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The Paystreak Oct 16, 1897

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:**f" **St   -^-=r-__
SANDON A**D Ob&Y, OCTOBER 16, 1897.
���*   *
Britiah  Goearnnmnt WrfTXatWaf
*��At London
Venihg   Poatttalav
S.t   Y.
cal.iV���to   the
Sl\ **���
I tiiideNtsntt tbat Um British
guvi rnmenl's reply to S��*naior WoJ-
tt��ti and the * tamer members of the
I'nited Stttea btim-taltic ci*nmi*s*ion
b. to las give* on Saturday after the
ci.iiitM*i lllll'nrtjK Meanwhile �� wh*
urr,,ttol_m��fiwMl-or   uTthe .*x*
,-*i.*,...-r b Itaf-tr sj^Pitnlvi-ly r.iu,t.tl
i.n ��*nkct**s�� dhoonnt b**o***m and
,��-rvhaou .|nmmHng airainat any
action in the int***mm of ��Uver, Snd
)>r<<U-.Mvastojr*immnlitf of Indian
mint* until tn#- fall mmfttn* of parlia-
wet <an tm taken.'*
A lUfl-Vdkate
Japanese tm��a*jmper* Ar* autliori-
n for tlte -.tatrtn-iit that tin* Oil-
nt -a have ftarmed a 1%-syndicate f��r
tk purpoae of buying up ail the ail
vi r .ituinatde ill anteripatbm of tlie
..ii Hitm of ttm fold ammlaril alter
(fruiter 1st.   It ta feared  sallkfent
Hmrsday .linmtkm;<mmeei��st"tmd
ofthe Payne, the Reciprocity and
internai��<inai on tit** west end of the
Payne, the Mollie o.--fir the Idaho
and Alamo, and the (Wick and
Mountain Con on tin* South Fork of
Carpenter creek, all well-known
|��i*tiwrties. David VV. Moor-. and J.
A. ��lilttiiT, Mr. Thompson's former
partner*, are the purchase���. The
purchase price was |��5,000.
Man Ut i Ilr��, nr. ua< dta�� down a car at are
trttm the \V.n.-l��rful
Taa new ****** tram Ih* UVWti.t <-htm h to
E*ac�� rntenue Hit a Inac Ml ttttnt
J M Bmrri* l* put tint '���rit.t.injT In tbe er***
a* tba l��w��r end ��tf tbe town .it*, and with
tbal Witt�� i��nt tn la tbe aatt mud will confla*
Or* tweak ttrartrtt* whole 4i*tan-*a��t_iniar.h
If law USsssW wbo fanad a tort ��l�� shall. ��H-
.rrOntjssTl ����,,..�� in that-astral ibe Uaale
��rt��a��b bout ��iii rvtarajAtaa J�� tba hotal be
willr��r��tts*ej*wsad. 'TT%*U   *A ,
Tha tan^rac-t at OUet to .tasvlilt- apward
A fairorahW r��>|tl.tr ie b��ra*��t far from the Britl <b
Ca*-aanantrml to the I aiU-l Stat*. ����traa-i*��i��n
���Om. WUIr h m ..aid feat**- a ��f*at snffsWt. f
Wairriaaa to put tin* np a -alltina U*A
as riot la y^ars
tote of Amu*
mIvi-r may he tBttatrd. when Honjr ���**���****���*��**"*���*��� * w*��.*4toau-i wte��*ii um.
___ A*  . _.. _. a. ^^       oFrni ��� __. _* ���   ���-  A      A* _.  __w .      n_  .   _,     a        a _ _.
Kong and Snjrap��a**i' an* taken into
�� ii��id����ratl*ntt, to pntvhaae all the
gt*h\ c��in minted. The gov��*rnment
in <L.irnit*d at this pr��iapt*��t* and la
<tvdYin��*anS avert the eat_wtrtt*pa��.
^WatWfea Km stop iiMilmngaalto-
*iher* while oUtera *a*4��eM lhat a
-ui. lit* abtHiUl laj pla-eetl on tin-
���i^**regate amount of eneham.***** ami
this not to aimed ��U0tt) yen dally.
Ktrbaaa*. mad Kootanay b**��aU f..r a hotol,
tohekor.- , _. to* Miner*'batal li wtfita
Aai��bSt>*<>i r �������_���� la *t*d_^Ft��� *,' *
sjanr. M> Vaia. ul t*a%lu, wbo bald Eplstopal
aiwtHtaa4 in Vfaniala ball tatt Ban tat* ���venlB��.
atats-s that  tba ��aoi attaudaaea wa. so
Qmrch l_arekaa.
MithtaUst servirra will hr ht^id to-
tn-.rr.tw nHwttlttg and evening at 11
and 7:15 o'clock. After thr evrninjf
**r\k_* there will lie a abort mmg
���ar-tiee. Kev. ��%. M.��Hanf*��ril. paa-
The l��i*r*Jbvteriana will hold serv
le��*�� tttmorrnw inorninir st 11 and In
th** evealnf at TrfW.  In t^-rnetr a
hall.   Rev. T. Mcmtk-a. paator.
Knutvmar Is m��w one of the Hue
��rts. At Thos. Brown A Co.s wert*
MVn lately some novel Idea* in rtne
u.-'ti'a shot*. A ventilatwl tow which
l-revenm aweatinir, mbla*r ���*���!���*** ���*���
prevent wettlnff tne feet and **lip
pintt. snd eomblnation rnb1a��r and
aalaatos SOknV which Ifjvea lightneaa.
They will add mneh to the comfort
< -f uirtiired humanity.
A aWanto Capitaliat.
William McKemie. prasldent **(
���lie Toronto ttreet railwav cmnt-sny.
*aa in Handon JViday and Hattir
���lay. He Is tnu��n**u*i in a number
����f mines aad prospi*cta in the Sloean
f-nd has a high opinion of the future
���>f this district.
Jeck Thompson Nntmn a Cleanup.
���lack Thompson, one of the lwet
*<nowtt mining men in ��h-can. m\
����ut his Interests here this week and
�������s left ftir Callftirnla, where he will
i *-Hidc The deal ems made Wwine*
��l��y, and Inelndetl an Interest in %he
'���nodenongb   ami    Htrsnger,   the
���atrrtra. o>r*�� t wiVj. �� asanth In-tvafter
O VV HnmiMt; will ptnmh In Kaw _ten*or
John Ktf-n nf Ka.lo. iwuviuoinl lat s.^.sar.
t�� <l��ttt�� hnsiaa** ia ratndou.
*. t\ Mr Arthur and wife leave Wlav tor a
tea weak.' vacation on tba .-.���a��t
Mies m B. UtyJ*a baiti to lav i**r a trip to
Spttkane an<t **����� Kr*ij.-t��*=> ***.*. |.����*-urt* and
SO William Van Hint ant Jam*. Ro*sara
���t|ar.*M~l t�� arrivr. <��tt Ihi. montiap's train
axmriheV I' R
Thonta. JalUit-t UO *V��it4on Mottdav lar ti
JU auTof Ttirtl to AtrtVola. Al*a HI* bro-
th*r. R��>l��J��rt Jallattd. Irotit Frtwa-nn. It In hi.
ple< ��"
John t aaterwo Wissstt Mau^av (ot Kd**ton -
ion in bapaata ton or tbwn j**aaa> Mr Oam-
ermiSs lni>rtr.t**-t In *be iti*0p.��--*l B-tlisoatan
rout* to Kiott.tikt*.
,    ��� i  - ...   i i    ��� i ���   V ���������ir
Left to the Gold Commissioner
(ieorge l/.vatt had Jack rHtlgrr-
aMarrested for takingsUivevtHiotl
��tlTt��M'grotiml tm thf aawmlh mil.
Two of tlte justices (Bused to stt on
the ea*ie. and the tlefendant  i*ofuaed
have the maiur n-fed liefore Jus-
wrongly, that nc was
.ofatfe,   As he. had
olrtali*. a hot^nipehse, the.gold coni-
inisaionerA when  informed of the
matter, r^vvA_d it.   The license was
transferred to the present owner
when the, hotel was opened.'
Mrs. Barger has the svmpsthy of
the. community in being made to suffer for the chicanerv of another.
Application will be made for another
license as soon as tlie statutory time
Where Is the Plre HsllT
Many people are asking what has
lar. niie of tne proposition to build a
fire hall and tower, which started
out so auspiciously two or three
weeks ago. The matter seems to
have fallen by the wayside, and to
have gone thc way of all good resolutions. Part of the committee appointed to raise the necessary funds
Have done their work, and about
ItiOOisnow in the bank. Winter
will soon be here and the cost of
building *^iitff Tnc^seVr. The
building should be built without further delay, say the subscribers, snd
they are impatient tojsee it commenced.
CD. Porter Succeeds P.Wateen-
Directors Ar* Gomittg Up.
At a meeting of the directors ofthe Arlinj^ton company, beta In 8po-
kahe last week, the resignation of
Frank Watson as general manager
was accepted and C. D. Pc>rter appointed to fill the vacancy. The
new manager and a hnniber of the
directors are expected hjere daily on
their way m tlie^irtne: VtytAxVot***
of Kaslo, one of tiie heavy stoek-
holders, informs as that the mine
has a mai^iflcent slK>vr_nt,; and
gives every promise of btMJOtn.iig a
great producer." The new* hoisting
plant will soon be in poa��tjjijn.
Contract lor Rsnttiding.
. San4_: Mann and Pat BnrnsBave
the contract for rawhiding ore from
the Last Chance.. AHew Jjmil will
be built at once bv way of the American Boy to the "old Payne -warehouse on the &.**&., which the Lest
Chance will use. * -
Knights ol Puthiss Dsncc.
The first dance by the Handon
Knights of Pythias  was given last
Tnswwnav  night in Y-rrghim hsll,
ba wwaid ��d_a-Maa��wa*a>3iBd  was a 9*MS*M�� in evmry way.
About 70 couple were present.   The
dinner st the Hotel  Sandon wss
splendid.   The arrangements werej
wBH made and carried ont, and the
expressions of satisfaction nniveraal.
ticeUllv. The matk��*i was fiost-
poncd to next week, iben the inar
UtraU' said he wtmld have OoW
(Xanmmdoncjr I)eitni| hear it.
Still Besrtn| Fruit.
The license of the Waldorf hotel
was taken away W**^*}*^
g,M commissioner, acting throttgh
Stable Mountain,? Tlte reMon
iriven was that the  license WSS ob-
Sta��l by fraud The��� Uewg ~
ilntt taken out by if*. C. WI"*!"*'
the voSger brother of A. D. W ill-
\%iil Tbcn M JVWUtowii.
detained after his brother. flight, ��
gain Ilia liberty he s^ore. rightly or
Sileer Quotations for the Week.
ifondav. Oct. U,     -      - 57
Tuesday, Oct. 12,        -     - Ml
Wedncsdav, Oct. 13,        - 57
Thursday, Oct. 14,       -      -, 57|
rViday, Oct. 15,       -      -      - 531
tjaturdav, Oct. 16,    -         - 53j|
Lead has been $4 up to Saturday
when it dropped to f3.i5.
