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The Paystreak Oct 9, 1897

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Array ;
that has bean accumulating for vears
in a crosaroadi store, and with Vint?.
��ig��>f btdla, dletribnting but, and
much lung exweiai-.fiiauwet, of them
to the man who doeatvt want them-
out haya larause he in tobi thev are
e.tca*i. '
The faki* In on tin- tame |>rinciple
M**ne street medicine man, where
the purehaaar bays wind and haa
socae water and floor thrown in to
C. P R. Making Extension Plans lor
the Near Future.
It is announced In* tclcgraiii from
Montreal that the Canadian Pacific
IMlwav company intend** that it
.hall do all Ute tf-ai*ntt**rtati.'ii hunt
tttitt of Wet Kootenay. Their plan
imludea an eatvensitwi of the XaktHti
and Macau railway t*�� Kaalo, with 	
...rial or gravitation tramways to SS?u_ES   Sffi*}l\n? ^hHt the
tin ��� vaHoaa mint**, a llm* of railway 	
from R *haon to Kit-adattd with tht*
...in. iie-Ana of <>-tutnonica'i <n�� with
Trail creek mine-*. Such a .teheme
w mid ntean monopolv, bat one that
w.*tld help forward Vfeat Koatmay,
though the jjstrOfrle wonld eventually
U-i-tane n*��4iv��* a* cjitui~-tiit.ru van-
ifrliea, aa it likely w.wiUl hy tbe big
s*--r > nnpany giving rat*** that the
-mailer fines eould n��t do ondneas
ai and inet*t miming e��(a��tis***.   Thi*
��� r. H. dots* not imee ruddy, hut
a m it it dona ita��u*p*�� an* well eh*��<eti
;��ntl the Stirvkte ii give* the pnhllc
gaad. Utiai_*ii *k*ii< tin,--* at a higher
en* than may tmw* tintes la- eonald-
��� red n awmaidr
Ttieae ex-tantive \*\ttn* of t!i<' C I*.
H. l>rtitga with it tin* t|ti*r*ti.Mi of tht-
ii .��. ��rttumat etrntrtd of railway* in
-am* tlt^gree. If rod their ownt-rahlp
���ilbtfretaar. That railway e**u-Mtny
will iiodooHtgive Utter raitea, l**-h
for freignt and |iaaa*ngur t.*a*nV,
preddent* .1. M. Harris,
vit��prt**4detit*. W. W. Fallows, arc-si
Mia* i* ft '*natpi\wiik'wjtaal��n>i; rjenir*t*r��i**��iri��r, W. Wm. ,tt_t^f6��tn^ykOct. 2,
ia*aa-Inaraaam tin* tuitdic w*lld**�� jTfuanar*Tirtmn ami kolart .Made-maid, committee. Isaac i'ithlado and
A. K. Sct��it wvivap|ioiiiUHl tv*ii*t-aen-
U'ivf*. in Winnipeg on executive
maml still lower rat****, which may
**r may not be ac***wded. If new
.-���tarter* are to he obtained. ti**w it
thi* time when the \a***\*\e. acting
- ottigh the government, can secare
the agm*aH*ttt hv which cotwJCTslons
may ta* nlttainetil later. (,��n*M��lida
.imoftheineAns of uansptwtatltm
i�� incviuhk*. iti fact would \w> an
'T.motny taken altogether, and if
Mtuse in authority can make thc ar
raugt*im*nta that tthtemonouol) can
l*c frtitr.dlwl for th*' heaeat of thr
jaibllo, tiiat Cvrti.��li��lait..i�� will la* f����r
t'te la'ticflt of all, and thc sooner the
' mat Ha ii Pacific carrte* through the
* xbetiAvei plant ma ���>���������-�� I out the bet
t<*r for it* all.
Hamilton a Fogiticc.
Kx ( oimtaliU- Hamilton, who wa.
wont In times previotia to keep law
and order In Sandon. I* very much
*��ight after bv thc law at present,
hilt With little hope* of Hiiccer-w.
I*ai wtwk he came to Samion and
***��.d a house he hatl built in the
'leml unhide quarter at a sacrifice.
Huuday morning he walked to Si I
vertoh and In the afternoon too* the
���caln at Sew Denver. He was
heard of at ttovelatokc, but beyond
that there is mi trace. A* in another ci-lebrated tmae the law got
mto action after the man hatl got
��mt of reach. A capias waa got out
by a lumber man. There area
number of people left holding the
The Auction Pakir.
One of tlie grt-Aicat ol-atacle* to le
Ultimate btisineas in a thriving urn*.
"he Sandon is the travelling peddler
��nd auctioneer, who brings in a lot
of cheap, ahop worn and moth eaten
Koods from some bankrupt atock
tnek i*. found out the fakir in gone,
and the only aatUfaction he has is to
go into an alley ami make a atoiuiing
po* of himself for hie beet
Preparing for Curling.
Thr Samion Curling Club had a
caeeting thtt. movk t.�� elcat ofheers,
In-ar the r--|*ort of the secretary and
coanncncc prepaj*atkms for winter.
The ir*cretary s report was well rt*-
celved. It gavt' a review of last
aca-witi. allowing the club to havt*
la*en �� grvat ���merca*, retaining the
trt.j.h\ and having a small balance
in the treasury. A rink will have
to la* built, hut the matter waa deferred to another meeting. The
club auttciiiaU**. a good season, and
will not allow the cap to be taken
from th�� in if they can help it.
Tht* following ofHcei>L wrrefic-cud:
Hewitt lt.ist.atk. M.|��., patron; M. I.,
(irimimtt. preaideiit: .1
K. Hammond, Olaf Ringwood, 0.
B. Seale, Mrs. II. Cooley, Mrs. B. E.
miarp, B. Wihwn, S. W. Oresham,
JV H. Heyck, I.Crawford, M. Bartlett, lieo. Beane, Hugh Magee, Mrs.
H. Broddy Mw. Young,Wm. Hult,
.1. M. Harris.
The Fire Tomer.
Some people have asked why work
was not commenced on the fire
tower. The committee raising the
funds have about fGOO collected, but
thev have not ttnished their work,
and do not deem it advisable to commence building till the collecting is
finished. It is to be hoped the matter will be pushed as rapidly as possible, and the town be given tbe additional protection which the fire
tower affords.
Barbarian Brotcn in Town.
R. E. (Barbarian) Brown and W.
A. Boss have been in Sandon several days looking over the mines. Mr.
Brown got the name of Barbarian
from a paper he published in Wardner, Idaho, several years ago, called
the Barbarian. He is a second Barney Barnato. No proposition is too
big for him if the chances of making
money are good.
Wm. Hanna Dies From Pneumonia.
William Hanna, a miner at the
I'aytle, was brought down last Saturday, >iek with pm'ttmonia. and
died at the Balmoral on Wednesday,
lb* !tad been living in a teat by him
���*flf, and was sick and helpless for
two days before U-lng missed. His
home was in Nanaimo. where his
wife lives. Sh.' was iiotiti��*d. and
���rave iii*.tructi'��us to have the hotly
shipped there. This was done on
Thursday. Mr. Hanna was 68 years
of age, and at one time had a son
working al the f umherlaml.
Johnaon-Smilt) Combination.
The Johnson Smilv combination,
which has is-n well advertised in
Sandon for some time, played to good
houses in S|m r.eei*'s hall on Thursday and Kridav evenings. Mr. Smi-
Iv is a versatile eiitert-iiner. introducing music, dialect, vt iitrih-inism
ami facial expression, all with artis-
tic effect, ana had the audience in
continent laughter. Mi*** .lohnsoii,
the Indian |rta>t-i>rincess, -rtoppedthe
gixe* in Mr. Sinily'a programme very
Sandon Visitors to the Fruit Fair.
The Kaslo & Slocan sold �� tickets
hist Sunday to Sandon people who
went down to see the big show at
Spokane. The names were as follow*; .J..).KntTerty, John I.able.
Miss M. Efean,  Mr w*4 J^:4{*!'
Smith, Alex lXaltl, A. W^sjSf
K. J.  Donaldson,   L.     ���   Matlock
Jas. McKemon, T.J. lhmahoe, C.
Sltoer Quotations for the Week.
-     ���      56|
Monday', Oct. -I,       - . 55|
Tuesday. Oct 6, 55
Wednesday, Oct. 6, -   55 11-16
Thursday, Oct. 7, -      -      56
Kridav. Oct. 8, ...   58
Saturday, Oct. il,      - -      56ii
Ijcad has lavn strong all the week
K. of P. Ball Next Thursday.
Thc grand hall of the Knights of
Pythias at Virginia hall next Thurs
dav evening promises to be an event
long to he remembered. Invitations
have la-en sent to sister lodges in
Xew Denver, Kaslo, Nelson and
Rossland. Already the sale of tickets has lain large, and interest is
increasing with each day.
Single Tax in Sandon.
The nomination of Henrv George
for mayor of Greater New York has
brouglit out thc fact that there are
a number of single-tax men in Sandon. Tht election will be followed
with a great deal of interest here.
Call to Musicians.
There will la' a meeting at Snen-
ecr's hall this evening at 8 o'clock to
take action in thc matter of organising a band. AU interested are invited to atteml	
Religious Scrcicee Tomorrow).
Re��ul-4r sarviotts will he held in the Mttho-
4ist church tomorrow ��t 11 a. m. aatt ?:!�� p. m.
Rjjv. A. M. Sanfonl, pastor.
Kplscopal sarvioa will b* held nt Virginia
hull tomorrow evanina at T-JO, conductor! hy
Etev. C. F. Yatos, mtoi of thc church at Kaslo.
IWiytcriitii servica* will ha held tomorrow
In Strtiuccrs hall, morning and evening, Rev.
T. Menales, iiastor.
Father Poitrasof Nelaon will celebrato mass
next Wednesday morning in Dully* s hall.
A daughter waa born to Mr. and Mm. W. O.
Wilson last week.
The Filbert's reputation for first class drinks
is above par ant] rapidly rising.
A small honnhasping outfit for aale vary
cheap; two nice rooms can he ranted. Inquire
at pAYtrraKAK oAoe.
Hamilton Byera has found it necessary to
bnlld an addition to his store to accommodate the stock of hardware required for the
The White Brothers mid a elaim this weak
loc-Lited in Slooan Star gulch to eastern parties. The consideration is repotted to have
been *lo*ot*x
Tbe upward tendency in silver is having a
marked effect for the better throughout the
entire Kootenay. Many predict TO cant silver
before Christmas.
Prof. Cooper lectures tonight in Virginia
ball on "Infidelity and Fanaticism.' Half
the procceti* to be given in aid of the Sandon
tire hose and tower.
The new Sandon Steam Laundry bus added
a mending department to its other conveniences. Buttons replaced and mending done
five of cost to patrons.
A social dance wiU be given by the Pioneer
Silver club at the Noble Five hotel, at Cody,
this evening, Saturday, Oct. 9. Everybody
eordiaUy invited to attend.
