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The Paystreak Nov 13, 1897

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. ''������"Jg;|':-7''*r*gMWg'Wg
tfiTHiiur RB*90II 0.<Jl*riCK.
Tbe *A'onderlul inctwstigstioii Bitot)
omUH froAtam Prom All Wroij
lv*^jMUne t**��l**r*�� ����vc lately
i��.iM��rv.4.n��*|^nd ****** sit����
.    .   su.   Wontlt-rfui *** *o\*. num
��� wliieh has i**��  ***** I'1* *������' .' '*V"f
iv a in tlm company.   Mu-
. ���f i<����� #t**kh*��hler*r of tit*-
M-sui ..Vmp In British CilflM
t** tt**- r.i.f**-**nlativt* of this pe}��*r
VI,Sii!.,J.tV!i>��'^'   ' ��
ring fact-* lathe our    tlw
���4,*.*Uiol4ei>,  bttving o
la-raring of any seta of their <l *in^
the 15 months In*' past, called one of
the in ������*��� prominent mining att >r
neys and legal e.anmllor* in the
u .nh..e��t 11 examine all books snd
papers and .nil act* ot Ihe c mips
Utrough lis tru ���'**.*** from the Incep
ii u ol ihe company to the 6th Nov*
tui��:t. 1*417, snd drum the Informa**
tinned *��������� ��-\|.r��-ss in writing bisepln-
ion of the matters In dispute,   i lit-*
piniyn th iw-i conclusloery and with-
<��u�� a ��*����� itillS ��.f doiihi that, the
��-��.|'tit,-�����-d all hsoe been sesftmsiy
and r.-Jtjfi���*'*���*'���> guarded, an.l that
the c tnplaistt of the *- .uiut'**
With in :>> ilays iVom such
filing transmit to the Minister of
Mines tbe following document*! and
fee :
a A statutory declaration letting forth the drfmrnstarnces ofsuch
omission, with full particulars ofthe
mining properties held by the applicant wliich would be affected
with forfeiture:
(tV) A certificate trader the hand
.f the t'nld r.��nimis-ion��r or Mining
Becorder of each division wherein
any of the properties is situate, that
tio'H-i* has been posted, and that no
���   -.ft.-*....,    aaa_n_L**aA     %*-��_, Hi Vlj tt IL Ul
tee. so
���   ._,,   .jdates   to ju*itk*e, law aim
luity,hac    been fallv m* jgniafed
A. SL     '       _ J,
iiit-atti nf k��i*t������T Itiforined...j,.,,. ��� �����    ._, ,  ,.. .���	
e adtttottt and prPirit>,|aiid h����e*tly guarded by the trust
.ml   i-t-alsttin*/   that    lerg*?!*,.,** whom tlu-v aasstl.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^mmmm    i ���-...* atttlt.��riiy   mentioned
An Earhj Morning Wedding.
At 7 o'clock this morning, in the
parlors of the Filbert hotel, William
Sudrow and Miss Laura Allen were
united in marriage by Kev. A. M.
Sandford. M. L. Grimmett gave
away the bride, Miss Louisa Thompson * wan bridesmaid and Frank
He well acted as best man. Mrs.
Sanford was also present. After the
ceremony the party sat down to a
elaborate wedding breakfast in the
hotel dining room.
The happy couple will reside in
��": i >..-._��     I...��/.!    whaffl   a   suit,   flf
.   r.��   bav.* l***to-*vn Iran
in tin* ����->. ����d wo*-ll!s:
vhv tb** *-*���*��** tilwnW not
ba**e MtTptntt*--*! *hA*tnm iv**
. riva Whs vote, w-gar.ll****
. .itl ea<tHii* sad * >" r*
.���..tftaw regard nj{ r *f|��J
. . Aml Willi sit i"-ii-Mli *****
,'rjMrity 0* ft that rights
. misns, bav - In sn h hie *4
oUA exc..��.J**iH. and pTwl*
u-trtt-atsi wfcfeh ****?} t********
ititaseratsnd  ��*r  r*'��li��*.
��� atAupaitw trttSa'4-w*sml
i .-.��akvr*.*r ite<Boiq*ft!>
. *.   i*  a g,v_u wr-��ng d tee * j
ii ink, v oi jjtmia*' a; * *idsi**4e4
!,y t <�� **Bmo TOttfe*. aiel *-��i*��-v*aHr
M,*lal e-rrjs-ra'i'St**  f*l* ra!
ItHtiali   C-snmhia,    w��i��*
mne4 la j-arta*. h*a*t ��>
;:- -.=i thl* firt'Viiact. bat atao
t-t high ��t��;i4lng, who it��e
tlieir I- ���* ��� ��l  ��c r*rw <*�����
i.nt.*��i��tiv the cMirttry. ��*  ���* JJ
laijttlt antl rig.**   t-^*   l**r
rvj        ��� ,jrvv j*m-�� or titi*�� tM'ttttrt
ah-xihi si*    I'Vt*^ end tvtr   in   i*��
s    ��� ivi.tdlcaUMhertgttJ trhraml
ifamy Ho* la-fl**-* *:'    ���������" J,t>
i��ij.i.!��*v tl itne t*f a t NiMtinii) whtsr
onj\ prtat-awitv  Is ihrnemlent  up��n
tir.-ia.lust -vaVwiilrtl   l�� ***** *****
sirsaj-t* that a ft *r|��#rai���� Haly wh Mr
. havf-he-ii gna��*d.'d ilnring
in   past   H auntdit b> ��r.i^**'�����
tqcti   **x*ia��,   Ananeial    and   �����������
*���.>iliti^as themM9*&* 4 '*'���'     "\
tlerfai  jroap mlm*-*  wnUl ����   ��!*���
. .tu* M-rheis tnrnj! * ��� ���" 1**}
|-rtrsusl up ��n st -ai-lth 'hb* ** ���������� ,w"
l>lac^i Utose trtit*-^ in p iwer.
An I in aa mneh a�� from all tm*
t-vidt no* olrsainaldV ��f*  * "*! ��� ���feB'
that Un* cHuplainlng parties  haw
�� oftuitc-d no b'gal anmaiti*^ t ��� d����
ciwrr wliether or not Ut��*y "���**""
grivance, bin were aintply �� **��� '���
�� Mi-ttuutl c rmmittee by  vt. ���  v.-ee
vm.   am mg  theinselvw, ilw*\   ������������
hsvtnj, |* twitted a hallot *���** he tat"
������n "t the oidni-nt ofthe *-t teklioldt*r*j
in itit��-rt*��|F   irti*"  fcavtmr  en*wtK,u*ti
iii��ir  im*.ijiun*a ai   Jtnutical    ***f*
\itot tiagu tyxt usually eundwusi. "���'
isiblie, aa a public, have a rlgjj. ' '
���hinand a atatxunent frimi th*- oiHe.'i*'
,t! Um* i ���nipatiy who have ivpiv**.'��n
id tin ^ *.kh..hlors.
In puratutnei* of thi*. right, the re|��-
'"���mutative uf thia |ia|a*r has s.nign��
����il "hiuiited the thets aa ab���*>�����; ***,l
' d. And further tbat the psfth-a as-
���aHwl in tltu publication-* ol tl����'l'��;;'N;
thnaigii the agmiev of this so-ealleu
ctiininitu*-* ����f the att*ekholdor��. ***
NtiiMV  theutsolves as t.�� the legal
ilates tiH** fact thai upon a tbftrough
exauiinathin of all nvj lsamlp;i
pers of the e anpany that  the tie.
ind-i made by the i*>ealled eom*
I ;. arithout foundation in law
CC r*Jjult), *tltd ri'tuiudt the j.ubllc
lhathewho would Imdine th.' gra*
:;���< tm ear <af �� c ��urt of equity In his
Itfliall mu.* at least thiequity,
Th'* nmnager of thbc *m|*any ha**
u. \ S i *��r. s sme.* at the pr.^iertj
during all tla* time of th** company |
rxi.i -1..���**, mt i i* well known iu tlie
i* mttnnnity a* sn eficlettt and well
uif.-tntt.-d miner, who*! .servk-es in
ournrz tin- .nt,..   >,,    ........   ...
aji(iiic.-mi was net In posEeBsionofa
valid e-dsting free miner's certiti-
c.) A tU*eiaration by th" applicant, <-r In- tgeut duly cognisant of
location on the ground of the
ifplicant's pr.��|**rth*s, and the other
facte afflicting the ease, that he has
St*j_rchcd tlu* retards of claim** re-
eorded daring the interval the applicant was in default, and that such
���.Nairn- do not I except wherein stated)
conflict with or overlap any ofthe
prtaiCTties ����f thi* applicant:
���l   The worn of ave dollars.   V
Tin- Minister of minis may then
e   _  __,_.  ..i,   ,
tteo. Wharton, who has been
spending a couple of weekain the
Slocan, left on Thursday for Spokane, via Rossland.
The Pioneer Silver Club will give
another social at the Noble Five
hotel in Codv on Saturday eveniftg
November 20th. Everything is
being arranged to make tne social a
pleasant a (fair.
The wife of W. H.  Grant,  head
m nmsr ******** of the r'actflV* slope, to
'his t- rtt i* \. and ��ii who have
known dim throti-jli ihe past year
[so tar a* they are swart i. have no
it*l-v!��.,it to caa n\**n hs- ability
aad frotn .ill the evidence ohmlnsble
it -v-fiu. rlini-  Ijeyond   aU quesU R
that the ininoritv -���**'���;h ��uh'rs with-
twi pr.p��� i-'i-i i   ��'i <rt rawed iu! .
��v w I/1 caa Aa n > good
and <1 *ei gtvat injury t-
BA A if,      fl
mMB   Mitinq Rhalation.
Vh." Nlowlng is fr.'in the B. C,
Isaeth   \ ��n> inler Ith,
Sort* Is hereby Riven that lli-
Hon Btr. the i4eUtensnl tl >vern.��r In
mneil hi. heen pleiw I 11 repeal
the rngtibttj m of the U'.h day if De*
cemlwr,     !****��.   with     regard     jt*
r.ii'f againn   hrfbltare owlnj to
! *i'< o( a  Krif Miner's ce-rtlftcate
i... t >f��.re in force, and 11 mike the
[following   rvsrahtUon    In    rc*pi*et
orm wim Hit��,..-. ......        i
���f the i*la|��st*tl ci'ititicaU'. and may
also jive instructions for such am
endment I > be made tn the reoords
ss may he considered i*eQuisite, and
any tueh relief may Ih' partial
as t. p**opertlt*s In respect wnereof
relief is given, OT so as to s;tve ail-
verse rights acquired dmring defhuh
of tho applicant.
