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The Paystreak Jan 16, 1897

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Array THE
SANDON AND CODY Juan 16,1897.
Tha Graatast Dividend   Paying Mina
in tna   Kootanay
To persons doubtful of tlis sio.
oso'k claim to supremeej .��- tlie
greeteet stiver producing camp on
earth,   a   trip   through   tbe  drifts
'and ���topes ot the Star, it* great*
[.���nt mine. NOttld haven verv mark-
���������| effect in injuring them of the
[rutll of the slat*-nieut.    The   Star
never looked bettor than it does
today. Rapid progress has been
made in taking out the white
metal since the mill has been
brought t��. iim present st��te of effici
���ni'v.   Between Ho. 8 and No   .'t
levels the work of Hoping if*  pro.
rressing rapidly and large quant i
fies ..fore is being knocked   down
md sent to the mill for treatment
The width   of the   ledge  and   tin-
see  with   which   huge   blocks "f
ore una be blown down  almost remind*, one of e.ial mining.      Some
if the .hunk*   taken   down   weigh
iiiiaiiv tons and have to be   broken
Up with the   hammer   before   the\
���ill be handled.     In   No.   4   level
tlie Miinc features are observed but
h ie the ledge in wider measuring
In   piaiv*  35  feet.     The  -taping
fOpei at ions have   not   ln*en   carried
On so extensively in this level, tlie
OTe bring taken  out   for  only two
s>ttw   up.      barge    quantities  of
clean ore are here to no seen  gii-
teiiing   in    the   dim   light   of   the
laiiille aod   it   is   from   this  level
mat tlte greater bulk of   the  clean
���re lots been taken.     Already   ibis
vjnoiuh liver 00  tons   of .rude ore
Ii.*. been shipped bcnkles the out
nut of the null,   wiiich averages
ll\2 ton* of (Miucentrates   per   day.
In no other mine in tbe country
Sn the massive timbers  to   be   met
faith whielr   are   used   to   SUDUOfl
He ro<>f and lite waste taken out
$n sloping, iii the different levels,
they are all ..bout two feet in
thickness and are placed about
S veil le.t apart, the width of the
ledge and the immense weight they
have to carry making it necessary
fur the supports to be of more
than average strength*
On top in ground many improvements are noticed, chief among
which are the erection of a new
bonk house, nnd the placing in
position ofthe boiler and niiiehin
try ofthe air compressor plant to
be Deed in No. a level. The hunk-
house is one of the best in tin*
Slocan and is a two.story building
94x50 f.'ct and capable ol aecoui-
modating W) men. It is divided
on the lower storv into a bath-
room, dining-room, sitting-room
aud kitchen, the upper story being
set apart for sleeping accommodations. The whole building is well,
lighted and commodious ami will
no doubt be duly appreciated by
the men employed on the property.
The pay-roll of this   mine   is  the
largest iu the country, some 111
men being employed iu the mill
and in and around the mine.
Sapphire and Gam   Bonded
The Sapphire and (Jem, two
claims adjoining the Slocan Hoy
on Payne mountain were bonded
this a*eek toC. K. Hammond, who
I* representing the Uamsuall Min-
Ing aud Milling Co., of Income.
The amount of the bond was
��10,000, of which lo percent, was
paid down, the balatiee iu payments embracing a term of six
months. Four men were Set to
work .esterday on the property
and it id expected that a earloud
of ore will be shipped from it in
the next thirty davs. Considers*
hie development work has already
been done 00 this* property, including three tunnels which will
aggregate about S00 feet. Mr
Rauisdall, of Tacoma. is now in
Victoria making the necessary ar
railgeilientS towards having the
Company registered mid. r British
Columbia laws. ('has. Hammond
lias been appointed trustee for ihe
company here aud will look after
the management   nf the property.
Tha Aroo
Of High Grade Cropping* Picked up
on the Streets of our Busy Town.
Things are looking very well 00
the Argo at present, and the indications are that a chute of ore will
>c encountered oefbre very long
Tlie showing Iu the upper tunnel
and wiiue is very tine, a vein of
about two and one-half feet of fine
galena and carbonates in a ledge
of sums five feet in width is here
exposed. The ore house con.
tains about twelve tons of nigh
grade ore. but no inoie will be
taken out until the present system
of development now being prosecuted on the property is coinftlot-*
e<l. Tills proposition, if it fulfills
it* promise, will he one of the
most valuable in the district, not
only from |*>int of ore value but
from its proximity to the railroad,
for Iroin the lower tunnel to the
K. tv. S. depot hardly 100 yards intervenes.
Tasteful   and   Elegent.
The rooms in the Goodenouglt
Block, presided   over   b\    Mrs. M.
A. Smith, are models of elegance
and good taste and it would be
very difficult to find their superior
in any city, no matter of what size
It Would open the eyes of outside
parties, were they to take a walk
through these apartments and observe the studied taste aud ele
gance of their equipment,
Chan. Foes and Wm. Crawford
left on Thursday last for San
Francisco. They intend to put
in the winter prospecting in that
neighborhood, returning in June
next to look al'tet their interests in
the Slocan.
F. A. McKeozie, who is repre-
seuting the Mail and Empire, of
Toronto, is in Sandon He purposes staving in the Slocan for
several mouths, and much good to
this section is expected to result
from the reports which he will
send back to his paper from lime
to time.
The B. C.   Restaurant,   in  San
don. has become one of the   most
famous cafes of the silvery Slocan.
E��l. Montgomery, of Tacoma, is
in Sandon. It is to be hoped that
Mr. Montgomery will prolong his
stay iu our city Indefinitely. Under
the guidance of Fred Kelly be
doesn't appear to be suffering from
ennui at any rate.
A concert will be given on
Thursday next in Spencers Hall
by Vooi hees & Davis, who are expert banjo, mandolin and guitar
performers, as the programme is a
good one the opportunity of hearing then should not be missed. A
dance will take place immediately
aft*'r the performance.
Bruce White was out for a few
days to Kaslo this week.
The chickens served at the B. C.
ttVstausnl nil die young and are
the reverse of the formation around
Win. Thotnlinaon, in company
with Jim (filhooly, Chas. Aylwin.
.1. C. Bolander, W. Van Dorn and
I.Gates, passed through Sandon
on their way to Nelson on Monday
last. Tiie party returned on
Thursday last richer by several
thousands than when they went
The   bond  on   the  Carrie  was
taken up and the amount paid
over to the lucky owners of this
property on Tuesday last iu Nelson.
J (Jrecti, auctioneer, has his
office in Mr. Trueinan'H tent, next
to the Sandon ('hop House. He ex
pecta a carload of furniture in
next week. Watch for his ail in
tins paper.
Tli Lawrence Co. will give an
entertainment on Monday. Tues
day and Wednesday next, in
Spencer's hall, consisting of vocal
and Instrumental music, sketches,
forces, etc. Florence Lawrence,
the child artist, who has nosupet-
lor in the United States orCanade,
will make her first appearance be*
ftire a Sandon audience. The cost-
anting Is elegant, especially one
���rOM worn by Mrs. Lawrence,
and which was imported Iron.
I'hoelix of Paris. As the reputation of the company as entertainers is A. No. I, nobodyjshould miss
this opportunity of hearing  them.
The force on the Reco has been
ineieased by thirty men,  the  ma
joiity  of whom  went up   to  the
mine yesterday.
Rob*. Green has been re elected
mayor of Kaslo.
The man with the blue shirt and
a capital of four bits is just as welcome at the B. C. Restaurant, in
Sandon, as awhite-shirted millionaire from New Denver.
The new edition of Thomlin-
son's map of the Slocau for sale at
this office.
A meeting of the Canadian Mining. Milling and Smelting Co.
was held on the loth of Jan., at
the office ofthe secretary-treasurer,
A. I). Williams, and the officers appointed are as follows: C.
K. Hammond, President; G.
F. Hopkins, Vice-President, A. D.
Williams, Secretary-Treasurer.
Board of directors: C. K. Hammond, G. F. Hopkins. A. D. Williams, W. J. Elliott, A. W. Stubbs
J. McViehie. The secretary gave
in report that the first 50,000shares
of the treasury stock was sold and
a greater part of the second 50,000.
The company start out witli almost
#7,000 in the treasury. The
secretary stas authorized to
correspond with the best mining
men in the tountry with the object
of obtaining a first-class superintendent to take charge of this
mine. It was also decided that
the first work should be done on
the Homestretch claim with the
object of making a trial shipment,
as the ore is exposed tor
the whole length ����f the claim,
from the Molly Gibson to the
Glacier 4, and a shipment can
easily be made.
The Fire Brigade.
The monthly meeting of the
Fire Brigade was held on Thursday evening last in the new hall,
hitherto known as Atherton's Hall.
The place has oeen greatly improved under the superintendence
of caretaker Lloyd, who has spared no pains in making the place
Comfortable for meetings, besides
fitting up drying racks for the
hose, and accommodations for the
other lire apparatus belonging to
the department
Considerable business was trans,
acted at the meeting,  and  among
other things was the  appointment
of Assistant-Chief Switzer to till the
position of Chief during  the  ab
lence of Neil   McGiunis. also  the
election of Gassey   Thompson   to
the  position   of   Captain    of the
Brigade.    A dance will   be  given
by tbe Fireman shortly.   The pro
needs from   which   will   assist  in
furnishing funds   for   the  placing
of the brigade on a   more efficient
! basis as regards apparatus. THE   PAYSTREAK
[sittSd slnuiltainoiislv every Saturday SI
sandon and Cody, In the Heart of the Slocan
I lie greatest white tnetaJ camp on earth,
Transient uiivertisinij s> cents a Une n r-t
insertion and 10 cents a lino for eachsobso
��� input insertion.
Suhfcriptlon,   three   dollar     a   year   in
.1 \n nee.
.\ (Idles-
1'iik PATarajtAa      Jao, i. Lako8"m��*".
Sandon, 11. C. Kdilur and  Ifgr
VViikn Sandon is incorporated
we can hope to have our streets
improved, sufficient fire protection, a better aduiinistr.ition ol
the sanitary regulations and many
other things too numerous to
mention. All we can do is to
fervently ejaculate, "CJud sjierd
the happy day.**
It is really   laughable the  idea
that many people  entertain as   to
the   desirability  of   Sandon   as  a
place of residence.    It is currently
believed on   the outside  that   the
inhabitants   el   Sandon    exist   on
pork and beans washed  down with
forty-rod of extreme  potency,   and
that the  sun   never  shines  her**,
Xovv we would like to disabuse the
good people of that belief.     We do
not deny that   on  some   occasions
the boys  fill   up on   Slocan   nerve
tonic and want to eat a tenderfoot,
out of sheer exuberance of spirits,
but  the tenderfoot   need   not   be
eaten  if his   running  powers approach   anyways      near     to    the
standard.      We   often    vary    the
pork aud  beans  diet   by   a   little
beef, and the forty rod   with Oo(Fe<
and it is even asserted   that   ipiail
on toast  is  not unknown   on   the
bills of fare of  our   restaurants,
Our citizens wear Idled   shirts  on
special occasions, and a   plug   hat
fails  to   inspire   them   with   san
guiuary emotions.    We have good
whisky, better water and as pretty
women as there is in the   country.
We, smoke good   cigars,   part   our
hair in the (tenter, and  are   regul
arly told to keep our feet  on   the
sand and avoid Hades on Sundays
by our religious pilot.      Wc   have
ocular proof that  there   are   spots
on the Hun   and   occasionally   we
have  an   opportunity  of  walking
with our host girls bv the witching
light of the moon.    All   these   we
have, and because we  have a little
more money than falls to the tot of
the average man iu  other   places,
we do not think that the   linger of
scorn should be pointed at   us,  for
we cannot   help   it.     And   if   we
could only get  a  Toronto  man to
help us take  care of some  of   it
our   cup   of  happiness  would   he
filled to overflowing,
It is passing strange why Ottna
dians are so blind   to   ihe  adv.in
tageeof their own country, mor*
especially of tins portion of  it.
