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The Paystreak Feb 6, 1897

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Array THE
SANDON AND CODY Fete; 6,1897.
A Naw Company
This week   the  organization  of
the  Selkirk   Mining  antl   Milling
Company, Limited Liability, was
oomph-fed. Thin Company was
formed to purchase and develop
tin- mineral ctsiinaOracle, Minnie.
Little Hotel la and Tornado, situated between tbe Canadian and Heed
am' Tenderfoot groups, ah.uit two
miles from Sandon, and the Hope
situated near N.-w Denver. The
officers of tin* company an- ,1. A.
Smith. President; Tbomas Brown,
Vic-President, and <J A. Love.
Se< tt'tar_V'Tt����a��*ur��-r. These gen-
tteuiail together with II. A. .Smith.
H 11. Wright and M, L (iriiiiuiett
are the hoar I <��t Trustees. The
Company's projierty pr nnisc*.
lo he verv valuahh-. Ruining
througii the <��raeie, Minnie
and Little Kstella isftAfSie f*wur��>
v.-iu about ten faei wide. ('on j
siderable w ok lias been done >>n j
the Oracm bj sinking a anal, on
Hi- ledge to the depth of fifty feet.
Tin* i* in ore  all   the   way   down
and ii increases in ounlity and
ipiantity with depth. Assays of
the ore shots s7 imnoea in silver
and 81 per cent. load. Development work will he puabed ahead
under the management of .1.  ,\
Smith and a fore* cf tiv��� ��� own   are
now ��t Work running a tunnel
with ths view oi tapping the ledge
,��t* .t depth of 200 feet, (��n tic
Hope is a well defined ledge with
a tine showing of about Rve incites
���I ore 'in the surface, which when
iKsayed, gave 166 ounces in silver
ami 16 in g 'lil Tlte mineral or
l n.* II ipS Is dry oil*.
Tne capital -��t 'ik uf 'he company
ia ��i,_,;,ii,inmi divided iuto 1.000,000
shares of the par value <���! twenty-
five cents 250,000 shares have
b ��'n place I Iu the treasury, uf
a hicli a block of 00,000 will be
|nit on   the   market   at   five Cents
The Inveatmen, iu tbe stock "t
this uompan) spposrs lo he s very
promising ooti. Tin' personnel of
the directorate is a guarantee thai
the affairs ofthe company will be
managed   in  a  business-like ami
careful    manner.    The   promoter's
stock bus all hern pooled and will
not be put on the market till the
property of the company  is on s
paying h;isis.
Tha   Daisy
Five   men   am   working   night
and day on tin* Daisy, a claim
situated above the   Monitor,   near
Threr Porks. Already the crosscut tunnel is in about 80 feet and
it is expected that the lead will be
struck iu a couple of days more.
When the lead is encountered
tlrifling right aud left will be
commenced. This property is
liable to turn om another Monitor.
Tha Cameronian
The Cctiiirronia-i, on Lemon
Creek, is continuing to look as
well as ever.    Five   men  are  em
ployed on this property and are
engaged iu running a tunnel and
sinking a winze. The lead ^till
shows an average width of four feet
of solid ore and shows no sign of
diminishing as depth is gained in
the winze.
Thay Struck
The miners al the Two r riends.
on Springer Creek, have struck.
The company very unju-tiv tried
to compel t leiii to hoy their own
waterproofs! at a post of about $23
per in .nth. They kicked, aud
very justly too, arguing that after
taking hoard and other contingent
expenses out of their $3.50 per
day. they would have little enough
left lor their own person*! wants
without dividing the 'balance with
the company    Thrie i*   no   nece*
sity for this niggardly behavior
on the part of the Two Friends
company, for this mine is one of
the richest iu the Sloe m.
The Payne
The Payne mine is looking
Splendidly. From forty to sixty
tons of ore is being shipped from
iid- property each day and the
owners expect to **���'��i [�� about
1400,000 W"ith o! ore before next
Mav. This property bids fair to
rival th- Star in the value of its
shipments The vein preserves a
steady average of ahout two leet
of solid ore the assays on which
are very high Over lift men ate
at present employed ����n the pro*
pert} and this fores Will lie augmented in the mar futurr.
Phoema   and   Cordelia.
Tin* market for Pltoenia and
Cordelia stork is very strong and
show.-, an upward tendency. The
storks in hoth these oompauier are
now quoted at fifteen cents at
Winnipeg, Toronto and other
eastern points.
These properties are looking
better than ever and a large
amount uf ore is being taken out.
Shipments will In- made from them
in the course of )�� few days, the
rawhidei's h-'ing HOW busy trans-
porting the ore from  thr   mine   to
the railroad,
.Jos. Baton, uwner of the Whitewater, was iii Sandon on Monday
At the meet ing of the stockholders of the Reco Mining and Mill
ing Co.. on Monday last, the following Board of Directors were
elected: President and Manager,
J. M. Harris: Vice President] S.
M. Wharton; Secretary-Treasurer,
P. T. Kelly: Directors, G. C.
Wharton and Hon. Win. Ward
Spinks. At a meeting of tlie directors which immediately followed
the stockholders meeting, a divi-
dend .if 1100.000 was declared
payable on the loth day of February, and tin* management state
tiiat another dividend of probably
an e��|ual size is likely to be de-
elared on or about the first of
April uext.
Work is being pMseonted. at
piescnt. exclusively en the ridi
vein and weekly shipments of
three carloads of ore are being
made, a force of 80 men now obtain employment in and about the
mine and this stall" will be further
supplimented by an addition of
'_'<��� mure men next week.
This mine is one of S number of
mines in this section which have
been opened dp and developed ex
rlu-.iv.lv from the proceeds of the
ore obtained during the prosecu-
lion ofthe work. Piwi >ns to incorporation the Reco declared
$37,000 iu dividends iu addition to
the siiin of $150,000 which has
been used in developing the pro-
petty, and all this money i.as hern
obtained from the proceeds ofthe
ore shipped t���� tin- smelter. Not
Otte cent of original capital being
used either iu opening up or bringing the property to its present
state of development.
The following extract from W.
A. Carlyle's report on the mines
of the Slnean will give the reader
an accurate idea of the value of
the K'-i'o ores and the splendid returns from single carload shipment: "The galena ot*e has run
from "J'-'."' to 7o<> ounces of silver
per ton. and 07 per cent, lead; one
lot of -1 tons assaying 730 ounces
.if silver per ton and hi per rent,
lead: and two shipments in 1896,
or 4*> tons, yielded net v��r W P��'r
cent, of assay) 24.S20 ounces of
silver, and 27 tons of lead, or l8*aQ
per ton. after deducting all charges.
The carbonate ore from ibis vein,
for 20 carloads, has yielded from
��30 to .!:��7.^  ounces  of silver  per
ton, and 19 to 28 per cent, lead."
It was definitely decided at the
meeting, to build the concentrator
at Sandon as soon as spring opens
up. The concentrator will be connected to the mine by means of an
aerial tramway, which will be a
duplicate of the one now in operation at the Noble Five concentrator at Codv.
For high-grade tailoring go to
the Kootenay Tailors.
Frank Woods left this week  for
his home in San Francisco.
"  Win. Short, barrister of Edmonton, is in town on business.
Messrs. Geo. and Sam Wharton
paid Sandon a visit this week.
They were the guests of Mrs. M.
A. Smith ofthe Goodenougb.
Frank Sehonberg has returned
from his trip to San Francisco.
Mr. Sehonberg is one ofthe original
locaters of the Two Friends  mine.
The new furniture store of D. J.
Robertson & Co. is almost completed, it presents a fine appear
ance with plate glass front. They
will carry everything in the furniture line.
M. L. Griinmett is putting up a
two-story store and office ouildiug
opposite the poatoffics. The building will be fitted with electric
lights, water aud all modern improvements. Though the foundation has uot been laid yet still all
the rooms have been already
spoken for.
The first annual meeting of the
trustees of the Star Mining &
Milling Co. was held in the office
of the company in Sandou this
week. Tne old officers were reelected and the Secretary-Treasurer delivered a report showing the
progress that had beeii made in
developing the property.
At the request of His Excel*
leucy the Governor General of
Canada, the Bank of 1*��. C. have
ooriied a subscription list for the
relief of the distressed in India.
Aceor Iiugly a list ha�� been prepared and planed in the branch here
aud i-. available to any person
wishing to stibserib" to  the   fund.
Fats va Leans-
The committee of the Hockey
Club have arranged for a very interesting game of hockey to take
place on Monda> next, between
the Fats and the Leans. The conditions are that none of the players
shall have ever played hockey be.
fore, ami tie Fats must weigh not
less than 200 pounds and the
Leans not more than 115. Spectators will be charged a small admission fee in order to defray
hospital   expenses. THE  PAYSTREAK
Issued   simultaneously every Sntunlay  at
Saii'lon and Cody, in the. lieart of the Sloean
the greatest white metal camp on earth.
TranKlent advertising i*> cents a hue And
insertion uinl 10 oeota a line for each subsequent insertion.
Subscription,    three    dollar      u    year    In
Add i ess
Sandon, H. U.
.1. liAMisr.or.
Editor and Mgi
Davk Kim; holds the record for
the longest jump.     He jumped the
townsite of Sandon.
Whkkk will hard boiled potatoes be obtainable next season?
From the hard and rocky bed of
the Kootenaiai/s ranch on the
banks ot rippling Carpenter creek
Oi'k friend of the Spokane
Chronicle seems f> think that the
end and aim of nil people in Knot
euay should be the aggrandisement of Spokane. It might l��e it
we all lived in Spokane but the
fact of the matter is that we are
out "fer th; dough'" ourselves and
can't see things just exactly in
his light.
In a  few more   mouths  Sandon
will have double the nopulation it
has at present, and it is high time
that i>or citizens were taking step*
tcwards having the city incorporated. If we wish to have much
needed improvements made to the
city we will bave to make them
ourselves, and if sre make them
ourselves, it is on'; fair that we
should have the expenditure of
the monies that the government
collects, instead of subscribing additional sums out of our own puck
������ts for that purpose. The hose
reel was a case in point, that had
to be paid out of the pockets of
our citizens in addition to the regular taxes. One thing is certain.. mmmmmmuumuuuuuumuuummmmmmmmmm
B H I the trails and roada built   by vuui
if we incorporate each man will I honornblt* U>dy ����ut uf the atttu ap-
have to bear his share of the pub- Ipropriated for that purpose, for
lie burden   instead   ol   a   few,   as (verily    (.'apt.    l-'it/.-tubbs   ami    a
Unless it is from a misapprrhen-
siou as to the correct position of
the boundaries between the mining divisions. Why, Naktisp
would be more eligible than Kaslo
for that honor, for it at least, is in
the Slocan. Tin- only reason we
can sec is, because Kaslo for some
time has been usurping a position
ill the Slocan to which il is not entitled to and   leaping the benefits
derived from association with  the
wealth  and   fame  tit   the   silver.
Last year our representative to
the Provincial legislature went
through the farce of callings meeting at Three Forks in order that We
might nave an opportunity of making known to him the most pressing
wants of the Slocan. The meeting
was attended by all tlie represeu
tative men of the district and
a few of the principal uwfl*
of the district not lined,
among which Were some important
trails and a wagon road between
Three Forks and New 1) over.
The trails are -till covered with
fallen limber ami several feet oi
country rock, and tin WfflsjOU road
still presents that appearance of
broken down and desolate gran*
deor, that the flood ..I '.if i.n it in.
