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The Paystreak Apr 9, 1898

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Array oCc^V^V*"
BOOK ft.
Travel la Increasing to ami from
thu Sloean.
The Hero hotel will open about
the IHsh.
A large kitchen Is being built onto
the Keco hotel.
Tba (tody sawmill ���tatted to work
Dr. A. 8. Marshall, of Kaslo, wan
in town Wednesday.
Al Hoyi Is said to im the owning
l-at master at Kuanonook.
T. SI. Gibson, of Kaslo, spent tbe
early wift of tbe weeA ip Sandon.
J. A. Smith and family return ed
tnan New Brunswick ob Tuesday.
Mrs. A. J. Murphy, of New Denver will soon take up ber residence
in f ..tutor*.
Professor Beeton'* graduates are
to give a Scotch concert on tbe 21st
I��r. Oomm left oo Wednesday fbr
���vi n Francisco ami otlier points
.Jim Sherran has just quit hauling
on* fnnn tba (Jhtct-n Bern until wheels
am ��� at lined.
Ibe ruah to tbe Klondike baa
.i bated and some of the toast steamer* a rft baiking fbr otbrt hnstnma.
P.J. Griffin. Kootenay agent of
tlu* 1'aiaon* PruduceCo., waa looking
up business in Send-ai thb week.
.1. 1>. Kendall, consulting engineer
for tlie B. C Gold Field* Co. visited
vatic }H*��ifafrtiea near Only this
Tlie OddfelIowa tif Sandiai  arc to
give a ball on tbe  2t*tb.    I*re|*ai*a
tions are under   way  to make  it a
i:n-at success.
The miner* of tlie Sloean must not
>t**l�� calling tor a high tariff on lend.
Such a tariff would briiijr great pro*
perity to this part of Canada.
lu Kngland the iiia***ei speak of
Ktiotenay a* a place that to near
Klondike. Ho it ia, it they speak
from a wealth standpoint.
The Naahville Student*, will ap
l��ar liefore the tootlight* in Spell'
cer's next Friday and Saturday.
In about ten days tin* Sh-ean Star
will again have over WO men at
w.irk. The conneetitui between the
upper and lower tunnel has just been
About twenty men wen- laid off at
the (Enterprise on Ten Mile this
wivk. No room for on* upon account
of the condition of the road ia the
Tom Blackwood, of Winning,
was in town this week. Tom ia one
of the most popular men in the west,
and always welcome in anv of the
slocan camps.
The Firemen's Ball comet* off on
Monday. Don't forget that date,
Ka*?tur Monday, 11 th mat. The floor
I will be in grand condition, the imiaie
(will he of the best ami nothing will
|be lacking to make the event, a most
enjoyable occasion.
The  B. C.  headquarters of the!
English   company    operating    the,
Mollie Hughes will be m New Den-     Council met on Monday evening*,
vcr.    This cotn|*iiy  is operating March 27th with Mayor Atherton in
successfully a mine  in Servla  that the chair,  present  Broddy, Craw-
runs less than 10 per cent, lead and . ford. Switzer, Hunter,
not over tt ounces  in  silver to thc i    ���. m *.    ,
ton. Minutes uf the laat met ting were
t .j ��� .       ..,.._,   r*kd at��d adopted.
Jamea Anderson, ol the tiold Hilts: . r *
Kxaloratipn Co., a Toroutd prospect* Communications were read from:
infTootflt with large designs on the , Swidon water A high Co., regard-
f-stdo ��oontrv, was in town this ln* wster supply ^
week accon*.|ianiwl by a number ol . *���������� H��ma & Kelley, regard-
Toronto young men. * Thev left on: in^ nieain he��t.
Friday lor Kaslo. which they usuailv ! <������ 4' HiUlter, Nelson, on behalt Of
make tlieir head quarters. Manulactuiers   Guarantee Assoeia-
...      ..... .      thai, offering terras for bonds for tbe
Nearly all  the delegations Uiat cuy collector at I percent, and for
visited  Victoria  this  session  have the treasurer at i per cent,
beet  promised   nearlv  everythbig j    ~ ���.,-._,_...
they asked for.   The promises are L CMununk^tions of handon \\ ater
principally comp-sed of air, tew of * Ll*ht <*��� ��,,d or Harris & Kelley
them having been pm in black and *���� r?_5,v?d__nd tyled'
white, and are  liable  to evaporate , ��ffer <*��* A* Hunter was accepted.
tmfttre the summer becomes a  mem
ory of the ivtst.
tract for the lumber, some 160,000
feet.   The work will cost $4000.
It is the intention, immediately on
completion of the work at present
under way, to commence clearing
the creek above thc track, and later
to build a flume all the way from
Codv creek.
Thc Klondike Stampede.
A London cable says: "Thecut
rates an* cau-^ng an extraordinary
rush to tin* Klondike. The Canadian
I'aciti'' and other Unking ottlces an*
daily besieged by men who never
woikl have attempted the j ��nrney
1jut tor tlie  ridiculously   low fores.
An application was read from Levi
H. Wright for a license as night and
|day scavenger.   City clerk was au
��� thorised to issue the same.
A corporation seal was adopted.
The chief ot the Fire Department
i was authorised  to order a Siamese
connection, with   valves, price  *?28.
Tbe f-llowiiifc reports were read,
���. and Uigcther with the financial etate-
i ment, were laid  over  for consideration at the next meeting,   viz: re-
Wm of loWfkrwTlf Canada Is I **��* *** W%A��l
to ill up her Vacant lands speedilv, j    PaWIe works committee itqiorted
even though the State should haw J���*���" "*����"��>���? creek improve-
tocontribute, as in Australia. ' Ex-. mems- -���	
perts say that it is certain that half
of these paaseugers cannot hope to
get through to Kloudike this year.'     Presbyterian church-Regular ser
"  vices in Virginia hall morning and
'There's a good deal in thesciene** evening.   Kev. J, A. Cleland.
of deduction,'  said an  ardent  ad-     Methortht   Church-Kev.   A.   M
mircr of Sherlock Holmes to a chance Sanfoid, A. B, Pastor. Regular scr
..a    ..    ..             .._-!   TOO
And note the Laundry-man in in Bed.
Thursday at noon a tenderfoot was
fooling with a gun at the Clifton
House. His name was Brown. The
gun wasn't loaded. Neither was
Brown. While Bro-/n was cleaning
the gun it went off.
Mrs. Crandall keeps a lodging
honse across the road. Her husband
has gone to Klondike. Nye Taggart
the laundryman eras making a visit
on the lady at the time the tenderfoot was cleaning the gun. Tbe
bullet struck him in the leg. The
gun handler was brought liefore the
beak next morning, The court dismissed the case as it was considered
an accident that the man got shot in
the leg. The laundryman is in bed.
The lady still keeps tbe lodging
hou*.   Moral omitted.
acquaintance tm the rear platform of vices to-morrow at 11 a
a trolley-car.    "Fur instance. 1   see P* m
from your pronged cheeks that  you
have just returned from a long va
cation : you have just dined, for you
appear to enjoy that  cigar hugely,
and a cigar always has a tine flavor
after meals.
"Deduction, is it ?
m. and 7:30
Work Progressing  Rapidly on
Work was commenced on tin* ereek
said he, whose improvements on Monday antl is now
family history the original Sherlock well under way. A force of about
would Itave known at a single ��� if*) men was put on in the early
glance : "well 1 ain't had no va part of the week, but later the iiiiin-
cation and I ain't .tad no dinner. ,rr W|W re,|Umi ^ ^ flic force
I'm X bricklayer   la-en workin' for. {(l divMM|   jnlo two gm*,^   mu\er
three weeks on top of a
huildiitir, ami I'm friends
cigar lieeause I'm lister
pipe,   ami   it's  the  tirst
with  this
smokin' a
rope I've;
Neil   Melnues on   the timber work
and Tom Duffy on  the excavating,
with Chief Doolan as superintendent
The flume wi'll be 7 x 12 feet, tlm-
tomght for eight years.   See T'        j bered and  planked  with four-inch
Wr^-stom-er (breathlessly) I see)*** ��i^J��* ���_nd_8i?<*:   The
you aiv  advertising  shot silks n*
live cents a yard.
Salesman (blandly)-Yes, maJain,
and they will do beautltully for mosquito netting. You see, they came
in an express car that was held up
hy train robbers.
Smoke Trail Blazers.
heatl of the present work is behind
Byers Hardware store, where a
wing dam ia being built. From
there it cuts across diagonally to the
head of the alley, in the rear of
the Reco hotel, following the alley
for the remainder of the distance,
about 1000 feet in all. |
White A Cavanaugh have the con
Thc shipments of ore
from August 1, 18117,
1898, inclusive, wen* as
Slocan Star,
Payne, :
Idaho Mines, *.
Noble Five, :
Reco, ' :
American Boy, :
Slocan Bov, i
Wonderfti), :
Ajax, :
.Majestic, *
Freddie Lee.
Mt. Adams, ���
Last Chance, :
Goodenough, :
Cananian Group, :
Trade Dollar,
Oueen Bess,
Fountain Fraction,      :
Miscellaneous, ���
Ajax Fraction :
Wonderful Bird
from Sandon
to April !Hh
2.9S71 tons.
15     -
Total,       :       : 21,51184 tons
Ore shipments for the week from
March 24th, to March 31st, inclusive,
were as follows: Pavne 100, Ruth
100, Last Chance 3!i tons, Total, 2.W
tons. - K. A S.
The Sandon Hand Laundry and
Bath House is still in the lead for
line starch work. Work called for
and delivered promptly.
It is worth while to call at thc
C. P. R. office and get new rates to
eastern points. . A great number
have already taken advantage of
the low fares'to visit their old homes.
' THK PAV8TREAK. SA�����*-����^^t
The Senate Did Well.
The action of the Dominion senate
in rejecting the Yukon railway bil|
by a substantial majority, is amply
justified.    The senate  has simply
vetoed one of the worst of bad bargains, the agreement  being all in
favor of the enterprising and energetic contractors, who easily got the
better of that overrated minister, the
Hon. Mr. Sifton. Only party loyalty-
kept a  bare  majority  of western
liberals in line -villi their leaders on
a  measure which    sinned  against
almost every declared principal  of
the party, and though not a few B.C.
conservatives, on   the  other  hand,
supported the bill, they did so, as a
rule,  on   purely    sordid   grounds,
caring  little  or   naught  what the
agreement would  cost the country,
so long as it helped themselves and
their friends to make   big  profits
These conservatives however, f<n*got
that in  any case  the railway was
fairly  sureti  b<*   built  a**snn*s
possible,  and doubtless   ou   bettor
terms a* a direct government undertaking, and on lines which fnun t :u-
first should have been adopted.  The
policy now likely to be chosen U apparently  also what  the  Hon. Mr.
