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The Paystreak Mar 19, 1898

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sVC      /*4**���>
Harry Stell went to Kuraka, Cal.,
tm Monday.
Green was a prominent color in
Ssndon on Thursday.
Hard times are expected to reach
Sit-can City In a short time.
N. K. Franklin will spend the
stinimer on ttm Colville Reservation.
Harry Pymnn has gone to Silver-
mii. Bo much the worse for Silver-
A W. Wright was In town yestcr
day on his way to look at the Pal-
Miss Susie Lloyd left on Wednes-
dsy Ibr her home at Langdon, Alberta.
Jim Cameron and Rod Matheaon,
uf Silverton. got this far from home
Mrs. Funk has ensign of tbe
dining room and bed rooms in the
1 tartlet* House.
Donnelly and Gordon are working
*teadlly on the Daokel. a claim only
a sliort distance from Sandon.
The people In Motea City arr
commencing to pray. Windy Y��tung
is about to start a paper there.
W. W. Warner has taken  a two
> ears' leeeaef ike Argo. and started
io work early this week
The Cody saw mill shut down this
week. Tlie lugs have all been *awn
mid the snow Is too deep to get out
Dr. Gomm leaves neat week for
an extended tnttr In the Sooth. He
intends to be away abont two
There Is no truth in die runna*
that Sllvorton Has rotiue.ted the
government to remove N��*w Denver
from the
W. J. Twls*. general agoilt t��f the
N. P. Expro-wCu. at Kioto, waa In
Sandoo in the interest of the company on Monday and Tuesday
An alarm of lire at n anion Fil-
dav brought oat the brigade. It
was a aback near the p iwer house.
No Uvea 9mtre lost.
A aasrn Is known bv It- new**
rapera. Plenty of fat A��U indicate
that the people are p-ms|*et***u*�� and
public spirited. Notiee how fat this
paper to lately.
Right inches of or? came into the
tunnel on tbe Cot-d actor thh week.
This claim Is near the Oueen lie**,
and is being worked b> .C. W. Green-
lee, who bonded the -.mipeitv in
January from Wm. Klaun, of Kamloops.
Thefk ii tome opposition in various
parts of Kootenay in reference to
the proposed prohibitive tariff un
lead. The matter will no doubt he
weighed thoroughly before it is laid
la-lore Parliament. Tlie present
Dominion government is not much
in favor of high tariffs, and it will
be a difficult matter to do much
with them.
It Was Branded.
For tome time past the proprietors
ot the Denver House have been
worried about tbe rapid decline In
their wood pile. On Sunday night
they branded the pile, with the
result thtt Gus Smith and Arthur
Bigott a ������������eared before the Beak on
Monday and had to dig up $19 in
order to square themselves for the
interest tbey have taken in the Denver House wood this winter.
COUNCIL PROCEEDINGS.        ting concessions: $800 for gaol pur
 ��� posea, I2Q0 for Fire Dep't purposes
Hungry Equinea.
A Three Forks in tn turned out s
band of horse, the other dav in the
precincts of New Denver. The
equities acted as though they had
been on the Klondike all winter.
They ate everything in night, from
common paper to posters with red
ink on them. The pi tor animals
labored under a delusion ou St. Patrick's day. Then; a*as ao much
green in fight that they thought
spring was here. One of them tackled a big bunch ot shamrocks that
Red Paddy had on his coat, but was
Anally induced to let go by shaking
anemia** bag labelled "oats" be-
fore him.
Preshv terieu ehureh   Regular ser-
with ikhwlvieoft hi Virginia kail morula* aad
evening.   Rev. J. A. Cleland.
Methodi-d Chuivh Re*. A. M
Sanford, A. B.. Pastes*. Regular services to-morrow at 11 a. m. and 7:30
p. m. Subject for morning sermon.
������The (.treat Miracle tin* Resurrection of Christ. In tin* evening the
fourth ofa aerie* ou "Historical Characters will he given. < toed singing.
Everybody welcome.
Tommii's Idea of  It.
A young Isdy school teacher was
endeavoring to * -xplain to her juvenile pupils what a oleano was, but
failed to impress the idea upon them.
r*��ingsoiiie chalk, An- drew upon
the hlackhtiai'd a blue ind white
nitttintaiii with an unlimited amount
of lire ami smoke coming out ot the
top.   Tlwn facing her class she ask-
"Now. what is Uiat Y"   *
Tlieiv was alienee fin* a long time
until one little fellow held up his
"Well. Tommy, what is it? *
Tommy answered: " Please ins'am
I donl know, but It look* like Iwll.'
The |M*ople of New Denver woke
ap last week and la-coming alarmed
over stumor that -S.iml.tn wasgning
lo get the record office raised a
liberal subscriution iu a few hours
and despatched a delegate to Victoria. There is no danger of the
record office being taken from the
pretty town by the lake, although
some*of thc other institutions may
leave for a busier location.
Council melon Monday evening,
14th Inst. Mayor Atherton In tbe
chair*, present, Crawford, Mighton,
Broddy and Switzer.
Minutes of the previous meeting
were read and adopted.
Finance committee reported com-
pletion of negotiations regarding
temporary loan.
By-law relating tn Public Health
was reconsidered and finally adopted.
Moved by Mighton, seconded by
Crawford, tbat the Council move into
committee of the whole for the discussion ofthe Public Morals bvlanr.
No. 9. Carried.
The bylaw went through the
usual stages and passed.
Council adjourned till the 16th
March lt**li. .
Thc following accounts were presented and ordered paid :
��. M. -Sandilauds $100.00
McPuillips. Woolen A Barnard 50.48
" 20.00
a grant to build a road to the Noble
Five mine, a grant for assistance to
build a road to the Queen Bess mine,
a fall refund of monies collected by
tbe Provincial government for trade
and liquor licenses, a grant of money
to aid the public school, also an
assurance that tho question of using
Carpenter ereek for sewerage purposes would receive favorable consideration ail of which we beg to
respectfully submit to your esteemed
Tears els.,
C. D. Hint-rat, Delegates.
M. L. G/imtuett
E. R. Atherton
W. E. Gard A Co.
B. C. Gazette
B. C. Gazette
Sh-can News Co
Saadoa Transfer Co.
Sandon Cartage Co.
(X W. Sanders
Fhmk fevett
Harris AKellv
Delegation to Victoria
Mining Review
F. C. Sewell
Geo. Lloyd
F. C. Sewell
L. Deolaii
F. C. Sewell
U Doolan
F. C. Sewell
W. H. Ll|y
Jno Morgan
Jas Martin
Sandon W. A L. Co.
F. J. Donaldson
The shipments of ore from Sandon
from August 1,1897, to March 5th,
1898, inclusive, were as follows:
Slocan Star,
:   2,970 tons.
:    4,605
Idaho Mines,
Noble Five,
:     1068_
American Bov,
Slocan Bov,
:        58
Freddie Lee.
Mt. Adams.
Last Chance,
t ojodenougb,
Cananian Group,
:     1014
Trade Dollar,
:         15
Oueen Bess,
fountain Fraction,
:       204
:          5
Ajax Fraction
Total,       :       : 20,289* tons
Ore shipments for the week from
Maa*h 10th, to March 17th, inclusive,
were as follows: Pavne 200, Ruth
100, Last Chance 100 'tons, Reco 20,
Total, 420 tons.    K. A S.
Do not
loves in
ost Office
say   there
town.   See
are no gotal
those  at the
The salary ofthe night (.tol iceman
was placed at -981) a month.
The Public Works committee was
authorised to consult with a civil
engineer as to the best means of
making improvements in rarjienter
and Cody creeks.
Council adjourned.
Report of the Delegation.
Sandon March 15th, 1**K
To the Sandon Council.
Gentlemen: -We, your delegation
appointed to interview the Provincial government for tlie purpose of
obtaining certain concessions, lag
leave to report as follows :
We were received with the utmost
It Made Him Particular.
' Save me! Saveine!" she cried,
as her head rose above Uk- water,
ami she gi*as*a��d a plank floating by.
"I beg your pardon," he replied,
from the bank, "but 1 want it distinctly understood that I'm a married man with seven children."
Yes. yes; save me.!" she shrieked.
"Then there'll be no falling into
my arms and calling uie preserver,
will there r
"Oh,-no, no."
"And you won't insist on marrying me for my heroic conduct ?"
"No, no: onlv save uie!"
All right, I'll tackle the job," he
responded as he threw aside his
coat. "You'see," "he explained, Ml
was caught by one of these dodgas,
once before, and that's why I'm
married. It makes me a bit particular now.
courtesy by the Provincial government the following members of which
were interviewed: Premier Turner,
Col. Baker, Attorney-General i.hertsl   There are no Trail Blazers in Daw
| and secured promises ot  the follow-1 son.   So much the worse tor Dawson. Prom Slloer Centres.
ln conversation with Mayor Atherton and City Solicitor Grimmett, of
Sandon, last  evening, some interesting information  was obtained by     _ja8I,iew l8 now on me up grsae
a Times man In regard to the object ln the giocan," said Mayor Atherton,
of their present visit to the capital,  ����and we mtv anticipating  a  very
���_ ��� a-1    S ItA       _***__-_��wf ��� a i-"-���*-a       -v-_�� S_-_sIjj.   ������        tt-��� *���- -*��
not generally known is that then-
are more men employed in the mines
tributary to Sandon than at Rossland
and the rate of wages is higher than
at the Kootenay capital.
Business is now on the up grade
aud the conditions existing In  the
SU-can district   One of the most important ofthe requests  the deputation are instructed to lay before the
government is that for an appropriation tor the construction of mads
and  trails.   Although  the Sandon
district has contributed  to the provincial   revenue  about $40,000, the
returns r-***ccived have been practically nil. the small irrantsmade hem*.*
hardly worth the mention. It is now
particular! v desirable in the opinion
of the residents of the  district that
sii'ticient money he   placed at their
disposal for the construction of two
trunk wagtwi road**   leading*  to tin-
principal   mines,   which,   with   the
building of communicating branch
wagon roads,   would bring witb'ri
comparatively   easy   reach  of the
railway many of the numerous iniiit-s
which are at present inaccessible.
Another point sought to la* gained
by the deputation is the securing of
grants directly to the city. A grant
was made last year of $800 for Unbuilding of a jail, which has never
been used, and the city now a*M
that this sum shall be turned over t<��
them, or that a similar grant he
made to them for the same purjiose.
Increase,! appropriations will also be
asked for school purposes. The
amount received annually at present
brisk season. Considerable Knglish
capital is being invested in thc dis
trict, snd several valuable properties
are being worked for companies in
Kngland, of which the Ruth and
Idaho are amongst the most promising. The Noble Five, too, which
has been temporily closed, has been
reopened, and it is the intention of
the owners to prosecute the work
on that property  very vigorously.
Thc Gambling Gooernment.
