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The Paystreak Jul 31, 1897

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SaMDOM 1MB CODt. Jily 30,1887.
(njinipi)   ic
A Reduction In Charges of Over
Twenty Par Cant.
The CPU Makee the Reduction
Next Wednesday and the
K. A 3. Will Meet ll.
S.iiie good to .Handon lias already
itHiie out of what Unancler Lowery
tut-ttouslv described in his New
Denver iJedjpfc aa "A Visit Fnnn the
All Mi-rhtv," meaning the recent
-������nr i" thfs district l��y the hijfh
nni.k .t mucks of the C. H. K.
Krrljrht rates an; to Is* re<luced
. v. r 30iier cent, after next Wednea*
���lav.   lust  is,   ill   hrief.   the  an
in*.tiitiii the I'. 1*. K. will form
ally make next week. Thk Pat-
��tukak can also announce, as the re-
* nit of enquiries made yesterday of
those in authority, that tlie K. A S,
i.>ail will meet litis cut ami make
ii** rates as low as the C. I*. R. as
- - ti as the latter are anuoaiH*ed.
The iniptitrawisae of this vert* large
��� vliK-tion of iwjrht rates to tlie peo-
t le of Saudoo, loth to those who
has gone out Ui the work! that while
Niiuion is undoohU'dly the ti*nu-r of
.. iltsiriet of ipreat mineral wealth,
\ ��t it has one great drawltaek in the
..rM of livlnf. This haa not h��*eii
the fault of tlie tttrrehants, hut of
the railroad oi>ni*��ani**r. A mlm*
lion of 20 per cent, in tin* cost of
...inuiotlities will wipe away thi*.
M.tt tt|sm Sandon'*. t***t*tiu*ht*����n uf
i.nrnisued t4lver.
The (letermlnatioii ��tf the<*. 1*. H.
���metals is lo make Ssndon a ''common i��ointM with all the Kmttenay
lake |silnts, iusteail of a *i*ecial
l��.tiit with sueeiat fi*ei|.ht rau-s.
UVr next Wt*dnr*day the rate to
Sandon will he the mine as to N*a-
kusp, Kelson and Kaslo. These
tigures will Iwdp vou to understand
Ute chanf-v that will lie made:
The old ratus to Handon per him*
iltitl on ihe Meveral claset*# of freiirht
wire:    12.18,   tl.87,   *I.M.   |L��,
I l .' it ml ho forth.
The old rates tn Kelson, Kaslo nnd
Nakusp were: tt.f��, W.89, 11.84,
Tin* new rates to nil Kootenay
lake -stint*, including Sandon, will
be: 11.��, #1,58, #1.2ti, SMC, 8.V.
������lie, 51c, 48c, six*, from coast pointa.
s-'i��.l*nt wilt slsotake Ko.rW��nay lake
I���;��inis raU*s for all eastern pants,
This, m win in* mvii by a compart.
Min of tin*, old and new fates, i** a
very material reduction.
I he wiping out of the arbitrary
rate to Sandon from Xakusp and
lake points, and thus placing Ban-
don on a common footing with them,
j* �� move that tlie C. V. M. ought W
1 ��� '��� ve made long ago. 11 won Id n- *
have U-en mane now, however, but
lor the visit of General Manager
^ nyte ami  his unsatisfactory ���"*
tervlew with the K. A 8. people in
regard to the new depot here. Then
It was that the principle of retaliation grew luminous in the minds of
the Ail Mitfluy and ominous for the
K. A a. The rates charged by Uie
latter on through freight* from Kaslo will lie ahsorlsil bv the Great
Northern and the O.K. A X., its
principal connections, for it is determined ui meet this cut and to
keen the puce the <*. P* R. is setting
for it. It may even go its competitor one better, and in the tight that
results frcijrhtR will come down to
reasonahle if not ���ilu-gethcr cheap
Jordan A Att��lr have opened tlu- Filbert
dining partafa.
Tbe Heed mod T��*it<l��-rfo.l tunnel I* In OOCi
fort and rjr**rkln* on the le-i I.
Thr- Sllver Otrvl I* dolus development w.��-k
tinder ItrtttstVy W*li*m, who owti��abalf In-
t>n**t. It w tttwivt- tin* X'smday anil 1* ttmk-
tug ftit.-.
l*wp*. It. C kAmtnatg Minti*****, owner ol tb**
AtUtit* gryup. ***** tn town this week. Tne
feit-re ��jf t-strti on the ruliit* ba* t��ec-n ii.ci*ea**rd,
and tt will br ahtpptng *l>**ro>.
Timtjpr|*tvtitg gotten oal at Oiwbanao"*
mill, Kaeio, Kir ih** Montasiima t**ot-**jmtrator.
Tlwlinib r* art** all being *ttap*d read** Sir
titling t*Jt_��UM*r wh��n the r����**l and tramway
SIS la wtodlMon to allot- ot ir.t.iv trull ��n
W. H, Umadon and Ills brother Daniel were
t'lty totuik otst* thet. Cana
dering  ttw  week, aad showed
���t***r*j_, rich tn f nor ootypot. tMni
toey ha** mgntt sac* at
wjmk ant a tunntl In Tt tort,
Ourt msmtrcttl, **l.ut*ky Bart." tht* dt*r*ot
t*r*f uf Una l.uckf Hart mln���� In Jarkaon
tr*<iunty."ilr��> , and Slskly.ta ettunt**-, t*al HI*
ttlrttd. II llul.Utnl. wants to ih* hlin bt>n\
so ha* pat his n*tn��* on tlw ttita-crtptloii list of
liifc PAVsraats. *nd ta_p��ras lit* friend
In .urtrylnf tne Uttander claim shout a
intle shove cVidj-. .w Otdjr ct*i**, atioat ha If of
the rtiarleMon elaim *a. taken In, wkleh In-
elwtled UM eiitlre length ot Ute ladge on wliich
lite strike of Sltecn Indn** of clean galetut wa*
made about Ibe middle of last May. Ttie stir*
���rey atstt tt* k In part of th* Omy Eagle. Pern
brook nnd Rover claim*. Kvtur distinct led ge*
have tteen k��"t*u*.l on the It tlanded.
Bogus Subscription Agent
People who subscribe to out-of-
town oowspaperi wouhl do well to
send their cash to the home office of
the newspaper. Robert W. Wilson
was in Sandon early in May andcol-
h-eted several utilwcriptiona for the
Mining and Scientittc Press of San
Kranci**eo. (topics of the publication
raotftwt-sed for not la*ing r-scel-red, a
letter was written to the home offloe.
I reply, dated July 22, has bean re
ceived'that tlie said Wilson was not
nuthoiizcd ui collect sulecripti(��uK
for thtr jotirnal nametl.
The Election Next Year.
The Hiitish Columbia Electoral
Iteague i* beginning its work for the
provincial general election of next
vear bv sending out circulars ask-
in_r for assistance to imjure every
oSliiled person t^Jg****J*H
retrister of the  provincial  v��itei*s.
The work of the league is to l>e conducted without reganl to party i*>i-
Subscription List Being Circulated
to Buy Instruments.
Taa -Mifgeetton of ThS Paystssak to or-
gsnlaestotrn hand met trttb very generaletv
c.>ur*at��mentand promise* of rrabseriptlons on
every hand. The meeting K-today was adjourned to Wednesday eveslns. when tbe fbl-
���owlng slfnlfled their desire to Join tbe organ-
iasUoni H.L. Bailey, O. M. Hpeooer.Thonias
M laifly, James A. (Jrlffltb, J. 0. Cltflb, W.S.
Cltllk, Prank Kennedy. Otonje A. Stevens, A.
Walker, TA MeKlnnoo, John Gable, J. 11.
Oore, Prank C Mewall, J. D.Litlr*ll, W. U.
Todd aod William Karr.
Meveral other mu-tk-lans bSv-- caprasseda
desire u> Join, hut bav* not ykt signed their
name*. It U believed tbat at least twenty
will be on Ute list by Monday trnenlng.
A MiOtcrlpttoo list to purclisjie tbe in-ttru-
.ne��t* lias been prepared aod will be sent out
to'.v. Mt-mtn. Harris and Kelly have al-
?��� ���tu ��lgn*��l It furone-tent-i ofthe whole sura
ruibv.rlbed or 050, Tbe Instruinenu for a
inot-l of SHirteeu will cost from f JO) to f**a0.
Mii-iy itiaukiarediiethe Hon. Hewitt Bos-
taick. MP., lor the Ute liiiproveiiie.it in the'*
r_tl* ,ty mall nervlce.
A. B. llockstatler ha* resigned tbe position
of wUlkvtn ann\ at Cutty, and Ooorge B. Me-
l> aabl ha* tMsoepted tbe pt-ee.
Mrs. Matthew Goth ri* km come to Saiidoa
from Spokane, and wilt waist her slater. Mlm
S. E. Dryden. who btts open* 1 a ladles' tor-
nbblng stkire. Uie Blit*-, four doors below the
Haiul.tn hotel.
���Vt-rrstary Sandlbmds of the Sandon Clab
a large staak of enU-aaee Ssss for tb*A
Imtloo during the week.  Its usrecnwf 1*
adr��Lotur*.  Quartse* Sir Uie Huh
will be .It-elded upon dating nekt week.
McMillan * Fowler have purchased tlie saw
mill at <*ody ftoin W. K. Terrell A Co., aSSTare
running It to It* full ca*aselty. A. J. McMillan
tatelj' etine*from MoaUnaand Allen Fowler
trom tfaHsland. Iluth are ex pfrienced lumher
Tbe Ski c .raping party Of tbe season left
last Friday for a week's outing on Slocan
laka, at Klght Mile ereek. The party eoVisuied
of Mr. and Mrs. Wiu. Sharp, Mr. and Mrs.
Byron Aharp. Mr. aud Mrs. J. V. Hays, Mrs.
H.Cooley, Mrs. R. J. Br.sl.ly. Miss Mary Mac-
doaaM, Metar*. Charles D. Hunter, Robeit
Magttlreand Brue* While.
A Plurrtj in Silcer.
Aooordlng to New York quotations silver
gut down two or three days ago to ita lowest
notch, 5S% But there ts no cause for alarm tn
thia. Ho orders lutve been received from any
European countries for silver for mintage.
Tb* fiscal year In most of them ends In July,
and order* inty be expeft<*d early next
month. Another reason for the drop I* that
China hasbeeuni;tkiii't* some heavy Intetrest
payinents lu silver. U\tdl.t)t I Hindoo bankers believe that there will shortly be a reac-
tlon to a liigher and steady fljcun*.
Go to Church.
Itev A. M.Sanforti, Mcthuttlst niliiisler, will-
preach In Spencer's hall the coming Sunday
at U a. in. and 7:15 p. in., and at Cody gt it&9
p. m.
Mev. Dr. Bobert-jon of Toronto, snpertntend-
ent of Frcsbylcrlau iiiisslons of the Northwest
Terrltorle-- and Hrltlsh Columbia, wtll preach
tomorrow morning in the school house and
tn the evening at Three Forks.
Codij'a Toton Band.
There are twenty-.-il.t women in Ct��d> and
not one ol them ride* �� bloycl*. Tltey oovnpy
their Itsisure molnentd in other wh,v-4. There
are tweiity-M��ven babi**t in Ctnly.
The ���-Peacemaher,' Here.
