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The Paystreak Jan 8, 1898

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Makes n 3pcecfa  Declaring
ri*, tht* coti*id��*rati<Hi being about
*15.0(j0. Mr. Harris will take pos-
sea-doii Febrnary I A, and tlie hotel
will without doubt be kept up to the
highest standard. Mr. Black intend* going to Teslin lake to engage
in business.
Tbe Murder off Blanche Lament sad
Minnie Williams in a Sen
Francisco Church.
Special tu Tn P��y��tn>ak.
San   Francisco, Jan. 7.���Durant
was hanged this morning at 10:30 in
the San Quantin penftentary.   Hia
in -ther was with bim when the death
Warrant was read.   Ourant rumsrk ���
cd ti> the gaoler that it we* just what
he expected.   When being led out
of hiicfll 13 tbe gallon*, bis in .alter
said to the officer: "Be sure, It you
hear any knocking. tj c��me quick.
as it will be a reprieve. **   From the
gallows Duraftt ��poke ai follow* i
" to thorn who wish me to sa>a aome-
thing I would just -any this, that I
haw no snliwwlty against ��n*��* oneif��
But those who have persecuted roe,
and who have  bounded  me to my
' ave, innocent as I am. I forgive
���.item all.   They will  receive their
Just does from tbe holy God to whom
1  now go to receive my justice,
which will be the justice given to an
innocent boy, who bas not stained
his hands with thc crimes that have
heen put upon  him  by tbe press of
San Francisco.   But i forgive them
all,  fbr I do not hold anything
against them for it.   I do not look
upon them now as enemies and forgive them, as I expect to ht* forgiven
for anything I have done.   But the
fair fame of California will forever
be blackened with the crime of taking tbe innocent blood.   If the committers of these crimes are discovered or not matters little to uie now,
for I appear before tho whole world
an innocent boy to proclaim my in*
nocence for the last time.   And to
those who have Insinuated that I
was going to spring a sensation of
any kind, 1 can say there is no sensation other than that of which I
have spoken.   Tbey must consider
for themselves who wished to start
a sensation that I am Innocent.   I
say now this day before (Jod,  to
whom I IP to meet my dues, I am
After Durrant got through talking
the drop was immediately sprung,
his neck being broken by the -flail.
The execution was a success in every
Black's Hotel Sold to J. M. Harri*
The day before New Year's Ira
W. Black sold hit hotelto J. *%. Bar-
Saturday, Jan. 8   Silver Hi*..
Miss  Ra<*  is  visiting here from
Thc Washington is reported to be
going to start up again.
Tlu* school dance a wt*��k ago netted the nice little sum of $10170.
The Bartlett Hotel is closed, all
the furniture having been removed.
* The Catholic ladies intend giving
a grand concert in ah mt a month's
Green Bros, of Cody have moved
their stock to Kaslo. Postmaster
Doekstader has moved hi* stock and
fM-sUritioe tutu their building.
The I'ayne moved their ore crush
er into another hou-s- alongside the
old oue this week, but *hip*n*d more
ore thau ever hefiirc.
The Dardanelles struck a foul of
clean ore about a week ago. All
the work lately done: is development,
hut 500 sacks of ore are ready for
foe Rambler is makfngan upraise
to the upper tunnel, and wheu tbla
is through, which will be in a few
days, it will be shipping lots ot ore.
The report that the* Whitewater
mine had been sold is denied by tbe
owners, but it is not denied that an
option on the property has been
Thc preliminary work of building
bunk nouses and making sleigh
roads for thc train from thc C. P. R.
to the Payne tram is progressing.
It is reported that Bartlett Bros.'
outHt has been attached in Vancouver by Rcvclstoke people, on ac*
count of a packing contract.
Thomas Carly, an employe of the
Cody sawmill, received a bad cut
vesterday by falling off a load and
hitting his head on a stump, requiring five stitches.
The steam heating apparatus anJ
electric light have been put into thc
fire hall, and with the powerful arc
light on top, the ball is a matter of
pride tous all.
Edmonton is msking a strong bid
for Klondike travel. She claims
that pack animals can be taken clear
through to Dawson by that route,
and that a good prospecting eountry
is traversed nearly all the wav.
A new Are whistle, which was
heard the first time on the advent of
New Year's, has been put up by Mr.
Harris on the boiler at the rink. It
is a mocking bird whistle, and with
the fixtures and put into position
cost flQO. The fire signal is ope
long steady blow.
E. Meyer got a new 2_t Winchester
New Year's, and a contest between
Byers' and GiegericlTs stores wns
necessary. James Vallance, Wm.
Tood and E. Meyer contested with
Jack Monroe, James Latham and J.
E. Wood, tbe former winning by a
score of 4 out of 5, at 25 yards.
Tbe Ladies' Aid Society of the
Presbyterian church, held their last
meeting at Mrs. Williams' on Thursday, and will hold tbe next at the
same place on Thursday next at
2 p.m. They are prepared to take
orders for tack-down comforters,
aprons, children's pinafores, darn*
ing, knitting and all kinds of plain
sewing and fancv work. Will furnish materials if desired. Leave orders with Mrs. Cleland or Mrs. A.
Went to Kaalo.
The two rinks of curlers who went
to Kaslo Thursday to play s friendly
practice match were comprised as
Byron ClitTe, Frank Sewell, Boh
Macdonald, A. K. Hall, skip.
W. Adams, Alex Crawford, W.
WU-jon, _L L. Grimmett, skip.
The rinks for Kaslo were:.
Robt. McLean. R. F. Green, Jack
Rae, James Waugh, skip.
W. Easton, S. Benzie*. 0.0. Buchanan, D. W, Mo we, skip.
The match resulted as follows:
toorc 23, Grimmett t,
all 14, Waugh tf.
As will be seen
'received an  ttndoo
and the Jovial judge lias taken a
trip to Nelson in ttrdcr to avoid tne
congratulations of his friends.   The
Kme between Waugh and Hall was
tly contested. Sixteen ends were
played, the game being a tie at the
fifteenth end. However, Mr. Hall
succeeded in piloting his rink to victory.
Three competing rinks are expect*
ed from Kaslo in the course or the
next ten days to play for the district
After the match on Thursday a
splendid banquet was given to the
Sandon teams at the Kaslo hotel,
mine host Cockle fairly excelling
Anglican Church Organisation.
Ven. Edwyn 8. W. Pentreath,
lately appointed Archdeacon of Columbia, accompanied by Rev. C. F.
Yates, visited Sandon on Tuesday.
The archdeacon held a meeting in
Virginia hall, when thc following
arrangements were made: Regular
church services will be held on the
first and Third Sundays in each
month, at 7:90 p.m. in Virginia hall.
Miss Skinner and Mrs. Pearson volunteered to solicit monthly subscriptions from church people for the support of these services. G. H. Winter waa appointed treasurer. The
congregation will be known as All
Saints Mission, Sandon. For the
present Rev. 0. F. Yates will be stationed at Slocan City, and will take
New Denver and Sandon on the
above Sundays. The first service
will be held on the evening of the
Nominations January 18th, Election
January ttnd.
The proclamation of the Lieutenant Governor incorporating Sandon
was received this week. E. M. 8an-
dilands is appointed returning officer
and the .date for nominations made
the 15th Inst, with the date for elections on the 22d, at the school bouse.
Tbe qualifications of a voter are a
British, subject and three months
residence. All voters will have to
be registered especially for this election, and -will have to get their
names on the list prior to tbe day of
nomination the 15th. The registration office Js at the returning officer's
office, from 10 o'clock to 4. The
text of the proclamation is published
on tbe last page.
The talk of candidates for Mayor
and aldermen is the all-absorbing
topic. tlie preference fbr the
mayorality is generally centering
about M. L. Griinmett, as the candidate most fit for the position. E. R.
Atherton has withdrawn from the
contest for mayor, not wiil doubtless
Ihe a candidate for alderman,
A public meeting is ealled for
Mondav evening at the Virginia
r the coming elections
Mi** mm%ry lffaoinnn'1 ontertafaaS a card
party a* tha Natal S-elmcral Tneeday evea***
The homo of Mr. and Mia. O. D. McMartin
was the scene of a plaaiant aaelal gathering
last Monday evening.
A sleighinc pany waat to Three Porks and
back last Saturday evening, which if not the
society event of tho season, waa tha noisy
���-rant. After the return the party was entertained at lunch by tha charming hoateaa of
the Goodenou*b.
Rev. and Mrs. 1\ well, of New Denver, ware
iu Sandon last Wednesday, and a large party
0f the Methodist congrr**j*tian eatprieed them
at the res-dene* of Mr. CliSe In the evening-
A pleasant little party aaaembled at Rev.
and Mr*. Cleland's last Monday evening.
Ihe Ladle* Aid Society of the Pieebyterian
church intend taking np a line of literary
work, and will give a poblie entertainment
and fair sometime in the future.
Election Notice.
eKoTHK ia hereby given that pursuant to tha
Speedy Incorporation of Towns Aot, 14V7, and
of the Mnniripal Elections Act, ISM, tha
nomination of eandidatee for Mayor and
Aldermen of the Corporation of the City of
Sandon wm take place at the eehuol house,
Sandon. on Saturday the l&th day of January
instant beginning at the hour of IS o'clock
noon and elodag at the hour of * o'clock p.m.
And notice U hereby further given that the
polling (If any) will take place on theSSnd
instant at the school house, Sandon, from the
hour of IS o'clock a. m. to the hoar of 4 o'clock
p. m.
Dated thia Sth day of January, A. D. ISM.
Returning Officer.
ia HaU at 11
Rev J. A.
Services will be held in Vireinii
a.m. aad IAD p. n.   Preacher.
Methodist Church-Regular services, in tha
morning at 11 aad in the evening at 7:1ft. Rev.
A. M. Sanford, pastor. o*
Rules and Expressions -The List of
Local Members.
