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The Paystreak Mar 5, 1898

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Array '.:<
.'.f*"    #���
:   (I
������t'i.,**    :       *
I "-any
, MARCH 5,1896.
��� ,**>*������
**������.   a.
Mrs. Cuoloy went to Chieago last
Mrs. Pypecs has gtme m a visit to
Mrs. James Williams Is visiting
[frteods la Boston.
. J. K. Smith left on Saturday a
[visit io Sow Brunswick.
..   A typewriter is tbe latest addition
In the C: P. H depot.
, K. P. Oreen and wife, of Kaslo.
ihavegoneen a pleasure trip to the
I Sand witch Islands.
The baobeiors at haadoa will give
a boll in Virginia hall on tho evening of the I lib inst.
Mr*. Jan. Orant entertained a
number of ber friends at her-rati-
denee on Friday evening.
Mrs. banc Crawford gave a flue-
well party ft* Miss Susie Lloyd, who
leaves fbr Alberta next weak.
Fifty tickets, nearly all long die-
taaee, were cokl at the C. P. R.
*tattoa tht flrat three days of this
There will be a daaee la ftpeueers
Hall oo the 17th sf March which
should aot ba mimed by sav ot those
food of a good time.
I MUT*HHt of- a
BStaMhhrd In tendon. An li
tattoo! this kind ��khi14 he of little
boneftt so tbs-floroinanlty, and should
be chargtd a heavy license.
Jack ftartei and (Handy Mann, who
weat north, will engage In railroad
work at Trsltit Lake, tarter will
tigurc ��n Imilding the bridges, while
Haariy will get oat the timber.
Since the blockade was raised the
K. A 8. Railway have taken off the
horse express between Handon and
MoQoigan. Thi* express had hb
feet done ap in ganoy seeks and
eoald do trestle work with tbe ease
of an experienced tie counter.
Jack Lowes and Billy Harrington
have naUed ap their hotel at Hlocan
Citv, and rented the Bartlett Hotel
In Sandon. As thev are long and
AtvormMy known In the Slooan it
goes without laying that they will
do good basilicas.
J. O. (taigerfch returned to Handon on Friday from a visit to his old
home In Warren, Pa. He reports
having had a pleasant time bnt
thinks there ie no place like thc Hlocan. He found many changes in tlie
oast, fur It It fifteen vears since
Shady left thc good old mate of Pennsylvania to seek hi* fortune ia the
wild and silvery west
i������i.n-iH-.WMMW.MWIIIiw.-J...^.-.- .-.nil  ���
ft *ma*3   ������ HH^^HaPmlHpa  a^-tlsWak
This Company has been formed fbr
the purpose of acquiring the White*
water mlnea, one of the beat-known
properties in British Colombia, situated In the Slocan distriot, comprising tbe Whitewater, Irene, Myrtle
Rend Tannic (' claims, covering an
areejof 109.6 acres, as shown on the
plea accompanying the prospectus.
This property has been secured by I
tbe London and  British Columbia'
Goldftelds. which shares a profit oa
the promotion with other Hntncjaf
concerns, who are selling to the piete
ent company  (br   ��110,000.    T**
following dividends have
Communications were reed from
,     . ."      _; Tr-_: ~*Z _. _. _g 'i/.^^iC. Cliffe regarding sending of a dele-
dared slnee the beginning or OeteMf u^g m ^ p^in,^ guvernment
_.*_,! ak_ ...l-a. >'-   mmtA    **.   A*A*~*mtmt*m,   _i_i__. ._--i.t_       _._-*-_-___-_.._-___
Council met on Monday ovol
28th Inst- the Mayor in the chair.
The minutes of the previous meet
ing Were read and adopted. *
and the wine js aaid to continue
yield large profits:- Oct. 15, MUt
424,OT10: Nov. 15, 1897, 181X000;
Dec. 16,1797, f30,000; Jan. lb, ISM.
130,000; total, 1114,000. The property ia undoubtedly a good one, ami
should go far to enhance the public
appreciation of British t"olumbia.**--
London Bulletin.
The mill at the Hlocan Star will
grind again when water becomes
plentiful. The mine looks better
than at any -other thm�� in ita history.
Tlieriurce was put on again at the
Pavne this week, the ore ���blockade
hiving Keen raised. Tbe C. P. R.
took away nine eon billed to Omaha
from the I'ayne this week.
The Ia**4 Chance has increased Ha
to teeure   certain   appropriations.
From 8loeaa Cfty civic commission
asking the council to protest against
tsscuring of water power luonopo-
> by corporations or companies.
CWfe's letter was placed on fyle
Ibr future consideration. The other
communication was received and
Finance committee repotted progress regarding temporary loan.
Moved by Broddy, mounded by
Switter that tbe Finance committee
make final arrangements for the
aecuring of a temporary loan. Carried.
TU Chief of the Fire Brigade presented his' monthly report. It wa*
received and fVlet|
Men ew-e||g^je^n^��_,^|g-':j^:ai^u mjtt^y^iML
fl tramway la order at ^g1       ��� -:.t��� ^^^ *-,
wMeh wu-fl-at ettm la Indicate \ cjhjhjH NOTICES.
- jVO-_-___________________B__i
thattheaew company
Machinery haa lieen pat-chased and
is now en the wav for a mill to be
built at the Northern Bell, in the
Jackson Basin Hie plant will be
hauled up from Whitewater, and
construction commenced immediate! v.   It is a Fraser A Chalaiers.
A committee was appointed to par-
chase a hell A*tl other equipments
for the Are brigade-
A|d. Swkaer introduced a Health
by-law which was read a tirst time
The Meine'e Exploaloa.
The Uaited States buys its em-ma-
nKhm by saaarsct, instead of manufacturing Im own, as is done* hy
Britain, and if the aame frauds obtain in the manufacture of the
plosives by contractors m
in the manufacture of armar plate
fbr the warships, there is little won
derthat tbe Maine blew up.
The armor plate made by contractors in Pittsburg, and put upon several battleships, was kmnd upon investigation to be as fall of holm as a
sponge, and as it Is regarded in the
United States as the proper thing to
scamp government contracts, it is
buite possible that poor or impure
chemicals have been used in the
ammunition with the result of spon
taueous combustion.
The shipments of ore from Sandon
from August 1,1897, to March 5th,
1898, inclusive,
Slocan Star,
Idaho Mines,
Meee,   --****?
Augtieaa Church-Rev. C. F.
Yates will preach fcMaorrow evening
at 7:30 o'clock In Spencer's halt.
Methodist Chnrob~Rev. A. M.
Sanford, Phstor. Mvgalar Hervk*es
to-morrow at 11 a. m. aad 7:30 p. m.
Subject of morning sermon, "Miracles. In the evening tbe second ofa
scrim on the historical charmers of
Scripture will be give". A choir of!
thirteen members will assist in the
A Victoria Delegetioe
.     , - _,    _.        e* Mtlll-SCII   UlTUIUQI
Ataspecial meeting of the Conn j ^^fam service.
ell  yesterday   afternoon.    Messrs. j	
Harris, Itrimmett, Christie, Hunter Seadoa'a Dogs.
and Hia Worship,  Mayor Atherton |   Ws wish some Kloadyker would
were appointed a delegation to inter- !����,* a^ tBC| ^ ttp alj the town
view the legislature at Victoria in |dog8 aB(| tato them beyond the ��Kh
regard to thc wants of 8andon.pnn.nei. -n* Esquimaux up there,
Money ts needed for wagon roads, w*t0 believe that thev are descended
Jell,   school, and   other  purposes, I tYom dogs, would he apt to feel verv
which tin* government will never
give up unlem considerable influence
Is brought to hear upon them. The
tlolegathsi will leave on Sunday and
It Is to be hoped that their efforts
on behalf of the citv will be successful,
Cenede'e Mince.
Slowly but surely our long since
expressed opinion "that the leading
City groups would be turning their
attention to British Columbia," is
becoming verified. A greater proof
oi this cannot bs given than finding
the New Zealand Minerals, the West
Australian (Joklflekts, and the Colonial Qoldfields companies associated
with others in t.ie flotation of the
Whitewater Mines. -London Bulletin.
much ashamed of their ancestors
when they beheld some of our Sao
don barkers. Time was wbeu the
Greeks and Romans were'wont to
sacrifice dogs to certain of their deities, and falling the Moody ker, It
might not be a bed plan to revive
this custom bore. We might be shy
a few deities, but we would not
allow that to interfere with the sec
rlflce. Ona of the mott terrible feat
urea of early morning life ta this
town is thc gathering of the canine
clans at 4 a. m. for the diabolical
purpoae ot barking "Put me oft* at
It is worth while to call at the
C. P. B. office and get new rates to
eastern pointa. A great number
have already taken advantage of
the low feres to visit their old homes
as follows:
2,370 tons.
S��*J_��?��*       : 2
Wonderful,    ��� 4_
AJax, 48
Majestic                   s 12
Freddie Lee. 16
Mt. Adams, 15
Last Chance, 864
Goodenough, 35
Canaaian Group, 20
Sovereign, 84
Tre-fe Dollar, 15
Queen Bees, 189
fountain Fraction, 5
Miscellaneous, 10ft
Ajax Fraetion 18
Total, : j^^^^^^^
Ore shipments for the week from
February 26 to March 5th, inclusive, were as follows: Payne 100,
Ruth 40, Last Chance 40, Queen
Bess 20, Ajax Fraction 18, Total 118
tons.   K. A S.
19,8194 tons
Irate Customer-See here, I've
worn these new trousers only a week
and they already bag at thc knees.
Dealer���Yah, dot vas recht. Dot*
ar our new pedent pants vot makes
bsopim dink oar gasmen go to
church tree dimes eHfry flaaday.
First Boy���My papa knows more
he doesnt.
papa.   His
than yoor pepe'does.
Second Boy-Ill
Did you ever see my . .
forehead reaches 'way down
hack of his head.
Friend���How do you get along
with the cooking ?
Bride���Admirably. I blame it oo
Efchel-r Will your bounds follow a
Algy���Why��� aw���I think they
would if the fox was dressed and
'*>   -l THK PAYSTREAK, SANDON. B.C., MARCH   ft. t����
A Future Rail Route.
