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The Paystreak Jan 9, 1897

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MM AND CODY January 9,189?.
A Property That will  Soon   Occupy a
H��6h Place   Among   the   Great
, ^Producer* of  tr��e Slocan
A   representative  ol   the  \'w
hivlak  recently paid a ^ i.���*t  to
I thin properly, in company with J,
.1 KahVrty. the nuneriiitendent,
TIim property )- one of the group!
taken over hist Runteier b�� Q. \V
i Sallahah, for tha Vancouver and 15.
c General Exploration Company,
��� if London, and ia made lip  ol   tin*
following claims: The Reed, Tenderfoot. Kettle, (iii nation and
The showing on tins group is
onyond Question ilia beet surface
showing of any group of claims in
tlte  Sioeaa.    It  m.y not  be  Ibe
'�����-I in value of ore. but ill'' bad
ktcwu SI  Ihe lued  and Robineon,
in one of lie iitrongoai   leada   In
tliediatrict.    It mn tai traced dia
tluctly through nine claiina, crop
ping.nit boldly o.i tha Keed from
side-Hue lo *tde*Hna running cb-ar
through the Nettie on io tin- Tail*
ilurfnot, then into the Carnation
ground, where ii makea it-, ia*t an*
l�� tiaiH ii   ti ������    surfaces      it*
further oonree i* somewhat in
doubt, but many nfd lime prospector*; are ready t<> awaar thai h oan
be traced on down liic hill through
the Rine/.i   into the world  renowi .
��� <\ Stocnii Star. Tola, ofcoorae, is
i  matter  of c����oJoeture, hut  tlte
t rtunate pnesesaors ����f tiii> group
have all iiie territoty that any on'
outfit rail handle for yearn to ciue
and are probably not fretting their
sou la about the further course o!
i he lead.
The work on this property has
lieefl tnoafty done cm ihe \lr.u\
claim Up to tin* tlma it was par
��� ��� laaed by the Callahan syndicate.
Since then a great deal of work
lias heeu done Oil the Tenderfoot.
"II the Sainton side of   the   dtvnlc.
i mating to 273  feet of tunnel
ling Ii h.-ing the intention to
driven tunnel clear through the
lull, a distance of over a 1.000
feat, toaa to permit eoneeutmttug
the ore at Sandon, win-re a null
site of tive acres h.m heen secured
at the mouth of Tributary creek.
A force of men are kept  at  work,
night and day, on this tunnel and
an- iii-jkin^ good proems* as they
oi o now in IttO feet.   Tm- lead dip
ping from tha fa.-e of the tunnel,
M   will    be   sometime   before   it   in
reached, probably 800 feel more,
hut it is the intention to drift on
i: oaoii way to open up sloping
ground as soon as it i- struck.
Mr.   KaHorty   does not   intend   to
allow snow .slides or bad weather
to Interfere with   his   plans, judo
Ing from the amount of supplies he]
has Mil hand at tbe camp, he
could teed Cogey'*; army for a
The opening up pf this mine
will mean greater prosperity for
Sandon, as it will employ a targf
number of men ;it the mine and
concentrator, hoth of which will he
tributary to this  {date.
There is no limit to the quantity
of ore that can be mined, except
the capacity to mill it. the ledge
varies in width from five to sixty
feet between the wails ami in antne
place* on the anrfaea it in a uues-
lion of bow many tons you want
to blow mil uove, Jo My nothing of
the ground thai the main tunnel
will open up. The grade of the
ore compare* favorably with that
ol the <��ther shipping mine.- on this
mountain. A carload shipped recently, of el an ore. gave a profit
of$H5* but the great wealth Itea in
t le immense bodjf of conceiitiat.
Iltg or.-, (ha full value of which
will he realised when tlte mill is
ui running urder th>n the l.ui-
doiier.-. woo -tut Mr. Callahan
bare, can j <iu tlte people of the
Slocan iu Kinging. "Had to the
Chief.* Mr. Callahan has done
much t�� overcome ihe prejudices
of ihe old Ooaniry people to silver
lead investments for .-dl of which
we are duly grateful and If bis
com pa !> reaps tin? benefit there is
nui-iii' in the Slocan who will he
(Hidge it to them. Mr. Callahan
*afl the lirst representative of
Bagliah capital j(, the Slocan last
(spring and seemingly tha fir**! lo
understand that there Waa more
money to be made out of silver
ore at ��83 per ton tha* out ot
Rosal&ud gold ore at $80 p r ton.
lie acted on this theory m^\ it is
right sfljd proper that the people
wno sent htm out should be the
_' duera as the result of ids display
ol common sense ami pluck, tpiali-
ties often Inciting in tne so-called
inlniug e\p,rts from England
.1 M. Harris i.- upending a few
days up at   the  Reco  Mine  thjs
a -������ k.
The \\. K. Lee   is   milk ing   daily
shipments of ore,   sis   is   also   the
Surprise.     Moth these mines trang
port their ore to tfcOnignn Biding
from Whence it is taken to the
smelter bv   way of Kasjo.
A    strike    of   seven    inches    of
galena ore was made on the 0 K.
early this week. Tnis property,
on which two men are   Working, If
located on the slope of tha moun*
tain opposite Mcliuigan creek.
A chUte of four feet of solid org
was si ruck OH the Rambler, a
claim situated in the Washington
Basin,    This property baa oeen
shipping ore and the new strike
will place it among the foremost
of tha mines In that basin.
Of High Grade Croppings Picked up
on the Streets of our Busy Town.
0, T. Btone, of Kaslo, is in town.
The Noble Five Concentrator,
at Cody, will soon be in operation.
The new edition of Thomlin-
oo's map is f<�� r sale  at this office.
Mr. Fauquier. <d' New Denver,
is spending a few days in Sandon.
He says he is perfectly wideawake
II (Jeigerlcb, of Kaslo, was in
Sandon this week, looking alter
liosinetM iu connection with his
branch here.
The ball given it? Crawford'a
hall on Thursday ^ii>l was attend-
ed by   P   few   of  the   best  of   tbe
Sandon people.
Datl B mgard. of McGuigan
Siding, spent a few days in Sandon
this week. Dan says everything
is lively at the Siding.
John Daly and lYie Annance
have an increased reap��*ct for Tom
Woods ever since his feat of pen*
nianship on the night McKaulass
played here.
A. I\ Gila will gtve a  ball and
supper in his new   hotel  at  Cody
ui Wedm uday next.    A> a goo.i
tiaie is expected everybody should
make an e��brl to attend.
duo. Mar.ies. the popular baggage man <>n Ihe N. & 8. railway,
is very il! with typhoid fever.
Jack's many friends will be sorry
to Ii tar of his indisposition.
Root Cunnings new hotel ia
open to the traveling pup)ic. It i>
difeofthe hist hpuseS in Kootenay
md what you cannot ger therein
tin- line of room and table aeentn-
inodatim s is not to be obtained in
the country,
Hunter <& afcKinnon have sold
then- general store in Sandon to
Hunter Bros., of Rossland. The
n*'w Brm will take charge imme
liateiy.      Mr.    Hunter,    who    has
been closely identified with the
business iuteicsts of the Slocan
ever since it was known, will be
missed by his many friends in
Ira Black's to-w hotel is almost
completed and it is a dandy. There
are some 815 sleeping rooms in this
line building besides a dining
room, kitchen, office, hath-rooms,
sample rooms, and all the adjuncts necessary to the equipment
of a Brst-claaa hotel.
Members of the Fire Brigade of
Sail don intend meeting soon in the
lire hall Boon to complete their
organization. The hoys should be
given every encouragement by
the citizens, for it is to their
energy and skill that Sandon will
have to look to in the future in the
event of a lire breaking out iu the
The MeVay Bros, have sold
their one-third interest in the
Ruth Mines to Ceo. Alexander of
Nelson. This property two-
thirds of which was sold some
time ago to W. Forster for SHiil-
Ow, is one ol the great shippers
located close to Sandon. The
price paid for the MeVay interest
cannot be ascertained but we are
assured that the figure is a large
Improvements at the Star
The Slocan Star is steadily keeping up its shipments of 132 tons of
ore per day. Some improvements
have heen made at the mine of
late. A fine new bunkhonse has
heen erected aud the old one is
turned into a boner-nonae for the
air compressor plant, which will
be in operation in No. 9 "level iu
the next six days. Yesterday a
winze was commenced to connect
No. 4- with No. ."> levels. When
the air compressor plant is in place
ihe work of driving in No. 5 will
he poshed along with increased
Receipts and Expenditures.
The following is a statement of
receipts aud expendiInres of the
Sandon Christmas tree, January
7th, 1897:
mi-��  acKlnnon
-     Hums
������    Lloyd
������    sli,ire
Mi>^ i niu unit
17 ...
oiles      H.
��� ��.��
K. K. AUtertOfl ... ..
Slocao New. i'u.	
Hfiit A CO	
K.J.  llnvi.1v	
<; speaeer, lutll, SJ;candy, ft>,
Crawfturd .v op	
Paj-streak  oo  ,.
Itimtrr. .McKinnou ,v 00	
chr'-unas Tn-os 	
Postal ennls           	
Babtnce on hand il<>n:vt��'tt to the
Public school board	
Much credit is due the  ladies of
Sandon lor tin*   suecessful   manner
in which the Christmas  entertain
nient for the little ones  waa Conducted.      To   the   as&idioua and
faithful   manner   in   which   they
lultilled   the   duties severally   as-
signed to them aa members of the
Xmas tire commit tee   is  due   the
success of the entertainment, and.
no   doubt,    the   mere   knowledge
that they have made many I little
heart    hnppv    will    amply 'repar
them for their generous etl'orts.
To whom it may conckkn: That
we, I). K McVay and W. II. Mf-
Yay, from and afterthis <b te. will
not be responsible For any and all
accounts that may he contracted
for by the Ruth Mines or Ruth
Mining Co., of Sandon, B. (J.
January 2nd, IV.'7, THE  PAYSTREAK
Issued simultaneously every Saturday at
Sandon and Cody, in Ihe lieart uftheBlocaQ
the greatest White nieia' camp on earth.
Transient advertising 25 eents a line rtrst
insertion, and 10 cents a line for each subsequent insertion.
Subscription,    three    dollar
a   year   in
Thk Paystrkak
Battdon. B. c
J NO.  J. I,ANi;STArK.
Editor ami Mgr
Sandox has now approached the
period when it ia time to think of
self-government iu municipal
affairs. There is no doubt, that
many arguments could be advanced against incorporation, but our
individual interests require that
something more than a Gold Com-
missioner is needed to look after
the welfare ami advancement of
our town.
From the government, who   are
supposed to take a paternal   interest iu our well-being, we get   little
<>r   nothing.    They   take   nut    of
Sandon  annually   for  liquor  and
trade licenses alone nearly ��4.000.
in return for which we get practically uothing.    All   the improve-
uieiits that have been made in tbe
town, and   the  prosperity  of the
town   itself, is   due to   the  enter-
prise   of our  citizens.    The  gov-
eminent have been   paying, up  to
the present  time,   the   munificent
sum of $30 per month   to   a  constable, and had not the citiz-ns o,"
Sandon   supplemented   it  by  WO
we would have been  without   police protection, as no man can live
on &J0 per month, much  less sup.
port a family.    We  can  only   assume  that  they supposed him   to
uive the cty 180 worth of protection
Again,    in    the    case   of    fire
protection.    What   has  the    government   done   in    this    matter?
