. Wonds-
worth, ahnonaoed as preaehor for
these setvlens,. has bflen* nnahle to
torfat. for piMfnitgnal sefvieoi*
A e. reot^pred regarding li***-
poraUou. ,10.48
llnvei by Aid. Crawford, seconded
bv AW Hunter, that the accounts of
Messrs. Sandilands and Grimmett be
laid on the table. Carried.
Moved bv Aid. Swjtxer, seconded
bv AM. Mlghtne. that the fire bri.
gade appointments he   confirmed.
-,i\*f ji
Finance committee reported progress.
Public Worka committee reported
regarding. llgbtBa.
Offer of fiandon Wafer A Light Co.
tor lighting the citv. accepted, pro-
vided Ihrhts be kept in operation
from ditritnntll dsrHirht
His Worship, the Mavor, repotted
progress regarding gaol appropri.
dtv solicitor reported opinion' lhat
CnAneil had no power to cancel Government licenses gnd renew nnder
city by-law.    ' *��� * .
The eonncll as a committee of the
whole, reportttl fkvorahlv on Rv-
law No. f, to be known as the Trad-
era* License by-law.r*>*�� -
Cacao Ycn'rn Right, Miebsr.    '
The Vanconyer World says: ,
The ice on SMocan lake*said to be
in a dangerous condition, aa It b full
of air holes. A miner had a narrow
escape from drowniag the other day.
Not Ooiog hs Uoadikn.
. Silverton citisens annonnee their
hSMMten of eelebraltrttg'tlm Qnesn's
Birthday. There adtt be athlete
J and aoquatic sports,
band tonhnuneiit, pyrotechnic dis*
play of fire-works, grand three ring
circus and hippodrome and baloon
aacentions every day. They must
be sure of their town.
Moved hv Aid. Hnnter, apftonded
bv AM. Crawfbrd. that Thos. Brown
be offered the position of city trees-
nrar at a salary- of 4*1000 per an-
fBlfilhis engagement and the pasfo7|wnin. Cnrried.
He Will j ��� Xy.fryn ^'a^ t% m%. 4 ^5 ^
tffflS^r^o^^theVieAl****^***^ W-htMonTbnriday, tTthInst,
duct fa being ihlpped.  Ar rtunor of the
current that a deal Is on
^ -^ eiS^- ����� Worship, Mnyor Ather^im
the And their Infittcnee ^. tl^ w��pwl,^heeh||lPt   p^^ ^idermen, Hhn
ter, Canning and Crawford.
Minutes of former meeting
and adopted.
Financial committee reported
>*****��� ���''"*j^^________
The Mayor reported fAtgi um regard-
ing gaol appropriation. -,,y..
t^ti^rWin%B eciimlttee reported
regarding the lighting of
Andes* seenrlng premises for
a gaol.
Moved by Aid. \lM%\a% seconded
by AM Cunning that the Corporate
" 4 the (Sy of Sandon be until
ber hotiec a pAper seal with the
Mt^i��rAtion ot the Clttr of
," writton or impressed there-*.
P*\ v     XMtfk^'
4 By-law No. 6 wm reooosideredand
adapted. r *     /
OouncUthen adjonrned nntil Mon-'
The K. A 8. is oat of luck. The
train which left Sandon laat Saturday
arrived this morning, just 145 hours
late, a large force of men have heen
at work all along the line clearing
away snowslides which blocked the
track everywhere; Yesterday a
elide came down at tbe lower end of
the town, just below the Payne slide,-
covering the K. A $ track and
golug on down to the C. P. R. track.'
Both companies had large forces at
work and get* the traok cleared Jn
about 12 hours., It is, reported that
tbeT.A3. m*. again tieSTup hv a
slide between Sprooles Snd the South
rVk;:V    4    ���   I    i R I
The regular *ra.o on the C. P. R.
was cancelled yesterday on account
of tlie slide, but a special waa put on
from Nakusp, whionarrived on time.
Regular train left on time this morn-
The Slocan river mad is tied np
by snowslide*.
The Sandon hookey team left on
rhuisdav morning for Rossland and
played there yeenrday af-iernoor;
KAire, 8 to 0 in favor of Sandon. The
San-ion carton were also vietorieas;
snore not given. Thlf looks more
baalnem-ltke. Let fhegood work go
The Sandon Hand Laundry and
Bath House Is still in the lead for
fine starch work. Work called for
and delivered promptly.
*'   **��ai
' ' ���- t��J   .''
it*      tap
BY-LAW   BO. t.
A By-law for levying a road tax for the year
Whereat, it L-i doomed expedient aad aecoe-
maty ta levy a toad tat la the City ot San
Nov, therefore, the municipal council of the
corp-tration of tha City of Ssndon enacte
am follow*:
1. It is hereby levfel and imported and thete
-.hell '���*> tftiiaod and collected aa equal rate of
t wo dollar* par head per annum npon all aiale
per*->n..��*��iween tho ttgm of twenty-one and
flny vent*, renidint within the Municipality of
the City of Sandon.
S. The nrdd rote shall l��e dwe and payable to
the city eoUeotor, at hi* ofllcin the City nf
-     -   i.onfdMMthdayofPobfnary.lIWi
g. AnyptrMnrofo-inaer tMcfoetlna to pay
eneh taa ehatt npon conviction hefore the
police macbtrota. or any two fawtiree of the
peace hevinc Jaria-dietloa ow offeaamataiaet
the by-law* ofthe City of Sandon. on oath ov
afltnaetien of anye
ad nay oeo* at the dlecretion of the
���aaietrate or nay two Juotfaoo of tho
drjlauTlhMamr until ff**e o*uer or owner* theteof
 -penalty alone wht-re ao traepam
_ committed, tha ******* fc**wtu*j, eta:
For ever> boo-, aak. ******\*d rank,
_mi or goat, the ���um of one dollar, and far
.owl the -aim ������! tweaty-dve ttmt*. whlrh torn
ahafi go w the pound fc-eprr lor hi* toe for
n__viatimla,��r aay �����* A*"'������ '_*,?i_?2S_w2r_a
i-^-^TSSSlW hy aat ort-aaeeadiaa Shy
uauutieS thaN-ft* hy
���to.iara.ar hjf.Ba|W
aaa wreak It -hell b* *oi��ty ot tha
rr. daily, tu faraiah aarh animate g od
t food, watrr aa*l ahelter, durtna Bro
bydawa ofthe
a'penalty aot eaomdlag twenty-See dollara
foreaehoSeBaa.e-elnaivoof eoeU. aad la de-
fanlt of pay aeeut thereof forthwith, tt ahaU
nnd may be lawful for tha poUee maahrtrate.
or any two Justice* of the peace bavin* toria-
dietion over offenaoa aaa in.* the by-law* of
the City of 8andon conviction aa nf era aaid. te
wane a warrant trader Ma hand and aaal to
levy tbe aaid penalty nnd ooata. or coat*, or
penalty only, to diatreae aad aale of tha oSand.
en goodae*^ chattel*, and in cane of for-naV
criontdiatraaato aatiafy tha aaid penally aod
c-onta. or aeaalty or ooata only, tt nhaU and
may be lawfnl for "
over onenae- ae-ah-it the bylawrfof tbe City of
Sandon, oonvlettaft aa aitoamld, to eammAt
theoffendertoenyioek-opIn the eaidCltyof
Sandon, or to the eaaaaiaa goal far aay period
not eaeoedhey ana aaleadar aaoath, unle*. tha
nenatty and coata, or penalty or etm*t* lo ��oon-
or paid.
A Thin by-law may .recited a. "The Bead
Tax By-law. Xo. 1,1MN
Bead the Sr.it tfan<* F-bmary 7th. imat.
*Band thr* rtoroad and third  time Wtirnary
i��*-B. usa.
Baeonaiderad and tnally adopted February
Fbank C. tinr-ox. City Clerk.
The abof a U a trne copy of a he-law	
by the Municipal Couacil of tbe Corporation
of tba City of Sandon on the fourteenth day of
Februarv, AD l��*a, and all peraob. are hereby
Tequirerf to take notiee that anyone deeiroae
of applying to have aaoh by-law or any part
thereof qna-hed, nut make hl�� application
for that purpo-a to the Sopretae (or-rt within
one moath neat after the public*thm ef thl**
by-law in the Brltlah Columbia Qamtto, or he
will ha taa lata to ba heard in that behalf.
4.  Wtoucvar aay anhnaln\aM tov* been hn-
truaad A
"holeilnmlnrk^idmaieareImouoamtAnet mo
wduhKhaahaUbeeatWadio doaund aud receive tto followlaa aUew.ara*.oror aud above
bioiee a_t-j<i-r4lmper,a kw-Jelolorc i-*ovided
Wot every hum or aula, per day. ���.*��.
W.*t ever*, other animal, pat day, to not*.
For every lowl iot day. wrap*.
Aud aaab all-w_aee aa alorewM May he
ed wnh coot* by aammaty t  ****�� h_    .
ijoirac mairhtrate, ar aay two Jar*kee af Om
��er- nnvinc JurladfcOoo over tha oMomo
aaalnst ihe by-la wa of the coruerntiea at ttoCtty
a Scind-n.-eHaeHMuaMraabMa. |***Mhtooaad
tufLeiiurva for breach of aay bt Mm art of the mid
,*. r-toratlon of the City of Haadoa.
A ItahaIII��the>latyofthepoand keeper Im
mediately to iafurm the owner ol any animal
lmjM_rdedof the fae!. or B tha .owner ef aay
aauaal Impounded of the (art. or tl thr owner h*
pot known, tu advert** the am in mmei Iba
feral aewtpaprn, aad to team a aotlce thereof
ta wratacjobeaAUed to thr> poaad ante and
the |wet otBce. and la mrh mtotna to irlve m
aaarly a* iioanble the nwrhr*. c*-4ur aad laufaaMr
asa of Mm aaiawl, and tf. after the es|dmueo ol
eu drtya from th�� Sate olmeh ad tettaa mant. ao
-haM arlverOm
owner he foaad. Ihe puni.d heeear Jull arlverthu
the aala of aarh aalaaal by ynbhe anrtfcm hy ptmdr
tog aotlre*Riviaa at tomat thnodayt
the aale. aad *hal) are-rdln��ly *���* lor tl
nrlre that caa be ohUlaol lor the maw,
therjoaerofeuchaaia-al. or aomr uthrr ue,
��nrh a
on hii or her behalf. ahaU, prior to ��nrh nn,
tbamid enlaml hypaylaathe lem aad
i of the |roaad keeper, and the lasnahy aad
m, tf aay. and the aaM |iouad htcia-r. after
dwinrthur hia owe ehaqraa. ���hall any Ih*
damaam.tf any, to the pitma *mtahd thm*>.
aad the jienatty tu thr city clerk ef tha aaid
tien of the ate of Sandon. nnd if
elaimed within thine month** aftet
teeni.ed hy the city clerk, the
t m*tt ot tha aeairal rrvraor
ef tto oiepr-nttea ofthe lit v ol Sandon. lithe
owj.er ur owner* of any ahSmm taken while
daiaf damaae.oraay loraonoa hMorher>ti-*hell
ahalfaw ear and (Bapute the am mat nt
mall am car aaa amtiute nu* am mat m dam*am
rfalimd, tt aluS aitdamy he ttnlal far tto ptemd
keeper tu aaply to thr mayor ur any uoe at Ihe
at lermra vl me mid rorporathm uf the CBy ef
ir-adon. who (a hetvby arthurta-d -a.4 fupirad
I .rthwlth tommmim��rhrr-e dUnterrated tahah-
i*aala of the mid oapuration of OwtMy ot
���Haadoa. aud aarh three pentmm er any two wt
m. ahaa wtthin twenty-four h-ww aftrr nut Ire
their anpoiata-mt n ��(on*mkl, ��lr�� thr
around ana p*>a-*Jea apun which thr animal wa*
'.and lO-.II  ���pptmjae   the
w^ws  s^^r  wauf^nntnBBi   ise
-wam-iaattjurttv ol them ahaU heoonrlaalee
���yi,_-., .
ameaut of oamaae* m w
th-ir lawful fern end chargaa.
