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The Paystreak Feb 12, 1898

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Array ..-BOOK tt.
k'enlmrs. '    ��~rrnMiy   wi_f ret^ #_���** tf!   W   * ���"���0, aad
Tenders are being called for to
drive 100 feet of tunnel on the Can
(-Milan group.
D, J. Macdonald, Inspector of
Mines, is visiting the Sloeaii lu bla
official capacity.
A hall is announced fbr Wednesday evening next at the Black hotel
under the auspices of tne new man
agement. ft
Willie Campltell, who travels for
CtMM   _jiil.-rJj.aa   lu->-��     ���- ���
W-flSl^i^fen-J-L   W   * ***M*9tmi
aST1_?i_22^***0<* *******
I_f^_J__!L_bo���r, *** t**f ��� couple
^J"** ��entltotwefciwcto^
sod Sandon was aaain in iv-rnmTni
cation with the ou^!^Sd!,,,,la,,,���
Cloic Affaira.
The columns of a local rag, misnamed the Mining Review, were
rather amusing laat week, particularly those portions which contained
such a large amount of advice to the
-_.. ��r-v.., ww waveis ror aldermen of this city.  The editor of
etaumere ia Kaslo. * *����xJc<iltaral productions that the
Muofeipel matters have been wild J*?" ^^f^ * l*9 __JI_!_jr!_
and hairyin Nelson lately, and as a * ^ *��� *��rr toi��"P to ���** *T *
result the gambling games ul that tell people what to do who arc voter
burg are almost out of sight. mam i. -I-*- ���-**-  ~';
If you want a seat at tbe concert
tbia evening vou will have tog��
*��^m**r*wm^o o       "a aat^v uexu^^w e## *****t*9i**t*nr*Ar*Amw   evs^^v   v^~i^^pua.
large and tbe ball wiU be crowded
to the doom.   The programme has
been eerefeJIy prepared and prom
lees a musical treat.
_______________________________________________ ^"J-W0* * ****'  1*fc b ��<>
Iff* a��tou h-m been reecomend-*C*��_^Lir aH*n*t* ******
**} for the position of chief of i*dir*|__r^w ��w*n������it, aad tboumnds
st��wuryoffl00ainonth.    *IiI*,T?W,w!l, ** ^bingWer
JJvei by-law. pmued   the third ?^^#co��?y ***** m fcfr
;��_.**. n-ontlm   If n rich district lik�� n-,
��r.Vf��a.by'l*w relal,v�� to license* ���*�� <* H Dorado creek la e*l__T
K!_W �����L_����*�� k*��l advice caW the contractor* ImTStI W1
J*hadin reference to obtaining r M----..* J^  . *? <*** to ��Wm
kcted by the government lor tbh ��
year. ���
J. M.  Harris is to receive $15
JfJjW?KMIt,,ufor *��� use of nine
nynrants.     tie  was alau owwnitwi
*����**>** rtlmSS,.*_ S?*S
���orfnOa year,
i-Umal Attvraod and her bead erf
Cyprians left New Denver on Tkea-
day la a hurried manner. A cloud
of blue papers   followed the lair
Rosebery, and while ���.*--,
_^____a _^n^_^_�� a^fe^ ^||il _W__a_W ���___��__.'
saey msurasrashoi *'
the Klondike rash
ansia mining camp life. His nerve U
supreme and should be employed In
a way that would be more appreciated by the pablic.
Wedo not as a rule care to notice
the rot that appears in the scab
sheet, but by ace-dent some person
at a distance might in a leisure moment rend the jumbled remarks of
the sheet la evidence aad believe
them. It is for this reason and to
hold ap the dignity of oar young
"'   that we write Cbese few tinea
is oet a month
Oarka WarteM,   Mr.    Heiaae s
******* ***!iTSis;
.^w^aayeftat on their pan, m
!!I!!l^ftrp0>,llon|hl111 **KOT'
****** ��o have their mtmertte
Sloped. Tl^canoi*erm!��ra
Property on which only oneper cent
P��|Tbey have tbe benefit of the
"���-*-��� P*k* m-oteetion, end of tbe
Prt*��te secretary, has returned to t^^^^ ******-, *** ot t
Butte.   lie saye that Mr. Hokum w-    \���J^*^
ceived$ItaiO,O0Otorhls smeiteraud mSaiTm^
�����*���*  and retaias hi. miaeral wWr^*^ Wmhh * *e
claims and towasitai and a hah in- JnTJ*       m ***** !n th* ^*****
 Victoria. old.   It bComposed of ar_-__n__r_k_.
are/oi^tJboManwaicuradcl-all the citv    ItkwZLST?^^
tercet ht the land grant. Mr
Aeld aim mys that the C. A W. will
be widened to standard gauge, that
a lend stack will be elected at Timil,
aad tbat a rate of |8 per ton for
freight and treatment wil be given
for Routines! 01%
on Monday ��.-*>��� *****, m vie vers 9��n.
New Denver. The Mill weid t-rches-
trawttlhein attendance tha musie
wttlbegaad, the femr perfect, the
oaapiay teleat hut congenial, the
sapper unsurpasssd, and altogether
the event will be a landmark in the
eodai history of the district.  Oa
A minstrel show 1s
by the New Denver
aad "Bradder Rones
district.   Oo.
K. of P. fodge,
rit to become a
 __���--���   mv Mp|WK
tbey will be eeooomical and just
la transacting the aflklrs of 8andoo
ta which tbey ate so heavily interested. Fbr a conceited am from the
rural districts of Manitoba to attempt
to dictate bow this city should be
run is enough to make him the
laughing stock of all sensible clti-
���   He makes a bombastical de*
NUMeuo tatoek P__tt,
When M. Mann and Mr. Maeken-
tie have built tbe Tuftm railway Payne,
tbey will own  it.   Moreover, tbey Wjho Mines,
will have a guarantee that no one ot gjj?    **
the thirty other companies who have American Boy
surveyed routes through this region J Slocan Boyr * *
ore wRh a pull.     ^*aw contract-
Wdon oRB^smraiiim.
will be allowed to build a competing-
line to divide the traffic with tbem.
In addition tbey will have 25,000
acres of gold bearing land for every
mile ol rand they build.  Tha cost of 1
j deration about "guarding the Inter
'������  of the   taxpayer."    A   nice
tort the Last Chance is to be
of tbe Pay ne.
P. R.
a rival
re heat
   -_-,.     .~MW- l,W-C
familiar figure to us all again.
Twenty-five nam are varkiagmi ,T     ^  Mmx
the Last Chaaae. 8evM men -wt- jnm-d^n tbb old aent from the hav
ing oa ire are -ending dawn 91000 *M*���n �������� ����� t"1 ***** ***** "��y
every dny. No, 8 tannel shows teven ***** **M ****'��� u *��*���* m.
fete of ore.   Present Indications are **** better to guard his own business
**^ *��� ** '-^ and quit yawping and whining like
an Idiot away from home.
Judging from tbe technical phrases
employed in his advice he* must have
had a diet largely composed of law
books this winter. He might masticate Sec 2UI, Cap. 87, Vlo. 69 and
sec how be likes it
The people of Sandon have given
this featy old gent the marble heart,
and if be has anv ot the Instincts of
a gentleman left he wl|l crawl in a
tunnel somewhere until Nature
rustles some brains and common
sense for him.
Freddie Lee.
Mt. Adams,
Last Chance,
the railway is estf mated at $15,000 a goodenough;
mile.   These lands they have a right |2_*Mfa*��wl,lP*.
to cltak-aj* thjantifoah ..11 tL___  ��j _��_���* I Sovereign,
T***** mittr.
train was twenty-
 1 oa 8onday.    The
 -._ ��� deep between Slocan
aad Arrow lakes that the express
did not get past Summit siding on
Saturday and tbe passengers and
crew had to put up there for the
night with no dining car ia sight
The section boss made an acre and a
half of flap- jacks ami pot the syrup
on with the hose. Tbe snow plow
came 10 the rescue early Sunday
morning.   All parties survived.
Oa Monday merniag all the snow
that had a chance to slid down on  ^^^^^^^
fc\aa\^i{m2la^led^iu^|   Tbe best value in Miners* Gloves
high and other minor   sIMes dfct|at the PtutOttco Store,
moch  to   Impede   transportation. I   California Gloves, every pali
Sapt. QiHand hired all the men bej ranted, at tbe POst Office 8to
to choose through all the gold fields
of the Yukon and its tributaries.
A free miner wbo goes into tbe
Yukon at his own expense, and has
no pull, must pay $10 a year for a
license, and $15 a year for a claim
 ������-   m**rm*n*i
i Queen Bess,
Fbuntaln Fraction,
>W* tone
JPK �� *���^T*^
���era-inda half he nm* pay $25. &e. were as Wl^^JU'Sg-
year. and one man is not allowed to|��_*_L l2_LBeor>a0�� *** <***w>?4ij\
own more than one claim, u.di-ss helS^.af?* *\_ MlteeHanesus |)
takes a hill claim, for which h* n_ v J1**1 M1 ****-*��� * 8.
takes a hill claim, for which he pays
Thc favored contractors get thoir
II a   ..      .   **
A ******   *j���&jltt wbo
I ���_ n*f
... -wis er-*r��i-��**ir     a etwjreu   evaajmltat 1
railway and their traffic monopoly, g-fejgp.tf��* for.T�� P?'
, .,,_,_.      sinnere warn live  cram de ocean,
aad a present besides of more than teid:
an acre of mineral  lands for every     "Juc tiuk srdeu�� ihai htotlliai In-
dollsr that their road wUl cost   But *** \M*r ******* ****** +**)*
t^worki^mlnera^r W^ the ^^^w^g^^i98
alajve prices for bis claim, must give gwine *r f
the government 10 per cent of all     But Just here aa old deacon arose:
the gold he obtains,   Mackenzie and "May I axder brotWer a question?'
Mann are asked to pay only one per     .Jft"*: *f **J ?',,k~ "
__.����� ...k_.i.-wa���iJr llWaU,H exclaimed  tbe deacon,
Cent as their royalty. t4whmJk r -^jjj ^ kncm m ^. what
It is claimed tbat the eontraetors I does dem naked heathens want wW
must explore their lands in order totelose In a climate as hot as dat ? THE PAYSTUEAK, SANDON, B.C., FEBRUARY, *** !***���
A Michel Dutu| i^,;-|i
Ottawa. i*e4.i. I. ��� A Jorge deputation represeiitlMi.thcJfldkel HfTdtis*
tiles of
j ���* ��ition of an export duty on nickel
and copper ores. Last session the
government took power under the
tariff to impose an export duty on all
ores, hnt no far nothing has lieen
done. The 'deputation pointed out
that there ia only one other 'nickel
dept-sit in the world which coippares
with those st Sudbury, namely the
mines at   New Caledonia.   Cuiuida
*;>!ias vast quantities of iron, but under
{���resent ctsiditioits not an Iron mine
in Canada U worth a dollar. She
luts vast quantities of nickel and
copi*er, but deposits as operated are
of very little value to Canada, although **f great importance to the
United States and Europe. The on I y
way in which benelit may be conferred ujMiii Canada would tie by-
joining the'nickel and iron interest*
uigethtu*, which could be done by
placing an export duty on niekel
and cupper in iheir crude form which
would compel the refining1 to lie done
in the Dominion. It also wa.** point
ed out that if the Dominion government imposed a duty of 10 per tent,
upon nickel in any form short of
being fully refined the American
consumer would have to "pay [thai
much more for his nickel. Bup-
posiiitf American manufacturers
added liut live percent, of nickel to
tli��*it- steel, or 1*0 pound*, to the ton.
under tlie Lingley bill it woufd cost
him $H j-er ton more than it now
eiists him. Iti other words, Canada
would receive ��*<*ujvalent benefit nnd
few ea u.i tries in the world would lie
able t.�� compete against her with
such jidv��nta**e.- as these.   The gov-
* eminent were assured that ii an [ex
port duty Were imposed an immediate arm ngriner.t could tx; made for
erecting refineries and furnaces in
Canada. They promise careful con���
A Little Truth.
