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The Paystreak Oct 2, 1897

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Firc Hall. Tomer and Hose to Be
Got aa Soon aa Poaaibla.
A largely atU'tided and refireaejit-
,tjv,* t iti-u-ns  roivttng was held at
Virginia  hall  ThuraUy  night to
o't.-nl' r tilt' matter of improving tin*
:,P ,i. |..trtiwnt and raising fonds to
build a hose house and tower.   M.
11 i,i Limiu-it  was ehtmev. chairman
' ���ml K. M. J***aniUland* i**cmary.
Mr.  'triiumftt,   on   taking  the
rlwtr. stated   tne efoject of tin* inert
ing. and called on   Acting  Chief
Sni'./.r  for  tnformatlun aa Wt tin*
nml* of the ik-jartiiu tit.   Mr. Swit-
ur paid, with others, he hatl made
an rstiinate of what was n<*ed��*d awl
tin- c,*��t, and  that it would   mini,.
abctut  MOU.   A  host*  house,   two
tugb-*. with   room for three or four
iiu-tt t��t >*leen, and a t*>w.*r for drying
iira,  would  eoat sjWI); a bell would
cmvt fiuO, BttA coat*, and other sup-
plk*  wt��re  m-����tcd.   This amount
wotihi alfto Include tlw* cost of adtli-
tional  h-aae,   it was  alasdutt'ly ea-
at-mul to liave a tower  for drying
thr li --e, or c*m It would la* tm*b***
in cokl weather.
NVil MctnttJe* chief of tlu* depart*
iia-tit, agrmdiaisrli Mr. Swii����r. and
***t\ a unit ��30 feet mtiev how* waa
o-vd'il. A hall was m*<**<*a*ary for
ilrill and datei|iliat. They figured
tm �� h*\\ H> fart tush on Keco avtv
nil* .os.i 1(rtMidaw|s.
J. M lUfria **aid the gitalin.
nhWh it wa.tftlt#Afi*t*d tOU*\oli which
thr base eart now stands, did not be
V-ng to hire, hut was in tlu* street.
atmeedad, a ttonouement as unexpect- indite was owned by Dr. Hendrvx
ed as it wa*. welcome, land Mr. Tomlinson, each one half,
" "land the present sale is Mr. Tomlin- Slocan
'son's halt' interest to Scott McDonald,
Frank Wood, Bigerstaff Wilson and
I a !/*> Angeles man. The consideration is said to be at the rate of f300,-
<**. jr..-, *i,��� mi��o      A lMJvntoni.   ha
^^^^^^     wt-it:*riiit-.
Owing to abate nnHunderatanding
concerning invitation*, there were
not as many ladies, iirreaeiit as might
*-���-* hern Vxpectt**!.     It la the de-
- -��     .  . ���__
sire of thi
<���< .intuit tee to state that
m^���m^ **.'    111(11 Itl'm   lo a,.*���>   m*s   .-.. �����,.   -	
���.*,._   wen*  no invitation*,  issued, lomj for the mine.   A payment has
Kveryont- wa-. welcome, excepting of llieen made, and the mine is expected
"to meet the other payments from
the ore prodtieed. There is plenty
of ore in sight and a shorter trail ts
being built preparatory to patting
on more men and pushing development. Frank Wood will bemanager.
Mtri   t'lin      *���*�����-��   ww t   iv.f|tl.  ,   ���**��***-*..jM-arw.-^        -
ooBiae oliji*ctioiiable characters. The
I hid Fellow*, intend making this assembly a monthly affair, and owing
to the liberal jjmtronage la-stowed on
their rtrat attempt, will most probably in the future <*eeure a larger hall.
The shipments of ore from Sandon
from Align*! I u> Beptcmber 30, in-
clttsive, 1**;'7, were a*, follows:
SI���-can Star,
1 Kuth,
Idaho Mine**,
Noble Five,
Aineriean Boy,
Slocan Boy,
Freddk* Ij��-e.
la*. O. P. Ynung haa removed hi* oUVce to the
flr.t Soor of Ou; Virginia block.
l*r. Gomm haa returned from his summer's
tons | pr��.|*w*i itia and resumed bin practice.
Milt.m Martin has  returned from the coast
bat denies bovine  heen a victim to matrimony while awajr*.
Mr* ll 1 Br.nl.ly leaves tomorrow to visit
the fruit fair and will also make a trip to her
ol<l home in St. Louis.
H- B AWajtn<ter.aaperint��n<ient of the Ruth
Uiite.. who has been on a trip east for tbe laat
mem tti. bits returned.
Mr, J W   Switaet  with two children re-
Itamed from Victoria thia week.   Mrs. Switaer
it delighted to gad back to Sandon.
Me*..r. J.M. Harris, John Gable. Charles
I,   **l__Li-________^*,1***MU*l*t' Mr "**    ***' C" S' ***i,h **,Ui MU
tor ihi week Irna^ptamtmW^ - ��***. l�� }>* S*3��_*B��  fruit "* ��D
*i. inrlastte.were ����� Mtowta
-    . <     ua���   ��_,     _>M__*d_i
Star Haa Floe Poet ia the
Lrotoer Workings.
Five feet of fine concentrating ore
has come into the No. 5 tunnel at
the Slocan Star.   The lower tramway to this tunnel ia finished and the
first car of ore was taken down to
the mill on  Thursday.   The vein
was encountered about three weeks
ago, but the ore body was found in
drifting on  the vein, about 10 feet
from the tunnel.   Fifty feet further
it is expected to reach the great body
. of clean ore which has been worked
lin No. 4tunnel.
This adds aone more to the many
epoch-making periods which the Slocan Star  has given to the Sandon
camp.   The depth of this tunnel is
about 750 feet and proves, without
doubt, that the mines of Slocan have
depth.   Three years ago, when ore
was struck  in No. 4 tunnel,  the
event was celebrated as a great thing
for Sandon.   Last spring  the management said that when ore was
found in the No. 5 tunnel they were
then driving, they would start another tunnel near the concentrator
to get a depth of 1000 feet.
i    ii* i    ���.- i
im. Sable Five lay
It 4   V a
mrw       _ .   Prtrf.Vtot-trF.Coopar, the Wind jjhreaalo-
fttH* 8re* eacuwion tomorrow. l ^ *m0fM*mja tonlgrbt In Vi*��iiii-* haU
IHR K����W>. *n**ta\ correspondent ot Mm \    _ ^ n __j_ ._ iiW(klina tfce_poand U
1-OnrWof Juhi oa Umon Creek
\rm \V. ltlack isfivlingg-wd oyer
the showing on j* c* on North
trtvl. I the allowing **" ,l*l,lvTr:7 ��":.,. nf
llr-atssl that   HSJ^ -StSSteST'^��W��
.j)(���,i. had h��*n tirtiers-d, ami ^WliSf^i^rth^ Julv and Uu
U* in place 15 dap -JwflJt > K^Se \\\J ^\n*uA on Gold Hill
,,n.   ami hydrants would far pu tin   1 "��H . f ^f, WHnl   rVaclioit.
ab-ng the K.tiv4. track-*.   Mr. Ilar-liiear tlw   n - .*,.
at����1l_r Hit*  IV. �� ��r. *.-"-'�����'���
rt. vtitl Im* would aid toaii) amojttl
c,ll..*utl    10   i-er   cent,   of   that
am-.11111. ,     __,_*��__ ed*
John Htiekley was in *****
bnildlng a honnc* hut did n>*t aw the
ii,v.^iivof m������'hiise.
( ,��.trfe�� IK tlunujr nrg.Hl the tu
.������itv of fund** being rat-ted at onee.
tit),,,' i,,n*akt^i alaoai��*>ke in fa ��*r
..f the plan, Mr. Kiag urgbig that
each otihe aaafwscd acting to
th. value of thc owperty owiw-d
KM. Handllands moved  that a
ciamnltter   be  airfiolntcai to ��** ��w
eiUiens and  gvi tlnsir ��tarri|**jHia
h, building a fire hall,  snd  alVt
ward a hall 1* given to secure nnaH'>
for the purchase of h��-v   W* **��
.���arrietlfand the* chair api-'in*****- "J
Mlowlng ctanmlttce on the *ugg.jj
tion of the  mot-tiiig:   ^*���JJ^
lands,  John Bttckley. M. I-. �����/"���'
mett.  Thtnnas Brown, I. trawlord.
J. W. Swltasr. m    ..._,.,���.
Alaait WOO wnawtlwrlhi-dafwr
the meeting adjourne*!, and it la ex
i^ru-d there will Ite no trouble in ����*i
uiiiing the foil amount.
H R K����W  ��P**Ul i-om^ndent oCSIki | leveling *epi*<**iid4��<*aaold
*m*maH~*^^ ta doodiha H for wittier
I. 0. 0. r. Aaaamblu Ball.
An a-wembly was given bv the
i Mtl Fellows In Crnwfbrda Hall laat
night.   A large crowd was pre** ��u
near the  ttoward   Fraction, alamt
���w-vi-n  inih-a  from Sltican City.   A
tunnel haa been run 120 feet  oa the
Jennie l/mg. and th* hAg* stripped
f.ir 40 feed*.   A I'ttantity of ore wa,*��
braaght to Sandon aevoraj days ago.
Which  look* line and assayed  30rt
ounce* ailver ami I ounce gold to the
ton.   The ledge \n two ami one half
fet't wide, antl haa lw*en traced on
the surface ***00 feet.   The surface
allowing-* are the finest in that district
A new strike was made on the
Fourth of July thin. week, which
shows the same character of ore aa
the .lennie 1/mg bilge. Some of the
ore waa taken down to Spokane for
a tfst by parties seeking an interest,
and a party of experts is _-.ting down
to the claims today to Investigate.
The other people interested in the
claims are Mrs. McKav of Three
Forks, A. T. K. Blackwiial of Winnipeg and II. I>. lUuner.
Silccr Qootationa for the Week.
Sat unlay, Sept. **\       *       ���      5**1'
Monday, 8ept* il,   *     *        on
Tu����dav, Sept. %% - * M|
Wednejday, Sept. *.**:>, * ��� wtt
Thursday. Sept. :K), ��� ��� *A\
Friday, f>t. i, * * - ��l
Und has Us'ii strong all the woeg
fac��', pud has- sent his paper a lenjct hy article
about Sandon. etpacially Irearina oMebolere
Oeo. T.Torkatt of theareat tohaoco mann-
rrtctuivr.. of Hjtmiltou. Ont.. with 8. J. Mi��b-
ton of MeluOM, acent for British Columbia,
were in Sandon but week on a tour of Kootenay.
Jaiue* H. Falconer, deputy supreme chief
rancer and ..nim.iz.-r for the Independent Order of F��rr.t*-r*, wat in town on Thur��ttay
and will be l>��.*k here in about seven days.
A new court ot Foresters was inalltated hy
Ur. Falconer at Ainsworth last week with 7*>
niemher-, aud one at Nakusp last Thursday
ith to member*
*l. H. nam, .?. iw��._u��0 �����.-__ _ _.
rink preparatory to tioodinjT it for winter
The K. A tk wiU mU tkk��U tf Spokaue fruit
fair, at oue fair fo�� the round trip, on Oetober
Sd, 7th and llth.   j
Tha dance at the Nohle Five hotel, Cody, laat
Thursday, was well attended and enjoyed by
all present. Qnite a number went from Sandon.
A meet ins of the Curling dab is .called for
next Monday evening at L. M. Grimmett's
office to elect office*, and prepare for tho coming season.
O. B. Knowles has again started in the jewelry and watch repairing business, being located in tbe building lately occupied by Leigh-
ton & William*..
Sir Charles Topper, MacKenxie Boyle and
party of English experts, came ont on Thursday from Nakusp and took the boat at Bose-
berry for Slocan City. They an expected in
Sandon shortly.
The enterprising proprietor of the new steam
laundry is about ta commence tha erection of
a luxuriant bathing establishment adjacent
to the laundry, both building and baths to be
The Shecfc Came Down.
pUts Bros, have at last recovered
Doasosdon of the lot next to Golden
Bros.' store, which has been occu-
uied bv tquattcrsinashack. At-
toroev ' Bowser made application
Xut  two weeks ago for a wrU of Uanarv, ���
So? tohinson  appeared ou the
Udow^   They got out at once and
the shack came down. ^
"���gut.   A larg.' crown ***** i  u 	
snd a iii(*steiAjoyabletiw> **f*}*"l \At w ��� phTBC6 sale
The  music  waa siipi��H����I ,����>   M,t The Ust Cnanc6,7"t|
Duffy, asslsu-d hy viortn and cornet. ��� ~* m ti
PI... ' .!__...*.. .Jf.    ll.nlL.wl  ttl !iO.   bill
The tickets were limited
��i manv presented them*'..��� ���   -
door that this number wa�� greatu
tl     ���t     ���-������I *n*0  IaOOV v��-  .      ��
and cornet. l     ,    inU.rested in the J^
;1 ui TH). hut      1 be l���� J*        to N<.,son this week
Knights ol IM-hiaa Ball Oct 1��.
had. SupP*5; w n f ,iowinn. eoni-
gandon hotel. Tht. ����ow -^ ^
mittet^  has  l*eei   appo * Mc
S%��VwdV Byron Sharp.
M.E.Hall  reoetveu aun.   . _,_
brother Walter waa dying at Tekoa. On account of the telegram being delayed, his brother died before he storied, and Mr. Hall
walked to Kaslo at night to eatoh the boat
and train for Spokane.
Fifteen Men Laid off et Noble Pice.
Thursday about \b men were laid
off at the* Noble Five, and came
down to Sandon to cash their checks.
This started the rumor that the mine
had shut down. But as there are
still 65 men working, it irfar from
being closed.
Church Notices.
Rev. T. Menaies wm praaeh tomorrow morning and evening, at 11 and VM o'clock, in
Spencer's haU.
iRev. A. M. Sanford wUl hold regular services
in the Methodist church tomorrow at 11 a. m.
and 7:1*. p. m.  Song service in the evening.
���i* ���__
* i
**n******** THK PAYSTREAK, 8AND0N. B.C., OCTOBER % l��7.
He Will Pool  the Howlers
Whoa He Goto Back.
The baseball league championship
is not the only honor Boston has ac
quired this season. It is now also
receiving the undivided attention
and favors of one of the principal
actors in the comedy that was enacted with such startling success a
few weeks ago right here in Sandon.
If this isn't glory enough for the
city of culture and beans to have
thrust upon her in one year, she can
probably get the other principal by
offering's small inducement.
Boston may not, at the present,
realise the full significance of having1 such a party as A. D. Williams
in its midst, but if be is allowed to
stay there long enough itismore
than likely that they will. It's a
ten-to-one shot that he will make an
impression on the packet hooks of
some of that burg's citisens that will
cause a break in the proverbial icy
glare of their countenances.
Williams writes that he is making
a successful trip. That was unkind
of bim. There is nobody in Sandon
but knows that. The next thin*;
the people here may expect to see is
Boston papers referring to bim as a
financial Napoleon or the Slocan Silver King.
But for downright gall and superb nerve thc following letter, received by C. K. Hammond from
Williams, not onlv takes tbe cake,
but also the whole bakery, bread
pans and all. Its innocence is immaculate. It is almost appalling* in
its conceit. It is written as if*from
one partner, who had gone east on
definite business Intentions, to another, who had been daily expecting
to receive just some such epistle. As
If the jumping out of a town between
two suns for the purpose of defrauding: creditors waa of common occurrence and highly gratifying to all
those concerned.
Here it is:
Boston, Sept. 22,1897.
C. K. Hammond, Esq., Sandon.
Dear Sir: Do nothing; with the
Canadian stock until I return. I
can place it all here, and will write
you ndl particulars in a few days.
Note that fell due hold over until
I return.
Am making a successful trip. I
will fool the howlers when I get
back.   Yours truly,
A. J>. Williams.
It is to be presumed that "the
howlers" would liked to be fooled.
And what joy the holder of that note
must experience since he has been
assured that he can hold onto it.
Mr. Williams Is nothing if not facetious.    	
A Note Denoer Mqstenj.
Tuesday night, at tbe late hour of
about 2 o clock, the guests of the
Newmarket hotel, in New Denver,
were startled by tbe report of a pistol shot sounding uncomfortably
near. Mr. Siege, the proprietor of
the hotel and half the gueats were
soon gathered in tbe hallway, clad
in their nightly attire, in quest of
the wounded man, if he could be
found. But the only evidence In
sight was a large bullet hole at the
tot> of the hallway.
The night clerk dragged himself
np tbe stairs after all the excitement had died away and inquired,
"who was kilted.'' As yet all is a
mystery concerning the name of the
person who fired the shot, or tbe
cause which actuated him toso rudely wake up the guests ofthe Newmarket.   	
C. P. R. Prom Robaoo to Roeelaad.
Information has been received
that the C. P. R. has decided to
build their line from Rohaon to Rosa-
land at once, and expect to have It
in operation by the 1st of January.
They will use Heinee's road from
opposite Rohaon to Sullivan creek,
and from there build an independent road to Roasiand, thereby getting a one per cent, grade.
Heinle's road from Trail to Rob-
son is completed, thc last spike being driven this week.