Dan Bongard and Pete McPheo have bought
the Gold Dust hotel at Kaslo. They have
changes the name to the Auditorium. Mr.
Bongard has moved his family thara.
The annual meeting of the Noble livaCon-
soUdated Mining and Milling Co*sspa**6 met
this week in Spokane, bat ��_��� ��j_portof the
Itrorecdings has not yet lte��n sWived here.
The hose cart was rnn out this morning to
a tire in the log house along side the Sandon
hotel. The paper on the ceiling had taken lira
but was extinguished before any damage had
been done.
George McDonald was fined <*�� and costs for
infraction of the fire bylaws in allowing stove
pipe Sues in the laundry building in the rear
of the Salmon>J. He has since put in brick
The Miss Marack C'om*ert com pa uy is billed
at Spencer's opera house nest Friday and Saturday, October 15 and 16. Some well known
talent is in the company, and a musical treat
of the highest order is certain.
Prof. V. F. Cooper, the blind phrenologist,
has been giving free lectures at Virginia hall
during the week, and has told several persons
what they already knew about themselves
and other people suspected.
Alex Crawford has just finished three big ore
cars for the Payne tramway -which would do
credit to a metropolitan eat factory. They
are destined to carry four and a half tons of
ore at a trip. ^
I JeuteitHiit-Governor Dewdney was a visitor
in Sandon Thursday.
Mrs. M. A. Smith of the Qoodenoagk is
speuding a couple of weeks in Spokane.
Mrs. J.W. Griffith left last Monday for a two
weeks' visit with her parents in Spokane.
Wm. K. Golden left for California this week
where be will get married and settle down.
J.G.Steele leaves next waak for a visit to
his home in Iowa, after an Absence of seven
Mrs. C. B. McCluaky, who has heen visiting
relatives In Toronto for three months, returned to Sandon Thursday.
E. Wallace, general manager for the Ontario Gold Fields Mining company, has gone to
Ontario and will likely remain east aU winter.
Mrs. P. Au nance left last Saturday to join
her husband in Seattle. Miss May Green left
at the same time to return to her home in
Nova Scotia.
1 *���
M m:'
if4 'I
���';t*5s*>* ,
Hv It
-.������la���I... -������������
Annual Meeting of Ihe Stockholders ia Spokane.
The following report is taken from
Tuesday's Si��ltesman-Review:
The annual stockholders' meeting
of the Rambler-Cariboo Consolidated
Gold and Silver Mining company
was held at thc office of the company in this city yesterday. The following directors were elected for the
ensuing vear: J. B. McArthur,
Richard Snca, A. L. McClaine, J. J.
Humphreys, Lake D. Wolford. At
a directors' meeting the following
officers were elected: J. B. McArthur, president; J. J. Humphreys,
vice president; A. L. McClaine, secretary and treasurer; Richard Shea,
general manager.
"The company since the last meeting of the stockholders has purchased and placed in operation a
steam plant with three Burleigh
drills, pumps, hoist and other machinery," said General Manager
Shea. ' "It has completed a wagon
road front McGuigan siding, on the
Kasdo-Sloean railroad, to the mine
at an expense of QlWb\ and built
spacious bunk and store houses, including ore houses and boiler room.
A large part of the summer season
has been occupied in development
work, which insures heavy shipments during the late fall and winter.
"The outlook at thc mine is extremely promising. Within 20 davs
a long'crosscut tunnel will no doubt
have stoped the lead at a vertical
depth of 400 feet. A winze is being
sunk in the ore chute from the lower
drift, which at a depth of about 200
feet from the surface shows the ore
stronger than at any point heretofore prospected above."
The Rambler-Cariboo company
has paid $10,000 in dividends tlie
past year, and Manager Shea said
yesterday that additional dividends
will be paid the coming winter, and
will follow nionthlv.
rU for New York, but there may be
"Opinions differ widely as to
whether eagles wUl go to New Yonc
from the Bank of England, but until the stock markets take an extraordinary rn the best opinions look
for shipii.c.ks soon."
Fisherman's Luck.
Walter Adams   of   the
group of mines, with
Withdrawal of the Yellow  Metal
Causes Siloer Talk.
New York, Oct. 5. -A special
cablegram from London to the Ev-
enirig Post fays:
"There is * increasing interest in
the city and some concern as to the
Erobable nature of Sir Michael
ficks-Beach's coming reply to the
United States bimetallic commission
as to the use of silver. Some persons go so far as to assert that, subject to certain conditions, three points
may be conceded, namely: A reopening of the Indian mints, tlie
holding of one-fifth silver in tbe
Bank of England reserve, and the
raising of legal tender silver from
��2 to ��b. Such assertions may be
premature, and even incorrect, but
they came from too good a quarter
to be wholly ignored.
"Bar ��old was bought in small
amounts in the chief market here today, and the general belief is that it
is destined for America. The demand for gold for this purpose
threatened the withdrawal of eagles
from the Bank of England at one
time today. There were small pur*
chases of gold in the open market today for New York. This Is not generally known. Every one says the
demand Is for the continent. Asa
matter of fact, Germany is the principal buyer today, but New York
was a buyer also. I can not discover any actual engagements from Pa-
went" to Cariboo creek last week to
look over some properties. After
the business was finished, they concluded to try for some of the speckled beauties In the stream. Every
inducement was offered for the fish
to take tlie hook without success,
and finally Clark went up the ereek
to chase them down, while Atlanta
crawled out on a log to catch them
in his hat. lie made a dive for the
first one that came along, the log
turned and Adams droiiped onto the
fish, but missed it. W hen he got
out of the water the desire for fish
was gone.	
Inquiring for John Crahan.
Rin'hkhtrr. N.Y., Sept. I& 'i��7.
Brother John  Crahan, or whoever
mav read this letter to the propri
etof Winter hotel at Cody, British
Dear Sir: We heard that John
met with an accident that caused hia
death, but can not get any satisfaction whether or how. A family by
the name of Mangat sav they saw it
in the Vancouver World, published
about July 10, '1*7. He was staving
at your hotel the last heard from
him. Will you be kind enough to
let me know the particulars, or do
you know of him? It might he G ra-
haui instead of Crahan. From a
loving brother,
Martin* Crahax,
53 Bronson_Ave., Rochester, N.Y.
��� M-..I.I   !_*_���������____,     I IW.I.W l.ll !!���_��*��� IIM..���. I _...
Por Sole.
Four-room house; painted, nicely
furnished and comfortable. A bargain.   Apply to Mrs. A nuance.
Town lots and a new dwelling
house for sale in New Denver. Apply to   Tnoupsox, Mitchell A Co.
Johnstone A Haines have just re-
celved a carload of Gurncy stoves.
Por Sole.
On*. Urge, powerful self pistil.* organ, friars
nltot.it /at pm-antd amAAtrtmd dmnea mttstV.et.
The  l<*��t  org-an till* *1>U of Han Krrtu< i��r��.
Stutsl.t* for ��lanr* houses, thestr*., e<HM*a**t
rooms.   For particular* applv to
T. VV. KI.KTt'MKR. Vk-toria.
New York
Brewing Co.
Drcycr de Hoffmckr.
W�� ars now supplrioc alt ont*r�� i^wmptl.t
for Rottl*4 and !.__**��� Beet
Our boar Is al��t*��lt��t*.lt part* a��4 **%nai ta any
t-Nwr mod* In fttiu*'* W* tt** not bin* hut
matt an*l bop*
Th* Rr����srt-1* r ��tmp(*** tn *t *rv .**������**{! with
alt Ih* l*l*��t improvramstit.   *
The Leader
Emporium of Fjuhioru
Hn**-* rtw**>l*stl�� ron*4��t.w,<>t. at th*
latJt-st *t-rl��s i��
lU'llftv.' PurOlvbl**.**.  ?,!..  r*jik
dmrw*wt.mn*i ��t*rytbtii4l in the lu,
ttybn i.4 th*
����. wo** ***tk n .....
, ihtna it. it.r     - ..
MllltWrt rjtjsrj-ttlsal in til* ����.��.'
IswrsrtimnMlwf a *p*etstlt stvl ��(���'���''.���*
We ll* IrtWIM tr. Imrl In slit*., sill ��i! ��..,��
���aitlm.lswl It* On W ill rS*-**i*t�� %mt *f*-r_t| ��tt��_.
Mra* Q* H. DOi GHTA.
Ilt>t��**��lt# tktyOO Motvist. Rsarn \f*    frntvi-.t.
Tho iteming (>��wortm����t la in Charge
AAMkrn Km.i.i
A.tt Bt arr.tt
In Any Quantify
Anthracite, Canmore, N. VV.
Blacksmith  or Stove Coal.
Cody Aocnue, Sandon.
lATOfEtia & mm,  *
Gold and Gold Ores Melted. Re-
hncd and Bought
P. a Boa 1705.      Spokane. Wash.
Dissolution ol Partnerahlp.
NotiVw I* h��r**��v oittm tttnt Ilk* pttrt����r-��htp
h*r-*tofor�� vti.tii,s* b#twtrj����i tho *���W.irn*f
ss minion broV-��. hm* ��bL Amy '���*���*<����� til .writ *��t
l.v mutual *on��*itt Wtn.l" **ll* will put sll
lUMUtio* an>i ���*.����*#-*/�� all *<-*����n��*
ls��i.-l at *t��t..|..n. *t��t_.n.t tA. i*t*1
WM  V ttUA.lL
W. I. OituVMOJ.L
CortMeato of Improvarriania
WiUHUKl ilvKuaL ttLAlM
Situsts in IhsHJ.-sn Ulolna Ntl.ioHof ��>.��
K'W>'*II*V   .ll.lriV'      Wb*ttr   lufttlttef       S��*t
town at **rti(.t.��n
Tak* not!** thai tll.<.*w- AUxaodwt, ttw*
iuiu*r*�� ��'*t*l IfaVnt* S** Iter**, m*m**nt t,.r M
\V 9o*nt**r. tr*m miner * r��*rtittr��ts Sw tojfio.
tl. W. MeVnTjfr*** mtarr*. oavtUkaUi So to*
ott. mad ll. K, Mr*Vt��v. ttw* miner �� . .������i��v*i*
100. tiMk, iataroa, Atty ttav* iron* ib*'.*.*
hraitrof, to applr to th* _rt��lrl . omtni,Aatn*t tar
m .-���rtltkiJilt. of tmprot��.m��rnl*. for tit* ptirtutss
of ot.is.lninC m rf��t�� gr-t." of lb* at*..-��(sio.
An4 furfhr-r take uittir**, tbat md**t-**. tstm.
must bw *t����t to ��b* jtobl i ��iiii��>l..i'....f mnd
mtt.on ronitn-ttrtaLl t*eior* tb* t*-t,��ji<r�� ��f .ivr-b
rvrtlSea** ��i lutitrtjt ���>����#��t*
lstis-1 tbi* latb dA.v of Ai*��n*t. mm
O. Al.KTt AS I Kit
t*��t* ot km* |Mit.li�� ��tion, Auit il, W*
Covtmooto of tmnrovomoirto.
