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The Paystreak Dec 5, 1896

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SAM AID CODY Urate 5,1896.
A Property That l�� Very Appropriately
Named-   A Remarkable Record-
About one and one-third miles
from Sandon is situated the
Wonderful group of claims composed of the Wonderful, Lookout
aud Columbus. TVs property has
been iu operation but a short
period, active work having been
prosecuted OB it only since June
20th last. Nevertheless in this
time the Wonderful has made a
record for itself as an ore producer
that in nothing short of remarkable.
On this property tbe lead was
s���� deeply covered with wash that
(he waters of Trioutary and
Miller ereeks were brought into
requisition and the earth and
boulder*, the accumulation of
ages, was sluiced ott" and the lead
exposed for a distance of 100 feet.
I Hiring the sluicing operatioiiH the
ore which had broken off from the
ledge was loosened by the action
of the waters and thus the miner*
wan ennbled to secure an immense amount of fine ore without
having recourse to powder and
>teel. It seems remarkable that
galena should be mined by means
of water, but where others failed
in finding the lend on this property on account of the deep wash,
the water did the work and most
effectually, too, an the enormous
gulch woin bv the aetiou of the
stream, will amply testify.
The aetuul amount of ore taken
from the mine, since .June 'ast is
almost 890 tons. A shipment of
some 280 tout was made 10 the
-.inciter whien gave a net return
i��fIIRJitt.OU. A shipment of H4
tons has been made since from
wbieh the returns have uot been
heard as yet, but it is entimated
that the net value will be iu the
neighborhood of 16,600 iu round
figures. Besides this there is a
large amount of ore sacked at the
mine and which is being rawhided
to tbe railroad preparatory to being shippel to the smelter and
the ore house contains about three
carloads of ore, half of which is
already assorted.
At present a force of twenty-
two men obtain employment in
this property, some of whom are
engaged in driving a tunnel on a
vein which crosses the Lookout
and Columbus above the Wonder,
till ground. Very fair progress
U being made on ibis work and
Mime very nice samples of ore
have been obtained from the*e
workings. On the Wonderful,
about 100 feet below the place
where the lead was stripped by
last summer's (during operations,
a tunnel is being run to tap the
vein at a depth iu order to facilitate tbe mining of the  ore.   The
ground is very easily worked, the
cost of tunnelling being about $4
per foot. About 3,000 feet of mi-
derground development has been
done on this property, the greater
part of which is practically useless
as for as demonstrating the value
of the mine is concerned.
At this mine, as is the case with
the most of the Slocan mines, the
comfort of the men is carefully
looked after aud their quaiters is
a model of cleanliness   and  order.
A fine trail connects the mine
with Sandon and consequently the
cost of transportation of the ore
from tbe mine to the railroad is
reduced to a minimum. To a
person who has never seen the two
great factors in mining used in
conjunction, a trip to the Wonderful would well repay the small
efforts he would have to put forth
in order to reach the property.
The Wagon-Road at t eel
Thanks to the energy of Jas.
McDonnell. The road between
New   Denver and  the   F>rks   is
likely to materali/.e this winter.
Already quite a large sum has
been subscribed and before verv
long it is expected that the work
of construction will commence.
Charley Hammond of Sandon has
taken tbe matter iu hand and as
the benefit to Sandon will be great
everything should be done by the
citizens to further the undertaking,
both by liberal subscriptions and
co-operation. Tom Madigau is
looking after the interests of the
proposed road in Three Forks and
it is to the credit of the residents
there, that they are responding
most liberally. Denver an 1 Sil-
verton are both enthusiastically
in favor of tbe proposition and
can be relied on to uphold their
end So that, notwithstanding, the
attitude of our Kip Van Winkl*
government, tbe road that has
been so louu talked of and begged
for, will at last become a reality
Chrlatmae Entertainment
Tbe following are the commit
tees o( ladies and gentlemen who
have been appointed to look after
the arrangements for a Christmas
tree and entertainment tube given
to the children of Sandon.
Mesdames McKinnou, Hayes,
Lloyd aud Miss Crawmrd. ifliss
Giles for Cody.
Misses Gibbon, Krayne, Crawford and Smith.
Messrs. K. A. Athertou, il. L.
Griiumett, Kobt. McDonald and
W. W. Fallows.
Other ladies and gentlemen are
cordially invited to awsist in any
way possible.
One of the Shippere That Hae Helped
to Build Up the Slocan.
Situated on the mountain to the
rear and about 1,000 feet above
the city of Sandon lies the Ruth
mine one of the Slocan's most extensive shippers, a property, the
merits of which, has done its
share towards bringing this section prominently before the investing public. This property,
though staked in '92, was not developed to any great extent until
a year ago last September when
active operations were commenced
which resulted in placing the
property on a good shipping basis
and high up in the ranks of the
ore propucers of this country.
Since active  mining operations
have been commenced an immense
amount of work  has been done.
Some 2.000 feet of tunnelling has
been driven, chiefly  on  the  vein,
from which the great bulk of the
ore  already   shipped    haa   been
taken.    In No I   level,   which  is
in only about 100 feet,   the  veiu
shows  an  average   width of two
ami one-half fe*t of galena or** *n4
carbonates.    No. fc level,  which is
now in a'jout 470 feet,   shows  the
vein to have increased from  two
ami one-half   feet   to   a width of
from six   to   eight feet with  the
character of the ore practically the
same as in No.   I   level   with   the
exception that a  strip of concentrating ore lies between the  veins
of carbonates and galena.    la this
tunnel   there   are    about   seven
chutes from which the ore,  taken
out iu the stoping operationsJ^re
loaded iu'o the cars running iil^te
level beneath.    No. 3 level is on*
of the longest in the country being
in about 900 feet and as it  is iu
ore for almost all the distance, the
immense value aud  magnitude of
the ore chute   can   be   imagined
The vein in  this level  is about
ur feet in width, the ore iu which
of the same character as that
ntained   in   the tunnel   above.
A large quantity of concentrating
ore. which is   here   contained  in
tbe lead, is left untouched, until
such time as a mill can be erected
for its treatment.    Between No. 3
and No. 2 levels tbe ore has been
stuped out for about one-half the
distance with very satisfactory result*.    No.   I   level,   the lowest
tunnel in the property, is in about
340 feet, but they do not expect to
strike the lead short of 500 feet,
and when this   is completed the
mine will he proved to the depth
ol 7 00 feet.
"Tbla fine property, two-thirds of
which, it will be remembered was
sold to Mr. Foster, employes a
force of 53 men, whose material
wants are well attended to, tbe
bunk and mess house beiug one of
u      II
.   fol
the neatest and best equipped
affairs of the kind in the country.
The output from this mine is
about fifteen tons per day of carbonates aud galeua ore, the former
product running 70 ounces
in silver and from 30 to 40 per
cent, lead, the latter running 115
ounces silver and 70 per cent. lead.