No iinp.irri.il person can view Ihe
contiumd depreciation of tbe Klondike gold lands, tor which the Yukon
Railway  Company   bas bargained,
without amazement, the more esjnri
ally as it is indulged   in by official
personage* whose object is to defeat 1
tbe bargain.   Messrs.  Mann A Mackenzie an* represented as little better
than ninnies for having entered Into
what is described   as  the wildest of
wild    s|H-eulations.      Cndoubtedly
there's a large s|*eculstivc element in
tin* deal ; hut what are we to think
of making a  bargain of this kind,
toward   which,   when it   has heen
made, one of tbe partie- set-, as if It
tlewjretl to defeat the floating of the
scheme ?    Admitting, as  we   have
done from the first, the large speco
lative element in the deal, we think
��� ���  ��� -    ���-���*    *w **,    "t'tttn
is the same as thst granted to a rural j the odds iu the gamble, as it u call-
district, 1=40a year, which is entirely |cd    are  against    the  gov, r���ment,
inadequate for education. Assistance
will lie asked for the tire deptrtment
at present an entirely voluntary
organization. Modern appliances are
required. Another point which will
be brought to the attention of the
government is of considerable importance to the future of Sandon.
Carpenter creek, which rims through
the city, although not a navigable
stream, would famish means for the
solution of the sewarage problem,
and the power to so use it will be
asked. Representation in the local
legislature is also sought Although
there are 800 voters in tbe Slocan
district they have no direct representation in the house, but are included
iu Mr. Hume's constituency.
decidedly, not ttt sav larselv The
contract..i-i arc to get 3,750,000 acres
of land, which may. mil by thee*}
males ol ihe Government o.Hcers, do
contain untold tfealth. The wbuJt
world is anxious to take part iu min
ing ventures in the Klondike. The
chances art- the lands which the com-
pany are to g,-t could have been sold
for several times the.amount of t|,e
contract; and if this bes> _*���. ffov;
eminent by becoming a party to the
"gamble," will cause the public to
lose the difference. Messrs. Maun A
Mackenzie, private persons,' were at
liberty in gamble as tbey lint,**. i^j
the Koveiniuont, as truttces for th��
people, is in a different position, snd
is not  authorised  to  gamble   with
In regard to the present pi-tapt^ts"'! ;r 7       " *"***'   whh
of thc Slocan district Mr. Gri,���Ltt&.^[ttS* " ���* I****.   I*
"�����. business ia to know what it iscngag-
ing the public, ��K*forehand, to  pay ���
to pay a reasonable price for wh,,i [[
ffcts, but not ,i  price which   may
prove to be ten times the amount of
the   value   it  ia  getting.-Toronto
"Monetary Times."
says the mires are looking better
now than they ever did, and any
quietness which has existed in gen
era! business has been caused by the
fact that many of the miners have
decided to go to the Yukon, and
have been saving their wa/es for
that purpose. The men employed
In one mine, or a very large number
of them, have not cashed their
checks for four months, and this, of
course, makes a great difference to
the hotels and general stores.   A fact
A Special Consignment from San
Francisco of 34 dozen pair of Gloves
including     Califoriibi     BuckS
Asbestos,     Horaehide,     A_Sl|_i?
Goatskin, Genuine 8e,Uk n   ft"
A Chute of
Is Still Being Worked at
There is not mneh pay in it, but the
quality nf the work In Junt an hlfrh a*
it n as when Sandon wan the
Hottest Town in the Gulch.
The price* are Home what despondent
in sympathy with the nnd condition
of trade, and
To lay away a supply for the -good
times that are likely to come upon u*
suddenly and without warning. THE rAYiSTRKAK, SANDON, E. C, MARCH 19, 18H.
C. M. Foley, the defrauding lawyer
lol Paris, Ont., has been committed for
I trial.
An old lady, a Mrs. Jarvis, died alone
\ in ber house In Slmeoe, on Sunday last
j It is reported that she left some 170,000.
Richard G. McConnell. geologist of
j tbe Dominion Geological Survey, has
tteen appointed mineralogist of Brutish
Th** Toronto Country and Hunt Club
and Military are arranging to hold a
great horse show and military tournament in May.
Thos. Mesgeer, of Kingston, who held
the position of custom* officer for 40
vivtn* previous to his sttpersnustion
smitie nix years ago, died on Monday,
��gtN�� 74 yuan.
A fire broke out In the office of Dr.
Moore, of Coburg. where William
liorris, sn employee, wss asleep He
wan no badly hurtled that he is not ex*
IHrted to recover.
A working man named Wm. Coe,
���Mint roomed at the home of John
Nesbitt in Montreal, met his death iu a
Mi-fiirioua manner one night this week
John Nesbitt has heen arrested on the
t harge of murder.
The Quebec Mining A*��*M-iation re
t ���ntlv offered a prise for the ttest essay
on Mtold Miring in the Yukon." The
wiuner of the prise is W. M.-ngilvin,
jr*. -miii of "Klondike rigilvie", and load
��*r ol the exploration party of tbe Hold
lliiu Mining A Development Oo.
David Casradden.aged .15 years, died
kii March 8rd, while under the Influence
A chloroform, administered prior t.�� the
amputation of a ffngnr. The operation
had not been commenced, when he succumbed. The deeea-Mtl wa* one of
k*uj*>v tile's prominent citinens.
A young man named Alex. Myers*,
the mti of s widow at Ih-e-ahrn. f hit.
while engaged in training a colt at
lloftton, where he hatl charge ot a cele-
iimted string, received i. kick in the
ln-ad from the animal, fracturing hi*.
-kull otA killing him almost instantly
A tragedy oocnrrsd ia Hirocot*, Ont,
I.f.1 Sundsy afternoon, lu s tenement
lionw* occupied by aeveral families, ll
-���������m*. a row took* place between some
<*l the inhabitants In which John Smith
woo -.truck on the bead by a Stick of
atnvewood. from the effects of which he
Some weeks sgo a mail rohberv
<HTured between Oil Springs and Kdv �����
Mill**, not far from I'etrolia. OaJL The
Dominion officer Heron, from tHtawn.
visited IVtrnlta this week to Inquire
into the robbery. Two brothers name.!
Kemey have been arrested, and will be
tried at ��HI Springs on Saturday.
A f uroier. named Thou. Moles, aged
���*-'* yeem, wa�� arrested oue day this
"���-ek. while driving, in a daxod V-ondi-
tion. on the sidewalks of the town of
llr-H'k villi* It wax discovered after the
arrest that be mas suffering front an
epileptic lit, from the effects of which he
died it few hours later, stthe house of a
Prospector* are already* going north
to the Michipicoten gold" Held*, and returning Indian* ssy there are numerous
���loir-slwl parties on the route. An hotel
Is iM'in�� built at Mlassnabie Tbe shaft
on the Jubilee claim near Wawa Lake,
belonging to the Groat Northern Com
pan/, is tlowu nome So feet. The quart*
at that depth show* free gold averaging
H6 a ton.
A dreadful collision occurred on the
C.P.R. near Smith's Falls bet ween three
and four o'clock on the morning of
March 1st. A freight train was running
west followed by an engine, and. at the
usual distance, by another freight train.
Some of the cars broke away from the
front train, which occasioned some
delay before tbey could he picked up
Before any warning could be snuiu'od
the rear train dashed around a curve.
full  speed, into the engine snd run*
*w* **. $��!����� dt*[*tf * irreat deal of damage
and killing Charles Sims, the driver,
and Fireman Wm. Wilson of the roar
train. Both men lived in Carleton
A number of men from Ohio have
located claims at L*ake Wawa. The
shaft owned by the Gold Fields Company, near the mouth of the Michipi-
coten river, is down 26 feet, snd the
quarts is reported to be rich in gold. A
Cleveland newspaper correspondent, a
Miss Johnson, who loested s good dsim
at Lake Wsws Isst sutumn, wss married a few weeks sgo to s half-breed.
George J. Fraser, who hss been Inland Revenue Officer at Woodstock for
some years, left for parts unknown, last
week.- His books show discrepancies
amounting to 1500 or two It is also
said that his personal liabilities in to-wn
amount to over 11,000. Mr. Fraser hs*
si ways been a respected citizen and it
is universally regretted that he did not
remain in town to straighten out his
Lsdy Hortense Cartier, widow of Sir
George Ktienne Cartier, the famous
French-Canadian statesman, died st
Cannes. France, on Feb. 27th, ths day
previous to her 70th birthday. She resided at Cannes ever since the death of
her husband, 25 years ago. Mrs.
Faber, her aged mother, new 8*5 years
old, is overcome with grief. Archbishop Fabre, who died in December,
ltifti, was a brother of tady Cartier
At a meeting of the Federal Mining
Institute, held at Montreal on March
ard. * resolution was adopted expi ess-
Ing disapproval ofthe proposed exaction
of export duties on gold and silver ores
and bullion and nickel matte, by thc
Government. An interesting paper on
"Milling Machinery" was read bv Mr
F. T. Snyder, of Keewatin, Out." Mr.
Hamilton Merritt. of Toronto, also read
an excellent pa|ier on the "Gold-
bearing Reefs of Northern British Columbia ' The Canadian Iron Policy
was discussed and the opinion was ex-
pressed that so long a* Steel rails were
allowed to come into Canada free, the
iron industry could not reach its proper
An accident occurred on the G.T.R.
on March 2nd. The train for Toronto,
which left Hamilton shortly before one
o'clock, dashed into s special freight
train, which wss standing on the riding
near Burlington junction, waiting for
the express to pass A misplaced switch
was tbe cause of the accident. The engineer, Thos. Hutchinson, and the fire
uiau, James Clark of the express, were
fearfuiiv scalded antl injured. Two of
the freight hands were also severely
hurt All the passenjrer*. among whom
were Hon. A. S. Hardv,0. A. Howland.
ex-M.P.P , andsr-veral other prominent
men, escaped unhurt, owing to the
plufkine-w of F.ttgineer Hutchinson,
who stuck to his jtost and reversed the
engine, when he saw that an accident
was imminent He has since died from
injuries n*ceivod.
Cot*!   OH   la   Manltoolln.
A despatch from Little Current says :
"The existence of coal oil on the Indian
Reserve, which was discovered some
years ago, has been the subject of investigation by an American Oil Com-
panv. They found such indubitable
proof* of richness of the territory that
thev are prepared to go ahead and drill
over a large area of land, when it was
discovered that a government regulation limits the amount of the grant or
sale of an option for testing for petroleum to 100 acres. This effectually put
an end to negotiations, and nothing
will be done unless influence can be
brought lo get a change in the government regulations."
An editor in Kansas ask*for the lowest
tender* to supply him with a sackof
flour, ono pair of pant* snd a hat. He
sav* Uiat in Uie way merchants do business with him when they want adollar a
worth of Job printing.