Hit It*'* ta tb* Strs-stt  _fll>ilwt��l|t Ui.ro of ttV.I
kirotanny   .lUlrifl      Wb*r��>   l.arstr,! -Heat
tb* lop of tb* rttnc* l*t wf.~,�� t arrr*iit*r stt.f
Pour wit* ~twH.li*. sii.t nn th* aval *t.i- ��f
Hrtitrlon cr**k.
Tnti* notb-* tbal I, S P.Turk. it-tln�� a.
���mtnt for thr> tl.... ivt.r M> l^tlvr. tr... mh..
*rr*st**rtia<7jil�� Ho. TIM*, an-t WlliUm A Al-
l*n.fr** minsr** i**rtm-nt* Jfo It,,*,, iotend
sinijr tlturs frrrm ��b* tlat* b*r��*oi/. lo s-trplv lo
��� Im* Miiiit.it R--orl��r for n e*rtMeat* af im*
t>rov*m*itts. for tit* imrtrrsu of obinittln-j**
-rown irrant of tn* h!����a * rlsim
An<l fun It-r t*tk��* notb--* tits* s.ti.m. ntnlsr
���Jtction SI. tnitti l<*> ��<onim*ti**��| hoton tha Iv
���usn.**> of sttrh r*rtir��'Mi>�� of Improv-it*.*!,!*.
f.*at��.l this 13th rljtv of ***pt*ta'*t. tool.
First publication, ftrpt ia, i��t:��;.
Notary Public.
SANOON.        *. ��        BC
Cofttfleato of tmprovamanta
Hltuat* tn th* Hlocan Mininc W% i.l.m of Wool
KotrtflinV     rllstrfct, Vt b*n>     1'Hntn.l    Oh
IVrtlv *r*��k.
Tak* noil** tbal t, Aon. P. l^nhv. fr,-* mitt*r.
in-rtiar-str. So *4JW. Itit-iifl situs .|��v�� from
tlte- <lnt�� lmr*of to ai-plv to tit* mltu.�� re, tir.1
srfor a (���trrtitlcst* of ini|.r.iv........t. f.��r tb*
purpos* of obt-lnlnc n erosTn jtrrttnt of Ih*
slrov* f.lMltti Ami furt.f**r tako i...'i.*lh��l
notion nn��l*r ��_*(U..n XI mti.t U> vomuHtneo>\
Mon tit* laaiiitn. r> of stioh *<irttnc-Ltt* of im-
Duttttt this *��h dav of Anly. A 1�� !*���;
-_.      * _ .. J Ai* ���** f'ttAM ** *n***m.
Imtm at tirst piilrlt*stioii, Anly il. tart.
a c
Wtll br ml tt*d*i Raitrumit. sr, auo
.tLpLFtj. m nwrttth..
Ilffstfftftis, Miaiuf Brokers. U\m
A��r-rt��> t}*r
Tha Phoanta Coaao'itfatatf Mlntrt�� Co.
l4mlf<N|    |Tr#s��tiit>.
Dry   PaN   Mining   mm*   tmtonoa
l,lt*.tt.��t Mutant*   l .rleUa
?*����lklrk   Mining and    Millimr
t.lm!S**l   l.JJItrtltlv
It-wttn �� tRark't ll"**^-,
OASteOS.   U.   *
CaniOeata nf lmn<rov��rt*i��nt��
tattaata i�� ib* autor-n,, Mlafna !*����-i****!, at wv.i
K.K.irtiftt .it**rut    Wkwn lornit-l  o��t'*��
pvntrr r*��s��k,nl*����ut **��* and rmjr��bsHi
slwit* tb* low* of Cteit
Tslt* n��*tt*o tbat I, A a. Psr��r.|l. *jt**m '<*'
Hobtrrt   Wintut*,  Sr.   V.Jt.t.   Joham*    '���*
tlm.kbsna.Ln   S�� HJAM. *����! *ts;to n*K' >
la^rrrv. tnt*tt��l, sittt >br�� fr����m ib* Ute her*��!
to spplv to th* tnlnina rtwonl*, mr ��   ***���*'
tmtv .4 lm|irot*m*nl*  for  ��*** *m��'i��"    '
Utl.iliKSlr.rwtt   front ..f  Ih*   �����<'*���'   ��� ''*'���*������
An��l fartb*r ��������_* notiVs thsi afiloti
matdAomtlt.noMt tm *wmnt*ivo^l bot'nte to* ���*������
sunn** of *������< ��� tmttiOtmi* at jmpr*.lr>n��rnl ���
lasts.! thl. tfM 'tat OtJoly, 1* 1.   ���,..,., ,
A   t*  PARWM**'
ItMtr at Mrst pnblfir-��H��i> iltlt tt, !�� i   	
Cortiftoata of Imorovamanti
Mln*rrtl.U{,g,. *,tomte in tfc*��ocsi Mli     -
rllvMoti of W*.l K.��l#������* -listri*-*     '"��� *****
l.a *la.|   Iln   tb*    N.>r��ll   W���tk at   tsri*"''"
rr**li mnd -t'..��ut ��t#sn.l����n*bslf wiil*. <������,,,
Tltr** Forks.
Takan-*4k*thai t.fhart*. Mo****.*>''"*���'
��/r*t,l for A. I��. Rtntt, fw* mlnt-r's r*r��in^n����-
Re tM&a,a$���bartm Stmhao*. tit* ****"*'"
t-Hitt��H��* H0.*toM*.h*iertd.*Uty ���'��'�� ""���"
lb* rljtl* h*r-*of. tosppiv lt�� Hi* ��'""������"���*!*
eordet for tt t**HiA<��t* of l��|��ttv*ni*->ta. ��������-
tb* ivurnor* of olvi��tintn�� a *rt��*������ *���''������', "''"
<,!..*.. .Jit li... .
Anri fit-Htbt'r Ink* noil... that artion. tmdet
*.Htloo af, must t��* aooitaont-Ofl bofort-ttt*
snam* off ��tn*h t*nrll��r*��t*> of tn>pr...��,w.fi|'*
Hot*.! tbi. |���� ���Jrtjr oflVpt   ��*'���
Plrat ptihll��JtH��ii.***L|.t 1. t*��t
Merchant*  Advert*** In the
Paystreak  Because It P��)*- ���*___-_-*-***
���- ��� "- ' ' ��**-" ���'-���������'-*'������-���'������ irJS.li.Siis    ���   .. ii i i        i __.*,_,.  .j
>kw DEavam itk����.
p.   H��U4��t'*<��'*��*fWO,,l48ii   *��   ���MM,t��
J neau-at In the bnrf.
^r9li*a!��rtant��lniag dantower*
���,n*um��twl Utl�� WOa*.
D, ilrotwo * havn^KUdatw *t*eet
Jam to the new Hotnja-tal.
Tl��.* at����wa^*ief ba*t��*��jtt^r-
J, i*i,l off. owing to lack ol Iwialiie**.
Mn(   A. !Murphy to**^****
���.tujr* <����> dm n
w l nion at re**
l*��lma A
ulsr '��m*^*[��__^Jlufc^ *_*��!-.
oaith siiop ��looa to hi****** atataaa
JSX ��ithbaray������olt*h��tric light*.
Three Forks to Whitewater. Sever*] of
the contractor* have been notified to thin
effect, ami bill* of quantities are now
being prepared. Han Dunn, of thia
town, ha* secured a contract for one and
one-hall mil'** at the Three Fork* end oi
tho road.
In anticipation of greatly increased
buatneaa along the lake tlte C.P.R. ptir-
\*me adding materially to their wharfage
facilities  at the   various  porta.   Vice
claim.   Some  verv rich ore haa been j better than was expected. ^ At last hc-
counts the drift showed 12 inches ot ore
in the face.   Three men took out 20
sacks of ore in one shift laat week.
Lumber for buildings is being taken up
the Jackson  road.   The force will be
v. or ii on tne Montexuma concentrator i enlarged shortly and the property ex-
is being pushed with all possible haste, I teneively developed.
Tlie hmlding has been erected and en-1             at���_wk who left Ainaworth in
closed, and tlie large force of mechanic ^^J^lJ^iT K. ]ES^ior the
is  now engaged   framing  ma, round- g^TJo3S3da last month, writes a
tables, etc.   Two cars of machinery are I *-*rej?on vroiu-��-u-*          ._**.. ^-
...._.    -.     V__<_..: I Is.    *-.    l_>   ��� -<��..a(..rr^ll     tf,
< i.iim. Some very rich ore has been
taken out and Shipping will be commenced in the near future. Assays on
this property run as high as 600 ozs.
Kighty tons shipped last fall ran 239 oxe.
Work on the Montezuma concentrator
i�� being pushed with all possible haste
The hmlding has been erected and en
j^Olid Hh^n-jr when here some
"^r"^ time ago rwrouimended  increased  ex-
U*4*ri��on, *��* l^vsBr** pop-
mw.TZ* trmctAtA a lanty black-
The Kniehuio. I^hhti.will jdvetho
*,*. .'���>��� t of tholr
Mt    trwraa    ---.-    ��,-
a*x*j*m. w, ._.._ okviea of p-ttfi-olar danct-*
in their hall on the WUi i��*t. Everybody -s.'ltxmie.
Tl..- new puldlr seheot ia m***ivlnp tlie
finishing n-ochas aad will tm mp.it for
urt'otatHin in a tewdaya. Tt*** u��c*u,-*r
*!*! j. roll ahoww 4ft) puptlst.
A >l-*��ttlliwry ia pjor*����iing with tlie
ftri.M'uctwa ofa it-aat dwelling- liouae on
<-.uh Html, loot beyond town. It
ail' bsve a i-on-gh-caat finish.
W K'-h ia {Kitting in a portable saw
anil Mant at Aylwin, on Ten Mtfc> crwk.
Ita ill l-e tMod prtndjftally for catting
tagging lor the hntorprwr'tantnt..
Pat Hunt*, the butcher kin* of Kttot-
ertwrteil a torn tit. -Inns <nold
****************���'      ^^H
itmnun-f sts ss*- -.��������"*- ��� ..
j��tt*r handling of hi* wmsnodt-
ft��r ihi	
I   ���
Mrwsrs. Fauquier A _be*ff8^alafai
br Aert, ��tll kwanovv to thr Willtanitjai
bt.nl. .bleb ha* lawn fitted m>Uw
them.   Tb*y  have a  Uiiw-year leaaa
From tbe atnount of �����wb��rhaulu��
that tn Rotauon, and nutttbrr A l��.!<t*
Hun staiud and about to he ���gJg'JJ
a.-tl.l ******* lhat N��w Ihtuvt*r ��� IvoiWin.
��.��.!., i# juat befiimtrig-
ratxtrte tieain bath* are *********
Inxurnr. i*rorural*te by our ch���*r
Konma havo lawn built 9% ��". ��2E
h.Hi��.. e!��ctri��ily i-onrirctod, and bau.-
trill be jriven to patrmia.
