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The Paystreak Feb 24, 1898

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*-****- C**L<-*>-��*r|-v
FEBRUARY **, 189a
��� ���lUg.'.-.-LJ.
Council met, perenant to adjourn-
mont, on Monday evening last.
Mbtuk** ofthe last meeting were
ivflilitml adopted.
1 , ('ootiuRnVcations were read: TYom
^���eo. Lloyd, offering to sell the build
Ing end -rartriture nt pit-arm used for
$140, or rent the mite at $20 per
month. .
Moved by AW tiwltRcr; scponded
' l>> Aid Hunter; That an offer of $100
hein-.de'to Mr. Llojrd ss purchase
money for tbe taiUdtng and lurni-
wre."       v__ Carried.
Tht* following applications were
read Ibr the. pnsittr-u ot poticemaii t
Cole MuitMsnii,George Walks. Jito.
llruwn, W. 11. li.-ugtiton. J. I).
Bonne-,tree. Llovd.
T-* ^ Wake
���a-rs t>n*c*��eoded, to the police com���
ini-adtmetKibrthk position ol police-
t- ���***'
the position of city Vesturer*  Tinsi
communication' was* received, and
fyied. *
Move I by Aid.  Broddv, 1
bv* Aid liUiitor 1  That \ Mr
(���allows lit- appointed city
at a salary of $HJ) per annum.
��� Moved by Aid lluiik'i, aectdtdN
by Aid "tlighton: Tiw| the cky
solicitor la* anthon^l t<t execute an
agreement with Mr, Geo. Lloyd lar;
the purclin** M tlia- building and
furnishings iu ti*e ni pfeeent, as a
gaol in oonshlerstkm of A suui.-of
$100. .* " ���' *       <
Moved bv Altl Switser, st-eonded
by Aid Miglittsi; That the ntay.ir
and city clerk be authorbatl to itt-
HAPPENIMflS IN BRIBP.        j   Thomas M. Charles has bonded
k The stock of H. & Knox at New i met.t has proved It to have a strong
Denver'has been selaed for rent   >     lead.  Charles -will commence work
Tburtdny waa pay day on the N^ ^J^^y* ;   j i
A 8. railway; ** {J**- Dryer entertained the Whist
It is reported that the ?Joble Hve l$W> ���� %*��X tTS^f^he,4*l_��
will t^S^^H^ I^TwSf^^ ***
Thb rope Cor the Payne tramway | Mr. and Mrs. BarnRrdj;Mr. and Mrs.
has arrlyi-4 and that mine wi*I soon (Donaldson. Mr* and Mm. WUIbunson,
have Uie inyblockndfi relieved.        ! Miss Matlock, Miss Matdonald, Mr.
The tendon fli*e-brigade on Mtto-I Grimmett andiDr. Ygpng. A keenly
daynighkhal a iWt�� a trifling Icontosted and dhighly, inteieming
Maze up the gulch.
IIrrimk eummlUM.  reported .
if reus regarding the matter nf a loan
Tbe ma> or fUfnrtod itrqgresi rv
garding g*oi sppruprlatlim.
Public works' committee renorutl
that tbe i-resUletrt of tbel W. A Ij,
CiiL bad bora IHtterviewml and pre*
-dkttud r tender from *�����_* company
i.^tyerapfdy of street-4ighls.
Aid CrawfbrdT T*\m the o-fhtof
the 8. W. A |j.l-o..te supply ******
ligbU ft-r $100 r immth be accrsfawd.
and that tbe city solicit. >r be imdroft-
*tl to draw np an aggreement to mat
��� (h*et, Osrrlud.
council   chamber,
police equipment*
Moved bv
by Aid Mighton VThat tliecljti s"hW
tor bt- iit��tmt't4-<l  to i-ominnuicate
with the provincial   seen
iraniing sei'uring a refund
collated by the prov *
A subscription  woo Uifceu npto
KtZ Tr_r...i��w^,7 Lr_ah_: help Sain M*Call, whoi* toi R ***** uSsiia
kind to 1 lie ae-turing of suitable *.mJLmtiam^ i,v__.dtli _..L*r_,^.,_r fr.*n **UI8.<M,��*
counter and  railinjr   et*'.,  for the l?���**��� ^^^   �����������  **f i^aaant
game showed Mm. tittfaklson and
Mr. Barnard as prise, winners. The
consolation prizes went to Mrs. Williams and Mr. Douaklmm.    A most
OKpning was spent by all.
ntocamrr  eattcer- ,The whist dub has become quite a
aecoatrtv     Tlier*? wfll be a dance in Spenwrs | prominent feature in Sandon's social
Carried, ballon  the evening ofthe 17thirf|Woria.
%ii  11 ���_,._,..   -_^./-_,i--4 March.   A pleasant time te pwwtfscd -
i^_^^^^l^*^��_i_HAtt wlto aUWRd. The low rates now charged by the
Joe Mill ward is deatrating af��I & p* * *���*** ***** hardship on
i many of us in the west.*  We will be
waa read a thW
ConiH-il t]si�� ad>nirn#<1.
Moved bv Aid Mn-aJdy,
Sa AM Crawfonl: That a committee
ciNisisttngofthe Mayor and Aldermen Cunning, Hunter, and Swltanr
lie authorised to attend to the pine
ing of the street lljcbki.        Carried.
Mov.tl hv AW 8wit��rr. seconded
preabyterbut Church. I^iimUiJ
aerv'iees will la* bekl iu Virginia hell
morning and evening*. Hev. M.-
Knowle*. will ^'SHltu^ fasli servk*.-^
Met>*dtHt (?hur��!li->feltt*irobir I*
vices will to* held in Hie Methodist
ckui-ch 'WHtHirmw at 11 a. m. snd
7:11* p. 111 The K��*v. A.*M. San-
f��inl will 1 srench *�� fimrih-'tteVmonon
the snbject .if "Praver" In tht? morn
ttjirj*  ra-  ivnovatlng the ink^rior of theHeco ^_L_i?"Ln  wTSI J?* Tlt
of UcVnw* lioiel.   lie te contehi,daUiig n��vtt��! bo^4 ** *iL_iind8" 5f *****
Hi- bin family k> Sandon! |     ******  ***>*���*���*_ ^^^^S."1
..,,,.   Iblks will go cast to board when thev
A pn*a*ngtT trnin *m the C. P. H* trt.  ^^ t^y  ����� than Sldfean.   The
main line had   1.JOJ  |a*ophv no the tWIriwingscab* wiM give yOtt an idea
iither day bound for the i>m**t     The of ih,. c^t in -second etaas tick<*ts to
train was in three soctinns. j >IMi t^w saiwlt* 1
OW R��k\'
teoHL. KoseVry J** SI*van A%y w
by Aid   ilfuddy: Tlml the maydr" *wfll.bn wmlered:
Keadimr. Prank (. Stwdl
Addrtws, Hev. A. M. iSabford
Ant lain ..
Address,*'lis nt��elb HP C-rthiimnder
Collect!, ni
and city clerk be authorised u�� sign
.umIrIIU the corporation aaal to ill
contracts on behalf of tlie corporation. ^1'^/ (.arricil.
Moved bv Altl Swlmer, wconded
by Aid Broddy : That the city clerk
be appuink-d aam*wuirantlcoll��*ctor at
a salary of $**J�� j��*r aiomh for the
three ptmitionN, via: city clerk, aa-
seasur and collector. Oarrit-d.
A bylaw Ibr the repeal ut Bylaw
No. 1, Ifck*., and for the levying ofa
road tax waa inttodttccd by Altl
Bylaw No. 7, clk-d as the road tax
by-law was then read anil, the coun
cil as a cominitta-e of the whole re
ported favorably thereon.   The by*
law wrr then rend a seemid time.
The oouncil then a<Uotirnotl to meet
on Feb 22nd at 9 p. m.
Feb. 22nd no quorum and the
meeting was appoinkd for the 23.-d
at 4 p. in.
Present the Mavor and Alilennon
Hwit��*r, Hunter, Mighton A Broddy.
Minutes of the proceeding mwting
were readjsml adoptetl
Communications were read  I'rom 11 liiudo to have a whack
Mr. Thos. B own, declining to accept1 hockey lata of lhat place.
injf. and in the evening,-* iln* Knigbis
of Pvtliin-* will hold an ntiniveresry
service.   Thv* fid low ing pr**gi*siiiiiif
12. DiMiii^l
A choir of twelve voices and thw
idiH-ym of nui-di will fiirnisli music.
A cordial Invitation lo the geneisl
public is extended.
There will be��� a meeting or the
Wl^AMLM*J*he Prf^vun-tn
ohRraboaTUursday afternoon next
at 3 o'clock at the residence of Mit.
Alex Crawford.
It is worth while to call at the
0. P. K. office and get new rate* to
eastern points. -A great number
have already taken advantage of
the low ft*es to vlalt their old homos
Tlie Sandon junior hockey toam
rfxpeei to leave on to-day's train Ibr
New l<ate,
The Slocan makes tw*�� idgbVytrira r
A. An MMdnttald. of 3&w 1^^ j M_^!S��|V
tnrtied over  hr* eiet-trie  plant kx'/Jf1���.
Palnia Angiignor this week ami de- ^S*^
parted Ibr some place in tbe wkje; >*������ ��������
wtirW. Winnipeg
Tenders bw the erection ofthe The inember*. of the Ladies Aid
sampler at Itebebery have been re- Sochty ef tbe Preah\*tcrian" chnrcli
celvedj It Is said -that it will Mi|*�� I have iieeR veryjnwy' this week ar-
70 da vs to bulk! tin* work*. ranging fbr tlie. entertainment which
1*. K. Younjrbas bought tlie plant & to be given under the auspices of
of the defunct Slooan City Pioneer; that society 111 the Virginia h��U on
and taken it to Moves (_jf.V *alure he! S^.v evening next. Tlte Rev
will prove to the natlv.* tha* gall M��* r>ew,the popular minister of the
stilt ha* some commenial value.        Nel-jon l*rasbyterten church, former-
____....   .-ii .  , Iv ��>f <tlasgow,  fleotlaml,   will de-
Jhe  hockey nam upon tmdrir- |}Veroneof his eharmhig Iceturas,
turn from Mosslninl nrf'Monday even   Mr Krvw 9 lecWre TO,   * Burns,   Sco
ingwtirs serenaded  by  the bnioo tiggimmortal Bard,"and hi*later
band, iu honor of the record thoy lecture on "Knrope HevWtetr have
male in the golden city. !drawn very larirt* audt-*iH>-�� in the
Tlie Wbik'wakT mine wa., fbreml'dilKtrantcities iii w|iich they have
to clone down this week   on account i already been given, and have drawn
of having  no   supplies   0:1   hand, from the press exceedingly eompli
Operations will he immodiatelv re- j mentarv  notiees.      Mr Frew was
sumed as ���oon  ss the*  bbrkade  Is I very favisublv imprestcd with San
raised on the K. A 8. don when he was here st tbe recent
...      . , .     ,,, _.___..__ ordination  service* and   when ap-
Nelson is becoming Uke an1 t-attem p,,-.^^ hv the fc,,^ of tlie ehvr*h
town in many resj^ects.   Poker lias j^L. *Am* ^ utuo hJ. .^i^-Jl ln
,     j -,,.-_, ,    j , and asked to lend his ��.���....
tol��H*.vcd��ieliindck*seddc��rsina      rW|      M  entertainment
sdtbdued.^��ifr, ami n^.^w.��Jt readily Sotnpllwl.   Two  vear
tlie  nickel in-theislot  luachine   basMr   |>-*rew  ,*,a���je
been shut forever,
assisunee in
ears ago
a lengthy trip
through Kngland, Scotland and Ire-
A petition haa been sent from New I land and it Is his rcminiaoences ol
Denver to the Legislature ttt Vic- this trip that he intends to give. A
torts asking an appropriation of | choice musical programme, under
19000 for the purpose of putting the I the direction ol Mr Fallows Will also
wagon road from that town to San- be rendered.
don In R condition of usefulness,
Laat week we said that the Sandon
hockev team  beat Rossland.    We
Skf that all back aud apologise to
e boys. It wrs a mistoke- We
never meant to accuse them of winning anything. But why not have
it Into 1.   It would sound betkn*.
