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The Paystreak Mar 6, 1897

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SANDON AND CODY, March 6,1897.
The   Cup  Stay*    With   the   Sandon
Hockey Club     The Gimei Exciting to   ��� D��Qree.
ftaudon may not be much Ui look
.ii and bar share of horizontal
mother earth may not be aa ample
m that poeseaeed by "titer lowni
,.f the Kootenay. but w lien it comes
tu * matter of letting up a win-
uing team In baseball, hockey,
eurling,   uf   any   other   athletic
���morN    s'��e    0*U    -lvj'   CWdS   and
upadea to any of the ithec towns
ind still iii***' enough left to bring
her through with Hying colors
Mow, thi** i*�� no empty  boasting,
diid ihe  result of the twu day*
Hockey   tournament     will    imply
b* ��r out the assertion that Sandon
Ima ish* h nt   hockey team in the
K   ��������� naj      *."��� t two hotly eon
���i��i games with Kaalo and Roue-
land the Sandoo team scored  iw��
*��� n itorles and the nop which  arm
iIim pritti oonteated for remains In
itv until *��� bettai learn heave*
n sign!.      I lie   following i** the
antes nt the player* in tbe differ
in- alwi a  nil -it account  nf the
-;  ��\.* i and the awn -
| ,.-���.)  vMi
i. ial   .1  Wataon,
I'mmi    < len. N.��*������!.
I   p tint    r II  Sea ami  K. K
Forward    W.   1'n-t.    V   Turn-
: and C  R  McBridc.
K \-l o.
Goal     \   Smith
Point    W  Jackson
C   Point ���������<". Kerr and  .1    Don.
Korwai I    W. S\ mou la,  B i ���
and I> -I  V "hi-
- \ N .'   IV
�� ;,,t|l      P. 'b ll.i inn ��ad
Point    .1   Sierritt,
t ��� Point C I > Bleckwo -1 and
.1   A. IfteViehie.
Forwards    V   W   Grieraon,   I
\   \Y ilker nnd ll. 1) Cameron.
It had been pre,lonalj decided
that Rosaland and Kaslo were to
cross sticks first and accordingly
shortly after 8 o'clock the players,
uf the opposing teams were lined
up and tiie gems commenced in
the presence **i a large crowd <i
enthusiastic spectators, Th* match
was | ii.it one Jr..m atflli   I"   finish
and although the Rosaland boya
eel up ti1'' hotter team game still
the Individual merits of the Kaalo
team were more than enough lo
counterbalance the absence of the
combination piny, which was
largely due to  lack   of praotice
e.mibined with   I In*   far!    that    tiie
most of their players were in w to
each other. In the Brat half, time
was called with the score Btand.
ing I tn 2 in favor of Kaalo, After
the pink had been faeed off, in the
second half, the Roasland buys
who ha��l now got thoroughly down
to business scored 3 goal in sno��
Cession bringing th**ir seore np to
5. ihe Kaslo boys then scored a
gnal and time WSS called   with tin-
resnll ."��to ���*>. It waa then decided
to play "ii until one or the other
ol tbe teams had broken tin* tie.
After the puck had beer faced ofl
through a eery clever plaj it eras
paesed to Dill, who after a very
brilliant rush from near center,
paased the peek between tin*
Rosaland tlaj^*. thus breaking
the tie and giving the victory to
Kaslo hv a -core of i> to 5.
In the evening, as per program,
the opposing lea ma >>f Kaslo aud
Sand..a were lined up the play arson
either aide being the snincaa above
mentioned with the exception of
.1. Donnelly of the Kaslo a, who
had been Imrt ii the afternoon
game, and whose place was taken
by C. Kane. The game was ;. fast
one throughout  and although   it
w as evident from the start that the
Kaain's were outclasaed still liad
tii.\  not be. n tired from   I heir ex
er(i.*tis of the afternoon and had
they played the same team on the
Sandon ice that they played in
Kaalo !*;<* score of the Sandon
team would have been great!)
diminished, is it was they put
nt> a moat plucky game and ;.l
though   th Ida   were   terribly
against them still they iievet    llag-
ged trom tiie moment time was
called until the gam** waa finished,
It ended with the score standing
.it 10 to 2 in favor of Sandon.
Friday      nmrui ig      Vbout      10
.".lock the iii**' gem** of the series,
and    which     decided   the    ulti
mate destination of  the   cap.   was
played between Sandon and   lvis->-
land. Promptly on time the boys
of the Oppoaing team** were lined
np and tin* game commenced, ll
wna a lively one all thtongli and
although the Sandon team won.
still tltey had lo work for it      The
Roasland boys put upa good game
and proved themselve- to lie anything but slow when it came to a
game of hockey      After an hour of
excitement snd pleasure for both
players and spectators, time was
.ailed with ihe -ere standing 5 to
J in favor of Sandon
Happenings    in    the    Tunnels    and
Slopes of Slocan Shipping mines
An athletic exhibition, consist*
iug of boxing and   wrestling,   will
lie  giVeil   ill   SpenCer's   Ksll   tonight.
Mat rv Duun, who is well known
In eporting circles aa having won
[in* championship bell and hold it
for three successive years, will
give exhibitions in wrestling and
boxing, The exhibition will lie
one of the most scientific ever held
in British Columbia and should mi
no account be misaed by the people of Sandon.
Byron   N. White, of Spokane,
arrived in Sandon today.
The Payne is shipping steadily
about two carloads of ore per day.
This; mine is now* iu tbe very front
tank of the best and largest of
Slocan shippers.
The Ruth people are having ore
bunkers built near the track from
which the cars will be loaded in
tbe future. A carload of ore, pet-
day, is bemg shipped from this
The work now being prosecuted
on the Ajax has disclosed lo view
some very fine ore assaying from
300 to -100 ounces in silver to the
toil. -\bout 2 tons of this ore is
now on the dump.
Work is being vigorously push-
ed along on tiie Opher. Five men.
under the supervision of Mr.
Brooks, are engaged in taking out
ore and further developing the
property. Thin week a huge stock
of supplies was taken to the  mi US
by way ofthe Bluebird trail.
Twenty men are busilv engaged
in development work on the Wonderful at present. A carload shipment spas made last week *ad it is
expected that it will be followed.
iu a abort lime, by another shipment of an equal size. Tilings are
looking very promising at this
Tin* Bluebird lias cloaed down
for the present and work will not
be commenced on th** property
until after the snoWalide season is
over. Although the work done
during the past season was mostly
nn development lines still over
50 tons of ore was shipped to the
Tiie Last Chance people have
partially closed down the mine.
Since the departure of Frank
Woods for California only three
men have been engaged at this
mine and their work has been ui-
tirely in developmeat. This prop.
ert\ has shipped several carloads
of ore tii is season.
A huge stock of supplies are being taken to the Rabbit 1'aw. and
to tha cabins of the Selkirk Minim; and Milling Company. From
the amount of the supplies being
taken to these properties, it is
abundantly evident that the Work
of development at present going
on. will be pushed along with renewed vigor.
Bartlett Bros., for tbe last few
days, have been busily engaged
hauling supplies up the Keed and
Tenderfoot. Some six tons of
provisions and other Stuff ha VC been
rawhided to this property. This
will make the boys entirely independent of snowslides and preclude
the necessity of a trip to Sandon
during that perilous season.
Some very fine samples of galena
ore was taken from tbe Sapphire
and (iem, recently. This property, it will be remembered, was acquired by the lUtnsdall Mining
and Milling Co., of Tacoma, some
time ago. The work, ever since
the property was bonded, has been
pushed along vigorously and at
the present stage lias fulfilled all
The Goodenough is a steady lit
tie shipper ever  since the  season
opened   up.    Two  tons   has   been
the daily output of this  rich little
property.    This   may    not   seem
much but when   it   is  taken   into
consideration  that  the  ore    runs
750 ounces tu  silver  and  over   to
the ton it will readily be seen that
the quality   amply   makes  up  for
lack of quantity.
After two years of monkeying
it has been decided by the Supreme
Court ofthe United States to hang
The PAYSTREAK ofpiCE will bp equipped
W \V Fil'ows bas been appointed secretary of the Selkirk
Mining and Milling Company during the absence of Mr. Love.
The crosscut tunnel oo the
Grade is now in about 66 feet.
It is not expected that the ledge
will be encountered much short of
250 feet.
The Kev. G. A. Love and wife
leave early next week for Los
Angeles. California. Mr. Love is
much in need of rest and will, no
doubt, ver, much enjoy his trip
to  the Sunny South.
Bob Hamilton, of the firm oT McMillan & Hamilton, ot Vancouver,
is in Sandon. The announcement
of the genial Hob that he will
spend the summer in the Slocan
will give pleasure to his many
friends in this locality.
For sale    A Curley level.     Ap
ply at this  office.
Our Electric Lights-
Last night the electric lights
were turned on in Sandon for the
Best time and proved in evervwav
satisfactory. The system is one
ofthe most complete in the conn-
try, and that, combined with the
heavy wire used, has caused better results than were anticipated
by even the most sanguine ofthe
promoters of the enterprise. Owing to the lack of waterpower, and
until it can be augmented, the arc
light will not be turned on. The
power, at present, is only sufficient to run the dynamos which
supply the incandescent part of
the electric light system. THE  PAYSTREAK
Issued simultaneously every Saturday at
Sandon and Cody, in the heart oTUm Sl.*.*.m
the greatest white meta' eanipon earth.
Transient advertism*.' JS cent* a Hue first
insertion, and 10 Mltta a line for ea.*h nlM6>
.juent insertion.
BofawrlptkNa,    Hum    dollar      a   year    In
Add i ess
Thk PArmnauM      Jso. j. ruaNac*-.
Sandon, B.��'. Kditor and Ms.t
Thk   rush    of   pilgrims t>> tin
Slocan has set in and when ii will
cease no man can tell.
Many things go wrong in this
country. This month many a
Slocan snowslide will enter upon
its downward career.
A WAOOM road from Three Forks
to Xew Denver would be of great
benefit to Sandon Will some
public spirited man push the matter?
Thk forming of stock com pan it**
goes merrily on in   this   Province.
The combined capital stock of the
entire batch will soon reach a   bil
lion dollars, and what then?
A man who would jump a town-
site and then ask tlie people of
said town to support him in buei*
ness has _nlI enough to last him n
lifetime and have some left over
for his relative-.
For eighteen months the boomers of Kosslat.d have been shooting in the air like Chinese soldiers.
The   great   noise    has   attracted
thousands, but this year the shoot
ing will have to he   under  ground
if th** reputation of  the camp is to
be sustained.    "
Onk ofthe moat dangerous gangs
of ganibh-rs in Canada are cha.ig
ing their base of operations from
Montreal to Ron-land. Tlie police
of the latter city should see that
they do not injure the many ten
c��nts on the dollar games now
running in that burg.
We are informed by the Health
officers that unless, sanitary regu-
lations are observed more closely,
and the dry earth system placed
in closets that are at present without them, the offenders will be
summonsed and fined. Now this
is only right, and as these precautions against future unhealthiness.
are taken in the public interest,
and as the regulations are suffi.
ciently explicit on this point, there
is no reason whatever why they
should not be complied with.
l.,-����\.-.TIir". K..fh*at ��oVI-*t-h
The Goodenough
SANOON. b c.
The Finest Largest and
most Elegantly
Furnished Rooms
In the Kntin* Northwest
Thk Xew York Sun. tisnallv the
foremost champion of every measure that is directed auainst Canada, is apparently not in favor ot
the hasty adoption of the Corliss
amendment. At the close of an
article upon the subject it makes
this nervous remark: "What Can
ada could  do   in   retaliation   may
not yet be wholly   clear,   but   she   ^J��^*��?T^-i
could   perhaps drive   out   some of ..vi.-*k.   i...��v.*-..**i> ��i'.>vi��**a
our miners from British Colombia,
aild dismiss some Anieriean em-
pioyea of her railroads."
11 S Ball, of Kaslo. spent
several tlays in Sandon this   we. k.
C. Oliff'e. of the Brandon Mail.
s;��ent a   few days  in   Sandon   this
Frank Walker, broker  uf  I*!	
land, was in town for sev> ra! days
this week.
W. Cup!��*n passed tin-..ugh Ban.
don on Id- way < ut to speuJ i�� few
days  i.i Spokane.
S. B. Sendee will still continue
to carry on the business of S. };
Flendee & Co.. at r.x.m ."��. Black's
Hunter Bros nave just  received
a full line of crockery. i*!as-ware
and bar good*.. Call and inspect
Work has been suspend'd   on  I
K. Cameron's building "ii   account
of a small rock slide coming down
and partially burying the  fbundu
Geo. Lovatt wit* summoned lie
fore the Beak on Saturday even
ing )a**t and fined 150 for not com
plying with the Sanitary regula.
t ions.
Thos.   Levi,   proprietor  of    the
Park    Hotel,   Cody,    will   five   a
dance at his popular resort  on the
evening of Monday   loxf.     K\cr\
body invited.
Jno. Herri tt of Brandon, is  in
town. He is oMe .��f tii.- beat
hockey players in  the northwest
He played in the Sandon team on
Thursday and Friday last.
The first annual meeting of the
stockholders of tiie Qeieerouian
Gold an 1 Silver Mining and Mill
ing Co. will he held in the offices
of the Company at Sandon on
March 35th.
F..  Meeker, president of   tlie   In.
ternational Mine Development <".
of Tacoma. Wa-.li.. is in town. Mi.
