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The Paystreak May 15, 1897

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Array I He
SANDOH AUD aft, May 15,189?.
I.tjjiil   Happenings   Around  and
About Sandon.
W. II.   n��'|a-r.   ot   the  Stwi   Line,
waa here Tumlay.
Thr Itaimoral Hotel li* la��ing re.
(���aired and rt*pa|**red.
Seott McDonald haa retumed Ui
Ntudon from Spokane.
i: l-ikiiian waa up 11 "in Kaalo
yt*aterda| taking lit tlie eights of
K. .1. Hrothly haa moved hia store
ncroat the *4reet' Into hanti*-��m��-
It i- ragKg-ted thai lliggmaon will
ie-the new (told OommtMhiner for
Weal Kositenay.
l>. W. French. Ana��-otida. waa
visiting Sandon in eoui}>au> with
hV Payne party early tbi*. w��rk.
Sick l*alt*rcia I* putting up a
building **pj*����**ite iln* K-Mi-tl.A
HoiH, to la* occupied by a dry good*
VV. V. Miller caiiir in t'mm Xew
Whate*.an. Wash., thia wi***k ami
>. ill {troltably locate in thi*. section
for toe atinimer.
A latiut-T fell  otf the   St.   .latil*-'
il ��u-l in New lienvrrr on IVediMulay
but had hia n��*ek ��avtil hy falling
<��t\ the U'iephoiie win-*.
MU* K. Wttwm haajuwt ret��*-��lv,*| a
'M*w line of cnildrvut'a hat**, ladiea'
l-4ouaer* ami me*- collar**. l-��dto art*
Invited to call and aee than.
The White House Bote), K. ��.**���**.
���v ��*��.. juMprt'i *r-... have a ((rami
���l*-'tiinjs* t might. The houae la new
��m*1 nk-i'ly lurnfadted, op-unit** the
nifton Hou��>i��.
Atlalin Power*, a nephew uf Joha
Buckley, of the Clifton House, haa
r-iariH-il to take hit* plae��* In the
Nonbiu hneebaM u*am aa K 'diny ���*
-��ar eateher.
.1. Shaw. Owen SmiuI. Ontario.
h uiakimr a tottr uf the K ��aeanys.
lie ha*. beau ihr*��ugii ui *at of the
inining district, ami i** itruek with
the (>o*.itiou Sandon opcupkM among
the mint**..
U, Marp��ie. mineral ta|ierlntwd-
ant of the Pacific divtton of the C.
1\ K., whti ha** jtisat ineceeded II.
\hbott,aad Mr. l)ucla**m y. locating
������ngin****r. awe in Santl.'nTluir**l.iy.
uitl while here aiv uii.lei>lo>*tl to
have rftleotod * Alt- for the C l\ li.
depot00 K��vo Avenue, near the K.
���V S. ill-put.
The Hank of Hritir.li North Anter*
i�� a opened a branch at Slocan tity
last Monday * which will la- greatly
sppreejateu by the reaktcnt*. t��f that
Krowhtg t*��wti. Thia ia the fourth
branch which thiaenterpriaini; bank
luu opened in the Roolanay during
ihe -utat year which a|a*aka well for
the growth of the district. The
Bank of H. \, A. ia one of the lead
in)*: financial Institution*, of the t-oun
try ami we are glad to ***���. it reopg-
nlstngto such an extent the great
lamalbilitlea of thia part of the Province. The branch at Slooan City
will la* for tho present umler the
able and energetic manngi-im-nt of
Mr. (Jeorge Kydd, who baa imule
himself very popular while in charge
ofthe branch here.
The ball given by Qua Smith at
Black ii Hotel Thuradav evening
waa a very |>leaaant affair, and
largely attended. The lady's prize,
a pretty *ouvt-nir spooa of'Sandon.
ttraa awarded to Hia. Frank Kennedy, ami the gentleman* prize to Jf.
Keep the Money at Home.
It accut* a very ahort nigh ted
policy for anyone to Mttd away or
buy tn another town anything that
can la- got here, even though the
c*m la* warn-what higher. Probably
ninety par cent, of the money paid
for aalarieaaml wagt-aaml the pro-
Htsof buaineaa, out-ude the value of
ore produced in tht* minea, ia mail
up in the coat of living and for other
Our-pOMe, directly and inimediau-ly.
That ia, ahout ten cents on every
dollar that change* hands in Sandon
will la* of no benetitto the rest of the
population, and ninety cent* will be
tliatribut��**i through ' the natural
channel* of trade, eventually bene*
lluiug everyone living here. In
caaa, nowever, the money i�� lent out
of town we are (poorer by ninety
cent-, tm every dollar that got**, anil
in the course of a year tlie lo** in the
ajrtfrejrHt** ia eiiormoua. and a very
werioua ime u��each individual. Thu'a
althouglt it may appear of ad van
tag��* in certain eaa��*a. If the practice
were genera), buafneanof ever\* kind
wouldatop. It therefore benooves
everyone t<�� buy of Itjcal dealers.
Keep the imau-y at home.
Sandon to Celebrate the tireat
Hay in Itoyal Style.
A in <venicnt han been trtartetl by a
numUr of the leading men of. Sandon to have a celebration at Sandon
ami Code on Jubilee Day, Tuesday,
June 2-tod. It ia pro|toaefl to have
gamo of luill. lantMBW and the other
OUt-door sport*., with dancing and
probably a grand display of fireworks in the evening. The rail
roads will la- naked for excuraion
rat.**, and an invitation extended to
all Kootenay to join in the htggeat
time ever aeen iu the mines of Brit-
iah Columbia. Sandon haa the reputation of never <l*>ing anything by
halve-., ami will doubtles* sustain It.
A call has been made for a meet
ing at Crawford's hall. Monday
evening at l.'.Vi o'clock, to organize
for Immediate work, and every one
Intercatcdla Invited to attend, whether thev have lavn spoken to or not.
Police Court Note*.
A. MtTherson was arrested last
Sunday tor selling liquor without i
license. He plead' guilty and was
sent to Kamlttop*. for six months.
The ll-pior was evidently stolen
froth a C. P, U. car, bun the charge
could not l��e proven.
.1. I). Duiaghuc was arrested
Tuesday morning for assaulting
James Finlnnie with the butt end ol
a revolver. 8everal partie* were
mixed up In the row it appears, and
Fiulnnie, who was an outsider, attempted to act as peacemaker, and
as often hap*>eiis. got hurt. '1 he Injury was not aerious, and the case
has been dismissed.
The Moat Important Transactions
and Xewa of the Week.
Quartz Smith, of California, a
noted inining man is here for the
summer not here for his health
The Maacot, above the Kuth, haa
juat struck the ledge in 180 feet.
The Indications are that there is a
big body of ore ahead.
W. L. How and F. E. Sargeant,
Anaconda; E. V. McCune, Salt
I*ake, interested In the Pavne mine,
were in Sandon Monday.
Mr. Monroe, a Montana inining
man, has taken charge as superintendent of the Bondholder, on
Springer creek.
F. S. Davis reports a strike on the
Silver Wave. Wilson Creek, of over
two feet of sulphide ore, an assay
from which went 714 ounces in silver.
Fred T. Kellv, rMjcretarv-treasurer
ofthe Reco Mining A Milling Cora-
nany, left Friday for Spokane, San
Francisco and the Southern States.
He will be away about three months.
Hlen. W. W. Warner is working
four men on the Ajax, three miles
from Sandon, on Payne mountain.
The dip of the ledge follows the slope
of the bill, and is found within a few
feet of the surface the full length of
the claim. This allows the mine to
be worked from tunnels, one below
the oilier close together. Five tunnels are now in, and another has
juat been started. The ore is clean
galena, and is bagged and ship-red
from the mine. The mine shipjied
��W,000 of ore last year.
Sandon at the Bat.
Sandon has organized a basekill
club, which is believed will prove
the strongest in the Kootenay. Local
sports art- laying odds on them.
There aiv two"or three more players
vet tn get. but some tine talent is
ia-ing negotiated for. and the result
will la* known in a few days. The
following is a list of those engaged
Powers, catcher; Dolan, pitcher;
-iturtthv, center field; Com pea u,
third; Johnson, first; Kelly, second;
Blackwood, short, and Devlin, left
The first game will la' at Slocan
City on the 24th of May. About
IttUi has lat-n collected to fix the
grounds and support of the team.
Bruce White coming from the East
May 15th is expected to bring
two or three crack players.
The Selkirk Mining and Milling
Work on the property of this company is ttcing pushed ahead with
vigor. The tunnel wliich is being
run to crosscut the ledge at a depth
pf 260 feet is now in nearly *J00 leet.
It is exia-cted the bilge will be
struck when another fifty feet has
la-en comnlet-tl. A shaft to the
depth of fifty feet has been sunk on
the ledge and this is in ore all the
way down. The ledge is about ten
feet wide ami is undoubtedly,a true
fissure  vein.    The  ore assays   87
ounces in silver and the very high
percentage of 81 per cent. lead. It
is expected that when the lead is
reached a fine body of ore will be
struck. The property of the company consists or a group of four
claims situated between the Reed
and Tenderfoot and Canadian
groups and also of the Hope claim
near New Denver. Altogether about
$3,000 has been expended in development work and improvements.