New York, Jan. 24.���Under tin-
heading "A Little Truth Can D > So
Harm,", the New York Evening
Journal says:
"It is very American, and it is
getting more* American every dav:
To support and countenance tfie
thieving and worthless, from blowhole Carnegie to bribe-taking senat
oi-s and tribe-giving sugar trusts, is
distinctly American, and Americans
migbt as well stop deceiving themselves about it We have the honor
to be Ixsrsed by a rotten system and
a rotten government, and we may as
well realize if. We vote for it, and
it serve*, us right. A nation shows
what it is iu its government. We
jure a money-grubbing, money-arts*-
slfipiug, money -fearing, weak-kneed,
mongrel, undent <c.-jttic lot, and until
we snow some of the independence
we talk about each Fourth of July,
we might as well class our selves
where we belong.
"What race submits to lieing club
bed by policemen, robbed and bossed
by ignorant politicians, taxed by
trusts, disgraced first bv dissolute
thugs snd then by stupid' fanatic* ?
,vYhat race is driven to the p.*lls a*
Strasburggeese.arc driven to the
fire that is to swell their liver* and
make fat eating? What race is inconceivably ridiculous, with all ltd
pretensions to democracy, never
evolviwga policy or naming a policy
of its own, but forever receiving and
obeying politics J orders from *>oliti-
eal ra��e��|* endahanwr* *
"Wlv. oflom-se, the grXvi__-"Am��
lean race, and none .����� iu r jaest
Kimta&ir n<Hf I.   *% 0#  m#ea|%
"A hundred thousand ol us in New
England flifhting desperately for star
vatiou wages, many other hundreds
of thousand** with no work at all.
Seventy millions of us paying tribute
to Any trust Kami it Intelligent enough
to buy our law makers. We are a
prettv race of " self-ruling Demo-
cr-m '
"A yawping Pntagonlan chasing
thin giiats to the Land of Fliv, has
everv right to despise us, and he
probably does."
The Waoerletj.
There are now about 100 tons more
of Waverley ore at Albert Canyon,
and though there te some left at the
m'ne it will ma Ite got out this winter on account of the weather. One
carload of lioi-scs were shipped east
this week aud hauling will likely
Ik? discontinued. Snpplle.*, ti miters,
etc. bave all been got to tii- mine,
and they have everything there now
to keep a large crew working till
June or July next.
Nelson Nines.
The Winnipeg and Eureka 'told
Mining Company sent out mm ye***
terday with a large quantity bf supplies to their claim on Toad Mountain, about two miles from the Sliver
King. It is the intention of the
company to drive a tnnnel to strike
the lead And open up the claim.
The contract for 10) feel of tunu-el-
iii<r on tht J Jolden l),tle, sbohl 20'
yards from the Silver King, has
Ileen awarded to II. Young ami C.
W. Tow-timid for-.-1700. Tlte '.olden
Da|e is a copf-cr-gojd propiwKioii awl
as far as developed give, good
The hjg hlast furnace at the smelter which U used exclusive!) far the
ore fi-om. ihe Silver King mine, has
lieen elo**d down for tt week in
order that #ufhVient ore may be got
out to keep it running eonUnuottsly
when It starts up again.
Liideiu Properties Bonded.
The Opl-ir. California nnd Oregon
Claims on Pool creek have lieen re-
portod b -nded by J. Thornton ijuig
lev. a 'io -.tate-a to the News Advertiser : TI*re���retwo leads running
through t-ie three claims. One lead
is20 frit wide lying lietween lime
andsl.-tc. T.teiv are several pay-
streak* on the lead from 18 to 20
inches. An assay of Ophir ore gives
over an ounce in gold, 310 ounce* in
silver, and 11.8 jier cent copper.
News has reached Kegina that the
first party of persons bound for the
Yukon by the Prince Albert route,
found gold in large quantities in the
Hay, liuffaloand other rivers running into (ireat Slave lake, 700 miles
from Prince Albert. The news
comes through Bishop Pascal and is
considered reliable,
There is no truth in the report of
the Slocar Star being sold to the
British America Corporation. Jiwt
another Spokane fairy tale.
AH appointments made by the City
Council have been ratified in Victoria.
California Gloves, every pair warranted, at the Post Office "Store.
AnirrricH l< Pliw.   3 .V* ��rvr .In.***,
Kunrtn'.'tli |-'nl..    1-fi |JJ>r *tuV-
srrii llv tiro elm**.
MRS. M. A. SMITH, Prop.
��� ��� ��� i-i ���    m i        \\mm*0n*m*nm*W*m******mmmOn******�����**
COOT, 0.0.
80NGARD A PIECKART, Propnttor*.
The Flrat Cl��*w
Hotel ot Cody.
ft��t<j��-    t'** iter .tot
|a-   ill  "
���*���������������� fi_l K.��t. . hy the Week
.SA.liMi:i. II. V.
lUm Im|uAtttnt* too Miliar*
Wrr'l .r��. k��M Imt In raiueetian
Kir.t .-i.,. ����� < ,uitri��o I  (i<.n��    Ikwrr*'  l.t tb��
<l��v ur **.'
n. L.ORinnETT
Bh relator,
Notary Public,
SANOON. . . (I  C
I ...-.<nrr,��tii,.| tWittwy*.        -ili!;.,* ��� <..* Aetiat
Cinil and Mining Engineer,
P*iv metal l��*tt��i t**Min**vt
Hnotm. II. 0.
MlMrrftlt !l,iin< -Llinrvrl Mijrt ll. ���>., - I I'i*.,,,
The Leader
Emporium of Fashions
Hn-..* r<-<-.-iv...| ,. ,���i, .'<������., j,f . t ,\ ,
ln*e.t dyia*!.
FALL amo
e ����r v
LiMli... Fur.   .hliii*,. VU,. Wk ��!..,l*rv I
^ Mllllnory j.��r.-ut��rt ii. ��i���. ,-M���, ttflm n1 thft
mnU^SLdZ���h.l**��*\*l******, ��.��.l nil
���.lltril.twl to t,a will Wh.���|V|.
,  i   *******
our *i*�� |���| ntton.
Proprietor and Manager.
|r,r���� lI.mIii r*,~��rv t-_rt'**ul��r    S*n\, iu.
uldtwt    Bam* lk*vo.r*
A utrlrtl.v flrat���elatw hotel in
all It* ��|>t>olotatenU.
iAvery Stable with -food Hnddl-
and l*n*k llan^n In rwiweelJnn.
Victoria House
Mrs. 0. H. OOUQHTV
��W����i.i'.'llryati Hrm^ It,.,-,, \v.. . s',,,
Saw ...-.ntpieU will, ��Im*U<���� fhrtsU^raJ t.~.n ���
in   It,*   nil.ljlL't J\l|    ne^mlnti/tmimt-.-e.    ���*��-.��
etoaa lutiiwth.*  r!��ire   MUtl.t. Ut).  ��
Modern Improvements
A MM, *l��IH. ta.etemw Jwrl. I. ��j|m**< '
01 tne*    Ctmiemteat to tbe .Up*.*
W* J. HALL. Popr
91 The Elite,
1�� iwt ir* .mi* 4 u, Aa all Slt-rrt. <*t
And You Will
Smoke No
Am Ofcaarvtaat Writer Tails af Variew
Oteiaaa ta thoaa Dlatrlcta-O-MMl
Vmmoq-iw World.
Ths Slocsn oountrj lying between
Arrowhead and Kootenay lakes has
forged ahead absolutely on the merits
of its rich silver deposits, tbe output
and development demonstrating tbat
this Is one of the richest ailver and lead
producing regions in the world. Considerable development Is proceeding
and there are over 20 shipping mines,
which number will be increased st an
early tlAte.
A very rich district in West Kootenay
that bids fair to become one of the large
producers ol British Columbia Is known
as Cariboo Creek, situated between
Nakusp and Robsou, with easy access
to the C. PR. Company's splendid line
of steamers running between Arrowhead and Trail daily and calling at
Burton City, the outlet and inlet of all
mines in the district. The new discoveries are attracting much attention
and it ia a wonder that the promising
locality has not long since come into
the prominence ita merits deserve. The
advantages of the Cariboo Creek appear
to have been ovei looked by expert*
and speculators. Tbe eutire country is
ofa solid formation, tin* lodges wide,
carrying high values in both gold and
-.ilver with a heavy percentage of lead.
There is no ittdicaiion of pinching in tin*
li-alge*. uo dilfictiltio. occur in tracing
tlietn wherever discovered and front the
very surface results are phenomenal
The format hut Ih well d�� fined and tin
broken There nre many proper! ic��
now working aud others will nhortlv
follow Aiitiriigftt thos*- showing up well
arc the Columbia, I ariboo. Blark lb*****.
Ocean Wave. Trio. Silver Que ����t. Hail
storm, Gibraltar, Pr����tiiit<��i*a. Eureka,
Winnipeg and many other* The ' *o-
Itttnbia-Cariboo is abont seven mile*
from Burton, a wagon road is nearly
completed all the way and the rest of
the distance is over a good trail. This
propertv consists of three claim-., a
well defined lead of -rose quarU is traceable a distance of over 8,<Y*o feet, carrying galena and carbonate* and running
high iu gold from the surface. A shaft
his been sunk a considerable depth
on the ledg*--. the width being maintained, but at a depth the gold values improve. Open cuts have been made
along the outcrop, proving tht vein
very regular This is a fine Unsure and
a very strong one at that Crossing
the country stratification at right angels
a tunnel now being driven will intersect
the ledge at a considerable depth
When this is accomplished drifting on
the itAge both i-ast aiul west will be
commenced aud a connection made with
the shaft This property is one of the
ln��*t in West Kootenay The wealth,
permanency and values in so large a
body of ore* will enable the company to
win large quantities of ore at a nominal
cost When the tunnel connects with
the shaft, everv ton taken out will be
pay rock, 'fbe stratification of the
country rock which is lime and shale
rims north and south and the ledge east
and west.