��� i   lists��� i     ti     ���������isa.i'i.    i   ii. ��� .i.i.i mi-
Taf lor a Pree Maa.
Constable Mountain has received
a letter from Sheriff Smith, who
took Tailor from Sandon to be tried
for murder In Arkansas some time
ago. Mr. Smith states that "he has
released Taylor as he waa not sure
that Ho was the right man, and was
willing to rive tbe prisoner tho benefit Ofthe doubt, and not wishing to
do bhn an injury. He turned bim
loose with his best whthes."
Death ol Mra. Rami Hard.
Mrs. L. N. Remillard of Cody died
on September 23 of puerperal mania.
The funeral waa held on Friday and
interment was made at Cody. Mrs.
Remillard was a young woman and
leaves two children.
North Kootoaof Exhibit
The exhibit of ores from North
Kootenay for the Spokane fruit fair
has heen shipped. It was made op
latvely from the private collection
of W. a. Pool of Revclatoke and ia a
comprehensive showing of I��ardeau
and Trout Lake ores. It b unfortunate that Big Bend and Illecfllewaet
are scarcely represented at all.
Pottr-room honse. painted, nicely
furnished and comfortable. A bargain.   Apply to Mrs. Anna nee.
���- ���       ���  irt i m ������    i   aliatji
Town lots and a new dwelling
house for sale in New Denver. Apply to   Thompson, Mitchell A Co.
Johnstone ti Haines have just received a carload of Gurney stove*.
Por Soto.
One large, powerful self plajrtn
pieces of as-t��rt��d dai
New York
Brewing: Co.
Dreyer & Holfmckr,
m Propmuw*.
Wa are now ���applj-tng all order* iart.ntptl.ir
for Bottled aad Lagwr Beer.
Our laser ta attentat**** para mad *-��|uel lo anr
made ta Canada We om nothing Sat
aaalt aad hope
The Bnwert to o*mapa*do in eteejr detail with
all tbe tales* Imprwr/emeot*
The Betttang Dsaaitsasnt la la Charge
abont At pieces of aesorted dance mu,i,. eir
Tba best organ Ibis side of San FraucUro
StuUble for dance bouses, theatres, concert
rooma.   For pert k-ular* apply to
T. W. rLkthftKB. Victoria.
4 UMSf,    ��
Geld and Gold Ores Melted. He-
nsed aad Bought
P. q Boa 17*9$.     Spohaae* Waak j
Diaeotntioo of ftrtoieraJiip.
KettVte ta konhy gttwm tbat tbe part**._bit>
towtofoee o-lalwa faotwsow the awd*e��t��ael
ateMliUag Uarbees ba. tht.dee '***>�� dl**ad**>t
Mr matnal con-eot HV V telle w ill pay ell
IteMlitla. and collect all e-nrani.
Dated a I Handon. Angrt.t rV 1*4
Oet-tlOaeta ef Imafaaraitaaata
Sttwate hi taretssWaR Mining W**U��o�� of W#.t
M*m**aa* district    Wkarm locatol.    S*w*
town of Saadoa
Tehe aw**r* tbat t,t}e**tm> AUaawder. fro*
miner'* r**lfcSt-*te Ha 1*ji*t, a. agent for H
W. Fnrster. free mi***** ewrtlttemt* Sa. ,a.rta
���M W. Mr Vat-.free ���miner'* i-ertitVate Ha ��<*v
Oft.and 0 KsteVat. tre* miner', certiaVate
Ho. ItAOA lotottd. mttty dmt* Ir.-m tbe dale
hereof. U applv to tbe gold c*t*��mU.loner fat
a rertiaVate ,,f improtemente. lor the par-pom
of obtalalngerretragreat of tiV��a'.o*~ claim
Aad frju-thee tabe eat lee. thai adteraeclaims
most he seat to the gold eammUmtnuar aad
action commeaeerj before Ibe l*��eaece��f each
ceHISeate ef improvement.
Hated thia lath dar of Aaga.t. law;
,_.*   _.- mm*.    .       O ALXXAJfllwa
Hate of Seat patbllralloa. Aug It. law?
CsriiWeate af laaaeapeaaa ita
Jam** Kki.i.r
A. Ut Bt an*
In Any Quantitu
Anthracite, Canmore. N. W.
Blacksmith   or Stove Coal.
Codq Aoenue, Sandon.
Hitaate la tbe Klotaen Mining dleLbtn of West
Kootenar  .ll.inVl      Where located   Hmat
or tba range '
tbe tot* o
Fear Mile
m Istdwawn r*ai*psnter end
crawlu. and  on  Ihe east side of
Tabe notice tbat I. M P Tncfa. aciing a*
���*_*"'Jf? ���_*��� _J����v i**_**r McUren. fret, min-
er*a wrtli*l*ate Xo. n.m, and William A AT
ten. free miiter'a eerf'Scat* So 11 Jm. In lend
tjrty dar. tram dm Sato bat*m.f. to afffto
tba Mining Becorder fw a ceniScata"ofim-
^V^mTl^i J'.*!���* ****}**, *����� *������������� lalag a
etrnwa grant of tbe above claim
And further tabe notice that action, aader
section 17, mttst be commeni-sal trefore the i*.
l*aled this 1Mb day of HeH<mii-er. tsai.
First pqblicatiwn. Kept  l��, inr*.
Cartlflaata af lma��wvamenta.
Hitoate In the Hlocan Mining'HtU.on af West
Kaotonay   dlatrlet.      Whom   located^*
Cwd> iiiaak. m
Tabe not Ire tha 11, Jm.
'{���rtlSt-att. .V..M-rt.i���te,urt!,,V^r?te
a\t'r\Z,Z yihT_.*ilfi���_? ������"t****''��*"��*ats f.rr the
pnrpoae or obtaining a crown erant ���t ,t,_
abort claim. And Tartbar toba^SirJtfcS
aetion andar aertiou V. most ht
iforatbe huraaitce of sttrh cert In. ,m
__��__��_ .        M'** of *wh ��**rllScatt. of
Datol thl. Mtb *j*otAntv A. D lan.
Date of Srst p��Mhitl^,lly*A,1H^fJn,',w'
The Leader
emporium of Fwhion,
Maee rarelted a eoasigttman. ���:.} tK*
tatost s��t-les la
FALL tee
laadW remiaht**.. Fin, m\k Ho..!*,. ,*..
rtoraMt\aad eeerytblag la the lift,<4 t^,
stiltlasstr*r ettesrate.1 In tbe Simm .i. u* ,.,��� ,*_,
Ia*��eamaMag a specialt, _r.-i ��p.i��4au
Weamttotmd�����lead it. .itir. .,.*. _ir .^
e��ttr��*��ed to a* will meet.* not *t*.t��i ��.-,,
Mra. O. H. OOiflHTV.
tspp��4te Bryan Honse. Hero A***   <sts4��e.
Notary Public.
SANDON.       .        -       i.e.
s c
Will heal Hotel Bantanret. to am****...
******* a mttnth
Inatmai. Slas] tohrs. Kita
Aget-te S*r
TBa Ptttnmtg Ca*aagdi#atae Miaio�� Ca.
Ll*jjllr*t   l^tMlit,
Org   fett  Mlalac   ana   Mit'iaf  Co
Umiied lAeMin* iivwti-iu
tVlklrk   Mlnfnjr and    Milling   to.
I.imltcl Ua'.Mii,
Htetea S lUerk. BoM,
MMs.t.   H   r
C-e-HHt-eato) af Imaraeamanta
a JM A X M IXttBA I. ' I AIM
fOtawte la the taiocaa Mining IH-H....- - * ��'����
Kwofenat district     Where l��rel��d  tie far
penlctereeb.ah.aat one and oochsU r, ;!<������
ahtrte tbe l��wt, of Vtmtt.
Toko  notice  that  I,  II Wmtwell   sjr-tit **t
Wtotmrt   Wlngai*.. ,\'��   I.A.4.  inhai>t.s   Kn��
BrtJ-bba��*e��i. Xo la/fctl. and tfttuHep**.S<>
lAAmtj. Iart**ttd. siatr dar* from Ihe .lai��* h*.-*"'
to applr to the mining rsa-����r.l��r Ur * ������ <' -
r^tenf impf>rtr>meti*��  for  the |*��trv"   ���f "
tainlngaf*rown grant nf the ahots tlmlm
Ami  forlber tabe nortVe that ar-ii-t' *���.��� ���"
***rtion*1, most Im* commenced before ih* l��*
���aaretre of sm-h rwrtiacaie ol lt>Ma*..r.. ��� *. ������
tmted this nd .l��t ��l Jaljr. la-I
a a run'KM
date nf arst pohliratino. iol,r II. lad      	
Oawttfieate mt Imaraeamanta
KKvantxK jtvxnKvraixo stab
Mineral claims. .Itaate In IhaflatMt*- B��i -
divMor, *d We.l Kootenar .ll.trirf i�� *****
located tm lw, North f.-rh ,4 fan**'"'*
creeb and abont Sve and one-half milr. fr��r��
raw Fork*.
Tea* notice
agent for
Ian -Jljajtr. ��� . iiar.*. ,.-"..-������-���������
certiacate So th\A*W, intrnrl.sittr "��"���* iTntn
the date hereof, to applr lo the roinina* r��
eaedar for a certiScate of Imitrt.vetiir.ii'* '<'"
the pn-Mae of obtaining a crown gran' ��' ""
a hot* a claims. , .
And farther take notice that a.*tl��i.. ��'",,*,f
section at, ma*t ire aommenreit befon* tii-* '*
anance of snch c��rOm.ete at lm|>r��>�����������'������������' ���
IhHert thi* l.t dav of Kept . I*d.
Fintt pnblicalion. Sept. ������. �����*��? __
���aire that I. Chart*. M��-.rr. *<���*�����* ����
' A iKByno.tt** mli-rr'. ctT��ifl.ais
i. and CbarltM Newlieit*. he* nuj-*t *
Merchant* Advertise in the
Paystreak Because It Pay*. THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B. C, OCTOBER 2, 1897.
mite Willing hi* family farewell and
telling tlii'tn nut to grieve "as he wan
better (Hit uf thin world."
���n... Canadian CtHtoii Mills have de*
,V i T.O.
ii_ii.eRa.aor says that the Minlater
,j juatiti ��r OUm liowat. ia wick tig
hit;\mt\\umi pirfiei-atory to Wing
politic* forever.
Mr Hilton* the Mlidster of Interior.
J atart toafcjtjw on b^tonrot
r���v. .ligation to the Yukon. Hcexrtecta
io be away two inoath*.
Tha aale ot the Jnhilee stamps is ex-
Jted to hrlnf art.��**��3tt*,ltfr "* ���
E dollars* ihe P*-**^ J*!**
���;;*,����   The (dates have heen desiroy-
" Tlu- apcwtinf -^^.ll^AiuirTJ1?,
,rt tht* Wy rates,the  olia-c*Is ao
,.���������, M to tnake .wiontittg diflkult
iiul. |*artrttlfe and snipe are  very
Ari-angm^t*-we bring_���*���*��*?, th"
on, Keniie Kim A Klondike l.xploro.
,T������ utanany. of Hamlllon, to organi*^
,��� ,xF*dUion to go to the 1 nkon gold
Srld* neat apriof -
P-.traia.nf reforts awWaa rrc*iv--d
I*2 the fold ittlnes at.Sotth IU^
Th. .leldalthe Canadian Cold Held*
CVnpaay. wc<rks ia white range from
,<  ,.ito>,rSJOperwt*t*k
-��uth Marrh, a stnall village abont
teclvrwllea iron Ottawa. ���altoi����t
,,-f.Jv destroyed hv **���������**!��
The I.** ia Iwlweon S^O-Und ���BO.Qftt,
��� Uh about ia.o*�� insnraitce.
iliancellor Boyd's son. ,�� J***
Ikivd, id Tofonto. has receW.d the ap
pt.int.arotof lliiffttor id M.n�� for'thr
Wa htptnttetm gM Md*, and left tab
The cenviets at the St. Vincent de
Paul penitentiary, Montreal, are mill in
a fractiouK mood, and persist In clamor-
ing (or their tobacco, which has boen
cut oft by ordiT of Sir Oliver Mowat.
The mrular guard* have heen reinforced by Dominion Policemen.
The party of Hamiitonian* who set
out (or the Klondike aonie time ago
have met with manv disaster*., and are
coming home, haviug lout one of their
|��artv, VV. T. Patenon, by drowning at
the. .rand Rapid I ia tbe Athabaaca river.
They alao loat all their aupplies.
break a platter over the innocent man's
head if he made a mistake. Finally he
slowlv replied; ���'Iguee* I dakesome
of dot turkey, Mr. (Stmpbell !"
'Of course you will.you coin-scrapini**
son of a gun'*' screamed CampDell.
"Well, I guess you won't! You'll take
roast lamb, Malachi, that's what youll
take.or youll leave this house and pretty
���quick, too I
.   There was a great roar from the
others at the table as the drummer .with
There used to he a hotel in Scotland,
S. Dakota, famous both for its table and
its eccentric proprietor, oneOen. Campbell. About twelve years ago Judge
Palmer (now a member of the South
Dakota legislature, by the way), who
had latelv arrived from New England,
having been appointed United States
Judge in the territory, stopped at the ,���,.,c,_����.,.,�� ._,.,._ -_, *   i.
(annus tavern for dinner.   When it an apologetic smile,said the lamb would
came to dessert, the General, who al- do just aa well.
*******     ^^^9190000000000 *"^^^M
The British-American Prospecting A
Development Co. have sent a well-
equipped party of young men from
Toronto under charge of Captain Currie
to explore the Miehiplcoten country.
Stock of this company is selling at io
eeatspet share, and* will lie raised to
par on the ��\ni inat.
Private Stewart, of the 4Kth Highlander*. Toronto, who won the Empire
priie in the great bayonet contest, a*,
a I'll as several other "prizes in different
trial* of skill, held in June laat at
Ultiu-iun. Kngland. at the Queen's Jul*
ilee figU*dtles, haa returned home with
his bride.
I*roapectors returning (rom the Lake
Wawa gold field* *ay (hat the Mackey
lHrkin<*-on claims is being jruarded day
and iii;ht Itv men armeil with shotgun*.
and no otic is allowrd to trespaa*. Mr.
Mackei says that his companv will soon
put up a stamp mill to crush thepuartJ*
lie believe* that the vein will be thc
ridheat ever struck in Canada.
flicht|.i��-<den Village .which has lately
heen made so famous through tho discovery of Iree-tnilliug gold in that
district, present* almost the tame appearance a> it did ft) or tut) years ago.
when it w as first made a post of the
Hudson*lUtv t out pany. It is situated
on Miehij.ii-oten river, about two miles
frrttn the north shore of Lake Suj^riof,
and is easily acecaailde.
Mr. J. K. Kerr. Q C. of Toronto, and
Mr Geo. Casey, MP., are tryinc to or-
irantie a ntilitarv eomtatny to be composted of Mescal or former volunteers to
go lo the Klondike In the interests of
the Klondike <iold Mining Co., and
have laid their proposal before Mr.
Silton at tHtawa. The government
wilt In? asked to equip them as they
would anv other volunteer corps
ways looked after  the table himself,
approached the Judge and said very
crisp and short,   "Pie or  nudden'r
-What kind of pie is it?" inquired the     ___ ______________���_______________________���
Judge blandlv.    "What the devil is     The lead mines of Missouri which were
that to vou'/*'  thundered Campbell: about to close down have retained oper-
Pie or Puddenr   "Pudden,** exclaim- atioM at iuU blast and the tonnage will
be larger than ever before, doe to the
fact that the prices for lead are higher
than they have been for Sve years. The
frdfcationa are that the upward tend-
Everybody who knew the General ency will continue and that the produc-
bore with him because of the really ex- tion of lead will yield a magnificent
cedent table he provided. profit for perhaps years to come.  Banff-
One day he had roast beef, roast lamb ing along such figures ss 14.06 to $4.10
-�� . -. ___ __��,. _., ,.__,   __���, inft pouBogj ,t fa freely predicted
��������     ��� *-       ��.  BC.    _J*US_.     m    ttxm.
ed Palmer, hnrriedly, adopting the
pronounciation of the General for fear
of giving further offense; and after that
he never asked anv more questions
when dining at that hotel
week W hto new fasd ��f Ubor.
The mairnstk Iron ^VroT.TT-l!!,0
I.latid hils heen tnated h?rjir. Arrl��
Hloe. and declared to he of nova'"'
t,,n.,,e-*ciallyc��ather,* i* not a snflhrirn
am.tma ��(iron in the aand to make u
\.,uanUty of American��torero, he-
\v ..T;..rd towaahlp. which waa being
Mnuggied into the tYitintry^ was at*\a*A
tin* arch hv Cnstoma iHHeem Slav tier.
l.rxekville. Out.
Woid hM heen received at IMPJ*
cultural lj*enartinent. Ottawa, that tl
.liijtmentoTamdea In rold itoraj.*.on
tJ.^eamtdilpKastolia. ���"ijetl tn^^fi e
rr.nditloa at llfaagnw. and hrtnight ths
th.pper a good itroltt. \\7ZeWn!i and'tl"" the fa��t steamers
of  young   men jurt^jl^entl^su^^ ^ ^ ^^^
and roast turkey on the bill of fare.
