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The Paystreak Mar 20, 1897

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Array THE
SANDON AND CODY, March 20,1897.
mAPPENINGS     IN      THf      TUNNELS     AND
Tlii* development operations that
have heen punt; on at the Shiran
. * i.-.*u lor tome time past, have at
hist tesulll'd iu the sinking of u
. hute of ore the   assay �����   on   which
-cave an average of T'.'.i oonoes in
-ilver.      The vein when- the strikr
.\.i- made is ahout eighteen iochea
in width of concentrating on*.
which given promise of turning
into dean ore as th* work of drifting progrenseM.   The development
>\ ii k tilrtt has heen    done   on   this
property consists of a croceottl tea*
nel   .if  some   *eventy five   fee!   in
length and a drift of over 100 feet
The ledge where   it   wan   cr..M>eut
i- twenly fad  in  width  and  the
chanoas nre that when the ledge
is rro*.**eul other ore bodies will he
exposed    of   gr��-at��*r   extent   than
mat  already   encountered.     Ai
' ������'������'.her, this  property has   a very
'.right out..��e��k and il appearance*.
H . for anything, likely   to develop
a good   shipping   pcopoettioa.
Tn* Jo Jo.
I in- Jo Jo. M promising property
eel    on    the    North     Fork   of
Carpenter Creek, is making a *>hip-
nii-nt of twelve tin*. ..f high grade
nre Tic work done on thi- prop.
������rt) this season has all been in
the e.utrse of development, end
this work 1S rapidly placing it on
i "hipping ha*.i-*
Tha   Star
I lie >tar people are planing a
drill, which will be operated by
[the sir oompreseor plant, iu No ���
level Tm**drill will be used in
doping operations in that tonne!
ana it is expected will increase tits
nut oat very materially.
Tea   Ruth
The Kutii iniu" is looking better
it thia time than it  ever  has be*
! .re.     Tiie width of the   or.    eluile
in from three to four feel of galena
are and oarbonatea, and the output
per day ie about tinny ton*, vi
tlmugh three four-haree teams ar--
engaged in hauling the  ore   away,
they find it very  difficult to keep
up wit li the miners.
Tha   Ivanhoe
The lv..nhoe people have hern
working nine men all winter, and
although the Work dons has heen
all    iii    development,    -till    ah.uit
twelve tuns if very fine ore were
taken out during tin* operation!
and    is lying    in    the   ore    house
awaiting shipment.
Tha   Payne.
The Payne mine is shipping
[forty tons of me per day. Ahout
seventy-live men are at present
employed on this property. The
il'ayne has developed, since it was
hold, into one of tlie largest ship-
Bora of the Slocan and the amount
of ore already teat to the smelter
placet it lecood to none in the
Ko.iter.ay fur the quantity and
quality of it-output.
The Fiaher Maiden.
1*rank WateOfl was in town yes
terdav and reports a strike of eighteen inches of elean ore, mixed
with native silver on tin* Fisher
Maiden. All the stock has been
taken of! th" market.
The   Cordelia
Three tunnels ar<*  being   driven
on im-Cordelia and   the   work   i*>
showing tbe property to be a very
valuable one. The two tunnels
driven on the vein, have ore from
tWO tt) tWO ami one-half feet in
thickness for th.-ir entire length.
The product of this property is a
mixture of clean and concentrating ore. Tin* clean ore streak
varies from four to eighteen inches
in width   and   is   very   highgrade
tssaying J">4 ounces ie silver.
P�� per rent lead, 12.40 in gold
ami '_'.'_'l per rent, oopper Some
eight tons of ore has already been
lawhided to Three Forks and in a
few tiny*, another shipment will he
The Sunshine-
Work in being vigorously pushed along on the Suoabitte, a claim
situated <��n tiie mountain above
the tjueeii |��.-s-i. An incline shaft
is being Sttok ami mote men are
being added t>> the staff already
engaged at this work
The Reco.
Tin* Keco i> looking better than
ever In the face of No. 4 level
their i- over eight inches of ore.
iu No 6 three is a lib* amount,
while in the Hopes the streak runs
.!> high as tWO feet in l.'iiekness.
This properly id shipping steadily.
the daily Output   being right tons.
The smelter returns are larger,
the ore running much higher late*
Iv than it has for some lime past.
From a shipment of six   car-,   the
net returns averaged the handsome sum ol* 13,300 to the car.
Over eighty men are employed on
this   property   the    majority   of
wnoin   are   working   in   the   mine.
The   Monitor  Case
The report now  being printed
by many p.ipeif that (Jeorge Petty
lost his case with Frank Wells
Over the Monitor nt Three Forks
is BOt strictly correct, Tin* Full
Court   of Judges   first   decided in
favor of   Wells,   but before the
decision was placed on record
the*, declared it off, and agreed to
leave it to the Chief Justice to
settle. If he decides in favor of
Wells prospectors will have to '.ie
guarded iu their speech or every
good find i'l 'I"-4 country will have
some person claiming an interest
on the grounds of being "ill On it."
A slide delayed the K. A S. a
Tew hours yesterday.
The piling for the new wharves
at Xakusp is finished.
T. Terry, of Portland, is spend
ing a few days in Sandon.
Frank   MeCarty    is   building  a
cold storage warehouse at Xakusp.
E .1. Field wen too ton  a   bust-
uess trip to Spokane on   Thursday
Dan Dunn and P. Oallagher are
building the C. 1*. R. wharf at
New Denver.
The   rotary   snow-plow    is  em
ployed in tlie K. & 8. yards clearing the snow from the tracks.
The West Kootenay Butcher Co.
expect to open shops at New Denver  ami    Slocan    City   in   a   few
A meeting ofthe citizens will he
held in Sandon on Friday next to
elect lire-war-lens for the ensuing
John Dockstader is suffering
from a broken arm cause 1 hy falling from the sidewalk the other
A calm has settled over certain
Si roles in Sandon since Corbet!
found himself in the discard at
WANTED���A live newspaper
correspondent in Sandon. Good
���nlaiy. Address. Thk Paystrkak.
<; vV. Grimmett will open up a
tirst -class jewelery store next week
in the new building  opposite   the
Marry Abbott is said to have
resigned his position as superintendent of the  Pacific division  of
ll.eC. P. K.
Fd. Atherton returned from New
Brutiswiok yesterday looking well
after Ills sojourn in the land of
Several new buildings are going
up in town. They are badly needed for -tore and office room is very
scarce in Saudou.
Mrs. HoDougald of the Leland
House. Naknsp, is excavating for
a second hotel near the C. P. K.
depot in that town.
Engine 47S will he put on the
run between Saudoo and Xakusp
in a few days. This engine is
heavier, hut similar in build, to
P.   Burns   haa   re-opened the
Three Forks branch of his butchering business. This will be a great
convenience for Three Forks
Jim Currie returned from the
east yesterday. The genial dames
looks well behind his gold-rimmed
specs., and might easily be mis-
taken for a millionaire editor.
An option for thirty days on
Black's hotel was given on Mou-
day last to (i. 1L Leslie of Toronto.
The price asked is 130,000.
Owing to an accident to the
Snow-plow, while removing it to
Three Forks, eausiug it to jump
the track, the C.P.R. passenger
train was delayed for a few hours
The Sapphiiv an I Gem group
is looking remarkably well. Fight
men are employed in the mine
taking out ore. A carload shipment will be made in the course of
a few days.
The business men of Sandon are
pestered with advertising fakers
of every kind. Their patience is
severely taxed, but up to the time
of going to press, no fatalities have
occurred to the fakirs.
The electric light plant can be
operated for only three hours at
night on account of the scarcity of
water. The water power, however, is getting more plentiful and
will continue to increase from this
on. thus making it possible to run
the plant all night.
Owing to the fact that a great
many Winnipeg people are interested in what is railed The ibex,
oi Sioean, tne Nor-Wester, of that
city, sent a rejx>rter to investigate
this muchly advertised proposition. His report will he read with
interest by the stock ciazy people
of Manitoba's leading burg.
This summer General Warner
will operate in the Slocan. He is
oue of the noted men of Montana,
and belongs to the sturdy class of
pioneers who made this great
west. The General was the first
police magistrate in Butte and in
twenty days he made that howling
town as peaceful as a Quakers
camp meeting.
Saudy Cameron ami Hobo Kelly
undertook to give each other lessons in astronomy on Thursday
last, but the policemen mistaking
it for a scrap, gathered the men in.
Magistrate Lilly who was laboriug
nnder the same delusion, tined the
prisoners $2b\f>0 and $16.50 respectively, with the option of'80
days iu jail. The option was not
taken up.
The tirst brake-rod tourist came
over the N. & S. Railway yesterday. Hilly Barufather noticed
him at Three Forks ami remarked
that it must be rough riding
around the curves. "Oh. no,"
said the tourist, "(Jot from Kain-
loops iu twenty-four hours." That
fellow is alright, and probably he
will be the president of "a million
dollar company before many days.
Ttu* Prince*** ol'Darknan ami Test Medium
for Uu* punt, present or future oen Ik* coiiMilt-
cd nl the H.iti'l Balmoral parlors. Slit* is ex-
cvllent in love or In marriage atlalrs Kxpeit
iu mliniiK business. Can till how much ore
per ton by tannpH Who Is the seventh dauxh-
ter of daughter an.l p. i.<vses.sed of the wonderful t*ift of second sight. She will tell you
what particular line of business you are
adopted for.    Business hours from !' to 9. THE  PAYSTREAK
lamed simultaneously every Saturday at
Sandon and Cody, in tin In art of tht Slocan
tbegreataet white meia' ramp on earth.
Tnoisient advertlsm**. i"> cents a IHM first
insertion, and 10 cents a line for each sut.se-
quent insertion.
Subscription,    three    dollar      a    year    In
Add i ess
Thk Pavstkkak In<>  J. LaMfWraW,
Sandon. tt. V. Kditor and Uf*
Thk mail service in Kootenav is
still behind the age in many respects.    Boost it up Boatock.
