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The Paystreak Feb 20, 1897

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Array THE
SANDON AND CODY, Fehniary 20,1891.
A Few of tha Properties Which Have
Made Sandon the Bustling
Town  of Today
Iu last steak's Issue the respective value** of some of   the   principal  shippers adjacent   tu Sandon
I were dealt with.     I'.nl   although a
hiuniber   ol   ihe  following,   are on
it to* other side of the ridge from
She   Noble   Five.   Reco  and   Last
Chance, si ill tbey area part of the
[present and   future   prosperity   of
Hand in f��>r tlte moel "f their sup.
plies are purchased from our mer
[chain- here.     These with a   few of
[tin* more promiaing of the devel*
itted prospects will  be given below:
The  Ivanhoe
This properly, which is situated
11 the ridge   al    the   head   of   the
Ib.iMii iii the rear  of Sandon,  baa
Been largely developed.    The vein
���laa an average width of about Bee
t-.*t and consists of clean and con*
[eenirating  ore.      Last   year  ov.-r
ft/teen ions of ore was shipped and
[already ibis \ ear  a   like   amount
lha*�� found its Wiy t<>  the   -inciter.
'!>..me   ten   men   are   employed   al
phi** mine.
Canadian Group
\ cr. little work ban been done
<mu this group although a thorough
-System ol development would tin
Hilouhteillv result very satisfactorily
ffor the ownels. The Vein IH1 til.S
��� propei t\ is frmit three to four feel
nl concentrating  ore.
Adam* Group.
This group, wbic.i i�� situated on
the same tidge as the Oanadian
< iroiip, give* promise of turning out
a very valuable  property.     In one
���f the tunnels driven for a dis
tan if twenty feet  on  th.-  vein,
Inn feet of ore of a mixture ol
galena and gray copper in exposed
for the entire distance, tin another vein  Which   runs   through   tins
group about -,'.,*"> feet of tunuel has
been run exposing t��> view a large
hotly of font etitrating nre. Some
fifteen tons of ore is on  the dump
at this property
Reed and Tenderfoot
The showing   OQ    this   group   l>
beyond Question the best surface
snowing of au\ group of claims i.i
the BlOCan, The lead eau be
traced distinctly through nine
claims Tha w.��rk done on this
group had been confined mostly to
the Reed, up to the time it wan
taken over by ihe Vancouver and
British Columbia General Explor
ation Company. Since then a
large amount nf work lias been
.lone on the Sandon side of the
divide amounting III all to over
300 feet of tunneling.   Acer loadj
���hipped in the early part of the
season gave a net return of $85 to
the ton. It is the intention of the
syndicate who own this property
to erect a concentrator ft r the pnr-
pose of treating the ores mined.
At present about ten men are employed on the property running a
crosscut to tap the lead at a depth
from the surface.
R  E. Lee
This mine is located about a
quarter of a mils from the Last
Chance Hud is being rapidly developed into a very valuable pro-
party. The vein varies in width
from eight to eighteen inches of
ore. From three carloads ah ipped
some time ago returns oi" 130
ounces of silver to the ton and 7">
per cent, lend were obtained.
About twelve men are employed
on this property.
The Washington
This property, which is among
tin* large shippers of the Slocan.
was one of the rir>t proDCi ties to
be located when this great ramp
was discovered. During the years
from :cj to '94 about I4��H"> tons of
on* was shipped, then work c-ased
and was not re commenced until
the concentrator was built. Since
then the property has been a steady
producer and has done its share
towards making the name of Ihe
Slocan famous for the richness of
it*- stiver mines. During the past
season over 00 carloads of concentrates has been shipped, which
gave return- of '.'."> ounces silver to
the ton and 00 per cent, lead, be-
sides | large amount of crude ore.
which gave returns of from 1<>S to
186 ounces silver tn the ton and
l{��i per cent.   lend.     The   mill   OH
thia property was the tirst  to be
erected in the Slocan and was designed and erected '��\ Tom Mitchell, the well-known concentrator
Rambler Group
This group, which consists of
live claims' is rapidly coming to
the front mi account of the value
and extent of it- -hipnients. This
property lias two veins crossing
Its ground from one of which an
eighteen ton shipment gave returns nf ���..'.�� ounces silver per ton.
$7.."il> gold Slid tW��l per cent. eop.
per. The hulk of the work, how
ever, has been done on the silver
lead veins and a large extent uf
ground has been opened up. The
smelter return- on the galena ore
shipped has yielded from 79.6 to
'JT.'J..'' ounces silver per ton and III
tt* til per cent. lead, oue lot of
twenty-seven tons netting $186.12
per ton. while the carbonate
ores gave returns of 166 to t78.fi
ounces silver per ton and 22*) per
cent. lead. The company who
operate this mine recently declared a dividend nf 1140,000. Daily
shipments  are   being   made    from
this property.
Beside? being the basis of sup-
plies for all these mines, Sandon is
the headquarters of a host of tnin
ing aud stock companies, notably:
The Reco Mining and Milling
Company, tbe Csmeronian Mining ami Milling Company, the
Star Mining and Milling Company,
the Dry Belt Mining and Milling
Company, the Phoenix Consolidated Mining and Milling Company,
tbe Koulette Mining aud Milling
Company, the Canadian Mining.
Milling and Smelting Company,
the Slocan Queen Mining aud
Milling Company, the Selkirk
Mining and Milling Company and
a number of others which lack of
space prevents from giving in detail. Taking all these things into
consideration then the statement
that Sandon has the brightest
future of any other town in British
Columbia is no exaggeration, but a
plain statement of facts.
A  Rich Assay.
Talk of rich assays, can   anyone
beat this one obtained from a pick
ed sample  of  ruby   galena   taken
from the lowest level in  the   Reco
mine, the specimen assayed gave a
return of 11,030 ounces   silver  to
the ton.    Taking the  above  as  a
mmple of the immensely rich ore
to be found   Intermixed  with the
giilena at  this  mine,    is   it  to  be
wondered   .it    that   carload  shipments return an average  of 77<> .*
ounces of silver per ton   besides  a
large nercentage of lead      The carbonate opes are appreciating   very
much in value as depth i-  gained
on this property as a  carload shipment    made,    the     returns    fiom
which    received     recently     were
S02.45 ounces silver and   28.50 per
cent. lead, will testify.    This property is by for  the  richest  iu  the
Kootenay. and if carload shipments
t-'uch as the last, give such rich re
turns, it will be a matter of no surprise if another 1100,000  dividend
be paid in the next two months.
A Tidy Sum  Collected
The etVorts of Hugh Cameron
and the gentleman who assisted
him in taking subscriptions for the
relief of Wm. Kerr, the unfortunate
man whose feet were so badly
frost bitten thai I hey bad to be
amputated,   were  vert   successful
and 1128.50 was collected and
placed to Kerr's credit In the
Bank of British Columbia front
whence it will be disbursed
tint.ugh 11. Cameron. The list of
subscript ions, owing to lack of
space, cannot be presented in de-
dail. but any person wishing to
see the same can do so by calling
at the Hank where it bus been deposited.
Victorious     Bringing     the      Diatrict
Medal With Them.
On Wednesday two rinks from the
Sandon Curling Club went to
Kaslo to play for the District
Medal, which is presented by the
Manitoba branch of the Royal
Caledonian Curling Club, with
which branch tbe Kaslo and San.
don Clubs are affiliated. The
games were played on Thursday
afternoon and proved to be well
contested and the finish  intensely
interesting. Tbe draw resulted in
Hugh Mann's rink having to play
D. \V. Moore's rink and M. L.
Grim men's rink to play James
VVatigh's rink.
The Sandon rinks  played   at   a
disadvantage as the Kaslo  rink is
about fifteen feet longer than  that
of Sandon.   the   latter  rink   being
that much shorter than   the   regu-
lation length.    At tbe close of the
Mann-Moore  game and   with   oue
end to play in   the   Waugh-Grim-
inett game. Kaslo   was  one   point
ahead and the  chances  that  Sandon would bring  back  the  medal
seemed very pooi.    When   Wangh
came to piay he   was  lying  short
with Grinunett  second.     Waugh
played  and   put   on   a beautiful
guard.      Grinunett    played    and
took off the guard.     Waugh   then
played   to put on   another  guard
but  "hogged."     Everything uow
depended on   the   last  stone.      If
(iriminett   could   take     Waugh's
Stone not and lie himself, he would
make two paints and thus Sandon
would win the medal.    During tbe
most intense exeiiement Grimmett
played his last stone, took Wftttgh's
shot out and lay   two   points  and
the   District   Medal   was   won   by
Sandon.    In the evening a friendly
game was  played and  Kaslo wen.
The Kaslo Club treated the San
don boys to a tine banquet and too
much praise cannot be giveu the
Kaslo Club for the generous and
hospitable way in which they used
the Sandon club. Following is
tbe names of the players and the
Afternoon Game��� Kaslo. A.
Hotelier. U. W. Bucks, G. 0.
Buchanan, l>. W. Moore, Skip 11.
A. M.K.nnon. D. MelM.ail. F.
If no re, James Waugh, Skip IT.
Sandon K. McDonald. .1. B.
McArthur, D. Campbell, H. Maun,
Skip 21. A. K. Hall. Ii. M.