Blair, tye Dominion Minister of Railways, would at any rate have sup
ported, judging   by the lukewarm-
ness of his advocacy of the bill now
It has long been made clou* by the
action  of the  contractors,   Messrs.
Mann A Mackenzie, that they have
secured     Dominion      Government
pledges to indemnify   them against
the loss of at any rate the ordinary
and largely profitable returns of the
construction work, which their party
has done and  is doing, and it is,
therefore, about equally clear that,
as we have already said, the railway
will be  bti'lt, as a  state line.   No
doubt a  very  good   price  will be
given for  its construction���Messrs.
Mann A Mackenzie being so well in
with the powers that be st Ottawa���
but the cost cannot begin to approach
the extraordinarily large speculative
sale value of the monopoly miner;.I
rights over millions of acres, which
Hon Mr.  Sifton   sought to confer
under the original arrangement'  In
fact, the action ol the senate should
in  this case, as  in  the somewhat
similiar instance of tlie Drummond
County Railroad  scheme, result in
the securing of far better terms for
our country   and   its   taxpayers.
Hence the senate need fear no uprising of popular Indignation in respect
of its bold action  in thus vetoing a
"boom"  railroad   bill.    There is
sound reason on  the contrary  to
believe that very large numbers of
be takct, by the Dominion government to build the railroad promptly,
and above all, extend It to a good
ocean port on the north coast of our
own Province.
B. C. Chamber of Mines.
The British Columbia Chamber of
Mines has been organized and put on
a business footing. Dr. Selwyn is
preslden*, W. Carlyle and II Abbot
vice-presidents, snd Frank S. Tagg-
ait secretary pro tern. A pamphlet
containing the Articles of association
is being circulated. The Cha mber
intends to be strictly impartial and
free from any tincture of speculation.
A permanent salaried secn*tary is to
be employed to give his entire attention to the compiling of information regarding the mineral resources
ot the province, etc. Associate mem-
liership is set at $5 : n*presentative
at $25. Mining men in all parts of
the province are asked 11 co-operate
as the Association is calculated to not
only lie a betiettt tn the mining in
dustry of B. C. but to be directly
beneficial to its members.
The British in India
There   have    been   wild  alarm**
about insurrection in India. 'England
has been threatened   with an uprising  which   would   cast  the great
Mutiny into tbe shade.   There is no
appearance or  probability  of any
thing of the  kind.   What may la*
going ott in the dark depths of Hindoo sentiment those who are best In*
formed are least ready to say.   it is
uot   likely   that   love   ofa  foreign
conqueror  can  ever  lie the ruling
passion of  tlte conquered.   Hut  a
Imputation long disarmed, devoid of
organization,  divided   in  itself by
race, religion and caste, is practical
ly   incapable of rebelling.   At the
time of the Mutiny   the   people  nowhere stirred except iu Oudh. which
had only just lieen taken  from the
native dynasty and annexed to the
Empire.   Not armed  rebellion but
the misery attendant upon the multi
plication of a helpless pessautry bt;.
yond the means of au Insistence is the
real danger with which the govern-'
ment of British  India has to contend.   It is ever and anon enhanced
by plague and famine.   Tin- Anglo-
Indian   government  is  admirable,
both in the benefit  of its intentions
and its administrative skill.   But it
appears that nothing can make up to
any people for the absence <*f native
leadership.    The   Englishman   in
India now is a mere sojourner, two*
arated by an  impassable  gulf, not
only of race but of habit and sentiment, from the native, whom he may
rale but can never lead.   To so art!
flcial a state^of things there must be
good Canadian liberals everywhere ; ||mit. and umi�� limit, tlioaffh v��a
rejoice in their secret souls over what distant, may be in view.
has happened.   It is at least an open 	
secret that very  large numbers of   ^Whatalong, thin head Jimaon
leading British Columbia  liberals  ,a��'Yeg y^ m |f m.  ^
will be by no means sorry, provided \t under  the bureau for a collar
only, of course, that proper means button.
A Chute of
Is Still Being Worked at
There te not mneh pay ln it, bnt the
quality of the work ht Jnut an high ***
it wan when Handon waa the
Hottest Town in the Gulch.
Tiie prices are some what despondent
in sympathy with the aad condition
of trade, and
To lay away a supply for the Rood
timet* that are likely to come upon n*
Hiiddenly and without warning. THE PAYSTUEAI-, SANDON, B. C, APRIL ft. IMS.
Speaking ln hit annual report of the
mines of the Sloean, Miniatcr of Mines
Carlyle says:
"The actual amount paid in dividends
cannot be stated, aa some of the mines
never make their profits public, such as
the now famous Payne, bnt it Is known
that the total amount Is at least 11,800,-
000, of whteh 1080,000 were paid in 1897.
Tbe following mines have stated
publicly their dividends: Slocan Star,
9��R��.uoo; fteco, ��W7,6U0; Idaho, ***),-
ouo; lUmbkr-Cariboo, fttO.000; Good-
enoogh, 182,900; Last Chance, W7.000.
"In the autumn of 188a and the winter
of 1887, the allver routes of the Sloean
attracted unusual attention, as the great
mouey making possibilities of verybigh
grade silver-lead veins became apparent A red boom waa inaugurated,
the different towns built up rapidly as
many people crowded in, but in July
t he sudden drop Inthe price of silver
cheeked all speculation and the boom
was over.
The increased output of Slocan for
inmT speaks lor itself, while the record
of some ef its mines during the past
year attracts much attention. One
���ogniticaut feature during the year has
\torn that despite the fact that gold is
the favorite and silver has fewer
fronds.several of tbe larger and de-
vflojred properties have partaed under
the control of British capital, and others
are lieing ���n-.aottO���-.*-. r-Mt a view to purchase, the fact being realm ��t that thi-
h gh grade Slocan silver-lead ore is
i >.ceedingly protitahle. and yielding
handsome dividends.
So new proper!iiw attaiued ��|M*cial
prominence duringtheyear. but several
of the older claim* fofg.il ahead and
U-vame heavy ahippera. such aa the
Payne, Ituth and ��V bite water, and
���ieveral. audi as the Quoen Be*��.
Charleston, Ivanboc. I_a*t Chance, etc
art* reported to have gotni ore chute*
now in sight, hot no milieu wen* visited
hv the writer during the past season.
I- irst, but small, shipments were made
from quite a number of new claims, development work is progressing in many
places, and remembering how every
good property In the Sloean had very
insignificant surface prospects, it is tin
pai-aaihie to tell when a good ore-chute
of this high grade ore may be struck,
ami a mine hitherto little known suddenly spring into prominence."
After discussing freight and smelting
charges on Sloean ore, the report
says i "The Province levies a tax of 1
P**r cent on the value of the ore afiwr
deducting the freight and treatment
charges. Hence the average ore for
1887 yielding 10H 6 oas silver and 4A.7
per rant, lead, at the average prices for
18W, would he worth 187.70 per ton,
from wliich have to be deducted, for
freight and treatment, tJ2.uh duty on
lead iion%). $1.'��25; Government tax.
"���* cents; in all, 108.(10; besides the cost
of mining, anckiug and transport to
point nf shipment, so tbat the net value
or profit on average Slocan ore will to*
about rsi to ft-V. iter ton "
Uriel mention is made in the report of
the working ml tie* as well as thc
promising prospects, aa follows: "A
little over a year ago the half interest
io tho Payne and adjoining claims mat*
purchased for 987 Agm by the owners of
the other half, and since then this mine,
tho first located in the Sloean, has taken
Hrst place aa shipper; and for the past
year has paid its owners, who are very
reticent, tbe largest dividends of any
���diver mine in the Province. To-day
there is said to be now opened up by
tunnels and raises a verv long chute of
ore, from which a dailv shipment of b>
tona can he easily maintained for a long
period. The cost of mining is very
low, verv little dynamite being requlr
ed, and for transporting ore to boUi the
K. ft 8. and C. P. railroads probably
the longest three-rail gravity tramwav
In the world has latelv been completed
This tramway Is H.O0& feet long, with n
vertical drop of %A\\ feet: ste-ei cable,
l-lnch; load per car, o tons; average
l��e��?Tem< 8 "********- It passes
over trestles for much of the wav, but
Is covered where needed by snowsheds.
At the upper end is a Blake crusher, so
that the ore is very easily sacked, little
?r 5? *��.riing **"'�� d��n�� other than that
in the stopes.
The Slocan Star has not been as
heavy a shipper during the past year,
but the concentrator is kept almost
constantly running. The lower tunnel
has struck the ore chute, which here so
far proves to be concentrating ore, aad
development work is being pushed.
ftThe controlling interest in the Ruth
has passed since last report into the
bands ol an knglish company, and during the oast year this mine has risen to
be one of the largest and most constant
shippers in the Slocan, while work is
being advanced rapidly.
"On tbe Reco work has been confined
to the small vein, nothing further having been done on the larger. The
ditfetent tunnels have been advanced,
aud recently some of the best ore ever
found in the mine, carrving much
pyrargyrite or ruby silver in the
galena, has been uncovered/ A line
ior an aerial tramwav baa been cut
out from Sandon to the mine The
mine bt closed entirety when snewslldes
begin to run in the spring, and considerable water cornea into tbe workings.
A dividend of 8101,001 was declared
Januarv Int. ii-m, making 8287,500 in
all, and another is pro-ttiaed to be paid
"The Idaho* Alamo la��t summer passed into the control or tbe Scottish
Colonial (.old Field*. Ltd , and much
work to being now done to further develop these aud the < timherland. The.
concentrator has had some radical
change* made, and the present time
*2.<k��) t*��ns of high grade ore are ready
for milling
"In the I <a��t Chance the discovery of
very tine ore chute** is reported by the
manager. Mr T A Woods, so that this
propertf will probably become one of
the most important shippers during the
present year.
"(he Nohle Five was forced to suspend work ou account of the lack of
funda, and indebtedness. The concentrator and Finlayson tramway, mentioned in Bulletin No. 8, were erected
and exploratory work vigorously prosecuted, but, as tias since transpired, the
large expenditure for tramway end
mill was premature, as not much pay-
ore was found and the mine soon drifted
behind, and with no capital to go further, had to face the inevitable and shut
down. Arrangements are now otn
ploted to permit continuance of dev *lop-
inent tinder other and better cotiditi ons
"The Washington, R. E. Lee, Itain-
bler-Cariboo, Best, Antoine. Surprise.