Nothing.    A subscription list   war
eiiciliated and the  hose  reel   and
other fire extinguishing apparatus
was purchased by tbe townspeople,
'���r rather we should say a  portion
of   them.    When   a  request   was
made to the government  through
i heir    representative,    Napoleon
I'itzstubbs,   for   assistance,   what
was the answer?   "When  appropriation! are being  made  for  fire
I>retention   in   the   Kootenay,   you
will not be lost sight of."    Which
meaus, practically, as  far as  immediate benefits is concerned, to
go to tbe deuce.    Can we possibly
make a  worse fist of   governing
this community  than   they   have
done and rre  doing?    We  think
not.    We will have, at least,  men
who will be urged on by self-inter
est. As the town prospers, they will
prosper.     They   will be   resident
here and in  a   better  position  to
itidge of our  most   urgent   wants,
and   we   have  many.    Instead  of
only a portion   of the   population
putting up  for  necessities,  which
at present have to be furnished by
ti.e   people    out     of  their    own
pockets,   each    individual    would
have to bear his share i f the burden.
Take, for example, the sanitary
condition of Sandon.    Lust winter
Sandon was  a   town   of sufficient
itnpotfance to merit  closer attention, in   this  direction,   than   was
vouchsafed it.    But nothing  was
done, either during the   winter or
summer,   to   provide  a  means of
disposing of the rubbish and  offal.
When  our lawgivers  are   lax   in
such matters, is it surprising  that
the   rank   ami   file   of the   people
should   be  no  better?    After  almost two year*, accumulation   of
rubbish had been piled at the back
doors and in the alley-ways, along
comes the sanitary   inspector  aud
holds up his   hands   in   horror at
such uncleauliness. part of which
he   cannot   see.   for   already    the
sm��w has covered it   up.     lie   im-
mediatelv gets   iu   and   threaten*
the people with all the   terrors  of
the law. if this condition of affaire
is hot  immediately  remedied, all
of which would never have existed
had proper  measures on  sanitary
lines been taken in the first place.
We do not wish to be const rued as
blaming the sanitary inspector tor
this reuiisettesa. We go deeper and
blame the government whose failure to do their duty is the direct
cause of it. Why lit they persist
in their insane policy of treating
us as lab a in swaddling clothes
when we have long since cut our
wisdom teeth? It is a question
that the average man will find
a |M��ser.
There is no use of procrastinating. Sooner oi later we will have-
to undertake the government of
the town, and it is better to take
steps now to have Sandon incur*
porated before we "go broke" subscribing for some necessity that is
sure to spring up. and for which
we peed not expect any assistance
from our precious government.
We have been holding meetings
and passing resolutions, repre-
senting our crying wants to the
legislature, until the whole thing
hus oecome a screaming farce, and
it is  high  time   that   we  should
recognize the fruitlessness of such
proceedings, and net down to busi-
ness, and take the necessary steps
towards getting the control ofmun��
ieipal affairs into our own hands.
The ability of our citizens to  run
their own   show cannot   be  ques
tioiied, and certainly   the average
of their intelligence is  equally as
nigh as that ofthe  men   who  today attempt to rule .% province.
VancoIVKK presents ihe rather
funny picture of a man about to
take a bath and stands on the
hack afraid lo lake the plunge.
The   Vancouver people   want   a
smelter, or at least they have talked enough about it to give us the
impression that such in the!I de
sire, yet they keep dilh -dallying,
callinn fruitless meetings ami giv.
ing exhibitions of vacillation, that
would do credit to a full-blooded
Siawash. They must have all the
requirements for a smelter point
else, smelter men wuild have long
ago quit them in disgust. While
bey are fooling away tune with
their   diacuaaitniu and   meetings.
the ore tii.it should l��e Sioelttft in
the Province and the pecuniary
benefits that would be den v d both
hi that city ami mine owner- in
ibis section, are all pas-iug acroM
the border lo enrich our neighbors
who are fully alive t��< the advan
tag-s of the smelting IndttStr .
Father our coast friends are mdif
ferent to Ihe mineral  reeonreea of
the Province or else thev   lack the
enterprise   necessary   to   nuke   a
strong bid tor a share la fhe pro.
tits to be geined by treating Hnti>di
Colombia ores in British Columbia.
Cartlflcata of Improvements.
Loot si��r mid Minr llranm Mu��> -hi i inim*
situat. in Um Hkxan Mining Ot*t��tnn ofWe*4
K>��>t.'ni��\ DWartei,threefoortbaof ��� inu��-
��Mith of   rjendoo, ��<���*�� oi Sax mi **ur
I ��n>tip.
Tak* nottea that. l. Jobn FteMlag, ����� we-ni
tarJanwat t>. Sword. Free Mlorfa tvntflnttr
N��i. T��/��V>, hit.-ml, *Ul.y dajra Imm Um data
hrfof, I.. Mp|jlv I<i llir Mining Urv..fi|.-r ^.f
<.-rt>flr��U* >>f lmpri\rMHMit�� fnr On- |.nr|.~,
of Obtaining I'niwn tfn.iil-���>! t!..-rO-.N.-rUliuv
\-i t fnrllH r tAk<   noO< . , I |, ,(    action   limli-t
���eutloa   x. Miii<-ral  v<a ��*����*. inu*i i*�� ooat-
inenrwd before Um t**u��n<-��-'>f -nia awttSoiM*.
o' lii>t>nivf>ni. nt��
Dated Oil* rih day oi Jaonary, l*tc.
J.n.MI.  v.. Jnll.V KIRI.DIXn
L Et.ce*, t.. R.C c.
Office? -Booms, Koa, 1 and I.
Clifton Hnaae,
SANDON. - - B  C
J  J. Godfrey. W J   Bowser, LIB
F. L. Christie. LIB.
Bowser, Godfrey & drift
sci.lt Holts.
dor B. C
ncouwer, 9
First    Bank Established   in the
Slocan. .
taaoiyofair.1 ������> tt.��>*i limit**? i*t>-;
CaaOal anapoarsrtoUajiajaa ���. '*o��e
Ur**rv. ��� ��� ��� H���� ���������
Heao Oft.ce
����i i*. aberd ^ot-ri, i,��.   i
in Brttadi Ottituit.irt
Victoria,    V'aaeoever,     \  u   Wr*4��uioMw
Neaatna)     Kantnop*.      Nl IxiN
K \s| .i   ...,.|   - \M��'N.
*>i.*n*.ii ESatrki
in Um ITatted "i����n-
fnu Kr��in*l*��s�� ami   |%��fll��o.1.
Agenta and Corresoondente
�� \\vi>\   naraanaa M��mk ��>( i n.iuimrr.
V|pf. bant*'   iUi.k  ����i laaada. Tbe    Mobaw
lUnk. intprrtal llnnk nf < an��<la *r��a lUnk ��� >(
N..%a   Hr,m��       in    iMirl-    ."��i\il.-
Caitn.ti/��i) IUrik.it  i >.inin.r..      \fri��. ��       ,\r��
\��irk.    Itonk   <��(  >ev��   "kinlle. t ii��.^��t>��   1-
|^^,.),.n utt'l �������!;  1 ran. S���-.. lUuk,    | l,t   .    i   ���
mj��;Tti��' 1'ntrt s-rfii(.| >��tt>.it��l luia. >*��-��n.<
TIh      KxrltMUC    NalHMMl      llAliik.     Sim��a*J��i
\t-��THVl.l\  \Mi>KW/lU.\M��    lUuk
of  \(i��tr>��u��i��    llosoi.i i.i     in*t��>.|> ,v ���. ,
Local Manaoar,
Sandon branch
m      COAL.
��� -
> 4
11 si:.
Tin & Sheet Iron Worker.
RaiaaUalMd m Hat
tiaair|kaiUit b   Royal I saftat Is taai
pa.d uo Casual,    ea.eee.eee
Reeerve  Fund. I 338.333
i/.iei'.ni��is<-*��-  i nanavata l4��ni'.  naa*aani
Nttaat   K  c
Court of  Olractora.
.1. II, Btndle.Joha J��u��r�� c^j.-r (�������(*.r.t > .,���
r��r, Ki-Isnnl   ll   Ol/n,  H^tirv   I:    I .���-.-   I
artbar ifoata. II J.ti Kendall, J. J. Kioa*
ti.nl. l'n-.l��-rir l.uMairk. IM-.TK, I' Whal
it mo
i^i-nlitrj-. A. tl. W * I i i��
HaadoaVetttCaasaavdH laSsaaai .M��>����ir����
II    Hn��tr*MV 1. Ht^i,r��,
'.iinn��i Maa*ajar< in��|**ri��>i
Branches  In Canada.
I^NldOO, llrwnllMiil. I'nrl*. Il��ml!lnii. Tor..n
t<>. Klnaatott. ��uih*��h. Montreal, Uoefaee, Bl
Joba, N. n.; Brandoa, a'intii|��)ju. \i*i��,. i rwi
,'ririon, K. ll.; HalUax. K.H.: YMtorta, Van
���������.iivrr. Boaslaod, aaooon. it, C,
Agents in the United Statee.
M|n>ktiiio:   UNI NhIIihimI llnnk nmt Trader*
Matlonal U��nk     New York: (*4 Wall ��'lrwi
\v, taivaon end J.CXWetab    San Franelewi
USt MADsorfM Streeti H, M I  MeMlHuwl and
J,   It. AlnhiiMM'.
London  Bankara.
Hi.   lUnk nf Ktigliuid niel MaSMS. ��U���� A t?0
Foreign Aganta.
l,lv<ri��Hi|, l:,,i,i; pf |.i\i-ri*Mii. Mcotlabd,
NntltiniO llmik of H.t.ilm,.!, I.itiui,-,!, mm
i.iuiiiIm- trebuid, l'n>vln��-|itl Ibuik <>f In
land, l.t.i. and i>noioii,-��. National Nanh,
Ltd., and brenchre. au��ohHm. Union Uunk nl
AntiniiiH. l.t.l. Nea Kealand, Union Banb nl
AtiMtniiiH, 1,01. Iii-llu, chiim. iimt Jn|*e>
Mi-rruntCi  UhmU ���>(   InillM   I.I.I.    Aiim   Ibuik.
I.nl Weal Indira, (XSontal Unnk. I**rn��.
M.����r-    Miiii'iniKi.  Kraoaa �������� ci��*.   Lyon*
I'n-illl l,umiiiil��.
H. Q. MARQUIS.   Acting tManager
Sandon,   B.  C. *ri
Kc-ortled at New Denver, tb�� AmeMinent*
Transfer*, and ! .ncaUuim:
"tlT.w ftairDwu H(,ni-K(Mir Jllle, A H llrem
Das *���       .     , .
s-'iiiImth Chief -Lemon, J as CraAH
R��H��r��s��* Fractional-Lrmon, J H<>Mi
i*r w
Kvcrrtl���Sealuu. J Kniuwt
lle*t-i>   Ik-ar l.ak''' W flyan
!>.-.��� 3o
i...k. View No J���Nrfw Denver, * Ooriitft
Ik*- 31
Alpha���Sain*, W llrown
J nil 4
M.i��..��t KxtViMivn '-Saii'l��<i.-' M ' ��� rr.Hn*4��f tl
S<-w V<-.��r*   Sainton. J C ,iii.-.f.,ril
January 4
VnncHJVer No 3���John 1* Alrlil*��n
Ik*- w
William llolMwa lo J Km., .t -Id 0 K No I.Dec
*": ��l
�� .��*��  \allan<* to  (Miakl    MeOUlrrajr-U-M
u H.i <;<��.* No *, aaia u; a;,'������
i��.ii.ii.i Mr(.ill>rav t<, atclvor, Mr T totramp
i. II    1) 4* Wild OOOM Soto. Ur.'i, taWQU
W II  Crawfonl to William Henry  IIHIear��� \
Crarader. BeaMar ami HkMaa tnaeare, Dee is;
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William  11%an to W S DWw'rr   | lu-*-i.   1*, .-..