Ic will lie nnggfhfe to get lli'to iln*
Yukon by way of the Pacific through
an all-Canadian route, hy ljuilding
another :>00 miles of railtvayto meet
fhe Pacitte south of ^Alasfcit. Some
day this may be done, In the meantime it seems obvious that the future
route to the valley ofthe Yukon is on
the cistern side of the Rocky Moan-
tains from Edmonton or Prince Albert. 0' course it is a long way from
Edmonton, which is now the noaivst
railway terminus, to the Yukon dis.
trict. But it must lx* iviueniltered
that from Edmonton several hundred
miles north tin re is a Hne agricultural
country. Farm produce is probably
cheaper at Edmonton than anywhere
else on the habitable glolx*. Thi.-. is
because the place is remote from any
large market. Hut if the gold regiotw
of the north ai*e occupied by many
people, the Edmonton -iistrict ami
the region to the north of it   will lie:
the nearest SOui-ce of supply. Then-
is believed to be much gold 00 the
Liard River and there is m> doul>t
that the gold fields ���"Xtcnd -��luit**��t eon
tiuuously fi*om the Khndike southward until you reach the cultivable
land of the Saskatchewan, Peace
River ami Athabasca, On this route
there might well he a continuous line
of settlements fn-m the Canadian P,i-
eific railway tti Dawson City. Hv the
l��rojjosed railway route from the
Stikine, Canadian food pit-ducts will
have to be carried across thc country
to Vancouver, shipped from thence
north to Wranirei; where they musr
meet the customs regulations, lx*
transhipped up the Stikhie in Ami
low craft,-carried over the Mann A
Mackenzie railway, and then trans
ported by water flown the Yufct.ii.
This will he a prodigious exfjeuse.
While it was expedient to adopt the
route for the present, lieeaase it is
the quickest and easiest to Im* ..jtencd
it cannot lie regarded as a pe* man
ent line of travel from the east.
A   Tin    Roof.
A Kaslo hotel man tells a good
joke that was played on him a short
time ago by three of his customers.
As they walked up to the bar aud
were asked what they would have.
"I'll take a tin roof.'* said the first.
"The same," murmured the other
two The bartender was in a fix as
he had never heard of a drink with
such a name. "Well, give me h
bottle of whiskey, gin and mineral
water, and I will mix the drinks.'
remarked the first man. Alter the
men had taken three drinks the bar
tender asked: ' 'Now, why do you
call that a tin roof?" "Because if is
on the house," responded the triii as
they slipped out of the side door.
 ,��������������� ,
The Sandon boys at 8kagwav
report that town as being dead
tough. It must be when IJete Anna lice Is said to be one of the leaden-
in the best society.
A Chute of
Is Still Bein,q Worked at
Thereto not much pay in it, hut the
quality ofthe work is Just as hfch nn
it wM when Sandon wax the
Hottest Town  in the Gulch.
Tiie prices are somewhat despondent
in sympathy with the sad condition
of trade, and
To lay a nay a supply for tbe Ktml
time* that art- likely to com,. pp0��� ,1H
Hudtlenly ����<. without wanili.K.
Siupke Tr*H Bfcuurx
Tm ��*��r ralu* in i**-,,,,-  ,���
at the Pt��t OtU,*.* Slim-
California Qfovea etvry ���**,��.���
rattled, at the l*uai OWn Stojy  **'
l>�� nut say then* tn m ^
glove* In town. 8��v lUmt* nttZ
Vtmt Of**' Store MAi
ASjuvia) Onnsiguiu*-m tt%m t^.
���VaiieWo of 3| cb-jnii ���*..������,4t,^
inclutltiujf    GkUfbrniii     Uoebkia
Aftls-st**..     KoraehMe    Au-Ufiib
i.imt skin, Orniibi.' *v
proof Hars**bkle, at thrlW(Mfa
store. 0
SA-VSOft MHKf* .%#��*.* at �����
*A vltrw��*imt. w*f*mirW* mt ���
'...t'tnhmU.  Vt*a*t**mkmh*,.
:, ottmmA        it w liUfUUftrr ��� .
WMJtAth I    ��l ���*. >       k *t*
Csrtiftsats sf t***��*o*��
I 9*4
Htsisim tfi.%jin4t- * t t-u
*w* rn*** tm, ��J_# ***** * b MU... ht i t.   ���
bm.**}t**t tttmtttmt     WAmtn
mat H***t*
T*****- fe...��**fe�� ttmt I* A. ** $�����..���     **.-.����� '.*��
Ait twt W  M*��tm#w�� Sm nu^Sjtt  ftm**** i r*��
*.*m. Sn* }A**t*,,mm4 *���"�������������-' tmr***.   "��    *t ���*���*
M ***\4   �����*"�����' dm.fn tt***m  tjw   4*.*
mifti it* th* Mtolam B*a
wt jnagamtamnrntm, *e>-#il** ***.**, ��� * . <
* tamp tt*' * id *���*** 00*0*0    Uim
|***-*t    (isttttme*   twk*    Otetete   OjUlt  ��
mmr-tnto*   *J.   wtw,*t.    Uf  tWtmm*
Uwamft** ed n**c-k <N*f<IS- *��...' ,*
l��*��r-t t**i*tth4**r a* A0H -:*'.    *�����
*,   H  I ������ .    RU
l**.��- -...* *�����,.* {aKs*s8*��f*��i.i.,r,    Im* - ���
v.��w fp Wmt** 01**0, ***-*���!   -k
it*-*m l*��a> Antmm f wlii *m** **�� '*���* to-tetmt
t t'*:mvm t'*-**aoAmtir***n*' ��� ���' ffc*>  C.W|��    *���
��� %��f- i tl t at *m*rAnt% ttmt ttt*. O i* I* ��.
t<**,al, to. the tf��r.*��i�� ttwimi
t*a**4 ��*��i. kfts<i��-r *d ?��**���*���**#**��� <***
**������-.   . bOn*t   npl-*'4 *<��**    an
pots **��� ft** lfc"***t A !,*����'* *  i	
,4 tike tat** ��=*- -*-��....;*. t��w * **�����*��'' '���
a*'A mttfArt ub-i U| _^r. nm tt**- .-��*���'��� .-
^. t:*e h**i'i**t.mt h-'te)    .i*   *'
S*-  ���� 0%A I��'aja>fcj��*' ***�����..'    *** ���
MvirxtKu* a��i�� '**>��-.
t**i*t tt,t* a* Ui '  ttketmry   **
i *e*wmm
I��    ������*   mmp**m* t trttit ..'.   ttttti**,  I
li tl.- amAtWm tat *to- *4����'��l�� ft** '
dmte*t    Mlitlft*   ��M    llithtvj*   ���
r..    t.-weig*- mwd lo Htm aiatter o* ��  <���
'4 tltn*.t,mt4nietn.0a4   ItH   th*..'
��l��r  H ts.-Uitg l> A* t mot pttnO-Ona   ���
Tha *smMmMt*4tAn ******* tHtt-rT-t
*r��   i***t.li+d  *��t   or Mot*  tb*   IWIi
Mmtx h inm t��� ������, �� t'telt Itatoe*   ��.�� * * '
*>>��� t tl��� |4tr'trtj'jirr ��4  ihwtr 9\d*U ���
����<( flu ���.���������#. �������'   ��.'l>lr->--.   Ot   Oft'���
'��r. M*MJ   'HU.itoliHil.xl ,\<U.i   II
t-)M.i,t,M  lU.,*Srlj,l   OnttM����*.f   oi Ut* *>*',
> <1��SSJ   att.l If **, reunited hy ttwf t���� "   *""
IMS '�������� *he  mbl   ..it,* M.*   Ifv.f.m*-'    *
���l.r.r -,j*i, ,.���,. ft, ruiu*  i*. mtfl wot"
��� -. i tj.tr,, ,., .��_",���, _t .h,dar*'- V*,*- ' ���
*lw * m.irt H**An, V��ft<<Mi.��r t��t   .,, I   "
<Jo��H t ��� ,|��~ iftja-l Ot mnyk tmtte*. ft 0
tliofjHjf th-t will K�� .r., Uot. I tittm tl.-
"'���lit   >n.fr*l.itticii>    in*.'-   Utat*   Ulfll    '
nr* (,�����<.>.>���"
B��ndmy  tit-   -������|j  .lj,v   .4   M��r*h     * *
*bo**0ti*if*laek ii. ��ii.  i���i.,,.m.i. ������� ��'���
"'1mm���*..*��, i. ,%pi*'OOr< tat IsmWAS  ***>" **!
I'd t��On||tO||.jti th. >M i***ti.r|t��lt.lm*
Iftit*! thia Ktli .toyof Vebtomf., A I'   * *
Apii'-s.v- I !*4l|ti.< I
Ji  ' V Wfllt.r J Toi. i*
��� HmsIi W-trl�� ttogi****' THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B. C, MARCH 5, 1898.
aged mother of Mr. Dalton Me-
'St\c* *****�� passed awsy _t her
In Barrie oa Monday.   She was
92nd year.
_��� Aberdeen ta negotiating for the
jhngofs superintendent and three
to the Klondike region to be of
to sick or disabled miners.
[. D. Fraser, of Oraugeville died
lenly on Feb. 16th,  bom heart
.brought on byoverwork.   He
prominent member of the Masonic
_ old and   prominent citisen  of
Iph, Mr. Chas. Davidson, the late
rv-lreasurer of the Wellington
Fire Insurance Company, died
���*eb. Wtb, aged 88 years.
A. Msrcler, s brother of tbe late
Merrier, Premier of Quebec, hss
given stsase of 280 miles ofthe
;on lor dredgingpurposes.   The feet
nting to 990,000 hsve been paid by
bill was Introduced in the Ottawa
this week by the Rev. Mr. Max-
II. member for Barrard, to amend
Immigration Act by providing that
> tax on Chinese shall be increased
rheOaroode Legal A Literary So
Iv of I oronto held their annual bail
Friday night. It was a very hril-
It affair and many beautiJui gown*
*en evidence Oam-tnir wa*
; up away into the'*w**��,Mna'hours.'
in order has been sent out by Arch
hop Br.ifhesi to the Catholics pro
tiling them from becoming members
ftht* Y.M.C.A.   The sttention of the
chbtahop has   et-wnlly been drawn to
fset Uiat many member* of hia thick
Mong to this sssoristhm.
convict named Win Carey, who fat
rving 10 yearn in the King*4 in petti-
itiary for arson. wliil** making a da-It
liberty ��n Tuesday ofternooti wan
in naif-defence hy officer Gib*m��.
in now lying in a very precarious*
lition at'ibe prison h **ipital.
fW. A. Carlyle.of Woodstock, Ont.. the
tiah Columbia   Provinrisl   Mineral
it, hss bsen offered s salary of $25,000
reery by Messrs. McKensie A Mann,
contractors  for the Stickeen River
ilwsy, if he will so to tbe Yukon a*
loing manager in their interests.
ie Grand Trunk Railway is conatder-
Ihe sdviasbllity of using electricity
" of steam power for conveying tits
through  the Hsrnia tunnel.   The
iv fatal seridsnta which have occur-
through Uie bad ventilation in thi*
in��l hss msds it ncnawssry that some-
ing should be done to remedy the evil.
lit i* asid that the Kiploration Com-
iy composed of Ixindon capitalists,
licit applied for a charter to construct
tilway over the Dalton trail, which
trier wa* not granted ou account ol
monopoly clause lu the Mann A Mc-
nixie contract for the Stiekecn-Teslin
nte, sre going to make an offer to const for Um line mentioned in their ap-
ition st s tar lea* subsidy than is
ited to Mana A McKensie.
big firs occurred In Bothwell on
[��dne��day morning, which resulted in
death of a woman snd her child. It
���peers that Uie firs origitkted in s
rolling occupied by Henry Anthonj
hi* housekeeper, Mrs. Bloom and
two children. A* soon as the flre
discovered Mrs. Bloom ran out of
house, but remembering ber child
Ihed back sgsin snd both perished.