The shipments of orr from Sandon
from August l to November ll, in-
cltulve, l*JJff, were a- follow**  *
t <s
Slocan Star,
Idaho Mines,
N.l>le Kive.
Amertean B ���>.
Slooan It iy,
Freddie l-ee
K'lvl. tioit- it. .������      -. ,        rs'.'-V ,*".ei;,-,1
��� it *.�����:.i-r   irtfttlstlon    in    " �� Freddie Lee.
��� T::...""'������'-������" *ni] '";���������;..; E Ua*
.il; V.t.k.* .��������<���"����� ""' '���"" LiraCtianw,
***' , w iT . . > l...i..il.r|t
its   interest   in
reason of  >*"
free mm*
tin* day
bill... .
���f Nov. ml*i\ I f*Ut . mm^^^^^^
Anv person or Join! stock ema*
pan, being the holder nf sny milling
|.r"j.-riv. df-.irin^ relief against the
forteimn* ����f his or '*���* iwtarest in
such |.r.|��ert> by
omission to..hiain a new
er*s certiiicnii' on or before
following the expiration of theoer-
dtteate, -hall observe the (bllowlng
t mdttionsi
I.   Forthwith ufioh asoertatulng
the expiry of his certlftoatQ obtain a
new one,
I, At the time of ebtnlaint* web
new ot-rtilleate   Jile with tin*** KihmiiI
er issuiuir the same, and post in tho
record olWcc. a notiee.���!'his intention
to apply tot relief:
Ore shipni
10,948| tons
:,���, for the week from
ore H��P��C��-: inci-asive.weress
Nove.nl*.; m:;   ��.����g , ^   k.A
S.   Slocan m:��i '**���'��� '*' __
Church Notice.
, . will U- held at the Methotl-
Bervi-^wiiiwMw .
eoening. Tn�� evt     :  tlu> sonnon
beginat7il5,an   .tt Um.
music ik loiob'   a   ���H**-*1*'
K,v   A.M. Sanford. p*Vttor.
The custom of removing the head-
wear at the theater, observed by
some of ^andon's lair ladies, calls
down blessings upon them from
Miss Lizzie Whitney and Miss
Susie Lloyd, of Calgary, are visiting
with Mr. and Mrs. lieorge Lloyd on
Cody Ave.
Hawhiding from the Reco commenced Wednesday. A fall of 2S)
inches in the early part of the week
necessitated only two days lay-off
between packing and rawiiiding.
The ground in the ice rink has
been levelled off and will lie Hooded
a.s soon as the weather grows cold
enough, A gallery IB feet wide will
lie built at the east end, and a narrow one on tlte north side. A waiting room will lie built along tlie
boiler for warming and putting on
skates. Altogether, the arrangements will Ik* the finest in the country.
The new water system is nearly
finished and will be ready for use
before another week. Six hydrants
have arrived and are lieing put in
For Sai.f. A three-room cottage,
nicely built and furnished, on Sunny-
side hill.   Enquire of Bartlett Bros.
SUoer Quotations for the Week.
Saturday, Nov. 6, - - 57 1-2
Monday, Nov. 8, - - 57 7-8
Tuesday, Nov. y, - - 57 5-8
Wednesday, Nov. 10, - 57 3,8
Thursday; Nov. 11, ��� - 57 3-8
Friday, Nov. 12, - - 571-2
Lead quotations were 13.75 per
hundred up to Thursday, when it
dropped to *3.t>5, and on Friday
'h Mi
<&<: 'V
';' -\.,.
Letter Prom Peter Morrison From*
erlu of Ike Slocan Star.
Telegraph Creek, Oct. 25.-Mr.
Oscar V. White-Dear Sir: According to promise I am going to write
to you this short note to give you
and any one of the boys interested
what little information I possess.
There are 200 men here waiting for
the snow to make them a road to
Lake Teslin. All of J tbe sawmill
and steamboat machinery are- here
yet, and will be till about Christmas,
when the frost will have fatten lake,
stream and marsh, and made a good
road te the lake. The price for
packing to the lake at present is
20 cents per pound and can't get it
done at that, as there are only 50
pack animals here and can't handle
one quarter the stuff.
Bnt whst most of you want to know
is what are the chances for getting
through this way in the spring.
From what I can team and know of
the way I wonld say try and get np
the river from here on the first
steamboat, which is usually May
20 th, bringing with you supplies
and pack animals with feed (grain)
for them also, to carry you to Lake
Teslin. The distance'is 15) miles if
yen can't get here early I think it
will* be quite a contract to get
through after high water begins, as
are several large streams to be
forded, and a good deal of the
ground is swampy. The best time to
get in is this winter, but to s person
that ain't here now or got his supplies it is ont of thc question. Tbe
river will be frozen in a very short
time. The canoe tbat brings thb
letter is one of-the test to leave this
year for Wrangle. The people of
tii is place will have no communication with the outside as they call
it here, till February when'snoe-
staoe travel begins   on the river.
A number of people hsve brought
up there supplies and stored them
here, gone back again with the intention of coming up the river on the
Ice in February.
There are only two stores here
supplies will barely provide for the
Indians and few whites that live
here; So if a man came here intending to get his supplies here he
wonld get left, and to bring them
hy hand from Wrangle to here, one
hundred and flfty miles and as much
more to thc lake, is rather a large
undertaking. The Indians will
charge 25 cents per pound to the
lake from here and l suppose the
Wrangle Indians wonld tax a man
abont tbe same from Wrangle here.
It may interest you to know how
I got here. I got to Victoria easy
enough. After waiting there a few
days I took passage on the Princess
Louise for Fort Wrangle, got there
Sept. 18th and then my troubles
began. The riverboat left before
we arrived and no one knew
whether It would make another trip
or not. So three of us, I Wm.
Paris and W. R. Will, all from Slo-
ean, hired two Indians with their
canoe and twenty-Aye hundred of
staff to Telegraph Creek for four
cents per pound. We left Wrangle
on the morning of the 20th September and got here at noon October
3rd and tbey are days I never shall
# forget. It rained every day and all
day all the time while we were ou
the river. We had to fight for
every inch ofthe Wi miles with oar,
pole and towllne. There ain't a
Utile of dock water in the whole dis
tance of the Stickeen; bnt it Is a
good river for steamboats. To give
you au idea of what hard-ships men
have endured on the Stickeen this
fall out of the 25 passengers thst
came to Wrangle with us only Ave
of as got here. One man got
drowned, several more capsised and
lost sll they had. The majority
turned back after coming up a few
miles. Several men are struggling
up stream yet, but their chances are
small of getting here, lean look at
the river now and see it thick with
slush Ice. So much for the present.
I will write again when I get to the
lake. Peres Monni-tox.
Fraser Dramatic Company Make a
Decided Hit
The plav of Rose Garland at
Spencer s Opera House last Saturday night was a decided success in
every way. A full bouse greeted
the company, and tbe performance
was a good one. The company
Is made up entirely of Kaslo
people. Mr. and Mr��.A.(i.Fraser are
-professionals and old time favorites.
They sre s show all by themselves.
A. C*. Burdick as the flighty professor, was a revelation to hb friends,
and was ably assisted bv Miss J. M.
Kearney, as the marriageable old
maid. The other members of the
company T. J. Scantan, J. Lneas,
S. Hunter, Mrs. F. Sutherland, Mrs.
W. Hoddcr.and the little wonder,
Baby Margorie Fraser. For non-
profft-sionais their work was all
With one or two exceptions the
performance was generally pronounced the best that has been seen
in Sandon. The company have es*
tablished themjelves here as favorites, aud will receive a hearty welcome If they come again. The
special train on the K A 8 hrooght
in about 50 people. The receipts st
the door was *?_��!. which yielded the
Are brigade a substantial amount.
Thankogidng Proclamation.
Whereas it hath pleaied Almighty
God, In Mis Great goodness, to
vouchsafe this year unto Our Dominion of Canada, a bountiful harvest
and other blessing*}, We, therefore,
considering that these blessings enjoyed by our people throughout tbe
said Dominion do call for a solemn
and public acknowledgment, have
thought At, by and with the advice
of our Privy Council for Canada, to
appoint, and we do appoint. Thursday, the twenty -Afth day of November next, as a day * of general
thanksgiving to Almighty (rod for
the bountiful harvest and other
blessings with which Csnada has
been favored this year** and We do
invite all our loving subjects
throughout Canada to observe the
said day as a day of general
By Coihmand.
R. W. Scorr.
Secretary or State.
Rubbers!   Rubbers!   Rubberai
Wc are-headouarters -men's, boys',
children's and ladles'. For fall and
winter wear.   Hunter Bros.
Before you buy your winter Mackinaw see our "Carso Brand.** Wc
guarantee these goods and have tbe
sole agencyfor them.   Hunter Bros.
Johnstone A Haines have just received a carload of Gurney stoves.
The Goodenough,
American flan. 9AAA par day.
Raropaaa Haa. tm pat *tof.
StrieUy Bttd cU*a.
MRS. M. A. SMITH, Prop,
B0NGARD A PIECKART, Proprietor*.
The First Class
Hotel af C-saty.
Raft**:   i��*w��|B#rda
*r*M.t**r day
tApw*Ami Bat** hf th* Week
. . . SANDON
Make*, a *�����-���**IIr ot
FISH and
Twenty Faralahea Kaants*
AL H0YT, Proprietor.
ftonat Cwlalae In Kootenay
preprleter sad Maaater.
Flrat Clnaa to Rvery Fartlmiar.
Newly rwrMsnesL
MjmsS I __atM_a_rat-
pc*t a*a|awa.
a   a
Ma*. Kays Baaaae.
Amntetamt   atMt   Itompa-jtn   , .*���.
KlM**   Womt*A*o**   Ktantns   (i,   *t;r
��W*    moot lan-awiaS and I *�����*..-%.
Me Wlaaa, U*jas**--s and **smr*
Hotel Wellington
Strict!? First Ctsso
Special Attention Pa** to TtatrntotA
$1.50 to $2 Per Day.
New York
Brewing Co.
Dreyer & Holfmeier,
Waa** now .apt-fti-a* ��ll i*pI*t. ������**�����,-�� |rtly
for B*itt lad a uri linger meet.
Out h*mt U absolalaly put* an I equal ta any
baar mad* in t'ana.la W* tow nntliliui *>nl
malt aad hop*.
Tha Bnrart-ry I. <*utn|.l��r.�� Jt,*t*rv.ltrdall al��h
all tba latr.f im|a*trt*n,*tti.
J. S. REEDER. Prop
TheBottllaf Daaartmaat la la Charga
ef E4erer Dree.
M. L. QRinnETT
Notary Public,
A strletly flrst-elaaa hotel In
all Ita aat*#��latmewt��.
Uvery Stable wltli gmmd Saddle
and Paek Havaea In eannertlon.