A Csse of Malicious Mischief.
Pat Fonghertv got into a row in
The Nook the other night, and while
his companion was out of the room
he cut several valuable pieces of
wearing apparel with a pair of
shears. Thirty dollars and costs
were -tssisscd against him, but this
would not nearly coverjthc damage.
Ktslo Wanta s Minister.
Kev. T. Mensies,who is moderator
of thc Kaalo >M��aioii, waa in Kaslo
this week at a mcctiugof the session,
called to wrtsid��r the matter of filling the Presbvterlan pulpit there,
which is now vacant. It was decided to a��k candidates to come and
Oriental Degree.
A lodge of the Oriental degree was
established in Sandon last week and
is growing rapidly. It isconsidered
advisable to take out a life insurance policy before joining.
Patne Trsrt Working.
The first car on the Payne tram
camedown Wednesday. Everything
worked smoothl-V-
s��e ���*.���#*>,
���    asi..i i ,    it     -frttin
Hurt bu a Palling Tree.   -   ,
Nick Colly wss hurt at the KMb
Thursday by a falling tree.
mine         ,    ..
He was one of the timber g*ngv and
six or eight leet broke off tne tree
and hit him on the head end chest.
He is at the mine, and sWu**igb severely hurt, the doetor docs not
think it serious. r*
1.11 "   I in. I'll
Waiting lor Ramfeidtw*.
Mining matters are auiet. Only
the big producers are doing much.
Preparations are being made for
rawhiding by a great number of
mines that cannot be worked extensively in summer, and another throe
or four weeks ore will be coming
down from all directions.
������'  ' i        I        ���      e....mmm���---������-**
Rumored Jumping.
it is rumored that the Cordelia,
on North Carpenter, had been
jumped on the grouad the law applying to stock companies had not
been complied with. The Cordelia
ia a valuable property.
,��������� n���a-Si.    ������ ������   ������,*��� asp.���,
Sooereign Stnrns Up.
Bernard McDonald, owner of the
Sovereign on the Goodenough lead,
will start work today. Tne lead
shows 14 inches of clean ore. B. C.
Riblett is manager.
Trouble in the Wonderful.
At a stockholders meeting of the
Wonderful Mining company, held in
Spokane this week, Manager Held
Was severely criticised as to some of
the figures in hia annual report. No
notion was taken, the matter being
laid over for a future meeting. Mr.
Field's side of the case haa not yet
been presented.
Notice ia bateby given tbat nt tba a*.
of one month from tba ftrat publico!
Of the undersigned will apply to tba Sainan-
diary magistrate for tba diatrfct ot Waak Kootanay, for a license to sell liquors by retail at
bar hotal. known as tha Waldorf, situate on
Lot W, Bloak t. Sandon, ftrat addition.
Dated at Sandon, B. C., this ISh day of Oo-
tobt-r, ISW ��.._.-._.-.
���Ai -%
I  I
���a >,��� ��� THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B. C., OCm^m 16, !�����?.
Judgment lor $1000 for PUrintiff
for Ground Rent
A judgment Ibr 18000 was given
by Judge Forip last Tuesday in
_t*4_on, in layer ofthe Lemon estate
ttt, fbr rent
4m 9*w\?***
ind onoumed by de
taingonCapitol hill.   Mr. Lov-
i, in defbndln_r the
been Interested in Jordan's scheme
can inform themselves as to ray
credibility la Tacoma, where I lived
ijOmc yea��� ago.
Jack Kavamai*��h.
Barkervllle, B. C, Sept 23.
work has been done usee It.   No
move has yet been madeey the gov
ernment or individuals to cut  ont
authonties will
before the mid
A Pleeaing
The following is a statement of account rerxivetf by the Reco Mining
tt Milling company from the Omaha
A Grant SnieWngcompany for a car
of ore. Tbe ore Is average valne,
other can running abont He aame.
The cost of milting and putting on
ears is about SS per cent of the net
Ow.na.Bob.O-t T. inc
a^rsjTw om***** *MMmmn*m*mt    ^a__i^_^^evawaa aPSr^^rWjL* tnm ^mt
Aasa^.frartan-SUaar, ����.�� oa_wata.   Isaad.t*
Mom York taeaattiasTta-Laavt, (*.  ml**e,Mt��
iMa-40 par aaat. A*-; **�� par newt, fb.
*tV*alrao��asst.aii>aff.aaaV����ai|.. . .. UM a*
1WuiMaiba.taad,isgaia�� tyeaewt.   Tata*
Oraas ralne
att, in defending the case, set forth
tbat he had a verbal iease of the
ground from tbe Leaions with the
itndmifrmting ***** he mi^tpur
chase at a reasonable torn at some
Aiture date, up to last January g��
a month rental was paid, and sever,
al reeidenoee mere built by Mr. Lovatt ami rnnted. At that time the
Lemoa estate raised the rent to |75
a month. ThlsSraa reiused and suit
wmshroufht The judge held that
as a tnonthly rental bad been paid
Uetanstitutedah-ase from month to
month, and the itfaintln. oould ask
an increase if they chose. *
Mr. Lovatt states that a oomprom-
ise bas sinee been a-cranned and the
matter amicably adjusted.
Jeek Ksoesaagh of BarBerollle De-
nonneea It aa Impractitmbla.
To the editor of the Post-Intel I i
geneen���The plan of Arthur Jordan
of Sandon, B. C, wbo advertises to
mke a party of prospectors from
Ashcroft, B. a, to Klondike in sixty
days, has caused a good deal of bitter talk here nnd remarks to the effect that people should be warned
against uking the trip this fall. The
trail ts open and good moat of the
way from Quesnelle to Masleton, but
from Haamton to Telegraph creel
tbe old telegraph trail has been nn
used for pany years and is absolutely * impsssable for pack trains
untH thousands of dollars worth of *fd  nmterial  to  the men at work
to Noam Lake.
W. H. Annati-ong left with a par
ty for Movie lake last Wednesday,
sad will at once commence the construction ofa wagon road frnm that
point to tbe foot of Kootenay lake, a
distance of about 60 miles.   A force
of abont 300 men will be employed
and it is honed to have tbe road
coaipletedwathlB-tOdnjra. Tbe com
ptetion of this work will give n eon
tinuous nnd of easy grades from
Kootenay lake to McLeod to be need
Ibr the tiam_nortation of
along the line of
the Crow's Nest
this portion of the
supposed  that the
have the work done
die of next summer.
Now. as to living on thc country,
it is not nractkmble for a party to do
so, and it would be folly to attempt
the trip without ample supplies.
��ah nre plentiful, but game is
searee; from Ouesnelle north for 300
miles there b practically no game
along the trail, not even grouse or
trail. It is not possible for a large
party starting now without dogs to
^torongb to Klondike before next
August, and as a''quick and easy
route," it Is simply Idiotic to start
this fall. Parties intending to tak��
this route should start from Quesnelle not earlier than the latter
of May, as thegnmi will be too
for feed before thst time
Meet of this route is known to be>
tbrougfa a mineral eountry, and
there nre large areas of verv prom-
jaingec4Mj*��*ry to prospect. (H_tlneeai
dlstrist the hot-dart of Ceeetar, tbe
aPenee rf-fcr country, the Teslin lake
���region, nnd other places bow nn-j
lutto-wu tt-ufcd UM*��*4ored, will yield
plenty of duet when those aecttVam
- ���������_���!_������������������.     ������������������_���������������.     _________________________��___ |       _���* mm. ������_>_���.     mm, ���Sh_���������������. 0)
nave oeen prospeceen. i nave spent
the season of IWT.pfospectlng In the*
Omlneea district, and speak with n
   -j^ of ^ jj^m In these mnt^
.tors, Bad I can assure Arthur Jordan that if be takes a party on this
������quick and saav route" be will be
very lenity If the made-Heed don't
���ti-etch hfe neck as a mild hint to
nf hie kind.  Those who have!
_ Notice is hereby given that we are
route, but it to the owners of tiie Hotel Bartlett
building, but are not respisneiMe for
any debts contracted in the management of the hotel.
Babtlbtt Brnrn.
Town lota and a new dwelling
house for sale in New Denver. Apply to   Thompsom, Mitchell 4 Co
_________���____��� _. r    ...       Lr
Johnstone A Haines hare Just received a carload of Gurney stoves.
Pnr Snln.
tsaabtaar Saa
Wm t*at*ffcn.Qr*> **\**Ayto
New York
Brewing Co.
Drcycr ot Hofiincittr,
SANOON, b. c.
baar made ta Canada.
ratalt aatdbaao.
aU tba la teat
,_*_____# th*
aad eqoal to aajr
Wa aw�� aotbfatsj bwi
���aw., w w *****f ���anwswa t*0t\0 w_r gmAm
UTtmia 4 IsUasn.   ������
Geld ssd Gold Ores Melted. IU*
CrW-rtMients ef
wawn._a_t w wa^aas   ^**w*t***wwm      Ja^ar** wy       JrWj-W* **a^��� mmwmnw**        mnwwnr** mw*mm���r
At tXU-taW.
���BHaaaa tw tba tUaaaa Mlata* Mvftstaet atf Waal
ft a-dinar dlstriat.   Watsta -jwawMd-a-tatba
Taba aotb-a tbat I. It. B Irtttaa. ttw* a
e**t*Atm*wto Bo. aid A a* aawat for ibe-all.es
Ha*aJa**IUaJ*n�����*f��^Mjb��ltWj| tlat-UH*/
ffwa9 SUMr ��� <fa*fgxl_Esfs-tl# m<aV_ss__M_A aSaWS] 9Mmf #A0b#1
paaafad/. fraa atinar*s
Intaad. slata-dart frwaa
ataof tba
rtbar taba
And fori
ateUaa_ST ataat ba.
aocaof <
___ Ha
day bare of. ta a*.-
lor a eeet aaLrata sa
Emporium of Pashiom
Baiaa aaaalwaw a ona__ia*oata*! of *,a*
|_Miaa awfatabsaws. Vtaa Stlh H..,��r* | .
dat-waau.aa-i i-awvrfhssst ta tba Un* j ymmt.
w��aaif esa_aaaaaata la sajru
(Ml tba Saaat .*,,*,_f ��_,
  str/lea, mtmi ail atek
to ��a wtll LMreaa-ta omt ****** is! stisa.
Bar* At* .mtetm
m. l. ORinnEn
Noteir Public,
���ANOON.       . ��� C.
Witt br at iMtH
ta nan**
Krr*<Tri,xK Axn nvisimi stai
Mlaaral atatnaa. *t��aai> la tb����a��r**_ m.sim
dltlstsra af Wa-t Batslaassa dss��rw��
****at*d --On Nw  HmnkWmk <A i
saaab and abaajt S��a aad awe ball *��
tbat art lost
badaie tba tsaw-  tba data
aayb tw-alSaate.of iaaaaatsaseatst em*tn tn * em^Btro**
tiutad tbi. gMb da* of -bryraMtabar. tnW
Ftrat pwMsoatlaa, Oat. f
Hotttw is aseaKyjTltren tbat tba nanaaarsbb>
���retarere etistlna batwawn taa nndsrsiaaed
gaaairaJ aaartibant*. and dakag btuda��*���� ia
���don. bas tble may beam dLssaltrad br ana-
-    V jTOoldea will aarrr awtbt*
all ablltraliwns of tba ��H.
l���*t_rsHi gf raSsWowawm, "iw?Te_ml9g %, BWi
t A i*AHA*WS.