Anthony snd the oUier child were
red by jumping through a window,
fire spread rapidly, destroying seven
ire* and dwelling houses.
M. Foley, s prominent lawyer of
ris, Ont., wss srrested thi* week on a
irgu of fraud snd misappropriation of
mt*' fund*. Rumor* of his iusol-
icy hsvs bsen Hosting around for
rte weeks, snd clients who had placet!
I* with Mr. Foley  for investment
have been making strenuous exertions
to regain possession of them; some
hsve been successful, but the majority
sre minus their moneys. Tbe amount
of Mr. Foley's defalcations is something
Uke 100.000. He hss been unable to
obtain bail and is now committed to
Brantford gaol. He is a son of the late
Hon. Michael Foley snd wss highly
esteemed, both in business snd aocisl
Jss. Cruickshsnk, s bachelor M years
of age, living in Toronto, was fohnd dead
in bis rooms on Thursday morning. Mr.
Cruickshsnk'* office snd bedroom sd-
ioined the premises of the Metropolitan
PrinUns Company, in which fire broke
out early on Thursday morning, completely gutUng it and causing considerable damage. In making an effort to
cecsps Mr. Cru ckshank wa* probably
overcome by tbe smoke as when found
by sn employee of his he wss in a sitting
posture on the floor dead. The room
ws* full of smoke. The artist, Wm.
Cruickahank, who ia a near relative of
the deceased, took charge of the body.
A   DteUagalahaS   Gaeet.
An English actor was s mem ber of a
company snowbound  in   the Sierras
while en route from California to the
east.   Before the train pulled out of
the drifts they had been reduced to
eating the coarse food of the railway
laborers, and got little enough even of
that;  they were   ravenously  hungry
when the train reached the station, at
which there was an bumble restaurant
The Englishman was the first to find a
seat at the table.
"Bring me a* quick aa possible,** he
said to Uie landlord, a burly western
man. "a porterhouse steak, some devil-
od kidney, a brace of chops, plenty of
vegetables, snd two bottles of Bus'
bitter beer." The landlord stuck bin
head out of the dining room door and
veiled to somebodv iu the rear apartment, "Say Bill, tell the band to play,
Rule Britanna! The Prince of Wales
has come "
The parson stealthily pot hi* head out
of the bedclothes, but was reassured
when he saw the room waa Invaded
by his housekeeper, and not by the
"Please your honor, his lordship
wants to come up-stairs and sit -with you
a little."
"With me P gasped the parson. "No;
go down and tell his lordship Tm took
cruel bad with scarlet fever; it is an
aggravated case, and very catching."
Enough, doubtless, to settle tbe Bishop,
If aUtheaUiallravaaTaea,
Wetgb-ShSSlv with gam. and aUka and gold-
AhTwalll U*��h*rtwcoot-lijo��iV>ld
So m_uy sella n there would tie,
U mil my atti|-* cum la from sua.
Should -nary Komis of life -Mail an* wlads of
trouble Mow.
Ao'tu the aktee tho darkest eloods ait swingln'
An' yoo nave half eoucluded far to elevate your
An' tumble- down deapalriu' on the cheetieaa
lUu-arkabl*-   Bai  Story.
For the benefit of marines, the London
Field hss revived s remarkable rat story,
to tbe effect thst s rat was caught alive
on baud a British naval vessel in a trap,
and ths beast ws* thrown from Ute trap
Into the water without being killed. A
large gull thst wss following in the wake
of the ship to pick up scrap* of food
thrown overboard by the steward, stopped several timer, endeavoring to pick
the rat up. Once the bird got too close
to the rat's iaws and Uie beast grabbed
it bv the neck. After a short fight Uie
rat succeeded in killing the bird.
When the gull wss dead the rat scrambled upon the bird's body, snd hoisting
one Wing ss a sail and using the other
sr s rudder, succeeded in steering for the
shore. Whether the ret reached shore
or not is tlie question, since the ship
soon got out of sight of the skipper and
its craft. 	
There wss s story told of Mr. Bad-
cliffe, a fox-hunting parson in Devon
shaire. The Bishop of Exeter (Dr.
Pilpotts) came one dsy to visit him
without notice. Parson Kadcliffe, in
scarlet, was just about to mount his
horse and gallop off to the meet, when
he heard that the Bishop was in the
village. He had barely time to send
away his hunter, run upstairs, and
jump, red coat and boots, into bed.when
the Bishops carriage drew up at the
door. "Tell his lordship I'm ill, will
ve?" was his injunction to his housekeeper, as he flew to bed.
"Is Mr. Radcliffe in?"asked Dr. Phil-
"He's il) and in bed," asid the house-
"Dear me! I am so sorry. Pray ask
if I may come up snd sit with him, ssid
the Bishop. ,    ,
The housekeeper rsn up stairs in sore
dismay, and entered the parson s room.
If half mrr-hlps came L.
And tmnigtot their unctooa freight to me,
Ah.wellt I would have wealth as great
Aa auv kilt* who aha la state���
So rich tbe tre-aurt-i that would be
iu hall my ably*, now oat at ma.
If Juat one ahlp I have at sea,
Should come a-aatttag hosae �� am,
Ah, well I the -ttorm ciouda then might frown
Wor it tbe otitera all weat. down
-U-Utrfch aud pood ax-d glad I'd be,   **
It that oue ahlp went down at ana,
Aud all the others came to me.
Weighed down with gems and wealth untold,
Wtib glory, honor, riches, gold,
The i-oure-M aunt on earth I'd be
li that oue ahlp came not to me.
O skies, be calm t  O winds, blow free,
Wow all my ���htpe sate boon* to me!
dat il thou ���*end_st aotne a-wrack.
I'o uever more cuine aaiUtta bach,
sAtod muy, mil, Out akiin the aea.
Bat bring my love ahlp home to me.
-Ell* Wheeler Wilms.
Jaat try to pot tome adfTnln  fat yoot trembly
upper Bp.   ��
Hang on like thnnderaUon, never weaken oa
your grip;
Jest east your eyee npon tbe the fart that you are
bound to win.
An'atop a bttan' ketch year breath aa' hit the
trail ag��lu.
A Uttle energy an'grit '11 win tha tomtheK Sght.
Deteraiinatbjii'a aparklln* atta. 11 tight tbe dark-
fat night.
An'every man (hath got tbe aand to make an
hottt**-t try
is bound to huM a jack-pot head aa'git Uiere
Then never get dJncoaraged at the Mala aa' tha
That come to block tbe program ef your everyday again,
You'll roach the summit ef yoarblgamitkmaaa
sore aa sin
If you will atop to git a breath, then hit Uw HaU
A St-herman aat at bis door one day
vt ��ichii-* tbe i-kjuda, tbat heavy aud gray*
OtuM-und tbe���Hu-Iwht*-tuning;
And be aaid to Bright fije* at hfe knee,
"Look yonder out tu tbe west aud see
Tbe cloud with a ailver lining."
I think when our akiea are cold aad gray.
Aud we vatuly aee* to find the way,
aomewbere tbe light b ahiaing;
If we bravely resolve lo do our part.
And U-ar our glials wtth patient bean.
'       Aud free trum aUr-epiniiig-
We aball be led to a higher way.
To a better wurk than we today,
Aud Sud love* Mtutight ahmlng;
War truth ut ��pirit aud atrvught ol aoul
WtU make the dart.ua cloud unroll
Aad show it�� allver liuing.
���Helen Keith.
Has the count called yet, papa?" asked the beautiful daughter; " he said
that he would see you without delay '
"He did. 1 had three aces against his
full bouse."
The same ol'trafl la atrewed along with
pointed wrecks
That weakened an* give ap ths Sght an' tumbled
In their tracks
When hand o* care begun to swing an imitation
As you go ploddln' long each day Jaat try tohkeh
your mind
On things thaCs *way up there ahead, an'aot
them that's bebud;
An' when a thought comes ereerpln' that you've
got no ctaapce to wia
Jest atop a Ut and ketch your breath an'hit tbe
trail aga la.
���Denver Poet-
Jim Johnson���So yo' bought dat
chicken ob 'Squire Hennery, eh ? Wbad
did ye' buy sech a skinny one fo\
Abe HsTdcsse-r-Oh, I didn't buy bim
toe eat. Dis chicken had a habit ob
rooetin' nights up on top ob de dog-
lion ��e, sn' I wus erf raid sf he hep' on de
udder chickens might be fbllerin' his example.
Apprecistive.���(The young lady has
just finished plsving s selection from
'���Faust.") OldIsdy���How nice! I always did like Home Sweet Home!
Young lady (with a start)���Home Sweet
Homo! Old la^y���Yes, Min plays it.
can always
tell when she crosses her
This reminds one of the discouragement of the man, who, when asked
about the health of hi* wife, replied:
"She may get well, and she may not;
there is danger both ways."
Dealer ir| MEATS
-: AT:
Robert Macdonald
Neil Macdonald
MACDONALD  BROS.. Proprietors.
Rates 11.60 to 12.60 per day.	
Headquarters fbr Mining Speculators and Capitalists.
Reco Ato., - ��� Sandon, B.C THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON. B^JjlAH��l;��.-
The Paystreak   |������������� *-�� *��� 'h��y 2_5 Sft_tf'tfEft*-* T&
1 nc   t^AYdlKCJAIV.       t^mabAfcnna.   If the Ln ted States ?*'^r* J? u. ��__.��� iw .U-vtnm-
turn **t�� or tm* ri.gr.