Victoria House
gtrw eumpUU with thai-*** ISral* ��;'' > ���t
lit tho AUttb*f. Ail ^*J��"iw*t**_ ', " J,\m*
elasa. I&flttdtitt aleettto  ll��ht. ****** "*'n
aiul all
Modern Improoefnents.
A.1l.-..|l.Ut.r*.l.l.n.- hotel. *li.in*-*-J '"  **
* v*i,n*   (onaanlaat ta th* d*pot
W. J. MALL. IVop. '****���*��� ��*���"'*
jjk-a.  T1.U-. ot hew Pra>�� *~r��
,.    ,_���'__*     �����_.#    H_*_r|_aP-*r-.     �����    K
Caaat*at��,CI" Rfhs*t,C AJ|j*��*msi toVA ikmaid about
'MrTali. tntatt* for BWrlDgsnd sailing' with them on "the
��� A mm***
M,   |.astUah.(s.
���E * SJwo-fc. *����� ������*���* M �����*-
����� t  Tna*��a.ha4 ��HS�� -H^. *�����_��*���*
Til^Jri'v-irM^y'l^ i*��is
^4 j, r*i Aa*y-
v, i..Hl_*Bat'll.
tu, t B-tO*
��,��� |fc^^.a***at*t^y��trt.M^
w,, \^r*i����Hi, iwea*as��ia��
n^V-VL   NftAlM-ia-*to��t1��Mi
"(SAS �� *�����* ********* ���*���*�����**������ M
kMd,b*.d. ui aaa**. *ea
TT, a.%rfBt_^B*th����**��**��'*ir*a_,
[JXtii^lSB **��<*�� ����� ot 4A*nwAn
,._��*..*- nt mm,m*odt*4m.. ��*** '���*���������*������
^X ***** I ***** a******"* *** '"***��� u****"
**.���*** **��� a**ka****laa *��** ****** Am* to,
_..   K.���,.,*-l -**^.**_?* ***t^_,!_iW_   M-idaVT
��_*.*������*�� S ***�� IU��S WW**  A �����*���***>����
i*t I*
tw��K_. <***r iffK/Sarta H T*n*9mam ataw
htlHt) a IW<*<-* |. iata* Mam* la aa..
*'__a.i KrJaa L temSj W**** /^^-Ji.*.
'1|4,&lj*V **r4 li^J--**" ���
vvawion, ... r. i.��ia ri   >, a ,1*
���mi ��*wl J tl lit ittt, bund * taa.
J Y,Vhs��lt--.r*rti   lft J   E  JS--.4MI, trirsiw tor
r.njjti* Mitiliix * Ml ���..n.-.ii.ivf r..in;-,ir.�����.( rtpu
H*wtua, I i B lUrri* l.i l�� J WHr
���*aa��|r��. |   *��tt*- l�� IMrf I.lf,.J.|Li a.
*mtm i **o_ I-. J.bit ���������!*>
Kwtr | IMbrtti ������. L Beat -tttd A tie* H -tit-rb
kit to A 11 U*m
HAttetUbttvt-e. WmWtaokm to Jm>H Hakt-r
Sat i   rmy |. lirvT l.!o Uj'tid hi J M Harrl*.
Trwy I. ���stair t-1�� J Wrlr
tai.rri.awl.> J��M. 0*��*��
hatl**. |*_tt r-artl a. 1, W lUuaat to OtsO OssM
lia| IMjA ...hit**,.
t.rsfiltr I rots *tfT��-fn-t.i ��*!����-��. J K M<�� all.
Uvatr* U* utstiltv M * .** 0�� Ur l.*aa* H*<rt-��.
J V. < �����** llrai.*, V. Granite M I H Co
���M l-S��b lujrrr-.4l 0 <i��-***trw.fi Ir. II W
C.d-mad'. W M td .*m tu M llull. ri
Mm !�� Mllvcry <|��rr*>ti }. J Am B *nth to At?
A M_at_w_N__[_IM
**H,��# V������i.   A l�� A*Jd.t��rM t�� Tim Vfmmtfi
1-H.u.fl. t, E.I l��r.�� 4v�� I. W f Whr-llaiti*.
wt in old Bradley's one-horae wagon,
���**Aiig and nailing with them on the
bay and Sound, gathering ahells on the
nliorf with them, picking cherries,
bunging on the grata, gazing into the
sky with the whole pack about me.
There i* no delight like that of a pack
ol children���of your own. I/jve ie selfish; friendship is exacting, but this
other affection gains all ana asks nothing. Tin* man who hasu't half a dozen
young children about him must have a
very mean conception of life Besides,
there ought to be a baby in every house.
A house without a baby is inhuman."
I*   THK   ��tt��l*T*a   SK'tT
Ws.ss.ru   ar*
Well Trratad,
(,����~r,  W. A, Umwe*
*ays  Ktt
nonuR GO.
 Maiiufaturer* ol oil	
Sypbor.*r*> Ginger Ale,.
Sarsainrilla/Etc, Etc.
Seundozx, ,B.O.
Patronize home industry
when you want the best
The Ontario le*ri��laturi* will inei*t on
Nov Hii for the despatch of important J
huttine***. Thin anniincement created
much snrpriiM*. as never since 1882 has
the Ontario (iovernment been called
upon to meet until January. The settling of thi* timber question is likely the
reason for this early session.
The Verity Plow Works at Brantford
were destroyed bv lire ou Tuesday of
this week. The nre was the result of a
spontaneous combustion in the painting:
room. The loss is ahout $100,000, with
ouly $50,000 of insurance. Over 200
ment were employed in the factory. '
1 i'i*-*--j*���: 'ui ' ��������, I,1 ','i I1.,,1..
-HHHHHIIIMr ara��-w   r-al|W|ff# aV^^W^-rttft     Vr\>   I   ���wIsBfaV   l"��f
... too i: R*a,*atjaa-<|t*-. %** a,  '.��*'
Imih i:.* h L aS*** *v**wl*��l |   ****** *��� *
i I \ t*a<e* tAm-ea to nam. ata*��. - t.x*\
Jfcrt  v  > *At*A*>-**m. t-*��rtwr IM***   hLi-aaWht  J.
���� R "mmk �� Bimatt i��r*atS>y, Aaa IS
^Hiictinte ttg** a statement aaa |.ult-
lialwal aJoili parported to come from ���
���aorkiiiir. who had ju*��t returtie>l from
the Crow'* Ni-at, in ahuh the meUtodi*
ol Um�� t" I* U    in ct.nuwti.in   with the
buiMingo, tl* rLsad tti tlw \*am were ea-
, pttjar-d.    In   rt*|*4y    to   the   *t.u.*m.*nt
��� ttp-terre-l  to  M   J.  Ilanev. ui.tn.tger ol
' .xai*mn ti.m u quoted as aaying:
"1 am aorry to aet�� the ni*w��|,a{ier(i
, takitig up th<- matter an.l printing such
1 **��rril,Mv�� aritri.-a    I am pn-parvd at any
and all itotfs to Mate Uie real fact*, in
any etac of cm}r)aint. cither by mail Of
by wtw    The l*ct�� are that cfiiain men
,-*iit*r fntm Uie eatt wIk** la iv alia. J been
adt*n.t*.J by tie** >x��mj*tny and tlwy were
jfiten to MMSH taud tiiat they must, and
i otpmmi to. re|����? tbia fare.   In fact, they
? a-Laned contra. u�� to this effect
Vour money back
A  few
*.wd   tHtrtVS   R
i i  -ii����at rani-tin
iwttkt %A*tm
a'*��w*��T M*W ��00*0 n'mmm*-.��.���***����� IS*
jha * aaa I**"** . NH.rt���� laJaal 1-******
���aa. on J*.
at4* ��>->.* *mMt ^
a /L-asosLf so. W^llMrVa|f
* \fmy *7f^ latst |wa <** *
^mt*9MmOjt i   ��a anaj   ��.
-ras *7\*0n*m*moa u j (?n,|wlvomi Ul exniW U|U tnxymf.M an,-
in ciin��-f*qneti.-r of this there ha* Wn
triHtlrle.  TlifV *)*o endf-attinrrd to create
dtaaattffa is on. and you  hai*e aeen the
*tat��nn��nti�� that hat-e  l��-,n published.
In ri*g*i\l to the ithsi cttmplatnts.  1 do
not see whi-re they �������������� in.   Tlte men
ha**** the la-st of Ijoanl, and they receivv
Itai cam* ,>ii the dollar lor their wages.
Fat h man ia .-h��*-_>�����I **> eenta j*t mouth
for metli,-��l   !���-**#.   which   in   the   Jt-ast
amo-int I  ett-r h��>anl of any t*oui|^uv
cjtaegin-f      Ws allow   re*  tint*  check
acahn-i-* t.n  the line, and Uie men are
paid Uie WAgea tliey acre hire.1 for l*'f..n
Uiey J.-ft tlw* east     They were hired aitl.
the nt; lersundm*:  that Uiev were to do
any <l.i*��   of work   that  the v-tmijuiny
��ant.*<l ilone-.    I  am mil hard on the
men, and 1 alaap >lo a* I ���fttM i<�� il��.
( haw * haig ret-onl on large work* ami
���' I liaie ero-|4.��t ��-J a great many men in
l��y time, and  have always lived n|> 10
any agreement   I  have made.   On the
otherhan-l I exjavt iJic men to carry out
their part *d an agreement or contract,
ami   liate    always   insiate.1   u*.��oii   it.
I There are n��>w aUmt *t.iW men employ���
i ttl on the line Jn'taeeti  Mojrie lake and
���i.ti %\  riTt   S��t%t-aiaa'a.
���U*C'*f ��*���**
i*rt pv Ml r^Ofer, ft T-***��**��*t ���������*��***'���
K \ a, \ ,��***, *. mmni M a *:*a*rt-,*.
-.;*-.. r*a**>m..CM��l*ah*i������*
%0t i  aa*wfa>. I*# faiw��:  Sent ttmremt.
>.**** Ho rwdB aa I Jt* h *��� d*W,
***��  i   a��aaa��.  lata   T*>��t����st  ttSrr.   H f
tettmm tod A*. MrlataaMtm
> �� -   SJNrsr. If* ttsMar:
%M * . ���tmo ra-rtaawl. A V Alt**
���*tm   ^^��*|��,a**a**S.I*^***.**Vr������t��'t��*
**"t ff   Hwmima tdok. A*,kn K ah�����*��-�����
Oct J. . raaadnaa H t*a.r-*��* tlagttm��*�������*"
*<���**�� S�� i   tt mt || ts��i*stltl*���**���***
Ui I ��twiisaw. Ml^mTi. M >**>. Wtm*d* t��>k
*t��1 |    > ��   nl.^ ���***,   Krin tVM*1��.rM
"*   I s    1 *,n*l. a
>**** *   l..r,k, IHtaaaal
On t*~ t twtb*  |,  11 K IM*** *�� SrLtiH, at.