Walton. Win. Hood. M. L. Grim-
uiett, Skip   7
Evening Game���Kaslo. 1). W.
Moore.Skip���18: J. Waugh, Skip���
10, Sandon. \1. L Griniinett,
Skip -10; H. Mann. Skip���13.
Wan'TKD, A first-class woman
cook. Apply to the the Good-
enongh Hotel. Sandon, B.C. THE   PAYSTREAK
Earned nimnltanoniiilj every Setorda** at
Sea ion and C.taiy. in tbe* bead "i its* 8
the jrrvat��-st wMt��- meia' eampoa e-trth.
Tnansiifnt t��dv-*Ttt*iui< -'< eeafM :��� .':���*��� rtr��t
insertion, and 1��) eaota a line f����r mm mbec
<ii,-nt UMnUart.
Sobeeripttoa,    three   d'-llsr      ��    jear    tn
Tin: 1'av-tkjak        Jno  J. l.AV.-ro��.
.   P. < Kdit..r and Mi*r
Thk Dominion government
should encourage smelting in this
countr;- by placing an export duty
0:1 ore.
A. Carney, of Kaslo. spent a few
days in Sandon this week.
Chas. Xe!.-"ti. of New Denver,
bpent a few days in Sandon this
J. W. McKune. broker, of Trail.
was in town for a lew days this
<?eo.    Williamson,   manager   of
the   telephone   line,  leaves   tudej
for Vancouver.
Hew it! Rostock, M. P . was in
town for a few days this week
visiting ids constituents
J, M  Egan. of  Brentford, I ml .
is in town.    He is looking   for investment- in mining properties.
Store building- and residences
are at a premium in Sandon Sntne
of the   town   lot   owners should
b-stir themselves.
A. D. William-, i- out to the
Coast on a business trip. He will
visit    Vancouver.     Victoria    ami
Xanaimo while there.
A strike of   ijome besttti/ttl   peacock ore was  made 1:1   tin-   stupes
We  are likely to  have a  new between No. 3 and   Nk, &levels in
Gold  Commissioner   according   to   the Slocan Star on Tue-da. U-t
If SO, let us have a   man'    Ju"  (i;,bl" ta ratting up a build-
J   J. Godfrey
W  J   Bow
F. L. Chr����tie. L L 8
������Ml a
Slocan silver stook Bchemeaate
tilling tiie air iu every direction,
and investors have plenty of op
portunities to use their .-pare cash.
Pick out the right companies and
all wili be well.
Morning    taateaTttrta l-.na
1 ail *.
Afternoon    I **�����' ���      (��������������
i .  ,. . . . .wh al I n'.-l.a
re porta
and no poppet who may be looking for the job through his political connection- W-* have had
enough of low grade government
officials. Let us hive something
ttiar will run over iOO ounces to
tne ton in good sense and   ability.
Thk treating of Canadians like
Chinamen in the United State-, i.y
the harsh alien laws i- arousing a
vast storm of indignation all over
the Dominion, and it will end by
retaliation. We admire the Americans, but we would rather see
this great Ko-otenay country go to
hell, than stand by and sec our
Countrymen treated like common,
yellow dog- by a nation that
claims to be civilised and up to
date in everything, except courtesy to its neighbor-
Now that New Denver, Silver-
ton and Other Blocsn iake towns
are becoming  prosperous, towusite
owner.- should look sharp after
tlieir titles. If then* should be
any Haw in any of tle-iii the energetic Frank O'Brien, of Katdo. and
the balloon-beaded editor of the
Hootegaiue are liable to smash
down at any time and stake out
these busy places, as unreserved
vacant or unoccupied lands. Look
at   the   nerve   they   displayed   in
��� A *V
Sandon. be on your *_fuard. ami remember that history repeats it-elf.
ing opposite the rink, which win
t��e used,  when 0 mpleted,  by   D.
<i. Mi-Martin a- h barb'-r Kin p and
Some efforts Imve been mad*1    ��
the Sandon Hockey Clttb to at*
range ;i match with tlie Rosslsod
team but - > fir their effort* I ave
been futile
1 > : Monday last the he.if- t
shareholder- in Keen stock, w�� r*
made glad by the payment ol the
1100,000 dividetil declared no
January 1st.
The electric current will be Itiru
ed ..ii  a   week    tloiu    t..d.iv       Tbi-
will    be    the    first    electric   lig'il
plant, for public purposes, opera)
ed iu the Slocan.
Three weeks have passed -inc��
a gentleman of this town applied
for naturalization papers and they
arc not forthcoming ye'. Th��*rt
tuti-t oe a scr.-w loose fr*uiewheJ*i
Tne Kootenay Hott-1 liasopenefl
up a dining rouin under tie  ma
sgement of K. FnrnivaJ.   TImj  bill
of fare contains all the delicaciei
of the sea-011 and i- aura to fttttiefj
ever) body.
K. Siherwood 1 ft  mi   Wednesday for Port Perry, Oman..     He
will visit St. I'anl. Milwaukee nod
Chicago on bis way.    Mi    Silver
srood will do miasionen   work foi
the BloCaO while back in flu* | -i-t
T. .1 l.endrum b fl |*��| x-vU f'*i
Ireland While then* !.<��� will pur
chase h carload of blackthorn
"abticka." Jno. Daly ha- spoken
for om*. and hereafter bin arguments wil! all In- driven home i>\
tbat method of Irish suasion
Billy K-rr. whib*  out   prospect
ing iu the hills near Six mib- on
Slocan lake, wa- severely fro-t
bitten his bauds and feet being
affected. Owing to bis boat having been stolen relicfdid not arrive
until he had been some sixteen
days in the hills.
Slocan Bakery!!
1 ipposite ilifton II- at
< an ies a Full Line < :
Confectionery. Biscuit. Bread Pies.
Cate. Weiai-cate mails
Id Order. Etc.
Patroness  Solicits I
SLINN &   0
The  Goodenough
The Finest. Largest and
most Elegantly
Furnished Rooms
in the  I ��� ' ��� 1*  NortIt���*��� -t
>< l.MTJol,*.
Sanson  8   C
Vancouver. B
First    Bank Established   m tht
Bnik of BritisH Ci*.
$2 per Day % Bar is tatn.
Mrs M. A SMITH. Proprietress.
Af     ���       _      ��� ���     ��� d  hi   ��b I
' ��� - i i.t-    isin��   ���  eti
Grain and Feed
M��a-j 0*tic��    *   '
... 1 , *.    ��      at
\all                        K  , .                  St
K  \- - a. \ -.   \
-    -
A9*��ntf.*nd Corr** pond ������->*���
*   \ N  .. 1    \
'���*    '       ��� ... .
.   - t \    t ��� j* i r�� 1 >   m 1 a f ��>
1 .    < ���;   . - lUn* i.- \ 1 v   .
1   "Ii S-.a *    "a.
t   I.: ���
�� I   - s I   *>        I   \ *��� '        I     ���    ' I   \ i   \ '���
���'  v i    ito\tti t 11
LOCO)    M ��� r a g �� t>
S����dOrt 8'��**: **
II..II. 11 I
South Edmonton.  Aits
I...lb*.I I ��atH .1 >j..   I
'A rite or Wire l"<��r Pri ��� -
11 v 1:; * w \ki,
<>KI. 1 m:*-
C M'.-
I l >l
Tin & Sheet Iron Worker.
PrdUo   CaaHat,       S*.866.666
flet����*^rf��  Fu��d, i 338.333
�����   i ,
-   -       ���    i
Cowt o��   OtroctOf*
i  111.1
\  ��� i ��*.    il �� ,       iik
f ...I     S- l
I ' .
i I     N       K �� *�� l a ;       .. .
8fa>ncn��*a   in Commas
n ,
*>        . ������ .   .      M
AQ��ntt   trt   th��> United S��*��'"*��
- . ��� * . ��� ���     s
"* . . - i
Va     I ��   . - |   �����    \, .
l.i   P4f*��t��>l       -t',. t     II    M   I    v    '<
i    Ii    v
Londo-   Qmnhrr*
I ��� ���     i   -     . -������  I     |tir, | *a|. .
fofttqn   Ag��nt��
l 11 ��� 11 ��� ���. , i. i ��� i
"> - i i n i
Ir. Mil I    1*1
I 1.1      .ii.i   iM-ram ... .    N��tt.
I Id   uiel hrmtn i.- -    V
Niiainiliti   I ll     \
���  o'.i       I   '   1        ltt<|l,�� ���!       I '
intIt* n.�� .   i *.
Va .al     (,, I .1
M t,   .   .. . t  i .       i
1   1      ������llllilla
GEORGE   KYDO.   M��n��o**'
Sandon.  8   C '���'
"he present century has brought a
ipleto revolution in woman's posi-
in   society.     Hut (hbl   radical
JQge has not affected the old, the
hrersal standards of womanhood
lich have obtained lines the world
fan.    Nor can any change which
future may accomplish affect in
wine   these   primitive   ideals.
���v are eternal in the heart of man.
Mt'hatcver qualities the reason may
[rove or the euste admire in woman,
heart dings to the old essentials
feminine   loveliness.     They   are
inty and goodness.    These char-
*ri.*��tics ami these alone win affec-
i'uhI hold it.