Qeorf(t>  Mrl.. Brttwtt of the C.P-B,whott*
ofttt'ial   title  I*  ext't-utive  si?e��it, which ban
been trannlated by tbe newspapers Into
"peacemaker." was In Sandon yesterday accompanied by Robert Kerr, trafne manager of
tbe western division of tbe C. P. B. They left
in the afternoon for Slocan lake, and wbil*
waiting at'the depot admitted that tbey were
struck by the total lack of proper accommodation* for tb* public. They could give no information, boweetr, as to when tbe new depot would be begun, aa -that was in Mr. Mae-
pole'* department. "Is it tomorrow or Monday tbat the carpenters are to be here?" asked
Mr. Kerr of Mr. McL. Brown. The latter
railed, but declined to commit himself further. Mr. Kerr expres**ed his pleasure at the
reduction of freight rata*, and hoped that it
would meet with public appreciation.
J. Hobinsou Joins the Klondyk* exodus tomorrow.
M.I-Grimmett was down to Denver and
Hlocan City Thursday.
Frank Bowser, In Uie custom bouse, Vancouver, Is visiting Attorney Christie.
Dan MeGllllvray bas seeared a I* mile contract oo Ute Crow's Neat Pass railway.
W J. McCulloch. of Hamilton, Ont-. repre
senting Wood, ViOlanc* A Co., I* In Sandon.
H. M. Adams, trave-tng agent tit the O. K.
AN. Oo, came to Saadan Wednesday ami
left for Komland yesterday.
Special Police OAcer G. E*U Lloyd leave* for
Calgary next Moodty. He expects to be gone
ten days aud to fetch back his family with
Dr. J. Wilson ol WIngham, OnU, and A. H.
Currie, of tbe Currie mines, who was a former
resident of Wingham, went In Sandon Oils
Charles Kane, one of' Uie proprlet
UdtUba.tuDitIU>'e-^, Kaslo,*
tr_s>eariy partatftfcsjw****
a nice place to ttee If
8. & Titus, treasurer of the Noble Five Consolidated Mining and Milling Obaapany and
president of the First National Bank, Grand
Forks, North Dakota, aad Messrs. Band and
Booker, of tlie same place, aud large holders
of Noble Five stock, bav* been looking over
that property this week.
N. S. sunn, general in uiager or the D >mtn.
Ion *-*xpress Com^uny. of Toronto, aud <>.
Ford, supertntendeat of the We**tern and Pacific division of Hi .��� co;np toy, Winnipeg, were
In rttmdon last week, and stayed over two
tlays tiecause tbey found the Hotel Goodenough so comfortable. "It ts goodenough for
a prince.'* was the panning compilineut of
Mr. Stout.    ______________________
A Correction.
In our editorial on the progress of-Sandon.
on the sixth page, tbe printer left out a few
lines and thus made the atatenoent in regard
to the Payne tramway inconeet. The Payne
began la-tt week the constr-ii-tion of its three-
rail tramway, but it i* the Reco aerial tramway that is to be t*utX> feet Ions, and it ia tbe
aame company, and not the Payne, that i.
building the concentrator.
Looks Like Mean Business.
Tb* Carbonate gold mine, three miles ftroui
Sproor*, i-eoeiitly gave an option on the property to tbe rvprv-rjeutatlves of English capital.
On Tuesday what Is believed to be a rich
strike was made, and tbe company eooly advised tbe capitalist* tbat the option was otr
There may be a lawsuit about tt.    "
Tenders Wanted.
Sealed tenders are re*jue*u*d from practical
and responsible miners tot driving one hundred leet of tonne) at tbe Keed andTenderoot
mine. Tenders to be mailed to undersigned
at Sandon. to be opened August 15. For
other particulars tnouire at Bartlett Brot*.
otSlce. Hticceesful bidder wtll be notlSed by
mall.        A. A. RAFFKftTY, Mgr.
Dissolution of Partnership
Notice is hereby given tbat the partnership
heretofore existing between the undersigned
as hotel keepers, has this day been dissolved
by mutualoonsent.  The bnrdnesswill ber r-
riedon by William Roblneon, who will pity
all Ilabilities and collect all accouaU.
Imtetl at Vsmlon this 87th day ot Julv, UW,
Seoeral  Tons,   More  or  Leas, on
Eoenj Boat.
Sixty-eight pas**��ngers on the
North'American Transportation and
Trading company's steanishh) Portland reached Seattle and civilization
on Sunday Inst direct from St.
Michael's, at the mouth of the Yukon river in Alaska. The passengers were mostly miners, and they
came direct from* the Klondike placer mining districts. The men
brought back one and a half tons of
gold in nuggets and dust, which is
worth iu round numbers 11,000,000.
From San Francisco to tbe ftirther-
niost point in Alaska the coast is
wild with the excitement growing
out of the fabulous finds in the Klondike, which is a river emptying into
the Yukon in the Northwest Territories. It is 50 miles by river from
Forty Mile, on the Alaska boundary,
to the scene of the recent finds and
abont 40 miles in a straight line.
Kaslo Items.
E. T. Stephenson has opened in
the drug business in his new store on
the west side of Front 8tt*eet.
Hail Bros, will occupy apartments
next door to Stephenson's drug store
as a barber shop.
A new sidewalk is being laid from
Fourth to Third streets on the west
side of Front street.
Dr. Rogers and Dr. Ilartin have
made arrangements, which will soon
is* completed, for a hospital in Kaslo. A building on a most advantageous site, has been secured and is
now being repaired and remodeled
to suit its new purpose, and it is the
intention to have the hospital open
for the treatment of patients by the
middle of August. It is to be a private institution with the usual rate
for sutecrlbers.	
Jumped Hia Bail.
Ole (Jilt-on, a miner and a native
of Finland, got on a tear and in a
quarrel threatened to shoot the other
fellow. Chief Hamilton came along
and was for arresting him, but Ole
resisted and again brandished his
gun. He was hauled off to the ca-
itoose, however, and the charge of
threatening with a weapon and resisting an officer were preferred
against him. He was rcWaed on
*?50 bail, which he put up himself.
Since then he has not been heard of
and it is believed that he has skipped
thinking tbat he was getting out of
the scrape cheaply at ffiO.
Three More Tunnels.
The Reco-Cjoodenough is prcftaring to have a greater output of ore
ready for the aerial tramway and
concentrator. Three more tunnels
have been started, which will make
live on each lead. Two of them/me
on each lead, will empty into the
tramway house. These tunnels will
lie far advanced by October 1st, the
date for the completion of the aerial
tramway and the concentrator contracts.
J ami*-* Ktrt. v
A B lb ����>���**
In Any Quantity
Anthracite. Canmore. N. W.
Blacksmith   or Stove Coal.
Codtj Aoenue* Sandon*
Invitation ta extended to the
iatlies of Sandon to call ami
inn-art our new store,
Four doors below the Samion
New Goods
SPiriAI. Uiv. in aiXflH. niAMOMw
Opal*, Habit.*. Kmereld*. INtarU. etc.
Which will l* *obi at Ihe I,..******! Wrkw
W*k*��ptiV larcMrt.antl h**% s**or-ttM
STOCK in town.
ek *ti
i* at the bsek <��f every arttrl* *mid.
Hoy i
VftXWUlVSCB. no that aha* roe bay fr*** a
party without Bl'HlAl***. .tjtti.l.njt an.1
tMtioti t<> to--*. t*>n run *ll th* RISK
thr* hiahr.t
and pay
price for a n***!*** at Imitct
Wo huve m reputation nt stake*
4 will tn*int*in it hy mUtrog the
*l rtaattoitat.l* prirem.
Jeweler and Optician
Stationery, of
Cigar* nnd Tobnrro.
Tht ��ifv fkim of
(Limited   Liability.)
CAPITAL ��100,000.00
1,000.0(10 Shares par value of ten cent*. The al-ov* (i.,,,^.
is formed lo an* it ire and work the AHUO and BELT Mi-ten I ri,i_,.
adjoining the Handon lownaite. Mines are Open for Insjiecrion,t^U
a few minutes walk from the town. Limited Bomber ��f .;*;irv, *.<
aale at ten cent**.
Apply at t��nr��* tit
Mining Broaora and Operators    .
K*  THK  St'PRJtUK  C��H RT  Of   RRITI**��
UOTICR to koreht gOen that an th* llth day
*�� af Antt. is*:, ti ��a�� *-*LtWs4 that Am****
We**n**n krmntrotfo.wtm-nt a4a��tBU*eal-�� at
tbeewoaty ��f Kaateaa**-. W a4a��tait*t*at'*e ��f
all etui ���lit,nl*r th* gaod.*r *bat��*lt aad rat-lit, of William Hir.Ml.of �����****��� ***nty, lit
th* ��tat* of Wa-d.iaat.vn. I'* A , d*********,
Kr*rv pereon tad*t*t**t����the _*M -atat******!
l�� itqrtM tt�� mah* pavmt>tt< 'orthwiib to ih*
Rvtarr p**t***��a ha* la* In po******i*-a -SWt-* b*~
hmgirm to the tabl .|>��-��>*<**I 1* rr.|tvlrt��l fwrttV
with i.�� notify th* made**nn*d
Kt.r--v��i--r*J|t.nv or wtkar p��r<*��a h*��ina eav
rtalm or mtetwmi ia the dktrlfcatfcta ��f the
p-r*a*>it*l aatate at ntd d*t��*H*��*d i* rmmmiemd,
within today* trom thi* .fate. t�� nwd tot ng���
Mortal 1*4 la* *rMr*��t*M��t to the nadwfcaod.
hi* nam* and addia**. aa��l ih* fall f-trttYalar*
OC 0j m90AwMnw9*0jo (Of   BRO
Emporium of Fashion,
II*tr iwaleod a trwiMiaa**�������.�� ��*" tto
tai*.< ��ftU-. it.
of bl* claim ot iutmrent
jtrrottni. aa4 the a* I or* ot tha
Alter tiW**pif-*ll~*a nf
my b*M he hiss
tin m .1*v* th* edmiaMmtair will
with th* 4Ut��HIKttii.>a of tb* o-ttat*. hovlttjf ������**-
gmrd to th������a�� ��-l*im* onlt td whlrh h* ��*aU
hate had n��,f tr*
!*t*rt*t l--n*M,S l
A  |��..|e**f
tlrh Ul A ImlaMnilar I tow* Id Rt
'_.��������*��� UtbdoAotSoty,
Cwetmaata mt im
Hill.*!* ia tha�� Hl*��*ft Uittl-MT |M*l��|rt*>t t-f Writ
atatteaat   rtUtrtVt      Whet***   rw**r��t   IV-
tw**a th* flalett* aa*l Massl  R   sptlaatrsl
claim* ota Xaht* Wit* moantala
IWieaottVa that I
A *
A*J mww94n0Jf
OtfOt   twt
Watchmakers and Jewellers
pl.t !���*�� tha Wttrilrie  eeenrdet   for* t*#rO|V*l*��f I f l-taar* ���*���
IwirrateaMNit*. for th* porp*** ��f oMeiti.tt* * I Watt***. Vkw-A* an.l   Jrtw-,,.
th* |_t*t l*h*t*r-> Mtolaar mod UtiiOn eompm.
my (laaaiaH . ft** mlMoe** r��rt,a*>��|* Jf-t sc^ii
lolfrnl. *it.tr *t*v* frttta th* .1*1* h*r*ot. lu Mp>
����� I Ullllasf
e*m,t*rMtmt *ke *��������*������� >��< >���-���.�����������*>
Ittrilaa, S*wport, '****�����*.   a-*��t ��*****- \
waa ����tt>*r.
iatsrihw' r*������*..t.,u��. n... -* * n-.... I
daowfwot. s��4 ot^f-jfthlna In ��i���� U*�� ** rtwi
��UUi**t>*i tnmwimd t* the *>*.��� -J.W******
|**a.a_***htna a *p**-'l*ll�� ��rv* aH**-****
W* ar* howo-l t��> "**�����... >���   *   *   i *.'������'.
a*,tr��*t��al taa M* will  ���*�� *l��* a���� a*m i��! ******
1 ftsvtt
Mrs. O. M. DOKirm*.
fjppr*r**H* Rrtaa M-t��-�� R--     ���"  **"'-'���"''*
a*|irova*ita.ata. fat tb* parpo** of
cfitwn jtrant ,A th* ���U.,*.<l*lwt
Aw��t fnrthor* t*lt* aatiew that *��� n-.tt. no-tVr
tr-artioa**.. taatt W-*-**4Rmtta^tt-tt*��f.*��e>l|*-
aiK** of *arh cwrtltv*!* ����f la,pr��v*��n*ata
Itatrl thia llth day ot Anly. imr.
fiat* at ttrnt paMhralioa. Jutt to. MUi
���t*>��fli*f a��*r*l*a*.