��. The owner of ear animal aeentleued In thr
-road motion of thia by tow. aad taken raunhur
at torn within the Smile of Am mid eo*j-|*r��_M,
ofthaiaiyof Saadou. ahatt tmy the l-Unwtuf
penettiii aver and above the ehai-paoof the pouud
���to aaoh daamga. and Ihry thaU. wtthia twenty
rurhoara after i.avtn��r amSv the view, trite _,
rrttlatt to the pound aeep_r a a-thrment oi tht
mount of demuaua ao aa-aemd hy them, aad ul
keeuer. aad the oanuae rmimea or
ajralMtanch owner aa ber-labefura prorilrd.
that U to my:
Fw every etaMon. SwdullH��OAa��.l
For every other horn. mere, pfhtiatf .colt, mi,
nr mufe, two dollara tat��i
Wot ovary ball. Sve duilan t-ASS)
Forevery eowornther bead of
��or every
Par ovary
tpM. skaopot 9*mt. I
���ftf (W)
For ovary fawl. twenty Sea isi)
To to recovered tjy Mtnuaery am.
tto pn-re aa-giatralr or aay two
���X-LAW   MO.   S.
to nam a .mural by daw
fran. raaatoff at larajo.
a city poaad:
by the municipal eoomdt
af tto Cfc> of Handon aa
��� aa theemuiB
��-_-*:. tXi;
4   b' 0mmm4t*mtm^lm*mmm "^
*m*o ^^mw ^^^^^n^a *m*m if-vimaj
tt ahaU aot to lawful far ooyjmmmtn
, balk, eater, e-oat* atoop. aniao or
lay oue or mom of iham, to run at
itheUaiitB ofth. rorporatfen of tn
Ian at aay than.
S. Itejmfl to towfolforthe aapototod pound
keeper to Impoaail aay aad aB aaunala maatloe-
pi fit awiadeovtlontoraeftf found ntmihuj n
City of Saadan at any tfane
Sato-tow* ef Ihe
eotaptoiaod of. or
efttoUt) oi
I of Bte pany
ptwof upon oath m oar or
f.  ItatoB to tawftti to? anyone to drive aay
aaa^orpuillrv uwutiueid la the-eroadeud
T_r__-_Ll*_,"l>_' ******* raaulaa at
ttottodfeof tto roruuratlunof tto
_l**r ^fA.**.**^}**^
to veld Ihe torn foUooW;
���* other toad of eanle.
tve (Tft) reuuj, atal lor
__. ..__ _,.. .���ado; aadBaheB ha
w__f��*�� I**** ***Y" u Sap-mad ihe
*nhm**Amm and par over tin* iraaaity la tto
mm^mamnirmdireeto.1 by tto Sah irtto.'ol
*��� T* ******* *_*__ ^n,i ** ******���. over
aadatovottofem tomintoloie mootlouod. tto
f-Bowl4ff fern, that la tomy : ^^' **���
"���Uim***"**"' * ********* *vealydbo
o*\mmmor*rr mh * dtotw,,, ** m)cw,to*
���i M*VZ**^*'******L**-��*hurtt% of Uw
-S^'lSTA^bJ:! ^^���__T!_C
tola* lai|����aded. oat of Urn pam^_-kluufu__
���arnml btw,mr. aiihomt hit ->jr_jWX_rh ��Lr_!
���hall to liV, upon eoiivtcSTta^heTO
day i
& amnmTt af daa��e^> ^��him nAe*n
juid by the earn iifTeimUf the mme. ur the
prweadaof Cto thfe
C_5?-mi.o. n  baton iiw ** +*_*~*
muadtmttwTmr make a mourn t>. tto aaid etty
tti dtua aarh mtanta wtth the aanwa *a the
amambaa the aama to tto ymadi the aaamnt
rivrdaad when tto are na*ti-i imnf.ead
of all
rr-L~e*v��-i��� __   ���
aay other i*d-rnmtlun to may
which rotara ahaS to - -**-*
U.   Bvery pound _���, ~- -	
-    -' *-*��� a tto mat t*mt*
 aumie* n-e-lv-
....._-, ��� ���������, wkirh am dteatad
to hi paid to the mid etty rtorail, thk* h��-*��w.
aad ahaS at alt Saam produr* to* fa-whs uo tto
importion of Bte aaM cn> rtrtk. ur ul aay
tor ot thr mid euaarU wtoa a-��
hiaretau, my to tto etty otatkmi
Si by htm dariua the nunih. wkhrt
U.  It otoS to tto duayid thepoani toapee and
t**n member of tto perto- tote* to jeevrtaia tto
aame or aacmol any owner or awn���a ot aay
eataaato meattoa*d ta m-Oeo three h-reuf. toned
ruanina a torga whhta tto rmy urn***, aad to
to. latornuttoa totoee toe mdtee mafWnMn. or
an. Jo-ikv m ihe prar-** havtaa Jurtatotton ���**���
u_W-a mgatort the by towa et tto *w*>
poratom of i_> c*j of itoaahm. ngatmt aat
aaehvwaarur wwumfer aBewiaa aurh aalaaal
or ju-iuoe- h, ran al tern* auhta the rAy Bn_ha.
aaS a mk*A to in* Out, ef tin *r*~*~ m��ftoiate.
at aay to�� Jmtlr-eu* the rnweo ha via* **-*-��*-
u>>,i ovrr -Shmai   att-tn-l the
IA   Thia
IA  Thietodaw-dtttto ettfdMr efl
n tto fit* humd By-law. .%*�� t. lam
"-ad ant tbne -pehrnar* tth iaav
id an-wudaud third Saw r��lm_.r. torh, ma
naiSiheiid end anatl*   ad*******  fetoimi>
raAaaC.aAnm_-.cn; cieefc
ofa bedew
���way ot* to
inril of Mm
betheMeatotomiOennra ef the CoaMoattoa
ef the City of Aandon on the fourteen*-*dayW
Fehrnary. A  U UBS. aad aU pmmno. on haeo-
tomaatood ta Uho nottoe that anyone do>
���drone of appiytaa to. have enrh ly4am m aay
y-ta' . __
mnamahehU apaltaa
ie tto^toUanTUnn
Ooan*Mo^er ho wUl to ��������� late ta be hentd in
bv-law no. a.
otaof doa*. aad to provide lot thetm.
poandiaa, mlUna aad kJttina af -	
the non-payment af *nrb tas by the owner.,
BS i leiiito or h-rhnrme thereof
The municipal ronncU uf the rorpornttoa of
the Gttyaf Baadon onart. a. trAUw.,
*tL_a-B*-_S--fV-3-g^Jf **���*�����*��� ���**a
or fee
klm, or In
two awSamtar enrh
hi* poaaamioa. or m
hou_o or eeemlaoa
of pel
, enid Ot *
~*%u***m**9.A tat
Jg-^a^'^^Kwtitto. tl*!*
dteattna the year for	
froaa the .aid chief
avtaa rakud or ���taaapod
i no oatuioa to raaoite
MiretV"*"** *****
which the aaM taa haa
9.   It atoll ba the date of th_ ��kt_i -j ______
���iw^__����_Bsra: &#��
.b._M,5_i_ KiKr*rp._!; -sss? *.
or a ���^^'^Mf*** to aocordair.��  ��n_,i*"��
eaid muomf,*m*w*Mo .an ef o,.��,-,,'.(_,", ',Jj
bU    too  tar ��o ttapwwndljm *al��  .i-i. ��_j
oretolmant- nttoro tor them Mdo�� ���!��*���,.
plrattoaof ttomto-e��ontfMaoho-,. .i_��{ju
���aid or dn��trapid hy tho ��atd * "
a Tho owuet uf any l��li. h la too i ��� i*���. _, j
������Ber nr uarmit tha *mOn to rum m Um
while In that eondltiw* -toil U ..,: ���. ������,_,
pmaltlee of thl* hp-to w.
t Ttte mabt chief nf aa*i toe. ��* **������ .<n. .. rt_.
M enrh for tto ******* **otag. -Wall t_ rb,
moMth* <*f Amoawty end inly in **, ��� ���,��,,
pa*t up notion.. ta at to*.* -I. p.,1 its, pu*r. u
the i ay. warotu��p****e-_rL*-*����at Ihe to"".**.,'
thi* Hr-too
A ttdmB to thodaty of tto mid tkm**
paltoe, an par aaa arttoa ma onh tor tto ���__.
report, to wrilinc. to top mnttodpal ��^���� n ��r
the ompwtoltonaf the City of ttoaauii
uonae of aB peri ana Wheto���� iuri_o u_
wmttttg month, paid the tat imt-mwd tt
by-law. baaothar wMh tto dot* *> .% t
nomt. and toe amount mroiy-M t,,m*m*t
. aad atrm araeo la ****** ��..-�����*!_ ia
y ovne to the eitp tmok atf motrk. ,<.-�����*.���,
MaHttlti   -iw^rr
Sy ovne tn taa etty etrnk aa ���
h���ae Aa__a_t ta_��  __mb*mm1_o
****** *******w _*-_?a,  *:* *\"^****n
t proefetone of Into hy too
A  Aat per em rodaaaaa nt aoate.itr.. ��� ���.����,
ouch taa. or anttly of any talrecit..* -i ,�����_
9M9M9 ^BWVluS^^W   -WW    B^n^nS nW*^*am*0*My MB*i,   *��Jo*.      ��� PS'
vtotion totem tto p-lhm auaUtrai* ��* �����.���
too toiftf ��� *i af the panoa haviaa Ufte*t o*%
otn aB^inmi aanma* thahfdao*��1 ih�� �� n, <�����:
Saedeo. on amtooa aBtrmatton el a-i rr*dn-
atrle wit no... f-rteit nnd pnyoter ai *���*.* ��i��
Of  tho   imllea   n*S>lfjlr ��t��r|*,t
of the pom i hnetoa h-rM*-**-! ...��
. aanlnet law by-law. A tto c*u ������������ ���*���*
. reeilttto. a yeaaBy am* *..>-ett**
twontya.e dollar, tor eneh oa>n-��. em ian,.
of emia, and In dedanlt of paiajwc* ��h��**w
torthvtth.ttehedlandmnito Uo*-! ' - th.
paltoe aaaarmtoMo. at any two ten~. ��i it*
neaee hayiaa tortedirtlea o**o* enV*.-* ��� .*��� .-���'
ttobfdaw.of tho etty nf tome***. <�����*.-*���;���*���
aaal mimid. tobmne n n��namat aa**** ***.. tool
and anal to tovy the anid pea ally mm*t rami* ���*���
nanotta at auato maky. bo dsaree. ��M ���������� 4
the ottoader** tpmam and rhaitol.. e����4 ���- -��-
of toaoAteieat dto��to��*. to ^ali<-y tl*�� **t-i pr*
atttandemete nr po-aalty or .***** �����������..�� I*
akalland amy to lootul tor ito p-dh. m****-
trato. eteny two Bmlkrow *** *���*��� **-***��� *** '���'���*
torUdtotioa o.or iim* mm** ** *h* l}-���*��--
of tto t*ttyo|toad*m.**e*4r* **'****** n* .>����<**��
torommiyt tto oah-ndee to aat- to. i-�� a *U
nwktVettwt *mw*dmm..*nt t*�� Ito *****,**.+, O***
tmrmmg pottod not ��� nm���-*la�� **** '*'*****
amnth, unto- tho penalty and *���*.<* <������ (-*-
atty oa aaeto, to aanamr paid.
j-TWrlKetirir.'r-L''' -*~
FbAeemry ttb. Mm
and third tiar* Wnhtwmn *'*t
and anally ..���tot��i*-�� W****m**l
BtlWfB B ATMBBroV May '
ra��aa C, anmi.tli Clerk
be Um ttamtohml t_an
af a b-r-law
��� at the t'oep^tio*
laUaaeeone a********
mm that *��������>*��� 1��**u
on aaal hy4��* *������_*
���mmataaa-tobM memi**
wt* *****,
��� It-re  ��
_        ����a*atl*-
beoH in 'Aaito
COf tUrk
0 CU��*r*l ��v* ��������
 _, and to ***'**
wtth ttom *hem A**
Bt k anarted by tto awnlrtoti ********** ��J lto
r.**a��Mloa of the rtty uf Bnadun ���* *******
'% ��to and after *to amnaaigaitea ��<'h*w
^MStteU to -whtad tow i*f^r,Hr' ^
���AM to any baBdtaor whn��wvar. ���������>'"   h'._*l
*3r7X 0I7 S' tmudMi. ������**
n jtmwiy naasia-jlid ton
��f Sk, toaarM .Ml
-"'"���" e _e Bne tolll <e <-'��� **"M
IhohteMtof brtrk   ******}
!____���       jaujO the oal'��*
of ohaB to MtmnT-U* taehm U> "" k"
rhCueJiX^alto .uS riik. .-
tofew itolmmof-aMfsaarrhhntiey ��� <|r<
(Teas tu fans MVtct-M THE PAY8TREAK, SANDON, B. C, FEBRUARY 1��, IBW.
j consisting of eleven stalwart
Chatham this week, on their
-ti. W. E. Hodafns, ef the
era! a Foot Guards, has
ited A. P.O. to lis fiicel*
l.t*. lor uuntiuguon, has re-
_ appointment of Lieutenant-
of the North-West Territories.
