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The Paystreak Sep 26, 1896

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Array MatiB��*��.       ������ .:���-"
'���^arr'W!        -
Wi AID COBY grater il, 1696.
HI 1
Taken from the Hills of the Greatest
White Metal Camp on Earth.
Work is progressing steadily on
the Bluebird.
Mr. Matthews, of Vane uver,
was in town recently looking up
some mining property.
Pete McPhee has quit the furniture business and will devote all
his time to the mining industry.
The muddy state of the water in
the creek proclaims the fact that
sluicing operations still continue
on the Wonderful.
Machinery is being put in the
Anloine and active work will itn*
mediately commence under the
direction of J. C. Ryan.
The Mountain Chief will start
shipping ore next month. There
is at present about 800 tons of ore
on the dump, most of which will
find its way to the smelter.
Gus Boeteher is looking at his
mining elaiius this week 'long
with Bob Williams ami (Jus
Schuler. He has some healthy
IM prospects near the Lucky Jim and
Messrs. Ceperley and Ferguson
of Vancouver paid Sandon a visit
a few days, ug.��. Tin- terms they
offered the owuers ol the Lilly B.,
a claim situated in the Arlington
Basin, have not been accepted.
The Queen Be*i is shipping 6Q
ions of ore to Tacoma this week.
No more ore will be shipped from
this mine until it CftU be rawhided
atld then shipped in bulk instead
of sacks as in the past.
Work is being pushed on rapidly In the Keed ami Tenderfoot Mr
Katl'erty. manager of the property
was ill town recently and says that
a shipment of ore will he made
shortly. About |0 or 15 tonsof ore
are already on the dump.
The tunnel on the Argo. a claim
situated .. few feet above the \\. &
S. in Sandon, > in about 200 feet.
This proposition rivals the Monitor
near Three Forks, both for the
richness of its product ami tor the
facility With which the ore mined
can be handled.
\YThUe the men were away to
dinner last Monday, the ore-house
at the Kcco caught lire and burned to the ground. A horse had
been left lied to the end of the
building and came very nearly
being turned into a barbecue, he
escaped, however, with a severely
burned back. Tie Oauue of the
lire is unknown although it is
supposed that either a candle
earelesslv thrown down or R spark
from the'blaeksmith's forge ignited
the blaze.    The  loss   is estimated
at about J500.
On the same day that the ReOO
blase occurred, the ore buildings
on the Noble Five caught lire and
were consumed. The cause, ;\> in
tne case of the Keen can only be
surmised at.
Ore has been struck in the lower tunnel of the new workings on
the Surprise. Eleven men are
pounding the rock in this property
and the force will not be increased
until the rawhiding season opens.
The Charleston, a claim ivar
the Whitewater, bonded sometime
ago to J. E. Mitchell of Winnipeg,
is showing up well. After #nk-
ing a winze from the first tunnel
to a depth of seven feet, it was
abandoned owing to the too plentiful supply of water, and another
tunnel commenced. When this
tunnel is in far enough an up-
raise will be commenced. Tnis
property is rich iu carbonates.
Jim Macdonald of the California
was in town to-day looking for a
hlacksmith. he was successful in
hisque��t. ami left on the afternoon
train for New Denver. Jim savs
he expects to strike the lead on the
California shortly with the crosscut tunnel they have been running
for tin* past few months. This tunnel will tan the lead at a depth of
1150 feet from the surface. He
contemplates putting on live more
men making eight in all who will
obtain employment on this proposition. No ore will be slopped
until snow Hies when it will be
transported to the railway in rawhides.
Building Notes
A large force ��f meif are employed on Ira, Black's ii"w hotel.
When it is completed it will he the
largest and finest hotel in the
Work on B. Cunning's hotel is
being pushed rapidly along and
goon the long felt want of sleeping
Accommodation will be amply provided for.
The school-house now under
construction will he finished by
the 5th of ne.Xt month, when the
youngsters of Sandon will be
taught the rudiments of knowledge i" warmer and more commodious quarters.
The HOUIld of the carpenter's
hammer is everywhere beard in
Sandon and building operations
are being vigorously prosecuted
on every side. Some very tasty
dwelling houses are being erected
and the liveliest and busiest town
in the Slocan country is every day
assuming a more urban-like appearance than is usually met with
in a mining centre. Some twenty
buildings, dwelling and otherwise,
are now under construction ami
still more are contemplated.
D. It. Young intends to start a
paper at Sloe in City.
George Shaw returned to Illinois,
this week.
Bob Stenson is elevating _ Iris
physical nature at the Hot
The lodging house of Mrs. Eagan
will be ready for guests iu the
course of a few days.
The packers arc busily engaged
from day to day transporting supplies to the different mines in the
neighborhood of Sandon.
Leigh ton & Williams, of Nau-
aimo have opened a real estate
and mining office in Sandon.
The Slocan Lake country is full
of cheap watches. A. watch peddler
must have been using them in lieu
of poker chips.
Another train will be put on the
run between Sandon and Nakusp
in a short lime. Engine 401 is be-
ing refitted for that purpose.
D. McKay, the popular conductor
of the N. St. S.. and   his  partner J
L.  Tipping   have   made   a   good
strike on the south folk of Lemon
.The hose cart foj the Sandon
Fife Brlga i- will "be Tu fPW^
when, the work of organizing a
permanent fire corps will be proceeded with.
Kaslo is commencing to resemble the early days of '98. It is
difficult to secure a bed ..Iter (5
P. M.J but then this report applys
to Sandon and several other Slocan
camps and small towns.
A dining room is being built at
the Last Chance, the present one
being too small to accommodate
the force. This property nevei
looked belter, and will ship plenty
of ore when the snow comes.
J. Austin Powers and wife returned to Salem. Mass.. a few days
ago. It was a sad return for them
as Mr. Powers' father had died
just before they readied there.
