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The Paystreak Jul 3, 1897

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'���    ���    ���    ii.**	
watasiaaiiarss tiaaan        ��� .-������. ���at  ���
8AHD0S AND CODY, July 3, W.
interviews With Property Own.
ers on the Subject.
The ('reposition to Incorporate Son
don to Be Discussed et�� Pub-
tic Meeting Mondst* Night
*-.|>;ill Handon lie incor|a>rat<ti?
Thi* 'juesti'.n haa, during the past
i* .v .lay*, lieen put to all trie ***roper.
���v owners Of the citv that could he
in* s with, and, ss will Is* seen in the
t��� .(lowing interview*,�� iuajt.rity *.f
���ii.iti have expft-stted tttemw'-lvt**. In
r'itvtiruf taking thU imp-ortant step.
< iii#*n* "t imminence mu��t not eon-
-iil**r thtttttselfes slighted thst their
pinion* wore not tanight on ihe sab-
l*vt.   Tlu y will lie giwu an "piK��r-
��� nutty t.��'give thtir view*, on it at
in* ptihlie nK*t.*tliig calletl for .Hon-
Lu ."veiling.   Only pro|a��rty own*
������* wore  esiletl   Uf.nu, l��oeau��ae the
��� !-i,.n  ss VA  the de��it*shiH;y of
taking  ��p|ilksth��n for inv*>i-Wait  .- .*.��,��� vi* In theJr hatid**, set-
ton i-tttf etu_pte*r 15 of the ���until'.*-
r iH.i7 M'tting fiirtli that a petition,
: <r *uch municipality will la* grant*
���>l upon the application of the own
��� ��**. ��f mor*' than one-half in value
���l the lam)* Ui be ineiudeil in mult
The *ulij��-f** haa been incidentally
ii*<*iiitta*ii liy the property owtterl
for woauo time, but bo dedwon wss
iiTivett nt. evcrvlxalv lmusing beck
' >r * ttneoae else to two the Hr*.t��U'p,
i* very often occur*, in aueh ea*w*&
Tug   1*AY**TRK1K   hSi **.*V,tl tl��*M'
.'.'iitlemeii a lot eiP troubli* and tin
'���trrajisineitt by milking a catvfttl
L-anvasR and )��uhli*.hing with fair*
a****, the. view* estjjwessed by the
i'(oja>rty owner* for ami against
the |.ro|V��*ition. Kr<��m thedmwing
'liua made, and the ��.tateiucnt that
I M. Harri��, the largest proporU'
���wncr of the town, i*. Mdatoboin
I'avor of incor|ioration, the t4t**k of
ihoee who have calletl the meeting
for Monday night will be nn easy
��ue. They will have but t<�� appoint
i * "iimiittee todraw up an appeal to
the j.rtivincial government, obtain
i lie -ignature*. to it of the owners of
"ver oui'-half the lnwiinite, In Value,
���oi*! the thing ia done.
It will not he noeoss-ary to wait
until the next tession of tii** provincial parliament, aa by the *,|M*cial act
under which Bostland, Nelson ami
'���rami Forks were inc'H'jM'i'ated, thc
li<utetmnt*governor, in council, in
oinpowsreC to grant Incorporstion
'" anv town making applkaUon for
ii U'foiY September 1.
The geneim) tenor of the inter-
view* tfiven below but briefly ex-
presg the reaaom. for nml Sgainst in-
-���orporatton, ami it may Ir expected
that these gentlemen will express
themselves more fully ��t the meet-
ing called for Monday- evening. One
gentleman will trpeak at length on
the nec<-s*ity of improving Keco .iv.*-
nue, bv forcing 9vm of thc build*
ings back to the proper building
line, and bv grading tne street and
putting In sidewalks that will do
away with the pret*ent ate** and hen
ladders. Then it i* proposed that a
new channel for Sandon creek shall
DO made, and the creek bv crib work
confined to that channel instead of
being permitted to meander at will
all over the townsite. In this connection Will come iu the iple-ttion of
a sewerage system, and something
tleeideilly unplea**aut will, no doubt,
be said ofthe condition of the back
yard*, of most of tbe buildings.
On the other hand, the minority
will exmvKs its ft-ar* of an increased
ex|veuditure and heavier taxation if
Sandon is made a municipality, and
���will U* met with jfcbe very general
opinion that those who pay the taxes
should have the right to say how
the money must be exi*end'*d. Others will argue that the town is not
sufficiently advanced for such a step,
and to combat this thc case of
I'ntoiuown on Vancouver inland,
may be cited. That has a {Kiputa*
tion of but St'lO, and yet i*. incoriH*r-
attsti. The imputation of Sandon Is
altont -'*!) and i* growing rapidly.
Also, Handon has already a respectable income, ail of which tiow
gias to Victoria, and extrenulv Vtw*l\y , ,   .
H* ���*!* e-onu** hack for local iteo*M ������***'*���"���*���**" -*���*��*����� ��lr�� ti*,*tt*m ������*��,����t %***���
Mta ���. l.Cftm.** latlK Ml ��������*���* ""**"*^.ut.aml.nuuiy murli needed tmpnive-.net.ta
ami      improvement*.      The      |*i|lct*  ml,i_,mrr|wdrtat.   Then l��cori**>r��Uougiv*s
court lino, for instance, from Jnm
ti ot last year to .lane 2\ this year
amotintetl t*. J?.*.'*: the liquor licenses to &\"\*Vr, mule licenses, >'&*.)-.
ujuusters" license**, *?Ul>, and poll
tax. $&%%). Ttteee tigutvs are ap*
proxtuiate only. To the total bas
to I** added peddlers- licenses,which
would bring it np to nearly $9000,
With thi.s amount many needed improvements might bs made that
would add to the attractiven<*ss of
the town as a business center and
largely increase its revenues. The
question of municipal extravagance,
which will, iv doubt, be brotight
forwaitl on Monday evening, is one
fir the citizens to settle in their
CfooiOSOf the men who shall c*m>ti*
tute their tirst toWli council.
The property owners calletl upon
by a repr.-sen'tative ot Thk PaV*
sthkak expressed thentM-lves as follows:
A l��. Wtlltama O* Ij***tfStna ��V Wtlli��uw
sal��l: I hiii .vrtHliily l�� far.* *4 l��*�� ��*"|*-*n��-
tl.tn. Tl*** <.trt-*<l�� Iter** h tvt* nil Wn i*ue����' by
Mr. ItiirrU, On- oWOWt Ot tlu> (ovnatta, Wtw
,,,.*.t-r got ;t bata fro'i* thi Kovtrnm* nt to Sn*U*
lilitMtiit. W** tiitv*1 in ��r��* ili.iu fiunu'li l*aTS>
mi*'. If*." t��'(��l It Ilt*' tWgJaad <��r*t*n��l!n_ it t��>
vtitoriit. locrlb ti����* otomM *tn*l pal On tona
in �� ottnt ��� tamnaij bSMMto*., aoeb *��* is *ox$
muck Qaadoa. Wa laava ixwta h����n' tor a town
ol njDOO |Hi*plc. itiul ItttOrpomttWI wouUl give
an tmiH't'.i*- t��t Kamlt.n** growth.
C_tffT*e** l�� Unntar of Huntor Ur.��*. mi hi: I
am In favor of m��tr'*tr*th��g ihh*iui��.�� If would
Iteep tlu* nv.'iim* at liouu: I tttiute tttor.* 1*
enoufb money i��ti*i ft.r ll-*awsatvvSc., to im*���
man** pcaara*s��>y lmprov.num*. without aal
tm-rvtiM* In tn*' t'*.x*>�� wt?ur*'now jwyim.'. !��
���Sort, I ant In favor of running OUf tv*m tov.n
to sun cwraalvfja.
i.intwfont ��>r iVovfonlA M*Mt!Ut:i s id:
V,.., ��,* tav.ii' it. t tiiink aa should bav�� ��t��
Mni-tM nut Into liatwrabapo, should get a ton
onmt sva.'in vvitwii ��t rnaah naadad. Bbouhl
hatacnu-liOi-iialog tH>tt*'r i-.ifui.it**i.and tiiora
a.v inanv *.tt*.*r r**a**ouH why wv shonM M llfj
^^ofe.BurnsACo.aaid:   Insure
Mr. Hums would be heartily in favor of In* or-1
poratlng.   He will be here next week.and you
nu*y count him tn.
0. K. Hammond of the Slocan Newx com*
pany ttatd: 1 tavor liu-orporatlon becauat' it
keeps the revenue at home, Instead of sending
It Ut Victoria. We have but a small surface
Kround fer a townsite, and our receipts from
llcen***a. etc.. would .'liable us to crib the
��*&*�����. t*��(**'t !i��*tt**r fire protection, and make
many ncfiftaary lmprovetnentf. Then look
at the (ulvfrtlsement and tbe Rtaii<lln*$ It
would nive us to be an lii.sorporate*! city.
Chart**. 1). McCluskey of the Kootenay ho-
t**l *-al*1: No, air, I am not In tavor of incorporation, ttectiuse then the expenses of the
city would fall on a lew Instead of on ail. ax at
prt-ttent Kosaland was cmay for incortvora*
tion, nml they were all talklnj* about what
tht'y would do when tncorpora*U~d, a:id now
tkoy are not doing a thing, and they wish
they were not Incorporated.
A. C, M��: Arthur, justice of the peatv, said:
I liiinlc incorporation a good thins, but 1
Uiiiik the town Is not yet Miftl.-kiitlyad-
vmiitil for it.
J. .v. riiiilth of the Selkirk Mining company
said: 1 am In favor of incorporallon l***��>.iuse
we u.iil our monev here to fix up the roads,
_.i in a w-weraga system ani soon.   I btlieve
II would be of general tteneflt to the town.
Th.* _.i\ ernment wont do a thing for us, and
tttat i�� why we desire to lie Incorporated.
M t��. t-Jrirttmett *.*ld: 1 think we should be
iii,-..r,*.r.ti��-d *<> th.*ttbe tax*'** levied ujton
the t��two tniubt oe expanded In Improving
tin* tow*-.. At present all thl�� money sot* to
V tftoi-ia, ami only a smatl portion of it is re
tamed to tie i*x'*ended In Handon and vlelnl-
I think that under Incorporation we can
a ��tiinultis to lo��*al pride aid materially aldtt
Utc ��rttwtli of a town. Tbere are t��tlK*r reas.ni.
but I would !���.�����>* my arauntent for Incorpora-
tlo�� hrttally ti|x*u the old principle that taxation implies the n_bt t ������>��� how those taxes
ahall ���>������ t*xpt-*j>detl. and at present we have n��>
such s-ty.
Hugh MeOaa of ths smr hotel saild: Ye*,we
are in favor <��f Incurp*��r.ttion.
R.J. Ur>* l��ly >ild: 1 favor incorporation
becau**** tt will Help buslnes** men In a t*u*l-
nev*way. Wo will it* I Improved MMQtiaiiU
better are pr��:**rtto *..
g, M. SamllUnds Ntld- Well, we *trt*gr>tti!ijr
nolhiiiK'Uit <>,' rSfir taxea the way It is, and I
think wa might g.-l somethingII iiuv>r����ir-
John T Motire of the lamuhoe hotel ictld:
Uoth Mi.Orand.) and mystdt areugattiid in-
t*or|t*irat ion. My experience is that as tktOA as
a place Is ll��orpO**at��d the taxes art) doubled,
aud that city <>nV'.a>* and law suit* eat up all
the reuenue of the t*��wn Our taxes art now-
very light.
John Ruck ley of the Clifton bousesabi: My
opinion is that It would bs all the letter for
the town t*�� t>e lnctwporat��*.l. ltulidlngs on
tills street would th*m be put on the line and
we should have many Improvements.
Ira llltfk of Itla.-k s Intel stild: Oertaluiy.
I would rat Iter have my tax.*- ��ja*nt here than
sent to Victoria. Hy ItMJOrp ir.iting w** shall
get a sewerage and loiter rlrc protection.
Nell McDonald of Die Cului -ml said: I am
lu favor of lneorpoiii.tio.1 very decidedly.
(I.M.Spencer said: I think incorporation
would bo a'..ne fit to th.* town and nm tu
fav.*r of ll.
E. rt. Athcrton, the postmaster, said: 1 am
iu favor of Incorporating and always have
been. I bc.icve u \v��*u!d ba a groal 'thing tor
Uie town.
J. 1). Oleser'oh of the firm of H. (llegerich
said. I have beon In for incorporation thr the
past year.
A. David, tailor, said: 1 surely am hi favor
of Incorporation. I think we would get by it
batter fire pwteetiatt,aud that we would make
more as business men. Tlie peddlers Jnke
thousands of dollars *>ut *tf this town. It we
had a town council that would put on ft heavy
license I migbt employ >W men Instead of five,
and that would benefit the whole town.