It is now the pnrp i-r  of   tlie   S|o��
can people*, w im   pMiliitin ml i -
venes to present i petithm the
last ��>f which will rnti much after
this style: ''And .v ��� will ever]
humbly pray that \ ��� >��� ir honorable,
hi,_t 1 j and mighty b niji do not re*
quest us t" {jet off I he earl h, nor
demand more than one-half of the
profits of the Sh��C mill's, in
order to enclose Victors and the
fossils therein contained in s glass
case, also We most huinbh pray
that your honorable bo I) should
publish a directory   ami   map  of
the Slocan, giving  concise  infer*'
mation as to tin-   exact   location of
In case West Kootenay were
divided into four counties, we
fail to see how Kaslo could in any
case be the county seat of the
Slocan. Kaslo is not within the
boundary of the Slocan division
by more than twenty miles and
even if the boundaries of the pro
posed county were extended to the
shores of Kootenay lake Kaslo
would still be a gootl thirty miles
away from the center of the Slocan district. Why, then, Kaslo
should be named with New Denver
and Sandon as the probable cour
ty   seat    we   fail   to  understand.
seareh warrant catiiol find them
as things stand ti"*. Do all this our
most great and puissant govern
ment and we will ever hnmbl,
pray that your honorable body
will hold a royal Hush at the next
Licentiate Kayai Collese Pbyeletane,
Dublin, Ireland.
Office:   Rooms, tfos. l and 4.
Clifton House,
SANDON - - B   C
Slocan Bakery!!
i Ipposite Clifton ll"!!*..
Carries a Full Line of	
Coflfeciionery, Biscuits. Brai Pies.
Cate, Vattg-tab lade
to Order. Etc.
Patronrge  Solicited)
Slinn & o
The  Goodenough
The Finest. Largest and
most Elegantly
Furnished Rooms
ill  the   Kht if**    N-ilt hw.st.
$2 per Day Hi Bar ic Coiectioi.
Mrs. M   A. SMITH, Proprietress.
Are lining e;n    ed by  deal
��� I- purchasing their
Grain and Feed
Prom t h
Morning   Leaves Tbres Porksal S o'clock
Leaves ooay at  11 o'clock.
Afternoon:   Leaves    Tbtat  Porta   tt   i
O'clock.    LftaVSBOOdyal | n'Ho-k.
|   .I. Godfrey. WJ    Bowser. L t B
F. L. Christie, L L 8.
��andon  B.  C.
ancouver,  B    C.
First    Bank  Established   in  the
ItM-onxwated aj Royal Chanel   -
Capital ��u��i i��.w.��i.i in. i> i,''.. ..
Itr*��'*.. ��� . <!-���
Heao Office.   ���   '    ntan*d M������������>���   i  ��� i1<mi
1     fc'l<��l.<l
la Brttto.li ���
Victoria     \ . ��� .    ���
S..     | K II       -     ��� M,i .*����\
U. \* :    s v\I�� .\
in lH*ti
U> Ox  l      l*d e*   ���-.
*,��ri l'r>����i��'i*.>.   iii l    |*.iM!��ui>!
Agentaand Correaoondenta
�� wm-s    fnnadkaa twwik ��t Vamn
M ������   (Ui.ii  ..�� ' :t-    \| .iHH.a
lUnk  l-nprrtal lt*mk ��.f Canada -      Bank ������'
Nova   anolla      in    t mim-    *u \   > -
> ������*��       iU-nk    ���>(    *�����   '��� a    -a.
��� ' -        I : ���
���   , - | \ - ��� '   i    .     -.
i ',--.���    \ a' ��� -   ���  haw .
,1  *IH WA\   \M�� M W  /Y  \l   \\f     I.,   a
ol Ail III V$ UI II      ?!...,. .�� < �����
tocal   Manager,
Sandon Branch
11 a | ,
In.... i- M.t. .i |��- fto.ai Chart**** In t**tt
PaidUo  Caoita*.      S*.866.660
Reserve   Fund. �� 338.333
I >>.inl. .>. i IfTft. .
*��trv.��    t    ���
Court of   Otrectore
I *>!��!
South Edmonton,  Alta.
"Rolled (tuti ;t Special!)
Write or  \\ ire I'M   Pi It ������>
M   D, C   M ,
Formerly of tlte Winnipeg (4ener��
nl   Hospital,
(Mlirii.vri   I'iilare Saloon, K    >m .'5.
Sam ion,   B    C
Fine Watch Repairing.
Watchmakeri  and  Jewelers.
Watches, (Jtocka and  Jetrretry.  Ptanoa and
>i��!ii'.'   Hinelillii'*.
i  )i  (triifth   i..! ���, i >   ���    ��� .-. i i...j.it . i
r-.ii.Uiriiiifi  II ��ii����>. tl < or I.   it   Karrar. K��l
Nrtl.nr H.*��r��-    II    I.H. I I     K
fbrd     I i>  I- i    ihtMH *      i....r��.    |1
-<. 11 I.��r \ .    \    '.   W  . ! I I *
II Ifl     ��� '    .     .   I....*.'     InlliraKI   ,  .!.���    |    ���   ���
K. NtaSosi
to* i-    '
ll   ariaaa .a
Oi iirnii Maiutai "���
W. Mai tut, Mi-r
Branches   in Canede
Ixmdon, Braolfcinl, I'arit  ii in    '���      !.,��� -i.
Ui  K ll ����i"i.. on ,.. it.   Monln-al,  out"-      N
\  i.   (ii,,:. i ������;   W ir -I- ���   Man    I
fTl. Inf..   V    U     II ,    ' .a      N    ���*       \      ���    ���    ,      \   Hi
waiver, lin���land. Ha    I       Kardn, It, V.
Agenta in  the United Statea
Kpokant     OM National Bank and  rradrr*
Nallnnal linnii     s> �� \.r*    .; Wall ��tn*rt
W   I j. \.->ii:.mi  i i   \\. i.ii    San thranri***"
i;i HithM.tn. s|.,. ���    ii   m  j   \|, \|i, i,.,, i nnd
i   r   v��������� ��� m
London   Bankere
l'!i<   Batik Of I i.��i..ii.l im.l at******** nrii.o'i'
Foreign   Agenta
Liverpool   Hank nl   Liverpool      Me��>tlatid,
Natiniiiii   I'.mik nt Kr-utlano, Mmitcd.  i*"'1
hrnnctT**    Ireland. l*ro*rincial  nmiit .<( n-
land,   Ltd .  and  iinim-h.-*. Nattooal   (tank
l.iii., iiml hranchea,   \.t*iratla, I'nSw Bank <��
Analnillii, I I.I S. \�� /. .titiid, I nt'iii hunk ill
Aii*iiiiIIh. Ltd, India, t lilna, and Ja|*��ti
Merranllle llank nf Inilla Ltd, \nr.i Hank
Ltd Weal hull.*. Colonial Hank. Parw
Meaara. Marcuard, Knum <t n<. lajrotii
i ii .in Lyonosia
GEORGE   KYDD,   Manager
Sandon.   B. C THE   PAYSTREAK.
1*1.At Kit   (iOI.O.
Seattle���At  a   meeting of the
���attlo Mining Boreal! Pater I ..Trout,
n experienced miner, declared that
ilaeer gohl came trom the skies:
"During the last ten years I have
ilways maintained   thai   the placer
d in British Colombia did not come
mt of qnarta veins, or, If any, only a
[Miiall portlOa <>t it. Whenever 1
jinttle a statement of this sort I was at
knee asked, where did it comelVom?
ITo which I have often vrry hluntly
replied, Bow do you suppose I know?
��� have learned to think this from
Id ear experience. 1 have seen a creek
���ich in gold and have BpeM time and
money looking lor quarts that the
���old in the creek inn*t have OMBfl
from.    In every instance it wai time
IaimI money wasted,, and still worse,
tin one instance, when l was penoad*
fcd to go Oft one of these  tool  errands
an    opportunity   was    missed    that
[wo lid have made mes"ine thousa nd>
lot dollars richer.
More than thirty yean of patient
i toil and search the richest creeks in
British Colombia, or what have been
ihe richest creeks in tbe country,
i :iw Call to show op any kind ot rook
in paying qOJUrttiftM anywhere m the
Incigbhornood:   and,  <>n tbe other
lli.ind, WO have Trail creek, which
Im* Ken coiisideied as j��*or a gold
prodooof as there wis in the country
snd whfeb has daring the la*t Mar
[yielded over ��-.'.< mi.imi in guld, allot
wliiih came from  the  rocks  in   its
neighbornood. Now, tor many yean
l have (irmly believed that tbe gold
tonnd in the creeks ol British Colum
bla did not come horn qtmrw veins,
but during my trip to Alaska during
the Inst bummer my   views on this
matter Moeived ��� remarkable confir
imitieii, as I found gold under circiiin-
stanc<'S that anyone will say OOQid
not poaHbly liavo come from 'piartz
veins, unless thev were up in the
"Kastern OOBgOQ at.d the Hi'; Bon* I
eoontry contain a great ���meant of
the gold,   bat  few  nuggets, while
British Colombia h:t* Contained many
naggeta^ bat little Hue gold.   This
may be explained by   what asemi to
be a fact, that tbe eastern pans of
Oregon and Washington are in inoeh
tbe name condition that they were
when this sea dried on In British
Colombia it is <|uiu* different   Tbe
sea that we presume once covered
that country dried up at a much
earlier period, and since that time
there have been upheavals all over
the country, antl it DOW consists ot
small mountain*, at least over the
central part.    If a sea did once cover
thatpartof the country, it seems to
me probable that where the last
remnant oi it dried op was in the
Cariboo country, and if this wai
known to be a fact, the concentration
ol placer gold in that section could be
ci plained.
It we only  knew that  away hack
In the past the sea did  cover part of
British Colombia and waa dried up,
and very tine tlakey gold was everywhere de|x>sited over its bottom, the
changes that have since oooorred
would hilly explain why it is now
coarse or in tbe form ot nuggets, and
00 account of the upheavals gnlchei
have everywhere been formed. More
than tlist, the country has heen
swept by glaciers; and rocks and
-tones have  beet!  moving  in all di
rections, independent of gravitation ;
and after the glacial period passed
away this rolling and sliding of rocks
commenced again, and this pounding
process was renewed on a larger
scale. You should, however, bear in
mind that I am not describing the
way the gold came into the creeks ol
Hritish Colombia. I am only indi
eating to vou what seems to me a
possible, if not probable way ; and
you will also hear in mind that what
has lieen laid as to the origin of
placer gold applies to no part of the
world except the country east ot the
< laseade*
1 While at Alaska I determined to
pay Mr. Fairweather a visit, which
involves a journey of litteen miles or
more across a glacier, Alter I had
got about half way across, the rocks
and stones disappeared and the glacier looked like a great frozen lake
Thr same Mack vail covered a part
of it tha* 1 had seen on the Hradv
glacier antl on the deep part
of the Peroose glacier : but 1
noticed that it was not as black as
it apfieared at a distance, and that it
consisted principally of ruby sand,
exactly like what I had seen on the
beaett. With some difficulty 1 gathered up about a quart Of it and washed
it in a gold pan, and there 1 (bond
about twenty colors, exactly like
those tound on the beach
The problem was now solved. I
had found whe.v the ruby "and came
(rem and how it ban found its way to
the ocean beach.   It was solar back
on the glacier that l could look behind the foothills and could see that
the level of the glacier behind t'-em
was nut far from their tops, and it
wai Certain that not very long before,
the glacier extended over the foot
hills antl down to the ocean. This
would constitute an inclined plane of
about forty mOeslong and eight miles
wide, or about 800 square miles ot an
inclined plane of ice. and all the ruby
sand ami gold that it contained would
find its way to a moraine along the
beach, where the glacier was melted
away by the sea water. This gold
certainly never came in quarts
veins, as it was found in meteoric
dust, and heaven is the only place
than I can think of that it could come
from, or the ethereal blue vault
iboveus, or whatever meteotic dust
comes from.