He was one of the oldest and most
prominent citizens of that city.
Win. Beat tie, foremano fthe Keen
who has been down on Lemon
Creek inspecting some gold properties in which he is interested.
returned to Sandon on Tuesday
last. He will resume his duties at
the Keed on Sunday next. Billy
seems to be enjoying his holiday
A test of the waterworks system
of Sandon was made last Thursday in the presence of members of
the Winnipeg Board of Trade, and
proved very satisfactory. The
efficient state of the system has
the effect of reassuring many who
had held strong doubts concerning
the safety of Sandon should lire
break out.
Tne Reco group of live claims
has  recently  been  stocked under
the laws of  British   Columbia for
#1,000,000, and   ooue of the stock
will be sold less  than  par.    It is
the intention   of the  company to
sell  $100,000  worth   of stock at
present,  half   of   which   will  be
placet!   hi    England.     In selling
stock  this company   will   pay   in
three months a  dividend of 8100,-
000 and they   further promise that
they will refund  the  price paid if
any   purchaser    is    not  satisfied.
With   a   million   dollars  woitb of
ore blocked out and another million in sight they feel safe Hi making this oiler.     From   the small
lead on the  Reco already 8125.000
worth of ore has been shipped thai
gave returns from  211   to 7&0 ozs.
in   silver  to  the  ton.    From   the
large had $25*000  worth has been
shipped that returned from 100 to
182.6  ozs.   of   the    white   metal.
This establishes the Reco as one of
the  wonders   in   silver   mining.
Tiu company has contracted with
the E. P. Allis Ckj. of Milwaukee
for a   150,000   concentrator and
tramway plant.    It l^ill be placed
in   position  as  soon aVsi��ossible. .
The original intention of hws cnmJ
imffimfr vo "bur.n; insist* \iti!m**A
Cody, but they  have  now ueeided
to erect it  close  to Sandon.    JBo-
side such propositions as the Reco
most of the mines in Rossiand and
other gold camps  pale  into insignificance.    And   it   is  a real pleasure to find a  co in piny   se
stock at par value, with an nn*��4
take  it back  if not satisfactory.
This is the  first   time that such a
tiling has been done in the history��� ,���
of Kootenay. '.   '
Strangers always look for the B.
C. Restaurant when they come ti��
Sandon. f
The Charge   Exploded.
L A. Thurston who has been
employed on the Reed and Tenderfoot met with a painful accident
Oh Thursday last, which, however,
may not prove very serious. Whil"
taking the tamping from a hole
that had missed fire the charge
exploded and he received the filling in the face. Both eyes are injured to an extent but it is hoped
that when medical assistance can
be had that the hurt may not be
of such a character as to permanently impair his sight. Mr. Thurston had been working aloue in one
of the drifts and was uot discovered until some time after the accident had occurred.
The brawny miner and his
appetite can be satisfied at the B.
C. Restaurant. + THE  PAYSTREAK
* Islssiu'd simultaneously every Saturday at
Sandon and Cody, In the heart of the Slocan,
the greatest white metal campou earthy	
Transient advertising '25 cents a Une first
insertion, and 10 cents a line for each subsequent Insertion.  	
three   dollars    a   year
The Paystrkak
Sandon, B. C.
Jno. J. Langstaff.
Editor and Mgr
The Paystreak is working one
of the best leads of ads. in the
world and is a paying proposition
from the grass roots.
The office of this journal is
nearer heaven than any other
paper in the province. Its price
is in keeping with the altitude.
This vaPer believes i'1 silver
and will shout for Billy Bryan
until frost strikes the infernal
regions and McKinley is Bitting
on the ice.
P. A. O'Farkell says that
Bostock does not know any more
about mining than a wheelbarrow. Bostoek's speech iu
parliament ou mining must have
hurt some of O'Fanell's schemes.
The Slocan contributes more
than 8100,000 a \ear to the revenue of the Dominion, and in
return practiceriy receives nothing. We rdn only hope that
M>me day it will   he our innings.
, This ^aper owes no apology for
ft�� existence. It is on earth for
the purpose of helping the locality
in which it is published, and also
to help its owner to pursue a lux
urious and philanthropic career.
The Paystreak is the healthiest and fattest journalistic baby
its owner has ever presented to an
admiring public. It is to be Imped that the same public will never
see it cry for the want of monetary
ores of ltossland "^then will an era
of activity and excitement sit in
that will electrify the world.
This journal will keep the world
posted, for three dollars a year,
upon the many events in Baudot*
and Cody. It will also advocate
anything that will benefit the
Slocan, and owes no allegiance to
any party or power. It is iu the
journalistic ring to spar anything
to a sickening.thud finish.
The maimer in which the Slocan
country bas been and is being
treated by the dunce-like provincial legislature is disgraceful in
the extreme. We will never receive justice until the s��'at of
government is removed to the
The citizens of Sandon have
lust completed a school house at
their own  expense.     They  have
for months past been paying for
police protection out of their ��>wn
pockets. These are true facts
that the m����ss-grown ami incompetent government of B. C. may
find out about the time of the
next election.
For the benefit of banking iu-
stitutions and others we will just
state that this paper is owned by
R T. Lowvery. It will be edited
and conducted by J����hn J
Langstaff. John comes from the
famous county of Bruce in Ontario
which is of sufficient guarantee iu
itself of this journal bring run iu
a manner that will suit the great
dkajnrifcjMjf iutiatrnns.
Kootenay    is     flooded     with
drummers and  business men from
many different cities. These
people are looking to make money
and if they do not move their
establishments amongstus we suggest that a heavy tax be put upon
all drummers.
The constant harping of the
press upon the building of the
Crow's Nest Railway will probably have the effect of stimulating
the construction of that road.