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Jraaah   Law   (���> TlK.maj Kill *' ���  < R��irrr. Ow- n ;
I'aul lian.k U> Th-wua* KIIMt -, lio*rr. I**-
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W,a��rr Itrown to Allntl Doriaf1! Alptn, Uw
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IVim M. Vi.lv.lt. ter-.M Son-Ur   \  itouinanta
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Jan 4
William Fi*\v tS John A F,*f? The Herrule-..
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J W Tmup t>. I' Burn* I* Airwrjiaii lloy.
Jan .-; -l
l.tikr Sweeter ��� , IV.,ria M A M Oo Lld-The
r>**ia claim*. DM 111 SI
iaha I'owar* to Steplien |*oW��T��-l"�� Victor Ui.
Ouuran JeVFhrMon to Joltu I'owcnj-r ���* lti��a
lilk : -1
iMin-an McPhiraon lo >����et>hrii Power*-I*
Itlwiil.ir ; *1
Freak Man��rn to P J Hk-krr I ������ OftfaSI Mlrw-r
ai claim. On 31 : -I
��� ��*. jr Berbanh to KUward J Bearasea { pttfaj
Fra. Una, l>*����� r*; $l
J<4ui WlllUm. lo D K M, U-an i Uinrli rnr
WalT*. l��*r y.. ; -1
w u Mearaoad v> H Be��re~ltArrttr, Jan i; ��
Herman Clrver W W |K Kiclmxiiti~\ PiM-lric,
Jan   4 . ��1 _.
Henry HI**? I.. w K Rlt-hmomt -| lk-��ui
Orouii. Jan  4 ; fl
American Talk  la Freedom'-. Friend.
The old saying that "talk is cheap
but it takes money to buy the drinks"
has a special and immediate application to the foreign policy ofthe
l*nited States at this crisis in that
natiou's history.
Muttering liberty :n Cuba tor some
months has had to board and clothe
itselt on the proceeds of United States
The time has come when liberty
must perish if the I'nited Slates does
not ��top talking and begin to buy
A nation which loves freedom so
pi> ioi a e.y aa the United States does
will not. hesitate to purchase the
freedom of Cuba at ihe expense of its
own business interests. There is not
much giorv tor the United States in
lighting Spain. The United States
has a great deal to lose, and Spain
has lo*t so much that its further losses
would be comparatively trifling.
War with Sjiain would have a
tendency to sol>er the American public men and newspapers which are
mere to blame than the politicians
t<��r the trouWe with Spain. The
United States is no friend to Canada,
but aside from all questions as to the
uiuanutiss of the American Government, the sympathy of light thinking
Canadians would "be wit^ a nation
which, with all its faults, represents
more of liberty, of true civilization
and of hope for the world, than Spain
ever will represent
llll, .
J B Qate* to Atnlrrw Jae.4i*>m j Vyiwr. ObC
*i. o<<
\rthur M 'Hair Hrtntlk" to Sarah K*terl>rook*���
Tl..- Wiiia. N-.�� /*; fl
J s Wattaker to Oeo IkrxaarW j Unttrd. rw
IS;   i
A K WroM n.Thoma* Hiiri.-au -j ll >���� Kn.^. Iw
IV;    |
I .(������..���-lluiu^ii :������ A It l>..ili ... . Boa Kn.i
ami IJ.ilKit. f>r l��: *��
h K St^4l Ui A It MUlIton- | How KtaH. Ikv If;
RDMeBeyto John P MeXay- I Tea Botan,
l>n- *>% ��4*|
I. mi* ion*, r. ,n to 11 W llul ~\ NaU.il>. Iter ��i;
.1 I'ircvto W J Klliolt 1 tiaallMJt Mar No. li��.
Lt<-ky i irk aud l.lt.Uv. la.  r-; #4 > >
W I Kllfcitt lo A W Sl.aw-|.. IkHil.itfh ��n<l
Klu1l -hi. | Kvenlnp Star Nu i��. Ox- IT -, *|
Kvrpti M.-Ciialtr to Tboaiki KUi 4t i ; |vul>;��.'
hi i sk.llirht. Jau l ; ���?�����
Andrew Toaka to Hordnrk M. i.,.... -l 1.1...1
Ti.llnif.. Ai^-ll id; ��l
>'����     NfMNl     Of    Tlll'lll.
Oirls are becoming more sensible,
d����n't you think ?" nhe askeil.
"In whut way'/" ha empiired, for
he waa a wise man md objected to
committing himself until he had seen
all the plans and speci(cations,
"Well, tor one thing,   she explain
ed.   "they   no   longer    wear    tight
"They don't need to, "he answered.
"The\ iiavc h.ive pivbihlv learned
that they can tret their hands squcez.
ed other wayi
"Well, tlnit's senatltlc, isn't it? And
a great many of us don't wear such
tight waists, either."
"Yes, ves. of course," he exclaimed, hastily.
And, thereupon they went Into executive sesalon.
PBOVINt K   OF    HKITIKH   i ��U-1 Mill A.
Mlm-t.r  ���! Miu.-.   Hon. ( .J. Jain.-* tUker
IToviiK -aU Mlu. ral.^iat, W. A. (arlyl.
I*nbilr Araayer. H. ( aruiirltael.
raiiviM iai. c.n.KMiKxi MUdretae.
Allvml; Tl��<����. Fietoaar. atatrai
Cariboo; J Howrou. Harkerville
Caa��lar; Jann* Porter. P.O. tatkablS
Cowtobanl H O. Welfburn. Daaraa
Comoi; W. It. Andrraui. C.mtox
Fori Bbapeoo : J Flewin
KaattoOfJSj �����  C. Tun��iall. K��itil��oj��
Kootenay Ka*t 1 J. F. ,\rui����n.ii��. Donakl
Kooanaj Wait, Nortbera pacttaa; J. l>. lira-
ha in. Keve"l*,|!)k<'
Kootenav   We.*t, SiMthem  aorfJoa;  N. Flu
���liit.i*. Nil* .11
Lilli*��-i : F BoaeS, I'Union
Nauaiuio; M. lira v. Nauaimo.
.Via \\ estmiufiler ; I). H��4*x>u. New We*4mlii-
Meoin ; j��^ui Ctaaoertoo, Kleota Lake
��� ik.in i--.,n ; L. Norria. Vernon
oui-anelle; Win. Stfpheneon,Qoratwlle Forks
Vale; W.O^ld, Yale.
Mimmj RacoBbaaa,
\,,.ia,in .. M   IIiav.
S,,v  W,*iiiiiuslrr. D. Hoi* mi    N-�� >\ ��*t!iiiii��t. r
F^at Kooit'iiav. J stlmi Donald
F. C. Lima    Oolden
i,   QokUe  Windermere
<'. ILBda ��n��*   . .FortSteele
M  Phtllli* T.I*<��o Plain*
w.m Kootenat. I. t>. Orabara    Beveatokt
COTT) Minlienniek ljltxlewu
A.sjmmt      New Drover
J..hii K.-eu Kaslo
J. II. HaalulaJI       Nel*on
J. Klrkui. Boadaad
J. r. H\kert  Kykert-
a . H. Vi.-k. 1-* Trout Uk��
H .1 Srott llh-eiliewael
P. 0. F��unuler N��ku��|.
C iiIIkio. \\ Si, iilieiimm       Queanelle Fork*
J. Howron     Hai ken III,
\ ill.-. W, IkwM  ^��le
1,  Nonii Vernon
<     V   I,   l.:iml.|\ OSDjroos
w. Mcatyan MitUav
H   Hunter       Oiaulte Creek
0 C.Tun-tall... K��niloo|-i
Liltooet,C. A. Phalr Lglourl
F, s,.U' -       .... .......   Canton
Ctviar   Kara r.vnin ..,    kUtUSon < 'nvk Oinineea
Jan. Pol-tor    Lekcton
\ l*-rnl. Th*  FI.'H'lier. Alln-rnl
v.iioiia. w. s. 1,on-         V Ittorta
For the PiMvime ; W. S. (.ion-  Victoria
Alherul ; Tin*  Fleteher, Alla-rnl
Qarllaait John Boerico, Rfcjhneld
Catf'er l��l*lrlet; .Innies Porter. Laket MI.OMnar
Li I oetDiatrlct; Fiedariek Souas, Clinton
.Van ilm.; M.llrnv, Nauaimo
We* Kootenay IHatrlrt; J. F. Arni'troiiK.Oonald
w,-*t Kootenay Dtetrtet; N. FltoHubla, Neaon
Kit 1 kiK'ti'imi  Owiru-l;  .1. 1��. lirHham. Revet'
at <Ke
Yule DNtriet; thai*. I.ainlily. IbJOyooa
V.    i��i��ii<i; 0.C.Tanatall. Kamloopa
Dealer ir) MEATS
Rorkht Macdonald
Neil Macdonald
MACDONALD   BROS.. Proprietors.
Kstes I3U50 to 12.50 per day.
Headquarters for Mining Speculators and Capitalists.
Reco Ave., - - Sandon, B.C
SItai iMdim C��Mr5ini>
J.   C.   HAYES   Mngr.
Manufjtcturers of and Dealers in-
Stores, Tinware, Mtef are ai Coprware.
 All kinds of Mining Work a Speciality
feto 4 JlsJItoi
-Dealers   in���
IGeneral :Merofretxiciise.
Get yonr Fresh Meat
Revel stoke,
Brandon  and   New   Denver THE   PAYSTREAK.
Issued siiiiultaneouRly every Saturday at
.sandon and Cody, in the heart of the Slocan
the greatest white metal eampon earth.
Transient advertising 25 cents a line first
insertion, nnd 10 cents a line for each subsequent Insertion.
Subscription,   time   dollar
vear    in
Sandon, B. ('
Editor and Mitr
Sandon lias now approached the
period when it is time to think of
self-govern men t in municipal
affairs. There is no doubt, that
many arguments could he advanced against incorporation, but our
individual interests require that
something more than a Gold Com
missioner is needed to look after
the welfare and advancement of
our town.
From the government, who  are
supposed to lake a paternal  interest iu our well-being, we get   little
<��r   nothing.    They   take   out    of
Sandon  annually   for  liquor ami
trade licenses  alone nearly -S4.O00.
in return for which we get practically nothing.    All   the improve*
meniB that have been mmle in the
town, and   the   prosperity   of the
town   itself, is  due to   the   entnr-
prise   of our  citizens.    The  gov-
t-rnment have been   paying, up  l����
the present  time,   the   munificent
sum of |80 per month   to   a  constable, and had not the citiz-ns m'
Sandon   supplemented   it   bv   ���**��<>
we would have been  without   police protection, as no man can live
on $80 per month, much  less sup.
port a family.    We  can  unit/   assume  that   they supposed him   to
Kive thec'ty $30 worth of protection
Again,    in    the    case    of    fire
protection.    What   has  the    government   done   in    this    matter?
Nothing.    A subscription list   war
eiiculated and the   hose   reel   ami
other fire extinguishing apparatus
was pu relinked by the townspeople,
�����r rather we should say a  portion
��'f   them.    When   a  request  was
made to the government  through
i heir    representative,    Napoleon
I'itzstubbs,   for   assistance,   what
was the answer?    "When  appropriations are being   made  for  fire
protection   in   the   Kootenay,  you
will not be lost sight of."    Which
means, practically, as far as  immediate benefits is concerned, to
go to the deuce.   Can we possibly
make a  worse fist of   governing
this community  than  they  have
��� lone and  fre  doing?    We  think
not.    We will have, at least,  men
who will be urged on by self-inter
est. As the town prospers, they will
prosper. They will be resident
here and in a belter position to
lodge of our most urgent wants,
and we have many, [n ate ad of
only a portion nf the population
putting up for necessities, which
at present have to be furnished by
ti.e people out of their own
pockets, each individual would
have to bear his share �� f the burden.