A fine wagon road connects the
miue with the railroad where an
ore house has been built. The ore
house is so large that, in case of a
blockade on the railroad, the surplus ore can be stored there, thus
precluding tbe possbility of having
temporarily to close down the
mine on account of the upper ore
house being tilled up.
Awful massacre of Turkey-isb
subjects at the Slocan News Co.
A suow-shed will be built over
tbe K. & S. Railroad at the Lucky
Jim slide.
Two carloads of Groceries arrived ou Weduesday le.st for H.
The work is well under way for
the new hotel to be erected next
to the Star Hotel.     .. ^
B. Wilson has accepted the
position of accountant in the Bank
of B. O. in Sandon.
Get your Xmas cards at the
Post Office Store before the assortment is too much broken.
Refreshments will be served at
the coucert to be held iu Spencer's
hall on the eveuing of Tuesday
G. D. Turner, manager of the
Neepawa mine, passed through
Sandon yesterday on his way to
Let the old folks know your
living by seudiug them a Xmas
card from the assortment at the
Post Office Store.
D. J. McLachlan has just received a consignment of sashes
aud doors which he will dispose of
reasonable rates.
U. Alexander, who arrived recently from Vancouver, aud who iu-
tended to follow the practice of
law in Sindou. hashed to Incite
in New Denver on account of the
impossibility of finding office room
iu town.
Certificate of Improvements*
Pacific Mineral Claim,
(Situate   In the  Blocan Mining  Division oT
Went Kootenay District, on Payne Mountain, North of unci adjoining the Washington.
Take notice that I, A. 8. Farwell. agent for
Frederick Hteele, Free Miner's Certificate No.
tiii,aw, Hint Samuel   B.   Steele, Free Miner's
Certificate No.;78,We, Intend, sixty days from
the daU; hereof to apply to the   Mining Recorder for A certificate of Improvement*, for
the purpose of obtaining a Grown grant of tht
above claim.
And further take notice that action, nndei
section 117, must be commenced before the Issuance of such certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 28th day of November, IHtM.
Dec. Kb, 'HO. A. 8, FaKWBLL.
Mining ln Okeneirao.
' " * ���
It is gratifying to note the steadv
and systeimtic manner In which mining oiteratfons are being pursued in
this district. Two or three years ajro
the Okanagan country was known
only as a section jwssessed of uuriaal-
led agricult.uaal resources. The
mineral wealth of the district was
unsuspected, save by few, and nothing of any consequence liad been
done towards prosi>ecting the hills
adjacent to Vernon. Now all this is
changed. Hundreds ot locations have
been recorded, and there are numerous mineral claims being worked
which promise a rich return to their
owners. This has been done without
the assistance of anything appraaoh-
to a Ijoom.
While strangers from all parts of
the globe have been pouring into
the celebrated Kootenay camps ready
and willing to Invest'their capital,
the residentsof this district have been
quietly spending their own inoi.ev
amd labor in opening up their own
district. Their faith and perseverance promise* to meet the reward it
deserves, and the advent of ��|>rin��
will no doubt set- an influx ot pros
(lectors and capita I jtti to this part of
the province, as alreadv vane of <-ur
U'st .known claims are Mug talked
ot in other mining centres. Thi*
winter there will be at lesst four
companies at work developing mines
in the neighltorhoud of Vernon, and
it is almost certain that several
flourishing coui|�� will he establisded
within a radius of a few miles of that
���Dealer in��������
* ���
��� '������'-
Mines, Real Estate,
Conveyancing |and Abstracts of Mining Claimp,
I? i
The Newmarket
New Denver,
S situated on the banks of the beautiful Slocan Lake, and the guests can
sit upon the balcony and gaze lipn.i the grandest scenery in America
dX    without any extra charge.
Tha Oonsulidet** 8*. Ehn��.mlne to
lo�� king: well. Th* tunnel now being
d> iven along its loie for ��he | urjmse
of opening to better advantage the"
8*. Elmo, which adjoins it on the
west, has aow reached a distance <t
250 teet from the Matting point. It
had previously cut three chutes of
ore, and now it to in a fourth chute,
the whole face being copper ore of a
high g.ade.    All   these   ore chutes
ar.; in the consolidated 8t Elmo
gr und, the houndry line of the 8t
Kin o claim being still 70 feet ahead,
Control (4 the Klsie company, owning the Klsie mine, situate on Wild
Horse creek, Salmon river district,
S nith er,n Kootenay, was acquired to
day by the H. C. Exploration company, which recently floated the
Giant company, The price paid for
the Klsie stock was on a basis ot |75,��
000 tor the property.
It is rumored here that Colonel
Wharton's Ave sixth interest in the
C iff mine, Rowland, is sold to a South
African mining operator who na��
been in Rossland tor several weeks
As however neither of the persons
mentioned are in ltossland at present,
it. cannot lie learned whether or not
the iv|H��rted sale has taken place.
A strike has been made on the Ottawa, which is situate in the south
be 11 of the Tra 11 cree k m i n i ng d i v is-.
i hi. The showing consists ot four
teet of ore. sverlng Hve per cent in
epper. Its gold values have not,
b'cn ascertained.
In a sixteen-t(K)t shatt on the Pilgrim, which adjoins the War Eagle
ou the north and the Montie oh the
east, work has disclosed eighteen
inches of pay ore iu a four foot ledge.
Assays made to-day, from four and
a halt feat of ore in the shatt of the
S liaet mine, went over $60 in gold.
McQueen & Gore have
just opened in the Harris
building with a full line of
Remember the place.
McQueen & gore,  :
Carpenter SHOP
I have opened a Carpenter's
Shop in the rear of
Crawford's Blacksmith Shop
Orders for all kinds of work
in that line promptly attend to.
Goldbugs, Silver Democrats, Canadian*
Capitalist.}, Prospectors, Miners,
Tenderfeet, Ten Mile Millionaires
and Pilgrims of every shade in
Politics, Religion or Wealth are
welcome at this House.
Thfe fire-escape system is excellent
[ The rooms are airy and decorat
I ed with the latest results of tin
.wall paper tartist. The exterio
' of the hotel is painted in color,
that harmonize with the idealist!
- scenery.
The Bar is replete with the most modern, as well as ancient
brands of nerve producers.
The Dining Room is always provided1 Stranger make for the Newmarkc
with food that i9 tasty, digestible
and. satisfying to' the inner
economy of man
^iten you reach the Slocan Me
tropolis and do not forget the
Landlord's name.   It is
HeHRY 8tege,.
..  .."
��� , )i ���']!���,
���������� @-���<&-^��-^m
KOOTENAY Mercantile
tailoring Co.
Dry Goods, Gents' Furnishings an
9 Dress  Making.
��     pities Bought, Sold or Bonde<
O. O. MoRAE,
One of the oldest and best known
hotels iu the City.
fhe ouly Howling Alley in the
Mountains is attached to this
wmwr m
X   M.   WINTER; Prop.
