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The Paystreak Jul 10, 1897

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Array /
mm Al CODY, July ID, 1897.
Result of the Public Meeting to
Incorporate the Town.
Draft the Petition to the Lieu-
cnemt Goocrnor and Report
on Wtdneadag Itext
The interview* with property
���wnera on the qnentton of iiK*ari*>r-
itintf the city of Sandon, which wire
������iii.ii*hed in The IUy*��t*iuk last
vtt'it'k, were v*omethinjf of a surprise
.���yen to tlumv, who had for aome time
u-oii in favor of the movement, but
were waiting for acmtebody to step
in ami #tart It for them. 80 very
:**w were found to he opp��.��H*d, or
rather waverinjc, on the auhieet,
���hat the large number who hatl ��*x-
i.**********!   iheratHvt**  in  Thk   PAv
ail instead of being paid, m at present, by individuals.
E. U. Handilands, la-tag called upon, said he thought the meeting
should flrst be informal as to what
revenue a municipality would have
and what the eicpensai would he,
upon which the chairman asked:
''Does any gentleman know what it
costs to run a town council?"
A. D. Williams mentioned instances where incorporated cities
were  taxed on real  estate and im*
Srovements only Ave mills on the
ollar, while the provincial tax was
one-half of one jut cent. What we
would get if the town of Sandon was
inct*r**orat4*d was, he saki, approximate" as follows:
IU saloon lk��ii**-_.t ���*���� * SJOO
Ho letafl IViwmm nt IB      ****)
Commercial travell***, lire u-.**   ..     SOQ
IVddtVr.     :        to
Wholes!* liquor license*.      *��
#t*,i<***<��t real **tat>, Improvement* at
Slmi!!*-   Wo
R*Ctt-a aJtliJOIIa       ***
lUi*Mrt.1��l��.             1/W��
sTEUttM  as favoring  iiieorporaU.m
���icVTininetl to at one** take taep-st'
trrv tbi* tntpular trxpreealon int.*
��� tWt. Hurried action was m*eesaa-
r v In order to take act vantage ��>f tht*
��\mi*A aet-^mtar wnieh Hi-swiaiHi.
Ndflon and Grand  Forks were in-  	
I'orporatett, which act permit* tm* i**a*i ami ii��bt
li.tit����nant*g��verutir, in council, to
jrrant ebaru-r* to any town* making
i��r<.**T  application   not   later than
-**t*|ttember 1.   After tiiat tlate appli-
.lion w*��uld have to Is- made t > the
l>ntvitteial parUnuii'i.t for a sjuvial
'*i. ttnd would he a much more cost*
IV ).f.rife.|lllg.
in order to expedite matters ��
public meeting was he hi on Wednea-
���l.tv evening -to take a formal vote
���u the tpieritioii of Incoriwration, and
���his having been settletl a committee
wa* ap|M��inted to draw np the Ineor-
I* .ration papers. The meeting was
lieltl in the office* ����f the Filler, ho
'I. M, l*. Grinunett Mug eleetetl
..airman ami (*. I>. Hunter, aeere-
Mrv of the gathering.
Mr. (iriuimett said mi doubt ind
>*f those present hatl given the **.ib
ject which had brought them t��.
ircther much consideration daring
the im*. few days, and it was now
for them toexpresMthe result of aneh
consideratiioit and ntau* their views
thereoit,  For a time 1.0 one i��sp n��l-
��� '1 to this Invitation, and then there
were calls for Mr. Cliff.* of the Mining Ik-view.
T*hai gentleman thought it out of
place for him, a juerfect stninger. t ���
��� xpivHs any opinion until he hatl
heard those* of the citizen*, present.
snd more tati'ticulariy the property
���'vners. Hut he went on ami made
ui excellent speech on the general
'idvautageaof incorporation. In re
gnnl to Sandon he said jSlmt. many
eiti__��.��iiH were iintloubterily titling
mneh to improve their property, hut
others were lining little or nothing,
"here were many neoettaarv Improvements (such as a general sys
1. in ofiewerage) that eouhl only W
obtained by itieor**.ration, and then
^ie expense  would   lie spread over
T��tal ravenu* *U,*tVi
On the other hand Mr. Williams
estimated that the probable expenses
would he ahout as follow-*:
Twa fwlkaraeit       	
Intew.i on-svo* loan f��t s*��.-r.t*v
��akl_m Fund
auatrjr en��u��*.	
Ft*- *tj*^*cti*��u . ���a...	
A<**t*a��*rSt)<! auditor...... 	
Printing ami stationery ......
1 .OV
Other it**tM
TotJ��l**ii**��i*ditniw*    **���*���**'
Tht*.. slid Mr. Williams, would
leave a surplus of nearly $$\X). We
tlitl not pay *i��>-c a�� much aa itatoa
|0 the provincial government. I**-
eaftSQ tne town, at the last assessment, was only oite-tifth of what it
i-; now, but he felt Mire he had not
overvalued the iuiproveineiitsaf.they
wore at present. Several of those
pntsentexclaimed that the valuation
was low enough, and Mr. Williams
added that one of the l��est reasons
fbr incorporation was that we hatl
sufficient revenue on which to carry
on a municipality.
Then the tjtieMion was asked what
must la- done in order to secure in-
ouna ��rat ion. to which the chairman
replied that one-half in value of the
property owners had to sign a petition for'nuMr-KM-ation nnd present it
to the lieutenant-governor in council before Bepteniberl. Immediate
action must, therefov. I>c taken, \*e-
cauaa it would in* necessary to look
up tie* registry of property owners
in Victoria, as only tnosa so regis*
l,reil could sign. If they obtained
the signatures of Mr. Harris. Mr.
Si��roule and the owners of the Lemon
estate, thev would have sutticicnt.
hut it might lie desired to include
other lands in the municipality, and
the value of these would have to -*���
K C Wirt'1' Do vou think t!* it t i.�� pre tent
lil). ko th* lim.Ua-.Mitt ��-" H*-***;.t*l witkOtO
���MaotioSt* .     ,
Tit* olmirmitn: tfMB -���* ��� F** ,��,,,, M1'" '
that Th* j*.*-nliar podtlota ol th* \rWtn
Ittiitlaluwiititth' have r-omathin* bo.dtjwltll
ii: tlmt w.ntl.t r.*t with the li*.n,m.nt-,f..v.
,.n,.,ri��.H.un.*il. I think If ������ ���t.ta ajjjj J
arptUstnaltwouW tonin toromboi - ;����-"���
,mtdon,anJ anl toy gn,n *J_^��***
vMMtd he  U bnontl loaoi ...�� th.-,*. tit.on.
Some people hava the i.lea that it in iin-io*t��ti- I
We to register titie* to property in Samion,
bnt I have my-telf reffUtered  many title* in
Vletoria for my client., on the Lemon, the
Harris and the Spfonle e*tate*.
E. D. Tra vera said he had not given the suh-
jeet of incorporation mneh thought, and for
hi* part he thought the town was ju.t as well
nnder the pr**ent syatem,and Robert Cun-
nlnc expreaae*! ttimaelf similarly, adding the
thotuht that it was a little too early to incorporate.
Tlte chairman: Bnt if yon do not apply under the Hperdal act pa��-t��d at the la.t Msston,
y����u will have to send to Victoria an t get
through the legitdatnre a special aot. Thi*
wonld lie very expensive, while, if we ;>ut in
cur appeal hefora Heptember 1, It will lie com-
IMtrntively in*xpen*iv*.
Then the dLtenasion wa* switched to the ��mb-
ie**t of municipal finance, Mr. William, qoot-
iag tiuurv. to .how that their tax*, wonld not
be higher. Tbey mtut remember that the
property valuation wonld increaM and the
a%aa>����ment* he larger if the present >v-t*m
wa* continued. Take Mr. running's hotel, for
UtaiaiH**. That would be valned at certainly
not lea*, than -WjUrtKaml at one-half of one per
*>itt. would make i*x> a year, which would be
a big tax under any municipal government.
A. iMvid thought the estimate of fStlftOO too
Jaigh for the Mweiage system, and it would
not be aec**.*ary to borrow so much as there
Would be a big surplus on tbe revenue of th
cdty. Of conr**. if the town conucil started in
i.. >��� tiil-t a court house, Jail and �����> on. a lot of
ni'iney could be spent. But the waiehwa*
tun*! t>* .-.-..i...my.
Tlte ebairotan ~aid there waa another thing
that he ��Uaire I to cull attention to. and thai
���as- tit*p*.ll*rmtl*an��*��.wiik*h took UioUMand*
of doiAon out of the. town. They *iepriv��*t tl:e
m-nhsnt. who wa�� at larg* expense, of his
ltgh.lr��Tjali tm*1*i If they had a town council
beavv tax** could 1*.* inija.^-.l on the..* irr**-
.���K.n-U'le out .i.ler*. a* wa*. being done in N'el-
twin. Xt*l*on. by the way. had thought it wise
to incorporat... although it Wtu what might
b.'tali* 1 a government town, and thn. i>os
naavt many a��lvant*ige.4 overSntdt.it in remaining nadat prnttrlnatal mle.
Mr. llavi.l took up the >ti��rf*��tion a�� to jie*l-
���ller>. and ��Mi,thoconsibre.l himself a victim
to them to a con��iler*tlile exunt. In the tailoring hnalwtss. alone, a careful e.-.timate
shoarat] that 'a>.i����i u year went ��iut of this .li--
triet to Vi.t.itiit. M.mtr.ttl ���n.l Toronto. He
hud ��**n a-* many a. five elutttiug petldb-r.- in
one day In the city. He wits thoroughly iu
favor of tacorptjraUou for Ibis and for other
I'o.tmrtster Atherton ��aid he was certainly
in favor of .incorporation, and I R. Cameron
was also, if nanlatpal a***f****n_s j oould |Ua kept
.t��*wn and the right men were seleoiau for the
town council. If they atartei in aaSbasland
had the result would ha.li>a.tro��...
A. K. Shelton. UaattM * omini-ioner. told ot
hi. experience in Calgary, anl udvi-*d the
property owner.* to momtA in thi. inciirpont-
tion matter with great canti*.n. Hepoiutei
out the co -t of M*hot.l*a. an important item
to \fv otlsilete 1.
C. K Hammond thought the conditions of
Sandon were at present inor** In v ..raid* for incorporation than were any of t.ie town, that
had been inetitione.l. We hat water work*
and electric li*bt work- ulr.'ifl.v. We urgently nee led a sewerage >ystcin, and ..hould have
C l��. Hunter suhl it was tipi*arent that a majority of the property owners were in favor of
iucon*""1'*''���'��� ���'������'��� *herefor�� he thought they
ahoul'l go ahead an 1 incorpontte.
In onler to test thi. statement the rhatrtnaii
moved that a committee *>f live of the propcr-
tv owners of the town���including Mr, Hnrrin,
who was abM.nt,bi*.t would return in a few
dav. be apiM.lnie.1 to draft a petition for in-
ttorporation and take what other stap* might
M>em adviaahta. and to report at it meal ing t��*
l*e held next Wednesday evetung. Mr. Hammond seconded thi*. and the diacnSason that
followed was n*it on the motion^ but an tt* the
boundarie-i of the propoited municiitality. The
motion was carried without a dissenting vote,
snd the following gentlemen were "lei-tod as
member!.of the committee: A 1��. William..,
M L Orimmett. K. I*.Saudilaml., fkK.Ath-
ertonan.i.l. M. Ilitrri, .....
Tin* meeting tin nudjournel tonc\t W ednes-
d*ty avtnng*
Supplies and track Iron are going np to the
D. McFhall is doing assemtnant work on the
Edith above Cody.
The Blue Bird started development work
this week nnder Superintendent Im Downey. '
The Payne mine has put in an assay office
near the warehouse, with E. V. MeCune manager.
W. H. McVay of Spokane, late of tbe Butb
mine, was In Sandon Tneaday, and went down
on Lemon creek to have a look over the
Lucky George.
The suit between the AJax and Laat Chance
mining companies over the' ownership of the
AJax Fraction, was deciced|(n favor of the*
AJax, at N elson this week.
E. II. Tomlinaon, president, and Fran a
Woods, general manager, of the Last Ciuuict*,
went np to tbe mine Thursday, and wtll increase tbe working force.
James F. Leahy teft lor Grand Forks Friday.
During the week five distinct ledges have been
found on tbe Bolander claim, on which Mr-
Leahy is doing development work.
jTbere will be the regular church services at
Hirer's hall to-morrow morning, and In the
Ing ttev. T. Mc-nide* will deli vera sermon
Postmaster ltocki*taderat Cody lias received
n*tructions to make up a bag uf mail uu
Tuesday-, Thursdays and bat unlays direct for
the C.P.R.  On these days tbe mall will be
made up sharp ut 11 o'clock.
The Harris three-*.tory buildingjgj jt-c*. ave-
nue ha* progres**d rapidly during vi* weak,
and the plasterers aiw now in.   In tha center
has bean built a lira proof vault for the Bank
of Brit Uh North America, which will occupy
the corner offices.
Several parties of ladles are nightly practicing rifle shooting for tbe ladles' rifle match at
the Orange celel.rnt it.n ou Monday. A dancing platform Is tatng erected and other pre|M-
rutions made at the Levi grounds. Cody.
At a meeting In New Deliver Thursday
evening Messrs. Flnaeune, Fauquier and
tilynn were uppoluted a i-.tnuultbp* to work
with a Sandon committee In managing the
the building ol the wagon road from tbe lake
to Three Forks.
���lack Williams, the six-yetir-old son of A. D.
Williams, tha broker.while digging below the
Argo on Wednesday, turned np a large piece
of glittering tioat that will assay l<tn ounce..
Mr.Williams Is naturally very pronnd of such
an early development oi the mining instinct
in his boy.      	
Tore Down a Shack.
The case against George LnvaU. tlte-sawmill
man, for tearing down the shack of A. s.
Crawford, on the right nf way of tlte K. A *���>.
mllw-iy. was tried before Justices Lily and
McArthur. Wednesday. F. L, Christie reiire-
scnted Mr. liovutt. Crawford b��gnn building
hi* shack on Monday, and Lnvi*t* remointtra-
led with bim. Next morning Lovalt tore
dowu Uie shack, tin the stand t*Tsn*ford said
he came fmm Npnkane a few nioiits ago. tbat
the land on which the shack was built did not
belong to him, nnd no one gave him permission to build. Then the *,uesMon aiotsea*. to
whether t.ovatt had any right to the land.