\\   llau-KM   Mtfi
Go to The
nished rooms.
Denver for well fur*
CsrtMtsnts of Imntrttvamnats.
SUaate la tht* Sloo*a Mlniaa IMvUlaa of UV.i
Kooteaar ���JUtnVt    What* lrtrat����|  tit, Cm+
P*at*r riwavk, about aa* an.1 otM-hslf tnR*.
ahov* th* town nf iVtrftr.
_>tM aotle*  that I. AS. P*rw*ll. *��^t,t twt
Rtrrhert   Wlittfa���*.'*�����.    71 Mt.   Johanna    Rrp
Rroekhaaajta. Ha. Mjtol, asxi into M��p*r, So
t*jmi, lalend. *Utr <fajr* trnm -h* ��l��i�� hsriattf.
ta applv to th* miaiaa r*t<^��t*t*t for * t-ttrtlB
eat* of tmite��v*m*nta foe the pnrpn*- of **>���
talalmr a Crown front ol th* al**t��* rlaiat
Aa4 farthor  tah* aotle* thai art ion, srwUr
s*r>tion 17, mast he t*amat��nt-#r| hmfor* the tV
aaaiw* af *aeh txaHiSVat* of Ima-ettrantawta
Ilat��<t thia CM *i*v of Jalv. laVT
���_.      *�� ... >��� ���* KARWKI.1.
tmte of 8r*t pabiicatio*. Jul, 31. pa-}
The Sandon Laundry for first
class work. In the fear of Speneer'a
hall. Clothing mended and button*.
sewn on carefully.
When in Kaslo don't
Sou can get a first class
loyal Cafe.
���  MornlOO.   leaves Three KorfcastSn'rWic
Leave* ivjo> at 11 oVU�� k.
Aftaraoaa:~I-?avr��i    Three   Kwrkt
nVhiek. Tjeavi
iemtneody at 4 o'eloek.
at   '
foi'jrx't that
meal st the I
Dlaaahrtloei of Fartnarahip.
J__^'��,����*^yStwnlhattlie partner,
���wT^5'W-5Ir_?t,,l�� ���*��***'��"��� ��nmgo l_�� link1*
and B*lwar4 Mttiihpimerv, kiHiten as the Hal-
5i* V^JSJ' .-wttiaf ag-reeineotlhlsday
% ��5 WX^,M��>,��"�����"��'
Csrtlflaate ef ttnotrovomanta*
M. L. GRinriETT
Notiiry Publfe
Hitnat* in th* *0����*n IJiitinaiMt l*l.*i, of Woat
���   Koot*na>   dlatrlet.      Inhere   Im ��i��.|  Oa
l.*lr rr**k
Takr* itntW that I.Ja. W Umto.tt** mtwr*
emrtltomte Xo tojAA, lnt#t..l. .int., .I*r* Irota
the date botwot ut appli- to tb* niinitie rorottl-
���f for a eartlSoata af tmpiwv*ta��iit. for th*
PWpit-* of obtaiiilnf a rrown vrttni of th*
ahov* claim.
fartb*r take noth* tbat
1-HO-d at Sandon, B. C, July _M��T.
aloa in.hr osoUon tl ntnat b* eommatifml
Math* laatiaiirn of *,,(.|, rortillr-ala of Ini-
tmttal tht* ssth tlay of Anij. A ll IM1
���%_.    ��m ,..JM f .I.KAMY (tmait*..
Date of Ar*t pabliration. Jolt m. iswi
MerchanU Advertise In the
Paystreak Becauae It Pays.
Will to* at M.-trt nalim.n.1
iMK** it Mi.*nln
s c
InsMttU. iltiif Brolt". ins
Aaenta tor fi
Thn mtttrnmio CenseiiSstaS M '���*"������ w
Urnlted   HaNltlJ
Dry   Salt  Mlnlftf  sad   M"","* C*
Mmttrd l.ial��lin> ������"r.l."*'
IpMtllt   *|
Milling sn.l    MilH��t*
l.lmttttl l.lat.llit*
MA.** HON.   B.   *���'
J ri*t
^J   NhW   WsihVltR
,, str���,f,.nr- ^i^ffl^s;
ri.., Mil*. was opened for business on
ft'X 'last w(S great <����'
v aailv Canadian utsll sarvtee was
:\,   Ul i..tli��t*a��ta*iy^i*di��y. All
.,;, .-nine to those who wait.
,-mnev in available lor New Peh-
���.,, wboof when ths dostferof the
King Msaiti received atVU-torla.
i-,���,- Currie, of New Denver, and
X^oi.*��W^m< Ont, went
���_,, il..- lake Tuesday on an extended
nr u! Ni'l-wn. UK Ke��^t ete.,
naiiur to be sway some time.
last Saturday. Bin addre��H wan full ol
advice and curninon sense, aud watt
listened to attentively. He pointed out
that lack of harmony amongst themselves was the curat- of tho working
da**, and asked why it was that miners
wlm are daily creating wealth for
others cannot create it for themselves,
He spoke under the auspices of the
Miners' Union, and the chair was filled
hv President Williamson.
Another protiiiHing group ia the Silver the  Ibex  Saturday for
Hall located on Five Mile creek, about | Pueblo
five miles
shipment   to
.|,a*an lake is one of toe prettiestafiots
Ins few years to ootue U Will
j>n t-;trth.         ,
looked upon tut not only s great mm-
*nil  itt-odtmai sortlon, lint a section
scnic l-eauty will attract thou
V~VMB-|��      -r-M. -������^     ,   , -RsU'Wi SRs_.-.%
iaii.li. ruiniially to its sltorea for a sum
���r'* fitting or a winter's rest.
A  !. .iiiiful  (rieee of  photographic
nun.* a us ramttly found   hy   Nate
ul.lin near tht* big glacier at the
brad of Kokaneei ereek.   It isnow in
U���. jM.**e-**.ittn of William Glynn who
ill i*c pleased to show it to those who
t|��|.r** uite the work* ����f nature.
M ilay too and son, ol Victoria,
i the t-lljr looking into thesdvis-
ai.tl.ty *>( J.atidinjjra Urge twatt house on
tl��.- lake stwire. TTbay are e*|*'rienced
latsttHKise men of the queen city, and
:ll. if given Ute ntwessary su|*port,
bring into Denver a large supply of ex-
tt*Ut-tit {.leasure hoots, tiers is a ehaiiee
t��r Uie niitehtalked-shout boat chit..
Joseph Cough had ao inu-reatina en*
j .-.winter with a t**ear np Wilson creek last
j atfk ahilt* |tt*os|*eetitig atttgk*-liatii)i*d in
i tii.' aisids.   He espietl s cub a few tlays
..i.i. ���i,.l puked it sp intending Ut take it
i.i vamp with hint.   The little creature
iri\.-Uie alarm and  in a moment the
'���HtUter *uiM was alter him,   It claw*
*-i into  once but he  managed to get
-.v\.i\. and, throwing tlte cub to the
-Ltmutid, stMight shelter behind a  tree.
...����� mother hear was averse to .���uiu'ng
luni sn ooM, but he managed to Wj) Uo.
tree i--taeen Uvemattrtl tinallv fought her
��� tl ��ith an axe.
llitttrsea* Co. are opening a gen
era I *-t*��re on I-ake Ave.
F  I  IHehscher, tbe Silverton tailor,
i* ..milling next lo Hunt's meat shop.
II I lever, the Xew Denver butcher.
will open a branch shop here iniiitedi
Humor report* another rich strike
mar ihe Fidelity, hut cfinhnitnlioit is
Mr Owens, who has been routined to
Iii- moid in the Thorbttrti House for
-"in.' ilnys. is nseoveriitg.
luring A Marslaud, of Vancouver.
>lii|.|M(l <t ��yr load of keg beer to tin'
si��������� *n recently and have established a
warehouse lit Silverton,
Have Kirk, late of New Denver* will
'-���vt'ii a Jewelry  store here as mkhi ss
liimlier ��n be put together.   At pre*
��� in In- Ims located his work beneh In
tin- -li.iving |tnrlorsof Win. rUntih.
Tlie owners of the Fidelity have (our
'mm developing their property and report ��li,,.n��i worth of ote In sight   The
"!"ii Umi this property had been jump
i' 11>, New Denver parties is denied.
Hie Victoria Hotel opetietl for hnsi*
'x'sson Tuesday, under the manage-
""in ��.f Mrs K. MeConnell aud Mlsal...
1'ircell. two ladies well-known In
M'uttana aud California,   The Victoria
, la.       . _ * a . . a ���_
The Neosho made a shipment of rich
on* last week and is looking more favorable than ever with development.
The ledge on thc Albion was struck
last week at auo feet and is now being
crosscut    It is 40 feet wide at this level.
(t. M. Parsons, foreman of the No. 1,
reeeived distressing news of the illness
of his wile ln*t week and left immediately for his home in Nova Scotia.
Work on the Highlander tramwav is
CogreWug rapid! v and the track "has
en rlejir.il and ties laid for the
greater part of the distance. The machinery for the concent rator has arrived at Five Mile Point and the work
of install it-* tlie plant will lie commenced shortly.
Considerable real estate has chauged
hands lately ami a good deal of building
is under way aud contemplated. John
Gardner,of *No. I. has a nice residence
under way; A. L. Stallierg is building
an asaav office, ami Wm. l.ingard and
Phillip Xleiiregor will build residences
in the near future, besides which a
number of other building* will be started in the near future.
On tbe Black Diamond everything
looks more favorable than ever, four
ore teams now being kept busy carrying the product down the hill. A shaft
house has been built on the Little Donald aud the work generally is being
carried or? tlgorouslv. At the AO-fbot
level drift* lioth ways "have been driven
HO feet ami at I to feet 75-feet have been
run mirth and south showing the ore
continuous everywhere, i m the Black
Diamond the Upper and lower levels
have been connetted, makim: a continuous pas**age throughout the whole
workings ami making the already remarkable Stowing even better than
A good deal of dissatisfaction is felt
here abont the way the town lias heen
treated by the government u ith regard
to their school    There are now some'*)
children on the roll here, and yet no
adequate provision Ita** been made for
school accommlation.   One of the school
board has endeavored to couuntiiiicate
with the provincial authorities on the
subject, but **> far ha* not had the satisfaction  of  obtaining an  answer.    It
seems a shame that a community which
pays as much into the Provincial treas
nr\ annually as Ainsworth dees should
not at least be able to have the benott
Of gtrOll Hchools.
from the lake. The ore is
cube galena aod gray copper. The
owners, Johnston A Co., are workers and
will begin developments as soon as supplies can be taken up.
The wagon road to the lauding will soon
be im paw-able.tw-o wagons upset Monday
and buried tliir contents in the mud.
With 20 four-horse teams on the road
and i:*J tons of delayed freight lying at
Arrowhead and Thompson's Landing
that they are unable to touch, something ought to he done to raise the blockade.