This property is undoubtedly a very
promising one. The company is
stocked, and the directors and officers are well known Sandon men.
Knights of Pythias.
A meeting for the purpose of instituting Sandon Lodge No. 24,
Knights of Pythias, will be held in
Crawford's hall, Wednesday evening, May 19th.
On Kootenay Lake.
BulliiliiK in Kaslo ts still very active, and
sboa-s no sign** whatever of abatement, but oa
tbe contiary is nn tbe increase. Tbe latest is
tbat Kaslo Is to have another modern hotel.
A site has been ttecuned between Front street
and the lake, below the new block now beinj-
bnllt by I>. C. McGregor and close to tbe
Kokanee-!- wharf. Plats have been prepared
and tbe bai Id Ing is to be gone ahead with immediately It is to be a very handsome three
story stracture 18x100 and will east In tbe
neighborhood of 110,000. Mr. Unnard, of
Uassland. is to ba the proprietor and Mr.
Shaw will officiate or manager of the new institution. IK C. McGregor ban tbe contnw-t
and tbe building is to be rushed forward Ju��*t
as test as it ts possible fbr money aud machines to do so
Of the buildings now under way most or
them are pn>gretwiug favorably. Tbe new
Central Hotel, lo Mr. Milllngton's building'
will be open fbr business by tbe end of tho
week. The structure ia a handsome one with
brica front and plate glass windows and the
appartments are erst-class in every respect.
From lack of material the Kaslo addition is
not prugrestiing as tevorably as desired and
Minit-llevV building is also being delayed
from lack or lumber. On tbe Alexander block
work on tbe Interior Is well advanced and the
painters are busy on the outside. The Mc-
Phatl block opposite is Hearing completion
and the painters are at work. The bricklayer-*, are putting the front on the Bell Strathem
building. Harvey's new laundry wll !���*���
ready for business in a couple of weeks ami
will oiler a relief to the Kaalo public from the
celestial wsshee man.
Kaalo'a Aggregation.
Manager Broachers Is getting his team gathered In. and with tbe addition of two or three
more players tbe list of diamond rattlers will
be complete. Thc players now engaged are
Charlie Davy, and Clark, who put In tbe season last year with .Seattle; Sash, who played
In the Fxamiaer Tournament on tbe Monogram**; Met hlas. well known (locally asau olil
player on Kasto's amateur team*.; Ed Kankiit,
Owen Patton, Ed Murphy and CoflTman. none
of whom played last seasou, but ail well
known throughout tha Pacific coast state* ie*
players, and Manager Broachers, who played
last year with Portland and Milwaukee.
Manager Broacher*.' ablUty la handling a
teiim In second to "hone In the northwest, and
he ts engaging first class talent, on which
Kaslo iiia*,- fairly stake her chances for the
pennant. The tirst rraines of the Washington-
Kootenay league, Kaslo vs. Mpokaac, are to
be played here on May 34th and *tb, on the
uew Athletic grounds, which are being gotten
Into shitix* as rapidly as possible. A gang of
men is now grading and clearing the rucks off,
sint lumber Ibr the fence, grandstand, etc., 1st
now on the grouud. It is now thought tbat
the ground* will be reddy a few days before
the opening games, an 1 this opportunity for
practice will be taken fullest advantage of by
the team Kaslo team's suits and colors are
lo be white.
��� ���":':; 1
'   :l$.
;"' '*i.
*vj *f
��� ;:.:
. *?     ;
r- W
���: I
A Grist of Local Items Gleaned
in the Past Week.
The American Boy, on Noble Five
Mountain, started work |his week.
D. S. Wai I bridge, of the firm of
iiand A Wall bridge, ia- in Slocan
City in connection with mining business.
For all kinds of laundry work go
t > the Sandon Laundry. Special
rates to hotels and restaurants.
Dr. W. F. Rooine, ex-M: P., Lon-
tIon, Out., and A. J. MeLelliui, M.
1*. P., Victoria, were in'^aiidon a
few days ago. '**
A. D. Williams, of the firm of
Leigh ton A Williams, tefl Sunday
tor a three weeks trip to the coast
and other points.
Dr. Powerrhas*removt*d his office
11 the ��� 5 rlinniett block.
Rev. Mr. Frew, of Bi.'tle, Man.,
who is occupying the Presbyterian
pulpit atNelson for a few week.-.
waa visiting his friend Kjev. P. Men-
xies this week.
The Seattle Post-lntaUigencer ha-*
issued a book called "Mining in the
Northwest." being principally compiled from letters by L. K. tfodges,
published iu that journal. It is
very comprehensive about the west-
ern part of the state of Washington,
tut not so much so as regards the
When in Kaslo go to the Koval
A Chinaman from Kaslo brought
.-i basket of vegetables into Sandon
Wednesday and started to dispose of
tliein^ down on the lower end of
i.eo avenue. He got near to his
market, when his b;i��l$eA.'-dropped
and spilled the,contents in": the dirt,
lie gathered them up, and the last
seen of him he was'going down the
middle of the road on a hoi*se-trot
11ward Three Forks with his basket
* ii his back.
For the Huest washing in lacetcur-
r.iins and blankets go to the Sandon
Laundry where you can get the best
work in the Slocan.
The Great West Mining Company,
of which .1. K. Cameron, M. L.
Grimmett, F. ft. Andrews, W. W.
Fallows. Marcus McDowell. W. C.
Davis and .1. T. Foley, are the principal stockholders, are preparing to
start work on a number of claims on
the lowerSl'K'au. among tlu-m are the
Sligo and Summit*, on Lemon creek,
one on each side ofthe Cameronian.
They have a ledge fifteen feet wide,
with six feet of j-ay ore, which gives
��200 in gold to the ton.
Miss Wilson has just received a
new stock of spring millineW.
Active Work will be Oommeneed
aa Soon as the Snow Leaves.
The old and well known Canadian
(Jroup consisting of the Adams,
Brandon, Sarah B. Katie I), and
Hill Top, situated on the divide l>e-
tween Sandon and K* ur Mile Creeks,
bounded on the east by the Ivanhoe
and Elgin and on the west by the
Mount Adams, have been inearborat-
ed under the laws of B. C. by
Guelph, Ontario, pftrtfea. The com
panv is styled the Ontario and Slocan Mining A Development Co.
Capital stock -3450,0a) in' 30 cent
The Slocan Star vein pa***es
through this property together with
four other leads having a width of
from live to six feet. The Adams
and Brandon claims are crown
granted and the others will he during the present summer.
Numerous cuts and other develop
ment show*, eighteen inches if ship-
Iiori and Domestic Clears
i Tobaccos, Cigarettes antl .Pipes,
- PiayiBii Carts and Poter Chips.
DR. 6. P. Y0UM6.
M   D, C   M,
F**rnM-ri> i*i*tht-WlntU|��*a <���>**����! H��--l*lt*-��
Other O.et I'ulaee Saloon, l...-*��iii 8*
San no .v.  B.  C
Twenty-Five Thousand  Dollars.
One of the most important stock
transactions yet recorded for this
country was con-mmated in Spokane
last Friday when M. R. (ralusha A
Son sold 40,000 -shares of Noble Hve
stock to Toronto jiurcbasers, at a
price close to JjRJ5,000. The sale is an
important one, as being the largest
stock transaction yet made for this
Since January ore to the value of
.*MO,000 lias been shipped, and there
ik now 400 tons of concentrates at
the mill ready forshipment. Owing
to t\te bridge being demolished a
couple of weeks ago shipments from
the mill have been delayed, but aa
the bridge has been repaired shipments have again been resumed.
ping ore in place* antl alt-ait thret
feet of concentrating ore which will
Average four tt*ns Into one carrying1
1*20 to 12-5 ounces in silver js-r ton.
Work will be comtaenced as loon
as supplies can la* packed to the
mine ami it is the intention of tlie
manager to begin chipping ore w ith-
in i'i) tlays. All sujtjilit-*. will la-
taken from and all ore shipped via
Sandon, as this is the most convene
ent point.
The following well known citizens,
of Guelph, comprise the company at
present; l.eo. Sin-man, Silver I'feek
brewer; Prof, lames .Mills, Ontario
Agricultural College; ti. B. Ryan,
wholesale and retail dry gooftft; 3*
C. Kclleher, drr gbraft* J. P. Cofftt'.
barrister: John Mellaril v, jN��rl|
packer, etc; 1). and W. IT. Brandon.
W. H. Brandon will l>e the resident
manager. Before the summer has
���lassed the Canadian group will have
taken its place among th** paying
mines surrounding Silvery Sandon.
Sandon Lacrosse Club.
The Sandon Lacros*** Club has
lieen organized with the following
officers: Robert Cunning, president;
M. L. I'riinmett, vice-president: s.
T. II. Hill, secretary-treasurer; Mr.
Eaulbee, captain: Dr. Young, J. M.