WM ft. tKrUnXX
Orao Urea, powatfal aalf
alaaat^aa paaeaeaf aas��H,
SraitabU favAaajeajaoeises. tbaatrae!
>f   ���Owll gfs|
Vlaaaaia. !
ladies' asd fhililiassi' Wnalan MiHeea
"���awa*awr#-^-_s     rjBsarwaw   w>****L**r*a*e**a -swa-any      *mw *-ST-mf*aV*f   awarae*ejVws_l
Udieg and ChiWren'a
Wool Uodertrear.  j
Silks for Blouset.
���attbra tbat I. CbarW* M
aawat far A. tb B*mn. ten nta
Ha tAjm. and Cbari,
a tl*. ?.!�����
Ilr* teem
S."'l'�� S.
.- *fi'.*V sis
rlsa Sawbaasv, ttw* miiyer*
,Intend.sat*t as,,
andjr tst tba �����!���*.
ta af
is. �����
t>��.. **r
tm ut ,4 ta*
Aad fartbar lata nctfiro tbat arti��r
���tsttlaw W.aawst a* t isiaaianaped ****** *b* **���
sstaara of swab ***j��rtiaraie af tnpaw* ew ���  ��� ���
tbttad tats ut day *dt*amt . tar-*
wls*wf irViMskfalJffBlMl, e**wfA)m) ��� A. IrwVf
Sttnnta la tba itloaan Mlals* I4t Uion of Wat
BoaSana-* dMrtVt   Wbar* loaalad 4b�� v��mty
, Toha tvatleo tbat I. WlttUat A Bnnar, a-t-
****��* *9*3% ____L*a?** ** nbaw. frsw aainar'a
a*^**.*' ****** Ut^asiTJat- days fraaa
tbariato batataf. laaMr Sa tba ���alnlast n*
m**4n farar^ttMaa at tearrot^aasants fat
tjat awrgaea af abtelalaa Oown graat. of
-^'rsL1**: =:,_��_3 xszxfc
tat to
" Srst pibUration. Ont. ft, un
nonornv muibbal claim.
> Mtb dajr of Ortobar. ISW.
A..B sUll/m*
Data at Beat ftablieatlttn. Oet. is. ita}.
���Htaais In llwlUar-aa Mteia�� W.U1'.    ' Wast
taattaat dfctrlet    Whata larals-t     >**'
town of natadaa.
tba  awtira  tbat I, Oaafffs Atoamn.Ur tr**
Wt erartlaVate  Ha ikom. as mm*'-' '��� ������' ''
W J_��rs��a**. fraa aalnaf-s twHnVat*-N    '****
N  W mwVotrJrn tntoar*. aartiSrai* N     '
mm.ood It g ateVar. fraa atla-f. r***,e. .'-
No TLSSk iatowd. 4ltv  dots  froat   tl>* <*<���
boraajf. to aajyir to tba fold tHs-asa.*�����������'->������ '���'���'
a **arliSr4ie of iina-ataaaaata. f��r tb* i��"i-"
af atartainiM aarww��grant of tbs> a*-������'l-'-*'
And fartbar taba aadsra. tbat md*er*e 11* >,s.
maot ba eaat to tba anbt ���j.aaan��U-t--*��'��r ������"���
artion ranswewaad bafotw tbe Is���at.- *   ' ���
�����ffllat��w*di## of |*_iifat^w^eBve>filn
Hate of Sret nrablbmtion, Ami tt. MM	
ef I
MlahtffdlrtrjJ..o ��' *���*������"���
******  U
���**��� ~��bVaf
laba*aa4J��e tbat I, S W T�� I
ant far tba Bon Wot** M**Uf
eaartiaVato Ko. n.Jas, and W
ItM   >�����*���
rnnar* batwawn Oarprnirr.nl
Ulfrraaba, aad am  tbaea**
laSa^aAico tbat I, B. W Tarb. ajilaa ������
rem  tree atttf
...las.  ind Wl'lien. A Al*
.fiaantlayaWTt-wrtiSt-ai* ����  [t.tm* in****d
l**rd\tnhon tho data IrreiW. �������� otf   '���*
* liatt Boeaatanr for a ��wrt IS��*. ia *jtm
pratratnants, for tba awrfoea of .-.Msinina*
*i3ri^^*l^:to **��**.:*:'
eeatloa ��. aaaat 1* at-aWatataatd h*t*r* '>""'
aaatitia n. aaasst 1st aaaniatanoao **<
rirat aaMlratUn,Saw* lb. SB��
SnheeHhe Uw the Paystreak. nwemnmr
��MW   JMSBVlw.   11TKMS.
Thi. hand imnt ******** -ready far
JaUnev. aad st^4^l��ya will nave
3.ruf��le quartersto practice in.
Another tottagel* to be erected by
j t Ikilaadtr en his r^\Mrty on
jUenth tdreet It wilt be omtpied by
���,r. aimI Mrs.Brouae.
'j,.. Arjro stiuee UsmneMT aaa
brought suit In the Supnmte Gturt to
determine lit* title to the mineral claims
Gladstone Fraction end Kickers
Two trips s dat are belar made with
orv (rout the   I^WStttf.   lTl�� flrst Wg
shipment will be made lit a few days
Th.* or* Is very heavy, retting cunidder
ally over 15a pounds to the sack.
Sr-veral   PsUr   Mile
alKuit to be worked
Pelly river    McKay says that this is
tbe best r..uu*t-> Dawson City and that
he would not be afraid to make the entire trip with only a gun, some wit and |started.,
plenty of blankets.
hoisting machinery, etc., is expected
daily. Tbe new bunk honse is nearly
completed, and work on a new ore house
The Echo is expected to start up
pfOperties arc
rith  largely in
ir,.��M*d lot-ess, sntoagthetn the Van
router. Ttotasssa ��*d" J f^ Maiden
li ,* aiati rentwted the Wakefield will la*
r��.j��im*d at once under Mr. Bremttera
Tbe taterfwtse tadne* Ten Mil* is
-jill closed uVrWtt. but It l�� vere t-videot
ot**r*it��.n* will be tmahi'd there thi*
winter with renewed vigor. A bnnk^
hoaae to-K& men ia altwist t*oropleu*d
������,1 other iwilditn** are b^ng wetted
_im��tit the camp.
A ��J r-wguson, of Vat-rcwtver. wa*
,nNi*w|iwnvt*ttbhi week. He was on
a > ..ti t.�� tbe several mining properti***
held in the Str-icaa by the cemmuiy be
mtrtwnta* among them the raacot*.
nrar silratM. Work on this claim
Jui* tn**m going oo aince early in Ihe
Mrs. llrrtha lamber*-**. one ol Uie
tatttttUr pi**��riaNoni of tlte well-known
tY!i��tft*r rrataorant oi Xew Itenver re
tuntt-J last -seek from Jiurope wht-t-sehe
S- ni th* summer, hit* witi*r*3w��ed the
JiiI.iIcm> .-t-tlebfalton in loo.lon.but ttfient
most .��< the Unit in Norway and .S-ae��|��n
utlUna <He|tgaWd relSlitres
The wagoaroad between Sew leaver
*.hI lW forks will be finished this
wark lu eon is about ei.m* more
th^titbrlutidseollecitd. aii the <����*-.
.riH.uiii baa been asked lo cintnUuie
���l/*��iiaors la onler to help out.the I
pniilie spirited ciUiem who bsve been I
iti^rantinul in puahittg thia important
i*uJ.Ik* work to completion
Mwatra. !*wan Bra*.. !*1at*..n A Wi-tfht.
l-r��umi and owners ol tbe Katry Queen
mine, on Troot enwk were in New l*en
*���*��� \VtMti��ada_f bttjriag proviaMms tor
Utt-ir ramp. Tbtty are building a trail
loan the Fairy Qtwen to the iiea.1 of
Sbraa lake, a distance ol lews lhan eight
miles it will he completvd to a wt-ek
or ton days.   CWfoi-ttblepurler*bai'*
l-een erected at tbe mine and work * HI
��* pushed there alt winter. Fifty tons
*d ***** on are tm the dump watting ths
eamidetkm of the trail, when the fimi
���bipment will be nisde. Tliey hava Hi
iWt ,d aulitl galena in Ibe lace of tht
I itttn.-t.
Alexander McKay haa  returned to
N.n Ib-nverfrom a three months trip
in the direction of Klondike,   llw mi*,
nion north waa to r-tamlne Some go****
\*Agea    lie want in a ettrtoe with   an
Indian guide from  Wranjrel to   tele*
graph i reek, thenee to I tees Jake, ami
<lon ti tbe Dees river **> mib** and up
.!�������� I Jiinl rtvor Bn miles where he founu
pliuiv ttf gnletia ledge** from two t�� ten
������i-i wide, ram ing about 000 ounces ol
-���ilver to the'ton.   Tbe brmatlon ��**
"itiiilar tn that of theBkieau and McKay
���hinks It wllTbe profitable mining when
�� railroad ups the regl����.    ___��**��� xr
rt-tunturip lie had to walk  H*i�� miles
"wing to rain   having   swollen   the
creams.   It took *M* davs ol hard warning liefore Wrangel was reachetl on the
rHurn trip,  t.ame was plentiful and
many a grouse and norcttptnedid Sandy
fow away   behind  his bell,   t'n  Hit'
l-alnl river everv bar nrositecleil show
*��� Ui et a dav ih gold.   He  met two
I'..! . J.. "
IncreaMtl activity is noticeable in all
the mines now at work here. Tbe
Thompson. Vancouver and Fidelity are
increasing the force* of men at their
several annas, and the Fisher Msideu
and Wakefield will l*e i*e-ot>eiied in time
to ship this fall.
Silverton'* great liabel trial is now a
thing nf the past and Editor Cameron's
shoulders are no longer stooped under
his heavy burden of bail. Ex-Constable
Hamilton failed to answer to his aaUie
on Monday in the Magistrate's Court
held here, and Squire Granville dismissed the case.
Mr. Falconer, General Organiser for
the I O.K., it, to be t*ongi*atulatedoo the
splendid results of his efforts at organizing a lodge here.   He ascribexl  tbe
great suct-eas he has met with, however,
lo the great assistance given him  by
Messrs   il. < roniu and J   McKinnon.
The lodge, was organised on Thursday
evening Utat with a membership of 29
and three have come into the fold since
then.   The officers elected were: C. D.
B CM.* W If*. Bouchi Chief Hanger, D
(room; P.C.R., J. McKinnon; NCR ,
H  li Cameron: Chaplain, C. M. Hitch;
Phvsic'an. Dr. Bruner; He-cording-See..