Take, for example, the sanitary
condition of Sandon. Last winter
Sandon was a town <>f Sufficient
importance to merit closer atten*
tion. iu this direction, than was
vouchsafed it. But nothing was
done, either during the winier or
summer, to provide a means of
disposing of the rubbish and offal.
When our lawgiver* are lax in
such matters, is it surprising that
the* rank and tile of the people
should be no better? After almost two vear*. accumulation of
rubbish had been piled at the back
doors and iu the alley-ways, along
comes the sanitary inspector and
holds up his hands iu horror nt
such uncleanliness, part of which
he cannot see. for already the
snow has covered it up. Il��- irn-
inetlialeh gets in and threatens
the people with all the terrors of
the law. if this condition of affairs
is not immediately remedied, all
of which would never have existed
had proper measure* on sanitary
lines been taken in the first place.
We do not wish to be construed as
blaming the sanitary Inspector for
this lemisHM-ss. We go deeper and
blame the government whose failure to do their duty is the direct
cause of it. Whv lo thev persist
in their insane policy of treating
us as i ab -s in swaddling clothed
when we have loner since cut our
wisdom teethY It is a question
that the average man will find
a poser.
Thef* I* no use of procrastinating. Sooner oi later we will have
to undertake the government of
the town, and it is better to take
steps now to have Sandon incorporated before we "go broke'* subscribing for some necessity that is
sure to spring up. and for which
we need not expect any assistance
from our precious government.
We have been holding meetings
and passing resolutions, representing our crying wants to the
legislature, until the whole thing
hus oecome a screaming farce, and
it is high time that we should
recognize the fruitlessness of such
proceedings, and get down to business, and take tbe necessary steps
towards getting the contiol of municipal affairs into our own hands.
The ability of our citizens to  run
their own   show  cannot   be  ques
tioned, and certainly   the  average
,��f their intelligence is  iqually  as
High as that of the   men   who   to.
dav attempt to rule a province.
Vam ot'VKK presents the rather
funny picture of a man about to
take a bath and stands on the
baik afraid to take the plunge.
The Vancouver people want a
smelter, or at least they have talk
ed enough about it to ��ive UM the
impression that such is tloor tie
sire, yet they keep dilly-dally tug,
eallin,, fruitle-s meeting* and giv-
ing exhibitions of vacillation, that
WDOld do credit to a full-blooded
Siawash. They must have all lbs
requirements for a smelter jH.int
else, smelter men WOtild havf long
ago quit them in disgust.     While
hey are fooling   away tune   with
th��ir   diaOUSSitrtttl   and ittevtiogS.
M|eore that should Imj smelted in
the    Province and tin* peeuotarv
benefit! that would bedefit d both
bj that city and mine owtor- in
this neetion, are all pacing a<T"*��
the border to enrich om neighbor*
who are fully alivr hi tlo* advan
lajf's of tie* Mtl<+!ting ifidu��tr .
Either our coast friend* are   indif
t'eient to the mineral resonroes of
the Province <��r else thev lack the
enterprise necessary to make a
strong bid for a share in the pro-
tits to be gained by treating Britieh
Columbia tires lo BritiahOdumbia.
Certificate of Improvements
LetW Btafaa* Mine i��r>��o��4- Mln'-ral ��'l*ini��.
SHuat.  In th��- Shiran Mining l��l��tab*! >>f Wei
Kontieaaj IHatrtet^ three saartba ot s attls
���ante  ot   swndoo.  ��.*t nt Ktoeaa star
< .n.np.
Take notttea tlist. I. J'��hn Kt. Uling. ;.�� ae�� ��l
for lama* I' Hworo, Vn-r Miner > * ertlBwUr'
No. Tii..v.. iiit.-nii. i��i��t) d��>�� from Mm Sale
hen nf, t" spoil !������ th*- Mining Reonrder fur
errtirtrjiu** of irapeoeeaMnta t>>r the part****
ia* obtaining I'mtn itraaleoftheatooei rinlm*
And further lulte notle*-, ihni action amtef
M linn C, Mineral *ei l*��>. ranst !*��� eon*.
mepced t*-for��' the tasaaoaooi*aia��rtini��i<.
o  imiirovi'imiit*
I hii.il Oil* 7tl�� day of Jaaoarr, l*W.
J.n   stS   W. JOHN 1 IK.I.DIVO
L. ll.C.S.. L. It. c . V.
Office:   -Boom*, Ifoa, 1 and J.
Clifton   House.
SANDON, - - B  C
.... ,   �� ,        ,,..,,,,. i
J J. Godfrey.        W J   Bowser, LIB
F. L. Christie. L L B.
Bowser, Godfrey & GUristle,
BARRISTEItS, ���::���
?er��dor   B.  C.  .
ancouvor, B  C.
First    Bank Established   In the
Slocan. .
Itaaaiwaajswl nj Bej/al fiiaro** M I
C��(.H��!   ��llli l*'Wf !����� I!����� rvn~-i
Iti**j rr��
1i��. ���*.
Heao Office; '*' la����aher* at met. Lnstrloti
In Itrlloi* ��'��� .In�������������������
\ Maria,    VsiMeirsr      $f*   U'eMaili   ���!<���,
Sana      KamlootM      Nii."><��\
K VM.ii   *��d   MM"lN.
*>i-*natt   in.ifl.i
Iu thr liiltr*! wiaU-*
s���� Kr��ml��i  and   1%��t*S.��-- I
Agents and Correeoondenta.
���  y\ m>\    rasMkStaa lt*i>�� nl * '���!.;:
Merchants'   liana   ���>! on>iek The    ��l	
lUoek  Iraorriel iu����a "f ��� *��i����<la ��k.i lunfe ���><
N..\��    *r*<*Un IS      I   Mill'     WTAfVX
�� aim.no. llHiik ��>f  < *.iniiM-r��-��     ts"�� ��       N�� ��
Yurfi |iMi>a ��>f Koea *w>��^t��. �� i��u*a<. I
U��id*��o ana Heo Kmnrt����n�� Baah l��-i '���
ma Tin- rNsffl Moatad Naii��*)M��i lv*na   Keallh
Tl,.      l;\el��aii4f    >ali��.n��i      ��Unk.     "i.'li"
M'HTH Ml \   \M�� NK�� /�� U.VM��    lUi.fc
-.f \o��tr^u*ti��    lo���>����!,t i.t    Haasofj ��� �����.
Local  Manager,
Sandon brancn
m     COM..
ft si:.   ;
Tin & Sheet Iron Worker.
I .!��>.!!��lod   III   Xtm
taatMiawiiait h    Mays* ��laaftat la HMI
PeidUo Capital.      $4,860,066
Raaarye  Fund, 1336.333
I^aaSe*)CMsia    I CSamaala  latae,   i^��mi*��r!
���*ir.-*-��    ft   C.
Court of   Olrectore
I   11. Ilnwllr. Jolm JaSMBSl SVU I   ��.��-l��rdl*f
rar  It Ii hard   ll   Ol/O.  Hann   14    Karmr. K��l
ArthurHi-sre. H. I B. Kendall, J. J. K*ntr��
f.��ni.  Frederk LoSboea,  i��"iti  I*.   Waal
Seavatarjr, a. o. *��i ua
Basal����rrw la I an��nu -**i iataaa Si.. Maausai
ii. Brtaaa >> *���:. itrAat��sm,
Osueral staaasaa*, iii��i*tii>i
Brsnchee  in Canada.
UonSoflt iirniitioni. r��rt��. Hamlllon.TortHi
in, KlnfaUio. tHtaara, stontieal, unriw. "��i
lolm.N. II. llrHiiilon. WtaalDML .Man. rN
rrtrlon, N. ll.. Ilniltiit. pt.H.i Vi.i.>rl... Van
mtivrr, U<>**lainl. H*tnduti, II. (',
Agents In the United States
Rr*"4aUMl   Old NhHoiihI Itank   and   !'rail��r��
MaUonal Raak.    New York! ffi& wall r'tiwi
\V   l^wrwinand   J. t.\Welah      Kim r'rnlirl*-"
M.'i Huiiwinif Mtr.^t, ll. M  I. Mesttehael and
.1     It     \inlinMM'
London  Bankera.
Thi-   Itntik of Kiiitiiutd and MsSSfl  <���!�� n ���* I"
Foreign Agents.
Ltvarpool, lt��nk i��f  [Jveraool.    erotlawd,
Natlooal    (tank of  *>.-.��nnnd.  ijsnited,   nim
branebea.   Irelaad. |*roelnetw  Hank nl In
land,  Ltd , nnd  rmtnehea. National   Banli
Ltd.. and hrnnrlM'a.  Aiiftralla. Itiion IUink<>i
Auatritiiit. Ltd.   N��-v��- Kealand, Union lunk ol
AtiHtinllH. Ltd. Iinliu. China, nnd liie""
M.���i.-i.nil!.' Hank nl   Imlhl   Ltd.    Aitrn   IWmk
Ltd. Waal Indies, Cotontat nans. Pafi*
Messrs.   Itattniard,   Krattaa et I '������'���    Lyon*
Credit l.\ milmU.
H.  Q. MARQUIS.   Acting tManeger
' Sandon,  B. C.
Ki.orded  at   New   Denver.   Um;   AiweMiiiKiita
Tranlifers and l-maiiomi:
'��ll..w Vyour own lloni-Kour Wile, A 11 Umn
S'liith.rii Clut f    l^ini.ti, Jm Ira**
Ktli|>r����** Kraitlmial    l/inun, J Robb
!*���.��� TJ
Kv,rt*tt���Nratuu, J KnnaM
ti.-*.!.-   Ilt>ar Lake'W flvnn
Ikr M
ljik<- Vl��w KaS���Hear Panear. * iKirinK
vl|<hn-' Sainr. W Brown
.l.ui I
M.��- -it I'vu-iiMvrti   s.tmi .ii. ) \i prawMainS
Nrw V��ar* -Sandon. J C,Miai*ford
Jsauery 4
VaiMotiver No 3���Joltn I* Ah-Uiwjii
Deg u
\Mlllatn HohihM to J gassst   14 0 K No .'.!������.
���*m i    al
I dm   V.llani*   to   iMiahi     Mn.iIUrav    ii 4*
u ii.i o.����. y��� *, aa|4 u : e..'����
i��>u.��i.i MrOUhrraf lo sfrlror, klrlrorOsrap*
1*11    II 4a WiH (..��.*��� N<A.. U-.  H. *>*Ut
W It  <-rawford t.. Wll��l*m Heirrj  Hrtlrar-1
i i .i��.|.-i. H-'iil.l.r ami   Hi.id.ii  tr.-����uri-,   llif l�� ;
Ira  W   ntarh to Jeanle  Rratap  j Foantaln
Frmiloii. Derail t\
Dsa V
Jobs Bbertdan !����� Mkasal C stonatrSsa   |R.��� -
laua. !��.<.��� asj ��i
WlUUin   R/saki W s llffwrv   ) I;.*.!,   ik-rft
l lee si
Joerpfc Lea to Peat H��t��rk   \ Rovrr, !��������� ss|
i-~H<  l-**r loTlnmia* KHI.<t���4 B.i����-r. D��tSI ;
Paul lun.k to  H. mii**  BBott'-i Ko>.-i. Iter
.11 M ���'
llruri   I'  JarkMit U> John    UrNlrra ���ilaiiii*
Mill .��������^>ll�� and Krli' ; Mil .d *alr n>> ,n M��r��i����
it VV K.nt I" fjeo sunt.��    i  I mu.1  K.nj.lu-.