���Auty is i woman's chief charm.
not ti matte'- of opinion.   It is rot
Ipinttcr ot taste.    It  is a part   of
tur��** iN-ncign law of the survival
the fittest that physical  perfection
>uld largely constitute attractive-
11 is not an evidence of shallow
lament that man
'��� Loves �� rety cheek,
t)r a coral lip admires,11
i- lighti   natural  and  inevitable,
woman j��*sses.��es all ihe elements
beauty to a perfect degree. But
lie element of beauty in B moderate
*ree every woman must (Ktssess
i�� is in any measure attractive.
0 talked,she smiled, my heart she
wiled ;
charmed my soul   I wist na how:
.   aye,   the" stound, the   deadly
i fra her een sae nonnv blue."
) sings Hums and so sing all the
I*. Whatever traits of loveliness
give their heroines, they endoe
thetn first with beauty.
J| graceful figure is one of the piin
" nnd most irresistible chnv-ntsot
ty. Kvery l��anl, and every
painter pictures his ideals of womanhood, as Scott pictures hia l*sdv of
the I-ike.
y>*'I.ike monument oft irecian art
^Beautiful mid expressive hands are
another feature   that   men  worship;
and rightly so.    They are an infalli-
mt indication of refinement.    Lucille
with "A hand tit a fay's wand to
pIMie ot the rarest of charms, yet one
ttiich all women might so easily i*os
Has.  is a sweet voice.    Deep  rich,
It'll iwalulnted tones in conversation
rarely found among the treble
d staccato voices of our America.!
���men.   They are a restful Influence
hieh nerve shattered society craves.
very man longs for a J 'ardcila whose
���fata is ever gentle, soft and low."
J Above all is the iucomjtarahlc
Bratity ot feature. It is a scepter
���hose | tower never wanes. She
Bhoin nature has not favored,   must
���piit'e.-v-a that she is ptx)r indeed.
.There is another element in woman's
pirm that is scarcely less potent than
Scanty. It is goodness. It matters
wt what a man's religious or more
Ben irreligious views may be. he
Sni>hi|iH sanctity iu a woman. Kvan-
���eline is a t>|>e of this ideal which
���lusciously or unconsciously is dear
fco every true man.
**lmt a celestial brightness���a more
ethereal beauty
Shone on her face and encircled her
form, when, after confession,
''Pome ward serenely she walked with
r    tiod'B benediction U|H>n her,
When she had pissed it seemed like
the ceasing nf exquisite innate,"
Byron immortalizes the spirituelle
type Of woman in hie classical lyric,
She walks in Beauty. l/>well sings
of her in My Love:���
"And patiently she folds her wings
To tread the humble i-aths of earth.''
No more powerful portrayal of man's
ideal woman has ever been written
than Wordsworth's familiar verses,
She was a IMiantom of Delight. A
very similar picture Tennyson gives
In the Princess: ���
"Not learned, save in gracious household ways,
Not perfect, nay, but full of tender
No angel, but a dearer lieing, all life,
In angel instincts, breathing I'aradsic.
Interpreter between the gods and
With all this loftiness of spirit, there
is one other element which men long
for in woman, anil which is necessary
to make them really companionable.
It li that delightful "gaiety and abandonment to mirth with which Burns
crowns his bonny Jean :
'She's aye ���*<> blithe, sae gay,
She's aye so blithe and cheerio ;
She's aye sae bonny, blithe, nnd gay.
0. gin I were her dearie."
While taking stock we found a lew lines including
Overalls, Jumpers, Shoes, Rubbers,
Gloves, Etc., which we will now
Close Out at Reduced Prices to make
room for new goods now on the road
A few pair of soiled White Blankets at 26% Discount.
Grand Opening
Ball and Supper,
At Black's Hall
The liest music will  lie furnished.
All are cordially invited.
Dealer iq MEATS
���: AT
Robert Kacdowald
Neil Macdonald
i i i*^m
MACDONALD   BROS.. Proprietors.
McQueen *fc Gore havt
just   opened   in tin4 Harris
building with a lull Hue of
Remember the place,
McQueen & gore,
FIT/OKI! A M> S DAT, I'ropn.
 Maimf.ituivn* of ;ill ���
Syphons, Ginger Ala,
BarsapaiiHa, Ktc Ktc.
Sandon. B.O.
Patronize home industry
when vou want the ln-st
Rates 11.50 to ������?*_*..�� per day.*
Headquarters for Mining- Speculators and Capitalists.
Reco Ave.,
Sandon, B.C
Thos. Brown &Co.,
>ar^dort, fc$.C.
Dealers In
New  GrOOfls constantly arriving.
hotel mm
Is the Pioneer House of the City.
Dealers In
 Dealer in	
Reoordfld  at  New   Deliver,   tin*   A*s'-*��*<iiienls
Transfer* and Location*:
Kelt IS
PemI linn    A S Rvcd
Feb lit
l).*l irniin -R Mclennan.
Feb ll
W ll R-Pour Mile. A R Finj'l.uiil
Fell .1
Albert IVIiim* to.laiiie.nllli<Mil��>y--", cv.hv. iitlmi
Fraction, Feb i; *l
Albert Bebneto Jamea OfHiooky 18 A<liron
dark. Feb ii *1
JamesOHhooley to  Albert Ik*hm*-H. Pulia,
Feb I; tt
James GQaooleT ta Albert Hehae���J Bermuda
ami Snwanee, Ken 4 *. ��i
Jamea OlllaOoley to Aodraw  J   Muruhj - l ���>
Cuba, Keb a: #1 '
All��ert llehnc to Andrew J M(ir]*by   j Ooarren-
lion Fraetion, Keb r: **i
AiiK'rt Behne to Andrew .1 Murphv���M* Adirondack. Feb 4: <a
AllK*rt Bebne.to Andrew J MnrjJiy -] Competition. Kelt 4; ��
���Ins Gilhouley to Andrew .1 Murpliy���!, Bermuda
an I Suwanec'KelM ;*l
Jaa W Byau to ThosC Orar-H Standard, Fab
�� : >100
Alexander   Stewart   t<��  John   MeKinmioii--J
Pacific, Ool M : ll
a x shaw to tbeOaradnff Mining and ivvci
optnenl Oo. Ltd., -The Dido, Evening Btar No 10,
Denbigh, skvlhrht, Luekv Jack, Llbby, Rob/
May, Janttf >i
D E Kaiii*.* 10 Thai D Woodcock���J Vancouver
No::. Feb4; fl
Fell (t
A F Thompson to V C Rackdlff-1 Free Gold,
Win limes to 0 K Hammond - D ��nnv lirook.
I let ii), -1
BaShop E Grove to 0 K Hammond Pembroke,
Oct SO: ��i
G K Hammond to .1 H Smith���1 Doimv Brook
aad Pem!in)ke.Fel> ���*; tt
Feb ��
Peter t.udroii, Alfred LemblX. Frank Provost,
Joseph B Martin toJ T MOOTO���A. P., Alma No3.
A nimon. No .t. Keh 2; tax)
E A Cameron to Neil McMillan Iii\>rii<~**.
Keh 8: *1
Samuel Desebampa to Jerrv GMpnor���\ silver
Wave No 3. Keb ��; ��>1
.1 H Gory. John Foster, A C Allen to H Scion���
Elk, Consolidated, Virfdnia nud Hpeenlator, Jan
" A B Kailton to Lizzie N   UkxUrctt���1 <: O rover
Stevenson, Dee l!'?i
E<1 Dunn to C S  Dond.-u-w- 1-f   I Tpha.  Jan I;
Jake Kelsen t��Ed P Dunn���} Orplia.   Julv rt;
.liiima Robb to John A Kolev���j Empress Fraction, Keb 3;
H L Arnold to James Valiance���jOnturv, Feb
H L Arnold to Win Bennett���) Cental*/, Feb
B L Arnold to Wm Shar*>���J Century JFeb���:fl
I) A Mcintosh to J D Farreli���i Dominion, iVc
t: 81
Sidncv Norman to J D Karrvll���I St KevtTiie, 1
OB n."i Exeter, 1-6 Keystone,! Dominion, Dee
I: at
Goo ('lark. Michael I. uuiri/Ain t > J D Karrel���4
St Kevenie.l 0 It B..��, Exeter. * Dominion and
j Keystone. KovSl: $,000
I'hiillip Afpinwall to J D Kami���\ St Kev.riie
1 0 B B, I Exeter, Mi Kev atone i Dominion. Dec
5; n/xm
GeoOhurk to J D Karrell��� | Dominion, Dec**;
Miehaei Landrigan to J  i�� Farreli--���' Feu***,
Nov H j *;'*i��l
Feb it
Phillip Aspiuwall to J D Farreli���1 St Kevcriic,
(�� B 11, Exeter. Reystotoe and Dominion, Dec :;:
Geo Clarke to J D Farreli���J st Kcvcriic. O B H.