An important aarike wa* ****}*��' ^
1'- M.trheU mineral eUtttt, on Tjindto
Mile, laat -aoah. A Uire.* ***}*&���
mtioce .-uarta aaaayifig; wrtiethtng oxer
���J.*:, a ton in gobl and ��tl**er.
Mr MrUan haa rtwrive.1 ordonito
\fOtenA initwodlatoly with the eomtrne-
uon oi tho lUtton-ritw oWi-ea, on tto
>...-.th4Mfs. wrner of JtawiAiw- and
Ktghtheiraottb It will be a hand-tmo
time ago i*econimended  increased  ex
penditure.   Already ahout $10,000 has
been expended thi�� year on Ute wharves
at Riiai.lrj;'ry, New DOBVar, Silverton and
Btaen OWv, and thew* lixtures are to lie
further enlarged and improveii.   As a
safety port from Uie irales of the coming
winter, it is ourjroaed to at once con-
trtrur! a ��Jisri for the Slocan at the foot
of I 'nion street.   This has been determined am a re��ult ot last Monday's ex-
periance.    Pile* are also being cut for a
a wharf on the lake shore convenient to
die Fidelity mine, as big shipments will
Is? made therefrom Utis winter. A wharf
will also Is* built at Twelve Mile creek,
rand tbsit at   Ten   Mile enlarged.   The
C.P.K. look lor heavy shipments  this
winter from lake points.
s   * ^^^^^^^
The NeU-it will run on the route between Ni-l-4.ii. Kaslo and Goat Kiver.
all wiutt-r carrrlnf Huppliea for the
Cke#l Neat road.
i>tir jrinial triend, iieorge Miniellev,
left fur the east luesilav.   His friends
now at Nashville to be transferred to
the mill as rapidly as possible. The mill
and tramway will probably be in operation in six weeks.
Tlie  recent strike on  the Stranger
claim in Jackson Basin is proving even
Oregon Goldttelds last monui, writes ��,
Kasloite, under date of Gran's Pass, Ore.,
Sept. 28, speaking in very enthusiastic
terms of the finds there. He mentions
one instance where - three men took out
$2,600 in dust in 10 days. Nuggets all
the way from the size of erase seed to
by% pounds have been found.
,������   e****t***d o *rom��ie-lMMj# ocna   leu iw uw* ***** * ����---. -    - -        .
*���    HWtL��I_^tll\Itdin�� Uitn-uawl   f��yb<*��<.l  j">��  the ranks of the bene
**F J***'--**'*^ Kta.   Ueiw^s luck, Ot*rge ?
Thos. Brown & Co.,
Carry the largest stock ot Mens Furnishings in the Slocan.
Everything from the finest dandy apparel to the working
clothes of the Miner.       WINTER CLOTHING,   OVER-    *
Fair Dealing and Honest Goods.
Come and See Us.
VV. M*^mw,olgaO(*4UiOty.b
ed tlie vacant ��U-e* In thr T. as-lale bloc*
and ��iH open up therein a compUn*
sterkof gent'a lliruU*hiBga, dry raw.
fii.tl.ing, Wa and altoco. He will jm��> *
a vt.jftwne addition to the town.
M...���tavaacow-load of ^f*^_J��?
tak.ti u�� Hlocan City to \te t��wd in hntw-
it.�� sid-Mracking, etc.. th**-* . NS **"]''I
l mrk is laid into Hlocan City Uioso it. hea
and turn table will be in i-endi'ie*- to �����*
rtmintuaate the first train over tt.
Fourteen men are now working on the
Fidelity frroup under ror-nnan McKay.
Two tunned* ��e being Arixen under the
rone of the hill from eitltt*r lido. *****
when they meet atoptng to the sntffaos
* ill .Htmineneo.   tt is Uiought the smaH
��Jhx will yield .W tons of oij., IJ "����
��Ttnuitofineinaln tunnel  UJ btehe^
Mill stwl galena Isaliown. ol vary n--
rtriolt..   Forty tons ol this on.hasl*��n
"n.ktMlandwillbe ahlwwtl ** ���_*?�����
mg packed from the ""Wj.-Suj
���(tore, where tha Sf M* will handle
Hii- ore is eapected to not ��IJ�� Pff **
"rut- all espenaes.   Shipments will ot
kej��t up all winter.
The t.p.H. wilt ateaeieaniBioaoicon-
"trtiction noon their branch line from
mm* mv ���**...   j	
dicta.   Here's luck, Oeorge ?
A large nttmhor took ailvantage of
tlie ext'sr-ioti rate* to the Spokane
fair on ^atunlay. Tlie International
Co.'* rati*. \��a, Alberta* is tlie cheapest
ever offer.*!, tfd.iiS reittrn.
Hugh McNaught'm has Uiree men at
work on his claims, tlte Simooegroup, on
ljttng rrtx'k, a I.ranch of tlie South Fork.
Tliey are opening tip Ute letlge and preparing bniidinga, etc.. for tbe winter^
Fourteen men are at work on tbe
Liberty Hill on Smth Fork. AKmt 150
tons of* concentrating ore has lieen taken
from the No. I tunnel which will be
shipped a* soon aa rewinding can lie
Preparations for an active winters
work are under wav at the Red Vvx
claim. Lund-cr is tx-ing peeked uj�� for
bunk trirrue--*, ore bint*, etc , and a larjMr
font* ts to U* pot on an soon as pcortble
Tlw Bed Fox promiaM to be a steady
shipjter this winter.
It i* a poor week for milling wltOB no
strike ttorthv of notiee is made in the
countrv   around Crawford Iky.   Ijtst
��t on the  Virginia Dare claim, a
Hunter Bros-v
Headquarters for
Groceries, Hardware
Furnishings, Miner's
Wecarry Everything
Sandon and Rossland.
week en the  vinuiw ......
Barbor ereek l-oeaoon. heka^inc to ti.
A. Becken and Thos. McKlroy. of Pilot
��� ��t������� hurh izradt
m--^^^^^^ ll      UtOS.   ..It ........
Iky. eight Inehea of clean htjrlt etrade
(di'Vping ore **.ti*. (otind in a 89-foot
cii.-.-,ut. Tlie owners, llnHigh bv no
tnians ca|iitalii*ts. have shown pluck
and |H'rf..'rveraiuf in showing up tlieir
pr rporty, and tlie find comes as a well
de��erved reward.
Harlwiriatt Brown arrived in Kaslo on
Monday and In company with  vY,  A.
his lot til agent   -��***u*d out  ini-
*m���m^^ ftarttnl out  im
inctiiHlelv to look  up some biir deals
A lew minor Ihtereats in the Whitewat-
ijnlrnd without much
1 wntcn t....^..
have. Up to date it hasltoen Impossible
to jrnitt into It iufnnnation regardin*,' the
deal. The sellers lutve ltd> ftunosnOttl
to nfJer anil lkrbiuian "alisolulcly re-
funcs to stale "
Three men have been ut work all summer on   the Silver Hell, **������*���*�� llros.
Hotel, in New Denver, has been enlarged
and all the rooms plastered. New carpets
and new furniture throughout make the Inm
a marvel of comfort and elegance. With
28 rooms, and its beautilul situation amidst the
finest scenery in America, thia hotel is un^
passed in all Kootenay.      ^^-^
��*������ m
f,tS. THE PAYSTKEAK, SANDON. B. C, (X'roBKR 8, '**>?.
The Paystreak.
Is issued every Saturday In Sandon, In the heart
of tbe ffreatest White Metal camp on earth.
Subscription     - ...     �����.���� a yetr
Strictly tn advance.
Addresrt: Taa Pavsitikak. Sandon. B.C.
SANDON,   B.    C,', OCT. 9,  1897.
It Is a deplorable Act tbat the
press ol Canada, and the people generally, do not take the pains to understand the financial question better
than they do, and in this connection
also tbe sad condition of their country.
Our Canadian press is ever ready to
discuss this important question as relating to other countries, but tbey
refuse to consider it in connection
with their own country. Our people
are free to criticise the action, or nonaction, of 4he people of other lands
relating to t*��e question, at the same
time forgetting tbat Canada has
suffered as much if not more than any
other nation from the accursed gold
It first must be conceded that Canada is great and rich enough in her
partly developed resources to at least
keep down her national debt. This
can hardly be denied. And yet, if
we are to believe tbe most reliable
Canadian statistics, our national debt
has increased more than two-fold
since 1875, or, to be more explicit, in
twenty years from 1875 to 1895, it
has grown from $151,663,401 to the
enormous sum of $318,018,754, and
yet during this time Canada has paid
as interest on tbe debt more than
$l7Q,00O,O0a During this time the
value of her imports decreased from
$123,070,283 in 1875 to$llO,781,G82
id 1895, or nearly thirteen millions,
and her exports increased in value
frnm $77,886,979 in 1875, to $113.-
638,808 in 1895. or in round numbers,
thirty-five mill ions.
It does not seem -credible that
while her exports increased so enor-
moualy trom year to year, and her
paying facilities so improved, Canada
should go deeper and deeper In debt
as the years roll on. yet the average
yearly increase has been about eight
millions Bnt this Is readily accounted fbr when we look at the seat of
the trouble. It will be found tn her
effort to maintain the single gold
standard, or, rather, not so much her
effort to maintain, but in ber neglect
In not having a double or more liberal
standard of her own and therefore
being compelled to abide by tbe mandates ot the great money kings.
It can be readily*seen how the
false and narrow policy acts against
Canada and In the interest of a foreign power, and iu saying this we do
not mean tbe Mother Country as a
nation,  bnt the combined
upon England for her silver and the
United States for her gold. She cannot coin even the money metals found
in her hills. Her metal money It
limited to what the money power
chooses to make, and Canada is too
rich a field tor its operations to be
allowed a sufficient supply of standard coin to enible her to keep down
tbe ever increasing debt.
Canada's gold supply being $14,-
000,000 only, and the amount now
required yearly to pay tbe interest
on ber debt being more than $10,-
500,000 it would not leave her much to
operate on if it could be annually
used for tbat purpose. Bnt sueh cannot be the ease for something must
be held in reserve to protect tbe $50,-
000,000 uncovered paper floating
about the oountry as money.
With this before as is it not easily
seen how vitally important it is that
Canada provides for herself a money
coined at home In sufficient quantity
to admit of her doing business without going in debt year after year to
the tune of eight millions of dollars?
It is readily seen bow dangerous it ta
for her to continue on ber debt increasing course.