He has a lease running until ItM from the K.
& S. to take off the timber and to open roads
tor this pur*,*.****, but the court held this gave
him no title to the land.
The court Imposed a fine of 11 ntid cost* nnd
���10 damages. Lovstt was willing to pay the
flue, hut said he should carry the question of
datmigvs to a higher court.
Ira W. Black has gone to Spokane for a few
days.        ���
Police Justice Km-k well of Anaconda. Mont.,
arrived here uu Sunday.
Billy Holmes, who used to Let-ounce ted with
the Clifton house, is building tt hotel at Ferguson.
Mrs. Charles Bourne McCluakey leaves next
Wednesday for the summer vacation in Toronto and the east. Mrs. McCluakey will be
tnet iu Itevclstoke by Mr.. George Angus of
Victoria, who will travel with her.
Uf org* Kydd. local manager of the Bunk of
British North America, who has been absent
tor some weeks directing thc establishment of
branches at Slocan City and elsewhere, returned during the week, and A. G.Nicholl.who
was acting manager of tbe Sandon branch iu
the interim, has returned to Victoria.
Mr. Surgeant Breaks His Arm Aa
He Mounts a Horse.
A. W. McCunc, vice-president of
the Payne mines, left on Tuesday,
and was accompanied by F. E. Sar-
geantand W. L. Hoge of Anaconda,
who arrived in town on Sunday.
Mr. Sargeant is secretary of the
Anaconda Copper company, and is
the confidential agent of Marcus
Daly and J. B. Haggin, the race
horse breeder of California. Mr.
Hoge is the senior partner of the
firm of Hoge, Brownlee & Co., which
runs the Daly banks in Anaconda
and Butte.
Both gentlemen are heavy owners
in the Pavne and the Best properties, and they would probablv have
stayed the week in Sandon, but for
an almost inexplicable and painful
accident that befel Mr. Sargean*.
The party were starting out on Monday morning to visit the Payne
mines. Mr. Sargeant was in the act
of mounting a horse in front of Bart-
lett's livery stable when his right
hand, which was grasping the rear
of the saddle, slipped as lie sprung
to mount and his arm was twisted,
breaking the bone midway between
the shoulder and elbow. * It was a
clean fracture and Dr. Powers had
no trouble in setting it.
As Mr. Sargeant is a man of large
frame and evidently in fine physical
health, he was able, although naturally in great pain, to continue to conduct his business, and several conferences were held during the day
in his rooms at thc Gotidenougti.
One of these had reference to tbe
tramway the Payne mine will shortly begin work oif, but whether it is
to be a ray or an aerial tramway
has not yet been announced.
The Northern Belle, on Jackson
creek will put in a five-drill compressor shortly.
The Kuth mines have ordered a
five-drill compressor, which will be
put in as.soon as possible.
The bull wheel of the Noble Five
aerial tramway, at the mine end,
was found to be cracked on Monday
morning. A new one was telegraphed for to be sent by express,
and until it arrives the tramway
will not he run.
T. G. Proctor, manager of the
London Hill company's six claims at
Bear Lake, was here during the
week, and said the company would
begin shipping right away! Thev
have been doing development work
since last winter, and nave in 800
feet of tunneling with a four-feet
lead of fine ore.
To Protect Mining Intereata.
T. G. Proctor, vice-president of
the West Kootenay Mining Protective association, is staying in Sandon.
He reports that the association is
progressing satisfactorily, that most
of the leading mine owners have
joined and that it has money enough
in the treasury to do some* kicking
against adverse mining legislation
at the next session of the provincial
j,   Tom Pinneagn'a Ham.
Toin Finnegan is charged with
having ruined all the bears of the
ing, meditatively ovtf&ng * cigar,
agonized veils and the odor of onion*,
followed by th.' affrighted form of
Tom, bur**t through the canvass.
He had been chased by a bear, he
said, and had thrown the beast a
ham. Since then no miner dares to
pack ham along the trolls, a* the
whole ofthe bear populati.-ti has become struck on the dainty and will
scent it for miles.
An Expert Mineral Tracer Pei***wma
on tha Idler.
General Warren has been blowing
around town a great deal about the
wonderful lowers of divination
shown bv a witch haael man from
Fairview* B. ft, whose name is also
Warren* but whether the General is
in earnest or is only "joshing" it la
hard to make out. At any rate, he
took the lead tracer on daturdar
out to his Idler property, which ta
about two antl a halt miles from the
concentrator at Three Forks.
The wizard was told by the General to go ahead as soon a*, the property was reached. Accompanied by
his' familiar, a handsome spaniel
called Jack, he marched down the
hill a distance before he took out his
switch, then he switch backed up the
hilt, and after a time sn-iued to grow
excited, for the twig was beginninjjr
to bend, lie sut-sequently repotm
that he had struck a lead', which be
followed and blazed out himself for
quite a distance.
The General remarked that they
would only have to tunnel about 75
or Si) feet to prove whether there
was ore there or not.
The wizard did not notice any sarcasm in the remark, but went on
to say that the ore body was
of good grade and from four
feet to four and one-half feet wide
all the way.
"I suppose," meditatively observed the General, "that thfs business of yours Is like Christian science; the more you work at it the
more expert vou get?"
"Oli. sure,'' said the flattered wizard.
'���Then, no doubt, you will lie able
in time to give us pay ore statistics
and assay receipts?*'
The wizard smiled as if willing to
admit even that was possible in
due time, of course.
The Promised Lockup.
Chief of Provincial Police Hussey
of Victoria and Attor��*-ev-Ge!!eral
Smith -Mild a a official visit to thia
city on Saturday and left for Kaslo
the day following. The chief ex*
pt*e*sed* himself well satisfied with
the manner in which Chief Hamilton has conducted the police affairs
of Sandon. He said that the new
lockup will be built as soon bs the
title to the land can he aeenrcd. The
site selected Is below the brewery.
A New Pricate School.
Mrs. W. I. Williams will open a
private school for children from 5 to
9 years old, in her new residence on
Capitol hill, iust off the K. A 8.
track, next Wednesday, June 14
Mrs. Williams haataugl'tt with great
success in the public schools of Spokane, and will include kindergarten
work for the smaller children. The
hours will be from l�� to 12 a. m.
(Limited   Liability.)
CAPITAL, $100,000.00.
I ,(aJ0,(KI0 Shares par value of tan cenW. The aW.*** Comjatiy
is formed to acquire and work the ARGO and BELT Mineral Cikimt,
adjoining the Sandon townsite. Mlnea are Open for Inspection, orii*-
a few minutes walk from the fc wo.   Limited number of nhar**a for
sale at ten cent*.
Apply at once to
L*? i g 1*11 o r\ & W ilii a i n s
Mining Bfefctrs ai-Ml Opamtore,
Man j *��tb*r�� ha** r*c#i*��***l
Whq Not You?
Tt**r* l�� ��*�����*�� .laat** ai*>! rt��n
t* float
in ���traUttna ta*
It ran**** H��**W***�� aa4 an*
laaj^ljW SIGHT
Glaiute* Property Kltte4
la the Only Reme-tljr.
Having ata4* a *******>inl *M**ty af
OfrftV*. aa��! _*����� lac la* ***���*���*. a|a*lt-
anra+.ean ft** tow ����W ***** ***** tW
byes vesica
Jeweler and Optician
HANDON. B* ���.
C<st*tmsa*rte of I
<>ar4H*a Ho, t UtmmoA tlatm
Mtttaat* la tlw Mlanaa S4inln�� tH*t*k*a-*T ^��at
Knob* nay |lt*MR*Lf*****t.   \4ftmtod w** *nll**n tttwo
Thi*** Wtwka, op north 9mk ot i wrywmtot
���^���aaaa���^JaW     0mJim   mtat*���baawM   t*k���.n.^*\ a*.
rrr *a, on nan, nana.
Tak* 1*1*41
tvatc* that Th* tar ttatt Ulntaf aa4
lltln��lVj. War* Ulnar* teeilAmt* Xtx ?Ma*a,
tnl*-td. sltty 4ar* trrnn Urn 4at# bottmtt. Ut
apply to tha Mlnln* Hm**%et tot a e*tU9mto
of trnpnttrumota, tot th* mmtpmo ototaalatitf
a��*m��n t*on\ too Ih* ah"* * claim.
And forth** tnha ttotv**** lh*t artum, nnder
M^UfNI Moj MUM am* fMttfwliiviBiM,*B**tnj npfnft*  |ttf*  In*
*��sanc* atsorb ��-**rttfVai* **f imt<**n��*rn*nta
Iftated this Clh 4a) of Ansil, Ma*C.
S.B. hoi**;*.
eto**y Tb* Dry RVtt Mining and MUIti*��rrt..
Limit*-! l.talvim,.
Uay 1st. I*ST.
The Leader
Emporium of Fashions
Hoton**dt*do **Ht��mtom*tyt <���'���
in<***t mtfeom to
t^nmmot*tkmt *k* AohtU* . *i*.. t bif****.
I*ftr*4t��ft. tmw%mt*/\or*ii\. m��4 *������-*
tsPlpp iWWsf'F'a..'
fuasthM* l*af��lt*htaias, Wim Wt II*-*��****t, 1 *���
mrmmt. an4 o*otfik\m to the lin* ,4 r��**,
Hrr ttOadm, *
MIltlaafT ��f^at**l I* th
I***a**snaali*a a sjasahM**'
9M *W WW 9m*o^9e^n4m *>99^nW^Awm #��>"
ktm*t*��l ta a* ��lll noot*
Piillnary ����#r-at***l l�� tha ���*>*>.' ������������ *��� *t ita
"tjra��4 -*�������*'*-ui*
mttte* mmd *il��wli
antra��t*.| fa m wOA wiaaltra ami n��� ��*- *''��*-
Mrs. O M. DOtMlrlTV.
Oyp.aH* Ihyan not*****.���***�� *��� ���  ���**���-*-*
Watchmakers and Jewellers
WalHt***, <!|p--ea **a4   J**��v*lry,
limine nsarhinr*
!W. IUm.i��. Mut.
I^atww *l��4
Sit 1 !���'.'"''
Csftlfteate ef imare*jsiweats��
Sttaat* in ih* Wntmu Minina IS* Uhm of W
Kootanajr   *iUtrirt      Wh*****   l..��i*.|
ta-aaa th* Oalana  atv4  Man4  K
Halm* on X-��is|* Wtte mnantala.
Tak* notic* that I. A. S, F��rw*il, ����*,,.! (or
tb* l_a.t ttt-inr* Mtnifuf anl Millln* ...***.p*.
ny tormltm-.Armm minmr'm rmrtUtemi* Ko, *��T,*I|,
ln.*ii<l. ��is��*f dav trem tb* 'la** h*tr*������f, to so-
pl,r to tit* ni'itlt.a emeotdmt tor a ��t.nin'*l*>tf
iotpr*ivvm��;,|.. |..r th* |Mirta>��* '
rro*ru (rant of tha al��** rlalm
nprovamaiiU. fur th* poi-pit** nf ntatoinittji a
Antl farther taa* nntlra that a*tU��n, utH!��r
���Mftlon ST, tan��t l��.e*>mmew*rif.mt;r* Ih* l**o.
an** nf an*h r*rtiArat* nf lt��pr��>v*in*nt.
la����*.I thi. Ath Is* ��,f Jnlv. 1��*7
NtSIr* lah*r*t>> glvrnthatat Ih**x>**ratlra.
>.f frit* tiMtnth ftt.n, lb* flr-4 |ai��.itrnltim bom-
'ft. th* Mn4*r*lan*��l will auplv to tb* Mtlrmtn-
.tlJiry Mattstrat* Sir th* rtUtriVt at W-*t *,**.
may. for a llt***-*ut* it. w|i ii.toftra u* r*iail at
IS_& ���*_^1ftt��a����l��'>*�� Ia��H t. Bktrk 2, Santlttti
Mast Addition. Handon. B. C
IhMarl at t4an4on, B. <*.. this twth day of
Attn*. A D., IsW fcj A. l��. W .Li.i ailf *"
���l* faiNit. Al��!*A*��ra.
M. L. QRinnETT
Notary Public,
nn. a. a. Marshall
Will be at Mt4**l Hatnt.��n.i
,mj*��* a iiva*��*����
��� C
tl) *�����n*i<��i'.
neighborhood of .Sandon. When J. When in Kaslo don't forget that
K.Clark was sitting in his tent on I you can get a Urst class meal at the
4he Palmita property the other even-1 Royal Cafe.
Nottt-a i* h*r*litr jr|v*n tbat aMh* *Tj**ira-
tlon of one month from tha llr.t iail.II* attoi.
hanof th* un.l��r*i��n��.i wjll awilV to tit* .ti*
th* fiUtrlt*t of W
to salt llitnor by retail
���^ndjanr rnafUtratt. for tn* tutrix of W*s<
Kooi**may. for a licansa to **U Uonor by retail
at his ho��*l. sltnal* on lot IT. bWk I in th*
tonro of Sandon. B C .tatla.1 tha VnnroaVM
Jhitad at Sandon, II0 . tin, ,nh lav w* **d*
INT. Oti t. K. n\**moM.
Imtaartt. Mlil-f Broktrs. Hi*
A*j*nnta Sir
Ttae Ptieeata Oeaaeittaatas Mm-*., c8-
Mmitad   fanbiia*.
Ory   Pan tUnlna  a��#  MM��'���� *>
Umlt*4 LlaMllty (ttmlella
K��*��ni ��,
Mining ��������'*   ���Mllli"1
LimtiHl Wabtlity. u
SAKDo-ti.   9, 1'
***t********a ���a*-
mihmo Bscopoa.
K*r*tnhid st K��w tOMtrer.
. i ..ii.l.-r. and Lototkm*:
the   A*a*****tn*nt*i
J7taVrVrt**k^^ ���
st J<4tn'samlr1t Stank- Kennel. Martin Her-
r"t**!l.l Flnraa-L-fcuwn. i M Callahan
si lUfk omoWa, tfann* H*
at J.��-ijh's *9ro*t9mA^mtm)^avn
m a iitony rra*rUt��*-^B����*, I* H Hartlett
-.���,,'   ***?��*��, K  aarrinald On awl   S R
l'oo.tl�� Itt*a-Korta mt Raw l��snv*r, Ala* McKav
t(, r*. -b.* -T*u Mite, T a Huston, H tlaniaaai
rn, t t**J W Onsen.