, &o '.   ����r**irh \. ttnnm Bremen U* *dlr*v*t-:
��.�������, i ��n i amr it mm*. ^L^^
Nil M.Atawht Tntah MttuU*��, iU tl
' ���**.�����. ., w ausrti t.aajtt- a. a -.���t.iHia*..
v .ar  _.������ -..MMwrt |*rtittrat>t
IV. ,,, i v || fl -*0*m**mfPf tl*t����  a Itltanr*
!�����!���, ���,!.,, |  v. I I,.* UalVipf la. *_Utr*
AiiNwimrii myimiis
if you don't like Schilling's
Best baking powder.
H. Gicgericli,
Agents for
Stores at Ainsworth, Kaslo and SandoirJ
We are headquarters
for Ore Sacks;
see us if you need any.
The Vancouver
lu addition to its furnished rooms, is
just the place to get an���
* itn-sira-ainir -atiafa.-t����rd.   ...
��� u ^t:z2;;^iiu**^
��� .��, *.. iceentrs ami    *' York >un,
inhi*di��H*t.ono           >* nV!l���.
����.r^^"TZtilluii  JmiMier
��."1i��t.-��!l rilt^T a j ii.u.��er��-*��    \A��tA. *�� J ����*   !u. Un| Wand oMatc
M_jtl  rnuaaah*. J li HJAfi,^"*; ^.J?.   *<l��     . ���,L   .Mialit   U  hia  how*
Mr,.,!.!- SsaAttatawan, i* ll****' ****** ���*��� I |���n,.��. ti>oK   <" ���U*"*       .....Itt-i
J-t,. * ft MtV^lTaaartr-.   H Vii'mri!1 i   ������tU". h���� 1^ rtn'1    i\,   ti V' *��'<����"
JjN.,u.n,.P*���| rallrt^-tl**.. X ********  I g^J ,,������-, ,��� rt**ert'M��'��n VTl,.! tl.tv t&l
Im j
it was
Nt'. Th- fs��, Ate�� Uaartt ����� atttni tt* A
T l.srla...i
* ��<*rl��i,.|
*m emtW0tW*r99*Wi 9* m w*
0*1** V.-i��rt, laehfl. IC**** H'nl. *****
���j.trMtril, V Mtt-aw.
thoae hour* ot ret" "J" '   (   ,|t, ai4). that
,!(,,r tlie .ot.*n*e  h����^  ;�� l   y Rt-, ,UI
����i  n..|V,r.|Jtit,|)u.
���wrt Hr-i.,
lue, Wm I. Ilaarat
",�� *> ��(trt,.n,.t
vsas-rwssa. !_r_nwith ��<>
S���  t.  Hen****   Vt*itw*Ut.\0*><* wn
SS'd^withhi*^^;";,   ,,VivTn�� them
MACDONALD  BROS., Piopiiettirs.
11.80 to &W \** <,a>'
IleailM,lsU,,l. tor Mining SpeculaUM-s and Capitalists.
Keco Ave.,
Neil Macdonald
Sandon, B.C
U%W' ���
The Paystreak.
Is Iwued every Saturday In Sandon, In Uie la ar.
of tlie art*Atc9tt White Metal camp on earth.
Sul*Kiipt*on     ��� ...     f_.waye*r
Strletly In advance.
Address: The FaTt-tkbak, Sandon, B.C.
SANDON. B.  C,   NOV.   13,  1897.
Thk Monroe doctrine Is in danger
of Anther damage by a British financial Invasion in San Domingo. It
appears that the erratic republic
whi'-h President Grant was once so
anx ioos to annex to tbe United States,
is now practically annexed to Great
Britain. San Domingo has been, si-
most frnm her birth, given to internal
faction-fighting and the passtime was
so expensive that she had to go to the
British pawnbroker and gut $7,500,-
000 on the security of tbe customs
revenue which will take at least one
hundred years to redeem. Tbe possession ofSamana Ray, which island-
locked in all weather wish 300 miles
01 anchorage, is to be ceded to the
British government Evidently Sec
retary Sherman is real smart on the
great seal question. Of course, the
British possession of San Domingo,
which be was not astute enough to
see until It happened, won't raffle him
a little bit. Now for a second edition of the Venezullan bowl, bnt tbe
Job is done.
FtaOM Juneau, Alaska, we have
details of the startling plan of two
Americans named Jones, of Fort
Towtvsend, a former U. 8. commissioner at St. Michaels, and J. J. Rut-
ledge, the U. S. Deputy Marshal at
Circle City, to make a raid, a la Dr.
Jamison, into tbe Klondike and seize
Dawson City In the name of the
United States, and haying secured
tbe support of an alleged 5.000
Americans now there to the ftllibus-
tering fun, overpower tbe Canadian
mounted police, declare martial law
at Dawson, and formally hoist tba
stars and stripes. Tbe present mining regnlatkms would be setsslde,
and as neither government would be
able to send troops to interfere before
May or June next, tbe flllibusters
could work tbe cboiee locations reserved by tbe Crown and all hands
would come out rich and get away
soot free when trouble loomed up.
Tbe story was sufficiently circumstantial to be sent by tbe Juneau
officials to Attorney-General McKenna
on October 21 and was published In
the Washington papers ten days later,
Emperor Van Horns Is given to
that kind of pleasantry which delights in treating tbe common nerd
with eootempt When talking over
the proposed new terminal buildings
in Vancouver with the elty conn-
cU on bis late trip, one of tbe Aldermen inquired if It was intended to
employ Chinese on the work, to
which Van Home promptly replied,
11 You bet your boots we will." Naturally this ezarlike defiance of public
opinion brought forth an emphatic
counter expression from which the
mighty Van might guess that the C
P. R does not own sll Vancouver yet.
Fortunately Mr. Geo McL. Brown bas
explained the offensive words as a
joke, bnt the people are In no mood
for such jocularity. Vancouverites
hsve not forgotten how hundreds ot
cheap mechanics and workmen were
brought from Montreal under a contract serfdom to work for the company
in order to "down" the labor anions
on the coast, and their penchant for
Asiatic isbor is bnt too evident
(Jurat is Tamilian vt Greet is Van
Wyck, the elected candidate of Tsm
msnv, who for four years will be
next to the President, the most absolute monarch in the United States.
Where now shall we find the Rev.
Mr. Psrkhurst whose patriotic pursuit
ofthe corrupt -Tammany gang was
beyond praise. Evidently corruption
is too deeply enthroned in New York
to be shamed into decency by moral
Pant* for Latf-f Friaaaara.
The lady criminals of Kansas sre
aUrmod ai the threat of tho authorities to
dress them in overalls snd put them to
breaking stones. Thia to sn example of
feminine perveraeness. Here sre the
trousers���the aim of their lives���at Isst
within their reach.   They hsve only to
extend their bandit and the coveted garments are theirs with no more snort
than the theft A a loaf of bread. Not
even the prospect 'of breaking stone*
you would think could deter a really
ardent woman's lighter from aaauming
the male garment with the full sanction
of the -Mate. Bnt no, sll the women sre
la s psnie. Indignstion meeting* have
been called by the women's clubs and
dealers in
Batter, Egg*,
Cheese. Apples,
Poultry ana
Cured Meats.
TV l*rte*-*t tmn_t-*r. of dram
Ipyvda la WaScm Caaada. All
wtnihotmm aader pertort tyatam
<*f-*aMstorage. FaUMurkcarried
al Rattan, R. C. Fur prim write
or art-re
r. rf. BUSSS-tall
mtamgarot Nelaon Br-itich Par
aon's Pradnee Company
all the unfortunate lady convicts hsve
had their Hues raid. In Kansas the
women vo'e. In onA nem life they torn ���
pete with the men as keenly ss tn other
Mates. Bv sll means let them have the
overalls aiid then to tlw atone pile, If
thev are so anxious for the prerogatives
of the trousers, let them not shirk the
A rich strike waa latch* made on tbe
Bolander claim, situated near Sandon,
and some very fine ore has been taken
out. The same lead was also discovered on the Chicago, an Adjoining property, and the same character of ore is
being taken out. Tlte Bolamfe property was taken up early in the spring
by s* strong company of Kittdlay. ilhio.
Some work waa done on the claim at
that time, but the discovery waa not
made then, and further work wss delayed until the property waa crown
Kintetl. Tbe crown grant hss now
<n secured, and it is expected work
will be protacuted without delay since
the late dnd has been made.
It is said that two important bills will
be introduced during* the next session
of the Dominion Parliament. They
arid be the Franchise Bill and the Plebiscite Itill.
Jas- Moras has returned to New Denver after a few week's holidays spent lo
GmAiai Pad Railway
floo huife Une. J
m Quickest
Route to fit. Paul, Chicago,
, Detroit. Toronto, Montreal,
New York, Boston. Philadelphia, and all Eastern
Unexcelled Sleeping Cars
on aU trains, Tourist Can
to fit. Paul dally; Uoatoti
every Thursday; Timmu.
everv Mr-nday man Kevel-
Steamer leaves ISakuap
dally except Monday, making clo^conneetton a: Revel,
stoke with trains ft** a II point*
Kast and West.
Kef-re von travel get Informal i*n
trtjtn C.P.R. agenta as to times and
rates.   It will save yon money.   Apply to neatest railway agent or u>
A. C. McARTIIlK, Agenta Sandon.
11 M McOKHJOK.T P A..N�� U*n H V
Dist.  Passenger  Agent, Vancouver
California, Allan Horn.  .
Par-Ulan. ��*���
*-*��r*d*.liutntala*. Mb*
tahrla. Vonmrd Una	
Wtom M-*4*tfaal
"" ..'. ,."Omt.t
a * * *. * a t-* W&W' W
l *4rs�� Varfc
fiultjeet to change without notice
Trains run on ftetdfeHtandanl Time.
, .......
Campania.     "
\ta*0*tie. WhltaStar Line.
iWataiiila        '* ......
rta.;Paal, Antariraa lain*...
^H*:X*0*Im**j. *    ��       ��.tor e ,-*, ap * *,r
mat* nf JVat>ra*ka. Allan Stat* lata* ... ������
-Wrath-*-*** fe-iStar Una . ...SefASS
Na*(*o*laAd, "   ,..._������
���Cabin MM*), mm. t? tin and opwanV*.
InttLtimdlate -a. and apwa-it*.
Oriel B-raaln
r^tj*j>u>jJlj��n*.jf the Kortyran IV atitK-aL
PiaaaM ^e*a^*a *fraaa**P tt**m all i*aa_t.