K  O. Matheson: Financial Sec., J.D.
ttennedttiii. Treasurer, W. S. Clark:
SAC, l��eo. Fairbatrn; 8.W.. J. J. Mcintosh: J.Waj Kd. Nelson; S.B., J. S
McFarlane; J.iL, Ed. McGregor; Trus-
tees, (3 Thtirburn and J. Bowes.  On
Friday evening of last week the mem
hers of Ibe I 0 F . of Silvarton. gave a
ball and supper which was largely attended.   Tht* toasts to the Queen and
the 1.0.F were responded to by Bros.
Bowea.  McKinnon, Crouin and.lal.
coner ?
The Antoine
9<��oz. ore.
now has a toot of solid
Sir Adolph Caron, lately home from
the Mother eountry, says that England
ia deeply interested in the mining lands
of our Iiominion, and that English capitalists sre willing to purchase any good
firoperty offered, whether in British Co-}
umbia, the Klondike or the Lake Wawa
district. The company which Sir
Adolph represents intends to carry
on extensive mining operations in the
Some Toronto men have bought the
Monarch mine at Rat Portage Jut $25,-
KASLO and 00DT.
���.111''" V"
A very sad fatality occurred at Governor's Island, near Fetwtaaguishene,
Ont., the other day, by which aa American gentleman, Mr. W. W. Griff-out, of
Philadelphia, Pa., while out shooting
wss killed by the accidental disebarge of
his rifle.
Robert Macdonald
Neil Macdonald
MACDONALD  BROS., Proprietors.
Rates fl.50 to $2.50 per day.	
Headquarters for Mining Speculators and Capitalists.
Reco Aye., - - Sandon, B.0
  ��� ---_--��------a-------^_����--__*____��
Whitewater, Oct. ll.~Evervthing is
fookin? well at the Whitewater mine.
Isaac Waldmn haa three teams hauling ore from k and dally shipments of
one or more car loads continue to be
made. There were numerous i visitors
at tbe mine during the past week, some
ol them agents for foreign capitalists.
iS'Vtdopmettt at the Hillside continues
to show up favorably, and the heamittg
ka*tka of the managers and officials testify thereto.
Tlte Eureka mine, adjacent to
Spriutles* BC , is being actively worked
at present Three hundred sacks of ore
have bean SUCked down, and sufficient
ore to till **i\ hundred sacks more has
bum taken out of the. miue when last
beard from.
Wold was received today that the
lAUidou. Hear I-.-ike. is looking better
than ever, it JhmIv of very rich ore having Iveen struck lately.
Hotel improvements is tbe order of
iln- day at Whitewater. .1 11 McKim's
hostelry, the Whttewstsr Hotel, has
Ireen doubled in sine and exterior tastefully painted.
The neighlairing camps, Spronles and
Bear Lsks, are sltowing signs of iu-
c~canlfig business. Packers are having
a bur vest.
Bc-rbsrt Wright, th" jmung man who
bad liin lejj brtiken by sliding ttmbai tit
the Whitewater mine, on the 1st Inst', is
MOiirngslng favurftbly under the care of
[DrKogers, at Kaslo. A subscription
I ratMtl among bis friends st the mine
and here for his benefit netl**d a hand,
some aitti.tint.
Oper-itioiis on the Charleston mine
are being pushed vlgownaly, and by
the time their i�� stiftlcient snow for raw-
hiding it will have everything ready
for regular shipments.
Con-attlerable is also being done at the
Northern Balle,    A   cotulgnmeni **.
Your money ba^ck
H. Gicgerich,
vou don't like Schillings    groceries & provisions,
Bast baking powder. MraEB8, 8OTPtHS-
Agents for
Stores at Ainsworth, Kaslo and SandonJ
We are headquarters
for Ore Sacks;
see us if you need any.
Dealer in MEATS
The Paystreak.
Is Issued every Satairday InSaudoo.ln the heart
of the gniatest White Metal tamp oo earth.
Suhrtrriptloo     ��� ...     tt.wayaar
Strictly In adtmnee.
AddratK Tm PAVs-ntKAii. S-wdoa, B.C.
SANDON. B.  C,   OCT. 16,  1897.
We have been given to understand
from a few scattered remarks which
have appeared from time to time in the
local press that the province of British
Colombia la desirous of attracting attention in the great markets of the
world in order to obtain capital and to
increase its population. It haa certain
valuable commodities to offer in exchange���at least we are told so���such
as minerals of different kinds, valuable
timber, extensive fisheries, and fruitful farming lands. The owners of tUis
natural wealth have in their wisdom
seen fit to offer their goods in Lonrfnr���
the greatest market in the world,
If a fruit-grower at Agassis has a tew
tons of idoifferent apples to dispose of,
wonld he send them to,sav, Baskervilie
or'Frisco? It is* we believe, usually
considered prudent when endeavoring
to obtain a looting in a new market in
which there ia keen competition to
send the best samples. Western enterprise, however, has proved the fallacy
of these old-world business maxim*1 we
presume, for the samples of Britisl Columbian mineral properties which have
been offered ia this market have in a
large number of cstaes been mere shoddy,
and among those few which have been
sold how many have been honestly
worth the money paid lor them? In
this mart, where the nations ofthe
World are clamoring to sell their warm,
sentiment has been permitted to in-
flu ce b i j 11 ��� ���. and our Colonies have
beeu favored sometimes undulv. The
confidence of the British investor was
rudelv shaken in regard to Westralia,
and this lesson has not been forgotten
British Columbia had nearly everything
in its favor when it came on the market;
favored it with great natural advantage*
as regards climate, water communica
tion, sixe aad extent of ore bodiea,timber
game, etc.; it had found favor in the
eves of shrewd American investors; and
the pu-rt-drstrings of Europe were inclin-
edto loosen.AJittle money was invested,
more or less tentativclv, and of the
results practically nothing is known.
Directors indulge in Utopian forecasts,
aa usual, but the public waits in vain
to ascertain facts. Whs* is being done
on these pt*t-*-pertie*��� are there no mine
managers? If there is no return on an
investment it is at least some satisfac
faction to i know how tbe monev has
been spent. Tbe (Government officials
have dona little or noth.ng to make
known the t*esourcee of their province,
and yet they hope to compete in this
/Treat market withesublishedgoldfield*
which spare no time or trouble in order
to give the public the most complete
and reliable information concerning
their progress. This selfish and shortsighted policy would almost lead one to
believe that those in whose hands the
fortunes of tbe province mainlv rest
have no belief in its future and are too
busy lining their "own pockets at the
expense or our ill-informed public.*-
London B: C. Review.
Charles E. Stanfieid,  the returned
Klondyker of Helena, Montana, says :
"The summers 'at Dawson are much
like those of Montana, and one wears
the same kind of clothes he would here.
The sttmmersare quite pleasant in the
town, bat In tbe diggings tbe mosquitoes make life a burden and one must
wear a frame covered with mosquito
netting over the head to enjoy anv
comfort at all. In the winter, which
���jets in about the middle of October, you
cannot dress too warm. Mackinaws
and heavy woolens are tbe beat kind of
winter clothes if one remains in camp,
but if vou travel you must have a
heavy robe to sleep in. Aaoodi-obeof
fox.lvux or wolf coats from 1180 to fWO
Horses are worth ��*�� and there are
onlv about 75 in Dawson. Dogs bring
from two to $150 and I have known
them to sell for ��t*). Moose tueat is
the onlv fresh meat thev get and* that
costs 7.*�� cents a pound. King salmon
brings 25 cents n pound aad nine head
of beef steers *Sat were brought in
while 1 wan there sold for I600D.
���The health of Dawson is good.
There had been but 12 deaths up to the
time I left, nine from natural esuses
and three bv accidents. Tbe town is
governed by 2s mounted police and a
gold commissioner. The latter settle*
all disputes of suy nature. He is a
veritable king, bus la a very iuat man
and no complaint of any kind baa ev, /
been made again** him. The order
that is maintained is perfect and
although even-thin-** is run wid*? open;
thev have yet to hive their first seritwjs
row- or shooting iwrsns. No unch thing
as a fight is ever seen although there is
whiskev enough mid. Tbey have a
prohibition law in tbe territories, but
tbe Dominion government seems to
want to be very lenient with the Americans, who constitute 75 per cent of
tbe population, and the law is not enforced. There is a dance house, a
variety show, five faro games, three
roulette," four stud poker and four etap
games always running In town. There
are any number of saloon* and drinks
over the bar cost 60 cents and cigars,
the best, TO cant*. Ch-uapsupa sella tor
an ounce of gold a bottle, aad gold
there goes for 117.    -
"The Government does not discriminate against Americana sad in favor
of Canadians, aa I have heard tdnce I
returned, nor do they tax miner* unjustly for their outfits who come into
the country. I don't know what thev
have done"since, but up to August 20th
the government had never charged the
10 per cent royalty that hi being talked
about so much.
���'Of the 5000 people In llawson, ton
are women, 78 of whom are ofthe
sporting class. The trading of the
town is all done by two coiapaniea, but
there will be more business houses in
tbe spring.
'���With regard to tbe coming winter
there, I believe there will be a great
amount of suffering. Hundreds of people are going in and not one in ten is
properly equipped for the winter, besides I believe It will be absolutely impossible for the transportation companies to take enough provisions to cuppiv
those who were already there when the
rush started and those who go without
their own supplies. I cannot see how
there can fail to be _*reat suffering and
deprivation. I believe, though, that
the government will send out all who
have noi provisions. If thev don't,
some of them will go hungry.' It mat-
be that tbe Buffering from want of proper housing may be obviated bv sending those who get in too late to build
cabins to Circle City for the winter
That place lias been deserted and there
are plenty of good cabins there that
could be used. If they don't do that I
don't know what will become of the 2fr��
people who are now on the wav up the
river on the steamer Hamilton who will
not reach Dawson till too late to mi-
pare for winter, and those who follow.
"I do not feel that 1 would be doing
mv duty if I did not state that there
will not be work enough far more than
-xJOtlor 4000 men In the diggings next
year, and there are that manv there
now, or will be before the winter is over
who will want to work, for the Dvea
trail will lie kept open ait winter and
nien will be going in all the time.. No
man should start for the Klondike,
therefore, looking for work, and no
man should go without he has a vear's
provisions and means to get them in.
It taken junt about S700 tobiiy supplies
- for a year and get them there/'
Mining & Milling Co.
Rand & Wallhridgc,
0*9 aSSSSSaa   ^WSS*asS   m^mwgma^tfmpmo   9et**9W**m0*o*mw*9 9^f
Sole Agents for Sale of Treasury Stork.
t4Mllt_WMWttNWSksssJMMWs>l VMM 1
I carry the stock���the largest in the fclorm,
Kootenay, in show rxmis covering
3*000 feet of floor sfmce.
Furniture for a Mansion or Cottage at
Bottom Prices
One hundred dozen of chairs to select Bvm
direct trom the factories at prices low a* the
lowest D. M. CROWLEY, practical up-
holsterer. with a staff of mechanics, can make
anything to order.
Undertaking a Specialty.
Note the address: Above the Lsdoe office
Sixth Street. New Itein-er.