Meeker is iookiug for mining pro.
perty iu the Slocan. and mi far is
very well pleased wilh the oouu*
Dr. Bfttlier left on Tuesday last
for Vancouver and the West
Ccast. in order to perfect arrange,
inents. entered into whih* on his
recent trip to Montreal, for tlie
construction of an extensive hospital at some point on Slocan lake
most probably Koseberr..
We have just received a carload
of tine dairy salt at RosslflUd and
Sandon.    Call and get prices.
lit ntkk Hkos.
$2 per Day Nc Bar 11 Coiwti.
Mrs. M. A. SMITH, Proprietress.
Vie being 'lir   ed bv deal
i-r* purchasing their
Grain and Feed
- Fr>u. t   ������
South Edmonton, Aita.
������Rolled Oata ;��� Bpeciall\
Write or Wire for I'r;  ��� -
��� <
, 4
CA Pfi
��� ��
ii >i:
Tin & Sheet Iron Worker.
Slocan Bakery!!
'Opposite Clifton Hous. .,
(ferries ��� Full Line nf	
Confectionery. Statu Brail. Pies,
Cakes, Weddmg-cakes made
to Order, Elc.
Patronage Solicited
SUNN & 10.
J  j. Gjdff����. W J   Bowser i_lB
F   L   Chn��tie, LL B
Bowser, Mi k Hsl,
;: NOTARIES, 4\,
Sandon B   C
Vancouver, 8   C.
First   Bank Established  In the
���j��.f*!��wl Ir*} Royal*>,��rt.
( BJ.il..      *   '���    (WW * '������ I  ������
lt^��* rn
H��*aO Otlico ���*���,;
I'.rMt.'s   < ���������������%
\      *. ol*        \ ., \    ��      ��*-
\ai*m��ft*��      Katnk*    ���        \i    ��..s
li \nt���� end *�� vvi�� \
-   -Tan   !���*���*
In -...\ mmtn
Agent* end Co*fttPO"ifJ��nU
< \N v I  v    . htMWtlM Mm M   i I   '
Ml ���'    H*>.k I I I V!
ibaiik '   .    - !��:���.��*�� ��     '  I   .
is     I MI M'    r��� A i
Canadian Kan*ot ��� '���**    *�����
\ .'k    I1--*   i.   ��� 4 n ������ ��� ���-   "������>'*la
I - i    I H**n I  |J4
I I r*    N ��!'.'.:��� -J        tiM*i*        *M*
\l NTS Vi;\   -iMiMw/l  \l   v\!      ���
��� '    \i;.imt*.>*      H> ���>������! I  I ��
Local  Manager.
Sandon B't-ici
���    ������   ' .       ���. ..
Paid Uo Caeitat.
Reaerve   Fund.
1 338.33.1
���'TV.       I   I   ,'tmrtl.    t..
��ln,(     ���       .
Court of   Director*
J II Hm.n. <����.,��
r*r, lli<r-h*r��l   II  i.l*n   ll..,?.    i;    t'mrrmi   '
H -o*    H   I n  K  .. r.       I    I   k
foe!     K'.-I.r;-     I    vI.m      .....r^.    |>      VI
\ <. Waalm
������������''*' .   *.��   hMMM M    ��l
II   -iui.o J    I I WO I
'.���>t*n��l   M��n��j('r t��i��|��*. '
Branchtn   in Canada
I ll ���   " M   CaM.   HamltUM    I
Li. Klii(f.|..n. IHU...   \|.��ar.-M     ..*   ���   -      -
���"���llti. V   ll     Urn.,.�����..���,    \a lnolj****    >!.'���       I
* ���"�����* *����'. N   11.11.   '.v    \   ���.     \ ,, j..o-    \ ���
���   ):�����.��;,.:.a. Mrutd��t*i  Kt����'.    I ���
n   i
Agonts in the United Stataa
������ i> .k.��u.      I lia Va|l.��>a     '' '    .�����-,!   I ���
s ���'   .iml   iiMi.k       V ��  ���, ,,rk ,;\\ .
W     U����.n nn a    f   |      V*. . !.|, Muni
IU   -..I.....,,,   sir..,      ||    Si    j >|,.>|,, j, ,.
I       H       \lill.KMN
London   Ban**-**
Rm  iu..�� uf r.,.  ,, i || | >,|nir, i.i...*.
Forolgn   Agenta
i.iv.r|.��.i. Baal of UtarBoel     met*
>..ii,..,���i   n,,,,-, uf M,1mMI),|   i.,m,i.,i
" *     ��� ��� ���      I  ��� imi.l    I'l-.m.. UI    llnt.k   ���
���nd     I t.|      ,u..|   '.rntui...     \nll..r...;     I
l.l'l. Ul.,1 l.i������, h...    \i..��r���|tf4   I  ���l.'!i IU��nk.'i
\ii��ln��liii. I m    v. ��� /,H|M���,|  i ,,,.���, iu.uk .��*
\ ��irall��   l id.   India, ci.nm    mel   l��i*
M. r.���i,Hl.-��tn.,k of ln.tm   tM      \��-r..   '
i.i.i    h.m.1   i,���n..,  i,,.,,���..,i   |t���,,k     c
x. t.      .....__   i .icrfiini       rati
7' '���"���"���     x' "   mH    Kmiw H I i
' r. .lit l.\..i.!,.,i.
GEORGE   KYOO.   Mansgar
Sandon.   B   C THE   PAYSTREAK.
Haoordad at ttnj  Denver.   Um  Aanmncuij
Tnutatan ami L��oeil|ott*:
fob w
Pl.i.aaut VWW, AS** m-nvrr    \ C IMnifiii.ui.
Tamarack   Krarti.n   S|��rlii��r��T   R i��   rlandar
Smith l.lllli* II   Si.rliu.'vr.K'l I Minn
Ki I. to
SmtWfili'M*   Klnraii''lly. Thouas l.alu-
Oarboaata   lUaeu Ctjr, Jaiwri It ���*.<"���
t.mnU.*   s|.�� .in UU). A I'.'iilli r
Wm m
OorSOB Fraction   Klylit Mil. . .litim��  I.  K..r
Owralflliio  liwnonrrcafc.fl l.o'N.ll
M.I nil 1
Maimm-th   aWxsnCtl*   fS \mlr.w.
Baa-��� IU Mil.*, i i�� u<a-.ii-.4-k
F. I- 0
i'.hkiiUIiIiik  �����<**"w Weak*"
Ituluth   I'atrt.k M Hayet Krai M U W mm
fm tt
��'r*.il>a   VaI I Hum
K.I. H
���.*.l.-ii�� Wllbof \ H**nd*7*,Oeo A Klrk an.l
' ovh-r A H.'lUn.l
Lmmtu  N"t+ riru firarwIWIiii ri H * M Da
March 1
111...-k Prince    I' M S�� 1.  iilmr/
i*.m.u�� Nn i  Ilea in^tul.-.
Fob tt
An I.!. Chl'Mrn l�� Dental w. Its. Tt.. Illack
It. ��r, Jan *; -I
f rank B Strata to Wm Ranti   l-a Mii��rt..r
1 Stiw.il M j Vlaca i ll* a, Homo s k.-i> 15; ��i
Frank K s-ir.Jin !-��� Fr-.uk Tln-inMna -l �� Kilo,
suj.ri.?andKatlNtr, ^KombK   Kuasn O, also)
1U.M.U an.l { *��ia,��it M. Feb a>; *i
II A siinm rn. : II I Full. Tin* rhanrvrv.
K-i. *. .1
RataluM�� to Jamb   v  Kirk|��:rl��is      Glbba
t . k i-�� j �������������
Frank l.r.mill, i . JMin Ltaraoo , I'aia.F.l.
IA] ol
j.4m. i.���.*�����.;. in D 8 w .in.,i.i,-.   \ Pan, Kct.
Arthur % Kawbarjr t. �� l��a�� Bweraaj    I a Ml
vrr IVII N'h **, Jat. 1*1 >i
III i ���ntabVlUobniri ratoJumrj V i.nui    Ml
I..<.r.��4 in ii* K\<Iiai.i:'   Victoria, atocuat,and
*��th.t rial.   K. i. -I; ��l
> In. JarvH  !i*n}( I k< !-��� Ih r a...I  J.Jm   Denp
eey to Wa H Ma*t*eeUand Ai��l*��*�� ��� ��� Lanea
ilii l.iwt iil>M|ii.i\.>: ami  Naivm    Feb *;
��!������ tat
i harW Mian.! ami i-'t-?,>.. simtli (-��� J Tinlhic -
* Si l.aiU   *��lu a.nl liuli. F-��. *; ���:-'���...�����
K-1. ���
l> K Mrlaran to a K (H***** | li* l-amrhimr
W earn aad Far Away, aiao Crate n o-i. rVbnj
Mmii����i..ii.. \l l,��i��Ul. Uu- l.v.lia, N.��v
U . ���!������>
Allvrt I^MvaUIr ������ F Khanii'm Tin- l.��.l|.��
l*..  XI ; al'��'
I-in M.i.��lfc*��ti ami J..Im i. M.i.uU'an to
II. i.fv CalUtl.ai. S.I.1.IUH Han* ami KnwrM
lsii��. ||    ���. i.-   Am.-f1.an   n >   A|,<t    *>U    ,. ,,h
ii.* k. Jan i?: Sijoaa
Th.* M.i.uitfai. an.) J'li.i i. MrOataan to
||rnr> ( nlburltaii. Srti��*4lat) Man. an.l Kuan?*
I ��**..��- II IM Aitxriran Bay aiwf llla.k II..k
Jan ).- ; (:>����������
I'alri.k Mr..ntrv I.. II. ur. r.Ulal.an > llla.k
H.��k. Jan.; ��.-:. i
i<.   M.i.iu-v. to j*...... k  M.-i.nlr.    \   liU.k
��|.��k Jan |T|H
Frl. H
TtmDTobta t ��� ��v i. CaBaaaa \ \;.ll..n-
Jan ���:.'���. .1
Win Sudrow in J II Tit. in** i. and J   A   W til:
ti. r    I |{.v||.i<�� it. ami l.illlu.J.ii. 1; H."
.  W I. l.llai.ui i .   M...M    V   baltOH   I   V,.lk
tit.��. F-i.ai. ��i
Mir.li 1
l^ai). II It ����� man to J.w|>li ll M..\i1liiii ami
ll'.nlaii.i s:. ���.. ii��ui S.i j \,iini..ii. N l'. ami
\luia N-..*.. F.I. I$| M
Klfc'n Itianranl loC \\ anl hi.I Frank   Fnrtin
1 u \\ Ucnnaln ami S.lli.* :. Ft l. r*.. |1U0
Frank M ������'Itrl.-n t>. Cha. IU In um -1 K.��>t.ii
alii. <H t .*'���; *l
Kllrtl H-��>irAril to Wm 1*1. if. r    ( N.-lll.* II. Mitf
n* **!
Sanni. I l��.. Iiam|*a i. kxtgm nlllla I Ull*
Fraction, F. I. t*.; *VB
W in Kiii.ll.e. an.l J \ I ��.a ������ H to V ll I..|iii��1..ii-
Tbp Vialx, K**��i 11: i>l
Jobn Htrvatt to i Inner- V Traadale 1 <> Fr��*
moot, M..4.I, ami llaborn, K* li a, -i
ThoaHbcato Joarpb It M. Vidnn i '��� \.��.u.l��y.
Feb *i; ri
Frank Man��.-n toi'iiaas Kafbdall an.l Arnold
F. FatinlH1   JKrain*   Sm (A; ��*">
11>.# ....i to \^ Ward Huinkaand Prank U*al
���on-Th.' \\ ill... K. I. .s;; m
A ruiiir.nrt haa tufn 1.-1 Iu alnk .l.'.'.-'l "liaft
..ii Uu Ilalll.*. Tin* aluill lanoa dOWB 41 ttoX
nn.l a iin<* ��:i.iiii. .t. rl.-li (uufclna ura and uttatli i-
In III.- -Iiatl.
Bacaut mmvjt* ftrow Uu Jtirnboara ruaalna tip
In Hi. nundrrtbiof il >llnr. Tin* or.' I�� <|iu��rt/.
��� Mi; |0f (rti (jrolil ami t.-llnilil.
A euut{MRj ha- Ih^-i, Iiu'.h |...r.Ui.l In Spokane
I" w..lk   lit.     ll.m    l��uk.    i l.ilni   mi    Ik*.!    Talk
MrOBISOo linx.-lKs-n awarded aeontrvl to
-ink a nlmit |n>. tut illllH Ftlrfl and lli'*n I"
criM*-ut ir.in ;i.i.�� t."> f..*t The ��"ik l��to b��
i-..m|i|.i.il In June 1.
Tin*  Iron M >��k  la nMttlnulnat toWalW r.*unlnr
dally  -t*ii nl" ofa rorlmd of oretoUlfl Tral'
Kin. in I
I li< shaft .ii tin* siiia-ri.riH now down 40 feat.
On Uat 1'f.vt iwtnu* fu w.ll nilneraUard ledk*.-
���Batter, 1 lit- luljw j. tlinuvlit to In* Um* Mine aa
tha 0MS��do** tut Commander. An extemlve
plant lia�� |��*-ii orderad ami devekipment ��..rk
��ill I" .arriiil <>n actively.