Is Issued every Saturday in Sandon, In the heart
of tbe greatest White Metal camp on earth.
Subscription     *��� ...    f��.ooayear
Strictly ln advance.
Address: Thb Pavstbsak, Sandon, B.C.
SANDON.   B. C  MARCH 5, 1898
Last week Representative James
Hamilton Lewis returned to Washing
ton from Ottawa, where he had
spent several days in conference with
the Dominion government leaders.
His mission was to appeal to this
government for some modifications of
the Canadian regulations requiring
American miners bound for the Klondike to -procure their licensee at Vancouver, " Victoria or Dawson City.
Mr. Lewis sought to have the regulation modified so tbat a license could
be issued by British consuls or vice
consuls at American ports. Failing
in this, he then sought to have the
Canadian police, especially at Lake
Tagish, given authority to issue
licenses to ingoing miners. This request was also refused.
Minister Sifton proposed a counter
proposition on a basis of adjustment,
which was in effect; to permit Canadian goods to go through Wrangel
in bond. To this Mr. Lewis answered
that he was net given authority to
negotiate on any basis involvings
modification of the United States laws
or regulations.
The failure of Mr. Lewis to secure
any concessions from Canada might
have been expected. On the face of
it his mission was g foolish one. To
ask that Canadian laws be modified
to accommodate American miners,
and vet not having power to negotiate
on any basis looking to the modifies
tion of American laws to accommodate Canadian miners, was a remarkable piece of Yankey ingenuity���in
other words, gall. But Mr. Lewis
learned a lesson that it would be well
Ibr other American diplomats to
learn. He found there was no disposition on the part of Canadians to
concede anything to the United
States In the controversy without receiving as much In return.
Mr. Lewis was shown every courtesy while in Ottawa, out was received with a cold hard when he
made hb mission known and attempted to force a consideration of his
propositions. If he came to Ottawa
thinking that Canada would longer
bear American imposition he went
away with that idea knocked into a
cocked hat The delegations from
British Columbia were bitter in their
protests against any modification of
tbe regulations, and this fact alone
ought to convince Mr. Lewis and his
countrymen that, while we are ever
ready to extend a friendly hand to
any country helping to develop the
vb��*\ resources oCour land, yet we are
not ready, and do hot have to, make
to make to us. If the United States
Is not ready to give anything, then
ought Canada to be of the same disposition.
The commercial movement of silver
during the year lately closed showed
an increase rather than a decrease in
volume, and the demand fbr the
metal showed less diminution than
the fluctuations in its price would in
dicate. The exports to the East, always the great customer for silver,
wei-e greater in 1897 than in 1896;
and from some European countries
there waa an unusual demand. As a
very large part of the silver output
of the world is handled through London, we give first tbe following table,
which shows the imports and exports
of silver in Great Britain for 1897,
compared with tbe preceding year;
the figures are from the statement of
the Board of Trade for the year:
*l  1
M ai       **
i :tl| Lt||
4* -ESS ���*."*
�� ������� *
tf m a
e* a i
e* I
latter half of the year, by a -*OT ft��n-1
eral belief that the mints would be;
reopened. The demand for Ja|*n, *
ofcoowe, fell off with the approach- ���
ing adoption of a gold standard In
that country. ���       	
While China took less silver from j
London last year than In 1896, there
was real I v little or no decrease in the
total al-sorhed by that country. The
decrease in tbe British shipments was
1_4I,*UA. or $1,158,470; but there;
was an incresse of $7,081,SA$ In the
shipments from San Franc��sco to
Chluese porta   Moreover, tlie greater
Krtof the silver from the Broken.
ii mines in Australia, now goes
directly to China, the remittances u>
London being light, as is shown bv *
the table.   (Hitsfde of Japan the Rest;
certainly shows no decrease In its
capaclv for absorbing silver.
The i'nited States exports of silvery
in coin snd bullion showed s dtt*eres*e
hi values of f4.7ll.062, according to
the Treasury statements; but If we
take tbe lower values into aooouot
there was verv little difference between 1H97 and 181*1 in theaeta*!
tjuan-itit*.sold abroad. F^igineering
A Mining Journal, New York
El*IT ima.
aj^5 W***W ____, ***M*f*M %mt*o\n**W ^WIP (
n\5mtsMt*g taMt petmmptet
ag ^^^^^^^^^���T ******* Ommn t*r**t*mA%m  ���S**>g���a,
���yX^y**' tonweti
AM Um* mtwO WTa^^^ntr*n**mmmp^  *"W^*"""v���"""' *m**mem  SOmWrmmt^
And ��Wa Sa * taasMI aad a*H tit, ���,
ff �����
mm   ��
*' ��
��� Ibt
e ���
���If |
.MA   ���
Hi ���
t?  ���
* c      :
��� ****   ��� a
g * i* �� i
A *9/i*l*A*0 tbyote.
young ttUam.
******** ***m}&&* **t*w^tbmM***W**m9A*% KWWW iaa*ia*T\A
A kbaaly o*nmn**00***l**J '
*******MMt rayAa��gt**t*. ih.;,,
^a mwm***mm**g0r mom o
9 m il^  MM  ������(��� A**A **\*\J*\ 90000 BmW* ft
. Aiabanvfjj
At i**tty-A*o
*%* *r**t*wt %w !*���(�������� HI 9^9f**totttfr*)
Am 9 to Hat-tr. ��f m**wd y*m*k..
We *mra*d at to**** tab*** aoo ���,���*���*,.
ttat tmanm ttmt *any JU������ awd TmA
May kw>*m wktdtt pmnawmy
a*o *f***0 900 S^^^S "Waiwi ^^S mow ******/ mtyoav tatoymm*^***** ���
. IM twur S��*ar tote nay ahoMg* aad *t*.ttt%
Ttm pen* tm omeOmm -MS t��v ' ��� ���;
tit* rme* mat ****** ��� 0,0** twin
fV ��<)w mm ;itH tlw r��t a.) t.t.':
"fti* fOMMf mm V a vakpt ekmo
TV -fiiMi mma to a tattrw
TV tamer km 0*1*4 a*** mil
���**���_. _J���-J    -.���   , Mtlmm.Ji.   ���I ���t
i m* um rmm j#ta*w-*-j a -,
An  epitaph  ����n   A nay
W��>]j��itiiti..��t. teJJ* tt*. tltflt
Jenninj-f* nt
Anne hmr ri-JUrtS, ���*��***��� hatr1** mxmt ,
fl*rv 'jr. the aidher .4 iwwaly*am
A double epitaph retttrtl* ihe tnornfut
lAt- tkttS :
Here li��*i t* , ��,r mhart*. hv ndd ���rtottt *u**- nM0\ym I
UM Sled 4 ��i.�� m m ��|. tb- Arte* w .. dt ,w ut*d
A fat,tl diasater OSflhl tianll** tot re
conitHj brielar titan th���� foHnffug I
HarattMJoai k��**��.
h l.-k����l l���� a i����*
Nor eoadd a religious vtiilmiml hart*
been ni'tre riirtly and ian-a*aicallv ex
pre^WHi than to under:
Utr L**,1?* *** **AA9n\MB A aa.
VVh  rtW In -o.nlaii, be, dr ������ ��� ������ n��t ,��#
Pra*. t t the m ul *4 tinhritt J Am
*i_."*!l��i J?1 *** '*��� t'*Srto*H  t+lmte;
Th ttt th** mm*-k, Oatorlrl J htj.
Whol-k-1 h, .. *������.,���*.-ri fcatxtr 4 mod ont.
tm*t ttmnt ant l
���*���*�������������� ta*tRssa. ar ataat.
A- 4 U-w in*Awt*'Omawlo* win
0**t ��'* ta.
tb*.*     *Wtt:
It appears from this table that the
United States is the chief sonree of
supply, furnishing more than hall tiie
silver which goes into the London
market. A considerable part of this,
however, is really Mexican silver,
which was refined and pot into merchantable fbrm in this country. A
peculiar feature in 1897 is found in
the heavy receipts from France and
Belgium; it is probable that a con
siderable part of the metal credited
to the latter country was really from
Germany, sent to London through the
port of Antwerp, and the large quan
tity suggests the truth of the report
current last summer that Germany
was quietly msrketlng some ofthe
accumulated stocks of old silver.
In the exports to European countries, the large quantity sent to Russia in 1897 Is accounted fbr by the
heavy purchases made by that coon
try for coinage into silver roubles, in
preparation for the adoption of the
new monetary system in that country
The decrease in shipments to France
in 1897 was chiefly due to the (act
that a much smaller coinage was executed in that country fbr its Eastern
colonies than in 18%.
As to the Eastern demand, It is to
be noted that India took a great deal
more diver last year than in 1896. in
spite ofthe supposed loss of purchasing power on account of famine, short
crops, and light exports. This was
due chiefly to the high exchange
value of the rupee, which was
throughout far above its bullion vslua
Native buying in India was stimu-
At*d * eat a mrtth aa **w*am bears.
tt Ik, |����etrnw -At Wh * Witt* Ik   ,*tw
Twbm * r ***$%** a* *-m ma.
Htal it **m (04. ������ t U ytm *U>
Hr *��th, ptmy *A>*f. * *���**>'km***.
��� WttOam MmAepmmtA- rv. ��� .*���*��
The Itoak mt OMUaertm ta 9**01 '**
ointi ap s bnMH*h tagkrn st Ito* ** * ^u
this bank will be ��f grttst mm\*t,i*n<*e
to mint-t* tn gobl will be a-iv-i-v*.- ������ 1
tlrafta gitm to n(ttr'�� tan ant *-A ����
I'sosda im tb*�� asaoettl of %*s*ki ����wnal.
l ��� 10 |*t cam, -nrrslty. which -��*U tm
dsdUotad sttd baa*W��l tytot to tto' w"-"���**���
swat Tbe goW will bs kept b�� taAU
and e**n*mymA oat of tb# asant**? ! *
titiJtlarjf raoort.    Minors wdl I* rt��aM��l
110 wslk away with their drafts in io��r
l** ket��t *nbia arrsnawmrnl wdl �����* ��
irr-aftl iwd-awMMsnt lo them to j����* '*!i*-
locan Hotel
Newly opened in New Denver, bone
of comfort, luxury antl earn The
rooms are elegantly furnwhed, the
building hardfinwhed. the dining-
room warm, light nnd taatefolty dee-
orated, and the tables laden with all
the viands fit to eat. It isn't neeos*
to talk about Henry Htege's bar. It
is too well known.