I am no
-*-du'Christian of Uw tort ttw cities
tlw chosen la tlw
tbhikln' o'
���round aw
I try to practice fa ths oT-tinw
flair-* been gathered with
cbomn'ii Mcred fold,
An* I never groan ia spira while a
That tbe recklew unbelievers sto
nary day.
the creed 1
golden rule.
itMint w, sacred s-tuate bnt the bncaee fresh
an* cool,
Aa' the only church c* worship onto which my
fancy clings,'
la the ootdwrehureh o* Hatuia, whar' tbe Lord's
ar-iunin' things.
I kin get more soothla' comfort horn tbe
o' the brooks
Than Uu? preachers o' creation ever -mailed out o*
An'ttw slahlu' o' ths btnmt aa' the siagin' o*
tbe Unfa
Brings out a sort o* Christian fe__ln' yon Un
never get from words.
There to sermons la the sunshine, there's dto-
coarses In the Sowers,
There to heavenly baptism to the gentle spring-
Uiae sbuwer-s.       *
There to Ufe an' Inspiration la the brooks an' in
what* the Lord's a
the springs
Oat tn Nsturtrs sanctuary
rannin' things.
When Ta rtdln' on the night herd every star that
gleams above,
Seems a sparirJtn' gem that's speakta' o* the
Master * kindly love.
Au'the gamin'<���* the Hgbhiln' an' the thunder's
angry roar
TeOs me o* the power majestic o' tbe Beta'
I adore.
When tbe storm In awful fury to a bowlln' la
tto wrath.
Like as If Yd sweep the cattle Jes'like feathers
frnm ita bath,
I'm contented mm the sage chicken underneath
tlieir mi���aber* win-*-.
Out ln Sttun'tt hitt cathedral, whar* Uw Lord's a
runniu* things.
When I hear the tin* I summons sent to tell me I
must tto
To tbe round-up ta the heavens from tbe r-agee
here below.
Mot a suny, nor aot a sermon nor a ceremonious
MUDS I w-nt bi the |r**��*redln's when my body *s laid
I would rather far be lurried on tbe range* all
A th ihe��� *A whir' Tun ���j*��v;*in' never marked
by board ut *�� ���������*.
So*�� when U-lxi-l sound* hb trumpet I kin rl*
and ttpremd my wings
From the gramy stopes o* Nature whar' the Lord's
a runnla' things.
���James Barton Adams.
Quarts   Claims   Two.
It is learned that s Mr. Whitlaw, of
Victoria, has located a couple of quarts
claims iu the Yukon, which he bas
bonded for $5,000, an evidence that
quarts mining is attracting a good dm!
of attention as well as does the placer
ground in the Yukon Up in Dawson
_ ity. if a man rose with the sun just
now he would get ap about noon, and
at *_:**> he would find it sundown, so the
days am fairly short. David Spencer
and John Cameron are partners in a
claim on Moose Horn creek, and Mr
Spencer was offered 12,000 for a quart*
claim he has on All Gold. S Cameron,
another Victorian, has bonded a claim
on Moose Horn for t>,000 Bert Shot-
bolt I* taking out 75 cents to the pan on
his claim. There are stampedes to new
creeks every day.
We do a great injustice to Iscatiot in
thinking him wicked above sll common
wickedness. He was only s common
money lover, snd like sll money lever*,
didn't understand Chris-l���couldn't make
out the worth of him or the meaning of
bim, He didn't want bim to be killed.
He wss horror stricken when he found
thst Christ would be killed; threw his
money sway instantly, snd banged himself. How many of tbe present money
seekers, think you, would hsve the grace
to bang themselves, whoever was killed?
���John Raskin.
 Maiiufatumr*-* of all	
Syphons, Ginger Ale,
Sarsaparilla, Etc, Ktc,
Seucidozi, B.O.
Start from VANCOUVER
VANCOUVER is the be* outfitting point on the Coast; goods
considerably cheaper than in tbe
United States.
VANCOUVER U the nenresttport of depart*
ore to tbe Yukon District.
VANCOUVER Is tbe terminus of the C. P.
Railway, whose steamers wttl start from
Vancouver this spring.
AU north-bound steamers eaU at vA_f-
Direct steamers to Yukon porta have now
commenced to ran from VANCOUVER.
VANCOUVER Is the only Canadian port
where passengers transfer direct from train
to steamer.
KLONDIKE U In Canada. Outfit ia VANCOUVER and save 10 per cent. Onstoms
Doty. 7
President Board of Trade, Vancouver, B. 0.
If you are���
Call at the '
Hotel Ivanhoe.
���a *> w n m 0 W
Ts the Pioneer House of the Citj
_.->->���-.* _ n m
Mtaft Steagi Lues.
Prom Montreel
Colifornia. Allan Line 	
Parisian. "         	
Carthaginian "         �����������
Lnbrad >r.Dominion Line ���  ������
Vancouver, ���*  ".. _... ���������
,                           Prom New York
Utntirta, Canard Line -
LuUmA ����������������-������������-..���������������� m*******'*****
Campania.    " ���~���
Mitiesti-*, White Star Ltne 	
Ten tonic "       ���
St. Paul, American Line ......'... ���	
StLoui*. "         ������
Stnte of Nebraska. Allan State Lino 	
Sonthwark, Red Star Line ���������
Naordland. " 	
C-iV.h  4.V 5��, -at), 70 *ao and upwards.
Iiiternwdiste 80 and upwards.
Steerage fcVflOand unwarda.
I*a*ar>nt*eni Ticketed thn<uiih to all points ta
Oraat Britain or Ireland, and at Specially low
rates to all iiarta of the Eurouean Crntlnent
Prepaid Passages arraimed from all points.
Apply to A. C. McARTHUR, C.IVR. Agent
Sandon, or 	
Ofiieral Agent,
w    C. P. R. UBttn. winnlnaar
Subject to change without notice
Trains run on l*acilic Standard Time.
South Pork
Leave 8 oo A.M
������  S��    �����
'���tan   *���
4.    g 5|       ..
** 10 OS    "*
" 10 IS    "
������ io as   "
Arr. lOflo    "
Traffic Mngr.
01-0 V. COPEIjAND.
Ciriy Junction "      1
Sandon Leavt- l
Arrive, S 90 P.M
���'     S15 "
��� S16 **
* a co "
�����     l 41) ������
i as ������
ia "
oo u
Patronize home industry .^^'3^_.^r"^*1^ tc
when yoil want the be8t a CAMPBELL,        Agent, Sandon. THE PAYSTRKAK. SAM**- B* *  * ^JCE jO, ��&
The Paystreak.
Is lamed every Saturday In Sandon, tn theheart
of the greatest White Metal camp on earth.
Subscription     . ...     aa.ooayear
Strictly In advance.
Address: Thb Pavstbeak, Sandon, B.C.
SANDON. B. C,  MARCH 19. 1898
When the Laurier government
came into power It was generally
supposed the national debt of Canada
would be reduced, since the new government was pledged to give the
country a more economical administration, and to institute such changes
as would greatly Increase the nation's
income and at the same time cur ail
expenses by cutting off needless ex
The result has been very different
from what was expected, for instead
of reducing the national debt, or even
holding it at the three hundred snd
twenty-six millions mark, it has been
increased fourteen millions under the
new order of things and today stands
at the enormous figure, $34Q000,000.
So pronounced has- been the tendency of the government to lavish
expenditure, and so flagrant the
misuef of the power to land-grant the
Dominion's natural resources away,
tbat the Liberal press and party adherents everywhere, have severely
criticised the course pursued. It is a
common axiom that when you touch
a man's pocket-book you touch his
heart, and in the present case we
are given an excellent Illustration
of it.    "*,
As a sample of Liberal criticism we
produce the following petition addressed to the Premier by the Liberals
of Chateauguay county, Que., which
presents the case most clearlv:
"This petition of the undersigned
electors ol the county ot Cliateagusy
lespectrally showeth:
"That their properties have, during the past 15 years, fallen in value
rally one-third, and are difficult of
sale even at that great reduction.
'That the fall in the value of their
farms is due to tbe decrease in their
earning capacity, for, even when the
land Is skillfully cultivated, and industry and economy prevail, the income derived affords little more than
a bare living.
"That, being in this serioua plight,
your petitioners view with anxiety
the continued increase of the public
debt which means to them additional
taxation snd heavier lines on their
real estate.
"That the necessity of raising a
larger revenue to meet the interest of
the public'debt ensures the continuance of protective duties, so that the
farmer loses doublv, for he has not
only to help to pay tbe interest but
to pay more for goods manufactured
in Canada than he otherwise would.
"That, instead, as we fondly hoped
would be the case, of the debt being
reduced, or at least kept st at standstill under your administration, it
has risen from $320, COO, 000 to $340. ���
OftyOOO.    -
"That, having regard to their own
solvency and the future of their chil
dren, vour petitioners regai*d it as
imperatively necessary tbat there be
no more loans.
"That if it be urged putting an end
to borrowing would stop the development of Canada, we would remind
you that no interest can be ot more
importance to the welfare of the
Dominion than those of its'farmer*
and that suspension of subsidies to
railways and extension of public
works would be less injurious to tho
general wealth than the continued
decav of the farming industry.
���Therefore, we pray, that no fur
ther additions be made to the debt uf
the Dominion, and that money needed
for extraordinary expenditure be
found by reducing the public estab
lishment to a standard in keeping
with the means ot its laboring classes,
of which the farmers form the roost
important part."	
Dentists say that people of this
Bge do not chew their food properlv,
and in consequence the teeth decay
Some even go sJ far as to claim that
ftiture generations will be without
teeth, and that the under jaw will
disappear. If such was tbe case now
jawbone would not be so plentiful as
it has been in the Slocan during the
past year.
Ir the United States cannot knock
out Spain the Yanks might drop us
a line, and we will have Maun a.
Mackenzie look into the matter. As
they are about to clean up a good
part of Canada without any bloodshed
they might do something with Spain
and save many of America's blue-
coated sons from early and neglected
It has been said that all those who
do not pay the printer gu to hell.
Not being orthodox we do not believe
the assertion, but we do know that
many have gone to the Klondike
without making their peace with us.
As that famous place, from all reports,
is a winter resort for had*** we suppose there is some truth in the front
part of thb paragraph.
Thousands of people are returning
from Alaska disgusted with themselves and the infatuation that drove
them to that bleak country. As they
are broke and mostly tenderfeet we
advise them to stay out of the Slocan.
We only want capitalists with bloated
bank accounts.
People rave and talk about the
hardships in the Klondike, but if they
had edited Slocan papers for teveral
years they could tell of frosts that
would cause a Dawson City thermometer to pine away into ordinary
everyday insignificance.
Klondike is the new name for insanity in the west. It attacks its
victims suddenly as a rule, the principal symptoms being a raving for
yellow metal, and a great desire to
leave home on the first train.