On the Black Bess very little work
haa been done so far, although the vein
matter shows in considerable bodies in
various parts of the claims The vein
is composed of iron ami steel galena,
the assay* showing high result* in gold
and silver
The Trie consists of three claim-* and a
tpiaru ledge has heen uncovered traversing through two claims showing a
width of four Feet carrying galena and
gold, assaying from tin to $100. A
gn.nl ntimher of men are pushing work
by sinking and tunnelling and on* will
he -.hipped at nn early tlate. The vein
is strong antl shows permanency
The Silver Queen, better known as
tho   Maxwell  group,   consists  of  six
and sinking art*
pushed.   Ou  the
claims.   Tunnelling
Win*  energetically
surface the main lode shows a width of
14 feet consisting of iron impregnated
with steel galena assavirg from 990 to
$400, principally in silver, bnt carrying
from $10 to $12 in gold Development
shows a complete change and as depth
to attained the iron runs out and the
vein matter carries considerable cat-site.
This ore can be smelted at a very lew
rate and is a desirable commodity for
the Trail smeller to mix with Rossland
and other ores. Drifting shows the
ledge to average eight feet, of which
three are solid ore. The lode is well
defined between two permanent walls
with every appearance of continuance.
Another parallel vein has been discovered three feet wide asssving from $80
to $210 in silver and gold: Driftiug
and sinking show this to be strong and
well defined. Several other discoveries
have been made which (go to show
that several parallel ledges tra vers the
propertv, all of high grade ore, a considerable quantity of which to now
ready for shipping.
The Hailstorm is situated on the summit of a mountain at an elevation of
ty\ow feet. It has a very fine body of
quarts exposed, showing galena and
giving good results ia gold. The vein
outcrops for 400 feet. A shaft todowu
nearly 1(X) feet, which gives improved
values in the ore, the width of the bodv
being six feet. The Gibraltar to close
to the Hailstorm.
The I'romjtora.which ia now shipping
ore going over $oO per ton, nett/pr-ruci-
pallv gold, has a very fine showing and
as the opening up progresses indications
warm ul extensive work ings-and heavy
shipments of ore.
The (ireat Western, four miles from
Mineral City, adjoining the Miily Mac.
has a fine showing of quartz, *l-2 feet
wide aud continuous through this
claim the quarts to similar to the Columbia Cariboo and contains much
galena The average assays return $So
jmr ton, half of which is in gold.
The Milly Mac to a group of 12 claims
rite ore carries carbonates, chlorides
and native silver. The main lode is
quarts of great width, and development proves that gold Is largely prevalent in the general assay value.
Au important disoovery has lieen
made ou the divide between Slocan
Lake and Cariboo Creek .the vein being
lo .eet wide, with three feet of clean ore
going $100 lo the ton and four feet of
goon concentrating ore. There is no
question of doubt that the great Slocan
stiver lodes with their varying values
all pass through the Cariboo Creek, yet
carrying all the values of the Slocan,
with a large increase of gold.
On the western side of Arrow Lake a
trail of six miles has been made, Criug-
ston creek being half way Three miles
from Pringston creek a valuable mineral belt -was discovered some time since
consisting of a hugh outcrop, heavilv
m..nerali*tcd, traceable without a break
for 12 miles and showing a width from
20 to UK) feet. This hotly of ore is
pyritite, carrying values iu gold, silver
and copper equal to $20 per ton The
ore resembles that ou the Le Roi and
other-Rossland mines: for two or three
claims on the trend the outcrop shows
out in places through the moss, but
after the timber is passed the ledge has
been exposed by nature. The whole
width of the vein matter is composed
of pyritite, quarts and solid galena in
seams carrying values in gold, silver
and eop|>er, the galena giving heavy
percentages of lead up to HO per cent.
A shaft is being sunk and is in solid ore
snd is indicative of improvement.
Transportation will be easy to deep
water hv aerial tram, which can be constructed ut a moderate cost. Timlier is
plentiful and the facilities are excellent
for all purposes. The ore can be won
and shipped from the rery surface and
all work done will be In pay ore. No
dead work need Ite anticipated, excepting making train for transit. With
this complete ore car be shipped from
the mine at a cost not exceeding 10
cents per ton. An enormous quantity
of ore can be won at little cost and
shipped continuously.
Ton miles from Arrowhead is Thotnp-1
son's Landing, reached by the C. IV ft I
hosts, this being the quickest route to
Trout Lake City. This is one of the
latest camps, but at the same time one
ofthe most promising. Although but
little of the district bas been prospected
sufficient has been done to prove the
existence of very rich leads of gold,
silver, copper ana lead. From Thompson's Landing to Trout lake a good
wagon road has been made, a distance
ef 12 miles. The country traversed to
one very favorable to the existence of
mineral deposits, being a splendid slate
formation, solid and in place, although
nothing so far has been discovered or
any intrinsic value between tbe two
places. On arriving at Trout Lake
City one is surprised at the rapid advance made in building a substantial
town. There are several good hotels
and others in course of erection The
town bas the appearance of being full
of business. From Trout Lake City
the Home Payne syndicate has built��
wagon road through the town of Ferguson, a distance of four miles and thence
on the well-kown Silver Cup Mining
Company's property, or in all eight
miles with good bridges were necessary.
Ferguson is a town with several
hotels and stores, so too, private residences. This town has also sprung- up
within the last few months. The Home
Pavne Company have erected a saw
mill, offices, and other buildings. Development work is being pushed and
ore is being shipped continuously. The
vein matter is largely impregnated
with grey copper, carrying high values
in silver.* Although much money has
been expended the results are not si
encouraging as they might have been
under more effective management
Claims in tho immediate vicinity have
'ieen bonded by the company, but some
of these have been abandoned.
Four miles out of Ferguson a trail
begins where  the  wagon   road ends
This leads to the Ten-Mile, up Gaynor
creek. At a further distance of four
miles some fine showings occur, a ledge
showing galena going high in silver
and lead is traceable throughout several claims Very little work has been
done on any of these, but assessment
shows the ledges as verv promising.
Further on two miles a* discovery has
heen mode by the Lade Bros , consisting of a mixture of iron and quart*-.
Two tons of this was shipped as a test
and resulted in the phenomenal retu rv
of $1,100 to the ton in gold. The work
done so far applies only to the two tons
taken out. Tne gold occurs in several
stringers, but, notwithstanding, gold
is visible all through the stone Without further development the value of
the property cannot be determined as
evidently this is only a pocket and the
ledge ia anything hut defined and has
no indication of permanency Several
other locations have been made on this
line but as yet the lode has not heen
met. From the Tea Mile in another
direction a trail has been made for 19
mil.-*-, to the Abbott group, consisting of
five claims, vis , Heck la. Abbott, King
William, Union and Kamloops. This
wan built at a cost of ***) to bring supplies in, but is impracticable for transportation. So far not much prospecting
has been, done within this 19 miles,how-
over, a good trail can and should be
made to tbe foot of Trout Lake, up
Hailey creek where a gradual rise can
he ensured for a distance of 12 miles,
wh:ch would complete the road to the
head of Hailey. creek, at the foot of
Abbott Hill This could be constructed
at a cost not exceeding $15,000, and
would open up much unexplored but
valuable country. Another feasible
route could be made traversing HaU
creek to the Duncan river, a distance of
four miles, thence down the Duncan
where steamer transportation can be
secured at the Big Jam.
The  Abbott  mine has a very fine
showing nt an elevation of ft,S00* feet I
On the Abbott claim a tunnel has been I
driven K38 feet to intersect at a depth of'
100 ft.   The main ledge is being expos-j
ed higher up and in width is from 12 to
16 feet trending N W. and S. E, with
four feet of clean galena, carrving carbonates and grey  copper.    The  re
mainder of the ledge to concentrating.
Results give over $10.) iu silver and 75
per cent, in lead This ledge to traceable through the Heckla. Abbott, King
William and Union. The vein occurs
in a contact of lime and slate. The
general formation of the eountry to a
fine, soft brown slate. A belt of limestone, a mile in width, intrude* through
the slate and is continuous right along
the country for miles. This intrusion
is the very foundation of the country.
On the King William, in a direct line
with the Abbott, tbe lode outcrops 8Q
feet high, and is 20 feet wide, tlw ledge
being a tine laminated quarts, carrying
grey copper and galena. The eountry
eing bare of undergrowth and timber
the outcrop is so distinct that it can be
seen for miles with tbe naked eye running as true and straight as a die.
Four hundred feet lower down on the
King William an outcrop of quartz
three feet wide is exposed and cat by a
creek.   About one root of this to solid
Kleua, carrying high values. A tunnel
b been driven, cutting the vain at 90
feet. This is a true fissure, cutting the
slate at right angles, N. E. and S. W.
When this junctions with tbe main lode
the possibilities are great. On the Abbott claims 400 feet higher up another
parallel veia is exposed in the lime belt,
which is regular and well defined right
through the country 10 feet wide, half
of which is solid galena. One hundred
feet higher another ledge is exposed
from six inches to a foot in width of
��tleua impregnated with grey ore.
hese lodes are all strong, passing
through the tour claims of tne Abbctt
group into the Wagner group, viz.,
Lucife, Francis Jewel, Emma Fraction,
?ueen Marv. Princess Marie, Lardeau
raction, Lardeau, McCartney Fraction, Duncan and Ella. All these claims
are on the same line. A tunnel has
been driven on the Francis Jewel, cutting the lode at 40 feet. On the Queen
Mary and Princess Marie open cuts expose' the continuation of the ledge,
carrving identical values. On tne
Lardeau the solid galena is exposed on
the surface and traceable right through
the Heckla into the Duncan. In all
there are four claims on the main ledge.
Tbe outcrop on the Duncan to composed of iron rose quartz and seams of
solid galena standing out of the ground
50 feet and being 50 feet wide. A tunnel has been driven 100 feet and a crosscut towards' the dip has been completed
45 feet, cutting the same continuous
hotly of ore 50 feet from the mouth of
the tunnel. A good working winze has
heeu snnk following dowu the vein at
an angle of 55 degrees. At this depth a
crosscut has been driven 10 feet towards
the hanging wall A fine body of ore
has been met with, carrying the 'same
mineral of solid galena and grey copper.
Another property running parallel
with the Duncan and known as the
Merry has a very fine showing of galena
going 70 per cent in lead and 180 ounces
in silver. This occurs in the lime belt,
is four feet wide and continues through
the claim into another location known
as the Bannockburn. also carrying
identical values in a lode exposed on
the surface. For permanency and vast
bodies of valuable ore the Lardeau will
be a very large shipper as soon as railway transportation is open and as it is
now almost settled that the construction
of a railwav is tocomnence verv shortly
snd that it will be built to within a few
miles of the Abbott hill the future of
this vast producing country is assured.
 Manufnturera of nil	
Syphons, Ginger Ale,
Sarsaparilla, Etc, Etc
Sandon, S.O.
Patronize home industry
when you want the best THE PAYSTREAK. SANDON. B. C, FEBRUARY 12, im.
The following to s complete list of the
mining transactions recorded during the
week in the several mining divisions of
the Slocan. .Those of New Denve* were
ss follows:���-
Fas t-Guelph, Foot Mite. W H Brandon.
Fkb S-���lnd-nIla, Medford.