Tbe "out-turn" of the old year
and the "in-tnra" of the new in
���Sandon finds a large number of San-
donites very much interested in the
������turn"���not of time to eternity, but
of granite spheres, as they describe
a curve in their course on the ice
from the hand of the player to the
skip's broom. Other phrases, as un-
inteligible to the wayfaring man as
a Gaellic praver arc, "Take the
broom," "Don't be heavy," "That
look's well," "That's laid down,"
"See it up," "8weep hard," "All the
way," "Bring it over," "Take it to
Pat Bwrh*s batcher shop; it's a hog.''
To the uninitiated the game at first
seems simple, even foolish, but seme
time you try, and then find there Is
"lots in it." Even old skips admit
there Is "lots in it," as their rock
���passes through to the back yard.
It may be safely said that no outdoor game possesses greater attractions for its votaries, or is more
keenly enjoyed than curling. Unlike football, hockey or lacrosse,
where athletes alone excell, curling
is suitable to venerable years or joyous youth. As tbe pastime is quite
new to many Sandon citisens, we
give a short synopsis of the rules.
Played on a large sheet of ice
about 150 feet in length by 18 feet in
width, with large targets or circles
at either end, the game is a contest
between two teams or "rinks."
Four players constitute a rink. Each
player plays two stones, one stone
alternately with his opponents, until
the full number (16) have been played. The side having one or more
stones nearer the tee than the opposite side count one point for each
stone, and the rink scoring a majority of shots in a given number of
ends or given length of time is declared winner. Great judgment is
required in weight in making a lead,
draw or guard shot, and a true eye,
precision as to playing to the broom,
and nerve are required in running
shots or narrow ports.
The average weight of curling
stones is 36 to 40 pounds, and the
value S20 per pair. They are manufactured only in Scotland. A Scotch
cap is worth $1, a broom 50 cents,
and a season ticket to the Ssndon
Curling olub ��12.50.    .
The club bas now a membership
of 28 players. Five rinks have been
formed, taking in all members who
want their "turn" to play. Following are skips appointed and rinks
Hood, Wm., skip; N. Remillard,
W. Karr, W. C. Adams, Robert
Cunning, Bruce White.
Grimmett, M. L., skip; H. M. Martin, F. C. Sewell, A. Crawford, Rev.
A. M. Sanford, J. M. Harris.
Main, J G., skin; A. Grierson, G.
H. Winter, W. W. Fallows, F. T.
Kelley, W. Sudrow.
Hall. A. R, skip; R. Macdonald,
D. J. McLachlan, G. W. Grimmett,
Thomas Brown
Wilson, W. Ot, skip; B. M. Walton, Dr. Young, J. B. Cliffe, Rev. J.
A* Cleland.
Three rinks from Kaslo will play
here in the district match. Golden
will be here to play for the Bostock
cup. Borrow the "Annual" from
some of the curlers for full and complete information re rules and technical points, and visit the new rink
west of the electric light- station for
practical illustrations of the game
and ice diagram, where you will be
cordially welcomed.
Mrs. Goodsum���My! what wonderful cures they are making down
at the hospital.
Mr. Goodsum���What have they
Mrs. Goodsum-���The paper states
that a blind man was removed to
that institution last evening, and
after remaining there an hour or so
he began to see snakes.
The Sandon Hand Laundry is doing tbe finest starch work in Kootenay.   Rear Spencer's hall.
Notice is hereby given that the
partnership latelv existing between
R. King and Erf Thompson, in thc
Exchange hotel, Sandon B. C, has
been this day dissolved by mutual
consent. U. Kino',
Eri Thompson.
Sandon, B. C, Dec. 30, I7J7.
Shippers and Dioidend Payers of
Thia Famous District
Below is a list of the shippers and
dividend paying mines of the Slocan
tail I aan.
The Goodenough,
American Plan, tAM par day.
Kuroaean Plan, *iM par day.
Strictly first claaa.
MRS. M. A. SMITH, Prop.
Tbe First Claaa
Hotel ef Cody.
Rat p.:   'Sinper da,
'Sunper day.
Spe-etal Rates by the Week
Queen Bess,
American Boy,
Chambers Oroup,
Lucky dim,
Pi.her Maiden,
Great Western,
Blue Bird,
Ruby Silver,
London Oroap,
Read and Tenderfoot, Galena Perm.
Howard Predion,
Silver Bear,
Red Pox.
Silver BeU,
Lucky Boy,
O. H. Ayliaid,
Trade Dollar,
If t. Adams,
Mountain Chief,
Two Friends,
Molly Hughes,
Black Pox,
Canadian Group,
Noble Piva.
intrtnamv i-ariae.
SANDOX, a c.
Hr-rvbliiarter* for Miner.
Well .torkei bar in eonneetion
Pirat eta*, aeeommodatioas.   Beard by the
���lay or w����ik
clean in o***wf
Bleat ia
Beet It
t ��� V
A strictly Hret-etees hotel in
all Ita appetotmeeta.
Livery Htable wftl. gaotf Saddle
mm! Paek Harass to eenaeetlon.
M. L. ORinriETT
Notary Public,
SANOON,        ti        **       B.C.
-~���ALL AT-
where you will find a full line of
Victoria House
Now completearith Uml*a->�� twmtihwd *-.. ���
la the dtatrtet, Alt aJXOis,m**dmt,on* *v i
��� lass, iiK-iadiag eleetrie tlgat, betb two***
and alt
Modern Improoetnents.
A ntta. qai-t. renl'Uae* hotel, situated - * A
avenue   Vwn teuieal lu tbe depot
W. J. HALL, Popr.
Slooan Star,
Slooan Boy,
Last (Thence,
R K.Lee,
Pfeddie Lea,.
Jackson Group,
Wellinr'en Group.
Grady Group.
Merchant* Advertise In the
Paystreak Because It Pay*.
Otffaruttuu, ftpg* I to
A uew Um ot Saras au* Putter Ittilae
last - fa*.       " mm
Suuu At-uuua,       i       I
White & Cavanaugh
Manufacturers of
Rough and
Dressed Lumber
Estimates furnished to Coii<ra��'nr*
and Builders.
Order* left at Byers' Hardware
Store will receive, prompt attention.
���'The Elite,
le new panfuiurl to de all kinds of
And You WUl
Smoke No
Other. ���
_. -
"My first fee, her mused tbe veteran
j "Well, I suppose every lawyer has a
rht to be proud of his  first  fee,
cislly when it comes to him as a
��rt of Christinas surprise, tut mine did.
it there were one or two little circum-
connected with the earning'of
iv initial lee which werejMK exactly
Tto my mental aeuteness, and
iong time before 1 did any
ting about it.   Through the per-
live of 80 years I can see the
torous side of the case, and enjoy it
well as anybody. *
"It was the day before Christmas, in
7, 'If I remember right, that my first
lient dawned on me in my little 10x12
lie in a prosperous Western village. I
ta sested alone at my deak, as usual,
patting for the tide of business to begin
titing In my direction, when the door
ran cautiously pushed opea about a
ot, and tbe smiling wuntenance of
tin Johnson���a gtuttleman of African
���ineage, who was a sort of happy-go-
lucky character and general chore boy
' nit the town���appeared in the open-
ng and a soft.melodiouw voice drawled-
'"liood afternoon,   Miatah Lawyer.
I'd like to see yo' on a little buainea*.
inttnh. sah, if yo' got time to tend to
'Plenty of time    Walk  right in,
ir Juhnson, and take a anal,' ursrtsd I.
blighted at obtaining a cuatnmi*r of
mutt aort at last.
*hi compliance with thU cordial In-
riUtion, Mr Johnson ventured the rear
A the wav into tht* mom, cap In hand,
ind carefully seated hiiu-udf on the extreme edge of the chair reaerved lot
lenders, ipanced shyly around, aa if in
iure himself that we were alone, and
Itlien began:
"'Well. Mr. Lawyer, It's dis way
[We will spostn' a t-nm* S'poain'a pua
son buys a eighteen-pound turkey, an
Jbs a "uuarter to a culled gemwian t
|eacoht  ae bubd  home fob  dein, un'
'The suppnattioua gentleman o
color abaent mtudedly conveys the sup-
positMMis turkey .to nta own rettldeace
instead of to the abode of the party who
pnrrhaaed the fowl and employed said
KtiplMMtttious colored gentleman tode-
I liver it.   la that the point your driving
nt, Mr. Johnsan,' interposed I, thinking
;��� to help him out.
" 'Yea, sah; dat'a preaactly de pint I
turn try Iii' to arrive at,' he exclaimed,
smiiinsrlv ; 'an'golly, Iuhw. de way yo'
dun rattle off turn big wortls I s'pecta
yo* must be almighty smart lawyer, an*
now, if de pusson we've bin' a'poain
taut aectires s turkey in (bit ar way.
would he hafter go to jail foh it, or could
yo' git him ek-ar ��'
"���Certainly I could clear him.' I
answered, jokingly; 'a case of thai
kind would come under the head of em-
bexslemeiit or breach of trust, inattv.il
of larceny, and it is not only unconsti
ttitional, but a violation of the writ of
habeas corpus to lock a man up simply
for emhexxling a turkey.'
" 'Mighty tickled to hear it, sah." he
chuckled. 'Here is a quarter fob de
information, sah, an' I disgages yo' foh
my lawyer from dis time on '.iood*
day, sah*, an' any time I git in trouble
dat wav 111 depend on you to help me
"And before I could utter a word of
protest or stop him, my grinning caller
had drop.ted tne quarter on my writing
table and hastily howi-d himself from
(he room.
" 'This is a fine joke on me. Wonder
if the black rascal thought I was in
en meat?' muttered I tn myself, picking
up the liberal fee which mv first client
had left behind him. The coin was of
hii ancient date, and somewhat battered, though not sutfici'Jiitiy injured to
depreciate its value as a circulailna
medium. 1 wss still examining it, and
wondering if it would prove a mascot
or otherwise, when my wife came in j
from her Christmas shopping. Handing j.
it to her, I proudly remarked; I
'"There  is my first fee. my denr.|
You may have li fbr a keepsake If you
" 'Why, Henry!' she cried, 'where
did you get this quarter? I am positive
that it is tbe very one I gave to Sam
Johnson down at the market this afternoon when I engaged him to bring
home our Christmas turkey!'