Kmily and immmO  Otmlnt*. Ate* LoM
MiUvraaka- Haina. Ji*n Kllbortnt
Kn-rt  SonUit-aatSew Itenrer, A H W llliatn-
vi. tnn-tUlan -Ten MUe, A nans MeKlnnon
hllvrr loo-Ten MUs, A llq-o-rsod Oeo Worry
.1 :ii.ii.v S*av', Tho�� oauleir
... unit* Ten Mite, John Jialokl and ism*
K1.--..I 4'artirntar, Hlraui Smith.Rata Mocsaay
an! i W lio-i*
wAfter-tint town fHoean l**k*. R C lit Dm
Jul*/ S
Nlrhl   Itswk t^t*atrU|��aal--M  Sandon. K M
Sal. 111*'Itil
i.<aj<b*T  a*ila_n, Oeo Ittaneh
Mynl* Fi-*4��tlt*��a--IiVt Right and IVn Mil*.
Ait-fus |j-*kloe
HiittlMira, Walls thai. HosssalvOtMaf Vt sldan
�����. i *~*in*_ Orrl*  Lsr***,. C tt lttt*��e. I* X**Un
a-..I II MriVmtrt*ll
V-I'l<- Ray -tad B tk Laan.wt, Wm Minion
Il.j>na Fr**rtlonai--_h��S Hsaln, O O F->��.
i.-li-n Raj**t*^TvMaWMll*. 4 V Vlek.
II ** i**ry -������R__nrr*J*Tt%iUl Amteram
VW-btr--tf*n_MB, IssMfttnr UStmr. Jus Wright
an.) A Ijtatiamn -
ii ii.*>lu* Old and Hlndot��-T*n  Mil*. Chs*
WW Foi ~ Wilson, R R Knot*. 9 Lonh.
Juiv .'��
Ihm iKton* Fi-srltWlFour MB*J ��� R*ltlj
u Hxlrfful Bird   M Sand..n. Rd T.-rnirtt.-
I��a*l*>ll��v- Roa*ba**y. Wm ttarlwr
��� i.,i.-i��   (Vats. MotWy lUlieft. F ��A  UwryAy
H��ln*r It-It   Four MUs, Andrea C Ue*2n
lt.lt, v,|��*  Tm MU*,Cmbt*nrin��ton
YkMuy FraaHoaal- Honthfa.** Xew Ij-***.v*t,
��.*'>! ai��t��t**a
Vrmt**.4tnn. D M-Millan
1 tik-vmui - Wilson, Chas Tank.
< tutfj   Wwt tttomu Uk*. P 0 l***��an��l
<.��m.l*|   Mt-Oolaaa, Aohtt l>to*lb**tm
1/ -t.siid Urma-Sani*,Ji�� Kb-hc*l*on
111*, k l*iin*a riactaoaal Lrn*��ti. Jas Urtnf
Hiiaslass af l**t-4tjah> r*oiii*nt**. New t*r*n*��*r.
It II Walker
**.* rsli Jane- Sanse. B l* Owtna*
< 4��tntHj* Frartlon--F(Mtr MS*. A II Itntniiter
Kiltnulr Frart-kmal-aam*. Hooald Ui**n��n*f
1 ��t> HtsiloMl,. Wilson. Ale* Mta-oat
tnawpton tlanta*.<*laf*aWvavty
A����.i'K��-Sonrih*a**5*4 of Sew theater. Kniest
<> K. Msiil* bnaf-tjenevn, Wm Rarr, S J
(orrv Kll Tajrlur. A Rarr
Mlm Tlj. -HtocanOlaHrr. I, tt Carry.
Juu* t*
Ytcetti'W  Ko I.Riach   I'tt.nr  No  *.i White
H'-��   rt-t-firtbst Ivthbr*
Mai^le Imt  Handaatd WallhThlii*
June A)
Anrhla-A ..
Fairy   Chm.	
IH -V C RachURe
, ti-'Ww Son, WSha Htme ���t.*i FactuHty-A
F*a *-*.!>��� -Una Method
Frank Ftarttona! ��� H*nr> (allahan
l.li*-rst#N- So t-no*et9td own*r*
llolaiHl*r~Ja* F Uahr
li-tl*. Hot <��h My, Rventt. Shtinta   ivctvrded
Kuth FrsrtitHtal-W H M<*Vay
Jwly 3
m\et t*eaf- Anna Krahtne et si
8��l,rS "���*���*���*���''
tl.H��-F I' <�����!<*��
mrot IMI   I.lUa Hostkr MIiiIiik Oo
lk-.-tnrr-i.ti-���M A MIUeT
_,MsnJ* Ual, Knlrlwrborker. Otantno Nn '. Tin
Ton.*Rrt|MilH, l'huenli Frarll.m. K.miHHl~iv-
c**f*l*'d <*an*rs
I'Ura M.-ir   J ft W er*ly et si
.Italy &
Jennie X.,��   Hiorli Mann
MnjnWiaha   l>Ttnrn*
aiiiiiiK No v laant
Hellena^Oao Ay tat .
1 vrn l>titrhntvMi.i*HTtMa|��la*r  n(*>nl*-tl owner*
Little l>*ti4tln- J T. Naull
Nurth Fork. HlacK OrattM. Oiwn MuniiUln
n**;<��riU*<| owner*
t'.m.. Htm ~N R Fmnklln
l-o.'kota-lsaai} t*trm��head
July c
Vnntun. Indt'iM'ri4citc��~rivtiril>H| nwiters
ni^*^****1*1-*-* P***
��'**����� TWlnini. T J Uoyd
iV.lV,?>'*.ai��~n-<*S*,-*d owner*
l.lttlt. Urtlsy-o llAbarc nmilde H ��l
Mt I'aiil tt-jt^rtk-d owners
**},*���*����� ^/seiltm-The RamtOer   nnd   r*HlK��o
*i'iti.K Co.
I lineal
M��n tfurcklry���| Duncan and White Swan, June
ifeS?��& ,"  Mar,plret  RoM~*  *'�������������<"���
l-werMeUooit-slI to M*r,rar*-t MfFftH-"" Ash
laJtd.JuneM.lfjQ '
J A Htewartto John Iticluitearit-tlie Liberal
No I, Juu* 15, in
Htjean Monitor Minlmr Goto J C ll.toktr Tii.
Mor.iUir, May an. ti
Frank Re t*. F II lUrtl* tt and Msrtin ik-nli-nn
���to earn { St John, June 90.��
Msrtin lleulaan to F it iit.rtl.it snd frank
Re   t.ieAih } St Jotitt. Jun* a*0, H
P II llsrUcU to Msrtin ItVnltf.m and Frank Ik
���toeach J Ht John, June So, tl
Kruue to Ota* MrNleoll. Albert Wilde, Perry
Attsfer suit Fat iHly ~\ each e*Jigle, June *S��.**1
Allx-rt U'lldt* ardl-Vrry AttabrtoFII Bart-
lett. < rbf-t McNlct.ll aud Pat Daly-1'.'. each Emily
Edltii Fraetion. Jun* r.'.tl
ferry AUmfer u, Chas McXtroll. Allw-rt Wilde.
Pat Oaly snd F II Itartlt-tt l..._cti Iron Clad,
tfrsnk I. (Mer snd Arthur Webster to John A
Ouwan- , Kuwsiln. (Qua|it**ll<-, June 14. tht*
An A Mtlfcuisld tv�� A / Marlw-i Califontls
and 1 CUjtner- Jho* *>i. to***
W It Vawk.-y.to J I) Farreil-I/S Mwnlnir,
P J Hltk. v lo W II Vawkey-7((|�� Uendlgo,
An�� ���*-*��� ''***��� ������
aamr In J I) Ftu-rell-Tflc Hendiffo. Juee *S, tl
C E ikiiter to J T Wilkinson-the Snowbird.
March LP
Or.* K MUlhran lo Ji>hn llo-nutn -1/5 Grey
Eafrt< ! I" F.Htrth of July, I'm K-xiuday, June
tt, ��1
C II !���>* u*.^i to F. M saiallUntl* all interrat hi
Vunt*. Anr is. tl
Ada J limit n lu J C llohtndtr   J Ad*la, Jan X.
PhlllnJ lllck.y to CO tirifllth-Little Joint,
R o Madden toS S Warren --j Rena AbboU.
Jnnt* W, M
At*t>*nlo IH*taj4o to 11 A Wriirht- The Boomer,
Jan* .�����'. tan
P Italy to E M Sandllauds-1 Cliff Etten-don.
P A M��-Umjraii to W J lilhl-on* and F II
taSntv- J, lxMtit��.n Frsetbat. June *��. ��_***
Hstue to O M S|��**nt*��*r��� \ Ixtndoo, Jun* ��.
The sl.��*an Ma|tle Ixtsf M A D(*o to John
t*at��|*vll McUann. J*m*s Mortintor* -sad J E
Miller- Th* Ms|tl* l^af Jun* j>. 16
C VV Cailakan lo The Vancoueer and ltritish
Ordnnttila tieoerai Ksrjkwation Co-alt Inlernu tn
the Highland. Man h. Kh-ti-l and Nettk- Fraction,
July 5
EM HantUlsnd* to F W Ootteol and H II
Al**tnd.r   sll lnt*m*t In Robin. June IS. el
lltlUp A Hk'kev to J I> FamU~l/> Wwstitk,
Jaly f. fl ..���,***
J J l.vm-h tt. Jc*n M Martin-. No 3 Fraction. J
JaneCtl |
IVtrr lirant t*. Cluw Martin-all litteiwt In the
H .inocl. Jul. t. fl
A It McOlo'ty t.. A U Ij^ki*tsadVr-| Cody Star
imtlllfvt<t*j,4an.si��*f�� _,__,
A B IVtckeaea.br to tllira*et-M*ff Wllsau-. Cotly
The Newmarket
New Denver, B.C.
I* -dtual.-d on tlie bank.* of th** Ixrautlful Slocan I-ftke, and guests can sit upon
Um halt-*ony and gaw upm tte a***vn^
Tlte fin: isscape system is excellent. The rooms are airy and dt***��M��ted with the
lateM rmult. of the wallpaper art. Tho exterior of tlte hotel to painted in colors
that 'urmontxe with the Mealittlc scenery. The Dining Room to always provided with food that to tasty, digestible and satisfying to Uw inner economy of
man. The Bar to replete with the most modern, as wt_a MancJent btandaof
nerve producer**.
Ooldbug*, ��a*]ver Or*rmot*i*j*ts, Canadton Capitaltota, Pn***>piictot*s. Miners,
T��i*U*rfeet, Ten Mile MiBtoiuires and Pilgrims of every shade lu poUUcs.re
llgton or weslUi are welcome at thi* house.
make for the Newmarket when you reach tlie Skxiui metrtjpolls ��tut do not for-
n*et the I-indiord'sname; It to
Henry Siege.
Mining & Muling Co.
Star and Tlt-toit. June 1*. tl
J.4tti M.-N.lll
The Forty-
ttw  Black
Ihe Black
Duncan _i*IMi.t*m and Psitrlek ����Itb*Ily to
la s K t.nsett- i sumtuMit
W F Mct*ull**ch to .I.I.*. lb*.������ -| Eklirado, May
Jul) ��
W A Cjttnnt-etl to Rt*hard Sti-nan
Eltdity-Two.    Fivitmnt.  MasUdtut   snd
llor*t\ June JW. tl
Jno *"*f*Uug*r to W A  C^uu*!*. II
W A Cami-bell lo Kbhar.1 Seeinan
Ht*tw, June Jit. tt s
nialMrlkc Soar New Ibrnvcr.
Ciaidasisesate axtMeaisnl Nm i>'*t��n
rrttattil over a |iartii*ularly rich tint!
matle laKt week on the Fidelity iiiinwnl
datm,'Hituntiil jusd back of Harris'
ranch on the lake shore, prolw.ilv a
ntilr and a half fnnn N>�� Denvor. Thi-
locator* of tho |��r.��|H'rty are 'Messrs.
Ilrvan. H..IU and Williamson, and
thev havo located a jfroup of six
elands adjoining that ou*-ht to ba*w*ot*_a
many tnoasands. Tho strike consists
of a 'six or eijrht inch strata of solid
galena ninniinr 160 odd ounces in silver
and 77 pi*t vent. lead. It is located in a
wetion that has always heen thought
n*ell of hy mintmr men. and it i*. ��������*
lieved that an
ltoiir lost let!
if m
indicator at least ot thu*
alonjr the  lake shore
titnT so matiyltave sottyht for in vain.
V lit
OTICK i* hereby irlven that t'harlea\\ ��*t.Htt*.r
(itlla)iiti* to no Umnvr t-mtineer t*��r, itnd
ha. no in*w*r t*. n**t in any way for Um *. ��n-
pouv.r* Brltlah Columbia <b.n*ral kxidora-
tlon Co., or the flalena Mine* Ld.
Vanronver. B.C., July .V 1W7. Airent*t.
Jya-oat*4 _
All MQOanta OWtBS UM late firm of llunt.>r,
McKlimonaCo.,m*Mt he ��.U**d1 b�� Anmrd
1.,. ,.r th*�� ��ill at jStcad %Ormrt for *Aim
mank " ���*������ himkh a t*>.
SUverton itn*iTlir*t> F->rk..
Rand & WallMdgc,
Mining and Stock Brokers,
Sole Agents for Sale of Treasury Stock,
If you
Want a hat
Or anything in the line of
MENS WEAR call on
Thos. Browm
Men's -Outfitters, Keco Avenue, Sandon. B. C.
Kootenay Mercantile Tailoring Co-
A fall line of
always in Stock
Robert Macdonald
Neil Macdonald
MACDONALD  BROS., Proprietofs.
Rates $1.50 to 92.50 per day.-
llendquniters for Mining Speculators and Capitalists.
Reco Ave.,
Sandon, B.C
��� -��� ���: *|
SK. '���'������
.:/ .. ���
��� :,; k
blti .
f :M
t. .;..-t..
imp *.
:��� I
��� .*>:
! I
.  . . ..    ...
Mr. Sargeant Breaks His Arm As
He Mounts a Horse.
A. W. McCune, vice-president of
the Payne mines, left on Tuesday,
and was accompanied by F. E. Sargeant and W. L. Hoge of Anaconda,
who arrived in town on Sunday.