Kootenay Mercantile Tailoring Co.
A full line of
always In Stock
Lnothsr ualortaaate miner baried berth en avslsnehe of sdow; snothsr
lot's boy laid away in the little
-ard on tbe hill.
Jundsy evening Great Thorburn drove
New Denver rrom Silverton for the
)ner snd an undertaker   to   take
* of the body ef Wm. J. LsdsNwho
bsen killed sarly ia the alum-noon
being baried in s snow alkie.   Dr.
snd Undertaker Baker returned
ith him and the body was taken in
_.id by the Coroner.
Mondsy morning sn inquest wss held
jitl in the sfternoou the remain- were
iterre J in Um cemetery here, the Silver
>u miners union sad sll ths men of Uie
imp coming up oo the steamer Slocsn
id following the body to the grsve.
"ully 150 men were in tbe line of march.
The particulsrs of the fatal slide ss
>ld by tbe compsniona of Lade who
rere working %ith him ars these:   A
lids had blocked tbe Four Mile road on
Heed-Robertson  group and it wss
i possible for the pack trains to come
>ut with the ore from the Vsneouver
tiA other properties.   A party of msn
[went up from Silverton toel��ar tbe rued-
[way ami with  them wss youna Lade.
[Four ol them were working oft the slide
[when, without warning, another slide
f came down snd caught sll of Ibe men.
[The companions ol Lade were not in
:j uned, though  sll  wen* more or im*
; covered by Ute snow.   When they man
���AgeA to (roe Uiemselve* tbey eel. to wort.
to rt��cue Lsde.   One ol the party mot*
milk to S-Uvsrtoo U�� summon help au..
soon every msn in the camp was on Uie
ttcene.   After two  hours aesrobing the
Jtody wss recovered, cold in death.
A* rude stretriier was made snd tlw
UAy carried to Silverton ami to tin*
-.���arlort ol Thorburn's hotel to swan tlw
arrival of tbe voruoer sod undertaker
A abort but iinprrasm* funeral service
was held in the hotel parlors and ou Un
arrival st Uis hew Denver wiiarf Kev.
Powell met Uie sorrow tug friends ami
went with thorn t�� the grave, snd Uiere
administered words of comfort snd poaee
to tiioae present.
Wm. J. Led* wss s young msn well
liked by even-body, lie waa but IU
years oi aye TWo of his brotbsrs sre
workingst Silverton snd tbe three wen-
interested in some very vslusble properties on Four Siltle. Tbey csme here Irom
the Urdesu. The Lade family have
heen peculiarly unfortunate working
in and about mines. Tbe boy's father
waa caught in a premature Mast while
working s shift to accommodate a friend
and mads totally blind! an uncle waa
killed in a snow alkie, and it was while
doing volunteer work tbat the son met
hia untimely death.���The Ledge.
Wark oT Kr-ertlt-f Mia BallSInc Alrvady
la n*tm*��t**m0.
Tlie contrsct for tbe ore sampler st
lloaehery was awanied U.Stephen Tripp,
the well-known cootrsctor of Slocsn
City, who bas already commenced opers-
tions aiUi ths intention of having it
completed within 90 days, which is the
time set for the building to bs finished.
The msin building will bs 70slS4 feet,
otlloea snd lsbrstory will be asperate.
Also a weigh house snd other buildings
will tie erected in connection with the
works on the hike front. Ths capacity
will be 100 tons per dsy, snd will be io
o|terntion in tlie sarly spring, snd no
doubt sill prove a boon to Uie mine
owner, in ths Slocan country.
Mr. W. K. Ostrandsr, the superintendent, is now on the ground attending to
detail*, lie ia s pleaasnt, sffsble gentleman wholes thorough smelter authority and oonsldsrs this point for tho
treatment of ores superior to any otber
location, after bsving carefully atudied
the  nit nation   from  S   hiisinosa aland
point, and predicts s brilliant future for'
Ute town.
A. M. Besttie, agent for the townsits, I
was seen by our reporter snd hsd this
'���Yes I expect quite s boom in Rosebery this spring. Of course ��ot so wild
ss it wss s year ago in Slocsn Cfty, but
something thst is more substantisl. This
Ore sampler which is now -building I
believe is only the atari ing point for
other works to be erected here before
long, snd Uie point now is recogniied ss
the best point in Kootenav to erect a
smelter, snd for concentrating the ores
from Ssndon, Whitewater snd Cody.''
"Does your company contemplsts
making sny improvements in the town-
site," wss asked.
*' Yea ;��� I am only waiting for the anow
to go off when I intend to clear sll on the
lake front, if 1 am not anccessful in totting the contract before then. I will call
for tenders. The Townsite Company,
which is a weslthy London syndicate,
also intends to build several houses in
Uie spring snd will aell them on tbe installment plan or lenae."
Mr. Besttie wound np by saying Rosebery would have tlie biggest pay roil on
Ute lake this summer.
Chicago, III.--"At 10 to 1*2 o'clock at
night," says s D.twson City correspond-
ent of the News, "th*�� throng in the
gambling place*, is greatest. Around
the tables tbe players and spectators
sre crowded and s halo of tobacco
smoke Jiang** over them around the
chandelier and big tin reflector. The
layout ia nearly covered with red
checks and white*checks, with now and
then a greater stack of blues, which
are of greater value. Men reach over
tun another's shoulders to drop a gold
���vukona card. One will aay as he
I ws this, 'That plays the jack for *��V
���ind tla* dealer nods without looking up
and makes the turn. If the player
win-*, the dealer silently nuts tir> worth
of checks by the gold sack, and the winner continues to play or cashes them at
a desk, where is sitting a young man
behind s pair of gold scales with sever-
sl tumblers of gold dust st his right
"At midnight the Interest seem* to be
centred upon the fsro table. The manager of the roulette wheel is eating his
lunch, with a laconic observation between bites now and then to a companion across the board A young woman
who has come out of the dance hall,
with a tipsy miner, says ; 'Hello, Jim-
iiiv,' to the"roulette man, and faces Ihe
ba'r with her friend, and then the rest
of the dancers come crowding in and
line up at the bar, for the drink at the
end of the set is as much a part of the
dance as is the mu.-ic.   .
*'A little dried up man with drooping
mustache, who owns one of the nest
claims on Bonansa. is having a tilt with
tbe dealer at the faro table shout the
limit. He wants to play ���1��*> on the
jack The dealer shakes bis head at
first, but the little man is persistent
and the dealer flnallv fays, 'Let her go '
'"Some time,' savs the little man,
after-the jack comes up winner, HTm
goin' to open up a game at the Forks���
a gentleman's game, where a man can
bet as much as lie wants to.'"
There waa sn acrimonious debate in
tbe Provincial House Isst Friday over
s resoluUon which tbe opposition
brought in, striving to condemn the premier snd Pooley, president of the council, for having sllowed Uieir names to be
used in the directorate of the Uawaon
City snd Dominion Trading Corporation.
Sword, of Dewdney, brought in a resolution to Uiis effect, but it wss ruled out of
order by the speaker on the ground that
it would, if pttaeed, prejudice the fstr
trial of libel suits which the two mini -
ters hsve brought against two local
newspapers, who charged Utem with
using their official position* for their own
private ends. Kennedy, of Westminster, then brought in a resolution to the
effect that in tbe opinion of the house
none of the members should at anv Urns
lend the weight of their official titles to
floating sny schemes for the benefit of
any company.
The most recently compiled directory
of the province of British Columbia
shows a white population of 117,850 of
which 78.500 are credited to the mainland and 88,500 to Vancouver Island.
This is an increase of 100 per cent: In
four years. Vancouver I si arid with
one-fourth of the total population of the
province baa 14 out of the 88 members
of the Legislature.
In an article commenting on the above
figures the Rossland Miner suggests
that West Kootenay be divided ss follows :
1. The Trsil Creek electoral district
to consist of the towns of Rossland and
Trail and what is known as the Trail
mining division.
2. Nelson electoral district, to include
-what is now known ss the Nelson and
Gost river mining divisions.
8. Kaslo electoral district, to include
tbe city of Ksslo, towns of Ainsworth
and Pilot Bay and what is known as
the Ainsworth mining division.
4. The Slocan electoral district to include what is known as the Slocan mining division.
5. The Revelstoke electoral district to
include what ts known as the Revelstoke, Illecillewait and Trout Lake
electoral division*.
The above division would give West
Kootenay five members instead of two
as at present.
Another deal hss been msdeon the
Mollie Hnghes group. This Ume tbe
price named is $40,000. Wm. H. Ssndi-
ford, representing an English company
of great capital, ia the purchaser. He
wss here several day* Isst week and on
Saturday the deal wss consumsted. His
inspection of the property wss most
thorough, and ss soon ss the character
of the lodge matter was demonstrated
by assays be took the property at the
price named without delay.
At present the transfer Is in tlie shape
of a 90-day option, This is to allow time
for tbe money to srrive from England.
Tbe bond expires nine months after the
date of ita execution.���The Ledge.
Caaalor Mtaae  All   Bright.
J. D. Devereux.theapecial correspondent of the Ashcroft (B.C.) Mining Journal, writes to thst paper from the far
north concerning Cassiar mines. He
says in part:
"I have seen ore from IS claim* in the
Kisgsgssh district which sll looked to
lie very highly mineralised. Some of it
is* known to run ss high ss $200 to $300
to the ton in gold alone, and, by information given me bv the miners, the cream
of the country is not touched yet, Uttle
or nothing is known shout the wealth of
thia country by ths outside wo-Id.
Within Uie past five years 1 venture to
ssy thst gSW.000 has been taken out of
this country by individual miners, mostly Chinese.
The company working the Morning
has three men drifting from the 100-foot
level at the bottom of the shaft. Thev
have struck a body of ore ou the foot
wall carrying galena, carbonate copper,
and su I *-hide silver. The ore averages
12 inches and with the ore on the hanging wall makes about two feet. It looks
as though the whole ledge would soon
be in ore. Tho ore is nearly all concentrating. Several other claims are
lieing developed on Morning hill this
Start from VANCOUVER
1. VANCOUVER is the best outfitting point on the Coast; goods
considerably cheaper than in the
United States.
t.   VAX-COlI-v^Kbthen-ar-tttJportofd-part-
ure to tho Yakon Dttrtrict.