Preparations should be made
about this time to do spring cleaning. Get your whitewash brush
readv and avoid the rush.
Thk government will likely put
up half the cost of a wagon-road
from Three Forks to New Denver
if ihe people will furnish the cash
for the balance.
Rkmkmbkk gentle reader that
we have a new plant coming, and
that we intend to print a paper in
tlie near future that will make
some people hold their breath
when they read it.
THESE are just three acts in the
drama which is now opening in
Canada���(1) The Development,
[2] The Boom. [}>>] Thefeurst. The
game is to be right in the first two
and right out ol the last one.���
The latter part of the drama
will be left out when the show
strikes the Slocan.
Thk   prospector   who   fails   to
strike it rich th if* summer can take
a crumb  of   comfort   in   the  old
HUpe.rstitiou    that    the   finders of
bonanza   mines   always  come   to
violent ends, says Tlie Trail Creek
Miner.    In   the   minds  of   many
old-time gf>ld hunters   this  idea is
accepted   as  an   undeniable  fact.
an<l they will  be interested in the
number   of   instances   confirming
the idea which somebody   has dug
up.    According  to   this    searcher
after truth, the.finders  of  no  less
than forty of the richest   mines in
tin*   world   have   died   by   violent
means.    Of these, two   were   shot,
three were engulfed in their mines',
and the others  di1.appe.4red   never
to be heard of again.    Dutch  William, who discovered the   Cariboo
gold field.died a pauper.    Marshal,
who fount,   tbe  California  placer
goltL depended upon public charity for some time before his  death.
Montana Plummer, who found one
of the richest mines in   the  world,
was   hanged.     ''Doughnut   Bill,"
'���Old   Eureka"    and     "Nine-mile
Clarks" were all killed in drunken
rows. Johnny Horner of the
Horner mine went Hat broke :md
shot himself. The owner of the
Homestake mine turned highway-
man. Bill Fairweather of the
Alder Gulch mines killed himself
through his dissipation and excess*
es. Tin; Indian- killed Colonel
Storey. An avalanche finished
the discoverer of ihe Standard
mine in California. And so ofl
throughout the li>t. Vet most of
us would take our chances on dy.
ing similar deaths. If we could
only make similar finds.
Slocan Railroad Extensions.
The Canadian Pacific Railway
Company is advertising for bids
for the grading of the Slocan
branch of the Columbia .Sc rCtM.t-
enay railway, from tlie bridge
across the Slocan river to Slocan
City, a distance of about thirt\
one miles. This insures the construction of this important rail
way this summer. It wilt connect
with the railway from Nelson at
the mouth of the Slocan river.
With the completion of the Heinze
road from Trail to Hobson an all-
raii r��>ute is afforded as far Sfl
Rctsland. It i��< chiefly important
as an outlet for the Slocan ores t��>
the Trail smelter.
The   Quebec,   a    Lemon   Creek
property< was sold to Hen Wil
liams and A. R. Johnston. <��{
Victoria Work will be cominen-
cvi\ on this property as soon a>
the season opens up.
Dissolution of Partnerehio.
Samion. B. C, Marrh 1. |89T.
The parnership heretofore exi*>*
\i\il between S. H. Hendee   and M
W. Brnner. under the firm name nl
S. B. Hendee A   Co..   is  this ��l:t*,
dissolved  by   mutual consent.   M
W. Bruner retiring.    S   B Kendo*
will pay all   accounts   and   rolled
all moneys payable by   or  due to
the above Coinpanv from the above
S   IV  Hkm.kk.
ML  W.   IllM'NKK.
A sitting of the Small Debt-
Court will be held at tin* towns i,(
New Denver, Sandon ami Kevin
on the 25th and .'{llth davs nl
March, instant, and the 1st day ol
April next, respectively. Sum-
mouses may be had by forwarding
particulars of claim ami .*J.(M�� to
the undersigned. Nelson. B, ('.
Dated at Nelson this :ird dav oi
March. A. D.. IM.17.
E. T.  H.   SjMI'KINs.
Acting   Registrar   County   Court.
Notiee li hereby given thnt |.
tin- undersigned, will [�� thirty
days from the date hereof apply ti��
the Stipendary Magistrate of West
Kootenay for a license to sell
liquor at retail at my hotel at
Frank 0. Skwki.i..
Sandon, March 6th, ls:��T.
Morning ��� *mnoTmno ���"..rk.i.i Refetarli
bes-rea cooj "t 11 Q < ���'** *"������
Afternoon I*.**- Thr.r ��.rk�� t��t I
..*r|i��k.    I..-U. >-��. *0d)  ��< I'.'.-l.ak
Fine Watch Repairing.
Watchmakers   and   Jeweler*,
Wiiiiii.-. ti.��a. not ionmty,    P isaa nti
s.iiik maehlaw*.
W. Haiikk, Milt San-h.n
l4reotl It*  Way .��� Ordk t<   l"
- UjgfOOm
\f     ! fl    ', r ;
Dublin. Ireland.
Office: -Rooms,  V>��  l and ���
Clifton Bonne,
SANDON - - 8   C
The Goodenough
The Finest  Largest and
most Elegantly
Furnished Rooms
In the Kntire N.-rthwi-t
J J. Godfrey.        W J   Bow����� L, 0
F. L   Chrtatie. L u 8
$2 per Day No Bar is Cosaecti
Mrs. M. A. SMITH, Proprietress.
m     COAL
ORE CAR*   ;;
m 8T0VK8
H 1
U snd
��� ��
�� .
vol sun�� &<
Sandon  8.  C
Vancouver, 8
First    Bank Established  m the
BaiK of Bisti Colniii.
Bird '.> I ��
Heao Office    ��� la��mta***4 mtrrrt   s
i ��� i�� .
ti B*toat-��>���-'���������������
Vmariwo ������      *��� -.��   a ���
Naiutin*..      kso<    �� , ���       Ml.***'*.
K \**l <���   ao.l   W \ VI-..N
(**.|n**en  l>���������
���   * -
* in �� *i��.l   IVtrttaad
Agenta and Correeoondanta
��� \ \ v I*..    I*aaadtaa Haa.  -������  ���
.1- ���    >       iw.ii. . ��� h  ���
k    imfMftal IV��f>k  nf   >
\..-.*   ����.���.����� t��       iv    ! v: 11 i*    ��i
i j��it��.i;,��ri llama <��f < ti
\..rk      IU:tk    .��f   V.  . ��   *w ...  ,
1 ti    ' -4    ' ^��n I naa^twr.. Hanh   '< I '
��� m I N*li��w����i Itonl   -���
it��av   SaiMKaal     Haa*     ** ��� ���
.' 4XH \   I <���  IM* M�� ft \\  \\\
v   .-���-.;.      ll. ��� v�����i l | I
Local  Manage*.
Sandon B-a**:**
Paid Uo Capila>
R***er��-��   f��*.<i.
S-*.866 666
1 338 333
��� 'ffl..
��� ItM �������������     I*>��>
�� 4
�� <
TIN WAI: I    *��
Tin & Sheet Iron Worker.
Slocan Bakery!!
(Opposite Clifton Hoom
Csrriet a Full Line of	
Cifectierj, Biscmts, Brai Pies.
Cabs, Weiltoicate made
to Order, Etc.
ratroni'jre Solicited
Court of Directors
? h ii- *\ .  l.*n le     ��� ���   ������
I   II   >.��^ a,   11. nrt   tt    ��
Artiiuf Htanw   II   I n K***n**tall.   -
i  iM.. v     i...>nr.   I'    *'
tet-j    \  <,  h nn*
H 10 ������,.���,�����      I   . - M
II      -fltl.lX 111"
' ���        - '   .       \f .      .��
Brancnvi   in  Canada
!^.��,.��..!,   l;�� .,,((.,,,{   l*,,ft��   || |i
Ui   K IIM.I.H    . Htaa,.    \f   ���    ���
loht��, V  n   Hi \�� lnat**��*a   ,! *
. n. iimi  v. n   lt��liar.i    v  -    '���    ���
mmat. ttiau - . K
Agenta in Ihe United Sia'rt
-*!��� ill |  i.       II    |  \
Nallonel   lUmk      N.-w *t ..rti      ..' w
U     I .Ml. kill ��ml    I    i      W.i-i,       -.     '
!  i  �������.,��..,,, ��.      ||   VI   t   M   M
I    ll    \ihi..i*
London   Bankera
ll..    U.��nk <.f ��� ititiBii.l im t *(��� - ���
Foreign  Agenta
l.lM-t!.-,!   lUnh  ..f    I i'.. rWM>
National    ll,.iii<  ..f  fVutlaiin    I
'.*���    Ireland   t*mvlf*iciai  e.<
I'l     ..ml   i.miii-l..-.    V .i ���
!.! I    iimi i.rt.n. ii,.��    \tiairaUn   >
Anaimlla. l.tit,   Mrw Xmiiui.l  I
,\ualral!f.,  I i.i.   India   ��� hlnn
M- i.-iiiit,l.   tUnH ..f   |,���Hi.    t I.I      .��
I.I.I       W.-.l    Indlr*,  I .il.nil��l    �����.��"���.
M-a��r��.    Mamianl    Krauaa >i ri��     '
l'r����lU l.vuiiiiMia
GEORGE   KYDD.   Manan"
Sandon.   B   C THE   PAYSTKEAK.
HIMMi   HK��Oltl>M.
R.i..ii|..|   at   New   Uwnver.   Um*    lw.mi.iii.
Trar����jfer. mm! l/a-aiiona:
March 11.
SI..HI1   Kin**-   Kniinit   nml  J.-iinlc��� Utr.ni  N
While l.i
i Umax \...i    I II U allm,
aTanih i*.
S|��.kmi. ami !->". I'liaim- N.< ������   N.-il   \l< \, >>.
Iill.-r    Jaihi-a Cak-I.. Mill, r
Match l.