A.E.Arnold is surveying the townsite of
Whitewater and it is the intention of the
owners to place lots on the market in the
near future. There are four interests in
the townsite, Geo. Alexander snd David
Moore one-third each, and IsaacWaldron
and W. K. Winstead one-sixth each.
The Alpine Growp.
Jas. McMalum and Dr. McKechnie
have lieen opening up their claim and
are very much pleased with its appearance. It is on Surprise creek and situat-
ed sbout one mile from the Horne-Payne [gold ore
townsite. Tbey have a splendid chance
to take out ore' easilv and are sinking
directly upon it. They have also cut
out about a mile and a half of trail.���
Kootenav Mail.
A payment of $10,000 was made this
week on the Alpine group.   This group
is owned byStege, Clever, Heakman,
Crawford and Fass, and is under bond
to A. Dick and A. B. MacKensie for
$1*0,000. Development work is proving
the property to be rich in free milling
The PUet Bey
Frank Fortin went out to Marcus on
Friday last to purchase ten pack animals
and a team of draft horses which he will
put to work on the Jacckson road.
Contractor Carlson put 45 men to work
at tlie Whitewater last week to extend
the wagon road to the mouth of No. 10
E. W. Cummings went up on Friday
last to lay out the concentrator site at
the Jackson mines. The wagon road ht
now completed and in good condition
and it is tlie intention to go ahead with
the concentrator immediately.
Bartlett Bros, have 30 pack animals at
work in Whitewater Basin now and
brought down the first car ol ore from
Contrary to the positive statements
made in some Kootenay papers the
Bank of Montreal has not sold the Pilot
Bay smelter to tha Omaha-Grant Smelting company. The smelter is, or will
be sold, but not to the Omaha-Grant
The Thompson Group.
The balance of the bond, $80,000 due
in September on the Thompson group,
will lie paid next week.   The property
will be stocked and placed on the market in London, England.
Paterfamilies���Ciara, lsee that the
front gate is down this morning.
Clara (shyly)���Yes, papa, you know
love levels everything.
Don't overlook Wilson s Hotel when
you are in Slocan City. . , f
���'���I-* a i-    .
Kven-tt. W����h.
-SUpu-r Unto* Si., LoadM,
M-mla-n, of th. Rosstaiitl Stttt* Exftoagv
stal Hosnl ttf Trail*'.
Cililtj Address-'' Be-nosoH."
Moreinfc snd Xeal,
<J1 iuxIi's (new snd old),
BtsUord McNeill,
and A B C Codes-*
I'l \
���*��� it credit to the country. With its
. plastered rooms, elegant ftirni-
!''��������, electric India, and other modern
|'''l''-'VemeittH it cannot fall to secure a
'nrgi* share of tlte trade In this di.-.trict
K.I Bovee, the upholder of the rights
'" s-orklngtnen, addressed a large
-fathering 31 miners in McKlnnon s Hall
The townsite company Hre of-emny:
aiul grading several streets.
Mr. Magee of the  Kooteiuiv Lumber
Co.. fittitfotpiiites piiuing in a lumber
here        ^^^^^^m^^*mnmmmrM
TJte officers of the Wagner Krotip were
in town Jasi  vvtvk on  their wsy to \ ***it
the mine.
Man art* elearing the hits for Wilson1*.
stort*.  i��art  tt(   ili*>   IiiiiiUt   is   on   the
J round and Mr. Ursbam, ol Trail will
mild it.
The Contrast for the rtrtml office has
Ut��n let and work a ill eonitiienee in a
few thtvs. ll will Is' ionij.lete.1 in less
limn      wivks ^^^^m^^*Mmm*mmmTM
hK-atiHl two very promisingM*Jg    ,���',
lluskin's no ��t and ..boot two no us ��
!""*��� S _*Ja.t.*rw?***
dellned with gissl values      u*
"T* IR solicit corwiispondence with parties having
\ X / meritorious inining properties fbr sale, and
\'\i\  beg to any tlmt we have connections in the
principal cities of Canada,   England and the United
States,   and are in daily receipt of inquiries tor
developed mines and promising prospects.
In active mining operations and reduction oi ores,
antl it knowledge ofthe different inining districts of
11C. enables us to Aimish reliable and competent
information pertaining to mines and mining matters,
References given.
1 I
��� *
ami lead. THE   PAYSTKEAK.
I* bmoOA every Saiunl.iv in Santlon. In Uie heart
of tlie t/reate��4 White Met.il **;uii|i on earth.
SuliscriirUon fS.00 s year
Strletly In atlvaut***.
A.lilrot-*: Thk Favktkkak. H.-mh).>ii. B.C.
SANDON. B. 0*. JULY 31, l81��7.
The Paystreak is evidently widening, for more copies of last weeks
issue were purchased fbr the purpose
of mailing to friends in distant -mils
than ever before. We have to modestly acknowledge, however, that
this was not so ranch due to tbe en
largement ot the newspaper trom
eight to twelve pages, as to tbe
amount and character of news that
made this enlargement necessary.
The news printed last week in the
Paystre tK conclusively showed thc
marked progress that Sandon is making in every direction, and this progress is eminently flattering to those
interested in tne growth of the town.
Being men of progressive ideas they
do not believe in permitting their
light to shine under a bushel, therefore they distributed The Paystreak
to inform the rest ofthe country of
Sandon's rapid advancement
More of this was shown in last
weeks issue than in any town in
British Columbia can boast of. To
briefly summarize it, there were the
definite steps being taken to incorporate the city of Sandon, and this, to
outsiders, has a greater significance,
probably, than it has to our own people. It marks the rapid me, step by
step, of a mere prospective mining
camp to tbe dignity of a municipality.
It implies prosperity and stability,
and gives a prestige to the place.
Tbe movement for the formation of
a town band shows that .Sandon people are strongly endowed with tbat
local pride which is among the greatest incentives to the building of large
cities, and also that it has among her
people men of sufficient musical culture to make an organisation that the
town can be proud of.
It is well known that the worker*)
in our mines have $25,000 a week to
spend, and that Sandon ptjssesses all
the attractions oi the old time mining
camp, but last week's isssue also
shows that we have here also those of
refinement and social culture, for tbe
club that has been organised is On a
scale that will place it on a footing
for dignity and comfort with the clubs
of the east. It will be an institution
to which the visiting capital let and
tourist will feel it an honor to be invited.
Pointing in this same direction are
tbe notes on the new residences, with
the whirr of the the lawn mower
beating on the clear summer air.
First came the necessaries of exist
ence, the shelter of a shack; then
the comforts ofa cottage and tho de
cenciesof sejiarate rooms; then the
slumbering instincts of art ant' adornment, the love of luxury of color, and
the gaiety that prosperity brings
were awakened. The cottage verandahs are this summer smiling with
clinging vines and potted plants; the
piano and the guitar, antl the sweetness of woman's voices are heard from
the houses on the hills in the evenings ; the temporary bachelor shack
is giving place to substanti.il homes.
There are other notes ofthe tide of
progress to be found in the increased
water supply, and a triple system ot.
water mains aud hydrants that will
give Sandon one of the best plans ot
tire protection that has ever been de
vised. The electric force is also to
be inci*eased, so that every business
and every home may be supplied
with cheap light
All this progress, too,* has a sub
stantial basis in the development of
Sandons mining industry. Ijtstweek
the Payne mine began its three rail
gravity tramway of 9000 feet long,
and the erection of a large concentrator in the propi-ied city limits.
This is but a brief summary of the
activity of Sandon as recorded in one
week. The paystreak is evidently
widening all the time, and The Paystreak is keeping np with the times
in faithfully recording this march of
progress add pnisperty. Tb stimulate
the interest of our friends st a distance
in the place you have made your
home, is therefore an easy matter.
Mail them your local newspaper
regularly.   ____	
Mr. IUrris is going to a large
expense to give the town an ample
supply ot water lor fire purpows. with
new mains and plenty of hydrant***
but where arc the firemen ? It in
said there Is a volunteer brigade,
Has anyone ever seen it at drill ?
And ef Water Also. Bat Hew Shout the
Pint Brlffede.
Very few towns will hive-so excel
lent a water system, especially for
the pui-pt-a-es of fire protection, as
Sandon will have when Mr. Riblet*
plans are carried into effect It will
have three good sources of supply,
the present one fr m Tributary
creek, a pipe line from Sandon creek,
and a flume from Carpenter creek to
supply the Reco concentrator, (hie
engineering feature worth es.-ecial
noteui9rl!^ P1-3*- ������������*<-rom Sandon
creek. This will be joined to the
flume from Tributary creek which
supplies the electric light plant, and
at such a grade that it will be both a
waste pipe and a supply pipe. When
the stream is cut off from the power
house in the day time the waste from
IilbT���Lv ��21emptv th���<.��> ��E
pipe into Sandon creek; when the
supply in Tributary creek gets low
he pipe will automatically supply
the deficiency, for power and fire
purposes only, from Sandon creek
the water first passing through fine
screens in a large tank to catch the
tailings from theSiocm. Star c-monn-
trator. The uipe line will lie underground, so tiiat no fire or falling
trees can at anv time interfere with
A number of additional hydrants
are to be erected to give fire piosau
tion ��o the new residences. Tbete
will be one on the Wonderful trail to
protect the house* on that hill; amah
er on the K \ S. track that will
bring the sawmill within range;
another close to theC. P. H. depot
which will iirotet't the Keco ��aieen
trator from below, Black's hood and
buildings In the immediate neighborhood from the back; another on Hlocan street near Ilamttiotid * livery
stable; the next on tlie winter of
I van hoe street and the next near the
power station to cut off a fire coming
op from Mow.
Keco avenue is at present well supplied with hydrants. Should the
present water supply lie found Insufficient or unavailable, hy means of
valves In the power Instse. thetahcr
systems, which will be ri very high
pressure, can be immediately connected and utilized
The next two mouths are going to
be the moat critical far fire of any of
the whole year. What U needed as
an adjunct to this excellent supply of
water b a thc��n��tghly well drilled
volunteer fire brigade, with hose and
oilier appliances in complete order
and first class condition. Then* to a
fire trigsde, and there Is hose and
reel. Whet hrr the brigade Is well
organized ami fretinently drilled,
and the hose in a fftxxt eomlitiott, are
matters that it will pny every citizen
ta carefully look into
r Dealers In
Caiaii Pacific Railway
Sou l-aciflc Line.
Route to Ht IVtul. Chicago,
Detroit Toronto Montreal,
New York,  Ik-stnu.  I'hiln
dclphia.   ami  all  Ka.veni
Unexcelled Bleeping C-ars
on all trains. Tourist Cars
to St. Paul daily, ItoatiHi
every Thur*l*tV* Toronto
everv Monday from Revel-
Steamer leaves  Nakusp
daily except Monday, making close connection a' Revel-
stoke with trnina for all (mints
Kast and West.
Before you travel get Information
from C.P.R. agents as to times ami
rates.   It will save you money'.   Apply to nearest railway agent or to
j   A. C. McARTHUR, Agent, Sandon.
H.M.Mci'RH.OR, T.l'.A.. Nelson, H.C
. Dlst.  Passenger Agent, Vancouver
OOAL,        '
MTJKtKJtAl.il A BUtf. l*r��|M.
**���a. Mmmdmttfterm t-jf -tt - ��� -
SyidMtrts, f linger Ale,
*krHi|r*irilla, Etc., Ku\
ftttnmuce home industry
when y*��.i want Hit* last
ta the Pioneer llou*e nf ifceCltj.
K. OlfllKINO,
If ytm are-
Call at the
Hotel Ivanhoc.
mm i ��� nm inin m i   i iiiiwumihiiimii ���   -����**-���' mm   m�����"���"���- ������"*
Atlantic .(whip Lines.