George Lovett ot the sawmill said:   I favor
the movement becauatl think It Isaatapln
the right direction-*-* sWp toward higher elv.
Uliatlon. But I do ao With a fear that it will
involve ue IK a lot of expenseo.
Jacob Kelsen said: I am very well satisfied
with tbe way things are running now.
Jamea Vallance of the firm of HaittUton By*
era said: Certainly, we are In favor of Incorporation and have been tor some time. We
think the place is quite large enough to
make it profitable to handle Its own funds.
Dr. A. Milloy has returned from a'six weeks'
visit in Toronto.
J. E. Angrignon and P. Wilkinson came in
from New Denver on Tuesday.
A. W. McCune, vice-president of the Payne
mines, came in on Tuesday and is still here.
.1. Gilbert Oordori, of Moose Jaw, wbo has
the intention oi locating here as a barrister,
left on Wednesday for the Hot Springs.
Supertntendendent Martin of the Arlington
was in town Tuesday, and bought a lariie bUl**
of supplies for the mine from Hunter Bros.
William Bennett, foreman of the Slocan
Star, who fell *,ixty feet down an upraise last
week, ia now able to l*e out again, which
makes his escape from death aU the .more miraculous.
George Alex.au ler. who is interested in the
sampling works at Ka-do, tRe Iii:��-ruatioual
8team)��.:it l.'ompauy, and tbe Unth many
miniug properties, was in Sandon darimr the
week, the gne-jt of H. B. Alexandt-r of the Ruth
John M. Harris of the Reco, is ex;��t*et*��.l to
return early in thecoming week. While a way
take*visited his old home at Veruon Mill-.
Va., Wa��hUi*|ton, D. C. New York. SOst.tn
and Montreal^  r
Dominion Bay at Nets Deuccr.
The following were the winners in theevent.-
at Ne**- l>env��.r on the 1st:
Sinule ��cnU race���Eitsf. R. Oovintrtmi; sec-
ond. Brown.
Double scull race���Fix.-.*, Reld an 1 Ritnlins
second, Woods and Murphv.
lfr* vard foot race���Fir+t, P. Wilkiuvin; second. A Mitchell
Hunile race-First, T. Henderson, second. A.
Running low* jump���First, W. C. Grt.hs; second, P. Hn.kerby.
Hop. step ami tump���First, W.C.GU.hs; see-
on i. A. Mit hell.
Stamliuv lona jump-First, W. Harrington;
-cc.tiil. WO Gil.bs.
l-rilliini contest-McLeod and Mahoney, 31"
inches: Callahan ami Shields,-fit*, inches: Marine an.l Roll... it inches.
New Denver won the football match, bnt
the rain stopped the lacrosse.
McMillan   Smifch.
1). McMillan, of C-awford Ik McMillan, and
Miss l". I. Smith, wen.* married in Spokaue last
evenimt. Mr. McMillan is oue of ���or best
kuown business men. and universally popular. Miss Smith has resided in Sandon since
lV-cemtier, and has made a host of friend* by
her .'ItarmiiiK and cultured disposition. The
groom has handsomely furnished a cottatie on
C��l>ital hill, where the happy couple WUl reside.	
Church Notices.
Methodist-Rev. A. M. Sanford will preach
mornintt and eveuinc at Spencer's hall tomorrow. In the evening the Odd Fellows will
attend the service iu a l�� ly. in commemoration of the Queen's diamond jubilee. JThe dat>
i-. also American Indt-pendenoe day. *~
Preahytarian���Rev. T. Menaies preaches at 11
a. m. iii the sohoolhotun.
For Sale.
Good hotel, with lartte dining room and el*>
?:**iit bar. doing the best business in one of the
ivelicst  camp* -in   West  Kootenay.     Easy
terms.   Apply to
 Sandon, B. C.
Knights, Attention.
Installation of othcers and work iu second
rank, Wednesday evening, July 7th. Visiting
knights invited to attend.
W.W. Fallow*, t'.C.
\V. I. Williams, K. R. S.
three Chinamen in Town.
Three Chinamen have located in Strndon,
and are living iu a shack in the lower end of
town. Pigeon English is liable soon to be a
familiar feature of our cosmopolitan camp.
' pi
��� S-Lri -
*��� ;P
m? t
!_____?���������'' ]Mty&i!'fy*ytm DROP IN THK DOLLARS.
For u Beautiful Boulevard From
Sandon to Silverton.
Now that New Denver has subscribed -52500 for the Sandon, Three
Forks and New Denver road, over
tf2O0O of which has already been
placed in the bank, renewed interest is felt iu the matter in Sandon.
A subscription list was started, P.
Burns siffnin-f for -1250, Henry (.ie-
gerich for &00, Bruce White for
1300, and a number of enter prising
citizens for smaller sums. Nearly
$1000 was raised, when James Mc-
Donald, who has the matter in hand,
was called away from the city. No
canvass has yet*been made in Three
Forks, but as the road is really of
greater consequence to her than to
either of the other towns, there is no
doubt a liberal subscription will be
made. Several leading1 citizens have
already expressed this opinion.
These subscriptions, with the
amount appropriated by the government for the purpose,'^3300,' which
is now in the bank at New Denver,
will build one of the finest wajron
roads in the country, and Silverton
will next be called upon to assist in
improving the sleigh road from New
Denver into a first class wagon road.
When thus improved we shall have
one ofthe finest drives in the Kootenay���or in any country where thc
difficulties of road building ait* similar, and each of the places mentioned will be largely benefitted by
thc increased travel. It is also believed that it will lead many mine
owners and engineers to make permanent homes on Slocan lake, especially those with families, on account of the healthfulness of the
neighborhood and its social features.
Vfitere Is *Inek Qiilney?
O. F. Wegener was in Sandon
this week and left the following card
in The Paystreak office:
Whan, is Jack Qnincy, tha minim pro*,
Quincy la wanted a* a witness to save the
life of an innocent man wbo is to he han**d
in Seattle, Wash., in a few weeks unless Jack
<Vuiiuy can Im found quickly.
(juincy worked in the old Cariboo district
up to April, Mat, then left for Rowland, and ia
now prospect inn somewhere in the Kootenay
Any information given abont fjiilnrv'*
whereabout* since lftal will lie an act of humanity to a poor, innocent man and his unfortunate family. It will only cost oue cent
to send postal cant with information to
P. O. Box t*M, Rowland. B C.
The condemned man is Henry
Craemer, who was convicted of murdering a woman and oiie child for
the purpose of robbery, in August,
1K'4. At thc time of the trial the
defense claimed that a missing witness, Jack t^uincv, could prove an
alisolute alibi. Mr.Wegener At once
commenced the scare'i for Quincy
and has Iteen after iiim ever since.
He has traced him ini' West Kootenay, and found that... was in Trail
last November. Craemer was sentenced to hang o.i April 23, but a
stay of execution for throe months
was secured. An appeal to thc supreme court of the United Stab** was
taken recently, which will delay thc
execution until January or February.         ^_
W. E. Terrell ofthe Cody sawmill
denies the rumor that the mill has
changed hands. He has let a contract to Mr. Moore of Tacoma to cut
a million feet of lumber at the rati;
of 15,000 feet a day. Mr. Terrell Is
now situated to furnish any and all
kinds of lumber at any time.
(Limited   Liability.)
1 000 000 Shares par value of ten cent**. The above Company
is formed to acquire aud work the ARGO and BELT Mineral Claims,
adjoining the Sandon townsite. Mines are <>i*ii for Int|��erion. only
a few minutes tvalk from the town.    Limited  number of shares for
sale at ten cents.
Apply at once to
Lci��l)tor* & Willianis
Mining Brokers and Operators.
Y A "** -*- ���**��� ���*-* ������*-������-*-���-*-��� -*������-*--- nn n a a. _l __,.
Banik.n. B
When in Kaslo don't forget that
you can get a first class meal at the
Koval Cafe.
Ha* just i*ecelvt*d a new line of
Am4 Blouses
New Style Collars
and Cuffs.
Mauv other* have received
Whti Mot You?
Th*"*** i�� great dancer and Haiti .tniiniint the
The Leader
Emporium of Fashions
Ha*** i**��t*��lv**.l ��� i-��a*t\rri��i��M,ft* of th*
lata**, mtykm at
(V*ro****i��injt lb* J*��M**��, Vat* tlt*V��f��.
Purliavt, Saw|-.-i    Vsr.tn    MM aOMm*.
��>n�� til b��*r*
I.-HW |*ti*mt*thln��<. fin- Hilt-* MfwiVf-.   I"aV
d. rwrmt, mod o**rythlm* in th* Ha* ot I"*��*m��
|��M titan.!*,
alilitit-rv *��� at- ttlaa-1 ia lb* Hutfai �������{���>* at the
|t*r-..'i>M��-ii>j- n .paarit.il t and ��|-l*.-l��t*.
.���. ������ an* t-.uu t lo Ir* A tr, atria**, and all work
���nlrn*t-jd to ����� ��ill r***lt * aot ���*��---*I *tt��*n-
Mrs. O. H. WHiOrfTY.
I v-*pa**if�� larval. HoMatr. Bm**�� A*'*, **-*a*t��M��
American plan, 18.50 \-*T <i���v,
Knrofiean |��ian, ���"it*-. i****- ,\iX
Strictly fir��*.t'laM
Mrs. M. A. SMITH, Prop.
* ���
Ir ran***. H*��adat*bt- and **n*
ditiij-.r. flit
* R. STRATHER!*. & CO.
Watchmakers and Jewellers
Mam Kara iu*...**
GlaaHtf-N Properly Pitted
la the Only Remedy.
Marina* -na>t> a ���**-*��������!���! Htntiy of
Optica, ami having th�� "w.t sm.H-
tt*i*-t...*-an diva vwnihf l��**.t ���*��r��tr����.
Jeweler and Optician
McClary's Famous
Walrhr-.. i'btr-k* and   J-rwrHry.   t*tant��* aikd
IVatnji  n��*..-l��ln��-*
W. lUt.i.Kit. Mgr. Hnmhm.
Notary Public,
SANOON,      . a. c.
Matal Workers.
Will lac at Holt.; lUliiK.m!. in Handon.
t��nr*�� a itK'iitli.
���annaa, m, Q
I Itintawtt. Hl-log Brokara. Iim
Agviits fttr
Th* Fi.oat.ls Canaaiia-atad Mining Ce.
l.lltlitMl     I.ImMIII),
Ory   Belt   Mining   mn*   Milling
l.tniltXt Liability <t',��rd*iia.)
Selkirk   Mining and    Milling
Limited Liability.
**���***>��������� **. IISiMk". II..WI.
HANDON,   It.  C
Anvf-rtrm*. **��.! >*:�����**�������� j4_v
Worn* Wnrtifht-t &����*** is Uw
t.Tlj fkmt lwtj��.M#��J mod Ittmm.
thr Win.**, l^.*iw��''* ��*..! * \vu*
Stn.tif Ptrat Qata.
Sfhtct-4 Aliantlon Paii ?<> Ttiaatati
|1.50 to $2 Per Day.
J. S. REEUEU. Prop
Central Hotel
A N.�� tt.rt**# *A'U*. Se*  It���t* . -       * *���*"
mval.M.,,,. rirairu*. ..   tU H' ���!***���'*
Best Furnished Room.*
AwRnest Bari-1*.^*-*
Hlliiat��-l*.n rr..t��t ����n��-i villi -i*'" t1,1 '*'
of K*>*"tt*������  !��� 1*.
Victoria House
Now lullljllll with ItM bast <���'   ;teL"S
in ths .lUtrtrt      All   r*wwm<��i*';,i:,'M-F
rtasM, Inrlntllna
aad all
��*l-��-trl<*  Ihfhi
hat. **>*��
Modern improocments
A nb*-..|nl-.t.rr.l'l..nr.* ���������������������.   ���>��""'1'*1 "
avantit.    tonitanioiit t�� tin* I* i-'
W. J. MALL. rW
.....,-  ��� ��������� ��%.s- . THE   PAV STREAK.
MISIIHI  R^*-**-*-**
,    rtttal *t aa*  TAttovet.
KSJnd 1,*-*AaO*��.
the   AssTttsiiH-nU
teuton rrt*��A, IVtt-r Mt>
"*' *lAt* ntilHSr Two tttvmkwn. aame
S'H",tf*'�� * MileW H llartlirir
A    II
and V F
���wim* . W A CoreUly , , _
?*m\*t, O ttrffcrl. L r*jw*Ul. *��td Aakn
tu'Lu  K*mrtloual~aiij��l*4air Third of July.