Lookj Jim. R'k..ii.'t. m Oeeri*, shi-i4��, Muata.
I ��t.!��.'. .11. All.i SillMi, If ...in. k<\  .in.I   Jolin  I'Iiihi
iim-i Frartl'Mi    Win Hi .i.i. ii
Vl.it. Ii 9.
M.-U I     LMMM ��-rv.-k. Henry W Karr. 1!
stMitiiaii   Lmmm neck, kii Oarpeator.
Mairti i��.
VhiiIi Arltiitff'Mi -Hpriiiinr i-rv.-k, i��-i II.mi> t
l.llllr ll FrraHtOO    m\ftmTnm clock, lll.iir i .ul  r
M.-U   immnm nnh, Daa Raaloa,
vi >.* ��� n n
V.ii Btf    Fitfln UU.- Aiik-u* M< W llllatn*.
ln..l.r��iHt   K<mi Mil.-, Alb-n M. I> .ii��ld
OK WtrnMM*   F.mrMil.   f ll lljrtJ.-ti.
Man li 0
N*ku*{> Carpenter, Wm wbmVms
M<*rnlntr ����1>-T��    I .tf-,�� ul. i   tti.lr.ir Krl.ka.Mi
M>r. li \:
iMatofite    lktw<.n Hi^fninr am)   LaHMat, i,   A
01   auMf
(..���lliatl    .Slnll I ||��    J,4,n |* l*Tt*-,.ll
I ���rater    Knur Mil. . tun*. Beard
Marrh M
t..*li.>   S{-ri<>rm  Kf*.l Kil|Mirl. k
sn ��..I..a So '��� Asm m. l^.*ul# Hickman
Keae*ae  [jawa, ��� L Garth
Marrh 9
Hl.i.h.na (Nnranta John   M��<|.|kinin    I I nt.n
��n I 1 .inuihl.   Mrh ��  ft
II II   KiK.ti..i. A Let*    I Alllr; Mart-hn H
Mm I. 11
W n \<mn* u> On W hi.   ii mUmm ���>��.! I �����* I
No a k.i. i*. ti
ll��mil:,n Ik��i|>la* |���  Imuran  M< l*hCfaoa    1 I
I'ltniKinf, Marrh V rl
Hnvy tmono i<> ih*. Hoffman  th. Catarat
Wi a i*. ���**�����������
ii \ . ut i.. Ha moon     Uttfc < MN Worn Eft,
i a Cooperated K UtWoomo to W I Tfemp-
noa  taUwra Laati Wornm .1
Q i.o s.ii *.. a I* Atefcraoa -j Mink M��nh
J.*, |.h Hethliii.-l.si ami J.��i.l. Kkl. h. r l.i Jan!'
Ktan   J '.vaili., nn.. >ri.
u..mi:.ii.i..\ rKt.kiir*. j < - -.f. ������. i���n
Match u
J.4m W I lark 1.. 1.1 > <*k-1 . R.��nnfc' M.*-
Ian !*; ; ��,*..
��� ����.. A Mr*T��irtfan |.< J.Jm W Qarfc | It.Mirim*
M.tf  Jan tt.fl
w n fonm !'�� Gee U s,.n. i.   i ���; \i.1.��ia
Anrll l; ft
Knt-l m< l��.i.��l.l i . \i!fc-ii. r UrOoraaM The
s- it. n I U i *. 11: ��l
Aii��ru* I' M. l*l����r��..ii I.. Thr Caradafl MIiiIhk
i'*>. I.ul   I tmmwrmm Wm Mttan
J J li.aln.v (.. i..-.. lirii-a- -1 Para. F-1> J>.; tl
l> S \\ ain.rt.ifc-. {..Or*, llrliw-   I Para. Marrh I;
u in VajriiiiiM-. a r Wteahf nr-J <' ll \i.r
rranbb i<> Aait*aTb(MD**aaa  .h^Lhi i��i Tin- Link-
!>Al��t ami t...lil. n .Man I. I ���     O'O
Tii... HUn.hi.. A K lltlinu.ii j Nortawa Pae
I ic ami <ir4i��l Tnink. Mairh ��: ��1
U m sinMnM A K IlilliiiAii | Oiret Weatem
ami Uhm* Pin. . M.rvh 11, fl
V K* llllhr.an l<> Mr.. Kama i.ray l rstrh.
ori-ni jiortlia rn. Oraod Trunk i.r>M Wtatern,
N..r1h. rn Pa. III.- I^.n.- Pim- ami TalHraoi, Man h
U ; M
i.��.[.hl:a   I.  I'ollanl lo Saiiui. I   I.  11  lll��r.-
..|.||.��i   on   i    I'lhilkiM.   Mi....,!  (.inn.-.-    HcopQJ
M.inh lo; *.Vf
Marrh 12
��U l-tini l'owrrart ftl to   Phllll. J   IIl.k. x     Tin
IliawHMk ami Vlri.iia. Man h 6 i lli.cni
Htairlaai P..��t.i. In Philip .I lit* k-. tl% llittahlk
Man Ji :.; #1
w ,i Camaran to I'.-t. i firam   ' Fort*/ Kit-hi*.
T��o, Prli*i; aim
Man h i*
'   \   Ml l*-.n.ilil I..   I.mii    If .Ihr tl. -     i    Ik���Ir.   Ikr
���in* \ McDonald to MonW Davfi I M.-.-I.-, i��-<
ii > .i
w c m. i.. in .i i. MoLaaq and W A FlaM to
\>H   Uotfe- lV N.ti|��ilrl.  Miaik i.lnl. Iron
Milt*, BeatMa. ami: Vernon, Jan i'��; I46.0U0
I'lillln A .{.li it* all to Oeo .1 Alklni* | I.I id.. No
i. Auk .'tii. i����|; 110/100
W P Sinlfh lo A II !.|mm*iiniii<r-Tli��> Jr.inrll.-,
March in; ��i,v��i
I'rln lirnnl lo W A l'niii|ilH*ll Korlt Ki*rhlv
1 WO, Marrh S; tl
���Miiirh I'.
.liiM|Mtr Kliitf I.. A I. I>sitvn*a.rt    \ .lo Jo, il
Auifii. It J.'nial.ni |o Win < tittf.ll.-  and  I..*.. I.
< -MiiiiMMt- -tin* Whin* K..��.   Krl.?i';.l
.,.l1 Av>��" ,>">'' top R Mt*i.i>iiimii   I Mountain
' ni.-f N.i a nml Rarnw, ��**<����
Nalliitiik-l K.Franklin to Win  L   Vnuon   Tlu*
i auaaaaae. Man hi ;*i
K.-iiii.th MorriaoBtoJanMfl M.-��nl-! Iiminnirnl
March is: ai
Ksuii.* t.i Sa -1 lly.l.., Marrh 1 ; >1
M I  Atlanta atMiJ.Hfpltrurilt-dp: to Oeo&lec
ijiit and JaW Ktl.lt.-r   Th.-Sarah   It. Kali.- D
Mill!..)., r. i. 17; tl
Hurt Pou-aaa to f s  Andrr*w��-Th�� Bina,
M if. ll 1..; flui
< oulilnt <;��-t s.hkIoii.
Inr.-ganltoth.- land .Lilnnil hy F. M. O'lirlrn.
I l.tl.r from th< r..iiiinl��.i..ii.r of lainl* ami work*
n-a<l�� a�� f..|l .��.
li  M. M|.r.ol. Victoria, ll.C:
Oh tr Sir -I hat ��� th> booorto ... kiiiMl.-ilirt-thr
r.t.i|.i of of your letter of tha ?nh ult... anil in
o i'l* wjrto aar that tht taadi aafalatl for i.v Mr.
V m .o'lirlrn. n. ar Baadoo, ana ix.i <>i" ii to par-
. baa . a lart..(it o*/erlapulng |.n-t I.mi.i* t.Triiit��-*l
ami nx-��.ril.*il iniitrrnl i-laium It ai*, c.ijM-a
within tin - Uiiiuitarki-. of ill. K.-i-).. k Bkx ran mil
araj leaarve.
p. i��ti> <'miuit>ai.iiM-r of Laada and W <-rks.
Thl. ia hanl on Frank, and Uh* litilliant RMltal
trl��. rarTk.i th< u\<- for hint w li.n Sin.Ion traa n-
M*k..l.  sun ii th.t nere rerata that lin.- of Ikih
iii *t�� tiu-y tttflt jrat do tt.ii.   BuiMjuilac, plarfc.
and mrvr lik>- iln-a.-  toum:  BUB di.j.la\.d Hill
cvriitually hrliiif it.ovvn n ward. Stick loll l��.v*.
ik. ui.i:t r If Ih. trail l.hia r. rail von �� laitn JaOlp
rr��. tou may vet baafefe loarawi tafoaootc alee
irn.Mlmr lotrn l.tth. rl nt r rata, and tin ti tthafp
ni.. iltiin: \.Hi would lutr. .-vrii If the othi r (.1
low did nrcal to ..Main tt
"l\ ON IT.'
Th. ..[.j. I! it. cur-, at Victoria lw�� dn ld��-.l Ihr
r. 1. l��Mt.rt M"iiii >t inintiifc- <���*.-��' in f.i\..r..f Well*
thr .ij.ja-ll.int. and af*alu*t lVUy, Uh- r.-aja.iid. ut
Tbeeaaalaa wrttralatlj harataatag our. aa It
liiv.nlvra a i|(K~.Uon n( owttrmhiti. It Mama that
in May.  IfaV P. itv  d.T. inili".t  to  i.r.*|act tin-
hill. ��wir Thtaa F.*ra��. u��- rant WefiL who told
him that he had found aonrc tloi ami ivt-.rnt.ii
him waan ha anapM h��- w.wid tind th��- i.i1kt. it
i. **��kl that hafOWl I'.-tty #tart��-��l .ml hi I >l'l Well*:
III ftnd Ihr Uiljfr, you an* tn on it."