Gnat Western are still being developed
and shipping ore. but work has stopped
on the Slocan Boy, Argo, Carnation,
tteed and Tenderfoot, Monitor, etc
"The Lucky Jim mine is now shipping several cars tier day to the Pilot
Bay concentrator from its large reserves
of concentrating ore.
"The Dardanelles company, having
well equipped this mine, is now developing and has found, as reported by Mr.
Tretliewav, in the lower workings the
continuation of 'he ore chute worked in
the upper workings by the former
"The Queen Bess property is now
owned by the Queen Bess Proprietary
Co.. England, and it is reported that the
work done during the past year has
shown up much more ore, from which
shipments are being made
"When the Galena Farm property
was visited iu 18% it was thou seen to
be one of the most promising prospects
iu the district, but everyone was amax-
ed on learning this undeveloped prospect was to be overwhelmed by the
excessive and absurd capitalisation of
��UO,U0O, or 82.575,000, snd burdened by
promises of speedy dividends. The upshot was inevitable. Even yet only a
few hundred feet of work has been
done, far from enough to prospect but
verv little of this ground, which, with
more extensive development, has manv
chances of vet proving np well even if
at present not much good ore is in sight
In this.strong ledge, although a very
decided improvement is now reported.
Inthe report for 1891 the presence of
zinc blende -was mentioned twice, but
this mineral is found in all the Slocan
mines to a greater or less degree. This
property has not had justice done to
what was showing a year ago. and it is
simply absurd to condemn italtogether.
An excellent plant operated by water
power is Installed,but for some reason or
another the air com pressor,sll ready for
work, has not been used. A few hundred feet of work on such a property
may, as is many times the case, prove
nothing of value, while more extended
work may, but It is extremely dangerous to make promises of large dividends
to the shareholders before tbe .pay-ore
bas been found and blocked out in
sufficient quantities to warrant such
"The Wakefield, Thompson, and
Vancouver Groups, up Four Mile creek,
are stated to have good showing of ore,
and shipments are being made this
winter from the last two. The Fisher
Maiden resumed work for a time under
Mr. Frank Watson.
Of properties located in the Slocan
City Mining Division, the report says:
"A good many claims were bonded and
explored during tbe past year, but not
much advance was made, as the veins
seemed to be broken and irregular, and
the high grade ore scattered in segregations along minor I iae of weakness.
Work was suspended for a time on
the Enterprise, out resumed Nov 1st
with 40 men Contracts have been let
for the hauling of a large quantitv of
ore during this winter to the lake.
Drifts and upraises are being run.
"On the Ralispel four or five men are
at work, and a 5-ton shipment was
madeiu December to the Hall Mines
"Cm the Highland light, three miles
up Ten-Mile creek on the north side,
two men are at work driving a tunnel
85 feet long on a vein of high grade,
dry silver ore, of native and ruby-
"In the same section and under the
same owners two men are working in a
82-foot tunnel on the Victor, on the same
kind of silver ore
"The Silver Nugget claim lies in
Mile creek basin over the summit from
the Victor, and a few men are working
on very rich silver ore.carrying nui**get
and aire silver, of which ore 5 tons
were shipped to the Hall Mines smelter
in December.
"On Twelve Mile creek work has
been carried on during the  fall aud
whiter on the dry ore, carrying argentite and pyrites,, chiefly st the Paystreak, Elt groups and Jubilee, from the
first of which 7 tons were shipped to the
Hall Mines smelter.
"On the Arlington, Springer creek,
Mr. Frank Watson has 1-i men at work,
the shaft having been sunk to lttO feet,
and drifts run off at different levels. A
steam hoist haa been put on, and some .
fine ore is reported, of which two car
toads were sent to the Hall Mines
smelter in December.
"On the Two Friends 6 men are at
work and some ore is being taken outt
one car having been shipped in the
fall.   A second vein is being-opened up.
"In the fallBto 10 men were at work
on the Meteor, but during the winter
only 2 or 8. Three car loads of high
grade ore, running from 100 to 267
ounces of silver and 8R to $14 in gold
per ton, were shipped during the fall.
Three men were at work on the Columbia, and a 200-foot cross cut tunnel,
with drifts along the vein of the dry ���
silver ore, had been run.
"Tbe Evening Star claim is now
under bond to Hugh Sutherland, of
Winnipeg. A shipment waa made in
November of rich silver ore, bnt no
work is being done at the present time.
"On the Exchange, Victoria, etc.,
until the early part of December, 14
men were at work, but none at present,
shafts having been sunk and drifts
Seven men are at work on the l-X.L.
aiul Excelsior, and there is now a 55-
foot shaft and 85-foot drift.
"The Republic is being worked by
the original owners who will ship a car
load of silver ore in January
-'On the Howard Fraction, Lemon
creek, work is now suspended During
last summer a cross cat tunnel waa
driven anil some drift ing done, and two
or three car loads of ore taken out.
"From the Gold Wedge a trail has
been built through Kootenay Pass to
Kootenay lake. Twelve men were
working and some rich ore is reported
as being taken out. This claim is on
second North Fork of Lemon,eastof the
Crusader group.
"A <>0-foot shaft has been sunk on the
Crusader, a few tons of ore are on the
dump, and the owners, Faas and Crawford, are now working.
"On ihe Kilo 8 men were at work,
and a small shipment of gold ore was
sent to the Hall Mines smelter. Located on the first North Fork of Lemon
Robert Macdonald
Neil Macdonald
MACDONALD   BROS.. Proprietors.
Rates 11.50 to $2.50 per day.	
Headquarters fbr Mining Speculators and Capitalists.
Reco Ave., - - Sandon, B.C
Dealer iq xMEATS
 : AT :
The Paystreak.
U ifsued every SttunUy ln 8-_��don, In Uw heart
of tbe greatest White MeUl c*mp ou earth.
Sub-cripttoo     ��� ...     m.OOayesr
Strictly In advance.
AddnaK Taa Patstosak, Sandon, B.C.
SANDON.   B. C, APRIL   9.   1898
Thk fertility ofthe American mind
is shown in a mining proposition recently propounded by F. 8. Morgan
of Cleveland, Ohio This gentleman,
wbo ii as might have been expected,
a newspaper man, has, together with
other prominent Cleveland men,
formed a syndicate entitled The
Ohio-Ontario Development Company
of Rat Portage, Limited. The object
ofthe company is to develop mines in
the Lake of the Woods district, but
their method of going about this work
is certainly unique. In the prospectus issued by tbe company it is stated
that it is the intention of the company to secure different mines in the
Lake ot the Woods district and to
develop them to such a degree as tbe
work as it progresses will warrant.
The prospectus adds: "It Is our
wish that every possible purchaser of
stock fully investigate our mines,
and in order to do this the directors
have determined to take an excursion from Cleveland and vicinity to
these gold fields, believing that it is
unwarranted to expect the people to
pay their money unless they Investigate."
Tbe company proposes, in view of
this, to sell to each applicant for
membership in the excursion to Rat
Portage one hundred shares of Its
capital stock at $1 per share par
value, or $100 in all, and when certificates for 100 shares are delivered
and paid fora contract signed by the
company will accompany it, binding
the company to take the purchaser to
RatTbrtage and return, tree of expense. This trip is to include tha
following route and privileges: Cleveland to Detroit, Detroit io Owen
Bound and Georgian Bay, including
sleeping and dining cars; C. P. R.
steamers via the Sault to Fort William
and thence by the C. P. tt. to Rat
Portage. Arrived at Rat Portage
the excursionists are to be taken
about to visit the chief mines in the
Lake ofthe Woods district, and after
ten days return home the same way
as they came. This prospectus concludes with the assertion that even
should the minim? stock rum out to be
worthless the trip will be well worth
the money invested.
It may be that after ten da\ s sight
seeing in the mines the excursion-
investors will return home tbe same
way they came, but they will haven
different view of themselves. They
perhaps will have gained some
horse sense, and, taking this view of
it, the $100 will have lieen well spent.
Since the defeat of the Mackenzie
A Mann railway deal by the Senate,
and the granting of the charter to Mr.
Corbin by the Railway Committee
at Ottawa for the Kettle River Valley
railway, the C. P. R. organs all over
Canada have been howling mad.
The Vancouver World, for Instance,
which is nothing if not monopolistic,
says the Senate "has covered itself
with infamy by'throwing out the
Yukon railway bill," and at the same
time and in terms as bitter, it de
nounces the granting of the charter
to Mr. Corbin for the Kettle river
If such papers as the above quoted
would use more reason and lem nar
row-minded hatred in their discos
sion of these questions, it might be
better for the Province. The Yukon
railway was st best a questionable
undertaking. The granting of tin*
charter to Mackenzie A Mann, with
its outrageous land grant would have
been a great mistake. While the
building of the road migbt bring
temporary prosperity to the const
cities, the effect of tieing up the great
gold country to the Mackenzie A
Mann corporation, would be long felt
and deeply regr�� tied. There whs
not one redeeming feature in connec-
ion with it, unless, perhaps, t'-at of
its being strictly monopolistic
The granting of the Corbin charter
is entirely different. The Kettte
river road will open op a section of
country that has long tett the need of
a railroad. The Boundary Creek
country will receive great benefit
fh>m having railroad connection*
with the outside world, and the min
ing sections ofthe Province generally
will triad I v welcome the building of
an*, road that wiil lead to the br. sk
big of the transportation moiu>|<oly.
The opposition to the granting ot the
charter came particularly from the
CP.R. and the proposed Victoria.
Vancouver A Eastern railway. The
claim was made that the Victoria
Vancouver company would -some day
build into tbe Boundary country snd
that should the American road be
permitted to enter the com try it will
be injurious to Canadian trade.
This is the ssme old cry.    The
Imsinesc   men   of  our own   coast
cities were ever ready to get a nion
opoly on anything and force trade to
come their way.   There Is no reason
for It, but the fact is, they are -.Iraki
of American competition.    The min
Ing sections of the Province an? read-,
to favor Canadian dealers, Canadian
roads or anything else that is Can
adian, but they do not want to be
held b^ck to wait the pleasure ofa
grasping corporation.   Without com
|>etitioii trade would he dead, and a
little of it will not hurt the C. P. K
nor the Victoria -Vancouver people.
I thought your aoirw-.it pursuing his
studies st thc university ��   '*
So be was but he concluded timt he
couldn't catch up with them.