_^*Chiffl( Ki^A~Tan Mile, W*n��iV��
"folk,���*)��� -aw and Lliu> Auu/bo-trnt Ttotmimm
1    ij.ii MrtMiaU.P atvt��.I.W rut-be*
K M<.lrl��-k _ aa i_
���Vrk    ��'^**_n_S^_?__i_lQ'r|   h_,
I,, ur-1., *...��, K U Ollwr and w L imai*
ii Moore, K Walt**** aad A Mi*T��i>**s*ait
lummlii-*   \\itom. .I"*fiy   OactAfT.
KUftV-t .tul J M ^L-jg
,ri��   ' .riw-nt*-'. *�� H
A?..!* M *nd Naary ~IItojrte��, W  A HiorOan
l\ Silas HunttJ
IttlWlW   K*��ti^.TLaii**it*OM
IVj-rT*''*'*'   -��***��*. L I*��aS)��1Tavtt       ._n-
,r��*v H and Jutdt-ir- aaiar. Wen II TrutniiatMl
i It Ttjntt***atMI     _    _        ._ _. ,__
U.aiiiWtO   *������***** ���'���^^.l^'irVa  ___
���I t I. ��n.l Juldlw*-Tan Mil*, EM ftiiadl**
iTrJ Blue mi Mi>. Wm F. X.-ble .
Ifu \\ -.iitivtvr ���**��**. Franlt LHmltli
1, i     um.*u, Tlw* Ant**t*wt** aad J*��i��b
Iwtbssh *am#, J V  l-wlgim*  twd   Albert
110 ��� aid   \Vtt*rti,0��IL*ari
luiv-ka Kr��rtfc4��   *��i**w��, Andrew Newman
.    ..inf.,0 It We*t
l��t,j��r.l ami FirUinou, W L Hr*i*K.K D
1/aA.ia  Cedar, I* k Aadrrws     ^F^^^mm
*���*>   M�����Four   Mae, A K ttutta
* jm;. r.K.wn -Kennel, M L MktstAMin
\ ul* an   \\ ilv*Ti.(t S l_a*��Tv*it*��
-...-.�����<.. .rm   Lemon.  Aitdr*** IValman
K M*iltufvvn
IK-ltW    V\ it**.. J.altO Mlllrr
Y.-aiirf   l-.4i.ii.lu*!   Ff*aHk��isl ������H.mom.   ���*> m
linn _
rtUtram and   vVashlwat***   Wilson, Harry F
mmikW ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
! Uo.i*aj	
l:-nl. ���   f*me. F. M T-twter
i .:-,.i.>   Tva Mile. J E tlhm aad Am tkmtk*
I ���������*>!���������*��*tWm--4ft*4y. H  H **u��n.n*vT.   lasae
��� Or
|i. ..'.,���..;����� Frartluaal   HansVaw. A  0 Williams.
i ��� <.uH.!r_,��~ttka|jr. A O Itrttwa
ir,.-   larrnntcr. Waltrr Murray
It ��   Tn. Mlle.tTtaa S ttAtomt
Km, r*M   Wltona. Mklutad CWfctaa
H-��n ���    m,mtlh UO% Ca\f*l*ttt***.Atoa iAtt
Yirw l.tk.-tinmadtrm'a, Jsawa M��*t"-rtb>
V a, <k^   w*ta ftirk ljr*nv.tn. L O Lamt-r*.
|>ii)< II a
iMltrfla   Nt* Mlaav Oao II MrHMiabt
"Titfiual   Mandtm. Hagrtk MrKettslr
v ������ >    t aqattu-r. Hetiry IHBy
Vt.min.4b -aame. Jas iMtaMi
H-ir��i* \IWi   Mat#, l*i*rrt.andr*tait
���Vita. i��� Jwi4lt*tp -Taa Mttwt.CtMaDiirrina
-*;wtt*t��   -*��iimuiH**>nr<tk,Uaa Haabat
1 r .< .. r lark - Kit.sftun, L F Holt*
v ti**.  Hllt-rr tiKSintatn. C H t*li��ian*ii
MUt ii   <ui.it*. KawrS Donald ami llu��h Mr*
/ Iia ii
. Use   n.-ar HuntntH rtwk. A L INdtrr
Klark Fly   Ijrinan, l**ha* Bean
S'lt rt II,,  wrwi skrcaa Uka. H'tn U ��twr����
M.n.Uni  i:ar|smtrr, Nidi MrLeon
k -. ..i ti,.. MouttUlit, INamtmd IHrk snd Em-
Klirtu Mllr* II KiUjcvntW. Jas (*ani|Aa*ll. II H
* '<!  Foal   Uuiati, Ttsua a*  Mr Aril*.
I u.ry
M..ii��u..ih   l>��r|**-iitt*r_��>lafKltHfar**.*!
\\ l*l|��* Ha an   *t_wr. Ttw* Wok
tinaw4��   U'llfain. Kdmoutl J Tracy
Hov.bv   Kill.   .am*'.  A  J Setlar* S'mI
ri* i. \
��in*.ut   Mint*. J (} Mllloy
WblirSwan ai.il Dunrsii TVu Mile, Duii-sn
IM. |'t,..ra,M, I'atoK'tlly
**i ��tli*.lit   war s .inl.ni, J It Ihirlin
������**" ��l J   tatjrnler, J K iVtim-ivn
.   Ani.4.1 I i.i il.in and M.sniUlii l*dw
|N \ ... ..vi, I,, M Arnold ���	
MlhKt.si   Kbihi Mile, K H *Ufcr*,in
i.i.ni.- m
l.a**l.ii.l   brad Hlorai lake.!��II Stewart
' i ���������� ��t   It. ar l**ke. Krnest J lkibla
'���.I,!, li-tt-ii,,,,-seme. K J Dulito and  lloM
I" IllUiiiia
H��tl t'l.anl-beadHkiran like <*bas Urant. A
���; -. Audi, h It IrltkatHt
\ M-r   .N ll*..n. K W MfCaM
J MS   rmn-IU'H llrludle
li.vinelblt.-|,of*rt,  f.^   \Aotioa,  W.   W   llrttd*
)) 'M'lU-Hkjran Hvw. T KeaUng
����nlrvml,bW   won Hktvanlake Oeo U����wy
N<* **.i Klii(|Tsain��,Oao Htone
l.r!,m|""I*'1""-���*���*��>�����.0 K Darilngton, A W Mil
r!1'.''..'''^ ������>*��',��vOH~ to-U MUt*. A J R'-uler
irlMi, Krsitkm  Maiidon, M 0 WlHIauis
** iim* JfVH
���_'M��   Uin.si, Rout imnrt    ���
Y.vniimrttm- -ante. Job*. Mobarv
ill w* . ? ,"u,^,,   M.,lWn' "-***1** ��� * M (V,-,_
Is."        {,x'*' VrmtAkm -Hktcsn tMty. F Tb.*in-
Bullii'r Frsetktn   Urnon. K Psrls
HJoitKlsr*! Fr.-o.-tt"*>  itootm, Oodttm Atiain.
I'retttk** Fiat Hon ���-���**.in.;. \V H LawdbiK
t:.am-���*rt��*i.^r W K Ktiim-dy
K O A p-��nat Mile, �� U O'Brien
Hntitmlt Uk.-   ��mi', Albert J Hi..*
Hoow tlap- Oady, Mt*-Im* I MeAndrt-ws
Kndla FjhIIUi Frai'tlonst Four Mile, A Wild,
IV'rry Alufl. r
Hlit/er t r..ait-WU��on H H B.*an, 11 I
IlunaitarU' Vietttrla snd Mimtf'iKtkt���IJtraver
lake. Oiiarle (.'ortUita, Adam St ala
FkjVllty -S��w ivuv.r, F L Bryan
BiV Jim ��� WUs.ni. Ja�� M Martin
MaanoUa* -satnt'. John Martin
LttUfHtar  twin*-. William Martin
fb-d Mountain"same. John Mitrtln
I**-*. l>a*l   Mtif, A L lb>t*t-r.
W'*����ttjrtt spy   Tan Milt-, Joint Mrl'li..*
laokktt Star  am**, Henry Hall
Stewart Frs* lt*4ntl   s_ih*|.ii. K F.in*-r*��>n
HulUnsX...    l.i. Mil*,J II ltsvltlf-on
M S-iVai. ~tutt>-'. ,u tti-ek*. A DCotiku       ^L
.n.-Tl.��.k- Mill crat*, J l*OaaMtnea,t.������Mus-
JlllH tS
American  Ibty Jf W Troup.Tho*.  M��(.iii*
VMtiXoS  JKTstttrsall
FLC.  Reno,  V A M, Ai'cldenul.Oet T��iet*i
Ell'**-rt*cwrtb*d cnraeri
rilffton-J KTstt*i-all
Ma/**M~ W* ��. lv��i*-
Kmifti** S�� ft, ttjdf Star.lV-dy  Stju Fnetkai*
Old ilium, Stlvt-r 11til No ��  ret-onled owners
June tt
Writon and lllju-kblrd   n-rortk-cl owner*
tb**oatr��   Tlt���� liletieb
H-tatVtt. Slktx>, Summit -iwordetl ttw.iers
K_*l,tt��Uii. <?��mer��*iil*n -4"ameroi*lsn Walnt
HifttOra<*r.fiold*n &Mrle--M M IVrt
Mt��*|.t   �������� H Haml. r�� et al
Halwiw-m*.��rtl'-ti''WtH,*-s       .���.,..     _~
titanlttbrn ��ud Uftkm J*K*k-At W lid and Chas
Msry lairbam   John WeWi
Klk - l*jt^**t*rtt.*d owtK-r '
i. ri line   Ar. hl��> MelKmald
lints-.- Mi* livl Mnrt'hy tlal
I^at** lUeht-ka -i**-t*oi*d��d owner
Moonilt* I.**.   J*��bu Mib.-v.kill
June it**
U.��snd**r  Jsiwu F Leahy et al
IVrth, I*.-muMke, Uberat- J A Stewart
V*-nnlllt.ai -01*(larke
lt.-llf.lntM'  Jss J Maelnlush
Workia li��M*it*--A S ��e��d
SkM-aa t*��re**elt*i>--K S Ktnttey
lUtaabtk   iJwm-an Mel*l*er��>o
VtrtnrlaKo'.-Johu I'owera
f.lend   ivevirtk-d tt**dert
��� MktWi and McAllMer - Thus Kouse
t'snioanta-Jobn t.*am|tbell
Itamldet - l*atrtek Itarni m^^^^^^mmu
Bank of Montreal.
Capital (all paid up) $.2,000,000.00
-^iredrund : : 6,000,000.00
Undivided proflte :   ;    859,698.40
Sir Doxald A. Smith, G.C.M.G. President.
Hon. G. A. Drummond, Vice President,
KS.CL0USTON, General Manager, #*n*-_��.*w
A. Macnider, Chief Inspector & Supt of Brashes.
A. B. Buchanan, Inspector of Branch retiLUW.
W. S. Clodston, Assistant Int*npector.
James Aird, Secretary.
Branches in all parts of Canada, Newfoundland, Great Britain, and
the United States.
New Denver Branch
-** A general banking business transaeted
|*ay i>��--A��t*u* Mt-Oivr*
June a***
11   F
I  J
- I^mon
b^bh- . ���   Makatl Mr Andrews
lune ��**�� ****" ���
LaMitri and t*u< k*<��  Mlehael MeAndt-ews
Larky tieucjr^. Braver sntl InuHall -Lueky
tieaa-ir.* Ulnlturlo
t'ttarte-sUtn ll t^anteron
Miner Bt>y~i*mmlett tmners
June 11
F M t'f* ������-*���* b> tbivkt Mowat and E E Law
I Havt'ti and in Htuch B Lyalland and Albert
\\ nttnv*u. i Kavt-n, June ft. it mmmm
Heart Si Fairrll so F M Cnutper. Dankd
lloaralt and K C laSUtbr alt inter***! In the
Mtad I.May ��ft,��1
Iteauidi.aiH' to  Itiurlt StiUierUiHl- | IVJumbia
Xo i. June il, #1
May Harv.'v to Marttu l*a*c-a>n-4 TrUby Xo
t. J tine **t,s*.i
Tho* ti  J.4hmul.ii tt,  j| .v   Barton���1 Sandon
Chief, June la,*!'*)
Wm J Mo Mill* 11. <..*<> K Bittter. IVter Hamilton, Holil J llamllloit tadOtaa Ituituntii n> Uie
i**d*V*n ranyoti antl Sllv* r inlnnnc Oo���The Al,*
and Alturas.Mav 1
lVt..r MeSii'oi to F S Andrew*-Tlie La��t
Ho**.' and T Sundown Fraelion. June *s.*l
W M J Lode to Ueo 11 Hu.-klutit- Tlte l*aiaj Xo
1, June. 17
Sam*.   The K..itfrew.��t
K Mt IVbleu t*> l�� Mt-Kinnoit���, Ontalr. June
ft. ��1
0 11 llrln.ll.- to Tii*' Monnt Mable M A SOo
The Starol Hotie. Nt-vr ltrun-.wirk.Si Uettrite.
jOlanwoad and M^LU-Mh). April l�� il
K M Briudle amtSnrnli K.tabrook* to aame
-All intereat in onine, Juiu*S,tl
I)  Mekay  lo   Wa*  Wt.inUn.hy- 1  rrinetws,
.hint* l<i.tl
Jno A Ktnman t.�� W OotTman and 11 IH nrti*
I piffle \\ In.. Apr ti.����
W 1. rottat to same - * IWrtlm. Aiirll *5.*1
Martin Kni.bt to Kdward Adama- J SiU.r
*��ii��r. dun** 1��. tl
C K Hammond t.*Tli��> Hj.ih~.1oII M k M Oo
All iiit*r.-al  In Snj.j.liitv ami   Item,  .lu.i*.* lo.