Kootenay people are impatient
about the delay in building it, but
if they will please wait a little
longer we will guarantee to have
the road finished before all the ore
is dug out of this wonderful
In Kansas, and other states of
the Union can be found men shout
ing for a'guld standard who have
not had $5 in money at one tun ���
in many years. They could not
possibly be any worse off under a
change of any kind, and we wonder they do not take in some sense
.*nd give Billy Bryan their sup-
port, iif xt November.
The Rabbit Paw.
There is no poverty in the
Slocan, and it promises to be a
world beater in every respect.
When capitalists realize the fact
fully that the Slocan ores are
three  times as    valuable as  the'i
The Rabbit Paw. a fractional
claim adjoining the Slocan Star
on the west has bt en purchased
by M. L. Grimmett, It. T. Reilly.
of Winnipeg, and others. A com
pany with a million dollars capital with headquarters at Sandon
will be formed under (he name oi
the Star Mining & Milling Co.
The lead on the Slocan Star has
been found within 150 feet of the
Rabbit Paw line, and it looks as
though it runs through the Rabbit
Paw. Three men are at work row
running 200 feet of a tunnel to
catch the lead ut a  certain depth.
Try the new watchmaker, J H.
Durfee. He will regulate your
watches bv a fineuDent Chronometer."      * f
J. 11. Durfee is the only watchmaker in the Slocan Country that
can give your watch a correct rat-
ng.. t
John Buckley has put in a cash
register at the Clifton House.
Geo. Le Duke will open the
Palace House in a few days.
A lino cigar store is soon to be
opened in the Harris block.
The telegraph rate to ltossland
is uow 10 words for 25 cents. For-
merly it was four bits.
The Sandon school will open
next Thmvday with Miss Moore,
of Victoria as teacher.
Curly Robinson is in Sandon
awaiting one of the opportunities
that lead to fortune.
Parties have been looking at the
Wisconsin this week with a view
to baying it.
R. J. Corv, the western agent of
the Edward P. AUis %., of Mil-
waukee, will leave for Rossland
on Mon��lav.
Mr. Macdomild, of Calgary, the
popular traveller for the Western
Milling Co. is in town. Mac is as
lively as ever and just as full of
Mr. William-*, of Kingston, who
represents the McGowan Cigar factory, sp-nt a few days in town, he
left for S!< can City wh-re he owns
some town property, lie is also
interested with Gething A Henderson in some mining property
on Springer creek.
Sandon is about a mile from
Cody,  but   Cody   is about   three
miles  from  Sandon when   vou
have to walk it.
The Epieure in search of dainties
can find them at the B. C. Restaurant,        .   ���   ^ +
Switzer and McCluskey of the
Hotel Kootenay have a fire-proof
c dlar in whi, h they have stored
many brands from many lands of
elevating beverages.
If your watch will not keep time
by Durfee's chronometer he will
regulate it for you. \
There is a g��iod opening in the
Slocan country for a furniture
store A man had to telegraph he
Spokane for chairs. He could not
get any in Kootenay. a fact thot
does not speak well for the enterprise of furniture dealers.
Send your watehes to J. H.
Durfee and be will regulate them.t
J.D. Farrell, was the first man
to pay cash for a years snbseription
to this robust journal. It is difficult
say who will be the last man to
dig up three dollars for an annual
interest in the literary trumpet of
Sandon and Cody.1
Peter LeClair, of Tacoma has
bonded the Mascot and an adjoining claim from Mike Kerlin and
Alex Waddell. The properties
are not far from Sandon and the
bond is for 810,000.
The shareholders in the Wonderful company will meet in Spokane, on October 5.
Tom Marks, of Port Arthur is
thinking of opening a general
store in Sandon.
George Hambly is building an
hotel between Sandon  and   Cody.
George Alexander returned to
Kasloon Friday.
Iu all the latest phases of the art.
and at prices that will suit
the customers   bank  account.
In   sunt
large  quantities
in stock at
Offick OK
The Paystreak
The Toronto slock exchange has
decided to receive applications for
the listing of mining stocks, and the
following memoranda was issued by
the exchange:
The committee have under consideration the question of listing mining
slocks, and have decided that mining
companies may bo listed under the
following eonditiuis:
1.    Listing fee to be $50.
L\ Evidence to be furnished as to
proper incorporation of company.
.'J. Evidence to be given of good
title to mine or principal mincsowned
and a satisfactory engineer's report
I. At least $25,000 to have been
expended on property in operating
5. Stock issued as fully paid must
bo shown to he non-assessable and
free from subscription liability.
6. Statement of company's position
to be given.
7. Any one or all of the foregoing
requirements may ba waived by the
managing company in cases of the
mining committee whose stock is
listed on cither the Montreal, New
York, London or Paris markets, or is
otherwise well established.
A correspondent of the Atlanta
Constitution writes:
At the office of Consul General
Morse in l'aris I met John C. Calhoun,
the well-known New lork financier
who bears so honored a name. Mr.
Calhoun has been in Europe for two
or three months and during that time
had been almost constantly with
I/judon and European financiers. "I
have tried," said Mr, Calhoun, 'to.
make the fullest study jKissible of the
financial question as it is viewed on
this side of the water. It is the almost universe I opinion," he went on
to say. 'that a silver victory in the
United States would l��e followed, and
almost immediately, by the opening
of the mints in Ku rope to silver at the
same ratio as that in America. The,
only government which might hold
out is Great Britain, which, being
purely a commercial nation and not
a producing nation, lias prospered so
under the gold Standard which it. has
Hieeeeded in forcing on the rest of
of the world, at the detriment of the
producing countries, itut. I Rr.d out
also that it la the universal opinion,
both in London and on the continent,
that Great Britain cannot ntfpibly
hold ('lit, for to do so would mean
great inroads into her commercial
Hill & Co.,
Chemists and Assayers,
Is the Pioneer House of the City.