A8iieciai Consignment from San
Francisco of 34 dozen pairs of (j loves
including California Buckskin,
Asbestos, Horse hide, Australian
Goat skin, Genuine Beal-skin, Fireproof Horse-hide, at the Post Office-
On the Crams Meet
The days are lengthening out and
consequently work on right of way
and grade of the Crow's Meet railwav is progressing   more rapidly
than it did before the holidays. , The
different contractors are sanguine of
making a success of their work and
of coming out ahead; in other words,
of making some money.   There  is
nothing heard here of the hardships
which the men are reported to have
undergone east of the Kootenay river
last summer and  mil.   Men seem
satisfied to Work all along the whtde
tine, and verv little dlssstisfaction is
expressed.   One, and tbe only one,
instance of "trying to work a hardship on  your fellow  man" came
under my notice, and I feel that 1
should report it to you.   Tins paymaster, with assistant teamster aud
Mounted Policeman   with  a rifle as
long as a fence rail, passed through
here on Saturday last.   At the foot
of Movie lake they were stopped by
a man named Harris, who id living
in a cabin  there and engaged in
hunting aud trapping.   Harris w^rk
ed in November on tbe wagon ro.nl
and tbe pavmaster had his money
fin him*   llarris wished to receive
it as he was completely out of funds.
One would  naturally    suppose lie
would be paid there as the .police-
man with the big rifle was protection
enough to ''guard the treasure box."
No.   Tbe paymaster told him that
he would stop at Murdock's camp
over night and would leave there
early next morning���and then drove
on.' Harris started  to  walk alter
him and reached Murdta-Vs camp,
19 miles away, at U-.30 p. in., only to
find that the paymaster had driven
on  four  miles la it Iter  to a place
known as the Logging camp, where
he arrived at 10*30, raceiveu his lew
dollars,  and   started    back   home
again.     He    travelled  46    wiles.
What rear-am had the  paymaster to
compel bim to do ao ?
Cowan & Co., Supt. Thos. O'Neil,
at tunnel north end of Moyie lake,
sre making good pmgresa. They
have heading started in at tin; s-utii
end, and at the north end are facing
up tbe rock in good sh*|a-. making
everything safe before starting tlie
Mo fieath A Peters come next, hi id
have eight cuts opened up, all working, on their tour miles of rock
worn. Dave McBeath, of McBeath
A Peters* Is the man who constructed tbe 80 miles of wagon road last
fall from Kootenay lake to Moyie
lake, over which all tbe supplies are
being hauled this winter. He had
some trouble, and did considerable
Bit-suasion to induce a party of 50
ontreal Frenchmen to work on the
road on Sundays. The Arst Sunday
morning came and Dave shouted
"turn out boys." The Frenchmen
mid ft waa Sunday and they would
be breaking tbe commandments if
they worked on Sands v. Dave is a
Presbyterian, and iu his young days
observed the 8��bbath. But that was
years ago-away down in New
Brunswick. He scratched the bald
part of hb head and studied a while.
The Frenchmen thought tbey should
not work as It was Sunday. The
wagon rood nnd to he built. Finally
Dave said, "Do you think you will
be damned if you work on Sunday ?' *
"8ure," one Frenchman said,
Mthe devil will get us for sure."
"Oh no, boys/' Dsve said, "there
may be a devil and bell in Montreal,
but not here. There ia no hell this
side of the Rocky mountains. The
ttevil never yet   came down the
Kiekinghorse river." The whole
party went to work, and whether or
not they heard the chimes of Notre
Dame In their slumbers that night
no mention was ever made of the
Murdock Bns come next. They
have good camps built, and have
begun grading.
Next names Murphy A Co. Their
work is well under way and they
seem to be making some money.
MoLellan A Co. are next, also
Then come Porter Bros.. Neil
Keith, McMaster. J. G. McLean A
Co, O'Leary Bros., snd Welsh A
The Landing is a busy place. Upwards of 100 teams come each day
loaded with supplies. Tlie contract
ors, W. H. Armstrong A Co., ars
filling up warehouses at different
points so that when nstds are laid in
the spring they will have their supplies near at hand to do work with.
Peter Bros have the contract t-i haul
all this freight and are perforin in*
their part well.
A semi- weekly stage is run by Mr.
M. G. Btinyaii, which leave*, the
Landing and Kort Steele twice a
week. It is now the chcape-st and
and quickies! way t ��� reach the Fo.t
Steele &iuntry, viz . Itv way of Melton and Kootenay lake, and stage
from the lake.
Moyie city, on M��yie lake, ii ex
perienctng a boom.' Three hotel*
and two general stores are iu enur**
of erection. McMahyn Hits. ar.
building an hotel 30 k UO, with tw >
stories; G. Campbell one *_n x 7
with two stories.
Capt Saiihurn * steamer will b
ready for tlie open in* of navigation
Muir's sawmill it running nUht
and day, sawing by dav ami planing by night. On Moyie bike the
ice is 14 inches thick, sti.iw in the
timber is alamt om- f.ad deep, and at
Goat river summit it U thi*.*** feet
Considerable freight and a nuinb-r
of people are cnuing into thi-. coon
try from Bonner's Kerry. Idah *,
Pence Rioer.
By the kind permission ol Dr. H.
L. Mclnnls we publish a portion <4 a
letter received by him from a friend
of lib at Dunvegan, Peace river district, who has lived there several
years snd Is thoroughly acquainted
with the country north and west.
The extract read* as follows:
In speaking of the country north
of this (Duiivegnn) I will give vou
what I know about it and 1 have
lived here for eleven or twelve year*
There Is no white man's trail from
here over to the Uard, although perfectly practicable, but there has
hitherto been no incentive to travel
there. Right here at Dunvegan
there are  Indians and h*ilf breeds
i&rd " e\*nk* wlth hor*��- Tlmy
did not follow any trail but pitched
about hunting. Jack Graham wag
seen across the Nelson snd presumably he got there or else be wouki
have returned. Ogilvie*. pack trail
��tmyth so fares a  horse trail la
^_^h��-(}LC0���r*, W^ did
��� *ii    l!L!alJ*ey were ***** -nd dog
Hudson s Hope. Tlie party sent out
to exolore the route to the fcdly (Ins.
Moodles police   exploring    oairoli
S31!?. M\ Jr kth* ��SK?y
ri e-��to W}*} ftl whteh ih�� shove
mentioned Hudson's Hope trail "rEE
I cs the river.   Yon roust know, however, that from St. John to this point
on Hallway river there Is a practicable trail for pack   horses.   I have
never heard of any cause why this
overland route should  not be per*
fectlv practicable.   Once at thc foothills there is plenty of feed fbr horses
but in the middle pass there Is very
little for a day or two.   In going bv
the middle paas you would not go by
the Liaid river unices you crossed it
on the west side hevond Iia junction
with the Dense,    the mute deviates
from the air line set down b\ tiaird-
ner A Harrison's map.   but  In my
opinion will be tbe route used.   Ins.
Mo.-die and party went by this peers
ami when last heard from were on
the summit, Dec. 22nd, and with the
probability **f heing at Fort Graham
bvthe  1st of January, nnd from
there a good trail exits* to Sylvester.
1 will mention a route ���alikh dot*
not seem to be receiving an\ attention.   Thi* ia one from \e*t*n*r Slate
lake to  Peace   river creasing,  and
then overland oo tbe north aide of
Peace river.   Thb e><intry  is fine
prsirie land for sixty miles, terminating twenty Ave mites north of Dunvegan, and then on to a point where
Ins. Hoodie left the Wr tm Halfway
river, nd touching Kurt St John at
all, which would   be  fully twent)
miles south.   Then* is no reaann why
r'ort St. John should be i.-oched at
all.   By the  route  from   take St.
Aim kt Fort St. John vou  have tbr
Little  ami   Big Smoky,   the Clear
water, tbe Pine and then the Peace
iver  to cream    All  of  these have
���Mtiks ddiipai-ed   to which   the Sa*
katchewan is a  mere  rut.   Or the
north   route,  that   ia north  of tbe
IV.ice, there  la  not one river with
(���alike   more   formidable   than   the
burgeon at St.   Allien,   and   then
then* are only two.   Vou do not cross
tin* North Iim* river at   all nnlem
you turn  from your dim* euunm
and go ui St. John    After leaving
the Peace tin* Ni-rtb Pine runs manli-
west for eight or ten muV* and then
seems to run pwrallei with the Peace
towards thc Hallway   river but H
���atoii comes te a head.   This ia tht
pack trail now used b\   tbe Italians
tm the north aid,-, hot thev slur-tyi
go Ink* Kort St. John beeauta   thev
want to. though tbey sn> the direct
route ia to go acnes country, aud it
is much shorter to Halfway river.
In the winter time by the i-ce to Kort
St. John is tht?  best bnt you
eorn, th.r  ,hiM
������� u��*rL?2
RAVROSO gjjj,,
Datad thkt Utk day af Man*-- im,
,,__L__^*_i_!*'7i_��w^1 **ff*r
00*m*m*OA*^a*m****w *ik^"--M"-jv^^^wwvre t*wW  *) nr
R^^W w'ww^^ **^*l o^m*k*ttt*4tftt*e\m 9Am*W o\ttt*M**t*t*a*
radall fa tka tldetle Medal
Mono* or Ajpi<.NMKNT
ft'tat'Ajrr io tint "tmiu-m*m nj--_
iRtMtat ACT. war aim 4R��.M,r��nicJ
-^^fj2^*^2L__'*t_UM-* �� Ma
m*mm amm ****** r  RateM   he****!,*. <"���*
���I attatrn mad eSmet* wht**Vmm\   . ���'
eafcf ommtn o*mttttam. and alt Or.,, ^f^T
dllnad-, al d-_*d..���   B t      ""
?_____ *���* ******** ��
I dead ��-��������,��<,.,#,:
1*1 aaa oad Ki��f f
--      _. taadllaoMt. ����� r^, ;��___.
a* Jaaaaa-y ���** "***
tela t**M*dn
jQHw��t-**ht*^**fwoad Ki^ r a._C
aa��t. tke aaid R II.. Raadllan I..,��. r _, . _T _*
"  a* ,tm*t
Wan eiwrtstmd S, ^
etoloayaot.to tm.tim.tlm'ut*** ����
* *ald deed ei-TM i
f**f��N||fse *%4
-*** mmmwrnm m\t
  _._.--.- if* Rata����*iajr * *�� tmt m,
omoa*rt. bhrn. ���* tW tmrnt of ���..., ��� f__{
, �� ^11   mm   in      __..,__.   _��___    ! ���   .    *****
^���"-������W*1!^ *******} *.** om
JSMteg etatm. nanlm** thl
Raw**   at* emiulrmt t* U,
madllawju. aw* i*t���� iaa�� ���_,
*A*a*A**^(L R Sa liu-d.* **U��*iaJ^ u^
irtWae tie- -M\m**au* tn*t*%a w��.h i. ��__,
. ta>t*��. amty A mamhtnthmtt *Um mm
l*a*wdtkUmkma*gAoaamr, taa
SA VI'llv*. I*.
travel before theHth or lUlh of April,
Etsslbly before, say tbe last wrek in
arch. Hay and beef are for aale
hereby Hrr in ner A Co. There is
plenty of hay to be purchased at
Peace ijfur cn>��dng and Uasnr
Slave lake.
This winter has been mild with
very !itt!,- anow.-Alberta Plain-
ktmdbmttmm m-ttt km made m Un l����t._n..
ml tha r*e*aa*a ed Rrttua��..ia��t-,
***m\mjf mxtsn VPV 9M  ������^fli*r-jra,f% ��R #
!��� jweuarwi a^.*
a ���RaadBtd er mmttmm
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^>id��t at *t '.*m* it
ggRtg ta0*mn pwtat a* <w **** i*��-��^ ,w
taaaaaa.aUlatiw Waa kn******n* m,i-��
bo tha mnd tomAUto taw**. wt��S p**** ** ��*<*-
***w**.o0omna*mmm*m*mmhrmt. k :,..**>***
all ���BSSaaagy Mdo*. aad raad.. a*-t 0**
pw*��n*w*m*U.*>tatst. UpSRHs Bad *.-**��i.
talagaagfa aad tilagHi*wii Itaw. u iwaawi_e
wtth tS* mtdd naRwajr *mt_**_��.., .rr t -��-����*
ai* elar/f-ewtte* far ta* awvri, ������-��� ***>> ���**'
pwwar. aad Willi gai***wr t* �����.���..,��*_,��.