The regular boarders and transients
kept dropping ra, and by a pre-a-rang-
ed plan each in turn ordered turkey
unto the General got nervous, fearing
the bird would not hold out���and he
always prided himself on having enough
of everything.   At last a Jewish drummer appeared, rubbing his  hands in
anticipation of a good dinner and smiling iu a most conciliatory way at the
darkening face of the landlord.   Campbell approached   the   traveling man
slowly  and with threatening glance.
He was plainly revolving in his mind a
plan to prevent an order for turkey
without admitting that he was out of
that   dish.    looking   the   drummer,
square in the eve.  he said  with emphasis:   ''Roast beef!   Roast lamb! !n
ami then very quick, "turkey.*'
The drummer seemed to be thinking
over the question in his mind while the.
rest of the boarders held tlieir breath. I
They   half believed  Campbell  ���**-"'
that it will reach |4.6C within a few
months and possibly exceed tbat price.
The increasing value < 1 lead will undoubtedly leadto there-opening of many
of our silver-lead mfnes, closed on'account of the decline in silver- The possible novelty may soon be witnessed in
Montana of lead mines in full operation;
producing 26 per cent, of lead with 75
per cent, of silver as a 'by-product'"���
a good-bye product.
A negro preacher addrerwed hia flock
with great earnestness c . the subject of
"Miracles'* as follows: "My beloved
friends, de greatest of all miracles waa
'bout de loaves and fished. Dey waa
five thousand loaves and two thousand
fishes, and de twelve 'postlee had to
eat'em all. De miracle is, dey didn't
*���'-����������� -    'No news is good news," but it won't
would do to run a dailv paper on that principle.
Kootenay Mercantile Tailoring Co.
A ..port I. WiL'i* ��_H_*"f���^__l
V,wtJm: stjrtrst* hr tto ���'��''���'""J
he has
t��> .dher parties
*ays that front the la teat news
riHeived then* is no truth in such a re-
-*irt. and he is confident that Mr. Pat-
ttTs.ui will carry out his undertakinir
large party of y����nA
m nu ,d^Montreal from &��htnd,have
gone on to the Crow-Nest Pass   The)
a,.rtear��-d to he In verv gtmd circum
tUiKce. and Itone of them were n.on-
tlisn ii or 1st. *reara of age.
The Una prise In the ffrest U Q T
National ltoad-IUce. held at Toronto,
uw won bv nartild John-on. of hi
Ix.tlsior n'tcycle Club on mal c��v
Fred. C-rave-,of ��t Catherit.ea. wot. tht
time priae. and both hoya receiMil
*���'**> pianos.
A new  company called  the Crowji
N.st Pat* Coal Company is about to i"
int-onmrated with  a capital ��"��'*'��
tUW.tWO.    An extensive tmainttaa will
U' carried on in the ������������ ���*'���!'* "\.,r
(rows Nest Pass, and also in other
Canadian fields.
Speaking of the Kntttenav ROhTields
l aptatn tJati, of K. M. College. Kinifiv
t.Ht.savst "Btith the gold andrtvw
"lining Indtistrlea have there settled
down to a permanent paying hasis. ana
Ikut.a of no field Btera promising i��r
the prudent capitalist.**
AllM^rt Mason, a farmer, 'ii' vears of
age, shot himself through thehsad-*
'Is home in L'Aroaroux. a hamlet eight
���, Melt* a.ss��aM_saUJia*-**j jjj^ m
A full line of
always in Stock
twt* of the
Chits. lb��H
miles from Mark ham, 'hit.
He left
at scent)*; * -�����.-... sail boat
occupants dashing down the rapids to
almost cj'iiaitt death.   He watched the
(rail   liarque   n.s  it   craslusl unroll tlie
r.H*ks. tipst'ttin_; Us crew, then with a
total disregard (or his own safety he
swung his boat ont into the torrent'and
soiled  with  difticultv iti rescuing
men.   JoHepli Teaaier and
....   The other man,  Atitoine.
._..-. was almost instantly killtnl by
Jveinjj dashetl upon a rock.
Captain  Lee. o( the Koyal  Military
Collage, Kinirstoit. has returniHl from a
trip to the Klondike, and says:   "The
at the White Paas is one of unex-
Suicides are frequent,
human misery to the
Skagwav trail than
*    rtions
are pushit<*[ tho boom atutt^ ..������ 'its
nl the truth or the consei|Ueiues, Hie
mlvice to those who contemplate going
is |o"stay at home.*1
sfi'lllt _^^^^
ampled horror
aiul there is more
Hunter BrosM
Headquarters for
* Groceries, Hardware
Furnishings, Miner's
We carry Everything
Sandon and Rossland.
>' t.
.*w*e.Ai**'' ������   '* THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON. B. C��� OCTOBER ... l��W.
13ROWKINO     ACCinjRHT    ON    HOOT*.
On Sunday afternoon at about 1:30
John Snellneth,  Wm.   Johnston and
Charles Strom rented a Ixmt from Cockle
Bros, boat houae in Kaslo to go ior a row
on the lake.   After cruising around the
bay for an  hour or two, visiting the
mineral spring, saw mill, sampler, etc.,
they storied to return to the boat house,
but changed their mind* and proceeded
out into the lake, intending, apparently,
to cross to the other side.   A violent*!
wind was blowing at the time and when
about half way across two were noticed
arise in the boat to pass, one to relieve
the other at the oars, when the boat
suddenly capaixed.    Chas. Strom aud
John Snellneth sank almost immediately, but Wm. Johnston, who had his coat
off at the time, was seen struggling in
the water for sometime and holding onto
th* boat.   A number of parties statted
immediately to their aid,  but before
they got there the man struggling in tbe
icy water was seised with cramp*, threw
up his hands and sank.   The rescuers
proceeded to tbe scene of the catastrophe
and picked up all three men's hat*, the
boat and Wm. Johnston'* coat.   After
sinking the unfortunate men never arose
to the surface and no trace of them wa*
found other than those picked up by
the rescue parties, although dragging for
tlte bodies waa carried on all day Mon-
John Snellneth and Wm. Johnston
were   about   28    and    30   vears   of
age lespectively, both natives of Sweden
but for a long time residents of thb
country.   Chas. Strom  was also about
tlie same age aa the others.   Wm. Johnstone was a carpenter by trade and for
some time past haa been engaged on the
Pilot Bav concentrator in the emplov of
Thos.   Mitchell.    John Snellneth  and
Chaa. Strom were both miners and have
been  working at Uie Noble Five for
some month* past.   All were steady,
intelligent men,  held  in  the highest
esteem by their friends and comrades,
and no doubt the news of their death
will come to many as a great shock.   It
was their intention to attend the Spokane Fruit Fair, and it is Mud that at
tlie time of the sad fatality that among
the party they had over $1,700 on tlieir
clothes.   Efforts are being made bv the
authorities to communicate with'tlieir
relations in tbe old country.  Tbe bodies
of Johnston and Snellneth were found
on Tuesday in 30 fathoms of water.
A very rich strike of high grade ore
was made last week on Uie Surprise
mine. In following the vein on Uie north
drift from Uie Xo. 1 tunnel tbe miners
broke into a 12 inch chute of clean ore,
which has been followed along the vein
for 25 feet and shows up better with each
foot of development. The ore is of the
same nature as that found iu other place*
on theprc-wrty, a fine grained galena
running from 200 to 250 ots. silver and
00 per cent. lead. At present only four
men, under foreman Gillie, are engaged
on the property, but it is the intention
to add materially to this force very
shortly. The construction of a new ore
house is also planned for ttefore snowfall, and *e ore taken out will lie sacked
ready i .>.��� shipment as the work progresses. There i* now at the mine a
car load of ore sacked, but none will be
aent down UU it can be rawhided to the
wagon road, a distance of two miles. Tlte
Surprise ia one of thc highest altitudes
at w tich work is being done in Uie Slocan, over 8,000 feet above sea-level.
W. W. Warner, who opened up the
Ajax, is now at work developing the
Ajax Fraction for Braden Bros. The
ledge which is 30 feet wide shows up all
across the claim, and has been stripped
for about 100 feet. On the surface the
ore showing Is not over two inches wide
but is continuous wherever Uie ledge has
been stripped, and from a shaft which
haa been sunk on the vein for 16 feet
seven tons of high grade ore have been
taken. A 30-foot cross-cut is now being
run to tap the ledge lower down. On
Uie surface Uie ore is a coarse cube
galena, but at the bottom of the shaft
eiaht inches of a beautiful fine-grained
galena assaying 210 ots. and 00 per cent,
is shown.
It is said that one of the prominent
mines in the Slocan will enter auit
against a United State* smelter to recover the amount of duty charged them
on lead. The mine owners claim that
Uie smelter did not pay Uie duty a* Uie
ore was smelted under bond and shipped
out of Uie country. The refusal of the
smelter people to* show a receipt from
the government for duty paid on the
lead ts Uie cause of Uie suit being entered.
A Burton City hotel wa* selling some
whiskey a short time that would paralyse even an old citisen of Victoria. It
was made of carbolic acid, fusil oil aod
other ingredients. When it got low in
the barrel the effect waa noticeable on
the patrons of Uie house. Some of tbe
citisens got snakes in Uieir boots, while
one of the hotel-keepers went crasy
through it, jumped in the river, stabbed
himself ami done other thing* in keeping with Um kind of a jag he bar] on.
No wonder Burton City has a reputation
of lieing the toughest camp in British
W. S. Drewry, Kaslo, has four men
at work on his chdm, the Gentle Annie,
at Bear Lake.
for the purpo&t of having a mill teat
made. The comptny Intend to lose no
Ume in finding out the exact value of
the large vein recently struck.
Mr, H. K. Walton, assayer, late of
Fort Steele, bas established an assay
office in Golden, aod la prepared to
make reliable assays of all kinds of ore.
Ten park horse* are busy bringing
down ore from the Red Fox claim. At
present the working force Is small a*
accommodations are not yet provided
for a larger force. Bunk and ore
houses are to he built in the near future
Messrs. Lee and Klnnistenof the Bald
Mountain Co. have b*ntt at lamald during th* past week making arrangement*
for the shipment of a ton of ore to the
sampling works in order to Itave a
thorough test made of Uie quart* found
in the tunnel. If the result prove* satisfactory, machinery will at once he
pnx-ured with a view to the working
tlte mines. A* the ore is fre* milling,
it will be treated right at the mine,
where all necaasary water power can be
Mr. P. Watetetcame down on Monthly
from his claim at the head of Ifagatwio
creek, bringing with him a ton of ore
from the Surprise claim. This ha* been
shipped to the smelter at Everett. Wash.
I(thin sample shipment gives satisfactory return* it is the intention of the
syndicate to fa-gin at once the eo-oinrue*
turn of a tdrtgh road f mm the Columbia
river to the head of Bugaboo creek and
ship out the ore with team* during the
winter months. Mr. Watelet go** lo
Kwrett to ore to tbe proper sampling of
tbe ore.:	
A motty �����!*���!# *|t**w#a.       ^
Preaident Uncoln, when he waa a
young lawyer praeliting in thertturt*
of Illinois, was once engaged In a ease
in which the lawyer oa the other aid*
made a very voluble -mooch, nil of
wild statement* to the jary. Lincoln
opened his reply by saving.' "My
friend  who  has  just  spoken to von
A recent assay for gold  from  th*,.,,,*���.   -.���......  ,��-.  -.a..-.���  ... -.��.
quarts ledge on Mr, Watelet'* claim on would be all right if ft were not for one
Bugaboo creek  **** ** mmM   **********^***^L*m*���*~*~^m^^���mu
20 gold per ton
Bngalmo creek, ahowed a value of a_l.. j thing and 1 dont know thai you ought
A laundry is under construction on
the wagon road   in the Washington
to blame him for that, for he can*! help
it. What I rider to is hia reekls** state
ment* without any ground of truth
���    ......      _-.     -y��      <���*- ������������#���.��. j ** . mmm**! i���||Ml*��l    Of   thl* t*fS**rb
basin and a hotel is to follow as soon as j /. ���r" IT*^ ..""������?--_ Ts *_X ._W  .
a license can be obtained.   .
On the American Boy ten men are
working on a foot of clean ore and carbonate* of a high grade. A car a week
ia being sent down the hill.
On Wednesday the Bald Mountain
Mining Co. shipped to Vancouver a
sample ton of free milling ore from Uieir
claims on Bald mountain, near Donald,
to you.   Now, the treason of this Ilea In
the constitution of hi* mind.   Tbe moment he begins to talk all hi* mental
1 operations cease and he la not res* ton
I silde.   Ue Is, In fact, moch like a little
steamboat that that I saw on the Sangamon River when I was engaged In
| boating there   This little steamer had
a fire foot    boll r   and   a   set en-foot
whistle, and nettyy time it whistled the
engine stopped "
Hotel, in New Denver, haa been enlarged
and all the rooms Haaiered.       New carpets
and new fornitare thi^gi**.* make C.e hemae
a marvel of comfort and elegance.       With
28 rooms, and its heaatitnl situation amidst tlie
finest scenery in America, this hotel la 0���,ar.
I*t*i��*d In all Kootenay.
H* 8TBGF4 Prop.
. *-
ytTltt_BtAU�� a DAV, f-m^     *
**~-��sss*a-*t*��tWrm Ot *u	
Kinds of CARBOXAT1 ii DR1KKB
Syphona, Ginger Ala,
.-^raapaHlla, Ktc, Ktc
"*"Bs"^rs_^P^__|sB_^%i^j_ji^   Amm** ^aj.
Ritrontae honi���� industry
when yoo want the best
Soldeet to change without notiee
Trains ran oo Phclno Standard Time
Mare S a* A JM.
" sat **
*��� ss* �����
* ssi *��
***ss�� ��*
** I* IS **
- MM **
*rr. t��J* **
'.#*���** II mite
������   uji **
Swa#s Wv*k
Boat t**a��       *>
Crr4�� JiMfjrrtBst **
S*llA*-�� Urn**
vm*r iamb.
* u* -
I If -
I 'X -
'. O *
I �� -
t l�� "
I * ���
om F. com.
Arrttrtl **.tt
-     lit" ���
ml/ .*��
Cuiiiai Piic Railway
r*k�� I-keiDe Una.
"" Quickest
""' Cheapest
Route to 8t I-anl, ChtVagu
lfc-troit. Toronto* Montreal.
New York, Ik***.. Philadelphia, and all Kaavm
t*nex��-elled Weeping Tars
on aU trains, Tourist <*ini
to Sk. hinl dailv; lW.ru
every ThurabtV- TW-ont.)
evert Mt-nday from Kcvt!
Hteamer  leaves  Nakusp
daily except Mondav. inak
in|relas^Camne>t!4kinat Revel
stoke with trainafor ail point*
Vmtat and West.
!*k*t*-br�� voo travel gel tnfbmiaii<'0
flrom C.P.k. agents as to time* *n��l
rates.   It will save von imatev    Ap
frlv to nearcnt railwav agent or to
A. C. MeARTHl'R.' Agent, 8aiah*n.
Dlst.   Passt-nger   Agent*   Vantviivcr
Atlantic Steaisiiip Lines.
Wrotn V ������������
'���rjllfornt*. Altsttt Lin.	
I'rtH.Ull.                    "              ., 'tl I
('ttlthrt��inl��lt "
Ultnul w.Ott-Mlnlttn Untt ' * "
V<siM*-outr��r,          ������
P<*r  I    rt
Vtnim-U.Vanmrd line	
Ktrarbt " ���, 	
Camtrtniit,      ** 	
Va-Mtif, Whits-HjirUu*	
r��tit<tnlt'        " 	
*.'.  Prtul. Ani��-*l.an l.litv	
*��. tetlUt*. ������ ...  '
���ttjttt.'.tf Xsl.rn.tis  AlUiiJttJti. I.In.
���i-iiititw.rli. Bad Mat Unm **���'' *'
.N.mHlttmt. *       ���***
IJttifn tl, -ai. ***i, 11 Osi-tittl it*.w��nl��
l.ttonraMlisip an ��ttd ii'rtritnls.
Hl#*rTMrt> tt*'*)antl iijtwurthi.
I'��sst.afr#r�� n.-Mrti thMn-h in ��ll -****'i1"
tltret Hells!.. ,* |rt*t-OMt. nml ��t h,. . i. ���* " ���**
mt-JM Ut Sll -juris ,4 OV Kun.'-SIL V, tilllt.*n��
I'n :*,l.| pMj��irt�� .mii-tr.l frtmi nil v******
An-itly la ll.|trll'(||.A*t-..-t��-itt..\i.* tr...w*r.
(Imtfnit Atf nt.