!.***.* IIor.mi. It***.. ��� l*i>��-
l-tttt' ���*tt**.��rr*��r,
SMke Wll.t*l|teO
.mke M.irui*.
jmkrn thttntUf.
l-tke SH|*r|.��j, *
r, .���, V.artrT'l
Jll *���**��'
inl, :
���* P
V..��   ���
from *>���" %<*,
���  .
l.trrauta, r*i<t*rtl Unit	
J-tM-vilt. " M
Klriirl* ,:
tkt*r��i|r*ti.ltt.     *��� ... .   j|
Attr-ttiirt. . *-|
t'ltil-rU, " ,,..........*"���
t'nl.lii ��� **..I A*. ���*��. Hi ��*��.itii.l Up* '"I*
Iitli<riit4-.n��tt> ����0 nml n(.i�� .ml��.
Hto-rmtt* *V'aiuii��l ,t|*w(*��>������
l-ttav-witw Tlr|u.t.-tt  tltr-titrli .'������>" '���',''"','*
Orml llriMIn �����* IiwUmI. nml -I   **l-*r*�� ���'
mi��M ttt nil |*iiri* *tf tltr *Ktir.��|����ii * ��� �������������* ���"'
PiVfpM Wiomm* arrfti.te-l lr*��>'> ���� I-**-*
Aptdy-to At'. Mt '.tHTHt'H   t*.lM*   *'*""���
Stiitiitii,.., _ ri*rr
_k-l*.TL I A -'; V1',^***"
i   I' it ��rti  *
i     ��� am. ���N
Vmy ot tS* Tata  Otomt
Vt>rt�� Carto*****-!-- Uallka.
I beard nearly sll the great speeches
BiH.it* I y both the men in that parlia-
m-iitarv dr.el, which lasted for so many
tram.   M* own obt.trv.itten and judg-
meal R��vt) the nuperiority to Mr. Glad
Hour* nil tlaosah, bat I quite admit
ti,..t Di-ra. ii stood sp wtll to hia treat
opirru.ut aud  that it waa not always
taty (���> award the prise of vietory. The
two meu's votVca wtrs cnrioualy on*
like.   Dlarsell had a deep, low, power.
ful voire, I:, aid eTtrr*��hs*rs thnwgiioot
the bouse, hot having little variety ot
tooaio  in it   Qlttdatone'a  voice wai
tun. ti to a higher note, waa ueuetxat-
log. rt -.ona: I, liquid sad fall of so ea*
qoifite muSoiutlon snd  mimic which
lave new-hatha of meaning to every
���npbadsNl word.   The waya of .bs
tu* ii w en in almoat every mpert euri*
��),*:>  unlike.   Gladstone 'waa  alwayi
Mlfti f<>r i ouTtmtiou. lie loved to talk
to nut u*,y about anything*   Disraeli,
ev.-ii muting hia most intimate friends,
���*.... given to frequent fit* of aLeolotf
_i.il a] patent!*-* ghcteuy tdknee.
(.huiftUtoe,  after hia earlier parlia*
rn. ntaiT days, breante almost entirely
iitt'ij.. i. ni to drraa.   Di*tarli   alwayi
tat ut *l <�����_! in tbe neweat fashion, and
ui v. ti to hia late** yeara went in tbi
g. t up* f a young man attest town. Not
1��**�� diti*rent wrie the character* and
temperamenta of the two men.   (J lad*
���tone ebtti ��?nl hia   eolith al   opiniona
tuituy times dmi*.;, hia long parliamentary carat, but  be changed hia opin*
���� n�� < tiJy Ju tit fen nee to tbe kite of a
Freeing cotivutiou and ta lie rrcog*
min n of farta and rt-Rditkaia wbitb
he <onld no Utik*t (turnirntlouily din
potr.   Nt brdy \ u lal.y etrr knew what
Mr. Dura*lt'n teal  c| iui*.iw were upon
ant   paUtkal qutatiin tr whether bt
had ai y real cptn.ou* at all. Giadatonc
It fc-au as a Tory  and gradually bceame
rhau-tt d into a Km.teal.  Disratli Legaa
���* au i-xttrmo Radical onder tbe pnt-
ronagecf DaaitlOTtmnrll and changed
into a Ti.sy.   But evtrrybody knew thai
Gladstone waa at first a ��incere T��rj
aud nt la��t a sincera Radical.   Not**.**
km w, or, iudesd, cared, whether I ���
rat It tin waa i JI bar s rincere Radical
or a a.tjmt* Tc/y ��� Joaltu McCarthy ia
W haa UttHttUa Waa Atr-aM.
Ona of liloudin's favorite jokes was
to i (Ti r to carry sosne diatlngniahed
���j*. - tutor arrttte the rope with him on
In- hi< k Everybody naturally refotted,
and 11���. grrct eqoilibrist, with a genial
���Uiile, would ttay, "I am lorry yon an
all ttd I al on Id drop you." But he wai
boi**t oocf with hia own petard.
1'** wai axhibiting in Paris and wo
about to croat the Seine ou hit rope.
������-ham, the grrat earicatnri-4, had r-omi
��������� make a sketch. Blondin. recognising
him, at once invited him to irroaa with
ti i in
w��<*r�� pleatrore,'* tepliedCham, "but
UU *|*   OOllOltittt."
Aud that it"-, qnerird Blondin.
"That 1 niialt carry you ou my back,M
auKwtred Chum.
"Not if 1 ku.vjr/ uiyaelf," ant-wered
"Ah," triumphantly exclaimed
t .."tii. "thia time. M. Bloudm. it u
>'"*�� who are ufruidl" ��� Waabington
tha M**th��lo_ru*al Ceataar aaS th* Tmpn
WcSttlM Haa.
The man with a valise and aa umbrella had bought ona or two cheap vol*
umea of fiction, whan a more pretentious publication on a counter near thi
door caught bii attention. It contained
a number of elaborate pictures of mythological character*., and ba waa glancing
rapidly through it wber one of tbe
pagea attracted his especial interest lie
lingered over it, turned several leaves
and then went back. After he had started aw ay and goue aa far aa tbe doot
tbe fawinatiou a^uin proved irreaisti-
ble, and be was aoou gazing thoughtfully at Ihe same page.
"Can we do something more foi
vonK' askrd the clerk.
" You ham a great deal abcut wbat'i
tn tin m* books, don't you?" he asked.
"We uatnrally bt-come familiar with
the contents iu the course of time,"
was the answer.
"Will, it will probably bo exposing
my ignorance for mo to ask it, but I
wish you would teil me what that is,"
and he lurmd tin* book around so tbal
tbe FaJfSjman could tx-e. "I never bad
much i Jj a tire to stcdy up ou natural
bisti'ty," be added apolcgttically.
"That, tdr, ia a etutaur," waa tbf
His cflricti'y waa not yet satisfied,
lie tin pped I.i*. head OTef en bia aboul-
d. r aud locked ut the picture with on.
9} A
"I aupi*��**e,'' he resumed, "tbat this
thing wouldn't I (U ir me so moch if 1
hadn't reecutJy *.< ue ou the road for ���
patent medicine la in.   Tbat has given
me an interest 1 ut set bad before. And
you know whenever a man bas just
taken up a tubjeet u'a hard for bim tc
gtt It off bis mind. I don't believe that
1 arm will get over being pusaled about
tbat centaur."
"In what way?"
" Supposing be got sick?*'
"Whom would they tend for, a regular physician iru veterinary surgeou?"
���V..��bingfou Mar
hitucrto miuyht ouly the patronage ot
tuuKf-uliue players of the scientific game,
aod to his new establishment be pro-
poseri to admit any woman, whether
alone or accompanied by a husband,
brother or sweetheart   Nothing is said
about .riends or mere acquaintances,
but it is probable that tbey, too, will be
allowed to enter when properly introduced and profeaaing an incliuation tc
aretome in proper time one or tbe othei
of the nearer and dearer relationships.
The experiment haa as yet been tried in
only oue place���Vienna. There it ia said
to have worked well, and St Louis is
watchim- with intereet to see what the
developments will be on American aoiL
���St. Louis ('<*m***pondejios.
Mountain Poatry.
Sam Brown, whi'e near the head of
Ten Mile creek a few days ago, ran
across a large blazed hemlock tree.
Sticking in the tree was a prospector's
pick, with one side of the eye broken,
snd a very blunt point. Written on
the blaze were the following unsigned
Rugged miner, pause a moment
For a pick without a chotor,
If yon want io u*e It, take U.
May It make your heart rejoice.
A Bat It ��� Toaak.
A queer ttory is told of a naturalist
wbo died in I860 and wss buried at
Blankney, iu Lincolnshire. Among hia
petit was a large gray bat
This bat waa permitted to enter tbe
tomb and was sealed up alive with the
cot pfe cf bis dead master. In 1866 the
vault was opened* and to the surprise
of aii tbe bat waa alive and fat
Ou four different occasions since tha
relatives of tbe dead man have looked
after the welfare of bis pet, and each
time it bas been reported that tbe bat
was still iu tbe land of the living, although oeeupyi'ai quarters with the
���dead. It was last seen in 1893.���Fear-
son's Weekly.
Waller wrote his moat pleasing poetry
of fa_r_e_u*ti_aa. After she rejected him
he, in a letter to a friend, said, "She ia
vuJy a reuiituded drub anyhow."
Don't overlook Wilson s Hotel when
you are in Slocan City. t
But, "you lay" Its Mont and I ,
Aud ito face is ''marred aads-*amd,"
Never mind; 'tin like Sa owner,
Take It, if yon waat It paid.
Mo?  Doot want H?   Well thea. leave It
Sticking In the tne.
It may serve to tell a story
To suotrj otherit ��ich u we.
When in Vancouver atnp at the
Manor House. t,
e>V^V r\r\wVe>
Hotel Kootenay
Switzer & McGluskey,
Wlter* Paa-a Llvad.
Mr. Ijabuut'bero ia gratified at being
���I'lu to put an eud to akeptieiam about
b*�� Twn-ki-nham house being built ou
the nite of Popta'a villa, lu making re-
Iwii* recently a atnua was found, on
Jjnieh va as carved tlm inscription: "On
*'������" r-pot .stood until 180V the bouse of
A-' a.indtr Fops, Tintgrolto lhat formed
���*������ iMtseuMiu .-till remuiut  1848."
Caltata AUaa Wat
In our days culture haa been piropoaed
ss a rat-statute for religion and poetry
offered as a better guide for our lives
than tlie loving word of God.   "Bore
and   more,'"   says    Matthew   Arnold,
"mankind will ditx-over tbat we have
to turn to poetry to interpret life for us,
to console us, to sustain us.   Without
poetry our aicnee will appear incomplete, and most of what uow passes
witlt us for r.'ligit.ii ami philosophy will
be replaced by poetry."   But it were as
well to offer moonlight instead of warm
vtinlight,  for   poetry and culture are
larj-ely a reflection of religion, and bis*
lo-y allows ih  that  they cannot loop
survive ita al>w>tiee.    Men of  a vaguely
spoculativr beat aud a more thau ordi
nury share ot rt-tinement, like Matthew
Arnold or Kmrrson, may bsn and there
bo foutnl, who think they titid iu culture
.ill that they ii.til to dinct  and purify
tbolr lives.    .-Esthetic  movements aud
Brook   Farm eaperimeuts may.   when
Ihey tire stuve-isful, beget au elevating
Inflaaacs for a time, hat  iii  th" cud
rn.tiire. loft to itself, will   become  tin
ciiituntif  Nero and Petroniua Arbilei
a id 99 tety  that of  Hcrculnmnm and
t\ mjieii.���American    Quarterly     Be*
A St. I�����ttlt Ktitrrltnent.