���What did you stop that clock in
vour room tor, Jane r
"Because, mum, the plagey thing
has* Hue sort of a til every inornin',
jest when 1 wants to sleep.
"That exchange editor is enthusiastic about his work. Notice the
little gold shears he wears on his
watch chain ?"
Vrs. nnd cvrn hit diamonds are
"Step right in. ladies and  gentle-
men," cried the showman.   "Step
right inside and sec the educated pig
add and subtract"
"I'shawC exclaimed old Parmer
Hacklots, "my old  hog at home has
got way over to spiare POOt
There ."re at present thirteen mines
being morked on the north fork and
in the vicinity ot Grand Forks and it
is predicted now that over oO will be
in active operation before April 1.
l'ass creek and Brown's camp will no
doubt be the centre of active mining
Operations this season. Tlte country
tributary to Pass creek has a wonderful showing ot mineral and a very
desirable class of ore for smelting
The Newmarket,
New Denver, B.C.
tl Steatatl on tin- btakscl the U-autiful slocan Lake, and gamtaetn ��it opoffl
tli.-lmliuiiv ands*vbb upon the grandest scenery in America without extra chan-i!
Toe Sreeaoajje syrA-an i* excellent. The raomi are airy and decorated with the
urteat malts of the wall (Mi|M-r art. The exterior of the hotel b i*iinted In eotors
ilmt li.inniitiizi'with tin-Idi-alii'tif'sfintry. Tin? Diiiin'* Itoom k* always provided with food that i�� tasty, itlgrratfltVi sad ���attsfytag to tin Infler economy of
mail. The liar I* rapkfs with tin- moat modern, sa well ssaneteal brands of
nar**c prodaDsn.
(iolclhu^a, Silver IVuioorat-', Canadian Capitalists, I'rmiieptors, Miner*.
Tciideifeet, Ten Mil" Millionaire* and PUfTims of every rtatde in |>olitic*. religion or wealth are welcome at this house.
make for tin- Newmarket whcnlyou reach tin- Storan nv IropoUfl and do not for-
tret the [landlords name;  il is
Henry Stege.
Civil & Hydraulic Engineers, Provincial
Land Surveyors, Notaries Public.
Agents for Railway Addition to Rossland
SSTA iiiiinUr of well located mineral claim* for sale
The Clifton House,
Jmmm^ Sandon.
HaSsaspleieaanuaodstfoastoi alarm* atuaher of people.    Tin? rooosaniarga
and airy, and the  DtatilS Room is provided with everything  in tin? market.
Sample BOQBM for Commercial Traveler*.
John Buckley, Prop.
C. D. Hank.
I). 8. Wallbridoe.
Mining and Stock Brokers,
Notaries Public        and        Conveyancers,
Mines Knight and sold. Stocks for sale in all B. C. mines.
Offleial brokers for Wonderful Group Mining Co.
Kootenay agents tor Bondholder Mining Co..  St.   Keverne Mining Oo
I'lia-nix Consolidated Mining Co. and Two Erieiuls Mine Co, 1 stocks.
Oom **aaxies Stooited etud Promoted
Dealer* in
N'.��n. Stationer*/,
t'onfeetlonery. Umier. tTi-v.
Uu.*!'. Hay,Otraln, Ploor,
Saddle and Puek llm-*.-
tn Mil PQlntt
in the Mountains,	
We lo id in First-Class work.
3 line Hath Booms in connection.
Sea Silt Kaths without extra charge.
J. S, REEDER. Prop.
I \K. A. MH.I.oY.
Blacks Hotel,
raaaa ���:M
Recorded at New Denver,  the  Aawsaments
Transfers and Locations:
l.iil 'ATlilXS.
.laiiu.iiv ".1! :
Cordelia N'o ���.'���Car|ientcr creek. Brtice n ttlte.
.lanuarv SB.
Pride ��>f the West N'o 2- slocan e'iiv. Bam
Mill, r Fraction  Bprtrj��*ar creek, < 'has T Mill. r.
Keliiuaiy 1:
Miaiitoiioinah--.(anus Oillhooly.
Wild Goose No I*--Albert Behne
Jennie N'o S (Fractional ���J as a afcD roeD.
Januarv 2i>:
Dan McI.ic.n1 to Simon .1 Tunstall \ In nlvni
pliia ; Jan S),SL
Same to Artlnir E Sh.lton���1 in I >l\ inphia ; Jan
��j St
Ed r Diiiin toCC Bennett -\ in BloomerOW .
Jan i:!.s2.'ki.
Chas K Sniitlicrincale to Gad W Weeks���| in
Coiicliichin*.' j Jan R. St
Robert Coralck to Robert C Adsms���Mammoth
No 7 nnd Cnltus No 2; Jan 4. St
0 I) Williamson to M Wdiisteln | In Slocan
Belle j March 6, si.
M Weinstein   to Robert   Onanliw���'  Slocaa
Bern; Janl, &
"Janoary :'T:
Jacks'in   RadcHff and Phsa Netihsoi to A  If
Johnson- B.C.: Jan 1ft, -."��� 0.
J.iunary SB:
Lorenzo Alexander and M I' W RathbortM to
Junes c Kvan���Option on 1 Soho, Th. Northern
Pacific ana Red Cross, Jan S, tt
James W Ryan to J C BoauKter��� ] in Emms
Not; Jan SS, tt
Tlios Mctiniyan to Kva BOSa���17*31 In Sflver
Uiil.Voi: Decn.U.
Win Stiihhs to John l'ierce-1-i'i in Rub*/ Mav;
Jan S3, fl.
Alex Mcl'hadi ii t ��� Clia* N'.uhaiis Prince Alex
nnder; Nov id. St
OLOlSEefl to Johs A Kinnian���I in Saltans;
Jan IS, fL
ABaderto Frank oranviii.��� The Toirnseod;
Jan is. ruin
PCanieri to T Long-���a] in Alteon* ; Jan IS, It
J) J McDonj-ald. Daniel Niclml. Oeo Nicbd and
Russell Nichnl to Lucky George lllnlng Co . Ltd.
���The  Lucky George, InnWall,  Beaver;   Jan
January SO:
Q fj iVX.il t.. II P Kii-c- I in Suit .ma : Jan 1*. *1
Florence  L Mclnnea   to  Alex   Spreal-l   in
Marion : Jan 14; yj"i
Toronto Telegram.
Another phase ofthe stock business,
which in many cases is altogether
different from the mining business, is
the apparent advance in stocks, and
whether it is not a good business ]>���������>
IK'sition to boy stocks when they are
first placed on the market and then
sell out when they advance in price,
for in almost every ease they do rise
after a short time and continue to
advance at intervals, h this a natural
advance on account of an advance in
value ol the property ? In some cases
"Yea" In very many cases "Xo."
Here is an example or the latter s-**
Last summer when the fever had
fairly struck the city a man well
known about flic market invested
1200 in stock that was then selling at
10 cents a share. He was only waiting to sell at a better price and when
the stock advanced to 12 cents and
then 15 cents he chuckled to himself
and told a lew friends of his little
speculation. The stock still kept
going up till it reached 20 cents.
Then he reasoned with himself and
said, "I can make a hundred per
cent, on my speculation, I'll sell out."
So be went straightway to the
broker from whom he hid bought the
" 1 see Such and Such stock is up
to 20 cents " he observed. "Yes, sir,
and it will be 25 cents next week,"
smilingly asserted the paper vendor
"Well,- continued our friend, " I've
got a few dollars worth at it, and I
am a little hard up for monev. I
would like to sell it.
"We only sell stock. We don't buy
it," was the answer. And though the
Speculator offered '>���": price after
another until  he Anally offered Ms
stock at 10 cents the "hroker" refused
to buy.    That man has the stock yet
and it is dangerous to mention mines
anywhere in his vicinity,
ilut it stock buying were confined
to speculators and men who can afford
to lose their monev, even the wildcat
schemes might be excusable, tor ���
certain percentage, ho'vever small,
would go to the development of the
gold fields, and it would come from
men who are acting with their eyes
opened to a certain extent. Such,
unfortunately) is not the case. Roof
men with families dependent on them
are investing their little savings in
the hope of big returns -men who
are simply following the example ot
those whom they recognise as sharper
business men than themselves, whose
names they see in Haunting advertisements, directors of the company.
They cannot afford to lose their
money, and as they depend largely
on the newspapers and others to do
their thinking tor them, i: is only lair
they should receive an llOttest Opinion
once in a while.
Again, let us look at gold ininiuir
in former camps, and statfatfet do not
show Kossland to lx* any richer than
they. How many takes were perpetrated on the country to one miiM'
that brought wealth to its promoters.
You can count the rich men from the
South African gold fields almost on
your linger* hut it would take a
series of volumes to hold tli ��� names
ol those who bought stocks and I at
money in South African properties.
Gold mining i> largely a lottery business���you hear a whole lot of the
fellow who draws the capital prize,
but tin.'other hundred thousand who
drew blanks are not WOftb mention
.Men of reputation who allow the
use ol their names as directors of a
company they know little or nothing
about are incurring a serious responsibility. They cannot hut know that
thev are not wanted for their business
ability nor, in fact, are they wanted
at all: but their mimes are wanted
to raise in the public mind a eon-
fidence in the value ol the mine or
rather in the value ofthe stock placed
on the market. If a man know* the
company in which he is a director i-
a bona fide concern, and that the
money realised from the sale of
stocks, or at least a fair percentage
of it, wdi go towards developing a
claim that show.- reasonable indications of being good, he is justified iii
lending his name to the concern. But
if, in consideration ot tbe receipt ol a
certain Id- *<k oi stock, be allows tin-
use of his name as a director of a
mining company in which not n
dollar of ins money is invested, and
of which he knows nothing except
what it pleases tbe promoters to tell
him, he comes aboul ai near being ���
party to a wrong as he can be and
keep clear oi tbe law.
Pays special attention i<�� all
kinds ��>r watch repairing.
Large stock of
always <m hand
While taking stock we found a few lines including
Overalls, Jumpers, Shoes, Rubbers,
Gloves, Ktc-.. which we wiU now
Close Out at Reduced Prices to make
room for new goods now on the road
A few pair of soiled White Blankets al 25    Discount
Dealer ir| MEATS
WliiN.    UOHSLANI),   KELSON".   KASI.O,   i'l I * * I*   ��.\\    VM
SA Mil i\
KnllFRT   .Mai IMS' VI.I'
\i i   Mwi.Au  .
MACDONALD   BROS., Proprietors
Rstes 11.60 to H50 per day.	
Headqnarti n for Miniujf S|veu!��t'��r* urn I Capit-.H-t.*.
Reco Ave.. - - Sandon.   B.C
Slocan flardware Company,
-J.  C,   ll.v. i:s   Mncr.
Manufacturers of and Dealers in
Slora, Hum, Mm ami Mm.
Ail   kinds of Mining n'mk ,1 Specialty
���      -SANDON B C
Brandon and  \< w  Denver
Gel your Fresh Meal
 PBOM tiif.
I Kootenay Bsttsr
���aaj. ;// *|
A n n all.-1    Let*
It was many and  many a ycir ago,
In a kingdom by the sea,
That a maiden lived, whom you may
Bv the name of Annabel Lee ;
And this   maiden   she lived with no
other thought
Than to love and   be  loved by inc.
1 wa- a child and she WSJ a child.
In this kingdom by tin* sea ;
Hut we loved   with   a   |OVO  that \va*
more than love,
I and my Annabel Lee���
With a luve that the   winded BerapbS
ol heaven
(Soveted her and me.
And   this   \uis   the rea*a*n that, long
In this kingdom by the sea,
A wind blew out i��t a clood, chilling
.My beautiful Annabel Lee;
Si (hat h��t high-l*orn kinsmen came,
And bore her away from me,
Tn shut her up in a sepulchre,
In thi* kingdom by the sea.