Dm Id*?** waa found ami tin* M"m:��� ���: inliir
I ��-ai��.|. which r.inkt ii.<t now lw l-m^-ht f.��r *J.r>.
��� ����� !��� :1m tiiiiir wa* laromliifc- t aliul.l. Wetn
broaght wit f> r ..rir half Int. n*t. Tin- fan. aa to
tin- ...tit.-nuti -ii wan ink >!:���;-iit.-il. Thr npraoe
CKirt jmltrr <l< rlartalhi. Inahllity to ikiid. what
'In fWllt   tnCBBt.atafiiiK "lul It ��aat'��>linl.tiini.
nNtecdhat,however.thai tl��rr>* waa aotne watol
r .iitract In which   llx-  |Jaiiittff   was   ��� ntltkii   to
. ....-j.iiifc-    Tlw- can w��u> dlaadand with  ih..*
���   .���>:.  ifc'.iln.t !!ir pUintitT      Will.. a|^aal.il   I . the
full i-rnn whlrh haa lu^ d<i id.il mat tin* wont*
��� in on It* iiw-an thai VA ��� ll�� waa mtitk-d to one*
h.ilf th. claim.
The terminal of tbe Blocan
River Railway, tlie business centre for Springer
ami I.**nion creek mines
wiiieii are already sbip^ing
i'iv. IiOLs in this the most
pmmiaing and beautifully
ntnated   town   in   West
J3|^CjO�� SI<v*in^'t.v' Roasland,
*' Toi onto.
Chant nusic co.,
I'iamx.Organfa, shut MttJao,
Muakal SappBaa, Bawtaaj Mac Man
anil Suoj.lkx
nj Mali orden ncetva laompl attention.
Sl'iiKA.NK,  Vt'A*1!!
Dealera in
SANDON and 001TY
The immense discoveries on Kokanee
Creek led to the formation of the���
Canadian Mining, Milling & SmeltingCo., Lt d
which  has taken over   the   following:
choice claims:
Glacier 4,
Two Snowbirds,
Ciara G.
CAPITAL, ^,OJO,(jr)iJ-2,OOi),0��30 SHARES
400,000 shares tor development now in treasury;
1 dU��UUU SriflirCS now on   the  market
'selling at 7lcents
This stock is hound to go u\\ as any prospector in
the district wlio has been on the property can tell
vou that the croppings on the Homestretch exceed
almost anything yet discovered in the Kootenay.
The original owners form the company and stock is
selling on its oWn merits.
Call on or write to the Secretary for Prospectuses.
(Ire can be seen at office.
LKIGHTOX �� WILLIAMS, Mining Operators ft Brokers,
ltux 111. Sandon, RG
The Newmarket
New Denver, B.C.
l< stttuttnl on ih.* haaha of th.> Iwautifal Bloran Lake, aad fc.'iK*>t-�� can <it apoa
iIh* nnmj sim! phjj** agroa Hn r*Taoder*f acewa*y in Aaaerlca wtthool ostra eha**ga
TIk- tin* <-n*a|��* .y��t��*m l.�� exwllent. The roOQM an- airy anil decoraKd with tin*
laU***l n-*��ill.-' Of thf wall iwi*1'* att Tin* exterior of the hot��>l is i��iiit.-il In colors
tli.it hariiiontu* with the iilealistic wtOOOtJ. The Hininc Booca is always pro-
viil.il with fianllhat Is tasty, itlgantlhki and -^iti*fyintr to Uk* inner wonotny of
man.   Tin* liar is-reiJ.*!*- with the in.>*l nnaiern.  M  well asaiu-hnt braniisof
nene prodaeon.
Oulilhinrs. Silver IV-nuxrats, t'anatlian Capitalists. ProapedOCBi Miner-..
Teiiilcrfcvt, Ten Mik* Mililoiiain-s ami Pilirtints ,,f every sltaii.* in ja.litlc-i, n-
liwioii or wealth an* wekonieat thbbooae.
make f,.r tin- Newmarket when y.��n reach the si.a .m awtropolla'and il" not for-
ltI Iln* l��imil..ril'. nain.*;;   It is
Henry Stege.
ROSSLAND    -    -    -    -
Civil & Hydraulic Engineers, Provincial
Land Surveyors, Notaries Public.
Agents for Railway Addition to Rossland
���f^r.V ntODberOf well located mineral claims foisile l'HK   IWYSTIIKVK.
If Then- Ever foil***  a Day
You're a serappin" ev'ry ininnit.
Tommy A.
An" you look on this here earth.
An the people what is in it.
As your legacy from birth.
Tommy A.
You've a damn nnpleasant ftahioa,
When your bloddy bugles play,
tif a boundin in a passion.
An demand in' rig-nt of way ; ^i
With your helmet on your head,
An your tunic all of rtd,
An" your bloddy bugles play in'
All ttaCamy trom Mandalay to Ia��m-
Bat -
Ho it! all the same,
Tommy A,
Tommy A.
Par we're partial tn your name,
Tommy A.
Haifa million Boys in Bint,
Drink a health, you brute, to you.
An'they cheer you trom Bombay to
Tommy A.
Hall a milium Bov** in Bloc
Have a sneaking love for \<*u.
An' perhaps they'll prove it too,
If there ever comes a day
When a brother needs a brother for
to help him on his way,
Anywhere this side off hell and Mandalay,
- -Robert W. Chambers,   in the Baffin Enquirer.
Starvation   Prl<*��-��.
mine, at Hay island, near  Rat  Port
age, is to be reopened   by  Montreal
men. and will be worked extensive
In the Empress the main vein is
believed to be 100 feet wide, and a
second yein has Urn hit that has
beea cut tor six feet. Tne mine is
s-aul to be wry rich and ol "mime*.-,
I'r .��|..-. i ui a
DtrujTB, Minn.   8*1 great  is the
boom in the Seine river and Rainy
lake gold fields,  north of this city
that there is much suffering tn account ot lack of lood, and the price of
pro. isions has gone skyward.    Last
fall the lew merchants in the gold
country pur in a much larger stoik
uf provisions  than   ever   before, in
anticipation  of considerable    ot    a
lioom,  but their  calculations   have
been brought to naught.   Navigation
will not open till  May,  aud aimOM
nothing can be taken Into the country
till that time.    I ��uring the next sixty
days most of the miners will have to
eat oa short rations.    Flour is $15 a
barrel, beef 45c a pound,  potatoes $8
bushel and hard to get at that, kero
sene $2 a gallon,  and   reserved  fur
one a triends even at that price : hay
(75 a ton, and the commonest ��|��alit
ies of lumber  treni   $'M)  to  $100 a
thousand feet.   Owing to the great
depth ot now, which lays from five
to seven feet deep in the timber,  the
ireighting of goods from   the end of
the railroad running north  from this
city is almost impossible.
A very important deal In connect -
ion with mining lands in this section
has been made by the Ontario land
department, which has leased s<.nie
64)000 acre*, lying on Rainy and
Shoal lakes. Ihe latter near the
Mikado mine, to an English syndicate
headed by Colonel Engeldue. of the
Mikado mine. The syndicate lias
agreed to spend (ldOtOOO in the next
three years, and has deposited f'20.
000 with the government as an
earnest of good faith and as a return
for the concession. The company is
not to mine but will explore, and
sell mines it discovers and opens.
The Keepews Mining company
has bought for $25,000 the lusher
mine on Manitou lake. This property
has shown the great richness ol any
part in that part ofthe district.
The   long    a bind* ui**!   Weewatin
Auut 10 years ago a  sina'l  gK*P
of ignorant ptosjiectora wen- descend-
Ing the sooth dope off Mount Davidson, in Western Utah, now the Matt
ot Nevada.    They came Qp00 affiant
ledge ofdecompc-scd r��ck from which
they filled their rude sluice boxes
They washed out I little gold, while
they threw away a lump of nearly
njre silver  down  the  gulch,   with
loud imprecations becaase the  "blue
stuff" clogged the machines.     They
were looking for gold, and drifted
about from one place u. another, with
more orlesssneceea onti^meday they
suddenly  cut into the rock oi  I I
great Conisrock hale and  began  to
take out gold at the rate of $1000 per
day.   But the blue stuff was becoming more and mure troublesome      A
rancher from Grass Valley California
visiting the cam}., picked uj> BOOM   I
the despised rock from the waste jheap
of one ot the  mine*, and   afterward
gave it to.ludge Walsh oi CalHornia,
who saw at once that it was nearly
pure silver.     This happened tbaat
midnight and before dawn the cute
judge was miles on the road to what
was to be Virginia City;   man the
place   ssrarmed   with   (..'alifornian-
skilled In gold mining. They formed
a multitude off mining camps besides
the OomstOCk, and  in  a  short   time
this long neglected corner of Utah Iv
came the state ot Nevada.   He rent* id
new fonp off mining skill,maintain d
va*��t independent industries, sent forth
a new group of millionaire*, and add
ed a dramatic chapter to the itory si
the American nation.
The -.ituati'in with BS ttflday i- the
opposite in one respect only and that
is we mnatsnbstataie gold (or silver
in the above narrative and w< will
have our own story told.
We have been looking tor the bine
stuff only,   and   have  been walking
right over gold mines like the Em
press,8aw-txll and otben winch have
but recently been brought to the no
tice off competent explorers and discovered,  and to-day pnrtlOOOOfthk
district are swarming with the tali
fornians.    We arc on  the  eve  of  a-
great liiimng discoveries right at our
doovaeths world has ever shown
Ix.'t u- banish all tboogbts of dnll
times ar.d let vigorous manhood arise
anil claim her heritage. Tarry [MM 10
provide Klip for a l<>ng journey, but
shoulder the pick and start out lor
Port William.taking yonrcoarsBwesl
by north and before you have gone
ten miles you will oomenpoil that on
ion ofthe Horonian and Laamntion
formations in which all those great
mines are being today discovered.