"I didn't ask for tbe affidavit," concluded the veteran lawyer,withasmiie,
"I got the witness off the stand as soon
as possible, adjourned court, and then
went out In pursuit of fresh air and Mr.
Johnson. I found him, told him I'd
send him to the penitentiary If he ever
breathed a wotd of the affair; then 1
purchased a duplicate of the embezxled
turkey and sent him home with it (to
my home, I mean), following along behind him to see that he honestly earned
the quarter this time; snd it wss fully
a year later, when prosperity began
smiting upon my efforts at last, that I
plucked up sufficient courage to tell the
story of my fee, even to my wife."
,       Senautlesial Suicide.
New York, Dec. 29-���John Bergman,
who last night accosted a policeman on
T.iird avenue with: "Here, copper, take
this corpse to the morgue," and sent s
bullet through his own brain, falling
dead at the officer's feet, is said to have
been formerly a wealthy resident of
Chicago. It is said that Bergman lost
his money in speculation on tbe board of
trade of Chicago, after which he came
hero. He took to drink, and in spite of
tlie aid which relatives extended to bim
be readied the depths of poverty. In
his room waa found the following note:
"liive my body to some college or bos-
���ital. so It will be oi some use; it was
not t>s -ful while I waa alive. No work,
ill kinds of trouble, and gout; that's too
Jabber's son, they say, could talk
wheu onlv two weeks old.
That's nothing. The Bible says Job
.-ursed the day be was born. a
Suhjeet to change without notice
Trains run on htcific Standard Time.
Leave S SO A.M. Kaalo          Arrive. S 80 P.M
"SSI " South Pock      "     lift ������
-as* " Sm-ouJeu         '      118 **
** ��5l " Whitewater     '      SCO ���'
-MISS ** BearU-e        "     1 4* *���
- IO IS " MrOutgaa        '       1 �� -
- 10 SS " Omty Jumtkm **      111 "
Arr. W ao " Sandon         Leave 1 oo -
Leave I1.SS a.m.       Sandon     Arrive ll..�� so.
**    HSS  ** Cody ��*>    IIJo **
TranV Must. 	
Per rbean rsllr ��d aad Meamahlp tickets to
-ml fr-ao all point*, apply Si
a CAMPBELL,        Agent, 8andon.
i- ������ "*" '   '���*����� ""���      '"U1   ' ��������������-en-H  i.       .���������'���  ��� ��������������� �����a
Atlaitic SteamstiJD Lines.
Prum Montreal
Caltrornia, Allan Line 	
Parisian. "          ���
Carthaalnian "        ���***-
l.el'red*r.I**ominlon Line        ���������
Vancouver. "    ... -���������
Pnan New Yarlt
Umlirta.Cunard Una ���������
Campania,     ** ' ������
Ualestlr*. White Star Line 	
Teutonic **       ���
���**. Paul, American Line ������
--U. Louis.     *        '* 	
Htate of Nebraska, Allan State Line ������
Southwark. Red Star Line ������
N-jordland, " ...������
abln-45, ft', �����,!�� a��end upwards.
teruMNlUte m and u-iward*.
Starvage aS.ftn and uhwardU.
PMuengers Ticketed thnuirh to ell points In
Great Britain or Ireland, and at Ki-eelatlj- low
rates to alljaurta of tlw Kunipean Ontini-nt.
wwrrenSfir ��-��*��.,
******* ** WILMAS  HTITT.
Qi'ueral Aaeat,
V P. R. oMcte, \Vtnnt|��f-
VICTORIA, bj tba Grace of God, of tba Unite!
Elaajdem of Gnat Briuln aod Ireland
QrJBtfli. Defender of ttw Faith. Ac , Ac, Ae.
ToOurfaltbfUltbe Members elected to-erve In
tha LarlalaHve Auwmbly of Oar Pruvin-w
of Britfab CohunUa at Our City of Vfctoria-
A. O.Smith,Deputy Attorney General.
W HEBE AS. We are uaatarous and reaolved. a.
���una aa may be. to meet Our -people of Our
Provfuoeof Britfch Columbia, aud to have tha r
advtee la Oar LegWatnra:
NOW KNOW YE, that for dlveia eauem an I
���ren��Merattone,and taking Into eooeidr-ratlon the
earn and ��ojiveafcncc of Oar loving ��uh|eeta. We
have thought St, bt and with thr- advk-* of Our
Executive Cmncil of the Prevince of British
Ccdumlffa. to hereby convoke, and by these pn*
���_^^0'SJr?!^5,,de^,,.<rf���*H,,,��� thatojiThura.
day, the Tenth day of tha mouth of Februarv.
one UtrouMnd eight hundred aud ninet-eeMit,
youuMutUs hi Our aaid LegMature orPariln-
tnent of Our mid Province, at Oar City of VW-
**%**%'.d0******** ���?"oc,��<��e ��J��nUimtblnge
2%L M_��uL,***i-i*,,Jr * ***** Pewiuaa of
Brittle* Columbia, by Uw Common Oancll of Our
raid Ppvince may. by the favour of Oori.be ordained.
Iu TsaTiuow Wncanor. We have eauted
tteee Our Letter* to be mide Patent, and
the Great Meal of the mid Provtoee tola,
t hereuntjaSlxed:    Wrrag-w, The Honour*
��� able THonaa R. McInihi,  Lhuteuant>-
OoveriKrrof Our aaid Province of British
Cfrlumbia, in Our Qty of Victoria, tn Our
mid Province, this thirtieth day of Decem-
ber, to the year of Oar Lord onetfaouuud
ehtht hundrel and ninety eerea, aad In the
sixty fiiatyear of Our Reign.
By Command.
��� Provincial Srwwtary.
Of Elegant, Useful Furniture.
Twenty styles of pretty Ladies'
uu  _-miuas-_; uiuij
at $3
S in Cane, Reed Work and
^^ Upholstered in French
Silk Brocatelle, Plush and Damask: ornaments for
any Drawing Room���   ^ ^    ^ ***\**    �� ir\
Handsome and acceptable presents in Ladies' Secretaries, Bookshelves, Fancy Polished Tables at
$1.00 each.
I have too much stock for the times, ���
and sm reducing prices to eost of
freight and handling Another
brge car hss just arrived tor me
and is now unloading at Denver
Stock too heavy;
Prices to Zero.
Fiftydozen Al chairs at 60 cents
Fifty patterns of silk and other
mings tor sale by the yard
by a profearor of the art. Caaheta in Oak. Wall-
nut , Rosewood and Solid Metal. CotMn materials; 0*0*4, handler., trimmiaca. Whileeale to the
trade. Agent for Owen's Chicago Emhaliuiag
fluid. '      D.M.CROWLEY, Undertaker.
Near the Ledge office, New Denver.
covers with trim-
D.    Me
Thirty years' practical
Kootenay Mercantile Tailoring Co,
A fall line of
always in Stock
J.  R. & D. CAMERON. ******-mmm
i.' .
if v
THE PAYSTKEAK, SANDoN, B. C, JAN1 Aia ^, i*^*:	
The Paystreak.
I * l����ued every Saturday In Sandon, in the heart
of the trreati'st White Metal camp on earth.
Salneriptlon     ��� ...     tg.Waynr
Strlt'tly In advance.
AddreflLK Thk Paystreak, Sandon, B.C.
rw-J--M__asai---__-iw     i ,i     iisii-iii     !.�����������       ���������.iwn innsii
SANDON.    B.   C,   JAN. %,   1898
Secretary Gage of the U. S. trees-
ury recently assailed the American
Federation of Labor through its president, Mr. Gompers, tor having the
audacity to criticise and condemn, by
resolution, bis pet scheme of currencv
"reform.* Mr. Gage was apparently
mneh exercised over tbe matter, and
went ao fair as to promise tbat il Mr.
Gompers would show him that the
gold standard was injurious to the
country generally he would quit the
gold cause and get off his gilded
perch. Mr. Gage did not use this
identical language but his meaning
was tbe same. Mr. Gompers has
complied with Mr. Gage's expressed
wish and the information wanted has
been tarnished him. But Mr. Gage
will not keep his promise. None are
so blind as those who will not see. and
Mr. Gage will continue in darkness,
shaping bis currency ideas in tbe
narrow confines of Wall street, in
compliance with the single standard
policy of tbe money-changers.
Mr. Gompers' reply is very pointed
and his argument forcible, and Mr.
Gage will find small consolation in ic.
In part he says:
Those resolutions declare against
your proposal for more thoroughly
committing our country to the gold
standard, a plan for destroying our quarter ofa centary as being, In ecu-
greenbacks and substituting bank j nomic language, an appreciation ul
notes; a plan for weakening the con-igojd.   The facts are beyond dispute."
trol ofthe national government over a,��� p,^-*. ��.��__4��� 1     ...
tbat most important of all measures,  8lr Roberl8 ****** wa* * *n��*
the measure ot values, and strength
the issuance of bonds instead in the
sum of |2O0tO00^OOO, which we will
still owe and upon which we shall be
required to pay interest. Tbe incon
sistency of your statement and your
plan seems glaring.
Should Mr. Gage attempt to prove
that the perpetuation of the gold
standard would not result in making
money dearer and everything measured by money cheaper, he will have
to combat and Jisprove the compilations of such world-famed statisticians asSoetbeer, Sauerbeck, and the
London Economist. He will have tn
prove tbat dozens of men like Sir
Robert GifTen, Europe's eminent sop
porter of the gold standard, and
Speaker Reed ofthe present house of
representatives of the United States,
do not know what they are talking
a tout.