RKKP   VOOL   mt   UoMlBlMV.
jet'ket-vroot. BlUMegtolay, an' Sudoral*
PMtfiffi i*** bluffy* thefte-talkl��'thmi*��h
Find sStwt W.�� 0* ****V Ml *�� ��*** ***
roo're dead ri#lit; , ... . -. ���
F���r ilir.* a ,,U��,*Mt-.y�� a-waain* an   than a itm*
.���ih'iuth lortj-ln
���mi ham root. Mil MrKlnk-jr, an' Snd ��rt etaty
Slfi thtaga ��*lea�� to Uw ikMMA*r*mw*U ntaoMm'al
iK���,*tyMrir!-*'��***n*o�� ***- **�� ** *****
|.| ,*4J_*tll i.�� lathi, , .,	
K r Oore't ,*th*t *la*/�� a-c~*��ln'# aa  IbwVi MSN
M k-aa rooL Bill Me* lab**, tak* all Um Utae
Aii'wbt-H f'M're suta twa* 9|iaa tarda taal on
���h* helli.h ttetd. ,     , .-__       _ ____
Je*'tVia��Wi��.>"** aUwt U.aa ���*��� 11 Sa**0m *******
Tbrn th- lime ter ulUa*�� ended; then th* tlata
h....��� nx* L-IVM
J��' ln.ijf.ail. BUI UrKlnly. from *���*** Kngtaad
I   th. >Gat��*.
Few* th** One. bakie * Sew 4*tb%tt*x tnUlh-JM
oa raw aaa await
Don t lw iVarwl ���� WWl���� **m* ><*�� U !***��� glwe**
Of OUT nmngkt
\Vh-��n the titue ter talk h*a end**, awd ih�� tt**** j
lu*.   in- ! -firrfbt
work. Sfboutseat m thi. r-tyU ,_.
bundled and Afty dollars."      *  ' Uo
A''balMT^dk-Sn**   WSS tirigirwUI-^
devil's dssosi, thirtssn being tin* uumta*
oi witches suppossd to ait do* �� ��,�������:
st their groat meetings or *AbC_;
Usees Uie superstition about ��,���*
ibirtssn at a table. The >,__... ���w J
unpopular charaeter, snd '*-Mte,J
atituts fur ths dsvil. (V_u*rv, VV_VV1I
ths baker unpopular ?i
Ths esptaaatiou of ths prorrrUbj my
ing ahout "Hohsoo's ebon. ��� . ,.D r
Hteele in the Hf-actator, No ���-���*_ --J;
ton kept a livery stable. In. auiu ��.**
rtngsd one behind soother, txmnim
from ths door; tmch coatotnet ��_, oN*.
��il to taka the horse which i..*v>:.��; v,
be io ths Stall nesnewt thi- door, tba
chance tsshkw of serving f- '*..,* th*^
toancurs peHhct impartial*!-.
at they ssy their ia*t ���>��.>;>.,���.<��� _
clock strikes ban,eleven. twelve <\n*m.
���How the time Hies when too mn*u
In gid��, dear. Daisy���Yea. ��� ***itrg*-, t��
s that's paps in the dining���*.��..��� wuba*
ibe clock.
t.lTTIV   1I**��TI.K*��.
,. n .�� pm
A    U**9wtm    Amn* |��t��
It is now said that cancer can be
cured b> aleohol hypodonnically ad
ministered,    If so, it will be a great
boon to the human race.
'iv.*��r** IISn* Ui'j*r��*rMtlB-*-***<l>*a��. ��-   ���� *** f-*,.
_C til    "J**"*'
Tu-��.*..���*����. i ��i�� **d Hh��miB th* rwtji��*h��t|    h l*et*e%t*h paper telle A a <!���****.����� ta4
I, wayWtriSiirW ����i wmmeteAW. leO mm'   *** iot****wmkM*A whkh  in tnithlalo^
ffeht ___.____._���_,       ,. fwdl rsok with JosrHi*��fe��in^'r����*t$iM_>,
riw��o   wh��ti.-ritv* i mt'itot Ok* OVjrV  r**df
' tot * ttttii i ' tatm* *.
S"nw._t.��-' '*"'*'" ^,h,#4*b *** 'r ***\ Abb����aWofthelHirnle��*ha.-U-* hkdt
\nt\;.,*l'* io ih* Mi��**nwr ,r, ��,m*��, ��*��.<*'1 UtM hr* w i tV, en swskemng, a <otwm
(tut y.4i mv    ��r'rv  -li ,nw p o\a4��.  an t��.����l��J��f��r     * * '   *   * *
.. ��i.-. t. '* rail,
An' wh-n  l��V��   v.rtke our- *e*rtt.:n OV* U tti***
itUntJk �������*.ttt...lUmx
miMK    %111-KKTfal^f.    ��:rif AMI*.
ii��-n* It*** tin body ot j.��.��k* lUs-caica.
who waa accidentally ��hol in tlw* iWm
HiviT <'>- a young man; with one ol
full'* bttge revi'lvcr*. with no ttiij-j.r
for tlie hammer to *��.*#; on, tt w���� ���������*
<>( tlu* old ftuhlpngd asrt, i>ra**a moitnn*��t *
an��l of r-uch is tio* kingdom A lleavvu
In ana of the assaStSfiei near VAtU. ��
small Isasp soms y��*in�� ago waa k<*|*t
burning i*n>ler an urn over a goitre; ami
an in** ri jit ton ov�� ih'gtu,,*a,,���, ran tbtia
when tranabte*! into F.ngltab: "Hrrt*
lies I'ikhkk Vi.Tna PotmsiSL inrenttor A
Ute Kvvrlaatirig r_mi}>, wbtrii conaomew
Sat} om* ccntttuj*'-* worth A oil tn ���we
hour, lie wa* a good fattier, mm. an.l
buaband. Ilia ini(��n**olat>l��< wnlow etw
tinuea hia bonne-** in the Km- aut Tr.nt
(iooda aent to all j.art�� oi ih**city. I v.
not mi-Make the op|MWite shop ktr thia "
A Uj-eu-rat I'l.toit on -N-vernoerUitilj
hs��i an eve to main clmnoe, tl Ite r��^||y
[nsoribsd the following epitaph on bla
father'a gravetume:
ISmr-Ut tht* *4 NM In h<.|�� ol U���n
Dioh lk> th* i��i.li **d ..t taw !���,����� t"
111. *.>������ lHP*r(M (Hi l\\,  lKJ��i*l.v^ *Ol\
Kcltrnt-I unt. lijr 11, j-. i,i, wj,h.
And not lean nn Anmrioin alooe-
manon, who made the aame tomljatJim*
serve .tho ���lotiltb* mirtMMh. ���f tt ,notinar*j
memorial and a trailc adverttSMMnt:
"Here Use J ink Skitii, wiff* of T_KWM
Hmitii, marble-cutter. Tin* lionunsot
waa SrsetSd by ln-r liti*Uin.| an a trtbitte
to tier memory, and aa a ��*��cimen of hb
dream wtilcb be bad daring ��rw ntght
tie ��l��*ejao��e��l thst be aaw eomn * lomiai
hint, in t**��l��f four tmia. IV' nm on
waa very 1st, snd wa* Ml��*����*l by lea
lenn rats, thv ��var ral beo.g l<lm��l TW
���treaimsr was gerwuly iwrple-ieil *# *o
what trnght follow, aa it fcwwi i****Q oAn*
���total that to dream ol rsi* ��lem*<**�� torn-
ing t-abunily He spprna1*-* *�� hmoik
^oweming thia, hot alw. j ***** a*jaa_a,
c��obl not belli him. Il�� *-* - * ****%*���
Ud, who beam! ht�� isllie' l*H Uw ���*an.
tutunteenul to be tbe inte* pn*%v ��� Da-
Bon fat." hessid, "lgthSmanwh.-jtoejS
tb*** pul-lb* bouse tbal ye gai��g Aim
,.f|������, and the t��S lesan am-** an me ��aJ
my rnithse. and the Wiml *ih> �� r^*.
Wtw could givs a better sui**** *
S<e*pplwa  th*   f^KWBirjf   rr***.
(���tcktnatm County. ?*.!>. H<*-*H Tbr
dally preMi should not be b���� baaif ��
reticule the Hsventmrt woman ah*ordered ber paper dUa-onUnue-l �����***��<* **
ha-l poMiabed an article d��**v-ii��*T-J
Uh* soman auffraaiata. lircat ***i. f-��
fmwn man, with patch.-*** ��< �����'*��?
wbiakeraon their faces a��-! l*.*.m **
thetr bsj-ks. hsve bewa kmiwt. looniw
U��eir itaprr diaaaounseil h* to*- '���**mot*#
than the lla-renport inly had. **A aei
wager a dollar to a donghnot mat***
pwid un sll her srrws��a#w ali��*o ��**
onlereii ber paper*bippe>l. wh >h ��m1***
thanhslf of lbs Wg burly .-!..���* i.i*��*��
attempt to paae for men tbinl. * i <><**l*t
wh��*n lea-omiug mifleil at ���*���
a?y wrong snd "atop their p��i-"
SirSanfonl Kletninif. K �� M ' ������'��*���
lieen uuanitnou-dvreeWi*'*!' h-"��ceuw
of gneen's Untverail), Rtng>��-��. ** ��
further k��rm of three year*
Kootenay Mercantile Tailoring Co-
A fuii line of
always in Stock*
MINING   PROHfiBTY   W)U(��in.  ^>,p
The Erst ordbuury fnwil meeting of
theQnsen Bess Proprietary Company,
Limited, wss held on Feb. 17th, in
London, Eng., under the presidency of
Captain Nssdham.
The Chairman ssid: Ths Company
ws* registered on October 21st Isst; it
hsa s working capital of 416,000, fully
subscribed, snd a reserve ol 20,000 on-
it-sued share*. The title deeds, which
are in the form of Crown grants, have
been csrsfully examined by your Com
pany's legal adviser* in British Columbia
and found to be correct. I hsve also
much pleasure in informing you thst
your Company fat shto registered ss s
trading company onder the Dominion
Act of Psrlistnent, snd I might point out
thst it is very unusual to get s company
registered in British Columbia in so
short s time. The Queen Bess is situated on Howson Creek, in the Blocan
Division of the West Kootenay district of
British Columbia. As soon ss the pro-
petty wss taken over your Managing
lHtector, Mr. Milburne, lost no time in
getting to work, and as the snow came
on earlier than usual this year, it wa*
well for us that there wss no hesitation
or detsy. llad there been the winter's
work would hsve been entirely lost.
Sleeping snd meeting accommodation
for 50 men, wiUt bouaes for foremen snd
otftcers, bsve been erected *, snow-eheds
and *orUng*boti.*e.*a have been put up
where required, and tbe wagon road ha*
!"vn thoroughly repaired and .put in
order. These fifty men have lieen em
ployed night and day devehming the
mine, snd the development work, which
ha* amounted to something over 700 ft.
of tunnelling snd cross cuts, hss been
carried on with tbe moat watisfaclory
r-a-mlts. The cross-cutting ha* exposed
at least two valuable veins of high grade
ore, the ens in No. 4 tunnel proving to
he seven isst bread, and carrying three
feet of soUd galena Tlte Isst sssay from
thi* vein show 287 o*. of ailver snd tt
l*er cent, ol Issd.