Shall we sit still and allow the foreigners to have all this great wealth
or let other portions off thi- district,
with no more favorable Opportonitii���-.
take the ascendency in mining matter*? If we do we will deserve to U*
swept away like chaff. a> were those
ignorant miners in the early davi
when the "big bonanzas were never
discovered in Nevada.   Fort William
Bank of Montreal.
Capita] sllpaklap *1-,,;"'*',"|
Reserved land : : ��*,��������"�����> *���������
Undivided profits . m,mWM
SutlK.NU.oA. Smith.  O.CM.G  f)j^__.    ,
Han ii. A. DmjMMOJfU We PrfSldeot.
E S OlM sT>��\. OeOCrsI Manager,
\  M\eMnKK. Thief inspector 4 l-Jot) ofHrsi     .
\ it. lu.uvNw Insj.et.rof Breach return
w > i '\,.{ great,  AfltfaaMat Inspi tor,
I wk*. Aiwi'  Bseretary
Bni. hi - la  all J<"r^   I ' Ml*�� '   V ��f *mdhml. (.real llnt.iin. ***1
the Unit, d Btatta
New Denver Branch.
A general banking Uiaiireia} Ira
Kootenay Mercantile Tailoring Co.
Ihrv (��*> ��K in* tit* Eunoihin^r
OppositS    The   < "I if tU -at   H ���:;�����   ...
pr. -i h-d over bv \l|-v- -
mining reoram bocoht  -
1BTJ sn* kei��
.1. It. CAMERON.
S tare Mackerel   Laki Superior White Klsh, LabraoW Herrtng 8   1?
In Barrels. Pails, Kits or by
the Single Fish.
Unlltr.  IMiAU I      everyday.     G ��<i��d������!... i.d prt*opt!v
II. Giegwlcite Sandon.
Otsnt Powder and Qoodwlns Osadlaa
**feorvsai aJnswnna\ Jv��-
tilar   �� ����Kr   Order.
Tin- Naniino Kn ����� Presi baa hem
informed on axcsHenl anthoritv thai
the Union I ..liierv 1 kanpan) ol I anox
has entered Into contract with the
Kootenay melting companies 10 inp
ply lOOOtocf of Union cotes 1 m
Ibr the next 12 moat ha sod thatevt n
tuis aumnnt may he Incressed It
thk rrport Bhoold pr vs correct, and
the Er��e l'n- >>- it Im- i*vt*r\
rsrfson to believe It 1- .-"rrect, it will
mean good Mates al the Union. In
thia connection the Erec I'it-h h.��-.
l>een informed thai the OOSl fi'.iii the
recently operattd Ah sandra onUiery
oi Dun-niuir *V. Bon make- a grade ol
OOtU Which give-, the U*st DOBSible
results in siiiu- grailes if wuelting si
Ki.iteiwiv. and tha' l.-r the present a
limited quantity Ol Alexandria coal
will   be   taken   U)   the    Union 0 -ke
ovens ��nd there converted into coke
Bhoold the demand   JostifV,  coke
event will shortly he ercctetj in the
Immediate vicinity < f the Alexandra
mines, ala.ut Jivt- miles KXUh of Nan
s. -,. at
tnAnoty mn>* i
i !>.������    It,,   i.r ��ii.   t
H��.��th *i>.( rot 1 moo
tt 01 Man
ill Ih.   U -.iiiUiu* ***
I  to
Mm-- in the  Trail  Creek   IW
lor sih*  on   Blocking or  b
basis in 11�� ��   TH MI   I" THE   PAYSTKEAK.
\t I. \l.l III   M.IMAN.
Two years ago Sandon, Slocan emm
try, conhifju-d ot one house and a
barn. NVv It is a town of l.ftOO
people and the centre; ot a inining
district in which there are tl ft \
mines, all working, and paying their
Mr. N. Bilverwood, of8andon, told
me this in the Painter Boose, where
he has hung up his hat for the pre*
sent.   He has boon knocking SOOOl
Hritish Columbia for two yeai*s, min
ing, pros|n-cting and doing the many
things which every man in a young
country Jinds to do. S:x njontbssgo
he went to Sandon. and is growing up
with the town.
"Everything i* Hocsland InToron
10,"  he -Mlid.     "Alter   ;i 411110   people
will become disillasioned, and then
will Hod "Ut that they have overlook
ed a country where mining Ventures]
pay better than ftuastand. Sandon i-
tn the Blocan country, and that is a
silver lead country, h c<-st> far less
to get   out   ore,   and   the   profit   is
bigger. There is bot little machinery
needed,  and the ore is richer in re
turns Ibr the Wurker.    The lead pays
all the expenses   and  the silver is
clear profit Let me give tooafew
'There is the Noble Five. It Sfas
otTered to a Toronto man. Mr. Qooder*
bun for il����� mil, but he would not
tOQCh   it     The    Portet   brothel-,   -t
Spokane, took bold and Mocked it lor
ji,300,000. Th-. \ ...id200,000shares
ai 2'*- apii < e. and used the money
to build the tram >va\. coiiceniraior
and  B0 "ii      Two  mouths  after the
mill started the shades were quoted
at 65c af
Perhaps the greatest ->u\k< ��a-.
that of.I. M   Hani-     He-truck San
don with just $1  in his pocket, ami
with that   li *  bought the   Kicu mine
for (2,700,  j uiting up his  solitary
dollar to bind the bargain     He husil
ed around, got hold ot men. and tbey
Mocked ihe mine lor $1 000*000, They
gold $100,000 worth .Ishaie-s keep
lie*   (900,00 I     The   share-   arc OOW
wroth ii..v> eadi    The stockholders
goS a dividend < f ten pOl COW DIM
month after the  mine Btaited work
ing and hi-? m ar two dividends w, re
declared. Tlie first was 137,600, the
second $100,000, In April thev will
get another dividend.
"Kiawhtnd   cannot   show   average
returns to compare with tbe Qtooan
district. The average v due o| the
Rosslaod ore is |40 a ton; the average
net profit oi Sloonn ore is $100 a ton.
There is a big difference, you see,
between (40, from which working
expenses have to be deducted, and
flu- net profil in tin* pocket
"What soft ol people d> yOll need
iii Sloeau district ?" I asked.
"We don't want clerks, or men
without   inoitey.     We   have   all   the
ojtipeoters we need, and there is not
much demand tor mechanics, because
there is Dot much machinery. Men
with money, minors and prospectors,
can go to the country  and   make a
living.   Expenses are high.   Board
and room cost $40 a mouth, and other
things arc in proportion "   Toronto
is THEME  A  ".inn    iir.iu:.'
The Ontario Government has made
a peculiar arrangement with an Eng
lisn syndicate heretofore carrying on
inining operationa in the Transvaal.
Ool.  \Y.  T. Englcduc, the  owner of
Mikado, engineered the deal for the
Britishers, and under it they obtain
:iu exclusive license to proepcel upon
two huge blocks of land in Algoma -
one lying in the Rainv River district
proper, and containing -14,000 acres,
and the other lying between Shoa'
lake and the I/ike ol the Woods, and
comprising 30,000 acres, i he svndi
catc obtain the right to investigate
these liugli properties for a period of
three years on condition that they
spend at ieaat $30,000 the first year,
$10,000 tbe second, and $60,000 the
While it is a hopeful sign to see
outsiders thus interesting themselves
in Ontario's mineral lands, many art
ofthe opinion that the government
has not exacted a sufticient considcra
tion from the capitalists, The granting ot exclusive right to them
practically blanket- a huge territory
ot laud, shutting it off from develop
ment f>r three years at least, and
nine!) of ihis territory is counted the
richest in Ontario. Is this another
<rntaibGovernment "job/
I    I'   11. r.-opli- nrt* Sharp.
The announcement   from Ottawa
that the Cabinet had postponed indefinitely the question of the Crow's
Nest   I'ass   Railway   clashes   oddly
with the announcement that the C.P.
R, i> already surveying the route
and has made arrangements lor commencing to build in the early spring ;
and wtili the fact that a large pur
chase of steel raits, presumably tor
I'd-road, whs made at the Carnegie
works the ether day by the C. P. K.
Taking all the facts together it
looks as though the C.l'.K. had determined to build this road, no matter what part the Government plays
iu the transaction, and that the Oov
eminent has been warned by the
atatt of public feeling In this country
Into desisting from any attempt which
may have been inyiew to assist the
company In the enterprise beyond
giving it the customary bonus ot so
many thousand dollars a mile.
The Dondas Banner said the other
day that there w*is no necessity to
build the road for many years to
come, but the Banner evidently
underestimates the size ofthe mining
boom and the commercial importance
of tlie new road. Rest as-urcd the
C I'K. WOUld DOt Ih* laying plans for
construction if it did   not  realise that
development ot British Columbia is
only iu its infancy ami  that the min
ing loom has no! liegun.
I'liiiuii., granM
Whitkey and Gum Primus- -You
have a terrible cold. Are you taking
SeCUndUS Certainly. Where shall
we go?
Teacher    Ihov old are you Willie'-1
Willie I'm live ai home, six at
BCbOt 1 ami foiiroii the cars.
Rather a neat way of stating an
awkward tact was adopted by a recent application lor a pension. The
applicant had been wounded while
his regiment was in  retreat,   but  he
did not say it in that wav. I received my wound, he said, while march
Ing rapidly in front ol the enemy.
Eigg .looking up from book)���The
heroine appears to be as versatile as
I ne ol thos.* Kittles from which a ma
gioian pours all kinds ofliquors,
Eeiidcrson ��� VYhy so'J
l-'ogg -Why, in one plsce it says
she wept bitterly, in another that tin*
salt tears a Mseddown hercheeks,and
pi the verv next paragraph we are
told thai her tears broke nut afresh.
A gifted woman th.ir
rAriPBElJU New York Tailor
^mw        Largest Tailoring tistablishmt-nt _**
Largest Tailoring Establishment
ia tbe Province
SS&JJ Sandon,
Kam loops
and up
Absolutely perfect fitting and well-made garments guaranteed.        Genfa Furnishings.