.   �� ���
The only practical "Watchmaker in
the Kootenay District Orders by
mail receive prompt attention
 Maiiufaturer* of all	
Syphons, Ginger Ale.
Sarsaparilln, Etc., Etc
Sandon, B.O.
II. Stege Sole Agent for New
Denver, Silverton, Slocan City
and Brandon.
A full line of.
Mackinaws, Gum Sox and Rubbers
Post Office Store,
SANDON,    -   -   B. C.
��/Ai($j osjipyf m
A A A. ^ A A A..��,
A good hall to rent f>r Dances, etc.
��� i
One of the oldest and best known
hotels in the City.
The  only   Bowling   Alley  iu  the
Mountains is attached to this
'���air ha ^or  %rlrT��lrV     IrV'ttaw *r W ^ht       ^r  Tbr ��� *
******** DEALERS   IN* ******���*���
News, Stationery, Coufectiouery, Butter, Eggs, Cheese, flay, Grain,
Groceries, Etc.
Office :   SLOCAN TRANSFER CO., Saddle and Pack Horses to all
Points iu the Mountains.
Thos. Brown &Co.,
-: Dealers in :-
New Gtods constantly arriving.
The Newmarket
New Denver,
I?8 situated on the banks of the beautiful Slocan Lake, and the guests can
sit upon the balcony and gaze upon the grandest scenery in America
���    without any extra charge.
���Dealer in-
Gold bugs, Silver Democrats,Canadian
Capitalists, Prospectors, Miners,
Tenderfeet, Ten Mile Millionaires
and Pilgrims of every shade in
Politics, Religion or Wealth are
welcome at this House.
The fire-escape system is excellent
The rooms are airy and decorated with the latest results of the
wall paper artist The exterior
of the hotel is painted in colors
that harmonize with the idealistic
The Bar is replete with the most modern, as well as ancient
brands of nerve producers.
The Dining Room is always provided
with food that is tasty, digestible
and satisfying to the inner
economy of man.
Stranger make for the Newmarket
when you reach the Slocan Me
tropolis and do not forget the
. Landlord's name.   It is
HeNSY Stece ;vX\.'...^.;. j
Her Firnt Thought.
Doctor���Madam. I much regret to
say that your husband has appcudic
Wife   Now I know where all my
raisins have gone.
Where The Sin Came In.
Miss Polly -Dear me, your father
whipped you for telling a lie?
Miss Polly   And did you deserve
the whipping?
Tommy���Yes, ought, not to have
been found out.
From Different Standpoint)*.
Farmer -Look how many blossoms
arc on those trees. If every blossom
would br!ng forth an a yple I would
be a rich man next fall.
Dr. Bolus--And if every apple were
eaten when green, and every cater
got a colic, my fortune would be made
right off.
. ...:._       :S
(���ullty of Something Kcklou*.
Commuter Our conic is going to
stay with us another month.
Suburbs- Oce whiz! 1 low did you
manage it?
Commuter I didu t manage it. She
went and confessed to the priest the
other dav and he ordered her to stay
another month as penance.
Couidn't rndiTKtond It.
Bobby was very much impressed
by the remark of the minister at
church that man was made of dust
"Mi," he said after a thoughtful
Bilenco, "was 1 made of dust, too?"
"Yes," she replied.
"Well, how is it that my birthday
comas in January? There ain't any
dust then."
John W. Phiininer, late manager
<.| thetirnnite Mountain and Debnar
niine.N died on August 20 in London,
Kngland. Mr. Phiininer was an
Algoma man, having been assistant
manager of t|��e Bruce mines in the
sixties, and afterwards at Stiver and
Jarvis [stands, near Port Arthur, for
a great many years. His later mining experience has been wholly in
the western states where hramassed
a large fortune. Mr. Phiininer was
married In in7l\ t<> Miss Mclntyre, a
daughter of Governor Mclntyre, of
Fort William, Out.
Butte, w. a. (ink has bought
the Mayflower, the gold mine recently discovered near Whitehall,
and which has Created a furore all
through Montana. The amount paid
was only $150,000. With only four
men working, more than ��*.'<),<XK) has
been taken oat In six weeks, and at
present SlMKX) in gold is being extracted daily. The total expense of
getting out. the $60,000 was less than
��IUX>. as the ore is simply (piarried
out of the side of the mountain. The
claim was discovered by E. M. Clark,
an assaver. in April, 1895. but no
work w;is done on it until a few weeks
ago. The limestone is of a flinty
character, find though the rock yields
from |400totf>00. not a sign of gold
can be seen even with a glass.
Negotiations are under way for the
sale of the Lucky Coon property,
Seine river, the Norman Gold mines
company of Ixmdon, and if closed the,
property will once more be worked
for gold. It has been idle for a year.
Hillyer and others of Superior, Wis.,
are leading stockholders. At the
Fergusson mine, adjoining the Coon,
twenty-five men are at work and
several shafts have been sunk into
#IC> rock, while one of the many veins
has been traced for over 1000 teet,
varying in width from eighteen
inches to double that. The mine is
under English control.
Efforts are being made to interest
capital in the prospects of the Little
Turtle district, Seme river, and it is
expected that several sales will soon
be made there. Some very large
and well mineralized veins have
been prospected.
The Randolph mine has not been
worked at all, but it shows indications of rich ore. The vein is from
five to seven feet in width and gives
an assay from $4 to $75 per ton. It
can be traced for half a mile on the
surface, and was discovered by
Edward Randolph in 1894. The
Wcigand quartz shows more or less
free gold. The property is held'at
R. II. Aim, superintendent of the
Mikado, near Rat Portgage, has just
made known the result of another
run on Mikado rock. From twentv-
ttvo tons $2520 worth of tree gold was
taken from the plates, or $100 to the
ton. Almost everybody here is in
fected with the gold excitement since
these returns. A meeting of the
citizens was held last night to organize, a mining exchange.