This, however, cannot be tsken as sn
average; but it serve* to prove thst the
ore is improving st depth. It i* hoped
thst thi* rich vein will lie proved ��� hrough
tbe higher snd lower level*. Ths first
shipment ol ors took place on November
Kth, snd sines then there hsve been
regular shipments, Uie tola! shipped to
date amounting to 3M) tona. the net
profit oo which amount* to ��.1,480. Thi*
profit hs* bsen msde in spite of the
unusually heavy charges for freight ami
shipment. I am happy to h* sble to in
form you that our manager hss now
entered Into some very sdvsntageou*
contracts, which will materially redtnv
these chsrfss in future. During tbe Are*
two week* of this month 140 ton* wen
shipped, or at the rate of 70 tons per
week. Taking an sverage of only SO ton*
l*or week, with the same ate of freight
iind treatment, the mine msy be said to
Irs yielding s return of over 20 per cent.
Iter annum upon the total capital of the
CompaoY. Tbe Directors conthlently
believe that thi* will be stcsdilv increased an development proceeds, the question of declaring sn interim dividend
has received Ihe very careful consideration of your directors; but owing to the
fact that the whole ol the accounts are
not More ue, and that we hsve not received the full return from the smelter,
we hsve decided to defer doing so. It
will, however, bs s satisfaction to you, a*
it is to tu, to know that we have already
earned a considerable profit, and this
successful state of affairs is chiefly due
to the untiring energy and ability ot Mr.
Mr. May said that from what he understood tlte chairman to aay, the
Queeen Best Proprietary (Company was
fending ore to the United states, and
incurring very heavy dutv charges in
doing so. Now, though there might be
a feeling that they would like to help
their cousin* over the water a* much as
tbey could, they did not want them to
take too much of tlte profit ottt of
tbe fund* of their property, ami he
hoped th* directors would, as early ��*
tbey could, get tbe ore treated in Can*
ada, and so ssvs ss much sa possible of
these charges. Then, he took it that,
though the directors had not declared a
dividend, they had practically earned
One. He honed, so soon a* the return*
Were to hand.they would feel themselves
in the position to declare s dividend.
Tbe shareholder*, would be very glad not
only to receive s dividend, but also to
have full details from time to time with
regard to Uie working of the very valu-
sbleproperty in which they were inter*
The chairman said that with respect
to the heavy charges for freight and
treatment In the United Bute*, there
wss s very difficult snd complex question, snd it wss receiving every possible
attention not only from their managing
directors, but also from the managing
director* from sit tbe mines in thst district. At present tbey were absolutely
in the hands of tbe United States government, snd from whst be knew of
those gentlemen he had no doubt they
would take gjod care to keep them in
their hand*. No doubt, if some large
capitalist of English leviathan were to
come into the country and set up in opposition to tbe United Biatea, he might
get Uie better of ber, but for a small
capitalist to attempt it it would be very
risky indeed. Suppose a smelter waa
erected by a 'small company got up in
London; when the condition* aeem
favorable, and everything wss going on
perfectly, snd it looked like being prosperous, the United States would take the
duty off lead, and Utat would at once
place tbe Knglish company in a false
i*o*>Uioo. Then she would lower tbe
ireigiits. snd if the worst came to the
worst she would actually give a bonus to
them to send the ore*. The fact was,
tbey must have these ores, they were ao
u*eful for fluxing their own ores. At
present tbe Hall smelter could not treat
these om, nor could the Trail smelter,
and until some great capitalist came into
Uie count ty and competed with the United States smelters they would have to
submit to these extremely heavy
charges. But Uie Slocan ore* were absolutely unique in value, and tbey could
stand these charges. Take such an
assay a* 287 as. of silver and 72 per cent,
of lead; even the United State* could
not beat that. Such ores were more
valpable Uiau those in sny psrt of the
world, snd would psy even when silver
wss at tbe price of tin. With regard to
Uw dividend, a* Mr. May had*ugg?su*��l,
and as he (Uie chairman) ought t .iave
said, of cour-se, they bad earned the
dividend; but they had not got the
monev, and therefore could not pay it.
Thev'had made a profit of about ��-1,400,
and that was sufficient to pays dividend;
but probably before long that profit
would be increased, and the directors
would then be in a position, when they
bad tbe money, to pay a dividend.
Mr. Drummond, who said he had returned from British Columbia, after
visiting not only the Queen Bess property, but all the mine* in the Slocan
district, aaid he should like to supplement the chairman's remarks in the
direction of making one little correction.
He bad been in British Columbia to a
latter period than that to which the
chairman's information extended, and
he could tell Uiem Uie Hall smelter was
now ahle to treat the lead and silver ore
a* it was treated in Uie United States.
This fact, however, would scarcely alter
the drift of Uie chairman's observations,
because Ute value of the lead in ore was
so high th.it Uie difference iu the rate of
freight on the ore aad on the smelted
lead was so slight as not to be of much
account. Another reason why it was an
advantage to send the lead to the United States smelters was that the market
(or lead was almost entirely in the Doited States, and not in Canada or over in
this country; therefore they had to send
the manufactured article into the United
State* in any cash.
* - �������-
Mr. Alex-Caldor, the C.P.R employment agent, arrived in tho city Thursday night from Toronto with a party of
liki laborers for the Crow's Nest Pass
railway construction work. Mr. Calder
return. Saturday to London and Toronto and expect* to get at least 500
more men from these cities. Between
8,000 and 4,000 more men will be required to complete the building of this
railway by August. There are 1,000
men working in the wood camps between here and Port William, and 2,000
between Port Arthur and Sault Ste.
Marie. These laborers will be available in a short time. Several parties
from Newfoundlsnd are on. the wsy Up,
and one party went through a few days
ago About 8,000 men wiu be required
on the Teslin Lake railway by April,
but Contractor Mann ssy* he can secure
sny number of laborers in Vancouver
and the.coast cities. Tbe question of
getting Canadians for work on the
Crows Nest Pans railway is a very difficult one. Mr. Calder now has four or
five agents in Ontario employing all
available laborers.���Winnipeg Commercial.       	
E. L. Whitmere. of Butte, the great
mining camp of Montana, was in Montreal and the Star ha* this reference to
his visit:
'���"���Speaking about the Butte, Montana,
camp, Mr. Whitmore explained that it
Is in Butte where the world-renowned
Anaconda mine, owned by Marcus
Daly, J. B. Haggin and the Rothschilds, is located, and it would appear
that Daly and Haggin and the other
wealthy men. will soon have all the
smaller properties in the vicinity of
Butte gobbled up, as is the case in a
great manv other mining camp*.
nButte," said Mr. Whitmore, nis wholly
given over to mines and smelting, there
being eight large concerns in constant
operation. In a word, the promoter* of
the Sabbath observance would have a
splendid field of operation in the busy
mining town of Butte, for herethey
work away seven days a week and 3'15
days in every year "
While tbe American tines are trying to
keep the Canadian Pacific out of Washington, tbe Canadian road is trying to
keep the Spokane A Northern out of the
Boundary Creek country. On both sides
of the line a few people are found who
really seem to think Uiat this sort of
work is in tbe interest of Washington
and British Columbia.���Spokesman-Review.
J. H. Werely returned from his eastern
trip on Sunday.
Geo. J. Hurley hss gone to Nelson to
accept a position with the Lawrence
Hardware Co.
James McDonell wss in town Isst
week. He bas a contract on the prow'*
Nest Psss Railway aod looks healthy and
The fast steamer Rossland WiU make
round trips daily between Arrowhesd
and Robson, commencing shout the 1st
of April.
While sister Slocan cities sre paddling
through mud and slushy snow the ladies
pf New Denver may promenade the dry
st eets in rammer store.
Felix Pelon wss riding Ed. Shannon's pony along Sixth Street st a swift
pace on Tuesday. The horse fell snd
rolled over Felix. When Felix wss
rescued he wa* unable to spesk for several minutes. He wss tsken tothehoa-
Sitslsnd hi* wounds attended to. He
adawsllowed s portion ofs pips thst
he had in hi* mouth st the time. It
caused bim considerable pain until he
succeeded in vomiting it.
James Christie, a mining engineer,
who has returned to Montreal after 15
years working and prospecting in the
Yukon country, discusses with much
good sense the prospects of success snd
fortune which await the inexperienced
army of good-seekers now swarming
toward Alaska. Speaking of the boom
methods employed to keep up the excitement, Mr. Christie says: "It is
simply criminal. The fool-killer has
evidently gone out of business. Heaven
only knows what will become of the
great majority of the inexperienced men
who are going to the Yukon. It ia all
simple madness���the result of crass
ignorance of the facts and the conditions. Probably 15 per cent, of those
who have started and will start in the
spring will reach* the Klondike The
balance will scatter; will scatter: will
proceed to American territory and will
settle in Brittish Columbia."
Dealer ir, MEATS
 : AT :
Robert Macixisalu
Neil Macponald
MACDONALD  BROS., Proprietors.
Rntcs 11.50 to $2.50 per day.	
Headquarters for Mining Speculators and Capitalists.
Reco Ave., - f Sandon, B.C
. .:���������
\ ''
: ���*'���
��� i
% \\\ i THE PAYSTREAK, ��**��*��� & C, HAflCH lft, W*.
The following is s complete list of the
inining transactions recorded during the
weak m ths several mining division* of
. the Sloean.  Those of New Denve* were
*��� follows:���
Mabcb S-Webster, New Denver,Tho. Arisen.
March M-lIadfe, Foot Mile, J E Barrett.
Le Hoy, Poor Mils,	
cxKTtriCATS or untovsMxirrs.
MASCB ll-luds D. OatahB, HUI Top ****>
Uoo,Galena Bank, Baby Beth.    ���
Mabcb S-LKtle Kins. J O MeOnlgan to Mary
Hottand, Feb 17.
Same i,_Mary Holland to J 0 McOulgan,
Feb IS.
March fe-TtoTooJ, ��e_toD, Mag*., Antony D McOlidy toThot Madden. Jan li.
Makcb 15-May Qneeo. B B Back)., to DA
McDougald, March -ff.lsw.SWi.
MABCHT-Oold Do* b W R dement to W
Mabcb 10-Lncky  Fraction 4. Cowno   Ex-
change S(St. David C Lewis to F C Inoto.
Sane ..same 5/M, G��. M SoBelle to
Mabcb &-Ko��kooook, A A Brewer ant} E M
Mabcb lO-Jastice. AH Brile.
Mabcb s-HIUhur-B.
Mabcb 5-0akUnd |, Matt Otedo to Matt
Mabcb 7-OUvta. Viola, Tipton. Oant and
Kan-potts 1,8 T Labd to Jame* A Oant, UOO.