__H V- V. tt. <rtH* >������*.   .VlH'lll**'' MINING   RBGORD��.
The following is a complete list of the
mining transacUons fowtrded during the
��-*vk in the rereral mining divisions of
Uie Slooan.  Thos* of Mew Dsnv* ��� were
��. follows:���
Mir fl~<*oraS��as*M*-J. ftasr Vtnr Hni����r, H
0 ii ia*r.  jstaM fwss aa* PraaSlli,. <M_t*����w
I* ,,r johit wuu__waaim.i_i��i*ttj^72_^uB
Mur. hfcuat WtMsiwmad Um, nam, CII Seabttt.
strr. M -Yakua. gltar Mtts. O J lllrt_��jr; frl
>, Mwratag. Wfsssttw. A W *\omnom..
|    ��E"w-"'S|-��aV,AASo��aa. l-Ksst^     ^        Tl " "
a��J t^m^to^T^- �� H Aureal; labile*   *�� �� e*0,***aU*1 *>����to lie grasped by
& o^tSr^X,yx:,, 0rmtt c a Bun^ *****l    ���nd*
I* * _^_^B^B^B^BF__H
,,... YOO*A*mimmtOU W
*tr. iJ^irtjr,^8*^ -----   --
Hurt W~g-a|t*srm>ato__*y*ri^ AtaiMW*, Um
. ���_,���*-.���*��� Xo it. Mitre** aW
s*_t t-r-Olnis-iiai, rfarssV. CStiaafo.
-.����j**j~t4nkttlat, towaada, l-****bra, now
Kan f*~t*-*at* Jaak. Ra-nsksrtt.
"in r. Atongo l**rs��***Jusi. Uatem, Ht*xjV��>
nan tt ��� - J***** |, tlsM C*t*i*isir* t�� Hy rw X
w Mir {**.. aspitf* tea\t
Starr n ItttrUij. IiCO-ut*. In A a Rclti**
w r. *td*m
i .swa-ar^Mhrfr Vktot, tWrnCaf., Kr*��tiirky
Out. Bofcj/ ire**, lists*** IMI Irtria-ir to Tim
���    ..a k attorn. **H* U. t*.
���-j ���� ��&-Osti��pt jTrerikss to *> taca. -iHtm. A
h -..ahutttmtn A*ts��iilLOH WrWtti, Marttu L
..���.".. -.mat ant mo K *�����**, a-*** it.
MB-f r:~-n**t*��i_^x..M^ l*ft���^,w-^>
^.t���><^ tta-i--*' a��n mata* <x a��j�� ��,i*v-��.
AJ}��awo��TR onrmoa.
Hwi *_^Jh)��*-s* atMa, C I, Ur _���* and J til*
��M��ftda. aisss^tw*ncKBru*lTksJ[itji.i*t
a-a-i t^-Oali Bar, ���"��*������- Alkm i-au.-ui.tc.
���hlj-i tt Hawkat*, V H llstntost. Sunmn^ Jm*
* ���<���,,.'*4m. t\dtt UeAokoy Wmtrttmtta, ttUrwcS
J.'.<��. l-tLtwVtew. M r MrAtrtlMv.
atrt "3 UtterttsV. |_| ttWkrr. OwhI/ rr*r
*.. 'few ta-tst-r-* I �����*-**, J *o Mttnm;
'���*�����   -If^.^i *���*��<*��'-�����. w M Mesa**
*>������'*������'��� t**��tirt's*. lUWl Htrvt-v*. AtUm.Jstnr*
ll.nts i.lrsjwswt. Attest l*t*_*-r-.-4t; \ moeauver
Il    uUrrjr; Kr-as*����y. 1.0 AWwW
sarf >�� UsrS* T'fcw*. K tt Sssisri tr^ihm.
�����>���>- M��iW1tea*lrai V��ttH�� Oirt, II H R*jw*
ths t iai^^^^^^^-**********************************************'
aVr' wiA?tf.!!!-w *****" R -*1 -***'''?01-;
, tort Stt-Mp lipt l#*)rlor Itttt. ^*4*��1, ��*te*s
**���**���� ���****����� <**rMM��.S|sTtt-r ftara (JtMsltst, Ifc.y.
'""����*'*. I*rst\
%����'t n- W��Bqr.
���*i. t it   B**pWrmtkm   ttatjr Itartir   Krltjr-r
**��r? tt- Arttwr
i. Ammy tHson
_    -   ���   ���**--*>.   WstttssJlMI,   Kclsn,
s��rt r; H-aa��|_iiin��, Wiotlltar.
_ S��J ��a^*a_��|__lu��. J A MttriVU to Vhmth*
**��* Minia^Oswtaaajr. lad.
_s�� i rr   ttodlkB mad tAerad* *, J Wrttrht u.
a t rtttiora,
'��������**, sm| Tm ��JW j WrtfM to BAmmen
** O.- *,��__ J,^ gnHbl Umi   ���., Ir^.1 |,*,���lrT
nm ut nmda to ttsartstr. rMMtftMMhr. M,mUnc
Vat   Jt'luUHtowIn,
*-"f il   BlMt-toBt.*. W'awwmri .. , J Mt
���"��'��� fta>. ooy etnttn to AC Monk
J*be\trt* un nn-tij, to ^ p un,,-* awl
m mt ' ^t,rtt|Ml*Lt,_srr
la ,.i��. || MrKretSt to Ma IkKsw-rtV.
^ n tt-Bot rrartk*. W Haorr to V V lint
Z-twntry (,. J J OsMfttoU to J W WmHen Raw
w|*_��*,* V**,**,��� *��om ���***sW.Oa-"ta**t risl to K J
-",���   KliT*l.KHH__*��l.tll-*r'.Hjs
,.s' ��� ���' "*������ -. t**��|w Iftf*. M��tmR-<*h. Ht�� I'.tir,
v;��" i. .,l*I,nTL* J*0f*lf��W Star. Sthrr Tl-��. Oao
I   - inllr I. Owa N. Wr-tl b. ||__rtt **s.Ut.rU...I.
i-l. i. >aU**t  Ortn. Bannrr. Y.^* ��.;;.. Kltv* i
ftii. -���""** S,,M,,��� **�� *"^ t*��tt��<wtoit*ij
*��l^z^-*5*&_5_j_.'>��- ��"" ���
I nt,'" i." JU,'te^,* ��������*��� ��**��*nia. rarh to neb ��.
*���"'��� I sU__��. H J,__��� t^waaait, an.l I*!,. Wrttttr.
^'���������-'���.JamCial to Jaawa Ntotoitoai.
"MrOAJi cm* mvisiois.
K boearioaa
C,,!,^t,'W��','***fcn��: !>i*>rK ��',.,
km ,,,
��-ttD.ar,0 A btt**
Stu-i If.   First Ukr-.
��an irv-Aritorrt-jti. Burllnjru*.
am M - Port HUI. Orcat ISrltk, Waxatotehle.
Skit i*>  Msnlluu.
Serr to HkinVu Traaaan.
8��i-T|f   AbWr Hossn M.
StOT tt  Hcntrh Thlitle.
Scrr �� HlurK-rk, Blue Amy, Abtwdom, Van
U��k Hill Wl
Hurt tn --.H-frtrtonan, Gold Ba*. Zola. SataatU.
Karr 17 -4M|_S 1. B Haley to J A Foley.
High Or* and CarMne |. J A FtsVy to O Plachei
mitr,  |-lai>. akookon. Vktorla Xo 4. Ex-
rhsi._-��, w K Bute and M laao-ao* to Mew Gold
Fssit trf H C Grtofjaiijr.
Sarr *��� Ik-tdtkr. HMdt-a Ti**saui�� attd Cmisd
er tat. K S CUt u, i. K aod W H Crawford.
K.-ail_t��k l. P Ato.sUxK�� to J M Miller.
solu.ua !. V Hattttum tol M Millar.
KinirrttM Pi*��rltoa |. St l_swrr**��r�� i, J A Foley
to T o WaalBa*.
Sarr tt-Etarortt. J Rat-kllff x id C Xewhaaa to
W A CaMiotolt. sjjtL. Little Mootana and PuUtkl
PuUskl. K A laarlskaw to B aeenutn.
Uaele Sain I.
t*Art u AAmrkA t- i'toom* tilt).	
Hlaton 1. Hmnuas |. Akx Harrtaon to H Sntli
Van Lark HUI |. Jokn McLrud to Alex Mr-
xirr-r:   AW4r|. V c tt��-kllff to BwenMr
W.iltvrlne i.'l��, I) M. 1> sural o* aame.
t'.stja-tu* liW, Alt*rt<Vstartte to Saint Btte*.
Oass-tir IPX. Alton (JOa��s-tte to Bobl M-*Orer**>r.
.sitalsu-ti. A Walknrr lo tstn Hankm.
tsib DA-soaa ritow millionamem.
The great danger from millionaires,
wesnsjntt. is one which many of our
reader*, will pronounce fanciful, the
danger indicated in Mr. Barnato's sad
Magazine lead pencils are being placed on tho market,the lead being divided
into short sections, each of which has a
point, and a* soon as one is worn down
it is slipped from the jaw and another
drops down into place, the magazine
being reloaded through the jaws when
it becomes empty.
Medicine which tastes bad can be
easily taken by means of a newly devised glass, which has a partition in the
center to separate the medicine from a
liquid to wash it down, the partition
preventing the two from mixing and
allowing the wash to flow out by tipping
the glass higher up.
Fire* can be easily kindled by means
of a new invention, which consists of s
couple of hollow bricks, which can be
attached to each other after being filled
with asbestos, when they are placed in
a pail containing oil to absorb a sufficient quantity to ignite the fire when a
match is applied to the bricks.
Silver Coinage la India.
At present India alone is buying silver.
The native population there have appar-
parently been tempted by the steady
decline to buy silver in greater quantities because they have always practised
a species of local coinage which the government tacitly winks at. Under Uie
eld system so much weight of silver was
worth so many rupees all Uie Ume, and
so firmly is this tradition founded tbat
, little laaale, aetlia' "reaaa" la titofqaare,
apartle legs, nn' ftg*ft frock, *uT strawly
���tury hair; fm^tBm
What hope for ya, what help for ye, yepoir
Wi*ri^tlten, an' wee red feat apo* t**e canld
Up to the train, doon free ttt* tnkt, I'm hnmaa
torrent Sow*,
Frae coaat or city. Men aa' hraw, the crowd a**a
comes an* got*;
An'"Veetoe, air t a penny, sir,* On eager rhoros
For aell ye rnaen, a*' pennies Mae;, or dree aair
aMn an' banes.
It a weel to slag an' say there's Ane Sua narks
__ ��� ^** -fc��
hard to think that there's a God
e'enln' to thscafsht' an'
the s*Lwn-ows fa',
coiner* travel openly  from village to
________________________________________���___���_. i village coining silver into rupees for the
end. Tiny tend, toe despots, to goinatj^, and^ven for BriUsh officers,
Iliad. Tht^roportion of them in Amer;. without government interference. It is
iea who MitTer from nervous disease, j, cuttom oj ^ con^ which co^ not
or a habit of drinking contracted by I ^ gttddenly checked after centuries of
elTortsto keep down nervousjailment, j exi-tence without serious friction. But
is eit-monlinar*.*, la, in fact, described' outside of India no one else is willing to
by good tmdtcal authority a* amount buv fUver freely, and it is now simply a
ing to 8��* Jter cent.   That is always j question of cost of production with the
mines.   Either they must  be able to
produce  silver   profitably  at   present
{���rices or they must shut down.   And it
ooks as if the latter would be the most
general course.   For with Uie produc-
But aft i
era*.     ___________
When tack ye gaa*- at j 	
the abame.
The hard, fool raieech, the dronken dendt, o* the
O fair an'Sne an'atately rise the knits on erary
Tberr.srratho't*��<rnan'wlnean'allk.an' wealth
oVrSows the lead;
There's homes for dogs, an' hones for eats, the
Jkrras la kalmed
t O! ye tender
wee, for yo* what
__, to i** net cent m^^m^^^^mmm
act-ounted lor in newspapers a* the result of nervous strain, or fierceaaxietv,
of overwork ; but we are bv no mean*
sure that as unlimited power is known
of itaelf to overtax the brain, so an unlimited command of wealth does not
weaken the controlling will. The detain* to do something bigger still master*
them, they do not get the help destiots
do from counselor*, and by and bv their
newer of action, rapid and irrer>ponsi-
MS action, get* too much for their
mental strength. We do not care, it
would not, indeed, be right, to give in-
���lance*: but we are greatly mistaken if
many of the new millionaire*, are not
showing a tendency to the special form
of lutntal weakness, which is called
megalomania, or **le* grandeurs.** a
desire to make their houses, their
yachts, their pleasunces, even tlieir
attivitiea, bigger than for their own
objects it is ueeeasary they should be
made. Thev become too conscious of
their own magnificence, are too com-
Klft.lv their own pivot*, think too
trgrly and constantly of their own
relation to the world around them
Madneat* lies in that direction, and we
should not be at all surprised some day
to MM a mammoth millionaire loose in
tha world, and doing mischief ott a
walr which would compel more than
one country to question whether the
rijrltt to spend one's own money had
uot limit* which the owner must be
prevented by force from passing.
Pntttnt   Ideae.
With the uue ofa new wash boiler it is
not tiecessarv to scrub the clothes hard,
the dirt being largely removed by the
action of the. water in the boiler, a
aeries of pipes extending down through
the Iroiler into the stove to force the
water out into the clothes as it becomes
beat* d.
Clothe*-pins are now beinjr manufactured which have the opening to grip
the line placed in the side of the pin in-
���nV.i.l of in the etui. s�� that the pin can
be attached to the line by pulling down
Instead of ptisliiug. the jaw on one side
tion of gold Increasing every day it is
evident that nature has finally demonetised silver so far as all civilised countries are concerned.
Ay laade! in the cwhloned kirks fa* sweet the
hymns they sing,
0* the bear-ties o* t*talthsr wi>trU,tfaa|_a>isWo'ths
Kins:   ���
What He, the King, man* think ot a' I henna,
bnt I trow
If God were la their haute ava tkare wonld he
naue like yoa.
O Thou. Son o* the- Carpenter, -Son Tboa o* God
aa we!
Was It for this Thy weird was dreed, for Ola,
Lord, didst Thou dee-
That men should thrive by Utters'want, by libers'
woe an' shame,
Weans psaeed through Sre to Moloch fat a land
that names Thy name 7
mm Cnrrlnr.
"Oh!" shrieked the landlady, as the
landlady'* husband laboriously hauled
from bis pocket a half-emptied bottle.
**If the worthless wretch hasn't drank
the brandy I sent him for 1 How am I
to make mv sauce!"
������Madam," said the lady's husband,
calmly ignoring the minor detail of the
fate ot the sauce, "I jush been excising
mv rights as common carrier. Wen
railroads need fuel say take coal in
transit, an11 needed ftasi See?"
George���Yon would marry the biggest
fool in tbe world if he asked you, wouldn't yoo ?
Ethel���Oh, George, this is so sudden I
I carry the stock���the largest in the Slocan-
Kootenay, in show rwrns covering
3,000 feet of floor space.
Furniture for a Mansion or Cottage at
Bottom Price
One hundred dozen of chairs to select from
direct from the factories at prices low as the
lowest. D. M. CROWLEY, practical upholsterer, with a staff of mechanics, can make
anything to order.
Undertaking a Specialty.
Note the address: Above the Ledge office.
Sixth Street. New Denver.
Freight paid on (*-ootl*j to Sandon, Slooan Citr and all Lake points.
PL, 6
The Paystreak*
la lamed every Saturdtty In S-irdon, In 0* tuail
of tbe -rreatatt Walt* Metal camp on earth.
Subacriptkm     - ...     feooayeir
Strictly tn edmnre.
Aildre-K Taa PatkTBKAK,Sandon, B.C.
SANDON,   B.    C,   OCT. %  1897.
If the world wishes to avert the
greatest financial crash in the history
ofthe human race silver most be re-
monetised before the end of next
year. The question has arrived at
tbat stage which will permit ol nothing else if universal rain and revolution are to be avoided. If tbe matter
is allowed to come to the bitter epd
many a rich gridbug will wring his
hands in angnish and call upon his
God to save him from the awful wreck
that most come from tbe continued
debasement of a metal that was
money when gold was not recognised
as such.
The Sslt Lake Tribune has the following to say on the subject:
"Our belief is that the money powers of tbe world will very soon be
obliged to remonetize silver at some
ratio. It will be that or a crash
whieb will convulse the business
world. The reason why is tbat as
men lose tilth in the ultimate restoration of silver tbe white metal will continue to decline until there will come
a grand scramble to unload the old
stock of silver, and prices generally
of all products will follow tbe gold
basis, and then there will be chaos
and general repudiation. The rich
men ol this world cannot stand an upheaval of tbat kind. The most conservative statisticians estimate that
half tbe yearly product of gold Is a V
sorbed in the arts. Some insist that
nearly all is nsed up that way. But
if it were not so, the whole amount
distributed among the nations would
not begin to keep up with the world's
trade; it would not supply basis
enough for the world's prices, and
hence production, where supply and
demand are normal, pays nothing to
the producer. Tbe question with the
financiers will soon be whether to re-
monetise silver or demonetize gold
and trust to paper issued to an amount
equal to a given sum per capita ofthe
people, for money. Some of the gold
journals of the east are already alarmed lest silver go to nothing and there
shall cume a scramble to unload the
stocks of silver on hand. It has lost
more than half its value already, but
with -it tbe world's property has
sunken SO per cent., and, notwithstanding sll tne eastern exultation,
the shrewd men there sre filled with
Ir Thk Matter ot oontroling the
action of irroi-porated companies It
must be admitted that, in guarding
the interests of the public, the legislation of Great Britian is superior in
sll respects to that of the United
States. There is no room to question
the fact that the root of the gigantic
labor troubles In the United States
have their root in the unbridled
licence of gigantic corporations.