When the royal British commission
was appointed to inquire into the agricultural depression of Europe Sir
Robert Giffen was a member. The
commission reported thai the depression was directly attributable to the
appreciation of gold, the standard
money, resulting from the demonetization of silver. Sir Robert dissented from the majority report, not
on this point, however. As a remedy
fbr the evil the report suggested a
fuller recognition of silver as a standard money, if not straight bimetal
liam. It was this suggestion that Sir
Robert would not agree to. In bis
dissenting memorandum he.stated
that in his opinion "it was a great
misfortune that some monometallic,
as appeard In the coarse of the evi
dence before the commission, have
refused, and still refuse, to r-ecognize
the general fall of prices in tbe Isst
eningtbe banks; a plan aiming at
things to adjust themselves on the
gold basis; that, since the world had
what, you callVfeorrency i^orm," and ; adjusted itself to the gold standard, it
which we call bank monopoly. would ^ Qnwf8e to dhMrb ^ flnj|n
You ask what evils have resulted ' -i-i Mn_r��e >,�� aoimr twt #�� h*_-t.
from our sdherence to the gold stand- ;����,centre�� ��* S0,n* *** to high
ard.    I answer tbat the evils are' P���**-
those that have grown and ever must i Speaker Reed, in the last caripsign.
grow from a dishonest measure of when he wss stumping the eountrv
values, a measure that interferes with ft* hj9 ^-.y, milde .p^^ roJc|ng
the Just distribution of wealth, tbat
deprives some men ofa part ofthe
earning!, that is rightly theirs and
confers it upon others who   have
ea_TI?!ait..not^ Any *******J^i***   -one wno wanted to see
ties that thus forces an unjust distri-  _���,.��� -_-.i-._- ���,,_-_,��� _j__,.���  _____
button ot the products ot labor, that Ipr,ceg g">*'"g ���*** right along,
deprives the producer of the fruits of'
tbe sentiment of Mr. Giffen. It was
our pleasure, or displeasure, to hear
that eminent gentleman say that he
was "one who wanted to see low
his toil, cuts down wages and profits,
thereby destroying the incentive to
enterprise, leads to industrial stagnation, enforced idleness, distress ard
public suffering. . . . You should
at least show that the perpetuation of
the gold standard will not result in
making money dearer and human
flesh cite* per.
In the statement you recently made
before the house committee on banking and curreacy In support of your ���    "im, no,- eried our hero of the mt-
bill, you say, and repeat this truism, I fumed   countenance, " she is not a
thst "the less the government owes! rcJativc-nnly n friend-au acquaint*
the less it will have  to is* v."   Yet  2B,Vm f*__-��*7H ** f0F Miss.Holly
* ��� Sukalegge, the skirt-dancer."
"I want to buy a little something for
a young lady," said tbe young man
with the waxed mustache snd bay rum
odor to the aged jewel��r.
*'*��-., air." reanonded the jeweler
blithely, as he laid his band hesitatingly upon a tray of paste diamond* and
imitation pearls "la she a sister, or
1���something in that line, eh:'"
M<>h, no," cried our hero of i
th-^lr_m_Hor *_Mt**t ��'^%_ffj_y^f*a
your plan involves the proposition of
the retirement of the greenbacks, on
��*whlch wc pay no interest at all, and ; of genuine brilliantsftnen yon want
something like this," and he held up a
little too brooch that flashed and gilt,
tered in the sunlight   like a caliphs
diadem. , , .    .
The voung man made a quick eaten*
lation of what be owod for board, mom
and la-indrv, rum, tobacco, shaves,
dailv papers, shines, having his trotters pressed, borrowed money, Howers,
confectionerv, installment dreas-miit,
winter under clothes, and gold crown
work on six front teeth, and finding that
lie could enailv buv the tVal broach and
atill have enough left to temporarily
atave off these Hernia of the ct editor
da***., he purchased the gem
"And now." he said, thoughtfully, as
Ite deposited Miss .Shakaiegif s trifle in
his vest pocket and turned in a half-
uncertain manner toward the door, "I
-.uppose I ought to buy a little something for my dear old mother."
"<scoune, ofcourae: you must not
forget Ihe old folks P cried the jewtder
warmly, a* be placed tbe tray of "guanines"' back in the safe and turned
lightly to the next customer-, "you will
rind a' ten-cent store right acrots the
way."        _��_______,
R W. Wilson, of Revelstoke, B. ���**
is iu Toronto this week, ami gieea an
interesting account of the excitement
pri*vailin_r In the Edmonton Ibstrlrt
over tJie Klondike disco'.*9a*\w\ **etter*
a> expeditions are prepar*.^ t<�� lt*a***e
there, 'the most iranortaut o: . Sirh ia
th��* Hi'Jninan Syndicate, ItBtfer the
|r*��.|i*r*.hip of Cap! Mat O'Brb-u. a msn
with a remarkable past, and wlw i*
n t#*t,**.%*ii c4 enou/h pluck and d��*t ���
rniuation to carry the entire \mtt\
Friil Elliott baa bet*u aet.tem-M t��
fire yean in the Kinjr��u-n |r.-tiii*utnr..
with hard labor Two petition* wrre
I>re��e(ited to Judge Ma.**on, one bv tbi*
citizens of Bayfield and tb* Mtfieond
iox country, and ibe other bv the jorv
but the .lodge rferlined to reservi* a
caae Mr. Proudfood. who is ai-tmjr tor
the defence, gave notice that hi* would
move for a uew trial,
Canadians aayst "It is the l***i C0UB
try In the world, the most dsanUvbi
JawslHdlng, physically kealUn, __J'
least nerve-racked commuuiiv aiul ���.��*>
pie of modern times It is wom.-u m-1���
be stalwart and rlght-eott* of \mn^.
even if poor and[ -struggling _,,,<���,
manna be prood, for toe Laird kem tt.
sae wee), an' we hae oor tauta ton ��� -
cfoiifant in
Butter, Gfrj_x
rlllim'.    a\|��|>l��*S.
iNuiiirv and
Cured Ifeafx
Tbr" l*����"��rsj SmumII. tn .t ttm-..
tto*mt* to Wmnteim ��'��n*.l. Airs ,t*t*<maw* Wtndet I* Tit- i *t*4. m
uri r��4t4 *t'*A0.      �� all ��l<- k r*m.*4
��t s*ta,*t. ii Q,   W** mgamtwrit,
m wit*
r. 4. at wawa \
M��,e*Stet,4 Sri*****   M��S��..|. |*SI
m,**'* l*t *laeeV~*ui*��Of
Mr   (iilttert   Parker,   tbi-   taieni.il
Canadian author of -The Seats of The ,
\llghty," writing about Canada and ihr. i
Thos. Brown & Co.,
8AND0N, B. C.
Cam' the largest stock of Men a Furnishings in tlie 8h��an
Kvervtbing from the finest dandy apparel to the working
clothes of tbe Miner.        WINTER aXITHINY..  OVER
SHOES,    SHIRTS.     NI**KWKAR.    f.l/)VfH    m\
Fair Dealing and Honest Goods.
C-UtJA aiul o___ tr_
Come and See Va
_?. _32_iBJ_f_5,
Dealer ii! MEATS
 : AT :
DU?TJr_rA"S2�� ��H'��*EN8, GEESE A
School .opened Monday with Mr.
Strick ling In charge.
Rosebery contains 21 children in s
total population of 81*.
A dancing school is the latest Innovation to tfew Denver society.
One hundred and eighty tons of ore
were shipped from Silverton last week.
Frank Pyman will commence work
next week on his building on Sixth
Dan Dunn, probably one of the most
familiar landmarks of thia section, is
very low with kidney trouble.
John Vallance returned on Monday
from Idaho where he has been engaged
In placer mining for the past summer.
Percy Wilkinson got Arst prise for
dancing at tlte maaquarade bull in Sun ���
don on New Year's Eve. The handsome
Clterlev Greenlee was a pr'ure winner
with his Highland costume.
Kit Carson bas gone north to look up
luMtiieas for tlie C. P. It. Kit will drive
a dog team through tlte country adjacent
to Teslin lake ami estol to the natives
the many virtue* of Canada's greatest
railway. Captain Hugh Cochrane, formerly of Horn Iienver, will leave Barker*
viJ��i'"in the spring for the Klondike.
NMM'AX UlStSti *40TV.**.
A concentrator and saw mill will lie
erected on Lemon creek ihi* aprtng.
It is said that the sampler at Rose-
bury will be ready to treat 100 tons of
ore a day by the lir*.t m April
The big 200 ton blast furnace and thi
four roaiiters and reverheratory for-
nacea of the Hall Mines aiueiier will
blow in this week.
There Ik a change of management at
ibe Queen Bess.   tf. C. lam-il-ell John
aton and  Foreman Whittecomh hav,
r.-aitfiied.   Mr. Rathbourn has charge
of affairs for the prevent.
Nine men are lieing worked on the
Fidelity by Mr. Kneehoue. who lately
leased the property. A weiuse has been
-.link to feet and a foot of aolld cube
galena is showing on tbe bottom. The
work of drifting will be pushed rapidly
across*, the swamp bottom, and indication*, nre favorable for striking an im
mens* body of ore en thc mountain
opposite thc* present workings.
An extension of 00 tlays has been
girexi to Thompson A Co.. Who bold a
u orking lamd on the Frisco Considerable over Sl.iMJO worth of work has been
dune nn the property since it was taken
tip three month*, ago A strong ledge
hie. lH��en struck but as yet no pay ore
taken ont Another tuunel will be
driven on the prn|M<rty to lap the ledge
at a g.vater flc|r4h.
���443,233; May, 289* tons, $897,797;
June, 8474 tons, 1483,886; July, *W
tons, 1644,032: AugusV, 4070tons; $675,-
189; September, 4804 tons, 8714,225;
October, 3290, $757,146; November,
5273 tons, $824,362; December, 4015
tons, $753,762.
Washington, Dec. 31 .--Tlie director of
the United States mint, from informs*'
tion now at band, says there is substantial evidence that the world's product of
gold for the calender -fear of 1897 will
approximate, if not exceed, $240,000, an
increase of nearly 20 per cent over 1898.