Eighty seven Crown grants for
mineral claims situated in tbe Slocan
mining division were issued during
the year I8l��7, according to tho Minister ot Mines' report. Below is a list
ofthe clsims compiled firom the re
Hrv��n So. 4
0 ilamlra***
I' ..mli
Kit>l<i��*- S*��. S
t,n-en H**ro
I-aSoSj-J t
J. in.!��� l.lnti
l.urkjr Jim
Hurt raoW-H
Msnlon rt****
K.��t����>tt.���� Wrar
KilrS.lt I'.W
IV. 'trrf art
WUd t�� a** S<
A ii tol a**
BanmutM Kln��
t*y I'-wc,
I*v _**WS Wne
K'.W iio Fm��*
U.'A,o lUgt*
K l.t J. ii Tnmmatt* l��tkr
Jrnnto lenmt* N����
Julta llum-ctrt f>k��l#
Aawtieoo Bo J*
Blu* i.t*mu0
Worn Ut
Ki l*o*<rt*��*
��� *!�����*��� >V>
Ml ��_i�� htntt
Mhii a
Third *������ J*��l)r
4 Win.
|,..kr Ui   XO     I
LtWrt *���-_.*
It ���"-*��*
���M   t.e-. ������?my
�����)<.-> IV fj.t+rt*
M .Jti��f>l \����- ���
WM i. ,m
w o i���*��� W*t*
auvu v. to stowv wiuran*.
It is an excellent plan f����r a storv
writer to rei.d hb dialogue stood,
after he has written it. giving to eneh
SOlilonOD a* far a* l-aasibh-. the ex
pn jw'oii lhat would he given to it h\
the ��|�� aker. In doing thk if h��* ha*
written itu|ws-jible siMitencr-a. semunj
writers do, he Ut likely u-discover
them. Theft* ia no reason whv tl*��r
actum in hooks ah, nld �����*���< I*, made
tn ta'k t-x *clly aa lliev would In lilt*.
It u delicti ve art to make them u*e
language lhat wotthi not be natural
In them. The Youth's com pan Mi
tell*, of a lioidoti girl who came home
from her tirst laMUB In bicycle riding
ami remarked*.
'The man said I made most ��ati��
factory prutfreas tor a novice."
*'.\hy. dkl be really say that?*
was the suqarita-d tpierv
"Well,  no,*   an��w, r*d the IWton
voting W0QUI0 after a  m-aiieni's re
flection; "what he did M, was:   Y��ai
do lust rate tor a new beginner."
A friend of the |*oel lirv ante ha nerd
Ui be alone in hia study when a cab
inet maker hrou.ht bane a chair
lhat had  heen altered.     When tlr.
Brya.it returned, hi- asked:
������Miss Rol.hina.  what did the oil
man say aN-tit my chair?*"
HH��aaid." answered the visitor,
"that the ii|tulibriuiu it now ad
miial.lv adjusted "
"What s hue fellow!" -mtd  Mr
Bryant, laughing        | naver heard
him talk like that     Wen- those hia
exact word**/'
'��� Well,   he said:    It j.^gl^ j01rt
right!'   repeated Mia* Kohbins.
iaEEE'5 S.UtTSII?fli WlUyni mvMt
MV IMUMvIl UstMU* l**tt*|*4��U
3liV I mm* itmm Ku-l.t. kmn.
Ttm Sr��f|�� AtgyWa �������# kljn��jv��n,
ll��-* toUUdlm Itm eta it;
^___K*iJ_. "fa^SL1 ** '****.
tAmmnmg mm on tugk *tfw
****. Ig*��?> ***k aC*Mat.un.
.  Aw tlsvcniasttiHaa tmug *!*__..
*****\*P. jg^Stoqi.. mt ttwteA,
I ��**tHS vmnty t*mn mtfi -uv-
AM mm* ttg toma km* -.iu^
_J]*mfo*imit Inniln % ..<,/1-^,,
��_    .-.V   ��.      -.- a       *******>
* ��� ******* t**to-too Wr*i.*-*t.
Ito** On VommAaM MalS ttoa it, m-. ^u
AS' them's awrOSMf wtmt.g m( mm.
tl* w��r��*i�� bn.
ko*'mnngnnt *uto��k���� i *,���*...]
I***** hism kumnand hy h*t S��j..��-,'
V wss~sts etm^ mmmm sss mm -wmiMnA,.
BM t*nmoit*d mmtmn omdml
ttm than an tMw* SIm-jj uti me.
! mt a*~*e4 mate,
. . .,a**tmkw I'd ,.<���.���* ."
Wbwi Uw Prtt��f* ���-��* W_i��i f-wv. ����� -����_._i
Aw* otap"dom <mth*u*rt*
"Tomaotakmt A**%a de B*mkt tn, i.,�����
S**, yn MWkmn tho .���*���.' Ut,
H��l tw ��mmm Sawi o> ewtvik
It* ��� tamo* nmg *>*" ���**
n BSS*SS 1]
towamd u* It
Met Umhmty wad ba
W%*^*g t^^tw fa __a **M***Om\-\ma
t^��ai M' tmakem ��* l��rii.4 -��.
T*# gmmo ��r 0mm am' dn.*,
Tkmy 0*t0 tm km to** **.,%>*.
Her* ttmt*** oa m* %.<***** ���������
Am' I ���*��*art_M*t Hk* ��� i ..��,��� ** ���
Wm tkuwakm-mhUmg tm**a *��� ***\
W hew I gam hark tm ttmgt ,m ���-��*,
rS dt**n my*n"i mm Out* :
Wr ��"��� my wtmat* m aa* h**ea.
Vmemn Ut l" l<*��i m *h
fa mm ��i��** r wd- mt^g* -om tmrnt*.
Th**?* nm t.emth my dew* -*
We* 1 teat I mm �� Vwm WM
.In'MM**-'-** mmmthi-Wt ��������������** *f tm*.
Tb*r* a* tbUtt lk*d mk-** *��� nt
T��* ***'Mll*<>��MI w�� ��������� ���**��*! >.
ll'*am ad ���-*'��� Mmy m.,u*
A*��* H ��!*��������� nb* mm- *���**-��� �����
\% Um I a/i S***** l-og ��*-*��."�� ***���
T*** **n ��fc*t *A* *mtt tn �������
He***  Aamm-njdiOtfmta ,.1 :���   ***.
li** *��o tmby tAhmm lit- In
I HM��r**ti-*4l U lu ***r*��t��jV.
Atf IS*** * tttttt tth*t*
It t**n Wrt-t i~A*-l I**  U.n. . .
'ti* Mit **��aVt*. iiiftlt *u���� -���.
I WU** b ��*����ir ��lr*. jtHtjlM- ���
ll****;'' W h>. to *" ran me*;
That* tba klwm* *>' m * , ���.���*����* ��j.
M* H*tmt,,ntM-.**a It ��'���*-*
~~xe*d * *tmn0.
KMtWX   TO   WtMV****
A sad aeeldsat bai*f*en��**l ����� th** *****
mine un the Wild llom* r***b t*-*t
Yroir on Tnsadsy etant^a ***>J ***
wbserby a ItalaiMlsr i��*��uol f*dws*i
Mrkt lost bit lib*,   tl wo,***** ***** *
wok tttswimr ***** I* *b*** "* 'v"*xn,tf^
tin* ��*ja*ft mt s tmyrrm wtwn it ������� i *-A**i *>**
kilbwl him instsnflv. Hi** <** ����>��* ���***
mem* pnwtbiall.v Mown U�� l'H"%^- .
Mb anus sod s b**i we rv i-to** p <** **
a largo holt mads In hit ���'"���>���- >> ���**
���slao was enMrviy mreA***. ��������, !
fftran-fnta |��an el It Is thst * >*** **
*tot>*dnm within two toot .-> th* *un*
when the anient hapiwtM*-! u ��� f***K
������d iininjarrd. wblb�� lb�� tool *** *����� ***
w��a bkmn aw*v.
Shr--Iln yon Itkr sinK*"';." a
He-1 wssalway**carriM ***** ��� 9
Sbr-I will slnr
Kootenay Mercantile Tailoring Co.
A M line of
always Id Siort
MINtNO   PBOI'BHTV   IK)*':**1'   *"
Major Cooke, of the Prince of Wales'
Rifles, hss been appointed to commend
the Bialejr team tnw yesr.
Ottawa is working hard to secure ths
Annual Dominion Day meet ol tbe Canadian Wheelmen's Association.
The Grand Opera House at St. Thomas
was burned on Saturday night last. The
low is estimated at 17,000, covered by in*
���u ranee.
Psvld Duncan, a clerk in tbe Montreal
customs bouse, while suffering from a fit
of despondency, committed suicide by
strangling win a oord.
A large party of gold seekers besting
the name of too Last Chance Mining
rfompsny, left Hamilton litis week for ths
Klondike.   The party will travel by the
all Canadian route.
Mr. Knspp, of roller boat fame, ia as
enthusiastic as ever over his invention,
and it is rumored that he haa let tbe
contract for a larger boat tor ocean use.
The craft built Isst yesr ia to be used as
a river boat at Prescott.
Mias Jane Lewis, daughter of Mr. Wm.
I* wis, of the township of Tburlow, near
lullevilu*. white engaged in lighting a
lire caught oo fire in some way, and before alii came was verv badly burned,
and is now lying in a serums condition.
The Ottawa Government has |iaaet��d an
tloler-in-Conncil which requires, all person-* obtalnttig leases to dredge for mineral** in lbs river* of Msnito <a and Ute
Nortb-Weat to take out free miners'
certificates at |10 s piece, as in tbe
Yukon district.
The Minister ef Agriculture. stOttswa.
h��e received word lhat the first ship
ment of Canadian butter to Japan wa*>
well received, and nt-ali-ed about .to
tents per pound at thc city of Kohe
Tbis might br a ftaviug industry. If pro
|��erty carried out.
Two men named Washington Kigle
and K. Tola, both reaidents olC lathani.
��ho were employed as car|*enu-rs by tbe
Krie A Huron Kails ay, while out fl**hin*_
were drowned as tbey were endea**ortn*t
tn-niss tbe channel at the piers at tin'
Kotid Kan, one dark nig*it this week.
A Frenchman named Monsieur S.��iIh>
hss applied for s considerable space in
the eahibitioo grounds, Toronto, when
he intends esnibiting bis goml*. M.
Houhty proposes to sell f 1,000,000 worth
of aooda in Canada, and lie thinks thi*
will make an opening for �� large annual
Two .St, Catherines men bsve made a
rich strike in Denver, Col Tbe lucky
men are John D. snd James Xeeloti, sons
of tbe late Captain Neeloo. Tbey Invested in a mine tn Denver, which ha*
panned out very rich, so much ao that
the other dsy tbey received a telegram
offering them $50,00*> for their shares.