Fas S-Uttle Dk-k-Joeeph Strong and Albert
Cane to James Santon, Dee a
Feb 4���Dayton No S, Alton*. Renben, Bow
Knot. Tawanda, A B BatHoa to The Sancton M *
M Co. Dec 88.
Okanagan Chief, Thos Bnrteau to Fnok Job-
eon. Oct U, * 950
O'Brien l, Frank F Fraction *, John Carraher
to Jaeeph Brandon, Jan VI. **m.
Feb tV-SUver Stvr b Martin Knight to Rose
|��^ Dec 7
Dawdon. The Blae Bird Mining Co to D C Cor
bin, OD Potter and Jae Lynch, Dec to, nm*.
Feb ?-Ctnderalla b Ateiander MePhaden to A
Medford, Cenr-errella ', Jaa Ryan to A B Dock-
ateader, Jan SI, fl AM.
Clnderalla b Ronald McUchlan to same, Jen
have lived down three months of this
vast white silence, as if all earth lay
still and stark dead in her white shroud,
waiting the judgment day, and then And
five months sfill fronting you, why,
then you want to go home.'
Since the construction of the C.P.R.
was finished there has been in British
Columbia no such activity as to now
witnessed all along the line of the
Crow's Nest Pass Railway, From Goat
River landing on Kootenav- Lake, tbe
Rresent western terminus of the Crow's
lest line, to MacLeod, the eastern
tjrminus, is oue crowded panoramic
sceue of busy men, horses and machinery, engaged in pushing forwarding the
work of construction.
The scene of the greatest activity at
present is on the eastern division of the
survey between MacLeod and Fort
Steele Junction, a distance of 172 miles
At MacLeod are situated the headquarters of the line, from where all
o^rations are directed. At this point
between HOD and 100 men are continually at work���in the offices, stores,
yards, machine shops, saw mill, and
constructing new buildings. At least
one construction train a day leaves
MacLeod for the end of the steel, which
is now laid to the South Fork of Old
Man's River, about 40 miles from Mac
Leod, where a bridge over 90o feet long
and 187 feet high is being built. A
siding is constructed here, where mountains of bay and foothills of oats and
great warehouses of provisions and
clothing for the thousands of men and
teams employed in construction are
_   . _ ��� stored until they are freighted to the
Joaquin Miller the rugged, brainy, I different campt? along the line of survey
big-hearted newspaper man and poet of I Tbe bridge at tbe South Fork is expect-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^���   'edto be completed by Februarv 1st
By the assistance of powerful headlights night shifts are at work as welt
as day shifts, and the timbers are sent
from the mill numbered and read v to
be putt into position, so that 125 men
with the assistance of chutes, hoists and
other modern machinery are now
handling 160,000 feet of bridge timber
every 3-4 hours. When the bridge to
completed there'is nothing to prevent
tracklaying, the grade being completed
for that distance.
Jaa t�����U and I, Three Gnntanen and CHw **r
No S, J-eeph-Ftans. Harry Wright and B V
Ffedou to Peter Lareen.
FBBS-^*roaeette 5/10, Albert CrotMette to A
, Herman Clever to Bob! McGregor
|, Lee Coouita to W E Tearetey.
A IC aad Golden
.^^mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm earsley.
Golden Crown., LeeOoomlta toChas �� Hope
.foaqala Millar, tha Pant af tha Sierra*,
Telle af tha Northern H-.rd-.hlp..
California, concludes a length letter
from Dawson to his paper, the San
Francisco Examiner, with the following pen picture of the distressing
awfulness of a Klondike winter:
"The days here have now dwindled
to a dim little ray of light; the sun is
sulking away back yonder somewhere
behind the broken Klondike steeps, snd
the huge, bare, white back of Quarts
mountain. We bsve not seen his cheery
face for days and days, and do not hope
to see it again for weeks to come.   But
the moon, the great'white melancholy
moon, lorn and large and cold, walks in
solemn widowhood right up overhead *
and around and around: we see ber all
the vast night long and nearly all tiie
narrow strip of dsy.   She is so col** and
white and solemn that she Is literally
blue, and looks in her desolate widowhood as if she had just buried her lordly
spouse, the sun. out of sight forever.
I see so much of her and so continuously that 1  have learned to dread the
sight of her solemn blue-white face: and
try to forget to look up at the great
cathedral of stars of gold���to get away
from the sight of her death-tike visage.
Oh! but to sit on my little doorstep in
tbe warm night weather, above San
Francisco bay, and see the twin-horned
lump of a new-born baby moon light
up the Golden Gate and then go timidlv
and restfully to bed, in the warm, wide
billow 1   Let me but live to see this
again and I will not go far away���at
least, not in this desolate neighborhood
of tbe North Pole.   For I a as born to
roses, sunlands, song  birds, modest
moons and warm south weather.   Let
me not be caught here again,for caught
I aro like a wary old rat in a trap. The
whiteness and silence are of a kind that
I abhor, and tbe thought of my warm
Contra Costa steps and my little familiar
moon lighting up the Golden Gate,
makes me homesick.   I would not be
tied up in this lorn, desolate largeness
another winter for all the Klondike
Sdd you could point to me with a dosen
orth poles In a thousand years. True
the summers are superb���as glorious
in colors and sweet odors as they are
brief; alive with water fowl, fishes and
insect life. And these mighty winters,
too, sre thrilling and Inspiring in their
terrible glory for s time; bnt when you
ta Establish a
���lg Smaller la
Assessment Commissioner Fleming is
considering s proposal for ths establishment of nickel smelting works in Toronto. The scheme to being promoted by
Messrs. George Faulkner and William
Parsons, who represent Mr. R. J.Tough,
a capitalist with extensive interests in
the nickel district around Sudbury.
Mr. Fleming has been ssked to name Ibe
inducements tbat Toronto will be prepared to give in return for the establsh-
mentof large nickel refineries in Toronto,
it has been pointed out to bim tbat the
annua) output of tbe Sudbury district
exceeds $H,000,000, sod at present it is
refined in the United States. It was also
pointed out thst if sn export duty were
placed upon ore and matte tbe nickel
would be refined in Csnada. The cooperation of the citv was also solicited to
bring pressure to near on tbe government to place an export duty en crude
ore. The plan outlined embraces tbe
erection of a smelter to cost 1600,000 to
commence with, with possibilities of
auxiliary plants tor the treatment of
lead, copper snd silver ores subsequently, giving employment to s large number
of bsnds.
Assessment Commissioner Fleming
promised to give the matter every consideration, snd will await the receipt of
s formsl proposal from Mr. Tough,
A retired Anglican clergyman. Rev.
H. G. Burrage, committed suicide by
hanging himself in his barn on Sunday
last, at Sherbrooke. Que.
Summary statement of the goods imported and the revenue collected at the
Port of Nelson, B.C., during the month
of January, I SMS:
DuUahle Goods J   TIjUM ��0
JFroe..  >.      S.tsS ox*
T-itol Imports. t   aMOS ��
Thin i\,|lert~l ���   tUt&M
Other RevmntM,  Mi 10
Total Revenaai '   mm ta
ttimumtOn..., t laMma-t
ta��u-i��.*M��ti��*    sk��>�� ca
Quid Bullion         ��JWOi
T-A-l. The Mine ��i>jC,��nM*>
Thr* W'ftrmt * JSOO
An.inrW-id I'nalOr****       ... . SO At
Mmuutartutw*.        t/*IO��
T.rul Ks.-arn. MjMMom
Selmm       i    to J*tfr to
KaaU        *.X*a M
K.rwUn.l  ....... SriSII
Tiait       mart
Kaktwp        rails
W alW-t-K.   .......    e ��������*����#���* aaa Wmy **
Rvkrnr.  io> >��
Sh-*n�� Vnak   1 M
Livingston. Mont .���J. II Conrad, of
the Montana Coat and Coke company,
at IIorr! is arranging for the erection
of a stupendous smetter to be count r net <
ed at H'.rr during the coining ���**�����*. mi
The plan for the new atnclter as pre
pared by Mr Conrad to an elaborate
one ,ind when completed wiil nv..Sii
tionixc the smelting of ore*, in M<mi
tana. It is propose! to run the *m.*lter
iu connection with the cok'-inj-* plant
now in operation at Horr The coal
gas which is generated iu maiitiUrtur
ing the coke is now allowed to gu to
waste and it is the intention of thc
builders to utilise this ga* In the mmeit-
ing of ores There are now lot coke
ovens in constant operation and a* the
demand for the product ������* rapidly in
creasing, the company wilt d��u��>le the
capacity of Ihe present plant which will
give an abundance of gaa to operate
the smelter. The management in confident ttmt the new plant will reduce
ores at a much cheaper rale than ever
before attempted in Montana. Thia
economical handling of ores will make
it poaaible to reduce low grade ore
which under the pteasel ��. atom il doe*
not pay to handle Mr (Wad Mat***
that $lSt��.iOi will he expended on the
ntatit this season and that work on the
same will begin at an earlv date
1.   VANCOUVER is tbe best outfit
ting point on the Onasl; g�� ���>**.*
considerably cheaper than in the
United Statea
t.   V ANO Hi VER 1. the nMt-e��Mport of dnpart-
er<- to the Yukon IlUtrkri
VAX-IK VKR i. ttw l-rmlnu. of the C. P.
Railway*, whoee staamer* will atari from
Vancouver thU .prlnc.
All  north-bound etoamere call at   VAN
��. IMreet ��feam��rr* to Yukon port* have now
eommenred to ran tram VASfini'VBK.
�� VASOOVVW.B I. Ihe ooly Canadian port
where taa-eacern iranefer dlreet from train
7.   KLrONDiakain Canada.  Oattt In VaN-
SCVKR and save so per eeat Owtore.
Pnsidanl Board of Tirade. Vancouver, B. C
GaBadiai Pacific
Soo PneUtc Line.
rbe Quickest
���* Cheapest
Route to St Paul. Chicago,
Detroit Toronto Montreal,
New York, Bueion, Phita
delphM.  aad til Eastern
Uneioelled Sleeping Cam
on aU train* TV-ori* Cars
to St. Phui daily, Hum.>n
every Ttmnnlayj Tort-nto
everv Monday mm Revel-
Steamer leaves Nakusp
dally eieept Monday, mak
lngcloaet>sinrctkma Revel
stoke with trains for ell points
Kaat and Weet.
Befbre yen travel get tnfi��nnaik��i
fhsrti C.P.R. agenta aa to time* and
rates.   It will seve yon money    Ap
ply to nearest railway agent or to
A. C. McARTHUR, A��nt .Sandon.
H.M.McORIIK)ltT.P A-.Ncl*ai.HC
Ittot.   Passencer  Agent Vanor*ver
Soldeet 10 ehantfe wlthreit notice
frains run on I'aeilleStaadanl T"'"*
AfTl.r>. I   * I'd
I It. -
* 11
f C- *���
V �����
* m <
i w -
tm** i -*�� -
laave S en A M Ka*��-.
���*   e at - a a-jrt, Wwtk
- # m *��� 0*0.******
* ou ** Whsaarair
��� ton - Mmrlatha
- lata - Minaliea
-mm * c 0y Am*
�����** t*>aa *��� Semsm   1	
^jftT'r. OOTOjASD.