��tm* th* gWiga mtntd th* **m*amm��i mmt *��
SgRgRn taad��L.-LW*ar^* aad ***H**0-^�� ��� ..���*�����_���
**4nl4t*nm*mytU**y*wm*mmt. mnmm ttt*. ^ *_��yw
*iM,*i��r mthmt per*mm m* *-��iw- ... 1 ******
���wt .��llart twit* ttwmw all **mrtJ��M Omtoai m*A al
t**mtw* mnn ^tAn***n may wt aa.Hr-* -**�����*
n*aga**m\*t hv tho f-aaegwajr. et��t ������"�� p��**��
tnmak* tt*mA\r n Mkat* m*****mmn~*au om
ratlw.,, L-nalwm m ***Amt aaatge*****, f*-
all tttaaw om* mtttt o* to<<*������������I tm*.'* **��*
*r��. **n*ll**t*t la ta��t *m**alt
tanad at tbitm* IM* HS dat <*< Umnat*
k u taw
mm��Rn*K rxnta-
HYUtR A. MtH.I-i>��
..       irrrU, et/eniaa
"H, hall   VtdtltM^
**> att��jvl
at e^'oloehlaCSaw
t'lng knljM * cordir-tlj*.iMvlted
0 w oaiRMrrrrt:
WBAstt c sxwRix. x a g.
CeftWleme ef liWRrewessento.
Sitaata In the Sloven Rlnlag IHvUnn of Wget
Keotanar IS.trkt     Where lrjrMed -In die
Re*t Re .In
Take nalke that I, A H. r��rwell, agent far
Alfred W. M.-t'nM,N_. Sl.trl; rranelVJ. rtna-
.M��ne, No. Tl;4l. and eater Lar��ett. No. HM*.
tn*en��l. ��ltly dar* from the data hereof, lo
���paly to tha Ml ���-In*- RMMirdor lor ��� rartlSeata
of uniwot-wmenta. for the purp��r^ of oLtainlng
n erown grant of the elroee claim.
And furthrr take notk** that action wnder
���oatloii si, mu-t* be eotntaencert before th*
laaaanvoaf *o��*h <wrtMr*nte *d lataroveatrant*.
Oatod thl. Ith *toy of January. Itag
as raawKi.i.
Uat* of ftr��t imblkation. Jan. IV lasa.
to   ih* taj-win. Canned  Rrm*��< (��� tuw^w
la Ik*naattar of th* N.d>U Wi** *.***��**
********    Mialag   aad    Milium  t-wpaaj
'twaoRra* aad a* tka anatler of ���  ********
wt itrewn end m*twn* and li* ttw �����-<*���* ��f
tho Winding t> Art aad a*-.������. ��.* ���**-
TW erwrtHnr. of Ih* alwr-ra oaw-t     ���>(*���*,
ere  reejaarad on nr tardor* tb*  *��'��. toys*
Xtmnk una a* mtad their aaer��. an��ill"*
aad the gnrtlrnlar* ��*f their deM. .���� -i******
aad la* anaaea and nddra-w. *t �����.. .r .--t^- -
t���a. If aay. ta Ue*ige gydd. wt S*l-*> I*******
OdnaibU. th* otaelai lh*HeJ��' "' ,h* "^
'oaignny. nnd tf an raejnlrod hy not*.�� "��� " **r
l��gfraentlM aaM aAalal ngaldatrr mn*
thalr a*U_.Urr* tn ammo  ia and ���*��������������� *****
���aUtttmhtm nr elnkna nt JadRa*. t**��**��***
th*t*-MiH Hihm*. Vna.on-Jwr.nt ���*���> ,����**i
��hnlllr*_|_��rHladin*w-hnot|L--.Mf la .lefeajt
thawMdtlwy will Iwoaolndnd from iha ���-!���**��
of nay dMrlhntion  nanrl* twf*��r�� ***���'' "M>
are ntnrnd
Mondny th* a*ah day of Manb '������* *'
et*v*n u'Hweb to *ka lornnoon a�� tl*�� ���***'
Chatnlwr* i�� apfjolntwl for haarlwt �������������*���
tndicntlag na��ti the dabl* aad idalm*
Imtail tht* nth day of February. * ** '���"
Apaaaved Stgnt-I
A.J.M WadtarJ. Tih-s*.
A.        Iwpat* IhVtfki lU*'tm, THE PAYSTKEAK, SANDON, B,C., FEBRUARY 28. 1898.
n't aiaard av anakea, or bogs, or worm, or
thing.'*��t atria are a-eered nr I think ar*
nwfBlaloal    ___ _^
ipndtaMbrava I gaaaa; aa' ia* I hate to go
_* taUa ma "atapprf dnamai" and Ukea
Imti a* ly ta' aU aloaa an* aaeln' Ullage
hoe* Onf** In the asrasr. eoaaaUnwe thay-
.tli-JiatySi. r_-_��udta�� la the aaUdk ar
arttmea they ai* a-otnto' down, aoawtlanea
jssfts^s�� Sst_wSas ttof. aevermaaaa
rOmea thay ara as Stork aa Ink. aa* other
Uinwa thar-iy whH
>, tlM auk* abA as *
m^A0w*mM** ***o otmntnanw *
dUfcrence when yoa aa*
' frXr wot tae n(> tr> bed wftlnait a Mt tu eat.
��In the dark aa' aaw things Randln'
Innruw, .....
��kuV at ma cftaa-ayed an* jdoUn* at       _
, mj l  I was to dHwnai that time 1 aim
al^-mu'whea r�� bad ^raathlagl *
kt thing t ain't a gW, or I*dhaakeared to
In' In a hot, I daek aay head an' Hold my
trratg-. ____.��������������
i*. I am.uh! ao aurry Vm a naaichty hoy.
aa'than . .
Iiwomtn* tohr twttnr an' I aay my pwyrt-t*
��(f-ln !
���(���lUJtHl* nwthal'* tlw only way to tnabe
���aa i&ur
'lien-tetter tt*ia ft*****, wicked en* sav thlnaa r=t
In' ao. *h*��i other nanghty boy*w,mW��aj go
toe* tin
-1        ���������H the T��-tnt��i -���*���* *otr* *at argr* ,��,
i      vllhla;
it, wdj .ur.. a |de for topper, ot take* ml** 1*1
[wain tto" bet I do not pan my plat* Vt thru
[      thbrga twic* l     ,, ... *
lo. rntlwr fcrt *Mnr��Otrti erl|W nw elowlj cail o'
, I mUakt k*rt�� a-Hein'onan* aatdn' thin*.-
et niaht t
K*M.<4jt{ Field
\ Kloadrthe  }****. rtn-otrd  >��Mfc,fc:
nnd Snow la IR* ������ld timd of Shawl.
A double murder and lynching have
cut-red at I'ort Vsktvs, the doorway to
tie Copper River country.   The story
rag brought to Seattle on Wednesday,
sy the steamer Alliance, which arrived
fcrom the north.   Three near graves have
1 seoopetl in Uie ice snd snow on tbe
111! of tbe pea*.   In two ars the bodies of
S'iUsni A. Lee, of Lowell, Maaa.. and
., A. Osll, of Worthington, Minn.   In
tie third s shallow bed apart, is the
Jy oldie murderer.  Millard F. Tan
.tier, a cowboy from Montana, antl around
Hie neck Is tbe tell tale brand of s rota*.
Two simple stones mark  the resting
places of the victims.   Over the grave of
betmaaaaina gnarled tree holds out a
.riant and threatening arm, from whose
twisted wrist dangles s stub of rone.
The murderer and  murdered were
tmiiiers of a party ot 12 Klondike** who
line from Massachusetts in Novembt*r.
Jtnd tmt fitted st Seattle.   While in Seattle ihey picked up "Hoc" M. F. Tanner,
1 Montana cowboy, who, from his fine
physique and ''experience," would likely, it was thought, he a valuable soqutsi
Itbm to the party.  Dissensions, however,
{broke out from the start, and the party
twas divided under rival leaders.   Tanner
[was ohllgid to do muoh ol ths packing,
laud the wilt of tba camp work, reaent-
llng  which,   he  became   troublesome.
IVinsllv. there wss trouble in tbe camp al
p��oH Valdes, on January 2nd. snd the
itieads of the rival jiartie* held a council
sf war, and discussed measure* for getting rid of the obnoxious cowboy.   The
-instillation wss held in s tent, Call,
law, Pierce and   Heine*  being sealed
round a candle; but it wa*unfortunately
nverheard by Tanner, who was standing
In the snow outside.   Angered at the
j*-lot, he hastened to his cabin, and, procuring a revolver, mturnod to the tent,
ind  announced  his  determination   to
^'settle tb* business."
Without a won! Tanner fired at Call,
rho was nearest the door, killing hint
Instantly.     The   cowboy's  next   shot
Eierred the breast ol Lee, with equally
ttal effect. The concussion extinguished the candle, and, in the darkness,
Haines dropped ut the ground and
escaped the third bullet. Pierce bid bc->
hind some boxes, snd the cowboy walked
calmly to a tree to wait the re-appearance of Fierce, who he believed alone
Haines, however, escaped, and notifying the main camp, a hurried parley wss
held, and Tanner, on being summoned
to do so, surrendered his revolver. He
was st once bound hand and foot, and s
general meeting of prospectors being
called, 38 answered to the call. In the
still watches of sn almost Arctic winter
night, the crime of Tanner was weighed,
with the reault thst immediate execution
wss resolved upon by a vote of 29 to 9,
instead of sending tbe murderer to Sitka
for trial. By the same vote, it was decided the rope should be used, instead of
tbe bullet, and at daylight next morning
Tanner wss strung up to the limb of a
tree, 24 men taking an active part in the
Before the fatal rope was pulled, tbe
doomed cowboy said: "Gentlemen, 1
gue-M you aro doing what is right," and:
" Kememtor, gentlemen, you are stringing up the best man with a six-shooter
that ever came to Alaska or any other
Washington, Keb.l8.--Secretary Bliss
is iu receipt ol a letter from Governor,
Bradv. of Alaska, descriptive of tbe
lawk*** condiii >n of affairs at Skagway
aad Dyea. It was referred lo at a Cabinet meeting- to-dav, when Alaskan
liffaim were under discussion, and was
considered sufficient justification by the
members for the despatch of the additional military forces already authorix-
,1 to tie sent'to Alaskan territory.
t he following is a ropy of the ietler*.
"Ihe new* from Skagway by the
.itvuiiur now in port is serious. The
.. nited State* Deputy Marshal has been
ehoi dead in the dis-j&ar^o of his dbtitp.
Another man was killed at the same
ftme, and at the same place Recently
the steamers have been carrying great
lists of passengers; many of these are
gambler*, thug* and lewd women, from
Hie west centres and from the cities ol
the coast. They have taken in the
situation at Skagway and Dyea, and
ipiiesr to have combined to carry things
with a high hand. The best people at
Ihese place* arc powerless, because
thev have uo municipal form of government The United States Marshal is
Itowerleas, because he can apjtoint only
a few deputies, and, whim they under-
laketoact they are singled out as targets
hy this rough element.
AWrCL   ir   TRI'R.
London, Feb. 8.���The Star, under the
head of "Raid on the Klondike/quoted
an anonymous American correspondent
who -recently arrived in England, as
saying with reference to the relief exit-editions to the Klondike, that those
who are familiar wtth the fact* "knew
that this excuse is as flimsy as Jame
sons desire to relieve the women and
children at Johannesburg ." Continuing
the anon vmous wc respondent says:
"Every American knows this is another Jamesons raid and that the
Americana hitond to keep control of the
Klondike. The Klotidikers hsve already announced thai the stars and
stripes will Ik*, flying at DgrsouCitv by
Julv 4. It would please a large body
ot Americans if tho Klondike could be
made a pretext for war between England and the I'nlted States, which
would result in the annexation of Can
There is mneh In this same strain.
Mr. Hume expressed the hope that the jj
member* of the House would do justice I
to Kootenay when Uie estimates were     , w-
More them,   lie predicted thst If the SANDON.
Government adopted a liberal policy in
dealing with the district, thst the present revenue ol the district would bo
mote than doubled. Already the district contributed abont one-half of the
revenue collected, throughout the Pro-
vinee. He cited figures which showed
that the revenue from Kootenay was
���S10.000, as compejed with $264,000 for
the Island, and ftffMNO for the balance
of tbe Mainland. The claims of the district should also be recongnixed when
the Redistribution Bill wss reached.
Kootenay already bad one-fifth of the
population of the Province, Snd Wss
entitled to at least six member*. He
also called attention to the manner in
which the cities of Kootenay. were being harassed by the Provincial Board
qf Health, in regard to the disposal of
their sewage. There were several incorporated cities in the district which
had gone to the expense of putting in
expensive sewer systems, and after completing the same, the cities bad been
warned that they could not use the sewer
systems, because tho Board of Health
would not permit them to drain into the
rivers. He urged the Government to
look into the matter and relieve the cities
from the interference of the Provincial
Board of Health. The common-sense
method of dealing with the sewage question wss to drain the sewage into the
large lakes and rivers. He spoke strongly against the tax imposed by the Government npon working miners, and
asked the Government to explain why,
exceptional treatment was meted out to
tbe quarts miners ss compared with coal
"Northern men were scarce in Texas
iu 1879," said the Chicago man, Who was
afterwards a Texas ranger, "snd not particularly well liked by the native Texans,
as they call themselves. When I left
Chicaao for Texts, T bad provided-my-
aell with a formidable weapon in ihe
form of a 22-caliber ibgohrer*, and had no
dOdbt that I would be >able to cope with
Um most bloodthirsty adversaries. I
soon began to form acquintances among
Uie citisens of the city in which I had
taken up my temporary residence.