S.   VANCOUVER ir. the terminal of the C. P.
will atari from
aaU-a*   VAH-
port. hav* now
. -*-BWtt*-*fr-��_5_?,_.
where pammotptt* tran_tar dbwet from train
7.   KLONDIKE bin Canada.  Oat*t in VANCOUVER aad *a*m �� par cant. CastoBu
Presldant Board of Trad*. Vancouver, B.C
. Railway, who**
Vancouver this spring.
4. Alt  north-bouwl    "
5. Direct -reamer**, to YnfeMi
Call at the
Hotel Ivanhoe.
 Banofatorent of
Syphons, Ginger Ale,
Sarsaparilla, Etc., Etc.
Patronize home industry
when vou want the best
Is the Pioneer House of the City
Subject to change without notice
Trains run on Pacific Standard Time.
Let-re S t�� A.M. Kaalo         Arrt-re, S 90 P.M
*���  s�� " Sooth Pork     "     315 M
������   B IS '* Soroak-s          "      IU "
u SSI " Whitewater     '���     t oo ���'
���*10�� ���' BmrL-Jc-         "      1 4S "
" io 18 *���* MrGuia-an        "      1JI "
*"* 1018 " Cody Junction "      1 it ��*
Arr. l�� SO " Sandoo          Lm-re I 00 ���**
Traffic Mngr.
Por cheap railroad aod steamship tickets to
aad from all points, apply to
& CAMPBELL,        Agent, Sandon.
She���There is a doctor in Berlin who,
after a great deal of study, has found
that married men live longer than bachelors.
He���Save my life !
She���Oh. Clarence, how did you guess
that I loved you:*' SBJBJBB-BI
The foUowing is s complete list of the
mining transactions recorded during the
week in the several mining divisions of
the Slocsn. Those ot New Denve ��� were
ss follows :���
Paa -.-Presoott. Preseott Fraction, Prascott
Fraction No t, loot Mile Fraetion.
FiBM-Croydoa Fraction.
Feb SS���Superior.
cBBTiricATB or WP��oviaiKrrs.
Feb S4--Flrat Extension, American Girl, Concord, Saphlre, Gem.
Feb SS-JEtedprocUy, Lillian No 4.
Feb M-London Fraction., A W Mr M Ulan tu
Handy i, C H Towns to Oeo Hair, Jaa *_
Feb S5���Okaaaoan Chief 1, Frank Jacobson to
Ernest Harrop, Feb 5.
Croydon Fraction. Jas L Forrester to Alexander A Hedges. Feb SI.
Valkyrie afl,Oalt|. SUver Cord i, Bryan |. B
U Walton tolJ Dote.Feb 16.
FebSS-MoUIs Hu**fc��, Klnbora, Idea, Real
Idea, No S, Pinto Noi. Tyron. Eluatltan, Marv
E Bragdon. Thos Avltwn, Harry Sherran, and
Herman Clever to Wm H Sandlfoid. avday
option to parchase at a*40,ooo, Feb ss.
Wellington, Chambers, Eoreka, Jay Gould, 1/8
in each. J H Gaay to F A Devereax, Sept 6,
Roeedak*. Flower, May, Tolv, Violet. ���} In each,
J H Guay to F A Devereux. Sept��, etfn).
Feb SS-Cbambers, Eureka, Jay Gould. Wellington, lin each, Chas Chambers to Louise W
Texas Boy Fraction b A N Nunn to W S Clark,
Jan SO, $500.
Louvher, James T Brxkman to Wm Hunter,
Feb to.         ;
Feb 81-BulkoL Fletcher ft Andrews to RoM
Two Fr-MHSl.RtebardMsrpole to Two Friends
mine Ltd LU.
Feb SS-Two Friends |, Geo Kydd to Archibald York aod J W Clark.
F*-BS4-Johannabi. Susan S Olltson to Edward QnlOaa.
Same, Edward QalUan to Mrs. dark Werely.
PEBM-Dawa Fraction, J W Smith aad PL
Feb SS���Hercules No 5, Copper Queen, Her-
antes No S, Clarence Marsh.
Feb $4���Jennie, Keystone.
Feb SI ltossland, option to parchase, ii **
down, Laura, Genera Rivervtew. Ray, P<tr-
rupbte. Bokoshe, Stanley 1, Lout Mountain 4,
MowaLer. Pasadena, White Bear 1, Blackbird.
W Jamea White to James D S word.
Certificate of satisfaction of Gold Commlmtoner
to work on Vancouver, Meteor and Key Weat
Gold Dollar, Silver Dollar, F Soocey to Geo
Feb SS-Boodler. Silent Friend 1/16, J H Gray
F A Devereux, Sl-li.
Feb SS-Last Chance, John McPhee to Duncan
Panama S/16, Tboa Devlin to Mrs Mart McKay.
Yes, we need a good lad, and I think
you will suit. Whom do yon live with?
said the lawyer to a yoaag applicant.
With my dear ma.
What does she do?
Prays and takes in washing. -
What do you do with your wages?
Give it aft to dear ma for the missionary cause.
What do you do evenings?
Bead hymns and verses to dear ma.
And on Sundays?
Attend Sunday school.
If you should find s nickel on the
office floor, what should you spend it
I would not spend It, for that would
be sinful. I would restore it to the
When sent on an errand, would you
stop to play marbles or wallop another
No, sir, for ma says that playing marbles leads to gambling and that our
little fists were never made to punch
each other's eyes out.
"Little hoy, you are too fearfully and
agonizingly good for the legal profes
sion. You should step right back into
the middle of the Sunday school library
book, where vou evidently came from
We will endeavor to wrestle with tbe
stormy road before us without your
pious help. You may retire.
You don't want me?
Sure I wouldn't suit you?
Weft, I'll go
home aud give the old
wpraan fits." She stuck to ft like bricks
and made me learn all this guff. I knew
you didnV want a measly little miff
around the office, but she would have
her own way.   Sorry, boss;
Hold on.   So you're a res
after all?
I reckon.
We'll chance vou. Come to-morrow
at 9. Four dollars a week. Now go.
I'm busy.
That boy made a good lawyer.
*a\ live ooy,
A large strong man, dressed in a
uniform and armed to the teeth knocked at the door of a hut on tbe west
coast of Africa.
"Who are you and what do you
want?" asked a voice from the inside.
"ln the name of civilization openyour
door or III break it dowu for you and
till vou full of lead."
"But what do you want here?**
"Mv name is 'Christian Civilisation.
Don't talk like a fool, you black brute;
what do you suppose I want here but to
civilize you and make a reasonable human be'hgoutof you if it is possible "
"In the first place you must dress
yourself like a white' man. It is a
shame aud a disgrace the way you go
about. From now on you must wear
underclothing, a pair of pants, vest,
coat, plug hat, and a pair of yellow
gloves. I will furnish them to you at
reasonable rates."
"What shall 1 do with them T   *
"Wear them of course. You didn't
expect to eat them did you ? The first
step in civilisation is in wearing proper
''But it is too hot here to wear sin It
garments. I'm not used to them. Ill
perish from the heat. Do you want to
murder me."
"Not particularly. But if you die you
will have tbe satifaction of being a
-nartvr to civilization."
"How kind!"
"Don't mention it. What do you do
for a living?"
"When 1 am hungry I eat a banana.
I eat, drink or sleep* just as 1 feci like
"What horrible barbarity. You must
settle down to some occuption, mv
friend. If you don't it will be mv dutv
to lock you uo as a vagrant "
"If I'vejrot to follow some occuption,
I think III start a coffee house. I've
got a considerable amount of coffee and
sugar stored here and there."
������Oh, you have, have you? Whv,
you are not such a hopeless case as'I
thought you were. In the first place
you want to psy me the sum of 950."
"What for?"
"As sn occupation tax, vou ignorant
heathen. Do you expect to get all the
blessings of civilization for nothing?'
"But! have no money."
"That makes no difference. Ill take
it out in coffee and sugar. If vou don't
pay up likes Christian men, ill put you
la jail for the rest of your life."
"What is jail?"
"Jail is a progressive word.   You
must be prepared io make some sacri
flees for civilization, you know."
"What a great and glorious thing is
civilization?" ���
"You cannot possibly realize Ihe
benefits of it, but you will before I get
through with you, my fine fellow."
The unfortunate native took to tlie
woods, and has not been seen since.-���
Waverley Magazine.
Pat Burns will go north In a few days
to look after his interests in connection
���vlth tbe meat supply for the railroad
csmps st Teslin lake.
on the
The other day, says the Penny Press,
a Santa Cruz teacher, who is quite
proud of her ciass of bright youngsters,
arranged a treat for the children. Each
child was told to prepare a short essay,
Thc subjects were to be chosen and tbe
cwsavs written without the aid or know-
ledge of any grown person. Thenar
etts were present when the day came.
It i*. drawing it niihl to say thev were ;
delighted when a little girl of eight
years read the following essay
"Once there was a poor young man
wh<t was in love with a rich girl srlwse
mother had a large candy atore. The
poor young man wanted lo marry the
Candy ladvs daughter very badly and
she wanted to marrv him, but he waa
too poor to buy furniture One day a
ha. I man came to him and offered him i5
dollars to become a drunkard The
pom voung man was dreadfully templed because he wanted to be rich enouirh
to marrv the candy lady's b.-autiful
daughter But when he got lo the
saloon door with the bad man ho aaid:
'I will not break my pledge, even to be
rich, Gel thee behind me. Satan V So
be went home (In his wav h-one be
found a pocketbook with one million
dollar* in gold in it So be went lo the
candy st-iit? lady ��� daughter and thev
were married Tbey had a lovely wedding and the next week tbey had twin*.
Thus w��* m*** that virtue u *t<* own
One of the many resources of Britiah
Columbia which will be extensively
developed iu the near future and which
promi��e*i to be a great industry, i* the
���petroleum fields of the Flathead valley
in Southen-**,em Kootenav Tbi* i�� a
Section of country but little known,and
is separated from the remainder of the
district hv a high range of ���Mountain*
The nam ral outlet of the valley ia down
the Flathead river into M ���utana, but.
with tht! completion of th.* < -row's Nest
Pass railway, then* i*everv probability
that Canadian capital will .licit I v be invested in marketing this oil According
to a recent issue of the Fort Ste*��le 1****
pector, the** field-, rover a large area of
territory, plentiful indication*, of the *\ *
istence ot petroleum being found on the
eastern slope of the tWkic-*. in Alberta
Samples of oil from the Flathead valley have It-een tested by the Dominion
government and found to lie purer and
of higher grade than anv petroleum
hitherto discovered on the American
la   the   Vaalr  Caatp.