McVichie and the cantain, a ma nag
ing committee. The membership
feeha**!**en placed at $1. and the
colors will be white and blue. The
secretary luis heen iiiHtrueted feocor-
n-spond with Xew Denver with a
view to forming a league, tyuite a
sum of money has already la-en
raised in connection with the baseball team. The two clubs will put
the grounds at Cody In first-class
shape, and the members are enthusiastic of having the best team in the
The Sandon-New Denver Road.
Col. 8. M. Wharton, in the Nelson
Miner, is authority for the statement
that the government will build a
wagon road from New Denver to
Three Forks and put the road be>
tween Three Forks and Sandon in
thorough repair. He is of the opinion
that the cost of this undertaking will
In: provided for by money taken iu
at the New Denver-record office daring the ffsicai year commencing
next July.
If you want to buy cigars by the
box or by* the* thousand, cheaper
than at wholesale prices, call on lJ.
B. Matthews, News Depot, Three
a c
Will Im i,t Mat** 1U !n tor.!   la San-fetti.
��� n.t'.- S   lnoitlh
ie i m mm -
Watchmakers and Jewellers
a'nlelte., Utoatui and   Jt*w��*lrv.   I'm*.*.* juid
., ***��ut|iia inarMi*.*,
W*. II VU.KK, Sfgr.*
���Stationery, f
' *r      Confectionery,
Clgnra and Tobacco.
T*��E�� FORKS   and    SILVERTON
F.  J.   Donaldson
U��. tttai r��h f.i\t-i ri I,-*.*-**. Aasettawal �����'
Drug Sundries, Pipes, Imported
Cigars and Stationery.
o    o    Imported Peifames a Specialty,
J- J, O-jaffay.       w- J   Bowse* ll a
F. L. Chratlta L 4. B B
Bowser, GoUOdT & GbrisOe,
Sandon B. C,
Vonoewvor, I. C.
Firat   Bank Eetabtiehed in the
Mintm GOlll.
I*i...q*<r��itr.t by IliJ.sl (*hjtri<r lac
opiuo isfttli *Aat��*t*r l�� taetiNaai        fijtAvm.
R****��*r*.r        *        ���        ���       taaaa
HaaoOWtea. ���*' U^uiairrt attavl, U��Mi,m
l�� Krtn.it ��.>iatni.ia
Vt.tor-.fi     Vattawwtvar.    Unt  WtNatail
X��n������w��     KamS.**|**��.      N*l'l--*-**\
K *t**I>t  aiwt  ftA**i|��*X.
^altiran  tH*|f��>tt,
itj the 1'ntltHrl Malr.
mm Kt*aa��iar*.> ��������:���*{.  tWtta.ia.
Agamaana CanraaaaaOanta.
l*i%**iAt*\."-.4*a������lla��t Itaa* at CUaijjs ��'���
*4**ivt��a��tit��' tmmk tt i*ataala, Tl** *��!-��� ����> ���
lUnk   Im-ar-rtsI Hsiik oJt t%nm*Vm mn.X H*.n. .������
Nov.   Mcotta      t**   tfXtTKt*   arur*
f*atM����tt*-tti lt**nK��t| ttttimwrw tAoyre-.     *���*-*��
\.��trl*,   Hftntt  at Jtt����f�� omnon. rt*fc*a��-f*   th.
Umtlttn mod ���**�� t'rno-nrtt Hank  IM .   T*-
taa: Th*- l^��*��< .Mt:**����'l .Valt��HHil Oman. a�����?v
TtV    Rviianjr*   >��t*��NtM*t    Itertttu   *-f
.iftTll.-ilTl^ *t.V|�� **li;*A Z> \|WI-    Hsu.
>,s   h*.tr....-_     ltia*��tiH.r*M,;--Ht.i*-v^  ���
Uoaal Mataaaae.
SaaOoa iatsen
lu-ttt.H*!*.-.! m taa
Iit<-..f|*��r*ajtr��l t��|  K��>>al t*tMr��>. tn Is**
Paid Uo Capita .
Raaarva  Fwna,
L L B.
Notary Public,
SANOON.       .        .        ��. c.
Office   iii rear of Crawford'n Black
smith Slit��|��.
I^*rt��lt>n tiflltr     t frtiViiu   tmtw.   U����n��-��**��l
at***"!,  ii i\
Court ��t Oiractera
i, tt Howli. .it.hn iAo>n��ttmjnriUmnmttt Fmt
mt. Hlrbarrl tl tii.n. Heart  It   Wmrrmt  *
ArWitir ll<*nrt-. M. J. tt. K***ii��lall.  i    ��    Kl
t>'n*4.   fr'f.Htt-ri,'   |,iitjt��ark.   i..-.��ntr  !���     'A-
tmtntmtf, \. Ot, w*,i��t��
l|.��rt*f*l<��-miana*t��-*'t Jj��ii��o��*��i . M--*>i"��*1
II HftxaNAa. ��� J   Kt a��M
UtWWtml Mmamovf. Ir����*|--. ��-"������
���r*nc**)0a la Canada
Urjidaat Hn��nia>rti. !����������. MainiitiM*. i
'."��� Kutsat.m, tuirtttt.  Mimtntsl, On**'*-*    **'
I.*Iih. *��f. It.. Hfttiril.ni. Wlittii|*.-j.. Man    I
. ft(*t..*>. >. f{ ;jAnUfm\.   .\.H,:   Vlrtttris.   '��"
rtHIVjar, KtMatMlMt. n��Ti1*tt.H��. Kaartt, Trwt! ��� '������ '
Atlanta tn tha Unltatf Statas
HfittiiMirrf-:   oh Satimail Hank snrt T>
>-��u..iw.i  ttwttk      Sew Vrttk: ''*)��'���"   '"''
W   l_��t�����ii; .tn*j|  J. t     Wl'lall      Kin Fnttt. ���-���'
(191 *^n��nini.Nii~*(Hi, H. M  I >|. Mt. it.
J. It, Amhr*mf.,
Loneon Bandera.
Tlw iu.nu tw t^urUut'l nnd Mtw����r*..��*��< " ����� ""
���foraian Aganta
I.��Vf��rp.-..��. Hunk trf   l.itt r**i**l.     H��*-��tlsittl.
TtHOutial   Hank of Ht*��Hlsinl, l.tniit*"!.  '*'"'
NrattelM-a,   IrvtAttd. 1-fnvliwiHl   llnnk <������ ,r*
Ittiitl,  |.td , am,  t��ran��-��**. Nainntal   I**""-,
(.id.. ui,.i iir��ii*iM-i, Austmtla, ifnK't- l*-��"h"
Ati.tn.llji. U4,   Nt.* fjmlond. Union ������������������ "
AtiMralia. IA4.   Indls, t'Man.   an.l   J**������
Mr'tt-nmltrtlanlinf liitlta  U*i.   Aar..  U*tik.
Md     West   Infill-*, r,H.,ii|��|    Nank     ��'��r'*
M��*r��ti-��.    Mtttvniird.   Kraiiax. <��t IV    I '",|*
fiv.lll l.yoijasis.
Sandon, B. C nan.
��� ���!-������;��� i-;
The report oiisSstotatorOi^^
of the Northwest mounted police, to
dated at Fort CbnetaoUne, Yukon
river, Novumbur fle\ luvuV* 'It eOn*
ulna many matters of great interest,
and a sammary of fw contents to
herewith presented:
The lee broke np In the Yukon on
May 17, latt fear, and toe fir* email
boat to go down the river reached tha
Fort with the laat of the lee ran. on
May 23* On September 2 the river
wMftillofrannhirloa, and navigation waa practically closed* This
gave a little over fourteen weeks of!
navigation, whtefcto lam than the
average season. - The qafotlan oi toel
lor tbe poet to described aa one ot
^reat diSoulty that avert year will
be harder to colve. "I may say that
there to no dry wood along the Yukon
that can be obtained by.hand.or at
least 75 miles Oram bare," mys the
mapector. Tbsre to, however no
scarcity c#dry weed, bat It to Horn
one to three miles from tha river. A
large seam *er^ very j*��d salt seal,
sitaatad abont tan miles from tbe
neat, waa to have been opened dor
Ing the winter by tbe N. A.T.AT.
Co. There are abont 200,000 tons <*J
the eoal In sight at the mine, and the
Inspector says, "there *to no denbt
tlstftbto mine will prove the chief
auoroeoffnattortbto country la the
-' i'-i> 'iti.9f**f*}*-.M.1- -'���'
: ,ac.