The adv;.n e.l nr advancing women of
j   tt. Louis ate to have a btlii..iti iiom et
lie ir own. with the incidental uccotu
1 (uuiiiiv uts of a liowling alley, a **dact
lu wlii* li to reatl the paiH'rs I id a mys
lerious sotm tiling Of MNWthlngi rstbei
vaguely ties, iIbed as"otlitr loutitres.'
All thia i' t.�� be j.rovided as  a sirictl>
��   -r!*>i**_i   ...nt .,*��  hv  a inau   who bai
Hunter Bros.,
Headquarters for
Groceries, Hardware
Furnishings, .Miner's
We carry Everything:
Sandon and Rossland.
The very tine vintage of G. H. MUMM & GO'S
Now oniiiinir b> this market ia eliciting universal admiration on account
of its verv superior quality ann dryness, without being heavy, making it a
nerfeet wine In the true wnse of the word.      It should be tasted to be fully
i        _-l
'M>PrAceoixlinff to Custom House statistics the importation of G. H. Mnmm A-
Pt'aKxtra I -rv chanigagne IVom January 1st to December Slat, 18%, ag
\reolt ted 70 M* cases, or 80.950 cases more than that of any other brand,
ahntbiff thai it maintains an immense lead over all others.
ItS^CmitMUnah^sofPnrf. R. Ogden Doremus it contains the least
anion, t of alcohol, therefor, the purest and most wholesome elmmiiurne.
ii,;nl Warrants have been granted  to Messrs. G, H. Mnmm &Co.,
!  ?
Clondyke, or Bust! Is The Cry
as They Rush Northward.
The steamers Portland and Queen
left Seattle last week crowded with gold
seekers bound for the Clondyke; The
George W. Elder leaves to-morrow antl
if more steamers were available they
would have plenty of patients.
The most vigorous plan of the many
proposed for the gleaning of  wealth
from the mines of the Yukon, and the
men who will flock to them, will  lie
carried out by an organization of 20
employees of the Seattle & International  Railroad.   The '20 have combined,
each depositing 9'JOd in a common fund.
Robert Moran has agret*d to build for
$5,000 in fH) days a steel-compartnienl
boat, 00 feet in length by 12 feet beam,
t.i be launched in six inches ot water.
He has guaranteed that the boat will
he in such shape that the 20 men in the
company can easily put the parts together * on   Lake * Linderman.   The
boiler will have a pressure of *_���� pounds
to the square inch, and the engines will
be 40 horse power.  A speed of 10 miles
per hour is guaranteed.   The cargo capacity will be 20 tons,   The 20 railroad
men will pack the steamer across the
summit and set it up on the Upper Yukon.   Ten men will stay bv the steamer, doing a transportation buainess.and
10 will go prospecting.   A sawmill will
also be carried in, and the boat so arranged that it can be beached, and will
furnish power to operate the sawmill.
The company will go prepared to do lo
year's business.
All sorts of advice and information
is heard at every hand upon the subject of an outfit for a prospeetor headed
for the Yukon. While the miners and
prospectors who have been to Alaska
invariably advise intending gold hunters to take an outfit weighing from l,-
500 pounds to s ton and a half, it is a
fact that very few of those who are
going and those who have already departed have taken anywhere near the
amount advised. What the result of
this failure to follow the advice of those
who have had experience in the Yukon
cannot be known until next spring,
when the icy fetters of the frozen Arctic
region release the prisoners of the winter and give their stories to the world.
Many of those who are starting now
are doing to with an entire capital of
not over WOO, whereas the returning
miners advise a man not to think of
going with less than 9*500 to97nO, or
even $1,000. However, conditions of
transportation and supply are changing
almost daily, and the Yukouers are relying on improved facilities which the
old ones knew nothing of. The main
items of a model outfit have been compiled as follows:
Bacon,pounds i*J7UQ
Flour, pounds ,. .400
Rolled oats, pounds   . 25
Beans, pounds 125
Tea, pounds  10
Coffee, pounds ,  10
StiH-ar, pounds  25
Dried potatoes, pounds  25
Dried onions, pounds    2
Salt, pounds  15
Pepper, pounds    1
Dried fruits, pounds  75
Baking powder, pounds    8
Soda, pounds    2
Evaporated vinegar, pounds     1
Compressed soap, ounces  12
Soap, cakes    9
Mustard, cans    1
Matches (for four men) tins    1
Stove for four men.
Gold pan for each.
Set granite buckets.
Large bucket.
Knife, fork, spoon, cup and plate.
rYviug pan.
Coffee and teapot.
Scythe stone.
Two picks and one rao-m.
One whipsaw.
Pack strap.
Two axes for four men and one extra
handle. _,,     ���
Six Hindi tiles and two taper Hies for
party. . .,_      ,
Drawing knife, brace and bits, jack
plane antl hammer, for -.tarty.
200 feet 8-inch rope,
Eight pounds Of pitch and live pounds
of oakum for four men.
Nails, five pounds each of it, 8. 10 and
12-pennv, for four men.
Tent, 10x12 feet, for four.
Canvas for wrapping.
Two oil blankets to each boat.
Five yards ..( mosquito netting for
each man.
Three suits heavy underclothing.
tfneheevv macklnaw coat.
Two pairs heavy mackinaw pant*.
One heavy rubber lined coat.
One dozen heavy wool socks,
Half dozen heavy wool mitts.
Two'heavv overshirts.
Two pairs heavy snagproof rubber
Two pairs shoes.
Four pairs blanket*, for two men).
Four towels.
Two pairs overalls.
(hie suit oil clothing.
Besides these things each man ftro*
cured a small assort ment of medicine**,
and each is provided with several
changes td summer change*..
The above outfit wist in round figures
as follows:
Groceries  9 *> ����
Clothing Sum
Hardware  .....   **������'*���*
Total ..       9110 oo
Fare to Dyeaand incidental* bring
the expense of prmper-tora up to about
$175 each.
A despatch from San Francisco, tlated
Julv 22nd. aaya:
The Alaska Commercial Company's
steamer Bertha arrived from V mi la ska
Bay,'with 500 tons of cotimitralca from
the Appollo mine, at I'nga, and a liar
of bullion from the same source She
brought no gold from the Clondyke
Capt. Hays, speaking of the Clondyke.
������The fact tbat the new gold fields
are 2000 miles from St. Michael**, and
that the difficulties of transportation are
innumerable can not be too forcibly
impressed on intending prospector*.
The new���papcrs would lie responsible
for the loss of many live* and a great
deal of suffering and hardship, if they
did not strongly advise the public that
the river Yukon, now that thc mountain
torrents have ceased running, is verv
low, and much ofthe 500 tons of supplier*
now awaiting tranaportation cannot
possibly lie conveyed to the destination
for some time."
Messrs. Sloas, of the Alaska Comtner
clal Com-iany. are equally frank. < hie
of the firm said:
''What we most fear, is that tin-
excitement will cause many people to
rush northward without properly considering how they are to live through
the winter after they get there. We
have now about 5,000 tons of provisions ���
on the Yukon, and arc sending as large {
additional quantities as posaible, but we
are not able to say . whether the suppl v
will be winal to the demand, nor when
the supplies will reach their destination, with any certainty. The stem
wheel steamer with which the Excelsior
will connect will be the last this season.
It will reach Dawson with a barge in
tow about September 1st, and must Immediately return, as the river usually
freezes over early In Octolier. It is for
this reason principally that we have declined to carry more than the usual
complement of passeiigers on the Kx
relator this trip. We could easily have
constructed accommodations for another hundred, but preferred to utilise the
space for supplies to feed those already
tnere and on their wav."
liOl.li ���Utll'PKU IX tURMRW*.
A .Vitalism tailor has received the
following letter from hi* brother in
Alaska. "Thing* are .tanning, aud
the country is itntueti**ely rich, much
better than Is reported. Anything you
hear, VOU believe it- I saw coal oil
cans full of gold al one claim, ami there
are ahout 500 just like it The t latum
would average atatut 000 feel *pitar.\
with ahout 6 l�� H teat of pay dirt; *vtw
them clean one ���duieo box and the gold
was visible in pile*. A fellow ran hia
shovel handle through il aud worked
the gravel and aaud out, ami when he
got through he had a pile aboul tbeaizoJ
of mv hat. (How * lhat :'> But this Is a
hard country, ami no pudding for any-
tat*, .and generally when a man strike*
it he get* out of the country Tha boat
left twtt tlays ago, ami one store cl��r*e*l
to make ready to ship the gold Thore
wa* so much they "-hipped tt in Jwrel*.
Well. I don't .'Xpert to get many hair,
rets, but 1 *ia expert to get mte small
one. The wage*are 91ft for miner*ami
eiu ai ordinary work per day..'"
tAJUtm .*r vt km*. ��.ou��.
A despatch from Sau Frnitelwi ��av* j
Assistant Weigher W A Cmlt-rbil!.* of
Ihe Selby Sin-Hin_r Coiii'iaiii��, my* of
the irtdd from Uu* Ytikon:
*' It is a fart that the Yukon gold hi
not as valuatdea*. thai nnwtured in this
state We have found thai there are
from 5o to lou point* more of lia��i��
metal** in the northern product The
t��a.-tr metal** are iron, lead and a few
other*, ami there is a large quantity of
silver also We look principally ' for
the gold and silver. It It the iron that
give* the Yukon gold it* tiiu*rich <**ral��r.
Of etturse, the other metal* drrrcaae the
value a little. Tlw nugget* from the
Yukon are worth S17 aridit* peroune**.
sin! the gold dti-tt ia worth It I to $1*
K*r ounce With the California gold
1 value is ahout 91 an ounce more ���
that is. nugget* run from Si* to Sift,
ami gold tliist never Use* than 91? prr
*feure Wtom ri<ae��jrfc��.
Frank Fortln t*ereived bun wvek s
letter from hia l-*en*tber. I'bil Forttn, who
left the **t**aou last spring tar the Yukon
country. Phd left Whitewater March
5th. and after spending a while at thai
roast left Seattle Man h Id Juneau March
*% \tyeA April IS ami swing bv I.vnn
��� anal and the While rom arm*t**i at
hawson City in June, He .report*, tht*
digwnfpi of the f"Vmdyke rich Ihteyond
lrj*lhjf and that the men who went in last
���..imnier have  as a general rule mnn
(if**1 ��*����*������ but laj*s grv��! .treat ���_ _���
dangers snd b��rd*bt}�� of the tra. to .2
���existence in the osntun l*iwis��_
are sesree, flour is attyah.re H, _, i*-?**
���ark, beans worth alm.��t u> raacb s��ti
nogaets they mine and hac..i. I*,- lr, ,>*
ntarhet at any price W**rk u inm ���-���'
ui fl ft a day b plentiful for u�����*. ��,M
have a yenVs supidte* hut tin* _,,�����,"'
will etnploy no one other*,*, ai u**\
ami not men is the -jean-tit ftiltai
hia |��rttter took in "SKai poundi ol -m.
vision* with them, whlrh. mtu-t oa\��*i
Uiew packed to lite liead..( ( hiku* .��_��.
thef hauled down to Hleaan roei ,*
aleiht and to IToodyke on a \*m\ �������*���
Utey matte tlienueive* Tl*..*-. noa UM
otto full claim, a half intert-at'nk ao.<ber
ami a uuarter in a thiol, ami -.....^v,
the resull most satistit* t..-. Imtatlnia.
tbuav who are dotng well in tt*- skr-an
lostav theea, *satd Umwi* ��)>���* tune m
sufficient tst-aatt* t�� carry Uteai through
any ��.****r��.TL**��tw*y to atav a l����nt.* *������� .wt ���<
Ala*iui and Ute Clondyke
Waaes   Umi   ttoBww   Ormwm.