Vfpljr to A. i:. M. AKTIIUM, C.lrn. Aawat
mm* ���*rrrr,
0**Mes-al Amewt,
tx r. a. (mr**. mimmlmw
I ten** S so A.M.
���it tn ana opwwtm.
St JO and apwutls.
TM*tS*d thr aiark ta at vdma ta
Of Ireland, and at Sf*--<*&ll-- km
__ -J ���__, aa ..... ._ #_..-_��___..'
m |a **
*�� an **
���- MSI ���**
.. pi p* ..
** lass *���
Arr. ��**>**
Arrtt*. �� v v m
Work     *'     �� l
*��� 11*    ���
 .       ���     i ��
MrOatoaa i -<���
0*mf*nmtt*m, - Ti If -
Waaiaa taa*** i ��������� --
coov u��r
t*Mt* It a��a.m.      Saatfua     Art*** u .v.�� ���>
���*    ti sr. * f***sV -    tt*.
r��*t rVaa raltwaMl east m**o**hlp to**-- '���������
awl fraa all imIjI*, *|r|rtr t. a t anrii 11.
Sand at. H |��
a omayMytmtt   m*m*rWMj*r*/.
OlSV r'. (-tOPFT-AXr.
���nas-SiaSf-l fl ir    11 ->' ���'
,  -.
Mining & Milling Co.
Rand & Wallbridgc,
Mining snd Stock Itrokerw,
Sole Agente for Sale of Treasury Slock.
Kootenay Mercantile Tailoring Co.
��*-*ai*ss.s^H..ww..tv--*_,.i,sit_i_l>ViJ..,. mora**
always to Stock
���   T.���. mt Ml.  WfSlk* ILUmOtke.
*'X'U*ahmi ua 9mm ma* ma.
ii.ta ibflotti Slfton, Minister of Ihe
tuU,riot, at^iini-ial**** hy Hewitt Bo*
k M j' J. A. J. McKenna, of the
|L,��..>�� ' ***** Ueft-uwiil. nod
. (*  vj��-urn, Ottawa Oiarrespondeni
j,*** Toronto QkAMA wfco **" ****���
f(lh sifuHt and party ea thrirtrlp since
Ipjrisjc i *<-*,-r**- a**1 ���^wk,,�� * *Kor1
n��i on Monday.
Vntmifia Sandon oa the regular
,,_.��� ut. i ihe a P. It. the party, after
, u* n. rnt-ntsausat latasetlng friends
,. iu* *u- *��. totyk horse* aad proceed
el up th. bill, viaHiug the Rath tain**.
.hrr. ibr*. had ltu-��h, snd sflerarard
,_, Stotan star ct*ncsaUrstor. Although
pm tan in thr party claimed a k��o��1t-*dgr
4 annum. aII espl'tiasid taaiasslven a��
pvmrt, intuistsd ia *-rhal thev had
mm otA rrgt***aa*jd that tlwf had wd
mpre um* to ******* visiting sdta* A the
<4_<f ,ri<-ai wiaoa ei the Ktocan    Mr
j.*^-*. ������u-r-***-'*^ th*1 h��* had
��*itw��n*tdeui visit th�� Pa-fs-emio***
H^tta.1 hr*tA so SSach of thr Payne
uatr br itoA ctmtm west that he ��as
wt aiorh lnt��*feat��d, hut a* Mr fttltoo
��jv| Ih.* r-MUttry I* an targe, and,
���*��.*��. i-e wonM like to. we cann ��*
���nil arrange  to  tart} longer   in .Han
Iftwi \h��ir return frooi the mint*.
Akxit three ot-tnrk, a receptinti ��**
Mm ai tbe lioiAmmAgh. house, where
* asmtrj-r ot the re-fHim-af'ialUt* ratten ���
i>A'.<b>v. hail an epfHarittiiii t ..( mi-et-
-ax Mt   Stium aad  Mr ft*******, and
hi tag Mow theta the rt^tilromeats oi I *���� i��*i.�� and tbey
Us* titan,  a ith  a   ****^��****t   thai   tb**|   ����,.*�� .a ���*.-.. _,vj.
anil  Sksgway  trails    It   ia a -.Inning
tribute t-�� lb*, thnniughneas ��f u���- man
that be, filling the position be does as
minister of tht* Crown, with  scores of
men at bin rofamand, mould undertake
ibis trip in thc (see of an atipi-aaehiiig
winter, over the hardeat trail on earth.
*l.-.'j.iiijf und.-r the *tar*.<'atiii_- baas Ock
and bard'ark and packing us load on
his shoulders alongside the Siwa.*h half-
i.r.ttl ��.r lbs liardiest trail bhuers that
Sfsr set out (nr the Yukon.   There will,
fat more beard of  Sifton   in  ( anadian
(faditles     That Muss force of character
whielt carries the man to the iritis of
the (roxcn north that  he may acquaint
hiniM-if with the condition* <if the j��m*
factor and pioneer, will find for him a
place In Canadian Ustory,   We need
more men like him, let their politics Ik*
what tliev mny
Speaking ��*i the trip and bis pergonal
��"4|a'r!.*iict*.  Mr   Sifton  waa very un*
a**n alng and with beoandiM* tiuKle-ty
claimed no honor for hi* acliieviiifHt*.
A* be put* it : "I don't MS that there
is MUch to t��ll    In ths party was Major
Walsh, wbo will   have  control of the
Mounted Police f����rce in the Yakon this
wiitier, AtArt<- McGalra and Clerk of the
Chart wade, one officer and tea men of
the poHes tores.   Wr iwt Ottawa Sept
Mth ami t��<l��*r a  rapid   trip weal took
the goferssS-aid iteanrar Qaadrs fur the
north.   Arm lag at the l.ynn canal on
urt sih we spent a hw daysgathering
iiifi��nnation and theft Major Wal-h and
I made a lying trip over the CbUkoot
MBS to the _-,.temmenl   i*�� t   at  UHM
Tajfiah.    it-turning  by   the Skagway
irail    When we arrived ai Bkagway
we found fifteen men of the police waree
with twelve Ion* id Mpptisa, Who had
tte**ndi*i*atch..lab<��ad sf aa, awaiting
our  arrival   and  almo*l   lionele**  of
making the  trip over  the pass    But
'caaV was aot the w.ri   We**aasa
tlierr ts go over lhat paa*   The packer*
refused to carrv oargisal-*. the weather
aould  BOl  faced.
oil   the   high alti-
tnrn trip. He says that light draft
boats can navigate tbe river to Telegraph (reek at all times during the
summer, a light railway could he built
to Teslin Lake at a cost that would be
in no way exorbitant and navigation is
practicable on the Hootalinqua all the
way to Dawson. There is gold ou the
rivet everywhere ami Mr OgiWe is reported as having great faith in the
poasibilltiea of this ration as a quart/.
B*ini*_g country in the future. The
country is not liard to travel and this
route w i'l no douht he much used next
Mr. J. AMcKenna. who has lieen acting in  the  interests of the Dominion
_f..v*Tiiiti��'iit in the matter of the Shon
fre.-*. Indian land qiiesli.m, returns with
tbe party to Ottawa.   He was averse to
saying anv thing on the subject until
he made bis report to the department.
The party left Sandon by special
train over, the K. A S. at 5 p! m., and
after paying a short visit to Kaslo will
proceed* to Rossland and thence to
Ottawa, stopping a few days in thc
principal towns of Manitoba.
Here is a cure for the Klondike yellow fever given bv an American Lately
returned from Afaska: "Pick out a
morning next winter when the mercury
is below zero, shoulder a pick and go
into the woods before breakfast, dig a
hole M fee*, deep; come back to Uie
bouse at night and eat a small piece of
stewed buffalo robe and sleep in the
woodshed. Repeat the dose as often as
frailetnen do what lay in their power
n�� mae.li at much aa p��*��itde ��*o��n* ��f
ibe pr��->��*nt denVtwacsc* intheg����v��ru
��-ut -,��tict*>a     While granting that
*rn*i im|-*fnvs*%*wnl had Iw***-* ssado in
*-*-����! ��Tvicw during tb�� p*<4 vane.
a��w i��*4al (Sdlrtlos were aaked for
TV p��,i��� .|��l rta-uemS of the nwtalrtit-t
<* mu..I'.ii a��* that their town tv made
a-awitaj mtn bv the c*i*>4-i**����a dofarV
���a��a    A i-a-titesa  t.��  that   df��i had
���niwdt  "-r*nfrBm-daf..l^-.t*^ H -*���<<
r**4,*k in \ tekwia with a wspt'-a tha:
W t* oiid do what he ronhl in tbe-r in-
leo-**. a; ittuws    A* yet, however, he
bad noi ftvrivsd the petition, ami the
'.._..!    tlujf SaiHt.ui a t^natom* port
��� it altogether new to  him; hut, b��*
���asi, tritr worthy of t*mtaideratt��oi ami
��i*ri��t.| ewtaiulv have hi* candul at
iirtwn    Although tt��tt^ *��f the*** ��pn*t
tiao* t sine .iiidc* Mr. Mfflmi's dejwtrt
*��.*n?. he rvpreaaed him**eli a* much
istarrainl at*d protnised to make can*
hi tnto A them  atwl sulooil  tie-m  to
ibeit \*ti\w*r lej-artinent** ��n hi* return
���TtiSortl Mft��ai i�� a native of the Pro*
iinr,' ���t i riiurkt. hut idtmv an iNirly ng.
^�� been a resideat mt Matttto**.. wher**
����� was. .tiii-sl to the bar. Mractlaing �����"
��n ait..ri���.- tn lira ml on    After ***r\ m^r
is tbe l.rt'nl govfinmeiit a* Attorney
Ueoeral, tn nbbh capacity be fraaied
**�� *ioi..ri.oia Maniloha Hi*h.��ol Act. be
*m into Keiiorsl pidittr*    When the
��� ��w*n ittivtr^tverumentstepiNHt down
Jw -"it. *.i tuy tMtcct-a^ded bv Sir WMir.-t
laiin,,, administrstioit.' Sifton   wa>
fH-wi, am MininM-   o|   Interior  o��i  *������
cwiiiii ��>f htt rictrse aasmdaliin ami ratail
*,r - |i nut Aiicmliip Willi everyl'mr
l^rtsiiim^ (o id!,  ��tevel.i|MtH-iit of U��i-
rreai country west td the lake*-, whlrh
>�� k>��ttcd io bv Mr Sifton ami all otber-
���* ��� ��amit-i  wiiii  ita reamirrea  a* the
*����n��tavo( Canada's hope for futur**
n*itn-HH.   Alttough never a reaid. nt
f witidi (olutnhia,  the Mlni-ter  ol
iMsrlur i�� iborotighlv postml on the n-
���"������"r etiui.l miulretnents of tbUgreai
Protitire, nnd it waatoinorethiMUghlv
���''llinu.t himself with the existing s��'!