Here we   have   the   spectacle ot  .1
district conceded to be tbe richest
silver mining camp in  the  world*
sending their ores to he treated ill
the   United    States,    hundreds    ol
miles away from where they are
mined. |- it because we have not
within our own ooiinds   all the fa*
quirements for the succeasful
operation of a swelter?   No,  nich
cannot be the case. IVa have tin-
IMoi Bay Smelter, tlie 11 ill Mines
Smelter ami the Trail Smeller all
of which have been operated more
or less successfully. The 1 why 1-
it that smelters arc not erected of
sufficient capacity to treat tic ores
of this province? [a it. and v\,;
are loath to believe it. le-ct'i--
Canadian.", lack theCuergy, the belief in their own country sufficient
for the forming oi a company t<>
promote such an enti rpris 7
Th.e   Everett   Smelter   Co.   will
shortly, enlarge their capacity, ere
are  credibly   informed, in orttei
to meet their increasing  business
Thev find it a very profitable ousi
Bees treat ing Brii i���I��(tolnmbia ores
although they are located hundred*,
of miles from the seat of Bllpp.Y,
They are fullv alive to the   impor-
mm t
tance of thi> great mining diet I id
as a s.nrce of revenue, ami would,
110 doubt, be very sorry hi see
smelters erected In British Colum
bia. but businen is business and
if we can divert the streau. of dol.
lars that is Mowing aero*- the
border into our own cothrs, we are
hut doing justice to ourselves. It
we can add One more industry to
our li-t. we   will   but be adding
another stone to the foundation of
our prosperity. There has been
too much ililly dallying, it is time
to get down to business. It would
at least break the mono o����y <d
meetings, and Conferences aud
trait lean expenditure bf wind such
As we havehad exhibitions of down
St the Coast.
Tin-: editorial remarks in the
Vancouver World, on the estab*
lisbmeut of a better form of gov*
eminent for the Koofeiia,. ale
very   pertinent and if followed out
would amend to a great extent the
many evils result ing from the pre.
sent system of administrating the
ii Hairs of the Kootenay. He sav.i:
'Our belief is that Western Knot
enay is too iinwieldly to he looked
after by a Couple of gentlemen, no
matter how devoted they may be
to the interests of their constituents. It is through the people's
represcntatixes that Governments
legislate in behali* of the mpiire-
ments of any particular section.
Tbe i a tereata of southern ICooteii**)
arc    not   identical     adth   those
of the i�� T.loin     part      ol
the   district     In fact there   i-   no
similarity  l��el we* n  eithei   Soul Ii,
Centre   or    Northern    Kootenay.
heiiee the ih'-irabilitJ for   a  read
justmeiil of the whole   There will
be sufficii nt   territory,  population
and buainess for ����"  independent
district, wiid Romland astheeouu
iv   seat,   containing   the   pubJh
offices,    liicn there Is 1 largi   and
import am   country   tributary    lo
Nelson, for which it would be the
ce. tie. The Btocan, winch |s��ssi��
h|v w ill Vet lie the moal import ant
part ofthe   Interior,   should   UU*-
wiv be sel spar l as au indepi nd*
enl judicial, registration and muu>
Icip il di*i rict ��� w ii h  1 d hei   K
Baiitioti    r   Nc��  Denver   a* the
princlj il town    I he section north
ot that and adj.cert to ReVrdatoltC
Would form another  veu   import*
ant county, t>   which ahoubl
gl ven all the civic  machinery  ne>
Cesaary  for   complete   autonomy.
We are aware thai theeos! of civil
iioveriiii.eut wonbl   be Increased
That, however, 1- s small  mattei
alien compared with   the  reonire*
aients of the pe >|de and t n* necea
sity for atl- ruing all  portions of
the ProviiiCf the greatest   p '-Hibfe
racilttiei for the cheep and exp d
tious transaction of  nubile bust*
n ���-.-.    The exig. ncie* d**mai d -m Ii
i change .1- .v. ere suggest* 1 ^. and
if ihe Government Is  wise in  its
da\ and generation it will  see  to
it that thepresenf   nnwietdlj   and
verv nntatiafafjtorj   condition-  ���������
abolished, and that  as  specdil]  ,.��
legialsti >"   a il    enable  it.   |,
Tenders W*nied
Pne St. Keverne  Mining Com*
u.uiv wishes bi��is on   MX) or  'JUO
^ *****
feel   of tunneling  and   ���   ���-- ��ut
VOll to be done upon their projH-j.
yr ����n Payne Mountain, adjoining
the Blooao Boy and  Payne    Bids
tO include tools, powder and all
other necoasai v supplies I n-
Oompnuj reeenresths right tore*
'eel   iinv   And    ill   bids.
Bidkkv Noun v\. Becretai i.
Bpokane, W ashing/inn.
I>   .1   UcLachlau  has jusl  re
ceivid  a consignment  id   sashes
and dootl which be will diaiMasfj of
���it reasonable rates,
J   J, Godfrey W   J    Bowier, L L B
F. L. Chnstis. L Lb
M Hardware,
m        IRON,
\\ <i;:i.l.
.j and
��1 Id 8
:j stoves
\\ ami
���< TINWAi;
I j
����ntlon    B     C
sneouvsr, 6   C.
First    Bank  Established   m the
1 u��|.Ht>:  u Hh |*>*������ i.�� ��
��� 1 ������
Meso OOics;
i���� tarts
.��. r     % ��   w
K \>����/i   el   mM"V
Hi    .
In ||M I'nii   I SI lla*
Saa i iad  iv.?n��
A j f n t* m -".'j Cc'ifiosidfl,
1  v s v 1 ��� > lb*nil    '  ���
vi ���        ,   -.    I��� . , 1   ���
'    *
X��������� .   - is    1 viiii.    si v
|V,i>* .��f   . ii!rt��t.. '   ���       \ ,.
���*������*���-.     IV.    . \      .   -
l^.����a-.,f r����t*1   ������ ��� -.     1   ���   ���
ins; i '������ .   ���>
f'..    t ���- .,   ,
.; -11. \   ; v v\e \�� ����� /i m iM-
���    v     ���   ,(*��.��     lloV >| i 1 1      i   .
LoCSl   K*m- ��')'���
Smrdon B'Snc*
Tin & Sheet Iron Worker.
I rtaMMhsd >>> MM
laao t*>' c- s fa
Psid Up C��oOs ,     fa.eee.eee
Rei��m��   Fund. 1 338.333
Umdmi ��� e��   ���     . ,  . .,,<���.(.   1.�� .     1 ���
�����ir.- ;    1     1
Courl of   Diraclors
I II  |t*����lll    I   I ���   I I      .......
rur. III. Iw-iiNl   ll  Him.   It. nr.   |(    >
Arthur ll-��.e   It. i II. Kent! I. J   K
j    ��� I il k      1 ..��.��,;.     I >      S
���*.. 1. I.e.     \   |i VV * 1 1 e��
It. ad > 10 ��� I . < a��.i��a<�� ��� 1 l��nr.*-H    \|.
II vnkimv ��    -.r��v
< .���  i. r >'   VI . li'��i* ��� '
Brsnchss  ia Canada.
|>.ii.|..i,   |!r ,i,rii,i,|   Tiirl.. Ilt(iiilll��.ii
l��>   K |US��I   i>   ' M      ' '< n i    till
lohi   \  1    Hrsndon  Wlnnlpnp   Mm     ��
. o. 1.mi   N. IL; llnlltai    St.H     vlrl
rfMI�� . ?    li.��.��I.ei.l   x ,  i.loll.  I     I
Agonts in  the United Stsf-r*
1 ���    - .     ���   * t 1...    ���.   f istlie      ���       ���     ���
NbIIh       ��� N   m \ "���w >v ���      o
W . I   ��� ���    '    I    1      VV .    ��� ��� <*H      I
l-'l   ->>���.-    -o.    .      !|    \|    !    v|    \|     ���   ..
I    It.  Vrrit.MMu'
London   BanSsrs
1 iu< Haah ����f KnslatMt and Hrssn IU.1   A
Foreign   Agents
l.lo i|��.,,|    It.inK   ������!     I.im rtSS>t        Hi ��
Sill r��l Hunk   ..(   -*. ,.f liii.,1.   I Imlli ���'
hrnnrhiii    lr*4siti]   CmTlartaJ   HjH''. ���
Isnd,   I 1.1 .  an.I  lirnnclini   Nnti.ii>..1
I Id   and liranflii -   v.,.ii���\i,.. 1 nt����i "���
\n��lriCin. lid     N, �� /. iii,,.,, 1   liii'iii It
-Uifttrslls, I.ia    linn.,, 1 i.tiut    uii'i
Vti n*snilh   Hunk of  llillts    l.l't      ll
1.iii    Wr.i   Indies, 1 ��iii>nliii   ������>"'���
Mi **r��,     ,Mur- irnr.l.    KmilM ���!   ��� ������
1 H .111 i.i. lainsis,
H.  G,  MARQUIS,   AcOn��;Msnsqrr
Sandon,   B   C.
~... 1  .
.1  t
1 \��
-.-._.. THE   PAYSTKEAK.
The house will have four large and
eight small crushers for crushing the
rock as it conies from the shaft, and
before it goes to the Htamjw. The
large ones Will Ik* the biggest crashers over built, even more heavy than
the ��fi ton iron ore crashers of the
Minnesota Iron Company. They will
be driven by two triple engines of
.'IfiO horse-rower each. The large
Caosherl Will each take a rock 2 feet
by 2 by 8, and crush it as easily and
ofthe tour larger machines can crush
ten ton-of reek in lets than thirty
seconds.    No other rock  house in ex-
HuIIhu)    J'olUy.
Speaking at Kamloof�� on the rail
way policy of the government for
British Columbia, Hon. A. (i. Blair
���aid that his mission, as minister of
railways, had been more particularly
to look into the neiiln ..I thi- |iruviuce
in the matter ol railway extension,
and especially the   feasibility   of the
proposed Crow's   Nest  I'a.-railway    ��|uicker than lumpsugar isgiound b
What   be   had  seen   had   convinced strung jaws.    It is planned that eac
him   oi  the   Immediate   necessity
ot    railroad    extension,    ll   was   in
the interest not only of HritishColuui   latence has snch an array of crushers
bia but of the whole  of Canada   that   The ten-ton cages  for  tlih  shaft are
tnJaqeeeUoa shoald '*��� Utken np.as pow being built in tbe east, and will
won as possible. Be tell that tbe beholsteaat the rate of 80,000feel
east was ss keenly biterested in the perrolnnteby two 4,000-berse power
opening up <>f British Columbia ��si engines, each double. Unless some
were the residents ot the province ��� contingency arises this greatest mm
theniftdvea. British Cotumlitaa pros | ing shaft ol the world will not begin
petfty mtiet redound to tbe advantage I hotstingrock for two years. It has
ofthe east.    Mr.  Hlair  pr.sTed.-d  n, jcost SI.iiiimjQ.
ctiti. L*e in ver\ plain lai guage the , The Continental OOpper mine that
land grabbing |ierj**trated by the sus|��?nded work IbUT years ago, will
British < ohunbia Southern, and be as I resume next month. The mine has
plainly intimated thai the Provincial a condonation of the famousOslnmet
government had been grevkmsly at I conglomerate lode, frero which ovher
tault In permitting such an set In , mines have paid ��."��.'���.<��h<����) in divi-
Ir- opinion the cimtroi ����f this land deed-. The Continental ha- sank
and it-mineral and timber re-otirce-|%\,5 0.011. Tier.- is an average
i>v a private corporation ��a�� s men difference of Jo. a pound In the favor
ace lo the pn*}��.'inv of tin-pruviiic ; of the coi>i��cr from this district over
ll this company OT a"\ Other into ; that ot Montana and elsewhere. The
which U might Is- merged, secured! higher orice is due to its greater
tbe control ol the proposed railroad ;<iu tilitv, and every effort has been
with the land it tseecestUl and its ; made to give the western copper the
wealth of Coal and timber, a powei '[seme diictilit\ in wire .hawing ma
would is- created greater than the [ehmea eat to no avail. Three weeks
people th�� tn-elves. Hi- advice to the [ago several carloads of Montana cop
leople was; Hold on to year  land   per were brought here tor drawing
m the Dollar Bay work-, and ever)
t*��s-ib a test was made, but unsuccessful I v     Furl her tests   will   b�� made
>o not part with the valuable ass. n
nature utsshowered ��ii��'ii you Do
not hard over1 to any mohopolattlc
corporation the sources of your
wealth, or in verv short order you
will lieconic hewers of wi*nl or draw-
ers of water for the tew to whom you
have entrusted your wealth. It will
!*��� his dUtV, he sail), to Mala1 U'tWeen
Shut   IVimn K��**ult*
Wallace, Idaho���The closing ot the
the people and anv such cor| orations, j Helena and Frisco mill at Gem last
aid 10   prevent   the   liap|*'liing of   -o   vv.ek was a  disigreeable   surprise tO
grave �� calamity as tlM one he depict canvon eraek* Ofthe 125 men em-
ed.    rhe Crows N.-t  rasa railwav'  ,      ..      , ,
and i.-extenMou totlT coast should \ l,,"vwl h> the �����������*������>��� nearly one
he under tlie control of the people "hundred were discharged, and it is
with tbe power to im|>o>e rates and j not known when the company Will go
NUthoritti   to   regulate  itt   manage   t*i mining again.    The mill  will be
ment Happily fiw the country the
I<aid cannot !>����� built without the sub
stanttal pecuniar*/ sra of the govern
thoroughly overhaul.nl. lots ot ihvv
machinery put in and some additions
built,   bo that   when  completed   the
iient. and that aid will not   In- teith- j j,r,.H,.,|, OApecltV of  525tonso4  crude
ciuiiig   unless   the   |��*i>plrs    right j,,,.,, ,j,,j|v wjj|   )H.   increased a I *>llt 60
were property safe  guarded.      The  1H.,. cvul     During that time there
government can and will irwist upon, I wuj iH. nothing done  in the mine,
a- a condition  ni  av-i-ian.T.   the  i^ iexcept to sink  and  run drifts on the
lease from their grip ol the treinend- different levels far enough  to   put.
tan fnonopoiistic powers entailed upon Uhem In shape to commence work;
those who have secured tlte i.\��*����.   when the mill is rca.lv.   The mine!