Mr. Sargeant is secretary of the
Anaconda Copper company, and is
the confidential agent of Marcus
Dalv and J. B. Haggin, the race
horse breeder of California. Mr.
Hoge is the senior partner of the
firm of Hoge, Brownlee A Co.,which
runs the Daly banks in Anaconda
and Butte.
Both gentlemen are heavy owners
in the Pavne and the Best properties, and they would probably have
stayed the week in Sandon, but for
an almost inexplicable and painful
accident that oefel Mr. Sargeant.
The party were starting out on Monday morning to visit the Payne
mines. Mr. Sargeant was in the act
of mounting a horse in front of Bart-
lett's livery stable when his right
hand, which was grasping the rear
of the saddle, slipped as he sprung
to mount and his arm was twisted,
breaking the bone midway between
the shoulder and elbow." It was a
clean fracture and Dr. Powers had
no trouble in setting it.
As Mr. Sargeant is a man of large
frame and evidently in fine physical
health, he was able* although naturally in great pain, to continue to conduct his business, and several conferences were held during the day
in his rooms at the Goodeiuttigli.
One of these had reference to the
tramway the Payne mine will shortly begin work on, but whether it is
tb be a rail or an aerial tramway
has not yet been announced.
The Northern Belle, on Jackson
creek will put in a five-drill compressor shortly.
The Ruth mines have ordered a
five-drill compressor, which will be
put in asjsoon as possible.
The bull wheel of the Noble Five
aerial tramway, at the mine end,
was found to be cracked on Monday
morning. A new one was telegraphed for to be sent by express,
and until it arrives the tramway
will aot be ran.
T. O. Proctor, manager of the
London Hill company's six claims at
Bear Lake, was here during tin-
week, and said the company would
begin shipping right away! Thev
have been doing development work
since last winter, and nave in 800
feet of tunneling with a four-feet
lead of fine ore.
To ProleJt. Mining Interests.
T. G. Proctor, vice-president of
the West Kootenay Mining Protective association, is staying in Sandon.
He reports that the association is
progressing satisfactorily, that most
of thc leading mine owners have
joined and that it has money enough
in the treasury to do some' kicking
against advene mining legislation
at the next session of the provincial
,_   Tom Finneagn'a Ham.
Tom Finnejran is charged with
having ruined all the bears of the
neighborhood of Sandon. When J.
K. Clark was sitting in his tent on
the Palmita property the other even
ing, meditatively no/ling �� tfeT**1*.
agonized velh and the odor of onions,
followed by the affrighted form of
Tom, burst through the canvass.
He had been chased by a bear, he
said, and had thrown the beast a
ham. Since then no inn dares to
pack ham along the trans, as the
whole ofthe l>ear population has become struck on the dainty and will
scent It for miles.
An Expert Mineral Tracer Perlonne
on tha Idler.
General Warren has been blowing
around town a great deal aliout the
wonderful -towers of divination
shown by a witch haael man from
Fairview, B. C, whose name is also
Warreii, but whether the i.cneral i��
in earnest or is only "joshing'' it is
hard to make out. At any rate, he
took the lead tracer on tat unlay
out to his Idler property, which is
about two ami a halt milt**, from the
concentrator at Three Forks.
The wizard was told by the General to go ahead as soon as the property was reached. Accompanied by
his* familiar, a handsome spaniel
called Jack, he marched down the
hill a distance before he took out hb
switch, then he _witehbacked up the
hill, and altera time st1*. med to grow
excited, for the twig was beginning
to bend. He sultsequciitly n*ported
that he had struck a lead* which he
followed and blazed out himself for
quite a distance.
The General remarked that tbey
would only have to tunnel ahoat ..*>
or A) feet *to prove whether there
was ore there or not.
The wizard did not notice any sarcasm iu the remark, bat went on
to any that the ore body waa
of good grade and from four
feet to four and one-half feet wide
all the way.
"I suppose,'* meditatlvelv observed the General, "that this business of yours is like Christian science; the more you work at it the
more expert vou get?"
"Oh, sure,'* said the nattered wizard.
"Then, no doubt, you will U* able
in time to give us pa"y ore statistics
and assav receipts?"
The wizard smiled as if willing to
admit even that was possible in
due time, of course.
The Promised Lockup.
Chief of Provincial Police Hu-isey
of Vkftoria antl Attorney-General
Smith paid an official visit to this
city on Saturday and left for Kaslo
the day following. The chief ex
prcased himself well t-atistied with
the manner in which Chief Hamilton has conducted thc police affairs
of Sandon. He said that the new
lockup will be built as mttm as the
title to tin* land can be secured. The
site selected is below the brewery.
A New Prioate School.
Mrs. W. I. Williams will open a
grivate school for children from 6 to
years old. in her new residence on
Capitol hill, just off the K. A S.
track, next Wednesdav, June it
Mrs. Williams has taught with great
success in the public schools of Hpo-
kane, and will include kindergarten
work for the smaller children. The
hours will be from �� to 12 a. m.
fta Atp lUtat oi
(Limited   Liability.)
CAPITAL. $100,000*00.
1,000,����0 Shares par value of ten cent**. The above Coinpr,.-*
is formed to acquire nnd work the ARGO and BELT Mineral Claim*,
adjoining the Sandon townsite. Mlnea are Open for Inspection, only
a few minutes walk from the towa.    Limited number of iharai '.,",
sale at ten cents.
Apply at once to
Leigtitori & Williams
Mining Brokers and Oparatore.
Msnv ottW* ha** r*rrii**.l
Whu, Not You?
Th*r�� i�� treat tstr-jwr at>��t rl*a
in atrminir** ���ft*
tl caomtm Jt*a.Wt*** and <���**_
\*tiger* th*
Glaaaea Prapetiy Fitted
la the (Hiljr Remedy.
Hatin* wia4* a t*t*mimt twwdy ot
0|vtir��rsa1 ha��tn�� th* ****t mpmil.
atmo*. ran ��t**t�� ytm tha *��*���* mnttto.
avas Tcsitui i-aaa.
Jeweler and Optfclait
N.tXlMI.V, B. C.
Emporium of Fashions
Hat* n*ot**d a t^mt*t*to��n*
lata** Hyta* in
t'.**��|w**itNrj it** Jat-i'v-' I*-' tl-Aow*.
WwritAO,}**irwp*mj*.t"yor*ti)   "**i mm>
0j0Vtm-9n9A    0j ffWlw
ot rara��*litt>��*v W\a* **��**. I * ******J ��� '**
da'twmmt, and ���%t**t***'**bi*tit la Ot* If,.** ��d Tmmrt
���ittissrir MttsM ts th* ***����� .�������*�����!.start.
In* .��wutfctn_* a ���t��j**ulii mod ��i�� *������>*������
CaeiHtaate at l
i-ttftlHta So l Miaetml italm
MMustt* tn lb* Sltrj-aa Mining ls*t***tno** Ws*4
Ka******tsa*r Itsjarw-l. tawntnt Bv* n*t���****. r*aa*i
Thr** Porks, op north Part* nf I *rit-nb��f
e***k, tm right hank.
Tak* notto* that Th* l*rr 9*0 Mint*** ond
tiling i to. Worn Millar's i VrtlSrai* St*. Ft
lni��ntl. mtx* data trom Uw dmn to
oppty to ih* Mining H***wmrr Ibr a *-rtia*��l*.
ol imprt.^iivf-nu, Ibr Ih* pwtpm* at tftAmlnlog
a i*n��*s ti front tot th* ahnv* rUtm.
And fttrth#r tak* notie* Umt a-tion, under
meriton tS. man h* ettrnwrn^trwd hoton lb* is*
���unit** tt-f *t��t*h -fwrttlbat* of tmr>v*v.* �����*���-���>*���*> u.
I*��t*d ths* ttth day ot April. \myn.
tt.W lIKNWvK
*****y  Tb* Iirjr tVit Mining and Mining t*n,.
l,tmtt*d (.lability.
May it. *MT.	
m me* bamptl t*�� Mid ta *��it>* *m\ *ll ���*��**
**attrn*f*d f* ��l* wMI ���****#����* ant ������-*�� ��*1 �����������*-
Mrs. O. H. DOUOrfTV.
ttppmtt* Bryan noon. a*r,. I *.   ����*****
Watchmakers and Jewellers
Wabetn*. *Jto*ttm aad  J**a**lr7.
*V*l���� niarhla*--
W. lUu.n. Mgr.
jn*��w-. 9m
Csitlfleaie ef impMvaraaats.
m.t'K a ax ameaat. claim
Sltoat* in th* Matraa Mininit Mtrirdoa ot VV*��t
K'fotenmj   %li.irki       WWw    lrKAl*.|
t****n th* tlmlenm  ond  Umod   K
ctais-t* on Xnbi* I'i**** mount sir*
Tsk* noil** that I. A.S. WmrweO. ����*v.i l*��r
tti* !*at (**-|i..|<# Ifinlna tttt I Htllit**- <-.t��.r*��.
ny Aantoni, tree miner1 ��� r*rtl��r��j�� >��� ��;.tj|.
int*it*l, sistv dot* tmm Ih* ���!�������� l.-r���.f ��.�� m\>
ply ta Ut* Rtlnlnc r��ror��l��r far a *->rttnV*t*t,f
int|t*tiv��m*nt��. l��.r th* puiy*.-** at notmluing m
rrvtwn arrant of tb* *.'m\m rlalm
An.l fttrth-r tak* tiotir* thst arllnn. ttn-twr
���MTtUtn IT. tau.i >-��<*'.Tiiin.tir*.| lasfitr* lit* t<**��.
��n** of ���twh f**nlfl.*si* t*t lt*��|��-*-<>'t'*m*ni*
Da'vxl thi. Ml, Uv of July. |jkd
NtSIr* I* h*r*b> gl*-*>n thai al Ih* *tptrtr,tl.w.
���if ttnc month ftom Ih* li*.�� tMiitltrallijti h**i**>
0*. th* w*nlrr*ljrn*tt will upnly In Ih* K|Idw
diary Mji��l*lml*S'i-lii*rfr*trirt nt W**t tCnSb
n��ft>. frtr m llreUme t.i **ii ii.j-j.r--. |,T irtall at
Hi**! Iwj^, fllaataon |>nt t, MoAk ��. ntodmi
WiM Addition. Handon. H. C
TtotM at tsaitdttn, H. t\. IhM I1dh day Ot
Attn*, A D., Ita?       en A. I��. WimjausT
��� w Prras Atttunca.
Notary PuWte
KAttO. -
Will hr al M.��l*l HalnMin.1.
mar* a ntanlh
in J**"**'
When in Kaslo don't
you can get a first class
Koval Cafe.
forget that
meal at the
.Votl** I* h*r**.v alv��n th-��| at th* *��t,_ra-
tion of on* montl, front th* ��r.t imMI* atinn
liaraof th* un*i*r*iVm��d will amttv to tint ��ti-
���j-nttUry ma��Utrat�� frtr th* dUtrM at Wast
���^0t*?r,V*'?^fo,.* ���***�����-������ to sail lltiaor hy rwtall
at hi. htltal. sltuaf* on lot II, block t in ih*
town of SanlrMt, B C ..*t*It#.l tit* Vanroiivsr
Ij*at*d at Handon. BC . thi. mh Uv ���'- <>oA\.
�����*��� ��-�� I. K HA*-*--*
IwitUNtU, Mttlaff Brokars. ni*
The rnaaala Oeaaei*aa����# M !���������� ***
Idmttad   I.tai.��a*.
Dry   0on *Almto9  9tt9  MHiiaf ���>
Idmlted LlnhWly ��t ..rilfH*
Helklrk   Mlnlnir ��nd   MUHng *>���
Umllfd l.laMllt>
Kotnit ft.
K.'...rdt*l  tjl
'ir-iuaft-r* mutt
Bow Onavar.  tha   Asaassnienls
���s���s��vas^a a 0900* �����**
a k
^liyWrmtlnA^^ttym^ UottUom.    ���
st 1 ..iiii'sawlivt Manr**- l**nn*l, Martin ��*r-
r Slid F>��*jii-*-I.����*��b, 3 B (*alkb*n
si Um k -Oranlls*. Firank H*
Ht J.mpVt Wtm^o��-fooo*d.mon ,
si a Hitsur rmaf��t*i*i*^sMrt��*, f H lkrti*4t
s.i. f -wiUm, r BKrrinald On and
Yr..'t*-r _.-��..
* trt'lta ni   tVtiion. H Orrhard.
1'v.o.lhi litjrg-NorUi of Xew lfctitv***, Abx Me-
l(. r*. *tK*-T*n Mile, T 9 Huston, S Oaruhant
hi, i Oa�� W Qretn.
Kmily sad OtnstTttsa Otalot*. Al*i U>td
M,..t���***ka���Santa. John Kill-orrn
-l      H*nv*r. A S William-
Ki|*'rt   tsiWlht-stS
M< * - w-tUfaa-lfca MB*. Angus MrKlnnon
Mh.f ini*--T*o MBi*A M*r*��*randOao Werry
.1 .��i.ti*.* \Vtn*��. thotpantvlr
Ot iriin**~T**n MUa, *lohn tirtkakl and Jam*
Ktt.vii IWmntar, Hiram Hmltb.Knbt Mummy
aii i W Italia
-v_R*v*-~R_�� htw*** Sbean Uk*. B 45 M. I> ���*
t'lli lt*wk ri*****V��_J- M Sandon, E M
t.rmlAter  Wllsm. Boo Blanch.
Uvrib Kr.rti.mju-Brt Klghl snd TV-n Mil*
A:v.i�� Krikitt*
sanhura, wott* Dog. Bom-ahnuMsy Wstdan
snd ���*. (.tM turv I** Uason. V B Hittl*. I* Nolan
snd M MrDooatll
X�� I't.- lv*r tnd a At iaaton. Wm Mini....