In the matter of railroads, although
the people of Great Britian do not
own them, and do not aid their construction, either by grants of money
or land nor even so far as guarantee
ing interest on their bonds: yet the
government controls them by placing
a limit to their freight and passenger
rates and dividends, and on the expiration of twenty-one years, the
limit of their oorporate existence,
tbe government has tbe power to
take over the roads on terms favorable to tlie public
''Stock watering" under the British
system of corporation control, could
m* to attempted. Tbe vigilance of
government inspection by lynx-eyed
officials who sre not to be bought,
and the certainty of swift and sure
punishment for violating law. compels
British oorpontions to keep pretty
near the line of morel rectitude. How
differently they manage things lo
the United Slates may be seen Ulust
rated III the case of the Street Railway Go. of the model city of Philadelphia. Tbe owners paid op but $&,
840,905 whUe the market vslue of
the stock increased to 93^ti39,(XX).
or nearlv seven to one. To cover
up such fraudulent gains company
resort to tbe stock-watering-trick.
The 8treet Railway Journal for so
far back as July 1892 said: "Str ck
watering has '���come to stay,*' and is
oo the Increase; '-never before in our
history has so much of it been done
as in tne lest few years" Legisla
tlve investigation has shown that in
the capitalization of tbe New fork
elevated there are about five parts of
water to one of solid. The New York
real estate commission well know
thst tbe stock of the street railway
companies represent millions of
watered values, upon which tbe people of this city have to pay, snd will
be compelled to pay hereafter,
millions annually."
There is a lesson for British Colombia in this. One of our greatest needs
as * mining community is legislation
fbr the better regulation of incorporated companies based upon tbe law
of Great Britain rather than that of
the United States, which we have
been copying hitherto.
One pnvlsion ofsuch legislation
apprehension.   They understand that
the present ad varices are doe lo mis-1 should be to confine professed mining
fortunes of nations beyond tlie sea, loom panics to legitimate inining and
and they dread next year. There is not permit them to engage in any
this year a poultice for the sore, and every business gamble under
which relieves it temporarily, but heaven as st present. Some of our
that is all." (mining companies who run stores are
becoming tyranical. and for an illus-        GENERAL JUNING NEwt
tration we could point to tbe conduol ___,   u ncw*
It Is probable th��t al
of a large company not many miles
f r Mt Nelson.
copra** oontae* in -t.c.
The introduction of copper coinage
in B. C. by tbeC. P. It haa led to sev*
eral Interesting articles Itfthe ea��t*m
press. Here is an Interesting extract;
In the historic bottm days In Winnipeg
the boometara used no smaller coins
than -ft-cent pieces* disdaining all
smaller tokens as "chicken-feed." Later
tin many of them were glad to scrape
together what pennies they could.
Such differences are there between
different parts of this wide Dominion
that while with most ofne in eastern
Canada gold coins are nuilk***, la British Columbia it la copper coins that are
scarce. In fact "coppers,*' that Is to
sav, one-cent coins, are so twerea In
Vancouver, that the CPU. haa seat a
supply to the t^elerraph office there* In
order that exact change may be made
The Vancouver paper*, rtimutetttitur on
this novelty, say that it la hardly likidv
thai **mp*per*T will come into jmicral
circulation oat there. Here in the east
we are not a�� lavish aa they are out on;
the "Hold Coast," and the atiggmdUm
has lately been made that half cent
Canadian coins should be minted and
put into circulation It ts said In support of the suggiwttnn that there aw
art Mm commercially worth no more
than half a cent, of which a psw-aon mav
want to buy only one, and also lhat lit
the case of art ires which are '''two for a
t|uarter" or 1S!| cents each, the long
standlag qucstioa of who la emitted to
the odd half-cent will ie done away
with forever. <-,
Prof. Hardmaa arrived ist ffoldsM on
Monday and praeeeded to the McJtf ordo
district to make an eaaminatkm of the
lnWr*Mtional group of etalms. He was
aosompaaled by Mr. B. J. Tttsttwwad.
wagon i-oati wilt h��" M,'lr,,'llt*i
Bear creek etatKm IbJm,V Su"?
district. The distal uZ ta ihfxh
to PmWe ---toontain in _.,4 *t*��*
while the distance from itr ^
g_esame fdaee is not �����.��,* SJa .,"_?,_?
Hoch a toad would be of iX^fc
The Northern Belli- Ko  .  ���_.������,,
first shlpmeoi of thr r**W ^L *
ore, running lad oaa. .t.���l no ,*.r ^
mamtdeT    ttsJ��j_ Km*-Ui"  '���'-Ui
sampler.    Kay-alar slii|,ii,,.r,u ���(
taken out In developtiit.ni �� *h
fcd. Marphy baupr-rttitr-n.i.nt
M-Msrsi.J. Adlerand ��, l*'>uWj_u-i_
rWttoVarestmtcn-ttk last aw. ��*.
tmn farther aamplos of tlw. ewpp,*, (m
foodoiitlNI ������"���* claims imauA c_ _��
dividebctavca Vermont creek aud (W
****   by  Tip Johrwttft   aiA *Z
pton* The samtttea brtat*hi in \*
them are from the surtWr *rv4 _��,
magnifoptt samples of ��*.�����.--���* &rn.��w
There Is an fma-wiur -alio* ��� ��>* cm _U _. *
A new ledge with high -rn-h- art
was found on Native Silver M *��� t t
crtMs-cntting fbr the No 1 w^e,. a
which the work haa so (ar bres door
The new find m an ore chnte a I ot
wide, showing ruby silt-**r p\ Jog amu
away ap In the thousand* TW yt -
nerty adjoins the Ut^Meiw*..,. b_>.
Manager .Sweaaiey aays it ia an rut -
new strike. At |we��eiit no (arililiei I i
handlitur the ore have hern |.r..��-��d*-4
Imtoreaonaesare to be built iratardi
ately, when more teen mil '-��� sddA
and ore taken out for shipm**u? Tbe
i-roascut is beinar pashe.1 ��t^.r>��.Jv',.
tap the No. 1 ledge
OsMs liMit-s.  *��HKaats��'�� '
*Vkmnt*% (maw aad ��*l-.
tm**Am**d mwHtmtl.
ont A Ht*iVrjV#��jV*av*%
1B solicit cofTeapondcnce with parties having
meritorious mining properties lor sale, and
beg to say that we have eonneetkms in the
principal cities of Canada, England and the United
Statca, and sre in daily receipt of inquiries lor
developed mines snd promising prospects.
In active mining operations snd reduction of ores,
snd a knowledge of the different mining districts of
B.C. enables us to furnish reliable snd eompotcnt
Information pertaining to mines nnd mining matters.
References given.
0 THS PAtOTI��AK/aiHI)ON, B. C, OCTOBER 2, 1897.
VCKW  Mff-fWI.
Mr   Walton has
���Un���<��� in Golden.
opened an
A waiting room is to be added to the
C. P, It. ticket office tn New Denver.
Jim lsbister.the,J.*"*"-^ r*a,ff*l-v
ci.tractor Is travelling tn Kootenay.
Ili.ward West's building on Sixth
Mr. ft was started this week and to well
under way.
The second wash up af the pariboo
lMraulicCo. resulted la a gold brick
valued at ffal*8ff7.
P.iL.  Forbes has been appointed
policeman at Silverton In jrdace of Ham
fit..ii wbo resigned yesterday.
Work on the Ma Mere mineral claim
situated aonthesst Of New Denver. Its*,
iltown up a strong, -veil mineralised
Work on the wagon road has rearhed
a twtnt close to Three Forks. The
r.^.I will be resdy for travel In a fe-a
K. 11 Totalitiaon bas sohl his half tn
��**rt-**t in the Last Chance group to Sco-H
MlMialdand four others.   The price
b net known.
The new school house wiil soon be
read* for the children. It will be bard
Hindied and the rooms very -"-nnfortable
in the cold season.
lUarrdand shipped |sVW*> worth of
ore (or the first eight months of this
\.--�������� against S-WMKK) for the aame
i*n.��d of mat year.
After October 1st the steamer AH*erta
��� til itave Kaalo al 4 p. in. on her or-
umarv day trips, and on Saturday
altertHion trip to Bonner's Ferry.
TheCP. B. will establish a steam-
ship service bt*dween Vancouver and
the mii keen river, and will build a rail
**��v tip Felegrapb creek toTenlln lake,
whence, bt-ala can run all tbe way to
i hiwwon City.
��� .ttagea are spoken for by parties
���btiring to live In New Denver before
tlie lumber ta on the ground for their
rrertiow Several are to be built before
th- winter at-a-sott seta In and ail have
teoanta waiting their completion.
Sutherland A Hue have been awarded
'.>��� it.ntrartforthe new station MUSS
��t slocan t*tty, and will la-gin opera
tions at once. The building is to be
cniaitletad by the ffrst of November, by
which time, it Is contemplated, trains
will lie running over the *docan branch
to Nelaon.
Jstw-t. 11 Falconer, I). 8 C Hanger
ot the I.O.F. has been appointed Inspector for the order and installed a
* "tirt at Nakusp this week.   IIt* aehol
srly attainment*, courteous demeanor
and hi* talent as a public speaker en
shlod him to fill the requirement* of his
trust worthy position with satislaction
to sll.
A large force of men were -darted to
****'rk Mondev on tbe wag-on mad to tbe
V'teen Ilea* mine, latelv purchased bv
an KngUah avndicate. It V Campbell;
Johnston ts managing the prnpertv an
\i l�� under the foremnnship of ll l
Brad-thaw. When the road work .
done and quarters wrwted for the men.
s largn force will be put in the mine.
N��*w IVnver to to have anew furniture
���tore, with undertaking |��arlors In eon-
aection. Tlte Ann will la* known ss
Walker Bros. A Baker. They have
h-ml all of Uie Bolander building, oar*
tier of SUiean avenue and Kl |w>rado. antl
�� is now Iwing remoileM to receive tlieir
f'.rmtiire stock which will be In this
���*���'***. It will be a com|��U*tc stink of
'>l> to-date furniture. In Ute undertnk-
��"K dejmrtment tbe firm will carry an
a****;1*��rtment of undertaking goods and
will It* preparetl to do anything in this
"������*: Mr. {taker being an e*_|*erleneed
undertaker and euthaliuer of Vancouver.
Saw. 28-Tbe proprietors of the Lake-
viev House appeared befbre Squire
Granville on Monday on the charge o
keeping a disorderly house. They were
fined on two charges, first$15,and costs;
second, rift and costs. Tliree members
of the Tenderloin district also answered
to tlieir names and were fined each 15
and costs.
Two charges have been laid sgainst
Constable Hamilton charging him with
misconduct in tbe discharge of his
duties. A petition addressed to the
Attonie*r-<reneral at Victoria asking for
the suspension of Hamilton, pending an
inquiry into these charges, was circulated and freely signed and forwarded to A.
.Sproat, New Denver.
t��*chool will open here in about two
weeks in the new church building. The
church is being poshed forward and will
be opened at an early date.
The dance given by James Bowes, of
the Victoria Hotel, wm a great success.
Tbe dining room of Uie beautiful Victoria
was gaily and tastefully decorated, and
the dance nt found the floor and mnsic
all that could lie desired. The wests
aaseriililed from Sandon. Three Forks
aod New Denver, and all Silverton was
Kresent.   Mr. Bowes may congratulate
imaetf on the fact thst all present enjoyed themaelt-es to their hearts content.
Tender*, are being invited for 200 feel
of tuntit! on tbe Twin mine.
Tbe Foresters are considering the
advisability nf building a hall.
Maxwell Stevenson is calling for tenders for 1.' ��� * > cords of wood to oe cut on
the Ivanlti-e.
Ben Bow dler has taken a 50-foot tunnel contract on the No. 1.
It isnimoncd that a change of man-
atrement in the McLeod Mining Co. is
to take place shortly.
Tenders will be invited for the enaction of the new hospital next week.
A Unit 1500 has been raised for the purpose.
The wire tramway at the Stevenson
concentrator has been strung. In about
twelve days the concentrator will be
Mrs. McDonald, formerly of the Stan-
Iv House. Nelson, has rented tireen
Bros, old stand and opened a bath
house, laundry and bakery.
Will Gallop has commenced the con-
���4 nn lion of a two story store building
on  the south side of   Wright   street,
hieh he will occupy as a telegraph and
Then* is IBOgOOO worth of No. 1 ore
piled on the dock ready for shipment to
Pilot Bav. Leander Shaw, superintendent, has held his ore since prices
declined, and in consequent has made
% clean up ont of the diOerence.
The Highland is the iliest devel iped
nroprrtv    in    the   Ainsworth   camp.
There Is in the neighhorhood of ^^'**,)
ton* of ore in sight, blocked out. There
U alMiut .���*��> feet of drifts, tunnels and
raises. Ato.ttt) worth in aN. About
����-, qqu !,,���,, of concentrating ore on the
dump Not a nickels worth has ever
been sold    Consldorabls of the ore now
,,, the dump will go li*) oss. and tit; jier
cent The owners put to work n force
of men clearing for tramway, concen
trator sile. grading for
These men have now
 flume,  etc.
Jteen laid off and
I no attempt to work the property .or snip
I the ore on the dump   ts  being made.
I This looks like crooked management.
The Highlander should bethsblggesl
shipper on the lake.   Apparently smne-
"tie Is to he (rose out
The follow in*
9   is
elected hy
J hi esters :
the list of officers
Independent  Order of
l�� Miller, chief Ranger j
F. L. Fitch, Past Chief Ranger; ��� W.
Davidson, Vice-Chief Ranger; Dr. Lambert, Physician; W. R. Jarvis. ���lec'd*,
Bee.; W. Freeman, Financial Sec.;
1 ajander Shaw, Treas.; F. Heap, Chaplin; C. Larson, Jr. Court; R. M. Bee-
man, Sr. Woodwards; McDougall, Jr.
Woodwards; F. Clapp, Sr. Beadle; J.
lledgar, Jr. Beadle. A very strong
lodge has been organized. The membership is now about 75. A suitable
hall is to be erected as soon as arrangements to that end can be made.
Constable Alexander G. Hamilton, of
Silverton, late of Sandon, is in a peck of
trouble; the citisens of Silverton are on
the verge of nervous prostration from
tbe exciting experience they have just
undergone, and the calm, complacent
and awfully docile editor of the Silverton
Silvcrtonian is on a fair road to fame
and fortune, having been arrested for
criminally libeling an officer of the law,
Mr. Alexander G. Hamilton.
Tlie commencement of the trouble that
all this is the outcome dates with Hamilton's arrival at Silverton from Sandon.
For one reason and another the officer
and the citisens could not harmonize
their differences. It is alleged that
Hamilton had his favorites, and while
stopping certain unlawful games in
some hotels, would allow others to conduct them; in short, it is alleged that
tlie officer has watched closely the interests of those holding out the big mit.
The first outbreak of the trouble
occurred when, without any authority,
some parties from parts unknown, reopened the Hotel Silverton and began
ihsptmingof whatever liquors could be
found on the premises without a license.
On Tuesday evening of last week a dance 	
was announced to be held in the dining(to be delivered into court.
When Cameron was. released he at
once swore out a complaint against
Hamilton charging him with misconduct
in the discbarge ofnis duties ss an officer.
The facta were telegraphed to Nelson
and on Tuesday Gold Commissioner
0. G. Dennis, accompanied by Clerk
Keene of Kaslo, came to New Denver to
hear the testimony in the case. The
case was called at 8 o'clock the same
The court room was crowded when the
case was called. R. B. Kerr appeared
for the prosecution and Officer Hamilton
appeared for himself. Jss. Cameron
was first called. He testified to having
been arrested Sunday by Hamilton:
wss taken to the. lock-up and shackeled
by one leg to the floor, Hamilton remarking that sa he (Cameron) had used
him without gloves he (Hamilton) would
use him the same. On the way. to the
lock-up they met Justice of the Peace
Hunter to whom Cameron appealed to
be allowed to give bail. Mr. Hunter
told Hamilton to release Cameron without bail, as there waa do dancer of him
skipping out. Hamilton said that was
optional with him, and marched him off
to the lock-up. Arriving there he waa
shackled as before stated. He found
Ashton already there, also shackeled.
The matter of bail came up, and Hamilton said he did not do that work for
nothing. He was informed that he waa
not expected to. Thereupon Hamilton
proceeded to make out the bail bond,
accepting Jas.. Bowes and John Popham
as sureties in the sum of $500, and when
this was done he turned Cameron loose.
Ashton also asked to be liberated on *
bail, bnt Hamilton replied, **. You're the
biggest liar of the two and I'll hold you."