1 that the Ottawa Govero-
U propone a vote of 180,000 In
ttea, to prepare for the reproof Csnada at the Paris exhibt-
Vlan Pokier has heen
Jty of the murder of her hua-
lor Poirler, st St. Counts, a
lllaae in Quebec, which took
A November.
has-been a week of snow
land intense cold.   At Toronto
ymetersdropped to lOd*
sro, at Montreal to lsbeiow,
Parry Sound 2ft below waa
i customs department at Ottawa
sived h*M from Mr. Davis the
>r at Dawson City.   Thia makes
ioft*5,0U0 In duties recetvvd so
the Yukon- alnce navigation
in 18��7.
Richardson, manager of the Im
ink at lupr-ailJ, man prettetttml
frieada wKli a sterling silver *.-i
worth w7tki, on the ottraiion oi
mval to Montreal to take charge
[Banksbranch there
Ivnatnite explosion tKrurtred in
i's t|��ar mine In tJaiitley, near
mt, ou Saturday  laat.   About 17
rere at work tn tha mine when the
took place, Injuring tour men.
whom ate in a serious condition
iContinental Binder Twine Worka
intiord have bwn, closed,   ft to
fbe Company ia unable to do
fen account nf the removal of
itv and the competition of tirisoi.
Some 70 hands Imve beep-thrown
work.' * ���" ��� ���.-.   ui
Field, one of the ploieers nf
iOntario and prominent stone
Hn Provincial politic**, died at his
i in < ohttrg on Tuesday laat.   He
>rn in Devonshire. Kng, in 18-Ki
came to" this country In 18B5. to
xrg, where his family nettled.
sre are prospects of a rate war
waged between the C.P K. and
^.tTr. TheCIMl haaannouno
-ireduftiod of the fare from Montreal
from $10 40 to *��, while a
I. R official says the are on the
\M. for the same trip may yet drop
Ice-brtdge has formed a little
r.. Anntsrtlle. near Morriehurg,
l, and large quantities of floating Ite
t become jammed in so at to form A
itar dam, causing the water to rise
tpldlv that there Is a likelihood of
lidwralda damage being done if the
weather continues^
leave Toronto
party  composed of
king preparatioiu&to leave
the \ tikon gold fields in a week or
They will carry a good stock of
risions and ether necessaries for thc
rney, In an Ingeniously contrived
I, which when turned upside down
ages Into a strong sled with runners
i considerable carrying capacity.
I party of nine young Toronto men
! that city this week to And the pro*
Irbial 4,pot of gold at the end of the
Hhow,** the entTof the rainbow being
. K lojidik e.   They are well -equipped
1 have provisions enough to Isst each
15 months.   The route taken Will
bv Edmonton   The leader of the
ly Is Jamea Montgomery.,
ie sentence of death has been pass-
am Torn* Nnlty, the --0-year-old
ftjrer of bis three sisters and rother.
be wiU be hanged On 20th of May
**** -*aui^H^__HH_^_^__^_|_H^H
next. The Nultys are a strange family
belonging to tbat class known as
jumpers." During the whole of the
trial very little emotion, was shown by
any of the family After the verdict
was rendered the old msn asked the
High Constable for the axe, with which
the frightful crime was committed, ss
he needed it.
St. Jean Baptist�� church, Montreal,
one of the finest Roman Catholic
churched ia the city, together with, the
adjoining chapel and presbytery, were
burned early on Saturday morning.
One of the priests. Father Anclair, had
a narrow e-ckpetrom death He had
gone into the presbytery to save some
or his books, but wss so overcome bv
the smoke thaf had it not been for the
help oUhe firemen he would have perished. * The loss amounts to about
11*50,000 With ttOO.OOO insurance.
Mr, tf. D* Fltagerald, a well-known
farmer living on the Grantham side of
the new canal at St. Catherines, while
taking a short cut home across the
canal, about 11 o'clock Monday night,
fell through the thin ice, Where the ice-
cutters had been- a work during the
day, and was drowned. His bndv was
(oiuid a abort distance from his home.
His father was a colonel in the British
army. His brother Is manager of the
Dominion Bank at Gueiph. He lived
with his mot'tcr and sister on the farm.
Tlie Dominion Parliament was formally ojiened bv the Governor-Genera!
o& Feb. flird The floor of the Senate
Chamber presented a very brilliant appearance, crowded as it was with Ihe
"disterH. coumhih and aunts" of the members of parliament. The speech from
the throne contained the usual reference
to the material prosperity of the country and alluded to many of the leading
iHiOHtions such as the favorable loan
floated by the Minister of Finance in
Kngland, the' denunciation ofthe German and Belgian treaties, etc., etc.
The Doberty Organ Factory at Clinton, t mt., was entirely destroyed by fire
thi**. week. This was* the largest organ
factory in Canada. The plant, machinery and everything were consumed bv
title fiery mot-u-Mfjf iaeiudtng Mr
Dohertv's residence, which waa situated
in the wav *of the factory. Tbe loss ia
Very tfeaw, and the Inrnranre carried
amounts to only about wo.oon or $***,-
U0O. At a speefal meeting of the town
council it was decided to offer the company a loaa oU25,006 for 30 years without interest The'firm accepted the
offer. ;
1 On FHday morning, Feb 4th, at about
oue minute past 8 o'clock, James Alfred
Allison suffered the extreme penalty of
the law-for Ms murder of Mrs. Anthony
Orr. The scaffold was erected in a
small shed in the yard of the Berlin jail
The youthful murderer preserved his
calm and careless demeanor all through
to the end. Just ���hefore entering the
tail vard he gave Jailer Cook an envelope on which was written and signed by himself the following words: "I
m sorrv for my crime. I did it out of
ll-will I hope those who I injured will
forgive me and that no one will turn
his up to my people. My sentence is
stand I hope God will have mercy
jupou me."    s  ��
Great Activity on Toad Mountain.
Never since the first discovery of
htlver-bearing ore oa Toad Mountain,
in 188R, has there been to much development work going on as at the present
time, Tt ts estimated that there is five
times as much work being done this
winter-as Isst, and a number of very
promising claims are being developed
with, the expectation that thev will
shortly be added to the list of shipping
mines. A number of sales of valuable
properties are now pending, and several have been reported.
A teacher had *��W �� ***** ** J**���?11"
pupils that Milton the poet was blind
The next dav she asked If any of them
wuldwrnen-berwhat Milton's greatest
affliction was. ^YesX* r*p.*��* one
little tellow, *��he was a poet."
tor la January horn
gem nta GarmU ahoold to wore;
Tto February horn will Snd
FreedV-oi from pamlon and from care,
tfthey the Amcthyat will Weac
Who on tbla world of oom their eyee
In March bnt open, ahatl to wlae,   .
Ina^yaofpLnilirmaudtaa're.    .
i who from April date* her yean
mondasball wear, tot bitter traii
' rain laiwntanee tow.' thttatana
i Mam of innocence to known. *
W-totwt behold ttw light of aay
b*> Strrtng'a nt*awAtown*rtaontoof May,
Add wean an On-*-aid aB torUfa,  ���
iiaU be a loved aad happy wtfjv
Who comer* with Summer to thia earth,
Aad owe**, to Juno to>* day of of birth,
With ring of Agate oa her hand
*i*u health, wealth and long life eonuaaad.
flow-tor Baby ahoold adorn
w who In wmttA July an bora;
u will they to exempt and frm
i-adouWa     '
possesses a ruby Stone complexion. If
complexion and stone are congenial,
however, Aad the pmw not antagonize, there is nothing more chic, and,
laccording to the jewellers of the city, a,
number of tbe maidens and youthful
matrons are preparing to indulge ia
the Attaint, pretty conceit.
back rttow *i*hm klonOiBb.
-Tom Rtrucklt'a home TT  TtM*,ttdlyi��s spnad,
-He braved Uie Klondike enow.        m-^T--r
He left ua poor; foot n-tw. Inai
He,��'*>rt the *ti_fflo blow r   .,
I abutrht the man whom, hearty, hale.
Old Um had mueh rnufeared,
I know be had a wondroas tale���
A cool half million cleared.
I fa-uud him in an 4*o*j .hair.
'Of* aanmt and hollow e;
cheek bonce ahonel
thin hiahairl
love's (
raad anxiety.
.__.__.- a Sardonyx, or for time
No conjugal fetotty;
TtoAuovat bom without thia atone,    .
T&seia muat live unloved and lone.
A maiden born when Autumn leaven
An rootling In Septtmtor'a bream,
A-Sa-ij-hln on her brow should Mud���
Twiu cure dtoa**** of tto mind.
dcjbr-er'a child la born for Woo,
Aad Blt/a v irtoiiudn mnst know;
. Bat lay an Opal ou tor breaet,
Aad hope will lull those worn to ran.
Wno first comes to thb world below
Withdreary Kovembei*afoKandanow,
-tttould prim tbe Topaz % ami
Enhksm of frieada and lovers true
���hold December gave you birth���
month of anow and ice aud
SaVface. how mummified!
nine waa gone, and Sagns	
BdthftMt.  Hie akin, how wand 1
But,afa. there Is ona Bern own���.   ,
A cool htB mUUon etotredT *
"(i. Tom r I cried. In ikying tonm, .
He doubled uu in pain.
And rauled as he moved hfe bones,
And efrove to speak In vain. *
-Boor vlcttrjn of the fro_en nortti���-"
A .Khaaily amlle appeared,
And from bte Beat tern line came forth:
-A cow half million ��&nnd.*
** Bat, Torn, you're crippled now foe Hfe,
And while you wen away
Your taua, your -uother. and yonr.wlfb
Pamed to eternal day.*
Be blankly stared.  Our Intercouim
Remlied as I reared.
In mattered in a wbUper bcane:
** A eool half miUloo cleared."
if i Kjmw:
uo your baud a TurqnohK blue,
rem wttl Idem whato'er yoa do.'
I^onsalt the verses above and discover
what stone you may claim as a birth
stofte, and then if you wish to be very
unique for a time and can afford a fad
of more or less expense purchase the
jewels in as much extravagance as good
tests will permit and never appear
without them. Make them contribute
toydtyr peraonality, as Russell would
"give yon prononnqedfndi vidu-
*��r   4 ,\*
Of course, one-must eterclse judg-
Sent in adoping a fad that will affect
eir good looks so materially, either by
enhancing or by detracting from them,
especially if one is unfortunate enough
tf> claim an amethyst birth stone and
If I knew tbe bolt where the awOosanhapt
No matter bow largo the key
Or stmuK die bolt, 1 would try so hard���
Twoutd open-1 know, for ma.
Then over the laud and feed broedcaat     *
I'd scatter the tmllas to play.
That tbe children faces might hold them laat
For many and many a day.
Mi ���*_���**_. *J*_-: *�����* WM v*t**a*******
To hold an the frowns I meet,
J would t_5- lo gather toeni* *gre��
Frum nnnery, school and etreet.
... ���   *a
. And tarn
I'd Urea
snd holding, Td yaek them in
e monster key;
I to-top tto box
of tbe deep, deep aaa,
���Dora Sexton.