Exeter Keystone and Dominion, Nov n ; .���.".'*����
EUCarpenter to Burt Pearson���. Get There
Eli. N k M. Bino.F L C and Accident*I, Jan l.i;
iturt Perumn to C w Harrington i 6*1 Then-
Eli, \ k M.Kiiio. Aecid.nt.il ami F I. C, Jan tt;
Ell Carpenter to C W Harrington���J Get There
Eli. V 4 M,!4i no. Accidental and F LC, Jan im:
Wm't'alliiliati toOlof S (Haoii Tbs Woiltonc,
Jtllv  l.i; i-r.
��� Nut 8 Otam to David Moan   |   VVoRtone, Jan
2: tl
A O'Connor to W I. ���iToniicll j Tooth-iick
Fraction, Oet ���**��;: *i
Mike M. limit > W A Campbell The Fretmoiit.
Feb '.i; ��-l"i.i
John p Driaeoll to W A �� ainplnil The Ma-ti
don, Feb tt; jtIiki
John P Driaeoll and K"i-t C Graham to w a
��'.tlll|il��ell--The White Horse. Febii; nut
Geo Stanley to Perev W Evan. Option on I
United Ein*��ire,Feb4: il/XJO
lauieKniinoolv to Peirv W Evans���'. intercut
in >-.''i,i*oiM>|iti<inon Lilly it. i'or.laml and Raiu-
UOW, Jan A>: .1
Henry L Mahon to tin* Vancouver Orotip Mitt*
big;Co., Ltd- Tin* silver Star. Feb i; -4.ir.��i
Feb 10
BriiiKley M Walton to Walter I. ('aiTuthcrs i
Brian. D046: tt
John F Hill tot' E Fielding . Mowlch. gap*
0; ���.r��
J L Leiidriuii to tiie Noble Five Consolidated M
& M Co���The laiieetta, Nov 11 : *rXo
Feb 11
H Sheran to Charles Hoffman ' Meteor and
iittawa No :>. Feb 2; *��I,UU0
Chaa Hoffinan totieo Aylard -Ml V*arleit,Jan
Cbn) Hoffman ti John A   Finch   J Meteor and 1
Ottawa NoAj)l
Fletcher s Andrews to Geo M BoRelle   ] Wax
nhaehle, FcbH; ��l
Fletchers Andrews tothe t'ariulurt' M 1 DCo
l.td-l Pay Koll. Quadra FraoMon and North
Exchange,Feb in; f'^o
Paul Hftiick, Harvey L Fife and Stephen Tripp
to F S Andrews The (old Blow, Friction. Coupon and First \entuiv. Keb |U ; >l
it'll Robertsorito Patrick Daly   | Emit) F^llth
Jllll   tt*   al
Wing Elliott to Jacob Fleishman   l Rnbj Maj
Feb ll: fl.OOU
Jno Blende to Mi*. Einina iimi l The Grand
Trunk,Great Northern and Great Western, Feb
11: tt
Butte anil Ituntoii.
Butte, Mont���The Butte redaction
works have started with a capacity of fi(X) tons ot ore a day. New
buildings have been erected coverinir
several   acres  of ground   and new
machinery put in place Instead of
treating 150 tons each day, as in the
past, f>00 tons will in future tie hand
led every 21 hours. The ore will be
supplied from the Colusa, Parrot and
the Original mines.
On the B.itte and Boston properties
under the reorganization, 1,1 mo men
will be put to work in mines and
smelter. Ihe Boston and Montana,
now operating the Butte and Boston
smelter, will after Feb. 1 be (breed to
use its own concentrator at Great
Falls, Mont., which is now about
One of the richest strikes made for
a long time in the mines tributary to
Butte is reported from the tiold Flint
twelve miles south of the city.   On
the mine a great deal of money lias
been spent and it bas yielded several
hundred thousand dollars.    The lead
was lost several years ago and after
the property changed hands Several
times the big lead   is  again   found.
The strike was made a bout '.iUO feet
from the surface and the body of ore
is large  and  runs $115 to the  ton.
Some of it went as high as $70 in gold
and 180 ounces in silver.   Owing to
the fact that the lead was apparently
lost for good a long lease and a low
bond  was secured   by the present
operators.   Several rich strikes have
been made and Ca^ch time tlte lead
has been lost. Finally the mine went
into the hadsoftwo Duluth men who
spent some $15,(XX) in going 700 feet.
They failed to get ore and gave a
lease and bond to the  present Operators, who have a bonanza.
The iimii.'iitM* di***oV4.��r.��r*on Kokanre
(111 k ltd tn tlM l"imillion uf tin-
Canadian Mining, Milling & Smelting Co., Ltd
which  has takm over   tlr   follow inn
choice claims*
Glacier 4,
Two Snowbirds,
Clara G.
CAPITAL, *ftan000-400*4000SHARES
KnOOOstlafV. I"l* .lea'.-li.j^iu-nl MM ill In-.litllr) ;
!.�������   <4i   it.,-   market
 selling: at 7kents
This Stock Is Noond to gu up, a* any pn*��j��**ci..r hi
tin* district wii-i bas beta on Mm prropanv out tail
Jpou that therroppings on the llotnewitvtrh rxored
;i!un��*u anything yet dis.'��.��.i*re*J in ihe RootrMMJ.
The original owners form Mm o'lupntiv ami atoeJi ll
selling (Hi its own tnerita
Call on nr write to the Svreiar) for 1'imp.-. in*.*-.
(hv can f>e wen atoflhjB.
LEK.HTONa-t WILLIAMS. Mining Oprnitor* A IkotLta.
B��x ill, Sandon. BC.
New York Tailor
Largest tailoring establishment in B. C, now open a
branch at   : :       :
With a  full line Of     :       :
Cloths, Gent's
Clothing, etc.
Travelers will call frequently at
the various towns with samples.
The Clifton House,
^""��� Sandon.
Il��. am**.* atwmtiw.Utfe***'m* �� Ur,,-.- rmmUr of |.��.|J^ TV ra.ain. *#*- Ur.
aiMl.lr... ��im1 tltt> tMmmm 9mm t�� t<*>>��M*.l *M* '.^->o.:<^ t��tt�� mt��rk.<
Kwjrla JMowi f**r ('mammH��l 1V|**��(r*a*4
John Buckley, Prop.
C. I). Rand,
I>. S. \V.\LL!0.H*;K
hant nusic co.t
y^^    I'iallflX, OriraiiH, Sh.at Mliai. .
MuHi��*al.Su|i,,||,^, Sewing MMblnea
and Sii|i|iI1,m.
#* Mnii ofttara raeetva promp( ntti-ntion.
�� .   ,  M}}ll��l$ anf! Bto* Bfoiww.
Notarien Public and ((HivoyaneorH.
s^isriDoisr, b. o.
Mines bought :md M sorkn f���r nal, in all II C. miiMS
unetai prokersror Wonderful Oman MloingOb
Kdotcnay agentM for  Bondholder Mining fjb,,   St   K'-vinie   Mininir (\,
I'hun.x bonaolklatad fcilnln*0o, and Two ^^1!"o, ^Irft
Oom tftnlea Btooacoci a,UCi  Promofct.
ROSSLAND    -    -    -    ���
Civil & Hydraulic Enfrineara, Provincial
Land Surveyors, Notarien Public.
Agents for Railway Addition to KoHHland
S-tf A nmiilwr of wi*ll |,h ,ii.v| ,���|,���.rft| ,.,���,������ for w||| THE   PAYSTKEAK.
��� HI.   (WILD   OK   THR   V\ll�� OII/KO
There oonie from New York some
(rightful (letaila as to tbe extent the
um- of narcotics is carried by the women uf the Lulled States. It must !*���
iivuniedthat Dr. Catharine (i. Towns
end would not misrepresent or dis|**tr-
age her own srx and it wan -.Im- who
l.ild the Sonnis of New Yoi k the other
day ��H sorts of dreadful things on tlte
nareotk topie.
Dr. Catharine Tnwnsend had no
hesitatlOO in saying that the result ol
her Intelligent investigations shows
thai -c vera I bundled ihonaand Amer*
ican women habitually um* optBffl in
���tome t**nn like cocaine or ebloral and
ini.rphinu, while it cannot be denied
that to cigarette smoking a good
many American women are not rigid-
|\ averse, Sxrtue Ol the novels of the
(lay enibod) that latter charge con-
tinned by Dr. Cathrine TownM-ud,
.Im* it would la* incredible to men
who hedge fair w.iiucti aUuit withdi-
vinity.     This cigarette i>tisiues��i is
*. rfoetly awful to think oi and yet  it
is hinted that in coterie* of  two or
three young ladies, hidden iu the pit
v icj Of their apartment.*, the   deadly
��� igarette, deadly  to all emotional
ami  nervous  systems^   i* not  infre
i|UentJv   produced   and��� horrible  to
relets --i*��    smoked     and     enjoyed
l   mj��rativcly few American women
ke cigars as t ieoijres .Sand, ust'd to
habitually,   strutting about la*r
grounds at Nntiant in her man's  hat,
i .it  and  bunts -thost* U��*ts i��f which
������ speaks with such pride and a (Tec
n in her letter*.    We have 1  good
i any  mannish  women in tlii> country, W not many   who get  t��> the
!i annishne** of Aurotv Dtidevaut.
--till the cigarette indulgence Un't
a* bad Si the use of morphine. Dr.