Dealer ir\ MEATS
��>>AI��A>��   OKFICK   IN   LOKDOX.
An English capitalist en route for
British Columbia, in an interview
with a Toronto reporter, said that he
found it ditticult to obtain in London
information regarding British Columbia, and could rind no map of Western Canada except that issued by the
Canadian Pacific
If the gentleman be not mistaken,
the Dominion government should lose
no time in setting on foot an investigation. It the high commissioners
office is not supplied with good maps
ot all partd of the Dominion, and if
those hi charge are not able to furnish
Information of all kinds regarding
Canada, the establishment is sorely
in need of regeneration. Or, if the
capitalist was unaware ot the cxist-
ance ot such a place as the Canadian
office in London, it is time steps were
taken to let all England know that
in London there is an office where all
information regarding Britain's chief
colony win be obtained.
if the riigh commissioner's office is
so poorly supplied or so little known
as the visitor to Toronto alleges, it is
poorly qualified to conduct emigration
to Canada. The matter demands instant consideration.- Star.
Anaconda.���The Ar.aoonda Mining
company has let the contract for a
silver niill that will have a capacity
for 500,000 ounces of wetal a month.
It will run four furnaces and two ten
ton dry tanks, and be fitted throughout with the latest machinery. The
company is to erect a general office
building, to centralize all heads of
departments. Its monthly pay was
last week and ��200,(WO was distribu
ted to 8000 men, somewhat more than
the average.
Robert Macdonald
Neil Macdonald
MACDONALD  BROS., Proprietors.
Rates ��1.50 to $2.50 per day.
""':���; M
Headquarters for Mining Speculators and Capitalists.
Reco Ave., - - Sandon, B.C
iliiii Cft
J.   C.   HAYES,   Mngr.
Manufacturers of aifd Dealers in������
���,   ..
Stoves, Tinware, Hewara nl Gopperware.
 All kinds of Mining Work a Speciality.
iitii k $k|iii��ii
-Dealers  in-
P. Ilvimk-k
P. F. Godonrath
Mining Brokers.    -    -
���    .    Real Estate Agents.
Correspondence Solicited.
Brandon  and New  Denver.
Get pr Fresh Meat
I Kootenay Bnti
The Queutelte Placer Deal Closed.
Seattle���The sale of theQuesnelle
and Maudi placer locations in the
Caribou, B. C. district, by Colonel
Fishback and others, arranged some
weeks ago, has been closed for $5,000, -
000. The properties embraced in the
deed are those ot the Maude Hydraulic Mining company, consisting
of 880 acres; the property of the Fish-
back company, 570 acres, and the
Quesnelle river syndicate, twenty
miles of the main Quesnelle. J. E.
Addicks and R F. J. Gay nor of New
York, representing the Gould interests, are the buyers. Fishback is
owner of the Seattle Times, of which
A J. Blethen, lately of Minneapolis,
is now edidor.
Those who have been deceived by
the prophetic writings of people who
have undertaken to sketch the possibilities of the mining industry of
southern Kootenay, will doubtless
have their eyes opened within the
next twelve months. Times without
number has the assurance been
given that the ores of this district
would ail be treated south of the
boundary. The construction of the
Nelson, Trail and Pilot Bay smelters
disproved this in due season; but the
latest development is that southern
~* 1 M^jgg of behijr, an
���i.��*��- *w#��.
group of eirht claims���the Good Luck,
East Slope, Silver Tip, Gold Drop,
Copper Blunt, Oconook, Copper King,
and Queen of All. The ore is copper
and silver, running high in both met
als. Considerable work has been
done. A shaft 25 feet has been sunk
on the Good Luck. The vein was two
feet wide on the surface and at the
bottom of the shaft was six feet wide.
On the Copper King there is a tunnel
110 feet Mid a shaft 40 feet deep,
which are connected. The mines are
located about one and one-half miles
from Oconook." There are now about
50 tons of ore on the damp and the
owners are considering the advisability of shipping it to tbe Nelson
smelter. The cost ok transportation
is only 12.50 a ton, and owing to the
lime contained in tbe ore, it can be
treated very cheaply.���Tribune.
he leaves for Rossland, taking in on
the way the Ontario gold region in
the Rainy River and Lake of the
Woods districts.
When seen, Mr. Maclean made the
characteristically remark that he did
not wish to say anything until he
had done something. He suited that
he had lots of information to the effect
that the Trail district was wonderfully rich in ore, but that, course, of
nothing had been proven yet.
Mr. Maclean can't understand the
methods by which we do business
out here. He does not see the object
of calling a share worth $1 and selling it for six cents. He stated, however, that he was pleased, under the
circumstances, to see non-assessable
companies being formed here. The
great trouble in the United States
had been that in assessable companies the controlling holders of stock
would order an assessable simply for
tfie purpose of crowding the small
purchasers out.
British Columbia, Mr. Maclean
thinks is splendidly situated for securing English capital, because com*
muniaation with tne Old Land is so
easy and inexpensive.
the long ocean journey and the
heavy cable rates from England to
Australia and New Zealand militated
strongly against the mines out there;
and, besides, while British Columbia
has lots ot fresh water, in West Aus
tralia the procuring of the fluid for
working, and even drinking, purposes was most difficult.
One thing Mr. Maclean thinks Canada needs, and that is a minister of
mines. Every colony in Australia
bus one, and, besides, mining agenjta
to London, Eng., who can supply* all
to those seeking Ik
ustralia and New Zealand, but
most people at home are not sure that
British Columbia is a part of Canada.
They connect the word "Columbia'
with the mining industry on the
the Columbia river iu Oregon, which
supplies the English with millions of
tons of canned salmon. Before I came
away I could actually get no reliable
map of Western Canada. The only
thing I could find was a C.P. R. map,
and, in fact, if it were not for the C.