A Kansas man- who was married recently, has relatives, ia St. Louis,
named Damm. At the wedding, among
the congratulatory missives read, was
a telegram from St. Louis, saying:
"Accept the congratulations of the
whole Damm family."
Kootenay Mercantile Tailoring Co*
A full line of
���I   PIECE
always in Stock
Robert Macdonald
Neil Macdonald
MACDONAU)  BROS:, Proprietors.
Rates $1.60 to fe.50 per day.r���
e.    -
'    He-attaoartew fbr JA1nin_t 8peoulatwrs and CapJtaHsts.
,     ���*^*m~*,    .,,.-,���, i.    .       . . . wo   gw
Reco Ave., *.. - Sandon, B.C
��i jt<
li.ir 11.'   ,,���
I    : :!   .   ��� ��
-a.tf"   n TH*: PAYSTREAK, SANDON. B. C, FEBKIIABV lyjgg.
The Paystreak.
Is Imiad every Saturday In Sandon, In the toftit
of the greatest White Metal camp on earth.
Subscription     ��� ...     |>.00ayear
Strictly In advance.
Address: Thk Paystrkak, Sandon, B.C.
SANDON.   B.   C, FEB.  19,   1898
Great as are Canada's resources,
unlimited as are her possibilities,
yet she cannot afford to be robbed of
her land and wealth; her loyal subjects deprived ot their rights, and ber
laws and law-making branches polluted by the pernicious practices and
corrupting influences of the scheming
politicians and corporation knaves
who fatten off the proceeds they are
enabled to filch from the people
through the operation of the schemes
they, by missused government aid,
are permitted to burden the people
with. The late deal in connection
with the building of the proposed railroad to Teslin lake, is, according to
the best obtainable information, as
bad a piece of business for the Dominion as was the Crow's Nest deal.
The only difference is that in one a
private corporation secured control
ofthe coal fields of tbe Dominion and
in tbe other a corporation (and very
likely the same) gets control of tbe
gold fields.
The magnitude of these steals will
never be known, bnt in later years
when the Dominion is thoroughly in
tbe grasp ofthe gigantic corporations
now engaged in the nefarious business of euchering the government
ont of the Canadian people's birthright, then may Canadians guess
to what extent the resources of their
Dominion have been given awsy.
The following Will give some idea
ofthe great snap the McKenzie Mann
company has got In brief it appears
to amount to this: Tbe government
builds the road, runs all the risk ot
the undertaking, and when in run
nlng order turns it over to the company, to which it also gives 25,C30
acres per mile. An eastern Canadian
writer gives these particulars of the
( deal:
The more that is learned of the details
of tbe agreement between- the Federal
Saverament and Messrs. Mann and Mc-
enzie, relative to the construction of
the railway to the Yukon, the more indefensible appears to be tbe action of
the government. In tbe first place, the
contract has been awarded by private
arrangement without calling for tenders
in direct violation of the policy so
strongly advocated by the Liberals
when in opposition. The very same
men who a year or two ago were so
loud in condemning the expenditure of
public money without tbe previous
sanction of parliament are to-day guilty
of the offence against which they raised
such an outcry, and the very same
newspapers which attacken the Con
servatives are to be found now vainly
endeavoring to draw nice distinctions'
between what ha- been and what is.
The terms of the contract itself are so
liberal as to draw tears from the eyes
of the snap seeker. Twenty-five thousand acres of the best gold mining land
in thc Dominion, to be selected by the
construction company at its own discretion, go **tb every mile ol road
which they build. Mr. Jennings, who
surveved the route for the government
placed the outside cost of construction
at t26,000 per mile, so that in reality
Messrs. Mann A McKenzie have -^cured the right to purchase a big slice ol
the Yukon gold fields at the nominal
price of a dollar an acre. Last they
should be confounded with thc ordinary
miner who earns his gold by the sweat
of his brow, and who pays a royalty ol
10 per cent on his product, a provision
has been made whereby Messrs. Mann
and Mackeusie shall pay only one per
cent, bv wav of royalty. In order to
prevent other people from worrying
Messrs Mann aud McKonsie bv building through the Dalton Trail Pass,
which in the onlv other practical rail
wav route over the mountain range, the
government has given them a five
vear's monopoly���a mouopoly infinitely
worse than the monopolies which were
cursed on manv a Liberal platform during the general election campaign The
clause referring to this portion of the
arrangement, which has been omitted
in the summary of tbe agreement pub
lished in the government press, is a��
follows :
"For five vears from September 1.
1898, no line of railway shall be author
ized bv parliment to be constructed
from Lynn Canal or any point near tin*
international boundar** line hetweeti
Canada and Alaska into the Yukon,
nor shall any aid in money or Isnd be
S anted to any other contractors for
is purpose."
Let it be thoroughly understood that
this is not a matter of the construction of a long line of railway over a new
country, where traffic returns are more
oi less'of tbe future. The road to be
built is only 130 miles long, and the
traffic is already being hauled over ita
course by manual labor at an en ���nn Mi-
cost Tne very first train which run*.
will earn big money. Score* of com
panics were floated not looking for la**d
grants or subsidies which wen* willing
to build this road for the profit*, to he
made out of it. But for reasons thai are
not at present capable of expiauati m
even by the more courageous of the
party papers, the business man has be *u
thrust aside while the omnlvoron��
magnate manipulates the ministers, am!
receives something that no other person even dreamed to ask for. Th-
crookedness of the deal would not be *>���
exasperating if it were not accompanied
by the nauseating protestations of honesty with which It has been sought to
cover It up.
Whether parliament will interfere in
the interests of the people, who are
being buncoed out of a valuable possession, remains to be seen.
There are two shifts at work on the
Sovereign, tbe banner claim on Lookout mountain. They are working on
No. 2 shaft, and will continue all winter
They have three feet of ���37.50 ore in
the shaft at the point where tbey began
work, and it is Improving as depth is
"Lieutenant-Governor Mcintosh stated that his company had decided to give
Trail a chance, and would pnt a hundred-foot test hole in the (Jolden Rurlev
on Lookout montain, Trail. If thev are
able to secure satisfactory showings
they will purchase a controlling interest in the property. The Golden Bur-
ley, owned by General Charles s.
Warren, Mr. Miller and others, bas a
fine cropping of pyrrhotlte ore several
feet in width and shows up well. Surface showings assay $8.
There is a deal on for the Union Mint.
* *****a\0*prospect three-fourths of a
, mile from Trail on East Lookout. It is
'owned by Miller etal, and has a nice
showing of Tfc�� to 130 ore.
!   The tunnel on the Red Point, on
. Lookout mountain, is in HM feet.
The largest mineral data, in oauI-
ence is near Wancta.. The owner has
sold 14 quarter* ot the claim and na*
some left
The final papers in the Good FrijK*
Hale were signed Monday and tol. Ton-
ping and Frank Hanna received their
share of the first payment. The final
pavment will be made June I. The sale
was made at 10 cent* per share, tol.
Topping reserved -UM**) shares, which
he proposes to hold until tbey are wot lb
fl emeu. The Good Friday if 90*
working eighteen men. aud Supt t-.mil
Voight brought to Trail some very fine
ore from that property
(ol Topping has sen! a force of men
16 Deer Park to work on Ibe Trailite. a
claim three fourth* of a mile from that
Steel & Mr Donald and other*, owners
of ihe Black Tulip, at Deer Park, are
pushing work on the claim.
The Canadian Mutual Mining and
Development Co yestenlay shipped li
tons of lewd ore to the Tacoma smelter.
from tie- GatdfltaM. a promising "tin*
on tbe Peed dThriUs Asaayar .1. li.
Spiking of Trail leave* .Mmday for
1 'annua to look aft.-r tbe returns.
James Redbatigh, Pat Cullen and J
Robertson this week sold a half fnlei****it
in their claim, the ll*��'�� Roy. near Past
Park. f����r **.���*��'.--Trail*"r.* k Meant
ttoot* roit suss mitiojo.
^_,��...a.��.��r_.mm' 0*m*m*i.���*****<nmug".a*im*w nmmam   m�� ..       ^"���^"*-��~--_%,_I
wowt* no to dam-*,*.
Stott* Ci-yr, iowa���On the stri-n^
s letter written to him from Ai��*twt
the Wife ef his friend, B IW;^
frank Veudrnke of this city i-���, tbt^
dotted his plaa to seek wealth ���*,. Xmt
Klondike. Mrs. Ferguson I* * Hok*��.
ian, and the letter Is written in her ov*
language. A translation fttrnUlMd to
Vondrake raas 90 follows i
The raa>-ritv are sttfierin^ tW| ���,
waat bars. Cfely the few *r<> x_*b.
ering fortunes. Many will Im.*-, ������
the -wring with l��*i�� monev *\,**,
they brought with them M. ha*.
hand aiwl I are g*��liiij*i<r irav. natfci
first beat, which will arrive *;>-_���
June 1 Paoi*���� are amrtttgrtm
dav Sometime* Am asms In b��*
iwe-n dawn aad dark. Thev ***.
port thai thousands upon tfa<��u ��_-.-> u
are waiting where food is rh��wper
and that taey will arrive mt th-.
fins boat C��tttmi��rem*km_*tott
tract* for next season on th.- bad* :
(Wper da*���Juat about vmiizh to
ls*e on It to not as ea*v to grow
rich aa the papers sav. M . �� M
ttatnew* is sraat eat by Kkmdlks
boom *it*valal*ws By wnrklitjr bt
others it Is imp.i-.iUeu. Make mwh
and m<��** of tm**e who do ��*�����*}( ,���c
t******l by Mierntatlon The* hqi
rbeaf.fr and *mAl at Wg price* fating the toeium
The famous H'ild Horse Creek m**tm
good for several more million*, The
Prospector of Fort Steel**, say* . " The
outlook for placer mining on the ��;-���<. k
during the coming <*ea****u to excepti ��ti
ally bright    Tin- Invnta Company wW
work a Targe number of men    The \tp
aii'i Tuck Comi-any is mak iug arrant*
tjtanta hi Increase iit* plant    ,\ namiwf
of J��*as��-   nf placer ground have tof't
made, and several new couiiwiuh*-. arttl
commence .���(-.���ration*    Am tag the new
ormpanie*. the Brewery ��� reek Vim*�����*
Mining ( ompaay are prepay lag t<�� ram
meiire work at an earlv date    It isal*����
reported mat the internal- ��ual Placer}
Mining (.'omfwny  will  regime opera-1
lions as soon as tbe season iipana and
the indhatioits are thai at least eirfbl or j
ten placer mining *rouipani<-* will ��p**r I
ate on Wild HanmCrtM and i���� tribu ]
tariws  next summer    W,   learn froml
many owner* of quarts claims that it is J
their intention to push the development
of their properties during ih.- coming
-umnter. and  we think  that we can
safely *ay that as arum as the railwav
reaches Fort Steele a large amount of
machinery will lie placed on a numlar
of nrojpertie* and thus insure the future
pf Wild Horse as a quarts mining and
producing district, a* well aa a great
olacer mining camp.
A Kentucky editor said silver htirkle*
on gurtcrs are becoming fashionable
and he hoped to see more of them His
wife sued for a divorce, and the onlv
woman in town who had allver buckle*
on her garters cowhided the poor editor
until he was a* raw as a jiotato.
arr aw  snkin* ot t
-*MW -mm
"(a th*** id-adow <*f ilcwth." my*. 1 H.
WVIh-a of the *'*,*%*y pnm**wtor* * ' - ��>-
\**eo wkntotin* it alaatt l*a��*��*n t it*-.
Mr. UoIIms lei that ntMramntr*. *Um
the mtahlle A lte.-ru.lj-r m* th��* hr ttmt -d
too *|*mc__j t0b*noon0A0$ um%f0MA*M wbirdl
ettrntaA omeh 9 fo ���****> o*�� Uieir palrlkrit;.