MABCB,-K*ufeLl,J WQulnn to WD Haywood, im 	
Winnipeg.���A coal mine has just been
discovered within 80 miles of Winnipeg
nesr the east bank of the Red River, at
About three weeks ago, Mr. A. Cote,
a fanner of that district began to dig
for a flowing well wherewith to water
hi* cattle, boring 00 feet down through
sand, hardpau and rock, under which
he struck the first coal bed about 12
feet deep, below which wa* another
layer of sand of a thickness of 10 feet.
He then struck st s depth of 190 feet
the main coal seam, the dimension of
which have not yet been ascertained.
The coal is of a good quality thorough-
out, being bituminous antl soft, and
when burned leaves but a small quantity of ash behind. From the indications there is good reason to believe
that the bed is s very extensive one on
account of the napthalic or asphaltic
smell of some wells in the vicinity, and
also on account of the iron frouna near
St. Ealo and along the Roseau river.
Some experts are of the opinion that
the same seam of coal has been struck
which crops out st Buffalo Point on tho
Lake of Woods and is connected with
the famous- iron range of Minnedosa ;
or in the alternative that it is some far-
reaching arm of the Souris region. As
to what tests a diamond drill show of
course remains to be seen. In the meantime a company bas been formed to
���ink a shaft 10 feet square and the contracts for excavating and timbering
same are let.
ftPKAKKR   Hf'tOIWa    RRH lft ���**���-<*,,
For the first time in the history of the
province the speaker ha* resigned in the
middle of s session. Last Wednesday
ths clerk called the house to order and
read Speaker Higgins' resignation, which
gave no reasons, but simply thanked the
house for the confldenceand forbearance
shown, snd in dignified Isnguage stated
thst Mr. Higgins would do hi* duty on
tbe floor of the house, a simple member.
Tbe Premier, the leader of the opposition
and several other members spoke nicely
of tbe retiring speaker, and then .1. P.
Booth, government member for North
Victoria district, wa* unanimously elect-
ed speaker. Higgins take* the seat in
the house vacat-ri by Booth.
The new speaker is one of the oldest
member* of the legi*lature in length of
service, and wss s member of tbe flrat
house sf tor British Columbis becsme a
pert of the Dominion in 1871. He is said
to be a strsightforwsrd, honest msn snd
true to his convictions, no matter who
������et* hurt. It i* welt-known that Mr.
Higgins' reaeon tor resigning is beesuse
of a difference with the Government on
railway policy.	
Some details furnished to the Geographical Scociety of Paris confirm the
statement* .made from time to time a*
to the value of the gold deposits in
Siberia. The particulars were given
by M. E D. Levat, C. E., who went
over the ground in the company of a
Russian engineer, M. Th. Sabachnikoff.
They state that an immense development of the gold placers ha* been
carried on between the Cral and Via
divostock. Nowhere in the world,
states M. Levat, are there such vast
stores of gold and spread over '*o larp*
a surface. Eastern Siberia at present
produces between 185,000.000 and Hfe,*
000,000 francs of gold, without taking
into account what is clandestinely exported. In the Amoor province, at
lca..t a quarter of the production is so
dealt with. The majority of the mines
are situated ar from tlte Amoor, from
whence stores and provision* have to
be drawn and considerable transport
difficulties are experienced. Work can
only be carried on for about 100 to 120
days in the year���say from May to
September���for the indispensable water
is frozen hard for the rest of the time
During tbe cold season, however, prospecting is carried on No medal is
without its reverse The smuggling of
gold is reduced to a fine art Entire
villages exist of gold stealer*., who are
practically free, ss the result of the immense distances open to their enter
prise. If caught* they affirm the gold
comes from China.
Man that te married to woman is of
many days and full of trouble In the
raorning'he drawth his salary, and in
tbe evening, behold it is gone Iv is a
tale that is told. It vanisheth and no
one knows whither itgoeth.
He riseth up, clothed in the chillv
garments of the night, and seeketh the
soranatnbulent paregoric wherewith lo
sooethe his iufant posterity
He cometh forth as the horse or ox,
and draweth the chariot of his offspring
He spendeth his sheckels in the purchase of fine linen to cover the bosom
of his family, yet himself is seen in the
gate of the city with one suspender
Yea, he is altogether wretched ���
Robert J. Burdette.
Raised   Him   n   Ton.
f *^***m
The highest grade of negro is the
private car porter. It was such a negro,
young and with many fine mannerism,
and some money, who ^ocided to take a
trip to Europe. In London be made the
acquaintance of several English-bred
negroes By these he was shown the
sight* and introduced Into society.
One evening he was invited to "alt
in a little poker game. He waa well
acquainted with the game as played at
home, and did not hesitate to plav. His
limited accquaintance with English
money cost him several good pots. At
last he got four aces and knew exactly
where he was, for four aces* have tlieir
value the world over. His opponent
"skinned his hand carefullv after cards
had been ������doled" and said :
"Ah'll his' bet yo' a pound, Mistah
"Weir," said the American, "I don*
aR.t,y *now,ho* m��ch a pound I*. but
Ah'll raise vo' a ton."
DK   DAXS   MtrORB   DR   SWO��.
(The following verse* ��� *���gjj_*
pen of Mr. George Hankiu. of Sault Sta
Marie Thev convey in charming
dialeci-which i* aa correct P**���"*:
altv a* it i* clever-the keen regret ol
the old Frenchmen at the ruthless maren
of time, and the change* which hare
taken place in the Soo since the boom.
There is a neat touch of pathos with
the humor, and the character Is one
that will be readily recogoteed. and hi*
sad retrospection will find ready *ym*
Gthv among many old settler* who
ve not vet be��me accuatomed to the
busv whirl of a young and ft*""*
citv Mr. Rankin haa handled the
character with a fine appreciation of the
pathetic side of what te known in these
part* a�� the "habitant." To thoroughly
realixe thte, one *hould hear him deliver the verses)
H.Uo.o-.bfraH!  Glad to BStfS* aa#sha-** yo
What:   ****** kUi'tnom*   W��ll, Ml 9*mn*0k dat
wa* ������>"���* ��� ��iv,itt*tk> do
Sot mmm* je' ��*** ��-��-��rnd ����� nm? ** oma-
UtU* itm*. _,.____
When we wo* iltim down dm* log ** m* 991900
���niilitwl . ...
Aj ytwr   Ah *u*r*Mn** *��te Hr***-**** -*****��ytM����
writ* Uc d-i brtw
So nt***? 'ft* ekm' aa' m��eb too waat o* potk aa
hern an bet-r.
JU***K*ny*'etng tu*m rum tut nn an *\**n*eh
tm.** *od 1-Jwan
Aa' -Ii u�� IVfichiiMirMi |��rx**|��a**v well ****** At
.l*i* tmtote d* tmnm
Ben dome r.l* uw wa Ml ewnteol mH mtm-m*
hatiyti'-f tod\
On wlnur* wit" owdwlraln-aa* oa *-t*����m��t*-
���jrit' c.tt.oe ;
Hut .*.������*> <Ly mum all _mjw-iajjw.ii' te*** tot t*
dt*->l<*r-lit line.
Im   Wr.- tchmmr*  what'*   ��*����  5*v*|����*** my   It*
wt,..***- tUn>~* *n'*titjt;
Mai* rh_ujr-. pout . t��*nu*a>.��h ' doaa Uot *+>WI��
Bene* ��~ �� ���*-. taUAt MM ��*** <*������� ttw SSMSS ��
In" t.l<��ir h-l���
l""r*t*a>-ur ����rt'_i��* dSSM* doea-d.mw ��� mot*
lie* more r*>*m;
But m��* I   Ah win !,�� -nr *att***ty era <V 4 -.** l>
I.** d<* b *ma
S-i.mlt. we,kmn' bmt on dataUow%**aathm*
a*, m -n,
sIk-Ni-M ;,�� IU'*���*> o'.w ma'ine tootgretiUeo
now brvek nUtte,
I<_t*. I. -��k Ut aw lar well Attmntt****** ya*t mutt
to i<>wh.
sun' twutry d*r�� lo toll <!��� t*M��*f SSSB* ��e a*��
t��*t cru >k shMfUaf han' SV Um Aw wwrt b*
jtr-or etmiay
Wit' li-jjc uu' oruimarr*. betwt* wnnw ����'��*�����*
'����� Hire |4rarnUjr.
An' irifht ����������* dm jf mom at ,0*1 **ne* (An twroi
IfcfeMM- w>- keteg an' lr***wl too, ioa At d��yr*
'Aetare dm 1***31
l*-rtil*'V. dat'* toM UJ* teet j>< ��*r��nj��� _n* mmtmr
���Mm) tun.
All A me rlMt*��-a an' ah a* ommtBetm dfwm do at'
Ware ab ������� barfool by an' irru������| 0,, mom
mat*'* tmetlmt teat!
Sea dee* de Mm' ,4e pmam watto teet aU dm *h
l��, nvn dear.
Ware ah kiKitra all da mum an'�� an��n   all 4*
Aa' aU ite h.*r--��a.i' Book ov a tawotor ��Mr * d*n
twentjr mllel
War* wwday. dme tr*u at mltvaf   Hw��*. not
lair** ~nil*rr tiaoi'
Dey wu. V** mi.iira d* Wnttgeot dmt hat/.
torn.*here wttee de U��ioi
We ter*/. MW on wan M�� new how* wlf roimd,,
top ��.* ret.
AS paint U}> rwl an' fee* up gmtd -iron
<lown an' m-et
At gal mm* tnoonah on da bank an' item, hmr
h'-U*" l��,.M��*a,
M*h ^*Miit-f *"' P"*' ��*' '** b,IM,, tAt'
Mah daOeur Jullr*. Are** 0, f��n -ter tm ah.'*
knteh a thai**
Au* U<e ��v iltin it.. ac<��U�� at me an* call, me !�����,!
an' ru-le,
T,a ab wua ajrln dat attte wh' oVfOi mm* an* Am
piuni". ���        '
An' Ui.k w. wu* far laHUlre off een de day* im-
fotv. da bwnt.
^_ff__J__fiP * Uwk ***** �������. ��al* *e(
on dat (Ufcion.
Anwaeeh dm o>y kefajwj wan gt .ton tmmai
*"' "^wTln0 mulm ��0r "*" *"** *** ,,M* **
Bba't know ti./murh I.ml w.f* r�� SS wared t
^���ff'de^r l%* *"* '^ "Ni tobr
Steel eet wu* m* tmeOy h.*tt4> in bav a woman*
*�� ^^ruT^ W M N hnf **��* ***P ���
A* rt?iTrj! deVntrn*1 "* *�� ***" ^OOdmyttm*
The msiiagement of the Arlington
mine is once more in the hands of Prank
wataon.   At the mooting of tlie stock
holders hsU In Spokane but week he
wss tendered a vote ol oonfttlence ut__jy
?s_5!,r Jz _!-L^y_r_rp"*n^
WhlCb    WS*    Ota* WO^AJO   aUarrn ���( a^
total camtaUaatMi ot $l,00u.-un j*
Watson held Um nispsfsmeot of ��_i
property ��ntU about sU mouth* _T
whsn bstnmsdlt ovsr to other ���*mt{m
who essss Into Maporary oootroi of tbf.
property. Tha mine is cotno-ierwi \if
many one of tbe most prombing ptmw!
ties In the Hlocan. Mow than tw.t-thintia
of the outstanding stock te hri.| i,�� sur
ksaessen. Prank Witaon |mr, um*.\ (_*
property after John A. Pinch h*i
thrown up a bond which be hel-| on 0,
The Arlington Gonsslidatsd Mif>in�� ttA
Smelting Company wss oripu**i��i *,,
bim, sod omler his directkm tlie nd.