Tbe gold product for the United States
laat year waa $68,100,000, and tor 1887 It
will approximate $61,500,000. Tbe returns for Austrslssia for 1896 show $45,-
200,000, and for 1897 it will not be less
than $51,000,000; Mexico, 1896, $8,000,-
000,1897. estimated output $10,000,000;
tbe Dominion of Canada for 1896, $2,800,-
000, Ibr 1897 the product ia estimated si
Denver, Col.,���Tbe books ef the
United States branch mint for the year
1897 are now closed. Tbe deposits of
gold are the largest ever received. The
total will slightly exceed $12,000,000, and
a conservative estimate made by the
mint officials places the entire output of
Colorado at $22,000,000 in round figures.
Tlte great increase in the Colorado out
Kt this vear will send tbe total for the
tited States to the $70,000,000 mark.
There are in coined metals the following
amounts: Gold, $729,661 ,_Ut>; silver,
$150,829,452. The balance consists of.
paper, greenbacks, treasury notes, silver f
certificates and national bank notes.
These are not tbe official figures, for the
official tables, strange though it may i
seem, are not correct, the figures in some
instances beingdupheated. Por Instance
tbe standard silver dollars are counted
aod nut in the tables; then tbe silver
certificates outstanding against these
very dollars are added, thus giving a
real money value to the certificates
which does not exist, for they must be
redeemed by the silver dollars.
TlltK   VKVR-4
proih'i-t or
At length the agitation against the
t��eitdo-brokers* lead quotation, daily
wire*! west from Xew York by tlie
Western Union, is bearing fruit. After
January 1st the Western Union ao-
iionce-*' that it will no longer be a p��rty
io this deception. This decision was determined on, as reported here, through a
Srotest made by A. P. Hoiden, of the obi
ordan A Ivafena, oo hia recent visit
Kaat. However, it ia doubtful if producers w 11 be immediately benefited, as
the feed refiners have a scheme to furnish their, so styled, brokers' quofati<��
lo aobeerilwt-a���jdedged not to make
public these figures���in Another way,
through the Gold and Silver Telegraph
Company, a sort of a wheel within ��
wheel. By this plan no lead and eilve.
quotations can be generally known till
ibe associated press report is published
in the papers, which wfll be annoying.
Whatever the outcome, this step is s
little gain and the agitation for the right
t-hould be continued.
laaparla a-ad anrparte,
Ottawa, Dec 29.���The aggregate foreign
trade of Canada for the five months of
the current fiscal year, ending November
30 last, shows the enormous increase of
$23,000,000. The exports were increased
by $15,000 and the imports by $5,000,-
000. The exports of agricultural products have doubled in five months.
There am only three months returns
received from \ ancouver���thst is, to the
end of September last. They show an
increase in value of $185,000, and in duty
of $29,1100. 	
Tbe bayonet contest for the champion*
ship of Canada, was fought in Massey
Hall, Toronto, on Tuesday night, and
was a very keenly-contested fight.
The contestants were Sergt -Major
Morgan, America's champion for the
laat five years, and Private Stewart, of
the 48th Highlanders, the winner of the
contest hefd last June at the Jubilee
Military Tournament, at Islington,
England. Mr. Stewart won the championship by ten points to seven.
Lord Aberdeen has given the Canadian artist, J. \V. L. Forster, a sitting
for his historical picture of the intercolonial conference held at Ottawa in
Call at the
Hotel Ivanhoc.
sam tonus a
���-M*n_f*t_n*T!�� of i
Syphons, Ginger Ale,
Soreaparilla. Etc., Etc
SetncJon, B.O.
Patronize home industry
when vou want the best
At this season of the year, one naturally desires
a change in the ordinary line of Table Goods, and
those who appreciate Nice Goods and Dainties, will
be more than pleased by calling at H. GEIGERICH
where, in addition to the mammoth stock of regular
standard goods, will be seen the following line of
FANCY EDIBLES���the finest and largest variety
ever seen in Sandon, and proving to the rest of the
world that the people of this town must have the best
of everything regardless of expense:
Nelson, Dec. SI.���Theore vhipmente
air JKOi with aa follow*, but do not include thia week, as the return* are not
yet in; From Slocan via Kaab��, S6.0HS
tons; Slocsn via Nakusp, 6.HM.S; Ross-
Isnd via Northport, VoAHb, Ions; Rossland via Nelson, 62 tona; Ainsworth via
Kelson, 119��* tona.  Total. 411,7101. tons.
The value of the ore shipped through
the Nelson cuatoms houae, including all
except Nakuap, $8,14��.326.y7. The value
oi the TNakuspshipmeuta waa $64.1,484.(12.
Total value, $8,092,810.90. The average
value of ore was $74.28 per ton. This
does not include ahout half a million
dollars worth of ore that went via Revel-
stoke over the C. 1*. K., the returns for
which are not made to Nelson. The
ahipments of matte consisted of 8,888
ions, of a total value of $4,416,792.07.
making a total value ore and matte ship
|mmI of $8,186,��90.
The following is a recapitulation by
mmths: Januarv, 4648 tons, $076,600;
Februarv, 6201 tons, $502.1168; March,
6822 tons,  $877,MM;   April, 8704 tona.
Our "rrageeaalvu"  ��a*
Banian Cavlan*
Haiaboiy Eal la Jelly
Anchor)- Paate
Shrimp Paaa*
California  Atmngrn-extra Boo���-don't
Salad Orwatintr
UaaaaU Chutney
Plueepple Ckotn
Edam Cbomm
Uotbenrer Gheeae
Frontage de Roquefort Chetm
Create de Brtc Gheeae
MacLaran * Imi-arUI Cham (aU ate*)
French Prepared Martard
Purec de Fuiea Cra*
Fated* FUes GmeTratfe
Ported Meats of all kind.
Clan Chowder
Fancy Blue Point Oysters
Franco-A nit*rie_n Hotifu
Clani Bouillon
SpanWi OM-rea���vary Sne
Plum PuddiiiK��� punch sauce
Fancy CIui-Sit Rstsiu*
Fancy Turkish Fig*--is. buxca
Wakints nnd Almond*
Fancy PsPkle��--a apaelal line
Mmngoma, Walnuts, Fiff* and Gherkins.
Aad many othSr ulcv thln/ra to triad-
den the heart.
An evidence of the wsy in which the
Province has been robbed by the Turner
Government and the public estate
thrown away is afforded in the fact that
in the deal between the Gooderhams
and Heinae, the railroad and smelter
man, it was proposed that Heinae should
receive $3,000,000 solely for the franchise
which the Province, through the Tamer
Government, bad made him a present
of. No more scandalous instance is
needed to show how untitled are tlie
present Government to be longer entrusted with the reins of power.���Golden
Tha   Amaaat af Money   lu tha Volt-ad
The exact amount of money in the
United States is $1,080,450,162.   Of that
amount there is in circulation $1,700,782,-
(004 and in the  treasury  $282,728,248.
H. GIEGERICH, sandon.
Robert Macpo-xald
Nkil MACnOMAlJ).
MACDONA Mi   BROS., Proprietor*.
Rates $1.50 to #2.110 per day.	
Headquarters fbr Mining Speculators and Capitalists.
Reco Ave., - - Sandon, B.C If
�� !
���f '
*   ���:
The following ia a complete list of tbe
mining transactions recorded during the
week in the several mining divisions of
the Slocan. Those of Mew Denve ��� were
as follows:���
Dae SS-Bob Fi_*tlonal,Carpcii***r .London Hill
Mining Co.
Dnc as-Mauu- Fractional, Cody creek, James
Dae So-Early Bird.
Jan 3-Burlington NoS.
cnnricA-nt or nthtovmsNiv.
DKSS-Powerof Attorney, WLPrloa so AM
AMU Be-Mdunto Wm McKinnon, alt taAarnt
of W L Price Io all mineral claims situated ia
the West Kootaaay district, Dec 9, SI jOQO.
Dae Sft-Apis }, Kate TarrUI to Susan S Othson,
fountain 1/ft, Ira W Black to Mrs. Jeank
Kaaiip, Aug SB.
Jaa S-GaUfbmla |_CUia-j-r |. O J Marino to
Patrick Burns and W J Wilson, ���^reemeut to
sail, Dec at tlAfiuo.
Jas 4-Uka View Fraction |, .as M M Beoe-
doin to J* Wm Kyte, Jan 5.
D-cSS-Gokknt Wedge aud Highland., Henry
Smith to Wm Breach.
Dae St-Two Friei ds J. WE Boh to Edward
Dae IS-Florence Wand Ontario J. D McKinnon to C N McMIUioa
Dae ��-Cedar.t Ed Brown toDMowat
The residents of Ottawa have subscribed $800 to Mr. Blake's latest Home
Rule fund,
The trial of Tom Nulty, the Rawdon
murderer, has been postponed until
January 10th.
The Dominion Parliament will meet
fbr the despatch of business on Thursday, Feb. ard.
The relief fund for the benefit of the
sufferers by the Russel County fire, has
almost reached $81,000.
Mrs. Wm. Peters, of Windsor, while
attempting to light the fire wit kerosene
oil, wss burned to death.
It is reported that the Molsou's Bank,
Montreal, is about to open a branch
offiee at Vancouver, B. C.
The Hon. Chas. Fitznatrick, Solicitor-
General for Canada, has been elected
batonier general of the Quebec bar.
Stewart T. Martin, the collector of
customs at Windsor, died at his home
in that town on Dec. 14th, of pneumonia.
Is is rumored that Judge Jette will
be appointed Lt.-Gov. of Quebec province, to succeed Sir Adolnhe Chapleau.
St. Thomas has organised a company
to go prospecting in the Yukon gold
district.   Una party will leave in March
t and a second in Msy.
Arrangements have been completed
for an Interchange of parcels by post
between Canada and Bermuda, commencing on Jan. 1st, 1808.
R. Gentle, a well-known member of
the Montreal Corn Exchange, left home
a few days ago and nn trace of his
whereabouts can be found.