Hi* o,ii**motion, tiMTehjLf**. may u- ukra
is ocrtttalo and vwlia'de. He i* *i. *M
Alaskan, having pe��*tr��te��l the ii��n*���*.*>
* nom*a*t tyt timm in the sarrice of tare
torn new a ag��f��cies
"Pro%htkms aerw staarre* when s lr*!t,"
..erau-J. 'bat starratkio tberwter. ���
than scarry. Cnsultabte fowl ha*
l.orqf hi down thia otdtUmtc on th* miners and they will tafftr drvadfullv. as tn
that et*gimt it to mmto fatal Ui*n ��** *��� ���>-
A  vimklv waitaf-v-n.
The Skagway Mews of the ***** Un
���ays lhat "the rush from all part* ��f the
country to bringing Into Ibe territori
loo many man without in<nans. hut **bo
are silling to Work, as well a* ib****
without means or inclination t- Ut>or
We sre reliahlv Iniormed that there art-
many men in the State* who are thr������*���������
b*g up gHLmt poaitiona to Join the j:< \.
rush to the Klondike We rt��rei u>
hear thia. No man who is makm-.* a
comfortable living lor bimaeif and
family ia justified in abendnninjr s remunerative position Inthe hopeol making a fortune la another html It *�����
unforiutiaUdy, onlv t4M> true that
disunce lends enchantment to tin* *<'���*���
locan Hotel
I^wly opened in New Denver, i�� one
of comfort, luxury and eat*. The
rooms are elegantly forntehed, tho
building hard-tintohed, the dining-
room warm, light and tosteftilly'dw-.
orated, and the table* laden with all
the viands fit to eat.     It isn't necea-
MUM   DBA*1 ttm   ITEMS.
, Taylor left for the coast Wednes-
'" uing.
,  Sherran has taken over tbe
Hotel and will run that favorite
the future.. v%
... Mm. 3ms. Dslansy will leave
>ria this week, where Mr. Delaney
have his fractured arm treated.
ther robbery was committed lost
night.   The celler of the Grand
" was broken into and two bottles*
whiskey carried away.
snow on the low altitudes bas
disappeared and travel in the
ins is becoming perilous.  Snow
fare dangerously numerous.
C. G. Baker and children, wife of
tker, of tbe firm of Walker Bros.
ter, arrived to-day from Napanee,
iud New Denver s population has
sed by six.
ipubliedebt ol British Columb'a
tfes 929 per capita. Ontario haa
It all In Quebec the public debt,
Ihstanding the Mcrcter regime,
only til.75 per capita.
on the Mollie Hughes, lately
used by local men, has already
jped a geod showing of ore, ntn-
w ounces in silver. Before the
had been run mors than 10 feet a
J like was made
William Hunter Company, L'Pd.
[Im* innorporated under tne Joint
'Company's ml.  with a capitul oi
; 10 in 10.1'UXI shares at f 10 em* h.   It
plo a general merchandising busi-
The  provisional directors are:
Hunter,   Hilverton;   Thomas
Wilson,  Silverton; Ihincan Mac-
Mi, Alamo Conceit trator; John T.
Three  Forks; Charles  Lowen.
i Concentrator.
(lowing tbe Important "news item
Vancouver World, that the neon
lake is Ailed w*th air hotescomes
ptally important 'innoiince-jncut in
ittie Post IntelUgencer that on
iting a charge that a Silverton
��-_, been buncoed in Seattle, it has
there Is no such town in British
ibia aa Silverton.   Some editors
to lie jailed for criminal ignnr*
les men are employed on tbe Ex-
mine, and a shipment of high
lore is to be made in the near
jf. Heaucbesne snd Jas. Livingstone,
i of the Albert mine, have dons 90
tunnel work this winter on tlie
ly. sod have a car load of ore in
il men are at work on the Cam-
and ore is being taken out for
shipment. The returns from a
shipment to the Nelson smelter
cm received, but not given out.
j Rainbow is looking fine. Alt-foot
has been sunk thia winter, and
tons of good shipping ore is on
|mp.   The ledge hss been stripped
Tlie ore is mainly galena, con-
some copper.
Arlington mine is going to be tbe
it Sn tills district. In tlie lower
Igs the footwall has been followed
J feet and a cross-cut is there being
of the main lead.   The lead  is
to be over HO feet wide, contain-
high grade ore. In tbe upper
Igs, lo feet above the lower, clean
* ling taken out from a paysteak
mn 20 inches in width.
nlng district which was never
and of which little Is known js
grounding the mall), Kettle river
miles above Rock creek. The
Indications warrant the con
thst this district will take rank
among the wider known mineral regions of southern Yale. The development work already done bas proven
that there are ores in quantity and
Quality. The shaft on tbe Belcher in
this district, which is down 40 feet, la in
two f��et of solid ore, encased in another
two feet of ore matter Assays yielded
from 111 to $22 in gold; they also contained copper values. The vein on the
Belcher has been stripped for a considerable distance. ���
Tha Silver Dollar, a property in the
vicinity of the Belcher, has recently
been bonded by an English syndicate,
for 986,000. Five per cent, was paid In
cash. Work will be resumed on the
Silver Dollar in a short time. A tunnel
has been run in on the propertv for 16
feet; .there is a well denned vein, 10_
feet, and the average assays give tbe
high value of 927 in gold.
HKI-aZK   AXD   THK   C.P.B.
What Waa PeM for tho Hmrtww Gaag���
Bo**.* te
The Anaconda Standard has an interview with Carlos Warfield, private
secretary to F. August Heinze in which
he states the terms of the recent sale of
lieiiue holdings in West Kooteuity to
tlie Canadian Pacific Railway. All the
d'i.|*auhe*�� from Ottawa aud Montreal,
have conveyed the information that the
purchase price was 9*Xi,Q0O. It was
stated that Mr Heinze wanted $1,250,-
t ��, but accepted the lower figure when
he louiid tiiat the Canadian Pacific Railway really meant to parallel his lines.
Mr. Warfield. however, says that the
larger sum was paid and that Mr;
Heinze retains important holdings tu
i rail district still.
it ia the Canadian Pacific's intention,
Mr. Warfield states, upon assuming
controll of thepropertiea to broaden the
sfHiiageof the road; which is at'present
a narrow-gauge, between Trail and
RossJaiid, ana put in a lead plant iu
connection with the present smelting
plant A freight and treatment rate oi
18 will be made from l.oaslaiid to Trail,
which is 60 cents lower (ban previous
rates It is also expcct��*d, Mr Warfield
status, tbat jthe Canadian Pacific will
build a road west from Kobsoti through
the Boundary country to Penticton,
With this completed, tlie Kootenay
mining region will have pretty thorough
rail connections and a vast mineral territory will be opened up which will give
the Canadian Pacific Railway smelter
all the business it can handle.
on traa-cH vacate.
The following case (spending of much
interest to mining men. Through the
middle of the French Creek Company's
ground lies the bed of the ereek, where
the old workings were located at the
time of the French creek stampede in
Itm. The company did not take this
ground up, thinking, no doubt, that it
was worked out, but confined itself to
the bench lands on each side. Now F.
Vandall, S. J. Baker and M. Black are
making application, each for a lease of
a placer claim, the three comprising
these abandoned workings Tbe company intended to acini their tailings on
to this ground, and will contest the
grant of the applications.
A fatal shooting accident occurred
at Summerside, opposite Port Moody,
sav* the Vancouver World, the victim
lining a voung trapper named Richard
Fraser. It seems that early In .the
morning Frasevrossed the fnlet from
Pott Moody and a woman who lives
near the shore at Summerside says she
saw him getting ont of the boat and a
few seconds later heard the report of a
gun. Fraser waa later In the morning
found on the wharf with a bullet in his
left lung and   his right  hand  badly
mangled by a bullet. Inthe afternoon
be was brought to tbe city and was
conscious when he reached the hospital.
Everything possible was done for htm,
but it was found that he was fast sinking aad later in the evening he died.
His partner, Fred, Ma ego wan, was in
the city and gave the particulars to the
police. It is supposed that Fraser's gun
went off accidentally While he was getting out of the boat. He was a native
of Scotland.
****************ii ������ ���  ,*****mm*A**-*mmr��*mmmm*.
* ������
The British America Corporation bas
just secured E. Haney s inrerets in the
Pack Train and Legal Tender mining
claims on Nlckle Plate flat. The conditions is said to bs 925,000. A man bv
the name of Dunlap, who held this property, died and Edward Haney relocated the ground. Phil. Aspic wall and
others also laid claim to it, and a lawsuit Was the result. This deal includes
Haney's interest, and it is understood
will result in settling all litigation.
ObaMbcrr  of   MIm*.
The Committee which has in hand
the matter of the formation of a Chamber of Mines for British Columbia, reports that it is meeting with success in
Its official efforts. The committee has
received many replies from up-country
mining men, and from Victorians, intimating that representatives from all
over the Province will attend tbe adjourned meeting at tbe Hotel Vancouver on Tuesday, Februarv 15th ft is
important that this should be kept in
mind, and tbat there should be a big attendance.
Oat   or  the   Frying   Pan.
The name of the western Crow's Nest
railway terminus at the south end of
Kootenay lake has been changed from
Kalama to Kuskonook.an Indian name,
signifying * End of the lake." The
change-was made by the Kaslo A Slocan
Railway Land Company, the owners of
the townsite. who now* have surveyors
there platting it. If there is anything
in a name the new town ought to prosper if it survives the christening.
At the close ot a dinner recently
given in Cartersville, Oa., Sam.
Jones, the well-known evangelist,
made an address especially designed
tor the young men of that section. He
said among other things:
There is nothing I wis*! metre than
to see each one of you happy and successful m life. You are bright young
men, and can make for,yoarw'lves a
future if you will but try.. I -villtell
you my ideal of tbe greatest and best
young man. He is one who never
steps upon his mother's bleeding
heart He ie one who loves and
obeys her, and who would yield his
life before he wonld cause ber pain.
1 have asked you here today so that
I might be with you and tell you
these things. Boys, I want to tell
you three things you should not do.
Vou should not drink. Drink has
dragged down the best of our land,
and I grieve to say that so many of
o.*��r young men are in the grasp of
this terrible appetite. Twenty-five
years ago I lived in a little cottage
up on yonder hill, and nearly every
night I wonld go borne to my wife
drunk With tears in her eyes, she
would beg me not to do so sgpin, and
I would promise, but that very night
I would go home drunker than before. But it wisn't my fault. I was
not a hypocrite. I meant it when I
promised, but I wasn't strong enough.
But, thank God. boys, I Won at last
I quit drink, and for nearly twenty -
six years I have not tasted s drop.
But I will not feel secure from a
drunkard's grave until my wife has
kissed my cheeks cold in death. I
am afraid of it yet Yott should all
be afraid of it Don't drink, boya
Everv drop yon take means misery
for your poor mothers, and it is but
one step nearer ruin.
"Do you like poetrv, Nellie ?" "Yes,
George.���' "What kind do you like?*
"Weil, whenever I see you walking I
admire the poetry of motion."
Garry the largest stock ot Mens Furnishings in the Slocan.
Everything from the finest dandy apparel to the working
clothes of the Miner. WINTER CTjOTHING, OVEft-
Fair Dealing and Honest Goods.
Gome and See Us.
Dealer iq MEATS
i **
The following is s complete list of the
mining transactions recorded during the
week in the several mining divisions of
the Slocan-. Those of New Denye* were
ss follows :���
FBBlo-Ray. HoWaoa creek. O-ae Moaeen.
Feb U-Cei-taar, Four Mile. M E Ramtnel-
Feb 10-Napler, Fall**, Blgatdo.
Feb 14-Vancouver Fraction, Slncher, HUI
Top, Katie D. Sarah B.
cEETtricATE or lai-aovrontirrs.
Feb-O-Invensss, OK, Halton Chief, Fay
FEB M-Mldnlght Fraction.
Feb S-Mohawk J, J 8 McFariand to M E Bam.
melmyer, Feb &.
Power ot attorney, J D Farreli to N D Moon.
Jan IS.
Pea .-Detroit, J D Farreli to Wm Hunter,
Fab s, tan.
FEBll-RELee. Daloth.Shuiihh. alllnten*
A L Betallack to Lorenzo Atenndar, 1> eo 5.
rEBlt-Loto-i. AJSmiaitoR.>UCook,J*iil��'
Feb 1��-Eagte Fraction l/��, Chas MeNlroU to
P B BartlettTreb it.