John Wallace* wImi dtaooverstJ tl**
Whitewater, near Nelson, some \ cam
ago writes to a friend from the (Ton
dyke on May II. He atate* thai up
to that time he had not hmnd taj
very rich ground, altlsmgh Cmcn
hatf taken ont about jSUHUUU in
dust fh��n two creek* running lata
the Closidyke. lie aaya thai bar*** ���_
$l,5r��J a pnunti. flour $1.3 Und a iner-
shtivel* fail each, lie sk *��\�� :h%i
the weather last winter was mild, the
iltri*ijwiwetver never going below T_
during the entire awa*xsi
Oaawi  Ss l*s��aa|*a tt*
���l"'! ������'
Jamea McDonahl. wlio recenUy
BttMh a stake out nt the Ulilornia.
Itil New Denver, Hun*Uv, ..--.an
tsinied by Andrew Tunks I*^r the
Ck-ndyke. It is tlieir intent-, u to
take in s yean suppltc*. mA grrt
theeonntry' a fair trial Tbey ��*>���
two **}iiarc men ami a ho*t ot frienus
wish them luck in ibeir sphere of
(tftemtlons.        ____��____.
laadv *^�� drunken tr.i_tf.ir    Arc y*>a
not ashamed to beg/
|>,   B--Ve��,  ma am. bnt   I ��������
when Ist tsober lui a burglar
Dealer h) MEATS
-_-*.���. AT:
If youi
Waet a hat
Or; anything in the line of
Man* WKAK call on
rown & Co.
Men's (hitdttem, Ifeco Avenue, Samion. M C.
. -a**'-*.':-.
The   Methodist   Church   Building
Fund Largelt) Benefitted.
The (.aiaert giviu In Spencer^
hall on Turiaday evening for Ute
l.uilditij* Hind Of Uu- m-w M.dh.tilj-at
rltiirt-h wa* a r�� uiatknldi- atjeees*.
PfoiNibly the nntuber of ticket*, pur*
,*lui***-vJ to ln*lp along tin* pwal work
���Ant. in exit �����!**. of the ace* an tn* m tali, .ri
ofthe hall. far 41 *���� ri*i*wd��*d clear
up (..the ��h ***r**, and many, nnnldc
in ������l.tain aeata, wenl awav. The
pi.tgiHinuie had i-vklriitlv iw-rii ar
raugiil with 11ieodiplo111ncy.aa1.11ch
ihing** -hoiihl la*.-iu onhT to ititercxt
iln* groatcst nuuila-r, Siiine ����f tin*
���-. i���f'.fimi> w.-tt- iirolwililv llath-ivd
at tin* honor of Mitjc iuvitrd toap-
|a,it. and ��*tii��*.*** laiYaii*a* Miry had
-. many friend���* wh.. delight to lie-
t.n tti thent.
r.-ittH'tilarly wa*thi*-.tht*�������.*������ with
the y.ittngri* |a*rf*M*tu��*ra. Kv.-rv
laaiv was ntiefrwted in them, ami -m
ill. ir |��trt tlo*y ihmlrth***** fi-lt it the
pr.-tidesf luotiu'iti of thrir Itvi**. It
������..��- iiit.rt-rtting to watch the face*, of
Mi. ivtreni*. when their litth- one was
-.11 the platform, lo ana the t*iiadow ����f
deep aaxirty ftt.pt ttWHy by ap-
phnita% only to morn of a deeper
-hade when there was a ".light deeJa*
inautrv *4ttnrt��.e >*r .M-Mtntittu. and
then tin-linn-lof glad -.iin-liiue when
iln- piece etidi*��l. Only loving pa-
i.-tit** know this c.vpii*��i.e joy,
1.'. v A. M. Haiiforfl, thr' j*a*at��*r.
.am.* forward ami spoke hispteee
while tin' urcheistra was tuning up,
ni.ale*atly giving that as thr reason
f��-r his'ap|N*araiH*r. rYoin thr ja-r
!��������� iiiam-a-* of tin* rliildn-ii that writ*
i.> appear, be thought Ihr parent*.
iiiighl tdtt-iiii rwHiH' inkling of thrrm-
l.ryotie aldllties that rotild be drvrl
"l-il I*, make them nwfn! in crrtain
Mtherea, a*�� ���mrrnt*. were always rn-
< i.ois and anxious, aa to tbr walks in
life the |.att-*b*|M*.| tin* young-ahrttild
ire trained for.
lie l.dil a g**A story ttt illiiatiatt*
ilii*. A father, to u-��t tlM* |s*fa*-ibili-
ti< - "I hia son. plat ��il on a table a
-ilv. r <|..|lar. a Hiblr ami a buttle of
a liiakey. Hi-wtlih-j|uu*iii that if thr
la.\ chose the dollar In* would tttaki*
���i g.ro-1 tra��h*i*��imn, if the Hiblr a
- 'A preacher, if ihe whiskey a
Z'*A for nothing. Thr laiy ��trp|��e<l
'������i ward like om* of Purtla'l lovers
���< ion- ihe fairfhl easkets, but with
'tour ..f thrir timidity. He flivt nut
the dollar iii his porkVt, thru tucked
Hi* I'il.l** under his arm and finally
t'li-kitl awav a good horn of the
���vhittkev. The father wasdelight-
"I "He will make a muw-nkiUI "ml-
itirian," was his conclu*doii.
\* t*.ld by Mr. Sanford thhi story
���*iov.*kei| r��j��ra of laugbur The
fa-tor then artrtl rn* the rhairinan.
"'f-'liicingrach ntiinla-r with brief
"������I -ninefimes wittv remarks. Thr
'',*'li'*stra,eotnpoaod cf Mr**. Kpeneor
���""I Mi-asi-s. Bailey, Ihitfy ami tirif
ttt-ltri*..   iihiyiil    the    grand    march
l.<'ii*ilah.("   rtmi    were   warmly
���I", nil. Thr thrrr grntlrinrn will
'*' pi'ominent members of the Sandon
' "��� net laiml now in 00*9!*** ��w organ
1/;��ii"ii. ��ml ihi*. wiu* but-,one of
many opiNtrtunitirt. rcaklenfei have
!"*d *>f judging of their aWUttosas
The whole progrimiiite, which was
������rokfii In th�� middle Ibr tlte enjoy*
nu'iit of a feast of ice en-am and
,;|ke. waa a*, follow*-:
'���""���I ���''*rrli."b,ui��dAlf.". Ot-*��lWMt*ra
'" "H" "Tltr. 1\,1,>��| n��t>,**rlla�� K.ltll, .I.O-.a
'���.���' ' Join, bjtlv', m^f"   ..UaadonQaart��4ta
''�����.t..tl���,     vv, t.titt*. h,, *,���*������       Ow) Bastm
Rt-rltali.i,.. ������!,',..,   |.,;...).,,��� ,   - 5.,
8*0 ju SUml. "Bliuiiiirrl"
Mr Mi, I Mr. li M >,..
Niittt Hayet.
U*i* B*ta����tt
tlictj .tJufTjitt
St'iia, "Ttrrr-'l'a I...V.-U I����.|r
ttV<-0Mltott,   |,i,i|,. K..v Blut--.
*-.l*a. "Th... OH Pr.lkaHf ��{.*....
part ii
Wall*.   Ovr,r tt���- WavtV1	
A.na.  TtjIiiVl^ l.ittl. stur" ..
lt..'i��MM..ti.  'Tttt-Stjiriiah I>ki..
Oburanaa Smith
Hr~*u��i i*tn." l'_|m'* letter". . Vit.lH Jon��*
St.tit. -'Th* Hrti,.,-, ���f F.ntlan.l' Vt'. CHnV
**oii*. ������Th*��i-"'*0���lv Ratatm ftirfiiir-.'
��� ***** ti.lt.n l/utarta-t t��
III thr wbok of those who abated
in this excellent programme, it can
be justly said 'And the least was the
frcatrst among thrm/'   Tiny Xina
la> it. rrriu*d one of Kugi-nr Field'*
IN- ma describing what the little boy
sai-s in the dark when tucked up in
bed.   8hr acted every line of it as
vivitllv aa if it wa�� hrr own irerson-
al exja-rirncr   told without the constraint of an audience of strangers.
In fai-t, thr atulicitc.- s&emed to stim-
ulal** hrr as it <hs*H  an ex|n-ririicrd
artrrtas.   Shr made the gtaal points
tell, waited f<��r thr laughter and ap-
plattse, and   reaumed   with an easy
grace that wa* remarkable in one so
voting.    Could  thr genial  author
havr beard it and witnessed the artful arth*s*.ui*at. of thr pretty by play,
hi* la tighter wonld have iteen initi-
glrd  with  gentle  tears, a* was the
ca**' with most of the mothers present .
Perhaps* thr laid of the acting wa*
whrn iln* little tot nt-rivralaii enthusiastic t-nrorr. Shr inim<*diaU'ly
ramr forward to i*es|aind t���� it, although it was evident Ate was m-
joyably flurried by her smx'esa, and
was iiiidec:kh*d what to give. She
essayed "Little lloy Blur ' by the
Mine author, and altho.igh hesitating at first shr again demonstrated
her rrmarkabh* mimic talent. The
Other children did cxti*edinglv wrll,
but little Nina (entitled to "all thr
Thr Samlou .piartctt,*. which is
couiposeil of Messrs. Gable, Grimmett, Grnttths and Frllows. made a
hit in "John Ihily's l)og" a nuin
ber t��f bib*, in fart, tbr pcrstinalitirs
iujretrd into it U��ing |iartk*ularlv
enioyed. As ciioore wing they g:iv.*
���The Soldirr's Faivwrll" and "The
Thrrr Hlack Crows."
Mrs. CHlTr has a handsoinr ttagc
pi-f-netma ami waa rlalatraU'ly
gowned, and as shr has an eastern
reputation as a soloist, Sandon criticism of hrr voice and method might
be deemed an itupcrtinener. She
has a high soprano voice, and her
singing w as much rnjoyeil especially by the ladies.
Knights of Pythias Ball.
New Dearer I/nig*' Xo-22.Knights
of P\ thia**. ivill givr tln'ir tirst annual Itall on Thursday, August It,
ik��7. The Nrw Denver c��r*chestra
has I een engaged for thc ocrasion,
and �� grand timr is assitrrtl. Tick
etc arr tor sale hv B. B. Sharp, San
don: tickets (Including supper) K,
latiies fi*ri'.
You ran slrrn the sh*rp of the III-
noceitt at Thr llenver hotel.
The Sandon laundry does the tin
est shin work in the Slocan.
When  in Kaslo go to the l.oy����l
Assat) Outfit For Sale.
Nearly new. every detail complete. Makers, John Taylor & Co.,
Ban Francisco.   Worth. ?.r>TK); price.
I?-*-*leash.    Apply U)
K. M. S\m��u..m��s.
Mineral Claims Suroetjed.
Thc undersigned is making a survey of the Kaslo & Blocan railroad
land grant, and will be ready to
make surveys of mineral claims for
any party. A. R. Hevi.axii,
K. A .S. office, Kaslo.
For Sale.
Good li*.t,rl. with imrgfl .litiina room ami ���*)��.
Kant hmr, iloiua th�� l>��<**t tm-.int.a-. in nut' of tli��*
livf*h��-.t .amp, in Went Kooi-viimv. Batty
tt-rms.   Applv to
ZKI.l.K k O-cmSKU..
 Sttn.Jon, B V.
For Sale.