UUO acres of hind, with it- wealth of  has never been explored deeper then
coal and timber,  with   the cnarttjr ,,n,. .yjoi;K,t |,.Vel. while the Tiger-1
tor the construction of the British Col- U-oorman and tbe Standard,  In the
The Newmarket,
New Denver, B.C.
I* -unrated un tit** banks nf tin- l��'autlfnl Slocan Lake, and truest* ran Ml upon
���Ik-Italrotty and gtxxi- upon the gtsaaaS ssansr*/ In America withoutextrncliarire
The tireewui.. *.y**ein Ik excellent. The room are airy ami decorated with the
lHt��*t tv��ult�� of the wail |.a i��-r art. The exterior Of Um* hotel Is (tainted In colors
that harmonize with tie- tiiciiistie scenery. The Dinintr Room is always pro
v liled with f<M*rl that Is tasty, illgwftllhi and sirtlsfylrig to the inner economy of
man. Tire Har 1* replete with the niiHt modern, a* well an ancient bratitUof
nerve if op1 stars,
OoMbogK, Silvi-r Dtemocntt, CaiiAdlan Capitalist*. I'rospectors, Miners,
Tender!.*-!, Tin Mile Millionaire* and lllirrim* of every shade 111 ntaHIH.1.1
liirioii or wealth are welcotin-at thUh>>u-*-.
make for tin- Newmarket when JOB reach the Slocan melro|>��li* aiMl do no! for
���at iIk- Landlord'* name;   It to
Henry Stege.
ROSSLAND    ���    ���    -    -
Civil & Hydraulic Engineers, Provincial
Land Surveyors, Notaries Public.
Agents for Railway Addition to Rossland
WA niiinlKT .rf well l-��-at.il mineral claim* for sale
Choice Creamery Butter,
Fresh Eggs & Cream Cheese,
Sweet Gherkins,
Pickled Figs & Walnuts,
Sour Kraut. Salt Kislr in kits, or anv tiring yon may want irr the
v��*v of Uihle delicaeies at
4t-?'Tr> ...ir Nudanen1 Flake* and Qnaker i'arreake F'loirr.
MTQooda Sell vend promptly to any part of town.  mm
H. GIEX5ERICH, Sandon.
iiiiilii.i Southern.    Kreed  from m*��n>
same nelahborhood, are down 1,100
opollatie   frreed,   with  t'.iir   fi"alahi lanfj ajQOfeet respectively.   Ftftv-one
rates and eaay means ol egress, sev* ln-*ri>nr, of the Helena and Frisco
era1 srvatcttiea Rrom halt n doaen t<>
ado/cn. ni;:v he looked for in this
province hclore many veari have
Turn   Ton* lii   I lilrt>     sn^onil*.
Calumet. Mieh.    The  work nf tit
ting ttp the greatest shil'tlioiiM' in the
vvoi Id has begttll   here,   at   the   new
;*i.(>m t.H.t. Wed Jacket ^h��rt of the
Calumet and Heela, Thmahaftltousc
will iM- entirely of steel and some
1. it x) tons are used In its construction.
It is 100 feet square and ISOfeef high.
-ttH'k was rreently sold to English
capitalists, and it n supposed that the
preparations' to o}*.'!-..!'- on 1 more
extensive scale la one of the results of
the sale.
rWtunateiv for the discharged men
the Tij^er I'.mnnan will be ready to
start work agalu in ��i few weeks and
theStaiidanl i-< Increasing ius fbrce
slmost daily, expecting to find \\M)\\\
tor titty OT sixty men within the next
Try the  P.vystkkak Job Department torn dandy joh.
Subscribe Ibr Tin: Patrtrxak.
The Clifton House,
^** Sandon.
11.1- sraali aeeasMnodifigBi for ��� avrge sombar of innijiie.    The rooms are isne
���adstry, and the Dtataf Boon is *srwatsS witir r/tarjiUilug in the market
Siui|ik' l\'.��iiii' for .'ourruenial Travelers.
John Buckley, Prop.
Get joor Fresh Meal
 KHOM   'I'lIlO	
Wnt Kootenay Boier Go.
Brandon  and   Now   Denver THE   PAV8TKKAK.
Tltlea   No!    Wiirite.l   More.
It would not be fair to conclude
that Wilfred Laurier*s refusal of a
title is due to an uirvillinguess to
wear honors of British origin.
The speeches and public lite ot the
Premier are entirely lacking in indications ot an anti-Hritish sentiment
or sympathy.
The testimony ot Mr. Lauder's
public speeches and public lite will
plead for him against the partisan
Bttspioian that dislike of titles is
arotber name for hisdislike of Britain.
Canadians who are British in all
their sympathies shire the dislike ot
knight hood which is said to influence
Wilfred Laurier. Alter all, the posi
lion wnicl. Mr. Lenrtef occupies as
the chosen leader ot a great nation
can borrow no grandeur from the
order of St. Michael and St George.
A title which, is freely bestowed on
third and fourth-rate English dignitaries is not a mark of distinction
s.iited to the rank ot a man who is
fitted to be Premier or Canada.
The Canadian sentiment which
objects to the undue muitipliiv'ion >f
titles is in no sense an anti-Imperial
sentiment. There are Canadians
who approve of titles, and they are
net better Canadians or truer British
subjects than the Canadians who are
opposed to titles. The offer of rank
as a member ot her Majesty's Privy
Council, accompanied by no patent
knigluhoid, would I* a suitable
recognition of Canada s greatness, and
is Mr. Luirier refused that honor he
Blight expose himself to just attack.
Furvlurn   I>ho��><
There are about 600 Motiamniedans
in the United Suites
Maine farmers take butter, eggs
and other products to market on
their bicycles.
In Cariboo, Me., the other day, s
man's watch stopped ticking at t ie
ery minute his brother died.
More than 11,000 copies of Dr.
Hansen's new book have already
been subscribed for in Norway atone
A Kentucky court has just sent a
negro to the penitentarv for a year
f >r stealing blackberry jam
Eight thousand citizens of Ohio are
reported to have filed applications
tor appointment under President Me
There are 600 women journalists,
editors nnd authors in England and
Wales, according to the last census
In most parts of Syria, Palestine
and Arabia, the trees and date palms
are cou':r��d and a tax levied on each
At a prayer meeting in ^gusta,
Me , re 'ntly,prayers wei e asked for
a young man who played  ll ��i riddle
on Sundays.
The official estimate is that oO.OOO
Armenian children under 12 years of
age have been made orphan1* by the
Turkish massacres.
It takes :>7 specially constructed
and equipped steamers to keep the
submarine telegraph cables of the
world Iu repair.
Arizona's convicts have been leased
for ten years at seventy cents per
head a day. Their labor is t.- be
used in constructing an irrigation
canal to reclaim 100,000 acres of arid
It, is not only in recent times that
women have 'outnumbered the men
in Massachusets. This condition of
a flairs has obtained tor 130 years.
Ten years ago the excess was so
great' that there were 8,000 more
t n narrietl women than men.
A young man in Munchberg, Germany, disguised himself as a female
and went out to service as a cook in
order to escape military duty.
In Cariboo
Dealers In-
General !Llero"h.a.nciise.;
Mr. J. Harsh has started some men
to work on a quarts ledge about three
miles from Barkerville, and will also
Opetl up the Black .lack ledge
(in Island Mountain the DttpOOland
Danlevy   <o.   arc running   a   tun*
nel on the side oi' the mountain, and
expect to strike the ledge within 25
feet. A 10-Stamp mill has bee!)
erected to crush the ore.
Mr. A. Thibadeeu, manager of the
Scottish Mortgage and Loan Co., says
that his company has a gn.��l showing
in quarts on a ledge they are working
on the old Cariboo road, about 'Jo
miles from Ashe rot t, across the
Thompson.   A tunnel is being driven
in 100 feet, and at the end of the
tunnel a shaft will Is- sunk to a depth
vi 100 feet or mure. The ledge is
large, almut 86 feet between walls,
a little copper, gold and silver A J.J
inch pay streak on the hanging wall
shows a value of 6 h*r cent COtoer,
H8 in gold and lOounccs silver. The
ledge is well defined for ft long distance, and is improving with exptof
ation The same company nave
what they regard as a promising
ledge near the mouth of Oregon
Jack's (reek, and will Isjgin work on
the ssme In the spring. The com
jiany have also taken a bond on the
Kiiknatrick and Shuler claims, in
Highland Valley, about ".'.'�� miles
southeast of Asberofc Tin- bond calls
for a payment after three months,
and iu >ix months thereafter the completion of thi' payments ��1.">,<m> in
all l��eing the price. The Highland
Valley properties show rich copper
ore. The quan*itv is as yet uncertain.
Assays have run from S30 to I8G,
The No. l property, which has To."
some time been the most consistent of
our dependencies here, has finally
and Conclusively enlarged from the
blanket condition of its ledge and has
Started down at an angle of a Unit l<>
degrees* The company has sunk
about fiOfeet where the change took
place, and it is a fact that the eon
dition ofthe vein is more promising
��� haii at any time in the career ot this
peculiar claim. Tiie ledge on this
mine dipped from the surface at about
50 degrees for To feet depth and then
for nearly 200ieet It followed a wavy
course, but rose gradual!) from that
distance, and now that it has turned
and   taken   the   dip   Which   it  was
always supposed it would sometime
take, the feeling of security  in the
property has materially strengthen'
MrfSiUI HKW8 <��#..
--r*-*~~~ pes iismri in* ��*.*-** * -
N'.ws. Stationery, ('oufeeliiinery,   Butter.  Kgg*. CIm-.m*.  Hay. (ir.no
( iniceries, Kt e.
SLOCAN TRANSFER  00.. Saddle- "-nl Park H��r��w* !����� all
Points   in  ihe   .Mountain)..
Thos. Brown &Co.,
ii)( loi), H.(
Dealers In
.v. ��  <;.N.dn roii nntlj arrirlag.
CD. Rand.
I>. S. \\\u.UtKU��.i
Is the Pioneer Moose of the City.
Mining and Stock Broker*,
Notaries Public*        and Conveyancers
bought and sold. Sink* f..i aajf in aJl R (
OfBelal brokers for Wonderful '.roup Mining Co.
Eootenay agents for Bondholder Mining 0a, si.   Keverne Mining
I'hu-nix Ooaeolidated Mining Co, end Two Friends MineCb Vatocai
Oompanles  Str.o*od
nxicl   Pi'omotocl
Carpenter SHOP
I have opened a (iarpenter's
Shop in the rear <>f
Crawford's Blacksmith Shop
Orders for all kinds of work
in thai line promptly at
tend to.