H* jrtt- r'nw-tW^sl-Bt-M Itesitt. O O Po*.*
.. I !*n ��JMrW-*T***lT* Mil.'. J V Vlrk
vi :��� -Wttam.Bsrthb>jr LaScai*. Jo* Wrighi
ii. t a tknshsmii
li Ti.{*tn�� Olii snd Hin4������ T*n Mil*-, < h����
* litiiiljog
wiu K*��   WIUoa.R B Knot*. B I.��r*l<
Jul* j
I. > *��_ Ikvo-M* t-*T*at*-t*tt>al   Four mite J C ItVilly
tt .....|*rtul Bird-M Canton. Ed Ttangh*
l*^MI��^Bosrbw*f. Wh Barktv
trmnrn -Ottdf. Monty Ittllrtt. V W Mur]*hf
SHrer M   iW Mil* Audtvw C McGn
H.-!lr��iB*-T*n MU*. iMltV tVirlngt.tti
t* -W-oijr WmrtnOAt  tJonibrjut K*w lit-iiv.r,
*..*t *ttt|tt**a
Y rimon-Atoma. D M "Mlltan
li*_w��(��ll--Wilson, Ctsas Taak*
' ��tu��a - Was tdacau Uak*. I* ��. Braand
��.*.rii*ld-M*0��ican.JohM lin.lh.4m
I a���*. ta snd l^raa-Saat*. Js* Nk-lKd-uo
lil��k I'Horw y**af*Moaal -I_-m.au. Jas Living
�� MiSminf la*tsi tottm  Wnnthsst MVw It*rn*��r.
II M \\mttu*
-.vrali J sn*- Ssnt*. S P O-aiag.
<   l>im>-u*ri-artian-K*.a_r Mil*. A II lt-vo**it*r
Ktiinitlr Fta. ^a_sl-H*M*. ImisM llnwtii**-
Ixtrmsttunsl. Wttatn. AW-i Ht*r*j��|
��� <>4uijti��.n~J*afLn*,���t*ra U*��mi**
Alt.i.Ki-Siatthwial of  Sew  r**-uv*r.   Rniast
<��� K. M.1.1* l/��l   !/*��.*    Wm   Ksrr.  S J
Curry, lilt Tsvka. A Karr
Htlvrr Tli,-HbM*anOlarir**. I. tl Curry.
Jim. t>
l'��L.l.k Xo I. Black  Print*  Xo t.tlVhS*
H*<*��   v**-^*jrdsd tstikMra
Msid* Uaf   Band and Waltksidg*
JlllH* 3)1
Arthi* A W Wright
l.ir, i1ts�� F PuSW
ll �� ~V i* KjtrkUff*
tt.Jtbn Sun,  WhS* Hart* mttt Pttturtty   A
Voe*��e   ItanMrtarod
rraiik Ki*rtl*��tsl   Hmry Cajialian
I.l��"-j*lj*r X.�� >- ���**-*ordsd ownri*
ItotstMbr Ja* W I-Mhy
l.liltr, Hut tthMy. Kv-*r-tt   SliunU   i.t*t^l��l
Itttth rrsftkaial-W 11 McVsy
July 3
l.tttb J��*lm  t ttOrlMUt.
*^lv*r L*tf- Amrva Vtt-atrtn* m si
t-Ht.iiuVth-i)|.: M.v,.
VV v.miiitaaad Kath
���r**c.irtl��tt own**!-*
Hllm IMI   |.llva HoMkr Miulng f..
It-.-vwrsng-M A MlltVr
a*-**, lrf^r Knli*lnrbork*r. iMninw .... .
T��.|..\*||_��||l, |>hu*��|. Frsrtlutt. KoalMHi
���-���.rtlt-d owimt*
t'Urs Mtwr- J II Wendy *tsi
July &
J*i��iil*X.i^Hiutli Mann
Mlttttbhatu ~pItnrna
l(.tlt'n_a- M BBa
StMirls,. Xo .V~|_ant
il��llrns^O��n Ayf
Utlh) l*4.*htn��-J	
N����rUt F.*k. Black (Irous*. Gi\i<u MiMiilatu
***c��trtk*d (iwnt>rs
l*��tkMii - Isaac* Lnnglicad
J��ily it
Vi.iitiir**. li*<i.'i*a.,Ml��j-*-r.-r.*r.l.'*l tiwitors
^J,rl.?Sft',**-*-***w�� **���***��
ri01n*��i****-a~ wcotfdad owner*
i4.,M��' *>'���*'-<: H Abarcmmt-*' tt al
st ISitl -rtT��tnt��| owners
ll*M  KrnrH.*��-Tha BnniMcr   and    t'arflioo
Bluing (j��.
���I u ii* ���'��*
MolVmnn Uid  Put rick Oft* Hv to
al?a_a^'tk,*y~*'l)am:An *u,d Wblt* **���*"��. *lww
V^^V*?.!?*?5 *�� ^*ye*nt *u**~t Fancbon,
Jan* 85. sir- :,* *
Wear McliougsU u�� Margnn-t M. Fall J Asii-
J A Hteasn to John K.nk*tc_*lt-the bltwral
Mot, Jon* 1ft, tl
Slut-sn M*.nlU��r Mining Co to J C Hooker-TUc
MonlUtr. May to, tl
Frank B* U> F II lltrtl* ti snd Martin B**nlKnn
���to t*-��*h 1 St John, Jun* an. m
^Martin It*nl<ran to F II Haiti, it and Irank
B*  t<* *** It } St John. Jun** to. il
F li lurtl. it U, Martlu itou'if-tn and Frank Ki*
���Uieach 1 St John, June *��, 11
Saino ktChiut Mt-Xlroll. Albert Wilde, Perry
ABsiVrr and Pat Daly -I *a*h Eagle, Junt* ��,H
AllM-rt Wild* arill-Vrry Attalt-r to F II Uart-
leU.Chas MrXlr.41 and Pst Daly-1/5 each Emily
KdlUt Fra.ii.-rtt. Jun* tit, tl
I'orry Altmhr t*. litas MeXleull, Allr.-rt WIW*.
Pat Only and F II lUrtlctt 1;.'..ail. Iron Clad,
JuneKi. ��l
L'.ank 1. imer sud Arthur VV*lial*r to John A
Cba-an-l Kuwstta. 1 Ousihu-II**, Junt* H.tliO
Jas A McOuuald U> A A Mark* J California
and i Clittuer -June P.. *'imi
W 11 Yawk. v .to J I> Fan��ll-1'& Morning,
Jsaet* ��l
P J Hit-key to W II Yankey-T/ltl tk-ndlRO,
AngJ-1, '���:.*>, a'l
saint*t*> J I�� Farreli T/lrtIbndig.. Jur-e ts,��1 ,
C K lUrtter to J T Wilkinson-the Snowbird.
Marrh I. si
Oeo K Mliltgsi! to J*4tn tloojutn-1(5 Grey
RagiV. l/lo Fiturth of July, Mo Noonday, June
C II Ijnru***** to E M Sandilantls all Interettta
Vuina, Attr IS.gl
Ada J lin.** i, to J C Holatttkr- J Adela. Jan �����
Philip J lllckry to CO OrifflUi-Uttte Joint.
K " M-td.ir-ut.iS S Warren 4 ll.na Abbott,
agtouk* l��Wa��l*. to It A Wrfafht- The Boomer,
Jutt** kt. tltto
P Iblvu. KM Saii.llbudj.-I Cliff Etb-n-don.
Jutt** <��. ft
P A MrlKMtgatt b> W J Gibbon* and F B
banty - \ btHid'.n Fractkai. Juue t��, t**A
Han- to O M ttpansar-l laoadon, June sn,
Tbe Slocan Maid* l>*af M k DOo to John
(*am|*tVtl Mclaogan, Jstnea Mortimore SdJE
Mill**r   Tb* Majd* l/eaf. June fa, ��
C W i alLthan t�� Tbe Vancouver and Hrltlsh
Colontttis Gcoentl E��|4oratl.>u Co���all Inter***! In
th* ntghland. Man li. Rlenxi and Xettie Fraction,
June ��. tl
Juty 5
EM Sandiland* to F W Otatadl and H M
Abtantbr   all tntrmtl lit Rubin, .luio* 15,11
l*hllli> J Hk-krr to J D Farreli--W�� Wwablk,
July ��. tl ..���.*'r
J J I<ynch to John M Msrtin- | No 8 Fraction.
I'.ttr Oraul tot It** Martin all Interest In the
K**. t-*��d. July J, tl ���  ,    ,
A I) MrOtnty to A B IJOelurtaader-* (Xaly Sur
and 1 l|4.*i��. Jan .5, **��!��
A B t>*ck*se��.trr to Btgimrstaff W'llaiin-, Oody
Star and Tlj4oi*, J u n* 17. tl ���
).4tn MrXelll toS K t.re*o--Jt Stormont, Dec
SS. *!*��, ttv*��
W F McCulU-h to Jas Bac-Ji Eltl rad-. M.*y
Si, ��1
July *��
W A {'amithetl toRtehanlSeeman -TheF**rty*
Klahly-Twn. FreuK.nt. M*��Utl..n and White
Horn.". June J*it. tl \   ���    ,      .���    .
Jno B*pling*rto WA Cainpbell the lllack
Il.ir* . Mav tl. ��1 _    ,���   .
W A C*hi|4k*II to Hlchanl Secman-~the Btoek
ll.-r***, June ia. tl ��
lllff Strike Xcnr Xew Danvnr.
nm ���I,, i ���.
Considt-rabit' excitement ha�� bt*en
cyi'nttni over a particularly rich Htul
made last wee* **n the Ftdohty mineral
claim, 'situated just back of Harris'
ranch on the lake shore, prolmblv a
mile ami �� hnlf from New Denver. The
locator?, ot tho j.ro*>ert\ are 'Messrs.
Ilrvan. Holla ami Williamson, ami
thev  have located   a jrroup   of six
claim*. atljttiiiiuK �������������� 0"J*'������, to ���M'worth
many Uwtisanas. The strike consists
of a' aix or eight inch strata of solid
iralt'iM rannlng 160 odd ounces in silver
and 77 per cent. lead. It is located Sua
scctum that has always been thought
well of bv mini!**- men, and it is be-
Ueved that an indicator at least of the
lon-i-lost ledge along the lake shore
that so many Itavewuiyht for in vain.
NtlTICK l* hereby given that Charles Wabuttt
t'.tllal.itn i�� no longer engineer for. and
haa no nowtr to net in ����y **"���** tOT, V'0 , **"'
eoiiverV British Columbia General Ksflora-
ti.��n Co . or tit* Oalana Mine* Ui.
Vanronver. B.C., July 5,1����T.              Af**nta.
JyH-aK4*  u
The Newmarket
New Denver, B.C.
Is sittuued on the banks of tbe beautiful Hlocan Lake, and gumts can Mt upon
the bakony and gale upon the gi*i*_idest *eenery in America without extra charge
The fire escape system is excellent. Tbe rooms are airy and dt*a*oratcd with the
latert reaulu* of tlte wall -taper art. Tbe exterior of the hotel ts painted in **��loni
that liannonize with tbe Idealistic secnery. Tbe Dining Boom Is always pro*
vlded with food thai Is tasty, digestible and aattsfyfaig to the Inner economy of
man. The Bar Is replete with the most modern, aa weUwai**-iientbmndsof
nerve in-oduccr*.
Goldbug*, Silver Demoerab��, ("anadlau C^]dtalista, I��ri*#*f*ectors, Miners,
Ttmlerfeet, Ten Mile Millionaires and Pilgrims of every -hade lu l>uUuc*, re-
Union or wealth are welcome at this hou*e.
make f.tr the Xewmarket when you reach the Slocan meteijpolto and do not fbr*
get die landlord's name; h is
Henry Siege.
Mining & Milling Co.
All Booonnt* owtftg the late Irm ��.f Hunter,
MeKl!monaCo..rousl ��>* *��*��***l_b/ Auf.u.s,
U In     ht*' Willi..* placed  i��> Court lor sett le-
Ill f* 111. .-        .
Silvertt.n iintlThi**.-* lork**.
Rand & Wallbridge,
Mining and .Stock Brokers,
Sole Agents for Sale of Treasury Stock.
If you   '
Want a hat
Or anything in the line of
MEN'S WEAR call on
Thos. Browe
Men's ttatfitlere, Reco A venae, .Sandon. B. C.
Kootenay Mercantile Tailoring Co*
A foil line of
always In Stock
Rohert Macdonald     _ Neil Macdonald
MACDONALD  BROS., Proprietor.
Rntea $1.50 to $2.50 \*sr day.*
Headquarters for Mining Speculators and Capitalists.
Reco Ave., - - Sandon, B.C
��� [fl
'"***l. -
! mi
f <tm I
Ai '.
Is Issued every Saturday tn .--aiidoa, In the heart
of the grcktnt White Metal camp on earth.
Strictly In atlvance.
fs.ttoa year
Address: Tn* Paystbkak, Sandon. B.C.
SANDON. B. C, JULY 10, 1897.
The steps being taken for the incorporation ot Sandon meet with
general approval because they are
based on common sense and good
judgment Sandon is in as good a
position to fairly claim her rights to
home government as any of the cities
to which these rights have been accorded during tbe past year. She
has not at present the population of
Rossland, but with the pay roll behind her it looks now as if she might
in the near future outstrip her much
boomed sister. Rossland* pay roll
has been and is practically at a standstill, while that of Sandon is increasing every day.
Just pause for a moment to consider
the great additions that will be made
to this pay roll by the improvementa
and the extensions of the mining industry in this neighborhood tbat have
recently been decided, upon. Tbe
Reco, for instance, will have its aerial
tramway, and possibly its concentrator, in operation by November 1st,
and outside the labor employed in
the erection of these, will increase
its force of miners from 38 men at
present, or 65 when rawhiding stopped, to 250 men, who will work all
the year round. The Ruth, now
working 85 men, is putting in a compressor and a concentrator, and will
largely increase its force. The Slocan Star, that now has on its pay roll
110 men, will pat on 50 more as soon
as the lead is struck in its No. 5
tunnel. The Payne Mines, when its
new tramway is completed, will
more than double its force; the Wonderful will have a tramway in operation shortly, and the Noonday will
have a concentrator.
These are only a few of the leading
mlnea that will more than double
their working forces and thus swell
the pay rolls and the population.
This increase, too, will not be for tbe
winter only, the mines being no longer dependent upon snow upon which
to rawhide ont their ores, but wi!! be
permanent, and the miners, instead
ot "batching*' as at pcesent, and
being here today and gone tomorrow,
will have steady Jobs and will build
themselves homes and have their
families here.
Oneol the best authorities on the
subject ofthe mining activity ofthe
district, makes the conservative estimate tbat not less than tht ee thousand
miners will be employed in the immediate vicinity of Sandon this winter, and this must largely increase
the business of the city and add to its
growth and prosperity.