First-Class Aecommodation
For Tourists and
Mining Men-��	
Codv is in the heart of the Slocan. and you must go there if vou woi
see that great country. ^Ti.
Issued simultaneously every Saturday at
Sandon and Cody, in the heart of the Slocan
the greatest white metal camp on earth.
Transient advertising 25 cents a Hne first
insertion, and 10 cents a line for each subse
quent insertion.
Subscription,   three
dollar     a   year   in
Add re
The Paystreak       Jjjo. J. Laxgstaff.
Sandon, B. C. Editor and Mgr
TnE summary manner in  which
our J. P.'s are dealing  with  the
tough characters of the city. can��
not but meet with the hearty support   and   commendation  of   our
citizens.    There is only oue  way
to deal with the question aud that
is by adopting a firm ami stringent
policy of suppression,  to the  element who   gain  a   livelihood   by
catering for the devotees of debauchery and  vice.   There  is no
lower grade of humanity than this,
and if they are allowed  to  live
this    parasitical     existance    the
town of Saudon will become  nothing more nor less than one huge 8ink
of moral filth.    Not only that, but
it will become a  town  iu which
none of the  legitimate  trades can
prosper ou account of  the  risk 01
burglary and despoilatiou which is
,suqp to resujt   if these odds  and
ends of humanity are not  made to
either adopt a cleaner  and   more
honest   mode of living,  or kept
Sandon, the miningand commercial center of the great Slocan, has
an enviable future opening out before it. With its railways, banks
and the rich mines which are
tributary to it we predict that it
will be one of the largest cities in
the Kootenay country as it is
now by long odds the liveliest.
Two much cannot be said of the
rapid strides it has made iu the
'ast two years, springing as it did
iu that short time from one hotel
and a shack to a town in which
t\ery necessary aud luxury enjoyed in the largest cities can be
obtained. As the months roll by,
properties that were heretofore
looked upon as mere prospects are
being converted into shipping
mines and ground stake 1 that
very little was known about hitherto has under development been
added to the list of promising
prospects lacking only the necessary capital to convert them into
The busy season for the Slocan
has arrived. Dozens of mines are
pouring their products into Sandon to be shipped by rail to tbe
smelter.   The sight of pack trains
and  long strings of rawhides   is
a     most      familiar     oue      in
the" town   and   one   has "Ouly  to
watch these   to   gain   an   idea of
what this section of the Slocau's
contribution to the  wealth  of the
country will  be.    It   is   a great
pity that some of our lethargic
legislators,  are  not here  for the
sight of the  prosperity and  progress of the couutry might,   warn
them that their system of studied
neglect to the best interests of the
Slocan are likely to result in anything  but   good   to  their official
ex ista nee.        	
Factors That Will Add Greatly to the
Siocan's Future Prosperity.      t
The establishment of two chartered banks in our midst is of
such immense importance, not
only to Sandon but to the Si oca u
country as a whole, that a few remarks concerning them and the
iuterests they affect will not be
amiss. Heretofore mining men
and merchants had to transact all
their banking business in Nelson,
and a lot of extra expense was
thus entailed, besides, the vicissitudes of traveling in the winter,
which are always so much greater
in a mountain country than elsr-
where, made the journey to Nelson
very irksome and oue that though
imperative was, vxtrejneljL ^distasteful.
That the absence of, banks in
the Slocan acted adversely to its
heft interests will be readily admitted byaM. For when an investor
comes in to purchase mining properties, it does not add to (he
country's inducements to have its
banking center ninety miles away.
All these extra expanses havi-
their weight with tbe shrewd
business man, and no matter how
rich th* country may be, the absence of facilities for transacting
business on a speedy and eeono
mica! basis has its influence in re
tarding the development of the
It is therefore with pleasure
that we refer to the establishment
of the Hank of B N. A. iu Sandon.
This institution is the oldest bank
in British Columbia having been
established in Victoria iu 185s
During the gold excitement iu
Cariboo it had a branch located iu
Barkerville aud through all th -
intervening years it has bee��
closely identified with the business
interests of British Columbia and
stands today a monument to the
growth and prosperity of our
Province. The directors of this
concern are men of extended influence and financial standing and
are well known in the best business circles of London, where the
head office is situated. Mr. H.
Stikeman. the gern'ial manager, at
Montreal, is well known in New
York, where, for some time, he
was first agent.
With a paid up capital of
94,860,600 and a reserve fund
of    If ��88,88$      no    doubt    can
'������ -  '���'. .  .'..	
be entertained as to their solidity.
"This institution was the first to
open up in Rossland, where it is
iu close touch with the mining interests of that community, ami
here like there, they are prepared
to give every facility to mining
and other interests, aud we have
uo doubt that acting manager Mr.
Marquis, who has had considerable experience in the (Cast. Maua-
toba aud British Columbia, will
become very popular with tiie
mining men ami merchants whose
business interests will bring them
in touch with him.
The Bank of British Columbia,
the first to establish in tbe Sloe in,
is one of the oldfst banks iu the
Province having been incorporated in 18012. Since then it has
held a high position iu the confidence of the public aud as the
pioneer establishment of the Slocan will undoubtedly receive the
patronage due to its push and enterprise. Its capital of #2.!��L'0,0��K)
with a reserve fund of ��436,660
speaks for the stability of the concern; aud the high position occupied by its directors as men of
acute business ability will add
very materially lo its prosperity
as an institution with whim our
mining men and merchants can
transact business on a basis of
stability and ec niomy. The local
manager Mr. Mytton has had a
uuuibei of years eXpefjeiHJy both
in Britisht'olumb1a anil In Hug I and
and as he is a genial and obliging
gentleman will undt.ubte lly be*
come very popular with all who
<nme in contact with him in his
business Capacity.
That the establishment of two
such strong concerns as the Bank
of British North Ameriou aid
Bank of B. C. will give fresh impetus to milling and commercial
interests throughout the country
io one can doubt for a moment,
and to we dwellers iu Sandon the
knowledge, that the commercial
supremacy of our town is established beyond cavil, is very pleasant. All things come to those who
know how to wait, aud though the
ultimate establishment of banks
in Sandon, as the mining center of
the Slocan, was Confidently counted
on, still it was with some surprise
that the pleasant news of their
advent was received by the good
people of the Slocan, Atn' in purl
to the eagle-like swoop with
which they flighted   in our midst.
Don't overlook the B. C. when
you want a meal that will make
you feel like a new individual,   t
First   Bank Established  In the
,    ,, Slocan. ���
rm *.'���
liicorporattHl i>y Koyal Charter 1888
Capital (with power to inoreaes)
HeSO Office: ���'*�� Lomlmrd street,  bunion,
In ISrlih.li O.lniid.ia-
Victoria,    Vancouver,     x Mr   Westminister,
Naiu-.'.iuii. KainliHi|>- and Ketone
(jKOOtebAJ  Lake).