Townsetai told of wotmii she knew
who never go anywhere without a
h) podsrttte Hyrtngs and their Dodlea
u<- punctured all over with I lie pricks
: the svringe needle. Sum women
-vn-'graphcra carry their hy*��.lerm��
ic -yringes to tlieir office to relieve
Ireijuent headaches.      Dr. IVwuaend
tola tbe BorotM more end sonnded a
note t-f warning lo the listening sistot
It i*. intending to note in thi** ebfl
neotlon tlt.'��t iinni men who an* nar
("ti^sl or partly *\ or wfto drink
li'iuor. art' very avers.' to having
iheir wives or sisters indulge in the
lame habit* and they will expatiate
"it the peril of using narcotic* with
the eamestnew of star teui}�� innce
hetureix With women, in the majority ot can's, chloral or cocaim are
Deed to get rid ot pain of however
trifling nature. S* with morphine
hypodermic injections. The family
physician falls back on this handy
pi-'uvss of relieving pa ilk when none
i bis Djmal remedies will work     As
the latter very lie��|ttcntly tails, he
OSSS the hypodermic syringe very
often, as in can's oi spasm* alie astbina
and other such agony. Finding such
obliteration of pain resulting from the
prick ot a syringe needle, the sutler
er gets one herself and la-gins to lie a
regular worshiper at the shrine of
Morphia and applies her syringe
Whenever she feels any kind of
The Ohronic morphinist is said to bo
Incurable. It is true such people
may live % great while hut they Dt>
gin to look like shrivelled mummies
iiftcr a while and lose their moral
tense as chronic liquor drinkers do.
iv Qalnoeyi story of hi* experience
is terrible reading and a warning to
cither men or women to keep thenar*
colics ut a saf.* distance. In New
i ork it seems that the persistent users
of these drugs are found among the
society women. So it j�� reported
of Chicago society, even among the
new "three hundred" under the he
goinony of Herbert Cbatneld Chat
field-Taylor.       Still,   one   is   quite
prepared to bear and believe a good
many Mich .-atones .Ixjut Chicago .society. Women of wealth, who have
nothing to do, accordiug to their own
view of life and its duties, except in
dulge in a succession of society events
and Kclety IptOSeating, are very apt
to !*��� DOgdiled by Morphia and depend upon that treacherous, death
deal iug goddess to keep them up to
the exacting demands ot society.
Indeed, the aggregation called society
is responsible for the wrecking of
many woman who might have been
wonderfully useful by living loss self*
i**h lives. In Certain ot its phases society is a millloeli toward which not
a tew stmng men and lovely women
gravitate to their own undoing. The
adoration of Morphia robs the human
soul and reason ot the rational quality
and weakens the moral nature. Tiie
idolater heeds not the "ships that
pass iii the night" calling for help and
finding none, a narcotised person is
incarnate selfishness.
Tlie Newmarket
New Denver, B.C.
U ��ltiiHlei| on tlie liaiika of the l**antifiil Slocan Lake, ami gamM can sit ii|**m
ttMbaleony rt****l ****** a****** the nimm&mmtn in Amerk-awithmitextraetarga
Tin* Hive-ten*,*.* ay-tini I. excellent. The raota are airy and decorated with tin*
l.\t��-at reaultnof the wall impel art. Tha* exterior ofthe hotel ll -minted in color*
that harmonize with the ideall.tie ���venery. The Dinlnir Room i* alway. |>r����
*. ided with food that 1* Uiaty. dUre*itlile and riatl.-<fvilli* to tin* inner economy of
man. The Uar la npiafj vi ith the mm) nealerii. a�� well n** ancient brand..at
nerve producer*.
(.oldl'ii*-*. Silver Democrat'. Canadian Capitalist*, I'm-a-relnr*. Miner*.
Temlerfeet, Ten Mile Millionaire, ami I'iUrriiii* of every *hadt* in politic*, re*-
IlKion or wealth are weln.ment till*1 limine.
m ike f..r tlie Newmarket when you reach the Slocan metro;��ili. and do not for
tret Ihe FrtltrffirrSN n.*ime*f   il te
Henry Stege.
( ��|i|kt  Mine  Dividend**.
Houghton, Mich. To the dividends
of the Michigan copj-er mints already
this year are new added the Osceola,
$M*,'Hl one by the Atlantic, $.V),UU0,
its first since IKl'l, and one by the
Qttincy, $4UUM) which was the
largest ever declared. This brings
the total for the year f��y these Michigan mines up to $^5O0tGOU The
foreign demand for refined copper
continues and grows, and the mines
ben are shipping more and more, in
one week the Calumet and Heela
having shipped from New York 1.-
fa i>,d.iij pounds.
Commercial Hotel,
G. THOMAS. Proprietor
t'.��r. Rtetteg A ( aml'ie. St*
���ateawaero-o VaDCOUVer,B.C.
All Mali III ImploMlOi Ml-
s.,i��i mjmmmmjmtkm for MWbi Men
We lo ��d in FiTStvClaSB work.
:; line Bath Rooms In connection.
Sea Salt lt;iih> without extra charge
MRS. A. Kl.KlNSMllvr.
U   \  MILUOf.
Blacks Hot(��l,
Kootenay Mercantile Tailoring Co.
Dry (.oods, Gent's Furnishing.
Opposite The Clifton House is
presidetl over by MISS SMITH
Spices, Teas, Coffees,
(Kirs are all ofthe jHirest and best quality.
From India, China and Japan at any price from 40c to H.SOpeT pound.
Our No.   1 blend **!  *** J  vUrrCC is the correct blond
and makes a delicious and satisfying cup.
Fresh Groceries every day
(ioods delivered promptly.
II. Giegrerloh, Sandon.
Agent for (J lent Powder Co.
Stores at Ainsworth, Kaslo, Sandon
We have just received a large invoice of
Hardware, Miners' Shovels,
Caps and Fuse, Builders' Supplies.
Ironware and Graniteware
ofthe kitchen
we ate entry * *mi Hue of Groceries and hurnisbings
Sandon and RoSSlaiWl. THK   PAYSTREAK.
Tlie Mineral la Rankin**   Xext tn Oold
for ProflfnM.*  Mining.
Ibughton, Mich. -The business of
copper mining is having such a boom
as it has never known before, and a
food copper mine  comes next  to a
good gold property in worth to stockholders.    Indeed in many cases it is
tar better.   The excitement all over
the copper fields of America, from the
liake Superior region to Montana, in
eluding the Black Hills and  the far-
off gold copper fields of the West, is
increasing steadily and is causing a
closer search than ever for this metal.
New finds are reported from many
localities, and   in  the  lake  region
where are numerous mines that have
heen abandoned for a score of years,
there are prospects that old workings
will he reopened and   half a dozen
once    thriving    town    reinhabited.
From Ontonagon to the tip of Keweenaw peninsula   there are many of
these mines and towns and back of
Ontonagon  are  a  dozen   old mines
that are known to be   very   rich in
copper.     Already  steps  are  being
taken for the  exploration   of these
properties and if copper keeps at its
present price they will all be busy in
a year or two.
A sale of 4,00.1,000 pounds of copper
wire has just been made for export
at 113c and many other orders of as
great magnitude are said to be on
the books of American companies.
Proposals are now out for copper for
twenty-eight large electric railways
in England alone. Foreign ship*
builders are using vastly more copper
than ever, while the use of copper in
sulphate is something astonishing,
40,0U0 tons of sulphate, requiring 15,-
tons of copper being needed in Italian
vineyards alone this year.
The first of these idle copper mines
to resume are the Isle Koyal and Portage Lake properties, the deal for their
purchase hiving just been closed.
The organization of the purchasing
Company will be made this week,
when the names of its backers will
Income public. While the significance of this is not understood, real
estate in Houghton has already advanced fully 30; on t'ie annouce-
ment. Probably 1,000 men will lie
employed by this one new syndicate.
A record unprecedent in the history
of mining has been made by the
Osceola company, which in the past
twelve months has sunk i's new shaft
1,058 teet, cut four large sumps and
plats for levels    The .shaft is now
1   ��fVl <Vw.a A ���
nearly $10 a share on this capitalization.
The Calumet and llecla company is
said to be trying to check the rise In
copper and is selling its product far
in advance at ll|c a pound. It is
expected to increase its output to
U0\000,000 pounds a year as prices
It  Im th��    Fluent     F.wr   Unlit    AabpatlM
Kim ml   >i��nr  Wallnee.
Wallace, Idaho.    The new concentrator nf the Tiger-l'oornian, built to
replace the old mills that burned last
March, is completed, and but for the
colti  weather  would  have   already
been working full blast, handling all
the ore 800 men could take out of the
mine.   The mill  had  been run in a
small way for two weeks, and  before
the shut down on last Sunday, when
the cold weather came, ninety  men
were employed.   While the Morning,
Bunker Hill and Sullivan.   Standard
and Pelena and Frisco mills have the
same capacity as this mill-*-GOO tons
ot crude ore daily���none of them can
get along with so little manual labor.
From the time the ore is dumped Into
the   bin   until   the concentrates are
in the car, the  work is done almost
entirely by machinery, only six men
to the shift being required to operate
it, and two ot them are engaged in
loading the  concentrates,   and two
more attend to tbe rock crushers.   At
no stage is tbe ore handled by human
labor except after the concentrates
are run out of hopper bottomed  bin*
into small cars they are pushed into
freight cars and damped automatically.