Clothing. Overall, in connection. HARRIS   BLOCK, bet. Banks B.N.A. and B.C.
We have
A large invoice of
and ORAN1TEWARE   ot
the Kitchen.
We also carry n full line of
n' Furnishings.
Sandon and Rosslaod.
Hunter Bros.
McQueen & Gore havt
just   opened   in  the Harris
building with a full lino of
Remember the place,
McQueen & gore,
Hotel Kootenay
bwitzer & McGluskey,
htT7.<;Klt.\M> a  HAY. Prop*.
 Mnmil.iliuvi - of all	
Sypbons, Ginger Ale.
Barsaparilla, Etc., Etc
Sa.iicion. B.C.
Patronize home industry
when von want the In-st
Get pur Fresh Meat
 FROM   Till
t Mb But
Pays special attention to all
kinds of watch repairing1.
Large stock of
always on hand
One of tiie oldest and best known
hotels in the City.
The only Bowling Alley in the
Mountains is attached to this
��� N*- *��� *��� ��� *��� 1
Is the Pioneer  House of the City.
While no. much Is being said about
the Coenr 'd Alene mining district,
there is a vast amount of work going
on in the mines abont Wallace. Ward*
ner and Median.
The latest development is that contemplated by the Ranker Hill ami
Sullivan mining company. It is con
tinuing the great tunnel which was
commenced in 1S90 by D.A. Clement
who was the manager of the proper
tv. It had been run between .VOand
600 feet at the time ofthe troubles in
that section, and the work has not
been continued since that time. Manager Bradley purchased a 40-drill
compressor plant during his recent
visit in Chieago.
The work will be the gratest ever
undertaken in the district, and when
completed will be about a mile and a
half in length, and at one mile will
tap .be big vein running through
thai section, probably* on the Tyler
groand. At the mine it will Jtap the
vein 300 feet below the present lowest level. It will be a greatjthingtor
all the camp as it will drain all the
mines between Kellogg and the mine
This tunnel was commenced tirst
back of (be mill at Kellogg.so that
any one familiar with the country can
see tbe immense advantage it will be
and the enormous bodies ot ore which
it will open up. The Hunker Hill
and Sullivan was the earliest location
in the Coeur dAlenes, and nn enormous amount of money has been extended in its development. There is
a large amount ot ore knocked out in
the present workings ofthe mine.
The mill at Kellogg is most com
paste; and it is said has a capacity lor
handling GOO tons ot ore daily.
E. W. Bradley i-�� the manager ot
the property, and he will hereafter
make his headquarters at San Eran
cisco. Erederick Baridge is the mill
manager, anil it is learned that he
will take the active management cf
the company's property. J E. Brans-
eosse is the superintendent ot the mine.
It is a great property, and one ofthe
largest silver lead properties in the
.4 Mi-ail--.- Thine In    PolhW-a.
i>f all strange things in the politics
of the day Is the pronounced advocacy
by the (rlobe ofthe C.P.R a interests
in connection with the proposed
Crow's Nest Railway. So accustomed
had the country grown to denunciations ot the mono*,olistic C.P.K. by
the Clobe that one has to look twice
to lie assured that it really is the
Globe that is now the chief champion
of the railway naiufd. In the not
remote days preeeeding the late jml
itical unpleasantness, the Globe
easily made it appear that the highwayman was quite a respectable
member of society in comparison with
the C.P.K.. which was held up as the
very embodiment of monopoly, and
several other had things. And now
the Globe advocates the lmildingof
the Crows Nest Railway by the CLP.
R., to be accompanied by the customary heavy bonusing and the granting of enormously valuable concess
ions in coal and oil lands. No wonder
that able and Independent journals
such as the Toronto Telegram are
out in stong oppopition, and our
lively friend, the Toronto World,
charges there is a  conspiracy  ��nd
scandal wrapped up m the deal
that equals the other great scandal of
It is a question whether the Dominion Government will, or will not have
hand or j��art in forwarding the building ofthe proposed railway, if the
Government does step in, howt-ver.
all sincere opponents of monopoly
will track the Lturier Administration
in retaining po****$sion of the Crows
Nest Pass and Railway, with all tin
vast mineral and oil privileges at.
tacheil. The C.P.R has done v. ry
well out of this country, and. whOst
Canadians are justly proud ofthe
great railway, they should not he 6E*
peetod to give it a elear deed ol the
whole Dominion. Va'u' enough has
been given the C.P.R.-enough to
show tht* faith and good -will o( the
nation. More should not be asked,
and. Mr. Eoster to the contrary not
withstanding, opposition to further
privileges and ConceSBaOns will be
found to be vigorous and determined,
as wcil as advisable, in the public
interest. Railways are never weary
oi asking, hut it is time some share
of the nations wealth was preserved
for ami ensured to the people.
It's a highway robbery ! Hormed
the customer, ami he flew out of the
The coal baron adjusted his glass.**
and looked carefully at the scale*.
No. he said softly to himself, i- i>n t
highweigh robbry.
Jinks at a party I don't ***e
what's the matter with that pretty
woma n ovt- r t here.   She was a w fu 1 i y
flirty a little while ago, and now >ht*
won't have anything to do with me.
Stranger���I have just come in. She
is my wife.
Behold ! exclaimed the good fairy.
I touch thee with my wand and tran---
forni the from a beggar to a prince.
Sul*>equcntly, however, his belov
ed touched him without any wand
and made him a beggar again.
Mr. Dakane -That man yonder
seems very pensive.    Do you SBppQSS
be is in love?
Mr. Caswell Oh.no; that's imposs-
ible; 1 know him very well. He*,
Little Borehm relating his Alpine
adventures���There I stood, the terii
hie abyss yawning at my feet���
That Brute Brownie ���Was it yawn
ing when you got there or did it start
after you arrived?
How i> times, asked the contortion
Tough, said the armless wonder,
shaking his head gloomily. I have
been living from tovt to mouth Ibr the
last three months.
Dora sweetly���Ered didn't blow
his brains out because you jilted him
the other night. He came right over
and proposed to me.
Mand [mWpOT sweetly -Did he?
Then he must have got rid of hi-.
brains some other way.
Clara���Why SO melancholy ���
Belle-Oh'T had the worst shuck
this afternoon that Ieverexj��erienced
Vou know those flowers I was going
to take down to jail to that poor man
who murdered all his first cousins?
Well, I got into the wrong cell and
gave them fo a big. blear -eyed brute
who was therefor robbing a banana
I'm awfully fired doing nothing,
dean boy.
Theahsso much of i: to do.
C D. Rand. *' s ^ ai-*i.ih,j
Milling and Stock Brokers,
Notaries Public        ami        Conveyancer*,
sjl^stdcdn, b. o.
Mine* I..ught ami *>ld. ftoofcl a_ **le in ail B I   *j
i irticial brokers tor Wonderful Croup Mining Co-
Kootenay agents lor Bondholder Mining Ot*.  St-   kev.m��*   M    .... *,
Phunix Con* >l id a u��d Mining Co awl Two Friend*. Mine! o . ������ . ;.
Oom xi.ii -as Stooat-aci a.nct   Promote.
Whoa, Bill!~
U       tt       tt       >,rsT   VRlUTEa> a   Iim   lin
U      tt      tt      tt I'l..NTS.    NOTIONS.    OFFICE
ft      ft      tt      STATIONERY,  BOOTS,  SHOE
U    tt    tt    tt >inil ^i-nw-iw.
JJ       ft       ft N.-irliviv Shirt.*., bstQtl puttei m
Examine mr tine line <��t NECKWEAK.
��- BURJtS,
I )ealer in \I EATS
SANDCN.    ROSSLAND. NEI>��>\.    KASIX).   PILOT  BA^    \n
KollKKT   M \< l".\ U.l>
Sol M*< !��� ���*.
0<C:E.I<* B;��.kM'0;R.ft!i
MACDONALD  BR0&, fto^irtuift.
Batss HJ50 ft fefiO per day
Seadqaaiten f-r Mining Sfa-euiat**-.* and capital
Keco Ave.,
Samion. B.C
Thos. Brown &Co.-
Sarydor|, B.( \
: Healera in i
New n��ioda (��natantl�� srrivl
ng Tha Mssqusrsde Qall
The oiasqnoraoe ball given in
>i..*iic.*i s hall on the evening of
St. Patriok's day. was one of tin*
bnsl yet given in the Shiran.     I'lo-
.(looeaa of the bull, however, tuusl
hi ootumoti Justine, 'ju acoorded to
tin* efforts of th'* latliea-, who, with
few eioaptiona, nhowatl extrenie
good ta-te in the appearance and
originality of their costumes. I lie
geiltlenten On the luntrarv. with
hut om* single exception, exhibited
i dearth "f reaourue thai showed
hot p<>< rli beaideathe manifest ai��
t.-tn}>r���*. oi' tiu* !n<li.'H to <|,iit tlie old
grooves and trv fomething new.
The <o-tuine>�� uniting the ladies,
which attracted arnsl attention,
.noi \��*ry deservedly so, were;
��� Iwu 1.nth* i iirK in Blue.' "The
Snake Uhonrier," "Night,*1 "Tbe
Klower c*rl" and "Thr Pay.
streak The latter eu*tQme was
esceadingly w��*ll g��itUMi up in<l
besidei being ��� departure, iltowed
such evldenoe nf painstaking rare
ind *��k iI) in execution tl��ai it was
ttwarded firai prise. The character,
������>*. J.o-i.i. *��� o��l. eras Ihe <-nl*. re
deeminn feature in 'b** nj��dio*
city ..f ooatume sud appear*
unco <>t" Ihe gentleman masker*
The oonception was very gnnti\ tin-
���atume excellent, and the char
.,. in carried out extremely well,
Melon  in  glvwi   Ihe   naiues snd
��� it��r,racters nf pi if a inners:
Seal araltxer,  lady    Mi*.**  Lilly
Best waitser. gentleman   K. VV.