Manai-.i Boat, of ii,.' Tacoma metier, on n n*
���. ni s Imt laid tlmt tin* liiirioua i.r.- ..f th. i,,. H.,i
���>-..il.|.-..iu-rntrat.*.    Soini MM NWI BUUle whii h
mowed inatoraa**��raglnKi��j per ton would pat
IwoiL-aiiii.-ly if(('iu-.ntnit.il.
Tat Ia- Hoi'��in�� i.iiiiii eompraMor jilaiii.tti.*
larK>*t In Canada,��u Mart.ii lad week. Th<-
nun lilmrv wa.niaiiufa.lur.il by the Canadian
Waiul I Hill ��� ..in;.ui\ of Sin rl.rooki*. Que., ami
w.ii.'ii.ii ttojjonnoundi It loaded .i\.-ar< ami
ma.!.* a aoliil train from the tactorr t*. it.aA.lami.
Tbe (bail on tin K.il Eaak kt abotri coiupntea.
ami lit.- ma. Inn. ry. wliirh has been in iraii'it
w.in. Uiiw, haa nfrii.il ami i�� l��-iiit' | tit in
The liit'-riiatioiial Gold Mining company ha��
������.in haaad the HnlUvan claim ���tiuated oa tit.*
.-r.-eK oi tli.it  name,four milesfrom tin* Trail
���in. It.r l��. \. toj.in.nt ��.rk will l�� a:.ir;cl at
MailniMi*. fordu BUvfrUall Is being |.nt in
i.la.-.- .iml Manager Pouode; .**|��f:. to have 'i
In mrfkiug i nl*r in a �����> k
Tli<-alialt nth. Coppei Qoeen, which adjoin.
tha M��> H >w. r on th<- area i�� .1 nan ab hii 2�� leal
a 1 i.t ii all In on-.
11.. Ureal U'eatera haa pul on tfarea clifhth >ur
���blfta In order tojnabwork Easter Th.-*iialt is
now down z< feet and when ii raarbaathe depth
olTSfoetlhe macliincry will la* In readlneaa for
Theaoodon la the (ara of Ihe ttpfasr tunnel in
tha CtBT has avadaatt] wldaned since fa waadda
eovsrad awii-k.-r ttao mo and no* statsum
1 ��� .ui-. ti.r.i- fti-t.
Tin War K:u;l. haSTMU >.l 1> 1" mc i ��t .jittn.'
��� Hit an.l lotting ote, ami th.-*.- men anr av.ratflag
**4�� ton. a w.v*.
\.n | .a) oretebeing bUrenool ofthe Beau
I*..t rotapanr'* minraonthe weatskfa ot����. K
m tintiln     iii. ..r��- i- l.iuhly dUci -n. an.l c.irri.ft
cooj�� r \.\ ril.-a ami gahme.    Siuht and ilay *hift��
an* hetng w.-rk��l
A   (lauof aintiif* i'roniotrra of   Whom
F.'r-ry One   should In* > nrefnl.
in tin- san PtandSDO News Letter of a raeeral
tUt.. J*'hi Flnl**> i liad an article in which he
claa^iH.tih. .hfT. n nt iari.-ti.-��..f th.- ���f.-iiu* mlir
lii(r*|ir.rtn..J��r. fr��.in which w.- taltr th.* (fi.ll.jwiuK
.-trract Thi.city t�� *iin|.l> all\. with th.-s-
-h>rk�� Mi��itjr'in.*ry Mr.*.-! i�� lin.il w,th th.in
fninittrti in riiiiiit until It'.- aliadow* fall and
tin-inlnliiK "fri. > ������ . ' * H .1 mj'u.r of eCOCOOIJ*
hi ��ra. Mil* I"h. ii mm '-1 the in.in from the
F*��t ��^ LoMtoo, tlj��- *l'.k w,-ll f.ii lookbi: haarjr
tretgbl who pomaaaa coaSdantal aisn "f world
nn anted baakfng flraa    \ ti...| fomi ihi* i*r.*;ii
mant'i'in if tin tiiim.*i> ��� \> ���! [iara.it.*. waituii'
t.�� ��r> t an amli.-in1.-. l�� moagk t 1 i.rim* il.wn ttpon
hi. head an anathema tnarantha Itrttag in OleUng
a. it m.11 ha in invcctii.. Tbase hnpnrted se*ea
nxh��l�� fare the tact in tire lUughtaraf iiuio<vnta
ahroad. Ilk. any oUm I hs�� ol  nnanria! onenttor,
eaa be imniaea ttp as Rood, bid ami Indifferent,
with the good, as usual, hi a very ho|**l.-��a minority*,  Th< m< n i.i thi latter type are difficult lo
i.4.i*   Tiny ......: ..f th. range of th.  mob,
sad Imp then as mock aa i.^Kibk*. a'beajrou
unit them 1 on timl a sentfeman. ami one who t*
w. 11 ntredbti ���" r\ drgtUuf thebnatneaa In which
lk*faeug*i***JI     lleiha** n.-t  dml It iKii-ssarv t>.
all hUetnaugc*Mnartfca��abroad,bat an*, smte
in. nt In-m.11 taaks.or arrangements,can in* da
pnidedupon."   Mr. Fin.Hay then eoottnurs in
vUi.i 11* .til. iinimrvlfulli acorlnglheMpompi oa
arrorrant and load talklm.*"   iswnoter, who he
truihfnllv rajra "haa jn��i brain* enooah i�� make a
thoraturn nwng am of blmsrif;'1  the "Ki.t pro
ntoter. hdracrihed aa a "mure article, with ���
ni*.ml for itllani In the pad
a sneak "< the lowesl -.nk-r
mean enough f. r a ipy . loul ��>r any olln*r .|ii.iliri
cation <>( low i-la.��B�� ra*��-alliy  iniolvini: ,1.4*|..nil
ratawta,aalled mlma. etc " and who rtnally ��<
cmm.latc. a fortune, -which, when attained, ia
aalvecmaiirh for a consi.mi-  iin.iff.mil  l.y  the
anger of pnWlc acorn."   The adraaee agents for
no call.. I .I- v. liipnn nt c..ni|>anl. �����." leeetveS the
attention ..( th.-writ. t. and he accurately .talc
colic-mint' th. 111 that -the aolt la-lnt with thSSS
gentk-mrn i�� a rlcalre to (wt a showy miniii*;
property fora eompsrallvt l> .mall mmof money,
whi.ewillatandInSation for aockjobtdna pur
ik*.n..n the other aide nf tbe Bocklesor Atlantic
M the < ase mm be."
We le- i*l >" Fii>t ri.iss work.
8 line Bath Rooms Ul connection.
Son Salt Baths without extra charge
The immense discoveries on Kokanee
Creek led to the formation of the���
Canadian Mining, Milling & SmeltingCo., Ltd
which lias taken over  tits   following
choice claims:
Glacier 4,
Two Snowbirds,
Clara G.
Full Sized
CAVITAU $2,000,000-2,000,000 SUAKKS
400,000 shares lor development now in treasury;
1 OvrjVlvrvr SOcll WS now on   the  market
d selling at 7kents
Tii is stock is l*ound to go up, as any prospector in
the district wlio lias been on the property can tell
vou that the oroppings on the Homestretch exceed
almost anything yet discovered in the Kootenay.
The original owners form the company and stock is
selling on its own merits.
Call on or write to the Secretary for Prospectuses.
Ore can be soen at office.
LE1GHTON St WILLIAMS, Mining Operators & Brokers.
Hox 111, Sandon, B.C.
0. D. Rand. D. S�� Wallbrilx.k.
Mining; and Stock Brokers,
Notaries Public        and        Conveyancers,
S-^isriDOisr, b. o.
Mines bought and sold. Stocks for sale in all R. C. mines.
Official broken for Wonderful Group Mining Co.
Kootenay agents for Bondholder Mining Co.,  St.   Keverne Mining Co
Phoenix Consolidated Mining Co. and Two Friends Mine Co. s stocks.
Com >anies Stooged a.*aci Fromoteci.	
The Clifton House,
**** Sandon.
Ila*aini>k* accnniiKKlatien* f.��r S large mimlicr of peafSe.     T1h> rooms arc Surge
aiuiniiv. and the Dtnlag Boon m imnrltfecJ ��itli arer*/tttog in tin* market.
Saagkle BooOMI for tomnunial Traveler*.
John Buckley, Prop.
ROSSLAND    -    -    ���    -
Civil & Hydraulic Engineers, Provincial
Land Surveyors, Notaries Public.
Agents for Railway Addition to Rossland
as*A nmnber ��>f **eU loeatar) mineral claim- for -^.iic
SH<��T    AT   MINF.KS.
A (irwnwood City (Junner Clad tli��*
Cover of Darkneaa.
tireenwood, B.C., Feb. 28-While
H. J. Hood, William Lewis and .las.
Fisher were waiting at 3 a.m. on the
step? ot the registers office to locate
the Mountain View, a claim that had
l>oen jumped, a fusilade of revolver
shot*, apparently from the inside, was
beard, and Hood was struck in the
arm. Lewis openly charges that
Hie recorder fired the shots.
List night at midnight the Mount-tin view claim, located in Dead-
wood camp, about tour miles from
here, became vacant by reason ofthe
tailors to perform the necessary assessment work. A number of proa*
jtectors determined to relocate the
claim. When the witching hour of
midnight arrived six different parties
were on the ground for that purpose,
and the race began as to which should
put in location posts, li. J. Hood,
who, with F. R Smith, had relocated
the claim, was the first to make speed
for the recorders office. He had his
saddle horse cached in the woods
close by and rode at top speed,
reaching the office at Midway at 3 a.
m. He took his stand on the steps
leading into the registry office, intending to remain there until 9 a.m.,
when the office opened. A few minutes later William Lewis and James
Fisher arrived on the same errand.
They chatted together pleasantly,and
Mr.' Fisher left. Shortly afterward
Mr. Lewis says he saw a light in one
of the rooms occupied by MeMyar.the
mining recorder.
The light was presently extinguished. A moment later three shots
were fired from a revolver,the bullets
I>assing uncomfortably close to where
Hood and Lewis were standing. The
shots were fired from the cornerofthe
kitchen building occupied by the recorder, l^ewis exclaimed: "Here,
quit thai! We are not doing any mis
chief." No reply was made, and the
shooting continued. The fifth or
sixth shot struck Hood in the arm.
after which they retreated around the
cornerofthe building- Three more
shots were fired afterward. Hood was
taken by Lewis to the hotel. Later
a sleigh was secured and the injured
man removed to the (Jreenwood hospital.
At i* o'clock this morning I>ewis returned to the registry office and in
formed Mr. McMyan of the shooting.
McMyan asked what they were doing
there. Lewis explained the reason
ot their presence, McMyan grinned.
Fisher later recorded the elaim as the
St. Lawrence.
indicated, therefore, a change in the
direction ot the movement rather than
any cessation in demand.
At the same time, a recent effort to
work up some speculation in the met
al, on the basts ofa probable demand
for coinage in Russia, has dropped
entirely for want ot support. Russia
is coining a large amount of one
rouble, 50 and 25 kopeks about 50,25
and 121 cents respectively to serve
as subsidiary coins in her new system.
but the silver required i> already on
hand, and little, if any, more will
have to be l>ought.
The price ot silver has beet
steady for some time past; and t
dications are that little change
l>e expected at present.
ie in
is to
While short crops, famine and gen
oral poverty are likely t<�� limit the
power of India to buy silver this
year, there seems u* be a larger demand from China and the Straist,
with some increase trom .lajian also,
so that the call tor silver from the east
shows no marked change in the total.
There is a variation in the course of
the movement, however, which has
reduced eastern Olden in the Ixtudon
market. The sliipments of silver
trom San Froncisco direct, though less
than had been expected, have still
lieen very eonsiderable. There has
also heen a large shipment from Aus
trails to China and the straits,and for
some months past practically al! the
silver from the Broken Hill mines
has been taken for the east. The
f&hter sh Ipments from London have
Secretary   of   "Orphiui    liny"   Am-tel
for Forgery  of  Stork.
Considerable excitement was inani
tested in mining circles this morning,
over the arrest, in this city, last
night, of F. C. Whitney, of Revel
stoke, secretary of the Orphan Boy
Mining Co. 'Ihe warrant was tamed
on information sworn out by Mr. J.W.
Haskins, president of the company,
the charge being the serious ooe of
forgery. It appears that Mr. Has
kins had gone to San Francisco to
purchase a new stamp mill tor the
company, and. aboot the same time.
Whitney was married and went <>n
his honeymoon trip. BubBSOQently,
he went to Spokane and bad a lot ot
stock certificates printed,representing
nearly 35,000 shares in the "Orphan
Boy"stock, to whien it is alleged, be
appended the presidents name a.s
well as his own as secretary. These
he sold through brokers ami others nt
about 4 ceuts per share This alone,
as the then price of "Orphan Boy"'
stock was 15 cents, was enough to
excite suspicion, as it caused the price
ot the genuine stock to immediately
drop fifty per cent.
On Ms return from the south Mr.
Haskins happened to see some of these
spurious share certificates in Vanei.u-
ver, and at once pronounced them
forgeries and clumsy ones at that
He then ascertained that Whitney
was in this vieinitv, and tracing him
up, he arrived in the city yesterday
evening and located him here. He
then swore jut a warrant fur Whit
ney's arrest, and Sergeant Diilaboogh
executed the same and took him
prisoner to Vancouver on the nine
p. in. tram.
Innocent purchasers of the fcfged
stock will  watch  with Interest the
future proceedings. -Columbian.