Asbestos was recently discovered
in the Ccenr d'Alene district The
deposit isclaimed toneinexbatutabie.
It covers half a mile square and
would cost little to work it. Most
asl>estos now used in this country
comes trom foreign countries, eepeci
ally Canada, where the best asbestos
mines are in the vicinity of Quebec.
There has also been discovered re
cently by the same man a graphite
mine, eighty miles south of the asbestos mine. This lies In ledges and is
regarded as a very rich deposit
have been sold a few months ago for
!$15,000or less, but there have been
some rich linds iu that vicinity since.
A few days ago there were shipped
from tin" divide thirty five tons of ore
that aggregated $98.15 gold i��er too.
Galena, the long quiet camp near
this city, is booming from the work
ofthe Union Hill Company,  and new
buildings and new business firms are
d.iilv coining   in.    Mine and  claim
owners all about are beginning to
WakS tO the fact that there is wealth
in the ground  and  are  prospecting.
The Union Hill company aillopeo its
Itew Sixty-Stamp gold mill this week
with twenty head, and  the contracts
for Its 200 stamp mill will be awarded
alk.ut the 15th ii *t. The 60 stamp
mill will Ik* equipped with various
kinds of concentrator**, etc, and On
their work those for the bigger mill
will Iv chosen. The latter is expect
ed to be one of the model gold mill*
ot the United States.
The CasjKi' Hange Mining oont|��any
has sent to this city a large quantity
ot copper nre from it** mines al (.neper,
Wvo,, which was |9 percent cooper,
$2.25 gold nnd some silver. Tne I*.
D. A II smelter has offered to treat it
free of charge on account of it.* fluxinir
qualities 11 sufficient can be (urntebeo,
and development will be poshed
Hot Springs i-* in the midst of ���
mining excitement "fit.* own. there
living been found then* In the eon*
glomerate limestone rock the. assays
from >i ,'**. n. fii' to the ton from th.*
surface. The country all the way
from the find to BoflUoQap has been
staked off and prospector! are very
numerous and active
Xew discoveries have been made in
Boulder Park and there is not a foot
ot vacant ground left In the vicinity.
Development work Is under way.and
the Moat nek. consisting of hematite
in -ti and conglomerate, give* good
One of the oldest  and  l>e*t   known
hotels m the City
The only  Bowling  All**)   in the
Mountains !��� attached   to tin*
Contracts taken for raw
hiding or packing ore hum
and packing supplies to mini -
Sa<l<ll<- horsos for hire
I>a,l,   ,,   ,;,
>r����. HaSlMH��|
tmmvttmmn. luiJvr h*'w*
��� haar*    ||*.    I*r*l��. T\tm
ni< , iks
< loan up.   |���  the   Soatlitrn   IIIIU
Cirowth or New   Champa.
1, HOC) feet deep.    ^^^^^^^
r^n#ae-Q^y'i Na 2 shaft,engines
of (,000-horse power have been erect-
ff* White the hoisting drums are 20
leet in diameter and grooved to hoist
six-ton:Skips trom a depth ofa mile
���*nd a half, the entire distance to be
covered In :>i minutes. These are
��mong the most powerful hoisting
engines m the country. The company is operating from shafts 2, I and
������, each being about 4,<)00 feet deep,
ami it Is hoisting and treating L800
hon r0C,k, d,ai,v- Two additional
Shafts are likely to be sunk to about
4.JAW feet commencing this year.
I he mine has been in operation forty
years, but its upper levels are far
from worked out, there being still
thousands of fathoms of rich ground
eft there,   The company will, April
O^UUU to 100,000 shares,  and  it is
claimed the company is earning verv
RaPID Citv, S. I). -A cleanup
made a few days since on forty tons
of ore from the Golden Slipper mine,
near Hill City, gave $!<!*>, besides a
ton ot concentrates, which sampled
$1100,the average yield being a little
over $*)0 to the ton. This demon*
Btrates what has often been claimed,
that the mines of the southern Hills
improve as depth is attained. A sale
of some valuable mica property was
dosed at Custer recently. The mine
was thoroughly experted before the
deal was closed and shown to he
extensive and valuable,
Dead wood The Lettersvnd Icate of
Chicago has obtained a bond on a
large group of mines in Hlae.ktai!
divide for $260^000 for ninety days.
Among the properties in the deal is
the Kicking Horse group, which represents $150,000 of the total sum.
Nearly all the mines in the option are
developed and producing and then; is
no doubt here that the deal will Ik;
Concluded,  The Kicking Horse could
<M/V\\ \fyvVd
Hotel Kootenay
iwitzer & McUluskey,
Get four Fresh Meat
 Kill HI   THK
I KootenaF Bit
SAM kin, He
GROe&Ri&S, BT���
- a i fall* .��.! I'auk  H��(��
I,, al: |'.4l>ti��
In thr   M .uitUllu*
Pay* special attention t<> all
kinds of watch repairing.
Large stiM'K of
always mi hand
Revelftokr, .
Bmudon and  \,.w  ,,,l|mi|i     j
TieDropi,   ��� SANDON, B.C
lirug��, Butionory, I)rui*j:t-<t
Sundries,    Notions    and   fbflel
IWuinen  and   hnjM.rte I rignrs n
Sni'ci.ilt y. HERE   AND   THERE.
Up* and Down* of Life In this Utopia
of the Silvery Slocan.
Quite   a   number  nf the  young
people   of   Sandon    attended   the
hall in New Denver lu*t night,
given by the  i-'at  Hun's Club of
That city. Thejl report the liall SS
���,.iving been ail  that could  have
In*, n ih'*.ired.
I).  Ti  Stone, of Kuslb,  vistf-wl
i ,-��� Hub f--r ��� lew   il,i\- ihll we< k
Meeers    Wilson   aul   Winter.
,l, iMUlp.Ulled b\ .1. .1. Katfi-I t \.
tip* xupifintiiidi.it, look a trip in
iii'* Reed ami T< nd< rfooi on Bun.
��lay hint.
I he Queen Bom Is i""king h-i.
ter then ever Although th-- work
heingdoite at present i-. mostly nn
development lines, "till toe oul
put ol this fine little property i-
froin IS to 90 tons per sreek.
It it. rumored here that the
I'.ank "f I ��r 11 j -It Oolunihis will
eetSabiisli ��� branch iu somo one of
tiie Lake t..wns. possibly Slocan
tito i.ovatt is suffering from s
-. \ .*n* sttsck of l.i grippe.
A eurload -.f orf will be   -lnj��|*e��l
frotn the Qpnlelin in the coarse nl
.t, f.-av dsyS,     Ovei    I .*��� tun*, ha- .��<���
rrady h��* ii mined.   S itne t*u m*��n
ir��* i*inoh��\el Oil th - |*l "|eTt *��'.
The preeenl cold tnkp ha*. smc*
more   bound   the   inon    iu the
,'4.1   II-   III!"     a     *-"il��l     li:l-��.   fiftfl
fat a inii*   Ho-   rawhoicr   run imh
.. ,. ui- -"tii in -at- ty.
1 <��� out) thing w.iiit.'d i*i >.i
don t���� add ��* truly n*H��ou��diien
or to tht- piece n ** the 4g i "i
the threw las!!* "Our I ������< Ie
having errived that long f.-h sm ���
i�� i>een fiihd ���. I 8 sitdon - Helms
tu being a full-fledged rAly Imvi
��� ������ ii liriniv e-t I'-h-h'd.
I in-  ton '���  is   .'i!i**l  a ii 1. drum
tners.     l*Jt��wh��*re   ran   you   inrti
without  running scrosn  *,,.,,.  n.
defatigeble     *���������.-1 *-r   >>f   rast��*rn
wan *..   Btra n<   '" wy ,!i" "V*
euitur-tl HMpb-meill   Sg**Ut   hSS D����1
my ������ in -ight ) it Some pel -* ������>
lUQSt    hav    pUl      him    ��>n    tO   the
- luntry,
The opening bull t<�� l����- given in
Black's Hotel on the .vfiling ������*
M'mh|:i\ noxf will be the moef
magnificent cfi'f given   In the Slo*.
T m Mitch.-II. v\ ItO ereet- d the
Nulih* Kneaud Slat Concentl il'i-
h-ft on I'inifaila laat for M"��������� ma
lie will return ��� <> ih�� >��� ���"��� i : in
i he course of i lew wreks
A  Lucky   Escape.
What might iiave proved W V9T)
HeHoUSaeeiihut.   on    the    K.   \   S
Kail way on Thursday last, wuf
prevented bys snow bank. When
the train   was   pulling Into  Mc**
<fiiig;tn -aiding two of the llOJt CsVa
um ofthe track at thetrextie On*
of the cart which was loaded with
hay upset, and had it not hern fur
a miiivv bank would hftvt* [dunged
down   the   inotiniain   side,   iu   all
probability  dragging some ofthe
others witii it. ,\< good fortune
would have it though the hank
held firm ami nothing more seti
oris than a three hours delay hap-
penCd. Tin- vexation of the enr-
lets who boarded the train expect
login play on.* game in Kaslo
that night  e.ui better be imagined
than dc-ei im i|
For Sale
I tne po il labia witu <*ti'*s, ivnrv
Imlla. etc. (by Balke, Ooiloader A
Co., (ahleagn i    Inquire of
W  .1. Stt.v.