Ill the Chlte^ sj!it,.��
San Frunclnco, Portland. Seattle ami Taeoma.
Agents end Correspondents.
CANADA:   Canadian Hank of Commerce,
Men-haul*-   Itank   ol Canada.   the    Mol-on-
Beak, imperial Hank of Canada and Beeknf
Nova   Seotia       IN    UNiTKO    srAlK-*;
Canadian Hank of Commerce i.\s{enevi.   New
York; BmHcof Novs(Motla. Ctneaao. At'*.
rttVl.l4.ASO NBW ZKAI.ANI>:'~Hauk id
Australasia.   HoNOLt'Ll': -HiflhopA CD
rMOrpOfBted  !>y  Koynl Charter.
Paid Up Capital,     $4,866,666.
Reserve Fund, 1.338,333.
London Otttcti. ft Clement*' Utu,; l,etiit��M-d
>��i   .i  *�� ���   $, C,   I,, J,    ,.
Court of Directors.      e
J; Bmdle/Jofao JStaei Cater. OaMiarU Kat-
rur, rltchara, n.����|yn. Henry It Karrar. Kd.
Arthur IfnarV. II..I. H. Kendall. .1. .J. Ktun-
ford. Kn-uVrlrk l.uhWk. Uaorns w. Whatman.
Seeremry. A. fj. Wai.i.i*.
He idOflleein I'auada.Mi. .lam.-, si., Montreal
II.   SriKKM \>. K.   SIANOKII.
OsAersJ Itsnafs*. inspector,
Branches  In Canada.
London. Iliaittford. Pari". Hamilton, Tomn.
to. klllK.tlou, Ottawa,   .\|.>tit reitl,   Uilel.i-e.   St.
John, V. II.; Hrantlon, Winnipeg, Men.; Fred-
em-ton, N. H; Halifax. \. s.; Victoria, Van
eouver, Roattaod, Sandon, H. C.
Agente In the United Stetes.
Spokane; Traders National Hank, (few
York. (58 WellAJtreetl w, Leweon ami .1. 0.
Weinh    s��n Frauclsen, <vu Hansoms Street)
II. M. .1. McMle Intel aud J. H. Amhnwe.
(London Bankers!
The  Hank or Kntftaml and Meatr*. lil.vn .V Do.
Foreign Agente..
The rink will be ready for
occupancy Hhortly. The men an-
busily engaged on the work now
and they hope to luive the rink
completed by about the TJth.
Cranbeniew, grapes, celery, Hour
kiout, Irultaat the Slocan News Co.
i  ��� ���     , ���r
The Alpine group, ai mated near
the headwatera of Lemon creek,
waa bonded on Tueaday last to
Arthur Dick for 100,000.
Liverpool. Hank <>r Liverpool,     Australia,
I'nlon Hank of Atlntmllu. New /.ealaml,
I'nioilllank of \u��frnlla. Hank of New Zealand. India, China, and Japati, Chartered
Mereanllle Hank of India London ami China.
A lira Hank, Ltd. West I tulle-, Colonial Hank.
Perls, Mnrenard, KraiiN.�� .V UO, LjrotM, t'redli
l.yoliiuiK .
H.  G. MARQUIS,  Acting   Maneger,
i Ssndcn, B. C.
We are taklnir r'r-d-Clani Mining   Propertlen
In hand for
Finding nU i'ash. 'rime ami Trouble ami
KitrnlMhlnx Urn st<H-k Iteatly for Market
and art'  wlllinu to  take our Hay In Httwk,
Treasury Stork a Liated Kaat.
Kor ftirthtr part fell tan apply to
L C. DILLMAN,   Broker,
11 A 12 Sherwood Block,   SPOKANE.
* *<
* W,lfl$iP   '**mmi'���rm'    >���,f7m*
11 ��
8  �� S . M .
( it ,v\<l   Si    t>
I  . .-I. t. i.taJ t,'��
���-.  -  in
t   .
... , i)
a   Mti ' ill t
' '   ' ,   .   ,
i i> ��)  *
,      i   i    .   i    .,    i  �����>.. Mil. IN  I v "
-.B-WMt *i��
. t;���i. ��-.
A I   v.- WM
ilsrh te    i.   <->    W A Co, fc��! . I %
under the  'it!*' of Goldatein v#. the
ToWUSHu ol   JiMieaU,   SM      Vaw   thru
loclded   In  Isvoi  of u ������ fortieHc.
TtMAtoe t wttriMutliu Ik Bupretit
eourt.   That Lvetly at one; referred I.
!l   t<: tile    lutllill     1  t'.tOlt   UMt,   Wllll'l
has now  dccideu   ihtl    he  clrdm of
iioidsu'iii   must U  ��u��<i k'.ned.    It Ik
Niiil that <it the ftvtetrt | t'1 M <I prop
<.i\ In .Inn.mil i '..I In. i      .'iaiine two
scree uri srorth ftoru t&MOOOtoftV
mi.uii. Muiiefl    ioei t��i by people
��lnt lint I if to their t\ii\.> i age ti DRV
i iiiinil MIM III W ' totlielf new hind
lord inther ii��:ii> a/.e so their plates,
Matrui  to    USUI   I,��),
0. H. Rank. D. K Waltbkidge
#> I I
[Milling Broker**,  Motnrlea Public and
MltMH bofiifht and lofcl, SWk* foi sale in all R C. mines.
OAofatl bntk.TN fir Wooderlul Group Mvi biirCK
Kootenay agent* l��> bondholder Mining Co. stocks
Companies 11 >tnotod.
It   In   ituthoritat.re!;.    i niiounctd,
Siyi tin- IkM mini y I fvi  |    'hues, tlmt j    ' '  -r - ��� ������
\ nling tl f !iii|'lioiii  i  lor a char- I
. r, which hsi sin.i��.l>    ��� uf made (o   A   full HlH* of
n- Provincial Govern!I ��� it, be grant
>�����;, Mr. <'���>���,��� t   ��� will  bu   i.  a railrtwil
Iron   Maivna  Into   I*. lufUry   n��o:t
.* " "'       ':*.'7M*7'*,   l" ,"''teW*w ��8prlnK. Heveml ?e*r*it*-   Mr. (V.rbm
t '
��� ���
i-  a. . .
% NltU'.    tin Alj->. 0.1 ��>'.
u.i tit*   Ail In Moatus Mi
BX   ����r
t,   i   r m-itw-
I    \ UM t        I
�� dr(a��H   1 i   '������ �������>��� -   ''���
rt. .
-.ii ��> ���
s .   | .   .       I i   I   ���   <.��. ilti K. > ��t-.l��
I  .... S .Hi
| , |��� i        i., J |l ��� .,.,.'(    |>- '.'.?(.��. ,W, M
I   ��� ��� '
H v       '-  . m/ !., t MatA-    Ul It. Cln.ie. Mm
li |. ...        >    i'   i-..,.ih.     . *��r ol Attorney r,
i an. <ii   .. i^j  .