The angela not s<> happy in heaven,
Went envying her and me.
Yes! That was the reason a-all mi n
In the kingdom by the -< i
That the wind came OQl  oftbeclood
by night.
Chilling and killing my Annabel
Bat our l**v<* it was stronger by Par
than the love
ot those who were older than we,
< h many tar wiser than we ���.
And neither the angels in heaven
N����r thr demons tar down in the sei
Can ever disever my soul from tic
<M the beautiful Annabel Lee
For the moon never beams without
bringing dm dreams
Of my beautiful Annabel Lee:
And the stai> never   rife,   boi I   feel
the bright eyee
<>t my beautiful Annabel Lee
And so all the night-tide I lie down
by the si��I<*
Of my darling, my darting, my lift
and my bride,
In her sepulchre there bj the sea,
Iu her tomb by Uk* sounding sea.
���l/Igar Allen I\*o.
mil mi Aim*, s wini i in iMirn
The fact that the < snadian Minuter
< t Agt iculturr is working in harmony
with Washington   in   matters <>t  tin1
Quarantine ot cattle, ha- been a slight
indication  that   trade   relations   be
tween the two countries might beootne
much more friendly it negotiations
were carried en in a business, rather
than a Jingo spirit.
Though the ln*ootniog admlnlatra
tlon win be leas liable to look with
favor upon anv better relations with
Canada, the fact that Washington has
been somewhat widened hy Venezuela
and Soatn within the   last   year as to
Its diplomacy, may bear fruits later
President elect IfcKinley represents
the business idea of the 1'nitod States,
the money idea, rather than the
demagogic element and the noisy
people, who desire to have Something
to say.   (bottgh tbey   have little to
oiler thai is worth hearing. The
element ot auaroy and socialism, that
soctlen ofthe populace which has been
demanding extraordinary and uu-
buslneselike things, that portion ol
the inhabitants of the republic who
have believed that tin* United States
can  be   sufficient   unto  itself,   were
beaten when McKinley was elected.
Canada, in its present circ.um-
Btancea should retaliate whenever an
unjust measure is passed in the United
States; it should make a conces>i<*n
whin any reasonable concession is
made in the Republic If the Re*
public threatens to put a duty upon
our lumber, we should pot an export
duty on our logs. It they prevent
our citizens from obtaining work
there, we should prevent tlie people
ofthe United States obtaining employment here. If they arc nasty in one
respect we can be proportionately
unpleasant. It they do the decent
thing, there is no reason why we
should not reciprocate
Not only should trade with Great
Britain, Australia and the United
Suites be cultivated, but trade with
everybody else should be established
by Canada if poasibla There is no
lool talk in a counting-house when a
customer comes in who has monev to
pay tor gooda The man who is anxious to trade borsesdoes not enquire
tbe pedigree or politics of the other
fellow with whom he is anxious to
make a good "swap."
BoHtfos should not enter into oat
business at all. Those who have been
Appointed to administer public affairs
should iU> their best for the country
Instead ol trying to till the ears ot the
idle and ilie insolent with noisy tie
in->nstmtions,which can mean nothing
but lotvs aud a degradation of the jx>li-
tie.'.! idea. A government ta intended
to take Care oi the l>est interests ot
the citizens, logo! as many customers
and make as lew enemies as possible;
and while it is always on the cards
for tha organs ol the ex-government to
make a clamor whenever there is the
-lightest movement towards establish-
in*.' even halt friendly relations with
countries outside ol Great Britain, it
should always be a part ofthe policy
ofthe Administrator to be ever con
cUUtory and to keep even tlie vaguest
hope of doing business always in
view, or as long 'is national propriety
will permit we do not find Great
Britainquarrelllng with other nations,
hut, on the other hand, apparently
sometimes almost sacrificing dignity
and the pride of a dominant nationality, that the Bag may !ly in *>eace,
and that the trader may extend the
commerce of the Empire in every
III Va.l.lt \I l�� A  DAY, Props.
���MaaafatuTCM ->f ��H���
Syphons, Ginger Ah'.
Bartaparilla, Etc., Etc,
Sandon, BO
Patronize home industry
when \<>ti want the besl
il Kl
of tine Potatoes, and now have the only
Potatoes iu town not affected by frost.
We have also Turnips, Beets, Onions
and Cabbage
During the recent mild weather
we received���
Received this week
If. Giegerich, Sandon.
Stores at Ainsworth, Kaslo, Sandon
-Dealers   in-
Gr-erieral HVEerclia,nciise/l
Thos. Brown &Co.,
Sai)doi], 13. C.
Dealers in :���
New Goods constantly arriving.
I haw opened a Carpenter* ft-. Jmpt     .   SANDON, B.C
Shop in tin- rear oi
Crawford's Blacksmith Shop
Drugs, Stationery, Druggist
Sundries. Notions and Toilet
Orders for all kinds of work
in that lino promptly attend to.
O. O. ^oPt-AJF
Commercial Hotel,
G. THOMAS, Proprietor
Oor, Eftftfag .<: CuntSt, St*.
i.,,,^ ,.,!.,>.     Vancouver,B.C.
.Ml llodorn rmproTfsnwnto,
S|i*( ill nocoiTimodntton tot Mining Men.
lV��*fuincs  and  Imported Cigars a
Mint*V**-o( Miuc*.  H��.ti.(\4. Jam.* I taker
ItuviMclal MiiKralCfSt, W. A. Oarl***
I'l-bllc ASMrer, U. i.irnik-ha. I.
AlU*rni: Thus. Fletcher, Allrerni
i'arii>oo; J Bottron, ltarkcrvaV
< atv4ar; Jam.* I'.ct. r. P.O. LaMoa
t'owU-han; 11. O. Wellborn. Dnncaa
t i.niox ; W. H. AhiKtsoii, I'ornox
PottSfaafna; .1 Kh-wln
Kantoopa: 0 C Tuintall. K*anl<<oi��
Ki.it.-n.iv Kaat; J. F. Arm*4nin*r. DoaaM
Kaotaaa** Wc*t. N'.inlifrii jmrtiim; J. 1>. On*
1mm, BerdrSake
Kooteaa** WiHt, Southern ���..rtloii: \. Kit/
���nuiiii*. Nam
I.illi��*t: F. Sou.*. Clint*>i).
Xanainio; M. Mr*v. N'an'iim*>.
New W��.*)tinluMt-r i I>. i'.l*��ii. New W.<tiiiin-
N'ic<>la ; John Ckxpptnm, Xicola Lake
OfeMMaa; L. Xi.rri* V.rnon
Um-Aii.-ll.���; Wm.St<i>lK'n��a.iii,ynesiK'Uf F<*rk��
Nate: W.I\kJ<1, Yah*.
USTBICT.' orn< |
Xsiialiiiu. M. Brav Xanaimo
XV iv W.-*tTiiln��.f. D. Bflbaoa .X.w \Vo��tinii.*ti r
KaM K<��-t.-nav..) Stimrt IVmahl
F. C. Lang Gotoea
(��. ��...Mi.- Winih rni- n*
i . M. Edwards Fort Steele
M. Fhillii*. Tol-acc* PlafaM
Wat Ki.Himav. J. D. l.raham ttevetetofci
iSony MiiilKnnuk Lai*Jeaa
A. sj>n*at  X.w Drover
.John Keen Kaalo
.1. H.Rashdall NYI*��!i
J. Kirkup Ro**��!aii<i
.!.(.'. R\ki-rt  Kyk.n*
W. 11  Vkkera Trout Lake
R. J. Scott UlHlinilia.il
P. 0. Fauquier. .  Saknap
Ctril.*.. W Stephenson Quewielle F-rk*
J. Bowron . Bark, n ill.
Vale, W. Dodd Yale
L. Xorrl* Varaaa
C. A. R. Lamblv Oaqjoo.
W. M< Mvuii Midw.i v
H Hunter OraaSS Creek
or. Tun.nall Kami- * -\*
UBooaLC. A  Pliair LlUooel
P. Sou.-.*" CUaton
i *uraar, Ezra Evan* Manaou Creek ��� Hi>i>>> ea
!.i*. I''it'-r I��ik< t a
AH.riii. Till*. Fletcher Site    ���:
Vict.riri. W. S. t.orv Victoria
BOLD   '���'>!41tIsM��'N'KKS.
F.rtli. Province -. w. s. (;.*-.-. Victoria
Alberal; Th*. Fletcher. All.nii
Cat&OO*  John Bowicn. Rich tic Id
<a��*iar Di*lrk-t: Jatw* Porter. Lafcetoa,'";*--: i
Lill'��*t District: Piiedalek8ooea Cttatoo
Xaiiaiinn : M. Bray. Xanaimo
WeatKootenay District; J. F. Amixronjr.lfc.nsld
West Ki.i.tenay I)L��trict; X. Fitzst'ul��l��-<. Nelson
East Kootenay District:  J. D. Graham, Beret-
Yale District: Chaa. LamMjr.Oaoywe
Vale I��i*trict: 0.CTtmafjuI. Kamkwsa
this proposed road. The North Star
can sliio 100 tons daily, tbe St Ku-
gene 50 to 70, the Dibble mine has
ore sacked ready for shipment, several mines in the vicinity of Tracy
creek have considerable ore on the
dump. On Bull river there at leas.
two copper properties that can become
producers at once, and there is no
iloubc that at least ten per cent, of
the claims in this district would become producers upon the ad rent of a
railroad into this valley.
On the Coni9*,ock,one ot the Thompson group, 17 men are at work.
Fifty-one tons of ore are on the dump
and 100 tons will be shipped to the
Tacoma smelter as soon as it is taken
out. A vein of galena three feet
wide has been found in the KXMbot
tunnel. The ledge is 80 feet wide
but no foot wall has been found yet.
Kootenay Mercantile Tailoring Co.
Our Mineral  Re*our'-e��.
New York Tailor
Largest tailoring establishment in R ('., now open a
branch at :       :       :
with a  full tine of     :       :
Cloths, Gent's
Clothing p<^       ^
Travelers will call frequently at
the various towns with sampiea
Tha  Crow's   Nest   Pass,   through
which   the  proposed    railway   will
enter the Kootenay Valley, has an
elevation ot 5,500 feet above the sea
level; this is about 200 leet higher
than the Kicking Horse Pass,through
which the Canadian  Pacific railway
now crosses the liocky Mountains.   It
is repotted that the grade ofthe proposed road through the Crow's Nest
Pass will be only   1   per cent    The
proposed road will open up the largest
mineral country  yet discovered.   A
section of vast undeveloped mineral
wealth yet in its infancy.    Ivist Kootenav   has  coal,  copper,  gold and
silver mines, which are tieing developed.   This road,   when completed,
will be the means of opening Up the
whole southern portion of East Kootenay.   It will run for a distance of
150 miles through a section ot country
��� ich iu   mineral,   tributary   to,  and
dependent   on  this  road tor future
shipment of ore and supplies are the
North Star and Sullivan   group of
mines, or prospects,  numbering 100
claims.   On Perry creek are 90 more,
Weaver creek 20, Moyea lake and
river 22, Bull river and Elk river i:>,
the St. Mary's river and tributaries
over 100, Wild Horse creek 90, Wasa
and the vicinity of Tracy creek 80-,
and the largest coal field ujion the
American continent.   Ihus it will be
seen that there are over 500 mineral
claims on the line of and tributary to
Hair* iitrui t. thi-   |o|. r rat*
..I.tain    Tll<'MI,INFIX'S    crl
cl.ral.il iiuii of tha- Rjoeatl Like
ilMrict f..r
Vfklrrw .-.ll order* lo
R. T.Lowery,
New Denver, B.C.