M   D, C   M .
Formerly of the Winnipeg General  Hospital,
Office over Palace Saloon, Room '���>.
SwiMiv.   It.   C.
R.-iil wmy.
S00    PACIFIC    L��v E
The Clunk-si .""I Cin.ipe-t  K.uii.
And  all   K.e-ti r;i   Poinla
Iio-xei lle��l Sleeping Cars mi all
Trains. T��un ist < Sara <" St. I'aul
Deity* Biuoou, **v$try Thursday;
Toronto.     * * el 3     M "lidsj     from
St�� aiuer Ii iv   - N.iku-p m ri \ Sun
��� lav.  Wednesday and   Friday
tn->i'i) ing. making close <���< "i o< c
in n at Revelatoke with trains
fur all jMiinin Eaat or W est.
Before yon travel gH   information
fi.mi  ('     P    R     igei Is  a>   tn
l Imes ami rule-.     It   a ill -ave
\ mi 111���>111��� \     Appl) to neareel
Railws) Agent or In
A    C    McARTHl R,   Agent,
Diatricl Passenger Agent.
Nn. m
"C'<iiii|)niiliM Act,"  1'art  IV , anil  Ameodlog
Ramsdell Mining and Milling Com
pany" (Foreign )
Registered tin* BrC day of February, lH^.
MKUKUV CERTIFY Hint I liavi* tola <lu\
re-fletered the "Rnmadell Hlnlof and Milling   ompany" (Fofetini under th��* "Oom-
ni. - .\*t,   ritrt iv.. "Refietrattooof Wot*
cIkh    <iiii|iaiili-." and iitiiciiilinu A��*U.
The beaaoflteeof tin*-aii<i ootnmas I* sit-
uated et theeltj of Tacoma, in the stui,- nt
Weablngton, r. h. a.
i ii. objecu for which the company la �����tj.i.-
lUhi-d an*:���
To eoqatre, bold, bay, aelt, ii-ns.-, monk and
operate mlnea and mineral elainta In tin-
united Kteteeof America end In the Province
ofBriUah uiuiiiiiiu; to boy, aelt, mill, smelt,
mat. -tninii, ami concentrate mineral*, of
��� very   kind   ami   description   In  the  I'niteil
state, of   ,merlin, ami  in tin* Province of
Hn!t-li oininlilu; to acquire, bay, Mill, and
li-asc watei-power, wan rsite- and ��Ete*Mlghla
in the United Htatea of America and in tin*
l'pivince of British oo) nilija: to peucore,
bold, boy, M-ii. eoiiHtrnet, operate ami maintain, electric, steam ami waterpower plants,
for the ii.ir|��iM- oi famishing power end light
Ibr all ami every kind of pnrpoae end object
in Um l'iilt��*al ->int<-- of America and Ihe l*n>\-
Inee ot Hriti-h ootrunbta
The capital atiM-it of thesaM oompeny la <nu*
million iioiian*. dirldrd Into one million
anarea of the i��nr rslue of one dollar each
��� Oven under my band and M-al of office el
Victoria. Province of British Columbia, tln-
.'trd dav of Pebroary, UBS,
i . ��] s. y. WOOTTON,
Registrar of Joint *-*t<*<k o*mi.iu lea.
Feb. l it li. ISHT,
Certificate of Improvementa.
pictrtc  MlXBK. I.   I.HIM.
BUnett   in the   i-itn-an Mining   Di.laloa c4
Wesl Kootenay District, on Payne Mountain. North of end adjoining the Washing
Tak.- DoUcetbat I. .v.*- harweU. agent f.n-
I rederi* k >i..���!.*, Pree Miner'-1Sertlflcete No
u'i..V��;. Mini Siimiiil H. Steele. Pree Miner'-
tertldeate No. 7SVSM, Inl ml. sixty day- from
be dote hereof to apply to tin* Mtnlnt; Re-
oorder aw e certiorate of Improvements, fo
Ihe i����ir,��.-����� afobtaltaing a Crown grunt of Um
above claim.
And further take notice thai icttoa, endei
���M.-tion S7. mu-t be commenced beAwe the i��-
auencc of mch cwrtiQcate of Improvements.
Uated tbisSWh day of November K**.
Ilee, 6th, "tV. A.n. KnKwti.u
curtiH-i Mineral Clotm.
sitiint. In the Blocan raining Di virion nf West
Kootenay ��� Istrtct, la the Real Besin.
Take notice that I. A. H, ParereU. agenl for
Ihe ItulllliliT mid CatribOO  ��� 'olisailldated   ("rtild
sndMtlret Mining Co., (Foreign . Fnv Miner's
Ortlflcete Ni My (7, Intend aivty days from
tbe dele bereof, i<�� appiv t<> tbe MiniiiL- Re-
i t.ir a certificate oil Improvementa, Sw
the | nrpnai ������( obtaining :i Drawn snuii ol tbe
shove claim.
Ind furtherlakej notice thai action, under
��.en 'ii rr, must uicommenced before th.- !-���
��u.ii,.a- >*f aocfa eertlfleate of Improvementa
Ueted iln- .-tii day m February. MS?.
I . ���   ttth, "17. \. B. Kakwki.i..
I'alil'irnia  mineral claim,
������itiiat.* in the Slocan mining do Iston nf u ��� rd
Knntenaj district.aboul thrct* miles east
of th. tow n ui New Denver.
Take notice that I, A. K Farwell, aetlns aa
agent for Jame* aarino, fr.a* min*>iJa eertlfleate No Ti.iTii; Mfred J. Marks, free miner's
certtficeti No 7SJW: James A. McDonald free
miner's eertlfleate No, ttJKt, and Myron r
Van lt>>utiii treemider*seertifloate No. 11^02,
Intend, sixtj dara fnun the date berrof, t>i
apply lothemlmiu ���eoorderlbr a eertifloate
oi Improvements, (->r the porpoee ol obtaining i, crow n cntnt "f the above claim
And further take notice thai action, undei
���rctlon IT, must be commenced tM>f.ir>> the is
suanci ofsuch eertlfleate <ii Improvi ments
I inte J this the nth day of January, itsTT.
Ian     Oth  IMR A. B. PAttWELIa.
Done War and nine Omu**e Mineral r*ialmn
siiiiate in the siin-an Mining lUvislon of Wesl
Kootenay nirtrict, tbree-*ourtli��of ��� mite
south   of    Sandon.   "est   of  BtOCaO  star
luke notice that. 1. John ll. idliic. as ai*enl
fm-.ijimi- I' Bworo, Pree Miner's Certiflcete
Nn ?<> v.'i. intend, sixty day* from the date
hereof, to appl.i to the Mining Recorder im
cert iflcates of improvementa tar Ihe purpose
of obtawtni Crown grantsol theabovecbtlms,
V id further take notice, that action under
section ���". Mineral vcl l-Jin. must i><> immi-
menced betare the lasaaneeofaaldcertlflcatea
of Improvemi ids.
haled this rth dio ol January, If**
Jan. 'th   W. JOHN FIELDING.
Phoenix Mineral Claim.
Situate In the slocan Mining ldvlsion ol West
Kootenay District, three and  three-fourths
miles up North Fork ot Carpenter Creek
lake notice that, I, John Fielding, as agent
for the l'hocntx Consolidated   Minin**   and
Milling Co.. Limited Liability.   Free Miners
Certiflcete No. 74,41(1, Intend, sixty days from
the dale bereof, to apply to the Mining tleeord
er Ibr a certificate ot Improvements, for tbe
purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of the
above claim.
And further take notice, that action under
lection tf, must be commenced before the issuance ofsuch oertlflcate of improvements.
tinted tbN   st day of January. I8II7.
Jan. nth, '117. John Fiki.iusi;.
Noble     Five.    Knoxvilie,     Bonanza    King,
World's Fair and Maud K Mineral < Maims,
situate hi the Hlocan Mining Division of West
Kootenay District, on  Nohle Five Mountain, one mile north of i'oily.
Take notice tbat, I. John Fielding. a> agent
for the Noble Flve ( onsolldaterl Mining and
Milling Company, Free Miner'- Certificate
No. 77..*��7S��. intend, sixty deya from the date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for
e��rt " *ates of Improvementa for the porpoee ol
��� Ida.    ng Crown grants of the above claims.
Anc further take notice, thai SOtton under
seeti��.*"37, must be commenced beftwe the iv
s"*uu    *f*ucb certificates of improvements.
. hU    '.hit. 4th day of Januarv, is'.r;.
Situate in the s|<K*an Mining DlVhriOO of West
Kootenay  District,  on Carpenter Creek,
almut two miles easterly frmn  the town of
Take notice that I. A. s. Farwell. agenl
for.l'ihn McNeill, Pree Miner's Certificate No.
'd.s j, and Dent el McNeill. Free Miner's Certificate No. IQJ73 intend, sixty days from the
date hereof, to applv to the   .Vtlning   Kecorder
tar a certificate of improvementa, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of tbe above
And further lake notice that action, under
���rctlon 87, must be commenced in'fore the is-
aoonee ofsuch certificate of Improvements.