No   Wonder.
Is it  any   wonder  that Spokane
takes pride in the development of the
Slocan  country ?     A   glance at the
following partial list of her citizens or
former residents win,  hold   valuable
interests  in    that   eauip    will  ac
count for  the extreme   Interest that
is felt.    J, C Eaton, who wane year.-,
ago was in the clothing business here
is now the owner of one third of the
famous Whitewater; Geo. W. Hughes
owns large interests in tin-  Idaho,
Best and Mountain Chief: J. I).   Fat
rell is large owner antl manager of
the Idaho ; Andrew Porter, John  K.
Barter, H, M.   Sherman   and   J.  F.
Cutler practically Control the Nohle
Five;  T.   K.   Jefferson   and   Ralph
Clark own   nearly   one half of the
Washington Mining Cos stock; Byron
X. White is president and laigest individual holder of Stock In the com
pany owning the FUoeoti fttnr; J. M.
Whoa, Bill!
JUST ARRIVED, a fine line ol
tt Neglige shots. Iau*si pattern*.
Examine our fine line u. NF.i'KWKAR.
% BUEJttS,
I Valor ii) \I K AT
\\i> N
in uir.  i ����i:Ks
Robert M a i*>s u.i>
NWta   M V J-'V.I II
MACDONALD   BR0&, Proprietors.
;I.."*-�� to |_50 per day
Headquarters for Mining hpacnlslwi sad <apiu.ii-.t-.
Ave., - - Sandon,  H.(
Thos. Brown &Co.,
Saiidon, I u \.
Dealers in
GENTS'   FIKMsniMis  and   BOOTS  A   BH0K8
New Goods constantly arriving
Han-K p. r Kelly, 8. M.aiid George
wimrton own slmost all tbe stock ol
the Reco; li. Q ObrWq sad w   s
goriiian are largely interested in t1..*
Bluebird Mining; Co.; W. r   | m.ni
Geo Blair, A. W. siegei, Robt.  Kas-
gp*oda EL Often own tbe Blocan
l^.N,   while  during   UM
mouths s. s. Ballsy has mid
hall interest in the I
tJOOtOOQ and tits MeVeya, ��
Kesslcr have ��� * 1 *t t
I-a*.',    tew
**old   a   oiu*
avni' Groan for
ark am]
w Bath for Sc'.'-n,
Dealers iu
CHOKED   A      A NT II Kit.
pi ,���    .Ihiimii.    TerrlMe    Untile    for
Klim-r J ��n��. ii "I I'**ii William. M<> . < li.ik.il a
iiiuili' r !.��� <l��alli     Bs fi4itflil UM animal loi m��>re
iiiantwohooa Im tiwpttsftN sbsa4onsrJ lime
kiln ��>n tin- rlv'-r kwM m��rtli "f I*"t1 William  half
���.,\ I.ihi.'ii thai pise* ami Cat l<4aiitl.
JSRSM ��������� ynntf, ll���� "i'l Hum* kiln al .Ink
,i,.l li' aril a ii'*M In Uu* 1> <tl<��in Ilk. Um u) luar ��t
., i li 11.1 V.Lalt lite. OfAt Ok- jtlai-e ami he
woumni li"**  a tlillilomlil has-   i>.||l*eiv.    tl
iiik-tiiha��i- vaadmSawaj bnssstis iii.-iit.-it. a
>ii rt dk*ts*Mi "IT ���><��� iii.'iivfiit, n hst~na Mawif
ii,i. iii. |>li I.-, tin* Mjillnir*. UMthsvrtglUVa ���**
,�� ih.' .I.I.-.. II. I* Uh- RraapMl M"1 In lli it J��il1
f tb( i.Hii.tr \ sMwSgS !��' la mill "I im-illum
I,, ulit ami w<ij*lil     II'- n< ��"-r **a�� ah.ii.l ><t any
It ita�� ilark< r in Hi. ntt in <���(  tie    II lkin<   |4t
ihan JsassawmnaHl awpfsU i>   mil ��Ihii h-
i. Ih.I ih.  LiO 4tt Im* U-tf-au to RTOfW a|.,m��i| an.I
, all. n  it. ���aliul la**����;|a. ��� I t" (���   i i-: i hikl.    In
.  atiofl time lie ��a*a !�������� �����->��-. ��ri ��i.. .- al hlin fr .in
Ih rdSfkaMS, ami lie knew   I**  liail . n< mut-t.t! s
i ...I animal
tt< MsrWrJ lo rllmli hscfc up tit** lank Uu the
aiiinsJ mail' a .'���Out,' tow aril lilm. II �� auylit l.l.
|. ft arm **illi It* i la�� a ami turii'il Isim In MM It a
wat tli��: li. I'll u|��*.i It. J .!,������;, Ml wtiii hi*
. ii ih. j.ai.ili.r and think' Ih iiiii-! hat.
luirl a iImii OT It  ����� tiki  liat.   ktil.il  l.lm  in    I,.
��� rvnjkt ii��** laBaaal
In lltr ���inififfh- that (.�����** j4*i*��' U-< ���*��.-�� (he man
. *��t  *aii��*t ��M ll* ��.����l ��� ���*  ll  a!  Ilr.l.    He
i.  i.ntii.il anil  fongfll  with   li.-ilitm,'  l��il  l>��.
hand.    \SIku l����- srlpord the  j.-mtlwr  tn   lbs
I hi ������ f"fv��-tl in kl tt if��> atrain f.��f it  I n
- rt'.l-anil *kiu (nun him Mild ii. i> >ik'.l<U��*
��� h..l It ..n Ok u*i"iinl ami   afflltlMt tlM* ttfUM
a ��li�� >���< Uf |4t. ImhI tl ��|"��nfc- lurk at hint *�� ilti IS
il !>. m tw*��.
1 I* 11 ..I munlns* lnt���� t*mmft <n-. Mlm><l
I nn  an.) altrr liar batlil  liail brea *f4n*' an a l>u��
.. li. at:, n.j-u.l t   �������.��[���      Hi.  bud)   In ���- ami
Im ��.-h- a in*** ut arr.l. llM,  and tin-  rruiatti
red*   .11 lotblsa I*1*1 ������*" HlWltwl SMW SBSS>
., <��� itli l.l>��al     II.' f> ��<!>��.! a ��.i|'ln;k- thai >n�� t. al
haH   f tl��. ��� MimUlittf wall int. ���mtlng  lo climb
f -.:�� i4t     J����l IImfii ll��< |iaiitli. r   r* m ��'��t bt*
iltarb ��n i J.ii.,. mi ul.d |.. alml.l him* II -til.tli.
n** hi. k>f>   asj.lli.i,-   WM   l-n:   .|>.u   tu  thr
I .;..! Ihr |untlt>r�� MVS "a* mnl. i It     It ��a*
.    v..|.|. uUl   I.nt   ib>-   noSSSP]  Jan"* ii   bl
����*rv lhal hr had Ihr animal In  a  tr��j>  !*������
I ��� i. adv niUff <>( I! anl j*i.|i��.l Id. w< Igbl >*���� Ibe
���i     In It. MMlSSl'S th��^  |<anth< r   at- tw ���!  ilwll
. thr l��ill ..< ttio tr>-  nb.ry>  tt ai..i  I  *���>!.
-,n ftn  ��i*ain.  um Jau*.ti  *i��   that  ltr
���*. t. II it     \\ twt.ri.-r hr . an*ht lt.4.1    ' tt Ui
���a.lH.I KM ��*kin ami in thai r**sj U* Buhl
Janaun lhlnk.hr srsl tOOtt th*n at�� hont  rh>ili
.- '.'.- j.anih. i U. ilnath anil it ��a. an ���'!>��� r IkWi
'     KutOMl   .4  Ihe   lln-r |4t     Hr   w.-*!kr.l  I'
.liaiv and ��a��  ..rrtakrn   tu   a   .|n,��*i tin*.*
hi a wagas) l.-und t.��  I". n  WUtUm     * l.h>M��
��� ��^.| hi. msmSs, l��il l�� "HI !��������< i�� aim-1 >
" ". ht�� U.l far * m.'tith     eh�� *.ralrl��r~�� <ai  ht��
rrtUtSjsSpMV him I.' Uh
i'   dead MBtbsi srss tslMiaat of Ha oM linn
I '���'������   li' \l <U.       it. h* ad *�����   hm��..|   BIMl   "I"
' lia tutv k-tr* ��aa l��*Mhrti    ItVSSs5<Mnf snl
���<)    Nit    an   lull*    |ft����n     Thr   .k*o>   ��llt I*.
���>��"l .li.lKtvrut..   %,-inii."   J.��*ru.   nit.,  ma'h-
4  thr   i.r.n..:   aarhta ami  m>*t  |*��d> ugM
���.'.l��. In which a huniati  U-lus rt ��� t  ��� nitaK
KK.K1*   WHAT   IM   l-KIT
Ih. ti t rnimnt aiAi'd li.lkl ami ..,.r��t. liar
' i ><i . \.-.t I'aaa UaJiwa.
ith .tlanth U.ritlm Pi >vliura hat < lltr In'
t rrolotisl railway lo bfaMl tl�� m lafMhsi   SM
i��. t tlirm with ..Id i aiia.lt and |��mtrct llv in frun
.\..��*|��r  ff.lk'ht  ralr*       riu-   I'ariflr  in'rilitm-
,'�����>.������ I. ����� .ii�� ��� .i ru-h1 !������ a QsVMMMI i>kii| to
���trvrl.ifi |ta DMWin-r* and pmtrd  it   ln<u>     ITSBi
i\, U.-iifht i it. ���
It tin- (..in rniii. nl alt.-tn|4.*��l t" hand ll.<  li.n I
���    1 nlal  i Mil ....I   ..v.i   ti.llwt     I'. | .th.  ....jJr
'���[  th'' |��r<it llK-lW ��'1\it|  Willllll  I i*   ill M'lr>-Il|.lll.   II
ih. ii..\ ��� i iiiiHiil hand, hm-i tin' i r"����'�� Ki *t l'a��.
i-iiiwa).or nsUidWstobaSS a. i" Um I sasdisa
i '������ ��������. rallw-at. tin   |.-",.|.   ..f   Britfe**, t   ihtnihU
will hnir ,i ilirht t" la  (nri.ii. that a lalli All I    >
I- i ItloM l�� t" han- in.in- inllii. in .   thin   lit.-   \����l
I'l ...In..- In whirl) Ih. J   llv.
I !������ ����� f.n t��. 111 n > a* will la Ik,i ii.. in niiml w bra
l'<   '��� .\ i-iuun Rl   I.   KMWSnWIna   Ihr  i|in .Iimi  ������(
a Ik. .hall i.i.il.I thr nwd      it ah'mld mid u n
...I. i.il|..n: kt th. |.N,(,|. nl Uh- I'aiill. i ��i��t la
Inati.lthi -viiin- n�� ih.- |-..|.i< u( tin* ,;U;vin
���  >i.t��  unit (.ndi-, I tin in frmn m rnoftol**.
Ihr Dominion of Osnsds srss ones dwsv rlbul sn
ll"  M.-hi.l h,i\ h.rllnl   in idlmi I'm Ilii i.tliwa.
Ninli . If thn'r iw*l \..| I'i-whii.I  a anl-ld-.   t"
hiilld I nmd 111r..i,u*11 it.ami i>oa��*w>l'iu  ..(   ill  tin*
. ..I .mil "ll Iniid* an-hniidi-il  uvi* l> thi�� lin-nl
.orponUou, Um d>-*.< IpUun will not u* (sir std ij
I 'auiidUu.an- |n..nd ..f th.. OMSfUsn PsHSc
mllWSJ -iikI tin- iininv uilllluii. nf d.illar. .iml lbs
... i'��id i.unl thiil Um > plTS t.iw.iul. It.. Iiiilldliu*
���������in ��.|| invrati-d. hut wt i-.itin.it n(T"iil h> Uiron
i hi hiluui' id i.innilii in  tn riimiik'lf S   idluit
���.vMrm whlrb would l.nn C��nsos wttl i sn>
���>*triii \\< .nun..I i-imi.i Uh* vTiit i.-illw.i*.
'"iiuhiiii Umi ,,| th. iwgissidrS and in-n.T.��ll.
���-I tii'-r,iiiii,iinn |��*.i|ii. i.i f,���v.i*, th. in .rtama*
���ii wnst i> i. it ,,i nbr i:h in jn.i mi
An    VkoiiiiI of Ail   thr   Mlnra   In  Thia
>'��������*   lti-i>iini
Hilm 1.3k. i iti.   'IVn* I-tin- irr.-it.-i unit
lit in th>���.'in.  ilv,, KMiiitri lo Uh-  BOTtbeSSl  "f
WH*  "ii Haiuv l^ikr uaUTa     Its tWOQSST*
rat asttoM oa tin- c. i\ KavaJBoBbcarsad
Martin, fnnii whirl, mcHt uf tin- mlm����� ai. not
dlahint in .r. than f.irtv mil,*. Tin- dl.lrirt thr.-.
trara i.tf.. wa- al��oluh*lv an uiikiniwu bml.
N'tt nrimjU ttlll havr a KTrat |T*~psr*tOIS* Slid
lutiirra laa.ni. Normni't tn|-.t��.rv .,( ||H- mlnr.
tlnti- h.i�� <\t r l^-rii |.rlnt<i|
TbsSI mlm** and th. Ir pnSSBl ikv.-l.^mn nt ii.
a* USlWI
ThrSawNtl mlnr In whlih llamlli'ii Oat.
nirn an luli-n-atiil. ha* ih-rul.d to pal In a win*
MP-iramway l.i�� U f.i t l<.ng (i.,ui mlm- tn mill
now'bstag ��ntt.-i| i.n tin ��li..i. ..( Sawhili l^ik.