"Strolling iuto tbe palatial saloon
known as the Glass Front, One evening
soon after my arrival, I met a number oi
eowlioys and deputy sheriffs, and the
conversation drifted to the subject of
^s, aeabootiag weapon* are sailed in
as. Bytheway, io Texas at the time
I speak of the only persons legally in titled lo carry weapons were sheriffs, mar-
' alls, and their deputies,, and rangSr*,
" every bad man who wanted to snoot
ebody would generally have influence
enough to get appointed a* a deputy of
Some kind or other. The most reputable
portion of the population was, therefore,
debarred, from carrying weapons, sad
Were, therefore, st tbe mercy, of guy
licensed thug. A* 1 aaid liefore, the subject of conversation was guns, aad with
considerable pride, I displayed my silver-
mounted and ivory-handled pistol, and
asked for an opinion am to its merits.
Tbe gun was passed from hand to hand,
each grizzled deputy looking at it with
the greatest curiosity.
" #hat do you call that, my son?"
ssked a hewiskered ruffianat tb* extreme
end of the bar.
i "That is a, revolver, my friend.". 1 answered, "and one of the best makes in
the country."
- "But what do you do with it?" be
then asked.
"I have never used it, sir," I answered, "but if necessary, 1 have no deubfl
could defend myself and do some little
"I'll tell you what, my lad," said the
representative of the, law, "I'll stand up
here and let you shoot at me all night
for four bits a shot." "I have no cause to
shoot at you. and do not care to get in
any trouble," said I.
i "You needn't be afraid, young feller,
uo popgun like tbat is ever going to hurt
me." said the deputy. .
"1 think I'll try it, anyhow," aaid tbe
desperado, taking deliberate aim at me,
he shot me through the arm with my own
Sistol. I fell against the bar, pale and
*i rilled. Then the whole gang began to
laugh. One of tbem bound np my arm
with a handkerchief, and tbey insisted
that 1 drink with them. As soon ss I
could escape from my tormentors I hast-
rW-d back to the hotel, and summoned a
doctor. He pronounced my injury only
a slight flesh wound. Tbe next day I
was arrested by tbe deputy who had
shot me, brought before a. magistrate
and fined |50 and costs for carrying a
Tlios. Brown k Co.,
8AND0N, B. C.
Carry the largest stock ot Men's Furnishings in the Slocan.
Everything from the finest dandy apparel to the working
Fair Dealing and Honest Goods.
Come and See Us.
Dealer ir| MEATS
���'        ������:A.T:
The Paystreak.
Is immetl every Saturday In Siuidon, tn tbe heart
of tbe greatest White Metal camp on earth.
SuiacrlpUon     - ...     at.00ayear
Strictly tn advance.
Artdrea-c Thk Paysthra*, Samion, B.C.
SANDON.   B.   C, FEB.   26,   1898
Things were mightily interesting
last week in and about the Provincial
Assembly Hall when a discussion ot
the official conduct of Messrs. Turner
and Pooley iu their connection with
certain speculative mining companies
-was forced npon the government representatives by the opposition. The
leaders of the government objected
strongly to the discussion going on
and resorted to every method st their
command to silence the months of the
opposition speakers and cat off the
debate. The Hon. Mr. Turner was
twice called down by the Speaker;
he passed the lie once and again resorted to a low personal attack on a
member of the opposition. Hon. Mr.
Pooley was equally as angentlemanly
as his leader. In the coarse ofthe
debate he made tbe threat that if the
Vancouver member of the opposition
(Mr. Cotton) referred to him as a
decoy dock outside of the assembly
chamber he would reply in a manner
which the member would understand.
Mr. Pooley is a large man and has
pugilistic as well as speculative tendencies, and these remarks of his are
taken to mean the he wonld catch
Mr. Cotton on a back alley some dark
night and spoil his face, bruise his
body, and perhaps bite sn ear off.
Messrs. Turner and Pooley have a
very weak case, indeed, when they
will resort to such low tactics as personal abuse and threats of personal
violence. What has been said of
their connection with questionable
speculative mining companies has
been to exonerate tbe good name of
the Province, without regard to their
personal feelings in the matter. It
must be admitted that the discussion
and newspaper criticisms have not
been over complimentary to them,
but that they have richly merited all
that has been said of them in this
connection is abundantly demonstrated by the actions of the gentlemen in the Legislature.
The idea of a Premier passing the
lie in a debate, and being twice
called to order by the Speaker (or
using unparliamentary language is
most distasteful. And for the President of the Council to threaten to
maul an opponent in debate is even
more shocking.
Thb disaster to the United States
warship Maine has brought sorrow to
many an Irish, Swedish and Norwegian home, while in even a few
American families it hag caused the
black emblem of death to be worn by
sorrowing relatives.
After about three weeks illness
Miss Francis E. Willard died at the
Hotel Empire, New York city. Mis-*,
Willard was a woman widely known
and universally loved fbr her good
work. She was born at Church ville.
N. Y., September *28th, 1839, graduated from the Northwestern Female
College at Evanton, Dl., in 1859. be
came professor ol natural science
there in 1863, and wac principal of
the Uenessee Wesley an Seminary in
I8��;t;t>7. The following two years
she spent in foreign travel,giving part
of the time to study in Paris and contributing to periodicals. In 1871 and
np to 1874 s>e was professor of aesthetics at the Northwestern University
and dean of the Women's College,
where she developed her system of
self-government, which has been
adopted by other educators UN
WiPai-d left the profession in 1874 to
identify herself with the W.CT.U.
Or the death of her brother, Oliver
A. Willard, in 1879, she succetded
him as editor of the Chicago Evening:
Post. Since 1882 she has been a
member of the executive committee
ofthe prohibition party. In 188t'�� she
accepted the leadership of the White
Cross movement, and her own unions
which obtained through her influence
enactments in twelve states for the
protection of women.
m'..-th.i or bams*. oKVatfcorrxt* UMKotrr *otaT_i*
Trail bas already begun to fee] u*
effects of the development work tan jutt
begun oo lookout mountain * ���� Moq.
day lent the men in charge of tlw v _������,.������
workings etwee to Trad aad felt with mt
merchant* orders far the suppli** u*xm.
aary lor their sue during the ���.**��������._��
week, thus placing in circuUtion m oo*
money tnal all enano 1mm ��� ���..
ott or Tne.
Nellie. *g*A five, was visiting in tfcSj
country and MetBf �� potateb^f for the;
Brat time the asked: "Mamma, doe*
tin's plav lawn tennist 'No dear.way
do von askr replied mamma, "ite;]
cauM*. I fust M��r one with a blaaer on, ���
answered the little lady
I.itth* four veer-old fteadls while out j p
walking wilfi hia nun* happened  lo towo
pa�� a btavkMiiith shop ju*t a* ihe-.mil i .^taide
So far as developed, there on* j**. .���*,,,���.���.
ing prospects on lookout mountain   To
waa  shoeing   a   honw.    ��>n reaching
bottM he atfcMifth-nri his mother by aay*     ^ ^ ^     	
in*..   **t 'h. mamma.  I found the place U|# *1l9m*mm\ time. It baa been bard to ite
* **** * ���"*"  terml mpitaltatatotheastentufirv.^.
! ing  tbe  properties,  as  ttw  u,   <.  ',4
Kuseland are so class to Trail m to .��-���.
���had��>w all our daim*.   Now that u ;,
ivrureo tba* Britiali Colombia te t*m *._������.
where they make In ���-���.<�����
naili"'on the feet.
MHew are vou 0 Alingalong at actomb
Johnnie/" asked a fatlier of hia *i\
-rear-old hopetaJ "Onesi teacher*!
going to promote me." replied Johnnie
-What make*, vou think IS T. atked Ihe
eroud father.   "Beeaase, *he ��aid u
ftoietHataeef salaaml wealth, napitai *
cKoiog forward as mptdlva* nerd, i �����|
for the nasi aii gftontba Trad'-* mou u ���
cruntuai oast,
DOS v ��>uth.
In a public market at the tasie��t
morning hour a young housewife dictate*
to a clerk, who writes on an or.Jr*r ��tuh,
"One package of cocoa, a jar of- *' She
is touched on the arm from behind,
"Ob, Mrs. Rathbone! How do you du?"
They shake hands elaborately and fall to
talking eommonplacee. Tbe clerk lean**
forward.   "One jar of���"
Mrs. Rathbone starts.   "MyHearMn*
Miles don't.   My little May waa male
very ill from eating orange marmalade
once.   I don't believe tbe fruit waa ever
made to be cooked."
The clerk coughs. Mr*. Mile* exclaim-*
excitedly. "Not orange marmalade.
How is May, anyway, my dear ?"
"1 must tell you all about her mvateri
oni case; hut it is a long utorv ao' 1 will
give you first, before I forget'it, my new
receipt for peach marmalade, whicli you
will tike much better than the orange.
Vou juat take one pound of���"
Clerk interrupts. "Is this all of your
order, madam ?"
"Ot course not. I haven't got to
olives yet. Why, here in Mm. Turner.
I must congratulate you at once on your
eon's engagement, Such a happv choice!
But 1 haven't told either of yon of my
own bit of good news. BaJ��y' took bis
first step yesterday. We think his walk
is just like an uncle on his father'u side
���a man who has been twice Hut* Set,
ator and almost spoken of for President "
Chorus:   " What an honor!''
Isn't it 7 Why, there ia I__ura Bey.
mour. Kite's just been around the
world (not in that hat I hope). My dear
Laura, how do���"
Clerk calls loudly. "How large a jar of
olives did you my, madam!"
"I didn't say. Now, Laura Seymour,
tell us every word about your trip "
"But where shall I begin I"
"With the very first day. Well of all
things! Look there! If the clerk who
started to take my order isn't waiting on
somebody else." She sweeps majestf.
���Tally toward the door. ^
The clerk rushes forward, swathed in
his most obsequious manner. "lather*
anything else, madam ?"
'Not in this place. 1 shall go where I
can get waited upon."-Judge
dav that ii I kept on  I'd *oon he in the ��dl have every opportunity given n to
I claaa,   answ.-red the preeoei   detwonstiale its worth
The i*rornt tbisdevelopoieni twt �� -i|
bring to Trail is weU nodemtor��i, and ��t r
Little Bessie wa* ��o accustomed lo eilimtat  pjn*   ��oriw#pot��dinglr   ,���-   . ,
Meing thr- bsbv craw; around ibe room jj0 (^ n^j, g^, **�� t4An*mme*l--- *..*, tw
that she thought it wa* hU natural mode TtrM Vnmk jj^, ttaisslm such thu ;* ttt
of traveiiitu;    One d*iy  when  be *m-  imnmiidm.
ctHHif.1 in -.tandittj, on "th the aid of a
chair she  wa*.   tun*, n A*4oni*hed, and
ruiiiuitir to iw��r   mtifther   sgejebnedtj
-'t��h. mamma, estne  qiltvk'   Baby 1*
standing on hi** himl leg*."
Willie, a five��� vear -old v��U!ig**ter, wa* \
in the hahit ot ^mtplalnfM el hia din-
ner.  and   one    dav   Id*  Mtber   sehl   : *�� art to b-a-orpotale a .-oaip-rL*.  1.
"Willie, v.u ���hotilri m��t Hnd fault wtth U uttttwl toemkgh  Red mouataio 1 **m a
what ...,-���. bs^yen.   When  I  waV���       % ^ .^CtAmmtdM rim to-tw^ . th*
vour ag���� I wa* IhouWiUi  to g*t vooujt, - .... _.       ,    .
dry bread to ��al      Willie fntabed  hi*.  T"1.1* ��_ !!!_^_t_!-^^-_____.!*M'
dinner it.   ailenee.   but   te* to* climbed
to Tt-aaat. RSn  snniuv
Meaar*. I��al.y A llamdton. of Ra**U^I.
���..lH-iuir* tor tbe appltoaat*. gjito t,- ��.
thai tl*ey will apply to the tnguiJ.t 1 ������ U*t
down from hi* rhair he Mid 'Va,
ain t you awful glad you come lo hoard
with as?"