.    ,   '._ ��� '���   t . ���'.. t .iriiali mi
Nov it; i*%SBu
N��v tt ...
M r,,t.ieroiit.(�� Mkhi��V-aS m Lin-kv 0.��*s<
U.����e s id InnMall, *-|* Bw; sen
J A MeDonmll l<i A 0 rVrirti* n��� Aifrw-twui r.
Krinio. % n atMl Til HlU. Nov il ; i&ui
OOrit.Miiii ami W L Caiui.-ll l-- 1' Andrvwa-AI
inbior^aii, Nov tl; ,),*���>
" Ui.drnrai.Kt J 1* *'*<<�� '   j>
>��. | it
���    I   ��ttit    AH 1.1 vi I    .eii.t:
MiickliiawNa (iiriuat   Sox and Rubbers
New Mealeo.
Very few silver mines have been
in operation in New Mexico within
the past three years, and none has
been   worked  to   its  full capacity
Many of these idle mines are tilled
with water, and a majority of them
would require timbering before work
could be resumed.   It would require
several months to bring the product
ion of silver in New Mexico up to
what it was live years ago Under tbe
most favorable circumstances.
i~-.i��tU a |����iintlt/rt in v a road up
Kittle  liver   U��   lloui.,l.i      nvi k ds��
'���iet upi��enriMt.     At   i... lime  Mr.
oil.in   ��tau-d    ilnt    wl   |l   tonnatfr
���iuthVicnt was assured ><   RmoJdoer
uiolv Dotistftstt tin- mi i.   ThiewssJ
btlnre Uk' puttie of Itm    It \* NtfV- Hi i
sbJTi ho'v. viT, rliat Mr i oibin  is not   ^
���. iiiiiinltul of the needs oi tliadistHef.   v^
iikI whenlta th��teeotusetht Sfokanej
i.iiit t N i't.iti��o w;si he ������     ...... m.
",...' ..�� oiaiiit't ilaTe Is no
lUestioii but a large tonnage would
la* iiHaiiiiil, as slnee that time devil
ipmetit work has Uen exteimivelv
carried on and many ot the pioia'iths
have reached the shipping point.
How much ore tonnage could lie a-
surtil is |��tHt llndlng out. In addition
to ore Mr. Cor bin ha�� InwrwUi In com I
lands on Kettle river. Boundary
creek, is nil right and will have eoui
inunicatioii with the outside world
iluiost before the residents of that
section are aware of it.
.      .  r" .
Post Office Store,
v\ X I x )N,    -  -   B. C.
-DKAI.KH.-i   IK.
News, Stationery^ Cwifeclioiirry.  BuUer^ Eggs, Cheese, H��?, Gr i i
Port Townsend, Wash.,���The
steamer Alki, just arrived from
Alaska, brought news ot considerable excitment at Juneau as the result ofa decision by the Government
whieh will result in the' loss 0 d
great many homes and considerable
property in the best part of the citv.
The decision referred to has just been
rendered by Secretary ot the Interior
Francis and gives Mrs. Goldstein a
little over 20 acres ot land in tbe town
of Juneau on which her husband filed
her name as a mining claim. The
decision rendered by Secretary Francis ends a matter in which at oik
time or another a good portion of the
citizens of Juneau felt personally in
terested. In 188n Ruhis Goldstein, a
citizen of Juneau, which Was then
not much of a town, filed a claim
in what afterwards was the best property in the place. Not until tw<
years later did the public know that
part of the townsite was being claim
ed for mineral purposes. The citizem
finally decided to call a melting
There was so much leellng over the
matter that it jw��s seriously proposed
to either hang Goldstein or throw him
in the bay on the ground that he was
a public enemy. The case waa finally taken into the General Land Office
Notary Public, Conveyancer, Etc.
Mining and Real Estate Broker.
The  Canadian  Fire  Insurance Co.
...      '^>j-- .
-r lour.  �� jffi ��� >.t
'   T-   ,k*'i   i
�� u
M"W *ei  4
"4*1. m
"  Ol'
We lead in First-lass |w��rk.. |
3 fine Bnth Rooms in connection.
Sea Salt Baths without extra charge.
a^Waassa���in     n��f SBSJ STSS   i
J. 8, BEEDER. Prop.
K^SIi)ClTY. -      -    B.C
The only practical >�� atchmaker in
the Kootenay District. Ordcre bj
mail recejve prompt attention. ���
.; ������
SLOCAN TRANSFER  CO.. Saddle and Pack Horaes to all
Points  iu tbe  Mountains.
Thos. Brown &Co.,
-. Uralers in :	
"j i
New Goods contantly arriving.
Pays special attention to all
kinds of watch repairing.
Large stock of
��� ��� i ���-.nt       ;       -
always on hand.
riTZOfn��ALI> * DAY. Props-
 ManufBturrm of a",	
Syphons, Ginger Ale,
Sarmparilla, Etc, Etc
Hsinrtnn, BO.
i  L
Patt-onize home industry
when vou want the bestf
JsSMwii'iai'awii^*^ 1
Ftluts are SCU. i:����d.
The oldest industry in Britain is
still carried an at the village of Brandon, on the borders of Norfolk and
Suffolk, and is in a n\ unsifhrg condition. It is a inanufaet< rv of isuii
and tinder-box flint-. It appiarsthat
there is no regular Hint factory, but
the work is done in little sheds, often
at the back of the townsfolk's cottages. It will naturally be asked:
Who wants tinder-box flints and gun
flints in these days of phosphorus
matches and Martini Henrys? Tbe
answer to the question is that there is
a good trade in tinder-box flints with
Spain and Italy, where the tinder
box still keeps its ground in rural
Montreal. ��� Tbe school question will
in all likelihood be the means of defeating the Laurier government.
Well informed politicians are of the
belief that the defeat of the govern-
ment during the next session of par
liament cm be counted upon as
almost a certainty. It is difficult to
tell what course will be pursued. The
chances are, however, that one of the
prominent liberals from (Quebec will
move a vote of want of confidence iu
the government on the school ques
lion, This may not receive the support of the opposition as a whole, but
there is no doubting that with the
vast majority of the Quebec members
supporting the motion the govern
ment is sure to be defeated.
In that event Hon. Mr Laurier
would go to the country on the school
question issue having his policy
baaed on tbe settlement just given
cue. What Sir. Charles Tapper would
do under the circumstances cannot be
told, but judging from the sttnd la-
took during the campaign it is quit*
likely that he would appeal to the
people to abide by the constitution.