Louie I'. Krihe, of Toronto, one of Can
sda't* Itest-known journalists, died at the
KiifMfll House. Ottawa on March 24th.
Mr. Krihs was 41 years of age and leaver*
s widow and six adopted children. He
waa a well-known humorous writer and
wrote many articles for the Toronto
Hews, under tlie no:n de plume of
The Dominion Franchise Act is before
the House this week, and the expensive
measure enacted in IMHft will bo superseded by an act which will make the
franchise of the provinces tlte basis o
the Dominion. The bill will restore the
constituencies, which were gerrymandered into all sorts of rhspes,to their natural
original boundaries.
Mr. Archibald Blue. Director of tin
Bureau of Mines, received s letter re
cently from s man living in the Michipi-
coten district, suiting that a great find oi
gold haa lieen made there, and that free
gold is also to be found in Ibis new field
lie ssys thst the nuggets sre the sixc of
���was, and thst the veins would assay
thousands of dollara.
There sre two vacancies in llu* Ottawa
Senate,   which will   probably io* tilled
tb^forB�� division of the Yukon bill is
taken. The two candidates for tbe seats
are Mr. H H. Cook, of Ontario, aod Mr.
Yeo, M. p. for East Prince. Before receiving tho [appointment it will be
nscessarv for them to be approved of by
McKeniie and Mann.
A quantity of tobacco and manufactured cigerettes, valued at |2,000, was seised
*l ^J*11 ***** "***��� hy Chief Preventive Officer Robinson. The Canadian
customs officers st Montreal have long
been suspicions thst there wss a great
deal of smuggling going on between the
United States and Canada serosa the
river st Cornwall, ao have bsen on the
lookout for some weeks.
An elderly man of some 66 years,
named Wm. Covington, who resided in
Clsretnont with his daughter, died very
suddenly this week under suspicious
circumstances. The physician wbo wss
called in testified that death resulted
from stryebine poisoning. At tbe inquest it waa proved tbat some unknown
tasrson called at Mr. Covington's bouse s
few hours before his death.
A gang of burglars broke into the
Western Branch Bank at Sew Hamburg
one night this week. One of tbe clerks,
George Sterling, who sleeps in a room
over the hank, was awakened by the
barking of his dog. Hearing a noise
downstair** he uncovered a hole in the
door and commenced firing off his revolver. Tbe htir_lan> left, but returned
soon and started tofire at Uie hole in the
ceiling, where Sterling was stationed.
He, however, kept up a smart fire And
frightened them away.
Truly troubles never come singly. A
Montreal lawyer. Wilhrok Paynuelo by
name, was awakened the other night by
i strange noise coming from the down
stair regions. Arming himself with a
revolver an* I carry iug a lamp, he pro-
-ceded to Investigate. On the lower fiat
lie came (see to face with a *t-anger,
whereupon he fired a shot to frighten
him away. Almoat at the same instant
Uie lamp exploded setting fire to the surrounding hangings. The burglar made
a hasty exit, hut the fire gamed such
headway that mam tbe entire premises
were almost totally destroyed.
An agent for spring-beds, named I. M.
dcribaer, of Balsover, county of Victoria,
net his death iu a very tragic manner,
lie had been canvassing for some week?
in Brockville and in tlte villag** of North
Augusta. The night of hia death he
went about 11 o'clock to the house
.tccupied by Alex. Pear and family, ami
endeavor* i to arouse the family hv
knocking and kicking the door. At bun
me of the sons, Wm. Pear, went down
tnd inquired who was there. Upon rv
���eiving uoanswer and the knocking iieing
continued Pear got a rifle and called out
that he would shoot if tbe parly outride
would not give his name. No answer
came and he fired through the door.
The man outside screamed, then all WSS
���till, Next morning the Pears were ho*
riged to find Serilmer's dead bo ly on tin*
doorsteps. It is *tip|K��-*cd he waa seek
in*, shelter for the uigbt, and being de:ii
did not hear anyone speaking. Wm,
Pear haa been arrested and charged with
L. B. Hamlin, civil engineer, of Vic
toria, who was sent to the Yukon
country by the Provincial Government
Ui report on the coitditiou of the rivers
between Teslin lake and Dawson City,
di.nl in the Klondike metropolis on Feb*
rttarv 16, from the effects of cold and
ex|Mi'suro. Mr llainliu and a companion had taken part in a rush to Reindeer creek, a branch of Dominion
creek, aud were returning to Dawson to
record the claims they hue staked, when
thev lost their way All uijrht they
wondered around looking ar shelter,
tho weather heliur bitterly cold Just
as davlight was breaking they reached
a cabin, but y this time Mr Hamlin,
who was fullv no years of ajre, anil
physically unlit for attch a trip, was
thoroughly exhausted, and soon alter
arriving at the cabin he lapsed into un-|
consciousness Word was sent to Dawson and tbe Mounted Police doe team
was sent out to brine Mr. Hamlin in to
the hospital. The trip occupied several
days, and all the time the patient was
unconscious; He arrived at tbe Dawson hospital on the morning of February 15, and John Pishe, tbe Government courier, who arrived at Victoria
on Saturday, went to see Mr. Hamlin a
few hours before he started for the
coast The doctor then aaid there was
no hope. On his way out Mr. Piche
took a trip up Henderson creek. When
he returned to the Yukon river again
he met a miner who had left Dawson
after him, and from him learned of Mr.
Hamlin's death.
What the Pr-ariaeial  Oovei_-._-c.iit Will
Tttko 1st sad Pay Oat.
A copy of Uie Governments estimate
of revenue snd receipts, together with
the estimates of expenditures for tbe
financial year 1896-99 haa been received.
It is eatimated the revenue snd receipts
of the Province will amount to 11,453,-
389.45, and that the expenditures will
reach fl ,992,609.75. Of tbe receipts,
$387,000 will come from die mining interests of the Province as follows:   For
free miners' certificates, $175,000; general milling receipts, $165,000; mineral
tax, $45,000; bureau of mines. $2,000.
From land sales $75,000 will be received;
laud revenue will be $7,000; timber royalty and licenses $60,000; timber leasee
will bring in $45,000; real property tax
$120,000; personal property tax $45,00*);
income tax $9,000; revenue tax $95,000;
and tbe Government printing office
revenue will amount to $21,000.
In the items of expenditures that of
public works is the greatest, being $620,-
200. Following this comes that of the
public debt, $295,666.35; then the administration of justice $295,508, and
next tbe item of education, $280,000. It
will cost $145,710 for salaries of civil government officials, -secretaries, etc.; $108,-
>2�� for the maintenance of public
i istiunions, $47,305 for le-_i-*htion, $51,-
550 for hospitals and charities; $15,600
for travelling expenses of officers on
duty. $17,000 ior revenue services, $115,-
278 miscellaneous expenditures, and
$48.50 for the rent of government house
at Victoria.
In the public works estimates tbe sura
��f tl 18,450 is set apart for Uie construction and addition of school build imp*;
Nelson gets $4,000 for this pur-mee, Slo
���an City, $1,000, Rossland $5,000, Ymir
$1,000, Revelstoke $1,200, North Bend
-J80I, Lillooet $l,00d, Ashcroft $1,000.
New Denver was given $1,090 last yesr,
and this time a small appropriation is
asked for ont of the $5,000 set aside for
���eneral improvements, to be expended
in fence buiklina etc.
For roads, streets, hridgeaand wharves
this Riding of West Kootenay district is
given $40,000, the largest appropriation
if any. In addition to this smaller
grants are made for specified road and
iiridgo buildin*. in the riding. Slocan
City Is given $1,000 for a brid-^e across
Slocan river, and $3,000-is set aside to
refund part of tlie coat of Ten Mile wagon
Nelson is given $300 in aid of tbe tire
department, Rossland $300, Bevelstoke
$200, Kaslo $200 and Trail $200.
Death   rialiao   a   Family.
A fow months ago Henry W. Deseher,
an old resident of Victoria, died after a
long illness. On Thursday, March 2b
his widow | mi seed away, on Friday his
youngest daughter Kate was claimed
by death, nnd the following Monday
morning the only surviving member of
of the family, Mrs W. H. Adams, died
very suddenly Mrs Ooschoi* nnd her
two daughters died of pneumonia, the
daughters having, it is believed contracted the disease while attending t>
their mother.
A   SOPTHKKN    VOL*03fTB*--B.
Ye,-Ji*ir. If<j-_ghtwlth8tow*wall,
And faced th. enemy with Lea ���
Bat If tbto here Union mm to war.
Make one more gun forme t
I dWn t shrink from Sftta-maa
As he f**lk>(jed to the sea;
Bat 11 this bete Colon won to war,
Make one more Run for me!
I war with 'em at Manassas-*
The bully boys In Gray;
I be-trd thethunderera roar-in1'
Round Stonewall Jackson's way
And many a time thl* sw.mt of Dm
Has biased tho route for Lee;
But if thto old nation mm to war.
Make one more sword for mk I
I'm not so full o* fightln',
Nor half mi fail of fun
An I was back in Uie sixties
When I -jhunldered my ��'
It may be that my hair is
Sirh tbinfrs, you know
But If this old Onl-m*eia__. -
Moke one more goo tor sn I
I haint forgot my rafsto*���
Nor how, in sixty-two,
Or thereabouts, wtth battle u
I cbarged the boys In blue;
And I say ; I fought with Stowewall,
A nd biased the way for Lee;   *
But tf Ibis old Union'- tn fur war,
Make o���� more gun for my t
Atlanta Con-titatton.
Am* make It two, old fellow
1 want to stand once more
Beneath the old Sag with yon
As to the days of yore,
Our fathers stood t��*g*ther
And (oufrtit on land and sea
Tbe battles Serce that made us
A nation of the free.
I whlpijed yn down at Vlcksbiirg,
V u licked ine at Bull Run;
On many a field we struggled,
When neither victory won.
You ��r ��re tbe grey of sjuthhind,
I wore the the northern blue ;
Like men we did our duty
When screaming bullet. Sew.
Four vear. we fought Uke devils
Bnt when the war wa_ done
Your hand met mine In friendly clasp,
Our two hearts beat as one.
And now when danger threatens
No north, no s wth we know
Once ra ��re we stand ttgether
To Sght the common foe.
My head. like yours is fro-ay,
Obt a<rebcn��p ngon;
Life's .un is tourer sinking,
Mr day will soon be gone.
Butif our country's honor
Nt-ed-* oiw-e again her son,
PiS ready, too, **! fellow,���
So get another gun.
��� I'M;
If you are-
Call at the
Hotel Ivanboc.