Wrelsht pmid am good* ta ���taa.toa Mta-aa (Sty omd all *Ut�� pa-in t*
B__aujs^wml.���"-���;-���-xnvssfK ��� ���'��� r.
"^^E755!^.iS3!Kn5^_-^3^.   rSS^.^ .���.������SZ!S%*b^.
Hotel, In New Denver,  has heen en! irgr-l
and sll the i*tx**m*i plastered, j      Near |nr*��ts
and new tarniturc. Utratghottt make t.*..*bonae
s marvel nf comfort and elegance.       Wi'l>
38 rooms, snd its beautiful situation nmM*** the
finest scenery in America, this Iwtel Is on-nx
pasaetl In all Kootenay.
n. 8THWI-; Prop 0*        ���
A well'kttowa ItanistSf sf Barnia. Mr.
n,.v Mills i.srvey. senior mem tier of
l.i�� iimi ot Pardee A Oervey, died suddenly ol heart failure oa Sept. SKtb.
I ie��r are very ptentifui In Muskoks
tl,,. t*t*ason owing to ths obsetvanee ol
ti.*- rt-ifolations agsinat ah��otis��g deer in
Ute  water.     I'aitridfS,   however,  sre
Tin' miners aad prosptetors in tbe
Sudbury dlstrlet expresa ttMattselves ss
beinf greatly disappointed st thin
M.jts>in'i* t-esulta, as no dials hsve got**
(lir>r<t|*has yet.
Tbe Hon. Ilavtd Mill* has been offer-
.-.! tbe portfolio uf Minister ef Jnstiee.
made vacant by tbe appointment A Sir
niit-ft Mows! to the laiwotenaiit t-rt'v
rni 'fulitp of Ontario.
1-rutrnant-Colonel Osnrge Imtlb-v
Jtsastto died suddsalycf taut dis*mn
ai bu r^ttlatvoein Toronto, oo Sunder,
Sr-'.t 3Bth. Hia death leave* a asd
l-flank, both In military and bwrines��
Who is to be oast Ctwenior^ -itnienU of
i -ma-ta?  That  is the qumion    Tbe
���l tne r-*��ni t�� He between fjord Ash-
iHjtime .snd  lbs  Duke ef   Abei-tcorn,
_>ui '.**. awtwiat tmnsss have ��a***n turn-
Tii.* tsomlnhm Minister of Ctotom*
'..*.. expfiaasd hbnsslf as well pteawd
a Mi the result of the first ��4*Jm*t to <*��l-
w, .ventn in the Yukon, having re-
e*n\e*\ (ftJtU  I'ttlW-rt-if  Itavi*  fl&.ufo in
lea�� Hutu a {year.
A ��ral thy fanaar named Wjn. 1.
Trvntt-er.Uving nearCamniiifton, (hit.
'��������..nutted fMdpde by hanging himaelf t��
a ����*am tn histarn, on $*n*t ��tb.   Uw-
��� t. to s long tlloeaa ht had lw��cmfte tern-
l��.r��hit .lemetitett
Tb* AlgumaC-arpwr Mi mugCo.,Ltd.,
Un ..'dared an outfit of marbtnerv from
-!..-'brta,kts��Que,. and thewiirk of ��*���*���*
��� '���''���i*itt��*nt wtll anon be rttmmeneetl on
tt* (rmpprty ia the Townsltitt ol ttoubl.
"A the north shore of lake Huron.
Tlie ds**kn tor a new -mu-j-v atamp,
a-bk-h baa been ajifpn.vi--4.tj4 by Ute Post
-���-A*\rtA\*y*a*mX, \o made up of a pietnre
A tlw Qtassa as ah* appeared at hrr eor-
fuaitou, except that acw����m��t is aub-
-' :.:r*\ lor a crown, end a maple leaf.
���I". .>*Ttte* tmmtymnr
IV laehine ttapttla llytlranlie and
���and t*ompaay'* Works, ������btv.li are
*''��lt��jtif the water* of the Lsehin*
U��|.,.la to attptdy NoiitrealV ebctrt*
J����*em. were formally o;ten��l. in tbe
ptt-aeuca of a large numtaf of interwtetl
'jattnatoni, on 25th ol japptemWr
Mr. Krad. Rogers, of Um* Oanadlsn
Sxi. who i* artinf as solieitor for tbe
'"vat Northern Mining tV, ol tUat city.
*'iv*. tltat sample* of quarts taken I mm tt
���������tn tUaouivetad by one ol Utvw pri*a*pee-
tora near l__ke Wtwa, have, when,
:.y*A. sltown M*9i W to the ton.
Mr. Walter Booth, railwav mall clerk
'-���aeeii inlaw* ami Moatival. fell����fl
*<���*' (I'.tt. train and wa* b\UA ths
'������'.er night. His boily w;i*�� feund th*
�� morning, lying In* Mutt between
A" .midria and Ohm Holte* *ou. He
""I l��een ntatrisd only eight  ..onth*.
''rovwions are hlghpri.'etl at th*
N-' litpiootsn gold fields, tigg* eell M*v.
\n*f diMten, fish are **��c. each. Imtter it��
*t* uHtbtainable luaurv and tobacco Is
'��� **�� per pound. The country in ex
,ve**dinj*ly rottth and prospecting i�� very
'iHtcttlt work, while tain Mora* occur
-���n..*t nightly.
Hometim* ago an old woman named
M*'\lyn H)iea,of Hamilton .died, leaving
11 W>H which provuled that her property
*** to -(t, to her son t ieorge Hbea, il be
|* ** beard from within a yea|. Uwyem
>��m�� Jteim a-lvertisinsforbua |ir several
"���ontlw and have at last locatetl him nt
'N ><.i.iemww��. Nevada.
A Tuninto man, who has junt returned
J"*!* the MWiipieoton gnW fi-Ale, *.iy*
ui.u u i fMI ,*qHMt|.y for tt |^ir man, s*
IIwlKIS-* c*^1 jto deve,��P{ !t *nd , I** * t2.500.   The
tO lllltlll  at ......    mill-    <..-    _~a���-*.t *.*- -  I   ...      -   . *   '      *"       *���***.
to bmld stamp nulls for extracting tbef
gold.   Many of the prospectors now in!
tne nebi <Jo not know quarts from granite
and many are going home disgusted and
msemirnjced at thetr non-stixceas.
Montreal'* latest organised company
bound (ur Uie Klondike is called '^Tbe
w age-Ksrnem" Gold Mining A Proi>
pectini- Company, and is made np of a
number of workingmen with a capitalis-
���Uon of 125,500. tl��e tbare* sell for |5
each. Tltey will take a small steamboat
of 10 tona ami will go by way of the
Athaltaaca. Mackensieand Peel rivers.
Two more Canadians bsve been
knighted, namely. Chief Justice Tait, of
Montreal, ami former Chief Justice
I lagan ��� of tbe Province of Ontario.
The offieial atenographers of the Civil
Court*. Montreal, are out on strike,
owing to the |msaing of an order-in-
council by Uie Mairhand Administration, demanding that stenographer*
should only charge 12 cent* tier hundred
word*, thus cancelling their former
palarte* of $1._00 a year.
A statue of Uie g��it*en ia to be erected
in front of tbe Parliament buildings, on
Parliament Hill. Ottawa, aa a memorial
of this Jol-ilee year. A statue of Sir.
Alexaod'-r Mackensie willalao be placed
on the aame bill. During Uie last session
of Parliament fA.ti.iu waa voted to be
spent on each statue, but tbe statue of
the Queen will probably exceed that
Two order* from the Imperial Govern
ment of Knaaia have been teeeived
lately ; the tir*t by one of our grain
companies for a quantity of oat*, and Uie
f**-t*ond bv the agricultural department
at tH*a**'a for 10 tonaof No. 1 bard Manitoba wheat. Iu both case* Uie grain ia
to be u*ed as >��eed to improve the production of cereal* in that great agricultural country.
On Saturday, Sept. *25tb, Metsra.
Kckanit A Co/l wholesale grocery store
in Toronto wa* damaged to the extent of
t*t0.0ia��. MtK-b blame is attached to the
local fire brigade, a* it is claimed the fire
could have la*en extiugui*hed by chemical*. Instead of that Um* of water were
poured into tbe building, completely
(totaling it and causing much snnex-ea-
aary damage.
The Rev. Prof. Osrk lb s sermon delivered bv him in Toronto recenUy
stroke of Un* |jus*jbility of war between
lW Cuited State* and Great Britain and
aaid: "Kngltshmen had found out that
there Meemeil lo lie a prevailing opinion
among a great many American* that
thev were afraid to go to war with Uieni.
.... Knglishmen hatl not gener-
allv lieen afraid to go to war with any
nation. Knglishmen and Canadians
��� ere jteace loving people, and was there
anv nation on the face of the earth with
whom thev would sooner not go to war
than a ith'those of their own Heeb and
Mood, who !.|��oke the same language,and
alio inherited the mme institnuons. .
.... Kngl tubmen have been
willing to Uscrifios anything but Uieir
honor, and 1 pray tied that it may lie
brought 10 the minds of that great people
on Ha? other aide of the lin* that it n*
pomlhk- Uiat Insult* may lie rarrteil too
Mr J IVl'Ktoile ha* invented an air-
��Inch is being built at Ottawa at a
^^^^^^^^ inventor says that
Washington city has offered $50,000 to
tbe first man that will sail an airship
into that city, and he is confident that
he will be the fortunate man. If the
invention is a success the Canadian government will probably start a line of
airships to go to Uie Klondike.
Gaialiai Mc Mi ay
dealers in
Butter, Eggs,
Cheese, Apples,
Poultry and
Cured Meats.
TtVUntest handler* of these
t**oad* Ib Western Canada     All
wai-riKaisn nnder perfect system
ot cold storage.   Full stuck carried
at Nelson, B.C.   Por ������rice* write
or wire
P. J. R18SKLL:
Manager of Nelson Branch Par-
���ota's Produce Company.
���9 e*,\U��Gi
Room 17, Black's'Hotel.
'jjVr -vj"
gym mm
m w �� ��� �� ��� *
ts the Pioneer House of the City
s s fr - - - ���
I >l'
A full line of
always in Stock
J. R. & iTcAMBRON.
8oo Pacific Line.
Route to St Psul, Chicago,
Detroit, Toronto, Montreal,
New York, Boston, Phils-
delplua. snd all Eastern
Unexcelled Sleeping Can
on all trains. Tourist Csre
to St. Paul daily; Boston
every Thursday; Toronto
every Monday from Revel-
Steamer leaves Nakusp
daily except Monday, making close connection at Revel- ���
stoke with trains for all points
East and West.
Before vou travel get information
from C.P.R. agents as to times and
rates.   It will save you money.   Apply to nearest railway agent or to
A. C. McARTHUR, Agent, Sandon.
H.M.McGREGOR, T. P. A.. Nelson, B.C
Dist.  Passenger Agent, Vancouver
Subject to change without notiee
Trains run on Pacific Standard Time.