P. R.'s efforts, Canada would not be
known In ttngland at ail. -World.
There is in Toronto a gentleman
whose presence betokens the interest
that Canada's mineral wealth is
awakening in England. A Maclean
of the great Leadenhall-street,
London, England, firm of Maclean &
Co., mining capitalists, is the person
referred to.
Maclean & Co. have millions invested in the gold mines of South
Africa, New Zealand, Australia and
the United Sutes, and now, seeking
for new worlds to conquer, are turning their eyes towards Canada. Mr.
Maclean is here for the purpose of
personally investigating Canada's
mineral resources.   In a day or two
A  OEM   WORTH  S3.0O0.0OO.
The greatest diamond in tbe world,
the most valuable gem ever discovered, is at last to be cut and put
on the market Any lady or gentleman who has an odd 12,000000 or
$8,000,000 lying around loose in the
house may now acquire this gem as
soon as the cutting process is finished.
In the rough, the diamond was
valued at 12,500,000. How much
the cutting may enhance this valuation or depreciate it only the future
can tell. If it falls into the hands of
a particularly skillful man, he may
easily add $500,000 to it. If, on the
other hand, the cutting is unskillfnUy
done, $500,000 may be cut off with
equal ease.
The stone has never been out of
I the possession of the great financial
syndicate, of which Cecil Rhode? Is
the head, and which controls the entire diamond output of South Africa.
It was found by one of the syndicate's
workmen iniJune, 1893, in the Jager
Fontein mine, near Kimberly.   It is
known as the Jager Fontein Excelsior. From the moment of its discov ���
ery up to the present time it has been
guarded as carefully as the treasure
in the BanV- of England.
To make its security all the great
er, strict secrecy has been observed
as to Its exact location. It was first
kept under military guard at the
syndicate's South African place, and
then sent under special escort to London. There it has remained ever
since. But, beyond the fact that it is
in the city somewhere, no one has
been permitted to know anything
about it. The secret of its location
has been kept by the officers of the
company and a tew trusted employes.
No effort has been heretofore been
made for its cutting, because a customer for a two and a half million dollar solitaire is not to be picked up
every day. And as the cutting process is very expensive, the syndicate
did not care to go ahead with the
work until there was some prospect
of a sale.
It takes an emperor or a king to
secure control of such a stone as this,
and the emperers and kings of Europe
are rather hard up at present Who
it is that has finally promised to take
the Jager Fontein Excelsior off the
syndicate's hands is not known, it is
rumored in London, however, that
like all the other great things In the
world, the big diamond is coming to
District Passenger Agent
Contracts taken for raw
hiding or packing ore from
and packing supplies to mines
Saddle horses for hire
The Quickest
Cheapest Route
Steamer leaves Nakusp every 8cm-J
day,   Wednesday   and   Friday
morning, making close connection
at  Rcvclstoke with trains   for
all points East or West.
Before you travel get information from
C.P.R.   Agents as to time and
rates.   It will save you money
Apply to nearest Railway Agent
or to
SIGNS a Specif.
The Ormist,  ��� SANDON, B.C.
Drugs, Stationery, Druggist
Sundries, Notions and Toilet
Perfumes and   Imports! Cigur* a
Hotel Kootenay
Switzer & McGlnskey,
1 r
It is evident that the Dominion
government is contemplating the construction of a road through the Crow's
Nest Pass into the Kootenay country,
now so famous for its gold and silver
mines and rich also in coal.
Not long ago it was rumored that
the C. P. R. Co had resolved to build
this line and partially abandon the
present route through the Rockies. If
they  ever   had  such an idea,  the
reasons for the new line having become stronger as the business in the
mining regions has enormously increased, it would not be difficult to
persuade Sir William VanHorne to
undertake t;ie work.   Of course, the
popular idea will be, in any case,
that he is behind the proposition, and
that it is but another of his schemes
for inserting his hand into the public
puree.   However this may  be, the
railway should be built, and, as the
Globe pointed out, the Dominion of
Canada should retain control of the
pass so advantageously situated/ that
it may not become a mere right of
way for a monopoly.
The next pass in Canadian territory
available for a railway, beyond the
one now occupied by the C. P. R., is
supposed to be the Yellow head, and
it is too far north to serve the country
likely to be settled within your lifetime and mine.   Much or little as we
may trust the C. P. R., Canada cannot afford to baud over both available
entrances from the East into British
Columbia to the Canadian   Pacific.
Such i? proceeding would leave both
ourselves and the golden province of
the West at the mercy of a company
which,  like all  other  corporations,
would not be slow to take the best of it
~2JKL.leave but enough to keep the
miners and  settlers from moving,
with one accord, out of the valleys.
The only other means of relief if
such a policy were pursued would be
the use of Yankee lines. This is the
trouble of which the people of the
Kootenay now complain, and of which
the manufacturers and shippers of the
older provinces have a very good
right to complain. All the supplies
go in from the state of Washington,
and most of the ore goes there to be
refined. We are losing all this trade,
and to obtain it for Canadians is the
good reason for building the road,
but it must not be forgotten that wc
do not propose to build the road or
assist in building it and loose the
trade as well by reason of excessive
freight rates and the seizing of the
pass.���Toronto Star.
Try the
Sandon Laundry
First-Class Work.
White Shirts   -   -
-  -  a Specialty;
Subject to change without notice
Trains run on Pacific Standard Time.
Leave 8 00 A .M.
3 50 I
"   8 SO    "
South Fork
3 15
���'   ft 96     "
2 15   '
"   �� 51     "
2 00
������ 10 03     "
Hear Lake
1 48
" 10 18     "
1 33
" 10 30     "
Halle v'��
i n
���' 10 38     "
1 12
Arr.  10 50     "
Iicave 1 00
For rates and information apply at
Company's Offices.