A lull i ut fit "f nun hlmrv <-< maiatiiit* of tin
���l.\ui(. mill h SSU i-"iii|.l' t. ��-. uu |.lant .tf..aiv
��<���� at llw* n-ar.-.t atati-iu nn th. lanadian   I'ail
th    ami will  Ir   Ii.tiik-.l    tn   thr    llltll.     lafnri-   till-
...rli.t* hnakut.. S<i��im* Hf'.v turn .in- at w.it-k
ami drills art Ea!*Af run on Ihn* l.v. l��. tin- sbsfl
i-lnc down HO f"��-t i .ii*id*-raid.' In-.- inltUmc
ri.b ura I. rtiaM<Mj awl 0* \mdv la *>S]x>(*(kI h> U*
t rrv IsiW. If la ril/llt frr-l whir at tin {,..( .,f th.
thaft. It l�� r*j*.i t���| t,, l��. ,,|.i, [��� handl. ;Ib- . .in
IBf t.-aiat- ut Uf"t inn* of OR! daily
In. Hawk Hit mlnr ha. a SlSfl down Wttntj
f"l. w^tli th.  villi f.rtir t-'ftv. IbH wide ami run'
nin a- (r.. m MS to ft 11 tiv ton. This eomosaj
h��* a nmijio-a*.!- |ibnt and |. f .ttili.tr In a nips
Tini HsanBond Dj k<  ..wm.i by RamnotMlof
>'"rt W llliam and fit \<-w Y>>rk inrn. of whom
to. Ootsmoi ri-.wrr l�� imr, la rn-lnf d�� trl.^atl. It
I* *ii|i|n.(.l t.. be OM of llw* rirh.wl tf.'ld atriki*. in
tbe world bring *�����> to ����' fort wW�� half a mil.-
i> rn; and aaa*;iiik" fo HI St In MB pat '.on. It i�� a
jfnai quarry, and tin- OWIMSS an* pmBSftaf t"
sfwl s anslsnTui mill next nhmb****.   So tat no
mlniiitf bSS SSn ��i.u��'. ami it will take a y.ur |..
pa *ui-h a iiiill tn j��Ur*r.
Fnnii tin-l.*k> Han.M mlm* in tin*  Srlm   aU.nt
it ���aaihatr ta.vti takni in tbs course of develop
m.nt w,*k t" thia tint*- It hssfawi In >.j��Tatl<ai
(.>r two ti-ai* opersUons werebesntn atth. mi
fan- i*i. ti-arf) a��f A fttr <4amh mill ha.�� l��*^u
OpHTSted, and tit.* More SI* I* inj." takrn In "li .tin
SnOW       \ ��� ��� !";���!' ��*���<! ..it j4.ni!   aud   i4h< r   Umi il
inrrt hatr been tsa In. A lara,'** trwiaJ ��l mm l��
u��.w la'lntf aihl��l and tin jJant in. ludin*.' a sawmill, w ill t��  optnilsdlo lull  i.'i|.a(ltt   (rum  thia
ftretnJotberminessn u.n.- .>i��-rat<-<i in Um
Hiior. TU Kal.i.k.wik* a iuri of ih. lUunmood
tltkr. baa twrtitv  in. it at w.^k, |rilttiin{ u)i raui|i.
snd prensrlnc for minhtf Tbe Wammm com-
i��ant hi beainntna '1��r��ll..ii�� iluse bj . UM l.laml
Kalf* ptoprrtj  ha�� bvwn twrtiy  developed, and
ry�� oil ilia.-.vi rt��-. at lin- ��!������*.��� and I'l. .ir�� it. i.
h.��v. IsitSMtHas oWl*SJSI > .I. < !���!��� t . i.' ��� t" w >rk
ai tiv.lv Iu th< apHfngj
llw* in tnliK.ifassrtbmfrom tortj t.�� Mix
tr.il.aii iii iiar- ,.niv iii 11 road In tbe beort< f�� chu!
;rv thr..- ycorassonol known .mil sow sppcrenl
It lull ��( ROM t. ln�� that .it> *iir|iO��iiii.*!v l*H li and
Shat Will nm|..uU"dlv  hat. :i k*rr:vl tlOUin !h''l"olll
Ina "uiiiim r
It l�� r�� |a��i l.tl tha! f.mr ri<-h <li��- iVerkS ",n-
m.d. ..ii ih- N.ln. Ittti r ia.l w.rk, all h-* than
nt ������ mnt tnm Un new town of Mini- i 'ill' r and
thai ��|at limn. ��f i.����| alw hatr -h-wn �� n-1��. tlw
t alia. ��.| fr in    .. *.���.'. imi to tin- t-Hi
Twriitt itsmns*stitstsiTrrl si Um K"!<> mine
on th.- nth. Ihii tlirr. lia�� bsmi an news li .111
Ibrn ftoce Iii. ronSdenS** ciperled thsl thr
11k w til r im i .ii��hl< rahlv nt. i Pli In nM
Tin n* an-rlalimti i..hr .iuo.o.i ton* of ore *h"��n
l��;ivi*!i th. working** In this mine, ami that thr
s**ersfp rsiaraf tlw rock *-��� fsr ss known t.
sbontttl This Is from boi otw ��d >���>��� Iwentj*.
mm* vrlti. that ��r. i ti��*.-.l on tin- rompsnjri
|irv.|> lit. a. t.-r.tl of w lili h an- undouhi'illv rn*h
and ��� 'trn.it <���
Tlw-lllth Aimriian inim . tin- only iniin* in
th. Ivjiiiv Lsbe rrpton oo the Amerirsu side ot
tbe in-.i n..ttioiial laaiudart . i�� rnnnins lull timo
.ind with trn sstunps dropping aeodllj u tmii
!ni,*--.tt ssstWsctor} smoontof metal It" roeSj
l* runntnn sb *ul ���>.-���; ��� ihe Ion, It l�� rmlnwd snd
up 1.. Mn I" thr ti ll.
Th< i*. l.fi.m foui loflvr c t of r*Sow ��H ant
ih' If. nit Unho dlatrlit bat esaps in o-iiiv.- In,
in.I .ninilh-. an- |��n k<.| I" nn n at work any
whrtv ft..in 4" !������ I" mites fr-aii tin- man-.! mil
wsvpotntbj men on snon thosa and hy d.��:
t.iin. Kurt prospector in lbs rapton l�� nosy
and a Msmpeoe l�� kaiked (��� t In the Spring t" Ih.-
Ilalnt l.akr and S. Inr rlvr-rtloin <>f the new
��� qii H Is gold th Id"
It i�� it hi. nt that tin* I'ci.hitniv ttlll MOf) all it*
own wisdom snd sll ihr wlsdmn ii ran borrow
from th. oatsbk In aosSng wan the m.o
.iiin.lv foi tin- Incorporation of eompsnies
Drawing ih.' Um w ssito -���."in tin.* protection
f..r Invsshai vv uh.>ut undne dlsooarsgetnenl to
raintng entorprim b .1 worti ���.( -i-���in-ai-y umi iiitn
ruliv    rran theespsrItj For blundering hereto
for dfaptsjed h.t tin- hOUSSi our run hunllv export
Uu* iH-w art to come f..nli �� perfe 1 messure, Knr
iha�� U a 'in at all Ilk. l.v tiiat We -h.'l li-itv In
roiinri 1 i.... th. t. vtith .inotlni rxenipllOrsUoa of
Ihr pnitrih that til thr iiililtiliuh ..' ���-o|lll>.'llo|x
tin ir I* aalrtt . for Ihr iinili��a-l�� M lit offil-i-il an*
iiiiii h liirlimd lo r..iitr:ullrliotn> I in one Imiut
Ihrrr I. mhStnnllSl uu 1'�� m nl. ii.im.lt . that III ���
urov |.| mi in th.��� ih ilt hill 1 illlnu 1.1   Ine ten |.*r
The Newmarket
New Denver, B.C.
ls-iHmhil.mtlK-hiiiik.iof theU-aidlful Sloran l>akr. and gnests ran *it t*pon
thl halrony and ga��- ii|t.m l\w irnnxle.*! rtctiiery in Amrrira w itliout extra charge
Thr Mr.' ewnps ayntrin la SXeaUsnt Ttie rootSM an* airy and deoOTSted with the
lat.-t r, -uit- ..f the wsHpsparsrt The exterior of the t��.��t.l Is pstnted in eotow
Ihsl hsi munlsti nttti llw Irtsnllsfki nrwmrr   Th.* DbimgBoom b alway- pro
v id.il with f.��a| that ii 9MJ, dijre.itihle and SStWjTlOg M the innrr iionomy of
man.   Thr liar i. rr|.|.h-  with Hie innt imalern., SS well a�� arn-lmt hnimtiof
nritr prodoesrs.
I'.-ldhui'i, Siltrr Dsaooatei Canadian Qgpltllhtii ProspsrtOfSi Minen.
Trndntest, Tn. Mlk* Milll.naln* and HUrrim- of rt.-rt *m�� in |��.lltir-. n-
Hkd*ai <-r w.-rdlh are weleoineal lid** h"ii-r.
nnke f. r tin- X wmarkrt when y. 11 rant h ttn- Soeu tnetroiailii ami do not for
get th.- landlord 1 iiinm-i;   it li
Henry Stege.
r. nt  ..f i-ajiii.il l��;..ir o|ieratioiia ciMihl Im* ...ii.
ia i! ��..nld atrike a nitons hk>w- at thr mining
Indu.try. It bssbeen promised on behelf of the
government that thh risass win ta- eonstdersldjf
in idlSed Slid it WooM m**! to tie. Then* i�� mm h
talk aUiut mwt rspJlsUssllon and the necessttv
"f r<*tri< timr the am.'tint of ��*.-ipital  with  widen
companies an- Ineorporatod. It sesaw to us that
tin* rv il !��.����� not ati umi ii iii the BXNMtv* smoont
��� >f nominal rapital aa lu thr gMOS of deception
which lre��|u>-ntlv sceompsnies Ss Issue. Soman
btemed with a tflimmrr of int. Hiu" n��v ran fail to
����-���> that tin-larurr tie-capital thr auiallrr tla- rr
turn ja r aharv la likely to la', ami If the fart, rr
hvttug to nny mining property ai*1' fairly plseed
l��-f s*e Inrn hiniw ii Jnagemenl ooghl t" gamt him
in ��� th. .nit s-.i'.ii>:\ of hrrrstlng Hut thr in-
vetting .ii.,n!d !*��� protected from tain- and fraud
ulriii ropressntsaoni with rrjmnl to meh
properties. If any mine prom >ier��aeent or hr.ikir
-. i;.-; . k ������*, tin <*i.-m.tli >.f <al*�� auteinent* lie
��h nld be I'linl'.leil in much the SSmfiftS om- who
gets uionrt on oiijiuary false pretences, A few
iiumplw hi tlili Him nunhl mdmriaedl** hsve a
wholesome effect oo the genUemea who drhtier-
j.hiv srl strpni Ihstlnji tin isiblh nllh Seeeptive
pratMCtMSta Tie n aiioold alao la* protection for
the MinrehuMiT sgslnsl Ihe ilai[S**T i��>wrr ofthe
nuj. -rity iu a i-omjony to seS a property, w-hen it
ran i�� rirawn Uiat the exercise of utst rawer i*
tlkeh to w-urk an Jnju��tii*r. Tln-n* ahontd la*, if
tUi-si-1. not now . an opportnntt** to :\\>\*..! to the
oonitsof thamroriurasgslnst sneh inju.tiec a..
*a< SppsreoUt bivoltmi  In lla* War Kafir trail*
acii'.n. Another practleewhkk mrtotmy n��*i*ds
dteektng i�� tin mV of the ��iiak <>wmil hy |��n.mo-
trr* while ttn-n* i* no BMHM y tn tlte tn-aaury for
tin drv. Inj.iii.nt oi tin* niiiir. Insneh s case the
jmri ham-r lian no tirurity tha* lie to tottinc
ant talu>' fot hi* nioiu v; the promoters may get
r.rh while tin* uiinr i* h-ft iu a completely tinde-
reloped *tatr it would icem nsoesssiy that every
compsny shwrJd bs tomtni to pot some diattne-
Hon mark on tr.-a.ury at.a-k. and that a o-rtaln
proporUoa of that .i.'.-k ��h.--.:.l Im* dis|aatetl of. or
a certain proportion of fund, -djiaild la* funiblKil
ftll ibiTiahltinwilt lailllai*me l�� fon* tin* )iroiivtters'
rgorhcanns altered for sale. In three nr four
ra��.'�� lately, porrbssets of utiare. hate (bond that
th. ti money wsi going to enrich Ihe original
owners si i��n-h ibsros, whik- not a dollar wm
..\ iil.l.l, for nlscing thr mine in a uusBlun toearn
dit i.I'-ikI*. inch esses poinl mod enuihstfcsUj
to lit.- ii.n-.-a ty t.<ra n-nutly la-in��* sppBed
Will Inl Itoth Wiiiv
Th.l.UnttSd States alien hill if It ia copie I in
C.u.aila and appiiitl tothe i-itixriii of the United
Stat.i who come !;��� IhU emmtry to I ��'k for work,
will under tin* ClrmmStSWOeSCOl more deeply into
���Hir MlghhOn than it can l>e made to tvound the
people of tin- Dominion.   At present the United
Stat. . m to mcli a ihpi ��*>.*d condition tiiat few
QumShUM aie dtiir.Hi�� of en Ming the lin * to
ol .la m work, while with the irtvat t'anadian niiii
Ing . BtorpriseS, which an* Sttncttng tin* attention
,,f the wot I.I. thoiiniiuli of oaT mlgbbon who an-
Idle at lioiue will likely Mek empl ivioent on thiti
ride "I tlte h.t -nuili-niaI Ix.iiiiiI.ii.v
For thia nMi tin- moinrnt that the t'nlted
Stat.f alien lalmr ii manifestly Keen t�� COntlnao
ami im>w in hmi*. the Canadian 1'arliaim-ut
should hnstsn to onset sietsllstory msssore. (to
time should be bat. tot wltb the tin* opening of
iprtng emigration fn��tn the Unhed Stain Into
om mining eswps will beartn nnd ronUntw for tin*
tlrai few wivkiat least w ith s rn.h. If the n-tal-
latot v law ii to be effective It riwoM in* psssed
sl the tint possible moment, enforced with the ut
moH  Kilngency, and our own people given a
ehaiirr tO ut't rvrry ptCOS of work (folii**.