Later he relaxed and accepted bonds in
tbe same amount, with the'understanding that be was to receive |2for so doing
the said amount to be paid the following
morning at 9 o'clock when Ashton was
room of the hotel and preparations on
a grand scale were going forward when
Constable Hamilton, armed with a complaint sworn out by Al Ashton, appeared
and the dancing stopped. Ashton accompanied Hamilton and on arrival at
the hotel stepped into the room with
him. Hamilton said, " Boys, I place
you under arrest," and turning to Ashton, added, "and here's the man responsible for it." With this he left the hotel
closing the door af.er him and leaving
Ashton behind to receive the abuse of
the sports.   No _rresta were made and
The testimony of Ashton waa about
the same as that of Cameron, there
being no material variance on any important point.
Shortly after 9 o'clock the court adjourned till 11 a. m. Wednesday, when
as per order of the court, Hamilton produced the warrants on which he arrested Cameron and Ashton.
When the case waa called Wednesday
morning the evidence produced was of
little moment. The decision of the
court was that the evidence waa in
the whiskey sellers were allowed to leave j sufficient to hold Hamilton to answer
��� - *   >.nnnnnnnl_____-l_____________________l       .  _ _. _^^^H
Silverton openly the following morning
Upon Ashton remonstrating with
Hamilton about this he was told that he
had 24 hours in which to leave Silverton.
When this became known the citizens
generally took a hand and things were
made warm for Hamilton. The local
paper took Uie matter up and roasted
the officer to a scientific turn. On Sunday Hamilton, armed with a warrant
sworn out before W. Hunter, J. P., arrested Cameron and Ashton on a charge
of criminal libel and marched them off
to the jail. They were shackeled to the
floor until released on bonds given in
the jail by Hamilton himself.
The case against Cameron and Ashton
was called for preliminary hearing; on
.Monday but was postponed one week.
the charge. ammm-mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
After the  case   was   dismissed the
following colloquy took place between
Judge Dennis and Officer Hamilton:
"Sir, you will be suspended awaiting
action at headquarters."
"I don't want to be suspended."
"Then you are discharged.**
"1 would rather resign than be discharged."
"Very well,you may resign; I accept
your resignation.**���The Ledge.
A K. & S. station agent has been appointed at McGuigan. A telegraph
office will be put in as soon as the present pressure of business is relieved by
the Slocan road line.   ���
Mining & Muling Co.
Rand & Wallbridge,
Mining and Stock Brokers,
Solo Agents for Sale of Treasury Stock.
:Wlf,   'j
. S_**. &'L
v; ^
&, '���
-: 8
Ifyots're waking, call iac���aarljr; call ma early,
For tl<��i�� lt.*^ htuideada out of work, and kdm arc
scares, I taaar;
Tomorrow I mutt hustle round and try and get
a Sit.
Any oMpUcc wTOdo,mother,so I eaacaptare It.
I don't want wast any snap, motlrjer; no ritatcure
From morn ttl alfht TU gladly toil for only tea
a week. �� -^
I've had my dream of riches and Tto now It
Like the montlng mtaa la soramer-time before
IUjtjtjjrhttooaMboaiei-k-h, taoOtar: I thocxht
rd make a etrfke
When I left hrane a year ago aad Joarnar��d to
In dreaaw I eaw myself, -aother. with bags and
I-Mtaff Tn got a hard lack tafe-ths hardi-at
My --todies ars ail worn oat, mother; they're
UttAe e_n than rags,
From a sartorial point of view I would bs classed
I need a haircut and ahatapso, Vm dying for a
And(oh,tohavjabathonee more and lave aad
* lave and lam.
I'm glad to be back home, ntother; Trnglad to
be alive;
I wonder n jw, aa back I look, how ever I sor-
This dtoghtg gold la hades: I'n hademtuchoflt;
Valuable discoveries have been made
and valuable inventions suggested by
the veriest accident
The swaying to and fro of a chandelier
in a cathedral suggested to Galileo the
application of the pendulum.
Mesaotinto owed its invention to the
iru-pte accident of the gun-barrel of a
sentry becoming rusted with dew.
An alchemist while seeking to discover
a mixture of earths that would make the
most durable cracibiee, one day found
that he had made porcelain.
The power of lenses* as applied to the
descope, wss disco
maker's   apprentice,
telescope, was discovered by a watch
makers   apprentice.    While  holding
spectacles elaasee between his thumb
and finger, he was startled by tbe suddenly enlarged appearance of a neighboring church spire.
The -meets of whitening sugar was
discovered in a curious way. A hen that
had gone through a clay puddle went
with ber muddy feet into s sugar house.
It wm noticed that wherever her tracks
were the sngsr was whitened. Experiments were instituted, and the result
wss that wet clay came tube used in
refining sugar.
The composition of which printing-
rollers are made was discovered by a
Salopian printer. Not being ahle to find
the pelt-ball bs inked the type with a
piece of soft glue, which had fallen out
of a glue-pot. It was such an excellent
substitute that, after mixing molasses
with the glue to give the meat proper
consistency, tbe oM pelt-ball was entirely discorded.
Tbe art of etching upon glass was
discovered by a Nuremburg gUas-cutter.
Bv accident a few drops of aquafortis
fell upon his spectacles. He noticed that
the glass became corroded and sof tenet!
where acid had touched it. That was
hint enough. He drew figures upon the
class with varnish, applied the oorroding
fluid, then cut away the glass around the
drawing. When the varnish was removed the figures appeared raised upon a
dark ground. .
The shop of a dttblin tobscconist, by
tlie name of Land-Hoot, waa destroyed
by fire. While he waa casing dolefully
into the smouldering raws he notioad
that his poorer neighbors were gathering
the snuff from the canisters. Be tested
the snuff himself, and discovered that
the-fire bad largely improved its pong-
and aroma. It waa a bint worth
Iting by. He sscorad another shop.
It a lot of ovens, subjected the snuff
to a heating process, gave the. brand a
peculiar name, and tn a few yearn became rich through an accident which at
first thought had completely mined him.
The art of lithographing was perfected
through suggestions made by accident.
A poor }jiu.sieun was curious to know
whether music could not be etched upon stone as well as upon
oopper. After he had prepared his
motherasked him to make memoran-
dum of such clothes as she proposed to
send away to be washed. Not having
pen. ink and paper convenient, be wrote
the list on the stone with etching preparation, intending to make (a copy of it at
leisure. A few days later when ahout to
clean the stone, he wondered what effect
aqua fortis would have upon it He applied the accid, and in a few minutes
saw the writing -standing out in relief.
The next step necessary was simply to
in*c*the stone snd take elf an impveadon.
A Brighton stationer took a fancy for
dressing his show-window with plies of
writing paper, rising gradually from the
largest to the smallest sise in use, and to
finish his pyramid off nicely he cuts
cards to bring them to a point Taking
these cards for diminutive note paper,
lady customers were continually wanting some of "that lovely little paper,"
and tbe stationer found it advantageous
to cut paper to the desired pattern. As
there was no space for addressing the
notelets after they were folded be, after
much thought, invented the envelope,
which he cut by the aid of metal plates
for that purpose. The sale increased so
rapidly that he was unable to produce enough, so he commissioned a
dozen bouses to make them for him, and
thus set going an important branch of
the manufacturing trade.
Ontario today is a groat dairy province. Her cheese is a favorite article
on the English market because It is
Kod and Because it is honest. Her
tter, for tbe same reason, is growing
in public esteem, and. with cxdotforagt-
traasportation, is taking a foreusoet
place. Of cheese Canada exports Its,-
000,000 worth and butter a growing
Quantity. Cattle are an important item
Here we export to the tone of seven or
eight millions of dollars annually, A
later agricultural development is the
production of hams and bacon, in which
we are (bound to lead. The fruits of
Ontario are of excellent quality. Iron
of good quality is found In Nov* Scotia,
In Quebec, in Ontario, and In the West.
There are but two great nickel mines
in the world and we have one of them
at Sudbury, In On-tarfo. All In minerals of value, silver, lead, copper and
asbestos, arc to be found In the country, but more especially gold, which is
produced as far east as Nora Scotia, in
Central Ontario, in the Rat Portage
dlatrlet, all over British Colombia, on
the Saskatchewan, and. aa we have
lately learned, on the Yukon. Our gold
discoveries challenge the attention of
world. Meanwhile, quietlv and unostentatiously, we are pumping np petroleum from 10,000 wells in t_ambton and
Bothwell, salt on the borders of Lake
Huron, and natural gas in Essex and
Welland. We have within Canada
valuable forests, extensive fisheries,
fertile lands, snd enormous mineral deposits, In fact everything which contributes to tbe material wealth of the
people Of the country, the resources
of which have by our large expenditures lieen brought within reach of industry, we are all proud. It Is a
contribution to the greatness of our
Empire. What It needs Is more men
to take advantage of Its wealth, and
these will surely corneas its capabilities
are made known ���Toronto Mall.
W. I). Taylor, a West Kootenay prospector, is at present in (Jolden. H�� was
tn the early days of the Slocan interested
in some of the prominent Slocan silver
properties, hot sold out at tbe time of
the first drop in silver. This summer he
hap devoted to prospecting in East
Kootenay, coming in by the international boundary line and working north.
He has covered a good deal of the country between tbe boundary and (-Jolden,
and is now on .his wsy north to the
Blueberry to look over that eountry. He
says that he has asea some splendid!
prosftects in East Kootenay that can now
botaicuttHl for small figures. TUeae satoe
Eroper-ties, If in West Kootenay, would
e snatched up eagerly at tea times the
amounts asked for them. He snd his
partner* located three claim* oa the
divide between Horse Thief ereek and
No. S crash, about IS miles west of the
Celumhia river. The ledge Is about 90
fast wide and has copper pyrites weltered all through it in vary large quantities aad assaying on the anrfaea $18 in
copper,      .
The origin of bine tinted paper
about by a mere slip of the band.  The
wife of William East, an Knglish neper-
SaatS���tatsltsW |   tBM*Wm*4m^mna*m9*m*wjy    ^rma*o   AA   *f^*9m9*mt^mm*mmtttk   w4nmm   -"SV
one of the vats of pulp. The workmen
were astonished when they ssw the
peculiar color of the paper, while Mr.
East was highly fitcjmaetl over what he
considered a grave pecuniary loss, lis
wife was so modi frightened tbe would
not confess her agency In the matter.
After storing the dainagsd paper for
years, Mr. East sent It to his agent in
London, with inetractfoas to wu it for
what it would bring. Tha paper was
at*cepted sa a "pai'posfd novelty,'* aad
was disposed ofj.t quite an advance ever
market {Wire. Mr. East waa a*��umi*"i<-4
at receiving an order from his agent for
another large invoice of the paper. He
was without the secret and found himself in a dilemma. Upon mentioning it
to hb wife aha told him about die accident. He kept the secret and the demand for the novel tint far exceeded his
ability to supply it
���ssWsWassssaMHssssssMaasss)ssWs>W�� *     '
n smSAWsse   99   m^g9Mot*JMmw9Mm*o
Yoo have never heard af there be
ing a scarcity of postage stamp*, hare
Yon have never heard al postage
-tamps depreciating in value* have
you f
Yon have never heard ef postage
stamps being at a premiom. have vou T
Yon have never heard of postage
stampe being boarded, have yoo T
Yon have never heard of tne govern-
ment having to Isaac bands to buy up
postage stamps, have yon ?
Yon have never shipped to think way
those things are not so, have yoa>
Wall* do so right now for abont Ave
minute* -Livlng tames.
Small Dnrothy had beam stung hv a
wasp, "I wouldn't V minded ll** walk-
ing all over my hand,*' she said. ra*we*n
her sobs, "if���if it hadn't sat down mt
dealers in
Butter, EjrjjH.
Oh***^, Apples,
Poultry aiul
Cum! Mi-afs.
Tkm totBMt b����wl(>T* otiktm
���tt-attr la WfSiura Ct��*4. \u
waretomtmm* o*m*T prttet-t ...-.���.���,.
*d 9*M tmtawm* Voti ah��tkt*m*l
na\*da*m, B l\    V.�� prktm mrU*
r. j. ttraaai...���
MmWamtot Httmm IItsr. t, t*����.
���*a*S l*Tts_ttrT*4 t*DM__t*ir
If yon are���
Call at the
Hotel Ivanhot.
If you
Waet a hat
Or anything in the line of
MENS WEAR call on
Thos. Brown ���& Co,
Men's Outflttcrs, Keen A venae, Handon B C
KoHKtrr Maodohalo
Nkil ManaiNAi.p
MACDONALD BR08*. Proprietor*.
Rates fl.ftO to $_�� fkO per day. *
Headqaartere for Mining Bpeenlators and Capitalist*
Reco Ave., - . Sandon, B-C THE PAYSTREAK, SANDON, B.C., OCTOBER 2, 1897.
���kssi was tha page wwa Me weest-swaa-asa,
STwrnm tto -*** t^Jajptotarj.tak
**   (raw taa mgn to make ftm tfctakr
!���, -m tlwt tjwrtw that m-asai
���fh^t-rral s*ua ���',""tt*L
rUisst V����S *WM* --���Vt- ��
t^V*wXbtek Its. dear old
^Mrr��wa mm*  ���*���-���
|p._ |a lis* ttssVT sM B*a*Jsst
s__te��rsrl by tram that wss
*_j_t by ilts <nasa thM ckrwh.
ai_nti *jwi��-n*t a raMlwItsi nnntt
i^i tf their ham Tm mmiktd Utdoyt
vui if ih.tr tmtatw Urea?
fy��__* _nr .Mil fHsSjstS II ttw twtr tl
Or tf tk* eWhsa ha w*ara*
.��_ otry ���ill m*m nam smash ssai
���__. tlw Irtoade UJt ta yaath r��*w
r>���_, wt Irwtrw what (tar tali -raw
_.** tlbst pag* ant Moot
cwii; ,�������� ara tttra to It usw as r
Tot �����������-** a ekitd Ol ���last
_���j ia year ���*��*��� wwraM tha wwr*
,1_,_.,_-r.lKll_lh.tos_l ���#*>��
flM- Sf-r-J Utsus MsWdS <
fjwu* srs ttrJ-f MUt, I kl
f ��m 0-0 ar* ���*"*<*"���* saA i-A aad i
|_t uso year tan* SbaH Bai'ta etwee
Atikt Om bwaka ttat y-wt ��*mI to ttauak
tot khmedfa Weed
'���Thrn isn't a sporttag man ta the
r-itt-d States who woald rafaa* to stake
Pat llbeedy at say gsssa aad ask no
btttn at.-t.rlty than his wcsd,M said
nr of Mr. Sbrjsjdys frtoed* on fiatur-
is* evening. "His rfpataifoo ts known
ar/.-*r tankers too. I itammber a little
kxidt Rt that ow-amd In Beaton a few
ran ago that 11 lustra tea thia. Pat had
*!* ct -n.-* time la Saratoga sad lack
��u against his.. Be emma dowa to
Bc-jtrt,, and tbe lot night that he wss
ia tewn he want sgatnst a faro game
sad tt treks htm Ms didn't have
nwesh lirft to pay his way hack to New
Yc:_ 1st walked tato a certain bank
tu beaten wboas aawrddsat hadtherep-
.u-*r�� vi tetaf a iced fellow. Be ask*
td tn Um prastdsnt, aad whoa he had
taa uthtrrd tale ths oAca he said:
" I came to barrow a small amount
man -roar bank, $1,000 In fact.'
"Fat. ton know, looks Ilka a proa
*trm. n narrvadve buatnesa man, aod
wioeotly the prsatdant tbought that he
"All rtibvv waa tha reply.  *Ws
durdl U glad to let yon hsve ths moo-
**   what ia your sceurltyr
"���Simply my word.*
"That won't do In  the banking
kt-.wwi.   Who are yon?
" I au Fat ab-a-dy, ths gsmbler,'
*** the cool reply.
"It iiaj.praed lhat the jjnsaldsnt knew
Situ by reputatloa, aad after a short
Jjls with Pat he gave him the $>.o��0
��*m hia prmaial accouitt. Two days
_���*�� Pat came ia and ratarned it. Us
**��� *>*atrd It from thagaassaad at
*���**�� mom. "���New York Ban.
A St. booi, jrar, which acquitted a
****** 'barged with murder on ths rag
���"���tion atoond of Insanity were some-
*���� "urpriawl when be rose to his feet
** *A, ������Gtatleman of the jury, 1
JJM t��. thank you for your verdict"���
rHUadrlphia Ledger.
, w"***9 Away a *-��-.,-,-.
Joitets, how can you always afford
JP^s so much better cigars than J
''hVraotJt I always beg my matches,
���toi^ ft D,*l,t,b' Bt-caAa''--Chicago
m?[mfm ni*h% ** lB*> ****����on at tht
pppodromt* ��.t Mensgeriadss Nationi
tn that laoKhter loving and liaht bsart.
sd city of citiw-P��ris. ^^
Well might the ptttprietot, the genial
Artelio Mitandri, ham a tune as he contentedly connted ths "takings," foi
there waa not a avat to spare. One -im-
mering, s-welteritift maaa of gay Paxia
lana. patirutly waiting tbe idol of ev-
try Earaprtin eapital, tbe one and the
only, Ibe ttmmtaMe Paola
Paolo, beto-t known to his friendi
and a-avjriatra m Bob Sinclair, was a
yoong Engli-liman���a well set up, fresh
tjolwi-d, cotly haired Yorkshira lad.