With such an outlook as this it
becomes a pressing necessity that
Sandon should handle her own revenues, and carry out the municipal
improvements made absolutely essential to so rapidly growing a community* '
I\ addition to publishing incorrect
and fossilized news, the local advertising rag edited by a man wbo
should be weeding turnips instead of
annoying mining people, has a grav
er fault. The rag, to save expense,
comes out later in the day than The
Paystreak, which gives it an opportunity to steal news that we pay tor.
We expect papers at a distance to
occasionally do such a thing, but
when a local cheap rag does it, we
object Tbe editor might as well get
through our window .at night and
steal our paper and type. News Is
just as important to us as anything
else in stock, and a man who would
use ft in the manner mentioned, Is a
literary cur, whose gall is on a par
with some of the other scrubs now
pestering the people of Kootenay with
what they call newspapers.
The editor of tbe Fort Steele Prospector evidently never had any
money in Burke's Kaslo bank or he
would not gush over that individual
In the following manner: -
"The pnrchase ot the Dibble mine
by John M. Unrke of Spokane, for
his Company, la going to prove a
good thing for this section ot the country, as the syndicate to composed of
some ofthe richest and most prominent men operating In British Coin in
bla mines. This tact in itself will
have a tendency to attract the eye of
capital to East Kootenay, and this
aooomplished, there ia no doubt bnt
that investments will follow. We
learn that work was commenced on
the mine during the past week, and
will be pushed through in expectation ofthe railroad coming through.
Major Burke will be back July 1st,
and it is sincerely hoped that he will
make more investments, as he is a
good man tor any country."
wm. etftmeoM.
asm. coma.
Evatvtt. Wa*.
ItewSer* at ihr J*M-t|*a.l Mark Ktelummn
���ad tfcardtf TnwkV.
tfcha* ArUrw*  - Hastia.* -
r aad *��.<*)
HOew ��im|..4)I
A tic i ..;.���.%,*
K solicit eori*ij��piaideiiee with parties having'
meritorious mining projjenle* fbr tale, and
beg to say that wa have eonoectlom In the
(���rincipal cities of Canada, England and the t "nit.**I
States, and are ui dally receipt of Inquiries Ur
deveiuped mines and let-ratelng prospects.
In active mining o-ar.tloii* and rednetkai ot ore%
and a knowledge of the different mining districts ii
EC. enables us to tarnish reliabte and comment
infonuatino pertaining to mines and mining natter*.
References given.
We have junt received
A Large Invoice
WARE and ORANITEWARE of the kitcher
We also carry a full line of
Groceries ^ Furnishings
HUNTER BROS.. Handon and Rossland.
jTnudar'a ProvMvora.
8am Fraxier believe* in Uie interj*ov*i-
tton of Providence in the affair* of man.
He Ut a very clever chop around s new�����-
paper office, and yet was unable to make
dollar* out of hia genius in Uie metropolis at the other end of Uie lake. Had
he followed Uie meditative crn-tom* ot
tlte MahaUnas, an empty *tottm<*h would
have f-tared him in the face. While
vainly considering how the vscuum
which even nature is eaid to abhor cottl.l
be removed, 8am was accoated by ��
young fellow from RoMland named Gee*
and invited to go proepecting. ''Holy
tfee," exclaimed gain, -'count me in/'
They went up Wilnon creek, ami now
8am haa a claim with a lead Uiree f<i>t
wide that he believe* will he a great
mine. 8am i* accordingly wimewhat
' Ji   m j a
"-"' ���.nwmmwmmmmmmmmw-mmmwmmmmmmmmm
3>< BW&ME*
Dealer iq MEA'J
���: AT:
SLOCAN'  <*#
||WIBI|��jB*lW^��ipMi_^l<*��*��M..��fii. im,,., i_l^^u,,rj_!:- -*��^-i----Ht~~~a
ROMiaiaD M��wa.
; Front 0��r BaftUar t>r?��e|Hind��t*.t.J
IUMU.AXIX, July 8.���While there is
very little in taslness matters from a
work titan's peint el view, and the market (..r real estate is altaoat non-existent, yet there is really a great amount
ol ini|.rovemento going on all over the
city. 11 oases are being beautified by
coat* ��f paint, -tump* are diMppearing
and fences are being pot up around out-
Iv in*; premises.' Columbia avenue is a
splendid thoroagttnue now. The rock
bluff which cdMtrStrted traffic at the
jnmiioii of the avenue and Lincoln
Htrect i* entirely wiped away and the
i-aai end is being graded the fall width
of loo feet ap the rather ttteep gradient
beyond the limits of the original town
site. Lot owners at the west end of
Columbia have sabacribed 94,000 for
levelling the hoge rock bluff which now
mt* off communication with the main
Kttret. Thc city council will make an
apjiropriation toward* thi* work and
von *oon Bo���land'* fittest thorough
fare ��ill be extended another half mile
We art;* all sororlted at the action
taken by Mayer Seott in ttuspcttding
the city mlitAUtr. Needless to aav we
are very agreeably *atrpri*ed. Mayor
Scott i*�� *ure!y the -tight man in the
right place. It was piepcwterou* lo pay
*_*���> a month to a city solicitor who
would probably be doing about that
amount of work for the city in a year.
Many a man in Rosalaiid today, unite
n* well ediicated a* the city solicitor,
cannot iimi work enough lo feed him*
nojf nn bean* and bacon, and it did
w-ein. aa I have *aid, pivpot*t��rous that
a lawver with a moat lucrative practice
of hit. ova.taoaid.lie the retipient of
s_w of the uxpavcn* money even
nnoith juat becattae he had a "pull
a ith Ihe councU. No one aaya a won!
ajralra* Mr. McNeill. He came here.
like everylwdy else, to make uioneir,
and he would have been far too anevfic
to live in a mining camp had he refused
lo acci'pt the nice��� little plum which wa*
<lr��.p|Hti into his mouth. 1 hope Mayor
Scott will stand pat. Seme people *eem
to think that a tabling camn ia like a
milch cow and ought not to Kick even
il milked dry.
Mr. McNeill says he will take no notiee of Mavor Scott's KUttpnalon. but will
p> rijrht on acting a* city solicitor. He
aav* the mavor ha* no power to cms-
]*ew\ him, but had the whole council
eoiH-urred in the decision to "drop"
him he would have accepted the situ*
ation nnd said no more about it. A* it
is, he iitfends to stick to the poat. but
Hav* he "has no desire to thrust hi* tier
vice* upon an unwilling public." There
ia not the least doubt that the public is
decidedly unwilling.
The *Ito**Und newspaper* have had
the idea that (t wonld render them unpopular to make any kick against high
**nfartet�� for municipal employe*. None
of them ever made the least protest,
���von at a time when a few favored la
borer* were leceivlng W a dav at i
time when their unfortunate fellow la
.Mirer* were walking the -turect* without
s dime in their eockets. High wage*
for the few and starvation for the many*!
That Is neither human nor Christian-
like on the part of these who ordered
"licit a condition of thing*, and yet
never a word appeared in the local
pro** pointing oat a better plan for the
iHiiefit of he out-o,-work majority on
the street*. I was the only one who
ventilated the matter, two or three
week* ago, and 1 should not lie *ur-
prised if Mayor..Seott read the Limna,
an the week following the appearance
oi my letter he reduced the wage* to
��.60 and ha* now taken mv advice by
trimming down some of the higher salaries.
The Centre Star mine made Its tirst
���mipinent of ore to the Trail  smelter
last week. It was a small lot, only 45;
ton*, hut it is a beginuliig, and* the
com|'.tin will continue to ship from tlte
new shaft near the War Eagle dump,
leaving: the vast body of ore blocked
out underground until the smelter
treatment and freight rates have been
materially retimed. This make* five
good mines now shipping ore regularly:
The War Eagle, Le Koi. Iron Mask.
(*olintibia-Kootenny and Centre Star.
Ore shipments from tht* camp for the
half year nearly reach 40*000 ton*, and
the ere milled at the O. K. stamps
8,000 ton*. Not a bs I showing. There
IS net much doubt that the output from
Rossland mine* for I8B7 will reach 100,-!
000 ton*.
Under  the  new   management   the
Monte Cristo is coming into tbe best
Showing of ore in it*whole history. The
continuation of  the main tunnel has
been in rich-looking ore for the last 85
feet, aud a crosscut is to be run in to
ascertain the width of the lode.   The;
mine is now under the management of'
George If under, who is in charge of ���
operation* on  the Colonna. and both
mine* will lie worked very much a* one
property.   Two drill* are at work in
the Monte Cristo and another is to be
introduced  underground   next week-
No ore will be shipped until the cost of
treatment is cheapened.
There is one similarity between an,
inventor and a discoverer*.   As a
rule, neither of them makes anything
out of it
The very fine vintage of G. H. MUMM A COS*^ ] ~   "
Now coming to this market is eliciting universal admiration on account
of its very superior quality ann dryness, without being heavy, making it a
perfect wine in the true sense of the word. It should be tasted to be fullv
According to Custom House statistics the importation of G. H. Mumm &
Co. s Extra L��rv chamgagne from January 1st to December 31st, 1896, aggregated 70,548 cases, or 36,950 cases more than that of any other brand,
showing thai it maintains an immense lead over all others.
By chemical analysis of Prof. R. Ogden Doremus it contains the least
amount of alcohol, therefor, the purest and most wholesome champagne.
Royal Warrants have been granted to Messrs. G. H. Mumm & Co., as
purveyors to Her Majesty, the Queen of England, His Boyal Highness the
Prince of Wales, His Majesty the German Emperor, His Majesty the King
of the Belgians, His Majesty the King of Holland, His Majesty the King of
Denmark, His Majesty the King of Sweden and Norway.
PITHER & LEISER, Sole Agents, Victoria, B.C.
A the old Sandon Hall you will fin J
, R**1aNUSHKD IN W��.
tKcoeiitRATKt* *��*��� atsssi. CH***T*a t* i*ai
Betoottvo Ftaaa     STS.OOO
Los no* jPSftCa ���! C**ea������W Utut, Lombard
���M. EC.
HiuoOriM** t* Cas-oa-81 Anna*St.,
II. Siit-ui**!.. (J��r��nU MAitaiwr
J. Kih-.iv. InM-K-tor.
Branches in all the Important points
iu the Provinces;   also New
York and San Francisco.
��� With a new and complete line of
Call and Examine Goods.
Sandon, B. C.
UKOR��K KYM>. M��natrn
Handon, BC
���Agent for���
SANDON, B.C.      Stores at Ainsworth, Kaslo and Sandon
Brewing,  Malting &
Distilling Co.,
The Largest and Most
Complete Brewery in
Largest *n(| bunt selected stock of Wines, Liquors and dears in
llriti-.lt Columbia.
Largest ana "oest equipped Bottling Establishment in British
Columbia for Carbonated drinks.
Agents for the celebrated Lord Nelson Clears.
We have established a branch house in Sandon with Cold
Storage for Lager Beer, and are prepared to compete in quality and
oriee against all comers. All our Carbonated Drinks and Lager
Boer are manufactured from distilled water and guaranteed
chemically pure. Parties in, or who contemplate going into, any
of these lines will save money and time by dealing with us. I'litf!
our establishment la ready for business in Sandon
We can fonish all the above lines from our plant in Trail in 48 hours.
Mr. B K. Kin* will rev^nt'^Za'don and tho Noolcnsy district.        Fot .he pment address sll order, and inquiries to u. at
The Kootenay Brewing. Malting & Distilling (X Ltd
���."ii r
"Give iw s nog," the soldiers cried,
The outer torches _uardlng.
When the heated gun* of the camps ���*Jtit*d
Grew wear? with bombarding.
The dark Redan, tn silent scoff,
Lay grim and threatening, under;
And the tawny mound of the Malakoff
No longer belched In thunder.
There was a pause.   The Ktianbutan said:
"We storm the forts touwr-ow;
Sing, while we mav, another day
*N dl twin*-*enough of sorrow.'*
They lay along the battery "s side.
Below the smoking cannon-
Brave hearts from Severn and from Clyde,
And from the banks of Shannon.
They sang of ���'**���*���*. and not of fame;
F* r At was Britain's glory;
Each heart recalled a atlter-nt name.
But all sang" Annie Laurie."
Voice after voice caught up the song,
Until its tender passion
Rot-v like an anthem, rich aud strong���
__TiVlr battle-eve confe-Mion.
Dear girt, her name he dare not speak,
Yet, as the song grew louder
Something upon the soldier's cheek
Washed off the stain of powder.
Bevond tlte darkening ort��*_ns burneti
The lihtody .unset", embeiw.
While the Crimean valleys learned
How Knglish iove i-eutemlters.
And once again a tire of shell
Rained on the Russian ���juarter*.
With screams of shot, and burst of sht-tl.
And bt-llowlng of the mortars.
And Irish Nora's eve* are dim,
For a idnger dumti aud gory;
And Eugmh Mary mourns for him
SWho sang of ** Annie l_*urit>.''
Your truth sod valor Uatriag;
The bravest are the teitdcrcst.
The loving are the daring.
-Bayard Taylor.
Col Pat Donan, one of the best
known newspaper men in the North*
west, in an interview with a Globe-
Democrat reporter, has this to say of
the Kootenay country:���
"I have just come from one of thc
Xew Worlds true wonderlands, with
a big, big W blown in the bottle, and
Jehovah's facsimile signature on
every label. Oh, yes; I know 'wonderlands' are as common���in railroad
and summer resort literature as ignoramuses and disreputable blatherskites in the degenerated United
.States Senate. Every 1 ittle one-horse
region that happens to have a few
topographical warts or wens on its
face, one or two exaggerated molehills like Mount Washington, a duck-
puddle like Minnetonka, a hole in
tbe ground like Mammoth Cave, or a
half dozen mud squirts like the Yellowstone geysers, floods creation with
gorgeous advertisements of itself as a
' wonderland,; a 'gardeu of tbe gods,'
or some other such hifalutin humbug.
But 10,000 of them, all rolled into one,
would dwindle to nothingness compared with tbe realm of crystallized
fairy-yarns 1 have recently wandered over.