:k> :i
���Tha roBBlaf ot the boondary line
laat winter datsnnlnnd tbe mat that
gold bearing creeks which hitherto
were aopanssd to ba tor Americas*,
territory are wholly, or la part la
Canada. The two principal oaes being Millar aad Glacier. Notiee was
aent the srisain that taste, us wall as
ccmla other creeks specified hi the
notice, weiwteCbaada and sabtoet
to her jartodiethm aad laws. Tbto
waa cheat-felly accepted snd mining
regnlsttons adhered to and sll the
necemary government fees paid. A
tew miners dsttfofl Canada's Jnrtodle-
groond tbaa^tofw WBsSmMatSrvey |
and s posslbttttv of error In the work
However, I want np to Miller am"
(.lacier creeks aad all daes  wen
paid wlthoBt any twmbla, noon* that
ut a hard trfc hot as til trips m tbto
country ars of tbat nature, it was
pert ot the bargain.    On Glacier
creak, a number of tbe miners ander*
took to ran inattemms^eordanee with
their ideas of Jutffce aad est tharo-
��1t�� op m the taw ofthe Und Tbe
tt-onblaemlad. bawavar. by tbe Can-
adton law being carried oot. Special
report of tbto case has been already
made.   Aa tar as I can learn the
amount of gold token oat this season
la shout 1800,000 or 17,647 ouneea,
chiefly   from   MUler  and   Glacier
creek*.   Tbi* to a slight Increase on
laatystr.   The average cost of renting and et*nu*duutto.fft^
*- the   United States  government
"���.ntostt^FrifMtoeo and  Helena.
In August of tbto year a rich dlarov*
cry of coarse gold waa made by one
(Jeorge Caramel,awBotmnia creek*
a tributary tottoa Klondike or Iron-
dec river which flows to* the Yakon
nver about fifty miles from  here,
entering from the southeast.    His
prmtiect showed $�� to tha pan.    As
U8tt��J mah a prospect created a stem-
l^elorthanewdl|Klngs.   Men left
their old claims, and with a blanket,
M** ��nd a few hardtack  i*rmpected
gave bettor prospects than any other
heretofore. Many old miners state
__��**"��� creek to fully as rich as any
found In California lo tbe early days.
New creeks ere being found dally,
all proipecting wdl.Three hundred
and thirty -eight claims have heen
regbtei-ed to date, and there still remain ahout one hundred and fifty to
be entered.
'Tbe country between Honker
creek and McQneaten river which
empties Into the Stewart river, to full
being prospected have all given good
reealk It to probable that tha gold
belt wilt In thne be found to extend
from the Klondike to the Cassiar and
that the whole of this to the Divide
prove to bs rich in gold. Without doubt be-fore long rich quart* will
bs found, but not worked until snme
means of transporting tbe neeesmry
heavy maebinery to provided and
soppllaacan begot ia at reasonable
coot. The gold bearing creeks in
Canadian territory on the west side
of the Yukon ars ss follows: Gold,
Millar aad Glacier creeks, alt hutone
mils ot tha Bedrock, Moose aad the
first fork of Moose creek* one mile of
the three heads of 8mlth creek, and
of the several heads ot Ganyon creek
about one mils of the Poker and Davis
branches of Walker crack, one and a
half miles of Walker creek. On tbe
east aide of tbe Yukon are the follow,
ing creeks; Bonanza, Boulder, Adatn,
Hdorado, Vtotnris, Carmack. Bear, I
Last Chance, Hunker, Gold Bottom |
and Baker craeka. These creek* are
all ofa fair sine with* good supply of
water tx mining purpost* and easy of
jbnansa to a large creak
eibt-e there may be too
tola oatf yTwfrlted in
..... u��ianaftu
on the principal creek ot the district.
One man cannot do all the work
there to to be done now, such ss viait-
Ing the different creeks, eettliog dto-
putosaad keening the office work up.
8peaklng of trenaportttioo Inspector Constanune mys that steamers are
mufth needed. He thinks tha best
son of boat waald be a screw propeller. 50 feetha^ snd lO-U teet beam.
Tbe current averages Ave nfflm an
bow. Canoes ban heen tried In the
river, but do not appear to be much
liked. The common river boat built
oti the ground to mid to give better
The need of the esubltehment of I
atvil courts to dwelt apon, and fbr the
tneream of tha paltos foroe to at toast
7ft men. He mys he haa epent$9,00C
oo trails, and has $12,000 oa bend,
received from mining feea aad asks
penalaaion to osslt In opening traUfc
Tbe inspsetor recommends the
erection of a new post st the mouth
ofthe Klondyke river, which enters
tha Yukon from the east, about 58
milmtouth-east of Forty -Mile. Here
will be probably tbe targest camp in
the country* Neariy 3W claim*ihad
bean rsflstered up to the date of the
report, and ss each claim requires
five men, this means nearly %000
people besides ths usual retinue of
^amp follower*.-' He also recom-
mood* s post st Pelly, 240 miles up
the Yukon above Fort Conttantlna,
and the opening of the Dalton trail to
tidewater. He mys horses can be
token in over this route, snd that it
toonlv nine deys' travel with horse*,
light,' to the coast st Ohilkat.
���The route via St,Mict*el�� la long,
uneertaln antl fraught   with  many
; vV****"**t
dangers by sea and river.    In 00- (rise
casionai seasons only can vesaels id��� ���~
into Norton sound before July 1. - &
Michsel's haa no safe harbor, onf
open roadstesd, and when a gs
wind blowa tbe vessels have to pat fof
sea or to the shelter of an Island oaW-
ed Egg island.  last season eighteen
or twenty days were lost by the river
host* on account of bad weather and
ice,   In consequence only two river
steamers made one through trip eec-h.
The river service at present e*tonfls
only to this point, leaving the upper
and risber part ofthe country entirely without supplies. ���	
"Injustice to the eountry a route] on hi*
should be opened up from the south,
either by Teslin lake and tha Hoota-
linka river or by a route known aa
Dalton b trail which was travelled by
a man of that name last season. Furty
head of beef cattle were driven In
over this trail from the coast to PeMy
bat summer. They arrived In good
condition. The drovers report that
tbey had only to kill tour bead on the
wav lit, these were the heaviest animals, and had become footsore. Good
bunch-graaa Was found along the trail
for a distance of over 15Q miles  Tbe
ery gradual, the eountry la
"y rolling, with.noma tabio-
with good Ashing along the
BtSaWm     JtrnkwaBWy --.'  w0n . mm\9mmfm9     .; m\y*A��\nm9m*^
can no brought as far aaPeHy
| dln^yln^lfom there caa
/' t.:
'i &1
jseflrwii. Tbe tfma with ��� bones Anna
fChsmatto Ftf|v to nina_day* light
for sortie time, but has said   little     v
on aaesnatat tbe latga nsmvv
aluaMa flurs that ba waa abb
���-'���- ���'<��� <<'���>
or $000 feet shove the sea level. Tbe
  ie coast by 1	
would have had acsTOfjorfy wftb him;
so cnsvxn reuuv* eomu oa��e open maue
sstoittpracticabUityaaa route for
oerownr-orposes. Tbe revenue derived from tbto part of the country
justlfles a ninto being opened up for
the sooth, ettter by a wagon road or
a railroad"
\m~ -vi
.    . r
'���1*1 '���
tst'*'-, th-
���-��'::.. .' ���!���.-�� ,s
ft        -   t V
The Teacher-rWhen a woman's
hesbaod dies, Patrie, what to she
called? A widder- said JratkJe.    And
is   ha
        ___^_^_^_^_^_^_^__ ''tolifti-'a maa*s wife die*, wi
helrttofthepasslssaaito be 2.800|calle^-Pat*le (alter wane tbjmght)
A aid-out her, muHunl
; ty
New Deal ver, B.C.
_��� '  , * '.?rmr\���
. . .. . .
nvhnvtcse *rk%
���sttdyinf tods*
to ahra- fn-
ftiftittii' *'.*;�� J
Henry Sto(B��
"!���   ....
Kootenay Mercantile Tailoring Co.
1 eaft nl *'<���'���
Monad iftw
_trf * Ikxi:
Dry Goods, Gents Furnishing.
Opposite The Cliton House to
presided over by MISS SMITH.
4 a**'
Dealer ir|
���: AT
Is is-w-Md every Saturday inSandtai.in Uk heart
oftt��.gt>wd��mWT��ll��M***flrtt^**flp*^ z
ts.txia year
Address: Taa PavatlB���a, 8aadoa, BtC.
SANDON. B. C, MAY Ilx 1897k
A wan in Europe would unsettle
the money markets ofthe world and
keep British capital out of Canada for
a season.
Consequently tbe speculators, who
think that the-little cask they have
invested will multiply had grow
enormously through the aialety^ jarooadlent
the British capitalists to pay long
prices fbr mining claims, will deplore
War is always deplorable, ami even
the country which to enriched by the
effect ot war upon tlie wheat market
should not rejoice at the outbreak of
hostilities. But it is reall v a question
whether, now that the mining development has started, it would be a national mistortune if the British capitalist stayed out for a year. lithe
wealth is here, the British capitalist
will come, and if Canadian money to
employed in tbe development oi Canadian mines, tbe development may be
slower, and tbe result* of that
opment will enrich Canada;
if British capital comes in at the start
tbe profits ot a rapid mineral development will be largely lost to the
Helena, Mont,-Judge kaowleu
has made the two temporary injunctions permanent in tbe wit of the II
A M. lining oompany vsthe Montana
Ore Purchasing company and the
Heinze Brothers ot Butte. Tbe suits
against the defendants involve about
|750,(JOOr wbfoh the plaintiff* claim
the defendants have extracted in ore
by following the lead of the Raru
olaim owned by defendants under tbe
adjoining Pennsylvania and Michael
Davitt claims, owned by t^amUnV
Ptointiffshad to give $175,000 bonds
before tbe injonotioos would be msde
permanent, which tbey did to-day.