Met., B F McNaaght to F H Bartlett. Feb li.
Ingenoll. Chaa Tonka to Wlllto rCook ani W
E Qroppe, Jan ��.
Feb 4-Boodo J, Peter Sehonberg* tc A nun* McDonald. ��� -
Feb S-PortabeUa \, Frank' SdoscI to John
Feb 9���Two Frienda and Ozherry _, Andrew
Provoat to Annie HrovaSt.
True Bine, Mamie Mo t, Transfer, Ktng��ton,
Rainbow and Noonday, Wat Hlchs to Jamee M
Fes i�� Bnlko ., Robt A Bradahaw to Jaa
Emitire No 1 b Boaajl to Andrew Provost.   .
*   csariPicAtE W-howowEawRs.
FEBS-^-tarlo, E A -Jatbew*.
Fab S-Foorth of July, Monitor Ho S.
Feb l-Oood Lock, Bonita. Sky lar*, SUvter
Feb S-Iroo JUag, Marble City, Tacoma.
Feb i���Joke.
��� _ ' __.
Feb S-Kootmay Queen 1/6, H P He-cock to
John R Reave*.
Sloca* Chief No Ml/a aa-ne to aaoie
Kootenay Queen 1/S, Berber Mkaw to.
Slocan Chief No WW, _____ r> same.
_ Fan 4-Bullion -/S,.Danfel Crawford to Ague*
Mayflower 1/8. aame to tame.
Bullion 1/11. Agon WUley to Geo E Martin.
Mayflower Ifis. aame to same.
Feb J���Working jartnei-��hlp agraement between H Abbott. J LO Abbolt. E L fleathby
Tim CTLeary re Kootenay,Moaarcb, Onntte and
Brooklyn ., B A McXaughton to J A Began.
80-rar King Fncttooal ijfc, Chas Behrman to
Mount Pleaaan
WtOS th-Bryam b. John E McBae to J T Reefer*
Mam aad Sappllaa   Belag Puahod  Forward Wow tha Big UaSortaklng.
-*��� D. D. Mann hag not lost much time
in coming to the coast to inaugurate
the building of the StickIne-Teslin lake
railway, which he and his partner, Mr.
Mackenzie, have undertaken, says the'
Victoria Colonist.   He   will establish
offices in both Vancouver and Victoria*
and push supplies up to Qlenors just ss
fast as the material and men can be
shipped.   A hundred and fifty men and
80 teams will be sent sbead at once, for
one of the first things will be the building of a sleigh road through to Teslin
Lake, with posts established at every 26
miles, provisions fbr Ihe aeeoimaoda'tion
of travellers being made at thesecam|-s.
Permanent camps will be established
on the Stickine river for use next winter
as well as this.   Three engineering
parties are to go to work at once, and
just as soon as the line is located 1,000
men will be put to work at the itlenora
end, and more will be emploved as
rapidly as possible. Indeed, 4,000 men
will be employed when everything is in
full swing. A large number, no doubt,
for such a short railway, but time is
valuable and Mr. Mann is fullv confident of finishing the contract before
September 1, the time agreed on with
the government. He expects that be*
tween 250.000 and 900,000 tons of supplies will be put through by means of
this road this year. For the road itself it
will be one of the quickest ever buiU.fer
when it is considered that the oneniug
of navigation on the Stickine is May I,
It will leave onlv lift) days for the building of the railway, or as Mr. Mann says
his motto Is, "A 150 miles In 120 days."
Already orders for the rolling stock
have been given, and are now in course
of being carried out. Mr. Mackenxie is
looking after the securing of the rails,
and the plant for the preliminary operations is already on the way by freight
This will give some idea of the promptness in carrving out the big undertaking. Both Victoria and Vancouver will
benefit considerably by this road, as
large quantities of supplies will be purchased in both towns by the contractors. Teams are to be set at wort-
freighting up the Stickine, for part of
the contract is to furnish transportation
from the mouth of the liver. Aa soon
as navigation opens .iteamers will be
run up the Stickine, ami from Teslin
lake to Dvwson City, the stealers now
being in course of construction inthe
Great Falls, Mont., Feb. 4���Negotiations were closed to-day whereby the
Canadian government contractors for
the new Klondike line of railroad from
Telegraph creek to the south end of
TeSliti lake purchased from the Great
Falls and Canada railway 80 mile*, or
narrow gauge rails, four locomotive*
and a number of cars to be us*.-*I in the
construction and operation of the new*
road. The work of construction will be
begun within 10 days aad the i*tuinline completed by June 1, at wbieh time
the Stickine and Teslin rivers will be
open to navigation and afford the sh��rt
���est route lor reaching the Alaska g��M
fields. '	
A rich strike has been made on thc
Midnight claim, in Deadwood Camp
This property is owned by the Mr. W.
S. Fletcher. * Two men are at work on
the claim.
A number of prospectors are making
preparations to explore the head water*
of the east fork of the North Nork ol tlit-
Kettle river this spring, in hopes of
discovering free gold, which it is claim
ed is to be found in that district.
The Brandon A Golden Crown company consented to accept the mining
plant from the Ingersoll-Sergeant com
pany. The greater portion of the plant
waa left at Anaconda, awaiting the
the pleasure of the Golden' Crown cotft-'
pany, The Ingersoll company has
accepted the terms offered bv the Gold
en Crown.
The shaft on the Elmore, owned bv
the Belcher Consolidated Mining Com
pany, and situated near Christina lake
is down a distance of 40 feet, and is
locking well, the entire bottom ***%it*it in
mineral. The ore is pvrrhotlteTwith a
little copper. The shah is being stink
on a vein that Is 60 feet ^Ide, and the
outlook is promising.
The Albion last week commenced a
shipment of ��50 tons of ore to the Stev*
ensfm concentrator and the mine Is
yielding probably 20 tons of ore per
day. carrvjng from ��0 to 70 per cent
Jead and from (JO to 100 ounces of silver.
The north drift, in which the men sre
now working, Is tn fl6 feet on the vela
snd ths lace of the drift hfcs four feet of
fine ore.     _
The Caiuvlian Bank nf Commerce has
opened a branch bank at Dresden, Out.,
with Mr. H. T. Mnssen as manager.
Dr?*" alnt no uee ���' etyiu ihiw,
*-5onl,wyie>toilwi��j ,
Dey rrliii ao asa o tomn .
N'lrt-'rlablrsioiiwiMt w ���
We alnt ee*. *l> i^.r*^^-.**-,^
Uke ifc ��rhti* folk* rich aa Sat,
Too* J.** * ***** ���������**!
SUU you'ee mine. *�� mine.
Yoe'r*H *�����������*> "--a-l1"1*
Si til r.m V mine, alt mlm,
���Vi.' when ���/���� roll* yrr great tag *yn
Whv ho** _****totne.
Y<.ur iueinmv bitn yon dearly,
At,' will all tint*.
Y' ��������'���* >***' * Oitle ulgf*t.
Stilt ���*,'*��� tnliw, all nan*
Foa alnt ��** *Uk* ami eallne
fr**-' me In wrap taa la.
V-ru alio K*". any dl**t ���}->*��,
I *t* , er ��ih*-�� nwrj* o* tin i
Hdi when d> *eriii�� Smr r-*>i**e�� ana��n
IV Wnl�� an t��***a*a too.
Will ��lr��K. *n' aM de A*w%n
U de ��<������*��� ��UI ******* tot yam
lVti��(jr�� too 4,0**1 atarrunt to I
U��t niiacy >m' nV aMn*,
S.me ,U�� **�� rna *W tuhot t,mn
Y-rulltulL ��tffmi tenant*
Ot nfm mnn.- ,4 de wkita u*ik�� think
Uat m4w4l-.��*m too ��*.����� 1 St,,
llull-alr. truar ik 1.4*1*
An' tte"!! aW take eon ot yoa.
I re winnMiH* Urn de bt^tmXS*
An' i>�� 1-II.Lt' .i| .le tula.
Am 1r*��<I��l t**t dm whlio f<��l_*
An- d* Um . .ute �� ym' da **������*���.
lie v-ry ��w< eu-' ttmAtm a*o*ttim**
It*. .t# greetwat tin*.
Y'lu'*.-)-*'* tJO<v rajtrf r
Still ytm'me mu** aii *oln����.
I'*��,i i*o**mr,U V.tty M'��ath.
MttAW   A*4*OI��4*.
If you ��trtk��- ��ih m..* >.**?,
keep mpy.W',
If it >v.(*��. ar if i    mm*.
hemp **��"*��' t
Taint no ureiiSin' wMa*
Wl**��( tbe Anh ain't �����������> yw* ttm
ltoit y.'iit t*.*A aa*k****/m u*fra'���
Keep mgoto'!
When ike woa-fter kllla jr��*at nop.
keep �����������<��' l
Wbe i) raa tamtrty ttmt tb* t����|i.
hevp a^eri**' '���
S'i.-i- *��..��--* <j<ui V etttt dtxa*;
(rtlU .' 11* Ar mint mOf f rt��rr�� .
Trll Uu* w.*W foa'i* tveitt," ttm -
k*>��>|l .-��<��n'*
Wiaei It Ua*�� Hint al ta aj.
Beep a-*..in !
DraJa Om *memim*mtt%m tht r*so,
Bempm otdo't    ,
******* >IM inttAton the �����*,��.
Hear the ir u, u_,t twwHU rf -,**.
Wlwn vaa l��rl ttke SmHa^ 4-��r~
'       fraukl. ���Maatra
The Grand Trail1, itailwa-. is applv.
lag to the t Huwa Ho���. ** lor i^rmiwdott
to build an iuiemaliotM' bridge* from
WitMlwir Ui Detroit.
Start from VANCOUVER
1.   VANCOUVER Is the best outfit
ting point on the Goast; goods
considerably cheaper than in thc
United Sutet,
A VASOHVKR I. the naara*%art of Sapart.
are to Um Yukon iN.trirt *'******-**���
A VANt.it VM U th. larmlna. of fhaCP.
gall-oar. who* atminar. wtll ,un frna.
Vaneoaver ihi*. .print
*"���  OOUVKR '**"*** �������*fn��,��" ��a�� at   VAJf
��.   Dire** t ateamera to Yukon porto hava aoa>
a  -STSKfiTtfA"!* 'P" VASttHJVEn
S.   VASOtl VKK I* (he u���l- Cm*iadtoo port
mn\\t\Xttmn0ttt "**���*" *****^J**to
gJlTVSR oad aa��. A p* tmmk. (^i^L
rraslSetst Board af Tra4e. Vaotwutn, U.C.
ri the Pioneer Uo.��#*. pj�� ||^ CI ty
���*������*���  -^i m*t _Ua I'fti rSfc __k
^^-OUNlillfO^ia     J
Oaiaiiti Pais iir?
rioo Pacific Line.
** Quickest
** Cheapest
Routeio8t Pittl, Chtcag.,
Detroit. Toronto, Montreal,
New Yortt, BoMOQ. India-
delphuL tad nil l>_uKrm
Unexnell-sd Weeping r*r��
on nil urtlna, Ttonrist Cam
io t%. Fwfl cUHy; Ka*i,
���very TbonrfnT} TVsvnto
evevY hb-nday tr*m Kev.l
Hteamer lenven  Nakosn
dally except Moodav. mak
Uigcloae connect Wai a R.v,-!.
stoke with trains fbr sll \*m:*
Va**, and Weal.
IVrfbre Ydt tflYf* g*n lnfrjrm*t*<s
from C.P.R. agents as to rim** ard
rate   It will 9099 yoo im*.. y    Ap
ply tt> nenfMl railway agent or tn
A. C. MeAHTllllKa Agent. Handon
R j. oorui
lhat.   Pa-aaangar   .Vgcnt,  Vancnrer
Subject lo ebati-rt wltbent not ire
Tmliai nm on Vlml��nl*��ndani Tms.