" It is the Kootenay region of British Columbia. Not one in a hundred
of tbe so-called great journalists and
magazinlsts ot tbe benighted American orient has ever heard or dreamt
that British Columbia* with its 383,-
000 square miles of territory, is more
than three times as large' as Great
Britain and Ireland, and within a
trifle as big as Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode
Island*, Connecticut, New York, New
' Jersey,    Pennsylvania.    Delaware,
Maryland, Virginia, North Corolina, .*__,*--_-   ������
South Carolina, and Georgia alt com- \ that w*.y.   We told him ofthe barber
bincd. It is a land of glacier crowned and he looked from man to man ami
mountains, fertile valleys and mag ��� exclaimed;
nifieent forests.   Its climate, in all     ''Good heavens, but yon arc all
���.he coast regions, is as mild as that of freshly shaved!"
America or England.   Its soil yields     '���Yes,   we   gave   the   barber
bounteous crop*.   The Earl of Aber- job.'
deen, whose brilliant and accomplished wife recently delivered the com
niencement address at the Chicago
University, has a 13,00aacre farm uti
Okanogan Lake, far up toward
Alaska, where be raises immense
crops of grain, hops, nearly all varieties of fruit, snd as fine yellow leaf
tobacco as is grown about Durham,
N.a Figs flourish at Agassi*, in the
Fraser River valley. But all Its
other marvels sing small beside its
Aladdin's lamp-surpassing riches of
''From the International boundary
line to the head of Kootenay, Slocan
and Arrow Lakes, the whole air is
filled with glittering Munchausen and
Monte Cristo tales that are all true.
Incredible truths and impossible facts
abound  everywhere.     Two  tramp
prospectors, Joe Bourgeois and Joe
Morris, in one day located the five
claims that are now the Le Roi, War
Eagle, Center Star,  Idaho and Virginia mines worth at the lowest estimate from $20,000,000 to $3U,(W00U
They had no money to record the
claims.   In the Recorder's office thev
nit* a jackleg lawyer named R H.
Toppicfr and offered him choice of
Ave claim* if he would pav the $12.50
fees tor recording them.   He examined their ore samples. ���***>d the $12. U\
and chose the Le Koi.   It tuts since
paid.(or all developments,machinerv.
buildings (and roads,  ha* a monthly
pay-roll of $25,000, haa paid $379,000
in dividends and has nearly $15,001),
000 of ore stoped out and on its dumps,
waiting for better shipping and smeit
ing facilities.   A dead broke proapec-
tor tn the Slooan recently found a
bowlder in a creek bed tiiat Yielded
him 7,800 ounces of silver and 4��,��X��
pounds of lead.   William J. Harris, a
Spokane saloon-keeper  two or three
years ago, grumbling! v accepted 37,-
000 shares of the Le Roi stock in payment of a whiskey bill of $15 or $_U
He only took it because it was that or
nothing.   He only took it because it
wss that or nothing.   He tried to
trade it to his partner for a half inter,
est in an old horse the partner owned
but that typical -wise man swore he
would not give 75 cents fbr the whole
mine.   Harris had to keep the stock,
because he could not get rid of it, snd
it has recently paid him $25,000 in
dividends; and,   at tlie price just
offered and refused for the mine, is
wrath $370,000 cash 1n gold.   Harrh
Is now 'Col.' Harris, and he no longer
runs the Log Cabin Saloon in S|*>-
Xarrowljr   KM*u|*��d
There were five of us hunting and
fishing in the Puma range, and om
rainy day, when we were sticking
! close to the shanty, a stranger ap
jpeared. He said lie was a tramp
barber, on his way to Dobbs City,
and as none of us had been shaved
for a fortnight we gave him half a
day's work. He had a steady hand
with tbe razor, and was an expert
with the shears, and tbe only peculiarity any of us noticed about his work
was that he let his razor lovingly
linger on the throat. We gave him
his dinner and $2 in cash, and he
went away well pieaaed. Abont four
hours later a band of six men rode op
and the leader enquired if we had
seen a tall, roughly dressed man paw
iiii^iiijjiiiiiiiiiWBit>��i\^MM iiiiSiiiiiiijiii\iiHiiiiiiitjiiiiiiiiiiiiVI___H _^_^_^H_^__^_^_H ���
1 'And he shaved each one ot your
"lie did, and dkl it well."
"Boys do you hear that?" shouted
the man, as he turned  to his companions.
"What of ur asked one of oar
"Why, he went insane ytttterday,
snd eut a man's throat In his barber
ohair over at Utudllla, and we're
after htm to put him in an asylum!*
They rode away at a gallop, and
next morning returned to our camp
with tbe man, who had been captured
after a hard fight, and waa tied on
his horse. He seemed to rememlter
us as he was given a drink of water,
and as he handed the cup back he
quietly observed;
"Sav, gentlemen, please exettst
me. I meant to fin tan of the last man
who got shaved, bet 1 got to thinking
of something else and it slipped toy
Hotel Kootenay
Switzer & Mc&luskey,
0 ^
BYERS      1
,    OAPS-FU8E
TIN & SHEET iron
Dealers in
Gaiadiai Paic Railway
f-*mU.KllAIJt s l>.%%. Wrwmm,
A��~-*Mmof*in*m <��f *��-���
Kinds of CAkllOXATKD I'UUNKs
Syphons, CJlnger We.
Stktmiarilhx, Buc.. Ktc.
^Wk\    ���svnclon. B c
Patnmi/.' home indnstrj
when you want the \+m
Is fl.** Pioeerr Roust? t.ftl.nij
If you arc-
Hon Pacific Line.
Route to St Paul, Chicago,
Detroit* Toronto, Montresl,
New York, Iksfton. Phils
delplna.   and  all Kn��*<*rn
(JnexeaHed Sleeping Cam
on all trains, Tourtet Csrs
to St. Paul daily; Boston
every Thumday; Toronto
everv Monday from Kevel-
Steamer leaves Naknst*
dally except Monday, mnk-
ing-close connection at Revel-
stoke with trains for all points
East and West.
llefore you travel get Information
front C.P.U. agents as to times and
rates. It will save you money. Apply to nearest railway ngent or to
A. C. McARTlllTK, Agent, Sandon.
'Dint.   PnKM'tiirer  Agent,  Vancouver
Call at the
Hotel Ivanhoc.
Atiaitic H l*
m^uj *4,mtir��i
t-.li*. tAmruo, ��N.t>ff tin* JT\H
I**-!.*- >**Bij-.rl��r.       *��� "V
\*t* #����*H***lf        ** ���   !*
Lata Mufwrt..-       " , _*     m
Larrtiiila. < titunl Ut**-  ,
rtjrvto, .f
Ktntti*           "
Cr.ntMi.il.,     " ;i
Aartrttti*.        �� a
I ml**-!*,
p��l��a *���**, mrkm, �� ,*��'������*i ��*t"* ���***���*-
l.iiVniNHtljL** ��s> ��iitl u**wanl*
B**v*toter MM AOd ti|.����r.I.
t*a<*-mtfvr�� 1t.lt***.) Uii.'Mjtl. !" '"/'ih b*
Omit lit-tuio ��r JrtUi.il. mul ��<, N'-;; '
ratn to nil twrv tithr K��fv*priMt i < <'>>��""
I��f-fttW Vmmmjtm ��rwnir��l tram ��H H*
Jtmiy to AC   Mi AKTtll K   <   ���' K  ^'
Komsntic Hiaton* of the First Shipper of the Dtotrict.
. .\ i'>��ut three wt-eks.ego A. W. Mc-
i uu* vic��*j*t*<*sideiit of the Payne
minr, obtained an option from Mr.
tirihiths and 1). C. Coiielaiul uii the
j-Vi.l.lie l+ee. The mine had been
!.������.��.-. I bv several parties who had
wui kid It unsysteimtlrally in the
tken eiuleavor to get all they
fjuld <>nt of it in the least time anil
at the least possible expense. Mr,
Mcl'utie at once pot men to weak
S. at ing out the tunnels and the
.iuiii|-* which were any when* and
. *. rv where- -and the result was an
���Hi.-xp**cjUid showing of great mitt-
��! il wr-altii. Upon this, Mr. Me-
t nn., nn Monday, t<*��k up hb 00-
li.'ii and pnrchnscd the mine. lit*
.iii now pi*.***4"eut**thU.development
w**rk as rapidly *����� p**s*"tble, and the
h*<i<ltt* Ia** will soon be again a
I hit. mine was the first ship|*er in
iu- ��ii*��triet, and its history, if the
vn.|��*  facts could be ascertained,
vv.nild make an inter*>tiiitf mining
i-uiimnea.   The Freddie Lee group
.luprtafid the claim of that name,
���ii. Freddie l.��*e fraction and tin-
Vniego. The Fr��*ddie Let? wa*. I<��
auA in lt*��l by D. C, Cope-
i.itui. the Amego by William
>j.ringer on May 24," l***"."-*. and
tii. Freddie I*ee Fraction bv J. V.
Wanlner on June :..��, I*Wtt.
Wardner *��--����ii after <iht4tiiit**| a
���*>n*l ��n the Lee ami the Aineg...
hhI made a trail and started snSp>
\>ing. On Deoember lUth he sold
������in to Auta-n Aeliera of Xew York,
w h��. formed a company call.*. I the
t nihlie Lmj Mining e����iit|*any. For
i time after iM* all went well.
���"���life Hughe** had charge,if Uie
-(tipping and made a wagon Mad to
'..ike out the ore. Alter this a tramway wa* built from the mine to the
��>t of the mountain. about a mile
from Cody, and Dad Allen, who Is
now running 11 |��ick stable at Slocan
<"ity, had tlti'i**..11 tract for taking the
������re to Nakutip. It waa packed to
Sew Denver end taken in row bontt
f�� Xakut*p, where' it wa*�� put on the
* * aiiter l.yttoii and e��rrie<l t*t Kev*
���Moke, and from there to the (hna
ha and Montana smelters. The
'raiih|*ort*itfon charges an* tiaid to
li.tve antounted Co over -MO.' per ton,
���mm, some -400 tona were ���.hi*.'*-.! out
��tht mine at various tinn*.
riteu eame the fall in silver antl
��� I.**   financial   deiireaaittn. and   the
������tiiu* was elowxl clown.   Debti aeeu
ululated and the whole stock of the
"inpanv Was handed over and t*ohl
���i slterifTi. sale at .Nelson in IHiM.
The mine next fell into the hand*, of
��� Helena and Great Fall*. Smelting company, .VlotUav .*���*., as one ofthe
heaviest m*diu>i'*, but Troat the time
f the nherllTs sale it���� work wa*.
'lone until Mr. MeCune t*n<k hold of
The Freddie Lee claim waa crown
-panted February 17, IKM. but no
work had Itooudoncoii the otheftwo
'hiiiiisof the group and the company ���'���niioquently lost title to them.
"r. McAndrews now own*, the Anie-
*.'���>, under its new name of J. L. P.,
"ni during the (tatttweek hatl it surveyed with the view of obtaining a
'������"own grant to it.
John Mahrer end the Masniacopc.
'"Im Mahrer of Vaitnouvttr was in Smi.l*.it
"*��*��� ��>r four ,l��y�� thi* wok with ht. ���iwt��i'i
'"I*    Mr Mahrer i�� ��tn oldi Utter lit British
'���lutnlda, ���,������   ���_�����   frtfint*  MVtrvwh.r*   be
���""".. tmiURontof thtt genial. ���..���ciaM* ...rtof
people whom everybody like* t.i meet. He u (
ntauuiiv��l** tntcr*_t*4 on the CO***., having a
prfctty little opera house In Xannimo that Met
t0Aptx uu-l with hi* brother own* a wholesale
liquor ��...iim. H- Im, ��!��, ��� fr*,. inillin�� jto!*l
mint, on T.-x��� U i.i*nd. Um l.orlti.l��b. whlib
wlittttr, m Mtce t| 11 farf 'ttllaf with lhns1l (neh^
U. Him ft*.* ���f fr,,e��.il.| )...��rtujr ro*-k. With
otht-r. h*. ha, lnit.lv opanvi no an m f-ufont ho-
t*L tl... Uf-troiMtltr, in V_iic..iivt.r.
Mr Mattrvr wit. .tru��k with the iuaynl*��o(>ii��
**hH�� tixhttiitlitx in lit* (,|wra hnm>, antl Im*
ttMrtit.it.ly i.��*njtht it .ml *urt^l i.i make a
Uitu.,��th, (.roviii.,.* Hi* inteiiti.ii) i. t.�� *.--
t;uwr the full l'tjtiit<in-l Jul.il.* pfniTitilnil in
L*u.l**ii l��.t utonili fur the numnisciupe. an.l
al**, take i*l..ii_ full appliance* for making l*>
eal aceite,-
R"Wn Hantiiloti af Vam-unver ��>|jent a few
-In. . in Ka.l.. ��hi�� week.
t'ol.s. W. Kay uf |�����rt Arthtu*. Oat.. U in
town looktac after hit* ntininjr intere.ta
K I* >'rv.n-..ii,f..rn**.rlvofl'���rk Hill.Ont.,
Ita* it-Aatwl the l.uil*iiuit ltein*t t.ret-te-1 next to
A. W. Caldwell'** *.m����, went .il�� of Front
���tj-e.1 an.) will ntiinmenre l.ii.iu,.* ���� m *li��-
l*rii��iu_ <*h��-nti..t
H, 1) Ij*i. i��-ktf, formerly ��tf Sat, Franeiiteo.
ha��1t*tt^at an i i* no** repnlrinc the l'ttil-liug
on tlte iKtuth aide of Front *tr*wt. recently *nv
i-ttt*it-l liy Thotn|t%nn Bro**.. preparat4jry to
���itartinc huaiiteu ��* a tolitv ��� oiii-t.
TS* K. A H. < otnpany have let ...utract* and
a tote* i�� now ������n*c4jc.-l at olanrtnc loin on
their portion of tlte i..wn.it". which u on the
hill tttM*ve the .talion. awry d��.irable re.l-
't. niuti portion of the town.
Ahout ��*���%*����� rata of ore a day ��n- ttaing han
.Hot here Jtt |nv��i,t, hnt it i* e\|***ct**t that
thUwiil W ((really e*r.****le.| In the pre*ent
month The little Tnjt Uapat. h l* kept hitaily
��'turajre ! hautinc oft* to Five Mile Point and
tlte Alt��ert�� al*��. lake* rtajrulttr <lititv cttntoett.
C W Wltham, who had the conti-acffor
the !��,'�������� 14nnard hole), l.*ft town rather nn.et-
irtHeli.LW.H ��� lew Uv. mt". and a ttnml>er of
Ke.l...*ltif*n* now feel a little MR at ueitut
taken in Witham put up one deal, however,
that **howt*��l him, to *ay the lea.t of it. brilliant. He parrha**.! a lot t*n I ink vt a lorat
tntfthaulc tor V**\ ��o|.l tht* mechanic a hou��e
on 1 lie lot l.eck f**r ��*��*�� and Mt-ttoi tbe note.