���. \ *
���  ~ - - 0 0 T
Is th��* Pioneer  Houae of the City
 Miutufnttirvr* of all	
Syphons, (linger Ale,
Sarsaparilla, Ktc, Etc
Sandon, B.O.
Patronize hftme industry
when you want tlte best
The foUowing ie a complete list of ttte
mining transaettona recorded during the
week in the several mining diviaiona of
the Slocan. Thoae of New Denve- were
as follows:���
Aran. a-March Bird Fractional. Mew Denver. Rota Oliver. ._.-__.
__Wch Bird, same, JO BuUer and N DMcMillan.
Arsa 4-Plne Knot, Cariboo creek Slverton.
E O Netoon.        ^\
cirnriCATt of nmovataarn.
Mabch ��-Fidelity.
Mabcb 90-Eajrle Fraction, Orassrat, Jenny
Jones Fraction, Mohawk.
Mabch n-Olenckaof, Gladstone.
Apbil S���Ocean.
Apbil i-8|��kane.
Mabch W-Ak^oma and Evangeline. Thos
Knight to John Kntght, No-1.
Mabch Si-Finland, 0 H Eaton to W H Redmond, Jan 0.
Apbil 8-Saltan |,IP fUoe to A P Anderson,
. D-W.-taUnajkBoltanall/M. A P Andenon
to A St Qeorge Hamenlejr. March ��.
811 y_t Tip and Bean Nest, Power of attorney.
A T WUklMnn to Walnright Pollock A Co. London, Ebb, Feb tt.
Silver Tip, EH Wainwrteht to Herman Hen-
crieks, London, Engr, March 15.
Bean Neat, aame to same. March 16.
Lotta Qaona |, J O Todd to Ed Shannon.Apr 1
Aran. 4���Same |, Ed Shannon to John Goet-
Mabch to���Crow** Neat. H E Hermanmn and
JCA WiiKheeter; Eteno, 8teve Brooks; Lu Roi.
Fred Lena.
Aran* l-Orowk Neat. Martin it-right.
Mabch W-Lake View.Victoria, Cub Fnctlon.
Mabch ��-Co*orado Fraction, B E Adams.
Mabch at-Jennte, Laido, P L S.
Mabch n���Hope, Crown Prince, Jeaale A.
Mabch ��-North Star, Black Belt, Stiver lip,
ft, Adam Batrdto Mn Minnie Boecher, con -loo.
The ahove la aa atrreement, Mn. Brecher to five
two and famish rappUe* for .SBS-lSM for Adam
Braird when boing the ruraeiament work.
Mabch ss-Kato, C M Parker* * Z Montgomery.
Mabch 80-MortfcaHre to WhROer, McLean A
Bran from Montezuma Mining A Milling Co
Ifumboidti.Dan McKay to I Waldron, tt7.5��.
Franklin b aame to same, Ml JO.
HumboMl t, E C Peru* to aame.
Franklin J, I Waldron to E Eyl.
Same, aame, to E C Peaae.
Humboldt', E C Peaae to I Waldron.
Daybreak J, J Half.tr> I Waldron.
Franklin. I Waldron to A M Banberg.
Humboldt, tame to aame.
Daybreak, aame to aame.
Mabch Si-Blue Grouse |, Jas Grant to Ivy
Howard, DGUchnat.
Big minim? deal* were a matter of
common occurrence last week, and
were inaugurated by the War Eagle
company acquiring a control of the
Monita, on the basis of $100,000. It Ih
probable that this property will be
worked by the Monita company, as independent of the War Eagle. This purchase was followed by tne acquisition
of John ft. Cooks interest in the Pilgrim, which lies between tho Monita
an-* War Eagle, and options for the remaining interests will undoubtedly be
taken up.
Another deal, representing a good
round sum, was consoinmated last
week, when Richard Power, of Trail,
sold to the Edgar Gold Mining A Smelting Company, of this city, says the
Rossland Miner, the Modcna mineral
claim. The property adjoin* the Deer
Park and Esmeralda, and will be worked by the Edgar Company. This company proposes to commence immediate
development, and has . increased the'
treasury stock from $400,000 to *YrO,000.
Its properties now embrace the Modena,
which adjoins the Deer Park on the
southeast, the Esmeralda on the southwest and the Edgar on the west.
At the Deer Park work continues oil
the drift in the 150-foot level, where the
big strike of two weeks ago was made.
Preparations are being made for the
shipment of a few car loads, more for a
sample shipment than anything else, as
at present the facilities do no not exist
The fine bodv of ore from which the
assay of nearly $500 was obtained continues with the workings, and there are
nearly eight teet of it. Stock went up
as high as 18. cents during the week,
but came down again, more from lack
of interest than anything else.
In Sunset No. 2 the work is being
confined to drifting east and west from
the 200-foot level. The indications at
juncture in the drift are excellent
Work is to be resumed on the shaft
early in the present week and it is to be
sunk another 100 feet to the 800-foot
TheSoverign is being operated by
the owners, Wm. Murphy, Gus Pester-
sen and John Ryan. The shaft isdown
#5 feet, and a tunnel is in 110 feet
Thev have just cut into a 10-foot ledge
and are drifting about 80 feet to reach
the shaft. Work is now in progress in
adiorrhite formation.
Shipments during the past meek were
increased bv 700 tons The l.e Roi
shipped l.MO tona, the Iron Mask 820,
and the War Eagle H40. The latter
shipment was to the Nelson smelter,
and was for fluxing purposes. Tht*.
made a total shipment tor the week of
2,290 tons.
A contract has been let for the sink
ing of 50 feet more in shaft on the Good
Hope, which is now down .V. feet. A
pump has been installed and the work
is being pushed. Later in the season
the vein that runs on the Good Horn'
ground from the Good Friday will be
Croascutting and tunneling is the
character of work in progress in the
Iron Mask The company s new engine
is in place and the present force of 8S
men is to be increased as soon as additional power is furnished by the War
Eagle company.
No ore shipments were made last
week from the Poorman, and very little
work is being done. This ha** been delayed to await the arrival of Mr.
Carlyle, who will formulate plans for
the development of all the B C. A. Pin-
New machinery is being installed for
the improved working of the Greet
Western. There are lots of timber*, mi
the ground for the shaft The shaft
has lieen straightened and sinking eon*
No property in the camp is so active
as the War  Eagle, in which there is
more than a mile of underground work.
It is expected that shipping will be com
inenced about July 1.
Still another sale was the Pearl and
Ruby fractions, south of the l^e Koi, fur
which a sum between $15,000 and HO,
000 was paid by an English syndicate.
The Kaslo-Slocan Development Com
pany, Ltd, has consummated the pur
chase of a promising group of White
Grouse mountain claims, known as the
Copper Star group.   Mrs   Jennie E
Harris, 8.  D.  Landeckor  aud J. J
Casey sold the property, taking Mock
in the company and becoming ofiem
and directors.   The group constat* of
the Copper Star Grey Copper, Haulton-
inn. Klondike, Alaska and Petra.
A petition was circulated recently bv
.Madison A Hicks and Carl Nelson and
has been forwarded to Victoria for an
appropriation of $7,cnx) for the ex tension
of the wagon road up the South Pork of
Kaslo creek, seven  miles ahove the
SS1_*__S"-     "   """  """""*   *
A deal is pending on tho Hootalinkwa
?-iM.,J!' *Tr th0 Wltewater  mine, ha.
r_riSlthetjTn/,,r8tand "��m�� Montreal
parties. It is the intention of the mos-
peetfve purchasers to start development
work on the property at once if the tale
is consummated.
The Nip & Tuck and Stanley; claims.
dtJited mar Whitewatei^ and1 owned
bv Duncan McDonald were sold by
Demit v Sheriff Robinson, on April 4, to
satisfy a judgment in favor of J A
Turner I Co. for $100.
The Montexuma has closed down the
mill and ail the upper workings "I the
mine The force retained will push the
lower crosscut ahead with all pnssible
-need l�� li estimated the lead will cu!
h shoot $6 feet.
Messrs. Wakefield. Farreli, Thlea,
Morris and others have sold a hall inter*
est in the following claims to a large
English companv: Rebecca, Nettle.
Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec, Point Led,
Silver Real and Hummer The eo**4j-
lions ..( the sale are, thst WftjOOO ��hall
be expended during a period of tbrce
rears, |l0,000each vear on the property,
and $5,000 la cash to the owner*. Thc��e
conditions will convey to the syndicate a
half interest m the property
> li Fraxier haa sold an inter**! in
the Alpha, East Kootenay, Sarvf snd
Edith claims, to J. K. Markint***h
! bate i-Uims ant situated ����n Pvr.-t nid
ereek, a tributary of the St Mary *
A company com nosed of Messrs Fiok,
Thies. Nhepard. Rosa, Iter* timer aud
others hsve applied to thi* gnvernment
(or a lease of ait milts* of rich ��*4����***r
ground on Perry creek.
The Movie  Placer company had a
formal meeting of ttocfchoMOrs recent
ly.   It was voted that active* ��i��eraii ��n*
be commenced as soon aa the ������aeon
will permit
*'I .atdo Jack" Macd*uiaM lias. .hi the
Freeman claim ta an Kngliah syndicate
The  pro|M'trty   is  situated on    Trsrv
Albert Rank has ooUi tbe Maple1 Leaf,
sitttate.1 on the North Star hill, to N F.
Lindsay of Spokane
a prop-arty wbkii ruu. .at ���,*. ���,���. .
A great number of Fish crvch cUim
hotdersaro waiting about for thj.Mk0��
to get off a Uttle aoaa u��ali..w ui,mto
yet op to worrit on their claim. _���d ottft
ts no doubt hot that a mui,!..f ,-,i *,j
propertiea will ha opened .,-, Uiu turn.
notmtnv ear.ra cotarnv.
tin the did Ironsides in the (ireen
wood camp, work is stdl being jHiaiu-i
on both shaft and rinmnil. The cross
cot from the lt��> f^wit level ha* been run
m feet in ore and the hanging wall has
not yet been reached TwHve men are
������tnplov.il running two shift* A new
pump has been ordered.
Five men an- working on the tipper
tunnel on the Non-doch in Smiths
camp. The tunnel U in l to f**,-i, and It
ia intended to run itt-utfeet. The work
now being done is on the N-ad When
the tunnel has hern run ��>i feet it is the
intention to coutiei t the tipi*er and th��
lower tunuel with a nbaft.