The lata Cbarlai |l��n*, ,if Uh* New
York Sun. d��vlare,t that vitho��t 'egarrl
to the dialect, the following poctn' J-t
Mtw   Mi-I/r-an,   author  ol   '*CefM   Cod
FoJJfo." wax *��t,e of ihe mo**. U-autituI in
tJu Kngliirh language:
PaMMMja <t<'V ^K*r>jia-L r
|l-l <il'H| de MtfLfjilJ  ato'
U*��k ��>��l ��r�� de (rt'arWtirOi.* l.i    .'.���**
Whmt de U, . r nlj-ht tihi Im
(Ao he cull tt, .IV birvttt,' ,tw   ,*i
U l_ijp ri,*,. I. Ut ��ll earn.- U t
Oh, .Vri ��Mv <Vr hirrtlu* *h. t.��-g.
iiVr.r-xiv   .|rr'. hUuk *t..-| 'Mj,,
And n. Tfv>  ,t  .'. .,.   ..1   �� ,1 t   ,
Hut d ' |v->' 1< .', _ll hran�� 1 .
But ile r���� (lr> . ml! t*c*a4��g In
I V*f| d* Itl L*�� ,  l,|. ff, aL*Vr�� .,���..!
D_t tto* ml 4* 'h - ^ul Mb
thtra et iWH If. *V ��rl e-awrW -.a****,;**
*Ah*r <**��" lirt.jr i.ijth: r_|j> imxtn
So h- j** Sr��-B .����. lar/*- oh dr tSmOtMgw*,
1 All n .<��(',( .11.. in.CL.LL_*. (a
C-llin' ��*T. t'.mw* U. t'owv In t
.     ^,w;,'t,,,''��'gl*''a��r**rti,,-��*._j_,-j-jt
Tf" ��1>- <*��r ita-M rato r��rv.t ��IV.
Ar.rl a > I'rrV .V gi ,*n tov rtltt-tmtt
Wkmfldeet  ����� Lpt-rln-ihlr,-
p- |��.' I....I..e,, .1. ,1, ,lwe,,t*Jr
lm*t mil r.rrn-n ifa-l 1 rin  m.
I* ���*��' IV Ml ray .A, le An- t< f
Dey all rrnixr* gndlerU * [_
Iawly (engaging servant ,~| might to
h'JI you that we ar* all strict tertoulera
here.    I *.u|>i-o*e you won't mind that
Mary Jane���til,, no, muni I'm been
*narefornie*idrui.kanl's famtlv  IwUin*
Trad to a point *��***<- tbe CaHforaU
end . iaim. o�� tbe aaatorti *loj** *d th*
mountain. Tbe *.t*m%ntny will ru
j-J.-nog tuttnrl* from the aiain tu*w��*>i
aod will rrpei-at* toantway* (or U** *-���
r��ag*> of om; supply f^wrtr*-* li*��ht - >l
jarwer ; ��*ii*ctrrii��ah.r��g>,iiit!��-��ntr��tLt ,- .   i
���mvlUtig works an t do many tlo-'f >n
tlte aay ol deetioptng tbe uo h-v
r��*etMtvngef ****i m *�� rtain minor,.
erite*     III-*., lag seliraie.  bat  i.
iwprrra-tihl* one If the ��asp4tal *������.>**
to auiU t��*oUy large.
at Tne tuns root
The Red IVot tiold Mining Oompam.
k<Matand, ia about to naum* oj-aratt����-��
���wt it* prafMWty, tba Had ��*ou��t. ou l**A
out monataln.   A eeetrsrt ha* hmi
for tlte astaawton of tbetunn**l a d.<*u   *
of 100 feet.   Tbe tmnwel i* now o. *    *
lanrt- of 4IS Uw*t. anal it lseseectc.fi
hr the time tbe tuanel will hare ��-t*eo
driven 100 feat further  tb-  to-tg* **>*
hate bveu rsarJisd.   Tb* ��witt atll  '���**
tapMNi at * depth of 4W fe-l Irom the
*urtace, which will gtv* amplegnairr-i i��-r
���toping.   Tlie ciopiaog ta M-if*et *���*��<* ���*
the ���urfa<*��*, an.1 a*aar* as high a*f��*
Tit** om 10 iron, .-arrying gohl.   l*p I" '
present ttw* sum of |l\fsb ha* twrn ��� ���
(���ended on the property.
Um't yon love a brigbt MSSbinjt ���'���**
in winter ?
No; it makes my wife talk about I
Kootenay Mercantile Tailoring Co.
A full line of
always in Stock
J. R. & D. CAMERON. 00
1.0. McLeod has gone to tlie Coast
sre he will reside in the future.
M Wakefield will likely start opera-
next week with a small force of
 * is no truth in the newspaper re-
, about the Enterprise, on Ten Mile,
Dg SOld.
i. 0. Aletander will nest week re-
re hia law -tiCBec from New Denver to
ncouver. A bvt of Slooan frauds
h him suoeeas in tbe city of bis birth.
The Pioneer, of gtoumrity, has gone
i the flume, ut.d its late editor, Richard
tier has goi ������ Ui Spokane Dick is s
ented writer, a genial companion, and
lan wbo wilt make friends wherever
[elevates his hegdf-'oar.
The New Denver Athletic Club w,l
an entertainment on the 17th ot
Irch in Clover m Mah.   The program
consist of hi. xiujg, club and dumb
swinging-, fencing, comic sitigintf
tnsny other features that will be
>reciated by the audience.   The pro-
la will be  uaed for improving the
gvtntiasiutn and no doom the house
|l Be tilled from the (out light* to the
office.   A dance  will follow the
re  |t��*rformai're  and an enjoyable
is promiaed al! thoae who attend.
AROtmiil   *>.V**l.ASt*.
"wo shift* of meu *e. ����nt-yet-terday -o
iineiice oiieraliim* v*i lb** Lone Star
te nasi *do|ie of SooJ te mountain. t*i<
i ti a wtrika waa rtH-cuu;. *tuAc, ie*
liug an awaay uf S5H.
tneeiitig of the iNamond b*t**t owi-
iv haa lM*en calhil for M.riiuav, Keh.
[tit the office of Edwrt-d IftUUIe, to
riots plans for the reov-rv iuitinti of
ooonnny.   Th.* IMatr im. i>ui* He**
eaat of the city and adj uuing the
The  Rathmitll***   0*0*6 of  minora'
ns, cotiaiftting d  II  t taints sift muni
ittitnit camp, i* about tn be trait*.-
1 Ui an English company nnw to*om
irnorated lu London.   A��*o*��ii��Mh<*
haa been completed development
rk   will  Ih* prosecuted on the pro-
ly    Thia company haa ��100,0 Ml in
itrnasujy, ��*��.<*����� oi which haa been
cribed    The vendor company will
sive stock  In  thia   n"w  ��*om*pauv,
rb will net them   #�� cent* iter abare
' ** amount of their present htddin^
will   be  diatrituited  ani-ing  the
reliolder* of thr   -lathmullc.it cot.i*
a* a dividend.
dand'a ore sliip-.ient* *<��. .he week
iug February 5th were a* follows:
Koi mine, l.tWO iou**; War Eagle
135 tons; Cen',0 Hlar mine, 75
>; iron Mask fine, HO ton*.   Total,
tons.   Tbe ���hifUtufftts for the name
kal tost vear w< r.�� I.'Stilton*.   The
^inents  since   .'-.utiarr   let     1����7.
tint to 7H.H.W ton*    IV le Roi still
inue# to be by is,  tlte largest shi***
but the War Ean��* mine is cotisid
Iv increasing ita output.   Evidently
riotl of greater act ��ity is comment*-
II thi latter mine v loch Is moreover
It Ui be more in"/ U*olcA when the
-foot level is rear'***d.
E. W   l.lliegre*'.  who la looaine>
the devolopiii "it of the Syii'iw,*
tion, between Ute i*,m Trotif and
Use Elephant, on theioiith r!-*ne of
[Mountain, near Uluc'** -aAwniill, re
that an assay ha* retti. tiA values
[!���-' per ton iii  ^tld   and three per
copper    The Rumple was a brown
ixide, of which 0 streak from two
inches wide a 1.4 uncovered hy a
ce cutting.   Th<  outcrop has been
rered for a wi-th M [A feet, aud
nn matter girt* assays aa high
The aaaay is unusually ink-real
tys tho Miner,  siuee ii ooinea
vicinity which lad  produced tm
military  values,    although  iron
giving fair returns are met with
9iif.lv In  tho  vicinity of the Sv
The discovery has 'considerably
Irnu-nd the hidden* of propertv in
Tjclnity, which, for th  most part,
has been little worked. Telluridesfrom
the Jumbo have given assays ranging
into the thousands, but values above
1500 io any -ther ore found in the camp
are unusual, although quarts and iron
from tbe Le Roi have returned $1,200.
TheWaverley Mine, limited, which
at present hss quarters at Revelstoke
<n a temporary office iu the Cowan
block, intends 10 put up a building in
the summer containing offices for the
eng inner and manager and a board room.
Arrangements have been concluded
by which the Great Western, limited,
h-ve acquired the Nettie L. claim in
well knowu Pool group. i| miles from
Ferguson, The claim has a great showing of galena aud carbonates, rich both
in gold and silver, and very similar in
character to the Silver Cup ore. In fact,
the Pool group is considered by miners
d 5 beiug on the same lead as the Silver
Cup tfroup. Tbe promoters of the com-
pam have purchased the property for
the benefit of the com pan v, which now
rise** in the Great Vvestern and Nettie
both s silver and gold proposition.
Active work will be started on both as
soon a* the season opens. Holders of
tre'iaurv *t*K*k get thi full advantage of
the new- purchase.
The Ka-vidsto'xe Herald is the authority koi* Hie statement that a project is on
foot to build a r tilway from Revelstoke
to Albert Canyin, traversing the valley
of ibe north t irk ofthe llleciilewa* t ami
Dowule creek, and it is not improvable
Utat the grading of this line will be
���mmeuced this summer. The road
would open up a magniticient mineral
t-mannry and would be of incalculable
lt.Mi.-ii-1.�� Revelstoke. It would be the
tirai link of railroad conntctiug between
Ucvelstoke and the Big Bend and Canoe
River country. Not the least satisfactory feature of this scheme Is the fact
tout it promise* to lie carried out without the charter mou��reriug that has
lately lieen too much in evidence in
western Canadian transportation project.- .	
NA*D*-0��K   RKTURttS.
Tbrre   Car    Laade    ur    Ven-oarer   Orr
Vlrld   ���3,7.1��.*lft.
A few weeks since three car loads of
sorted ore were shipped from the Vancouver Group Company's claims, Four
Mile, tc the Puget Sound Reduction
works, L.erett. Tbe smelting company's returns give tlie following particulars:. One car load, dry weight,
.10.175 pounds, yielded silver 100 ounces,
lend 57.3 per cent, per ton, returning a
net value of $99,70 per ton or |l,9G&8v
for the car load. Two car loads, dry
weight 7S..150 pounds, yielded silver 15-1.7
ounce* and lead 44.5 per cent, per ton,
returning a net value of fWS.45 per ton
or t3l7<*0>25 for the two car loads. Tht*
quotation for silver was 55% and for lead
! kit, it in learned that Uie company
i*. a- h.*H six more car loads on tho road
to tl*   unielter.
Tlie Vancouver group is owned bv a
Vancouver organisation, of which Ld-
warl Mal>< 11, of Mahon, McFarland .v
Mahon, 1. presideut. The com pat -y
owns a grot.p of seven adjoining cla
four ot which are on the lead from which
the ore shipped as above waa taken.
The ore occurs in chutes in a vein that
v-o-ies from three to six fe��t in width.
M.ning on this group is by tunneling.
The tunnel ou the Vancouver claim is
already in alauit +M feet, and it is being
extended rh*kt along.
Montreal. Que , Feb 18 -The dispute
between tho transcontinental lines has
reunited in tho open declaration of war
on the pnrt of the C P K. It announces
from tho head offices to-day that the
rates from points east to the coast have
been cut hi two for second clasn ticket*.
The second class was 980 snd the cut
rate is $30; first class was ��70 and the
cut rate $40. The reduction of almost
50 per cent. The C. P. R. has now
thrown down the gauntlet to the American lines and the -greatest passenger
rate war on business to Pacific coast
points is in full swiug.
On Tuesday last, says tbe Trail Creek
News, tbe Sheriff sold the Trail Brewery
to John R. Myers of Rouse's Point, N.
Y., for $25,000. Mr. Myers made the
purchase for the protection of the eastern
stockholders, whom he represents.