ROBT. IRVING,       R, W. BRYaN,
Truffle Mngr. Supt. and Aw't Trra*.
- :LEAVES :-
(Sundays excepted)
after arrival of train from Nakusp
For **-
and all intermediate points.
Returning same day.
Powder carried only on Fridays.
Time Table subject   to change without
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard
Only Route to Trail Greek
and Mineral District of the
Colville Reservation, Nelson, Kaslo,  Kootenay
Lake and   Slocan
DAILY (Except Sunday) BETWEEN
Spokane and Nelson, B. C.
8:40 a.m.
7:00 a.m.
5:00 p.m.
0:15 p.m.
PUWOgttl for Trail Creek  Milieu connect at
Kortbport with Stn��e�� and Hteainer* Daily.
Close connection with Steamers for Ka��b and
all Kootenay lake pointo.
pMMBgtn for Kettle   River and Hmindary
Creek connect at Marcus with eUge dally.
Don't overlook
111 site hb;t��
Ohisholm & Walmsley.
KOOTENAY Mercantile
Tailoring Co.
Dry Good*, Gluts' Furnishings am)
Dreoa Making.
Mini's Bought, S��M or Bonded.
���        !'���
���������# SANDON, B.C.
Is one of the Best Appointed Hotels, in the Slocan.
Large and Airy Rooms
First-Class Dining Room
Sample Room lor Commercial JVIen
J.   If.   WINTER  Prop.
B. O
First-Class Accommodation
For Tourists and
Mining Men	
Cody lain the heart of the Slocan, and you must go there If you would.
see that great country. I 11 IP
"Now, ladies and gentlemen,
said the Conjuror, having shown
you that the cloth in absolutely
empty, I will proceed to take from
it a bowl of gold-fish.        Presto!"
All round the hall people were
saving: Oh, how wonderful! How
does docs he do it 1"
Bat the Quick Man on the front
seat said, in a big whisper, to the
people near him: lie had it up his
Then the people nodded brighlty
at the Quick Man and said: "Oh,
of course, and everybody whispered round the ball: He had it up
Ims sleeve."
"My next trick, said the conjurer, is the famous Jlindoostanee
'���ings. You will notice that the
iiaj.rs arc apparently Separate; at a
blow tiny all join (clang, clang,
clang) -Presto."
There was a general buzz of stupefaction till the Quick Man was
heard to whisper: He must have
bad another lot up his sleeve."
Again everybody nodded and
whispered: "The rings were up his
The brow of the conjurer was
clouded with a gathering frown.
"1 will now, he continued, show
you a most amusing trick by which
I enabled to take any number ol
eggs from a bat. Will some gentleman kindly lend me a hat? Ah.
thank you���l'resto !"
He extracted seventeen eygs.
and for thirty-live seconds the audience begap to llijuk he was won
lerful. Tien the Quick Man
whispered along the front bench.
He has a ben up hissleov.-. arid all
tbe people whispered it on. He has
a lot of hens up his sleeve."
The egtr trick was ruined.
It went on like that all through.
It transpired from the whispers of
the Quick Man that the conjurer
must have concealed up his sleeve,
iu addition o> the ring*, hens, and
fish, several packs of cards,   a loaf
of bread, a doll's cradle, a  live
guinea��pig,   �����  five-shilling  piece.
and a rocking chair.
The reputation of the conjurer
was rapidly sinking below zero.
w the close of the evening he rallied for a final effort.
"I,adie> and gentlemen, be said.
I will present to yon, in conclusion
tl e famous .lapaneesetrick, recently invented by the natives o'   J1p��
petary,   Will yon, sir. in- continued,   huiiiiig   towards   the  Quick
Man, will you sir kindly lend me
your gold watch ?"
It was passed to him.
"Have I your permission to put
it into this mortar and pound it to
pieces? ' he asked savagely.
The   Quick   Man   nodded   and
The conjurer threw the watch
into tne mortar and grasped a
sledge-hammer from the table.
There was a sound of violent
smashing. "He's slipped it up his
sleeve," whispered the Quick Man.
"Now, air. continued the. conjurer, will you allow mo to take your
handkerchief and punch holes in
it V    Thank you.    You see, ladies
and gentlemen, there is no deception, the holes are visible to the
The face of the Quick Man beam
ed.    This time the real mystery of
the thing fascinated him.
"And now, sir, will you kindly
pass me your silk hat and ailow
me to dance on it?     Thank vou."
The conjurer made a few rapid
passes with his feet, and exhibited
the hat crushed beyond recognition
"And will you now, sir. take off
your collar ami permit me to burn
it in thecandle? Thank vou, sir.
And will you allow me to smash
>our speet aelesfor you with my
hammer? Thank you."
By this time the features of the
Quick Man were assuming a puzzled expression. "This thing beats
me, he whispered, I dont see
through it a bit."
There was a great hush upon the
audience.  Then the conjurer drew}
himself up to his full height, and.
with a withering look at the Quick
Man. he concluded:
"Ladies ami gentlemeu, you will
observe that 1 have, with this
gentleman's consent, broken his
watch, burned his collar, smashed
his spectacles and danced ou Ins
hat. If he will give me further
permission to paint grefti stripes
on his overcoat, or to tie his braces
iu a knot, I shall be delighted to
entertain you, if not, the performance is at an end."    <
And amid a glorious burst of
music from the orchestra the eur-
lein fell, and the audience dispersed, convinced that there are soum
Mirks, at any rate, that are not
done up the conjuror's sleeve.
Street lamps are needed iu Sandon.    This is a light question.
The water works in Sandon is
one of the best wet propositionsjin
the camp.
The streets in Sandon are high
All loads lead to Sandon except the wagon road from Denver.