Apprenticed aa a tiny boy to the proprietor uf a traveling circus, be bad,
willy uilty, gone through the mill, now
h.ra.ii._fi. now acrobat, now clowa,
oow ringu>a*rti*T, anything and everything A day came at length when, taking advantage of the ''strong msn"
nttie. l>*>> rnoseltw. tbewi and sinews
sti'-.tiei.iy bobbed bim into fame, and
as l*.t.:��. the EaglUb Heicoles," ha
blra*M*turd it.to tin* t- ught after "star,'*
wbtm the rrowdrd booaes had paid
tit ir h.iru * !f!t,-J franca to see.
V. iti-n Piti.lo ttt | (red into the ring,
tbe t-nllir rnibu*>iaatti knew no bounda
It wr ultl u mi it taking up rpace to de-
mrtiU Um* 'stnuf* inan" p-rfennanoe,
which is now ��o familiar to everybody.
Though Paulo worked tbat night as
cl-"*r�� ily aa nnual and without any ap-
patent ��fft t ( to th��- ryes of the on look-
���ra, yet within biniarlf be felt weighed
down by a strange foreboding that something unuanal was about to happen, and
be frit really relieved when at last bis
P rforraanct* was finished, snd he was
at liberty to return once mora to his
dreastng room.
.Srarrr had the heavy velvet hangings
separating the ring from tbe''back"
of tbe house fallen behind him when
bi�� ''dre-wet" rushed tiraathleaaly up to
htm. his knee* almost smiting together
and terror i-ontorting etery feature of
his rttunteuanrw,
"il-avt-n help us. M Paolo!" ha
gaitprd. "What shall we do? Scipio
ban {tot iocrse from his cage aud ia making Ut the arena It is the only outlet
wi iv be can escape, and le boa Dko
alone ran save us'"
t-Jripio wsa a hags lion, purchased as
a cub by Milsudri for exhibition to tbe
patriate of his meuagerie. Owiug to
stun" caralr#atieaa in tba fastening of his
(age d<mr. the beast bad managed to
esrap��. an I. attracted by tba smell of
the hot***, was now making his way to
tbe arena, on the opposite side of which
tlte *t_,M<*s were -ntuaaxl.    What could
Paolo dor
Ik-nds of perspiration stood upon his
laNbssd as he thought of the effects of
a smith u stompede among tbat vast con-
rnum; bow lu their wild alarm hun-
���Jrt 4�� of women and rbtldren���aye, aud
sln-ni* men ttav���would be crushed and
tr.t:: ' litl to death.
" NVIm re are Prsncnis, Jean, Pierre
and tlio r*'*tV* be auked.
"All tluwn. m'sirur; allescapedl"
'���Now listen,'1 he said to tbe attendant. "You are tbe ouly one who haa
aliown any plook, sud 1 won't fuajjet
jtm tb t through my dressing room
Window, ran M fast as your irgs can
c rrv vou to tlie bnrracka at the cud of
tbcitMii. tell the I'fflier on duty what
Mm***.,,]'] tod siuil ask for help In the
���^^inU"-grimly-"I will do my
bt*Ht fur Mr. S-tpto,"
A- tlu* last sound ef the man s hurry-
inn feel down the passage prooluitued
bim wall on hiswity lor help. Paolo has-
tllv snatched np s small aliletto which
ba'l bttu uat-d iu a jn��{pJ������ ,*,'ok doriu.��l
il���. evening aud. eonwaliug tt in hn.
m, *( Mu-wtl oihhi more, to tbe astonish-
tomt ana oeligbt ot tne auaienoe, into
the arena
Whispering a few hasty directions
into the ear of a clown who waa filling
in Utwt, u the "turns" to stop tbe next
artists from appearing and to closs the
stable entrances, Paolo made a bow
and, holding up hia hand for silence,
"Ladies and gentlemen, I cannot
thank you sufficiently in words for tbe
kindness with which yon have received
my efforts tonight, so as deeds speak
louder tban words I shall bring before
you for tbe first time in public my famous trained lion. He and I will give
an eihibition of wrestling. An, yon
bear bim, I think, answering my cbal-
itugt*," u a loud roar burst from behind the curtains snd caused a few of
the mora timid to move uneasily iu
their seats
With one msgnifiosat bound the no
Me bea>t was throes') the rrrtains uu
tn the middle of ths ring There be lay
crouching in the odorous tan, as thoneh
scarce realising bis unwonted freedom
end struck by the strangeness of hia
surroundings, bis bluodsbot eysa rolling
uneasily and bis quick, gasping breath
disturbing ths dust beneath his dilated
ooetiils. &
Paolo had braced his limbs to give
himself a strong position in expectation
of Scipio's onrush, his weapon concealed in the hollow of his band, and as be
stood in all the grace and strength of
hia magnificent manhood, every symptom of fear vanished, he felt within
himself tbat he almost welcomed tbe
moment tbat would bring to him victory or death.
Little time for thought, however, had
Paolo. With one fell spriug the mighty
beast waa at him, his open jaws dripping froth, his bloodshot eyes biasing
with fury.
But not this time did be grasp his intended prey, for quick as tbonght tbe
practiced eye of tbe acrobat detected
the movement, and bending forward,
head and knees almost touching the
fToond, he made a rapid shift in tbe op-
oo��ite direction and avoided by almost a
Hairbreadth being crushed breathless
beneath tbe lion's bulk.
Quick as lightning's flash the lion
turned once more, crouching low iu the
dust, his eye warily seeking some weak
spot in tbe armor of this strange antagonist, whose lithe limbs and sinuous
movements puzsled bim, and who showed less tfi^us of fear facing him here in
open tight than tbe crowds of frail humanity who bad mocked snd jeered at
him so often from the sate side of bis
prison burs, but wbo shrank back affrighted when in his wrath he gave his
awful battle roar.
This time, with catlike tread, be
���lowly advanced upon bis adversary,
striving, as though conscious of bis
power aud strength, to drive him back
and pen him helplessly aud without
chance of escape against tbe side of the
i iug, and then to  seise him at his
Paolo was also thinking. When would
the soldiers come? Could he survive to
carry on tbe unequal struggle till they
arrived? But while thinking not a muscle relaxed.
Beeiug the lion's tactics, he gradually
managed to skirmish toward tbe ring,
though i>y so doing ho passed within a
few feet of bis nose,
"Come on, Scipio," he said aloud,
with a gay travudo he little felt, ''this
is not how lions fight, ** And be mads a
slight feint, ss though playfully to touch
bis adversary on the head.
With a deep, hollow roar of anger
Scipio reared aloft ou his bind legs, and,
throwing all prudeuce to the winds and
realising that the momentous struggle
bad come at last. Paolo rushed madly
. ..j... .��������� ��,u\ b��ast closing in a ter
rible death grapple, tbe lion continuing
erect, as though wishful to wrestle on
equal terms with the brave biped.
In the swift onrush Paolo dropped his
dagger, and now, weapon leas bat fren-
sied with rage and despair, he exerted
every atom of his marvelous strength
and with one giant upheaval overthrew
tbe wild beast
But Scipio's mighty claws were busy,
snd tbe blood lust was on bim too.
Crimson streaks through Paolo's tunio
made it apparent to ths fascinated
beholden tbat this little wrestling bout
was not all that it seemed, and many a
timid heart, sickened by tbe sight of
blood, edged furtively toward ths nearest outlet
Bnt what sound ia this that breaks
the spell and causes ths low whispers
of inquiry to swell into a babel of
tongues? In anot her moment the semi-
solitude of the arena is broken by the
appearance of a body of soldiers from
the neighboring barracks, all converging rapidly on one point where lay ths
doughty combatants.
The young officer tn command, hastily disengaging a revolver from his
belt, fires one, two, three shots into the
prostrate brute's ear, and with one
mighty groan tbe spirit of tbe erring
Scipio returns to bannt the solitudes of
the Africau deserts.
Tender hands lift Paolo, unconscious,
bleeding and nigh to death. He is borne
from tbe arena as the audience slowly
files ont of tbe building nnder the masterful direction of some of the soldiers
told off for tbe purpose���silent, awe
stricken, sobbing, praying, walking aa
in a trance.
In a peaceful little God's acre juat
outside the walls of Paris sleeps Paolo
His grave all the year round blooms
with lovely flowers, and its fond tending shows that, though his body has
passed away, his memory still flourishes
as brightly as the blossoms that wave
over him.���-London Answers,
The CUartn of st Collate ltitas
A college room is a delightful place.
Its occupant for the time being is its
master.   He can do as he will in it���
lock hia door and be not at home, admit all comers, sit alone and read or
study, or ait with bis congenial friend
and talk out whstever be may have tbe
good fortune to have in his mind.   One
Harvard graduate certainly, who found
many pleasures of very varied sorts in
college, remembers very few with such
a sense of solid comfort duly taken aa
certain talks had in college rooms with
good men, though young, about letters
and life aud people, the immediate environment and the greater world on the
brink of which all college men stand.
Music has charms, superlativa charms,
in college too.
In this aame graduate's memory there
are tew musical associations more eon-
soling tlnu the memory of what he
heard, half asleep in a chair before a
fire, while a good musician who was
his classmate tat at his piano in the
corner. Some of tbe calmest aad most
peaceful memories of college ars ths
best. Tbe mora boisterous pleasures we
smile to recall aud wonder as ws remember them at the vigor and the folly
of youth. Bnt about those quieter
streaks of happiness then was no folly
and tbey involved no remorse.���-Edward
8. Martin tn Scribner'a       	
�� T S1 * "  S  f
la the Pioneer House of tbe City
J)im. man nnd beast closing
Proprietor. 10
A post-office dock in Sydney, N.S.W.,
emits an electrical flashlight, lasting five
seconds, every hour during the night,
thus enabling those Hving miles away to
ascertain the exact time.
What did you stop that clock in your
room for, Jane ?
Because, Mum, the plaguey thing has
some sort of a fit every mornin', mum,
jest when I wants to sleep.
They have all kinds of fancy drinks at
Skagaway aaforasnan.es go, ''Shotgun
with Bloomer" is s cocktail that would
pat-alias even Mat Uarrity. Here is an
instance of an order snouted to the
"slinger," as. the bartender is called:
"A red, a brown, two torches and a
tenderfoot," which means a whiskey,
stale beer, two cigars and a glass of
A young drummer was taking a vacation with bis uncle in the country, and
was suddenly, called upon to ask the
blessing, and not being accuatouted to
it he prompUy tackled the difficulty In
the following style: "We acknowledge
the receipt of your favor of this date-
Allow us to express our gratitude for this
expression of good will. Trusting that
our house may merit your confidence,
and tbat we may have many good orders
this fall, we are yours truly, amen."
The old man will say grace hereafter.
A reformed Dutchman tells his experience aa follows: I shall tell you how it
waa when 1 drink mine lager; den I put
mine hand on mine head and dare voo
von pain. Den T put mine hand on mine
body and dar vaa anodor pain. Den I
put mine hand in mine pocket and dar
vaa nodhing. So I jine nude de demper-
ence. Now dare is no pain more in mine
head, and de pain in mine body vos aU
gone away. 1 put mine hand in mine
pocket, and dare vas dwenty dollars. So
1 stay mid de demperance.���The Northwestern Mail.
A little maiden had a French nurse of
whom she waa very food and who sup-
Elied her with most of her amusement.
>ne day tha nurse departed, and her
small charge didn't know what to do
with herself. She wandered about the
house, upstairs and down, into the garden and back again, and finally hung
about her nMtther, who was busy just
then with the baby. Receiving no attention she turned away saying dejectedly : "Nobody loves me. I guess I'll go
down to the garden and eat bugs. I ate
freeyes'day���twosmoove ones undone
wooly one/'
A rusty old bachelor on the wrong aide
of fifty, who had lust got married, advised his friend aa follows: "If you love
your Creator, you ought to marry, to
raise more worshippers*, if you love the
ladies, you ought to marry, to make
them happy; If you love mankind, you
ought to marry, to perpetuate this glorious race; if you love your country, to
raise up soldiers to defend it; in fine, if
yoo wish well of earth or heaven, you
ought to marry, to give good citisens to
the one, and glorious angels to the
other." If be doesn't sing a different
tune at the end of a twelvemonth we are
not a judge In such matters���-that's all.
A gentleman waa travelling In a
smolang-compartmrmt tbe other day,
and, at a certain station," a German entered the carriage and took his seat
opposite to him. Wlwn the train had
started the German noticing die other
smoking a Trail Blase Cigar inquired if
he could oblige him with one.
Tlie (Canadian astonished at tlie request reluctantly pulled o i his case,
and saw, with disgust, the other select
the beat ctgar he could find, and produce
a match from his pocket and light it.
After taking a tew puffs, with evident
enjoyment, tlie Gentian, learning at his
companion through his spectacles, said
"I vould not hall droubled you, but 1
had a match in mein boggit, and 1 did
not know what to do mit it?'
The Canadian Gaaette tells an amusing store of one who was too quick at
drawing an iuference. It happened that
a Glasgow professor who was visiting
Canada with the British association in
1884 waa desirous of seeing aomething of
northwestern life, and for this purpose
repaired to an Alberta ranch.
"1 fixed him up as well ss I could,"
the rancher says, "but he complained
that he did 'not like sleeping with bis
clothes on. So after the fimt night 1
stretched a cowskin across the shack and
told him he might undress if he liked.
He took oil most of his garments and put
on a long white nightdress. In the
morning my foreman came in while the
gentleman waa still sleeping, Obeerv-
ing the white nightdress, he said in a
" 'Rather sudden, eh?'
" 'What?* I asked.
" 'The death of the old man.'
'"He's not dead; he's asleep/ 1 explained.
" 'Then what's he wearia' them b'Hed
clothes for?' was the reply. 'Never saw
a chap laid out in b'iled clothes atbre
'cept he were dead."
A young gentleman whose gallantry
was largely in excess of his pecuniary
means, sought to remedy this delect and
save the money required fbr the pur-
chase of expensive flowers, by arranging
with a' gardener to let him have a boquet
from dme to time in return for hia cast
off clothes It thus happened one day
that he received a hunch of the most
beandfnl rosea, which he at once sent off
to his lady-love. In sure aatkination of
�� fsieadly wetconie bs ailed at the
hotue the same evening, and was not a
little surprised at the frosty reception be
met with.
"You tent me a note today," the young
lady remarked after a pause, fn tbe most
frigid tones.
"1���a note?" he enquired in blank
"Certainly along with a nosegay."
"To be sure, I sent you a nosegay,"
"And there waa this note inwde���tio
you still mean to deny it?"
With these words she handed the
dumbfounded swain a scrap of paper on
which the following words were written:
"Don't forget the old trousers you promised me the other day."
And shall Trtteweey dl* t
Th-it forty ttviaaaiid CVirntahmen
Shall know the rrs_r.rn why.
The ailver market Is down and the
advocates of the single gold standard
are jubilant, riding their high horse
and jumping onto silver with both feet.
Pressed to the wall by the invincible
arguments of the binictallists tbey
parade the present rise in the price of
wheat as a defeat of the arguments of
j the biuietellists and keep the press filled
with glowing and exaggerated accounts
of gohtS discoveries in all parts of the
world, giv.ng fabulous estimates of
their promised production, and alt to
bolster up tbe Idea that there is gold
enough to.uphold and maintain the
single standard, and if they can keep
wool pulled over our eyes and blind us
with the glimmer of gold then the great
money lending syndicates of Europe
can still maintain their monopoly and
retain their power to keep the people of
the world In dnbt and poverty���and we
aro the people. Shall we submit or
assert our power? The light is break
ing and no where is light more needed
than in this Canada of ours whose people and press are being gulfed by the
delusion that wo are working on a gold
standard and that the silver question
does not concern us.
It Is time our Canadian Cabinet, our
Canadian Parliament, our press and our
leaders of thought (overestimated oM
fossils left ont) should addreas themselves to an unprejudiced study of this
I said in a former letter that the
demonetisation of silver was an overwhelming revolution in the miraetary
system ofthe world the crushing effects
of which will be more rapidly rmllsed
in the near future
Any roan with half an aye can sea (If
the basis of the circuUting money of the
world was seven of silver and four of
gold making eleven and that basis suddenly reduced one-half bv knocking out
divert that one-half of the tengible aad
available wealth of the world was rendered Impotent, and the whole money
power placed under the control of the
great money-lending and bond-holding
syndicates of liondon, Paris, Iterlin,
Prank fort, etc., Wall Street tlieir tool,
thus establishing a gigantic Monopoly,
hie the simple reason that these syndicates own and control nearly all tha
gold of the world both In store and In
pt^otfpect, and have only to touch the
button to contract or expand thc credit
of the world, and tend a wave of deprea-
alon or a glimmer of relief over the
land. According aa either promisea m
dividend, and all thia under the pretense of establishing a reliable rNandard
meaaure of value unvarying!? unchangeable ! f stable! t etc., etc.