Arlington or* bodies mmro <iia>-.M<mi
after others had given up all hoperf
making a mine of the proiwrtv Ti*
new trustee* of the eompaov are Robert
t'oopsr. of ��tocaa Oty. peealtletu; tm
Wooatar, of Spokane, nss president; C.
K. Fielding, of Spokane, secrvurT aiA
treasarrr; Frank Watarm. td H-wkasa,
msnagsr. and tto** Tbomi��uo. >.t i;._*
land. Watson te now nisiltn* % vMi to
the mine to tdsn future wwk apoa it
The policy of tbe new msiM^ttwnt * .1
be is aink deeper and d**-*,���*���.��*.. tWj.f*>
tierty so as to hsvs it iww*ly to ship b
Urge quantities bv th* time- the r-*��
ttm* mm completed, which will maisti
ally radtans tM espsoae of al��s������(,>;.���.������
RXrORT   *VTV   Oft   RMRRL.
The ag-itattast tm an etpon -Jut, *>n
nickel t�� loiacd on �� Irw simple lad*
which l��U*t appeal llTOatetibli In the
oimnvwi nmm�� At the p**��*����< ��� >i > aiu��U
Whfii the mines of llieSodbiir. dMtHt
wereiritt started the raw ore "mg* skip
l*cA to tho I'ailed .State* and Kngtesd.
aod ajibdy for tM eopprr tn il, a*no mm
had then aaafierted that It eoataiuod ant
nickel Rut on tM disnsvsr.i. abosl ��� -
1 *-*tra Ago. iMl tbe-ae mines were mmtUb
in nlrkei ss in copper, etm-ltiii^ t>Utiu
were eiwrtad la rosttre lo ��*cv t-�� aw:!*-.
and Miner then no ere, gscwpi a U* iar
iou for i***4i��g tmrpiMew. baa been *'���������(
pe*d ll takes sbottt eight torn <*i
averagw ��rr 10 make tone ton of ocdm
ar* matte, and IM latter i�� ��-���*�����**-;��������!
to the iniled Htales. tab** n*nm-t n ��� ?���
In an evrellent artk-k* on the *oh*rti.
th** Sadbory Journal give* crwht tatbe
I ntied State* for totting l**->�� the Ara
to use nk-kei steel srnor plai-. ,*,>" "!"
credit for flnding ettt sod making
known to IM world tM ��ui*erWif ��iu*h
ties of nickel aa an allov with u*el ���*��� ������
iron, te due to ilr Jaa Itllev. th-* ,t*u
inraled Scotch metallurgut *A ** **- -
TM I'nited Males waa ah�� J����r ******
year*, sad In fad until ver> rweailf.
the larg��**a rnnsumor ef our nk*k��l, *****
ihe sdopcion ef nickel ate**l for ansar
plate and -other pnrpoees by th. -fntal
naval power* of Rump** h��* changea
the whole situation aa to the marl.! I<*
nickel. I-art rear, for tostancc, th<*
total nrtalttciion of nk-kel by ih��* 1 1**1-71
<talem rrtln-ni-. era* M*J!.i^ \*"in'**
aad ail but aMut MUasm pound* '������*'���*
Canadian ore*, (hiring the *aiio; y**[
the couattmpCion of nickel to Ihe Tinted
States waa onlv l,oiJ,<��*> pounds. "T
very little over one-fourth of th. ��� h����je
����ul|mt of our nickel mine*, whih* *�����
tM reel, or nearly three time* *������ '�����""���
waa riported from Sew York Ie bag*
land, Belgium. Germany ami t*',��,r
Kuropean countries. . ,
It te plain then lhat Canadian tnrkd
aMuld M n*fltied in Canada an��l ��hip-
fied direct to the porta of con��uiiu���"""
At some one or other of ihe *"'!*.*"���
of Canadian Indnatry there *Mnl��l **
t^tabliahod nickel rtoel workv <��> ****
largest scale, and these work* miosis
be located within easv reach, by r*i\ot
wster, of the mines tMie**��lve�� I" *w
meantime, the�� Dominion Govonim**'"
would do well lo arail Itaell A iw
power, given br Parliament. t>* "��.
pose sn export duty on nk-kel or. ��"a
Joe Barbseopsnetl bte hotel In RorJJ
(Ity Isst wsek. Wrs. Manuel* l�� huiW*
ing a three-story hotal in the nam*- ���"*"
Who la that mllltarvlooklng rhsp
TMt sir, Is the hero of s rutnom
Dan Mann's Warning.
Speaking In Winnipeg, D.iu Mann
said; Tlie mad rush people nre
making north te srsnething that can
not be di-ecribed. All tin* eosst eltkw
and towns an- overcrowded'and still
tbe people dune. I havi? seen men
get aboanl a rtmtner Ivmnti for
Skagway with their dog*t, leaylti*.
their dog feed and pmvisinn-. .oi tti.
dock. It is enough to make -itroig
men weep lo think id what death
and suffering must result, s ���on-rh
a boat ri-lurn* fnun the n ��rtb t.i .t
tbien not luring tM eor'-*-** uf *mi��*
prominent man fntui the eoa-d cities,
having fallen victim lo tM eetvh ���
npitial nieiiliigitis which te -awt't.'iil)
ratal In Its efT��*cta .V mail strng-fl**
up the valley* ot these pa*w* thr���uif h
which the wind runhes aa tlinsuh a
fuiimd. In . deep snow, and wirti a
heavy pack on his hack tawnm***
heated. K.aoning with prewptratuut
Ik* alta down to rvat. aiul the t*����l��l
wind iloes the rent. The dl-a-aac
strikes first in the back of the n��*ck
and goes down the spinal cord. In
a few hour* tin* man ted��**ol.
tend Miners' Giieennce.
There tetnmbletbr.HtgieiUt Xuoit**
nay over the eondlii-.ni* g.iventiug
the smelting ami export id h*\*\,
Hrndtv atate*!. .nir lead iniiter- and
smelter* wteh Uie IXmiintnn gotern*
ment to place the Canadian tariff un
much the *stne l-a*-te te* that **f the
United Status. Tbe Airo-riean tariff
te $30 a ton mi lead iu ***>**. aud
942.50 a ton on lead bullt-m. IV*
shies, tM Americans have the privll*
ege of smelting in WI. getting a
drswback of duty upon had which
te "inelUfl ami exported innn Mexi
can mini*, whrw tin* clii-a****** lead
in tlte world te ���dnaimtl. Thia lead
te allowed to he Isnaight into tlie
Cauadlnii iu trket, iliu* placing our
miners in danpelithni with Mexican
lahor. Thi* Americana have also
the advantagi* of using the soft
Mexican lead ����res, which can bt?
treated at a low c*��t. Another point
te that corroded lesd for the uiaiiu-
faeture of (taint l�� ndmitk-d Intu Can
:tda st a nmiiinal rate of duty. .'* \o*r
cent., on tin- ground that it i*�� m*
inaterluf to ht* ground up in the
manufacture of paint on tht* Atb* of
the line; but this Is unfair to our
own lead miners snd *niiclu*r>. In
consequence of th*- disabllltiet* which
exist, the leail mining. ami lead
smelting Industrie* in llritteh Columbia, except in the ea*** of verv high
grade mines, is at a stnn<l<till. The
plant at Pilot Hay is i*lie ami the
lead stack at Nelstsi haa never even
heen blown in. llnlcs* thi* mine, as
has been said, gives enough silver to
convoy the lead Into the American
market, it does not pay to run it
under present tariff conditions.
This Is certainly a very seiioiw
state of affairs, more especially in
view of the fact that were the con
ditions nn the Canadian side as favorable ��o the industry as thej are on
the American, a line trade could be
done with China and Japan, all the
lead used by these countries now
coming from Australia. The Canadian srticle, we are informed, is
superior to the Australian article,
and with cheap transportation British Columbia would hare little difficulty in securing these lucrative
markets. The question is of the
most serious concern to the mining
districts of the province and should
receive the early consideration of the
Dominion of the Deoil.
The following letter, written by s
former citizen Toronto who Is now
In Seattle, gives a realistic idea ��tf
the state of affairs in that city, and
forms interesting reading. His
advice to those intending to go there
'Don't" te ���ntcresting and ought
to be regarded.
"My two hovs are  her**,   both in
**r g *
one store. How long tlie b-tom will
last te a matter of mystification to
any potent and comprehensible youth
or bubo who te seeking altar the
almighty dollar. There te a combination of the Sou-, of Ciiristnuity
here, who oommeneed b ���mbanling
the gambling hells Itere laat Sunday.
This te a place tor &tlvati.sii<4e
They go lYoni Inm**' to hou**e un Sunday selling pamphht*. etc.. then do
their talklnr in tin; evening to a lot
of Chinese, niggi<r��, liolgts, and kill-
em-quick cowboy*. Oh, thev a.*e a
a holy lot! Tltte place can kn rk the
socks off <ihl SkIoiii nml ��� J ��nuoriah
Cncle Sam woubl like io *ell it. I
have seen many towns, cities antl
hamlet* in my lifetim *. but this
knocks daylight ont of sit the construction* ol Uncle Sam's* dominions.
I am located on the muddy hill of
.Itidea. Sliould a person leave this
habitation for the east he descends a
hill of 4010 feet, to climb another,
one; should he go south, he deaccuds
another uf like degree; should he go
north, he ascends Another steep of
sltout i'**Xt t09t; sin mid he go west
descend* another aukel breaker of
*20U0 feet to get into the mud hole
called tbe city ofSeaWe.
Pile bjotm value in Miners' Gloves
ai the P.wt Olliee Store.
California (Jloviw, everv *>aii- war*
ranted, at the Post Oflfos Store,
Tbere are no Trail Winters in Dawson.    So much the worse t-��r Dawaon.
Do not say there are uo good
gloves in town. See Ihois at the
Post Office Stoi*e.
The Sandon Hand Uundry and
Bath Houae is still in the lead for
line starch work. Work called for
and delivered promptly.
It te worth while to call at the
C. *** K. office and get new rates to
eastern points. A great number
have already taken advantage of
the low fares to visit their old homes
Certificate ef Improvemeota.
Hituate iu tho Slocan Min inn Diviaion ol Waa*
Kootenny I'i.trkt.    Where located���Iu the
lW*>t Baain.