Leave 8 00 A.M.   Kaslo Arrive, S 50 PM
**  SU   -     Sooth Fork      " SIS ���
8jf-roole"s       > ��� IB 4*
Whttetrator     *��� SCO ���*
BearLake        " 148 ������
McOtdgiui        ��* IS "
CcidyJunction M lit
"9 51
'* 10 OB
��io ia
" 10 88
Arr. 10 50
Leave 100   -
Leave 11.00 a.m.      Sandon     Arrive 11.56 *.__.
"    11.15 " Cody ���*    IU0 ���*
Trafllc Mn*T.
Atlantic Steamsim Dies.
California, Allan Line...
Carthaginian "
LabradorJOominion Line.
Vancouver, " ���
From Montreal
".'.'.".*'.!'.!". Oct*
From New York
Umbrla.Cunard Line	
Btruria "  -���
Campania.    '��� ������-
Majestic, White Star Line 	
Teutonic        " ���_.���.���
St. Paul. American Line 	
St. Lonis. '*  	
State of Nebraska. Allan State Line 	
Southwark, Red Star Line Sept it)
Noordland, "  	
Cabin W, #50, W0,70 *�� and upwards.
Intei-mediste *30 and upward*.
Steerage *t5JM> and upward*.
PajtseiiKen Ticketed through to all point* In
Great Britain or Ireland, aad at Specially low
rates to all parts of the ^ropean Continent.
Prepaid Paaaagt** arranged from all points.
Apply to H. POt'O LASS, agent, Maw Denver,
Oetieral Agent,
C. P. R. Oflcea, Winnipeg
���Manufaturers of i
Syphons, Ginger Ale,
Sarsaparilla, Etc., Etc
Setxidorx, B.O.
Patronize home industrv
when you want the best
11 f
���i 'ii '!
���K ,,:>.-:
*W^ithl��ililtllWfW i,��Sr*lll**lr*,li t MH*fi> iratJWiaiir-,^.
The following is s complete list of the
mining transactions recorded durVtg the
week in the several mining divisions of
tbe Slocsn. Thoes of New Dents* were
as follows \���
Octij-Flood fi*actl��ii, IftaS haaln, J A Wood;
Mecole. Troul etosk, R 0 Graham and R S Nicholson.
(Hta-^reiworjgo,Payn<* Ml, mnkt^retr;
Campridowa and Seattle. Sandon. Prank S
Oct 7-Lalona and Aluinont. t*rw-ji>r. Cart
V Nlte-i: Mlntieaaha. Paym- Ml, J<a*^Chlptnan;
Sadie. Granite creek. HowaHl D Canierun.
(Htn~4Jamtmgai. CWef, Qneea Beat Mt,Thos
Hunean; fltamrock. Right IllV.Jau��* Ujiotmad
ietteraM aauMlle,Carp*ut--f, John McNeil.
<riTn-Kaf_*leen, Slocan Tiamaray, sanie. 0
P Loaf| Algmna. ("anreoiar, Tho* Knight;
Klu_^y,QUe��hlfca�� Mt. Prank Hanaen.
���h-t lf-ManhaUeii.St John HUI. Ira W Black;
Walir*?goe,a*ntt\ The* Hurtean.
Oct 5-Antoliie.
Iter rt-Bell, Pamlico, Starll-iht ,
Oct T~I 0.
Oct r^Rotertatrn. Beaver, L H, Winnipeg,
Hidden Treasure, HardH,r��l,biV,Columbus
Oct tv-Florence No ��, Barhera.
Oct 5-Chtiatle Fraction ft, Mt Williams to J A
Wllllamt, June 11.
Keystone and Evening Star, D C McDonald to
Mohawk b A k McParlane to W H Rot-ma.*,
iia* |||   A
tVk PracUon i, P H Bartlett to W H Hubert
son. March I*.
Jennla Jones Fraction |. J O McCalhtm to W
ll Robr-flaon and A K Phigtand, Jane A
l'*w>j*de aad &���*-** ft. N > McNaught to H C
Wheeler audC H A&momMe.tKt 1. .15.
Cae-ed* ft, HO Wheeler to C H Abmt-omMe
and R B Kerr.
Spray 1, Sltverttn PraclVw |. H C AhercnanMr*
to ifc W_ee*er aod K B Kerr.
Oct �� - HeleoaJ, -Geo H Aylaid for W H Ro-
btn-taon to Chaa E Hot*.
O K Pr*-*t*_oaali, Mohawk ft, and an latereat
In The Sandon. W H Rotjertsoii lo M R Ram-
melmeyer, Oet a
Emllv Edith I, Sllvettoii Boy ft, J I C ft and W
IIKft.'W H Roljt-rtajn tollttu E Hufa. *tk I ��,
Jaunts Jonea Ft**-***** ft, While Hum No 4 IU.
Black Horse 1/a and Pwfcrra IM, W H Rc^arrtauu
to Chas R Hoftr; Oct��. *1 fiUt,
IViiibnjok ft, J A Stewart lo W L Caratbem,
July f.
Lrottenr. BeU, Pamlico, Ptentriukr*. Orttr-g.,..
Power of Attoraay, Waiter L Canither* to Chas
t^ueen Beaa. First EalntaVat. Amertcsn Qfarl
tViut-tjrd, Yommg I>oaalalon. Youag l*oatlnk*a
Kracdoa.agrmneui of sale, John A Pinch. Wm
Ulynu. Prtar Lartuti. Jaa A Moran to
Ck Mil-
bourne, Aag 7, SUiM""**.
Major Fmesiao ft. Cttt* Moote t j Th* Washing
u.n MlolagOo.Oc.*.
Invrra���. Arthur MaUen ta Jno Brown, Apr I.
(hi 1-Meatttaiu Goat ft, Michael Murphy tot*
B Taylor. Srapttl.
Oct t*~Walteas*s*|X?aaeliaaa<. Ottawa No t, Geo
Palrbala.W H Hmtlh. LOaltrr, Ps.l Andrraoii
and tliis* AaeVr to Mtt W Ramtjrjrne.Ort tt.Na.
WataSeM. Caaabaaa* and Ottawa Not, M R
W It-thsswaa to A H Breamer aame. tiA �������*.
W i In I ill and Catuhaana, M R W UathUtrne,
A P Caiver aad Geo Palrheln to A H Bremncr,
la* t.
Baaver, Janay  Llnd, Rotiertrrai. The   Ben.
HWa-.ttay.Oxj donor, OaUtrth, Ojlemtra* Pratv
tion and Barmisili, A H Branner t ��� The West
Ktt-jt-mav BC fouiontton * Mtulag Co, Ort a.
Wa**-tVltl, Ottawa No *, same to
Oct 4-Uakm Jack. J J  IJ��u^ <Dj^-n 1W
Brown; Duluth, W R dxinent; VkJtorta, A Vork.
���>.T5-Mogol. J Boyd; Vdt*-*V J P DftaUj
Silver Ij^lar. F Aiidrvaun; Navada, aame^Mnt
Denver, Mrs ) II Wertey; I^WeroU, Rd tftaWtau
M.lts.urne, J McPball.
a&luss. riss. wrurw �������
Nae.TJ JBety. ____*_.
(Ki ll-PltchGroup.Aoko aad Toui ft-wl*;
Little Rva, Roy Vincent
Oct li-Daisy. Mary L Kvaaas
J M Werlev;  Fourth of July
Paaa, Meteor Fraction, same.
racttou. Chaa
Suit SO- Wlaend.
Oct 4-Sllver Plase.
Oct S -Niagara, Vaekaato, Owl,
Otr a-Thctitpay Laaa. D R Yttuag to Dave
Oct li-Areiamter and DaHy, Chaa HeaTmaa to
���^sltm^! H-i^^r^ualg to D A MrltouoW.
Oct l   Rome ft. Tho* Kurutsaa to ��*��� Me
WsMrpoaur ft, Chaa McOIUana to Tho* Ker-
WaVs-LsMd Fracti-m- Frank Culver to tame.
SUver BeU No J. Wive l*rtagW to The NsUv-
Hlver aatt Mining Uo,Se|�� wTkoiiii.
entol. Atomo Mining t*o UtD H MnAm*r**mt, n
trustee, June SL
y\rttK'.9*Atn*c? R��"��'*!f. Haat4��tLOii.<>wtte-
antal J. 0 H MarPhetiton to The SwHtish < Virtual
OetLhtTxanaarand Tramway, J D Fai-reU to
IHiucau R Mac^Traju, June U.
SatM.DH Mact*_��.ia_atotsi*tatlshCotonf40uld
Fields, Sent an.
_.J!* **lW* *****Z*< .Tk**��*'". Th** C*taTilierWtnd
Mining 00 to D H Macl*t-rt*��itai. July &.
_ftn*wrJBaairmi. ThlaUe. D ft MtWlVram to
The twotttah CoIomI G.4tl Fields. Kept so.
U_^,Thalttoe*�� Mining Co to D H Mae-
PltatrMtn. June t*.
r5W*'-5**~* ��**�����****�����>*>--
IUa�� Or* ft. Caaakeriaiid Mining Co to D U
Kurefcaaudlllneral HIN l*.ChasCtmaihe* to
^mrjTaFrai^mKtiaoRSaBith to Henry A
NnUth.Oetll, - *
simt ��-AsrtU*. R Smith; Golden Ckvm. J P.
_ OCT 1-AJaaka* A Broduian; Alaska No 1 M
V*Si_Jtil!',M*"* *"*'***' ^^ rr*Mtfc*��*. W
Oct*   MsgnoUa *. Owl ft. Yackamo, W B
Young to IE Austin. __  ,
Um* lmuaman, R B Duntapto Jo* Batkr.
OcrS-Klondyke. W W Harrl*; tirey Copper.
Baritara H Kerf. Yakoa. F W tnoer. Frank R
HaroM Ralph; tatvrngai. Ed Andrtitr*. t-|aVt*��,
G HOrbouhl; Laftlo. R V IlkaaarM; Tafy, R
Andrewei Cmaj.H RStoteh Oeltohtrd. l*eoL
Pert at d A BimrcWrr J IC. The* Harrl*.
Oct 4-Wankon. (*has Bthreiaa.
ncra-Mahon. J A Gkits: Kaato Peak, P Me
Orr T -May Day Frtu-Uon, Alar Worth;
ime; CceU "Majr. J ti Worth; Pimoai*. *******-..
Ooitata, A lei Worth; Big Mack. R Mrtln-gt-r,
OoMen Ot-ata. A  H  Barhanan; Morning,   A
TrliiUiiar^ ������*       ������
OCTf-Metlak**alJa. Bryan.
tort *rPark IWitai, Side  Line. Kate, Lake
Vtew, GltsPfMt-
OCT ��-8urke-f��,CMpm��nk.Hamt^,Ft*aakllsi
Oct 7-Grttt**. Vara Crua, Ssaekt-sAarj, Rmptj.
Maky. PaiTtka-a, Dry tare.