Beat dressed lady 'Belter's
Wife,    -Mrs   Annaiice,
I'..-; dreaeed gentleiuaii, A
i svalier."   Mr. Thtanpaon.
Beat sustained character, lady
li..-   Paystreak."    Mr-    Kenne*
��� i>
Beat sustained clmracter. geutle-
man,   "St,  Jacob s   * HI,"   -I   A
I |^iii--.f cuaractei. ftau.lon
Chambermaid,"    E  Km ith.
II E Huntington, of si Paul.
Minn . was inSaiul'.u this week.
A. Besttis, of Slocan  City.  ��ib
in Sandon font few day - 'hi*- we. k
\     H     Diphmk,   ��'f*   Vniic.uv.T.
-pent a fen day-  in   Sandon   this
W. P.. Chandler, of  Minneapo
ii-. Minn.,   spout   a  Pea   day-   in
tow ii this weak
V. I*. Borne, uf tiu- hai dware
tii in of Boyd &Burn*, of Vancou*
ver, Is iu Sandon.
Timbers srts being pul in tbe
tunnel which   ���!    M.   Harris has
started uu ROCO street.
Mrs. Merrill and Mrs, DuVal, of
Spokane, nrcthe guests ot" Mr.**, c.
.1. Smith at tlw Qnodenough.
The telephone office will be removed from I be   Post   OlVice Storr
to M. L Qritnmett's new building
in tbe course ofa lew days.
Sandon   will   meet   Nelson   in a
hookey match   tonight,   A   very
lively and interesting game i* ex
parted a> the Nelson boys have a
pretty strong team.
s. K Oreeti returned on Thursday from Ida visit tu Spokane. He
reports things as very lively there.
The beat way to solve the lot
question in Baudot) is to have the
houses built oi.   irucks. then when
somebody claims your lot vou can
trundle   quietly    away    and   si-i-k
soul,, unclaimed piece of the
earth's ��*ruot ami there remain until you   atf.wn receive   marching
orders. In this way a l"t of pro
faulty would he rendered unneo*��s
sarj. besides���tlie change of sir you
Hunter Bros bavejnsl received
a full Iim* of crockery, j*la*j-wa."e
and bar goods.    Call   and   inspect
The Company a Act.
I lie British Columbia Govern
ment i�� struggling witii ;i m*w
company sot. \ boy of twelve
juggling nn Ith a -tick of dynamite
and ,i b.��x of detonating rap* is an
iu;t��|.-.|u.t!.* comparison. Without
examiuiug the bill in detail, it
*11<*y be -afcly assumed, from pfOa
vioos experience, that it will cm.
tain as mam cunt radiations as
there are clauses, and la* loaded
up willi a number .<I" ridiculous r.--
qtiirements lender this bill it
will require a Phllsdelphis lawyer
t>. incorporate a coiopany, ami
directors srill live-aubiecttn ltea>'��
penalties if tbey do no! ooinulv
with a h.t of self contradictory di.
rections. The legialatttre i** ahout
lo introduce tbe unfortunate min-
ing director int.. i labyrinth, witli
Instruction* to get out of it ��.r -j..
���>, jail.
D.aaoiution of Psrtnerehip.
The partnership between Jacob
Kelsen ,v .lames Pinning was  die.
��� lived on the I-t da) of l>e>-einher
last. Jacob KeTsen will pa- all
Accounts and coiled nil monies
payable by of dm* i-> the business
from tin* shove date.
Sandon, Feb 27th, ls-'7.
For Sale
On.- pool tali!.* with cues,   ivory
halls, i-tc , hy Balke, Coilouder A'
i'.��., Chicago i.    Inqnire of
W .1. Si i i v.
Notie.* is hereby given that 1
will not be responsible for any
debts oontracled b** the Clifton
11..use Cafe.
John Buckley,
Goodenough Hotel
SANDON,   11.   C.
The  Finest,   Earnest
and  inoKt    Elegantly
Furnished Rooms
������������-***> ��� **r *��� **r*ar**fr ���������-������ ��� y ^r ���
In the Entire  North-
i;....in-. Including  Board, SUS par day
Ho i.ur in connection.
Mrs. M. A. SMITH, Proprietress.
ijii. ..i Spancai'a   1 tirade.   Victoria,
lilt-  t >|a-l��l-.l   a
STORE     IN    MR.    LLOYD'S
Ami will Im*.* in stock
Children's Hose. Corset Waists. Aprons.
Ftc     A Inn
Stamped Goods and   a  Eull Line
nf Embroidery Silks.
I.uli"- Outfitting a Specialty.
Call at the
el lvanhoe.
So,  i*>.
���< ..iniKiiilt- \>l,"   ''art   IVH and   Aim M.tins:
Notice is hereby given that sixty daya after
date l will apply t<�� the Honorable tie chief
('nimiiiflxtoner of Land una Works for permia*
���Ion to purchase one hundred mi.I Hlxtv nerea
of land, altaate In the dlMri.-t <>r West'K.H.t-
cimy. Ht tliejuiu'tion of the West l��run<*li ui
tin-North Fork ot rurp.-nU'rC'n'.'k, ulioiit Bve
miles from tiu* town of Three Forks. Coin-
iii.-iiciiit; ��l Initial ia��st marked H K pnaf a rut
rtinniiiK thence West lorty a-lmliiH, thence
North forty clmin-, tlienc- East forty chains,
llieiic.-south lorl\ chains to place Of l>ckrlii-
Dated at Three Forks this iHtli a��v >��i
March, I*'".
Jobm Porraa.
Certificate of Improvements.
CSribou Mineral I'liilin.
situai. iu Ihe Hlocan Mining Iiivlsion oi W'. >i
Kootenay ilstrl.-l, in the Beat BaaTtn.
Take notice that I, A. s. Farwell. agenl for
the Rambler and Cariboo Consolidated Gold
and Stlvei MiniiiK <���<)., (Foreign), Fiee Miner'*1
'Vrtlttcatc Mo. ii.\!M7. Intend sixty ��tays from
tiie date bereof, to apply to tin* Mining Recorder for a eertlAcate of Improvements, tor
ihe purpose of obtaining a Crown umiit of th<-
above claim.
And further take*notice that action, nnder
nection 87, moat be commenced ix-iore tbe issuance of such certificate of improvement*.
Dated this Klh .lav <>i Fel.ruarv. 1��IT.
Feb. "JDth, '1��7. a. s. Fakwki.i..
i'alif..i uh,  mineral claim,
situate in the Hlocan mining dtvtoton of Weal
Kootenay district, abont three mllea eaal
of tin-town of New Denver.
Take notiee thai l. A.s. Farwell. a-etlnr* a-
ageul for.lam.a Marino, fnt- miner's certificate No. Tt.170; Alfred J, Marks, fro.- mlnei'-
certlOcate no.TitjBttt; Jamea a. McDonald ir..
r-iiin-r's <-,*rtlfl<-ate No. t>7.!��:~. and Byron ��'.
Van Houteli free mhler's certificate No. Hl.-'Ht.
Intend, sixty dav* from the .late hereof. In
apply to tbe mining recorder fbr s eertlHcate
of Improvements, for tbe porpoee oa* obtaining a crowngrani of tbe above claim.
And further tak.- notice that action, nnder
aectlon tt. moat be commenced belbfw tin- issuance of .such certIQcate ot Improvementa
Date] thl�� the llth day oflanuarv. l**c.
Jan. ��tfa 1*C A.s. FAKWKI.I..
Isaac   Berkman.
Micttoti Male* <>i all Kind* ...iuh)cic<l
m   lite most   satlsi,...-lory   inannci
Kff*Reasonabt*i  itai>s.-����
Harris Block, Sandon, B.C.
"Ramadell Mining and Milling Com
pany" Foreign
Rc-gtatared tbe ;<r.l .lay of February, l-sc.
1HRRKBY 1'KUTIFY that I   have this daj
registered tbe "Rainadell Mining snd Milling Company" (Foreign) under the   -lom-
paiii.- Act." Part  IV..  "Iteci-lnillon of For-
elgn o mpanics." and amending Acta,
TbebeadofBoeof tbe*add company is alt-
ual.-d at the city of Ta��*oiua. In tile KtstC of
W'ashlnulon. I". S   A.
Tbeoojeeta tortrbtc!) tbecompan*" is .��tai>-
Itabed are:���
to acquire, bold, buy, selu Mssa. work and
nnsrste mines and mineral claim-, in the
i'nlted Htalea of America and In the Province
of Hrltlsh Onlumbta* lo bov, sell, mill, smelt,
mat, stamp, and concentrate mini ml- Of
every kind and .les,*riptton In the I'nited
States of America and in the Province of
Hrltlsh uolumbla; n�� scuulre, boy, sell, and
leas.- waterposrer, watertuteaand water-rights
In the 1 ntt.il States of AinetlcM an.l   In  the
Province of Hrltlsh > <>i imbta* to prucure,
hold, buy, sell, coustruct, operate and maintain, electric, ateam and watcrpower plants,
for the purpose >>i fumlahltuj power and light
for all and even kind Of purpose and object
in the United states of America and the Province oi HrltlHh Columbia
The capital stock of tbe Bald company la one
million dollars, divided Into one million
slum's ofthe |<*��r value of one dollar each
(liven under mv hand and seal of office at
Victoria. Province of British Columbia, this
Srd da*. >>f February, 18W.
t.s.) B.Y. WOOTTON,
Uegl.strar of Joint Stock companies,
Fel>. l:lth, l*>7.
Wild  O.hvs.*  mineral  claim,
sltuateln the si.K-an mining division of Wesl
Kootenay district, >>n Noble Five mountain.