C. 8. C. Eraser and his lawyer, representing the Bank of Montreal, were
present at tbe sale. Lawyer Cronyn
���represented Mrs. Myers, Lawyer Gait,of
Rossland, represented an eastern liquor
bouse, and pat in s protest to tbe sale.
Lewis BlaeV the Rowland brewer, contested tbe bidding, but quit after offering $24,000.
What will be done with the property
is not known, but it is believed it will
start up agaui soon.
The British Columbia Chamber of
Mines was duly organised in Vancouver
last week. Tbe meeting was held in the
Hotel Vancouver. Among those present
were Mr. Harry Abbott, Major General
Kinchant, Dr. Selwyn, Messrs. W.
Pellew Harvey, O. Plunkett, G. W. De
Beck, F. S. Taggjurt, A. Plunkett, P. P.
Ryan, J. C. Ferguson, F. W. Alexander,
Hugh Keifer, J. M. Buxton, Barclay
Bonthrone, W. J. Anderson, J. W. Mac-
farlane, Major Vaughan, Major C. C.
Bennett, C. F. Law, Ben. Douglas, New
Westminster, and R. Hamilton.
The fee for representative members
was Unci at ���25 per annum, while associated membejs will pay S5 a year.
Soo Pacific Line.
Start from VANCOUVER
1.   VANCOUVER is the best outfit
ting point on the Coast; goods
considerably cheaper than in the
United States.
i.  VANODUVER L. the naai����tfport of departure to the Yukon IM-triet.
S.   VANCOUVER.* tbe terminus of theC.P
Railway, whome steamer* will start from
Vaucoaver thi* *pring.
4.   All  north-bound  *teamers call at    VAN
L   INreot *teamer�� to Yukon port* have now
oommeneed to run from VANCOUVER.
S    VANCOUVER it the only Canadian port
where passenger* transfer direct from train
to eteamer.
7    KLONDIKE i*in Canada.  Outfit in VAN-
COliVKR and aave M par not. Ctt*tom*
President Board of Trade. Vancouver, R. C.
riTXORRALD * DAY. Prape.
Route to St. Paul, Chicago,
Detroit. Toronto, Montreal,
New York, Boston. Philadelphia, and all Eastern
Unexcelled Sleeping Cars
on aU trains. Tourist Care
to St. Paul daily; Boston
every Thursday; Toronto
everir Monday from Revelstoke.
Steamer leaves Nakusp
daily except Monday, making close connection at Revelstoke with trains for all points
East and West.
Befbre von travel get information
from C.P.ft. agents as to times snd
rates.   It will save yon money.   Applv to nearest railwav agent or to
A. C. McARTHUR, Agent, Sandon.
H.M.McGREGOR, T.P. A.. Nelson, B.C
Dist.  Passenger  Agent, Vancouver
Subject to change without notice
Trains run on Pacific Standard Time.
Lca-e 8 00 A.M. KtuOo           An-tr., S 50 P.M
"   8 36 ��* Sooth Pork      f     S 16 **
** * 9S " Si-route's         ���      tii "
****��� s a " Whitewater          ��ce **
������10 08 ���* Bear Lake        **     1 -tt ������
" 10 IS " McOnigan        ��      1 SS M
���* 10 38 - Otdy Junction -      lit "
Arr. 10 90 " Sandon          Leave 1 oo **���
For ch**ep railroad and steemshli�� ticket* tc
nnd frnm alt pointa, apply to
& CAMPBELL,        Agent, Sandon.
Atlantic SteamsMp lies.
California, Allan Line	
Carthaginian *
l_L.hradt>r.Dominion Lino...
Vancouver, "
Prom V ootreal
From New Yerk
������ Manufaturer. of all���
Syphons, Ginger Ale,
Sarsaperil la, Etc, Etc
8euicio*n, B.O.
Patronize home industry
when you want the best
- 0 w w w -
Is the Pioneer Hon so of the City
Proprietor.    *
Umbrla.Cunard Line	
l-Itruria *'  ���������
Campania.     "   ���
Merest..*, White Star Line 	
Teutonic        "        ���
St. Paul, American Line         ���
St.Lonis. '*  	
State of Nebraska, Allan Stat* Line ������
Soutitwark. Red Star Line ������
Naorilland. ���  _  ���
Cabin "tt, .v>, - SO, 70 ��so aod upwards.
Intermedlste 30 and upwards.
Steerage .**,.*# aud upwards.
I'-asMiiaers Tk-kett-d ihnaiah to all points la
Great Britain or Ireland, ana at Specially low
rates to all parts of the Enr.ruean Continent.
Prepaid raft***..-* straiwnn from all points.
Apply to AC. M< ARTHUR, C.hTR. A��ent
Sandon. or
General Aaynt,
C. P. R. 0__t*��*. Wlnnlpsa
If you are-
Call at the
The foUowing ia a complete lftst of the
mining transactions recorded during the
week in the several mining divisions of
the Slocan. Those of New Denve * were
as follows:���
Feb IS- Hope.
Feb 18-R D Fractional, Pleasant View.
Feb tl���Kapler, Pejjy, Silver Star, Vancouwr
Fraction, Ricardo.
FEBl4-Ingeraoll, Chas Tanks to Willis F
Coko and Wm E Cropp. Jan tt.
Feb lS-Rmlly Edith Fraction, Eatrie, Eagle
Fraction, Iron Clan, agreement to eellfor 4.&.D,
Chas McNicbol Perry AtUfer, Alter Wild*
Percy Attaffer to E Rsmtnelmever, Feb li.
Paymaster \, Jublk-a 1/6, J H Douglas to Fred-
crick Swtunmell. Feb 16, *���*.
Standard b Angus Mstheson to Palma An-
grignon, Feb 17.
Feb 19���Noonday and Curley, Power of Af
torney, W G Spencer to Chas McNlchoU. July XT.
Empire No 7'. Frank Sonasl to Andrew Pro-
Feb U-Speculator J, Thna KUpetrick to R J
Feb 14���Dututh ., W R Clement to Daniel
Feb 15-Catardln tftl John 8 Thomas to H C
Feb 9��� London, John Allan.
Feb 17���Vera, w F Trams.
Feb 14���Kootenay Star, Controller.
Feb 15���Pst-ri.
Feb IS���Mammoth.
CEBT1FICATE OF nf_-*aoV_**r*jn*B.
Feb IS���Moaatain Goat No t.
FEBS-Almeda and Sir Charles |. Pat J Rryne.
C.eance Smith, D L Smith. J C Brown to Geonre
Feb 10���Romeo,Thurso,Trilby. Gatlneao snd
Bt-cklns-ham. J 0 Kendall to H Gt-gerit-h. ����
Gay Bird, James Ryard to W A Abbott and
Thomas Farquhar.
Feb ll-Hlllhurat J, Randall McLachran to
John Mr Lachran.
Tiger 1/6, David B Gibson to Adolphus Wll-
Defender, Revenue, Howard. Rcvenne, certlS-
cste of satisfaction of gold commissioner to Geo
Feb 14-Wane*** ., Howard Richardson tu
Robt J Stensoa.
FEB 1&���Tbe Olivia, The Viola, The Tipton
Tbe Gant, Katnopolln i/tj, u M Zoem to ST
Laird, tOtw.
Feb 18-Deatb's Head. A P boston toColuui
hia Mining Co, Ltd LU.
Deer Horn, b Gus Lofsted to Andrew Nofgren.
'"'" "   1"   ���'" "" '   '    ' '" """it"    '
Montreal, Feh. 10. (Special in Toronto
World.)���For once the Rothschilds, the
famous London hankers, have been
beaten in a mighty struggle to secure a
charter for a Yukon Railway enterprise. The experience for them is said
to be novel. The humble individuals
who seem to enjoy a bigger pull with
the Laurier Government are none other
than Messrs. Mann and McKenzie, who
have secured the contract for building
a narrow gauge road from Telegraph
Creek to Teslin Lake, a distance of
about ISO miles, at a subsidy ef 26,000
acres of mineral land per mile. Members of Parliament, being aware that
the contract was entered into without
tender, will be somewhat startled to
learn that the Rothschilds, while waiving all monopoly, offered to build a railway into the gold region for a subsidy
of 5,000 acres of mineral land per mile,
at least two months before the Mann-
McKenzie syndicate was organized.
Messrs. Hamilton Smith and Henrv
Bratnober, the representatives of the
Rothschilds, are in ths city. Their
principals proposed tor the consideration mentioned above to construct a
railway inland from Pyramid Harbor
via the Dalton trail, a distance of 100
miles, to s point where there is open
navigation down stream to  Dawson
City. The nominal objection that Pyramid Harbor is in Alaska, and that the
road would traverse a short strip ol tie
United States territory, is offset by the
compensating advantages of the Dalton
over the other route thev claim. Pyramid Harbor, it seems, is open lall the
year, and possesses better harbor accommodation thau Fort Wrangel (in American territory), where in any event
future travelers to the \ukon gold
fields via the Stikine River���Manu-Mc-
Kenzle route���will be compiled to
disembark on arrival from Seattle,V an-
couver or Victoria. Access to the projected railway can only be had by
traversing United State* territory, unless the railwav is extended a UX) mil**
further southward from the Stikine
River to the nearest harbor in British
territory. The mouth of that river, of
course,*is in American territory, hut
Canadians have an equal right to navigate it. , ,
The Rothschilds, after a i-arefuaex-
amination or every available route by
their engineers and explorers last summer, came to the conclusion, all things
considered, that the Dalton route was
the best and shortest route, even if it
did cross a short strip of American ler
ritory. The proposition to build a line
starting from a point on the British t'o-
lumbia seaboard was scarcely considered, as, owing to the international
boundary, which for a loug distance
follows the sinuosities of the coast at a
distance <��( :{o miles therefrom, the railways would have to start at a point
several hundred miles south of the
mouth of the Stikine River.
Any such railway in conjunction with
tbe 150 miles to be built by the Mann-
McKenzie syndicate, together with ��
link representing the distance approximately from the mouth of the Stikine
River to Telegraph Creek, would represent over 600 mites of railway���an impossible scheme if the rapid and ea redevelopment of the Klondike region is
taken into consideration.
The Rothschild*, having reached the
conclusion that the terminus of any
projected railway would have te reach
tidewater, gave Pyramid Harbor th��-
preference. The engineers reported
adversely on the navigability of the
Stikine in summer, and its utter tttt*
lessness in winter. It is the onlv route
by which the Mann-McRenzie llaiJw-,,,
can be reached. The engineers of the
Rothschilds report that the Stikine River
is navigable for about two months in tin-
year. There are enormous Hoods in
the spring, with water so low in August
that shallow steamboats have to wear
"legs" to assist them over the sand
bars- In canoes, while going up the
stream, five days were occupied in
going 90 miles. '"Lining" and towing
were resorted to at 20 places in one day
Wh.   MeKensle   is  SattsSed   With  HI*
Yukon   Scheme.
Montreal, Que., Feb. IA.���William
McKenzie, who is associated with Mr
Mann iu the new Canadian route to the
Klondike, is here on his way to Kngland
in connection with the franchise of the
Birmingham tramway, which is to be
converted into an electric railway. Re
(erring to the reports of Mr. Maun'i
inability to charter steamers on the
Pacific coast, the threatened hostile
American bonding regulations at
Wrangel, and the opposition contract,
he said: "We have no occasion to
worry over any over any of these
affairs. My contract is signed and 1
see no reason to doubt that it will be
ratified by parliament.
"Too much is being made af unfriendly American legislation. I believe,
everything will be arranged amicably
In any event Canadians have the rJirht
to build entirely in Canadian territory "
McKenzie repeated that the contract
was more or less a speculation, as the
valneof the land grant Is problematical,
������ IIKlX   OF   SCIBMCUk"
Robert CS. Ingersoll has written the
foUowing letter against vivisection:
Philip ft. resbody, Burton, Maes.-
My Dear Friend. Vivisection is tha to-
quisition-thehell-ol science. All tb*
cruelty which the human-or, rather.
the inhuman-haart i�� ******* *J*
lUcting, i�� in this one word, fgf***
there is no depth. Thi* word Ilea like a
eoiM serpent ��t the bottom ol the abyss.