Ml ���JWi^tr-wt*''.!
Wm* thaaa raBr.����l aaS s*mm**m*0 ttrfc..�� '**
*e.it-->melt iMLtnta. otmyAy m
a CAMPRELU        Agent Sandon
UHe Stniskip Lues.
Wt-ma M��>JL>i*����l
t-alifcrcnla. Allan tdmo  *
Pxriaiaa. " 	
r*Hka��talan ���* .   -���
UtrraSrr.Dvmlalaa Lin*     ���-^
Veneaaeev, ..,.,-...��� ���* _..   'ST,
ftwaa *��|a- > ��*k
Vm\*TU.i"oaard tdmo ,. ������' ' ~
jprwrta ..........���� ���**"
MMBpanla,    **           .,*,..*.,*,***.*���* ��� ���������
MokwtU.WkltaBAmt tJtoo..  ���-
**. rani. Aaaatintm Una  *"
atArtml*. - . .������-
���*au of S0hramka. Allan SUleUo* . - *���-
Soalhwark. Bed Star Una    . ... -���*
S e.rAUnd *> .......   ���������
t��t��n  t..*ki,"n.lt aijut4a|>w(��i*4��
I itrrrnrali>w m ant apweni*
t*m.'rmg* -gaMiid Mpvnnh-L.
t%0��aemg*r* Tlehnwl the .mrh lo ����� *�����"'���
met Briuin n Ireland, aad al *.��H-ll; '
>!*��� to el |-vm.rf *AwmmT**jemm (Vatlr^nl
tn lo eljmrm of Mm Baea-ma OraUn**
_-. *      at   .. _���
Otaneral AHynt.
f!,P.��. tMtoeO   Womii"*
If you are-
Is tbe Pioneer House of the City Call at the
**" *^t >i
engagement of Miss  Pauline
a. the Indian poetess, to Mr. R
rton, formerly of Toronto, now
ilpeg City, has been announced
i Royal Canadian Bicycle Club, of
"o, held their annual bail on Pri-
(ht, at which about 200 of the
is and their friends hsd a de-
._ has heen received at Ottawa
le 20 coroporations controlling the
jes ofthe Great lakes have com-
I to form one gigantic trust, with a
h Of 16,000,000.
iment of the Salvation Arrav
to tbe Klondike gold fields to
among the gold-diners.   It is
*ed to establish barracks at Daw-
Ity, with outposts at other points
i catch of salmon trout on Lake
io last year was better than for
years. Pish up to 20 pounds in
it were caught. The catch of
i fish was also very good, but the
seems to be on the decrease
yton Bennett, a well-known Eng-
vurnaltot, who came to Canada but
reeks ago en route to the Klondike
��t the General Hospital. Montreal,
-mday evetting.   Mr. Rennett wa*
the best known authorities on
ime Nordica sang on Tuesdav
i n Maasey Halt. Toronto   De-spit ���
ni that a terrible snowstorm was
r, about 4,000 people turned not
ir this beautiful vocalist, and they
j amply rewarded, for never bemre
t*.hi* gifted singer heard to better
itage in Toronto
r<mto Im conwidering seriously the
Jility  nf building a  railroad  t ���
Mtlay.and five of the most pro
nt and most capable m<��n of the
Itave  been  appointed to  inquire
fthe project    A**o n has been grant
the Board of C uitml to cover the
(���see of the inquiry.
ie amateur highwaymen help up a
Ic of men a few miles ont of Strut-
Out., on Saturdav laat. and deled their money   Nelson Monteith.
irdett of the county, who waa o-��e
victim-*, handed' them .t\ cents
irove on    Had thev searched him
would have found quite a large
mt in bills.
[young Canadian lawyer, Mr. Ed-
1 Knowlcsspent a night in a prison
it Buffalo this week    Ha waa visit-
In the city and had made a call at a
Ts house, leaving ahout 10 o'clock
it 2 o'clock he waa arrested as a
and locked up    However, on
fug his identity the next morning
ras released.
mt. E R. Street, ofthe Royal Gren-
i. Toronto, a son of Mr. Justice
t. sailed for England this week, on
ray to join hia new regiment, the
illation of the Hampshire Regi-
I. in Mullen, in the Punjab, India
irewell dinner was given In tbe
room of the Armories on Saturday
|t, by  hia brother officers of the
it Grenadiers.
Independent Order of Foresters
wince through their official organ.
7orester, that contributions will be
ived for the building and furnish-
fof a six-room cottage at the Mus-
Home for Consumptives. The
ige is to be for the use of members
le order, who are victims of this
disease. Many courts have ally responded to the call.
Sib Smith, the 00-year-old son of
ortnon prophet, Joseph Smith,
was murdered some M years ago
irthage,Mo., went on a visit recent-
It he members of the sect in Toron-
ltd there met* fell In love with and
ried Miss Rachel Clark, of Waletnar
b Duffer in Countv, a 22-year-old
weighing 200 pound*. ' It was
Mitatly a case of "veni. vidl, vice,"
j R. C. Evans, of Ijondon, Ont.,
>nnod the marriage ceremony.
Mr. Henry Creswicke, P.L. 8, of
Barrie, while walking along the double
track between Allandate and Barrie,
was killed by the mail train. When
the train whistled for the semaphore,
he, probably thinking the whistle was
intended for him, immediately stepped
over to the other track right in front of
the moving train. When picked up a
few minutes later, he was quite dead.
The deceased gentleman was snout 55
years of sge and unmarried.
A French-Canadian physician in Montreal, Dr. Brunelle, saw the ghost of a
friend, Dr. T. Garceru.of Boston, about
half an hour before he received a message acquainting him of the death of
Dr. Garceau. Although Dr. Brunelle
told tbe story to only a few Intimates,
it has leaked out and caused quite a
sensation. There have been several
manifestations of this sort in Quebec at
different times. The Freic- anadian
temperment is evidently peculiarly
adapted for auch visitions.
A deputation of bicycle manufacturers
waited on the Minister of Finance and
Customs this week, snd asked for a
specific duty of 99 each on bicycles,with
a provision that in no case should it be
less than the equivalent of 25 per cent.,
ad valorem. Tbe deputation pointed
out that about s million dollars worth
of bicycles snd parts of bicycles are im
ported from the United States annually.
If this importation was stopped and
American manufacturers were prevented from selling their wheels at slaughter prices, many Canadian artisans, wbo
now suffer from tbe competition, would
be greatly benefited.
SorgUn  Hatp   ThaaMlT-M to   all   tha
Tlmtt   Ploe-M   la   Sight.
Monday night while Mr. Knox waa
absent in Sandon and Mr. Brindle was
attending the K. of P. lodge meeting,
burglar* entered the jewelery store of
Knox Bros., and carried away watches
and jewelery to the value of several hundred dollars. The burglary was committed early in tbe evening it to believed, as
someone wss heard moving about Ute
store by other occupants of the building
about 8 o'clock. An entrance was affected through tbe store door, a skeleton
key evidently being used. All the trays
in the show case containing watches,
lockets, rings and articles of much value
were emptied and no clue was left by
the burglars. There to absolutely no
evidence by which the crime may be
traced to tbe perpetrators, but they are
believed to be three in number, strangers
in the town who visited the store Monday on pretense of making a purchase.
Mr. Knox wss shortly to leave New
Denver and the loss be has sustained to
deeply felt by him.
The goods taken embrace about 12-18
sise cases and watch movements, three
lady's (ise watches, four diamond rings,
16 or 18 set and plain rings, 35 watch
chains, 40 lockets and charms, lour 14-k
Enid bracelets, half-dosen rolled plate
racelets. half-dosen gold brooches, four
silver thimbles, tody's charms, cuff buttons, silver manicure sets, gold scarf
pins, etc.-The Ledge.
Monday evening at 8 o'clock, at tbe
bride's home, in the presence of the near
relatives of the contracting parties, Geo.
H. Aylsrd and Miss M. K. Aylwin were
united in marriage by the Vicar of Revel-
stoke, Frank A. Ford. The wedding was
a private affair and Mr. and Mrs. Aylsrd
left the following morning for the coast.
They will spend some time in Vancouver
and Victoria, thence will go to Seattle,
Tacoma and on to Los Angeles, Cal..
where they will spend the greater part of
their honeymoon. Mr. and Mrs. Aylsrd
take with them the best wishes of their
host of friends here, where they are
esteemed highly by all wbo know them,
and the hope that their path will be
ever strewn with ���**oaes.-**-Thc Ledge.
Deadwood, S. D.���-A circular letter
Issued by tbe department of the Interior
has   created   general   consternation
among the mining men of the Black
Hills.   It pertains to the mining tows
with regard to patented claims and to a
radical change from what has been in
practice heretofore. It provides tbat
the applicant must file in the hind office,
at the time of entering the application,
a certificate from the surveyor general
that no less than 8500 worth of improvements have been made on each claim
for which patent is made and if more
than one claim is applied for, the same
amount of improvements must be done
on each. It has been possible, heretofore^ get patents on a group of claims,
often 50 or more, by simply performing
the $300 worth of improvements on the
Cartjia  Will  Im  Bo-algae.
W. A. Carlyle to about to resign his
position ss provincial mineralogist to
accept the position of general superintendent and consulting mineralogist of
the British American corporation, which
has recently acquired properties in British Columbia and of which Hon. C. H.
Mackintosh to the head in this province.
BICH orb  ronxn.
Butte, Mont.���One of the most important strikes made in a mine in Butte for
a long time was made. in the Nippur
last week by the Montana Ore Purchasing company when a 40-foot lead of
copper ore was cut through on the south
cross-cut at the 550-foot level.
The lead, which is 40 feet wide, has
some high grade ore which runs 18 per
cent, copper and high in silver, the balance of the ore being second-grade, but
the whole width of the lead is commercial ore and will be reduced in the
Heinze smelter. Montana Ore Pui-
chasing company people are very much
elated over tne strike, and as the mh e
is in the centre of the richest portion t f
the copper belt, it to thought that the
lead w 11 become richer as the greater
depths are attained, in common -with the
other mines in this vicinity.
Wat-Has far Sll-ar Klag Ota.
The big blast furnace at the Kelson
smelter which to used exclusively for
the ore from the Silver King mine, has
been closed down for a week in order
that sufficient ore may be got out tto
keep it running continuously when it
starts up again.
locan Hotel
Newly opened in New Denver, is one
of comfort, luxury and ease. The
rooms are elegantly furnished, the
building hard-finished, the dining-
room warm, light and tastefully dec- .
orated, and the tables laden with all
the viands fit to eat. It isn't neces-
to talk about Henry Stege's bar. It
is too well known.
Thos. Brown & Co.,
Carry the largest stock ot Mens Furnishings in the Slooan.
Everything from the finest dandy apparel to the working
Fair Dealing and Honest Goods.
Come and See Us.
Dealer ir| MEATS
 : AT :
8LOCAN   CITY _���_���a
The Paystreak.
Is Issued every Saturday In Sandon, In Uie heart
of the jirreetest White Metal camp on earth.
Suhecrlptlon     - *     -     ���     HOO t y<iar
Strictly tn advance.