J 11 ThomiMmn snd J A Whittler t��> ths SI.*-
.-an R.* i|>r**elty Minin.t'*i { Ittniprotity nnd
Lillian Manb9.fl
.1 l�� Fitrrell to name -, aame, June lit. tl
J une tS
.1 A tVtteo.��k to 11M Walton   The Volkyrv,
Halt,' tMlT��rCord, \ tWSltfid kadi BryanJ
.1 A Stewart to Johnl����K*k*t��>nder-Tli*B Liber
alXor.dune t.'*. *t
June i*
Tlte Mining Co to J 0 Hooker--The Monitor
IZSe !*Mcl>*.��m.�� '�� Margaret MoFall �������'��
IVter A M�� I*���'������    I1(|..luuelM. ���**��.
Jllll. S'. ��*���������?'���   _^kl> -,,,1  Pali-Irk o'K.llly  t��>
#i^3rs?��ss as ms b-,
JTirjS��" ��"'" VMunlntt-^S'"��n�� �����'
**" 11 William
tttt'i, ��
The Newmarket
�� toBL J��m*   lM��-����" ������,,,,'���
New Denver, B.C.
1. ��ituatedou the banks of tlie beautiful Slocan Lake, and giiest*?- can sit upon
tin* l*akt>ny ami graze upon the (.rantUft sc��neTy In An*crii*a��itlvc>utextraehani*��>
TIh firt.*s*rjn^��y*-U*mUt^t*elkiit Tb**rooma are airy and deco*-sU*d wlthjthe
bt**t i-emlt* of th*? wall'isjier art. The eiterior ol the hotel Is painted In eolorfj
tbat lutnn.Milxe with the i*leali-4k* sivnei-y. The Dining Room Is always pro
vkled with food that ts tarty, dlgestlbk' and sotWybn? to the Inner eronoiny of
man.  The Bar ts re|i*V-te with the most imtdern, aa weB as ancient brands of
ik-rte producer*.
O'tUbupt, Silver Dt-inocrats, Canadian Capitalist*. I*n*H*ctors, Miner*.
T.*nderf*et, Ten Mile Millionaires and lflgrim* of every **haite in politics. t*>
l!j,'i"i> or wealth are wek-ome at this hou.**e.
nwke for the Xewuiarket when you reach the Slocan meOopolb and do not lor*
icx-t th** landlord's naine*; it to
Henry Siege.
Kvetvtt. Ws��h.
Membm of the Itoadand st.ak Exchange
and Board of Trade. ���
H. t. COVM.
Cable Adt**-eafv-',Bt*ot*o��K.**
Moreing aud Xeal,
.CIouglt*s (new and oid)r
lktlford McNeill. *
and ABC Codes-��tV'*a
* r
T*_ / K solicit correspondence with parties having
\\j meritorious mining properties for sale, and
\l\L\ beg to say that we have connections in the
principal cities of Canada, England and the United
States,   and are in daily receipt of inquiries tor
developed mines and promising prospects.
In active mining operations and reduction ol ores,
and a knowledge of the different mining districts of
B.C. enables us to furnish reliable and competent
information pertaining to mines and mining matters.
References given.
H h
���ft ���
1 ���H'ii.A.
fl1 ,*��:���
Js Issued every Satunlay In Sandon, In Ujefu-art
of the grreateet White Metal camp on earth.
Strictly in advance.
Addreas TUB Payst-rkak, Sandon, B.C.
SANDON, B. C, JULY 3, 1897.
How Quantrell Worked a Bluff When
Covered With a Rifle.
Current stories regarding the
career of Qoantrell, the noted guerilla, who hamtssed the Union soldiers,
have resulted in bringing to light the
fact that his most thrilling, and probably his meet narrow, escape from
death oegtured in Danville. Qoantrell ma-teUtt one excursion through
this part of Kentucky, bat it was a
bold dash and he left a trail of blood
behind him; more than one federal
soldier or sympathizer being found
with the Qoantrell mark -the bullet
hole in the forehead just between the
eyebrows. On the day of Qoantrells
close call he had arrived in Danville
from Hustonville, in Lincoln county
At Hustonville he had halted to lay
in a fresh stock of horseflesh, and
there some of his band bad murdered
a union officer. A woman wbo had
been in Hustonville preceded the
guerillas to Danville, and when
Qoantrell reached this city she recognized him and spoke to him, calling
him by name. Quantrell simply
smiled and said to her: ' Why, madam, you were never more mistaken
in your life.   I am Capt. of the
federal army.'1
Qoantrell and all his men were attired in federal uniforms, and were
jxxsing as federal scouts. They halted in Danville, and as federal soldiers were in the habit of passing in
and out of the town in small squads,
no particular attention was paid to
the guerillas until they bad been in
the town five or six hours. The
woman who bad accosted Qoantrell
upon his arrival believed that he had
deceived her, and she told a yoong
federal lieutenant, then in town,
what she thought about tlte men who
had arrived that morning. Qonan
trell and his men were going about
town pretty much as they pleased,
lounging around the hotels and saloons, feeling perfect security. The
lieutenant, from the description furnished by tbe woman, snd from what
he had heard of Qoantrell, was con
vinced that tbe fine-looking fellow
masquerading in federal clothing,
was none other than the guerrilla,
and determined to kill or capture
The lieotenant procored a carbine
and started upon a hunt for his man.
He finally caught sight of him walking down the main street of the town.
Qoantrell was alone. He walked the
length of several squares down one
side of the street and started op the
other side, the lieotenant with the
carbine In his wake all the time,
waiting for an opportunity to corner
hia man. About the middle of the
main square Qoantrell entered a saloon, stepped to the bar, and called
for a drink.
Jost k% Qoantrell reached over tbe
bar railing to take op a glass, he
glanced into a big mirror against the
wall and noticed the federal lieotenant entering with the carbine ready
to tire. Qoantrell very coolly set the
glass down, turned about and faced
his pursuer. Tlie carbine had bv
this time been brought to the shoulder of the lieutenant, its raowic was
within three feet of the goerrillas
breast, and the eve which looked
down the shining barrel was keen
and cool. Qupntrell dared not make
a false move, and he was jowerlcss
to protect himself by force. His
heavy overcoat was buttoned up to
his chin, making the pistols buckled
at his waist useless. He gazed at
the lieutenant very complacently lor
a brief period, smiled, and said:
"How now, comrade; what are voo
going to do with that gun?"
���Shoot voo like a dog if y<*o move
a muscle,* was the reply.   "Yoo are
Qoantrell.   Yoo have played it for a
long time, but now you're my prison
er.   March into that room there."
Quantrell glanced to an open door
at tbe end ofthe bar, but didn't obey
the command. It was not his intention to do so. His nerve wss sor-erh,
and hia self txtssesaion complete.
''Ah, I see/ he remarked quietly.
������You take me for Quantrell, but yoo
wrong me, I assure too. My resemblance to that scoundrel has been
most provoking. Permit me to call
my orderly sargeant and I will show
you that I am as true to the union
aa yoo are. He has ail of my
The lieotenant looked surprised a��
well as somewhat tv infused, and
Quantrell noted his ilisromnture.
This was a signal tor tbe deception
to be redoubled, and so he continued:
"I have also heard t4oHt*aaboot the
guerrilla being in this section. To
my certain knowledge he is now in
Kentocky, and yoo are simply making a tool of yourself. Vol down your
gun, and as long as we are in the
same cause le* os be friends.*'
The lieutenant, completely nonplussed at Qoantrell a cool effrontery
and considerably abashf**l, told him
to call his orderly, but kept tbe car
bine ready to fire. On the street not
faraway Qoantrell saw some of his
men talking, and he called to one of
them to enter. The man went into
the saloon, and as soon as be saw his
chief covered with a carbine drew his
heavy revolver.
"Stop,'- shouted Quantrell. -'Not
so fast. Put np your pistol. Our
friend here has heard that I am
Quantrell. It's amusing. Show him
our papers from tbe secretary of wsr,
in order that his embarrasfucnt may
be ren��ved.B
"All right, captain/ was the reply,
as the man began feeling in an outside pocket for his pa iters, still hold
ing his revolver, however, in his
right hand. He approached the lieu
tenant as he started to withdraw his
hand from his coat, but instead of
bringing out tbe papers he suddenly,
with the qoickneas of a wildcat,
sprang upon the yoong federal, felted
bim to the floor and held him fast,
with the mozzfe of the revolver
against his head, as he cried:
"These are the jjapers yoo are look
Ing for.   We always have them on
hand for such as vou.   Must I give
bim the old mark, oaptain ?"
"Nojletthe gentleman up, "replied
nuan trell,
The lieotenant arose and was dis
armed, and expressed himself as verv
well satisfied with th*papers. Then
the trio took a drink together. As
Quantrell and the lieutenant contln-
oed tbe conversation th* other goer-.
rilla quietly dipped ont, pomA\  t%e
word, and in ten minutes more Qoan
trail* tone wa* standing la frentof
the liarrosm ready to mount. He
shook hands with the man who bad
given hit'i ont* of the worst scares of
bis life, left the saloon and rode away.
A   I'alnfral Praatlcal Jaka.
**The most thrilling incident I ever
saw in a eourtroom," renitirked a
Western attorney the other oaf,
**a*as in Southern Kansas. Tlie senior lawyer*** the county was a distinguished-looking and courteoo* gentleman *of the old school.' who hat1 little
patience with the joking always
going on during court recesa. He
was exceedingly nearsighted, but
had a habit of laving his fflaasc* on
tbe table during his s'teeebea to the
jury. One day, as his back was
turned to the other lawyers, caeca"
them picked up the gtaaara, and with
a bit of mucilage (aatenet! to Ibe
lenses pieces of tissue r*��ja*r which
exactly covered tbe glass- not par*
Ocularly noticeable* but at the aaroe
tiiiu* i-reventing vision through them.
Bom the owner of the gtaaaea came
bark to thc table to examine mnne
Bipers for reference In his addresa
e put on the glaatea. looked at the
paper, adjot.tod them again-ami
then a pallor ovenu-mt-1 his face tbat
was pitiful to see.
" My iini, gentfomen, I am blind!
I ha vt- feared  it for vears!'he ex
claimed, antl drepjjied hb head on his
"For an instant tlw d-unnmm waa
boshed. Kvcn the practical foker
must have felt remorse at theevl
dent suffering of hb victim. IVforr
anyone coold tuvak or the sheriff trap
for order the attorney lifted hb hc-ad,
took off tbe glasses and he had hb
sight again. Hb face flushed as be
robbed the tissue paper from the
lenses and he stood up, an angry and
excited man.
"If I knew who did that dastardly
trick, if I knew wbo had l*f*t*oghtthat
minute of grief to me*' he broke oat,
I swear I would kill him.'   He left
the courtI'joiu  and  thc judge ad
journed tbe Btmiott fur the dar .
never want any more ���,,��*<_
Joking.               r ���*-**-_���
A Waatdartiil IttUrn ,_in.
What wUl  beUt*mm obmou, ^myim ^
Ifcr wa-r.d tuuwl daorh.ir hwl.,��� .v**,**^
la (*ufcjt*wS>**, Ta** mala Um* a ill t* g> lfliir,.,
wtaUr salafatUfj  taut* I�� will  tot nam On t>*j
mtlrsMre Ur SS, aad ���**��� u* I* du_* uai A u_. �����., m
wntrk mom I'la*"* I**** and *d> ���* >���<<>*��� ttraaui _,
T*m*mimm**d rust is ,��v����,/��.. *<,.n I*��_��___.
ekpert to oat. tktt asaaittt Ua k ��*i *�����.*,��_;
tr**m llw on thai t����tl* ratra^i-.i dmrtmg o*
tmytrrenot Ot* wotk Tha tommt �� ��i n$wZ
al taa toot ��*f 0h> e*attjfata kadii* �����> i>. ���%,.