Ocra^Juahy, Joav. Kuiaha. R aad L, Bonis
Blue Jay, Garnet Morning Glory aad Moaatala
product of but year, snd s falilng off
fioin ths record of IHBBuf aone DO��,tM)
This is the result, It would apiuutr. of
the slowness in trade thst has chsr
ucteHxed the past tern yeure, ss the decline in value* is ehlfHy in such sitlclea
ua brick*, lime, send, sewer-pipe, slate.
t4-ir*cotta,etc. Artit Ira imAin build
ink* are quickly affected by trade de*
prtewlou. With the inipt*o*retnent in
tfuneral busineta thst it iuh-iu* likely
the country will es|terlenc��*, there fa
little doubt thst these bram-hr* of Ihe
indnstry will also show sn linprov<tv
ment, sa thev did stesdily from ta J to
The books in the recird ortke ofthe
Fort Steele milling division revewl an
actlrtty in mlnins* snd proap*>rtlng
orjeratlon* In that dlatrlet that will surprise even those familiar uu the outside
with what haa heen done. The rwnrd
of tranaactlona in theottee during the
eight months from January tat to September 1st of this year, and the revenue
thst haa been ctdlerted from the same
���how* the following:
Trattaartioo* Ertaauat
Rateards of r-Latats  l*.u tAMtm
Free miner's Uesima*       �����*�� *j^***jV*��
Vmdkttmt** at wtwk .JIT Taf.a.
t^nmwfaaeaa.  Sll *!*�����.**
ia��um��ou etr-d, ...m mm
PUld ia ilea ef amausmiftet f ��wm����
To the People
of Kootenay.
Rtowp hav* trtjrewtvad nr.tKriT
���ay Op4lr.l   H-r^rtataat.
Why not You ?
Tea*   wtee luava tried r*>ss_,����
ta)  vela. aa4 sagsr-
oga ���IttUa.   raaslag
iaadash*. Kt��.
II wtll pray yaa i�� casaa to
SAN DOM aasd hat* ,�������� ttM
end Sited ana
���totil U
Oct t-Kkjndtke*ad Plwthar. ATCavtaadto
**_ *Tk__t_____s* w
Mt*teor and Vaacouver. J It RsaweU to V*n-
rottvar Mrtt-ar Otid Mhttog Co.
Orr t  P.>rtUitd. C AUaattt to H Crult.
Ktand. II CnsH to Oaa Oood.
a, L MrUata toDlsWsswy.
Kurydlr-a ft, same.
Oar &  Lavlaa. Rethie r*e*% TrostCUp I Otto lu
W White.
Oct a- Agietmant lalaeaa John D P-arsr aad
RtUMUteratoiaiyllja-tooaaaleof HtaHiFvaa>
party of a-cood pan.
SUver Alps and
La n>mt
I, C W Sjtajrge* to M
id Cdgr runi Regte Neat ft. C W Sl*_s*rr*-��.
ton. T Mrltoja. to M La
Strangtr one vaa
aapron.A H
and A R Pitti**.
Jtiht* A Whlttler.
Mooigtaniry to R C Weaver
, itLLsrasn. manuaru *>, aame,fan.
it*va. Mgy uu. aaa**,*stBj*
isMs*Uraja hy W J TrrtjVrway et |
t. Iron Cap Rathla BUI.
^tmipM-mkJ.HPJolaaadJH JackatmtoJ A
Roberta, mm.
Porcaplae, BAaah. Utandard ft, oumJAtx
LsTMira. Get*r*va. May l~
Htrhaiw uf a
lot la Lavlits
Oct a-aataas and Sea AatoaU ft. Ctaa B War-
tea m A D Joaea, nm.
Same I.mate to R T ta*eet>. i 1-ano.
Blue Bird. Jtrateh ThompHm.Jr, to Kenteaiay
MlnliiaaiidHtnehtogtv, ' '
M��r ft.CtWBjertaaaatoCaw* _tot*gatr*Mt
Laat -rear in sn iaaue of the Ut-ofaf-
icsl Survey bulletin of the mineral
production of Canada for lHWi, attentioti
was called to the rapid bcreuse in the
industry t-ooeerned, sod to the promiae
of future expansion the fb/tires iwll-
catetl. 'lite bulletin for lH��i, juat iaaued.
shows thst she advance is Itwiiur continued. Lust years output la ulacetl
st t��,��*i^J5, compared with ���t-S.715,.
S19, the icrowth from 18��*,, when stall*
tica were flrat {rathered, being 125 per
cent. The imreaae is seen in both div-
iaions, meUllic and nonnietallic, aa
the following will nhow:
,_                          MetaUite Noa metallic.
JS *-*.ISSjS�� ttAit.ntt
JJS* s*^i.4|s itAmav.
**_ ���   *.-U_l.4r�� 14J1I4S
** ��������� * ���*���**&*��* uitjm
In tne non-meUllic aection there la a
slight decrease, it will be seen, in the
Over IMS) new claim* hsve been re*
corded in eight months of this yes\r��
which ia nearly double the number of
ail previous yean eombiued ; the hooks
couUined s totalof only 77d rtaim* at the
btytnninjf of this yesr. Ttw* revmue
going into the pri-viriciaJ cof em fat well
onto tl 1,000,a sum that will gromlit
exceed any ether dlatrki eire-pt West
Kootenav. There rtavebeen recswded
27* certilktate* of a��*sttewnewt w^ork done
which st Won oseh mesuss gil,?*** for
the elsrht tstontha. IWtWe the vear
rlnaea this Sum will he doubled, for it fat
from thia date out thst then* sasea*
tteofs are to he expetted to he record
Thia le tha aatl y r--a,��*tl�� aksa
fw-ar teaehla artatra f,��M, n��.
LtWtlta Rpatgaghl, aad sksaU
he ssHa-edsd aa at **��������. I beta
a��M�� saf the haat Irtat res** aaaes
I eaua flee jrem th* Wat met-
Eyes tested Fne.
. W. OMIMUt Tr.
Opais.au. *as4ss, a.r.
If ym *re���
GUI stthe
Hotel Ivanboc.
Thos. Brown & Co.,
8AN00N. B. C.
Carry ���h�� tRrfoit stock uf Metis Furnishings lo the Sloenn.
Krer>tiling fWsn the finest dandy sppsrel to the working
clothes of thc Miner.       WINTER CU1THIN0,  OVKK
ODAm   DNT��BWBAR,    RUBBF.R 00t)l>9,    MATH
mom   tsiiiirns.   nbckwf^r,  gi.ov^   ktv.
Fair Dealing and Honest Goods.
Come sod See Is
Hunter Bros.,
Uentlqimrtera for
Grocer ien, Han I ware
Ftirabhingfi* Miner'ft
Wecarry Everything
Sandon snd Rosalsnd. 'i'*i
��� ?���������
The *UiP*wn�� *f Wjft!* g*!****
from   A^lwO^fW
1*17. wei4 Jt* f��.dl<*svs:
iocan Star,
Idaltu MlMS,
���Solik nv��.
Aimricsn Boy,
Nt-jcan \h*y.
III  AtlaIlia,
M !-**��� I UiM-ott#,
iirt* ahl
IJctobef I* ui
lows:   Pay.
������ui* 1*�� ������___.
Hurl)   C>
T      -   N.JfR} i.tiit*
raft* tfc  wc+K rrnru
_ iiidu*l?ewirv a- r*A
���VA  Rttthl*.*. Nl.arsu
tt 8*    Wltw^, 8l����a��
��. R-
Sandon Hand Laundry and Bath House
flue Made hHeep.nK Reductions in Price*, mm
Will Be Heen by ths Following Price list:
Shirt. |>tain	
���shirt a ith etttlnt    .
Shift, (.lortl^l	
Cot lar*
Nl*hi*Mrt     a^__B__
Kands-rt-hirf. ijlatii. ���'>
Mat.lUr.hirf  .ilk '.
JtackttV* .... "��
Overalls IA
Oral .... l*t.r-*.*.
Table r<>v��.|-< 	
Towels, ir. tor down
Nst.kiiia. .V.fM-rdoia-n
Roll    -
I It*.ttlll*	
Main 4rf.sc*t
Tier TsL
t'tilta. per pair.
..   *5 rnderwaists.    10
5 Drawers.......    IA
Map Drawer*,.ilk     15
..   10 Cut-nterpeites ...       15
***> Pillow shams tHop
..   th Blankets, per pair.  .<** to M
ft lace Curtains    "ft
..    ft Sheets    Ml
.   10 Pillowslips, plain.....    5
.15 np Sleeves ,     &
Xftup Caps      ft
.Jftnp Corset coven    10
*iup Child's pieces j...&toM
*��np Tidies    W
*.tttj.L>>i mmm man a.s m * *a_>, a *
Sandon, B. C*
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   Afcronj**'^^^^^B,.*<tolo   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Hperial Rstea for Hotela* iteatauranta and Family Washing.
Elegant Baths, 50c.
Finest Cnialne in Kootenay
American plan, 13.50 per day.
European plan, $2.00 per day.
For Social lmpff*ocamsat and
An Kftiworth league haa heen or-
ganixed st the *Wi*tl����*li*>t church
with niet-tings cirerv Monday even
ing at i* o clmch. It ia the Intention
u> make this a ntert-tlng f����r gi*nersl
lro(*rovtfl_MBI and eniertainiiicnt,
a uh ��li>]f.Tentf��r.ul Katun**. A de-
tvatjng *ack'ty has l****n tHrgaiiint <l
ami tttuaieal ritiuil-rr* will la* gitvti
l��v ial��-nt in the lesgw. Th��* others
-ftIn .<���*_��������]��rv_ (.!. Jt, Uau-y. A.
I'.., i��r**Vt_M; Mn*. Senf.-nl, rtrwt
vice ptvaident: K. B. Wehb, tve��Mkl
vi��*t�� jtrt-eiileitt; W. II. Lilly, ctim**-
i*'i��.l!Ug**A*et*v*t*ir>; O.W. tirimiiK-u.
*��� veiling arw*rwurv; Mr. *-*t**rrn��.
u> .i-'.ir\.
11i��' It-ague haa taken t* harRv ������*
tli�� ThuninVy ��veninjf -trayer meet
*H '
Ko Klondike lor Him.
MiataW HetWlarv." asitl t��ne of
J��4m Sliennatt'a liou*u* *��*rv��tii�� to
Ithit the mkyjdsy. "I'se done read
a uiwerful lot ah-dit dia vti1 Kl<m-
dike, ami 1 reckon* It's   nt' duty to
Strictly firsU-lass.
i     Mrs. M. A. SMITH. Prop*    *
wee *rw * * w * * e w e w* w * * m aw m m m m m
Ma*. Kara Baeger.
Proprietor and Manager.
Anierlean and ffoi-nffaan plan.
Finest Furnished Rooms In the
City. Best Imported aad Domestic WltM^Uqoors and Clears.
First Class in Every Partienlar.
Newly Furnished.
Beat Liquors.
CODY, D. 0.
BONGARD & PIECKART, Proprietors.
if. nit Vll^H_er.,, ���
Why,   AbrahAin?'   .ttierietl  th��
Ika.*����aus, \u\fMtr Heereiary, lie
cati-a laegiWln' hsig in ^'S***4 I -
*lillltin ilepemlenton me, aiul it ��*e
hnrerstrs me for u> make some
moucv. Xow, I know 1 git* right
Htnart w_*gt.-e fTom Vou. Miahr Nrtv
tsry, but I sees in t.e ne*a-ajis|an> die
���n.iniln' how iXey   Y*V* %+' * '���**> ,n
���!��� Kl.|idllH-ft*irWlig.*a.''