A townsite called Aylwin City
has been staked about a mile from
tin- Enterprise on Ten Mile. A
building to !(. ���.! ed M a store has
already been erected. Thos. Keed
it Co. will have an hotel in operation some time in (>etober.
Unlets the alien labor law is repealed, Laurier threatens to have
a similar one enforced in Canada.
If such a thing should come to
pass it work a hardship upon many
people of Kootenay.   .lust now a
citizen of the United States in Can-
ada is entitled to all the privil-
edges thai natives are. except
.1. II. Durfee is ilie. only watch-
maker iu the Slocan Country that
can give your watch a correct rating, t
The Epicure iu search of dainties
can find them at the B.C. Restaurant. '"
The wise expert, the literary
fiend, the English capitalist, the
timid tenderfoot, the brawny miner, the energetic prospector, the
sky pilot, the mule skinner, the
sleek merchant, the generous saloon man, the cow puncher, "the
trail blazer, and the general fraternity, no matter of what creed,
race or color, are requested to
search their jeans for three dollars
with which to pay for 52 visits of
this roaring journal from Sandou
The paystreak of good grub
never pinches out at the Bryan
A   Curiosity.
A man from Nova Scotia handed
Ed. Atherton a cent in payment
for a cheap stamp the other day,
and Uncle Ed. nearly fell dead as
he pushed the coin into the till,
and banded tbe man at the wicket
a whole sheet of stamps in payment for the curiosity. This is
the first one cent deal that has
been successfully consummated in
tne camp.
Capitalist? *vill do well to bond
a vew of the choice steaks at the
Bryan Cafe.
"What is that mountain over
ther^?" asked the tenderfoot.
"That is not a mountain, partner," said the trail blazer. "It is
a little foggy today, or else you
would see that what appears to be
a mountain is only a Kaslo mau
and his jag of ozone."
The cook is alwavs iu eight at
the Bryan Cafe.
The Rooky Roads in Sandon is
one of the latest songs of the night.
The cotlVe at the Bryan Cafe
will invigorate the oldest resident.
Notice is hereby given that the
undersigned will at the expiration
of thirtu days apply to the Stipeu*
darv Magistrate of West'Kootenav
district for a license to *cll liquor
retail at his hotel situated about
half way between Sandon and
Gbokqx Uamki.y.
Sandon, Sept, 26,1896.
Try the new watchmaker, J.H.
Durfee. lie will regulate your
watches by a fine"Dent Chronometer/' t
i      I
\ Ik
Near-he K. & S. depot.
4 \
 I ft
rawford-       ����*����
If your watch will not keep time
by Durfee'l chronometer he will
rugulate it for you. J
( Late Kelowna Shlppen I'niuu.)
Will try to have always on hand
HAY, OATS, FEED, and all
kinds of VEGETABLES.
PLE9 in season, and will
give all a SQUARE DEAL.
Orders by mail or wire
promptly attended to
SAM    RAY,  Agent,
Sandon, B. C. '!��!"      ^ 'r
Many Items From our Hustling Twin
up the Gulch
A. B. Dockstader is the pioneer
merchant of this city.
Recently, nearly 200 lots iiave
been sold by the townsite company
Sixty people sleep at Winters
hotel every night.
Johnson & McKinley are putting up a building to be used as
dry goods and gents furnishing
Green Bros, of Kaslo have purchased one of the best business
lots and are erecting a large building to be  used as a general store.
The new hotel of W. E. Terrill
& Co. is nearly completed, and
will be ready for business in
a few days.
Currie and McMartiu are running their mill night and day. and
have orders in for over a million
Veet of lumber.
The townsite people are grading streets and building a road
up Carpenter cieek.
Railway avenue, Third and
Fourth streets are the names of
the principal thoroughfares in
this lively camp.
Commercial travellers are almost as numerous as hotel snap
Tnos. Levi has christened his
house, "The Park Hotel." The
baseball ground adjoins it.
The ground is being graded for
four more hotels. McNeill Bros.,
- G. T. Lundy, McTuggart & Mad-
sen, and Adams <fc Craft, are thfa
names of the landlords. In addition to the above two more hotels
are talked of.
The lJ3locan Star Company is
surveying for a fluum from Cody
The Noble Five Co's offices ar*
nearly ready  for occupancy.  The
company has about 70 men   work
ii>gjj��jo:i    the  Hume, tramway   and
I     concentrator The   mill  will   be  a
duplicate of the one at  the Slocan
Star,  and   is    being    constructed
under the directum of T. \ritehell
one of tin: best builders of concen-
trators  in  this western   country.
Me"Ssers     MeGuigan.     Porter,
Uherman. Cutler and other mining
men make   their headquarters at
C aly.
Mr. Thos. Mitchell and family
are stopping at Wint��-rV Hotel.
Charley Chambers is boss of the
work on the wagon road.
The air-compresser plant recent-
ly put in the-Jiueky Jim is working
satisfactorily \and the work of get
ing out ore preparatory to ship,
ing when the rewinding season
un> is bumming along.
Have your watches  repaired  by
J. H. Durfee. f
Is one of the best places in Sau-
don to obtain
That are
In taste and
.      -  m.
f i can Float
of Boat Merit
McMartin & Orrie
warn wmw w iwwtn
Etc.. Etc.
In their  qualities.
l'at McNeil who has been ill fulsome time past with mountain
fevet is able to be around again.
He leaves on Monday next to accept a position in the concentrator
near Three Korku.
Don'f overlook the B. C. when
you want a meal that will make
you feel like a new individual. |
Preparations are being made to
tap the waterworks system in
order to lay the pipes for the water
supply lor Ira Black's new  hotel
if vou are
Call and see
1 ��MM��
At the
MMJVH irei
Coal. Iron. Steel, and Ore Cars
StoVPS \>o     <X\
Loans Discounts    *
$    aiicl   Colleetioris
FIBE&LW��   -   -


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