The London Times stated the ease
plainly in Its issue of July 26, 1*496*
We reproduce its words of warning:
"If the single gold standard can be
forced upon South America and Asia,
as it haa been since 1873 forced on
North America and Europe, gold
must Inevitably appreciate to at least
four times its present absurd value,
or to put It otherwise, commodities
must decline to one fourth tbe present
price, and labor all tbe world over
be crucified as it was never crucified
before���In days of mediaeval serfdom
or even chattel slavery. Such Is tlie
contest. If tbe money lords can force
monometallism upon the whole world,
they will succeed In establishing the
most gigantic money aristocracy
among the rich, and the wont system of peonage serfdom among the
masses that has ever cursed the hapless sons of men."
con* an on wickjkl*
A powerful American syndicate,
headed by Mr. J. D. Rockefeller, Is
at present endeavoring to corner the
nickel mines of Ontario. The attraction to the monoply mongers Is the
anticipation that Britian will utilize
the output of tbe mines for armor-plating. Prof. Roberts-Austen, the British aasayer; who is now in Canada,
has undertaken a series of experiments with nickel, and If be reports
that they demonstrate tbe ability of
the metal to with stand heavy guns,
It Is thought certain that tbe Admiralty wHI make use of It The onlv
present obstacle to tbe newly-formrd
syndicate s-x-uring control of the
mines Is that some of the present
owners are asking higher figures
than the purchasers will agree to.
The resources at the command of Mr.
Rockefeller are practically limitless,
and the owners feel confident in
money standing out for liberal terma
power ot tie world tbat has its head]   T, _���*., _,,��_,���,���,������*   ���._.   AM..A
,    ���_���____,   _*,      n_ _.���    x.   ��� I   " t"e government   can   create
in  England.     Canada  having  no money for bankers, why not for itself
mint of her own, she Is forced to rely ��� and the people ?
dealen*! in
Butter, %g��\
Cheese, Apples,
Poultry and
Cured Meats.
Tit* tartws a>*i*IW*L**i ot tkma
gwoda la Wmmt*eo Vanad*    Att
wjttehp:omt"t ootaw |H--*ts****t tyaten
ototM*mt*aaW. VwO*��**krotrt**d
tl Stsstm, K V.    Wot ptbn wttto
w trier*
l��. S* nt'ftSBs.1.:
Maoagtrot Hekmm Btaarb Wat*
ton's t**L*udtjnr tutnutni
******** *w m  wmmtmyemmeme W3r^e*9^m*00*m*vm0 _
&&. mmnlwStlknlfii
Room 17, Black's Hotel.
Dealers In
ThrToniMtti Board ofTrauV arr in
fw-e.pt ot a ieiter hr*ttt th��* Hritt.Ji t ...
Itunbia Board of Trade *ol*-riii.i<,* its
tt�� "^ration In florin*? lot Canada
the Irrroaodotia trade t-eaulttne from
the ruah to the Klondike, which trade
haa heen almost riitlrrly in thi* hands
of the United Scatn* mcirhantt on ibe
Fnrilte Cm**, aad has ammintrd tn
Ma-nething like ��,l*��,<*tJ riurii.tr th-
lata few month*.
f\ ���******���* -rv P"��--
Mining & Milling Co.
Rand & Wallbridgc.
Mining and Stock Brokers,
Sole Agents for Sale of Treasury Stock.
Kotnrjrr Macix>*��ai_d
Neil MatmoXA lo
MACDONALD  BR08., Proprietors.
Rates fl.fiO to ���_��� 50 per day.	
Headquarters for Mining Speculators and Capitalists.
R^ Ave^,       ��� n Sandon, B.C
Kootenay Mercantile Tailoring Co.
A full line of
always In Stock
iirtf trwtfactwna i-ajam daring the
���^. Sir wveral mining divisions of
_.-, t* All's* Mary, ��*��l����ait��r, Om nakw.
g �� ih eruailtu.. litt-^rlaa. JPWttlltt stoW-8
J��**T___ ��.��__,   ___W_telM     JM   D
_i.��!<��_*-. -����'Y*.*���"�����*�� umsjsiii.
_�� K; .rrsVu^nsrki.':
-f^.Mi* H.rjr Wl
ow -Aattenm ^^fi^JjEgL *��_*
- _l'7.V,.. .mi -r-^,5--. ���* *< -���**���
fly,, i !*jk_j*�� rrt-a. L a Ttrnpaag,
ytrt A- ��� fjotrt WtO*Mo*A*m.
*trt�� Hot*-**, awrsa-rltia, Botma, ataelt Ctdt.
__*��_���*���> ** <*****-
on i !���>*��� n.,at>r-tn ftwrtmm.tnrtmubA
It'll It >, M _��-**��, AtSdltrartMin. HtMetttil
it ���***,�� !���'* StatAwro tjVtl. Mmby Ttttat
tm-M i two *t*l. nttw |*����er jyr_#*tk*����t
tan s* v/.u,mrgk 1M. Aoko HtaUh to B*��U
v * .. ,*��    *wta I.
tmtoud i It in A AttsVcaat ta aaai*. stav.
tort t* It*** i  f_T����*it_L|iit toruat^), 11 It
.ttut-Vt tti a I ttmywatd, Mattk **.
to**}, Ai lUywatdmAVammamao.mptto.
Masr tto i *. Edward Cs*-*au��l��g*�� to rtw*4.arv
lit.** Nr tit 1*.
\ mag**, Avtha*y t***m aod tern W <����- rli to
I lai<.t>":       lit* ����**
r ..��*,��.*�� Uttfttv. KlMictfsW | V. t�� R Hatltt.
vkhjul-.v. ,\,__ tt,
tttisxat t i- a Wknam to B.dwtt Mtiht
Crtl B_u|   I M lltttrV* b�� JrrAin W Mr-*
tf  v, ��� t*
��:��� .it ti H  ��.tn. t> AW |*t*4g*t|fr*t, ��****..
is&s!. i* ����ow to Wm a a am. nmt..
OaNW] |.Tt At-tttaMtn T tt (-M-aMf*?. a*ta
****> | M. a u, jm ta, M S Mrt> *w*B. May to,
r*wn-**!tM,xney, a_._w*_��l Mrlkraald tw t�� C
a-{i*u>-l .tmtmt 14.
'. I I Am.ru.it OM |, t*tstst W (iIMIl- to
S^tJIttUtsmlJs* II MrJ-utisrl |.
i*-������������ t���.-'*,-. othtm. Ttw mwom Mllltnir ('..
ttJ tl-r'tttTass   At-ftfl.
B-��a��. I���-�����. ikm. K I* Wtinti* to KJ M��t*
Has, Am }���.
a|*��,lr*r.'tWjJt, mUwOtd A MMtttrt-W** to Wat
*>��*><�� mgt n
**o**m t u * li wmiMgm*to Tina MUat* aad
*jl��txsu. u^L.aa..
isrwfrt, I'M!-*-!   H*T WSMatste to J A WM-
***��. imtw A
-�����*���-ti��l KteaJktg Star, till tat. D-aafclt
M'*** t., tMmOmi JsVlrViMld
SLOT AM  CIT��  pi vision.
���et r, mm, H��tis4��. rrstj tt CswUstt*j Lm
**t>a rt��.-ttv<��, mm*\ tmtdy ot tltrt*- l*tAf. Amepb
w*'M��r. Um II<t*a.ii��^'tti>4tr*.r.
strtpi ihm* mjjuf  0 H AadnniM,, J��_fc,
Sft'l* M*.i
*rt f��   ^niom^tMol. Mn UW mmlk,Bw*Ug
****�������.(  II HaltltqeVtO.
2gL!__i)_?_I_g^ 8Ayp��** B- C*, OCTOBER 9, 1897.
Jfijjn ana Hwk. Bta* Jttv.Att**vt***tt. Vaa
���.krir; v,t>hra��t, Uoki Baa Jtallatu. iala
��^!! *"' -**���'������*������'*�� *t�� i. JVtilr. s����i��n*r��i*w
5fc_2(v*�� ��� s;   I J M.IW |.. Tmr* Mottia*4itrt t
f^" ��   Whtlr* MOM stMl   Kuushlir.  tftS, l��
*\V.i2  '*���****������. A K MUt*; M'-al* d��*��r **
WiiJi if-,!; ***** Mttlttw. -ssmftt  Aisttltf. Jsnt-*
uu,! JT^!^1^-***. a Ao%t**��j n-sis-jj**, n u*z
���tils- i,',,mU| *���*'��� ����� n��bwi.Wi iVkwirt*. us
���^���I|*r. j|j, ' ||ii_.    _ft,s__T_l_j-________________i^^^^^^^^s^^^^^^^B-i^^
blTi^ *,*������ ���'��*.��-' ft n.-Arti^ir7'*a^y"rliW
J-. E A-Adrewj THIlty.�� H l*.*t����M.
��TS?: K.".'."' A **��><'n;H��r*jrl*ir,aiarlN��lni*'r.
���"mL tt"',*''.'."; a'loattmiraaaaa. I*i Ktrtii. ��*V
&\  M<;M.lmiH M��w Aaa. Mania artln
tltr. o5��***}&��. Vru-tftiliMlt Kt-hi-s* Wtae
' '^'l-iminlt FnHiU,J H Huiiaa*.
HlCrtn. V,,kH' * ���*t**'f****��l NO aontsa*aa4aai,
"^i fete I A .. A***-***'"' Msntarft. A II
���"���'***���; Irl,^ ,MIU.���**L.rsintt-
Karr rj-ttwrntatte-t, WktUkor. lady ot ihr.
��***'   ,j_',__b**,''���   ���wouirk,  Mouatabi  Goat,
llstnmt Hint.
H��i-| ia - la.*,lty. Kiif.tr *0u*.
��wi r* <>*iii>*iU.,Hft.jwrt��kr*.<Mitarlo.
Hsrr as ���*w��rr*._l..r..(,Unt. NVllk.
JAM 1   Ktealajf HUr Cl^ry, Kaalo. AoUrllne.
SKIT rt MaiUi... an.l tialovan 1, FrtU l'aut*.n
���lad N John H�� si,*.t. ui i nto Weaft-r.
U��_rt.si Jcrkn IteWr to Jstix-s Si.-bolatm.
Ml Vkrar. ftkw Vat ���). Prtrr liisjtitst to D A
KattdaS aad Ckarka lirajr.
I'otrcr <��f AltortM*,; rwramlrtl from D W rUxrta
u�� isatr K Marrta re tUM Hank.
,Vl_j>s (rum W J a'bttc tkat he baa rtrmoLwnrrrj
a**tlon ta tb* twbi-tnr-1.Vmrt ki rr***.rt**f ' liitrrrst
sjrsla-4 Jsa-nra A tnu* In l_tvtnt. Ruthk* Bellatid
Ktorr ta- Alatwortb. Hot Hprttiffa. A A McKltv
i-oa t�� W i. Witrb.
|*ak* Virtr. Hut HtrrttH-i, Mi** llrKlenoa to F L
Ml. *.. Jfoalr. Alntwirtb. t-tkr View, ofttl.ru far
ihlrtt iw�� tUts. F I, FltJ-b toVhm. S Allman.
Hart tt l*��rs sinllirtrr'ta I, A K Mtly-onan
to J A MrLraaa.
Mt; sad Rlt-rrrlrtr J, D J MfDotK-l to A A
MfLjrtta .    . .