Such being the case it is entirely
probable that Sir. Charles would be
placed in power by a good working
majority, tor he could count on nearly
all the Quebec members. Mr. Laurici
would have no hidden card to play in
Quebec such as he had at the las'
La Presee (Conservative) has the
following significant paragraph:
"Some Conservative politicians believe that the moment has arrived for
Sir Charles Tuppertoform a coalition
party ai Ottawa in older to overthrow the Laurier government. The
pretended settlement of the school
question could, according to them,
form the best call tor the late minis
try to come to power again." It addt
that the appeal of Monsignor Lange
vin will be heard in the Province ot
Quebec, and that the provincial elect
0 d will take place next spring, not
o.tly on questions of local administration, but also on the famous settlement between Messrs. (jneenwav and
���vi. L GRIMttJLLLB.,
s^f* We have just opened
TSgfr       a full line of
\    ��� j * \ J\
You ean get goods packed to
any point from there.
Cody, B. C.
Don't Forget  rf]
to come and see us when in
need of supplies or
your mine
Men's Furnishings
for yourself.
'.,".".     ..
aleriry MEATS"
-: AT :-
Robert Macdonald
Neil Macdonald
MACDONALLV BROS., Proprietors.
Rites $1.50 to 12.50 per day.
Headquarters for Mining Speculators and Capitalists.
Reco Ave., - \* Sandon, B.C
Hotel Kootenay
Switzer & McGlnskey,
rlwui. ��utaut Ctomptty
J.   C   HAYES,   Mngr.
Manufacturers of and Dealers in-
81 * a a a a 4 <s
��   A   *��� A + +   +. +���
A good hall t*�� rentffor Dances, etc.
1     Dancing school every Friday and
I Saturday by Prof. Lawlor.
Stoves, twain, Grata mi Compra.
., fit
 Ail kinds of Mining Work a Speciality.
fluster & /tcKionoa
-Dealers  in-
Get your Fresh Heat
fast Mar Mar Co.,
Brandon and New Denver.
>.'.--" aaanaaM ��� 1 ,
y 1
t' 1
r i
1 mi.      ...
iMinilffi'titloit  .������.��� tbo.!s.
"The increase ot popnlation of the
the Dominion, and especially of the
region west of Lake Superior, is an
absolute necessity to the prosperity of
the uonntry.    An enormous amount ol
capital  lias been expended on this
part of jhe Dominion, with very little
return.    The net result is a railway
scross the plains, for which there is
an insufficiency of  traffic, and which
is consequently forced to charge heavy
rates for freight and passengers; a
few scattered settlements which ought
to have been continuous in order to
minimize the hardships of pioneering;
a numqer of Indians cooped up in
reserves and maintained at (jovern--
ment expense, when they might just
as well have  been left to roam in
freedom over the wilderness; and a
costly police force, which, but for,the
policy of throwing open the whole
country u. prematurely,  might   have
been dispensed with. The withdrawal
of capital for investment in land that
is still non-producing has exausted
the older provinces, while the fiscal
burdens resulting from unprofitable
puolic expenidtures has had a stiilln^
effect on almost every form of industry.   The acquisition of the North
west from the Hudson Bay Coinpain
has so far proved- a buid -n instead ol
a boon to Canada.    Whether it wili
continue to do so del ends on t'*e policy
to be adopted.  That the people of tin
West are themselves fully alive to its
great need is -shewn by the organiz
ation ot a 'Western Canada Immigra
tion Association,' with   branches in
Western Ontario,  Manitoba* Assiui
boia,   Alberta.   Saskatchewan   and
"   British Colombia.   The central office
of the society is, very appropriately,
established in Wi nipeg.t e gateway
of the Northwest   s>uch a propaganda can do much to aid the Government in promoting settlement, especially as it has adopted for its aim that
"every; acre of laud must be freed
and given to the people."   The treat
ment of speculative holders may have
to be drastic, but the public interest
demands that   every  owner shall
either live on his holding or sell to
some one who will do so.
Truth's   Pen    Polnta.
A Dear Girl's Friends.
After they had kissed each other
aud each had dulv admired the other's
new hat, Amy said :
"So Dollie in married ?"
"So I've heard,!* returned Fannv.
"Nice girl, Isn't she?" ventmed
\>h, very,"returned Fannv.
"I wouldn't gay a word against her
for the world."
"Neither would I. How do you
suppose she ever got him ?"'
"I'm sure I don't know; do you?"
"No; I would give anything to
"Sw would I. It certainly wasn't
her goid lt-oka,"
"Oh. no."
"Nor her cleverness,"
"The idea is ubsurti,"
"I can't understand it at all. They
say that he had to t>e dragged to the
"I shouldn't wonder. Dolly would
not be everybody's fancy."
' Rather not. Still, 1 am ulad she
h# caught Homeone. Sue i* ttedear
girl and it wotm fee ciwrt to say anything against her."
"Raided it would. I wouldn't doit
fir the world." '
���Neither would I:'
The man of one Idea may get along
as a politician, but he would starve
?is a humorist.
There are some men who want to
save the nation who are inevitable of
saving enough to pay the interest on
their mortgages.
Cheer up poor man. Ittakes.mill-
ions to get your name in the society
column, but 10 cents a line will get
you an advoitisment in the "Work
Wanted" column.
The bicyclist is one who has a
straight course I Wore him, although
his whole movement, js a continual
-middle. He is to be envied bv
Truly this is a campaign in which
speech is silvern. If words were
weighty there would be danger ot a
cave in of the earth's surface.
It must be cold cash that gives the
millionaire his frigid manner, and
'he want of it that makes the anar-
���hist so hot.
Vxperience teaches almost every
'long, but it does not include in its
HiTiculuiu the necessity ��t locating
he towel before you soap your fac .
Hope springs eternal in tin* human
breast; but when it yets tired of
jumping just read the newspaper that
tiacks your own political views. It's
is greatful and comforting as the
person who never mentions hell.
A   New   N>*teiM of  Ciold Mining.
A Philadelphia pajur states that it
is reported on good authority that a
large company has been organized to
promote a system of gold mining
without removing the ore from tl e
earth. The scheme as applied to
gold mining is to sink shafts a few
inches apart and pump into them a
suitable difcolvent. A strong electric
current is then to be passed through
tne soil between the shatts. The action of the electric current is claimed
to be that it will carry with it the
dissolved gold from oue shaft to the
other and deposit it there up any
metallic circuit iu the same maimer
as electro-plating. The successful
mining ot sulpher in what is called a
���somewhat similar way in Ijonisiana
is quoted as giving some reason tor
thinking the gold mining scheme
legible. But the case is very differ-
ent.In LxiisurtUthe valuable deposit.-
of sulpher are covered with quicksand and many unsuccessful attempts
have been made to reach the sulphur.
The attempt wus made to freeze the
quicksand, and for this pur| ose a
giant retrigirator plant was set up,
but without snecess. Then a Cleve
land inventor offered the proposition
to sink a 4 inch pipe, and inside of
this a 2-inch pipe, and to melt the
sulj hur by forcing down steam under
pressure and allowing it to expand at
the bottom of the well, and pumping
out the molten sulphnr through the
small 2-Inch pipe, as is four iu certain
salt wells worked on a similar plan.