JgMI) t-tiniiirliur cmtdllion-t In the ��old
^���'���fibc far north that Mr. Sflton
******* his now famous trip ov.��r the I ���- ****
, ntj a^����, -.    ��� _,   ,
tildes and ibe mnd wa* staph librHhle.
We bad the a hole   mitfit  with  tweniv
ton* A *m\t\ he* at the Dos_laioa Gov-
erntneni . itstotn* b.��u*i* at Tagisb l_ake
In ten da>- The boys are in Dawsoa
nty now and Maji.r" Walsh i* busily
eiigagetl e lahli��hing DOSlS *> I tales
aitart all along the itiifereitt routes
There will hr a j***��tal ftervict* vni
monthly to the heart ����f the \ 11W..11
rnuniry b��.ft.re ChHsttBSI Tuers are
j*, �����..,.^ii.,-,1 ia the district and I am
foi.Sdrut thst lhe> a ill he ahl.�� to keep
urdar So far the \aw ha* been a.-JJ oJi
*em*d and there is no reason to btdieve
tbal tl will W trthera i*��*
"Mr Sift����o,"*therei*��rteraHkeil. 'are
ae hi lrj��Ju.ve the rsoties that havejfain
e.| . n-'lattn- even where thai ther* *-*���*
be a great deal of  priv.ition  ntid
likely   starvation  in  the   Vukoi
winter *
"No, | can prittv coafhlently rtsts
that there i* linle danir.*r. Altbougb
there will he SOU* to sjrare. I bslieve
there will In- a -.ntht ieiicv iu the centres
<d |w-ipulaiion. Dawson, Vorty Mile nnd
so forth    ( ommnnicatioo in winter Is
practical   lmpn>a*L*iHilitv   and
Willi' of the t\
������Wlmi are y-wir
������fleveral   I hail ��iih
*i ukon <*ouutr>
*     soirees ��>l  nilomia
llgiivie.   **Uo   pCU
MB   Mr  Wm
knows   m as
than an**
adahlt the l ittK.-ii v--���-.,
man In the cnmlry or .oil of it Wt
met men OOUtlng l ut who Jia.J left Daw
*��mi a* late ans.'pt \! We have stalls*
ties oi the am runt of snpplies sent in
and the nuuiJ.ei ul people in the v.uin-
lr% Ideal think there is much danger
of starvaluai."
���About the wealth ef the eottuiry?'
"I win repeat for ytM Mr i^i'-i1"*
aot.la    ��� Veil them for  un*  that  I don't
think tbe stories of the Imtueass riches
ttt Uie Yukon country have bow ox*
twt siisnaN wh rn
A 0. Magsmof tho Toronto Glolxs
who was witls !li.' part*, throughout
then trip, had a v',,M' deal t<> *--i\ nbout
the Stikeen routcregsnllngwhlehthey
���,f!iili<'i.tl some infnmwtlon >m the re*
Newly opened in New Denver, is one
of comfort, luxury and ease. The
rooms are elegantly furnished, the
building hard-linished, the dining-
room warm, light and tastefully decorated, and the tables laden with all
the viands fit to eat. It isn't neces-
to talk about Henry Stege's bar. It
is too well known.
()f Elegant, Useful Furniture.
Twenty styles of pretty Ladies'
in Cane, Reed Work and
^^^^^^^^^^^ Upholstered in French
Silk Brocatelle, Plush and Damask: ornaments for
any Drawing Room- a     -^ q>    gA
Handsome and acceptable presents in Ladies' Secretaries, Bookshelves, FanCy Polished Tables at
fl.00 each.
1 have too much stock for the times,
and am reducing prices ��"&��
treiirht and handling, Another
u!_Moar haa just arrivrd forme
inf is itoivunUKuling at Denver
Stock too heavy;
Prices to Zero.
Fifty dozen Al chairs at 60 c^nts each.
Fifty patterns of silk ai.d other covers with tr.m-
nUnirs lor sale by the yard
D. H* Crowley,
Thirty ycai*-*' practical Upholsterer.
Wear Ihe I*fiWK el��ce, New !X*nver.
m i
A Meeting Maid  In   London  to  Kxplaln
thr Condition or tha Property.
From the British Columbia Mining
Review, the only B. C. journal published
in London, Kng., we take the following:
* " While extending out congratulations to the Board of the Vancouver
and British Columbia General Exploration Company, Ltd, on their decision
to meet the heavy slump in the market
nice of their shares by calling a meet-
ngof the proprietors and putting the
acts before them in all their naked
truth, we are yet sorry tbat we cannot
equally congratulate the shareholders
on the position disclosed. Rumors of
an adverse character to the company
and all its works have been floating
ahout the citv for some weeks, and
probably inside selling of Galenas at
merely rubbish prices indicated that in
some quarters it was realised that the
Vancouver syndicate, as it is known in
the city, had been the unintentional instrument for foisting a worthless silver-
lead property upon the British public.
Bnt we do not think that the shareholders of either the Vancouver syndicate or the Galena Mines Ltd, had any
idea tbat the real state of affairs was so
lamentably disquieting.
Mr. Corniskey might have been a
little more particular and less general
in his remarks, perhaps. For instance
he passed over Mr Callahan's connection with the company hy saving that
Mr. Callahan "was supposed to be a
first-class miner,** and that is all he said
about this gentlemen's connection with
the Galena Company. To a shareholder who tried to draw him regarding Mr. Callahan'* management of the
property he vouchsafed uo clear explanation, but passed on to discuss the
present position and outlook before the
syndicate A great deal was made
about Mr. Carlyte's reports. Mr. Car-
lyle, however, simply drew up his reports for the guidance of the Government, and it behoved the Directors he-
fore launching this ill-fated concern to
have very carefully checked the reports
made about it by absolutely impartial
experts before accepting them, and
making them the basis of an application to tbe British public for a large
sum of money to exploit the property.
Surely the presence of sine should have
"*. -.*___. SI   . __,
��UIW^    WSaXJ   ffyrm VOV*aw  ******   ������*������--   ������ 	
been discovered bv experts at the very
outset, instead of having to be disclosed
nearly twelve months after the formation of the company, as one of the reasons of tbe failure of the property to
realise the hopes of its founder*.
Of course we know that to a large extent blame is laid upon Mr Callahan:
but all the same, it ought to be pointed
out that for tome time advices from
British Columbia about the Galena have
been distinctly alarming; and as this
was one of the chief properties of the
syndicate, waa quite sufficient to account for the heavy fall in its shares.
While we do not for one moment im-
)ugn the bona fides of tbe directors of
.he Vancouver syndicate, we sincerely
regret in the interests of tlie province
that they should have been connected
with such a frost. Very little was said
about tbe other properties and options
of the syndicate, but what was said was
not, We are afraid, of a character to inspire much confidence In the breasts of
the holders of either Vancouver syndicates or Galenas, or indicate any possibility of an early recovery in the market prices of these issues from the
depths of depression into which they
have been plunged by the series of unfortunate events which were punctuated
hv the admissions at Thursday's meeting by the chairman.*'
A dispatch from Greenboro, N. C,
states that Syd, the big elephant belonging to Robinson ft Franklin Bros.' cir-
cus' became angered and soon worked
him 30 feet through the air. Master of
Animals Jenks rushed up and was sieged and thrown to the ground, and had
not an attendant run in aud dragged
him awav he would have been trampled
to death.* Keeper Smith was picked up
and placed in the shade of a tent, where
three men held while he withered in
agony. His lips were dyed with Wood
that flowed from his mouth. Syd has
has killed two men before, and bas
never been punished, and the piaster
of animals decided that he must be conquered. Accompanied oy another elephant, Spd wa* led into a thicket of
pines. Here his front feet were bound
with heavv chain* to two trees and his
bind feet shackled. Then a block and
tackle earring a two-inch rope was fastened to his foot and to another rope
and 80 men caught hold of the rope and
began to pull. With a scream of rage
and pain the elephant plunged forward
and the rope was made fast, snd again,
as the men pulled on it, the animal
plunged forward, snapping off the hook.
AU the time he was trumpeting fiercely.
Finallv he was securely fastened, and
the men fell on him with spokes, pitchforks and clubs. The animal screamed
and lunged while tbe men  beat  and
Krodded him.   The forks stuck into the
mgb hide, necessitating two or three
attempts 10 get them out   The blood
was oozing from a hundred wounds.
Directly in front of tbe elephant was a
tree a foot in diameter.   Putting his
forehead against this he swayed it hack
and forth like a bush.   Suddenly with
one stroke of his trunk, he swept it
clear of limbs a* high a* he could reach
With one limb held in his trunk he
struck fiercely right and left, and hia
tormentors scattered poll  melt  to get
out of his reach.   One man veutnred
too near, and with a single push the
elephant, threw him a do-ten feet away,
where he lay stunned.   Two others
were treated in the same manner.   A
fork thrust through one of the animal's
ears was pulled out of the handle.  The
elephant caught the fork and drew it
out himself and threw it away.   He
threw a stone 80 yards.   After the men
had belabored until they wereexausted
the elephant was still  uncoiiquer.il
Then they brought straw and piled it
under hint and fired it.   Aa the fiahtes
rose the suffering beast :��reamed and
struggled.    He caught quanitie*   of
dirt and threw it on his hack in effort*
to protect himself   against the fire.
Three times the straw was rearranged.
aod flames curled about hia body.   But
still he would not give up.   Final!v the
tough bide began to loosen froiri tbe
sides till It hung in sheets tbre- feet
square, exposing the   smooth   while
flesh.   Owing to the struggles of the
poor animal the chains by which be
was held had cut into the trees two or
three inches.   Hundred* of townspeople
looked on at the horrible spectable.
Aad the elephant remained unconquer-
ed, aad the attempt to subdue him bad
to be abandoned.   Then the master of
animals had a tent erected around him
and gsllons of vaseline were applied to
his scorched sides.   It Is said that he
will be killed if he ever attacks a man
1 ass fields. They claim that the American eomjianica reap an raorMa harvest from our ga�� field*, whioi *l��na��ta
ought to have.
A cheese factory at Paramount, near
Luckaow, Ont., wa* burned down Uat
Friday night. and 11,000 worth of cheese
was cotnnletely destroyed. The amount
of insurance carried will not cover tbe
entire los��.
Rugby! Kugbv! Nothing but rug
by!^rae(l*giiod*e Hall Rugby Team
in a great game at Toronto, on < let. 28,
defeated the team from Queen's College,
Kingston, tbe score being 1*. to i in
favor of the legalite*.
A spinster of 6*1 years, Miss Ann Mary
Howell, living at Jersey ville, a short
distance from Hamilton, waa married
this week to Richard Bennett, a voting
haroesss-maker, aged *il year*. The
bride haa 97,000 in cash.