* ���
lamta S sa AM*
-   SSI    -
gas*-,        Aft-H*. >*rs
ttmmtbWoek      *��� * I* ���
** a M    **     Aaa****** ' * ','
** ou   -     %Vhm**t'*r i" *
*��� not   ���*    gmmtetM * ���**
- t�� ia   -     M^.-��W��"       ��� x * **
** is at   - ��� C**fiw**mm ~ "
tt.XAM   **    ja��a*ai bm*r * *    '
root. Jfvm^
****'   1* -4*0*
r*af eAymAjf mMdtd aatf eaoaroafck* �����**�����* ���*���
tud fraa all faaSatS. aptdf **
a CATdPBI-LU        Agent 8a*k*
Atlai-C Slnislus Lis.
��� ���Or  f #0**--
0*0* a a* *- *
��� alir-arata. AHaa tdmo
rmtA.tmn                  -          "~
I'-irtliaatnlaa         ���* ""_
Lai *aA o.tlwaalntaa Uaa.,  	
ar_aU__a_____aSf____s *���*
vat-jaaam, " �����,_��� vo T-t
*zn*^-c***** *****
(Vaaaanla.    **
tta_M��ta WkMallaa Uaa         ~"^
******* mm**nw*r*r*T 4.    yrmj mm*r*Wma mmmmmWrr   "B*--B-~* *** mm* ^
TWotoale        *���  *.���������        __,__
St. raal. AatarWaa tetom,......... __._
moto *t ^Kf��-4j. AUaantato Ute*      ������;
Hantkworfe, tto4 Star Una . "_
StardtowS. ** .
Cmtam ���*%. **0.*n U *mamt opwmrd*
t ���ananStaja *ssan4 ai-orar***
tn-tmm ****** *P*nrdm
t'n**wnu**rn IVbamt tSeaMk i�� ����� e ���****��
tinauSltaln or IrMaaat. aadal  h,-��.*�� 7 ***
tnm mtkAy*m*4*Am twiimi *���* ���**''���
WhOT��BS5cr*w *��*
nm**Amt.n w*UAAM  aTlTT.
r,p.fc��S?r. ******
��u�� .h-Un* *m> ,o��.*ru-?UHl ��. t^ I .���u^ to l^ puil��1 down, blown np. or othet-
Mltairtid. ��� Iwi-w dMtH��l..li-d. adia-ant bnildinni orotbai
����� aiiall paaa liirmah any parti**1 .truc'nr*. when doomed nw-ja**j��rylo pi-ovant
S*.*. ewvpt   tliMmrti   metal  t,l,�� ��p**e*<Ui**< of Sre.. but not otherwia*.
ranHlnd with nut lew than lour
��� cement, nor within m ****** diet
ni turbo* frnm ecUIng or aide
I that no |ft|r_a skaH pnm nmamh
irtiiKNi or eetttag luforc ���iik-rlui*
i-rferpt-ar wlrnv
'tod or Jam<d ,*v of jrinc**. and -11
_ , wk_��i not In artaal aae.akaU to
labHiprr ot metal or other lin^-mbo*
lovi* ahall aiand on au Iron or tint-
i feat by ttnrcc lout I # ordlnar*
iMOj^uriliNMtalv lorgn p��ai.a|r*i
lau't kite-he,, a.
tailMitig at iw., -ab-rirM ,w m ****Ap
hmr.* a ttt rug Sv-d lalder a��t .t-ketl
itm** akWoreud ittitv^, ���ml ��-xr��.-id
, ol tha r.uif.oM tha amkod* oi iln-
- r**�� ai-vow t>i Un* emf la *_"*����� o;
i la-hlrr *k ill be ke.a In perfect re.ralr
i uar* _t all Urn.** at the axiawMe ot th����
iwatot peramln aharga ��d On balld.
"   i-rwe al tha ao*>-oo*aj^taiJ**��* wlih
nS ��rf thia wy-taw by tha owner, or
larrwjn In charge of aay baUdm*.
I cnnncll ahall eaitaa the -aid Itd-
lor rapahmt at Iheeipr-nm ol Un*
or peraai la charge of theheltd-
V*.  Tie��li.-f of . 	
mrh for the time train* aid aaoh
poliiw.or peraon noting a*
���in* ntd atmh -.peoinl ��en-
.WiU. a. may Ire a *point�� 1 for the pnrpo-ai
.Hall proaarre or<l��r at ��uv Sre In the eorpor
Stion of OtoCivvof Sandon arid 4h Ul nromot-
��� .-j*-t ������**_*��U'tlr-otrU.*, .4 tlw oh af af ike
The Goodenough,
American Plan, SAO par day.
European Plaa, -ttWperday.
Strictly flrut elaa*.
v.,lii���raMe fl-* brl***-*;*'. Or other prnaoa In
chnraeof the Hrii-at-,. int��n<lel t�� facilitate
tha workof e<(t,n��u.,hin�� Mte tire. They -hall*
ali*o have P��w��r to prevent all intertatanoa
with tb,, work or tbabrlcada. and to arro..r
and detain any paraon or -wr-on. ��o Into
MMti<��t%<W***f*/*-ntiiiff it Iron, prop-rly dl
ihaValng^werk-of ��*.tin*uUhin�� the Sra
_*��.   It ahall be the duty of the rh let ofthe
Sra brtando to make out aad deliver to
manfcd ral connr.it ��� ll.t lu writi.,* of all
ftrwepparatn* aooi. and rhe*r��l. la
MRS. M. A. SMITH, Prop.
���hall keep ar have ta aay
' Nand.ro. at aay ona Maw. mav
*4*.a awatamrS-rur dyna-
la ke t ia a ttmtmttae at e*e
Ft-J-n-e to ta ai*| 4-ov.ra of by itm Sra aad
and aB gaapowder or dyoa
tMaMhliur, and ��B gm
���rtla aaid saaatltf
1 auyjreraai wahtntln*
* i aSre
Hty, ahall h��dV
prtnd la* or aata. aud uo per��a
* caudle, laiitenj. tamo. Ibrb*
iMb. batbiina. or idare
. batbiina. or jflece within th.* ray
r.elrmw. bemp,c>abai S_e.naahm.aee*
' er *>nabeeib*** material* atull be
���a be or In a ������erinmtcr'e ot e-bbi* I
i ,h.j,��. ane��a�� llv am to well eerarwl In
rbWi.rf the volantmr *m brlgradr.. or
| *a *orh f* Ute Una being. I* here
am ami rtdianev In-m-etar. and B
hi. dnt* to eiii.rrv-e um reqalroawiilr. of
"li.ig -jiRt'iLVma <rf thia by-law. and he I*
ttr.-a.-d wSS ����.f t.. emAet aS baUStna*
it-mte���* wtthln ttw era���* <r_tr* Umlt* ot the
>mk,.. Uanrejan the hmua at eaartm aad
to ���a.r-rtola 11 llt**>-
lay i
S.ot *P l,.,f;b*' *hr ********* ���I**'* ****** wqaiMi
omncU npon the condition at
atan nnder bt. cam. and tho need ol anyiSlng
tarvplrM-t |o.t. warn oat. or dafeetlr/oplaaf am
��    It ahall be tlw datyof the chief of the
S-a hetaa <e to laaba on* nnd naa-amt
it waoh
anlolpalr-onncil n rr-pori of
.rm of Bn whj.J^^r.a.al^.tdm
, ol Uw tan
* mtijV-rt t r the
ivfardng &~r*_*My wtth*
tha Sre and
io-n--rt'ar lor the |*aa>��m*t ol Imgm'ting
>*'���*      L
A.O. i-K^-K..��*mraa<a
.1 any ot tkwtoi.-a.dtig
fMiai���-S-J-Aj    nn_^_n_i
amy hodaat'rt.rwl or Tn In red. amoant of la��aa-
amna. aeHmaM loa-aa.nna tha eWalaaay af
thabiiaade la handUhg tha Sra
aotlaaeuntraryto tha ordar* of the chief or
aahnr ponoo In ehar *o of tb�� hriea Ir. or ib
laaaltym*!nc any af tlm apparntar* pr -vtdad for
���Mm am af Mm hrtatU.ihall be tU'-U apon
cnnvtrtl**) btrfore tha polfcie mati.trat* or any
two hMtlrrw of tine paraco bavina Inriadb tion
oVar ���Mfcner** aaajaat tho bydaw* of tha aar��
�����*lW**ioa of tha<*i*y of Sandon, ba pnniahalda
t>y a Sn* of not lea. than Sve dollara aad eo��ta.
war maim than owe haodiad dollar* and -ooata,
which fine and coat*, or either of them, ahnll
he fOoavotjaltla on ���rndamaot beine ai von, and
ataon*lon graieal by diatr**.. anrl if no huSI-
otoat dUtrea- ba foaad
as hard labor for not le-w
mora Ihaa tarty dara.
ts. Tbla try-tnw may l*e ��-Had ten* all pa>
p.i-*aa a* tlie   Fire By-law, No. 4. ima,**
Raad Srd time Febraary tth.UMa.
Head m*ao4 and third time February Wh,
Itoronair'ktrod and Snail* adopted, Febraary
ifh ima
Wat** V. SKWKLt. City Clerk.
BOM6AH0 4 PIE-CHART, Proprietors.
Tkc Flfat CSMa
Hetea nfCedl j.
Rate.:     SJIO
I Rate, by the Week.
clam la aaary partiealar. Newly for
Am**mrmtm> Sa*|tHHS.
ma by Uaupriaaaaaaat
than two day*, nor
of Mil.
brarora tha potlra
t��oJaatb*��a of the aeaaa hat-
rt ���**��,*���. agjinat Ute hy law*
���*��. k* irwiiahed by Sao of aot
.brail, U|��rj|
' L.M.I.OM ..\0t
t Hi*i��, he pantor-md by
*** *\*^**m*^mf*'*    ^^^^^M*,
I drdtare awl raws*, whb-b law aad
h, not ,,,*.> thjjn forty d��y��
v.a.t;-��trttt.mv[r*iak n��
*l*IVfA* fr* h��**>tbj aoil
and ������.-������aroLwd
HrUfad-    WtTLatr*-eklet
b*d b�� the
Mt V.4u.iie*n Fit*
��t *.- >m9ewr anall he **
.'o***t Okftt own number, hat tanrh MbwUrai
11- mX-proted U tbe inmib-hwt -foorril 4 tht
tniaMaa of ihr Oily *a Manaaai b.��fore aacR
er m y*etm aay .SBrtal capa-H.
Th,* ��*.��ri��wntl>o ��a ihr* tHy oi Sondrm aball
i *����*�������� *. tia-w pc .vbW inw-ewury *|t_��r��to*
��� the ��air,rt"*4.ra ������! Sraa, whb-b anpanUa** ahaS
>.���.*,<| *t Uw aerrh*** A the Saadoa V-ibaata^
Hri��*dt*. and be nn.Mr ttw -prwlal rharae of
istmft b*l t*****>***r*4l***
he mnuh-in-l r^mwcU for im r^adlarm (or In-
it aw lor th.* raaungubJihat
".*Si*��^ bW_df *��� amSi
.r* In AUrm, and miweMd wtth
o* brw-
a Mm vi
hwbh m������ry Rw TOaHr.,'addta.
���adhle h-am t���� tlw mrwte thrrwd.   Darlna tt*. *
���a* >S anv ttm tbr brigade ahaH be B>��der thr
iMnwttitti ��S the rhbd. who *4mM he rrapun-l-
t-r ihr muun-tiMl c.ron**il both*, awlataiaaaee
irrrper d>a-t|4ine.
I.   The vrL^anlerr are brhpatr may, aahhH't b>
��ii,,rr .val at th* L_aa��ib*i|-al ��**in,*S. make by-
r.l.* ibeg-veriiioa <n the  aUundantw rrfSa
ber* at BMa. for ttw tiMlutaltmnev ���.���*" *****ver
riiiw> while In *ttr��iMt..iirv  ttieraot, tm Uw
Ami of aat'h *.<������*���*�� ea am prtivuhal for aint..
1 lor Uw .4a.*tVHi tdyrh -itwr
Id The brtaada ahall, .i.hb��it tn the appro*/-
1 of tha monbdaml cmimll, ��!�������*�� ibrae
tn>dr aw u numt-or. who, In
"f w ..r
of tbe Otty of -Maudon oa tha foartaea
Ht-ad-iunrtent for -Hu��r...
Well atocked bar ta mnnactimi.