This scheme worked successfully and
is now iu operation, sulphur W per
cent pure lieing oiaained, which k
allowed to cool in vats and afterward
cut into suitable blocks. ,
Subscribe for The Payntreak.
An   ruaui-veanful   Portrait.
Forid1!  Mamma-What   arc
drawing on your slate, pet?
Little Nell -I was trvl'mr to draw
my dolly ; but I dens I'll call it a
a thlothes pin.,
uiiTtL mm
~ . y . e * *���
Is the Pioneer House of the City.
Packers aid Forwarders
Contracts taken for raw
hiding or packing ore from
and packing supplies to mines
Saddle horses for hire
Hill & Co.,
Chemists and Assavers,
The Dngst,  ��� SANDON, B.C.
Drugs, Stationery, Druggist
Sundries, Notions and Toilet
Perfumes and  Imported Cigars a
Don't overlook
Qhisholm & Walmsley.
2 carloads ot Aiymer Canned Fruits
' and Vegetables.
The larjrest and moat complete stock of Groceries and
Mining Supplies in the Kootenay.   Call and get prices.
'������if'SAHDOlV, B.C. ������
Is one of the Best Appointed Hotels in the Slocan.
Large and Airy Rooms
w First-Class Dining Poom
Sample t^oomsfor ommeracial |Wen
One of  the    Most   Enjoyable    Ever
Given In the Slocan.
The ball and supper given by
.McDonald Bros, on St. Andrew's
night, was one of the most success,
ful affaire of this nature ever held
m the Slocan! country. Upwards
of forty couples danced themselves
tired to the most excellehf. juniuc
furnished by the Sandon orchestra.
Xothing was overlooked by the
popular proprietors of the fid-
moral which would add to the enjoyment and convenience of the
revellers, and the result was that
everybody had a good time and
the opportunity of working offtle
fund of good spirits which the
rarity of such occasiont) allow to
accumulate, was grasped by all.
Being St Andrews nitjht, the
tartan of many of the Highland
da-US was worn, not .only by
Scotchman themselves, who.
though they inav never   have seen
r^ ��� *
the grand and craggy hill** of old
Scotia, still cling to the traditions
of that land of sterling I on sty
aid rugged independence, but by
others who, though tint of Scotch
descend still Birsed this opportunity of doing honor to the memory
ol Scotiands patron saint.
The dinner which was served
ab<��ut 1 o'clock in the Balmoral
dining room was a inoal in��gnifi-
uent spread, ami on litis occasion
the ehef ditl him���If proud.
Every delicacy of the seaant) was
there to satisfy appetites that had
been whetted bv  the exectiouaV-oi
sou a large amount of ore will be
shipped- to the smelter and at
present $te rrtwjiiders are busily
engaged'transporting, the ore from
the mine to the rail roan. '
tfi ! 1 , ,,
r-Vesh oysters, fish, poultry,
pigs feet, mince meat, etc. at Slo-
can News Co.
; T/he brawny miner and his appetite can be satisfied at the B C.
Notice is hereby given that I,
the undersigned, will in thirty
days from date, apply to the Stip-
endary Magistrate of West Kootenay for a license to sell liquor at
retail at my hotel at Sandon.
Ika. \\\ Black.
Sandon, Dec. 2nd,l$��8.
Notice is hereby given that th��*
undersigned will at the expiration
of thirty days apply to the Stipends rv Magistrate of West Kootenay
r^ a.
distrid for a license to sell liquor
at retail at his hotel situated in
Three Forks.
Jamkr McKiurnan.
Sandon. Nov. 2Mni, 1606.
Notice is herel)y given   that we
the undersigned, thirty 'lays from
date, will apply to the Slipendary
Magistrate of   West   Kootenay ' o��
LucKTTA Mineral Claim.
Situate In the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay   District, East of and   joining
the World's Kair claim.
Take notice-that I. T. .1. Lendrum, Free
Miner's Certificate No. 02.071, Intend, sixty
days from the date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown
grani of the above claim*
And further Uike, notice that action, under
section 87, must he (eomifleSeed before the Issuance of such certlncftteof improvements.
Dated this .Id day of October, im>.
Oct. :ilst. '!W T. J. Lenokum.
DKSI'AIK,"     "llCTH",     '-ItLTH   FRACTION",
, Situated in the rtloean .-lining Division of
West Kootenay District, adjoining the town
Of Sandon on the S. W.
Take notice that we. J. "Y. Resler, free miner's license, 7tfJM8rF. E. Hiarkaly, free miner's
license, 74,241. VV. H. McVay, free miner's
license, 01,688, D, E. MeVay, free miner's
license, 74,245, 1). C. Clarke, tree miner's
license, 81,571, and F. P. O'Neill free miner's
license, ��i.iM2, intend sixty days after date to
apply to the .Mining Recorder for a certificate
Of improvements for the purpose of obtaining
a Crown grant of the above claim?.
And fui tiu-r take notice that action, under
���action *7, must be commenced before the
Issuance of such certificate or improvements.
Dated stfl Sandon this 8thf day of October,
J88fc j        ,      -    -.
���' ' *    I
;i UfiALKK    IN
Totoos, Cigarettes and Pipes,
Playinff Cards anfl Poter Chips.
a license to retail  lienors  at  Sun-
the eveninjpo a du>" HpiW'dUIPHHllM*1''��� f      Wm. R����imm**.
Ol    the   jjood    things     provided.
Many thanks are due, also, to ���**
Spencer  for I lie  care   he  took
have the lloor in   good  shape  and
otherwise   to  add to   the  eoinfor
and enjoyment of the dancers.
An addition is being added to
th.'C 1' R. depot.
Win. (Jlynn. of (lie Queen Hess.
waa in Sandon <>n Tuesday last.
Dan MeCmiitf. of New Denver,
paid Sandon a visit on Tuesday
Dan Honiara, of M��'(Juigan,
gpeht a few days in Sandon this
lien. Mcli. Hrovvn. (\ I'. B.
District Passenger Agent, spent a
few days in Sandon this Aeek.
An addition has been made to
the tra^k line in the I'ayne mine,
and   an   extra   car   placed   in   the
A conceit, in aid of the Pretty-
terian Mission fund of the Slocan
district, will he given in Spencer's
hall on the evening of December
stb.    A good time is expected.
Mrs. .1. S. Reeder, is suffering
from a severe cold, which confines
her to her hod. It is to he hoped
that nothing serious will result
from her present indisposition.
The Queen Bess mine shipped
two carloads of ore recentjv. A
force of twelve men are "kept
steadily at work on this property.
Heretofore the work done on this
mine has been chiefly in the pro-
cess of development, but.  this sea
('has. .1. Hastings.
NMtdon. Nov. I'Tth. i>yt;.
*      NOTICE.
Notice is hereby given that the
undersigned will at the expiration
of thirty days apply to the Stipen-
dary Magistrate of West Kootenay
district for a license to sell liquor
retail at his hotel situated in
Raymond Kino.