Out* Urtr*.. i��i*��frful *��lf pluyitta ..raHii. plnyn
al.out :*i pteoasof *ta**4>iie��i ilatift* ittuai*.. ,-ie.
Tht- t..--.*' oraMii thia ai.lt* of San Fntnciiwo.
Sunttltlt* for dance hoiiaes, tln-Htrt-M, <-..tu'tirt
room*.   For particulars applv to
T V*   FI.CTl'HKB. Victoria.
SA-tDOK LODGE 80. SS, K. ol W. Meet, every
VVtMlneatlav fVfiiiim at So'clot-k it. Craw-
f..r>r*hall. Viaitiit��kni��ltta**r.r.Uall> invit-.i
to attt-n.l. W. W. FALLOW*..* .C.
Bright its a Xew Pin
RLftri** LUilita and all Mtnltarit lmpr..v^i��ient-*
an.l IVinvt-nienw-*.
K,v**rr n.toai ntjatly Carpat����l itnd han.l*otn*?ly
Furitiahrd. A   .
Kv rrvthina new and of th*? lj��lt?*t IV-ibii-.
Xt?ar't.��t'. P. R- ��lf|>ot  and "it  th** main l>n-i-
n��^t. ntreet.
ti. A. McDONALD, Proprietor.
BONGARD & PIECKART, Proprietors.
The First Clans
Hotel of Cody.
Bat at i   ��S..��irt*r day.
Sptt-ial Raff- by the Wt-tk.
Mr*. S. S. Wartifr.
Furnished Roooms
Kl.xtti*- l.ijfhi-..
Hot itu.tt'.ildBHtlit,
St.'nin llf-atcd,
Ketvly Fnrt.iahfd Tlmmtrliout.
Cor. A Avenue and Fifth St.
NuhM-ribe for the Puystreuh.
Sa5*00!��, B.- C
American plan, 13.50 per day.
Kuropean plan, $2.00 per dny.   ;
Strictly first-class.
Mi-s.M. A. SMITH, Prop.
Mas. Katk Bar.jeb.
AiimtIchii and Earopaaa plaa.
Finest FiirotoMd Itorur* in tbe
��� *lty Bent Imported aad Doi,***-
t ie Wiocs. Liquors and Cigars.
Strictly First Class.
Special Attention Paid to Transients
|1.50 to $2 Per Day.
J. S. REEDER, Prop.
A strictly first-clnss hotel in
nil its appointments.
Livery Stable with good Saddle
nnd Pack Horses in connection.
Victoria House
Nov. ***.in|tl.u> with thebt��*.t furiti*Jitrdn>oiiia
in tht? dlatrlet. All accommodations Bnt
clatta, im-luttinii eloctrie liffht, hath rt����.tt.a
aud all
Modern Improoements.
A tiiff, i|uivt, rvsidfiit't; hotel, aitualtHl on  A
hv.i i*.   r.nvftiitjiii to the depot.
Hot�� the American Boy's Manager
Waa Misted by a 'Horse".
The American Bay lias passe. I tltr
stage of a prospect ami now rank**
as a mine. Last week it shipped ts
tons of concentrates to the Nnl��lr
Five mill, and today it -.hips 17 tons
of clean steel galena th the smelter.
The concentrates went three to one
and ran 101 ounces silver and Ilii pot
cent, lead, The clean ore runs from
111 ounces to 190 ounces silver and
7f�� per cent. lead.
Not that the above are the ftrst
shipment-** from the property. Last
year there was ahout a car load
shipped, and then skipping to 1H.U
there was in that year nearly WW
!*eceived frt��m shipmeiits. lint today marks the Ix-gimiing of the
property as a regular shipper, there
Mug another carload in sight and
lots more beyond that. There is
also altout l.r> tons of concentrates
ready to go out, hut none will he
sent to the mill until there are .'to to
10 tons ahead.
How this happy state of things
��as arrived at is an illustration of
the mere luck there is in milling development, even when it is lieing
conducted under the watchful eye
ofa manager as cx*a*riciiccd aiid
thoroughly capable as II. Callahan.
< allahau is the vice president of the
company, and wjis working' on the
Noble Vive last year. He sjjamt the
winter with his family at Spokane
and on May If* came to the Anieri*
can Boy as seneraI manager.
Hr started his men to eon tin tie the
Xo. 2 tunnel, in the historv of which
is in la* found the exemplification of
the luck liefore referred to. This
tunnel broke at the grass roots with
good ore*, and run as wide at* two
fret iu some plat*.** bcfi��re a length
of aO feet was reaehed. Then* a
break was encountered, but after a
time ore wait again met with for
about 50 feet, when another break,
or horse, was struck. Mr. Callahan
drove alongside that horse for 125
feet, when the foot wall made a turn
aud a shutr of ore was struck of the
finest grain of su*el galena. From
then; on for another 50 feet there is
nre all the way aud in the face.
But at the point where the shute
was discovered Mr. Callahan started
Ot stope, and in getting to the hanging wall, working back toward the
entrance, found rich ore on It. He
had not supposed there was any ore
on the hanging wall. In fact he had
-tagged all this ore on it for a distance of 125 feet, hrlicving it to he
thr horse. This ore liody is from
eight to eighteen incites wide and is
��.f verv fine grain. Tbe formation,
with the gange between the walls,
is similar to the Payne, but the ore
is much finer in grain. Itast
Wetilnesday, however a little cnlie
galena was struck in the stope where
the body of ore on the hanging wall
was discovered.
There are three, tunnels on the
property that are run ou the Last
Chance ledge, and one, No. 4, which
is a crosscut to intercept thc ledge.
The Noble Five -lodge also runs
through the property, and there is
another ledge between those two,
but Mr. Callahan says: "Wedo not
see any need of further prospecting
when we are getting ore and shipping it,"
Fifteen men are employed at present, all working in two of the tunnels, the No. 2 tunnel, already de-
serMx-d, and the No. 4. There are
three stopes In No, 2 tunnel, and Mr.
Callahan has a very simple and in
gt-uious water blast air pipe running
into the workings, the water from
the mine Mng utilised for the pur-
pose. Opposite this tunnel, across
the gulch, there Is a tunnel on the
Black Hawk elaUn, in about.50 feet
on the lead. On the other claim be
longing to the company, the Random Shot, no work has la-en done,
but assi-sMiieiit work will be done
this fall. Connecting No. 2 with
Xo. *. tunnel there is a winse of 68
feet, and a tunnel of about that
length out of which mixed ore has
been takrn. These workings are
full of water just now.
The No. 1 is a large new tunnel.
t_x�� Ait, which is intended for a
main tunnel f��r all the workings on
the American Boy claim. This is
on the Frank fraction, lower down
and out of the gulch. In the other
tunnels work is impossible after January 1st, when the snow starts to
slide, but they will all !*�� eonneet��*d
with tills tunnel and work can then
In* continued all thr year round.
At its entrance will la* a large ore
house ami blarksmith shop, all
shedded over to protect it from the
snows. This is a CTtstscni ami Is in
���450 fret. Mr. Callahan is driving it
with a don Mr shift, making about a
foot a day. and exfa-cts to strike the
ledge in from HI) to 150 feet, which
will givr a depth from thr surface of
400 feet.
The American Boy was located iu
IJ*>2by Totn MrCnignii. who did hi*
first aWssmriit work that vear.
After this II. Callahan. .1. .1. Md.nl
gau, P. Burns ami others came in as
part owners, and later a company
was incorporated tinder the laws of
tlie state of Washington, the proja*r-
tv comprising the American Boy,
Alack Hawk, Random Shot anil
Frank fraction.
No property in the camp looks
more j-mmising than the American
Boy at tlie prt**sent. In the **opi�� in
No. 2 tunnel the ore is IH Inches
wide at tlie U.ttuiti. and runs from
10 inches to three feet of solid ship
ping ore. Tlieii the property has
such a vast territory to work deer.
It has 8200 fi*et of h*|gr and can get
to a depth from the surface in the
A liter,.-* n Boy of 3000 fret.
Mr. Callahan i*�� feeling good ahout
it. There is au aerial tramwav and
other project* in the air, and he i*
"sighing like a furnace" for a eUa-
tom* smelter to be built at Sandon.
His wife and family come next
week to camp on the mountain until
the novelty wmi** off and then to go
to Cody, where Mr. Callahan will
build a sultat-tiitial resident**-.
Thr Dearer has plrasaut well
furnished nanus for transient �� -ir|
permanent gtirsts.
The Sandon l*aundrv Is now pro*
partil to deliver short ordrr work
within eight hours.
Sen** �����*����� Waftsalnf to
Kootenay Steam Laundry
KASLO. ft. 0.
���Sew Building, l-atesl lmprovt*d Marhlurr. and lit* i*,.,,
Kxjs'rienced Tlrlo thai M����nr\ can Prirnn*. All thia ��,���.������.
Satisfactory Busln.-s**, ttivr l"s a Trial, (tarsia I'allril fi*
and delivered twire a week.
We Send Your Laundry to Kaslo and Return Free of Charge
P.O.Box 112.
.1. Da TAIT, Agent,
lavr ope
hotel, with a full lliir of tmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
I   CHILDREN'S   ....     O-IIVJlIO
Have oprn.il a Sins* SUir*e. t.|.|r��*dtt�� Hlaek ��
As well ttw a full atork of Men* BhOiaL We
strlirii your pntr.ttutjrr.nnd invitr vtsi tot**!,,'
ami examine our g****!* So trt*oM.* tn Ao*w
vt t, *   /:��.>*. t. ti
\\*  I   tr. ...tin
\*r*A**.d alt >t��--��r*,.��t,.<t.a >lr* r. n tap t*r*i.*t,.
it! rt|a>-rt**T��*��. (,, .la,wl.^MnotM, ���,| mmnntt*a**,.*
Of attar**    A kr������l*aaUt��r*4 tbi* mt,4 m******��***0**
rJtnt|*a rttal.l** tt* tt��  vmtjet   ghrtrtrl   |<��w>tia��,tir, l�� it-
tt***)**** I'.rtiart^tltJwBa    n-ft.'Ha     l*t��rt*l.l��a.|   n
�����,����*�������� ft tt����     rt***.**^!!*!*^****** *..lt�� lla-t
Kootfenay Lake |	
Saw Mill ....      McClan-'s Famous
And Other Investments.
Every Kepr****riitation  (luaranteed.
*    J. M. HARRIS,
  Sanson. 8 O
t'��<Wn*r..uii.l Bwwoy,
Special Attention to the
Manufacture of Sash.Doora.
Blinds. Mouldinga. Finishing Materials. Etc.
Estimate* fumiahed for
Buildings. Concentrators.
Mftndoit A vent.
* Ft KXA< KS
Matal Worker*.
�� tl.l.   IT
���Mlr-fi,.*- niiii A.rlal
Cioil and Mining Engineer,
Prruviitciial f-an.1 Hitrv*.y��r
Knslo, M. O.
ttitte.rml Claim. Survtty^l mi.l lt.|H.rt��l I
IGBTON'S CIGAR Mo. p* "oork
fhere too will tllt'l n fill! Iltit* t��f
AM#FHMin   I ���������OOtJSa
IssisatriaS aaS 0a*a*raasta W^ar-a,
vtass*rntaa, Ftpos. Bts.
s>- '���
a avsw t*lsia of taraa mmM Patriae ���Mas
a.     _ * av **
\^*0*000   Afvl-NM*
rrwnt l*nrr*-a��. nemr *.ta��nt��r U��.U��-
Wtomt -law -j-.rli at t-*rjv����.iil.l��- rsi�� L, ,,.
���tt-..tt<... ar I \tfk k mtarti�� .���� ""
hy am.rr.tt     Wrlir, tor tibial r.ri


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