Voak, aad oa list ��*M**.��far ��t.w * ���-<����-. ,-..
ttmmCrn*mm��Creek Thr i*. ..ivr..��'_��,
. s*a*lt fcasraivt mtkotkmt ���.. tie f��,ti_ **__
arW pom tm but b*. a a*.* ����.-r*i rt*. ,�������>*,
tmmtmJno rotok *dtk* wmbwrn >.. ��� &**
waa styaal laajawa ay* mtnttsj; m*�� ihn����fV*i
ttto wtwtd, aad sat** arlwjr abaii to-thtt **F.>aV
tttw la ttm* *ymmm mt mudao,
Do yoo want Ink?
th yoo want Type ?
Do yoo want Stereo Plates ?
Do yoo want to trade Pr ��� *...-. - ?
Do yoo want to trade h*|*r Oittan?
Do voo want Axttmbso In ihe wav
cf Printing Ma��erbi
^-^inSfTtTanwBto Type
Foundry Co.,Lt4.
J.C.OOME, AgCflt.
Cordon Street.
Atl a*********!* o*wtnt ***** 1����* Srta *>f 11����(����.
MclfiaM**** * f*. *�����**���- f** a��NJ*d >-; vnmt
l*t, tut that srlll a** flaa**t ia C*mrt Ur ��-��V
omttt. �������. Hi *����* k ���
**4l**vrt*o-t aj��d ritj** W>.> �����,*���
^atttmrttooatf. Hmiut. Ktnr*.
tAtene. May. Onto, Kl*r.
GHoeKHii;��. .vie.
Bodtttr aad I*****" H *****
to all V-4ui��
ta tkt M**iatali**
Mining & Milling Co.
' Rand & Wallbridge,
Mining and Stock Itrokera
Sole ARontf) for Sale of Treasury Stock.
��.?.!12P!RIE8 * provisions,
���Agent fbr���
SANOON, B.C.      8*��'re�� at Ainsworth, Kaslo and Sandon wmmmnmmnmkwkwmmwM
II0HJ4I.AKD   At   KHK   IS.
i; ^ ,n.l.Jui****T.~-.H��mri**��tlwr��ili!f item of
l���i,i..i ilii* waak must ��jt*U��**lMbraitt''ma��iM:r
,��� ���hl.h Kt*daiid trateijtfa'td u>Quts>u'a dia.
m���,���l Jubilee, Ttw d***'*Jf**��'*l^
prHi * i. ...i would aol Mw,1s����ltl��J a etty of ten
dm** ilx \'H*dmttoo w* caa lwa*t .��**. iait as Ife*t-
j��hl enjuytlha hltft. laatf'rof Mag the rhlrf
mlotnif ramp in ���*��** IJomlutoa of 4'aaada, valiant
,.v.rii-.ii�� wen pot f./rthbr Ok* vsrloo* *>*rir*iit-
,.,. Ami th*- rltr rwunrll lo ���taS-lii that rt-taiu*
Uu,,. A irltn��i��hal air* of evert********. Sags and
lMII>tiu��ssena*lta-4l**a* Jaaetkaiaf t'olutabtn
.,v,.,,!.- *iid a'asWofttss attart, sitd aootttaron
Ka*t Columbia am rt*t*********itc<! tltr minor* pate
(., U !i..|a.*-tafSS.,
ilii- h|u*i.* uttrns a*******
��� ���ii iln* brtoHual Mi*****.*
irviit* )i��.i tasfrauiljr
.l,,rv*i * l.��th. Ha,
dr*t*vjaati>n* In
ita, and ****eral
b,.i,n... wtiira hatfa pnOy **tfart at algttt*
11., m *t*tilnt ***** rallisr t&amy. otter tht* ter-
,t., il..* .1. nrl.irtn uf Om t*-***-r**4lng nlghl, l*ul aa
it,, ilat atlvsat****! tt fewana evident tbal wt> were
i,. I.- 'irt.trtto"QuW��vraatlMtr.** Tkrn won
ia-.4rat.lv am rMaWtm tnm Mrruundtaif towns.
_,,>. iii.'ar����*a omorPmmd also early boor.
Tt**- uximlttaof a royal salul* of II guts) sttouk
n��. ii.4t*j�� tu Itwdr t*Mtudatlou* aadawolu* Own
��� ������. h.il sit jr drtdi* to n*H��a*V llw tealMav hy aa
tH*f*��.<> **��� ��t**f tteeo Ih* t^ntV*5a-��h-*tt* I should
_i , t..it ill, weather lately ha* bmo hm arrtlr for
rn.'. it..--,..- liol tilajikr.*. Tht rtttt Mad came out
.j. ,r*.i. aft. r l��v_tl_tast, and thw�� tha day** ttutngt
mjmTt "'tl.
Two tiu'tdml Sadaxd rhlUtW>-*-th** this all
,i!.*.: ui white-��arh with a t***aall Union Jerk
..-.. *>.-re drawn anrttavlthr mrreulo ten
,-*>�����*- wagon*.lvsadt-4hy Ur* hand Tttetw was
ai*.. a ' HMand man*'in txauunt.*, who "*|aVld*
l.i. unnfu) lay on thr itatndraa wn��a thr Itand*-
iifii mere Utitlnj-a bt**wO*t. Tht. 9re hrUraOV
trf*4t_itt ui* th* r*o* A ktrw* *und had Wit
. **-. ��,,t ��Mt thr rarawt lot nasi aw Eontenry hott*l.
mi ii* ..������! ot WsjaiiUttnti rtrtsrt. and here thin*. <��7 and Hon- T. liayjwDaty,ihs rhainnan
i-( !>.. .Ut. Atdhrtowd okon hal nmtate *-rr*rtri*-*
Ttt. .KiWWti mug "O-ad Have Uw. 4**a-**n and
���j;--' Whiu* and IBor'snd tht* *��*ti.iir-trr.
ll. r -utrlilr rnln***^ th��aUtl*li*an.rvpti it ihey did
*�� i uiHh^*tend tlw hmawt ot lo* ���>�� rds ihey aunt
I'i *.v1'> I..If tlw rhlWrv-n pv*****ai w��r�� uf Aowr-
|. tn i..vtrr.totw>, Itrom whlrh ll weald aurut that s
frw ��� ..mtV r.**__knr* under Uw Itrtttsfa S*ahs*
u*wrl.t th* ni ihr parrntst trety saw h la*t*��d��-T at*d
. tian��l..l t.t, _**�����/ tohf*ut*r�� and l**acft*4raflasn than
tit**. riklMtnttty the Auat**tean pr����s and the
*" . r.*i��. ,4 Ammtop pm*fte who ham iwvrr
.*��..( iK. Uaindary lit*** t*f thtdrown *-����mtry.
TV ���-:ua.������*> waa rrrtaialy aatVpw.
I' .'uw ilwafteriivwan thrrt* wt-r*aihtetlr a)��a-*a
ami *..-��.-,a*litjr .jmi lulatnla* a***, Ua*rt**** sod
tu* UM uui <m ttw bamhall fTvsaad. aad ��**Mi**"-
ti4v.iir*,it.n*sin varfrawnartard th*rltv lt*n
llv r * a .I'lltiit* txatli^ahiVv-4**. *��*dly tuaiMtr>*d,
��� *��� ilwcr-vnt pftrritYllrartrfttr tlv* jt-fv-ii m*> >r*
it)��f th. mtttimr fraternity.   W.  14   K.*-* and
��� W. -.inlth.of the Elter. w.ai th* ArW i*rlsr.
a-*** with til lua-a-a* M liaffurr and T. Ilam*.
���4 tin- War IUah.iSH-.jntl. ��1��**, **i| iitrht*; J,->
l' i > :��� and Jerry (n*(maatt. tmt Ittchra. R.*** snd
*����>iiti ditlWd rhtht thrvswa tha rorh with their
-:ii .hilj. ami startrd anew hrtte- Fin***tt
���InU. aittt SfteMi udnuttw wrt*. aiiowrd ewrh
l�� Ih-* j-rrnlnitTivittw* r**r_rt�� snd wthtrrd Wsr
����>-.m wwr* sent up man IVairtrtsn IIMI. on
Hft rmitiiitafn. and omo tnanthe lop of K����l
i" -.nuts, wberr at Tlte t terr* tewtS** was IU b*
V- *.�� MrtYaiwy and  IHatt-n.   Iflrt** w*f*> also
��� uf iiliw on Uw *omtaU<*T t*uiumljhi ����*! Koott'iMy
"i. .....'.aiii and on tlw satetrf Deer t*arh m*itrUtn
tii th.-botfls and ivvft-aahiiwjti |4*.v�� rrapvd a
'��'<'* k-a��t iW,v--rt.'ttJ***1t.�� fruwib* maawsof
tiuituiittv wliich rrowdt-til th* ttamwan*. Th*
**'i<i.rAifctn waswoand up with a hall In th*
";���'�������� l..��w. In which all Uw twUliflltlm and
tnaii*; ,.( th- dteahlUttes MtttelpaWd. with nor
'i*t"i* )>iv.iiltenuy-arliw4iiiirtht*inanil marrh.
11" 'i��y ixtsat-t wtthoul ant t*-tmtt*dna*-* taklna
I'"-, mi ".w'tyiam. thithrMlrtj-. i**> drniikt-tin-w
*. toil.1*. I., in* pasa-rhy-latt thr-r* was msnv an
srtiln* ii*-_i| Ut* nest day- it was a *pnl-te��rip*r>
<<) ���**'ll<in*SM*d riv.wd. but ��m* roald m* h*l|t
l"fi!<rfria tin th* fait thai many-y**. twy
hi-.ii*. ..fllKwe wtdltt**v*��v*rd,sle-*k--.���tkimrirenltr-
'"�� v.lx>w*>n> seemlnflysn hapnv In lUt.-nlua
' 'ii<M����f*i,tlteyute��a dnahut "0.*d ��av# th*
y����**n, w.mid frtdno n*m|*unt*th>n lu "dolna
,'��� ,*������* ".'�����-**. iiiisu��|*trliau�� man. Ins mlnlna
���1*1 >. \t <la,. I* th*. aame day bar thai matter
jr.. ��� r lavii "*V���W ��,," |a �� mlnimf daalf I hav*
i ii. rt,*. ..ratbna win stand until July 1st. IKmiln-
i .ii ttar wh*-tt lb*r* la ut tw ****** ct Irbraliiijr snd
ii jn* .iM-kt-l. Uo thr tlrawtws uf ttcrr aud t*ir*n*rs
L C,nU* ���** ������"*���*' t** lh**-mi��d hi better Ihan a
iK'Ht mint any day.
I u* ,"l*, J!1** '���tantett from a weak on Ihe hills
It.i ,,'**f'T"l��u*��* -nter. water-lhrht bmy csMn nn a
lbi-.li hluiT *.irrlM,klnir ttaa hW rrv-k and close
**"tl.la rtvHinUln. which district Iscttmlna Into
l*. .1 !���.���,.,. IV ih* -i^^ rteh anin-er ��t4d liaha
I �� I ini.-ttvnuforiim davaaiiil.tathe third
ii,', i m>",t *'��� **IM***" i'tMtey tMwtitnajtvur door
Li' H 'tft,_,ni*^_��*��*at and Sndtnft a loot of snow on
I (h^'""^ That wm our atwrrienw on Prtday
I    t  ;.^i,torrt,l* *tumtnm^k*d omhr tmoM
Im th*��ii,,r'**Jn,!*.M*! w^ldln January. Hat
���J* Ith a hiK ^ ���.*, ltM4dt ^JT, h^ ,��� 0m'nv4 to
1   ' ""*������'"- " ��� ---  h*jj,t>   uytvltHistn
,�� f ��**' lu from of tlw dirtr. ami tlw waatlwr
..MiMi^r***"! ��.��***���� J*a��lJ* a-tmrout
v.*.r.,,i*" ������J'. fow,M*** t^hiVid.tlnf bv llw
l,,"'"11"- hlmmlf.  <Hw of Ihe toys had a
ilr, .1r��",v,,r������{!."��� ^-wa* at poorlaii-ny frtun
KiL *^��lh��teak^Uand iwaiday
���i     in1., .?-���'������* -"a***lto��w.   We also had a
*��ll a ii,*.**! ,n^WH tteWldwa. which I woatd
!     ��\��' kepi him prinmar all night and al-
"'I Mm
���<><te|wnscoti trot lit the im.nilmr.
OmuUrtitwt* ail tunied otit aud fourdiute were
{ar^t0 ���***.' whifh h*Ml ,*t,cn ������������nldiia sroniKl
the cabin and antffliiu al the crntks lj**twt**n the
tfi:. t!', ***4*J,��'i',,K UP *���������*������ **���*�� men. hut he
man t**'k himself off up the trail, snd was l*at ta
ajght In Ihe Kloom at the big pine treea.