The functions Bold good until tbe
determination of the litigation now
pending, which will act as a
aa regards end and
safe licet ot claims and whether
a emit in a lesd breaks its continua
tion from ita appex. Heinze brothers
have entered suit tor almost $2,500,-
000 s^nsttheBobtouand Montana
for ore they clsim to have been illegally extracted under the Rams
Work of development on the Gold
Hill mine, recently purshaaed by Joe
K. Clark, Charles W. Clsrk, E. L.
Whitmore and Alex J. Johnston for
$100,000, will commence at once. A
number of workmen will be employ
ed In the mine and the number increased as the development work advances. Some wonderful reports are
coming in about the Mayflower dis-
trict, and tales are tola of finds of
Canada may nave a good dejtl to
learn from the United Btatea, bat thia
United States might learn something
from Canada when it contrasts itat own
system with our system of changing
the tariff. Who can forget tbe scandalous trafficing tn stocks by tbe senator* who altered In their own inter'
ests the duties fixed by the Wilson
trill ? Tbe American system ot making the tariff publicweeks and months
before it can be enforced at the custom houses to adistinetencouregeiiient
toco���option. Corroption to as distinctly discouraged by the Canadian
system of making the enforcement ot
a new tariff coincide with the an-
nounoetnent of that new tariff.
At Washington just now tbe new
tariff is just where it has been fbr the
past month, in the hands of tbe&enate
Committee, with conflicting interests
pulling and hauling, and senators
bickering for changes in a bill which
will take effect nobody knows when.
At Ottawa the tariff to announced late
at night, and the custom houses which
dosed under tbe old scale of duties
open under the new scale.
This difference illustrate* the su-
perority of Canadian atstosmanship.
For the Government seems to have
well guarded its own secret, so tbat
the importer* who were profiting by
Inside information, in most esses,
seem to have been losing by a had
told which promise millions to the
lucky owners. Claims in the vicinity
of the Mayflower mine are on the
market, but. though some wonderful
stories are circulated as to their rich-
no mice mem to take place.
Tbe Dram Idimmon urine, will be
ted as of old.   Anew and rich
of ore haa been opened oa an
ofthe property, and assoon
as sufficient ore to blocked out tbe
plant will again start up.    The directors have appointed  as  general
manager Atexander Borrell, who to
now in England.    Tbe discoveries
have not opened up anv large tonnage of ore, bo* a two-foot ledge was
undercut in the south drift at shaft
No. 2 ot the Dram L-nmmoo.    Mr.
Beyltos. the old manager, has been
appointed superintendent of one of
the Rothschild properties in America.
of Telluride,
probably the
The niture C^Mtimercial Centre of
Slocan Lake (fotrtet. Backad
by important payrolls of The
Galena Farm, Wakefield, Flsher-
maitien, Thompson, Prestjott and
j other mines.
Lota now on sale. Terms easy.
Prices $75 up. Maps on application.
Now is the time to buy.
E. M. Sandilands,
Aandea Agomt Silvertan Tawnslta.
C, D. BtAND.
D. S. Wallbriwje
Mining and Stock Brokers.
Notarle* Public       ana       Conveyancers,
Mines bought and sokL Stocks for sale in all a C. mmea
Official broker* fbr Wonderful Group Mining Co*
Kootenay agents for Bondholder Mining Co., fit.   Keverae Mining  Co
PnomtS Consolidated Mining Co. and Two Friends M lit* CVe stocks,
aa i-
Mr urea. \*
On May 24, 150choiee basis**! and
rasidence tot* in the towmlto of Blo-
can City will be sold by auction. On
the mound, to the isigbsst bidder.
The lots are aear tbe sake, wharf and
railway station. Tha treats are
graded and the timber elsarttd away.
Tbto to aa excellent
secure choice property. "A.
tie, auctioneer.
The Slocan
Star baa 125 man
Butcher O.
Shops at Sandon,  Nelson,  Kaslo,
Ainsworth and Qnarta Creek., -
We have just received
A Large Invoice
v       WARE and ORANTTEWARE of the kitchen.
We also carry a full line of
Groceries - Fuiidshliigs
HUHTER BROS., Sandtm and Rowland. - * ^
���Agent for-
SANDON. B.C.     Stores at Almwortb. Kaalo and Sandon.
Severaf claims have been staked
on lower Eight Mile creek during tbe
The GoM Ooromlaaiooer has allow
ad the work dona oo the Atgenta,  a
past week.   Telluride of fold to re-[tunnel 215 feet, to be transferred to
ported to have been
found on one of
Action nas bean oommeneed in the
Supreme Court involving the title to
the mineral claim Dash*. Fraction,
Sonajiim* Basin.
the bunion Fractional Mr the purpose
of obtaining a crown grant.
The time for making the
, SS00!!? P**ym*nt on the Wroonton and
in Tit Bltta, doe May 3rd, has barn ex
tended to Aug. 3fd.
-aaa..w.,wi.vra -;,-\,i:.;7JXdBaaspars,������- -::,-:, .,,....   .
in ii ii ii fin snriiaaiiisiisjiiif_n_iM THE  PAYSTREAK.
jjew Onnr. Om
May U
XypjMh-Atorntm. A A Bottetty
Iron Ma* rrar-OVai-K-air Mile, C 8 BaslataU
PsnOwW Lsiafai. W Kerr
UlUe nm-I^anoa, BCondeU. J OfU-
Otoaawaad-ToMn, A E Teeter
-     - ���* - A OllHS. J t*toA*stil. J Kalosld
The Hotel
w h a***-****4***
-sra;. s�����
Is one ot the best places
 ^J    in 8andon to obtain.. ..
 mhiu  v [Beverages that arc Delicious
J^^*n?ii^.i�� h KmT^    ~teste ^.Stimulating
C0MMrOjMHa-4 Mfc, A Mada*aua. J O Bolttaa
. a.      _- __     _   U.ll_a��_
J   f
���.IV On-y
.lit Tl****-*!1**1'-
_J_. AiidW**-**
* M*rM
e. A Mstbeauu ^^^^^^^
, A tCaUM-M. X McMUiaa
I, JO RoUlas
TSooaUlo Vtftw  aw-, -J R Watts, J 0 RoUlas
j>Vt**>' *���*��-**   sss v  Jhr*a*s-
taste and Stimulating
In their qualities.
** \,0f  _^^^^
*%5U�� r**a������w-aiir��*toi��, r m list-urn
la John TWaajl Tha Esrl*/
as a A mcMao-H Owat
1   S M ta*�� to Jotr*a W.Ary -Tbr Hani Nat
.-ar*��iVJO. P
SB llPrw* tO J*-ta.   A
���alaatol ApfUtV,taa    t������^^^^^^^
Mav A
Joa-ataKaapsW IC n**m*-t*#-~T��V Metrtpolr;
^L Ar to OavU SaltMftaasTi aaS Tata Motit-
titnm -AS lattas* la Saaaj-sidt rrarOoa; April
**��. I. w .^^^^^^
ten \ R *anrl      H______|
-Oast St. H A lloovsf, H i Wstw*
UuWtr.    l^-num, J TT*af*>f. sad I
i'ttt Km**-**-**-*
|-_r��l-la-ti**n. f I*
-_-��.��. -I T Poley
(.^tarr**..!. r.��"
��, J_
���JMr. ��.
Hotel Kootenay
Switzer & HcGluskey,
J Proprietors.
*!  0 #
Dealers in
- .*
Dealers in
CoflfeeOoasi-j, Bai
-j^^^^^Ctettae, May, Grain, _^^^^
GRO��&RIEiS, Bre.
OSlee: WT
Saddle and Pa��*f Horn
tosllPolata   '*'
la ths Moontalns.
Attain. SI
Oacasr .S ff
\lmw* I r*fi��.tn��l KOwtftaa. O fl Me
rnr-tirt*  ���ta.a-sartVfT.J H HsWhsa. A
(1.1 Caxtart ������
Tarn r-orrsa, W tt M*i��-**
Lrtr***. J ttsdrSS*
Mrt.n��or~) Csoadtsn
.��|^C11c0iWPr-l BoaadO, Maya.
*��-?-> l**iiati if *�� V*** MrKwrt��-�� Caasdlan
Uofs��or .to It** MrF.-a-l ***���
|*&4i��r��saaaaC0#ateB��*�� -�� ��~frt W
la��MNC-t Xaac** Las; April
a> D K MeD��Mtd--Tlia naSaoa
a. attaa. _____ _,_. ���������t fgtoca
H BOmfflG
r^^^^B���--la^ialstarers -rf _���-���-
Sf pbons, Ginger Ale,
SarsaparUla, Etc, Etc
GaiatM �� im.
8oo Pacific Line.