Addrwa: Thk PAvataaAK, Sandon, RC. ���
SANDON,   B.   C, PER.   12.   im
In the weekly financial reviewed
January 29th, issued by the banking
house of Henry Clews A Co., Wall
Street's head institution, we are given
an insight into the financial policy
of the McKinley administration as
mapped out by the money trust of
"Wall Street. Speaking of the intro
duction of the Teller resolution in
Congress Mr. Clews says:
"The revival of the silver agitation in Congress, in connection with
the resolution of Senator Teller* has
for its purpose making it imperative
on the part of the government to
recognize the word "coin," contained
in the United States bonds, as meaning either gold or silver as the money
in which both principal and interest
shall be payable. It is not at all
likely, however, that this new attack upon the government credit will
pass into law. Asa matter of fact, it
is absolutely impossible during the
present administration.
"President McKinley's pronounced
stand, as expressed in his address to
the National Manufacturers' Association for the maintenance of the
world's best money as tbe standard
for this country, was brayely and
brilliantly uttered. There can be no
doubt hereafter as to where our levelheaded executive stands on that question. The only position for Republicans and sound-money Democrats to
take now and henceforth is to hack
up the President in his determination
to maintain national honor and integrity."
It will be remembered that McKinley was elected to the presidency
ofthe United States on a platform
pledging the Republican party to
secure, if possible, bimetallism for
tbat republic It will be remember
ed also tbat McKinley as president
appointed a commission to secure for
that country bimetallism, and incompliance with his first message Congress set apart $100,000 to defray the
expenses of said commission in its undertaking. It will again be relnein
berod that McKinley as president
pledged himself before the bimetal-
lists of his party to use every effort to
carry out the platform on which he
was elected. Later this same McKinley as president went before the
National Manufacturer's Association
and declared. himself uncqaivocably
opposed to anything but the -.ingle
gold standard.
Certainly* tbe people of the United
States are in a hard row of stumps,
if, as Henry Clews states, they have
ta depend upon a man like President
McKinley to "maintain national
honor and "intejgrity''----a man who has
deliberately broken hi* party's pledge
ort which he was elected to office, and
one who is bound to serve the intef
est of the financial sharks of the land
at the peril of all other classes.
The people of Canada should do
something to restrain the generosity of
our legislators at Ottawa when mak
ing railway contracts. In a short
time if no change is made the ordinary Canuck will have nothing left ot
his country except the ow>ne he
breathes.     _v-______
Double the wealth will be taken
out this year in Kootenay in comparison with Klondike, a fact that few
people in tbe world are cogniiant of.
Last month the mineral production of Southern Kootenav wis only
exceeded by three States in the Un
ion, and not a brass band played.
The Halifax Mail has the following
"record to date of our gsd-aboiit ministers :"
Laurier���Three montha.of travel in
Great   Britain  and ths   continent  of
Europe,   taking   in   Paris aud  Rr-jJRH*
And a trij�� to Washington.
Davis���Two trips to Washington, and
one each to Great Britain and Briti-4.
Col um hia
Blair���Six weeks sojourn in private
car with Domville and I'ug-dey.all over
aud around tbe State of Washington.
British Columbia aud North- West, *>
trip to Europe and a jaunt to New fork
to see the presidential election
Dobell���Three trips to (treat Britain
Fielding*���Several montha of trav.l
in private car with Cartvright and
Paterson from Winnipeg to Halifax ��� a
trip to New York to watch the ureal'
dental election, a tour of England and
Tarte���Several montha of almost continuous travel in private car ail over
the Dominion, Including a trip to British Columbia, and a tour of insiiecti >u
of all tbe principal harbors of Europe,
in prospect.
Joly-Trip to British Columbia with
Ll Hutu? <'hang
Cartwright���Trip to Washington
Fitspatrtck���A trip to Loudon and
Sifton���A trip to Alaska just to see
Major Walsh set out for the Klondike
Broden���Prolonged visit to the United States and a trip to London.
Altogether they have made nine tripa
to London, four to Washington, two to
Rome and five to British Columbia
And all within sixteen months... The
Wandering Jew doesn't seem to lie in
it with these chaps. ,
If the statements contained in the
Ottawa despatch prove to be correct Sir
Charles Tup per will certainly aoccupv
curious position before the people of
Canada. Rut it is improliahle that he
haa committed himself in any such manner, lo the first place he is far too
a*tute a man not to see what the con-
sequences of auch an act on his part
would be: and in the second place the
trade-mark of tbe pure canard is carried
in the statement that Uie British Collim-
b��f government haa granted the Klondike Trading and Transportation Co. a
permit f>r the sale of 60,000 gallons of
whiskey. That ia nonsense and, as the
common phrase is, "gives the whole
thing a*ay." Of course there must tie
some foundation for the report, and no
doubt tlwre ia very keen competition
among the companies for the privilege
of selling whiskey in the Yukon district,
hot what authority the writer' of the
telegram had for using Sir Charles Tup-
per's name as he has done will not be
clear until further reports arrive. It is
probable either a joke or a mistake.
the crows stwrr maas.
Wm. Btakemore, General manager ef
the Crow's Neat Paaa Coal Company,
Limited, in an interview with a representative of the News-Advertiser last
week stated that he had just returned
from a trip to England and Soaland,
where he had been for the purf-osoof
ordering material for the mines. The
directors had decided lo adopt the
polity of purchasing everything possible in Ihe way of supplies in Canada.
Jnit a large amount of ihe material
required cannot be obtained in tho*
country, and consequenily haa to be
obtained elsewhere
Mr Blakeuiore has also recently made
a close inspection of the most modem
mining plants  in the i'nited Stales,
etpeciallv   with regard to the use of
eleciricitv, and on his advice the director*, have derided to put m such a plant
Ktectricitv will be used for mining the
coal, hauling it. driving Use venUlat
ing fans, am) lighting, and, later on,
water power inn** J��e used.
When askt-d at-mut the progress being
made on the I row* N*e-.| Va** Railway,
Mr. Blakeuiore said thai Mr M *t.
Haney. ike Su|-*eriut<*udeut o( t'omttrur
tion. expected to have the un-* comple*
ed to tto* e -aj tutor's in Marrh or April
next     Cnld Ho- i* d ��ne the materials
cannot, of course, he taken In. bai a*
soon a* the , ����d i����  C ��:it;j|;*t.*��l the row*
pant ex pacta to Itave it* mat ��o th.*
market.   Tin* |��riu�� i(*al   SBpntte* jutr
t-based abroad were the lire brick* for
the c��ke oven*    Tho*-** t-on-afiiut** a
verv mi}, rrt.im aod ar*-penalVS itaWt.aud
rn tit to* brought nearly 7.o i > mfiw
HAIT-IV   1.1X1*   U ������*.(������.**.
Kainy Lake City. Minn The Foley
mine   is   work in-/  steadtiv  utfht and
J iv. t hi I lie | ��� i hi M level the true Vein
was struck again It to siv h*et wide,
with w��ii detiue.1 walls TWa to Ihe
BHtaaxavetn it ���*m*tn** fliat in some
way thev got off the track and were
foil iWlttg a tetAer A drift led thaw
hack lo the real ore body When its
���date and richness were di^ivered, the
inaitar_-emetit Ware ��o oucouraAfwt that
tliev will shortly have about im miners
at work. Eijrhi drills are now working
and as soon as possible thhethewi in the
nlaiit will be inn to wArk Sinking is
to  e reanined on th** l��a��*��v ami l.uckv
foe vein   The Mamp milf is now run
ning night and day, and there i, m%tmt
much ere Marked ont readv tor ,j���,^
that the mill need net atop ruwnnj JJ
want of ete. The result of to.�� wU*
mill run is a little lamp of p-j.j v��i^
at IM0U, and the one obum-l l.,rlu
week will probably be larger u_,0 tw'
Ths Randolph mine la h-.rkn._- __ 8o,
as ever. The shaft Is down over r,,
feet and the rusk coming out i����.,r^.
fully rich. It Is said that a ��urap r_a
wil he pat on ths mine after ti..-_�����. ���,���,.;'
level bas been reached Th. r. -, ^
fine ere en the damp and a groat &_
of drifting bus heen dene.
The stamp mill ��n ihe liid--*.***,,!,-,,,
mine, at Sturgeei Falls, is m-arli ����.
(doled. It Is thought that ihe :*.t!l s_j
be realty to run hy March I
Lieut.-Tot DomtlU. Ml', * i.**ilft<
ftitpporter of the Laurier *��".������'��� 't*m
baa come out strongly ag��in��t i*vw
eminent** hargain tor Uw* Yukon Itti
way. Col. t\mvilla, who ���>�� ��� _j*>
manager of the Klondike Yukon -v.,..-.
Ilone**���, la aa Interview, uud \w <y
not b-riieveln the tttk-k.ne.Uir- ]**.:
all Canadian mats to the Kkmdtb ��
the Kivsr ts not open tilt ��!.������ *oo\ 4
May, it is wfeeaaary %** t\m-haif- torn t
rl**#p water vnmtti St Wrwnrri u tht
tod torn heat*, and, if the steamer* tint
mora titan *S�� inches, they a*** Jwhrf��
���rnck at any moweni to*Ue** r,-*-*rva|
alenora. Vtu. Ikiwvdle arid. U he me-*
wa a Canadisa, he would tato* sk
Whit* Paaa. am it is only ,*** tmW* Um.
lit** **bttimot, whi�� h Is aa �������*������ ,-
u* Lak** BeouetU and just aa neat Bit
son <Iiy and the Kkw*iik<* ��*�� si����- ***A 4
the *,'*>.011 Jj, |.r-u/e al ]<��� Uk*
t**,| Itinuvdlearhled. if at ans t �� omt*
1* n*****mart,h* lav-ami Ihr 1 * *m
MUt*. and tha railway shool! '������-���:'
from VAtuotitttn to MhaJ<���� �� I ��� ht*t t
lv*tanrrof afmn* JU mtle**. .*>** omM
he done in |��ws JQtna tl��an it * ' uk*
to push a railway thrmtati town l*to
graph Cenrtk to Teatin l^k- bom
ttbatwana tandlitg. Col lxnii��*H��* ��W-
AAnA that there waa aater ro-niion>��.>
ium tty the Markantia Hi vet u> �������***��
the portage of ISO wiles to !'
River hagan, awl, if the I too, mi-*. *��**
ernwent waahl apewl |fc*i t*<-' �����*'*���* ***
lheae 130 wiles, they w��add hsve a t.r*t
rate wagon road. Col. Dwnvih** 1^
expo*wed doubts as kitlie mnv* t****
aintity'ta ewn|4etr tha Tealm Kailatj
du iug the mnmm A l**r* h* l*(. u
did ir,H MhHra it wuuhi I*** ���������������-'��� x*A**m
tlte auwmerof WM*
Kootenay Mercantile Tailoring Co
A foil line of
always in Stock
PROPERTY   BOirtJlU.   h>1!>
���aspHB n 1
Neil !kh< ���*   ��'
MACDONALD  HRO.H., Pioprietoiti.
R%tes $1.60 to $2.60 per .day	
Htmdxjuaiters for Ml^��* Speeulah^n and Capitalists.