Buiklbnf oitrrsUoiis In and .<r*.mid the city am
altn.au at s stamtsiill. the fret befog Hut tlure are
empty bou���� with th* ��!����� To UT U�� be seen lu
ahtaust t-v. ry .lir.tli.iii.and It U Ijeconiln-; pain-
full evld. nt thit h'ltiMr buildiiia Las lie*-n overdone. At the samt- Um<* tlier* I* a Urn* iiereent*
aca of the wHilaU*in rill -ItsehlnK'' In the
shacks which ArJcklv dot the lsnd*ra]** on the
tfcrbht, cAtate and fnrUier atteld.
a*j��h all the** drawbsck*. h**wever. Ilrwsiand
k Mill the tbttat town In Ihe interior. A friend of
mine who tell here last week writes ut** frttm
Kaalu UMl,t<��mpai**d with H<>**lan��t. Uie city on
Kootenay lake Is like a grsveyard. Xtsrly all
OM mate populatktn are out <*nthe hills. A
aentleman wl���. ha* lust vtidt*-d New Ot-nv.-r.
Saadon and X**l*iu tells me that none of thr**��
plarr* c-tn Iteiriu to cimpam with K**sslnnd from
a boslnt**** |w.lnt **f view. He mys the buslnem
done in llomUndand Uie signs of |*r*a|��-ritv to
BtrSlraabte hare ��re ii.it to he sptr-jschfd by any
���olher town In W��m K��ati.nay
Tbe puttlir school* are cIosmI f**r six weeks, snd
ttw Ina* l�� f�� h-ive >*etaken theuuclvw to various
dlsunt *, rn. a for r.vui* r��t l.ii snd recreation
Our American lai-tibtlon will celehrsto the
**t.W*rl.aj�� F����uri(h* lit tht* oldtime msnner. Mayor
BooU bas givru hi* iiermMon for the triumphal
arebra and <abt*r Jublk** dc-romttens to aund uu-
tU the Stb *f Julv. Hy the wsy. tbe American
stags la th-* )ubtler d.t-��rsu\st�� were unusually
scare* and v��-ry small The only Instance of the
lag of < mid Olretand'was In ih* |��*st*dnrv.
whrr* its brilliant gr**it coka and Its emblems of
barf and crown nn a t-wttptroou* and very
pttmemt maliVsti..n that Erin wa* *tlll "hi It"
A. X. rster*.*,) has n-**lirned his position ���< city
-n la-litK sptatlntedioa post In the tm-
At i��-v-*ritt te w on th* run betwi-en Rosa-
laud wi Xt,rJb|a^i via the Red Mountain Rail-
Hp*ak*r ilhmiii* of the Provincial L*j>i*__.
lure ia in town. He I* it��i��*re*��i��**l in *jntt�� a
number ��f minina proposition* around the
Jim Kirfcup,c*<-polir��man,got his ear nearly
cttrwcal off and and hi* *>>*�� put in mourhina
tbi* week. Hi* aattailant. Thomas Hunt, had
an old arudtre aaainal Kirknp: bnt hia liut for
blood **o��t aim .lOtiat the hand* of Magi��trat��
A fak* murder wa* pnblUbed in the Miner
Iht. waak. Wm. Hsrvt**. a negro, wa* arretted on tb* rharte of mnrderina Lilli* Morrt*
(or Harvt-j? with whom he had b*M>n cohabit-
Ing. Offtcer Henry went with a coffin to the
attack whwru lb* body wa* said to be lying,
aboul eight mil** out on Sheep Cr*r*k. Than
tha haaa wa* di<w<��var*-l. and the officer rame
back mad. Harvey was released. The informer, a tHwro -tamed Miller, wa* Jealoua
and triad to get even. He skipped out before
Henry aot back. In fact, he waa met near the
bonndry tine jr��injt *oulh. by the offi.fr returning with the fnipty coffin.
There have lieen tutm> minor deals in mining
pmpertie* during the week, a* well aasome
valuable claim* nnder deve'opment. A rich
copper or* strike ha* l*e*n mad* on Ute
Wh.aip.np on Sophia mountain, a claim ad-
Sbing iba Velvet and VictoryTrinmph.whtch
ivarccnTlr reporte.1 *|>lemlid find* of copper.
Tb* Kvcnina Star t. to reeum* work at once.
and th* company wUl *��� spend about ��1-V*. a
month to dev.'lop the property. Homcthinc
like laMron I* now in han.I, a large *al* of
lrea*ur*r ��tock having recently heen made.
Thcrt"ckls��Tnol*.lat It;, although it ha* been
a* high a* Ir.
Tbe old reliable War Kacle i*setting a move
on. It* .lock i. now quoted at *<3J, and ow mtr
to report, of a rich strike under mound it ia
very likely that ��1 will be touchel in a few
day*. It i* aaid that an immense l*o*.ly of ore
haa been cut through, quite eight feet iu
width, between No. 1 anil No. s chute*, and
that the asaay* have gone i-Viper ton and over.
Oeorge Oootterham and T. K. Btackatock, the
chief owner*, are expected here today or to-
uiorrowjyrttm Toronto.
The Vanderbill and the Hand Fraction, two
claim* adjoining the Mascot and lying h***
tween the Commander and Columbia &
Kootenay, about a mile and half ea��t of town,
have been sold to a Trail party for tbeinsig*
nlitcaiit aiim of ��***>> The owner was a*kin��
SjUOjI..' week* aao, but If, a* t* believed,
therela*onietroul.|f brewing, ht did well to
let it go .at that. Th* Vanderbilt ha* a ltft.
alialt, but was re-located la��t Auctut by the
party who juat .old it. a.td who ha* done no
a*j��e*ament work on the claim, the shaft being
by Ihe ttr.t locators.
The Anaconda Gold Hinintf <'��>��� has got control of all Ihe claim* in Ihe I'roaptftor group,
on Weal Keeord Mountain, with the except ion
ofthe l*>o*pe.*tor itself. I hear W. J Harris,
of thc I* Roi Co.. is preaident, and J. h.
Sauc tr.lataof Kamloops, one of the director*.
I��. While late Mayor of Seattle. L* negptiating
th* deal, bat owing to some dirty work by one
of th* partlas intereate.1 In someof tbeclaim*
tbe owner of the l��r*��.j*��'etor refn*** to coma
in the deal. The owner* of the Utile ?����������*
San^Ut-hartM. and the other claims from 100,*
on to *��.(������ sltare* st a par value of (1
A strike of very good grade ore ha* Jiwt l*eeu
made in tha lace of the runnel in the Cariboo
claim. Juat below the Jumbo, north-we-t of
town. The a��*uys wont overt�� in gol.l. silver
and copper. There are two shaft* about ft"
fact, btttUle. a **'*n. tunnel.
Ovar a Glacier.
Tb* iwrty ron..|*tliig of llbckstone, Moll**|ue
sntl IhHtrlwr ��"�� Hmirlf** Mairh SMh to carrv
mall over the |K>rt*urc to 1'rlnc* W illlnnt Sound,
to c.mn��*rt with the  Alsika CtamtfsHtlfU torn-
.panvisteanwr, They werearc-annanledas far
as tlie glacier by two i-ros-jectoni. The glacier Is
skV��ut ten miles wide, and st the top forks to the
right aud left. The lated party belug In a hurry
were given instructions as to tlw route by the
other two, who were acquainted with the glarier.
and uoslwd on ahead. When last teen they bad
reached the ton of the glacier, hot Instead of hearing to the left they turned lo ttw right, and all
traces of them were lost at that point.
The two men following aw Ihe tracks turn off
but as It was a clear day they thought nothing of
the matter, believing that the party had found
arm* new route. Thc travelling wss then nrst-
claas, the snow being hard and showing no crev-
When the two urrapectors, uladbaogh
and l'etereon, a month later brought no news,
of tht* missing men. Urtjrga Hall, MoUou-e's part-
iter. with one roan went In search of them, aad
by following their sup-waul trail came to tbe edge
of Uie glacier, where there was a shear drop of MO
feet or more to the beach below. 7 he wind had
diift*tl the snow over the e>kw fifteen or twenty
fret, and thc Marcher* could only surmise that
the hist men had walked close oat to the edge,
aud their conibtited weight hsd uroken down the
tedg* of snow and let them drop to the beach.
Ran retorned and with a large party started out to
search along thc beach by boat. At tbe end of
M days they had not returned. Blaekstone leaven
a wife In Sunrise City and a child In Seattle,
Mollitue has a wife and family In Anacortes,
Wash. There Is hot Htttehope that sn v of the
party wUl he found alive.-Alaska Soarchllght.
���Maauf:tturen of all������
Syphons, Ginger Ale,
Sarsaparilla, Etc., Etc
_3etrxdo*a, B.O.
Patronize home indiistiy
when you want the best
Is Uie Pioiioer House of the City
*l>*. +10  *
If you are-
weary ,
Call at the
Hotel Iyanhoe.
Hotel Kootenay
Switzer & McGluskey.
.Dealers in
Canadian Paic Railway
Soo Pacific Line.
Route to St Paul, Chicago,
��� Detroit. Toronto, Montreal,
New York, Boston. Philadelphia, and all Eastern
Unexcelled Sleeping Cars
on all trains. Tourist Cars
to St. Paul daily; Boston
every Thursday; Toronto
every Monday from Revel-
stoke.    **
Steamer leaves Nakusp
daily except Monday, making close connection at Rovel-
stoke with trains for all points
East and West.
Before pu travel get information
from C.P.R. agenta as to times and
rates. It will save yon money. Apply to nearest railway agent or to
A. C. McARTHUR, Agent, Sandon.
Di8t. Passenger Agent, Vancouver
H. M.McGBBGOR, T.P. A.. Nelson, B.C
Atlantic Mi Hies.
From Montreal
Lake Hnn.n, Beav.r line  ��� JanaXi
Lake Superior,       "         JttljrT
Lt.ke Winnipeg "            "  ��1
LakeHuron, ��*            " Ittt
1-tkeOntario, **         ...Ang. 4
Lake Superior. "           "  11
Prom New York
Lareanla, Canard Line July S
8ervia. "   **���   S
Ktrurla "     " 10
Campania,     "  .4  ���* 17
Aurania,        "     w U
li.it.rl*, "     '��� 51
Cabin $45, $90, **��, 70 ��S0 and upward*.
Inttn-medlste MO and upwards.
Storage at&JO and upward*.
r-uaengers Ticketed tlirougfa to aU points In
Great Britain or Ireland, anil at 8pe��*all*r low
rates to all parts of the European Continent.
Prepaid Paatagea armagad from all points.
Apply to A. C. McARTHUR, C.P.R. Agent,
Sandon, or
General Agent,
m C. P. R. OBIeea, WlnnipaK
��� c  ...
v��l .(Ba**-,
>*������ ���
��� '.'! g*;
,  -
- ��� at
���    ���; '**1'J;
l tu**-.:
t; **5M
To thc average mind the territory
Is a small piece of land" with few outlying far to the north ani rosssssing
but few points of interest to any one
other than the trader eager to swap
brightly tinted calicoes for luxuriant
tors, the other in pursuit of the
phantom Fortane, the missionary
with an earnest zeal to save the savages, and the ubiquitous tourist who
considers tbe country as a place to be
viewed only from the deck of A
steamer. The latter class stand
aghast when informed that Alaska
comprises in area almost as much as
the entire United States east of the
Mississippi. With unmistakable incredulity tbey receive the statement
that there are mountain -peaks contained within our boundaries so high
andsomightv that other mountains
in the United States are as mere mole
hills in comparison, and when told
of our marvelous glaciers and vast
ice fields wonderment is no longer
concealed and they realize for the
first time the immensity of the
country which to so many is but as a
sealed volume.
Paragraphers are eveniond of referring to Alaska as the land of perpetual snow ai*?. Vc, sn imputation
the journals of the far north quickly
and righteously resent, for where
could more ideal weather be found
than the past winter in this portion ot
the territory. Yet there are sections
within our borders where the snow
and ice are perpetual and the synonymic appellation so often connected
with Alaska is peculiarly and truly
applicable. The largest glaciers,
the highest mountains, and the
broadest ice fields are never seen by
the average tourists, they being back
and beyond the beaten line of travel
and only reached by the most intrepid and indefatigable voyagers.
In the vast moraine of ice back of
and surrounding Mount St Elias the
State of Rhode Island could be
placed and would be Only as a fly
speck on a sheet of spotless paper, the
State of Doleware might be dropped
into a crevasse and its sides would
never be scratched in its descent to
the bottom. Visions ot glaciers as
seen from an excursion steamer are
confined to the Takou inlet and
Glacier bay. Soon after leaving
Wrangel tbe first mountain of ice is
seen in the distance looking like a
frozen river emerging from the
clouds. The sea is glassy and a procession of small bergs, broken away
from the glacier, floats silently towards the south. It is nature's dead
march to the sun, to be melted in its
burning kisses snd to lie transplanted
into happy tears. Wild ducks fly
past and from its eyrie a bald-headed
eagle surveys the scene, deeply,
darkly, beautifully blue, apparently
conscious that he is the symbol of the
At Glacier bay on the first sight of
Muir Glacier one draws comparisons
and mentally notes that these are
glaciers and glaciers. In Switzerland a glaeier is a vast bed of dirty,
air-holed ice that has fastened itself
like a porous plaster to the side of an
Alp, and distance alone lends enchantment to tho view. In Alaska a
glacier is a wonderful torrent that
seems to have been suddenly frozen
when about to plunge into the sea.