O. O. MoRAE.
fheDropl,   ��� SANDON. B.C
Suudi lea,
i  Slaiionery,  llrtiggipt
Notions     nnd    Toilet
Pelftttaea and   Imported Cigars a
MIMING  lti:�� onus,
Br**j rCM *i Um* pSnvar. tii<* AaMMaaaU
Tfasatan taS Locatloaii:
.Iaiill.il>  S
ll,.,i .< k No. ��, Kuril Mil. ; John   II  Robert nml
v i! Flajnaad
jji.ii.-ti > It:
I lit- Caaj . I '.ml. u.ill. �� llnnltr; l( Baa*,
A*>��>��-*H..S If
.l.iniiarv IS
i>i. . ��� Falls liu-'ii. ��
Jiinii.il'. V
C M WUaoatoCBFaou   | Honttur A\*rt*:  i
-         I   V i.Mitch    | .Monitor   \|.r*4;   I.
Rllward J Mnt.lr.-Mii W Win Urml.n Link.
Ilin m   ni.   I>. <  TX   I.
ll.iiiiK.h V\< 'tfthauui toTli.-i Klll'.til.k > M ��
���liiu- Link   Ort KL fl "
\   .     S.oil    U>    J.llll ll  Slo l<-       Vllo.uil. I'.IVtoll
Snl u.iiUn  llowknol  Thv*.mi<U   llw m' *r��
t'lnir. Ii 1 '<*!��� ��� I" Thai Muilmu      Lui|��.rliiin
Dw :.   i
Jitnilnrv I
Jaapuh Haaltar lo DoaaM MrOaalc   mYuimI.
i > ��� . |   i
l> ii .1.1 M< I'.iibf !���> Piiiirau  Umluui    1 ��'��-u-
tr.il   It..  . b -i
n . \ ... M u:> ii in JM V. Ataiaatai 1 Call
f rata, -1.
.1 .in, n t* it* i ��� J-'iir. a Plata   | siiv.r ini
N   I  I ��� ������< .'���:   1
ih * lin.n i I'h ��� .'luiiil*.'. (��|.;|..n on J..
J .  Knilh H. tta ��� il"   Uh  m    i ���
I lui f-'hliiili.'. to Win A WwMWl < V.riion,
Ml h 17:    1
J mum T
Rut**rl \ l(. nw ii k t . Hi it* r. II Kn v King
'1. n   Jnn '>:     1
|. |. V|. I I,. r��.n I ��� Mil kn .\ \ Dullj V.nl.n
h  , . .i.    ."���
|. i Mi Donald i ��� ll <   Rap 0    \M   Soon
.'..   tott-n mill M.r. n��    I m ���".:    1
llur. |*MII*aN  1. J'.lin ��� uniiliiiik*    1 .*i \   -V Vt
i       1 ��� ��� i    K'i.   Hoi       In uh n;.ol��   ..mi Kl.i.
��� ' ���
v C nland) i ��� II I' Ki. �����..   | ���>.*.   KovSk   l
I . .. r   M.S. Khi.h-r   ������    Vu.lr   u*    Tin-
1 IC   ii   on   .'.     l-ia.-'i.ti   SonS i.rliil'in' ��n��l
VV   vihii hi.    Jali  ���   ���
I   II L nl/   t. i   I. Ilix.wn    I ������ <*l. nil >    \ ���.
tf>\    M
J...   .
J.-hn T K.liv to i lurtra Paaiaad W ll i'n.��
f.nl    ! I'll t. J*n K M
J*nu��rv   -
l t, . v\   ,*>, t ��� ��    K  Barter tad H \ Ml k��
h iUaM(IU   J��n ...    I,
Jvinui.  II
R4�� i l P o.�� to J��rk*..n Ka<l< tiff . lirr.i!
I.      I III   ' N ��� .-:    i
v\ H MrVai ��� OEM \ ... -l - Ru.h Km.
Ilun   vn��- .���..  i.
.1  f It. .n  h.-mi.t    . h ��� K.m I W II <"raw
f.nl       In;-oinli  1ml. Jon*:     I
m a Hikninii. i. vv   ii Ctaa-ftad   | Mar)
I, .it   S   Ii   '.IiaoI Ami Si |'i ri>. Jan T:    1
VV in   ||il.|��n��    to    X   M   Tu   ����� i     |   s.hhI  n
J a n V. ||
Jam ��   VV.nl   !>    X     '���     In   ..<���; sand w
.l.in 11; fl
AIM HI    AI >s WOll III.
Murll    ll,-V��lo|>IIH-lit    Work    llihix   Hum
iii   TiiMt   . aaavp
Spokane i srties have closed a deal
taking over the Ellen property, in
tlie extreme north end ts the camp.
This claim In one <��f �� promising line
of planus, incinding the Attended,
Bogs boo, Ellon, RatAha, etc.. taat
h.'ive long been regarrtedas locations
of merit, and eeen*bjd,> seems t<>
luive confidence that develoomenl
will make .1 greai  property �����; the
An agitation is being made looking
tos continuation >>t  the  road from
town to Cedar eri'4'k ll|�� onto die
PStha   Hat    vvith   every    )'iir��j.ct    of
soccess in Inducing the government
to do ti>e work early in ti s summer.
This nuul will |av diivetly ov.-rthc
Llbby, Maggie, Highland, .Tosephinc
and other claims ending on the ftal
referred t��>. whnv over a khiiv of
properties of intrinsic worth can tsp
ii at a inininitiiii expense, .ind a < this
northern section has come rapidly to
tne ti<mi during the pajii r<\v  months
the beneficial results of ;lii construe
tii n work can i>e readily rorseen.
The  concentrator   at   Woodbury j
creek, on the Canadian Paclrle prop
erty, uaited during the fatal week
nnd two snfUf.'ietory dav's   runs were
in.tde.   A slight breakage Incident to
new nnicliiiici \ canst d it to shut down
lull tin  Coming week will see the mill
in permanent operation.   li~s mocess
gnnmniees the future nf the Wood
bar? hold Inge of this company.
Pays special attention to all
kinds of watch repairing.
Large stock of
always on hand
FIT/liKllAII) a DAY. Prop*.
 Mfiniifnttm-r* of all	
Syphons, Ginger Ale.
Baraaparilla, Ktc, F.u*.
ScLiidon. BO.
We have an extra heavy stock of
Patronize home industry
when vim want tlte lx'st
-��   - ��� r
Th$ Thi&tlt
on hand, and as we take Stock in
about Two Weeks ia Special Discount
will be griven to all purchasers in that line
Dealer ir, MEATS
 . AT :
MACDONALD   JUiOS., Proprietoi-s.
Wiles ?1.M) to 8��.ri0 >ier day.-
lleadqnarters for .Mining 8peofc)atpn and Capitalists.
Reco Ave., - - Sandon, B.C
V-^Hk. V      '*<i\V
J,   C.   HAYES   Mnor.
Mannfaetnrers of and lValers in-
Stores, if are, Graniteware m Copperware.
One of t lie oldist  and  best  known
lintels in tin' Oity.
The omIv Bowling Alley in the
Mountains is attached U) this
All kinds of Mining Work a Speciality
We '.etid in First-Class work.
8 tine IVjvth Kooins in connection.
Sea Salt Bains without extra charge.
J. S. REEDER. Prop.
For Rossland
A"vt   j. E.niib,
Kt��l E.*t��t��' mid Mining Hroker.
K(>.**Jaii(l. IIC
Ajaal fi��r tlif Montn-al ��y m I lent* lot.*, of the
rlrrliral tovvn<iti' of KWhImimI     IVrf<-,t title- ^Independent Order of Forresters
In S.itiird.iy evening, .Ian.   '.Hit,
|f, tin* ������iiii'lidaU's   for   no'inher-
hi sfsoiiibinil in Crawford's: Hall,
i in*  purpose ol   organising a
bit of the above  named  order.
Hhi-ii tin- following  business  wits
1,1  K. Amialilf.   1>. s. c  li, pro
f*ft*di'it tu Mi-v'.tni/.e in due form, as.
"e$*ti'.i l>> !�����"" 1'"ii^h^ .i" maraliai,
mi I lit'o  < ir.llith as -iTi't.ir.v
v'l'ir   I'litirt    will    ti'    known   as
.Com i  >amloii  I. <��. F-, and  will
im"��t i'Vfr\    rinirsdav   availing   it
fBo'eiork.   Twen��*#��sii   lueiuljera
W*M'c ���i.t'olled and tin- total amount
il$l��in.iiice ajipli-d for w;t�� 142,500
'1 Ic   following   c��Mnnntti'��-   v\��*re
||o anted to we lee I ollierrn   f*��r tllS
niag   year:     W.    ��.    Kaftowa,
Cliait man of eointiiitt��'.-; II   <*   Mo
Arthur,    AHm-H     Hivid,     .1       II
Hn\vk<- and 1��   ,1    M< I><>ngatl.
���Tha following worn chosen;   Ii.
BGriaiinett, Court Deputy; F. I'
Wittei-h. I'hvsieian; Albert David,
|UM I'hi.'f .'.align. A C Mc\r.
Kir. Chief Kauo'i; W. VV, Fal*
if**. Vice Chief Km g.-r: .1. 1"
Kevin. Iteeording Si-er.'iary; J II
Hawk*-, Financial Secretary] II.
W. M v tton. Treasurer; K. .1. Don-
al.t-oii, Chaplin: \V .1 Kerr.
BlM' ' inti'iidcnt .Iu vcnile Court] W
O. II   Todd. S-ntor Woodward; I).
J. M' l> nigall. Junior   Woodward:
VV  .1   Williams.   Senior   Beadle;
Ja-     ll.    lh-an.     Junior    Beadle;
Jsnc -   Vallance   and   R   Gffen,
Tru-tri ������..
A Praachar Rebuked
It is v.-ry evident that the v ioor
on* denunciation of dancing by
Mr. Heat tie on Sunday laat, meets
with very little s nipathy hen,
at* the vote of censure engraved on
a button, and placed on the cdlec
lion plate will testifv. ll is very
etrange that "ur Cvlnattal pilots,
ehould persist iu ignoring far mure
palpable evils, fur tbe purple of
eip.itiatin- at length on the evils
of dancing, which at any time
ia   an   op-n rpostion.
There    are    verv    innuy   VOOng
l>C"p!e   in t !��i> (Miup,   who   Would
never   have    tne   opportunity   of
meeting with e it'll   other,   were   it
jBnt for the��e very dances.    Taken
flioderaiely ii is a   most   ile-irable
and healthful   mean*   of   working
fid superfluous spirits and were it
Jliot for these opoertuuitiesol" meet ���
ring with the   lefining   inlluen.e of
good women, the standard of BBOF
nlity among   the   men   would   be
liiucli lower than it is.
The  Daisy
Lelghton A Williams put a
gang of fou i men to work
under foreman J. W. M�� Far-
lane to open up a trail am!
build cabins on Daisy claim near
Three Forks. When this is done
a double shift will be out to work
so as to open up the Monitor lead
which runs through the Daisy.
Dr. Witter's temporary office at
MoQneen A (.ore's Drug Store.
The Kev. Love, who has been
Out to Calgary at the deathbed of
his mother, returned to day. Mr.
Ivove Im* the sympathy of the
whole community In the sad loss
which he has sustained.
All tenders for Ihe contract to
be let for tunnelling and cross cut
work on the St. Kev erne can be
left with Rand iV Wallridge on or
before the 18th of January,   1SP7.
The   ontract for the second one-
hundred feet of tunnelling on tin
Rabbit l*a��  area let Ui  Ward A
J. K. Cameron ft Co.. the   Knot-
ena) tailor-, are turning  out some
magnificent tits in   ordered   cloth
A special -"ng service will be
held ill Sji.-ticcr's hali im Sun lav
inxt. The Kev. Mr. Love will
The new edition of Thomlin-
SOo's map is for sale  at this otl'nc.
If the   present  frost continue*
for three days   longer   the   Ice   on
the nnk  will  be  ready   f��*i  both
skatefS and curlers.
Dr F. P. Witter can be found
Si  McQUHta iV (i'-re*.-. Drug Shoe
Electric   Light*.
Tin- workmen are  bii-ily t*ttgR��
ed stringing tl e wire* for the el< c
trie lights  and in a few more davs
tic- rill/, i.e. of Sandon vviil be aide
to relegate their tenters t��> the Itim
her room.
To WHOM IT MAY cokcicric: That
we, D. F. McVay and W. II. M>.
Yay. from and after this d'te, will
not lie responsible for any an.l all
account* that may he contract* d
for by the Kuth Mines or Kuth
M.iniiig Co . of Sandon. B. ('.
January 2nd, 1897.