^A��Wte if wtnaaoa-
Pittrontee home industry
when you want the best
��� i ���     ii   iiBia        i   ��� ���  ��� ' ��� '  i'
t Link -I
t -   V-a   '-��|-_-__^_^_^_^_B
i > l>fcrt��.s��- Utarjoa. P M**Kwa��
.��u .ur  Us*.* A Uiaaaawat
rin��   Utr*^,,peM*0��rjT-r
lasoris. 0 Ksfdea
* ����u>. W iaUsaasa
I Tttrv ^vtkmw, P MrJUrtsA
y   Un...  \V DMKJr���ur
Ur*>.ti.r A Voaaa
ijnino   l ���*!_.'��. W A Haitrtli
Una.*, vv u MaOfSfaf
SsS Oast. J PUftaaS
Oslssa rsrsa, Kmnwmn
rijtwrifr  i.alMt, i A
HtVrtn Iske, J A Jofcra
��w J AOwta*
��k��* uaia-.TA-
Oa-At) Isltmat la Taa VsMaai. Orsgua. Haa-
/^mmm^>Am\Y&m~-. ����
Msy :
sa<S St__��*"WJ
SSa* ��al WnhYyonM U�� Tia.
<jWS to J DJFMrH-AS l��l��t- l�� K*>y
D MatfimnH I-***
hTi-s^oSaa��i ���� v" *��� rltt,,l���
*A*l Prt����*�� *�� ����� to������--l inetaM'; M*,y *'
*jL A mm; to Amn aialUi-i fttl��tar��*a*i
-���VJTBtonk to J J it��iT��.y-�� H��-ay �������-
*1ailVC-ir��C L HsftasaH Q*-*-**** ���"��-* *'
"mlAt-a-ta to a Ete-na-Tt* ��*^ ***>
Call at the
Kurot*mn pad Aatsricaa Ptaa.
Route to 8t Paul, Chicago,
Detroit, Toronto Montreal,
New York, Beaton, Philadelphia, and all Eastern
Unexcelled Sleeping Cars
on all trains, Tourst Cars
to St. Paul daily; Beaton
every Thuraaay; Toronto
every Monday worn Revel-
Steamer leaves  Naknsp
every Sunday; Wednesday,
and Friday morning, making close connection at Revel-
stoke with trains for all points
Esat and West.
Before you travel get information
from C.P.R. agents as to Uines snd
rates. ��� It will save you money.   Ap-
jly to nearest railway agent or to
A. d. McARTHUR, Agent, Sandon.
Dist. Passenger Agent, Vancouver
MM.McGRBGOR, T. P. A., Nelson, B.C
��>-:���    * MIW-. I* || *��rvsft
rBoy   I't.ueMl.jarasj* 	
-*...ii. A MrDtawM
E����ll��  I mruHklet. P UaOaat
ttt ��� wii��m H m Traitaia, J tt lattt. C P
��� HkW Hluesa. W 1* OsasMroa
Krnrf h  Sana, 0 H Htafats.
SK.ulgsn.0 It MafttS��
r*o*srj   Mm.. J W a'slajr
��n nurl.n -Hitt/rrtoa. M K tttaa*sVt
�����* VrniuiY  l-syne Mt, A P BtaaSy
l��>*����n  sum  I'MIUyss
*'i-r** <ar|..|,irr,OHMartwN
MaHpurr-.w   j.jtoma, a* R tt*
Sorw frtews,, w L l-aaaal
I1* N^w Ursver, I> MeLcod
����-��> Mm*, KP llnaiwy
vmUI.-  WUam,HKHtaiia*ua
'-* Mile, (fey t.g*��miif
lalll.t,   WVllMlUy
f^jjf and Elevaaa*
WI I   I __.!       SANDON, BO.
TAU/aiQlTF P-y*8^-81 attention to all
TOWlvOl I U Uiij-d-ofwatch repairing.
i Th* lenntoo. of the 8I��_ J _~r|re stock of
*\7JLm%* w*%\   Woal aoons    ���
���Sd uSs -s^J*4?. alwayton hand
..n>      LMI ��� ** ���M-BS?*
Stoatod   town   in ^T��f
Allan Lin*
..     .... ...^
Dominion Lin***..'
From HaBfax.
Uta SBPertw-Umw Line.
;.:::: - ir
rrom 8t Joha
Trom New York.
 April 7
.:..      **   14
** tl
..     -,
" 14
"   tl
.* 10
" 14
'*   11
i   Blanager*�����ivny uu ,*.-�� H-...
without notice and. just, when v
| quitting will embarram me most?
I   Indignaut actor���Because, air, I
oast In the part of a servant
Manager* (resignedly)���Well,
shppoSe that's renlTt-ni.- la
Uajastlc-WhiteS��r Una.
C^fTinauk- "   	
K^AmerhN-n Llm-      	
sti*aui      ;;      ���;;.���.���;;.:'.:;.:::
UrrsnU        M _*!��.!.*��.'..
CaUaAttS. m. m/to taMt��d���� wotih.
ffi^Tp-^orth. **2*��*J2��
Prepaid Ps-wf-r**- *nrang��~l from sn poia����.
Apply to A. C. M< ABTHOn, C.P.B. A��e��t,
f^iiifcn. ����r WILLIAM  HTITT,
Oenersl A��nt,
t\ p. tt. ��SJcta, Wlanlisjc
k "0
;��     if*'
.    ��� '���'. a
-     - w
.     ���    .- *
I*. ,
I US ���
General oliabttomJaea not an the
free list. Tbey cost money. Tbey
are expensive la~ntos to well aighall
eTeventU ca^te il^j^e^J
The general taipaver mart pay for*
tim priming ot the voters lists, tar
tbe provision of polling bootmv far the
osstoertag of tawm booths, fbr the pro-
nee* ******-awit of -ri*�����*->���.������  <_ th*
Kanotsand tor all thetounh public
serriees In wmMrtkm with an alee-
tmu. Bach party aad ha candidates
a heavy burden of other
' tssa amvaaee aad aaid ftw
tbey godowa
to Hgbt tbe
to add the hilornhrtion jtbat ^ t^**
fiftv-acTrn general eleetkms, fourteen*
have heen noo partisan, twenty baea
baea carried by the Conservatives,
ami twenty-three by the Uberala.
These fla-rea esrvn to    i_*
that this Dominion la over-
gaaannd. We have far too mneh
politics to the aquare Inch. Take fbr
imcanee tbe caw ot ths Maritime]
Provinces. There asmethmg Mm.
taaaOQDpeopkpsysixltoosmof Par-
Har*ft--sa -Hii*etching ttrnftansa a bit���-
to make laws for^aW lathis estimate we count the two Houses at
Ottawa, a share of whose cape nam
tbey pay, aad the legislative Oouaatl
otNova Scotia. It is no wonder with
a maltipli*iT*w*i of mschinary
essary evfl* and tbs sswec wa
LumsTSstos ssmjiave a
a year; or that every government in
taa eountry save ana bass public
debt to nurse,
Haa* overlook Wilson s Hotel when
yon ars hi Sk-caaCJtv. t
When to Vancouver atop at the
*"�� ORE CARS.
Bu*a tt-SO to S150 ptt *I��J.
tteco A���^
Thos. Brown &Co.,
Sandon, EC.
Qspkal (an paid np) flttUUUXOO
Reserved fund   :   :    tQOaaODLOO
mxjM^mmmmmmmm^t^ Umlivldsd fsote :   :    ��s\��S.go
Boa.G.^Da-MMoanA ViceFree
&&QuMDnfoat, General
A. Macaw, OMsrtoijmgtorA dam. of l*��i*l*
A. a Bt-caaaa*. tanvmaorof Brmnci. re*ana
W. & (WtrTux,   IsaisliBi Inn-set*.
>9n~n~n~n~n~n~n~n~n~n~sB^..^lAMB��Aiam> fmcrvur)
Great Bruin, tm
New Denver Branch
A ges-aral banking
^^.^'--i.-. -���^..4Ik i! -J-L1.1
...   ~..niy... ,..
Sew -fasasada mnslaawJy amiiif.
OKI vv \j i r     b�� "-���".<���
We carry a fsdl line urmtkm
B^B^B^a^H Tnhla Otamwara   T >t *���
Oroekeryware, Lamp Ohiautn.
WaB Paper, Window ****
Osrpai Sqaarse aad Kb**
Aho tha largest aad N*!-*'
Udsm, Guam* aad  ^*ikIfto��
^^^\rft broaf*
 par stcck i��*
taa laasst notf!.**'- in
ssj^^^^^^^^^^HH^N-icflgvSairta, Kack��^r, Haa
Gssn. Xansaml BsyaOotldag. Itacmtnsbaa* I mbrvilaa, a*.
would not
t*_L ���      1     ��� _ I******-, -a
tankit... ss
*_��*...i.yjUt-aatlSM mnn	 -MB*-a-a-*>-*-a-*-a*-*--a*a-i
News In Place*   ,
c. H. Thompson, Spokane, con*
n.rtitl with Wonderful, was here
\. ||. Sllnn atarted for Maku��p
las5 Monday to try hi* luck in th����
i���.t.i hunt mm*.