Hated this i*2tb day ..f November, isim
Jan. Snd, VS*. A. S. Kakwkm.
\'ik   KM Minkkai. t i.aim.
situate in the Slocan Mining Division of We��t
Eootenaj   Dbttrict, on i*orpenter   creek,
near the Greet born mineral claim.
Take O,dice that. I. A S. Farwell, ag'*l.t lor
Frederick J. !��� naldson, Fre��* Miner's eertlfleate No. ����.(t(i>.: John vy Switzer, Free
Mil.-r's Certificate No.StjMfc Charles 15 Me-
ciuskey. Pree Miner's i'ertitlcate No iil.tito.
and \v illiam ll fold. Pree Mlaer's Certtflcate No "UJD.I, intend. -lxt> ilay- from the
datehetVll.CDapply to the Mining Kecorder
(or a corttficau* oi improvements, for the par-
pone of (iota In tng a Crown grant of the tbove
And further take notice that action under
���vctton, .*^. must Im* commenced before the is-
noance rfl Mich eerQficat   <>i linprnvements,
Uatefl tht- I Ith day of November, Irtfri.
Jan .'Md.'iT. A  s. PAKWELL.
Wild Goose mineral claim,
situatein tbe Slocan mining di\i.-ion Of West
KoO tensy district, on  Nohle Five mountain.
Take notice that I. A.S.  Farwell. acting as
agent for tiii  Noble  Five, Consolidated   Mining   and  Milting i'i>.,   (foreign), free miner's
'���ertilloite N'. ,..i7 ���. intend,  sixty days from
the dote hereof,  t<i apply to the Mining Recorder for a certificate of  Improvements, for
the purpose of obtain ing a Crown grant af
the above claim.
\nd further take notice that action, under
section :~. must be commenced before tbe issuance of -iieii eertlfleate of Improvements.
Dated tins the 1 Uh dav of Januarv, K'C
Jan   Wth. UOT. AS.  FAHAF.I.L.
l'trate mineral claim,
situate in the -locan mining dn ision Of West
Kooteoaj   district, alniut one-onarter oj
one mile northeast Of the town nf I'o iv
Take notice that I. A.s. Karwell, noting .,,
agent tar Thomas Harks, free miner's eertlfleate No. 7i..J.'4. intend, -ixt.v days fiaun 'he
dste hereof, to apply to the Mining ecorder
for a eertlfleate <>f Improvements, for the por-
poae 11 obtaining a Crown grant of the abo\ e
And further take notice that action, under
sivtion 17. most be commenced before tbe b>
nuance "i such eertlfleate of Improvement!.,
IhUed t   I- ��tii dav of lanuarv. is >r.
Jan. IStb, isiC A. H. P VUWCi.I .
Btarllgbl   No.  t mineral  claim.
-ituate In th'- Btooan mining division of w< -:
Kootenay dastrict north otand Joining the
I����-t Chance mineral claim.
Bnowstorm Mineral claim,
situate in the Hlocan Mining Division <>f West
Kootenay District, adjoining the Slocan
Bo on I'ayne mountain
Take notice that. I. A, B. Farwell, acting as
agent for Edward Milium. Fne Miner's t'ertlll
catc No.ftLWI, Intend, sixty days from the
date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder
foi a eertifloate of improvements, for the pur
pose of obtaining a Crown grant of the above
And further take notice that  action,   under
section 37. must Im*commenced hi fore the ISSUa
mice ol such certitlciitc of Improvements.
hated this i ith dav of October, 1896.
Ia���Hth  ��������;. A.S. FAUVYFLL.
.Alio   lllMllir    iim- uuiirr Mini     ai'inill.    UIHICI
section .;:   must lae cotutnenced   lulore   UM   Is.
siianc * ol'siich eertlfleate of Improvements.
I'ated tips rtii rtaj nf January, is��7.
Jan. li.th.IsiT V  s. F VKA KLL.
Dai Dawk Fraction Mixbsal Claim,
>ituatein the-hH-au Mini :g Dtvtsioa of West
KiHitena.*.     District,     in    the        cGulgan
Take notice that. I, A.S  Farwell, acting as
agent for Michael ll   Monaghau, Free M ner's
Certificate No, 74,111, Intend, si\t\  uovafrom
the date hereof, to a*"iiy to the Mining Recorder for a certificate of Improvements, tor
the purpoae of obtaining a Crown grant ofthe
above claim
And fort her take notice that action, under
section ;>T, tniisi be commenced  before the i-
suance of such certificate ot Improvements.
Dated tblaSWi day of December, lsw.
Jan. sod, ''���<��� A.S  I'.\kwki.i., The Hockey Match.
The Hockey match between the
Blacks and Whites, of Sandon,
played on Saturday evening, was
one ofthe liveliest and most exciting games ever witnessed in the
Kootenay. The game was hotly
contested from "tart to finish and
ended in favor of the Macks by a
score of (J to 3. Some very neat
forward work was done by Grear-
son and Hood, of the Blacks, while
Walker and McVichie. nf the
Whites, mads it very Interesting
for the goal keeper and defence of
the Blacks. Taking it all through
the game was most satisfactory
and served to demonstrate the fact
that splendid material for a first���
class hockey team is to be obtained
among the players who participated in the game.
The California Bonded.
The California, a claim situated
near New Denver, and owned by
Messrs. A. J. Marks, B. Gh \'au
Houteu. J. Mori no and Jas. A. McDonald, has been bonded t < Daniel
Simpson, of Btitlalo. X. Y.. for
$62,500. Ten per cent, is to Ie*
paid down, $30,000 on the  IStli ><i
July and the balance by the 1st of
Tlie above ptoperty is a very
valuable one both on account ol
the quantity and quality of its ores
and its proximity to Xew Denver.
Considerable development work
has oeen done at the mine, and it
has resulted in showing up a large
and rich body of ore.
A very nice time was spent by
the young people who attended
the St. Valentine's Ball given iu
Spencer's hall on Monday evening
Ira W. Black has had a wranda
built around his hotel. This adds
very much to tha appearance of
his already fine house.
Tlie B. C. Restaurant is no more.
To much competition killed Us off.
Some debts have been left, so are
we. thank heaven, the debts we
will settle just as soon as possible
and that possible will be soon
Thanking our creditors for consideration, also our patrons.
We are yours, dead broke,
C. E. Stacffkh.
Address. Xew Denver. B. C.
The Rev. Dr. Ladner, of Ross
laud, conducted tin* church services held in Sandon on Sunday last
Dr. Witter'* temporary office at
McQueen A (iore's Drug Store.
Dr. Brmise and wife passed
through Sandon on Monday last
to their home in Xew Denver.
after an extended visit in the Last.
W. Harris left last week for
Rossland, alter a prolonged stay
in this bustling city.
We have just received a carload
of fine dairy salt at Rossland aud
Sandon.    Call and get prices.
Hi ntf.k Bros.
OKA I.Kit    IN
Imported ami Done ci
r Tobaccos, Cigarettes aid Pipes
- Playii Cards aod Poker Clips
(In Rear of Balmoral Hotel.
in Connection.
Sea  Salt   Bath*   Without   Extra
W. K. LelQhton
A. D.   Willi**,
Blocan mining Stock* bought   and sold.    \\ ���   haee moor) t*
veloi' good legitimate uiwpect* for w  Interest, i��r will  bin I ���
out for cash.   ���
Houses uv Halt   ai   I    l*el  In  CYd)  and Baudot
SlrjcJton c\. Co.
���Have ie w a Pull Mt��e of
trtf-.' M.I. AM'  I \ .MINI   (JOODt*, -we
; JllTBtY'.
Call at the
Is one of tlie best places in
Sandon to <il>taiii
Beverages ,,. Delicious
mmW j* A
IN -
B  C
McMartin & Currie
(gody ^raclj
Etc., Etc.
r , *����� V "; ���   *&.*,. :,. ���       %am *���     S�� lair..
A Him si.* ;. mi Hand wiiii*|> �����- win <���> \i.-���. u> Mi��.,w ��,,�����. u�� Tm I*.*.  Is "
Niw HiOfl on I;.... st . ��� ..in|.i ,~ .1 ..f u,i   !!li.����liif
Plate Mirror 8tock, Common Mlrrora. Plain Glassy
Curtain  poles, Window Bliades,   RefHgerstorsji
Cornice Trimmitigs, Boom Moulding ���
I'ieture Frames. Both Made l*p to Order m ia Slock. Oil Pahitiog*  I '
I ). J. R< >1 )(M'l s< >i | iSc (   < >.
furniture Dealers and rndertaken
8. C
DR P. H. POWER.     Fine Watch Repairing.
I.lciiitir     It..mm CDllcrcr  I'liyslrUuts.
' " " f*iir){��Nii|*
PHYSICIAN  ANd'sURGEON.     w.,,,-1,,,,,,1,,,,   ���,���!   ..,��,.|.-r.
Office.*���'Rooms,   Sou. I and J.     Watehss, Ukssks run]  Jew-Mr*/,  Wanm ����������-
Cliftcn Bouse, H"Hi!:- ,,",,', '
SANOON - - a C     W. IIaii.hs, M<-i Sandon


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