Fir.t clj-1-.accomaio.lMtioik,.   Booid by th*
day or woek.
S'-%-J^^���.i*si_vi^" -���'"'
tion for that marpa.a
wltbln one month at
���hi* b-r-Uw in thg Br*1
or hewi'llotoSfato
hall. �� .���      ,
'-'     -:���***���**������    W I       \
City CUrk.
_ n. l. GRinnETT
Carpnrntlen I     1    B
h day of km *** **   '
Notary Pablic,
A sSrictlj ftrst-clRas kRtol lu
all Mr Rp��alitiw)ala
Uv*ery 8taM�� with g*x*a*tl 8r4��I��
PRdk nssracs la ���
Victoria House
SARROR tAMB Ea. 1*. E. al W.  Meeje erery
Wedaa*iar evanlag at Sa'elock in Craw
to attend
'adMajjar evanlag at I a*
w. I
���Medially Invited
��t��Mi of aarh ��*m-*^�� *
��by-<*w and iw tl
k*er. *��� llw arigaae
. ��ty��*hwfa front
bnt-trot tin* abmon* or
dl-ahlltt y of
th<! ������hiei.
purge aii al o��y I
hat not otharwhw. mad .Utag ahall. when
dared to do no by the chief. aaaLt In
para fdaafatid peeeervine order.
IS. TkaehhtdafMm
or any other otRoer ta
at aay Bn ta Mm oarporatl
don, with the .auction
.. 1 oorrrorati.*, or ta r...
: WIMi the -maetlon ,4 out two membam of,
m Talantasr* too W****
TtnmUom*ot tho City oi
itv of
mayor of the
munirt*ral couacU, la
f two ���
empowered to
N��th*k I* hcrebv given that OMeon T. John-
���tone aad IPetar P. Halnen. heretofore doing
baalaeaaa.John.tone A Maine.. Ttaamiih,..
of Sandon. R C . hnva br dead datad tbe ��stb
day af Janaary-. UttS, a-wjaned all their per .on-
al eatato and e��7eoV which may ba aohwdaud
aoM ander awmnt.lMn, a nd all Mmirraol a*t_te
M jioialiUada. of -JMrdon. B C. Snnn-
.   ._   .      _' ___^__iT_-__._>. ���'' Mkelr
K M. Sandilanda on the tsth day
A meeting of tlw ora-Utair* of Mm-mid John
.tone VHalnoL.
oild B M Saadii
Uird. oa SaUi��da/Mm��gn��l day
��nr of four o'clock
rwiltor-wnl.w.|n��or. ahnll a.aume tha rlntb*. of January, weat, ������tOhw honr of foiw o'clock
nd re-pjinalbilltleaol .blot In order of their p m.: M pcr-ona.ka-rlng claim.agatn-athe
rmioriiy mH.M**t***r_tmR Hatae. am ^1��bs4��afav>
a a��ed fbr private
Kfarulnr. of the aame, duly verified, to
E. M SanditanSr.
dlalma only of whteh he
Marcka^U A^vmisa In the
PRystreak BtMMRR It Pays*
I'ttdetwrouad Sarraya.
Saifaco and Aerial
Trom way..
f. w.emvEft.
Ciril and Mining -Engineer,
Provincial Load Snrveyor
Mlaeral Claim* Sarmyad aad Raportad t'poa
Now complete with tha bant f urai-had i
ta Mm di-t-irt.    All a-JLemmedatlnw*
cla-w, iactadina electric light, hath room*
and all
Modern Improoements.
\ am, qoiot, nrddenoa hotel, aitaatad oa A
Oont    ���    - -     -    ���
i vonlaat to Mm depot.
Wa J* HAUL* PofH*.
The Elite-.
I* now
The Leader
Emporium off Faahioiis
rALL aw
r. aad evetytking la theRnaof^iaey
llliaery eaaeated la the Saeet atyle* of Mm
Oppoalto Bvyan Moam, Raco Aaa.. Saadoo
And Ton WUl
Smoke No
\     �� &-<&$m*,��
A Mutter of Importance.
Tto following circular, addressed
individually to every mining man of
tbla district has been -received from
the secretary's office of the Federated
Canadian Mining Institute, Ottawa;
Ai you are doubtless aware, a
vigorous endeavor is now being
made by oertabi mineral and smelting companies in British Colombia
and Ontario to indnoe the Dominion
Government to place an export duty
���n mineral shipments to tbe United
The question will not unlikely be
discussed at the meetings of the
Federated Canadian Mining Institute
to be held od 2nd, 3rd aud -Uh of
March next and in order that all
skksaof the question may be fully
placed before our members I have
taken the liberty of addresshig you
inthe hope of obtaining an expression of tbe views of your company.
po you consider tbat auch legislation would eontributd to tbe ex-
panslonef the mining nnd smelting
Trusting: to be favored with your
-_t-war_f "* *
at.A. Ball, Secretary.
Mine owners know what this
means. Prompt, vigorous, concerted
action is neeemary. After the Mann-
Mackenzie deal, almost anv kind of
legislation may be expected from the
present government. If the mine
owners of Slocan do not move to protect ..their owr( interests they may
rest aawired th*t the smelter-owning
& P. R. magnates will not.
��� **
A Thioa of BrantR.
[odds the finest specimen of
* ^n_|6r^|Ui|r|W|^lt j^ eyer
ip te sit Ibrth the re
sources of tbe Slocan is the prospectus lately issued by the keco
company. ��� 'Silver Mining in the
Beoo," it ia called, Mid tbisbeaitifttl
little work gives realistic and life-
like pictures of actual mining operations, rawhiding and transporting
ore, etc., as well as a number of general views of Ssndon, New Denver
and Kaslo, and a large amount of
general information. It shook! prove
as effective as an advertUroent Ibr
the Slocan generally aa for the Reco
in particalar. John M. Harris cannot
be too highly commended on his
ability and artistic good taste in compiling the work. The Matthews*
HorAopCpa.rof Buffalo were the
pr*** ink order called for 1QO0O
and tbe mice was in the neighborhood of fe00.
���a :���
t*    In
At the Opera Houee.
Pr Monday and Tuesday
in**, if* in_U2nd the Somers Psm
My -will appear at the Spencer
Opera House. The pRpem ri the
places where this company has appeared give R good account of the
performances, and the members are
mid to be mirth makers of thc best
kind. Tbe Lewlskm Tribune ofa
recent dale -uyei^��"fhe Somen
Family gnve mm/** their flrst-class
entertainments btfthe MasonicOpera
delighted audience. When you see
r good tblug help It along. It's a
good thing���If you doot think so
examine it yourself."
Tbe beet value in Miners' Gloves
at tbe Post Office Store.
OiHfornlR Gloves, every pair war-
ranted, at tbe Post OfRoe Store.
A Special Consignment from San
KVancisco of 34 down pairs of Gloves
including California Buckskin,
Asbestos, Horsehide, Australian
Goat-skin, Genuine 8eal-skin, Fireproof Horse-hide, at the Post Office
Notice ia hereby git
froaa date hereof, fwlU
Licence Commimio
   afflyta UmReardo
l___iBea Comaii*e*onor��of the Oeepavatioo of
tbe City of Mnndon for lioeace to aauiUejaeety
Dated thia nth day ef f-rfwaaty. -9**
Applieatiaa will be made to the Lagialaffvt
Aaaemhly of the Province of Brlti-h Chlambia
���t it* next aeaaion for aa aet ta Incorporate a
company, with pewar to eoaetract, agaip,
operate aad maintain a ataadard or narrow
gaoge railway from aama poiot at or aaar Argenta to aome point at or near Dawaoa, via
Duncan. nU ia tha Warn Keetaaay LHvlafen,
by tbe moat feoaible ronte. with power to eoa-
atract, operate nad maiatala broach llaea aad
all aeoomacy bridge* aad raad*. aad with
power to baild, eqa-p, operate aad aaalataia
telegraph aad telephane liaw la e-eaaaatae-
with the aaid railway branehea, aad ta goner-
ate atecJrfelty far tha eapp4y wt light, heat
aad power, and,with power to eagaeprJaf*
lamdafor|)mpoji|w*oeof thtoamaoacr.aml to
aaoaJaa laade.eaarm* aad prlvilaaai, or other
aid* from aay govornmant, mnnk-ipal corporation or other peraun or bodia*. aad to leay
andcolleot toll* from all partia-aiiacaa. all
fmigbt pa*dat over aay of aaoh road* or ratl-
wajr* bailt by tbe company, nnd with powgy
toamha toaftc or other arfaagamentj with
railwar, ateambaot or otbor eompanU,. far
all other neco.*jary or ioei teetal right j, pom**
era, privilaga* ia that behalf.
Datad at Victoria thi. 7tb ley of Janoary,
Sitaata in tha Sloean Mining ISvlaion of Weat
Kootaaay Diatriet. Wham loeatad-Ia tha
Bant Banin.
_&__,__?4_i},ultkA ������Harwell, agaat for
AlfredI W MeCnaa.No St,W, fmmUA WUo,
Intond, dtlyjmt. trom the data hereof ta
���o tha Rinlng Recorder for a eartiSoeta
.-_.   __���..   --- --Am thatOATUat, aadm
���eaanee of *neh oeH-IS ICarVtJSaatUtT
Datad thia 7th day af Jaa-jmi-y llia^���*
DM. of Bnt pahllemtl*.,*! Mr**1'
And Other '""titlirnni.
Every Representation
J* *% HAWM5,
��. A, metfTM   -
A �����!! Line ef Cigar., Telwteees,
M��ra aad Smokers' Sundries
In Stock.
Headquarters for Playing Card* and
Poker Chips.
a. i .tf in nt nt nr -^ti-niti-idi-if-iHiHMf dHlHfcfr fr ���" w a h
N addltloB lo the Fancy Bdibles
we have added to our large-
itod te ��� lirmsi Rdveitim__M
o<8toa-Wd Goods a*3*&
Sweet, Wain and Miked, In i. 3 aad lOguL 9**m\9*9i te fcaey boulsihr
immediate table sss.
SAUER KRAUT, y_JS_"* -**������*��� ******
FIQU   H*�� Bonelem OodaMi; Mackerel to �� Ik kits, ft and ft bbk:
rlOrl, Labrador Herring, in ft bbte; SntaoR **M\*mw te 2ft Ib. far
and other lines of ��sh In peckngea.
The finest line of this class of
HAMS AND BACON, _S_*��-_*" *mhmm
Just received, a car load of POTATO.* ihaBlfc* Roted8f��lluri_d*n
Valley, and other Vegetables, free fhmi fta*.
(MooM SUttkA
OB. casts.
Oar feguter stock of GROCERIES, jjj
We are agenta fbr the celebrated GOODWIN CAJfDUB, In 14 and li
-aars.   lull weight and Rumbar.
Also sole agent for the GIANT POWOOI CO., RUd te the h*Age raaJr
built expressly for rs have ���rv-fai cars of their ROied Moa. I and 1 p��wder
land lft Inch. Their No. 1 is eouwidared eq��_J to**m% Mo. Iuf any <ater
��!����, double and tripple tope, by dm 100 teet or ease, PRIMING
CAPS, by the boi (100) or cam (IOM).
We invite tlie public meralry to an iRspiodcu of our *m*rge fhst
proof basement ami at-joining flre-prnof eelter RRdot-k-ar WR-mbnaars, si)
kept well filled ssjd in no ordeHy and y��lmitfp iPRRtr.
*    j
**0^*M,*tt* *M.*if !*M\m%*Mmm\mmt
Row fa tha
Queen Heating Stooea,
Boat Stooea,
Cooking Stooea,
R-Mfles, Etc.
Hamilton Byers,
mw-ci wmm
��. ���#. CAVARAt'OtS
White & Cavanaugh
OODT, m. *****
afaaafaetaram of
Rough end
Dressed Lumber
���^tomtaa laralphad fa Caattartam
aad Raildan.
8-2?��� J��jM Byers' Hardware
Store will receive prompt attention.
Attention, te'.in|
tmw ���It Ours! and
dte_HF ������ *t4/v
UMO ***����� **f
is day
potato, aa
lata eeaaamiea made at *���_"'., io
��� A**W*\M****   ****��** *****   JnZ


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