\,.�� tlte K-fl" riti��>tt can have hi* lot httck
and tlte pl*-aoutv ��f payiuir *�������� <>���> hi*note f..r
which be mot nothlnit.
U.\ T MatUfaM vt-ill prt-ach to the Oranm-
men in**i�� tver'*h��ll ttowrrttwevenitiit.
WomtnAoAn Sthtrtcrn I* pmtiuis up t. tin*
ptoot LWrtoll warehon** ovt-r the t nht-k at the
l tt. 1. ��� t hi. .lore.
The new Melho.ll.t church on JkAoh hill i��
n��w up to th* roof and tlte iMiil.iinjr trill took*
ably i*e rttinplctt*.! ������ ithln two week*.
A av.t-atantial l.ri.Ure-1* ta.it>�� made over the
creek by Blark'a hotel Thi- ha> �����**��> ���������>���<����
i.ee<le*l for aonte time.���� the ��tt.*et ���� the only
avNilablf ai��prvMic(j to the present D P- R "le*
I tot.
Th��. Id* ��**i��r*ltH| "tnliar. doctor " who Riv��,
a variety , i.tetinimnent in '!>�� atreet^ ni��ht.
��.* itttr��c�� n cr.<wd. wa. here .taring the week,
hut fOl tired *'f waitjntt f��>r the weatht r to
clear up. ___________��_-_--��---
Exhibition of Hypnotism.
Lioncll A. Wolff, the y..iin-.**t livii.it hyiv
noti.t. fr*.tn Victoria. f****�� AAathlhlUonof
Id* p..w��'r�� in me.mcri.m an I mini r.-t Iim.' ����
���*.|��*i,.er*open, >��.��-���' ';'** T��e*lay *���-veuin*
\ Ml wit. |.��t to .Itfp la llnntc. Itro*. <**"�����'
atto'oiaok in tli.atternooi. t.n.1 uwakcnc.l at
ihe pntormaoxm in Dm ������arolai,aJtftl ���aanj
dlffwMt opWtMW *����re mmntmd ngmtdluO
it     Th. <v M ��m| '���" re***0" '�� ��',,,'''t ���*��� ������-***"
hum,   h,.w��v,.r.   The axhihltlon ol nW
rcadintt �������. vvrv A��mM M�� ��*M|WW��f **
thMan.li.m-e The i.vpnoti.m wa- ftOt���*����������
lactory to the performer. 00 account of unfavorable MMOtnttlaSi** not l-eimr aide to pal
��nv ,...*' ..n.icr the lnfl.it n.e. e.cept the *leep-
tin: man ofthe afternoon-
For Sale.
��o��hl hotel, with Loire dinim* tmm ������'���!���;
m I,   bar, d*ln�� the beat bn-dne** In o. t   ���
VivV-U.-t uampi in Wotd Knot. "'��.������ -��� >
tern...    Ajtplj ULyX*K | orON-XKIJ.,
Sandon. n. C
One Rolls Down the Mountain and
Ia Badly Bruised.
Tw.i men, named Spotton and McHale.
.tnrted out on We*ln����lay to reatake a claim
near Ctxly, on which the time expired at midnight, They did not ��o together, bat stole
att-althily out in the darkne*** hy 'HUVrent
way*. There are **al.l to have been two or
three other men on the mountain on the ��am*
midnight errand, which wan, *o it i* rumored.
to reatake the St. Paul.
When Sixitton crept np the mountain eide
in the direction of the claim, he nn the light
tif another lantern bobbing about like a wlll-
������'-t he-wisj. The two lantern bearer* came together, and there wa* an angry altercation,
rtpotton'* lantern went out and he rolleMown
the face of the mountain. McHale immediately climbed down after him. and in the grey
dawn of the morning readied the ofhYe of Dr.
Power* with him. where the Utter patched up
hi* badly bruiaed head.
Good Properties Wanted.
Poring the week the number of capitalist*
on the teareli for good mining investment* in
the neighborhood of Sandon. ha* been much
increa*ed. but few transaction* have taken
place, however, for tha reason that few good
properties are in the market. Claim* with a
good .bowing, and on which some develop,
ment work ha* been done, are just now in
great demand here.
,it.*.ti*tt>* A,, A, .,,* ,*, -. * A. -J,*,. J��. J. , r
<Srea-y Iluck brought back first money from
Nelnon last week in the horse race.
SAMDOIS LODGE Ma. t*. K. of F. Meet* every
Wetinewday evening at ����� o'clot-k in Crawford'* hall. Vi-iting knights cordially invited
to attend. W. W. FALLOW*. CO.
W. I. W1LUAMS. K. R. S.
I'udergnmnd Survey*.        Snirfaee and Aerial
Cioil and Mining Engineer,
Provincial I And Surveyor.
Kaalo, B. C.
Mineral Claim* Surveyed and Reported Upon.
Front Street, near Steamer Landing.
First da*- work at reasonable rate*. S|**cial
attention and quick return*, on sample* sent
by ex pre**..   Write for special prices.
Stationery, <*
Cigars nnd Tobacco.
���CALL  AT-���
where you will find a full line of
<""��� ...^Canadian
American Tobaccos.
ImpoHod and Damaatlo Olfars,
Olgarottoo, Flpoo, Eta.
��� ��� ������������
h naw Una of Oarda aad Pakar Chip*
Juat aa hand.
Raaa Avanaa,       i       ��
Sandon, B. C.
Araericao plan, 13.50 per day.
European plan, 12.00 per day.
Strictly first-class.
Mrs. M. A. SMITH. Prop.    I
�� w*tem*en**e*e wm e e *w m * *ew *�� w ���
American and European plan.
Finest Furnished Boonw in toe
inty. Beat Imported and Dome*.
tle Wines, Liquors and Clean.
Strictly First Class.
Special Attention Paid to Transients
$1.50 to $2 Per Day.
J. S. REEDER, Prop.
Central Hotel
A Xew House With New Rooms and Aecom-
modatioii* First Clasa in All Respeets.
Best Furnished Rooms
And Finest Barintbecit>.
Situated on Front street with splendid view
of Kootenay lake,
W. J. WHITE t& GO.
Victoria House
Now complete with tbe best furnished rooms
in the district. All accommodations tirst
class, inclndinfr electric light, hath rooms
an.l all
Modern Improvements.
A nice, qnlet, resilience hotel, -itu��tr.l o�� A
avenue.   Convenient to the depot.
W. J. HALL. Prop.
i   :v
H ���'< "
: fW
Mr. Rand Returns From a Throe
Months' Business Trip.
C. D. Kami of the firm of Hand &
Wall bridge, telegraphed on Friday
from Vancouver to Mr. WaJlbridge
that he woald reach here on Sunday,
and he arrived home on thai day
some 24 hours befbre his lightulng-
winged message. Mr. Rand Ion
Iterc on April 1. and made stays at
St. Paul. Alimieapolis, Chicago, Buffalo and New Yook. In the metropolis he spent four weeks, and met
many of Ibe leading capitalists who
are "interested in mining matters.
He returned l>y way of Boston, Montreal. Ottawa and Toronto, tpend-
ing some days in each of those
cities. Canadians, he found, had
been binlng1 largely of cheap stocks,
hut he iVIievfd they would bay min-
in*T projierties if got A proposition**
were ottered to them.
*'I found the feeling in regard to
the Kootenays very good all along
the line," said Mr. Kami, "and in
New York the outlook for capital for
Slocan ]>rop*>sitions seemed very
promising. Several New Yorkers
have visited tin* Slocan and have reported it to lie one of the richest
mining districts in the world."
How the C. P. P. Business Has Increased Since January.
The iKissetiger and freight hind.
_tes8 at the Sandon station of the C.
V. R. bas so Increased during the
year that the present pokey little
i��ox is a serious inconvenience to the
jmblic. At each train the platform
is so piled with baggage ami freight
that there is scarcely room for the
passengers to stand. The new- depot, which was mentioned last week,
will come none too soon, even if the
building is commenced nt once.
Th& is bow the -lasM'tiger business has Increased since the beginning of tin.- year. In January the
jMissengers numliered 341, February
4f>8, March 695, April 731X May lOOi,
aud June, the month just eha**!,
1040. This shows that Sandon is
rapidly becoming rccognizi-d as the
leading city and the central -mint of
the Slocan. both for visitors seeking
properties and for mine owjnen purchasing supplies.
*--****^**^C^CrV<> <1&&^^^^-^-'4mr'<
You can Buy SLOCAN STOCKS Cheaper Ut fftoMyt then In
Any Other Market  If you with to Buy Communieeto wHh Ua
 W ���' ������-"-������--"���.''��������*������    ����� ��� ���' ' _jV_.
We 9rt}) also Prepared to Place. Properties of Real Merit et any -\r*
Following a Lead of Water.
The Slocan Monitor Mining company, owners of the Monitor No. 1,
on I'ayne mountain just off the K. A
S. railroad, arc working three men
in the tunnel and are in .M) feet. A
crosscut was started last Momlav to
find the ledge. The tunnel ha*teen
run in on a stream of water that is
highly mineralized and must come
from an ore bodv, Assays bare
Ixicii made from tne dcjiosjt of the
water left on the rocks, and from
three to ton ounces of silver are obtained. The water is impreguaUtl
with sulphurous gas, uniiotieeabh*
by the senses, but which will put
out a candle in a few minute*., and
there is a small fan run by water
power to supply the tunnel with
fresh air.   C. H. Voote of Sjxikane is
('resident and general manager and
n charge of the work. J. M. Thomas and A. I). Campbell of Spokane
are secretary and treasurer, retpeet-
ively.   Work will be continuous.
When in Kaslo go to the Royal
(Members Spokane end Rossland Stock Exchanges
Odd Fellotrs at Church.
j %000000000000000000000w000W000**0W*000000t
The Odd Fellows of Sandon to the If
���i ma    ��� _ *���_       * * ���      _ _t> ;   _S
Thc ttttd��r*lgt'.'.i wMtm to nnu>'unce **��� ihe l*t��l>llr
thai he ha* fjtpe^ned ��p btt*ftw��* In
nmnl>er of 40, in commemoration of.
the <_uecn > Jubilee, met at Craw-!
ford's kail on Sunday evening and {
paraded to Spencer's hall, when* a j
sjiccial sermon was pr��aehed t<�� them '
by the Rev. A.M. Sanlbrd.   The ^
text was:   "I am a companion of all %
tlit-m that fear Thee and that keep J
Thy precept*.." and in the course of %
the'serinon  refcreuce w-i*. made to; ��
the fact that the day was the auni*|S
versary of American  Independent   ff
and that the two peoples wen* one in %
the  CBM-ntial*  of (nristianity.    A J
feature of the special service was the %
musical programme, two selections 2   --.,_, *-, _      _~t, ,   .__      Mf,   _.
bvatrio compost a of Mt-sars.Rose,,*  Furniture, Carpet*. Oilcloths, Window
rVii.ovsami uabk. being much en- ��� shades and House Furnishing*	
With the
Ia��rgi**��i Stuck In the Koxtt.u.tt �� ��untn
W, K. Terrell of tin Cody sawmill
denies the rumor that the mill ban I
ehanged hands,   lie has let a eon-[J
tract t.t Mr. Moore of Taoona to cut j
a million feet of lumber at the rate1
of tSjOOO feet a day.   Mr. Terrell i*��
now situated to furnish any and all
kinds of ItimU-r at any time.
For Sale.
Out? I��r_t*. |-.t..rful emit ���.)��viii��- orttnu. ptoto ,
���tl.ont So pmemmat na-wirt^t <t*��ii'(. n.n :��� . t*r.
Th* h#..t   ������Tg.it, tht. tnoot J*nii Krnn* U �����  I
Sttitnt.lt. f..r 'Irtiire botnnn. tli��-��ttrt~.  �����..*,< ,-rt
r.��>iii*    f'..r iMtrMrnlftr. njiiiJt t.,
T  W   PUMVHKM  VI, tart*
Of all d4-��crlpti(iea, If ymi aitosrantfi.tfaioihintt i
In the Bb&tfe \lr*m g\ve mv a trial order and yon f
will  he cotiviiK*-*! that  von will ��av. money to  {
dolllg wo. ��
10000000001 0*3000000000000000000
Wo.   . ���    'tl
\Vn I. ���
l*WI����.f sll ���!*��*-,i>f'���>���** drawn np
��� oi etperieto * ia .l*v��.L.twt����>ti< ,��>����( m.<.nrrm#��tl
       -    f*f��w**    futi.t*htt  no
i |4*<.,M.f��W'..   4'.>rt.-.)*o\d*i\' * -.���lirite-l
... Mining Operators
hmwn nr.    I'm.Ii. ***^ *
And Other Investment**.
Every Repieiee'ta��on  c.oamitmi. ;l^;;.��JJlT.*!rS;^ T&^^        8AXDON, R. C*
S.aaoa. B C   |Tor cbatoa
Kootenay Lake
Saw Mill
Cigars and Tobaccos
TRV ROBINSOX'S N��w Smoken- Suppli) Store.
Ttn Wtntm Urns r*f Km no, jt��.i wromoo in,--, kept ts *u��*.  M*��r*ritjiiiJii -��i %"'- <
Opeoatta Cfirtatlt-�� Uw Offkt.
Special Attention to the
Manufacture of Saah.Doors,
Blinds, Moulding*, Finiah- J J- 0o*-J*-f- _  -V-J -tawit-.ttl
���___, ���__,,_ r, L. Chrttlt. L L B.
ing Materiale. Etc.
nmZTmtZmomZm, Mssj k KM*, DAILY * STAGE
Sandon Agent.
__H- XOTAKII-X, *^c
���ridon 0. C,
onooutor, B. C.
ram forks it)
.Moc-nlna^l-wvwThf*-** r^rkomt^ ��*
tJmvvn tMaJy at tltiVlwa. ,
.Aft��ff**��oa�� -1 nt\fm    Thi*"*   �����������"  ���"���
nVkiri.. TjMtvtmriNiy nt 4 oAsloob.
��� .
!t-w_B_KC..     ,  ,   ,,..      ������-���-' r ..,,,,- ....���,-,^.-


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