Down and atmut mountains wind
these snow clad serpents, extending
miles inland with as many arms fre
quently as an octopus. Wonderfully
picturesque is tho Davidson glacier,
but more extended is t_ltc one named
In honor of John Muir which marks
the extreme northerly point of the
route travelled by the excursion
steamers. Imagine a glacier three
miles wide and 300 leet high at its
mouth. Think or Niagara Falls
frozen stiff, add thirtv six feet to its
height, and you will have a slight
idea ofthe terminus of Muir Glacier,
in front of which your steamer anch
ors, picture a background of mountain IbXW feet high, all clad in a
mantlejof perpetual snow, and then
imagine a gorgeous sun lighting up
the ice crystals with all the hues ofa
multi colored rainbow, and you will
have a vision such as wtuld have tie-
lighted the soul of Raphael. The
face of the glacier takes on the color
of aquamarine, the tint of every particle of floating ice, big and little,
that surrounds the steamer, and sometimes profes such an iraiwdiment to
navigation. These glacier* are constantly moving and tumbling headlong into the sea, and as thc huge
masses fall thc ear is startled by sub
marine thunder, the echoes of which
resound far antl near. Down, down,
down, goes the berg, and wtm to the
boat in its way when it again rises to
the surface.
Far to the north of Glacier Bay,
some'J00 miles, He the monarch** of
a!! thc glaciers, of which it has been
said that the world offers no othei
such field for thc study of glacial
panorama. The extent and rapid
move and change of these vast seas
of ice are comparable in their immensity to nothing in any other part
ofthe globe. Their r*roportiona are
simply Brobdignagian, as the Muir
glacier is as nothing to them. Bell
ring's great glacier, behind Cane
Suckling, is f>erhsps the ntost extend
ed; the Agassiz and Guvotare likewise enormous, the whole system
forming a province of glacial ice
measuring hundreds of miles in
length, and thousands of square miles
in extent Indeed, it would be diftl
colt to estimate within 10,000 t**unrc
miles bow extensive they arc, but
with that proviso one might say the
whole of the St. Klias glaciers covers
not less than 40.000 square miles ol
ice of a thickness averaging M0 feet
and this in a latitude but little north
of England. This is exclusive of the
other ranges and refers only to the
country between thc Chilkat and
Copper rivers. The great Agassi*
Glacier Jsnow bel ieved to be the
Malaspina plateau ho named by the
Geodetic Coast Survey. It measures
GOO square miles and is to a certain
extent buried by the immense moraines which cover a fringe of its
coast line. The old navigators were
uncertain of the na .lire of the plateaus around Mount St. Elian, as Van
couver described the Agasslz glacier
as a ���'barren country, co,ii*x*k*<l of
loose stones." La Peroost, another
navigator of nearly a century ago,
spoke of it as consisting of "maifses ot
snow and ice covering a barren soil,
unembellished by a single tree *���
Alaska News.
Cttrlltoo Creek.
The contract* for the wagon road
from Burton City to a point near
Mineral City, has been let to various
contractor   Work  will  commence
�� KYfiZ' Th.e K0,rernment K��"��nt
�� HOOO, and the claim owners
should be well pleased, as it is sel
dom that the government puts up
money for a road along a creek that
has not shipped a carload ttfore.
If you
Want a hat
Or anything iu the line d
MEN'S WEAK call on
Thos. Btowhi & Co,
MensOutflttew* Noeo Avenue, Handon I, i
We ...m* just received
A Large Invoice
��iul mm llUIU)KRS'Sri��!M*IK>. IRON-
WARE umi GRANITEWAREorUu* kitcher
We also carry a Ml line ����f
Groceries ���? Furnishings
HUNTER BROS*. .Sandon and RowtaDtd.
r* wf      .pr. \ i
Dealer \\\ MEATS
 : AT:
BAiflH X,    ROfiHLAKD, XKI-HON.   KASl.O,   !��U.OT  BAY AND*
ltoBKRT Maun ix a mi Nkii. Mu*r��,stit��
mmm mmmsmm
MACDONALD   JiliOS.. IViinrietorH.
Kites tl.HO to 18.50 per flay.	
Headquarters (br Mining j^wumtoi** ami r'apiUtlit-ta,
Reco Ave., - ��� Handon, IM1
���*****sa**s'*t**-ja_��aaT��-_p��w \W\mmnw^mmmmm*mmmmmmmmmmmmmwmmmmmm\i* iimim   ,1,,,  itatmsi rj**-��r****f*��*j*��IMfi^^ '
Kootenay Mercantile Tailoring Co.
fa.a*lt��.a-*ii..i..>l.i,iltTi iia.iast-Da.a*a*ii.s*ii ���fnl i i|iL las im an
A full line of
always in Stock
MtXlNU   PHOI-K..TY   BOUGHT,' *>������'
J. it. & D. CAMERON-
**W" *omon**m
To Be Built Near That ol the Kaalo
and Slocan.
Willi**!.. White, general superintendent ot
th*.(* P R , with l��*H*tynart.r* at Winnipeg.
��,*. in th* city during tht weak, at-t-t.mitai.lc4
iv ; A X Aiken*, general a.*ll**lt<��* of th*
. ou'imny, LA Hamilton, th* tan��l commit*
,i.*nt*r oi tii* V'. P. H .and William Cr��,.��. th*
. iim|*an***< mti.tvr m** hank*. Mr. Whit* aad
l.i. |i*irt.v an, on a *p*--ial tour of nivctij***-
i ion *4 the Hlocan. and wool*! hav* heen h#r*
. .r!i*r and hav�� *t**��t.t a coupl* ot ."ay.it*
Srtii.lott, *uy�� Mr Whit*, l.ut that washout*
. ii tin* main Una delayed thetn
Mr Hamilton la looking  aft#r tbgcompa-
i.--'. losriiaitc  inter****, an��l  went  with th*
iMj*v from   her* oo Thursday  aft*rn<>uii to
((���...Um- antl from thai** to Hlocan City  Ju��t
ton -.'.-in* on fit*train  for R*.��*b#rryMr
V* in I.- ...i.i tbat during ��h*tr short *tay b��r*
ih*) bad .Itv-ttltjat to no��t th* depot from It *
; r. ..'iii   hole to ih* hrow   of   the  hill, whlrh
-���mil  he  mora convenient  for th*g*ner*i
j��tt��*lf*c ��ndat*o for the twintany.   A moot ���!���>>
;..! would ht built, he may*, to afford sivom.
ladatfo*** tor th* t'**r*e��ii��g trnftH-    11* very
:.- . i.-iiv ��tai*d that it would not >�����,*��� union
I* |-.�� _  ���        ., 	
Brewing, Malting and Distilling Company, Limited
-tsa-^TRAIL, B. C.---*--sv
Thc Larifettt and Most Complete Brewery In British Columbia
I iDOCOT and l**.t selected .toek of Win**. Liqnor. and Cigars in British Columbia. ___,_._
UHBEST lAMCftT -^ ����� ^RT* K^W^f Tcnit.S.Brit,,h ColambU '0'CMbon*t*1 ""*���
|J|||fab9 I        Agent* for ihe celebrated Lor-I Nelson Cigars
 Bpared to com-
comers.   All our Carbo-
. and are ijtot
We Haoe Established a Branch House in Sandon ��t^%\8^ .	
j>at��d Ivrliik. an.l l.ager Beer ar* manufactured from distilled water and guaranteed chemically* pure. Parties in, or who contemplate coin*
Into, any of th**** lines will ** v* moo***- and time hy dealing with u��. Until our establishment is ready for business in Sandon we can furnish all t he nImit* tin** from our plant In Trail in ta hours. Mr. B. E. King wilt represent ns in Sandon and the Kootenay district. For the
pre**tit atldrvw* all order* and inquiries to u* at Trail.
rt.r i'ayne ba* >l**vr**l the ground   tot  it.
rt** Ala* I* packing on down to Handon
and -hipping
The  *.Vt*rot��*ln. above   Cody.  ��tn��. k    .i*
! ,. of On* on tho osuurtjr part of th* w��*k
. h... ir. about M feet I
Tb* Ruth Min*. r.,mpany ha* diwldedtoj
,i��.t aeon*** ol rat or. a i�� i hop** ���� ha-.*- H in |
.���aUon this fall.
Th* Mtitn-*��ha.ha. adjoining th* Kutb. i. doing *.**.*��.m*ut work.out U in two l��**jt of
good - -�����*������*titrating ore
Un l*��v*nport i* w.trking th* M*J**>*tr mtn-
. ,��i. taint, wnh-h i- *ttaat��p<l below the Min-
���<���_���-.it.*n.l Erin .lain;< Tb* tunnel U iu H
Tb* a*4kbof��,ad).dning the Wutid-rfol.on
.fax-i. nrt**ir*Ijr two jraatV a**��**<��m*itt work bad
i��u ..ton*, w*. atart-j.1 up thia w**kbyit��
twrm owner*, of whom lb* principal i* J. W.
iUi. lb Wall.ri.lgv. .tat* that la����   IMafe)
night a ������jty.tr.-k. I* inch*-, w 1*1*. <��f l*ot* **���
��t,a wa�� atrnok in th* main tunn��l on ih*
���.i.**rk��tt Boy. whirl, ba* *inc* widened t��ut
���.. f in* be*    Thi* min* la *hippii.g 99} ''��"* "'
���n- lb* Not I* Fl.* ��>onr#utrat.��r to ��w tr*ai* I
Tb* linrat W**t��m mUtetal rlaltw. iwr*ntly
liiiiiibaanil by *k* Two f.baits Miutng <ompm-
nv. ta b*tng worlw.1.   Th* ut* Wing l.ronahi
town to Mrtlataati aud .l.tH-**t    FUt**n m*tt
���t*  working  aiidat*-rottd  tnntirl   ia  twti��*
lri\*n in furthetdown ih* bill.
4.1��. ����lr��.rirh and Micba*t M**Andr*w�� ai*
working ihelr t-lalm*. the tlyp**/ <�����.��������*>��> ���*'"��
���ue  ��.ha.lv.uptb* S.ttih   Fork .4 r*upri>t**r
. rwii. al.*��ut thr** mile* aho*r* t*.��lr     **r
iHagttftee, brought down mom* ����>�����*�� looking
r,-K from th* Sltatly thi* w**k from a Itv*-
i".i l��*|g*.
Tin* ftgHMI *��t*rha* ,l**t��l.*.l t*�� *rv*.-�� a ton*
.ut rat.tr for th* Noonday, and la��t w**k a
.it* wa..ttr*.��-v*d for thia purito-* adjolninir
. h* n#w ltr*w*ry at Qn\f\   Tit* >io��atday haa a
larift" *|tit*ntity of c..n,**nt.nittng or* nodf f��r
I .**! m.t> t. and also some 1���� ton* of * i.-a" ��****
���n th*. *lum|i awaiting 4il|*m*>nt
ll �� Hit.ltt has autnrt-ye.1 two r.mt... fot��
���ratnway f**r th* R**o. H* *tal*a thai a l<- *-
tion of th*toU(wutrator will not !���* ��<������*�� '���!���
... .milt ih* irturn of J M. Marri. n**.t w.*k.
t.nt ii will Itelwtween ttandott and tl..* rail
r...,.l l.ridg*. a half mil* n|.ilt*.-r*t.k. Alt*r
Mr HarrU'return the mat t*r will ��-^ |Mi��h*��l
t�� ***>mpl*tlon. i
���Tnun our own t'*im��ttiMtudent.
rtotil.. Ht>-*��. ha* removtxl hi. offire to the
Al*-��*rei**r blot _.
Th* j.r..|��.~ i urn.r .v��m��nt. ar* nn <l*r way
tvn lb* Hl<�� *n hotel.
Booki M* Donald, A. W. M��<*un�� and CO.
Orirhtii arrivvnl lu Ka.lo from Spnkant* on
Tit* Rank of Briti*h North America ha* op-
-I.--I foi Im.im**. in it- n��w ��tand in the
Alex����nd*r block. It ba* on* ot tbe beat
f**a*ni-h*d and mo-t *-ommodiou* instltutlona
���>t th* kind tn Eoot��najr.
tVickl* A Pap*worth, proprietor* at the Kaslo hotel, have pup-h****>l the lot adjoining
them on th* *a.t antl ar* t��r<K'**ding to erect
a at"-** bnUdlug on th* pn-u-.i**-.. The fotinda-
lion baa atreatly l**��n Utid and work it* to be
ii-.t. ii. i a. ��i.>5> i* ��*. i-�����-.l<l*.