Vi'Oordtng to tin* newspaper reports ;i thoussnd
eitlsens of tin- United Stiles held s meeUng in
h'..iil.in.l. it i.'.. protesting, imti.o much igslnst
the Injustice of lbs alien law enforced by their
own country, hut polminir nut what Csnsdjftn
n-talli.-uiou would mean to ih.in ami the people of
the far \\ estern Stati*.. Thia is algtilflccut, and
should la- enough to stir our trtftstators into
prompt a��'tl"u: fta If we cannot stand this soil of
thing, the s.Miner we (Ind tt out tbe better, snd If
we .an stand it ami still prosper, tin* sooner the
I'nlteil Slat.'. And* It "llt the lietter.
When In Vanoouvor stap st tin*
Manor rTousf*. t
Commercial Hotel,
G. THOMAS, Proprietor
I'.ir. liii.itimr 4 (amide, St.
*m**t*P��     Vancouver,B.C.
All M'��lerii lmiirovemenLs.
Bpedsl actHtmm.slati.Hi for Minimr Men.
jVfcQueen & Gore bavt
just opened in the Harris
building with a full line of
toilet articles.
Remember the place,
McQueen & gore,
FITZtiF.ltALU A DAY. Props.
 Manufaturer-t of all	
Sypboos, Ginger Ale.
Baraaparilla, Etc, Etc.
9andon, B.C
Patronize home imlusrrv
when vou want the liest
Ifinea in tbe Trail Creek District
lor salf on Stocking- or Bonding
Ivtsi*. Okfhk: TRAIL, B.C.
Is the Pioneer  House of the City.
Proprietor. THE   PAYSTREAK.
>llnor *ininc .Mnttrra
The British Ex**'raik.n c mmmf and trailer
EupU** iu.-��*��nr*? mmmi th* l��aM two tears have
turned tbrir Mfc-ntf-Mi in tht Tinted Suit* ruber
: ��� M and well-devek-ixtl pr****** r.io wluvh. wilh
*t.ine imj^vrnM-ntt in the m�� thai* of *** rkinjr
will l*rx��ae worth HK*t that- under th**tr tthl
luaiuurment. Soch ha* been the ea?*- with th.
Anaroad*. in M..4ittua. tit.  Helena awl FrlstM In
I.iah". and tbe Turn BM in Of*aa***��S��� The >v
���*4-at>.ii e.:��np*nv etnjik.v*. ac-nt* awl oporto
*f->iuajiited *a-ith k*al eoniiiti ��i���� and. ins. ad ot
-a-tidinp can f*.4rturu etMri��wrr�� u>^ t.f the urn
ther have nlaeed in ehars. ����f their javjw-nV** t"
Ani.ri.-a.Ka* which th*v hat- j��aM artthtn tht
UM rwv year. �����*���*,�����!��'.����'. s". Aiih-rieana.
X t�� that thtT* if- MK-h au irxnra.**.! tlemaud f.-r
'>4^j*r. proapectimr f-.r mlm-* i�� eointf otx wre
ai-Ofielv tlian ever. Many >��f lb** k��i>*��n ile{ai*it*
which have nuC c��* Ut. U*-u w.a-ki.l .<winir to the
wriee ot low <raaV or*.��rv Si.-a,i�� Mag CSaMtoa
Thi* i* particularly trne in Arintna. In th.
ii�� .unttiu* ar.ajt Tu*i*J\.a tb.-r- are known Is I**
many Unit.-* sf or*, a |CTt-��t sdvsnuure th* H".**-
l**eti6r Iu.* U'.<w*davB over tbe man who WM 04H
a few y<*ar�� ***">.����� the Uct that la- i* U-t'er ..(,ii[.
;��� i ��� ���' ii'-tercuinli:if tU- vali> ������'. what h-- tinii-
KHt Ttxad* i*4and. Briti.h ( ���hnnliU. in the
Yan A&da mine. own**! S*J VitSorts ami CMh_
��� .ii..iu!i��iv it i* claimad th'a: *.!*- ore mm ��0 t-> Tv>
I��er eenj in c-tjpjier. beside** carry umt irold.
TU* HeeU <"-���(>*>4kU:ei] Minim: r*><trni��fiv of
i.k*tatlale. Moo:. willpat��" *>*�� ���"-������ l**>- dividend
Xo. H.>vf*L>i*ai. Thi* will make for MR paid
��**. jf.����'. and a total j��aid up 11 ��UW- ot ��t* IT:.*....
Tlw* set {4-4)1.* sl tU- l't:i*ed Venle t- .|>*��-r
mine* a: Jetvsne. Ariz.. Um 1***'. wire r5j�����'.<*��>.
Tbe maUl in ihe United Sutea with U�� siitv
miHfou m 4ith* to feed m that tbe wealth which
<ho��kl U fillim: with f..'t the in-41th*. .f 1 !������*
iiiilliiai* ..f I'urie Sana's nee.lt 1 hiUren i�� tJUtmr
with money the jata-kH*. of "a few huitdre.1 <f
luck* S*ni s favored dsrtiiur*.
It i- 10 la Ir********! that the new Alien Lata* Lasr,
ju*. paased by the United State* Seriate, wilt not
j*ovuke reialiatk.u to ant eit. di wl h**i wUl re
ne.teMr Edward Fairer fr.��ui hi* Hie w,<k n*
���nktag t.'anada. Iu* rsrkptod rsaaaf*, aiiheTv- to
which ��c \#kwf.
Aft��T it.* so<x-*<**���� in ad<4-uiii_- tin I. *ht*- Irntnl
rrauou Billwixh aUoriU. mn.ii4m.-ri: t anadiati*
need no niore ��xtrnd��-d a��*cjaainUme with the
truth that tbe Refjolitk-an |*any of the Utiiteii
State. ha< Ie** lirains and ni an rneanncaa ttian
any orU-r'*d��T .4 Amrke>*av' in.liviiiuab on
The J*t4d .*itput of t'ri{a|ia>' �� reek eoetinne-. to
iucit-ase. and for th* tuontii ���! January wa.��tU
U*v>*st et^r ivpurtoii. Oor '-.^Tesju^ilent iu tU
eamp put* the outwit at T.tT<> tottf <��>eltiim <a*e
ami 1" 11" tons millini; ore. the t<4al vaii>- Uiiur
**41.t*i If prodm-ti.m ahouki k��-<*p uj> at tUi* rate
it woukl briu��r tbe t.4al to over ��Mji��v..> a year
ind it seem.* rsot at all unlikely that th:* ti|run-
w-ill !����� reat*U-<l if i>" imforaeen "aeeid*nt .Uatkl
t'..|��|jeri>4Taluetion in the United sun-* f. r tU
nr-t ne4itn of W. i-'rtitii.jrd  at a high  rate. tb��-
total rejaTTb-d by Mr. John  Stanton. atatiMieUn
f��r tU (^dorera  Uintr lT,i��57 kmtr t.xia. an iu
erea.*- <rf 2X>laus.. or 17 per e^nt  not Januarv.
l<��;.   It is etident t*iat our mim-s hav-.- no ioteii
tkm at pn-��*nt of diminish ins.* the  output  or of
.nt   mimnn   bs  anv   nrj   firm.    Tlie    in
ereur* is atwiarently all taken'utx and the market
11 verv firm.   Eurr,ja��n imaduetK'H for the nt>4tth
fell "B'ahfc'tidy the di Kerenf*e  la-itiar 2X< tons. <*
:.* j��-r eent.   The United State* exniris essana
��-.i teft larve. tbet/atal f'jr the mi>u*Ji bavin*: la-en
sJU tons, a a**in of 14*3 t.w#. or i�� 1 per eersl
��� n ��� -r Ut< year.   Th�� iiKn-avhi 'i{ir>rta waa ttiu-
��� 1.11 s.T.a .r In iir.^..rti.�� tlian that in  pratne
How rrin��e to-i-vta criun. Tin mtt tiiat one
trampkilkdSMaSer 1-ersur.- U- w.ajkl mat trite
fate twenty ftr.- cent* leads tin Spokane 1 hron-
iele t��> *ay that uo <|oarter wj< fdtcii'rti .-l:li.r
��id>. Whrrh of lU-*>-two l��it�� <��f tk-pra. itv i�� tht
w.^-��   w.- almll n,< trv |0 dee-kit
SASKATt lll.W A>    HAS (.01.11
A party .4 mitter* (nan the I nitid "��ute* |��r.a.
fmni toihm m tie SaLalfcateietan rii.-r iw-ar
RrfeMaan U��t '���.toUr. takiutr a few t.ualwl��..f
-and fpaii dirT.-rvnt psSBC* aud lr>.��n tU taillntra
t. liieli had bSSB k-fi lit miner, who liad uae.1 tie-
primitite ui.-th.*i�� ..( washiii'r tU vM. It b
OgfO rejiorterl that tot pSMpSMSOhsvC'SsC >t. nil
l.t tnatiiu- tU��� aampl-. lit iim< impr..v.��l oteth
on that tUy ate ten rlrh in flne ict4iI **aa.mt*
it �� rUiuieil a- liiffti a* ��S��S' a ton. A Dik-au*"
-;. i.dieat'* ha�� l-e.-n formed to fiirrti.li marhinrry
t'j w-"rk tU-*��rHl ami Ednfntoti is l--kn.it; f(;r
.,   i i 1.. ,> *h*r.- .4 the milling I����4ji     TU- nr.|
r��-��-.mi of (.tiki having bSSM found m ity- Sa*
k.'in-Uwan l* ereditiil to In Hunler. *),., made
E.l!ie-!iW4i Ids heaikiuart��T* laaween IK-VS and the
-uuiiie r <>f ia.f�� Er>4u tiiat date .traiririiiik' ad
t.-ntunT* f.ire.*d :U-ir way up tin- rtr��-r, and.
��ith rude tin pint. - t��.ml "with small U)"***1 whk li
ssMtsnrl for a ������frrtzzly " made anvaints raryinit
from t7 t"t>H'a tUy �� aslun-j *.- >ld from tlie'l.ar��
-.f tt�� river. SliK-e then the iminl-r of num-r*
has annually hrasswr*! until laat year alwait oat
liiindred or more men apriit tU sprimr ami fall
month. Srhea tU- water waa kiwes*. waahinir th*
i.t>l��leii .and Fet at ia ahown by the rST(*at
aaaay. tU-y only mrt s SSS*J Mtiall MSHttlMsi
the irokl. makiutr fr tu S3 toSJi a lUt. Uit many
nen-i-.��mer��i4" tenda-rfeet have |a e.*nt'-nt ton
~ h 1 h itli ��� I rents: ��� ���! 1 il 11
New York Tailor
LargeX tailoring est-iblisli
meot in K C now open ���
branch .it   :      :     *���     ���
tvith '.\ full line of    :
Clo* hs, Gcnt'aS
Clothing m
Travelers arflj call iVeqaetly  at
the trariooe to���ai with nmptf*i
Pays special attention to all
kinds of watch repairing.
Laiirir��- stot-k of
Kootenay Mercantile Tailoring to,
Oppmimt  Th.   1 : ������   n
pHflMtd i'V��-r by Mlv -j
mimm 1 raoram bouuht, >���
always on hand !   OtrNa i Uaad
Spices, Teas, Coffees,
Oon in til r/tbtt }<urr-.t mmI U'tt <iaaltt)
ft*- inii.%. I'h-nii and Jaoaa at nf $*** fn'm l* '  M ' 1,r '
M& J COFFEE ,���s
la*   C**T*< 1 !
nn��l make** a *tfl��rH-u* u��<l **i*U��4> mj* ou}.
a>V^V -\-tyv3
Fresh Groceries every day
1....I*. 'l*'liv��*r��'l j r.ui}>*;\
Hotel    K00tGnaV   "��� ��le-wrlch, Sandon.
Switzer & McGluskey
Storeeal Alnewonh, Ka* . Kv;
Get your Fresl Mai
Iest Mew Bote Co.
iAXDOK. ac
slocan ;ews CO.,
\V< haTi just rt*reivi*d a Iawv it^v.'icr <*f
Hardware. Miners' Shovels.