Dw ii
H'aii^r Brown tn Alla^rt ll.rlur���\ Alphi.  la-.
^1 I ti
IVur M< Nlrhol to Oen M SoRettr   \  Itoatnanta
Krarliiai. lkx> .11 ; trt
Jan 4
William Fiarr to John A Polrv    Thr   H����rrii��>*.
laf ** ; *l
J W  Tnaipto    I*   Utimi    X*    Ain.-rjan    Boy.
Jan J; at
Laksaweattar toi-aarisM * H c<> Ltd-Tln-
i'.-.-uri.iiiit. Dsa ii ; m
J��ilin I'owern t-i SV|>hrn   I'oerre*-!** Vlrturla.
DniK-an M��l1irr*<ai bi Jolm  1'owom���i \* lliwa-
l>ik | ��l
Daiian   MtPhrraran   lo   Sl.^klan    |��owrr*-*f��
Blwahk- ; *\
Frank Man*rn I ��� I* J Hlrkrv    1 'Ual.lr  JHln.T
al < l..l-i.. I v. 51 I ���!
<M.ar MorlMiik to Kdaard  J   (low man    4 (Mlin
Frsrtam Ore ?" ; ll
Joltn Wllliani.   lo   D   R   M, U.tn    '  Uutrh ntr
Wat.r*. Hrrf; -1
W K Rlrhm.in.l at H Stasje*-41Ar-S>4 Jan t; 11
ll. r man   t'tVviT to W ik Kli lim.-inl    j 1'a.in. .
Jan  41 ��l
nmm   SSnrp to  W   K    IUrkmoni|~|   Ovren
OriMiii, Jan  4 ; II
i ll t.atr* to Andrr
it i -I"
Vrthur St  iiialr HrtndtV !���> Sarah F.*t>rl*o.*V�����
Tli.- WIIU, N<>\ t*: *l
J S \\ l.it.ik. r loOeo   Al>\andrr -J   I'ldtrd. IW
It;   i
A F "vitl loThmiu* llnrt.MU    i H'* Knot.lkv
A.n. rl.an Talk   Is Freedoiii'a Friend,
The old saying that "talk is cheap
but it takes money to buy the drinks"
has a special and immediate application to the foreign policy ofthe
United States at this crisis in that
nation's history.
Huffering liberty in Cuba tor some
months tias had to board and clothe
itselt on the proceeds of United States
The time has come when liberty
must perish if the United States does
not stop talking and begin to buy
A nation which loves treedom so
pi> ioi a e y a.*- the United States does
will not hesitate to purchase the
treedom of Cubit at the expense of its
own business interests, 'I here is not
much giorv tor the United States in
fighting Sjiain. The Unittxl States
has a great deal to lose, and Spain
has lutji so much that its further losses
would be comparatively triiiing.
War with Spain would have a
tendency to sober the American public men and newspapers which are
more to blame than the politicians
lor the trouble with Spain. The
United States is no friend to Canada,
l��ut aside from all questions as to the
BManpafl of the American Government, the sympathy of runt thinking
Canadians would be wit*' a nation
which, with all its faults, represents
more of liberty, of true civilization
and of hope for the world, than Spain
ever will rcpresenL
Dealer ir| MEATS
���: AT
I'HOVIM K   OF   Mill! ISH   lOl.l MHIA,
pw Jic-ilnHi   i Vjrner, !���������
! i ua�� lloiUun !������ A ll Hailton | 11 W Kt. 4
ami Itulvii. Dof l��: ��1
v R S.^41 to A It Itilltui    1 Ito* Knot. I*.  W;
K Ii staQe�� M John I" M�� Kav j Tin- Hulk...
Dor at, *i;"��
I. mi* Daasaresa to B W Bui -i aakob, Ika *>;
J I'iterete a* J Filkttt  i Kvealaa siai Mo m.
Lvkr J irk anil I.IM**. I>r<- l* ; HO <
W   I   Klliott  to  A W   Shaw    |.. Dsalairk  and
skxll -ht. 1 Pw-nhitT Star N.. in. O^ IT ���. *i
i >    ! Mi i H4itt  loTlmiuii  Kill ill    I I   iN'iiluif
SSd Sk.lichi. Jau I ; MM
A mil w   Tnnlt*  to   Muni.* k    Mrl.ran    J Olad
Tiiliiik i   V|.rll til: fl
So   NetMl   of  Thrill.
"(Jirls are becominjr nH)rest>n?il>le,
dmi't you think V" she ssktil.
"Iu wlnit way'-'" he enquired, for
he was a   wise   man    tnd  objected to
committing himself mull he had seen
all the plans and kpeolfloatlona
"Well, for one tiling." she explain
ed,  "they  mi longer   wear   tight
"Thev don't need to,"he answered.
"Tiny have have  probihly   learned
that ihey can get their hands squee/
imI other ways "
"Well, that's sensible, isn't it? And
a great many of us don't wear such
tight waists, either."
"Yes, ves, of course," he exclaim
ed, hastily.
And thereupon they went into ex-
ecutlve session.
Mtufi.'i  >f Mtui**,   lion. (.4. Jatm-* llaker
1 *r- -v in. iai aliiH-rali*?lai. W. A. ���   irivl.
I'uhlir Aa*ayrr. II. I SISBklsjtt
���eavfiai iai. (i<i.*Kua��jE}fT Atottcnet%
Alberal; Th.n. nstoSer, AJbaral
Cariboo; J H��>��n.ti. llark<'r\tll��-
CaMlar; Jaui.a I'ortt-r. P.O. Lakil.ai
t\i��rlrhan; H.O. Wellborn, IHiuran
Oobmsi w. B. Aaaareoa. Oossoa
Fort Simpsoa : J Flrwln
ItaaSoosa] 0  C. Tun��tall. Kmidicite
Kaosassj Kaet: 1. F. Aruiatroutt. Donakl
h'.'i>n-n  West, Nortlu-ni j��>rtkm ;   J. D. tira-
hain. K.v."latoki'
KiriO'tiav   IVwt, Soathi-rn   jairtlmi;   X.   Fit/
*lulit#. Nets in
Llllooet ; F  Smi��, Clinton
Nanaliiin;  M   Hra�� , Naualuio.
New Weattalasear i D. Kobeon, Wew WefkBta-
Nlnda ; John CisjSjartDB, Nirula  Lata
Ofcaasna : I.. Norrta, Veraoa
oiiraiifilr; Win Rtrooeoeon, Qaaanelk Forka
\ai,���; W.Dald. Valr.
MlMMi   RK< oabKBS.
ilSTaH r. oKriiK
Vauaiiu i, M   llray Nanahiio
\..��   \\ . ��iiiiiv��t. i   I>  |{..Ih. ..     N',�� \\ ,*ttnln*t<-r
RaM Kooteaar, J stimt
F. t". tjautf	
t.  OokHe
C. M. Edward*   .
M. Fhiilli.-
Wt-st Kootroa*. I  l��. t.raham
Corn .Minhfitnick	
A. Sjiniat
Ji.hu Ki-.ii	
J   II. K.idi.liili      	
J   Kirkuii	
.if   Kvkoit
��   II   Vleken
R .1 Scott
F t.  Faiti|uii'r.
C irlhui. W NO'i.Immimii     .  ...
J. Hnwnui    	
Vali-. W. Uwtii 	
I. Norrkv,
i    v.ii LaatbtS
H  HaiMST      	
i> c. Tuiiiiitlt. ......
I. Iloori.r. X   dun
K. Snii.i       . .
c isaar Bsra Erse*
J:t��   I'llll.T  .    ,
A I��tiiI  Th a. Flimi-Ii.'i
Virtorls. W . v Uore
In -ii Oil
... GoMee
. Wtaoeraiare
Tobaero Flaitn*
.. .New Dearer
. .Trout Lake
 i,iii.��in-i!i' rorka
 tinuiiii- Cnt>k
.     .       Clinton
.Muii.oin iml Oatlaees
. .Allirnl
tioi.n (tiaaiastoKKRs,
For tlio Pnviaoa ; W. R Qaee. Victoria
Vllnini ; Tine  Fletcher, AeWnl
Qarlhout .1. lm lt.iw.nn. KUhtirlii
fati'ar l)l*irirt; James Porter, Lake! m.Caanar
l.ii  uetDistrict; FrederickSoiNS,Clinton
.Soil Om ���; \l   llrnv, Naunhno
\\ \* Kooteiisjr District; J.F. Ansatnata.ltoiisM
W-4M Kooteaay Dtstrtott N. FHastobhs, ftetaai
Kit i Kootenay District; J. l��. QieJaua, Kivd
II 'Kf
Yiilf Olitil.t: COSS. I.mnhly. ttSOyOOl
Vi   oi��riii; n CTunatatl. Ksralooua
Kobert Macdonald
Neil Macdonald
MACDONALD   BROS., Proprietors.
Kntes ?1.R) to t?2.50 per day.
Headquaiters for Mining Speculators and Capitalists.
Reco Ave., - - Sandon, B.C
Imm ifadiiit CoB^ttjt
J.   C.   HAYES   Mngr.
Manufacturers of and Dealers in-
Stores, Main, Graniteware anil Gopnain.
 Ail kinds of Mining Work a Speciality
-Dealers   in-
IGeneral M!erolieinciise.
Get yonr Fresh Meat
t Kootenay Bnt
���5AND0N, RC*
Brandon  and   New   Denver
��*>���'��� iii?.n*-i '
IVrlhit* nl.
"Uncle Simon, what's the difference
between a statesman and a politican?"
"The politican pulls the wagon and
fche statesman pets the ride."
Marital Anieiiltle*..
"I have a very bad taste in mv
mouth," aim plained Mr  Snaggs.
"Your bad taste is not confined to
your mouth," replied Mr*. Snake's.
"That's true, it isn't. 1 also displayed it in my selection of a wife."
No Wonder
"Whose immense funeral procession is that ?"
"He was tne of the richest hotel
men in the country."
"Ot what hotel wiishepioprietor?"
"He wasn't any i r prirt ��i. He was
the head waiter.'
Dr. Burton Ward, according to the
Medical age, declares that there "is
one infallible symptom indicating
whether one is sane or not, l^et *
person speak ever so rationally and
act over so sedately, if his or her
thumbs renuiin inactive there is no
doubt of insanity. Lunatics sclt.om
use their thumbs when, writing,
drawing, or saluting;."
"There is poetry in everything,"
musied the editor; "now there is
yonder waste- basket." And he
'laughed as he sometimes did when
he was all alone.
Try the Paystkkak Job Department tor a elands job.
c. i). Rand.
The   Brut��.
Mrs. Newlywed (cheerfully)���Do
you remember. Tom. how before we
were married you used to tell me T
was worth my weight in gold ?
Mr. Newlywed (abstractedly t���Yes;
and do you remember how terribly
skinny vou used to be then ?
Old    Doe;    Tray
"You can't always tell a man by
the company he keeps."
"Why not?"
' ���Well, there's Burger, for instance,
just as nice a fellow as ever lived."
"But what about him T
"Why, he was nominated for the
Webster and  the   Hatcher.
Daniel Webster was once sued by
his butcher and the man did not call
upon him afterward to trade with
him. Webster met him in the course
ot a few days and asked him why he
didn't call.' "Beca< se," aid the
man, "I supposed that yon would be
offended and wouldn't trade with me
any more. To which Webster replied,
"Oh, sue as many times as you like,
but for heaven's sake don't starve me
to death."