A determined effort is being made by
the mine owners of Ymir camp for government aid in the building of moch
needed roads in thst vicinity. Foi the
purpoae of setting forth good reasons for
the petition, s statement of work done
in the district has heen prepared by John
Deen. of Smith, Dean A Co. It shows
that 5,375 feet of tunneling st s coat of
$80,660 and 1 ,354 feet of sinking at a coat
of $9,080 haa been done, beanie ISO.000
worth of assessment work. There has
bsen $25,000 expended by private partiea
on rosds, trade, buildings and machinery. 8o far the government has eon-
tribute*! nothing toward Ojxmlng up the
dj,trl?: l^V*1*1 ����m����rofnisnsm.
ployed ta 204 with a psy roll of $21,420 s
"Humble pie" refers to the dava
when tbe Knglish forests were stocked
with deer, and venison pastv was commonly seen on the tables of tlie wealthy
The inferior and refuse portions of tbe
deer, termed "umbles," wore generally
anpropr'abtd to the poor, who made
them Into a pie; hence "utnble pie*' became suggestive of poverty, and afterwards was applied to degradations of
other kinds.
A  HJU.TT   WEST��K.\   tAin or
J. J, Sehl, Kaslo, B, C, is in * ���_d
financial ntosa which Is difficult io -��
st. A number of Ontario man u tort ur.
ers are heavily Interested. H*i< **,..,,f4
which we gave some time ago did not
mention a debt outside of the trwj.
taiuuuntinf to some $13,000 npon which
judgment has Istdv be-�� gtv,.u a(Mj
execution Issued, this being m*�� ���;��������., j \n
s chattel mortgage on the slock riw*
debt to represented by a note for ti. _*_*
with Interest asseanting tolBUo in u% <*
of James Lowaa. The note wa. uu>4��
in 14D4 and ts suioosed lo hav, u-ni t
settlement for dents incurred in a form
er business in which Sehl wan inter
eatod As It stands now it l��-*L 4��i(
the eastern manufacturer* ��,j| _��
plucked to pay SeW's former creditor. *
esse Of rob&iajr Peter lo pay Paul a. it
were. Mr J R Hhaw baa th��* tnaiicr
in hand, but until more definite information is received a contra* of aetata
will not be derided upon -The ��-nurio
Furniture Journal
A Mount Holyohegirl who wa��*iudv-
IngJlo be a mi**ai��nary wrote the fellow.
ing on the iy-leaf el her text-bo-A as
Sfursl Sciuncsu the name of the author
of which Is rupprsssed on account of
the reaperUbility of his family ���
U"   *We*���"W   9t**tF***0Je9i  OOrW --,.
WAt ttrtmmmhike* if ,:
Tb ��������**- ���" tha m-**M m**<ml t ���*��� *oU *���*���_���*!
Thin let A w wlrl ��IW4f.
Ir Is time bar prayers In Kctnirnay.
The lotcal Laegisbitors Is In 9t*mim
Cjualni Pacific Railway
nun Pacific Une.
"" Quickest .
r" Cheapejt
KoutatnHL FRttl, fhica*.
Detroit. Toronto. Mmitreal.
New York, Boston. PhiU
delphia.  and ail Kasrru
Ones-atlled Sleeping (sw
on alt tfs��m\ Twrwt Con
to 8c Paul dallv; Hoet-m
every Tlturwlav; Tt*roulo
every Mf-ndnyt Bailand.
Me.,   Friday,  fWwi Revel
.Summer  leaves   Nakusp
dally, making ebwe owinec
tkm a Kcvelstoke with tm ins
for all pointa Kaat and W<*��t
Helbre vou travel get lnftHiiiai��**n
frnm C.P.K. agenta as to Unto* and
rates.   It will save ym monev     \\
ply to nearest railway agent ttr to
A. C. MeARTIII'K. Agent, ��sn.b*n.
l>ist   Passenger  Agent,  Vanotn-r
-kUnUB Stnulii Lines*
~ Wean m*.****
Call/oraU, AtnoUtn  -���
rmri.Ur,. ������         ,  ���
(*arthaalnlaa *���       	
USrajjVfrltaHalnUa Ua*       -~~
Vaneotttrtr, ��  ��.... ^     V_T
Wrom !*<*��� > ���**��
ymlirta.Caaani Lisa   -"*"*
*MfJja4_ ���* 	
m-nwrtm .*,..*...**....... -��� ^^^
va"s|*t��la__. .M ,.�����������..��������'
Raw,**. WhllaHlar Um     _
Twatoaln        "	
m. Paul, Amtrlcan Lint....       _
at. l.otiU, ������  ,.,, --
��*���!��� ��t Kahraaka, Allan dtaU Una -
Hotithjrark, R**4 Star Use  "T
S*����rtlla��4. ** .,,.     ������"^
Caltln ��t_. *A t, -an. TO MUand a|tw��nl*
Int-wimtltaii �� an�� tt|twards
***���*r*m*t SMa and spwarit*
.^rsr. m^0m*%*tp*
otn* to ftUperuof tlw Ktt^a*i��a Ocnllntjit
' te^_^_sM8sr &******
aanaVju, or ��k_- THE PAVSTKEAK, SANDON, B.C., MARCH   5, 1898.
.'.,-,��,- -.v*   :,
A Sandon Genius?
It ik wonderful bow  we learn It*.
bailing uf the many  great tiling*
let surround uw.   We  have tound
tut hy wading an ofliw eoiniiiuui
itton in Sandon'a scab newspap *
t it* editor i�� tlie clever and  rt*-
piwiu-d Mr. Cliffe, a  man who ln-
nmchcd hands, and  ealeh   j��.avi<l-.
,*ith the  great  nien   of   Manit-tbt.
*li��* is iMcoiiixiiig news, as all alohtf
a* have been calling  him  the old
���nt from the hay diatriet,   while li>
cept silent trusting that the Saiwl *n
I'ntka would mnne day tumble 11 the
Tact that they bad a  genius in then
midst.   As they did  not tumble In*
bas done the square thing by U'lliu.
las in cold print all ab mt it.   It wa
lival kind of the old gent from  Uu.
[bay   excuse us, we menu tlie vei v
[clever Mr. Cliflfe b> do Uii*.   it sav��>
Ibis subscriber much time. Wo kn����w
mow from his own paper that be it.
not only olio of the  greatest  men
1 Manitoba haa ever ffed, but.  nU�� An
orator.   As there !���* onlv about one
|.��ratur 10 every   iitillioti   of   |*cople.
Uiow we ought to prize this one we
iiMVi*tj|juined *��   rm-wimbk*.   Jus:
{think what the old gent   beg par-
tlon, the eminent Mr. tltffe is losing
by abimllnfC art��u|U|ll^i*4l.*Cr ii��e-
[tt opoli*.   tie eouli i6.ikc a Kk*.idue
[barrel of money  by  joining  brains
UvmIi Windy Yuuiisr, ����f Slucai. Citv
* ��li** filing ol imtasitt luedivinea on
Im* *ttr*��*eU."   tlieir    e'iiiibioe<l    etti-
! I*i�� net* -.li-julti .'utskt*.  .%ei'yb *ly *lijj,
up t��r \cAtf titter fafoili.
Mr. Cliff,-, ii i* plainly ******n Uom
Uu >>\vti |Kiper, 'htm onto"4_m|mU��'�� "l
[of advising ttw ignorant people .a
tii in city upoti all iuiUU.ii of *��tau*.
He ha** tin* ability to tli-eover fact.**
that -MtnmOO (Kiople eaiuut **e*'. It
will la�� renieiiiberod by lib snbecrto
er tnat hut sununer hh J airnal waa
the first %o discover   thst   the .��|ttiy
The Lead Industry
At the pi*e**nt time the  lend rain
ing and smelting ol Canada is under
lead smelter until foreign lead ^entirely shut out and the home market
made available, for the lead people of
this great Dominion,
great disadvantage by re.son of the [ Can Canada consume the product
high prtaor-tlve tariff in tlu, United of her lead mines? The consumption
���itnu-s. Thi-* tariff is extremely bur- of lead in all its forms is about 25,-
densottte npon the Canadian miner 000 tons a year. The lead output of
who ship* liia ore direct  as  he  is Canada in IH;>7 was about 18,000tons
forciid into that market, and prohib-
Uve when applied to bullion. There,
is a discrimination in the duty" between lead iu ore and lead in bullion
the object being to force tlie smelting
of foreign ores in tlie States. It is
impossible because of this difference
in the. tariff berween leal in ore and
lead In bullion, t*i profitably mine
ind smelt Canada's low grade ores,
is under present conditions tile lead
inuitgoto I'nited States markets.
Lead millers in the States are profitably working mint**, from 15 to 30
percent, lower in grade than those
which in B. C, under present conditions, iiiii**t lie idle. Kootenay has
the highest grade lead mines in the
workL yet the lead product of its
list ores, owing to being forced into
a hostile market fall short of paving
the f.*elght. smelter and doty charges
Were it not for the silver with the
lead the mine-, c mid not lie worked
s|| git. f ?t\**liaiie uiarki-t is not for
or 7.0 )0 tons short the consumption.
The effect of such a measure would
be, to greatly stimulate lead mining
in Canada, as it would then be possible to work at a profit mines that are
worthless today. Large manufacturing concerns would be brought
into existence which would be able
to sell lead products in Europe as
well as in Canada.
Ceo. ��� Woods, Sandy Mann and
others left Sandon this week on their
way to the northern excitement.
The Sandon Hand Laundry and
Bath House is still in the lead for
fine starch work. Work called for
asid delivered promptly.
The Goodenougfi,
American P" ->n. *SJ50 par day.
European . \ *s.oo per day.
Strict t . _f��t clam.
is owing to a! ��w
lao  import
dutv on lead and ito products, which
admits the;n ^itdpAmttvely free.
The Unit**. I Battel duty on lead, in
bullion, pig and tin* principal lead
j*rodnets average* four time* tApoy,
than that <tf C*nada. Canada g����ta
lier supply e.igjmy fit��uy \t*5^c i aiid
th* Unittwl HlStcs, aU��l will not
consume the product of het* own lead
mines until her lead miners and lead
smelters are placed on an equality
with those of the State.*: until the
cheap hal-of Mexico are shutout
by a similar utritf. Tbe lead miners
are very pr*,H|��er.ius across  the line
tin< I*nited States aad that In <"<WW.
tptence the Sloeaii wonhl boom.