Is tlo' Pioneer  House of the City.
Dry O-'od'4. Oeut* Furnishing.
Opposite  The GUftan Boom u
presided over by  Ml.SS SMITH
Wm fEi'i NVfEI..
,J.   M.   WINTER,  lVop.
.lis. G-*.
First**, 'hi**** Accomntmlatlorj
Km- Tntirists and
Mining Men	
Oody is in the in-art <>t the SIocm* ��isl you muat go Un ���    '\   it srn
see that great e.rtintrv.
reeirn Bros
Id.M.K.KS   IN
^ GS-eiieral   Meretiaoadise ^
KASLO       and       CODY.
Hotel Kootenay
Switzer & McUluskey,
^^���rpy ..'''���' ."r.-iii-. Slice! Mll.lc,
Mii-icil sii|.j.iif. s,��ii,L. ktaeMna*
:iml  s.ii.| |l. ..
tf Mall nr��|ir�� Nrcfva | t.in|,l atl. ntlmi.
Sli.KXM .   \\   *��||
KcQncen v\. (inn* btm
just  opened   in the Hani**
l>uil��litiLr with a lull line of
PeiiieinUi the |��lacv,
McQueen & oore,
���Dealer iu-
\ viry eiijuviiliie time was spent
t  i!i<*   liiilI   ;it   Three   Forks  on
,liiii'-*<i\ evening  last.
Forty men  obtain  eriipioytuenl
I iht-   Mntei'prise olid   the   ore   is
jfiug tl'iins|i��irled daily to the lake
\ iwn ti'iu-li'iiM' teems.
In- Wiiter's temporary  offieeal
|rf'nri*n .V Chore's l)ni^ Stnre.
|*\\.i IiiiI-i- .in* *>l<;elii\  SlllpioV*
I rawltidittif, ore from  tne (lood*
bough.       'I'm*   output   par    day
gfri.iu   thin   rich   lit*I��� *   properly   is
T[li.tiii i wii tons.
Tin* B   * ���    Iv'stauriinl.    in   San
���oi). has bocoti ns of  tin*  di<mi
KmotiM cafss of the *ilvi*ry Slocan.
] Ii   By��*rs sit' b*\ in  Sandon   im
��� lew da*- -
: The chickens servnd si the l��. <'.
K���*t.iu.*iit   ill  <!i<-    yoUllg   and    ;ir-*
pH   irwr-o* of i io loiinati'Mi around
Britc \\ nit ��� Is * i.t   to  Bpoksnt*
****ii l��ii*��iin���
\   Helm**t. ��>t  the  Slocan  Star.
tuned  lo S.in'hm oil   Tuesday
-t ii uu iii.H inp  to ilo-   Springs.
Tie-  n  a   ��� dltion of Tliomlin*
n'�� 'nap   d tii*- BloCSli   I"!' -.��!������ at
i* ollii-r
I*   J    N|. I loiiald. snp.i intriideiil
i    ��� ('nrri.'   mi��:>*.   ntturtied   on
slaTl.ui > l.i\   !u*ai from Spokane.
:'���������:��� ��� '
r'\ A   II.   Bluroeoauer  left ysttt-
'Jfl. *   ' i i,i   lo   Spokiiiie.     Mr
��� i'lini-iiitin r has    h'-.u    (tiling   for
��� ��� ���!,.-   iim*' ;..i*l and it is t . he hop.
\gfi\   t hat Ins trip w ill lot\ i* n 'tviit ti*
i.ii cth��t on hid health.
A -;n*.' ii Usi 14.uu in i Ireettland
al   fin   ��-ipe*  ,tt   the   Pttato8.ee
01 < .
Mr. I .*. .im-  ,.t lie- ijrin ot ECvniis.
JP'h-ni in ��\. 1'lv.tus, v. .���,.��.  in   Sandon
��r .1 iiw ilsys
Dr, !���'  I'. Witter ran  be found
I McQueen & Gore's Drug Store
R. Strati., rn. -.1 Kaslo,    is start*
rj a bmn.'h ����f his jewelrj bn**inesM
II Sjinhiii under the   ui t na^itm nl
't    VV      ll.dler.       See    his    nil   on
nother psge,
\ t ���.���,.���!*,.��� horse   power  gasoline
lliglll** and crusher to   haudh-   tl"-
���r   from the   mine,   has   heen   in-
t died at the Payne.
I'h" man witli the bin** shirt snd
����� 1 pit si of four bits is ju-t ;t*. v\��*!-
*un* st the   B, ('    U'siaiiiunt.   in
Hsndnn, us awhite*shirted million*
i��i 11* from V-.\ 11 u \ t*r.
I o w 11,m 1 r MAI i um 1 i.s: TllHt
*>, I>. i: MiVmx and W. II M< ���
Vay, from sod after this d t<\ will
not be responsible for any *md fill
socounts that may  he contracted
lor by   th.*   Kuth   MiiifS   or   Kuth
Mining Co., of Sandon, B 0.
January 2nd, 1M��7.
For Sale
(hie pool tiiiil-* with cues.  Ivory
hulls, etc. (by Balks, Oollonder &
< lo., < Ihicagn I,    Impure of
W..I. Si u.v.
m     COAL,
��� ��
M j
I) and
I l\\\ AKK. tl
Tin & Sheet Iron Worker.
Canadian Pacific
The Quiekeat and Cheapest Route
\10 NT HEAL.
r.us roN,
lat*i< rn  Points,
sT 1AII..
And   ;tl
[>next** lied Bleeping t';tr> nn all
Trains. Tourist Oars in st. Paul
Daily; Boston, every Thursday*
Toronto,     every    M nolay    froui
S'*.niiet' leaves Naku��p��.'i\ Sun.
da). W dnesday and   Friday
moruiiig. uiMkitigelo**e o����mn*c
lion ;it ReipUt��ike with train**
for all points Hast or West.
Before you travel \j '   information
from ('.   P.   I.- A-j-'- ta   w  I"
I lines and r.He*.      It   Will WiVe
\ on monej .    A ppl.' tti nearest
Railway Agent or 1 ���
\.   c    Mi vRTHl R,   A*." nt
District Passenger AffM,,'��
\'ancnii\ if.
The new  ��� dition
son 'a map i�� for *;ih
nf  Tbomliu*
,it  I his nlliee
\.n.'. I* hi reb) ft*.fti ih.ii appllcMthu1 will
he in ui. -to Uu* l/CSlnlatlvc   kmemblj ofthe
I'pixlni-.- ol Ui lll-li  I'ooiinl.i.i at tt��   10 M   ��.s-
rIou h>r an art enabling! he Noble Five inn-
���.oii.tni.-.i Mining and Milling tTomnnny (F.��r-
oljrn) in appropriate llvi'.hunilred , 500) Incites
oi ti..' wittri'-. oi. o<l\ I'ni'k. In the slocan mining l>'.\ia|on Went Kootenaj iii^oi.i.i v.-t
il ii ii it - im tlif purpoae ol upcratlng n onoran
trator, elect tit* IIgh1 plant, power rlrill*. and
��ii nt i in' | is i r i *>*������* inniftl, iiia*. *.vii.\ or i in1 ui rn-
tai to the mining or milling of orea, tat the
pur|K��e of expropriating Uiiidii foi ��uoh ptn*
S'oin.K    PtVK     ltlNHOI.ll> \ I I  H      MlNINi.     V\l>
Mii.i.imi Co. (Foreign.)
.Inn   JNt. '"T
Certificate of Improvements.
dill font ia mineral claim.
Situate in tbe Sliwan mining illvltalon of W.��t
Kootenay dlitrtet. about three miles east
ofthe town oi New Iienver.
Take not ie<-tiiat I, A.S. Farwell, acting as
agent for Jamea Marino, free miner's eertitl-
cate No. 71.170: Alfred .1. Jfarka. tree miner's
certllleate No. 7M,Uf*��; .lame- V. M. Donald free
miner's certificate No. ��7,��7. un<l llyoin ('.
Vim lloiiten free miller's certificate No. t>l,.'*02.
Intend. Hlxts day* from the date hereof, to
ai'iiiy tottie mining recorder for a certlScaie
ui Improvement*, for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant ot the above claim.
\JXA further take notice that  aettOO,  under
���action ���". miiKt be oommenced before the la-
���ssnee ofaucb certificate ot Imfwovementa
Deled tin- tin- nth dav of January, lsirr.
Jan. SS.h.na/7. a.s. kakwki.i,.
Wild Qooae mineral elslra,
situate in Um sliwan mining division of West
Kootenaj dlatrlet, on Noble Five mountain.
Take notice thai 1, A. S. Farwell. lifting as
agent for the Noble Five. Consolidated Mining and Milling Co., (foreign), free miner's
certificate No. ...>7i. Intend, sixty days from
the date hereof, to apply to the Mining R.-
eorder for a certificate of improvements, for
the porpow of abteinlng a Crown grant o?
i le above elaim.
And farther tehe notice thai action, und.-r
neeUon 87. mnsl be commenced before the btao-
once 'if each eertlfleate "t Improvementa.
Usted thi�� the itih dav of Jsnnary. i*i��7.
Jan. Kith, Iv7. " a. s. FAKWKI.I..
Pirate mineral elaim.
Situate iu the Hocan mining dtvtilon of We-it
Kootenay district, atiout one-qnarter of
one mile northeesl ofthe town of Cody,
Take notice that I. A.4. Karwell, acting as
agent for Thoma** Mark*, free miner's certificate No, 7��..j"j4, Intend, -i\tv ciaya from the
date hereof, to apply to the Mining Kecorder
for a certiOcate of Improvementa. for the par-
pese cf oiitainiig a Crosm grant of the above
Snd farther take notice toot action, under
sections?, moat be commenced before the is-
auanee ofauch eertlfleate of Impnvtmenta.
l lated t  i-1 tn tiav of Jannary. i* >7.
Jan. IMh, 1897. A, s. F.\l! WELL.
siMriight Nn. 1 mineral etatra,
���*e nt.  in ih. Slocan mining li\ islon of Weat
Kootenay dlatrlet north, ofond Joining the
l^iat Chance mineral claim.
Take notice thai I. a.s. Parweli.acllncaa
agenl for the l...��t Cliance Mlulns and Milling
Co.. free miner's certificate No. 78.891, intend,
*i\t> days from the date hereof, to apply to
the Mining Kecordei i*>r a certificate of im-
provemeota, for the purpoae of obtaining ���
. row:, rrmnl ol the ab����ve elaim.
Ann further *ake notice thai action, under
aectinn 37. must ���* enntinenowl before tbe to>
���nance of each ci rtlflcate of Improvements.
|i:.i. i ihi* 7th d;.\ ol January, PS7,
Jan. 18th. IHB7. A S. FAR*. ELL.
1. >n.  star and Bine (Sroose Mineral Cltlms
Hituati In the si...-.,u Mining Dlvwlon ol W< ��t
K'-.'.iia*. District, three-fourths of a  mile
*.iutii   of   Sandon,  weal  .'t Blocan star
i .imp.
Take notice that. I. John Fielding, a* agenl
for James D. Sword, Fre* Miner's Certificate
\o 7��> V��".. 'iit.-n-l. *i\t>' days from th<- date
hereof, to apply lo the Mining Recorder foi
cert I flea tes of Impmvomenu for the parpoae
of i.i.t-i ��� 'ilna Croarn grant-, of the above chums.
A i<I fnrtii. r ink.- notice, that action under
geelion ;7. Mineral Vet lsim. mnsl U' commenced 1-cfotv the lawtanceof said certtflcatea
Of improvements.