Dleeoiutlon of Partnerahiq
Nolle- ih hereby given tlmt application will
be made to tne Legislative Assembly of the
Province of British ��.'<��iuinl��lH nt Its. next session for an act enabling I lie Noble Five Consolidated Minirrt!and Milling Company (Foreign* to appropriate five-hundred (800) Inebee
aftbe waters of Oodj i^raek, in tlie olocan mining Division West Kootenay District, toerect
flume* for tbe purpose ot operating ii ooneen
trotor, el.-ctrlc light plan!, power ilriil-. niul
all other purpose* usual, necewssry or incidental to tin-iiiIiiIiik or milling of ores, for the
purpose of expropriating lands for such purposes,
Nolil.K   FlVK    CoN-ol.lllATKIl     MlMMi   AXIi
Mii.i.i.m. to.   PoreiguJ
Jan  Bat, ���*��
Certificate of Improvements.
Willi   QOOSS   mineral   claim,
Mttuate In the Slocan mining division of Weal
Kootenay <lWtrl<-t. on   SobM  Five mountain.
Takenutteethai I, a.m. Farwell. setlna a*
mri-nt for ttn-Nohie Five. OonaoHdated Mining   sad mIIKhk Co.,  (foreign), ftee miner*!
certificate No.TT.5?.��, iuU'inl. Mxty dayji from
tbe date hereof, to apply to the Mining !<�����-
eorder for a certificate  Of   irrrproverrn-nl.-.  for
lire  |iii>��i' of alitalnini; a Crown rfnmt   of
ihe nbove claim.
And further take notice thai  action,  under
M-ctnui ft7, must be commenced betorethelsBO-
pnoa of -ni'ii oertlflcate of Inoprovauieots.
Hated tin* the Hth dav of .larruarv, IMC.
Jan. Hilli, IHSiT. * A. 8.   FAKWKLL.
The partnerallin between llobt.
UcTaggart ft Hans Jdadaen has
been dienolved this day by mutual
consent. IfafVen vV Lnn.iy pay
all account a *nd collect ail laottiee
due the late lillll.
Kom. McT.m... \i;r
Han- M.misi-.n.
Sandon. Dec. 28rd.'HR.
[f your habits ara had and von need then
to mend.
K. I ���! in i,ml drinK tin choliv "ThNtle 111,-nd;"
it from oecsure you're  free, and  revered
are  by   all
Stick Close b) the "Thistle," for tear  leaf   you
ii your leak should go hard, and with  care>
voir do bristle,
Take comfort   nrena,   with a drop of Um
if dame Fortune should smile ami voir reach
the top notch.
Regale ail rour Meade, with the wonderful
I'o all life's conditions, a charm  it lend-.
That  oboloest of whiskies, most famous <>r
Enough Of Its merits  von   have  heard  you
will think.
Be'sura von remember them all when you
Finite mineral claim,
situate in the stoeau mlnini: division of West
Kootenay   district,  alsiut  Ooe-OOarter of
one mile northeast ofthe town of Cody.
Take notice that I. A. S.   Karwell. acting as
asvut tor Thomas narks, free miner's certificate No. 7��>.i;i. Intend, >i\ty days from the
date hereof, to apply to the Mining   I eeorder
for a certificate of improvements, for the par-
pOaecfohtatnlog a Crown Kruuiuf th^ above
And further take notice thai  action,  under
sfrtlnn 17 must herotnmanned i��fiire the i��-
*u��iu'��- ������( such certificate of Improvements.
Dated t .rs-'th day of January, i^'7.
Jan. Irtth. ISH7. A. B. FARWELL.
siartiaht No. s mineral claim.
SI taste in the Slnean mining division of West
K'*>t.-na\ dl-trlct north ofjaad Joining the
Last Chance minenil claim.
Take notice that  I, A. is.  Farwell. siting as
asent f..r the l^.st Chanea Mining and Milling
cd��� free miner's certificate No. 78,flH, intend.
sixty days from Um d*ta hareoC to apply to
the Mining Reeorvler f >r �� certificate nf Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a
brown gn��nt of the ahuve claim.
Ann turf her take notice thai action, under
section ft, moat be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of Improvements.
Itated thl* 7th da) -��l .lamiarv. IMC.
.Ian. 10th. 1*V7. A. 8. FAR* ELL
Lone star and nine Qrooae Mineral Claims,
situate In the Klocan Mining Division of Weal
Kooteoa.v District, three-axirths of a mile
���OOth   of   Sjindon,   west   of Btooan star
Iitke notice thai. 1. John Fielding, ���� sgent
for .lames 11. sword. Free Miners Oertlflcate
Nm :���..".',",, Intend, sixty days from the date
hereof, to apply to tbe Mining Recorder for
certlflcatea or improvements tor the purpose
of obtaining Crown grantsoftheaboveclalma,
And further take notice, thai action under
nctton W, Mlnemi vet i��*i��i, must iv commenced before the issuance of said certificate*
ot improvements.
tinted tirts 7t ir day ol January. 1*7.
Snowstorm Mineral Claim.
aituate In the sii��,-tiii Mining l>i\ Istnn of Wt --t
Kootenay District, adjoining the tMjnoan
Um orr Payne mooataJn
Take notice that, I. A. s*. Farwtll, acting as
agent for Edward ngbou. Free Miner's O niti
eats No, M.SI1, intend. M\t.\  dayi Irom the
dute hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder
for a certificate of I in pros i incuts, fur the   pur-
pose of obtaining a Crown grant >>t the above
Ami further take notice thai action, under
seen.in c. must be commenced u tore the Isstv
snee ot such ccriiilcutc of Improvements,
i��5,re,l this HOi dux ol UctoU r. IHML
Jan. mh '��7. A.s   FAKWI'.I.I..
h,\   |i,un KuAtiioN  Minkkai. Claim,
Hltnate In the sliH-an Mining Division nf West
Kootenaj    District,    In   the   KcQuigau
Take notice that, I, v. s Farwell, acting as
agent for Michael C Monaghan. Free M'ncr's
Certificate No. 74,411, intend, sixty   days from
the data hereof, to apply to the Mining itc-
Mrdar for a certificate of Improvements, for
the pur|*��se of obtaining ��� Qrown grunt ot the
above claim
And further take notice that action, under
paction W, must be commenced before the is
sttance nf such oertlflcate ol Improvements.
Dated tins .Nth day of December, ikw.
.Inn. 2nd, '!'* A.S  Fakvvki.i..
Phoenix Minora! Claim.
Situate in the Hlocau Mining Division of West
Kootenay District, three and three-fourths
miles up North Fork ol Carpenter Creek.
Take notice that, I.John Fielding, as agent
for the Phoenix Consolidated Mining an I
Milling Co.. Limited Liability. Free Miner's
Certificate No. 71,419, Intend, sixty days from
the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Record
er for a certificate of Improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of the
above claim.
And further take notice, that action under
section 91, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this 1st day of January. IW7.
Jan. nth, '��7. John Fiki.iunii.
Noble    Five,    Knoxvllle,     Bonanza    King,
World's Fair and Maud K Mineral Claims.
Situate in tha Btooan Mining Division of West
kootenay District, on   Noble Five  Mom -
tain, one mile north of Cody.
Take notice that. I. John Fielding, as iigeni
for the Noble Five Consolidated Mining an-i
Milling Company, Kr��-e Miner's Certificate
No. ,i.Y7!'. intend,sixty days from the dale
hereof, to apply to the Mining Kei-order for
certificates ofunprovements. for the purpose <���!
obtaining Crown grants of the above OtaiHM*,
And further take notice, that action under
section 87, ranat be commenced before the Issuance at* soeh certificates of Improvements.
hated this Itlr da\ ofJitnuarv, IHC.
Situate iu the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay District, on Carpenter Creek.
uliont two miles easterly from the town or
Take notice that I. A. H. Farwell, agent
for John McNeill, Free Miner's Certificate No.
PLS&t,and Daniel McNeill. Free Miner's Cer-
tiflcate No.M378 Intend, sixty days from the
date hereof, to appiv to the >lining Recorder
for a certificate ol Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown grnnt of the above
And further take notice that action, under
section :>7. must !*��� coniinenwil liefore the is-
suance of such oertlflcate of Improvements.
I��atc<l this 12th day of November, l����i.
Jan. Snd. V7. A. s. Fakwei.i..
ViaoaVa Minkkai. claim,
situate in the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay   District, on Carpenter   creek,
near the Greenhorn mineral claim.
Take notice that, I. A. 8. Farwell, agent for
Frederick J. D naidson. Free Miner's certificate  No.    iW.0.'W,; John   VV   .Swit/er.    Free
Miner's Certificate No. St.S4ft Charles B   Mo
'ltiskev. Free Miner's Certificate  No   61.t>ii.
and William  H. Todd,  Free Miner's Certificate No iii.su.1. intend, sixty days from the
late hereof, to apply to the Mining  Keeorder
tor a certificate ol improvements, for the pur-
pese ofobtalntog s Crown grant of the above
And further take notice thai action under
s��"��-tton :c. must be commenced before the i��-
-uance ol such ivrtificat: of improveinents.
Dated this nth dav of November. IflW.
fan 2nd. 1*7. A 8. FARWELL
Pacrric Minkkai. Ctaist,
Sitriate   in  the   Btooan  Milling   Division of
West Kootenay District, on Payne Mountain. North of and adjoining the Washington.
Take notice thai I, A. 8    harwell    'gent for
Frederick Uteete, Free Miner's certlUcate No,
'."'.r>!��i. and Samuel   B.   Sti-ele. Frtv Miner's
Oertlflcate No. T^.tnti, Int nd. sixty days from
tbe date hereof to apply to the   Mining Re-
eorder tor a oertlflcate of Improvamenta, for
the purpose of obtaining a ���.'niwu grant ofthe
And further take notice that action, undet
section (7. must be commenced before the Is-
atance of such certificate of improvements.
lasted this Kth iiay of Novaaabar. ltte\
Deo. 5Ul, '!ti. A. S. FaKWM.L.
I'.ritUAiM   Kkaition   Mineral   la Im,
Situate   In   the   Bfoeao   Mining   Division   of
Weal Kootenay District on the North
Slop,- of the South Fork of Car|>en-
ter Creak, North of and Joining the
Texas  mineral claim.
Take notice, that, l, John M. Harris. No.
��i.!��i7 tor myself, and as agent tor F. T Kelly,
No. .M.is'i: s. m. vv barton. No. 85,880, and 0
c. Wharton. No. twi.'fiii. Intend, sixty day*
from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder tor s certificate or improvements
ft>r the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of
the shove claim.
And further take notice thai action, under
Motion   -J7,    must    Im* commenced    Is fore   tbe
I sans nor otsucb certtflcate nt Intprovements,
Dated tin-   eighteenth da) of November,
Nov   Ust."M, .InHN M. II \Kltls.
I.tsiK 01 i vM'Coi.rvim s Minkkai. i'i, vi ms.
sitriiite In tlicSi.Kan Mining Divtslonof West
KooteUav   i <lslrli-t, adjoining t he  Wonder
fui mineral claim I., isiu. j   on Carpen*
ter Creek and about one ami a one*tatrd
nrilcs west ofthe town of Sandon.
Take notice that t. A*M. Phrwell, agent tor
the Wonderful Group Mining company, Free
pftaer*S   Certificate   No.   Wi/M,   intend    slulv
pays from the date hereof, to apply to tha
Mining Recorder tor a certlfloate ol improve
incuts,    for    the    purpose   of    obtaining   *
Crown grant ot the above claim.
Ami-further take notice that action, and'r
taction 81. must be commenced before thai*,
���uanceof such certtflcate of Improvements,
Dated thlsayth day Ol November. ISlHi.
Dec9th, '��ii. A. s. Farwkll. THE   PAYSTREAK.
HHAltCIU.M,   FOIt   (IKK.
Kofkefeiler 'Vevvs  Looking for   An
other    Mountalji   Iron.
Dnluth, Minn. ��� Though the Kocke
feller company has sold its biggest
ore deposit, the .Mountain I run. to the
Carnegie ikeel company, ir evidently
has not the. slightest intentionot.iban
doning or decreasing its mining operations. It owns vast tracts oi land 00
the iron bearing Mis, stip|*��seilly
rich in ore, that have nut been explored at all. and the prohabfliiiea
���ire that it may find as bitf a mine as
the Mountain Iron on chase lands,
jndfrinjf trmn past expajrienoason the
.Mcsaha. At anv rate, it will make
the attempt and h;i> already set one
crew at work exploring for ore at
McKinley, while others will follow at
other pointa,
The probabilities that the Hcsseinei'
ore jiml will go to pieces as a retail ���<(
the Carnegie deal is worrying small
operators Id non-Bessemer oresaToee
to the Bessefaer limit on all the Like
Superior ranges. With the pool
agreement in operation, these operators, by cutting the Bessemer priw
a trifle, could be sure of a market, but
with free competition it will be a case
ofthe survival of the tittest. and the
big mines will take mncb ofthe
business that lias been going to the
smaller ones.