Uura t>o*ra, ll��r*����l W-��*nrletr |, A A
MrLs��aloW J Wkbr, ��� . _   __
tt lata Hosr |, Jm tato. Frank K.st��. John Dooa
la anas
Um Moontala. Ms Wsttrr |. 8 P Aolx mad AH
'jrktt.n i<��aaow
WraArr. W A Hv��*�� iv�� R*ila Brotra.   _
Park lA-ftim, ttt M��lbit���� to E H Tntallnson.
tsmjit *����d A��li*rt'. J L P!twa to K Tut?_llwroo.
j A large saw mill in Hull, Que., was
I burned to the ground on Sept. 20th.
The loss amounted to aboont 1100,000,
and the insurance carried was 175,000.
Abont 500 or 800 have been thrown out
o( employment by the destruction of
this mill.
( The Governments indecision in settling the question of the proposed export
| duty on nickel ores and matte, has
; kept back many capitalists from invest-
' ing in the Sudliury mines this year. It
1 is to he hoped that the matter will be
decided soon.
The members of the British Science
Association, who visited thc mines at
Sudbury, were greatly astonished at
the immense deposits of ore on the
nickel range'. Their visit may result
in an expenditure of English capital to
develop the mines.
An expedition to the Klondyke will
leave Montreal in December under the
supervision of Mr. John A. Grose, late
manager of the Dominion Burglar Guar-
antee Company. Negotiations are being made with" the Hudson's Bay Co. to
fnrnish transportation and see the party
Willieboy���Papa, what is an easy
Pat-ft-Ask yoor mother to tell you
abont rae, ���Philadelphia North American.
Canadian Mc Railway
Soo Pacific Line.
A large Stake* deposit was discovered
by Losda Potvio up the N nth River
the other day.
Since smallpox hrokeout in Montreal,
end 2nd of Julv* there have been
twenty.two caw*, nine of which have
proved fatal.
Rich aamplett of free -wild have been
taken out of the Comtttock mine, and
die owner, Mr. < ii'onnor, thinks be has
a pt-etty rich thing
The coal district of Revnoldsrilh> is
heginnltig to --end out nr-gular ahit>
mtiita of coal The C.P.R. in tna.fi v ing
aUtutitl) toun dailv.
Mr   Ashworth, tbe English mining
expert, has gone weat to examine some
mining prot-artics in which Sir Chas
Tupper ha-, tiitereata,
l.mnlH*nnen are wrathy over the de-
daton of the Ontario Government not
to enforce tlie regulation with respect
to log** cut on Crown timber lands being manufactured here.
Tbe Kerr-Casey scheme for opcrating
the Klondike by a contnanv of anned
men haa tteen rejected by the Government, who think the Mounted Police
will la* a sufbeient defenee.
The Hev, CanouGore, of Wcstuiinstcr
Abbey, London. Kng.. and the l^ird
Riahop, af Rochester. Kng. are on a
visit to thia country and will stay in
Toronto for a short time.
A rumor haa been going the round.-*,
that an   American  syndicate  was en
deavoring  to  purchase a controlling
Intern**! in the Sudbury Sickle mines,
but such a report is untrue.   ���
A aad accident occurred on Tuesday
la*t at Brighton, Out .bv which a young
mnn td <***��� years, named Win. 11. Spren-
tall. WHS kitted, while trying to adjust
a l��elt in a planing mill, where he was
at work
Mr V. J. Rogers, the manager of the
branch of the Rank of Montreal, at
h*4erborotigh, died oa 90th Sent, at
Nlchcdla Hospital la that city. He had
been ill Mil? �� lew days and his deatH
ia deeply ro'grcllod.
Aditiitnl Sir Nowell Salmon antl Lady
Salmon, of Admiralty Rousts Torts
month, Kngland . are staying in Toronto for race week, as guests of Major
Hav. Thev intend going to .lajiatt
afaf leaving this continent.
There is constderabJe lalk that the
Dominion Government is going to with
draw the mail subsidy from the Atlantic
steamers, and if it comes true the Mian
and Dominion lines will cease calling
���at Halifax during the srlnter months.
To the People
of Kootenay.
Waay bav* r��et.|*/**s1 HKNEFIT
frunt  tar/ Optical   Department,
Why not Yon ?
Taa who have tried common
Sp-Mtaclc* In tala, aad suffered from ay* strain, caaalag
Karvaaa Headache. Etc.
II will pay you ta come to
SAX DON aad have yoor eyes
properly tested aad Sited with
aaltahle glasses.
Thia Is the only remedy whea
your trooble arises froaa De-
foctlt-e Eyesight, aad ahoald
ho atteaded to at once. I have
oaa af tho heat trial casea made
aad caa give you the heat ser-
Eyes tested Free.
Jeweler aad Optician. Sandon. B.C.
If yon am
Call at the
Hotel Ivanhoc.
mn* e * * *****
[a the Pioneer House of the City
Route to SL Paul, Chicago,
Detroit, Toronto, Montreal,
New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and all Eastern
Unexcelled Sleeping Cars
on all trains, Tourist Cars
to St. Paul daily; Boston
every Thursday; Toronto
every Monday from Revel-
Steamer leaves Nakusp
daily except Monday, making close connection at Revel-
stoke with trains for all points
East and West.
Before you travel get information
from C.P.K. agents as to times and
rates.   It will save you money.   Apply to nearest railway agent or to
A. C. McARTHUR, Agent, Sandon.
H.M.McGREGOR, T.P.A..Nelson, B.C
Diet.  Passenger Agent, Vancouver
Atlantic StHbiji Ins.
From Montreal
.*.*.'.'.'.'.".' .Oct.*
California, Allan Line....
Carthaitinian M^^^^^^^^^
Labrador .Dominion Line  Octf*
Vancouver, "   ���
From New York
Umbria, Canard Line          -
Etrnrla "  	
Campania.    "*  ������-
Majestic, WMteStar Line 	
Teutonic        "  ������
St. Paul, American Line.....  ���
St.Loni.-t. "  	
State of Nebraska, Allan State Line 	
Southwark, Bed Star Line Sept��
Noordland, "  ���������
Cabin MV ��V>, 960,70 (80and upwards.
Intel-mediate *90 and upwards.
Steerage **t&.80 and upwards.
Pjueeneers Ticketed through to all points in
Great Britain or Ireland, and at Specially low
rates to all parts of tbe European Continent
Prepaid Pa-tsages arranged from all points.
Apply to H. DOUGLASS, agent, New Denver,
or to��� _
General Agent,
C. P. R. Offices, Winnipeg
Subject to change without notiee
Trains run on Pacific Standard Time.
Leave s 00 A.M.
'���8 86 '*
"   ��36 "
**  9 51 *���
*��� 10 08 **
a io W "
����� 10 88 "
Arr. 10�� *
Leave 1100 a.m.
"    ll.��  "
Kaalo Arrive, S 50 P.M
South Forrk     *'     Sift   *��.
Sproule's "      8 15    "
WhltewaUr " 9 09 "
BearLaia " 1 48 "
McGutean " 1 SS
Cody Junction " 1 It
Sandon Leave 1 OB
Sandon     Arrive 11.55 a.m.
Cody **    11J0 **
Traffic Mngr.
KlTZt.KRAl.il a DAT, Propa.
 Manufaturars of all	
Syphons, Ginger Alo,
Saraaparilla, Etc, Etc
Seuidon, B.O.
Patronize home industry
when you want the best
"���*'��� T'
���: ::'���.-.
i ;���? -
(By John Kendriek Bangs.)
Gold. goW. aoMI
What care we for hunger ami gvrld r
What rare we for the moll and strife.
Or tbe thousand of foea to health and life,
W hcii there s--*old for the mighty, and gold for
Ute meek,
And gold for whoever shall dare to mxk?
I* the __\nVI *
And It lies In tba raarh of the man that's bokl:
In tin- bands of the man who dares to face
Th<> uVath In tha blast, that blowa apart; ;
That withers the ka w. on Om forest tm;
That fettere with tee all the north.*��� aea:
That chills all the greeii on th.* fair earth* btmat.
Ami as certainly kills aa Uie un-aayed paat.
It It.* in the hands of the man who'd sell
His ttokl on hit life tor an let-bound hell.
What (tare we fur the fevered brain
That's filled with ravings and thoughts Insane,
So long aa we hob!
In our hand-* the gold ?
The glistening, frittering, uhaady gold
Tbat t-omea at ihe end ef the hunger and cold;
That eoinea at the end ot th." awful thirst;
That cornea through tlie pain and torture accurst
Of limbs that are rucked and uunda oWthrowa,
Tb.". gold Ilea t*aere and is all our own,
tte wc iniidtty or meek,
If we do but st-ek.
Por the hangar fe sweet and the cold la fair
To the man whose rioties are paat corn-tare;
Anil the .��'��s*throwii mind Is as good aa sane,
Aud a joy to Ihe limits it tbe racking pain.
If the gold i* there.
And thev my, If you fail, ia your dying day
A11 the tiara,all the trotaldta, am w.yd away
Hy tlte f.'vci>thonght of y��air shatter*' -X mlntl
That a cruel world haa at laat grown kin....
That your hands oVrnin with tltu clinklntr tit .-M
With nuggets of weight and of worth untold,
And your vacant eyes
Okjat o'er the riches of I'-t-adav!
Cariboo Agala the Hcene of a t'oualdcr-
aate MialBg Baeltatnawt.
Clarence Coulter, who left Ashcroft,
B.C., Saturday night, brings news of a
very rich strike made on Willow river,
about fifteen or twenty miles from Bar*
kerville, in the old Cariboo district,
which created almost as much furore
among mining men in the W* as does
the inaccessible Klondike now, says the
P.l. The strike was made in boilrock
by a Mr. Laird, formerly of Chicago,
and a member of the publishing house
of Laird & Lee.
"I have no personal information of
the matter.*' said Mr. Coulter at hit*
home last evening, "inasmuch aa 1
have no acquaintance with Mr. Laird
and have never visited hia propertv,
but all Ashcroft was talking of it when
I left* and from what I know of the
country I am aatiaticd Mr. Laird haa a
proposition worth many hundreds of
thousands of dollars to him.
"Iaeaving the Canadian Pacinc railroad at Aaheroft, it is 2_W miles to
Queanelle and 85 miles from Uiere to
fiarkerville, all the wav on an excellent
government road, which the bicvclbt*
travel with eaae. Fifteen or twentv
miles to the northwest of Barker ville is
a little stream called Mosquito creek,
which runs into Willow river, and it is
here Mr. l_aird has made hia find: for
he has found something, and something
���>lg~psy dirt, the first pan of which
washed out 9A to the pan. That seems
to me to .be a pretty good pro|Mw,,ttoii
in any country, for the supply of dirt is
'it has cost him something, however:
to make the find. He has his familv
with him, and he was burned out laat
spring. The elaim as it now stands
probably represents to Mr. Laird an
outlay of ueariv tJCuari. It is in no
fienseapoor man's countrv. It ia, in
my own opinion, one of the greatest
hydraulic propositions on the Pacific
coast, but money la required to operate
the claims.