A. A. M. Aik*n. of Aik*n�� A Culver, Winnipeg, an-l s.*i>.*ral .olicii.ir of th*C. I*. R . an.l
Wm. Whit*. tTcn.-ral w-.at��rn mauajrvrrof the
C. P. K-, arrlvt-l in Ks*i" on the at**m*r Kokanee on W��*dn��N-lay night
H tintt*c*iib*.m. W. ttngavnheim and Otto
Mt-ar* of Uuv.r Colo., arriv**l inKattloon
\V<-in*aday, after making a tour of th* Trail
and Nrl-on *li��tri< 1* Th*** g*ntlem��>u are
W..U known a�� among th* ht-avieat raiiway
aud *n*.lt*r o|**rat.ira in Colorado.and it i��
b*li*v*.t t*> Vt* thrir intention to take an ac-
tuc int**-*��t in Kootenay in the n*ar future.
Wh. L. OCrianatM..
l*eedaof all d**cription<t drawn np. Practl
������al evperiem-t- iu development aud management
of mine. A knowledge of thi* and surrounding
camp* enable* to* to offer good properties to in-
ve-tont. Conscientious report* furnished on
properties.   Corre-pondence solicited.
.... Mining Operators
u��n no.   1'racti-
Local l\ea��.
Battle of the Bounc
��hi.- ..I the features of Uw Orangemen*. �����*������
i.ration to he held at Cu<ly on the l*vr\
_rotmda, July t��. w��l tte a .hoot lug *ont*at
. ..ntlne.1 to the gentler ���*����. Titer will not be
.ll.iwtnl to stoat arrow* from Cupid'* >iuit*r.
>mt will havo to f&OOt f'd.l t*a��l at a targt't..
QtM *>f the ladle* from Handon ha* *hot <��
l��ar. but ah* will meet at Cody aeveral Olana*
Iroin Hlocan City and Hllverton who have dl��-
tingulalted thftnuelviMi with Hi* rill*.
When in Kaslo go to tlw Royal
P. Iluru.&Co. ar* now saUlbg monthly in
Handon from  1-"** to It*, cattle, 09 hog* t;ud I at
Marry William* ha. rv>nt*<l thr t'u.-n rv-
taurant to other parti.*, aiyl will not t*e held
r**t*4un*dhl�� for any debts contracteii on thi*
C. 0. Hand was on hi�� way to Handon i lib.
week when he got a telegrttm that hi. only
child wa* d*ad. and turned back to Vancouver.   The child ��*a- a aiv-month*' old hoy.
Tlie t-'ilWrt hotel in already doing a hand-
aoitiv tnuim-^a Tlie furt.itniv i* seeoml to
, u<<ne in the Kootenay. Th* Bru****!* carpets,
lace rut-taiim, wardrol**., b*droom acts, rattan
chair*, and rug parlor goods would I.- a credit
lo any enatetr. . it v. Th.y were su|*|<lie*l by
I). J. Roltertson k Co Tlte general appear-
au.'eofthc building i-.ery itttrHttive. It i��
*ituMte.i -lire, tly ..pi-'.ite t'ae pt*��totti<*.
Dominion Day.
I Thursday wa* like a Sabbath in Sandon. ��>r
mor**o. Tit* bank, were cloaetl ami many of
the hn��tn***t house, were cloned iu honor of
Is.minion ltay. The l*atl**rs, wh��i rank next
to the bankers as autocrats, also closed.
Titer.*, would Imve l*��*n a mighty exinhis to the
*l,K*rt�� at New lVnv*r. but for the dtsagreea*
Id** weather. Aa it was, the excursion train
wh* cnmlortahl,, lllleti.
The Palm ita to Ship.
The Palm ita. now the property of the Pal-
mlta Silver Mining company, an Ontario incorporation, is uow in z*u> feet and drifting on
a vein of high grade ore. J. K. Clark is the
manager and K. R C. Clark-son is acting as
trustee pending the organization of the company. Early next week Mr. Clark says he will
begin shipping.      ^^^���,,*i,*i,ii,,,i,,,,,**��'ss*bjbj_^_H
Cartiflcata of lmpro����m��f��t��
i_5*a_St!itTfc Dry ff'."!?'-"*,..
u It?.....*�� Kre* Miner's Certifloato No. *b*>��.
. \mA* l_?-tv davs Item tit* date hereof, to
m*ll\, iti* Mining l^wrder for a certlfttrat*
*A\\\\il^ rr
J^uir mt_st iWc^unentvd t*efore the la-
SS of suVt^trlcat**of ImQvementi,
'TCIted this tttk day *>^tfl|��pEE,
Mav 1st. I**?-
J. Qodfray.       W* J   Bowaar, LLB
F. L. Chrstia, LLB.
Bom, Goiiy & M,
-:-:��� NOTARIES, &c.
Sandon B. C. _
Vancowvar, B. C.
Card of Thanhs.
We fail to find language sum*lent to ex.
press our gratitude to our many friends of
Only. Sandon ami the several mines, who so
nobly and readily came to our assist auce after
our entire loss by tbe lire. Agitin thanking
them sincerely, we remain,
Yours, most respectfully,
MK. aNllMf.��i. T. L.KVI.
v.., lee is hereby given tbat ut the expiration
, ol ���.A��?it ft.,,,1 the first publication here-
First Addition, sandon. H. ft f
June, A V.. WW.      ���=- ^^ as-Ance.
'   *   **"      . ,    rrr *���~~~*��. *���"  "���*~���
v .t������ iw lo.rel.v ulven that at the explra-
\<aa\\mo\ f^r �� l?ce��'e to sell liquor by retail
Vi.- V 'vi sttnate on lot 17, block r. in the
SiJ* of *��*d\m   B. C, calle*l tha Vancouver
I Xled at Sandon, BC, thi* f**0��^
Ujs*nlna:-Lv*avt**jThi*ee Forks at S o'clock
Ij��v�� a-oify at 11 o'clock.
iftsfAOOit:-!^'**    Threa  Forks
ac\o\V. "u-aVwcody at! o'clock.
at  1
F. J.  Donaldson
Has Just Received a Large. Assortment of
Drug Sundries, Pipes, Imported
Cigars and Stationery*
o    o    Imported Perfumes a Specialty.
. aa-tar-
Three Large Syndicates With a
Lightning System.
"Businessmethods' '���which moans
a combination of capital to grab
everything in sight���are coming into mining affairs with a rush.   A
California promoter started from San
Francisco some day*, ago with 150
old-time prospectors to make locations for a   wealthy syndicate all
over British Columbia.   By the time
snow flies the promoter hopes to have
staked off a goodly  share of the
province.    In  the * Lardo district
there are two of these syndicates
gobbling up the mineral lauds. One
of them has 35 prospectors in its employ, and carries  along a notary
public to make affidavits of location
and   send   them  to  be  recorded.
These aftidavitsare being sent to the
inining recorder  once  a week   in
Pitches of from 50 to 100.     Five
months work at this rate will stack
up a considerable number of claims.
The other syndicate, which is working on the sanb' ''business metlv>>ls"
in the same district, started in with
a smaller nuni'ver of prospector-*, but
this nmutter, it is expected, will lie
largely increased as the season progresses.         	
Fire Valley Strikes.
A *jeven-foot vein, Igtwecn walls
of granite and slate, has been discovered in Fire valley, 25 miles up
the Kettle river, by* a iir<>spector
named Olds. The Silver Blend and
the Star, two projierties nearly op-
������osite Fire valley, on the east sine
of Lower Arrow' lake, are said to
have excellent showings. There are
nine other claims in the vicinity, on
three of which development work is
being done, and there is promise of
a prosperous mining camp in the
near future.	
Cariboo Greek Placer*.
A large tract on Cariboo creek,
West Kootenay, was located three
years ago as placer diggings, but
after some time the diggings were
ahandoned as unprofitable, and the
adjacent country has since developed into a quartz camp. Recently
a mile and a half of this same country has been leased from the government by a syndicate for placer
mining, and the washing for gold
will shortly be recommenced
large scale.
**  -v   ���
You can Buy SLOCAN STOCKS Cr.eepar la Spokane than in
Any Other-Merket If you wish to Buy Communlcsts...wlth..Mt
We are also Prepared to Place Properties of Root Merit at any
(Members Spokane ���*,* Rossland Stock Exchangee'
And Other lnvt^tuitiu*..
Every Kepr.*entation  ..twrnnu*.**..
B C.
Kootenay Lake
Saw Mill
Special Attention lo tbe
Manufacture of Seah.Doora,
Blinda. Mouldings, Rn inning Material**, Etc.
Eatimatea farniahed for
Buildinga. Concentntora.
The untU*i***tgaed wlalu*** to ann >'it*c** l��* tht* I'liMk
that he haa t-jaiH--*! no bo*\nem in
a   a
tin* t*argi*at Hutk in tin* Kmrtt-nay tvuiun
Furniture. Carpets, Oilcloths, Window
Shades and House Furnishings . . . . .
Of ail .ic*-ri|ttit*w, If y.Hi are wanting am tiling
in the at*-ve line* give me a trial order **n*l via
will he CMnviftKM*, that y*M arlll mre ni����n��-\ b\
tl ".ng ���*��.,
Flailing in a Concentrator.
Dan MeGUlvray aava he had fish
for breakfast the other morning
that were caught in the jigs at the
Alamo concentrator, and that the
way the tish got there was by coming' down the snow slide and getting
into the pipes that supply the jigs.
Mining Notes*
Supplies and  lumber are
packed uu to the Canadian group,
near the Ivanhoe. W. H. Brandon
is general manager. Six nr eight
men will he put to work.
A force of men started work on
the Sapphire, on Payne mountain,
Tuesday, and shipments will be
made regularly during the summer.
Three tunnels are in and about
���MtJU) has been spent in development
-The first annual meet iim of the Selkirk Mi**,
log and MUIIujt Company. Umit*lHat.H.ty.
wa* bald at their oflea in Handon, Tnar*��lay.
June M. Th* following were efeet-ad dif***-tor-:
A. A. Hinltn, M. It. Orimmett,O. A. Love.O P.
(loldett,0. H. Wright and Thos. Brown: pr*��-
Ident andg**a*rHlaaanaa^r.J. A.ltanlth; Tho*
Brown, rfctJe^M-eAt-iant; W. W. Fallows. **ci**s-
Tlie New Vintage
�� E��'-S'
Saw t-fttntnt to this market I* ***t��*vti*,i titttv**r>*sJ admiration nn a*r**r������iit >*4 Bat '^,
quality and ��1ry ���>*���*-. without Uetnm h*a.,. mahtnc II a rjj*i*1N*l win* in trw tnt* ar**** ���' tm
' ' tkBy opprtrtauA.
Uomm A ...���>*���*
II should he ta*t*-4 to to* fully aw***r*tat
A*rtvrrltn�� t��* cniatoiw ||ou-��* stallaliv-i in* impoftatam at ��� ��.  H
, jyry rlwmiraan* tnwn January 1st ta |**-*r**mt-*a>r ��*t. tmm. amr��**����i*.i *��.**��� - ��~-
I emmm tiwif* than that   of any other bran**, **M-wttur. that ��   ntulittaln* an lain..-,
overall oth*n_
Ortie.*~-ln rear of Q-awford's Black
 smith Shop.
Rir *hemt**iU aaaly-ds of I*W, K '%.l** la***aasn* It -*.��nl��tn�� Ih* l*w��4 anwHit-t ..f �� \*nkm
rrtore, Ih* put-*** and nam* wh��ti>-*��io* t hftmpaatK1
tlatyal Wartanl* ha��* ttr*it fn��nt*-*t to* M**t*ra.ti. H.  Mnmm 4 ��.��   a. ���I***"**"*."" ',",'
Ma)v*��ty.tl-**i4u*>*ttiif ��^����lan.l.lli*lto>yal Mtehitaw* tn* l*i*tn*w ��f Wat---. ��'*  *�����"
(tat/man Kittt*��-r>*r. Hi* Maj.-*tr th* Kino .*f taw H-Uian*. Hi* ��aJ**l> Ih* ���*.��*._ "* H    '
Hia Majcat) Ih* King of tvnitiarti. Hi. mitj>*tdy ttW Klnc -^aw**adrn nn*i N*.����*.'
Pither & Lciscr,
Stationery, ^
Cigara and Tobaeeo.
��� ���*���   mvaawaarar.
Cigars and Tobaccos
���ROBINSON'S Horn Smokers' Supplq Store,
Th* Finest Una of F.itf tish and Fwwh Hpaa. k*|*t In etoi*k.   Mwi-arhattm atvt Ami*** ��� ���***
Opftoalta Clirtatle'a Uw Office.


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