The Cincinnati mine at Biwabio has
resumed work on a larger scale and
will employ men all winter stock
piling ore.
Shaft No. 1 of the Adams mine
burnt out a day or two ago and is S
complete wreck. Though the tire
was discovered in good season, all
eflbrta to stop it were useless. The
Haines shot seventy-five feet into the
air and the water that was ponred on
them was simply made into steam
and aided the heat it the contlarga
tion. The shaftbonae was set fire to
and ruined. About sixty men are
thrown out of employment bv the
TheF ayal has begun sinking a
second shaft, which will greatly
facilitate work It is hoisting alxiut
1,500 tons daily.
To    Mine   In    Hrltislr   Columbia.
Montreal, Jan. 11.��� A special
London cable to the ''Bfar'says: The
cause of 81* Charles Tupper's visit to
England was explained by the issue
on Saturday of the propeetu* of the
New Gold Fields of British Columbia
(Limited). Sir Charles Tapper is
Chairman, aud the capital i.*2."0.0 JO.
Mr. Ashworth. late London manager
of the Hank of Montreal, is another
director; Mr. Kufus Ii. Pope. M P.
for Compton, is Canadian adviser.
Properties are not yet purchased and
the whole capital is available as
working capital ofthe company,
1/   s. AXUUKWN.
minim; a
SI.ie.-rii < '.tv. Hi
s >i,- iiii-nt for ihe OansdUn  Kir.- [aaaraara
Huhsrrtben i > I'd*  i"i*r raa
..l.tiln TllnVII.INs. i\ S <-,-l
ctirat.-d.iiiii' .-f tin- s|.��-.��ii Lain
dbttfrl f.r
Addre** all ��^o��t* so
R. T.Lowery,
New Denver, B.C.
sUatsttrof Mitt.-*. Hon.Cot tlrase Hafcar
I'mvin.-lal Min. r:il -u'i-t   VV    K,�� -trlyl*-
I illihe ASSSVCT, Ii. < mini, tmel.
: k< vim Ut UOAKaisTBin aMBKONh
llheaalj Tha*, Fl.-t.-ii.-r. Ulwrul
< irlboo: ) Boartar, Bsrki rvill.
Cisd.-ir: ,)din.�� Porter. P.o Lakrtsi
( --wiili 'ii; H. O. Wrllburn  Duncan
tXanoz; W, ll. Andt'ram. Cjma*.
l-'.-r s>i ii\m it: .1 Flewlu
K.iml Nasi: U C. Tttastall, Kub*Jhmi
K ��t-ii.i> F.ist:  1   F. ,Vnii��tri>ii��f. Donald
K - teuay vv.-st. S ,r.h.-ru pdrtltai;   i   D, Ors
bam. K- v.isi i.
K.'t liar    \\ i-t    N..itiln-rn   pUftktU)   S".   hi..
*tiinl>*. X.l* .ii
I.ill.���� i: F Rotwa.CUntoa.
Ksnslmo; M  Uray, Naasfaao.
.v. w Westminster; D. Robsoo, N.s tt*�� m ���
Nli-ula ; .l.lni Clappertoo, Xlcots Lake
< lkanaj|sa ; I.. X.irrl*. Verm n
Queauellr; Win.st. nlreii* D.vJneanelle F'>rk��
VaaTj w. Dodd, Yale.
Hmw aaooetatar*
i'i-i un i. in net
Xiiiiahn .  M. limy Xsu.-iliii.,
Raw Wretailaster. D. Robson . X>-�� wtataiiaMtt
Real Koulettar, J Bttrrrt Dons id
F. <      f.lllK      OiiliU'ii
fj.Goklie.. Wind. rni. r
C   M.F.dward*    .
M. I lilllli*  ......
Wi-st Kootenai. -l. D. Orshatn
Corrj Nlinln-iiiiiek
A. S|>rnat
Contracts taken for raw
hiding or parking: ore from
and packing .supplies to mines
Saddle horses for hire
Kurt s rvlr
T>>l��i." Plains
.   ...   I^irdtnii
New li in.-r
.   Kvkert'��
 lr..ut I. its.
.Meeill.w.n ;
.   . Nriku��|r
lyii.-.ni ll>- F<>rk��
ll.uk. Mill
.    . Vrlll'.n
..... hfc>V"�� *
.������mint.- Cr.s-Ik
.      . K anii" ���""
Caastar. ��<rs ��vsiu    . .MstisuoCrrrkOwilnera
JSS.  I''-1 ���' .  I ..ik.'t >ll
AlUnii.Tli.*. Fl. niier  . .Alhrrul
\'ie|<ii1ii. VV. S. i.i.re  Vi.-tun.i
��il.|,|i   fi.MMIsSUiNKHS
F'irilii- Provinrc i W. s Ours, Virtorls
All��nii ; Thut. Fl'n her, AlU-rni
Csrlbooi John Bowirn, lllehtteld
Osaftar Ulslrh'tj Jaaue Porur, l#nketiin,ra**iar
Llllss-t Dlstrlrl : Fred.rick S port, I'llnl m
N.tn.tiin i: M. Bray, Natisluio
West Kootenay IH���*��� ri��-1: J. F. AltnstroanJ) mnlil
W��-st Ki*iiena'.\ liislriei ; X. Fil/stiilili'. NelscHI
East Kisili.'iiav Disuli l:   ..'. 1 . Ornlinin.   K.v.-I
Vale Dl��triit: ch.is, Lamlilv,Osoyota
\'n|.- h.sliiet : (i.C. Tuns) ill. Kniiil<*>im
���l"lin K.-'ii
.1 ll Rsahdafl
���I. Kirkuii
J.c. K.k.i.
W   M. Virken
II .I. s<-.tt
F. O. F.iii',ul.-i-. .
Carta *'. w rttsuhens >n
-I. ic-.v mn
Vale. W. Ii.��..i
I. >'. iri��
V.. A. If   l.irnl'U
W.MM. im
II. Hum i
u, c Tnn*tsH   .
lilllooet,C. A. Pbalr
Kootenay Mercantile Tailoring Co.
Dry (roada, Oetit\i Kuniishm^
���.ip|*��itc  "Ihe (Itiu-n   IImis*'  is
piVM.icil i.Vrl ��v\   Mlxs Mil HI
_   MINIM.   I'Koi'KIM'Y    BOUdHT,   BOLD
���J. R,  CAMERON.
WmilW9 LH��@JiEiL.
.?.   M.   WINTER   Prop.
���   First-Claaa Accoraniotlation
f   K<��i- Toiiristt ami
iV   Mining Men ���
b. c.
Cody lain tha baait <>< thaSooan. end toq mrMirotrHrc tfv��ail>tiwn
bm that t��rc;it oonntnr.
1M.AI.I.ICS    l\ -
�������� a-enereil   Merotis^nclis a *
KASLO       and       CODY.
Hotel Kootenay
Switzer & Mcbluskey,
Kitzsiinuiuiis jiimI OnrbetJ will fltrh'
for ��!5,000 tm March 17.    Tl,c phi ,
NEW UrfUU Si Uric
M(*ttMnin tv Oore ha\
ju��l   oim in .|   iu  the  II i.n-
busldiiig uii.i a mil I.n< ...
MED1C1NJ& an l
UclIU inlsi   f,,,. |,|a, i
McQ J����iS oc u0.iE,
Jacob uim
 lU'aJtT in	
SANDON. -    -
Independent Order of Forresters
On S.iturtl.iy evening, .Ian.   iltli,
ft. t lie cuinlidittcis   for   member-
Hi .i-H.-miiii-ri in Crawford'* Hall,
I tlie   purpose   ol    organizing   H
'*%n ui* tin- iiiinve  natnetl  order,
riti n ilc lulluwing  buaitiaai  vrai
JS. K. Animbie,   1). S. (J   U.. pro
fjsjftlcit t<> ..ig.ini/.e iu due form, us.
��jfat��'i !>y I��r. >. 1i.uigltt*. as mar aim),
till I Hi"  <ii'.llith as -.ecr-t.iry.
-Tli'-   court    will    0 ���    known   an
|it t   Sandon   I. I>. I*'..   and   vv ill
jt every  Thuradny evening .it
rajfjo'cloek.    Twenty-six     ucui'icr.*
W#re ft.rolled and tin* total amount
illPtii tine appli'd for wit* *4'_'..">00
���^Tli-   following   cotnniUtei-   vn.tc
loiiited to weieet officer*   for tilt)
���ing   year:     \\\    *V.    Kaffowa,
kit man of committee; II   C   M<-
...   inr,    Albert     David.    .1      II
Hawke and I * ,l  McDungall.
fflhe following were rliohen; M
|M<iriiiiiiieit, f'otirt heputy; F. I'
.1|pttei>. I'liv sii-i.in; Miierl llav id.
$01 Chief Katij'ci . A C. Mc\r-
tfilr Chief Kan-ret; \\ \v Fal.
lilWs. Vice Chief ]{ , ner; ,1. P
|��viii. Kecorditiif S�� eretjiry; .1    11
twke, Financial Secretary! II.
M\ ttun. Treasurer; Y. J. lion-
aW*ou. Chaplin; W .1 Kerr.
Hll|' t int.-mleiit Juvenile Court; W
(|, II Todd. Stiior WoodvvHrd; IV
J. M' 11'iii.Mll. Junior   Woodward;
W. .1   Williams.   Senior   Beadle;
Jaw Ii heiiu. Junior licadle:
���lam- -    Valliiiict'   and    K    (irecti.
A Preacher Rebuked
It is very evident that the vigor
Otis   denunciation   of lirtiiciiig   by
Mr. Beat tie on Sunday   laat, meet*.
With   very   littlo   a  mpathy   hen,
fee the v.-te of censure engraved on
fA button, and placed on the l -dice
tiou plate will teafifv.     It  is   very
atian^e  that   <ur   cehstial  pilots.
ah11 'ild persist in ignoring far inure
peip.thic evil*, for the porpoae ����f
titpitiat in- tt length on the evils
of daucini;. which at any time
la   an   op-n ijicstiou.
There   .ire    verv    iminy   yottng
l>e<i|ile   in tlii* camp,   who   wo.t'd
never    have    tne   opportunity   of
BBoct ing with e icli  Oilier,   were   it
Hot for the*c very dances.    Ttiken
pno'lerately il   is  a   lilt��^t    de-iraMe
and healthful   means   of   working
OlT su peril nous spirits and were it
not for these oppertunitiesof meeting with the   leliniug   inlltiencc of
pfnod women, the standard nf m��>r
aluy among   the    men    would   be
niueii hover than it is.
The  Daisy
LeightOQ A Williams put a
gani* of font men to work
Umler     foreman    J.     W.    M.Far-
lane to open up a trail and
build caliins on Daisy elaim near
Three Forks. When this is done
r-n double shift will be put to work
no as to open up the Monitor lead
which runs through the Daisy.
The Uev. Ijoye, wild has heen
001 to Calgary at the deathbed of
his mother, returned to day. Mr.
l/ove has the sympathy of the
whole loiuuiunity in the sad Joss
which he has .-.Uht.iined.
All lenders for the contract to
be let for tunnelling and cross eul
work on the St. Kev erne can be
left with Kami ��fc Wallridge on or
before the 1Mb. of January,   lsl'7.
The  ���ontract for the second one-
hundred feet of tunnelling  on tin
Rabbit  I'rtA'   was   let   in   Ward cV.
J. K. Cameron & Co., the Kootenay tailor-, are turning out some
magnificent fitt!in   ordered   cloth
A special *"ng wrvfca will be
Iield ill Spencer's hall oil Suirlav
next. The Kev. Mr. Love will
The   new   edition    i��f   ThOinHll*
son's map is for sale  at this office.
If  the    prese it   frost   continues
for three days   longer   the   lea   on
the  nnk   will    be   rea>ly    firf   botll
gknt**ra and cnrlera.
Dr I". l\ Witter can be found
at McQueen i\. Cre's Drug Store.
Electric   Lights.