We can excuse, in part, tha crimes of
lauwion. We take into consideratton th*
fact that man is liable to be caught by
the whirl*ind, ami tbat from * brain on
fir* tiie ami rushes to a crime. Rot wtial
excusecan ingenuity form (or a man who
delii-eratcly-with an nnar*o*lerated MM
-with the calmness Ol John Calvin at
the murder of OSHUtU* SSSW, with
curiou* ami cunning knives, tnth* living,
quivering tle*h of a dog. for *il the throb-
bint? nerve* of pain ? Tlie wretch** who
commit these infamous crime* pretend
tbat thev are working tot Uo* good ol
man; thst they ar* actuated by philatt-
thropy' and that their pity far lb* *nf-
brim* of tbe human race driras out sll
pit* ior tlie animal* they slowly lertWS
to death. But Uione who are incapable
of pitying animals are a* a matter ,d fact,
incapable ol pitying men A |d��y*4��*ian
who would cut �� live rabbit tit pi-tv***-
laying bare ih��* nerva*. denuding them
will, knives, pulling them out wub force*.**���would n��.i hernial*.* le try esferi*
metits with men and women for lb#
graduation ol Ins curiosity.
To settle *ouie theory M would trifle
with tb* life of an,, \mi est la bis power.
1>> Uie same r-teauniiig be will jtmily UM
vivisection of animal* and p.itk*iit* 11*
will sav tltat il ts batter that a tew animals should suffer than tiiat on* i,utn*n
lieing should die; and that it t* far bet
ter that one patient *houU( die.tf OtrougJt
tbe sacrifice of that one, ismpnl u��ay hr
llrain without heart is Jar ta��.n* dan*
gerous tti in Jteart without brain
Have thetu* scientific asma���#�����*��� disrov
ered an>'thing of value ? Tiny may lur*****
"���.���tiled MMM 'Itspute*  a* lo Ute acton of
s une organ, but hare they wide.I to tha
useful knowledge of Uie race !
It is not nervasary for a man to ta a
specialist in order to have and aspreas
bis opinion a* lo the right or wrong of
vivisection. It t* not neeirMmry to be a
9 ientist or a nHtnrabst to rj-r-t^st rruelt;
ind to bita men*y,    Mmot**  all   the in*
ve*uUoni oi the -'*tngeft$e-i-i>, 9\*t*rt> ait tht
vt. torie* won on field* of in telle, in,! coo.
tJii-t, nm human sympathy and * tan***
ol juatic*.
I know that -food ior the human r*c*
can never beaeeemnllslied by torture i
also know thst all that haa tam a**c*r.
tained by rWi-acthm could hav** t����n
atavrtaioed by the dissection ol tb.* dead.
1 know that all the torture ha* been u��v
tom. All the agony inflicted has simply
itanlenad the hearts ol the criminals,
without enlightening their mind*.
It may ee thai the hnman race might
ha pbyakmlly imprsvsd if all siekty��., j
.leforraed haMes were killed, and ti all
Uie paupers, liars, drunkard*. Unws*.
riUaioa, and vivtsecUoeist* were rmir-
dsrsd. All thia might, in s lew wa,
essttlt in Ihe pti^ttCtlon ol a -mM-ratwn
of physically y*n*a*tt, men and ��*.��,����.
but what woafcl snch being* U worth
men and woman hradthy ami tef*on\*n.
tnnarular and c*ru*d-~tlist I* to**y. m-
telllgant wtttJ Iwnets ?
Never ��nn t be ti** Irtetnl of mt* wjro
rivi*ects his Mhsrw^amtiara*. 1 *b* not
wi*b to tench his hand.
When tha angel of pity to driven f n*a
the heart; when tha fountain A tear* m
dry. tha aoul be��aom*a a serpent craw hag
tn the dost ef a deeart.
Tttanktng von for tha food you tn
-firing and wtahing yoo the greauwi #**
cast*. 1 twmain. ywors alwaya.
���R, ti. I mines au
a t.t. -ror-titse wis*.
Tbe C1iin*as t��*m*��ie *>*m*o first it��*
slMMl of last.
Vie ilittHsn* ***9\ I .liMts* with i***a****%
*ml aod with *w*��|�� aad ftob,
Tha Chinaaa 9m*Ms~ their own hands tti-
���tetad of tha hartal* of tb.��� they grw I
Tb* ���|��*k*��-��i language el CM** l�� ***
w rttten and ****** written latifus*^  *
The t*b��n*a* Uunrh their eg*mA* ** **���
a 'un AtA mount tbeii to**a*t*�� from tbr Ji
ftoak* era |*std backwa-wLsml ebsfa*
e II fnotnotss arw tntart*.! al lb* lap of
���tn* |*ge
The ChtiMM* drwsi in whit* at lunersll
a*>l in lilark at wtwhlinti*, while ol J ������>
men always serr* a* bnd*tn��Ul*
And wtmfdo y*M Mtonna Cain nA
w ben h* had killed Ahsd with Uie  to**
i'toom, taaehar, hcaabl tiedkln't k ��
it wa* koatWd.
locan Hotel
Newly o|hmhh1 in NVw Denver, in one
of comfort, luxury and ease. The
room are elomuitlv furnished, thc
building hard finished, the dining-
room warm, light and tastefully dec-
Oratwi, and the fables laden with all
the viands fit to eat. It isn't neeea-
to talk a��M*ut Henry Steges bar. It
is too well known. "
Robert Maciiokald
Nwl llAt-nnN'on
MACDONALD  BRim., Proprietors.
lUtes 11.60 to 12.50 \**r day ,
Headquarter* f���r Mining Bpteofc** and Ca|.ltallsta
Reco Ave.,
Sandon, H.(' .1
Skagatatj e   Hot Tot*cn
'hurley Meljitucliiin, ��tf tlteSt-tt-
���I is in iitxdfit i��f a lettrr from
[. Killiiiyrtoit, who went n ���nil
Ith Bartlett Bro*. It would s^t-dl t.i
lieate that Skag-w ty to a -maty
inu bui*K. The. letter, w<iH�� dnut*
Mil Skaifwav, Feb. 1-t. ���.jiy��:
!>��� ai- ('hiti'tle.
I writ** to li t y.tti kit ���� into 1
n trettiuir along:. Wi* have au-uuk
[warm town here. They will It-obi
ptinphn* six bit*,, shiive a gnu
ider ytsir in km*, and swear that it
im make a niurii.ur tiny will kilt
)ti. Three int*n wen- kilhd ami
l��* fatally injured h< < l-mryV^iL-n,
fit ntlier niifbt A VitfilamviHan*
Httee ha*. lieen orjmittxed, and flu*
Ian who did tin- tmsdAng will la*
lilted at three ��� el��s-k thi** .iff-*.*
This h a dull town b>v a iii.-mi nit,,
[ant-**   work   as tln-iv \**  at   h-.-o,   ,
lion-ami tm*ti Mb* ami nit hrokr.
Tbi' llurtlett It-ry- are doing well.
fhev ha vi-the tfnv��-rnim-r.t eoiitraet
taking tlu*   MoiinMl   l-ol oi* Mip*
lies to Lake   H< nnrti.    They  li��v��.
it** 11 tuntetl   from   their   rtr*t trip,
iir��<-v!.|tillv     i-m-kittir      Hve    inn*
���jr��aijrli t���� tin* Ink**.    Tin* hoys have
It u<4e\ 16 milea ��� nt  ol  town, in a
fnf tOfwt l����njf.    Ir   U   very   e��ihl
���t��*. t ������}���. chilly   at    tin*   *uiitiliit   .rj
Jjiiti  |*as*��, win it*   tJn- wiml   hi im*
rnM\   all   the   time.      It   Woujd
luaii-di vou to -aiaiid on tin* trail and
itiit rite eontiiittttl ���.ttvatti of Kl >u*
|k��*r*��   men |itill;ii_r sds-Uftt-o.. Ih��r-*>* ���.
ill-.  *b*go,   U*nt-   and   mule*,   all
irkinir ur   |iuliiii*_-   a    heel.    It   Is
H*V slow Worl, with �� ispck train a*
ju have in follow all tin* time.
I ;��� tn nixrht w-iVliuiaitfor th** >**\-
tlieir   Skturwav   raillji.   at   $* a
L-bi     y.ni  havi-   to watch every*
jlttg J|i*'-|��   IM'   lll��-\      WUl     -.trill    Mill
Iimi     lt��\ cls4-  i'.mi  (J'Otn   125
It-it aid *#n# srarce   at   that   until
��t Inn ly, win it a ?���*_ .whiad ai*riv,d
ilhttt MrKittnni is d>ting verv ortAi
Ith hi- team in t two. Thi*. i- all
h 'iuic. I.oiii your old friend,
Bartlett Bon* Heard From.
f\\V take the Ht**rt>   of piihlixhiiii*
lollowiittf letter, which explain*
Skajrway, Ahi*kn.
Er-tvsTKKtK. Sandon;
floittlfimn :
We    arrlvtil   In-i*.* SiiIvinIhy
hi with min and animals all in iir-i
tm con.lition ami have eitmmi'iiciti
���kliitf from licit' tu  lattke Dennett.
rf the Skyway   t.-ail, a ill**.L-tne��-
[aiwKit :h; miles.
rite KlomlikiT* are haviuir their
;tit*> imekeil in a* far as tlu hike,
ere tt will ii'imiin  piled  up until
itig, when thi'V   will   have iatay
' rapid navigation  to th��YnVioi.
lie diltleultio* ttt' la-t veai* r��-tilt-
principally frmn the trails la-ingr
|wor condition, with an immense
lount of hssteeet to handle,   and
���r  faeiHtie*  for moving freight.
eae  comlilioita   are    now    verv
tcrlally Improved ami oiitllts are
uu: forward with  hut little delay.
least* send   our    P.yhtreak  to
wsy, AliiNka.
Yours very truly,
Harriett liros.
'eoph' who are going to the Klon-
wiil   la-* dirtitppointed   in   not
ling any Trail > Illnier  cl/Alt at
-son Citv.
Good Entertainers.
Tlie Homer* Family plavetl a tw**-
nights' cntrajremttit. in Sju-ncerV hall
on Monday and Tuesday evening^
A pretty well lil hi I liuitae greeted
them on lutth occasion*, but thev
hardly n-eeived the patronage they
deserved as they are certainly ����*xl
entertainers. Tin* pru^ramiue was
for the most pan furnished by the
yoanger members of the family,
although Prof. Somers did M>me very
catchy character siiijfinjr. yi\*m
Nellie Somers has a remarkably u*oud
soprano voice, ami should iii later
year* la-come a prima donna. The
younger children (gave a number of
c mic ami popular soiijks, which
were nitich appneciated lit the audience. Master Carl, in his 'Hayseed '
turn brought down the hunac They
will iindoul*t��:dlv find a good house
awaiting them whenever thtiy cart*
���   Pingston   Creek
' s.sfxl reports come from Pingston
creek, which empties into Arrow
lake ue��r the St. Leon Hot springs,
six mile-, up the creek, what ia
known as the Ping-ton hale has been
tliscovcriii and traced 12 mile**,
showing a width oj fitun 10 to 100
foot. The ore i- p.vrite, much resembling that from .iround Holland,
and win i*e o|s��iied it gives an aver-
agi* value of ��� **0 The %'ein has
sj-a ms of gab* an which run a* high
as (Our t* cent. lead. The l-.xoelaior
in a 12-foot ledge gave ��in* assay as
high as .'k) in if .1*1. Smi.* N'aku��p
jaiiple a iv iut**:ii!.ud. ami iti'end
pu��iiini: work in \t -uiiiim*,-.
.lohn II tustoit. tiie mayo.*ofXe|.
soil, had hi* pio|H rtv aulvettiM-d lor
sal,- tht utile day. John must he
thinking of moving t�� mime quiet
sjnri. wla.��- ihe litiiu of au imlitfiiaiit
populace t Him ri to* heard : or lie may
entcrwin a-|'iiations for legislative
honor*. .John would be a hut boy
in Vict *i ia. and would call all bluff-
like Pooley made a short time ago.
alt. n in \v.ii.u-��l i i have a roil ml out
(jrCttt.ni f<t    tailing   him   a decoy
<|t|e v.
A Vt W ttivt-r telegram sjivs:
There i- .t iu i I \l inn iu Vatic ��u
ver. The p.*o-|srtive contractu*of
tin-Canadian VtlkoH mil wav cannot
get lii*\ men tlt.Mtigh t.�� Wrangel.
"Peannot gt*t steamers Ut earn* my
men and Mipplit s to Wrangel." he
���laid. "If the steamship e�� an panics
will plact* fin-ui-elves st my disposal
I will give Until anything they ask.
They don't know their business. |
gtt to pre'tarc a wav for those verx
nm*|N<cttirs, who when they get to
Wrangel might find a sleigh road
built fir them." Mann is ehattng
like a lion in IkWMUuR, He wants nt
get *iHl) men to Wrangid, ami al
though five steamers are lenvimr
here a week there is not room in
them lor half a duien men that has
not boon enjptgtd for in advance.