8000 Ave- - - Handon* fcC TTT" i�� vY-*TT*ri^    ; ivri'iv   Ta r*   i"*nt��r- * r���������-���   i-** ? :*ia
i li..  l A j > i i.' ,\     ,      .'..*.   *J.\,   ;>, >..., i . {W, t  .tin,  \1   , -.*~*.
Sometohat Precious. Umi  was only fl,O0O,_t-ft,    which
ti II. Mackintosh, a* onetime an Pl��<^it below Kootenay In tlte list
ordinary country editor In* Ontario,
hut now the Canadian uiauugi -# director of the British America Corpor
atlon, has made such a seemingly
aiicceasftil Uxititiiii^ of work for his
company thst it is somewhat exeu--
alde for him to allow mcraentary
Hatloti tn outweigh sound (udinmnt,
when striving to compress within the
limits of a short mi-asngc by cable a
"perfect paean of praise," for Href
production at the statutory mtviing
ofthe stockholders. lie cabled: "The
British America Corporation has to
cured and holds the key to the majority of thc golden treasure houst s
A British Columbia. We will pne-
tically oontrol the mineral r**wmries
ofthe province.*'
Good as the Trail Creek district
undonbtedlv Is, It is by no means tlie
location ofa majority of the "golden
treasure houses" of British Columbia
nor ean a company even svith At.
600,000 of capital tehind it hope to
do more than control a in-dcst percentage af the vast mineral wealth
uf this province. No doubt tb is company has iMMight valuable properties
around Rossland, and tbe Corpora-
Ion will make money, if the management inefficient. Whilst Rossland has one mine that |��ays goodly
dividends, there are over twenty
dividend pavers In the Slocan. and
should bo as many more within two
years. More than one of tbe Slocan
mines yields greater dividends on its
invested capital than even tin* U*
Roi. No doubt, within a year or so
there will bo several paying gold-
copper mines at Rossland. several of
which this CorporathHi will own, hut
be then there will be six times a**
manv like dividcuders in th** Sh-can,
with'quiu* a few nave in other pa as
ol B. C. Trail Creek only contains a
few of the "golden uvasu'rv. hou-a-V'
nf the province. Mnekiiitmdi will
know this la*f��uv long |M*ovit|i*d tlu;
jrlaiv from the iron e��|��* luis left his
jwlgiiH-nt intact.
The Million Mark.
��� 'When the mines uf Cripple livo*
district readied tin* point when* tlte
production foobil a million dollars a
veer, all the world heard alwni it,"
said C. P. Rand in Spokane the other
iia v. "I remember tiiat there was a
monster celehrathsi in thc camp and
a banquet to which the big men of
tlte country were invited, It was a
���roper eclebration of a notahleevent,
ut we haven't heard much ti the
fact that the exports of mine, at*
from Southern Kootenay for the
month of January went considerably
over a million. It is tin* biggest
month > record that has ever heen
made and it's a story worth the
telling. ,
"I)o you know that then; are but
three stales In the union thai passed
the January record of South Kootenav during 18U7 ? The a vera*** nro
ductlon uf all metals in Montana last
year waa *..��,.Iii-,2.' 1 per month. 0* *\���
oradoavera.ed *J2,HU,7��6 and Call-
f.mla averaged #L��iU,_a5. Hoothern
Kootenai* had averaged up to January 2D. a total of fl,-93,458. This
puts the district fourth in the list of
producers on this continent with an
excellent chance of winnings higher
"We bear a great deal of talk
about ��ia- wines of West Australia.
It is undoubtedly a good raining
country but the average production
of all t)ic mines of West Australia in
of wealth producers. Tht a a point
that needs emphasis among the Investors of the east, many of whom
have n a a proper notion of the
wealth and the pesibilttk-e of the
Kootenay mines."
Soap Mine In Cariboo.
A discovery was made in Cei'lbo >
lest fall which promises tj*s"t>d Jim
Pvle  hunting  another job.   It to a
soap   mine,  or  more properly,  a
pearliitc dt|-*osit.   The owners are
Oeo, Powell, well known in Sandon*
Mr. Swltaer, a brother of W. J. Switzer  of the  Kootenay  Hotel,   and
Owen and Kelly of Ashcroft.   While
teaveliug laat fall some fiO miles from
Ashcroft and 15 miles from thc Carl-
itasi  roDid  they   found  the  natives
using a substance similar to pcarline
ami on enquiri  were directed to a
lake which they found encrustod to
a depth of H inches with the material. An *n*ily*is prove-1 it to be Idea rhonnte of **Att ot a very superior
quality. They immediately staked
the property as a mineral claim and
pn-ceedi-d 11 take out a few tons as a
sample which proves it to be a very
desirable Inaisehold cnniiiudity. The
owners intend to put in a crusher in
thc spring and go extensively into
thc  pnalucti mi uf the soda.. The
supply is inexhiiustalt-Ic and it is estimated that it can be placed on the
market aud sold at a proflt at 5 cents
a pound.
Where are these Claims.
The following fnsu the Kamloops
Sentinel will to interrsting news to
mining men of thc Slocan :
"Silver properties in tin* Slocan
should be a g��s*l iuvestuu tit on the
terms now ctnVrod. A group nf three
claims averaging 1-0 eun-n-a, ami W
percent lead was offered on a two
years bond it. Sand mi last week with
im purulent for six months and alien
only 10 per cent., tbeclaims showiuir
a four foot ledge of above average.
The eminent editor of the Sentinel
has evidently in some way c.unfounded Slocan properties with the tincture
of road metal wildcats for which
Kara I-tops haa become famous.
Engineer Christie of thc Slocan has
built a resilience in Rosebery.
Tbe Noble Five slide came down
Tuesday morning.   Nobody hurt.
Capt. Seaman will  build a residence In Rosebery in the hear future.
E. R. Atherton has added s National cash register of tne latest design.
Ahout fifty men left town this
week to take tbe northern gold cure.
John M. Harris has presented thc
Sandon Club with a very handsome
Joe Mil I ward, of New Denver
spent a couple of hours in Sandon ou
Thos. Powers, of New Denver, is
doing the plastering work in tbe
Black hotel.
Pat Russell, of Nelson, lingered a
short time iu the silver metropolis
this week.
Bi-akeman Burke narrowly escaped
a serious accident in tbe C. P. R.
yard here Monday.
Jim Sheersn returned fr ��m Chicago this week, and say-, that it is
more lively than Sando t.
A pilot to the latest acquisition to
the crew of the steamer Slooan. He
is from the Columbia river.    .
Another locomotive has been ad led
to tbe rolling stock of the X. ��t S.
Xo. 5(15, from Uie main line.
Dan McRae and Poker Smith art*
in Ska {-way. In a letter they advise all their friends to stay in tbe
A. D. Williams is said to lie flying
high in Skagway upon tin* money
that should be iu the hands of lib
Sandon creditors.
I suspect there has been some
crooked work going on here, he said.
And he was right. His wife had
been driving nails.
Sandy Mann has sold out his teams
and outfit and will go to (Jlenora in
the near future tn commence work on
the Yukon railwav.
QABBOB LODGE Ba SS, AotW.  MoaUaraty
*-* Wednesday evening si S o'clock ia Craw
ford ,.hall. Vi-JtioaluiSrbt.cordially Invited
to attend. W. W. FALLOWS, C.C.
CertHieata ef Improvement*
Siloate in the Sloean Minina DivWon of We��t
Kootenay District.    Wlwn lacatad-In th��
Beat Baain.
Take notice that LAS. Farwell, aaent for
Alfred W. McCnne, No. tn,1tl; Francis A. Finn-
caiM, No. ******** and Votn Lamm, No. Mfto*.
intend, idUy day. from the date hereof, to
apply to the Minna Beeoider for a certificate
of improvementa, for the pnrpome ot obtaining
a erown gnnl of the above elaim.
And further take notiee that action under
aeration St, moat be eommenced hefore the
i of r-u-hcertineateof Improvement*.
Dated thli 7th day of Jun nary .iae.
Date of Ant publication, Jau. 14, Mia
Cartifieata of	
Situate in the Slocan Mini-* Division of We.-t
Sootenay diatriet.   Where located:  On Xo-
* Five Mountain.
lake notice that 1. Arthur ti. Farwell, agent
for Bdwin H. Totnlin-on, free miner** ctrtin-
cate No. ***SttA, and Wilbur A. Hendryx, free
miner** certificate No. 9^&M, Intend, sixty
day*, from the >Ut*> hereof, to apply to the minina weordcr for certificate:* of improvements,*
for the pnrpoae ef obtaininc crown grant* ot
tbe above claim...
And further take notice th��it action under
aection 37 mu>t be eoumeui-ed before the i����.u-
an-�� of ��uch certificate of improvemeutr..
Dated thin lith day of Nwvemlrer, Itti?.
Date of firrrt publication, Nov.��, 1MJ7.
Jack Cadden brought 20 londs into
Koseliurv frau Nakusp with the big
loc'iuiutive on Wednesday. This to
the i-ccord up to date.
An Easi* One for the School Bo-ye.
How many boards 11 feet long will
it take to build a fence lour boards
high, the Held t�� omitain as many
acres as there arc boards in the
Old Thing   Nome.
has closed down
All Sorts.���Any
The Lucky Jim
for a short time.
K. <;. Bissell, is spending his holt-
tlays on the Sound.
P. J. Hickey will resume work on
tlie I van hoe in April.
Mrs. Jackson has charge of the
rooms in tho Black hotel.
The Sandon Hand Laundry and
Bath House is still In the lead for
tine starch work. Work called for
and delivered promptly.
Notice i. hetrebr aiven tfaet application a ill
Ite male to the l-**i -letiv,- A.��*enjbly of the
Provino. of Briti>h Ctrlnmbiw at im next .-aw
>ion lor un Ai-f to iucorporwto the Mount�����in
rramwny end Elc*trie Company, with power
rooon.truct, ir,ur|i-tire itiid ��r*LL>��rate ropewaya
end trr_uiw��.v.a for tran^i-rriMtion of frenrht
from puiutr. ou ur ne��r the. N��kiv-.paSlovMU
Railway and lirauohe. thereof to mine-, and
mineral ciniui- in the McOuiauu Camp nnd
Whitewetor BmAn end el��.where in the din-
f riot tliruiurli which *abl railway end l��r��uohe-s
|m��. or will dm��v uikI from poiutr. ou the Cut*
unibin A Kctotenny RailwM.r, Crow. Ne^t line,
Liiii-.trut.-t.* I or to be cou..tructe<t, nu.t Iminchrs
tlieraof, in the minina dMrivt. of Wet mid
Ka.t KooieiiMy, to mine.* uu*i min, ml fUiwr)
in the dl-trkt* thraaah which >mM rallway>
Mii'l lirancbe.. re-.pe��'tix-el.v pe-,.-, or will pan*,*
and to tr.uir.trM.-t, no<iuire end oprjmt. workn
Mil.) plant to aenerate end supply heat, liaht
and cle��*trieit.v in the .-*M ��li.triot�� end el-e-
where in Ihe Province, su-t to ��li**po-�� of .uch
heut. liaht nml electricity; and to Moquire
en I hobl nil kin t. of real and pernenul prop-
erty. tof..tthar with the power to expropriete
land-t a ml all other powers and privileee*. that
may >>e necesrtar.v, iuui.tental or ad vuntaaeoui>
to the fall exend.re of the power, hereinladore
Dated thi.. llth day of UtM**iiil��*r. IM.