The City and District (Savings Bank
of Montreal, distributed, as s Christinas
offering, 10,500 among the varum*
charitable institutions of that city.
John A. McKenna, of the customs department at Hamilton, had a second
paralytic stroke on Saturday last, from
which he died on Tuesday morning.
The Key. M. Fawcett, who for almost
sixty yeajrs. was an active minister in
the Methodist church, died at Guelph
on Saturday last. The deceased wh*.
iu his 82nd year.
After January 1st the Intercolonia'
Railway,  the Prince  Edward Island
Railway and the leased lines, will be
known as the Canadian Government
Railway system.
A cable from London says that Messrs.
Peterson, Tait A Co., are still hopeful
of securing a fast Atlantic service, but
they are experiencing some difficulty in
procuring the necessary capital.
The Canadian Pacific Railway is
going to have some boats built at To*
aonto, to run up the Stickeen River to
Yukon gold regions They will be
ready for the opening of navigation.
There is considerable talk in Ottawa
that the letter rate ��of three cents
throughout Canada is to be reduced to
two cents. This would meau an annual
loss of some seven hundred thousand
The Toronto General Trusts Com-
panv have had its powers extended and
ts now able to accept the duty of, and
act generallv in, the winding-up of
estates, partnerships, companies and
J. W. Langmuir, of Toronto, the permanent liquidator of the Fanners' Loan
A Savings Company, has a staff of six
men working night and day, examining mortgages, etc., which, owing to
bad book-keeping, will require considerable time. It is not known whether
all foreign shareholders aod debenture
holders nave proxies in Toronto.
Sir Camelius Kartright, K CM G .
died on the 28rd of Dec., at his home in
Barrie, Ont. The deceased who was
eighty years old, was at one time Governor of British Guiana, and also filled
other positions inthe British diplomatic
service. After retiring, he settled in
Barrie, some twelve years ago. He
leaves five sons and two daughters.
Mr. Bath Britten Osier. Q C, the
noted Canadian criminal lawver, waa
married on Dec. 18th, at Hamilton, to
Miss Lilian Ramsay ,tbe eldest daughter
of Mr. A G. Ramsay, President of the
Canadian Life Assurance Company
Tbe marriage ceremony was performed
by Bishop Du Moulin ih the presence of
only the near relatives of both families.
Eugene V. Debs, the great social reformer, spoke to large audiences of men
and women, who had aasembled in the
Auditorium. Toronto, tn Sunday after
n ton to hear him. Among manv ether
things he spoke of the sweating system
and the condition of the coal mines,
and aaid, "While these things exit* no
nation can claim to be civilised. What
is needed is education." His advice to
the workingmen, was, in a word, to
educate themselves and improve their
Abbot Bros., Montreal, will establish
a large rolling mill at Kingston, in accordance with tbat city's terms. Thev
will expend $260,000 for buildings, etc',
and wiil receive from the citv a bonus
of $50tOuo, �� free site and exemption
from taxes for ten years.
The Dominion Government as owners
of La Canadienne, in companv with thc
charters of that vessel, are about to
bring an action agalnat tbe United
States Government, to recover $10,000
for damages sustained in the recent
collision with the (J. S. warship Yantic.
The Gsowski cuphas been once again
carried off by the Thirteenth Battalion
of Hamilton. This is the fourth time in
succession that the 18th has come off
victorious. The Queens Own took
second place, and the 48th Highlanders
the third.
The body of Charles Gamon, one of
the young men supposed to have been
urand drowued in the Colllngwood bar-
bor last week, has not been found snd
hopes are entertained that he is somewhere in the neighborhood, in blissful
ignorance of the anxiety his disappearance Is causing
2?,e ?, thLe l*u* romors in circles
political Is that-J. Israel Tarte, is about
to,r6.tl5er,,ronLthe Cabinet and heap-
minted Canadian Envoy Extraordinary
io franco, to make all the n-k-assar**
arrangements for a brilliant and credit
able exhibition from the Dominion of
Canada at the Universal Exposition at
Paris in 1900.
Patrick Leahy, of Ottawa, and five of
bis children were burued to death one
night this week. Mr. Leahy was in the
habit of wanderiug through tbe house
at night, and it is supposed he dropped
the lamp, which quickly set fire to tbe
house, and before assistance came all
the members of the family were beyond
reacue, with the exception of Sirs.
Leahv and one little boy, aged five,
whom she coutrived to save.
Thomas Cariyle's voungest sister,
Mrs. Janet Carlyle Manning, died at
the home of her daughter, Mr*. W. J.
Laing, of Toronto, this week. The
decease.! lad v. was in ber 8f4h year,
and was the last surviving member of
the jrreat Thomas Cariyle's family.
Mrs Manning diwl. ss several other
memlHTs of her celebrated family died,
mind aud body failing together Hrr
bodv was taken to.Hamilton and iuter-
mi "in Ihe Burlington cemetery, beside
her husband.
Paic Hairy
Start from VANCOlVKR
1.   VANCOUVER ia the bestouiHt
ting pint on the Omm; gi*A*>
considerably cheaper than in tlw
United State*.
t.   VAMiM ��� VKR is the near*.t,'|M��H at ���*������-"
ars to civ* Yakon tHstrlrt.
S.   VAM ill VKR i. th. tarmiKas of Um>(' I"
Railway, vims* *is*iiH*r�� -III atari fr*>nt
VsnroH.sr this *prlng
4. All  north Unm-I   .|>a�����r. mil si    V *��\
5. Ihrwi .tmmrr* to Yakon port, hate do*
. >   romm#nr��.u��ran fwmi VASf*< *V VW.B
A   V\SVOl VKR  im l_* onlf Vwomdiao i-ri
i   when \m***t>g*r. transfer ditttrt ttnm Unit
1.   KI/iXIHKRiain CSanrla    OntfttinV-|V
Olit;V��R ���_<* sava So par taut   Vm**��o.
W. OOtlfltKY,
Prvaicfent Boar-.! ofTtmd* Vaat-aavar. R C
Route to St. Paul, Chicago*.
Detroit. Tomook\ Montreal,
Now York, Boston, Phila
delphta.  and all Eastern
Unexcelled Sleeping Cam
on all trains. Tourist Car*
to Ht. Pkal daily, Boston
every Tboraday; Tbronto
everv Monday mm Hevei
Steamer leaves Hakusp
daily exoe-pt Monday, mak
lug dost* connection a* Revel-
stoke with trains forall points
Wwn*Vm% iafHi    " w*W*��
Hefore von travel get fnfmnsti-n
from C.P.K. agent* as lot inn* and
rates, It will save yon money Ap
ply to nearest railway agent ur to
A.C. MeARTIU'K. Agent. St.nd.rn
IWst.  Psanengar Agent,  Vancouver
���**"*�����������<��� **
la the PifMiCrr   House of the Cit*.
r. ctxnixi;.
. mmmmmimpmmtm
VOTIIt I* Ml SK IIV itfVRTS Umi  I ���<**    <
'.*   b* tt*a*ta*Om* Up* aay *kdm �����**��'***
**m**t*rtkm wttk tm Vtmonttt ll"-*   ****�����'
VMASB  UJ��'A*I��*
Mjom l**w*n. UC %*** 9*. AMI
Mining & Milling Co.
Rand & Wallbridgc,
Mining snd Stork Itmkeix
Sole  Agent* for Sale of Treasury 8tock,
locan Hotel
Newly opened in New Denver, i* one
of comfort, huury and em*. The
rooms are elegantly tarnished, the
building hard-flniahed, the dining-
room warm, light and tustefully decorated, ami tho tables htden with all
the viands fit to eat. It isn't neces-
to talk about Henry Stege's bar. It
is too well known.
taUt* a Good Field for the
Employment of Capita!.
refining ofthe matte and boi-
the manufacture of a part
of thc lead products into ar-
of commerce, opens a Hold for
rise Which Is worth consider*
bf smelter men and manufae-
With the construction of the
r�� Nest railway, coal can be
(own at Kootenay lake or the
ibia river  paints almost as
as at any other point in Can-
Labor wonld be higher than
rn Canada, bat as an oflfot
the freight rath on the menu
article would be bnt little
lan on the lead pigs.   By the
i of Canada there was hut
factory tn thc Dominion,
Montreal, and op to the pros-
has exported no menu-
of lead, while she Imported
051,360.  The doty on lead
or sheets is 25 percent, on
ipe, shot and lead millets 85
it, and on other manufactures
90 per cent.   Tbe American
is 1. cents per pound, so tiiat
ijmfnetares of lead imported
la, most of ft coming from
Initod States, It was made from
kept at a price which this
[enables to be uphold.   It is not
probable tiiat a Kootenay fac-
ild get all the trade of Can-
it a small portion would, still
lice turnover.   Eveh the busi-
Britistt Columbia would give
>yinunt to a good staff of men,
[IdJ* British Columbia exported
worth of lead.   On this the
States duty was paid, and
it no doubt exported to China
Japan, which is a good market
{its mineral, one that could poa-
be reached from British Col-
was present, giving a black color
with amonlum sulphide. This Water
would im totally unfit to drink.
A correspondent of the Toronto
Globe, wbo was in. Kort Steele, affirms that the contractor has fulfilled his engagements with the hired
men In eastern Canada, and gave
them as good board and lodging ae
thc circumstances would permit.
This correspondent says there is
practically no dissatisfaction among
the mem. It Is expected tbat tbe
Crow's Nest coal mines will be developed far enough to ship coal as
soon as thc rails are laid to them.
Rossland after January 1st will be
a terminal point 90 for as transcontinental freight rates are concerned,
and will get tiie same rate as Nelson
and Trail, Northport and other Col*
umbia river points. Heretofore local rates running from 14 to 27 cents
per 100 pounds, almost as much as
through rates, has been charged
from Trail and Northport.