I>..i. d Uu- 7th dav ot January. P-S7
Jan, Mh. W. JollN i IKLD1NG.
snowstorm Mineral Claim,
situate iii the Slocan Mining 1>I\ i*ion of Weal
Kootenav District, adfotutng the sfocan
lie   on l'a> ne mountiUn
Tak. notice that, I. A.S. Farwell, actlmraa
agent for Rdwartl Mohon, Fr.*.- Winer's Oert111
OOtS  No   il.'.'.l.   intend,  sixty   da\a  iimiii   the
���l.itc hi reof, to apply to the Mining Recorder
for a .. tn fl i at. of improve nun 1-, for the pui-
poae of obtaining a Grown grant of the above
And turtlier take notice that action, under
section "7, m ii M be commenced hefore the Issuance ol ��ucl�� cert itic it. of Improvementa,
l>at- ll tills lull da*.  "I . ��ctol>. r. lsl.,.
Jon.Wh '��7. \.s. r Altwil.l..
I��\.   !>\v\n  Fkm I ion   M IK OR At  i'l  \1M.
Sit uuie In ihe .-.loom Minim; Division of Weal
Kootenay    District,    in   the      cGnlgnn
1 >a-in.
'I'ak. notice that. 1, A. S Farwell. acting a-
agenl for Michael l' Moiiaghan. Free M ner'-
Certificate No, 7i.ui, intend, vlxty tlavs from
the date hereof, to ai>pl> to the Mining Recorder for a certtflcate of Improvementa. tor
the purpoae of obtatnlug a Cros n grnut ofthe
above claim
Ami further lake notice thai  action,  under
stH-tion .7. must be commenced before the is
suance of such eertlfleate ol Impro*. emeuia.
Dated this sath tiny o( December, is**.,
.leu. .'n.l, '*>7. A.s. F\r.WKi.i,,
Phoenix Mineral Claim.
Situate in the Slocan Mining Division ot West,
Kootenay District, three and three-fourths
miles up North Fork or Carpenter Creek.
Take notice that, I.John Fielding, a* agent
for the Phoenix Consolidated Mining and
Milling Co., Limited Liability. Free Miner's
Certificate JNo. 74,419, intend, sixty days from
the (late hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of the
above claim.
And further take notice, that action under
section 87, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this 1st day of January. I8V7.
Ian. nth, ''.17. John Fiemiinu.
Noble    Five,    Kno.wllle,     Bonanza    King.
World's Fair and Maud B Mineral Claims.
Situate in the Blocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay District, on  Noble Five Mountain, one mile north of Cody.
Take notice that. I. John Fielding, as agent
for tlie Nohle Five Consolidated Mining and
Milling Company, Free Miner's Certificate
No. i.,578, intend,sixty tlays from the date
hereof, to apply to ihe Mining Recorder for
carl ** Hies of improvements for the purpose Of
* hta.    ng Crown grants of the above Claims.
Ant. further take notice, that action uuder
��ectio" 87, must be commenced before the is-
M**uu<    fsuch certtflcatea of Improvements
1'i.U    "his 4th day of Januarv. 1*17.
JOjl 8tu *87. JOHN FIELDING.
��� ���KKENHOKN    MlSKRAl, Ct.AIM.
situate in tlieSI<K-an Mining: Division of West
Kootenay District, op Carpenter Creek,
aboul two miles easterly from the town of
Take notice that I. A. s. Farwell. agent
for.John McNeill. Free Miner's Certificate No.
84*882, and Daniel McNeill. Free Miner's Cer-
tificate No. OflSTS intend, sixty days from tbe
dale hereof, to a pi'lv to the Mining Recorder
for a certificate oi improvements, for the pur-
ih.s,.,i| obtaining a Crown grant ofthe above
Ami further tak.-notice that action, under
lection 37, must be commenced before the issuance ofauch ceriificsteof improvements.
Dat.-.i tills IStfa day of November. l*s*>
Jan. 2nd. '!��7. A. s. Fakwki.i..
Vik  k.n Mi.xkkai. claim.
situate in thesliM-uii Mining Division of We4t
Kootenay   District, on Carpenter   creek,
mar the Greenhorn mineral claim.
Take notice that. I. A s. Farwell, agent for
Frederick J. Donaldson, Free Miner's certificate No. lai.iW.: John W, Switzer, Free
Miner- Oertlflcate N0.8LSIK Charles ll Me-
Cluskey, Free Miner's I'ertitlcate No 81,845,
and William H. Todd, Free Miner'* Certificate Nn 81J08, Intend, <ixt\ days from the
date heri-ot, to apply to the Mining Recorder
tor a certificate >t Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of the above
And further take notice that action under
section 87. must be commenced beftae the is-
suance of such certiflcal   of improvements.
Doted this nth dav of November, l*,i'>.
Jan. tod. "7. A s. FARWELL
Pacific Minkkai. i'uim.
situate   in  the   Slocan   Mining   Division Ol
West Kootenay District, onT*ayne  Mountain. North of and adjoining the Washing
lak- notice that I. A. S.  farwell. agent for
Frederick Steele, Free Miner's i'ertitlcate No.
...".��..   ..nd  Samuel   11.   sn-e'.e, Fre.-  Miner's
Certtflcate No. 78JH8, iut .-ml, ststydoys from
the date hereof to apply to tbe Mining He-
oriler i��*r a certificate  of   improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant ofthe
. rose claim.
Ami further take notice that action, undei
section 87. mart be commenced before the Issuance of such certtflcate Of improvements.
Dated this SSth day of November. ISH.
D.v. Mb, lit. A. s. FaKWM.!..
Frill! um   F��\CTIOS   Mineral   claim.
Situate   in   the   s|i��-;in   Mming   Division   <>t
West    Kootenay   District   on   the   North
sioi*'   of the    south   Fork   of Carpenter   Creek.    North    of and    Joining   the
Texas mineral claim.
Take notice, that, I. Johu  M. Harris. No.
MJB17 for myself, and as agenl for F. T  K. iv,
No. M.ls'i: s. M.  Wharton.   No. flo.MDO, and  (*.
C.Wharton.   No, K,'>.:fin. intend. si\t.\   days
from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a eertlfleate of Improvements!
for the parpoae <>f obtaining a 1 ^rown grant of
the above claim.
AimI further  ait* notice that  action,  under
s.*ctit>n   'C   intist   be commenced  before Uu*
lssuat.ee of such certtflcate of Improvements,
Dated this  eighteenth day ol  November,
Nov '.'i-t. '�����;. JOHN M.HARRIS.
l.t>i>K Off vMu'oi.i mhis Minkkai.Claims,
situate In theSlneon Mining DtvtSlonrrf Weal
Kootenay District, adjoining the Wonderful mineral claim I.. HUG. 1. on Carpenter Creek and about one and a one-tntrd
miles west of the town of Sandon.
Tttke notice that I, A. S. Farwell, agent for
the Wonderftll Uroup Mining Company, Fie.
Miner's Certificate No. BB,t*a6, Intend nifty
days from the tlate hereot t<i apply n> the
Mining Recorder for a certtflcate ol improve
incuts, for the purpose of ohtaiulng a
crow n grant ol the above claim.
Ami further take notice that  action,  under
section 87, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of Improvementa.
Dated this >th day nl November, ism;.
Dec. ".tli,  ���"���>. A.s. Fakwki.i.. THE   PAYSTREAK.
afintStBrof Mine*. Son.GoL Jarues Baker
Provincial Mineralogisl, W. A. Carlvle
PuMic Assayvr, II. Caniiicliael.
Alliornl; Thua. Fletcher, Altera]
Cariboo; J BoWron. BirkervBe
Cassiar; Janice I'urtcr. P.O. l.aketon
Cowtchaa -^ H. 0. Wellborn, Duncan
Comox; V��. B. Anderson, Contox
Fort Simpson ; J Fit win
Kamktopa: G. c. Tonatsll, Kumioops
Kootenay Kast: J. F, Annstrong. DonaM
Kootenay West, Northern iMirtion ��� J. D. Cira-
ham, Revelatoke
Kootenay West, Southern portion; N. Fits*
fttubiis, Nelson
LIUooet; F. Bones,Clinton.
Nanaiino: M. lira v. Xanainm.
New Westminster; I). Kobson. New Westminster
Nieola ; John Clapperton, Nicola Lake
Oksnagsn ; L. Noma, Vernon
Quesnelle: Wm.Stephenson,Quesnelle Forks
Yale; W. Dodd, Yale.
Knmra bxoordkbSi
Naiialmo. M. Dray Nanaiino
New Wcstmluster, D. Robson. .New Westminster
Bast Kootenav. J Stirret Donald
F. C. Lang Golden
('.. Goldie Windermere
C. M. Edwards Fort Steele
M. l*hilli|is Tobacco Plains
West Kootenay, J. D. Graham Revelstoke
Corrv Minheimick Lankan
A. Sproat New Denver
John Keen Kaslo
J. H. Rashdall N't 1*.m
J. Kirkup Rosslaml
J.C. R\kert Kyk.rt-
W. H. Vic-ken Trout Lake
K. J. Seott lUedllewael
F. H. Fainmier Nakoap
Cariboo, w RtephwMffn Quesnelle Forks
J. Ilowron Barkcrviile
Yale. W. Dodd Yale
L. Nun-is Vernon
C. A. R. Laniblv Os.iv..*>
W. Me My nn..." Midway
H. Hunter Granite Creek
(.. C. Ttmatoll Knini.��i|**
LiUooet,C. A. Phaii LUlooel
F. Sones Clinton
Cassiar. Ezra F.vans Manson Creek Omlneca
Jus. I'ortvr Laket .11
A Ibernl, Tin*. Fletcher Albrrnl
victoria. W.s.Gore  Victoria
l.ol.ll   rOMMISSIo.NKKS.
For the Province -. w. s. fe.re. Victoria
Alberni; Thos. Fletcher. All.rni
Csriboo: John Haiwacn. Hichtielil
Cassiar Dislrict-, James Dorter. 1,aketon,Cassiar
LilltsK-t District -. Fr>-il.-riek Bonea,Clinton
Nanaiinn; M. Hray. Naiiaiiim
WestKootenaj District; J. F. AnnstPoof JXwtaM
West Kootenay District; N. Fitzstuhhs, Nelson
Bast Kootenay District; J.D. Graham, Bevel-
Yale District; Chaa. Lamhlv.Qsoyoos
Yale Dtstrk t: c. C.Tiwatau, Kamtoopa
Our Mineral lte*oui<e*.
this proposed road. Tlie North Btar
can ship 100 tons daily, the St Eugene 50 to 70, the Dibble mine has
ore sacked ready for shipment, several mines in the vicinity of Tracy
creek have considerable ore on the
dump. On Bull river there at least
two copper properties that can become
producers at once, and there is DO
doubc that at least ten per cent, of
the claims in this district would laconic producers upon the advent of a
railroad into this valley.
On the Con��9f,ock,ont' ot the Thompson group, 17 men are at work.
Fifty-one tons of ore arc on the dump
and 100 tons will be shipped to the
Tacoma smelter as soon as it is taken
out. A vein of galena three feet
wide has been found in the 800��Jbot
tunnel. The ledge is ."JO feet wide
but no foot wall has been found yet
New York Tailor
Largest tailoring establishment in R C, now open a
branch at   :       :       :       :
with a full line of    i      :
Cloths, Gent's
Clothing, etc.^^^
Travelers will call frequently at
the various town*-; with samples.
Kootenay Mercantile Tailoring Co.
Dry floods, Gent's ForntsbLng,
Opposite Tbe Clifton Boose b
j.n-ai.Ud over by MISS SMITH
.!.   M.   WINTER, Prop.
x3. GJ.