The workmen tire  bu��tly eiigHg
ed stringing tl e wires for the ��� I ��� ���
trie ligh;s  and ill a few more ttavr
tin* citi/.'t.h of Sandon wiil lie able
to rele��rate their lantefs tn the lum
ber room. .
To whom IT MAY conckrk: That
a... d. K ifeVay and  VV. H. Mo
Vav, from and after this il'te, will
not be responsible for any and all
accounts that may he contract- fj
for I'V the Kuth Mines or Kuth
Mjning Co., of Sandoni B. C.
January 2nd, 1M*7.
Dissolution of Partnerahiq
Dr. Witter's temporary   office at
McQueen & (tore's Drug Store.
The partnership between    llobt.
IfcTaggart   *V   Hans   Madsen   inis
been diaeolved tiiis day '>y mutual
consent. Mad-en & I.undy pay
all accounts itnl collect all monies
due the late ti rut.
KoaT. McTaoo mm"
H AN-   M AliSl N.
Sandon. Dee. 28rd, ''���'����-
If your habits are bad and v.m need them
to nii'ird.
rtefnrm nnd .irinK Ihe choice "Thistle Mend;"
if from eeosuN you're,   free, and revered
are by all
StU-k close hi the "Thistle," f>>r tear  leal   you
If your link sbouk) go bard, and with oafM
yoa do lirlstl.-,
Take comfort   serene,   with a drop of the
If dame fortune should -mil.- mid you reach
tlie t.i|> notch,
Kcgnlcall   vonr  friends,  with Ihe  wonderful
To nil llfe'sconditlons, a charm   ll l.-nds.
Thai   oholosst of whiskies, moat famous of
KnniiKh nf Its merits  von   liuve   heard  yon
will tlilnk.
Ile| sine  yon   ninenils>r  them  all   when   you
Xotice is hereby given thAi application will
be made to the Legislative Aaaembiy of the
I'rov HK-e of Hi iti-.li Columbia at It* next session (or an art enabling thf Xohle Five Coij-
soltdated Miniimand ���lUfttg l.'ompany (For-
elKiii to appropriate tlve-hundred i*i()0) Inches
of Ihe waters ofOody Creek. In the Slocan mining Division Wc>d Ko.it.-nay District, to erect
flames for the purpose of operating a ooneen
trator, eli-t-trle lltiht plant, power drills, ami
all other pur|*>ses usual, necessary or Incidental to the mining or milling Of ores, for the
purpose of expropriating lands for such par*
Xoiii k Kivn cos oL.iOA.rn   sfiataa and
Mii.l.iMi Co. tForeljfii.)
Jan   Jlst, 'iC
Certificate of Improvamenta.
Wild  c,.k>h*> mineral claim.
Miniate in the Slocan mining division of Went
KiMjietiav district, on   Noble Flv*> mountain.
Take ni it ic-that I. A.S.   Farwell, acting a��
scent tor the Noble Five, Consolidated Mining slid Mllllnx Co., (foreign), free miner's
certificate No.TT.A7T, Intend, sixty days from
the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Re-
corder for a ci-rtitlcate Of iurprovi-uients. for
lire purpose of alitaininx a Crown trnnt o^
the sjbove claim.
And further take notice that action, under
serttun .T7. mu��t be commenced before the iestl*
anc.-.ii ineh certificate nf Improvemeots.
Uated this the utb dav of January, We7.
Jan. Will, IKJ.T. ' A. S.   FAKWikl.L.
Finite minerol claim,
situut.. in the stoeau mining division of West
Kootenay   district, abbot onesonarter of
on.- mile northi- .��i of the town fa Oody.
Take nolle-,- thai l. A.s. Karweii. seting as
a��<iit for Thomas starka, free miner's c-rtifl-
fat,- No.  7UJ&I,  int.-nd,  sixty  days  fp>m  the
gate hereof, to apply to the aining i ecorder
tor a certificate of improvements, lor the pur-
i��.v, ufobuiluiog a Crown grant of iheanove
And further take notice that action, under
saottuu fff, most becomtneneed before the issuance of soefa certiaoate of Improvements.
l��s��t��-.i t .is Mb day of January, inc.
Jan. imir. laV7. A. tt. FARWELL.
Starlight   No. X mineral  claim.
aitoale In the Slocan mining division of Weal
Kootenai district northof^utdjoining th��-
Ij.s! Chan.-.- uilu'-ral claim.
Take notice that I, A.s. Farwell. actinana
aajent kit tbe Last Chance Minim: ami Millim;
e��... fr��sminer's i-crt Iflcjlte   X>>. 7s Ml, Intend,
sixty day�� from the d*te hereof, t" apply to
tin-Minmc Recorder f.r a certificate nf ini-
provementa, for ihe purpose of obtaining a
crow n grant ofthe abuvedalm.
And further'ake notice that   action,   under
Msn.ti 17. most be commenced is-fon- the issuance >>f such certificate of Improvements.
Imted this 7th dav ..i.lanuarv. IsiC.
Jan. imh. lsV7. A.M. FAR* ELL.
Lone star and Blue Oroone Mineral Claims,
Slinate Irr the Klocan Mlnluu Dlvwlon of West
Kootenay District, three-toorthi of a mile
sorrth   of    Siindon,   west   of sl.H-an star
1'nki notice that. 1, John Fielding,as agent
for .lames Ji. Sword.   Free  Miner's Certificate
No, 7'..'vVi, intend, sixty days from the data
hereof, to apply to tbe Mining Recorder for
certificate* of Improvements for the purpose
of obtaining ��Irotra grantsoftne above elalma,
And further take notice, that action under
section u. Mineral vet lsn��>, must ix> isirn-
m< need before the Iwtaanceofsaldcertlflcatea
of improvamenta.
Dated this 7th dav ot January, IMV.
Jan.��th   17, JOHNFIELDINQ.
snow storm Mineral claim.
Situate in the Slocan Mining 1>I\ Istnn Of West
Koot.nay District, adjoining the 8|ooan
H<" on Paj ne mountain
lake notice that, I. A. S. Farwell, actini: as
airent for Edward aabon, Free Miner*! Certlfi-
sate No.&4.ttl,  Intend, nlxtj   das* from  the
date hereof, to aaply to th*   Mining Recorder
fora certificate of Improv ementa, for the  pur-
aose of obtaining a Crown grant of the above
And further take notice that   action,   under
Rtvtion :f7. must u- commenced before the Issuance of such certificate of Improvements.
Dated this i tt li dav of October. ISM.
Jan. (��th *vi7. A.8. FARWELL.
DaV Dawn Fua< rto> Minkkai. Claim.
Situate In the.slocnii Mining Division of West
Kootenay     lUstrlet,     in    the    KcGulgan
Take notice that, I, vs Farwell, acttug as
HKcnt for Michael C Monai;han. Free M'ner's
Certificate No. 74,411, intend, sixty daj i from
the date hereof, to apply to the Mlntng Re*
Border for a oertlfioate <>t Improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining a Crown urant ofthe
above claim
Ami further take notice that  action,  under
gection B7, must be oommenced before the is
sua nee nf such certificate of Improvements.
[kited this-jsth dav of December, isw.
Jan.2nd,*97, a.s f.vhvvki.i..
Phoenix Mineral Claim.
Situate In the Sloc-an Mining Division of West
Kootenay District, three and three-fourths
mile* up North Fork ot I arpenter Creek.
Take notice that, I, John Fielding, as agent
for the Phoenix Consolidated Mining an i
Milling Co.. Limited Liability. Free Miner'*
Certificate No. 71,410, Intend, sixty days from
the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Record
er for a certificate of improvement*! for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of the
above ��'!ahn.
And further take notli-e, that action under
section 87, moat be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this 1st day of January. PW7.
Jan. Mb, 'VT7. John Fiei.pinw.
Noble     Five,    Knoxvllle,     Bonanza    King,
World's Fair and Maud F Mineral Claims.
Situate in the Hlocnn Mining Division of West
kootenay District, on  Noble Five  Mom -
tain, one* mile north of Cody.
Take not i.-i: that. I. John Fielding, as agent
for the Noble Five Consolidated Mining anu
MillhiK Company. Free Miner's Certificate
No. ..,.'.7... intend, sixty days from the dab-
hereof, to apply to the Minim; Recorder for
certificates of Improvements for the purpose oi
obtaining Crown uranls of the above claims.
And further take notice, that action  under
section 87, muat be commenced before the W-   ���
suance of such c��^rt!fleates of improvements.
Dated this 4th day of January. 1HI7.
Jan Mh,'!��7. JOHN FIKLDINli.
Situate in the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay   District, on Carpenter Creek.
about two miles easterly from the town of
Take  notice   that   I. A. S.  Farwell, agent
for John McNeill. Free Miner'* Certificate No.
MJSS2, and Daniel McNeill. Free Miner's Cer-
UOcate No. tfijn Intend, sixty days from tin
dan-hereof, to apniv to the Mining Recorder
for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crow n grant of the above
And further take notice thai action, under
section gi, meet be commenced  Isefore the |s-
snanee of such certificate of Improvements,
Dated this l'Jth day of November, I��n>.
Jan. Ind, W. A. s. Fakwei.i..
VlKI T.S   Ml.SKRAt. Cr.AIM.
situate in the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenai District, on Carpenter creek,
near the Greenhorn mineral claim.
Take notice that. !. A S. Farwell. agent for
Frederick J. D naldton. Free Miner's certificate No. m.ttfc).: John W Switzer, Free
Miner's Certificate No. til,ate: Charles B Mr-
'tiiskev, Free Miner's Certificate No t>l,i>4Y
and William 11. Todd. Free Miner's Certificate No ttl.SO.i. intend, sixtv days from the
date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder
tor a cenificate ol improvenients. for the purpose Of obtaining S Crown grant of the above
And further take notice that action under
section 17, must be commenced befbre the is-
suanceofsn.il certtfieati of improvements.
Dated this lith dav of November, iss*i.
Jan. feld. '97. A s. FARWELL.
i'AI IFti     MtXKRAI. CUUM,
Situate  in the  Btooan Mining   Division of
Wist Kootenay District,on Payne Mountain. North of and adjoining the Washington.
Take notice that I. A. S    i-arwvll. agent for
Frederick Steele, Free Miner's Certificate  No.
fiJJgg, and  Samuel    R.   St��t'!e, Free  Miner's
Certtneate No. TXJMfi, intind, sixty days from
the date hereof to apply to tbe   Mining lu-
eorder foe a certificate of Improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining a '���'rowii grant or the
above claini.
And further take notice that action, ondet
sectiong7. mnatbeoommeaced before the i*.
suance <>f such certificate of Improvements.
Dated thisSftb day of November, issw.
IHH-. Mh. '!�����;. A. S. FaKWKl.l..
EprraIM  FuAcrtoN  Mineral   la Im,
situate   In   the   Ktoean   Mining   Division   of
West    Kootenay   District   on   ihe   North
slope  of the   south   Fork   of Carpenter   Craafc,    North    nf and    joining   the
Texas mineral claim.
Take notice, lbat, l. John M. Harris. No.
V>,!��17 for in.vsi-lf, and as agent for I-'. T Kelly.
No.54,186;M. M. VAharton. No.fla,M0, and 0
C.Wharton.   No, ���.'>..oi��. Intend, sixtj   days
front the date hereof, to apply  to  the  Mining
Recorder tor s certificate nf Improvements
for the purpose of obtaining a Crow n grant Ol
the sbov e claim.
And further take notice thai action, under
���eotloo '.7, must be eomroeneed before the
Issuance of saeb certificate of Improvementp,
Dated this  eighteenth day <>f November,
Nov  Jlst.tiri. JHHN M. HARRIS.
I.isik hit a M> Co 1.1 'Mill's Minkkai. Claims.
Situate In tli.'SI,salt Mining DtVtaionof  West
Kootenay i��latrict, adjoining the Wonderful mln. nil claim I.. ISI Q, 1, on Carpenter Creek and about one ana s one-third
miles west ofthe town of Sandon,
Take notice thai I. A.S.   Farwell,  agent   for
the Wonderful Uroup Mining Company, Fret
Miner's  Certificate  No.   mAm,   Intend   s|t|\
days from the date bereoL to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a certificate of improv.
incuts,     for    the    purpose   of     obtaining   a
Crown grant ol the above claim,
Ami. furt her take notice that action, tnuhr
section 87, must la nimcncr.l   Is-tore the Is-
suance of such certificate of Improvements,
Dated thls>th day Ol November, ismi.
Dec6th, '���8. A.s. Farwkli.. -
Hookefelfer r���>WH Looking for  An
other    Mountain   Iron.