Emporium of Fashions
Slave leoetved a ooe*jrignmoat ot tho
rau. ��w
La-tic*' *-urnishinas. Win* Silk Hoeierr, Va
das-wear, aad everything la the line af Pency
Millinery exeoated (a Um flaaat etylee at tha
Q ARBOB LOOCS Re. SS, aotW.  Mcoteevciy
O   W*tdne*day evening at S o'clock la Caaw
*r-vmmmm-,wnw   mm**    waw   vaa���������a���a��mmmmt   mmw*m*mm*AW*mmmj   ���������s *
City Thauhegloing Menu.
Consume 8ky Terrier.
Deviled Dcg Ber.
Sea Moss, Lard Oil Dressing.
Salted Codfish.
Sea Gull, Egg Sauce.
[Gull, Stuffed with Minced Dog
Reindeer.    Pried Sea Biscuit.
Prime Ribs Mongrel Pup.
Cow Kidneys, Cream Sauoe.
Peach Dumpling.
8ea Lion, a la Skagua.
Prunes.    Chipped Dog Meat.
All meals In advance, 185.
irons must leave their dust and
ing irons with the clerk.
>le are accustomed to melt
lu these latitudes and drink
rater, under the impression tha*
{pure and wholsome. The prov-
purity of snow has no doubt*
ling to do with this Illusion,
recent chemical analysis goes
iw that we have all along been
Ing under a mistake.  The an-
gives.* Total solids, 24 grains
tllon; chlorine, trace: freeamo-
.016 part per million.   Iron also
J. D. Wells, of Victoria, B. C. reports that himself and his partners.
Messrs. May and Lyon, have struck
plscer ground worth $1 to 11.21 to
the pan on Tom creek, a tributary
the Omonica branch of tbe Upper
Peace river. They also found some
very rich quarts locations and asbestos deposits.	
Parties going to Three Porks on
sleigh rides are requested to be less
hilarious while passing the gaol.
The other evening a man with the
d. t. who was stopping there thought
that his time was come when a party
went by.
"Your daughter has a beautiful
touch fbr the plana, Mrs. Mulligan,"
observed tho visitor,* with an admir*
ing glance at the eldest Mlm Mulligan, who was pounding away at a
tuneless instrument like the piston
rod of a six horse power gas engine.
"It shows your good sinse that you
can understand that same," said the
proud mother. "There is some ill*
natured people as sex tbat she can't
play. Why, she can kape on' like
that for hours together! Can't play,
Indade!" "She's moighty fond of
mooslc, by the same token." "Av
coorse! And it's only natural she
should be. It's inherited. Didn't
her grandfather have his head split
open wid a cornet at a temperance
The silver articles appearing in
The Ledge of late are a little bit
heavy, but give evidence of the right
spirit on the part of the writer.
Fob SAUL���The furniture of a
four-room house, -complete for housekeeping, or will sell by the piece.
Inquire at Johnston st Haines Hardware store.
For Rent.-Cottage 00 8unnyside.
Furnished or untarnished. Apply
to B. 8. Wilton, Qrimmett't store.
Dmea-malrlag a apeelalty aad a.
Wa era boaad ta lead la mtyln, aad att
entreated to pa wUl neaiva oar cpeeial attention.
Opposite Bryan Hotua, Baea Av*., Sandon
Attention, ffi"f
L ave Saadea for -all Ce-aat and
Sound points dally a* 7:45
Ar. Vaacaaver 13:00 aext stay
.   Seattle       17:95        "
Xelsoa       22:30 same day
Trail 22:00        "
Taka Erotica that I, WiUtaia A.Baae*. acting aa agent tntnomthntfm cert-Seate Ko. I.
intend, tioty don tton tho data bereof, te
apply to tho mining raaoedar for n eartMcato
of lmfrovcaaeatf, far the pnrpoae mt obtaining
Aadfarthertaka notice that)
aaetiop Sf, moat ha coaamanood
saaaoa of sach aarUSaasa of'
Dated this SSCh dar of N
Ftrat publication
ith dar of November. 1SW.
Ltioa, Nov. Sf, ISST.
CeelHIeaSe ����� 11
Sitaate la tha Slocan Mining division of Waa*
Immediate connection aaada at jnnetion
point*, no delay, qeick eervioe, saparb eqaip-
���naat, ara tow of tha away advantages offered
by this lino.
I'n<te**gronad Sarveya.
Sarfaoe aad Aoiiai
f. w. smites,
Gioil and Mining Engineer,
Provincial Land Sarrayor.
Mineral Ctalaia Sarveyed aad Baportad Upon
la tha Swpraase Oeart ef British
Tha Honoarabla Mr. Jaatioo MeOall haabv
aa enter dated tha llth day of Iftjeember, AJ).
Ml, appointed George Kydd, af Sandon.
British Tfclambia, eeeoeataat, *o boOAeial
Liquidator af tha aba va named company
Datad thUSOth day of Deoember. ISSL
"~"      ")        A. K
CftW���to sf issnrsvomsato.
mm ia thaSUaaa MlnUa Uvlatoa ofWeet
aataaajra-banat. Where looatad: OnNo-
iPlva Maaaaala. _
a notiee that I, Arthur B. Farwell, egeal
Taka n fl, Arthur 8. FkrweUv	
tn Bdwh. H. Tamltneoo. fraa miaer��a certificate No. e,��4U, and WUbur A. Hendrvx, fraa
minor/a ooriiiaeto No. S.SBS-, Intanl. aiaty
dayalkoaritha data haraof, to apply to thamin-
{ap raaaadar for oortlSoataa of improtantanta.
arthaparpoaa of obtalainc orowa crania of
tha abova elalaaa.
Aad farthar take aotlaa that action nndar
aaatlaa �� aaaaS ba oomataaoad baton ths
aaoe of saoh coriiSoata or Improvaataata.
Datad thia Uth day of No-^nbar.lSvT.
Data af trat pabUaattoa, Nov. is, UN.
Kootenay district. .    .
Oaaon crook, A tribal-wy ot Q-rihaa eiaak.
Tbka notice thnt I, WflUaaa A.Baaor.aat-
injr aa aaant for tha Coltunbta A Cariboo Oold
MtBiaa Conapapy, fraa aainar*a oartiScata No.
m *        j_   mmmmmthmtA      \mtmmmmmW0lttMf
_   .    (Of ob-
n grant of Ska above olaiaa.
AndTnrtbar taka aotioa that action, nndar
-action tt, meat be- eomaaanoad befara the hy
saanc�� of such oartiScata of improTaianta.
Dated this SMh dny of N'ovembor, ISW.
Certifleate af Improvements.
Sitaata in the Slocan Minin* Dividoa of Waat
Kootenay District.   Whara leeate-i:   Two
miles np South fork of Carpenter creek from
Take notiee tbat I, William A. Bauer. a*ent
for Dominion Mines, limited, free ���liner's oer-
tiScate No. SJSU, intend, sixty days, from
the date bereor, to apply to tha (MrjOammia-
sionm* for a cerHSnalaof improvementa, far
the pnrpoae of obteininp a orown grant of the
above claims.
And farther take net tea, that action aader
rotion 37 meat he oommeneed before the iaa��>
aaoe ef each certiSoete of improvementa.
Dated thia Stth day of November, WI.
Certifleate ef Improve
Sitaata in the AinswoKh Minin* Division of
Weat Koataaay Diatrict.   Whara looatad:
la WhitearaterBaaia.
���Bake aotioa that L WOUam A. Baaer, actio*
aa aaant for John Mac-Qaillnn, feee miner*a
oartiieate No. SS.1MA, intend, alxty days from
erforaeerttSeate of tmprovaawata, for the
pnrpoae of obtaining a erowa grant of the
above claiaaa.
And farther take notice that action a
aection tt meat he commenced before the
ance of eaeh oartiieate of improvemaaita.
Dated thia sath day of November, ISST.
Notice ia hereby given that appHnotioa wm
be made te the Legislative Assembly of tha
Province of British Colombia at ita neat see-
aion for an Aot to incorporate tha Boaatain
Tramway aad Eleetrio Company, with power
to construct, aeqaire aad operate ropewaya
aad tramaraya far trnnaportatioa ef freight
from pointa en er near the NekaapA8W
Railway aad branehea thereof te aUn
mineral ^^*-rif In ths MoOnigaa Camp and
Whitewater Basin and elsewhere in the die-
triat throagh which aaid railway and branohaa
paaa or wUl paaa, and from pointa on the Colombia B Kootenay Railway, Oowa Neat line,
arte he eonatmctod, and branohaa
ta Uw mining dUtriote of Went aad
Beat Kootenay, te mlnea and* mineral elaima
Ot the dlatrieta throagh which aaid railwaye
aad branehea raapectively paaa or will paaa;
aad ia eoaatrnct, aoqaire aad operate worka
aad plant to generate aad aapply heat, light
SaaVaa*,i n*n*m*m**m* *tm 4S*t0w*AAW   OVB **0^mn**w nr9w****w    *mmtw0mmym*A**m%0    mmtmnwA     *0tmm\**a**^
where ia tha Province, and te diapoae of aoeh
heat, light aad electrloity; aad to aoqnirs
aad helld all kinds of raal and peraonal property, toaetber with the power to expropriate
lands aad all other powora and privilegea that
may be aeoaaaary, ineidentai er advantage aaa
to tho fall eaaroiae of the powera heraiabefere
Dated thia 14th day of Dwembar, UW.
Bolioitofa for Applioaata. 8
The -following is the text of the proclamation of incorporation, printed
in the British Columbia Gasette of Defcember 30th. The land included
within the incorporation limits are the London and Bine Jay mineral
claims and the surveyed lots below and above the mineral claims, up and
down CsrpeUter creek. The north line of the Loudon runs s few feet
back of the row of bouses on Suunjrside, out to a point on thc hill above
the K. tl S. station. From there tbo^iine runs along the hiil easterly
2000 feet, following tho meandering* Of the creek, thenoe south fttft feet,
thence west to the northeast Comer nf Blue Jay claim. The mineral
claims include all the residents -.row-id the saw mill and BtuMb hillside
The lots west start from a point on a line with thc ehvtrK light station a
little south of the 9* P. R., and extends wt*stm*0 feet and north BOO feet.