���'Mr. Laird commence-l by sinking a
shaft to a depth of about ittnetv feet,
and from the bottom of the shaft running a tunnel several hundred feet to a
point under the old bed of Willow river,
which ts a tributary to the Fraser. Om -
ing to the |>m*otice of ���alum,* through
which the shaft cannot be sunk, it is
uet-etavirytogoouttothe rim and sink
through to bedrock.
"The gold  at  the bottom is verv
coarse; juid as my impression Is that
Mr. Laird has a number of leases,which
are peculiar to Canadian mining law, it
is probable that his claim la not only
verv rich, but of large extent.
"This is the only strike of great value
of which I heard while there, but mining matters generally are brightening.
It will lie t-emembej-ed bv jnose who
know of the Cariboo excitement, that
Williams creek wai worked for more
than $20,<)Ht),000 while the excitement
lasted. The Caritwo Hydraulic Mining
Companv has made two clean-ups this
year, from which il realised more than
���182,01 *>. There is gold up then* and
lots of it. but It will require capital to
get it out.*'
Mr. Coulter left Seattle on the Ith of
last Julv in the interest of Seattle par
ties who expect to operate in the dis*
triot, and has been absent ever simje.
He intends to remain in Seattle during
the winter, but will return to the Cariboo in the spring.
MOKE    HKAKIl     rilOM    KLOXltlKK.
A letter was received by Archie
Fletcher, Tuesday addressed to Lis old
friends in Kaslo* by Charlie Wright,
under the date of Telegraph Creek.
Sept. 21st, he reports that he and Harry
Chapman* had a very pleasant trip to
the coast and after a somewhat convivial 'tvtve-takittg with their old Victoria
friends embarked on the Queen on the
1*4 of September. They reached Fort
Wrangle, at tbe mouth of Ihe Htlklne
in three days, from which point, after
waiting nine davs for a rivet steamer
that did not materialise* they ait-ale Ike
distance of 150 miles to Telegraph
Creek with canoes and Indian boatmen
The current in the river is very last.
having a fall of &H> fee* la IA) mile*.
At the time of writing the boys were
hung up at Telegraph (tteek, being
tumble to get their outfit packed to
r<**difc Lake, These are *I* patk tnr**M
?i tlie frill but all are chartered bj_*a
ictor ia outfit taking in mafnlnery for
a sawmill and steamboat to la* operate*I
on the lake. This company haa a large
amount of supplies to take over the
trail whim the snow falls. When these
parties break the twe'l Charlie Wright
and his partner will U-** their aupplir**.
about Iwm pounds, on tot'^gnno. Th**y
will require to make relays but figure
that this will be the most economical
method as freigt rates to the head of
Hootolinuua river are ��*0 eenta not
pound. As a word of advice to any one
intruding to make the trip by thia route
tbe writer adds that by leaving Kootenay on Feb. 1st it would be possible
to reach the head of Hoetoiiuqtta river
in time to make the doseent wh**n the
ice breaks up in the spring. He also
considers that it wonld not be nece^arv
to take more than sunplies enough to
laat the trip as he believes that supplies
will Im* plentiful and to be had at a
reasonable price on the Yukon next
Charlie .Wright, formerly purser on
the Kokanee and Harry Chapmen, engineer on Ute same boat, are both verv
general!** known on Kootenav Uke,
and their friends will be glad' to hear
that they are In good health and spirits
aiul well on their way to the Klondike.
Chas, Caldwell, of Kaslo, has just
completed a deal by whieb LA. Baker,
an eastern capitalist, requires from
Otto, McLeod and ���* McDonald, local
prospectors, the Ijovina group of tares
claims, three miles from Duncan river
and four miles from Kootenav lake. A
force of men lias been put on to cut
trails, build and open np the (Utlmt*
Home expensive development work irilT
be done this winter, jhe price paid for
the property has not been made known,
bnt it is believed to be something hand-
Lemon creek is being prospected for
placer gold. On* man took out pi in two
days last week.
I carry the stock���the largest in the 81<*an
Kootenay, in show r*>ms covering
3,000 feet of floor space.
tass�� ti,.sstwisilissr���,i���.iasj-aiiaiiwi sisasimi   , im 1
Furniture for a Mansion or Cottage at
Bottom Price
'a�� ��� I     iili.ii a���i.*��mi
One hundretl dozen of chairs to select from
direct trom the factories at prices low as th-
lowest. D. If. CROWLEY, practical up
holsterer, with a staff of mechanics, can make
anything to order.
Undertaking a Specialty.
Note the address: Above the Lkdof. office.
Sixth Street New Denver.
Ft*at_rt��t paid tm gvod�� to mt*d*m* ttrnwava Vtty ood ott t*oka pant*.
a our money back
mt* .. mtA
W   *_  10 *}
H. Giegerich,
i      u   t*i      c*i >t,* J OKSERALrwIltttrilANOlM.
f you don t like Schillings    oRocitRiES a provisi ��� w
But baking powder.
Aip-nta f��Mr
QOODWUtl^ (*ANl>I.K>
Store* at Ainsworth. Kardo an.l *vtti<l
We are headquarters
for Ore Sacks;
see us if you need any.
Dealer iq MEATS
���: AT:
cm ���a-arar-a-*->*__���__
iV.mt    K**g*Mi   1 s�� OClOW*   7,   in-
-���~ L..-IL.I.    ��� I,   ,   ^   mmAwmmmmmAi.   .
7,6131  tuna
Slocan Star,
Idaho Mines,
Noble VWe,
American Boy,
Slocan llev,
Majt-atie. -
Freddie La**,
Mt. Adains,
Total, ^^^^^^^^^^^
Ore thipnietita fbr Ute weak from
Ocuiirr 1to 7 ineltmtve we*** am foi-
Iowa: lavne 410. Ruth *10. Noble
Hve .**���*_. fyoaut Boy 15, XL Adam*
li, i.i-tt. W. Shaw 7 K. A 8. Hlocan Star lO^RcooaQ -C. P. R.
a ^'Va_saj_~%      *m***SMm*m*9mm^^m**n     s___i^p^^      ^^P*a^r*^-^-*as**aW       w*m*^0**m***mjmje*
ftaaoox, Oct. 7, 1(107.
Thi* t* ui wirn each and every
man woo don't wbh lo make a slave
of himself and have a jiauper's
twckt i to keep away from the Queen
iv*�� mine, aa tn��v are working tlie
itvn 10 bourn, ttath night and day
trhtfU. and nn abort shift oo Satur
dav awl no work Sondav, and 11 a
day laaird for Sutwlay " The total
am>.nint a man can iwlve for his
month's work b ���5l^_r5. Thb b the
<-mallt**4 wagos ever pahl at any
mining camp in the weal.
(.entlemen and fellow miners, thb
it what makes  tratntm out of work
tt-tgmen. J. W. Smitw,
Kbaxk RCaUmnm.
Sandon Hand Laundry and Bath House L      ""       . |
a. ���   -or* r
,   i**-   -*fl   -*���->.-*--*- -a..-s_.-fc.._sv a
I 0k m m\ s%  *  A Sm\0t.
Hblrl, plain. .0000000tm\\
Hhirt with collar       *i
Hhirt, elraisal  ���
i^fUlF*....,     ���   ...
ttanch*.............. .
Haatiat-ealaf. plain :*
HaurltMirlikf. silk     t
Kaektia* .   .,  .   .     *
Otsrs.ll.    li
Coat     , 15IOJS
Vast    SS
Aprons.    .      ft
Pants 30 ap
Tabic covars    m
Totrtls.fte, par doran. .   SS
Napkins, le, Berdoaen ..   Sft
Roller TowsU     ft
Caw* Collar.     ft
CnnV pet pair    10
Waists lft ap
Itraaac* tftap
���skirts Stop
(stni** SOap
Mjthl drassa. SOap
Aprons.... ft to U
Drawers    ia
Drawers.silk   ...   lft
Guonteraanaa    li
Pillow shams Sft np
Blanket*.par pair.. .Wc to tl
1_m* Cariatns    7ft
Kbsets . .10
Pillow slips, plain'. .....    ft
Sleeves     ft
Caps     *
Corset covers    10
ColWa r-sswea ft to 10
Tkltaa    *0
at ISloSft     Aprons stole
���fr-apelal Rataa far Hotels, Roetaaraata aad Family Washing.
Blogant Baths, 60e.
American plan, $8.50 per dny.
European plan, $2.00 per dny.
Has rsestttal a lata* e��n*icnav*nt of Pall
aa��| Winter (loads, consUiinc of tba tatast,
and ptattkr.t stria* ���
Finest Calalae in Kootenay
Strictly _b-at*-claee.
1    Mm. M. A. SMITH. Pint*
Ladies' and Children's
Wool Undenoear.
S����-.i IImIcbs.
Silks for Blouses.
sjJ 3Arts*irOr*l, B* v*
Mas. Katb Bastana.
I an ir art la*, itad to call aad aoa
In tha
Flrat Clnaa in Every Particular.
Newly FawniahoaL
Boat liqaora.
Coming Tft>ndon.
Al Su-wart, the grrat d^riptive
Inhume tingec. handling *l Uie lal*
eat ,hm riptlvo aotiga of the day. Mr.
Stewart iilaatraten. all hb swig* with
life idaed vbwn. lnat*a*l of alttinir
ami iniaainlitf the tieory of the simir
aa vou hear It aana. yon me it riirlit
h.*fi��re von. Thbb an entirely new
line of entertainment and b a ��**�����
be noveltv. He b Mpporled by
Mm *?��� a Wenb, tneeharmini? lady
pbnKwho handle, all crint|*wsiti'��n'*
hv the aeJtnowledged comrtnaers,
and who b pronounced by the Amer
lean preas to be the jrreak-at latlv pi
anist. WiU appear nt Virginia hall.
Sandon, ott the evening of October
12. at fcilO. m
The Uckn Strike
Mr. John C^tasldick, a syndicate
J* tk1.*<I bv whom  owna thb ct��p|��*r
jf.��UI mine at Kamtope, b very san
limine of fotnre r��od reaulta there
from.   The ore runs well in aippyr
and shows abont $12 to the ton In
Ifold,  whilst Er. Oobeldlck  hoia*a
that the ganm matter will be rich
��nonfh in goiti to pay Ibr stamp
���nilllnir   Hhipplnif ore haa been got
from the surface down, awl the ��haft
** seven feet wide.   Slnkingbnow
oelnff steadily continued  and Mr.
<oheldick means to make the mine
* larRc shipper at an early date.
The latest finish  attained by
Sandon " *���-*-**   ** ***��
NcClanj's Famous
Natal Work
BONGARO 4 PIECKART, Proprietor*.
The Flrat Clnaa
Hotel of Cody.
Strictly First Class.