S.i| luytr. Abraham, Istt \**o
mutt remt-mlrer thst ti|�� in Kltwllke
���In- days an* aix month-* long."
WlttMi Atsraham ��s;n��-.l t����' d������r
f"r me Inter I naked nim If bv wen-
����� iiig to (ho KJoudiktu Us repl��.*.l
with a viguroua ahake of Hie head:
No. iiiileedr; dsva am |��lent\
l��mg tiulT riglil heiv fn Wsshinguui.
���> v raeu-*** Htarelsrtt
The artwulatlon in Loudon real e*
utf In view of the removal ol the
royal heath)***!** fh��m Wlndaor
caatle to Uucklngham iwlaee. alVr
Uie atciwUm of tne prince or Wsle*
���o the thrsnt\ Is a dlsMr��,w*'',,��� *��n
traat to the eiithusiasiu or the recent
Jubilee loyalty ui her majesty, it
K >n iiiet, sjitxiulatUm f��r profit on
the guecVs deatli. _
K. E. Oilpmanof Ksslo has boon
made a juatlee of the peace for Koo-1
And You WIU
Smoke No
Slooan Mews Co.
,Vli..i>��ai��-aii��l Rftail.
The First Class
Hotel of Cody.
Hotel Wellington
Strictly First Class.
Special Attention Paid to Transients
RATES:     *
|1.50 to $2 Per Day.
J. S. REEDER, Prop.
*i.m tr�� day.
t-tpactal Rat*^ by the Week.
McClary's Famous
Dissolution of Psrtnership.
N.ttirs i* hrtvliv (tvaa that th,. |MtrtiitTshi|.
lit.n'.<>torf r>ti-iin_ l<*ttrtNr>ii Unu M.Kinnnn
an.l ii.��.rtr��* M<-t*ltt>t-��<>it. and known a* the Sun*.
don Transfsr tV>. has this dav b**n dljtjtol***d
I'V mutual t*..n*��nt thi* l.t day ot tvttiher,
INit l��anlr>| UrKiiinon a.autnn.'all debtaeua*
tr��*.'i**'l Ih'Ioit ��st.t data and will oolleet all
tdllt L.wirt�� said tiriii un to said datt>. Hit.
l.u*inr>*s wtll l*e rondttrtrxl itndor tht�� said
aataa. tha tsaudon Tran.ft>r Co , by O.'.irn.* Mo-
I'l.-raon HAN Ml KISSON
tlKllltllK MoPtlKltsON.
!Wti-t, Handon. II. C, Oot. 1, lie*.
Motel Worker*
!    Notice is h^^^rtS'U^bVAte
tion of one ��>��nth.;roJ}' ^"h "pplyto the 8.1-
Jiartvof, ��h* ""l^i'Xr the alstriot of Waa*
nendiary H*****1^!" _T to riell  ltauorsbyre-
I K Lor,*.U:itnat�� on Lot twelve SSl) In
; Tall at his hotel ��iJ�����0^n<0, t^oau ��d��JltU
BritishCoiw_>',i**      m c   saturtlav.Oetober
"l-atte.1 at ***����'\��n< B *$ wesTKRBKRO.
!m, itot.        *o-���       si mm*
A strictly flrat-claaa hotel in
all its appointments.
Livery Stable with rood Saddle
and Pack Horses in connection.
Victoria House
Now complete with tha bast furnished rooms
in the district. All accommodations flrat
class, inolndina electric light, bath roam*
and all
Modern Improcemente.
A nice, quiet, residence hotel, situated on A
avenue.  Convenient to the depot. ,
W. J. HALL, Prop.
r ii
��� 8
A Stats of Semi-Sis oeru Among the
A man who has been working on
the-Qrow's Ne^ifflroad at St.Clotid
sniirTed in Sandon this week. Re
told a remarkable story of the way
the contractors use the men. There
are between 4000 and 5000 men now
at work, snd the .Trading is done for
65 miles from Macleod. Thousands
of men are being hired in the east
snd shipped ont.   Many of them
3uit sis soon as they can, as the conations are too hard and the pay too
The following ticket was furnished
at Winnipeg, which entitled the
workmen to transportation to Macleod:
No. 45^4.
Winxipbo, Aug. 14, 1897.
Hired ss teamster for J. D. McArthur st Macleod st 126 per month
and board. Not transferable.
Aod in consideration of free transportation I do not hold the C. P. R.
Co. liable for injury to person or
property. If intoxicated on departure of train, or 'do not go oft train on
date of shipment, I forroit mv transportation and ei*nes fee. No man
shipped without baft-gage, and must
be checked 40 minutes before train's
time to start. Tiiat In the event of
not procnrtng tne work I do not hold
Alex Cafder responsible for any loss
but the office fee.
A. Calmer A Co.
Train leaves at 5:10.
Tbe distance from Winnipeg to
Macleod is 945 miles, and when he
got there he found be owed 99.45 to
the eoDtrsetors for transportation.
With |1 foe to employment office, f 1
to ride on, a wagon to the camp and
50 cents hospital fee, he landed in
tbe camp in debt $11.95. But the
wutraetors run no risk. They have
the mounted police thei-e, and if a
man Quits before be has paid hb
debt toe working boss tells the po-
lice, and they scour th? country till
thev And him. Be Is brought back
ana made to finish bis tone tn the
police barracks and working on the
barracks from onder guard.
Tbe working hours for common
laborers are 10, bat a teaoister has
to take care of Ms (torses outside of
this, which makes about 14. The
main line both ways from Calgary
is now overrun with tramps, men
who were brought out to work, but
who quit. No doubt Kootenay will
a large number of them.
namen on Vital creek cleaned op
���800 toflOOOin three or tour weeks.
Ik-sides placer mining there has
been quite a little excitement In
quarts mining at Kisjpfssh, 00
miles north or Haxleton, and the
Hasletoo Partnership Company have
staked out the Dick Sargent, E. C.
Stevenson, Diamond Jubilee, Standard and Auburn claims. Tlie ore is
copper, carrying gold and sllver,as-
savs showing a value of ISO. The
ledges apparently are from 6 to 10
feet wide aod are believed to promise well.
��� '       m
Nell Macdonald aud Josephloe
Poller were married Tuesday morning, October 12, by Rev. rather Poi-
tras, In the parlors of the Hotel Balmoral. The necessary witnesses
onlv were present. Tbey left on the
1 o clock train for Kaslo, where Mr.
Macdonald has built a cottage, and
where the happy couple will reside.
Mr. Macdonald will still retain hb
business lo Sandon, and will be here
a part of the time*. Tne Pavstbbak
extends oougretadavtions.
Ominecs Trail.
Charles B. Jones, a civil engineer,
sent up to Haxleton last spring by
the prorincisl government to build
a trail into tbe Omineca country,
has returned by the Tees to Victoria.
Tbe old trail of 175 miles was shortened 40 miles ass result of Mr.
Jones' work, and in coming out his
pack horse came over tbe trail easily
ill seven days. This new trail avoids
what is known to Omineca miners
as  F-ryiog Pun mountain and en-
n^asndH tinie Umg-er, as the new'
trail lieing on a lower level than tbe
oldthesndw does not Impede it so
Speaking of Ibe mining being done
tW^oasoo in the Otoinec-a, Mr.
Jonris states that the Korty-three
claim on Manson creek Is doing very
well, white Aa% Tom ereek JlarlCay
and Lyons have been taking out f7
or IBs day to a msn, there being
five or six men employed.  Ten Obi-
With a
Rev. T. Menxies was pleasantly
surprised last Sunday evening alter
the senrfees. W. W. Fallows re-
Quested the audience to remain after
the beoejdietion, and ioa neat sprech
presented the pastor with a purse of
IH), which the ladles of the ehnrch
had made op during the week. Mr.
Men-ties gracefully thanked the
���sumi-in, ,-sin   .in.���im..a,,,ses���a���
A Cstholic Chureh.
Father Poftras was In Sandon this
week and /celebrated mass in Duffy's
hall Wt*ditesday morning. It Is his
intention, If toe matter can be arranged with Judge Sproat, who
owns the ground, to buy Duffy's
hall and convert It into a church.
If this is done there win hen resident priest lo Sandon.
Shippers and Moideod Paaera of
Thia Patnona Uatrlet
Below is a list of tlw shippers And
dividend paying mines of the Slocan
Aaaaneao Boy,
Baea eea Tas-rSottoot,
Howasd fraetie-a,
Moby SUver.
Oaleas. farm.
ID. H. Ajrliarrl.
tMvuassa sa-rass.
MoaaUta Cktai.
pAy*o, Sloeaaatey,
obi* Vive.
m**^Amm*f)Bt 9Awn%
White water,
*   Jaeaarm Oroap,
Welllaaton Oroap,
Qtady Qtoap,
We Have AtMed n <uOH_pi<sun BseeR ef 2
To ear Mae af OOCrm AND "WOasf   We tmyo UmwM a
'   la*a��>*y far ��*aaii,aav*S taa Staaaawt MS ai-a atat* ta five 2
We have th*
la ttw aaarfca-t
Ua*��f Laaasaaa well aa Miss*** Skaea
W* eotlett y**mt *a|**a*aa.  tity-fat-pa
arakoase W* take ilsaaais '-jrrTrlaa
row oar twojis Uymo do oa* -ear-See* at -row ��**��� atW
We feel satiaSaal jroa vOTai a taiars Sate at*W yarn mm
oar Uo* aaa pettraa.   ,
Opposite Bteek's Hntel, Handssi, B. Os
loooe sortces.
Meets ���**���*���*���
' ���****������*
J. G. Melvin
lis* *-**tMtaa��ra Woa��aaaoa~ar oa4
Jaws-lot, late of Vaomoafm, eow ��f
Unrated at
A mat fum ___p_|___j___M__t fah s__m
e-aav^a mn *^aw*4p*Mt*A*m*s***Wm*m*a *a*n **m*n
Watch and Jewelry Repairing
* E
"The ElKft,
la new pt-efatreai to 4* alt ktosls af
And Other Investments.
Kvery Ref*-**esentatloft Onaranteed.
ftaaeee, ft. C
Stationery, 4
Cljrars and Tehaees.
THRU rOflftft aaa   SILVtATON
MofcftniiU Advertise In the
Paystreak Because If Pays.
Queen Heating Stores,
Box Stoofti,
Cook.ng Stooea,
* mwtfM^nm^tm^mtm^tA^ammmm^    S_L)**_rW*
ts e*A*t
Hamilton Byers,
Vraot atfaat,
rirst ctaa* _    __
!������*>.      ���*���*���_*'* lei
plea -atil
att.i *..- *
Fo Wo MstVCSe
Ciotl and Mining Engine* r.
frut-loelal Laatf 8��-***vfrr
staurits BsOs
MiaoMlOalata r*tarvaya4 aosl ��ee>��r��e.i > l
���-CALL AT���
yoo will tea* ��� fall line at


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