Now that we have this uift-huutii*
and great genius in our mid-4 we
should lo something lor him. Pin*
office of puundke��*pei* is prol��al��l>
tilled, but the Council might Hml him
a job as ins|NtcUa* of hay and other
farm products aromid the market
when it is Itullt.
We trust for the instructim of the
I'lrlieiau |s*<iple of Sjind -n, and the
hiw-graile I'avstrkxk writei*H that
the clever Mr. Cliffe will tell u** more
about the great people be has hob
nobbed with, and how they liked the
bright rays of wisdom lie shed round
them, lie might also toll us of the
great love and admiratitsi tbe
eastern wholesalers have for him.
Robert Cunning, the genial proprietor of one ol the heat hotels in
Smdon has gone to Baker City on a
business trip.
Monte, Geo. La Duke's old partner,
has dosed the Palace gin mill and
gone to the land of gold and fresh
had lieen takon off of Idd going h|t| ^ now t^enii*** the tariff protect*
them.   Canada    should  follow   the
example set by her neighb >rs.
Three years ago the* Dominion
government tried to foster the Indus
try of smelting by offering a bonus
of -S130.au to he paid at tho rate ef
$tfG,0(W per year with a maximum
ot ."S) wnts u ton upon all ore* smelted in Canada. This was ineffective.
The Pilot llay smelter made a short
run. shut down, and will not start
again under existing conditions. A
lead stack at the Nelson smelter remains idle and no lead ores are
touched at Trail.
The only solution ol Uie trouble
lies in following the example of the
United States by raising the duty to
their standard. This would preserve
the Canadian market for Canadian
lead, and bring into existence home
smelters, factories, refineries and
corroding works, and give work to
thousands of people in Canada.
The problem of lead smelting in
Canada can only be solved by a prohibitive duty on lead in all its many
forms.   Canada can  never  have  a
Proprietor snd Maaager.
Kir t
���hi** in ��-v*ry particular.
liV-t iitin.tr*.
Newly fur
A  strictly first-class hotel in
all ita appointments.
Livery Stable with good Saddle
and Pack Horses In connection.
TffV   A
I It 1    A,
00M  I
And You WUl
Smoke No
MRS. M. A. SMITH, Prop.
B0NGABD 4 PIECKART, Proprietors.
The First Clnaa
Hotel of Cody.
Bat**-*:   a*.tut pert-day.
Special Rat*, by tbe Week.
H��>"��.��lqimrt*r.- for Miner..
Well stocketi bar in connection.
Fir��t c-lat* accommodations.   Roanl by the
n. l. GRinriETT
NotaiT Public,
I'mJ*j-r*_r����un<l Sun.v-..        Surface aud Aerial
Cinil and Mining Engineer,
Provincial Land Surveyor.
Kaslo, B.C.
Mineral Claitntt Sur%-eye*l and Reported Upun
The Leader
Emporium of Fashions
Have re<*elve��l a contdgnnient uf the
latest stylt-s u.
FALL -up
Ladle*.' Fnrt.itthinaa, Fine Silk Hoaiery, Un
derwear, and everytbing In tha Mae of Fancy
I Wa* Oo-ChU.
Millinery t-xe<*u^tl in the fKne��t eitylca of the
Dre-4-.makitiR a -jpecialty and up-to-date.
We are hound to lead iu .tylett. aud all work
entruMted to n�� will receive our special attention.
Opposite Bryan Hon***, Btma Ave.. 8audos
fttt Raihcau Deal.
Messrs. Mann and Mackenaie seem
to have made a very satisfactory eon
tract with the government to build
the Stickeen railway���satisfactory
to Messrs. Mann and Mackenaie���but
how it will strike the people of Can
ada remains to be seen. The newspapers of the Dominion will have a
great dnal to do with forming public
opinion, favorable or otherwise, oo
this aa on all other matters, and it is
their duty to see thai the facts are
published irrespective of which
party is shown to have the better of
tiie bargain, tt the government has
matte a contract, aa Mr. Blair maintains, that is of great advantage to
the people, without sacrittcing a cent
of money, they should be credited
tor their -Aurewedness iu doing something heretofore unbeani of in the
annals of govennental dealings with
railways. It, on the other hand, it
is shown that Mr. Blair has given
Mann and Mackenaie twenty five
thousand acres of land per mile to
construct a road that only costs five
or mix thousand dollars per mil*5*, the
people are entitled to know it, and it
is tbe business of the press to make
the facts public. We think that
Maun and Mackenaie, as usual, have
made a niee tiring out of it. Possibly
seme members of tbe government
have a finger in the pie. We don't
my they have, but possibly they
have; audi things have happened.
And we don't know why the government was under any necessity of
giving away this railroad, any wsy.
Why tiie government, now as always in the prst, should feel that it
was in duty bound to make contractors and promotes-* a handsome present every time a railroad is projected
is more than we can understand.
This particular deal is enveloped in
political mist at present, just as such
deals always are, in order that the
people may not be ante to get at the
truth too readily, but from what we
can learn Maim and Mackenaie are
getting tood subsidies -valued at a
km estimate at 185,000 per mile for
buildings railway that will not cost
mora than $10,000 per mile at most.
We do not pretend to nave the ability
ofa minister of finance, nor a minister of railways and canals, but to
the "common luller" tills looks very
much as If Mann and Mackenzie
were not only receiving gratis the
only railway that can penetrate the
Toukon country for five years, but
in addition are getting 115,000 per
mile, Or approximately, 12,000,000.
Aaan additional present fbr being
kind enough to accept the first,
Mann and Mackenzie in order to
construct thb road must first finance
the scheme. Thb means going to
London and bonding the land for
probably 75c or $1 per acre. This
they will have no trouble ih ioing,
as the land ther are receiving Is
probably the richest In tbe Dominion
and if them b -never a cent's worth
of mineral taken oat of the eountry
the timber alone will more than pay
them for every cent put into tbe
Why the government did not borrow a couple of million dollars and
build the road itself and thus save
the 15,000,000 is one of the tilings It
takes a minister of railways to explain. The claim that the road will
cost $3^000 a mile, which the gov
ernmeot organs wish to impress upon
the people b only m plain ui.truth.
Mr. Duehesney, a man whose knowledge of railway construction b not
excelled in Canada, and, by the way,
wbo b the only engineer who bas
gone over tbe proposed route, mid
when he returned from hb trip "that
there were practically no difficulties
to overcome."
Shippers and Dicidund Pas-era ol
This Famous Metrkt
Below is s list of the shippers and
dividend paying mines of the Slocan
'tween B****.
Wtthn UaMM.
Urea* W-**te**a,
American Bay,
Chamber* trronp.
I van hue.
Mat Mid.
Rat��y mrm,
Larky Aim,
lenidam Orou p.
Boa.*, ���_>���! Tcti-ierfoot,
Galatna Warm.
Hownrd Ptmrtfon.
***i��v,rr Rear.
Roll*/ Raahe..
Bad Wax.
Maet Foi.
Lanky Roy.
O. H. Aytiart.
Trade Iloltar.
Rt. Adam*.
UU M��� rtiumn
Rcmntaia Chief.
Hlocan Star.
-���Quran Roy. *
R. K.I-**-.
Two Priand..
Fr-nl.li- l-H,
Jacktr-Hi Oroap.
W**lUnr>��a Oroap
llrady Orwai,.
And Other Investments.
Every ttepreaentation  f'uarant-mt.
���ssass. R.C
A Full Line of Cigars, Tobaccos,
Pipes nnd Smokers' flnndrfes
in Stuck.
Headquarters for Pfayini Cards and   "
Poker Chips.
*Xr* *a* *g* *t* *t* e\\ <{**JMa
N addition to the Fancy Edibles enumerated to ********" adventaeoMM
we have added to our large assortment of Standard Ooodsa fW3J
���Sweet, Pbln and Mixed, in I, ��and lOgaL palla, and te fhacy boitlstir
mmedbte table use.
lot, well made, teSgnl. keg* sad Jo
SAUER   KRAUT, ^. barrels.
BIQU   Wnc Boneless Codfish; Mackerel in Sft lb. kits, | and ft bbh
1* loll, Labrador Herring, in I hhla.: Salmon Miles, ia 35 lb i^
and other lines of Fbh In packages.
The finest line of this class nf goods ever seen hi Sandon.
HAMS AND BACON, _S*5_5*a,*"too"' '**
Just received, a car load of POTATO��, froai the noted ���pallnmchsea
Valley, and ��*hor Vegetables, free from frost.
********** GROCERIES, J-i^^'^
V        ****am**4***m**mA*M^^^**A*0 9 *** *h*  * *******    *%*9*t.M. tm, ( *j
We arr agenta for the c-rirhreied GOODWIN CAKWJK, In ll ami It
oa esses,   lull weight and number.
Also sole agent fbr tbe GIANT POWDKK 00., and in lite hug> uah
built expressly for us hsve several cars of their nosed Men. 1 and t p-wt-W.
I ami 1| inch.' Their N<*. t Ia conthlerrd equal to the Mo, I of any -shcr
FUSE, dnuhle and trippfe tape.* by the 109 fret ur case PRIWJti;
CAPS, by the box f 100) or ***** (10 M).
We Invito the public generally to aa inspection of our large frtai
proof basement and adjoining flrr proof cellar wad other wareb��*u��x sll
kfja well filled aud In an orderly and
���W *A* ��__L*___*_^____a___L_Sa -kt-SUiUjtSj.t. ���.*����_.
#***r*W����rWV ������fil'Sjl*-V*A��*f
S**w i, 1 b- tuna ,., bm,    We rarry the
tarteat .�����-_ ol Air T-fht
Queen Heating Stooea.
Box Stooea,
Cooking Stooea,
Rangea, Etc.
Cmmp and S*f\*%m ���*��.,�������� m. te u ord��r
Hamilton Byers,
mrm wHimt        ���. j cava*ai ou
White & Cavanaugh
coot, ��. c
R-ntifartnrw. of
Rough and
Dressed Lumber
n^wh aum ^^s ssss^^u^mmm-u-*
WUl Im at tto fetfel
Attention, m*
Ar. Vaueousar
Raaalan4    ��3:30
Uw nil Ouaat sad
dnttyat T:4A
13*00 neat day
tdftt anase tt*f
K��.laiat** farahto.1to r����f rarlor*
i ��uil Btiil.lj.ni  ���
Orders |��.ft at dyers' Hardware E'"^"/*^.'*^^
Store will netto ^ . ~^ .Wtu'lfJ!*^^W^^^
hawaitjaij  ���;nni*-c-t'oa aU<ta a*  J


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