Caps and Fuse, Builders' Supplies
Ironware and Graniteware
wi an irrv a .mi iim   Groceries and hurnistiiof
S.inu"ii and Ki���viand.
Ik-ali-r* in
V- n.   sraUiK,,r%
I'. J ('*�� t.MI.-Tv     Hut!. r    Kk-iT"
��� 'I ������*. H���.^   I.rain   KUair
6ROe&R!E��B, BTe.
*������    '���!��� -.in.l I'ark H"ia.
to All 1 *..-���[-
i'  ��� V Maintain'.
TiifiDnipt.   ��� SANDON. BC
Draga, Staliiiiivr>, Dni^isi
Suitdni-". NatklM and T�� ��tl.t
A rf !*���!�����.
l''*-stMii*** and  Iiu|��irt��-1 ���X��ira ���
I     K(llanw>   fu:.,. .  takltitr   1   tairN    al.Mt
KOVMMII PSMM1 aU. ����, mMtot at l,|���,
V.11II kit....   ii-ati  lfy<*j tarn im.
nan.-, Or-fsaa mmt Mt��.t��-
Mu^-ais,,;^,,., inrtrsti vi.. m ���..
tlKlflli'l -*~r������ ���r,    *i��l| j ,,,,-  s.,,,)^
���K'Hif fog rnnbfon ton." tmtm*n4 tm\   mWUtimmni��esJ��tnmmtmmmtnm,
wa m
Our 0(f tiif* oMfVfl   rt��d   bn��\  i'<   %
botala in iho t ii\
Ti>��- oaljf   Bowltag  A'.i* j
M<MinUin* i*�� aitacHv 1 i"'
I  kW      \      a||l.|.'��\
Blacks Hota��l.
���__��� Oddfellows Lodge Instituted
Ihr cerewonv <d inatitttting
rt lodge of hidrpi'iidfiii Order <��f
��iddfelloa'n was perforated Iu
(t;iwford'.- Nail on vYeduesditj
iifternoon, March 3rd, Hw>. Hod*
��� in, |>. h (i s.. uf Knotetia;.
l/nlge N��i. 16, N'i'U'mi H. c.. wm
iho itiatitntlng ulRoer. A large
ii urn tor nf viaiting brethraii ven
preaenl lo addition to ihe ehariar
iii(iiiIti>      Iiniti'dial  !y   id'iri    the
\odge wti Inatltuted tbe folUiwing
ifffioera were dnlj inatalletl for Mte
iirea^ot term*
Bro, 11 Dougla*. N < I ; Bro.
Fred Hopkins, V. <; : Uni. \V.
Kuruiviil, R. s ; Hi' Holdarson,
I1 s.: Bro. H.C Holder, Treai-tuvr.
In tlie evening -������������ i�� Inltla.
ittiti of candidateM wu�� In order
Trt I'tiiy.ti. H lien Hiiin'" r*. |��H'-t*iit.
ing tlmmaelvod In iiiioVrfpi tliln
ortleal I ira* nattall) put, to "rldt*
thrkji'iti "�� thinct*rein��iijr oocupird
the lodge until 11:80 n ��������� . when
Mil tdj.'tirninrni Wit- m.id'- l"r n-
11.--iini.*ul |nii|.������������- Bro. Kuriii-
val, of the K'H.lrmtx Bole), WAM
i...��i. and ��ln* ������M'iri-' - "i the even
iug having produced an exoellenl
i j.;-tii��*i in both initiate! an well
i- member*, aoinle J*��� -11��*��* wai
done to  a   nioal   **.��*in|��tH'Mih  and
'i .mil iflll   llir.tl
Th�� Italge r.--a��� mble*l at l��:30
.i tu when the thf**e dtigreea wcf
mnffrfed on ihomctnlwmfnltlaleil
< t: iaf in the  evening    Tii- lodge
I     ill)    rli.��*-d    .t'H'iit       I    a       in .
every mm eap*>*a**ing iheuiwlven
riVligbtoil w��ih lhenroct*.*dingaeitd
��� v't'-ni'-lv bopefttl of in-- tf.iT11r*- "l
Silver i'*ty t>*dg��i Mn :\\* 1.0 O.'F
Kridnv evening al   ~ 30 wan d��*cid
< I on a* the r��*j*'iUr meeting uiglil
VI nt' Hotel - at���������   ll ���'���'! d   In   lit ���
I' 'A UH (III  SIlH'.ltl  l.tk*\
Thf* d��*al on  th** California  ha*
been d."-l'ir**'l off.
Captain aloore ii  operating  in
��� 'alifornia.
I'r- -i d.-nt Cleveland |as.��% ed lltii
week that his head wan level
A new fti/jrine, ilmilar to KM.
will be jilac-d "ii the N .v S
rail way in ��� fre da) -
Preparation* urn lielug ni.id<- i"
place the PAYaTaeaa aitinogHi the
front rank of printing  ilii.**-.
Ali'x I.nt a*, waa in town mdling
���vagout for a Chatham firm.
riir Hank of Montreal npeii ll
iii Nrw Denver "ii Momla) In
Ktege'a nee building I' -** i*aid
thai tlit* li.mk will 'ifrl a targe-
block in ilia! hiWU.
The outeldn work on M I.
*irinmn-iI'?, building U aluiogl
The Sandon Dray and Ice Com*
puny in thr namr   of  a   new   linn
which huh been organiied In San.
dun this week. Messrs, Lyons,
Broddy & Coon are the members.
A. M<*(\ Oi ry, nf  Vancouver,
wm in Sandon fur a few daye thia
11. M. MacQregor, travelling
pnaeenger agent for the U I', li.
ik in Sandon. His headquarters
for the present ia in Nelson.
A.J. Haywartl, who owns the
Irene, a claim situated near tin*
I. aohoe, b\ in the oily.
Mis. Harris.   , ,f   Kaeiti   gpetlt   a
few days lo Bandun this week,
A led*/.* ..I' th,. Knights of
Pythias will be organised in   San
don in iii Mr future,   <;. 1> Mr
Martin ban the prelimlnsry work
in hand
Wm   Hodson.of Nelson, sccooi*
p.itird by bin w[ft* and linle "in-
were in ftsndon for a few day* Ibis
Week. Mi ll'i'l-iiti w.is occupied
while here in instituting a lodge
of the order of oddf. How*.
A   silling   .if     Ihr   SiiiiiM    1 I   }���!.-
Court will hr held al tne towns of
\'i w Denver, Sandon and Kaslo
<�� the 25tli ami .':<��ih <hivs o|
Man ii, instant, and ihe Isl tin) ol
April next, respectively. Bum-
mmisei may be had bv (iifwardinu
particulars of claim and 92.00 t'��
the undersigned, Nelson, li. C.
I laird at Nelson rhis .'��rd da) of
March, A  !>., in'.iT.
I".   T    11    SlMlkl\-.
rVitting  RegiHtrar   Comity   Court
Dissolution of Partnership.
Tlie pari i.ri-lii|i lirl wren   Jaeoh
K> l-'-H ,v James Finning s*a�� dit*
sol vet] ..ti thr l-f da) nf Ih. - ni'����*r
Ia^t. .I:ic ���'�� Keleen will pa�� all
aceotints at d  oiilleel   rII    monies
;-,i\.th!r b\  "r due l.i f!ir   hii-inr--
ii .in ibe above date.
.1 M OB Kl I -IN.
-Umi - Fivmv'..
Sandon, Feb 27th, lv\.
N.'ii<*��' i- hefeti) given that I.
iio- imdersiirned, will in thirl)
days fnnii ihr dais hereof a pplv t��i
the tHipendary Magistrate nf Weal
Kooten iv for ��� license in sell
liquor al retail al my hotel al
Frank C 8�� wi li..
S.mdon, M irch 6th, I8H7.
A silting of the County Conn ���>(
Kootenay will Imb held .it Nf��*w
Denver "D V\r�� d ��� - lay ths 24th
dm "f March, luatant.
Dated al Nelson ihi- 3nl dav of
March, A  l�� . 1807.
R    T    11    SlMIKIVS.
feting I teput) K gistrar.
For Sale
t In.   |iu il l.t'ih-   witll Cttes,    i v .|\
halls ete, liv Balke, (^Homier A-
i 'u   i !hicag ���      Inquire of
W  ,1   Si n v.
No. M.
*0otnpsnlss Act," Part iv, and Amending
Room, No. 22    BLACK'S HOTEL
' Rsmsdell Mining ��nd Milling Com
pany" Foreign )
|{��*Ki��t.-r.-<l tin- .ir. 1 day <if K.lirnary. 1W7.
IHERKBY CERTIFY tbai I bavs this day
r.-nistirc.i the --Kainwi.il Mining and Milling "in|ian>" (Foreign) tinder the "Coin-
panuaAct, I'iirt IV.. "Ragtstratioii ol Por-
elgn ompanles," and amending Aeta,
'lin* bead '.in.-, ui tfaesald company w -ii-
iiiili-d at tin- ill v nf I'm-, una. In tin* -"-tut*' .if
Washington. I'. H   A.
Irn- .iiijn-i�� f.ir wliirli tin* <���<11111i>i11y l�� established om -
To acquire, hold, boy, sell, lease. \vrk and
operate mines and mineral claims In tii**
l/nlted Ktatesof America and in the Piw Ince
nf British .'Intnl.ta: t<> buy, sell, mill. -milt.
mat, Rtamp, and coneeutrate mlnenU* nf
every kind and description in tbe United
staii--.nl Smerica and in the Province "t
initishcolombtaj lo ai-'iulre. hoy, selL and
lease traterposrer. vAtersltes and water-rights
in tbe United Btatcs ..f America and in the
Province <>f British colimbbt: t<i prucure,
bold, boy, nell, conatraeL operate and maintain, electric, uteam ami araterpower plants,
fur tin* pnrpose offttrniahtng poorer and litdii
Ibr all aud every kind "f i>tir|��>��-*��- and ntjecl
in tin- United Ktatea of A merica and tin- Prov-
.1 ���>( liriti-h Colombia
The oapltal ������tix-k <>f thesaid company i- ��>n.'
million   dollar-.,   .livid-.I    Into   om-    million
���hares ofthe p.ir value of one dollar each
Given onder my band and -<-ni "i office al
Victoria. Province of British Colombia, this
;r.) day of February. II I
I.. -. s. v  WOOTTON,
Registrar of Joint dtoek or-mpa i.-**.
Feb. I ;th. I-*:.
Phocnlg Mineral Chum,
aituate In the blocan Mining Division oi West
KiKit<'nay District, three and tbras-fbnrths
mill's np North Fork ol Carpenter t'r**��k
Take notice that, I, John Fielding,as agent
for tlie  Phoenix t.'onsolidHted    Minim;   and
IlilUngCo., Limited Liability.  Free Miner's
certificate Mo. 74,110. Intend, sixty days from
tin-date hereof, to apply to the Minim; Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the
|uir|x>sc of ohtninliiK a frown grant of tin*
above Haim.
And further take notiee, that action under
section ITT. most lie commenced before the issuance ofsuch certificate of improvementa.
Dated tblS 1st day of .January. l>fl'7.
Jan, Mil. '07. .Inns Fiki.dim;.
Noble    Five    Knoxville.    Bonanza    Kin*;,
World's Fair and Maud B Mineral Claims.
siiuati- in the Blocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay District, on   noble Five  Mountain, one tulle north of Cody.
Take nottne that, l.John Fielditur. as agenl
for I lie Noble Five ��� onsolidatcd Minini; and
Mlllini' r"tn|iaiiv. Free Miner's Certificate
No. 77/.7!i,  intend, sixty  days  from  the date
hereof,'o apply to the Mining Recorder for
ctri ^ %��u's oflmprovements for the porpootof
��� iita     nn cpitfti grants of the above claims.
Anu farther take notice, that action under
Motion S7, must be commenced before tin- ts-
s-mnu  ofsuch certificates of improvementa.
IhUi. 'his ith day of Januarv. I*n7.
Certificate of Improvements.
P ICtrtC   MiSKIUI. 1. atM.
Kltuate   in  the   sHx-au  Mlulng    Dl.islon of
West Kootenay District, on I'ayne Moon-
t.iin. North "i and adjoining the Washing
Tskenotici thai 1. I.H. t-arweii. agentfitr
Fn-h rick s��t.-.-i��-. Fnee MinePs Certificate No
i.'iV... ami Ksmuel   ll.   s��t��i>y. Fr.-.-  Miner's
i . rt Heats No. 7;.nl<>. Inl ud. sixty days from
Hi. dat>- ii< r��-of to applj   to tin-   Minim;  It.--
rorder for a certificate of Improvements, to
tin purpose of obtain ing a .mwn gOMitoftbf
sbove< iiiim.
Ami further take notice thai action, andei
���.���.Tti.ii tt. must be commenced before the i**��
sua! ��� - ol >i-,i ti eertlfleate "f Impmvementa.
Dau d tt.ts >th da> of November. \mX
IHs     .tii. W, A. s.. Fi.nWKt.t..
Cariboo Mineral t latm,
s.tuut.- in the Hlocan Mining Divtskmol Wi-st
Kootenaj ��� 'strict, ia the Best Basin.
Take notice that I. A. H. Fanretl, sgenl for
Ihe lli.tni'li r ami iMrii"*) ikmsnlldiUed i��o|d
sndHliver Mining ��� ���>.. Foreign . Free Miner's
. i-rtirt'-uti- n< . '.'.. ic, intend rtvty daysftom
the .int.- hereof, to kppty t" the Mining Re-
ii.r.i. r for s certificate <>f improvements, i.>r
tii< ; uri..-, of obtaining a Crovrn grant ol the
���hove ���������aim.