Two freight traiti* on the C. P. R.
collided near the big iron bridge which
span* the itrand river at Gait, on the
morning of Get. 21. No one wa* **eri*
ously injured, although moat of the cam
on one of the trains were damage.!.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier wiil moat prob*.
ably accompany Sir I joui* Daviea, tbe;
Minister of Marine and Fi��hieriea.�� ban'
he goes to attend the meeting at Wash-)
ingt-on, of experts to inquire into the
preservation of seal* in fob-ring Sea
If yoo are���
Room 17, Black* Hotel.
. W W *��'-.''��������.��
Call at the
Hotel Ivanhoc.
la the Pinneer House nf the City
HCillfCB       Find ���< !.i\-
BRICK ��������'��� ��*ii**_
YARD a    the  country.
Gom-tCHE.1 MAOSl?H��N.iV"|��s
The new issue of Canadian postage
stamps will be mi sale about the 1st of
Revival services are being held in
Toronto this week hy the Rev Dwight
L. Moody, and are attended by Immense crowds of people.
Forent fires are raging on the southwest side of fhe Oxford Mountain, near
Georgevitle, One., which ia the highest
mountain in Eastern Canada.
The body of the girl, Ethel Potter, of
Kingsville, Ont., who so mysteriously -
disappeared about two weeks ago, has'
been found in the Detroit Kiver. <
Sir Wilfrid Uurier and Sir I^ouis
Davis were waited upon this week by a
...... ~���. -��� .deputation of M.P's. and other intermit-
itself into a rage.    Keeper Smith went led   parties   from   Western   Ontario, i
un to him to quiet him and tbe animal I asking for tbe curtailment of theexpor-
seised him with i-s trunk  snd  hurled | tatlon of natural gas from the Ontario;
Thos. Brown & Co.,
8AND0N, B. C.
Garry the largest slock of Men a Knrntshlngs In the Hit-nan.
Everything from tlte finest dandy apparel to the working
clothes of the Miner.       WINTER OUirBINO,  OVER
Fair Dealing and Honest Goods.
Oane and Sen Va,
\9* 8W&a$B>
Dealer xx\ MEATS
 1 AT:
ifrom ~ the < muirio \ 8 A N DON.
8TX>0AN   ClTi *��XT oVF.K THR BtUPF
AfliHtecr Accident on Um Gocern
ment Koad to Codtj.
l_i��t Saturday a# a lornl of lawU*r
��_* i*iiig Itanled teottt the Cody
*,��� mill by a team fr��*ttt the mill
A!,.��,, r ti-atii w t* ttK*t on *M*e sharp
nrvjont atart'oUli railniad bridge.
ttif hi-Ak* >��i the svnjgritt broke when
the ��lriv��-r  'fkil   to ataip. and tb��*
^,ji\   baid  ftaTped  the  Irani mid
��*,-,*>.�� ... r the liluJF Ut tin* on-ik,
*$���  hi  i.fi  Mow,   Tin* driver
l��-tlM*!lK*  load %v��*nt over, and
tm uninjuiitl, bnt ****** horse *��*
UlinUU th��* othrr hatllv injored.
It tad* t -n,��   Inrttr* with   libck   a lid
Uk-kk- to get the Injnntl htir*** lark
..aUw- trail. -.
Thl* Is the \*\e*M of rtwd rvfpiriHng
tfeirii imm��*r��itt�� pAilioif* have been
���eat ta> tb. ^iverntwatl | i��ut with n��i
ij^arriit '&*ct.   It ia lni|Kw%itik* in
. ������ i i ���*��� a team lo travel tbi* m*k1
a.-.::-.*...   - mlataring  tht* 111*.** ����<
ijVm*   '...v.-lling.    racing   i.-atn*.
otnwA ***** men otlN-r until tlwy
pt*i.   Vine grade b   Very -deep ,-tud
Msm.-w, with an aim****, |Wi**ii<lteu
lir waJI -ii one AAe and a jJ-��r.Tij-ic��"
��*_ibt r-ther.   *^ri*ral aevklrnt,* oe-
mt'A at this pta*** la��t. winter,
kilting honpn.ilM  |*ntting live* In
lUngi-r. ami wwaier or latn*r acme *m*-
tfrill be killed tf tt t* tm rriiirtlkd
tihippera and  Dictdend 1'aqcra of
Thia Famous Diatrict
IMnwi*. a liatof lli.*-i,ij.|*i,aiid
dividend |-a> Ing mines ..r tin* Blocan
���Mil lltia
**��..,������ ...
*,������������. fit It,.����,
S-.-tta**~in <���
|L*a*a_taa n��.��
IV-uv.'er* (in ,|.
J�� ��,<b"P
ti. 4
bm ii llta
smnd sod t\ ���-������ k
***.H��* Ibtu
T* \* ��.
' J..,.i|������.
**H.r* |h
I ��� kj ,! ���
II     H      iUVAl'-J
Plahai thMcM
(baal \\.
i *> I,
in,!* mud,
Mal-t ��.���'*,,,
In..,!.,,  ��,r.m;<
...J.>n Von
t% . nit.
II. I| Hugha*.
in*, i i���.,
��� Iia,
i ittia*
Si-**}.-*: cdiien aritl  tea Tried on a
Se.riotw Charge.
TV Kpwnfaw tUsagitc* hav.- madt
���rraiu*' inenM ta give an   -*��t��-rt-*tiii*
mtv* ui  Virginia hall  Wcdm-wlat
ng, \<��v.'mhr*r 21th, hi eott-dst
A * i<��. k trial.   Alt tit** a-actsjtttpant*
ami.   ttit(  ��*��   ��d***^r*��'*l   M.   L
> mtm-ttwBI la�� |geiiddiag jndge.
\     �� n ��*C the t����wn ha* lasen ae
I   ' aarattill ��mt l*tt<*ry. with a
dv-eht*   |*nfrpnae, r.d��l**ry and   re-
******     The igrenv ����f the rritm- la <m
tbe Kuib nm*! afljrr ��lark, when the
piaintifl Atk'gt-a lie waa aaaaaliot nn
ng  h����m��-  (ffwut  a   Iwi-mu**-.
ttip. with a larg^* irnni nf *w*mey m
hi** perwai    The trial will he U*f**n*
sjary. t��i la* *nniti��'.n^l frt*in  the
Kttdir-nei-    Tm?  att*wiw v*   (>-r   tlie
pn-avntniii will h*M��. \V. tirlmm tt
an*! rhariea tlam*v. ami the de
f-*a*e nil! !*��� Rev, A. M. Hanfon! ami
Ra��, || \\vi.*��,   The trial i^ a t (**r
*   -���***. and  no mtJottrntiH-ut or
���* ill 1*. allow.it
Smelter Man at Dancer Badeacor*
m*_j to Secure a True
Marfcat Price.
IKi.v.t. Nov. II. The Hi'imldtVan
���**v* Per wveral dava the man*
*g**r* ��*f all the lag ameltiP* lYwn
TtfXd*, ui British OdumWa have
Hwn.-.-nferrfn-g in thia city, with a
N" a I Uie promotion t>f all Intetwta
"i mining ami stmdting.
There apiM*ars tn he a tinaitiuun-'*
���**->-nnlnataon to devfca some mean*.
tr 1******** -'hie, to olnatn a true m.uk. \
Pncr for Uieir product*, lnst��*ad ����f
���f''d.s*tnred atw InanfHcient qunia-
mm* iiuw Jurnlahed hv cermln New
ll,r** i'ddaira In tlte tiie nf lead.
*<h* iimifltiTO, thtire la no g**A rvaamt
Jhytbe market price In Sew York
���*''Mld not h��? iimdetl at 14.25 IiihuwI
J -53.T5, nnd u i�� hel*��v��l Uiat
""���"ttgb a eimcerted action on the
JJriofaii*^ j^jj antelU^ra iuatU-e
Jan *.*���- |w rting-'n^t in this irtpor-
���*��������� mati.rr.   Tim  same  I* true of
V ���I��SI4��tfcWl
l**t a.
JttAfc  *Pt* ��
II-t*. taanasti.
I-; ���!. m , ��,
t*��    tt,.y<-L,
*n i tlafe
"���kstV*. * ���
tun,.. ItaU,*.
-  s-aa "-War.
tt . sn a>.,.
I.��*t Cbaaaa,
Be. ...
IUa.M*i** -��.'����������.
H K I..
Wis I U.. j  ���
tati ��� ��������
1   <��lus,
tmkaoo Ot**o*m,
Wi 'Us-*-..���� i,...i i>
i il**��a|t
Kernel i- hereby given tluttthe
Inn of Ihirtbtt Hn>!lnr-. |iackera
and f.irwaiAfi'-*. Will r.-tin- (V..ni
bnibtess In Handon on tin* 15th ol
govern ber. UBi, All i***r-*>n- in*
*i*-l*s* A to ii����- aaid Jinn ����'.* requested
I** call ami settle hefbra ��a��i��l date and
avoitl t��mplications. All blllaagainat
pntil finu mo-the preaented before
BttTiaCtn Bno**.
Bandon, it I    Sov. ll, 1W
We art in Hie l��-s*��i with ti��* gro-
e**ry hmdneaa. Come In and get onr
nrioea.   Hnmei llrw. ^^
Dianoiution of Partnerahip.
Mat-Ot im benht to**: '����-' ***' **fPSf**mMJl
her**'.'**.* e*i*tu,a ******** ��� ��" *'*)-^
mod u. ot* U. Whet^t, e. i ft....**�� MUwaaa-
4��t..-n*h.'ei".   ��.��- ibU *avt***nabs*.ut\oi
hrw.e.tam am I  tht. ������� **J Vf...      ,
i*t i*.si*n��r.-> *��� ��*r*��! ,r '"''.'I
|Mt>f*atl*lart. a.W 4*1* aft.ta.il.-. '��'��''
Mtt* ..*tft�� ***** ***m aratataajaaf-- Th*
I ���,!,,..    will   **   : ..��lv.-It-I   **�����'��� f   'l��"*'����
!*%!#.I.***i-l... B r .�����-. t. ** ���
Emporium of Fa5hions
H��w ���,..*..t * ...i*..����������'�� al lbs
U*<.. ..,,.-. in
FALL i��o
"���liillm. ��*v ��� ��<���*<�� '" "'" ftl'*"* ���*��1*" ,,",,,,
���'^.....si Jns * ngrialg sajlaMjj���������;  h
Mti*a*��s*4toa��-*HU o* �����������'        i
And You WUl
Smoke Xo
Slocan Wows Co.
Wh.'l.-j.'.- an.l Retail
Rnpmsnntlng __->
McClarys Famous
*" ?TS0ES
Metal Workers.