Settled  Him.
As the prison van was going to the
station the other day a would-be-wit
standing on the flags hailed the
driver as follows;
"Hello, Robert," said he; "any
room inside T
"Just room for one; kept it for
you." said Robert.
This rather ujaet the wiL but he
thought he would have another go.
"What's your fare?" Inquired he.
"Bread and water, same as yon
had last time."
That settled him.
Among the many things which will
have to be put off until the McKinlcy
Administration is installed at Washington and can give Mr. LaUrler a
hearing is, probably, the construction
ofthe Crow s Nest Pass railway. The
road would be an excellent thing for
our farmers, manufacturers and distributors, but it would kill a big business which shippers on the other side
of the border have worked up with
the Kx)tenay district. That would
pain the United States, and Mr. Laurier might not like to do anything so
One of the oldest and beat known
hotels iu the City.
The only Bowling Alley in the
Mountains is attaeloMl to ttti**
Packers nil Forwarte
Contracts taken for raw
hiding or packing ore iron,
and packing wipplies to mines
Saddle horses for hire
I), s. Wallbridoe.
Mining: and Stock Brokers,
Notaries Public and Conveyancers,
S-iusrooisr, b. o.
Mines- bought and mitt Btacltl f<* s*!e in all R 0. ml DO
Official broker* for Wonderful fjroop Mining On��
Kootenay agent* tor Bondholder Mining Co..   Si.   keveme  Mining C
Phu'iiix (VnwolklHtetl Mining (V and Two Friends MlneCo. -.-.n* kv
Oompanlea  Stooaad   genci  Promotaxl
We have an extra heavy stock of
on hand, and as we take Stock hi
about Two Weeks a Special Discount
will be given to all purchasers in that line
reeo Bros
General   2WEerotia.nd.ise
KASLO       and       CODY.
e>v^V \tyve
Hotel Kootenay
Switzer & McCluskey,
McQueen & Gore haw
just opened in the Harris
building with a full tine ol
Keiuriutier the plaOtJ,
Mcqueen & gore,
KitZHiiiinions nnd Oorbett will tight
for 115,000 on March 17. The place
is unknown.
er hi
ck jars
; t.����i.    l^mltot     lu UudOmy.
"Nothing is so cheap as human
labor in Bombay," aaid S. Comfort,
United States consul in the Indian
metropolis to a reporter at the Ebbitt.
"The natives support existence on
wages that in this country would
Mem absurd In a nig business con
earn that 1 have some knowledge of
that is managed by Kuro|Jcans, as all
white men arc called over there, a
eoiiMdcrahle number of Hindoo employees work tor IU rupees a month,
which amounts to exactly |&80 In
English <��r American money. Some
ay ho gat this salary are married uien,
and must supjiort their titinilie* on
that Stipend The coin|��any gives
nothing additional except a uniform.
A Hindoo who gets ��h much as 15
rnpaea a month is a rather high pi ic��-d
���The native cashier of a great tirm,
who is a modal of offiolaooy, and who
handles with the most scrupulous
honesty thousand* of dollars a day,
receive* 4(> rupees, or ��11 *3��, a moijtli
and was only recently raised to that
high coiniwMisaiion."
lit.'    K*����U   kootrnu).
That large section of British (Ail
unibia lying betwtteu Koit Steele and
the Kootenay lake has been   |Ki��hing
to the front during tlie past season
and will create no Utile excitement in
the mining world.   The East Root en-
ay district will prove one of the \n-M
and richest set- loot of the  province.
This district extends south as far a*
Libby creek and the Vahk and north
almost to the Canadian Pacific rail
ruad. The mines around Fori Steele
have led so tar, but much work ha*
bean done in Stvaral other canti*
hist year.
Quite �� l.i i-g�� amount of pi eerwork
tias been done on Wild liar e creek,
and it is estimated that tU i i.u u was
taken out. The North Suir, near
Fort Steele, lias shipped no less than
.r��,Ui�� uais. There aiv a uuiiiU-rot
other properties in the Fort Steele
camp tiiat are verv promising and
several ot theiil will prove shippers
during this year.
On the north fork of the St Mary's
river some wrv imminent Copper
pfnpeitlei have bean discovered. f>ut
how valual��h' they will prove 00
beinj? developed cannot tie detcrmin-
til ms vet.
Wnite Urottte mountain took t
taotn aud a huge ntaooni ot develop-
ment work was done. It is a high
grade copper camp, carrying it***!
gold and silver values.    Among the
good looking properties' ot the camp
are tin- Copper Kin^, Qoldefl King
Tiger owned by a Montana company;
the EU wards, and Brnssiea ownsd bv
ens cm  Canadians,   ;ind  the   Victor
and King Siloman.   owned  bv S|����
kane unties.
On Perry creek, whieh lies aboni
twenty Hve miles north of Fort
Bteetf, thefe has leen considerable
activity, and a number of M*ry proin-
isiu^ locations ware made.
At the mouth of (iranite creek
Several jf<��od locations were made.
the ores ot which are iron pyrites,
with copper and lead. One of the
claims in this locality will lie worked
worked <|uite extensively and is expected to ship ore in the near future.
There are also vast laxls of coal in
this dbtrict.
If the proposed Crow's Nest Paw
railroad   is built   it will cut throngh
the very center of this district and
will result in the East Kootenay
country taking a very promising
place in the mining world.
Tbe  Moat   rueful Metul.
Among the most curious uses to
which iron has been placed is that of
visiting cards. Many great iron
maiiutacturers have had the metal
rolled in sheets so thin that it has
been successfully employed tor this
social use. It is interesting to know
that the cards ot Count Kenard are
1.000th part of an inch thick; those of
Baron Krupp one-S20rh jiart of an inch
and Count Harroehs one 640th part ot
of an inch.
According to Mulhall, the most remarkable Iron establishment in the
world is that of Krupps, at Ftsen.
in 1'russia, covering 1,100 acre*. The
number Of workmen never falls
below 1G,U00, and there are 8UU steam
engines, with an aggregate ot 18,000
horse power, and 82 steam hammers,
the heaviest weighing 60 tons: the
daily OOfMDjnptioo Of iron and steel
Average* 5GU tons. Down to 187b,
Krupp had delivered 15,000 pities of
Cannon to various nations.
Not long since a statement  went
the rounds ot  the  papers that there
was iron enough la  the  system of an
ordinary man to make a plowshare.
This stat4-ment is exceedingly   wide
i-l the truth.    The amount of Iron con
tuned in the animal tissues ot a man
welgtiing ISO poontts  is about 100
grains, or a quarter of an ounce.   Yet
so    Important    is  even   this  small
amount to the system that a difference
ot a few grains more or less may pro
duce  ���ariottl   constitutional disturl -
<)ne historical authority states that
the earliest discovery ot iron within
thapreaaol limits ot the country was
in tne mountain range of western
North Carolina, and the tirst etiort to
manutacture it into merchantable
form was made in the state of Virginia in 1619, The foundry ��vas destroyed by Indians in 1622.
During the Revolutionary war a
great iron chain was stretched
across the Hudson river to prevent
British ships from entering. It was
protected by batterlei on each side ot
the river, and was inanutactured at
a famous iron foundry in New York.
At the tune it was considered a marvel of genial and skill.
The first attempt at the substitution
nf iron for wood in Shipbuilding was
made in 1821, but not untill l82i�� was
the practical value ofthe :��u! strution
fully demonstrated. An F.nglish shipbuilding firm constructed iron lighters in 1329 and the tew following
years, and in 1856 the Canard line
constructed the great iron steamer
Persia, which excelled In capacity
by 1,200 tons all other shi}*s ot that
First Burglar What led you to the
piofcsh f
Second Burglar ���-���Try in' tor get
pennies oiitter me toy bank w'en 1
wus er kid.
He -I fell in love with you the first
time I ever saw you. What did you
think of me?
She-1 thought it was a pity you
were so thin that you'd never look
well in knickerbockers,
Then he wandered out into the
moonlit night nnd kicked six pickets
otf the fence.
sandon, B-C. fi*
Is one of the Best Appointed Hotels in the Slocan.
Large and Airy Rooms
First-Class Dining Room
Sample Rooms for Commercial fVlen
A carload of Farrell's famous
Rock Candy Drips
���    -Just received.
4T>Also a line ofX">
Jellies, New Orleans Molasses and
Golden Syrup at
Kootenay Mercantile Tailoring Co.
'' mini i i i i rr**i*����j��ji
Dry Goods, Geut's Furnishing.
Opposite The Clifton House is
presided over by MISS SMITH.
MfflHTO Oijfir
J.   M.   WINTER, Prop.
B. O.
First-Class Accommodation
For Tourists and
Mining Men	
Cody  is in the heart ot the Slocan, and yon must go tlitre if vou kown
see that great country. THE   PAYSTREAK.
������   T 	
��� In all ages the tendency of man
has been to divorce religion from
morality. A survey ot history reveals no race, tribe or nation which
was not avowedly religious; on the
"other hand, great immorality has
been found associated with strong
religious zeal. India has been plung
ed for centuries in great moral darkness. Yet India was the cradle of
religion. The Chinese are a religious
people; yet their ethical standards
are low. The Greeks and Romans
worshipped their gods with scrupulous
attention to outward form and ritual:
yet this devoutness did not restrain
them from outrageous vices. Even
within the Christian church the
s'.range separation ot two obviously
inseparable elements of human nature
continues to this day. The mediaeval
church man was ofted as demoralized
as he was religious ; the men of the
renaissance age in Italy went to
mass before tbey went to murder, or
sought the confessional before they
broke the commandments of purity
and honor.
The reason for this incongruity
bet ween the life and the profession of
raith ; between the religious act and
the moral act, is not far to seek. The
incentives to religion are manifest and
powerful; the incentives to goodness
are less obvious, The primeval man
in the morning fvtlight of the world
felt the mystery of the natural forces
about him and sacrificed in fear to
that unknown deity who must be
propitiated. The Israelites in the
desert slew bullocks upon the altar,
for their ffod was a jealous god, and
tbey must gain his fa vor to prevail
^against their enemies. So for generations men have bribed deity,
*v\ moved to acts of religion by fear of
the hereafter, or by concern for the
present. They have believed in the
capriciourness of God, whether they
believed in his goodness or not.
The idea of deity has come down to
modern times. Recently a church
was built in Berlin and dedicated as
a memorial to the emperor, William
I, and the court minister spoke of
"his simple religious feeling which
attributed all his great deeds and
victories to God." And it is true that
the old emperor every time there
was a fight made it was his first act
to send word to his wife that he had
been blessed by God with the opportunity to kill and mangle a tew more
Frenchmen. It was a cardinal doc
trine of his creed that God always
approved of everything that he, as
the apostle of Germanism, did, and
that He had a special aversion for all
Frenchmen. He seemed to think
that God had quite changed iiis mind
since Jean and Friedland and Auiter-
litz and Montenote and ixxli and
Marengo. And in this very year of
grace there is the same grotesque
disposition on the part of religions
SCCtS, of political |>arties, of nations
and of individuals to array the al
mighty���in whom they declare "there
is no variableness nor shadow of
turning"--on all sides of all questions
Touchstone expresses surprise that
breaking bones should be regarded
as sport for ladies, and the spectacle
ot warring nations and wrangling
sects and political faction;* each devoutly imploring success for itseif and
confusion and destruction for its op
pouents is one to till Mephistopheles
with unutterable glee.