And furtii.-r takejnoUee that action, nnder
n ;", nui-t ia commenced belore tin   Is-
soance of such oertlflcate <>f Improvements
Dated this :.vth da*.' <>t Februai*) . IflW.
Feb. J��th. tC. \. H. FaKHTKLI.
California mineral claim,
aitoate in tin si-k-hii minini' divtsloo of Wist
Kootenay district, abool iimi* miles <:��st
of the town ul New iK-im-r.
Take notice thai !. A.s.   Farwell, acting a��
agent for James narino, fr.*.- miner's eertlfleate No. 71.170: Mflred J. Marks, fr.se miner's
certitl.-at.- No.TAjtOk James   V. McDonald free
miner's certificate No. ttJUB, and   Byron c.
\'.m  Houtiii ti1' >  mideps i-'-rtltli-ate N<>. (d.:)l)-J.
Intend,sixty day. from the date hereof, to
apply lothe mlnlna epcorderftMf a eertifloate
nf Improvements, for the purpose ol obtaining Mcmwncrant of the above claim,
[nd further take notice that action, nnder
section ST, must bt eoramenced before the issuance of su.-n eertlfleate ol Irapmt ements
Date 1 tl Is the llth day ofJanuary, !���**��:.
Ian.   ��>tli   |S!C \.S. I'AlvWCl.l..
1,'ui.   Star and   Itlue lirou-.-  Mineral   Claims
sitiiat.- in the rtkxsan Mining l>n ist.m <��i West
K.s.ti-iiav District, thn-e-iourth- of a mill-
s.nith   of    snn.Ion.   west   ui   sl.M'an  Star
��� I roup
T ike notic- that. I. John Fielding, a- agenl
foi lamed li -....rd. Free \lin.i-s tWtlfleate
\,. :.'..'., Intend, s!\t\ d:(.�� ti-om the date
Item if, to appl) t" Ihe Mining Kecorder t"i
rertiflenleanf improvement* tor the pur pone
..I obtaining Cmwii irranU nf the above claims.
\ >.i further take notice, dint action under
Neclioti IT, Mineral *<-t !-.�����;, muai be commenced before the Issoanceofisild i*. rtlflcHte*
of Improvements
Dated (ins 7th da}' ol Januat *���. IMiT
Ian. Mb    'C JOHN I- IKI.DINU
(iKKKNiioKN   Minkkai. claim.
Situati- tn thesiiaean Mining Division of Wesl
Kootenay   District,  on t*arpenter Creek.
about two miles easterly from the town of
Take notice that I. A. S. Farwell, agenl
for John McNeill, Free Miner's certificate No.
MjB82,and Daniel McNeill. Free Miner's Certificate No. ��.0.:r7:f intend, sixty days from t'.'.���*
date hereof, to applv to the Mining Recorder
for a certificate of improvements, for the pur-
pose of obtalulng a drown grant of tbe above
And further take DOtlee thai action, under
���ectton 87, must be commenced before the is-
manee ofsoch ceriifioateof Improvementa.
lmte.i tills 12th day of November, UH
Jan  2nd. VT. A. s. Fakwki.i.
\"iKt kn Mi.nkk*.!. Claim.
situate In Ihe sio.-an Mining Divtstonof V/e-l
Kootenay   District, on Car|K-nter   creek.
near the Oreenborn mineral claim.
Take notice tiiat. I. A   S. Farw.-ll,  ngent for
Frederick J. i> mtldson, Free Miner's eertlfleate No. i*j.(ta>.; John W suit/er. Free
Miner's Certificate No.dlJMS: Charles B M<--
��� iuskey. Free Miner's Derrtificate No 81,645,
and William H. Todd, Free Mirer's Certificate No MjW, ttit.-nd. sixt\ .'.ays from the
late ii.-r.sii. to apply to the Mining Kecorder
tor a certificate "i improvements, for the \ t. r-
Doaeofobtatntnga Crown grant of Ihe above
And further take notice that action under
s��-.-t|on .7. mOSl l>e commenced before the issuance of such certiflcat   of improvements.
Uat.d this llth dav of November, l-i)*;.
Jan. ted. tc. a s. FARWEI I.
sin..\vs|.irui Mluentl Claim,
situate in tin- Mloean Mlntni l��u Won of West
iMio(etia> District, adjoining the Hiocau
llo - on l'a\ in- mountain
I'ak ��� nollce that, I. A. *v FarA.-il, ACtlnxa.
agenl for Kdward Matron, Free Miner's (Jertlfl
eat.- Sn.Ai.SNI, Intend, sixty flays from tbe
date bereof, to applj to ihe Mining Recorder
for a c.*ri itlcate of Improv ementa, for tin- pur-
pose of obtaining a Crown granl of the above
And further take notice thai action, under
sietlon  17. must U> commenced Ih for.* the Issu-
uiii-i ..t siiih certiilcite of tmurovemi nt*.
Dated this ! uh ,lny ol O,-toiler. IslH!.
Jan. 9th   '17. A.S   FAKWKI.I..
Wild Qoose ininenil chdm��
Hltnateln ineGHocan mining division of w.-t
Kootetiav district, on  Nohle  Fiveinotu-
Take notice that I. A.s. Harwell, acting as
agent for the Noble Five. Consolidated  Mil -
int;   and  Milling Co..  (foreign), free miner's
.-.rtitlcate No. ...57*��. intend, sixty days from
the date hereof, to apply to the Mining u��-
eorder for a certificate ol  improvements, iwr
the porpoee .>t abtalning a Crown ^niut  <>���
the above claim.
%nd further take notice that action, nnder
section ;*7. must beoommenced before tbe ik-u-
auce of siicii certificate of iuijiio\ ements.
Hated this ih.- lisii .lav of January, isk.
Ian I'iiii. is'7. \. s. FARWKIaL.
Pirate nun.-nil claim.
situate in tin- -i.M-au mining division of w, &
Kootenay   district, aboul one-onarter of
one mile northeast >>t the t>>�� n of i "o |\.
Take notice thai I. A.s. Farwell, acting as
agenl for Thomas Marks, free miner's eertlfleate No. 7��.i2i. Intend, sivtv days from rhe
date hereof to apply to the Mining eeor.h
for a .-ei titlcate ..f Improveinents. for the po:-
pnse of obtalulng a t***own grant >f th * ab>ve .
Ami further take notice tlr.it action, under
section tt, must be commenced before th�� I*
soance ofauch certificate nf tmurivementt.
lotted t   !-��'<th day of Jnuuarv  18����,
Ian. Hit'). l��T. A.  s. I-* vl! WKi.l.
Ktaribrbl N'.>. 1 mineral elaim.
Situate In the Kloean mtnnn: dh isj.> t ,.f \\'. -i
K"oii-na> dlstri.-t north of and Joining I i
l.a��f Chance mm.-ml claim
Take notice thai I. A. > Farwell, sellniran
aaent f.-r tii--I.,st i*lmneeMining on.t \n I _
Co.,freemlner*seertlfleale No, 7s�����������i. i;,t. ��� ,i.
sixty davs from the date hereof, in apii't '���
the Mining K r-i.-r for a  tni it.- of Improvement* for tbe ptirp >se ..i obtaining n
crown vranl itf thesh >ve claim.
And further ake notice that action, nnder
Msotlnn tt. must be commenced iwfore the s.
sua i a- * of such certificate o| lmpr*o\ ements.
Dated this ;th day <>t Januarv. jsjc.
Jan. i'.th.isi;. \ s. P.\it��v Kl.i..
ii.\ .'*...-. i.oui.iv Minkkai, ii.mm.
in,it.- in I lie ���JloeaU Mini Ig DlVlaton of West
Kootenay District, in the cUttlgan
aoove ciaun
And further take notice that acii.ni, itltdei
sectloo ���>7, must be oonuue ic .: lieiore tne is
suance of such eertltie itc Ol luipro.emeilta.
Dated this jsth day <��r ik* iiober. inn ���.
Jan. 2nd,Wf, A. H   I'vi.mh.i.. Cave In at the Star
Had anyone been working iu the
stopes above No. 3 level no Tum*
day night, last, a terrible tragedy
would have heen enacted. Owing
to the tremendous weight nf ���
block of ore weighing neeeiml
hundred lone which wm resit agon
the timbers the*f were unable to sup.
(.M-ri it and-cave way ^ending ihe
in;t-**�� crashing down for thr. e seis.
Fortunately,   on account of  the
dangerous a}'}>"arauce nf the place
the men had been removed elae.
where, thus escaping a terribb-
leaili. From tin* rave.in o\<i
130 t<��n> cf cbau ore has already
been tak'*ii and il i��estitastej ii at
tlier��- is over 300 tons of coir-, ii
tratir.g ore yet to be removed
The damage done is considerable,
and it will be sometime b.-fore re
pairs, permitting -toping t<�� be con-
Hntted, can he mid.*. Looking at
the Jinge timbers, which here were
tw��> f<e* in thickness and well
propped, an idea ran be had as to
the tiemeiidoiis weight K'bich
caused Btulll so stout to goccttinb.
The ledge where this occurretl is
36 feet in width
01 ii IR    IN
- Tobaccos, Cigarettes antl Pipes.
- Plaji Carts aai Mer Clips.
Must Quit Work.
DR.   G.   P.   YOUNG,
M   D.C   M.
Form.-rly ..f the Winni|a*i*  QWMfml   HoaplUl
Office over Palace Saloon, Room S
Sandon.   I?.  0.
Investments. Mining  Brokers,   Mines
Agt ��� ta '...
The Phoenix Consolidated Mining Co.
I..!tiilt��.i   I.nihility.
Dry    Belt   Mining   and    Milling    Co
United l.iat.Hity   r.ir.ieltn. I
Boon b Btaek'i M ��������� I
BAXOoV,   li.  C
The following dispatch   was   r<*
ceived by M. L. Grinunett  on  last
Tuesday from   Harv**y Combe, de
i��uty registrar:
"Irjunctions granted this morning by Mr. Justice Walk-un. in action of J.<<>. Morgan Harris and
(rilliert Malcolm Spp.-at vs. .1. EL
Canietoi^ re.-t rait ing ttefendai t.
Ids agents, wot kmen, servants and |
contiactor-s from working upon or
in any way interfering with or on
or Upon lands in mineral claim.
Lot twenty-seven. Group one.
K-Hiteiiay district.
Dissolution of Partnership.
Samx.n. B. ('.. March 1, ls'.i;.
Tlie paruersiiip heretofore exist
in*r betw��*en S. B. Iiendee and M.
W. Brnner. under tiie firm name of
S. B. Hendee A Co., in this dav
dissolved bjj mutual consent, II.
��V. Brnner retiring.   S. B. Hendee
sill pay all SCCoUUtl and colled
all moneys payable by or due to
the aJiove ('onipany from tbe above
S.  B.   IIkndii;
M.   \V.   IIlMNKH.
Canadian Paciiic
S00    PACIFIC    Li'E
Notice is liereb\ given that I
will not he responsible f'��r sn*f
d��*bts contracted by the Clifton
I Ion.-** Cafe.
John Bccki.ky
The Quickest and Cheapest Route
And all  Eastern Points.
Unexcelled Bleeping Car** on all
Trains. Tourist Oars to St. Paul
Daily; Boston, '-very Thursday;
Toronto, every M..inlay from
Steamer leaves Nakusp every Sun.
day. Wednesday and Friday
morning, making close connec
tun at Revetstoke with trains
for all points East or West.
J. ,J. Rafferty, manager of the
Reed and Tenderfoot, left this
week for the Galena farm to take
charge of the Currie during the
absence of I). J. McDonald.
Am! otlier Inve��tn��ent*-.    Kvery IfpnmnlO
lion Ooansaioad.
���Sndoe, B. c
Before you travel g��d information
fiom 0. P. R. Agci ts as to
limes and rales. It will saw
yon money, Apply to nearest
Railway Agent or Jo
A.   C.   McARTIUR.   Agent,
DiHtrict Passenger Agent,
W   K   Leighton
A. O    W'
Slocan mining Stocks   hoilghl   and   sold      We   have   BMA-9J   tu   d*.
veloii g I legitimate prospecta hi M  Intelsat, ar will  be] ���
out for cash
Houses   for  Sab*  ��r   1"   let   i��   Qodl   and   S*t��df*l
,:,   :��� '   i
SI iclton tS: (. t >.
Il��i.e ii"W ii  Full  I.in** of
jmtCM.I.   \M>  E\\MIM   i��imi|i-   v^a
B  C
McMartin & Currie
(gody (graalf
MANUFACTURERS   OFsT-^���-<������*
Etc., Kl c.
DR P. H. POWER.      Fine Watch Repairing
���     ���        '   ��� V��v    l*tiv.<. Um
\T ��� ���
Dublin, Ireland.
PHYSICIAN   AND SURGEON.     Wateheiakees   lad   Jewelen
Office'  -Rooms,  Not  l snd i      *'M- ���   -...,.        ,    .   -
l 11 ft on Hon-.-
sandon        -       -        e c   ^   Hmim   ||gr Bin���������
Call at  I be
1-  <ne of tin' best pl.���� SS in
"-.union to obtsiu
Beverages   ",r. Delicious
IN    M-II.    \\|i


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