Cartifieata of Improvamenta.
Situate in the Slocan Mining Division of W��st
Kootenay District.    Where  lorated���Near
Samion. B.C.
Take notice that I. A. B. Railton, free miner's
certificate No. 79585, intend, sixty .lays from
the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a cartifieata of improvement*, for
the purport* of ohtaining a crown grant of the
ahove claim. And further take notice that
action under section S7, must be commenced
before the intraance of such certificate of improvements.
Date.) thi. _5th day of October, lrSTI.
Date of first publication, Oct. 90,1W7.
Certificate of Improvements-
Mineral claim*, situate in tbe Slooan Mining
divinion of West Kootenay district.   Where
located���On the North Fork of Carpenter
creek and al.out five and one-half mile* from
Three Fork*.
Take notice that I, Charles Moore, acting as
agent for A. D. Ryan, free miner's certificate
N'o. 4.1-.,... and Charles Newhaus, free miner's
certificate So. (ii>J*-S. intend, sixty day* from
the date hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for a certificate of improvements, for
the purpose of ohtaining a crown grant of the
above claim*.
And further take notice tbat action, under
section .IT. inu.at he commenced before the is-
Miance of Mich certificate of improvementa.
Dated thi* 1st dav of Sept., ISM**.
First publication. Sept. 4, MW7.
Certificate of Improvementa.
Situate in the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay district.   Where located���In the
Idaho basin.
Take notice that I. D. R. Irvine, free miner's
certificate No. .<*.***>. a*) agent for the Silver
Hostler Mining company, limited liability,
free miner'* certificate No.ft.Vrtv and for James
I>.u.*,.nnir, free miner's certificate No. !Hs,KM,
intend. *ixty du.vii from the date hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for a certificate of
improvement* lor the purpose of obtaining
crown grant < of the ahove claim*.
And Further take notice that action under
section 87 must Ire commenced before the issuance of sneb certificate of improvement*.
J rated thi* S*th day of September, 1��7.
First pultlitatio n.irct.i.
Certificate of Improvementa.
f-ituHte in the Slocan Mining division of West
* Kootenay district.    When'  located���Near
the top of the range between Carpenter and
Four  Mile creeks, and  on   the east side of
Sandon creek.
Take notice that I, S. P. Tuck, acting aa
agent for the Hon. Peter McLaren, free miner * certificate Na.77.7W, and William A. Allen, free miner's certificate No. 77,7*1. intend
si-tv dav* Iron, the date hereof, to apply to
the ' Mining Recorder for a certitlcate of improvement*, for the purpose of obtaining a
crown grant of the above: claim.
And further take notice that action.under
aection 37. moat Ive cointnenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Hated thi.*. 13th day of September. ll**7.
Fir.t publication. Sept. 1*. 1**".
Certificate of Improvementa.
Situate in the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kirotenny district. Where located���On Cody
Take notice that I, William A. Bauer, acting a* agent for Lncv A. Shaw, free miner'd
certificate No. ��**��*, intend, sixty day* from
the date hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for a certificate of improvements for
the purpose of obtaining Crown grants of
above claims.
And further take notice that action, under
se.-iiou"��7, must be commenced before the 1-t-
snance of such certificate of improvement*.
l>��ted thi* 1st day of Oct��� lft.7.
Hate of tirst publication, Oct. 9, lft��7.
t Sandon, ������ 0.
Notice I* hereby given that at the expiration
of one mouth from the fir*t publication hereof the underMgnel will apply U> the SUpen-
diarv magistrate for the district of "A est Kootenav. for a license to aell liquor* by retail at
her hotel, known a* the Waldorf, situate on
Lot Si. lllock *, Sandon, first addition.
Dated at Sandon. B. C, this 16th day of Oc-
******* MR*. K BARQEB.
Notice Is herebv given that it is the intention of the Nakusp A Slocan Railway company to apply to the railway committee of the
privy council to sanction the building and
construction of a branch line ofrallway from
a point abont one mile east of Three Forks to
Hear Lake, a distance of abont six miles, for
the purpose of giving inoreaaad facilities to
business and of transportating the product*
of the mine*,and to sanction the appropriation
of the necessary lands for that purpose under
the compulsory powew vested In the said company by the railway act pr any other act in
It.behalf,  fla-**^. y  ARMSrRoNG.
Secretary Nakusp.k <t^^i!7*\-__?om|Mlk'
Dated at Victoria, B. C, Oct. St), 1W7.
Hi 8     A
A Number of Attractions Billed at
the Sandon Houses.
Tonijtrht, to-morrow and Monday
nights there will appear at Spencers
opera house what is pronounced the
best musical and variety organization on the Coast, the Australian
Variety Company. Miss Oertnide
Marrack, prima donna and piano
artist is without a peer. Whenever she has apjrumd the press has
been un hounded in her praisi*. Mist?
Harry Watson, dramatic soprano
and interpreter of character in costume, is also highly spoken of, while
Master ciinitny Johnson, the boy
comedian and dialect artist, i**. grilled everywhere with storms of applause.
The sacred concert Sunday evening will be a delightful feature that
wutbe aprpeeiated by Sandoit people.
Wednesday evening, the 17f,h,
Spencer's opera house will lie occupied liy tin* Four I/.*af Comedy C����m-
pany, in the gscat three act comedy.
"Benfttd the Scene,'' under the man
agementof McCall and Hand, with
the latest eastern songs and new
dances and fancy situations by a
company of artists direct from tlw
��*ast. This is said to he one ofthe
best things in its line on the road.
Friday and Saturday nights. November lDth. and 20th, there appears
at Virginia hall a concei t company
from the east, which is spoken of
very highly by the press.
A Shipper on Cariboo.
W. G. Clark, superiuUndant *>i
the Chieftain Group, on Caribo Crock
was in the city thU week. Hi*
brought in some samples which as-
s iyej tSQ ounces silver an I $_-4gokL
He took down a large amount of
supplies and 500 new ore sacks. The
property is improving steadily and
will make a shipment about tfie end
of tbe month.
And Other Investments.
Kvery Representation  tiiuirant-ml.
Sandon, B C
Wednesday, Nov. J7.
Four Leaf Comedy Co.
iu thc ifieut Tli.c* Art Commtf,
Behind the Scene
I'mler th*? ntaiiaafMi-?!.! af
T!��t�� la��t��.t r>a*t��ro sou**. *#*��� .lanr*. an**
fnnnv -.tiitttitru. by aponipni.y ot ��r.U.�� d��-
rwt froa. th,. ���>*��*���
J. G. Melvin
The tr��lbknnwn Wat. hl��ak*f and
l��wj>lr*r, lat���� of Vaaeeavar, a*** of
tmtodott, i. i>. Mir--l at
Aad la |��r,'j-tr.��l todo
Watch and Jewelry Repairing
. y in. Kim*.
Watches Cleaned,       -      ���     SI.B<
Beat American riaifiaprtafs,       1.00
White & Cavanaugh
Mnn.<f*.��������nr.Tr. uf
Rough and
Dressed Lumber
K.timala* fumU).*.! Uit'oninwlott
an.l ntiililar*
Orders left at Byort' Hardware
Store will receive prompt attention.
TR�� A
* The Elite,
I. xut prri��,ftMLl t.. da all bind* ot
Ami Vou Will
Smoke No
Christni.w Mass in Virginia Hall.
Father Poit;-as celebrated mass at
Yirjfiniahall last Wednesday morning. Preparations are being made
to celebrate ChHstnMM mass in this
hall at Sand '.* a. to., and high maw
at 10. At the 10 o'clock masw a line
musical program will be rendered.
The Catholic ladle* wi-.li to thank
Mr. Harris for his kindncw- in allowing the use of his hall free.
To Succeed Dtcdney.
Hon. VAgnr Dewdney was appointed Lieutenant-Governor of
British Columbia five years ago.
His term of office has therefore expired. It is understood that Senator
Melnnes will be appointed Lieutenant-Governor*, and William Tem-
pleraan, editor of the Victoria Time*,
will be ealled to the Senate in the
place of Mr. Melnnes.
li. H. Truman, photographer, of
Vancouver, will be In Sandon for
two weeks tbe beginning of December, prepared to do all kinJs of
photographic work. Portrait* a
specialty. ���
Tne Odd Fellow's Ijodge of this
city will bold their second assembly
in Virginia hall next Tuesday evening. The Sandon Orchestra will
fnrnlsh the music.
For Sole.
Ona lama, f-oawful iwlf playtn* or*an, plays
���boat fti piece* ot aaaorted dance r.-.si.-, ate.
Tha bast organ this aid* of aaa aranclsco.
Suitable for daoea bouses, theatres, concert
room*.  ^��T^Jfl|^,vlol<,fto.
In . -idle.*, vnrielv. Ont *tot�� I* fall of a*****
iit>. lirrrbri.-'Dias'
WUiit ta give i. lb* gllrXnON Wr.au
rinaw^r that lor .vou. an.l trill do it with pteom*
urf*. by abowinir von food* new mi,.' rarp
Tl.ei* I. not Inn* so t-Naily sent a* Hilvar.
wmte. 3* tatty, et i, W* ou >i *i.tea *��f* dell*-*
ery to at y pari o Canada, I i.ltad States and
<lr��..t Bilti.ii,.
The Reliable Jeweler ami
V..�� la ll>*  'i��..^ �����.�� **o\       Wm emtio tk*
Inra-r-t .�����- I. of Air Ticht
Queen Heating Stores,
Box Stores,
Cooking Stooea,
Ranges, Etc.
Ctomp and Otfblty stor*. totvu to otdat
Hamilton Byers,
w*m -mm* ��v
Btooan Mows Co.
W Ix*)*.*!* att.1 a#��all
���CAM. AT
rndrif ronnd *-4orT*r��.        ?*L*trf��r*a aod Aerial
Gioil and Mining Engineer,
Prvvtut ial t*aud ttotreyot
Kaalo, U* 0.
Mineral Claim* Surveyed and tWpoi-t>.| I t  t��
ttber* yo ��Hi And a fttil lino ot
Will Ir* at ih* Hotal Patnoral
on.-* a month.
If you want Good Music
leave your order at thc
Slocan Netos Go.
For the Bandon Orchestra.
Fria-a n>awinnbl��. Hatia-
faction guaranteed.
THOS. DUFFY, Ltndtr.
���iweHeeo Teeeoeos.
mm4 eaaaaatl* ���*#ar*.
e-JfanHn. 9*kmo. fto
n #
A ttmrn Has ��f O-sris ami r*k*r Oblt��
WPW   ^B
Mubscrlbe for the 1'ayntrrnk.
Stationery, ^
Confectionery *
Cltf ��ra Mid Tobnreo.


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