Polheiiiaii (tune on, old man;
vour drunk.
Mr. llo-.zium-My frictf, to rest
me would I** manifeshlv unjust.
When a feller ish Hie ted with
alehol erase he takes the (hie) gold
cure. I've la-en 'Hieted with the
Klomlivksh gold erase, an' took the
(hie) ale'hol cure. It's a blame |toor
rule that won't worksh Inith ways.
The Samion Haml Liumtry ami
Hath House is still in the lead for
tine starch work. Work calletl for
and delivered promptly.
|The Goodenough,   [THE
Ainr-i uh ii "Plan.  .I..10 per dny.
Kt.ii>|n.Mii l'l��n.  i.ttoperdtt'y.
Strir tly llTrat cl��a*.
MRS. M. A. SMITH, Prop.
fiONGARD A PIECKART, Proprietors.
The First Clnaa
Hotel of Cody.
Hit',- ���       ?.'*> jn*r <Ih.V.
S|��H'iMl ltt*t,��. Iiv tii.- Wr-^k.
il, h.iL|i-;.rt��-r. I��r *4in��-r^
W��rtt -t.��.- k.���I Itmt in <��>i lj*etb>ti.
Kir A rli,��. H..    LHllD.i Hi ���!���.!,.      It'.uri   l��J    til,'
n. L.flRinriETT
L. L. B.
Notary Public,
SANOON, - -        B. C.
rit-lvTO-r-tuit-l Surv,*\�����.        Sttrfw** utttl A,-ri;il
Ginil and Mining Engineer,
Provuii-iitl Lrjlnl Survr-yor.
Kitttlo. B. C.
Mui��*ml I'lttinia Survey,-.! Miirl lti-|Mirt^.l I'|n,h
The Leader
Emporium of Fashions
lu��r�� IVX'Oml a r��ti-ljriin<r.|it uftlu-
l��Oi,t -tyttL*. i:.
r ALL and
UdlM* Wnt. tbliiKa. rtn* silk Himfapr, Da
.Iprwenr. unit ���v��rytliinit in thr lin*) of rjtnr.v
I try lloorlit.
-liliiti��ry ��*<*out-.| in -the Huett atvlr*. uf tba
|ii*j>rianinliin* 0 *.|ia-.'iHlt.v mi-l ttir-t.^Utv.
\V��* art* lioiind tn Umd in ���tyltx*, mul nil work
r'ntrtirtfed to ������ will t-jje-siv,. our .pet-iHl nften-
O|��|ro��it��< Brymt llou<4*. R��m*<i Av*. . 8*_kIo*
Proprietor and Manager.
First cIjjim in every purticnlar.   Xewlv fur
nirrhtLnt.   Bent liquor*.
A Htrietly flrst-elax* hotel in
all lt�� appointments.
Uvery Stable with good Saddle
and Pack Horse**, in connection.
Victoria House
X.iw i't-iiL|>W'tr. with thehttrjt funtinhr^i roonii
iu th,- .li-tri.-i. .VII Noj-rnnnxxlatioti!. tir>t
cSh^^. im-ittiliiiK t-Iwtrir* light. Ltith nxinia
uii-l itll
.Modern Improvements.
A nice, -tuiet. r��!ti*t**B*a h��>tr-l. >itiiut��Mi ,n, A
rt\��.|i<i,-.   1 .iiivvnifnt to the ilvp.it.
W. J. HALL; Popr.
of The Elite,
l�� now |>rv|H(n*<l to <<ij nil kitxl.s of
And You Will
Smoke No
The Great Grab.
From whichever way the bargain
of the Teslin lake railway may be
viewed it looks like a bad business.
Tlie selfish spirit pervading members
ot parliament from eastern Canada
in supporting tills deal for the ao!*
reason that no money grant is made
is very reprehensible. Apparently
land that does not grow wheat or
turnips is useless and may be given
away to the-first who asks. It may
be pointed oat that the gold taken
from the Klondike last year was
t anal In value to folly half Uie whoh*
wheat crop of Manitoba. Then, tuo.
1897 was but the first year the di*>
triet was opened while Manitoba ha>
been cultivated almost twenty years.
The area which produced this vast
amount of gold was probably tut*
more than 100,000 acres. It i- not
reasonable to suppose that aii tin-
gold region has own l-i-a-pceted, in
fact only a very small portion of it
has. In the selection of their mineral grant of milling lands the con
tractors can, by sending skilled prospectors, as they have* the means ot
doing, can secure to much, that with
the alternate sections reserved to tin
government, there will he notion*.
left for the prospector.
The railway will thus result r*
serve a territory who.** only source
of wealth will be in pMie-tsiufi of.the
owners ot that rtilwsy. No estim.-ite
can be made of tlie aiuouur of g*M
that northern country Mill produce.
Imt sufficient is known to make eer
tain that the amount is very large.
When McKenzie and Mnn it have
sent their men into thst district ami
located SJ.TO.OOO acres of mineral
land what will be left for the pros
pector? Nothing that would indoor
him to bear the rigors of the climate
to find. All his time wonld he spent
keeping clear of the limit*, ofthe
government reserve. The mineral
resources are part of the as*****!*, ofthe
Dominion tor its 1*1 -|>lt��. but now
when the railway is nir.pletetl and
the lands selected all that will hi*
left for the people of Camt ia will bt*
a chance for a few of th.-m to get a
job with the millionaire and exhibit
patriotic entlmsiasm over a j��ik-
water tramway.
Another Infliction.
The Knskonook Searchlight is die
title given to a paper which was
published for the first time in Knskonook on Feb. 22. We f��X'h��xtrcinely
sympathetic toward the people of
lhat rising yoong town tit the head
ot Kootenay lake, in their early affliction. Tlie publishers of this poster
may be up-to-date newspaper men,as
tbey say, of large experience, bat
should have spared the residents of
that burg for a time ani wreaked
their vengeance on a community in
a better posit* hi to hold up under
such a trying ordeal. Bnt such is
tbe way of this wicked world, and
townsite boomers are always reach-
to spring any old thing in tbe line of
a newspaper that will serve as a
booster for them in extracting collateral frern the tenderfoot, who has an
idea that a town lot in a western
town ht for superior to a meal ticket,
although he may have to stop on the
back steps ef a second-elass hotel in
order to Veep up his payments.
Andy Grierson. one of Haudon's
eelebrated hockey -players, anticipates returning to Calgary in the
t The local agricultural journal Ib
agitating for a scale of lower wago*.
tot municipal employees The elderly gent from the hay districts of
Bruce is probably thinking of his old
home and forgets that people do not
reside in Sandon for their health. As
he runs a scab newspaper be cannot
bear to see other people get a fair
price for their labor, and it would
not surprise us to *-ee him advocating
a reduction in miners' wages. Low
wages in a mining camp simply
means commercial suicide for the
We notice signs of mental aberration in the editor of Sandon'�� scab
newspaper. In a recent editorial it
wants to bet us $��*. This is a sad
state of affairs for a good Christian
and an editor of such a paper, Tn
make bluff like that shows plainly
that the man from Bruce or Brandon
must have mere than hav in his hair.
ralknUmt brtting t_&! Why. thi
absorditt ofthe thing would inaki
a mule laugh at a funeral. We are
inclined to think this agricultural
scissors writer could not tell $25 if he
saw it. Yet lie .talks about betting
it.all the *aine as a black jack fiend
Jack lxm'e>, one of the popular
proprietors ofthe Park hotel at Slo
can City, was in town yesterday.
Smoke Trail Wajrors.
California (Jloves, every pair war*
ranted, at the P<*t Office Store.
A-Special Consignmont from San
Francisco of SI dozen pairs of ('love*
including California Buckskin.
Asbestos, Horn-hide, Australian
Gi��at skin. Genuine Seal skin. Fire-
groof Horse -halt*, at the Pom Office-
Do not say then* are no gtmai
glove* in town. See those at th��*
Post Office Stttie.
!��l* ����-> ���*�� _A?__}
Tbe best value in Miners* ('loves
at the Fost Office Store.
nlA.nlA.AAA, ___...
**** **** *V>> *%** ****
X.rtir-.- i. b**ra.��>v *_������*���. ��n tbat wo iuloii't to
rtfrfrlv t.i tlw Ifcmrl of I.il t-ii-r tVirurtu���)i.t.. r.
<rf thr-fily of S*iHlrm tat 0 R-t-il LWn** ta
*rll * tiirw, ami liquor- on llw -ir-miar.* know*
��. tlw h'anteway h��>t��l. dtuMt-Ml on th*- earner al Be .* mod ttanbo* .tr~��la. ft-miou .11 t'.
l*m*e*l thU tut day of Wehrnmry. MR..
And Other Investment*.
Every Representation   Ctiaranteed.
Sanson, B."
8. A. MI6HT0N
A Full Line of Cigars, Tobaccos,
Pipes and Smokers' Hnndrlea
In Stock.
Headquarters (or Playing Cards and
Poker Chip*.
Merchants Advertise in tho
Paystreak Because It Pays.
N addition to Ihe rmmy KJiWes enomeratod ia a fcrmer adrmaen*-
we have added to oor large amortment ol Standard Uoods a f^h *i.^
ment of
Sweets /lain and Mixed, In 1, 3 and iOfal. pall* aod in fhncy i****,***,
immediate table use
SAUER KRAUT, ^Jn\\T*'^Mmm k"r,Md��
DlCU    Wi�� Bonelesa CodlHh; Mackerel in f** lb. kits, | ant | hht,
f Ion. Labrador Herring, in ft bbts.; Salmon Miles, in 25 Ih ki*
h nd other lines of H*h in package**.
The Hnest line of this ela��* of g��a��i�� e***t*r seen ia Samion.
HAMS AND BACON, l^-ZtTat*w,ka'n^
Just received, a car load of PQTATDGS, flnsn the nc*i<d S|*!!int,-Jwa
Valley, and other VegetaMe*. frw front fro*.
o*rnt*n\a**'�� GROCERIES, J_Jg__^'__l5'
Wc nn- Agente for the <*eh*t*rai*d MOOW1M CANBU-B. in 11 ttA ii
ng. cases.   Full weiglu ami number.
Also sob* agent for I In GIANT POWDER <**X ami in the hag.- v_Sh
Kuilt expressly for u* have wveral Q��rs of thtAr noted Itm. 1 ami _ powdar,
| aod I} inch' Tln-ir No. '2 t* ��*on*4*b*r*d ��|i*aljf*r�� the No, I of any oifcr
PUBS, dt��ul-h ami tripph taj*\ by the UU feet tor cm*. PKIM0R
CAPS, by the box (IU0) ����r case j |(�� %%
We invite the puMk* gvtieralh to an iii**prrti*-*n of oar torjjt fro*.
proof l-ar-JtiKot and adj ��toiog tin i*rm*f <x*llar and mber wan-li-i-.. ill
kepi wt-ll filled itul iu an .itl��rl> and **y��4ematkr maimer
wU*A*0*Am*mUmm*Ammmmga am*m%*mmn wt* %i, *'�� ��.Q_*V
*%\ ***> n*\% 4Ol*n*lf***J0JSTg\ **h*  ***W****^*W**f* *C* **����� '->^
tiem U tii* r,w,�� ,��� i,�����      n*^ eamt th*
l��r����v-t af,-.|| r��t   III. TJ*}.*
���Queen Heating Stooea,
Box Stooea,
Cooking Stooea.
Ranges. Etc.
l'ainii> oil I *yt nmwy Antm mm4* i�� itrdwt.
Hamilton Byers,
ent �������: wiiim-:
S  lllVAMIiill
White & Cavanaugh
OttDV. B. f.
M��iittfr,4inr-r. ,4
Rough and
Dressed Lumber
K.tiiiiL>t,.. f,,r,a.l,...l t�� i ��.���i,��,,���-.
lltl.l   Rtlll.l.rrr.
Ordem h*n at Byers1  llardwart*
Htore will receive pri*tnpt atti'iithm.
a. o.
�� 01 km a* tltr* M***o>i ***'���* ���'*
wmre m tMMrlh
Attention,Iravel ng
Lent* HmMlaa Use all 0oa��t ***
hound paint* dally at T.4.T*
Ar. Vaneaaver Itf-OO a*��t day
Heattle        I7..1A
XelMHi 143-aO same day
Trail fttsOO
Rmmland    It��t30
ImntvrtlUiltf ...Htmee-tU* m-t. t��t I'**"**
i��.it.i.,����� dtdat, a����i**k mr**ro,***i**' X-**
*������t. an tow at tit* nomt* oA*an*mt*** -"""
la.   ���!--_.   ��_���__.._.
**y ��tit�� tin*


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