. T^e.council shall consist of six aldermen and a mayor, and the whole
number present at each meeting shall not be less than four.
The nomination shall take place, and the poll (If any) shall be held at
the sch-oolhouse, Sandon.
The nomination fbr the first election of a msvor and aldermen shall be
on the 15th day of January, A. D. 1��M, at 12 o'clock uoon, and the polling
(ifany) shall be on the 22nd dav of January, A. D. 1**8, and shall continue for one day onlv, and thc boll shall be kept open between the hours
of 10 a. ni. and 4 p. m., and Evelyn Montague Handilauds, Esquire, of
-tendon aforesaid, shall be thc returning officer thereat.
. The persons qualified to be nominated for and elected mayor of Elicit
city at the first election shall be such persons as arc mah- British sul.ject*
of Uie lull age of twenty-one years, and are not disqualified under any
law, and
: (a.) Have'-been   for  the three months next iirmx-dliijr the day of
nomination., the registered owners  in the land registry office of
Jand or real property in the city of the value of one  thou-��and
dollars over aim-above any 'registered incumbrance, and are
otherwise qualified to vote at such election ; or
(b.) Wbo have been for such throe months the sole tenant** in possession  of land or  real  property  in  thc city ofthe value ot* iw>
thousand dollars under lease In writing for not less tha n one year,
and arc otherwise qualiiicd to vote at such election.
The persons qualified to be nominated for and elected as aldermen of
such city at the first election shall be such persm-* a> are male Nriti��.��
subjects of the full age of twenty -one years, and jut not disqualified under
any law, and
(a.) Have been foe the three months next prcccediiig the day ai
nomination the registered owner.** in tin- bind regi<try oftiei* ��*f
land or  real, property   in  thc city of tin- value of live hnujircd
dollars over  and above any registered itM-umlinince-s, ami  another wise qualified to votc.at.such election -, is*
(b.)* Who have lieen fcr such three mouth* the m*V tenants in pr******-.
ion of land or   real, properly in  the city "1   11. * - value ,.f ��� w*
, thousand dollars' under lease in .vriting for u ��t less than one year,
anj are otherwise qualified to vote St such c h-ctUi.
The persons qualilied to vote for mayor and alderiu*n at suek-ttrst
election shall be all such persons who are male British subjects of tiie lull
age of twenty-one years, and have resided Within the limit, or the city ror
tbe three months next preceding  thc date of such election, and who shall.
before the day of such election, have applied to the returning officer ami
have had their names placed ou tin* IIm of elector* for snub election.
It shall be the duty of the returning officer to inter in a book, in
alphabetical order, thc names, nddr<**��cs aud occupations of all *uch
persons, qualified as af<-rut-aid, who make application t ��� him, as afurc-aid.
to have their names placed on such list, antl such- liat iJiall be tin* lint of
electors for such elections.
Before the name of any   person shall  be placed   on thc list he shall
make and sign a declaration in writing, before some -.-ereou authorised to
administer osths, setting forth his name, address, la-cupatioii aud quail
ftcatkms as aforesaid, wliich declaration shall Is: iiled with the returning
Such list and declarations shall be own to imqwctioti by anv person
within lawful hours. '        r
Any person may complain that his name ia improperly omitted from
the voter s list, or that any other name in iraprn|a*rly inserted thereon
and may apply ui any judge of the supreme or county court to bsve his
namei inserted thereon, or to have any names iinprojierfy instated thereon
struck off the said list. In such latter case reaaonablc notice, to be
determined by the Judge applied to, Khali lie given to the person whose
tasme is proposiai to be atruck off. Ilie Judge shall hear and dispose of all
such Applications in a summary way, and the returning officer shall
emend the list in accordance with the Judge's decision.
holding of the poll (If any)* shall Is* given bv the said returning oMcer;
such notice to to* posted during that period iu the maun** provided bv
section SOof the ������ Municipal Elections Act, m\." p >}
The returning officer shall, on the day of mmduatlbn/, at 2 o'clock
P' 5__i?5n?'lc?  thm\ naim* of I"*** l����*  i�� nomination in bcball a*
SuBi-StX*-^'"'" fm^.*r****i ������>��� *���
*�� AtWj^^thctlnmfornouiliiatliigthc candidates the returnln*
officer shall deliver to every candidate, or agtnt ofa candidate aooivinJ
for the same, S duly certified list of the name* of the several candida-X
irho shall have been nominated ; and any von�� given at the elationTr
any other candidates than those so nominated shall he null aud void
4     If, at the expiratlou of the time appointed for the election as aforesaid
���n> more candidates stand nominated tbnn there are vacsndea tn j* ^
nn the returning ofltetr shall forthwith declare the candidates wh��*juy
stand nominated u> be elected, snd rmurn their names to the n-gkrsri
the supreme court, ' "        mM--       ���
No speeches or interruption to the proceedings oT nominating candi.
date* at the hustings shall be permitted Hy the returning officer Is-tw,-,
the reading ofthe notice of election and the closing ofthe proort-din-*.^
nomination day hy the returning officer.
If at the expiration of such time, more caiwldatos stand riotninu^
than there are vacancies to be filled up. the returning officer shall dttUrt
the names ofthe candidates, and publicly proclaim the dav previa,
stated in his proclamation, and the pleUB or places at which tltr j--.il ��tis|
be so opened in the municipality, fbr the purpose of taking the von,^
the electors according to law ��� and shall then adjourn the ekctiua t*\
shall take a poll by hall**, and shall cause to be pound up notice* uf Um
having grantetl such poll. Indicating the names, i-estdcnrn, ,t��j
ircui-ation-. of the candidate* so nominated, in the order in which tlry
shall he printed on thc ballot nepers, whieh notices shall, o, ,,,*,*,,
possiblealttr the nonilnatkm. he placarded in all the places whew tie-
proclamation for thc election wa�� watted ap.
In the case of a p >ll Ulng  held   thc  candidates (duly qualified) vh
shall obtain tin* greatest number of votes shall lis municipal a'dermcr, ts.
mavor n-apeetivelv.
Everv person quallffed to v�� tc shall have seven votes, being .or !�����
each alderman t�� be elected, antl one for the mayor, but he may rotsf**
any lesa number than seven: l*n��vided always, that be shall ua u*t
more than one vote* In favor of one candidate*, or vote on mor�� il-anon*
uccaskm. And in the event of tb��? nnmbrr of votee# l-rtng found to h����r
Urn equal for any two or utorv candldatia, one or more of whom tan m
sll such caudidak'*s laing by the suto tif the p>ll entitled to be <l,rJaml
elected, the returning "ffli-er ****U bv ��m**��H? **** * ******** t,M�� om
mav be, decide which of the candidates l-Or whom Uie vote��a mav to- <qa_j
shall l�� elected: Frovkleti lhat the sail returning officer *hall m
*dt- except in ca.��eof an equaltv of vutra as Bfoiesnki
Alt expenses attendant upon the said election shall be Ustx- by the
candidate* in ��quni pr��>|tortiott$ such expenses ���ball not exewrd mux
whole one hundred dollam.
Kverv pet-tern who shall have nresente*! himself for nominati-n, aid
who shall have la-en elected a muuicipnl alderman or mayor, most �� V<
for the te-nn f ��r which he has been el��t*te*ti, unit** in the ease of skkma*,
or in default pav a sum of tirtv dollars urn onto tin* mualeip*l revrnse;
*��ieh sum, with ciwt-. shall la* recoverable by the clerk **f the munk pai n.
-ummarily. Iiefure anv justice of tlie peacw
Thc first meeting oi the r..unciI shall i*v mdd ����n thc Hr*�� *��\mU\
lifter the day of'election, at Ihe sHna.l to A at-, ttt If now
At the ffrst oieetiuir. **r ��9 soisi tin matter aa ptaaitde, tlie c��*���� si ntay
elect a ck'i'k, treasurer. c��dhctor. and a*w***-snr, and such tifhcirn aaUay
inav deem i��-e��*-**tr'.. wh.�� aleiH hold smh ��*im**- during the.piva-aun- A U*
council, nml recefve ntkth remoneraii as a* the council may b\ hy ht��
The sliipnient. of or> fr.-m x��u.l>*n
from Aug it **i I. I ���*.��*. to ,1a n u,i ry *.
KK incln**ive, were a. (ojlow*-*
Slocan Stnr,
:     2..V*S��
:    S,fi8fc
i   7.i*��H
Idaho Min.*,
:       ISA
Noble Vive,
:       .-.It*?
He* O.
Aieerlcan lt����v.
Sha-aii lto\.
:         12
:          13
Kretidk |j��*
:         10
Mt. Adam*.
:         lft
l-ast Chance.
:       V.|
(���ananinu lir.Mip.
Hovi reign,
Trade mdlar.
Queen Ite*..*.
:          *.H
11'��. to�� j urns
Ore shipments for tin* week iVian
Deccmlier 81 to January It, Ineln
sive, were ss follow*- Pavm* Xo)
rtuth 140. HecojO, |^at I'hame **%%
Ufyslenonjfh 'Jll. St.ien*i|pi *1, ***o**n
l-k-se lft ti.Ai*). Shcan star *!��i
tj. I . K.
AndlHher liivi-*nn<ii.**
Kvery Kepn-atentation  f}ttarsn***��i
Ijbm ,* tfcjf* Utat to hoy     w*     -o >**
isr����at aterW ��.* AO TiaM
Queen HeaHrifl Stooef
Box Stooea,
Cooking Stores.
Ranges, Etc.
Silcer Quotations lor thc Week
- ���   ftft ft*H*
Ihurday, Jan.!.. *sK��.m
fiidtty..lan.7. ;rt. | j
Lead raised t.i   a a:. .n tiie ith
snd ha* stayed there strife*.
Monday, Jan. .1.
Tuesday. Jan. I.
Wexlnes-lay, .Jan.
eUMf.   J, A ��*>M. %   f��tr.***S IO*  I        " "tU*       I
Hamilton Byers.


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