Take notice that I. A.s. Farwell. netles as
asrent for the Noi.ie Five, ConaoUdtated Mining and Killing <'o., (foreign), fn*e miner's
eert itlcate No. 77.STB, intend, sixty days from
the date hereof, t<> apply to the xlnlog K>-
rorder air a certificate or Improvements, for
the purtMiM' of ahtainins a ''r.>wn tiranl .��'
the above claim.
And fnrtber take notice that action, under
aection ^17. nui*t be commenced heffoee the i���i;-
aneeofsuchcertitlcate of impeovementa.
listed this the t:lth .lav of .lanuwrv, IssC.
.Ian. Mtb, ia*7. A.s.  FARWELL
Finite  mineral elaim,
situate in the H.x-an mining division of W.-t
Kootenay   district, shoot one-ooarter of
one mile nortbesM ofthe town mCody,
Take notice that I. A. S. Karwell, acting a>
Sgenl tor Thomas Marks, free miner's eertlfleate No. 7ti.i.M. intend, sixty .lays from th.
date hereof, to apply to the Mining Keoorder
for a certificate of improvements, for the purpoae of obtaining a Crown grsnl of the abnvi
And further take notiee that action, under
sect ion C inu-l be commenced before the |s-
aosnee ofancb certitlcate of Improvements.
Dated tisia nth day of Januarv. 1**5'7.
Jan. Irtth. 1*5*7. A. s. FARWELL
Stsrilgbl   N<>. .-, mineral   claim.
situate in the Slocan mining division of West
Kootenay district north oCand Joining the
l���-i-t Chance mineral claim.
Take notie.* that I. A.S. Farwell. actlltga*-
agenl forth.- I�����st chance Mining and alllhis
rjov.freemlneriacertificate No. 7*iaii, intend,
sixty days t'n.in the date hen-of. to apply hi
tbe xinlng Recorder for ��� certificate of improvements tor the porpoaa of obtaining h
crown grsnl ofthe above dslm.
And further 'akc notice that action, under
eectioutt. must be oommenosd i��*for��* the i��-
suanc" of such certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 7th day of January, tnjf,
Jan. l6tb.l*S7. A.S. FARWELL,
Dai i>.\wn Fraction Mixkkai. Claim.
situate in tbesloesn Mining Dlvfelonota*cal
Kootenay    l'istrict,    in   the      eOnlgan
Tak. notice that. I. A. S Farwell. setline a-
agenl for Michael t' Munagbsn, Free Mluer'a
Oertlflcste N". 74,411, Intend, sixty dava from
the dstc bereot to apply to the Mlnkuj Recorder tor a certificate of Improvements, tor
the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant ofthe
Shove claim
And further take nolle, that action, under
aection iff, most he commenced before the ia
aoence of such certificate ot Improvements.
Dated this >th dav or December, l*a��..
Jan,Snd,-gf A.s Fakwki.i..
A sitting nf tli��' County Court ot'
Kootenay will ba lit'M at New
Ilenv.-r on Wednesday the L'4tli
(lay "i MiU'cli. instunt.
Dated at Nelson this .'.nl dav of
March. A   1).. ISH7.
K.  T.   H.   SlMlKlNS.
Acting Deputy rVgiatrar. ��..a*?,Ii.,iaWV*M.j,��WVf'
An tmoortsnt Decision. ,
The appellate coort at Victoria
has decided the celebrated Monitor
mining ease in favor of Wells, the
appellant, and against Petty, the
respondent. The case is a particularly interesting one. as it involves
a question >.f ownership. It seem*,
that in May. 1895, Petty determha*
e��l to prospect the lulls near Three
Forks. He met Wells, who told
him that he had found tonic float
and informed him where he
thought he would find the ledge.
It is said that before Petty started
out he told Wells: '.'If I find the
ledcre. you are in on it."
The ledge was found sad the
Monitor mine located, which
vould not now he btttght for
$75,000. A-the mine was becoming
valuable. Wells brought soil tor
one-half interest. The facts a* to
the conversation were not disputed. The supreme coutt jttdgs declared his inability to decide what
"in on it "meant, stating that it was
too indefinite, conceding*;, however,
that titers whs some sort of con
tract in which the plaintiff was
entitled to something. Tl." case
wa- dismissed with the csts as.
sessed against plaintiff. Well- np
pealed to the full court, which has
just derided that the words "in on
it" meant that Wells was entitled
to one-half the claim.
Tlie Monitor mine is one of
those wonderful Slocan properties
which have he^n producing ore
from the grass roots. A vent- ago
last fall Petty bonded the mine to
T. K .lefhrson for 130,000. upon
which bond only $.'>>*�� vas paid
down. For some reason the bond
wa.- not taken up. and Petty, with
only a small 8mount of monev
left from his S.*>oo. started in to
work the property himself, with
the result that in a short time a
shipment was made which netted
the owner 116,000. Altogether
about $32,000 worth of ore has
heen chipped.
Strike Oedsred Off.
At a meeting of the miner's
union in Leadville. Colorado, it
was decided hy a vote of approximately 900 to 200 to declare the
strike off. Thin is the result of
the recent vigorous efforts on the
part of E. V. Ilebs and Mine
ManagerT. S. \\*<>od.-. who is very
popular with the miners.
The   strike   was   declared   June
i**th. 1896, and ha.- therefore la.-!
ed eight months and t w��*iit\-one
days. It Iia- CDSl the cmp fully
$4,000,000, besides the COSt to the
lahor organizations <>.' the country,
which have contributed generous
Iv in aid of the strikers.
The work of hauling ore from
the Goodenough continues. Ahout
three tons a day is the output of
this property.
Ami other Inve��tinent-.     Kver>   Hepfesents
Hon Qosisntesd.
Sun don, I:  <'.
M aid Domestic Um
- Tobaccos, Cigarettes and Pipes,
- Playinfi; Cards and Poter Chips.
DR.   G.   P.   YOUNG.
M   D. C   M,
Formerly of the Winnipeg ...n.-ral  H.>��
Office over I'alace Saloon. Rootn ���">
Sanoon.   B   C
Investments. Mining  Brokers.   Mines
Anno tor
The Phoenix Consotldsted Mining Co.
Limited   l.ifti.iutv,
Dry   Belt   Mining   snd   Milling    Co
Limited UsMHt)   l terrSetts
Sellkirfc Mining and  Hilling Oo.
Limited LSrMtttgr.
Room "�� lu.ek'. m..��.
raxook. a. c
Canadian Pacific
The Quickest anil Cneapesi Rout*
ST. I' AIL. Mi ��N I'll LAI.
And all  Eastern  hunts
Unexcelled Bleeping Can on .ill
Trains. Tourist Car., to St. J'anl
Daily:  Boston, every   Thursday;
Toronto.      every     Monday      fiom
Steamer leaves tiakusp ever) Sun
day, Wednesday and Fridn\
morning, making close connec
tion at Revelstoke with trains
for all points Hast or West.
Before you travel n��-t  information
from ('. I'. IL Agents as tu
times and rates. It will lave
you money. Apply to nearest
Railway Agent *>r lo
A.  0.   Mc ARTHUR,   Agent,
Distriot Passenger Agent,
Jhe Argo jftines of Sandon
(Limited   Liability
CAPITAL, - $100,000.00.
i 000,000 Blum ptr t��kw ol ten eont*    The anova i
la formed to sequin tad work Ihe UWO-rf BELT Mineral I
adjoining the 8nndoa lownalta    Mines are tt\m tor Inspection
a few ninnies walk from the town    Umittd  w*%mhm  oi - ..,-
sah* at ten <vn?s.
Appl>   at  OttCt lo
Lciehton & \Vil lianas
Mining Brokers and Operators.
Tl)<% New Yrkitagc
Till   VKH1   I IM   \ IN I v..��    Ol
N        |   ...-I.Ill,;  to (tll��  IlliirW* IL
>4 um 111 -. and trvii.-����. without larlss S��av)r, makina n i (��..<.��? ����>.�� in ��;.���   irm m   ���
��... i.     ii afaouM   ���                                  ��� -������*'
\    Uldll***. Ul n*a*UMII 111 n fill   ���'.' �����: ���    ll    H.r %   ���
!>r> . h:.m|��in* fn.in JamtSajr)  !>t i��   |tor*��mfarf �� *    �������***'������'   *".-�����   ��� ��*-.
.,   ���  more  Ikavn  tt����(   ot eoj nfh**t i.f��ii^.��l."�� > �� o .      i *i��t* **,
u\ . r all .>tli��-r��
By ebMStcad sasaty* -     Wnt it "��i-     - - a
Iberriber*. tt,.- D*ttnt *'>���! II
l;.i\ai Wsnsnt* motr m*m gnunua.1      M -��� ���       II   M   ">". 4 >     m ,.--.,
vi..��t\. tii. I'll..!, at li.,';',n!  m . K ���-�����; ll!*' "������ ���'      ��        *���*���.��� ���    II h   M
ixTIhhii l.inia n.r   Hi. M , , ��� ���\y  ...     k M   ��� �����.. .�����*���   lb.   K     I   ������?   it
III. Hi,(.-.!>  Oi.   Kl't. ��� \        ,��,
I 'il 1 km* & I .ims<xi\
McMartin & Currie
(goiy (graalj
MANUFACTURERS   OF<"-      ~ -
Kl <*..   Etc.
Room. No. 22     BLACKS HOTEL
I- ..in- of llo best jl.u as is
Siiii<L.:i i��. nbtaiu
Beverages'""������ Delicious
in   ii.'ik   wii
'I'll F.I K Ql M.lTll>
C  j   MATLOCK,        ���       pr0p
\\-      .i  -p. I i  .   **'.���.���,   r v
\u- boing��� ai rtl hy di
��� i - purchasing  Iheif
Grain and Feed
I mill Ihe
jBndnai & Kerr III CD.
South Edmonton.  Alts
" H��.lh'd i nils n >p< ��� is
W i iu* ..i Wire f"�� i'i I w
.gi ul    \   H i.i vn . Kelson  I -'


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