Dnluth, Minn. -Thoiio-h the Kocke
feller company has sold its biggest
ore deposit, the .Mountain Iron, to the
Carnegie 8teel company, it evidently
has not the slightest intention ot'.-iban
doning or decreasing its mining operations. It owns vast, tracts ot land on
the iron bearing belts, supposedly
rich in ore, that have not been explored at all, and the probabilities
ire that it may find as big a mine as
the Mountain Iron oil these lands,
judging from past experiences.on the
Mesaba. At any rate. It will make
the attempt, aud has already set one
crew at work exploring (or ore at
Mckinley, while others will follow at
other points.
Tbe probabilities that the Hesseiner
ore \khA will go to pieces as a result ol
the Carnegie deal is worrying small
operators in tion-liesseuier orea close
to the Bessemer limit on all the Lalce
Superior ranges. With the pool
agreement in operation, tbeee o|>er
a tors, by cutting the Bessemer price
a trifle, could be sure of a market, but
with free competition it will be a case
ofthe survival of the fittest, and the
big- mines will take roach ofthe
business that has been going to the
smaller ones.
The Cincinnati mine at Hiwabic has
resumed work on a larger scale and
will employ men all winter stock
piling ore.
Shaft Xo. 1 of the Adams mine
burnt out a day or two ago and is a
complete wreck. Though the fire
was discovered in good aaaaon, all
efforts to stop it were useless. The
flames shot seventy-five feet into the
air and the water that was poored on
them was simply made into steam
and aided the heat of tbe cciiflatga
tion. The shaft-house was m t fire to
and mined. About sixty men are
thrown out of employment by the
TheF ayal has begun sinking a
second shaft, which will greatly
facilitate work It is hoisting ab.in
1,500 tons daily.
To    Mine    In    British   Columbia.
Montreal, Jan. 11. ��� A special
pondon cable to the "Star"says : The
cause of Sir Charles Tupper's visit to
England wai explained by tbe taaue
on Saturday of the propeotus of the
New Cold Fields ot British Colutiihiji
(Limited.. Sir Charles Tupper is
Chairman, and the capital ��2^0,000.
Mr. Ashworth. late London manager
of the Hank of Montreal, is another
director; Mr. Kufus II. Pope. M P.
for Conipton, is Canadian adviser.
Propertfet are not yet pureliased anil
the whole capital is available as
working capital ofthe company,
if   s   ANUKF.VVS.
Slix-nn City, 11 <
S >l��- aivnt for the  Cm uli.ni   Fin-   [naurancs
Rnhsctten i> nil* paper ran
oi.tnii TU..MI.INS1.NS eel
el>rat.-<ljiii|' of (Is- Rtoraa Laat
.lisiri. I f..r
Ail'tr.--* alt order*. t>.
R. T.Lowery,
New Denver, B.C.
lUnisterof siloes, Hon.Col ���saaawBalav
I'rmlm :.il VI.ii. nil .i.'1��t. VV    K. < .irlv|,-
1 ahiic Assavcr, II. I aruil. keel
: ki.v in. ivi. noanaid >i aencna*
AlUrni; TIi.h. FiVM* r. All.-rni
C nil*)..:   I IV.wr..n   llrrk.rvlll.-
���   .s-i ii j .1 on. �� l'..rt   I    I' ' '   1. ik. I rti
i   srlrhon: H. O. Wellborn. Duucan
C .in i\ ; W. ||. Ami. i*ni. C ,in-.\
r'..r Sim .* n ;   I Kl- ��III
Kami "|>��: <��� c 'in i,.,. i il K mill'"i ���
K siU'HS) F. i-t. .1   1'. Artii'tr.' in   I'.islil
K mteuaj V\.-��l. X .r.ti.rn portion :   J. D, lira
li.nu. U- \. 1st 'kl
K>�� i n;i\   vv.-si. SHitii.-rn purthai;  X. y .
Mlllll*     VI- ill
l.ill.����t : F  soi���.��, Clinton.
Siii.-iirn >: VI   llrax. Nuii.lin...
X< �� VV i-*tni.!)�� .1 . D. I{"I*>mi. X>-h  \v .- in n
Nicola : John Ctsppcrton, Xlcols Lake
. ikanann : l. Morris, Vcm*n
Ou< sntll.-; Win.M. t.li.u* D.vJucsnelli K-.rk*
Viil.-. W. Dudd, V.il.
mimm. tin nan m.
nurrMVT. 9vncu
Xuiialin i   M   |tray  Xmniiir..
Re* Wc*tailnaW,,D Rotaon   X<�� Weftniinet**;
Ea*t Kootenay, 4 stlrn-t Doiuikl
Contracts taken for raw
hiding or packing ore iroin
and packing supplies to mines
Saddle horses for hire
��� ...in. I,
VV'linl. rin. i.
. Fort s (��������:.���
Tobacco I'lain*
... Lerdrsa
.N.-w D-nv, r
I rorri l.ik.
. Illl-I  lli.'W.I.'l
'V<i'ni> Hi- hoik.
Itark. rvlll.
i-.,.. ���
F. c. [. uiu.__^^^^_
< M. Edwards   .
M   I lillli|*>
w . -i Kootenai. -i I*. Graham
< 'orrv lllohcnnlck
A. S|>lo.it	
John Keen
.i ii i; .-ii.i .:i
J. Klrkiij*	
.I.e. K.k.r.
W. II   Vn-ki-r*
F. G  F..ii',ul'-i
i ai in *>. w Htephena m
.1. It ����� run
Viil.-. W. |i.��i.i .......
I. ,\..rrl*
C. A. R   I. nnl.lv   .   .   .   ���,,.,��
W.M.Minii       Mldwsv
II. Hunt, r  i.tiinit.- i 'rtk
0 ��   Tmi-t.-ii RsiuHAua
Ltllonet.C. v. Iliali l.ili.-. i
F. N"ii- * ... Clinton
cavlnr. K'i.i Kvim* . . .MsiiSouCrvekOiiiliirn
.In*. Porter  I^rk.-t m
AlUrni, Th.��*. FL i.n.r. .  . Ml* nil
Vi.-toHa, w. S. Gore   Victoria
liOI.ll   �� OVIMISSIOSI m��
For the Provlnee : w. s. Gors, Victoria
viu-ini :   I li.-. Fl.-n Ii.t, AlUrni
Cariboo: John Bowjcn, RlrhlWd
i'i��<inr l)i*)ri<i: ,1am * I'mn-.. l..'ilo'|.in.('ir**iar
l.ill hh| District : Fii-.h-rlrk Sum, Clint in
N.iii.iIiii i; M. Iti ,i \ , Xanalino
WestKootensy Dlstrlti : -l. F. annalrona.D aiald
Wi-xi Kootenay DlstrkU; X. Flt/stubl**. Nelson
East Kootensy ln��ulrt; J, I,Qra|idni, RevH
Vsk* District; Cliaa, Lsmbly, Gsoyom
\ a|.  |i.��iil.i : (,  I'. 'I'ini*i ill. K ii iii I. h .|.*>
Kootenay Mercantile Tailoring Co.
Dry ii.- <K Qauk*i Furnisbiu^
C>ppnaita Tba I'lni.-u Hr-oas JH
piistileil uVir ��'\   MI."nS SMI Hi
MINIM.   I'KiU'KIMV    BOUOHT,   n��!.|i
WiiiWifirf iijfiL.
.r.   M.   WINTER  Prop
B. O.
Firsl i "las> Accomnimlation
Pot Tourists and
iV   Mining Men ^|
Cbdy  i> in tba  l����*nrt <*f 'JeSl.ican  and Tim  mtt*4fni)K.rf  H \-n I
lac tinit i��n'��t eonntry.
��� t��l.\I.KlC>
General   MierotiSLnciiss ���
KASLO       and       CODY.
Hotel Kooiejiay
Switzer & McOluskey,
Kit/HiinnioiiH ,,inl Q,rbetl will Roh
or #10,000 m March 17. Ti,., ,f'
is unknown. '     '
NEW UHUli Sidric
Mrl^in c|| tV linn' inn
jw*��1   Dpew <l   lit   (In-   th .
'"nlililiw   u U., H  hiH l.|l(   ...
PURK DRUGS, pa n:\ I
Hciiii'inu r t'.c piact,
McQJfiEU ot u0.iE,
-    I K'ilJlT in	
( Hi A US
SAIV|>o\. .
I     ��
Something New in the Way of a Gold
and Silver  Concentrator-
Arizona milling men  are  much
i itereajted in a new gold and silver
concentrator that has made its ap-
[learatice in Chicago, and is shortly
expected to materialize around the
tailings dumps of the   West.    The
machine  is    built    much   on   tli.-
plau of the well-known   De   Laval
cream separator.    A until I disk on
which   the auriferous   slimes are
fed by pipe is revolted at a rate of
several   thousand    revolutions   a
minute, and the  lighter elements
are thrown oft', eutirely Treeing the
heavier metallic  portion.    A   test
of the machine   recently  made in
Nevada demonstrates that   it   had
actually saved the entire sample
assay value of Ihe heap of tailings
treated.     Another  marvel   is   the
speed of tlie process, the test noted
having been  made  at  the rate of
200 tons of tailings per day.    Perhaps   the  only   drawback   to  this
process is the difficulty of securing
adequate power.    Though the ma
chine that ran   the   21X1   tons   p--r
day is a very small affair, easily toj
be transported, not  less  than   150J
horse-power   is   required   for   tin
Canadian Mines
A careful compilation of capita!
accredited to all chartered gold
and silver mining companies in
Canada gives a total of over 1290.*
000,000* British Columbia, of
course, heads the list in number
and wealth of its mining companies,
while Ontario, with its scircely
less extensive dejiosits of free-milling ore in Rainy Kiver district,
comes second. By provinces the
figures stand: British Columbia,
$266,325,075} Ontario. $3i ,004,900;
New Brunswick, H,030,000; Manitoba, 150,000,
Will Build an Hoapital
The Mother Superior, of the
convent at Vancouver, Wash., and
Sister Irene, of Portland, Ore.,
who have had many years of
hospital experience, purpose starting an hospital either in Sandon
or Kaslo. Th��*y are at present
looking over tlie ground in order
to form an opinion as to which
place is the more suitable for their
A Slocan Cyelorama.
The office of Bartlett Bros, is
being converted into a "thing of
beauty anda joy forever" under the
skillful brush of M. D. Criderman.
The mountains on which some of
the principal mines are located
and the position of their workings
are being depicted very skillfully
in oils. The work is exceedingly
well executed and rehVets great
ciedit on the artist.
W. K   LelQrttoi
M />
A. D.   W.ii
in-vi.Kit   la
IiPrtfiQ (Hill UUIUODUk Ulgil
- Tobaccos, Opens and Pp,
- Flaw Cards and Poker Clips.
L u.i' s., i,. n. c. i*.
Office:���Rooms,   No*   1 and 4.
Clifton House,
SANDON. - - B  C
Bloeao mining BtDOkl   bnOfhl   '��"'*   ��ld      We   have   mo,,, v   to ,;,
veloi. good   legitimate   pfoapacta   for   an   int.-iraf.   nr Will      ��� v   th,
��� nt for i'ji��ib	
House* fnr Kalf ni i    l��t  In Ocd)   an.I Bandm
If vou are
McMartin & Currie
(gody (Jrcc7f
MANUFACTURERS   OrST-* ���**"-��.
raw km? ��if ynifEi
Etc.. Etc.
I Ii,-.:
Call at the
hotel nm
I- one if the   I i M plan* in San
lion In olitaiti
(In Hear of Balmoral Hotel, i
That ara
A special bargain in Greenland
seal fur capes at the I'ostofliee
First-Class M Guiim
in Connection.
Sea   Salt   Baths   Without   Extra
The Quickest
Cheapest Route
Iu lasts nnd
In their qualities.
Htammcr li-ave* NnkuspiMen 5
i\a\,  Wwlneaday and   I
��� e
morning, nmkiacolos* ���"'''
Inn af |{��'\i��Ui��ike *�������> !' I
for all point* Btt( nl W   -'
H.f.oi' Mill tniVel   get    InfrbffB
front c   v   \\  Aftt is  �� u
tin.(���. and rate*     It will
yon mone\    Applj ���"'''���'"*'
Railway AjpMtl <.r i<��
A    Ct   lloARTHUB,   A-.
Dlitrlcl Paaanngor A^m
����� iMwlin


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