Con Cosgrove and .1 J Mi -Mullen
have a force of men at work on lb* Mav
Queen nnd UyOver, Hardv mountain
rhe��e claims are near.or in Wellington
ramp, and the rame qualitv of ore is
found In the ledge of the Mac Qneen aa
that lu the Winnipeg
Tho machinery ordered some time
ago for the Knob Hill, it i�� ��-_p,H-tetl.
will be on the ground some time thia
As many men as ran bo worked to
advantage are being ke,,t at work on
tho golden Crown, Wellington camp
��.Ttk!S'!Jr*.rti,ort_hu,1w,n* the cabins
on the Sttnst't in Deadwood catnn baa
been let to Mr Palm-srofGitMm-i^d!
RRVXMTOKK    AHQ 7ko|*T    kkBLM.
A saMdter la to he erected
dllewaet river chaw to the
on the llle.
*' I'.R   to
tba united forces of the W_>**,i-T. j^
pmt and Gold Fields of Britiah l*e(i��|i|
cumpanlea.   Ther will al*> cunstmcti
railway froui Ihetr mines to Um work*.
Work ke ahoot lo ba pnst.nl on o**
Kitsap aod Nellie group on t/it-i^
creek. A number of claim* ��ul u*
aorked on tha Moscow ami MiAtaai
lead, aad it ia eapactad thai ih. vioa^a
will make a shipment beforw Ion**.
Meases. Bollard, Hummer an i Hiu*tii��
will co��tinue work cm the (bppat I/.W
A 90*1001 tunnel waa run oo 0m
peopertv laat falll, awl the boj i
much pleaawl with the showing
Three placer claims ban* t***.-**ri',h Um
muku*i on l^iaoch ereek tn Ute V.*g mmi
cHintry, adjuioing the C��**����4nJ_a**��
IlavelopaMMt work hss hsen mamas!
on the ttad Shot mine, in tbr Tiwoi lot*
country, with a small tmm.
Aeeoettlng to the Port Artbor UciU
then ia every imlicatem that n ���
a til I** eatrkisl tm in W**wte��n \lgmu.
more vi*i��fi*��*ljr dortnit Uw i^nini
���omtner Uian la aav lime in Ut* \n*t
The snpptiia aiw mtnt} tak^n >t.u�� ���
oomtwr cd camps aad pte^t*i..m* ut
tw**tm$ mmh to open a W*��* nombtw at
(jroperUea that have lam *i*c*\ ���**���*��
U��e|r dtot'Otvry. AtvvytAoit to ttt* ima-
ing law a large number ot I!.**** ^*oj��**e
ties will have lo he |4*.*-' mAr*
to*vbnmi**nt *AAto t^witttg *i . ttA _��
a rwmtt. It Is eeiimatasl Utat halt ��� mil-
tiondottara will haeapeo.leil ��> mmiH
mwtAttJtm* here ahoois in the *����**t too
tteotttha. or the land will revni t��0**
* .overnmaat and agate berouH* �����!���*�� **
Messrs. Ikiley snd (.ainer are around
waking to go up m Ute Hnluna g*
This group has a very Hue sbowine
is situated- near tUo well-known f
Western claims very near the No
Arm, and handy for sbip*,i���K 0re
they expect to do at no diatant <i-i      *. *
shall will be sunk on tffoftfftl.il
Hnhjaettoehaitce wltltont waiet
rralnt nut on PnelHeflumUni Tu��e
lA*m*n smi A.M.   ��ar*�� M*n i ��� : *
���'   i��    <**     mmtk W'*k ' '    .
���- ��at   ��    mstmto* **���  .
- ou WWawaW *���_���
* mm ** n-jfi_����            : ��� .
- I* |S - Me����|*aii        *         �� .
- tm ss - C4y JswfO-i           u��� m
\n   ta*e ���* mtmtbm          i***** �� *
Wat fbrat* r-ltrsrel an4 atemtn*      o*-*** *
.hSIeSSaStt   l-wl.lr*.   ���   1*1*   t'
��. CAMIIU-XU Agent, Ssod*
up iw-ajlwiiwu�������� ia.WMpi*a*a******<**aeia*a*wMi *- -
kM* l\mM
ft       M*****1
t aitforoU. Allan Uaa  ~tT
ParUUn. *���
fartHacinlan **       ....... __������
t-.l>-M4>��.|SDailnlnn Use ._���
*******���***.  -feaaM-vfat
gnbrta.'-anartj Uo*                   _*-��
rwta                        ' -
Mmw^lr Whir.mar Mn*
Tsatonln        " ......... __^-
m.TaaL Amarlean l.li��a  .���-
*Uata otS.l.r-,-lia. Allan **fa** UW ^~
aoatbwarU, Mod 9tmt Ona.., ��� _���
<JsMe tX*A*.*m. 1�� aiarwltti������"
iitlrrrt��rfll(*lr* M a��4 Opwttd*
C.P.K ***
\�������������'*        _A
,   t\\lgtA*o ���;
What Pap Sana.
At the lust election in a atate which
shall not make it dangerous for ine
p visit by men tion ing in public
Mint, I heard a funny kind of an ok*
Um nation at the poll*. One of the
hry greenest country Jakes I think
ever saw, came up ami wauled to
.no: It was his tfrat vote, ami the
Imlgea ln��ld him up.
"Want to vote?" aaked taie, in a
f��lea��inj? oATIimimJ maiiiier.
-What's that?" ��akl the applicant,
living to show courage.
What ticket T
I dnnno."
"Are yen a d*��ui<K��rat V
"I tluini**"
"Are you a repiililican ?*'
���I duono,"
���iluw aboul being a   prohibition*
t Ine of the cold Water peopje."
Vor waahln" V"
For drinking."
tioahtO *.|*liittei>, I  ain't lhat, I
"Very well," tot hi the jmlgi*. glv-
lot; il upas a   laid job,   "a* there
|-!i ' anv thing **lm; sun art'  it   |i.i|��ii
jiii "'
\ faint gleam of inulligeiie*-. as if
im- familiar name had broken into
lh<- \tiong voter"* pt*ix*eptioii, ahone
|n hi*, face.
I dtuiu**.*' he replied, li-esUating-
p. "Main** I am. Pap says Tin
[In*  blgge*4   i|em   fi����l   in Mir |*ie
.     a '    * I I
The Boodle Brigade.
Dn **.t\\*  hunter-* ��t Ottawa an*
1'iivi* more agreMaive  and  threaU'ii*
mt:-    Mi*.  Hruneau's triumph   boo
(iviMi Umui if real heart of hop*.   Ih
ranted the Hpnila ��f war ami he got
Ihiii.   Tiien ihrtv la theohjeet lea-
"ii nt the  Yukon deal.    Mackenzie
Maim Itave  heen  ulTeiitl a king-
loin.     .Mr.   t.tvfit*lucid*  mIso  ha-
ecn niad��* happy  and   pNtptifttttt.
|l"tt. Mr. Langt*lin-la ,i  living ilia*
ration i��f the power nf w��ll dinvted
��a-��iii*e.     And   now   the  hungry
���i-h* linve given tongue in the eon
liuteiifies Mini  In   the cancua, aftl
\bu- old cry "to tin- victor* la-long tlte
HI*" is In-aitl throughout tlie land.
fUt* prekiiae ia offered that conferva
jve intitiritcetare working Injury to
In* t*9kmi liU'i-al cause.   But the real
burce or  the.  trouble   is an innate
learning for la-mlle, that has been
hiniug strength for twenty years,
[ml Is now converted into a ravenous
���petite   by   tin-  a|iec.tacle    ol   the
ivored few "whose eye* stick   out
rlth fatnesa."
Buqing Warship* in  Toronto.
(The United States Government is
King to buy war vesacls In Toronto.
The PoIkoti Iron Works a few days
% > received from the Navy IX-part
k*nt at Washington a request for
(formation aa   to  whether vessels
nuitable for war purposes were to be
purchased in Toronto/
As a consequence of this despatch,
Mr. P. B. Poison is now engaged in
negotiations for the purchase, by the
United Butte* Government, of the
well-kno vn strain yacht Cleopatra,
owned by Messrs, T. (i Blackstock
and Alderman liooderham.
The Cleopatra is a *taunchly-hu.lt
iron vessel, and is easily capable of
17 kmas an hour in any weather.
Slid is most handsomely titled out,
but her upper works might lie
readily convert!bh* for war purposes.
In the even: of the purchase ofthe
Cleopatra she would be titled out as
a torpedo boat de**ti*oyer, and as the
neutrality laws would prevent her
percliase after war had broken out.
the negotiations will protMtbly be
finished oneway or tint other iiu-j
There arc. as we cxpt-cted, already
stn>:ig indications or seriou* troubh-
ln tlie Yukon to lollow any large
influx of Japanese ctifMplaltor. Thus
a Belgian gold seeker lias, it ia
���.fatal, b*eit c >ai|ielii'<l ti tu m bac't
at tlie Summit ���*,*������� and abend m
hi* j'lfoit a* a re.-a'ilt ol timling U
ha-eanl at* 11 take with hitn into the
Klondike his ntinue of three lap
labavn*. The met* hostility thus
evinced Is regrets hie, Uu uat nml
enough, and certain to continue aud
even increase oo long as the "little
brown man" will allow hint-elf to U
worked In competition ��gainst the
white lab-ivr, at rates ol reinuner-
ation t'sr below the standard of
Western Canadiau roijatreineiit*.
Ami neither can we in B.*'iti-*h (>*l-
umbia ma* tho** heyiatd ns in the
Yukon ���.iiffer the dominance ofthe
Itritioh .tek u> Im< threateueil by
any abnormal influx of oriental
im m istra lion.
What is Britain doing iu the Par
Kast ? She must have soinethim; in
view, tor Russian ami Herman air-
gression has effectually net aside
Britain** pretension* to the main ten
slice of the freedom of her trade
with China. It is Imported by cahle
that Great H.-itaiu is simply jping.to
jo'n In the grob and help herself to a
generous slice of the Celestial Empire. The Ij aid ei Daily Chronicle
says that 1O.U00 Iquafe miles of land
in the province of Shan Si has Urn
ccedisl to a syndicate of British
capitalists and that this must have
been with UoA Salisbury's know-
ledge. In the meantime, the supporter-<>t bud Salisbury's Govern
ment are tfi*����wlng restive under the
appelant inactivity of the Government.
Evidently there is need of more
rigid measures to insure safety on
the Alaskan and Yukon steamers.