However, the modern generation
has understood the relation of law
and order to the material universe as
no proceeding generation understood
it. They have reasoned that the
physical order must be the symbol
ofthe moral order, and inconsequence they lav more stress on ethics than
professions. Modern ske|>tieisiii has
despaired of theology, but modern
reason and guod sense have laid firm
hold ot the Ten Commandments,
To the men who separate religion
from ethics and to the men who separate ethics from religion, the teach
ing of Christ is equally applicable.
He taught that there is but one incentive to goodness, the love ot humanity, and through the love ot
humanity, the love of God. He
taught that goodness is religion, the
only religion acceptable to the father
of all men.
His words were heard with amazement by the ritualists ot his day, the
Scribes and Pharisees, who served
God with ablutions, sacrifices and
the giving ot tithes; but Ihe multitudes listened eagerly to s teaching
so simple that children could understand it, and yet so comprehensive
that it embraced the life ot man. In
His own life Jeans exemplified His
own teaching. He had everything to
lose by not being religions as the
Jews then oonceived of religion. Yet
He broke their Sabbath when it was
necessary to do good and denounced
their ol��servances ot forms and ceremonies because it made them cnllons
to the needs of their fellows He
taught them that they could not fulfil
the law it they did not love and serve
each other.
The Newmarket,
New Denver, B.C.
i* ��JuMtni .m u�� aaalm <*��� Mm altONM ���seal i*k��. aefl ****** SSS *n aaaa
aaaatwaj aadsfiw 9m |riMriaft*waM-9���� SeaaSii altfBetaaamteaep
Uh ����������* ��i* *v*i*ai it BWm\m> ft" ""���� ��* *"*"" ���'"' ��i��*,I"��*��"*l "'0�� li"
l*le*t n-��ul �� of UV w��ll ����t��-r art. Ti> ft***** uf ita l��g��*l I* |-0.i4��l l�� <***�����
thai lunixnilz* will�� It* lib-allMlr WW)     Tlte Olnliuf Wma i�� ��l��**.y�� pn
viiiv��t with f.*��!th*.it�� u*tv.titif*>.*iii��ir ��mi akttatjrtBf ��<��� u*r laaaf araaosjj af
nun Th���� tl4tf k> rv|*rtis willi Itw m<-4 UHnbaa, *��� * mt *��� unrtVnl t.r��i..|�� I f
���aflf |<n*.lmfr*.
OoaJbas*N sin.r Daaaavati, <**ii��/U��ii c��|4uiw*  Ptnejanai*, um,
lYtrtiVrfivt, IVit Mil. MllH'"��lr���� ��ikI   IMItrrOnP .�����* entry  *tutW lit j.Jai. . rr
It*t4i <* w����ltli ��rr w��'k<.i��r��l llil�� hint*
uwkr Iff llw Niwmark.4 wbm *<w f>-��.-*i tbr Sl.rwi n��r**i.{r*H�� *>vl ���!���> th* !���*���
x-h tin* i jhwIhtiI ��� aaaw; u i*
Henry Stege.
mmim ��m�� co..
Is the Pioneer House of the City.
News, sutionery, Confectionery, Batter, Kgg*. Cfceeee, Bay, Grain
(arroccsrics, bZic.
Office:    SLO( AN TKANSKKK  (X), Saddle and Pack Home* ... all
Point) in the Mountain*.
Thos. Brown &Co.,
R. Cl'NMMi.
The Drapt,   - SANDON, B.C
Drugs, Stationery, Druggie
Sundries. Notions and Toilet
Sai)doib B.C.
I>raler�� in
New   Goods eoittantl) arriving.
Perfumes and   Imported ('ig8rn a
Oarpenter SHOP
I have opened a Carpenter'*
Shop in the rear erf
Crawford's Blacksmith Shop
Orders for all kinds of work
in that line promptly attend to.
O. O. ^CoFl-A.E.
Notary Public, Conveyancer, Fu
We lead in First Class work.
��� ..,,,,,                        ,              Mining and Reel ljst.it.- Broki i
��� fine fvtth HoetM m connection.  j^,, K   voiNT K����u-
Sea Salt liaths without extra charge. The   Canadian   Fire   [fMQrancv
Pays special attention to till
kinds of watoh repairing.
Large stock of
always on hand
Kii/.<.KH \i.i> a iia%. nrepa,
 Uft'ittfaliirvr* nl *ll
Syphona, (linger Ale,
SarmqiMrilln, Kt4>.. Vm\
���andon, BO
Patronize hianr InduHttv
whon v��m want t\w besl i-.
The Fire Department
A public meeting Wfgl held in
Spencers Hall on TnoHday last to
take the nec��-Ksary htepn to wards
organising <* tire -brigade. The
me. ting waa called to order by If.
L, (tiiinoH'tt as chairman, with
E. M. Sandiland m secretary. The
minute* of ihe Ia*4 meeting a/aj
read nod adopti'd and tw<�� letters
were read, one from Unlit. Irving.
tnauager <��f the K. & S.  Ky.. in
answer   (0  t  letter   written   him
noise tine ego taking him for a
donation, on oehajfof the rallwaj
��� Minpauy. to  Assist  in defraying
tl Xpeiisee ofthe new    hose   reel
and other appliances appertaining
U> the fire department, [ti answer
he -aid, substantially* that it was
contrary t��. the charter of the com-
panv to make any ��ueh   donation
A social ball was given on Wednesday night by (1 M. Spencer at
which a uioi-t cnjoyablo time was
Spent by the young people who attended it.
Dr. F. P. Witter can be found
at ftoQueen & Gore'n Drug Store.
A 130 foot croHH-cut tunnel is being run on the Mascot, a claim
adjoining the Ruth. The tunnel
in now in 80 feet aud the work is
being rushed along mo aa to have
the work completed at tiR e.olya
date as possible.
.1. K. Cnmoron & Co., the Kootenay tailors, are turning out some
magnificent fits in   ordered   cloth
The   eross-eut   tunnel   on   the
Keed & Tenderfoot ia n����w iu
about l.'tt) feet. It in expected
that a further distance of so feel
lit AI.I-.K    IN
��� ��� i      i J mm   ��   i'ii iii> i    ..i.^mnvi      .,,    ���->'     ivc
and he could therefore do nothing a/Ui have to be dri����i before tin
in the matter  iu  that   connection.
||i�� went on to say, however,   that
he wold i>e willing to carry sach
appliances    as   the   dap rtmenf
would require,and which it would
be neoeesary to send out for. fre
< t" charge over tbe branch ��>f rail
load between Kaslo   and   Sandon.
The   other   letter   was   from   N.
Fitaatubbi in i-eply to a oehithunl
cation iH'nt him si one time ago
asking D>r government aid in paying for the hose car'. He Stated
in bis letter that In- had INHMI instructed to say  that   whenever tfp*j
propriatione were being made for
tirj department purpo^,* Hi rough ���
out the Kootenay,  Sandon  would
nol be hiat s i|^tit of.
On enquiry it was ehcitCil that
the buckets, ladders, ami other
things belonging to Ihe fir.* <te-
iMrtuionl were seuttcrcil ;.l! over
the town, mid Oil a motion Policeman JU.ytl un* auth'Tix* ��1 to < ol-
het till! an no* ..ml pla.**' Ihein m
Ihe Fir.- hall.       He   was   also   up
pointed eaii-taker. ami hereafter
lo�� will he r<*sp:Mo>ih|o for both tfi*��
efficiency an I *�������������� keopiug of
everything beionsing i<�� ihe Fire
depart in fit t.
Oil g> motion the s.'crelary vva-
instructed to write Unlit, living
requesting him for a (rram oflaur1,
��>n which to erect a suitable fin-
After a vole of thanks to  ti.   M
Spencer for the us.- <f the hall thr
meet tog I'-ljouriieil.
Tenders Wanted.
The St.   Kfserne    Mining   Com*
u.iiiv wishes bids on   loo or !200
feel    Of   tunneling   and    OroSS-CUt
work to be done upon their properly on Payne Mountain, adjoining
the Slocan Hoy and Payne. Uuls
to include tools, powder and all
other    necessary   supplies.        The
Company reserves the rigid t<> re��
jeel aiiN and all bids
Shim v NORMAN, Secretary.
Spokane. Washington.
I). .1. Mel.achlan has ju*| received a consignment  of  sashes
and doors which he will dispose ol
at reasonable rates.
Dr. W liter's temporary otluc at
McQueen it Gore's I bug store.
vein |k encountered.
A special bargain in   Greenland
seal    fur  caDea  at   the   Postoffioe
The following is a statement of
the British Columbia ores import*
ed into the United States through
the Noithport customs h itlgg from
July. I MO, l.�� Noveinb'r. 1Mh>.
inclusive, as ftdlowa: Amount of
ore. BjJ.456,5.W |��ounds; j old. 4N
206,145    ounces    valued   at  |965,��
922.94: silver. 1^29,45^.203 ounce*.
valued i��t fcW.ViJ02.oi; copper, svv-
339154 pounds valued at $175,-
715.04, lead, 10353.406 pound*1
valued at gt45,S57.96} total valuation. 12.182,607.95; <lnty, $77-
P&0.H7. The amount of lead bullion shipped ti.rough that customs house during that period was
valued at t76.65097.
The   r.e*    edition  of   Thotiiiin-
sou's map of the Slocan  for sale at
this office.
Dissolution of Partnershtq
The partnership between Robt.
IfeTaggarl ft Hans Madscn has
been dissolved this day by mutual
cmsent. Mad-��n & Luudy pay
all accounts and collect all monies
due the late firm.
Hans Maiisi.n.
Sandon. Dec. 23rd. "mi.
m Totiaccos, Ciaareltes anil Pipes,
p* Playing Carts ami Poker Chips.
Notice is hereby given that I,
the undersigned, will in thirty
days from date, apply to the Stip-
endary Magistrate of West Knot*
eiiay for a license to sell liquor at
retail at my hotel at Sandon.
Ika. W. Black.
Sandon. Dec. 'Jnd, 181KI.
Notice is hereby given that the
undersigned will at the expiration
of thirty days apply to the Stipends TV MagisUate of Wist Kootenav
dfstrict for a license to sell liquor
at retail at his hotel situated in
Three Forks.
J All US Mt'Kli KNAN.
Sandon. Nov. 23rd, 1896.
Notice is hereby given that are
the undersigned, thirty days from
date, will apply to lite Btipendary
Magistrate of West Kootenay foi
a licen��e to retail liquors at San
don. Wm.  RoBINSOX.
('has .1. Bastings
Sandon. Nov. 27th,   1896.
Fhoenli Mineral Claim,
Situate in thettlocen Mining DlvWoa of West
Kootenay District, three and three-fourths
roiles up North Fork ol i nrpenter Creek.
Take notiti- that, I.Joho Fielding, as sganl
for tin- 1'iKM'uix Consolidated Mining ami
Milling 0o7.Limited Liability. Free Miner's
Certificate No. 74,419, intend, .sixty days from
the date hereof, to apply to the Minim: Recorder for a certificate or Improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of the
above claim,
And further hike notice, that action under
section ST, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated thU 1st day of January. imiT.
.Ian. t>th. niT. John Fikmiino.
Noble    Five,    Knoxvtlle.     llonan/.a    King,
World's Fair and Mam' K Mineral Claims.
Situate in tha Hlocan Minim; Division of Went
Kootenay District, on  nobis Five Mom -
tali:, one mile north of Cody.
Take notice that. I. John Fielding. H agent
for the Noble Five Consolidated Mining and
Mnliie.' Company, Pros Miner'* Certificate
No. 77,5?.', intend, sixty days froni ttie date
hereof, tu apnly to tlie Minim: Ki-corder for
certltk-ates of Improvements for tbe purposs of
obtaining I'mwii grants of the abOVS claims.