Tha Crows Nest Pass, through
which the proposed railway will
enter the Kootenay Valley, has an
elevation ot 5,500 feet above the sea
level; this is alx>ut 200 feet higher
than the Kicking Horse Pass,through
which the Canadian Pacific railway
now crosses the Rocky Mountains. It
is reported that the grade ofthe proposed road through the Crow's Nest
Pas-5 will be only 1 per cent The
proposed road will open up the largest
mineral country yet discovered. A
section of vast undeveloped mineral
wealth yet in lb infancy. Ivist Kootenay has coal, copper, gold and
silver mines, which are being developed.   This road.,  when completed,
will be the means of opening up the
whole southern porta of Kast Kootenay. It will run tor a distance of
150 miles through a section ot country
deb in mineral, tributary to, and
dependent on this road for future
shipment of ore and supplies are the
North Star and Sullivan group of
mines, or prospects, numbering 100
claims. On Perry creek arc 90 more,
Weaver creek 20, Moyea lake and
river 22 Pull river and Elk river 15,
the St. Mary's river and tributaries
over 100, Wild Horse creek 90, Wasa
and the vicinity of Tracy creek 80,
and the largest coal held upon the
American continent. 1 bus it will be
seen that there are over 500 mineral {
claims on Ihe line of and tributary to
KirsM 'hi**. Accommodation
For Tourists and
Mining Hen	
Oody is in the bean "f the Sk-cas. and you most go tb%re If vutt koicn
see that great eoantr*jj
Hats***nbsn 11 tia-  (���,.��� r ..m
Obtain    TIIiiMI.INsi.Ns    m|
ebrated map of the Rfc,.,,, i^,,
il'-tri.t for
m Bros
���Jv|..\I.KKS   IN
'** General   -Meroheixiciise
KASLO       and       CODY.
Ail.ln-. nil onJl r- to
R. T.Lowery,
New Denver, B.C.
Is th'* Pioneer   House, of the City
a a ����� a * a .�� *.
Hotel Kootenay
Switzer & McUuskey,
 Ipf 1��|
Chant nusic co.f
,,i'i;uii��, Organs, sii.at Mttatr,
Mu-ir:ilSii|i|ill.-.. Swiia- Mm liln. .
nnd Hii|i|ili...
It' Mill i.nlir. in . Iv.* |i..in|,i iitt.iitlnii,
S| i.K \\| ,   \\  a,~.|t
M<\MD'**n rS Gore hav��
just  opened   in the Harris
building with a full line of
Remember the ptasje*.
McQueen $ gore,
Beater iu-
\ very enjoyable time waa '���pent
tin*   iiall  at   Three   Fork a nn
flnii>'l.��y evening last.
Forty  men   obtain   ��*inpluviin*iit
(In-   l''.ut��*riiri*se ami   the   "ie   i**
Mii-j; tratispui ii*'l daily to tie* lake
i W11 ti'iir-liuiM* teams.
Dr. Wilter'tt teitipiirary  office a(
'Queen A' (Joiti'i Drug Store.
Two horse* .in* Htemlily employ*
���I mwhiditin ore from  tbe Oood"
piugh.      TIhj  "utpnt   per   day
uu   iliin rich  Utile  property   is
h'MIl   I \\ i I   toil*.
Tin* B C. Restaurant, in Ban
toi. hat* become iitte "I tin* iii..-.t
tn. Ms cafe* ����f the idlvery Slooan.
II    I>v.'ti*. ttil! ��� ��������� in   Saoilni   tor
���f.-w i!u\ n
piie chickens served at the U. C.
s*.t-i.uii   i'I  'li<'   \<oiiiK   ami    ai'*
\t- reverse of tlie formation ttmuuri
I'.iiir.- Whit** i" * uf   tu   Spokane
A   Helmer, Of  the  Slocnn Star.
Itinw.1   !������  Bate lull   on     I ii'*siiay
t ti .in tii.���� inp i<i tie- Springs.
lie  in n   < dition of  Thomlin-
(is *n,t|i -if tin* SI H a i   I it s.t!.* nt
l��   i   M< 1 i.io.iii!. MUperintemlenl
i nrrie  mitte,  rutnrued  on
is|.��y Ii^t from Spokane,
A. H,   Biutneuauer  left yet*ter��
\\   iHi a   trip   \i>   SjK.kane.     Mr
luiuenauer lias   been   Hi ling f����r
iiu'-  lime |��mM and it i�� t'. lie Imp.
i hat his 111|* a il! have �� n**w ii*
ui i il-11 <ni hit* health.
,\ -'..r ii Uargitin in   (treenlmiil
J*��"M:      ft*      ru.i-s      it     ||)(.     Putitoffio
lUm ���
M I     I   \ .i .-. ot  llo* tifiM nf l'.\ aiis,
C*��l'-mi in ,\ I*"v.!*<-��. v. t> in  Sandon
||}r a l��w -!.i\ ���*
E I>r I I*. \\ iiter 'an !����� i uni'l
at McQu��*en & Gores- Drug Store
!J St rutin rn ..( Kaalu, hitsetart*
il a brunt h "i In*, jewelry bneiueen
i Sandon under the management
f \V Haller. Hee i*��***- ud on
bother page.
\ twelve lioree power gasoline
n2tu���* ami cntH'ier to hitnni* H����'
r from the mine, Im** l>e��*.i in-
t illeil at tin' Payne.
he man wi!ii the blue shirt snd
ipilal nt" four bit* is jn>i ss wel��
'���mi��* Ht tin- Ii. <' Restaurant, la
Ntudtin, si a white*Hhirt**d million-
tire fl hid  \   u  11  u\ .*r.
I ����� W ll'iM i r m \ v ihm i i.s: Thai
�������� !>. I:  McVuj  ami   W. II   Me.
* ay, from mnl itfter ti>i*> <l te, will
���ml in* responsible for any and all
account's that  may  he contracted
: for l-y   the   Uuth   Mines  ����r   Ruth
Mining ('�����., of Sitmluti, B. C.
January 2nd, In'.'T.
For Sale
One pool table with cues,  Ivorv
halls, ete. (by lt.ilk**.  Collonder -A*
[Co.. Chicago .    inquire of
W. .1. Sully.
h     COAL,
st i; ix,
ami M
" SK   ti
Tin & Sheet Iron Worker.
Canadian Pacific
The Qui<*keet and Cbtsspest K��*>ui��*
>r PAUL,    Montreal,
CHICAGO,      Nl w YORK,
And   ill Eastt*rn   Points,
[Tuexcflled Bleeping Cars i��n all
Trains. Tourist Car- In Bt. I'.ml
Daily; Boston, every Thursday;
Toronto, ever) M unlay froui
Stt'Htuer leaven Naku-p evei v Sun-
duy, W dnesday a !���!   Friday
uioruitig. uuikingelo*ae eon to c
iimi at ReVelst����ke with tritins
for all punt.- Rust ����r West.
Certificate of Improvements.
Before you travel ^"'   i' foruiMtion
fi-iin C.   P.   K   Agei t- ita   to
I iini's and rait*-.     It   *a ill s i���, .���
vou monej .    Appl,, to neei i*>i
Railw i>   \����-nt nr ���������
\.   C    M. \RTHIU,   Au* ui.
lii-sttict Passenger AcMot,
\ aiit-'Hi \ 'i'.
The iitvv  'ilition   "I   Thoinltu>
SfiD'ti mail is It mtl**1  .it this office.
N.-ti.-. I- ii, r. *���> ci\in that appllcHlluu Will
Ih* iiiihI.* tn Hi.''   l.i'ktisl.itlM'   Assfnililv   of  the
I'nn in.-, .iii'.i iti-ii Columbia at Its n<-\t nas>
stun furiiii act rnsbllns Ihe Soble Mva i\>n-
siiihinii'l \limiiL'iimi nlllitiji Obtnpan** (For-
.lull. in appniimats il \.- hundred (MO) lorhea
.���nl'.' watcraol ��� <><iv i'n.-k. In the Slooan niln-
im* iii\isiiin \v'i -i Kooteusj Dlatrlet,toereel
tin in. s im- tin purpoae oi operating a eonoen
irnt.il-. electric llffhl ptsnt, power drill*, and
nil utln'i' |iur|a.s.s iisiini. iinv-Miiy i��r Incidental to the mining or mining or hits, tot tbe
purpoaeofexpropriatingU*udn fbi such pur-
laisi s,
N.ilil.K   ll\l     i ..VH..I.III \ 11 |i    MINIS'!    wi>
Mii.iimi i'h.   Foreign*)
.tun  Jlst. ���'.;
Califoniia iiiiiirriil claim,
Situate in the Slocan mining division of West
Kootenay dlatrlet. about iiir*":* mllsa east
of th.- town of Hew Denver.
Tak*-notice that I, a.m. I*** -well, acUng us
agent for Jaraea Marino, ir.. nlner'a certlfl-
i-iitc N'o. 7'. 170; Alfred .1. *.*���.. . . fre.- mlner'n
oertlflcste So. 7'i.no*.: James a. McDonald tree
miner's oertlflcate No. 67,987, and Byron C.
Vim Honn ii dree mider'i eertlfleate No. isi,;ifc!.
Intend, sixty dsyn (torn the date hereof, to
apply to the mining recorder for a certificate
of Improvi-rii'-iits, f..r the purpoae of obtain-
iiik' ii crown grant of tin- above claim.
Anil further takr notice that action, under
���ectioo S7, must be commenced hefore the la-
���same efancb oertlflcste ol ImproTemenU
Dated this th.- nth dav ofJanuary, 1MT.
���Ian. nth. 1**JC. ,\.s. PARWELL.
Wild li.K.s.. miners! claim,
situate in the slocan mining division of West
Kootenav district, on   Nohle  Five mountain.
Take notice that I, A. S. Farwell. acting as
agent for tbe Noble Five, Conao! tasted Mining and Millinir ro., {foreign), free miner's
certificate No. ...'.7���, Intend, Sixty days from
the dste hereof, to apply to the Mining Re-
corder for a eertlfleate of improvcroenti, for
tin- pnrpoae ot sbtsinlng a Crown lii-ant of
the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
scctii.ii 87. murd be commenced before tbe iaau-
ance of such eertlfleate of improvonenta.
M..i,..i this tbe l-iih iinv ofJanuary. isic.
Jan. I'.lli. IjWT. " A. s.   FAltWHI.I..
Pirate mineral .'.aim.
Situate in the -i.��-an mining Slvlalon of West
Kootenay   dlatrlet, aiM.ut one-ausrter of
one in t it- iiortleiist ofthe town of Cody.
Take notice that I, A. H. Parwell, actmgan
agent forThnmaa Marks, free miner's certificate No, 7HJ2S4, inteud, idxty dsyv (torn the
date h. not. t .apply to the Minimr Kecorder
for s eertlfleate of Iraprovententa. t'"r tin* par-
paw tafobtslolog n Crown grant of tiie above
And further take notice that action, under
.ectton 87. must be commenced before thi ia-
nuance nf such certificate of Improvementa.
tialf.lt   I- *.tli day of Januitrv. IsC.
Jin. I6tb, I8B7. A. h��. FAB WELL.
Btarligbl Ni>. 8 mineral claim.
Sitisite in Ihe si.K-aii mining division of West
Ki��>t< n.y district north oCand joining the
Ijist I'luinc. mineraldalm.
Take notice thai I, A.H. Furwell. adtneai
iicent for the l..st Chance Mining snd miUi.ii:
oo,. free miner's oerUflcate N<>. 78.881, Intend,
sixtv da>s from the date hereof to apply to
the Mining Rectwder tor a certificate ..f Improvements for the pnrpoae of obtaining a
��� rot    ^'1 .mi ol tbe above claim.
An.! further ake notice thai action, under
s.^'ti .i: 17, must l��' .-..ui'neui-e,l before the 1s-
���usnee ofaucb eertlfleate ol Improvements.
ha'.-.! till*. 7ih day ���>! January, lt*87,
luii. 16th. iv��7. A  8. FAKA ELL.