When in Kaalo don't forget that
you can get a tirst clam meal at the
Koyal Cafe.
.1. It. Burton U building a real-,
ilence on the rear of hia hit which In*
now ixvtipiea, which will  la* J.lx'24
iitul a "tory sijd a half hlgh^,
\ Jerry eame up froiir i/uartz
intk thi*. week, when* lo- ha*, tarn
for tin- j��*i*��t two nionthrt in hualm**.
hut has *��>ld out and la now on tin-
any to the Mlli-aa-t district*.
Supplies ai��* tal.Qg Utki'li Up to lilt*
j��*annette to work reran men on do*
vi|o|*m��*nt. The claim la owned hy
Sj-'kant' jiart-U**, ami it* tdutnu-d on
Wilson creek ttva ntites from Roaa>
A rumor waa on the inreeta Tliurv
ilsy, hut wa* utiatilt* of c-onflrma-
lion, that the Wonderful mini* had
<4ruck .t *��ix fix* |*ay, ,ojpb chute.
Ssndmi paapto have been l��*okiug for
ihi*.. ami tin* wish ia general that it
i* true,
K. .1. Matthew*. Ka-.lt*: Wm, Bra
���ten, lltleua, and<��<-orge P. Pottor,
.11 atnelter men, win* here W.-.I ���),*-,
.ludjgv K<trio did not a-**,* ar thin
week, a* hia tinderataiMling of the
i-a-aa-a involved did hot warrant It.
The matter ha* la*en explained to
Mm dlgerently, however, aiul lu- ia
t-xpectod to he here next w&k, proli-
shiy about Weditaaday,
The Vancouver |��trtl��*a(  who had
a bond on the Two Friend*, have
thrown it up.   A larp* payment wa*
line thb weak,   Thia ptXMOJtty Wai
stocked  hy   the   l*��*;dli��tlder*. ami I
<livid--nd*. paid  la*t winter.     Now,"
that the lauid ia ended, the *4*a-k
trta*a with it.   It la atatetl. however,
iJiat the money atlll in the treaaury
will be iuvmutl In other property,
and the stock given the benefit.
Work on the Corinth.
rtioce work waa commenced on the
Corinth  laat  Decamber  about 980
iit-t of tunneling haa been run and
tin- projierty tented tit a depth of <**.*'
teet,   Whi'it in some lot. f.*et on the
main tunnel a vein eight   feet   wide
with   fourteen inches of clean ore
was struck and i* now ia*ing tlrirt.nl
on.   There ar*- about fsClt) Ibtts of ore
ready for ahipment which will make
1000 tons up to data.    A 10 drill
rompreaaor la to be put In a* soon a*
the road can lie built to connect the
property  with   the  Alamo  wagon
i,'*H<l.   A tramway and a 160 um
wncentrator will la* built ss speedily
�����* possible, and the mill will he on
Carpenter creek below Three Korku.
This property waa recently stocked
in Condon.
Kaalo News.
The Kaalo boys seem bent on'hav-
ing a firat claw, hand and if per-dst-
ant practising has anything to do
with it they undoubtedly will.
Tender* are being called for bv
the water commissioner for the covering In of the conduit oipe, a distance in all of about 10,000 feet.
The product of the Kaslo Brewing
Company is now on the market and
already the company is kept very
busy to supply the local demand for
liquid refrcwhment.
I luring a violent squall, which
struck the town Wwlnesdav evening,
the alarm wa* rung and the tire
team turned ont hut It fortunately
proved to be a false alarm.
The old station building of the K.
A 8., which wa* built on the flat
near tlie river, according to the
original survey, is now being moved
over to the pranmt K. A s. depot.
Work on the addition to the Kaslo
i* ta-ing pushed .diead as rapidly as
poaattrfe. The frame work is all* up
and the brick layers are busy putting up tin* brick work of the froht.
The addition to tht- Club building
on tin* corner Ot Avenue A and
Fourth street i* now nearly com*
Dieted and will mam he ttccupied,
the lower at-t-ry a* offices and the
upper story as club rooms.
Have just receiv��*d a large      ���
eonalgnment of the verv best
ctass of Silver   Plate   - >
ip47 hooeh anna.
Knives, Forks Spoons, etc,
which are fully warranted.
Silver Plated Flatware.
Cheaper line* in solid
niekle. Bpects) rates to
hotels, etc	
Remember the place
G. W. Grimmett
Jeweller and Optician
(Limited  Liability.)"       f
CAPITAL, $100,000-00.
1,000,000 Shares par value of ten cantv^ Tha above Company
is formed to acquire and work the ARGO and BELT Mineral Claims,
adjoining the Sandon townsite. Mines are Open for Inspection, only
a few minutes walk from the town. Limited number of shares for
sale at ten cents.
Apply at once to
& ^^illiarri
Mining Brokers and Opere\pi*s.
A Spring- Poem.
The following very- original letter
was published ih the New "York
World, as coming from a little girl
in Sandon:
Dear Cnrle T<>niu>vrot: I want to be a Kind
KM. and with tht? Kind Kid. ,tand, my trust
iu rncleTouonyrot-two dollar*, in my hand.
A lit tit? l>hifii��K** K*nn<-k*irl snd only three
y��*r��old.8ral>-t*kt*d by m syndicate. I pro*-
p-pot h**rr? for aold. My lather is in Chinook,
lyina there in. jail, with thirty day* ahead in
sia-ht. and none to oo hi�� bail. Brit though I
love mv father tlear. I have hut dollars two.
and a* ne'* wann and irets.hu meals. 1 send
them on to. von. I have a wild cat that I pet,
it'* playful snd it'* tame, it come* and eats
ont of my hand and answer* to it* name. And
now my letter I am through. I promise 1*11 be
good, aud send two dollar* frequently.
Kind Kid
Same Woods,
Sandon. B.C
Carttfteata of Imaratramanta.
CariMla No. s* Mineral Claim
Situate In the Sloan Mining Division of West
j   Kootenay District.   Lt*rcat***d five mllr-e from
i   Three Porks, np rwrth fork ot carpenter
!   creek, on right bank.
Take notice that The Dry Belt Mi
creek, on right bank.      -_,____ .
~       notice that The Dry BeltMininir*	
-���'tiling Co., Free Miner's Certificate No. 7m,m,
 .._, sixty days from the date ber-eof.to
apply to the Mining Beeorder tor a eertlfleate
of Improvements, tor the pnrpoae or obtaining
a Crown grant for the above claim.
And farther take notiee that action, under
section tt, must be oommeneed before the issuance ofauch eertlfleate of Improvements.
Dated this 2?th day of A*^l, 1*7.
Sec'y The Dry Belt Mining and Milling CO..
Limited Liability.
May 1st, im.	
Nelson & Lardo Steam Navigation Co.
t .inimciK-tng Monday, 10th May l*W7, Hteamer
Altt��*A.��nii will leave Kasltt. H. t'., every Mi��n-
���lay and TliurMlay t.t S.tW a. in. for Bonner'*
Kerry, l*lali*t. ��**>iiinvtlng with the tireat
Sttrtltern itatlway on T*i.-����tay* and Friday*.
Utt li In and froni H|M*kane and Ka*|.-ni and
Wi-ttem Pttlnt*.
Hteamer will return from Bonner** Kerry at
irWa. iu.imi Wealneitdays an*. Halunlay. arriving st KaskikaiiH't'veiilng, *o as to make
.���ni** <-.iniM--i i"i���� with Trail fre,'*- and Hlo*
t*Mi* iiiluhig ilMrtoK
Tht* routv I* the uio*t tllrect lor the Fori
Mteel iiitnMigcainiwsiid uu��ke* ��*l***.' ckiiiuv
lion* at lUmnt-r'* Kerry with the Upper Knot*
enav Hon ateamer*.
Ktr*t rla*�� |*.tMt*'i*.��*r and in��i_ht acenmmo.
OlasoiMtloa of Partnorshlo.
NotU-a  I*  herelty
|ti***.ldy iiHviiiK -..tu m	
in*-**. w\U Ih* t*arrl***l on by Lyons A Cooo who
will i*av all debt-* and *-i��lle��-l all ni*Mile.<* due
thertrin. t\ K I.voss.
f. B.00O5.
H.J. llK"i>i*v.
UO. .1 thi* Uth day id May, l��*C
McClanj's Famous
��� HAYES 4 CO.
Notice Is hereby given that sixty days after
date I will apply to tbe Honorable the Chief
; commissioner of Land and Works tor permission to purchase one hundred and sixty acres
of land, situate In the district of West Koov
enay. at the Junction ot the Went branch of
the North Fork ol carpenter Creek, about five
: miles from the town of Three Forks. Commencing at Initial pout marked 8 K post and
running thence West forty chains, thence
North forty chains, thence East forty chains,
thence South tarty chains to place of begin-
Dated at Three Forks, this ISth day of
March. 1SW. .        u	
Joaa Pother.