The pretence is rotten and false, Gold
poaeMMMi no supernatural or intrinsic
merit, to justify Its being made the only
standard. It U only a comtnndity the
same as silver and like any other commodity is subject to fluctuation as pro-
lurtion or demand mav determine The
coumsMsW of judgment of the ablest
disinterested writers on the goid_j_t
allver question decide Dun hm,.u\U'
to ttea^gftfe.iclf*rt;guiatinland tail
Balancing standard that can tic n.j,,j
upontopceiicrveth.' ��iuili����rium ofZ
conflicting foterosts of various unto.
tries ef the world. But himetalllaa
must be derided bv the ut: it..
What we want In Canada is �� mint
that we may coin our own ���., ...i*,,-.,,,,, (i
gold front the Klondike, tl,.. Cariboo
tlw Koote*oay,Rainy River and V-^m*'
that we can coin a volume ��{ MiJtwdiary
silver front Ave cents t.�� ts |.it*ora foV
Ute Internal eommerto ol tin- country
There is a new-salty, ami Mi-nami
ase In Canada today for t- ....it,(0
|frVMO.OUOof stiver. !.-< ���<������- .-,vm.
ment bny aad coin it at th.' preaeni n*t,��
and when tymoialliMn t�� . .ublwh-M
by the natiaas the government will
have realised aa eroinnou* profit hv th*
enhaacearant of the mark, t value oi
W.  1>    MlMIKU.
Mr. Deane has been awarded tb*
contract for 50 feet of shafting *t,.{ j v
feet of ttsttnsi work on the Htandbv *����� i
Maud ft., owned by 8tl*ar*t*y aud Jolifie.
Dealers in
KA8U> snd CODY.
Vour monr:y back
H. Giegericli,
.     t   ...     *m , *���* _��        ORVRRAL MF.Rt 11 AMU*
f you don t like ScktUmgs    <*wckuiks a raovisu.ss.
^^^^^^^^^^^^ M1NKHS   SUPPI.IKS.
Best biking jHiwder.
Agents for
SAlfDOif. B.C.
Stores at Ainsworth, Ka*lo and ***A**\
We we hc4wJq��artt?r��
for Ore Sacks;
see us if you need any*
Dealer in MEA'l
m   ���
" - '*** n\m*
ifcOOAS city ******
The Johnaoa-SmUti CoraWtv*|lo�� to
B�� at Spencer'*.    ** .
Tin )n-jple of ftandon will strike
j! rich hatl of i ittertaintnent at Bpcn-
mn't opera bowe on Thnrwlay and
IViday evenings of next week. The
Jbhnsun Smily cianbltiaUoii will pre
rntwi a* ohuicc a IlK-rary ami muaical
treal as haa ever * been en>��yi*d by a
Sand")) atidtwite*. Mr. JSmil*., who
It,, been urttnilnently before the
ufiiiiic iii Kurupc and Anw-rica. \*m-
**.-*���*. thc talettt of *njf**l*��nntl��rO
wiui h enabka him U* rt-prtwent dif-
ftreiti character* with marvellotia
arcuracv, and atao a ran* gift of
M-tiir, ranging front the rmn-tntt so-
prsno ur   U'nur to the dta-pt-st bar!*
M.�� Jcihitaoe, Uie Indian i*teu*��s.
horn and reaml afg��rtig tht- Six
NsUctns'' in f*anada. la the only woman in the world wbo appear* l��
f.rrv tlu* public in tht- rt'iitliti.'ii ����f
i,.-i- own production*. Laid year
a i.i is she went abrtatd she* took letter* fnitn the g*��verm��rgvt*eral of
tauatla and niaay idher diatin
jfuisfsrti Canadlana to fcuj,li*li
friends. She recttevl wearing her
Indian ��.-#*tuii*c in all tbe great London britiwea and in othrr cith-a. and
her jt*uritey waa In Uir nature ofa
constant ovation. In tlti* c'wtuim*
-Ih will ap|a*ar at thc o|*cra limit*-
in Samlitn, on thc 7th ami ***th of tiv-
{"Ur. and It lacapevi��*d that a similar ovation will la* given her.
Ticketa fin* t*t*at*rv��*d ta-atatinsalr
at Sjs-iwrr**.
Sandon Hand Laundry and Bath House
K^.H?d<_,8w��*->l,,��C *����d������on* In Prices, as
Be Heen by the Following Price List:
shirt, iristiL   ,
���thlrt with ...liar
Shirt, t4rsfr.|     ..
l.rlUr. ...
}."*** *..
I'rawer* .
**i��hi whirl
Hsi..t*rrt.i-f   ,.Uin
lljui.U-rtht.-f. silk
...   v,
I Mr. *��
A|rr��>i.�����    .<.	
T.Mr nn,t. .  	
Towel*, v, patdatan.
Sst.kili*. V, HI .lott-l)
Roller To art-Is	
Cuff*. ,��r ���.stir	
Ir,...^,     ,*..	
..   th      1'nderwaistt	
....   6       l��r��wr>r*	
.to up Diwwers, silk    ...
..   lu      Counterpanes	
��      Pillow sham*	
-ft Blankets, per pair...7Se to *1
...    4      Lac* Curtains    75
...    ft      Sheets    _o
10      Pillow slips, plain     5
is ap      Sleeves...,     ft
stftap      Caps     6
tHup      Corset covers    10
���fl. up       Child's pieces 5 to 10
amp      Tidies    10
< -
Xitht d*x��� .   ....
Aprons     .I to 10
Hperlnl Rntea for Hotela. Reatnuranta and Family Washing.
Elegant Hatha, 50c.
Sakdok, B. C.
American plan, $3.50 per day.
European plan, 12.00 per day.
Finest Culalne In Kootenay
Strictly first-class.
Mm. M. A. smith, prop,    t
Mrs. M. A. SMITH, Prop.
Proprietor and /manager.
Mas. K ate Babokb.
American and Eurofssan plan.
Finest Parotabed lUioina in tbe
.*lty Beat Imported aad Domea-
tie wlnea. Uqaora and Clgani.
Fireproof Preacrcatice tor Wood
If. 1*. Yallcen *��f ft-attlr. Waah.. la
in tendon In the inu*n**��i* ofa lately
dijettvered isretiaratioii kti'.wn a*
I'lnuHiica, which it b rlaitiud b* an
ali-srluw-lv ttr.'|��rtarf jireaervativc for
*.��.J. tt building*. Vlr. Vallet-n haa
*rivvn tw.icahibltioiia to U*��l Uie iff!
cacy t,f linnmiea. l*a*l iSaturtlay a
Mtiall ��cet|��tn of atiinglf r<��<ttiig wa��>
**atnrau*d with tla* jin*|i*��raii����n and
Aft* rwartl waa atatktd with dial ��il
ami am on fire. The ftr��* burned f��ir
'���*��� intnuu*a, Imt only the kt*r.*e**tH'
**��*. ��*tvn��utnc(l. the wtaal laitig
starcelv charred when tlie lire tli��*il
tail �����<" ita own acx-ord. A wither test
��as made at l��4��vau'**awm.ll. A
M of >diavin|hi wcw trcaU*��l with tlw*
hatonloa and nni into the dry kiln
f<��r 24 hour* and thiirunghly dried.
A hot fire waa then made tin the
Krout.il and tlie shaving* hanked
���round it, hut they alaailuU'ly re-
fm*til ttt hum.
Mi VmII,-h t-lalina that wooden
j'uil'liiig* can be tivat-tl with tin-
iMtitmiica by nteana of a spray
l"ini|. at a nominal coat, and that
[hey are tlitrel.v remltrreil aliaolnu*-
lyaaff frtutt lire frtun without ui
within. Itiaccrtalnly wturth in*t*et*-
���igi'tioti by our uninaurt-d property
Washington. Bent. ��.���The mon-
'������ary cuttttniaston adjtturiutl today
mini dctolier u. After the a|ija��int
ment of the three aul��-c����miiiiti��*��*a
***t night the eommtsaion decided
U|Hin an adjoormnent t*i give the
"���rretarU-a an opuortunltv to collect
��'>'l claatdiy auch snggcstlotis aa
���"Wit la* rcclved.
, Any article, ft-om the Hncst cam
j��� handkerchiof of the lady of
|ft��l��loa to the ovemlla of tlie in��iu��-
lr ��us charcoal burner, neatly and
���^���nUHcally laundrkal at the new
��ft"<ioii Su-aiu Uundry.
And You Will
Smoke No
Flrat Class In Every Particular.
Newly Furnlabed.
1 Best Uqnora.
' ��_m_��BBBS��BBS^SMSBSB1
Bright as a New Pin
now oeea
McClanj'8 Famous
.��� STOVES^_,_
4 A.NI>-
Metal Worker*.
Bertr* Llahts and all Mclern Improvements
nml Convenience*. .... ,
���very room neatly Carpeted and hand.omely
Evervthina n***' ��nd of the Latest Designs.
1 Sear t<!>C. P R. depot and on the main bnta-
nes* street.
Strictly First Class.
Special Attention Paid to Transients
0. A. McDONALD, Proprleor.
Certificate of Improvementa
.. vktt HKlt    AM>   Hrtm.KR'* M1NKR-
"ttltAKR BKI','A| ,".| AIMS
fr��. mla��r's **#rtinraie .-..^��     R   #,��,
Ihittsmttlr. tree mxZ���\heAmUb^not.U*mp-
*"��.! t��r.L.~ .������������ ���'___J*f*__��- Lb. i��u.
The First Clas s
Hotel of Cody.
,-i(Hirer day.        .   ...   _
SirecUl Rates by the W eek.
Subscribe for the Paystreak.
|1.50 to |2 Per Day.
J. S. REEDER, Prop.
A strictly flrst-elnas hotel In
ail ita appointments.
Livery Stable with goad Saddle
and Pack Hones in connection.
Victoria House
Now complete with the bast furnished rooma
in the district. All accommodations SraS
class, inclndinc electric light, bath rooma
and all
Modern Improoemente.
A nice, qolel, residonce hotel, situated oa A
avenue.  Convenient to the depot.
W. J. HALL, Prop.
��� t
1-'' ��� n
An American Paper Dellocra a Sharp!
Talk oc Siloor.        t
From the R C Minin* Grille.     .
The Western World, in itscur-
rfttnt imitA mVi
rent isB��9 swyst ..   ,
.Hn ^ntemiiig tn maintain ihe
one-fifth of Its reserve in silver un-
' pro1
^** .-_-*..-. _u*��_*i ����������������� -that netttsr .-.fib** "not arrlvetf' yet in Great Brlt-
der f^^^J-^.**l^*_?f gin, and it is in the business world
England unquestionably recognises
that silver has not been displaced as
redemption money, and tiiat such a
pcssibility is too remote to be considered. Whether the proposition
of the bank matures or not, the offer
to do so shows tbat the English mind
analyses the trend of event* and
foresees the reinstatement of silver
as basic money of the world. Not
onlv is a great deal ef foresight
manifested ear the management of
that financial institution, in making
a suggestion preliminary to the recognition of silver as a safe enough
metal for tbe redemption of tbe obligations of tbe largest bank In the
world, but characteristic British selfishness threads the idea from its inception.
'Tbedevt-riojttnentof the mineral
resources of British Columbia indicates to John Ball his prospects-re
future as a prodnaer ef silver ores,
and it can be said to his credit that
he never throttles tbe indastrial life
that springB up full of promise In
any portion ef his wide domains.
Unlike the" short-sighted, silly, brutal policy of tbe American reMbife,
Great Britain fostera the development of ita resources, and will find
bimetallic inspiration In the mineral
fields of the north. When it becomes tbe chief producer of the
white metal, allver will again take
its place beside the now triumphant
gold, and the sinjrie-a-timdard advor
cates of America will again see where
they have been outgeneraled bv the
mother country. Bimetallism is
coariwg, but the cream of the. prosperity it will bring to Che world will
be skimmed from the bowl of indus-
of tbe
may came fairly to the front as a
pi-eckw metal producer Fargjr
than this even such intcllbjent British public opinion as is fairly
inforaied, has not advanced, ~
ode who corresponds with
financial men on British Okunbla's
natural ivmuroes very pron^y ascertains.   Our  province In reality
We Have A<Me4
try by the hangry
This soggestlve leader In the current issue of the Western Mining
World as showing, like many other
indications, that American new-spa*
perdotn is by no means a unit in ap-
pUuding the peculiar methods ef the
flacalpolk-y of the IJnftef
The Western World rightly
elates the fact that British
though often inclined to be over can
tious; la on the whole shrewdly and
successfully directed without need
for bluff and bounceofthe Sherman-
Morgan order. Our contemporary,
however, doobtlesa nnmtetttwaally
the    "
e__aggerates the eflbot on Britfch
public opinion of the rich silver re-
sotuesaer British Cofaabla. Tbe
Bank of Bn-riand's decision is bated
on other ana broader reasons than
an appreciation of these, for it is
still quite clear that the silver re-
" British Columbia-great
themto be-nion^yet
means U* the British
like resources of Colo-
vestern aUtcau ,The
to an aa yet very
modest extent the fact that gold and
silver may exist In scene quantities
in British Columbia. The British
{treat, which fidrly represents gen-
oral opinion, hasn't yet got beyond
an occasional statement that tnere
are some few gold and silver mines
in thtejp^See, A>dni wnfeh ltntsy
be tn&mt ��^|^_*5��
uselem to deny this fact, notwithstanding the good undoubtedly done
by the Laurier visit in directing
British observation towards our do-
tninion's great natural resoorees,
mineral and otherwise.
Tsaderioin Excited.
One night last week a member of
Sandon's demi-monde, after a day's
carousal, told her Mends that ������there
wouldn't be any more left of her
than a rabbit bv morning.'* This
frightened them and a doctor waa
called. Before the arrival of the
phvuician the whole tenderloin district had come upon the soene. The
distress was intense. But the atom*
Sch pomp was set to work and soon
the danger waa over. Sonteaald
Iodine had been swallowed. She
said she had only drank three quarts
ef whiskey.
sforta Star Mlae.
| The North Star mine owners of
East Kootenav expect big things of
the redaction in freight charges to
the CtWs Neat exten
C.P.K, Thcprofkaof
if be greatly Increased
and tbe inenager, Mr. N. i\ Cat-ran.
calculate that with shlunenlacf Mil
���^__i^_*_K:Mm r^lW *
net profit of about a million dollara.
If, lieave-.iev.lt yields half thb the
Nortfc Star's silver lead trill vie in
profit yieMInf with tbe gold and
copper ofthe ftmona Le Roi mine.
a***Jppcre aad Dteidead Peeera of
a eeso   w tVsHsv*at>*<sjs_s_p  awwt_Rw st%f-"ib**��
Below �� a list of the shippers and
dividend paying mines of the Slocan
*#s*******i***n amta*nm _
n awsvws ^vair.s-sa^^aa e
Oraat Wastavn,
tdnkyAtm, UtyadmQrawp.
*fcs*4 aad TensWrfoot. OaleoaParm.
9^wts\^mm*9%% *
umnwrti pavna. **
ICranUiB Chief, Alaatoldabo,
���H H. AjrtUH.
fl_Mj_a____t__t _k__s
rflmglB Owjr *
a. a. Ut.
���lt*sviye>Vo��p. '
The popple of Kort Steele are discussing the adviaabllity of Ineorpor-
naallit of aOOW AXU ailtm  We kotm tnotftt*
Utgoly too oa��t)t, mtwd tin Sli maat aad ass tMo togtmo
ww w asm���a> we *t"*a_w"f_l*Mew oa  tnMAOMJssyM sa well M 'BnMtw'fw H_____H_|
la tho aaarUt.  Wa ���stlleH yom* *mtnosm   (Hs-ata-a
*.mtt aa alt ay yhosni.   Wi tokfpiraaajf tajai agjp
*ing^M% triTo%o*r*e%^
���la-eke Hated* Son-lin. B.G.
toooB Ntyncii*.
Qaajjamia-ieeaaa.sti.aser. iss-ata _-*-����-;
*** WsstsMtstrtav etrenlftat at S��*elfot-���������
foerTs hattl VUnittjt knkhUe��e4UII*/ tavWest
teattettd W  W FALU)��'��tCf
w i waXaUnxK nn
J. G. Melvjn
The -L-rt-lMbM-sra WatehwasssV atssj
AowoAwt, lota mt Vaaaa-a-rvv. iwr�� ttf
^*"eBv���Lasaan^p^ I
Watch aad Jewelry Repairing
at AU. Ciena.
- Mining Brokers,
The Elite.)
t**aaaa Haatlng Stows,
CMtaBQ Sloot��4i,
Rattgas. Etc
Oa��p east* s�� Mot
In ..M*r
Hamilton Byers,
rival el*** wjjrrh ��t
atstjs*__e�� madoMtok t
kyospnm   WHtelW
rat*-,   ��r����-isl
pie, _��ol
etnl AerUl
��� ���|��
Wa W* JMVKa%
CJoil and Uttning Engineer.
And Other Investments.
Stvery RepresenU^lon Guaranteed.
Stationery, '<#
Cigars ana Toaoeee.
THflti POftttt ane   aiLVIMTON
Ktastral data.* asW*aw*at a��4 a#w>i*t��-i ''**"n
���CALL AT���
mm m m
r^trlUSaa a^lllla*"'
���f 0)0*9
Una ef aarde and ��easr **ktw*


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