And further lake not ic*-. I hat action under
Mction 37, must be commenced tx-lore the issuance of such certiflealss of Impmvamentii.
Dated this uh day of January, is <7.
Jan.mii.ti7. JOHN FIF.LDINi;.
If your hs bits are bad and yon need litem
in mend,
Reform and drink thecholoe "Thistle Blend;"
11 ! t> oii rensurs jrou're  free, sad wTefed
an- b\   all
stick i I.isc bv the " I'lilstle." lor ti ar  i.���t   >mi
ir jrour luck should ��" hard, and with oares
> mi do brtal Ic.
rake  enmfnrl   iwrene,   with s drop of Un
It dame Ii ii tunc ihouM smile ami vou ivach
the lop notch.
Regales*!  your  nicnds.  wUli 11.*   umidcrlnl
To all lift "n.-oiniltlon*, ii chsini It l�� iid*.
That    choicest  of  utiSKiei,   most   f.nnous  Of
Knough of Its merlta >*ou have heard you
Wilt think.
lie sine  vou  remember  them all  when  you
N> tic- i�� berth) giv**n that application win
be made to the Legislative Assembly of the
i'rov nice of ltrlti-.tr Culumbia at its o��'\t Ufa-
-Ion fiir an act eiiat'liiiij the Noble Five Con-
Kolidated Mining and Milling Compnnv (For-
et��ir m appioprmt.'rtveliuridn-d (JDfl) niches
on be waters on XhIv CrSek, IntheMtneafi Mining IlVUioa H'i ��l ko-ih-nav District, toercct
Same* tor the ptvpoeemoperating s eotteen
iTStor. electric llghl plant, posrer drills, and
all other purptM !��� usual. DUesnai V or inclden-
lal to tire minium or milliag of ores, for the
parpoaeoTexpropriating lauds for such pur-
NoBLS   Fnr   i'i>v��iii.iiuti:ii    Minim;   AXti
Mn i.im. Co. (Foreign.)
Jan. 21st,Iff
Certificate of Improvements.
Snowstorm Mineral Claim.
Sjiunti iti the slocan Mining Div isimi of West
Ko.it, iihv  Omtrlct. ���djoluing ihe Slocan
HOT on Paj ue mountain
Take notke that, l. A. K Farwell, netlng as
igent for Fdwani aahoft, Free Bitter's ivrtirt
catc No. ii'.tii. Intend, tlxtj days from lbs
date hereof, to apply to the atnlng Recorder
fora certificate of improvements, for tire par.
pose of obtaining a CrOva grsni of UMabovs
And farther take notice ths I action, under
���action :~. musl l��commeticedheforetneliau>
:nui oi such ceriiflcntc ol Improvements,
iiHted tbts nth day nl October, isj*;.
iHii.Mh  '����:. A.-"*. FAKWF.I.L.
i��o Dawn Pbai iion Mixbbai. Cum a,
siiuaiein the slocan Mini   u Division of West
Kootenay   Dtstrtet,   in   the   . oQulfaa
Take notice that. 1, A. H laiwell. act nm .1..
Hgenl for Michael V MonHghsn. Frvs> Miner's
fertitlcatc No. 71.111. Intend, sixty davsf��>m
the dste hereof, to spply lo the Mining Ke-
conicrfora certificate of improvements, tor
the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of tbe
itho\ e claim
And further fake notice that action, under
vctiou 87, mutt be comnu'iieed  In-fore tire is
"Atance of such certificate ol Improvements,
Dated tliisiMii day ��>f December. I��88.
Jan. ���,'iul. 'H7 A.S  Fakvvki.I.,
Situate in tlieSliH-all Mining Division of West
KiHitenay   District,   on  Carpeatef Creek,
aisait two miles easterly from the town of
Take notice that I. A, s. Farwell, agent
for.Iohn McNeill. Fre.- Miner's I'ertiheale No.
H4,**J. Hird Daniel McNeill. Free Miner's Certificate No. M).:fr:i intend, sixty days from the
date hereof, to upplv to the Mining Kts^order
for a��aert>Ocate ot improvements, tor the par-
(Hi^.-.if obtaining a Crown srn��nt of the above
And farther take notice that action, under
���action :<7. must lie commenced liefore tlie issuance ofimeh certificate of Improvements.
Dated this i'_��th day.��fNovember, ISM.
Jan. 2nd. VT. A.s. Fakwki.i..
Vihi KM MisKKAt. Claim,
Situate in the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay-   District, on Carpenter  Creek,
near the Greenhorn mineral claim.
Take nodes that, I. A S. Farwell, agent for
Frederick J. D���nuldson. Free Miner's Certificate No. i'��i.irS).; lolin \V Swltzer, Fni-
Mtnet** Certificate N0.81JMK Charles B M.-
t'lriskev, Fns- Miner's Ccrtitlcute No 91,(44),
and VViinam H. Todd, Five Miner's Certificate No ttl.tsli. intend, sixty days from the
date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder
lor a certificate .1 iintwovcoicnts. fur t lie pur-
pqpe of obtalntng a Crown grunt of the above
Ami furl her take nitice tliat action under
section :>7. must i*- commenced before the issuance of such cert Meat . of improvements.
Dated this ! at! May of Novenrlier. ISS*i.
Jan. 2nd. '97. A 8. FARWELL.
Pacific Minkkvi. cijiim.
Sltaats   m the slocan Mining   litviokni of
Wot Kootenay District, en Payne Mountain, North of and adJalnlttgVM Washing*
Take notice that I. A. s.  rarvi-ell. agent tor
Frederick Steele, Free Miner's OefUQoste No.
t."i.">;*i. and Samuel   It.   Steele. Free Miner's
Certificate No. 7&JM6, Int -nd, sixty days fnrn
the date nereof to apply to tne   Mining Ke-
corder for a certificate of Improvements, for
the poraoas of obtaining a Srown grant ofthe
above claim.
And further take notice thai ncilon. utulei
section t7. must beeommeooed before the Is.
���uanes of streir certltlcate of improvements.
Dated this 2sth day of November, MB8.
IKv. 6tb, '��). A. S. FaKWKl.l..
Ki'HKAiM  Function   Mineral   Claim,
Siuiate   in   the  Siocan   Mining   Division   (.f
West    Kootenay   District   on   tire   North
Slope  of the    South   Fork   of Carpenter  Creek.   North    of and    joluim:   tie
Texas  mineral claim.
Take notice, that,   I, John   M.   Harris.  No.
."no>!7 tor myself, and as agent for F. T. Kelly.
No. Vl.lS.",; S. M.  Wharton.   No. ii.">,:i��0. and  <i.
C. Wharton.    No.   li'i.-'Ui.   intend,   sixty   days
from the date hereof* luHpplv  to the Mtnlni;
Recorder for a certificate of Improvements^
for the pnrnoM of obtaining a ��� rown gntM <u
the shove claim.
And farther take acMot thai action, under
si^-tioir   :t7.   must   be commenced   before the
isMiamv or such eeriirteate of Improvements,
Dated this  eighteenth day of  November,
No\   2is|.'i��;. JOHN M. HARRIS.
I.0.1K OCT   VNlH'oS.l MUl'S MtNKIt U, Cl  V I V- .
Situate In tlieHlocan Mluina Dtvlsionof West
Kootenay Dlslrict. adJolnliiK the Wonderful mineral elrim I.. Hi O. 1,   on Csroei ���
tcr OreSk and about OH* ami a one-third
miles we*t ofthe town of Sandon 1
Take notice tlrat I. A. s.   Farwell, agent   for
:lie Womieriui tiroap Mining Comi��sny, I'in
Miner's Certlflcate N��.. SS,in, Intend simy
days tYtitir  Die date   heniif, to  apply  to the
Minim: Recorder tor a certificate of improve
nients. for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown grant oi the above claim.
Ami further take notice that action, under
section :t7, must be commenced belore tlie is.
sua nee of such certitlcHie of Improvements.
Dated this >th day ot November, isini.
Dec,6th, '��>. A. s. Fakwki.i.. Oddfellows Organise.
On Wednesday evening, Decern,
her 30th. in response  to an adver*
tijjcnient  in the  Paystrkak  calling n meeting of the  members of
tlie Independent Order of Oddfellows in Crawford's Hall, Sandon.
A, large number of the order as
sembled   and  entered   upon    the
first step preparatory to organizing
a lodge of the   order   in Sandon,
which will he the first lodge in the
Slocan   country.      Bro.    Douglas
was voted to  the  chair  and   Bro.
K. C. Sewell was elected  to act as
secretary.      After   Bro.    Douglas
tiaik the chair he read a letter from
the  Grand Secretary   giving  the
necessary information for organiz
ing a lodge, after which the  members discussed the advisability  of
organizing a lodge   of the order
in Sandon.  If wns moved, seconded
a nd carried that a lodge oe organised
and the secretary  was  instructed
to take the names of the members
desiring of becoming charter members of the  same.    The  secretary
then proceeded to take  names of
the members present     Tne  mem*
hers were then instructed to apply
to their   mother   lodge   for  their
withdrawal cards, and  any  mem*
ber of the order, not present,  will
k'ive hisname to the secretary  and
apply for his card so as to  become
a charter member of the  Sandon
The following brethren were appointed on the committee to carry
out the organization of the lo<b��e.
Bros. H. C. Holden, F. Hopkins,
B. Robertson, F. C. Sewell. Secretary, and H Douglas, Chairman.
The members will watch for advertisement in Paystrkak of next
meeting before closing charter lis'.
It is needless to dwell on the
benefits of the order and what it
has done for the widows and
orphans in the past, and in a new
country like this it will be beneficial in taking care of the sick and
needy who may require the assist*
a nee of the brethren.
(In Rear of Balmoral Hotel.)
First-Glass Worfc MM.
in Connection.
Sea   Salt   Baths   Without   Extra
A. O.   Williams
If von are
Fira at tha Clifton.
On Tuesday morning, about 1 a.
in., tire broke out in the Clifton
House, caused by the upsetting of
a lamp. The fire alarm was
sounded and after some little delay
the fire brigade arrived and the
Haines were extinguished. The
club-room, at the back ofthe bar,
was scorchel a little, but beyond
giving the guests of the house a
severe scare, no very great harm
was done. The damage will be
covered by about $100. It is an
ill will that blows nobody any
good and this fire aroused the people of Sandon to action in the
matter of providing the town with
better appliances for the purpose
of combatting a conflagration and
also the more thorough organization of tlie Fire brigade, in order
to do away with the confusion and
conflict that was so apparent at
the blaze of Tuesday morning.
Slocan mining Stwks  bought   and   wild.    We   have   money  to  d,
tretO|>good   legitimate   prospects  fur   an   interest,   or will   buy flu n,
out for cash.
Bouses   for  Suit*  or   tu  1.4't   in   Co��l\   ami  Baudot).
McMartin & Currie
(gody (Jrcc#
Tall at the
MANUFACTURERS   OF*fW ���<*-. ���
|��*n*    ������^i M1�����
Si    lilff
I -mI������
Etc., Rt<\
I��one ofthe beet uUtOes in San
don t<> obtain
The Quickest
Cheapest Route
That are
In limit and
Steamer Intves NaJtOOp eterv Sunday.  \\Vdn4'*��lay and   Fridtiv
morning, making cloea coast*
tion at Revelstoke with train-
for all points VmM or Weft
In their qualities.
Before you travel get information
from C |\ |; AfettS as to
times and rale*.     It   will h,��v,
you money,   Applj to nearest
Kaitwaj Agent or to
A.   0.    McAKTHI It.   Agent.
6E0. Met BROWN.
district IWenger Agent.


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