Notice i�� hereby given that at the expiration
! of one month Irani the Srst publlcal Ion hereof,
the undesigned will apply to the Stipendlary
Maglstrate, for the  District of West Koot-
! enay tor a license to a-11 llattrars by retail at
< their Hotel, sitnateon Lot A, Block S, In the
town ol Sandon, B. C
Dated at Sandon, B. C, this SNh day of
April. 1��C 8,fne<1) BARTLK1T BBtaS.
Metal Worker*.
Sandon, Ba Oa
The Handout Waterworks and Light Conipany
hewbygl ve notice that it will at iheeaplratlon
offour week" from the first publlcaUot-^ereof
aniny to the Lieutenant tlovernor In Council
for his snitelhni U�� divert for the purpjjses *.f
^dt-omrony.oueliundnHl Inches of water
M sCaon'cint-k �� ��^5jh^*Siae
ust below Ibe concentrating woras or    ine
'mted^t'Haltdon' this 7th day or April, 1W7.
April 10, *��*��� J- M- "*���*���*>*��� Manager.
May 1st,
Notice i* hereby given that at the expiration
. ......   f_..._   . 1... A_t    -...kit.-.. I....     k_a__
enay, for a license to seU liquor by retail at
blsHotel at MeUuigan,   near  tbe Kaslo a
Hlocan Hallway. .
D ted at McOnigan, B. C. this Mth day of
April, A. I).. I��*7.
April 24,1SI7.
A. Halucr.
Notice is hereby given that at the explratioi.
of one month (lorn the first publication hereof, tbe underslaned will apply to the Stipendiary Mt*tglstmte tor the district of West Kootenay, tor a license to sell liquors by retail at
their hotel, situate on Lot 4. Block 3. Sandon
First Addition. Sandon, B. tl
Dated at Sandon, B. C. this 1Mb day uf
May, A. D., law. M. c. WiLuaas.
51& Panes ankance.
The Mini-it; and Local Events in
The Cody sawmill is turning out
about 15,000 feet a day.
Otis Henneberg has started work
on his claim near the ?Yeddic Lee,
John Docksteader will go to work
on the Cody Star in a few days.
The Sovereign, on Noble Five
mountain, is preparing to start work.
There is talk of the Noonday, on
Cody creek, building a concentrator
at (My.
The Codv people are hoping that
the C. P. K. will build the line to
Cody this year.
John McNeil, an old timer from
Ainsworth, has been working all
winter on the Empire.
John McKay, uassenger conductor on the C. P, R. is building two
business houses iu Cody.
The Katdo, owned by Henderson
A Parker, has been* bonded by
Toronto parties, and work is being
done under the bond.
The road between .Sandon and
Cody is badly in need of repairs.
The Noble Five slide is still impassible aud the road is full of stones
and boulders rolled.;down by the
snow. The traffic Is large and is
much hampered in consequence.
**The Gooderham syndicate are reported to be making arrangements
to commence work on the Freddie
Lee mine on a large scale. This is
one of the oldest mines of tlte country, and at one time was the banner
mine, but has been tied up in litigation.
The Pirate has been bonded by a
Toronto syndicate. Four men,
under C. t>. Me-Keiude, formerly
with Green Bros., of Kaslo, are doing development work. About fifty
feet of tunneling has been run, and
a winze has heen sunk. Good assays have been got on a narrow paystreak.
Cody is moving along steadily.
A number of new nouses are building and in contemplation. The
streets are being graded. There
are eight or ten well developed and
paving mines in the immediate
neighborhbod and a man can stand
on the streets of Cody and count
over 100 claims surrounding the
town. All the business houses are
doing well and the prospects art-
bright for a good summer.
Athletic Exhibition at Cody.
The sports of Cody were entertained at Johnson's iia!! last week
with an exhibition of high class
athletes. There was much favorable comment on each one of those
taking part. The following programme and challenge were issued:
Trapeze and horizontal bar performances bv professors Murphy
and Mitchell.'
An amateur glove contest bv
Messrs. Mitchell and Gila.
A ten ronnd glove contest by Professor Lenihan, of Dublin, and Kid
Collins, of St. Paul.
One hundred dollars offered to
anyone who stands before Professors
Lenihan or Collins for four rounds.
And Other Investments.
Every Representation Guaranteed.
Sanson, 8. C.
*->_**.*33---*S~NO^ ���
You can Buy SLOCAN STOCKS Cheapor in Spokana thaajfi
^v^ ^a_5^X_l*ftdw|-.  Ifv0u wl,h l0 B.��y Communicata witht|��.
&% Wa ara also Prepared to Place Propertiea of Raal Marit at any
(Members Spokana and Rosatand Stock Exehangaa)
The New York Brewery is fast
Hearing   completion.      Drover   A
Hoffmeier are the proprietors.   The
brewery is situated half wav   between Sandon and Cody and will
have a capacity of thirty barrels a
day.   The machinery is being put J
in place and the proprietors expect |
to have the beer on the market by MANUFACTURERS O*4t**e+*0fimt+
the Fourth of Jul v.
McMartin & Currie
(��ody (��tqo1$
J Don't Forget |
J  Miss Wilson
%  Is H��adqiisrtttr* for
��� 1 4/    V ' V_a*�� S
8 Ladies' OntHttliia,
5        And Fancy Goods.        2
1 ��� il
S,     w��trh thin -.poc*-.  ll wilt pay >��m.     %j
The New Vintage
Are being earned by dealers purchasing their
Grain and Feed
���Fnnn the���
Mm Hot li Co.
South Edmonton, Alta.
"Boiled Oats a Specialty,"
Write or Wire for Prices.
Agent���A. B. (��bat, Nelson. B. C.
!      EXTRA DRY
Sow eonilnttn this mark-. U ������unong nnirrmrU sd ml ration ��n otmmnt n* lis ttty **mj����v��-
ooallty and dryrt**��. wtthmit ftrlrw h*m*y. making tt a pe.rt#*t vlar In lb*** irate ���*��-*- * t ��*
���nrd.      H *!i<rul4 he utmtett It* Imp roHy ��� ���������*.��*i.��i-d
A^-ordltig ttt initttnm Ht-osr .tatutiv* thr ln.r-rrtati.an nf f*��� M   Mttsnm A in.*. Rsttt
l��r*t < tuimpsg.tr fn.m J��nasr> 1st t.�� ta^ntl-tar *�����, Um\ aagf*����*��-4 TOM* omm   .* .*>*��
\emon mors than that   at sn> oOnar brand, aimsting thst W naaitrialn*. at* Owmmw tanr**l
I Ma-tar all ��rth***-rs.
1 ._. ���?1 t**-**_1**1**1 ����t��ljr*l* oT l-rnl. K ��� ���ad.-n l*..��*rr*u. tt ninUm. in* k**4 a*w*i*ii ��f mU-*��*t
; tt***fHt��r*\ th* ���*ai-***-4 and n*mt mh:lemoa*- ��� ti��)i-.|*..-w
I R.')ii W.mmU Ut** t<****n gr**.nt*-*d t.iMnar. *i h Minnm A rr* as mttxrom t�� Hm
Mal��ty. Ibt* i4o��-n ;.r Kng'��..<l, HW It,.-,.' Highlit/** it* rntno ot W.|*r- >|i. JM��t--4< itV
Merman Kmwf-or. Hi. M*|**��tv th*. King at thr H.-lxu.n*, HI* **j****ttr m- King **f ll-'Ut.d.
His aaj*~d> Uw King of Uemnsrk. Ills maj��*��ty thr Knajatnmee\t7nm��A Stwrws,
Pither & Lei-ser,
< .*������ ��� ���*���.>*��
American plan, #3.50 per day.
European plan, $2.00 per day.
Bakdox, B. C.
Strictly first-class.
lot/ttUMpU, Miiiof Broktrs. Hi***
Tha Pheaaia CoaaatiaataS Minir���� C��
Limited   UaltiKi)
Dry   SJatt  Mlnla*   an*   Mining   C��
Have you a watch that la giv. I*,,,u,*,*, tMhmt> *****
Ing you extra trouble nnd will Selkirk alining and Milling ��� "
not keep time?   Bring It to l.n����t:��i Uastta]
me.   I will examine it i M"nm * ���**���*'���*��� H**1'
FHf_I_ SAMMiN.  a. t
> ���'      III"    I       "   T       .11  _ .. L-
and toll you what It will cost ,   .   ^A-f-aia-tAsj
torenairit.   From this dale. a# J*  ���^*��**',���**��A,,*,���
on will give a written guaran -_._.._, mm" "Jawsss a nr
tee with alt work done that it ll A 11 V _����� CT A Kr
will be satisfactory. You run HAIL I *** O I MOt
no RISK with  your Hlflll
Mra. M. A. SMITH* Prop.    * j
(iRAI)K watches' bv entrusting them to
G. W. Grimmett
, Morning.- J^avrasThrtr.
i-*i��*��-. <aarj, hi iiuviiK-a.
(' ~"r *w-e * e *> e w^rm��f w *"e<
Jeweller and Optician    10*,%'*^;^% tSJBa!
It   UllYI'K-at.
f  litnjmm     three   W*-<tk��
al   I


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