Special Attention
to Transients
$1.50 to |2 Per Day.
J. S. REEDER, Prep.
tnmmmm In Uw^J.'*- ��i��&T^!flK
ltu.Liar.il dUlncl.   *rta*r-r
|4sltotaa*lo _ |r.in(,,ffwt>minar*i i
-Ub*ooi*e*ikmtbO^*J^***^   thm*MUet
Hu.tUr  n'��^_^rvoV*;aiMllor Jantas
tt** ��lW����__^^fi|3^ No. s-W-rt..
l>���,��.��twlr. Irt*�� miP*^^mAmUb*t*ot. to np-
n1rn.l. .la**/ -ta-n. _f��"�� ,',r*SJ ' %Hl��caU of |
Sr^TrgV Ibo ^^T^tloa untlar
And luttbwt taha m''__f__3b.for*atha �����*������
Vit-t Taablloaslaa,,QaS. t
DUaolaUoo of tPai*t*aorttiipL
Nnllra Is haral.v ��lv��n that tha partnarshin
aaralolarv s-tialiiiff l*twj��n tha andarslcnaa
a�� aanaral marohant*, antl tto tug business in
*      -__ ,m. ilmv ��____ at__olvad by ma-
And You WiU
Smoke No
A atrietly flnt-elnaa betel in
U vary Stnnle with g ood Saddle
and Paek Horaea in ee-anoetion.
Thelamat ftnlsh  attained by the i*^^
Handon Btoam Utindry   f F^J* *nS**^^
dianrntk flnbh-b aomeaiing to be trlC^a**" ������� ***\***" of th
nmiulAf    rsstm.   ....1 rv.llamarr re* 5_^-^.i.,oii��tallaocount*   .
proud of. Cutfa and eollara are returned looking nn food aa new, if
not better*
, The wagon road to the Ytnlr mine
* almost completod.
b^n7M7aa.��m. .U^JSUt
onak. ..   _ * willlam A. Banar, aot-
���a?- "^ __^fe*L.W1a-.
cordar _^^"SStafata Crown gtouta of
tha purposa ol ootain-**
��bo-�� clalnir*- -.otica that action, nndar
And ^''fi? ooninanoad bafora tha la��
ni -���-********-****--  litadthialataay����� **~-_l_q vmo
- __, p_���t��_k. tjSwiB�� SaWK 0... r, '�����
SskMrib* f*r ������� *********** I
Victoria House
Now oomnlaU with tha boat ftuniahad rooma
In tha dlatrlet. All aooommodatlona ftraS
elaaa, laclndlnt alaeteM light, hath room,
and all
Modern lmprooementa,
Anloa,qnMt,rmidaaoa hotal, aitnatad oa A
avaana.  CJonvanlant to tha dapot.
W. J* HALL, Prop.
T> Ir��s*t
if .-*���*"'
A Sumptttotm New C. P. R. Dlniig
The latest addition to the
stock bt tbeC. P. R. feas;
dining bar, the Frograore, to
on the tntnscontinental route, made
and fitted up entirely at the company's own works iu the east end.
T*he car b fitted up in the finest mahogany, and will seat 29 passengers
at the tables, which are arranged so
aa togs-re the notion of comfort and
ease, the idea being to cheat the imagination info the belief that instead
of dining on a train rushing through
space across a continent at the rate
or 50 miles an hour, one b sitting ia
a cosy dining room, with friends en-
joving a dttmne to the taste and predilection 'Aunt Dinah' waa a nonpa
reil cook, but her kitchen waa an
abomination; and it b a charge frequently brought against cooks in
general that while they may have
skill in manipulation and creation,
they do their work in an environment which dare not be shown to
those who eojoy the viands placed
before them. The kitchen of the
Frogmore, on the contrary, would
delight the most fastidious tr-ouae-
keeper. It cannot be called roomy,
but ever)' inch of spate b as dean
as a netr ptn, while tlie range* cun-
niTtrly ttt so as to make the utmost
of tne space at dbposa), shines and
glitters again. The locker b a little
gem, while the refrigerator b arranged in a series of small shelves
which permits of each vessel containing food  receiving its share of
coolness.   Then there' b the stem Letfcjw of dynamite lying outside the
room, aad tne linen room and tne eamp, and when he returned tbey
and the linen room nnd the
pantry, where the moat beautifuH
delft ware b displayed Tbe napcry
b like the driven snow; the tables
are adorned with plants and flowers,
white tbe mirrors and tbe decorations of the ceiling heighten the Mission that the dining room b home.
Tbe Frogmore, in its construction,
appointments and luxurious decoration and embellishment, reflects
credit alike open the piwreaslve
spirit of the company and the skill
of the workmen wbo have turned
out a dining car fecoud to none on
thb continent.���Montreal Witness.
<**Wt*��***mmmmmmnmwmmmnw-*nmm^ .
The Admrtieer Geta It
Some time ago a subscription was
collected in Whitewater 'to buy a
of devil catching. Now, Mr. Editor, time has flown, nnd the sub
acribers are beginning to wonder
what has become of the chair, as we
cannot learn If it has lieen pore based
and presented or not. If not, where
b the monev?
One or the SvBBCainmta.
The Red Fox will ship another
car toad of ore next week.
The Last Chance b now building
a rawhide trail and making all necessary preparation Ibr a heavy output thb coming winter. It haa a
large amount of ore in sight and
will be one of Sandon's heavy producers.
The Payne b building a handsome house fbr the official reaklence
on the hogback near tbe foot of the
tramway. Donnelly A McLean have
the contract and will have it finished
by the end of the nx-nth. *% warehouse and office will also soon be
started.     *W**
The AJax mine will ship another
car load of ore early next
Thb mine b now more than pa;
all expenses of development. Tne
ore b nigh grade and nets above
11500 per car. Mr. E. Wallace
thinks that tbe AJax vein b tne name
as the Last Cbance vein. If thb be
true, we will expect to see, in the
near future, tbe AJax one of the
heaviest snippers in thb district.
Ws Mnve ASmMSj*I 94 *\M0Mt0rmmo0) Bwe-elc of
rn* w an��� at-astV w"s"^^""B ansssrsa** *M   n^PsW^nnsW mm w^**wrs nan) *__|aawsj>wm naos*t
fa tht iiMwaa*.  *��� awJlrit jfaar wntmaaga. Oita as a
omtl aa alTaaa a alt nana.  Ws tmt
VsM.1 t*r%\9 fOissIl If _***������ wAm* MN  ******��
Wt faal aaUaSad yam ��*�� al a li
oat lima ont patoa*.
mV      ���^A_T ***w***w s**sslll
r ns__paa_f ansa wssaa f*r*\w*m) aasSW
HB-__-_n---t ^-R M_feA_ftI
���an        |ii     ai un a*mi*ii.
^a<r^nSV*ajFssl    mn0mW*A****Aw\n\   mo**m*n
Ww wWmmA^nvmmmrtnj*     wy W VW taa
iW.kail. VLatlinak
9n*   mwmmwtrtjtywtm* __'.'*    j
w. t
il'   il, im   i   m
mm-* mwti
The latest
A miner
were-gone, A nobe In the brash at-
tracted him to a bear, and as soon as
be could get lib gun he snot him.
An explosion followed, and the bear
flew aft to fait**. Ha bad swallowed
the dynamite.
Shippers nnd Moidead Paters of
TUs Pamooa District
Below b a list of the shippers and
dividend paying mines of tne Slocan
J. G. Melvin
TW walM-mowa Watt-batatar a*4
iawalaa.ta** af Vaa��*-a*n��a*, naw wt
a^WSasj'm'asJ'asa^ mm "t"i^SPI"f"w"onj| SB'S'
a ____a _u. ^a|Mu_jM^ ____, ___an
gMPnj. np }f)tWmt\lfmmAATmfmi -fan** msp
Watch and Jewelry Repairing
��r tu aitstm.
tAoawn Bess,
Aaaartnan Boy,
iten out the matter,
writes to this paper about it as foi-
***** '   nm\   '���' '
Whitewater, Oct. 4.
Editor Paxstreak:
; Some two months ago certain par*
ties eircnlated a snbseriptlon with
the object of presenting a 110 chair
to tbe minister wno so ^dlytoroaa
down, each Thursday evening, '
Sandon to enlighten the li-eitL
savages of thb burg on the su
etitdr fbr one of Sandon's ministers,
who was preaching weekly in tbat
place. ArrangemeQts were made
with Robertson A Co. for the chair,
bnt when the money was to be sestHaiaky Atm,
tbe name of the Arm had been for- {**** dattbalnt-hsra
gotten. Keferenee was made to the
columns of The Paystbeak, and as
tbe only advertisement found there
was that of Shelton A Co.. It was
concluded that thb was the Arm,
and the money was sent to them.
Shelton A Co. had. in tbe meantime,
leA Sandon and gone to Vancouver,
ImreUbsttppcJeed tbe monev ft"
Thepertfes are
Howard l**-M.io��,
Silver Brjar,
Bad Fox,
Silver Ball.
Lotsky Boy,
O. H. AylUrt,
Ofant waeaern.
London Oroap.
Oalena Farm.
MoUjr Hnikaa.
Mining Brokers,
enppwwpaFawewp  hpw warn
������The Elite.
iNviman ravaSsV   .
Mountain Chief, Atano-Idabo,
sss^a* tjt*w wm*etw%
asJooan Boy.
B. E.Lee,
Jaaaaoa Oioap,
Walllnirson Oroap.
Oradjr Oroap.
Sntmeribe for the Pnjn>tt**a��k.
And Other In vi*atmenta.
Every RcprosinUtiori Guarsntoed.
V-BnsMsVaWo**��     AW*    *aast
Stationery, ^
Cigars and Tobaeeo.
Haw la lb* lima to bay    Wrmr,
larweat atawb n Air tafbi
Queen Heating Stores.
Box Stooes,
Cooking Stoces.
Ranoee* Etc.
aaaTr*-sss*a>a_Bpj^w_r*'-_^--|     a*MP-a*rwa*a
I'traap aastSj-tstay Mmtw* ma4* in ������->���*'
Hamilton Byers,
Ertati M-rtMrf. ir*ar tataaattr |aan<li'^
I*tfat' class w��tb at Lj*jjtjviAa>abl�� rate, **r*eui
alsaatlaai ea4 emfek raaarn. r.n tawtJ-*****'"
by aaptaas.   Wrtta tnr spaelat pfi< *
Harts'-* sn*l *.**�����>
*Wo Wa mssjwwsb-twf
Gioil and Mining Enquirer.
rrutrlawial Load Surtr, .
KaaUs B.C.
Mineral Ctaiaas l��ai^.*atl aad l**i--r*-
-( I i-*��'
������AI*L AT
wbara yon will Bod a fall liar ,f
taMHeee Tebaoonf*
a, Wtoaa,
Atgjgmmm   Mmon*   0m��   ______MFS___b1
twar     wnmamr    "������     *i^,,awa,raBf aw
im* raker Qkip*


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