I,in.   star and Blue Wrouae Mineral Clnima
Kltuati 'ii the slocan Mining In*, isi.ui ol West
K   ���;. n;i\ Dtatrlet, three-foortba of a mile
MUltb   Of    San.inn.   west   of  Si.van  Star
i ii.nip.
Take notice thai. l.John fielding, am agenl
tor James D. Sword, Fre- Miner's Oertlflcate
No. 7*>.Y.">,  Intend, ilxtj   days fnuu  the date
iiereof.toapplj  !������ tin- Mining Recorder foi
certificates of Improvements for the purpoae
itfobf ifilng Crown gran ts of the atxive claims,
\ ��� I further take notlca. tiuit action under
s.cl mil     >7.   Mineral    Xet   ISM,   tnil-l  !��'   i'.Mii-
menced before the iasuance of aald certificates
of Improvementa.
Dated tins 7th dav ol Januarv. |s>��7
|an. Kb, "7. JOHN FIKl.DINO.
snowtorm Mineral I'laun,
Situate in the "slocan Mining l'i\ lalon >>f West
Kootenay Dlatrlet. adfotntng the slocan
i'.,    on I'ayne mountain
Take notice that, i. A. 3. Farw.-ll, acting as
atfetii for Kdward ssbon, Pre* Miner's oertlflcate N*>. Sd.881, Intend. s|\ty .lays (ram  the
date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder
torn c. rtlfleste of Itnprovenienis, tor the  pur-
pose of obtaining s Oiown grsnl >>i the above
And turther take notice that  action,  under
section 17, must beeommenced ������> fore the issu-
���in.'.  .<( such eertitli it.  of llunnn cineiits.
Dated this iatli dsj oftlctooer, ls!*i.
Jsn.Mh 'V7. \. s f vnwii.i..
Mo   l'l��N  Fkmii.in   Minkcvi   ��'i iim.
Situate in the Slocan Mluing Division .it West
Kootenay   District,    in   the      cQulgan
Take notice Unit, l, A.s Par well, actings*
agent for Michael i'. Monsghsn, Free Miner's
Certificate No. 74,111, Intend, sixty davafrom
the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder fors certificate of Improvementa. for
the purpose of obtstulng a ��� ii>wn grant ofthe
above claim
And further take notice that action, under
siH*tion 87, must be commenced before the Is
suance of such cert itlcate of Improvements,
Dated this 38th day of December, lsam.
Jan.'.'n.l, "H7. A.S Fakwki.i..
Phoenix Mineral Claim,
situate In the Blocan Mining Divkdoo ol West
Kootenay District, three and three-fourths
miles up North Fork ot Carpenter Creek.
Take notice that, l.John Fielding, as agent
for the Phoenix Consolidated Mining and
Milling Co.. Limited Liability. Free Miner's
Oertlflcste No. 74,419, intend, sixty days from
the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a eertlfleate of Improvements, for the
purpoae of obtaining a Crown grant of the
above claim.
Aud further take notice, that action under
section .,y7, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this 1st day of January. 1SH7.
Jan. nth, 'U7. John Fiemuni;.
Noble    Five,   Kiiuxviiie.    Bonanza   King,
World's Fair and Maud E Mineral Claims.
situate in the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay District, on  Noble Five Mountain, one mile north of Cody.
Take notice that. I. John Fielding, as agent
for the Noble Five ConaoUdsted Mining and
Milling lompany, Free Miner's Certificate
No. 77.579, intend, si\ty days from the date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Kecorder for
cert" -Htes of improvementa for the purpose of
* bta.    ng frown sri'iits of the above claims.
An*, further take notice, that action under
rectlo*" 87, moat be commenced before the is-
rcanci   fsuch certificates of Improvements.
I 'nit     his 1th dav of Januarv. lS'C.
I��L Wi. '���>!. JiJHN FIELDING.
Ubesshor**   Minkkai. Claim.
situate In the Slocan Mining Division of W. st
Eootensy  District, on carpenter Creek,
aboul two miles easterly from tiie town of
Take'notice   thai   I.   A. s.  Farwell, agent
for John McNeill. Free Miner's Certificate No.
84382,and Daniel McNeill. Free Miner's Certificate No. OOtSn intend, sixty days from the
date hereof, to apiilv to the Mining Recorder
for a oertlflcste of Improvements, for the pnrpoae of obtaiiifTig-fi Crown grant ofthe above
And further take notice thai action, under
section 37, most be commenced before the issuance ofauch eertlfleate of improvements.
Dated 'his i-2th day of November, l****.
Jan. 2nd. 'i7. A. s. Fakweli..
VlK    KN   MlM-.KU. CLAIM.
situate in tbe Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay District, on Carpenter creek,
n��ar the Greenhorn mineral claim.
Take notice that. I. A. S. Farwell. agent for
Frederick J. Donaldson, Free Miner's "certificate No. 88JM0,; John W. switzer. Free
Miner's Certificate X0.6LMB; CharlesB M.'-
Cluakev. Fri>e Miner's Certificate No 61.H4."),
and William H. Todd, Free Miner's I'ertiti-
cate No lil.-aVi, intend, sixty days from the
date hereoL.to apply to the Mining Recorder
tor a certificate >i improvements, for the pur-
i��.s, ofobtalntogs ClOWM grant Of the above
And further take notice that action under
section 87. most i*- commenced before tbe ia-
siiaine of such eertiflcal   Of improvements.
Dated tins nth dav of November, l*w.
Jan. '2nd. *'7. A s. FARWELL
Pacific Minkkai. cl-um.
sittuite   In the  8tocsn Mining   Division ol
West Kootenay District, on I'ayne Mountain. North of and adjoining the Washing
Take notice that I. A. s. rsrwelL agent tor
Frederick Steele, Free Miner's Certtflcate No,
85,508. tint Samuel 11. Steele. Free Miner's
Certifleat�� No. 7i.'.M'l. int.-nd, sixty days from
the dnte hereof to apply to the Mining Kecorder tor a certificate of Improvements, for
the purpoae of obtaining a Crows grant ofthe
above claim.
And further take notice that action, andei
section S7. most be commenced before the is.
suance of such certlflcste nf improvements,
Dated tliis *>th day of November, l****!..
lH*i*. ..th. ''.��'. A. s. FaKWt-.i.i..
FrimuM Kkmiion Mineral  ctslm,
tii.-ite   in   the   SI.H-iin    Milling   Division   of
w.-i Kootenay District on the North
slot** of tin- South Fork of Carpenter Creek. North of and joining the
Texas mineral claim.
.     I. 1 M , \ ,-   ,   ... I III.
And further take notice thai action, under
section 't7. iuu��t i��- commenced before the
issuance ol such certificate of Improvementa,
Dated this  eighteenth day ol  November,
Nov  2ist.'*m. JOHNM. HARRIS.
situate in the si.n'aii Mining Dtvbdonof Wesl
Kootenay District, adjoining the Wonderful mineral claim L. is|i<. I. on Carpenter Creek and about one  ami  a one-third
miles west of the town ��.f Sandon.
Take notice that I. A. s.  Farwell, agent  for
the Wonderful 1.roup Mlnmg Compsny, Free
Miner's Certificate Nc.   iin.'tii!.   intend" sixty
days from the date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a certlflcste of improve
incuts,   for   the   pnrpoae of   obtaining a
Crown grsnl  oi tbe above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
section 37, must be coramenceo before the is.
suaneeof such oertlflcste of Improvementa,
Dated thisXh day ot November, isisi.
DSC. 6th, ">���*>. A. s. Fakwki.i.. B
A Property Which is Second to None
In the Silvery Slocsn.
The Whitewater is without
donbt one uf the best mines, not
alone in tlie Slocan but in British
Columbia. Jos. Eaton, part owner
and manager of this property takes
���jrelit pride in showing persons
through the mine, ami well he
may. for he has something there
to show them. The results at the
mint* grow more and more satis,
factory as development proceeds.
No. 1. and Xo. "1 tunnels tire in 170
and 200 feet respectively and show
an ore bod v of two feet in width
which there is every reason to believe is the same a- that which
has been   followed   in   the   winze.
and Irom which targe quantities of
high grade ore. assaying 45>1
ounces to the ton in silver, have
been taken.
The winze between No. 1 and
No. *2 tunnels is 110 feet in depth
and is all in ore. No. 3 tunnel is
in 160 feet, No. 4. 400 feet: No. ">.
430 feet, and No ��;. 850 feet and
in all of those tunnel* an ore body
varying in width from out to five
feet: is exposed to view. Nos. 3. 4.
5 and 6 tunnel- are also connected
bv winzes and a�� the ascent is
made, by means of these connections from No. ii to No. 3 levels, a
ver\ fair idea can be had as to the
immense amount of ore iu si^bl
and only awaiting BtOping opera
ttons to be turned into dollars In
places huge blocks of ore from
three to seven feel in length and
from one to four feet in width can
be seen glistening in the light of
the candle, and giving the bebnldei
a faint idea of the immerae wealth
that is here awaiting the powder
and steel of the miner
Thirtv miners are employed on
this property .if which only three
are stoning the rest being employed in developing operations.
In the spring as soon as the new
bunkhouae is completed a force tif
frt m 7.5 to tOO men will be employ.
ed and as the mine i.-. connected
with the railroad by mean*; <>t a
good wagon mad. an Immense
amount of ore will be taken out
and sent to the smelter, during the
coming season.
,  Toliaa, Cigarettes and Pipes,
- Playinc Cards anfl Poker Chips.
(In Rear of Balmoral Hotel.
First-Class Ink GuattL
in Connection.
Sea   Salt   Bath*   Withoul   Extra
Slocan mining Stock*   bought   and   Sold.    W*   have   BOOnej   t<>  rj��
velopgi'od legitimate prospects for an interest, or will buj then
ut lor caeh, 	
Houses  for Sale or  to  Let   la  C *\\   ami   Bfttfdnn,
McMartin & Currie
(gody SrccJ;
umums st wm��&r
Etc.. Etc.
Call at  the
Hotel Ivaohoe.
SI |Hl on <Nc ( \ >.
Il.ne  in<w  S   lull   I. 'i i-  ��� >!"
a-afCAl I.   \M��  I \ WflNi: U(X)DM   ^
B  C
UK ARE  Hi; \ hoi UtTKK*  FOR Till
Fi ���
The B   C   Sold.
The H. ('.. a elaim owned by
Jackaon RadcliflTand Uhns New.
hoiiKe. on Lemon creek was Hold
thiw week to Victoria people be
heighten A WillianiH.
Dissolution of Pertnershlp
The partnership between   Robt.
McTaggart ft   Hans  Madsen   Iuik
been dissolved this day by mutual
consent. Madi-en A Lundy pay
all aooonnts and collect all monies
due the late firm.
Robt, McTagoabt.
Hash Maijmk.v.
Sandon. Dec. 23rd,'06.
In one of the best places in
Bantlon t<> obtain
Beverages" "a���.Delicious
in  TASTK ami
A   Bi||   Sti.rk on   Hand   which   are   \��>ll   I.     \\,\ ���   i,.   >���   ,��    \ >u
Ten  Days, in  ��*nr  New s?..i,.  ,.    |;.(.(, >���,,,.i
Comprised  of the   Polluwli vj
Cuund Mirrors, Plaia Glass, Curtail Poles, Window Shades. Refriptoi>.
CORNICE TRIMMINGS. Room Moulaino and Picture
Frame., Both Made Up to Order or In Stock. O.I Painting.. Etc
1). J. Rol >er1 s< ii i cSl ( a >.
Furniture  Dealers snd   Undertakers,
a. c


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