Sandon. Nov. 1st, 1 *!>��;.
To Whom it May ('<>ncf.kn:
That, 5 F. P. O'Neil, D. C. Clark,
F; E. Starkey and J. Y. Kvsler.
have rifeposed of their interests in
the Ruth Mining ('o.'s various
claims, hereby give notice that
they are not responsible for any
and all accounts and indebtedness
contracted after this day, by the
said Ruth mine or Ruth Mining
Co. of Sandon. B. C.
Dated this 1st day of November.
|K%. ����
Ki'HKAiM   Fraction  Mineral   Claim,
Situate   in   the   Slocan   Mining   Division   of
West    Kootenay   District  on   the    North
Slope   of  the     South    Fork    of  Carpenter Creek,   North   of and    joining   the
Texas  mineral claim.
Take notice, thut, 1, John  M.  Harris, No.
5(1,1*1? for myself, and as agent for F. T. Kelly,
No. ol.lKo; S. M. wharton.  No. RJJBQ, and  ii.
C. Wharton.   No.  ��>>.:*"��!),  intend,  sixty   days
from tlie date Hereof, to apply to the  Mining
ttecorder for a  certificate of improvements
for tbe purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of
the above!claim.
And further twice notice that action, under
section ;h, must be commenced 'before the
issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this eighteenth day ol November,
Nov. .'i. JOHN M. HARRIS
���   i i.     :
No   ��78.
Certificste of Improvements.
Situate in the Slocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay i -istrlct, adjoining the Wonderful mineral clttnt I.. IS I B. 1.   on Cnri*n-
ter Creek and about one  una it one-third
miles west of the town or Sandon.
Take notice that 1. A.S.  Furwell, agent   lor
the Wonderful Group Mining Company. Free
Miner's Certificate No. >ttOfl��,  intend,  sixty
d|ys front the date livwof. U> apply to the
lulning Recorder for avertiflcate <ff Improvements,    for    the    purpose   of    obtaining  a
Crown granl *'' the at>ove claim.
' Awl fwrtl*.irt��.ke notice that, action, iindpr
section 37, mtint bo contmeoeed  before the 1k-
suance ofWb. bcrtllicsje <��f improvement*.
Dated this JSth day ot November, l*!H>.
Dec otll,   MKi. A.S. KAKWKI.I..
���'Companies act." Caht IV., am> Amknd-
"Slocsn Queen  Mining and   Milling
Company" (Foreign).
Registered tlte IBtta day of October. lSflti.
1HKKKBV CKKTIFY that 1 have this day-
registered tlte "Slocan Queen Mining and
Milling Company" foreign), under the
{���Companies Act." Fart IV.. "Registration of
Foreign Companies,  and amending Acts.
The head office of the said company Is
situated at the city ol Spokane, iu tbestate of
Washington. U. S. A.
The objects for which the Company Is established are:���
To acquire, hold. buy. sell, lease, work and
operate mines and mineral claims in the
I nlted states of America and in tlte Province
of Kntlsh Columbia; to buy.sell, in>ll, smelt,
mitt, stamp and concentrate minerals of any
kind and description, in the United States of
America and lu the Frovliwe of British Columbia ttiaiHjuUv. buy, sell and lease water
power, witter sights niwf water rights iu the
I'nlted States Ol America and in the Province
of British Columbia; to procure, hold, buy.
sell, construct, Operate aud maintain electric,
steam, and water power plants for the purposes of furnishing |>ower and light for all and
every kind of purpose and objects, in the
United States of America andjiu the l'rovince
of Britidi Columbia,
Tbe capital stock of the said Company Is
one million dollars, divided Intt) one million
shares of the |mr value of one dollar each.
(Jlven under my hand and seal of office, at
Victoria, Province of British Columbia, this
llith day of"October, I8D6.
(I,, s.) 8. Y. Wootton.
No ill   Registrar of joint stock Companies.
Notice Is hereby given that application will
be made to the legislative Assembly of the
Province of British Columbia at Its next session for an act enabling tbe Noble Five Consolidated Mining and Milling Company (Foreign) to appropriate tlve-hundred (500) Inches
ot the waters or Cody creek, in the Slocan Mining Division West Kootenay District, to erect
flumes for the purpose ot operating a conceit
trator, electric light plant, power drills, and
all other purposes usual, necessary or incidental to the mining or milling of ores, for the
piiriwseofcxproprltiMng lands Tor such purposes,
Noiu.K Fivk  Consolidated   MIKING and
Milling Oo. (Foreign.)
I  ���;
Near tbe K. ,t 8, depot
^Tt    ���tf^ClTMXGTl
��� ��� * ���"���!!���     ���"tl**MlS��l�� '" T"T~
IF '
Bruce White went out to Spokane on Monday last.
Jas. McDonnell is spending a
few days in our rustling city.
A car of Ontario apples just received at tbe Slocan News Co.
H. Giegerich. of Kaslo, spent
a few days in Sandon this week.
Jno. Vallance, of New Denver,
is spending a few days in  Sandon.
The Epicure in search of dainties
can find them at the B. C. Restaurant.
D. S. Wallbridge has gone to
Vancouver on a combined business
and pleasure trip.
The Bank of B. C. has the honor
of being the first chartered bank
established in the Slocan.
Any parties wishing to  join the
curling club, can do so by calling
on W. W.  Fallows  in  J. M. Har-
, ris's office.
Through a misunderstanding
the name of Policeman Lloyd instead of that of A. K. was mentioned as scavangei in last weeks
A carload of ice from Bear Lake
arrived in Sandon ou   Wednesday
last for Clyde Coon. Mr. Coon intends to lay in a stock of about
300 tons of ice for next summers
Some beautiful specimens of
galena ore containing ruby silver
was brought down from the Reco
the other day. The vein, where
these specimens were tak^n from,
is eighteen inches wide. The ruby
silver, which is frequently met
with in this wonderful mine goes
57 per cent, pure silver.
Is one of the beat places in San
don to obtain
That are
If you are
W. K. Lelghton
A. D.:Wll!lsms.
Slocan mining Stocks bought and sold. We have money to develop good legitimate prospects for an interest, or will buy them
out for cash.
Call at tbe
Hotel Ivaohoe
In taste and
In their  qualities.
The Quickest
Cheapest Route
West. 4
Steamer leaves Xakusp every Sun-
day, Wednesday and Friday
morning, making close connection at Revelstoke with trains
for all points East or West.
Before you travel get information
from (J. P. K. Agei.ts as to
times aud rates. It will save
you money. Apply to nearest
Railway Agent or to
A. (J. McARTHUR, Agent.
McMartin & Currie
mm w yam
Kte.. Etc.
s  *
Hard Ware
Coal. Iron. Steel, and Ore Cars
St <) ve 8 t*>   <>< I i 1i ware
District Passenger Agent,
Loans Discqur|ts    **
v��    arjd  Collections


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