Solicitors for AwdKant.
Application will be made to the Le��i.-.lati\e
Assembly of the Province of Briti.ii ColuinlriH
at ite next -e-tsion for an act to incorporate a
company, with power to eonntruot. equip,
operate and raaintain a -t->iidar-i or narrow
gauge railway from rfome point at or near Argenta to some point at or near Daw>on. vii,
Duncan,all in the We.t Keoteuay Dividon,
by the mtut fea-ible route, with power to vou-
���tract, operate and maintain branch lines mil
all nece*-uy bridgaj and road... en I with
power to build, equip, operate and maintaiu
telegraph aad telephone line- In counectiou
���with the eaid railway branches nn * to generate electricity for the supply of light, hear
and power, nnd with power to �����-{propriate
land- for the p��fpo->e- of the comp-t ny. mil to
acquire land*.course, aod privilere -, or other
able from any government, munioipu! <-Lorpor>
ationor other penem or Irolie..nut to lev.
and collect toll- from alt partie. udmr au 1 mII
freight im-ftf'ffg over any of such ru-�� 1- or railway* built by the eompauy, and with power
to main trafk or other nnangu-neut,. wit-t
railway, steamboat or other compauie >. for
aU other aeoes.sar.v- or inrilental rbrhti. power*-, privUeges In that behalf.
Dated at Victoria this ?th day of January,
A. D. iaa
Notice in hereby given that Obleon T. Johnstone and Pater P. Haines, heretofore doing
burdnerw as John-tone a Haines Tinsmiths,
of Sandon, B. C, have bv dead dr. ted the iMh
day of January, is**a,a.salirned all their per-on-
at estate and effecta ahioh may le .��ei'ed ami
���oM nnder etecution, and nil their real estate
to E. M. Samiilanda. of Sandon, B V. financial agent, in trust lor the heiie&t of their
creditors. The said deed was executed by tbe
eaid Oide*.��n T. Johnstone ami IVter P. Haine.
and the said E M. Sendilaud* on the mli day
af January. 1SHS.
A meeting of the creditor., of the said John-
atone a Haines will he held at tbe ettice of tbe
���aid E M Sandilauds on Hatnrdav Hie to,d dm\
of January, 1SMI, at the hour of four n'eloeli
a.m.:all persons havinn claim. ngain-.t the
eaid JohuKtone S Haines are re��iuire<l to lt��r-
ward natcHculara of the same, duly rerihVI. io
the aaid B. M. Sandilauds. not later than tiie
13th day of February, Mr*, after which tlate
the aaid B. M Sandilands, will proi-eed to distribute tbe -aid estate havina -regard lo tho**
claims only of which he shaU then have
Dated thin 13th,day of January. Um.
Merchants Advertise in the
Paystreak Because It Pays. ������
Presbyterian Ordination.
Tbe ordination of Mf. J. A.'Cleland to the ministry of the Presbyterian church took place last Wednesday evening in the Virginia ball.
The hall was well filled,   The Presbytery of Kamloops was represented
hy the Rev. Mr. Glassford of Trail,
Rev. Mr   Gandier of Rossland, and
Rev. Mr. Frew of Neh-on, and Mr
Karney of Knslo.   The   Rev. Mr.
Frew preached an able and appropriate sermon on tbe words: "I was
glad when they said unto me: Let us
go into the house of the Lord."   Thc
ordination then took place according
to the form  of the   Presbyterian
church.     Mr.   Glassford   followed
with tbe charge to the newly-ordained minister and Mr.dandier delivered the charge to tbe people.   At thc
conclusion of the service refreshments were served by thc ladies of
the congregation. The refreshments
were provided solely by the Ladies
Aid Society and a general invitation
was issued.    The gathering was
a representative one, members of the
different churches in the city being
present.   A very pleasant time was
spent.   Mr. Gandier in his address
to tbe people congratulated them on
the privilege which they enjoyed in
having such  a  beautiful   and comfortable hall for their meetings, and
referred to the kindness of Mr. Harris
in granting to them the n-** of the
hall.   Mr. Fallows looked after the
musical part of the  proceeding in
his usual happy way, and was fortunate in securing the kind assistance
of members of other church choirs.
William Homely, a section man on
the K. A 8. was serious.'y injured by
h snowsHde near Bear Lake on Sun
day morning. He was brought to
Sandon and is on a fair way to recovery.
There seems to be little doubt hut
what En)mens can make gold out of
silver. Such an invention would
raise thc price of silver to $10 per
ounce, and create a hum around
Sandon louJ enough to wake up the
dead, and Three Forks. Money,
bright and shining, would grease
thc wheels ol commerce to such an
extent that even our local content,
could afford to have brains, and run
ite office on tlie Union, instead of the
'ta-ab" system.	
��^i*#��* emmmmum *m*mmHm
Anglican Church.-Rev. C. F.
Yates will preach to-morrow evening
at 7:30 o'clock  in  Spencer's hall.
Presbyterian Church.���Tbe usual
services will be held in Virginia hall
morning and evening. Rev. J. A.
Cleland, pastor.
Met.iodist Church.���Regular ser
vices will be held in the Methodist
Church to-morrow at 11 a. m. and
7:15 p. ni. Tbe pastor, Rev. A. M
Sanford, will preach a second ser*
nion on "Prayer" during the morning service and fbr the evening his
subject will be "God's Workmanship. '
The ladles of thc Home Miaaionarv
Society, recently organized in con-
neetion with the Methodist Church,
intend, holding a Dime Social on
Monday eyening in the church. A
good programme is being prepared.
Mrs. McMaitin hss consented to sing
a solo and other well-known singers
will take part. . Refreshments will
be served at conclusion of the programme.   Admission 10 cents.
Tenders sre being asked for the
Rosebery sampler. The plans Indicate that it is to he the largest concern of tbe kind in British Columbia,
"Proud beauty," said be, his eyes
flashing ebon lightning, "I wilt yet
bring you to the dust." "Why not
bring the dust to me?" He left San
don the next day for *the Klondike
Smoke Trail Blazers.
Shippers and Dioidend Payers of
This Famous Diatriet
Below is a list of the shippers and
dividend paying mines of the Slocan
SHin KM.
tinmen Be-.*.
Fi.ii��*r Maiden.
Oreat Western.
American Boy.
Chamtters Oroti|>.
Blue Bird,        �����.
Rnt-y Silver.
Lucky Jim.
Lou-lob Oroup.
Read an>l T.u.lerfool.
tialena Farm.
Howard Frncrion.
Mod tecum*.
Molly H,urhe��.
Red Wo*.
Silver BeU.
Lucky Boy.
0. H. Aylinrl.
Trade IkrlUr.
Canadian <;,><���<���..
Mt. .Vlarna.
Noble Five
iHt-||*-r.xir i-irrita.
Mountain Chief,
Alamo-Ma In ���.
Slocan Bov.
Last CIkiii. <.
Two Friend..
Darda nolle -.
Amekwm Oretifi,.
Welline'ou Onnip,     ,
Aex-a,    n
UtOilt tltuui,.
*   ,
-  *
Tlie be*t value
in .Miners' (ilovea
at the Post.Office Store.
California Gloves, everv pair war*
ranted, at the Post Office Store.
And Other Investment*..
Every Representation  Guaranteed.
Sanson, B.C
A Full Line of Cigars, Tobaccos,
Pipes and Smokers' Sundries
In Stock.
Headquarter* lor Playing Cards and
Poker Chips.
KIM AVI ���*����������� I
N addition to the ftney ft!ibl�� enomerated In s former Bdven-aemg.
wc have added to our largs ai*~*ta-otttot Standard Ooods a fresh. t*.\*l
Sweet, Plain and Mixed, In I, Sand 10 gal. pa I la and In fancy ImUmi,
immediate table nee.
SAUER KRAUT, ;_r _,���&������* "^ '"8*" "*"��*
DICLI    Fine Boneless Codllsh; Mackerel in 25 Ilx kits, J ami ��� h\*\%
riOn, Uhrador Herring. In J hM*.: Salmon Hrtlfca, la j�� \u Mb.'
and Other lint* of Fish in pnekagt*.
Tin- rin��>i line of this claw of good* ever seen In Handon.
HAMS AND BACON, i 5? JSrS-**'*���*"*��� ���
Jtt-t received, a ear haul of lOTATLUK. fftan the noted Hpnllm,���),..,,
Valley, and Other Vegetable*, free from frost,
c-r-.ur-r-._r GROCERIES, X'lttr
Wc ��re agenta for the celebrated OC10DWM CAN PUB In 11 ���nd p.
��. caw*.   Full weight and number.
Also utile agent for tin* (il ANT PPWDKK CO.. and In the bug* ���...-ii'
Utiilt eanresaly for u�� have several car* of their ttot-ed Horn. 1 and 2 **,wth.\
I ami l| inch. Their So, *_ to txdtAAervA e*|nal to the Mo. I of am *4bet
FUSE, double and trippk t*|a% by the HJ) -feet or eaar. PKIMI.V',
CAPS, by tin- tots (100) or cane [10 Mi.
mWe inviu* ibe publk* gem rally %t* aw insfsetkni of onr largt frost
proof basement and adjoining rtr��* prtwf erllar and other w*rrb����u--. ��l!
kept sell II
ftare* at
HI led and in an ord**rl> and *\Mcmmtec BJMntAtr.
*-****%* ri��*S����t��*i��-A,��-*i����i�� ���___*���aleeleejetfa���,**�����. .
*n***t* #7r>,*j ***,% /A **jS*m **\ **** MkV**r**\x 4* ��?��*���;.���;
Xo - t. the time to hny      Wetnnt th*
Urgent .toe*, ol Air Titkt
Queen Heating Stores,
Box Stores,
Cooking Stooea,
Ranges, Etc
tafar* ����4 riyhlet ****** mad* te nr,U��
Hamilton Byers,
bbitb whiitk
White & Cavanaugh
CODY, ii. r.
Mannfactttr-r, ���l
Rough and
Dressed Lumber
Bntlmete* furtiUbrvt to 00at>*-ae*a��
. and Bnlldeni.
^>tore will receive prompt atimlcm.
OR* mm *\wm    BMHoNALL
A. 0.
,   a*m tm. a* ibe- HwteJ Bmto
���tMNt a WMMita.
Attention, ffi
1-eAve Hairalaii ��99* all Count ******
nominX pateta ��ally at 1:4*
Aw, Vaoeaaver 13:00 next da>
Heattla       17195
Nelaatt        jfjttHO same da-t
Trail SStOO
ReaaUuMl    ��;l:.tO       f*
**��*t*4to** raameetioa  maSe at i!""!rt",
pointa, aa Setae, aalek mwttoa. ���ti|��#ft�� eu>t**<
t*��*��ji, art) taw at tAm tommy a4eania��^<l"i'
*>y th I. line ^


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