Take notice that I, A. S. Farwell, a*_nt lor
Alfre.l W. -U-Cnue, N'o. (.1.0*1; Franc*U J. Finn-
cane, No. 7��.{aia. and Fetor Lamen, No. **,-*���,
intend, nitty day* from tbe data hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder for a certifleate
������> tniiiritveinent*. for the purpoae of obtaining
m crown tcrnnt of the above claim.
And further take unttae that action under
�����<*.�� ion -Ti. mn.t he commenced before the
i.-uaix-e ��jf ��uch certifleate of imnrorenanU.
Hated thU 7th dav of January, WW.
A. s. Vakwell.
I late ��.f ftrat publication, Jan. IA, MM.
Nut ice i. hereby given, that, thirty da.v*
fnnn date bereof. I will apply to thc Board of
l.ireiiue(*��mmia*ioner/,of the Corporation of
tbe fit v <>f Sandon for lfoenve t��i .ell liquor by
tvuil in the Thi.tle Hotel.
Hated thi. 17th day of February. ISW.
The Goodenough,
Aiiieri. an Flan, ��� SM per day.
European Flan, - _no per day.
SJri.lU tirtt .la...
MRS. M. A. SMITH, Prop.
CODY. B. 0.
The First Class
Hot 1 of Cody.
Hate*:    ���*.�������� laa day.
S|an*iHl Kate-* I.y the Wrek.
8AXOOX, 11. C.
Headquarter, tar Miner*.
Well stocked bar in eo-AMetlon.
Firat claa. avcomuMKtatioii*    t-b-ani by the
lay or week.
as o-.__��-__�����__*)���
WWW W  m3**mm* m  fl
WUl ha at tha Hotel Balmoral
once a month.
Proprietor aad Maaager.
Firnt clast) in every particular.   Newly fur
nistied.   Bent liquor*..
A strictly first-claaa hotol in
all ita appointments.
Livery Stable with -food Saddle
and Pack Horses in connection.
n. LaQRinnETT
Solicitor, I
f   Notary Public,
B. C.
Surface and Aerial
I'lidenrroand Surveys.
Ginil and Mining Engineer,
Provincial Land Surveyor.
Kaalo, B. 0.
Mineral Claim* Survey*! and Reported I'poa
And You WUl
Smoke No
Merchants Advertise in tha
Paystreak Because It Pays.
��� -'ifkm.
���i .���^*��'*.ii,ii*wii~_i^ma.wr��en)in
Tenderfeet Warned.
Mr. James Christie, mining engineer who has been for the past fifteen
years working and prospecting fbr
himself and others in the Peace river
and Klondike and Yukon districts,
laughs at, while he pities, the scores
and hundreds of tenderfeet who six*
rushing into the latter region, some
with little toy boats on their shoulders,, others with bales of hay upon
their backs, still more with soft,
white bands and all the inexperience
and unfitness of delicate clerical
work, which no more contemplated
mining in the Arctic circla than they
expected the fall of the sun or moon.
Mr. Christie has just come back
from Dawson City. He Is a well setup, strong, hardy, capable, Irish
gentleman. He knows what it is to
handle every tool of the inincr. He
has slept out for several winters with
the stars ibr company. He has the
trained eye of the ergineer and the
brawn of the miner. Chiefly, he
had Uie heart and courage to endure.
He hss on his own account several
mining properties in the Yukon
which he is now engaged in develop,
ing, while he is interested, on behalf
of American capitalists, in other
properties, in connection with which
he was employed by American syndicates.
"Now, abont those toy beats, Mr.
Christie, and, the dainty perfumed
clothing of exquisites Irom Europe,
and the white fingers which languidly hold the eternal cigarette���what
is your idea of AI this in connection
with roughing it in the Klondike n
"Poor things!" Mr. Christie has
mingled scorn and pity in his t we.
"Why, it is simply criminal.   The
fool-killer is evidently gone ont of
business.   Boats, white hands, delicate  fabrics, the exquisite   in   the
Klondike���heaven help them!"
"What will become ofsuch ?"
"Providence only knows. But it
is all simple madness-the result of
tne erass Ignorance of the facts and
the conditions. Something is due���a
good deal is due���to the yellow
journals in the United States, irresponsible and reckless correspondents
of which send the most flaming accounts out from Dawson City, with
tbe result that scores of pers sis, accustomed to clerical work, dainty
creatures, who have never wet their
fingers, leave their business, and
fitting themselves out as for a leisure
promenade, start for the new Eldorado. Probably 15 per cent of
those who have started and will
start in the spring will reach the
Klondike. The balance will scatter;
will proceed to American territory;
will settle in British Columbia."
"It is the habit of some of the
American correspondents in the
Klondike to drop a five-dollar gold
piece upon a bit of ground, pick it
up, and lend out a naming story to
the effect that Jimmy Jones, in an
hour, picked up over five hundred
dollars and only stopped because he
was tired.   Dropping the gold piece
is to ease their conscience somewhat
that gold had been found.
Mr. Christie thinks such newspaper work is criminal. ���'Cases have
come to my knowledge," he said,
"in which men have left their wives
and families ill provided fbr, attracted by these reports."
Mr. Christie speaks highly pf the
thc country and its possibilities, but
he thinks Ogilvic too optimistic'
The difference between us is,' he
said, 'that Ogilvie Is a go-ern
ment officer and I am a mining
engineer. Only those who go in and
stakeout new claims can have a
chance ol making money. The
percentage of such will be small.
Mining is an expensive business in
the Yukon; if yon look at a man
there it costs vou live dollars."
The country's rich and for hundreds of miles beyond the immediate
district of the Yukon the formation
is similiar, so that thi* golden wealth
is not confined to one particular spot.
On American territory there is every
reason to suppose there is equal richness. IJ old, we know, has lieen
found east of the Rocky m-uilains.
The richness is greater west ol the
mountain**, while the Mackenzie
basin is still untouched. "A man
needs heart; he needs to be able to
rough it; he needs, above all. plenty
of grub. Let not the finical creature, dandified, smelling of ititisk.
think of entering tbe Klondike. II*
will perish.The truth slmtltd bet Id.
The country ,* rich, but the tx.t .
geration has been hurtful."
Dissolution of Partnership.
Notice u hereby given that tbe t��rtner*hip
lately exi.ting betweau William Waltn ley
and Hn��h Midee in the Star Hotel i. tbi. dat/
liatiolved by mutual roimeitt. Hutch MV-Oee
will continue the buaine*��. |��y all ��ut.tau>t*
inn debt * and collect all account*.
William Walrn.Uv,
Hu��h McOee.
Sandon, B. 0 . March llth, lft��.
MEXICAN SADDLE in good con.
dition.   Addreaa,
R. W. G.
And Other Investments.
Every Representation  (iuarantei-d.
Ssndon, B.C.
A Full Line of Cigars. Tobaccos,
Pipes and Smokers' Hundrfes
in Stock.
Headquarters lor Playing C.rds and
Poker Chip..
IN addition to the Fancy Rdiblee enninemtydIln a fanner adv. nlnBim
we have added to our large assortment nl Standard Creeds a f-**i* ^
3wcet, Plain and Mixed, in 1,!��and 10 gal. |*tfe and In fancy taUnfe
immediate tabic use.
SAUER KRAUT, '���Tt\*\w%"m^'n9"[���*"�����������
RIQU Hue Boneless Oodftsb; Mackerel in 25 lb, kits, lan-ltMfc.
flute** Labrador Herring, in 4 bids.; Salmon HcIHe*. in r* Ih. khti
ami other lines of Pish in packages.
The finest line of this clasw of good* ever seen In Sandon,
HAMS AND BACON, iS* S;^-^ ^ r"m **
Just received, a car load of POTATOES, ftmn tbe noted Sfrallmnrhcri
Valley, and oilier Vegetable*, free from frost.
Our*regular stock of flRAflRRIRS   **l tt*t*t*h antl clean in -.rigtiul
UI\UliDI\lDO.  tmekmgem    (Soold m.**.)
We an* agent* h-r the celebrated CSOODWIN CANDM-S. in ll and it
.��. canes*.   Full weight and number.
Abo sole agreut ft*r the GIANT POWDER CO., and in ihe hog** unit
built exprcaaly for n* have several cars of tbeir noted No*. I ami.' '**<***,
I and 1| Inch." Their N<��, 2 is consWered equal lo the No. 1 of sny t***%tt
FUSE, double and trippte la|*��. bv tlw 100 S"*t or casr. PKlMlXtt
CAPS, by the to>\ (100) Of QMS (10 M).
We invite the publie generally to an Inap-rtstkm of ��nr hr*** fma-
troof lain mum! ami a��U'������*��i? flre-prou-f cellar and other war-*ti<-I*****, all
ept well idled and in an orderly1 and systematic manner
^I--*I_M-?li_t!^_M'-;I^!^.o!'. A* *}' **f Iff Uf Uf ll* Hf ***���*->���*>* ��v *** -''�����>-*
#iC>jT<K*��^��w��*^'*^��-*^i����,K *%&t*7*t***0* At* M* **\***nw *MA***\**Ar*t**i*fr ��_����� *** ******
S*>* i. ���!(��� liflM to hat      tt.. tatfm Ute
\nrge.t mtaab ,4 Ait Tight
-Queen Heating Stores.
Box Stores,
Cooking Stores,
Ranges, Etc.
t'nmij otwt *��>l.l��.�� -M.rs >. ��,,,.���, ��., ot*mtti
Hamilton Byers,
S   ��  I'AVAKAIllll
White & Cavanaugh
OODT, ll. c.
Munurqi'tiirar. nt
Rough and
Dressed Lumber
Katlnialj..fnrnUlt...| tof.iitiraitnr.
ainl lluil.|..r.
Order* left al liver*   Hardware
Store will receive prompt attention
Canadian Pacific Ry.
Soo-Pacific Line.
TSa t*AM ssi Mmwtn %****** k~**��
To all Eastern and
European Points.
To thc Pacific Coast.
To thc Rich and Active GoW
Fields of Kkmcikc -nd tht
lUvamra-Clerked toDcatltiailoa
nnd Tbmnirh Tleket* lamied.
Daily to St. Paul,
Dally Exorpt Tuesday i�� V*%*Mtt
Canadian   and I*    S.   M����
Strvice   te   Jatfaa,  Chins aod  A.stnM
Monthly via Vsntsuvet.
MairntScant   Slaepiaf   aad  0 -����� **n
os sll Traint.
TrsUn tHNtveMnndondnii.. at T:*W
������ j^r# ������ ������ l****rW*i
A-r-rialn !������������,�� n*l��*��**l ���**'���" -,,1'"*i!
���nlormalliMt hy avilf��aain�� nenr*** *****
a��ant, nr
Agent, 8��nd����.
K. j mvi.it,       w. w Agvr****',
U.lP.MAal Tra*  P��� w'
VaMMif_*>ar*, Se\-*-
Oa aura  thai yoot Atka* ******* ' '* ""


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