Kollowit.g the total destruction of the
Clara Nevada not long ago, conies
the report of the burning of a steamer in Queen  Charlotte Sound, and
the sinking of three others. The
majority of these disasters seem to
be on United States vessels, and the
moral for people who wish the gold
fields in safety is to take Canadian
In connection with the enactment
of an alien labor law in Canada,
does it not seem a little anomalous to
allow foreigners to take our gold, or
our timber, or our contracts, or any
other old thing of value that happens
11 be lying around loose, but we arc
up in arms against them if they
want to dig and sweat and swear on
the construction of the Crow's Nest
road at a net monthly return of $4,75
after the payment of their board bill
nnd the investment in a pair of contract socks?
The Goodenough,
American Plan, *S JO per day.
European Plan, >*.m pat day.
strictly fir-tcla-a.
The claims of the half-breeds of
the Bed River were in no way settled
as a result of the little rebellion of
1885. Thc matter has hung fire all
these years, and now there has been
formed iu Manitoba a provincial
association ol French-Canadian liberals, whose avowed object is the
advancement of the Metis claims.
"So Mrs. Middlings is seeking a
divorce ?"
"Yes, ami when I called to see her
yesterday she was working a motto.
What do you think it was ?"
' I can't ii naif ine."
"Seek aud ye shall tind."
"Do you believe Uiere is really
anything in phrenology ?"
"I do 1 had my head examined
by a phrenologist once, aud the
moment he came tti my first bump
tie told me that my wife used an old-
fashioned lolling-pin."
Helen -.Are you sure Cod will forgive me for slapping sister if I ask
11 im, mamma ?
M ininia   Certainly, dear.
Helen (reflectively)���Then I wish
I had slapped her harder.
l|a*adi|uart��r.. lor Miner-*.
Well atockml liar tn r*unuection.
Kir*-t (l��s�� a< ooinmo<Ut ions.   Bonn I l.v Mir
lay or week.
n. l. GRinriETT
L L B.
Notary Public,
SANOON, - -        B. C.
Merchants  Advertise in the
Paystreak Because It Pays.
MRS. M. A. SMITH, Prop.
��� ^BmVM^HHM_M*-*(BMW['|-'-(-*-^^^^^^H__M
Will be at the Hotel Balmoral
once a month.
Proprietor and Manager.
Firat'i-lNs-tin every particular.   Newly fur
nuheai.   Bent liquor..
COOT, B. 0.
BONGARD 4 PIECKART, Proprietors.
The First Class
Hotel of Cody.
Rawi   ***.��iuer ilay.
Special Rates l.y the Week.
And You Will
Smoke No
More Yukon Sensations.
Victoria, B. C.-Ex-Mayor Wood,
of Seattle, and Mr. Willis Carr, who
were -passengers from the North by
the Danube bring news of a stampede to Sweedish Guleh. the greatest
of winter in the Yukon. It began on
February 16th. and in the first mad
rush four men lost their lives by exposure, while many others were
badly flro-en. Detailed reports had
not heen received when they left
Dawson on February 24th. These
passengers also report a stampede on
Febrtary 12th, caused by the report
of the finding of a 1590 nugget between Big and Little Skookum. Mr.
Wood states that one of the benches
on this district which he examined
panned out no less than $15,(0) in
twelve feel, and was expected to
yield $100,000 for the claim. There
are said to be tally 100 men between Cirele City and St. Michael's
who, havlug been unable to get
through before winter set in, are
putting in their time prospecting in
War Eagle Buna Claims.
A Oooderham-Blackstock agent
has on behalf of the War Eagle Co.
just completed the purchase ot the
Monita claim on Red -Mountain. Tlie
property was stocked at 7511,000 one
dollar shares, and by the deal the
Toronto company becomes possessed
ofthe 613,000 shares held by Rosa
Thompson, J. B. McArthur, William
Austin, John R. Cook and R. J.
Bealey. The remainder of the stock
is scattered. The basis ol the deal
was at 12| cents per share, so tha*
the company paid $76,625 for their
interest. The property4 which has
considerable development work done
upon it, adjoins the War Eagle mine
to the west, and the vein of the
latter is said to extend across it. It
is also an pounced that the War Eagle
Co. has secured control of the Paul
ine elaim, another adjoining prop
erty. These purchases prove the
faith tbat tbe Gooderham-Blackstock
people Iia vein the Trail Creek camp.
The Comlque.
Editor Paystreak
And $andou has a Comlque.
Shame Sandon���we expected better
things of the newly incorporated
town. We looked for a thorough
cleaning out, and a healthy moral
atmosphere, auch as would be ex-
peetedfrom proper municipal government.
We are told we most have these
placet of amusement for tha mining
classes, and ao forth. Fie! If 1
were a miner I Would be insulted if
people thought that my moral standard waa at such a low ebb that a
beer slinging, cheap music hall
would meet Its requirements,
Then again, is it just the miners
that are to be amused at such a sacrifice �� Have the rest ot us to stand
by, shocked, horrified, at the immoral drift of this country ? If men,
and indeed, women, are lost to all
shame and decency, for God's suke
save the children by having our
laws enforced restricting saloons,
music halls and disorderly houses.
There are many little children
now in our towns, whose knowledge
of gambling aud general crookedness
would do honor���or rather, dishonor
������to the most vetran blackleg. Make
a move, gentlemen, or else omit the
word ''Alderman" from your signatures.
The Uncle -Are you entirely satisfied with your lot ?
Tlw Niece (still angry at her
grand father's will)���No, I'm not. It
ought to have a house on it.
Corbin passed through thc railway
committee furnace all right, but in
the language of the Bowery, "The
Senate didn't do a thing to Dan
There are no Trail Blazers in Dawson.   So much the worse tor Dawson.
Ha vine .old f��nr butcher bn.ine*-. to Thnma*
R. Power, we with to thank th* publh* tor
pa-.t favor, aud trait that thrv will l��-.t����*�� m
liberal patronage upon oar ��n��*.e��or
Mlt'*. i.i.i mk Tim-a i aa.*.
Sainton. April l-t. ia*.
NOTICE I* here!,;
I Ith I will applr to the lorim
of Sandon fur �� Ikmn��������������� to <**U liquor hv r��*t*U
from April llli I
in rhe Clifrwn Hou-i
*l��y ai'���*������!, that thirty dar.
ill applr to the l*<jnmratii>u
Handon, March ��. lft��.
Application for Liquor License.
NOTICE i. herein* given that tliirtr-lav.
from April Oh w�� will applr tothr- L-fc-M-4
CointnUftioner. of the Corporation of the tltr
of Sandon for a Umum to .ell Honor by n-r-tl
iu the Palar-t hotel
wai.mm.��.v a paaaarr,
Datad Sandon April Ith.
Dissolution of Part net-whip.
Notice U hereliv givan that Ih* partnarahip
lately e-Utin* 1-atwa.n William Walm.l*-
and HughMeOee in tha Star Hotel U thl. Amy
dineolved by mutual ronaent. Htiah Mrtlee
will continue the tnuiiieM. pay all ont-t��u.|
in�� debt*, and eolleet all ae<*ount.
William WaltnuWy.
Hn-h MrUem.
Handon, B. C . Marrh llth. in*.
Antl Other Investments.
Kvery Re|ireaentation  Guaranteed.
Sandon, O.~.
A Full Line of Cigars, Tobaccos,
Pipes nnd Smokers' Hnndries
In Btoek.
Headquarter! (or Playing Card, and
Poker Chips.
MOO AVI tA||||0I|
N addition to the Fancy ���b��'* ���tt'^^
we have added to our lanfe assortment <* Standard Hoods a fh*��b ship.
������tweet. Plain and Mixed, in is �� and 10 pi. }��**% -md to fancy Uaiieafor
immediate table use.
^AIIFR KRAIIT *mw *** **'* **********!�������� keKMntLn
1MCU Fine Bnnelese Cudflahi Maekerel In S6 Uk ktta, | ami i M,|.,
rlorl, Labrador Herring. In I hM*.: Salmon Hrtlle*, in to It, kite;
and other line* of Plata in package*
Tin* finest line of this elan* of goods ��'ver eeen in -tendon.
HAMS AND BACON, S<r*��,Jr'-''r,lH-fl'n s*m
Just received, a ear load of PUTAT0IS, htm the noted -Sfailunit-li-*-*-*
Valley, and othw Vegatftbk* tree from fr*M.
regular stock of HR-fif F RIR54   ���** ?*"* ���nd ��j���n In ^ucinal
��� UI\UV-DrVIDOf  -pucka**.   (Ho oM ***.<* J
We ore agent* for tlie eeletanted IIOODWIN CANDLE, in 11 ind it.
au***.   Full weight awl number
A!*** sole agent for the GIANT POWDKK 00,. and tn tin* ha** vault
built exprwrty for o* have several can of their mural Ho*. I and *2 j* ����lrr.
I and 1J inch." Their N'*�� - b eooskierod ��*|ual w��tlt* Jlo. I of an> ��4lrr
Kl!8K. double ami tripi* tape, I* the HI) ft***t **r em**- PKIMINt,
CAW, hy the box (W0)<��r case t*�� M*.
We Invite the public gem-rally io an Inapeetkwi of our i��rjri fr-**,
r��.f Imacm-'Ut and ndHning tirr proof irllar and other wsrHi��>�������� ��ll
j��t well tilled ami lit an orderly stntt mysMmmtM- manner
H- GIEGERICH, sandon
Urge** ,l.rk ..f  \,t
Queen Heating Stooea.
Box Stooea.
Cooking Stooea,
Ranges, Etc.
Out* Pint Hvl.Ui -.inva. m*e*k) ta ..fUf
Hamilton Byers,
Bun**: whiitk
x j iAVAXaroH
White & Cavanaugh
Maniif��,f lim-r. of
Rough and
Dressed Lumber
litlaialtH fiimUhrnl in lin.irai tnr��
nml lliitlitjira
Orders left at Byers' Hardware
Htore will recidve Prompt Attention
Canadian Pacific Ry.
Soo-Pacific Line.
fit 99M aaU kmgttiu Sort** *****
To Eaxtcfft -Be
European Points.
To Pacific CoMt &  Fair East
f-% _���%...__._
To   Rich   and   Active Gol-
Fkids of Klondike ~nd the
B^CfaveCkork-Hi NDe-tlaath*
nt*** TkrowKk Tlrket** Iwaea.
New Tourist Caf Service. #
Dally to Ht. IVul.
Daily l-wpt Tuawlay��' -^
Canadian   and V
To Msm Lias Peiata. aad. sacrp?^f *al*"'
To sad f wa Nelson.
���t-.V^P' *'
7:4.% a.m.
AarariaiH  pn*wmt  HMTRI' H*Tfli��i
fall tii*******M��il*��i Irf a-tda^i'W""*'^
ttint Warn* kg*
\ I
that yoat ilfh**' ***A
Hn uura
��i* ***


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